Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 1)

Wendy was a nerdy high school student who had few friends. She had low confidence despite having great looks: shoulder-length blond hair, a beautiful face, brilliant blue eyes, a great body with the right curves at the right places. Despite her mousy look and demeanor, some guys have had hit on her, but she was always too shy to give a good response. Mean girls bullying her and joking about her being a "lezzie" only made matters worse.

Everything began to change when Sarah, a popular member of the high school cheerleader team who dated one of the handsome football team members, approached her one day during visit to the restroom. Wendy had just finished doing her business and was done washing her hands while ignoring Sarah, who was standing to the left side of her, casually doing her makeup. Sarah suddenly spoke out to her with a pleasant smile on her face.

"What's up, Wendy?"

"Umm... Hi, Sarah."

"I'm having a party at my house this weekend. Want to come? It's going to be fun."

Wendy was weary of the invitation and was wondering if Sarah and her friends are pulling a prank on her. At the same moment, she began to notice a strange, wonderful smell. It smelled like exotic perfume, but there was something else in it that she couldn't put a finger on.

"... I have to do homework and study..."

Sarah gave her a reassuring smile and said, "Wendy, life isn't all about work and study. You need to open up and enjoy life more."

Wendy felt that Sarah understood her problem.

"Don't worry Wendy, the party is only going to be with my best friends." Sarah placed a perfectly manicured pink-nailed hand on Wendy's shoulder.

She was unable to detect any guile in Sarah's words and her mind suddenly began to give her thoughts about her finally able to join the "in" group and hang out with the popular crowd.

"The party starts at six at my place on Saturday. Here's the address." Still smiling pleasantly, Sarah handed a pink-colored note card with the address scribbled on it with a sparkly purple marker to Wendy.

"Okay, I'll come." Wendy returned a meek smile as she took the card.

On Saturday, Wendy took public transportation to Sarah's place, which was located in a well-to-do neighborhood of the city. Arriving there about ten minutes early, Wendy walked slowly to the front door of neat-looking house and gave herself a deep breath and exhaling before pressing the doorbell. Moments later the door opened and Sarah appeared to greet and welcome Wendy.

"Hi, Wendy!"

"Hey, Sarah."

Sarah was wearing a shiny blue tube top, tight jeans, light makeup, and had her hair done in a ponytail. Even though Wendy already knew beforehand that Sarah's taste for clothes is always bit on the provocative side, she felt suddenly self-conscious right at that moment.

Noticing that, Sarah broke the moment of awkwardness, "Come on in Wendy! The party isn't outside on the porch!"

Wendy noticed the classy look of the interior of Sarah's house as she was leading her to the living room. "Everyone, this is Wendy that I've been talking about, and Wendy, this is Melanie, Katherine, and Rebecca." Each of Sarah's close friends greeted Wendy as their names were called. Her friends were similarly dressed in tight, form-fitting clothing.

This wasn't the party that Wendy expected. She thought that there would be more people, and at least some guys, but that was just a small disappointment. At least she's meeting new friends, and popular ones to boot.

Noticing that Wendy was still standing in front of them awkwardly, Sarah sat on a sofa next to Melanie and patted on an empty spot. "Wendy, have a seat. We don't bite!"

There were various food and drinks on the glass table. "Help yourself," Sarah said. They began conversing on various topics such as school, celebrities, their childhoods, and their various interests. The conversation soon shifted on the subject of boys and sex.

Sarah asked, "So Wendy, do have any guys that you like in school?"

"Umm... No..."

"Are you sure? I'm mean it's perfectly normal to have crush on someone. If you don't, people might think..."

"Well, there's this guy in my chemistry class who I think is... cute."

"See, that wasn't so hard."

"What's his name?" asked Melanie.


"Oh, that guy."

Katherine pitched in, "So do you guys talk?"

"No, but he did asked me some questions on a homework problem once."

Katherine said, "That doesn't count. Have you even tried talking with him directly or flirting with him?"

Wendy shook her head.

Katherine sighed, "Wendy, you're hopeless."

That hit a sore spot in Wendy and she looked downward. Sarah quickly cut in, "Don't mind her, Wendy. She's like that, and don't worry, we'll help you." Sarah placed her hand on top of Wendy's hand.


"Yes, but enough of that for now. Let's play a game. Have you played Monopoly before, Wendy?"



After several games, they chatted again for a while before Sarah's friends called it a night and began leaving. Sarah then gave Wendy a tour of her large house.

"Wendy, want me to give you a tour around my house?"

"Umm... Okay!"

The tour around the house lasted for about ten minutes and Wendy marveled at the size and grandeur of it. It was the first time Wendy saw a jacuzzi bathtub and a residential backyard pool in person. Afterwords Sarah led Wendy upstairs to her bedroom, swaying her ass very slightly in front of Wendy as she went.

"And here's my bedroom!"

Wendy's eyes opened in wonder at the size of the Sarah' bedroom. It was almost the size of four regular bedrooms. It had everything a typical teenage girl would want in her room: a large comfortable bed, a luxurious vanity, a modern flat screen TV set, posters of various pop stars on the walls, an assortment of plush dolls, a computer system, various gaming systems, an ornate desk for studying, and a beautiful assortment of trinkets and curios. Wendy felt a little bit envious of what Sarah had.

"Wow... It's pretty big."

"My friends gave that reaction too when they first visited my room!"

The evening passed by happily for Wendy. Wendy left Sarah's home satisfied. She thought she could finally fit in with the popular crowd at last. On the weekdays during lunch periods, Sarah invited Wendy to sit along with her and her popular friends. No longer does she have to often sit at the cafeteria alone or sometimes with her few nerdy friends. Wendy began talking more and gain some confidence. She began feeling happy now. On the following Saturday, Sarah invited Wendy over to her house again. This time Sarah wore a short pink pleated skirt and a white top.

Wendy noticed that Sarah's friends weren't there.

"Where are the others?"

"They're busy with their boyfriends!" answered Sarah with a naughty grin. "We're the only two people in this house, but don't worry, we'll have lots of fun! You want something to drink? I have strawberry and pineapple fruit cocktail."

"Umm... Sure! I'll have the strawberry cocktail."

Sarah went to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of fruit juice cocktail. She gave Wendy the glass on her left hand. Sarah smiled as she watched Wendy drink some of the juice before gulping down her own glass.

"It's time for a game!"

"What kind of game?"

"Let's play dress up!"

"Dress up?"

"Yes, dress up! It's going to help you a lot! You do want Daniel to notice you, do you?"


"Come over here then." Sarah tugged Wendy's hand and led her over to a large wooden cabinet. The slight touching a caused a strange tingling feeling in Wendy. Sarah knew what Wendy was feeling at the moment for the fruit juice that Wendy drank earlier was spiked with a mild dosage of a special drug that caused Wendy to be less inhibited, vulnerable to suggestions, and slightly sexually aroused. Sarah opened one of the drawers, revealing a wide assortment of lingerie. She picked up a black and white frilly lace bra and a matching pair of panties.

"This set looks good."

"That looks kind of..."

"Sexy? Slutty? Provocative?"

"I guess..."

"Come on Wendy. Girls are suppose to look pretty. If you dress plain, people will think you're just a boring prude. Come on, try it. I'm the only person here."

"Right here?"

"Of course! It's just us girls, just like in the P.E. locker rooms!"

"Here, I'll go first," said Sarah before quickly stripping away her clothes.

Wendy looked away, but Sarah stopped her, "Wendy, there's nothing wrong with you looking at me. You're just a girl, not some horny boy ready to jump on me."

She looked back at Sarah. Very quickly Sarah was down to nothing but her blue satin bra and panties. She encouraged, no she ordered Wendy to do the same. With a little hesitation, Wendy removed most of her clothing, placing them in a neat pile on a chair.

"Just plain white bra panties, not very surprising for a prude girl like you. Here try this!" said Sarah as she handed the black satin frilly bra and panties to Wendy.

"But I've never worn those before." At the same moment that Wendy said that she began feeling slightly woozy, but the feeling disappeared shortly afterwords.

"That's the point!"

Wendy didn't want to displease Sarah so she took the bra and panties without further complaints and began changing. Even with Sarah's assurances, Wendy still felt little awkward changing her underwear under the watchful eyes of Sarah, although for some reason she felt a little excited. Sarah placed her hands on Wendy's shoulders, causing that slight tingle in Wendy again, and gently nudged her towards the closet mirror.

"See, you look better in this than in your boring white bra and panties. Turn around."

Wendy slowly turned around and looked at her own body. She suddenly felt that she looked better in this kind of underwear. It was time for the next step. Sarah opened the sliding doors of the closet and pulled out a sexy cheerleading outfit.

"But I'm not a cheerleader!"

"Silly, it's dress up, remember?"

Wendy puts on the outfit and Sarah complimented her, "You look cute in that outfit!"

"Really? I do?"

"Of course, boys will be badgering you constantly if they see you wearing that. Now do something."

Sarah handed the pom poms to Wendy.

"Give me a 'B'. Give me a 'E'. Give me..."

Sarah cuts her off, "Not like that. With more enthusiasm! Here, let me show you."


She did it as if she was doing it during an actual game.

"Now you try it."


After a few more cheerleading attempts by Wendy, Sarah moved on to the next clothing item.

"Have you ever worn one of these before?" asked Sarah while holding up a black, sleek strapless form-fitting dress with a knee length hemline.

"No, I haven't."

"Figures. Here try this one on. I'm going wear the blue one. The matching high heeled shoes are over there on the rack."

They stood together in front of the mirror. Wendy was a bit uncomfortable with the heels. Sarah started with, "Don't we look hot?"

"I guess..." Wendy felt the slight sexual tingling again.

"Now it's time for makeup!"

"I've never put on makeup before."

"Don't worry, I'll help you."

Sarah carefully applied the purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner on Wendy's eyes, followed by the use of the eyelash curler. She then uses pink lipstick and gloss on on Wendy's lips.

"Every guy will drool over you now. Hell, even I find you hot! Just kidding!"

Wendy blushed as Sarah does the makeup on her own face. After Sarah finished, Wendy noticed the difference with her current look compared to her old self.

Sarah laughed, "Now we're two hot, sexy sirens!"

Again the tingling feeling came when Sarah touched her arm.

"Now try walking like one!"


"Let me show you."

Sarah walked in front of Wendy, gave her a sexy smile, and winked before turning around and starting her sexy strut. Her ass swayed as she walked from one end of the room to the other. Turning, Sarah gave Wendy a sexy, alluring look and walked back to her.

"See, like that. Now you try."


Wendy's several attempts in walking sexily paled in comparison to Sarah's strut. Her meekness was pretty obvious. Sarah giggled at Wendy's attempts.

"Not bad, but there's still much more room for improvement. Let's move on to something else."

Sarah brought out a woman's business suit which consisted of a tight-fitting black jacket, a blouse, a matching skirt, and skin-colored stockings with a matching garter belt. Wendy took off her heels to wear the stockings, but her effort was slow because she's not very familiar with stockings. Sarah assisted and in doing that caused tingling feelings in Wendy whenever Sarah's fingers grazed the skin of Wendy's legs. After they both finished dressing they appraised themselves on the mirror.

"Now we look like corporate workers! Wendy, make me a coffee!"

Wendy laughed a bit, "But I don't know where the coffee machine is."

"What?! You're fired!"

They played for a while before switching to nurse outfits. Wendy's outfit was mainly white colored while Sarah's was predominately pink.

Sarah started, "We have an unruly patient in room D2-502. I need your help to calm him down."

"Ummm... How?"

Her response was in a low, husky voice, "With your seductive feminine charms. Just touch him like this..."

Sarah slowly grazed her fingers along Wendy's arms while smiling at her. The feeling caused by the light touching almost caused Wendy to gasped. Normally she should have been repulsed by this, but the effects of the mildly drugged fruit juice lowered her inhibitions and clouded her thoughts.


"Silly, I'm just playing with you!" Sarah giddily said.

Time passed and they were now dressed in traditional school uniforms.

"Now we look like cute Catholic school girls!" commented Sarah as she twirled her body around. She put on a pair of glasses. "OOhhhh, look! I'm a geeky school girl just like Wendy!" Wendy laughed a bit at Sarah's act. Later Sarah switched their activity to a discussion on sex.

"We are going do something else now. Off with the clothes, Wendy, except for the bra and panties. Keep the heels." Sarah did the same.

"Sure. What are we going to do next?" asked Wendy as she sat next to Sarah on the edge of the large bed.

"Something that's," said Sarah as she moved her lips very close to Wendy's ear and whispered, "very naughty."

Wendy opened her eyes widely. "Whaa... Sarah, I'm not like that."

"We're not going to do it, silly. What we're you thinking?" Sarah giggled.

Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

"So, Wendy, how often do you masturbate?"

For some reason, Wendy felt compelled to tell the truth. "Almost once every day."

"Do you use your fingers or a toy?" Sarah walks over to a drawer and takes out an ornate box.

"Uhhh... Just my fingers..."

"So you haven't use something like this before?" She opens the box and takes out a pink vibrating dildo.

Wendy blushed and shook her head.

"Well, you need to try it then, especially since you don't have a boyfriend."

"Ummm... I guess..."

"Wendy, you don't know what you're missing out on," said Sarah as she waved the dildo in front of her face.

"Here, take it." Wendy found it hard to refuse her and slowly received the dildo.

"Now we're going to watch a movie."

"What movie?"

"You'll see." Sarah takes a remote control and presses a few buttons. The wide screen plasma TV turned on and a movie began. She then walks back to the cabinet where she got the first dildo and takes out another that's purple in color. Within seconds it became obvious to Wendy that it's one of those "dirty movies".

"Sarah, no, I can't watch that! It's bad!"

"Wendy, it's alright. There's nothing wrong with watching porn."

Wendy found herself strangely agreeing with Sarah, despite her initial belief that it's bad to watch such filth.

The video was basically a hardcore film with straight sex between handsome guys and beautiful girls.

"OOhhhhhhh... Isn't that hot Wendy? Mmmmm...." said Sarah excitedly as she pump the purple dildo in and out of her own pussy.

Wendy looked at the scene of the muscular guy pumping his dick into the brunette woman's pussy and found herself getting wet, but still hesitated in using the dildo on herself.

"Come on, Wendy. Use the dildo. Have fun."

Hesitating only a little, Wendy slowly inserted the pink dildo into her pussy. She picked up speed so afterwards.

"Oh yes...Ohhhh...Ah...Yes!" moaned Sarah as she groped her own breasts and continued masturbating while watching the porno.

She looked over to Wendy and said, "Wendy, are you always this silent when you get yourself off? Moan a little. Make more sounds. It'll make it more exciting!"

Wendy began making noises. Even though it paled in comparison to Sarah's more sensual and erotic efforts, it was a good start. Eventually Sarah came hard and her juices gushed out with some of it landing on her thighs, making it shiny with wetness. In an act that shocked Wendy, Sarah raised the purple dildo that's covered with her own cum to her lips and licked and sucked on it like a lollipop.

Sarah noticed Wendy's look of disgust at her act. "Wendy, there's nothing wrong with licking off your dildo. Popular girls do it all the time. Even guys think that it's hot."

Wendy suddenly came and, under the Sarah's encouragement, lifted the tip the slick, wet pink dildo near her lips while staring at it with trepidation. "Try it," Sarah said. With that Wendy gingerly licked the dildo and then sucked on it.

"See, it doesn't taste that bad." Sarah got horny again quickly while watching Wendy perform that erotic act and really wanted to jump on Wendy at that moment but used all of her willpower to resist. She needed to steer Wendy towards the path of corruption gradually. Wendy continued to practice masturbating erotically until the porno movie ended under the expert guidance of Sarah. In the scenes with female masturbation, Wendy stopped in disgust but Sarah told Wendy that she doesn't have to get off to those scenes, but to imitate them in an educational sense. She also told her to try to act coquettish and sensual like the women do in the video. Sarah encouraged her by saying, "Wendy, this will help you a lot. Trust me. It will change you inside out in ways you can't imagine." Afterwards, for the remainder of her time at Sarah's place, she talked with Sarah on various subjects, such as tips on putting on making up, fashionable clothing, guys, and current pop culture. Finally, as Wendy prepared to leave Sarah's house, Sarah gave a makeup kit, some lingerie, a special pink dildo, and several hardcore porno DVDs to Wendy in a nondescript bag. Sarah told her that it's for practice in improving her sensuality and Wendy accepted the package without any hesitation.

