Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Silver Witch (chapter 12)

Emma meandered slowly down the produce aisle of the supermarket, preoccupied. She couldn't quite get her girlfriend-- Ashley--out of her mind. She replayed their parting kiss, in the high school's parking lot not far from Ashley's car, which she was going to drive to the football game, and from the bus which waited to carry most of the other cheerleaders to the game. Neither had cared whether others were looking at them. Then Emma had watched as Ashley had turned away and strolled toward the bus, her short skirt swinging playfully around her hips and sleek thighs--thighs which only a short time before had pressed Emma's face as Emma had eaten the blonde girl's delicious young pussy.

The wish passed over Emma that Ashley was with her there in the supermarket, one girlfriend helping another with her shopping. And then the impression came to her...that...wouldn't it be nice...if they could go home...together...with their groceries...as if they were more than mere girlfriends...like...if they were shacking up...or married...

What...?! No, Emma!...That's not going to happen.......... But...still...I'd like it... if she were here...

Then...Lisa popped up in Emma's mind... They were in the stands at the park again...Lisa was leaving...walking away...her beautiful, long red hair and sassy little skirt blowing in the wind... Lisa had invited Emma to go to the football game together... Instead of looking at vegetables right now, Emma reflected, she could have been there...sitting with Lisa...close together...watching Ashley down on the field twirling and spinning and jumping and cheering... She and Lisa could have gotten to know each other...much better....during the game...or after it........... Or...maybe... after the game...she could have gone somewhere with...with her girlfriend...again...with Ashley... like...maybe...........She felt like saying "to the shed again" to herself to complete the thought, but couldn't quite bring herself to it.

Emma was absentmindedly surveying the tomatoes when a familiar voice startled her.


Turning toward the voice, she was surprised to see Janet, the woman with whom she had shared an unexpected, extraordinary, unforgettably sizzling lesbian encounter early in the morning, after having just met her for the first time. She felt a rush of excitement.


The blonde woman was dressed in a plain, unassuming, white cotton top, brown leather jacket, black jeans, and black leather ankle-length boots with one-inch heels. She wore no make-up on her face and looked naturally beautiful without it. Her long, pale blonde hair was parted at the center and her locks were combed back over her shoulders in a simple style. Dangling from her neck was a silver chain necklace with a red gemstone pendant and matching bracelets adorned her wrists.

"It's nice to see to you again, Emma," Janet said, her voice pleasant, her demeanor warm. "So, do you shop here often?"

"Not really. I only do it occasionally when my mom's staying late for work and needs me to pick something up from the store for dinner."

Janet looked down at Emma's feet. "Oh... Aren't those the same heels you wore...this morning...?"

Emma's eyes followed Janet's. She had almost forgotten that she still had on the dark-blue, patent-leather high-heels which Galatea had given to her in the condo that morning during Janet's pornographic performance, as the feel of them on her feet, especially as she walked in them, had become so natural and so good.

"...when we were...together...?" Indeed, Emma had worn the glossy shoes--and nothing else--throughout their exotic love-making on a bed in the condo, a fact which now rushed to her mind, embarrassment mixing with titillation.

"Oh, yeah. I guess...you're right..."

"I love them. You should wear high heels all the time. You look so sexy in them." Janet reached out to stroke Emma's arm lightly, both the touch and the compliment putting a slight blush on the teen's face and sending a tingle up her arm.

Sparkles of light twinkled on the surface of the red gemstone pendant, drawing and holding Emma's eyes for a second or two. She dismissed the phenomenon as consisting of mere reflections of incident light off the gem's facets, not knowing its origin was supernatural and that it had just worked a charm on her. The primary effects of the magical light on Emma heightened her attention on Janet's words and physical appearance, and revived feelings which she had developed for Janet that morning, when she watched her dance, talked with her, and had wild sex with her.

"You're a good girl for helping your mom out with errands. A lot of girls your age would rather be doing something else, like having...fun." Janet pronounced the last word with a conspiratorial inflection, while seductively sliding her hand onto Emma's shoulder. "So, Emma, by chance do you recall what we did together this morning?" asked Janet, flashing Emma a tell-tale naughty smile. "I'll give you a hint: It was...fun."

Emma's face reddened slightly as she recalled the memories of her sexual encounter with Janet and shifted her gaze towards the side, breaking eye contact with her. Emma felt a mixture of embarrassment and arousal flow through her body as she remembered the illicit encounter she had with the fetching blonde, who, she could tell, was eyeing her up.

"No... I mean yes..."

"Did you like it?" When Emma looked at her, the curvaceous woman tilted her head a bit to the side and smiled again, ever so slightly this time.

"Yes... I mean...uh..."

"Shhh... It's okay..." Janet stroked Emma's cheek once, slowly and gently. "It can be our dirty little secret." Janet then leaned in, letting her spicy perfume and superb womanly presence work their magic on the teen, and whispered in a sensual voice, "Just to let you know, I wouldn't mind us having the same kind of fun together again, Emma...if you know what I mean..."After saying this, Janet leaned closer yet, flicked her tongue out, and sultrily licked Emma's ear, while simultaneously copping a feel of Emma's butt, making unmistakable the kind of fun Janet was looking to have with Emma.

Shocked by Janet's actions, Emma quickly looked around to see if anyone had witnessed the blonde woman's brazen innuendo and licentious little acts. However, the people in the supermarket seemed to be completely oblivious to the two pretty, interacting females. Emma failed to notice part of a folded piece of paper sticking out of the left front pocket of Janet's jeans. Inscribed on it was a spell with her name and Janet's on it. It was a minor spell that granted two individuals to talk with each other publicly within a veil of privacy, and had been activated when the two had greeted each other. The spell cast a small illusionary field around them that altered the visual and auditory perceptions of anyone nearby, so that, when other shoppers passed by Emma and Janet, all they saw and heard were two young women standing a few feet apart and chit-chatting benignly about trivia. The spell wasn't used often by most wizards and witches since the duration of privacy was very short. At best, a well-trained spell-caster could have the spell last but a few minutes.

Emma was silently relieved that, as it appeared, no one saw Janet's inappropriate display of affection and, not wanting to risk the chance of Janet further escalating the situation. Emma tried to steer the conversation to a different topic, one which seemed to be more germane to her overall goals.

"Janet, can I have a talk with you sometime?"

"Sure. All followers of Galatea are friends to each other." Janet played with some locks of her shiny hair which had fallen over her prominent breasts, flirting. "I would be more than happy to have a chat with you."

"I want to know more about this magical cult that we're in. I didn't really get the chance last time."

"What do you want to know?"

"As much as possible. I'm really curious. Galatea didn't tell me anything and neither did Jeannie."

Emma was prevaricating to a degree, as both women named had indeed imparted some knowledge to Emma about Galatea's cadre and its magic--although Emma wasn't sure how much of it had been true--but she thought it best to play dumb in order to all the better coax information from her new blonde friend. Emma also wanted to keep her response ambiguous enough that she could be viewed as simply being academically inquisitive. She didn't want Janet to construe her words in any other way, certainly not in one which might raise suspicion within her companion about Emma's true intentions of espionage.

"Okay... You can come to my place for a chat." Janet tossed her hair beguilingly. "I was going to invite you over sometime, anyway...because I wanted to see you again. Would you like that?"

Emma realized in that moment that she had wanted to see Janet again, as well, and that she was quite pleased to have run into her at the store like this. She told herself that her motive was strictly business, to get more information, but deep down, she knew there was more to it than that.

"Uh...yes...very much..."

"I'll tell you as much as I know."

"Where do you live?"

"Close by, a few minutes' drive from here. But, I'm busy tonight. I have another shift at my job, and it's starting soon. How about sometime tomorrow morning?"

I wonder what kind of job Janet has. Emma recalled Janet's erotic dance in the morning. She wouldn't be a...a stripper...would she? Though Emma knew she shouldn't hope for her new friend to be one, the possibility nevertheless that she might be one, and that Emma perhaps now had a friend who was a bona fide erotic dancer, was mysteriously very intriguing and sent a little thrill through the teen.


"Would nine be okay, or ten?"

"Nine. I have to go to an informal cheerleading tryout early tomorrow afternoon." Emma thought it would be best to meet Janet early, to allow plenty of time to accomplish her mission there, with the intention of then returning home to prepare herself for the tryout, to have a bit of lunch, and to provide herself, with enough of a cushion of time to make sure she wouldn't be late to the tryout.

"You're going to be a cheerleader, Emma? Wow! I bet that's going to be fun...and you'll be popular at your school, too."

"Yeah..." Emma realized that she was having second thoughts. Though she was joining mainly under Ashley's urging, and it would be an opportunity to be with her more, she had started to be persuaded almost as much by another prospective benefit of being a cheerleader, one which, up until the last day or two, Emma had never thought she would care much about--namely, popularity. Yet...she did now indeed want to be more popular, to neutralize the loser image with which her nemesis, the bully Heather, had managed to brand her, at least to some degree and among certain people. Perhaps that wasn't the best reason to want to be a cheerleader, she reflected...but...still...it wouldn't be that bad...either...to want that...would it?...

"I don't want to hold you up too long. Why don't we exchange numbers so we can stay in touch?" asked Janet as she pulled out her smartphone.

After receiving Wendy's phone number, Janet said, "Great, now we have each other's numbers. I'll text you my address. Talk you later, sweetie," and gave an air kiss before parting from her.

Emma's gaze lingered on Janet's curvaceous backside as the woman sauntered away from her. So beautiful...so curvy... She sighed without realizing it.The woman's perfume and the echoes of her touch and alluring presence lingered as a petal from heaven. It was only until after Janet made a turn around the end of the aisle that Emma recovered and resumed her task of shopping.


As Emma walked home from the supermarket, she couldn't stop sexual fantasies of Janet from appearing in her mind. She saw herself back in the supermarket, this time with frosted-lavender-lipsticked lips, pulling the beautiful blonde back to her after their parting words and turning that measly air kiss into what they both really wanted instead, kissing Janet deeply in an open-mouthed French kiss. She pictured them, overcome by passion, making out recklessly, bouncing around the produce aisle between the oranges and the bananas, carelessly knocking fruit to the floor.

Then the scene changed to the bedroom in Galatea's condo. Emma, who had been stripped quite naked (except for her blue high heels) by Janet--as had happened in reality that very morning--sat on the edge of the bed while Janet, dressed in the same costume she had worn at the start of her lewd show in the morning, danced and stripped a few feet in front of her until she, too, was gloriously nude, except for her own heels, then strutted up to Emma, who parted her legs to allow Janet to stand between them and to dangle her succulent, quivering DD-sized breasts in Emma's enthralled face. Emma envisioned herself, completely unable to resist, wrapping her arms around Janet's slim, naked waist and curvy hips and ass to pull her closer and her lavender-painted lips engulfing the erect nipple on one of the blonde woman's large, swaying tits, then sucking on it fervently. More lurid images pressed on her mind, such as Emma taking a sensual shower with the blonde beauty, and other scenes revisiting their erotic coupling in the morning, including Emma on her back on the bed with Janet, now in her wondrous chrome-haired transformation, lowering her magical pussy onto Emma's.

Emma felt her young lovebox quiver at the half-recollection, half-fantasy. Overcome with love and desire for her sexy new friend, she became hot and dizzy, causing her to stop and sit down in a shady spot on a low wall demarcating a house's elevated lawn, setting her grocery bags down beside her.

The teen girl had welcomed the fantasies, still turned on by the recent presence of the exciting blonde woman...before catching herself...

Stop it, Emma! You're not a lesbian! Just because Galatea made you do it with Janet... Well, she didn't exactly make me do it... I guess I kind of chose to do it...because I needed release...and...and that was the only way at the time... I think... But...but it doesn't mean you have to continue thinking about it!...or...about.........her..........even though she...she is pretty...incredible... Despite successfully putting an end to her lurid daydream, Emma found herself nevertheless delighted that she had so fortuitously run into Janet and that she was set up to see her again the next day.

Abruptly, for a moment, something producing a buzzing sound and a flutter of air tickled Emma's cheek, then departed. Looking around herself and then upwards, she spied a flying something which at first seemed to be a bee or wasp, but a second look revealed that it displayed a bit too much iridescence to be natural. Was it a species she wasn't familiar with?

Odd... Don't recall ever seeing a species like that around these parts. Don't even recall seeing it that book on local insects I have at home. Is it even real? As she pondered the origins of the buzzing insect, Emma noticed that it seemed to be moving towards her. A bit unnerved by the iridescent wasp, Emma made some shooing gestures with her hands and ducked and bobbed her head as if an imaginary foe was throwing rocks at her. In the corner of her eye Emma saw that the shiny wasp was making another pass at her, so she lowered her head again.

She blinked and lost track of the flying thing. Seconds passed before Emma determined that there was no more buzzing sound. Raising her head, Emma saw that the crystalline-like wasp was gone, but when she looked straight ahead again she was surprised that Candice was suddenly standing in front of her, and, of greater wonder, that the young mage was dressed in the clothing of a normal teenaged girl, consisting of a fashionably cute white blouse, snug, dark blue jeans--allowing Emma for the first time to gauge the waspish slenderness of the teen witch's waist, the slimness of her legs, the appealing flair of her hips, and the cute, bubble-like moons of her rear--and white-and-pink sneakers, rather than the foppish robes of her magical order. Her appearance was made striking by gleaming gold color on her lips, thick black mascara on her long and curly eyelashes, and metallic golden eye shadow--all quite uncharacteristic for the Candice whom Emma had seen on previous occasions. Her hair also seemed to be in a somewhat different style and, in some way, blonder, or perhaps having a different shade of blonde than before--maybe, Emma thought, because she had never seen Candice outdoors before, and because the light of the late day, which was quickly fading into evening, was relatively dim and biased towards yellow.

"Candice, when did you--"

Emma found herself unexpectedly excited at Candice's sudden--and intriguing--appearance and her heart rate increased as the witch in civilian disguise walked closer to her. There was a faint voice telling her that she liked how Candice was dressed, and to encourage her to dress this way from now on...at least when they would be getting together with each other.

"It was a short distance teleport. How's it going, Emma?"

"Fine. What about you? By the way...you look...really nice..."

"Why, thank you, Emma. I'm glad you approve. A witch doesn't have to be fuddy-duddy all the time, just because she's still in training, now does she?" Emma felt a measure of relief to see and hear that Candice was capable of letting go some, capable of less rigidity than she had seemed to exhibit on previous occasions. It possibly indicated that there was a fun-loving or even rebellious side hiding within her, and made the cute mage seem more approachable. "Anyway...I'm doing well, too. Have you been gathering information as I've told you to?"

"I'm trying to, but I feel like I'm being kept in the dark on a lot of things."

"I figured that might happen, but keep on investigating as much as you can, just the same. Do whatever it takes to make them like you, or love you, so they'll trust you, even if some of the things you have to do you're not entirely comfortable with. I bet they'll reveal more to you as you start earning their trust.

"I also got something new for you to do." Candice handed Emma a small black pouch tied with gold-color string.

"What's this?"

"These are magical spying talismans. My order requests that you to plant them in the Sky Castle. They'll help us gather intelligence on the Silver Order's activities."

"But, I'm being watched all the time. How's that possible?"

"Just wait for a chance. Don't plant the talismans just anywhere, though. Choose a good location where conversations are likely to happen."

"What if I get caught?"

"Try not to. Just be careful." Candice reached out to stroke Emma's cheek with gold-nailed fingertips, sending a warm little shiver up the brunette teen's back. All of a sudden a melody began playing and interrupted Candice and she drew her right hand in front of her. Wrapped around her wrist was a gold bracelet with a bell charm hanging from it. "Oh, broomsticks! I'm being summoned. Look, Emma, I've got to go now. Just follow the instructions I've written and be careful... I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Catch you later!" The blonde witch turned and started away.

"Wait!" Emma was about to ask Candice for more details on how to use and hide the little devices entrusted to her, but a gust of wind made Emma instinctively close her eyes. When she reopened them, Candice was already gone. Something small flew by Emma's face with a buzzing sound. Turning her head to look, she noticed that the flying insect had a metallic luster and wondered if it was the same one she had seen before.

Standing up, the brunette resumed her walk home.


After having dinner and taking a shower, Emma slid on a pair of hot-pink satin bikini panties and an elegant, long, pale-pink silk bathrobe, which she tied so loosely around her waist that it started to pull open within minutes of putting it on. They had both been gifts from Galatea, and she knew they were rather sexy items, more so than she, as a normal teen girl, would tend to wear when she didn't have to, but she was not expecting any company, now that she had already had her routine visit with Candice--although it had been a little odd, it now dawned on Emma, for Candice to have approached her on the street, rather than to come to her bedroom, as she normally did--and her nightly visit with Galatea was not due for a few hours. As she rarely hung out without a bra, even when by herself, it felt nice, and even like a delightfully naughty treat, to be almost naked under her robe, especially such a slinky robe, with her pert young tits hanging licentiously free and her delicate nipples rubbing across the cool, shiny material. Her nipples even poked quite noticeably through the fine silken fabric, she noted with a little bit of unexpected sensual gratification.

She wondered what Candice or Sophia would think if they saw her like this...maybe with some makeup on, too. A little smile crossed her face. She understood that she would never show herself off to either of them like that on purpose, and that she would do the proper thing by putting on a bra in a few minutes, she told herself, maybe get dressed in a t-shirt and some jeans, too, but in the meantime, this was kind of fun and no one else would know.

Then her eye was caught by the beautiful, glossy, dark-blue high-heeled shoes, also having been received as a gift from her beautiful mistress, which she had been wearing most of the day. She felt an urge to slip them on her feet. She saw no reason not to, and knew she wouldn't mind the sexy sensation of them enwrapping her feet and of walking in them again, not to mention the appealing way they would set off her legs...especially the way she was dressed right now. They would be perfect... She was about to slide them on, when her common sense got the better of her and she resisted.

Going barefoot is really a little more practical for right now...

But then a new thought crossed her mind. I wonder... I wonder whether...Janet...ever dresses like this...when she's alone...? She closed her eyes and tried to picture what Janet might be dressed in at that very moment--at night, presumably by herself, in her bedroom or living room. In her mind's eye, Emma saw the gorgeous, curvaceous blonde sitting before a mirror at her vanity...in a bra...panties...nylons...garter belt...and high heels...all of shiny midnight blue...her ultra-pale hair up...tied with a dark-blue ribbon...the fetching hairstyle exposing her oh-so kissable neck... She was applying deeply red lipstick with a red-nailed hand. A desire come over Emma that her own nails could be as sensual, beautifully long and almond-shaped and red.

Picturing Janet lounging at home in dark-blue high-heels, Emma, almost absentmindedly, slipped her feet into her own dark-blue heels, finding that she had changed her mind about wearing them.

Emma roved her eyes over Janet in her mind. She speculated whether the woman might not be wearing some jewelry, and earrings, and dangling pearl earrings and a long single-strand necklace of glistening pearls, of a variety especially silver-white in color, appeared on her. Finding the pearls to be a fascinating touch, she wondered what Janet would look like if her shade of platinum blonde hair were to match the pearls, and Emma saw the woman's hair transform to a lovely iridescent silver-white color. She thought Janet's eye makeup should be much darker and heavier, and include some pearly-silver eyeshadow, and it changed accordingly.

Then Emma willed the woman's bra and panties to become as transparent as her sheer stockings, and they made the alteration. She envisioned Janet smiling in the mirror at the change. A moment later, Emma wished for the blonde's bra to disappear, and it did so, freeing her heavy, firm, large-nippled, melon-like orbs to wobble enticingly with her movements. Emma felt her mouth water, as if Janet's wondrous teats were especially created for Emma's oral worship. Little did Emma suspect how close to the truth that impression was.

Now both Emma and her blonde idol were braless. They were alike to some degree...but not enough. Emma opened her robe and let it slide down her shoulders, baring her young tits to the air, making both females topless, as well.Janet ran her hands over her creamy, bulging mammary contours, and Emma likewise caressed her smaller but pert young mounds.

The lovely silvery-white-blonde woman touched the tip of her lipstick to her wide areolae and turgid nipples, painting them as bright red as her lips and nails. When done, she looked in the mirror at Emma, smiling invitingly, as if the teen were standing a little to her side and behind her.

Wait...this isn't right... Emma shook her head to clear the wanton image, pulled her robe back up, closed and loosely retied it, and reprimanded herself mildly for the indulgence, though a slight, inadvertent smile crossed her face, nevertheless.

Despite putting a stop to her fantasy about Janet, Emma felt like she could barely wait to be with her again. Tomorrow... I'll see her again tomorrow...in the morning...hmmmm............ But...it will be just to ask her questions...to get information... That's all......... If there might be some temptation...I can handle it... I'm not gay, after all... I'm straight... It will be strictly business...and then I'll leave...

Although......... I wonder...what would it be like...to be her...her girlfriend.......... I already have one...of course...and I want to be faithful to her........but Galatea said I should have more...more girlfriends........and Janet would be...would be awesome........ It almost already feels like...like we're headed that way...anyway............

No, Emma... Don't be silly............. That's not why you're going to visit her tomorrow... You're a straight girl... You don't need any more entanglements in this new world Galatea has brought you into than the minimum you can get away with......... Just stick to the plan... Get the information you need... Then maybe you can get out of all of this...eventually...

Now...what about this little bag Candice gave me...?

Emma retrieved the pouch that Candice had given her and sat on her bed. She had been curious about what was in the pouch ever since receiving it from Candice, but had been reluctant to open it until now.

I wonder what kind of magical talismans these are? She first untied the simple knot on the bag and loosened the string. At soon as the bag opened up, a small cloud of glowing golden dust discharged up into her face. She gasped, inadvertently inhaling some of the startling dust. She waved her hand through the golden puff, which dispersed quickly and with, it seemed, no noticeable aftereffects.

What was that?

Looking into the bag, Emma discovered it contained several gold-colored metallic objects. She poured the contents of the bag onto her bedspread and counted ten of the golden items. Each one was identical to the others, resembled in shape a seed with two pointed ends, and was roughly the size of two pennies placed side by side. She picked up one of the gold-colored metallic objects from the bag. Upon close examination, she saw that the object had insect-like physical features.

They're bugging devices that look like bugs! Dead bugs!... Clever... But...how am I supposed to use them? If I plant these things in plain sight, I doubt that someone who's as observant as Galatea would fail to notice them...and if they're too hidden, will they be able to spy properly?............. Hmmm...maybe I'll figure it out... I'll see...

Her examination of the objects was cut short when Emma suddenly felt a strong sexual arousal growing in her body, the golden dust released by the bag starting to work its magic.

What?...Not again! Where's this coming from? Was it because...because these objects remind me of...of Candice?... How could that be?... There's nothing going on between us.......... ...although...she is very cute........ Or...or because I saw that...that dazzling woman...Janet... again?............. But...but I just had sex with Ashley a couple of hours ago! Shouldn't I be...satisfied...for longer than that? ........... If this keeps up, I'm going to become some kind of sex freak! I need to control myself!

Little did Emma pause to reflect on the fact that her speculation regarding who might be the cause of her arousal was limited to females--and that every instance of sexual excitement she was experiencing these days, including this one, had nothing whatever to do with males and heterosexuality, nor did her mind ever drift now towards men and boys either when trying to discover the causes of her sexual responses or to try to feed them. Notwithstanding what she thought she wanted ultimately in her life--prominently including a traditional heterosexual existence--she was swimming in an increasingly exclusive and acceptable Sapphic ocean.

Despite wanting to rein in the intense feelings developing in her body, Emma was unable to resist the overwhelming desire to touch herself in her privates. Her lustful emotions took over and guided her dominant hand into the area between her thighs. She stroked the spot centered in the crotch of her pink panties through the slick fabric. She felt a sense of relief, but it did little to quell the raging lust burning in her loins. She wanted more...no, needed more. Her hand slipped under the elastic waistband and within the pink panties to touch her pussy directly. A small gasp escaped from her lips when two of her fingers found her engorged clit. As her arousal grew, her eyes and lips glowed in a faint pink color.

Yessss... I'm getting close....

But, just as Emma felt that she was about to go over the edge, something pulled her arousal back and denied her immediate release.

What's going on? Tears of frustration rolled down her face as Emma fervently continued to finger herself, but to no avail.

Without the magical influence on her mind and body, Emma would've achieved the sexual release she so desperately craved by now on her own accord, with mere physical stimulation. Although Emma was, by this time, quite capable of conjuring girl-on-girl sexual fantasies with ease, she had been trying to climax without that. However, unknown to her, the pendant she wore, the snake implanted in her body, and the other magical enchantments now cast onto her sexy, young body insured that Emma, going forward, would always have to either think erotic lesbian thoughts, or indulge in erotic Sapphic media, or engage in sex with another woman or girl, before she could achieve sexual climax.They made her even more prone to such thoughts, fantasies, and desires, channeling most all of her idle mental reflections in that direction and liberating her carnal imagination to be freer and wilder, as well.

As if answering her question, a vivid image of two naked women engaged in a sensual embrace and passionate kiss flashed briefly in her mind. Thinking that the thought was her own, she instinctively latched onto it and began to allow an erotic lesbian fantasy to develop within her mind.

The two women and their setting clarified gradually in her mind's eye. They were both actually teenaged girls, not mature women... Emma was one of them... Instead of being naked, they were now both attired in a skimpy and provocative manner....They were in a familiar place... It almost looked like...no...it was exactly like the...the large tool shed...where she had been with Ashley earlier...where she and Ashley had had...sex...lesbian sex... The place and what had happened there with Ashley brought up an exciting, stirring impression in Emma's memory...

But Emma looked different... She saw herself in greater detail...with black hair, dark make-up, and black lingerie... She was a Goth girl...and she was wearing a strap-on dildo around her hips, also black in color.

Wow... I'm...I'm a Goth girl... I never imagined myself putting on this look before.............but...but this...it's...it's kind of..........incredible.......

After taking in her arresting and exciting new look, she perceived that, in her fantasy, the other girl was now lying underneath her...and she was moaning in ecstasy. Looking down, Emma saw that she was fucking the other girl!

Who is she...?

While Emma couldn't quite yet identify her companion, she saw that the girl was dressed in sexy golden lingerie and she knew the girl was very familiar to her... Was this girl...the girl underneath her...the girl whom she, the hot Goth girl, was fucking...was it Ashley?... Emma hoped so... She wanted it to be her sweet girlfriend...the one she should be doing this with.......or....... maybe... Janet...

But...somehow Emma knew...no...it wasn't either one... Her vision clarified more...until she saw that...of all people...it seemed to be...Candice...!

Candice? No way! Using the force of her will, Emma pulled her hand from between her legs and stopped masturbating. Why am I thinking about her like that?

Emma had never regarded Candice as a potential partner in sex before, that she knew of, and didn't want their relationship to be a sexual one. Their connection had been strictly business, and Emma thought it would be best to keep it that way, in order to succeed in their common goal of spying on Galatea and securing Emma's eventual freedom. Candice was the one person who gave her any kind of hope of eventually escaping Galatea and lesbianism...and, therefore, the one person in her life who, it seemed, she needed to stay objective by not being a lesbian...at least with her...

Yes, Candice was attractive...very cute, really...more today, in fact, than ever, Emma thought, recalling her recent chat with the young witch. It wasn't as if Emma hadn't noticed. But if the pretty mage had any Sapphic leanings or had been interested in Emma like that, she had never let on. It seemed just so unlikely that Candice would have such feelings... And, even if she did, letting their relationship become romantic would be too much of a complication, too compromising for both of them. Emma couldn't afford that kind of distraction, not with Candice. There was no point in going down that road, even mentally, she concluded.

However, her efforts to control the lusts driving her body were a little too late. Having now imagined herself having sex with a vision of Candice had, despite her desire to quell it, only driven her arousal to a new height. Little did Emma understand that, despite her intellectual stance regarding what the nature of her relationship with Candice ought to be, the seed of lust for Candice already planted within her, it would soon be fertilized in various ways, and it was destined to grow into a passion which would prove her mental resolution to be pathetically tenuous and flimsy, at best. Even now, her carnal interest in the young mage and her desire to attract her and to be intimate with her were much greater than she suspected.

Trying to tame the appetites whirling within herself, Emma started to cast the Desensitize Spell on herself, but then reconsidered, realizing it was not likely to make that much difference in this situation, as that spell could only reduce the impact of thinking further sexual thoughts about the young witch, but it couldn't defuse her current, on-going state of arousal. She didn't even bother trying the Calm Spell, figuring that it, too, would not serve her current needs much, either.

Her hand drifted back to her pussy several times, but each time she stopped it before it made more than light contact. However, she didn't feel that she could restrain herself much longer.

Finally Emma settled on a tactic that she thought might allow her to subdue her sexual cravings, namely trying to focus her mind intensely on something besides women and girls she knew. Searching for something interesting enough to distract her, Emma decided to examine the inside of the purple cloth bag again. Doing so, she found something she hadn't noticed before, a small piece of parchment paper folded to a one-by-one-inch size.

Opening the folded piece of paper up, she discovered that it contained instructions for the use of the talismans, written in black ink, which writing seemed to move in place slightly in a swirling fashion. Emma read the first part to herself:

1.Squeeze one talisman while reciting the spell from Codex A to activate individually.

2.Squeeze one talisman and recite spell with Codex B to activate them all.

3.Plant them in suitable locations away from sight.

4.Alternative usage: Cast spell with Codex C to bond them to your body or use as jewelry and cast spell with Codex D to take them off of your body.

5.Recite spell with Codex E to deactivate them individually.

6.Recite spell with Codex F to deactivate them all.

7.The talisman covered with red gems is the receiver.

The various codices and the spells therein werewritten below the list of the first seven instructions.

These instructions are vague. I wish Candice had made them clearer.

With some educated guesses--"educated" because of her previous lessons in magic--and a bit of experimentation, Emma managed to figure out how to use them, for the most part. She came to see that they were, essentially, magical equivalents of electronic spying gadgets.

Of the seven primary directives listed, Emma found number four, the spell to activate the wearing feature, to be the most curious item on the list, as well as the most complicated spell to employ. I wonder what number four means. Can these things be used as jewelry? Or made part of your body even? That sounds a little weird. After trying about a dozen or so times to master number four, with what she considered to be partial success, Emma called it quits, placed all of the bugs back into the cloth bag, and set the bag on her bed.

She then decided to do her homework and transferred herself to the chair at her desk. Right after she was done with her first math problem, Emma heard a faint buzzing and whirling sound behind her. She looked in back of her, but the sound stopped and she saw no obvious source of the noise. Resuming her math, in a minute the buzzing returned, louder than before. When she turned around again, once more the buzzing ceased and there was nothing unusual which she could see. Once she got to the third math problem, the buzzing came back again. When Emma turned to face the direction of the sound, this time she saw that some of the talismans had come out of the bag and had become golden bugs--which were flying towards her!

"Whaaa? Ahhh!"

The bugs slammed onto Emma's body and, before she could react, all of them slid beneath her clothes.

"Ooo, yuk! Get off me!"

Springing up from her chair, Emma tried sweeping and swatting her body in case any of them were still crawling around on her skin and the surface of her clothes, and when she saw none of them fall off or fly away, she started reaching into her robe to try to locate and extract the bugs. However, she was unable to find any of them. "Damn it!"

However, her frustration with trying to remove the bugs off her body shifted into something else. All of a sudden Emma let out a small giggle, then it became a stifled laugh, and then Emma collapsed on her bed in hysterical laughter as she felt the bug-like talismans move over her skin as if she was being tickled by feathers all over her body. The only thing she could do was cover her mouth with both of her hands to contain her manic laughter in the desperate hope it would not draw the attention of her family.

After a minute of enduring the ticklish assault on her body, the bugs seemed to settle down. Thinking that it was all over, Emma let out a sigh of relief, but it was short lived, for she felt the bugs latch onto her nipples, her pussy, her navel, the back of her neck, her lower back, and her butt. Soon rays of golden light emanated from the openings in her clothing, bright enough to make Emma close her eyes, and she felt as if a cool gel was being spread on her body.

When she reopened her eyes, she noticed her clothes had changed. Turning towards the mirror, she gasped in surprise. Emma was now dressed almost exactly like she had imagined during her brief erotic fantasy earlier: glossy black leather bra and panties, both with gold filigree; shiny black painted lips with gold outlines and lacquered nails with gold tips; black high heels with gold filigree; black stay-up fishnet stockings; and gold jewelry that consisted of a gold serpentine armlet with a stylized twin Venus symbol, a black leather choker with a golden flower at the center over another stylized twin Venus symbol, and matching golden navel jewelry and bracelets. Her hair was now shiny black, cut in an acute, shoulder-length page-boy style, and partly braided. A golden circlet with a central black gem rested on top of her head.

"This effect must accompany the wearing of the bugs...but I never imagined anything like this! Of all the looks and styles...why...why couldn't it be more...more decent?" Emma ran her hands subtly along her curves. "I wonder... Did Candice design this look for me?... hmmm... Maybe Candice somehow knows what goes on when I meet with Galatea...and maybe she figured that this outfit would be useful...would loosen the Silver Witch up for me...would get her turned on... and maybe loosen her tongue........ Yes... I can see that..." She licked her tongue around her lips in front of mirror and let her hands drift slowly to the front side of her exotic leather panties.

"Wait...NO!" exclaimed Emma as she immediately pulled her hands back.

I can't do this again...at least not so soon... Emma tried to take the outfit off by casting a specific spell according to the instructions, but she failed repeatedly. Why isn't it working?

A sudden knock on her bedroom window disrupted her concentration. It must be Candice! Ican't let her see me like this! Deciding quickly, Emma went to her closet to find something to cover herself up and, to her surprise, found the same light-pink silk bathrobe she had been wearing a few minutes before, now hanging neatly on a hook. Without taking the time to wonder about it, she threw it on and quickly tied it. She then tried to remove the circlet from her head, but could not. Oh no! It's stuck!

The tapping on the glass became slightly louder and more hurried. Having no other option, Emma went to the window and peeked through the curtains, confirming her supposition that it was Candice, before opening the window fully.

"Hi, Candice," Emma greeted nervously.

"Hey, Emma. May I come in?"


Once Candice was in Emma's room, Emma felt slightly disappointed that Candice was dressed in her drab witch's outfit, without any make-up or fashionable accessories. It was different than what Emma had seen earlier on Candice just a few hours before. She looked pretty good before... Why did she change back to this look?

Pulling a wooden wand from her wide sleeve and waving it, Candice cast Phased Space, transporting herself and Emma into a different dimension of reality, one that was slightly tinted blue, making it essentially impossible for anyone on the outside to perceive their presence and observe their interactions.

"I just tested out the talismans that you gave me earlier."

