Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 5)

Wendy forced herself to watch the remaining half-hour of the video, or at least that's what she thought. Samantha and Alice were currently kissing each other after engaging in heated oral sex. It was a slow, but sensual kiss. The camera zoomed into their faces to get closer to the action, and the glossy pink lips of the two girls filled most of the screen. It was a good time to write down the answers to some of the questions of the assignment, but Wendy didn't get very far. Her eyes kept focusing back on the view of the two girls kissing. With a great force of effort, she managed to pressed the pause button on the remote.

Holding a clipboard on her lap containing the question sheets, Wendy began filling in the answers. She barely finished the first page of the questions when a nagging feeling to continue watching the video struck her. Her eyes drifted to the frozen image of Samantha and Alice engaging in a tight lip lock on the television screen. Not being able to resist the temptation anymore, her right hand drifted to the remote and pressed a button to resume the action. Her other hand gripped the pink jelly double dildo, waiting for the next moment to use it again.

Samantha broke the kiss with Alice and reached over to the nightstand near the bed to grab the jelly double dildo that was sitting on a small white satin cushion. It was virtually identical to the one Wendy was currently holding except that it was see-through blue in color. The camera zoomed into the blue dildo that Samantha was holding and presenting. It panned along it's length, revealing the color, texture, and other details of the sex toy to the audience. Once the view of the camera reached the end of the dildo, Samantha kissed the tip of blue toy and winked at the camera.

"This is a double dildo. It's one of the many sex toys that lesbians can use to pleasure each other. There are several ways to use it, one of which we will now demonstrate."

The two girls sat crossed-legged in the bed while facing each other. Holding the double dildo with one hand, Samantha raised it up to her opened mouth and then sucked on it. She did so without the slightest hint of gagging. Alice did the same with the other end of the translucent blue sex toy. The dildo now connected their mouths and they sucked on both of its flexible ends, pleasuring the dildo as if it was a real cock. Despite being orally occupied, they managed to emit moans, though they were muffled.

"Mmmmmmphfffff... Mmmmmmmmpfffff..."

Wendy found herself getting wet at what they're doing. She raised the pink double and sucked on it, trying to mimic the action that she saw on screen. Unconsciously, she applied repeated pressure on her own breasts with her other hand. She was now doing stifled moans like the girls in the video. Prickles of pleasurable feelings assaulted her whenever the two girls touched each other.

Alice raised her free hand first to touch Samantha's breast, touching its hard nipple and squeezing it. However, Samantha responded differently by gently caressing Alice's tummy. She soon reached further to touch the small of Alice's back before going further down to grab her ass. Alice responded to the touching from her girlfriend with more muffled moans and gyrating her hips. This caused her butt to occasionally rise an inch or two above the bed, making it even easier for Samantha to reach her hand with underneath to grab it.

Samantha's and Alice's eyes never left each others during the dildo sucking. They were drawn to their infinite depths, just as they were drawn to each other during the day they realized their feelings for each other went beyond that of friendship. Minutes of sucking made the dildo slick with saliva, making it lubricated enough for use in their next step. But before they did that, the two girls made a demonstration of another sexual technique. The girls first pulled the dildo out from their mouths.

"Tribadism or tribbing is a method to simultaneously simulate the pussies of you and your partner. It's one way to have sex with your girlfriend if toys aren't preferred or available." Samantha placed the dildo back on the cushion for now.

Hearing that was enough make Wendy contort her face in disgust. Never would she imagine herself doing this with another girl. It was simply too gross and beyond what she could tolerate. Despite having those mental rejections, she was subconsciously becoming aroused by the scene and before she knew it, her hand move the tip of the dildo on her clit and rubbed it like she had done previously.

