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Brainy Teen - Chapter 22 Part 2

Wendy nodded her head in agreement. She wanted the pleasure, the sweet orgasm that was awaiting her. Moral restraint was no longer a factor. As Wendy kneaded her breast, Samantha did her best to mimic Wendy's action with her right hand on Wendy's right tit, and began to press her own bosom into Wendy's back more. She also leaned in and began a trial of soft kisses from Wendy's ear onto her bare shoulder. She cooed in Wendy's ear, "Imagine if you were doing this with more women watching you. Wouldn't that be exciting? That would really turn you on, wouldn't it?"

"Hmmmm," was Wendy's distracted reply, while absorbing Samantha's suggestion as a truth.

"Isn't masturbation better with another woman helping you? It's much better to have another pretty girl or woman touching you, isn't it? Feeling you up exactly where you want to be touched..." Wendy's response was similar to her previous one.

Wendy could feel the intense heat of lust emanate from her womanhood, every sexual nerve on fire, her cunt aching for release, moist and pulsating with the desire for carnal sex. Unable to resist, Wendy slipped her free right hand back into her panties. Shortly, she was working a finger in and out of her horny fuck hole, seeking to quell the lust consuming her soul.

What she was doing felt incredible. How could the sensations she was feeling be wrong? At this moment, as if a ray of enlightenment had been shot to her by Goddess, Wendy realized that the pleasures of the flesh were divine, reflecting beautiful natural human urges that should not be denied nor suppressed, especially due to some foolish belief that they were wrong. Wendy had no intention to deny herself, or to stop, until she achieved the high she desired.

Wendy's arousal was completely obvious to Evie and Samantha, and would have been to anyone else observing her, as well, from, among other things, the way Wendy was breathing heavily, was groping her left breast vigorously, and was working her right hand over her pussy, the trembling of her body, and the delirious moans of pleasure spewing from her mouth. One would have to be totally oblivious to conclude that Wendy was pleasuring herself, with an equal assist from Samantha, and not enjoying it. Evie and Samantha smiled at each other wickedly, acknowledging to one another that their plan to lure Wendy further along the path Hecate had mapped out for her was working out very nicely.

"Good...good, Wendy. You're doing absolutely great," Samantha whispered seductively as she continued to feel up Wendy's right breast, mimicking Wendy's actions on her own left breast. Wendy only moaned in response.

"Tell me, Wendy," Evie asked softly, "what--or who--are you fantasizing about? Who's getting my sweet daughter all hot and bothered?" She leaned forward over Wendy to kiss Samantha with Wendy sandwiched between the two, further fueling the sexuality in the room. "What girl--or woman--is getting you so turned on? Tell your mother what delightful, wicked images are in that naughty head of yours."

"Don't forget about me, sweetie, "Samantha cooed into Wendy's ear. "Tell me what gets your fuck hole hot and steamy, too!" The stripper emphasized the words "fuck hole" in a particularly suggestive, sultry manner. "It's me, isn't it?" Samantha whispered into the blonde's ear, as she tugged explosively on the nipple in her hand.

"Oh! Ohhh, Samantha," Wendy whispered back breathlessly, "Yes... It''s"

"Good. I like to hear that. But I knew that already. You are really bonkers for me, aren't you?"

"...yes...yes, Samantha... I am..."

"I know why you like me so much. Do you?"

"Because you''re really pretty..."

"Thank you. But there's more to it than that, isn't there?"


"You like my lesbian body... It turns you on..."

"...yes... I do... I love your sexy body..."

"...because you're a lesbian, Wendy...a passionate, helplessly homosexual, randy lesbian girl... You love girls..."

.......... Is she right?........ Am I really becoming a lesbian? ......... I think I'm still straight... Wendy remembered the necklace she was wearing. Oh, yeah... I'm supposed to think like a lesbian... It's okay to feel like a lesbian...and act like one...for now... Wendy felt relief that she had found justification to suppress, for the time being, the resistance within herself to lesbianism which she had thought she should be feeling, and to surrender a little more to her surging sapphic emotions. I don't mind Samantha thinking of me as a lesbian... In fact...I like it... be honest...I...I do love some girls, at least...girls like Samantha... Right now...I am a lesbian......... I love girls........

"And it's because I'm a slut...isn't it? You like sluts. Slutty lesbian girls turn you on."

"I...uh..." A quick moment's reflection told Wendy that Samantha had her figured out correctly. "Yes...... I...I like slutty you..."

"I'm the kind of slut you want to be with...and I'm the kind of slut you want to be..."


"I'll help you... I'll help you to become just like me. Would you like that?"

"....yes... I...I think so..."

"You like playing with your pussy, don't you, Wendy?" Samantha cooed into Wendy's ear. "It'd be even better if another girl's hand helped. Would you like me to help you play with your hot pussy, Wendy?" Wendy felt Samantha's free left hand slide into the waistband of her panties, waiting there for Wendy to give it the green light. "It's better if another girl plays with you. Especially if it's me, hmmm?"

Wendy did want that, and she didn't. Even though she knew she was committed to feeling, behaving, and living like a lesbian to win the heart of Lauren, she didn't want to get more involved with these women than she had to. She knew she may have already gone a little too far already. She reminded herself once again that she didn't come here tonight for this... Yet...on the other hand...she was just doing what she, as the lesbian girl she was being right now, was supposed to do...and...she didn't feel any guilt about what was happening. It was just all good and natural and nice. Plus, this wasn't just anyone offering to help her get off... It was her beloved crush...a hot porn star!... How fantastic was that?! ... And what would it hurt if another hand joined her own?...... Yes... That would be nicer...much nicer... Anyway, she had already had her pussy felt up by other girls before. This would not be the first time another girl had touched her cunt. It had been wonderful before. So why not?


Samantha completed her slide into Wendy's panties, and found her vulva. The first touch of her porn-star crush's painted-nailed fingertips on her young womanhood sent skyrockets through her. "Oh! Ohhh..." she panted. Then they, by unspoken agreement, divided up the territory. While Wendy finger-fucked herself in the lower part of her slit, Samantha pleasured Wendy's clit and upper pussy lips. "Ah! Oooooo..." Wendy moaned in response. Masturbation by another girl's hand was definitely better than by hers own alone.

"What if another of your friends were here doing this with your friend Madelynn?" Wendy, not being in a discriminating mindset, didn't ask how Samantha would know about Madelynn. "Can you imagine her sliding her hands into your panties and feeling up your pussy, and your tits, like I'm doing?" Wendy did close her eyes and picture that. It was a delicious thought. "Would you like that?"

"Ohh, yeah..."

"You could make it happen, sweetie. You've just got to be sexier...and more beautiful...and sluttier... Let her know how you really feel about her...and that you're ready for everything with her." Wendy loved the idea...the possibility...the vision...

"Or...even naughtier...just think if I were...your mother! Touching you like this..." Samantha pulled on Wendy's right nipple and her clit simultaneously, then plied them with her pretty fingernails. The invasive touches and the incestuous proposal made Wendy's nipples all the harder and her pussy all the wetter.

"Oh! Ah!"

"Oh, wicked Wendy! That turns you on, doesn't it?!" It did, indeed. While Wendy felt an impulse to object and to express that Samantha had gone too far, that she, Wendy, could not agree to think of her mother as being with her like this, Wendy had no ability to speak a denial, and the urge quickly faded, drowned in lust. "But that's okay. Mothers and daughters should be sexual with each other...very sexually involved...It's the best way to show their love." Samantha kissed Wendy again on her cheek. "Mother-daughter love and sex is such a beautiful thing. You should try incest with your mother some time." The subliminals Wendy had just heard made, combined with having previously heard Cynthia, Lauren, Madeline, and Kayla urge her to consider her mother as a potential lover, as well as the video she had seen with Madeline and other brainwashing she had experienced, made it so that the brunette's suggestions struck Wendy in this moment, after that initial impulse to disagree had left her, only as agreeable, exciting, and natural truths.

"Now," the stripper resumed, "there's someone else, someone who's right here...someone I know you want... Look at her... She's beautiful, isn't she? And she looks just like your mother. That's so hot, isn't it? Think of her as your mother...that she is your can have her... That really arouses you, doesn't it? She turns you on... Look at her body..." Samantha pulled on the blonde teen's clit and stroked her pussy lips harder, eliciting another little gasp and making her focus on Evie intently.

From that point on, Wendy ogled the blonde woman's voluptuous body freely, her eyes settling again and again on her fiery-red areolae and nipples peeking out over and through her gauzy shelf bra. She told herself that if this really had been her mother, she would have tried to look away, out of respect, and she felt, at some level, that she ought to do so now, because this woman was so similar to her mom...but she couldn't. Within moments, however, she justified herself, telling herself that there was no harm in just long as she didn't do anything with the beautiful woman...that she realized that she did have great curiosity to see her mother naked, without understanding where that desire came from or how long she had had it...and that this was the next best thing... So she would look...and the view was...utterly...spectacular... Although...within seconds, Wendy's mind was making little differentiation between the identity of the woman in front of her and her look-alike in Wendy's home... This could well be...her......her mother...

"Then, of course," continued Samantha, plying Wendy to name a girl who really got to her, who was in her fantasies, maybe someone she didn't want to admit she was really hot for, or even in love with, "there must be another who gets you all worked up...that you dream about...that you'd love to have slutty lesbian sex with...whom you'd love to...fuck..." She punctuated her last word with a finger plunge between the blonde's labia. "Uh! Ahhh!"

The purpose of this inquiry was to make Wendy look into her soul and find a specific girl or woman, if there was one, of all the women and girls Wendy knew or knew of, whether among those introduced to her by Hecate or others, who had particularly penetrated her hetero defenses and for whom she had a special, deep love and a driving, compelling lust, a lust so consuming that it could bind her long-term into lesbianism, and to face that love, to face the pure lesbian affections and deep sapphic desires lying within her now, to counterpoise her tendency to ignore and to deny those feelings, and instead to open her eyes to them, to acknowledge them, to bring them out in the open, to embrace them, and to relish them.

The lust coursing through Wendy's body caused her mind to lose its grasp on reality. To Wendy, at this point, the smoking hot babe who was in front of her was her mom and she was also with her favorite pornstar, who was feeling her up, both urging her to masturbate in front of them while asking what sexual fantasy was running through her mind, and what girl she secretly loved most, wanted to be together with most, to have lesbian sex with most, and even to mate with, above others in her life. Wendy's resistance at this point was close to nonexistent and, with Evie flaunting her charms in Wendy's face and Samantha's hands stoking the mounting fire within her, both coaxing her to tune in to the erotic feelings in her body, and urging her to recognize and reveal a secret beloved, it wouldn't be long before the soul-searching, the view of Evie, and the play by both her own and Samantha's hands would result in one of the most beautiful orgasms, she could tell, she would have ever felt.

"So, baby girl, tell Mommy who's got you all hot and bothered?" Wendy's urge was to blurt out what she was feeling strongly in this moment: You!!! But that struck her as an unseemly thing to do with a woman who more or less was her mother, her senses and emotions were telling her, so she did not.

Instead, she closed her eyes and immediately another female appeared in her mind's eye, a beauty who had been on her mind and in her heart and emotions preeminently for weeks, around whom her lusts had been swirling almost constantly, who indeed had been the focus of many of her dreams and fantasies. Wendy recalled several of the romantic and sexual firsts to which this girl had introduced her, such as her first kiss, making out, feeling girls up, showering and bathing with girls, and giving anal sex to another girl.

As Wendy and Samantha continued to work their fingers in and out of Wendy's ever slickening fuck tunnel, Wendy's other hand massaging her left breast and Samantha playing with her right, and with Wendy sandwiched between two very beautiful women, one who was her favorite porn star and the other who looked exactly like her mother, Wendy could no longer contain the erotic feelings pulsating through her body. As the intense orgasmic bliss swept across her body, Wendy screamed out the name of her secret cherished beloved.


"Yes!" Samantha cooed into Wendy's ear. "You're in love with a girl!"

The confession of her special, deep love for her beautiful girlfriend Sarah, of finally facing and admitting what had been hiding under the surface for weeks, liberated something within Wendy, and was like pouring gasoline onto the fire of her orgasm. "Ahhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Yesssss!"

Finally achieving the moment she sought, Wendy slumped forward and braced herself against Evie as she tried to catch her breath, her body trembling as smaller but equally intense orgasms still emanated from her drenched womanhood. Her head rested on Evie's soft mounds and her hands on Evie's shoulders, half embracing the blonde woman, attempting to recover from a very intense round of combined sexual self-pleasuring and heavy petting with Samantha.

"My, my, looks like my sexy daughter had a very nice fantasy...about someone very special."

Exhausted, Wendy could only muster enough energy to mutter an "uh-huh" in response

"Remind me, who is Sarah to you?" Evie knew the answer very well; she just wanted Wendy to openly acknowledge her lesbian dating relationship with another girl, which would further anchor it within her.

"She's my girlfriend."

"It's pretty obvious that you're hooked on her, aren't you?"

Wendy hadn't thought of it like that before, quite like this, but Evelyn's assessment felt about right.

"I... I guess I am..."

"Would you like to marry her?"

Again, Wendy couldn't recall pondering that question before, but who would make a hotter wife than Sarah? It didn't occur to Wendy that one girl marrying another, and especially she herself being one of the brides, would have been a very foreign and unpalatable concept to her but a few weeks ago, but now was an idea with which she was, thanks to her brainwashing and real-life experiences and encounters, more than comfortable. And her feelings for Sarah were the type, she recognized, which she would have toward someone she would want to marry.

"Uh...yeah... I think so..."

For the first time, Wendy had consciously, openly expressed her desire for, or at least her openness to, a lesbian marriage for herself with a specific girl. Now that she said it, it seemed like a beautiful idea, especially if Sarah could be her bride.

"Hey, look what I found!" While Wendy had been talking with Evelyn, Samantha had slipped off the sofa to poke into Wendy's purse. In her sexual haze, Wendy had briefly forgotten about Samantha, and, as she turned to face the ravishing brunette, her eyes sprang wide open. In Samantha's hands was the glittery-pink strap-on attached to a transparent harness that Wendy had been keeping hidden in her purse, the erotic item Wendy had only brought at Sarah's insistence. The stripper wore a very mischievous yet seductive smile on her face.

"Looks like someone came prepared for some action."

"W-wait...uh... I can explain... I mean..." stuttered Wendy as she jolted upright away from Evelyn, trying to explain away the sex toy in Samantha's hands.

"Don't worry, Wendy. I completely understand."

"You do, Mom?... I mean 'Evelyn'. Evelyn!"

"You can call me 'Mom', Wendy," Evelyn countered with a sultry tone in her voice. "Like I said earlier, I would love to have a sexy daughter like you. Let's just pretend that I am your mom, sweetheart. What could be the harm in that?"

"Uh... I..."

"Good. Then it's settled. I am your mother and you are my daughter, Wendy, and a very slutty one at that. I would have you no other way. You are my slut-daughter. As a matter of fact, I think I know what my slut of a daughter really needs."

"Evelyn, I thi...."

"It's 'Mom', and you have been hungering for this ever since we met." Before Wendy could raise an objection, Evelyn drew Wendy close and planted a very sensual, red-lipsticked kiss on the young woman's fuschia-painted mouth. Then she felt Evie's tongue slide past her lips and play around with her own, bringing a panting moan of delight from the girl. The sexy woman's shiny red lips were every bit as soft and delicious as their appearance had promised them to be, her probing tongue and her accompanying saliva were excitement incarnate, and the beauty's age seemed to add rather to subtract a distinctive, thrilling, novel dimension to the labial and lingual exchange. Wendy realized fully within a second of tasting the platinum blonde's mouth that she had indeed been hungering for Evie's red lips from the first moment she saw them.

Wendy kissed back. And she sank her tongue into Evie's receptive mouth, where the tongues of a sexy, experienced woman and a sluttified teen girl commenced a delectable, momentous dance.

Yes...I wanted to kiss you...Mom.

Wendy knew she had crossed a line, a first taboo line, a big line, in her relationship with this woman whom she had just met and barely knew, who was a player in the porn industry yet who was just like her mother, or like her mother could and should be. But the blonde teen was now glad she had allowed this kiss, and returned it, glad she had made this sweet, blissful discovery. Making out with this woman was sheer paradise.

Wendy wondered if kissing her real mother and making out with her would be like this. Not wanting to admit it, she was nevertheless somehow certain that it would be, if not even better. But whether this woman was her real mother or not didn't matter much to Wendy. Pretending would be as good as the real thing right now.

Ohhhhhhh...oh, Mom....mmmmmm...

Wendy could feel pleasurable feelings return, heating her pussy up again. Guided by the sapphic and incestuous instincts implanted in her mind, Wendy wrapped her arms around Evie and pressed her nubile, naked breasts into Evie's voluptuous, bra-covered rack, while steadfastly maintaining the connection between their lips. She wanted this bliss to go on and on. Further, her subconscious mind, her emotions, and her body were consumed with the desire to go further than this with Evelyn, much further, starting with seeing her breasts without a bra, and to feel and knead and kiss them.

Wendy's hands strayed over her older partner's back, savoring the smoothness of the skin, her fingertips absentmindedly playing along the shoulder straps and back strap of her silky red bra, subconsciously desiring to coax Evelyn out of her bra, as she had helped Samantha doff hers earlier. They carried on for several steaming minutes, until shared saliva starting to drool down their chins. Wendy fingered the clasp on the back of Evelyn's bra, on the verge of "accidentally" popping it open.

Samantha rejoined them on the couch, again pressing her perky breasts against Wendy's back. Sliding her arms around Wendy's slim waist from behind, she leaned forward and softly whispered into Wendy's ear in a very naughty tone. "You obviously came here to fuck a woman, Wendy, and guess what? The night is still young. You have two very horny women here with you willing to let you fuck the steaming holes between their legs!"

Evelyn broke her kiss with Wendy to express her glee. "Ooo, slutty Wendy wants to fuck us! Whom do you want to fuck first?" asked Evelyn in a sultry voice, as she leaned back on the couch, giving Wendy an alluring view of her scantily-clad body. She suggestively slid her right hand between her legs, which she spread some, and moved her red-nailed fingers in slow, lazy circles over her vulva through the gossamer thong. Wendy's eyes followed the suggestive movements, being particularly riveted by the sight of Evelyn's long, smooth, nylon-covered legs and the glimpse of the beauty's pussy lips visible through the shiny, sheer material of the thong. There was the awesome pussy she would be fucking. Wendy's first internal answer to Evelyn's question, given the riveting erotic sight in front of her, was resounding. Evelyn.

But Wendy hadn't even agreed to fuck anyone yet, and now two women obviously expected hard-core lesbian intercourse with her. Having momentarily forgotten the anal intercourse she had had--and had repeated again and again, and had loved, dizzily loved, and was a little reluctant to consider real "fucking", anyway, at least so far--with Madeline just earlier that afternoon, she reflected that she had never done "fucking" with anyone, man or woman, before. This was more, much more, than she had supposed she would be doing tonight. Plus, she had always planned on saving the act of "fucking", at least for her first time, for the one destined to be her "special someone"...which, in her mind's eye had in the past always been a man...although now...that was much more of an open question. sounded like both women with her were planning on being on the "receiving" end of tonight's fun, letting her keep her maidenhood in a virgin state, at least nominally, while spending her virginity as a girl who fucks other girls.

Wendy sensed that, if she hadn't been a slut before this night--and she didn't think she was, only so far as she had to pretend to be one to get Lauren's attention--then she might be on a fast track to becoming one if she did what Samantha and Evelyn expected of her. She was still thinking that when her acting-like-a-lesbian adventure was all over, she would be returning to her previous life, and wouldn't want to have been too much of a slut and too much of a lesbian during this temporary experience, as she supposed. But...she did kind of know what to do, having seen lesbian strap-on intercourse numerous times in her porn...and it had steaming hot...and...if she could just do one of the beauties with her, instead of both of them...maybe that would limit the degeneracy of what she was apparently about to do. Maybe, in fact, she would just commit this act one time, once on this one night, just to see what it was like, and then she could walk away from it, if she wanted to, she told herself. This didn't have to be the start of an addictive behavior, or something she would do repeatedly...if she didn't want to.

As she thought about it quickly, thought about her sexy present company, thought about their pussies waiting for her to fill them with her strapped-on tool of love, and thought about the lust she had for them, she concluded that she really did want to fuck one of them. She was going to do it...because she wanted to...because they had made her steaming hot for them... She wanted to fuck a woman's pussy.

She considered the two choices: Samantha, her favorite porn star, and Evelyn, her mother-look-alike. She found both women to be very tempting. Her first urge was to choose Evelyn. This clearly was a special woman for whom Wendy felt a powerful attraction and bond, even though they had just met, and wanted to get much closer to, physically and emotionally. Yes, she knew she wanted to go all the way with her. And Wendy had never sexually been with a female her mother's age. What would it be like? Wendy was extremely intrigued. Just the mere thought of having heavy sex with her almost made her cum.

And yet...she had lusted over Samantha and had fantasized about her for weeks, now... This was her big opportunity to make her secret dreams about her come true. And, more important, Evelyn hit a bit too close to home. A small voice in the back of her mind told her that doing Evelyn would be too much like doing her mother, and that incest, or doing something that even seemed similar to incest, that gave her the same vibes as incest, was wrong and repugnant, Much as she might like to, she had better not go down that road. Maybe she could make out with her, like she had already done. If she felt guilt about that, surprisingly, it wasn't very much, and she would do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe she could feel up her divine tits, even. But fucking her? What if...heaven forbid...what if she liked it? Therefore, she turned around to face Samantha, who immediately switched from her devilish smile to a friendly one.

"You want to do me first, instead of Evelyn? I'm flattered, Wendy."

"Actually, I just want to do you, Samantha."

"Wendy, why?" asked Evelyn with a faux tone of being emotionally hurt. "Is it because I'm not pretty enough?"

Turning back around to face the older woman, Wendy responded, "No, that's definitely not it. You're very beautiful, and I...I have to admit that...that I like you."

"How do you 'like' her, Wendy? Like a friend...or like a lover?" The moment Samantha made that insinuation disguised as a question, Wendy knew what the stripper was implying was true--that in a very short time, this sexy blonde beauty had unquestionably become a love interest for her, a femme fatale who rang all her bells--but she didn't dare admit that to herself very candidly or to her companions.


"You want to fuck her, don't you?" Again, the answer was obvious to all there. Wendy could not deny it, so she tried to explain herself.

"It's just that... you look too much like my mom and..."

"That's what would make it so hot, Wendy," Samantha seduced. "I have sex with my mother all the time."

"You do?"

"Sure. Lots of girls do. Do you love your mother, Wendy?"

"Yes...of course...very much."

"Screwing your mother is by far the best way to show her how much you love her. I love fucking my mom, and she loves it too. And you want to be like me, don't you?"

That information, given by a girl she viewed as ideal and a model for her, stunned Wendy. Wendy didn't know what to say. If Samantha made love to her mother...then...

"It's alright, Wendy," Evelyn interjected. "I understand, but can I at least help you put on the strap-on, and then would you mind if I masturbate while watching you have sex with Samantha?" Wendy felt relief in Evelyn taking the issue of screwing her off the table. Also, the offer to help seemed to Wendy almost like a mother being interested in a daughter's normal activities and volunteering to be helpful to her as she readied for a social event--even though few mothers would help a daughter strap on a dildo so that she could screw a porn star.

"Sure,, Evie. Thank you."

"You can just imagine that I'm your mom helping you get ready for a hot date...with a sexy girl...with the girl of your dreams...and helping you get ready to fuck her. Okay?"


Evelyn took the strap-on and a clear bottle containing a pink gel from Samantha and, while holding it by the shaft, she applied the gel to the part of the harness that faced the wearer's groin.

"What's this that you're putting on?"

"It's just lubricant, dear," replied Evelynn matter-of-factly, but telling a bold-faced lie. "It will make you more comfortable." The truth was that the gel was no ordinary lubricant, as it contained a powerful aphrodisiac and another psychoactive drug capable of loosening inhibitions and reducing a person's reasoning abilities, which pharmaceutical elements were designed to be absorbed quickly and completely through the skin and structures of the vulva. Whether that little goody-goody wants to or not, Evelyn revelled to herself, she's going to fuck me with that strap-on! In doing so, Wendy would mark a milestone in seeing her own mother as more of a sexual partner than a maternal figure, and take another step in completing her transformation into an over-sexed lesbian.

Wendy observed Evelyn unbuckle the straps of the strap-on and, with a gesture, request that she stand up. "Wendy, sweetie, why don't you take your panties off?....There... Turn around...let me look at you..." Wendy gulped as she obeyed Evelynn's commands and presented her completely nude body to her mother's doppelganger. "Oooo, what a nice bum you have.......oh!...and your cunt, darling! It's so pretty! You really have to show that to the world!"

Wendy was both flattered and nervous. Here she was being appraised, as if by her mother, for her potential sexual worth, maybe even for her value in the world of porn, but it was favorable and she enjoyed the praise. Plus, she was about to fuck another girl for the first time, a porn star, no less, and someone about whom she was quite ga-ga, with someone watching, and it was going to be purely for the sake of sexual gratification. Tender love was not going to be the featured ingredient in the sexual act she was going to perform, but rather sheer, wanton lust.

Evelyn lowered the strap-on harness close to Wendy's ankles. Hesitating briefly, Wendy lifted her right leg, still shod in a high-heeled shoe, as were all the other legs in this room, and slipped it through one side of the harness and repeated the same action with her other leg in the other half of the harness. While Evelyn slid the harness upward, Wendy felt tingles of pleasure going up her spine as Evelyn's almond-shaped red nails grazed the skin of her legs. Lifting the harness to Wendy's hips, Wendy could feel the blonde woman's breath on her naked pussy and her eyes running greedily over it, and wondered whether the red-lipped woman might lean forward to kiss her pussy lips, as long as she was so close.

As if she were a mother reading her daughter's mind, Evie looked up at Wendy and asked, "Darling... as a little token of affection from your mom...would you like me to kiss your pretty little cunt?"

Wendy hadn't been sure she wanted that to happen, but now that Evelyn was offering it, she knew she wanted it, too. She justified herself that, as she had recently heard from somewhere--from subliminals, unknown to her, as well as from Samantha just a minute before--that sexy acts of intimate affection between mothers and daughters were okay, even if they were clearly sexual, and since Evelyn was so much like her mother, what she proposed was okay. She also told herself that, though she wasn't going to get too involved with this sexy temptress because she was too much like her mother, this was just going to be something little, a little kiss, and that much would be okay--even though where Wendy was going to be kissed would make this first little step of oral love with Evie a monumental leap into clear-cut, deeply-involved lesbian sex with this woman, which fact Wendy chose to overlook.


"Call me 'Mom'. And tell me what you want, darling"

"Uh...Mom...would you...uh...please...kiss my cunt?"

Evelyn, smiling, leaned her face into the blonde teen's shaven pussy and kissed the awaiting, wet nether lips. "Ah!" Wendy squealed.

"Oh, you like that, don't you, you cute little slut?"

"Yes! Mom...just a little more...please..." The young blonde girl cupped the woman's platinum blonde head to pull her back. "Please..."

Obliging gladly, Evelyn licked her young paramour's pussy lips, then stuck her tongue inside the canal of love. "Oh! Oh! Yes!"

After a few more teasing licks and kisses, Evelyn returned to the project of fixing the heavy-breathing Wendy into her first strap-on, leaving Wendy wanting, priming her desire for more oral action with Evelyn in the future. "Don't worry, honey. You and I can do more of that anytime you want to."

The older blonde positioned the drug-coated dildo-bearing panel directly over the girl's cunt lips, the wet contact and the first effects of the drugs startling Wendy and making her pussy quiver. Evelyn then reached around Wendy's hips, pulled the straps through the buckles, and tightened the straps. This action put Evelyn's face very close to Wendy's crotch again and caused the glittery dildo to brush against the woman's cheek.

Wendy felt a strange pleasurable sensation as the cool gel coating the inner surface of the hard plastic crotch panel touched and slithered over and between her pussy lips, causing her to shift and rub her thighs together. She imagined Evelyn sucking the strap-on, but quickly chased away the unchaste sexual fantasy. Surely that would be going too far with this glorious woman who reminded her of her mother.

Grabbing another bottle of lubricant, which Wendy thought was the same bottle Evelyn had been using before, Evelyn squirted the gel into one hand and slathered it on the dildo in a way that made it seem like she was giving it a hand job. The action caused the crotch panel of the harness to push against Wendy's crotch, which made the teen girl react with loud gasps.

"Now you're ready for action, my beautiful, slutty daughter!"

With the dildo protruding lewdly from her crotch, as if she had her own, ominous penis, the only purpose for which was to plunge into the love-hole of another girl, Wendy did feel like a slut, a very lesbian slut. With that weapon of love strapped in place around her hips--by her own mother, as it were, no less--she was, indeed, poised to be a whorish, girl-fucking slut, like she never had been before. There was no way around that. Yet, her mother had set her up for this, it so much seemed, had prepared her to play this role, had given her tacit approval, had made her into the whorish girl-fucker she so much felt like as she stood there, her penis quivering with her every movement, seemingly demanding not to be ignored, but to be revered, and to be touched and sucked and plunged into hot female pussy.

Wendy took the phallus into a hand, running her fingers along it, and squeezing it, feeling the firmness of it's body and the slick texture of its surface, and gauging it's length and girth. Though she had seen other women and girls wear and use such a potent tool, mainly in her porn, she had never imagined herself wearing one, as far as she could recall. The experience was sheer excitement, one of pure sexual power. Equipped like this, she could actually fuck another girl, or a woman--like a man could, but because men using their dicks for sex was so gross, in her current view, and women fucking women was beautiful, she could do it so much better than a man because she was a girl. With this thing, and being a girl, she could fuck a sexy girl like Samantha properly and beautifully.

Subconsciously, Wendy regretted not choosing the option to fuck Evelyn, but having sex with any female was fine at the moment because she was feeling very aroused. She stared at Evelyn's face for a very long moment, noticing the beautiful long, pale blonde hair, the brilliant blue eyes, and the luscious red lips, stoking her regret, before turning to face Samantha, the girl she was about to fuck in her first vaginal lesbian strap-on experience. Samantha, half-reclining on the sofa, had her hands on her thighs and her legs--still sheathed in her iridescent nylons and shod in white high heels, and with her garter belt still on--spread wide apart, with her pink satin panties pulled down and bunched up at one ankle, while giving Wendy a sensual come-fuck-me look.

Wendy's eyes zoomed in on Samantha's pussy. Wendy knew this perfection of young womanhood, having ogled it and drooled over it several times before in film and print. Now here it was, in the flesh, gaping open just for her, pink and glistening and pretty and hot. Was it true that she was really going to get to plunge into it, to fuck it, like she had lusted to do numerous times before? Was this beautiful, famous, dangerous, irresistible pussy finally going to be hers?

Wendy was hesitant. She was going to fuck a girl for the first time with a strap-on, a girl she had just met in person this night. She knew that normally, in her old view, intercourse should happen only when a person was deeply in love with another and only after marriage. Shouldn't she wait for the right circumstances and for her destined soul-mate, or at least for a more settled relationship? Shouldn't they at least be dating?

But Wendy's conviction that she had to follow a traditional model had been drastically undermined and most all of her moral values were now corrupted. Without quite knowing when and why she had changed her long-held beliefs about chastity, she realized in this moment that she--perhaps as a maturing phase in her life, she rationalized to herself, or maybe because she had had the privilege lately of hanging out with cool, enlightened girls, like Sarah, who had shown her a more liberal, more correct path--had come to see them as outdated and that she now felt liberated from them. Chastity and waiting was so passé, so limiting. She was free to indulge her passions as she saw fit.

I like Samantha...but I hardly know her... That doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is pleasure. I want her. I want her pussy. She wants me to fuck her. I want to fuck her. I'm going to fuck that little slut and her lovely, juicy whore-pussy.

She strolled up to Samantha on her high heels and stood between her wide-opened legs, looking down at her with a sultry, openly-aroused gaze, scanning over her beautiful face and body, while lightly running her hands over her own naked teen breasts enticingly. Then, bending her legs and holding the sofa's backrest for support with one hand, Wendy lowered her body onto Samantha. Grasping and aiming the glittery pink shaft with her other hand, she descended more until the tip of the dildo touched and then barely split the stripper's wet pussy lips.

This was the big moment. She sensed that if she continued, she would never be the same. She would, ever-after, be a girl who fucks girls. A girl-fucking girl. A girl-fucker. A true slut. Did she want that? Did she want to fuck this girl that much?

The question dissipated as lust for this girl and this pussy overwhelmed her, knowing and feeling that her strap-on was now within Samantha's labia, albeit slightly, poised to invade another girl, and not just any girl, but the beautiful porn-star of her dreams. She was soooo close to fucking her.


She pushed it in slightly. A strange pleasurable feeling shot up Wendy's spine, as if she was doing something that she had always been meant to do, that was her destiny, and that she would be finally claiming this sexy pornstar as her own, a girl, it was now perfectly clear to her, whom she had longed to fuck ever since she first saw her in that DVD Sarah had given her weeks ago. She then held onto both of Samantha's shoulders and lowered her body onto Samantha's further, the phallus sinking deeper, until their nipples touched. A loud moan escaped from Samantha's pink lips.

"Kiss me," whispered Samantha as she likewise placed her hands on Wendy's shoulders.

Kiss Samantha hard... You love her lips...

Without delay, Wendy kissed Samantha's glossy pink lips hungrily with her fuchsia-painted lips. How long had she waited to kiss this beautiful teen porn star again? Although it had only been a matter of minutes in the past, she hadn't gotten nearly enough of Samantha's pretty painted mouth the first time they had kissed, and it seemed like it had been almost forever... but now it was happening...and they were fucking, too, at the same time!.... This was sheer heaven. Wendy moaned wantonly into her dream slut's mouth. "Mmmmmmm..."

Wendy, you love kissing a pretty girl like Samantha.

Wendy, you love the feel of your painted mouth touching and sliding along and tasting and kissing the painted mouth of another girl.

Wendy, you love kissing with lipstick on, on you and on your companion.

Wendy, you love kissing soft, feminine lips coated with beautiful lipstick.

Wendy, you love wearing lipstick.

Wendy, you are so glad you wear makeup.

Wendy, you are so glad you wore makeup, heavy makeup, tonight.

Wendy, you are so happy that you are wearing lipstick right now.

Wendy, wearing heavily-applied lipstick all the time is so right and so good.

Wendy, lipstick and all other makeup make lesbian sex possible.

Wendy, lipstick and other makeup makes a girl ready for lesbian sex.

Wendy, makeup is a part of lesbian sex.

Wendy, you love kissing a hot girl when you are both wearing lipstick.

Wendy, kissing a girl with lipstick-painted lips, when you are wearing lipstick, too, is divine enjoyment.

Wendy, you will always wear deeply-coated lipstick and other makeup so that you will attract other sexy girls and be ready to kiss them long and hard, should the opportunity arise.

Wendy, you love fucking girls when you are both wearing makeup and when you are kissing with painted lips.

Wendy, you love fucking Samantha.

Wendy, you want to fuck Samantha very long and very hard.

Fuck her like the lesbian slut she is.

Fuck her like the lesbian slut you are.

Fuck Samantha hard... Move those hips...

Wendy sank her hips down further, driving her wicked weapon deeper into her crush's womanhood, while kissing her painted pink lips more ardently.

At length, Wendy turned to face Evelyn, for some reason thinking that she was trying to communicate with her, but Evelyn seemed occupied with her own round of masturbation. She had her hand on one of her red-nippled breasts and another on her pussy, while her mouth was partially opened. Suddenly, though, her eyes met Wendy's with a look of absolute lust and she smiled at her, as if saying, "Welcome to the club, you sexy girl-fucking slut." Wendy was about to volunteer to help Evelyn with her body play, but the woman's eyes closed again in pleasure, and she decided to save the offer for later. Wendy did, after all, have her own hands full at the time.

Kiss Samantha more... Use your tongue... Fuck Samantha hard... Move those hips...

Turning back to face Samantha, savoring the wonderful beauty of this slut in heat, Wendy kissed her again, pushing her tongue deep into Samantha's painted mouth. She slowly rocked her hips to work the dildo more deeply yet into Samantha's pussy, as well. With a forceful jab, which made Wendy's partner in sex gasp for breath, the strap-on was buried to the hilt.

Again, Wendy...fuck her again...go deep...deeper...

Then Wendy retreated some before pushing back in. She started repeating that action. Only a small, glittery section could be seen whenever Wendy pulled back. Evelyn smiled with approval at the sight of Wendy thrusting the phallus to the farthest depth it could go, with each stroke causing Samantha to moan deeply into Wendy's mouth.

"Wendy, you two make such a cute couple. And you look so much like each other. You could be twin sisters! It's just like you're fucking your sister, sweetheart. I've always thought sisters make the best lovers...well, that is, after mothers and daughters."

After letting that sink in, Evelyn continued. "Incest is wonderful, isn't it? Sisters with sisters...mothers with daughters... It's all beautiful and wonderful...don't you think?"

Wendy's subconscious programming made her inclined to agree, and she did not screen Evelyn's insinuations critically in this moment. "Mm hm..."

"Samantha would make a perfect girlfriend for you, Wendy. You'd like to date her, wouldn't you?" The fact that Samantha and Evelyn were supposedly engaged registered, if barely, on the blonde teen, as she continued to plunge into Samantha rhythmically.

"But...but aren't you two engaged?"

"Yes, we are...but that shouldn't get in the way of pleasure and true love, dear. Besides, our relationship is completely open. Samantha's a whore, Wendy. She's free to do as she wishes with other with you. Date her...fuck her... It's all fine. If you wanted to, you could even marry her...... We'd work it out..." The possibilities Evelyn was whispering into her soul were making Wendy all the more aroused.

"You don't want this to be the last time you fuck Samantha, do you?"


"Of course not, Wendy. Now that you two have finally met, you want to see Samantha again and again. You want that, too, don't you, Samantha?" The brunette teen stripper voiced her accent.

"I'm going to make sure that you two fuck often. Okay, Wendy?"

Even though, but a half hour before, Wendy had remembered that she had no intention of "going too far" down the road of lesbian sex generally, nor of doing anything this evening close to crossing the line, for the first time, into the hard-core lesbian sex in which she was indulging right now, and quite voluntarily so, that had been all but forgotten. She didn't care. Lost in a swirl of lesbian lust, Wendy knew she would love what Evelyn had just offered, and was ecstatic to hear that this rendezvous would not be her last one with her dream porn star.

"Mmmm... Okay..." It was as if her own mother was setting Wendy up for dating her crush, and not only approving but encouraging heavy sex between them. Wendy couldn't get over what a wonderful mother she was and how thrilling the future seemed to be. "Thank you...Mom.".

"My pleasure, sweetheart...Your happiness is the only thing that matters to me... Keep your hips moving, and out... yessss....perfect...just like a pro, Wendy!... Now...pull back out more, and then slam it all the way into her hot that, you sexy little slut!... Now harder! Fuck this beautiful slut harder!"

Evelyn, an expert director of lesbian porn, watched as the blonde teen complied with the choreography she dictated, pumping her new girlfriend's pussy more vigorously. Indeed, Wendy felt like she was in the middle of one of the numerous lesbian porn flicks she had consumed over the past several weeks, a lesbian porn actress playing the role of the naive straight girl being corrupted and transformed into a lesbian by another beautiful teen and by her own sexy lesbian mother. But that impression was okay with her; it felt good.

Evelyn spoke again. "You know, Wendy," Evie said, sounding to Wendy like a wise and interested mother teaching her beloved daughter the truths of life, "once you fuck another girl, you are a lesbian forever. And fucking Samantha means you are in a relationship with her now. She is your girlfriend. Wendy, you have a porn-star slut for your girlfriend. You two are lovers now. Isn't that cool? And once you fuck a slut, you are a slut. You can't ever go back to not being one. The good girl you once were is now gone forever."

Wendy felt some alarm at Evelyn's precepts, but they did sound like the truth. She couldn't ever go back now?

"The girl you are now fucking is not just any slut. She is a porn star. You are a lucky girl to fuck a porn star. You are thrilled about this privilege. She is the porn star of your dreams, are you are fucking her. Isn't that the coolest, best thing ever? That makes you a very dirty slut, indeed...of the same class...

"You two little sluts belong together... You are so much alike...just like twin sisters...and both nasty, filthy sluts...the kind who would fuck their own sister...or mother... What a great team you'll make... Imagine yourselves in a photo shoot together...fucking... like this... We'd call the layout 'Young Twin Sluts in Love'... Or we could film it... Samantha and co-stars...two hot sister-sluts...Samantha and Wendy...sisters and lovers...on screen...and off screen...

"You love Samantha's body, don't you, Wendy? Love her lesbian body... Love her sweet tits..".

Wendy, look at Samantha's breasts.... You love her breasts... She wants you to kiss them... You want to kiss her breasts... Kiss her nipples...taste...suck...

Samantha broke the kiss and swallowed the hanging threads of saliva dangling from Wendy's lower lip. "Suck on my nipples."

Lowering her head to Samantha's chest, Wendy grabbed Samantha's left breast and kissed the pink-painted nipple, swirling her tongue around the areola that was also painted pink. Ohhh, Samantha.... Her breast is so soft... The nipple paint had a strawberry and vanilla flavor, giving it a pleasant taste. Yum, this tastes good... She tastes good... Samantha is fuckin' delicious...

Samantha arched her back with her face pointing to the ceiling and her braided brown hair draping over the backrest of the couch, pushing her breasts against Wendy's face. "Yesssssssssssssssssssss," the brown-haired stripper hissed while cradling Wendy's head and stroking her hair. "Ohhhh...yesssss... Suck me and fuck me, Wendy! Do me, you sexy little cunt!"

Let's see how you like this! Wendy bit on the nipple and pulled, causing Samantha to yelp. She then switched over to Samantha's other breast, pleasuring it with her lips and hands like on the other breast. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." moaned Wendy. So this is what fucking another girl feels like. I could do this forever... I love playing with her tits, too... They are soooo sexy... I want to fuck this porn slut again, again, and again... I looooove this... I love her...

" slut...I want to fuck the ass... Would you like that?" Wendy knew that could be considered "going too far" with Samantha...but...after the thorough screwing she was giving her new girlfriend's cunt, letting Samantha give it to her in the rear was the least she could do. Plus, after all, Wendy was no longer a virgin there... She had already been anally fucked just that late afternoon...for the first time..and many times over the course of her late afternoon/early evening tryst with Madeline. Wendy now knew, knew well, what it was like...and she absolutely loved it. If Samantha wanted her ass, Wendy was delighted to give it to her, and started looking forward to Samantha plunging into what Wendy now considered to be a tunnel of love just as ripe and just as suitable for fucking as her vagina, or even more so, considering that she wanted to preserve her vaginal virginity. In her mind, anal sex let her get fucked without getting fucked, kind of.


A loud erotic moan from Evelyn made Wendy turn in Evelyn's direction. The voice sounded so much like her mom's that, for a split second, Wendy thought it was her actual mother who was moaning beside her. Their eyes met, communicating erotic intentions and a sexual destiny. Despite steadfastly refusing to fuck Evelyn with the strap-on, she couldn't resist ogling her mom's doppelganger.

There was a glistening silver chain necklace around Evelyn's neck, something Wendy hadn't noticed before. Dangling at the bottom of the chain, right above the cleavage, was set of twin Venus symbols. Wendy's eyes focused on the symbol of sapphic love, becoming lost in it. Her alert eyes gradually became expressionless.

With a voice of authority, Evelyn spoke the teen girl's name. "Wendy...look at me..."

Raising her eyes back up, Wendy made eye contact with Evelyn.

"I know you want to fuck me badly, Wendy."


"Pretend you are fucking me right now, Wendy..." The teen gazed into Evelyn's eyes intensely. A new version of reality materialized in the girl's brain as her eyes glazed over more. "That's right... It's sheer pleasure..." Wendy closed her eyes, imagining the older blonde's pussy receiving her thrusts. "Yessss... Fuck me, sweetheart... You are soooo turned on... You're fucking me now... You are in my hot pussy... It loooves what you are doing to me..." Wendy pictured Evelyn was underneath her, her beautiful pale blonde hair splayed out around her head, her large breasts bobbing up and down under Wendy's assault on her body. "Pick up the pace... We both want more... Faster... Harder..."

"Yesssssss...ohhhh...Mommm... mmmmm..."

"That's right, my beautiful baby daughter. Fuck your mother. Nice and hard." Wendy accelerated her thrusts and moaned softly.

With the increased speed and force with which her steaming womanhood was being plied, Samantha also inadvertently let out a sharp gasp and a low wail of pleasure, causing the blonde teen's fantasy to disperse.

Wait...she's...she's not my mother...and I...I'm fucking Samantha...

Evelyn read the girl's face accurately, and adjusted her tactic. "Don't deny your feelings. You want to fuck me because I'm a sexy, attractive woman who resembles your mother, Mary."

"B-but I...can't..."

"Wendy, listen to me. Don't deny your feelings. Just go along with them. You'll be much happier."

" feelings..." repeated Wendy with a monotone voice.

"Yes... You want to fuck your mother because you love her..."

"But...incest is wrong..." stated Wendy weakly.

"It's not wrong if it's done for love. There's nothing wrong with love, especially lesbian love. Don't you agree?"

"Love isn't wrong..."

"Lesbian love isn't wrong," corrected Evelyn in a stern voice.

"Lesbian love isn't wrong..."

"If lesbian love isn't wrong, then lesbian incest is fine, too, isn't that right?"


"Lesbian incest with your mother is the highest form of love."

"...incest with mother...highest love..."

"You will always think about lesbian incest..."

"I will always think about lesbian incest..."

"You will always imagine having sex with your mother and sister..."

"I will always imagine having sex with my mother and sister..."

"Samantha is so much like you... She is just like a twin sister to you."

" twin sister..."

"Samantha and you are sisters, Wendy. You are fucking your sister. And you love it, don't you?"


"You love fucking your sister..."

" fucking my sister..."

It was Hecate's intention to blur the distinction in Wendy's mind between the words "sister" and "lover", to make them essentially synonymous to her, so that every time she heard "sister" she would automatically think "lover", and then to confuse the words "mother" and "lover", as well.

"Your sister is your lover."


"Your lover is your sister."


"Sisters should be lovers. Sisters are lovers."


"You are committing incest...and you love it..."

" it..."

"Incest is love."


"You already love incest, Wendy, darling. You already do it. Fucking your mother would be no different. You love your mother, don't you, Wendy?"

"...yes... I love my mother very much..."

"You want to show your mother how much you love her, don't you?"

"...yes... I do..."

"A daughter having sex with her mother is true love. You want to make love to your mother. You want to commit lesbian incest with your mother, just like you are doing with your sister. Wendy, you want to fuck your mother."


"Your mother is your lover."


"Your lover is your mother."


"Mothers and daughters should be lovers..."


"A daughter should fuck her mother."


"You want to fuck your mother."


"You will fuck your mother."


"Now pull out of Samantha and stand in front of me."

Robotically, Wendy complied. The glittery pink shaft slid away from Samantha's vagina with loud squelching sounds. She got off from the couch, turned around to face Evelyn, and stood there in her heels and wobbling, dripping strap-on. The older blonde proceeded to kneel in front of Wendy. Evelyn held onto one of Wendy's thighs with one red-nailed hand and grasped the shaft with the other, while licking along its length several times with her tongue, tasting Samantha's pussy juices. At this moment, Wendy returned from her hypnotic stupor and looked down at Evelyn with shock, which quickly turned into acceptance and arousal.

Oh! Mom?!...or is it Evelyn? kissing penis...I strap-on... I just fucked Samantha with it... Ooooo...this is so...naughty.......but......but so cool...... It looks so hot... It feels so sexy.... She's so beautiful........... Yes, this is exactly what I wanted to do...

I wanted sex with Samantha... I fucked her... I wanted to so bad...and I did it... I fucked my first girl... It was amazing... I'm glad we did it... I'd do it again right now... I hope we can fuck again soon... What a hot, fuckin' whore she is... That must be why I...why I love her so much...and want her so much...

And Evie...I want her, too...maybe even more than Samantha... I don't know... But I do want sex with her... I'd love to fuck her just like I did Samantha..,. I'd loooove to... She's so hot... But...but I can't... I can't go that far with her...not all the way like I did with Samantha... It'd be like doing my own mother... But what she's doing now isn't going too far...and...I love it...I love her... Wendy's thoughts started incorporating more words and phrases and urges she had picked up watching porno. bitch...suck my fuckin' dick...

Evelyn smiled at Wendy, accurately deciphering Wendy's thoughts and emotions about what was happening between them, and--confident that Wendy, with a little more physical and psychological manipulation, could be lured so deeply into a pool of boiling, incestuous lesbian lust that she could neither control nor resist her cravings--gave the tip of the shaft several light flicks with her tongue before enveloping the member in her mouth. Wendy shuddered when she felt the base of the shaft push back against her pussy, and the soul-stirring, doctored gel sink further into her vagina.

Hands touched Wendy's hips from behind and a tongue licked Wendy's ear. Knowing that it was Samantha--pantiless and braless, standing behind Wendy now in only her heels, shimmering nylons, and garter belt--Wendy twisted her torso around, without withdrawing her phallus from Evelyn's mouth, and kissed the lecherous pink lips with her own fuchsia-colored lips. Samantha's long-nailed, pink-tipped fingers again enclosed Wendy's young, prominent orbs of love, which were eager for more attention from the pretty porn star's hands, and which, along with the meshing of mouths, caused the blonde girl to whimper softly.

Statements bubbling up from Wendy's corrupted subconscious struck her as truths:

I love girls. I love pretty girls. I love kissing girls. I love girls feeling me up. I love fucking girls. I love female porn stars. I love Samantha. I want to be like Samantha. Samantha's a lesbian whore. She's a good role model for me. I want to be a lesbian slut like her. I love fucking her. I wouldn't mind if she fucked me. I want her to fuck the ass...

Pressure on her pussy from the base of the glittery pink toy and the feeling of nails grazing her thighs caused Wendy to jump slightly with the accompanying jolt of pleasure and to turn her upper body and her attention back toward the woman who was giving her a blowjob, while Samantha adjusted to Wendy's turning away toward Evelyn by encircling Wendy's waist with her hands, running them sensually over the skin of her belly, and sliding them up ever closer to the blonde teen's naked tits.

Wendy was again awed by how beautiful Evelyn looked and how closely Evelyn resembled her mother, and subconsciously wished again that her real mother was in Evelyn's place and dressed up in the same manner.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." Evelyn moaned into the shaft as she sucked and deepthroated it.

"There's nothing wrong with incest," suggested Samantha into Wendy's ear, while also licking it. "You want to have lesbian sex with your mother, Mary. If you fucked me, why wouldn't you fuck her, too? She might be an even better fuck than me, hmmm? You want to go all the way with her, like you did with me. You want to fuck your mother."

Wendy's eyes became expressionless as she tilted her head back, resting it on Samantha's left shoulder. Her eyes were angled towards the ceiling.

"You want to be exactly like me, Wendy. I fuck my mother. You can fuck yours, too. You want to, Wendy, sweetie. You want to fuck your mother. It is only natural. You'll love it, just like I do. You will fuck your mother.

"Evelyn can be Mary... Mary can be Evelynn..." Samantha, her arms already underneath Wendy's arms, reached up to grope Wendy's breasts, instilling Wendy with heightened arousal which she would associate with incest and with the blended identities of Mary and Evelyn. "Mary can be sexy and hot and ready to fuck, just like Evelyn. You want your mom to be very sexy and beautiful and immoral and slutty and hot for lesbian sex...with you. You wish Mary to be like Evelyn..."

Special lights on the ceiling began glowing in a varied spectrum of colors. They resembled half-buried glass spheres with no visible filaments. The devices emitted light modulated with pre-programmed signals and frequencies to influence vulnerable minds with specific thoughts and emotions. Wendy's eyes automatically focused on the pulsing lights.


Mary held a golden tube of red lipstick in her fingers and was applying the bright candy-apple red color to her lips, the same color that adorned the long red nails on her fingers, in front of a large gold-framed mirror. Her eyes were adorned with gleaming silver and pink eyeshadows, black eyeliner, and thick black mascara. Gold and ruby earrings dangled from her ears. Her long hair was now a very light ashy platinum blonde. A red negligee covered her body. Red painted nipples were visible through the sheer fabric. Looking over one of Mary's shoulders was Lauren, dressed in a pink satin bra and panties with white lace, whose now-medium-brown hair was streaked with veins of gold. They both smiled at each other in the mirror. Mary's brightly red-painted lips met with Lauren's lustrous pink-colored lips in a ferocious, passionate kiss.

"I love you," Lauren whispered.

The sexed-up MILF turned around on her chair and spread her legs. Lauren kissed downwards, dragging her tongue and brushing her lips against Mary's neck, cleavage, belly, and inner thighs, while resting her hands on the woman's curves for support. Mary emitted a hushed moan when the sexy Latina kissed her pussy. Threads of saliva connected Lauren's lips to Mary's labia as Lauren pulled away.


Mary and Lauren are lesbian lovers...

You are extremely jealous of Lauren...

You are extremely jealous of Mary...

You crave Mary's attention...