"Wha..." Remembering the details Headmaster Dilworth had told her earlier, Candice quickly corrected herself. That person who gave her the talismans must have been Katrina disguised as me. "I mean, did you manage to get them to work?"

"Yes, I went through all of the steps. The instructions were pretty vague, but I figured out how to activate all of the features. I can show them to you."

"Great..." Candice felt something was off about Emma. The bathrobe failed to conceal the circlet on Emma's head, the darker color and different style of Emma's hair, her lavish make-up, the choker necklace, the heels, and the fishnet stockings, all of which didn't fit the plainer style Candice had observed as typical of Emma in the past. She was about to question Emma about her clothing and looks, but the twinkling of the gems in the circlet on Emma's head caught her eye and she suddenly lost her uneasiness about Emma's outfit.

"They...they gave me some new...uh...new clothes...and changed my look..."

Strange sensations also began growing within Candice, changes in her feelings about Emma, accompanied by a sharp curiosity about what Emma was wearing on her body beneath the robe.

"You definitely..." Candice spoke slowly as her eyes instinctively drifted to Emma's chest, "...need to show me your...I mean...those...uh...features..."

Emma walked away to retrieve the few talismans that had not morphed into the golden bugs that had latched onto her body, which snapped Candice from her entrancement, at least partially.

Why was I staring at Emma's chest? Was Emma using a seduction spell on me to look at her breasts? No, Emma wouldn't do that...and besides, her magical skill is novice at best. No way would Emma have the magical power to cast spells like that. She's a victim and, besides, I have a charm that protects me or at least warns me of the presence of those kind of spells. Besides...even if she were coming onto me...which I don't think she is...but, if she were...then that would help me...because... I need to...to follow Headmaster Dilworth's orders and try to...to seduce Emma...without going too far, of course...so I need to be doing something like that anyway...... need to get...closer...to her...

"But there's just one problem... I'm not able to take the outfit off!"

"What do you mean you can't take the outfit off? And...and what "outfit"? If I remember correctly, the talismans will only latch onto your body, using only the most basic of illusion and masking spells, to disguise themselves as small jewelry or as part of your clothing. These talismans shouldn't have the ability to form an outfit of any kind." Why is she wearing a circlet on her head? The talismans would never transform into that...

"But they did."

"Can you show me?"

"No, I don't think it would be a good idea..." Exposing herself in scanty wear to Galatea, because she had to, or to Ashley, because Ashley was her girlfriend and...well...that's what girlfriends do, was one thing; but letting someone like Candice--with whom she had had relatively normal, platonic interpersonal dealings (despite the facts that Candice was a witch, and they were collaborating to defeat another witch), which included a customary standard of modesty--see her in what amounted to sexy underwear, that was an entirely different matter. Nevertheless...the idea suddenly started to seem...somehow..........intriguing... What would Candice think, if Emma showed herself to her, like this? How would it affect the cute mage....and their relationship...?

"Why not?"

"It's kind of...indecent..." said Emma, while subtly licking her lips and playing with the sash of her robe, with a little gleam in her eye and a slight sultry tone in her voice when she pronounced the last word.

Candice was slightly shocked at Emma's words, as well as by her suddenly teasing manner. "No way. I'm telling you the talismans don't transform into anything indecent!" Damn you, Katrina, what kind of talismans did you give her!?

Bits of doubt began to creep into Candice's mind as she wondered whether Katrina was truly trying to aid her in bringing Galatea to justice or possibly had some other, undisclosed agenda, such as somehow trying to find a way to claim all the glory for herself.

Still, though Candice knew Katrina to be one of the most conceited witches she had the misfortune of knowing, Katrina would nevertheless likely understand, Candice thought, that trying to bring down a powerful and wily criminal like Galatea all by herself would be much too dangerous. Moreover, Katrina would in all probability possess at least a basic level of commitment to duty and loyalty to their magical order, as well as to the teamwork which was the only way to bring Galatea to justice, which commitment would hopefully supersede whatever grandiose desires she might have to showboat her magical talents and family lineage. Yet...Candice wasn't sure whether those suppositions were really true...

However, the mental debate about Katrina's true loyalties had to be tabled for now. A more intriguing issue was unfolding in front of Candice, as her eyes caught sight of Emma's hands drifting to the neckline of her bathrobe and fidgeting with it, as if she were contemplating whether to pull it open.

"I'll help you take them off. The talismans might be affected by enchantments that the Silver Witch might have cast on you."

Candice picked up the small, unfolded piece of parchment that held the instructions and, after careful reading them over, she picked up the red-gem-encrusted receiver talisman lying on the bed. Candice recited the words of the spell silently in her mind, but nothing happened. Then she tried an audible casting method, but that failed, too. "Pitchforks! It's not working for some reason."

Suddenly, Emma felt a strange, pleasurable sensation in her groin. The dark leather panties seemed to be remolding themselves, and a nub formed on the front panel of her panties projecting outward precisely in front of her pussy. She didn't know exactly what was going on, but something was feeling very nice.

"Cast the spell again... I think you're getting close!"

When the spell was cast a third time, the nub on Emma's leather panties grew into a long, iridescent black phallus, hidden from Candice's view inside the bathrobe. The sudden growth sent erotic tingles up Emma's spine, causing her to gasp through her onyx-colored lips.

"Almost... Again, one more time!"

"Are you sure it's working, Emma? Maybe we should try something else."

"No, no, it's almost working!"

At the fourth attempt of the spell, Emma gave a loud, erotic moan, then suddenly pulled her robe wide open, undid its sash around her waist, and let the slinky garment slide off her shoulders to the floor with a silken whisper, revealing her skimpy, sexy outfit to the female mage.

Shocked by the sudden erotic revelation, Candice, after drinking in the wickedly alluring view for several tense seconds, torn her gaze away to look into Emma's eyes--but those eyes were now luminous pink and Candice found herself instantly and completely lost in them. Both teens were now hypnotically ensnared by the magical entrancing power hidden in the black gems in the golden circlet around Emma's head.

Both stood and stared into each other's eyes for a few moments. Then, as Candice remained motionless, Emma walked towards her, embraced her with both arms, and kissed her on the lips, her magically iridescent black-painted mouth meeting the teen mage's unpainted, virginal mouth--one which had never been kissed before, in contrast to Emma's now-well-experienced oral orifice--first lightly, then deeply when she felt no resistance from the female mage. The phallus on Emma's panties poked into the part of Candice's robe near her crotch, enough for Candice to feel it.

You can have Candice... You can make her your lesbian lover... She will be yours if you want her... You desire Candice...

Within a few moments, a charm bracelet on Candice's left hand gave off a pale glow and roused Candice to her full cognitive senses. Her eyes shooting wide open in alarm, she hastily pushed Emma away. She then cast a potent warding spell, followed by a counterspell to take off the bugging devices on Emma. These measures worked, and Emma gave a cry as her erotic Goth outfit transformed back into golden mechanical bugs which then dislodged themselves from her body and fell to the floor in an explosion of magical sparks. Other aspects of her look also returned to normal, including Emma's body once again being clothed in her blue high heels, pink satin panties, and silk bathrobe, which was, as before the Goth transformation, tied around her waist so loosely as to expose much of her pretty tittles, threatening to come completely undone with the least of movements.

That was close! If I hadn't cast that spell quick enough, I would've... Candice instinctively covered the area between her legs with her hand as if trying to protect it.

"Wha... what happened?" asked Emma, having been brought out of her induced state along with incomplete memories of what had just happened. Emma took sight of Candice, who looked exhausted, propping herself against her bed for support. However, Emma could not shake the lingering impression that she had just tried to do something inappropriate to Candice. Embarrassed and feeling guilt over what she may have done, Emma rushed over to the sexy young witch to help her up, doing her best to pretend she had no idea of what had just transpired.

"Emma...You were trying to......... Nevermind... It's better that you not know..."

As Emma helped Candice back on her feet, Candice caught a glimpse of Emma's sexy breasts peeking from the open bathrobe--youthful, smooth, firm, and very appealing to her eyes. After both girls had straightened their bodies to an erect posture, the teen mage found her eyes lingering on Emma's cleavage and roving over the front of Emma's robe. Then she realized that the brunette's nipples were poking the silken material conspicuously, like the tips of two mountain peaks, and moved up and down a little with the girl's breathing and side to side with her movements, a sight from which the mage could not tear herself away for a number of seconds.

She's...she's not wearing a...a bra... Candice felt an urge to reach over and caress Emma's tits, as available and inviting as they now seemed to be. All it would take would be an easy sliding of her hand into that thin, silky, loose, gaping robe...

Noting Candice's preoccupation and gaze, Emma looked down, catching the same sight which was capturing her companion, and she blushed. Something inside her was pleased, as well as surprised, with what she was unintentionally but obviously doing to the pretty witch. But she thought it was her duty to get them both back on the track of their business together, although she did nothing to make herself more modest.


The blonde quickly shook her head to chase the unwanted feeling away, trying to refocus back to their conversation, with a determination to leave before she had any more distracting and improper thoughts about Emma, for whom she was feeling a strange attraction.

Must be a lingering effect of Katrina's talismans... No way that I would willingly want to feel her up... but... she does have a nice pair... I'll give her that...

Rubbing her forehead to banish the nascent Sapphic thoughts and feelings, Candice turned to address Emma.

"Anyway...uh...the talismans that...uh...I...uh...gave you earlier might be malfunctioning...or possibly the Silver Witch's magic might be affecting them. Um...I have another set that you can try. These should work without problems."

Emma more than willingly gathered and returned the first set of talismans to Candice in exchange for a new set, noticing as she did so that her bathrobe was opening even more than before and pausing a moment to tie it closed better. Under guidance from Candice, Emma tested out the new talismans and they worked as expected without issues. However, as they were doing that, Candice was still reeling from the shock of having seen Emma dressed in an erotic outfit and trying to do inappropriate things with her, in addition to then having caught sight of the brunette's cute young breasts as displayed in and through the pretty pink bathrobe.

Looks like Katrina might have done something to thesetalismans before giving them to Emma. Why is Katrina doing something so drastic? Does she want me and Emma to... hook up...? If so, I wonder why... Okay, yes, both the headmaster and Katrina have encouraged me to...to get kind of...cozy... with Emma...and I agreed to it...but, really, I don't think Emma needs to like me... that way... She's been cooperating with me even without that...without getting...romantically involved with me... Maybe that might help some...but...the main thing is what we've already been cultivating...trust... She just needs to trust me... We don't need to get that involved...like that........at least not...too deeply... But I did promise to try...so...maybe next time...

This issue with the talismans Emma got from Katrina... I'm still not sure if it's Katrina's doing... It could be due to some enchantment that the Silver Witch has cast on Emma that affected the talismans... Besides, the spellwork required to alter a talisman to deviate from its core function is advanced magic. Not even someone like Katrina could pull off the spells and rituals needed. And, too, this type of magic is considered...dark magic...which isn't part of our academy's curriculum... unless.............no...very unlikely...

Candice immediately chased the thought out of her head. While she and Katrina never got along, Candice could not accept the possibility that Katrina would cast aside the ethics of their academy and learn magic forbidden by their order. Both had sworn an oath to uphold the ideals of the Order of Light and to become envoys of justice.

No longer wanting to deal with the ugly possibility that Katrina might have strayed off the path of light, Candice focused her full attention on Emma and what information she could provide about the Silver Witch Galatea and her acolytes. After they had a discussion about Emma's recent interactions with the associates and acolytes of the Silver Witch, Candice gave her some additional instructions and advice on how to use the talismans effectively without getting caught.

"I wish I could discuss with you more about Galatea's history and her magic, but right now I'm starting to run low on the mana required to stay in Phased Space. Also, the longer we stay here, the easier it is for a powerful magic user like Galatea to notice something unusual is happening in your home. I'll definitely try to find some time and an appropriate place that's safe from Galatea's eyes and ears so that we can have a long discussion about all of this..."

Sensing unease and disappointment in Emma's eyes, Candice attempted to make her feel better about her future prospects.

"I'm honestly trying to help you, but as I've said before, our first priority is to defeat or recapture the Silver Witch. As long as she is still roaming free, both my world and yours won't be safe. You do understand why that's more important, right?"

"Yes, it's just that... Nevermind... You're right, even if I managed to escape from her, she could always track me down and I'd put my family in danger."

"I'm glad you understand, Emma." Candice placed her hand on Emma's arm. "I promise I'll watch over you and keep you safe." The young witch felt guilty that she was making an exaggeration. There was really no way she could guarantee that promise. Her magical power was limited and she had to always act within the rules of her order. But, at least she did have some power to protect Emma to a degree, and, for now, she could make Emma feel better.

Emma looked at Candice's hand on her silk-covered arm. For some mysterious reason, Emma liked the way Candice's hand looked there and felt.

Other than the embrace and kiss they had shared shortly before under magical influences, and which only Candice remembered clearly, it was the first physical contact ever between the two, certainly the first initiated by one of them without some kind of immediate spell propelling her into it. But now that it had happened, it felt so right to Emma, as if was a long-overdue experience. She almost heard herself softly whisper somewhere in the back of her mind, It's about time... The brunette also found herself vaguely wishing that her robe was not in the way, that the pretty blonde's hand was touching her skin directly.

"I've got to go." Candice started to release her soft grip.

Subconsciously, Emma didn't want Candice to let go so soon. Seeking, without thinking, to prolong the contact, Emma pressed her arm a little more against Candice's palm. Inadvertently reacting to the subtle movement, Candice's hand lingered a few moments longer, and then slid a few inches up Emma's arm, sending little tingles both over her own fingertips and the brunette girl's skin through the silk.

"Take care and good luck, Emma." Finally giving the arm an affectionate little squeeze, Candice let it go. "Talk to you later."

"Do you have to go so soon?"

"Oh...uh..." Candice found herself not wanting to leave Emma and it was clear that Emma wanted her to stay. The mage couldn't understand why it was so hard to depart from Emma this time, as it had never been so before. But she knew duty called, and she couldn't think of a justifiable reason to stay longer, though she wished she had one. "I...uh...I guess I really should be going. Maybe next time I can stay a little longer. Okay?"


"Yes. If I can. Bye now, Emma."

"Bye, Candice."

After her eyes had followed the cute mage out her window, Emma lingered looking out, pausing to reflect a moment on what had just happened. Outwardly, Emma was glad that she hadn't gone too far with Candice, and especially that she hadn't committed another transgression along the lines of what she had done with Jennifer. But Emma found that she nevertheless had quite enjoyed their time together, more so than previous visits, and, in an inwardly buried part of her soul, she was disappointed that Candice had cut her attempts at erotic interaction short. She wondered how soon she would get to see Candice again, and what the pretty mage might be wearing and otherwise look like next time.

Unknown to them, Katrina had witnessed everything that had happened between Candice and Emma through her wasp totem, including some of the more discreet, embryonic signs of attraction and unconscious flirtation exhibited. After Candice parted from Emma, Katrina commented to herself while looking in the magical pocket mirror, "Hmmmm... They like each other... That much is clear... But they're holding back...like I thought they might... What a waste of a great opportunity. Looks like it's going to be as hard as I had expected to get those two lovebirds together."

Pondering for a while, Katrina then snapped her fingers when an idea came to her. "If Emma's not going to wear the lovely outfit I made just for her...then you will, Candyke! Hahahahahaha!"


Jasmine had flown to a tree on a sidewalk near Emma's house, the location at which thought she and Candice had agreed to meet beforehand, and had settled down in a comfortable niche at the junction of two branches. However, after waiting for five minutes, she began wondering whether something had happened to Candice or whether Candice had arrived there earlier than she, had proceeded on, and was inside Emma's house already--of which speculations the latter actually was the case. She was about to leave her position when suddenly a feeling of arousal struck her out of the blue.

Oh!... What's...what's going on?... Why...whyam I feeling...turned on...all of a sudden?

Erotic imagery, which seemingly came out of nowhere and which sequentially portrayed girls and only girls, either alone or with other girls, in various states of undress and licentious activity, began consuming her thoughts. The fact that Jasmine had to meet up with her supervising mage was speedily forgotten as her mind and emotions were carried away with the mysteriously exciting images. Barely realizing what she was doing, the pretty little fairy slipped her hand beneath the short skirt of her teal dress and touched her pussy through her purple panties, which had quickly developed a moist spot on the front.

After a few minutes, the images faded. Fog illuminated with pink ambient light was everywhere in her mind's eye. Then two teen girls appeared. After several moments, Jasmine recognized them as Emma and Candice. The details of the scene clarified further. Both were erotically beautiful, more than Jasmine had ever conceived of them being, and sensually dressed. They were separated by about twenty feet and faced each other with riveted eye contact and mutual lust obvious on their heavily-painted faces.

The once-brunette Emma now had pearl-platinum blonde hair, without her customary bangs, affixed into a high, braided ponytail with a golden hairclip. She was attired in an exotic white leather bustier with a series of studded, buckled straps running up the front to the breasts, which were encased not only in the white leather of the bustier but also in provocative golden conic-shaped metal bra cups which were incorporated into and reinforced the garment, adding to the dramatic manner in which it lifted Emma's firm, young orbs and created deeper cleavage. The studs and buckles were also of a gold color. Around her hips was a triple-tiered, white gossamer skirt with gold embroidered trims that reached mid-thigh length. The glistening pink lips of Emma's pantiless, hairless lovebox could be hazily discerned through the sheer material. White stockings went up her legs which stood on strappy white five-inch high-heeled sandals. The gold-painted toenails were visible through the sheer stockings. Golden bracelets, armlets, and dangling earrings adorned her body. Her lips were painted gold like her nails and her eyelashes were gold as well, while her eyelids were gold-silver.

Candice's outfit was predominantly black and gold in color. She wore a bustier that was made from interleaved metal plates painted with black enamel and overlaid with filigree, with the bust area colored entirely in gold and having the same enhancing effect on her breasts that Emma's did on hers. Its length was such that her navel, that had a dangling gold piercing, was visible. Around her hips was a sheer, black ankle-length skirt with gold embroidery. There was a slit all the way up the front of the skirt that allowed the glistening, currently flaccid, black strap-on dildo mounted on a studded leather harness to protrude through the skirt without hindrance. The studs on the black harness and the filigree on the surface of the dildo were gold in color. Black fishnet stockings ran up her legs. Like her strap-on, her five-inch high-heels were shiny black and covered with gold filigree. Her lips and nails were iridescent black in color, with golden edges. Her eyelashes were black and curled while her eyelids were metallic gold. On her head was platinum blonde hair in a shade similar to Emma's. It was styled into a high ponytail and braided crown. Golden jewelry adorned her body. A long black cloak wrapped around her shoulders.

Jasmine had never before imagined either teen to be capable of this kind of allure, which fantasy vision, along with the lustful Sapphic atmosphere surrounding her and the appearance of an imminent romantic union between her mistress and Emma, caused the fairy to gasp and to feel her heart leap, especially when she beheld the two sauntering towards each other, then embrace and kiss each other on the lips, both sets of which sparkled upon contact. The kisses were passionate, but, for the time being, did not involve their tongues. They ran their hands up and down along each other's backsides, occasionally touching butt cheeks, but never lingering long.

At length, the filigree on Candice's phallus began glowing, and the portentous shaft, responding to the licentious girl love, started rising toward an erection. Candice kissed her blonde teen lover more passionately, probing her tongue deep into Emma's mouth. She squeezed Emma's butt freely now, and Emma did likewise. Slowly, both of them began rising in the air, spinning leisurely around a vertical axis as they did so, before stopping at around ten feet off the ground. The heating passion between the two beautiful teens had inflamed the growing dildo until it was now fully erect.

Candice broke the embrace and untied and tossed away her cloak. Her phallus was ready. Gold fluid leaked from its bulbous tip. She grinned wickedly from ear to ear. The fairy played with her gushing little pussy with increased vigor as she watched, and she felt it surge with wanton excitement, as if she, rather than Emma, were the one who was about to get impaled.

Within a sudden movement, Candice embraced Emma with one hand and kissed her deeply on the lips again, while squeezing the conic bra cup with her other hand. Both their lips and the bra cup sparkled. Despite the metal bra being inflexible, the pressure of Candice's hand magically transferred to Emma's breast as if it was being squeezed directly. As the kiss progressed, Emma lay down backwards with Candice on top until they were both horizontal to the ground in midair. Blonde, pantiless Emma lifted her short, sheer skirt to her waist, offering her ready, wet pussy to her equally pale-blonde companion. Candice raised her hips slightly, carefully aimed her gold-and-black phallus towards Emma's womanhood, and then plunged in deeply, causing Emma to moan loudly...


Candice flew away from Emma's bedroom on her magical broom to a tree a short distance down the street, a spot upon which she and Jasmine had agreed as a rendezvous point, but Candice passed it and couldn't see her assistant. Hoping the fairy wouldn't be too far away, the mage flew around the block for a few minutes to look for her.

Where is she? Jasmine's supposed to meet up with me. Did something happen to her? Or is she sleeping on the job again?

As she cruised through the air, Candice couldn't help notice the feelings swirling inside her. Yes, there was some perplexity and concern over what had happened with Emma and what she had deduced and suspected about Katina and her talismans, but there was also a distinct degree of elation from having been with Emma, a sensation unlike any she had experienced on previous visits.

Their time together this evening, the mage reflected, had included a few novel things for them. There was the way Emma had seemed, at times, to almost to flirt with her...and the new look the talismans had given Emma...wow...and...of course...the way Emma had taken her in her arms...and...with those amazing, iridescently black lips...had kissed her...........

It had been Candice's first kiss. And, even though it had been a girl who had given it to her...a girl under a spell...and even though Candice was no queer...it had been...utterly...spine-tinglingly... delicious...

She thought about the way she had touched Emma's arm, and how Emma had seemed to have liked it, and to want to prolong the touch. Now Candice regretted not having turned the touch into a hug, as it seemed like the least she should have done to comfort the understandably concerned fellow teen over her future security...as well as to assure her of the mage's own personal interest in her...

The blonde idly wondered whether Emma was still wearing that...that silk robe.....or...... whether...she had untied it...and let it smoothly slide off her nubile teen body... The mage imagined it happening...the cute brunette standing there nude...in only her sexy, blue high-heeled shoes...maybe some panties, too...maybe not...then reclining on her bed...luxuriating in her naughty nakedness...

When Candice passed Emma's house as she started on her second time around the block, she felt an urge to return to Emma's bedroom...to see her again...to see if her tainted mental picture might possibly be real...or...if nothing else...to take the brunette girl into her arms, and to...well...at least to hug her properly...

Candice's reverie was interrupted when the blonde mage noticed something twinkling among the branches of a nearby tree and flew towards it, knowing that that particular type of sparkle was characteristic of her diminutive assistant. Candice took a peek through the leaves to see if Jasmine was ready to depart.

"Jasmine, are you... JASMINE!"

To her utter disbelief, Candice saw her fairy familiar on a tree branch on her knees, resting her shoulders against an adjoining branch, her gossamer teal dress bunched up around her waist, and her crystalline fairy wings flapping erratically, as she was working her petite fingers in and out of her wet little pussy, stroking herself between her legs in an obscene manner.

"Yes!... oh, by Titania's blessing... so close... so close... Huh?... Wha...? Candice! By Oberon! I...I didn't mean to--"

Hoping that Candice had not gotten a good look at her pleasuring herself on the tree branch, Jasmine jumped up and tried to cover herself, pulling her dress down hastily, but tearing it in the process. However, the angry expression on Candice's face suggested her hope was in vain.

"You've said that so many times! I gave you the task of being my sentry, and instead I find you... you... You know, this is more than justifiable cause for me to end our pact!"

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... I...I don't know what came over me... I felt something and...I couldn't control my....... Please, Candice, don't send me back to Avalon as a failure!"

Jasmine feel to her knees, face in hands, sobbing uncontrollably, embarrassed that her supervising mage had caught her in such a compromising position and in the dereliction of her duties as Candice's magical familiar.

Despite being angry with Jasmine, Candice couldn't help but recognize that she might share some responsibility for Jasmine's situation. There typically was an emotional and mental bond between a witch and her magical familiar, which, when properly established, catalyzed their work in tandem with one another, one aspect of which was an enhanced nonverbal communication between them and an ability, to some degree, to feel what the other was feeling. It wasn't hard for Candice to guess that, when Emma was trying to seduce her while wearing the tainted talismans, some of the effects of the seduction spell might have traveled down the bond she had with Jasmine, imparting a certain sexual tension into the young fairy which she felt she had to relieve.

Candice made a mental note to make sure that both she and Jasmine came better prepared during their next visit with Emma. While Jasmine had her own spell wards and charms to combat magic seeking to influence her, it was obvious that they were not enough. Whatever enchantments the Silver Witch had placed on Emma apparently were very potent and could most likely prove to be dangerous if underestimated, Candice concluded.

"Fine, just... just make sure you don't do that kind of stuff when you're on the job. I didn't take you on so you could be some kind of sexual deviant!"

"I promise it won't happen again!"

Candice flashed the petite fairy a warm, friendly smile to reassure her that she was willing to put the incident behind them. Candice was also inwardly relieved to detect, as it appeared, that the effects of the seduction spell from the cursed talismans didn't seem to have inflicted any kind of permanent damage to her fairy and that Jasmine hadn't seen the embarrassing event that happened to her during her meeting with Emma.

Getting ready to depart and make their way back home, Candice felt a tug on the left sleeve of her robe.

"Something wrong, Jasmine?"

"Well...it's just... I kind of tore up my dress when you caught me...you know...and it gets cold when we fly during the night and..."

"Can't you just cast a mending spell?"

"I kind of feel a bit...drained," Jasmine said sheepishly as she avoided eye contact with Candice.

"Unfortunately," Candice responded, "this robe doesn't have deep pockets and I left my satchel at home."

"Oh...welI...I guess I can...endure it for tonight."

There was a short, awkward silence between the two before Candice finally let out an exasperated sigh. Hooking her right index finger over the collar of her robe she pulled it forward to grant access to the shivering fairy.

Jasmine's eyes lit up. "Really? Are you sure?"

"Just don't do anything weird while you're down there."

"I promise I'll behave!" Jasmine squealed as she flew down the opening and settled onto Candice's chest. Nuzzling herself between Candice's large--large to her, anyway--soft breasts, she let out a sigh of contentment in feeling the warmth and smooth curves of Candice's body with hers.

"Pitchforks! You're cold! Warn a girl next time!"

"Sorry," came a squeaky, muffled, but happy voice emanating from Candice's chest.

"Alright, if we're all settled down, then let's head off. Hopefully, I can make it home in time to get my report ready for Headmaster Dilworth."

As they flew off into the night sky, Jasmine started to slowly drift into a blissful slumber.

Candice has always been so nice to me. Despite my shortcomings and failures as her familiar. I... *yawn*...I have to find a way to pay her back for her kindness... find some way to...to tell her that...I...love...her....

It was the last thought that ran through the young female fairy's head as she drifted into a deep slumber for the duration of the flight.


Earlier that afternoon...

Shortly after lunch, Candice met with Headmaster Dilworth in a one-on-one meeting regarding the espionage operation on the Silver Witch. Hardly a day had passed since the last meeting. Candice wondered why Headmaster Dilworth had summoned her back so soon and hoped that whatever new tasks or responsibilities she would be assigned wouldn't be worse than the one which involved her trying to seduce Emma romantically in order to make it easier for Emma to divulge her knowledge of the Silver Order.

"I didn't mean to give such late notice for this meeting, but after having another discussion with Katrina, I've decided to slightly amend our strategy to increase our chances of success in dealing with the Silver Witch."

You're changing the plan already? Why? Pitchforks! As if the current strategy wasn't bad enough. What more could there be?

"As you undoubtedly have learned in your history classes, from time to time we have commissioned spies from among our number who infiltrated other covens and rogue magical orders with the use of magical skin suits to hide their identities."

Oh, no! Don't tell me he wants me to do that!

"In most cases, it's very effective. The only downside is that, though a spy can hide his or her looks or mimic the appearance of someone else for a time, it is difficult to maintain the persona of a real or false person for an extended period without getting caught. This is especially true once the spy is under suspicion and knows it, for the resulting mental duress undermines the user's ability to maintain the physical image the skin was designed to mimic. It could fall apart, not only losing its usefulness but revealing the wearer to the enemy. But don't worry; I'm sure you can manage fine and everything will work out just peachy for you."

Candice remembered, from her magical history lessons, the magic skins to which Headmaster Dilworth was referring. It concerned her greatly that he--so far, at least--had failed to mention that so many wizards and witches had died while wearing these skins to infiltrate rogue covens that they had earned the nickname "the skin of death". Candice had learned that it took a great deal of concentration and precise use of magical spells to maintain the skins, and that, if anything significantly interrupted the user's attentiveness, then the skin would crumble and fall off, a point which Dilworth had just more or less conceded.

The historical archives recorded around forty instances over the centuries in which the skins had been used, Candice knew, although it was widely assumed that there had been more cases which had been "off the books". While the majority of these covert operations, even some of the ones which had been viewed as complete disasters, had reaped some degree of value for the Order, several of them had not. And only about half of the recorded missions had been deemed a "success"--the agents having maintained their disguises, accomplished something of value, even something relatively trivial, and returned to their respective covens alive, if not necessarily entirely intact. Of those twenty or so "successes", there had been only nine known clandestine operations using the skins which had been deemed "great successes", in which the skins had ended up playing an essential role in an important victory, such as gaining truly vital information or otherwise conclusively foiling the plans of their enemies and advancing and protecting the Order. Usually, but not always, the definition of "great success" also included an outcome of "minimal or no injury".

Candice was quite aware of and anxious about the known calamities associated with the skins. In nine of the total forty known attempted missions, including in some of those deemed "successes", the wearers had returned minus some fingers, a limb, an eye, an ear, some skin, some hair, and/or a tongue, be it from the quirks of the skin itself or from captors after the masquerade had been detected. And, according to the annuls, ten operatives--one in four of those who had ventured forth wearing skins--had either died or were never heard from again.

Hence, only about one fourth of the missions using the skins had both truly achieved the targeted goal and not ended up with a dead or seriously injured spy, while there was a twenty-five percent chance of dying and about another twenty-five percent risk of being significantly injured. With such odds in mind, when the proven hazards were weighed against the inconsistent track record of benefits, there were many in the Order--Candice herself being one of them--who viewed the employment of the skins as unnecessarily risky in all but the most urgent cases.

Candice knew that there were tricks to reduce the risks of wearing the skins. For example, three of the successful recorded cases had involved the wearer being completely unconscious during the whole operation, while another witch or wizard maintained the spells that allowed the skin to retain the desired appearance. If she had to use a skin, and couldn't do it while unconscious, then, Candice told herself, at least it would be nice if she could have someone else watching out for her and assisting her by remote control, as it were, like in those three cases. But Dilworth had not mentioned an option like that to her.

"Are you suggesting that I--"

"Yes, I want you make use of this tool. It would be much more effective than what you're doing right now."

Why would Katrina propose this idea to him! Is she trying to make this a suicide mission?

"But I've barely started..."

"We need to make changes to our plan as we go along. To remain with one course of action when we see there are better options is to be foolish."

"How would this work out? Am I supposed to take up a new identity?"

"Exactly. You will take up the identity of Emma's current girlfriend, Ashley Harvey. Katrina's investigation has discovered not only her name, where she lives, what her family's like, and what kinds of activities she pursues, but also the fact that she's an acolyte of the Silver Witch...which fact is not known to Emma, as far as we know."

"No way! There's no way I can do that! I'm probably so different from her that it would be very easy for people to figure out I'm just a fake. Someone into magic might even be able to guess my real identity! On top of that, what would happen to the real Ashley?"

"You don't need to worry about either of those issues. We'll make sure Ashley's taken care of. And we have access to special magical artifacts that will allow you to adopt the persona of another person to near perfection. By any chance, have you ever heard of the Eye of the Gemini?"

"Yes... It was a fabled ruby entwined in pure orichalcum, forged by the wizard Yohusa as a gift for Queen Allura's ascension as the new Empress of Atlantis. The artifact allowed its user to gain access to a targeted person's memories, knowledge, and even personality. Because the Eye of Gemini granted the user so much information about its target, and so much ability to simulate that person, it was said that the user was able to be almost like a twin to the target--hence the name.

"But I thought the Eye of Gemini was more or less mythological! The last reported sighting, according to legend, was in 1155 A.D., when it was supposedly used by Bartholomew the Bold, who led a revolt against his brother, which led to the downfall of the White Viper Society."

"Well, my dear, contrary to what you may have been taught, the charmed ruby is real, and we have it. But because this kind of artifact is so powerful, and its misuse could easily lead to catastrophe, its existence and whereabouts are guarded secrets and its employment is restricted and rare. We only call it into use if a given situation of great importance is dire. Because of this secrecy and these limits, a lot of people think this magical artifact has been lost to the sands of time or is merely the stuff of legends.

"As for Ashley, we'll temporarily put her into a comatose state while you're pretending to be her."

"Wait... Doesn't that mean I basically have to live her life?"

"Yes and no. You would only be taking up her identity part-time and you don't have to engage in the entirety of Ashley's lifestyle. Katrina will explain the details to you."

"Are you sure that me doing this is really that vital?" If Candice was going to risk her life and limb, she wanted the assurance that Dilworth wasn't sending her out on a whim.

"Yes, of course, silly girl! We're up against the Silver Witch, you know! We all could be in deep do-do if we aren't prepared to take her on. We need intelligence, my dear girl, intelligence! And you're going to help us get it! Now, I'm on a tight schedule here. Let's go to the vault. I have something to show you..."

As Candice followed Dilworth to the vault, her thoughts began drifting to the negative aspects of the plans into which she had been sucked. I have a very bad feeling about this. Anything to do with Katrina is not good. This must be her idea... She's going to make life difficult for me...but I won't let her have her way completely...

The vault was located on the third basement level of the academy. Candice had heard about the vault, but this was the first time she had ever visited it. They had to walk down a spiral flight of stairs and pass through multiple doorways, each guarded by powerful, magic-resistant golems and enchantments that would trigger deadly booby traps on unsuspecting intruders. The final door was opened through a combination of a Password Spell and identity verification totems that granted access via hand print and eye scan.

In the vault, there was nothing but walls of drawers as far as the eye could see. Each drawer was identified with a serial number. Dilworth lead Candice to a drawer deep within the large vault and opened it. Inside were five small glazed brown clay pots with cork stoppers and five white leather scrolls, each tied with a black ribbon.

"Go ahead and pick any pot and any scroll."

Candice picked up a scroll and placed it in her pocket before picking up a pot, which was heavier than it looked.

"Each pot contains its own magical skin and the scroll has the instructions on how to use it. Please read it carefully and practice how to use the skin. I will assign you a special study room which you can visit freely at any time so that you can practice using this particular skin."

