Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 4)

It was a dark room sparsely illuminated with automatic, recessed spotlights. An unconscious Madelynn was carried on a gurney to the room by two burly men who positioned her near a rectangular table. Carefully, they lifted her up from the gurney and placed her on the padded table before walking out of the room. A raven-haired female scientist wearing the standard white lab coat walked in followed by two female assistants, who both wore black PVC, form-fitting mini dresses. Their high heel pumps click-clacked on the floor as they strode into the room. Various machines and computers were turned on or brought out of their sleep mode. This was their latest assignment in their already busy day, but they were more than happy to do it.

Working quickly and neatly, the two PVC-clad assistants stripped Madelynn of her clothing until she was completely naked. They then strapped her tightly to the table. A large, circular surgical lamp above Madelynn was turned on, illuminating the beauty of her attractive teenage body. From a metal tray, one of the assistants picked up a syringe that was filled with a neon-blue colored cocktail of special drugs and injected it into Madelynn's left arm. The other assistant went to retrieve the special equipment. Two large machines were wheeled into position. Each of them resemble a large cylindrical tower with long, protruding robotic arms attached with various strange devices. Intricate gears and joints within the machines buzzed, whined, and clicked as they were being adjusted. The female scientist pressed a few buttons on the computer and the machine at the lower end of the table lowered one of its mechanical arms. At the end of the of arm was what appeared to be a triangular, metallic box. Under the scientist's control, the robotic arm holding that device moved right next to Madelynn's pussy. At the same moment, two metal stirrups rose from the areas of the table beneath Madelynn's legs and raised them upward in preparation for the next step in the procedure.

The triangular metal object then opened up like the blooming of some strange flower to reveal its true form: a metallic pair of panties with two motorized dildo attachments on the inside. But that was not all to the device. On the interior surface of the special panties and on the dildos were small protuberances or "fingers" that were also motorized. The dildos also have an ejaculation feature to allow for the vaginal insertion of drugs or to simulate the climaxing action of a real penis. They were designed to allow for the maximization of pleasure for the wearer of the special metallic panties.

With the press of a button from the console in front of the scientist, the metallic panties opened up into two halves like a pincer. One have went over Madelynn's pussy while the other half slid under her butt. The two halves then began to close again with a hermetically-tight seal to form a complete pair, and Madelynn moaned in her semiconscious state as the dildos were inserted into her vagina and anus.

A second arm moved above Madelynn's breasts. Attach to it were two smaller robotic arms, each holding a half-spherical object resembling bra cups. Each cup was grasped by what a resembled long-legged robotic spider attached to the arms from its mid-section. Various tubes were attached to the spider-like fingers for the purpose of liquid injection or retrieval. As those flexible metallic cups closed descended onto Madelynn's breasts, also causing her gasp. From a distance, Madelynn looked as if she was wearing some kinky metal lingerie.

In her semiconscious state, Madelynn's eyes barely registered the strange oval-shaped mask descending on her face. In the mouth area of the mask's interior were multiple robotic tendrils designed to sexually stimulate the mouth and to dispense liquids if required. Under the control of the scientist, the flexible tendrils nudge Madelynn's mouth open so that they may enter it. Moments later, the edges of the mask closed onto Madelynn's face for an air-tight fit. The area of the table beneath her head began to raise slightly to accommodate the helmet-shaped device closing in on her head. It hissed after it completed its hermetic seal.

The female scientist, Dr. Maria Boesky, after verifying that the setup was completed successfully, initiated the program. Images flashed in front of Madelynn's glazed eyes from the special video screen inside the mask. Sounds were pumped into her ears from the hidden headphones in the helmet. Her drug-addled mind couldn't figure out what was happening. All she felt were the pleasurable stimuli that were being sent to her brain.

It was nothing but a pink image in front of her eyes at first. The image flashed briefly before changing its shade, turning from a moderate pink to a dark pink before moving back to regular pink and then raising to bright pink. After the cycle of pink, the same pattern of change was repeated for the colors of purple, magenta, blue, and red. Then the images came, but they were first instinct and obscure by some pink fog. Gradually, there appeared a faint shape that looked familiar. Despite being in a semiconscious state, Madelynn's weakened mind tried to figure out what it was. Within moments, the outline of the faint shape became more distinct and its colors more defined. It was a set of a woman's eyes, beautiful, blue, and alluring. The lashes were long and thick. The eyelids were shaded in a light purple color with the lower edges in a much darker shade. With the appearance of those feminine eyes came the sexual stimulation of Madelynn's body by the machine, but it was done quietly at first. Her pussy was lightly stimulated by the motorized protuberances on the vaginal dildo and her nipples were tickled by small, motorized tendrils at the center of the special bra cups.

