Friday, March 4, 2011

Silver Witch (chapter 5)

Despite having to do the work Galatea had assigned, Emma was glad that she had a two week break from the witch. However, even though she was physically away from the witch, it remained an unsettling fact that she was still under the influence of the sexual enchantment. The assignments were fairly straight forward. For the first assignment, she had to write a minimum fifteen-page essay on lesbian sex with specific mentioning of sex positions and lesbian sex toys. She also had to do a presentation based on the essay. Learning the material with the ability to demonstrate it was required, much to Emma's disgust and dismay. In the second assignment, Emma had to visit adult stores and purchase erotic lesbian magazines, lesbian videos, and lesbian sex toys. She was also given a list of premium lesbian porn sites to visit. One of the most disconcerting aspects of the assignments was that she was required to masturbate to the erotic content everyday in addition to masturbating while forcing herself to have lesbian thoughts. Practicing regularly with the sex toys was another distressing requirement. Emma knew there was no way she could cheat or get around this. The magical enchantment and the threats made it impossible.

She did the assignments concurrently as was required by the witch. Emma handled the trips to the adult stores first. On the day after school following the night when the assignment was given, Emma immediately headed for the one of the adult stores she was required visit, but not before changing her looks first. Because she didn't want to be recognized by the people who knew her, she tied her hair in a ponytail, wore a cap, and dressed in different clothes. When she first saw the store, Emma was afraid to go in. It took a lot of mental effort for her to enter the store. The thought of Galatea's threats reminded her why she was doing this. She felt embarrassed going inside such a place and her face reddened. After looking around the store, she finally found the lesbian porno DVDs that Galatea told her to buy. She paid for them using the money given by the witch. A sense of relief washed over Emma once she was out of the store. She sighed when she realized that there were five more of such stores for her to visit. Two of them were nearby while the rest were on the other side of town. Those had to be visited those stores on another day.

Once she arrived back home, Emma rushed quickly back to her room, not wanting her mom and sister to notice what she had bought. She quietly shut the door and began removing the twelve lesbian porno DVDs from the bag. Emma wanted to hide all the DVDs first and watch one DVD tonight after finishing her homework and getting a head start on Galatea's written assignment, but the plan failed when she found her eyes focusing on one particular DVD box cover for too long. It had the facial images of two women kissing each other passionately. The title of the DVD was written in an elegant script that was bright pink in color. For some reason, looking at the box cover made Emma aroused. She didn't feel anything like that when she first looked at it in the store. "It must the enchantment!" Emma dropped the DVD, quickly backed away, and faced the window.

"Stop getting aroused... Stop getting aroused...," repeated Emma over and over again.

It didn't work against the invisible fingers that were stroking her pussy right now. They stopped right before Emma could climax. Her pussy ached with unbearable sexual need. She needed to relieve herself now!

"Nooo!" protested Emma against her own actions that she seemed to have no control over.

Emma loosened the belt around her waist and pulled her jeans down. Her dominant hand quickly reached beneath her panties to stroke her clitoris instinctively. It did nothing to quench the rising sexual heat in her body. She instinctively tried imagining Ben and the other handsome guys at school, but those visualizations didn't help at all. Emma was powerless against the restrictive sexual requirements of the enchantment. In order for her to get off right now, she had be intimately close to a female, thinking about one sexually, or watching one intently in a lecherous way. For Emma, it was difficult to imagine girls sexually right off the bat, so she had no choice but to watch DVD that she had held just moments before instead.

While Emma knew that she had to watch the porn videos sooner or later, she at least wanted some control over it. But now it seemed that the enchantment had taken control over her libido. Against her wishes, Emma eventually relented to the magically induced desires. Homework would have to wait. She sighed and started the video. Watching the video provided the external input required to fuel her unwanted imagination. As she watched the two female porn stars kiss each other in video, Emma could visualize herself in place of the one of the porn star and kissing the woman in front of her. She was genuinely repulsed by the sudden thoughts even as she was stroking her clitoris with her fingers. At the end of the scene where the one woman was eating the woman out, Emma came hard. Afterwards, she felt extremely disappointed and disgusted at herself for what she had done.