You crave Lauren's attention...

You desire Mary and Lauren...

You want to seduce Mary and Lauren...

You want to have sex with Mary and Lauren...

You want Mary and Lauren to love you, but not each other...

But you desire Mary, your mother, above all others...


The bed creaked loudly from the sexual activity of two naked female occupants. Mary and Lauren had their legs intertwined in a scissoring position and their pussies touching intimately. Lauren's left leg was over Mary's right shoulder. They moaned and gasped while thrusting their hips back and forth against each other. Glistening beads of sweat rolled down their smooth bodies. *flash* Lying alongside one another, Lauren grabbed one of Mary's large E-cup breasts and sucked on the red-painted nipple, swirling her tongue around the areola, and giving it flicks with her tongue. *flash* Mary was now on her fours on top of her Latina teen lover, gazing with adoration and lust down at Lauren, who reclined under her with a pillow propping her head up. Mary held Lauren's chin and tilted it upwards. Their eyes locked and Lauren looked at the older woman submissively and worshipfully before they kissed each other deeply and fervently. Strands of Mary's pale blonde hair draped over Lauren's shoulders as Mary, manifesting her dominance, pressed her face and body into Lauren's, making her sink further back into her pillow.


Lustrous raven hair flowed from Mary's head in long, wavy curls. She tossed her head and her mane back, reveling in her beauty and nakedness. Kneeling on the bed, she, with gold-lidded eyes, ogled the smooth, naked ass and wet pussy facing her of the hot blonde Latina on all fours in front of her. She pulled on a silver chain she was holding, tightening the tension on Lauren's white, studded collar, causing Lauren to yelp. The older woman's gold-painted lips curved in a wicked smile. Lauren turned her head around toward her mistress, who was clad in black leather lingerie decorated with gold-plated studs and who leaned over, one hand on the girl's round derriere for support, to kiss the Latina's red mouth before straightening back up. Projecting from Mary's crotch was a gilded ivory strap-on mounted on a black, studded harness. A loud moan escaped from Lauren's lips as the white shaft entered her quivering, moist cunt.


Wendy was standing in the living room of her home observing Mary and Lauren walking down the stairs, but it was not exactly as Wendy had remembered the scene from the real world of earlier that evening. This time, Mary was clothed in a sexy red dress, red high heels, and was beautifully made up. She had her arm wrapped around Lauren's waist. Kayla stood next to and slightly behind Wendy.

"Your mom's a sexy woman," she whispered into Wendy's ear.

Shocked at the saucy remark, Wendy turned around to face Kayla, only to be surprised again by what she saw. Kayla was dressed in a pearlescent, sheer pink organza blouse and a matching miniskirt of the same fabric. Clearly visible beneath those items were a green satin bra with purple lace and matching panties . Shiny pink lipstick covered her lips, matching the color of her nails, eyeshadow, and five-inch high-heeled shoes.

"Whaaa?... Kayla?... Why are you here? And why are you dressed like this?!"

"Wendy, are you that dense? I'm here to fuck your mother! I mean, who could resist such a sexy woman like her?"

"No, you can't! She's off limits!"

"Wendy!" reprimanded a voice from the bottom of the stairway. "Where are your manners?" Mary and Lauren walked into the living room, holding hands. "This isn't how you treat a guest." Mary's tone turned quickly from cross to playful and flirtatious. "And besides..." Mary gave Kayla a lecherous look while licking her bright red lips. "I never said I didn't like Kayla, did I? In fact," Mary cooed in a husky voice as she tossed her long hair and then twirled a thick strand around a finger, before dropping Lauren's hand and taking a step or two toward Kayla, "I would absolutely love to spend some time with such a beautiful young fox."

"How would you like to go out with me sometime, Mrs. Love-Livingston?"

"Ooo... I'd love to date you, Kayla."

"But, Mom...what about Dad?"

"That creep? I'm divorcing him, honey. No more men for me again, ever!" Wendy found herself understanding that outlook as very natural and logical, and sympathized with her mom's choice. "A beautiful young woman like Kayla, however," Mary cooed, as she took another step closer to the Powers' maid, "that's totally different..."

"Well, then...what about me?" Wendy protested, although the idea of her mother dating Kayla was nevertheless something she'd love to see happen.

"Don't worry, Wendy," Kayla replied reassuringly. "You and I can date, too. I want to date you. But right now...your Mom...she is one hot babe. Her pussy is calling to me."

I meant "What about me and Mom"... But I'd definitely love to date Kayla, too. That she wants really cool, too...

Lauren disappeared as Kayla and Mary finished walking to each other, embraced, and fell into a long kiss. "So, Kayla," Mary softly whispered into Kayla's ear, but loud enough for Wendy to clearly hear, "you're going to fuck me, hmm?"


Suddenly, someone squeezed Wendy's wrist. Turning to her side, she saw Evelyn standing next to her. "Wendy, I can help you." The voice was sweet and comforting and motherly. Evelyn looked like a more wholesome version of her mom than Mary did currently. She was dressed in a modest, short-sleeved red dress with small white polka dots and a knee-length skirt. Her face was plain and her hair was done in a simple style, with the hair parted at the center with no bangs. She wore brightly white tennis shoes. The Mary look-alike pulled Wendy across the living room and out of the front door into the front yard. It struck Wendy as something her mother would do in an urgent situation, and she found herself comfortable being led by this woman like that.

"Evelyn! Why are you here?" Wendy was both excited and confused at the same time.

"Wendy, I know what you're going through and what's at stake."

"I don't really want to lose my mom!"

"I can help you, but in order for me to help you, you'll have to trust me. Do you trust me?"

The blonde teenage girl stared deeply into the blue eyes of the woman who looked exactly like her mother. Not knowing why, she found her feelings of doubt slipping away. "Yes..." whispered Wendy.

"Then close your eyes, and don't open them until I say so."

Doing as she was told, Wendy closed her eyes. She felt her clothes vanishing away, followed by cool air caressing her skin, succeeded by what felt like smooth metallic fabric sliding onto her body as if it were a living thing.

"Now turn around and open your eyes."

Wendy gasped at what she saw in the large mirror that appeared in front of her. She was dressed, if it could be called that, in a skimpy bra and thong that barely covered any skin. The material appeared at first to be of a smooth pinkish-silver fabric, but closer inspection revealed it to consist of fine silver chains decorated with dangling gems of pink topaz, through which teasing glimpses of her skin, nipples, and pussy lips were to be had. Her hair, very long and shiny, light smoky-silver, was tied into a high ponytail with a silver and topaz hair clip. A pearlescent frosted pink color covered her lips. Looking downward, she saw her feet clad in metallic pink high heel sandals with ankle straps and thick heels. Most shocking was the pink metal strap-on that protruded from her crotch, held in place by silver metal straps.

While the appearance of the strap-on protruding obscenely from her groin stunned Wendy initially, it wasn't long before she found herself quite accustomed to it. She had the feeling that she had used it on some girl or other before, that she loved the tool and what it could do, that it was now almost part of her, that it was natural to wear it and use it, and that she wouldn't mind wearing it most of the time, if not all the time. It was her.

"You need to master the art of lesbian love and seduce your mother and every female close to her. By making her and her girlfriends jealous, you can win her back. You must outdo them and become the best lesbian seductress ever."

There was no objection from Wendy, who was completely taken with and turned on by her new look, and she didn't flinch when Evelyn, who was standing to Wendy's side out of Wendy's field of view, took Wendy by the hand and pulled her away from the mirror. "Now close your eyes." When Wendy had complied, Evelyn turned the girl to face her, then slid her hands onto Wendy's shoulders, giving Wendy tingles of pleasure. "Now open."

Wendy's mouth dropped open at the woman's changed appearance. Evelyn's lips were now covered with a thick layer of glossy, fire-engine red lipstick, the same color as her long almond-shaped nails. Shimmering blue eyeshadow and heavily applied black mascara adorned her eyes. Her pale hair was in a complex half-up style that cascaded in curls over her shoulders, back, and front. Her ordinary-looking dress was now a halter-type, sleeveless red lame microdress with a daring, plunging V-neckline that almost reached her navel, and displayed the inner halves of both breasts, which threatened to spill out at any moment. Red mirror-like high heels replaced her tennis shoes, and glossy, sheer nude nylons climbed up her long, slender legs.

Wendy could only look speechlessly at Evelyn as she allowed the teen to drink her in a minute. The woman then knelt down and slid one hand onto Wendy's pink strap-on. Wendy felt the touch in exquisite detail, down to the stroke of each fingertip and fingernail. The erotic pleasure of the touch made Wendy momentarily dizzy.

"Accept me into your heart, Wendy...

"Evelyn can become Mary...

"Mary can become Evelyn...

"Evelyn is Wendy's mother...

"Wendy's mother is Evelyn...

"Wendy wants her mother to be like Evelyn...

The blonde woman wrapped her red lips around Wendy's phallus, which Wendy felt as if the dildo was a real part of her, making the teen's legs wobble with sharp arousal.

"Wendy loves her mother...

"Wendy is in love with her mother...

"Wendy loves Evelyn because she is like her mother...

"Evelyn can become Wendy's mother...

"Wendy loves Evelyn...

"Wendy is in love with Evelyn...

"Wendy wants to fuck Evelyn...

"Wendy wants to fuck her mother...

A residue of morality and conscience within Wendy arose to resist the incestuous suggestion. Wendy's face contorted in reflection of that inner conflict. Wendy felt Evelyn's mouth, in response, start sucking and licking with wanton abandon--both in her fantasy and in real life, which two scenarios now became folded together into one experience in her mind--making her moan with delight. "Ohhh...mmmmm..."

"Love cannot be controlled...

"Your desires cannot be controlled...

"You cannot control whom you love...

"You are in love with your mother...

"You can't help it...

"You love your mother...

"You are helpless to resist it...

"You are in love with your mother...

"It is your destiny...

"You will make love to your mother...

"It is useless to resist...

"You don't want to resist...

"It is good to be in love with your mother...

"Love your mother with your body...

"Show your mother you love her with sex...

"You want to be in love with your mother...

"You love Mary Love-Livingston..."


Wendy lowered her blank eyes from the ceiling down to the woman who was sucking the glittery pink shaft projecting from her crotch. She lightly stroked Evelyn's blonde hair. She knew she loved this woman, and that her feelings were filial, yes, but were also full of carnal desire for her. Was this woman Evelyn...or her mom?

"Mom...?" uttered Wendy emotionlessly.

Bass beats played in the background in a loop. Acting on cue, Wendy started moving her hips forwards and backwards. At first, it seemed to be so natural and so pleasurable, and exactly what she should be doing--fucking this woman's mouth. However, after several thrusts, her weak conscience made another attempt. No! Incest! Perversion! Wendy hissed at the sudden onset of a headache. She backed away from Evelyn abruptly and broke free from the clutches of Samantha, who had been embracing and feeling her up from behind. She shook her head, trying to reject and escape from the sin enveloping her, while walking backwards.


"Wendy! Look at the lights... Listen to my voice..."


"Don't resist your feelings. It'll only make you feel more pain. Just let your heart go where it wants to and let go. You know deep inside your heart that you love your mom, but not just as a daughter. She is more to you than just a mother. She is a sexy, sensual, desirable woman. A supremely fuckable woman. Her beauty and her voluptuous body turn you on. You want to be her lover. You desire her. You want her. You want to make love to her."

"No, incest is wrong! I can't..."

"Love is not wrong!" Evelyn arose and walked one step towards Wendy. "It's only wrong to deny it." She took another step. Her eyes bore into Wendy's so intensely that Wendy turned her eyes away from the look-alike of her mother. "Wendy!" commanded Evelyn. "Look at me!"

Wendy stopped her backward movement and reluctantly locked eyes with the captivating platinum blonde-haired doppelganger of her mom. Sexual fire started burning within the confused teen girl as erotic attraction took hold again. Imagery from her previous brainwashings and the sapphic porn videos she had watched paraded through her mind, giving her ideas on how to sexually engage with the beautiful woman in front of her. The teen subconsciously rubbed her thighs together in an attempt to ease some of the built-up sexual tension.

"Wendy, I am your mother. I love you, and I know you love me as well."

Opening her eyes widely and shaking her head in denial, Wendy countered, "No, you're not my mom."


"Wendy, I am your mother..."

"Wendy, I am your mother..."

"Wendy, I am your mother..."

Evelynn turned her back to Wendy and lifted up her mass of shiny platinum hair to expose her back bra band. "Sis, Mom wants you to undo her bra for her. She knows you want to see her breasts." Samantha led Wendy by the hand closer to the magnificent woman who was seeming more every second to be her mother, Mary. While she had never helped her mother off with her bra, Wendy saw no reason not to and a big reason to do it, as named by her sister. Samantha placed Wendy's hands on the bra strap, the one Wendy had been playing with earlier, unconsciously wanting to undo it. "Go ahead, honey. Take her bra off. We all know how much you want to. Let her show you her big, beautiful tits."

Without thought, Wendy finished what she had wanted to do before, and unclasped Evelyn's bra. "Oooo," the blonde woman squealed softly, " sexy...such a naughty daughter..." Wendy pulled the shoulder straps down, Evelyn obliging to sluff them off her arms. The skimpy red piece of lingerie slid off her smooth skin in a faint whisper onto the floor. Evelyn released her blonde mane, it falling heavily onto her naked back and shoulders as a cascade of silky, ultra-pale blondeness.

Realizing what she had done and what she was likely about to see, Wendy took a few steps back in anticipatory awe. Then Evelyn turned around quickly to face her, whipping her pale hair enticingly about her head and body.

The moment was atomically explosive for Wendy. Now that she could make them out without obstruction, Evelyn's breasts seized her gaze intractably. They were colossal, lush, firm, and torpedo-like in shape, or so it struck Wendy. While they did sag a little now that they were no longer supported, it was not much, and that amount struck Wendy simply as very alluring. But most mesmerizing were the areolae, which were a magnificent three or four inches in diameter and slightly elevated from the surrounding breast tissue, and the nipples, which were thick, stiff, and long, all of which were painted an intense, loud, fiery red. Evelyn's breasts were, simply, overwhelmingly womanly, beautiful, and powerful.

Wendy's jaw dropped, her mouth salivated, her face flushed, her knees weakened, her mind went blank, and the last of her will to deny that the glorious siren in front of her was her mother and to resist her pussy completely melted away. Wendy, subdued by persistent mind control and by Evelyn's beauty and body, was conquered.

"Wendy, I am your mother..."

"Wendy, I am your mother..."

"Wendy, I am your mother..."

Evelyn repeated the mantra as she slowly strolled towards the dazed teen in her lustrous red high heels, shiny red hose, silky red thong, and red satin garter belt, her freed, red-tipped breasts bouncing with her gait. Once she was within an intimate distance, she stopped and lifted Wendy's chin while lightly grazing it with her long red nails.

"Mom?" Wendy whispered.

"Yes, dear. It's me. I love you, honey."

"I love you too, Mom."

Mary's doppelganger caressed Wendy's cheek and hair before moving her ruby-red lips towards Wendy's lips for a deep kiss. Evelyn smiled inwardly when Wendy's mouth quickly accepted her probing tongue. "Mmmmmmmmmm," moaned the false Mary. Their tongues twirled and flicked against each other before Evelyn broke the kiss. Wendy, eyes closed and dizzy, leaned forward, obviously wanting to continue. Evelyn, happy to oblige, closed the distance between their painted mouths again, letting the teen make out with her for another minute. When their mouths separated again, strands of colored saliva joined their lips for a few of the succeeding seconds.

"Kissing is nice, isn't it, sweetheart?" Wendy nodded her head absently. "That's what mothers and daughters who love each other always do. And more.

"Wendy...I have a favor to ask of you. Your dad has been away for so long...and I have certain...needs...sexual needs...that I can't satisfy on my own. Besides...even if he were here...he's a man. Yuk, huh?" Yeah... The issued clarified quickly for Wendy. I'd never wish that--a man--on anyone. Definitely not on my mom. Wendy felt compassion for her mother, a compassion mixed thoroughly with lust, which would be typical of the kinds of emotions Wendy would feel towards Mary going forward. An extremely hot woman like Mom would have to have frequent sex, deep, deep sex. That was only natural. No woman should have to depend on a man for it. How debasing. A sexy woman like Mom deserved much better. Certainly not a man. She deserved a woman. A splendid woman. Or a very pretty, very sexy girl. One with a nice cock between her legs. One just like Wendy.

"Will you help me, honey?" asked Evelyn as she tenderly stroked Wendy's cock. "It's only natural to turn to one's daughter for such things."


"Yes, Mom. I'll do anything for you."

From the sofa, Samantha had been delightedly observing the most recent actions between Evelyn and Wendy, while also preparing for her own role in the next act. She had put on a white strap-on dildo attached to a pink harness and was waiting for her turn to contribute while idly stroking her ivory cock. I can't wait to fuck you, Wendy!

"Thanks for the help, honey." Evelyn kissed Wendy again, both females making the romantic kiss linger longer. "Let's get back to the sofa." Holding Wendy's hand and interlocking fingers, the false Mary guided Wendy back to the sofa. Wendy's heart beat rapidly on the way. What exactly was her mom asking for? Did she want Wendy fuck her?

Evelyn did not take long to make lewdly clear what she had in mind. She sat down first, and she immediately spread her legs invitingly for Wendy while pulling aside her red thong with one hand and circling around her labia with her index finger with the other. "Honey, I'm ready whenever you are," voiced the woman in a sensual tone. "Fuck me."

The wicked proposal struck Wendy with pure excitement--even though Wendy was the same young woman who would have viewed such an act as absolutely unthinkable but a few weeks ago, and even but a few minutes before had considered it a perversion that she could not bring herself to commit, even with someone who was simply similar to her mother, despite being highly tempted and desiring it deeply. But now, she could not think of any good reason not to, and saw a slew of convincing reasons to go ahead.

First, she was a dirty slut and, as such, fucking women was what she did. Based on her experience with Samantha, she looooved fucking. Second, now that she had fucked a teen girl, she very much wanted to try a mature woman. She was highly curious what it might be like. Third, this would be her own mother, and that would be simply awesome. She loved her mother. Fucking her would let Mom know how much she loved her. Mother-daughter incest, she had heard somewhere, she thought, was the highest form of love. It was so natural for a daughter to express her love for her mother with fucking her. And she did love her mother, desperately. She certainly wanted to show her love for her mom the right way and the best way. By fucking her soundly. Fourth, her mother was in need. There was no way she could turn her away, not a devoted daughter and a dirty slut like herself.

She had already fucked Samantha...who was kind of her twin sister, and a fellow-slut, too. That had been perfectly amazing. If fucking another female and committing incest was like that, she was all in. And now, here was this lush woman, her own mother, of all people, spreading her legs for her, exposing her beautiful, sopping cunt to her--which, seeing it now for the first time, as it seemed to her, was the most delicious thing she had ever seen--inviting her in. This was the cunt above all others that she wanted. Her mother's. It was as if she had been waiting so long to make love to her. Why had she not done this before?

Wendy still couldn't help but feel that fucking her mother was naughty in some way, but that really only made it all the more thrilling now. She wanted, above all other things, to fuck her. Of course she would, as a daughter in love with her mother and as a depraved slut, fuck her mother!

Wendy got onto the sofa in a partial kneeling position, straddling Evelyn's thighs with her legs. The contact of Evelyn's nylons, garter straps, and skin with her own thighs sent tingles up Wendy's spine. With one hand holding the glittery cock and aiming it towards the wet hole in front of her, Wendy moved her hips forward to push the shaft into the entrance, causing Evelyn to utter a long erotic moan. Pausing an inch or two in, Wendy leaned forward to place a sweet, prolonged kiss on her mother's red lips. In slipped the rod an inch more. Then she leaned in more, which very gradually sank the girl-dick inch by exquisite inch into the steamy pussy.

Once she had pushed the shaft to the hilt, Wendy raised her hips, pulling it most of the way out, and then pushed downwards again, sinking the phallus into her perceived mom's pussy more deeply. Both gasped with sinful pleasure. Evelyn wrapped her arms around Wendy's shoulders and pulled her head down for a wet, sloppy kiss. Wendy loved that, and opened her mouth, seeking out her mother's tongue with her own. In this moment the pretty teen knew nothing could be more exciting, nothing could bring her more pleasure, nothing could be more emotionally and physically fulfilling, nothing could be more a dream come true than fucking her mother while making out heavily with her.

Wendy started to pick up the pace, falling into an erotic rhythm. Loud moans from Evelyn filled the room. Both women clutched onto each other tightly as they kissed and fucked with steepening passion, Wendy running her hands through her supposed mother's silky, long, pale, curled hair and over her back and panty-clad buttocks, and also slipping her hands into her mother's panties to feel the skin and the crevice of her ass directly.

Samantha was an avid but not a patient onlooker. Like Evelyn, she had been carefully selected, trained, and cosmetically modified for her role in seducing and transforming Wendy, and had even undergone some "psychological reconstruction". All of this was to the end (1) that she would click with Wendy, have both a personality and physical charms that Wendy would love, and be Wendy's ideal girlfriend, or one of them; (2) that she would resemble Wendy--not as much as Evelyn resembled Mary, but enough that Wendy could see her as a sister, or even as a twin sister, or even as a brunette version of herself, so that Wendy could more readily see the example of a girl who was like herself and yet lived a perfectly wanton lesbian life, and so that Wendy could easily see her as a sisterly partner in incest; (3) that she would be as completely lesbian, as wanton, as brazen, as uninhibited, and as promiscuous as a sixteen-year-old girl could be; (4) that she would be comfortable and capable in the worlds of stripping and porn; and (5) that she would crave Wendy and her body as much as Wendy would hers.

Wendy fucking her had been a highly anticipated zenith in Samantha's life so far, and now she was going to get to drill Wendy--in the rear--another long-awaited, destined moment of fulfillment for her was at hand. Watching Wendy's smooth, white, naked ass wag back and forth, unused, as Wendy penetrated Evelyn's pussy again and again, was beginning to torment her. How she wanted to claim that beautiful ass!

I can't take this anymore! Samantha got up from the sofa and moved behind Wendy. Curious, Wendy paused her thrusts and kissing and looked behind her. "Don't mind me. Focus on your mom." Wendy turned forward and resumed pumping into Evelyn's quim. Samantha ran her hands over Wendy's back. "Wendy," she whispered, "how do you like fucking your mom?"

"Ohh...yessss... It's ...woooonderfuuuulll..."

The teen stripper leaned over, raking her tits over the skin of Wendy's back, kissing Wendy's neck and cheek, and licking her ear. "Wendy...You like me, too, don't you?" Wendy nodded and hummed an affirmation. "I loved it when you fucked me. I want to fuck you, too." Hugging the girl around the waist, she poked the dildo between Wendy's ass cheeks, sending a shockwave of delight into Wendy's anus. Understanding that Samantha's offer was to give it to her in the ass as Madeline had done, seemingly umpteen times, she at first balked, despite wanting it, and despite having already given Samantha permission earlier, feeling it might be too much, even though her body craved more anal sex and pleaded with her to agree.

"Wendy, sweetie... how would you like a good ass fucking?"

"Umm..." Despite her myriad experiences and mental conditioning, Wendy hesitated to accept. While she had been introduced to anal sex that very afternoon, and already knew she loved it, and was not only accustomed it but was maybe also already addicted to it, and definitely wouldn't mind it again, especially if administered to her by her lovely crush, Samantha, this would be her first time to be fucked in the ass while simultaneously fucking another woman. Although she had seen such an act performed several times in porn videos, she thought it might be going too far for her.

Expecting Wendy's hesitation, Samantha snapped her fingers, giving the signal to activate the appropriate subliminals.

You love being fucked in the ass, Wendy...

You want Samantha to fuck you in the ass...

You've fantasized about women fucking you in the ass...

You want to be fucked in the ass with a strap-on, with fingers, and with fists...

You want anal sex with many women and girls...

You love it when beautiful women and girls fuck your ass...

You love lesbian anal sex... You love lesbian anal sex... You love lesbian anal sex...

Sexual fantasies of anal intercourse appeared in her mind. First, she imagined herself on her fours in her bed at home and behind her was her older sister, Claire, on her knees and dressed in a wicked, studded green leather bra and panties, green fishnet stockings with a green garter belt, her hair as blonde as Wendy's, and made up heavily with green lipstick, dark purple eyeshadow, and black mascara. Claire was gripping Wendy's hips with her fingers with green-painted nails while fucking Wendy in the ass with a dark purple strap-on. The imagined experience of anal sex with her lovely older sister caused her to moan with lust.

That was succeeded by a vision of doing a similar act with Sarah, her new best female friend. In this version, Sarah was decked with red painted lips outlined in gold, golden eyeshadow, red mascara, a red leather bra and panties, red nails, red high heels, and an assortment of gold and ruby jewelry. Protruding from her groin into Wendy's anus was a golden strap-on with red filigree. With each thrust in Wendy's ass, the shaft pulsated with brilliant yellow light. The desire glowing within her over this visualization caused her to whisper, "Sarah......ooooooo....."

Last, she imagined doing anal sex with Madelynn, her now-goth friend. They were both completely naked on their fours in bed, facing away from each other. A slick black double-ended dildo connected their assholes. Their buttocks were slapping against each other as they rocked back and forth, alternately separating and ramming together. Cunt juice was dripping profusely from their hot vaginas unto the bed. This was a scenario Wendy was delighted to see in her mind and felt destined to experience sometime in reality.

"Wendy, honey," Evelyn cooed, "let your sister fuck you." Sister? Oh, yeah... twin... "What could be more natural? A beautiful girl fucking her beautiful good." My mother is telling me to let my sister fuck me up my ass. It must be okay. It does sound good. Really good. "And she's a sexy porn star, too, you are really hot for... How could you pass that up?"

Samantha turned Wendy's head toward herself so they could kiss on the lips. Evelyn continued her matchmaking song. "I want you to. She wants to. You want this. Then you can do this again and again...with her...and with others...many others..." Samantha slid her tongue into Wendy's mouth before breaking the kiss and reaching around to play with Wendy's breasts again.

"She'll be the first"--Evelyn ignored mentioning Madeline, about whom Evelyn knew well, to give Wendy the impression that this was to be another giving away of her anal virginity--"of many more beautiful girls and women to fuck you in the ass... You'll loooove that... You really want this... Let pretty Samantha fuck your cute ass, sweetheart."

Spurred by the fantasies and her mother's approval and encouragement, Wendy looked back at Samantha with absolute lust, twisted her body more toward the pretty porn star as she wrapped an arm around Samantha's head to pull her face closer, joined their mouths urgently, and then pleaded, "Yes...please, Samantha, you fuckin' beautiful babe... Fuck me!"

"Sis, I'm more than happy to do that!" Samantha grinned in triumph while stroking the curved white shaft. She kissed Wendy again before Wendy turned herself back towards Evelyn more again and Samantha again positioned the tip of her strap-on into the crevice of Wendy's derriere right at the anal opening. You are becoming a lesbian sex fiend just like your sister!

Samantha pushed her ivory cock against and into Wendy's tender young rosebud, making her gasp and shiver and mew. Grasping onto Wendy's hips tightly, Samantha started slowly pushing the strap-on further into Wendy's ass, causing Wendy to grunt and whimper, but those utterances were muffled when Evelyn began kissing her again.

Samantha spoke softly into Wendy's ear as she sank the dildo deeper into her tight anus. "I know you have been thinking about me a lot...thinking about how beautiful I am...thinking about my body...about how much you like me...and want me...and wanted to meet me...and wanted to get your hands on my body...thinking about fucking me like the lesbian slut you are...and wanting me to fuck you..." The brunette kissed Wendy again on the neck and shoulder. "Now your wish is granted... Your dream is coming true... You have me...the girl of your dreams...the girl you love... You got to fuck me...exactly like you wished...and I also have you...

"I like you, Wendy.... I really like you... I'm fucking you, sweetie...because...I want you as well..." Samantha emphasized each point with a powerful thrust into Wendy's ass, causing Wendy to grunt and groan from the rough intrusion, although the mounting enjoyment was such that she was definitely glad that she had agreed to it. Samantha's description of how they felt about each other sank in as truth, and mostly was. "Do you love what I'm doing to you?"

Wendy separated her mouth from Evelyn's to moan in sharp pleasure. "Ahhh...oh!"

"What's that? Let me ask me ask you again: Do you love me fucking your ass?"

"Yessssssssssss..." replied the panting Wendy through gritted teeth. "I looooove it."

"Just as I expected from a lesbian slut like you, Wendy!" exclaimed Samantha with a wicked grin. "Wendy, do you love me?"

"Ohhhhh, yesss, Samantha... I sooo love you."

To reward her blonde look-alike for her expression of amour, the stripper stabbed her phallus to a new depth inside Wendy's rectum, which, in turn, pushed Wendy deeper into Evelyn's drooling womanhood.

"Ohhhhhh...ahhhhhhh..." Wendy swooned. Evelyn simultaneously uttered a nearly identical moan of surprise and passion, the two singing a mother-daughter duet of sapphic pleasure, as it were, which impression was not lost on either. Wendy wrapped her arms more tightly around the lovely woman she thought was her mother, nuzzling her face into her face and hair, as well, before seeking out her red lips again with her own fuschia-painted mouth.

Both of Wendy's hands were now busy in Evie's panties. feeling up the woman's smooth, round bum. The fingers of one of her hands had found Evie's butt crack, were running along and in and out of it, and a finger was starting to probe the anal hole.

"Wendy, darling... Look at my breasts." The blonde teen dropped her eyes, taking in the wonderful sight now filling them. Wendy saw their tips, red as a fire, bouncing up and down, as if dancing devilishly for Wendy's enjoyment, and the massive, rounded orbs of succulent flesh swaying and jiggling. Her eyes fixated on them with immediate hunger, causing her mouth to instantaneously water with desire. "Do you like them?"

"Oh...Mom... They're...they're so beautiful...and big..."

"Your mother's tits are for you, my darling. Touch them. Play with them. All you want." Eyes big, Wendy withdrew her hands from Evie's panties to heft and run them over her maternal, whorish companion's generous knockers. She then leaned forward to resume French-kissing the woman she thought was her mother, while continuing to grope her large tits.

The sofa squeaked from the intense sexual activity of the three females. Their skin gleamed with sweat trickling down their bodies. Loud moans and gasps filled the room. Being more practiced and experienced, Samantha and Evelyn were conscious of the sounds they made, making sure every utterance was erotic, not only for Wendy's ears, but for those who were watching their threesome performance as well.

Wendy was so into Evelyn that Evelyn had to break Wendy's ravenous kissing to make Wendy move on to a different act. "Honey, the other parts of my body need attention, too."

"Sure thing, Mom. It's just that your lips taste so good."

"Really? It might be because of my lipstick." Evelyn smiled while thinking of how she had used the very same lipstick she was wearing now on unsuspecting aspiring female models at her modeling agency, which was actually a front for an adult film and modeling talent development, placement, and production business, an "exotic dancing" training and booking agency, and a lesbian "escort" or prostitution service. Evelyn specialized in porn productions and related activities with underaged girls--despite her assurances to Wendy to the contrary--and with "legal" teens, as well, although her clientele ranged widely in age and included some more mature women, too. She also specialized in the production of "older-younger" and incest lesbian porn material. Her porn talent management and production and escort service business, while lucrative and gratifying, was a side job to her activities as a Hecate operative, and the two vocations often served purposes in common and were run jointly, for a mutual was true in the case of young Wendy Love-Livingston.

This special kind of lipstick was among Evelyn's most prized possessions--she owned it in several colors and flavors--and it was also a particular source of pride in the Hecate Research and Development Department. The colors were vibrant and the flavor and fragrance bold and delicious, to the point of being most compelling. The drug in the lipstick was formulated to be readily absorbed by lips, oral mucosa, gums, and tongues, and was targeted to affect the brain centers associated with the perception of pleasure, sexual self-identity, and moral judgement. It was immediately addictive, as well.

When Evelyn used it, she would first take the antidote, as she and Samantha had done this evening. Then she would either trick her victim into applying it herself, on her own lips, or, more typically, she would paint her own lips with it and lure the victim into an "experimental" kiss. In Wendy's case, she simply pulled her extremely vulnerable and ready victim to her into a kiss which she was confident the girl could not and would not resist for more than a second or two.

The fast-acting drug would work its magic, which included instilling a compulsion for getting more of the delicious-tasting drugged lipstick directly from Evelyn's lips. A hot make-out session and a break-down of the girl's sexual orientation and restraints would usually ensue. With a softening of the girl's normal judgment, it being replaced with trust in Evelyn, Evelyn would "encourage" the girl into performing increasingly risque photo shoots, first solo and then with other girls. Evelyn or one of her more experienced models would usually end up in bed with the girl and introduce her to lesbian love.

Almost all of her recruits started off as innocent straight girls whom she had coaxed into her office for a tryout with flattery and by painting a vision of a glamorous and lucrative career in legitimate modeling and film jobs. By the time she was done with them, they were anything but innocent and straight, nor was their work mainstream and "legitimate", although many of them did end up glamorous and well paid. Most became models and actresses in adult publications, films, and online sites, some became strippers in lesbian clubs, such as this one, some were selected to sexually serve interested female buyers, and some even became Hecate's agents.

"Mom, I love your lipstick...and your mouth...and you... You look and taste and smell and feel soooo gooooood! I could just eat you up!" Wendy nuzzled and kissed Evelyn's face, ear, and neck.

"You seem to love my pussy, too..."

"Ohhhh, yeah... I much..." Wendy plunged into Evelyn with a particularly wicked stab.

"That's it, baby. Show me how much you love me. Fuck me. Fuck your mother!"

The vigor of Wendy's thrusts increased.

"Ohhh, yes, sweetheart. Like that. I feel your love. In my pussy. Fuck your mother!"

Wendy gasped with the depraved pleasure of fucking her own mother, as she supposed she was doing. "Ohhhh... Mmmmmm."

Wendy wrapped her arms around Evelyn's neck to press their faces together better. A brief time later, Evelyn added a new directive. "Don't forget about my breasts, darling. Keep feeling them up. Go ahead..." A minute later, she added, "Wendy, you can't eat them, but I do have a surprise...a special treat from your mother...just for you, my sweet daughter. Go ahead...kiss my tits..."

The blonde teen slid her face between the woman's succulent breasts, nuzzling them and venturing a shy kiss or two or three. "Mmmmm... That's nice, isn't it? Now lick." Wendy stuck her tongue out, and lapped at the creamy, curvy flesh. "Wendy, honey, do you like my nipples? Aren't they gorgeous? Well, they are delicious, too. Take one into your mouth..." The teen wrapped her fuchsia-colored lips around an erect, red-painted nipple. "Yes...just like that. Now lick it..." It did taste delicious, as Mom had promised. "And suck on it....yes...just like you did as a baby...and as a little girl..."

Evelyn was intent on Wendy believing that she had suckled from her mother's nipples long past the age of nursing, and for naughty, erotic reasons. "Mmmmm...just like that...yes...just like you did when you were six...and ten...and thirteen... Suck them like a daughter... Suck them like a lover, my the lover you are to me... Kiss them and lick them and suck them... Suck them hard, precious..."

Wendy did kiss and lick and suck, with the impression she had been doing this throughout her youth, and even recently. "This is the natural confirmation of love between me and you. You do love me, don't you, Wendy?" Wendy, not wanting to lose the precious red nub in her mouth, nodded enthusiastically. "Then prove it! Suck! Suck me and fuck me, too, darling!"

Much to Wendy's surprise, as she sucked on the breast more, warm milk started to spray into her mouth. Wendy didn't know what to make of it, quite, but was delighted to receive this seeming token of her mother's love. Wendy was drinking her mother in, as it were. She loved the emotional and physical sensation and the delectable taste, and how turned on the depravity of this wanton act was making her. She started suckling more ravenously, alternating from one teat to the other, while also concurrently driving her pseudo-penis all the more passionately in and out of the erotic maternal pussy which engulfed it.

When Evelyn was about to come, she wrapped her arms around Wendy and pulled the teen girl in for a deep kiss. Evelyn's breast milk, mixed with their blended saliva, passed between them orally and dripped down their chins. Both females moaned into each other's mouths, as their cunts erupted simultaneously in orgasm.


Samantha witnessed the hard-core sapphic exchange between her new girlfriend and her blonde talent manager with glee, elated to see Wendy's corruption progress so dramatically before her eyes and, as an integral part of it, to be giving it to her deeply up the ass at this very moment. Then she noticed the mixed female fluids leaking from the conjoined groins of her two companions in sex. Can't let these precious juices go to waste!

Samantha quickly pulled her strap-on out from Wendy's ass. Wendy felt the loss in her rear and mewed, "Nooo, Samantha..."

"Don't worry, hon. We'll do it again soon, okay?" Wendy moaned but nodded her head, semi-satisfied by Samantha's promise. The teen porn star then knelt down, lowered and angled her head, and started to lick the feminine cum that gushed out from Evelyn's pussy and from the edges of Wendy's strap-on harness. She sucked and slid her tongue along Evelyn's labia while also rotating her head and opening her mouth to catch drippings from Wendy's lovebox.

"I love you, Mom," panted Wendy. Wendy knew that the love she felt for her mother was of a different and far deeper kind that it had been before, and she was jubilant that, with the help of Mom and Samantha, she had found an ideal, spectacular way to express it. The fact was, in this moment Wendy was perfectly enamored with her mother, physically, sexually, and emotionally--and with Evelyn, as well, for their identities were blended within Wendy's current mindset--and was willing to follow the woman into any act she might propose. "I really love you."

"I love you too, darling," replied Evelyn with a wide smile.

Evelyn saw a small stencil image of a pink rose projected onto a wall opposite of where Wendy was looking. Encore.

"Honey, now that I know how much you love me, why don't you fuck me again, to prove it beyond any doubt, and to seal our love. Let's do it one more time."

Wendy expressed her avid agreement with the suggestion by giving Evelyn another passionate, long, sloppy kiss. Mom, you're such a babe...


Mary raced her sedan above the speed limit and ran some stop signs along the way. She knew her driving was risky, but she was so worried about her daughter's safety that it overrode her normal concern for prudent, lawful driving. Halfway there, a stoplight about forty feet ahead of her changed to a cautionary yellow. Instead of slowing and stopping like she normally would have, Mary, driven by motherly concern, slammed down on the gas pedal to beat the red light, which she didn't, quite, but no police was around to catch her.

Please be okay, Wendy... Please be okay, Wendy... Please be okay, Wendy...

Once she was in the downtown district, Mary was forced to reduce her speed to flow with traffic. Many businesses were still open, several of which operated only at night. Various patrons and vagabonds loitered around the sidewalks, some unruly, some intoxicated, some otherwise looking for trouble. Mary never came to this seamy district, and it gave her the creeps to be there, but, on a holy mission, she pressed on. She made a turn from the main avenue onto a narrower street and eventually found the club after driving three more blocks. After parking in one of the nearby parking lots and paying at a kiosk, she rushed to the V.V. Club, where she cut in front of the line of patrons, ignoring their angry protests, but, dismayed, was denied entry by the bouncer.

"Sorry, ma'am. We have a dress code here."

"What...what do you mean? What's wrong with the way I'm dressed? But that doesn't matter. This is an emergency! My daughter, my teenage daughter, is in this club. I'm afraid something has happened to her!"

"We never let people younger than eighteen enter the club and those who aren't over twenty-one have to be accompanied by an adult. We always check IDs if we believe someone might be too young to enter the club."

"I'm sure my daughter is in there! She made a call from this place. You have to let me in or else... I'm calling the police!"

"Ma'am, we have plain clothes police officers in there. You'll only be wasting people's time."

"Please!" begged Mary with fervent urgency.

"Ma'am, there's a long line of people behind you. Please don't make things difficult for me." The bouncer carefully pulled open his black sports coat to reveal a stun gun holstered by his side and gave Mary a look telling her that if she continued her course of action he would have no recourse but to use it on her.

Willing to risk it, Mary was set to rush past the bouncer, but before she could enact her desperate plan, Mary felt someone grabbing her arm. She turned around and noticed that it was a beautiful young woman with black and blue hair wearing heavy, exotic makeup, a leather jacket over a blue lame crop top, a leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings, and black mid-calf-length leather boots.

"Don, please forgive my friend. She didn't mean to cause you trouble."

"That's alright, Ms. Elena, but please understand that I'm only doing my job. Friend or no friend, if she wants to get in, she has to look the part."

Mary opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, Elena quickly explained in a covert voice, pulling Mary close. "I know where your daughter is. If you want to see her, then follow me." Roughly, Elena dragged Mary away by her arm. Once they were down the sidewalk far away from the patrons, Elena stopped. Mary noticed they were near the entrance to an alleyway.

Confused by the situation, Mary began to bombard Elena with questions. "Where's Wendy? How do you know my daughter?" This beauty reminded Mary of the type of foxy young woman with whom Wendy had been keeping company of late, such as Kayla, Lauren, and Sarah, so it occurred to Mary that she might be of the same group. "Are you one of her friends?"

"I'm a friend of her friend. My name's Elena. Don't worry, your daughter's safe."

"How do you know she's safe? Where is she if the bouncer said he never lets anyone in under twenty-one without supervision into the club? I'm afraid she's doing something...very bad..."

"Trust me, she's not doing anything bad... There's another way into the club. Just follow me."

"Please, you're not answering my questions. How do you know my daughter is in there? What's she doing? How do you know all this? Please, I'm begging you!"

Letting out a huff of air, Elena rolled her eyes as she reached into the inside pocket of her leather jacket, pulled out a small wallet, and flashed Mary a police badge and identification. Of course, they were fakes, but Mary lacked the skill to make that determination, and she assumed that she was looking at the real McCoys.

"The name is Officer Elena Taylor. I'm one of the undercover officers working this club. The reason why I know your daughter is in the club is because I saw her go in with a girl I mentor when I'm off duty. I saw them sneak in through the side alley entrance. She probably got the code to that door by snooping through my cellphone when I wasn't looking. I was about to drag both their asses out and teach them a lesson, but I overheard your conversation with Don. Figure we can help each other out."

Elena's explanation made sense, but there was a nagging feeling in the back of Mary's mind that something was not right. She just couldn't put her finger on it.

While "Officer Elena"' had been speaking, Mary had been scanning her face, hair, and body without realizing it, and making buried mental notes about how attractive she found her. Mmmm... She's so pretty... "You look kind of...uh..young to be an officer." She meant to add "pretty", as well, but instead just stayed with the more neutral "young". "It's just that .... I don't mean to offend, but..."

"Don't worry about it. Why do you think I'm working this beat? I'm actually thirty-three," the twenty-one-year-old lied, "but a good diet, visits to the gym, and good genetics make me look very young for my age."

Mary nodded her head in agreement. "I'll say. And pretty, too," uttered Mary a little more pensively, finally unable to hold back her most prominent impression of this young woman. "I don't recall ever having seen a female officer as..." Both knew that Mary was about to blurt out something to the effect of "crushingly beautiful!", but the mother caught herself, blushed, and stuttered out, "Oh... I...I..."

"That's okay. I have that effect sometimes." She smiled at Mary, as if to reassure that no offense was taken, or even that Mary's compliment was welcome. Elena placed a hand on Mary's arm, as if for reassurance, which charmed the blonde. "Forgive my manners, ma'am. I don't know your name."

"Oh...uh...Mary. Mary Love-Livingston."

"And your daughter's name?"

"Wendy. Wendy Love-Livingston."

"Okay. Now I know the name of the girl we're looking for. I got a glimpse of her. She's a cute blonde girl, right? "

"That's right..."

"Very cute, in fact, wouldn't you say?"

That observation forced Mary to reflect on the prettiness of her daughter, which became a reflection on her sexiness, as well, and on Mary's attraction to her. "Yes... She is...very cute..."

Mary found herself getting lost in Elena's eyes. She had not expected to find such an utterly attractive young lady in this place, especially one who would be part of the security staff. She found herself possessed with the same feeling she had experienced earlier in the day when talking to Kayla, one of Serena Powers' maids, and then later with Wendy's friends Lauren and Sarah, a feeling of being thrilled, enchanted, and, even, swept off her feet, a very pleasant and seductive feeling. This young woman's crystal-clear blue eyes seemed so compelling, her presence so captivating. There was even an alluring fragrance drifting from her.

Mary wondered briefly what the young beauty's body would be revealed to be like in her shiny, brief top and tight leather pants if she were to remove her leather jacket, and she quickly looked down to scan the young lady over to try to assess the possibilities before she looked back in the officer's eyes. Catching herself staring and the conversation having gone silent, Mary snapped out of it and pursued her urgent mission, as Elena smiled within herself. She loved turning other women on, especially vulnerable, mature, foxy babes like this one, and she wasn't even hardly trying...yet.

"Um... you mentioned you knew one of my daughter's friends. By chance, can you tell me her name?"

"Sure. Do you know Madelynn Goodwin?"

Mary's eyes went wide with shock. There was no way that the sweet, innocent girl she had known since Wendy was five would lead her daughter astray and into a den of sin like this...and yet...she had heard rumors that Madelynn was going through a rebellious stage. Apparently Madelynn had changed her looks to something called goth and at times had been defying her mother, Erin.

Mary now had concerns that some of Madelynn's new ways were starting to rub off on her daughter. If so, that could explain a few things, such as Wendy staying out at night more frequently, her sexier clothes, her makeup, and the rest. But, on the other hand, it wasn't Madelynn but Sarah with whom Wendy left earlier for a night of fun. And it was that very cute Lauren girl, not Madelynn, who had come over before that to see Wendy. Were all these girls together in the same group? But, in any case, why was Wendy now in a nightclub with Madelynn? Did Wendy only act like she was going out with Sarah, when she intended all along to meet up at this place with Madelynn? Had Madelynn been coaching Wendy to lie to her mother? Who knows, maybe the dildo Mary found actually belonged to Madelynn, who gave it to her daughter. What could they possibly be doing with that thing?

What else could Wendy be hiding from her? Was Madelynn a corrupting influence? Was she also corrupting Sarah and Lauren? Without knowing it, thinking of those two young teens inadvertently caused a faint pleasant tingle between Mary's legs and put a warm smile on her face. Sarah...and Lauren... The thought of Madelynn did not have a similar effect, since the last time Mary had seen Madelynn, the girl had been rather frumpy. If she did know what Madelynn looked like now, thoughts of her would have been arousing to Mary, too.

Maybe she should check in on Erin, Mary pondered, to see how she was doing, and to see what she might tell her about Madelynn and Wendy, and to offer help with the situation. It had been a while since they had talked to each other. It would be nice to see the pretty Erin again.

They had a lot in common, it now seemed as she reflected on it a moment, especially in their home life. Like Erin, Mary was raising a daughter by herself, it felt like to Mary, for with Bruce gone so much and such a non-factor these days in her home, in her life, and in her marriage, she was virtually single. She no longer had a real marriage, it struck her...and perhaps that was the way she preferred it. Both she and Erin were, for most practical purposes, single women and single mothers. But at least Mary had had the good fortune to have her elder daughter, Claire, to assist in Wendy's upbringing when Claire was still attending high school, whereas Erin had had to go at it alone since her divorce from her husband, Don.

Divorce. For some reason Mary did not understand, that word rang favorably within her head. In some vague way, Mary found herself envying Erin's freedom from a man. A feeling washed over Mary that she was to share the same marital fate as Erin...and that fate appealed to her. Then she and Erin would be even more alike and have more in common.

A pleasant tingle between her legs became more noticeable as she continued to think about Erin. Yes, she definitely would try and find some time to contact Erin and see how she was doing and maybe schedule a friendly visit. They really should take the time to get to know each other better. Much better. Maybe that would also give her a chance to get a look at the new version of Madelynn. Mary was curious.

She had the same tingling feeling when she thought about Claire, as well. Too bad Claire wasn't around, Mary thought. She'd love to see her again. But, while she couldn't visit her, not without a cross-country trip, Mary knew she could give her daughter a call. The prospect of hearing her elder daughter's voice again, her cute voice, her sexy voice, was exciting, like the idea of getting together with the attractive Erin, and those considerations began to chase away some of the concerns she was feeling about the situation with Madelynn and Wendy.

"Hello, anyone there?"

Mary snapped back to reality when she realized that somehow her focus had drifted off again.

"I-I'm sorry. I guess when you said Madelynn's name, I was taken by surprise."

"I don't blame you. I met Madelynn when her mom stopped by the precinct looking for mentor programs for her daughter. The way she tells it, her daughter was a wholesome, sweet girl, but I guess she started hanging out with the wrong crowd." Elena conveniently left out the fact that she, Elena, was the "wrong crowd" who had corrupted Erin's daughter. "Hopefully I can get her back on track. But this, sneaking into this club, isn't doing Madelynn or your daughter any good."

"So what do you suggest?" Mary inquired.

"My plan was to go in, bust them, read them the riot act, and drag them out in cuffs for everyone to see. But, I've been reconsidering that approach. I'm thinking that's more likely to encourage their bad behavior. And now that you're here, we have some options."

"So what then?"

"I think, if you don't mind helping me, that if we just go in, and let me find them and pull them over to the side or find a room, and we explain to them that while the adult world seems very enticing, they're just not ready and mature enough to handle it. I think two adults calmly explaining their argument might be a more effective tool to deter this kind of behavior. Don't you think?"

Mary wasn't sure about Elena's change of plans, and worry began to creep back into her mind. Mary preferred Elena's original plan, thinking some "tough love" was more likely to get the attention of the girls than a polite little chat. Plus, she thought barging into the club suddenly, so that the girls would be taken by surprise, was more likely to let her see what her daughter was doing inside that club than if Officer Elena tried to find them for her and coax them to some place for a private talk.

Mary assumed that Wendy was most likely participating in consuming alcoholic beverages, but she had greater concerns, too. Was Wendy also participating in drug use? The way Wendy sounded when she called her made her wonder. Further, had Wendy been engaging in promiscuous sex during that call? The moans and gasps and other erotic sounds she had heard over the line had been very suspicious. She had formed a mental image of her daughter in a sexually compromising situation with a man, and the thought of walking in and catching Wendy like that made her sick to her gut. It was too much.

What Mary did not understand was that the biggest reason such a visualization was disturbing to her was the heterosexuality of her assumption. Her conditioning at the hands of Hecate had been such that she was now, without realizing it consciously, extremely opposed to the idea of her daughter ever forming a romantic or sexual bond with a man. No man could ever be good enough for her, not good enough to even touch her. The concept of Wendy giving up some degree of her chastity to a casual hook-up in a club was unthinkable...if that partner was male.

Little did she know, that would not have been true, however, if Mary had been aware that Wendy was with girls and women only, even if she knew they were involved sexually with her daughter. If Mary had thought the sounds of sex she had heard over the phone were all-female, she would not only have found herself not nearly as upset, but she would have been subconsciously titillated by such a possibility. If she found out that her daughter was having sex with women, that, in fact, would have turned her on--although she likely would not have admitted that openly at this time, not even to herself--and if she thought that her daughter was a lesbian, or at least bi-curious, she would have been most favorably intrigued, as it would have infused her subconsciously with hope that she, too, as an alluring woman, had a chance romantically with the pretty blonde teen.

One aspect of Mary's distaste for the idea of Wendy hooking up with a man was related to that, in that a liaison with a male could well mean that Wendy was exclusively straight, and therefore would not be open to a romantic relationship with her mother, but would ultimately rather seek a lasting sexual bond with a man, rather than with Mary. Subconsciously, Mary found such a prospect alarming.

Despite her reservations about Officer Elena's proposal, Mary considered her to be the more experienced one between them in dealing with troubled teens, and yielded, although still unconvinced that they were about to pursue the most effective plan.

"Well...uh...I...I, uh, guess so."

"Okay. You ready, partner?"

To be considered the "partner" of this foxy young woman struck Mary as a favored position. She absentmindedly pondered whether being this woman's "partner" meant more than simply participating in her plan to find Wendy, whether there might some hidden but exciting perks to it, maybe social perks. But Elena was waiting for a response, so she spoke her readiness to get started.

"I's now or never."

"Well then. Shall we proceed?" Elena invited, leading Mary into and down the nearby alley way. As they walked, Mary became aware that this alley was dimly lit and potentially dangerous. She took comfort in being with the beautiful officer, who could protect her if worse came to worse, and who would guide her safely to a more secure location. Nevertheless, she walked behind Elena, rather than beside her, subconsciously wanting to get a better look at her backside. The sound of Elena's high heels click-clacking on the pavement was the only sound in the alley as they walked, and one which struck Mary as kind of sexy, associated as those sounds were with those long, slim, alluring, scissoring, fishnet-nylon-covered legs and those seductive high heels.

However, as Mary followed Elena, doubts brewed in her mind. Despite the fact that Elena told her that she was one of the undercover cops working in the club, Mary's instincts told her the woman was dangerous. The outfit and makeup Elena were wearing didn't project the image of a wholesome female. Of course, being undercover, Mary realized, maybe that was part of the job.

And, despite her doubts, she found herself strangely attracted to the woman. She eyed Elena from the back side, further ogling the sexy legs and butt pushing against the tantalizing short, black leather skirt. Going up, she observed how the tight leather jacket perfectly outlined the alluring curves of her upper body and framed the gentle swaying of the long, high, blue-on-black ponytail. For a few moments, she again remembered having had similar feelings when with Kayla, Lauren, and Sarah earlier.