Fading away after about two minutes, the eyes then gave way to the image of feminine lips. It was painted a bright red color with a glossy shine. Madelynn felt the tendrils in her mouth begin to move and it felt good when her oral cavity was caressed and touched by them. A sweet taste of cherries appeared in her mouth after it was squirted out from the tiny openings in the tendrils. The image of the painted lips puckered in a flirtatious imitation of a kiss. Madelynn's body was sexually stimulated again, but this time is was a little bit stronger than before. Her nipples were not only tickled but licked by tendrils that were self-coated with lubricant. Robotic lips within the mask kissed Madelynn's lips, simulating a actual deep kiss. The bumps on the vaginal and anal dildos began vibrating and moving again.

Next came the image of a beautiful woman's full face, whose eyes and lips appeared previously. Her smooth flowing blonde hair was done in a high pony tail. The sensual woman gave a sultry look and licked her lips sensuously. Acting on its preprogrammed instructions, the breast stimulators, oral stimulators, vaginal and anal dildos began active again with a little bit more intensity than before. Despite not being normally aroused by females, Madelynn's pussy became wet now from the mechanical stimulation. That was picked up by one of many of the machine's biosensors and was carefully recorded by the associated computer system along with the other actions from the teen girl's body.

The view was zoomed out, revealing the whole perfectly-curved body of the woman. Behind her was a subtle background of pink fog. She was dressed a metallic purple strapless mini dress with a lower hemline that barely went pass the crotch and a set of two-inch heel pumps of the same metallic purple color. Her outfit glistened under the off-view light source. She slowly felt up her own body to emphasize her attractive curves and overall sexiness. That view was held for a long moment before the camera zoomed into the areas of the breasts, crotch, thighs, legs, back, shoulders, and the face again. In each of these localized views, Madelynn was sexually stimulated by the external machines in a controlled fashion.

Now there was a voice saying something. At first it was subtle and indistinct, then it became clear that the voice was speaking a series of words that were intended to invade Madelynn subconscious.

"Pleasure... Lesbian... Desire..."

Buried in the various natural openings of Emmas, the sexual stimulators that were slick with lubricants became active again. Her breasts and nipples also were teased, licked, and sucked by the spider-shaped mammary stimulators. Assisted by the drugs, Madelynn was now in sexual heat despite being in a semi-awake state. New words flooded the female teen's ears again, repeated by the same sexy, female voice as before.

"Sapphic... Lust... Girls... Women... Love... Desire..."

The siren dressed in purple began taking off her mini dress. Now clad only in her purple metallic bra, thong, and heels, the woman was joined by another female who was similarly dressed except for the main color of the outfit being metallic red instead of purple. They grinned at each other and moved their lips together for a lustful kiss. Madelynn felt her body being sexually stimulated again. Sexual acts between the lingerie-clad beauties soon followed. Additional words were repeated over the earphones.

"Stop... Investigation... Halt... Investigation... Support... Hecate... Trust... Sarah..."

The two woman rubbed their bodies together on the pink floor as they continued kissing. A bra cup was loosened, and the woman wearing the red lingerie began orally pleasuring the breast of her sex partner. Not stopping it's authoritative messages anytime soon, the sweet, feminine voice continued with its relentless assault on the teen's subconscious mind.

"Desire... Sarah... Desire... Wendy... Sex... Sarah... Lust... Wendy..."

They were now engaged in oral sex, but it didn't involve mutual pleasuring. The red lingerie beauty got on her fours and pulled the lower part of the purple thong aside to lick the pussy of her friend, who was also on fours. Madelynn again received sexual stimulation while being forced to watch this sexual event. More scenes of Sapphic sexual acts appeared with each one usually different that the one preceding it. Throughout all those scenes, the teen girl received constant stimulation of her groin and elsewhere on her body. Eventually, she had her orgasm. It was an act triggered by the specially timed programming of the machine to correspond with the visual of the two women engaging in a classic sixty-nine. During the orgasm, the tendrils pleasuring Madelynn's mouth began squirt liquid, filling her oral cavity with special chemicals, which she instinctively swallowed. At the same moment, the dildos buried in her pussy and ass dispense their loads of chemicals into her body.

