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Sunday, October 31, 2010 - 22:22:09

I enjoyed both of your stories and hope for more!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 06:15:06

I too enjoyed both stories. Although, Brainy Teen is my favorite. Wendy’s “corruption” is handled very well. Most corruption stories fall into the trap of having it done too quickly. With Wendy, It’ slow and methodical. It’s all the better by the fact we don’t know Sarah’s true motivations yet. It keeps me guessing and waiting for more!

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 12:14:46

I’ve just read Brainy Teen and it’s now one of my favorites mind control’s stories !!
Please, do not abandon it like many authors do. I really hope to read the next chapters. Speaking of this, if you have an approximative date for the next release, I would be glad to be informed. ^^

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 12:15:15

I’ve just read Brainy Teen and it’s now one of my favorites mind control’s stories !!
Please, do not abandon it like many authors do. I really hope to read the next chapters. Speaking of this, if you have an approximative date for the next release, I would be glad to be informed. ^^

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 12:15:33

I’ve just read Brainy Teen and it’s now one of my favorites mind control’s stories !!
Please, do not abandon it like many authors do. I really hope to read the next chapters. Speaking of this, if you have an approximative date for the next release, I would be glad to be informed. ^^

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 12:16:03

I’ve just read Brainy Teen and it’s now one of my favorites mind control’s stories !!
Please, do not abandon it like many authors do. I really hope to read the next chapters. Speaking of this, if you have an approximative date for the next release, I would be glad to be informed. ^^

Saturday, November 6, 2010 - 20:37:08

I love Brainy Teen and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter. Your descriptive style is good - shortening the length would make the story tasteless you have the balance so it is not boring with the trivia of everything in the seduction while not racing through the storyline.
Being a goth girl I am hoping for a goth/fetish turn to your tale

Monday, November 8, 2010 - 23:42:50

Brainy Teen is excellent… great pace, love the slow, descriptive corruption. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Friday, November 19, 2010 - 09:20:41

Excellent new chapter of Brainy Teen ! Please, do continue the story. I keep coming for an update every day ! :) :)
I hope Madelynn will be trapped too, and ends up as something a little different than Wendy. Maybe a punk gothic slut who is only nterested in bestiality ? :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010 - 23:13:43

I agree with Youpla ^_^ However, at the risk of affecting the outcome of the story, I think Sarah has another task for Madelynn. I think that Sarah won’t really change much about the girl. Instead, She will have Madelynn encourage Wendy’s new feelings. In effect, becoming Wendy’s enabler. I think Sarah is too smart to make any noticeable Madelynn, that may arouse suspicion in Wendy. Which may ruin everything. I think Sarah doesn’t want a totally obedient sex slave like the other girl. I think in Wendy’s case, She wants a lover. Just my two cents, I hope it is updated soon! ^_^

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - 00:19:53

I think you are totally right about the future events. But still, it would be very exciting to see the somewhat shy bookworm Madelynn become obssessed with animals.
Moreover, in the first part of the story, during the truth or Dare game, a girl had to say she was a horny bitch who jumps on everything, even animals ! So, I think that the author could not be against this fetish…
And lastly, I think it would add a bit of variety. If everyone turn lesbians, or if the only fetish in the story is sapphic intercourses, it could become a bit boring at a point.
Well, only the future chapters will tell. I’d say that it’s great to have updates so quickly. Thank you master Meat, and please keep writing more !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 20:46:34

I’m rather on the squicky side. And magic is part of that. So, against the consensus, i’m waiting for you to update Silver Witch.
Anyway, both are great works. Hope to read more from you.

Sunday, December 5, 2010 - 10:24:34

¡New chapter from Silver Witch! ¡Great! ¡Keep on good work and Thanks!

Monday, December 6, 2010 - 14:56:37

I really love what you are doing with Madelynn in Brainy teen. Whereas Wendy tends to become a lesbian slowly, with some realistic twists, and seems to turn as Sarah’s future girlfriend, Madelynn is about to become the traditional “lesbian slut” that many guys have as a fantasy. I expect her to become totally unable to go against her urges, and that she will be constantly in heat, needing to masturbate each hour.
Maybe she will go to the point that she’ll jump on any girl in the school, or begin to dress with latex, leather, high boots, or whatever. And add some tattoos and piercings…. It would be really exciting to see a shy girl like her turn into no more than a crazy slut always in heat, and willing to do the most perverse things ! (B-e-s-t-i-a-l-i-t-y ;) )
Now I’m waiting for the next update.
For Silver Witch, I’m not too much into the magic stuff, sorry. I’ve read it though, but find it less detailed than Brainy Teen, and less appealing.

King Chicken
Monday, December 13, 2010 - 04:04:47

Gah, I’m starting to think you have some weird form of control built into your stories. I check the blog every day, not just once a day either, looking for updates. The wait seems interminable. Brainy Teen has been right up my alley, hits all the right buttons in a MC story. Love the slow build, the plotting, and especially like that it doesn’t seem to be a 3 and out kind of story. Keep bringing the updates and I will keep coming back to this page.
I almost forgot to mention Silver Witch and how I enjoy that story too. Not hitting as many buttons as Brainy Teen, but I sense it has great potential.
After all that praise I’d just like to add that your proofreading has improved since the first story, but could use just a touch more. I’ll wait a day for quality!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 18:05:54

awaiting 5th chapter with antcipation.
very arousing story,loce the converting to lesbian theme.wendy watching dvds is a great plot device may i ask for more subliminal and audio stimulation for wendy!
keep up the good work.

Saturday, December 18, 2010 - 06:28:15

^^ Obvious Troll is obvious.
Anyways, really looking forward to Chapter five of Brainy Teen. It’s been a couple of weeks. The suspense is killing me!

Sunday, December 19, 2010 - 23:16:36

another geat chapter, more please.
wendys story is the best,the other plot with the goth is just an intermission to me until wendy comes back.
changing to a goth would be great for the blackmailed girl .
need more m/control eg wendys video could have told her at the end she is a lesbian and got to verbaly shout that she is during her climax.
any chance of making anyone addicted to smoking or heroin.
any way i am no author, just a sex starved fan!
any chance of two chapters net time?

Monday, December 20, 2010 - 07:00:06

This keeps getting better and better. And, with the Holiday’s coming and people will probably be without internet. Deliever the next 2 chapters on New Years Day when everyone needs something to read after the Holiday Partying.
I agree with Stephen on one thing have Wendy or Madelynn hooked on smoking. Since all the popular girls smoke.
Stephen and if she shouted she si a lesbian at the end of the Video it would have been too predictible. The way the author is writting it is not predictible as other writers. I am shocked at the progression of Madelynn. This author is in the league of Clive Barker making the progression of the story unpredictible.

King Chicken
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 - 07:46:12

Well, the new Brainy Teen chapter was posted and I’ve read it more than a few times. I’m excited to see the story unfold with Wendy and her gradual shift towards being Sarah’s girlfriend. There was a line that made my scalp tingle “She was starting to lose the will to fight these sudden thoughts, wanting more and more to just let them be instead.” I love that line.
The whole side story with Madelynn is good, I expect to see her being the enabler for Wendy as well, as was mentioned earlier by a previous poster. I see a lot of requests for different things, and I know your story could go anywhere but I get the feeling that taking either of your two storylines (Madelynn and Wendy) into some drug fantasy would ruin what you have going. My only request is more chapters! I think all of your commenters feel the same way.
Keep up the great work.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - 00:27:30

As far as I love where the story with Wendy is going, I am a little (but very little) disappointed with Madelynn. What was exciting with her was that she was always horny, beginning to love girls, but that SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHY. With all the “rape thing” with the goth girl, all of this plot is shattered. She will now know why she’s acting like a lesbian, why she will change her look, etc… I think that it would have been wysier to keep her ignorant a little longer.
Otherwise, I really love the story and hope to read new chapter(s) after the holidays. And I expect to see a total depravated Madelynn, going on the “cheap whore doing anything” way…
Anyway, thanks for giving us frequent updates ! ;)

Friday, December 31, 2010 - 01:53:20

I wish this thing had a better span filter… anyway.. I’m really looking forward to Chapter 6 of Brainy Teen. Hope you’re doing well!
Write on!
Sunday, January 2, 2011 - 04:45:42

Mev I am hoping for 6 and 7 a back to back chapters since everyone should be coming back online from the Holidays.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 00:22:37

Nooo! i cant stand the waiting,ive just checked todays new stories and no new brainy teen chapters.
i need urgent medical help, now.
happy new year everybody!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 03:56:35

Stephen, don’t we all need urgent medical help I have been checking for updates every 2-4 hours. This is the best series I have read since Kitten Girl. This could last up to 10-15 chapters.
All writers need to watch out for which is why Kitten Girl never finished is that it was repeating what just happened in previous chapters and was repeating like a broken record.
This writer who is writing Brainy Teen is writing it completely right. Detail and lots of it and the movies will soon need to go, they will be worn out and people will be like Laura will be watching another lesbian film, again. Can’t repeat them and need new methods of mind control to keep the reader interested.
I cannot wait till the next couple chapters are released.

King Chicken
Friday, January 7, 2011 - 10:12:12

Long wait with the holidays…
Okay, in the spirit of sharing, and inspired by Storm, I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for other stories like Brainy Teen. I looked up Kitten Girl on EMCSA and realized I’d read it some time ago and just forgot about it.
Do you have any suggestions for those of us waiting patiently in the comment section? Something in the FF MC slow reluctant seduction genres? I’m all ears.
YourName, it would seem you have a lot of avid followers on your blog, maybe you should bow in and accept some praise.

Friday, January 7, 2011 - 19:37:02

King Chicken some of my favorites are Unnatural Desires by the very talented Kimberly Adams which also did Peking Fuck. Another personal favorite of mine is Jenn and Sarah by nwofns.
I have very few stories which I like. Because majority are utter garbage. I am still waiting impatiently for the next chapter of Brainy Teen. Yourname is making this story the best I have read in a long long time. I give it a Five Erections out of Five Erections. And, a story which you will definatly masturbate to and actually make you want to taste your own cum.

Master Meat
Friday, January 7, 2011 - 21:25:57

Hello, everyone! I’m glad that you guys/gals have enjoyed reading Brainy Teen. Your comments and suggestions provide additional fuel in helping me write future chapters. Honestly, I didn’t expect this amount of feedback but I’m very thankful that I’m receiving them.
If you enjoy reading Brainy Teen, you might enjoy the stories of the following authors:
Most of them don’t have MC but there’s a lot of slow, reluctant lesbian seduction.

Friday, January 7, 2011 - 21:55:20

Master Meat it is a privledge to hear from you. You are an amazing author. I just noticed Chapter 6 and going to read it, after I respond to you. Since you come in the line of great authors. I hope to see more variety of stories from you after you finish your Masterpiece, Brainy Teen.

Friday, January 7, 2011 - 22:26:30

Really, really good. I am not adding any spoilers exception I did find a typo.
but stopped after to third one.
It should have been, “but stopped after the third one.”
The rest is written extremely well. And, the new ways are outstanding. Now I really cannot wait till Chapter 7.You still have about 10 more chapters left. Since your style it will take a long time for Wendy to accept lesbianism.
And, I am glad you kept Madelynn out of the picture since Wendy needed a full chapter of her own. But, eventually Madelynn will need a full chapter of her own.
This is coming out great. But, it will take a few more chapters to accept anal. So do not do anal right away. Keep with this gradual decent it is coming out perfect. 6 Erections out of Five Erections and a fountain gushing of cum.

Saturday, January 8, 2011 - 18:22:07

great chapter!
but ended too soon during the best scene(left hanging!)
use of doll is very clever in wendys development.
less use of catch up info on whats gone on before is not needed,as i am sure your fans have memorised previous chapters.
please upload 2nd part of this scene asap,as i need relief

Sunday, January 9, 2011 - 20:18:05

Hey there MM
I am really enjoying Brainy Teen especially Wendy’s conversion. Am interested to see what happens to Maddy - especially the exploration of her dark side hope there’s lots of rubber PVC and leather involved … And hopefully our two main characters get involved :-)

Sunday, January 23, 2011 - 17:49:36

Another good chapter for Brainy Teen. The pacing is sublime, and will make the corruption in the end worthwhile. I also loved chapter 3, since it was a departure from the heavy sex, and more into intimate relations, as previous people have mentioned that Sarah is looking to turn Wendy into her girlfriend and not just another “Elena”, which is what I’m looking forward to. Having Sarah teach Wendy to basically fall in love with her and be intimate with her in all aspects of life is fun to watch unfold. The Wendy action is the best part of your stories, and her relation to Sarah. Look forward to more great chapters from you.

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Friday, January 28, 2011 - 12:08:26

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Friday, January 28, 2011 - 17:32:44

As far as I loved the previous chapters in Brainy Teen, the direction the story is going into doesn’t please me.
Whereas we had a somewhat believable story, in a school with girls who acted like every female students (if we put aside the hypnosis sequences), now we have something that is too much. The female doll that Wendy makes love to is either too realistic if she’s a doll, or way too inactive if she’s a real person. In either case, we are leaving here the traditional hypnosis for a “fuck doll” fantasy, and I think that it’s not what makes the story interesting.
Moreover, I think that WAY TOO MUCH importance is given to the fact if Wendy will lick a pussy. I don’t think that licking pussy should be the ultimate phase of Wendy’s conversion, but a mere transition. Come on ! It’s not because Wendy will lick another woman’s sex that, BING, she will fully be a lesbian, and fully accept that she is one. What would be more important should be that she has to act in school like a lesbian, seduce other women, doesn’t give any interest to boys, start dressing like a lesbian, etc etc… The “licking pussy” hypnosis is going on since 2-3 chapters, it’s way too long !
Then, concerning Madelynn, there is a big problem. What has happened to her was somewhat the counterpart of Wendy’s transformation. Wendy was becoming a romantic or so lesbian, more realistic. Madelynn, on the contrary, was meant to become a totally perverse lesbian, dressed in latex, always horny and unable to keep herself from masturbating. Well, for some of these parts, the story is going as expected… but what the deal with a “hidden conspiracy” where there are slaves, and persons who make movies, and all the “mistress/slave” business… This is becoming waty too unrealistic. I think that the relation between Madelynn and Elena should be more simple. Elena should raise Madelynn as a total lesbian nympho, dressed as a slut, with heavy makeup, high heels, etc… But it should be in everyday life, not in some “high secret society”. The transformation, or the mind control, should be as slow as Wendy’s and should be in school too. Moreover, it should be important to keep Madelynn unaware of why she is so horny, and why she becomes attracted to women, and why she wants to be sluttier in her manners, her clothes, her talk, etc…
I think that Madelynn deserves a part of the story as large as the one with Wendy, with slow transformation, but in a totally differnet lesbian fantasy. But please, keep it in an “everyday world”, like the school, the streets, or the home, not in secret society, like I said.
Well, I’m still waiting for the next chapters. I hope that I have not disappointed you with my critics, but I really love the story and I think that it takes a wrong turn that still could be corrected.
Sorry if my English is not perfect, but it’s not my native langage.

Saturday, January 29, 2011 - 16:01:17

Youpla you wanted Madelynn to be Goth??? Come to the United States, Iceland, UK, Germany; Goth Clubs are BDSM Clubs and you mentioned bestiality which is also found in BDSM. So it is very realistic and is not “High Secret Society” at all. I think it is a step in the right direction of a totally perverse gothic slut which you wanted. But, agreed it moved way way to fast.
Now the Fuck Doll part, it just shows that Hekate Corporation is more than it looks, besides a Pharmaceutical Company. There are a lot more chapters to go. And, I like how the licking pussy is progressing nice and smoothly even if it takes 5 chapters. Because once she is done with that transition it will be what else can Wendy do?
You forget there are many fetishes. Especially when you deal with Goth Lifestyle.

Saturday, January 29, 2011 - 17:22:14

Maybe there are goth clubs, but you don’t understand the problem. The story is about mind control. and what is exciting about mind control is that the subject act differently than usual IN EVERYDAY LIFE. Thus, what’s the point in making Madelynn a perverse goth if this is happening in a hidden club (or society) ? It would be much more interesting to see her in the school or at her home, or in streets, and how she’s struggling with her new horniness, and how she’d start to react in front of “normal” peoples. For example, she should start to talk really dirty (I loved the part where she’s insulting the slave) and be excited by this, but without noticing that her mind is transformed against her will.
For Wendy’s licking pussy conversion, there ARE many things that Wendy could do after that. For example, going only into girls/girls clubs, changing her facebook account to say that she loves girls, starting to date with Sarah in front of her parents, having a little tattoo on her that would say “I <3 Sarah “, get a tongue piercing with the sapphic symbol,etc… By the way MasterMeat, are you planning to include other fetishes, like bestiality or incest ? It would be great (especially if Madelynn becomes a total perverse) and this could aa a bit of variety.

Saturday, January 29, 2011 - 20:41:42

Youpla Go to read blackmail stories. Mind control and blackmail go hand in hand. Sarah and Wendy total mind control. Elena and Madelynn a combination of mind control and blackmail.
Point is making her perverse in private will be much easier to control in the public. I read enough erotic stories to know what is going to happen to Madelynn. But, what gets me on this story is that it is the most detailed story ever written in this genre.
Brainy Teen needs 8 more chapters.

Saturday, January 29, 2011 - 22:17:15

You’re eluding my point of view, once more. Blackmail or not, if the story takes place in hidden or secret places, this is not as exciting as it would be in everyday life. elena can blackmail Madelynn and control her mind, alright, but not in private.

Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 03:21:12

Youpla as I stated in second paragraph, would need a private place first. You can make a person do more in a public place if trained in a private place. It is the way Jeri Ryan reacted to Jack Ryan and ended up in divorce. Jeri let Jack do things in Private and was not ready to do things out in the public.

Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 05:55:16

Thanks for voicing your concerns, Youpla. Just to be clear, I’ve never stated anywhere in the story that licking pussy is the final phase of conversion for Wendy. I don’t want to give to much away, but I’m going to say that the final conversion is going to happen near the end of the series and it won’t just involve licking pussy. There are plenty of sexual acts that I haven’t covered yet. You may have also noticed that Wendy’s virginity is still intact. There’s a reason for that.
Concerning the realism of the doll, it’s entirely possible using today’s technology. The Japanese are already making realistic robots modeled upon real people that can make facial gestures and some realistic movements. Check it out here: With a bigger budget they could probably have made the rest of her body move too. It’s not that hard given how far robotics technology have advanced.
I thought it would make some people happy that I turned Madelynn into some kinky bdsm slut. You’re the one who’s suggesting in making Madelynn perverted and depraved. As Storm has mentioned, BDSM clubs and secret sex rings do exist, so there’s nothing unrealistic about that. Bestiality would make the most sense if it’s happening in a club. Currently the scope of the story is still narrowed to a few characters and locations. I won’t branch off the story in too many directions.
I also can’t have Wendy or Madelynn act too openly like lesbians and seduce other women at this point in the story. First, they are even’t fully converted yet. You may have noticed by now that the mind control methods in my story aren’t instant. It takes time. Madelynn may appear to have been changed, but she’s still trying to actively resist it with her mind. Elena used blackmail against her to compensate for the incomplete transformation. Until the time is right, I won’t make Wendy or Madelynn do things like post on Facebook, telling their parents about their relationship, or act like total lesbian sluts. That would be rushing things. Madelynn’s clothing will eventual change, but in school it would never be provocative enough to violate the school’s dress codes.
At any rate, you don’t have to worry. My intention for adding the doll and the bdsm club was just to add some variety and flexibility to the storyline of Brainy Teen. There will be plenty of activities in realistic everyday locations in future chapters.

Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 11:15:40

Master Meat thanks for posting. I especially like the link I did not know they were that close to perfection in AI. So it is very possible to have a real fuck toy very soon.
Facebook would be good idea. Telling parents bad idea. Actually you will be surprised how lenient school dress codes are. Total lesbian sluts in the bathroom of the schools and also writting on the bathroom walls. Bestiality will never be found in clubs it is found more on Farms. And, since Hecate is what I imagine a huge mega-labatory. There would be plenty of farm land for such things to happen. Majority of states which has bestiality legal do not allow open bestiality except in privacy namely privately owned farms. Bestiality is a State Rights issue here in the United States.
I do like the idea of the lesbian nightclubs which Youpla mentioned. And, a tattoo should be a tramp tattoo. Tramp Tattoos are lower back indicating female is a slut.
Also, please note for all fans of erotic literature since your probably from another country here in the United States we are a sexually repressed religious fanatic nation. We are more sexually repressed than Middle Eastern Countries with there Harems. In Europe they are a lot more open sexually. And, in Japan many Japanese are so perverted yet so censored that they think a real woman has a black box or a black diamond for a pussy to fuck. That is why a pussy is also known as a box.
And, I am 20% done with the first stage of a project specially made for the Brainy Teen fans.

Monday, January 31, 2011 - 18:47:19

I really like the pace of the story so far. It’s too early for the girls to be openly out as they haven’t even done anything too eagerly in private yet. I like the fact that wendy is being persuaded a little bit at a time.
As for the beastiality suggestion i’d rather we didn’t go that direction. No problem with it in stories but it seems to be the wrong tone for the way the story has gone so far. I imagine her as the total lesbian slut doing anything with women for an orgasm but nothing with men or animals. Maybe a future pornstar or something…imagine Wendy eventually seeing her friend in one of her training vids!!
Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 11:05:50

Paul, think of bestiality this way; a name like Madelynn is a name which sounds like going down on the farm. Believe it or not hardcore lesbians sluts do, in fact do bestiality with male dogs and/or male pigs and/or male horses, etc etc etc. If you notice Master Meat does incoporate his stories with real life and I have seen lesbians fuck a male dog. And, how Master Meat writes it will be something on the side. Will not be a focal part of the story. It will just add variety to the story.
Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 18:56:19

????? Scabies, Master Meat has been giving what the people want. Youpla wanted Madelynn to be Goth. UK and US Goth = BDSM go to Goth Clubs. Get out more and you will find out Goth and BDSM are one in the same.
This is a long gradual decent. Unlike majority of stories which are cut and dry and too short and non-descriptive which wind up pointless.
When someone mentions Goth majority of the replies will be your into whips and chains. Even the songs listen to majority of lyrics which incorporate whip me, beat me.
Majority of porn in Goth Lifestyle is BDSM. Maybe the readers shouldn’t looslely generalize what they want. Maybe it is the reader which should be more descriptive on what they want.
And, Master Meat is doing a damn good job at incorporating the reader’s ideas into the story.

Saturday, February 5, 2011 - 07:28:49

I loved Chapter 8 it is by far the best chapter in the series. It is well played out. And, it was good to see Madelynn had most of the chapter to herself. The chapter was very descriptive.

Monday, February 7, 2011 - 08:07:13

Aaah, really nice chapter of Brainy Teen ! I particularly love the fact that Madelynn has a really important part in this one. Moreover, I love that she is slowly but surely unable to repress her lust and that she is becoming corrupted with horniness without knowing very weell that she’s brainwashed. I hope that she will have other sessions where her mind is erased more and more, to the point that she will act like a slut 24 hours by day. Like Strom said before, it would be nice to see Wendy masturbate on a video of Madelynn.
We can even imagine a little scenario here : Madelynn become so obsessed and excited by Wendy that she decides, with Elena’s advice, to make a little video where she is masturbating for her, but with a mask on her face. Then, she would let the video in Wendy’s locker at shool (without being seen by her, of course), with a letter saying that she is always thinking of her, etc, and that the video is a little present for her. Wendy, of course, would masturbate like crazy on the video, but would still be wondering who is the girl.
After that, Madelynn would make more and more videos, the latter being always more hardcore than the precedent, and the letters in the locker being more and more dirty, with crude words, and maybe even some “presents” (like a little dildo that Madelynn would have plunged into her pussy juices while masturbating thinking of Wendy, etc…
Anyways, these are just ideas I have here, in case they can give new ideas for you, MasterMeat.
Concerning Wendy, even if I prefer what is happening to Madelynn, I’m still loving every piece of her story. The fact that she becomes less and less aware of what her entourage is thinking is very hot. I know she is not destined to do thing as extreme as Madelynn, but I’m eager to see her embrace the idea that, YES, she’s a lesbian and nothing else.
Anyway, I agree that it’s too early yet to see the girls act like real bitches. But if, slowly, it could come to the point where Wendy or Madelynn don’t give a fuck about what other peoples are thinking of them, it would be hot. Imagine Madelynn masturbating during a class, licking her lips while looking at a female teacher… Yummy !
Concerning bestiality, I know it’s not the focus of the story thus far, but I REALLY hope that we will see some of it with Madelynn, either with dogs or horses. I thnik that, in hypnosis/mind control stories, the really exciting thing is to discover that the mind controlled subject is accepting more and more things and that, when the reader thinks that she will not go further because she is already doing really hardcore things, BAM the mind controller makes her do dirty and dirtiest hardcore sexual acts.
Thus, while Wendy’s story is more “realistic” and “tender”, I hope to see Madelynn (the counterpart of true lesbian romantic love) do things with animals, and maybe other nasty things like drinking piss (why not ? She is already loving Wendy’ saliva !), or trying to seduce her own mother, etc…
I have one complain though about the story thus far : we don’t have many descriptions of Wendy’s or Madelynn’s appearance other than clothes. Only Wendy has a short description at the start of chapter one, and I even don’t think Madelynn has one. It’s harder for imaginig the characters, and their transformation.
@Storm : Don’t bother answering to Scabie, I think that it’s a bot with automatic writing for Blogs. I’ve seen the exact same text before…
Well, MasterMeat, thanks again for giving us new chapters so often and with such quality. Maybe I sounded hars before, but I really love Brainy Treen, truth ! It’s great to have you answering the readers, and give us some hints about the future events. One more thing : if sometimes you know approximatively when the next chapter will be done, could you give us a date please ? Thanks, and please don’t abandon the story like many authors do. ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011 - 08:22:40

Oh, and Storm. What is the project you are doing for Brainy Teen fans ? A comic maybe ? Givve us a hint or, better, a teaser please !!!

Monday, February 7, 2011 - 12:35:42

Sims 2 & Sims 3 full neighborhoods and Sim City 4. It is going to take a few months to create it all. Have to create buildings from scratch. Exception of Sim City 4, I am using it to build the neighborhoods for Sims 2.
Sims 2 and Sims 3 are two different engines so I have to create each one seperatly.
Youpla, Wendy did have an appearance first paragraph, Chapter 1.
Wendy was a nerdy high school student who had few friends. She had low confidence despite having great looks: shoulder-length blond hair, a beautiful face, brilliant blue eyes, a great body with the right curves at the right places. Despite her mousy look and demeanor, some guys have had hit on her, but she was always too shy to give a good response. Mean girls bullying her and joking about her being a “lezzie” only made matters worse.
Only Madelynn did not have a description since she will look “Goth” which means there will have to be changes especially hair color. I think jet black hair with purple highlights would be better for Madelynn.

Monday, February 7, 2011 - 16:37:33

Yes, that’s what I’ve said : only Wendy did have a short description in chapter 1. I think it’s somewhat a little disappointing since we are expecting her to change a little (not as much as Madelynn) thanks to Sarah’s mind control.
For Madelynn, we really don’t have anything. I want to imagine her as a nerdy teen with glasses, pure and somewhat christian but it would be better, since she will be the one that will suffer the most in physicals modifications, to know how she looks at the really beginning. I mean, if she will now be wearing makeup and (maybe) piercings, it would be more exciting to see the huge gap between this and what she looked like at the start of the plot.
Then, I don’t know very much of Sims… Do I have to possess the game for what you are doing, and do I have to obtain a powerful PC ? Anyway, I’m curious to see what you will give us ! ^^

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 06:42:54

Youpla, I’m glad that you like the latest chapter of Brainy Teen. Yes, Madelynn will become a slut who will do many perverse things. She will descend into increasing depravity with no hope of recovery. I’ll think about incorporating some of the ideas that you’ve suggested since they sound very interesting. Regarding the characters’ physical descriptions, which I agree is quite lacking, that’ll eventually be added too. The bestiality part is still tentative because I didn’t have the animals that you’ve suggested in mind. I was thinking about something slithery. I’m also waiting for more readers to voice their opinion on this.
Your previous comment wasn’t harsh at all. It’s alright to post your honest opinions. I don’t have an exact date for the next chapter, but at this rate it’ll be at least one chapter every two weeks. So the next one should be up no later than Feb 18 if all goes well on my end. And don’t worry, I won’t abandon the story.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 21:53:20

Youpla to even run today’s video games you need a powerful computer. 3GhZ CPU, 8 GB, and a good 1GB Video Card. But, for those that cannot play the game. Master Meat think you could host videos once I am ready?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 23:09:15

Eeeerrr…. Storm. It’s Sims we’re talking about, not Final Fantasy XIV! ^^

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 00:33:57

Youpla should try playing SIMs 3 with close to 500 mods in it. :D
Even the top of the line lag and crash.
SIMs 2 and Sim City 4 should have no problem with a 2 GhZ 4GB and a good 256 MB video card.
Conan Online is a 2.2 GhZ but best if it is 3 GhZ game.
DO NOT get Alienwear it is an overpriced Dell computer.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 02:38:19

I continue to enjoy your installments of Brainy Teen. It’s little flourishes and touches like Wendy questioning “Just a kiss?” as a thank you to Sarah that show her longing for her friend. The fact that she wants to kiss her friend in a semi-public place is a nice step too. And the end dream in the style of a ball was fantastic, again, illustrating Wendy’s yearning to kiss Sarah and be swept up in a grand romantic gesture, just to reach the point of going down on her. I also hope that Wendy’s path to lesbianism is continually aided by these types of touches, allowing a differentiation between Wendy and other members of Sarah’s “clique.” Having Sarah actually want more out of Wendy than any of her other girls is what is fascinating to watch develop. This was something I mentioned in my earlier post and was best seen in chapter 3 with the seduction tutorials. I envision the two as a girlfriends, with Sarah obviously still pulling the strings of Wendy.
As far as bestiality and Madelynn are concerned, I find it repulsive, but to each his own. As I am more into the stories for Wendy’s plight, I don’t dwell too much with Madelynn’s descent.
People may complain about length or retreading on themes and this being so drawn out, but I for one love the pacing and hope you don’t grow weary of the story yourself.
Another great chapter!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 10:07:53

I can host the embedded versions of the videos. Just provide me with the links to your videos on the video site that you’ve uploaded them too.
Drawn out induction is one of my favorite themes. Making Sarah and Wendy really close was my original intention. They will become even closer later on.
Madelynn was more of an off-shoot. Her different transformation was for added variety. I’ll try to keep certain extreme activities for Madelynn light so it won’t become too repulsive.

Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 19:19:51

Both stories are great!!! Keep writing, can’t wait for next part ..

Friday, February 11, 2011 - 09:00:45

ff corruption stories only come every now and then, and your stories are great, keep the good work :D

Monday, February 21, 2011 - 07:32:12

Hello MasterMeat.
Nice new chapter of Brainy Teen. I particularly love how Madelynn is struggling against her desires and always fails to contain them. The fact that, in each chapter, she is drugged once more (with the “candies” in this one) is exciting too because we imagine that, although she seems to be already at a point where she can’t resist masturbating and imagining perverted things, she will next time go up one level !
What I love the most is when her and Wendy are casually seeing each other. Madelynn having dirty thoughts during casual discussions is great and shows well that she is near to always horny. Seeing that is already thinking of anal licking when she sees Wendy, I wonder, after having being drugged 3-4 more times, how she will react in everyday’s life in front of her “best friend” !
Be careful, though, to not introduce too many new characters. What is interesting is the evolution of the relationships between Wendy/Sarah, Madelynn/Elena, and Madelynn/Wendy. The “business woman” and Lauren are nice variations, but I know too well that, when there are 10+ characters in mind control stories , the plot becomes too complex.
Concerning Wendy, I really love how she nows think that licking Sarah’s pussy is somewhat normal, and especially how she doesn’t want to end her “training” with Sarah.
Anyway, here are some ideas for Madelynn’s evolution. Pick up those you want, or don’t pick any at all. These are just some things crossing my minds so, well… Here they are :
- Develop a taste for anal fucking over pussy fucking. Then, when she’ll have 2 dildos, have her perform double penetration.
- Having her addicted to pee drinking. Then let her participate in a woman bukkake where she will be the girl being pissed on.
- Let her being excited when she is seen masturbating. It will led her to some exhibitionism. Maybe at school in front of some comrades or in class in front of a female teacher…
- Let her be more and more excited when she is seeing her own mother. Given that her family seems to be “prudish” and church-going, I don’t know if it could really lead to a mother/daughter sexual act, but it would nonetheless be hot to see Madelynn unable anymore to act normally in front of her mother.
- Have her literally addicted to pussy’s juices. Each hour, she would need to lick or drink her juices or those of another woman, or else she would go crazy with lust.
Concerning her new looks and attitude :
- A tramp tattoo, and some others too on her body. maybe a big one with the sapphic symbol right on her belly.
- Piercings in every places possible : ears, lips, nose, eyebrows, tongue. Then, nipple rings (or even a little chain), and a lot of rings oon her pussy lips.
- Have her speaking gradually change for something with words nastier and cruder. For example, she would find the world “Penis” somewhat kiddy and would be most excited by saying “cock” or “dick”. The same thing for pussy/cunt, fellatio/blowjob, making love/fucking, etc…
- Have her undergo a breast expansion with surgery (all paid by Elena of course).
- Let her be gradually disgusted by men. I mean, right now she is becoming graudally attracted to women, but for being a complete lesbian she also needs to find men’s body repulsive or not interesting, so that she isn’t anymore excited or attracted by them, not even a little.
- Of course, have her wear more dirty clothes at school or at home.
Well, I expect I am not too pushy. Many things are a bit extreme, but you are the author here, so choose what you want (or not).
Anyway, I’m waiting for the next chapter (in two weeks, as always ?). Thanks again, and sorry for my bad English.
PS : So, after the poll, what did you decide concerning bestiality for Madelynn ?

On Jan 12 00:13 by Domino_X

Thanks for the update MM. Hopefully we might see the update by this weekend.

In regards to the double-blind lesbian seduction between Wendy and her mother, were neither are aware that the other is a lesbian or had a lesbian past, but both have the desire to start a lesbian relationship with each other. It's very intriguing and I would find it very thrilling.

My line of thought for the suggestion I made was because I felt that Wendy hasn't fully embraced being a lesbian. Granted her mental defenses are wearing down, but she's still putting up resistance here and there. For me, if Wendy's mother had a former lesbian past and it was made aware to Wendy and Sarah. Sarah would use it as another tool to further push, or complete Wendy's transformation into being a lesbian. Telling Wendy that her mother, a woman she admires, a person she models herself after and sees as a role model was a lesbian, and if Wendy wants to be like her mother she needs to embrace being a lesbian. Warping Wendy's love and respect for her mother into lust and desire.

Anyways I think I'm starting to ramble and losing my train of thought. The double-blind tactic for Wendy and her mother is a great idea and has some very exciting potential. Anyways I'm up for whatever MM decides to go with in regards to bringing Wendy's mother into Sarah and Wendy's lesbian games, and hopefully we'll see the new chapter soon.

On Jan 11 18:07 by db

I concur with Youpla. His vision for Wendy's mother, and her interaction with Wendy, is perfect.
Let me add to it: At some point, they both want each other, and they both hope the other could become a lesbian, and, in subtle ways at first, try to encourage the other to consider swinging that way. Each leaves clues that she would be open to a different, freer, more intimate relationship between them and starts to flirt with and tempt the other.
Behind the scenes, Sarah could be orchestrating the slow but inevitable union of the two by, for example, such things as: (1) Assignments to Wendy, such as to dress in certain ways at home or to say or try out certain things on her mother just to see how she would react. (2) Creating romantic scenarios and placing the two in them, like she gets them going out on dates with each other, such as by giving them free vouchers for movies or plays (featuring lesbian romance, of course), dinner, etc., and at-home dates watching "special" dvds supplied by Sarah. Their dates help make them see each other as girlfriends, romantically interested in each other, as much as mother-daughter. (3) Free spa/beauty treatments (at Sarah's own special spa or salon), including "makeovers" for the two, per Sarah's instructions, and erotic massages and brainwashing that loosen Mom up (maybe Wendy, too). (4) Other hypnosis or conditioning of one or both to propel them together. Maybe Sarah or her mother or even Wendy gives Wendy's mom a "special" iPod similar to Wendy's. Maybe, in response to Wendy's anxiety about her mother's reaction to her recent changes, Sarah tells her she can help, but Wendy's part is she covertly feeds special drugs to her mom which will help Mom "broaden her views" and "be more accepting" of Wendy's changes, including her lesbianism if she should find out about it. Maybe Sarah has Wendy watch a special dvd with her while Mom (and maybe Wendy, too) is drugged.
Definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

On Jan 11 05:12 by Youpla

Ok. Thank you very much for the news and your work.

On Jan 11 04:57 by MasterMeat

Storm is doing the editing right now.

On Jan 11 00:39 by Youpla

Well, I think it's much better if Wendy AND her mother are each other ignoring their mutual taste for women.
It could lead to funnier situations, where Wendy's mother struggle with her growing love for her daughter, and at the same time is ashamed of herself because she thinks that Wendy is not lesbian. Thus, even if she would be ashamed of herself, she would let sometimes slip hints saying that sapphic relations are "not so bad", and so on...
She could also say to Wendy some things like "You look beautiful with this dress", or "If I was a guy, I'd kiss you right now", or "Do you have a boyfriend at school ? No ? And a girlfriend ? ... Ah ah ah ! i'm joking, honey... Just joking....", or when watching a film with her daughter "Mmm, I think this actress is very beautiful. But not as beautiful as you, sweetheart".
Etc etc...

By doing so, because Wendy has no idea of her mother's desires, and because Wendy's mom is sure that her daughter love only men, there would be "quiproquo", hesitations, awkward seduction, etc...
If one or another is from the start aware of the other's tastes, all of the "game" would be too fast, and there would be no supense or suprise.

Aside this... Any news for the next chapter release MasterMeat ?

On Jan 07 06:39 by Domino_X

Well you can reverse the situation in my scenario if you like. Instead of Wendy watching her mother being seduced into lesbian sex by Sarah's mom. Have Wendy's mom watch her and Sarah have lesbian sex. With Sarah's mother manipulating her into wishing it was her and Wendy instead of Sarah and Wendy. Getting her to the point were she sees Wendy as a future partner rather than a daughter.

As for having too many characters showing up. MM has done a good job of keeping track of the characters and progression so far. To me characters being introduced are there to further either Sarah's, Wendy's, and/or Madelynn's story rather than having theirs added to it. To me it's coincidence if their story happens to stretch out and grow along with the main 3.

However in the end it's how the reader really interprets the story and that's one of the reasons why I like the Brainy Teen series. Brainy Teen has this flow to it were you can follow along but at the same time gives enough space were you can imagine what might or might not be happening next in various parts.

