Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 7)

Sarah's hands felt very warm on Wendy's breasts, and Wendy relished the blissful feelings invoked by Sarah's expert mammary massaging skills. The general euphoric feelings of pleasure that Wendy was fully immersed in were further augmented by the gentle, writhing motions of Sarah's body on Wendy's in addition to the gentle stroking of Wendy's pussy by her sexual tutor's agile, but subtle fingers whose knuckles where bulging visibly on the front side of Wendy's blue silk panties. By stroking Wendy's pussy slowly and stopping occasionally, Sarah kept Wendy on the sexual edge.

"Those panties will have to go soon," thought Sarah as her mind imagined the sexual activity that was going to happen next.

The sexual attention made Wendy moan through Samantha's love box even as she was licking enthusiastically on the doll's artificial, but realistic pussy. Every now and then Wendy would gulp down the excess sweet fluid from Samantha's pussy that had built up in her mouth. Some of it overflowed and went outside of her mouth and to her chin, but she quickly lapped the tasty fluid with her fully-extended tongue whenever it happened. What she was somewhat worried about was the doll's pussy juice overflowing on the silver satin bed sheet. Wendy tried lapping up the fluid from the sheet, but it only made the stain wider.

"It's alright, Wendy. I can always have the sheets cleaned. Just continue what you are and enjoy yourself." Sarah emphasized the last words of her statement with a stronger squeeze on Wendy's firm breasts, causing Wendy to give a louder, and more protracted moan.

Sarah was getting horny herself and her pussy began lubricating itself. She rubbed it ever so slightly on Wendy's ass, causing Wendy to feel warm wetness at the point of contact. By keeping as much of her naked body in contact with Wendy's body as possible, Sarah was able to put some direction in Wendy's current actions. Not content with Wendy acting all on her own, Sarah pushed her own body forward and back slightly at regular intervals, causing Wendy lick Samantha's pussy at a certain rhythm.

Wendy was in a dreamy state of bliss and barely noticed the increased bodily movements of the doll. The constant oral attention on Samantha's pussy had triggered its internal programming for increased physical activity. Moved by high-tech artificial muscles and noiseless motors, Samantha's thighs gently pressed on to Wendy's cheeks. Instead of the cold temperature that many dolls typically have, Wendy noticed that Samantha's thighs were warm! She hadn't noticed that Samantha's body temperature had been gradually increasing since she was first activated on Sarah's voice command.

"Uhhhhh... Uhhhh... Uhhhh... Ahhhh..."

Becoming a more active sexual participant now, instead of just moaning, the doll began writhing in a life-like fashion. Its back arched a short distance upwards on the bed and the sensual sounds coming from its mouth became louder, more lustful, more frequent. The actions of the doll became so real to Wendy that she almost stopped performing cunnilingus on Samantha. Wendy's lips stopped moving and her face rose a few inches above Samantha's pussy and her hands relaxed their hold on the ass of the doll. A feeling of unease crept into Wendy now. A tiny voice in the back of her head was telling her that she was doing something only lesbians would do.

"Samantha's not real no matter how realistic she acts or feels. Remember that, Wendy."

That was enough to convince Wendy to continue her oral attention on Samantha's love canal. Wendy's lips, which was fully soaked with Samantha's juices, quickly dove back to her love box. Another small voice in the back of head told her that she was agreeing to this too easily, but all doubts were quickly swamped by the renewed pleasure that she felt from Sarah's actions and the irresistible taste of the sweet fluid from the drenched pussy in front of her face.

Looking at the doll's face, Sarah knew Samantha was about to cum. "Wendy, Samantha is about to come. I want you to be prepared to receive everything that's going to come out. Don't spurn Samantha's generous offer."

Taking Sarah's words to heart, in preparation for the doll's upcoming orgasm, Wendy engulfed as much of Samantha's pussy as possible before continuing the oral sexual activity on her. It felt weird since it was going to be the first time she was going to directly drink the orgasmic cum of a girl, despite her being artificial. In her sexual daze, Wendy's feelings of doubt quickly passed.