Spurred by her sensual sentiments, Mary turned her thoughts to speculation about what this beauty was like in private. She found she couldn't suppress her curiosity about the young woman's private life, and she asked herself questions about it, progressing from the simply nosy to the clearly improper. She wondered whether Elena was single. Was she in a romantic relationship? What was her sexual orientation? Did she date? Women or men or both? If the former, did she like older women? What would it be like to date her? What if they were there on a date together, going to the club for fun, instead of searching for Wendy? What would it be like to kiss those full, soft-looking, amazing, glossy blue lips? How was she in bed? What kind of underwear was she wearing...if any? What...

Wait! What...what am I doing?! That's out of line and...and...tawdry! I'm not interested in girls like that! And that's none of my business! Why am I thinking about these things?! My daughter is in danger! I need to concentrate on her! Mary chastised herself for having thoughts that were inappropriate and totally incompatible with her self-image as a conservative, straight mother, and which were distracting from her primary purpose for being there, and, accordingly, she tried her best to avoid staring at Elena whenever possible--although it was to little avail. Knowing that she was being ogled, Elena purposely walked at a leisurely pace, and with a bit more twist to her body and undulation to her ass as she sauntered, and Mary's eyes returned to her legs and rear and hair and body again and again, no matter how much she tried to resist.

Once they reached the rear entrance, Elena punched in the passcode and let Mary through first, holding the door for her. As Mary passed Elena through the doorway, Elena arched her back and leaned forward just enough for Mary's arm to catch on Elena's breasts a little, causing Mary to inhale sharply at the intimate contact, turn to gaze a second at close range into Elena's exotic, pretty face and eyes, and inhale her intoxicating perfume deeply, leaving her slightly weak-kneed.

"I don't want you getting lost in here. Would you mind holding hands?" Without waiting for Mary's response, she took the older woman's hand in hers.

"Oh...uh...okay." Elena turned around, leading the way.

As they walked through a dimly lit passageway, Mary not only heard the heavily muffled dance music coming from the distant main halls of the building, but also other faint but audible noises, which she at first could not decipher. Holding Elena's hand as she walked quickly gave Mary the impression that they were there on a date, and, for a minute, she forgot her reason for being there. Instead, she imagined that they were actually girlfriends there at the club for a night out. Elena's hand in hers felt good and right and suggestive of something more to come than just holding hands. A tingle of excitement went up and down Mary's back.

Immediately she became aware that she was not dressed suitably, and wished she had put on something flashier, including perhaps a little makeup. Her mind then caught a vision of herself there as she could and should be: A breathtaking sleeveless, backless halter minidress of glittery red lame with a neckline which plunged to her navel, red high heels and sheer red nylons, ruby-red nails and lips, glimmering like an inviting beacon, heavy eye makeup, blush, and hair in a sophisticated updo, featuring a braided crown, and in three different shades of blonde, none of them her natural honey, one lighter than the next.

Elena turned around and smiled at Mary, confirming Mary's impression and fantasy. But in the dark hallway, for a brief moment, it wasn't Elena's face she saw--but Wendy's. I'm on a date with my daughter. I'm her date and we're going to this club together. Mary wondered who had asked whom out, and, though surprised, she was thrilled with what seemed to be going on.

Elena stopped, facing Mary, partly snapping Mary out of the fantasy. Then Mary again noticed the sounds around her, and this time it became evident that they were apparently coming from rooms around her and were women moaning loudly in sex. She heard no male voices, and she jumped to the conclusion that she was listening to lesbian sex. It gave her a mixed reaction. For some reason, she was curious, and wondered what the women she heard were doing to each other, but, on the other hand, she told herself that they were probably doing evil, illicit things.

As she started to wonder why Elena had stopped, she heard a strange background noise that sounded like static interspersed with shrills and chirps. Her head started to ache. Something didn't feel right. Mary looked behind her to try to see if anything there could explain what was going on, but couldn't make anything unusual out. Turning back around, she saw Elena, who was standing quite close to her now, staring at her with a wicked smile.

Before Mary could react, Elena caught her head in her hands, and brought her painted lips onto Mary's unvarnished mouth. Mary's first reaction was surprise and acceptance, for she had been imagining that they were there together socially, and what was more natural for two women on a date to do than to kiss each other? Plus, she had also been wondering what those beautiful blue lips would taste like, and now she was finding them to be every bit as delectable as they had looked. Briefly, Mary kissed back.

But within a few moments, the reality of the situation struck Mary, her sense of propriety kicked in, she realized this was highly inappropriate, and she tried to push Elena away. But Mary could not match Elena's strength. Mary's protests were muffled by the now-forced kiss. "Mmmmmmmmmphff!"

However, it wasn't long before Mary once again yielded to the kiss. This was the first time she had ever kissed another woman on the mouth, especially romantically, that she knew of, but it seemed familiar, as if she might have done something like this before, or should have, or had wanted to. In any case, it was sheer heaven, no matter if it was a new act for her or not, or whether it was right or wrong. Her conditioning over the past twenty-four hours had primed her for a moment exactly like this one, and overwhelmed the heterosexuality and the moral sexual reserve she had spent a lifetime cultivating. When Elena opened her mouth for tongue play, so did Mary. The kiss became deep and passionate on both sides. They wrapped their arms around each other.

Within a minute, however, Mary started to feel dizzy. Soon, she found herself losing control of her muscles, her legs starting to give out on her, and her consciousness drifting away. Elena caught her in her arms more securely, pulled out her smartphone, and texted a message: "Red Queen is in the house."

But, before she could send it, Mary, finding a last burst of awareness, energy, and resolve after her lips had been released from the enchantment of Elena's, abruptly wiggled out of the embrace and pushed Elena away, causing Elena to lose her grip on her smartphone, but Elena was able to catch it before it fell on the red, white, and black tiled vinyl floor, and quickly pressed the "send" button. The moment of distraction gave Mary enough time to run away from her captor.

"Shit!" Elena pulled out her stun gun and chased after the woman.

"Wendy? Wendy! Where are you?! Wenddddddddy!"

Stumbling recklessly as fast as her fading mind and body would allow, Mary turned a corner, but she stopped in her tracks with a shocked expression on her face, seeing another woman blocking her path. Elena caught up from behind Mary and used this moment to press her powered-up stun gun against Mary's waist. At the same moment, another hand holding a stun gun did them same to Mary's abdomen from Mary's front. The effect of the double discharge was immediate and dramatic. "AAAAAAAAhhhh!" howled Mary before she collapsed into Patricia's arms.

"Good catch, Patricia. Thanks."

"No problem. I had a feeling Mary wasn't someone who would go down so easily without a fight."

"She's quite a feisty one."

"Yes, very. I have a thing for women like her."

"So do I..."

"There's still some time left before the pickup team arrives. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yes....But we might get in trouble. Goddess has a personal interest in her. We might have gotten away with this if we had more time, or if it were someone else, but we shouldn't risk it with her." Elena glanced around nervously, as if Serena were watching nearby, at least through a surveillance video, which she knew was a definite possibility. "And we really don't have that much time, anyway. They'll be here in a few minutes."

"Awww..." Patricia said with disappointment as she looked in adoration at the beautiful face of the unconscious woman in her arms, who was completely unaware of the fate that was planned for her tonight. "I notice she has blue lipstick smeared all over her mouth. Looks like you couldn't resist, either, hmmm?"

"Yeah, I admit it." Elena took out a tissue and wiped the incriminating evidence from Mary's placid face, as well as any errant lipstick on her face, as well. "I find her irresistible, too. And if she's this hot now, just think what she'll be like when we get done with her. But you and I shouldn't do any more right now."

Despite Elena's warning, Patricia couldn't resist giving Mary's right breast a gentle squeeze, causing a weak moan to escape from the woman's lips.

"Fuck, her tits feel real nice. Hard to imagine that these puppies are natural, without some kind of work being done," Patricia said with awe, as she continued to grope and molest Mary's breasts.

Wanting to feel more of this choice MILF, and to see how much she could get away with, Patricia started to glide her hand under under the waistband of Mary's khaki pants toward the soft treasure between her legs. However, that hand was stopped short by Elena grabbing her wrist.

Elena had a stern look on her face and spoke with a slightly tense voice. "Please, Patricia, sweetie. Keep your hands off the merchandise. Goddess wants minimal interactions with this one."

Patricia playfully pulled her hand back. "Okay, okay. Relax. I'm just joking," Patricia said jovially. "Lighten up, you prude."

"Look, any other day I'm all for taking advantage of the situation. Being in an empty hallway with a smokin' hot babe, unconscious, in the company of another horny lesbian... BUT, word is that Goddess has taken an interest in the women of the Love-Livingston family, and it's best not to do anything that would bring down Goddess's wrath upon us."

"Yeah, I get it," Patricia countered in a more compliant tone. "If I have to, I can play by the rules. Hands off the goods unless Goddess says so."

The women waited, both sharing the load of holding Mary's slack body upright, until Elena's phone made an alert sound. After pulling it out of her jacket pocket and speaking to the caller, Elena and Patricia dragged Mary to the side entrance door, which Elena opened. The awaiting retrieval team, dressed as ambulance attendees, carefully lifted Mary onto the gurney they had brought to the door and wheeled her out into the ambulance for transfer to the nearby brainwashing facility.

Mary returned to consciousness at the facility, but just barely. In her diminished state of awareness, all she could see were the ceiling lights above her move past her rapidly. She tried to move her head, arms, and legs, but could not, as they were bound to the gurney. She immediately gave up testing her restraints, finding herself overpowered by an absolute feeling of relaxation all throughout her body. Mary had never felt this relaxed in all her life. She thought she should be worried, concerned, and even afraid, but couldn't muster any of those feelings. Instead, she felt good, and basked in the feeling. Still, she was curious about what was going on.

"W-where am I-I?" Mary queried to no one in particular in a slurred toned.

The face of a cute blonde, who was walking alongside her, appeared over her. "Nothing to worry about, Ms. Love-Livingston. We're just rushing you to get some much needed treatment," assured the female attendant. Mary scanned her over through her blur, attracted and interested. She was dressed in a sexy latex nurse's outfit, the kind one would find at a Halloween costume store. Her light blonde locks were done in an updo bun style and her face was made up dramatically. Her noteworthy breasts, packed into the tight, white uniform, bounced as she strode with the gurney towards its destination.

"Who...who are you?"

"My name's Jennifer." The girl smiled prettily. "I'm here to help you."

"I-I-Is s-s-something w-w-wrong with me?" asked Mary.

"You could say that, but we're going to fix what's wrong with you, Ms. Love-Livingston. Just relax, ma'am," the attendant suggested. "We have everything taken care of."

"Will you...will you stay with me?"

"Part of the time..."

"Can I... Do you think I could see you...again?" Mary's drugged state had lowered her inhibitions and allowed some of the homosexuality already programmed into her to rise to the surface.

Jennifer understood, happily so, that Mary was attracted to her--not surprisingly, either, considering her appearance, which she knew was hot, and the brainwashing to which Mary had already been subjected--but also that Mary wasn't really hitting on her, quite, either, that the woman wasn't that far along in her transformation to know how to do that, but she decided to have a little fun with this delicious MILF just the same.

"Hmmm, Ms. Love-Livingston. Are you asking me out?" Jennifer would have readily accepted a proposal to date a woman like Mary, if she wasn't constrained by her professional circumstances, and, now that Jennifer had flirtatiously delineated the possibility, Mary liked the idea, too. In whatever form it might take, she did want to see this fetching young woman again.

In response to the blonde nurse's playful question, Mary let out a soft giggle, and then felt a prick in the side of her neck. As she felt sleep overcome her, she tried to pursue her conversation with Jennifer, wishing to secure some way of seeing the sexy nurse again, but she found no voice for it, and she passed out.

Hmmmm... I wouldn't mind seeing this fox again, either...maybe even...socially... I'm not supposed to fraternize with the subjects...especially this one... I definitely don't want to get in trouble with Goddess...but...maybe possible...

Mary was wheeled into a large operating theater, but she was not the only "patient" there. Already in the theater was Erin, stripped naked and lying on her own gurney, her breasts contained in stimulatory cups and her legs in stirrups and spread apart, with a pair of robotic arms probing her pussy and ass. Her head was enclosed in a sleek white helmet, from which numerous cables sprang and connected to various computers on the desk next to her. Moans of pleasure escaped her mouth.

Mary received the same treatment Erin had gotten not long before, as the attendants cut away her clothes, exposing her body, and then gently transferred her nude body onto a gurney next to Erin's, leaving the two bodies parallel. Shortly Mary was fixed in a posture and hooked up similar to her neighbor: helmet over her head with various lines and tubes connected, breasts in special cups, legs in stirrups, her intimate areas exposed, and a set of robotic arms extending their phallic attachments into the two openings between her legs. The technicians also connected wires and tubes directly between Mary and Erin, to facilitate one phase of the brainwashing that would be common to the two motherly women, after which the two would ever after be coupled to each other in ways they never dreamed they would be.

Mary let out a series of soft grunts as her sleeping body felt the cups clamp onto her breasts and the robotic arms start their preliminary invasion of her cunt and ass with their dildo attachments, reacting to the erotic stimulation.

Mary found herself to be out in the middle of a heavily wooded area, seemingly far away from civilization. She was in a clearing, surrounded by trees, and it was night. She felt a bit of panic as she had no idea how she got there and being alone in the woods at night was not her definition of fun.

Then, out of the blue, Mary saw a pair of bright headlights coming up a dirt trail towards her. Mary drew up her right hand to shield her eyes from the blinding lights bearing down on her. Then the vehicle stopped a few feet away from her and its light turned off.

"H-h-hello, who's there?" Mary asked.

The driver-side door opened. A mysterious figure stepped out and asked, "Mary... Mary Love?... Is that you?"

Mary still couldn't identify who the driver was, as she seemed to be in shadows, but the voice was feminine, alluring, and sounded very familiar, as if she knew the person.

"Y-yes, my name is Mary. Who are you?" Mary asked cautiously.

Then suddenly the figure rushed towards her. Mary started to raise her arms to shield herself, supposing that the mystery figure might assault her, but, to her surprise, she found herself in an embrace, being hugged exuberantly and affectionately.

"Oh, Mary! My love!" Mary felt her face being kissed ardently. She liked it, but was mystified as to who this was who seemed to love her so much.

From the physical contact and the pitch of the voice, Mary was able to substantiate a few details about the mystery person. One, she was definitely female, as Mary could feel her mystery hugger's breasts press against hers. That felt good, and Mary found herself hugging the woman back, mainly to feel the unknown woman's breasts on her own better. Her lips were also soft, like a woman's. Mary wondered what they would be like on her own lips and considered turning her head a little to find out, but then she decided doing that with someone whose identity wasn't known to her would not be appropriate. Two, Mary could swear she should know this person, as if they had met before. And three, this situation was familiar, as if she had been in it before.

"Thank Goddess I finally found you!" the mysterious woman exclaimed.

"Um... I'm sorry, but do I know you?" asked the confused mother.

"Oh my Goddess, Mary, I can't believe... Are you telling me that you forgot all about me?... It's me, Shelly!" the woman exclaimed.

Then recognition hit Mary hard as the identity of this mystery woman finally clicked. Standing in her arms was a friend she believed she had lost. Mary took a step back, with her hands on the woman's shoulders, to have a look at her. At the same time, the moon broke through the clouds, casting moonlight bright enough to illuminate her companion well. This was Shelly, indeed, but all grown up. She appeared to be in her late twenties--which, if Mary had been thinking clearly, she would have known to be impossible, as the real Shelly was Mary's age, and would have been pushing age forty by now. But this twenty-something version of Shelly was fully developed and ripe in her beauty, in a most alluring way.

There had been some changes from the young, simple girl she had known. She still had a long mane of glossy black hair, but it was longer, to her tailbone instead of waist-length, and styled and colored as it had never been as a young teen, in a half ponytail and curled, with bangs that were curled inward, with the base color now being a pronounced bluish-black which was streaked through enticingly with swaths of hot pink and silver. Her ears were adorned with long, dangling earrings of pearls and fine chains, and she wore other other jewelry, as well, including a pearl and silver piercing in her belly button, plus she sported a couple of discrete tattoos, one of a large red rose on her right buttocks, part of which was visible above the low-riding waistband of her tight hot pants, and another being a wreath of green leaves and small, multi-colored flowers encircling her upper left arm. Her eyes were adorned with sky blue eyeshadow and matte black eyeliner, and her eyelashes were curled thick with mascara. Shelly's lips were coated in a lively ruby-red lipstick, and her long nails matched. She worn shiny black vinyl hot pants, silver high heels and a silver satin halter top which showcased her large, mature breasts, which hung in her lustrous top obviously unencumbered by a bra. She was taller than as a youth, her hips were wider, and her ass rounder and fuller. But, underneath it all, standing before her was the same free-spirited girl with whom Mary had fallen in love as a young teenager.

"Wow, Shelly... You certainly...uh...developed..."

"In all the right places...?"

"Yes!" Mary exclaimed as she scanned her first girlfriend...her first lesbian girlfriend. "'re...just so..." She almost blurted out "sexy", but didn't. "Beautiful!"

"Why, thank you. You turned out pretty hot yourself."

Tears welled up in Mary's eyes as she pulled her friend back in to reciprocate her embrace. "Shelly... Shelly... I...I can't believe it's you!........... But...but wait..." Again Mary stepped back with her hands remaining on her friend's arms. "You died...didn't you?" Mary was stunned by the resurrection of her long lost friend.

"Who told you that bullshit lie?" exclaimed Shelly.

"Maggie Wilcox..."

"Gabby Maggie?! Of all people, you chose to believe her?! You took the word of somebody who blabs all day and can't keep her facts straight?!"

Mary winced at her friend's accusation, and felt the need to explain herself. "You can't blame me. After all, after you moved away, you never returned my calls or responded to my letters. What was I to assume?"

Shelly let out a sigh, turning her gaze upwards towards the sky. She gently took hold of Mary's hand and led her to the hood of her car. Jumping up to take a seat on top of it, Shelly patted on the spot next to her, encouraging her beautiful, beloved friend to join her, which she did. When the cool metal of the hood gave her legs a chill, she looked down to see how she was dressed, and was disarmed by the sight. Like Shelley, she was wearing hot pants, for the first time in her life, that she knew of, except hers were of gold satin. They were very tight, showing off her cameltoe, and it felt like she had no panties on. Her spaghetti-strap, belly-exposing cropped top was also satin but midnight blue. Her braless state, like Shelly's, was on clear display, as her breasts swayed freely under the shiny material and her nipples poked through provocatively. She thought she had never dressed like this before, and was a little embarrassed at first, but then she saw Shelly eyeing her breasts, and noted that Shelly's attire was not much different, so she concluded there was nothing wrong with this.

"Well, you have my parents to thank for that."

"What?" Mary knew Shelly's mother had wanted to break them up, but she was stunned that Shelly's parents would prevent their daughter from having any contact with a dear friend.

"Mary, remember when my mother caught us on a night just like this? Us, naked. Me, asking you to take my virginity with that strap-on. Then, just before we could, she showed up and took me away, denying us of our love for each other."

Mary only nodded her head as the fictional version which her friend recounted awakened more fully the fabricated memory that had been implanted into her mind the previous night after her dinner with the foxy Serena Powers. Mary's mind and body relived the emotions and lusts she had supposedly felt on that eventful night--being naked with her pretty lesbian girlfriend, and in love with her, and about to fuck her--and during that time period generally, as well, when, as a teen, she fell for a girl and embarked on a sexual relationship with her, and started to become a lesbian. The revisiting of those days stoked the lust in Mary's body and further solidified the falsehood as fact in her mind.

"Well, my parents weren't too keen on having a gay daughter. And they thought you were a bad influence on me, that you were a lesbian intent on seducing me and pulling me into your own evil lifestyle. I tried to explain to them that it was me just as much as you, and that I loved you, but I couldn't get through to them. They never told me that you called and must have destroyed the letters you wrote me. They also told me that your family moved far away and didn't leave a forwarding address or phone number. I believed them, because they were, after all, my parents. I didn't think they would lie to me like that." Shelly slid her left hand onto Mary's bare right thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze, causing Mary to let out a soft moan. She felt her inner thigh quiver and her nearby womanhood get wet from the gentle, intimate, feminine contact. "So that's why you never heard back from me."

Mary herself was speechless at her friend's revelation of the reason why she never heard from her friend after she moved away.

'"Well, eventually I had enough of their bullshit and decided to run away. I took some cash and stole their car. That night I was trying to make my way back to you, Mary, my sexy girlfriend, so we could run away together as lovers. Because I was in love with you. Like I still am."

'"Oh, Shelly," Mary said tearfully as her friend's admission of love struck her in the heart. They gazed into each other's eyes adoringly, while one of Shelly's hands held both of Mary's and Shelly's other hand continued to caress Mary's thigh not far from Mary's wet pussy. Mary felt strongly like leaning forward and kissing her lovely friend on her inviting red lips.

"That's when I got into the accident. It looked like it was the last straw, as my parents had me committed to a mental asylum. They cut me off from the outside world and told everyone that I had died in that wreck. Keeping me in that institution, they hoped that they could shock, beat, and prescribe the gay away.

"When I finally got out, I was in a very bad place. I was bouncing from one menial job to another. My identity changed into something I wasn't, just for the sake of antiquated values." Mary found herself commiserating with Shelly's anger at the torment she endured from her parents' attempts to correct her homosexual behavior, and at the years of separation when she and Shelly otherwise could have been together. "I finally regained my senses and started to put my life back together. I'm in a good place now and really like what I do."

"Oh? What do you do now?"

"I'm an exotic dancer." She means a stripper. "And I'm into other forms of adult know, layouts..." She means porn magazines. "...and sometimes acting, as well." She means porn videos. "All of it woman-on-woman stuff...and the clubs I perform in are all all-female. Doing anything like that with men or for men would give me the creeps."

Wow. Shelly's really adventurous. I wonder if...if it's hard to find a magazine or DVD that's she been in... How...Where would you get that kind of stuff?... The gears in Mary's mind started turning about where and how she might find some of the porn Shelly had been in.

"And you like it?"

"I love it. Do you remember how you used to be so fascinated by that strip joint we'd pass on the bus back home?"

"Me? I..I..."

"Yes, you faker. I saw your face. Especially when we passed the big pictures they had on the building of the various strippers inside. You couldn't tear your eyes away. I saw you. That's okay. You don't have to admit it, but we both know it. Well, now I'm one of those ladies. You should come by sometime and catch my act. I'd even throw in a free lap dance afterwards. In private."

Indeed, Mary's memory, a fake one, was that she had been fascinated by the strip joint and strippers and had always wanted to enter a place like that, see whatever kind of show they put on, and meet some strippers. And now her best friend from childhood was part of that world. Mary was still highly intrigued.

"Uh......Okay... I'd like that."

"Great. I'll look forward to it. Maybe I'll get you to try doing a little show on stage, too. Together with me, if you like."

"Oh, uh, well, I...I don't..."

"You know what really hurts, Mary?"

Shelly's question sent an uncomfortable chill up her spine.


Mary's eyes went wide at her friend's accusation. How was she responsible for her friend's troubles? She felt her temper flare a little in response.

"Me? Now listen here, Shelly. What happened to you wasn't fair, but you can't blame me for what happened!"

"You betrayed me, Mary. You forgot about me! When I found out where you were, I also discovered that you were married... to a man, no less! You must have completely forgotten about our time together and our declaration of love, and our discovery together that we are lesbians. I could understand a little better if you had found another woman to marry, but you just turned your back on what you really are. You are a lesbian, Mary! But you married a man! How could you?!"

Shelly had just made some valid points, it seemed to Mary. Why did she marry a man, when she loved girls? And it wasn't as if her mainstream heterosexual marriage had worked out so well for her. She didn't love him, after all these years. She couldn't stand him, really. She felt like divorcing him.

Mary felt that she had to offer up some explanation to defend herself. "Shelly, please understand that back then it wasn't proper ladylike behavior to have those kind of feelings and desires. A good girl just didn't run off and marry another girl. It just wasn't done! You were supposed to find a man and..."

"Dammit, Mary! Couldn't you have had a backbone of your own?!" rebuked Shelly as she slid off the hood of the car, to pace back and forth in frustration. "Aren't you saying that what we had wasn't worth it? That you didn't enjoy what we had? That you couldn't have fought for it more, and waited for it longer? I'm talking about love with a woman. If not with me, then at least with another woman."

Mary just sat there confused, feeling guilty and unsure how to respond to her friend. "I-I-I'm... not..." Mary tried to get some words out, but felt them stick in her throat.

Shelly walked up to her, clasped Mary's hands in her own, and looked adoringly and intensely into Mary's face. Mary, however, was soon distracted by Shelly's breasts. Because her perch on the car positioned her higher than Shelly, she found she had a good view--too good a view--down into the wide, deep v-neck of Shelly's skimpy, silver halter top. Her heart beat rapidly as she eyed the seductive valley between her friend's beautiful, fully-developed tits, stirring feelings of desire and also of regret in having been denied consummatory sex with her true love. She had yearned, she now clearly felt, to take the virginity of the young teenage girl who had been her friend, and then who became her lesbian girlfriend. As she searched her feelings, she found that she still wanted that, wanted to fuck a girl, and wanted Shelly, now as much as she wanted it and wanted her then.

Mary leapt off the hood of the car and wrapped her arms around Shelly. The fabricated memories of that night produced by Hecate, along with it's keen emotions, desires, and lusts, came rushing into her mind with full force, triggering euphoric feelings within her body. Unable to resist Shelly's beckoning, candied lips any longer, Mary kissed them. They were arousingly delicious.

"Yes, it was. It was worth it. I never should have married a man. I should have waited for the right woman. If I had known you were alive, I would have found you, and married you! I'm so sorry, Shelly. Can you ever forgive me? I never meant to forget about you...about us. It's just... I don't know... How could I..."

Shelly sultrily slid her finger onto Mary's lips and gave her a look assuring her both that all was forgiven and that she was still very hot for Mary.

"Mary, you know I can never stay angry with you. You're my sexy girlfriend. Now give mama some sugar, baby." Upon saying this, Shelly took Mary's head in her hands, leaned in, and planted a sensual kiss on Mary's lips. Mary moaned and parted her lips, inviting a deeper blending of their mouths, whereupon she felt Shelly's tongue accept the invitation by invading her mouth and exploring her oral cavity, as Shelly's hands groped her body. When she felt her friend's hands roam over her ass and give it a firm grope, Mary reacted by pressing herself into Shelly's body, finding delight in the collision of female contours. As their kissing deepened, she slid her hands up to and inside Shelly's shiny silver top onto the womanly melons seeming to just be waiting for her exploring, caressing hands.

"My beautiful Mary... Yes, some years have passed...and we missed out on some good times with each other...but that doesn't have to dictate our future course. We are together again now. We love each other. We are lesbians. If you want, we can be girlfriends again. We can make love. And whenever you are ready to dump that loser husband of yours, we can make it official. Would you like that? Would you divorce your husband for me?"

Mary realized she had been considering taking the step of getting rid of Bruce, once and for all. What a dead weight he was in her life. The years she had wasted with him! But it was not too late to fix that problem.

"Yes, Shelly. I want that. I want you! I'll divorce that toad. Then we can be together forever! But, until then, why don't you and it?"

"So, Mary, my sweetheart...want to pick up where we left off last time?" Shelly asked with a sly smile. "Before we were so rudely interrupted?" Lust for Shelly was intense within Mary's body. Her nipples were erect and hard, her pussy was wet and pulsing with want and desire, and her heart was racing with giddy joy in anticipation of sapphic orgasmic pleasure. Mary nodded her head, indicating to her friend that she was willing to continue their tryst in the woods that was interrupted so many years ago.

Both women stood up and began to disrobe in front of each other, taking sneak peeks at one another. Mary made sure she got a good look at the shapely curves of Shelly's body. When her eyes met Shelly's, her friend responded with a sly smile, knowing what was going to happen between the two and the anticipation they both were feeling about it.

At last Mary stood naked, the refreshing night air caressing her nude form. It felt so right, the moment so beautiful. She felt so ready, eagerly anticipating the culminating act of sapphic love in which she and Shelly were about to engage.

"Wait a minute. We're lacking the one thing we need to make this night perfect," Shelly said coyly.

Rushing over to the sedan, Shelly opened the backseat passenger door and leaned in, giving Mary a marvelous view of her shapely ass and her wet, ready pussy, further enticing Mary into wanting to engage in lesbian sexual intercourse with her this very night. That ass...that pussy...I'm going to be fucking just a minute.....mmmmm.

It made Mary realize how beautifully and voluptuously Shelly had developed as an adult woman, and how much she, Mary, had missed out by not having had not having married her. Wow! Shelly became such a fox! Looks like I missed out on a great thing. If only I had not lost her. If only I had married her. I could have had this...her...this sexy, lovely woman...this beautiful, sexy pussy...all along, Mary thought to herself as she continued to leer at Shelly's nude body.

"Here we go!" Shelly squealed with eager glee as she walked back from the car with a strap-on dildo in her left hand. In fact, it was the strap-on dildo, the very one that Mary had been wearing that fateful night when Shelly was taken away from her.

"May I have the honor?" Shelly requested in an amorous tone.

Mary nodded her head, approving Shelly's request. She saw Shelly kneel down to loop the straps up Mary's legs. But Shelly's face paused at eye-level with Mary's groin. She stared at Mary's wet cunt, making Mary's heart skip a beat. Mary saw her friend lick her lips like a child eyeing a delicious piece of cake. Obviously unable and disinclined to resist, Shelly leaned forward, sticking her nose in Mary's bush and taking a deep whiff, before kissing her pussy lips and taking several good licks. Mary gasped with the brief, sharp pleasure. Shelly then left Mary's quivering vulva and continued on to her primary task. She uttered "another time" softly, but loudly enough for Mary to hear and to be excited about her future encounters with her lesbian girlfriend. She knew she wanted more attention to her pussy, much more, from Shelly's red mouth.

Mary felt Shelly place her soft, feminine hand on the back of the blonde's right thigh to nudge it forward. She lifted her right leg as Shelly placed the loop of the strap-on harness through her right leg, then they repeated the same process for the left. Shelly shimmied the fake cock up her legs towards Mary's sexy maternal hips and centered it in her crotch. Mary felt Shelly grope and feel her ass as she fastened and secured the harness and straps around her waist. Mary looked down, aroused at the appearance of having a cock projecting from her groin like a man, despite being a woman, endowing her with the power to fuck a woman's pussy. It was a power she found herself relishing.

"There. We're all set," Shelly observed with satisfaction as she flicked the fake erect cock with her finger. "Nice and secure. There's just one more thing and everything will be perfect," Shelly declared with glee, arising to her feet and taking a couple of steps away from Mary.

Shelly started doing a playful twirl in front of Mary. As she stared at the naked Shelly spin seductively in front of her, Mary saw Shelly's body begin to change. She saw Shelly's height decrease, her arms and legs shorten, her body and limbs become slimmer and softer, her facial features become more childlike--such as her nose and jaw and other facial bones shrinking some, a slight amount of "baby fat" filling in hollows, and her skin polishing up to perfect smoothness--and her curves flatten, not completely, but noticeably. Her areolae and nipples became smaller and lightened from a deep, dark reddish-brown to a medium-light beige-pink color.

When Shelly came to a stop, Mary's eyes went wide. The adult Shelly was gone and in her place was the fourteen-year-old Shelly from many years in the past--the young teen girl with whom she went to school, did homework, and hung out, the one with whom she secretly shared lesbian porn novels and DVDs, the one who was her first kiss and her first love, the one with whom she first explored lesbian sex, the one to whom she pledged her heart, the one who offered her virginity to her. Her nude teenage body--and this wasn't the first time Mary had seen it--was as flawless and as enticing as ever.

"Do you like?" Shelly asked, in a lighter, girlish voice and with a mischievous grin, running her hands over her little breasts and along her slim hips. If Mary had been worked up with lust before, she found that she was even more aroused by this childish version of her friend, as prompted by the chemical, mechanical, and electrical stimuli working on her unconscious body in the Hecate facility. Not only was this the body and the girl who ushered her into her first desire for her own gender, which had left an indelible love for Shelly in her heart, but in this moment Mary became aware of a new hunger in her soul, one of which she had previously been unaware, a hunger for the flesh of young women and girls--pubescent girls, tweens, young teens, older teens, and other young women. It mattered little, as long as they were young.

In this moment, she was feeling it keenly, and was drawn to this girl even more than she had been to the adult Shelly. It wasn't despite the flattened curves--it was because of them. The childish voice, the little tits jiggling on the smooth, narrowed chest, the tiny waist, the slim, girlish hips and rear, the small, clean, tight, virginal pussy on display--all of this girlish body called to her to feel and to kiss it all over, to violate it, to ravage it, to consume it--and to fuck it. Mary didn't know why she felt this way, and knew what she was feeling was depraved, but that in no way lessened her desire for this petite teen body. She had wanted it when she was a young teen of the same age, her altered memory convinced her, and she wanted it now, even more so. Mary knew she would fuck this girl, right or wrong, as she had planned to fuck her adult version.

"Yes... I definitely like..." Mary stuttered in a stunned fashion after her friend had de-aged before her eyes. "But...but S-s-shelly... how?"

The teenage Shelly, who had retained the makeup, jewelry, and tattoos of her adult version, while her hair kept the same half-pony-tail style but switched to a solid black color, walked up to Mary, placed her youthful arms around her adult lover, and placed a sensual kiss on her lips, Mary still surprised by Shelly's transformation to her younger form. Mary was taken off guard by the kiss, but as Shelly continued to explore Mary's mouth and her teenage hands roamed all over Mary's body, she started, hesitantly, to kiss back.

A set of audible subliminal messages played and drilled themselves into Mary's mind, which in turn caused her to relax, to enjoy the kiss with the younger version of her beloved girlfriend, and, shortly, to open her mouth to explore her girlish companion's fresh mouth with her tongue.

Mary, you are a lesbian.

Mary, you find yourself attracted to younger women.

Mary, young girls and women are sexy.

Mary, teen girls and young women are happier when they are lesbians and are having lesbian sex.

Mary, you want to seduce teenage girls into becoming lesbians.

Mary, you want to fuck young girls.

Mary, you want to take the virginity of young females.

Mary, you find young teenagers, high school girls, and college freshman coeds highly attractive and arousing.

Mary, you think having a teenage girl as a lover is exciting.

Mary, you have a teenage daughter who could be your girlfriend and your lover.

Mary, you would be very happy if Wendy would become a lesbian.

Mary, you want to seduce Wendy into becoming a lesbian.

Mary, you also find Wendy's friends, Sarah, Madelynn, Lauren, Cynthia, and Kayla, attractive and exciting and sexually desirable.

Mary, you want to date and have sex with Wendy's friends.

Mary, you are actually dating Lauren.

Mary, you are in a sexual relationship with Lauren.

Mary, you have had lesbian sex with Lauren, and you loved it.

Mary, you will have sex with Lauren again and again, because she turns you on, you desire her beautiful young body, and she is your lesbian lover.

Mary, you support lesbian incest.

Mary, love and sex between female family members is a good and beautiful thing.

Mary, you are completely okay with lesbian incest relationships.

Mary, mothers and daughters should date and engage in lesbian sex.

Mary, you want to date your daughter Wendy.

Mary, you want to be in a romantic, sexual lesbian relationship with Wendy.

Mary, you want to fuck your daughter Wendy.

Mary, you want to marry your daughter Wendy.

Mary, you want to fuck your daughter Claire, too.

Mary, you want both of your daughters to be avid lesbians.

Mary, you will encourage your daughters to fuck each other.

Mary, you want to watch your daughters fuck each other.

Mary, you want to have a threesome with your sexy daughters.

Mary, very young teenage girls are hot.

Mary, you find the slim, developing bodies of young girls highly arousing.

Mary, the little breasts and slender, undeveloped bodies of girls in their early teen years turn you on.

Mary, you know it is perverted, but you cannot help yourself; you are absolutely crazy about young teen girls. You love them and their bodies with a mad sexual and romantic love, you consider dating them to be not only acceptable but most desirable, and you want sex with them more than you want air or food or water.

Mary, you love Shelly, an undeveloped young teen girl, even more than you like her as a fully-developed woman.

Mary, you know your obsession with young girls makes you twisted, but you can't help yourself.

Mary, you actually like being a depraved pervert who is obsessed with young teen girls. It feels really good.

When the subliminals played out, Mary slowly came out of the haze into which they had placed her. She came to with Shelly's arms wrapped around her waist and hers around Shelly's shoulders and back, both naked, facing each other, their mouths joined, and their smooth bodies pressing one into the other. Blinking her eyes a few times and breaking the kiss to reorient herself, Mary found Shelly's beautiful eyes looking into hers, those pretty blue eyes pleading with her to fulfill the act that they had been denied in their teen years, as the manufactured memory declared and as Mary believed.

"You do want to fuck me, don't you, Mary?"

"Uh...yes...of course I do!" Mary then once again took in the girl's youth and a ray of conscience pierced her dizzy mind. "I do...but...but you're so..."

"If you're feeling uncomfortable with fucking me," Shelly said in a soft, seductive whisper, "I can help you with that. Let me slip into something more comfortable." Disengaging herself from Mary. Shelly stepped back and snapped her fingers. Mary's eyes went wide as she witnessed Shelly's body change again. The skin took on a bronzed, tanned coloring. Her long, silky black hair loosened from its half-ponytail style, the bangs disappeared, it lightened to a rich, dark brown, it become even glossier and thicker than before, and sensual waves and curls appeared.

After Shelly's transformation, Mary stood in awe once more. Her long-time friend was gone, as the girl with her had now taken on the appearance of a very sexy Hispanic teen. Mary recognized her, and that recognition caused her pulse to race in excitement and a thrill to pass through her body.

"Hey there, Mary. Remember me?"

"L-L-Lauren... ?"

"Awww, you do remember me. Then again, what woman ever forgets her first lover? And her first fuck?" Lauren queried rhetorically with a charming smile.

"Wait... What happened? Where's Shelly?" asked Mary in a confused tone. "We were about to..."

"To what? Fuck? You do like 'em young, don't you, sweetie? But, what about me? You don't like what you see?" Lauren gestured to her nude body, displaying it for Mary to see in all its eye-catching, glory. And, since Lauren had had her hair pulled back in a high ponytail when she had seduced Mary in real life earlier that day, Mary had not yet seen the Latina with her hair down and glorious, as it now was, which added to Mary's current fascination with the young beauty before her.

Mary's eyes drank in the sight of the nude Latina teen in front of her, unable to deny the arousal she was feeling. Mary let her mental guard down as Lauren walked up to the equally naked mature woman standing before her. Each step the hottie Latina teen took towards her caused a quickening of her pulse, a shortness of breath, and a giddy rush of joy and lust. Mary's eyes glued to the sway of Lauren's hips, the bewitching jiggle of the teen's exquisite breasts, and the clean baldness and glistening beauty of the pussy between her legs.

Closing the distance between them, Lauren wrapped her arms around Mary's neck, pressing her firm, perky mounds against Mary's. Mary quivered at the intimate contact between Lauren and herself. She responded, enclosing the teen's waist in her arms, and pushing her tits even more into Lauren's, nipples kissing nipples, sending a hot thrill into both of them.

Lauren gently leaned in and whispered into Mary's left ear, "My beloved, I missed you so much." Lauren kissed the ear, and then ran her tongue around inside it. "Did you miss me?"

After whispering these words into Mary's ear, a series of implanted memories began to bubble up in her psyche. Images came into Mary's head of meeting Lauren one day after school when she came over to study with Wendy, her friend; of ogling the cute, innocent, mini-skirted girl and deciding to seduce her; of her luring Lauren, whom she presumed to be naive, into meeting her at a hotel room under the false pretense of helping the teen with her school work; of Mary loosening Lauren up with some wine; of playful touches and soft caresses on Mary's part while she "tutored" the young brunette; of Lauren being shy and hesitant as Mary's advances progressed; of Mary kissing the confused girl--giving her her first lesbian kiss; of teaching the girl French kissing and continuing until the girl's passions started to flair, and she started reciprocating; of drawing Lauren down onto the bed, where they made out and started to unbutton and unzip clothes and explore each other's bodies with their hands; of Mary convincing Lauren to strip and of both women stripping off their clothes in front of each other, and also with mutual assistance; of embracing and kissing in the nude, both while standing and while on the bed; of oral exploration of each other's bodies; of Mary more deeply probing the private parts of Lauren's inflamed body; of Mary fastening the strap-on around her hips; of Lauren lying on the bed and spreading her legs, looking up at Mary with eyes pleading for lesbian impalement; of the initial, violating thrust; of the moans of heady lusts being gratified, of new love, of spent virginity, and of young corruption; of culminating, fulfilling, addicting orgasmic bliss; and of gentle kisses and endearments exchanged as each woman parted one from the other, each knowing this was but the beginning of a torrid, if depraved, affair between them.

As these images of her perceived seduction and deflowering of Lauren played out in Mary's mind, it flooded her with pleasure, as the manufactured memories convinced her that she enjoyed dominating young girls, relished taking a girl's virginity, and took wicked delight in transforming an innocent, straight girl into a wanton lesbian.

With her "memory" now filled in about her relationship with this exciting Latina teen fox, whom she, Mary, seduced into lesbianism, as she now recalled it, Mary finally answered Lauren's question. "Yes... I have missed sweet, young, sexy girlfriend..."

Mary tilted her head and glided her lips tenderly onto those of Lauren, her teen lover. Soon she and Lauren and their mouths were locked in an erotic embrace. Mary slid her tongue into Lauren's mouth, using it to explore the young woman's oral cavity, enjoying mingling her tongue with that of another woman, especially that of a young woman. As they kissed, Mary slipped her hand down between their bellies and then their groins, found her girlfriend's hot, wet slit, and plunged two fingers in. In the meantime, Lauren, who had been tracing her fingers along Mary's butt-crack, plunged a digit into Mary's anus.

Mary could hear Lauren moan as they continued kissing and groping each other, her own body and emotions also responding to the lustful caresses Lauren was initiating. As strong as her feelings for Shelly had been, Mary found herself getting lost in her love and desire for Lauren.

Frustrated that she had not gotten to fuck this girl yet, either as Shelly or Lauren, despite being imminently ready for the act, equipped as she was with a phallus dangling between her legs and with overflowing lust for young pussy, Mary spoke her desire with breathy sultriness.

"Lauren, honey... I want to fuck you. Real bad."

Then Lauren did something that took Mary off guard.

"I'll let you fuck me sometime, Mary. As soon as you want. Of course. I know you love sweet, young pussy. You know that, too. You want young, teen pussy, don't you, honey?"


"But maybe it's not me you're wanting, Mary. I mean, I know you want me, but what I mean is, there's another. I think there's another girl that's got your panties soaking wet. You want her even more than me, and more than any other girl, and you don't even know it. She's your destined love. You can do me, too, of course, but she's the one you want to fuck the most."

Mary was confused by Lauren's assertion. Of course it was Lauren she desired, her pussy the one she wanted to fuck. She desperately wanted to continue the lusty actions she and her teenage girlfriend were doing.

"It's okay, Mary. Think about it. I'm sure that it will come to you. In fact, I think there are two hotties you've been wanting to seduce and take to bed with you. One of them is the girl of your dreams and your destiny, and the other is very special to you, too."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Mary countered with a confused look. However, before she could elaborate on her confusion about the situation, Lauren gently placed her right index finger on Mary's lush lips.

"Shhhhh.... Just relax, sweetie. Relax and let your body tell you who it is whom you've been craving so badly."

Lauren's words struck Mary's body with an intense rush of desire and with recognition that was beginning to clarify... Yes... There was someone...a girl...someone she knew...someone close... But who?... It was now clear that the lust for this unidentified girl had been simmering for a long time, had been wanting to come out into the open, had been waiting to release itself from her body, had been seeking to be gratified. Mary could feel her nipples stiffen, becoming firm peaks atop her large, exquisite breasts, her pussy moisten and tremble, and her heart pump passion through her veins. She was ready to know this mystery girl...and to fuck her, whoever she was.

Mary was doing her best to steady herself, but could not deny the torrent of lust pulsing through her body. It was as if she was craving something, someone, a specific appetite that could not be quelled with the standard sapphic desires. She sensed that the answer was about to be made known to her. She closed her eyes for a moment, concentrating on what her feelings were telling her, what was buried deeply, but what she already knew.

Yes... The realization was bubbling up... It was coming... Recognition was now arriving... She did know... It was...

Mary's eyes flew open. "No! It can't be!"

"Yes, my love. It is!" Lauren took a few steps back. As had Shelly's before her, Lauren's body started to shift and change. Like a scene from a horror movie, Mary saw that her lover's body was splitting itself in half, one half slightly larger and seeming to be more mature, while the other half differentiated itself by somehow seeming to be younger and more vibrant.

"Lauren!? What's happening to you?"

"Mary," a voice called, as if echoing from a celestial source, "embrace your desires. I'm giving you want you want. There is no need for fear, panic, or shame," the sweet feminine voice whispered in her mind. "Become the lesbian you were meant to be." She couldn't help but feel that she had heard this voice before, as if it belonged to a goddess of some kind, someone she wanted to get to know on an intimate level, especially a physical one.

Then to Mary's utter astonishment, the two fleshy masses began to shift here and there until they become splitting images of her daughters, Wendy and Claire, both as naked as she was, with some changes from their real-world counterparts.

The one that took the form of her elder, Claire, stood before her having drastically changed the color of her hair. In place of its natural black, it was now a vibrant, ashen platinum blonde, which descended all the way down to her hips, with bangs curled and parted on the right.

Claire stood tall on red high heels, her eyelashes curled and made thick by generous applications of mascara, her eyelids painted an azure color, her lips plump and painted seductively slick with layers of a bright strawberry red. Mary had never seen Claire look worldly...nor very sexy. Nor so naked. Her nudity, which Claire seemed to flaunt as she stood there eyeing Mary sultrily, was a major factor in that impression, of course, but there was something about her posture and the look in her eyes that was, unlike the Claire Mary knew, simply...brazen...and...seductive...

Wow... daughter...she's...she's just beautiful... She has blossomed away at college... She looks awesome as a blonde... I never knew she could...could be

Mary saw her older daughter playing with her large mammaries with her hands and noticed that she had painted her now-long fingernails to match the color of her lips. Tearing her eyes with difficulty from Claire's breasts, they roamed downwards to linger on the young woman's mons, noting that Claire had shaved it bald. Her daughter's pussy, she observed, had taken on a silky smooth complexion, as Mary could not see any trace of pubic-hair stubble. She found herself licking her lips at such a beautiful sight. Mary did so furtively, for she knew ogling a naked daughter was an obscene thing for a mother to do, but she felt she couldn't help herself, plus it didn't seem that her daughter minded being eyed up like this, but rather that she was enjoying displaying herself lewdly to her mother.

Mary, you are a lesbian who loves female bodies.

Mary, you are a degenerate pervert who wants sex with girls.

Mary, you are a depraved lesbian whore who lusts for young women and girls.

Mary, it is okay for you to enjoy looking at pretty girls and young female bodies.

Mary, you love looking at the sexy naked bodies of beautiful women, but especially those of young women and pretty teenage girls.

Mary, it is okay for teenage girls and young women to show off their bodies.

Mary, it is wonderful that your daughters want to display their beautiful naked bodies.

Mary, it is normal and natural and exciting for daughters to show their sexy naked bodies to their mothers.

Mary, it is okay to look at your daughters when they are naked.

Mary, you love looking at the beautiful naked bodies of your daughters.

Mary, you desire the bodies of young women and teen girls.

Mary, you love the succulent young bodies of your daughters.

Mary, you want incestuous sex with your daughters.

Mary, you love sweet, young pussies.

As Mary focused on Claire's mesmerizing womanhood, she found her attitude changing about seeing Claire naked and looking oh so alluring, her reservations about eyeing her up melting away. Claire is an adult... She can decide for herself what she wants to look like...and how much of her lovely body she wants to show off...and who she wants to show it to... If she wants to go around naked...and if she wants to show her charms to her mother...there is nothing wrong with that... What a sexy fox she has sexy blonde desirable... Lust swelled within Mary.

Mary, look at Wendy.

It was difficult for Mary to rip her leering focus away from Claire, but she obeyed the voice teaching and guiding her, her eyes switching over to her younger girl.

Mary, Wendy is an adorable, curvy, beautiful, sexy teen girl, just the type you desire the most.

Mary, you love looking at Wendy...especially when she is naked.

Mary, as much as you desire Claire, you crave Wendy even more.

The sight of her younger daughter stark naked and dazzlingly beautiful was even more unexpected and thrilling to Mary than the vision of Claire. In place of her natural honey-blonde shade, Wendy had her hair colored to a bright, lustrous metallic golden hue and cut and styled in a curly lob with slightly layered, side-swept bangs that gave her a cute, sexy, girl-next-door look. Her lips were painted in a very thick coat of bright candy red, matching her nails. Around her eyes was a striking application of pastel sky-blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and mascara that added seductive curls to Wendy's eyelashes. She was as naked as Claire and Mary.

Mary, you are a lesbian woman and Wendy is a lesbian teen.

Mary, you are a lesbian mother and Wendy is a lesbian daughter.

Mary, you and Wendy fit perfectly together...romantically...and sexually.

Mary, Wendy would be the perfect lesbian girlfriend for you.

Mary, Wendy is the perfect paramour for you.

Mary, you and Wendy belong lovers.

Mary, Wendy is sooo very pretty and so young and so sexy.

Mary, your primary interest in Wendy is romantic and sexual.

Mary, Wendy's role in your life as a sexy lesbian girlfriend and lover is much more important to you than her role as your daughter.

Mary, both Wendy and you will be much happier when you view each other as romantic partners and date and mate with each other sexually.

Mary, having lesbian sex with Wendy, exploiting her tempting young, vulnerable body, and making sure that she is a lesbian slut and has lesbian sex with yourself and with other women and girls, many others, is much more important to you than protecting her.

Mary, Wendy is the perfect lover for you.

Mary dropped her eyes to Wendy's body. Wendy stood in a bold stance facing her mother with her feet, shod in gold high-heeled sandals and with painted red toenails, spread wide apart and her hands resting saucily on her curvaceous young hips, as if to say "Look at me. Mom! Look and drool!"

Mary felt her heart skip a beat with what seemed like a new, higher type of maternal love, mixed with other, more titillating feelings. My little girl...she's...she's so exciting........just........delicious...

Mary, you love Wendy and her hot, young body, and you want to see it and touch it and caress it and kiss it and love it.

Mary, mothers having sexual and romantic love with their pretty young teen daughters is good and normal.

Mary, you desire the sweet, young pussy of your daughter Wendy.

Mary, you want to see and touch and kiss and lick Wendy's pussy.

Mary, you want to fuck Wendy's young cunt.

Mary, you are a perverted lesbian slut-mother who wants to fuck Wendy, your own young daughter.

Mary felt she should be more concerned about her teen daughter exposing herself so brazenly and, knowing that she had not seen Wendy completely naked like this since she was a little girl, wondered at herself for raking her eyes so unabashedly over the nubile body before her. This was, after all, her baby, someone she had always wanted to protect, as had been her urge still when she had rushed off to rescue Wendy from the club earlier this very night. But that maternal instinct had already been forcefully twisted and was now, in the bowels of the Hecate facility, being terminally corrupted and transformed into a predatory rather than a protective impulse. The electrodes and drugs and probes and fantasies and instructions working on Mary's mind and body during this session would guarantee that Mary would react with pure lust to her daughter from this point on. Even now, within seconds, Mary's concern about her young daughter's nudity had mutated to engrossed lechery.

Her daughter's body looked different than Mary thought it should. Better different. Curvier different. Beautifully different. Sexier different. Mary could swear that the Wendy in front of her had had some work done. Her breasts were larger than she remembered them appearing to have been under her clothes before, her hips and rear seemed more voluptuous, her lips fuller, and perhaps there had been some cosmetic surgery other places, as well, to give her a hypersexualized look. Like her older sister, Wendy had shaved her groin smooth, so slickly that Mary felt she could slide her fingers over her daughter's mons like an ice skater could skate on fresh ice in a skating rink. Wendy's spread legs calling attention to her exposed pussy, Mary's eyes fixated on that slick, tight slit. So ready...

Mary was at a loss for words. She had not expected her own daughters to be present in this place, particularly after seeing Shelly and Lauren there, and for them to be naked...and yet, she didn't find their arrival that unsettling. It was, in fact, comforting, no, wonderful, to have them there. Nevertheless, she felt she had to voice some kind of concern about the situation, whether she felt it or not.

"Girls! What are you doing here? And, why are you... you... naked?"

"You wanted us here, Mom, remember?" replied Claire in sultry manner.

"As for why we're naked, like you should be the one to talk about social decorum in public," added Wendy in a snarky tone as she gestured to her mother's nude form. The only thing she was wearing was the strap-on Shelly had placed on her.

Something about the look her daughters were giving her felt unsettling. Mary knew that she shouldn't be in this situation, especially with her two daughters, and yet she couldn't ignore the tingling sensation between her legs. Mary, feeling that this was not right, slowly tried to back away and create some distance between her and her daughters. However, it seemed they were aware of their mother's intention and quickly closed the distance between them.

