Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 2)


Both of the girls moaned as they kissed each other on the wide sofa of the posh living room. Having downed another of Sarah's concoctions again, Wendy offered almost no resistance to Sarah's advances and suggestions. Though Sarah was fairly certain that Wendy would be cooperative, she didn't want any possibility of Sarah making attempts to resist or reduce any such attempts at the very least. Sarah initiated the first contact by brushing the back of her hand on Wendy's cheek. She then lightly grasped the back of Wendy's head with both hands and kissed her on the forehead before lowering herself to kiss Wendy on the lips directly. The intimate kissing lasted for a few minutes on the sofa with Sarah on top and Wendy on the bottom before they helped take clothes off of each other. Under Sarah's gentle prodding, Wendy took off Sarah's halter top from her body by grasping the hemline of the top and pulling upwards. She felt the smoothness of Sarah's warm skin in the process. Tossing the top aside, Wendy then undid Sarah's belt and pulled down her jeans, feeling her smooth thighs and legs. Sarah did the same with Wendy, and pretty soon all of them were naked save their colorful underwear.

"You're going to learn how to eat pussy now. To make things easier, you're going to watch an educational video on eating pussy."

Walking a few steps, Sarah grabbed the universal remote from the glass coffee table and pressed a few buttons. The large wide-screen HDTV in front of them powered on and the video started on the Blu-ray disc player. She fast-forwarded pass the opening sequence until the first scene came up.

"Pay attention, Wendy."

Wendy watched and listened with a focused expression, on par with what her usual studious self does at school. It featured two beautiful women, one with raven hair and the other a brunette. They seemed to be in their early twenties. Both of them were wearing sexy lingerie that consisted of frilly thongs with matching half-cup bras. Like Wendy and Sarah, they were sitting together on a sofa. An off-screen female voice, identified only as "Crystal" provided the narration. Wendy didn't know why, but she couldn't help but feel a little bit attracted to the two scantily-clad women.

After briefly introducing the two women, Crystal began the lesson with the basics of cunnilingus. The emphasis was on maximizing the pleasure received by the woman who's being eaten out. To achieve this, Crystal mentioned foreplay, teasing, and controlled licking. The women got into their positions: April, the raven-haired girl sat on the comfortable sofa while Susan, the brunette, stood directly in front of her. They kissed each other for a while before Susan descended upon her knees on the carpeted floor. April spread her legs wide to accommodate her. Susan started off by licking the areas around April's pussy, specifically along her thighs and belly. After building enough tension, Susan began licking April's pussy, starting at a teasingly slow pace before picking up speed. Crystal gave further information on the different types of pussy, variations of sensitivity, and techniques on muff diving. The lesson lasted about thirty minutes.

"Think you can try it now, Wendy?" Sarah's question snapped Wendy out of focus.

"I think I can do it," replied Wendy, though she wasn't exactly confident. The tentativeness of Wendy was emphasized by her reluctant tone.

"Good, let's start!"

Wendy kneeled down on the plush carpet between Sarah's legs and looked at the crotch area of her black satin thong. She looked at Sarah's face again, as if looking for some sort of confirmation. Sarah simply nodded her head slightly and lowered her hand down there, tracing the outline of her hidden pussy seductively with her fingers. A faint outline of her pussy lips was visible as she applied pressure on the shiny fabric with her fingers. Inch by inch, Wendy slowly tilted her upper body forward. Like what the girls did in the video, Wendy placed both of her hands Sarah's smooth thighs. Looking at Sarah's pussy gave her a strange feeling. Something felt wrong. Sensing Wendy's hesitation, Sarah put her hands on the back of Wendy's head and applied a little bit of pressure, enough to make Wendy continue moving her lips forward. Under Sarah's nudging, Wendy suddenly stopped thinking rationally and began her task. After what seemed like a long time, Wendy's pink lips finally touched Sarah's crotch through the satin thong. After a brief moment of kissing, her lips separated from the panties, leaving a barely visible spot of wetness on the sleek surface of the silky fabric.