Madelynn woke up from the same spot where she had first slept. Her body felt sweaty and her hair was matted. She glanced at the clock on her cell phone. "What?! I've doze off for more than two hours!" The sun had already set and the street lamps were on. Without suspecting anything amiss during the time that she was out, Madelynn quickly got up from the wooden bench and continued her trip home.

Later that evening, an exhausted Madelynn lying on her bed while staring up at the ceiling with focused eyes, thinking about the whole private investigation business. She didn't know why, but Madelynn felt now less motivated to continue the investigation of Sarah's activities and Hecate Corp. She had simply lost the urge. There wasn't much point in investigating to begin with. First of all, Sarah didn't seem to be that bad of a person. Maybe she was just biased against Sarah because of her status and background. She wondered if she's doing this investigation because she's afraid of the possibility that Sarah might replace her as Wendy's best friend. Connecting Hecate Pharmaceutical to Sarah was also ridiculous. Madelynn laughed at herself for concocting this ridiculous scenario of Sarah somehow controlling her Wendy using some mystery drug. A sudden stirring in her pussy stopped her from thinking any further.

A sudden urge to masturbate caused Madelynn to instinctively move a hand to her crotch. She began rubbing her pussy through her pajamas slowly. The feelings of sexual arousal later intensified, so her fingers and reached beneath her pajama pants and white panties to touch her pussy directly. It got moist very quick. She summoned the images of the cute guy in school whom she was interested in and imagined him licking her pussy. A smiled formed on her face as she imagined the scene. Her orgasm was about to happen so she feverishly pumped her fingers faster. Just when Madelynn thought she could climax to the image of the boy of her dreams, the image got replaced with a girl licking her pussy and another girl flicking her tongue on her boobs. She wanted to stop, it was too late for her orgasm was already occurring.

"GAH! What the hell?!" exclaimed Madelynn. "Why am I thinking about girls all of a sudden?!"

After a long day, Wendy finally had some free time. It was a special, private night for Wendy: Sarah had allowed her to masturbate freely for that single night, which was what Wendy felt a much needed break from the girl-obsessed training. Wendy felt that this would help reassert her heterosexuality. She had already stripped down to her white satin bra and panties, one of the many gifts from Sarah, who told her not to wear plain cotton panties anymore. Grabbing a pink dildo, Wendy began teasing her pussy. It wasn't long before she inserted the dildo through the love petals. As usual, Wendy didn't let it go all the way in because she didn't want to break her hymen. She wanted to save it for her future boyfriend, hopefully Daniel.

The brow of Wendy's closed eyes furrowed in disappointment when she had a difficult time imagining Daniel doing sexual things to her and vice versa. Every time she tried imagining Daniel kissing her on the lips, embracing her, kissing her breasts, fucking her, or doing something else, the figure of Daniel would often transform into a female. Sometimes the female would be Sarah and sometimes it would be one of the female pornstars she had watched from the videos. Despite not being into girls, she found herself aroused by the mental images that she saw. It was difficult to maintain a heterosexual scene in her mind. Even when did managed to hold onto the scene involving her and Daniel for a while, girls would join eventually join them. They would all descend onto her and push Daniel out of the way. Those mental images aroused and repulsed her at the same time. It had been a problem since she first began her training under Sarah, and Wendy had developed somewhat of a tolerance for it. She knew that she was pretending to be a lesbian only to attract Daniel's attention and hopefully win his heart, but at the same time she felt that the boundaries between her Sapphic persona and her real self and had been blurred, and she didn't want that to happen.

"I can't let this go any further," thought Wendy as she continued masturbating, totally unaware of the fact that she had already gone further by licking Sarah's pussy a day ago, and it wasn't even of her own accord.

Conflicting thoughts entered Wendy's mind. One one had she wanted to win Daniel's heart with Sarah's plan, but on the other hand she didn't want to go too deep. She was afraid that she would become a real lesbian, but she also realized that she had increasingly greater difficulty asserting herself in front of Sarah. It was strange that Sarah's words often seemed to agreeable to her. There was this strange, undeniable truth in what Sarah had said. On top of that, she didn't know why she was starting to enjoy some of the stuff they were doing together. Was she losing control of herself? Wendy countered that thought by considering the activities involving her and Sarah to be only friendly and educational, and not sexual in anyway in spite of them being sexual in nature. She also found comfort in the false assumption that she had not gone muff diving as Sarah had directed, totally unaware of her memory blackout on that day.

"At least I was able to draw the line somewhere."