Meanwhile, high up in the sky at Galatea's floating castle, Galatea was enjoying a casual stroll in her garden. She passed by many statues made of marble, silver, gold, crystal, and other exotic materials. Many were the forms of women, but there were some that were of monsters too. Galatea stopped in front of her most recent addition to her collection, Jeannie Smith, one of her most devoted acolytes. The young female form inside the large bell jar stood permanently immobile in an exquisitely erotic pose. Her back was arched in a way that thrust her breasts outward. Insanely tall heels gave her extra height. The silver latex outfit on her body glistened under the faint glow of the magical light, complementing the sparkling glass of the bell jar. Galatea gently touched the glass and smiled.

Jeannie was one of few acolytes of Galatea who survived the last magic war. She had eluded capture by Galatea's enemies for over a hundred years by moving and changing her identity regulary and keeping a low profile. Despite the passing of over a century's time, she remained ageless. Even after the destruction of the cult, Jeannie continued executing Galatea's orders and made it a personal goal to find and free her beloved leader, teacher, and benefactor. Through sheer luck she found Galatea's place of imprisonment after her recent change of residence. During a nightly exploration of the city, she sensed weak psychic signals emanating from an unknown location. Upon further investigation, Jeanie located its source in a cavern right next to an abandoned mine. The deeper she got in, the stronger the psychic energy became. When she had found the magical seal of Galatea's prison, Jeannie was filled with surprise and joy. Tears welled up in her eyes. Her centuries of effort had paid off. Unfortunately, Jeanie lacked the magical power to destroy the seal. A wave of disappointment and frustration washed over Jeanie, but she was filled with hope when the Silver Witch communicated to her that there was another way, one that would require the willing participation of a young female virgin who has a pure heart and soul.

The prepare for the ensnarement of the future target, Jeannie cleared as much of obstructions in the cave network as possible, aided by her magical powers and several golems she created on the spot. While many paths were cleared, some were blocked so that the unwary cave explorer would inevitably stumble upon the magical prison of the Silver Witch. After the work was done, she sealed the entrance to the cavern and planned to reopen it until the time was right.

Despite having the ability to read minds in a wide area, it took Jeannie several months to find a suitable candidate. To search for this special girl, Jeannie had to keep her mind-reading powers on most of the time that she was awake. Through sheer luck, she had stumbled upon Emma one afternoon as she was getting off from work. Jeannie had overheard Emma's conversation with her friend Sophia about cave exploration. After a quick scan of Emma's mind, Jeanie realized with much delight that she had found the young and innocent female virgin required to break the seal. She was the perfect candidate. The next step was to entice Emma into exploring the caves.

Back at her apartment on the same day, Jeannie suddenly felt sexually aroused. The sudden pangs of arousal had become almost natural now. She had endured it for the last hundred years of her existence and had gotten used to it. Jeannie took off her high-heel shoes and pulled down her jeans, revealing the crotch-high silver latex stockings on her legs. It sparkled attractively under the lights. Together with the arm-length silver latex gloves, the stockings were a gift from the Silver Witch way back then when the cult was thriving. Jeannie had never taken the stockings and gloves off ever since she had put them on many years ago. It was a symbol of her undying devotion to Galatea. The gloves and stockings felt like second skin, almost as if they had fused with her body. A special enchantment cast on them prevented unwanted eyes from seeing them on Jeannie's body. Sparks of pleasure shot up Jeannie's spine as she slowly ran her latex-clad fingers along the smooth surface of the shiny silver latex stockings. She took off the rest of her clothes and went to open her wardrobe. It was filled with silver clothing, silver accessories, and silver shoes alongside her regular clothing. She put on the silver heels and the rest of the silver latex outfit.