Remembering the acts of teasing from the video, Wendy moved upwards and looked at Sarah's belly. Sarah could feel Wendy's warm breath on her naked skin. In a slow motion again, Wendy closed her eyes and kissed the skin on Sarah's abdomen, starting at the spot right below her sternum. Her hands had moved up to Sarah's waist from the thighs and Wendy ran them vertically up and down the attractive curves. Beginning with a deep kiss at that spot, she repeated a series of light kisses randomly all over her belly. When she reached Sarah's navel jewelry, she flicked the warm metal with the tip of her tongue, causing Sarah's expression to waver into a slight gasp. The dangling pieces of metal and precious stone was slick with Wendy's saliva as she continued licking and swirling around Sarah's belly button with her dexterous tongue. Sarah's skin glistened with saliva from the many kisses.

Sarah closed her eyes in pleasure as Wendy continued her relentless assault. Wendy's repeated, random kisses continued in general downward direction. Eventually she reached the upper edge of Sarah's thong. She drag the tip of her tongue from one end to another along the top. Dipping her head slightly, Wendy pressed one of side of her cheeks against the warm skin of Sarah's thigh and repeated again with her other cheek on Sarah's other thigh. The blonde strands of her hair tickled Sarah, and she giggled briefly. Sarah patted and stroked Wendy's hair before brushing it backwards so as to not interfere with Wendy's task, which she was enjoying very much. The deft fingers of Wendy's hands moved around Sarah's thighs to grasp Sarah's ass. At first she pressed her fingers lightly on to her ass, but whenever Wendy reached the trough of each kiss her nails would sink a little bit deeper temporarily. Not relenting yet, her kisses and passionate pecks went all over the front part of Sarah's thong in a triangular fashion. Whenever she was along the edge of the thong, Wendy would sometimes use her tongue to slide along the border, touching both the delectable surface of the skin and fabric. Moving in near to the center of the thong, Wendy kissed along the approximate outline of Sarah's pussy, which was bulging out slighty due to its pressure on the fabric. At this point Wendy could see a small growing wet spot on the fabric which Wendy knew for certain wasn't due to her own saliva.

"Mmmmmm... You sure do know how to tease, Wendy," complimented Sarah.

Wendy paused briefly. "Thank you, Sarah."

It was time. Wendy knew she can't delay this any longer, but she still had a hard time visualizing what's hidden behind the black satin thong. Trying not to think of it too much, Wendy grasped the upper edge of Sarah's thong with her teeth and pulled it down a little bit. She then moved over to the other side and repeated the same action. To assist Wendy, Sarah would raise each of her legs briefly so that the thong would slide away easier. Each time Wendy bit on alternate sides of the satin fabric of the thong, her lips would sometimes come in contact with Sarah's skin. This unintentional teasing only served to arouse Sarah even more. The sofa creaked with each movement of Sarah's legs. Eventually, through Wendy's efforts, the thong was completely off of her legs.

Sarah moved her legs back into a spread-out position in anticipation of what Wendy was going to do next. Her pussy that was completely devoid of hair was clearly visible to Wendy's eyes now. It's glistening wetness highlighted the shape and outline of Sarah's love petals even more. Still in a kneeling position, Wendy slowly moved her head close to Sarah's pussy, but suddenly stopped. Repeating an earlier action, Sarah placed her hands gently on the back of Wendy's head, urging her to go forward again, but encountered resistance.

"Hmmmm... That's not working..." thought Sarah.

Wendy suddenly appeared to relax and continued moving her lips forward.

"Phew, false alarm," said Sarah in her internal monologue.

She was opening her mouth and was about to touch Sarah's pussy with her lips when suddenly a feeling of revulsion came to her. Looking at Sarah's pussy up this close, Wendy felt like she was about to vomit. She suddenly got up and moved several steps back.

"No, Sarah. I can't do this! I simply can't..." Wendy shook her head and pressed her hands to her face while tilting her head down.

"She's resisting again. I should've used a bigger dose." Sarah was already prepared for this kind of event.

Sarah got up a placed a hand on Wendy's shoulder. She then pulled Wendy in for a hug.

"It's alright, Wendy. Just calm down. If you don't want to do it, I won't force you. Now why don't you have drink. It'll help relax you." Sarah tried to act as sympathetic as possible. Wendy didn't respond.

"I'm your good friend, Wendy. I won't force you to do things you don't want to do. Relax. Everything will be fine." As Sarah was saying this, she led Wendy to the kitchen.