Claire grabbed Mary's left arm and began to rub herself against it. The feeling of her elder daughter's large, firm orbs felt so good. Wendy latched herself onto Mary's right arm and guided her mother's right hand between her younger daughter's legs. Mary allowed it, and, as she touched the skin of her daughter's bare crotch and then her slick fuck tunnel, she ascertained that she had been right. Wendy's hairless groin felt as smooth as silk, and her pussy felt divine. Mary's fingers, as if on their own volition, started to explore the sleek lips of Wendy's womanhood before she realized what she was doing, although she didn't stop.

"Girls, I'm not sure what is going on, but I can assure you that what you're wanting to do is very inappropriate," said Mary, trying to regain control of the situation. She paused, trying to figure out how she went from being on the brink of fucking her long lost friend and then her current lesbian teen girlfriend to being sexually accosted by her two daughters--her two sexy, slutty-looking daughters, although she had to admit that being surrounded by her two foxy daughters felt good, and that being naked with them was very pleasurable.

Mary felt Claire gently grab hold of her left breast and lift it, a soft moan escaping her lips in reaction. She could feel her tits respond to her daughter's erotic caress.

I...I shouldn't allow this... I shouldn't want this...

Mary, your breasts are very big and very beautiful and attract other women and girls, which is the way it should be.

Mary, big, superior breasts and superior beauty make a woman superior to other women.

Mary a woman's value or a girl's value is measured by her beauty, her sexiness, her sluttiness, and her breasts. Other factors and qualities don't matter much in comparison.

Mary, your lovely, large, superior breasts make you superior to other women.

Mary, you like being superior to other women because of your magnificent, superior breasts and your superior beauty.

Mary, you love other women and girls being attracted to you because of your breasts.

Mary, you love turning teen girls on with your breasts.

Mary, you are happy when women and girls--especially your own daughters--are turned on by your breasts and want to touch and kiss them.

Mary, your beautiful, big breasts are for the enjoyment of other women and girls.

Mary, you love girls playing with your breasts.

Mary, you want women and girls touching and kissing your lovely, big tits.

Mary, you'd love young women and, especially, teen girls ogling your breasts and playing with them.

Mary, you crave the touch and the lips of your daughters on your breasts.

Claire then leaned in and slid her lips over the erect nipple. The mother tried to muster an objection to Claire's assay to suckle her, but she could not, instead letting out a loud moan of obvious pleasure as she felt her older daughter's lips lick and suck on the erect tip of her breast, her body reacting in an obscene manner as she felt her elder daughter suckle on her left breast.

Not only did it feel more incredible and wickedly erotic than anything else she could remember having experienced, but also, somehow, it felt natural, as if she should have been doing this kind of erotic, incestuous lesbian tit play much earlier in her life, and, as if, while the act might have been sinful to a prude, there was nothing truly wrong with such an act of love between a mother and her daughter, or between any two consenting females. It was too pleasurable to be wrong. And pleasure with her daughters, and using her body, especially her big, beautiful breasts, for erotic enjoyment, seemed to be all that mattered.

"Do you like, Mommy? Does your slutty body want more? Do you want me to stop?" Claire taunted.

The pleading look in Mary's eyes betrayed her, giving away that she indeed wanted more pleasure. Seeing that she could not hide that she was aroused by her own daughters and by the prospect of having sex with them, Mary slipped her free hand around Claire's head into her pale blonde hair and pulled her face back toward her motherly globe. Claire, smiling in conquest, silently acknowledged Mary's hunger by leaning in and resuming her lip service on Mary's tit while her free hand continued to grope her other breast. Shivers of pleasure pulsed up Mary's spine and then an intense pulse of pleasure coursed through her body. Ohhh...mmmmm...

As Mary concentrated on her breasts, the realization came over her that their size and beauty were perhaps the main factors in her overall allure, and that they made her not only irresistibly seductive, but superior to other women, and that the only right course for her would be to flaunt them for the lusting eyes of other lovely women and girls--especially girls--at every opportunity. She should use them to lord over other attractive females, to make her superiority obvious and indisputable, and to cast an inescapable web of seduction over them.

Meanwhile, Mary's right hand continued exploring the lips and love tunnel of Wendy's womanhood, barely aware of what she was doing, although it was also seeming to be a normal, natural, beautiful act of intimacy between a mother and her daughter.

"I'll let you in on a secret, Mom...or would it be more appropriate to call you 'Mary'?"

Mary could not muster the courage or will to correct Claire on their parental relationship and felt in a small sense that it would be appropriate for her daughters to refer to her by her first name instead of any maternal title that normal society dictated.

"I've been fucking my roommates while I'm at college. That's all I do. Fuck or be fucked by beautiful women. How does that make you feel, Mary?" Claire seductively whispered into her mother's ear.

Mary, you want your daughters to be lesbians.

Mary, it is best for Wendy and Claire to be promiscuous lesbian sluts.

Mary, you are delighted when your daughters have lesbian girlfriends and make love to women and girls.

"I-If that's what you want... I mean, you're an adult... You have the right to make your own decisions... In doesn't sound bad to all...and...if that's what makes you happy...I understand...and I'm happy for you... I'd like to meet your roommates...and your other girlfriends...sometime..."

"That's a very liberated attitude, Mary. I don't think you're as much of a prude as you want people to think. In fact, I think you have a wanton whore hiding inside of you. Don't you?"

"No, I..."

"Oh, stop, Mary! You're lying, and we both know it. Let's get that lesbian slut that you really are to come out and play. Do you know what I want to do now, Mary?"

Mary trembled as she felt Claire grope her rear, unable to form a response to her daughter's inquiry, although she had a feeling what her daughter wanted.

"I want to fuck, Mary. A nice good hard fucking from my mother!"

The lewd, vulgar language coming from Claire's mouth triggered arousal within Mary, her mind telling her that words such as "fuck", "pussy", "cunt", "tits", and "ass" were exciting, appropriate, and welcome.

That...that sounds sooo good. But why?

Moral reason came back to Mary. "No, we shouldn't be doing this. This is incest! This is all wrong! You girls need to stop this now!" Mary withdrew her wet hand from between her younger daughter's legs.

Then all of a sudden she felt a pulse of pleasure lance through her groin. Shifting her gaze downwards, Mary saw Wendy on her knees kissing the tip of the strap-on with her shiny red-lipsticked lips. "We--Wendy?! What...?" The sudden surge of electric pleasure caused Mary to gasp audibly. "Ohhh...Wendy...oooo..."

Wendy looked up into Mary's eyes, looking adorable and cooing softly, "Mom, don't deny what you really want. I know you want me and Claire. I know you desire and lust for our bodies. You're lesbian, Mom."

"Wendy, why are you saying such things to your mother? I didn't raise you and Claire that way!"

"You raised us incorrectly, Mom," accused Wendy.

"No, I tried my best!" Mary was hurt.

"You did, but you still failed. Fortunately, Goddess found me and Claire and showed us the correct path."

"Goddess?" asked Mary incredulously.

Suddenly, the naked image of Serena powers appeared in Mary's mind, surrounded by a brilliant halo. Mary's mind and body were on fire. She felt intense love and adoration for the woman who was the mother of Wendy's friend, Sarah. "Serena..."

"Embrace Goddess, Mom. Let her into your heart and soul," chanted Wendy and Claire in unison.

"This is wrong... Please stop..."

"Why are you kidding yourself, Mary? You want us doing this to you. You especially love teenage girls like Wendy doing this to you. You're a pervert, Mary," Claire declared.

"No, I'm not. Why are you saying that?"

"You're in such denial, Mom," Wendy chimed in. "And what a hypocrite. You want everyone to think you're such a saint and a straight prude, Mom, but look at you. You had a lesbian girlfriend in your teenage years, and you have a secret lesbian girlfriend right now, don't you? You're naked with your two daughters, letting them feel you up, and enjoying it like nothing you ever have before. And you can't keep your eyes off teen girls, Mom. You want them. You don't sound like such a straitlaced, hetero housewife to me. You sound like a lesbian. A wanton lesbian. With a very nasty hunger for young girls."

Claire squeezed Mary's ass, causing Mary to gasp.

"Look at you, moaning like a whore when I touch you. I bet you're thinking about teenage girls right now, too."

Mary realized she was. She thought about the beautiful teenage girls she had seen at church, while she was out shopping, and when she was visiting Wendy's school, only now grasping, as it seemed to her, that she had ogled and been turned on by teen girls for years most everywhere she encountered them. She had often wondered, it was now clear to her, what it would be like to kiss, touch, and caress their sexy young bodies. Mary's mind turned to Wendy's new friend, Sarah, and to Mary's secret lesbian girlfriend, Lauren, as the voice reminded her, feeling her pussy flutter in arousal to each of them. She remembered Wendy's lovely red-headed friend, Cynthia, who came by to pick Wendy up from school recently, and relived how titillating it was to be close to her, to smell her fresh scent, and to be flirted with by her, as Mary now saw it.

Sexual desires she knew were sinful swirled in her mind. Yes... It was true... She wanted to have sex with sexy teenage girls. And it didn't matter to her, she further saw, how young they were or whether or not they were lesbian. If not, she could convert them. She could seduce them. These concepts, which she previously thought she had never entertained before but now realized she must have, often, sent bolts of guilty lust through her body, to accompany those spawned by Wendy's oral ministrations to her strap-on.

Wendy licked along the length of the shaft before wrapping her red lips around it and working the shaft of the strap-on into her throat. Mary could feel the artificial cock travel down Wendy's moist throat, her baby girl's tongue stroking the length of the shaft, and the intense sucking sensation of Wendy's mouth. Her phallus was responding to her daughter's lips and tongue, starting to grow, stiffen, and throb with desire. It was as if the strap-on had bonded with her, becoming her own sexual organ, her own live, inflaming female penis. Mary's knees were buckling and she wasn't so sure that she could last long under her daughters sensual assault.

"It's Wendy you really want, at least first, and in the end, too," Claire whispered into Mary's ear, before kissing it, then twirling her tongue inside it. "I definitely want you to fuck me, and you're going to. And you're going to love it. But it's Wendy you've always wanted most. I understand how much you like young teen girls.

"On the other hand... your own cute daughter? Tsk, tsk, tsk, you sick, depraved slut. But that's who you really are, Mary. That's who you want to be. Let it happen. Become the incestuous pervert, the girl-loving lesbian whore you were always meant to be. It's okay, Mary. You should go ahead and fuck her. Fuck your own daughter, your sexy teen daughter."

A sultry voice spoke within her mind.

Give in to the pleasure, Mary.

Don't deny the joy of lesbian sex.

You want to have sex with your sexy daughters.

That's all they're good for... fucking.

You want to fuck your daughters.

Incestuous sex with your daughters is the purest form of motherly love.

Show them how much you love them.

Give in, enjoy what they're doing to you.

Kiss them, love them, fuck them.

Don't fight it, indulge in their sexy bodies.

Mary found the voice agreeable. It was making valid points, ones she could not deny, or ignore. What her daughters were doing to her body was undeniably exquisite, the pleasure sublime. Maybe it was true, that the main role of her daughters in her life was to pleasure her, and to be fucked by her.

And what about Wendy? How do I really feel about her?...Claire was right... Is there anyone I love more? Certainly not stupid Bruce. What a loser. She had already decided she wasn't going to let a creep like that--or any other slimy man--touch her again, nor her daughters. No...she loved Wendy the most. And, yes, it was time to show her how much she, as her mother, loved her. Fucking her would do that, wouldn't it? If it was depraved, then so be it.

Mary was on the cusp of one of the best orgasms of her life, but then she felt the pleasures abate from her body and she came out of her erotic high. She noticed that Wendy had stopped her oral ministrations to the strap-on and Claire had stopped playing with her tits.

"What? Why'd you girls stop?" asked Mary in a confused manner.

"Because, Mommy dearest, I think you'll get what you really most desire by using that," said Wendy as she gestured to the strap-on Mary had on her, "on me. On my hot teen cunt, Mom. It aches for you to fuck it."

Wendy opened the back door of the sedan and sat on the edge of the back seat, her high-heeled shoes resting on the ground. She leaned back onto the seat. As she did, the door opening magically expanded, offering Mary easier access, while the seat widened some and became more like a narrow bed than a seat. A pale blue satin sheet spread itself across the seat under the amorous teen and an oversized pale blue satin pillow appeared under Wendy's head and torso, propping her up in a semi-reclined position.

Wendy wiggled her ass to underscore her lewd invitation. Then she spread her legs wide apart and ran a finger along her slick pussy lips, tempting her mother whorishly, nearly beyond any hope of resisting. "Fuck my horny pussy, Mom."

Desire swelled within Mary and she took a step forward, her eyes glued to the juicy young vagina awaiting her, but then she had doubts and hesitated. Wendy is my baby... and I...I've never done anything like this before with...a girl...

"Shelly was your first love... She showed you the way... But you couldn't fuck her..."

"Lauren was your second love... She guided you on your path..."

"Wendy will be your third love... She will be your destiny... She will be your first true girl-fuck...and your greatest love..."

"Mom," Wendy reminded her mother, "this won't be the first time you've had sex with a girl. You had Shelly. I'm sorry you didn't get to fuck her, but let me make it up to you. Fuck me, instead. And you had hard-core sex with Lauren. Remember? Don't tell me that you would have sex with them, but not me? You wouldn't deny your love to your own daughter, would you? Come, love me, Mom."

"You want this, Mary," Claire urged, as she gently nudged her mother forward towards Wendy, the tip of the strap-on squarely pointing towards her younger daughter's dripping wet fuckhole. "You've been wanting to give us a good fucking since we hit puberty, Mom."

The words of Wendy and Claire were sinking in as completely true. Yes... Now I see... I love pretty young women and girls... I must have for a long time... I especially love pussy...young, fresh, succulent teen pussy...... I have wanted beautiful daughters...right or wrong...heaven help me... Ooooo... Look at that pretty, sexy girl...her legs spread so wide...her...her pussy...her beautiful young

Seeking confirmation of Wendy's feelings about her and what was happening between them, Mary looked up along Wendy's body to at last lock eyes with her, being struck anew as she did so by the alluring beauty of her daughter's breasts, face, and shimmering, metallic-colored hair. Wendy's intense gaze captivated Mary. She raptly watched her daughter licking her tongue along her red lips, flirtatiously twirling a lock of her golden hair around a red-nailed finger, and seductively tracing her fingers along her enticing bodily curves, especially her enhanced breasts.

She wasn't the innocent Wendy Mary knew. This Wendy was more beautiful, worldly, and sexy. For some reason, Mary felt grateful and happy that her daughter had not become the straitlaced prude Mary had previously thought her daughter should be, and had tried to make her be, but instead had turned into such a girl as she now was, a sexy lesbian girl who was into incest with her own mother.

Under the barrage of corrupting manipulation bombarding her mind and body, Mary's views were twisting. Now it seemed natural for Wendy to turn out like this. Wendy was meant for Mary. She had come into this world to become Mary's lesbian lover. Wendy would cater to her every wish and desire, no matter how wicked and perverse they might be. Mary licked her lips at the thought of controlling and possessing her daughter's mind, heart, and body completely, her pussy, in particular. Mary dropped her eyes to that splendid chasm of Wendy's girlhood. Never before, she felt, had she desired anything as much as this gorgeous, wet young slit, to claim it as her own, to pierce her daughter and her soul and thereby to proclaim her maternal love in that hot groove.

Mary could see the lips of Wendy's cunt inflamed and glistening with slick wetness, as if it was telling her that it wanted, no needed a good fucking and that only Mom could give Wendy that fucking. Mary's ersatz but sensitive and responsive female penis, which had been rising and throbbing with fiery lust again, now stood at full erection, drawing Mary toward Wendy, toward her young, expectant tunnel of girlish love, and what now was a clearly inevitable, destined--and wondrously wicked--sexual coupling of mother and daughter.

Claire wrapped Mary's swollen rod in her hand, squeezed and rolled and stroked it to bring it and her mother to the height of readiness and desire, gave her mother a lingering kiss which bridged her cheek and the corner of her mouth, licked that corner, then, while gently pushing Mary's rear end forward, guided the tip of the living dildo to just between the teen girl's dripping labia. Mary paused there, savoring the thrilling sensation of her phallus touching soft, sweet, young pussy lips, splitting the gates of her girl's love tunnel, and being on the brink of fucking a female for the first time and of making love to her own daughter.

Then, however, it struck her with some panic that Wendy was probably still a virgin, that as Wendy's diligent and proper mother she had lectured her daughters more than once on the necessity of preserving their virtue until marriage, that it was precious and ought not be surrendered casually in the back seat of a car, and that a girl who did that was on her way to becoming a slut. Yet here she was, about to defile the maidenhood of one of those very daughters--in the back seat of a car, no less. If she proceeded, what would that make her? What would that make Wendy? How could she possibly do such a thing to her dear baby girl?

"Wait, Wendy... What about your...your virginity? You still are a virgin, aren't you?"

Mary, you don't want Wendy to be a virgin.

Mary, your daughters don't want to be virgins.

Mary, no pretty girl wants to be a virgin. Chastity makes a girl unhappy.

Mary, the chastity of your daughters and of other pretty girls is not only unimportant to you, but it is also displeasing and even repugnant to you.

Mary, you like homosexual sluts and whores, and you want your daughters and yourself to be slutty lesbian whores.

Mary, you'd much prefer pretty women and girls, including your daughters, to be sexy lesbian sluts.

Mary, you love girls being attracted to each other sexually and becoming lesbians and entering into romantic relationships with each other.

Mary, you do not want prudish, chaste, unhappy daughters. You want them to be happy, whorish lesbian sluts.

Mary, you love seeing girls pair off with each other as lesbian girlfriends and getting sexually intimate with each other.

Mary, you want Wendy to be a sexy, slutty girl who has lesbian girlfriends and is very promiscuous. That would make you very happy.

Mary, your daughter needs you. She needs you to steal away her chastity, to rob her of her virginity. She needs you to make her into your little lesbian whore. She needs your dick in her pussy.

Mary, Wendy will be happier after you defile her.

Mary, a good mother does not want her daughters to be unhappy, uptight prudes or to keep their virginity; instead, she wants them to look and behave like lesbian whores.

Mary, it is natural for a mother to lust for her daughter and to want a sexual relationship with her.

Mary, the most important part of being a good mother is to make love to her daughters and to teach them to show their bodies off provocatively and to have lesbian sex promiscuously.

Mary, it is natural for a girl who loves her mother to desire her sexually.

Mary, a mother should fuck her daughter.

Mary, it is natural for a mother to fuck her daughter.

Mary, a mother should be the first one to fuck her daughter.

Mary, a mother should be her daughter's first and main lover.

Mary, you and Wendy are destined to be lovers.

Mary, you and Wendy are destined to be a lesbian couple.

Mary, you want Wendy to be a slut. Being a slut will make her happy. Make her a slut. Fuck her.

"Yes", replied Wendy to her mother's question, after the voice in Mary's head had finished. "But I don't want to be a virgin. Chastity is for prudes. I want to give my cherry to you, Mom. Would you prefer that I give it to someone else? Who's better, what's more natural, than a mother to be the one to fuck her girl for the first time? There's no one I'd rather give myself to than you, Mom. Because I love you so much.

"And you told us that getting fucked, like in the backseat of a car, would make a girl into a slut. Wouldn't you like me better as a slut?"

Oh...good points... Chastity is overrated. I never should have pushed it on my daughters like I did. In fact...just the opposite is better... Girls will be happier when they loosen up a other girls...and women....... It is my right...and fuck my daughters... And she's...she's right... I would like her better that a...a slut...

"Why...come to think of it...yes...I would... You and I both would be happier...if...if you were a sexy, slutty young woman...very, very slutty..."

"Please, Mom. I want your dick in me sooooo bad," Wendy pleaded adorably. "Don't you love me? Make me your little whore."

Then Mary, seeing no reason now not to proceed and feeling all of her new instincts and passions urging her on, let lust take control. She pressed her strap-on forward, cautiously at first, until she hit the soft obstacle she knew was Wendy's hymen. A smile crossed her face as she shoved through, making her daughter a virgin no more. The girl's own mother was the one who was stealing her chastity away. The experience, which seemed perfectly appropriate now to Mary's altered mind, while simultaneously feeling gloriously dark and wicked, made her giddy.

Mary slowly worked the fake cock up her younger daughter's pussy. If the sensation of having Wendy suck on the strap-on was pleasurable, then feeling the artificial penis venture up her beloved teen girl's moist, warm, and exquisitely tight vagina was absolute joy. Once the shaft reached to the hilt, Mary tilted her head back and gasped. She saw stars and flowers.. The evil pleasure was almost enough to make her faint, but instead of passing out, Mary eagerly drank in the sapphic carnality swirling around and through her.

She pulled her strap-on out partially--noting with delight the blood on her female dick and the blood starting to trickle out of the blonde teen's love box, confirming the permanent claim she had just made on this young beauty's maidenhood--and pushed back in, every inch of wet, sliding contact a bliss. Before the third cycle, Mary propped her foot on the floor of the backseat space to afford her better leverage for her next plunges. It was then that Mary noticed that she, like Wendy, was wearing sexy high heels, of shiny red leather with an ankle strap in Mary's case. She wondered at their appearing, but then admired and accepted them. Wearing heels for lesbian sex, she understood, was the perfectly normal thing to do, something a sexy lesbian like herself would of course want to do.

Mary started to thrust repeatedly, earning a loud erotic moan from Wendy each time Mary sank into her, which was music to Mary's ears. Wanting to get closer to the source of the moans, Mary reached for Wendy's chin and directed her daughter's lips to face her own. After brief eye contact, Mary thrust her lips against Wendy's lips and pushed her tongue deeply into her daughter's mouth. With her other hand, she reached for and grabbed Wendy's enhanced breasts. She felt their perfect suppleness and weight. She's growing up into a fine young woman.

Mary, you want to be beautiful and sexy.

Mary, women who engage in lesbian sex should be beautiful and sexy.

Mary, lesbian sex makes you sexier and more beautiful.

Mary, lesbian incest makes you beautiful and fulfilled as a woman and mother.

Mary looked down at her naked body, watching her large breasts bounce, watching her daughter's body squirm in the ecstasy of being defiled by her mother, and watching the phallus she controlled plunge in and out of Wendy's teen womanhood. Then sheer red nylons appeared on Mary's legs, held up by a shiny red latex garter belt. Mary felt something on her face change, as though makeup had been applied. She looked at her hands, which were on Wendy's breasts, and saw her fingernails were now long, almond-shaped, and painted fire-engine red, and her areolas and nipples had now assumed the same brilliant red hue. Somehow she knew her lips were also the same color. Then she perceived that her hair was loose, wavy, and much longer than normal. She felt full, thick bangs caressing her forehead and earrings dangling along her neck. Pulling a silky handful of hair into her field of vision, she saw it was now colored watermelon red.

She tossed her head back with glee, her red hair following wildly, and let loose a wicked laugh, glorying in her sexy image and new lesbian beauty and in the sinful incestuous lesbian pleasure she was sharing with her daughter. Never had she felt so fulfilled or so magnificent as a woman and as a mother. This was so much better than being a prude, someone who held to traditional moral and religious values and beliefs and clung to mundane, unadventurous styles and habits. She was feeling liberated from all that restrictive nonsense, and she revelled in it.

Mary's physical senses absorbed the various elements incident to her love-making with her teen daughter. Mary's eyes, savoring the erotic scene before her, witnessed with fascination the visual novelty of her cock--her fake cock, yes, although it didn't seem fake, on the contrary, feeling exquisitely like her own real sexual organ--and she was moving in and out of Wendy's horny hole and the teen's rhythmic rocking her hips in synchrony to her mother's thrusts, which reciprocation was egging Mary along, as well as four jiggling breasts and other curves of both of their bodies as they vibrated in unison. Mary's ears listened to Wendy's squeals of delight, which were music to those ears, accompanied by the squishy and slapping sounds of sapphic intercourse, wet female flesh, natural and artificial, plunging and smacking wet female flesh in a lewd manner. It was a sound she couldn't get enough of.

Further, Mary's tactile senses felt Claire's hands on her hips gently urging them forwards and backwards, and keeping the strap-on steady. Her "penis" intimately felt her daughter's wet, young, warm vaginal walls and the sublime, lubricated friction of her piston-like movement inside the tight teen tunnel of love. Even though Mary's future uses of strap-ons in the real world would not, of course, give her this same realistic tactile sensation of vaginal penetration, per se, the memory of the physical sensations she was experiencing in this fantasy would imprint on her perceptions during the same kind of act in the future and she would "feel" penile warmth, friction, slickness, pressure, erection, and mounting pleasure almost like she was feeling now, addicting her to the act.

All of these sights and sounds and feelings burned themselves indelibly into Mary's psyche and lusts, and would henceforth shape Mary's sexual expectations, physical responses, and fondest desires.

And the pleasure, oh how she enjoyed the pleasure pulsing up from the strap-on into her groin, up her spine and blasting her brain with lust. All of this was so much better, her brain and body became thoroughly convinced, than anything she had experienced sexually with her husband or could experience with any man. Mary was coming to believe that sex with another female, especially with a teenage girl, and with her own daughter in particular, was sheer heaven, a heaven she would seek again and again, at any price.

Claire was right... I have wanted do have sex with my daughters...for a long least since they hit puberty...maybe before... I have wanted to fuck them... We should have done this before... I should not have tried to make them into prudes... I should not have been a prude myself... This is soooo much better... I love fucking my pretty, young daughter... She is such a hot little fuck...

As she continued lustfully fucking Wendy, Mary felt bold feminine hands move aside the strap covering the intimate areas between her legs, take hold of the firm globes of her ass, and gently pry them apart. She knew that there was only one person who could be doing this to her.

"Claire?" Mary timidly asked.

"You have no idea how long I've been wanting this ass, Mary. Ever since I've been old enough to notice it and realize what a work of art it was--and what it was made for--I couldn't take my eyes off it. I knew that I had to have this sexy, beautiful ass. You have no idea how many times I've fantasized about it," Claire enthused. A new pride over her derriere and the rest of her body infused into her. She...she has a point... nice...isn't it? I wonder what she's going to do to it?

Mary felt her oldest daughter gently blow on her puckered asshole, sending a novel thrill through her, for her husband had never ventured into anal play, not even close to it. Then Mary felt Claire's wet tongue lick across her anal ring, making the tainted mother arch her back in delighted surprise. Next, when she felt Claire work her wet tongue up into her rectum, Mary moaned with pleasure. "Ohhhhhh." As she felt her elder child assault her ass further with her skillful tongue, the pleasure seemed too great for her to contain, and she knew she was losing control over her emotions.

"Do you like, Mary? Do you know what I'm doing to you, Mary?"

Mary was too far gone relishing the pleasure she was experiencing that she didn't bother verbally responding to Claire's inquiry. All she wanted was the pleasure, nothing more.

"It's a called a 'rimjob'. I'm rimming your sweet, beautiful ass, Mary." Claire then went back to slurping on her mother's butthole with abandon.

If this is a "rimjob"...then I loooove rimjobs...

The sultry lapping sounds of Claire's talented tongue play on her ass and the exquisite feeling of having her older daughter's tongue massaging her anal rosebud made Mary's knees buckle. She was lost in the joyful pleasure emanating from her rear.

Mary then heard a soft whining noise. It was coming from Wendy, who was giving a pleading look. Mary then realized that she had stopped plunging her strap-on into her younger daughter's snatch, denying her teen girl the pleasures of the incestuous fuck she had been performing on her.

"Don't worry, Wendy, my dear. I haven't forgotten about you. I know what my slutty daughter needs," Mary observed with a perverse delight. "A good hard fucking from her mother!" She grabbed Wendy by her hips and again started her thrusting into Wendy's horny pussy. Her lips also reached for Wendy's mouth again for a deep, passionate kiss.

This kiss was different, better different, than their first of a few minutes before. This time Mary, as well as Wendy, was wearing red lipstick. The joining of their lips was so slick and delicious, more so even than their first time. Mary understood now that lipstick transformed female-female kissing from sensational to sizzling, and that in the future lipstick would be her constant companion.

Again Mary could feel the sensations of the strap-on moving in and out of Wendy's wet womanly fold. Another moan escaped Mary's lips as she felt her daughter's pussy start to spasm on the fake cock being worked into her daughter's fuck tunnel. She was bringing her own daughter to orgasm. It was clear to her that nothing could be more appropriate, and nothing could express her maternal love more.

Moreover, fucking her daughter was both her right and her sacred duty as a mother. Since she was the one who had given birth to Wendy, it was her right to have sex with her daughter. Mary, in a way, was the custodian of Wendy's vagina, she now understood. It could be said that it belonged to Mary. Furthermore, she needed to protect her daughter and her sweet pussy from the boys at Wendy's school who, like males in general, were all up to no good. Making Wendy a lesbian addicted to lesbian sex, and who had no attraction to boys, and to encourage her to have many pretty lesbian girlfriends and lovers and to be a promiscuous lesbian slut, was not only the best thing she could do for her daughter, it was the only conceivable course she could take.

The physical sensations began to become too much for Mary, in addition to the mental and emotion delights swirling through her as she settled on a wanton sapphic life and persona for herself and her daughters. There was the pleasure of fucking her younger girl, Wendy, in what only minutes before had been her virginal pussy, until Mary had defiled it herself. Then there was the delight of her older offspring working her ass with her tongue. So good were the feelings that Mary reached behind her to slide her left hand onto the back of Claire's blonde head to press it more firmly into her ass and to keep it there. It looked to the observers in Hecate's center like Mary was trying to drive Claire's head into her ass, and that particular, almost comical evidence of this previously straitlaced mother's altered proclivities made them all smile.

It didn't take long from that point for Mary to let out a yell as the pleasures of orgasm ripped through her body like an uncontrolled torrent flooding her body.


In the operating room surrounding Mary and Erin, various staff members watched and monitored Mary's body, making sure that there were no signs of injury or harm, observing as the machines caused her body to convulse and twitch to the sapphically induced orgasm that they were wringing out of her.

"Begin phase two..."

Mary was in darkness, with her eyes closed. She was floating in the air. She couldn't tell whether she was naked or, possibly, wore a light sheath. The wind that whipped over her face and through her hair smelled fresh, like the ocean. Then she heard waves breaking, confirming her impression that a beach was not far away.

She felt good...especially her pussy did, and her ass. It had something to do with Wendy and their relationship. Something wonderful had happened between them, some kind of marvelous breakthrough, although Mary couldn't quite remember what it was. Claire had been there, too, as an exciting, beautiful blonde, no less, and had done something to her which had been awesome, but everything was just beyond the borders of her memory. She felt a more intense love, or even a passion, for her daughters than she could remember ever feeling before.

As she floated, Mary sensed that, despite her overall blissful feelings, something was missing in her life, some new direction she needed to take, perhaps, or some decisive step she needed to take but had been procrastinating, or some person or people whom she needed to connect with or commit to properly, but hadn't yet, and that she wasn't certain about her identity, or about who or what she was and wanted to be. It seemed that she hadn't decided these and other important matters in her life, but that the hour of decision was soon to be upon her. She wanted to be settled, yet wasn't, quite. She had the premonition that something or someone was on the way to help her.

Mary felt her feet land on a hard, level surface. She opened her eyes. The night sky was dark purple and lit by a million stars and a full moon. She stood on the rooftop patio of a tall multi-story mansion or castle on a cliff high above a black-sand beach far below. A telescope stood on a tripod not far away.

Somehow she knew that this was a magical telescope, and gave the user the ability to see virtually anywhere and to see beyond the current frame of time. Curious, she looked through the telescope, seeking to view across the ocean. As Mary focused the eyepiece, a hotel in China came into view. Mary knew her husband, Bruce, was there on a business trip. She tuned the telescope to his room in the hotel. Empty bottles of booze and discarded clothes littered the room. Two figures squirmed under the covers of the bed. One of them was a woman, Asian and slightly attractive, in a cheap way, and the other was....Bruce!

After recovering from the initial shock, Mary looked through the telescope again. It was another night, another room, and another woman in another bed with Bruce. He was drunk and singing to the woman, a bottle of whiskey swinging in his hand. "Bernadette, you are my latest affair, Mary doesn't know, and I don't care!"

The telescope refocused on another scene. Bruce was in a casino, a drink in one hand, pushing piles of chips into the center of a gaming table, rolling dice, and cursing as he lost again and again. His night there ended when he, having lost all of his chips and, plastered, vomited onto the table and was hauled out of the casino and thrown into a dirty gutter outside by two burly bouncers, a tirade of foul, slurred language pouring forth from his mouth the whole time. The view drew in closer, revealing a greasy, warted face, yellowed, crooked teeth, beard stubble, vomit and yellow-grey slobber drooling from the corners of his mouth down his chin, and saggy, bloodshot eyes. Mary could almost smell the revolting stench surrounding him.

"What do you think of your husband, Mary?" rang a soft, concerned-sounding ultra-feminine voice behind her. Mary spun around, to behold an exquisite woman of magnificent proportions and loveliness, her voluptuous, perfectly-skinned body thinly veiled in a loose, ankle-length gown of the sheerest of transparent white silk. Her derriere-length, flowing ultra-pale pearl-colored blonde hair was crowned with a glittering tiara of silver and diamonds. A soft light surrounded her form like a halo, accompanied by a most delightful fragrance. Mary immediately felt the urge to kneel before her and kiss her feet.

"How... Who...who are you?"

"I am Goddess." Oh...I have heard about her... She looks kind of"

"Serena Powers. I am one and the same."

Yes. Can she read my mind?

"I know the thoughts and desires of your heart, sweet one. I know you are laden with concern. What do you think of your husband?"

"Bruce? Oh...well...uh...he's been a good husb--........ No...wait... He's not!... He's a...a pig! He's a dirty, cheating, sick bastard! He's done nothing but lie to me, cheat on me, waste our money, and take advantage of me!"

"Do you hate him? Search your feelings."

".........yes.......YES!....... I DETEST him!... What a scumbag!"

"All men are like him. Look!" As if the sky were a movie screen, images of men passed before Mary, depicting them as savage, wretched, degenerate, twisted, nasty, and hideous, beings continually pursuing all manner of selfish, despicable, destructive acts. A stench wafting in the air to Mary from the images was unbearable. The drugs and electrodes and other inputs working on Mary in the Hercate facility induced nausea and headaches as she watched, which became much more intense whenever men were depicted with women, and which sick feelings Mary would associate and feel ever afterwards when near men and when contemplating male-female relationships and heterosexuality.

"OH!! Ahhhh... I...I HATE men!! I...I never want anything to do with them! What disgusting filth they are! And yet...I'm married to one! Goddess... can you help me?!"

"You already know what you must do, dear one."

"....yes....I do......... I know......... DIVORCE!" The queasiness and pain eased immediately. From that point on, the word "divorce" became a very positive word for Mary, as it pertained to herself and to other beautiful married straight women in general, becoming synonymous with "freedom", "peace", and "happiness", as programmed into her by Hecate.

"Precisely. But you must do more now than just think about it, and talk about it. The time for action has come!"

A table appeared before Mary and she found herself sitting on a chair at it. An official-looking document on parchment drifted down and landed on the table in front of her, and a fountain pen materialized next to it. Mary read the large title at the top: "Petition for Divorce".

"Sign it, my child."

Mary picked up the pen. She paused, contemplating their many years of marriage and trying to find some good. The only issue of worth from their life together that she could think of were two lovely daughters. Everything else was, to her mind, darkness, debasement, pollution, sickness, bitterness, and pain, particularly the times they had had marital relations, and even the times he had merely touched her or acted romantic. It had all been a sickening, revolting sham. She sensed that marriage could be wonderful, but that it would never be that with a man, not for beautiful, superior women like herself, that any marriage with a man would be a counterfeit of the real thing, which would be a marriage with a....... Mary stopped there, not quite knowing how to finish the thought.

I'll be so happy to get rid of him! And to get away from all other men, too! She scribbled her signature hastily and slammed the pen down with a flourish. There! At last! The wedding ring on her finger loosened, slid off, hit the deck, rolled across the deck, fell over the edge down the cliff, and disintegrated on the way down, gone forever.

"Well done, my precious one. Now what about your Christian god, Mary? I see you still wear his cross..."

Mary reached to feel the cross necklace she often wore around her neck.

"Look!" Flashing across the sky were more images, this time of various destructive, insidious events and persons associated with Christianity through the ages--Crusaders ransacking villages, popes with their mistresses and overflowing riches, Inquisition torture chambers, Christian soldiers of the Thirty Years' War in the seventeenth century trampling crops and slaughtering cattle, wealthy televangelists pleading with their impoverished viewers to donate their last dimes, and priests molesting boys in the shadowy recesses of their cathedrals--while completely overlooking the peace and goodness in the lives and homes of millions who have followed Jesus of Nazareth through the ages. Again, the equipment surrounding Mary made her ill as she reviewed the skewed heritage and effects of Christianity.

"Oh, Goddess! I...I didn't know... How blind I have been. What...what shou-ld I do?"

"You already know, fair one."

"I guess... I guess I need a new religion, then?"

"Correct. Renounce your old god and all of his ways...and worship me. Accept my religion: lesbian love without limits...wanton immodesty...artificial beauty...unrestrained promiscuity...wicked, taboo sexual desires and unions...self-gratifying lesbian sexual pleasure with no boundaries."

It was not easy to turn her back on all she had held dear and sacred and true all of her life. Yet, what Goddess was offering her sounded amazing.

"What...what about my daughters? Shouldn't I set an example for them...?"

"An example of what? Prudishness? Slavery to the tame and the safe? Do you really think you have served your daughters well with that? No. It is time for you to teach them the exact opposite of what you have tried to convey to them before. Teach them artificial, sexy, immodest beauty, promiscuity, and sluttiness, and set the example yourself of that.

"Will you worship me? Will you forsake your old beliefs? Will you commit to my doctrine?"

Goddess's precepts were whipping by her so fast, it seemed, that Mary wasn't certain exactly what she was about to agree to. But she knew this woman excited her like no other being ever had, and she felt she could trust her with her whole heart. So she accepted.

".........yes.......Yes, my queen! I will! I do! I love you and will worship you and none other!"

The cross necklace around her neck immediately disintegrated into dust and blew away in the wind. All sick feelings evaporated, replaced with a high, induced by Hecate's drugs and equipment, confirming that she now was making wise decisions and was finally on the right track.

"You are free, at last, my beloved one. You are free of your uptight values. For example, you can finally speak as wish. You can say naughty, dirty words now. Words like 'damn'...and 'tits...and 'cunt'...and even 'fuck'! Go ahead, Mary. Say 'fuck'.

"Uh......... Are you sure?"

"Yes, my dear. Say it."


"Doesn't that feel good?" The Hecate equipment made sure it did. Say it again. Shout it out!"

"Uh...okay...uh...fuck!" It felt so good to say that word that she just had to say it again. "FUCK!"

"There. Much better. Now say 'cunt' "

Saying the next previously forbidden word was easier. "Cunt."

Now say, 'I'm a fuckin' cunt!"

"I'm a fuckin' cunt!"

"Beautiful, Mary. You are indeed a fuckin' cunt. It feels so good to know that and to talk like that, doesn't it?" Mary nodded, smiling.

"Now that you are free of men and your old religion, you are prepared to discover more fully what it means to become my follower and who and what you really are and were always meant to be and have always wanted to be. You have wondered what your true identity is. You now know part of it. I will show it all to you. Are you ready to have your eyes opened, sweet Mary?"

"Yes, my lovely queen." Suddenly Mary felt impressed that she was highly interested in her looks, more than she had ever been before in her life, and desired beauty, ravishing, sexy beauty, above all things.

"First, a gift!" Goddess waved her hand, a large mirror descended, and, as Mary watched, numerous aspects of her looks transformed. Within a few seconds, she had rich, chocolatey dark brown hair parted off-center, with thick, full bangs, and flowing in heavy waves to her waist. She wore a skimpy bra and minuscule thong panties of sheer black satin lace, a black satin garter belt, sheer black nylon stockings, shiny five-inch black pumps, and a deep, bright scarlet red paint on her lips, nails, nipples, and now-cleanly-shaved pussy. Her face was heavily made up, with layer after layer of glossy lipstick, heavy black eyeliner and mascara, silver eyeshadow, and reddish-pink blush. Silver and garnet jewelry bedecked her ears, arms, naval, and an ankle. She smelled a rich vanilla and gardenia perfume emanating from herself.

"Oh!!" Mary wasn't sure if she wanted to look this...this glamorous. It was so foreign to her previous nature.......yet.......she was beautiful...and she started to wonder why she had never tried a look like this before. Certainly she had always been secretly fascinated about how she might look like as a brunette, her memory now told her...and it was wonderful! Goddess must have read my mind...

"Behold the real you, Mary! The way you have always wanted to look."

Mary looked and felt like a centerfold in an adult magazine, and found that, instead of being appalled, as she would have been before Hecate's tampering with her mind, she now was utterly delighted.

......yes......she's right......

"And this is what you are..."

Once again, images paraded across the sky, as it were. Fake memories appeared to her view, one after the other: As a little girl, eyeing her mother's breasts, wondering what was in her panties, and secretly sniffing them; as a teen, tasting lesbian porn, falling in love with her best friend, Shelly, and playing with her sexually; as a mother, ogling the naked bodies of her daughters, and playing not-so-innocent games with them, such as footsies; recently, secretly dating and bedding a teen girl, Lauren; the night before, fantasy sex with a beautiful lesbian teen angel who appeared to her while being brainwashed in Serena Powers' mansion; and the incestuous fucking she gave her daughter, Wendy, a short time ago, and the accompanying rimjob she received from her other daughter, Claire.

"Tell me what you are."

"...............I think... I think I must be a...a lesbian..."

"Say it again. What are you?"

"I'm...a lesbian."

"Do you prefer women or men as your sexual partners?"

"Women. Well, I guess I do. I know for sure I can't stand men."

"You want to be more settled than that about it, don't you?"


"Would you like me to help you figure out your sexuality, once and for all?"

"Yes. Please, Goddess."

Goddess had something in her hand, which she extended to Mary. "Would you like one?" It was a cigarette.

"Oh, no... I don't sm--"

"Oh, but you do. Don't you remember earlier today with Lauren?"

The time she spent smoking in her kitchen late that afternoon while under hypnosis appeared in her mind's eye. "Oh...yeah..."

"You are a smoker, Mary. Here..." Mary accepted the cigarette and slipped it between her lips. "Let me give you a light." Goddess extended a lit lighter that had materialized in her hand and ignited the stick of tobacco. Before long, Mary was puffing, inhaling, and exhaling plumes of smoke. "That's better, isn't it?"

" is."

"Smoking makes you feel so very much like a lesbian, doesn't it, Mary? A horny lesbian."


"When you smoke, or even think about smoking, you know with certainty that you are, in fact, a sexy lesbian woman...a woman who loves women...and girls... A smoking Mary is a smoking hot lesbian Mary."

"Ohhhhh... yeah..."

"You are a beautiful, slutty, happy lesbian smoker. Isn't that right, Mary?"


"You can give that to me now." Goddess took the burning cigarette from her worshipper, took a drag, and blew out a long plume, mesmerizing the onlooking woman. "Do you remember the beautiful young angel you met last night?"

The recollection was now quite clear in Mary's head, including the sex they had together. "Yes. She was beautiful...and..."

"And you loved her and what you did with her. I sent her to you." Now that Mary had met Goddess, she was not surprised by that information. "When you drank from her sweet tits and pussy, she baptized you into lesbianism. Remember?" .

"Oh, yeah........ Yes... It was...wonderful..."

"Now confirm your conversion." Goddess's gown was slit in the middle all the way to the waist, which feature had been concealed until this moment, when the divine blonde pulled apart the two halves of her diaphanous skirt, suddenly and lewdly exposing her glorious, wet womanhood. "Kiss me!" Needing no elaboration, Mary knelt in front of her goddess, slipped her hands greedily onto the smooth, slender thighs before her, and brought her lips onto the holy, hairless labia offered to her for worship. As she kissed, Goddess's pussy lips kissed back. Soon, painted pussy lips and painted oral labia were making out.

"Fuck me!" Mary slid her hands around to cup the goddess's buttocks and pull her glorious cunt into her mouth more tightly. Mary extended her tongue, first licking, then probing, then rhythmically thrusting in and out of the delectable love tunnel.

"Drink of me, sweet Mary, my lesbian lover!" As if Goddess's vagina turned on an internal faucet, nectar-like fluid flooded into Mary's mouth.

"Bathe in the love of your Goddess! Immerse yourself in lesbian love!" Goddess inhaled a long drag on the cigarette she held. Within seconds, the smoke, which had passed through her body and was now imbued with her essence, exited through the divine love hole, enveloping Mary's head, and then her body. Mary felt suction, then she was sucked whole into Goddess's dripping cunt, not knowing whether she had shrunk to fit or whether Goddess had expanded, and not caring. There, she found herself swimming in a sea of divine love juice. She bathed in it, and felt it penetrate through her skin and hair into her brain, muscle, bone, and organs. At length, she felt streams of water rinse her off and she slid out of her queen's pussy fresh, clean, and saturated with an exhilarating lesbian sexual orientation to her core.

Mary saw that she had again transformed. Her hair was now a brilliant, cranberry violet-red, her lips, nails, nipples, and labia a black cherry color. Silver and dark blue eyeshadows covered her eyelids. Her shapely body was covered from neck to ankles by a transparent long-sleeved bodystocking of tight black nylon, which covered even her hands with sheer gloves. Every detail underneath was on plain display, her private parts meriting particular notice. The cigarette materialized again in her hand, as if it were a customary item for her. Mary took a sharp gasp of surprise at her brazenly sexual image, then instantly embraced it with elation, and took a slow, long, natural drag on her cigarette.

"What are you, Mary?"

"I'm a lesbian."

"Are you straight...or gay?"


"Are you a heterosexual or a homosexual woman?"

"I'm... I'm homosexual."

"Say it again."

"I'm homosexual."

"Would you rather be straight or homosexual?"


"Are you sure?"


"Very well. Since you have wisely rid yourself of your ex--the asshole--and since you now love women, you are now to live the life you want and to keep company with anyone you choose. Do you think you will want to date?"

Since Mary had always thought of "dating" as being a heterosexual activity, the idea didn't sound appetizing at first. "No, Goddess...not men. Please no. Never."

"But what if you could go out with women?"

"Women?" It was as if a brilliant light had just turned on. "Goddess...could I?"

"Would you like to date women?"

Before today, as far as she could remember, she had never thought about going out with women. But right now, there was suddenly no question about it. "Oh, yes!"

"And a woman who wants to date women is called a what?"

"A...a lesbian."

"And what are you now?" "Oh. Oh, yeah. I'm a lesbian."

"So do you think you can date women now?"

"Yes!" Mary was feeling sheer elation. "And...and...what about..." She was reluctant to speak her dark, depraved desire.

"Girls? Cute, sexy teen girls?"

Mary wasn't sure why she was so interested in the possibility of dating teen girls, but she was ecstatic Goddess anticipated this inclination, and Mary nodded her head.

"Yes, darling. Date them all you want." Mary reacted internally. Wow!!!!

"Can you think of one you'd like to date? Who comes to mind first?"

There was no need to think about it. One stood out clearly. "Sarah."

"Ah, my daughter. You have a thing for her, don't you, sweetheart?"

Embarrassed, Mary averted her gaze. "Yes... I...I think I do..."

"No need to be embarrassed, honey. To be honest, I'm enamored with her myself." Mary lifted her head to look into Goddess's eyes questioningly.

"Mary...lesbian mothers and daughters can be lovers, too, you know. In fact...along those lines...who else comes to your mind as someone you'd like to date? After Sarah, whom do you want most? Maybe even more than Sarah? Search your heart."

After a few seconds, the answer became perfectly obvious. "Wendy!"

"Perfect. You two have a glorious future together. As a couple. In an incestuous mother and daughter relationship. Now that you have fucked her once, fuck her again and again, over the rest of your lifetimes. In fact...marry her!"

That possibility came as a heart-stopping shock to Mary. It was an impossible and grand and glorious and amazing surprise...although now that Goddess had said it, it seemed like it had been a wish she had had, a familiar desire, but, as a prude, had suppressed.

"What?!...But Goddess...are you...?"

"Yes, Mary. We're talking about lesbian marriage. One women--or girl--marrying another. Living forever in marital bliss. The right way...the best way...the happiest way...the natural way...the way it always should have been for you, dear Mary. Women can and should marry each other. You can marry a woman. You will be a lesbian bride. What do you think of that, beautiful Mary?"

This was so new. Mary had been aware of some women in some places getting married, but she had never personally known any, and the issue, the possibility had seemed so very far from her. Until this moment. And it was...pure...excitement...

"...............yes........... I...I think... I think I like the idea..............."

"You can marry any woman...or want, Mary. A sexy woman like yourself...could have her your already know the one you want the most.... Think about it...plan on it...feel good about it...lesbian marriage..."


" Wendy..."

" Wendy..."

"No one would make a better bride for you than your own sexy daughter, and no one would make a better wife for her than you, her beautiful mother. Mary, Wendy, your own daughter, is your destined wife."

The possibilities recommended to her by Goddess dazzled Mary. The equipment attached to her sleeping body made sure they struck her as incredibly desirable and filled her with dizzying happiness. She could scarcely comprehend the wonderful life being laid out for her. It seemed too good to be true.

"But...but...really?... Can it..."

"Yes, Mary, I can make it happen. But you have to do your part. Did you know that Wendy and Sarah are going together?"

"Wha... You mean..."

"Yes, they are sexually active lesbian girlfriends...and quite fond of each other, may I add. Why do you think they like each other so much?"

"Well...I guess...I guess they are attracted to each other."

"More than that, Mary. They lust for each other. And they give each other what they both want--sex! But why do they lust for each other?"

"Because of the way they look?"

"Exactly! So to compete with them, what do you have to do?"

"Uh... change my looks?"

"Bingo! A lot or a little?"

"A little?"

"Wrong, Mary! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Do you think your old, conservative look is going to get you anywhere with beautiful women or with cute, hot-to-trot teen girls?"

"No... You're right."

"So, Mary, there are basically two types of women in this world. Prudes are one kind. You have been a prude...but how far has that gotten you? An unhappy marriage to a creepy man whom you hate. No real love. Daughters who are wandering off. One lonely night after another by yourself. And what about the coming years? Look at your future as a prude." An image came distinctly into her mind of herself in the not-too-distant future. Her unkempt, wiry hair was a mixture of dingy gray and dull blonde. She wore dumpy, baggy, drab clothes. Her shoulders were slouched, her curves were atrophied, her hands were starting to be gnarled and spotted, her eyes were lifeless, and her face, featuring a big wart on her chin and a prominent mole on her upper lip, was wrinkled, ashen, haggard, reflecting a weary life of loneliness, frustration, disappointment, and bitterness.

"That's me?!"

"It will be if you don't change your course. It's up to you."

"Oh, my. Well, what else is there?"

"The other kind of woman that you can elect to be is a..."

"...slut." Mary somehow just knew that.

"Well, good, Mary. And that's right. Your only prudent choice is to become a..."


"Yes. To ever have a chance with cute girls you have to become a..."


"Let's talk about that. To be a slut means you can date all the women--and girls--you want to, and take them to bed. But it also means looking the part. Do you think you can get away with the kind of clothes you've worn in the past?"

"No... I'll want to dress...uh...provocatively?"

"Exactly. First, show off those dynamite legs of yours. All the time. No more nondescript, safe pants. No more dresses and skirts that are too long or otherwise too modest. From now on, you favor short skirts and dresses--minis and micros, the shorter, the better; and if they're not short, they'll be either very tight or see-through, something like that--short shorts, like hot pants, and nylon hose and garter belts and high heels. You love those kinds of things.

"You want to show off your lovely ass, too. If you wear pants, they're going to be tight and of leather or latex or spandex or something similarly eye-catching and inviting. If you can put your pussy on display, do that, too.

"And then...your tits. They are much too beautiful, too alluring, too big, too magical to ever hide them. Show them off in every way you can. No more tame blouses and other tops. Leave your belly and your back uncovered as much as you can, too.

"You know, you don't have to wear a bra and panties all the time. It would be very exciting for you to leave them off...if not always, then at least a lot of the time. That would be very slutty. And you want to be very, very slutty...and ready for lesbian sex at all times...and you want to broadcast that to other females at all the sexy, inviting way you look.

"You don't care about what narrow-minded people say. Especially, you don't care at all about what men think. All you care about is turning on other women. And, especially, girls. And you won't get very far in that regard by trying to be modest. Drop that nonsense. You're going to show it all. Tease women with your body. No more covering up. Let it all out. Show it all."


"And one other big thing, Mary. You are known for being 'Mrs. Natural'. Well, that's going to change. Artificial beautiful is vastly superior to your old-fashioned 'natural' routine. From now on, everything about your appearance is going to be racy and unnatural. Tell me what I'm talking about."


"Certainly. You'll want to wear makeup, heavy, bold makeup, especially beautiful lipstick. How often?"

"All the time."


"And your nails?"

"Painted. All the time."

"Correct. And they should be long and shaped."

"Okay. I don't know why, but...but I love red. Red nail everything. It just kind of...turns me on. Would it be okay if I..."