Unbeknownst to Wendy, that statement was far from the truth. With much effort, Wendy managed to make the image of Daniel stay in her mind long enough for her to orgasm without interference of Sapphic thoughts. She panted as the tide of the orgasm began to recede. "Daniel... Daniel...," repeated Wendy. She brought the fingers that had been in her pussy to her lips and sucked on them, a routine that she had developed under Sarah's intensive training.

With her clothes taken off, Madelynn began showering the next morning. Her wet body sparkled from the droplets of water on her skin under the morning rays of the sun from the bathroom window. As she applied soap and began scrubbing her body, a sudden feeling of arousal surprised her. She couldn't understand why she was suddenly feeling aroused. At first resisting the feeling of sexual need, but eventually failing to contain it, Madelynn's hand reach down to her clit to stroke it gently. The temperature of her body had increased noticeably as her nipples dilated in size to become pointy tips that were ready to be sucked. Dropping her scrubber, Madelynn's other hand touched a breast. She couldn't resist moaning sexually in pleasure, but her socially-ingrained modesty forced her to suppress the volume of the moans. She kneaded her breasts as two of her fingers worked on her clit, going past their middle knuckles. Despite being in heat, she knew that she was going to be late for school if she stayed too long in the shower so she quickly worked herself towards an orgasm. She closed her eyes to relish every feeling of it when it happened.

There was still about fifteen minutes before the morning bell rang, and Madelynn was within two blocks away from school, walking at a leisurely place. She was completely unaware that she was being watched by an unseen observer. Sitting inside her obsidian-colored vehicle, Elena held up her binoculars and observed the brunette-haired teen teen walking to school as she had done for the past few days. She smiled at the noticeable changes that she observed on the girl. This job was starting to become very enjoyable for Elena.

Sarah met up with Wendy at lunch and told her about her busy schedule in afternoon and won't be available to train Wendy. In order to not waste a day of training, Sarah gave Wendy a special assignment in which she dubbed "self-training". All of the materials to the assignment was contained in a small leather bag. She told Wendy not to opened the bag until Wendy got home, for obvious reasons.

"Sarah, what if I do the assignment wrong?"

"Then I'll punish you, of course!"

After getting a reaction from Wendy, Sarah then added, "Just kidding! It's very hard to do the assignment wrong, and you're a smart girl."

"What about tomorrow?"

"Unless another thing comes up, we'll go back to your usual training. Also, I'll be leaving at the end of six period so I can't give you a ride home."

"It's okay. I can still take the bus."

The bell rang.

"Oh, and..." Sarah give Wendy a quick peck on the lips. "... have fun with the assignment! See you tomorrow!"

"See ya." Wendy hoped no one saw that brief kiss.

Madelynn quickly retreated around the corner from the scene that she had just saw. It came as a shock to her because she had never imagined Sarah and Wendy kissing. While she knew about the rumors regarding Sarah of her interest in girls, she never thought Wendy was like that too. Didn't Wendy said to her before that she was interested in Daniel? A sudden feeling came to her. She felt that she was suppose to be doing something important but couldn't remember what. Not wanting to get noticed by them, she dropped the matter for now and quickly walked down the stairs.

The feeling of sexual need came to Madelynn unexpectedly again. She felt a strong urge to masturbate suddenly in class, but there was about another half-hour remaining. With a lot effort and willpower, she managed to make it through. Right after the bell rang, she made a dash to the girl's restroom and went to a stall. Loosening her belt, she then pulled down her jeans and quickly reached inside her light blue panties to begin stroking.

"Ughh... Ughhh... Ahhhh..."

She couldn't remember feeling this horny in school before. Her body felt like it was on fire. After several minutes of moaning, gasping, and thrusting with her fingers, she came, much to her relief. There was only about a minute left before the bell of the next period rang, so she quickly cleaned herself, washed her hands, and left. She knew she wouldn't be able to make it on time anyway, but being a minute late is better than being two minutes late.

After school at the library, Madelynn was punching some numbers in her calculator for a math problem. The scene of Sarah kissing Wendy came back to haunt her. It triggered something in her mind. She then suddenly remembered that she was supposed to be investigating Sarah and Hecate Corp, but why was she also feeling like she would rather be doing something else like homework? Thinking about yesterday, Madelynn tried to recall the details, but it was hard. She remembered a name: Andy. Of course, Andy! That guy told her that Hecate... Hecate? Isn't that just a pharmaceutical company that makes life-saving drugs? No, there's more to it than that. More memories came flooding back. Yes, she remembered them now. She needed to continue the investigation now! Deciding to postpone the homework for later, Madelynn reached into her backpack, hoping to find the piece of paper where she had written some names, addresses, and phone numbers. She eventually found it hidden behind some papers in the pocket of her binder. The name Dr. Douglas was circled in red. She remembered reading an article about him and could somewhat recall what he looked like based on the picture that accompanied that article. He was one of the few top scientists who had quit Hecate recently. Because he was a rather famous researcher, people asked him why he had quit, but he was mute on the reasons for his departure. Madelynn remembered calling him several times, but getting only a voice message in response.

