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Brainy Teen (chapter 6)

Wendy bumped into her friend the next morning and noticed her glumness. "Hey, Madelynn, is everything alright?"

"Morning, Wendy!" replied Madelynn, who quickly put up a cheerful face. "Everything's fine. It's just that I've a lot homework lately."

"Don't force yourself too hard, Madelynn."

"I'll be fine, Wendy. Don't worry."

She didn't want anyone, especially Wendy to know about the blackmail so she had to act like her normal self as much as possible. But it was difficult to maintain that act constantly. Aside from the blackmail, she now had another problem: the sudden feelings of arousal. It never happened to her like this before until recently. She had to hold on to the temptation to get herself off until she had the opportunity to do so at the end of class. Rushing to the restroom after second period, Madelynn quickly entered a stall to masturbate privately. The need was so strong that she placed her fingers into her pussy before her jeans were properly loosened. She emitted a loud gasp when her fingers made the first plunge into her wet hole.

She didn't know what was going on with her body, only that she needed to quench that desire immediately. Memories of what Elena did to her last night flashed in her mind as she moved her fingers in an out. In those mental images she saw Elena's glossy blue lips moving close to her own and then kissing her deeply. It was a very vivid memory. Feelings of Elena licking her pussy came rushing back to her. Remembering the touch and feel of the goth girl's skin made her tingle down there. Madelynn was unable to control those sexual thoughts.

After she orgasmed, Madelynn's mind began working again. If her hypothesis about Elena and Sarah was correct, then Wendy might be in a similar situation as herself, but there's no way she could ask her friend. Last night, after dropping her off at her home, Elena had given her a stern warning not to tell or even give hints to anyone, especially Wendy, about the blackmail or else there would be consequences. For now, Madelynn could only go along with it, but still she needed to find a way to somehow suppress these frequent, unwanted urges that seem to pop out of nowhere.

Like her friend Madelynn, Wendy had similar problems with sudden horniness and wild sexual imagination. It had grew from a barely noticeable phenomenon to frequently occurring incidents. The problem seemed to have worsened to more she got into the Sarah's training. Regardless, she still didn't have doubts about Sarah's intentions.

If Wendy wasn't careful, her initially pristine thoughts would drift to imagining her attractive female classmates in sexual situations whenever her eyes linger on them for a bit too long or whenever she thought of them for any reason. It became an annoyance, at least in the rational, conscious part of her mind. Uncontrollably and subconsciously, her now more easily aroused body took exception to Wendy's rational thinking. Throughout the school day, the two antipodes within her mind were frequently engaged in a tug-of-war.

Several weeks ago, Wendy wouldn't have given any thought about the girls in her classes and those she passed by in the hallways. However, now it felt like a different world in her eyes. At the beginning of her training, Wendy had to put effort into noticing girls and appraising them, but as time passed the effort required became less and less. Now it seemed almost effortless for Wendy to notice the physical attributes of any girl she passed by. Just this morning, Wendy would found herself staring subconsciously at the asses and the bodily curves of the girls that were in front of her. Very brief imaginations of touching their sexy bodies would cross her mind, and she quickly suppressed them as soon as they appeared suddenly in her mind. The worse was when she found herself looking at her friend in that way, and Wendy quickly chastised herself for thinking about her friend like that again.

During her English class at first period, out of the blue, flashbacks of the video she had watched last night appeared in her mind. Despite her strenuous mental efforts, those unwanted thoughts wouldn't go away. At first those thoughts were hazy images, but they quickly became very vivid. Brief, fleeting images of various parts of the body appeared in the beginning: eyes, succulent lips, legs, arms, thighs, breasts, and ass. Each new image gave Wendy an unexpected pulse of arousal. The partial images of the beautiful female form then gave way to the picture of Alice and Samantha in a tight embrace while kissing each other passionately. They were standing on their knees on top of a large white satin sheet that undulated beneath them, making it appeared as if they were they were floating in mid air. Wendy felt an unexpected urge to be close to the two girls and join in on the action. The scene in her mind that she saw then changed to the image of Samantha's beautiful face. Her lips were slightly parted and it appeared as if Samantha was about to kiss her. Before the imaginary Samantha got the chance, Wendy snapped back to reality. The Sapphic imagery abated, at least for now. Wendy realized that her body temperature was increasing. She hoped that no one would notice that she was in sexual heat.