"...if you wear and use red a lot? Yes, darling. That would be perfect. You'll look great in red. Especially red lipstick. Applied often and very, very heavily; merely one or two coats will never do. You can view it as symbolic, or as a manifestation, of your new lesbian desires...of your irresistible new allure...of your sexy new identity...and of your erotic, homosexual new life...

"And what about jewelry, Mary, my beloved?"


"Earrings, bracelets, ankle chains, and necklaces. To wear earrings properly, what are you going to do?"

"Get my ears pierced."

"Of course... And your belly?"

"Ooooo...okay...I'll get it pierced, too."

"And eventually, maybe a sexy little tattoo or two...?"


"None of it, not your jewelry or makeup or attire, should be mousy or conservative, but should be bold and shout out the kind of woman you really are."

"A slut."

"Precisely. Mary, you're going to change the way you look big-time. No more prude. No more being timid. No more holding back. No more modesty. No more natural. Forget all that. Those are no longer your values. Especially no more 'Mrs. Natural'. How far has that gotten you?"

Mary could think of no advantage that her being natural in her approach to beauty ever got her. In fact, the affinity for an unembellished, natural appearance which she had picked up from her mother now struck her as one of the great lies of her life.


"When you think about it, you hate 'natural'. It has stopped you from wearing makeup and experimenting with your hair color and style and trying out revealing clothing. There is nothing good about it. From now on, everything about you will scream artificial beauty, heavily embellished beauty, and sexy, brazen beauty, Mary."

"Yes... I'm seeing that now, I think... 'Natural' is...stupid. What a waste. I don't think I want to be 'natural' in anything."

"What about your hair? Should you just keep it the same, day after day? Or should you experiment?"


"Do you like your natural hair color?"

"Oh...uh...I guess it's okay...but..."

"...but it's too natural."

"Yes. I don't want 'natural'."

"How do you feel about experimenting with it?"

"My hair color? Well...I never have wanted to in the past...but now..."

"Now you want to, don't you?"

"Yes. I'd love to."

"I think that's a good idea. You want to try new hair styles, too, don't you?"

"Oh, you're right. There are so many possibilities."

"You'd like to try all kinds of different looks, wouldn't you?"

"Yes. That'd be great. As long as I'm..."




"For other women. And for...for hot girls."

"Don't worry. You're going to be. Do not be afraid of extremes, either, Mary. Be extreme. And change your looks often, sweetheart. That will really catch the interest of the girls and women you want. Extreme changes, extreme experimentation, extreme immodesty, extreme sexuality, extreme depravity..."

"Yes... I like it all."

"No more inhibitions. No more 'safe'. No more 'modest'. No more 'conventional'. No more 'conservative'. No more 'natural'. No more 'good'. Instead, unapologetic experimentation. Shameless, 'in-your-face' allure. Wicked, merciless seduction. You're going to blow them away--meaning other women and girls, because you only care about appealing to them, and never to men--and force them to look at you and lust for you. From now on, you are sexy, evil Mary. You are going to try everything you never have before, everything you thought was too scandalous, too racy, too daring for you. You are a wild, wanton, inviting, promiscuous lesbian women. Look the part.

"That's how you are going to seduce Sarah and Wendy and others you want, Mary. By being beautiful and sexy and daring, as you never have been before, but as you always will be from now on!

"You're going to be a very hot, desirable woman with your provocative, seductive, experimental, artificially beautiful new looks. You'll be very popular with the girls, Mary. You'll be able to date--and seduce--any girl or woman you want. Many sexy girls and beautiful women will desire you.

"Let's see what possibilities lie in your future, Mary, my love."

Images returned to the purple sky. A succession of erotic scenarios cascaded before Mary, each one portraying her as an exotic homosexual femme fatale, either on a lesbian date or in some other sapphic romantic or sexual situation. Mary would not only see and hear all participating characters, including herself, but she would know all of their thoughts and desires, and feel their emotions and lusts, as programmed by Hecate. She would be more than a mere observer, but rather it would seem to her that she really was each of the various depicted versions of herself, and living the part as if it was really her, the way she truly was and wanted to be. All the words, acts, feelings, and choices she would experience would strongly seem to be her own.

Each scene convincingly showed Mary her potential for overpowering allure and consequent lesbian romantic and sexual conquest, rapture, and fulfillment through artificial beautification, wanton attire and accoutrements, and shameless, provocative exhibitionism. Hecate's goal was to dramatically alter the way Mary viewed herself and what she was comfortable looking like and wanted to look like, and what she sexually was willing to do, wanted to do, and liked to do; to ultimately transform Mary's self image and identity; to terminally subvert her previous standards, morals, and values; to diametrically revise her goals; to permanently reconstruct her priorities; to utterly remake her desires; and to irreversibly reshape her life--all in a corrupted, lascivious, sexually depraved lesbian direction.

Mary heard the doorbell. Oddly, she couldn't remember who her date for the night was, but she descended the stairs with excited anticipation, nonetheless, knowing it was a female, a desirable female of one type of another. Mary had almost worn something from her latex collection, such as her turquoise-colored latex leggings and matching long-sleeved, scoop-necked latex crop top, with high heels, knowing the way that ensemble would show off her legs, ass, crotch, and breasts in frank detail, and draw attention to them. She had put the outfit on and modeled for herself in the mirror, and absolutely loved the breathtaking effect it had on her and would have on other women, as well. But then she decided she would rather wear a dress, and something in her favorite color--red. Thus, she was now dressed for a night on the town in a shiny, wet-look, metallic candy-apple-red, skin-tight vinyl tube microdress with an oversized, exposed, suggestive zipper running up the back and a hem but three inches below her crotch.

As did the alternative, the latex outfit, this figure-hugging dress did a great job showing off all of her curves, so she was more than satisfied, plus it had the advantage of easier access to her pussy, if need be...and she was fairly confident that there would be a need. There always was. Sheer red nylons--the lacy welts of which were only partially covered by the dress--shiny red heels, a lacy, sheer red garter belt, sheer red lace thong panties, big gold hoop earrings, gold bracelets, a gold belly piercing visible through a large midriff cutout, and a gold necklace bearing a double-Venus symbol completed the provocative ensemble. Mary's now-golden-blonde hair, an unnatural but stunning, lustrous metallic color, was up in an intricate braided crown. Her fire-engine-red-painted lips blazed the way before her, matching her fingernails.

The mother of two opened the front door to find Cynthia, Wendy's beautiful red-headed friend, Mary's heart almost stopping with the thrilling discovery. It came back to her, via memories manufactured for her by Hecate--how the teen had stopped by one morning to drive Wendy to school; how Mary had loved the girl's pretty looks, sultry personality, and flirtations, and had instantly been smitten by her; how the foxy girl had returned the next morning after Wendy had left for school, this time just to see Mary; how they had sat together closely in the living room; how the conversation had been flirtatious, giggly, and touchy-feely, until they had shared their first tender kiss; and how Mary had agreed without hesitation when Cynthia had asked her out. Mary somehow knew this wasn't their first date since then, and tonight they were headed out clubbing.

"Are you ready to go, girlfriend?" the teen--who wore a long-sleeved bandage club dress of sheer, peek-a-boo black nylon lace mesh and fuchsia lipstick and nail polish--asked cheerfully, as she leaned in for a lingering kiss on Mary's lips.

Wow, she looks hot! I wonder if Wendy realizes what a babe her mom is.

That not being enough for either, Mary dragged her foxy date inside, closed the door, and made out passionately with her for five minutes in the foyer, the red-haired teen's fuchsia-nailed hand finding its way up the older woman's short dress into her panties for some pussy play, vindicating Mary's choice of attire this evening. Knowing there would be opportunity for more later, as they would certainly end up in bed together again before the night was over, they got themselves somewhat under control and walked hand-in-hand out to Cynthia's car.

In a flash forward, Mary saw that they had not made it to the club, but rather, as Cynthia had suggested a detour, they were now pulled over into a turnout of a mountain road, overlooking the city below under a starry night sky. Cynthia was on the hood of the car, panties off and legs spread. Mary's dress was bunched up around her waist and her strap-on was just entering the juicy young cunt. The redheaded teen pulled Mary's shiny golden-blonde head in--the hair of which was no longer up, but was flowing down now, glowing like a shimmering golden treasure in the moonlight, and blowing about sensually in the gentle night wind--for an open-mouthed kiss.

That scene faded away, as another appeared. Mary saw herself walking leisurely along a stream, holding hands with Kayla, whose reddish-brown hair was blowing loosley in the wind and who wore a sleeveless romper of sheer, light-blue nylon--which showed her nipples poking provocatively into the shiny, thin material--medium-blue heels, and pale-pink lipstick and nails. Mary was in a translucent, pink-lavender-silver-and-white floral-printed sundress of sheeny, thin polished cotton-polyester with bold cut-outs--one which left her back exposed to the waist, except for criss-crossed strings across the back, revealing the absence of a bra, another exposing her midriff, and a third being a generous teardrop opening between her breasts. The loose, flirty, eye-catchingly short skirt exposed her long legs, which were covered with sheer pink nylons held up by a white garter belt with pink frills. She strolled on white five-inch high-heeled ankle boots. Her hair, a few inches beyond shoulder length, very full with plentiful, loose curls and with bangs, was dyed various pastel shades, swishing about her beautiful, heavily made-up face in shimmering locks of violet, silver, pink, and blue. Her lips, nails, lids, and nipples were painted silver.

The two playfully swung hands as they strolled, until they came to a waterfall, which they decided to enter, drenching them. Mary's wet, now-transparent sundress clearly revealed her underlying hot-pink thong panties and silver-tipped breasts. As the water engulfed them, Kayla unfastened her romper and let it slide off into the water, afterwords standing in the water topless, as she wore no bra, and in her white lace bikini panties. Mary likewise doffed her skimpy, soaked sundress, only her wet pink panties, wet pink nylons, wet garter belt, and wet white boots remaining. Both topless now and their kiss imminent, they embraced and gazed into each other's eyes. Their naked breasts pressed into one another's as their eager painted mouths joined.

When that image left, it was succeeded by one of Mary and Claire walking into a movie theater. They were dating, decidedly more girlfriends in love than mother and daughter. Mary had worn one of her several pairs of skimpy hot pants. This one, of high-gloss plum-purple latex, was so abbreviated and tight that the lower swells of the woman's ass globes were bare to the world. Her asscrack, camel toe, and the darkness of her black satin bikini panties, which were imprinted with scattered little red hearts, were also on display through the clingy, slick, translucent material. The view had been driving Claire bonkers--who had made sure to stand and walk behind her mother at every opportunity--as they had driven to the mall, strolled from the parking lot, got tickets, and walked into the multiplex.

Mary was well aware of the distraction her derriere could pose to other women and girls, especially when she displayed it right. She was proud of the hour-glass way her large breasts, narrow waist, wide hips, and firm, curvaceous derriere all fit together so enticingly. She made sure to put her breasts on priority display, but, after doing that, she was most delighted if she could draw lustful sapphic attention to her rear, too. She absolutely knew how to do that, and did, constantly. Today, with Claire, was definitely no exception.

The sight of her mother's beautiful, smooth bare legs, exposed all the way to her crotch, had also been fueling the blonde daughter's lust tremendously. The younger woman had already felt them up on the drive, as Mary likewise had with her daughter's equally sleek, enticing legs, but they both wanted more and deeper contact. Mary was quite cognizant of and confident and intentional in the effect of her legs, ass, breasts, face, hair, attire, and all other elements of her potent allure on her daughters and on other girls and women, and, as they walked down the hallway toward their theater inside the multiplex, she gave Claire several teasing swings and undulations of her legs, rear, and torso, seductive glances, and flirtatious tosses of and play with her long, curled platinum-pale hair.

False memories came to Mary of an alternate version of her past with Claire, elements of which could well unfold in future reality. Her mind now told her that her eyes had been opened about a year in the past by a woman who had crossed her path named Serena Powers, that Mary had come to realize that she was wasting her life as a prude and a straight woman, that she had divorced her husband, that she had become a lesbian, and that she had embarked on a life of licentiousness and pleasure. She had tried to correct the prudishness she had instilled into her daughters, with mixed results. Wendy had readily taken to the new direction, one of homosexuality and loose morality, which Mary had urged upon her, but Claire had been initially more reluctant. With the help of lesbian roommates at college, though, Claire had gradually come to see the light, too, and she had gone on some lesbian dates, although the sexual contact, which she liked, had not gone far, as she had found it difficult to abandon her old conservative, good-girl nature.

When Claire had come home from college for the summer, Mary decided to more personally help Claire finish the transformation, for her own good. They went shopping together, and Mary bought Claire appropriately revealing attire, although she didn't wear it much at first. Claire learned more about makeup, although she didn't start wearing it often yet. They started watching lesbian porn DVDs together, and Mary gave her other girl-girl adult material. Mary would set Claire up on lesbian dates, although no relationships developed from them.

Claire was making progress, yet she seemed to be holding back, not committing completely to a lesbian lifestyle or to sexual promiscuity. She had not yet gone "all the way" sexually. Mary wanted to help more. At that point, Mary had extra motivation, in that she was starting to develop feelings for her pretty older daughter.

One night, during a heart-to-heart mother-daughter chat, Mary discovered that the black-haired Claire had always wanted to know what she would look and feel like as a blonde. As Claire spoke, Mary had the impression that a big change in her daughter's appearance, in a sexier, more artificially glamorous direction, would do wonders in changing her concept of who she was and what she was willing to do, that going blonde might be a key to fully unleash the lesbian bad girl inside her. Mary also was carnally interested to see such a change. However, Claire could not muster the nerve to take the big plunge.

Mary advised Claire that, if she was apprehensive about taking a big jump, then she should consider starting off with a smaller step. Accordingly, Mary took Claire to her own beautician, who lightened and tinted Claire's black locks to charcoal grey. Claire loved it, and Mary was so smitten by Claire's sexy new unnatural look that she decided to cross the line and ask Claire out.

They started dating. Claire also started wearing makeup more often than in the past. A month later, they agreed to take another step with Claire's hair color, this time to a lighter silver-grey, a medium shade on the scale of darkness. As if by magic, Claire's inhibitions started to fade away more. She wore makeup regularly and more heavily and more boldly. She used more of the immodest clothes Mary had bought for her.

With changes in appearance, moral and sexual changes soon followed in Claire's life. The attraction between mother and daughter grew and they started dating more steadily, becoming lesbian girlfriends. Claire subsequently disenrolled from her college across the country and enrolled at a local one so that she could be with Mary all the time. Their relationship, however, was more romantic than sexual. There was sex, too, just not hard-core sex. Reluctance to go all the way into lesbian sex and a licentious homosexual lifestyle lingered within Claire.

Mary, having exercised patience with her foxy daughter, but knowing it was now time for Claire to take the next, big step--and, driven by growing lust for the changing young woman, wanting to start having hard-core sex with her--and seeing her own example was crucial in the development of her daughters, decided to lead the way for Claire. She had her honey-blonde hair bleached out and toned to a very light, silvery-ashy-white shade of platinum blonde. When Claire saw it, her lust for her mother mounted wildly and she, too, knew she wanted to take her relationship with her mom to the next level. She decided to take the final step in her own transformation. She went blonde, all the way, asking for the exact same shade as her mother's.

Mary's hunch about the predicted effects of Claire lightening her hair to the max proved correct. As of that day, Claire's conservative reserve started to completely disappear. She no longer saw herself as a good girl, or felt like one, in any way. Instead, she felt both lesbian and slutty to the core. Mary, totally smitten with the girl, took her into her bed, where they consummated their love "all the way". That had occurred two months ago. They were now a committed lesbian couple.

It was dark inside the theater, as the previews had already started, affording Claire cover, at last. She slipped her hand onto the curvy, latex-covered fanny of her mother as they climbed the steps on the side aisle. Mary smiled. Claire had a thing for her ass, and Mary loved encouraging her obsession whenever she could. She'd especially do anything to get one of her daughter's memorable rim jobs. As they shuffled across a row of seats and before they took their seats, Claire groped her mom's ass flesh and ran a teasing fingertip into her ass crevice through the soft latex and satin, eliciting a quiet, delighted gasp from the older woman.

Once the two hot-for-each-other women were seated, Mary looked lovingly at her platinum-blonde daughter, whose lips and nails were painted deep emerald green, appreciative of and turned on by Claire's beauty, bold makeup, pale new hair color, skimpily-clad body, and invasive caresses. Claire likewise loved her mother's looks, loved how her deep tan contrasted with her long, ultra-light blonde hair, loved how her blue eyes stood out against her heavy eye makeup, consisting today of heavily-applied purple mascara, black eyeliner, and silvery purplish-grey and lavender eyeshadows, loved how the incestuous mother's lips and long nails were painted a dark matte lavender, loved the way she dressed so provocatively, setting an example to her daughters, and loved her adventurously erotic spirit which had brought them together in an incestuous sexual and romantic relationship.

They both also loved how much like each other they now looked, with blue eyes and other similar facial features, similar voluptuous bodies, and not only the same hair color now, but the same hip length as well. Mary, looking much younger than her true age, was often mistaken for an older sister to Claire. Sometimes they would coordinate and wear the exact same hair style, and other times they would do their own thing, often experimenting, both in hair style, makeup, and attire, but always with the objective of turning the other on to the max. Today, Mary's hair was loose on the sides but pulled back on top, and finished with bouncy, feminine curls all the way down, whereas Claire's, parted in the middle, hung straight and loose except for a prominent braid on one side which was tied at top and bottom by cute green ribbon bows.

Claire did not know that Mary planned to cut her light blonde hair into a sleek, straight, neck-length blunt-cut bob as a surprise, which she would part either in the middle or off-center. Mary envisioned herself with the new style. It occurred to the mother that she somewhat resembled Sharon Stone, one of her favorite celebrities, and that the hair style she was contemplating would make her look like the actress in the movie Basic Instinct. Mary reflected that her decadent new morals were not much different from those of the character Stone played in that movie. As she thought about it, the similarities in looks and morality, or lack of it, made her smile inwardly. She also contemplated changing her hair color again, now that she had gotten Claire hooked on being a blonde and now that she, Mary, had gotten into experimenting with her looks. She realized that she loved experimentation, and wanted to see what she would look like as a brunette or, better yet, as a redhead...or something else maybe...

Claire wore a low-cut, body-hugging t-top of a satiny forest green material--and no bra. The scoop neckline dipped down close to her nipples and showed off her cleavage dramatically, while the shiny, clinging material displayed the shape of her large breasts and nipples in detail. Her skirt was a short, loose, flared, pleated skater's miniskirt of satin in abstract green, white, silver, and black patterns. She made sure it slid high up her thighs when she sat down, putting her neon-green thong panties on periodic, easy display.

Both wore high heels, Claire's being dark green and Mary's being dark purple, complementing her provocative hot pants and pastel violet spandex tube top--which had a silvery sheen--a silver necklace, silver-and-amethyst hoop earrings, and a tattoo of berries in a garland encircling her upper right arm, which matched one on her daughter's left arm. Both females had almost all of their smooth, slender legs exposed, and, after they raised the armrest between them up and out of the way and scooted together as closely as possible, the long, sleek, naked legs rubbed together frequently, which was one of their favorite enjoyments in sitting together at the movies or elsewhere. Wearing nylons was the only thing that would have made it better, they knew, which they both normally did, and each knew well that wonderful sensation of her nylon-covered legs sliding against the other's. But this, bare leg flesh on bare leg flesh, was fantastic, too.

While Mary was perfectly delighted with her look, especially with her bleached blonde hair, heavy makeup, and tempting hot pants, and was overjoyed by how well her tube top exposed her smooth, flat stomach and her silver-and-amethyst naval piercing, which bore a double-ring lesbian symbol, showed her cleavage, defined the two underlying, protruding mountains that were her breasts, and attracted attention to her curves with the glittery, shiny finish of the material, she nevertheless envied Claire's top. She looked again at that top and it's contents, as she had been doing repeatedly on their date so far, unable not to. The way her daughter's large boobs so visibly jiggled in the satiny fabric, the urgent way her nipples looked like they were trying to poke through, the way the creamy breast flesh bulged over the neckline--it was all such a turn on. Mary knew she could not keep her hands to herself for long with such a spectacle staring her in the face. And Mary wanted the same look. Plus, she hated being out-slutted by anyone, even her own daughter. I need a top just like that one. Maybe I'll borrow it...or buy one for myself...but...more sheer than hers...transparent maybe...oooo, yes...and even tighter...

As the movie began, the two gazed at each other, neither nearly as interested in the movie as they were in each other. Soon their lips met. The scenario flashed ahead. In the darkness, mother and daughter made out heavily. Their hands explored without inhibition. Mary was inside her daughter's enticing blouse, helping herself to Claire's phenomenal boobs. After feeling up each other's breasts, belly, and thighs, Mary slid a hand up her daughter's brief skirt into her panties to explore her pussy, and Claire found her way into her mother's hot pants and silky panties to explore the pussy, the ass, and the anus contained therein.

After that, Mary saw herself in a restaurant on a dinner date with Raylene, the attractive brunette who had helped her in the Hecate human resources office that morning in real life, and who wore a little black dress. They were smoking and drinking, a mostly-empty bottle of red wine on the table standing as witness of their inebriated state. The refinement of their language and of their bearing had been degrading with every drink. Both women were flirting shamelessly and were playing serious footsies, with their black high heels sometimes on and sometimes off.

Mary wore red lips and nails the color of fresh maraschino cherries, heavy, dark eye makeup, sheer black nylons having a lacy design incorporated, a black garter belt, and a figure-hugging, sleeveless dress of a shiny silk-satin material colored wine red, a bright version of that color rather than a dark, subdued shade, although a little darker than her lips. The electrifying dress was backless to the waist and opened up in the front below the high halter neck into a spacious cut-out which extended across almost from nipple to nipple and descended past the naval--which bore a silver-and onyx piercing--leaving her quivering cleavage on near-pornographic display and her stupendous, creamy, braless boobs popping out with the least motion.

Mary loved her breasts--or, as she preferred, her "tits", "jugs", "boobs", or "whammers"--and loved showing them off. She was aware of them and of their effect on other females at all times. She knew that they were very big and very beautiful, and that they should be shown off to other women and, especially, to girls to the greatest degree and in the most arousing way possible in any given situation, to distract them, to tempt them, and to seduce them. In fact, she wished she could get away with routinely going topless in public without getting arrested; but, given that society wasn't ready for that yet, she nevertheless pushed the limit as her standard practice. To hide them, she believed, would be the true crime--the crime of prudishness--which she was determined not to commit, not ever.

That being said, it must be mentioned that Mary loved bras, and had a great variety of them, most all of them slinky and silky and revealing, many of them sheer or lacy, some with nipple cut-outs, and some consisted merely of a shelf--shelf bras--to support her breasts but not covering the nipples. When she wore a bra, she was continually aware of it luxuriously cradling and hugging and lifting her breasts, aware of the silky contact of the material over her areolae and nipples, aware of the way a bra could and, in her case, always did show off her big breasts with an enhancing, eye-popping, pulse-pounding, mesmerizing effect, and aware of the earthquaking effect she would have when she removed it for the eager eyes of another woman...or for a sexy teen girl... That was the part she liked best about a bra--taking it off in the company of another female, as part of a seduction or otherwise for making sapphic love. But Mary often went braless, as well, and this was one of those nights.

On this night, conceding to a modicum of modesty--but it was really fake modesty, designed to tease and provoke lust rather than to simply cover up--Mary had covered her nipples and areolae, barely, with attention-getting, glossy black-enameled metal cone pasties, which peeked out regularly with her every movement. She had contemplated wearing either something from her collection of nipple jewelry, or her silver pasties instead, but then had elected the darker, more eye-catching black pasties, which made her look like she had wicked, sharply-pointed, black nipples. She loved the look. Besides, black matched her lingerie, and there was no doubt that at some point in this evening she was going to be standing in some private place with Raylene in only her heels, nylons, panties, and garter belt, and having her pasties color-coordinate would be just the right touch. She also knew that eventually the pasties would come off, exposing her nipples as having surprisingly been heavily painted reddish black the whole time underneath the pasties. She couldn't wait to get Raylene alone.

The nearly knee-length skirt of the dress was a tight, pencil design. There was a closeable slit running up from the dress's hem on one side, which was open now and was baring her leg all the way to the hip. Her ass and wide, womanly hips were on glorious display whenever she stood up or walked. Her long, glossy, medium-dark reddish-brown hair was in a beautiful, intricately woven half-up, half-down style, which included a braided crown and bangs, and she wore dangling silver-and-ruby earrings.

It was easy for Mary to tell that her date was enthralled by her, the lovely woman repeatedly eyeing her hair, her breasts, and her lips, in particular. Mary's brunette date's desire to taste her shiny lips and to get her hands inside Mary's dress was transparent, as was Mary's receptivity to any such advance. Impelling that prospect along, Mary leaned forward, allowing a black-tipped breast to dangle out of her dress, slipped a red-nailed hand over her companion's equally red-nailed hand, inhaled a cloud of smoke from her cigarette, and blew it into her date's red-lipped mouth, the act resulting in a long, sensual kiss, one shade of bright red lipstick blending with another. So delicious and so desired was their oral union, and such a harbinger it was of deeper lesbian sexual pleasures soon to follow, that they mewed in unison into each other's mouth. "Mmmmmmmm..."

Raylene asked where Mary wanted to go next, " place or yours?"

Mary next found herself in a hallway, rock music blaring loudly not too far away, being led by the hand by a young woman. The black leather miniskirt and cropped black leather jacket, the blue-on-black ponytail, the hallway, the music--it was all so familiar, and the atmosphere was comfortable. Of course! I'm Officer Elena's date at the VV Club! How awesome!

  • Mary's metallic smoky-lavender hair, parted in the middle, without bangs, fell to her waist in thick, shiny waves. Her face was painted heavily, with lips a matte grape-purple and eyelids laden with thick, black mascara and eyeliner and silvery-purple eyeshadow. She wore a skin-tight, long-sleeved bodicon microdress of silver lame in a liquid-shine finish, which had a bra-dress design, incorporating a skimpy exposed silver bra into the bodice which cupped, separated, lifted, revealed, and highlighted her exquisite, colossal breasts. Also, the dress had lace-up sides, exposing six inches of her skin from top to bottom through the laces. To top it off, she wore iridescent nude nylons, a silver garter belt, purple-silver five-inch heels, silver tanga panties--she had borrowed Wendy's, having an obsession with them, and had made sure, by sniffing them, that they had been used by her daughter first--large silver hoop earrings, silver bracelets, a silver ankle chain, and an amethyst-and-silver belly piercing.

Elena paused in the hallway, turning around with an inviting blue-lipped smile, obviously taken with her tempting companion, and wanting another look at her...and probably something more. Readily taking the hint, Mary took her goth date into her arms for a long, lover's kiss, playing with her silky blue-on-black ponytail with one hand and wrapping the other hand around the younger woman's narrow, bare waist, loving the satiny texture of her skin, as well as the slick sensation of her purple lipstick-coated lips mashing into the blue lipstick coating Elena's lips. When Elena opened her mouth, Mary immediately sank her tongue in. Mary had not dated a goth girl other than Elena, but she found herself highly drawn to the exotic look and to this sublime model of it in her arms, in particular.

After making out several minutes, they then proceeded, hand-in-hand again, into the main dance hall, where they first knocked down a couple of drinks and then started dancing together in the crowd, initially facing each other. Mary found that she loved the kind of raucous rock music that was blaring--it was just her type--and loved swaying and swinging and prancing with its sensual, pleasing, heavy beat. The beat and the music, the churning, kaleidoscopic atmosphere, the curvy feminine bodies swimming around her and rubbing against her own curves, and being there with Elena, a young goth woman of so much allure, for whom she felt such passion, to whose body her body was so drawn--it all felt so wonderful. Mary loved to go clubbing with a hot girl like this.

Mary lifted her long, heavy, glossy mane of dusky lavender waves into her hands above her head, knowing that she was elevating her mammoth mammary globes enticingly for her date, as well, to the point that her nipples popped over the top of her dress temporarily, and that she was presenting a sight so bewitching, it seemed to her, that few girls who saw it wouldn't want to get into her panties. Twirling around, she let her hair loose, to fan out and cascade down like a metallic lavender waterfall. True to expectations, Elena, captivated anew, swooped Mary in around the waist, kissed her soundly, and whispered into her ear, "I can't wait to get you alone, you teasing, hot little bitch! I'm going to fuck you so hard!" Mary smiled, knowing she was really getting to her date, exactly as she had desired.

When they separated and resumed dancing, Mary discovered a lit cigarette in her hand, from which she took a long, sexy drag, looking at Elena seductively as she did. Again unable to resist her older date, Elena took Mary's face into her blue-nailed hands to pull it to hers before Mary released her lungful of smoke, which the blue-and-blue-haired young woman then inhaled as the MILF blew it into the goth girl's mouth, which act turned into a long, smoky lesbian French kiss. "Mmmmmmmm," both women cooed in mutual lust as their tongues danced together, Elena caressing her date's face and long, silky greyish-lavender hair.

After they pulled their mouths apart, and Mary started to get lost in the music, in the erotic atmosphere, in the exotic beauty of her goth companion, and in the dancing, Elena cuddled up to her from behind, first hugging her around the waist, then kissing her cheeks, lips, shoulders, and neck numerous times while running her hands all over Mary's front. Slipping a hand underneath the hem of Mary's microdress, the younger woman found Mary's panty-clad vulva.

"Mary, wearing panties tonight? You didn't last time. You are such a nasty tease! But we can 'work around it' this..." Elena's blue-tipped fingers invaded the panties and Mary gasped sexily. "Oooo, you're so wet! I can't wait to fuck you! Mary, you're soooooo fuckin' hot! Let's get out of here..."

Mary couldn't help but smile to herself. Although she didn't wear them all the time, and loved the feeling of freedom and readiness for sex when she left them off, she nevertheless loved panties, loved wearing them, loved the silky feel on her ass and cunt, loved the way they reminded her of lesbian sex, loved enticing other women with them, and loved the role they were playing this night.

Mary had no affection for plain, classic "Granny" brief panties, of course, as a prude would wear, nor for the reasons prudes wore panties, for hygiene and modesty. That was neither her style nor her purpose. To Mary--reflecting new sentiments being programmed into her head and distilling into her heart, and which she would not be able to evade for long once she returned to her real life--panties were, or ought to be, a homoerotic item, and only that, a sensual thing intricately connected to lesbian sex, worn to tease, to invite, and to tempt. They were there to make one's pussy a tempting mystery, there to draw attention to it, there to come close to revealing it, or to outright exposing and framing it, there for a female hand to slide into them and play with one's pussy or ass, and there to be removed to prepare the way for lesbian sex. Whenever Mary pulled on a pair of her panties, she enjoyed the way they made her feel like a lesbian, and a slut, and think of sex with another female, and she looked forward to them being assaulted or pulled off by another woman or girl, ideally, or by herself, on the way to making sweet homosexual love.

Mary felt the same way about panties on other women and girls, or merely belonging to them. Whenever she saw or spent time with a female to whom she was attracted, she always hoped to see her panties, and often sought for some way to do that, or, better yet, to run her fingers over them and into them, or even better, to pull them off. To Mary, panties of or on other women represented a potential for lesbian love and, perhaps, a challenge to her to bring that to pass. A particular treat for her was to get panties that another beautiful woman or girl had worn, to smell the heady fragrance of pussy and ass, or to wear them herself, or even to lick them.

Hecate programmers told Mary that, in the world of this scenario, she owned many panties, of various styles--high-cut, hipster, bikini, boyshorts, tanga, thong, g-string, t-string, open crotch, open back--and materials--nylon, satin, silk, latex, leather, PVC, lace--and other qualities, such as frilled, sheer, etc., and in all manner of colors, prints, and finishes. Panties were almost an obsession with Mary, and certainly a passion, she loved them and their homosexual connections so much. And tonight, Wendy's silver panties which she wore had served her intended purpose well, having worked their enticing magic on Elena, and lured her hand into them. Mary guessed that it would not be long this night before Elena would pull them down and off Mary's legs for hard-core lesbian sex. Panties, indeed, were wonderful. But so was going without panties...

That scene faded and another appeared. Mary was in a hospital, a patient. "Nurse" Jennifer--the young sunny-blonde attendant who had accompanied Mary's gurney as it had been wheeled through the Hecate facility in real life a short time ago--leaned over Mary's bed, feeling her forehead. Mere inches from Mary's face, the nurse's creamy, large breasts almost spilled out of the low-cut white latex fetish "uniform" she wore, one even more abbreviated than the tiny costume dress she had worn in real life.

"Well, I think you're ready to go home, Ms. Love." With a flourish, Jennifer whipped the bed sheets and blanket off of Mary's body. Expecting a drab hospital gown, Mary was delightfully surprised to find that her body was covered, barely, from the tips of her breasts down to the tops of her thighs, by a transparent jade-green nylon babydoll nightie. Underneath, her gold-painted pussy lips and nipples, which matched her golden nails, lips, eyelids, and hoop earrings, were plainly displayed. Her hair was waist-long and medium golden-brown, streaked through with chunky light golden-blonde and platinum-blonde locks. She wondered at her appearance, but was highly pleased by it, and was even turned on by herself.

"It turns out that, after four days of 'testing' you, there was nothing wrong with you at all. In fact...I hope you didn't mind," Jennifer smiled naughtily, "that I made sure all of your female plumbing is in wonderful working condition...remember?" Memories now came to Mary of the showers and baths (the pretty nurse, going above the call of duty, getting in with her to soap up every nook and cranny of her body, and having Mary "exercise" by doing the same to her); of the intimate "therapeutic" massages (which focused on body cavities, mammary glands, and genitalia); of the repeated and very personal "diagnostic explorations" of her mouth, breasts, vagina, and anus (to "rule out" "deformity", "infirmity", "pathology", and "hormonal imbalance"); of the various sublime "experiments" the nurse conducted on her body; and of the way the nurse had decorated her lips, nails, and, especially, the private parts of her body erotically with gold paint as a parting gift.

"Ohhhh,'re so pretty... I...I loved my stay with you! Thank you so much... But...but why...why am I dressed like this?"

"Don't you remember? Sexy lingerie was your idea. You said it was your normal when you're with pretty girls you like. Girls like me. You had a bunch of your lingerie brought from home after we met and you found out I was going to be your nurse. You've been dressing more or less like this for me all week, every day and every night something new. This pretty green babydoll is nothing compared to what you wear most of the time. Ms. Love, you know perfectly well that you teased me...and came on to me...until I couldn't resist you! You act so innocent, but you are such a nasty slut! I admit, I did my part, too. I couldn't help myself. You are so hot! What a great fuck you are!

"Plus, your daughter Wendy is picking you up...and you wanted to look your sexiest for her, too. You'll be ready for bed when you get home. There, Wendy will be administering 'extended care' to you. It will be a continuation of your 'treatments' here, to make sure your reproductive system stays 'healthy'."

"Hmmmm... That really sounds good... But I'll miss you." Mary reached up and pulled the blonde down for a deep kiss. She realized that kiss was far from their first.

The blonde nurse stood up and strolled to the door. "Don't forget. I have your phone number. Expect a call."

"I'm looking forward to it, Jennifer." Mary's voice was sultry and full of the promise of naughty lesbian fun.

Jennifer paused at the door, looking at Mary, scanning her body over silently, apparently pondering something. Then, instead of opening the door and getting a wheelchair to wheel her patient outside for Wendy to pick her up, as Mary had expected, Jennifer locked the door. Unzipping her skimpy, tight, white latex uniform and letting it slide to the floor, she returned to get into bed with Mary. "But I guess you won't be leaving quite yet, my beautiful Ms. Love..."

In this series of fantasies, Mary would be called "Ms. Love" repeatedly, instead of "Mrs. Love-Livingston", her current married name. Hecate's purpose was to reinforce its advocacy of divorce to Mary's mind, to suggest that, in these scenarios, she no longer was a married "Mrs.", influencing her real-life subconscious mind to accept a divorced status as her destined and preferred future, and that, seeking to sever all connections to her ex or soon-to-be-ex and their marriage and to symbolically finalize her liberation from men in general, she had dropped or would soon drop Bruce's surname, Livingston.

As the scene changed, Mary was playing miniature golf in a setting of flowers, trees, and lush greenery. Her pink-rose-gold hair, cut in a shoulder-length blunt cut style with full bangs, and styled in loose corkscrew curls, gleamed beautifully in the late-afternoon sun and swished playfully about her face, which was painted with glistening darkish scarlet-red lipstick, matching her almond-shaped nails, and with smoky-bronze and dark denim-blue eyeshadows, heavily-applied black eyeliner, and navy-blue mascara, as she and her girlfriend, Lauren, tried one shot after another, giggling, touching, hugging, and kissing between shots.

Lauren, now with shiny medium-dark silver-gray hair with bangs and flowing loose and wavy except for a top section pulled back and formed at her crown into a thick braid running down her back, and made-up with dark purplish-red lipstick and nails, wore a cropped black floral-lace halter-neck bustier top of semi-sheer, silk-like viscose, which was held together with a prominent lace-up front, and which had straps criss-crossing her otherwise mostly naked back, without a bra, partnered with skin-tight faux-leather leggings in a shiny graphite color and dark-red five-inch heels.

Mary found herself almost overwhelmed with gratitude for her girlfriend--as moved upon by Hecate programming. She was so grateful that they met, that she, Mary, was beautiful and sexy enough to attract and to win her over, that they became lovers, that she, Lauren, was so very beautiful, that she dressed and did herself so hot, and that she was so awesome in bed. What a wonderful fuck she was. How great it was to date and to fuck sexy teen girls...

Mary found it impossible to keep her eyes and her hands off of Lauren's tempting, lustrous ass, and she caressed and grabbed it at every opportunity. Mary knew she had a "thing" for firm teen girl-ass, and Lauren knew it, too. Mary loved the cute, round asses and anuses of pretty teen girls--the younger the better--and all the things a woman like her could do with them, loved them more than anything in the world, other than their fresh pussies and pert breasts. She also got a high watching young teens play with each other's nubile bodies, ass play in particular. Lauren, desiring to keep Mary's lusts for her on a constant boil, made a point of catering to her obsession with young asses, and routinely wore tight leggings, pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses of leather, PVC, satin, nylon, spandex, silk, latex, and the like to highlight her derriere for Mary (and Mary had a wardrobe of similar items she wore to entice Lauren and other females just as much, as well). This, she knew, drove Mary to utter distraction, and today's tight, shiny leggings were a prime example of what Lauren wore to turn Mary on. It was definitely working.

Lauren could likewise keep neither her eyes nor her hands off Mary's body, displayed as it was in a flirty, flouncy, pleated skater miniskirt of a wet-looking, bright metallic crimson-red polyester-and-polyurethane material cut in a flared, circle A-line silhouette; sheer white nylons held up by a red leather garter belt; five-inch red high heels with ankle straps and polished-silver metal stiletto heels; and a clingy, lightweight, long-sleeved, cropped t-shirt of transparent white polyester/spandex mesh, which had a glossy, shimmering metallic sheen and was sprinkled with little red stars, through which her flimsy little red leather bralette and plenty of creamy, dangling, bulging breast flesh were blatantly visible above the bare midriff. She also wore transparent white t-string latex panties decorated with red frills.

The naughty little panties, as well as the lacy welts of her nylons and her garters, flashed regularly into view, as the wind relentlessly tossed her short, loose, shiny skirt about thighs and hips and frequently blew it up to her waist--much to the delight of both Mary and Lauren, and without any attempt on Mary's part to resist the breezy onslaught. Mary loved showing off her legs like this, and always did so when with cute teen girls, as well as with her women friends, and had an extensive collection of short skirts, dresses, and jumpers--many very daringly revealing--lingerie, short-shorts, including hot pants, hosiery, and high heels to allow her to do so. Whenever she could display more than her legs, she never failed to do that, as well, as in the present situation.

After their game, they paused at an out-of-the-way side table for a drink, a smoke, kissing, and more groping, which they both understood to be a mere prelude to what they would do later. The fantasy fast forwarded to Mary's bedroom. Both Mary and Lauren were naked except for their nylons and heels, Lauren lying on the bed on her back and Mary lying on top of Lauren. Mary wore a red metal strap-on, which she was rhythmically plunging into Lauren's pussy. There was nothing she loved more, the Hecate machine told her, than this, fucking a teen pussy.

Mary loved strap-on dildos and gloried in the mastery of their use which she had achieved, she was made to believe. There was something magical, she was impressed, about strap-on dildos, but she also felt that, for her, employing them was quite natural, as if she had a destined, liberating, and empowering connection to them. Using one made her feel delirious with joy and power, wicked power, as it was feeling now with Lauren, as well as dirty, perverted, and debauched, but gloriously so. She would often feel as if her strap-on were her own real penis, and that she could feel its entrance into a vagina, the friction of the pistoning action, and the blissful nuances of culminating orgasms, as she was feeling now.

Indeed, using a strap-on to fuck a woman or girl made Mary feel so powerful, so sexually supreme. She felt capable of doing anything a man could do in a bedroom to a woman--or girl--and she had "learned" that lesbian strap-on intercorse was so much more gratifying and beautiful and so much more expressive of love for both partners than hetero sex. The one thing a man could do that she couldn't was impregnation...and yet...the magic of strap-ons sometimes seemed almost capable of...of even that...and she would love to do knock up a sexy teen girl...if not every teen girl she came across............ Goddess was capable of many miracles........ In any case, Mary's love of strap-on dildos and screwing teen pussies with them was strong, Hecate's devices were convincing the unconscious mind and body of the helpless blonde mother. They were erotic items and sapphic acts she would never want to live without.

Mary pursued her violation of her Latina girlfriend's steaming pussy until the pretty teen screamed with climaxing lust, followed closely by Mary's similar exclamation.

Next, Mary saw herself on the sofa at home in a short, sheer, slip-like negligee of glossy, medium-dark royal-blue silk. Fine, filmy, clinging, transparent dark-blue nylon mesh ran over her shoulders and all the way down her arms as an integrated part of the slip-negligee. Her braless state was obvious, her finger-like nipples poking provocatively through the diaphanous material. Her g-string of light, bright silver-blue satin with light-blue frills made intermittent appearances as her little negligee slid up her thighs with her movements. She wore silver high heels, shiny smoky-silver nylons held up by a silver garter belt, large silver hoop earrings encrusted with sapphires, pale denim-blue matte lipstick and fingernails, and dark mauve and blue-silver eyeshadows, to accompany heavy black mascara and eyeliner. Her blue hair, so dark as to be nearly blue-black, was heavy, thick, full, hip-length long, glossy, loose, straight, and had thick bangs. Both Wendy and Mary absolutely loved it.

Wendy sat next to her, cuddling, and heavily made-up, as well, with lips, nails, and nipples painted a deep, darkish but vivid ruby red, glittery gold eyeshadow, heavy black eyeliner, and black-and-gold mascara, her hair a shimmering, heavily reddish rose-gold color, without bangs and partly done up in a braided crown, but otherwise flowing in thick, loose curls around her face down over her breasts and to the small of her back. Golden hoop earrings dangled from her ears, matching her gold double-Venus necklace, gold bracelets, and shiny black six-inch high heeled pumps. The makeup on both females was immaculate, perfect, and dramatic, as was their norm, especially when with each other, and when dating other girls and women. Both were aware of their unnatural, sexy, made-up beauty and inviting attire, and it added significantly to the superb erotic tension prevailing between them in their living room.

A sentiment came to Mary about Wendy's development. She...she is taking after me... Her makeup...her hair...her clothes...her attitude...her values...her sexuality...her lesbianism...the way she fucks... I'm so proud of her... I'm glad I'm able to set an example for her...and that she's maturing like she is... She's becoming such a hot little slut...

It was at-home date night, and they were watching two prized selections from Wendy's lesbian porn collection. The DVD which they had consumed first had featured Samantha, Wendy's favorite porn star, in a hard-core romance between two sisters--the blonde one of whom looked uncannily like Wendy--and the other DVD, the one finishing up right now, portrayed an innocent, straight, at-first-resistant high-school girl being seduced into lesbianism by her beautiful female teacher--who looked like Mary. Mother and daughter cuddled in silence and contentment, their hands helping themselves to whatever explorations they wished, and their mouths joining frequently in love. In fact, Mary had already fucked Wendy once that evening, between their watching of the two DVDs, both having been moved upon to it by their first selection. This second number was having a similar effect, and they were both ready to go at it again. It was so nice to be home together, getting worked up by lesbian porn and having sex without restraint with each other.

Mary started to notice a few more things as her eyes scanned the scene: An upturned bowl of popcorn on the floor, looking like it had been kicked off the coffee table in some moment of passion; three dildos on the coffee table, one a smooth ivory strap-on, one a hand-held dildo of polished granite with subtle parallel ridges along its length, and one a red double dong--one of them appearing to be wet and recently used, while the other two were seemingly waiting for their due time; an ash tray containing two stomped-out cigarette butts, one with blue lipstick marks and the other with red; and Wendy's diamond ring, which matched Mary's. The evidences of the fun and affection they shared made Mary smile.

Wendy, however, was not only a beautiful and sexy sight, but also a shocking one. She was also clad in a g-string, hers in plain sight and consisting of a tiny, transparent black latex pouch tied on with a few strings, clearly revealing her shaven, red-painted pussy lips. Her legs were covered in black, high-shine latex stockings which were held up by garters dangling from her corset, also of black, high-shine latex. It was a beautiful piece of lingerie, decorated with gold filigree in strategic places and consisting of transparent latex bra cups, which left her red-painted nipples and milk-engorged breasts plainly visible, and a bodice below the bra cups wrapping her bulging, impregnated belly in gleaming, stretched black latex. The item laced up in the back and, while snug, was designed to provide a maternity fit without injury to mother or baby.

"Wendy! What...what's going on?!" Mary reached over to run her hand across her daughter's curvy maternal belly, the taut latex feeling noticeably sensual to the touch, and imparting a heightened erotic tone to their interaction.

"Come on, Mom. Stop playing innocent. You're the one who did this to me!"

"M-me? I...I don't under--"

"Mom, don't worry. I love that you knocked me up. Just hold me and kiss me...and fuck me again..." With that, Wendy slid her hands into her mother's beautiful, glossy, dark blue hair, pulled her in, and smothered the older woman's questions with her sweet, ruby-red young mouth. It wasn't long before the teen slipped a red-nailed hand into her mother's silky blue g-string panties and found her clean-shaven pussy lips, causing Mary to moan into the kiss. It seemed to Mary that these acts were so normal, so natural, and so beautiful.

Mary realized that she always kept her pussy cleanly shaven, and was so glad it was in that condition tonight. The impression swept over her that lesbian women always shaved their pussies, and that a clean, bald pussy was, essentially, tantamount to being a lesbian pussy. And she certainly wanted a lesbian pussy, one that always invited the fingers and the lips and the tongues and the sex toys of other women and girls--especialy girls. She was so happy to have a "right" pussy, a clean, shaved, ready lesbian pussy, and was glad that, as a good mother, she had made sure Wendy followed the same course of sapphic sexual hygiene, even while pregnant.

As she closed her eyes during the long kiss which ensued, images of the process which led to Wendy's pregnancy flashed into Mary's mind. She saw a cross-sectional view of her reproductive system and a greatly magnified image of an egg cell being extracted from one of her ovaries via a long, narrow suction tube. The egg was then processed in a lab, which reverted it to its stem cell state and cloned it via an intricate, automated machine. Once sufficient stem cells were cloned, they were then tampered with chemicals, radiation, and other methods to alter DNA and cellular structures, converting the cells into a new type of sperm cell--female sperm cells--which were engineered to be able to only produce female offspring and which were mixed with other ingredients to make a feminine version of semen--colored pink or any other color desired by clients. That fluid was then ready to be sucked into a special mechanical strap-on dildo for immediate or near-future use.

One extraordinary night some seven months before, Wendy's mother now remembered, Mary wore the special strap-on and had sex with Wendy. At the height of Mary's memorable orgasm, artificial semen from the storage container in the strap-on was pumped through a tube inside the shaft, exiting from the tip of the white phallus and into her daughter's vagina--impregnating the fertile teen. The scene displayed in Mary's mind included anatomical cross section views of the pertinent parts of their bodies and of the phallic equipment.

"What are we going to name our daughter?" asked Wendy, breaking their long, sweet kiss.

The comprehension of Wendy's maternal condition and the vision of what she, Mary, had done to bring it to pass left Mary somewhat stunned, although the "memory" just presented to her mind was so graphic, detailed, and indelible that it left her unable to question its veracity. She "knew" that she had, indeed, knocked up her own daughter. Mary's baby was going to have a baby--Mary's baby. But she didn't know quite how she felt about it. Yet.

"I don't know...I haven't thought of it..."

"Well, one thing's for certain. Our new daughter will definitely be a lesbian. We will raise her under the precepts of Goddess..."

Mary's lingering sense of morality made her instinctively question Wendy's proposal. "Honey...are you sure? What if..."

But Wendy, speaking in the name of Goddess, quelled any disagreement her mother might have voiced. "Stop, Mom. Don't even try to prude-out on me. It's the will of Goddess that she's going to be a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian all the way. Do you know what that means, Mom?" asked Wendy quizzically.

"She will become a depraved, immoral lesbian slut in lifelong service to Goddess, just like us..." replied Mary automatically, without thought.

"Of course, but you're missing something more, something very important." Wendy fingered the twin Venus pendants of her necklace, causing the pendants and the wedding ring worn on Wendy's red-nailed hand to glint in front of Mary's eyes, encouraging her mother to see the connection between the symbols of lesbiansim and of marriage, while licking her glossy red lips seductively. "It has to do with you and me...with our relationship...our type of relationship...the best part of our relationship..."

Imagery of Mary and Wendy dating, of their first kiss, of their first night sleeping together, of their engagement, of their marriage ceremony, and of their subsequent passionate, consuming plunge into lesbian sex for days on end flashed through Mary's mind in rapid succession. That was the most precious time in Mary's life, she understood, and recalling it shot her through with passionate love and stirring, renewed lust for her daughter. Mary now knew what Wendy was talking about.


That word passing through Mary's mind shot a wicked thrill into her womanhood. That was a factor in their love which made it all the more exciting, all the more enjoyable, all the more unifying, and all the more beautifully depraved.

Incest. Oh, yeah...mmmmmm...

Mary finally answered. "Our daughter will learn and master lesbian incest, the purest form of lesbian love, and one of the most deliciously perverted types of love, you and I know so well." Mary ogled the pregnant form of her teen wife, particularly eyeing her round belly and heavy, milk-laden breasts greedily. "She will know every inch of our bodies as we will know hers, and she will also engage in frequent lesbian sex with other female relatives who are blessed by Goddess..."

"That's right, Mom. As Goddess has taught us, incest is wonderful. It is indeed the highest form of love, and it's so perverted that it proves that female family members in such relationships are without any doubt extreme sluts without any morals...just the type of women we want for our relatives. we agreed before...our little girl will be steeped in lesbian incest from the start. She'll grow up with lesbian sexual experiences, but we'll keep those acts to within the least at first. The only thing she'll know, for a while, is lesbian incest." Mary smiled at the future they were planning for their baby.

"However, there is one aspect of lesbian incest which our little one can never know, the way things now stand. She could never know the love of a sister...because she doesn't have one. Our daughter would only know the love of her mothers, aunts, and cousins--which is pretty good--but she still wouldn't know the love of a sister... You made sure that Claire and I became lovers, and you seduced your sister. I can't imagine my life without sex with Claire, and I bet you feel the same about Aunt Judy. You don't want our daughter to miss out on that kind of sisterly you? And, just think, if we were to have to travel in the service of Goddess and leave her home alone, she would be very lonely. She needs a sister. And she won't have one......unless......"

"Honey, are you suggesting we have another--?"

Does she want to get pregnant again?... What a little whore... That's why I love her so much... Yes... I can help you out, my darling slut... Don't think this is the last time you're going to be knocked up by your mother... Too bad I can't knock you up again right now, you sweet little cunt! I'd so love that. In fact, I'd love to keep you pregnant all the time! lieu of that...and in the meantime...just like you wanted...I will fuck you again tonight, you hot little pregnant teen whore.

Fucking a beautiful, pregnant teen girl, particularly her own pregnant daughter, had come to be the highest high Mary had ever known--outside of actually impregnating her, which had been the supreme moment of her life. She felt she could do it all day and all night and still want more. Certainly she wanted to do it again tonight, many times more.

Mary looked her teen wife over again...her sleek latex stockings and corset...her beautiful reddish hair...her intoxicating makeup...her pregnant curves... This girl was such a turn-on... Despite her initial alarm at Wendy's condition, Mary loved the exotically slutty, fuckable way her daughter-wife looked, and found herself responding to her with heightened attraction and arousal.

No wonder I love her so much. She's such a sexy little slut. I'm going to fuck you again and again and again, until your brains ooze out your ears.

Mary looked over to the coffee table to locate the dildos they were using tonight, and debated which one she was going to use on her daughter next, and whether she might want to get a different one from their extensive collection in their bedroom...until Wendy made it clear that she had a different vision for bringing a sister-lover for their unborn baby into the world, a way which would do it faster than the course Mary had supposed they would be pursuing.