Late that night, in the darkness of her own room Wendy masturbated to one of Sarah's porno DVDs while completely naked. Afraid of being noticed by her family she had to watch with her headphones and did her best to lower the volume of her own erotic moaning while imitating the actions of the girls in the masturbating scenes of the video. It was gross and unerotic to watch another female masturbate, but while masturbating with her fingers Wendy kept reminding herself that it was strictly for educational purposes.

On Monday morning, Sarah met up with Wendy at her locker. She greeted her with a quick, slight squeeze on Wendy's ass, causing her to gasp. Wendy smiled and said nervously, "Sarah, please don't do that. People might think we're... you know..." Sarah chuckled, "Don't worry Wendy. I'm just giving those cute guys a tease." Wendy looked over to where Sarah's eyes was pointing and noticed the hot guys and smiled at them. "You look good today, Wendy," complemented Sarah as she looked at Wendy's lightly made up face. She just had on black eyeliner and some pink lipstick.

"Really? Thank you."

Sarah sighed, "But you still need to work on your clothes. Don't worry, this weekend I'll take you shopping and we could get new clothes for you."

Wendy thought briefly about studying but quickly accepted, "That would be great, Sarah."

"Anyway, I got to go. Catch you later!"

The classes passed by like on any other school day, except that the girls that usually bullied her stopped bullying her. When Wendy looked at some of her former bullies in the eyes, they reacted timidly. Some of them would even greet her politely. It was strange. During lunch period, Wendy didn't see Sarah nor her friends at the cafeteria so she sat near Madelynn, her best friend since childhood.

"Hey Madelynn, how it's going?"

"Not really well... So much homework and studying..." Madelynn sighed. "How about you?"

"Everything's fine for me, well mostly. Right now, I don't have as much homework as you do."

Madelynn broached the subject, "I saw you talking with Sarah and her friends. Is she your new friend?"

"Yes, she's my new friend. She's very nice."

Her best friend lowered her voice, "Wendy, I've heard bad things about Sarah and her gang."

"I've heard them too, but those are just rumors and they are as truthful as the rumors about me. She's not that bad of a person that other people say she is."

"Wendy, don't you think it's suspicious that a popular girl like Sarah is befriending a nerdy girl like you?"

Wendy rolled her eyes, "Madelynn, you're analyzing this too much. She's not this kind of a person that popular stereotypes paint her to be."

"But Wendy I'm worried. She might do something to you and I've also heard..."

Wendy cut her off, "Don't worry Madelynn, I'll be careful."

Madelynn was about to say she heard a rumor from a friend about Sarah liking girls and she might be coming on to Wendy, but decided against it. Maybe those rumors weren't true and were just spread by people who hated Sarah. If she mentioned it to Wendy, it would me that she be no different than those people spread those rumors. For the rest of the lunch period, they talked about other things and didn't bring up that subject again for the rest of the school day.

After school, Wendy watched those porno videos again. This time she decided to use high volume classical music to cover up the sounds she would make while masturbating. She took off all of her clothes, leaving the lingerie that she wore on. For the first time, Wendy took the pink dildo out of the silver rounded box. Immediately, she noticed the strange but pleasant smell emanating from the dildo. The movie started with the standard credit sequence and brief previews of the content in the video and the people who will appear in them. That was followed by the first scene of a beautifully blond-haired woman in sexy lingerie and a see-through night gown. With her hands on her hips, she was walking towards the camera with a sexy smile and gait. She blew a kiss towards the camera as it zoomed close to her face. Wendy paused the video, got up from her chair, and tried her best to imitate the movement and facial impressions of the woman in the opening scene. Continuing the video, the first scene transitioned into a bedroom scene with the same woman sitting on the edge of a gold framed bed with white satin sheets. She looked seductively at the handsome guy in a suit while licking her cherry red glossy lips. Wendy imagined the guy she had a crush on in her room and tried her best to mimic the woman's expressions and movements.

With a fluid motion, the woman did a sexy hair toss before getting up from the bed to get close to the man. She placed her arms around him while slowly rubbing her body onto his. Their eyes locked onto each other's with sexual intent. They kissed as they slowly undressed each other. Wendy was starting to get wet at this point and she readied her dildo. The man was completely naked while the woman still had on her black lingerie. They both got onto the bed and began the obligatory sexual foreplay. Wendy gasped as she rubbed the tip of the dildo lightly around her pussy and teasing it. When the foreplay changed to hardcore sex, the woman in the video moaned loudly and Wendy did the same. Near the end of the scene, Wendy orgasmed. The rest of the video was more or less the same, except for the female masturbating scenes. Unlike the videos she watched before, the masturbation scenes in this video were more vigorous. The camera panned and zoomed at the actress at various moments to highlight the actions. Wendy watched and imitated to the best of her ability the sensual writhing motions of the woman, the licking of the lips, the moans, the cries, the gasps, the breast play, the motions of the fingers and dildo, and every detail she could notice, as Sarah had taught her to do. Whenever doubts on her actions crept into her mind, Wendy reminded herself that it was for her own self-improvement and for her future boyfriend.

On Wednesday, Wendy's best friend Madelynn asked her if she wanted to study together at library on Saturday, like they've done many times before. Wendy turned down the invitation, saying that she had something else to do. Her best friend said that it was alright even she was inwardly somewhat disappointed. Sarah called Wendy late afternoon regarding an upcoming slumber party at Sarah's place Saturday. She said that it fit well with the initial plan on visiting the mall. Wendy said that she needed her parents permission first. After some puppy-eyed pleading, her mom and dad agree. Sarah smiled mischievously after hearing Wendy's reply. The stage was set.

Near the end of the week on Friday night Sarah gave Wendy a call regarding their plans for tomorrow and told her that she would pick her up at her place so she won't need to take any public transportation. Wendy readily agreed with the arrangement. Along with Sarah's other friends, they were going take a trip to the mall and have fun there. After that was settled, Wendy thought Sarah was going to say goodbye and hang up but Sarah continued, "So Wendy, have you watched all the DVDs that I gave you?"

"Ummm... No, I still have a few remaining. Why?"

"Have you watched "Hot Girls 666" yet?"

"No, but I'll watch it eventually."

"Why don't you watch it now. I'm ready to watch it myself. You don't have anything to do right now do you?"

Actually Wendy wanted to do something else but somehow felt that she needed to do what Sarah asked.

"Okay, Sarah, I'm going to watch it now."

"I want to know how well you've progressed, so we're going to each start the video at the same time. I'm going to listen to what you're doing and coach you along."

For a moment Wendy hesitated because she thought it was kind of weird to do that, but again found it difficult to say no. She first started some music at a volume that's not too loud but enough to mask the sounds. After stripping her clothes, Wendy connected a headset to her cellphone so that she could use her hands freely and started the porno video on her computer at the same time Sarah started hers. What Sarah didn't tell Wendy at first was that this video had no guys in it, only girls doing modeling and masturbating scenes.

Wendy had taken out the pink dildo and noticed the strange, wonderful smell again. She held onto the dildo in preparation for the upcoming scene. Few minutes into the video, Wendy noticed that it was just a woman in lingerie moving around in a elegantly decorated bedroom and displaying herself in various poses. The raven-haired woman was wearing stockings, a black garter belt, black stiletto heels, a black lingerie basque, and a sheer night gown.

She asked Sarah, "Ummm... Sarah, is this a modeling video?"

"Well, parts of it are. I want you to learn from it and reinforce what you already know. Notice how sensual the movements and poses of the woman are? See how confident she looks?"

"Yes... I see..."

She looked at the woman in an objective way and noticed the shape of her body and how she presented herself. Soon Wendy noticed a strange feeling in her head and body for some reason unknown to her.

"Every part of her exudes confidence. Her looks, her actions, and her expression."

Wendy understood the point Sarah was making as she noticed the manicured fingernails, the glossy red lips, and the piercing look of the eyes on the model. The next scene involved sensual masturbation of the same woman on a white circular bed. After going through a brief sexually expressive teasing actions involving moving her hands along her body and smiling seductively, she began to play with her pussy. It quickly became wet after teasing it with one red-nailed finger. There was a visible wet stain on the black satin panties that was being pushed aside. Another finger joined in and the masturbatory activity became loud with gasps, grunts, and moans. The camera zoom closed to the pussy and then the view moved slowly upwards, showing the fully erect nipples on the C-cup breasts, followed by a close-up of her alluring face.

"Ahhhh... Ahhh.... Uhhhh... Ohhh..."

As before, Wendy tried to copy the actions and expression of the porn star in the video as closely as possible. For some reason, she felt less disgusted than before, which made getting off easier.

"Notice her, Wendy. Don't take your eyes off her. Imagine yourself in her place." said Sarah in between her own moans and gasps.

The kinkiness of listening to each other masturbating over the phone while watching a porno eluded Wendy, but she was aware of the fact that she's less disgusted than she should've been. Sarah came first, and Wendy could hear it loud and clear over the headset.

Panting loudly, Sarah said, "Tell me when you're over the edge."

Moments later, Wendy announced it, "I'm cummminggg...Uhhhhhh..."

When the woman in the video orgasmed, a transition to another modeling scene followed. The next woman had long-flowing blond hair. On her body was a fancy silver form-fitting dress with a short hemline above the knee. She was beautifully made up with dark curled eyelashes, think black eyeliner, and glossy pink lips. Dangling on her ears were thick silver earrings. Her nails were all pink. Matching silver heels and a silver bangle completed the ensemble.

The woman fluttered her eyelashes, prompting Wendy to do the same. She twirled her tongue around her thick lips and Wendy did copied that action. With her fingers, she traced the peripheries of her sizable breasts and along her body sensually. Wendy also did the same. She swayed her ass around enticingly and slapped on it. With some effort, Wendy tried to emulate that as close as possible. The repeated hair tosses and running of the woman's fingers through her hair was also copied. Almost every action of the beautiful woman was reproduced by Wendy under the prompting of Sarah.

Another masturbation scene followed. The woman from the previous modeling scene appeared again, but this time without the silver dress. The only clothing she wore was a silver bra with matching panties and heels. She was holding a silver-colored dildo. Sarah mentioned how hot and sexy the woman was and that guys would be all over Wendy if she could be like the woman in the video. For some reason, Wendy found it difficult to take her eyes off the sensuous female. Unlike the woman in the previous masturbation scene, she danced while playing with herself. Her ass swayed side-to-side as she frigged herself with her silver dildo and groped her breasts while touching various parts of her body. Wendy got up from her chair and did her best imitation of the erotic dance. Wetness leaked from her pussy and coating her dildo with glistening juice while the rest of it trickled down her creamy thighs. Wendy's orgasm came moments later. Huge amounts of female cum splashed on Wendy's dildo and flowed along her fingers and thighs. The odd smell on the dildo became noticeable again when Wendy raised it up to her lips to lick off her juices like the woman in the video did, but she didn't think too much of it. For some reason, it tasted very delicious.

After Sarah's own orgasm she said while breathing heavily, "That was awesome. I've hope you've learned a lot today."

Wendy, still panting, quickly replied, "I did Sarah. Thanks."

"Now let's call it a night. Remember 10 AM tomorrow. Nite."

"Okay, Sarah. Good night."

Wendy's dream that night, which she had all forgotten the next day, consisted of the models from the adult videos that she had watched in various sexy poses. Her mind's eye in her dream zoomed to various parts of the models' bodies: the face, the lips, the eyes, the arms, the hands, the breasts, the asses, the feet, and along with every sensual feminine curve. Practically every beautiful part of the models' forms were visualized in her dream.

Next morning, Wendy heard the honking of Sarah's sport utility vehicle and she quickly got out of her house. She had woken up early and was fully ready. Though she was dressed in her best casual clothes, it was still geeky and prudish but Sarah had planned to change all that. They gave each other friendly greetings and Wendy got on in the front seat next to Sarah. Melanie, Katherine, and Rebecca all sat in the back seats.

Half an hour later they arrived at the mall, a beautiful plaza consisting of fine modern architecture and tastefully landscaped greenery. They went to one of the classy clothing stores first. Feeling out of place going into such an expensive place. Wendy reluctantly entered the store with Sarah and her friends. Quickly, their small group broke up to look at the latest fashions in the store. Wendy looked at some of the price tags for the clothing and was shocked by the prices.

"So Wendy, see anything you like?"

"Yeah, but...Sarah, they're kind of expensive for me."

"Don't worry, Wendy. I'll pay."

"I don't think that's..."

"Wendy, it's alright. I'm your friend." Sarah held onto Wendy's shoulders and smiled at her. Wendy relaxed said nothing on that matter afterwords.

"Go pick something you like and try it on."

Wendy looked at the racks of clothing with uncertainty and hesitation. Sensing this, Sarah picked a pink top from the rack and pressed it onto Wendy. "This looks good on you." She walked a couple of aisles down and picked up a pair of tight jeans and a studded belt to go along with the look. "Go to the changing room and try this on."


After Sarah picked her own clothes, they both went to the changing rooms. Inside the stall, Wendy looked in the mirror and felt more confident and pretty than before. She walked outside of the stall and noticed Sarah's change of clothes. It was a sexy skirt and blazer outfit.

"You look great Wendy. The top and the jeans hug your curves really well. So how do I look?"

Sarah spun her whole body around.

"Great. It complements your vibrant personality."

Sarah gave a friendly laugh. "Oh Wendy, you're starting to sound nerdy again." Wendy blushed.

Wendy bought a lot of clothes, some lingerie, and a few bikinis after some gentle encouragement from Sarah. She and her friends also made some clothing purchases but not as much as Wendy. They later went to woman's boutiques that sold cosmetics, jewelry, fashion accessories, and fetish clothing. The helpful saleslady at the beauty boutique gave Wendy tips on how to do her makeup. A variety of makeup was purchased for Wendy by Sarah, including various shades and colors of lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, glitter, blush, and cream. Because Sarah was a regular customer there, the saleslady offered her a 25% discount. At the jewelry store, Sarah prodded Wendy into choosing some jewelry that she liked while also offering suggestions which Wendy tend to follow. She eventually bought some silver bracelets, bangles, earrings, and anklets. They were carrying a lot of stuff by now and decided to unload their purchases at Sarah's SUV before continuing.

They had lunch at a fancy, expensive restaurant. Wendy chose the least expensive dish, but Sarah would have none of that and told her to pick the dishes that she really wanted to try. During the meal, they all talked and joked about life, school, and relationships. Afterwards they went to the arcade to play some games. Wendy sucked at nearly every game that she played, while Sarah and her friends strolled through the shooting games and racing games with ease. One game that Wendy did play for a longer time was Tetris, but was considered by Melanie and Rebecca to be too boring for them. After having their fill of games, they went to a photo booth to take some photographs. The first few photos didn't turn out well because Katherine and Melanie were making rabbit ears and comical faces. Eventually they settled down and the later photos became more presentable.

The last place they went to was the exotic clothing boutique. It generally sold sexually-provocative clothing such as see-through tank tops, very short skirts, short leather jackets, micro bras and bikinis, corsets, and bdsm-themed clothing. Wendy looked at the various items for sale and thought that while she wanted to fit it more with the popular crowd, she would never dress nor act like a slut. However, she thought back what she did over the week at night and find it difficult to rationalize her current stance. Katherine and Rebecca giggled as they placed some exotic bdsm lingerie over their bodies. Sarah lifted a cat-o-nine tails, swung it once in the air at Melanie, and jokingly said, "Knee down, slave. Time for your punishment." Melanie gave a mock fearful response. "Yes, Mistress." They all laughed.