In her math class, Wendy found herself unconsciously looking at Lauren too. Just like with the other girls, her eyes traced Lauren's sexy curves and focused on the well-endowed parts of her body. Somehow, Lauren noticed or at least appeared to notice that Wendy was looking at her and gave her a wink in response. That snapped Wendy out of it.

She felt confused. "Why am I looking at Lauren in that way too? Isn't she my love rival?"

It was even more problematic in her physical education class, especially in the girls' locker room. Even though Wendy kept her eyes to herself most of the time, she found it hard to not imagine being intimately close to the girls and touching them sexually. When she passed by the girls who weren't yet done with changing, she would unknowingly catch glimpses of them in their partially undressed states, noticing their physical forms and the various styles and colors of bras and panties that they were dressed in.

Throughout the daily ordeals, Wendy kept saying to herself in her mind that she doesn't like girls in that way in order to reassert her heterosexuality. She had to put some effort into making herself noticing guys in general. However, her feelings of attraction towards Daniel remained the same: it remained effortless.

When Wendy met up with Sarah again after school, she asked Sarah why she was having these kinds of thoughts and feelings, which was almost always coupled with sudden unexpected arousal. At first she thought it was just the side effect of her training and Sarah previously had given that explanation too, but to have them occur so often made her felt very worried about herself.

"Sarah, why am I thinking about girls so often?"

"Wendy, I've told you before; it's part of your training."

"But it's becoming a problem for me. I'm having those thoughts very frequently, and many times when I look at a girl, I have those feelings."

"Just hang on a little longer, Wendy. It's only temporary. Once we are done with your training, those thoughts and feelings will go away."


"Yes, unless of course you like really girls."

"No, I'm... I definitely like only guys."

"Of course. I was just kidding, Wendy!" Sarah giggled.

For some reason, Wendy felt relieved to hear Sarah repeat what she had said many days before. Wendy thought, "Yes, it's only part of the training. There's no good reason for me to feel so worried. I'm still a straight girl and I'll always be."

With that settled, at least for the time being, Wendy told Sarah that she recently overheard people talking about her and Sarah being lesbians. It seemed to have stemmed from some of the students seeing them kissing at some point.

"I don't know when and how they saw us kissing, but somehow they did. I'm afraid that it'll fuel the rumor that we're actual lesbians."

Sarah wasn't fazed and simply brushed the rumors off. "They're just jealous, spiteful people. Just ignore them and the rumors. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen. Trust me."

Wendy felt relieved again.

"Anyway, is Daniel still talking to you?"

"Yes, but it's irregular. I tried talking to him, but Lauren would somehow always find an excuse to interrupt."

"Don't fret, Wendy. Giving a guy too much attention can be counterproductive. Don't badger Daniel, but be a tease instead. Make him come to you. Be the forbidden fruit."

"That does make sense. Maybe I should be a little bit more aloof."

"Wendy, let's not idle here any longer. We can talk more once we get to my house."

"Okay, Sarah," said Wendy as she got into the passenger side of Sarah's sleek sports car.

Once they arrived at Sarah's house, Wendy expected the usual refreshment, but she was in for a slight surprise this time. Instead of the usual fruit drink, Sarah gave Wendy something else: candy.

Wendy examined the minute details of candy and noticed the multitude of pink, red, and white swirls. "It looks kind of exotic."

"Yes, it's a special soft candy custom-made by for me by an excellent confectioner."

Once Wendy unwrapped the clear wrapper from the piece candy and popped it in her mouth, she almost immediately began noticing its strange, but wonderful taste. Delicious liquid squirt into her mouth once she broke through the soft exterior shell of the candy. It was great, exotic candy indeed. She had never tasted such wonderful candy before and appreciated the fact Sarah was willing to share such a wonderful confection to her.

"So, how is it?"

"It tastes wonderful!"

"Then try some more if you want."

Unable to resist, Wendy ate another piece and then another, but stopped after the third one.

As usual, Sarah took Wendy to her room. It wasn't the only place Wendy's lesson will take place, though. The second, more active part will happen in the another room.

"We're going to try pussy licking again, Wendy."

Wendy's eyes widened in shock. "I don't think I could do it..."

"Don't worry, we're just going to talk about it, not actually do it."