The doll's simulated orgasm happened at the same time when it gave a cry of release. Wendy tightened her hold on Samantha's love box with her lips when she felt the torrent of fluid rushing out. There was more fluid pouring out from Samantha's pussy than it was possible for a real female and Wendy drank down every drop of it. Her throat bulged slightly with each gulp of the sweet fluid.

After Samantha's orgasm subsided, so did the stream of honey from her pussy. Wendy licked the last bit of juice that trickled out before raising her face upwards. She wiped the excess from her mouth and licked her hand. The doll stopped shuddering and then remained motionless, but its body continued being warm. Wendy got back up in a quasi-sitting position. Sarah had already released her hold on Wendy during the orgasm and was sitting on her knees a short distance away from Wendy.

"So how was it?"

"It was fun. I didn't expect it to be so... exciting."

Sarah placed both of her hands on Wendy's naked shoulders in a friendly touch. Because Wendy was previously teased for a long time without getting release, that touching stimulated Wendy more than usual.

"I knew you would enjoy it."

Slowly, Sarah pulled in Wendy for a kiss, which Wendy readily accepted. Her naked breasts pressed onto Wendy's bra-covered ones. Sarah's arms went around Wendy's arms in a gentle embrace. With her upper arms locked, Wendy could only hug back by raising her lower arms around Sarah's waist. Wendy was getting used to Sarah's body now. With her inhibitions of being intimate with females steadily decreasing, Wendy was able to appreciate details of the feminine body more than before. Even thought Wendy still thought herself as being straight, she was now beginning to understand why Sarah was popular amongst the guys in her school. Still engaged in the kiss, Wendy traced her hands along the attractive curves of Sarah's naked body. It seemed to be a different, unique experience every time she did it. Maybe this is why guys like girls so much. Their bodies are so sexy. Their lips are so kissable. They smell good and being close to them feels... "Oh my god! What am I thinking!" exclaimed Wendy in her mind.

Sarah noticed Wendy's sudden stiffness during the kiss. Breaking it, Sarah asked with a look of concern, "What's wrong, Wendy?"

"Uhh... It's nothing..." Wendy's eyes looked away from Sarah's.

"Are you sure?" Sarah knew what was going on with Wendy's mind, but pretended to be ignorant.

"Really, I'm fine." Wanting to end the questioning, Wendy closed her eyes and lightly pursed her lips as a signal to Sarah to continue their kiss, which Sarah gladly did enthusiastically. Sarah's hips began swaying and her movements cause the circular bed to creak. Wendy thought nothing of it until she felt Sarah's naked loins suddenly pressing tightly on her own. Even though Wendy's blue satin panties prevented direct contact, Wendy felt that action was too Sapphic for her. Before Wendy could complain, Sarah moved her hips away, making Wendy think that it was just an accidental contact.

"You need release, don't you?" asked Sarah as she gently brushed some of Wendy's slightly matted blonde hair with her fingers.

"Yes," replied Wendy in a whisper. All the teasing done by Sarah previously was making Wendy's pussy ache and quiver with sexual need.

"Samantha will give you release. She will do to you what you did on her."

Wendy was unsure about this. She wasn't prepared to have Samantha eat her out, even though she was just a doll. "I'm not sure if I can do this."

"Yes, you can Wendy. You shouldn't have any problem doing this. It's just the opposite of you eating Samantha out."

Sarah noticed that there was a still a look of unease and hesitation on Wendy's face.

"How about this: I'll let Samantha eat my pussy and you watch how it goes. If you really think it's not for you, then we'll end the lesson and call it a day."

"Okay, I'll go with that."

"To get a better view of the action, why don't you sit on sofa the over there," said Sarah as she pointed to the white leather sofa that faced her directly.