On Jan 07 04:24 by MasterMeat

Just need a little bit more time. Both Youpla's and Domino_X's ideas are good. I'm more inclined to keeping Wendy in the dark, but I'll combine as many of the ideas as I can. Pissing is okay and would be added, but it won't be excessive. To solve the censorship problem, I'm just going archive all the comments and remove Html Comment Box, since there's no setting to remove the filter. But that will be done after I post the new chapter.

On Jan 06 08:47 by Youpla

Your suggestions are not bad either, except one big point : I think that Wendy must not be aware of her mother accepting her lesbian way of life, and not be aware also of her past lesbian experiences. Thus, Sarah would encourage Wendy to act like a lesbian at home and urge Wendy to observe her mom's reactions. Of course, being drugged, Wendy's mom would have more and more difficulties to hide her growing love for her daughter, and Wendy would misunderstand her loving glares for an acceptation of the lesbian way of life as a normal thing... without knowing that her own mother would lust for a wedding with her !
That would be complex, but much more thrilling.

Concerning sarah's mother, maybe it will be too much if too many new characters (and a 3rd mother, even more...) are apearing. If we have to follow the evolution of Madelynn, Sarah, Wendy, Erin, Elena, Wendy's mom, Sarah's mom, etc... The story will become too complex and some characters will be left not as developed as the others. Maybe, at the dinner, Sarah should pretext that her mother is absent (but in fact, Sarah's parents are always in foreign countries for their work...).

MasterMeat, I forgot one thing : did you take your decision too concerning piss showering/swallowing ?

On Jan 06 06:32 by Domino_X

It's at this point were Sarah begins to plant the seeds of lesbian incest and desire into both Wendy and her mother's head. Anyways I like your suggestions Youpla, and like you can't wait for the next chapter to Brainy Teen.

On Jan 06 06:17 by Domino_X

Great idea you have there Youpla in regards to bringing Wendy's Mom into Wendy's seduction. With me I imagined that Wendy's mother's lesbian seduction would happen when Sarah invites both Wendy and her mom over to her place for the weekend. Wendy and her mother have a nice dinner, unknown to them that their meal was laced with brainwashing drugs.

After dinner Wendy and her mother are separated from another, Sarah takes Wendy to her room while her mother takes Wendy's mother to her study. Here Sarah's mother begins her seduction of Wendy's mother. Along the way Sarah's mom manages to get Wendy's mother into confessing that she had a lesbian experience in the past, but it was short-lived and ended before it got any where.

At this point Sarah's mother begins to press on the issue. Implying that Wendy's mom was too scared of what might have happened if she decided to continue the lesbian relationship. Sarah's mom starts to twist things here and there, and in the end, probably in the waves of orgasm, gets Wendy's mom to admit she regrets ending the lesbian relationship, that there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian, and that she wouldn't care if her daughter becomes one, and would even encourage her to take up that kind of lifestyle.

Unknown to Wendy's mother her whole confession was caught on camera and both Sarah and Wendy were watching the whole thing in her room. Of course Sarah was in the process of seducing Wendy. Having her stare at her mother's body, pointing things out like her breasts and butt. After Wendy's mother's confession Sarah points out how Wendy's mom is okay with lesbians. Pointing out how Wendy's mom turned out okay after having a lesbian experience, i.e. having a family, a good home, etc.. etc. Telling Wendy that if she looks up to her mother then she would want to embrace the lesbian relationship that she and Sarah have.

On Jan 06 00:10 by Youpla

Wendy's mom libido...
- We can imagine also that her first love-making was with a man she loved at that point, the normal thing... The new memories : she didn't really like him nor have much pleasure during the sex, but she felt compelled to make love with a man for the appearances, because she didn't want to feel marginal. She did the same with her wedding... Even if she loves her husband, she never felt truly satisfied with sex, often thinking of women during the act.
- One day, we can imagine she found a porno DVD hidden, and belonging to her husband. By curiosity, she watched it and realized it was a lesbian movie with teens. She, of course, was horrified and disgusted, and yelled at her husband. fake memories : she was, to her surprise, feeling extremely horny at the young female bodies, and started to masturbate. She also was surprised to see that she imagined Wendy in most of these scens, which emphasize her horniness. She masturbated wildly but, because her husband was coming back at home, she rushed, put her clothes again in place, and never again dared to watch a lesbian movie again.

Etc etc... Of course, we can esaily imagine that specific events between Wendy's mom and her daughter could be modified in Mom's memory, so that she would slowly fall in love with lesbianism, incest, and of course Wendy.

I hope it will give you some ideas for the future ! as for the bestiality, too bad but I was expecting this so I'm not surprised nor too deceipted.

Last thing : are you aware that some words like f u c k i n g, or a s s can' be written on your blog in the comments ? They are automatically replaced with the word "love".

Well. Just ont thing to do now : wait for the next chapter. Oh please ! Say that it will come this week-end ! Please ! ^^

On Jan 05 23:49 by Youpla

Hello MasterMeat, and happy new year to you and everyone else here !

I'm so happy to hear that a new chapter of brainy Teen will come so soon that I forgive with ease this litle delay you're speaking of. That doesn't mean I'm becoming patient, I'd kill for the next chapter ! (just kidding of course).

Anyway, I had another little idea for Wendy's mother. I don't know if you have already written some lines with her in the next chapter, but I think that, just like my suggestions for Erin, she must undergo a different induction for a different result (here, falling in love with her daughter Wendy).
So my idea is this one :
- You should let her endure a hypnosis that modifies her most personal memories so that she thinks that the fake memories implanted in her brain are what really happened in her life. Here some example :
- Imagine that her first kiss what somewhat normal... At the age of 14, she went out with a boy she liked, they went to the cinema, and kissed on the way home...
Then the new memory would be something much more exciting and, of course, sapphic. Maybe something that would be like this... At the same age, Wendy's mom had a female friend who, let's say, had to move in a different town with her parents. So, the evening before the big leaving, she invited Wendy's mom to her house for a "goodbye" evening. And before Wendy's mom left for her house, her friend caught up with her, and by surprise kissed her vigorously by surprise, in tears, saying her true feelings of love. Her friend then left the town as it has to be, but never did Wendy's mom forget about this fisst kiss, and the sweet sensation of a young girl's tongue.
- Imagine that, for paying her studies, Wendy's mom did a classic student job, like working in a fast food industry foe example. Then the new memory would be that she had to work on a sex phone service, where she often had to deal with women being lesbians customers. Of course, she had to say nasty things to them and follow the lead, but surely did these things had an impact on

On Jan 04 05:25 by Domino_X

As the old saying goes "No fine wine is done before its time" As Bob said take time, we can wait

On Jan 04 01:22 by Bob

As ever, no problem MM, I await another polished gem when you have finished writing and polishing :)

On Jan 03 01:48 by Domino_X

Merry New Year to you also Mastermeat, and to everyone else here!

On Jan 02 21:15 by MasterMeat

Happy New Year. I'm going slower than I thought. Only about halfway done with the next chapter, but it's going to be as long as the previous one.

On Jan 01 04:08 by Bob

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and can't wait but will have to:)

On Dec 23 07:38 by Domino_X

Good lord, ought to know better to type while drunk. If you had trouble making out my previous suggestion. I was suggesting that Sarah could use the unconscious women and girls mentioned near the end of chap 13 to help Wendy become very comfortable with lesbian public displays of affection when she is with Sarah. They could help Sarah create this feeling that no one is out to judge Wendy while they kiss, hug, or grope each other while in public.

On Dec 17 03:33 by Domino_X

Thanks for the update MM, and hope you have a very happy holiday. In regards to your issues of writing more public displays of affection scenes with Sarah and Wendy. You did create something of a safety net in the newest chapter of Brainy Teen.

Near the end there's mention of other women and girls unconscious in the hidden processing center that Madelynn was taken to. I'm sure it's safe to assumption that they're going to or have already been exposed to the brainwashing treatment that was used on Madelynn.

So who's to say that Sarah doesn't use these women and girls to create a control environment for her lesbian seduction of Wendy. For example she uses her family's influence and power to buy out a restaurant, and loads it up with the women under her control. Here she openly flirts with Wendy, and very overt in her display of affection for her. Wendy looks around and sees the women either not paying attention, displaying affection with other women, or fawning over how cute a couple Sarah and Wendy make. Another example is a night club, Sarah takes Wendy out and they head towards a popular club, again using her influence to insure that things are set here way. When they get there, it's dimly lite, so Wendy can't really make things out. However as time goes out, Sarah and Wendy dance with each other and Wendy notices that a majority of the people there are women and dancing in a provocative manner. Just like how she and Wendy are creating this illusion that no one there is out to judge her or cast her out.

Sarah uses this technique to help Wendy become more and more comfortable with public lesbian displays of affection. Until she feels that Wendy has become so enthralled as a lesbian. That Wendy doesn't care what other people think of her sexual identity.

On Dec 17 01:57 by Bob

Thanks for the update MM:) Have a very merry one, and thanks again for your magnificent stories!!

On Dec 16 20:41 by FPWilson

Great chapter, MM. It is a well executed setup chapter for impending actions. I love Wendy becoming more subverted to Sarah's plan, and forgoing much reason in her evil machinations. It's great to see Wendy falling for Sarah in her dreams, and would be great to see subtleties of that bleeding over into her daily actions. It would be interesting to have Wendy start feeling jealous that another girl would try to seduce her girlfriend as a subconscious reaction, despite being in a "fake" relationship. Having Madelynn "help" Wendy realize her lesbian side can lead to great things. I like watching Sarah dominate Wendy into this relationship and look forward to Wendy's burgeoning lesbianism and submissive role in the pairing. I agree that some public scenes would add some depth to the relationships and character changes so nothing appears in a bubble. Look forward to more great chapters, MM.

On Dec 16 08:51 by MasterMeat

Youpla, thanks for the ideas. I agree that more public scenes would be better, and I'll try to include more of those. It's a bit harder to write those scenes because I've to think about how the surrounding people would react and the resulting consequences. I've decided that there won't be bestiality in the main story, but I could do it in a spin off or side story with Blitz involved.

For those people who desperately want the next chapter, I won't be able to finish it by this Christmas, but definitely a week after that.

On Dec 15 06:00 by Bob

U aint posted the next chapter yet - geez lol:)

On Dec 14 13:42 by Youpla

Oh, I forgot.

By any chance, is Blitz the doberman here for giving readers a clue about... possible bestiality acitivities ?? ^^

On Dec 14 13:34 by Youpla

will see. That would be a good reason to introduce her to 6+ inch heels (or at least, in school, leather gothic boots with BIG platforms, like emo-gothic girls).
- Maybe it would be time for her to be hypnotized to start having big fetichism love for tattoos and piercings... no ? I think that it would be more interesting if it's her who will think of this and, unable to resist the need, will ask Elena to be tattooed and pierced on tongue, clitoris, or nipples. Don't let Elena always taking the decisions for Madelynn !
- Madelynn seems to have more and more of dildos, sextoys, sexy clothes, and porn DVD. I wonder how her mother would react if, tiding her daughter's room, she found something like this ? Maybe she would be so excited to think of her daughter doing nasty things that she would spy her during her masturbating sessions. Or she could steal a dildo so that she could taste her daughter's juices ? But always with a BIG feeling of culpability, always aware that what she's doing is not normal... but unable to resist the urge.
- Maybe, one day, Erin would confess her "sins" at church, to a nun. But what if this nun would be Elena in a disguise ? She would maybe insult her, playing the offended nun... But these insults, of course, would excite Erin more and more, to her disarray.
Elena could even say something like "How would the nuns, the entire church would react if they knew you're a slutty mother who masturbates thinking of her daughter ? You're worthless, you're just a good-for-nothing wanton !"... And of course, as stunned and offended Erin would be, she should be unable to resist the horniness and even would have an orgasm by being so depravated. That should lead her on the way of more humiliating things...

I think that's all for now. As always, I'm looking forward the next Brainy Teen chapter, and in this case I am really impatient because of the cliffhanger at the end of chapter 13.
Please, I know it's a lot of work for you but... don't let us wait too long ! ^^

On Dec 14 13:07 by Youpla

"Madelynn, you're an insatiable lesbian slut. You enjoy dominating women. You want to go after your mother...". It's, I think, really exciting to imagine how Madelynn will change in the next chapter, or in which direction her training is going. I hope you will do more of these things in the story. for example, we know that, for now, Madelynn is going through another round with the machines, just like in chapter 4. I expect to read some induction here in chapter 15. Not necessarly something really detailed, but some clues of how Madelynn's mind and behaviour is changed. For example, maybe something like sentences that are repeated , like "You'll never want to make love, you only want to love like a perverse bitch" or "Your pussy will be dripping each time you see your mother"... etc, this kind of things...

What I disliked know :
- A bit sad that we didn't see Erin in this chapter. But iI suppose that you can't do all the characters in each chapter... Nevertheless, I'm impatient to see how she is dealing with her hypnosis.
-Not a big thing, and it's just my taste here, but I'd love to see Wendy and Medelynn in most common places or situations. I mean, Wendy is often just with Sarah in a room, and Madelynn is often in the "special house" with elena. It would be nice, for a change, to see MAdelynn at church (with all the nuns here...), or at school in front of a female teacher, etc... It would be nice to see them struggle in society, where they would have to refrain their sexual needs.

Well... Even if I try to think of something else, that apparently the only things I can think of. Now, here are some other ideas that you could, maybe, like for the next chapters :

- Because Madelynn is hypnotized to love dominating every women, I think she should develop a big complex about her body and what (for her) makes a dominative mistress. Thus, not only will her chest become an obsession (meaning she will think more and more of plastic surgery), but she will need to be taller than the majority of the girls she

On Dec 14 12:41 by Youpla

Hello MasterMeat !

I'm really glad to have reading this chapter 13. I don't have many things to criticize here, this chapter was really great.

Here what I've loved :
- The appearance of Wendy's mother, of course. It's good to see her at last, and moreover it's cool to have someone different from Madelynn's mom. I hope, of course, that we'll see more of her.
By the way, I jumped at the words "Wendy's mom didn't really like changes that happened to her YOUNGEST daughter recently"... Does that mean Wendy has a big sister ??? ^^
- It was cool to have another conversation between Wendy and Madelynn at the phone. I'm looking forward their next encounter at Maddy's home. However, maybe you should have make Madelynn masturbate at the phone, like in a previous chapter, because she's unable to bear her horniness when when hear Wendy's voice. Moreover, now that she is less resistant than before, she should do this with less culpability, as if it was a routine for her. Maybe she could even call Wendy each day for no particular reason, only to masturbate listening to her.
- The plot between Wendy and Madelynn is interesting : each one has to seduce the other, for different reasons. It will be nice to see what happens.
- I loved that Madelynn is now aware of her mom being hypnotized, and that whe will have to "use" this hypnosis, as Lauren said to her. I wonder what she will ask of her mother ? Will she try to save her, or succomb to her perversity ?
- It's great to se Madelynn becoming more vulgar when she is in action. However, it's a little disappointing that she does this only when she does sex acts. Maybe her crude words and vulgarity could slip from times to times in normal conversations, that would be funny.
- One thing I love in hypnosis (maybe I'm the only one, but hey...) is when the hypnosis or the induction is giving the reader clues of what will happen next.

On Dec 12 03:51 by Domino_X

Good deal of things were introduced in chapter 13 that I hope will be carried over in chapter 14. There's the mention of Wendy's mother, so there is the possibility that she will be getting involved in Wendy's seduction. Also Sarah's mother was brought up. Hopefully that means we get to see a look at Sarah's personal life and how she interacts with her own family. Then we have the end were Madelynn seems to be going through another round of what happened to her in chapter 4. So does that mean in the next chapter whatever remains of her resistance will be removed and she fully accepts the lifestyle of a lesbian dom and becomes very proactive instead of reactive to the events happening to her?

On Dec 08 04:28 by Bob

u knew i meant wendy right lol:)

On Dec 08 00:10 by Bob

Wow! amazing "start" MM, brilliant angle to get Sarah in to lesbian seduction, now of course I want the next chapter..... lol:) Thank you!

On Dec 07 04:49 by Domino_X

Good news chapter 13 to Brainy Teen is up, hoorah! Bad news is that this chapter makes me want the next one, like right now. I find it amazing when a story manages to create this intense tease and level of suspense that manages to draw the reader in and demand more. Great job MM and can't wait for the next chapter updates.

Now if you excuse me I'm going to build me a time machine and hopefully time travel my way to reading the future updates to your stories.

On Dec 06 02:32 by MasterMeat

It's done. Just needs some editing.

On Dec 05 23:32 by Youpla

well... Any date or estimation to give us MasterMeat ? The wait is killing me.

On Dec 04 16:13 by Domino_X

Awesome, thanks for the update MM.

On Dec 04 09:24 by MasterMeat

It's going to be late, but it'll definitely be up.

On Dec 04 00:32 by Domino_X

Hopefully we'll see an update today or tomorrow. However if MM has other matters to attend to. I'm willing to wait it out. It'll make reading the new chapter that much sweeter. Just hoping the suspense doesn't kill me.

On Dec 03 11:46 by Youpla

DING ! DING ! DING ! It's been a week ! Something new ? I can't wait ! ^^

On Nov 28 04:00 by Domino_X

I don't mind being spoiled :p Anyways can't wait to read the new chapter when it goes up. I'm sure I'll enjoy it regardless if Maddy and Wendy hook up.

On Nov 27 00:43 by Bob

lol cant wait MM:)

On Nov 26 07:21 by MasterMeat

It would be spoilerish if I reveal that.

On Nov 26 06:03 by Domino_X

So does that mean we'll finally see Wendy and Madelynn have some kind of lesbian sexual interaction in the next chapter?

On Nov 25 01:38 by MasterMeat

Happy turkey day everyone! Currently written about 4000 words for the next BT chapter. It should be ready in about a week. I like Youpla's suggestion on how Wendy would get involve with Madelynn.

I've enjoyed reading the Miss Johnson story too. Of the few mind control stories on Nifty, the ones I remember best are: Means of Reproduction, Cheerleader Camp, and Teen Brainwasher.

On Nov 25 00:48 by Bob

Comments lite it seems, hey hum, your awesome MM and I love both stories:) Can't wait for the next installments.......

On Nov 15 07:23 by Domino_X

I remember the Ms. Johnson series, very good read. Kind of got excited when I saw 2 new chapters a few months back, but now it looks like it's gone into hiatus again.

On Nov 14 00:34 by Kim

Latest Silver Witch chapter was a nice addition. Well done MM!
Starting to rival "Miss Johnson" in Nifty Erotic Lesbian Stories, a real classic.
Can't wait for the new Brainy Teen chapter

On Nov 07 07:04 by Domino_X

Awesome Chapter to Silver Witch MM, found it very enjoyable. Interesting to see Galatea removing the enchantment she placed on Emma. Granted it doesn't stop her from manipulating Emma. However Emma no longer has an excuse to use when trying to pass off the pleasure she feels when she commits sexual lesbian acts. Also it was nice to see another magic user enter the story. Definitely interesting to see how her role in Silver Witch is going to play out. Just want to say great chapter and can't wait to read more for both Silver Witch and Brainy Teen.

On Nov 03 00:36 by Bob

Great development on Silver Witch MM, I loved it, thank you!! I just want to know what happens next now..... lol

On Oct 30 06:26 by Domino_X

Willing to wait

On Oct 30 00:24 by Bob

MM, no problem in Silver Witch, and sounds like you are finding the common ground on BT too:) I await whatever, whenever, as ever...

On Oct 29 08:50 by MasterMeat

The Silver Witch update is going to run a little late. If anyone is wondering, there won't be a Disney-style ending for BT. However, since a lot people like romance, I won't make it too dark either.

