Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 3)

Madelynn began the investigation by scouring as much details from the internet as she could find. Information on Sarah's public profile pages revealed little. Remembering the gossip at school that Sarah was a daughter of rich parents who owned a large company, she decided to search in that direction. Piece-by-piece, she managed to dig some interesting info.

Sarah was the daughter of the current chairman of Hecate Pharmaceutical Corporation, which is a company that she had heard about on the news recently. Her parents both own many shares of the company and, being scientists themselves, are part of the main research and development team. The company was known for its many recent advances in medicine and biotechnology. It had a history of funding academic research, donating large amounts to charities, and had ties to many offshore academia and like-minded businesses. It made headlines on the recent news with its controversial research on revolutionary psychopharmacological drugs. The company had offices and labs all over the country and associates around the world. Coincidentally, there's a Hecate-owned lab in her city. That Hecate Corp was involved in psychopharmacology didn't stir any interest in her when she first heard about it on the media, but now she saw it in a different perspective in light of recent events. Madelynn decided that it was a possible lead that she could follow. She knew that she had no good reason to suspect Sarah and that she's having a conspiracy theorist mentality, but Madelynn had nothing else to go on.

Initial phones to the local lab returned no responses. The voice messages she left weren't answered. Madelynn eventually decided to head down to the lab to take a look. Having very little homework for that day made things easier.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. As scheduled by Sarah, Wendy was making out with her after school at Sarah's house, but this time the main location of their erotic tryst was in her spacious backyard, which was more like a garden, complete with a variety of exotic plants, fountains, and classical-styled statutes of Greek goddesses. Song birds occasionally flew by and chirped their pleasant melodies. Sitting on a wooden bench next to the swimming pool was Sarah and Wendy in the throes of excitement from heavy kissing and cuddling. This time Wendy was dressed in a less showy look with a pink sweater, white-colored jeans, and white sneakers with pink laces. Her makeup was also light to the point almost being unnoticeable. Sarah also toned down her sluttiness, but it was more due to her mercurial, but conscious attitude towards fashion. She was dressed in a white blazer over a light-blue blouse, dark-blue jeans, and white shoes like Wendy. Despite their currently less overt clothing, their natural beauty and confident air was enough to draw people's attention.

Their tongues were intertwined in an enthusiastic French kiss, and so were their fingers, whose hands were clasped together in the sizzling heat of passion. As Sarah had expected, the affirmations made during the previous session have failed to stick in Wendy's mind, so she decided to take a break from more advanced training and focus on what Wendy was already comfortable with or less likely to outright reject, which also gave her more time plan out how to approach the problem of Wendy's resistance against oral sex with females that was a gateway to more advanced Sapphic activities. The kiss continued with an impetuous force invoked by lust. A glistening trail of saliva connected their sultry lips when they took a pause during the long kiss.

In front of them was a small, elegant table holding several glass bowls of bite-size fruits, candies, ice cream, and a glass of purple smoothie. Taking a red cherry from a bowl, Sarah placed it between her lips and slowly moved forward. Doing what was expected of her, Wendy moved her lips forward until it touched the cherry that Sarah held with her lips. They each took one-half of the small red fruit and combined it with a kiss. Biting on her share of the cherry lightly, Sarah released some of its natural, sweet and sour juices. Wendy tasted both Sarah's lips and the mouth-watering juiciness of the crimson fruit, and that prompt her to mimic the action. With her tongue, Sarah began pushing the cherry into Wendy's mouth. Sensing some pressure on her lips from the invading cherry, Wendy parted her lips slightly to receive the fruit. Back-and-forth they pushed the cherry into each other's mouths. Eventually, Sarah pushed the fruit repeatedly into Wendy's mouth, not wanting it back. She took the hint and swallowed the fruit. The current kiss between them ended.

Sarah popped a sudden question. "What did the kiss taste like?"

"Ummm... Like cherries?"


"I dunno... saliva?"

"Use your imagination, Wendy. Don't always go for the obvious. I'm going to give you an example: For me the kiss tasted like love and pleasure. Now you try."

"The kiss tasted like success..."

Sarah gesticulated with her hands, urging her to come up with more.