Wendy got off the circular bed and moved to the sofa. Sarah walked on her fours in the bed until she reached Samantha. She looked at Samantha's face directly and said with a sweet voice, "Samantha, I want you to lick my pussy."

The doll's eyes flickered in response. Sarah got on her knees and straddled Samantha's head. "Watch closely, Wendy."

Slowly, Sarah lowered her pussy on Samantha's face. A small gasp escaped from her partially opened mouth when her pussy finally came in contact with Samantha's lips. Almost immediately, the doll's mouth began to move. It's tongue snaked out to reach between Sarah's lower lips.

"Ahh... Ahhh... Uhhh..." Sarah emitted sounds of pleasure as her pussy was being pleasured by the doll.

Wendy unexpectedly found herself staring at Sarah facesitting on the doll with rapt attention. It wasn't as gross as she had initially thought. Maybe it was because of her previous misconceptions regarding lesbian oral sex or maybe because it was Sarah who was demonstrating to her. Regardless of the reason, Wendy now felt that she was feeling some unexpected enjoyment watching Sarah's demonstration.

Before long, Sarah was caressing and groping her own breasts as she rocked her hips to increase the pleasure that Samantha was giving to her lower lips orally. She tossed her hair back as her moans crescendoed. Wendy's eyes were unconsciously looking at the curves and the other sexy parts of Sarah's attractive body. Her focus stopped when Sarah unexpectedly removed her pussy from Samantha's face before reaching an orgasm. A thin trail of glistening liquid connected Samantha's lips and Sarah's pussy for several moments before it disappeared as Sarah got up and away from Samantha.

Sarah got off from the bed and walked to next Wendy. "Now that I've shown you how it's done and how much pleasure you can receive from Samantha, do you think you can do it now?"

While Wendy still had a little bit of hesitation, she felt that Sarah's demonstration was enough to convince her and remove the doubts that she harbored. First, there was indeed not much difference sexually in giving oral pleasure to a female doll and receiving pleasure from one. Second, a female doll can give much pleasure, as Sarah had demonstrated. If she can lick the pussy of doll, there's no reason why she can't have her pussy licked by one.

"Yes," came Wendy's reply.

"I knew you wouldn't give up that easily!"

Getting up from the sofa, Wendy then proceeded to take off her lingerie, starting with her bra. But when she reached around her back to take off her bra, Sarah stopped her.

"Let me help you."

Sarah used this chance to touch Wendy more, but Wendy didn't mind. When she undid Wendy's bra, her hands caressed Wendy's shoulders and breasts. While taking off Wendy's blue panties, she kissed and groped her ass cheeks. The additional teasing made Wendy want sexual release even more. All that remained after Sarah was done were the blue 2-inch heels on Wendy's feet, but they too were taken off when Wendy got onto the bed again.

Using the same exact words as Sarah did, Wendy spoke to Samantha in a as gentle of a voice as possible, "Samantha, I want you to lick my pussy." Like before, the doll's eyes flickered in response.

Carefully, Wendy spread her legs and straddled Samantha's head. The doll's realistic hair tickled the skin of her thighs and made Wendy's pussy tingle in anticipation. She looked transfixedly at Samantha's brilliant blue eyes as she lowered her hips gradually. A shudder ran through Wendy's body once her pussy touched the doll's realistic lips. Sensing contact with a female vagina, the doll's red lips began working. It nibbled, licked, and sucked on Wendy's pussy, giving her feelings of great sexual pleasure.

Wendy never imagined that it would feel this good. Imitating what Sarah had done previously in the demonstration, she rocked her hips, rubbing her pussy on Samantha's lips in the process. The additional movement of her hips amplified the pleasure that she was receiving from the doll she was facesitting. Gasps and moans of delight were coming from Wendy's mouth, which was opened in an O-shape. The conscious part of Wendy's mind took a backseat as her subconscious, animalistic side took over. Her hands eventually went to her firm breasts to caress and squeeze them vigorously. The nipples on her boobs were pointing out more than ever and she couldn't resist pinching them. Wendy's face and her body contorted as she was lost in the haze of sensual pleasure.