Wendy broke her silence, "Can I think this over? I understand this will make Daniel hot for me and all, but doing something like that... licking... down there... simply doesn't... feel right."

"It's fine Wendy. I understand your concern." Sarah opened the refrigerator and took out a premixed drink. Wendy hadn't noticed that the refrigerator was filled with nothing but those kind of drinks. It was pink, thick, and creamy. Removing the plastic wrap from the glass, she handed it to Wendy.

"Here, drink this."

Without out even doubting the contents of the glass, Wendy accepted cold glass and drank from it. Her throat pulsated as the pernicious pink liquid slid down her esophagus to her stomach. Some of it ran over the edges of her lips. She wiped her mouth and placed the glass on the granite counter top.

"Thanks, I needed it."

"Let's have a break. Just relax and don't think about anything." Sarah held on to one of Wendy's hands as she led her back to one of the leather sofas in the living room.

"Okay, I'll try that."

Wendy sat at the center of a sofa and leaned backwards, with Sarah sitting to the left of her. After about five minutes, Wendy visibly relaxed to point where she closed her eyes. Sarah didn't want Wendy to fall into sleep so she called out her name.

"Wendy... Wendy... "

Sarah repeated her name in a soft voice several times until Wendy reopened her eyes. Unlike before, her eyes were now glazed and she had a dreamy expression on her face after the second drink. The effect was what Sarah had expected. She stroked Wendy's cheek, and Wendy responded by rubbing her cheek on the back of Sarah's hand.

"Let's continue on where we left off, shall we?"

"Mmmmm, okay."

They got into the same positions as before, with Sarah on the sofa and Wendy kneeling between her legs. Wendy wasn't doing anything except staring dreamily at Sarah's crotch, so Sarah started off by holding both of Wendy's hands and guiding them to her thighs.


Wendy tilted her head upwards to face Sarah.

"I want you to reply to my statements with an affirmative response. Anything I say is what you believe to be true. Okay?"

"Yes, Sarah," replied Wendy in a soft voice.

"You love to eat pussy."

"I love to eat pussy."

"You want to eat my pussy."

"I want to eat your pussy."

"Good, let's begin." Sarah placed her hands on Wendy's head and slowly nudge it in the direction of her crotch.

Slowly, but surely Wendy moved her lips to Sarah's snatch. It eventually came in contact with the outer edges of Sarah's lower lips, causing her to gasp in pleasure and triumph. Wendy kissed, licked, bit, and rub her lips on Sarah's pussy, but not going all the way in yet. Wendy tasted a girl's pussy for the first time, and Sarah would make sure Wendy would grow accustomed to it and love it. Stopping for a moment, Wendy withdrew a short distance and placed a finger on Sarah's pussy to tease and stroke it. Though it was already wet before, Wendy's finger was making Sarah's snatch even more wet. Another finger joined in the action, adding up to a total of two fingers in Sarah's pussy.

"Pull out your fingers and taste them."

Pulling out her fingers, Wendy placed the two digits in her mouth and sucked on Sarah's wetness.

"You love the taste of female pussy juice."

Once her fingers were sucked cleaned of Sarah's juices, Wendy replied, "I love the taste of female pussy juice."

"That's right, Wendy. Now carry on. Show me how much you love my pussy."

This time, with the fingers on both of her hands, Wendy part the love petals of Sarah's glistening pussy. She could see the pink interior of Sarah's snatch now. Acting on her implanted compulsion, Wendy opened her lips slightly and extended her tongue. Slowly, but surely, she lowered it on to the wet box. Sarah moaned in pleasure.

"Finally," thought Sarah.

Wendy flicked her tongue up and down, tasting Sarah's juices directly. Feeling no revulsion at all this time, Wendy extended her tongue further into Sarah's pussy. She released her fingers from the edges of Sarah's lower lips and placed her hands over and around Sarah's thighs to cup her ass cheeks again. By now, Wendy's mouth was fully engulfing Sarah's delicious pussy. She was not going to let any of the precious juice coming out from her friend's love tunnel get wasted. Her mouth became the eager receptacle of Sarah's feminine honey as she gulped down everything that was pouring through it.