Jeannie admired herself in front of the mirror and giggled as she explored her latex-clad body with her hands. The sexual heat of her body rose like a kettle of boiling water. Her eyes wandered to her collection of dolls and focused on a particular Barbie doll. The doll was dressed in a flamboyant silver dress with matching makeup. Jeannie's hands gently scooped up the Barbie and pressed it to her face affectionately as she rubbed the doll's plastic body with her latex-covered fingers.

"We're going to make love again tonight," Jeannie whispered to the doll before kissing its head.

For many years, the doll was Jeannie's representation of Silver Witch, and she was thoroughly obssessed with it. With the doll in her hands, Jeannie plopped onto her bed and lain her back. Her lips kissed the Barbie doll's plastic body repeatedly. In a rough simulation of oral sex, Jeannie rode up the skirt of the doll's dress and flicked her slick tongue on the spot between the doll's thighs.

"Oh, Galatea, I love you so much."

Jeannie's dominant reached down towards her own pussy and rubbed it. Slick feminine juices quickly accumulated on the tips of her latex clad fingers. She raised her honey-coated fingers to her lips and tasted her own juices before touching the miniature lips of the Barbie with them.

"Galatea, my pussy juice taste good, doesn't it? I know it does," Jeannie cooed as she continued rubbing her own pussy.

"Uhh... Uhhh... Uhhh... Ohhh..."

Loud gasps of pleasure escaped Jeannie's wet lips. The doll now lain between her well-endowed, latex-covered breasts. Her horny nipples created slight protrusions on the latex, and Jeannie couldn't help but squeeze them along with the whole breasts to ease the sexual tension. She pumped her fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy until they reached her knuckles. Jeannie's imagination went wild. Graphic and erotic mental images of herself and Galatea engaged in nearly all forms of sexual acts flashed flashed repeatedly in her mind.

She repeatedly uttered the Silver Witch's name in a passionate frenzy. "Galatea, Galatea, Galatea..."

Her knees bent upwards as Jeannie approached closer to her sexual peak. Moments later, a powerful orgasm shot through her body, and she made a loud moan. Her back arched, pushing her breasts even tighter against the silver latex. At the same moment, the silver outfit gave out a brief, magical blue glow that faded after her orgasm ended. Jeannie's body landed back on the bed with a thump. Her chest rose and fall as she gasped for air.

All of a sudden, Jeannie's eyes snapped wide open with intense focus. Strong unified feelings of a singular purpose coursed through her mind. She shot out of the bed, walked towards the bedroom window, and opened it.

"It's time," Jeannie whispered solemnly as she stood on the balcony with her hands gripped tightly on the guard rail. From the tenth floor of the building, she leapt away from the balcony into the air. However, instead of flying, Jeannie fell straight down. Seconds later, she landed face down on the concrete pavement with a loud thud. A woman passing by screamed. Jeannie groaned as she slowly got back up. The same woman screamed again a second time. Jeannie walked up to the frightened woman.

"Nothing happened here. It was just a rat that scared you," said Jeannie with glowing blue eyes.

"I saw nothing. I was just scared by a rat," droned the woman.

After making sure that no one else saw her, Jeannie leapt high into the air with a loud whoosh to the rooftop of a nearby building. Fifteen minutes later, she reached Emma's bedroom. With the invisibility and cone of silence spells cast on herself, Jeannie was able to do this operation covertly. This time she was able to probe deeper into Emma's mind. She saw Emma's dreams, goals, the guy whom she like in her school, her interests, her fears, her beliefs, and all the other details about her life. There was definitely no mistake. Emma indeed was the one--the inviolate and innocent female virgin. Jeannie focused on Emma's interest in spelunking and tweaked some thoughts here and there. With the seeds of action planted in her mind, Emma will invariably follow a course of action that would eventually lead her to the cave. Using her mind-altering magic, Jeannie could've done more with the teenage girl's mind, but that would violate the requirements for breaking the magical seal. The latex-clad acolyte of the Silver Witch left Emma's room without a trace. Emma uttered some slight incoherent sounds as she began dreaming.