Sarah observed the action from the same sofa that Wendy had sat on minutes before. Inwardly, she was satisfied that Wendy was going along with her suggestions without much resistance. Samantha was doing her job perfectly. If all goes well, she could've Wendy licking real pussy and do more advance sexual activities within the next few days. Judging by Wendy's current performance, that was very likely to happen. Having her fill of being just a spectator, Sarah got up from the sofa and moved to the edge of the circular bed, facing Wendy directly.

Through her partially-opened, glazed eyes, Wendy noticed Sarah's sudden closeness. "Sarah..."

Without taking off her black high heels, Sarah got onto the bed on her fours and crawled to where the action was. She moved until she was standing on her knees face-to-face within inches from Wendy. When she placed her hands on Wendy's hips, Wendy didn't stop rocking her hips, only slowed the movements. However, her eyes locked onto Sarah's with great intensity. She lowered her hands from her own breasts and moved them to Sarah's hips. No words passed between the two girls when their lips came in contact with each other for a deep passionate kiss. Copious amounts of saliva were exchange when Sarah's and Wendy's tongues went into each others mouths, rubbing and sliding energetically within their oral cavities. No thought or hesitation passed in Wendy's mind except for pure, unadulterated lust.

Their hands which were at first just lightly touching each others asses were now groping and squeezing with mindless abandon. Colored lacquered nails dug repeatedly on skin. Sarah's gravity-defying breasts pressed onto Wendy's, rubbing their sensitive erect nipples together. Their bodies were in nearly full frontal skin-to-skin contact. It was an enthusiastic sexual fusing of feminine bodies.

Samantha's preprogrammed actions soon intensified. It's licks became more energetic and its sucking much stronger. Even the bed was creaking louder. Wendy made more active hip motions to match the intensity of Samantha's oral stimulation. The lengthy kiss was sudden broken by Sarah, and Wendy instinctively moved her lips forward, yearning for it to continue. Sarah created some distance between herself and Wendy before lowering her mouth to suck on one of Wendy's breasts. The repeated sucking and gentle biting action caused Wendy to arch her upper body backwards, push her breasts harder on Sarah's face. Wendy's hands rose and gently cradled Sarah's head, cuddling her even closer to her breasts.

"Ohhhh... Ahhhhh... Ahhhhhh..."

Wendy's sexual moans intensified as Samantha accelerated her oral stimulation of Wendy's clitoris. Soon Wendy came loud and hard. Her body shook as a powerful orgasm wracked through her body. Sarah immediately disengaged herself from Wendy's breast, quickly held the sides of her head, and kissed Wendy deeply. The feelings of Wendy's orgasm was transmitted through the powerful kiss, which continued after the orgasm was over. Their hands lingered and continued touching each others bodies while they sucked on each others tongues like popsicles.

It wasn't until moments after the kiss ended that Wendy's mind went to work again. Her sexual euphoric state had passed and now she was thinking about what she had just done with the doll and Sarah. She was enjoying what she had done with Samantha had Sarah. It wasn't just regular enjoyment. It was something beyond that, something that sent her to a fantastic state of feelings and pleasure she never thought she could achieve. Is she suppose to feel this way?

Sarah broke the silence. "Something bothering you, Wendy?"

"No, it's just that... what I had done with the doll, what we just did, gave me feelings that I've... never felt before. It's strange."

There was a sudden, wide smile on Sarah's face.

"Is there something on my face?"

"No, but it's something better. Congratulations, Wendy! You've reached an important milestone in your training: you're starting to feel real passion."


"Yes, that's very important for upcoming performance for the guy of your dreams. It's the virtue that will make you shine in front of Daniel."

Wendy's heart skipped a beat when Sarah mentioned Daniel. "Daniel..."