Smiling at the camera and then at each other, the two girls uncrossed their legs and then spread them outward in a rough V-shape. Their knees rose, bending their legs slightly. They then scissored their legs together: Samantha's right leg went over Alice's right leg and vice versa. They moved until their pussies touched. The gasping sounds they made signaled when it occurred. Slowly they grind their wet crotches together. Moans and mews of excitement soon filled the room. They pulled on each others arms to press their pussies tighter together. Samantha raised the double dildo back between their lips so that they could both suck on its ends again, coating the toy with even more saliva. The two girls intended for the tribbing to be just a demonstration, so they didn't orgasm from it, saving it for the final scene instead.

"Tribbing is fun, but if you and your partner are in the mood for a sex toy, you can get one like this." Samantha held up the dildo again. "Toys aren't necessary for sex, but they can spice up your sexual experience."

Wendy's eyes strayed from the screen for a moment to look at the pink toy she was currently holding. "This is a... lesbian sex toy. I hope Sarah won't make me use it on her." Even as Wendy was thinking this she briefly imagined herself and Sarah sucking on the ends of a pink double dildo. She shook her head to clear the unwanted thought.

Samantha released the dildo from her mouth and rubbed on Alice's breasts and between them. With the dildo out of their mouths, their moans were louder and more distinct now. Their hands went on each others shoulders for support and to keep their pussies in close contact. Unable to resist the urge, Alice arched her body forward to kiss Samantha deeply, momentarily trapping the blue dildo between two sets of breasts.

"Uhhh... Uhhhh... Ahhh..."

Eventually, they disentangled themselves in preparation for the final act.

"We will now show you another way to use the dildo."

Samantha got up on her knees, lowered the lubricated blue jelly double dildo beneath her pussy, and slowly began to slide it in. The camera zoomed into the area between her legs, showing more details of the action. Inch-by-inch, Samantha's pink-nailed fingers gently pushed the sex toy in. Its shiny surface glistened from the wetness of the girls' saliva. Light shining through the flexible toy created some optical effects made more evident under the close view of the camera. After half of the dildo was inserted, it hanged and wriggled between Samantha's legs like a large serpentine phallus. She moved close to her girlfriend and straddled her again. Like during their previous tribbing, they scissored their legs. Once their pussies were close enough, Alice grabbed the other half of the dildo and slowly slid into her own pussy, assisted by Samantha. Only a small part of the translucent blue dildo was visible afterwards.

"With a sex toy, direct pussy-to-pussy contact isn't necessary for sexual stimulation," said Samantha, who then moved her hips forward for the initial thrust, earning a slight gasp from Alice.

Unable to tear her eyes away from the screen while pleasuring herself with the dildo, Wendy kept repeating to herself, "I'm not a lesbian. I shouldn't be aroused by this..."

Alice thrust her hips forward, pushing back the dildo into Samantha's pussy. The two girls repeated this same action over and over again, starting a slow tempo and then gradually increasing the rate of the back-and-forth thrusts. Their moans and grunts also increased as time passed. A small part of the dildo would disappear and reappear during every stroke. They held onto each others hands, interlocked their fingers together, and pulled. As they leaned backwards to force the double dildo deeper into each other, their hips rose slightly from the bed. Their breaths were now audible from constant, strenuous action. Samantha and Alice moaned loudly in pleasure as they threw their heads backward, tossing their hair in wide arcs. Light scintillated between the loose strands of their smooth-flowing hair.

Wendy couldn't resist the erotic feelings that were assaulting her right now. She worked the pink dildo faster and faster on her pussy. The other end of the long sex toy bounced and wriggled vigorously. Soft moans and gasps escaped her soft, pink lips.

Samantha and Alice rose back from their backward leaning positions and pulled their upper bodies close together. Their hardened nipples touched first, followed by their well-endowed chests. They wrapped their arms around each other and engaged in a tight lip lock. This action caused their hips to separate a short distance, revealing a larger middle section of the double dildo to the view of the camera. It was slick and shiny from natural lubrication, making seem as if it was alive.

The lip lock turned into another deep tongue kiss. The two girls could never kiss each other enough. To keep as much of dildo into their pussies as possible, they kept pushing their hips together. Many times it was so close that their pussy lips touched, thereby almost completely hiding the blue sex toy from view.