"... in winning Daniel's love!"

"That's great Wendy. You're a fast learner. Let's continue."

Sarah patted lightly on her thighs. "Lie down and rest the back of your head on my thigh."

Spurred by the welcoming gesture, Wendy reclined and rested her head on Sarah's thigh. She was able to see more of the underside of Sarah's chin and the rest of her upper body from a different perspective, as well as the nearly cloudless blue sky. Sarah stared downward at Wendy and gave her usual pleasant smile. She rested a palm on Wendy's forehead and held it there for a while before slowly moving it backwards, smoothing out some of her blonde hair. Wendy instinctively closed her eyes to relish the feeling of the caress.

Reaching towards a bowl of ball-shaped, hard-shelled candy with chewy centers, Sarah randomly picked one, which happened to be blue in color and held between her forefinger and thumb. She moved it above Wendy's face. Noticing the rounded candy hanging above her, she instinctively opened her mouth in anticipation of receiving the piece of candy. Sarah lowered the spherical piece of candy, but stopped about an inch above Wendy's lips and hovered there for a while, prompting Wendy to raise her head upwards slightly so that her lips might touch the candy. Sarah teased Wendy by raising the piece of candy upwards a short distance, just enough to get away from the range of Wendy's mouth. Wendy's eyebrows furrowed slightly in disappointment. After teasing for a few more moments, Sarah finally lowered candy enough to allow Wendy's lips to grasp it and eat the candy. While Wendy was chewing on the candy, Sarah petted and felt up her voluptuous body, squeezing her tits through her pink sweater, and rubbing the crotch area of Wendy's jeans. Her reaction was a series of moans muffled by the candy being chewed in her mouth.

"This is one of the things you can do with your future boyfriend. It's so romantic."

"Yes," thought Wendy, "this is indeed romantic. I hope I can do this with Daniel someday." The teasing with the candy especially aroused Wendy's interest in the activity.

Sarah continued with the overhead teasing and feeding with other candies: chewy gummy bears and worms, chocolate pieces with caramel-filled centers, and cream-filled soft candy. No more than one sampling of each variety of candy was fed, for Sarah wanted Wendy to relish the taste of each to the fullest. With each new piece of candy, Sarah used a different method to arouse and tease Wendy. Sometimes she would touch Wendy's body when the piece of candy was close, and sometimes the erotic touching would only occur when the candy was far away. Random touching also occurred without any relation to position of the candy. The touching ranged in duration from brief, light touches of the skin on Wendy's cheek to long, sensual caresses of Wendy's waist and thighs. She wanted to keep Wendy guessing. Myriad pleasurable feelings were invoked in Wendy's body from Sarah's expert touches.

After going through the round of candies, Sarah took the glass of smoothie and moved along the edge of the table until it was between her and Wendy. Two bendable straws were placed inside the cup. Wendy immediately knew what that implied: They were going drink the smoothie from the same cup.

"This is another romantic thing you can do with your boyfriend."

Wendy recalled seeing this in some movies and television shows, and it was going to be the first time she was going to be drinking from the same cup with someone. Already knowing what to do, she moved the upper end of the straw between her lips. Sarah did the same thing almost immediately, and soon they were both slurping from the same cup. Acting on Sarah's instructions almost on instinct, Wendy looked at Sarah's face and maintained eye contact while trying to convey the impression to Sarah that she was really enjoying this by putting on a smiley face. Sarah's actions weren't confined to just drinking from the cup of smoothie. She loosened a shoe from her foot and raise it up to her friend's leg to caress it, causing Wendy to jerk slightly at the unexpected touch.

Sarah stopped sipping the smoothie. "You need to expand your boundaries, Wendy. Every part of the human body is capable of giving and receiving pleasure. Does a girl's foot touching you feel good, Wendy?"

Remembering not hesitate on such questions, Wendy answered, "Yes, it does feel good."

"Do you want to feel it again?"


Removing a shoe from her other foot, Sarah caressed Wendy's legs again, only this time it was a bit higher than before. Her foot ran up and down along the legs in sinuous, vertical motions.

"Now you try it on me. Again, this is good practice for those intimate moments with your future boyfriend. You'll need to know how to pleasure him in as many ways as possible."