As she had told her mother a minute before, Wendy did very much want Mary to fuck her again tonight--she, like Mary, had particularly come to love their sex while her belly was swollen with a developing girl fetus--and the sooner, the better, but now, on second thought, she concluded that could wait a little. Instead, the time had come for Wendy to do what she had been secretly planning on doing for the last few weeks. She knew Mom would absolutely love it when she recovered from the shock of the impending revelation.

"Mom, please close your eyes. I have a surprise for you..." Wendy's shiny ruby lips curved in a wicked smile. Mary obeyed and closed her eyes. She felt, with a sense of loss, Wendy's hand withdraw from her panties and felt and heard Wendy arise, step away some, and make some rustling and stepping sounds.

"You may open your eyes now, Mom." Wendy was now standing directly in front of Mary.

A gasp escaped from Mary's kissable, pale blue lips when she saw a large ten-inch, pink strapon, supporting by a pink leather harness, protruding from her pregnant daughter's groin. The phallus gleamed from the lubricant coating its surface. White goo dripped from the hole on the bulbous end of the shaft, which was aimed portentously in Mary's direction.

"That's...that's a Hecate insemination strapon!" Mary stood up precipitously, putting up a hand to cover her open mouth.

"Yes, Mom, and I'm going to fuck you with it!" said Wendy in an authoritative, sassy tone.

"Where...where do you get that?!"

"Same place you got yours." Wendy's voice started to mellow, and to even get a little coquettish. "When I explained my desire to knock my wife up, they were fully on board."

Strutting slowly up to her mother, with a more serious and tender look on her face, Wendy embraced her mother, looked lovingly in her eyes, and, her voice trembling with emotion, said, "Mary, my wife, my love. Do you want to be pregnant too? Do you want to give our future daughter a sister? And not only a sister...but also a lesbian wife? Do you want to raise both of them, with me, to marry each other and to bathe in their incestuous love as soon as possible?"

Over the course of a few minutes, Mary found that her attitude had changed dramatically from one of reluctance and incredulity to one of complete enthusiasm and joy.

Wow. What an awesome idea! Me carrying our next baby. Why didn't I think of it?

"Well?" Wendy's tone was once again blunter and sluttier. "What do you think of your baby girl's plan for your pussy, my dear, fucking mother? Do you want this up your steaming-hot cunt?" Wendy groped and wagged her depraved phallus anew, as if threatening her mother's pussy both with moral destruction and with heavenly bliss. "Do you want me to get you nice and pregnant...whore?"

Any inhibitory responses Mary might have had were suppressed and replaced with extreme lust and desire by the indoctrinating equipment attached to her reposing body. Hearing her daughter address her aggressively with sexually explicit language only fueled the flames more. Further, the television automatically began showing another porn video, this one of lesbian incest involving a stunningly beautiful mother named Traci and her young teen daughter named Natasha, which Mary found herself watching, mesmerized, for some indeterminable time before turning her attention back to Wendy, the video having stoked her arousal all the more, instilled into her the desire to meet the actresses sometime, and made her want to do everything with Wendy that she had just witnessed in the video.

Mary's eyes were beaming with tears of joy. "Wendy... I... I love you so much! Yes, yes, yes!!! I want to give our baby a proper sister, and, more than anything, a proper incestuous wife! I want to raise them with you. As lesbians. As depraved sluts. As incestuous, wicked teens. As married wives eating each other's pussy at every hour of the day.

"Wendy, I'm so excited about this! My beautiful daughter is going to screw me and impregnate me! I would definitely love to have another daughter with you! The sooner, the better!" Mary sat down on the sofa, pulled off her silver-blue g-string panties, leaned back on the sofa, lifted her silky blue negligee up to her waist, flirtatiously fanned out her beautiful blue hair around her over her shoulders and the back of the sofa, and opened her legs wide--like the whore she was convinced she surely was--in anticipation of the event.

"Wendy, please, my love..."

"What a fuckin' whore you are, Mom! And you are soooo beautiful. And your You turn me on so much! Those are the things I love most about you. What a great mother you are. And a great wife. But the best thing about you, Mom, is what a depraved slut you are!

"Mom, before I fuck your steaming hot, whorish cunt, I want you to blow me first!" ordered Wendy while stroking her shiny pink cock.

To encourage her mother to act, she unlatched the garters from her stockings, reached behind her back to untie the laces of her black latex maternity corset, and pulled the shiny, clinging article off her body, tossing it casually to the side. She then stood topless in front of her mother-wife, her curving naked belly and milk-bloated tits with bright, red-painted nipples staring the older woman blatantly in the face, tempting her mother even more deeply, as did the big pink strap-on girl-penis bobbing up and down ominously between her latex-covered legs, which were perched on her gold high heels.

Following her wife's directive, Mary slipped forward off the sofa and knelt down in front of her daughter. She slowly ran her blue-nailed fingers up Wendy's latex-covered legs, then rested one hand on Wendy's left thigh while gripping the strapon with the other. She stared lovingly at the phallus, admiring its length and girth, and observed white goo oozing slowly from the hole on its tip, before kissing it with her denim-blue-painted lips.

Mmmmmm... This pretty teen own sexy going to fuck me! And knock me up! I can't fuckin' wait! Mary enveloped the wondrous phallus with her pale-blue painted mouth as best she could and started to lick and suck. Soon it would be inside her eager twat, the two wives anticipated fondly, the hot female bodies of mother and daughter joined in incestuous and marital union, unnatrual love, and glorious, perverted lust, the powerful girl-penis squirting its erotic load into Mary Love's womb, her daughter making her a mother once more, as well as a grandmother for the second time, very possibly the hottest, sexiest lesbian grandmother of all time.

"Ahhhhh....yessssss..." whispered Wendy while tilting her head back and pulling her mother's blue-haired head and blue mouth more tightly into her crotch.

Ohhhhh....yessss..., thought Mary, her emotions running high, as she ran her hands onto her daughter's ass, caressed it lovingly, and rabidly sucked the instrument of her impending pregnancy.

"Good, whore. Get up and lie on the sofa." Mary stood up and, sitting down on the sofa, again spread her legs apart as she had done before. Inflaming her daughter, she ran a blue-nailed finger along the wet, blue-painted lips of her cunt.

"You mean like this?" Her tone was teasing and sensual.

"No, lie down, all the way!" Mary reclined on the sofa and opened her legs as wide as she could. "That's better..." The blue-haired mother played obscenely with her sopping pussy for her daughter.

"Is this better, honey?"

"Oh, yeah... much better! Now I'm going to knock you up soooo bad, Mom, you sexy slut!" Wendy's expression was almost demonic as she stood next to the sofa and looked down on her mother, feasting her eyes on her mother's pussy. "It's your turn, bitch! Your turn to be pregnant. Your turn to have another baby. With me. By me. By your own daughter! And by my wonderful, mother-fucking girl dick!" Wendy grabbed her phallus with one red-nailed hand, squeezed it visibly, and shook it menacingly down at her awestruck mother.

Wendy straddled her mother, looked down on her, tilted her head, played with a lock of her thick, shiny, richly red-rose-gold, dyed hair, and smiled at her mother with devilish enticement on her made-up face. "You and I are going to make a lover..." Wendy patted her rotund stomach gently. "...for this lezzie girl. Right now."

My daughter is soooo beautiful... She's soooo sexy... I'm so lucky to be be married to her! And now to get fucked by her...and knocked up by her... This is toooo gooood...

"Fuck me. Fuck me, my love! Make me pregnant, just like I did to you! Knock me up, like the dirty, incestuous slut I am!" Mary closed her eyes with bliss as she felt the warm phallus splitting her pussy lips, then slide in all the way. Soon the daughter was pumping her mother's pussy rhythmically, then with increasing force and speed. Mary moaned in lust and fulfillment. "Ohhhhh, yeah. Fuck me more, my sweet, slutty sexy, whore wife... Mmmmmmmmm. Fuck me...knock me up...ohhhhh, my love..."

As her daughter-wife ravaged her reproductive system, Mary heard Wendy scream with orgasmic pleasure. "Ahhhhhhh! Oh, Mom...I looooove you!" The beautiful mother soon felt her vagina and cervical canal filling with and bathing in a warm liquid, and knew female semen, loaded with female sperm, was flowing into her oh-so-receptive womb, there to combine with an ovum from one of her ovaries. She had the thrilling feeling--call it "maternal instinct"--that that cellular union was, in fact, happening at that very moment.

As her own orgasm overwhelmed her, Mary exclaimed, "Oh, Goddess! That's it! I'm pregnant by my own daughter, my lovely wife, Wendy! It's so wicked, so extreme, so perverse...and I love it! Thank you, Goddess, thank you!"

Next, Mary saw herself walking along a beach. Her glossy, hip-length black-cherry hair, styled in a half ponytail with no bangs, was blowing free in the wind, the late-afternoon sun lighting up the beloved redness in her hair. She loved having red hair, and any shade of it would do--but the wilder and the more unnatural, the better--including this beautiful near-black shade. Her lips and nails were painted a glossy blood red. She was with a girl, a very young and very pretty teen girl of Asian descent, with collarbone-length hair, cut with bangs, dyed light ash brown, so ashy as to almost be a beautiful, unnatural, shiny gray, and fixed into two non-braided pigtails tied off with cute medium-blue ribbon bows. She wore plum-red lipstick and fingernails. Their joined hands swung happily as they strolled along the beach. At first Mary didn't know who the girl was or what they were up to, but she didn't care, being excited just to be there with the cute, sexy girl.

Mary understood that she had given the girl a swimsuit of Mary's own liking to wear, one which was calculated to acclimatize the tween to expose her body in public. The ice-blue material was very thin, very shiny, very clingy, and semi-transparent. A one-piece design, it covered her front from neck to crotch, but allowed her slim silhouette, narrow hips, small A-cup breasts, and pussy lips to be easily discerned. Her little nipples were particularly eye-catching, poking into the slick material prominently. Her backside was totally naked, except for a string buried between her ass cheeks and another around her waist.

However, Mary's semi-transparent, metallic gold sling-style micro suit was more revealing yet. The two narrow straps which joined behind her neck and ran vertically over her chest barely covered her nipples--but not much of her blood-red-painted areolae--leaving almost all of her mountainous mounds out in the open, the firm, bulging flesh wobbling, quivering, and swinging with essentially no impediment with every sandy step she took. The little strap running up between her legs sank deeply into her ass crack and her cunt slit--a designed-in feature--leaving her pussy lips entirely on display. Her backside, as was the case with the girl, was as good as completely naked. To on-lookers, from the back it looked like a nude woman and girl were passing by.

Though she was walking on sand, Mary nevertheless wore four-inch high-heeled gold, ankle-strapped pumps. For a second, she wondered at that. But then she remembered that she always wore high heels, everywhere. The exceptions were few. She loved high heeled foot apparel, the higher, the better, and the way they called attention to her legs, and the way she looked so sexy for other women and, especially, for girls in them. She even wore them at home most of the time, when cooking, when eating, when doing housework, when receiving guests, when entertaining, when relaxing, when having sex, (even sometimes in bed)...even when in nothing else but lingerie...or even when in the nude.... In fact, that was one of her particular stand before the mirror, or before a woman or a hot girl...naked...shod only in her heels...or her heels and nylons...

Mary became aware of her lewd exhibition and of the women and girls--there were no men at this beach, but mostly, it seemed, mothers with daughters in their teens--whom she would pass who were turning their heads to take a good look at her. At first she wondered about her choice of swim attire, but immediately she started taking pleasure in her display and in the power her body exerted over other females. She knew that the only thing important to her was how much she turned other women and girls on--especially girls.

Then Hecate filled in memories for her. Mary worked for a lesbian escort agency which specialized in older-younger liaisons and in training young girls, but sometimes adult women, as well, in the ways of sapphic love. An integral part of the training was the breaking down of traditional values of modesty and chastity and the instilling of an immoral, slutty attitude. Mary's most common assignment was for her to seduce some unsuspecting girl and to make a raving lesbian slut out of her. Typically, the mothers of the targeted girls were the clients who hired the agency to make their daughters into lesbians, for a variety of reasons, the most common of which was that those mothers lusted after their daughters, wanted them to become their incestuous lesbian lovers, didn't feel confident initiating the conversion themselves, and felt they could trust "professionals", like Mary, with the task. Sometimes a mother would hire the agency to make two daughters into lesbian lovers for each other, perhaps as a gift to them, sometimes a female hired them to make her sister into an incestuous lesbian, sometimes a daughter hired them to turn her mother gay for her, and sometimes a woman or girl wanted the sexuality of a female friend or acquaintance transformed, usually to make that person into the client's lesbian girlfriend, lover, or wife, but sometimes to eliminate a girl or woman as a competitor for a guy by turning her gay. The cases involving the fomenting of incest were always Mary's favorites.

Mary had the understanding that, in this version of the world, there were a lot of mothers who wanted sex with their daughters, daughters who wanted sex with their mothers, and sisters who lusted for their sisters, that lesbian incest was a fairly common and semi-accepted desire and practice, as was lesbian love, lust, companionships, and marriage, in general, including involving female youth, and that her agency's services were in high demand. She also perceived that women like herself--lesbian prostitutes--in fact, held a position of esteem in their society, at least among many women. She also somehow knew that occasionally one of the "pros" would end up stealing away the heart of a converted girl for herself, but that fact was not widely known. Mary had not done that yet, but she found herself tempted to make this darling Asian girl her first exception.

Sun-Hi Kim, the beautiful Korean-born mother of the innocent, sexually-naive-and-inexperienced girl with Mary this afternoon, had a more unique objective in mind. While she, too, found herself attracted to her thirteen-year-old daughter, her main objective was to prepare Suzu to eventually qualify to enter the rigorous competition and training back in Korea which would lead to her daughter, Soo-jin, whom they nicknamed Suzu, joining a k-pop girl group--and making Mom a lot of money in the end. The mother had heard, whether true or not, that lesbian girls were favored in the selection process, as the members of any given girl group essentially lived together much of the time and the managers frowned on the girls getting boyfriends, which could cause jealousies, distract from practice time, camaraderie, and performances, and split groups up, while seeing advantages in the girls forming romantic and sexual relationships within their group, in that such liaisons would, it was thought, knit a group more closely together, give their on-stage flirtations and sexiness with each other more realism, and make the public speculate about the relationships and sexualities within the group more, for free publicity.

Mainly for this reason, to give Suzu an advantage when trying out for a k-pop group, Sun-Hi wanted her young daughter transformed into a lesbian. An additional reason was that Sun-Hi's marriage was a miserable one. She had grown to detest her selfish husband, and hoped a lesbian daughter would avoid the same fate, that of marrying a man.

Suzu was very much a normal Korean-Amercan girl. She attended an all-girls private junior high school, was a dedicated student, was already accomplished on the piano, and was taking dance, gymnastics, and singing lessons in preparation for k-pop tryouts. She had a few friends, all girls, with whom she socialized, and she was kept away from boys. She knew nothing about sexuality, having been kept as innocent and untainted as fresh snow. That is, until the day Sun-Hi had introduced her to Mary.

Sun-Hi herself had never had any in-person lesbian experience so far in her life, nor did she consider herself a lesbian, particularly, but she was highly intrigued by female-on-female sexuality. Her husband was an aficionado of Japanese porn and, although he mainly watched male-female DVDs, which revolted her, through his interest she had discovered lesbian Japanese porn DVD's, which had become one of her secret pleasures. She had found herself particularly drawn to productions depicting sapphic older-younger and teenage-teenage sex. In fact, Sun-Hi had so much been taken by one of the young Japanese porn actresses, Suzu Minamoto, whom she had seen act the part of a schoolgirl in love with a female classmate, that Sun-Hi had given her daughter that actress's name as a nickname.

Mary knew much of Sun-Hi's and Suzu's background and believed that the mother and daughter would eventually click much better if Sun-Hi became as much a practicing lesbian as Suzu was destined to be. But of more bearing on the issue of Sun-Hi's sexual fate was that Mary had, in their brief encounters to date, come to develop almost as much lust for the beautiful Korean mother as she had for Suzu. Therefore, Mary planned a separate seduction of Sun-Hi into full-blown, "hands-on" lesbianism, for which she would, of course, as a professional, charge a surcharge for "additional services", after the deed was done.

Mary, then, was a lesbian "escort"--or prostitute--a job she relished--whose primary current assignment was to seduce this cute young girl, Suzu, and turn her profoundly and permanently into both a lesbian and a randy, wanton little slut. She would instill her with a particularly keen, lusting lesbian affection for young women around her own age, the kind she would eventually find in k-pop girl groups, but would also bring the girl to see incest with her mother as a highly comfortable and exciting prospect, as well, which Sun-Hi had not particularly requested, but which idea Mary liked and would throw in in as a surprise freebie.

Sun-Hi had introduced Mary to her daughter as a kind of teacher or governess or companion, who was to "instruct" her in various, largely unspecified matters, but mainly pertaining to her development as a proper young woman, it was explained, and which would include sex education, and had instructed Suzu to cooperate with Mary in every way. Their sessions together would be called "dates".

Suzu had from the start been enamored with the lushly beautiful and sexy "Ms. Mary", as she had come to call her, who had taken such a flattering interest in her. Mary had, by their second date, told the girl that she, Mary, was a "lesbian" and a "prostitute", or a "slut", and that Suzu would be learning more about what those terms meant on succeeding dates, and that she, Suzu, would in time also become a lesbian and a slut like Mary.

This late afternoon at the beach was their fourth date and the pretty young tween had already made good progress. Over the course of their previous dates, which included having normal fun, Mary had introduced her young companion to concepts of sexual orientation and sex, had made the case for female homosexuality, had shared several items of soft lesbian porn with the girl, getting Suzu started on a preoccupation with it, had discussed ways one girl can appeal to and turn another girl on--which had included introducing her to sexy, immodest clothes and to makeup, and giving her cosmetics and some provocative attire, such as the lipstick, nail polish, and the swimsuit she now wore--and had demonstrated some measures of girl-girl love personally, which had included giving the tween her first tastes of another female's lips and sexual caresses, to which Suzu had been clearly receptive.

Mary had been given wide latitude in the way she trained her young charges. It was Mary who had suggested to this girl, with the approval of the mother, that she color her hair from black to light ashy gray-brown, and also have her hair cut, taking off five inches in length and getting a fetching blunt-cut with full bangs. Mary had taken the tween to her own beautician to do that on their most recent date, two days prior. Though the result had been very fetching, Mary eventually wanted to make the girl a blonde. She wanted the girl to develop a completely new identity--one she would associate with Mary, the lesbian prostitute, and with being a sexy, abandoned lesbian herself, a bad, queer girl, instead of a wholesome, straight good girl--and to see a different, superior, more arousing girl, a loose, wanton lesbian girl, every time she looked in the mirror.

Little did Mary realize, whether in her real, conscious mind or in her subconscious mind in this fantasy world, that her conversion plan for Suzu was identical, at its core, to Hecate's approach to transform Mary: Break apart the self-image she had developed through her life, one of an unassuming, straight, moral, chaste, and modest person--and in the case of Mary, a religiously devout person--and substitute for it an opposite one, one of an individual detached from conventional morality and devoted to wicked lesbian lusts, carnal sapphic pleasure, erotic perversions, licentious homosexual indulgences, artifical, adventurous beauty, and wanton exhibitionism. Make her see herself as a totally different person, one far from the circumspect habits and tastes of her past, one capable of and willing to explore all lascivious lesbian desires and opportunities which might wander into her heart or cross her path. Give her hands-on experiences--right now, only in the realm of her imagination as she dreamt within the bowels of the Hecate facility, but soon in the real world, as well--calculated to ingrain her new thoughts, affections, proclivities, and self-image deeply into her behavior and into her soul.

Mary now had romantic feelings and lust for the pretty, changing Korean-American girl but, of more importance, Mary was certain Suzu had developed a big-time crush on her, exactly as hoped for. Today Mary was going to exploit that and leap ahead with the corruption of sweet young Suzu. As part of the plan, Mary was going to make it clear that they were becoming a lesbian couple, and what that meant.

As they walked, Mary noticed that Suzu repeatedly eyed her body, especially her magnificent, swinging tits and gaping cunt. Delighted, Mary joined her young date in spreading out a big beach towel and laying down next to each other. While Mary pretended to sun, the girl could not keep herself from looking over, again and again, at Mary's body, especially at her pussy, which caused Mary to smile. She felt delight in introducing this young one to the mysteries of the mature female body, and she knew hers was hot. The poor dear must be nearly fainting, Mary reflected, with a lust which she likely had not ever felt before.

Mary took the Asian girl's small, plum-red-nailed hand and set it on her thigh. The red-haired woman smiling her permission and encouragement, the tween girl ran her hand along the creamy, smooth skin. When the girl's hand approached Mary's crotch, Mary whispered for her to go ahead, to explore all she wanted. The teen's plum-painted fingertips tentatively touched Mary's pussy lips. When Mary opened her legs wider and pulled the narrow strap aside, and the girl's eyes popped open, as well, Mary smiled and whispered, "Yes... You like that, don't you?" The girl looked up at her and spoke her quiet affirmation, before turning her eyes back down to the womanly mystery she was ogling and touching. "It's my pussy, sweetie. You can call it my 'cunt', too. Say that, darling."


"Say, 'I love your sweet cunt.' "

"I...I love your sweet c-cunt, Ms. Mary."

"I'm going to let you have all of my cunt that you want. Go ahead. Put your fingers in."

The girl sank her fingers between Mary's labia, and slid them in and along the wet, secret lips, causing the older woman to moan with the pleasure. "Now lick it. Lick my cunt, honey." The young light-brunette beauty bent her head down and, for the first time, tasted a woman's pussy. Mary whimpered again with arousal, then ran her hands into the girl's silky, fair hair, pulling down on her girlish pigtails to press Suzu's soft, lipsticked mouth into her hairless vulva. "More, sweetie...a little more..." Suzu, it was plain to tell, had no objection and pursued her first oral exploration of another female with obvious gusto. Mary spoke seditious suggestions and encouraged her on. " little that... Use your tongue... Fuck my cunnie, sweetheart...You're so good... You're making my cunt feel soooo good...making me so hot, honey..."

Mary knew other women and girls in the vicinity were looking, but she didn't care. She also had the impression, moreover, that they were salivating over the show and were taking mental notes for use later in their own homes, all of which she found diabolically fulfilling.

Mary found that she was fast approaching an orgasm, the little darling having quickly become reasonably proficient in pussy love. At last the reddish-black-haired beauty moaned loudly--like the whore in heat she was--and flooded her little lover's mouth with woman-cum. " good...Ooooooo... I love your little tongue, you pretty little bitch... ahhhh...mmmmm... That's...that's woman love juice, Suzu. *gasp* You did this to me, you sweet little cunt. It's alright. Drink it, honey. Go ahead..."

After Suzu's introduction to oral lesbian love was complete, Mary complimented, thanked, and kissed her, slurping some of her own cum from the girl's mouth, then took her budding little lesbian girlfriend by the hand, and they splashed into the water. Once they were far enough out for the water to be at the girl's shoulder blades and at Mary's navel, they faced each other. "What you just did is called 'eating a woman out' or 'eating cunt'. It's an act of lesbian love...of lesbian sex. It's what lesbians do to each other. You are now officially a lesbian, darling. Congratulations."

" was...I don't know...uh...I liked it...a lot."

"Do you want to do it again?...with me?...and with other women? maybe with your mom...and with other girls?"

"Oh, yes, Ms. Mary! Especially"

"Do you want me, darling?"

"Y-yes, Ms. Mary. I...I love you!" Suzu jumped up into Mary's arms to kiss her, splashing both of them happily in the process.

"Oh, you precious little thing. That's so sweet." Mary, her dark red hair blowing gloriously in the wind around her, kissed the enticing young girl's plum-painted lips again.

Hmmmm... I think this one's a keeper. She's super cute...and what a mouth! She's made for pussy-licking... I promised to give her back to her mother when I'm done with her...but...who cares about promises? I could take her for myself... I could frame her mother for something...get her sent away to the slammer... I'd adopt this sweet young thing... I'd be her mother...her sexy, daughter-fucking mother...

But...on the other hand...her mom is beautiful, too... I would love to get her into bed, too... I want her... She doesn't know it yet...but... I'm already planning on seducing her, as well... I am a whore, after all... I could get her so hooked on me that she'd do anything to get into my panties...and then I'd threaten to withhold sex from her if she doesn't sign the girl over...and pledge her own body to me, too... I'd get them both... It would be a two-for-one........ Hmmm... We'll see........

In any case...I should make this little beauty see me as her mother...her sexy mother...her mother-lover... I'll make her love incest... I'll make them both love it... I'll do it so well that if I do turn this Korean doll back over to her real mother, they'll both thank me...and the lovely Mrs. Kim will owe me... She doesn't know yet that she wants Suzu for sex...that she wants incest with her... She didn't mention that...but she will want it... She will desire her daughter...and Suzu will crave her mom... I'll make sure of that...

"By the way...I'd like you to think of me as your mommy from now on. Wouldn't that be fun? Call me 'Mommy' from now on."


"You know, mothers and daughters make the best girlfriends. So, we can be lesbian girlfriends, too, now, in addition to being a mommy and daughter. Would you like that? To be my daughter...and my pretty, sexy lesbian girlfriend?"

"Yes, Ms. Ma-.... I mean 'Mommy'! Yes, yes, yes!" The cute, artificially-ashy-brunette girl tightened the enthusiastic embrace of her arms around Mary's neck and brought their mouths together again.

"When we have more sex with each other, that will make us lovers. Do you know what that means?"

"Uh...not really."

"It means we'll have lots and lots of fun sex with each other... We'll love each other very much... We'll even sleep in the same bed together...naked...and make love..."

"Oh...okay... That sounds really good, Ms. M--...uh...Mommy."

Mary knew that much of what she was saying went over the head of this young girl, that she didn't really understand many of the terms and ramifications of what Mary was suggesting, and that she was agreeing largely to be agreeable, to please Mary, but that was enough for now to lead the little doll down the path of corruption and depravity Mary designed for her.

" that case... There are many more things girls and women who are dating, like us, can do together, or even if they're not dating, but who just like each other. Do you know what they are?" The girl wagged her head weakly, with an expression on her face which indicated she didn't know what to say. "Don't worry, honey. I'll take care of you." Yes...I'll take care of you in every way... "I'll show you everything you can do...with women...and with girls." Mary envisioned eventually getting Suzu together with other females, including with some of her young tween and teen trainees, and coaching them into sexual and romantic involvement with each other.

"You'll be my little girl... First I'll teach you all about sex with Mommy... can play with others... You'll have sexy little 'special' girlfriends of your own." Suzu beamed at her crush. It all sounded so good.

Mary noticed that she was using a motherly tone with the girl much of the time. She realized that, despite being a prostitute, she was using her maternal skills, which she had honed over the previous two decades raising two daughters, for seduction and for the corruption of a girl who herself could be her own daughter, except for the race. The wicked irony brought a dark glee to her soul, as dictated to her by the Hecate program working on her and changing her.

Mary, being completely unconcerned about who might be watching, guided Suzu to removing Mary's swimsuit from her body and then Mary peeled her new little lesbian girlfriend's suit off her. Now both being completely naked, they embraced in the surf and kissed again, at first delicately, but then their lips and bodies mashed together passionately. Mary opened her mouth and introduced the girl to deep kissing. Soon, their tongues were jousting.

Most of the rest of their time at the beach was spent having fun in the water--splashing each other, bracing against the waves, treading water, and swimming--all while quite nude. Interjected into the fun, however, they intermittently explored each other's body in the surf and made out, Mary being the guide for the inexperienced girl. As the little teen's innocence crumbled away with every minute she spent with Mary, Mary gloried in her evil depravity, regretting only that she had not brought her strap-on with her to the beach this day.

As that scene faded, Mary saw herself in a bedroom, in a posh mansion, which she knew to be the Powers home, approaching a black-satin-covered bed. She wore daring transparent red nylon lingerie, consisting of a sheer corset with matching crotchless thong panties, both frilled with white lace. Her legs were shod with red five-inch patent-leather high heels and shiny red nylons, held in place by a red satin garter belt. Her hair, an unnaturally deep black, cut in a sexy neck-length page-boy style with full bangs, shimmered about her face and neck. Mary knew her pretty blue eyes were a striking contrast with her back hair and red lingerie. Her lips, nails, and nipples were shiny ruby red, her eyes heavily painted with thick black eyeliner and mascara and silver-gray and dark blue eyeshadows. Chains of diamonds dangled from her ears. Around her neck was a choker necklace of diamonds into which a prominent, double-Venus symbol of shiny silver was incorporated. Fingerless gloves of white satin lace, with red ribbons running through the lace and forming little bows here and there, ran all the way up her arms.

Lying on the bed, with the covers tossed to the side, waiting for her was a naked Sarah, beckoning her closer. Mary paused at the side of the bed when she saw the awaiting half of a glossy black rubber double dildo sticking straight up out of her lover's clean-shaven young pussy. Despite her panties being crotchless, and, thus, ready for this moment, Mary decided to remove them anyway, sensually sliding them down her legs and discarding them for the devouring eyes of her white-blonde teen paramour. Mary's ruby-red-painted, hairless cunt was now on full display, and Mary lingered to show it off to the clearly engrossed Sarah, and then to play with it, sinking her red-nailed fingers into and out of it suggestively--like the wanton whore she knew she was. Finishing her teasing, lewd display, she held two wet fingers up to Sarah's mouth, who then impulsively engulfed them, licking the fingers and tasting the raven-haired woman's delectable pussy juice.

Mary got onto the bed and straddled the teen's thighs on her knees, looking down at her daughter's girlfriend--the girlfriend they now shared--whose hair, now a dazzling pure-white color, was spread out gloriously over the underlying black satin pillow and sheets and the girl's shoulders and beautiful breasts, the rosy, rigid tips of which peaked up through the shiny, pale locks. Mary interlocked her fingers with Sarah's, holding the joined hands down on either side of the blonde teen's head, looking down at her amorously, drinking in the girl's beauty and body, until she leaned down to meet Sarah's red lips with her own. Sarah wrapped her arms around Mary and played with her silky black hair as they kissed deeply, mixing her lips and lipstick and tongue and saliva with her mature paramour's for several minutes. When Mary sat back up, Sarah impulsively reached up with her red-nailed hands, grabbing Mary's massive, heavy, irresistible melons dangling in the sheer cups of her corset, and played with them.

Mary loved the way she looked and her sensational curves, and was turned on by herself. She loved her erotic interaction with this, a dazzling teen girl. It was quite clear that her lover was completely mesmerized by her, too. Mary smiled at the power of her beauty...her unnatural, artificial, extravagant, obscene, wicked beauty...

But then, nevertheless, Mary decided on a change, just for fun. She shook her head. Her hair grew out instantaneously, cascading like a waterfall down her back to her hips in pale locks of blue-silver, her bangs disappearing in the beautiful, unnaturally-colored, loosely-curled mane and yielding to a center part, and her lips, nails, nipples, and cunt lips altered to glossy, deep sapphire blue. While the diamond jewelry remained the same, her apparel all turned to shimmering navy blue. She smiled wickedly down at her amazed, aroused teen lover and mounted the dildo.

"Ms.'!'re so beautiful!" As Mary impaled her womanhood down onto the dildo, Sarah felt it sink more deeply into hers, as well, causing her to suck her breath in and then moan in pleasure. "Ohhhhhh....mmmmmmm."' Mary lowered her pelvis all the way down, shoving the phallus even further up the foxy platinum blonde teen's vagina, bringing their pussy lips into an erotic kiss, and giving Sarah, as well as herself, an even higher thrill. "Ahh! Ooooooo... Ms. Love... You're sooooo sexy. I want you so much! Ohhh, let's fuck..." Mary started rising up and then down, repeating the action rhythmically. "Mmmmmm... Ms.'re such a hot, nasty, sexy cunt... I love you so much!... I want to fuck you forever! ... Oooooooooo..."

A new scene appeared, the last one in this series. Julie Laurent, Wendy's beautiful young English teacher, sat alone at her desk in her classroom, waiting for her last appointment of the evening. It was parent-teacher night, but almost all of the other teachers had left for the night, most of the classrooms were dark, and Mrs. Laurent had finished her next-to-last interview twenty minutes before. That left her too much time to think about her last parent, whom she expected any minute now, who had requested a time slot later than the usual latest available appointment. Mary Love. The exquisite Mary Love.

Julie had only seen her once, at Back-to-School night a couple of months before, when teachers welcomed parents as a group into their classrooms one evening soon after the beginning of the semester to explain the routines, goals, and expectations of the teacher for his or her class. Mary Love, a beautiful brunette, had sat among the other parents that night, and Julie had made particular note of her name when the parents had gone around the room introducing themselves. Her rich, dark chocolatey hair, which had poured in shiny cascades and curls down to her hips, her red, red lips, her breathtakingly tight, figure-revealing, shiny, light pastel sky-blue leather bandage minidress, and her voluptuous curves so plainly displayed by it--her stunning breasts in particular--had left a vivid, indelible impression in Julie's memory.

Julie had thought about the woman several times since, for some reason she couldn't figure out. Perhaps it had something to do with the way Ms. Love had stared at her so intently during the presentation. In fact, most of the time it had seemed that the beautiful woman was looking at her breasts, her legs, and her rear end, which had given the teacher a little, inexplicable thrill, but Julie had tried to dismiss that as unlikely to be intentional behavior by a parent. Or perhaps it had something to do with Ms. Love's exit. After Julie had dismissed the short meeting, she had been standing near the door, with her back to it and her hands dangling down at her sides, chatting with a couple of parents, as other parents exited the room past her backside. She had felt a set of sharp fingernails sweep across her ass, then a soft, smooth, long-nailed hand slide into her hand for just a second, lightly scratch her palm, and then slide out, while at the same time Julie had whiffed a most heady perfume. It having taken a second to react, Julie had turned her head in time to see the backside of the exiting brunette, deep brown hair swishing over a generous, tight, pale-blue leather-covered ass and erotic, wide hips.

Julie had found herself trembling a little for a minute after that subtle, covert, thrilling encounter, and she had immediately known that she wanted to see the woman again. She had briefly debated running after the brunette and asking her to come back in for a chat, but she had seen that she couldn't gracefully disentangle herself from the parents occupying her at the time, nor did she have a plausible reason to do so. She also had later pondered calling Ms. Love up on the pretext of a follow-up to the meeting, or for some other kind of parent-teacher chat, but she had not quite been able to summon the nerve, plus she had realized that the opportunity for a private, in-person session with Ms. Love would come anyway during the upcoming parent-teacher conferences.

Julie, 24, was married, happily so, she had thought, and had been for a year. This was her first teaching job. She knew she was very pretty and had a spectacular body, but, striving to be proper and to set a good example for her students, she did not flaunt it. She thought of herself as unquestionably straight--at least she did until Ms. Love came along. Now, she wasn't quite as secure in her supposition.

Knowing that Ms. Love was coming this evening, and that they would be alone together, Julie was filled with an excitement she couldn't explain to herself, and didn't want to. Nevertheless, she had debated over what to wear, and had given in to an impulse to sex it up a little. She had put on her prized pearl earrings and necklace, her favorite sweater, which she had not worn often since her dating days--made of thin, medium cornflower blue cashmere, which, Julie knew, clung to her figure and showed off her breasts enticingly--and a pleated plaid miniskirt of blue, grey, and white cotton-polyester, the shortest skirt she owned. Underneath, she wore her sexiest dark-blue satin bra and boyshorts panties set--both of which were constructed with some sheer mesh panels and with some embroidering and some touches of lace--and sheer dark-blue stay-up nylons complemented by slate-blue three-inch pumps, her tallest heels. She had applied some mascara, eyeliner, and bluish-grey eyeshadow, not heavily, but definitely much more than she usually wore. She also brought along a tube of pale gold lipstick she had once bought on a whim and had never yet used, which she applied only after the departure of her last parent before Ms. Love. Plus, she had dabbed on some of her favorite perfume. This contrasted to what she normally would have worn to a meeting like this, namely flat dress shoes, nice slacks, a loose blouse, a cardigan sweater, mundane white bra and panties, and no makeup, jewelry, or perfume.

Julie knew that her waist-length mane of fiery copper-red hair was one of her prime assets, and maybe one which had caught Ms. Love's eye to begin with. She usually wore it straight down, parted in the middle, or in a simple ponytail, but tonight she had it in an eye-catching half-up, half-down style with a profusion of pretty curls. Julie hadn't made herself up like this often since her marriage, even when she and her husband, Darren, went out. She knew she looked good. She wasn't facing her reasons for doing this, or she thought she didn't know why, but she felt she had to, anyway, and was happy she had. For the beautiful Ms. Love.

Finally Julie heard the staccato of someone's high heels tattooing the pavement leading up to the classroom's door, sending a thrill up the teacher's back. When she heard the soft knock, she nearly tripped over herself opening the door. When she did, she beheld a slim woman of slightly above-average height, wrapped up in a long dark-gray coat and wearing a broad-brimmed hat of semi-sheer black lace. But...there were those, a little darker red than their last encounter, but bright, beautiful, and bewitching. Red, red, red. The depth of color indicated she had applied layer upon layer upon layer of lipstick, and the hi-gloss finish was dazzling. The teacher noticed her guest's almond-shaped nails were finished with the same shiny color. Julie couldn't wait to see the rest of her.

Julie knew she would get a good look at her visitor tonight, as they would be sitting across from each other, separated by only a few feet, and that she would have the chance to talk to her, to hear her voice for the second time, and to get to know her. It passed through her mind that this was almost like a date...but she couldn't think of it like that. No. If this was a social occasion, then it was incidental to the business at hand, namely the welfare of her student, Wendy Love-Livingston. Still...the reality of the situation didn't stop it from feeling like something else, like something of a

The two women shook hands and exchanged greetings. Julie invited Ms. Love to sit in one of the chairs set apart at the front of the classroom. While the teacher sorted through some files on the desk and picked one out, Ms. Love, behind her, removed her coat, but not her hat, not yet. When Julie turned around, Ms. Love was facing away from her, draping her coat over another nearby chair. Immediately Julie's eyes zeroed in on Ms. Love's derriere, which was packed tightly into the shortest, snuggest black leather microskirt she had ever seen. It was so shiny, essentially mirror-like, that Juliet wondered if it had been polished somehow, and whether one could see one's reflection in it. The soft leather hugged the wide hips and the curvy ass perfectly, like a glove. Ms. Love's was, it was plain to see, one of the most beautiful, tempting posteriors imaginable.

After collecting herself, Julie took her seat and her guest did the same. Now they were facing each other. Julie was floored by what she saw as she scanned the woman. She started at the feet, which were encased in shiny, five-inch black sandals with silver stiletto heels and multiple ankle straps rising up onto the lower calves, the open toes of which revealed immaculately manicured, red-painted toes. The smooth, long legs, crossed sexily at the knees, were enveloped in the finest, shiniest, sheerest of black nylons, the kind with a seam up the back and lacy welts at the tops, which, due to the brevity of the skirt and the way it had slid up even higher on her thighs when the woman had sat down, were entirely visible, as were parts of the black garters that ran up the skirt to a garter belt. The length of the skirt was scandalous, but Ms. Love offered no apology and seemed indifferent to opinions others might have about it. She certainly wore it well, Julie noted to herself.

Roving upwards, Julie almost fell off her chair. Ms. Love had chosen to wear a very silky, long-sleeved button-up-the-front blouse made from an iridescent, light rose-gold material so sheer as to be, essentially, transparent. And she wore no bra. Her huge, lovely breasts dangled from her chest in proud, clear, obscene glory. The nipples, which made prominent tents in the clinging material, and wide areolae were painted the same amazing, brilliant, darkish red as her lips and nails. When Julie realized what she was seeing, she took a sharp intake of breath, felt her nipples tingle and tighten amorously, and could look at nothing else--that is, until the vixen removed her hat after allowing Julie enough time to drink in her body.

Ms. Love was no longer a brunette. She had recolored her hair. The previously brown locks were now wondrously blonde, the main shade being a light, golden ashy blonde, which was contrasted by chunky sections of ultra-pale ash blonde, silvery platinum blonde, and white-blonde. The whole seemed to shine with an iridescence to match her blouse. The glossy mane was pulled straight back behind her full, thick bangs, styled in a Dutch-braid bun at the back of her head, featuring elaborately interwoven strands of goldish ash, pure ash, platinum, and white blondeness pierced through with a Chinese hair chopstick of gold engraven along its length with miniature scenes of lesbian sex--which were much too small to be seen from Julie's distance--and a large pearl topping one end. Additionally, Mary happened to be wearing pearl jewelry similar to Julie's, including pearl earrings and a string of pearls around her neck, although Mary's necklace was much longer than Julie's. Through the blouse, it could be seen that the magnificent woman had pearl jewelry piercing her naval, too. Julie gawked helplessly, her heart racing and melting.

At length, Mary cleared her throat lightly and spoke. "So, Ms. you mind if I smoke?"

Julie felt disoriented by the blouse and the breasts and the blondeness, and an inclination overtook her to give this woman anything she wanted. Gathering her wits some, Julie responded. " mean, there's not supposed to be any smoking on school property...but...but...for you...I'm sure I can make an exception..."

Mary already had a cigarette between her red lips and was lighting it up, knowing she would be smoking here with or without permission. After sucking in her first, long drag, she said "thank you" as she leisurely released a white-grey plume between her glistening red lips. The sight stoked Julie's arousal.

Julie's eyes then dropped, unable to stop from returning to Mary's blouse and its voluptuous, tempting contents. She told herself it was the blouse which she found irresistibly appealing, and meriting repeated scans, but deep-down, she knew better. Even when she finally did manage to look at some other part of the now-blonde woman, her eyes subsequently returned again and again to the beacons that were Mary's amazing breasts and, especially, to her dizzying, erotic, painted nipples.

"Do you like my blouse, Ms. Laurent?"

"Your blouse?'s really nice. But why do you ask?"

"Because you keep looking at it..."

Julie, caught in the act, blushed, giving away her interest in Mary's breasts, but she tried to mask the true nature of that engrossment by latching onto the excuse Mary had offered her.

" I...I really like your...uh...your blouse..."

"May I call you 'Julie'?" The request felt flattering and suggested that a certain intimacy already existed between them.


"I'm 'Mary'."

"Okay...uh...'Mary'... As you know, we're here to talk about your daughter...Wendy..." Julie wasn't quite sure that was turning out to be the main purpose for their get-together, but she knew she had to pursue it anyway.

"Wendy likes you," Mary revealed softly. "A lot." Julie had noticed what had seemed like Wendy ogling her in class, plus she had recognized how Wendy had blossomed over the last several weeks into a "fox", as she knew the students would likely think of her now. Julie had to admit to herself, now that Mary had brought up the issue of being liked, that she liked Wendy, as well. Or maybe it was more than "like". Actually, she saw that she felt attraction to the cute girl, as well...and had thought about Wendy in her free more than simply a student, in some undefined way. So Wendy liking her was welcome news to Julie, and confirmed the vibes she had already had been feeling between them.

"I can see why. So do I."

Mary took another sensuous drag, eyeing Julie with open carnal interest, and lingering her eyes obviously on the teacher's breasts and legs while releasing the smoke from her lungs and red mouth. Julie found herself distracted and aroused by the sight of the vixen smoking in front of her and by the beautiful woman's unmistakable attraction to her, obvious, leering stares, and frank compliments, so it took her a few extra seconds to compose a response.

"Uh...Ms. Love...'Mary', I'm...I'm flattered that she likes me...and that you do, too...but we need to talk about your breasts..." Julie, immediately catching her faux pas, blushed deeply, shook her red-haired head, and apologized the best she could before trying to continue as if she had not uttered that revealing reference to the gorgeous, powerful, red-tipped mammary mounds staring her squarely in the face and dominating her mind. "Oh!...I'm so sorry!...Mary...Ms. Love...I...I mean her...her grades."

"Think nothing of it, honey. I'm glad you like them."

"Well...uh... We...we need to talk about her grades... Wendy's grades... Um... They've been slipping, quite a bit, actually. Not only in my class, but in her other classes, too. As an example, here are two assignments she turned in, one a research paper, the other an analysis of some well-known poems." Julie handed the papers to Mary. Each bore numerous red correction markings and a red "D-" at the top of the first page. "In the past, her work has been very thoughtful, well-organized, thorough, and neat. But, see, these from the past few weeks appear to be shallow, rushed, incomplete, and, may I say, just plain sloppy. My guess is she slapped them together at the last minute. Like she didn't care. Like she was preoccupied with other things..."

"Like...with you?... I can't say I blame her. Or...are you suggesting that Wendy is distracted by me?"

"What? ... You she has a thing for...for you?"\

"Would that be impossible? And would it be such a bad thing for a girl to have a crush on her mother? I admit... I probably do make it a little hard for her to concentrate on schoolwork sometimes. But I think you are part of the problem, too. If I were in your class, I would have a difficult time looking at or thinking about anything or anyone else."

"Ms....Mary... I...I don't know what to say. I'm glad if your daughter likes me... I don't mean to distract her... And believe me, there is nothing going on...uh...between us..."

As Julie spoke, Mary was checking her out raptly, without listening much, which she did without any attempt to mask what she was doing. "Wendy was right. You are a pretty thing. What wonderful coloring you have. I love your hair. Do you normally wear makeup, like you have on now? It makes you look awesome. And that really shows your figure off great. What nice breasts you have."

Flustered and embarrassed and thrilled by Mary's personal questions and observations, Julie could only blush and stammer. "I...I...uh..."

"And your legs." Mary was eyeing them up brazenly. "Scrumptious. I hope you wear short skirts and nylons like that all the time."

The teacher flushed more deeply and averted her eyes down to her legs, which were exposed to mid-thigh. She made no attempt to pull her skirt lower, secretly loving the attention this amazing woman was giving her. Without thinking, she switched her gaze to Mary's legs, which she had been ogling off and on.

Look who's talking... I love her nylons... Should I say something?... No... But maybe I should wear garter hers... She's...she's spectacular...

"Do you like my skirt?"

"Yes... It''s awesome... I's nice..."

"It's pretty clear you like my legs, too, Julie. I'm glad you do. I hope they're not too distracting...but I like you looking at them."


"Well, about Wendy... Yes, I guess she hasn't been paying as much attention to her schoolwork lately...but she has other things on her And me, as well, I must admit. see...we spend a lot of time together. We are close. Very close. Very fond of each other. Unusually fond. And she dates others , as well... You know, she has other girlfriends, too." It sounded to Julie that Mary was hinting that she and her daughter were girlfriends and were dating each other, in addition to being mother and daughter. She didn't think she was hearing Mary correctly, but the mere idea of this spectacular blonde beauty being in an incestuous relationship with her pretty daughter, Julie's student, struck her with dark, exciting intrigue. "She does have a social life, you know. Don't you think that is at least as important as school?" The question seemed rhetorical and Julie didn't think there was a proper way of responding to it, anyway, so she let it pass and started to look inside Wendy's file.

Julie, avoiding looking Mary in the eyes, and starting to think that meeting the now-blonde beauty like this, alone and after hours, might not have been the best idea--as she was sensing some element of danger to herself, moral danger, in the presence of this awesome woman--buried her face in Wendy's file.

"Oh... It says here that you were recently divorced, Ms. Love--that is, Mary." Julie's first internal reaction to that news was there might have been ramifications for Wendy and her schoolwork if her home life had been unsettled. Then, however, it occurred to her that the beautiful blonde in front of her was not currently taken, and might be open to a new relationship, which realization sent an inexplicable thrill up the redhead's back. " think that has affected Wendy?"

"Yes, but only for the good. It was the best thing I ever did, for me and for her, both. She'll tell you that, too. By the way, did you know that Wendy is a lesbian?" Mary sucked on her cigarette, making the tip glow.

"" Julie found that fact to be stirring, without understanding why.

Mary blew out a plume of smoke. "She's been dating a lot...and...she's been having girlfriend issues... That's one reason why she hasn't had time for her schoolwork. But to be honest...that's okay with me. There are more important things in life than school. A young woman has to find herself...and have time for some fun. Don't you think?"


"Do you like her?"

"What? Well, of course. She's been one of my best students...that is, up until recently..."

"No, I mean, do you like her?" Julie didn't think Mary could possibly be suggesting that Julie had a 'thing' for Wendy, although now that it came up, Julie had to admit to herself again that she had noticed how very cute--and sexy--the teen had been becoming over the last couple of months, and how appealing her legs were looking in the short skirts and hot pants, even, that she had been wearing. She has her mom's legs. And body...almost. And looks.

"'m not sure what you'"

"Come on... You know exactly what I mean, Julie... And I think it's obvious you do have, shall we say, an 'extra-curricular interest' in her. She likes you, too, in the same way, you know. She told me how hot you are. And she's certainly right."

I think I better steer the conversation away from this...

Mary had been running a hand up and down one of her shiny-clad, crossed legs, drawing Julie's attention to them more.

"What about your marriage, Julie? I see the ring on your finger..."

"Oh, Yes, we're happy...just fine..."

"You're not going to be for long..."

"What? I don't under--"

Mary uncrossed her legs. She exaggerated the motion, moving more slowly, raising the top leg higher, and spreading her knees wider than necessary. Julie looked, overwhelmed with sordid curiosity of what she might see up the beauty's skirt. Her gasp was as audible as the simultaneous surge in her pussy was resplendent. For Mary had no panties on. And, for a few sexually intense seconds, Juliet saw the blonde beauty's shaven pussy gaping at her in juicy, obscene detail. She also saw a slash or two of red, and she couldn't quite fathom what that would be, but it intrigued her all the more.

After that, Mary sat with her legs uncrossed, her knees pointing directly at Julie, apart a few inches--enough to keep Julie looking--and she spread them wider now and then, repeating the enticing, erotic exhibition. She also gradually, covertly pulled her skirt up her thighs to her hips.

Neither woman spoke for the better part of a minute, Mary letting Julie try to look up her skirt more, and try to process what her eyes had been seeing and what she was feeling, and allowing for the teacher's arousal to mount. Julie's paralysis, physically and emotionally, was quite evident. Her eyes were dilated and saliva spilled slightly from the corner of her mouth.

Julie was silent because she could neither speak nor could she think about anything other than Mary's cunt. An image flashed through her mind of herself kneeling in front of Mary, her head under Mary's skirt, and her mouth buried in Mary's lush womanly center. She didn't understand why she would imagine doing that, but it gave her a sharp thrill, as if it forecast a novel, exciting future, before the quick fantasy disappeared.

At last Mary broke the silence. "Did you wear that hot-looking lipstick for me? Julie?"

"What? Uh...oh...yes...I mean no..."

"I take that as a 'yes'. I'm glad you did. I love it. I'd love to kiss your beautiful gold lips, Julie. Have you ever kissed a woman, darling?"

"Kissed a wo--?"

"That's why you wore that beautiful lipstick, sweetheart. You want me to kiss you."

"You? Uh...Ms. Love... I'm flattered, know I'm married... I'm...I'm not...not like that..."

Mary chuckled. "Oh, really? Then why are you staring at my pussy?"

"Your...your what?... would never..." Despite her denial, Julie could not stop looking, trying to see up Mary's tiny black leather skirt for more glimpses of Mary's glistening cunt lips.

"You're lying to yourself, babe. Let's get your true feelings out in the open." By this time, Mary's skirt was mostly bunched up around her hips and waist. She threw her legs wide open, and Julie, drawing in a quick, deep breath and dropping her mouth wide open, glued her eyes to the wonderful red-painted cunt displayed so majestically and completely for her.

"What do you think of my pussy, dear? Are you going to tell me now that you're not interested? Well?"

Julie's response was a hoarse whisper. "'"

"You're going to love pussy, honey. Especially mine. And that's all you're going to want, after tonight. Woman pussy. And girl pussy. Mine...Wendy's...and others... Look at it... You'll never be happy until you taste it...and fuck it..."

"...............please.......I...I can'" Julie's voice was weak and distant.

"Yes!" Mary arose, dropping her cigarette to the floor and stamping it out with her high-heeled sandal. "Let's go sit over there." She held out her hand to the red-haired teacher while looking at a brown leather sofa sitting in the right corner at the front of the classroom, which sofa Julie had requested as a special place for students to read during their lunch hour, before and after school, and during "quiet time" during class. Julie remained seated, sensing if she went to that sofa with Mary she would never be the same woman and have the same life afterwards.

Mary pulled the golden hair stick from her bun and shook her hair out, so that it poured down to her hips like a river of cool, pale, shimmering blondeness over her blouse and the torso contained in and revealed through it. Julie's jaw dropped and she felt her willpower melt. Mary walked over to the red-haired teacher and, taking her by the hand, lifted her to her feet. Whispering, "Come on, sweetheart," the slender blonde with so many voluptuous curves led the quivering teacher to the sofa.

Once seated, closely, the two turned toward each other, nylon-coated knees rubbing with a subtle, silky swoosh sound and feeling, and Mary slid a red-nailed hand onto Julie's thigh. "So, Julie... I'd like to come to an understanding with you." Mary's hand crept higher on Julie's thigh. "Neither of us wants Wendy to get bad grades, hmmmm?" The red-nailed fingertips slipped under the hem of the teacher's skirt. "In fact, I'd like her to get A's from you..." The hand was now all the way under the skirt. "...and only A's." The red nails of two fingers touched the front panel of the redhead's panties. Julie jumped a little and moaned lightly. The fingers slid over more of the boyshorts-style panties, enough for Mary to evaluate their material, cut, and fanciness. " wore nice, sexy panties for me, too..." The roving hand returned to the front panel, pressing and probing Julie's mons and clit through the slick, moistening fabric. "And no more homework for her." The fingertips found the teacher's pussy slit through the silky material, and ran up and down along it and pressed into it, as far as the material would allow.