On Oct 29 06:34 by Domino_X

I don't think Lauren really gave Madelynn an antidote, I hope not anyways. Like you said it's something that will probably enhance what's been currently done to her or speed up the process. Kind wonder what would happen if Madelynn shared what she believed to be the antidote with Wendy and possibly her mother.

Like some of the suggestions you made Youpla and hopefully MM will find a way to add them into the Brainy Teen story.

Right now the only thing that bums me out about Silver Witch and Brainy Teen is that it's going to end, not sure when or how they will end, but there is an ending that MM plans for his stories. It's kind of like being at a party you just don't want to see stop.

On Oct 27 22:31 by Youpla

Wendy would be blindfolded, and Madelynn would wear a strap on. She would ask a blowjob from Wendy, saying that it's only for helping her to understand what men want (and, in fact, Maddy would also try to convince herself that she is doing this only for Wendy's sake, not for her own satisfaction). After a time, Madelynn would make love to wendy with the strap on, but would feel the need to be dirty, dominative, vulgar and perverse with her friend, and to insult her. She would say to Wendy that it's because men are like this, that they want rough sex, and so she's acting like this for helping her. Wendy would also believe what is her best friend, and go with the flow.

Well, that's all for now. I'm tired and don't have more ideas for the moment. But I do expect that, if Erin will be horny by all the "taboo" things, and if Wendy's mother is hypnotized to slowly fall in love with her daughter and desire to marry her, there will be many more opportunities !!

On Oct 27 22:09 by Youpla

Well. I have some little ideas or suggestions, some important and some not, for the story. They are in total disorder, but nethertheless I'll write them if they can be interesting to MasterMeat :

- About Madelynn; if she has latex clothes and slut accessories at home, it would of course not be accepted when she goes out or when she's at school. Beside what she already can display in public (piercings, tattoos, high heels, makeup), I suggest some emo-goth clothes in school, like strayed knee high socks or stripped fishnet/pantyhose, long silk gloves gong up the elbow, etc...
- About the drink that Lauren gives to madelynn, I do hope that it's not a real antidote, and that it is, in fact, another trap. I don't want to see Madelynn becoming normal once again. But it could be funny to let her think the contrary. For example, it would lessen her excitation when she sees women. But, because she would keep in her this excitation without letting it go out, each evening she would be like a junkie in need of heroin. Thus, she would have an uncontrollable desire to masturbate, something like 10 times stronger than usual. Her pussy juices would also be extremely abondant, and also charged with pheromones that would give even stronger addiction to female secretions. Maddy would eventually stop taking this "antidote" fearing its secondary effects... but these would be permanent, with of course the horniness when seeing women going back at her. Thus, Maddy would be totally addicted to female juices and would need to drink some numerous times by day.
- I have an idea for the first relation between Madelynn and Wendy. Wendy should call Maddy on phone for explaining why she is a lesbian. She would say that Daniel deceived her, and that she doesn't trust men anymore, etc... Then, Maddy would take the opportunity to help Wendy. She would say her to come to her house. Wendy would do so, and Madelynn would say her idea. She would help Wendy to overcome her disgust with men by doing love to her and acting like a man.

On Oct 27 21:36 by Youpla

Hello again.
I just wanted to write my opinion about what some persons said. It seems that some of them here tend to explain scientifically why Maddy and Wendy are brainwashed, what is the induction, what would work and would not, the Pavlov process, etc etc...
But, in my opinion, I don't think it's necessary here. What is important in a fantastic story (I would class Brainy Teen in SF story, but it's more delicate than that...) is not the pertinence of the technology, or the reality of the details. What is really important, in fact, is that the reader should BELIEVE what he reads. Not because it's conform to the reality, but because it helps the story, the universe. Let's take an example : in the movie Back to the future, never does Doc say how his Dolorean can travel through time. We just know the basic : needs uranium, needs some speed... that's all ! And that works with the spectator, because what is important here is the events, the story, the characters. If too much details are shown, if the story wants to copy too much the reality of scientific laws, it gives something that can be extremely boring. Another example ? In "L'Eve future" by Villiers de l'Isle-Adam (sorry, I don't know the title in English), the scientific creates an artificial woman... But, in the quasi-totality of the book, he speaks and speaks and speaks, give numerous details... and the book is (in my opinion again) extremely sleepy for this reason.
For Brainy Teen, the importance of the events instead of the concordance with reality is much more necessary, because it's an erotic story. Thus, sorry to say that, but many readers here don't give a sh... about the Pavlov induction, the psychic problems of Sarah and her childhood, etc... Readers wants to see main characters' evolution, interaction between them, and hypnosis/mind control even if they are not conform with the reality.
Let's face it : never would a religious girl be hypnotized to become a slut... but it's exciting to read a story about this, and to believe it IN THE STORY !

On Oct 24 07:35 by MasterMeat

Hopefully by the end of this week.

On Oct 22 13:50 by Domino_X

Hi MM, when do you think Chap 7 of Silver Witch will be out?

On Oct 16 03:19 by Bob

Life in the stories yet, yay, I aint gonna over analyse, but welcome more when u can MM:) Too many thoughts make the world go round in circles.....

On Oct 15 18:23 by Kim

I must say there are lots of comments but no chapters

On Oct 14 19:10 by db

Youpla - Six days ago you observed that Wendy and Madelynn ought to get more proactively turned off toward males. I agree. Domino_ X makes a valid counter point that the primary method of conditioning in the story is Pavlovian reward association (sexual excitement & pleasure = lesbian sexual excitement & pleasure), and that is sufficient. Probably true, but I would find it interesting anyway to bombard the girls from all sides, including specifically and directly robbing them of interest in males.
Youpla, our preferences may differ in some aspects, but you have had some great ideas and I appreciate your contributions to this blog.

Elizabeth - Thank you. If the polls are indicative, there are others who share some of our points of view, as well.
I found your comment about Sarah interesting. Yeah, what's with this chick? She's just 17 years old or so and is already seemingly independent (seems to have her own home, or to run it); is well-connected to an array of resources, including advanced technology; is proficient in a variety of mind-and-body-bending techniques; and commands her own efficient and faithful cadre. Sure, she's rich and has a presumably powerful parent or parents, but that doesn't necessarily explain her skill set and her psyche. She's already an inveterate lesbian, and rather complex--simultaneously tender and affectionate and fun, while also duplicitous, ruthless, and decadent. And smart, crafty, creative, organized, and resourceful. I also have wondered how she got to be like she is. Maybe it was her mother--maybe Mom infused her daughter early with her own predilections and pastimes.
Not that I mind the way Sarah is; she's a fascinating combination of evil, debauchery, power, competency, and sexy beauty. Yes, I hope things work out in some nice way for Wendy, but I still root for Sarah.

On Oct 12 17:22 by Youpla

In response to Elizabeth :

"I am more of a fan of understanding Sarah's mindset. Not being told what it is but getting a better idea as more and more of the story unfolds. For example, I think Sarah crafts her reality because she has grown up without a structure and thus sees building a structure as important to her. A life where she is in control, because she has felt the control her parents should have had was lacking. I think there is something about her father that caused her to let her lesbian feelings more freely develop."
------> It's better than to have a classical plot, seen in 90% iof other stories and/or films. The all thing of having trauma in chimhood because of parents, and the need to regain confidence or power or whatever... Bleeerg... Sounds dumb, like an anonymous person here said.

No offense, but I don't think your ideas are better than mine. Maybe yours are more romantical, more believable... but they are WAAAYYYY more boring. :(

On Oct 12 16:29 by Elizabeth

db you said everything much better than I would have. I love your insights and share much of your feelings and thoughts. I am glad there are others who don't need to see such depravity as bestiality to enjoy the story.

On Oct 11 05:53 by db

and promiscuity, and Wendy being sexually accessible to her pretty much whenever she wants her. (Alternatively, Wendy and Madelynn marry, with Sarah and Elena as chief mistresses; or Wendy and Sarah marry, and/or Madelynn and Elena also. It's all good. Wouldn't you guys really like a happy ending? bells, cake, tossing the bouquet, hankies wiping teary eyes, etc.)
As for bestiality, I'm with Elizabeth--yuk. I'm glad to hear it may not work out to include it. Watersports I can live with; could be interesting, I guess.
Regarding Madelynn's dominatrix gig: I don't particularly want to see Madelynn get out the whips and chains with any of the main characters, including Wendy and Erin; maybe she can carry on that kind of thing as a secret hobby with anonymous or less-important girls, to get her private kicks and so that she will sink deeper into depravity in general. But I prefer to see her dom training mostly as a way to break down her old values, to get her into doing something the opposite of her previous self, and to spawn an aggressive dimension in her personality so that she will tend to pursue, seize, and create sexual opportunities rather than shy away from them, which, because of her lesbian conditioning, will all be with girls. I'm also for the piercings and tattoos and other appearances changes, inasmuch as they may make her more intriguing to other girls, like Wendy, and serve to make her feel all the more entrapped in and committed to her new lifestyle.

On Oct 11 05:47 by db

I agree and disagree with recent comments here as follows:
I differ from Youpla's desire for less emphasis on videos, dreams, and secondary characters. The videos and dreams, though not real-life, are nevertheless integral elements in the conditioning and transformations going on. The lengthy description of Wendy watching Samantha and Alice in BT and the cheerleader video Emma watched in SW--wow, they were awesome and added immensely to the story. Yes, they take up verbal space, but I see no need to be economical and, to me, it's space well-spent.
And secondary characters, like Lauren and Rebecca, are also a big plus, not a minus. I didn't think that at first; I must admit I initially skimmed over the parts with Madelynn to get to more about Wendy. But mm weaves all the characters and sub-plots together so cleverly, that the complications now only feed my interest. I'm dying to know whether and how mm is going to use the minor characters, whether some of them might become more major players, and how they all are going to affect each other, and what dreams and videos and other conditioning elements will pop up next. I agree that not every writer could maintain cohesion in the presence of a lot of corollary material, but it seems mm has a talent for this, and all the complications and peripheral action add immeasurably to the intrigue of the story, for me. I don't find them a distraction at all.
Sarah, if she had wanted to just get the job done, could probably just have hooked Wendy up for a day to the lesbian-maker machine she used on Madelynn, and converted her relatively rapidly with that and other strong measures, overpowering her against her will. But instead, it seems Sarah is savoring the process itself (much like we are), and taking her time to toy around with Wendy, using and bending Wendy's free will. She is overwhelming her, physically and emotionally and mentally, consciously and subconsciously, but not overpowering her, in the sense of robbing her of choice.
Sarah has an impressive array of weapons-- ploys, techniques, technology, chemicals, and various females--to aim at and subvert Wendy and Madelynn, not the least of which are the two girls themselves, aimed unwittingly, temptingly, and squarely now at each other. Part of the entertainment for me in BT is the deployment of this broad-spectrum arsenal.
So, my vote is for more attention to videos and dreams and secondary characters, not less. If it makes the story stretch way out, all the better.
But I like and concur with some of Youpla's and FPWilson's ideas: (1) Wendy's mother falls in love with Wendy, dumps her husband, and marries Wendy in the end. Wow, what a concept! (2) Erin becomes obsessed with taboo and sexuality in general, and with incest specifically, and becomes the opposite of her church-going self; but I also think her interests should be mostly or totally lesbian and centered in, though not limited to, Madelynn. (3) Wendy's love for Sarah ultimately triumphs over her friendship and attraction to Madelynn, but also, along the way, Madelynn increasingly lusts for Wendy (and vice versa), desperately attempts to win her over, succeeds partially and temporarily, and sexually consummates with Wendy, sooner rather than later. (Alternatively, Madelynn wins out in the end over Sarah. Either way. Or they both fade away and Wendy and Mom are exclusive at the end. Or she runs off with Rebecca. Or Lauren. I'll be content any which way. Just as long as Wendy doesn't end up as just another play-toy drone for Sarah.)
If mm went with both (1) and (3) above, somehow he would have to reconcile the two paths, but I can see it: Wendy and Mom are married, but Sarah is included in the deal as their official principal mistress (and others could be secondary). Sarah still gets Wendy, while also not being "tied down", and she sees Wendy locked into a committed relationship that is not only homosexual but incestuously perverted as well. Thus, Sarah would realize her goals of Wendy's permanent devotion to lesbianism

On Oct 10 19:59 by Anonymous

sounds dumb

On Oct 10 16:29 by Elizabeth

Whew! I am glad Wendy wont be subjected to that. Thank you MasterMeat!

As far as the VR/dream setting...I am not sure how it all fits. I suppose that is my major problem with it. Having a seamless story where nothing is out of place is the artistic side of crafting something like what is happening to Madelyn and Wendy.

I am more of a fan of understanding Sarah's mindset. Not being told what it is but getting a better idea as more and more of the story unfolds. For example, I think Sarah crafts her reality because she has grown up without a structure and thus sees building a structure as important to her. A life where she is in control, because she has felt the control her parents should have had was lacking. I think there is something about her father that caused her to let her lesbian feelings more freely develop.

On Oct 08 15:22 by Youpla

Mmmm... I'm really not a fan of virtual dreams, or whatever. Moreover, I don't think heroic fantasy has a place in the story, because what is exciting is that it is happening in the real world. Like I said before, what is interesting is to see the main characters' actions and evolutions.
For Domino_X who is speaking of the different inductions, let's not forget that this story is purely fantasy. In my opinion, I don't care if what is happening is scientifically logical, or not. But I know for sure that if the same induction happens to 2 or more characters, if thier evolutions are the same... then I will find it boring in the end.
Concerning bestiality, if Erin becomes obsessed with humiliating herself, then I don't see why bestiality could be avoided.
For Madelynn, it all depends on the final goal of Elena. Let's not forget that, at the start, Sarah asks Elena to change Madelynn only because she is putting her nose where it doesn't belong. Madelynn transformation, for the moment, has not a great purpose like Wendy's. She is fated to become a nasty bitch, a dominatrix for Sarah or Elena (or for herself. After all, who knows ?). Hence, if she ends up loving any kind of fetishes, that's not a problem with the story overall.
And for pissing... Let's not take it as a "mean to mark possession"... I find this rather stupid to think so. Fetishes don't have to follow a scientifical logic... If Madelynn (or Erin, or any other character) would love watersports, it would be only because it excites them. For the dirtiness of the action, for the depravation, for the taste of the pee... Whatever, but not because they "have to mark their possession"...

On Oct 08 05:50 by MasterMeat

On second thought, I might have to do away with bestiality, at least with real animals. I've already submitted the first chapter of BT to Literotica. If I suddenly add bestiality, it means I won't be able to submit future chapters to that site because Literotica doesn't allow it.

I wasn't planning on having the main characters involved directly involved with animals. Wendy and Sarah won't do anything of that sort. Of the main characters, only Madelynn would be involved, and it would only be indirect, which means she won't have any contact with real animals. Other characters like Madelynn's mom and some of Sarah's friends might get some real action. It would fit into the logic of the story if Sarah allows her subordinates/puppets some leeway on their actions. For example, Sarah could allow Elena to take drastic measures to control Madelynn, as long as it moves towards achieving her main goal. Within the story, bestiality doesn't have to be done strictly for the purpose of satisfying the bestiality fetish, but could be used as a tool to shatter the resistant characters' psyches, allowing the mind control process to proceed more easily.

I will probably have to settle with fantasy creatures (e.g., unicorns, demons, dragons, flying pigs) in a VR/dream setting or robotic versions of real animals. What do you guys think?

On Oct 08 04:16 by Domino_X

MasterMeat has already introduced the method in which Sarah is altering Wendy and Madelynn's sexual orientation in Brainy Teen, pleasure. Something akin to Pavlov's experiments, Sarah is using sexual pleasure to brainwash Wendy and Madelynn into becoming lesbians. Having them associate sexual pleasure with women as good and enjoyable, and that if they ever want to continue to feel this kind of pleasure they would have to seek a relationship with a woman.

Not sure why it's necessary to introduce another method to turn them into lesbians this late in the story. The current one seems to be working out for MasterMeat's story and I don't think a new method is needed and I feel would be a waste of time to introduce one this late in the story.

As for Madelynn and Erin being the one's involved in the beastiality and pissing, because they're depravated, I'm not seeing it. They're resisting the transformation, but resisting does not automatically equal depravity. In most mind control/domination stories. The victim/target only goes down as far as the dom is willing to go. Sarah, being the dom in Brainy Teen, hasn't shown any interest in watersports and beastiality, and that's primarily the reason why I voted against adding into the story. If you read all the sex scenes that Sarah was involved in it's mostly been -> lesbian <- oral, anal, fondling, strap-on/dildo usage, but nothing is mentioned about Sarah enjoying or partaking in beastiality or watersports. Some would say that these fetishes are some of the steps in Sarah's victims/targets transformation process into becoming her lesbian sub, but I say it counters everything that's been established in what Sarah wants her lesbian subs to be. Anyways, in the end the fate of Sarah and the Brainy Teen gang is under the control of MasterMeat. He's the one that really knows what's best for them. I'm just hoping we don't drive him insane with our interactions with each other on this blog of his. Also still waiting for that Silver Witch update.

On Oct 08 01:28 by Youpla

The story is about female characters. Why do you want to inroduce events with Madelynn's father, or Daniel ?

Fisting could be interesting.
But I think that what is missing in the story is the progressive repulsion of Madelynn (and maybe Wendy) toward men.
Wendy could be slowly repulsed because it would remind her of her fail with daniel. Thus, she'll think that men would never honor women's feelings.
For Madelynn, it would be more basic. She would find that she is slowly repulsed by men body. She would find men's bodies at first not exciting (it would not excite her to masturbate on men, or to look at men). Then, she would clearly find them repulsive, whereas her taste for women would expend.

Of course, each of the characters would, at first, deny that and try to go against their feelings. Maybe Sarah and Elena could organize a date with a man for each one, and give them the liberty to do what they want with them... but they couldn't, of course ! ;)
Wendy would, inconciously, think that she is cheating with Sarah's training.
Madelynn would only think of Wendy and her mother, and her excitement would fall instantly each time she would look at the man in front of her.

For bestiality or pissing, it's clear that the only chracters depravated enough to accept this in the story would be Madelynn and Erin.

On Oct 07 22:38 by guy

yes to bestiality and pissing. make it dirty and make it your way master meat

On Oct 07 22:10 by Domino_X

That's good to hear MM.

On Oct 07 21:12 by Elizabeth

I for one would skip over the bestiality scenes if they happened to either Wendy or Madelynn. I would be fine if the bestiality was left for Madelynn's father or to Wendy's love interest in the beginning. (I think his name was Daniel?)

If you want fetish ideas that arent as demeaning as besitiality yet support the transformation into a lesbian they might be fisting. Fisting would tend to make it harder to enjoy "normal" hetero sex and still not introduce a male into the story (be it human or animal). Body modifications work too: piercings, tattoos, expanding earlobes, etc. - Just please no bestiality. It would crush my heart to see Wendy like that :(

On Oct 07 02:50 by MasterMeat

People who don't like bestiality/pissing don't need to worry. I'm only going to do a few scenes involving those fetishes. They're not going to fill up the entirety of every chapter for the rest of the series. The scenes will be written in way that could easily be skipped over. Most of the future erotic scenes will be more or less similar in vein to what I've written so far. For Silver Witch, there won't be any bestiality/pissing.

On Oct 06 05:51 by Domino_X

I can kind of see it possibly happening with Madelynn and her mother, Erin. Only if Madelynn is left to her own devices after she succumbs to Sarah's brainwashing. Pretty much, from what I interpret from the Brainy Teen series, Sarah intends to make Madelynn another Elena. Another lesbian that is submissive/loyal to only her, but capable of dominating another female into lesbianism.