Luckily, Wendy didn't tie her shoelaces too tightly and she managed to slip it off as easily as Sarah did with her own shoe. Tentatively, she moved her foot towards one of Sarah's legs. She couldn't help but look at where her foot was going.

"Don't look down there, Wendy. Try to sense where my leg is without looking."

Raising her face up again to look at Sarah, Wendy acted on Sarah's advice and did just that. Eventually her dainty foot touched her friend's lower leg. Although she had touched Sarah's leg several times before with her hands, it was a different feeling touching it with her foot. Like what Sarah did to her, she brushed her foot up and down Sarah's leg, caressing the ankles, shin, calves, and going as far as the lower end of her thighs. Wendy wondered if she was doing it correctly, and she got her answer when Sarah giggled; it was a signal to Wendy that she had done a good job.

"Let's try this again." Sarah resumed slurping the smoothie from the straw, and Wendy did the same. Gazing into Sarah's eyes, Wendy found them to be somewhat magnetic, and she wasn't sure whether it's due to her pretending to be interested in girls or it was indeed so. A brief, fleeting thought crossed into Wendy's mind: Was she learning to act like a lesbian or actually becoming one? It was a recurring thought, and every time she was unable to answer the question or even want to answer it for that matter. It was difficult for Wendy to rationalize her actions recently. There was some strange mental road block that prevented and discouraged Wendy from doing so and she didn't know why. However, in spite of all these uncertainties, one thing she is sure of is that she doesn't want to become an actual lesbian.

"Imagine yourself doing this with Daniel. It's going to be so hot."

Wendy tried imagining herself with her future lover, but found it difficult to imagine the scenario that she wanted. Try as she might, the image Daniel would often uncontrollably change to that of Sarah's. Because Sarah's voice and her touching were distinctly feminine, it was for Wendy to ignore the fact that she was doing something kinky with a girl. It took a lot of effort for Wendy visualize her real love interest in her mind.

The two girls sitting close together were almost done with the smoothie, and the foot play at this point had escalated. Sarah raised the end of her foot between Wendy's thighs and grazed her pussy. The touches were brief, and were only intended to tease. Finally, Sarah applied more pressure with her foot on Sarah's crotch through her jeans, causing Wendy gasp at the sharp increase in pressure on her pussy. Almost immediately, Sarah retracted her foot. Wendy understood that it was another signal from her friend and teacher to mimic the same action on her. Closing her eyes briefly and taking a quick breath, Wendy tried to remember what Sarah had done before to her and emotions she felt when her clothed legs and pussy were touched by Sarah's foot. Opening her eyes again, Wendy raised her foot upwards, feeling Sarah's leg and thigh again along the way, eventually reaching her crotch. She tickled the private area with her toes and then applied a brief, pressured touch on that area between Sarah's thighs.

"Ahhhh..." It was fairly obvious that Sarah enjoyed that brief application of pressure.

"Now try it with your other foot."

Up and down Wendy's left foot went on Sarah's leg. She wiggled her toes and prolonged the touching to emphasize her eagerness in the activity for she didn't really want to be told by Sarah again to be more serious in her training.

Next up was the ice cream. It was six scoops of different flavors topped with colored sprinkles and some chocolate syrup. Though the weather was sunny, the overall temperature was fairly cool, enough for the frozen dessert to still retain its original shape. Wendy tried imagining what Sarah was planning to do with the ice cream: Spoon feed each other? Share it through repeated kisses? Lick it off of... No she didn't want to continue imagining it.

Already holding a spoon in her hand, Sarah gave another spoon to Wendy. She scooped some vanilla ice cream with her spoon and raised it close to Wendy's lips, who parted her lips to accept the cold, sweet dessert while looking at Sarah's eyes all the way. Wendy mirrored the action by scooping the grape flavored ice cream and feeding it to her new best friend and teacher. She accepted it with a smile. On and on this mutual feeding repeated until the ice cream bowl was half empty. Sarah extended her tongue to sensually lick the excess ice cream around her own lips. This prompted Wendy to do the same, but Sarah stopped her.