Wendy didn't remember what she did after downing the potent drink from Sarah several days ago, or more accurately she hadn't thought about the possibility of a memory blackout. She thought that kissing Sarah's crotch through her panties was the farthest she had went. Vague images of her licking Sarah's pussy would sometimes flow into her thoughts, but she just assumed that it was just her imagination gone wild and not an actual event. According to Sarah, it could also have been a dream because she had doze off on the sofa that day. Whatever Wendy actually thought didn't matter to Sarah. All she was interested in is turning Wendy into a devout pussy licker.

Sarah had already realized that she was basically back at square one in making Wendy tolerate having oral sex with females. She needed to put more emphasis training Wendy to make her mentally accept the act licking another girl's pussy or engage more intimate Sapphic acts for that matter. For a currently straight girl like Wendy, it's understandable that such an act would be repulsive, so Sarah decided that a slower pace of inhibition erosion for these kinds of acts would be required. Therefore, repeated training will more likely prevent Wendy's old psyche from resurfacing to counteract and rebel against the thoughts and personality that Sarah was trying to implant in Wendy's mind.

The two girls sat next to each other on a sofa. Sarah started the lesson with a question, "So, Wendy, what's wrong with you eating another girl's pussy?"

There was a delay before Wendy replied, "If I eat a girl's pussy, that'll make me a lesbian."

"Not necessarily. You can be a straight girl and still eat a girl out. Even by using your logic, you're only doing this temporarily for Daniel. In the worst case, you're only a temporary lesbian, and don't forget Lauren is competing against you for Daniel. You don't want to lose Daniel to your rival, do you?"

Wendy shook her head negatively.

"Then you'll have to listen to me and trust me."

"Okay, Sarah."

Sarah pulled out some laminated pictures from a folder and showed them to Wendy one-by-one.

"Do you know what these are?"

Wendy knew the answer the moment she saw the first picture. The pictures were almost exact matches to the ones she saw in her physiology class. They were graphical representations of female reproductive anatomy, showing the exterior, interior, and cross-sectional view of the woman's vagina and the other parts associated with sexual reproduction.

"Those are all pictures of a woman's vagina."

"What do you feel?"

"Ummm..." Wendy didn't know how to answer that question. Was she suppose to feel arouse by those kinds of images?

Sarah gave the answer. "You're supposed to feel lust. This is a vagina of a woman. Since you're pretending to be a lesbian, you need to feel lust whenever you see something sexually suggestive."

"But those are scientific pictures, not pornography."

"It's all up to the viewer. You're feeling at least a little aroused at those pictures, aren't you?"

Wendy realized that she was, or at least thought she was. However, she couldn't tell whether it was due to Sarah's suggestion or her own accord. Sarah then put all of the pictures away and turned on her computer from standby mode.

"You don't want to lick the pussy of a girl, but what if I ask you to lick the pussy of a virtual girl, can you do it?"


"Remember, Wendy, it's all pretend since it's all an act. Doing it on a virtual girl makes it even more so."

"I guess it's okay."

"So, it's a yes. That means you can do it."

Sarah first showed a picture of an attractive woman posing nude in front of a satin backdrop. It wasn't the picture that she wanted, so she pressed a key on the keyboard several times until a high resolution, close-up pussy shot of the same girl was shown. The pussy was shaved clean.

"See the beautiful pussy?"

Wendy nodded her head.

"Kiss it."


"Didn't I say it was pretend? Kiss the monitor. It's a virtual pussy kiss."

Slowly, Wendy moved her lips forward until it was close to the surface of the monitor. Her eyes unerringly focused on the sexual image in front of her as she did so. Wendy held her soft lips several millimeters from the screen and hesitated for a bit before she kissed the screen image of the pussy while closing her eyes. When she broke off from the kiss, a faint, wet outline of her lips can be seen on spot of the monitor where she had kissed.

"That's good, Wendy. I want you do it again one more time and we'll move on another picture."

Wendy kissed the image of the pussy again. This time she put a bit more enthusiasm in the act since she had gotten over the initial shock of kissing a monitor screen. It was a fake pussy and not a real one. She could easily do this a thousand times.

"So what does it taste like?"


"Imagine what it tastes like. Come on, it's not that hard."

"It tastes... sweet?"


Wendy thought about the delicious candy that Sarah had introduced her to. "It tastes like the candy that I've just tried."

"Good. Now I want you to imagine the taste when you kiss pussies again."