By chance, Dr. Douglas lived within the city, at least according to the most recent address she could find. Deciding to postpone homework for later, Madelynn made a decision to take a trip down to Dr. Douglas' home and hoped that he was willing to talk with her about what he knew regarding Hecate Corp's activities. After about a half-hour bus ride and walking two blocks, she reached the three-unit apartment building where he resided. She the pressed the doorbell several times and no one responded. By coincidence, an elderly lady who happened to live in the same apartment building came back after doing some grocery shopping.

"Hello, young lady. Are you looking for someone?"

"Yes, do you know about Dr. Douglas who lives here?"

"Dr. Douglas? The guy who lives in apartment number two?"

Madelynn nodded her head.

"Unfortunately, you're a bit too late. The ambulance came for him last night. I heard it was some medical problem."

A feeling of disappointment washed over Madelynn. "I hope he's going to be alright."

"I hope so too."

"Thanks anyway for the help. Have a great evening, ma'am."

"You too, sweetie!"

As Madelynn walked away, the old lady flashed a wicked grin as she quick dialed a number on her cell phone.

After going back home Madelynn wondered who else she could try to contact. The other people on her list seemed to be just as elusive as Dr. Douglas. However, she now realized it was strange that so many of the people involved with Hecate were so reclusive. The few who were willing to talk with her knew very little. She was encountering a roadblock and wondered what to do next. The more she wondered, the more her thoughts began to conflict each other. One side told her to stop and give up this worthless pursuit while the other side to her continue for the sake of her best friend Wendy. Another thought came to her: Sarah might also be a victim in all of this, along with Wendy. Madelynn sighed. There's no use thinking any further at this point without new evidence.

Wendy was sitting on her bed at home. She looked at the black leather bag which Sarah had given her early that afternoon and opened it. In it were instructions for the assignment, a single DVD, a translucent pink jelly double dildo that was slightly ribbed. Wendy wondered why Sarah had given her the double dildo. She already had three that were all given to her by Sarah. Dropping that issue, Wendy began reading the instructions.

It was a rather detailed assignment. Wendy had to write a detailed summary of the video and answer a bunch of questions. For the questions, Wendy was required to list the names of the pornstars she masturbated to, mention the specific moments and details of the scenes that made her hot, write descriptions of how the girls looked like, explain why she was aroused, choose the most attractive girl from video, what she learned from the show, and so on. The part that Wendy didn't like was the use of the double dildo. There was a strong Sapphic connotation that she found difficult to ignore. For some reason, she felt that the assignment would be easier if Sarah was helping her.

Following the instructions, Wendy stripped herself until she was completely naked before starting the video. She kept the pink double dildo and clipboard with the questions by her side, ready to use them at the appropriate moments. As with the other dildos that were gifted from Sarah, this one also had the strange, sweet wonderful smell.

A brunette-haired girl was lying languidly on her belly in a bed with purple satin bed sheets. Her legs were bent back and moving in a playful manner. The frame of the wooden bed was white, which was the same color as the rest of the wooden furniture in the bedroom, while the walls of the room was colored a smooth pink. Together they gave the scene a bright, cheerful atmosphere. Staring cheerfully at the camera, the girl began speaking as she playfully tugged the straps to her white satin babydoll nightie that wore over her pink satin bra and panties.

"Hi, my name is Samantha, and I'm lesbian. I used to like guys, but now I know better."

Samantha flashed a pleasant smile.

"You must be watching this video because you're curious about lesbianism."

"Are you curious about girls, but still afraid to go deeper after those brief experiments with your friend?"

"Ever looked at a girl's body and noticed her curves, the size of her bust, and the shape of her ass, and suddenly having strange, funny feelings?

"Have you fantasized about girl-on-girl sex or are you having a difficult time pleasuring yourself without thinking about girls?"

The girl on the bed giggled.

"Do you want to be in a relationship with someone who always understands your emotional and sexual feelings?"

"Are you having a bad run of boyfriends and want to try something new?"