"No, let me clean it for you." Sarah moved her lips close to Wendy's face and licked the excess vanilla ice cream off, ending it with a smooch on her left cheek.

Sarah gently took away Wendy's spoon and placed it the table. With the remaining spoon in her hand, she scooped a sizeable chunk of the raspberry-flavor portion from the bowl and placed it in her mouth. Almost immediately after that, Sarah quickly moved forward to kiss Wendy sloppily. With her tongue, she pushed the glob of ice cream into Wendy's mouth, and Wendy reluctantly accepted the frigid oral dessert. A bit of the ice cream melted in her mouth and went down her throat before she pushed it back into Sarah's mouth. Within several swaps, the glob of ice cream melted completely, and afterwards they were swapping nothing but saliva sweetened by ice cream flavors.

When the kiss finally broke, Sarah whispered, "Let's take off our clothes."

Careful not to knock over the stuff on the table, the two sexy teens helped removed each other's clothes from their upper bodies. In less than two minutes, both of them were naked save their jeans and shoes. Sarah scooped some kiwi-flavored ice scream with the spoon, leaned back slightly, and carefully placed the ice cream on the areola of one of her tits. On her other areola, she topped it with mango-flavored ice cream.

"Now, Wendy, lick them. Enjoy the dessert that I'm offering you."

She raised one of her arms to grab her breast and directed it at Wendy. Looking at the ice cream-covered tits reminded Wendy of some porn videos she had watched where the women did something similar. Sarah bobbed her breast, that was held by her hand, as a signal to Wendy to begin. Licking her lips briefly, Wendy then slowly closed the distance between her lips and Sarah's ice cream-covered breast.

"Mmmmmm... Ahhhh...," gasped Sarah as Wendy sucked on one of her tits. Her nipples became hardened, warm nubs in spite of the chill from the ice cream covering them.

Flicking her tongue on the nipple and swirling it around the areola, Wendy managed to clean most of the ice cream off one of Sarah's breasts, leaving only a glistening sheen of sweetened saliva behind. Wendy thought it was weird to be licking ice cream off of another girl sexually, but she knew that she wasn't in a position complain. She gave the aroused nipple one last lick before moving on to Sarah's other breast. Though it was covered in a different flavor, it tasted and felt as good as the first.

"Oh, yeah. Lick it all..." Shuddering from the pleasure, Sarah's back arched as she threw her head back, tossing her long blond hair in the process. This action push her breast harder on Wendy's mouth. While closing her eyes, she instinctively placed a hand on the back of Wendy's head and grasped on her hair. In order to maintain her balance on the bench, Wendy wrapped her arms Sarah's naked upper body in a friendly embrace.

It was Wendy's turn to have ice cream licked off of her breasts. She had barely finished applying the scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream on her areolae when Sarah wasted no time in tackling her breasts, suckling on the nipples, and sliding her tongue eagerly around the circular patch of darkened skin around the nub of pleasure. Even after the ice cream was gone from her breasts, Sarah continued sucking, kissing, and biting. It was so intense that Wendy wanted to push Sarah away, but at the same time she also pulled her back, caving in to the sudden, pleasurable feelings.

Sarah gave Wendy one last kiss. "Okay, Wendy. That's it for the day."

"Really? I thought we were going to..."

Wendy was still aroused by the secret aphrodisiac from the drink Sarah had given her about an hour ago. She needed to have release. Sarah, however, had other plans, for she wanted to put Wendy in a state of sexual tension.

"Going to do what? Help each other get off?"

That rhetorical question caused Wendy's cheeks to redden. She hadn't thought about what she was suggesting. Her drug-induced arousal had clouded her mind. Sarah giggled at Wendy's embarrassment.

"Are you sure you aren't into girls, Wendy?"

Wendy shook her head in denial. "No, I'm definitely not into girls. It's just that I'm so... I need release..."

"Try holding it longer. Delayed pleasure can be very rewarding. Since you want it so bad, I give you permission to pleasure yourself to whatever fantasy you desire once you get back home. Don't get too carried away or else it'll ruin your training."

"Thank you, Sarah. I won't overdo it."

They began changing back into their respective clothing. Wendy thought there was nothing more for the day when Sarah suddenly surprised her by bringing out a small, blue velvet box from her pocket.