Sarah moved the mouse and clicked on it several times. An image of another pussy appeared. There was more to the picture than just the pussy this time. Red-nailed fingers pulled aside the red thong that covered the pussy. The lower lips were parted to reveal the beautiful interior of the love canal.

Closing her eyes, Wendy directed her lips at the pussy on the screen and kissed the monitor. She tried imagining the sweet taste of the exotic candy when she did so. It wasn't that hard. When the kiss ended, Sarah showed another picture, and Wendy kissed again. This repeated five more times.

"I want you do more than a simple kiss this time, Wendy. Imagine you're making out with the pussy that you're seeing on the screen. Do a French kiss. Use some tongue action."

Wendy did just that. It was easier than doing real sexual acts with other girls such as Sarah. She smooched the smooth surface of the screen several times, pretending that it was the real thing, though she still felt a bit of unease at doing this. Her tongue extended outward from between her glossy pink lips in a lewd manner and touched the screen, right in the spot where the lovely lower lips of the woman were shown. It slid up and down along the surface of the monitor, making the spot where she was kissing slick with saliva, which glistened under the bedroom light. Wendy spread her arms out a bit and held onto the edges of the table for support.

A part of Wendy's blue satin panties were revealed as bent herself forward more in order to make the kissing easier. Sarah's eyes wandered to Wendy's inviting behind when that happened. She longed for the day to lick Wendy's pussy but knew that it would've to wait.

Wendy's ass was swaying slightly, indicating that she was getting into the act. Her realistic motions made it seemed as if Wendy was kissing the pussy of a real woman. The action of Wendy's behind was so tempting that Sarah was unable to resist what she was about to do.

Suddenly, Wendy felt Sarah's warm hand on her ass but tolerated it, thinking that it was part of the whole training. Because Sarah had done it on her so many times, Wendy was starting to get use to the unexpected touching. Sarah squeezed Wendy's ass softly several times, causing Wendy to grunt lightly after each squeeze. While still touching her ass, Sarah went closer to Wendy and bent forward until her breasts were in contact with Wendy's back. Her hands slid upwards to Wendy's waist, touching some of the naked, exposed skin beneath the lower hem of Wendy's red low-cut top and the upper hem of Wendy's white jeans with her fingers.

She was now hugging Wendy intimately from behind. Her hands traced along the outer curves of Wendy's body up to her breasts. Sarah moved her lips close to Wendy's right ear and whispered, "Mmmm... That pussy is delicious. I bet you want to lick more pussy after this. It's so sexy and hot. It gives you so much pleasure."

Wendy only gave a unintelligible murmur in response as Sarah caressed her body while she continued licking the monitor screen that showed the pussy. With several clicks of the mouse, Sarah changed the image that was shown on screen. It was the pussy of another hot girl.

"Do it again. Lick the pussy that you see. You love to taste delectable pussies of beautiful girls."

Without rejecting Sarah's statements, Wendy resumed licking the screen. Sarah's words were so soothing and she currently wasn't doing anything too gross. Wendy felt no reason to go against what Sarah had said. Knowing that it was the perfect moment to go deeper, while still hugging Wendy, Sarah slowly undid the studded belt of Wendy's white jeans. She then unzipped the fly and reached with her right hand inside Wendy's blue panties, slowly reaching for her pussy. Once Sarah's fingers reached to Wendy's love petals, she noticed that it was already wet, but Sarah was going to make it even more lubricated by rubbing her clit. Pretty soon, sensual moaning sounds were coming out from Wendy's mouth as Sarah continued stroking her nether regions and caressing her breasts. Sarah kissed and licked her ear and cheek while whispering sweet words that made Wendy's heart flutter. However, Sarah didn't work Wendy's to an orgasm yet because she was going to save for the latter part of the lesson, which was going to be more exciting compared to what Wendy was doing now.

After Wendy had licked the images of pussies of five more girls, Sarah decided to move on to the next step, but not before playing with Wendy's body a bit more first.

"You can stop now, Wendy."

When Wendy rose back up and turned around to face her sexual tutor, Sarah immediately surprised her with a deep kiss, which Wendy quickly accepted with barely a hint of reluctance. Her tongue quickly nudged at Wendy's lips, which were quickly parted by Wendy to receive her tongue. Wendy reciprocated Sarah's actions of the open-mouthed kiss with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. Sarah's hands roamed all over Wendy's back during the sexual embrace before finally stopping at Wendy's ass and squeezing it tightly. Wendy responded with similar actions. Weeks of training made touching and caressing a girl's body much easier for Wendy now, though Sarah knew that Wendy still had a lot more to learn and master.