Unexpectedly, Sapphic imagery flashed in Wendy's mind. She was starting to lose the will to fight these sudden thoughts, wanting more and more to just let them be instead. A mental image of Sarah's lips brushing against hers appeared. It seemed so real that she could taste Sarah's lipstick and feel the warmth of her body. Sarah was wrapping her arms around her and hugging tightly. Then it stopped. Wendy found herself looking at the porno movie again, and currently Samantha and Alice was still fucking each other with the dildo.

Just when Wendy thought that it had ended, more images flowed into her mind. Sarah was engaging in a deep French kiss with her while Madelynn hugged her from behind. Madelynn's lips parted and her tongue snaked out to lick Wendy's ear while her hands squeeze Wendy's naked breasts. Why was she imagining her best friend doing sexual things to her? No! She shouldn't be imagining these kinds of things. It's going to far. Wendy tried chasing away the impure thought, only to have it come back stronger. She then saw in her mind Madelynn suckling on her breasts while Madelynn pumped her own pussy with her fingers. Hating herself for having these kinds of thoughts, Wendy dropped the pink dildo and pressed her hands to her head.

"Stop! Stop this!" exclaimed Wendy.

As if responding to her command, those thoughts stopped but her arousal didn't. She found her eyes focusing back on the television screen again. Unconsciously, she picked up the dildo again. Wendy didn't realize that she was holding the dildo until she was pleasuring herself with it. It seemed as if her hand had a mind of its own.

Wendy wanted to stop masturbating and fast forward the video to the end, knowing that action will basically be the same, but there was some unknown resistance against that thought. "Why can't I stop?!"

The two girls in the video broke the kiss. Samantha turned to the camera and said, "Just go with your feelings. Don't resist them. You'll be a lot happier if you stay true to yourself."

"Uggh!" grunted Wendy as she continued stroking her pussy.

Not sticking with the same act, Samantha and Alice change their position. Taking the dominant position, Samantha got on her knees and slowly leaned forward while Alice slowly leaned backwards in the bed. Alice wrapped her shapely legs around her girlfriend's thighs as Samantha worked the dildo on both of their pussies by continuously moving her hips up and down. They were panting heavily from their sexual exertion. The view of the camera later zoomed to their pussies, showing in detail parts of their thighs, ass, the double dildo connecting the intimate parts of the two girls vertically. Wendy unconsciously licked her lips at the sight.

There was no stopping for Wendy. She was starting to feel tired, but she had to go on. Her hands kept working on her breasts and the dildo. She had to pause frequently so as to not go over the edge too early. She really wanted to cum. The minutes that remained in the video seemed like hours. Finally, Alice let out a cry. Her body shuddered and her toes curled. She just had an orgasm. Samantha slowed down her thrusting. Eventually, she came too and let out her own cry of sexual release. They writhed together in bed and gave each other one last kiss. Samantha sat back up in the bed, followed by Alice.

As close as she could time it with the girls' orgasms in the video, Wendy released her floodgates. It was an earth-shattering orgasm. She couldn't help but emit a cry of release. Panting heavily, she dropped the dildo on the bed and wanted to lay back, but she still had to watch the few minutes that remained.

Samantha brushed some hair from her face. "What we've shown you is just one way girls can have sex with each other. There are many other ways to have fun with your female partner."

"Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination and..." Alice picked up the blue dildo that they had just used. "... maybe some toys."

"We hope you've enjoyed the show. See you next time. Bye!" Samantha gave an air kiss in direction of the camera. The two girls waved their hands and the scene fades out to a black color. Credits began rolling.

Wendy gave a sigh of relief, but her night wasn't over yet. She still had to complete the written portion of Sarah's assignment. After cleaning herself up, she picked up the assignment sheets and went to her desk.