"I have a gift for you, Wendy."

She handed the blue velvet box over to Wendy, who felt reluctant in accepting it.

"But you've given me so many free stuff already. I can't just accept this."

"Don't worry, Wendy. I'm your good friend. I just want you to be happy."

Reluctantly, Wendy accepted the gift from Sarah's hands.

"Thank you, Sarah."

"Open it."

Opening the small velvet box, Wendy noticed that it was a necklace, but not just any necklace - it was a Sapphic necklace. It consisted of two silver Venus symbols studded with pink gemstones connected to a silver chain. She was perplexed by the gift, and didn't understand how it would help her in the training.

"It'll look great on you, but you don't have to wear it outside your clothing if you don't want to. In case you're wondering, wearing it will serve as a reminder - a way to keep you focus on your goal to obtain what you most truly desire."

The thought of Daniel popped in Wendy's mind. "Yes, I'll wear it for Daniel - to win his love."

As Wendy got of Sarah's sports car after Sarah drove her back home, a wicked thought crossed Sarah's mind.

"Your cherry will be mine to take," thought Sarah, "and soon men won't interest you at all. You'll become a pure lesbian."

Madelynn got off from the bus near the edge of downtown. She walked a couple of blocks to reach the lab. It was a magnificent-looking structure with a fancy fa├žade of intricate glass windows, red marble, and chrome. In front of it was a lawn with a corporate sign and a concrete walkway leading to its main entrance. She noticed a group of around a dozen people holding signs and protesting. Three armed guards stood above the small flight of steps leading to the main building. So much for trying to get into the lab.

Curious and wanting to know more, Madelynn walked up to one of protesters to inquire more information. "Hi, what are you guys protesting about?"

"Hecate Corp is engaging in unethical, immoral, and barbaric experimentation on animals. They need to be stopped!"

"Can you tell me more about what they're doing?"

"I don't know what they're doing exactly. But knowing that they're abusing animals is enough reason for me to protest. Young girl, if you want to know more about Hecate Corp's evil practices you can contact our local office."

The protester gave her a green flyer printed with their organization's phone number.

"We're always open to new members. If you're interesting in joining, you can call that same number."

"Thanks for the help. I'll think about the offer."

Madelynn walked about a block away, far enough from the noisy din of the protest, and sat on a metal bench. She dialed the number on her cell phone, and a woman responded shortly afterwards.


"Hi, my name's Madelynn and I'm a student of Franklin High School. I would like to know more about Hecate Corp's experiments on animals."

"We only know that they're doing behavioral modification experiments. Beyond that we have little information. You might have better luck calling Professor Bob Birmingham."

"Can you give me his number?"

"Sure, please wait a moment while I look it up."


"It's XXX-XXXX. That's the number to his office."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Madelynn called the professor's number, and by luck someone actually responded instead of a voice mail message. Professor Birmingham sounded somewhat eccentric. He was in a state of ecstasy when he talked about the behavioral modification experiments. Through the use of special chemicals and electronics, he suggested the future possibility of curing people of unhealthy drug addiction, treat psychological problems, expand possibilities of animal domestication, harmonize the behavior of wild animals with humans, help endangered animal species survive, and a lot more. As for what Hecate Corp was doing exactly, he had no further information since he's not directly involved in their research. However, he was kind enough to refer her to an ex-researcher of Hecate. Unfortunately, that turned out to be an apparent dead end when the ex-reseacher hung up immediately after Madelynn mentioned Hecate Corp's experiments.

Elena rode her sleek motorcycle down a four-lane road under the light of the half-moon. There was hardly any traffic at that time. The sky was clear and devoid of clouds, enough that the sparkle some stars can be seen. Once reaching her destination, she veered right into a parking lot of a large condominium. After parking at one of the reserved spaces, she took off her helmet and hooked it under her right arm. Giving a brief sigh, she walked towards the building and entered its lobby through the double glass doors. While riding the elevator, she stared at her own reflection on the shiny metallic doors. The image of a beautiful goth girl stared back: her white face was highlighted by the dark mascara and black eyeliner of her eyes; her lips were done in glossy dark blue; blue highlights colored parts of her raven hair that reached just to the base of her neck; a similar blue color decorated her nails; completing the look was a black leather jacket over a blue top, a black leather pleated skirt that went a little above the knees, and dark-colored high-heeled boots over fishnet stockings.