With the most important job done, Jeannie proceed with her next task, one that she had been doing for countless years: recruit new members for the cult. Because of the stringent requirements for new members, Jeannie was only able to recruit a handful of women in all these years, but that didn't discourage her. Like she had done countless nights before, Jeannie jumped and flew from rooftop to rooftop while seeking prospective targets. Suddenly, her psychic senses tingled, and she followed direction of the signal. Jeannie peered from the rooftop and could see a young woman who was about to get raped by two guys. While maintaining a poker face, she probed and analyze the woman's mind.

"Yes, she's a possible candidate."

Jeannie leapt down to the alleyway below, surprising the two burly men.

"Nice outfit, slut! Want to join in the fun?!" said one guy while snickering.

"Leave now," replied Jeannie curtly as her eyes glowed in a brilliant blue.

The two guys walked like zombies out of the alleyway.

"Oh, thank you so much for saving me!" exclaimed the teary-eyed woman. "Are you a super hero?"

"I don't fancy myself as such. I saved you from those men for a specific reason." Jeannie licked her lips seductively and walked towards the traumatized woman while swaying her ass.

"What do you mean?" asked the woman nervously as she backed up to the brick wall.

Jeannie extended her arms and pressed her palms to the wall, trapping the woman. "Look into my eyes."

The young woman was immediately entranced on the moment she stared into Jeannie's glowing blue eyes. "Wha--"

With a forceful kiss, Jeannie silence the woman. There was a brief initial resistance before it quickly faded away. Jeannie unbuttoned the woman's blouse and unzipped the fly of her jeans. Slowly and expertly she caressed the woman's breasts and fingered her pussy as she continued having her way with the woman.

After the sexual activity, Jeannie told the woman: "Go to the Silver Moon Cafe tomorrow evening. When your friends or family ask, just say you're meeting an old friend."

"I will do as you say." The entranced woman then slowly walked away from the alley, passing by two small dolls on the ground near the entrance.

Days later, the subtle changes made by Jeannie in Emma's mind began taking effect on the girl. Together with her friend Sophia, Emma explored the cavern and eventually freed the Silver Witch. The breaking of the magical seal created a magical pulse in a wide area that Jeannie felt with her magical sensing ability. Immediately, Jeannie knew Galatea was finally free. Right after Jeannie finished dressing in her silver latex outfit in preparation to meet the Silver Witch again after all these years, she was surprised when the witch suddenly teleported into her bedroom.

"Galatea!" Tears welled up in Jeannie's eyes. She ran towards the witch and hugged her tightly, which the witch returned. "I'm so glad to see you again."

"As am I, Jeannie."

Galatea let the hug continue for a while before she gently pushed her acolyte away.

"Nice place you have here."

"I just moved here recently. I was busy searcing for you and hadn't pay much attention to the asthetics of the place."

"So, have you been doing what I had asked of you?"

"Yes, yes! Almost every night I would go out to recruit suitable women for the cult. Also, I kept these silver gloves and stockings on as you've ordered. I've never taken them off! And I've always been wearing high heels," said Jeannie enthusiastically as she ran her gloved fingers along her silver latex stockings.

"Good, good." Galatea patted Jeannie's head.

The Silver Witch's eyes then focused on Jeannie's doll collection. "These dolls--they all look so beautiful." Galatea picked up a Barbie doll, which was exactly the one Jeannie had played with for many years.

"That's my favorite one!"

"Want me to make it life-size?"

"You can? That would be wonderful! Please make it life-size, Galatea!" Jeannie beamed with enthusiasm at Galatea's offer. Though Jeannie had many magical skills, she didn't know how to change the size of objects herself. Her knowledge and skills were nowhere near as comprehensive as Galatea's enormous repertoire.

"Let's go to my castle first."

There was a brief flash of light and the two women was transported to the floating magical structure in an instant.

"The floating castle is just like how I remembered it!" said Jeannie excitedly as she looked around the courtyard.

"It's a place that they can never find and defile."

With another teleportation, they appeared inside one of the rooms in the castle.

"This was the room that I've once stayed in. It was as I have left it." A feeling of nostalgia gripped Jeannie.