"If you say 'yes' to any of the previous questions, then you should continue watching this show."

She could say yes to two of Samantha's questions, but that doesn't necessarily make her curious about lesbianism, does it? Wendy wondered. It was simply an assignment and Wendy tried to think about the video from an objective view.

Gradually, the scene faded out and was replaced by a background of red and pink roses overlaid with the words, "The Breakup", which was the title of the upcoming skit.

A blonde-haired teen girl, played by Alice, was crying on a metal bench. Behind her was a chain link fence and some trees. The friend of the crying girl, played by Samantha, suddenly walked by and sat down right next to her friend, patting her on the back.

"There, there, don't cry. It's not end of the world."

Alice sobbed a bit louder in response.

"What happened? I thought you and John had it going well."

Her friend then began recounting the events that led to the breakup...

Alice and John were having sex in the back of John's car. The guy was pumping her at high speed while kissing her and groping her breasts like a slob.

When the kiss broke, Alice said, "John, can you please be gentler?"

"But it makes me feel good. Aren't you happy that you're making me happy?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"By the way, can you moan louder and be more active? It feels like I'm fucking a dead fish."

One day later...

Alice wrapped her arms around John and sobbed.

"What's wrong?"

"My grandma passed away."

"People die all the time. Your grandma was eventually going to kick the bucket sooner or later."

Two days later...

"John, I saw you walking with another girl this morning."

"You did? Well, she's just my friend."

"But I saw her wrap her arms around you and kissing you!"

"Ummm....Hmmmm... Let's break up!"


Back to the present...

"Your ex is an immature and selfish asshole," commented Samantha, "just like all the other men in the world!"

Samantha hugged Alice and continued whispering comforting words to her friend's ears.

"Don't worry, you find someone else who truly loves you one day."


"Yes. For now, just relax and think about something else."

That was the end of the first part. The second part that came up next was titled, "Consolation".

The two girls were sitting next to each other on a bench in the front porch of Alice's home. Alice was still in her dejected state with her friend Samantha trying to cheer her up as usual.

"Alice, you've been like this for days."

"I can't stop thinking about him."

"You need to, Alice."

"It's hard."

"I know, but that doesn't me you stop trying."

"But, it's hard."

"Alice, there's more to the world than just guys."

Alice responded only with a murmur.

"Oh, I know. Let's go to someplace fun."

Samantha tickled Alice, and that forced her to laugh. Eventually, Samantha managed to get Alice out of her house and into her car. Together they went to an amusement park and had lots of fun. At the end of the day, Alice was in a generally happy mood.

"Thanks, Samantha. You're the best." Alice hugged Samantha.

"Anything for my best friend," replied Samantha as she hugged Alice back.

That concluded the second part of the skit. The third and last part, "New Beginning", immediately followed.

Alice and Samantha were walking together along a beach in the late afternoon. The sun was near the horizon, and the sky was colored with brilliant colors of orange, red, purple, and gray.

"You were always there for me, Samantha," said Alice. "I wish my future boyfriend would be just like you."

"It doesn't have to be a guy, Alice."

"What do you mean?"

They both stopped walking and stared at each other.

Samantha wrapped her arms around Alice, who continued staring at her dumbly without reacting. Alice saw Samantha's lips coming slowly towards her own. Despite considering herself completely straight, Alice didn't put up much of a resistance when Samantha continued with the kiss. The scene ended with them in a tight embrace while kissing each other deeply.

While watching those girls kiss, Wendy lightly stroked her pussy with the pink double dildo, following Sarah's written instructions. For a brief moment, Wendy imagined herself and Sarah kissing each other on the beach during sunset.

The show went back to the scene with Samantha lying down on the bed in the pink bedroom, but she was joined by her girlfriend Alice who wore the same outfit as Samantha except that the colors were different. They were both smiling at the camera.

"I love happy endings, don't you?," asked Samantha cheerfully as she looked at Alice.

"I do," replied Alice as she gave Samantha one quick kiss on the lips.

"And if you're still not convinced, then continue watching the next part of the show," added Alice.

Venus and Mars symbols flew across the screen. The title "Lesbian Sex Vs. Straight Sex" scrolled from right to left and centered into view.