However, unless I missed it, Sarah didn't give Madelynn much of a rulebook, other than having Elena brainwash Madelynn that she's into lesbian domination. So I would venture a guess and say that Madelynn would go out and research the role herself and stumble upon a few things here and there, and possibly discover that one way a person establishes domination over a sub is to piss on them. To mark the submissive as the dominatrix's property/territory. She'll probably want to test it out on her mother, who I feel is being transformed into a lesbian submissive that Madelynn can try a few techniques out on here and there. Probably viewing what Madelynn does to her as a form of love/intimacy.

Don't really see Elena doing watersports on Madelynn. As I stated earlier pissing can be seen as an act of marking one's property/territory. Elena is submissive to Sarah, and I doubt Sarah would let one of her subs mark another sub. Sarah see's Madelynn as future property. Sarah would view Elena pissing on Madelynn as an attempt by Elena to mark Madelynn as her territory/property vs Sarah's, and that wouldn't fly at all with Sarah.

On Oct 04 17:52 by Youpla

You're right about everything, Domino_X. The story of Brainy Teen is about the main characters becoming lesbians. Sarah is the master of Wendy, and Elena the master of Madelynn. Hence, like you've said they can't be pissed on. But what about the secondary characters ? I think that Erin is destined to have incestuous relationships with Madelynn, and that it is not mandatory that she becomes a pure lesbian. And because Madelynn has to become a dominatrix, she has to dominate someone. Either her mother, or Wendy (with some limits, because Madelynn obeys to Elena, who herself obeys to Sarah).
Thus, I think that bestiality or watersports could find a place in the story without any problem. Eihter for submissive character like Erin or Wendy (yes, I think that she is a little submissive because she obeys Sarah from the beginning), or even for some main characters who fall into depravity (I'm thinking of Madelynn here).

In fact, I think that if there are many chapters left, Madelynn would have eventually to do nastier things to maintain the readers' interest. If, in one or two chapters, she reaches her peak in perversity with, let's say, incest or whatever, it will be boring if the story continues on 10 chapters to see near to no evolution in her behaviour or tastes. That's why, too, her fall must be really progressive. Let's not skip the stages too quickly ! ;)

On Oct 04 06:40 by Domino_X

As for beastiality, if it had to be introduced I see it being as used as a form of punishment. I just don't see the characters of Sarah and Galatea getting off on beasiality or even wanting to interact with people who do. I think Youpla has made suggestions that some of the characters from Brainy Teen would succumb to their base sexual needs and might enter this area of sexual gratification as a possible fix for that need. However, to me, the theme of Silver Witch and Brainy Teen is about manipulating/controlling female targets into becoming lesbians, not omni-sexual beings. I just don't see Sarah or Galatea allowing their targets or lesbian converts to even entertain this thought.

Like I said, it would probably be used as an extreme method of punishment should it be introduced. For example, lets say that Sarah is getting tired of Madelynn's resistance and interference with her plans for Wendy. She invites Madelynn to a private location and shows her another female who was doing the same thing that Madelynn was doing. Except now she's on all fours and finds pleasure in having sex with various animals. Sarah gives Madelynn an ultimatum either get with her program or end up like the female that she sees in front of her.

Same thing with Galatea in Silver Witch, she's getting tired of Emma's resistance or lack in progress and constructs a nightmare scenario were Emma finds herself being aroused by sexual interaction with animals. At their next encounter Galatea lets Emma know that she can make that nightmare a reality and if Emma doesn't pick up the pace she might find herself with a new sexual obsession.

That's about it. As stated I don't really see the need to introduce watersports or beastiality into Silver Witch or Brainy Teen. However if MM decides to go ahead with the concept. I hope MM gives my take on them a look over. Anyways keep up the awesome stories MM and can't wait for the next update.

On Oct 04 06:11 by Domino_X

Don't really see Erin's transformation as a full 100 percent copy of Madelynn's. Granted they are both reluctant to the concept and expressions of lesbianism but I see Erin's transformation as an accessory for her daughter's. Something placed there to help expand Madelynn's role into becoming a lesbian dominatrix.

As for introducing watersports (piss) and beastiality into Brainy Teen and Silver Witch. I was one of the people who voted against introducing these elements into the stories, and don't see a need for it. However I guess dependent on how it's written I can probably get over it, and it also depends on the comfort level and decision of MM whether he wants to introduce these elements or not.

If watersports had to be introduced, for example in Brainy Teen. Lets take a look at Sarah's character from Brainy Teen. She's a very dominate person, asserting her will and control on anyone that she sees. Manipulating events behind the scenes to achieve her goals. It would be very hard for me to see Sarah just lay down and let someone piss on her, or even give a command to her lesbian converts to piss on her. If it were introduced into Brainy Teen, Sarah would be the one to do the pissing and her lesbian converts would be on the receiving end. Sure someone could say that Sarah could command her lesbian converts to piss on each other while she watches. Again, I think it would be something that goes against Sarah's character. If you boil it down peeing on something is another way of marking one's territory and I really don't see Sarah letting anyone put their mark on her territory, even one of her lesbian converts.

The same would apply for Silver Witch's Galatea. She would probably use it as some kind of initiation ritual of sorts. However I think Galatea would be more lax on having her lesbian converts peeing on each other. She's more about having females worship her and the joys of lesbian sex. I see Galatea as not really caring about what kind of sex is used as long as they worship her and it's female on female.

On Oct 02 14:26 by FPWilson

It would be interesting to see Wendy and Madelynn have more interactions iwth each other, but for Wendy to ultimately brush her aside in favor of Sarah, the one who she doesn't realize yet, but has been falling in love with for all these chapters. That sort of decision could drive Madelynn into further despair and other acts. I'm looking forward to the time Wendy actually becomes excited in embracing her new self and become part of Sarah's "clique". However, that doesn't mean Madelynn shouldn't do her best to pull Wendy to her, just on base instincts of love/perversions she has going on inside her.

On Oct 02 08:00 by MasterMeat

Youpla, any feedback is welcomed, especially when it provides me with ideas on what to do next. Your advice is sound. Variety makes a story better. I don't mind negative feedback as long as it's elaborated. Your ideas will be considered, along with all the ideas suggested by other readers.

I had initially planned for Brainy Teen to end early, but due to reader suggestions and addition of new characters, I'm extending the story, which means there will be many more chapters. I will do a compromise on the extreme fetishes. Hopefully, that will make both sides happy. I can't provide a date for the next Brainy Teen chapter because I've barely started on the update for Silver Witch. However, I can promise that it won't be too long.

I will only reveal this much of what happened to Erin: It's similar to what Elena initially did to Madelynn.

On Oct 01 04:11 by Youpla

- So, what have you decided concerning extreme fetishes like piss showering or bestiality ? I know the polls were against this, but I think it would be original addition nethertheless...
- The usual question : when do you plan to give us the next chapter (I know that Silver With is the next update, but maybe you already have an idea) ?
- Am I beginning to bother you with all my texts and questions ? ^^

Well. I think I have finished for now. I hope you will take in consideration my advices, mainly about Erin's future. What is great in Brainy Teen is that each character ends as something different, with a different induction, with different "stimuli". So please, don't forget this when you'll develop Erin, and maybe bring Wendy's mother into action.

Bye, and thanks again for your stories !

On Oct 01 04:05 by Youpla

have been exposed, I'm waiting for their next encounters...

Now, speaking of your poll concerning the ending of Brainy Teen. I am strongly against a final romance between Wendy and Madelynn. At least, I don't want a full happy ending. Why ? Because, as immoral as it is, what is truly exciting in mind control stories is the "forbidden" side of the act. We love to see a innocent girl changing slowly into a slut or whatever. We love to see her beahviour's evolution, her ideas', her feelings', etc... If you choose to change abruptly the development of the story thus far, it's as if you throw away all of the previous inductions, the previous chapters, and also the expectations of the readers. For example, if I see Madelynn dreaming of kissing her mother's lips, then the next chapter I'm waiting for her to masturbate with her, then the next chapter she has to love her, and the next chapter she would do another thing nastier, and nastier... If, on the last chapters, things are slowly becoming somewhat smoother, then I will be disappointed. Why training Wendy to be Sarah's girlfriend and Maddy to be a lesbian slut if, finally, it serves nothing ?
So I vote for an ending which follows the logic of your story, just like we can imagine it, without a twisted "coup de theatre" that would ruin the whole plot.
Overall, it doesn't mean that some "relations" between Madelynn and Wendy can happen. But I think that the time when Maddy and Wendy will love each other is still far... and I hope that it will not be too shabby, knowing what Madelynn is fated to become.

Well. I hope once again that I wasn't too harsh with my critics. But, as always, it's because I really love Brainy Teen that I must be honest with you.
Some questions now :
- Do you know approximatively how many chapters are left before the ending (many many more, I expect ^^) ?
- Could you give me a clue about what will happen with Erin ? I know that it could be spoil, but as you have seen I'm really concerned about the evolution of this character.

On Oct 01 03:47 by Youpla

We can also imagine that it will go further, and that Erin will only look for other shameful acts like exhibitionism, piss shower, bestiality (if you decide to include these in tour story... but you're the boss here ! ). Of course, since Madelynn taste for domination is expanding, it will be two birds with one stone. She will "dominate" her mother and will take pleasure to make her as her slave. And Erin will ALWAYS be aware that what she's doing is wrong, dirty, and unforgiving with her religion... but by thinking about these things, she will be helplessly more excited.
Maybe it's time, to once again make a parallel with Maddy's story, to introduce Wendy's mother (and father, maybe). Wendy is changing too, and just like Erin her mom must begin to see some changes in her daughter too... What I suggest is that Sarah convinces Wendy to say to her mother that she is a lesbian (for her training, and because the whole thing must seem to be the most true, just like she has to say this to Maddy). Of course, before this, Sarah would have drug Wendy's mom so that she would slowly find sapphic relations exciting. But more, she would have drug her so that she would fall slowly in love with her daughter, normally, with deep feelings, to the point that she would strongly wish to marry her (and divorce with her husband, if she has one). By seeing her mother changing, Wendy would tell her worries to Sarah who would answer something like this :
" Well. You see that lesbianism is normal, even your mother seems to be interested. Maybe you should try to seduce her, for your training, and to see her true feeling toward you."
Following Sarah's logic, Wendy would do so and maybe would be married to her mother in the final (I don't know what sarah wants to do with Wendy, so I'm just saying ideas here...).
- Concerning Wendy and Madelynn's relation, I think that you should do more scenes between them, and without any other character around. It's always good to see Madelynn struggling in front of her friend. And now that some things

On Oct 01 03:29 by Youpla

disappointment (well, not really a disappointment, but I don't know any other english word ^^ ) ; here is the problem. In your story, we have 2 mind control induction, with 2 really different results. On one side we have Wendy who is slowly turned into a "normal" lesbian looking for love with a somewhat normal (but twisted) logic by Sarah. On the other side, we have Maddy who is quickly transformed into a nasty lesbian slut, with no limits, no ethics, and who in the finals will not look for love but only for a good lesbian loveing. The two results are opposite, and the inductions are different. So, we have 2 stories who each have their originality. But with erin, the problem is that the induction seems to be the same that with Madelynn... Elena comes, put her under hypnosis with something, and Erin starts to dream of Maddy, of some nasty things. And the problem is that it's really too much identical of what Madelynn has been victim. It's true that it is only the beginning of Erin's conversion, but I fear that she will end as a 2nd Madelynn, with the somewhat same induction and fetichism. So, I have some advices or ideas that I will expose in the next part ; I hope you'll love some of them and that it will give you new ideas.
- Another con : Madelynn's way of speaking hasn't really changed. It's rare to see her saying nasty words. It was fun to hear her swearing with crude words, only to be ashamed of herself. Now, I suppose she will find this exciting, but will try again to deny this...

My ideas :
- Concerning Erin, it's evident that she must not finish as a Maddy II, and that Elena must not be her "mistress" so that the story would not be (again) a copy of Maddy's. So, I suggest that Erin "stimulation" would not be pure lesbianism, but shameful acts. Thus, we can imagine that the more she is thinking about incest, the more she finds it incredibly exciting for her. Not really because Madelynn is a girl or because she is pretty, but because it's incest and it's a really nasty, shameful, and forbidden act.

On Oct 01 03:09 by Youpla

Hello. It's been a while since I read the last 2 chapters of Brainy Teen, and at last I come to let my feedback.
First of all, I'm sorry if my comments will sound negative for some points. But there are things I loved in the last chapters, and things I didn't. Anyway, I prefer to be honest and give my true feeling concerning Brainy Teen.

Let's begin by the pros :
- concerning Madelynn, I love the hidden induction which shows that, maybe, Madelynn is excited by other things and will plan to "transform" herself in the future. i'm talking about her amazement when she see the woman's clitoris' piercing for example, but also the fact that she noticed at one point in a video that the dominatrix had big breasts. So, maybe she would think of surgery more easily ?
- The relation with her mother is well lead, and the conflicts are amusing.
- I always love to have her clothes description, and her makeup.
- Concerning Wendy, I love the fact that she is more and more relaxed with Sarah when she goes out in town, or in class, etc...
- I like the idea of Wendy who has to say to Madelynn that she is a lesbian.

Now the cons :
- Maybe it's only me, but I think that too much importance is given to the descriptions of the videos that Madelynn (or even Wendy) is watching. What is important in this story, and exciting too, is to see the changes that Madelynn and Wendy are undergoing in our world, the real world. Your description of the videos is admirable, but too long. That is maybe exciting, but the story is more slower with this... and maybe that it's not really necessary too. I prefer to read what Madelynn or Wendy are doing when they watch the videos.
- Concerning Lauren... Yeah, it's great to give more importance to a secondary character, but don't forget that the "stars" are the trio Wendy, Madelynn, Sarah (and Madelynn's mother with, maybe later, Wendy's. Too much character means less emphasizing on Wendy and Madelynn's transformations and relations.
- Concerning Erin, Madelynn's mother... well it's my biggest

On Sep 26 02:37 by Domino_X

Can't wait for the next chapter of Silver Witch. I'm mostly wondering if anyone else knew of Galatea's release, like the ones that imprisoned her in that cave? Surely there must have been an organization that was keeping some kind of watch on that cave, then again centuries did pass by and any trace of her original captors could have ended over time. Think it would be interesting if Galatea started to go track and hunt the descendants of her captors for putting her in that cave, and putting a stop to her fun.

On Sep 24 09:11 by Sonia

Great chapter 12 of BT! I agree with Domino_X that I hope Madelynn is the one to do the seducing, hopefully putting her developing dominatrix skills to the test!

A couple of themes I would love to see would be Madelynn to start smoking and using this as a way to be seductive and dominating towards her mother and/or Wendy. Also, she seemed to be fascinated by Tara's clitoral hood piercing in chapter 11 so maybe she'll want to get one of those?

Anyway, thanks for writing such a great story MasterMeat. I hope Madelynn and Wendy end up together, with Madelynn as the aggressive dominatrix and Wendy as the submissive.

On Sep 20 06:59 by MasterMeat

Silver Witch is going to get the next update.

On Sep 19 03:09 by Domino_X

So which story gets the next chapter update, will it be Brainy Teen or Silver Witch?

On Sep 06 22:29 by Kim

OMG, just discovered Brainy Teen during the weekend and must say that I couldn't stop reading. The story is so so sexy. My thanks to the author. Now it's on to Silver Witch!

On Sep 04 05:59 by Domino_X

Awesome Chapter 12, really enjoyed the incest dream that Madelynn's mother had and honestly can't wait to see her give in to them and hopefully make it reality. When she does give in, I think I would prefer that she allows Madelynn to seduce her vs. her trying to seduce Madelynn. Probably because it would emphasize what she is becoming and allow Madelynn to expand her dominatrix skills on her mother. I also chuckled when I read the part were Lauren gave Madelynn the counter-agent to the drugs that Sarah was using on her and Wendy. Can't wait to read what happens to Madelynn when she takes those pills.

Like Holly Robinson stated it's going to be interesting on how the lesbian dominatrix training is going to alter Madelynn, and I can see it as a possible way for Madelynn to escape from Elena and Sarah's control attempts. The way I see it, should Madelynn fully accept the role of being a lesbian dominatrix. Maybe the first person she ends up dominating is herself. Madelynn finds the submissive side to her personality in her mind and has it swear loyalty to the new lesbian dominatrix personality, and have it ignore any loyalty that was programmed into her by Sarah and Elena. Doing so would allow her fight Sarah for the control over Wendy.

Anyways great chapter Master Meat, can't wait for more whether it be for Silver Witch or Brainy Teen. See you next time MM.

On Sep 03 09:19 by Holly Robinson

I can imagine Maddylin getting religious tattoos with a gothic twist, such as a gothic angel on her groin area below her navel, a gothic crucifix on her forearm, stuff like that.

If she's having all the statues call her a sinner and heretic, then it suggests her mental state isn't the best. So I can imagine her getting completely schizo, and going for Elena in a calculating way. If she's being conditioned for dominance, then she's going to end up rebelling against anyone who is trying to control her.

Also, if she's very religious, then it's going to end up twisted and corrupted by all of this. What would happen if she decides that she's a heretic and nothing can be done to save her? What if she decides to embrace the notion of heretic, and be extreme in that notion?

The idea that she becomes manipulative, and starts her own mind games is an interesting direction. It also puts paid to the elaborate and planned scheme that Sarah and Elena are working. To me, it's too complex and delicate for it to truly work. But they can't see the weakness in the plan, because of overreaching overconfidence.

On Sep 02 02:50 by MasterMeat

Elizabeth, I don't think my writing is of professional caliber, but thank you for the encouragement.

I'm interested in knowing what kind of ending readers want, so I added a new poll. Please vote if you want the story to end in a certain way.

On Aug 29 22:52 by Domino_X

The weekend can't get here fast enough, and hopefully a new chapter to Brainy Teen will be there waiting.

On Aug 29 22:07 by Elizabeth

I know its part of the fun but I am impatient :(

If what Master Meat wrote was love then I wouldnt care. I was just trying to be silly. I think he is a wonderful writer and should publish professionally.

On Aug 26 01:06 by db

Elizabeth - The dangling suspense is part of the fun here, isn't it? The ssslllloooowwww turning of Wendy (even slower in the reader's time than in the story's time) allows one time to digest, speculate, and anticipate, and then do it again. When the next part comes out and twists and dangles the characters and us some more, and is even better than expected, it proves well worth the wait.
There are plenty of other stories that get it over with all too fast. This one, I think for many of us, has become like an old friend...we don't want it to leave too soon.
Some things are to be savored in smaller portions and gradually. I guess BT is one of them.

On Aug 21 06:28 by Elizabeth

I want to officially say that I love the Brainy Teen story however until it is complete I am not going to read anymore. I can't stand being left with so much up in the air with what will happen to Wendy :( I feel like I am left wanting with some large holes in the plot. Its almost like the story is too good and pulls me in too deeply to allow myself to be sucked in yet again, only to be dangling waiting for the next chapter.

Its like the Bachelorette except sexual and more interesting. But with no ultimate payoff. So until it is over, I am not getting sucked into another chapter. I am putting my foot down!

Oh who am I kidding? I'll be back for more as soon as the next chapter is out. love you Master Meat!)

On Aug 21 01:21 by Domino_X

@ElPrevert, Sarah was still in the room with Wendy when Lauren walked in. If you re-read chap. 10 Sarah was on the bed with Wendy. So, it was both Sarah and Lauren that took advantage of a drugged Wendy in that bedroom, and given Sarah's character she was pretty much in charge of everything that was going down in that room.

Also I'd like to offer my interpretation to your inquires

>>Was it just taking advantage of a drugged girl?

Lauren was there because Sarah told her to be there.

>>Was it part of a wider plan of Sarah's (maybe filming it to make Madelynn watch it...)?