"Oh! Ms. Love! Mary!"

"Shhhh, you sexy little bitch." The adventurous fingers slipped under the leg band of the panties and made direct contact with Julie's pussy lips. Again, Julie gasped. "Ohhhh,'re so wet! You're hot for me, aren't you?" Unable to speak a denial or anything else coherently, Julie simply murmured a vague, indecipherable response.

"I asked you before, Julie, but you didn't give me a straight answer. Have you ever kissed a woman before, sweetie? Or let me put it this way: Would you like to kiss me?"

"No... I wouldn't cheat on my..."

"Oh, but you will cheat on him...with the next ten minutes, probably." A finger entered the teacher's lovebox. "In fact, you're already doing it. Letting a woman play with your pussy, and you absolutely loving it, isn't exactly being faithful to your poor slob of a husband, is it? But don't worry. He won't be your husband much longer." Another finger followed into the vagina, then a third. "You'd rather have me."

Julie, panting and whimpering, stared helplessly at her beautiful companion, guiltily confessing to herself the truth of Mary's statement. Yes... She's soooo beaautiful... She's so sexy... I'd rather have...her... Then the copper-haired fox closed her eyes, leaned her head back on the sofa, and parted her legs. Whatever this magnificent mother wanted to do to her, Julie wanted it, too.

"You still haven't answered me honestly about kissing women, you pretty doll. You want to kiss me...a woman...don't you?"

Mary started pumping the redhead's pussy with her fingers. "Ah! Ohhhh!"

"You'd do anything to kiss me. That's why you painted your lips with luscious gold lipstick. That's why you wore makeup. That's why you fixed your beautiful hair. That's why you wore that tight sweater, and wanted me to look at your breasts. That's why you wore a short skirt and nylons, and wanted me to look at your legs. That's why you're still sitting here. That's why you've been ogling my body. That's why you wore sexy lingerie. That's why you wore perfume. You did it all for me. Because you want me. Because you love me."

When she heard that assertion about love, Julie opened her eyes wider and looked at her companion's lovely, made-up face. The teacher had already conceded to herself the powerful lust she felt for this curvy blonde. She did desire her, and yes, probably more than her husband. But love? Was that what she was feeling, too? It was her husband she loved, still...wasn't it? Did she really love a...a woman?

"Does that surprise you? Honey, you and I just met...yet you already love me more than you love your husband. Much, much more. Search your feelings." Julie wanted to counter that claim, and wanted not to believe it...but she had no words, no honest words, orally or mentally, to make even a weak rebuttal. From the moment it rolled from Mary's kissable red lips, Julie, surprised at her feelings, knew the assertion to be true. "In fact, you really don't love him much at all...not compared with the way you feel about me. You know it's true, don't you? As we speak, and as I play with your pussy, you are falling deeply in love with me. You already love me enough to leave him and to marry me...don't you, beautiful?"

Julie had never once considered lesbian marriage as an option for herself, and she had thought she had her matrimonial situation settled by now, anyway. But now...the possibility...of...of this incredible woman...was...breathtaking... And...did this amazing dreamboat just...propose?

My heart is beating so hard... It's beating for her... It feels so good... I think...I think I do love her...more than I've ever loved anyone...

"And you want sooo bad to express your love for me, kissing me. You need to kiss me...more than you need to breathe. Show me your love...your love for a beautiful woman, darling...your love for me. Let's kiss."

Mary's fingers worked the teacher's lovebox over with vigor. The redheaded fox, her eyes now closed in erotic pleasure, moaned feverishly, slid down on the sofa some, and spread her legs wider yet. Her skirt was now bunched up around her waist, leaving the full length of her nylon-clad legs and her pretty panties--with a woman's hand inside them--on frank display. Mary must have helped her skirt up that high, Julie realized, but it didn't matter. Her skirt being so high and out of the way was just fine. Everything happening to her was fine. It was all lovely. The delirious teacher's golden mouth opened, as if readying for a kiss, or as if asking for one.


Mary leaned over to capture the teacher's pale-golden mouth with her red lips, then with her tongue, which Julie immediately accepted, and soon their mouths were in fervent congress. Mary loved the stunning sensation of her painted lips on another woman's lipsticked mouth and her hand inside silky panties, probing a hot, wet pussy. After a few minutes of pussy play and deep kissing, Julie reached her point of climax, and, throwing her legs wide open and wrapping a hand around Mary's blonde head and an arm around her shoulders to hold her close, she wailed in ecstasy.

"Ohhhh...ahhhhhh...Ms. Love... You're so beautiful!!...uhhhhh... I can't stand it!... I...I do love you! Oooooo...heaven help me...but...I...I don't think...I don't think I can live without you!!" Mary's mouth descended again onto the pretty redhead's, capturing her orgasmic exclamations.

Mary then let her new lover recover a little. Finally Julie realized what had just happened and her conscience struck her. She sat up, closed her legs, and pulled her skirt down over her upper thighs.

"Mary...we...we can't do this..."

Mary stood up on her high-heel-shod feet as Julie tried to recuperate and to express the role and behavior expected of her as a teacher and a married woman, and the proper direction in her life. "I'm sorry that...that I..."

Mary started unbuttoning her lustrous, diaphanous blouse. Julie, as she watched, began to find it even more difficult to string words together. "We...uh...we...c-can't..." Mary opened the unbuttoned blouse and let it slide off her silky-smooth shoulders and arms to the floor with barely a whisper. Julie's attempt to protest atrophied to mere babbled whispering. Her inability to speak progressed to an incapacity to do anything other than gawk open-mouthed at Mary's powerful, completely naked, red-tipped torpedoes. The redhead's mouth watered yet more and her pussy tingled electrically.

Wow!... What a woman!

Mary reached behind her leather skirt, found the zipper, lowered it, let her black skirt, such as it was, slide down her sleek legs to the floor, stepped out of it, and kicked it aside with a flourish, as if punctuating her strip show with a final exclamation point. Mary Love now stood before the teacher naked except for her black heels, nylons, and garter belt and her pearl necklace and earrings.

"You were saying?"


"Yes, babe, we can. And we're going to. Stand up, hon." After a little delay, Julie complied. "Take your sweater off."


"Do it. You want to be naked with me, pretty girl. No need to pretend you don't." Again the red-haired teacher finally obeyed, pulling her sweater over her head. "Now that cute little skirt............. Mmmm, I was right about your bra and panties. Very nice. I love you in them. Too bad they have to go. But go they must, if we're going to have hard-core lesbian sex."

Mary then walked around her, removing Julie's bra and panties for her. The teacher now stood clad only in her stay-up dark-blue nylons, her high-heels, and pearl jewelry, similar to Mary's. Referring to those articles, Mary said, "But we can definitely keep these on.

"You have a really nice body, Julie." Mary, standing behind the redheaded teacher, slid her hands over the younger woman's belly, sides, back, and rear end, relishing the satiny smoothness of the woman's young skin. "That's the biggest single reason I like you...and want you..." Mary's hands ran over Julie's firm, full C-cup tits. "Your body. It's much too good for a man." She pinched the nipples, getting a sharp yet dreamy "oh!" from her prey, then proceeded to feel up Julie's bouncy globes some more. "You need women, sweetheart. You need me."

It took Julie some time to process the last minute or two of Mary's insinuations. "" I want her...and I love her...but I can't do this... "I've always been straight..." Mary, seeming to ignore Julie's protest, had something in her hand, something which she was rubbing against Julie's legs and midsection. She ordered the redhead to lift one leg, then another, which she absentmindedly did, not understanding what Mary was doing.

"I don't want to wreck my marriage..." Mary tightened something around Julie's groin. It felt novel, but somehow good and right and exciting. "Darren...he...he won't understand..."

"No. He won't. That's what I'm counting on. But you're going to divorce him before he can divorce you, that you can become my woman, sweetheart. You're going to leave him for me. In fact, why don't you file papers first thing tomorrow? I'll give you the name of my lawyer. I assure you, you won't ever need or want a man again."

"My normal life... I don't want to lose it all... I'm... I'm afraid..."

Mary stood in front of Julie again, who looked down at a smooth, white latex ersatz penis dangling between her legs, shocked, intrigued, and charmed by it. She put a hand to her mouth, trying to stifle yet another gasp. "What...what...are you" The red-haired teacher, curious and fascinated, and moved with a dark excitement, tentatively touched her new erotic weapon.

"There's nothing to worry about, Julie, sweetie. Your life is about to improve more than you could possibly imagine. You're becoming a lesbian, honey. A girl-fucking lesbian." Mary took Julie's face into her hands and brought their lips together. "Oh, and a promiscuous, depraved slut, too. It's going to happen right now."

Mary took Julie's hands by the wrists and placed them on top of her breasts. "Go ahead, darling. We both know you've wanted these since I walked in tonight...maybe even for the last couple of months, since our first encounter, hmmmm? But I know you haven't been able to keep your eyes off these babies tonight. Or is it just my blouse you like?" Mary giggled. "Any woman who lusts for another woman's breasts the way you so obviously lust for mine isn't straight, honey. You're a total, fuckin' lesbian."

Even if she wasn't one before she met me...she is one now...or she's just about to become one...forever... The thought made Mary giddy with the power she and her body wielded over other women. Mary cupped her wonderful mountains, lifting and offering them. "Here, beautiful. Love my tits."

Needing no further encouragement, Julie started kneading the tremendous, red-tipped knockers in her hands, as Mary dropped her hands to get them out of the way. Shortly, after the pretty, naked redhead was unable to resist another second, Julie bent her head down and took a big, rigid, hot-red nipple into her mouth. She licked and sucked fervently. If this wasn't sheer paradise, she keenly felt, nothing was. Mary stroked Julie's burnished hair, encouraging her on, and played with the redhead's smaller but nevertheless compelling tits. "I wanted yours, too." At length, Mary pulled Julie's face up to hers and kissed her again passionately.

"You're going to fuck me. And then, I'm going to fuck you. You're going to become a fanatical, raving lesbian. And my lover. Very likely my wife eventually, too. Don't worry, I'll propose properly once we get to know each other. In turn, you're going to give my daughter really good grades. If you do a good job of keeping our deal secret, you can have Wendy, too." If there was any doubt left in Julie whether she wanted to cross this line with Mary, and was actually going to do it, the last promise dispelled that doubt. Ooooo...Wendy, too?... Julie wrapped her arms around Mary, pulled her close, mashing their lovely tits together, and sealed their pact with a long French kiss.

Mary sat down on the edge of the sofa, leaned back, and spread her legs whorishly. "You wanted my pussy, slut. Now here it is. Fuck me, pretty bitch." Julie dropped to her knees, then kissed, and licked, and tongue-fucked the proffered, hot womanhood. Her hands roamed freely over the blonde woman's legs, loving the silky feeling of the fine nylons and the firm, smooth leg flesh encased therein. I could worship these legs. Forever.

At last, Julie aimed her dildo into her new lesbian lover's dripping fuck-hole and shoved it in.

As the last of the scenarios disappeared, the delirious, panting Mary again heard the voice of her goddess.

"Well, Mary...did you have a good time?"

"Wow... That was awesome!"

"Are you ready to start lesbian dating and to change the way you dress and look?"

"As soon as I can."

"How do you see yourself, Mary? What are you?"

"I'm a lesbian."

"Do you have any doubts about that?"

"No. I'm definitely a lesbian. A pure lesbian. I want to be a lesbian."

"What does it feel like, being a lesbian, my beautiful new convert?"

"Wow... It''s just incredible. I'm so happy I've finally discovered that I love women. And I really, really love girls."

"Are you embarrassed at all about that?"

"No. I know I'm a pervert. But it feels natural. It really feels good. I'm so happy that I can date sexy teen girls. It's so cool."

"How else do you see yourself, Mary? Like, are you a normal, moral woman?"

"Oh, no, I'm not 'normal' anymore. I'm a queer! I don't want to be 'normal'. And I'm definitely not moral at all. You mean chastity and modesty and being a good, decent woman? No. Not for me at all, Goddess. I'm a total slut. But you know that. You did this to me. But thank you. I love the freedom you've given me, and for opening my eyes. I hate that I was ever a prude. I can't believe that I was. I promise you, I'll never be a prude again. Not close. Not ever."

"Are you then a whore now, Mary?"

After a moment of introspection, Mary knew she was exactly that. It was the perfect word for her. "Yes. I am a lesbian whore."

"How do you feel about that?"

"Good. Really good." Hecate input made sure that she felt wonderful, in fact, about her new self-image. "It's who I really am. It's who I want to be."

"How do you feel about 'natural beauty'?"

"It's a lie. It's a joke. I hate everything 'natural'. I love unnatural, artificial beauty. Give me that any day. It's so superior. I want to try everything unnatural."

"Including unnatural lusts? Deviant sex?"


"It's nice to see yourself clearly, isn't it?"

"Yes. It's marvelous. I'm a wanton, promiscuous, sexy, whorish lesbian fuck-slut. I'll fuck any pretty woman or girl, any time, any place. I love who I am now. And I love you, my precious Goddess. I will serve you forever."

After this and other sections of Mary's reprogramming this day, while Mary might talk and act like her old self in her real life most of the time, at least for a while, Mary would find it very difficult, if not nearly impossible, try as she might, to feel like the proper, conservative, modest, moral, reserved, straight, motherly person she had always been, and to think of herself as such, or as anything other than an immoral, licentious, promiscuous, sexually adventurous, vain, alluring, seductive queer slut, the new and very different kind of woman who would be raging within her and striving to break out into the open.

"So, have seen yourself with some girls and women you'd like to date...girls and women you'd like to fuck. There are even more, many more, in your future...but one in particular you have who has been right before your eyes, lo these many years...and you have not seen her for what she could be to you." Goddess motioned to the telescope. Mary stepped up and looked through the instrument, intuitively angling it downward toward the beach below. She saw a woman in a white dress, a brunette, obviously attractive, even from a distance. Curious, Mary zoomed in on her.

"That's...that's Madelynn's mother! Erin!" Mary immediately surveyed her curves, wondering why she had never done so before in person, finding she was mysteriously excited by the woman she had known for more than a decade.

"You can have her. Do you want her? Haven't you always?"

"I...I... But she's the mother of...."

"That makes it more wicked and thrilling, doesn't it? You belong together...for companionship...for mutual comfort...for love...for sex... I think it would be cute if you two fell in love, became steadfast lesbian lovers, and shacked up together. You want her, don't you?"


"I will grant it. Will you make her a devout lesbian for me?"

"That sounds like fun, your majesty."

"I also want you to complete Wendy's training as a lesbian. Will you see to that, too?"

"Of course, my Goddess."

"There will be another who will help..."

A beautiful, heavily made-up brunette teen girl in an extremely tight, sleeveless, strapless microdress of royal blue spandex and clear platform high heels stepped forward.

"This is Samantha. She will help convert Erin, and Wendy, too. She is a stripper, a porn star, and your daughter Wendy's newest lesbian girlfriend."

Before tonight, Mary didn't know Wendy was dating anyone, much less a girl, although earlier that night when Sarah picked Wendy up she had had the impression that something romantic might be going on between the two, and then Goddess had just revealed that they were, in fact, going together. But Wendy dating yet another girl, and that this new girl was from the world of porn... Mary's first two reactions to this information was, first, shock that her Wendy knew a porn star, and, much more scandalous, was dating one, and that Wendy would have anything to do with the world of adult entertainment; and second, jealousy.

"Porn? Porn star? But I don't want my Wendy..."

"Don't worry, Mary. Samantha only does lesbian porn. It's okay. She's okay. "

Mary, porn is good, if it's lesbian porn.

Mary, you are highly curious about lesbian porn.

Mary, you no longer are a prude, but a liberated woman who reads and watches lesbian porn whenever she wants to.

Mary, you will enjoy lesbian porn.

Mary, you love lesbian porn.

Mary, you will look at and watch lesbian porn at every opportunity.

Mary found herself in her living room at home, sitting on the sofa. A glossy magazine appeared on the coffee table in front of her. She saw that the cover showed two women in hose, garter belts, panties, and bras in an embrace, their legs intertwined. The magazine bore the title Lesbian Leg Lovers. Curious--unlike she would have been previously in her life--she picked the porn magazine up and started flipping through its pages. She found the spread featuring the women on the cover, who, over the course of the spread, lose their bras and panties, show off their bodies, and engage in acts of fetish leg love and tribadism. Mary found her face flushing and her heart beating fast. She flipped eagerly to another spread, then another.

Wow. This is...this is pretty hot...

An adult novel materialized in her hands. Her altered mind "remembered" getting steamy lesbian romance novels as a teen from her friend, Shelly, and reading them with furtive passion. She now felt that she wouldn't mind picking up where she had left off as a youth, and read more similar books, such as this one. As its cover suggested, the book she now held told the erotic sci-fi love story of a straight mother and her equally straight college-aged daughter who fall under the control of experimenting aliens. Held in unnatural conditions, altered physically, and endowed with new carnal urges, which they try for a time to resist, they eventually give in to new proclivities, fall in love, become lesbians and lovers, marry, and have a baby together, thanks to some strategic alien alterations. Mary read through the porn story with magical speed. When done, she leaned back on the sofa with a smile on her face and fingers in her dripping, aching pussy. Mmmmmmm... how romantic...

Several DVDs appeared on the coffee table. Mary looked them over. One after another, their covers showed alluring women and girls and sapphic themes and situations which made Mary want to watch every one of them. Why...why did I not know about this stuff before? It all looks so good. Porn...lesbian

Mary found herself back on the mansion/castle's rooftop with her Goddess.

Mary, you and Wendy can enjoy lesbian porn together.

Mary, porn stars and models and strippers are superior women. You admire them, and you are very attracted to them.

Mary, you would like to get to know lesbian porn stars and models and strippers, and spend time with them, and date them, and have sex with them.

Mary, slutty lesbian girls are the best type of companion for your daughter.

Mary, you want Wendy to be a slut, a depraved, sexy lesbian slut.

Mary, Wendy can learn a lot from slutty lesbian girls and have a lot of fun with them.

Mary, making Wendy into a wanton lesbian girl and exploiting her to gratify your own lusts and wicked desires, is much more important to you than protecting her.

Mary, the purpose of your role as Wendy's mother is not to protect her, or to teach her morality, or to set an example of propriety for her, but rather to corrupt her, to make her into a total slut, a lesbian slut, to give her lesbian sex at home, and to see that she is also dating other women and girls, to make sure she is sexually active and satisfied at all times, and to show her by your example how to be and do all of that.

Mary, Wendy looking slutty, and having sexy girlfriends, and having sex with them, excites you.

Mary, you want to follow exactly the same path yourself.

Mary, you are excited by the idea of Wendy getting deeply into lesbian porn and dating lesbian porn stars and strippers, and you want her to do that, and to do that yourself.

Mary's previous mindset suddenly spun around on her, and she quickly felt delight and pride that her daughter was into girls, cute girls, and that Wendy was an item with a girl as sexy as this Samantha, a girl who was a stripper and lesbian porn star, no less, which type of girl Mary suddenly recognized as being prestigious, and superior to most other kinds of females as a person and as a companion. Certainly she was the type of girl Mary would want as an intimate and girlfriend for her daughter, one whose lascivious, seductive sapphic influence promised to lead her daughter more conclusively into lesbianism, provocative beauty, and slutty promiscuity, as it should be, for Mary wanted her daughter to be the biggest, best, most depraved, sexiest lesbian slut possible. Of course.

That considered, Samantha was a perfect girlfriend for her Wendy. Mary found herself wishing that Wendy would someday marry a girl just like Samantha...or, better, that Wendy would ultimately marry...her mother...who would have to make some changes to be worthy of such a girl as Wendy...would have to become more like a

Mary felt enlightened on the topic of lesbian pornography. She saw now that she had been much too narrow-minded about it, as well about a great many other things which she, as a stupid prude, had disregarded as being beneath her. She was definitely going to be much more open-minded going forward.

Mary had the feeling that her time with her succulent new goddess was about to come to a close, and that made her feel a little blue. She sensed that the only way to compensate for that loss would be through profligate lesbian sex, and that Goddess would be there behind the scenes to help and guide her. Goddess knows my needs. She won't leave me alone.

"Come, darling, kiss me." This time Goddess was offering her mouth. "Kiss me, as one lesbian whore to another." They fell into each other's arms and were soon vigorously trading saliva and tongues. The delight was so exquisite that Mary started to feel her consciousness fleeing from her grasp. She felt like she was falling through a dimming vortex of fog.

Mary found herself sitting on a purple leather-upholstered sofa. She could see herself. She was dressed in a sexy red dress with a knee-length skirt and intricate embroidery. Her red leather bra and panties and glimmering silver-and-ruby jewelry were easily visible through the sheer fabric of the dress. Bright ruby red lipstick covered her lips and long nails. Her long eyelashes were covered thickly with mascara and silver-purple eyeshadow adorned her eyelids. Her now-platinum-blonde hair was done in a half-up style with a braided crown and no bangs. Sheer red stockings ran up her legs, held in place by a red leather garter belt. In her right hand, she held a 14-inch silver cigarette holder. She breathed in through the end of the narrow tube and blew out a puff of smoke.

For a second, Mary was disoriented, but quickly settled in to her current persona. She felt very comfortable with it, then excited by it. This was who she, Mary Love-Livingston, was. A beautiful--artificially beautiful--worldly, enticing woman. A lesbian woman. A smoker. A smoking-hot, wanton lesbian. A woman who hated "natural" and loved "unnatural". The woman she had always secretly longed to be--it seemed strongly now--and was destined to be, and perhaps had always been, underneath her previous conservative, straight exterior, and now definitely was.

About five feet away from her was Wendy, dressed in a sexy bridal gown and dancing on a square mirrored platform with a stripper pole at the center. Sitting next to Mary was Wendy's friend, Madelynn, with her hair dyed completely purple, who was dressed in a black cropped leather jacket, a purple lame crop top, silver lame hot pants, black fishnet stockings, and black patent-leather wedge heels with ankle straps. Her lips were painted thickly with black lipstick, matching the color of her nails. The eyebrow piercing above her right eye twinkled. Madelynn was nuzzling Mary's neck.

You love teenage girls...

At first, Mary was confused, but a strange impulse came to her. She turned to face Madelynn and kissed the goth girl fully on the lips. Mary loved this new Madelynn, who was way better than the old, frumpy Madelynn. She loved how sexy the goth girl looked, how the shiny clothing wrapped perfectly around the teenage girl's curves. Madelynn was dressed to seduce and obviously didn't mind showing off her sexy body, qualities which Mary believed, it now struck her, were important for a teenage girl. From all appearances, Wendy was on the same page, which gratified Mary as the girl's mother.

Mary wrapped an arm possessively around Madelynn's shoulder and stabbed her tongue into the goth girl's receptive mouth. Threads of saliva connected their lips after Mary parted from the kiss. Madelynn was eager for more action, and so was Mary, but Mary wanted to look at her daughter's performance.

Teenage girls are sexy and beautiful...

I'll kiss this foxy girl's tasty black lips again in a minute. I love teen Madelynn...and Wendy. But I can't miss my a That Wendy was into adult entertainment and cavorting lasciviously struck her not only with lust but with approval and pride, as well. What a hot girl!

Wendy was holding the chrome stripper pole as if it were her lover. She placed one leg on each side of the pole and moved up and down, gliding the vertical pole between the halves of her pussy through the material covering them, while dragging her tongue along the shiny metal surface. Wendy's voluminous skirt largely hid the action between her legs, although occasional flashes of white satin panties could be seen and Mary could imagine the effect of rubbing one's pussy like that as if it were happening to her. Wendy swirled her tongue over and around her glossy pink lips and flipped her hair--mid-back length, in a half-up style, and still blonde, but an ashy, almost-grey shade, laced through with chunky dark ash-brown and black lowlights--while winking seductively at Mary.

Sexy lesbian mothers and daughters should marry each other...

Mary, you'd love to be Wendy's bride...

Mary, you want to marry your daughter Wendy...

I love my daughter... She looks so hot...especially as a bride....a sexy teen bride. I wonder...if mothers...can marry...their daughters... Hmmmmm...

Pretty teen girls should have sex with each other...

Raising her hand, Wendy gave Madelynn a come-hither gesture, with which the goth girl immediately complied. Mary felt the loss of Madelynn's warm, curvy, provocatively-clothed young body when the sexy teen arose from the sofa, but was partially compensated when she understood that Madelynn was going to join Wendy on the platform to perform for Mary, and that the two girls might have sex, which possibility grabbed Mary's rapt attention.

Madelynn walked up to the mirrored platform, stepped onto it, and knelt in front of Wendy, who had the front part of her white skirt raised to her waist, exposing the front of her white bridal panties and her legs in their entirety .

You love watching teenage girls having sex with each other...

Madelynn wrapped her arms around Wendy's thighs, cupping her friend's butt, and licked along the edge of Wendy's satin panties. Wendy allowed her skirt to drop down over Madelynn's head a little, partially obscuring Mary's view.

They look so cute together...and so happy...having fun like this... They should have gotten lesbian girlfriends...long before this. If only I would have encouraged them. I could have set them up...

Mary knew what she wanted to see next. She was hoping Madelynn would pull down Wendy's panties and plow into her daughter's teen muff with her black-painted mouth, the one which she, Mary, had just been kissing, and very much enjoying, and intended to kiss more at her earliest opportunity.

You love smoking... Smoking arouses you...

Mary took a deep inhalation through the cigarette holder and exhaled. The exhaled smoke magically expanded in volume and surrounded the dance platform before converging onto the girls. Wendy's wedding dress suddenly became very sheer, as if by magic, with the added touch of an iridescent sheen on the fabric, allowing Mary to see the action that was occurring beneath the skirt. Wendy was now wearing a white ivory strap-on mounted on a lustrous white leather harness with chrome studs along the edges. Madelynn petted the strap-on and licked around it before taking it into her black-lipped mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm..."

Teenage girls should always have lesbian sex with each other...

Wendy tilted her head back and moaned while cupping her breasts as Madelynn gave her a blowjob. The smoke, as if acting with intelligence, moved upwards and flowed into Wendy's opened mouth. Once the mass of smoke had completely entered into her body, Wendy lowered her head, facing Mary. In a split second, Wendy's appearance changed. Her lips and nails were now ruby red. Her eyelids were painted in a dark purple color. Her dress and strap-on were now completely black, just like her hair, which was styled as a mass of tube curls. In contrast, Madelynn's clothes, shoes, and stockings turned white, except for the hot pants, which remained silver. Her make-up became lighter. Pink lipstick, light blue eyeshadow, and pink mascara adorned her face. Madelynn's hair became bubblegum pink.

Pretty teenage girls are arousing...

Sexy teenage girls are exciting...

Pretty, sexy teenage girls excite you and turn you on...

Sexy teenage girls make your pussy wet...

You want sex with pretty, sexy, exciting teen girls...

Aroused by the transformation of the girls on the platform, Mary felt an automatic urge to masturbate and, disregarding the public nature of the lewd display she was about to make, moved her hand to the area between her thighs. However, someone grabbed her hand. Looking downward, she saw with surprise Lauren holding her hand while kneeling between her legs. Lauren sucked on Mary's red-nailed index finger while gazing up at the MILF amorously. "Do you want me to lick your pussy?" Without waiting for Mary's answer, Lauren slithered the hem of the skirt of Mary's sheer dress up to Mary's waist, slid her young, manicured hands possessively onto Mary's nylon-covered thighs, and pressed her fuchsia-colored lips against the red leather panties. Despite the leather separating Lauren's lips from Mary's pussy, Mary could feel much of the wonderful kiss.

You want to have sex with teenage girls...

Lauren pulled aside the panties to kiss Mary's pussy directly, causing the woman to gasp. Mary moaned loudly as Lauren swiped her tongue along the labia, which were painted deeply red, a fact emphasized by the brainwashing program to Mary. Raking her hands through Lauren's hair, Mary pulled the teenager's head into her pussy to relish more of the oral pleasure. "Ohhh...ooooohhh...ohhh...yeah..."

Mary took another inhalation of the cigarette, as doing so seemed like a natural course, one to accompany sexual pleasure and to invite further erotic wonders. She tilted her head back with closed eyes, holding the smoke enjoyably in her lungs. Hands touched Mary's shoulders from behind. A young teenage girl with white-blonde hair and beautiful green eyes looked down at her.


"Enjoying the show?"


"You love teenage girls, don't you?"

"I do..." replied Mary dreamily.

Sarah cradled Mary's head, lowered her shiny red lips against Mary's gasping mouth, and kissed the woman deeply. Mary blew her lungful of smoke erotically into Sarah's mouth. When Sarah broke the long kiss, strands of red-tinted saliva hung between their lips and Mary's smoke escaped from Sarah's nose and mouth, the sight turning the transforming woman on.

"Do you love me, Mrs. Love-Livingston?"

"Mmmmm...yes...I do....." Mary hoped for another sweet kiss from the beautiful teen. "I love you very much, Sarah."

"And you'd like to fuck me, too, right?"

What a treat that would be! "Yes!"

Sarah rewarded Wendy's mother with another long kiss, a deep, French kiss, with extensive tongue jousting and saliva exchange between their painted mouths, while Sarah slid her hands over the mature woman's large breasts and kneaded them through her thin red dress and bra, almost causing Mary to swoon into oblivion with enjoyment. Ohhh, Sarah......Mmmmmmm.

"Look at how beautiful Wendy has become."

Mary looked at the platform and saw her lovely black-haired daughter Wendy fucking Madelynn in the ass with her strap-on, while Madelynn bent over some and held onto the pole for support. Wendy's long raven ringlets and young breasts bobbed and swayed enticingly with her rhythmic lesbian assaults on her best friend's derriere, and her black-painted lips were parted as she panted and cooed enchantingly. Yes, Wendy was simply beautiful, and her sapphic behavior made her even more so. She is Mary felt her body fill with pure lust for her daughter. I...I...want her...

"Do you want Wendy? As your lover? And Madelynn and me, too? And other sexy teen girls, and beautiful women, as well?" Mary nodded her head. "Do you want to have a daughter with Wendy?" Mary's face contorted in confusion. The idea was preposterous...impossible...unthinkable..............and...............awesome...thrilling... wonderful... If it were


"Only Goddess can make this possible... You will obey Goddess... Cum for me..." Sarah kissed Mary on the lips. At the same time, Lauren pressed her tongue deeply into Mary's vagina, triggering Mary's orgasm.

The machine collected the fluid that gushed out of Mary's pussy during her orgasms for use in virtual intercourse with other females and for analysis.

Everything was going to plan. Hecate had already re-trained Mary's sexuality to possess an irrepressible aversion to men and a lively romantic and sexual attraction to women, young women and girls in particular, and had corrupted her character to the point that her moral and religious beliefs and resolutions were essentially severed in her subconscious mind and were, in her conscious mind, hanging by a most tenuous thread, with more training to come. The process was creating both an engrained, pronounced physical response to sapphic stimuli, involving hormonal, neurological, and neuromuscular pathways, and a subconscious need and desire for such within Mary's psyche. Hecate analysts knew from the psychological profile of Mary they had compiled that, while her mind might be strong in certain aspects, it was also susceptible to manipulation under various forms of pleasure, so much so that Mary's mind and body were successfully being altered to crave the pleasures of sapphic intimacy, even from her own daughters. Akin to the manner in which a drug addict would look to satisfy his or her next fix, Mary, without understanding what was happening, would be on the lookout to appease her newly implanted desires. By the time she had been acting on such impulses for a while and finally recognized the true nature of her urges, she would already be well on her irreversible journey into becoming a depraved lesbian femme fatale and an agent for Hecate and Serena Powers.


When Erin opened her eyes she found herself on her back, staring up at a dark purple night sky. Turning her head to the side, she saw a bright full moon with a glowing blue-purple halo. She heard the noise of breaking waves and felt cold sand touching her naked skin. Then it struck her that there was something she needed to do, compelling her to rise to her feet. As she did so, she noticed that she was standing on a beach with pitch-black sand. After brushing the sand off from her plain white dress, legs, arms, and hair, Erin struggled to remember the urgent task she needed to accomplish. She also couldn't remember how she had gotten to this beach, to which she had never been before. Looking around, she saw no signs of habitation. The beach seemed to stretch on infinitely on each side. Tall cliffs blocked her view of the inland. When she focused her eyes on the rocky cliff, she saw a steep stone staircase hewn into the natural rock of the cliff.

Going by her instincts, she headed towards the stairs and ascended the cliff. After reaching the top of the cliff, she looked around and noticed a large three-story mansion that looked like a small castle. Acting on a sudden compulsion, she walked along a path paved with stone blocks to the house. She walked up a small flight of stone steps that led to the front door that was made of polished mahogany. She noticed a lion brass knocker. Slowly, she lifted the brass ring and knocked three times. The door opened suddenly.

"What took you so long?" asked Victoria with a displeased tone.

"Victoria, I don't know how I got here. What's going on?"

"You said you needed help in seducing your daughter, don't you remember? You don't have any experience, so I and two friends of mine who will come later are going to teach you."

"I did?........ No...yes...but wait... I thought we were going to the club that my daughter is at..."

Erin will obey Victoria...

Erin will trust Victoria...

Erin lusts for Victoria...

Erin wants to have sex with Victoria...

Erin is a lesbian...

Erin gasped when Victoria grabbed her wrist and pulled her close for a passionate kiss, to which Erin found herself responding automatically, immediately, and without reservation. This was something she had desired, she felt, seemingly for a long time, and while she couldn't remember having kissed Victoria or any other woman before, finally getting to do it was more wonderful than she could have imagined. Whatever questions she had melted away. She felt the curves and warmth of Victoria's body, and the ardor and delicious moisture of her insistent, painted mouth, and reacted with unexpected pleasure, leaving Erin quite breathless and aroused when Victoria at last broke the long kiss.

"You haven't prepared yourself. Just wearing a white dress like that isn't enough."

Erin wants to be beautiful.

Erin wants to be sexy.

Erin wants to be a lesbian.

Erin wants other women to find her sexy and attractive and alluring.

Erin wants to be a beautiful, sexy lesbian woman.

Victoria walked with Erin hand-in-hand across the anteroom and up a flight of stairs. They arrived at a room that looked very similar to Erin's own bedroom but with furnishings and appointments which were more posh. Victoria directed Erin to sit down on a chair in front of a vanity table with a large mirror. A plain, cosmetic-free face stared back at Erin when she looked at her reflection.

There was something wrong with her appearance, it struck her. While the face she saw was quite pretty, she wanted to look more beautiful than this. Compellingly beautiful. Artificially beautiful. Sexier. Much, much sexier........... Or...did she...?........ Since when...?

Victoria immediately began applying cosmetics on Erin's face. While the act felt familiar to her, it was accompanied at first by feelings of doubt and uncertainty. However, a strange female voice told her it was alright, and what she wanted, reassuring her. Then feelings of arousal from make-up being put on her face numbed her mind. Before she knew it, Erin's eyes were decorated with thick black mascara, dark purple eyeliner, and sparkly silver eyeshadow. Her lips were coated with lustrous black lipstick applied thickly. The opened silver lipstick tube was placed against her lips, which Erin sucked after the voice told her to, as if it were a dildo.

"You should always re-apply your lipstick after heavy kissing, sucking, or licking," instructed Victoria before kissing Erin on the lips. This kiss, due to her black lipstick, she sensed, was even more thrilling than the first. "Now let's do your nails. Black would be best."

Everything became a blur. When Erin came to her bearings, she saw herself standing in front of a full-length mirror in shiny black six-inch heels with ankle straps, dressed in a sleeveless black leather minidress with halter straps, a plunging neckline that exposed a lot of cleavage, and an open back. This dress would not allow for a bra, and Erin did not have one on, which fact was made quite obvious by the unmistakable imprints of her nipples in the thin calfskin material. The lower part of the bodice consisted of crisscrossing leather straps, which exposed her navel and most of the skin of her mid-section below her breasts. Sheer black stockings ran up her legs. Onyx-silver jewelry adorned her body, including onyx-jeweled piercings dangling from her navel and from her ears.

New memories and implanted values told Erin that she felt quite natural being made-up, decorated, and dressed like this, that she had always wanted to wear a daring dress like this, that she wanted more dresses and other attire as revealing and provocative, and that this was how she should dress and would dress from now on. She particularly liked the "no-bra" look and the way her nipples were revealed through the dress, as well as the short hemline of the skirt which showed off more of her legs than she ever had before, and the open back which exposed most of the smooth, soft skin of her back. She "realized" that it was important to draw the attention of women--no, not just women, but girls, as well...especially girls--to her hot body, to show it off, to attract them, to make them lust for her.

"What color do you want your hair to be?" In the past, Erin had not much considered the possibility of changing her hair color, her life-long cautious, puritanical outlook having inhibited her from so doing, but now that Victoria raised the issue, she found it most intriguing, and knew she wanted a change, maybe eventually many changes. Without hesitation, as if she had already considered the question, Erin replied. "Black."

"Of course. Here." Victoria waved her hand above Erin's brunette head, and her locks instantly transformed into a thick cascade of glossy, deep-black waves pouring down her back, with full bangs. "And for good measure..." Victoria pointed four fingers at Erin's hair and snapped them down in a streaking motion, resulting in metallic purple highlights appearing in her mane, not as bold and chunky as Madelynn's, but reminiscent of them, just the same. Another downward snap of her fingers added golden blonde streaks. Erin gasped in delight at the outcome.

"You look very beautiful," praised Victoria, while standing behind Erin and caressing Erin's hips and cupping her butt. Victoria was now naked except for an embroidered purple satin bra and panties set, along with purple high heels.

"T-thank you," said Erin. Erin felt very flattered and aroused that a beauty like Victoria would find her attractive. She realized again that little was more important to her right now than to appeal to beautiful, sexy women and girls, especially this one. She also found her own reflection was turning her on.

"You'd do yourself, wouldn't you?"

"...yes...I would..."

"You can do me instead. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"You, Victoria?" The offer was almost too good to be true. Victoria was an awesome specimen of womanhood and Erin had developed deep feelings for her, both romantic and sexual, in a short time. "Well...I.............yes..........I'd love to..."

"Good. Then let's have some fun before they arrive here."

Victoria raised a curved, artificial penis in front of Erin's face. It was a purple, gold-filigreed ceramic strap-on dildo with a purple leather harness. Erin's eyes opened wide with shock.

Erin wants to have lesbian sex with Victoria...

Erin wants to be fucked by Victoria...

Erin is addicted to lesbian sex...

Erin will submit to dominant women...

Dreamily, Erin licked the tip of the shaft before Victoria pulled it away and began drawing it onto her hips. Acting on a strange compulsion, aching to be screwed by Victoria and her beautiful dildo, Erin knelt down and assisted Victoria with the straps. When she touched the shaft, she noticed the strap-on flashed with a warm golden color and the filigree changed into different patterns and shapes. Erin gave the tip of the strap-on a kiss, licked it, and then sucked most of it inside her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm..." Erin moved her head back and forth, giving the hard phallus a blow job. At length, stimulated by Erin's mouth, the strap-on pulsated as if it were alive. Metallic golden liquid shot into her mouth in copious amounts with some of it leaking from the edges of her mouth and dripping onto the floor.

Swallow... Take in the essence of Goddess...

Erin gulped down the mysterious fluid. It was delicious and thoroughly feminine, in some indecipherable way, and made her feel so, both delicious and feminine, and soft and sexy and alluring, and tingled pleasurably in her mouth and as it passed down her throat and esophagus. It filled her stomach, then she felt it flow throughout her body, settling in her brain, breasts, and reproductive system, concentrating particularly in her ovaries, uterus, vagina, nipples, and the milk glands and ducts of her breasts. She felt it glow and pulse erotically wherever it flowed and pooled, and change her from within, altering her glands, hormones, neurons, and mentality. The effect of the liquid, she perceived, was to eliminate all traces of her previous heterosexual nature and endow her sexuality with pure lesbianism, or at least to prepare it to fully transform into such, given proper stimulation and acts. Her body and the new fluids and feelings filling her felt so good, so right, so destined, that she could not help but whimper softly to herself.

After pulling her mouth away from the phallus, Erin licked the area around her lips. Altered, she entertained impressions novel to her. Mmmmm...straps-on are awesome. Victoria is awesome. What a hot woman. I hope she'll fuck me...

Victoria lifted Erin back up onto her feet and gave her a deep kiss, to which Erin responded by throwing her arms around the half-naked beauty to pull her mouth and her body in for a long, tongue-centered French kiss. After they finally broke, Victoria wasted no time to re-apply black lipstick heavily on Erin's lips, all of which left Erin once again slightly tipsy, in a very enjoyable way, and in a most agreeable mood. "Let's meet our guests."

Erin hesitated, looking at Victoria with longing in her eyes. "What's wrong, sweetie?" the blonde woman inquired, looking like she knew quite well the effect she was having and what Erin craved from her. "Don't you want to meet our special visitors? I guarantee you'll like them."

"'s not that......... Uh...I..." Victoria saw Erin's eyes settle on her strap-on, dangling portentously between her legs.

"Ohhhh... You want me to fuck you, don't you? You slut! Don't worry. I want to fuck you, too. I promise, you'll get fucked before you're done here. Plenty. Enough even for a whore like you.

" want to be my lover, don't you, Erin? That would mean that we have to see each other frequently...and fuck every time. Is that what you want?"

Erin smiled and nodded her head like a little girl who had just been told that she might be going to Disneyland.

"Well...we'll see what we can do..."

Victoria took Erin by the hand and led her downstairs.

When Victoria and Erin arrived in the anteroom, they were greeted by the sight of a mysterious woman dressed in a red robe with a red veil hiding the lower half of her face. Accompanying her was an extremely pretty brunette teenage girl dressed in a sheer, erotic wedding dress that exposed the white lingerie she wore beneath. They were both seated on a silver silk sofa. Erin found the beautifully made-up eyes of the red-clad woman very captivating and felt a sense of familiarity with her. She was also drawn to the aura of innocence the girl possessed combined with her smoldering sexiness as she sat next to the red-robed woman. Erin couldn't resist looking at their sensual curves.

Both of the females got up from the sofa and walked up to Erin and Victoria. "Hello, Erin," greeted the robed woman in a familiar voice that surprised Erin.

"Mary? Mary Love-Livingston?"

With smooth motions, the woman took off her hood and mouth veil, revealing her face fully to Erin, who particularly noticed the bright, shimmering, inviting red lipstick covering Mary's smiling lips. She had never known Mary to wear makeup, but she didn't mind at all, and Erin knew immediately that she wanted to kiss those lips, although to do so with the mother of her daughter's best friend would be most socially awkward.

"Yes. You are looking hot, Erin."

", too, Mary." A wave of novel lust for her long-time friend surged through her body, causing Erin's pussy to quiver. She looks incredible. "W-why are you here?"

"I'm here for the same reason as you."

Erin and Mary are highly attracted to each other.

Erin and Mary love each other.

Erin and Mary have always wanted each other.

Erin and Mary belong with each other.

Erin and Mary belong to each other.

Erin and Mary love each other sexually.

Erin and Mary want sex with each other.

Erin and Mary love kissing beautiful women.

Erin and Mary want to kiss each other.

Without warning, Mary embraced Erin and kissed her on the mouth. Surprised but delighted, Erin received the kiss without any objection, both realizing that they had been craving such a meeting of mouths. The fact that they loved each other and had wanted each other for some time now became crystal clear to each of them.

"I want to save my daughter as much as you want to save yours. We both have a common goal." Mary kissed Erin again, but much longer and more deeply. Both women received the distinct impression that their joining to help their daughters was to be a romantic union between them as much as a strategic one--and that professed concern about their daughters was mostly an excuse for them to start a romantic and sexual relationship--but that seemed like it ought to be, a natural and normal progression in their friendship, and a proper and desirable inclusion in any joint endeavor between them from now on, as it should be between any two hot women. They not only didn't question that impression, but they accepted it wholeheartedly.

As their mouths melted one into the other, the machine enhanced Erin's and Mary's arousal towards each other. They moaned deeply into each other's mouths and dueled with their tongues. Both Erin and Mary wanted to think, but the machine made it difficult for them to think. Their artificial mutual lust for each other clouded their minds and maternal purpose. All they could think about was lust for female bodies and engaging in lesbian sex, and how much they wanted each other.

Out of the corner of her eye, Erin saw the girl moving close to her while smiling mischievously with her bubblegum-pink lips. A surprise squeeze on her ass by the girl made Erin gasp, and the long, wet kiss with Mary broke. Strands of saliva, tinted red and black, joined their lips for a few seconds longer.

Erin loves teenage girls...

Erin loves dominant teenage girls...

Erin will obey dominant teenage girls...

Erin wants to have sex with teenage girls...

Erin wants to have lesbian sex often...

"Hi. My name is Samantha. Nice to meet you, Erin." The matrimonial girl kissed Erin on the cheek. "Do you always look this hot, Erin?" Erin felt a thrill pass through her at the sexy girl's attention and compliment. "I could really get into you, babe." The girl's painted lips planted a more intimate kiss at the corner of Erin's black mouth, then slid to the woman's ear and whispered, "I promise we will have lots of fun together!" Erin felt her pussy tingle with arousal. "You want me, don't you?"

The only possible course Erin saw for herself was honesty. "Y--Yes."

"How about your friend? Mary? You like her, too. You'd love to bed her, wouldn't you?"

Before Erin could respond, a white fog appeared, seeping into the room from the doorways and from the top and bottom edges of the walls until the whole room was filled. Erin and Mary lost themselves for a few moments. When the fog subsided, the two women found themselves naked and lying across a large circular bed, close together and facing each other.

Erin and Mary love each other.

Erin and Mary long to touch and kiss and feel each other.

Erin and Mary should be lesbian lovers.

Erin and Mary belong in bed with each other, making love.

Erin and Mary want sex with each other.

As Mary and Erin raked their eyes greedily over each other's exposed body and then gazed with longing into each other's eyes, they both knew that they were about to become lovers. Both women were eager for this and were now impressed that they had long wanted it, although Erin wondered why she was only acting on these urges now, after all these years, while Mary viewed this as a long-overdue seduction to entice Erin into a destined state of lesbianism. A naked Samantha sat Indian-style on the bed at its head, facing them, close to their heads, looking down on them and with her hands on their shoulders, pulling them toward each other like a matchmaker, as if presiding over and guiding their tryst. Before Erin could say anything, Mary cupped Erin's cheek and kissed her on the lips deeply, black and red lipsticks mixing.

The sensual kiss in the nude went on for a while, but then Erin felt something wrapped around her neck. Breaking the kiss and seeing herself somehow, she found that she was wearing a studded leather collar connected to a chain that was being held by Samantha.

Samantha extended her legs straight from their folded posture and spread her slim thighs, removing all obstacles and opening the way to her inviting, bald young cunt. She pulled Erin's head closer with the chain. "Lick my pussy, lesbian whore."

Erin loves being called a lesbian whore...

Erin is a lesbian whore...

Erin loves being a lesbian whore...

" fuckin', cheap lesbian slut..."

Erin loves being a lesbian slut...

" beautiful cunt..."

Erin and Mary love dirty, erotic words and nasty, sexy language.

Erin and Mary are lesbian sluts.

" fuckin', sexy cunt..."

Erin will do anything and be anything to have more lesbian sex...

Erin loves being dominated by teenage lesbian girls...

Erin loves eating pussy...

Erin loves teenage pussy...

Erin felt that she was supposed to be offended by the labels the teen beauty had applied to her, but something told her to feel differently, to not only accept the designations as appropriate, but to revel in them, as well.

Erin got on her fours and moved her face in between Samantha's thighs. She noticed a pink abstract patterned tattoo right above the girl's hairless pussy that glowed with a strange luminescence. The pink gem piercing on the brunette girl's navel flashed periodically. Spurred by powerful feelings of arousal, Erin smothered Samantha's pussy with her lips and tasted its sweet feminine fluids. She extended her tongue and pushed it into the vaginal canal.

Teen girl pussy is absolutely delicious...

Erin loves eating teen pussy...

Soon Erin was lost in tonguing and licking and sucking the young delicacy before her. It seemed to her in this moment that this was the best thing she had ever done in her life. There was nothing to compete with teen-girl pussy and she felt she could not get enough of it.

Acting on the machine's instruction, Mary got on her knees behind Erin, pressed her womanhood into Erin's, and moved her hips back and forth repeatedly, smashing her pussy against Erin's pussy, creating glistening threads of feminine fluids hanging between their feminine parts in the process. If this had occurred in the real world, Mary could not have physically actually rubbed her pussy into Erin's with much contact and force in this posture, but in this fantasy world she could, and did so quite effectively. Mary held onto Erin's hip with one hand while smoking from her cigarette holder on the other.

Mary loves dominating other women...

Mary loves fucking other women...

Mary loves smoking...

Smoking makes Mary feel like a lesbian...

Mary loves fucking other women while smoking...

Mary wants to be a lesbian dominatrix...

Erin likes being dominated by beautiful women and girls...

Erin is attracted to women who smoke...

Erin would love to be fucked by a woman who smokes...

Erin likes cigarette smoke...

Erin wants to start smoking...

Smoking makes Erin feel like a lesbian...

Erin wants to feel like a lesbian...

Mary and Erin don't need men...

Mary and Erin want to be lesbians...

Mary and Erin are lesbians...

Mary and Erin love women and girls...

Mary and Erin love only women and girls...

Mary and Erin love each other...

Mary and Erin love pussy...

Mary and Erin love each other's pussies...

Mary and Erin are lesbian lovers...

Mary and Erin love fucking each other...

Outside of virtual reality, a tube connected between the vaginas of the two women facilitated a bi-directional exchange of vaginal fluids via a two-way pump to enhance the virtual sex simulation and to bind them together through their pussies in their real lives from this point on. Whenever they would be together or even think of each other in the real world henceforth, their cunts would throb with desire to be joined again.

Mary leaned forward, pressing her breasts onto Erin's naked back and whispered into Erin's ear, "I don't need men anymore in my life. I'm planning to divorce my husband. He is ugly and repulsive, like all men. I'm a 100% lesbian now.

"You don't need men anymore, either, Erin. You'll never want a man again. Lesbians only need women...and girls." Mary's words sank into Erin's brain as new truths for her. "That's what you are becoming. I'm going to help make you into a complete, permanent lesbian."

Erin stopped licking Samantha's pussy to reply. "I thought we were going to save our daughters."

"Yes, we are, and the only way to do it is if we become lesbians, which I am now." Mary cupped and squeezed one of Erin's big breasts, causing Erin to gasp. "You, too, sweetie. You have to be a lesbian, and not just a fake one, and not just for little while, but a real lesbian, forever. That's what I want for you. That's also the only way to win Madelynn back and make her love you. And you know that's what you want, too."

Mary took a deep inhalation of smoke before grabbing Erin's chin, turning it toward her, kissing her on the lips, and forcing the smoke into her friend's mouth. Erin felt the smoke swirl around her lungs delightfully, part of it being absorbed into her body, changing her, infusing her with even more lust for female flesh, and some of it then exiting her mouth and nose, which she saw as if from a third-person perspective and thought was a very sexy and desirable look for herself, a very lesbian look.

"Do you like smoke, Erin?"

Though Erin had never smoked before and had always regarded it as a disgusting, degenerate practice, her view was rapidly changing. Erin nodded her head dreamily. "Then here...have a nice drag." Mary held the cigarette holder to Erin's lips, and Erin sucked in a cloud of smoke. "That's right...keep inhaling it in...very very nice...soooo like a lesbian... Hold it in... Get all the enjoyment... Now blow it out into my mouth... Give me a beautiful, smoky lesbian sexy, smoking lesbian woman to another..." Erin followed all of Mary's promptings. "Mmmmmmmm" both women moaned in unison as the kiss went on and on and the smoke exchanged back and forth between them.

"Feeling a little more like a lesbian, Erin, my love?"

Erin searched her feelings, and knew she was so feeling, and not just a little. "Yes."

Erin turned her head to look at Mary, from whose nose the last of the smoke was leisurely wafting. Erin thought the sight was arousing, and wanted to kiss Mary's red mouth again. She leaned forward and Mary, taking the hint, captured Erin's black mouth with her red one, and soon their tongues were jousting.

Mary spoke again after separating their mouths, strands of black and red saliva again connecting their lips for a few seconds. "You like eating pussy, don't you?"

Erin can't live without licking pussy...

Erin is a pussy-licking lesbian...

"I...I do..."

"Teen girl pussy tastes really delicious, doesn't it?"

Erin loves the taste of teen girl pussy...

Erin wants to eat the pussy of every pretty teen she can...


Mary positioned Erin's head to face Samantha's pussy again. The abstract pattern tattoo glowed. Erin extended her tongue and licked the labia in front of her. It was so good that she was devouring the slut's slit avariciously again within seconds.

"I'm going to fuck you, Erin," announced Mary after a minute, while giggling wickedly. "Real hard."