Further in the store was a strictly adult section. There were sex videos of many genres, sex toys, accessories, and other items adult in nature. Looking at the all the adult stuff caused Wendy to blush, even though she had already watched some porn videos over the past week. Sarah secretly turned on at Wendy's distress. She wanted Wendy to have an idea of what she'll eventually get into. Looking at a crystal clear strap-on on display, she imagined using it on Wendy some time in the near future.

Katherine giggled while pointing at the double dildo, "Hey Wendy, why don't you buy one of those?"

"Ummm... I already... have one. That one looks kind of strange. Why does it have two ends?"

Katherine replied with a chuckle, "Wendy, you don't know? That's for lesbians!"

A brief thought of what two girls might do with such a item crossed her mind, and she shook her head in attempt to clear away the thought. She accidentally looked at some lesbian videos on the display case and turned away in disgust.

Katherine said, "Oh Wendy, I want so use that double dildo on you."

Sarah cut in. "Katherine, stop it. You're going to make Wendy cry."

"Ha ha ha ha. Wendy, I was just playing with you. Don't take it too seriously."

"I knew you were joking, Katherine. I'm just not... used to it."

They visited a few other department stores before leaving the mall. In the end, it was a satisfying and enjoyable day for all of them, especially Wendy. Sarah stopped by at Wendy's house so that she could drop off her purchases and take the stuff needed for the slumber party. Draping the handles of the duffle bag over her shoulder, Wendy walked happily back to Sarah's SUV.

Once they were at Sarah's place they began unpacking their stuff after rooms were assigned. Each room had two separate beds. Through a simple draw of lots, Rebecca and Wendy was going to sleep in first guest room, and Melanie and Katherine are going to stay at the second. When that was done, all of them except for Sarah gathered in the huge living room, sitting in cross-legged positions near the hearth. Sarah went to the kitchen to grab some drinks while secretly mixing a special one again for Wendy. She came back to the living room a while later, holding all the drinks on a tray, and handed the special drink to Wendy first before distributing the rest. Sarah drank from her glass, prompting the other girls to do the same. They then began to play a game of Truth or Dare.

"Okay, I'm going to go first." Sarah looked right in the eyes of Wendy, who was sitting next to her. "Truth or dare?"

"Ummm... truth."

"Who do you think of when you masturbate?"

Wendy's face immediately reddened as she reluctantly answered, "Daniel."

The girls chuckled at Wendy's timid response.

"Your turn, Wendy!"

Wendy looked at Katherine and asked, "Truth or dare?"


"Okay, act like a chicken."

"That's too easy!" Katherine immediately got up and did her best imitation of a chicken, causing Wendy and the rest of the girls to laugh.

Katherine then asked Melanie, "Truth or dare?"


"When was the last time you gave your boyfriend a blow job?"

Melanie's eyes widened a bit. "Last night."

Katherine giggled.

Melanie asked Rebecca while looking into her eyes, "Truth or dare?"


"Take off all your clothes except for your underwear!"

Rebecca rolled her eyes and quickly stripped after standing up. Wendy was a bit shocked. It was Sarah's turned to be asked. At this point, Wendy began to feel the effects of her special drink.

"Truth or dare?"


"Call yourself a slutty, worthless whore who wants to have sex with men, women, and animals!"

Sarah narrowed her eyes at Rebecca, who was smiling mischievously.

"I'm a slutty, worthless whore who wants to have sex with men, women, and animals!"

It was Wendy's turn and she opted for a dare, so Sarah said, "Take off your clothes, but do it seductively like those pornstars do."

"All of them?"

"Just leave the underwear on."

Wendy remembered how the women acted in the porn movies she had watched and immediately began stripping. Looking at the girls in their eyes, Wendy puts on a sexy smile and swayed her body slowly and sexily while taking off her clothes piece by piece. She found it strange that she could do it without much hesitation or inhibition.

"Oooohhh... Wendy, you act like a real professional pornstar!" commented Rebecca. Wendy suddenly became self-conscious and she blushed.

The game continued for a few rotations. Everyone was down to their bra and panties except for Rebecca and Sarah, who were completely naked. Many embarrassing "secrets" revealed, such as Melanie cheating on a history test, Katherine masturbating in girl's bathroom in school several times, Rebecca driving illegally when she was younger, etc. In the last rotation, Rebecca made Sarah say "I love you" and then kiss her on the lips. It had to be done convincingly. Sarah made several attempts, with Rebecca and her giggling in the process, before she got it right. Wendy was a bit shocked when she saw them both kissing, but she was even more shocked when find herself blurting out "dare" on her turn and Sarah telling her to masturbate with her fingers for five minutes while repeating "I want to lick Sarah's pussy." However, she did the dare nonetheless and found herself doing it with the sensuality of a pornstar. Legs were spread apart, panties pulled aside, and fingers inserted into her pussy. She closed her eyes while moaning and uttering those sweet, lovely words. Her left hand reached under the bra cup to squeeze her own breasts.

"Wendy, you're making me horny!" Sarah joked, causing Wendy to blush even harder.

A game of Scrabble followed. It was especially enjoyable for Wendy because she already knew a lot of words. Katherine was the one who was constantly stumped. Afterwords was the game of Risk. Wendy didn't have much experience with the game, and was eliminated early. Poker was next, and it was again a game that Wendy was familiar with. They played several enjoyable rounds of poker before Sarah announced that it was bath time.

"We are going to bathe... together?" asked Wendy, who was a bit shocked.

Sarah said, "Of course, silly. Taking a bath alone is boring. It's more fun when we clean each other. My jacuzzi bath tub is big enough for all of us."

Rebecca added, "Don't worry, Wendy. This is no different than girls showering together in our school. You need to experience new things or else you'll always remain a prude."

But they don't wash each other, Wendy thought. Not wanting to offend Sarah or any of her friends, Wendy reluctantly agreed. "I guess you're right. I do need to try new things."

The bathroom with the large jacuzzi was beautifully lined with beautiful, gleaming white marble tile. The lights, faucets, handles, mirrors, and cabinets were predominantly gold and white in color. Various vases of flowers were placed at certain spots. Everything looked elegant.

While they were undressing in the bathroom, Sarah looked at Wendy's hairy pussy and said, "Wendy, your pussy is so hairy."

"Is there... anything wrong with that?"

Sarah replied, "We all shave our pussies. It's what popular girls do. Look."

Wendy looked around and indeed all of the girls' pussies were hairless. She suddenly felt self-conscious.

"Now is the perfect time to shave it. Go have a seat at the chair over there. I'll get the shaving cream and a new razor."

Wendy sat naked on the silver-framed chair as Sarah, who was equally naked, applied the cream and proceeded in shaving all the hair off the area around Wendy's pussy.

"Good, now your pussy looks much better." Sarah got up and threw away the disposable razor.

All five of them were standing naked in front of the jacuzzi now. Sarah nudged Wendy to go in first and she walked cautiously into it. She went to further to the other side of the tub and hugged the edge. The other girls giggled and followed suit. At the same moment, Wendy began to noticed the strange, fragrant smell again that she first noticed on the dildo that Sarah gave her, but didn't think much of it.

"Time to turn the jets on!" said Sarah as she turned a golden handle counterclockwise.

"Feels wonderful," sighed Melanie as she closed her eyes.

The tranquility of the moment was shattered when Katherine began splashing water at Melanie. "Hehehehehe... How do you feel now?!"

In retaliation, Melanie splashed water back at Katherine. It progressed to everyone splashing water at each other, including Wendy. Pretty soon, the splashing was over and they began applying soap on their scrubbers. Sarah turned off the water jets. The girls began pairing off with each other: Melanie paired with Rebecca, Katherine with Sarah, and Wendy was left alone. They began scrubbing soap on each other's bodies. The water became all bubbly with foamy soap suds. Wendy stared at them in shock because the action seemed a bit too intimate. There were subtle sapphic connotations. She tried looking away as she scrubbed her own body, but for some had this slight urge to stare.

Sarah expected this and said to her, "Wendy, what's wrong? I've told you before that we're cleaning each other. There's nothing to be afraid of. Popular girls do this all the time."

"Ummmm..." Wendy put on an uneasy look on her face.

"Don't worry, Wendy, you'll get your turn," said Rebecca as she turned her head to face Wendy. Melanie was scrubbing Rebecca slowly behind her on her shoulders and arms. Their slick, wet bodies were almost touching each other. Melanie surprised Rebecca by pressing her own tits onto her back and grabbing her boobs from behind and squeezing them, causing the nipples on it to slowly grow erect from arousal. "What fine boobs you have, Rebecca!"

In response, Rebecca reached backwards with her hands and grabbed Melanie's ass, pressing their bodies even tighter together in the process. "Your ass feels fake!"

Wendy was shocked by their sudden actions of intimacy and didn't notice Sarah and Katherine converging on her like predators coming onto an unsuspecting prey. She jerked slightly when she suddenly felt their hands on her naked shoulders and began massaging them.

"Wendy, it's alright. Just relax. There's nothing wrong with it." For some reason, Wendy began to feel calm at Sarah's words. She knew that she should remain alarmed, but was unable to.

"She's right, Wendy," added Katherine.

Smiling, Sarah and Katherine began to use their scrubbers on Wendy. Their motions on her shoulders were slow and sensual.

"Relax," whispered Sarah again. "Look at how they are enjoying it."

Wendy looked. They stopped holding onto each other's tits and ass, but they were still close to each other in skin-to-skin contact. Rebecca turned around and looked at Melanie's eyes with a smile on her face. As if on cue, they pressed their breasts lightly together so that only their nipples touched. Their hands that were holding scrubbers reached downwards to caress the area near their pussies, but never touching them. The other hands went on each other's asses to squeeze and rub them. Rebecca would sometimes slid one of her fingers along the vertical crevice of Melanie's ass. Wet with soap suds, their bodies glistened under the light.

Wendy's mind began to feel foggy. It had crept in slowly, and now the effect got strong enough for her to feel it. Her body became more sensitive. Each caress from the scrubber gave her body strong reactions.

Sarah complemented Wendy's body, "Wendy, you've have such a nice body. If guys see you like this, they will all have heart attacks."

"Katherine, that's ridiculous. I'm just an ordinary girl."

Katherine leaned over and whispered to Wendy's ear, "She's right. You are a pretty girl. Once you put on the new look, you'll be a super hot girl."


"Yes," answered Katherine as she started scrubbing lower down Wendy's back. Sarah was gently scrubbing one of Wendy's breasts and occasionally brushed the now highly sensitive nipple, causing Wendy to gasp. Her nipples soon became erect and hard from the touches. Katherine reached the upper crevice of Wendy's ass at this point, causing Wendy to gasp again. The scrubber under Katherine's fine hand then retreated and moved in circles on her ass. With a smile, Katherine started scrubbing her way to Wendy's pubic area, moving around the upper thigh. The scrubber went around her pussy lips and at one point accidentally touching it.

"Ahhh!" Wendy gasped as her oversensitive clit was touched.

"Oops! That's was an accident!"

Wendy knew there was something wrong with what they're doing, but found it hard to think. With dreamy eyes she continued watching Melanie and Rebecca's lathered bodies writhing slowly on each other. Sometimes their lips would come close together but never touching. They would rub their cheeks together and touch each other, but the contact would never linger for too long. Inwardly, they wanted to do more to each other but had to follow Sarah's plan.

Sarah continued scrubbing on Wendy's upper body, paying special attention to her most sensitive parts, while Katherine continued her task on the areas below Wendy's waist. Her whole body was tingling and hot, and Wendy didn't know why or really cared for that matter. It was much easier not to think. The tiny voice in the back of her head was squashed by the sensations that constantly assaulted her.

"Now you scrub me," said Sarah while looking intently at Wendy's eyes.

Slowly, Wendy raised the scrubber to Sarah's shoulders and began cleaning her. She moved the scrubber in slow, circular motions, like what Sarah did to her. When she reached Sarah's breasts, Sarah closed her eyes and tilted her head back to savor more of the Wendy's ministrations.

"That feels good, Wendy."

Up close, Wendy began noticing the details of Sarah's breasts. They were beautifully shaped, firm, and stood out wonderfully as if ready for grasping. No wonder she's has a cute boyfriend. With those breasts, no boy could resist her. Sarah placed her warm, slippery hands on Wendy's shoulders and slowly pressed her downwards in the water.

"Clean me down there."

Wendy scrubbed in circles around her pussy, being careful not to touch the lips. Her tiny inner voice appeared again and told her this was wrong and perverted, but her mental fog made it easy to just ignore her inner conscience. Sarah expressed her satisfaction by voicing a long "MMmmmmmmm..." Her hands were slowly roaming all over Wendy's upper body. Wendy wanted to object, but for some reason it felt too good for her to complain.

"Wendy, I think you missed a spot." She pressed her pussy closer to Wendy until it was merely inches from her face, causing Wendy to back away a bit.

"Wendy, my pussy won't bite!"

"It was just... too close," said Wendy as she resume the scrubbing of Sarah's pubic area.

The time spent at the jacuzzi continued on like this for a while before they rinsed themselves of the soap by turning on the water jets again. Throughout Wendy's ordeal in the jacuzzi, she was lightly touched and stroked as she watched the suggestive actions of the other girls, but there was never anything overtly sexual. After Wendy got out of the jacuzzi to dry herself, her mental fog cleared.

At around midnight, they gathered in Sarah's large bedroom to put on makeup. Each of them selected the colors of makeup to match or complement the color of the lingerie that they each wore. They helped each other apply lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and nail polish on their nails of their hands and feet. Sarah's theme was red, Rebecca's theme was purple, Melanie's theme was blue, Katherine's theme was magenta, and Wendy's theme was pink. After that was done they braided each other's hair in various styles.

They were going to watch a hardcore porno and masturbate together. Their bodies were all naked except for the lingerie that they each wore. Sarah brought out an ornate box with three dildos inside. They were battery operated and were of the following translucent colors: red, blue, and green.

"Okay everyone, pick your dildos!"

"But there's only three!" protested Wendy.

"We're going to share them," said Sarah.

"But isn't that's kind of... dirty?"

Rebecca rolled her eyes and said, "Wendy, there's nothing wrong with it. Our pussies are clean, just like yours is. Popular girls do this all the time."

"It's okay, I guess..."

Rebecca chose the red dildo, Melanie picked the green one, and finally Katherine selected the blue one. The porn video started on the widescreen plasma TV. Sarah, Rebecca, and Wendy sat together on a red leather sofa while Melanie and Katherine sat on the red leather arm chairs next to the sofa. Wendy had a guess who was going to share the dildo with her. Despite her agreeing with the sharing, she had this uneasy feeling. After the movie's opening, which contained the introductory credits and some previews, they were presented a sunny patio scene. A well-built guy wearing a t-shirt and shorts walked to a chair and sat on it. He was followed by two beautiful brunettes wearing light-colored sundresses with floral designs. Their high heels click-clacked on the wooden boards of the patio.

The two women smiled at the man as they slowly took off each other's pink and yellow sundresses, leaving only their underwear and heels on. One of them knelt down between the man's legs and proceeded help him take off his shorts. The other woman went behind the man to give him a brief back massage and whisper sexy things into his ear such as "My pussy is hungry for your cock" and "Fuck me". She then took off his t-shirt and tossed it away. Her tongue extended from between her red lips to lick his ear and face. The woman between his legs licked his thighs several times while rubbing her hands on his dick until it hardened. She opened her red-lipped mouth and devoured his long cock like a popsicle.

"This is so hot," Rebecca commented as she rubbed the tip of the dildo on her pussy lips.

Sarah added, "MMMMmmmmmmmm, yeah..."

Wendy looked around nerviously and then popped a question, "How come there are two girls and a guy instead of one guy and one girl?"

Rebecca replied, "This is every guy's wet dream, Wendy."

"But we're girls!"

Sarah answered, "It can be just as hot for a girl. Imagine yourself sharing your boyfriend with your best friend in bed. It's so kinky. Right girls?"