I'm guessing what Sarah did to Wendy in that bedroom was to let some tension out and probably to sample some of the things she plans to do Wendy once she has her fully converted to the joy's of lesbian sex. So far what sexual interaction Wendy and Sarah had is what I'd consider tame, and Sarah was probably getting tired of the playful, coy act and wanted to slap on a strap-on and power love Wendy into a quivering mass of flesh. With Wendy drugged up, she wouldn't be able object to the things that Sarah wanted to do to her that night. Such as anal sex, double penetrations, and threesomes plus it was probably another way for Sarah to further brainwash Wendy.

>>Did Daniel watch or join in?

Ha Ha Ha Ha, good one there dear friend. Sarah is an alpha lesbian dom. The only way a penis is going anywhere near her and anyone one of her lesbian converts is if it was made of rubber, plastic, or silicone and apart of a strap-on.

>>How many others?

It was just Sarah, Lauren, and a drugged Wendy in that room

>>What if Lauren is jealous of Wendy and wants to make her aware of what is happening to her to drive a wedge between Wendy and Sarah?

I doubt it, to me Sarah has invested a great amount of time and effort to get Wendy into her clutches. I just don't see her being so careless to let one of her lesbian converts screw the deal for her, but the story isn't over so anything is still possible.

On Aug 20 12:54 by ElPrevert

If it had been Sarah, then yeah, it makes sense leaving it to the reader's imagination. With it being Lauren, there are all sorts of other possibilities:
Was it just taking advantage of a drugged girl?
Was it part of a wider plan of Sarah's (maybe filming it to make Madelynn watch it...)?
If Sarah left before Lauren did, has Lauren attempted to take something from Sarah? Did Daniel watch or join in? How many others? What if Lauren is jealous of Wendy and wants to make her aware of what is happening to her to drive a wedge between Wendy and Sarah?

I'm fine if it's left hanging, but it feels like there is could plot pay-offs available from this, and not just another sex scene (which I guess would be the reason to leave it out - move the plot on rather than have another sex scene)

On Aug 20 08:11 by MasterMeat

Domino_X got it right. It was my intention to leave that part to the reader's imagination. But if readers really want to know, I could add it in a future chapter based on what Domino_X suggested.

For those who are eagerly waiting for an update, there won't one this weekend. I'll try to get the next chapter for BT up by the end of next week.

On Aug 20 05:02 by Domino_X

I would assume that She and Sarah had hot passionate crazed weasels in heat lesbian sex with a drugged Wendy. I guess that's the assumption we're supposed to make after reading that when Wendy wakes up with her pussy and love feeling sore, and she has the taste of pussy on her lips. Plus with her being drugged, likely with another pharmaceutical drug from Sarah's parents company, the role of being a lesbian sextoy was probably being reinforced into Wendy's mind as Lauren and Sarah had their way with her. I don't know if it was MM's intent, but I thought MM just wanted us to use our imaginations or assume what happened later that night.

However if that's not the case. I guess there's a few ways MM could include this scene in future chapters. Sarah probably had hidden recording equipment setup and had the whole thing recorded and what happened later that night is revealed as she reviews the tape afterwards, Wendy is daydreaming or asleep and it comes back to her like a dream, or even better Sarah has brainwashed Wendy into forgetting it, and then when Sarah says a command phrase it comes back, every single detail, into Wendy's memory.

On Aug 19 17:41 by ElPrevert

When do we find out what Lauren did to Wendy when she was drugged after the performance?...

On Aug 16 20:35 by Rorechach

Thanks for all your hard work. Am really enjoying the story of Wendy and Maddelyn and am looking forward to the next installment.

On Aug 10 18:03 by paul

another good update. like the threesome with wendy. Nice to see madelynns story develop too. I prefer the bits with wendy though. She somehow still seems very innocent and niave. Looking forward to more in the coming weeks!

On Aug 10 15:54 by Domino_X

Great chapter 11, imagination is running wild on how or if Maddelyn's mother is going to enter the lesbian sub and dom game with her daughter. Still enjoying Wendy's transformation into Sarah's submissive lesbian sextoy. The only thing I'm kind of on the fence with, is the Ms. Meyers subplot. I know she has made some very limited appearances in the story overall. I just hope that she isn't all of a sudden revealed to be the mastermind behind the whole thing, from Sarah on down. Anyways great job on the new chapters for Silver Witch and Brainy Teen and can't wait for more MM.

On Aug 06 03:27 by Domino_X

Don't think a change in personality for Sarah this late in the game would be good for the story, for me anyways. Unless you plan to expand the Brainy Teen story by a few more chapters then you intended to ease this transition in personality in. If you already have an ending in mind for Brainy Teen, I would focus more on that then adding another personality trait to Sarah, but that's just me.

MM, to me you've already established that Sarah is a very dominate person. With Sarah it's her way or the highway and anyone that happens to choose the highway is most likely going to end up run over by her. If any I guess I would like to see an origin story, if you can squeeze it in. How did she get access to the chemicals to control people, does she control some or all of her parents' pharmaceutical company and staff, or a peak at her personal home life, does she treat her parents the same way she treats those under her control, is there one person she truly sees as an equal, aka a special person that holds a place in her heart.

Anyways really loving your work, and can't wait for the next chapters in Silver Witch and Brainy Teen.

On Aug 02 21:41 by Murphy

I believe the character of Sarah is complete....She is the ringmaster. However, Wendy, eventually, without Sarah's prompting or acting on assignment from the group , should eventually become the aggressor perhaps at school or at the mall. Of course, all the while, feeling so guilty about her new desires. Her attire would become totally sexy/seductive. Perhaps her adventures would at first be an assignment from the group, hoping to please Sarah but would ignite something further along with her regretful feelings. One or two vibrators will eventually become part of her purse necessities. Perhaps the two stories could unite in one final chapter or cross paths in some way.

On Aug 02 08:40 by Elizabeth

On Sarah - revealing more of her character :) How powerful is she? How often has she done this before? How did she get to the point where she got a turn on from turning otherwise pretty heterosexual girls into lesbian sluts :) I kind of like the "man behind the curtain" exposee at times. Its fun to get inside of Sarah's head when she does think of what would be hot to do. LOVE IT! But some other details would be delicious :) She is just the perfect kind of kinky domme that hits many bells for me.

On Aug 02 03:47 by MasterMeat


Currently about 50% done with 11th chapter of Brainy Teen. It should be up by this upcoming mcstories update.


The general direction I'm going for in the story is the gradual and eventual complete conversion of both Wendy and Madelynn. I'm planning for an ending. It would be pointless if there isn't one. Initially, I had planned for the story to involve only a few characters, but because of reader suggestions the whole story got expanded, so the ending will have to be postponed. I won't keep adding new characters because the story would become too messy, but there will be one or two new characters for the incest part. What kind of development do you want to see for Sarah? Reveal more of her character or have her go through some changes?

On Aug 01 22:11 by Elizabeth

I would love Brainy Teen and had a question: where would you like to go with the story? I am thinking there will be an ending? Or would you just keep having the girls have more adventures and introduce new characters? I kind of wish there could be an ending but then I would love to see some development for Sarah. Any thoughts?

On Aug 01 14:55 by Youpla

Well, I must say I had completly lost hope. Glad to see you back, and sorry if I sounded hars before.
Can you give us a hint about the next release of the 11th chapter of Brainy Teen please ?

On Jul 26 13:45 by T

Ha, nice reference to Brainy Teen in the new SW update!

On Jul 26 13:08 by Nick

Was going to ask if you were still writing but i see you just updated :) hope to see a new chapter of brainy teen soon also :D

On Jul 25 16:02 by paul

nice update. even the story in the video was good! looking forward to more updates in the future

On Jul 16 02:21 by MasterMeat

New chapter for SW is about 75% done. Can't make it for mcstories update but new chapter will definitely be posted within a few days. Storm, if you're too busy to work on the Sims worlds, then it's fine. It's your own project and you yourself know best how to handle it.

Can't promise regular updates, but I can promise that I won't give up on BT and SW. Anyone who wants to write fan fiction for my stories are more than welcome to do so.

On Jul 15 16:41 by Storm

MM ready to proofread more of your chapters. I have been busy too. And, do not have a lot of time to build The SIMs Worlds since I have to create MODs.

On Jul 12 22:13 by King Chicken

Thanks for the update MasterMeat,good to hear from you. I look forward to your continuing stories. I hope you can get back to regular updates, it appears I have a hard time staying away from your blog.

On Jul 10 22:58 by A fan

Glad to hear you're safe. *fist bump*

On Jul 05 02:35 by Bob

Glad your alive and kicking MM. Whenever whatever man. Take care and total respect:)

On Jul 02 09:37 by Elizabeth

I think there were just a lot of people who care about you and have fallen in love with your writing style. I for one am a HUGE fan. I think you have done an amazing job and everyone was feeling the loss of someone who brought some joy to us in some dark lonely moments. Thank you for writing and contributing in a small way to my life.

On Jul 02 00:06 by Domino_X

Just glad to see that you're well and still around MM.

On Jul 01 18:45 by PM

no worries MasterMeat. Most of us were just concerned about your wellbeing as you seemed to dissappear completely. Glad to see your well and am looking forward to future updates!

On Jul 01 07:38 by MasterMeat

Hello, everyone. Didn't mean to make you guys wait. I thought that my previous post made it clear that I was busy, so I saw no need to give another status report. If anyone was offended by that, then I apologize. Anyway, I'm writing again now. I appreciate all of your suggested ideas, and I'll try to add them to the story.

On Jun 29 15:22 by Youpla

I think King Chicken is totally right. Let's face it guys : something terribly awful must have happened to MasterMeat, or I don't see why he wouldn't give us any info. Either this or, if it isn't the case, I find this extremely impolite. Like King Chicken said, having alittle word isn't too much too ask, moreover when it takes only 2 minutes to do so.
Either way, I think the story is dead now. If anyone wants to continue it, please let us know.

And if MasterMeat is, one day, coming back here : thanks for your stories but, next time, think that your readers deserve some respects too.

On Jun 25 23:45 by King Chicken

I keep checking back, and not even one single comment from MM. I get summer and life distractions, but one line saying "Hey all, super busy at the moment, I haven't abandoned you." isn't too much to ask. This story/link is getting archived and I'll pick it back up if I ever see a new chapter posted on EMCSA. Good luck all, and if you(someone else) decide to start writing it yourself, make sure you give us a link to keep reading.

On Jun 18 04:49 by Bob

Hopes MM is ok and as long as u need. I'll keep checking back.

On Jun 15 01:09 by Storm

Give MM some time. Summer is here people on vacation since Memorial Day weekend. Majority of writers need a nice summer break. And, many places within US are disaster zones due to tornadoes. We have a record number of tornadoes here within US. MM will be back in no time and has not abandoned. Remember MM is writing this on his free time.

On Jun 12 06:57 by Domino_X

Really hope that MM hasn't dropped both the Silver Witch and Brainy Teen series, but the lack of an update on anything seems to instill a sense of dread that we might not get an ending, or least not the ending the author intended.

As for some of the suggestions posted some of them look good, and others I'm not to keen on, mostly ones involving watersports (piss) and beastiality. Don't seem to have any problems with the suggestions of incest with Madelynn's mother.

Don't have much for suggestions on Silver Witch mostly because, to me, it seems to be a very linear story. The end result being Galatea controlling Emma into the world of lesbianism, and having Emma as one of her acolytes. With Brainy Teen you have a larger cast and this creates a good amount of possibilities. Sarah, Wendy, Madelynn, Elena and secondary characters. Me, I'm a sucker for happy endings. I would love to see the story end with Madelynn becoming Wendy's knight in shining armor, become her Princess Charming, and the 2 go off to make their relationship stronger.

On Jun 11 00:36 by Youpla

just too much to wait such a long time without any news at all.

I say that the best thing to do is waiting a few more weeks to see if MasterMeat says something to us, and after that... Well. If someone want to continue the story, it would be great. I would love to write some things, but alas English is not my native language so it would be too difficult for me.

Anyway, let's be patient some more time... Maybe MasterMeat will show up, who knows ?

On Jun 11 00:33 by Youpla

Hi evryone.

Concerning Db suggestions, I have some pros and some cons :
1)Nothing to say here, I agree with these suggestions. However, don't forget that Medelynn must always have her morality deep under all her lust, which should tell her that what she's doing is not right... but nethertheless she finds that she's unable to resist her lust and that she desperatly enjoy it.
2) I don't think it's agood idea that Madelynn's mother has sex with Wendy, because it would show to Wendy what Medelynn and her family have become. Thus, there would not be anymore those funny events where Madelynn tries to hide her desire in front of Wendy.
3) I think it's a really bad idea that Elena should be in the "test game". why ? because Madelynn is destined to become a dominatrix and, in the couple Elena/Madelynn, Elena IS the mistress. It would not be logical. Moreover, I think it is much more exciting that the prudish madelynn chooses with her own free will to dominate a innocent girl who is not a lesbian, and to be nasty to the point she will dare to take her viirginity with a dildo, crudly, without any love, only lust and perversity.
It could work if the girl is Madelynn's mother, but I think that, at this point, she will herself be too corrupted to not enjoy this.
4) For the parody of the wedding, it would be great... Only that I don't feel Madelynn should fall in love with Elena. I think that she is becoming too much perverse and that she would marry Elena only for doing nasty things everyday. Like in the BDSM videos that she's watching, she would crave only for sex, lust, vulgarity, without love. Just pure sex.

Anyway, concerning the total absence of information from MasterMeat, I must say I'm really disappointed. It's ok if he has life matters at hand, but the least he could do would be to say one woord to us about the progress... It should only takes 5 minutes to say "hey guys, I'm busy, but I'll definitely finish the story".
But as Murf said, I enjoyed Brainy Teen when the updates were frequent. Now, it is

On Jun 10 07:55 by db

Murph - Both great ideas. And writing a continuation has occurred to me as well. My first preference, of course, would be for Master Meat to find the time to do it, as both Brainy Teen and Silver Witch have been two of my all-time favorite stories and I'm confident that whatever direction he chooses for them would be continued awesomeness. I'm not sure I could do it justice. But it's tempting. Maybe I will, if I can find the time, and maybe you should give it a shot, too. Maybe others. It'd be interesting to compare the versions sprouting out of the original.

On Jun 05 02:37 by Murph

db...All of your suggestions would be really exciting directions for this story. I would like to see Wendy get to the point where she comes on to an unwilling nervous young girl at the mall and takes her to the washroom for the beginning of new relationship. Of course, she would not tell Sarah about this. She feels guilty about doing this but she can't resist moulding this girl into her sexy lover. Also, upon calling on Medelynn one day, Wendy suddenly develops an attraction for Madelynn's mom and plans an introduction to Sarah.
However, although an excellent plot has been born and developed, there is no action anymore. Perhaps, one of us should consider taking the reins as I, like everyone here, was really enjoying each chapter as it was turned out on a regular basis.

On Jun 04 12:48 by db

I agree with Murph, forget bestiality. BDSM, also not my personal interest so much. But I do vote for several of Youpla's suggestions, including the following, with modifications:
(1) Madelynn's progressive corruption. She increasingly dresses and acts like a pretty whore...and starts to like it. She senses and comes to love the power of her beauty and sexiness...especially on women. Lesbian flirtation/attraction/seduction becomes her dark obsession. Accordingly, she gets a series of makeovers including, yes, wondrous breasts, more tattoos, hair color and style changes, and ever-present and dramatic makeup. She adopts racy clothes, crude, suggestive language, smoking, and an avid interest in lesbian porn.
(2) Madelynn transforms her hypnotized mother into a total slut (at first reluctantly, later with some delight)...a lesbian one...who then has sex with Elena, Sarah, Wendy, and/or Madelynn (definitely her). Maybe also a romance with Wendy's mother, who perhaps gets hypnotized too...and who would then also want to get into Wendy's panties.
(3) Madelynn is forced to choose, permanently, between hetero- and homosexuality. I like the idea of a test, too, but instead of a coerced nun, make the female option either Wendy or Elena. If it is Wendy-- already vulnerable from her rejection, Sarah's insinuations, and her now-extensive lesbian experiences-- she could be inflammed further into willingness, if necessary, by Sarah providing more sexual encounters, hypnosis, and drugs, or by more of Madelynn's flirtations. If it is Elena, she would not be allowed to coerce, but could be decked out, postured, and behaved so provocatively that Madelynn just cannot resist her. Or maybe make the female Madelynn's mother!
One way to do the test would be to require that Madelynn date (one date or several), separately or simultaneously, both the male and the female; whichever one she first kisses (or has sex with) determines her path. It could be like The Little Mermaid...kiss da girl...with Sarah or Elena or others placing obstacles, suggestions, and lures to encourage the desired outcome.
(4) Madelynn marries Elena--in a fetishistic, carnal mockery of a wedding. At first resistant, she then realizes her compelling and beautiful attraction to Elena, falls in love with her, and becomes a devoted, passionate bride.

On Jun 01 06:04 by Bob

Hey MM u ok?

On May 29 19:16 by Murph

Including animals and pissing is not a good direction for these stories...sorry.
Anyway, this ship has postings in 2 months. It's time to move on to other stories....They were very good and let's leave it at that.

On May 26 01:19 by Youpla

3) gradually make her wear more revealing and naughty outfits. Have her unable to walk anymore in shoes that have less that 5 inch heels.

Well, that was a heavy pile of text once again. I hope that I'm not too pushy giving my suggestions like this.
i really hope that you will love some of them and maybe include them in the story.

And of course, as always, I can't wait to read the next chapter. Please, keep us informed and, OH GOD ! , don't abandon the story please !!!

On May 26 01:15 by Youpla

and Elena's willing wife. The wedding dress would be in latex and ultra sexy, the wedding ring would be a clitoris bell, the kiss would be a 69 in front of the audience, etc...

Madelynn, in front of the handsome man and the nun, would of course find (at first) that the wager is too easy, and would be extremely happy to find at last an exit to her nightmare. But, alas, her lesbian desires and the need to love a woman and make her submissive would be too strong and Madelynn would choose to love the nun.

Well, these were my 2 main ideas for Madelynn's path. Here are some others little things I can think of :
1) When Madelynn will have her menstruations, she will of course be unable to masturbate herself. But the need would be too strong and so she would start, remembering her "adventures" at school, masturbating in her love. Soon, she would prefer this and would be unable to do a masturbation session without stimulating her anus.
2) At school, Wendy and Madelynn could enter toilets at the same time. Wendy would go first and pee, and Madelynn would then go into the stall where Wendy was. And, to her surprise, she would start to dream about Wendy pissing on her, and would even start licking the seat where Wendy was, tasting a few drops.
3) If you choose to include bestiality, here my suggestion. When Madelynn will start to be aware that, even if she doens't want to, she is totally not attracted my men and penis, she will start to cry and, as usual, will say her worries to Elena. Elena would answer that she is sure that there is some penises that still can make her horny. The evening, Elena would give Madelynn a video with no title or pictures on the cover... Of course, it will be a bestiality videos with horses and dogs. As repulsed as Madelynn will be, she will of course be unable to start masturbating and dreamin of dogs and horses.
Elena would say that, if she wants penises, these are the only ones that she have the right to take from now on. She would only have to phone Elena, who knows a farm...

On May 26 00:56 by Youpla

would start doing it. Of course, because Maddy is gradually becoming a total lesbian slut, she would soon find it exciting even if her conscious self would warn her that what she's doing is wrong... But she could not resist anymore the tentation and would start loving turning her own mom into a whore. She would even start to give her nasty orders.
5) Of course, there is the problem of the father. Since he is not mentioned in the story, I suggest that Madelynn should be only living with he rmother, because her father has left her mother since a long time, or even has died.