A sudden pang of guilt and regret crept into Elena. She remembered again the day she broke up with her devoted boyfriend years ago. It was a heart-breaking decision and she had cried frequently for days. There wasn't a way for her to rationalize her decision or her sudden change in her sexuality. She was certain that she had never been that way. It was all so strange. The only thing she is sure of is that this was all due to a girl who had came into her life. There was this strange, attractive aura around the girl that she couldn't put a finger on. Under Sarah's tutelage, Elena had transformed from a strictly heterosexual woman with no experience with the same sex to an eager lesbian with only sexual desire for females.

She walked to a unit whose number long ago had been etched into her memory and opened the door. Upon entering, she saw Sarah standing near one of the large glass windows with her arms crossed, facing outside. Noticing that she entered, Sarah turned around with a smile and slowly walked towards Elena, stopping a short distance from her. Elena closed the remaining distance to the girl that was several years younger than her. She initiated a greeting kiss, which was light at first, but then deepened into tongue action. The sensuous kiss was over in about two minutes.

"I love you, Sarah."

"You're on time as usual, Elena. Let's begin."

Most of the lighting in the condo were dimmed except for the spot lights illuminating the area partially enclosed by four purple leather sofas that were placed together in the shape of a square with enough distance between each other for furniture such as coffee tables to carry through. Currently the partially enclosed area was empty except for an exotic round carpet on the hardwood floor. Techno music played in the background. Sarah sat at the center of the sofa that was facing away from the windows.

She strutted around in a circle while maintaining a sultry gaze at Sarah. In several slow motions, Elena took off her black leather jacket and tossed it on the sofa. Facing Sarah directly, she writhed in a sinuous manner, running her blue lacquered-nailed hands along the smooth curves of her body. Placing her hands on her naked waist, she gyrated her hips as she gradually rotated her body in an manner that matched with the rhythm of the music. She turned again so that her butt faced in Sarah's direction. Running her hands up and down the sides of her body again, Elena turned her head around and winked at Sarah before spreading her legs and bending forward. Her hands reached back to raise the back side of her leather skirt, revealing a glimpse of her glossy, black PVC thong. She then raised her upper body back up and began removing her shiny, blue spandex top. Having practiced many times, Elena removed it in an elegant and sensual manner.

Now done to only her PVC lingerie, skirt, and high heel boots, Elena continued dancing to the music. She got close to Sarah and wiggled her ass enticingly in front her for a while before turning front without stopping the hip motion. Aroused by Elena's dancing movements, Sarah licked her lips, causing Elena to flash a knowing smile. She was glad that her performance had aroused Sarah again, as it had many times before. Slowly she unzipped her black leather skirt. It was so slow that the zipper sounds were barely noticeable. The skirt was tossed onto the same pile where her other clothing was placed. Next to come off were the high heel boots, followed by the fishnet stockings. Once they were removed, Elena's blue lacquered-nailed feet were revealed to Sarah's appraising eyes.

As the tempo of the techno music increased, so did Elena's body movements. Her hair tossed as she moved her head side-to-side and up-and-down. Sometimes it partially covered her face. She spun around, squat, raised her legs, and did all sorts of enticing motions. The PVC lingerie on her body sparkled under the illumination of the spot lights from her rapid motions. On several occasions, Elena's fingers went beneath the crotch area of her PVC thong. The partial outline of her fingers were visible as she did the action, but there was no stroking. Her other free hand went to lightly cup a breast through the PVC bra. Sarah liked the way Elena was teasing her.

Elena's erotic dancing skill was hammered into her memory through extensive training under Sarah. She had made Elena watch countless erotic dancing and stripping videos. Elena was required to learn from them and be able to mimic their dance moves while also coming up with her own style. Almost every dance exercise watched and supervised by Sarah was subjected to Sarah's critique. Unsatisfactory performance would result in punishment, which usually involved orgasm denial and temporary abstinence from sexual activities. Enforcement of the sexual deprivation punishments was simple: Elena herself enforced them by simply obeying Sarah's will. The real reason for her unwavering obedience to the mysterious teen still eluded Elena.