Melanie, Rebecca, and Katherine replied in unison, "Yeah!"

"Ummm... Why would I want to do that? Isn't that helping my boyfriend cheat on me?"

Sarah got up and sat next to Wendy on the sofa. "That's not cheating. That's called making your boyfriend happy by making his fantasies come true. It would make him even happier if you find it sexy too. You do want to satisfy your future boyfriend, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Good, then let's continue."

Everyone resumed their light stroking of their own bodies with or without the aid of dildos. Wendy played with her own breasts while teasing her pussy and moaning sexually, basically doing what other girls were doing. The woman who was massaging the man's back moved next to the other woman to have her share of the man's large cock. They licked hungrily along his shaft and the area around his nut sacs.

Rebecca said to Wendy, "Hey, Wendy, let's do what those girls in the video are doing now." She raised the dildo to Wendy's face, which was slick with her own juices.

Wendy looked at the dildo hesitantly. Sharing a dildo was one thing, but to taste another girl's wetness on it was another matter. Sarah reminded Wendy, "Remember what Rebecca and I said before, Wendy."

Reluctantly, Wendy licked along the shaft of the fragrant red dildo as Rebecca licked the other side. At first she was repulsed by the taste of Rebecca's wetness on it, but after a while she got used to the taste. The smell on dildo made Wendy's mind foggy again without her realizing it. When they both got to the tip of the dildo, Rebecca "accidentally" brushed her purple lips on Wendy's pink lips, prompting Rebecca say a quick "Oops! Sorry."

Saliva mixed with Rebecca's wetness and glistening threads of them connected the dildo to their sexy lips. The women in the video alternated in sucking the man's cock. Rebecca pulled the dildo away from both of their lips and smiled at Wendy. Wendy looked at her and then at the video, unsure of what to do next. Rebecca waved the dildo a bit before plunging it into her own mouth and sucking on it. Occasionally, Rebecca moaned in time with the strokes as she looked at Wendy's eyes with a cheerful expression. Wendy averted her eyes, but Rebecca grabbed Wendy's chin with her free hand and made her look again.

Suddenly, Sarah's hands was on Wendy's waist and she was slowly sliding them up and down. "Isn't what Rebecca's doing hot? Imagine that dildo is your future boyfriend's cock," said Sarah huskily next to Wendy's ear. Wendy tried to imagine the red dildo as the cock of the boy she had a crush on, but it was hard to think with Sarah sliding her hands on the sides of her body.

"Mmmmmm... That's very sexy," Sarah whispered into Wendy's ear again. "Why are you stopping, Wendy? Continue stroking yourself."

Wendy felt reluctant in continuing because it felt kind of weird masturbating to another girl sucking on a dildo, but on the other hand it was hard to resist Sarah's command. Her fingers were wet with with her own juices. After a while, Rebecca pulled the dildo out from her mouth and pointed it at Wendy's lips.

"Here, suck on it," said Rebecca. Wendy obeyed and sucked on the dildo, tasting Rebecca's saliva and pussy juice again. It was a imitation of the girls alternating in sucking the man's cock in the porn video while masturbating. They repeated swapping the dildo and sucking all while stroking their own pussies with their fingers. Sarah was caressing and massaging Wendy's body throughout this time, careful in avoiding her breasts and pussy. Rebecca knew Wendy was about to cum so she handed her the dildo.

"Here, Wendy, you can cum first with the dildo." Rebecca handed the red dildo to Wendy.

Wendy took the buzzing dildo and plunged it into her own pussy. After a few strokes, she came. Pussy juice gushed onto the dildo and dribbled down her thighs. Sarah hugged Wendy around her waist, pressing her hardened nipples onto her back.

"That's one great orgasm, Wendy. Now hand the dildo over to me." After Sarah got the dildo, she licked and sucked on it, tasting Wendy's orgasmic juices. She released her hand from Wendy's waist and stroked her own pussy. Sarah later gave the dildo back to Rebecca, who promptly pressed it to her glossy purple lips to have a taste of Wendy's feminine juice before inserting it deep into her own pussy. She squeezed her own breast with one hand and orgasmed loudly shortly aftewards.


Sarah whispered into Wendy's ears again, "Now go hug Rebecca."

Wendy moved close to Rebecca and hugged her, pressing her bra-covered nipples to Rebecca's and wrapping her arms around her back. Rebecca pulled the dildo out of her own pussy and raised it up to Wendy's face. The slick surface of the dildo shined and glistened under the lights.

"Lick it."

Wendy was hesitant at first, but that moment lasted briefly before she accepted the dildo between her glossy pink lips and sucked on it, tasting Rebecca's pussy juice. Rebecca slowly moved the dildo in and out of Wendy's mouth, roughly imitating a blow job. Wendy's saliva coated the dildo, mixed with Rebecca's juices. Her clouded mind made it much easier to do such acts. Normally she would have been strongly repulsed by the strong sapphic implications of the what they were currently doing together.

Sarah was currently sharing the blue dildo with Katherine, who was sitting on her knees in front of Sarah and lightly hugging and caressing her back. Sarah was moving the dildo in her own pussy with her red-nailed fingers in slow reciprocating motions while squeezing her own breast and tweaking her nipples. After several repetitions, Sarah pulled the dildo out of her own pussy and handed it to Katherine, who quickly licked and sucked it after receiving it. The taste of Sarah's pussy juice was heavenly for Katherine. The excess juice on the dildo would sometimes run down her lips and chin. Sarah continued stroking her own pussy manually with her fingers as she watched Katherine erotically sucking the blue dildo with her glossy magenta-colored lips. Katherine then moved the dildo to her own pussy to begin her turn of dildo-assisted masturbation. Although Sarah and Katherine would occasionally caress each other, the touching was usually brief as they didn't want to alarm Wendy too much. The dildo sucking and swapping repeated like this until the end of the scene in the porno video.

The first scene of the video then ended and there was a brief CG-style intermission before the next scene started. This time the guy and the two women were on a picnic towel on a grassy area. One woman was on her fours with the other woman stacked on top of her, who was also on her fours. The breasts of the woman on top were compressed onto the back of the woman below her while her pussy rubbed on the ass cheeks. They aligned their pussies vertically together to make it easier for the man to fuck each of them alternately. The woman who currently received the thrust of the cock would moan in pleasure. Without the man, the two women would've looked like they're copulating together like wild animals.

"Okay, girls, take off your panties! But don't take it all off, leave it dangling on one of your legs! said Sarah while gesticulating with her hands.

"Let me guess, we're going climb on top of each like them?" said Rebecca, who already knew this in advance like the rest of the girls except for Wendy.

"That's right!"

Katherine climbed on top of Melanie while Wendy got on top of Rebecca. They did it in the same exact way that was done by the sexy vixens in the current scene of the porno video. Wendy could feel the sweat and warmth of Rebecca's body as she pressed her body onto hers. She felt pressure on her breasts and pussy. Rebecca turned her face upwards to Wendy and said, "Your body feels nice, Wendy." She interlocked her fingers with Wendy's as she slowly gyrated her hips.

"Rebecca, what are you doing?!" said Wendy nervously. It felt kind of weird, not to mention gay to have a girl rub her naked ass on her pussy, but she later convinced herself that it was all fun and games.

"Hehehehe... Just teasing you, Wendy. Nothing serious." Rebecca said and suddenly stopped her actions.

"Okay, Wendy, move your hips out more and raise your pussy higher," Sarah said while holding up the red and blue dildos.

Once all of the girls were in the right positions, Sarah began plunging the dildos into the pussies in front of her, but not before teasing them first. Wendy and Katherine received the first teasing from Sarah who rubbed the tip of the dildos around the lips of their pussies and then insert them partially inwards, but not enough to provide sufficient pleasure. The teasing was agonizing enough for Katherine to say, "Enough already, Sarah, just put it in!" In response, Sarah plunged the dildos into Wendy's and Sarah's pussies. They moaned and gasped together almost in unison.

Sarah thrust the two dildos in reciprocating motions faster and faster. The feeling of having a dildo thrust in and out of her body at rapid speed made Wendy hot and flustered. Although Wendy had masturbated countless times before in her own home, it was entirely different to be lying on top of another person and have someone else masturbate her. Strong emotions and feelings that are sexual in nature assault her mind and body. Wendy's body writhed on top of Rebecca's body. Feminine wetness leaked from Wendy's pussy and flowed down to Rebecca's ass.

"I see you're really getting into it, Wendy," said Rebecca when she felt Wendy's hardened nipples rubbing on her back and warm pussy juice coating her ass.

"Mmmmmmmm...Uhhhh," murmured Wendy with closed eyes in response.

When the red dildo left Wendy's pussy and moved into Rebecca's pussy under Sarah's hand, Wendy groaned in disappointment. On the other side, Sarah took out the blue dildo from Katherine's pussy and inserted into Melanie's.

"Don't be such a dildo hog, Wendy. Rebecca needs it too!" Sarah jokingly said.

Rebecca gasped when the dildo that was coated with Wendy's pussy juice was inserted slowly into her pussy. She began her own writhing motions and gyrated her hips slowly again. Wendy, in her heightened state of arousal and also from the effects of the chemical-induced mental fog, didn't complain this time when she felt Rebecca moving her body under her. She was barely watching the porno video now and it wasn't until Rebecca said, "Look, another guy is joining in!" that Wendy returned her attention to it.

A grinning muscular guy wearing boxers, sandals, and shades walked into the scene and kneeled down in from of the woman. He pulled out his dick, which hardened quickly and it lightly slapped on the face of the woman who once on top. She brushed the cock with her red lips before taking it in.

"Let's try something else now." Sarah pulled out the dildos from Rebecca's and Melanie's pussies and tasted both of them in turn. Glistening pussy juice was heavily running down the thighs of the girls at this point. Sarah's thighs was also slick with juices from the green vibrating dildo that was inserted into her pussy previously.

"Melanie and Katherine, get off from each other."

They reluctantly disentangled themselves and stood up on their needs.

"Here, each of you take either the red or blue dildo. I want you girls to continue slowly fucking their pussies."

Melanie took the red dildo while Katherine took the blue one. Sarah walked in front of Wendy and Rebecca, and kneeled down but didn't obstruct their view of the television screen. Gasping and licking her red lips, Sarah slowly pulled the green dildo from her own pussy and positioned it in front of Wendy's face. Wendy slowly extended her tongue to taste Sarah's juice on the dildo. Then, like the woman in the video, she slid the tip of the dildo along the full width of her glossy pink lips before accepted it fully with her mouth.


"Good girl," said Sarah huskily as she ran her fingers through Wendy's blond hair.

Behind Wendy and Sarah were Katherine and Melanie, who were busy pleasuring the gaping pussies in front of them with the dildos while stroking themselves with their own fingers. Their faces were very close to their pussies, and Wendy could feel their warm breathing on her pussy. Curious, Wendy stopped sucking the translucent green dildo and looked over her shoulder.

"What are you girls doing?" asked Wendy.

"We just want take a closer look at your pussy," replied Katherine.

"Don't worry, we won't do anything funny," said Melanie.

Melanie and Katherine had to use all of their willpower to not suck Wendy's pussy then and there as they continued working the dildos on Wendy's and Rebecca's pussies. Sensing that Wendy was about to orgasm, they placed their lips close to her pussy, but not touching it, hoping to catch all of her orgasmic juices that was going to come out. Eventually it did and as the juices squirted out they opened their mouths to catch however much they can. Sarah pulled the dildo out from Wendy's mouth to let her cry out her orgasm and then shoved it into Rebecca's mouth. When the squirting slowed down, the remaining orgasmic juices flowed down her thighs and to Rebecca's ass. Seeing this, they carefully placed their tongues on her ass to lap up the delicious nectar. Rebecca's orgasm came moments later. Her fingers gripped tightly on Wendy's fingers and the carpet at the onset of her release. Unlike what they did before, Melanie and Katherine placed their succulent lips directly on to Rebecca's pussy to suck out the the sweet nectar ravenously. Melanie's glossy blue lips would sometimes come into contact with Katherine's glossy magenta lips and they would kiss and share their saliva along with Rebecca's delicious honey. Afterwords, they licked up and down her thighs of the juice that overflowed from her pussy. Shortly afterwards, Sarah said that the time for group games was over and they should all retreat to their assigned rooms for the night.

Wendy was sharing a room with Rebecca. Unbeknownst to her, a slew of high-tech gadgets hidden within the room were monitoring her, including multiple cameras and biomonitors. Once it was confirmed through the biomonitors that Wendy was asleep, Rebecca silently sneaked away from the room and shut the door. Then, from the computer in her own bedroom, Sarah secretly activated the special program. The hidden machines within the bedroom where Wendy slept in came to life. Windows were closed. All gaps were made airtight. The vents that connected the room to the air conditioning system were diverted to separate system. Pink gas gradually flowed into the room. Wendy quickly breathed in the gas in her sleep.

From the hidden speakers came sounds of feminine breathing, gasps, and moans. There was a mixture of solo and group voices.

"Desire... Women..."

The voice was husky.

"Desire... Female..."

There was a chorus of soft feminine moans.

"Desire... Lust... Lesbian..."

More gasps and breathing followed. The messages continued repeating, sometimes with different words.

Wendy began touching her body unconsciously. The gas was starting to have an effect on her. She groped her breasts slowly and touched her pussy. Her actions were enough to move the bed sheets away from her body. The outline of her fingers was visible on her pink panties. She unconsciously licked her glossy pink lips. In her current mental state, her subconscious mind accepted the messages readily.

Looking at Wendy writhing in her bed from the computer monitor, Sarah smiled at the current progress that she was making in her plan. Rebecca was gently massaging Sarah's shoulders from behind. Sarah turned her head around slightly and kissed Rebecca slightly with her red glossy lips.

"Let's get the sex party started," said Sarah in a sexy voice.

She got up from her chair and hugged Rebecca tightly, feeling the feminine warmth of her body. They pressed their warm, painted lips together, giving each other a deep, sensuous kiss. Their tongues went into each other's mouths and locked into a tight wrestle, tugging on each other, pushing back and forth, and trying to go deeper. Hands went roaming on each other's bodies from the shoulders to the ass, feeling the smooth curves and warmth. Painted-nailed fingers grazed and dug into flawless skin. Threads of glistening saliva connected their lips after they separated from each other. They stared straight into each other's eyes and smiled.

Sarah led Rebecca by her hand to her large king-size silver-framed bed, where Melanie and Katherine were currently making out. Once the two got on to the bed, Melanie and Katherine disengaged themselves and focused their attentions on Sarah. The four girls helped removed each other's lingerie before taking their positions on the bed. Sarah lied in the center position while the other girls surrounded her. The red-lipped siren gave Melanie and Katherine each a kiss before nudging their heads with her hands on to her large, perfect orbs. Running her fingers through their smooth braided hair, Sarah gasped when they bit slightly on her hardened nipples before sucking on them. Rebecca was between Sarah's smooth legs, licking and kissing along their whole lengths, starting from the end of her perfect red-nailed feet up to her top of her thighs. She loved the warm feeling of them on her cheeks and mixed the kissing with gentle nuzzling and butterfly kisses.

Melanie stopped sucking for a moment to swirl her tongue on the areola around Sarah's nipple. Then she gave the nipple one last suck and kiss before moving her lips to Sarah's face. She planted a brief kiss on Sarah's red lips before moving on to kissing her cheeks, forehead, and earlobes. Every part of their goddess was beautiful in their eyes. Melanie's hands worked on squeezing one of Sarah's breasts and caressing the sides of Sarah's body. Sarah fingers on her right hand reached between Melanie's thighs to stroke her pussy. She unconsciously parted her thighs more so that Sarah's fingers could move more freely into her pussy. Katherine continued kissing and sucking on Sarah's breasts while stroking her own pussy and groping her own mammaries. She later stopped stroking her own pussy and moved her magenta-nailed fingers that were slick with her pussy juice up to Sarah's lips, who promptly sucked them, savoring Katherine's delicious wetness. Katherine then moved her body forward a bit and lowered one of her breasts on Sarah's face, positioning it with one of her hands. Sarah raised her head slightly to suck on the proffered nipple. She flicked the hardened nipple repeatedly with the tip of her tongue before sucking and biting on it, relishing the taste of female flesh. Katherine gasped in response and then repositioned her breast so that Sarah could have better access.