Another idea for the last steps of Madelynn's debauchery :
- Elena would propose Madelynn a little game. She would ask Madelynn to come at the usual place where she is filmed. There, Madelynn would be in a room with 2 options :
1) There is, on the left, a man who is totally beautiful. The handsome type, with muscles, nice teeth, hair, etc... and of course, a big dick ^^ . In fact, the total stereotype of a mannequin.
If Madelynn chooses to make love with this man, Elena promises that Madelynn can go back to her previous normal life, abandon her new looks, and that she will never sees Elena anymore or have to participate into naughty acts.
2) On the right, on the contrary, there is a young nun from the church where Madelynn usually goes. She is a very kind nun who turned out to be often Madelynn's confident and, as every nuns, she is innocent and prudish.
So, the nun is tied on a bed and is blinfolded against her own will. The trick is here : will Madelynn be strong enough to resist her lust and love the nun hard with a strap on, insulting her, making her a lesbian slave ?
If Madelynn is unable to repress her desires and loves the woman, then, as elena would said to her before this "game", she would have to marry Elena and become officially her wife. The wedding would be at Las Vegas, and would be a total act of debauchery, far from Madelynn religious standards. Thus, Medelynn will acknowledge before god that she is now a lesbian

On May 26 00:33 by Youpla

MasterMeat, please take your time and give us the next chapters when you can

Anyway, since I have some ideas for Madelynn's story, here they are :

- Have her realize that every dominatrix women in the videos that she is watching have big breasts. Thus, she will develop a complex about her own chest that will gradually be unbearable. And, of course, Elena will suggest a surgery with breast expansion so that she has firm big fake boobs ^^ .
- Concerning he rmother, I think I have a good idea. elena said, in the last chapter, that she would need to have a little talk with Madelynn's mom. What I suggest is that Elena should give Madelynn a "little gift". She would hypnotize Madelynn' mother with these rules :
1) Of course, Maddy's mother is absolutely unaware that she was hypnotized, and nothing changes about her behaviour.
2) Only Madelynn has the power to give her an order. She would have, to trigger the hypnosis, to say a trigger sentence. A really crude one, like, for example, "Mom, you're nothing that a dirty slut !".
3) Once her mother is hypnotized, Madelynn has one minute to say what are her orders before her mother turns back to normal. Thus, is Meddy' mother is arguing about her new looks, Madelynn could say to her that her new appearance seems normal to her from now on. If Madelynn is seen masturbating, she could say to her mother that she will forget about this. If Madelynn is seen leaving the house at night and scolded, Madelynn could say that to her mother that she now has right to go out at night, etc...
3) But, each time Madelynn hypnotizes her mother and says "Mom, you're nothing that a dirty slut", her mother would, in fact, permanently become slightly more slutty and less prudish. Since the start, Madelynn would be totally aware of this, Elena would have said this to her.
4) Hence, when Madelynn says the trigger phrase, she would know that she is turning her own mother into a slut. She would be ashame of course, but since she would have no means to avoid being grounded or yelled at, she

On May 22 02:28 by Bob

Whatever Whenever We wait and look:)

On May 18 04:32 by Domino_X

We all have real life matters that we have to attend to MM. So I wouldn't expect you to ignore other aspects of your life to get an update done. Do want to mention I just started to read the Silver Witch series and it's got me hooked just like Brainy Teen. Anyways have fun, enjoy life, good fortune, good victory, and can't wait to see what the next chapter has in store for both your stories.

On May 02 02:34 by MasterMeat

Not working on anything right now because I'm busy with other things, but I'll definitely continue writing soon as I have time. Next update will be for Silver Witch.

On Apr 30 22:46 by Youpla

Still no news ? :(

On Apr 29 00:06 by Bob

Hello Youpla, took the words out of my mouth. It has been nearly a month now, and I have re-read both series several times, and Sims aren't doing enough to distract me, and 2nd Life is very confusing and I can't figure it out. So give us a clue if you can MM. Thank you!

On Apr 28 23:05 by Youpla

Hello MasterMeat.
Any info to give us about the future update ? Will it be about Brainy Teen or Silver With ?
Many thanks for keeping us informed.

On Apr 28 23:03 2011/02/comments.html by Youpla

Hello MasterMeat. Any info you can give us about the future update please, and if it will be about Brainy Teen or Silver Bitch ?

On Apr 24 00:26 by Bob

Phew, glad I have some Sim Cred. I will look at Second Life and be patient as ever with MM the Great. I think Storm is much cooler than Bob, but yey, I am just plain...

On Apr 23 01:08 by Storm

Now your talking Old School. Original Sim City was fun. And, yay we are old school gamers. If you like SIM City you will love Sim City 4. It is is more in depth than just build here build there. Which anyone can do. You build subway sytems, water pipelines, trains, prisons, monorail systems, roads, highways, bridges and tunnels.

Each Region in Sim City 4 is what builds Sims 2 neighborhoods. EA is smart when they make games. Do not give one game on a disc build expansions onto 1 game and build a in-game store with it.

Give MM sometime. And, want some great cybersex go to Second Life it is free to play.

On Apr 20 00:22 by Bob

Hey Storm, thanks for the advice. I will get SIMed up and enter the real world. I did play the orginal SimCity way back when and thought it was wonderful at the time. Happy SIMing! Bob xx

PS MM, hope this mindless twadle isn't an unwelcome distraction, we're just passing the time until you publish something, "I just want to tell you good luck. We're all counting on you!"

On Apr 19 08:35 by Storm

Bob, go to a game store. Pick up Sim City 4, Sims 2 and Sims 3. Better yet sells them or They are great games to play. So the one who needs meds and take a walk in the real world is you. You are missing out on 3 good games.

I am surprised you never played any of these great games. I also do a lot of testing on Second Life.

On Apr 17 23:03 by Bob

Dear Storm, have you been forgeting to take the pills? I know I do on occasion and suddenly the world feels so much more colourful. Yesterday I had a ride in a hot air balloon made of a swiss cheese canopy and treacle basket. The giraffe, who was the balloon master, had real problems with scorched ears and was grumpy all day. The weather was hot and sunny, so luckily things never really got off the ground. At least there was plenty to eat.

On Apr 17 17:02 by Storm

Bob, if you need to make money in SIM City 4 you can install a nuclear missle silo. And, you can launch a nuke at a residence.

While in the mountain region not to far from Sarah and Wendy's Region where the Silver Witch was found got ravaged by a volcano. I think the Silver Witch wanted to commit suicide. Because shortly after the volcano erupted I had 2 massive earthquakes which left the city into rumbles.

I love simulation games which you can build and devestate.

On Apr 16 23:57 by Bob

Hey Storm, think you have the special edition of Sim City, though sounds more like Sin City? (great film and stories) I think Wendy would be great in the Kitchen, or the Bathroom, the Living Room, the ........ :-)

On Apr 10 06:52 by Storm

All this work and Wendy just had to cook on a stove. Master Meat do not have Wendy cook she will burn the whole house down. Wendy and Sarah were both running around in circles in the kitchen. And, Wendy just ran in circles screaming. And, the Grim Reaper came and turned Wendy into an Urn. And, all Sarah could do is weep and cry. SIMs 3 can be very evil.

Now onto SIM City 4. Sarah and Wendy are dead. A nuclear missle misfired and hit Sarah's house while Wendy was visiting. The missle destroyed the city block and both died instantantly. Well at least they helped fill the local graveyard.

Now to SIMs 2 do not let Wendy touch fireworks. While Sarah was out of her house. Wendy found Sarah's stash of fireworks. She lit them up in Sarah's room and all of Sarah's posessions were destroyed. All that Sarah came to was ashes of her burnt belongings and an Urn with Wendy's name on it.

On Apr 09 00:26 by Bob

Sorry for my slow response, but I have been tied up with things, so could read the chapter until a couple of days ago. However, MM, practically perfect, Wendy has reached the crossroads in her life - the build up to the exhibition for Dan was at the point it needed to be done, any longer I think you would have been going round in circles. I can't imagine where she goes from here, but wait and see with anticipation. The situation with Maddy is interesting - she had a bunch of MC stuff happen to her to make her susceptible to lesbian thoughts, but is now passively acquiescing to things from the threat of revelation of videos of her unwiting lesbian acts. Surely it reaches a point where the acts she is forced to do or endure are worse than the implications of these videos being made public? I think that both characters should be at the point where they can't help themselves from doing something, in spite of their natural abhorrence? It is tricky with MC stuff as a key part of the excitement of this genre is people doing things that they don't want to or know they shouldn't, and keeping the characters on this tightrope is key. But, again brilliant and role on chapter 11. However, in deference to Youpla I am a fan of Silver Witch and await the next installment of this too!

On Apr 04 23:42 by FPWilson

Excellent chapter, MM. I like that Wendy has now reached a crossroads in her path to becoming a lesbian as Sarah has now informed her of what she is. It's fun watching Sarah's machinations and how she pulls Wendy deeper and irrevocably into her web. However, I also like that Wendy seemed more resistant than usual to Sarah's statements after the show, and wouldn't concede immediately. It makes for an interesting dichotomy of brain vs body and how much Wendy doesn't want to lose herself, yet will eventually. Nice touch with the callback to the first chapter with the bath scene and shaving. The progressive results are fun to see unfold. The Daniel rejection seemed at first a parallel to one of the lesbian instructional videos Wendy watched with Alice and Samantha, but, again, I enjoy that you didn't have Wendy just give in at that very moment.

I'm curious how Madelynn will factor into Sarah's plans, and how they will interact with Wendy. Should be fun. Looking forward, once again, to your next installment.

On Apr 04 11:57 by Storm

Youpla this story is far from finished.

And, I informed Master Meat to work on the next chapter of Silver Witch.

There are Silver Witch fans here and it is all fair to have them a new chapter of Silver Witch.

On further note, I am figuring out how to stop all these car wrecks on SIM City 4. Poor Elena and Sarah they have had to go to the Hospital several times since they cannot drive.

On Apr 04 00:24 by Youpla

For example, we don't see much of Madelynn's father... Maybe he's not often at home and that Madelynn's mother begins to have some sexual urges. Maybe that a lesbian magazine with teens "forgotten" by Elena in the living room could trigger her interests, lead her to a masturbation in her room, that Madelynn would spy on her, feel anger for the slap her mother has given her when she was herself such a slut, and would burst in the room in her dominative suit, raping her mother, and making her gradually into her submissive (and willing) slave. Of course, Madelynn corruption should be at really high levels for her daring to do this...
Lastly, a bit of criticism. I think it was a little disappointing that we didn't see any encounter between Wendy and Madelynn in this chapter. As best friends, they should see each other each day, or at least call on the phone. And it's always funny and hot to see how Madelynn is struggling with her horniness in front of Wendy. These are the parts I love the most !

Overall, really nice chapter. There are many things I would have want to see that are not here, but I think that it's a "transition chapter" for the two main protagonists.
Wendy's dream with Daniel is over, and Sarah tells her she is a lesbian.
Madelynn's changes in appearance are starting to be seeable by her entourage, and she begins to change her speaking and behaviour.

I hope this chapter is the introduction to more and more others, and that the story is far from being finished !!

Thank you, and I'm waiting with great anticipation for the next chapter. I'll write another post if I'm aware in the next days that I've forgotten something.
Many thanks, and don't forget to keep us informed ! ;)

On Apr 04 00:09 by Youpla

juices without any more thoughts. We can then imagine gradual perversion into this thing : she will gradually thinks it's the most normal thing to do when a girl masturbates (maybe she will even casually talk to Wendy about that, like it's normal...), she will become so attracted by the taste that she will wash her face each evening with her juices, and finally she will be so addicted that she will need to taste them each hour, no matter what, no matter the place.
Concerning her outfits, I have mixed feelings. It's good to know that, in her room, she is changing to a dominatrix outfit. But we don't know if she is continuing to change her looks at school or when she goes out. The event with her mother gives us the hint that she has more "racy outfits" than before. But it would have been great to see what were these outfits, and how she was acting outside of her house.
Then, concerning the piercings, I really hope that it will not be the last of them. There are, in real world, so many girls with bellybutton's and eyebrow's piercings that it doesn't look so "slutty". Overall, I think that it is just a start for Madelynn, a transition if I must say before she has her tongue, clitoris, pussy lips, nose, ears, and whatever pierced. Don't forget that, in the finals, Madelynn will be, for anyone, a slut at the first glance. 2 common piercings can't do that, even if for the moment it shows that she is slowly corrupted.
Then, concerning the relationship with her mother... I know it will be hard to "convince" her mother with the new looks that Madelynn has. The future meeting between her and Elena, that you mentioned, suggests that the mother will be partially mind controlled. Be careful to not overuse this opportunity though, as it could become boring in the end. If for each obstacle there is mind control, it will be too easy and maybe not too exciting. I have few ideas concerning a plot between Madelynn and her mother, let me know if you want me to write here some of these.

On Apr 03 23:51 by Youpla

Well, I'll be the second to give my opinion on this chapter.

First, on the Wendy part. It was really sensual and romantic, but not too girlish and mild. I love how Wendy is clearly acting on her own in most of the intercourses? The striptease and the sexual show were really really exciting. It was great to imagine the once "normal" girl Wendy dressed like that and doing nasty things for a little public with no hesitation at all.
The clothes' description was excellent, it helps to have in our mind a really good picture of the character. But I must say that, because English ios not my native language, I had difficulties to understand all this fashion vocabulary. ^^ But please change nothing !! It's so rare to have such literary qualities !
Overall, I think that it's a key chapter for Wendy, because now she will not continue her "training" for Daniel. Will she choose another excuse, or will she listen Sarah who says to her that she must accept her homosexuality ? Interesting...

Now concerning Madelynn...
I particularly loved the fact that her speaking is becoming more vulgar. What I like the most in Madelynn story is that she has sexual outbursts occurring sometimes because of her drugging. But, where many authors would choose to let her accept them, resulting with a girl changing totally in a few paragraphs, you chosed to let her struggle with her mixed feelings, with the rational part being slowly, reeeally slowly eaten by the mind control. And that's where it's pure genius ! On a line we see Madelynn insulting her mother, and being really sorry after that ; after that, she is thinking nasty words about Elena ("loveing bitch", she said) and, once again, she knows that it is weird but the reader, HIM, knows that she is slowly morphing into a nasty lesbian and a bad-speaking perverted girl. Please, don't stop o this path : let her gradually speak more and more obcene. And, of course,n the same goes with her behaviour and her sexual tastes. For example, it's good to see know that she is licking her pussy

On Apr 03 23:19 by Domino_X

Another great chapter MasterMeat. Really enjoying the story you're telling. However I will say that I'm enjoying Madelynn's story the most. As I was reading chapter 10 it has me wondering if she's going to go futher and futher into the path that Sarah and Elena set for her, find a way to break free and find her own path, and/or take her friendship with Wendy to a more intimate level.

On Apr 02 23:36 by Bob

MM you are a sadistic comic, but well done for the evil thought. Glad I didn't go for the suicide option, I would have felt a real fool....

On Apr 02 21:43 by Storm

It took me awhile to proofread and edit Master Meat's chapter 10. I am the proofer and editor of Brainy Teen and Silver Witch.

And, uggghhh Master Meat had a hideous outfit before I edited that part. It was the worse April Fool's Joke I saw in my life.

On Apr 02 04:45 by MasterMeat


Chapter 10 is up. Enjoy!

On Apr 01 23:37 by Bob

My grammar and spelling is all messed up in the previous text, and I've missed the odd word out all together. I think I am cracking up, I can't take it any more, I'm going to start buying paper based fiction again, least that way you get the whole thing in one go and it's fine 'til you try and read in the bath. Fiction is read, violence makes blues, I'll check back soon, for more shocking news.

On Apr 01 23:30 by Bob

Malware deleting documents? My profession has me dealing with these things almost every day, and I'm sure the last time I came across a 'delete your data' bug was over a decade ago. Hard disk issues yes, crashing systems yes, malware no, attempts to clean-up malware possibly - so I like the April 1st idea since I am an optimist. If you are that unlucky MM then I hope you haven't lost too much important stuff, there are tools to undelete things, and bet your the sort of person to regular backups.................. If true then so sorry, but I think I am in denial. Whatever, whenever, however, if.

On Apr 01 17:55 by Domino_X

D'oh! Completely forgot that it's April Fool's today. However in the case it's not I still wish MM good luck on trying to get everything back up and running. Know what's like when the computer decides to go down in a fiery blaze of fail.

On Apr 01 17:34 by Youpla

Aaaah, April Fool !!! Yes, I've completly forgotten that... I hope it's that, though...

On Apr 01 17:00 by King Chicken

I am holding out hope of an April Fool's comment from MM, because you can't trust the web on April 1.

Barring that, I'm sure however long it takes to get chapter 10 up, it won't take nearly as long as some of the other larger stories available on the web, and I'm happy to have an author nice enough to continue giving us status updates instead of leaving us in the dark.

MM, stop surfing those dirty sites that give you virii and malware, porn makes you go blind. :)

On Apr 01 13:49 by Domino_X

Nooooooooooooooo! So looking forward to the next chapter. Sorry to hear about the maleware wiping out your files. Hope you manage to get things back in order soon. Anyways I've waited this long for the next chapter to Brainy Teen, I can wait longer.

On Apr 01 12:31 by Youpla

It means you have to re-write the whole chapter, or did you have a save somewhere ?

Bad luck...

On Apr 01 06:59 by MasterMeat

There won't be a new chapter this weekend. Some malware deleted a lot of files on my HD, which unfortunately included my stories.

On Mar 31 23:22 by Bob

Hello MM, glad you're OK and that the chapter is nearly there. Youpla does have some insightful thoughts on the logical consequences of the world you are creating and some interesting ideas. BUT, we are just the lobbying groups and you are the Government, so listen to us, add it to your thoughts, then do what YOU think is best. I find that starting a story is easy once you've had the idea, and the end is usually clearish once you've figured the basic plot, but the middle can be a pain; how do you get there; how quickly do you get there; should I be using semi-colons; what adventures should they have along the way. There's more than one way to say tomato, but so far YOU have got it exactly right!

On Mar 31 18:30 by MasterMeat

It's almost done. The next chapter will definitely be up before this week ends.

Bob, I'm ok. It's just that my creative energy is kind of low recently. Don't know what Storm is trying to do exactly with the Sims games, but to each his own I guess.

Youpla, I may be overdoing some polls, but I just wanted to have a better idea of the audience's preferences. On accommodating the audience, I think trying to find some middle ground would be the best. That way everyone should be happy without being put off.

Now that you've mentioned the reactions of close family members of the characters, I need to add them to story. I agree that without it, the story would be less realistic. The only hard part is making them accept the changes of the characters.

On Mar 31 15:24 by Youpla

I must say I, like Bob, am starting to worry. It's been more than a month since the last chapter and we don't have many news on what is upgoing.
MasterMeat, like Bob said, don't try to accomodate with everyone's expectations.

That's whi I thought that too many polls was a bad idea... How would you want to accomodate with so many people who want piercings and tattoos, and so many who don't want ?
Like I said, take the most wise choice : many people who were voting were only voting according to WHAT THEY LIKE, and not with WHAT WOULD BE BEST CONSIDERING THE STORY.
Gothic girl without piercings and tattoos ? Unbelievable, from my point of view...
A story which excludes the close family when a girl that a mother sees each day is changing her looks and her behaviour ? Once again, unbelievable...

Choose the most logical approach for your story. And if you want to include extreme fetishes like bestiality (for example), don't listen to those who say "I don't like it, I don't want it". If you write it well and if it is well implanted in the story, there will be no problem with that.

Anyway, I'm waiting nervously for the next chapter...