The techno music stopped, and Elena's dance performance ended in a sexually submissive pose. Having done this routine many times before, Elena knew what came next as Sarah rose from the center of the purple sofa and began taking off her own clothes, leaving only her red glossy PVC lingerie and high heels on. She walked towards Elena, who was submissively kneeling before her and awaiting further orders. Once Sarah got within comfortable reaching distance, she reached her right hand forward to touch Elena's chin, slowly tilting it upwards to face her.

"Get your pussy wet for me, slave."

"Yes, mistress."

Obediently, Elena inserted her hand beneath the fold of her glossy thong to lightly stroke her own pussy. Her moving knuckles caused a visible bulge on the crotch area of the underwear. Once it was thoroughly wet with sexual lubricant, she raised her moist fingers to her mouth to lick off her own wetness.

"You may begin pleasuring me."

Elena kissed Sarah's aroused pussy through her red PVC thong. That was followed by licking and more kisses, making the surface material of the thong shine even more from the added saliva. She then raised both of her hands to grasp on the waist strap of thong and slowly pulled it downward. Once it was fully off, she raised it to her lips and nose to smell and taste it. The trace of Sarah's wetness on the inner side of the thong was quickly licked off by Elena's eager tongue.

With the thong taken off, Sarah's magnificent, hairless pussy now stood directly in front of Elena's face in all its splendor. Elena's eyes subconsciously traced the contours of her love petals and the clitoris. It was glistening from natural lubricants. Pursing her lips, Elena moved her face forward to come in contact with the object of her lust. Her vision began losing focus as her lips got closer to its intended target. There was contact. Elena felt some of Sarah's moisture seeping pass her glossy blue lips. After first kiss, she engulfed it partially with her mouth and sucked on it gently. Sarah gasped at the start of increasing pleasure. Having practiced many times on Sarah and her friends in grueling sessions, Elena became an expert in the art of cunnilingus.

Elena's tongue slowly snaked out from its hiding place. It stabbed the edges of the love petals before invading part way into the warm, moist interior of Sarah's love tunnel. By now, Sarah's hands were already on her head, holding onto it like a sports ball. Through experience, Elena learned all of the subtle messages from the changes in movement and pressure of Sarah's hand on her head: they could mean anything from dissatisfaction, impatience, to enjoyment. Her tongue that was constantly going in and out of Sarah's love canal went through horizontal and vertical motions, and almost every angle in between. Sensing increased pressure on her head and face, Elena knew Sarah was about to cum. She fully engulfed Sarah's pussy and made one final stab on the clitoris with her tongue, triggering Sarah's orgasm. Elena gulped down the torrent of honey that came running through Sarah's pussy. Some of it overflowed and went along the edges of her mouth, going as far as her chin and down her neck. After Sarah's orgasm died down, Elena licked along the edges of her mouth with her tongue to reclaim the overflowed honey.

She rose back up and kissed hungrily on Sarah's red glossy lips, causing Sarah to taste her own juices. Sarah touched one of Elena's hands and guided it to her breast. Already knowing what to do, Elena squeezed Sarah's breast through the red bra. Her aching sexual need was highlighted by the intensity of her actions. The wonderful breast felt supple on her lecherous hand. Her other free hand soon joined into the action as it went to squeeze the other breast. Sarah's own hands went around below the small of Elena's back to squeeze her delicious ass, digging her red nails into the pliant flesh.

Slowly, they moved together to one of the red leather sofas and sat down next to each other. Sarah removed her bra while Elena slowly removed her PVC lingerie and tossed them aside. They were fully naked now. Reaching into a black leather hand bag on the sofa, Sarah pulled out a transparent neon blue double dildo that was attached to a black T-shaped harness. Gripping onto the straps, she slowly inserted her well-toned legs through the harness. For the last step, Sarah held on the wearer's end of the dildo and slowly inserted it into her pussy. She closed her eyes and gasped as the dildo stimulated her clitoris during the insertion. Finally, she tugged on the straps a little more before finally tightening the harness and locking it in place on her hips. This was all done under the watchful, hungry eyes of Elena, who was salivating with sexual hunger at this point. She hadn't had an orgasm in over a week since her last unsatisfactory performance for Sarah.