It was early morning of the following day. The sky was partially cloudy and the weather was cool. Madelynn enjoyed the freshness of the morning air. She currently had three blocks to walk before reaching school. While maintaining a casual walking pace, her thoughts drifted to the investigation again and why she was feeling like she was losing the desire to continue. "Strange, why do I feel like giving up this whole thing?" thought the female teen, "and why do I feel like I trust Sarah now?" Thoughts and emotions conflicted in her head and she couldn't understand why. A sudden honk of a horn interrupted her thinking. She turned her head to her left and saw a sleek, black vehicle. Its side window that was to the right of the driver's seat rolled down and Madelynn noticed that the driver was a goth chick, who was smiling at her.

"Hey, Madelynn, catch!" Elena throws a small blue pouch towards Madelynn, who caught quickly caught it without flinching.

"Open it," said Elena before she drove off.

"Who is she? I don't even know her," wondered Madelynn.

Curious, Madelynn quickly untied the strings to the pouch and noticed that there was a small USB drive that was about the size of a pack of gum and a folded note. She opened note that read, "Look at the pictures. You'll love them! XOXO, Elena."

After trudging through a slow, boring school day, Madelynn finally got back to her home. She connected the USB stick to her computer and viewed the contents. She gasped in shock. Those were all naked pictures of herself in sexually compromising positions! Someone had dressed her in lingerie and posed her for these pictures. Most were solo pictures, but there were some that involved second girl whose face she couldn't recognize. The way the those pictures were photographed make it seem as if she was enjoying it. Most disgusting to her of all were the pictures involving her and another girl. It appeared as if she was willingly kissing another girl, licking her boobs, and kissing her ass.

"How did this happen!? I don't remember having been photographed!"

Then it hit Madelynn. "Oh no! It must've happened during the two hours I was out that night! I must've been drugged somehow!"

In addition to the pictures, there was text file within the USB drive. In it was a very brief message that read, "Come to Greenhill Cafe tonight at six."

Madelynn's mind went into overdrive as she tried to think of a way to handle this. "This is blackmail! What am I going to do? If she shows those pictures, I'll be ruined!"

She pulled her hair in frustration. There wasn't much time for her to think. In fact, there wasn't much more to think. There was no other option other than to go to the cafe.

It was dimly lit, but classy looking place. Madelynn had walked by the place many times but never actually went in. This was the first time she had stepped into Greenhill Cafe. There was about a dozen people in the cafe at the moment. She looked around nervously, wondering if her blackmailer had arrived yet. Suddenly, she heard some footsteps coming from behind her. Madelynn quickly turned around and recognize the girl standing in front of her right as the same person who gave her the pouch in the morning.

"Good evening, Madelynn."

"G-good evening."

Elena ordered two drinks. They sat at a table near the window. The goth girl took a sip from the glass.

"Do you know why you're here?"

"The pictures."

"What about them?"

"Please don't show them."

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Because... it's just bad. You can't show them to anyone! Please!"

"And what do you offer in return?"

"I... don't know. What do you want from me?"


"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean."

Madelynn thought for bit, remembered the content of the pictures, and realized what she meant.

"But I'm not that way. I'm-"

Elena suddenly touched Madelynn's cheek. She shuddered slightly from the touch. It was obvious that it was more than a friendly gesture.

"No, dear. You are whatever you choose to be."

"But I can't... I can do anything but that!"

"Then I can't promise you anything either."

"Why do you have to do this?"

"Because you're such a sweet and lovely girl."

It couldn't be as simple as that, Madelynn thought. Is Elena working for Hecate Corp? A feeling regret came to the nerdy teen girl. What has she gotten herself into?

By now, Elena had finished her drink. "My car is parked outside. I'll wait for you." The goth girl got up and left, leaving Madelynn alone in the table.

There were no good choices for her. Madelynn knew this. She was caught between a rock and a hard place. Eventually, Madelynn came out from the cafe and saw Elena standing outside next to her black sports car.