It first showed a typical missionary-style sex scene involving a man and a woman. The woman and the man were grimacing as if in pain during the act. After having his own climax, the man simply walked away leaving the woman disappointed because she was still a long way from cumming. That was followed a lesbian sex scene between the two girls Alice and Samantha. From the sounds that they were making during their tribbing, it was obvious that both of them were enjoying the sex very much. They climaxed simultaneously and then gave each other enthusiastic French kisses. More straight sex scenes involving different positions and styles were shown, and the closest lesbian equivalent of the act was shown for comparison. The scenes were all brief. Not knowing why, Wendy felt that there was some truth to the message that those girls in the video were trying to get across: women are more gentle, understanding, and passionate during sex while men were sexual simpletons interested only in satisfying themselves.

Wendy stroked herself many times during the sex scenes that involved Samantha and Alice having sex together, but stopped short of climaxing, following Sarah's instructions to the letter. It wasn't just simple stroking, she actively played with her own body, trying the match the intensity of the sex acts that she was watching. Not only did Wendy stroke her pussy with the pink jelly double dildo, but she also sucked on one end of the toy, gagging on it a few times before finally getting it right. The dildo was also rubbed on her hardened nipples. In a sudden thought that came to her, she wonder what it felt like to share the other end of the pink dildo with another girl, but quickly chased away the unsavory imagination. Wendy felt like she was in a roller coaster of emotions: sometimes she would be highly aroused by the girl-on-girl scenes and sometimes she felt very repulsed by them. She had to keep reminding herself that she wasn't enjoying this.

The last part of the video was titled "The ABCs of Lesbian Sex". There was going to be a protracted lesbian sex act starting with the kiss. It reminded Wendy of what she had been doing with Sarah for the past few weeks. Against her will, Wendy's pussy tingled at the thoughts of what might happen later on in the film. The two teenage girls Samantha and Alice were back at the pink bedroom again, lying on their bellies at the same white satin sheet covered bed.

"If you're still watching this right now, that means you're on your way to becoming a lesbian," said Samantha.

Wendy objected to that statement. She was only doing this as an assignment and not necessarily because she was sexually interested in girls.

Alice spoke next, "You might be objecting to this, but Samantha's right. There's no reason to continue watching this unless you're interested in becoming a lesbian. Regardless of what you think, you can't overcome the feelings that you're having right now."

For some strange reason, what Alice and Samantha had just said seemed reasonable. But then there was a sudden thought that countered that. "Wait, why do I feel like I'm agreeing with what they're saying?" questioned Wendy.

Samantha and Alice then both stood up on their knees in the bed, revealing more of their satin babydoll nighties and the satin underwear they wore beneath. Wendy now knew why she was agreeing their statements: she was feeling aroused by the sight of them! Even as she was questioning herself, her eyes unconsciously traced the contours of their bodies, noticing the shape and size of their breasts and asses, wondering if they've shaved their pussies like she had, wondering what their lips taste and feel like, and wondering what their breasts would feel in her hands.

"Oh no! I've to stop thinking about them in that way!" But Wendy wasn't unable to stop. Something encouraged her to continue her sexual imagination. In her mind, she could see Samantha and Alice by her side in the same bed that she was now sitting on and licking her breasts. Later Wendy visualized Samantha was kissing her on the lips deeply as she laid down on the bed while Alice licked her hairless pussy. Wendy shook her head, trying to clear the dirty thoughts. It seemed to work, but she found herself focusing back at the girls in the video and looking at them in a sexual way, despite her conscious efforts to deny it.

"Having lesbian sex isn't that difficult. While there are many ways to have sex with a girl, maximizing enjoyment requires some effort." Samantha's voice was crisp, clear, and sweet.

She continued, "The first thing you want to do is to set the mood. One way to do it is to make the surrounding environment beautiful. Pleasant surroundings can enhance your mood during sex. As you can see, this room has no clutter and the colors of the walls and furniture blend well together."

Alice smiled and faced the direction of the camera. "The clothing of you and your partner can also set the mood. Right now, we're wearing lingerie to enhance our sex appeal. It's very helpful in spicing up our sexual experience."

"We usually start things off with a kiss." Samantha walked on her knees closer to Alice in the bed. "However, there's no rule saying that we can't take our clothes off before that. You and your female partner can do it any order you want."

Samantha and Alice stared at each other lovingly in the eyes as they took off each other's babydoll nighties, revealing the silky satin lingerie that they wore beneath in more detail. They felt each other's bodies as they did so. Their fingers interlocked as their glossy pink lips move together for a delicious kiss. Instead of immediately escalating it to a French kiss, they separated their lips and extended their tongues out into air, making their tongue wrestling visible to the audience. As Wendy was watching this, she rubbed and lightly penetrated one end of the pink jelly double dildo into her wet pussy.