At this point, Rebecca was teasing the lips of Sarah's hairless pussy with her tongue and glossy purple lips. She then parted Sarah's lips with her fingers and extended her tongue into Sarah's love canal, tasting the sweet wetness of her goddess, causing her to gasp in pleasure. She moved her tongue in various directions, spelling out the name "Sarah" repeatedly. Sarah moved one of her hands to Rebecca's head and pressed on it to get more feeling out of Rebecca's tongue. Her fingers occasionally clenched onto Rebecca's hair at peaks of excitement. In response, Rebecca grasped onto Sarah's smooth ass tightly, as if trying to raise it. Sarah's legs wrapped around Rebecca's upper body. The feeling and warmth of the goddess' legs was heavenly for Rebecca, even better than what her boyfriend could ever offer, not that she really cared about her boyfriend anymore. Meanwhile, Katherine and Melanie moved their lips onto Sarah's for a lengthy three-way kiss as they caressed each other's bodies. They exchanged saliva and tasted the juicy flavors of each other's lipstick. Sarah soon orgasmed and she cried loudly in her release. Rebecca clamped her purple lips tightly onto Sarah's pussy in attempt to catch as much of the female honey that came out as she can. Her own orgasm came shortly afterwords under her own deft fingers. Her orgasmic juice squirted on her hand and flowed down along her thighs.

Afterwords, they got themselves off from each other to prepare for the next round. Sarah took out three see-through double-ended strap-ons from an ornate box with a velvety interior. The colors of the strap-ons were pink, blue, and purple, respectively. Each of the girls donned a strap-on, except for Rebecca who went to the center of the bed on her fours, waiting for the other girls. Sarah climbed on the bed and went behind Rebecca. She slowly inserted her pink strap-on into Rebecca's pussy, causing both Rebecca and herself to gasp in the process. Melanie got in front of Rebecca on her knees and moved the dangling end of her blue strap-on in front of Rebecca's face, who smiled before licking the end of the blue phallic end. Once it was coated with enough saliva, Rebecca took the blue member in her mouth, and proceeded to give Melanie a blow job like she would her boyfriend. Sarah proceeded to pound Rebecca's pussy, starting a slow tempo and then raising the pace. Behind Sarah was Katherine, who was fucking Sarah with her purple strap-on in her ass.

Katherine hugged Sarah from behind as she was fucking her and caressed the front part of her body, giving special attention to Sarah's gravity-defying, voluminous breasts. She would occasionally lick her ears, the sides of her face, along her neck, and her shoulders. Melanie closed her eyes and groped her own breasts with one hand as she held onto Rebecca's hair with the other as she continued fucking her in the mouth. Sarah moved her hands along Rebecca's waists, rubbing along the beautiful, smooth skin, and grazing it with her fingers. Sometimes she would lean forward more in order to grope Rebecca's breasts, and in doing so push her ass back against Katherine's strapon. Sarah could feel with her fingers the hardness of Rebecca's nipples from arousal.

Rebecca's orgasm came all of a sudden and Sarah could feel Rebecca's juices flowing down along her thighs. She moaned through the strapon in her mouth until her orgasm subsided. Sarah's orgasm came shortly afterwards. Katherine moved her head over Sarah's shoulders to give Sarah a deep kiss and clamped her hands tightly onto her breasts as Sarah's orgasm continued. Sensing that her own orgasm was about to begin, Melanie pulled the strapon out from Rebecca's mouth and quickly unbuckled the harness before removing it. She slammed her wet pussy in front Rebecca's face, who quickly wrapped her lips around the folds of her pussy and plunged her tongue in deeply to initiate Melanie's orgasm. She came loudly while arching her body backwards, and Rebecca gulped down all of Melanie's feminine honey. But that was not all, Rebecca slid her tongue upwards, swirling it on Melanie's belly button jewelry, going between Melanie's breasts, and then ending finally to the side of her cheek. She then moved her face in front of Melanie's face and then kissed her deeply, causing Melanie to taste her own juices in the process.

The four girls removed themselves from each other and then paired off randomly for the final round of sex. Through a simple game of rock, paper, and scissors, it was decided that Sarah was going pair with Rebecca and Melanie with Katherine.

Sarah and Rebecca fucked each other missionary style using a see-through red double dildo. At the end of each stroke, each of half the red dildo would disappear completely in their pussies. Their hardened nipples pressed and rubbed onto each other as they fucked. Red lips kissed purple lips and tongues dueled. They grunt and moaned into each other's mouths, exchanging globs of delicious saliva in the process. Flawless skin rubbed over flawless skin. Sarah tossed her hair aside when it got in the way of their kissing. Rebecca felt the warm, sweet breath of Sarah on her face during the breaks between kissing and enjoyed it. They interlocked their fingers and legs together as if they were trying to fuse their bodies together. Vaginal fluids mixed. The red dildo was sleek and shiny from female wetness of both girls. Soon they came. Their fingers and legs interlocked in a more tightening grip from the orgasmic explosion.

Melanie and Katherine was tribbing together right next to the other two girls. They moaned repeatedly as they scissor their legs together, grinding their pussies deep into each other. Their lustful hands grasped onto each other's legs and pulled on them to rub their pussies together again and again. Relishing the mind-numbing sensation of clitoral stimulation, their action was almost automatic. They threw their heads back and closed their eyes in pleasure. Light reflected off from their sweaty bodies. Sometimes they would pull on each other in a way that would raise both of their lower bodies upwards. This action pressed their pussies even more tightly together. They looked at each other and smiled when they sensed that they were about to come. Nothing else mattered to them at this point.

On Monday morning at her high school Wendy realized something strange as she was walking down the school halls. For some reason, she was beginning to notice the girls a bit more than usual, but it was nothing sexual, or so she thought. In her classes, some guys that ignored her previously were now giving her more than a passing look. It was not that surprising, since she was putting on an entirely different look compared to her previous mousy and geeky appearance. She now had on sexy makeup and form-fitting clothes: her eyelashes were long and thick with mascara; blue eyeshadow and a dark shade of eyeliner decorated her eyelids; bubblegum pink lipstick with shiny lip gloss covered her lips; a little bit of blush accentuated her cheeks; her nails were painted pink with glitter; dangling earrings hanged on her ears; a white blazer was wore over her tight-fitting pink lycra tube top; tight, ass-hugging blue jeans with a studded belt; and white sneakers instead of her usual drab penny loafers. The attention she was receiving from the guys that previously ignored her and the jealous, annoyed looks from some her female classmates made her happy on the inside.

What made her even more happy was when Daniel, her long time crush, began talking to her in physics class. He asked her about solving a particularly hard problem, which she gladly helped. Wendy's heart fluttered when Daniel leaned close to her.

"Oh, so that's how you solve it!"

"Yes, it's not that hard once you figure out where the values fit in. The remaining problems on this page are more or less the same."

"Thanks a lot, Wendy."

"No problem."

Wendy's mood was elated for the rest of the school day. She couldn't remember the last time felt so happy. Late that night, she masturbated with her pink dildo while thinking of her love interest, Daniel. She soon came loud and hard over her bed. Her pink-nailed toes curled in pleasure as the orgasm continued.

Next day, Daniel met up with Wendy at her locker after fourth period. He didn't get what his physics teacher said at all and needed help on understanding the material and the homework. Wendy was more than happy to help and told him that she's available after school at the library near the school.

"How can I find you at the library?" asked Daniel.

"I always sit at one of the tables near the science section. You can't miss me." Wendy smiled.

"Great. I'll see you then!"

"Okay, see you."

Wendy was beginning to love the way things were currently going for her. She was in an anticipatory mood throughout the school day. Daniel did managed to find Wendy after school at the library, but it was Wendy who noticed him first. She waved her hand to catch Daniel's attention. The study session went well and Wendy offered Daniel her cellphone number in the event that he needed further help. Wendy knew Daniel had some interest in her when she caught him occasionally looking at her in this particular way. He called her that night for help on a math problem. That led to a casual chat about school and life. Wendy went to bed that night satisfied.

On Wednesday during lunch period, Wendy's best friend Madelynn sat next to her. They talked about school for a while before Madelynn shifted the conversation to her intended topic.

"Wendy, I don't want to say this, but you seem different now."

"What do you mean? If it's my looks, then of course, but I'm still the same old Wendy."

"No... It's not just that. It's the mainly the way you act, your demeanor, that has changed."

"But I'm still talking to you like I had before, right?" Wendy poked at a chicken breast with her spork.

"I know, but in front of other people, you're different. You act like one of them!"

"One of them? You mean the popular girls?"


"Do I act that differently now? Even if I do, is there anything wrong with that?"

"No, but it's just... weird... Two weeks... Within two weeks you've changed so much."

"Madelynn, I want to fit in. I don't want to remain as I was before. I want get a boyfriend."

"But didn't you say before that you don't want to be a slave of popular culture?"

"I've came to an understanding, Madelynn. I hope you do to."

"What do you mean by that? You me that right now I'm somehow inadequate and I need to change too? I need to be like Sarah, like you?! Is that what you mean?!"

Wendy hesitated in answering and Madelynn's face reddened.

"Madelynn, that's not..."

Suddenly Madelynn got up with her food tray and stormed away to the trash can to dump the food that she only partially ate. Wendy felt bad that a friendly conversation with her best friend turned out this way. Madelynn soon realized that she overreacted and met up with Wendy after school to apologize.

Wendy saw Madelynn coming while she was opening her locker.

"Madelynn, I'm sorry about..."

"No, I'm the one who should say sorry, Wendy. I was being too judgemental. We're still friends?"

"Of course! Why would I want to end our friendship over such a small thing?"

They laughed together and began talking about more cheerful topics.

Daniel didn't call Wendy that night, much to her dismay, although she admit to herself that she was a bit too optimistic. She considered the possibility that Daniel just wanted help from her on his homework and she was overreacting by thinking that was a romantic overture.

On Thursday morning as she was walking down one of the hallways in her school, she saw a girl talking to Daniel at his locker. The girl was acting very flirtatious by leaning on him and putting her face close his body. Wendy suddenly had a strong feeling of jealously. She quickly walked away. That scene occupied Wendy's unhappy thoughts for the rest of the day.

Sarah met up with Wendy after school. She knew what was going on and quickly insinuated the topic.

"What's with the long face, Wendy?"

"It's nothing..."

"Is it Daniel?"

Wendy's eyes widened and she looked at Sarah. "How do you know?"

"Well, I've overheard this girl talking about Daniel in my gym class. She sounded pretty excited."

"It must be her. What did she say?!"

"Something about him being cute and that she liked him."

"Do you know who she is?"

"Lauren Smith. She's one of Rebecca's best friends."

"Rebecca's best..."

Sarah didn't let her finish. "Don't worry, Wendy. I'm on your side, even though Lauren is a close friend of Rebecca. So you saw her flirting with Daniel?"

"Yeah, she was all over him."

"She's definitely your love rival, Wendy."

"Is there anything I can do about it?"

"You'll have to win Daniel's heart before she does."


"I'll show you. Do you have time to come to my house?"

"Yes, I can do my homework and study later."

"Great. Let's go to my car."

Together they walked to where Sarah's fancy sports car was parked.

A quarter way to Sarah's house, Wendy asked, "Sarah, how exactly are you going to help me?"

"Patience, Wendy, I'll show you when we get there."

Once they arrived at Sarah's house, Wendy was given something to drink. A was a pink, frothy liquid that tasted like fruit, vanilla, and something else. The drink was of a different color from last time. After drinking some of it, Wendy began to began to feel strange. Those feelings seemed to have disappeared after she went into Sarah's room and she didn't think about it afterwords.

They sat facing each other on a red leather sofa in Sarah's room. Wendy was about to ask something, but Sarah spoke first.

"First of all, Wendy, I'm going to ask you a serious question and you must give me a precise, honest answer."

Wendy nodded her head.

"Are you willing to do anything to get Daniel to fall in love with you?"


"Great, that's the answer I wanted to hear. Now for the part about how you are going to win his heart: you'll have to impress and mesmerize Daniel in order to make him fall head over heels in love with you."

"How am I going to impress and mesmerize him?"

"Rebecca is hosting a big party at her beach house at the end of this month. You'll have to perform in a show that will blow Daniel's mind away and leave a very strong impression on him. He'll think about you day and night afterwords."

"What kind of show?"

"A lesbian sex show."

Sarah expected the negative reaction that Wendy was giving. "Wendy, it's not as bad as it seems."


"You just have to pretend to be bi, pretend to like girls. Lots of girls do this to win guys' hearts. Even some female pop stars do it."

"But, I think it's kind of gross. I'm not even remotely bisexual. I can't imagine myself doing it."

"Wendy, didn't you agree that you're willing to do anything to make Daniel fall in love with you?"

"Yes, but doing that is too... extreme. I doubt that it's going..."

Sarah held Wendy's hands. "Wendy, it's not that hard. We've masturbated together before. It's not too different from that."

Wendy's memory of what she did last weekend was kind of fuzzy.

"I understand your reluctance, Wendy. However, if love was easy it wouldn't be worth it, would it?"

"Yeah, I think you're right."

"It's not as bad as it seems. You just have to relax, Wendy. And besides, I'm going to train you step-by-step. I won't force too many things on you at once."

Wendy was about to say something, but Sarah spoke first again.

"Oh, I forgot to mention that it's only going to be softcore. There won't be any actual pussy licking or penetration."

"I think that's going to make it easier for me."

Another worrisome thought came to Wendy.

"Wait, won't a lot of people will see me besides Daniel? They will think I'm a slut or that I'm a lesbian or bisexual for real."

"Don't worry, only a small group of people who are specially invited will watch us. It's going to be a VIP show. And besides, most of them are my friends. Rebecca and I will make it clear to them that we're only acting. They won't dare say bad things about you since you're my friend."

"Will Daniel actually see me?"

"He'll definitely be invited and I'm sure he'll come. Rebecca and I will also make sure he gets the best spot to watch you."

There was a long pause.

"I'm still kind of unsure about this..."

"Wendy, trust me. I won't lie to you. It'll definitely work. Also, once you're used to pretending to like girls, it won't be disgusting at all."

"Okay, Sarah, I trust you."

For some reason, Wendy felt that she had given in to Sarah's plan too easily, but it was only a fleeting thought.

"We're going to start with the basics first. Are you ready for the first step, Wendy?"


"Okay, first we're going to do a girl-on-girl kiss. It's also a good practice for kissing your future boyfriend. Now face me directly Wendy."

Wendy aligned her face to Sarah's. She noticed her brilliant blue eyes and find it somehow drawing her in to its infinite depths.

"Close your eyes and slowly move your lips forward to mine."

Moving her lips forward to touch Sarah's, Wendy felt the taste of Sarah's strawberry-flavored lipstick. It was her first time kissing a girl or anyone for that matter. For some reason it felt kind of good, although not in a sexual way or at least that's what Wendy thought. The kiss ended in a few moments and they moved their faces away from each other and reopened their eyes.

"How did that feel?" asked Sarah.

It wasn't as repulsive as Wendy initially thought, but there was still this slight, icky feeling she had. Maybe she would get used to this over time, as Sarah had said, but she wasn't sure if this applied to the things that she and Sarah were going to do later.

"Kind of... nice..."

"See, it's not bad as you thought. Let's try this again."


"Remember, keep your eyes closed!"

They moved their lips together for a second time. This time the kiss between them lasted longer, but there was still no tongue action yet. Sarah didn't want to move things too quickly. She was going to save it for later.

"So, how was the second time?"

"It was a little bit better."

"See, once you get over the initial shock of kissing a girl, it gets easier."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Now, let's do this again. This time, however, we'll put our arms around each other's shoulders."