Still locked in an embrace with Wendy, Sarah then reached with her hand beneath Wendy's blue panties and touched her pussy before lightly stroking it. "Does that feel good, Wendy?"

Sarah's fingers in her pussy made answering difficult for Wendy, but she eventually blurted out "yes".

"Now imagine that I'm Daniel," whispered Sarah as she loosened her hold on Wendy and positioned herself so she's directly behind Wendy.

Wendy tried to imagine Daniel, but the feeling of breasts and hardened nipples pressing on to her back and the obvious feeling of a girl touching her made it difficult to visualize Daniel in her mind. Try as she might, she couldn't deny that it was a girl, specifically Sarah, who was physically trying to arouse and pleasure her.

"If you have a hard time visualizing me as Daniel, then try imagining that he's watching you right now," said Sarah as she continued stroking Wendy's pussy.

"He's watching and he's so aroused... He's becoming very interested in you..." There was more stroking.


"Yes, that's it. Feel it. Enjoy it."

"Now imagine how Daniel would react if you actually went down on a girl. It'll be super hot for him... and you..."

"I don't know... I..."

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to. Just enjoy what you're feeling right now."

Sarah pulled her fingers away from Wendy's pussy and repositioned herself so that she was standing and facing Wendy again. They kissed again for several more minutes like desperate, long-lost lovers who've just been reunited before finally breaking.

"Now, let's go to one of my special rooms for the next part of today's lesson."

"Special room?"

"Yes, I've several such rooms in my house."

"Your house?"

"Oh, I haven't told you, have I? This entire house belongs to me. My parents live several blocks away."

"Wow, Sarah, you're so lucky!"

"Before we go to the special room, we'll need to strip down to our underwear."

In several minutes, Wendy was down to her blue satin bra and panties while Sarah had nothing but a black satin bra and panties on.

"Also, we'll need to get into high heels."

Sarah went to her closet and grabbed two shoeboxes. She gave one to Wendy. Upon opening it, Wendy was somewhat surprised that the shiny two-inch high heel shoes was in the same color as her blue bra and panties. Wendy's feet fit perfectly in the heels. Sarah's black high heels also matched the color of her own lingerie. Wendy looked at herself in the closet mirror briefly before Sarah told her it was time. Together they walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway. Their high heels click-clacked on the hardwood floor in the process.

The special room that Sarah took Wendy to was below ground level and, judging by the number of doors she passed by in the underground hallway, Wendy realized that there were more to Sarah's house than meets the eye. They stopped at a door that was labeled with the number seven and went into the room. It was sparsely furnished but beautifully designed. The walls were painted in a soft shade of pink, complementing the white color of the ceiling and the white marble tiles of the floor. Ceiling trims with floral patterns lined the top of the walls. At the center of the room was a exquisite, circular canopy bed surrounded by three small, white leather sofas. There was also a persistent, fragrant aroma in the room.

Looking through the sheer satin drapes from a distance, Wendy realized that there appeared to be someone lying face up on the bed. Despite being fully covered by a large sheet of silver-colored satin fabric, she figured that the person was a female judging by the shape of the body. Wendy wondered who the female was and why she was lying there as still as a statue.

With the press of a hidden button, the embroidered satin shades of the canopy bed were parted, revealing more of the hidden female figure that laid beneath the silver satin sheet. Wendy noticed that the woman beneath the sheet was completely motionless. Not even the motions caused by natural breathing were noticeable. Before she could think any further, Sarah pulled away the white satin sheet to reveal what was actually lying on the bed: a female sex doll.

Wendy didn't know it was a sex doll at first, and she had never heard of sex dolls in the first place. She just thought it was a very realistic life-size female doll dressed in exotic lingerie. The doll's smooth flowing blonde hair that went passed its shoulders was lightly splayed on the bed. There was glitter in the hair, making it sparkle attractively. Glittery purple eye shadow highlighted its eyes and a dark shader lined the lower edges. It's eyelashes were long, curled, and well-defined. Gaudy, glossy red lipstick covered the doll's sensual lips. A small amount of blush accentuated its face. Small dangling red ruby earrings hug from its ears. On it's body was a sheer red-colored satin negligee. The upper part was a red half-cup bra, complementing the red thong that it wore. Embroidered floral designs decorated the sheer parts of negligee. Like the lips, the doll's nails on its fingers and toes were painted a glossy red. Almost no details were left out. It looked as if the doll made based on some real life female model. Another thing that captured Wendy's curious attention was that the doll's closed eyes. It almost appeared as if it was actually sleeping. From a distance, the whole doll looked very much like a real, sexy woman.