"You love girls." Sarah stroked Wendy's hair.

Pausing for a moment, Wendy replied affirmatively, "I love girls."

Wendy was about to dive back into the action, but stopped when Sarah made another statement.

"You're a lesbian, Wendy."

"I'm a lesbian," said Wendy as she looked briefly into Sarah's eyes before diving back to Sarah's delectable muff to continue eating it.

"I want you to now masturbate as you continue licking me."

Immediately, Wendy's dominant hand retracted from Sarah's ass and lowered down to her own pussy. Going beneath her white satin thong, Wendy's fingers eventually found its target and begin stroking it, causing Wendy to give a muffled moan through Sarah's snatch. When the pussy licking intensified, so did Sarah's moans and grunts. She pressed her hands tighter on Wendy's head against her pussy in order to get more of the wonderful feeling of Wendy's sensuous mouth and lips. Her thighs eventually rose and went over to rest on Wendy's shoulders, giving Wendy easier access to her pussy.

"Uhhh... Uhhh... Uuggh... Ohhh... Ahhh..."

A gradually widening wet spot appeared on the front side of Wendy's thong as more and more pussy juice leaked out. Three of her fingers were in her own pussy and she was aroused with lust. Her face was very much flushed at this point. With the rational side of her brain almost completely turned off, she gave in to the lust and spare not a single thought on rationalizing her current actions. This was exactly what Sarah wanted.

"You're not doing this because you want Daniel's attention. You're doing it because you're a sexually frustrated girl who's using Daniel as an excuse to engage in acts of lesbianism. You don't really like guys at all."

Again, Wendy broke the pussy licking action briefly to repeat those affirmations, but she didn't stop stroking her own pussy.

"I'm just a sexually frustrated girl who is using Daniel as an excuse to engage in acts of lesbianism. I don't really like guys."

Wendy's dreamy and cheerful expression didn't even change when she spoke those words. She quickly dove back to the source of the pussy juice that she was currently tasting in her mouth and continued again. This time Wendy was even more frantic. Extending her tongue in as far as she could, Wendy moved her tongue in random directions, sometimes writing the alphabet, and sometimes spelling various words, including Sarah's name. Eventually, Sarah orgasmed loudly. Wendy felt the pressure of Sarah's thighs on her cheeks as she suck on the orgasmic honey that was pouring out, wasting not a single drop. It tasted like heaven.

Sensing that Wendy too was about to come, Sarah made Wendy say another affirmation. "You're a lesbian, Wendy. Say it right when you're about to cum."

Moments later, Wendy moaned loudly as her flood gates opened. "I'm a lesbian! Ahhhhhhhhhhh..."

Wendy panted after her orgasm subsided and rested her head on Sarah's thigh. Stroking Wendy's hair like she would on a pet, Sarah praised Wendy yet again. "You're such a good girl, Wendy. You see? Admitting that you're a lesbian wasn't that hard."

While she was satisfied with the current results, Sarah inwardly hoped that most of the statements that Wendy repeated would stick in Wendy's subconscious mind in the long run. She didn't want Wendy to revert back the way she was before. Eventually, Sarah toned down her idealism and conceded that any progress she made with Wendy during this session would likely be temporary. She concluded that more methodical sessions of gradually increasing intensity emphasizing oral sex with females would be needed in order to make Wendy to both subconsciously and consciously accept such acts to the fullest extent possible.

A noisy crow perching on a tree near her window interrupted Madelynn's thoughts briefly. Sitting next to her desk under the illumination of a desk lamp with her head resting on the hand of one of her bent arms, she continued thinking. Madelynn had been mulling over this for a long time. Despite Wendy's repeated assurances to her, Madelynn was worried about Wendy. It doesn't make much sense at all. She knew Wendy since childhood and they grew up together. Wendy wasn't the kind of person who would go through such a drastic change in a short period of time. Crossing out several possibilities, her suspicion fell on Sarah, one of the most popular and attractive girls in her high school. No matter how she looked at it, Sarah seemed to be the center of it all. Eventually, she decided that something must be done. Wanting to know more about Sarah and her activities, Madelynn made the decision to start her own private investigation.

"Something about Sarah doesn't feel right. She must be doing something to Wendy."

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