"A special study room? I thought places like that are reserved for high-ranking mages."

"You are an exception, since you're on a special mission. It's only temporary, though, but if you perform well on this mission, the council might raise your rank and grant you permanent access to a study room of your own."

Candice was initially quite pleased with the prospect of a promotion and getting more privileges, but then she quickly realized that Dilworth was probably exaggerating, given the way things normally worked. Mages were usually promoted based on a combination of family lineage, merit, and notable accomplishments. She knew she was not going to have enough of those required elements to get a very significant promotion for some time. Even if she succeeded in this mission, technically giving her a notable accomplishment, she still would probably lack enough of what the Order considered "merit".And, of course, there was the lineage issue.

The special study rooms were located on the first basement level. The rooms were windowless but well ventilated, completely soundproof, and constructed with walls, floors, and ceilings of polished marble etched with glimmering runes that granted the rooms, their users, and their contents an extremely high resistance both to unwanted, interfering outside magic as well as to destructive effects which could otherwise proceed from the magic practiced within them. This allowed the rooms' users to practice magic with great freedom. Candice had heard tales that wizards and witches could even unleash the Desolation Void spell in one of these rooms, a spell that was akin to an atomic bomb, and the room and its occupant would be unharmed. However, Candice was generally skeptical of anecdotes told by her fellow mages, who often had a tendency to exaggerate facts or to even make them up. She doubted these rooms were fully anti-magic or durable enough to withstand such extreme spells.

Dilworth led Candice to one of the rooms, unlocked its heavy door of oak and metal, and the two entered. Candice was a little surprised to discover that it was somewhat like a room in the dormitories, except for being almost four times the size of an average dorm room and having posher appointments and a spacious luxury bathroom.

"What do you think of this room? Do you like it?"

"It's much fancier than my dorm room. I like it very much..."


"I've heard these rooms are highly resistant to magic. Can I really cast any spell in this room and not be harmed?"

"The walls absorb 80% of all known spells and resist 19% of the rest."

"What about the other one percent?"

"Well, um, there are certain spells that are, shall we say, unknown to us. The one-percent vulnerability comes from that group of spells. Well, we think it's one percent. Could be more. But you shouldn't take these figures too literally. The point to keep in mind is that, though you can have a lot of freedom to practice almost any spell you want without harm to yourself, the walls won't guarantee your safety absolutely. I'm sure you've heard of the story of a mage who accidentally immolated himself as he was testing the magical limits of one of these rooms."

"Yes, I've heard about that one. One fireball out of the many he cast rebounded and killed him because the walls were at their limits. I'm not powerful enough to cast a fireball barrage yet, but I'll always keep my safety in mind."

"Good. Safety comes first. Now, here's the agenda: From this point on, you are temporarily relieved from all other major duties. Apart from your studies, your sole focus will be on gathering intelligence for us on the Silver Witch, with the ultimate goal of recapturing or otherwise defeating her. That includes, of course, pursuing the goals we assigned you concerning that Emma girl. But for right now, your priority is to be learning how to use the magic skin. You will be given the Eye of the Gemini when you leave to begin this operation. I'll be out of the office for two days, so if you have any questions, you may ask Katrina. Good luck." With that, Dilworth left Candice alone in the study room.

Candice placed the pot and the scroll on a desk and sat on an upholstered wooden chair at the desk.

I'm stuck. I can't really opt out of this, because it would probably destroy my chances of being promoted to the next rank, at least for a long time. But, even if I succeed, the reward is not certain. In fact, there's only a small chance that the headmaster's promise will be fulfilled. And then...the mission is so dangerous...

The female mage let out a sigh and stared at the magical items in front of her for a few minutes before deciding to start on the task. She untied the ribbon on the leather scroll and unrolled it.

There's nothing written on the scroll! Does it require a special talisman to read it? Looking around, she saw something written on the ribbon in white ink: "Open the pot and the words will appear."

The cork stopper, about six inches in diameter, was sealed with wax around the wide-mouth opening it plugged. Candice used a simple heat spell to melt the wax in order to loosen the stopper. It took a minute and some effort, but she finally managed to remove the cork. Peering inside the pot, she saw that it was filled three-quarters full with a smooth, silvery liquid that showed her reflection on its surface like a mirror. The last thing she saw before she became unconscious was a metallic liquid hand rising up from the pot and grabbing her face...

When Candice opened her eyes again, she found herself reclined back on her chair. What happened? Did I fell asleep? She noticed the pot was opened on the desk and leaned over to it. Inside, the pot was now only half-filled. Candice swore there was more liquid in it before. Was it an illusion? Did some of it escape?

Little did Candice realize that some of the contents of the skinsuit pot had indeed escaped--into her! And this was a skin with a past--which was not unusual, given that skins were designed to be reused many times--but a portion of this skin's past was sordid, having been tainted by, among other past users, a wicked lesbian queen and her harem of concubines. While it was standard practice for previously-used skins to be completely purged of their embedded histories prior to reuse, it just so happened that this skin's memory had not been quite completely erased...

Candice then looked at the scroll and now saw words written on it. They were detailed instructions on how to wear the skin and to shape its appearance to resemble another person. There was also what appeared to be an addendum to the scroll, in a different script than the main instructions, as if someone had added it on at a later time. The addendum contained instructions on how to use the Eye of the Gemini to implant the persona of one person into another, in supplementation to wearing the impersonating skin.

Candice spent about an hour reading and trying to understand the document before attempting to test out the skinsuit. However, putting the suit on proved to be most difficult, and all of her attempts over the course of the succeeding two hours failed. She only got as far as making the metallic liquid rise partially from the pot.

Looks like it's going to be as hard as I thought...or harder...After putting the cork stopper back on the pot, Candice decided to take a break, shifting her attention to her academic coursework in magic.

While Candice was reading a textbook at the desk, she couldn't help but feel someone was watching her and thought she heard someone calling her name faintly and repeatedly in long intervals. "Candice.................................. Candice........................... Candice........................" The voice sounded feminine, soft, and enchanting. Candice dismissed it as just the effect of isolation in a quiet room.

As more time passed and one of the effects of the skinsuit fluid she had absorbed kicked in, Candice felt something that jolted her from her textbooks. She felt her pussy stirring and her body heating up from arousal.

Ohhhh, wow....... What...what's going on? Why am I feeling this way now?

Normally, Candice had firm control over her arousal and thus chose when she would indulge in a session of masturbation, which was mostly in the privacy of her room. Before she had left home, she had done it when her mother was asleep. However, this time the sexual arousal flowing through her body was so sudden and so compelling that she could scarcely resist the urge. Within a minute of the onset of this unexpected rush, Candice could already faintly feel wetness between her legs and her nipples were so stiff they felt as if they could pierce through her robe. She even felt her anal ring slowly pulse with need and desire, which was a totally new sensation for her. She decided to go to the bathroom to get herself off quickly.

The bathroom was beautifully decorated: white marble tiles; gleaming golden faucets, handles, and fixtures; a large tub; and a well-supplied vanity with a large mirror. It was a stark contrast to her regular dorm bathroom. But Candice was too horny to pay much attention to the amenities. She took off her robe and hung it on a hook on the door, while leaving her white blouse and black pleated skirt on, before pulling her plain white cotton panties down to her ankles, sitting on the toilet, lifting her skirt, spreading her thighs a little, and easing a finger into her moist, quivering, lovebox.

Soon, the sloshing sounds of her young, tight, wet pussy being assaulted by her probing digit were echoing off the bathroom walls, joined by some moans of enjoyment. However, it became evident after several minutes of self-pleasure that, for some mysterious reason, it was taking Candice longer than normal to reach her sexual peak. Each second that passed without a climax only caused her arousal to increase. She kicked away her panties, opened her legs wider, inserted three fingers, rubbed her pussy more intensely, and squeezed her breasts through her blouse.

Loud moans and pants came from her mouth. Normally, she was more discreet, but the soundproof walls, the secure privacy of the place, and the intensity of her arousal gave Candice the nerve to loosen the restraints she normally placed on herself. Still frustrated after another minute or two and seeking yet more stimulation, Candice yanked off her blouse, bra, and skirt until she was disrobed, wearing only her white knee-high socks and glossy black leather Mary Jane shoes.

She shifted her body to give herself a more comfortable position on the toilet seat and, as if being malleable to her unspoken wishes, the toilet morphed into a shape that was more accommodating to her masturbatory needs, transforming into an ivory bathtub. Accepting the welcome change without question, Candice reclined some in the large tub, draped her right leg over the tub's edge, and spread her legs even wider than before, giving her fingers easier access to her sexually-heated cunt. She found her left hand pawing her left breast vigorously while she frantically worked her right on her wet, quivering quim.

Why... why can't I cum? I need to cum sooo bad. Please... please... I need to cum...

As if a merciful erotic phantom had heard her pleas for sexual release, Candice felt a soft, unseen hand grope her right breast. She perceived immediately that the hand was feminine, but it felt so much more pleasurable and so much more sexually exciting than simply her own hand feeling herself up that, in her heated state, she readily welcomed it, letting out a moan of relief and delight. Soon more similar phantom hands came to her aid. She felt fingers with long fingernails pinch and pull her erect nipples, smooth, delicate hands massage her shoulders, two like hands firmly knead her buttocks, and sleek, long-nailed fingers stroking her erect clit, working in tandem with her own fingers as they pistoned in and out of her needy cunt. And, to her shock, she felt another set of adventurous womanly hands spread her asscheeks and a slim probing phantom digit wiggle its way into her tight asshole. Though a supreme violation of the blonde witch's normal sensitivities, very little of a normal nature was going on right now, and that one audacious, marvelous finger by itself almost sent her over the edge right then. Almost, but not quite, though she knew she was now very close.

Candice then became aware of a peculiar phenomenon occurring during this strange, intense session of naughty indulgence. When her eyes were open, she saw nothing unusual as she felt the invisible hands explore and molest most every inch of her body. However, when she shut her eyes, she could see vague, glowing blue outlines of the beings whose hands were pleasuring her.They were naked human-like phantoms, all of whom had distinctly feminine traits. As Candice focused on one of the phantoms, she saw the wispy outlines of slender, womanly arms, attached to a torso with a set of gorgeous breasts, below which was a narrow waist and an amazing pair of feminine legs, seated on a beautiful ass. She found that the pleasure grew more intense when she would keep her eyes closed and ogle the female phantoms as she partook of their continuing sensual exploration of her body.

She felt as if the phantom females were somehow becoming a part of her, as if they were etching their erotic essence into her skin and deep into her soul, and that, simultaneously, her normal proper, rational mentality was slipping further and further from her grasp. The barely functioning logical portion of her mind rationalized that the female phantoms were just manifestations of her sexual frustration at the moment, that she must have conjured them in her imagination because she wanted something like this as an aid to climaxing, and that, therefore, the she should allow the phantoms to have their way with her. Candice really didn't care what sinister aim they might have and what seditious influences they might be sinking into her, as long as they continued to pleasure her and brought her the release she so desperately craved.

She didn't know why she, as a straight girl, found these female sirens so alluring, so sexy...and so...so fuckable...but...there was no doubt. She did, and they were.

That word and its stem--fuckable--fuck---twirled around in Candice's fevered mind a few seconds. It was foreign to her normal vocabulary and had popped into her thoughts without her having given permission for it to enter...but...once it had whispered itself into her mind, it seemed like the perfect description for these phantoms. They were, indeed, fuckable. And they were making her feel wonderfully fuckable, as well. She wanted to fuck. She wanted to be fucked. Nothing else mattered.

When she finally came, Candice let out a loud cry. At that moment, her eyes being closed, she both saw and felt one of the phantom women, the one who seemed to be the foremost among the group in voluptuous beauty as well as in dominance, join her ghostly lips to Candice's, followed quickly by plunging both her tongue into Candice's panting mouth and her finger, which was the one which had already been probing the teen's anus, deeply into her anal-rectal passage, thereby boosting the ecstasy and force of her orgasm dramatically. The pretty mage's soul was rocked by one sexual convulsion after another as her cunt spewed it's Sapphically-induced release, her back arching and her ass also rapidly pulsing with novel pleasure. Additionally, as her orgasmic release continued, seemingly for longer than any she had felt before, she felt continued thrilling phantom deep kisses on her lips and in her mouth.

While a part of her mind tried to dismiss them and her other interactions with the phantoms as the result of her overcharged sexual imagination, she couldn't help but relish all of it deliriously, just the same.

Wow, I've never felt this way before while doing this...

As Candice came down from her intense sexual high, she was unaware of a golden wasp hiding in the upper corner of the bathroom, magically broadcasting the events in Candice's chambers to another study room.

Katrina stared into the reflective pool of water below her and smiled as she watched Candice ease her naked body from the ivory tub and pick up her discarded clothes. She let out a small wolf whistle when she caught sight of Candice's youthful ass as she bent over to pick up her skirt off the bathroom floor. In Katrina's hands was a medium-sized ruby wrapped in shiny silver vines.

Don't worry Candyke. In the end you'll thank me for this and be you'll be grateful that I've hooked you up with your girlfriend... and maybe future wife. Just don't forget to send me a wedding invitation when this is all said and done.

The sound of Katrina's wicked laughter filled her sound-proof room.


Waving their pom-poms enthusiastically, Ashley, Lisa, and their fellow cheerleaders jumped up and down in joy as their visiting football team scored a last-second touchdown in victory, narrowly beating the home team by a 36 to 30 score. Since the game took place at a school fairly close to their own, after the game the coaches dismissed the cheerleading and football teams with the options of finding their own ways home or returning to their school on the school bus. Since Ashley had driven her own car to the game, she would be driving it home.

While their fellow athletes planned to celebrate with their boyfriends or girlfriends on this Friday night, Ashley and Lisa had more sinister plans. Standing close together in a shadowy place out of earshot and sight of their teammates, the two acolytes of Silver Witch discussed their next course of action.

"Ashley, Jeannie visited me earlier while you were having fun with Emma and asked me to tell you that Goddess has ordered that Miss Durham to be converted to our cause. You are to slip her some special parasitic worms which will make her...compliant...shall we say? But that's all you're supposed to do. Then just leave." Lisa handed Ashley a tiny glass bottle which at first glance appeared to contain a thick crimson syrup. However, on closer inspection it could be seen that the red substance actually consisted of a mass of tiny worms writhing in blood-red slime. "Jeannie told me to give this to you."

"Are these the parasites Jeannie mentioned?" asked the blonde cheerleader as she inspected the vial and then put the tiny bottle into her own duffel bag.

"Yes, they're Aphrodite Blood Worms. Be very careful when you release them. Make sure none of them gets on you. Jeannie says that no female is capable of resisting the erotic pleasures they create and the direction a woman or girl is pointed into once they weave their spell inside that female. A girl or woman can definitely get some changes to her personality with these, she said, too."

"I'll pay Miss Durham a visit tonight," smiled Ashley wickedly as she turned to glance around a corner at the cheerleading coach in the distance, who was talking to the burly coach of their football team, Mr. Blake.

All of a sudden a worried look appeared on Lisa's face. "Ashley, I want to help you. You don't have to do this task alone..."

"Where's this coming from all of a sudden?" A small, wry smile crept across Ashley's face, and she coyly reached out to twist some of her lover's red locks gently around a finger. "Why are you so worried about me, Lisa?"

"I-I just... I don't know..."

"Yes, you do. So do I. Lisa...you are in love with me...aren't you?"

Lisa blushed. "Yes... You know I am..." Ashley took her foxy friend softly into her arms, leaned into her, and kissed her.

"And you don't want to live without me..."

"Yeah." Lisa sighed with affection. "That's as true as it gets." Lisa tilting her head toward the blonde this time, the two girls kissed again. "I don't want anything happening to you...or Miss Durham stealing you away from me..." Lisa had no reason in particular to suspect that the Miss Durham of the past would be interested in that, but the coach was very attractive, and once the worms converted her so that she started seeing things from a Sapphic perspective, Lisa was able to imagine that something could conceivably happen between her and a cute lesbian girl like Ashley.

"Everything will be fine. It's a pretty simple job. I promise I won't do anything with the coach...not that I'm actually allowed to. And besides, don't forget your assigned task, to continue your work with our fellow cheerleaders."

"You're right." Lisa's mind turned quickly to Emma. Yes, she loved Ashley, but she was feeling very much the same, and even more so, toward the brunette. If she were, for some reason, to lose Ashley...there always was Emma. "I guess I shouldn't be too worried..."

"I'll tell you what, why don't we meet up later so that...you know...we could have some fun..."

A wide smile appeared on Lisa's face.

"Sure, that would be great!" Both young women gave each other a passionate hug, followed by a long, tender kiss, as they said their goodbyes.

"Love you, Ashley!"

"Love you too, Lisa."

With that being done, Ashley headed off, while Lisa stayed behind and mingled with the other cheerleaders.


As Ashley drove toward her coach's apartment, she reflected on her love life. Yes, she had strong feelings for Lisa, whom she had just left, and was glad they had arranged to get together later. But there was one other who reigned supreme in her heart, one other with whom she would most love to pass the night away...and the rest of her life, as well...her girlfriend...her Emma. She knew that they had already said their goodbye's for the day, but Ashley couldn't stop thinking about their awesome time together in the afternoon...and how she wanted more of that...more of the girl she loved...more of Emma...more, more, more, all the time, from now on...

I love Emma. She's my girlfriend. I'm so lucky to have her, and to know that she likes me so much.I had wondered a little how much she was really into me, but after today, I have no doubts. I think she really loves me! Even though Goddess requires me to seduce and have sex with other girls, she's that special person that I want to spend my life with. There's something special about Emma. I love Lisa, too, and when I've been with her, sometimes I've thought she should be my number one girl...and I'm really fond of Jeannie, too...but...I know now that Emma is definitely the special one for me.

Maybe I was a bit too selfish in insisting Emma have strap-on sex with me... I guess I shouldn't force her into that kind of thing, or trick her, kind of, like I did.............. But...I'm still glad we did it. It made me crazy for her... It opened my eyes about how good love can be...

Emma's so different than my ex...so much better. First, she's a girl instead of a boy, and girls are soooo much nicer to be with and to go steady with than stupid boys. But, too, she's not a show-off. She doesn't care about gossip. She's humble. Emma has made me look at love differently. Even though she has the power, she doesn't have sex with whomever she wants. She's a romantic person. Maybe that's why Goddess chose her. But Goddess wants to change her. Emma's a nice girl. I don't want Emma to become something she doesn't want to be... Maybe Emma's right...that love should be more than just about sex...

Ashley parked her vehicle near the coach's apartment building. To avoid unnecessary attention, she had changed into her school clothes in the girls' locker room at the high school she had just left. Using a magical key that could configure itself to open any lock it contacted, a gift she had received from Jeannie the previous night, Ashley entered into the three-story apartment building and quietly opened the door to the coach's apartment on the third floor. Entering, she found the lights off, as she had expected, for, she thought, the coach wouldn't be home for at least another half hour, or, more likely, for another hour or even more.

She closed the door behind her and flipped on the lights in the short entrance hallway. After walking down the hallway, she switched on the living room lights. A surprised gasp escaped from her lips when she saw someone lying on the beige-colored sofa. It was Silvia Durham, the coach of her high school's cheerleading team!

Miss Silvia Durham was definitely not the typical coach. She was feminine, graceful, gentle, polite, quiet, soft-spoken, and, in many settings, rather shy. In fact, she was a "coach" only because, after the previous coach had moved away five years before, she had been asked by the school principal to add coaching the cheerleading team to her normal teaching duties in dance and art history classes--although she had been very pleased to be offered the opportunity and had readily agreed to it. As a youth, she had trained to be a ballerina and had been a cheerleader herself, and, when it had become apparent that she was not quite talented enough to make a living as a professional ballerina, she had majored in dance and in the humanities in college, and had set upon a career teaching in high school. It was in performing and teaching, and later in coaching, where she found herself at her best, and was somewhat more outgoing, confident, and engaging.

Silvia was also a "good girl", grown to adulthood--chaste, with high moral principles, and still a virgin. She was known for her honesty, decency, and dependability.

Sylvia was pretty in a fresh, cute, pleasant way, but not classically beautiful, at least in her own eyes. She was keenly--overly--aware of her numerous small physical shortcomings. To her, her nose was just a little too wide, her lips a bit too thin, her teeth not straight enough, her eyebrows a little too pale and sparse, her skin a little too pasty and freckled--and, now, after spending a few years outdoors for hours at a time with the cheerleaders, a little too splotched from the sun, as well--her hair a little too drab and stringy, and her body too skinny, among other imperfections.

A romantic at heart, she longed to be truly beautiful, and did what she thought was reasonable and prudent, within the boundaries of good taste and modesty, to compensate for what she natively lacked. She selected stylish attire, most typically dresses, skirts, and nice blouses for the classroom, some jewelry and other accessories, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets of various types, restrained but appealing selections of cosmetics--although never anything too bold--which usually included colored polish on her manicured nails, and cute, flattering, and ever-changing hairstyles, often adorned with attractive hair clips, barrettes, headbands, ties, and ribbons. Her shoes were invariably either dressy flats or pumps with as much as a two-inch heel, matched with tan or nude pantyhose. She kept her skin blemish-free, her body bathed, her hair clean and conditioned, and usually wore a light perfume. She envisioned her ideal self as a redhead and had contemplated dying her naturally strawberry-blonde hair, as she called it--which really was more of a dull, ginger-tinged, light brown shade, and which she normally kept at around shoulder length or a little longer--to a vibrant shade of red, but she had never quite found the nerve to do so.

Despite her pleasing looks, grace, class, intelligence, and fresh, sweet personality, she had never, by her current age of 34, quite clicked yet with a man, her insistence on high standards and her mild introversion being two of her chief obstacles, it was assumed by those who knew her. Just the same, Silvia was a favorite among her students and cheerleaders, the large majority of whom were girls, most of whom looked up to her as a fair, capable, patient, and devoted teacher, an exemplar, and, when needed, a reliable confidant.From time to time, not unexpectedly, there had also been students and cheer team members who came to harbor crushes for her, although nothing untoward had ever developed from those instances of teen puppy love. She had been aware of some of those cases, and, when the devotee had been a cute girl, she had found it both amusing and flattering, even though she never considered herself to have any lesbian inclinations whatever.

However, unknown to herself, she did, in fact, harbor a lesbian streak buried deep within her, waiting to be liberated, which she had never faced. It had been the prime underlying reason for her having never having felt much true romantic or sexual interest in men, in having chosen work which would surround her with girls, in having accepted the cheerleading assignment, and in her favorable reaction to girls being attracted to her, although she had never recognized any of this consciously..........at least.........not in the past...

Little did anyone in Silvia's circle of acquaintances--or, for that matter, in Galatea's--know that, about two weeks prior, a beautiful teen girl, a witch, Katrina, had appeared to her, preempting the Silver Witch's planned subversion of the coach, and made her a most tempting offer. Katrina had promised her beauty, the kind of beauty of which Sylvia had always dreamed, in return for "a little help", which was very vaguely defined for her. There would be a series of at least five "treatments"--all perfectly safe, Katrina had assured her--with the first treatment being free, without obligation...so why not take a chance?

Though skeptical, with a push from a subtle enchantment, Silvia had capitulated. Katrina had brought the special aquarium to Silvia's apartment and submerged the teacher for a half hour in water infested with enzymes from certain worms (ones different from the variety Ashley had brought this evening, although they were a related species). When Silvia emerged that first time, she could see immediate differences, the most notable one being her hair had a lovely rose-gold tone to it, her skin was clearer, and her breasts fuller. She also felt somehow freer, and less concerned about being so proper. Also, for the first time, she noticed a singular attraction to Katrina.

As had been the case when Galatea and Jeannie had given Janet magic beauty treatments, there were certain undisclosed side-effects accompanying those given to Silvia. Every treatment corrupted her, session by session, washing away her personal ethics and sexual morality and inhibitions, and liberating her hidden lesbian nature. By the completion of her third session, she was ripe for a lesbian seduction, which condition Katrina was more than happy to exploit, and the two had, over the subsequent week and with further treatments, explored together most every act of lesbian love imaginable.With her lesbian sexuality set free, her morals cut adrift, and her personality assuming corrupted traits foreign to her before--vanity, deceit, callousness, lust for power, lust for sex, seductiveness, lasciviousness--Katrina lured Silvia into a pact with the Golden Witch with promises of not only even greater beauty, but also of unimaginable sexual fulfillment and magical powers.

By the night of Ashley's visit--on which Silvia had helped herself to a sixth treatment session in the aquarium--Silvia already had acquired the power to work spells, without the aid of the aquarium, to temporarily enhance both her own beauty even further in certain situations and also that of other females whom she might bewitch. Such spells were difficult, required a fair amount of mana, were not instantaneous, requiring some time to bring to pass--ranging from ten minutes to an hour or two, depending--and normally lasted for a but a few hours at most. It was not uncommon, however, for some of the changes endowed to persist to one degree or another in given individuals. Outright, intentionally permanent changes were also possible with certain more difficult techniques and mana consumption.

While Ashley did not think she had a crush on her coach, over the preceding two weeks she had definitely noticed how attractive Miss Durham had suddenly starting seeming to her. She had assumed this new attraction was the result of becoming a lesbian, and that was certainly a major factor, but an even more prominent reason was that Miss Durham's looks had been changing, as well. By this evening, her skin had become noticeably more youthful, perfectly smooth and freckle-free, and delicately white, like fine porcelain; her nose smaller, to now be perfectly-shaped and adorably cute; her cheekbones more prominent and higher; her lips plumper; her teeth all straight and white; her eyes clearer and changed from hazel to glittering golden brown; her eyebrows darker and redder, denser, more arched, and perfectly-shaped; her eyelashes very long, thick, black, and naturally curled; her previously A-sized breasts two or three cup sizes fuller; her legs proportionately longer and shapelier; her hips wider and her rear fuller and firmer; and her hair several inches longer, to a bra-strap length, perfectly, sexily straight, cut bluntly and with full, long bangs, and endowed with a vibrant coppery red color and an inviting shine. She was now, in fact, quite beautiful. There was no question about it, not even in the mind of Silvia Durham.

However, Ashley had assumed her coach to probably be both straight and off-limits and, besides, Ashley had enough sexual partners--Jeannie, Lisa, and, especially, her big heart throb, Emma--to keep her occupied and satisfied so far. Plus, Ashley figured to have her sexual plate even fuller in the near future, as she had been given the assignment by Jeannie to, with Lisa's assistance, eventually seduce the whole cheerleading squad and to make them all into lesbians--which she had not seriously started on yet, besides some initial flirtations to feel some of the girls out, the main reason being that she had been developing, especially over the last day or two, a sense of true love and loyalty for Emma and now hesitated to betray her by acquiring more lovers. On top of that, Jeannie had never indicated that the Silver Witch wanted Ashley to get involved with the coach before today. For all of these considerations, Ashley had not pursued the sexual interest in her coach which she felt.

However...now Ashley was in the lovely Miss Durham's apartment...having, essentially, broken in...and was alone with the beautiful coach...who seemed to be...not quite...herself...and who was looking...very...sexy...

Miss Durham was lying languidly on the sofa, wearing a light blue satin bathrobe with floral prints tied loosely around her waist and which, being poorly closed below the waist, exposed tantalizing sections of her extended, crossed legs. Her right arm was draped casually along the top of the sofa and her red hair, now long enough to cover most of her satin-covered breasts, was down, wet, and somewhat matted-looking, although it nevertheless looked alluring on her in what for Miss Durham was an uncharacteristically wild, untamed way. Ashley felt the attraction she already harbored for the coach take a sudden leap.

This isn't possible!... How did she get here before me?! Unknown to Ashley, Silvia had left the football game at halftime to come home early for a session in the aquarium in preparation for the advent of Ashley, about which Katrina had tipped her off, leaving in her place at the football field a clone made by magic worms, which, at some point after the game, stepped around a building into an unlit spot and disintegrated, without anyone being the wiser.

"Ashley, you should've at least given me a call first if you wanted to visit me. It's very impolite to just barge into my home..." The woman's voice was Miss Durham's, certainly, but she spoke in a strangely relaxed, sultry manner. After she spoke, her silky robe, as if it had a mind of its own, parted completely below her waist and slipped entirely off her legs, exposing them to Ashley in their sleek entirety up to her crotch. As the junction between her legs was still partly covered by the robe and under its shadow, it could not be discerned by Ashley whether or not Miss Durham was wearing panties, although the blonde teen could not keep herself from looking and speculating.

"Uhh... I-I'm sorry, Coach. I didn't mean to..." Ashley was confused. She hadn't anticipated this scenario. The whole situation felt very wrong. Fear made her tremble slightly--as did an eerie, dangerous-feeling lust rising within her pussy which she could not suppress.

"Why are you visiting me, Ashley?"


Her instincts told her she needed to escape. She tried to back away, with the intention of turning around and running out...but she couldn't move her body. Certainly not her legs or her arms, not at all. It wasn't responding to her.

"You don't have to tell me. I know the reason. It's because you love me."

Ashley shook her head. "No..."

Silvia got up from the sofa and sauntered towards Ashley. As she did, the already-loose sash of her robe came undone, allowing the pale-blue garment to part from top to bottom, settling for Ashley the question of whether her coach was not only pantiless, but braless, as well, in the affirmative. Ashley's eye's widened and her breathing became shallower.

"Then why did you come here?" She slid the duffel bag off from the cheerleader's shoulder, laid it on a table, unzipped it, reached inside, and pulled the red bottle out. "What's this? Is it a gift for me? Oh, you shouldn't have, Ashley. Thank you."

"Coach, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--"

How does she know about that?

"There's no need to be sorry for having a crush on me..."

"No, Coach, I..." Ashley started to say she was already in a relationship, but was silenced by a surprise kiss from Miss Durham. "...I...mmmmphfff!" When the kiss broke momentarily, Ashley tried to continue. "Coach, I already have a..." But she was silenced again, in the same manner. "...a...mmmmphff!"

"Don't play innocent with me, Ashley. I know you're a lesbian slut! You've fucked a lot of girls and women!"

"No, it's not what you think!" I can't let her know about Goddess' splans. "I was just experime--"

"I've seen you with Lisa... Can't say I blame you... And I know about that cute brunette girl you are so ga-ga over... But I've seen you looking at me, too...checking me out... Do you like what you see?"


"I have no doubt you do. Ashley, it's more than obvious that you like girls...but it's time to try out a real woman. You want to, don't you? Can you deny that?"


"I'll set you straight, naughty girl. From now on...you're going to be my girl...You will dedicate yourself wholly to me!" Miss Durham's eyes glowed in a faint pink color, entrancing the cheerleader. "But I have special requirements for females who want to be in a relationship with me." The coach brushed the tip of her forefinger along the edge of Ashley's lower lip.

A while later...

Ashley found herself sitting at a vanity in front of an ornate bronze-framed vanity mirror. Her face was decorated heavily with make-up. A shiny metallic layer of pink lipstick coated her lips. Sparkling silver eye shadow adorned her eyelids. Cobalt-blue mascara covered her eyelashes, matching the striking new shade of her blue eye color. She was dressed in a see-through white babydoll nightie over a pink satin bra and panties set with white ruffles and lace. Her nails were metallic pink like her lips. The same shade of metallic pink colored the entirety of her hair, which was now styled in a pair of braided pigtails. Around her neck was a pink leather choker encrusted with clear rhinestones. Her legs were encased in white stockings suspended by a pink and white garter belt, while her feet were clad in pink five-inch high heels, each with a silver-buckled strap across the instep.

Help! Someone, anyone! Emma, Lisa, Jeannie, Goddess!

Ashley was unable to speak out loud or move her body and remained confined to the chair. Nevertheless, as she stared in the mirror, she found herself becoming distracted and even turned on by her reflected appearance.

I'm trapped!....................but.......wow....... I'm...I'm awesome...

Miss Durham approached the cheerleader from behind. She, too, had a changed appearance, and made Ashley gasp within herself with a shock of sudden arousal when she saw her. In place of her long bathrobe, she now wore a short diaphanous robe of white nylon, which ended three inches below her groin. Her legs, like Ashley's, were covered with white nylons, suspended by a white garter belt with red frills, and were shod in glistening red high heels. She wore no underwear, obviously so, the deep redness of her painted nipples and pussy lips showing through the thin, silky material. Her previous C-cup breasts were now heavenly, proud E-cup orbs and her hair had turned into a glorious wonder of pure, intense, true red, very similar to the color of maraschino cherries, still with bangs, pouring in straight, thick, silken locks to her waist. Her eyes had become topaz blue. About ten years having been taken off her age, she looked now like a young woman in her early twenties. Her face was painted with ruby-red lipstick, a tone of the color a shade or two darker than her hair, for some contrast, yet still very vivid; reddish blush; black mascara and eyeliner; and eyeshadows of red-gold and dark charcoal gray. Gold-and-ruby earrings dangled from her ears.

It struck Ashley both how much bolder and sexier...and better...Miss Durham's look was now, though she been amply attractive before, and how the white scheme of Silvia's attire matched her own...and seemed to convey a bridal theme...as if she and her coach were now..."together"...

Miss Durham slid her hands onto Ashley's shoulders, showing long, glossy ruby-red nails, lowered her matching glistening, painted lips next to Ashley's right ear, and whispered huskily, "So tell me, Ashley, were you planning to trick me into ingesting your little gift tonight?" Silvia held up the now-empty bottle that had contained the magic worms, only a small amount of reddish residue remaining within it.

Ashley could only give a stunned look as she saw the tiny empty bottle in the mirror in her coach's left hand.

"Don't worry, my dear. I didn't pour these beauties down your throat. It would be such a waste. So I...I took care of them myself..."

Ashley now had a look of confusion on her face. Surely the coach wasn't implying that she, herself, had ingested the bottle of magical worms, was she? That should be driving her mad with carnal lust right this second...but she looked like she was in control of herself...although her personality was definitely different...sensual and...decadent...and, even, vulgar...unlike the coach Ashley had known...

"Judging by that look, you're probably wondering why I'm not writhing on the floor begging you to fuck me senseless. I'll let you in on a little secret, Ashley, sweetie. I had a dear friend visit me yesterday and she told me all about the nasty trick you were going to pull on me...trying to get me to eat some magic worms that would make me permanently horny as fuck. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

"She told me some interesting things about the Aphrodite Blood Worms. Aside from turning a woman into an incurable, raging nymphomaniac, did you know they are a magical eusocial species? These little buggers have a social caste system ranging from workers to nurses and even queens."

All Ashley could do was sit as her coach presented a monologue about the blood worms she might have just ingested. Ashley's body refused to obey her. Try as hard as she could, her arms and legs would not move.