The partial trance that Wendy was in was broken when Sarah spoke, "She looks beautiful doesn't she?"

"Yes, she does look beautiful and also very real."

"You'll be spending some time with Samantha today, Wendy."

"Samantha?! Isn't that the name of girl who narrated the video she watched last night?" thought Wendy. At the same moment, Wendy wondered what Sarah was going to make her do with the doll.

"Wake up, Samantha!"

The doll's eyelids slowly move upwards, revealing its brilliant, but expressionless blue eyes. They stared upwards, not focusing on anything in particular.

"Wendy, since you've licked the on-screen images of pussies so well, it's time for you to move on to something better. You're going to lick Samantha's pussy."

A feeling of hesitation came upon Wendy. Sarah is asking her lick the pussy of an anatomically correct female doll! What's lying in front of her is an artificial representation of a woman and licking its pussy is not the same as licking the pussy of an actual woman. Nevertheless, she still felt uncomfortable about this. Something didn't feel right.


"Wendy. It's alright. She's not real. Licking the pussy of a female doll won't make you a lesbian anymore than licking the picture of a pussy does."

Sarah was right. Wendy now felt there wasn't any logically sound reason to argue against what she had said.

"Now introduce yourself to Samantha, Wendy. Get on the bed. Move close to her until you're face-to-face with her."

Complying with the order, Wendy moved around the circular bed before getting on it on her fours. She moved her face close to Samantha's face.

"Hi, Samantha. My name is Wendy."

"Kiss her."

It felt weird to Wendy to be kissing a female doll, but she had to do it. Wendy moved again until she was directly on top of the doll with their faces in perfect alignment. Up this close, Wendy noticed that the doll was indeed beautiful. There wasn't even a single blemish or imperfection. She stared at the doll's lifeless blue eyes, expecting to come to life at any moment since it looked so real. Millimeter by millimeter, Wendy lowered her lips until it barely touched Samantha's lips. Immediately, she noticed a sweet taste on the doll's red lips. As Wendy lowered her lips even more to initiate the kiss for real, the sweet taste assaulted Wendy's lips even more.

"Give her a deeper kiss."

By now, Wendy noticed that Samantha's lips was very realistic, almost with the same texture and softness as a real girl's lips. She thought the doll's mouth was permanently closed, but was surprised when the doll's lips parted automatically when she applied increased pressure to the kiss. With the opening available, Wendy extended her tongue into the doll's mouth, probing and feeling its smooth, wet interior. Like the doll's lips, the inside of the doll's mouth feel almost like a real one. It even had a tongue. However, the most noticeable thing that wasn't realistic was the strange sweet taste. It seemed to be coming from the liquid that lubricated the interior of the doll's mouth and more of the liquid seemed to be coming out from within. Wendy couldn't help but instinctively swallow some of the sweet tasting fluid. She was suddenly surprised when she felt the doll's tongue moving in response to the actions of her tongue.

"Surprised, Wendy? Samantha is not just a regular doll. She has a lot of high-tech robotics built inside her. Continue kissing her some more."

As the kiss went on, Samantha's response to Wendy's deep kissing became increasingly more active. It's tongue went into Wendy's own mouth, and Wendy was honestly a little bit shocked that the doll's tongue could move with such dextrous ease. She wouldn't consciously admit it, but the kissing felt wonderful.

"You may stop kissing Samantha now."

When Wendy broke the kiss, the doll also stopped its actions almost simultaneously. Samantha's tongue retracted back inside its mouth and her face remained expressionless as if nothing had happened.

"Tell Samantha that you're going to have sex with her."

Wendy hesitated but eventually said to the doll, "I'm going to have sex with you, Samantha."

"Good, now pleasure her breasts with your mouth."