"Let's not dally here any longer." Elena opened the passenger side of her vehicle and invited Madelynn in.

Reluctantly, the teen girl got into her car. There was no turning back now. She needed to go along with whatever this was leading to before she could plan for a possible escape from this unpleasant situation. Elena got into the car on the driver's side and drove off. The ride took about ten minutes before the car stopped in the parking lot of a large, classy condominium.

It was the first time Madelynn had been in a such a condominium. For a while, she forgot about the situation she was in as she marveled at the look of the place. There were exotic fixtures, art, and plants in the reception area and corridors. Beautiful glass windows opened to fantastic views outside. Once they had gotten into Elena's unit, the reality of the situation came rushing back to Madelynn.

"It's a beautiful place, isn't it?"

"Yes, it's a very nice place to live," replied Madelynn meekly.

"Have seat. You may sit anywhere you want."

Madelynn looked around and saw that the purple leather sofas were most obvious places to sit on. She sat on the one the faced the window. As Elena walked away to the kitchen, Madelynn found herself staring unconsciously at her ass that seemed as if it was about to burst out her tight leather pants. The goth girl came back later holding two glasses. One was filled with a red liquid and another a blue liquid. The cups were placed on a weird-looking glass coffee table.

"Red or blue, take your pick."

The teen girl slowly reached for the glass with the red liquid, but Elena quickly reached for it and pulled it away. She had to get the blue-colored drink now. Madelynn held the glass and looked at it, wondering what constituted the drink.

"Drink it."

Madelynn held the glass to her lips, but hesitated.

"Don't worry, it's not poisonous."

The cold glass was shaking slightly in the teen girl's hand.

"Drink it now." Elena placed emphasis on the last word.

Closing her eyes, Madelynn gulped from the glass several times before putting the glass back down on the table. Nothing happened at first. But later her vision was getting blurry and she rubbed her eyes. She was starting to see double images of Elena drinking from the red glass.

"You put something in..."

The last thing she saw before she went unconscious was Elena walking towards her. When Madelynn opened her eyes, she found herself tied with black leather cuffs to the four posts of a large bed in spread-eagle fashion. She struggled against her bonds but to no avail. Adding to her surprise was that her clothes were completely gone from her body.

Elena casually walked into the spacious bedroom. "You're finally awake. Time for the fun to begin!"

"What's going on?! Let me go!!" exclaimed Madelynn as she struggled some more.

The goth girl began taking off her own clothes, starting with the black leather jacket, followed by the metallic blue top, and finally the black leather pants. She now had only her glossy black PVC bra, matching thong, and shiny black high heels on. While looking at the teen girl seductively, she ran her hands alongside her own body and traced its sexy curves.

To her shock, Madelynn realized that she was feeling some sexual arousal from looking at Elena dressed in the exotic black lingerie. She couldn't help by follow the movements of Elena's hands as they moved along the surface of her body.

"What's going with me? Why am I looking at her in that way?" thought Madelynn worriedly.

"You want me, don't you? I know you do," said Elena as she began walking closer to her bound victim.

Madelynn shook her head in denial of what Elena had just said. The goth girl eventually got in the bed with her legs astride Madelynn's young body. She got on her fours and looked downward at the teen girl seductively for several moments before lowering her glossy blue lips to meet Madelynn's. Not wanting this, Madelynn turned her head to the side in a futile attempt to avoid the impending kiss. Elena would've none of that so she held onto Madelynn's head with both hands at force it back in place. The teen girl found herself staring back into the lecherous eyes of the goth girl.

When the blue lips touched hers, Madelynn kept her lips as tightly closed as possible. She had seen how people kiss and didn't want to have the kiss go beyond the lips. Elena simply brushed her lips side-to-side along Madelynn's smooth, wet lips before engaging in the forced lip lock. To take the kiss further, she had to get her tongue inside the teen girl's mouth, so she brushed the tip along Madelynn's lips and nudged them, signaling to Madelynn of her intent, but Madelynn keep her mouth shut. She had no desire to French kiss a girl, let alone do a regular kiss with one.