They wrapped their arms slowly around each other's shoulders and kissed again. For a moment it felt kind of awkward, but that feeling disappeared somewhat when Wendy felt the inviting warmth of Sarah's back with her hands. The kiss was even longer this time, but Wendy didn't feel the time pass. Her thoughts were focused on what she was currently doing with Sarah.

"That was a good kiss, Wendy," whispered Sarah while she was still hugging Wendy.


"Yes, now let's try something else. Nuzzle me."


Wendy slowly and awkwardly touched her nose on Sarah's cheek and timidly moved it up and down. She could smell Sarah's perfume even more strongly at such a close distance.

"Not like that, silly. I'll demonstrate."

Sarah moved her nose to Wendy's cheek, rubbing it in circles and random directions. She later nuzzled the other parts of her face, including the nose, eyelids, forehead, chin, and ears. Occasionally she would brush her cheek on Wendy's face. It gave Wendy a warm, fuzzy feeling.

"Now you try it."


Wendy took a breath before making her second attempt. She slowly moved her nose towards Sarah's face, crossing the short distance, and touch her facial skin. Remembering what Sarah did before, she closed her eyes and brushed her nose across Sarah's face intimately, trying to imitate Sarah's actions as accurately as possible. She felt the warmth and smoothness of Sarah's flawless skin again along with the silky texture of her eyebrows, eyelashes, and wavy blond hair. Sarah was satisfied with Wendy's second attempt and nuzzled back.

"That's much better, Wendy."


"Yes, Wendy. I think this going to work out well. Now it's time for the next step."

"What are we going to do next?"

"Touching and feeling each other's bodies. You'll need to get used to being intimately close to another girl."

Smiling, Sarah moved close to Wendy and slowly pressed her breasts onto hers. The icky feeling came to Wendy again, but it passed quickly. Sarah moved her breasts in a gyrating motion as she wrapped her arms around Wendy again to feel and caress her back, feeling every curve of her upper body. The movement of Sarah's hands was very slow, yet sensual. Wendy begin feeling a strange tingling sensation when Sarah's hands and traced the outer edges of her breasts and along the waist. Her hands eventually moved down to Wendy's ass gave it a light squeeze before moving further down along Wendy's thighs.

Sarah's glossy red lips were only about an inch or two from Wendy's when she whispered to her to emulate what she just did. "Your turn."

Wendy timidly placed her hands on Sarah's shoulders and stopped at that position for a few moments. She looked at Sarah, who only smiled in response. Wendy stopped hesitating and moved her breasts close to Sarah's and slowly began moving her chest forward to apply pressure. She felt Sarah's breasts pushing back as she did the circular motions with her own breasts. Sarah closed her eyes and sighed in approval. Wendy's hands moved away from Sarah's shoulders and traveled down her arms a few inches, feeling Sarah's smooth skin, before moving around to touch her back.

Her fingers were fully extended and she moved her hands around like what Sarah did before, feeling the warmth of her back. She touched her shoulder blades and slid her hands further around to touch Sarah's spinal area. The fingers on each of her hands touched briefly before separating to continue exploring downwards to the small of Sarah's back.

As Wendy was feeling the smooth curves of Sarah's upper body, Sarah advised Wendy. "Press harder. Touch me as if you mean it."

Wendy applied a little bit more pressure to her caresses this time and felt more of Sarah's body heat through the smooth fabric of her blue tube top. Slowly, Wendy moved her hands back to the front, from underneath Sarah's arms, to feel the roundness of Sarah's well-endowed breasts. They were slightly bigger than her own and brimmed with confidence. She continued onward to feel the sides of Sarah's body, feeling around her waist area. She felt Sarah's flawless skin again when her hands went pass the the bottom end of Sarah's tube top. Exploring further, she notice the hardness of Sarah's belly button jewelry. Curious, Wendy touched the piece of jewelry with just her fingers to explore more of the shape.

Sarah noticed this. "Wendy, I can help you get a belly button piercing if you want. It'll look very good on you."

"I'll think I passed on that."

"Are you sure, Wendy?"

"Ummm... I'll think about it."

Wendy's hands moved to Sarah's waist, feeling it's smooth texture. They then slid to down to Sarah's curvaceous ass and squeezed it. Sarah made an exaggerated gasp in response.

"Oh, Wendy, your hands feel so nice."

Wendy blushed as she continued moving her hands down to Sarah's shapely thighs and rubbed them. She looked at Sarah's face, waiting for an expression of approval at her performance.

"That was great, Wendy. Now it's time to combine all of what you've learned together."

"Combine them?"

"Yes, we'll do the kissing, nuzzling, and touching together at the same time."


Sarah made the first move. She moved forward and quickly kissed Wendy on the lips while consciously resisting the temptation to use her tongue. Her arms went around Wendy's upper body again. Wendy reciprocated by kissing and hugging back. Their hands roam all over each other's bodies, feeling the regions of the neck, face, chest, back, shoulders, waist, ass, arms, and thighs. They kissed and nuzzled intimately. If an observer were to look at them in action, they would look very much like teenage lesbian lovers.

When they finally broke off, Sarah complimented on Wendy's performance. "That was excellent, Wendy. If you're doing that to a boy, he'll be very happy."

"Really? Thanks."

"But it's not over yet, I still have several more things to teach you before we can call it a day."

Wendy glanced at the wall clock briefly.

"Wendy, when you look at guys, what do you notice the most?"

"Umm... Well, I notice their faces, their bodies, what they wear, their voice, and... what they're doing."

"What about the girls?"

"Huh? I'm not interested in girls. Why would I want to look at them?"

"You need to start doing that now, Wendy, for your training. From now on, Wendy, I want you to notice the girls more - the details of their faces, the shape of their bodies, and whatever other detail you can take in."

"Is this necessary? I mean, aren't we just going to do a show for Daniel?"

"We need to make it as realistic as possible. The more we get into the act, the realistic it is. Nothing turn guys off more than a lesbian act that looks fake."

"Alright, Sarah, I understand."

"If you want to act like a lesbian, you'll have to think like one."

Sarah gets up from the sofa and stands a short distance away from Wendy. "I'm going to walk around this room and I want you to look at me. Take in as many details as possible."


Slowly, Sarah walked around the room with a confident strut like she often does. Wendy's eyes followed Sarah as she moved, never once changing focus. After a while Sarah stopped directly in front of Wendy.

"So, tell me what you've noticed."

"Well, I noticed your face... your curves..."

"Is that all?"

"Umm... the way you walked... your breasts... your ass..."

"Good, now we're getting somewhere. You'll just have to practice more."

Sarah smiled and gave Wendy a seductive look while licking her own lips briefly. This reminded Wendy of the women that she watched in the porn videos that Sarah gave her. Maintaining her gaze, she walked the short distance to Wendy with a sexy walk. She then stopped and lowered her face close to Wendy's.

"Sarah, what are you doing?"

"Silly, I was just demonstrating. That's a seductive gesture. Now I want you to repeat what I did."

Wendy tried duplicating Sarah's actions and gave her best attempt in acting like a seductive lesbian. The porn videos that she had practiced with before helped. Standing a distance away from Sarah with her hands on her hips, Wendy looked at Sarah intently and licked her lips briefly, tasting the strawberry flavor of her own pink lipstick. She then performed her own version of the sexy strut, walking towards Sarah seductively. When she moved her face close to Sarah's, Sarah surprised Wendy with a kiss and then giggled after breaking it off.


"Just for practice. That should be very natural to you later on."

For some reason, Wendy felt a bit uneasy when Sarah said that. But that thought was interrupted when one of Sarah's hands reached up to squeeze Wendy's boob, causing her to gasp in surprise.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Okay, let's call it a day, but you still need to practice at home."

Sarah walked over to cabinet and opened a drawer. She grabbed several Playboy magazines and several female modeling DVDs.

"I want you to practice with these," said Sarah as she handed Wendy the stuff. "Look at the girls in the video and the magazines. Notice them. Express desire for them."

Wendy examined the magazines and the DVDs that Sarah gave her. She stared at them for a while. She had a sudden tingling feeling, but it was only for a brief passing moment.

"Call me tonight and I'll coach you."


"Also, Wendy. From now on I want you to avoid masturbating until I tell you too?"

"Why?" Wendy protested.

"It's necessary for your training."

Wendy wanted to mouth another protest but stopped after looking at Sarah's face.

Late that night, after Wendy had finished her homework, she had a sudden urge to play with herself. "Sarah wouldn't know," she thought. But as her fingers neared her pussy, she hesitated and then suddenly stopped. "I can't betray her trust in me."

Wendy called Sarah with her cell phone.


After a few rings, Sarah answered. "Hey Wendy, are you ready?"


"You didn't masturbate, did you?" asked Sarah although she already knew the answer.


"Good. Now I want you to pop in the red DVD and play it."

Wendy started playing the DVD. A raven-haired woman wearing a red silk chemise with frilly edges and a sheer section at the front walked into the scene. Flashes from the camera began as she placed herself in various poses.

"Wendy, describe her to me."

"She has curly black hair. She's wearing red lingerie."

"It's a chemise."

"A chemise. She has on red high heels. Her lips are red. She has this air of confidence..."

Wendy continued describing the female model to Sarah. After describing as many details as Wendy could, Sarah asked her about the model's attractiveness.

"Do you think she's sexually attractive?"

"Umm..." Wendy hesitated.

"Remember, Wendy, get into the act."

"Yes, I think she's sexually attractive."

"Imagine she's in your room right now. What would you want to do with her?"

Wendy thought about it for a few seconds and remembered what she did with Sarah earlier this afternoon. "I want to wrap my arms around her and kiss her."

"What else?"

"I want to... feel her up."

"That's good, Wendy. Now I want to pleasure yourself as you watch the models on the video, but don't cum. If you feel the need to cum, just stop and wait."

Wendy complied with Sarah's order and brought herself close orgasm and then stopping. This was repeated many times. They continued this for about half an hour with the successive models in the video before calling it a night. Sarah was happy at the way things were going in her plan for Wendy. Soon, if all goes as planned, Wendy would be entirely hers.

On the next day, during the passing period after second period class, Wendy saw Lauren and Daniel walking together. They were talking to each other cheerfully. Wendy had this sudden pang of jealousy. When they got close, both Daniel and Lauren greeted Wendy. She greeted them back as cheerfully as she could, despite her opposite feelings. That Daniel didn't call her these past few days and talked with her less was likely due to that girl, she thought. Wendy then walked into the restroom. When she was done with her business and was washing her hands, Sarah walked right in.

"Time for some practice."


"Yes, get into the stall with me."

Wendy was a bit reluctant, but obediently followed Sarah's order and got into one of the stalls with her. They hanged their backpacks on the hooks. Looking at Sarah's face, Wendy wondered what to do next.

"What's with the sad face? Oh, I know - it's about Daniel again, isn't it?


"I know it even if you don't tell me. Don't worry, once we get through with all this, you'll win Daniel's heart."


"I promise. Now, kiss me."

Wendy slowly wrapped her arms around Sarah, closed her eyes, and planted a kiss on Sarah's lips. Sarah reciprocated and they made out for about five minutes. Their hands all over each others bodies with Sarah putting a bit more aggressiveness. The fear of being discovered was always on Wendy's mind, but for some reason she felt a bit excited. It was about two minutes pass the beginning of third period when the session ended and Wendy rushed back to class while Sarah walked casually.

Wendy had some difficulty focusing during class. Her thoughts would occasionlly drift to Sarah and what they did together. She tried shaking her head to clear the unwanted images, but they kept coming back.

"Is there a problem, Ms. Livingston?" asked the teacher.

"Umm... No, I just feel a little light-headed."

"Do you need to go to the infirmary?"

"No, I'm fine."

After a while, all those erotic thoughts disappeared and Wendy was relieved. She was finally able to concentrate on her classes.

Lunch period came and Wendy sat next to Madelynn again at lunch. Acting on her subconscious impulses, Wendy looks at Madelynn in that way. Madelynn found Wendy's gawking a bit weird.

"Is there something on my face?"

"Oh, no... nothing."

Wendy suddenly had a worrisome feeling when she found out she had been staring at Madelynn for a while without knowing it. Even worse, she had this tingly, fuzzy feeling. She quickly reassured herself that it wasn't her true feelings and it was all due to Sarah's instructions and training. Dropping that issue immediately, they continuing talking like they usually did when they were together. Later, when Wendy got out from the cafeteria, she received a text message from Sarah, telling her to meet with her immediately at the third floor girls' restroom. Not wasting any time, she told Madelynn that she had some business to attend to and parted with her.

Sarah was already waiting there when Wendy arrived. She had her arms crossed and was smiling in a way that almost seemed like a smirk. Wendy just stood there in front of Sarah, knowing what to do but still hesitant.

"Wendy, you should know what to do."

Wendy took a breath and exhaled. "Yes, for practice." Remembering what she did earlier, she closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around Sarah. Looking at Sarah briefly in the eyes, she move her succulent pink lips in for a kiss. It was a light kiss and that gradually became more intense, but there was still no tongue action yet. Sarah's hands started roaming slowly on Wendy's body. Taking the cue, Wendy did the same on Sarah's body.

"Let's get into a stall," whispered Sarah after breaking the kiss. She led Wendy by the hand to one of the stalls, walking over gleaming white tile. Wendy now noticed how soft Sarah's hand was, but tried not to think much more about it. They got into the one that was the furthest. After locking the door and hanging their stuff, they proceeded with their make out session. They didn't say anything. Actions were all that matter at that moment.

Wendy had to take the initiative again. Having less hesitation than before because of her previous experience with Sarah, she kissed Sarah promptly and they wrapped their arms around each other again. Knowing that Wendy was in need of a release, Sarah pressed her thigh forward to Wendy's crotch, teasing her, knowing that she's bound to her orders not to orgasm without permission.

"Sarah," said Wendy as she broke the kiss momentarily. "That's making me..."

Sarah simply smiled in response and continued moving her thigh for several moments before retreating. The sudden stopping of the stimulation caused Wendy to move her hips forward subconsciously to try to get to source of the pleasure. Sarah noticed her distress and then whispered, "Wendy, don't worry, you'll eventually get your release." That statement made Wendy blush when she realized Sarah knew what exactly she wanted at that moment.

Deciding to take this a bit further, amidst the nuzzling, kissing, and cuddling, Sarah slipped some of her fingers inside the waist band of Wendy's tight-fitting jeans and slowly slid her fingers around her crotch area but never touching the naughty spot. Wendy gasped in response as Sarah's expert fingers continued moving around her waist to her ass, feeling the softness of her ass. Her heart began beating faster and she found it very strange that she's responding to Sarah's touching in this way, but nevertheless it felt good for some reason. Sarah knew perfectly well what was happening to Wendy as she continuing her assault. She moved her hands up to the small of Wendy's back beneath her tube top, feeling soft skin again. Wendy didn't emulate Sarah's actions of reaching beneath clothing to caress her body directly but Sarah had already planned on making Wendy do that soon and more. She's going eventually make Wendy a full-blown lesbian and make her forget about Daniel whether she want it or not. The bell signaling the end of lunch period soon rang and they disentangled from each other, but not before Sarah gave Wendy one last kiss and a boob squeeze.

The last bell of the day rang and Wendy was relieved. She went to her locker to sort her books, taking what she needed and leaving what she didn't. As she was walking down the steps in front of the main entrance after school, she felt a hand on her ass. Immediately turning around to face the owner of the hand, she was relieved that it was just Sarah, who had on a friendly smile. Her mind rationalized the touch as being just a friendly gesture.

"Let's go to my place to continue your training."

"Okay." Without even thinking about disagreeing, Wendy followed Sarah to her sports car and began the trip to Sarah's home for more sapphic training.

Once they got Sarah's house, Wendy was immediately offered a drink. This time is was another fruit juice cocktail that consisted of strawberry, cherry, and kiwi juice. In the many times that Wendy drank Sarah's fruity concoctions, she never questioned about the exact ingredients nor place doubt in Sarah's intentions. After refreshing themselves, Sarah took Wendy to her bedroom again, this time by her hand. Wendy felt the softness of her hand and the feeling was amplified by the drink. They sat together on the sofa.