Elena laid backwards on the sofa and parted her legs in anticipation of receiving the pleasuring end of the strap-on.

"No, it's doggy style this time, slave."

Obediently, Elena shift her body around and got on her fours. Turning her head around, she looked at her mistress, wondering when Sarah will insert the tip of the strap-on into her pussy. The glistening wetness on her pussy was strong evidence of her sexual arousal. She needed it, and she needed it badly. Elena couldn't help but wiggle her hips slightly, hoping that it will attract Sarah's attention enough to begin the copulation as soon as possible.

Knowing that Elena was eagerly anticipating the strap-on dildo to go into her pussy turned Sara on even more. Wanting to tease Elena, she merely touch her pussy with the tip of the strap-on once, making a feint of going in. Elena mewed in disappointment and pushed her hips back in an attempt to reach the dildo. Sarah reacted by retracting the strap-on a short distance, and continued teasing her by just gently grazing its tip along the outer folds of Elena's love petals. Then, without Elena looking, Sarah suddenly thrust the strap-on dildo into Elena's pussy, causing her to make a sharp intake of air. Holding the sides of Elena's waist, she moved her hips back-and-forth slowly at first, fucking Elena's pussy at a slow tempo, pushing one half of the blue dildo into Elena' love canal and the other half into her own pussy. Sensual moaning began to fill the living room as Elena was being fucked.

Bending her upper body forward, Sarah's breasts pressed onto Elena's back as she reached her arms around to grab both of her slave's breasts and knead them like dough. She teased and pinched Elena's nipples that, along with the areolae, were painted glossy blue, matching the color of Elena's nails. Turning her head around to face Sarah, Elena pursed her lips, hoping for a kiss. Sarah was more than glad to give kiss as she rubbed Elena's blue lips with her own red lips before thrusting her tongue into her mouth to tackle the tongue within.

Eventually, the tempo of the fucking increased and Elena came. Her love juices splattered on her own and Sarah's thighs. Thrusting a few more times, Sarah's orgasm came shortly afterwards. Both of them collapsed on the sofa with their bodies entangled together. Sarah had her arms wrapped around Elena's waist and the strap-on dildo was still not pulled out yet. Turning her head around again, Elena kissed Sarah fervently to conclude the sexual session.

Stroking Elena's hair and intertwining it with her fingers playfully, Sarah issued an order to her servant. "Elena, I have a job for you..."

Madelynn was walking through a large park after walking away from a cafe. It was productive day for her pertaining to the investigation. She had a short chat with Andy, one of the ex-researchers at Hecate Pharmaceutical who was the first and currently the only former insider who was willing to talk with her. Being a minor collaborative researcher, he didn't give much useful information that she hadn't already known because he himself was kept in mostly the dark on many projects. The only new piece of information he revealed was that people were also involved as test subjects in the secretive experiments. What he emphasized repeatedly was he was fairly certain that the company was working on projects and experiments that weren't meant for the public eye and probably illegal to boot. He also told Madelynn to stop investigating, for her own safety. That warning struck Wendy as being odd, and the scant information that Andy revealed made it even more compelling to continue her investigation.

Staying in the cafe for another ten minutes in deep thought after the meeting with Madelynn, Andy was about to leave the cafe when he felt his cell phone vibrated. He took it out and noticed that it was a cryptic text message that read: "no stray sheep". His heart skipped a beat and his face grew pale. He looked around the cafe and then quickly got moving. He didn't get very far. Less than two blocks away from the cafe, Andy bumped into two tall, burly men wearing black trench coats, fedoras, and mirrored shades.

Lost in thought while walking along a path through the park that was currently devoid of people, Madelynn suddenly notice an unusual, but attractive smell. She was unable to tell where it was coming from. Soon afterwards, she began feeling drowsy. It got to a point where she had to find a bench to rest. She quickly feel asleep. Elena walked up to Madelynn's sleeping form from behind the cover of some bushes and smiled...

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