"Open your lips," whispered Elena. "Open them now." When Madelynn didn't respond, she pinched her nipple, causing her to gasp in surprise of the sudden pressure she felt.

Madelynn's lips parted during the gasp. It was the opening that Elena was expecting and she dove right into it with her tongue to initiate the deep kiss. The teen girl could only give a muffled cry of protest when she felt Elena's tongue exploring the corners of her mouth. She had never felt so disgusted before. Her attempt to move her face away was stopped by the goth girl's hands pressing on her face.

During the kiss, Madelynn could only writhe and squirm helplessly as Elena pressed her body onto hers. Even though she considered herself strictly heterosexual, Madelynn found herself noticing the warmth of Elena's body and the feeling of her smooth skin. When Elena released her hands from her head and began lightly caressing her neck, shoulders, and arms, Madelynn unexpectedly reacted to the touches. Those gentle actions gave her warm, fuzzy feelings. To her horror, her pussy began to tingle.

"What's going on? Why am I reacting to her touches?" thought Madelynn.

She closed her eyes, hoping that it was just a bad dream, but it only served to amplify what Madelynn felt. Trying to think of other things didn't work either. Whenever she thought of the guy that she liked or herself riding a unicorn across a meadow, the current overpowering feelings caused by the physical stimulation of her body would always bring her back to the reality of her situation.

Once the long kiss was over, Madelynn reopened her eyes. She looked at Elena's face above her worriedly, wondering what other perverse things that she might do to her. Responding to the teen's girl expression with a smirk, Elena moved one hand downward to cup Madelynn's pussy. That sudden touch of her private area caused Madelynn to gasp and open her eyes wide in surprise.

"No, not there!"

Ignoring her pleas, Elena rubbed Madelynn's pussy for a bit before gently putting two blue lacquered-nailed fingers into the hole. Slowly and expertly, the goth girl pleasured the teen girl's love box, whose arousal level was increasing every moment. Her lips then moved down to Madelynn's breast. Targeting the closest nipple, she parted her sweet, glossy blue lips and clamped down on the rigid point, causing Madelynn to make another sharp gasp. Elena held the breast she was currently sucking on in place with her free hand.

"Uhhhh... Uhhh..."

Feelings Madelynn never knew she had came flooding into her body. Even though she didn't like what Elena was doing to her, it was hard for her to deny the pleasure that she felt from the sexual actions. Juices flowed from Madelynn's pussy in copious amounts now, and Elena withdrew her fingers to taste them with her mouth.

"MMmmmmmmm... You taste better than I've imagined. Ever tasted your own pussy before?"

The bound girl shook her head.

"Here, have a taste then," said the goth girl as she raised her fingers that were wet with female juices to Madelynn's lips.


She was going taste it anyway regardless of whether or not she wanted to. Before Madelynn knew it Elena's fingers were shoved into her mouth, staying there for several moments before they were pulled out. The teen girl had just tasted her own pussy for the first time and she could only mew in shock.

Elena now had both of her hands of Madelynn's breasts, squeezing them, licking them, sucking them, and basically giving them full sexual treatment. The teen girl's cries of protest were now mixed with some cries of pleasure. She didn't know why she was feeling this way towards the goth girl.

The warm breasts of the teen girl felt great when Elena snuggled her face between them. Once she had her fill of the two mounds, She ran her tongue in the crevice between them before dragging it down in a squiggly wet trail to her belly and finally reaching to her crotch, crawling backward on her fours gradually in the large bed in the process. Her lips remained stationary for a moment as she looked at the frightened and confused teen.