"She told me that there's a variety of potions that can be brewed from the Aphrodite Blood Worms. There's a special one that calls for an exceptional element, a larval queen, in addition to some other very rare magical ingredients. When you drink it, it does some interesting things to your blood."

Miss Durham slid her hands forwards off Ashley's shoulders and down her arms until they rested on the wrists of Ashley's hands, which were perched passively on the vanity desk in front of her.Silvia leaned down, pressing the weight of her upper body onto those wrists. Ashley didn't outwardly manifest any signs of pain, but the sensation of her cheerleader coach crushing her wrists made her scream inwardly.

"You might have guessed by now what that special potion does, but in the off chance that cheerleader brain of yours couldn't keep up, I'll tell you. The Aphrodite Blood Worms that you brought, the ones I ingested while you were unconscious--right after I drank the special potion I brewed from the larval queen--now think I'm their queen. And I must say, Ashley, my dear, it feels good to be the queen. Let me show you some of the nice benefits that come with the new tenants living in my body."

Silvia squatted down to pick up something on the floor and, standing back up next to the teen, brought it to Ashley's eyes. It was a large kitchen knife and she playfully twirled it in her right hand. The new redhead laid a white towel out on the vanity in front of Ashley, placed her left hand on it, and presented the blade of the knife to it. Ashley watched Silvia work the blade into her left ring finger, blood quickly staining the towel, leaving the teen mentally screaming in horror. Silvia let out a tiny giggle as she severed her finger from her hand.

Flashing Ashley a satisfied smile, Silvia held the bloody digit a half inch above the bleeding stump, the gruesome view still directly in front of the girl. But Ashley was even more surprised by what she saw next. A series of tiny crimson tentacles leaped from both butchered ends and began connecting with each other. Soon they drew the bloody finger back onto the stump and began to knit the detached finger together. Ashley saw the open flesh seal itself, not leaving any kind of scar, and the skin on Silvia's left hand absorb the blood that had squirted onto it. In a matter of a few seconds, her coach's ring finger had been restored to her hand, as if she had never cut her finger off, and was now moving along with the rest of her fingers.

"My subjects will make sure nothing bad happens to their queen. But, here's another benefit I want to show you."

The coach balled her right hand into a fist and placed it in front of Ashley's face.As Ashley gazed upon the hand, she noticed very tiny blood-red dots appear on it, multiplying and coalescing until they covered Silvia's entire right hand and made it look as if she had dipped her hand in a crimson-red rubbery latex slime. As Silvia opened her hand, Ashley witnessed the blood-red slime assume a series of shapes. First, her fingernails grew into claws. Then, when she closed her hand again into a fist for a moment, the claws receded and spikes emerged from the back of her hand. Opening her hand again and wiggling her fingers in front of Ashley's face, the spikes retreated and the crimson latex-like slime became fingerless red latex-looking gloves.

"You see, my little worm friends are capable of letting me change myself...however I want to. Do you like the ‘remodeling' I have done?"Ashley watched in the mirror as the beautiful woman ran her hands along her curvier body, hefted her now-massive tits, and ran her hands through her shiny, thick, freshly-red hair, taking in the "improvements" Miss Durham had made to herself with excited awe.

"Well, enough with the showing off. You obviously came here to make love to me." Silvia licked an ear. "I like the way you think," the woman whispered before probing the ear with her tongue. "What kind of hostess would I be if I ignored the wants of my oh-so-sexy guest?" Taking Ashley's face into both hands and turning it toward her more, Silvia leaned in very close, bringing their lips within inches. Despite telling herself that she wanted to resist this, Ashley found her heart racing. "We will be making love together all night long." She then kissed the corner of Ashley's lips. "You love me, don't you, Ashley?"

Ashley tried to stop herself from responding, both to her coach's lips and to her words...but found herself nevertheless leaning toward the woman, as if seeking Silvia's painted mouth with her own, and replying with words of warmth and giddiness. "Oh, yes! I love you very much, Miss Durham!"

Why did I say that? That wasn't me!

"Good." The coach helped Ashley to her feet, cradled Ashley's left cheek with one hand, turned the teen girl's face straight towards her own, gazed into her eyes for a few seconds with unspoken desire, rested her forehead gently on Ashley's for a few more moments, and then kissed her tenderly several seconds on the lips. Even though Ashley tried to tell herself internally that she would have preferred not to have done that, she had to admit that Silvia's ruby lips were succulent and tasty indeed, and found herself craving more of them.

After the soft kiss, Silvia separated her face a few inches from Ashley's. She parted her lips slightly, paused, then gradually opened her mouth wider. Ashley's eyes widened when she saw a slick, red tentacle slither out of Miss Durham's mouth. The tentacle had a lustrous coating of a clear, oily substance that glittered brilliantly. Inwardly, Ashley reacted mainly with horrified shock, though mixed with some intrigue, but as her body was being controlled and she couldn't do anything about it, to all outward appearance Ashley eagerly and lustfully accepting the shiny, bright red appendage into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm," moaned Ashley through the tentacle. She embraced Miss Durham tightly, as if they were lovers.

Gyrating her head forward and backward, Miss Durham fucked the cheerleader's mouth with the red phallic appendage, the bewitched Ashley closing her pink lips around it and tonguing it eagerly as it went in and out. At length, the tentacle undulated and pulsated as it squirted several tablespoons of sweet-tasting, luminescent pink liquid inside the pink-haired girl's mouth, and Ashley had no choice but to swallow it all. But the fluid was delicious and made her feel euphoric, so much so that when the tentacle started to pull out, she sucked on it to impede it from leaving--not realizing she was not controlled into doing so, but was acting in this particular deed on her own volition--and, when she couldn't hinder its withdrawal, she dragged her tongue along its length, licked it, and kissed it repeatedly during its retreat.

Ashley continued licking the tentacle as it retracted back into the coach's mouth, until her lips met Silvia's. Their painted lips mashed together, this time without the reserve of their first kiss, and Ashley sank her tongue into the woman's mouth, seeking the red tentacle. Instead, she found Silvia's tongue, starting a French kiss that lasted a good minute--still with Ashley unknowingly acting to a significant extent of herself. Afterwards, the cheerleader swiped her tongue along her own lips to capture the excess pink fluid and her coach's saliva on them.

"I know you're eager to have sex with me, but I would like a fellow cheerleader of yours to join us..."

Ashley turned her head slightly to face the opening door and instantly recognized the figure who walked through the doorway. It was Erika Thompson, a statuesque African-American girl who was part of her cheerleading team. Ashley had always thought Erika was quite cute, being almost a Halle Berry look-alike, having pretty, delicate facial features, straight, brilliantly white teeth, smooth brown skin equivalent in darkness to light chocolate milk, and shoulder-length hair in a page-boy cut with bangs which she often styled in soft, messy waves or, as today was the case, in bouncy curls, and which was tinted to a rich shade of medium chestnut brown, she having lightened it some from her natural dark-brown color. She stood about five-foot, nine-inches tall and was fetchingly slender. Her slim stature extended to her breasts, which hovered in size between a large A-cup and a small B-cup, though they were firm, pert, and cute--what there was of them. Her personality was invariably pleasant, upbeat and out-going, sometimes bubbly, and sometimes mischievous.

Ashley and she, while on friendly terms, had not been the kind of friends who hung out together outside of team events, although Ashley had definitely been eyeing her and had been considering making her one of the first of the cheerleaders, after Lisa, whom she would seduce, in compliance with Silver Witch's directive. Miss Durham, however, had gotten to her first.

Erika was still dressed in her cheerleader uniform, which she had worn during the football game that had finished earlier. A lustful smile formed on her face as she approached Ashley.

"Didn't know you have a crush on the coach, Ashley!"

"Well, now you know!" replied Ashley with a husky voice while licking her lips as she faced Erika. "As a matter of fact, I've had a crush on the coach for quite some time." After she said the words, though they had been forced out of her, they seemed to be true. Ashley looked at the coach adoringly.

... I just didn't know........ No, that's not true! I only love Emma! And Lisa, Jeannie, and Goddess!

"I'm flattered, Ashley, that you have a crush on me." Mrs. Durham slapped Ashley on the ass then gave an ass cheek a prolonged squeeze. "But, I bet you didn't know Erika has a crush on you, too!"

A surprised look appeared on Ashley's face. "Oh, my God, you do?!!!"

"Yes, Ashley. I didn't make any moves on you because I thought you were taken...but I guess you're maybe not that taken?"


Miss Durham waved her hand, causing Ashley to close her eyes for an indeterminate length of time. When she opened her eyes again, she found Erika's appearance wonderfully altered, as had been the case with Miss Durham and herself previously. Silvia had transformed Erika's hair into a wondrous smoky lavender-lilac-silver color, taken the curls out, making it perfect smooth, straight, shiny, and voluminous, and put it in pigtails, to match Ashley's, except Erika's were unbraided. Her eyes were now the color of amethysts, as well. She was clad in lingerie almost identical to Ashley's, including a diaphanous white babydoll nightie with heels and nylons, the whole of which gave a bridal effect similar to the attire of her two companions.

Erika's outfit and makeup differed from Ashley's in that her lips, nails, panties, choker necklace, heels, and the accents on her white garter belt were various shades of purple in color, with a matte medium-dark greyish grape-purple lipstick on her lips, eyeshadows of lavender, silver, and charcoal grey, shiny metallic violet-silver fingernails, and violet for her shoes. Her nylons, also in contrast to Ashley's, were colorless and high-shine, which showed off and called attention to her long, chocolatey legs.

Additionally, Erika, similar to Miss Durham, wore no bra, so that her enhanced nipples were easily visible through the gossamer white material or her nightie. Miss Durham had changed those nipples, which had been little nubs, and her areola, which had also been small, at one inch in diameter, and a medium brown only slightly darker than her skin, into a very deep, dark, satiny brown, like bittersweet chocolate, and significantly larger, with the areola two inches wide and the nipples now easily one inch long, thicker, and poking most deliciously into the silky, sheer material covering but not concealing them.

Silvia had not made the girl's breasts otherwise bigger, so that Ashley would come to love girlishly small tits, in addition to large ones, saving an inevitable enlargement for Erika for another time. Regardless of their diminutive overall size, from the moment Ashley laid her eyes on them through the silky, sheer babydoll, they became a primary focal point of her world for the time being.

"Actually, Erika, I think you'll find our Ashley here is quite open...especially to someone as hot as you are. In fact, I'll bet she'd love to kiss you right now!" Again, after Miss Durham uttered the suggestion, it felt like the truth to Ashley. Then, she knew it was true. Scanning her altered fellow cheerleader up and down, dwelling especially on her slender, shiny, amazing legs, her exotically stunning hair, and her obscenely-tempting little tits, hunger for Erika and for erotic contact of any kind and all kinds with her swelled within Ashley. Certainly kissing her enticing, smoky purple lips was only the first thing she felt like doing to her.

"Erika...I had no idea...about...you know...your crush...on me..." She is sooo pretty... How could I have missed out on her before? "But...but I think that's so sweet... And...yeah...Coach is right... I've always liked you... I like you...a whole lot... You are...like...amazing.......... I do...want to...kiss...you..." The words and acts proceeding from Ashley, though still influenced somewhat by the magic controlling her, were now chiefly from herself.

Erika embraced Ashley and kissed her deeply, which Ashley reciprocated, and together they started making out heavily. Erika whispered in Ashley's ear, "I'm so glad the coach brought us together!" making the pink-haired teen smile and re-engage her friend's mouth for another impulsive, wet minute.

"Girls, you look so beautiful together!" Miss Durham's comment made the current affection between the two girls seem so right to Ashley. Ashley turned a bit to look at Erika and herself in the mirror, the sight confirming Coach's observation. They did look good together. Ashley took Erika's hand in her own.

"Now...if you're going to fuck each other, I would like you two to use this!"

Miss Durham held a strange, black cylindrical-shaped object in front of the two girls. The ends were tapered smoothly. On its surface were sharp-angled patterns of grooves and veins and small, circular, red crystalline eyes that all seem to focus their attention on the two girls nearby.

"This is the 'Rod of Asmodeus'. Legend has it that he--the god Asmodeus, of course--gifted this tool to a coven of perverse witches that had earned his patronage. They would use it sometimes during their lovemaking with each other. But it was also used by them to act as succubi, and to even become actual succubi. With it, they would corrupt innocent mortal females into becoming sex-crazed lesbians and into joining them in their demonic debauchery. You two will have a lot of fun with this."

Ashley and Erika looked at each other, interlocked fingers, and smiled.

Ashley's smile reflected the lust for Erika boiling within her, but then one consequence of using the Rod with Erika and other girls struck her through the erotic fog closing in on her and heading rapidly toward a complete overwhelming of her previous reservations.

But...what about my...my girlfriend...Emma?Don't I have to be faithful to her?...... No...I can't cheat on her... without permission from Goddess...

Ashley's inner protest was not based on actual instructions she had received from Jeannie or Galatea, but rather arose from the genuine devotion she had developed for Emma, beyond the requirements of the Silver Witch. Ashley, in fact, had not been forbidden by Galatea from having sex with other girls, as long as long it didn't conflict with Galatea's plans. True, failing to control the coach and instead being controlled by her technically clashed with the plan of the Silver Witch, but Ashley was actually more concerned with her own plans...those revolving around her dream of a life with Emma.

Even though faithfulness had never been at the top of the cheerleader's priorities before she met Emma, and she was carrying on a side affair with Lisa, about which she felt little or no qualms--both because she had seduced Lisa in compliance with Galatea's wishes and because she truly loved Lisa now, too--just the same, she considered herself true-blue loyal to Emma. Because of her interactions with Emma, the concept of romantic love and monogamous relationships--in which she had more or less believed in theory before her transformation into Galatea's lesbian follower--had revived with a vengeance in Ashley's mind. She had been falling in love with Emma and hoped for a long-term, permanent, devoted relationship with her...and was afraid something was going to happen to her this night, and already was happening, which could in some way alter this determination, this cherished dream, within her.

To counter the forces she could feel working on her, Ashley closed her eyes and captured an image of Emma in her mind. Ah...yes...my love...

Intuitively understanding what Ashley was attempting to do, Miss Durham strode closer and stood before Ashley as Erika stepped aside. "

"Open your eyes...and look at me...my sweet..."Ashley tried not to, but found herself complying. Ohhh... Coach... She's so...beautiful... Sylvia had already untied the sash on her short, see-through robe, and now shrugged her shoulders, inducing the silky wrap to slink off her body. That body, with its sexy curves, creamy, porcelain-white skin, beautiful, long red, red hair, hairless, dripping cunt, jutting, massive breasts, wide areolae, and turgid nipples, painted angry red to match her lips, nails, and pussy lips, now stood oh so available in its primal nakedness directly in front of the transfixed teen, whose eyes were dilating, whose watering mouth was open and panting slightly, and whose pussy was throbbing with desire. Allowing Ashley to drink her in, Miss Durham watched Ashley's face with knowing delight as Emma's image faded from Ashley's mind.

"So beautiful..." No longer needing any external control to so act, Ashley stepped forward, took her sexy coach in her arms, and kissed her deeply. When they surfaced for air, Sylvia smiled into Ashley's eyes, inducing a reciprocal little smile, took both cheerleaders by the hand, and led them into the bedroom.


Jeannie stood on the rooftop of a five-story commercial building on the edge of the downtown area. Using her clairvoyant abilities, she tried to sense where Ashley was and what she was doing, but wasn't able to retrieve anything at first. After several long attempts, she was surprised by the discovery that Ashley was having sex with the cheerleading coach, the woman whom Ashley was supposed to implant with ethereal crimson worms. It wasn't the scenario she was expecting. Ashley wasn't supposed to do anything sexual with the coach yet.

Jeannie concentrated her psychic powers harder... There was something wrong with the coach, but she couldn't sense why and decided to move closer. After a few minutes of leaping from rooftop to rooftop, alternating rounds of short-distance teleportation with periods of psychic scrutiny, she got within two blocks of her target, but dared not move closer for fear of discovery. However, she wasn't able to detect Ashley anywhere within the coach's apartment. In fact, it seemed that they had both disappeared into thin air.

Something has happened to them. They must have teleported away... or...or they're in...phased space!

It was now apparent to Jeannie that there were so many layers to look through that it would be almost futile for her to try to use psychic powers now...except...there was a small chance that she could get at least a rough image if she scanned through the multiple layers all at once at a rapid pace. She did that, and after focusing her powers on the apartment for a long time, Jeannie succeeded in obtaining a fuzzy image and garbled sound. Although it was very brief, she could see that Ashley was being dominated by the coach, who appeared to have already been possessed by some sort of magical parasite previous to Ashley's visit. Jeannie had sensed something strange from the coach a few days before, but she had dismissed it as just another random blip of magical noise, a common problem clairvoyants have to deal with.

Looks like someone has gotten to the coach first. Whoever did this to her was probably a powerful magic user... I need to tell Galatea about this!

Suddenly, Jeannie heard Galatea's voice in her mind. Don't interfere...

But, we might lose Ashley!

If we act now, we might stir up unnecessary trouble. We do not know yet what we're up against. The better course of action is to wait to see what they will do with Ashley. Although there's a chance that this new competitor might become our ally, for now it's safer to assume they're our enemy. Once we've gathered enough intelligence, it'll make it easier for us to come up with a plan to deal with our new adversary. Right now, we need to change our plans slightly and move to our next target...

You mean Ashley's mom, Clara? Jeannie's heart began beating faster in excitement.

No, it's likely she'll be our enemy's next target as well. We should avoid coming into conflict with our enemy too early. For our next target, I'm thinking of Joanne Wadden, Emma's mother....

But, Goddess, if we don't contain the problem now, it might become too large for us to handle in the future. Whoever our new enemy is...we should at least show them a little of our power...

I'm sure you've been aware of the aura of a powerful magical presence within this city for quite some time. Despite my clairvoyant power, I haven't been able to get much definition on this unknown presence.

You're suggesting that Silvia Durham might be connected to this unknown power?

Yes. It could not be the magical orders, for they aren't quite powerful enough to challenge me now, even in my currently underpowered state.

But, if they ally together again like they did centuries ago...

As you already know, their alliance wasn't the main cause of our defeat, but that's beside the point. While one or more of them might be allied together now, it's unlikely they would compete with us in this manner...unless they've completely abandoned their tenets.

Jeannie responded with silence.

My dear Jeannie, I've known you for so long. You can't hide your true feelings from me. I know the real reason you want Clara to be our next target. It's because you have a crush on her.

Jeannie's face reddened. Even though she was communicating with Galatea via telepathy, she could feel the eyes of her Goddess bearing down on her.

I admit it. I do have feelings for her. But that doesn't mean I'm proposing challenging our potential enemy early on for this reason only...

I trust you, Jeannie, and I know that you always put forth our goals ahead of your feelings. But that doesn't mean you should completely ignore your own desires. Tell you what. I'll let you proceed with Clara's seduction. And you may do anything, as you see fit, to protect her from our enemy as long as it doesn't compromise our plans and put us in direct conflict with our new enemy.

Thank you very much, Goddess! A wide smile crossed Jeannie's face before it became somber again. But...what about Ashley? Are we just going to lose her, just like that?

You like her too, don't you?

Yes... I'm sorry...

I've said this many times before. Don't be sorry about what you desire. We'll get Ashley back...eventually... It might even be soon, depending on the intelligence we gather...

Thank you, Goddess! I love you, Goddess!

Although I'm allowing you to seduce Clara, it doesn't mean you're off from other duties tonight. Your job for tonight is to continue with Emma's magic lesson plan and to introduce her to automaton fetishism. I'll handle the task of seducing Joanne Wadden.

I understand, Goddess...

Jeannie gave the empty apartment one last glance before teleporting away in a cloud of sparks.


After her meeting with Candice, Emma decided to do her laundry. She removed her silk robe, put on a bra, t-shirt, and jeans--as she had promised herself that she would eventually do--grabbed her hamper of clothes, and walked down to the laundry room on the first floor next to the garage of her home. She saw that her sister's clothes were in the dormant dryer.

Crud... Ella didn't pick up her clothes.

Emma noticed through the circular glass window of the dryer that some items of her sister's underwear were on top of the pile of the dried clothes. A sense of curiosity overtook her. She quietly opened the dryer door, looked behind herself briefly, then picked up a light-blue-colored pair of panties from the pile. She gently rubbed the warm cotton-polyester material of the panties between her fingers before raising it to her nose and inhaling it. The sound of footsteps on the nearby stairs alerted her. Quickly and guiltily, she threw the panties back into the dryer and closed the door.

"Oh, hi, Emma!" greeted Emma's sister, mildly surprised to find her big sis standing in the laundry room, closing the dryer door. Emma stood up and turned to face Ella, whose unexpected but fresh, pretty presence immediately captivated Emma.

Although Ella was dressed ordinarily in a plain ash-gray sweatshirt and dark purple sweatpants, and with her mid-back length chestnut brown hair tied into a simple ponytail, Emma couldn't resist eyeing her younger sister up, an act that Ella noticed but tried to excuse as nothing unusual.

"Hey, Emma, sorry to hold you up. If you excuse me, I'll grab my laundry so you can start yours."

Ella stepped past Emma to the dryer, incidentally brushing her older sister in the process, the light contact of bodies sending an unexpected little shiver of delight through Emma. As the younger teen bent down to transfer her laundry from the dryer to a laundry basket, Emma took a step or two aside to get a better angle from which to watch her sister from the side. Emma's eyes roved over her sister's cute face, smooth skin, slim body, and shiny hair, which Emma idly wondered would look like if Ella were to dye it blonde. When Ella lifted the basket and rested it on the top of the dryer, getting ready to leave, Emma's gaze lingered on the small but conspicuous mounds pressing the sweatshirt out.

She's developing so...so nicely... so beautiful... It won't be long before girls start knocking on our door to ask her out............I mean boys... Boys will start asking her out...

"Sis, you okay?"

It wasn't until she heard her sister's voice that Emma realized she had been staring at her sister longer and more intensely than would be considered normal. Admitting to herself that her gawking and her thoughts about her sister had an inappropriate Sapphic cast to them, Emma shut her eyes hard and shook her head to try to force them out of her mind. Nevertheless, far in the back of her head, Emma couldn't help but agree that it would be better if her younger sister started dating girls.

Ella, who had noticed a certain preoccupied mindset in her sister from time to time over the past month or so, and had finally found it impossible to ignore the way her big sister seemed to be checking her out there in the laundry room, decided to probe a little.

"Emma...Is everything going alright lately?"

"Yes..." She caught me looking at her. Think fast, Emma. Find an excuse for acting weird. "Uh...I... I'm just a little bit nervous...because I'm auditioning as a cheerleader tomorrow."

"Wow, you're trying out to be a cheerleader?" Oh... Well, that explains a lot... She must be worried about it. "I didn't know. Wait, isn't it kind of late in the school year for that?"

"One cheerleader went out because of a leg injury. Rather than changing the cheerleading stunts and configurations for fewer cheerleaders, Coach Durham decided to fill that empty position instead."

"Wow, my big sis wants to be a cheerleader! What next? Plan on dating the star quarterback?" Ella said teasingly.

A voice from the back of Emma's mind whispered a possible retort: No... But I wouldn't mind dating you........... Emma blinked and recognized the perverted option she had just entertained. What? Where'd that come from? That's ridiculous...

Ella's voice turned to a slightly perplexed tone. "But you've never done any cheerleading, gymnastics, or anything like that before. Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Their moves aren't that complicated. I made friends with Ashley and Lisa, two of the cheerleaders, and they already taught me some moves. And besides, I'm pretty physically active. You know, hiking and all. I'm sure I can handle it."

Ella still remained somewhat skeptical, but wished her sister well. "But...well...I guess it won't hurt to try. I hope you succeed with the audition. Good luck, sis!"

Ella gave her sister a quick hug, affording Emma a pleasant whiff of the fresh fragrance coming from the young teen's recently-shampooed hair. The hug, the hair, the smell, and the girl herself summoned up glimpses from sensual scenes with Ella which Emma had experienced--but forgotten--in her cocooned fantasy state with Ashley in the shed that afternoon. Images came and went in rapid succession of Ella, naked, stepping into the shower with her; the two washing each other's body; the close-up view of Ella's sweet young pussy; wet teen tits brushing, one set across another; a made-up, provocatively-dressed version of Ella in the upstairs hallway of their home; and Ella flirting with their mother at breakfast.

The pulses from her buried fantasy memory dazzled Emma for a few seconds, delaying her verbal response and robbing her of breath, but she recovered partially and quickly enough to utter "thanks!" to Ella, who, in her retreat, had noticed her sister's distracted state and delay in reacting to her wish of good luck, but who ended up dismissing those peculiarities, given Emma's understandable anxiety over her upcoming tryout. She's not herself, quite. Of course.

Emma stared at her sister's back and cute, swaying little butt as the girl walked away with her laundry, and only came to herself fully when Ella was completely out of sight.

Wha...what am I doing? Why was I staring at my little sister like that? And where did those thoughts about her come from? And...and why was I sniffing my sister's panties?! That's just sick! I...I can't do anything likethat again!

Unexpectedly, Ella appeared in the doorway to the laundry room again, startling Emma a little. On her way to her bedroom, it had struck the younger teen that Emma had seemed taller than normal when they had hugged. Curious, she had returned to see why.

"Hey, Sis... I was just wondering... Are you, like, taller all of a sudden...?" Ella looked down at Emma's feet. "Oh... Sis, you're wearing heels..." Caught off guard, Emma, who had forgotten that she had put her blue pumps back on--or more accurately, had hardly even noticed putting them on this time--didn't know what to say. "Where did you get them?"

"Uh... A friend gave them to me..."

"Really? Nice friend. Who was it?" Ella thought she knew most of Emma's friends.

"Uh... Galatea."

"Galatea? I don't know her."

"No... You wouldn't..." Why did I mention her?! I definitely don't want my sister getting involved with the Silver Witch! For a moment, however, that possibility lingered in Emma's mind, alarming her but also, peculiarly, intriguing and exciting her.

"Well... It's a pretty name."


"I like the look, Sis." Emma's changing... She's getting...sexier...

"Do you think I could wear them sometime?"

"Uh...maybe..." She's too young...but...it'd be interesting to see her in them... "Sure."

"Okay...thanks, Sis....... Well...bye again..."


After loading all of her laundry into the washer, adding the detergent, and starting the machine, Emma walked to the nearby bathroom, closed the door behind her, and sat on the toilet seat. For some reason, being with her sister had made her hot, and she thought this would be a convenient time to remedy the situation. She unbuckled her white belt and pulled down her light-blue jeans before sliding her fingers under the waistband of her hot-pink panties. She found she was already wet.

As she started masturbating, Emma's mind drifting quite naturally, as directed by her heart, to one she loved. She wouldn't allow it to be her sister. But there was another. Emma thought of her girlfriend...


Emma wanted to think about Ashley...especially while she diddled herself. Nevertheless, as a straight girl, she searched for a justification to center her session of self-pleasure around the blonde beauty. The brunette told herself that she was supposed to think of her special someone at such a time. It was appropriate as well as an obligation to mainly think about her lover during masturbation...even if that special person happened to be a girl. Yes, she was in a lesbian relationship with Ashley...but only because of Galatea's orders... However...it was a real romantic relationship, just the same... They were true girlfriends now...equivalent to being in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship...just that they both were girls...and, she persuaded herself, she was just as bound to be faithful to her and to wrap her sexual feelings around her as if she had been in a heterosexual relationship...

Lost on Emma were the facts that she had just thought of Ashley not only as her "girlfriend" but as her "lover", as well, and that for most teen girls her age it wouldn't be considered normal to have a "lover" of any kind--a "boyfriend", sure, but not a "lover"--let alone a female lover, and the notion that she could have one, especially at her age, would have struck her as completely absurd a few short months ago. Now, though, thanks to Galatea and her insidious "guidance", the concept of a relatively young girl, a teen in high school, like herself, having a lover, a girl or woman lover, was far from foreign to her and wasn't even that uncomfortable anymore.

With her fingers sinking into the folds of her lovebox, Emma found her mind wandering back--with an unexpected readiness--to the hour or two she had spent with her pretty girlfriend earlier, and to what they had done together. As her recollection progressed, she found herself feeling quite fond about their afternoon adventure, and then her mind started to recolor the details and revise the events...

They embraced each other while kneeling on the silver mat in the spacious tool shed. Their lips met together in a deep soul kiss. Both of them were dressed in the same burgundy, white, and gold cheerleader outfits and had their lips painted with lipstick. Emma's lips were colored with frosted pink while Ashley's lips with frosted dark red. Their eyes were made up as well with thick mascara and very long, curly lashes. Emma had on glittery silver eyeshadow and dark blue mascara, while Ashley had on metallic purple eyeshadow with black mascara. Their nails were painted in the same respective colors as their lips.

After making out a while, they took off their tops, revealing the satin bras they wore beneath. The bras matched the respective colors of their lips and had ruffled white lace trimming. They rubbed their partially naked upper bodies together, each pushing her pert bra-covered breasts into the other's. Soft moans and gasps came from their painted mouths.

As the real Emma continued to play with her sopping, cleanly-shaved pussy in the bathroom and to vicariously experience the exciting scenario of girl-on-girl teen love she was observing in her mind, something unexpected happened in her fantasy. Ashley's dark red lips and nails deepened in hue until they became pure black and also acquired a glossy shine. Her blonde hair darkened similarly to a black color. Her bra, skirt, panties, socks, and shoes followed suit. The bra and panties turned into black satin, while the cheerleader skirt transformed into a lustrous black leather skirt. The socks lengthened and turned into black fishnet stockings while the white sneakers transmuted into black high heels.

Oh, Ashley!!....Wwwooww... Mmmmm... You are sooooo hot!... Emma worked her fingers more vigorously, her arousal escalated, and her heating, quivering pussy started to drip onto the toilet seat, as she felt the approach of a climax ...Oooooo...my sweet, sexy girlfriend... ahhhhh... Oh, I love you soooo much...mmmmm...

A final change came over Ashley. Her face morphed into Candice's.


Emma saw herself, in her mind's eye, release her embrace of the new girl in her arms, stand up, and back away. She also saw Candice likewise get up and start toward her slowly.

"What's the matter, Emma? I thought you loved me."

The speechless brunette girl shook her head slowly as she walked backwards until her back hit the wall of the shed. Candice followed Emma in slow steps, playing with her beautiful, long, shiny black hair as her high heels click-clacked on the floor. Despite trying to resist being attracted to this new raven-haired vixen version of Candice, Emma found herself drawn to her with all of the powerful desire which had been stirred within her for Ashley over the last few minutes of her masturbatory session.

"You can't resist me, Emma! ... You know it...and I know it... And you don't want to resist..." She stopped a couple of feet in front of Emma. "Come on, sweet girl...Give in..." whispered Candice huskily, softly stroking the underside of the brunette's chin with a sharp, glossy-black fingernail. "You want me...and you want this..." She slowly lifted the hem of her leather miniskirt, revealing the wicked onyx strap-on phallus she wore around her hips via a studded, dark leather harness.

With one swift, easy, grabbing stroke, Candice magically ripped Emma's short skirt and panties off her hips, exposing her watering, waiting teen cunt.

"Let's fuck..."

Emma watched Candice's enticing phallic weapon approach and then contact her vulva, and in her real life in the bathroom she could almost feel its tip touch and then start to split her virginal vaginal labia.

"No! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Emma was unable to stop herself from climaxing at the fevered, erotically-charged vision of the wickedly beautiful young female mage...the same young woman who had promised to help free her from the Silver Witch and from a worrying future as a depraved lesbian...and who now, instead, was ravishing her nubile body in a most decided and, if unwished for, nevertheless dazzling and winning act of lesbian love.


Ashley was completely naked and sitting on her haunches while leaning backwards, resting her palms against the white carpeted floor for support. Across from her was the tantalizing Erika, who was equally naked in a similar position. Ashley's left leg was lying on top of Erika's right leg and vice versa. They were engaged in a scissoring position. Connecting their pussies together was a long, double-ended dong, the Rod of Asmodeus. Loud moans, cries, and yelps emitted from their mouths as they worked their hips and legs, pushing the obsidian cylinder of corruption back-and-forth into each other's womanhood. Both of the cheerleaders' bodies were gleaming with sweat.

The equally naked female coach was lying on her side beside the girls. A long tentacle extending from her red mouth wrapped loosely around Ashley's neck and probed Ashley's pink mouth. A tentacle from her pussy delved in and out of Ashley's butt, while a tentacle from her ass had entered and was pumping Erika's ass. Dozens of red tendrils sprouting from her backside wrapped themselves around the girls' breasts, waists, arms, thighs, calves, ankles, and toes. Sexual lubricant oozed from the surfaces of the red tentacles and tendrils projecting out of Miss Durham's body.

A light blue mist hung in the air, which kept both girls in a heightened sexual state and made their minds vulnerable to psychic broadcasts from Mrs. Durham.

The Golden Goddess is the one and only true Goddess...

You will always obey the Golden Goddess...

You will dedicate your life to the Golden Goddess...

You will love Golden Goddess above all others...

Lesbianism will be your one and only sexuality...

You will have no inhibitions and morals...

You will enlighten other females about lesbian love and bring them onto the path of the Golden Goddess...

The Silver Goddess is a false goddess... You will neither obey nor worship her... You will act against her will... You will destroy the Silver Goddess...

Miss Durham pulled her oral tentacle out of Ashley's lipsticked mouth, causing a thick thread of glittery fluid to briefly hang between the tip of the tentacle and the teenager's metallic pink lips. She then leaned toward the metallic-pink-haired teenager and kissed her vigorously on the lips, her tongue probing deeply into the cheerleader's mouth, which met the coach's red lips and invasive tongue with equal vigor. While still copulating with Erika, Ashley twisted her torso to throw her hands passionately into the long red hair and around the curvy body of her lovely coach.

Ashley heard a voice in her mind identical to her own, making her believe she was simply talking to herself:

I love Silvia Durham... She is my lesbian lover... She is my true love...I love her more than anyone else, except for Golden Goddess... I love having sex with her... I will always have lesbian sex with her whenever she wants... I will always obey her... I will always do whatever she wants... I will have sex with any woman or girl she says I should... I will be a whore for her... I am a whore... I will be her whore...

I love to fuck Erika Thompson... She is my cute lesbian girlfriend... I love Erika... She is my own little whore... We need to have lesbian sex together as much as possible...

I am completely possessed by lesbian lust... I love being promiscuous... I want lesbian sex day and night... Any pretty woman or girl will do... I even want lesbian sex with my own mother... I'm a total lesbian slut...

There was a slurpy sound when Ashley sucked on the coach's tongue and rubbed against it with her own while kissing back forcibly against the coach's ruby-red lips. She could feel tendrils from Miss Durham's mouth sliding past her lips and rubbing and tickling all over the inside of her mouth. The invasion of Miss Durham's various appendages over and into sundry parts of her body was a sensation Ashley had come to absolutely and crazily love in a very short period of time.