Still on her fours, Wendy moved backwards until her face was aligned with Samantha's perfect supple breasts, which were currently covered the red satin bra of the negligee. Deciding to start with one side first, Wendy loosened the right-side cup of the bra, revealing the attractive breast. Wendy then lowered her lips until they touched the nipple. She kissed it and the areola surrounding it. The kiss lasted for several moments before stopped and used her tongue on the nipple. This series of actions caused the doll's nipples to grow and extend like the nipples of an actual horny girl, which was another thing that surprised Wendy. Furthermore, the doll began emitting realistic moaning sounds of high fidelity. As Wendy sucked on the doll's right breast, she suddenly felt liquid squirting inside her mouth from the nipple. It didn't taste like milk at all, more like the liquid inside Samantha's mouth, but not quite. Regardless, it tasted extremely delicious, and Wendy wouldn't mind consuming more of it.

"Wendy, Samantha's other breast needs attention too."

That snapped Wendy out of her breast sucking frenzy. She stopped sucking on the female doll's right breast and then removed the left cup of the red bra. Samantha's breasts were completely revealed now in all its glory. Not hesitating for a moment, Wendy latched her lips on the doll's left nipple and sucked it vigorously, eager to suck more of the strange but delicious mammary fluid. Wendy didn't know how long she had been sucking on Samantha's left nipple when Sarah told her to stop and move on to the next part.

"It's time for you to lick Samantha's pussy. Don't worry, you'll enjoy it more than you think you would."

Wendy moved backwards again until her face was directly on top of the doll's crotch area. Remembering what she had done several days ago, she knew that she had to start with a tease in order to maximize the pleasure given. Wendy stared at the nether region for a while with a bit of apprehension. After taking a breath and exhaling, she began her task. Kisses and licks were first given to the immediate areas surrounding the red satin thong. In her mind, Wendy began repeating that she wasn't a lesbian and she was doing all this as an act. Starting with the lower section of the doll's belly, she kissed in a clockwise fashion around the thong. Kisses were mixed with licks and sometimes there were longer smooches, especially along the thighs. Wendy's hands later reached around and cupped the doll's ass, which also felt realistic like the rest of Samantha's body.

"You doing well, Wendy. Just one more step to go."

It was time to do the actual pussy licking. After kissing Samantha's pussy through the red thong several times, her fingers reached to the sides of the thong and gently pulled it down. The doll's pussy appeared in front of Wendy's face in all it's glory. It was completely hairless and realistic too. Like a real aroused pussy, it was also glistening with wetness. Slowly, Wendy began moving her face close to Samantha's nether lips.

"It's not real... It's not real... It's not real...," repeated Wendy in her mind.

When Wendy's mouth made contact with Samantha's pussy, there was a initial brief shock but it quickly passed. Remembering what she did with the images of real pussies displayed on the monitor of Sarah's computer, she began kissing the pussy. As she did so, a sweet fluid came out and she immediately noticed the distinct taste. It was different than the liquids she sucked from the doll's breasts and mouth. Like before, she enjoyed the taste. Wendy's hands reached behind to cup Samantha's ass again.

Having less inhibition against licking pussies now, at least fake ones, Wendy's tongue instinctively went out of her mouth to reach deep into the interior of the doll's pussy to get more of the strange sweet liquid. Samantha was now moaning and gasping like a real girl being pleasure. The fact that Wendy was doing an obvious lesbian act by fully engulfing Samantha's pussy and moving her tongue vigorously in its interior didn't bother her at the current moment. Her mind was focused on the heavenly liquid that was pouring out.

Wendy's sexual reverie was momentarily interrupted when she felt Sarah's naked breasts pressing on her back. That was followed by the rest of Sarah's warm body. It was as if Sarah was engulfing Wendy's body with her own. Wendy felt Sarah's naked arms wrapping around her chest and her thighs and legs straddling hers.

Stopping what she was currently doing, Wendy turned around and asked, "What are you doing, Sarah?"

"I'm going to give you more pleasure. Don't mind me. Carry on with what you're doing."

Wendy turned her head back to Samantha's pussy, but curiosity struck her and she turned around again to ask Sarah, "Sarah, what's the stuff that's coming out Samantha's pussy?"

"It's just a harmless, edible syrup mixture that simulates the taste of a real girl's pussy."

"Really, wow..." replied Wendy with dreamy enthusiasm before she turned back to Samantha's love canal.

Despite not wanting to lick the pussy of a real girl for whatever reason, Wendy wondered privately, "Is this what a girl's pussy tastes like?"

"You'll be a lesbian - mind, body, and soul," thought Sarah as she knead Wendy's breasts with one hand while stroking her pussy with the other.

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