"No, no, no..." repeated Madelynn in protest. She didn't want her first sexual experience to be with a girl. She didn't want this. Even though her pussy was dripping with anticipation, she kept denying the reactions of her body. Her eyes could only stared helplessly in despair as Elena lowered her lips to kiss Madelynn's pussy. She nibbled and sucked on the gorgeous petals. Her tongue soon went into the love canal that was now well lubricated with female wetness. Madelynn didn't know what was happening to herself, but her cries of protest now seem to all turn into cries of pleasure as Elena worked her mouth and tongue with rapid speed. The goth girl hand's ran up and down along Madelynn's smooth thighs before heading over to her ass, gripping it tightly. Her blue-lacquered nails dug in slightly, creating depressions on the skin.

"Uhhh... Uhhh... Ahhh... Ohhhh..."

The wonderful new feelings that Madelynn felt gave her such pleasure that she arched her back, raising a part of her upper body a short distance from the bed. She was panting from all the sexual attention she was receiving. Her body was fully worked up. Just when she thought she was about the cum, the source of pleasure stopped abruptly. Groaning in disappointment, Madelynn arched her head forward to see what had happened.

Elena's lips was away from the teen girl's pussy. She looked at Madelynn with a mischievous smile on her face. "Do you want me to continue?"

Her first impulse was to say "yes", but that would mean she was consenting to this. It was a torturous decision for her. On one hand she needed release badly, but on the other hand she didn't want Elena to be the one who would give it, especially since because Elena was blackmailing her and she's also a girl. Eventually, Madelynn caved into her own sexual need and she whispered a hoarse "yes".

"I'm glad to hear that."

The leather cuffs that bound Madelynn to the bed were loosened and taken off. Madelynn looked at the door quickly realized that she could run away now. However, for some reason Madelynn found it hard to escape. Physically, she was free, but mentally she found that couldn't bring herself to run. There was this strange magnetism surrounding Elena and what the she was doing to her. It was something beyond the blackmail that she couldn't put a finger on. But her rational thought didn't continue any further when the need for an orgasm overtook her mind again.

Elena dove back on Madelynn's pussy again, sending her to great heights of pleasure. Madelynn's now freed hands gripped tightly on the blue satin bed sheet. Soon a powerful orgasm surged through her young body, accompanied by a loud cry of release. Her toes curled and her thighs tightened around Elena's head as the orgasm continued.

Panting heavily after the orgasm, it dawned on Madelynn of what had just happened, she just had sex with a girl, something she could never have imagined herself ever doing. Why had she enjoyed it? It must be something in the drink. "She must've done something with me just like what Sarah had probably done with Wendy."

"So how was it?"

"I didn't like any of it!"

"Are you sure?"

Elena turned on the monitor of her computer. With a few mouse clicks, she played back what the hidden cameras had recorded to Madelynn. The high resolution cameras had captured everything in great detail. Because the action was recorded from many angles, almost nothing was left out. Even though she was tied to the bed, the erotic moans and writhing from Madelynn gave the appearance she was engaging in a consensual, kinky bondage play with Elena. With some selective editing, it would leave no doubt to the viewers that Madelynn was into lesbian bondage sex.

"What?! You've recorded this too!"

"Yes, and we're going to spend many more nights together in the future."

"I thought it was just for tonight!"

"Of course not, silly! Why would I want to let a sexy minx like you go so easily?"

"Is it about my investigation? I'll promise to stop investigating if you don't release those pictures and the video!"

"It's beyond that, Madelynn. You're were chosen."


"Yes, for your beauty and innocence, among other things. Anyway, that's it for tonight. Clean yourself and dress back up in your clothes. I'll give you a ride home."

Once she got herself dressed, Madelynn walked somberly out of the bedroom to the exit. Just when Madelynn thought it couldn't get any worse, Elena handed her a bag. "Here take this."

Madelynn peered inside the purple bag, but everything inside was wrapped in additional dark-colored packaging. "What's in it?"

"Lingerie, cosmetics, and an instructional video for putting them on. I want you to look pretty the next time we meet."

Madelynn realized that her situation was bleaker than she initially thought. Not only did she have to engage in more sexual activities with Elena in the future, she also had to be subjected to Elena's other perverted demands.

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