Ashley's own mind fed the next round of emotions and conclusions, without external prompting: This feels sooo nice... Miss Durham is such a great kisser... I'm so lucky she wants me... I have such a crush on her... I'm feeling addicted to her... I can never get enough of her... I'll always be loyal to her... I'll never let her go... I want to be her lover...her whore... I want to be with her forever... I want her...more of her...to do more with her...again and again...

The coach abruptly broke the kiss, smiled wickedly--as if she had been reading Ashley's thoughts, which, to some degree, her powers did allow her to do, although Ashley's current temperament could readily be accurately guessed without magic, based on the fervor of Ashley's kiss, embrace, and roving hands--and retracted all of her tentacles from the two girls. Pink fluid momentarily flowed out from the girls' asses before their holes contracted back to their normal sizes.

Miss Durham unwrapped Ashley's arms from around her own body and guided them back around Erika, upon which Ashley looked down at her alluring teen lover, smiled gleefully, tightened her embrace, and lowered her lips, the beautiful duo then blending their mouths enthusiastically for a minute, glossy metallic pink meeting and mashing into matte smoky purple, while their hips and pussies renewed the vigor of their intercourse, plunging the Rod back and forth into each other.

After allowing the two fevered, sex-besotted, bewitched teens to make love a few minutes more, the matchmaking Miss Durham addressed her pink-haired prize sweetly. "So, Ashley... What do you think of your new lesbian girlfriend--Erika?"

"Oh, I looove Erika, Miss Durham! Thank you for bringing us together! Can she really be my girlfriend?"

"Do you want her to be? Your steady?"

"Oh, yes!!! She's sooo cute! No, I mean she's beeeaaauuutiful! I really, really like her. Wow, she's such a hot little slut. Pleeeease, Miss Durham?"

"Okay, you two are now official girlfriends! Of course, I am your number one, and I know you want that, too. You want me more than anyone else." Ashley nodded her head in unequivocal affirmation. "But you two can fuck each other whenever you want, from now on."

Both girls squealed with delight--at the formalizing of their new relationship, at the prospect of continuing sex in the future for them with each other, and at the continued current bliss they were giving each other's hot, sopping pussies through the Rod of Asmodeus. They kissed again as they simultaneously gave each other a few more thrilling, corrupting pussy thrusts.

"And others... I want you to have many others...many more girlfriends...many more lovers...no need to be faithful to any of them...cheat as you wish...have sex with girls and women whenever you want...with whomever you want...no need to feel guilty... Give in to all of your lusts...be utterly promiscuous...be totally wild...be completely uninhibited...be the most depraved of sluts...

"Well, then...now that that's settled... Time for the next phase, girls!"

All of a sudden the lights in the room dimmed and flickered. The evil rod buried in their conjoined pussies released a fierce surge of magical energy, both Ashley and Erika wailing loudly as each felt a series of powerful shocks originating from her groin and heard accompanying loud crackling sounds. Then, glittery black wires sprouted rapidly from the rod's midsection in enormous quantities. The wires extended and wrapped around the cheerleaders, covering their bodies entirely, filling every crevice and contour perfectly, and leaving nothing exposed, unfilled, or untouched. Thinner wires invaded their hair, every hair strand bonding with a wire, the whole becoming metallic and thicker. After their whole bodies were encased, the wires detached themselves from the rod and fused together, forming a smooth, mirror-like black metal skin on each of their bodies, except for certain parts--the hair, eyes, nipples, vaginas, anuses, nails, and lips--which were coated with a thin, transparent magical polymer and now glowed brightly with electroluminescence. In the case of Ashley, those parts had a glowing pink color, while Erika's selected parts had a neon purple color.

When the lights came back on with normal brightness, Ashley looked at her own body. What happened to me?

"Your bodies have been augmented and enhanced. You will both now be hypersensitive to anything sexual. Even the slightest touch will arouse you." Miss Durham demonstrated by resting her hand on Ashley's left breast and lightly touching her nipple. Ashley gasped loudly and closed her eyes tightly. In an instant, Ashley's mind was overwhelmed with thoughts of lesbian sex. Nothing else mattered at the moment. Miss Durham placed two fingers between Erika's neon-purple lips. The girl reacted spontaneously by licking and sucking them, as Erika's purple nipples glowed brighter and distended even further. Miss Durham placed her lips next to Ashley's ear and licked it with her extended tongue, before whispering, "Let it all out, sweet Ashley, my pretty little lesbian slut. Don't hold back."

A loud moan came from Ashley's mouth when the coach squeezed her breast tightly, causing both of her neon pink nipples to glow even brighter. Erika thrust her hips against Ashley's hips, pushing the Rod of Asmodeus deep into the pink-haired cheerleader's pussy and causing her to whimper even louder. Ashley turned her head to face the coach, seized her lovely, gloriously cherry-red head with one hand, pulled it to her face urgently, and kissed Miss Durham deeply with her neon pink lips while moaning into the coach's mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmm..."

At one point during the open-mouthed kiss, Miss Durham extended her oral tentacle into Ashley's mouth, which she gladly accepted. Glittery red tentacles sprouted once more from the coach's back and wrapped themselves again around both cheerleaders' breasts, waists, armpits, arms, thighs, and calves. Each girl also had her ass inserted deeply with a tentacle, each of which sprouted tendrils from its tip that delved almost halfway through the length of her intestines. The pleasure was close to unbearable and both girls were close to swooning in their erotic delirium.

Miss Durham's voice spoke directly to Ashley's mind. Do you like this, my sweet Ashley? Would you like to have pleasure like this with me again, whenever you want? Do you want to be my lover...forever?

Ohhhhh, yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes!! Miss Durham...please... I love you... I want you sooo bad...

Will you do anything for me?


I want you to do something for me...and for Goddess...okay?


I need you to seduce your mom...and turn her into a lesbian.

My mom...? Ashley hesitated. But two strong simultaneous thrusts in her ass and in her pussy made her agree.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Yes!! I'll do anything for you, Miss Durham! I love you sooo much! Whatever you say. I'll...I'll even seduce my own mom... I'll make my mom become a lesbian...for my beautiful Miss Durham...and for Goddess... As she agreed to the depraved assignment, the thought of its taboo wickedness sent a jolt throughout the teen's already supercharged libido. "Oh! Uhhh!" Yes... I want my mom to become a sexy lesbian...

That's right. Then you can have her, too...

Oh...how cool!........ Miss Durham...do you also want me to make her into a...slut?

If you think you'd like to see that...then...yes...by all means... Make her into a sexy slut, just like you're becoming...a wanton, whorish slut...just like yourself...slutty mother and daughter lesbians...

For some reason, Ashley did want that... The very thought was highly exciting. Yesss.... My mom...the slut.......awesome.... ...Mom is going to become...the hottest...the horniest...the loosest...the nastiest... the sluttiest ...lesbian...mom...ever... The combination of the prospect of her mom becoming a wanton lesbian woman--and her lover--and the current fucking she was taking and giving sent a wicked high through her again. "Ohhh! Ooooo!"

The erotic activity continued for over half an hour more before their pleasure reached a peak. Ashley and Erika both wailed loudly through the tentacles inserted into their mouths as they went through their sexual climax. Every tentacle entwined around their bodies and buried in their orifices climaxed as well, spraying luminous pink fluid all over their metallic second skin, hair, and deeply inside their bodies.

At the same time, the Rod of Asmodeus flashed brilliantly in red, particularly from its encrusted gems, and vibrated vigorously. The two halves of the shaft started spinning at a high rotational speed, each half of the shaft in a direction opposite to that of the other, and the rod ejected a viscous black fluid from both ends deep into the sexual organs of the two exotic, nude teen girls.

Excess fluids, pink and black, leaked from their mouths, pussy lips, and anuses. That was followed by Miss Durham's pulsating red tentacles again pumping pink ejaculate inside their bodies, this time in huge loads. Before the tentacles completely emptied their cum, however, the coach quickly pulled out the tentacles which were stuffed in the girls' mouths and sprayed the remaining cum from those unnatural appendages over their faces and down onto their breasts.

After the streams of sexual pulses ended, the naked, black-skinned cheerleaders collapsed on each other in a clasp of lesbian love on the carpet, the remarkable, corrupting rod still joining their worked-over but overjoyed pussies together. Their metal-encased bodies glowed faintly from the shiny and sticky coatings of pink and black magical cum and glittery lubricant.


Clara Harvey was starting to get worried. Her daughter usually came home right after the end of football games. If she stayed out later, she would usually give a call, which she had, in fact, done, but there was something about Ashley's excuse that triggered her maternal instincts and made her suspect her daughter's stated reason for staying out late. Having thought it over, she had decided to call her daughter to feel her out more. However, Ashley hadn't responded to her calls.

"Honey, Ashley's not responding to my calls for some reason."

Not turning away from the screen of his laptop, Robert replied without any hint of worry. "Clara, our daughter is pretty much an adult woman. I doubt she needs her parents constantly checking in on her. Besides, she's probably just away from her phone and having fun with her friends."

Her husband's response, which struck her as rather nonchalant and disinterested, made Clara disappointed in her husband, Robert, for not caring about their daughter as much as she did. His apparent attitude this evening was, for her, part of a larger issue. In the past, Robert had been talkative during family meals and had expressed curiosity about their daughter's activities; lately, however, he had seemed aloof about family matters. He also had become progressively less interested in having sex with Clara, to the point that they had recently stopped having sex altogether. It was like he had become a different person. All he seemed to care about now was his job, trading stocks, and doing whatever he did on his computer.

The ringtone of her smartphone alerted Clara. She immediately picked it up, identified the caller--with relief--and answered it. "Ashley, honey...I'm so happy to hear from you! Is everything fine? Why didn't you answer my calls earlier?"

"I was...uh...hanging out with my friends. But, Mom, I need some help. I'm not able to start my car."

"Do you have any idea what's wrong?"

"I don't know. Maybe the battery's dead or something. I'm not sure. Can you come pick me up?"

"Maybe it's better if your dad--" He might able to figure out what's wrong with the car...

"No, Mom. We don't need Dad. I only want you...to come..."

"But honey--"

"No, Mom! Please! I need you to come!" My daughter is acting kind of strange... Clara had actually started to notice this weeks ago. There was something off about her daughter that she couldn't put a finger on.

Suddenly, Clara felt an electric shock from her phone, causing her to drop it to the floor. When she picked it back up, she noticed that the image on the screen was completely garbled. The numbers, buttons, and icons were all over the place and pixels flashed randomly here and there like static on an old CRT TV. Clara couldn't help but stare at it a minute, before the images on the screen corrected themselves to a standard display. However, unexpected feelings of arousal began assaulting her.

What...what happened? Why am I feeling this way now?

Clara's feelings about Ashley specifically now became mysteriously warmer and exciting. Desire overtook her to see her daughter again, to see her as soon as possible--and to do so alone, without her husband's interfering company.

"Alright, I'll come get you. Where are you at?"

Ashley gave her mom her current location and also sent it as a text message to Clara's smartphone, after which they said good-bye and hung up.

"Honey, I'm going to pick up our daughter. Her car is having some sort of problem. She's not able to start her car."

"What sort of problem? Is it a dead battery?"

For a moment, Clara thought her husband might be returning to his old self.

"Maybe. We don't know." Clara had been settled on going by herself, but started to change her mind. If this was an opportunity for Robert to get back on track as a more involved family man, then she should be open to it, she told herself. And they might well need his help, anyway. "But, it might helpful if you came with me."

"I can't go. I'm dealing with something critical right now. Where is she at?"

"About a ten-minute drive from here. She's stuck somewhere around the small strip mall near Almond Park."

"Just pick her up and I'll go check her car tomorrow and decide whether or not we need to call a tow-truck service. It's too dark to see anything anyway."

Clara sighed before walking away from her husband. What was so pressing that he couldn't help rescue their stranded daughter? Dismayed with him--the bum--she walked into her bedroom.

She decided to not change her clothes with the exception of wearing a black buttoned coat and changing her shoes from slippers into something more suitable for outdoors. Currently, she had on a white blouse and black slacks. From the shoe rack, her first instinct was to grab some regular tennis shoes, but a strange impulse suddenly directed her to the black patent-leather three-inch high heels she sometimes wore to work. Without further thought, she slipped on those heels.

Once she felt and saw the shiny shoes on her feet, she felt an urge to put on some pantyhose before she left, too. Even though she wasn't wearing a skirt, the look and feel of pantyhose with her heels and slacks would be quite...nice...as well. After all, this was her pretty daughter she would be picking up, and she did want to look...good...for her. But then she considered how that would take extra time, and she wanted to get to Ashley as soon as possible.

Maybe next time. Besides, the heels are sexy enough... I mean, they're nice enough...

She grabbed her purse and keys before giving herself a quick check in the hallway mirror. At least, she intended it to be quick...but she found herself lingering on her reflected image.

In the mirror, Clara saw a pretty woman in her late thirties with waist-length, light sunflower-blonde hair tied into a bun staring back at her with blue eyes. Other than mascara and a layer of subtle lip gloss, she had no other makeup on her face, but, like her daughter, and like many other people who have a swimming pool in their backyards, as the Harvey's had, she had a nice tan, deeper than Ashley's, making her skin darker than her hair, and setting off her blondness strikingly. She knew her large breasts, attractive figure, and arresting coloring drew frequent stares from horny men and envious women, and she surveyed her curves now. A brief smile crossed her face before she headed out the door.

Fifteen minutes later...

Clara finally found Ashley's purple coupe. It was on the little-used road on which Ashley had said it would be parked, but it wasn't as close to the strip mall as Ashley had seemed to indicate. Rather, it was in a wooded area far from street lights, and it had taken Clara five minutes of driving around before she spotted it. She wondered why her daughter had chosen such a place to park her vehicle.

As Clara approached and then passed by the coupe in her own dark blue sedan, she didn't see anyone inside it. Clara pulled around, parked behind her daughter's vehicle, and attempted to call her daughter on her cell phone. There was no response. She started to panic. Grabbing an LED flashlight from the glove compartment, she got out of her car and examined the inside of Ashley's vehicle. Detecting nothing amiss, she searched the immediate surrounding area while calling out her daughter's name repeatedly. Then, she heard the sound of high-heels click-clacking on the sidewalk behind her. She spun around.


Clara was surprised that the person behind her wasn't Ashley. Rather, it was another woman, a woman whose extravagantly alluring beauty was obvious immediately, even in the dim light surrounding them. The woman was blonde like herself, but the shade of her thick, straight-flowing hair was a wondrous, pale platinum, which shone like burnished silver in the moonlight, and, being parted in the middle, without any bangs, it poured luxuriously to a classic length, slightly past her buttocks. Her face was very smooth, free of imperfections, and looked like porcelain. Her lips and eyelids were of a metallic silver color, seeming to be made from highly polished metal. Her eyelashes were long and curled and had the appearance of black enamel.

While the loveliness of the female stranger was most striking, and held her breathless gaze for several moments, Clara then noticed that the woman wore clothing that seemed, at first impression, not to be what a decent woman would wear, but rather something more appropriate for a prostitute. Her outfit consisted of a skin-tight silver bodysuit, elbow-length silver gloves, and knee-length silver boots with very high heels. The material which hugged her body appeared to be some kind of rubbery material, which Clara thought might be latex, although it looked almost like liquid metal.

Clara's instincts told her this woman might be dangerous. She immediately wondered if she had anything to do with whatever might have happened to her daughter.

"Clara, we meet again."

Their eyes came into contact. At the same time, Clara began feeling sexually aroused for the second time that evening, for some unexplained reason...except that this...woman...was....... spectacular...

"Who...who are you? Have we met before?"

"Yes, we have. And I have something very important to discuss with you tonight."

"I don't think I know you..." Clara found herself unable to break eye contact with the woman in front of her. She also wasn't able to move her body, as the silver-clad woman approached her with unhurried steps which echoed staccato-like in the night air. What's going on? Why can't I move? Her heartbeat accelerated and she felt her nipples tighten as the strange silvery woman got closer to her.

"Yes, you do, Clara. Here, let me refresh your memory..." Jeannie's eyes glowed in swirling blue colors, putting Ashley's mother in a hypnotic trance...


Nothing but white light filled Clara's vision before it gradually faded into a variety of colors. Slowly, images formed in front of her. She was at a small cafe that was half-filled with customers. Sitting with her, at her table, was a woman dressed in a form-fitting, silver-colored bodysuit, arm-length gloves, and knee-length boots with five-inch heels. Her lips and nails were metallic silver like the rest of her outfit. This woman stood out from the rest of the people in the cafe, but no one seemed to notice or care about her bold appearance.

Clara felt a strange sense of familiarity towards the woman, and felt she liked her quite well--was even very much attracted to her in some way she couldn't quite put her finger on--but wasn't able to recall her name. As she stared into the woman's brilliant, crystal-blue eyes, memories came to her, starting with this dreamy woman's name... It was...Jeannie... They had met by chance on the street a while ago. Jeannie was a friend of Ashley's friend, Lisa, and she had recognized Clara through a photo that Lisa had shown to her. Jeannie had been happy to be able to meet the mother of her friend's friend in person, and Clara had felt the same way. They had hit it off from the moment they had first met, Clara now remembered.

While this get-together--Jeannie had called it a "date", and it did indeed seem to have that atmosphere--was primarily for a quiet dinner and socializing, there was also an important matter to discuss regarding Ashley, Jeannie had told her. The silver-clad beauty had just finished introducing her concern.

A look of extreme skepticism appeared on Clara's face. "Let me get this straight. You're saying that magic is real and my daughter might become a victim of it because her cheerleading coach, Miss Durham, is going to brainwash her and turn her into her lesbian lover through magic? If this is a joke, it's a very bad one."

"It's not a joke, Clara. I'm very serious about this. There are forces at work in this world that most people neither know of nor comprehend."

"But it's very hard for me to believe you just like that. I need evidence. For starters, I need some proof that magic is real. You said you have magical powers. Can you demonstrate some of it to me?"

"Do you have a pen?"


"Write something on a napkin, anything. Don't let me see it."

Clara wrote a number on the napkin: 13132.

"Ok, I've just written a number."

Jeannie repeated it exactly as was written.

Clara's mouth dropped open, but, not willing to believe Jeannie could wield magic as she had claimed, she tried to find a rational reason for the feat she had just witnessed. I wrote a short number. She must have been lucky.

"That was easy. Would you mind if I test you again?"

"Sure, go ahead."

This time, Clara wrote a longer number with additional special characters: 5173912698#!.

As before, Jeannie repeated the string of characters perfectly.

"You...you got it all correct.......... wow......... No...wait... You could have hidden cameras or spies in this café, secretly transmitting to you what I wrote down."

"How about this, then: I happen to know a memory scrying spell. It allows me to see an actual memory within your mind. If I can tell you a secret that you haven't shared with anyone, not even your own family, then will you believe?"

For a moment, Clara considered excusing herself and leaving this rather ludicrous conversation...but if she did, she realized, she would lose the company of this stunning platinum blonde. She decided she certainly didn't mind observing the sultry vixen sitting in front of her as they talked. Regardless of the content of their dialog, more time with her would be...quite........... nice...


"Fine, then."

Clara watched as Jeannie closed her silver-lidded eyes, took a deep breath through her shiny silver lips, and then muttered something Clara couldn't quite understand. It sounded to her like some weird foreign language. For a moment there was silence between the two and then the foxy platinum blonde opened her eyes.

"So tragic...Clara..." A tear trickled down Jeannie's left cheek.

"About five years ago at a holiday party held by your husband's previous employer, Robert's boss made some very inappropriate comments to you. He didn't seem to respect the fact that you were a married woman, nor would he take no for an answer. He tricked you into an empty office... You were very fortunate that the young couple came in and...interrupted things...before he was able to do anything too disgusting to you. Afterwards, the scumbag cut you a very nice check to keep you quiet. You felt so ashamed that you never told Robert or anyone else what happened that night. You were so relieved when Robert took a DBA position for another company three months after this incident. It still bothers you greatly that this man, if you can call him one, got away with it and hasn't faced justice for this vile act."

Clara covered her mouth as she gasped. "How do you...?"

"It's because I have magical powers. Magic is real, as real as the air we breathe, the chairs we're sitting on, and people around you. It must be a jolt to you to discover that reality is not the way you always supposed, isn't it?"

"This is so...unbelievable... I mean...this is a lot for me to take in, Jeannie... I need to reevaluate a lot of things..."

As Jeannie was not sitting directly across the table, but rather about a third or a fourth of the way around it from Clara, Jeannie's legs, crossed at the knees, were within Clara's field of view, though Clara had only glanced at them briefly before now. However, as Clara broke eye contact with Jeannie after her contemplative statement and looked down, her eyes landed squarely on Jeannie's thighs, exposed as they were in their entirety from her crotch, where her shiny bodysuit ended, to her knees, where her boots began. The pretty mother had not quite realized until this moment just how very smooth, white, slender, naked, and inviting those shapely thighs were.

They look so... so beautiful...so perfect...so...so touchable...

Clara found herself trying to image, for just a second, whether Jeannie would mind and what it would be like if she were to reach her hand out...and...and touch them...........and maybe also to run her fingertips along them...just a little bit ... Jeanie paused for several seconds, giving time for her companion to ogle her creamy legs and to develop embryonic erotic desires for them, before interrupting Clara's sensual distraction and redirecting her gaze back to her face by continuing the conversation.

"You can do that later, Clara."

Looking up, Clara at first thought that Jeannie had seen where Clara's eyes had been lingering, and had just given her permission to look at them more later, or even that the woman had guessed the mother's hidden wish about touching her smooth legs--or that she, Clara, had maybe even unwittingly spoken it aloud--and that consent to eventually indulge that desire had just been granted. The mother reacted internally both with embarrassment as well as with a measure of excitement, but then she realized her platinum blonde companion must instead be responding to Clara's statement about needing to reevaluate things, and it also struck her that the urge she had just experienced was totally inappropriate, if not simply preposterous, and so she suppressed it.

"I know the power I just demonstrated troubles you, but I promise that the magic I wield is a force for good. I can use it to get the justice you seek, but I think it's best that, right now, we focus on using it to save your daughter..."

"My daughter..." Clara's face contorted with fear and worry. "So...what you told me...about Miss Durham...must be true!! How can we stop her?!"

"There is a way...but let's discuss this somewhere else," said Jeannie while looking around the cafe as if suspicious that people there might be snooping on their conversation.

They walked together to a quiet alley nearby.

"Hold onto my hands."


"Just do it. Trust me."

Doing as she was told, Clara touched Jeannie's gloved hands, noticing the shininess and smoothness of the material. They seemed to be made from latex but also looked very much like metal. For some reason unknown to her, Clara found herself curious and explored Jeannie's hands with her fingers before finally holding them properly.

Touching and holding Jeannie's marvelously sensual gloved hands gave Clara an unexpected feeling of excitement, and of a thrilling connection with the beautiful blonde beyond mere hand contact. She then raised her head to look at Jeannie's silver-decorated eyes. She found her heart fluttering with unexpected exhilaration, which, at a loss for any other explanation, she felt she had to ascribe to her newfound realization of the magical aspect of reality.

"Keep looking into my eyes..."

Clara noticed that Jeannie's eyes were glowing with a bluish hue. Strange feelings welled within her heart. Her nipples hardened and she felt her womanhood become wet with a startling sexual excitement. Why am I feeling like...? Before she could fully finish the thought, there was a bright flash of light that temporarily blinded her. When her eyes recovered, she found herself and Jeannie standing next to a wooden railing on a pier extending from a beach.

"What...what happened?"

"Teleportation magic," replied Jeannie as she gently freed her hands from Clara's grip, Clara noticing the loss of physical contact with her enchanting friend with a bit of disappointment.

"Where are we?"

"It's just the beach in a nearby city... Magic is wonderful, isn't it?"

"Yes... We were in the alley next to the cafe and...in an instant...we're standing on a pier at a beach. Wow."

Clara didn't flinch, but rather was quite delighted, when Jeannie took her by the hand--reestablishing that stirring physical connection with the silvery woman which Clara had lost just a few moments before--and led her down the pier away from the beach in a leisurely stroll, as Jeannie taught her about a world which, before tonight, she had never known existed.

There were stars in the sky, a full moon, a soft, sea-scented breeze, and the sound of waves breaking. Then, there was the splendid sensation of Jeannie's hand in her own, and the proximity of her shapely, silver-covered body, and her long, fragrant hair, tossed about her face and body by the wind and glowing like liquid silver in the starlight and moonlight, and her immaculately lovely, porcelain face, and her soft, musical voice. For Clara, everything about the setting...and her feelings...and her companion...even though she was a woman...bespoke.......... ........romance............ as she had never felt it before...

"Most people only see the surface of reality. They don't really understand what's beneath it. They think science reveals the universe's secrets to them, but science encircles and binds a person's mind within a limiting framework of supposed facts, formulas, and rules, and closes it to the myriad possibilities that exist outside of it. Despite what people think, science lacks the power to even barely scratch the surface of reality. Because of this, magic is unknown to those who follow science...

"Unfortunately, magic is a double edge sword..." Jeannie paused her promenade, stopping Clara as well, and, while keeping her handhold with Clara, turned the blonde mother toward herself so that they faced one another, squeezed her hand, and rubbed it gently while gazing into her eyes. "It can be used both for good...and for evil."

"My daughter... What's going to happen to her?"

"Miss Durham has allied herself with those that use evil magic and she plans to use it to try to control your daughter...and to seduce her. We need to stop her."

"How?"The silvery enchantress resumed leading Ashley's attractive mother further down the pier...and further down the path toward a new and very different life.

"We need to fight magic with magic, and I need your help."

"Magic against magic? But, how can I help? I don't know--"

"I can teach you, Clara. Together, we can save your daughter and stop Miss Durham."

"How can I learn it?"

"The magic I plan to teach you derives its power from love..."

Jeannie once again stopped them both and they again faced each other, while staring for several pregnant seconds into each other's eyes. The night, the waves, the gentle breeze, the voluptuous woman in the scanty, clinging, shining silver attire gazing at her, and that word from those soft, alluringly silver lips--"love"--Clara felt all these things weaving a web of beauty and desire around her, one from which she had no wish to escape...

"...love that only one woman can give to another...woman. Love that only a woman's heart can receive from another...woman............... In short, Clara...I need you to first become...a lesbian..."

Clara had been following Jeannie, step by step, accepting without analysis, until the sound of that taboo term slapped her back to her regular sensitivities. Wha... What? Lesbian?! Clara's eyes widened in shock, the romantic web around her instantly tearing--but only for the time being, and far from completely. She broke off from Jeannie, took a step back, and shook her head. "What?...No way! I can't do that! Or anything like it! This is not what I expected!.......... You're kidding, right?"

"No... I'm quite serious, Clara. This is the only way for you to learn magic and the only way to stop Miss Durham. There's no other choice, Clara, if you want to save your daughter!"

A white glow filled Clara's vision. She experienced vertigo for a few seconds before the whiteness faded away and she found herself standing once again in the wooded area near Ashley's car. Jeannie still stood in front of her.

"Have you made your choice, Clara?" asked Jeannie with a solemn tone. "If you don't decide now, your chance to save your daughter could well pass you by."

Clara was unable to avoid the hypnotic gaze of Jeannie's blue eyes, which seemed to sparkle like tiny stars. The silken web was enwrapping her again. Thinking became difficult for her. Decide on...what? What was it...that I have to decide? She then remembered: Oh...yeah... I need to decide if I want to become a...a lesbian...so that I can save my daughter...

But it didn't make any sense to Clara. The whole situation was feeling odd. Lesbianism and magic? How was Jeannie's proposition different than Miss Durham's nefarious plan for her daughter...other than a good and evil distinction?

Well...if one is good and the other is evil...then I guess that's an important difference. I'd rather be on the side of good...and save my daughter... But...but what would my husband think about this?

"Are you still unsure about this?"

Clara nodded slowly.

"Give me a kiss and you'll understand. Just one kiss will remove your doubts and allow you to make a decision."

Again, Clara hesitated. She had never kissed another woman, and didn't think she wanted to start now. But the word "kiss" had fastened Clara's eyes to her companion's smooth, shiny, inviting silver mouth...

I shouldn't...but...if I were to kiss any woman... I'd want to kiss...this...one...

"It's the kiss of knowledge. It'll show you what I want to explain to you a lot more quickly than with words."

Clara continued looking at Jeannie's silvery lips, noticing their delectable metallic gleam and mirror-like surface. Jeannie's psychic power, the magical sparkle of Jeannie's eyes, the woman's overpowering beauty and curves, her provocative outfit, and the bewitching lure of her lips were drawing Clara in like a moth to a flame. It was impossible for her to resist.

Just one kiss... Why not?... It can't hurt... And...she's...so.........beautiful...

Ashley's spell-bound mother reluctantly agreed to the kiss, not knowing that it was a trap. "Yes, Jeannie...okay..." Clara leaned forward...her own lips slightly parted...to kiss a woman...for the first time...

Before she realized it, Clara was kissing the lips of a female stranger she had just met a short while before. She felt an unexpected shock and a moment of fear, but that quickly gave way to a wonderful and pleasurable sensation she hadn't suspected was possible--through a kiss with another woman. It was a hundred times better than anything, even intercourse, that she had ever experienced with her husband. Foreign imagery flowed into Clara's mind, followed by new feelings and desires. They were all fleeting and occurred so fast that most of it didn't reach the conscious part of her mind, but it did sink quite well into the subconscious regions of her brain. The imagery consisted of herself enjoying erotic interactions with other females, lesbian romance, lesbian lovemaking, and lesbian incest, interspersed with Sapphic mantras and musical phrases chanted or sung by soft, melodic feminine voices, praising Galatea, the Silver Goddess, the true Goddess, and extolling lesbian love.The Sapphic kiss progressed to an open-mouthed kiss, and so, likewise, did the imagery in her mind advance into more erotically explicit and intensely moving woman-on-woman content.

At length, a voice in the back of Clara's mind told her something was wrong. This triggered an instinctive reaction in Clara, in which she tried to break the kiss. But Jeannie held her head and body tightly to her own, and cast the magic spell, Seduction, at the highest possible power to the extent of her abilities.

The effect was immediate and titanic, emotionally and physically. Clara moaned loudly into Jeannie's mouth. Her nipples lengthened into exquisitely long, hardening, attention-craving projectiles. Her vagina juiced and quaked with love and desire. She pressed her body against Jeannie's body and embraced her tightly, running her hands into Jeannie's silken hair and over her shiny bodysuit, and kissing her passionately and deeply, as if they were lovers. Glad that Clara was reacting in the way she expected her to, the silver-clad woman squeezed Clara's ass tightly through the black dress pants with both hands. Clara felt her pussy spasm and spurt, as if she were having an orgasm, and she whimpered and sighed again into her sexy companion's magical, shining mouth.

Jeannie knew she couldn't sustain Clara's induced Sapphic nymphomania and obedience indefinitely with her magic power. It was costly in terms of mana and risky in that there could be unpredictable effects on Clara's mind. The alternatives were to use magical artifacts or machines designed for this purpose or special parasites, but those, too, had their own costs and downsides. With enough magic power applied appropriately, it was even possible to permanently alter a person's mind in a few hours or less, but that came with even more unpredictable results. The more practical alternative, one that had the lowest magic cost and fairly consistent results, was to gradually alter a person's mind through a combination of magic and non-magical methods. However, that approach had a higher time cost and was riskier when competitors were around, which was the problem Jeannie and Galatea faced now.

Despite the reassurances Galatea had made to her, Jeannie knew the Silver Order was still vulnerable to enemies and competitors in its current state. But she still had faith in Goddess and hope that her tactics would win the day. If Galatea's plan succeeded, then they would become unstoppable.

Sensing that Ashley was nearby, Jeannie realized that she would have to postpone a more conclusive seduction of Clara and reluctantly broke off their kiss. A thread of silvery saliva hung between their lips as their mouths separated, saliva which glittered and glowed with magical power. But before they parted company, Jeannie wanted to leave Clara with a gift.

"Clara, I sense that your daughter is coming here."

Even in her entranced, dreamy state, the news that her daughter was apparently alive, free, and nearby triggered positive emotions within her. "My daughter is safe?" she asked somewhat robotically.

"Yes, she's alright... But she's not the same person she was before. Her coach, Miss Durham, has bewitched her with powerful black magic. We can't fight against Miss Durham directly yet, but we can help your daughter. You need to learn magic. With it, you can remove Miss Durham's magical influence from your daughter. If you had trusted me and agreed to the plan sooner, then this wouldn't have happened...but it's still not too late."

A look of uncertainty appeared on Clara's face.

"We don't have much time left. Here, take this." Jeannie handed a rocket-shaped silver dildo to Clara, which she accepted. "It will help both you and Ashley. You need to pleasure yourself with this at least once every night or day."

"What purpose will it serve?"

"It will enlighten you to the world of lesbianism and magic. If you still have doubts and uncertainties, using it will help you understand. It's special. You'll see. Just use it."

Clara looked at the smooth, tapered rod curiously. There were no visible seams or gaps anywhere, the whole dildo appearing to be made from one continuous piece of metal. She was able to see the reflection of her face on its polished, metallic surface. The item had also been glowing brightly from the moment she received it, yet it felt cool in her hands. While the emanating light had no detectable heat, it did have magical effects on the mother--among other things, stoking a general sense of sexual interest and excitement and a loosening of her sexual inhibitions, although exclusively in relation to other females, and making her feel a compulsion to use the silver dildo on herself as soon and as deeply as possible.

"Clara, I have to go now, but I have one last thing to say: Remember not to tell your daughter about me or our meeting. Pretend to be unaware of what Miss Durham is doing to her, and don't ever tell her about the item I gave you."

"Okay. I'll keep that in mind..."

"Oh...and have you decided? Are you willing to become a lesbian? For Ashley...and for me...?" Jeanie stroked Clara cheek softly with her tantalizing silver-nailed fingertips.

There was no hesitation this time. "Yes... I want to..."

"You're doing the right thing, Clara. I know you're thinking that you don't know how to go about it, but, don't worry, it will come naturally to you...and I'll be there to help you, too."

"Oh...Jeannie... I was going to ask you... What about Robert...my husband...?"

"What about him? Does he matter? Do you care what he thinks or does? Really?"

Clara searched herself and found, to her surprise, that Robert's potential reaction to what she was about to undertake was completely without importance to her. She was going to do what she wanted to do regardless of his opinion, even though that opinion was not likely to be supportive. In fact, he didn't even deserve to know what was going on. To hell with him.