On Mar 30 23:07 by Bob

Hey Storm, are you mad? :-) I played the first Sims - Sim City I think, but why would you want the sequels to look the same? I admire your patience and good luck with it though. We all have our crosses to bear, and I love quirky people, but why why why...... MM hope you are well and not banging your head too much. Are we there yet? - The Wrong Trousers (sorry pants)

On Mar 30 06:46 by Storm

Bob, I can wait. Audience is extremely important for MM.

I am still majorily trying to get SIMs 2, SIMs 3, and SIM City 4 to look exactly like each other.

Going to tell you all now it will take 10 months to a year to complete. This is not a rush job project. I want everything perfect.

On Mar 27 23:52 by Bob

Hey hum, the glass is more than half full. MM is it getting more difficult to write these stories, and if so do you think it is because of adding a new consideration, i.e. trying to accommodate what the audience want? If so, then just ignore us as it’s your stories and you have gained our interest by writing what you think is good! If it’s because the lawn needed cutting and the out-laws decided to visit then my commiserations, but don’t sweat it, we await your stories with patience and anticipation.... but Brainy Teen has been over a month and I think I might pop soon :-) no pressure, honest!!

On Mar 26 09:50 by Youpla

Ok. Thank you for giving us an update about the development. ;)

On Mar 26 08:53 by MasterMeat

Sorry, there won't be anything this weekend, but the good news is that it's about 60% done.

On Mar 25 15:46 by Youpla

So... Something for this week-end, Mastermeat ?

On Mar 24 00:05 by Bob

Me too, but hey, the build up is always exciting ;-)

On Mar 23 20:05 by Youpla

Bob is right here... But I must say that I really can't wait for the next chapter !! ^^

On Mar 21 13:02 by Bob

MM publish when you are happy with it. Sorry if we appear to be pressurising you. I was just being the annoying child in the back of the car...

On Mar 21 05:13 by Youpla

Do you know how many days approximatively ? I'm asking this because I will not be at home this week-end and unable to read the next chapter... That would make me sad. :(

On Mar 21 03:23 by MasterMeat

Need a few more days.

On Mar 21 01:23 by Bob

are we there yet? - sorry couldn't help myself....

On Mar 19 11:45 by ElPrevert

Youpla, it's the introduction aspect that's the issue for me. Just seems a bit of a thing to crowbar in writing wise. It'd be more effective if the siblings etc had been established in the earlier chapters so the gradual shift in the relationships could be observed, rather than a quick - here is a cousin, and now they're loveing. With the way the rest of it has been paced, I don't feel it'd fit if done like that. I could be wrong, but that's what I think

On Mar 18 01:23 by Bob

are we there yet? :-)

On Mar 17 22:10 by Youpla

EDIT : Oops, after reading the story one more time, it appears that Madelynn and Wendy are indeed living with their parents...

On Mar 17 11:54 by Youpla

at school, and gradually becoming a bad student. If the needs for masturbating are becoming more and more strong and frequent, we can foresee that she will masturbate each hour for 3-4 orgasms... Sweet ! ^^
- Elena abruptly saying to Madelynn "Do you want to have sex with Wendy" was awesome ! And the fact that Elena says that it's up to Madelynn to contact her when she will change her mind is great. Thus, we know that it will be up to the "shy" Madelynn to give up her resolution. I can't wait to see how she will accept the fact that she is totally unable to stop thinking about Wendy, that she wants to have sex with her, and how she will dare to ask Elena's help with that.

I'll keep surveying the blog this week-end !

On Mar 17 11:49 by Youpla

I will not elaborate too much on bestiality and watersports, since everyone has his own fetishes and, given that these two are somewhat extremes, I understand if people are still hesitating for seeing them in the story.
However, for the incest part, I think that it's greatly necessary to introduce family members in the story, for Madelynn but also for Wendy. Because these two girls are still attending school, I think that they are living with htheir parents or, if they are interns, at least they are visiting their parents often enough. Therefore, we can't imagine that their fathers, mothers, and sisters/brothers would not see any changes in their behaviour. I would not say that we need incest with Wendy, because she is destined to be a somewhat "normal" lesbian. But with Madelynn, it would add a bit of spice and corruption, moreover when we now know that she is in a prudish and religious family. The total contrast between her family members and her new horniness, which she would hide with more and more difficulties, that would be very exciting !
About piercings and tattoos, it's just a matter of tastes. I understand your point of view. But you forget that even if the girl is over-tattooed and pierced, she can always hide them. for example, nipple rings, piercings on her pussy lips, tattoos on her back, etc etc... It could easily be hidden with casual clothes when the girl is in family. Moreover, since Madelynn seems (I said SEEMS) to become known in the school as a total whore and begin a new life, I don't see a problem if she is gradually exposing some nastiness, like the piercings and the tattoos. Not all at once in the beginning, but gradually.

Anyway, I'm really waiting for the next chapter. Oh, and I forgot to say that I really loved two things with Madelynn in the 9th part :
- The fact that she now isn't satisfied with only one orgasm when she is masturbating. It shows well that her needs are expanding. Maybe she will soon needs 3-4 orgasms for each masturbating session, resulting in her coming late

On Mar 17 11:28 by ElPrevert

Thought I'd elaborate on my thought from the Polls.

Tattoos/Piercings - They need to be discrete. Never much cared for stories where the girl got tattooed with something like "Whore" or "Slut", but if it's something that signifies ownership (or just to emphasise they can make her do anything) and it's either hidden by clothing or something that appears to be just a tattoo, then that can work. Piercings, it seems to be as much about the humiliation of exposing the victims body (maybe to the point of paying for it sexually), so generally fine with that.

Incest - not so keen, would seem a bit weird to suddenly introduce a family member for Madelynn. Can kind of see it in a sub-plot with the jogger/businesswoman but doesn't seem to fit to me.

Bestiality - again, a bit unnecessary. Though Sarah would probably own machines that'd simulate it, not sure it goes in Brainy Teen so much as it would fit Silver Witch. Could really see it being used as a threat if Madelynn starts to rebel though...

Watersports - find them a bit on the grim side, but there is obviously scope in the story for further degradation of Madelynn (along with anal penetration, double penetration, fisting, group-sex, prostitution...)

All in all, rather enjoying the story, hope you get the balance/tone right if you do go in to the taboo territory!

On Mar 10 00:46 by Bob

I could be anyone. There is no control here on names. Thanks for the clarification Youpla. I hate registering for stuff, but I will give it a go. To MM, no pressure, I know writing isn't easy and I bet you have other things to do as well - work maybe, and some of us have the demands of a family life too... Your stories have been exceptional so far, so take as long as you need until you are happy with the story. We'd love a new chapter every day, but so far you haven't put a foot wrong on Brainy Teen and however long it takes is fine with me. Good luck!!!

On Mar 09 08:51 by MasterMeat

Hopefully, I'll get the next chapter for Brainy Teen done by the end of next week.

On Mar 09 01:05 by Youpla

@Bob : By second one, I was refering to the two extreme parts in the fiorst story : scato part, and bestiality part. So, I wanted to say that I loved the bestiality part, but didn't like the scato one.
For DeviantArt, you have to log yourself for seeing pictures a bit too... nude ^^ .

On Mar 09 00:30 by Bob

Hey Youpla, I love reading all your comments! I agree that the setup was a bit formulaic and the bestiality bit was done in a tame way. I've also learnt a new term "scato" - there is a term for everything! What each individual enjoys is fascinatingly diverse at the 'extreme'. When you say the "second one" do you mean "Unnatural desires" or "Alien prison" - the second bestiality or second story references?

I can't wait for Brainy Teen 10 either - nudge nudge MM

PS Thought many of the pics on deviantart were very hot, but had no entry signs on a bunch of them. Perhaps you need to register to see them all?

On Mar 08 02:18 by Youpla

To me, it's the exact contrary.
I've read "White slaves" and have found it really boring because of the classical induction and characters, until the scato and bestiality parts. I really didn't like the first one, because it wasn't even exciting in the description, and because it had no goal storywise. However, I really loved the second one because, without adding too many repulsive details about the bestiality acts, it showed very well the slow acceptance of the main character, who found the action repulsive at the start but slowly was driven by the pleasure and the need implanted in her by the mind control.

On Mar 08 00:39 by Bob

Just read Storm's recommendation of a story with bestiality "White Slaves of Madame Cong", and found the story was exciting UP TO the bestiality section, though there was some pretty yucky stuff before this point! The animal stuff was just contrived and irrelevent and a total turn-off. The fact that this best of class example was written 8 years ago probably highlights the paucity of this material as erotic plotting? This is not meant to be critical of Storm's opinions. We each have our own mysterious G-spots, but I have generally found the thought of bestiality to be a turn-off, and that part of the story was turn-off! Perhaps I find so many exciting possibilities with human-human sexual encounters that moving along the species line is pointless for me?

Congratulations MM for both of these stories so far, they have been brilliant, though I was a bit disappointed with Silver Witch 5 as it focused on an odd divergence from the story so far, and didn't really move the story of the main protagonists forward. Bit of back story on the Witch perhaps but Emma was just treading water.

On Mar 08 00:18 by Youpla

Always happy to help ! ;)
Any estimation for the release of Brainy Teen's next chapter ?

On Mar 07 08:50 by MasterMeat

Nice pics, Youpla. Some of those are indeed very good looking. I'm getting some ideas now.

On Mar 05 22:52 by Youpla

And here are a gallery with some 3D pictures featuring gothic girls. Some are really nice and sexy, and I think it could be a great source of inspiration for the looks that Madelynn would adopt in the future :

On Mar 04 19:27 by Storm

While we are waiting for the next chapter of Brainy Teen and for others Silver Witch. I am going to give examples how certain fetishes which to some are complete turn-offs and yet if done right quite erotic.

My all time favorite with bestiality in it White Slaves of Madame Cong: Elevator Humpers by Jackpot.

A beautifully written masterpiece which was my favorite story before Brainy Teen which involves scat. Unnatural Desires by the talented Kimberly Adams.

This story was sadly abandoned and could have gone into more chapters. It is a nicely done prison story which involves bestiality. Alien Prison by Majun Gotenks.


On Mar 03 04:37 2011/02/comments.html by Storm

While we are waiting for the next chapter of Brainy Teen and for others Silver Witch. I am going to give examples how certain fetishes which to some are complete turn-offs and yet if done right quite erotic.

My all time favorite with bestiality in it White Slaves of Madame Cong: Elevator Humpers by Jackpot.

A beautifully written masterpiece which was my favorite story before Brainy Teen which involves scat. Unnatural Desires by the talented Kimberly Adams.

This story was sadly abandoned and could have gone into more chapters. It is a nicely done prison story which involves bestiality. Alien Prison by Majun Gotenks.


On Feb 27 04:06 by Youpla

her cousin. At home, madelynn would open the box and see that it contains a drug with a word saying that it will make her cousin fall deeply asleep for abouth 2 hours. Of course, Madelynn would strongly reject this idea, but (because of her own drugging) would find it impossible to toss the drug, and she will begin to have dirtiest and dirtiest thought abouth this scheme. The 2nd night, she would be so horny that she would sneak out of the bed, take her cousin's panties, and masturbate strongly in the toilets by licking and sniffing them. Lastly, during the 3rd night, she will lose control and drug her cousin's meal. Once she would be asleep, she would lick her pussy, kiss her, or maybe even using a dildo or double dildo. Of course, the next day, she would feel extremely ashamed and bad, but at the same time unable to suppress her dirty thoughts and horniness about this...
- Have Elena give her lesbian DVD and magazines each day, just like Sarah does with Wendy.
- Of course, have her wear heavier and heavier makeups, especially on her face. At first, let her be ashamed and somewhat hiding, but gradually loving her new looks to the point that she will find it impossible to wear unreavealing clothes.

Concerning Wendy, I feel that the story is just as it should be with her, so I don't have suggestions. Just add more interactions and casual speaking between her and Madelynn to see the evolution of each other when they are together.

Lastly, concerning Madelynn (yeah... again...), because she is already thinking of anal licking when she is seeing Wendy, think that readers will wait for dirtier things in next chapters each time she is drugged. Thus, not going into the extreme fetishes would be somewhat disappointing... If Madelynn is acting like this already, we can't imagine her doing "just" anal in 2-3 chapters.

Pfffiouuu... That's all. I hope I didn't bother you. But it's becasue I truly love your story that I feel obligated to write my feelings about it. Keep the good work !!!! ;)

On Feb 27 03:48 by Youpla

bestiality, uro, gothic transformation... These are as frequent as trustworthy politicians ! ).

However, I'm just giving my ideas here. Just as I said before, just write with your feelings. If you think of a bestiality scene that appeals to you, do it. The same for incest, piercings, etc... Whatever you do, there will always be people disliking your work, even if the quality is top. For my part, just like Storm, I think that you have enough talent to write exciting things with most of extreme fetishes. I also don't like scat; but I certainly will not stop to read Brainy Teen or say that it's love just because a few lines in the whole story are not pleasing me.

Finally, I have some others ideas, but I feel somewhat a little embarrassed to give them, because I don't want you to feel forced to add them. They are just here for you to pick whichever you want, or for giving you new ideas. Jus t like I said and re-said : YOU are the author, so feel free to do what you want.
Anyway, here are new suggestions :

- Have Madelynn be horny when she is verbally insulted. I mean, when she is called as a slut, bitch, nympho, sex slave, etc... It could lead to a point where she would insult herself during masturbation, or ask partners to degrade her.
- I forgot, of course, to say that a bellybutton piercing is mandatory if she goes on the "piercing" path ^^ .
- Concerning the incest scenario, here is a little idea if coming with a mother/daughter relationship is too difficult (given the obvious religious family where she belongs). Maybe a younger cousin could come 2 or 3 nights at home for whatever reason. Madelynn wouls of course struggle with her horniness, who would come at the maximum at night, because they would share the same bed (given that Madelynn's parent's house has no extra bedroom). She would pass the &st night masturbating herself silently over and over. The next day, Elena, seeing how much Madelynn is tired, would give her a little box with a "surprise" that would help her to "have her way" with

On Feb 27 03:31 by Youpla

Now I will give you my opinion on what makes Brainy Teen such a different story, and why you should include some fetishes.
First, the slow pacing and induction is the core. It's really exciting to see Wendy and Madelynn slowly changing, instead of a complete and sudden transformation in 1-2 chapters, like many others authors do. Waiting is a part of the excitation too ^^ !
Then, leading the story only on a Girl/Girl relationship is original. Please, don't incorporate male characters, at least no Man/Female intercourse. It's much more exciting to see straight girls becoming completely lesbians instead of "just" bi.
Lastly, thre most appealing thing in Brainy Teen is the originality of the relationships, mainly with the two "controlled" girls who are Wendy and Madelynn. Too many times, when I read mind control stories, I feel disappointed because either the author transforms the girl into a classic slut because he doesn't dare to go further, or just into a loving girl without adding the spice in sexual relations, leading to the unavoidable : a boring relation, without originality.
Luckily, that's not what is happening in Brainy Teen. On one side we have Wendy who is becoming a "pure" lesbian, but doing at least some spicy things with Sarah. And on the other side, we have Madelynn who is becoming a perverse. But what would be the point to stop Madelynn's transformation in some "classical" fetishes, those who are seen in any other erotic stories ? A bunch of stories state the most perverse fetishes with anal, or double penetration, or dirty talking... It's good, but when you read it in 50+ novels, it becomes boring. So, because we have Wendy for the "realistic romance" lovers, why not pushing to the limits the transformation of Madelynn ? I think that Brainy Teen would thus have the originality to give a special and spicy lesbian relationship with Wendy, whereas Madelynn's would give readers things that are way too rare to see in others stories (I mean, try to look for GOOD WRITTEN mind control stories with

On Feb 27 03:15 by Youpla

Ouch... Sorry FPWilson, I wasn't having a grudge against you. It seems I've been a little too angry with my terms. Sorry, but as english is not my native langage, I sometimes lack words to express what I mean exactly. Sorry if you thought I was some kind of psychotic who doesn't accept others' suggestions. I was just using an example to say that it's not logical to repress madelynn's evolution when Wendy's is there to give "romantic" lesbian fetishes...

Given that, MasterMeat, I thank you for taking into consideration my ideas. But maybe you are questioning yourself a little too much. I understand when you do polls for fetishes that are loved only by a minority of peoples. But doing a poll for each new idea is too much.
Look at the polls for the moment : you will always, ALWAYS have people who will not love some kind of fetishes. Some visitors might even vote with negative only for trolling (yes, human nature is somewhat odd...). Ok for asking about bestiality and "watersports", but for some other "little things", please do just as you like. I mean, one of the most important thing when you're writing something is that YOU have pleasure with it. If; for each chapter, you feel forced to do polls to ask people "Yes or No ?", you will arrive to a point where you will not write with pleasure, and maybe your style will suffer from this.
The best example for useless polls is maybe the one about piercings and tattoos. Ok for wondering yourself if you should add many of these or just a few, but when you have people saying they don't want any... Eeerr... Personally, I can't imagine even one moment a gothic girl without any piercing or tattoo !
The same goes for incest : as extreme this fetish is, there are so many incest mind control stories on the net to show you that incest is a BIG fantasy loved by many people reading erotic novels. Some will not love it, ok, but again do what you really love and feel exciting for your story.

On Feb 25 09:55 by MasterMeat

Thanks, FPWilson. The main reason for the move was because 110mb became slow and unreliable. I'm glad you're still enjoying Brainy Teen. I'll do my best to keep the future chapters of the story interesting and hot without being "offputting".

Youpla, I've read your last post on the old site. You've a lot of vibrant ideas. I'll incorporate at least some of your suggestions into the story. For the more extreme ideas I need additional feedback from other readers. As for including bestiality, it's still undecided.

On Feb 25 03:12 by FPWilson

Youpla, point taken. I wasn't trying to criticize your point of view as you make some good suggestions. As Storm has stated in the confidence of the author, I concur with that sentiment. My apologies, Youpla, if you thought my comments were a criticism of you.

On Feb 25 01:42 by Youpla

Storm, I agree with you, and it seems you didn't understood me !! On the contrary, I think that Wendy MUST be the good lesbian girl. I just took an example to show how it would be annoying if I'd criticize Wendy's path just because I don't like some fetishes, just like FPWilson did for Madelynn.
Wendy is the good girl ; so let Madelynn become the (very) nasty girl.

On Feb 24 21:38 by Youpla

Just a word for FPWilson : how would you react if I said Wandy is going into a too much romantic relation, with too much tenderness , and asked MasterMeat to change this ? It's good if Madelynn goes into a more "grotesque" direction... People with some type of lesbian fetishes have Wendy, so let the others have Madelynn transform into something more extreme. That's all.

On Feb 24 19:56 by FPWilson

First, congrats on the new site.

Another wonderful chapter in the Brainy Teen saga. Your connections to events that happen in previous chapters are beautifully woven in, this time at Subway and the public displays of affection. I can see this progressing to make out sessions in the back row of a movie theater, for example, and so on. Her "I love you"'s may even slip out from time to time, breaking from the one she is conditioned to say when seeing Sarah, building on her comments like "I just want to practice more." The body-on-body massage was a great addition too. I not only look forward to the inevitable sex show that Wendy and Sarah will perform in, but all the fallout and subsequent actions that take place. The possibilities are endless.

This was also a solid chapter for Madelynn as it hasn't become too extreme yet for my taste. Her depravity and uncontrollable feelings are nice, but I hesitate to advance her in some of the more grotesque directions some people may want. She needs to be a total slut, as to differentiate herself from Wendy and Sarah's "tenderness", but just without becoming too offputting to read.

I can't wait to see what happens to Wendy next.