The doll flew out of Galatea's hand and hovered in midair at the center of the room. Jeannie looked at it with rapt attention. A pinkish glow emanated from the Barbie doll as it spun around in an axis. The color of the glow change from one to another in rapid succession. Soon the spinning picked up in speed and became so fast that it appeared as bright white blur. The shape of the blur expanded in width and height. Eventually, the spinning slowed down to a complete halt. The magic was finished and enlarged Barbie doll stood in front of Jeannie in all its splendor. A faint cloud of magical sparks surrounded the doll before they slow faded away from view. The doll was already an object of beauty in its original small size. It looked even better after it was enlarged in size. The graceful arch of its back, the eye-catching features on its body, and its wonderful curves became much more evident.

"Wow! Thank you so much, Galatea." Jeannie stared at her beloved doll in awe.

"Now, I want you to make love to the doll."

"As you wish, Galatea!" exclaimed Jeannie as she eagerly rushed forward to hug the now life-sized Barbie doll enthusiastically in a passionate embrace. Animated by magic, the doll hugged back. The silky smoothness of the doll's dress feel wonderful on her naked skin. Due to the limitations of the original doll, the hug from it was somewhat stiff, but Jeannie didn't mind.

Looking at the painted eyes on the doll's head, she whispered, "Let's make love."

Jeannie moved her lips forward to Barbie's face and gave it a kiss on its glossy painted lips. Magically, the Barbie's plastic lips opened when Jeannie's tongue slid along between them. Taking that as an invitation, Jeannie thrust her tongue into the interior of Barbie's mouth, tasting its plastic interior. The embrace quickly became sexual when Jeannie caressed down along the doll's back and felt the narrow waist before reaching the ass, which felt wonderful to touch. Barbie's plastic ass had became much more pliant after the magical transformation. Reciprocating Jeannie's actions, the doll felt up Jeannie's body and gave a tight grip on her latex-covered ass with its plastic fingers. A sudden out-of-body sensation made Jeannie lose focus momentarily. She could briefly see herself looking back at her.

With her hands still holding onto Barbie's ass, Jeannie clutched onto the upper section of Barbie's silver satin skirt and pulled it upwards, exposing Barbie's behind. With the skirt pulled up, Jeannie was able to feel the plastic of the doll's ass directly. Only the silver thong stood partly in the way, but she could easily slip her fingers beneath it. The front part of the skirt was then lifted up, and Jeanie's fingers on her other hand slithered beneath Barbie's thong and went between Barbie's rubbery labia and into her pussy, causing the doll to gasp and moan for the first time since she was animated. Again Barbie emulated Jeannie's actions by touching Jeannie's pussy with its plastic fingers. For a short moment, Jeannie felt as if she had lost control of her body. At the same time, she saw her own facial image appear briefly on Barbie's face.

Jeannie slowly guided Barbie to the edge of her bed. Aided by magic, the doll was able to move backwards effortlessly. She undid Barbie's dress and tossed it away. Using very gentle motions, Jeannie laid the doll on the bed and moved her head between its thighs. Acting as if it was alive, Barbie parted its thighs to accommodate Jeannie. Not delaying for a single moment, Jeannie quickly thrust her lips into Barbie's rubbery cunt. After several thrusts and licks, her mind blanked out again. She suddenly felt as if she had trade places with the Barbie. However, when she looked closely at the person who was licking her pussy, it was herself and not Barbie. In another momentary black out, Jeannie was back in her own body again. She was confused at what was happening.

The sexual position was changed. Jeannie got on her fours and moved until she was face-to-face with the doll. For several seconds, Jeannie looked lustfully at Barbie's expressionless, admiring its timeless beauty. She lowered her head to plant a deep kiss. The rest of Jeannie's body slowly rested on Barbie's plastic form. Latex-covered tits mashed onto gravity-defying plastic breasts. Skin touched plastic. Arms and legs weaved together. Jeannie's fleshy pussy fused with Barbie's rubber counterpart and rubbed against each other. Jeannie occasionally closed her eyes during the lovemaking. Sometimes she felt like she's making love to herself, as if she's was the plastic, magically-animated Barbie. "What's happening to me?" she wondered. It didn't matter for long, for the intense sexual pleasure overridden her questioning thoughts.