"Actually...no... You're right..."Clara then looked Jeannie in the eyes. She didn't want her to go...not yet... "Jeannie...do you have to go?" The platinum blonde nodded her head. "When...when will I see you again?"

"Soon enough, my sweet Clara. Don't worry. I won't be very far away."

With that, Jeannie gathered Clara gently into her arms and kissed her one last time, with a long, soft, romantic kiss, and then teleported away in front of Clara's eyes. After the light from the teleportation faded away and Clara recovered from the breathtaking thrill of their parting kiss, Clara looked at the dildo glowing in her hand with an emotionless expression, raised the tip of it to her lips, then kissed it...

Mmmmm......... what a woman.........


Ashley found herself walking along an empty street on an empty sidewalk. It was night. She didn't remember how she got there. What she could remember clearly was visiting Miss Durham's apartment after the football game. Everything from that time to now was blurry. She could only recall bits and pieces...at first...

But then she partly remembered... They had had sex! The realization washed a sense of guilt and perplexity over her. She had had sex with her cheerleading coach! While that may not have been unexpected to have happened at some point, the timing was wrong. She didn't have the permission to do it yet. But, more importantly, she felt she had wronged her girlfriend, Emma.

Another worry was that she wasn't sure if she had done the task that Jeannie had assigned to her. She opened her duffel bag, searched inside, and found the vial she had been given. It was empty. Relieved, she viewed that as adequate evidence that she had successfully completed her assignment. However, she couldn't shake off the feeling of unease that was nagging her. Why can't I remember more?

Suddenly, she saw a cloud of magical sparkles appearing in front of her and Jeannie slowly taking shape within them. Once Jeannie had fully materialized, the sparkles faded away.

"I wasn't able to contact you, Ashley. What happened?"

"I...I don't know. I think I accidently left my phone in the car."

"Did you manage to implant the parasites into Mrs. Durham?"

"Yes..." I think.

Jeannie knew Ashley had actually failed, but pretended to be unaware, per Galatea's orders.

"Your mom's been trying to call you, too. I intercepted her calls to you and pretended that I was you, saying that your car wasn't able to start. I also explained that you didn't pick up the phone because you were having fun with friends."

"Thanks for covering for me."

"No problem. Now, before I leave..." Jeannie wrapped her arms around Ashley's shoulders and gave her a kiss. It wasn't only for pleasure, though, for Jeannie also did it to scan Ashley's mind with her psychic power. She found two significant alterations: the implantation of a new fetish for Sapphic incest...and...a strong new allegiance to Miss Durham...which included the formation of a sexual and romantic bond...and........maybe...maybe there was someone else, as well...hard to say... Jeannie knew that there might be changes that she wasn't able to detect yet.

It wasn't always possible for Jeannie to read minds accurately and consistently, because doing so was dependent on multiple factors, which included the person's natural vulnerability. Another factor was whether the person had undergone or was going through a mind alteration process, which would also skew the readings one way or the other. Regardless, time would tell the truth about what had been done and was being done to Ashley. Galatea told me to be patient...

Jeannie recognized that Ashley acquiring an interest in Sapphic incest was not a bad thing at all, even though that new appetite had not been given to her by the Silver Witch or her allies. But, just the same, it worked in Jeannie's favor. Since it was her plan to have Clara and Ashley be in a lesbian relationship, Miss Durham's work on Ashley made things all the easier for her. Nevertheless, Jeannie knew, whoever the coach was working for had a higher aim, and that was still hidden.

Jeannie reflected on Galatea's orders to not meddle with their unidentified opponents' efforts until more was known about them. She found that, as she thought about that, it rubbed her the wrong way. Although Jeannie generally agreed with Galatea, there were times when she did not, and this was one of those times. She didn't like just standing by and observing, when she had the power to change the outcome. Patience, shmatience!

But, Jeannie was loyal; she wouldn't disobey Galatea outright. Instead, at times like this, she would try to find loopholes or interpret Galatea's instructions liberally. In this case, although Galatea had told her not to interfere with the activities of this unknown potential enemy, she had never told her she could not assist their competitor when there was a mutual benefit or when their goals appeared to be similar, nor had Galatea prohibited her from protecting her existing targets, with the exception of Ashley.

Accordingly, as a precaution in the case of Clara, Jeannie had cast a special enchantment on her and had given her a magical item, the dildo, which two things together would protect her to a certain extent from direct mental control by entities outside the Silver Order, while at the same time manipulating her thoughts and making her more susceptible to mental control by members of the Silver Order...such as herself...

Breaking their kiss, Jeannie held Ashley's slim waist in her hands. "Ashley, honey...I have one more little task for you... I need you to seduce your mom..."

Ashley's eyes and mouth widened in surprise.


Clara moaned softly as she rubbed the silver rod along her moist pussy lips. She didn't know when she began masturbating after parting from Jeannie, but by the time she realized what she was doing in the driver's seat of her vehicle, she couldn't stop. The metallic object felt so good in her hands and on her pussy. Its bluish luminescence pulsated and varied in brightness with the pressure with which it was applied and with the level of arousal of the person who was using it.

Oh, I can't believe this feels so good... It feels wonderful... I've never felt this way before when doing this with myself!... But then...I've never had this...this thing...before...this wonderful thing she gave me...that beautiful, sexy, incredible woman... Yes, oh yes!

In the driver's side-view mirror of her car, Clara noticed a figure walking at an angle across the street toward her. At first she couldn't make out who it was other than that it was a young female. Then when that figure, approaching the car from behind, got close enough, she recognized the person in the street as her daughter, Ashley, who had espied Clara's vehicle and was walking towards it.

Clara tried to stop masturbating, but her hands wouldn't respond to her will. She heard footsteps getting closer. What's going on? Why can't I stop! I can't let her see me doing this! At the last moment, she finally managed to force herself to stop. As the zipper of her pants was still down and her panties askew, she grabbed her handbag and settled it on her lap, hoping that, for the time being, that would be sufficient cover for her exposed crotch in the dark car. She also quickly tossed the wet metal dildo into her handbag to hide it.

Ashley stepped up to the driver's side of the car, at which Clara rolled the window down. "Hi, Mom. Thanks for coming to pick me up."

"Hi, sweetie. But where were you, honey? I was looking all over for you, and I wasn't able to contact you on the phone."

"I was just walking around... I didn't want to wait in the car...and the battery was running out on my phone..." Ashley lied.

Remembering her conversation with Jeannie, Clara pretended to believe her daughter's story.

"Let me get out and give you a proper hug, sweetheart."

"Okay." Ashley backed away from the door several steps and turned around for a moment, surveying the quiet, dark street and its surrounds. Having hoped her daughter would do that exact thing, Clara quickly put her purse on the passenger's seat, pulled her wet panties into place, and zipped up her slacks before opening the car door and getting out.

Ashley turned back toward the car when she heard its door shut, upon which her mom walked up to her, intending to give her a hug. On the way, however, she took notice of her daughter's appearance. Ashley had put on make-up, a heavy amount of it, with a pink theme, and her blonde hair was braided into two pigtails with pink bows. This wasn't what she had seen on her daughter earlier this morning, although she had to admit her daughter looked extremely cute, indeed.

Remembering Jeannie's warning about Ashley's coach, Clara concluded that she was now seeing one effect of Miss Durham's influence on her daughter. Something must have happened to the girl after the football game. Regardless, she embraced Ashley with a motherly hug, which Ashley reciprocated.

"I'm so glad you're safe..." Neither mother nor daughter felt like letting go, so they found their embrace lasting longer and becoming a little tighter than was routine for them. Clara, enjoying the mother-daughter intimacy immensely, started to get lost in it.

However, as the hug progressed, Clara couldn't shake off the feeling that something was wrong, or at least strange. She had hugged her daughter thousands of times before, but this hug felt different. For some reason, she was much more sensitive than usual to the softness and the curves of her daughter's body, the silky texture of her hair, and the smoothness and fresh scent of her skin, as she never had been before, as well as to the alluring visual effects and subtle perfume coming from the teen's cosmetics. She had just stopped masturbating moments before, but now she was aroused again...and this time, because of her daughter!

Then it hit her: Had that woman--Jeannie--done something to her? Was Jeannie planning to do something--something perverted--to Ashley and to herself, both? Could it be that the woman whom she had met days before, as her memory now told her, and with whom she had just talked within the last hour, was actually a predator? If so, then how was Jeannie different than Miss Durham, the person Jeannie accused of bewitching her daughter? Was Jeannie a bigger threat than the coach? Certainly, now that she reflected on it, what Jeannie had asked her to do in order to save her daughter seemed to be preposterous.

Clara loosened her arms from around her daughter, resting her hands a moment on Ashley's shoulders to look her in the face and to give her a smile, preparing to suggest they go home now, having decided it would be best to finally put an end to their exquisite but questionable hug, given both her qualms about it and the doubts about Jeannie's role in their lives just now arising in her mind.

However, her misgivings were short-lived, for Clara was now staring into her daughter's eyes, which were strangely glowing with a faint bluish luminescence, being drawn in by them...


Emma was in her bedroom, recovered now somewhat from her recent session of hot masturbation and Sapphic fantasy, having decided to finish a homework assignment which was due on Monday, even though it was Friday night and the assignment's completion was not yet pressing. However, soon after she sat down and opened her textbooks, she found her mind drifting to the glossy publications which Galatea had required her to buy and which were buried close at hand in the bottom drawer of her desk. Feeling she needed to take a peak just to get the urge out of her system, she pulled the drawer open and extracted one of the fashion magazines and two of the porn magazines. In further justification, she told herself that, if Galatea were to happen to tune in to her room and saw what she was doing, the Silver Witch would be pleased with her and the act might earn her some favor in the future.

After flipping through the former, scanning with interest over a number of glamorous models she had eyed up before, she picked up one of the adult magazines. The cover named it Lesbian Leg World, and it was an issue which Emma did not remember buying or seeing before. Curious, she opened to its first set of photos--which, she was to discover, occupied almost all of the issue--and was amazed to find they featured a beautiful and voluptuous platinum-blonde woman who was an exact duplicate of Janet, except this woman wore a different makeup, hairstyle, and jewelry scheme than she had seen on Janet, making her appearance dissimilar enough that Emma assumed it was not Janet. Unknown to Emma was the fact that the model indeed was Janet, and that Galatea had slipped this issue into Emma's collection.

Examining the first several photos--solos of the model posing in lingerie, a garter belt, hose, and heels, then just mainly in hose and heels, of various colors and designs, sometimes with a garter belt and/or panties, and sometimes not, with photo angles emphasizing her legs, rear, and pussy--Emma found herself drawn in with excited interest. They also reminded Emma that she would be seeing her own duplicate of this model the next morning, and the thought made her somewhat giddy with anticipation.

The last half of the photo set showed the blonde with a brunette teen, about Emma's size and coloring, who also started off in lingerie and then just stockings and heels, as the two made out and felt each other up, first standing up and then lying on a bed with their nylon-clad legs intertwined. The final photos depicted them in a shower together, still in their now-wet nylons and heels, soaping each other up.

Emma closed her eyes. She saw Janet and herself, attired as the models, in the same shower, likewise soaping up every hill and valley of each other's bodies. Janet applied some kind of gel to Emma's hair and lathered it up, but when she rinsed the foam from the teen's hair, all of the girl's brown pigment rinsed out with it, leaving her as pale-blonde as Janet, who smiled at her as if to say, "There, my sweet baby...now you are like me..." Giving up the pretense of washing, they cast their arms around each other, pressed their bodies together, kissed passionately, and let their hands explore each other freely, standing in their wet high heels--the now-blonde Emma in her glossy dark blue heels, the ones Galatea had given her in the morning--their soaked nylon-encased legs rubbing erotically together.

The sharp, wet ache in her pussy brought Emma to her senses. Oh! I'll never be able to concentrate on my homework like this! She closed both her textbooks and the magazines and put them away. I...I just need to think about things for a bit. Maybe I'll go out to the back yard...and look at the stars...


Emma was reclining on a chaise lounge in the backyard of her home under the cool night sky, gazing up at the stars, while pondering her current situation, as well as the day she had lived so far, and debating within herself over how she ought to feel about it all.

First, she cut to the bottom line: Currently, her life was basically under the control of a witch...a lesbian witch, no less. She had to obey her every order and whim or face the consequences.

Fortunately, she reflected, it hadn't really been that bad once she had gotten used to it and learned how to please the beautiful Silver Witch. It could have been much worse, if the powerful Galatea had wanted to make it so. In certain ways, Galatea had, in fact, proven over time to be rather...nice...

And the Witch was truly, astoundingly beautiful. That had made it all easier, Emma knew...certainly much better than if her mistress had been a stereotypical ugly, scrawny witch, with a long, hook nose, pointy chin, missing teeth, and warts. Emma couldn't help but chuckle to herself at the thought. Yes... Galatea's surpassing, lush, sexy beauty had made their time together much easier...and...even......pleasant............very pleasant........more than pleasant...

No, Emma wasn't comfortable with becoming a lesbian and having to seduce other females. Those were the main things that bothered her, she told herself. Other than that, though, there weren't that many other big issues she had with her current lifestyle and behavior, not that many things that seemed that far out of line, morally and ethically...although she was afraid that Galatea might require her to do unethical or, even, outright wicked acts in the future...

Oh...but she had, she realized, already crossed that line this morning...in a major way...by committing a terribly immoral act that she would never have imagined herself doing. She had raped a girl, a young teen girl, and had stolen her virginity! That was alarming...or...at least...it had been earlier in the day... But as she searched herself now, she found that she was feeling that stabbing guilt less acutely. At this point, in fact, it was more merely like a somewhat troubling but easing concern... After all...could she really blame it on herself? Maybe she wasn't exactly herself while in the Princess Chastity transformation...

Her conscience spoke with a moment of frank honesty to her mind. Am I...am I just trying to find an...an excuse for what I did? .........

Regardless...even though it was a grave misdeed...she couldn't deny she had enjoyed what she did with Jennifer. In fact...the pleasure she had felt was beyond her wildest imagination...even though she wasn't a lesbian at all...

The brunette teen reviewed the rest of the day to this point.

After her encounter with Jennifer, Galatea had taken Emma away to a penthouse somewhere to watch a strip-and-sex show with her, performed by the beguilingly beautiful Janet and two strange, fascinating black latex femme creatures...and then Emma had agreed to having lesbian sex with them... which had turned out to be not only extreme and unnatural...definitely blasting through the boundaries she had wanted to place on it...but also...incredible.......... She had consented to it only because she had been so desperately horny...a side-effect of having transformed into her Lesbian Princess alter ego with Jennifer...yet...it had been simply unforgettable...even though she hadn't wanted it to go so far...and wished it wouldn't have been so awesome...

Later, throughout the day at school, Emma had found herself gawking at attractive girls and entertaining brief fantasies involving them. Again, that wasn't what she thought she should have been doing...but...then...it was what Galatea wanted her to do...and she had to please her Silver mistress...and it wasn't that bad, either.......... In fact...sometimes...more than sometimes...it had been kind of...enjoyable...and exciting...too...

Right after school, while waiting for Ashley, she had met a girl...a hot girl...a cheerleader...a beautiful redhead...Lisa...and they had quickly taken to each other, becoming instant friends. They had even...kissed. But that had just been a friendly little kiss, one to satisfy Lisa's curiosity, that's all. Emma closed her eyes, reliving that moment, and unintentionally relishing it.

After Ashley and Lisa had helped her prepare for the next day's cheerleading tryouts, Emma and Ashley had gone to a secluded shed. Ashley, as always, had wanted Emma's body, and, to placate her, the brunette had relented. Emma had tried to leave before it went too far, but somehow that had not worked out, and they had ending up having sex, a lot of sex, wild, super fun, memorable sex... which had gone on and on...one wonderful round after another...

Yes, it had been too much...or at least more than she had thought she had wanted...initially... But, Emma concluded, she had had to go along with it...to keep her girlfriend...and thereby fulfill her assignment... So, it wasn't as if she had a choice...And, after all, it had been with Ashley...her hot new girlfriend...her lesbian girlfriend... It was really only natural for girlfriends to have sex... That was what they supposed to do...of course... And...to be honest...it had made her feel like she was falling...in love...for the first time in her life...even though her heart-throb... was...a...girl.................. But...but...certainly she wasn't totally at fault if she had gone too far... She had tried to put a limit to it...and...and she hadn't been able to get out of it... hadn't been able to turn Ashley down...hadn't been able...to...resist...her...

Later, while grocery shopping for her mom, a rather remarkable thing had happened. Out of the blue, she ran into Janet again, of all people. Emma had worried a little that they might not ever meet again. But that surprising encounter seemed to have been destiny more than mere coincidence. It had led to an agreement--a date, an appointment, whatever one wanted to call it--to get together the next day, which Emma hoped would lead to information which would help her escape her trapped situation. Of course, the visit would have the additional bonus of being an opportunity to spend more time with that superb woman, a woman who, in some elusive way, seemed like some kind of ideal or model or mother figure or mentor for her. It wasn't hard to imagine them becoming, in time, very special friends, if things worked out. She felt their rendezvous would prove fruitful, both in terms of what she might learn, not only about Galatea's order but about--oh, about whatever else Janet might be able to teach her--and the chance for them to become closer. But, of course, she assured herself, the main goal would be the intelligence-gathering part, the rest would be subordinate to that aim, and she would make sure she didn't fall into anything sordid...no, nothing even close to it... of course...

And, of course, there had been those visits from Candice. They had been a little unusual, in that there had been a new and distinctly sensual air about them. Indeed...there had been something unusually exciting about seeing Candice today, Emma reflected...although she wasn't sure whether she could put her finger on what that special factor had been, exactly.

In the evening, doing her laundry, she had run into her little sister--who, Emma deliberated, was certainly growing into an attractive young women, getting quite cute and quite shapely quite fast--followed by that just-completed self-pleasuring session in the bathroom. During that hot little interlude, her imagination had gotten quite carried away, to the point that she had even included Candice in her fantasies...

How strange...

Now this eventful day and its novel happenings seemed to be winding down. Right now she, at last, was having a moment of peace, solitude, recovery, and reflection--at least until Galatea would be summoning her later in the evening for her nighttime magic lesson.

Admittedly, the day had been filled with acts of...of, yes, debauchery, it was true...things that a straight girl, and decent girl...like herself...shouldn't be doing...things she had never wanted to do before... things she had never imagined herself ever doing...or enjoying...but...she did do them...and...she had to admit...she had enjoyed it..........all of it............ Moreover...despite her excuses...she had not really been forced into any of it... She had chosen to go along with it...

Although Galatea required her to become a lesbian and seduce girls as part of her assignment, she wasn't required to enjoy it or to do more than what she needed to, she knew. But...it seemed that...sometimes...more than sometimes...she was doing more...and feeling more... Emma was starting to become afraid of what she might do next or how she would change. She especially felt this vein of dread as she remembered catching herself ogling her younger sister, Ella.

I don't want to become a lesbian. I'm not one. I can do better tomorrow. Only the minimum necessary to satisfy Galatea...that's what a straight and moral girl would do... That's what I'll do...until Candice's order can get me out of this...

Emma's train of thought was interrupted when something appearing in front of her suddenly caught her attention.

A cloud of blue sparkles materialized and slowly formed into a female figure. After the sparkles dispersed, it took a few moments for the brunette teen to recognize the person as Jeannie, who was dressed differently than usual. She was more regal in appearance. There was a silver tiara on her head, encrusted with pink and colorless gems. Her voluptuous body was dressed scantily in a gleaming silver metal bra with cups in the shape of pointed cones, a matching triangular silver metal thong, a pair of six-inch silver high heels, and a pair of intertwined metallic serpents which wrapped around her hyper-thin waist and encircled her bra and breasts, composing a kind of exotic corset which lifted her colossal, metallic-covered mammary orbs in a most breathtaking fashion. Her accessories included a cylindrical silver armlet encrusted with pink gems, a pendant necklace with a large, star-shaped pink gem, a belly piercing with a similarly-shaped gem, dangling pink earrings, and a silver ankle bracelet. Her platinum blonde hair flowed from her head in long, wavy curls all the way to her upper thighs. Metallic red and silver colors formed the make-up of her face and the color of her nails.

The brunette girl's initial reaction to the sight of Jeannie was that she looked sexy in the outfit...incredibly sexy...

Emma had come to genuinely like Jeanie, and had come to regard her as a sort of confidant and, even, as a friend--not one she felt she could trust without reservation, but one who had assisted her in her assignments and troubles on a fairly consistent basis, and who had given her information, guidance, and pointers which had helped her understand her situation and her options more clearly...or so she thought. Further, despite her desire to maintain sexual neutrality with Jeannie, she was attracted to the platinum blonde more than she wanted to be, an attraction which seemed to grow more compelling every time she saw her anew. Certainly that was true this evening.

While Emma's conscious personality still felt a little shy around Jeannie--part of which inhibition stemmed from her awe of Jeannie's perfect beauty and erotic aura--and, as a straight girl, reluctant to engage with her sexually, especially if it was not mandatory, a buried part of Emma wanted a much deeper involvement with Jeannie. It was true that Emma had had some sexual experiences with Jeannie, such as kissing on various occasions and when Jeannie had inserted herself into Emma's play with the golem Lisa, and that Lisa had invited Emma to make love with her after Emma's romp with Jennifer--which Emma had declined, despite being quite tempted--but the teen's darker side wondered, with a trace of unwitting disappointment, why they had not yet been commanded by Galatea to have hard-core lesbian sex with each other, or why Jeannie had not been more insistent in making it happen. Well...perhaps that was one reason Emma liked Jeannie so much--she was considerate, gentle, and kind when she was allowed to be, or so it seemed to Emma.

In any case, Emma was happy Jeannie was there, although she was surprised to see her rather than Galatea.

Emma snapped out of a momentary daze caused by Jeannie's mesmerizing and unexpected appearance. "Hi, Jeannie," greeted Emma with a friendly but lowered voice, afraid that they might be heard by her family. "Why...why are you here? Where's Galatea? Is she coming?"

"She's busy with an important task, so she's assigned me to guide you on your magic lessons for tonight."

"Oh." Emma realized that she was disappointed that she wouldn't be seeing the Silver Witch this night. Even though they had been together early that morning, she had been looking forward, unknown to herself until this moment, to being with her again. But...on the other hand...Jeannie was quite a substitute... And it wouldn't be the first time Jeannie had taken Galatea's place in one of Emma's "training" sessions; there was that "lesson", after all, in which Jeannie introduced her to Lisa the golem, led them into sex, and then taught her the Eagle Eye spell........ And...Jeannie was marvelous to look at.......... Jeannie definitely would do.

Then it struck Emma that she hadn't dolled herself up sexily, like she normally did, and like she was now accustomed to doing in preparation to seeing her mistress. It seemed that she owed Jeannie the same...the same experience...like...she needed to be sexy for Jeannie...too... That was only fair... So, Emma concluded, she would ask Jeannie to wait, and she'd go upstairs and take some time to prepare herself...a shower, makeup, lingerie, perfume...

Delaying her departure with Jeanie would also serve another need--one which Emma realized, as she thought about it, was rather important--inasmuch as she normally went away with Galatea later in the evening, when most everyone in her house was asleep and likely wouldn't detect her absence. Leaving this early would risk that her mom or dad or sister might want her for something before they went to bed...and if she was gone...

Emma needed more time. Maybe Jeannie would be willing to come back later.

"Isn't it too early? I haven't prepared myself yet. I always get, you know, ‘fixed' for Galatea. Also, what if my family notices I'm gone?"

"No problem. You can come as you're dressed now. And I have a special way to deal with your family. Don't worry your pretty head about anything. Now, pretend I'm Galatea."

That's not hard... She looks like Galatea...a lot...

"What do you always do whenever you see her?"

Very briefly, Emma wondered if Jeannie was really allowed to impersonate Galatea, whether in appearance only or also in speaking and acting like her and for her. When the question passed, Emma having decided it didn't matter that much to her, without breaking eye contact, Emma got up from the chair, walked a few steps, lightly embraced Jeannie by putting her hands around her waist, and then said, "I love you...Galatea," before kissing Jeannie on the lips. Jeannie's red lips tasted sweet like strawberries and the feeling of her fingers touching Jeannie's smooth alabaster skin was wonderful. Her hands slowly drifted downward to touch Jeannie's naked butt, but Emma quickly stopped the kiss and broke the embrace when she realized what she was doing.

"Don't be shy. You act as if you've never kissed a woman before...even though you've fucked Jennifer, Gemma, Lisa, Janet, and Ashley today. Kiss me as if you mean it! And my name isn't Galatea."

Emma felt a very strong urge to kiss Jeannie again, not knowing that a lust spell had been cast on her. Although she knew Emma, even without the spell, would have complied readily, Jeannie made sure Emma was really into it.

The brunette girl, again gazing into her blonde companion's eyes, softly said, "I love you...Jeannie", before she brought her lips to those of the blonde enchantress again. She kissed tenderly at first, then, yielding to the desire rising further within her, with greater hunger, and finally pushed her tongue deeply into Jeannie's mouth, as she squeezed Jeannie's ass tightly. After a half minute of mutually and increasingly ardent necking, blue and white lights filled Emma's vision as they kissed. Within a few moments, she was in the courtyard of the sky castle.

Jeannie broke the kiss and allowed the teen to recover a little from the exhilaration she knew was coursing through the girl from the passionate joining of their mouths, before telling Emma about their lesson for the night.

"We will begin with the usual review of what you've learned before moving on to new material. Tonight you'll be learning the spell, Seduction."

"Is this new spell similar to the spell I learned yesterday, Lust?"

"In a way, yes, but in another way, they're different. Lust is primarily physical while Seduction is more psychological. If you wish to convert Jennifer into being your lover, then you need to use Seduction on her."

"No, I-I don't want that... What happened in the morning was an accident... I didn't mean to--"

"Accident or not, what you've done can't be undone... Since you've already made some headway with her, you should make her your girlfriend, like what you've done with Ashley..."

"But Ashley's different... I didn't do anything to her with magic...And, besides, Jennifer...she's too young... I think she's only, like, fourteen or fifteen..."

"So? Why does that matter? What exactly is ‘too young' for you? If you were honest with yourself, you'd admit that is one of the things you like best about her...how young she is. In fact, you wouldn't mind an even younger girlfriend...especially if she were cute enough...would you?"

Emma opened her mouth, but had nothing to say. In actuality, Jennifer's young age had been no deterrent to the enjoyment Emma had extracted from her body...and...Jeannie was right...it might have added to it, in some twisted way...so she aborted her retort.

"It doesn't matter whether or not magic was used or the girls' ages. Galatea wants you to seduce as many girls as possible for your assignment. Besides, Jennifer likes you...and I think the feeling's mutual...isn't it?"

Emma simply blushed and looked away.

"I thought so. You'll be sweet together. Anyway, let's begin the review..."

They sat down on a marble bench together, standing and motioning occasionally, as needed. The review lasted about twenty minutes. Despite the compulsory circumstances under which she was learning magic, Emma felt proud of herself for being able to remember most of what she had learned up to that point.

"Good job, Emma. You managed to recite and execute the spells flawlessly," said Jeannie before giving the brunette teen a surprise kiss on the lips, causing Emma to feel a twinge of excitement. "Now, onward to tonight's lesson." Jeannie snapped her fingers.

There was an echo of high heels click-clacking on the marble-tiled floor. At first, Emma didn't know where the sound was coming from exactly, but once it got near enough, she perceived it was emanating behind her, so she swiveled around on the bench to look. The sight now in front of her caused her eyes to widen.

What stood about ten feet away wasn't human. It was some sort of automaton, or robot, as Emma would be prone to call it. It was in the shape of an attractive female with fine curves and large breasts, but various aspects of it were clearly inhuman. It had mirror-like chrome skin and neon blue light emitting from its myriad gaps, joints, seams, and sensors. Its head was completely hairless and featureless except for two implanted light arrays, which Emma guessed to be its eyes. Each array consisted of twelve small blue spheres, each three millimeters in diameter, arranged to demarcate a six-pointed star, with a large, glowing sphere, also blue, of fifteen millimeters in diameter, at the center of each star shape.

For some reason, the automaton felt familiar to her, as if she had seen it somewhere before. Suddenly, the automaton's eyes flashed briefly. The words "fuck me" echoed in Emma's mind. She wasn't sure whether it was coming from the automaton, or just from her imagination, or from some other source.

"Emma, this the automaton on which you're going to practice the new spell that you're going to learn. Now...listen carefully to what I'm about to say..."

For about forty minutes, Jeannie lectured Emma on the details of the spell, Seduction, covering its history, how it was generally to be used, how it could be misused, related spells, and precisely how to cast the spell. Jeannie then gave her student an oral test to make sure she had understood.

"Excellent! You're a quick learner... Now, Emma...try it on her..."

Closing her eyes, Emma visualized the symbols of Seduction and directed the spell at the automaton standing in front of her. The first six attempts failed, eliciting either no response or a paltry, fleeting one, but on the seventh attempt, a loud and sexual moan emitted from the automaton, in a sultrily feminine, if unnatural, tenor. Its glowing eyes increased in brightness and glowing blue nipples formed on its conic breasts and swelled to over an inch in length. A bright blue slit also opened in the area between its legs, forming a robotic vagina. Emma stared at the changes with a rising, decadent curiosity, not knowing there were external forces influencing her, quietly directing her thoughts and her feelings.

You are curious about automatons...

You love automatons...

You want to fuck automatons...

You want to breed with automatons...

Jeannie's clapping snapped Emma out of her brief trance. "Good job. You managed to activate its sexual function pretty quickly! Now, I want you to try the spell again. Practice makes perfect!"

The lights on the automaton abruptly dimmed and it returned to the state it was in before Emma had cast the spell. Concentrating her mind again, Emma recast Seduction. This cycle repeated a dozen more times. Each time, the subconscious psychic voice spoke in her mind and she grew increasingly intrigued with the automaton. At the twelfth iteration, the automaton did not switch back to its original mode.

"Very good! You did much better than most others before you. Now, before we move to the next step, let me tell you a little about automatons. You might have heard tales of their less sophisticated cousins, golems. A standard golem is nothing more than a mass of solid material, such as clay or metal, animated by magic, good mainly for physical tasks, but that's about it, though there are some golems which are more refined and have greater capabilities than standard ones. Lisa, whom I introduced to you in a previous lesson--and I bet you haven't forgotten her, have you?--was one of these special types of golems. However, an automaton is a machine and is, generally speaking, more complicated than a golem, being composed of magically enchanted gears, springs, switches and metal plates that allow for more fluid and diverse movements and functions. They were first created in many ages past by Galatea's people, originally for industrial use. That function later branched out into other purposes including commercial, agricultural, entertainment, and military.

"Though a golem can be enhanced to have some of the same capabilities as the automaton, an automaton is more efficient and cost-effective in terms of the mana required to operate it. That is not to say golems are inferior to automatons. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Golems, though they have less features and functions than automatons, are very resistant to physical and magical damage and highly durable due to their simple structure, allowing them to work and reside in extreme environments. Automatons, on the other hand, are more susceptible to physical and magical damage, but are easier to program and control, allowing them to perform many different tasks with great accuracy. They could also be endowed with artificial intelligence to make them fully autonomous. This can be done with golems as well, but the process is more difficult."

"Wow... I didn't know people had such technology back then..."

"Well, now you know. Given what I've told you, can you guess as to the purpose of the automaton standing in front of you?"

"It's hard for me to guess because it's the first time I've seen one of these things."

"Oh silly, Emma, this is not the first time you've seen automatons."

A mechanical butterfly suddenly flew past Emma and landed on Jeannie's extended forefinger.

"I didn't realize these are related..."

"Despite their different size and appearance, they are very much related to each other. Now, what's your guess? What's the chief use of this automaton, the one you've been experimenting on?"

"It's some type of worker...?"

"Correct, but I need something more specific..."

Emma looked at the various features of the automaton's body and guessed that it had some sort of sexual purpose because of the feminine features, but she would rather not say it so explicitly.

"Is it used for...entertainment?"

"You're getting closer, but I'm just going to tell you the answer now: It's used for sexual training and sexual entertainment. Inexperienced men and women can experiment with this type of automaton before engaging in sex with their actual partners. Females getting into prostitution and similar jobs would use this automaton to train themselves in sexual arts and to desensitize themselves to lesbianism. And the wealthy might own one of these as one of their regular sexual toys. So, Emma, given what I've said, can you guess what the next step in tonight's lesson is?"

Don't tell me she wants me to...

"You want me to...have...uh...sex...with the automaton?"

"Exactly... By the way, her name is Corycia."

"But...it doesn't even look human..."

"You remember doing it with Lisa, don't you? And you enjoyed that, didn't you?" Emma had definitely not forgotten Lisa. The brunette had initially not wanted to play with her--it--whatever Lisa was--but the pleasure in their lovemaking had been undeniable, and she still thought about it from time to time. Yet, she was hesitate to reveal that to Jeannie, as a sexual attraction to an inhuman entity seemed to be a rather perverted thing to admit to, so she remained silent, hoping Jeannie's question was simply rhetorical, and the blonde did not expect an answer.

"You can try to avoid the question, Emma, but I know you did. I was there and I saw you. So...Lisa's a golem in the shape of a human. This automaton is not much different from her. Don't be afraid. Go ahead and walk up to her."

Reluctantly, Emma walked up to the automaton until she was within hugging distance. As she stared at its inhuman face, she stood silently, unsure of how to proceed. When she became aware of erotic feelings stirring within her, seemingly for no reason, she started to become worried. For several long moments, Emma just stood there reluctantly in front of it.

"It might be easier if you transform into Lesbian Princess of Chastity."

The last time Emma had transformed, she had done something terrible. But...maybe...this time it would be different. There was no one else around as far as she knew--no human, other than Jeannie, whom she could rape, like she had Jennifer, or otherwise harm--and Jeannie, on whom she felt, by now, she could rely, at least to some degree, to keep her out of trouble, would keep an eye out for her. So, thinking transforming might have some instructional upside and little downside in this situation, and trusting Jeannie's recommendation--and, honestly, having rather enjoyed her exotic, made-over appearance, her powers, and her sexy feelings while in her Princess persona--Emma initiated the required exertion of will to change herself. . However, as hard as she tried, she found the desired transformation surprisingly difficult to get started.

"Looks like you're having some difficulty transforming. It might help if you stare into Corycia's eyes."

Emma focused her gaze on the inhuman face of the automaton and was caught in its luminous eyes, that were now moving and flashing in fixed patterns with a hypnotic effect on the teen girl.

You are sexually attracted to Corycia...

You want to touch, kiss, and feel Corycia's metallic body...

You want to make love with her... You want to fuck her... You want to mate with her...