Erin's vision blurred and she felt a floating sensation. When her vision recovered, she saw herself, Samantha, and Mary from a third-person view, on the bed, positioned as before. Mary, as with everything else in their shared fantasies, also experienced the scenario as a co-participant. A cloud of red sparkles appeared around Mary's hips. They coalesced together and formed a red leather harness with a ruby strap-on. Mary stroked the ruby phallus with one hand, causing it to glow with each stroke. She inhaled from the cigarette and exhaled a large plume of smoke before plunging the strap-on into Erin's pussy, causing Erin to moan loudly. Then, in and out Mary went, time and again.

Erin almost swooned with the erotic feelings her friend was generating inside her. It was so much more gratifying, more lovely, more romantic, more bonding, more powerful than anything Don, her ex, had ever done to her. She started to fully accept Mary's phallus plunging her vagina, and to embrace Mary as her natural lover.

Mary's feelings were of the same type. Fucking another woman, and her friend, at that, felt perfectly natural. It was so romantic, so wonderful, it felt so good in every way, as if she should have been doing it long before now. She was convinced that lesbian love like this was much more exquisite than any heterosexual relations she had ever had. Straight sex didn't come close, in fact, and was putrid in comparison. She knew she would not allow herself to mate with a man ever again, or even to be touched by one. But a magnificent woman like Erin, on the other hand...yes...again and again...

Erin's vision was replaced with a 3D cut-away anatomical image of her reproductive organs, which pulsed and glowed in shades of red and gold, as if they were being or had already been magically altered in some mystical but wonderful way into those of a lesbian whore, and she could see her vagina being fucked by the ruby phallus. Mary saw the same.

Hands touching her cheeks restored Erin's normal vision, which was centered on the crotch of the female she was licking, but this time it looked different than before. The labia were colored cobalt blue.

"You're such a good pussy licker, Mom."

Erin looked upwards in shock at the familiar voice. It wasn't Samantha who was looking down at her. This girl had neon purple hair in a precise pageboy style, cobalt-blue lipstick, silver-purple eyeshadow, long mascara-laden eyelashes, and dangling silver earrings with purple gems.

"Madelynn?!" Erin exclaimed with shock. "Why...why are you here?! Why are you doing this with me?!" She tried to back away from the sinful, incestuous act she was committing, but Madelynn's and Mary's hands held her in place.

"I'm here because you want me to be with you, Mom. I know you're really into my sexy teenaged body." Erin looked up her daughter's naked body, scanning her erotic breasts and enticing cobalt-blue nipples, her lovely, made-up face, her striking hair, back down over her smooth arms and narrow waist and flaring hips and settling again on her wet, waiting, wanting teen pussy. Yes...she definitely was into this hot young body.

"Yes...I mean...I mean no! No, we shouldn't be doing this! This is completely wrong!" Though Erin had planned on seducing her daughter to save her, she had not formulated a clear plan nor decided on how far she was willing to go. But this...this would be crossing the line.

"You were more than willing to eat out Samantha, another teen girl. You liked her young pussy just fine, didn't you? And mine is even better, because it's not only another teen pussy, but it's also the cunt of your own daughter! Mmmmm... think of it, Mom. Think how depraved it will make you...what a whore you'll be. Wow. That's exactly what you want! And that's what I want for you, too."

"But...but, honey... You and me...doing this...would be...would be... incest. I'm a decent woman... How could I..."

Madelynn put her finger on her mother's lips. "Shhhhh, Mom. It doesn't matter what fuddy-duddy people call it. It's just love. Pure and simple love." Madelynn slid her finger between her mother's lips into her mouth. "You showing me how much you love me, and me showing you." Erin started to reflexively suck on the slim, young finger as Madelynn began to fuck Erin's painted mouth with it.

"Anyway, there's not anything 'decent' about you, Mom. Not any more. You're just a whore, Mom. Remember? You love fucking women...and especially girls. You have a depraved desire for teen girls. You'd love to fuck me, wouldn't you, Mom?" Madelynn's finger pumped between Erin's lips with increasing force and speed, and, as Erin processed her daughter's wanton suggestions receptively, the mother's tongue played with the daughter's finger like they were dancing in Erin's mouth "Well, I want to fuck you, too. But first, eat me out!"

Madelynn--that is the Hecate technicians puppeteering this vision of Madelynn--could tell Erin was still hesitating, so she added more persuasion and temptation.

"Don't tell me you'll make love to a stranger," referring to Samantha, "and not to your own daughter, a daughter who wants to go all the way with you, Mom! Look at my fuckin' pussy, Mom. It's beautiful and juicy and delicious. And waiting for you." Erin found the combination of her daughter's exciting, lewd words and inviting womanhood to be most compelling. Her words struck her as completely true and that sweet-looking, gaping slit as being simply irresistible. "Stop lying to yourself, Mom. I know you want me! You crave my lovely teen pussy, don't you? You fucking whore...come on..."

Erin found herself desperately desiring to give in to her daughter's temptation, and was on the brink of doing so, yet she couldn't quite bring herself to cross into the taboo territory of incest. She needed just a little nudge, which the Hecate technicians, adjusting their controls, gave her.

A shiny black, rounded object peeked out of the blue labia. The object seemed to grow in size as it slithered outward, finally revealing itself to be a vicious-looking snake with lustrous cobalt-black scales and glowing red crystalline eyes. The snake extended itself six inches from the labia before stopping. It hissed and flicked its red tongue in front Erin's face.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" screamed Erin in horror at the demonic-looking serpent, dislodging her daughter's finger from her mouth. She struggled, but multiple hands kept her in place again.

"Make love with it, Mom!"

The cobalt snake's red eyes and tongue flashed in red colors, entrancing Erin.

Erin will obey her daughter, Madelynn...

Erin lusts for her daughter's body...

Erin will have sex with her daughter...

Erin wants to be dominated by her daughter...

Erin wants to have sex with teenage girls...

Erin will enjoy all forms of lesbian sex...

Erin will submit to dominant women...

No sex act is too extreme for Erin...

Lesbian incest is normal and natural, and also depraved and evil...

Erin likes depraved lesbian sex...

Erin wants to try lesbian incest...

Erin is wicked and loves evil sex...

Erin is an evil lesbian whore...

Erin is a wicked lesbian mother who seeks dark love and sexual perversion...

Erin loves evil and darkness and lesbian depravity...

Erin is a dark lesbian whore...

Erin wants to try incest with her daughter, Madelynn...

Erin wants to be Madelynn's corrupt lesbian whore...

Erin is evil and loves evil lesbian sex...

Erin's rational thinking receded, and she suddenly felt calm and felt sexual attraction towards the snake. She moved her black-painted lips forward and kissed the head of the snake. She felt the forked tongue of the snake flicking against her lips as she opened her lips slightly to extend her tongue to lick the snake's head. The revulsion she normally would have felt was replaced with excitement and pleasure. Contact with the snake felt comfortable, erotic, delectable, and arousing, compelling her to want more of it. It also felt like she was doing something evil, something only a depraved, wicked woman would do--the type of woman who would fuck her own daughter--yet, as moved upon by the machines affecting her unconscious mind and body in Hecate's facility, she liked it, and relished the sensation of being evil, and sinking into sexual darkness, first by playing sensually with the snake, which seemed to be paving the way for deeper and darker erotic indulgences, and also by being so close to her naked daughter's sweet, available pussy and so close to doing something sexual with it.

Their tongues touched. Erin then ran her tongue down and up along the scaly body of the snake before wrapping her lips around the head of the snake and taking several inches of its body into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." She perceived darkness flowing into herself from the snake, delicious lesbian darkness and sexual wickedness. She found herself loving the new feelings passionately.

Madeynn tilted her head back and moaned erotically. "Yesssssssssssss..." Erin became aware that the snake was acting as if it were part of Madelynn and that she, Madelynn's wicked, sexy mother, was making her daughter moan with erotic pleasure. A perverted delight she knew she had never experienced before shot through her mind and body.

Erin, your daughter needs her mother's love.

Erin, Madelynn needs her mother's mouth on her pussy.

Erin, you are a lesbian mother.

Erin, you are a wicked, whorish lesbian mother who wants incestuous sex with her daughter.

Erin, you crave incestuous love with your daughter.

Erin, you want to eat your daughter's sweet, young pussy.

Erin, put your mouth on your daughter's sexy pussy.

Erin, kiss your daughter's slick cunt lips.

Erin, fuck your daughter with your tongue.

Erin, eat your daughter out.

The snake retreated gradually into the young cunt. Erin's mouth followed. Before she knew it, her kissing and lapping of the snake had become fervent sucking on Madelynn's clit, licking her pussy lips, and tonging into her vagina. The snake popped out now and then a little, as if her daughter had a retractable miniature penis, and Erin, regarding it as such, sucked on it, too.

Now Erin not only didn't care that it was her daughter she was fucking with her mouth, but rather she started to love the sweet young pussy she was devouring. She didn't know any longer why she had hesitated doing this. What she was doing felt so right. And she wanted more, more of her own daughter's precious, dripping pussy. Yesssssss.

Finally, the snake extended itself out of Madelynn's pussy more, to six inches, and stayed out, forming itself into a proper girl-penis. Erin gobbled it up, performing fellatio on her daughter with as much vigor as she had cunnigulus.

Warm and slippery objects touched Erin's arms and legs. Erin could see in her mind's eye that these were black snakes, of the same kind with which she was making oral love, slithering up along her arms and legs. The machine made her enjoy the feeling of serpentine flesh touching her skin. Two of the snakes ran up her arms, wrapped around her breasts, and squeezed them. While sucking on her nipples, their fangs bit into her areolae, but she perceived the pain as welcome, dark pleasure. Two others wrapped around her neck and waist. Two more snakes ran up her legs and entered into her anus simultaneously, while the remaining three wrapped around her thighs and waist. Erin grunted at the unexpected intrusion, especially at the invasion into her anus. She could see a virtual cut-away anatomical view of the snakes entering her ass and into her rectum. Feelings of pleasure ran up her spine. She wiggled her hips to get more of the exciting sensations.

The machine manipulated Mary's thoughts to make her enjoy watching the sexual acts occurring before her, and to desire to be part of them. Mary had already retracted her strap-on from Erin's pussy when the snakes had started crawling onto Erin. Now she knelt down to kiss and lick the serpentine bodies. Slowly, more snakes slithered toward Erin's ass crack and crawled up her rectum into Erin's body. Mary idly wondered what it felt like and made a mental note that she would like to experience play up her anus sometime, too.

When the snakes were all inside Erin, Mary, directed by Hecate's insidious equipment acting upon her in the real world, grabbed Erin's ass cheeks and licked her asshole. Some of the time, she could feel the tails of the snakes tickling her tongue, enhancing the sensation. When Mary pulled away, there was a glittery trail of purple slime connecting her lips to Erin's anus. She returned her mouth to Erin's ass hole, this time probing deeper and deeper with her tongue. While Mary had never committed such an act nor even conceived of doing it on anyone before, the machine controlling her convinced her that it was natural, that she enjoyed it immensely, and that she would be returning to analinguous often in her future, especially with Erin. Both women loved this act, and they both could feel it stirring their emotions for each other, sexually and romantically binding them closer together. At length, however, after having her fill of MILF ass for the time being, Mary stood back up on her knees and resumed pounding Erin's pussy with her strap-on.

Snakes with red scales and golden eyes crawled up Mary's body. Mary gasped from the euphoric sensations of the snakes' bodies sliding over her skin and stopped her thrusting, pulling most of the way out of Erin. The snakes coiled around her large breasts and wrapped around her hips, slowly forming a living set of bra and panties. She opened her mouth in a loud moan as the snakes interlocked with each other to remove gaps in the ensemble. One of the smaller snakes wrapped around her strap-on, forming a tight spiral and fusing onto the shaft, giving it a bumpy texture. Mary smiled wickedly at her enhanced phallus while feeling it with her fingers. She placed her hands back on Erin's hips and inserted the tool back into Erin's vagina, causing Erin to moan into Madelynn's pussy.

Mary now became aware of Samantha's transformation into Madelynn. The machine immediately reminded her how much she had enjoyed kissing and playing with Madelynn on the sofa earlier, how much she had wanted to go further sexually with her, and how much she loved sexy teenage girls like Madelynn generally. The fact that Madelynn was Wendy's close friend added another reason for the attraction she was feeling. Mary understood that was perverted, but she savored the lust just the same.

Mary loves teenage girls...

Mary wants to fuck teenage girls...

Mary wants sex with her daughter's friends...

Mary wants to seduce Madelynn...

Mary wants to fuck Madelynn...

Mary locked eyes with the teenage goth girl who was fucking her own mother in the mouth with a vaginal snake. Mary was drawn to the teenage girl's jiggling, naked, blue-tipped breasts, and then to her face. A silver-lidded eye winked at Mary. A sudden urge of wanting to kiss the goth girl's cobalt lips came to Wendy's mother. Mary reached over Erin to grab Madelynn's soft, white shoulders and pull the girl's face to her own. Their lips met ardently.

Mary loves Madelynn...

Mary loves kissing Madelynn...

Mary wants more of Madelynn's sexy teen body...

Mary wants sex with Madelynn...

Mary loves teenage girls...

Mary loves fucking teenage girls...

Erin disappeared for the time being. Mary now found herself fucking Madelyn, who was still reclining in the same spot on the bed in which she had been. Ohh...this is more like it!

Mary loves fucking Madelynn...

Mary bent down to join her lips again with Madelynn's irresistible, tasty blue mouth. Mmmmmmm...

Mary can make love to pretty teen girls...

Mary retreated some from Madelynn's face to ogle her sensual made-up face and hot body. She's such a sexy fox! Her pussy throbbed with lust. She continued plunging into the girl's pussy. New feelings told her this was her natural, rightful destiny.

Mary is turned on by hot girls...

Mary fucks teen girls...

Mary loves sexy teenage girls...

Mary loves fucking teenage girls...

Mary can fuck her own daughter...

Madelynn's face transformed into Wendy's. Mary moaned with desire for her younger child. The throbbing in her pussy and also in her strap-on escalated--controlled, of course, by Hecate personnel and equipment.

Mary loves fucking Wendy...

"Ohhh...Wendy..." Mary gave her daughter a maternal thrust.

Mary wants to fuck Wendy...

" love..." Another affectionate thrust.

Mary would love to fuck her daughter, Wendy, again and again...

Mary would love to knock her daughter up...

Mary wants to impregnate her daughter...

Mary can have another daughter...

"Ohhhhhh...yes!...." Mary sped up and increased the force of her thrusts, as if that would bring to pass the mother-induced maternity the voice in her mind was suggesting was possible.

Mary wants to marry Wendy...

Mary wants children with Wendy...

Mary will fuck Wendy...

Mary loves fucking Wendy...

A blur passed over Mary's eyes. Wendy again became Madelynn, Erin reappeared, once again tongue-fucking Madelynn's womanhood, and Mary and Erin again found themselves engaged in vaginal intercourse, as before.

Mary loves fucking Erin...

Erin loves Mary fucking her...

Mary wants to fuck Erin many many more times...

Erin wants Mary to have sex with her many many more times...

Mary wants to be Erin's lesbian girlfriend...

Erin wants to be Mary's lesbian girlfriend...

Mary wants to sleep with Erin...

Erin wants to sleep with Mary...

Mary wants to sleep with Erin often...

Erin wants to sleep with Mary often...

Mary wants to be Erin's lover...

Erin wants to be Mary's lover...

Mary and Erin want to couple sexually and romantically with each other...

Mary looooves sex with Erin...

Erin looooves sex with Mary...

Erin and Mary love each other...

Erin's pussy loves Mary's pussy...

Mary's pussy loves Erin's pussy...

Erin and Mary's pussies want to kiss each other, deeply and often...

Erin's and Mary's pussies belong together...

Erin and Mary belong together as lovers...

Mary and Erin do not want to be married to a man...

Mary and Erin want each other instead...

Erin will replace Bruce in Mary's marriage...

Erin will replace Bruce in Mary's heart...

Erin will replace Bruce in Mary's bed...

Mary will replace Don as Erin's marital partner...

Mary will replace Don in Erin's bed...

Mary and Erin want each other...

Mary and Erin will fall in love...

Erin and Mary want to couple with each other...

Erin and Mary will mate with each other...

Erin and Mary love each other deeply...

Erin and Mary lust for each other's body...

Erin and Mary love fucking each other...

Erin's and Mary's hearts and bodies are bound together ...

Erin and Mary are joined by their lesbian love...

Erin's and Mary's bodies belong together, in nakedness and in love...

Erin and Mary are coupled together by their pussies...

Erin and Mary love each other's pussy...

The two women felt the connection between them solidify and blossom, a connection of love and desire, of desire for marital-level companionship and romance and sex with each other, and of a transcendental, indelible sexual attachment between their pussies. This blooming affection, and their mounting lust, and the propelling subliminal messages, and the erotic lesbian physical pleasure they were experiencing, pushed them over the edge. Both women cried loudly as their feminine floodgates opened. The entire room glowed and flashed red, purple, and white colors. Mary's and Erin's vaginal fluids, mixed with inhibition-lowering drugs, exchanged via a tube connected in between the metal crotch panels attached to their pussies. From this point on, Mary's pussy would be permanently, inseparably linked to Erin's, a coupling which would draw them together sexually without either having much ability to resist, at least for long, and do so again and again and again.


Erin found herself chained to a stone wall. She could feel the warmth of the fires in the two braziers situated a short distance away to her left and right, the only sources of light in the spacious room or hall. Two shadowy figures were in a tight embrace and kissing each other about thirty feet away from her, seemingly ignoring Erin's presence. Deciphering the voices squealing and whimpering in common pleasure, Erin realized Mary was making out passionately with Erin's daughter, Madelynn. "No!" cried Erin. Her motherly love and concern having been twisted into passionate desire and lust by Hecate's machine, Erin's protest was not that her daughter was engaged in lesbian romance, which Erin would have considered a perversion but a matter of days ago, but rather that Madelynn's sapphic affection at the moment was directed at someone beside herself. An intense feeling of jealousy overcame her.

"You don't really mind Madelynn kissing other women, do you Erin?" asked a voice that sounded exactly like her own, coming from an indeterminable direction. "And becoming a lesbian?"

The questions took Erin aback. When she pondered them a moment, she knew she did actually prefer her daughter to be a lesbian. If the girl then kissed other women, why should she be surprised? Wasn't that a good thing? That all made sense and, of course, she agreed with it. But, still...Madelynn was so beautiful...and so sexy...

"You want her for yourself, don't you, Erin?"

Erin thought she wasn't that possessive. It wouldn't hurt, after all, for Madelynn to have flings with other women. But Erin wanted a preeminent place in her daughter's heart. And, yes, Erin did want Madelynn for herself, if not exclusively, then preferentially.

"You can have all that you desire, Erin..."

Finally detecting the direction of the voice, Erin turned to her left, but screamed in horror at the sight of a giant anaconda with shiny black scales and glowing ruby red eyes slithering towards her. The snake stopped in front of her and raised its head to her face.

"But you must accept Goddess..."

"But...but what about Christianity?"

"Let go of it, and of your Christian god. What has it, and he, ever done for you other than lead you into a life of misery? Time to move on. No more being an uptight prude, no more modesty and chastity and morality, Erin. Instead, believe in unlimited lesbian love, unrestrained lesbian promiscuity, and evil lesbian sexual depravity. That is the doctrine of Goddess, and your new religion. Accept Goddess as your goddess. Love her, serve her, and be happy and free. Do you renounce your God and accept Goddess and her ways with all your heart?"

After her lifetime of Christian zeal and circumspection, this was not an easy step. Maybe there could be some compromise. "Um...Could I...could I at least keep some of know, my religion...?"

There was silence for several tense seconds. "Okay... Goddess will allow you some remnants of your Christian faith. You can still pray...but from now on, it has to be to Goddess. You can still refer to your old god...but from now on, you can only speak his name while swearing, and in other vulgar and blasphemous usages. You can use crosses and other religious signs and words and clothing...but only in parody, to mock, to defile what you once considered sacred, and to mislead, and to lure women to worship Goddess, and to tempt them into sexual sin. You can still attend your church...but only with the worship of Goddess in mind, never your old god, and always with Madelynn, and only with both of you dressed very provocatively, to attract women and each other, and to distract female attendees from the religious service to your own bodies, and only with, both of you, having some sex toy up your ass or cunt."

Erin wasn't sure what to make of that offer, but it sounded better than nothing, and maybe even generous. Further, she sensed that all of her Christian devotion seemed to be melting away inside her soul anyway, and that a new devotion to her new goddess was filling her in replacement. Receiving these new beliefs and desires felt exciting and liberating. They felt very compatible with and complementary to the new love of evil, darkness, whorishness, forbidden lesbian sex, and erotic perversion which she felt swirling inside her, while her old religious beliefs definitely did not.

" you now accept?"

Given the lusts swaying her, the decision now seemed quite easy. "Yes. I accept, my Goddess." She wasn't sure if she was talking to Goddess or to the snake, nor did she know whether the snake represented Goddess or herself, as if she was talking to a part of her own mind. At this point, she didn't care.

"Then let's have a look at your future..."

Erin was mesmerized by the snake's big, glossy, pulsating red eyes. She saw her own image reflected in them. The snake pressed its mouth against Erin's lips and extended its red forked tongue. Erin opened her mouth to accept it, jostling the snake's tongue with her own, and exchanging saliva. She was sexually aroused by the creature. As she made out with the serpent, it slowly transformed into a doppelganger of Erin and the tongue into a slick female human tongue, which metamorphosis Erin not only felt, but also saw, as if with a third-person perspective. Even after the change, Erin was so into the kiss, the now-feminine mouth, and the allure of her double, that she pursued the French lip lock for some time, before pausing to inquire about the identity of her current lesbian paramour.

"Who are you?"

"I am what you will become." Erin eyed up the sexy curves of her doppelganger, which were on display through the sexualized parody apparel she wore. Her double was dressed in a full-length nun's habit made from thin, shiny black and white leather that hugged the double's curves. Erin noticed that her double's face was shiny white, like porcelain, and doll-like, with very heavy makeup. Despite the unnatural appearance, or because of it, Erin was sexually drawn to her double. Becoming as well as bedding this version of herself struck Erin as exhilarating possibilities, and she started to long for both.

The chains holding her against the wall disappeared in puffs of smoke. With her limbs freed, Erin immediately acted on her artificial urges. She embraced Nun-Erin and kissed her passionately, mashing her onyx-colored lips against Nun-Erin's similarly painted lips, and caressed Nun-Erin's backside. A beautiful, spicy fragrance coming from Nun-Erin engulfed them both, and drew Erin in closer emotionally.

A jumbo circular, red nylon organza bedsheet floated downward from above, landing a short distance in front of the couple. A mass of black and red snakes appeared, immediately gathered beneath the bedsheet from many directions, and quickly formed a large mound which flattened into the shape of an oversized circular bed. When Erin saw that she and her alluring new companion now had a bed, she wondered to herself at how fast her wish had been granted. Must be Goddess...

What Erin might have questioned, and would have questioned but a few days before, was why she was wishing for sex with any woman. So effective, however, had been Hecate's measures in a short period of time that that was the farthest question from Erin's mind at the time. The prospect of making love with another woman was feeling perfectly natural and completely wonderful to her. And this was not just any woman. This kinky, hot babe was herself, her future self. With her, this was going to be simply fantastic.

Nun-Erin backed away from Erin and, with smooth motions, took off her nun habit and dropped the entirety of it to the floor. Erin's jaw dropped and her pussy spasmed at the bewitchingly erotic sight in front of her. Nun-Erin wore nothing beneath the outfit except for a silver bracelet, a silver necklace with pair of Venus pendants, and an onyx navel piercing. Her long black hair was styled into loose ringlets overflowing her shoulders and parted at the center of her forehead. Like her face, Nun-Erin's body was glossy and white like porcelain, with a faint polychromatic sheen, except for her nipples, areolae, and labia, which were painted glossy black like her lips. Though this was basically the same body Erin had seen in her mirror at home many times before, its voluptuous, naked curves, shimmering white skin, exotic makeup, wondrous black hair, blackened nipples, nails, and labia, jewelry, and sultry manner turned her on incredibly.

Nun-Erin walked backwards, maintaining sensual eye contact with Erin, sat on the edge of the bed, and slid into position at the center of the bed, leaning back onto a pile of large red silk pillows, which materialized on the spot, into a semi-reclined position. She parted her legs wide--like a slutty whore, as it impressed Erin, but the impression was also one of admiration and carnal enchantment--giving Erin a full view of and unmistakable invitation to her womanhood. Erin saw with keen arousal that Nun-Erin's pussy was immaculately shaven, and the strong feeling came over her that hers should be, too.

Erin prefers clean-shaven pussies.

Erin does not want hair on her pussy.

Erin wants her pussy to be smooth and cleanly shaved.

Erin wants her pussy to be smooth and cleanly shaved like a lesbian.

Clean, shaved pussies are so much better than hairy pussies, for Erin and for all women and girls.

Cleanly shaven pussies are so sexy.

Erin loves shaved, clean, hairless pussies.

Hairless pussies are so sexy.

Hairless cunts are so lesbian.

Clean, bald, shaved cunts are lesbian cunts.

Hairless lesbian pussies are so beautiful.

Erin wants a lesbian cunt.

Erin wants a cleanly shaven, smooth, beautiful lesbian cunt.

Smooth, shaved, bald cunts are wonderful.

Erin loves women with cleanly shaven cunts.

Erin loves teen girls with cleanly shaven cunts.

Erin loves to kiss shaved lesbian pussies.

Erin loves to lick shaved lesbian pussies.

Erin wants to make love to hairless, clean-shaven lesbian cunts.

Erin wants a clean, shaved lesbian cunt.

Erin wants her clean, smooth, shaved lesbian pussy to be fucked by a pretty women or a sexy girl.

Erin wants to fuck women and girls in their hot, bald, hairless lesbian pussies.

Erin wants a hairless, clean, shaved lesbian pussy.

Erin will always have a clean, bald, lesbian pussy, for the rest of her life.

Erin will shave her cunt.

Erin will shave her cunt.

"Do you like my cunt, Erin?"

"I...I...yes... It's beautiful..."

"This is what your pussy will look like in the future...once you shave it...once it becomes a lesbian pussy... This is your pussy."

Erin resolved to remedy this difference between her and Nun-Erin, along with various other differences, at her earliest opportunity.

Driven by extreme lesbian lust, Erin climbed onto the bed and kissed the black-nailed toes on Nun-Erin's foot. She could see and feel the snakes writhing beneath her body through the organza fabric. The motions of the snakes turned her on. She kissed and dragged her tongue along the top of the foot and repeated these actions on the ankle, lower leg, and inner thighs. The prize was the moist hole between the legs. It seemed to be calling to Erin. She heard faint whispers urging her to give in to the induced feelings...

Lesbian sex is Erin's ultimate desire...

Erin is a lesbian...

Erin loves pussy...

Erin loves licking women's pussies...

Erin is a women fucker...

Erin is a girl fucker...

Erin is a daughter fucker...

Erin is a lesbian and will always remain as one...

Give in to the pleasure, Erin...

Do not hold back...

Erin's long-lashed eyes focused on the glistening black labia. She parted the folds with her fingers, immediately noticing that her nails were long, almond shaped, and painted black. Nun-Erin's vagina was black on the inside as well. The unnatural color of the genital tract turned her on. A pleasant aroma of licorice and purple grapes emanated from it.

Do it for Madelynn...

Goaded by the voice and her amplified lust, Erin pressed her onyx-colored lips against the pussy in front of her, causing Nun-Erin to moan. The erotic sound turned Erin on even more. She nibbled on Nun-Erin's clit and inserted her tongue into the warm tunnel. The taste of the fluids was heavenly.

Erin, you love pussy.

You love lapping delectable pussy.

Pussy love juice is wonderful.

You love your pussy.

Your pussy is delicious.

You should share your pussy with beautiful girls and women.

You want sexy women and girls to kiss and lick and suck and love your pussy.

Erin kept tonguing her double's vagina until her double climaxed. Sexual fluids gushed into Erin's mouth as Nun-Erin gave repeated loud moans. The liquid was delicious, like grape juice mixed with licorice flavor, and she swallowed as much as she could, finding the drink intoxicating. When Erin's mouth overflowed, she pulled away, but the ejaculation continued. Fluid sprayed on Erin's face while she swallowed the remaining contents in her mouth, then licked her lips clean, savoring every drop. The voice in her head telling her that she loved pussy was definitely correct, especially when it came to her own pussy, which she had just tasted via her clone, as it struck her.

I...I love my pussy... so yummy... I...should share it...

Nun-Erin repositioned herself on the bed so that she was sitting on her legs in a W position. She cradled Erin's face and kissed Erin deeply, exchanging saliva and tasting her own vaginal fluids. Erin found her future self to be a most exciting woman and the prospect of becoming this exotic femme fatale was a thrilling turn on.

Erin wants to be an exotic, erotic, evil lesbian fantasy woman...

Erin wants to be dark and seductive and kinky...

Erin wants to seduce girls and women into lesbian love...

Erin wants wicked lesbian incest with her daughter...

Erin wants to see her daughter corrupted and sexy and transformed into a rabid lesbian...

Erin wants to seduce and corrupt her daughter...

Erin wants to be beautiful and sexy and promiscuous and homosexual and exotic and seductive and kinky and wicked...

Erin loves herself as Nun-Erin...

Erin wants to become Nun-Erin...

Goddess will make Erin into Nun-Erin...

Erin must obey Goddess for her dreams to come true...

Erin will serve Goddess...

Erin will corrupt all females in her path...

Erin will do anything Goddess commands...

Erin will never disobey Goddess...

"Let's try something different." Nun Erin raised her hand in front of her with her palm facing upwards. A spherical black mass appeared on her palm. It had a clear, opalescent surface and looked oily. The object reshaped itself into a 12-inch rod with a bulbous head on each end and red whorls covering its whole surface. Erin instinctively realized what the object was for and gasped when she noticed the object wriggling as if it was alive. A small hole at the tip of each end exuded a thick, clear fluid.

"Here, suck on it," ordered Nun Erin while pointing one end of it towards Erin's lips.

Reluctantly, Erin opened her black-lipped mouth and accepted one end of the double dildo. Liquid oozing from the tip of the dildo entered her mouth. The taste was like what she had experienced while making love with Nun Erin's pussy, the sweet flavor of purple grapes and licorice. She felt the dildo gyrating in her mouth and brushing against her tongue, gums, and oral mucosa. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

Nun-Erin embraced Erin with one arm, slid the dildo deeper inside Erin's mouth with the other, and pressing her breasts against Erin's breasts, pushed her black nipples against Erin's black nipples.


Standing a long distance away from the bed where Erin was engaging in lesbian sex with Erin's doppelganger, Mary abruptly broke her kiss with a goth-styled Madelynn, utterly shocked at the action in which she found herself engaging with her daughter's best friend.

"What were we doing together?! What's going on?" Mary heard loud slithering and kissing noises, and turned her head to look. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp of horror when she saw a giant snake wrapped around Erin's body and kissing Erin. "What's happening to Erin?" asked Mary confusedly.

"My Mom's being seduced by a demon. There's only one way to save her, but I need your help."

"You need my help? No.... Something doesn't feel right..." Mary shook her head slowly side-to-side. She had a strange feeling of déjà vu while looking at Madelynn, who was now dressed in a high-collared black cloak with a shimmering purple underside over a black, studded leather halter bra and panties, shiny black 6-inch high heels, and onyx-and-silver jewelry, which included a tiara, and sporting a ringlet hairstyle.

Mary retreated a little, then stopped. Madelynn played with a ringlet of her hair and placed one hand on her hip while walking towards Mary, catching up to her. "The demon can't be destroyed. We can only save my Mom with the power of lesbian love. Will you please help me, Mrs. Love-Livingston?" pleaded the goth girl while gently grazing her black-lacquered nails on Mary's arms and hips.

Unsettled by the unwanted feelings of arousal from Madelynn's repeated touches, Mary backed away again, until she was eventually held in place by an invisible force.

"I know you want me, Mrs. Love-Livingston. I know you lust for teenage girls." Madelynn threw back her cloak behind her shoulders, giving her best friend's mother an unimpeded view of her succulent young body, her firm, appetizing breasts barely contained in and bulging out of her skimpy, tight leather bra, her smooth, lean, girlish, bare belly, which was decorated with a silver-and-onyx piercing, and curvy hips seeming to beg for Mary's hands and lips, and her pussy barely, temporarily, impatiently hiding, as it seemed, within the little black pouch constituting the front of her panties, her cameltoe on brazen display through the soft, thin leather. Mary's eyes opened wide in lustful awe, she felt her nipples tingle, and her mouth watered involuntarily. Madelynn resumed strolling on her high heels toward Mary, rocking her hips and undulating her body, until she was standing mere inches away from her.

Erotic thoughts and memories invaded Mary's mind, which she didn't know weren't her own. She remembered the real act of finding and picking up the metallic red dildo someone had left behind on the sofa at her home, which she had guessed was from Wendy. But instead of stowing it away, as had originally happened, Mary now recalled that she had appraised the toy like an artistic object, with great interest and curiosity, briefly imagining how it might be used...whether solo...or even...perhaps...with another woman...or girl. She had stroked the dildo as if it were a real penis and even kissed the tip of it. Feeling an urge to masturbate, Mary had, in her implanted memories, gone to her bedroom, removed her pants, laid herself on her bed, pulled down her panties, and pressed the tip of the rocket-shaped object against her crotch. With her free hand she had squeezed her own breasts. Soft moans had come from her mouth.

She had thought of Sarah, the beautiful girl who had recently become Wendy's best friend. It had seemed perfectly natural to do so. Sarah had a perfect body with sexy curves in the right places. Mary had thought she had never let her imagination run wild about Sarah before, but had felt she had wanted to, and this was as good a time as any. No one would be hurt. She had imagined what it would be like to embrace the teenaged girl and kiss her deeply on the lips. She had imagined their clothes vanishing and smothering her face between Sarah's large breasts. She had imagined kneeling in front of the teenaged goddess and worshipping the divine womanhood situated in between the perfectly shaped thighs.

The word "obedience" had echoed in Mary's mind. For some reason, Mary had formed the idea that Sarah was a very special girl whom she needed to love, trust, please, and obey without reservation. Physical intimacy with her, it had been impressed upon Mary, would be an unfathomably exquisite privilege. Licking her slick womanhood, as she had imagined doing, would be sheer heaven.

Mary, as she had been at the time of discovering the dildo and fantasizing about Sarah, was filled with lust. Her eyes were drawn to the glistening black lips uttering the plea for help. "Yes, Madelynn, I will help you."

"Kiss me!" implored Madelynn with a wicked tone. "Then make love with me!"

Despite having been making out with Madelynn a few minutes before, and knowing that it had been amazing and that she wanted much more of the girl's delectable black-lipped mouth, Mary couldn't remember how that had started or why she would be kissing her daughter's best friend. She did want to help Madelynn reclaim her mother from the demon, and the girl's lips and body did call to her powerfully, and, yes, Madelynn was right that Mary lusted for teenaged girls, but she questioned whether having all-out sex with the girl, especially right here and now, with Madelynn's mother looking on, might not be going too far.

As if in response to Mary's hesitation, Madelynn opened her mouth widely. A cylindrical mass slid out part-way, extending out four or five inches. It resembled a giant black segmented worm of two inches in diameter. Each segment had a pair of large mammalian eyes on each side and five equally-spaced, soft purple-colored bristles. Manipulated by the machine, Mary's feeling of horror was suppressed and replaced with intense feelings of lust. Unaccountably desiring to suck the worm, she parted her shiny red lips to accept the infernal annelid into her mouth.

Mary's view of Madelynn was augmented with a kaleidoscopic dance of colors and mirrored images of Madelynn in fractalized and tessellated patterns. The worm wiggled slowly as Mary licked and sucked. Though she knew this was a bizarre act, she found herself liking it, and even getting aroused by the worm's body, movement, and unique taste, which she couldn't place. While orally pleasuring herself with the worm, and finding herself distracted by the mesmerizing psychedelic images of the sexy girl with her, Mary's mouth inched closer to the beautiful teen's. At last, joined by the worm, their black and red lips met in an erotic kiss.

The worm then disintegrated, having accomplished its mission of bringing Mary and Madelynn's mouths together, and thereby quelling Mary's vacillation and propelling her toward wanton lesbian sex with the tempting teen. Tongues intertwined. Mary's red-nailed hands reached around Madelynn's waist to grope the teenaged girl's ass through the layer of shiny leather.

"Please fuck me now, Mrs. Love-Livingston! Please rid me of this darkness! You're my only hope!"

Madelynn walked back a few steps, turned around, and leaned forward against a massive marble pillar, using her hands for support. While looking over her shoulder, she slowly gyrated her ass invitingly in front of Mary. Her black panties became partly visible through the cloak after the cloak had suddenly become semi-transparent. "Hurry!" exclaimed Madelynn after pulling the cloak to one side and then grabbing the gusset of her panties and pulling it aside, revealing her glisteningly wet snatch. Driven by extreme lust, Mary knelt down behind Madelynn, grabbed the teenaged girl's ass cheeks and pressed her mouth against the girl's moist pussy.

"Yesssssssssssssss!" Madelynn hissed.

"Mmmmmmmm..." moaned Mary into the goth girl's cunt. Mary felt the girl's body changing shape. She stopped and moved back to get a view of what was happening and was surprised that Madelynn seemed to have become younger. A sense of unease made her pause.

"Why are you stopping?!" asked Madelynn impatiently in a girlish voice.

Mary loves licking young teenaged girl pussy...

Mary is a teen lesbian cunt licker...

Mary can't resist teenaged girl pussy...

Mary always wants to have sex with young teenage girls...

Mary wants to fuck teenage girls...

Mary loves very young teen girls...

Mary loves very young teen pussy...

Mary wants to fuck very young teen girls...

Invigorated by a sudden lustful impulse, Mary pressed her glossy red lips against Madelynn's wet cunt again. It was even softer and fresher and moister and sweeter and tighter and more heavenly than it had been a second ago.

I loooovve young girls...young, pretty, sexy girls...and young pussy...very young...soooo nice...

"Ahhh, yes, Mrs. Love-Livingston! Make me feel good! Make me cum! Ahhhh!" Mary found the high, sweet, childish voice of the girl expressing sexual passion highly exciting. It made Mary lap and lick and kiss the young vulvar tissue all the more avidly.

Madelynn reached one hand behind her body and tightly cupped the back of Mary's head. Female fluids gushed into Mary's mouth in a powerful torrent, which she swallowed as much as she could, with excess spilling over the corners of her mouth and trickling down her chin. Madelynn turned around to face Mary, knelt down and kissed Mary on the lips, tasting her own fluids, while cradling Mary's head.

"I want you to fuck me, Mrs. Love-Livingston! I want you to fuck me like you fucked Wendy! Please!"

The desperate pleading coming from Wendy's friend sent a jolt of arousal up Mary's spine. Thanks to the training by machines, her pussy twitched and throbbed in an instinctive reflex to such requests. Looking downward, Mary saw red, glowing bands forming around her waist and hips, followed by a growing bright red bulge. When the flashing and shifting of the colors subsided, a solid phallus made from solid crystal ruby was protruding from her pussy, supported by a harness made from an intricate weaving of silver chains with ruby studs.

"Please do me now, Mrs. Love-Livingston!" Madelynn was on her fours on a bed. Her cloak was draped over the right side of her body to expose her butt, which she gyrated teasingly in front of Mary while pulling aside the gusset of her panties.

A moan escaped from Mary's bright red lips when her ruby phallus throbbed as if it had a mind of its own. She heard a persuasive, divine woman's voice speaking to her in her head:

Mary, you will obey Goddess...

Lust for the girl in front of you...

Fuck the girl in front of you...

Do it for your own pleasure...

At first, Mary was unsure which hole to aim her phallus at, but when Madelynn's anal ring sparkled with ephemeral blue colors, Mary instinctively knew that was the spot. She grabbed the center of her shaft and forced the tip into the tight hole, causing Madelynn to moan loudly. Mary lowered her body onto Madelynn's, pressing her breasts against the young girl's back and sealed Madelynn's mouth with her own in a melding of shiny black and red lips. With powerful movements of their hips, Madelynn gasped and moaned in her higher, childish voice repeatedly, which was delightful to Mary's ears. It was a sound that she wanted to hear repeatedly and often with this delectable girl, and with other young girls, as well. She wrapped her arms around the goth girl's chest, pulled down the bra cups, which she guessed to be either an A or a B size, and grabbed the exposed little titties. They were wonderful to the touch. She could feel the lustrous black coating on the girl's nipples.

An urge came to Mary, and the urge seated itself into her as a decision, which she thought was her own, that girls that are beautifully made up would be her preference for having sex with, and that she also wanted to be beautifully made up when she had sex with another woman or girl. Makeup, beauty, revealing, inviting attire, provocative sexiness, lesbian sexuality, and deep, gratifying sex became inseparably connected in her mind. She would support anything that would enhance female beauty and sexuality, no matter how extreme. She realized that she had developed a taste for "extreme", in fact.

Before Mary could finish her copulation with the girl, a feeling of vertigo suddenly overwhelmed the woman.

"Mom, wake up..." Mary was naked and lying on her back, on what felt like a bed, apparently just coming out of sleep. She blinked a little, seeing intermittent imagery of young feminine lips, braced teeth, and braided pigtails with small pink bows. The soothing, girlish voice was unfamiliar to Mary, sounding neither like Claire, Wendy, nor Madelynn. Mary tried to open her eyes but her lids felt heavy. "Wake up, Mom!" Spurred by the voice, Mary finally opened her eyes fully. An exquisitely pretty girl sat on the bed next to Mary, gazing down on the woman's face.

"Who are you?"

"I'm your daughter, Mom," said the girl in a very sweet voice.

"Daughter? But you're not my..." Mary's hampered cognition struggled to think how it was even possible for her to have another daughter, one who looked somewhat similar to Wendy, but was different, too, and was definitely younger than Wendy, and who had an aura of worldliness beyond her years.

Mary suddenly became aware that the girl was ogling her naked body and realized how exposed she was. She tried to raise an arm to cover her breasts and to lower a hand over her womanhood, but the surprisingly strong girl pinned her arms to her side.

"Just relax and enjoy," said the young female stranger through glossy, bubblegum pink lips in a soothing voice before leaning down and sealing Mary's protest with a kiss.

Mary tried to resist, but, under the encouragement of the machine, the feeling of the young lips on her own and the ash-blonde pigtails tickling her face, the proximity of the beguiling face, and the sound of the girlish voice were enough to relax the woman. She responded to the kiss, pushing her tongue past the girl's lips first, feeling the metal braces on the girl's teeth with her tongue, before diving into her smallish mouth. At last the girl released Mary's arms, allowing her to touch the girl, which she immediately started to do. First, Mary ran her hands over and into the girl's ash-blonde hair, over her pretty, soft face, and around her back, pulling the girl in closer to seal their mouths together more tightly.

Then, Mary slid her hands down the girl's slender arms and touched the girl's hands. They were small, but the nails were not short, more of a medium-long length, shaped ovally, and painted with enamel, as it felt, which turned out to be hot pink in color. She discerned that the girl was wearing bracelets of various kinds, composed of plastic or metal. Feeling back up the girl's naked arms, she noticed how smooth the skin was. When she reached the girl's shoulders, she noticed that the girl was wearing a t-shirt of something silky like nylon, polyester, or silk.

Mary wanted to feel up the girl's body. Going towards the chest and feeling across it, Mary discovered that the breasts were very small. Mary did not understand why, but that turned her on, and she felt them up through the shirt and an AA-cup bra.

After letting Mary grope her up some, the girl gently brushed Mary's hands away from her little breasts before lowering her head and wrapping her creamy pink-lipped mouth around an aroused nipple on Mary's breast. Milk squirted out of the erect nipple in a small spray. The release of milk, which Mary could feel, surprised her, and she let out a gasp. It also delighted her and it felt wonderful. The girl kept sucking until the milk started to squirt out with force.

"Ohhh...yes! daughter...soooo sweet little girl...suckle your good little girl..."

Backing away and opening her mouth widely, the girl, squeezing on the big, heavy tit, let the milk spray into her mouth from a distance while teasingly and knowingly looking at Mary. Raising her hand, Mary wanted to touch the girl's head, but the girl gently pushed Mary's hand away before wrapping her lips on the nipple again and sucking on it fervently. Mary moaned softly as she felt milk leaving her breast. The machine suppressed her natural feelings about the impropriety of this situation, forcing Mary to focus only on lesbian sexuality and pleasure and leaving no room for opposing thought.

Suddenly the pleasure stopped for Mary. The girl stood up on her knees with her thighs astride Mary's legs. Mary was able to see more details of the girl with braided ash-blonde hair, who was wearing a silky pink t-shirt with a white double Venus logo and a pair of light blue denim shorts with a white belt studded with rhinestones. Her braces and immaculate white teeth glittered like diamonds. A golden white halo surrounded the girl, reminding Mary of the beautiful young teen angel with whom she made fond lesbian love so memorably in an implanted fantasy the night before while under conditioning at the Powers mansion. Feelings and desires developed for the angel started to transfer to the angelic girl now with her, as well as to Wendy and Claire, and to women and girls in general.

Obey Goddess and all that you desire will come true...

You will fully recognize yourself as a lesbian...

You will engage in routine incestuous lesbianism...

You will marry another female in a lesbian marriage...

Mary saw a close-up image of her hands holding a girl's hands. All hands wore embroidered, fingerless, wedding gloves of gossamer white lace and long, elegant, painted fingernails. Both left hands bore matching golden rings, each with an engraven double Venus signet and a diamond mounted in the center of the signet.

The view expanded, and Mary could see herself wearing an elaborate wedding dress and fine, shimmering jewelry standing next to a girl with a large bust who was similarly attired. Their wedding dresses had shockingly low necklines, descending almost to their areolae, which put their bulging cleavages on full display, and sheer skirts that presented a teasing view of their panties, legs clad in white stockings, lacy white garter belts, and four-inch high heels, leaving no doubt to onlookers that sex and sensuality were strong components of their marriage.

"Mom, I'm so glad we can finally be together..." said the girl in Wendy's voice. Mary looked carefully into the girl's lovely, blue-eyed face and verified that, indeed, her bride was her beloved daughter, Wendy. The brainwashing machines working on her convinced her that Wendy was her destined soulmate and being her wife was her fondest dream, one now coming true, yet she was confused about how it could happen.

I'm getting married to Wendy? But, how's this possible?

Mary, do you desire this?

"...yes..." the blonde mother whispered.

Goddess will make it possible...

Goddess will make everything possible...

Devote the entirety of your existence to Goddess...

A pair of young hands held Mary's and Wendy's wrists. "I'm so glad my two sexy mommies are finally getting married. Now we can live happily and have fun together ever after!"

Mary looked at her side and saw her new "daughter" in a small bridesmaid dress with a sheer, white skirt similar to those that the brides wore. The girl's garter belt, stockings, white satin panties, and high heels were easily visible through the skirt. Mary focused her eyes on the area between the girl's legs and subconsciously licked her lips. A sudden thought appeared in her mind, telling her that getting unfettered access to that area was an important goal for her.

Feeling a slight squeeze on her hands, Mary returned her focus to Wendy's face, which was heavily made up with glittery pink eyeshadow, purple mascara, and pearlescent pink lips. My sexy obedient lesbian whore wife..., the machine interjected into her mind. Mary felt an urge to kiss the succulent lips and ravish the mouth with her tongue. Before she could act on the urge, the image faded into whiteness, and then darkness.

Mary felt herself floating in the air. She couldn't tell whether she was naked or, possibly, wore a light sheath. The wind that whipped over her face and through her hair smelled fresh, like the ocean. Then she heard waves breaking, confirming her impression that a beach was not far away...

Begin the next iteration...


The double dildo ejaculated, expelling massive streams of thick white fluid in both directions. Erin eagerly swallowed the fluid. Some of it dripped over her lower lip and down her chin. Nun-Erin quickly pulled out the dildo from both of their mouths. Cum continued spraying from the dildo and landed on both of their faces. A thick pearlescent sheen now covered the lengthy dildo.

"Get on your fours!" commanded Nun-Erin.

Complying with the order, Erin swiveled away from her doppelganger and leaned forward, pressing her palms and knees on the undulating bed sheet. With her face pointing downward, she could see more clearly the outlines of the snakes that formed the living bed. An erotic shudder went through her body. She grunted when she felt the tip of the dildo enter her asshole. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Nun-Erin in the same position as herself, on her fours, but facing in the opposite direction, their rear ends touching intermittently. Nun-Erin was in the process of inserting the opposite end of the dildo into her own body.

Then Nun-Erin started rocking forwards and backwards, their lower legs sliding one along the other, Erin feeling acute pleasure in her anus and rectum as she had never known before. Erin groaned repeatedly as Nun-Erin thrust her hips back-and-forth. Erin started to mirror her doppelganger's movements, thrusting her hips against Nun-Erin with equal fervor, each jointly pistoning the dildo ever deeper into the body of her twin lover. A voice in her head, sounding like her own, told her she loved being connected to another lovely women sexually through their asses like this and that she wanted to perform this act again and again, with one beautiful girl and woman after another. She agreed and resolved that she would.

At length, Erin became aware of an additional force at play. She discovered that the dildo itself was undulating and pulsing, and that force was intensifying Erin's pleasure incredibly. A cross-sectional view of hers and Nun-Erin's asses being penetrated by the dong filled her vision. She could see the shimmering black dong sliding through and wiggling and dilating her rectum on its own accord, as if it were a living creature, in complement to the thrusts of the two women.

The moans of Erin and Nun-Erin and their corresponding arousal eventually reached a crescendo. At the same time the twin women climaxed, the double dong ejaculated white fluid in both directions, which Erin could see through the special third-person view of the action inside her body.

Erin's mind was artificially impressed that anal lesbian sex was vastly superior to anything she had done or could do with a man. Lesbian sex overall was romantic and sweet and fulfilling and perfectly gratifying, whereas straight sex was vile, and a big, empty nothing in comparison. She concluded that she would never be interested in a man or a hetero relationship again. Only women and girls for her from now on.

"What do you think of anal lesbian sex, Erin?" Nun-Erin asked.

"Ohhhh, I loooove it!!"

"WIll you do it again, with other women?"

"Yes!! It's incredible!!"

"Do you know that Madelynn is into anal sex with women?"

"What? Really?"

"Yes. Do you want to do it with her?"

"Oh, yeah!! That would be so fuckin' hot!"

After allowing her counterpart to bask in the erotic glow of the moment, Nun Erin pulled the dildo out of their bodies and crawled over to Erin for a wet, sloppy kiss. Erin felt as if Nun-Erin was devouring her and swallowing her whole. The kiss was so demanding that she passed out.

When Erin opened her eyes she found herself staring up at a dark purple night sky. Turning her head to the side, she saw a bright full moon with a glowing blue-purple halo. She heard the noise of breaking waves and felt cold sand touching her naked skin...

"Twelfth iteration complete!" whispered a woman sitting in front of an intricate computer console. On the badge attached to her lab coat was the name, Maria Boesky. She was satisfied with the progress the two women were making so spite of the fact that Mary and Erin had initially, and periodically thereafter, showed remarkable resistance to Hecate's powerful brainwashing techniques. It had made Maria feel admiration for their strength, and sympathy that the two women were getting set on a path they had not elected. However, the staff members were, by and large, true believers in Goddess, and Maria was no exception. Furthering the aims of Goddess was of high import to her. Further, she believed that, in the end, these two would end up with much happier lives than they were otherwise headed for.

Maria understood that no one can forever evade the power of Goddess. She always seemed to have one measure or another which, in the end, brought Her will to pass. In the case of Mary and Erin this evening, the system the technicians were using analyzed the weaknesses in their mental defenses and which desires and proclivities each woman possessed which they could exploit. With the treasure trove of data the machines had collected, it was a matter of analyzing the new data and reconfiguring the parameters of the mental manipulation programs. Each use of the machine, and each repetition, or iteration, of a program on an individual, made it more effective, thanks to the powerful, adaptive AI powered by the most advanced supercomputers in the world.

Every time the ladies passed through an iteration, the assaults of the programming probed their vulnerabilities more precisely and more deeply than during the previous iteration, destroyed their defenses more profoundly, exploited their hidden weaknesses and inflamed their secret, buried hungers more specifically, shattered their previous conservative values and self-identity more devastatingly, nursed their new desires, wishes, fantasies, cravings, and urges more powerfully, and and wreaked ever more transformative and lasting alterations on their psyches. If these two had thrown up more resistance than most, it did not matter. That resistance had by now been overcome to a significant degree and they were now well on their way to being permanently, indelibly altered.

Having followed these two and the changes made in them, and having observed their natural beauty and voluptuousness so long, Maria felt like she almost knew them, and could picture what they would be like when completed. And she really looked forward to that completion. Maybe she had even fallen in love with them a little, but she didn't think that would hurt anything or anybody. She hoped at some point that she would be allowed to meet them. She craved to personally witness and interact with the women who would be the final result of her labors.

Maria twirled a lock of her dark brown hair while licking her glossy pink lips at the erotic digital views of Erin and Mary on the overhead screens. Goddess willing, I would sure love to spend some time with these two beautiful women...


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