"Today's training is going to be more advanced. We're going to get more involved if you know what I mean."

Sarah placed both of her hands on Wendy's hands. "Remember to just relax. Are you ready?"

Wendy hesitated a bit and then slowly nodded her head. Sarah started off by kissing Wendy, which Wendy was already familiar with by now. Soon, however, Wendy felt Sarah's tongue probing her lips as if trying to get into her mouth. Wendy backed away slightly but Sarah held onto Wendy's shoulders and gently pulled her back. Remembering what Sarah told her before, Wendy relented and let Sarah's tongue into her mouth. It felt kind of yucky at first. She felt Sarah's tongue exploring every corner of the inside of her mouth and her tongue. Sarah broke the kiss momentarily, leaving a thin connecting trail of saliva between their lips. She whispered, "Work your tongue too. Don't make me do all the work."

They kissed each other deeply again. When Wendy felt Sarah's tongue inside her mouth this time, she responded by moving her own tongue, dueling Sarah's tongue, and then trying to extend it into Sarah's mouth. She felt the insides of her mouth and tasted much of her saliva. It wasn't as bad as she initially thought. Sarah pulled Wendy tighter to her own body, mashing their breasts together. Their deep French kiss lasted for about ten minutes and their hands never stopped roaming one each other's bodies throughout this time, though Sarah was a bit more aggressive. After the kiss ended, Sarah's hands were rested still on Wendy's body.

"Remember when I touched and felt your skin today in the restroom?"

Wendy didn't really want to remember what she did with Sarah at school but tried to nonetheless.


"Did it felt good?"

She hesitated a bit before answering "yes", remembering that, despite not being into girls in any sexual way, it did felt somewhat good. Sarah smiled inwardly, knowing that her drugs and mental manipulation had successfully put Wendy into a sustained state of sexual confusion and sought to exploit that fully.

"Now we're going to take off our clothes," said Sarah as she got up from the red leather sofa and stood a few feet in front of Wendy. "I'm going do it first in the same way those porn stars do it."

Sarah began taking off her clothes off sensually. Wendy was reminded of some scenes in the porno videos that she watched.

"Don't take your eyes off me."

Taking off her red tube top off first, she writhed slowly in a serpentine way while feeling her body with her hands. The top was then tossed away. Only her red satin bra remained on her upper body. Her smile and gaze at Wendy was unmistakeably seductive. Sarah then proceeded to take off her jeans by first first removing her studded purple belt. She turned around slowly, showing her sexy ass to Wendy, as she slowly peeled the top of her tight-fitting jeans and pulling it down while simultaneously raising her legs alternately. Sarah was now down to her bra and panties. She did a hair toss and turned around slowly again, revealing her sexy curves to her. Wendy can't help but admire the perfection of Sarah's feminine body. Sarah moved back to the sofa and sat down.

"Your turn, and don't copy me exactly."

Wendy got up and stood in front of Sarah. She slowly writhed sexual in the same manner that Sarah did while maintaining eye contact with her. Wendy extended her tongue slightly and licked the outer edges of her glossy pink lips before taking off her blazer. Rubbing her hands over her breasts and the rest of her body, she grabbed the hem of her top and pulled upwards while gyrating her hips. Her pink satin bra was revealed. She loosened a bra strap intentionally but not enough to let the bra fall off. After undoing her belt and tossing it away, she slowly pulled down her jeans, and also made a feint of pulling down her panties too. Sarah was satisfied at Wendy's performance. Wendy sat back down on the sofa next to Sarah.

"Wendy, that was excellent."


"Yes, now let's go to my bed. We're going to make out for real this time."

Sarah led Wendy to her bed by her hand and told her to lie down on her back at the center of the bed. Wendy felt silky smoothness of pink satin bedsheets as she laid down. She felt the mattress of the bed moving slightly beneath as Sarah herself go on to the bed. Sarah crawled over on top of Wendy on her fours and looked at Wendy straight in her eyes while giving a sensual smile.

At this moment doubt crept into Wendy again, but she repeated in her mind that she's doing this to win Daniel's love and nothing more. She looked back at Sarah's eyes and wondered what's going to happen next. Sarah slowly lowered her body onto Wendy's and began grinding on Wendy's body slowly. The sensual skin-on-skin contact with Sarah in such a setting caused Wendy to gasp slightly. Wendy thought she couldn't possibly be aroused by this but there's no denying the good feelings that was evoked by the contact. It was strange. She didn't know why she was starting to feel this way with a girl. Sarah interlocked her fingers with Wendy's fingers as she lowered her glossy red lips to kiss Wendy like a lover would. Their tongues rubbed together and tugged on each other. As they kissed Sarah pressed her pelvis downward so that her red satin panties rubbed on Wendy's pink satin panties. Wendy's mind had difficulty rationalizing the emotions that she was feeling right now. It was wrong because it was suppose to be just an act. She shouldn't be feeling like this.

Wendy's attempt to think stopped when Sarah nudged her knee onto her crotch area and lightly stimulated her pussy. She can't help but get aroused by the sudden stimulation. Wendy's nipples began hardening, protruding slightly beneath her silky bra cups. Sarah's own nipples hardened too in the anticipation of having sex with Wendy, though she knew that she had to restrain herself. Her seduction of Wendy into lesbianism had to be gradual. Sarah's hands moved and caressed all over Wendy's curvaceous body, feeling the wonderful fullness of her breasts, the smoothness of her skin, and the suppleness of her ass. Sarah was doing most of the touching and caressing. Wendy's attempts to play with Sarah's body were more timid since she's not used to doing this. Feelings that Wendy never felt before assaulted her constantly. It was different than when she was making out with Sarah in the high school restrooms. The constant teasing of Wendy's pussy through her panties by Sarah's knee made Wendy really hot. She needed to get release, but then Sarah retracted her knee abruptly. She smiled inwardly at the expression on Wendy's face. Sarah enjoyed teasing her. Wendy hadn't had sexual release for two days and the aphrodisiacal effects of the drink made her desperate for it.

"Do you need to cum?" asked Sarah after raising her face from Wendy's.

There was a delay and then Wendy replied with a whisper, "Yes, please."

"Okay, then get back up on your knees."

Wendy got up from the bed, tossed her hair, and brushed away the strands that were covering her face.

"You may get yourself off now, but I want you to do it in a sexy way, like those porn stars that you've watched. Look me in the eyes while you do it."

While maintaining eye contact with Sarah, Wendy move one of her hands to her crotch, nudging her panties aside, and began masturbating, starting at a slow pace. She raised her other hand to her breast, slipping it beneath it's bra cup, and began squeezing it. The tempo of her self-pleasuring actions was soon raise and Wendy began moaning and gasping. Kneeling about three feet away from Wendy, Sarah too began masturbating.

"Tell me when you're about to cum."

Sarah's orgasm was about to begin, but she stopped playing with her pussy and waited for Wendy to cum.

"I'm about to cum!" cried Wendy.

As closely as they could time them together, their orgasms came like a rushing river. Wendy was surprised when Sarah suddenly closed the short distance between them to kiss her deeply. Her state of sexual of release made Wendy respond with almost equal fervor, but she tried to pull away when it died down. Sarah pulled Wendy back, not wanting to let her to end their post-orgasmic kiss too early.

The day's lessons were concluded. They dressed back up in front of each other and refreshed themselves. Like before, Sarah gave her another DVD to watch, but this time it was a lesbian porno. They were going to watch the video and get off together over the phone. After Sarah drove Wendy home, she cupped a feel on Wendy's ass as she got out from the car. Wendy quickly rationalized Sarah's sudden groping as being part of her training and didn't think any further about it.

It was 1:10 AM when Wendy was finished with the last of her homework. Lying down on her bed exhausted and facing the white ceiling, she began wondering about the events that have occurred over the past several weeks. She could fit in with the popular girls, looked more attractive than before, and had a lot more confidence. It was all because of Sarah. However, the most vivid events were those of her and Sarah kissing together, cuddling with each other, and feeling each other up. She knew that it was all for practice in preparation for the upcoming show at Rebecca's beach house to seduce Daniel, but it seemed that there was something more, something that she can't seem to put a finger on. Why did she so readily agreed to Sarah's plan? Was Sarah coming on to her? Why did the stuff she did with Sarah felt so good even though she know that she's not that way? She thought about the strange feelings she began having recently and how she looked at her best friend Madelynn in a different light. Was she becoming... a lesbian? No, definitely not.

"What's happening to me?"

The period of introspection was suddenly interrupted when her cell phone rang, and Wendy immediately knew who the caller was.

"Hey, Wendy. Are you ready?"


Wendy removed the DVD from its jeweled case. The cover of the disc was all pink and had the silkscreened images of two naked women kissing below its title. Next to the title were two overlapping venus symbols representing lesbians. She placed the disc into the DVD drive and started the video. Opening the ornate metal box nearby, Wendy took out the dildo from inside and again noticed the wonderful smell of the strange perfume emanating from it. She suddenly felt her doubts and hesitation disappearing. In the video, two clothed girls sat on the edge of a bed with their arms around each other and making out.
They were both dressed in short tight tops revealing their bellies and tight jeans.

"Touch your pussy with the tip of the dildo, Wendy."

Having done this many times now, Wendy quickly lowered her dildo to her pussy in one accurate motion.

"Look at those hot chicks making out. Aren't they sexy?"

"Yeah, I guess..."

"No so-so answers, Wendy. It's either a yes or a no. So are those girls hot?"


"Good. Now slowly rub the dildo on your clit. I'm doing that right now."

Wendy began rubbing the tip of the dildo on her clit, causing her pussy to moisten.

"What they're doing is making you hot."

"Ahh... yes, what those girls are doing is making me hot," answered Wendy with a slight gasp.

The camera in the video zoomed in to the faces of the two girls kissing. Their lips separated partially, revealing their dueling tongues. They ended their kiss about five minutes later, leaving a thin, lengthening trail of saliva between their lips which soon disappeared. Smiling at each other, the blond girl with the braided pigtails and the raven-haired girl with smooth-flowing hair began taking off each other's tops, revealing the frilly, satin bras that they were wearing beneath. The blond girl slowly lowered herself backwards on the bed as the raven-haired girl began kissing and licking the area around her pierced belly button.

"You wish you are in the blond girl's place, being licked by a hot girl." Sarah's voice became husky now.

"I want to be... in the blond girl's place... being licked by... a hot girl."

The raven-haired girl kissed and slid her tongue upwards along her girlfriend's belly until she reached her sizeable satin-encased breasts. She rubbed and squeezed her breasts over the bra for a while before reaching beneath the fabric with her manicured fingers to touch the mammaries directly, causing the blonde-haired female to moan. Fingers reached further in beneath the folds to touch tender skin and squeeze the nipples, causing them to harden into pointy nubs.

"Play with your breasts now Wendy."

"Uhhh... Okay..."

"Notice how full and well-shaped the breasts of the blond girl are? Don't you just want to snuggle between them, play with them, and kiss them?"

"Yes, I want to put my face between those breasts, play them with my hands, and kiss them all over."

Sarah smiled with smug satisfaction when she didn't need to remind Wendy to get into the act this time.

While still playing with the blond girl's breasts with one hand, the raven-haired girl continued kissing and smooching upwards to her neck, chin, and her cheek. She gave the blond girl's right ear a kiss and flick with the tip of her tongue before moving her face directly above that of her girlfriend's. Diving in for another deep kiss, the raven-haired girl caressed the head of her partner with her free hand, running her fingers through her silky-smooth hair.

"You like girls, Wendy."

"I like girls," replied Wendy without hesitation as she continued to lightly stroke her pussy with the pink dildo while watching the girl-on-girl video intently. They could hear each other's gasps and moans over the phone.

Ending the kiss with a smooth, the raven-haired girl in the video dragged the palm of her hands down along the body of the her blond girlfriend until she reached her waist. Kneeling at the side of the bed with her friend's legs astride her, she undid the blond girl's sequined belt and slowly pulled down her light blue jeans before tossing them aside in small pile. Now clad only in her blue satin bra and panties, she parted her legs slightly when she felt her raven-haired friend's hands touching her thighs. The raven-haired girl lowered her pink lips to inner parts of her partner's thighs and began playing them with her lips intimately by kissing and dragging the tip of her tongue along the skin to relish the taste of her flesh.

Wendy was feeling very hot now. The increased frequency of her moans and gasps reflected her heightened sexual state.

The blue satin panties of the blond-haired girl were pushed aside by her friend so that she could place her lips on her friend's pussy. She swirled her tongue around the folds of her pussy before inserting it in between it's velvety folds. Her blond partner gave out a prolonged gasp and began breathing more heavily. The blond-haired girl placed her hands on the head of her friend as the licking and sucking increased.

"You want to have sex with girls," said Sarah suddenly to Wendy over the phone.

"I want to have sex with girls," replied Wendy, who was playing with herself non-stop without going over the edge.

Legs were soon raised and wrapped around around the raven-haired girl as she continued licking her partner's pussy. From the sound of her moans, it's apparent that blond-haired girl was very much enjoying what the girl sandwiched between her thighs was doing to her love canal.

"So which girl do you think is hotter? The blond one or the raven one?" asked Sarah, referring to the girls in the movie.

The kneeling girl began stroking her own pussy with a free hand to relieve the sexual tension arising from licking her lover's pussy. She pumped two fingers rapidly in and out of her moist love box to satisfy her need, closing her eyes occasionally as she did so.

"The girl with the braided blond hair."

"Why's that?"

"She's... more beautiful, more sexy... Her body is more curvaceous."

"Good choice. Now Wendy, you can start working yourself towards an orgasm. Tell me when you're about to cum."

"Alright, Sarah."

In, out, in, out, in, out,... Wendy pumped the dildo in a fast reciprocating motion past her own pussy lips, almost gasping every time with each thrust as she watched the sensual raven-haired girl bury her tongue in her lover's love canal with her whole mouth engulfing entire folds of the pussy. The blond-haired girl had her eyes closed and her body arched in ecstacy from the sexual stimulation. First to orgasm in the video was the raven-haired girl, who promptly placed the fingers that she masturbated with into her lover's pussy that she was currently muff diving, mixing their love juices together. The blond girl's moans was almost reaching a crescendo.

Wendy felt her own orgasm coming. "Sarah, I... think I'm about to cum!"

"Hold it for a few more moments..."

"I'll try!"

"Okay... let's go!"



"That was one great orgasm. Now lick the dildo clean! Mmmmm... pussy juice is delicious!"

Wendy instinctually licked along the shaft of the pink dildo erotically, tasting her own honey without any disgust. Her old self would've been repulsed by this, but after Sarah's guidance and training, she was enjoying the taste.

"Let's continue tomorrow. Bye!"

"Okay, bye."

Wendy continued with similar training with Sarah for the next several days. She thought no one would knew about her sexual activities with Sarah until one day Lauren bumped into her in the girl's restroom during lunch period. Wendy was wiping her wet hands with the paper towels and was about to leave when Lauren and another girl that she doesn't know suddenly walked in. She thought it was just a coincidence until she realized that they followed her in.

Despite being love rivals, Wendy greeted Lauren with a "Hi".

Blocking Wendy's exit, Lauren didn't greet back, but instead started with, "Wendy, I know what you and Sarah are planning to do at Rebecca's upcoming beach house party."

"I don't know what you're talking about," retorted Wendy.

"Oh, you don't? Then allow me and Cynthia to demonstrate."

Lauren and Cynthia closed in together for a kiss. Their hands roamed on each other's bodies briefly before breaking the kiss.

"Uh, I'm not interested you girls lezzing out. Can you please move out of the way?"

"Don't play dumb with me!"

Wendy gulped upon sudden realization that they somehow knew the secret.

"It won't work because I'm better than you! You're not the only who can go lesbo with a girl."