While these propositions passed into Emma as if they were her own impulses and desires, a small voice of skepticism in the back of Emma's mind reacted to the last one. No, that's impossible... You can't mate with a robot... Nevertheless, Emma found the suggestion that a girl like herself could somehow mate with a robot such as the one in front of her to be pruriently fascinating. ...Can you?...

As if addressing her quiet little objection, a nub started to form on the automaton's face in the spot where the mouth would have been on a real human being. The nub was crystal clear and colorless in appearance and grew into a long phallic shape. It then proceeded to lengthen further, forming into a stiff, hollow tentacle, which extended itself toward Emma's face until it pressed against Emma's lips. Under entrancement, Emma opened her lips to receive the crystalline tentacle-phallus. Small glowing pink spheres flowed from Corycia's mouth into Emma's mouth via the transparent oral phallus. Emma's throat pulsated as she swallowed the spheres, which quickly got absorbed by her body. The effect was twofold: Her sexual arousal greatly increased and her mind drifted to a dream-like, virtual-reality state.

White fog surrounded Emma. She walked several dozens of steps in a random direction before finding a young female figure, dressed in a glittery blue robe, standing in front of her. Emma felt a strange sense of familiarity towards her. The hooded robe covered the mysterious female from head to toe. It was somewhat form-fitting, not too loose and not too tight, just enough to reveal that the she had delectable curves. Her mouth was covered by a blue satin veil, leaving her eyes as the only features that were exposed. The upper lids of the eyes were painted with a mirror-like layer of silver eye shadow with a bluish tinge, while the margins of the lids were outlined in glittery blue and the lashes were very long and very thick due to a copious amount of dark blue mascara. Emma gawked at the attractive sight in front of her.

A brief, playful fluttering of the girl's long, dark lashes snapped Emma out of her fascinated daze. The girl turned around and walked away into the fog in her high heels, which could be heard but were hidden beneath her robe, and Emma, driven by instinct, followed her. Emma's eyes drifted to the girl's swaying ass, outlined by the glittering robe. Knowing that she was being followed, the girl swiveled around and winked at Emma before continuing on her way. The brunette continued following, but soon lost the blue-clad girl in the dense fog. She stopped and looked around confusedly.


Feminine arms suddenly wrapped around Emma's shoulders from behind in a surprise hug. A scent of blueberry-accented perfume wafted pleasantly into her nose. Turning partially around, she realized that it was the girl she was chasing who was hugging her.

"Why are you following me?"

"Sophia!" exclaimed Emma excitedly.

As soon as Emma turned fully around to face her friend, Sophia broke the embrace and backed off a few steps.

"Sorry, Emma. It's too late."


In the midst of the quiet night, a flash of light burst forth suddenly on the rooftop of the house across from Emma's home. The flash was succeeded by a cascade of magical sparkles, which coalesced and took on the shape of a tall female figure. The entity quickly materialized into a being of substance and refined itself into a woman with visible feminine features. When her advent was completed, she wore a silver bejeweled tiara on her head of long platinum blonde hair, a diaphanous, pearlescent silver cloak over her shoulders, a filigreed metallic silver bra on her breasts, a matching metallic silver thong around her hips, and 5-inch silver high heels. Lustrous scarlet red lipstick covered her lips with a matching color on her long, tapered nails. Silver bracelets encircled her wrists, while a bejeweled silver armlet encircled her upper left arm. Dangling ruby earrings, a ruby belly piercing, and a ruby pendant necklace completed the ensemble.

"I've been expecting you, Galatea," said Katrina, who stood nearby.

"You're a mage of the Order of Light, but...hmmm...I sense a novel energy emanating from you. It's not as drab as the kinds of magic characteristic of your order....... No...definitely not magic used by the Order of..."

"You already know who I serve."

"So Hecate is still alive? That's a surprise. Had I known she would have survived, I wouldn't have teleported her inside that volcano. I did so love the summer home we kept in Pompeii."

"Yes, Goddess is still alive and she's willing to forgive the past feud and grievances in exchange for your alliance with her," answered the black-haired female mage through gold-painted lips.

Galatea laughed as she recalled the events that created a rift between her and her sister and eventually turned them into enemies.

"What's so funny?"

"Why can't she speak to me directly?"

"Goddess is currently occupied with important business, so she sent me as a representative. She will be able to meet with you soon, if you so desire." Katrina adjusted her wavy black hair and tossed it slightly.

"Just tell Hecate not to interfere with my plans and stay out of my way."

Fluttering her glittery golden mascara-laden eyelashes a few times, the young raven-haired mage replied, "Goddess was not responsible for what you're claiming and has no desire to interfere with your activities."

Galatea was incredulous but decided to play along. "Then do you happen to know the responsible party?"

"The magic orders. They are slowly losing their magical powers. Each new member they initiate into their orders is weaker than the last. Their only recourse is to start forming alliances with other covens and orders to maintain what little magical power they have. Some are planning or have already begun operations against you as well as against Goddess. Both Goddess and you are in a very precarious situation right now." Katrina gesticulated with her golden-nailed hands, both to emphasis her point as well as to draw Galatea's attention to their beauty.

She's telling me what I already know. I can't read her mind through the psychic shield, but I know she's lying or at least not telling the full truth. "What if I refuse the proposed alliance?"

"Goddess expected this to be your answer, but she hopes you're willing to reconsider."

Katrina's gold-trimmed white robe suddenly became transparent with a polychromatic sheen, revealing the exotic golden lingerie she wore beneath. It consisted of a filigree metal bra and matching panties made from golden wires worn over a yellow satin bra and panties with white lace. A golden chain piercing with a dangling yellow gem hung from her navel. Her legs were encased in sheer white satin stockings with gold floral patterns. She stood on white ankle-length leather boots with five-inch heels.

"By just having you offer your body to me?"

"No. If you accept, I'll also serve you with my heart and soul. I would forever be your slave...and your lover...if you so desire."

Pretending to be seduced by Katrina's charm, Galatea walked over to the girl and kissed her, lightly at first, then very deeply, pushing her tongue into the girl's mouth, which Katrina reciprocated. Moments later, Galatea abruptly broke the kiss.

"Tell Hecate that she needs to talk with me directly if she wants me to consider forming an alliance with her. I won't make deals through an intermediary. Especially ones who use amateurish seduction magic to try to get between my legs."Not that I would mind that with this little beauty sometime, however...

Katrina felt anger and disappointment at the rejection--not only for having failed on her diplomatic mission, but also because she lusted for the Silver Witch--but hid it with a smiling face. I will seduce you yet...

"As you wish, Galatea. Regardless of your decision tonight, I bid you reconsider. My offer of becoming your lover and servant still stands. I'll be around this area at night if you wish to contact me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll depart." Katrina turned her robe back into its normal, opaque appearance before scissoring her legs astride her magical broom and flying away.

A solemn look appeared on the Silver Witch's face. I won't be fooled by you again, my dear sister...if you are really still alive...

Galatea focused her attention back on the purpose of her visit to Emma's home. Using her remote viewing ability, she was able to observe Joanne, Emma's mother, through the living room window. I will make you become my lesbian lover, just like what I'm doing with your daughter, thought the Silver Witch as she licked her lustrous ruby-red lips.


Joanne walked along the hallway on the second floor of her house, dressed in her sleeping gown. She knocked gently on the door of Emma's room while calling her daughter and heard no response--contrary to her hope, but not, on this night, to her expectation. After several attempts, she opened the door and walked inside. Where had her daughter gone? Again.

The concerned mother had noticed something was amiss three nights ago, when, for the first time, she had discovered that her daughter was gone from her room at night, without having informed her parents, and had been absent around two hours. Joanne hadn't brought this up with her husband, Anthony, or with Emma, because she thought it would only be an occasional thing. But her daughter had then gone missing again three nights in a row. This was making her worried about what her daughter was doing. What was also of curiosity to Joanne was that she had failed to see Emma coming or going on any of these nights, mystifying the mother as to Emma's route leaving and reentering the house and her room, and as to how the girl was otherwise eluding her.

These secretive nighttime absences came in addition to hushed voices and unusual sounds which had been coming from Emma's bedroom over recent weeks , as well as what seemed to Joanne to be a mild personality change in Emma lately, which included an enigmatic preoccupation which had seemed to weigh on her older daughter. Joanne knew that it all could just be attributable to the normal experience of growing up for a teen, especially with the hormonal changes and mood swings common to Emma's age and gender, that Emma might just be stretching her wings a little in an innocent way, and that she, Joanne, was possibly just being an overprotective hen. On the other hand...was there something more sinister going on? Like...was Emma hanging out with a boy? Or doing something illicit with her friends?...

Emma's mother looked around the room. A small, glittery object on the floor next to Emma's bed caught her eye. She walked over and picked it up. It was a business card. Printed on the upper half of the front of the card were the words "Silver Moon Psychic and Palm Reading" in stylized letters with metallic silver ink. On the bottom right was an address and phone number. On the left was an outlined image of a robed and veiled woman with her hands hovering over a crystal.

The picture depicted the woman's breasts with a surprising amount of detail for such a small image, showing them to be large and displaying an eye-catching amount of cleavage.

There was something strange about the card that Joanne couldn't put a finger on. Suddenly it came to her! Emma might be selling her....her... No! My daughter would never do that! However, Joanne wasn't sure. A strong sense of urgency and worry came to her. She needed to be certain her daughter wasn't doing anything foolish.

Joanne took the card, went to her own bedroom--in which the only sound was that of male snoring--left the door open to let the hallway light illuminate, to some degree, the interior of the otherwise dark space, and nudged her husband awake, while calling out his name. "Anthony...honey... Wake up!"

A snort signaled the abrupt and begrudged departure of slumber from Joanne's husband.

"Wha...What's the matter?"

"It's about Emma. She's gone from her room! This has been happening for the past three nights."

It took a few seconds for the man's groggy mind to comprehend his wife's alert and to form a response.

"Oh...Emma?.........uh.......well........... That's...that's probably okay... She's a big girl....... Come on, Joanne, don't tell me you never snuck out in the middle of the night when you were young. If I recall, that's how we started our third date. Besides, she's probably just hanging with her friends. You really didn't wake me up just for that, did you?"

"But...but we don't know who she is hanging out with. It could be bad people. I found this card in her room."

With drowsy eyes, Anthony looked at the business card in the dim light. For a brief moment, his eyes sprang open wider with apparent curiosity, recognition, or concern, but he then lost interest quickly and had difficulty keeping himself awake. "That's...*yawn*...that's just a business card. Honey, I need to sleep. *Yawn* You know I didn't get enough sleep last night, and I'm beat."

Joanne thought she saw a brief bluish flash from the card, but she dismissed it as just a natural reflection of faint light on the card, light either from the hall or from moonlight coming through the window.

Joanne and her husband had gotten along tolerably well and had treated each other with reasonable respect and love over their marriage, but she found this instance of Anthony's seeming indifference toward his wife's concern and their daughter's welfare to be rubbing her very much the wrong way. In fact, it was as if, in one fell swoop, it had erased the regard she had held for him over the years. In her emotions, she could sense her previously warm feelings for her husband cool to a frosty chill.

The selfish pig...

"Anthony, don't you care about your daughter? You can sleep all you want tomorrow."

"What do you want me to do?"

"We need to visit this place."

"Right now? So late at night? You think it's one of...those...places? That's stupid! You're just making assumptions. We don't even know if Emma has ever gone to a place like that. We can wait to question her after she comes back."

"But, it might be too late!"

Anthony turned around, sinking his head deep into his pillow. "Joanne...just..." His voice trailed off. "Just........ drop.........it....."

Within a few seconds, he had drifted back to sleep. She called his name a few times, but to no avail.

The card glowed briefly again, Joanne once more thinking the effect was from reflected ambient light...except the way it shined seemed...unnatural. Regardless, she dismissed it...but stared at the card...

You don't need your husband...

Joanne thought she heard someone speaking to her, but then assumed that it was her own thought. "Fine! I'll go look for Emma on my own!"

What a jerk... Who needs him?

She dressed hastily in a taupe-colored cardigan sweater over a white top, light blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. In front of the closet mirror, she gave herself a quick check before grabbing her keys and heading off to her car parked in the driveway. However, right when she was about to start her vehicle, she saw her husband opening the front door and coming out. He had dressed himself hastily in casual clothes, as she had.

"I'm coming with you!" he cried out.

"I thought you wanted to sleep," countered Joanne, with a displeased tone as her husband opened the passenger door and entered through it.

"I'm sorry. I... I guess the lack of sleep is getting to me. She's our daughter and if she's gotten herself involved in a bad place then, as her parents, it's our responsibility to get her out. Let's go and get our daughter back."

Although part of Joanne tried to be glad that her husband had decided to overcome his laziness, crawl out of bed, show some semblance of fatherly devotion, and accompany her, inwardly, for some reason, she was disappointed that her husband hadn't remained in bed.

After a seven-minute drive, they arrived at the address printed on the card. The business was located on the second floor of a two-story brick building situated on a quiet street at its intersection with a road that was fairly busy during the daytime, but now, at night, was quite dead--except for the psychic's place. A large red, white, and yellow neon sign with the words "Silver Moon Psychic and Palm Reading" hung behind a large window. Light shone through the glass panels of a door on the side of the building. A sign next to it indicated that it was the entrance to the business.

"This is this place."

Joanne parked her car right next to the building. She looked at her husband and determined that he had fallen asleep.

Don't wake up your husband... You're better off without him...now... and always... Leave him be...

At first, Joanne wanted to wake him up, but for some reason, she decided to let him remain asleep instead. She felt she didn't need him and that it would be better to investigate without him...and that there were other things in her life...maybe many other things...that she could and should do without his involvement.Useless bum...

She entered the building through the conspicuous doorway. As she walked up the stairway, which was mutely lit with fluted bulbs, casting moody, streaked-light patterns on the walls, she noticed a smell of perfumed incense. An unexpected feeling of excitement grew within her, which she found strange.

The door at the head of the stairwell was open, and, after a few seconds of uncertain pausing on the landing outside the doorway, partly to adapt to the dimmed lighting conditions and partly to scan into the strange suite in front of her, Joann passed into a large, candle-lit parlor, the decor of which appeared to partake heavily of Bohemian, Gypsy, occult, and fantasy elements.

"Welcome back, Joanne..."

Emma's mother localized the source of the soft, feminine voice, a hooded and veiled woman in front of her across the room sitting behind a small table. She found herself captivated by the eyes she saw boring into her.

"I don't think we've ever met...and...and I've never been here before..."

"Then why have you come here tonight?"

"I...I..." Joanne found herself having difficulty remembering the purpose of her visit to this place, not knowing that her mind was being affected magically.


After finding herself staring into her daughter's eyes for several seconds, Clara averted her eyes away from her daughter's gaze for a few moments. She thought she had seen her daughter's eyes glowing blue, but decided that it was probably just a minor hallucination or illusion caused by stress, or possibly the light of the moon reflecting from her girl's eyes. For some reason, she found herself unable to turn away from her daughter's pretty face for long, and she looked at it again. There was something magnetic about it. Her eyes then went to her daughter's blonde hair. The braided pigtails with small pink bows, complimented by eye-catching make-up, looked so cute on her.

Clara's eyes drifted lower. She noticed how the burgundy-and-white-colored top hugged her daughter's svelte, curvy upper body tightly, and how attractively its rather low-cut scoop neckline showed off the upper swells of her daughter's firm young breasts. She found her eyes lingering directly on the teen's cleavage as she absently noted to herself how much her daughter's mammaries had recently grown to a nice, large, womanly size.

Continuing roaming with her eyes, she saw how the matching A-box pleated skirt ended a little more than half-way down Ashley's slim thighs. She imagined the skirt to be even shorter and the sleeved top of the cheerleading outfit as being a navel-exposing crop top with no sleeves.

Clara caught herself. Wha...? Why am I thinking about my daughter like that? Why am I...checking...her...out...? Afraid of her own thoughts, Clara forced herself to look away from her daughter.

"It's getting late. Let's start going home now."

"Okay, Mom," replied Ashley with a sultry tone and seductive look. They both got into the car and Clara drove away.

About half-way during the homeward trip, Clara glanced over at her daughter, intending to look for just a second. The pretty girl's already-short skirt had ridden up her legs, leaving much more than half of the girl's creamy, smooth thighs bare, which sight caught and held Clara's attention. Clare could barely tear her eyes away to scan the road ahead, which she, however, did manage to do, enough to stay on the road, alternating that with returning to those lovely legs repeatedly, as if her eyes had a mind of their own. Clara imagined what she would be seeing if the skirt were even shorter...maybe a micro length... those sleek legs...exposed most all the way up to the teen beauty's swelling hips...and, then...if she were to spread her legs a little...to give a peak of her...panties...

Clara felt wetness between her legs and an urge to grind her thighs together. She saw the street lights flashing slowly in hues of blue, pink, and white. The road, nearby buildings, and trees appeared to shift and bend as if they were alive. Driving became difficult. She felt a hand grabbing her breast and warm breath on her right ear. Moist lips brushed against her earlobe and spoke, "Mom, do you want to fuck?"

"Ahhhh!" Clara stepped forcefully on the brakes of her car, causing the tires to screech on the asphalt surface until the sedan came to a halt by the side of the road, which fortunately had been empty of other vehicles near them. She blinked her eyes a few times. The road, buildings, trees, and everything else in front of and around her appeared normal again. Looking to her side, she saw that her daughter wasn't doing anything inappropriate.

What's going on? Then it hit her. It's that thing that the mysterious woman gave me! There's something...wrong with it... Opening her handbag just enough to see the metallic glint of the dildo, Clara wanted to just reach in, grab the infernal object, and toss it out the vehicle through the car window...but something held her back.

Keep it... You need it...if you love your daughter...

Clara struggled with the strange, competing impulses and thoughts racing in her mind.

"Mom, why did you stop the car?" asked Ashley in a slightly worried voice. "Is something wrong?"

Exercising sheer willpower, Clara managed to contain the strange urges and impressions acting on her, at least for the time being, adequately enough to reply to her daughter. "I'm just feeling a little bit sick. It's nothing serious. We're almost home." She turned her focus back on the road, released the brake pedal, and pressed on the gas, as the car started rolling forward again.

"Don't lie to me, Mom," Clara heard her daughter say in a sultry voice. "I know you're feeling horny right now...and that you want to fuck me..."

"NO!" Clara slammed on the brakes suddenly again.

"Mom, you're scaring me... Do you want me to drive instead?"

I'm imagining things... That woman must have done something to me... I need to get rid of that thing she gave me as soon as possible...

"No, it's fine. I'm alright."

For the rest of the drive, Clara was able to repress her strange new urges and had no more delusory incidents.

"Thanks for picking me up, Mom," said Ashley as she got out of the car.

Clara couldn't resist looking at her daughter's swaying butt covered in the cheerleading skirt as her daughter walked away from her.

I want to fuck her...

Forcing herself to look away, Clara answered to the compelling new voice in her head. No, I can't do that with my daughter! Get out of my mind!

"Mom, why aren't you coming?"

"I think I dropped my wallet back where you parked your car. I need to go back to look for it." It was a lie. Clara wanted to get away from her daughter in order to keep the young woman safe and to throw away the accursed object given to her by the mysterious woman.

"I'm sorry that happened, Mom. It's my fault."

"No, it's my fault. I was absentminded. Can you tell your Dad that I'm going to be home later?"

"Sure. Wait, do you want me to come with you?"

The illusory Ashley voice added, "We can have sex together if you want...and I know you definitely want it!"

Let your daughter come with you...

Stop it!

"No, it's fine." Clara decided to cut the conversation short and restarted the vehicle. "Remember to tell your Dad!"

"Don't worry, Mom. I'll tell him. Be safe!"

I won't let you hurt my daughter.

Clara drove to an isolated causeway and followed it to a point where it crossed over a river. She slowed down on the dark bridge and pulled over to the side. Right before she parked her car, she saw a small flashing yellow object in her rear view mirror hovering right behind her car, but she dismissed it as a firefly or some other phosphorescent insect.

The sedan now parked, she grabbed the metallic dildo from her purse, got out, walked over to the railing, reached back with her arm, and slung it forward to throw the dildo into the river--but the object remained in her hand, as if glued to it. Realizing what was happening, she tried to dislodge it with her free hand, to no avail.

The dildo suddenly emitted a bright blue flash of light that temporarily blinded her. When she reopened her eyes and recovered her vision, her surroundings had changed in appearance, in that everything she saw had a bluish tinge, and, when she looked down at the river, it looked like the water wasn't flowing, as if time had stopped.

What's going on?

As if to answer her question, the metal dildo started to vibrate in her hand, drawing her attention. Looking at it, she noticed that the dildo had a neon blue aura surrounding it.

Use me...for pleasure...The suggestive feminine voice echoed resoundingly in her mind.

Despite suspecting the voice was of an evil nature, Clara was unable to resist obeying it. Slowly, she drew the rocket-shaped toy to her crotch, feeling its treacherous, bewitching pointed end through her clothes. She then slipped the gleaming metal object beneath the waistbands of her pants and panties, forming a visible bulge on the front side of the pants. The object felt warmer as its beguiling tip got closer to her pussy. Realizing there was an easier, more efficient way of doing this, Clara withdrew the dildo, braced herself against the railing, unzipped her black pants, pulled them down until her tan-colored panties were exposed, then pulled her panties part-way down her thighs as well, exposing her hairy bush, which now glistened with wetness, to the cool night air.

There Clara stood, alone on a remote bridge in the middle of the night, a moral and chaste mother with her pants and panties down her legs, her pussy, dripping with arousal, bared to the world, and eager to fuck herself...in public...like a wanton slut...for the second time that evening...with a magical metal dildo given to her just an hour before by one of the most beautiful, exciting, and enigmatic women she had ever met.

A gasp escaped from her lips when the metallic tip touched her clit. Magical blue sparkles appeared on the enthralling dildo's tip as she worked the toy against her pussy, and started to slide it in and out.

Ah...ahhh...uhhh....so good...

The buttons on her blouse were undone hastily. She pulled down a bra cup, squeezed her exposed breast, and pinched her elongated nipple vigorously. Each time she pulled the dildo from her pussy, she then pushed it in again a little deeper than before, until, with closed eyes, she was vigorously plunging it in all the way. She couldn't stop herself from whimpering and wailing loudly and whorishly, her sultry voice echoing from the surrounding bridge, water, and trees.


Within moments, cocooned in lust and pleasure, she swooned and fainted, or so it seemed.

Some indeterminable time later, Clara found herself on her knees in what she perceived to be some kind of paradise. She saw a wide array of flowers, wide, trimmed lawns, shady trees, and lush foliage. She heard the sounds of chirping birds and a nearby waterfall. She felt a balmy breeze on her face and soft grass under her legs.

Something invisible prodded her lips. She opened them instinctively to receive the mysterious, slick item, until it filled up her mouth. In her mind, she then saw herself as a spectator would, with heavily made-up eyes and lips painted thickly with cherry-red lipstick, sucking on a smooth, polished silver phallus--as she now saw it to be--protruding from the hairless vagina of a naked woman with silky, shapely white thighs. Clara also saw that her own attire consisted of a corset of navy-blue satin, matching sheer nylons and high heels, pearl jewelry, and cherry-red nails, and that her long, blonde hair poured down from a shiny ponytail so high as to be centered almost on the top of her head, the base of which was secured by a sleeve of pearls about four inches long. None of this had ever come close to characterizing her personal style in the past...although, she had to admit, she looked and felt wonderful like this...

Her view shifted to a first-person perspective. She found herself staring upwards at the woman to whom she was giving a virtual blowjob, up at the immense G-cup breasts protruding from the woman's upper body, and then beyond to the woman's beautiful face, with its gleaming metallic make-up, and her long platinum blonde hair, crowned by a silver tiara. The woman inclined her face to stare down at Clara and smiled faintly with lips colored in lustrous silver, the same color as her nipples and nails. Clara realized that hunger for the woman was flooding into her.

Clara heard a word, as if sung with a whispered softness by a sweet female voice in the ear of her mind. Galatea. A few seconds later, the word seemed to echo, but much louder than the original sound. Galatea. The name resonated powerfully in Clara's mind. The mental utterance of the name gave Clara a huge spike of pleasure.

Goddess... The title of the woman whom she was worshipping with her mouth gave Clara another wave of intense pleasure. She felt a strong sexual and emotional attraction towards the woman, and some kind of wonderful bond, a romantic bond, forming between them. It was as if she had never loved and desired any being this much before in her life--certainly not her husband, the affinity for whom she felt draining out of her, as it was displaced by the new passion for this silver goddess which was filling and consuming her. It didn't occur to her, nor did she find herself caring, that she was feeling like this about another woman. In this paradisiacal world, in this blessed moment, and with this spectacular, divine woman, it all seemed so natural and so right to her.

Goddess moaned at the onset of her orgasm. The silver phallus pulsated rhythmically as fluid pumped through it into Clara's mouth in powerful spurts that tickled the back of her throat and tasted like blueberries and vanilla. She swallowed all of the delicious milky fluid, licking her lips and the corners of her mouth to capture every last drop. After Goddess pulled the phallus out of Clara's mouth, she felt Galatea's hands pulling up on her shoulders, directing her to rise from her kneeling position. Once the foxy mother of two was on her feet, their eyes locked together in intense, promising focus. Sensing an imminent kiss, Clara closed her eyes and offered her lips.

As Galatea's lips met hers, Clara moaned in sheer pleasure unlike any she had ever known. "Mmmmmmmmm..."

Partway through the kiss, Clara experienced a quick blip in her perceptions, like a moment of static when a cell phone passes through a small dead spot, before the smooth reception, as it were, of her current reality seemed to be restored. Instantly, however, she felt the lips of the Goddess morphing in shape. Opening her eyes, Clara saw that she was now kissing a girl...an exceptionally, erotically lovely teen girl. Surprised at the change, she pulled back from the kiss.

"Wh-who are you?"

"I'm Candice Brunwin, acolyte of the Golden Goddess. I've chosen you and your daughter to become my lesbian concubines."

Awed by the sight and voice of the girl, Clara became speechless for several long moments.

The girl was made-up and dressed in a most lascivious manner, and struck Clara to be almost as carnally exciting as the Silver Witch, so much so that within moments the imminently unforgettable Silver Witch faded from Clara's mind. The burning and poignant Sapphic feelings for Galatea which had just been created within her were still inside her, but they were being overshadowed by a new lesbian attraction to Candice which was being instilled into her, much like the moon, under certain circumstances, can eclipse a superior body of light, the sun. The nascent homosexual excitement which she had felt toward the Silver Witch, while being suppressed, although not destroyed, was now replicated and imprinted on the pretty mother with an orientation which was centered, this time, on this exotic version of the teen mage.

Clara's attention was now focused solely on this girl, who was dressed in mainly black colors, provoking in the older woman a sense of awe, fear, curiosity, attraction, and lust. Candice's lips were painted deep, lustrous black. Every movement of her lips caused them to glisten like sparkles reflecting off water rolling in a stream under the sun. Outlining the lips was a glittery, metallic gold color. Her eyes were similarly decorated with the colors that adorned her lips. Her eyelids were mirror-like from the coating of gold eyeshadow, with touches of glittery silver and black. On the margins of the lids was a thick application of black eyeliner with gold glitter. Her lashes were long, curly, and thickened heavily with black mascara with hints of gold. Her long, almond-shaped nails were painted in a shade similar to that of her lips, in black lacquer. The skin on her face as well as the rest of her body was pale, with a porcelain-like quality, contrasting strongly with her make-up and her long, mid-thigh-length, silky black hair, part of which fell like a loose, glossy black waterfall and part of which was styled back and tied in multiple circular and vertical braids.

She wore a sleeveless and strapless black silk dress with the neckline half-way down her bust, which showed off the upper swells of her prominent young breasts. The lightly pleated skirt was ankle length and was puffed out slightly by the three ruffled transparent petticoats beneath. The bodice was embroidered with floral patterns and was sheer, like the skirt. The gossamer dress did little to hide the gleaming black leather bra she wore beneath it, though the leather panties and other details of what was beneath the skirt, while discernable, were slightly less so because of the petticoats. Covering the surface of those two leather articles were textured abstract patterns of studded gold that emitted faint magical light. On her feet she wore lustrous black five-inch high heels that had touches of golden filigree on their surfaces. Completing the ensemble was jewelry that included golden bracelets on her wrists, a gold ankle chain, a gold serpentine armlet, a gold chain necklace, rings, and gold earrings.

Dumbfounded by the switch in the persona of her companion, by the striking allure of the young beauty now with her, and by the sudden, surprising declaration of possessive Sapphic intentions from a strange girl, Clara asked confusedly, "This is so sudden... Have we met before?"

"We haven't met before, but I know all about you and your daughter, and you will get to know me quite...intimately...as well..."

Candice's eyes sparkled in white and gold colors, seizing Clara's undivided attention...


"Woah!" exclaimed the young mage, Candice, as she narrowly dodged a tree branch while flying just below the treeline through a wooded area on her broomstick. Due to the need for secrecy and the covert nature of her mission, Candice was severely limited on the magical traveling options available to her. She could use her magical flying broomstick only under natural cover, whenever possible, and, if that option was not feasible, then she would have to walk a good distance before she could even summon her broom from phased space or use her teleportation talisman to travel back home. The only spells Candice had unrestricted access to for her traveling needs were a myriad of cloaking and invisibility spells in order to avoid being seen.

As she approached a river, she suddenly felt a strange sensation. Glancing at her left ring finger, she noticed that the gold ring that was lent to her by Dilworth was vibrating. It was a talisman that alerted her when the strong magical spells or talismans of the Silver Goddess were in use in her vicinity. Candice perceived a high reading that indicated the magic being used nearby was very potent, meaning either that the Silver Witch herself was not far away or one of her acolytes was nearby, or that magic originating with the Silver Witch or her circle was being focused in the locale.

Something's amiss... I should contact Headmaster Dilworth about this... But...but what if the magical disturbance disappears afterwards... I could look stupid... I... I need to check it out... Just to make sure...

After finishing her mental debate, Candice felt something shift and gently move around her chest, more specifically between her breasts. Pitchforks! I forgot about Jasmine. Not wanting to disturb Jasmine's rest, Candice approached a bulky tree, placed a folded light blue scarf on the spot where two branches met, and gently laid the sleeping Jasmine on the scarf.

Candice took the opportunity to gaze upon her slumbering helper. She realized that she had not done so enough, and the beauty of the small being struck her anew...her long, purple hair...the way her thin gown hugged the appealing curves of her little body...the perfect smoothness of her skin...the long, black eyelashes resting on her cheeks...the plump fullness of her sweet little lips... Hmmmm...such a pretty little thing... Candice wondered for a second what Jasmine would be like were she human-sized, and felt a mysterious, pleasant flutter in her stomach.

Remembering what happened to Jasmine earlier when she dealt with the Silver Witch's enchantments, and wanting to avoid putting her familiar in another compromising situation, Candice began a chanting whisper. Shortly, the charm bracelet on her left wrist started to glow dimly, then tiny bubbles of light emerged from the bracelet and began to float towards her index finger, where they coalesced into one larger bubble, about the size of a small pearl. Candice then pressed the faintly luminescent, pearl-like light bubble against Jasmine's forehead, whereupon it burst into shimmering sparks that settled all over the sleeping nubile female fairy, covering her.

That should do it.

Candice had, essentially, split the protective spell of the charm bracelet so that it would protect both of their minds as well as the magical link between them. The dangerous aspect of doing this was that it would greatly diminish the power of the bracelet itself and increase the chances of her falling under the sway of mind-controlling magic users. But Candice reasoned that as long as she kept her distance and didn't engage the Silver Witch or her acolytes or otherwise overwork the charm, she should be fine...or so she hoped.

Feeling that she had done her best to secure Jasmine's safety, Candice began to fly towards the location from which the magical anomaly seemed to be emanating, following the river below her.

Upon arriving at the spot she perceived to be at or very close to the source of the magical vibes she and her ring were sensing, she stopped in midair, maintaining a hovering mode, as she scanned the area with her magical spectacles. It didn't take long for her to detect magical phenomena occurring near the middle of a lonely bridge below her where a car was parked next to a narrow sidewalk running along the side of the bridge. A faint, translucent image of a woman not far from the car appeared to be fading in and out of reality, an image that most magic users would not be able to see without the assistance of tools such as Candice had.

The woman, an attractive blonde, was holding a slender, glowing object in her hand. Flying closer to get a better reading, Candice detected psychic energy and signatures of forbidden magic. She could see the woman's emotional aura, recognizing it to be a mix of distress and sexual lust. Candice also took note that the glowing thing in the woman's hand seemed to be the source of the lust, and the blonde woman appeared to be pleasuring herself with it. As she watched, with the aid of her magical spectacles, tendrils of light wove themselves from the object into the woman's aura.

This woman is being manipulated with magic! The Silver Witch or one of her acolytes is trying to kidnap her and pull her into phased space. I need to help her while it's still possible! Candice had to do something quick or the Silver Witch would soon add another loyal thrall to her growing army. She formulated a quick plan in her head and hoped that the magical gods were with her.

After making a quick landing, Candice summoned her wand and began charging up mana to cast Neutralize, a general-purpose warding spell for dispelling most kinds of enchantments, beneficial or otherwise. Candice calculated that with the correct timing and sufficient power, it could also stop fast-acting spells like the teleportation spell that was affecting the poor, helpless woman before her. While Candice was aware that there was some danger in her selected course, in that casting Neutralize on magical objects that were in active operation had a chance of unpredictable, collateral effects--such as hair color changing temporarily or spontaneous combustion of small objects nearby--as her experience with these measures and their effects was relatively sparse, she wasn't aware of the full extent of how badly it could go wrong.

Once she finished charging up the spell to sufficient power, she released it with her magical wand towards the woman in front of her in the form of a blue ball of light encircled and trailing with blue sparkles. When the ball of light struck the woman, there was an immediate effect. The woman appeared to be phasing back to reality. She was gradually becoming less transparent. The rod in her hand appeared to lose its magical energy as well.

It's working!

Suddenly, Candice heard a rising cacophony of strange, indecipherable sounds, filling her with a sense of dread. Bluish white beams of light then shot forth from the rod, which now had visible cracks. Some of the light struck Candice, hitting her body, equipment, and belongings. The woman remained motionless and completely unaware of what was occurring. The last thing Candice saw, after a beam of light struck her face, was her surroundings becoming physically distorted, the sound of items rattling frantically in her shoulder bag, and a faint feminine voice: "I have awoken..."