Slowly, and imperceptibly, the overall feeling of her body drifted away. Her movements became stiffer the longer she made love with Barbie. Eventually Jeannie was completely devoid of physical feeling. All of her five senses were suddenly gone. She couldn't feel her own body at all. Feelings of horror gripped Jeannie. "Am I dead?"

"No," replied Galatea.

A speck of bright white light appeared in the utter darkness of Jeannie's vision. It was like the light at the end of a tunnel. Slowly the white light engulfed the whole darkness before it faded away. Galatea's beautiful face appeared in front of her eyes.

"What happened to me?" asked Jeannie without moving her mouth.

"You've become one with the doll."


"Your body is no longer composed of flesh. It's been transformed into a more permanent form, a form that will stand the test of time. Didn't you wish for immortality when you decided joined the cult?"

"Yes, but--"

"It was your choice to accept my gifts. Wearing them was the first step in your transformation. Do you regret it now?"

After the initial shock passed, Jeannie replied with joy. "I don't regret it. This is exactly what I want!"

"Good." The Silver Witch kissed Jeannie's lips deeply.

Gradually, Jeannie could feel her body again. It was as if a fire was burning the freezing stiffness away. She could respond to Galatea's kiss, which she did eagerly with her artificial tongue.

"Come, let's go the mirror and take a look at your new body." Galatea helped Jeannie get up from the bed.

Jeannie had some difficulty moving in her new inorganic body. It lacked the litheness and effortless motion of her original organic form, but aided by Galatea's power, controlling it became easier. Looking at herself in the mirror, Jeannie had another shock, but it was quickly surpassed by her feelings of excitement and sexual arousal. Her new artificial body now looked completely doll-like and somewhat inhuman. Like the bodily proportions of her sized-up Barbie doll, Jeannie's waist now measured a scant sixteen inches. Her breasts and ass became slightly enlarged, and her body became more curvaceous. The silver latex clothing she had worn before had now fused with her body. Most noticeable were the tall latex heels that became permanently part of her feet. Nothing remained of Jeannie's old self except for her mind.

Galatea wrapped an arm around Jeannie's nearly rigid shoulders and moved her lips close to Jeannie's ear. Feeling the Silver Witch's warm breath on her ear made Jeannie's pussy tingle and lubricate itself with an artificial substitute for female pussy juice. Almost in a serpentine fashion, Galatea's tongue extended outward to lick her ear. Each flick produced parts of intense pleasure within Jeannie's body. Not only had the transformation altered her physical form, it also greatly enhanced her feelings of pleasure. The tongue moved away from the ear and dragged across Jeannie's rigid cheek, stopping at the nose. Smooches were given here and there before Galatea landed a deep kiss on her Jeannie's lips. The parting of her lips allowed Galatea to thrust her tongue all the way it. Despite lacking organic nerves, Jeannie could magically feel all the wonderful sensations from Galatea's actions. She responded by touching Galatea's tongue with her own artificial counterpart. When the lengthy kiss ended, Galatea rose up on her knees. She smiled at her acolyte, and Jeannie smiled back as best as she could with a nearly rigid expression.

"Let's go to bed," said the witch as she guided Jeannie to the huge bed that was covered with silver satin sheets and pillows.

The Silver Witch waved her hand downward across her own crotch. Her metallic silver thong glowed brightly as it turned into liquid form and began assuming the shape of a strap-on dildo. With her glass eyes, Jeannie looked at the magical strap-on with absolute lust. Though Jeannie couldn't express her desire with her rigid face, Galatea could sense it with her powers.