Cynthia took out an iPad from her backpack and played a video. At first there was nothing but blackness on the screen.

"What's that?"

"You'll see," replied Lauren.

The blackness disappeared gradually and Wendy could see the two naked female bodies lying on top of each other on a large four-post bed. When the view got closer, she could identify those those girls as Lauren and Cynthia. They were making out heavily with great sensuality. Lauren, who was on top, moved her head downward to kiss Cynthia's breasts and suck on her nipples.

"Is that all?" asked Wendy, trying to be unimpressed.

"Just wait, the good scenes are coming up."

There was a brief fade-in-fade-out transition before the action changed to a 69-styled pussy licking. That part played for about ten seconds before the final segment of the clip appeared. It involved Lauren fucking Cynthia with a strap-on. The short one minute video appeared to be spliced together from segments in a larger video.

Wendy was speechless at the Lauren's and Cynthia's realistic performance. They seemed to be really into it and they would go as far as doing penetration and pussy licking. Wendy could indirectly taste pussy juice of another girl, but actually putting her lips on a girl's crotch was going too far for her, much less being penetrated by a strap-on.

"You can give up now Wendy. You can't possibly compete against us. We're way ahead of you and Sarah. Daniel's going to be mine regardless of what you do." After saying that, Lauren moved enough to allowed Wendy to leave the restroom.

"We'll see about that," said Wendy with a determined voice as she left.

Her unfriendly encounter with Lauren that day was made up for by Daniel's apparent interest in her again. She had a warm-fuzzy feeling when Daniel asked her if she's going to be at the library after school because he needed help on some physics and math problems. Wendy thought for a moment because there was going to be a conflict with her own schedule with Sarah, but quickly decided that it was going to be okay.

"Yes, I'll be at the library after school. See you then!" she replied cheerfully.

Wendy texted Sarah regarding the change in plans, and Sarah texted back saying that it's alright. The school day seemed to drag on forever for Wendy. Her heart was beating rapidly in the final moments before the last bell of the day rang. She quickly went to her locker and reorganized her stuff before dashing to the library. Over twenty minutes passed and Daniel still hadn't come. Wendy's heart began to sank when suddenly Daniel appeared.

"Hey, Wendy."

Her head quickly lifted up when she heard Daniel's angelic voice. Wendy responded with a cheerful smile on her face. "Daniel! I thought you weren't going to come."

"Sorry for the long wait. I had to help my friend jump start the dead battery of his car."

"It's alright. Stuff happens."

The academic tutoring session was interspersed with casual chatting. They knew a little bit more about each other: Wendy talked about her childhood, her interests in science and literature, and her favorite music; Daniel also mentioned bits of his life and interests, especially his affinity for automobiles. After the session, Wendy was surprised when Daniel offered to give her a ride home. She felt really happy.

Lying on her bed after a long day, Wendy's mind began going on wild imaginations: Daniel confessing to her; Daniel and herself going to the prom together; imagining herself going to bed with Daniel; and finally fast-forwarding to marriage. Her imagination would've continued on further if it weren't for yet another call from her new best friend Sarah.

"So how was it with Daniel?"

"Oh, I'm so happy. He was talking to me about his life and what he liked. He also offered me a ride home. I feel more connected with Daniel now."

"Don't celebrate so soon yet."


"I watched the video that Lauren sent me."

Wendy suddenly remembered Lauren's official declaration of war with Wendy in their competition for Daniel and her mood changed in an instant.

"I bumped into her this morning and showed me the video, saying that she knows what I'm doing with you and that she's way ahead of us. How did she know?"

"I think we should've expected this. When Rebecca agreed to do my show, she probably also told Lauren about it. Rebecca is Lauren's friend after all. I guess competition is inevitable."

"But... do we really have to do the show? I mean I think Daniel is already trying to get close me. I should be able to win him over without..."

Sarah interrupted, "Wendy, never underestimate your love rival. Lauren's the kind of person who's willing to do anything to get what she wants."

"How can I compete against her in the lesbo show? I mean she's so good at it in the video. She's even willing to go to the extreme."

"Then you'll have to be even better at it than her! We'll have to taking your training to another level, starting tomorrow morning."

"Tomorrow morning?"

"Yes. You can get out of your house an hour early than usual can you?"

"Yeah... I can do that. How early?"

"How about 6:30 AM? I'm going to pick you up."


Wendy felt that she had no choice but to agree with Sarah's plan.

The next morning, Wendy woke up feeling groggy, but quickly mustered the will to get out of the bed to brush her teeth, shower, get into her clothes, and eat a quick breakfast. A block away from her home, Sarah was already waiting in her sports car. Wendy sat on the passenger seat right of Sarah.

"Remember what I said yesterday about taking your training to another level?"

"Yes," replied Wendy, feeling a little bit of apprehension.

"Wrap your arms around me and kiss me."

Having done this act many times before, Wendy had no problem hugging and kissing a girl, so she wrapped her arms around Sarah and kissed her full on the lips, closing her eyes. There was brief tongue play before the kiss ended and she pulled back.

"Say 'I love you, Sarah'."

"I... love you," replied Wendy awkwardly.

"That sounds too fake. Say it as if you really mean it. Repeat again, starting with the kiss."

After about seven retries, Wendy finally got it right. "I love you, Sarah," said Wendy after the last kiss.

"From now on, every time I pick you up or meet you in private, you need to greet me with a kiss and by saying 'I love you, Sarah'."

Wendy nodded her head.

Sarah drove to a secluded, woody area about a mile from their high school. After parking the car under the shade of several trees Sarah looked at Wendy and said, "I want you to start making out with me. You'll have to take the lead. Act passionate. Act as if you really want me."

Wendy took in the details of Sarah: She was staring at Wendy with expectant eyes, which where today decorated with glittery purple eyeshadow and blue eyeliner; her lips were glossy pink; her was parted at the center and braided into two sexy pigtails; on her ears were small ruby earrings; she wore a black mini-jacket over a red top that accentuated her gravity-defying breasts; and hugging her shapely legs was a pair of tight-fitting white-colored jeans. Sarah suddenly licked her lips, and that snapped Wendy out of her trance. She suddenly realized that she had been staring at Sarah for a while.

Not wanting to dally any longer in her training, Wendy brushed her hair back and slowly leaned in towards Sarah's face for their second morning kiss. Her lips parted slightly to let her tongue out, feeling her friend's upper and lower lips before trying to go into her mouth. Sarah parted her own lips to accept Wendy's tongue. Remember Sarah's words of putting in passion in the act and Lauren's challenge, Wendy began applying more force in the kiss and extended her tongue as far as possible to explore every corner of Sarah's mouth. She wrapped her arms around Sarah's shoulders and squeezed her body tightly, feeling the warmth emanating from it.

Wanting to see how far Wendy would go, Sarah remained motionless, except when reciprocating to her actions. Breaking the kiss momentarily, Wendy looked at Sarah's face for hints on how to continue, but found none. Remembering what they together before and the porno videos that she had watched, Wendy's fingers reached for and interlocked with Sarah's fingers, grasping them tightly as the kiss continued. Both of their bodies were heating up, especially Sarah's, whose nipples hardened into pointy nubs. Wendy felt confused again at the way she was reacting in this situation.

"Why am I feeling this way?" Wendy thought. "No, this is not the real me."

As they continued kissing, Sarah began leaning backwards towards the car door, causing Wendy to be on top of Sarah. Their breasts pressed together more tightly and Wendy's breasts could feel Sarah's hardened nipples through her blouse. When the kiss ended soon after, there was a thin trail of saliva connected their painted lips. Wendy was glad when she saw Sarah smiled after kiss, indicating that her performance was at least satisfactory. She continued kissing other parts of Sarah, starting with her ear. After kissing it briefly, Wendy flicked the tip of her tongue at the earlobe several times before sucking it with her lips, causing Sarah to gasp. She then move to the side of her face, planting butterfly kisses, kissing and dragging her tongue on her smooth skin, leaving faint trails of saliva. Sarah tilted her head to the side a bit to allow Wendy easier access.

Wendy was soon kissing and licking Sarah's chin and eventually she reached the base of her neck. Unable to kiss past the neckline, Wendy raised her head and looked at Sarah again, who continued smiling in encouragement. Unconsciously, Wendy lowered her eyes to looked at her Sarah's magnificent boobs and she had this sudden urge to touch them and play with them. Her hands moved forward to Sarah's well-rounded mammaries, feeling it up and squeezing it slowly. They felt great under her touch.

"We can't continue with our clothes still on," said Sarah as she got back up and proceeded to take off her mini-jacket and top off.

Unbuttoning and taking off her blazer and blouse, Wendy threw them in a pile beside Sarah's clothes in the back seat. Their upper bodies were naked now save their bras. Sarah was sitting back up now, so Wendy hugged Sarah again, feeling the smooth skin on her back. Planting a quick kiss on Sarah's lips, Wendy moved back to spot on Sarah's body where she last stopped and began kissing and licking. When she had reached the area between Sarah's breasts, Wendy felt the warmth of them on her cheeks. She nuzzled and kissed the smooth globes, planting butterfly kisses along the way. Raising her hands upwards to Sarah's breasts, she began squeezing them in earnest through the bra. Her curious hands eventually tried reaching beneath the bra to touch Sarah's breasts directly, but suddenly stopped. A moment of hesitation came to Wendy. Something felt wrong, but she had a hard time thinking why.

Sarah placed her hands on Wendy's. "It's okay, Wendy, you can touch them."

Wendy resumed her actions and continued reaching beneath Sarah's breasts to play with them. She felt Sarah's erect nipples, pulling and twisting them. Sarah gasped in response.

"Do you want to kiss my breasts, Wendy?"


"I know you want to kiss them. They taste so good." The way Sarah said it sounded like a command. "Here, let me take it off for you."

Moving her hands away from Sarah's breasts, she watched as Sarah took off her purple bra to give her easier access to her breasts.

"You need to take yours off too, Wendy."

Right after Wendy took off her pink satin bra and tossed it on to the back seat, Sarah raised a hand and squeezed one of her own breasts slightly. "Come on, Wendy."

Wendy stared at the breast for a moment before slowly moving her lips close to its nipple, stopping a short distance from it. Sarah gasped as she felt the warm breath of Wendy's on her breast. Not hesitating any longer, Wendy wrapped her glossy pink lips around the hardened nipple and slowly sucked on it. After getting over the initial shock of kissing a girl's breast, Wendy pulled back a bit and extended her tongue to lick the areola around the nipple of Sarah's breast. Instinctually, both of Wendy's hands raised up again to feel Sarah's breasts. Without the obstruction from Sarah's bra, kneading the soft and firm breasts became much easier. It felt good on her hands.

Sarah moaned under Wendy's attention on her breasts. "Play with my breasts as much as you want, Wendy."

With her delicate, manicured fingers, Sarah brushed Wendy's hair and caressed her head, feeling its silky smoothness. She wrapped her arms around Wendy's back, hugging her intimately and pulling Wendy even closer to herself. In response, Wendy gave a protracted and louder, muffled moan. At one point during the breast play, Wendy look upwards at Sarah, who smiled back in encouragement. She noticed the lust in Wendy's eyes. Slowly, Sarah relaxed her hold on Wendy and slid them downwards to the small of her back before finally settling on Wendy's ass. Her painted nails dug deeply, as if trying to pierce her jeans. Wendy stopped kissing Sarah's breasts to look at Sarah's face, who slowly lowered her lips on Wendy for another sensuous kiss. They moaned together during kiss as their tongues sought each other's mouths. When the kiss broke Sarah licked off the excess saliva on Wendy's lips which was shiny from both the lip gloss and her saliva.

Sarah backed away a bit, unbuckled her studded belt, and unzipped the fly of her own jeans slowly. It was hard for Wendy not stare as Sarah's fly unzipped downward millimeter by millimeter, slowly revealing her purple panties. For some reason, Wendy found her pussy becoming more moist by the minute and she didn't know why. Seeing that Wendy was curious, Sarah slowly pulled down her jeans to down their knees in an teasingly slow movement.

"You need to pull your jeans down too, Wendy, or else we won't be able to get each other off."

"Get each other off?" Wendy, though curious, was a bit hesitant.

"Of course. Lesbians touch each other's pussies. If you're pretending to be a lesbian, you need to be able do that too."

Wendy undid her sequined belt and pulled down her jeans to her knees, just like Sarah did, revealing her pink panties to her friend. She stared at Sarah, waiting for her to make the first move. Smiling pleasantly, Sarah's hand move close to the area above Wendy's panties and barely touched her skin. Wendy flinched slightly at the slight contact since it was going to be the first time that a person other than herself is going to touch her down there sexually. Sarah's fingers then slowly reached beneath the pink panties to cup Wendy's pussy. The seconds it took for Sarah's fingers to get there seemed like forever for Wendy, but when her pussy lips finally felt the fingers, Wendy gasped. Sarah's fingers remained motionless and the bulging outline of them can be seen on the panties.

"Your turn."

From its resting position, Wendy's right hand slowly rose upwards and reached for Sarah's purple panties. Her fingers slipped behind the smooth fabric, and stopped for a brief moment before reaching inwards. Slowly they crept to Sarah's pussy, touching a girl's pussy for the first time. Without saying a word, Sarah proceeded to stroke Wendy's pussy at a slow pace with two fingers, barely going into her clam. Reciprocating Sarah's actions, Wendy did the same with her own fingers on Sarah's lower lips. The stroking action on Wendy's began picking up in speed and intensity, causing Wendy to moan instinctively and close her eyes.

"Continue looking at me Wendy."

Wendy's eyes opened again to maintain eye contact with Sarah. Soon Sarah's fingers moved even faster and Wendy picked up the pace of her stroking to match Sarah's. A lust-filled Sarah eventually moved forward to kiss Wendy on the lips deeply, causing their hardened nipples to touch in the process. They wrapped their free arms around each other as they worked their way torwards their orgasms. When they both came, the intensity of their kiss increased and they hugged each other tighter. Their bodies slowly separated afterwards.

"Now lick and suck on your fingers." Sarah immediately pulled hers out from Wendy's love box and placed it between her lips, tasting Wendy's love juice and relishing it.

Reluctantly, Wendy did the same and quickly found that the taste wasn't as bad as she thought.

"That was a good performance. You acted like a real lesbian in heat."

Driving back to their high school, Sarah was satisfied that Wendy had successfully passed another crucial stage in her plan. There's no turning back for her now. Wendy was glad Sarah complimented her performance, but still had a tentative feeling in the back of her mind regarding Sarah's unusual plan for helping her seducing Daniel. That thought was quashed when Sarah kissed her on the lips again as she got out of the car to school. Wendy felt relieved that no one had saw that brief kiss. From then on, Sarah and Wendy repeated that routine almost every morning, starting with "I love you, Sarah" from Wendy, followed by a period of raunchy sex, and ending with mutual orgasms.

Three days later, Wendy took another unidirectional step on the road to lesbianism: Sarah was going to teach her how to lick pussy. It was after school and, as usual on certain days of the week, Wendy walked to where Sarah's sports car was parked. Sarah was leaning on the body of her car. Knowing what to do, Wendy walked close to Sarah to say the usual "I love you" followed by the kiss. They both got into the car and Sarah drove back to her luxurious house.


  1. I have enjoyed Wendy's journey so far but it needs at least one or two more installments.


  2. I know this isn't this most poignant comment/review (and I promise to amend it shortly in the future, however I've been out partying tonight and it's 5:21am)...but this story is fucking awesome! I love it.

    It's not saturated with sex (not that I mind that) but it's chock full of intricate story line, narration, dialogue (which I believe is the MOST important ingredient of good erotica) and well thought out story and adventure (sort to speak). I really love the "reluctance" theme as well. I'm so happy I came along this story when there were already over a dozen chapters versus it's nasency. Whoever the author is, keep it up! :)


    (fanofstories@gmail.com in case the author wants to reply; or anyone else wants to share similar and/or stories they particularly enjoy. Anything taboo is my fav.)