Their lips moved close together again, hiding the tongue wrestling action from view. They French kissed for real now as they embraced each other as lovers typically do. Wendy remembered the recent mornings where she had done the same thing with Sarah. She could imagine Sarah's tongue stabbing into her mouth right now and tasting the sweetness of her lipstick as she embrace her intimately.

Wendy felt her mind was running out of control. "Uggh! Stop thinking like this, Wendy!" Even as she was saying this, she was still rubbing the pink double dildo on her moist clit.

"There are many other places to kiss besides the lips," said Alice as she kissed and dragged her tongue on Samantha's face, cheek, and ear. "However, there may be times when you want to just jump into more intimate action."

One of the straps of Samantha's pink satin bra was loosened, revealing a sizeable breast. Its protruding pink nipple left no doubts about her sexual arousal. Alice's glossy pink lips moved downward to close on the nipple, causing her girlfriend to gasp in pleasure as she felt them being sucked. Samantha cradled her arms around Alice's upper body, holding her like a newborn.

Images of herself doing the same thing to Sarah flashed in Wendy's mind, and she tried to suppress the thought again. "No, I'm not suppose to have these kinds of thoughts. What am I feeling this way?!"

Wanting to stop this now, Wendy's hand immediately went for the remote to stop the video, but found her thumb motionless above the stop button. "Why can't I stop! I do I have to keep watching?!" She dropped the remote control. It landed softly near the edge of her bed. Her hand continued grasping on the double dildo and gently moving it in and out of her pussy.

Samantha's bra was completely off now as Alice moved to sucking on the other breast after being finished with the first one. Alice wrapped her arms gently around the small of Samantha's back as Samantha closed her eyes and slowly laid backwards on the bed as she continued kissing the other parts of her body.

Alice stopped kissing momentarily to give another tip, "Foreplay can enhance your overall sexual experience. The longer the foreplay, the more satisfying your orgasm will be.

Eventually the Alice's gentle kisses reached to the area between Samantha's thighs. Alice then kissed the pink satin panties. Near the central area, she applied some pressure to the kiss, hoping that it was enough to stimulate Samantha's clit. The camera switched the view momentarily to Samantha's face, who was smiling and licking her lips in delight, before returning back to the scene of action. A few days ago, Wendy was doing the same exact thing with Sarah, she remembered. Seeing Alice pulling down Samantha's panties slowly, Wendy knew what Alice was about to do. A feeling of revulsion came to her. She tried to pick up the remote to stop the video, but found herself unable to carry on with the action. A wave of curiosity and arousal washed over Wendy again as she continued watching the erotic scene that was about to unfold.

After the pink panties were taken off, Alice put her face close to Samantha's hairless pussy and inhaled deeply, relishing its wonderfully sweet smell. Alice didn't begin licking immediately, though, for she wanted to prolong the foreplay by kissing the sides of Samantha's thighs. Her lips then hovered a close distance above Samantha's pussy.

"What I'm about to do on her is cunnilingus, also known as oral sex, muff diving, carpet munching, and pussy licking. It looks simple, but it requires effort to please your partner."

The camera then panned to Samantha's face. "Even though I'm going to receive most of the pleasure, I still have to express enjoyment and acknowledge what Alice is doing to me by moaning, moving my body, and touching her. Remember, sex is a two-way activity."

Right after saying those words, Alice succulent lips dived onto Samantha's pussy and began the process of eating her girlfriend out. Wendy felt revulsion again. Never could she imagine herself doing this to a girl. Nevertheless, Wendy resumed masturbating herself with the pink double dildo. Fear crept into her when she felt continual arousal while watching the oral sex act. While these feelings have occurred before, they seemed to be more intense now. Wendy kept telling herself that she was doing this only for the assignment and shouldn't be enjoying this.

When Samantha reached her climax, she came loudly, and Alice kept her mouth on Samantha's box until it ended. Following Sarah's instructions to orgasm at such moments, Wendy quickly worked herself to a climax with the pink jelly double dildo. She soon came, and her moans complemented the sounds that Samantha made in pleasure. Slowly, Alice crawled forward in the bed to the front and gave her girlfriend a deep kiss, sharing the pussy juice that she had just consumed. With her eyes still looking at the kissing couple in the video, Wendy panted after her own sexual climax. The double dildo was released from her hands. A light sheen of sweat was visible on Wendy's young body.

Glancing at the wall clock, Wendy noticed that it was quarter past eleven. There was still about thirty minutes remaining in the video. She sighed, realizing that it was going to be a long, but hot night.

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