Slowly, Jeannie got up. Her joints creaked as she moved into position so that she could reach Galatea's strap-on with her mouth. After her mouth widened into an O-shape, Jeannie fully engulfed the dildo between her lips. Galatea licked her lips and gave sighs of pleasure as Jeannie orally serviced the dildo. The silver strap-on had a magical enchantment that allowed the wearer to feel the pleasure derived from its stimulation. As the sucking intensified, Galatea grabbed Jeannie's artificial hair, as if trying to force the dildo deeper into Jeannie's mouth. Artificial saliva secreted from inside her mouth made servicing Galatea easier. Just when she thought Galatea was going to let her continue, Galatea retracted her silver phallus and pushed Jeannie back down on the bed. The strap-on dildo, now coated with a thick layer of clear lubricant, was ready for insertion into Jeannie's cunt. With a slow, but forceful thrust Galatea mounted Jeannie with her silver strap-on, causing Jeannie to moan loudly.

The fucking was deep and energetic. At the downward stroke of each thrust, only a sliver of silver was visible from the strap-on, but it merely appeared as a blur because the pistoning action done by Galatea was so fast. Loud moans and squishy sounds soon echoed in the marble room. Jeannie's legs rose up, allowing herself to be penetrated more deeply. The witch's lustful hands eventually went to Jeannie's breasts and squeezed them like dough. Her pink lacquered nails dug deeply into the artificial material of the acolyte's breasts. Due to the greatly enhanced sexual feelings provided by her new artificial body, Jeannie was becoming crazy with desire. Soon, Jeannie came loud and hard. Though Jeannie's body wasn't quite able to express it, Galatea, with her psychic senses, could feel the full gamut of Jeannie's emotions during the orgasm.

It wasn't over yet. Galatea flipped Jeannie over so her back was facing up and lifted her upwards until she got on her fours. Jeannie was suddenly shocked when she felt the dildo slowly entering her puckered asshole. Nothing had entered her ass before. Her neck creaked as she turned her head around to see what was going on. Once the silver dildo was fully in and moving, Jeannie's shock turned into intense pleasure. There were loud slaps as Galatea's thighs collided with Jeannie's rubber ass. Something else then happened. Jeannie felt as if the dildo was going deeper and deeper into her ass.

"Is the dildo that long?" Jeannie wondered. She soon felt it all the way up to her chest. Her artificial throat quickly filled up and Jeannie couldn't utter any more sounds. Jeannie was shocked when she saw the tip of the silver dildo coming out from her mouth. It wiggled and slapped her face as if it was a snake. Intense motions of the lengthened dildo within Jeannie's body followed. Again, Jeannie was horrified, but sexual pleasure quickly dominated those feelings just as they appeared. When she orgasm came, nothing but bright whiteness filled her vision. The whiteness was then replaced with a vision of the starry night sky that was filled with twinkling stars and a bright moon. She was gradually losing the feeling of her body and could barely move.

"Where am I?" Jeannie instinctively tried to move, but now her body was completely rigid. She couldn't even move her eyes.

"In the garden. I moving you to your resting place," replied Galatea while carrying Jeannie with both arms.

The witch stopped at a specific spot. With a simple thought, a portion of the flowers and plants dematerialized into the ether. A circular marble platform rose upwards several inches from the ground. From a nearby fountain, a stream of water magically flowed upwards into the air and coalesced on the platform into a blob which quickly transformed into a glass bell jar. Galatea then placed Jeannie into the jar, which rippled like water when Jeannie crossed the barrier. For the finishing touch, the witch willed Jeannie's body into an elegant pose.

"Thank you, Galatea. I'm so glad that my dream has come true." A small tear flowed from Jeannie's eye.

"Sleep well, Jeannie."

Jeannie's vision then blacked out and her consciousness faded away.

That was a about week ago. Galatea stared upwards at the sky. Currently was a huge cloud cover that blocked the view of the moon. It was about to rain.

"Time sure passes by fast," Galatea thought. "Someday, I'm going have Emma train on you."

The Silver Witch then slowly walked away from Jeannie, who in her frozen doll state was completely unaware that she had been visited.