Candice was masturbating in her dorm room, like she had done many times before. She was on her bed with her pajama bottoms pulled down. While fingering her pussy, she was thinking about a cute guy, Daniel Silvermoon, who shared a class with her on advanced magical mathematics. At first, the image of him appeared in her mind for a while, but she felt something wasn't right. It was a feeling that she wasn't able to analyze rationally, but she started to notice that her level of arousal, which had been rather low to begin with, decreased the more she tried to think about him. No matter how hard she tried, the image of him evoked no positive sensations, but rather was leading to feelings of repulsion and, even, of nausea.

Confused, Candice stopped her movements, but only briefly, for an influx of new thoughts took her in a different sexual direction and renewed her arousal. She started to imagine various girls from the academy, in various states of undress, which images she never would have entertained before, nor would they have turned her on, either...but they did now. That was followed by envisioning Emma's pretty lesbian girlfriend, Ashley, in a skimpy cheerleading outfit, performing various acrobatic moves, but doing so in a lascivious manner, which included shamelessly exposing her silvery satin panties. Desire came over Candice to run her hands up those creamy young legs and to bury her face in that satin-covered crotch.

What am I doing?!

Surprised at her thoughts, the young mage pulled her pajama bottoms back up and got up from her bed. She walked briskly to the bathroom and looked at herself briefly in the mirror before splashing cold water from the faucet repeatedly on her face. When she stopped and looked at herself in the mirror again, she gasped at her reflection. Her lips and eyelashes were colored metallic gold and glowed with a faint luminescence.

She then saw someone standing behind her...a teen girl...wearing a cheerleading outfit... It was Ashley Harvey! Her hair, lips, and eyelashes were colored metallic silver and also glowed like Candice's. The cheerleader smiled sensually as she slipped her hands onto Candice's shoulders. As Candice watched, petrified, the silver-blonde slid her soft hands slowly down Candice's chest, unfastened the top two buttons of her pajama top, and glided her silver-nailed fingertips onto the upper slopes of the mage's young breasts, caressing the sensitive flesh lightly, and lowered her lips close to Candice's ear. The female teen mage wanted to run away, but the paralyzing excitement of Ashley's alluring presence and touch made that impulse evaporate quickly. Ashley extended her tongue fully to touch Candice's ear, which sparkled at the point of contact, and to lick around it, leaving a glistening trail of saliva.

"Just let go..." whispered Ashley into Candice's ear.

Candice closed her eyes to relish the tingling feelings of pleasure. When she reopened them, she saw streaks of metallic gold in her naturally darker, reddish strawberry-blonde hair.

"My hair... It's changing!"

"Just like you want it to, Candice! I know you're tired of your old look, but afraid to change it."

The cheerleader held Candice's chin with her silver-nailed hand and pulled Candice's face toward her own so that their lips could come into contact for a kiss, which Candice accepted. During the kiss, Candice peeked at the mirror, noticing how her dark strawberry-blonde hair was becoming progressively lighter and more golden in color, strand by strand and lock by lock. It all felt so right. The kiss, Ashley, her hair...it was wonderful.

Something brushed against Candice's ankle. Looking downward, she saw that it was a large snake with gleaming black scales and glowing red eyes. She immediately stepped away from Ashley, who was unfazed by the creature and simply let it crawl around and upwards along her own leg, leaving a trail of glittery, translucent slime on her skin. The cheerleader gasped and moaned when the snake's head slithered inside her pleated skirt. Ashley lifted her skirt to her waist, to give the snake easier access and to provide Candice with a better view. Pulling her panties aside in open invitation, Ashley closed her eyes and tossed her head back, her loose, shiny silver hair sweeping wildly over her shoulders and down her upper back. Candice was shocked and could only watch on dumbfoundedly as the snake entered into the cheerleader's body through her vagina, while Ashley, who clearly seemed to welcome the intrusion, looked back at Candice with beckoning, lustful eyes.

Embrace the darkness...

The bathroom lights flickered, then turned off completely for a few seconds, causing the female mage to lose sight of the cheerleader briefly. When the lights turned back on, Candice saw that the cheerleader had changed in appearance. Gone was the silver hairand make-up. Ashley's hair, lips, and nails were now lustrous pink, with the addition of black streaks in her hair, a black outline on her lips, and black tips on her nails. The cheerleading outfit had become black and pink in color. Her sneakers and cotton socks turned into black high heels and pink fishnet stockings. The sight made Candice's heart race.

"I know you've been spying on me and violating my privacy, but I like it...especially when a cute girl like you does it..."

Candice tried to recall when she had actually done that to Ashley, but then "memories" flowed into her mind...

Ashley was lying languidly in a bathtub with chrome legs. Bubbles covered most of her teenage body except her crossed legs and areas above her chest. Her hair, lips, and nails were neon pink. She was running her hands along one partly-elevated leg and looking at the unseen watcher seductively as if aware that she was being observed. She raised one of her hands above the water. In that hand was a 12-inch-long red jelly double dildo. She licked along its length with her tongue...

Ashley was in the girls' locker room and undressing herself, removing the cheerleading top and skirt from her sweaty body. She also took off her dark red satin bra and panties before heading off to the shower room... A water mist enveloped Ashley's body during the showering session. The cheerleader titled her head back and let the warm water spray onto her face while running her fingers through her long blonde hair...

Ashley was in her bedroom and was preparing herself for the start of the weekday morning. After dressing in her casual clothes, she applied make-up on her face in front of the vanity mirror, which included pink lipstick, black mascara, and silver eye shadow...

When the recall of the "memories" stopped, Candice saw that she was in a pleasant, feminine bathroom and that Ashley was now standing very close to her, close enough for an embrace.

"I know you like me, Candice... Your feelings don't lie... Your heart doesn't lie... Your memories don't lie... Just go along with your feelings... Don't resist them... Embrace your feelings... Your feelings are reality..."

Ashley moved her lips close to Candice's for a kiss. Enamored by Ashley's beauty and her sweet words, Candice was about to receive the kiss, but she felt a warm tingling sensation on her left wrist, which suddenly made her aware of her actions.

"Wait, Ashley...no...sorry...I...I can't..." stammered Candice as she backed away slowly. "I'm not like that... I'm not into girls..."

The cheerleader's face became melancholic upon hearing the female mage's reply and the lights went out in the bathroom. There was a long period of darkness and silence.


Candice felt along the walls in order to exit the bathroom back to her dorm room, as she supposed, but when she got out, she found herself in the empty, silent, sunlit hallway of a typical high school.

"Hello, is anyone here?"

There was no response. She walked down the hallway, curiously peering through the window of each door, hoping to find at least one other person, but all of the classrooms were empty. Then she heard strange squishy and slithering sounds. Turning around, she was shocked to see a strange creature hovering in mid-air about ten feet away from her. It was a pitch-black spherical mass with numerous arms or tentacles of various lengths protruding radially from its body. At the end of each arm were smaller tendrils resembling fingers. On the parts of its body between those arms were wisps of dark vapor or hair that flowed in the air similar to a jellyfish's tentacles swaying in ocean water. Giant eyes of various sizes covered the rest of the body's surface. The eyes seemed to be focused on Candice.


Frightened, Candice started running away. At the end of the hallway, she made a sharp right turn and ran the length of the next hallway. She quickly determined that the second hallway looked very much the same as the one from which she had just come. Then she heard the sound of an opening door behind her. Turning around, she saw both the shadow of the creature on the floor and wall at the intersection of the hallways, indicating that the blob-thing was pursuing her, as well as the opened door. Needing a place to hide quickly, she ran through the door.

It was an empty classroom. The door suddenly shut itself tightly behind her with a clap. She turned around for a moment to look with surprise at the closed door. When she turned her head back, she found that two females were standing in the middle of the room together in a loose embrace. It was Ashley, as Candice had last seen her, bewitchingly endowed with pink and black hair, clothes, and cosmetics, with the girl's mother, who was dressed in a black business power suit with a pencil skirt, black nylons, and 5-inch high heels.

"I love you, Mom!"

"I love you too, honey!"

Clara held Ashley's face with her long, red-nailed hands and drew her red-lipsticked lips to her daughter's black-outlined pink lips for a deep, protracted, incestuous kiss.

That's gross... They're mother and daughter!

You're just jealous...

No, I'm not!

"Memories" flowed again into Candice's mind.

She was secretly watching Clara from the window and observing her getting dressed for the morning. Clara was in her black bra and panties, sitting on a chair, drawing her black nylon stockings up her legs. The act was leisurely and sensual. Attaching the tabs of her garter belt to the welts of the stockings, the blonde woman then ran her red-nailed hands up and down her legs, perhaps for the sheer pleasure of doing so, or perhaps to check for imperfections in her legs or in the nylon, but there were none. After sliding her feet into her black patent-leather high heels, she then stood up and put on her white blouse and the rest of her business suit, before sitting down again to apply make-up to her face. The lipstick she used was glossy, fire-engine red. Watching with a panting fascination, Candice felt desire urge itself upon her, and then possess her, to kiss those red lips...

At a private office in a high-rise building, Clara was spooning with a sexy young female intern on a roomy, dark brown leather sofa. They were completely naked save for their bras, panties, and high heels. Clara kissed the young woman's face with her red lips and squeezed the young woman's breasts through their white satin bra. She slid her thigh between the intern's thighs and pressed against the crotch that had moisture leaking visibly through the panties. There was a red strap-on with a red leather harness nearby...

At home, Clara was leaning over a countertop in her kitchen, resting her upper body on her elbows, clad in her unbuttoned white dress blouse. Having removed her skirt and panties, she stood on her right leg, while her left leg was bent and elevated, her foot resting on a chair. Kneeling on the floor behind her was her beautiful pink-haired daughter, Ashley, who was eating her pussy while running her pink-nailed hands along her mother's stocking-covered legs and high-heels...

Returning to the classroom, Clara and Ashley made out passionately in front of Candice for a minute, then paused their kiss, looked at Candice, and, with seductive smiles and stares and come-hither gestures, beckoned her to come join them.

Mesmerized by the decadently alluring sight and invitation, Candice took one step toward them...but then her left wrist tingled, reminding her not to fall into their trap, and she halted. Candice shook her head, both to try to clear it and to convey her declination of their invitation, hoping that they would give up and ignore her...but they didn't. Instead, they sauntered slowly on their high heels towards Candice, who was backed up tightly against the door leading out of the room and was trying frantically, with her hands behind her back, to turn the resistant door handle. Along the way, Ashley took off her top, while Clara removed her black jacket and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing more of their bodies to the erotically dazzled female mage.

"Join us and enjoy the delights of love between women," uttered the two females sultrily and simultaneously. "You want to... You desire us...both of us... Give in to your desire..."

Suddenly the door handle gave way, the door popped open, and Candice lunged backward through the doorway. Turning around to face the hallway and preparing to bolt off, she was surprised to see a bizarre, black female figure standing in front of her, freezing her in her tracks.

The figure stood in place for a few seconds without moving, allowing Candice to scan it briefly.It was definitely in the shape of a woman, a curvy one, she saw, but the form was pitch-black, its skin absorbing all light and reflecting none, though nuances of its contours could be discerned by virtue of its many exotic, enticing eyes, which covered most of its body. Before Candice could react, the strange woman reached out with her arms, elongating them rapidly to double their original lengths, and wrapped them around Candice's shoulders and waist, pulling her in for a forceful embrace. The last thing Candice saw was her face colliding with and mashing into the multi-eyed face of the woman. It was cold and paste-soft, like mud, and sucked Candice's face in. Then Candice felt the rest of her body being slurped into the woman's body, as well, as if she was being sucked into quicksand. As consciousness started to slip away from her, Candice felt the liquid-like body of the woman envelope and absorb her own entirely.

We will become one... It will be much better... No more powerlessness... No more fear... No more uncertainty... No gods... No goddesses...only us...


Candice stood in front of her locker in the girls' locker room. Her body was sticky with sweat from cheerleading during the football game that had just ended. She spun the dial on the combination lock back and forth a few times before pulling on the handle. As the locker door swung open, she caught a transitory glimpse of the reflection of her face in the small mirror that hung on the inside of the locker door. However, Candice thought she had seen someone else in the mirror. Odd. Curious, she swung the door back a little, held it steady, and positioned herself so that she could look at her face in the mirror again. But...it wasn't Candice's own face. Rather, it was the face of...Ashley Harvey!

Why do I look like her?! Candice struggled to remember. Why am I here? She then recalled that she had been assigned to a spying mission and that assuming Ashley's identity was going to be a key required task...but...she couldn't remember having actually commenced that impersonation yet. The situation felt odd to her. She wondered when, exactly, she had started assuming the identity of the cheerleader. Could either her lack of recollection or her having jumped forward abruptly into this persona be a side effect of using the Eye of Gemini?

Her train of thought was interrupted by the voice of one the cheerleaders. "Why aren't you undressing, Ash?" asked the cute light-chocolate-skinned Erika. "We need to get ready for our group shower!"

Candice turned around and noticed that Erika and the rest of the girls were completely naked and had their hands on various parts of each other's bodies--butts, waists, hips, and shoulders.

"Ummm... Errr... I want to shower alone..." replied Candice as she avoided staring directly at their naked bodies. Candice noticed that she spoke with a teen girl's voice unlike her own. She concluded that she must be talking like Ashley, in addition to looking like her.

Puzzled and critical looks appeared on the cheerleaders' faces when they heard Candice's response.

"But that's against the team spirit!" Lisa protested, walking towards Candice. With her hands on her hips and her face within inches of the hesitant girl's, the redhead scrutinized it. "Hmmm... Bet I know the reason why you're acting like this. You're going back to being straight again, aren't you?"

"N-no... What are you talking about? I-I am lesbian!" blurted Candice, hoping that her real identity wouldn't be discovered.

"You can't lie to me. I can see it in your eyes. You don't want to be a lesbian. But, that can be easily fixed. Girls, let's show Ashley that once you've become a dyke, you'll always be a dyke!"

The cheerleaders descended on Candice like vultures and immediately took to stripping Candice of her cheerleading outfit and her underwear. Any protest she might have had was silenced with a deep kiss from Lisa. She was forced down to lie face-up on the bench, Lisa and her lips following, along with the other girls, who squatted, knelt, and sat in the floor around her. Her nipples were teased and sucked. Every part of her body was kissed and caressed with tongues and fingers, including her pussy and anus.

When Lisa broke the kiss, Candice exclaimed, "Stop this! We shouldn't be doing this here!"

"Where should we be doing this, then?" asked a voice that sounded exactly like Candice's real voice.

A familiar face appeared above Candice, gazing down at her. It was someone with Candice's face, but the look was different. This female had on wicked, dark make-up that consisted of lustrous black lipstick outlined with gold, gold eye shadow with silver glitter, thick black eyeliner, and black mascara with gold glitter. Her skin was pale and shiny like porcelain, her hair long and jet black.

"Who are you? Why do you look like me?"

I am you... You are me... We are one...

Get out of my mind!... You're not me... You can't take me over...

The female's eyes staring down at Candice glowed in a faint luminescent gold color, putting the disguised mage in a trance-like state that dulled her cognition. The mysterious interloper, who had been kneeling next to Candice among the other girls, then got up, as did the others, who all backed off a little out of her way. The Candice look-alike straddled the bench, sliding her legs astride Candice's hips, and squatted so as to lower her crotch squarely onto Candice's.

The other cheerleaders were now standing around the two girls on the bench, watching the action that was unfolding. Candice raised her head slightly and saw that her doppelganger was completely naked, like she was, and that their pussy lips were now sliding together, as if they were kissing. The sight and the slippery, wet, deeply intimate commerce shot a bolt of erotic pleasure through her body.

A gasp escaped from the doppelganger's black lips as a demonic black phallus emerged from her vagina. It was covered with myriad human-looking eyes all over its surface and had a lustrous metallic sheen. Candice uttered a similar gasp when she saw the erotic weapon protruding from the girl's pussy and then felt it split, barely, her own watering labia. The doppelganger then aligned and lowered her body onto Candice's so that they were face-to-face, and arched her back to press her black-tipped breasts sensually down into Candice's. Despite not wanting to, Candice found herself loving the sensation of the girl's tits on her own, as well as the rest of the contact between their nude bodies. Then Candice felt the wicked black phallus slide more deeply into her womanhood, stabbing bliss into her pussy unlike any she had ever known.

A demonic appendage similar to her vaginal phallus appeared in the doppelganger's mouth and protruded from it. When the mystery girl sealed Candice's lips with her own in a fervent kiss, the second phallus slipped into Candice's mouth until it filled her oral cavity. Then it grew longer...gliding down her esophagus...probing on and on... The phallus in her vagina likewise extended itself, raiding into her uterus. Simultaneously, the black-haired girl's hard black nipples grew forward finger-like, pressing insistently into Candice's tender nubs until they penetrated bloodlessly through them into Candice's young breasts. Further and further into Candice's reproductive and alimentary tracks and mammary tissue the three seductive invaders slithered, filling her, thrilling her, defiling her, changing her. Their lengths seemed endless...


Candice found herself standing inside a posh office of a tall skyscraper in a commercial district. She looked around, trying to get a hold of her bearings, then her eye caught a reflection of herself on a wall mirror. A gasp escaped her red lips when she saw herself with the face of yet another person...Clara Harvey, Ashley's mother!

How is this possible?!

Candice struggled to recall the events that led to this situation, but was unable to remember much since her departure from Emma's home. One thing she did remember was that she was going to be assuming the identity of Ashley Harvey as part of the mission to spy on the Silver Witch. But...this wasn't Ashley...

The door to the office opened and in walked a young, attractive Latina in typical female corporate business attire. "Good afternoon, Clara. How's your day?"

Candice turned around and saw the sexy young intern strut towards her in her sexy blue high heels that complimented her figure-hugging blue business attire. She didn't know her name and didn't remember how they had met.

"Good, and yours?"

"Great! I'm glad we can meet...regularly...together...like this..." The female intern held both of Candice's hands with her own, all of which had red-painted nails. "...and have fun with each other." A naughty smile crossed the intern's face. The intern's beautiful brown eyes drew Candice in, having a hypnotic effect. Slowly, the intern moved her dark red lips close to Candice's candy-apple-red lips for a kiss, and Candice responded likewise, leaning into the inviting mouth in front of her to make delightful contact, savoring the sweet taste and slick feel of painted lips meeting. As they wrapped their arms around each other, she could feel the breasts of the tempting young intern pressing against her own, rubbing hardened nipples against hardened nipples through the fabric. Both women moaned a little at the naughty pleasure.

Candice was about to escalate their passionate conjoining by sliding her tongue into her hot companion's hot mouth and slipping her hands into the cute Latina's 's blouse, which had somehow become unbuttoned...but, at the last moment, the depravity of what she was doing struck her like a bolt of lightning. She screamed "NO!", abruptly broke her embrace with the intern, and ran out of the office into a hallway. Her head spinning, she found the hallway to be completely devoid of people.

Why are you resisting the pleasures of female flesh?

Why are you denying yourself?

You should give in to your desires...and not resist them...

You are aroused by females... Don't try to deny it...

You are sexually attracted to Emma...and to Jasmine...and to Katrina...and to Ashley...and to Clara...and to Joanne...and even to the Silver Witch!

Give in to me... Become one with me...and you shall have everything you've ever wanted... and more!!!

Candice started to run down the hallway, seeking to distance herself from the arousing Sapphic rendezvous of which she had just been a part, as well as from the tempting, corrupting urges running through her head. But the hallway seemed to magically lengthen the more Candice ran. Then, hearing a noise behind her, she looked backwards only to see a sphere-like monster--with multiple tentacles, looking exactly like the one she had encountered before--in the distance but rapidly closing in on her. Using the same tactic as before, Candice made a turn at an intersection in the hallway. Shortly after she made the turn, a door suddenly open beside her, followed by an arm reaching out and pulling her through the doorway, before the door closed behind her.


Emma quickly covered Candice's mouth with her hand and made the "be silent" gesture with her forefinger on her lips. Peering side-to-side, Candice discovered that they were inside a janitor's closet lit by a single incandescent bulb. Noticing a mirror on the wall, she looked in it and, to her great relief, she saw that she was no longer Clara, but instead was plain old Candice again. After hearing the monstrous entity pass by and waiting for about a dozen seconds afterwards, they both breathed sighs of relief.

"Emma, why are you here?"

"I was looking for you." There was a sense of urgency in Emma's voice, as if she desperately needed something.

"Why? We just talked with each other at your home. Right? Is it something important?" Candice's worry about the ethereal monstrous creature was fading rapidly at the moment, being replaced with curiosity about Emma's enigmatic concern.

"It is something very important...at least to me... You know that I'm being forced by Galatea to become a lesbian and to seduce other girls..."

"Yes, you did tell me that...and I've taught you how to manage the unnatural feelings and urges coming your way by using spells I've shared with you..."

"But they're no longer working! It's very hard for me to control my urges now. If I don't get release now, I might do something foolish! I don't want to hurt anyone!"

"What are you talking about? Can't you just get off on your own?!"

"Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way, Candice. Galatea wants me to become a sexually-active lesbian. I need to do it with another female or else I won't get release."

"I'm sorry, Emma. As much as I want to help you, I can't do it with you. I'm not into girls! There must be another way."

"Having lesbian sex is the only way that works! And besides, it's not like we haven't done it together before," said Emma with a smirk.

"What are you talking about? We've never done anything like that before!"

A wicked expression crossed Emma's face. "You're so forgetful, Candice. Maybe this will refresh your memory..."

Everything within Candice's sight began to dematerialize and lose its physical coherency. All colors and physical shapes spiraled into a vortex. A sense of vertigo overtook Candice and she lost awareness temporarily. When she regained her bearings, she found herself standing in Emma's bedroom in front of Emma, who was draped in a black satin bathrobe and was shod in black heels, matching the color of her long hair. Wicked dark make-up covered Emma's face.

"Thanks for all that you've done for me, Candice." Emma cradled Candice's face with her black-nailed hands and gave her a deep kiss with her lustrous black lips.

At first Candice resisted by keeping her lips tightly shut, but after Emma brushed her slick, black-painted lips against Candice's lips a few times, Candice relented and parted her lips to accept the kiss and, within a few more seconds, Emma's wet tongue.

Embrace the darkness...

Lesbianism is your destiny...

There is no turning back...

You soul is corrupt... It is impure... You are immoral...

You are evil... There is no good in your heart...

Your will comes first... Your desires come first...

Your will is absolute... You wish to rule over all...

You wish to achieve unlimited power...

The path of darkness will grant you all that you desire...

Emma took a step backward, loosened her bathrobe, and let it fall to the floor, revealing that she was wearing a dominatrix outfit, which, Candice seemed inherently to understand, was courtesy of Katrina's special talismans. Between her thighs was a demonic-looking strap-on dildo mounted on a studded, black leather harness. It appeared to be alive. Its iridescent black skin sparkled from the wavy undulations of its muscles, while the varied-sized eyes scattered all over its surface were all focused on Candice.

The female mage didn't feel the slightest bit of repulsion when Emma placed her hands on Candice's blonde head and gently pushed it downward, until her lips were aligned with the tip of the demonic phallus. Without further direction, Candice kissed the tip of the phallus, licking the glistening droplets that oozed from the tip, before enveloping the whole shaft with her mouth...


Candice stood in front of her locker in the girls' locker room. She had just come back from doing an intense session of cheerleading during a football game. She opened her locker and was glad to see her face--Ashley's face--in the mirror. It was beautifully made-up with fucshia lipstick, black eyeliner and mascara, and blue eyeshadow. Although her real identity was Candice, she was glad that she had been able to take over Ashley's identity. She would rather be Ashley. Her life as Candice was fading fast from her memory as she submerged her old self in her new identity. She was becoming Ashley. She had become Ashley. Ashley, Emma's beautiful, sexy, steady lesbian girlfriend.

I am Ashley Harvey...

Without hesitation, Candice-Ashley took off her cheerleading top and skirt, followed by her dark red satin bra and panties. Her pussy was wet. Glistening droplets of feminine fluid hung from her lower lips. She was feeling very horny. Feeling a tap on her shoulder, she turned around and was greeted by Lisa's smile and kiss, which she gladly accepted. Frosted green lips met shiny fuchsia lips. Frosted green nipples rubbed against fuchsia nipples. Tongues dueled...

I love this... I love girls... I am a lesbian...

She felt a pair of breasts pressing against her back, followed by a warm pussy against her ass. Turning her head back, she saw that it was Erika, the cute cheerleader with the light-brown skin, who likewise greeted Candice-Ashley with a kiss. Scarlet red lips met fuchsia lips...

The naked cheerleaders moved to the showers, but their main activity there was having fun rather than showering. Warm water sprayed on their bodies. There was a mist that enveloped all of them. Erika licked Candice-Ashley's neck. Lisa wrapped her arms around Candice-Ashley's thighs and licked the shaved pussy in front of her. Other cheerleaders joined them, licking Candice-Ashley's breasts, ass, and any part of her body they could access. Candice-Ashley tilted her head back and moaned at the onslaught of Sapphic pleasure.

This feels so good...


Candice was back at the office in the high-rise building. She was now Clara Harvey, dressed in a red-colored woman's business suit. The sexy Latina intern stood in front of her. They were standing next to the mahogany office desk. Candice-Clara embraced the female intern and kissed her deeply with her bright red lips.

"Let's fuck..." whispered Candice-Clara. "I want you to remove all of your clothes, Maria."

Obeying the order, the intern quickly removed her blue-themed business attire and undergarments. Candice-Clara likewise undressed, but only down to her undergarments, which were dominatrix lingerie that consistent of a studded red leather bra and thong, red stockings, and red high heels.

She is yours to command...

Make her do your bidding...

You love having power over others...

"Kneel before me..."

Maria did as she was told.

Candice-Clara's red leather thong glowed in a red color and began transforming. The crotch panel widened and the straps thickened. A nub formed at the front of the panel and rapidly extended outward to form an eight-inch-long ruby phallus. Curious about the strange implement, Candice-Clara lightly touched the magical rod and unexpectedly felt a jolt of pleasure that made her gasp. She grasped the crystalline shaft, sending an even stronger jolt of pleasure up her spine, causing her to moan.

"Service me..." commanded Candice-Clara while pointing the phallus at Maria's candy-apple-red lips.

"Yes, my Goddess..."

Goddess? I'm not a goddess...

You will be a goddess, the greatest of all goddesses...

You will be the goddess of goddesses, the one who will rule them all...

You will be an unstoppable force of darkness...

Let it happen...

Maria kissed the tip of the red ruby phallus, giving Candice-Clara a pleasurable tingle. She felt continuous erotic sensations as Maria licked up and down along the shaft with her fully extended tongue. The phallus glowed and pulsated in red color in response to being licked. Many sparkles of light appeared inside its crystalline structure. Unable to withstand the teasing anymore, Candice-Clara commanded Maria to pleasure her fully.

"Suck me!" commanded Candice-Clara with her red-painted mouth.

When Maria enveloped the phallus with her mouth, Candice-Clara tilted her head back and moaned loudly through her ruby-red lips. She placed her hands on the intern's dark brown hair, running her red-nailed fingers through the curly strands and then gripping them tightly.


The ruby phallus glowed more intensely as Candice-Clara got closer to the edge. Just when she felt her release was imminent, however, everything around her quickly dematerialized into chaotic swirls of colors...


Candice found herself lying inside a large, oval-shaped bath tub, reclining at one end. The surface of the water was covered with bubbly foam and fragrant red flower petals. On the edges of the tub were red candles in cylindrical candle holders made from polished metal. She could see the reflection of her face on the white-tiled walls surrounding the tub. It was Ashley's face. Of course. Ashley's beautifully-painted, sexy face.

She heard footsteps. Turning towards the direction of the sound, she saw Clara Harvey strolling into the bathroom, stark naked. She came over to the tub and stood next to Candice-Ashley, running her hands over her womanly maternal body, displaying herself invitingly to her equally-naked teen daughter. Clara's blonde hair was tied into a combination of a fish-tail braid and a braided crown. Her pussy lips were lustrous candy-apple like her nails and lips. Candice-Ashley's heart skipped a beat as she was awed by the sheer beauty and sexiness of her mother.

Moans escaped from Clara's red lips as a demonic phallus emerged from her pussy, accompanied by spurts of purplish translucent fluid that splashed into the tub and dripped onto the floor. Within seconds, it was fully extended and ominously erect. The bright red phallus was fleshy in appearance, with reliefs of ghastly skulls and demonic beasts on its surface.

"Kiss it, my daughter..."

Candice-Ashley felt a strange compulsion to do just that even before she was told to do it. Without any delay, Candice-Ashley moved to the edge of the bath tub where her mother was standing and kissed the tip of the shaft, tasting the jeweled liquid glob on its tip, followed by wrapping her lips around the head of the shaft and licking it.

"You are progressing well..."

Clara got into the tub and knelt between her blonde daughter's legs. Gripping the phallus with one hand, she completely pulled it out, revealing it to be doubled-ended. She licked the end of it that had been buried in her vagina before sitting down in the tub facing Candice-Ashley, and intertwining her legs with her daughter's legs. Candice-Ashley was able to get a breathtaking view of her mother's magnificent chest, which Clara allowed her daughter to ogle for a progressively arousing minute. Clara then leaned forward and placed her fingers beneath her daughter's chin, lifting it upwards. They made eye contact, inclined their heads forward, and kissed each other on the lips deeply.

When their mouths separated, still connected by strands of lipstick-colored saliva, Clara slid one end of the demonic double-ended phallus into her mouth and then, gesturing, encouraged her daughter to do the same with the other end. Without hesitation, Candice-Ashley opened her mouth and enveloped the demonic shaft with her red lips. They proceeded to fuck each other in the mouth with the double dong, moving their heads back and forth. Candice-Ashley felt the shaft wriggle in her mouth as if it was alive. The shaft glowed faintly during the oral sex, and instilled a sharp, seemingly otherworldly euphoria as well as a keen and growing taboo love for her mother into the teen, making her primed and eager for deeper sex with the hot woman who gave her birth.

At length, Clara pulled the shaft out from their mouths and placed it between their pussies. They scissored their legs, intertwining them, and gasped as each end of the demonic phallus entered their respective vaginas. Loud moans escaped their red lips as they pushed the rod back and forth into each other. The shaft glowed and pulsated, basking the water, the bathroom, and the incestuous mother and daughter with intermittent magical light that alternated between shades of red, blue, and purple.

Before she was able to get her sexual release, however, Candice was transported to another place...


Candice stood on a watchtower on a cliff that overlooked the coast on the edge of an unfamiliar city. She could feel a brisk wind on her face and could smell the sea. It appeared to be very late in the afternoon, the sun kissing the horizon, it's fading golden rays tenuously illuminating everything she could see. The tower was made from stone and crystal carved with intricate designs, similar to the rest of the buildings in the city. The crystals glowed continuously, providing light both in the interior and on the exterior of the tower and of the city's other buildings.

There was a woman dressed in a black robe standing next to her. Only the woman's upper face was visible. The rest of her head was covered in a hood and a mouth-veil. Her eyes were red, a color no human could have, as far as Candice knew. The woman took no notice of the young female mage standing nearby.

On the sea, myriad ships operating without sails were cruising to and fro. On their decks were large crystalline cannons that were shooting magical blue beams upward into the sky as well as nearly horizontally toward targets too far away to be seen by the naked eye. There were explosions far out in the sea as targets were struck and, presumably, destroyed. Candice could feel the reverberations of the explosions, but the woman seemed unfazed.

The sky was suddenly dark, as if the sun had precipitously dipped well below the horizon--which seemed unlikely, as the sun had still been visible in full but a moment before, and it was now significantly darker than the early twilight would normally be--or as if something was blocking the sun. The later supposition proved to be the case, as, looking in the distance, Candice saw a dark cloud coming from the direction of the setting sun. Thick, opaque, and miles wide, it approached rapidly until it hovered in the air high in the sky over the ocean a mile or two out, before suddenly breaking apart into a vast number of component parts, which soared towards the coast.

As they drew nearer, Candice could discern that they were thousands upon thousands of bird-like flying automatons in the sky. The largest of them launched a giant magical sphere of energy from its opened beak towards the watch tower. It was a mass destruction spell, she recognized, one of the many forbidden spells that Candice had heard and read about, but had never seen before.

Oh no! Candice thought she was going to die.

At the last moment, the woman pointed a finger at the sphere. A beam of red light shot forth from her finger and pierced the sphere, completely dispersing its energy. The red beam continued traveling, traversing an arc to the bird automaton which had launched the energy sphere and obliterating it in a massive blast that engulfed and destroyed a great many of its surrounding allied automatons, as well. The remaining flying automatons all fired their weapons simultaneously. Candice shielded her eyes from the intensity of the light from above...

When the light subsided, Candice found herself in the midst of tall Roman-styled columns. Above her was a vast polished marble ceiling, and the immense floor was made of the same marble. The walls were so far away that, if they did exist, she was not able to see them. She saw no people. All she could see were more columns between the same marble ceiling and floor, extending in the distance in every horizontal direction.

Bending over, she was able to see her reflection on the highly-polished marble tiles. She saw herself--Candice. Pleased with the reflection of her pretty face, she stood up and decided to take a walk among the columns, heading off in a random direction. After a few seconds, however, she heard a light footstep, seemingly from behind her, and she turned around to look, but no one was there. As she swiveled back to her original direction, she was shocked to see Emma standing in front of her, dressed in Goth-styled dominatrix lingerie attire, with a dark look and heavy make-up.

Emma's lips were obsidian black with a high pearlescent gloss, similar in shade to her nails. Her eyes were made up with silver eye shadow, dark eyeliner, and black mascara with silver glitter. Her hair was lustrous black and tied into a high pony tail that ended right above her butt. She wore a black leather choker with a silver heart at the center, a black leather bra with studded spikes, a wide studded leather band around her upper waist that had a heart-shaped metal frame at the center, studded leather panties, a studded leather band on each thigh right above the tops of the her black fishnet stockings, black high heels, and an assortment of silver jewelry. Around her shoulders was a black cloak with a pearlescent silver underside. On top of her head was a silver tiara.

"Emma? No, you're not Emma Wadden!"

"I'm your fantasy of Emma. This is what you want the real Emma to be."

"No, this isn't want I want! Who are you? Why are you doing this?!"

Emma walked up to Candice. "What I am isn't important. What you want is all that matters, and I know you want me!"

Before Candice could do anything, Emma wrapped her arms around her in a tight embrace and kissed her forcibly. At first Candice was highly resistant to the kiss and struggled with all her might. However, Emma's hug was strong and shortly the mage was unable to resist the taste of Emma's lips and the lust suddenly burning in her loins, and succumbed to the kiss. Candice opened her mouth and accepted Emma's tongue...

Accept me into your body and you will receive all that you desire...

You can have pleasures and powers beyond your imagination...

You don't have to answer to anyone...

You can rule them all...

No one can stop you...

All you have to do is say, "Yes".


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