Three days have passed since Galatea had given Emma the assignments. Already, Emma was beginning to feel completely stressed out by them. She had already bought the stuff that the witch told her to, which meant that she had done the most embarrassing part of the assignments. That only gave her a little bit of relief that was quickly overshadowed by the enormity of the tasks that remained.

It was almost midnight. Emma had just finished writing part of the outline for the essay on lesbianism. She gave a sigh and took a brief break. So far, the research she had done was repulsive to her in every aspect. Emma had to look at graphical depictions and photographs of women engaging in lesbian sex while reading lurid descriptions of what they were doing. The historical parts were easier to read, but Emma was still disgusted by them nonetheless. She was equally reluctant to read about the proper usage of lesbian sex toys because it invoked unwanted imagery in her mind.

The rest of the outline had to be finished later, for now she had to watch the lesbian porn videos. She randomly picked up a video. It didn't matter which she chose since she was disgusted by all of them since she wasn't really interested in girl-on-girl stuff at all. The video she snatched was titled "Cheerleader Sex Club". It was about a naive heterosexual teenage girl named Annie who joined the cheerleading squad of her high school, unaware that all of the current girls in the squad were lesbians. Emma rolled her eyes. What was going to happen to the naive girl the video was very obvious.

She played the DVD on her computer and plugged in her headphones for audio. Acting as if it had its own intelligence, the enchantment made Emma's pussy unbearably hot right at the same moment when the previews were shown. Emma gave a sad sigh. She knew from her past few days of experience that she had to quench her forced sexual arousal with lesbian-oriented material or else the enchantment would continue sexually teasing her in a torturous way until she become crazy with lust.

The first scene was about to begin. Emma pulled her pajamas halfway down her legs, revealing her white satin panties, and readied her clear purple vibrating dildo. There was a bunch of dialogue in the first scene. Annie talked to the cheerleading coach about joining the cheerleading squad. She then went to the tryouts and demonstrated her skills along with the other girls. Annie passed the selection process. At the end of the first cheerleading practice session, the head cheerleader began coming on to Annie in the locker room. She trapped Annie in front her locker and demanded a kiss. Annie said "no" but the cheerleader coaxed her by saying that it was just a playful, non-sexual kiss that every other cheerleader on the squad had done before. Not wanting to offend her, Annie eventually relented. Things progressed forward from there. With each successive cheerleading practice session, the demands for greater intimacy increased step by step.

Throughout the erotic scenes, Emma alternated stroking her clitoris with the purple dildo and thrusting it between the folds of her labia, but she was careful not to let it go all the way in because she didn't want to break her fragile hymen. Despite her mental resistance, she wasn't able to fully deny the amplified pleasure that Galatea's enchantment was inducing in her body. While it indeed felt good, Emma knew that the feelings were artificial. There was no way to resist Galatea's orders, but Emma decided to keep putting up mental resistance. It was currently the only remaining defense she had against the witch's attempts in corrupting her.

Emma made theatrical moans and sighs as she continued stroking her pussy. She was following the instructions of the assignment to letter because she didn't want to risk it. By now, Emma knew very well that Galatea was somehow watching her from afar with some unseen eye. Just a day ago, the witch had given her a stern warning through long-distance telepathy not to act languidly during masturbation. That sudden communication destroyed any remaining delusions Emma had regarding her privacy.

Slowly, Emma unbuttoned her pajama shirt. She slid down one of her white satin bra straps and squeezed her breast whose nipple was now like a hard pencil eraser. Emma squeezed her breast for a while before switching to another, giving more theatrical moans of exaggerated excitement all the way. At the scene where Annie was involved in a reluctant French kiss with the head cheerleader, Emma stroked faster until an orgasm washed over her. Thinking that her unwanted sexual fire had finally been quenched, Emma stopped the video, deciding to finish it next night. She got up from her bed and was about to dress herself back up when a sudden powerful feeling of arousal struck her again. Unable to fight it anymore, Emma made a stifled groan of disappointment and resumed watching the porn video.

Special thanks to Asudem Latex for providing her wonderful ideas and suggestions.

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