"You can always daydream later. Now, help me get off. I need release too." Sarah moved to another spot on the bed away from the doll and stood on her knees with her legs a distance apart.

Wendy walked on her knees close where Sarah was. She stared into Sarah's eyes for several moments before raising her right hand from her hips and touching Sarah's clitoris with two fingers, causing Sarah's facial expression to change noticeably. After a while of gentle rubbing, Wendy plunged her two fingers into Sarah's love canal.

"Lick my breasts. Pleasure me as if I'm your lover."

Without hesitation, Wendy wrapped her lips around Sarah's erect left nipple and bit on it before sucking it. Her left hand went to cup the right side of Sarah's soft ass while her right hand ran up and down Sarah's smooth thigh. Vaginal lubrication was soon running down on Wendy's fingers from Sarah's wet pussy. Wendy hoped that she could maintain the passion that Sarah mentioned she had during the previous activity. She later alternated to sucking the other breast, and Sarah's arms went around her head.

"Uhhhh... Uhhhhh... Fuck me... Keep fucking me with your fingers..."

Because Sarah was already heavily aroused during the previous activities, it didn't take long for her to orgasm. Once she came, she told Wendy to lick her fingers. "Lick those fingers now, Wendy."

Wendy looked at her fingers which had just been in Sarah's pussy for several moments before putting them in her mouth and tasting them. It was the second time she was doing such a thing.

"Mmmmmm... it tastes good, doesn't it Wendy?"

"Yes," came Wendy's reply after she pulled them out of her mouth.

"It's almost time. Let's get back up to my room to change."

Madelynn sighed when she received a call on her cellphone right after school from Elena telling her she was going to pick her up at five. While walking back to her home, she thought about the excuse she would have to give to her parents and decided to stick with the previous one she had use: studying with a friend. She got back home to her room, feeling dejected. There was only about one and a half hours remaining before the meeting with Elena and she had to prepare early.

Having watched the video that Elena had given to her last night, she knew the look that Elena wanted her present. From underneath her bed, she pulled out the bag that held all the required items. She laid all the clothing on the bed before stripping her own clothes completely. The lingerie was to go on first. She grabbed the PVC panties and slowly slid them up her legs. The PVC bra was next and she put it on with little effort. She looked at herself in the closet mirror and was disgusted by the sluttiness of the look. The PVC bra and panties were mostly in a transparent purple color. The straps and the edges of them were a shiny, opaque black. Floral patterns of the same black color crisscrossed the bra and panties decoratively. They were a tight, but comfortable fit on her body.

Madelynn then moved to her vanity to put on the makeup. She applied black eyeliner, black mascara, and blue eye shadow. The magenta lipstick was then applied and that was topped by lip gloss, making her lips shine. After she was satisfied with the look on her face, Madelynn went on with applying the nail polish, which was in the same magenta color as her lips, on her finger and toe nails. After the application of the cosmetics was done, Madelynn proceeded to put on the rest of the required clothing, which included the black PVC crop top, the black leather pleated skirt that went a few inches above the knees, the tight-fitting black leather jacket, and finally the black lace-up knee-length high heeled boots over black knee-high socks. Madelynn zipped up the leather jacket, not wanting her family to see that she was wearing a crop top. She was going to unzip it later after she got out of the house. It was almost time. Walking out her room, she was glad that her mom was still out grocery shopping. Once she was outside of her house, Madelynn noticed that Elena was already waiting in her vehicle across the street. As she got near Elena, she began unzipping her leather jacket.

Judging by the way Elena was looking at her, Madelynn guessed that she dressed and put on her makeup correctly. Once she was in Elena's sports car and buckled the seat belt, Elena began moved her lips forward to Madelynn's face. Madelynn tried backing away. "Not here, my mom and the neighbors might-"

She didn't even have a chance to finish when Elena silenced Madelynn with a kiss. She resisted a little before relaxing after remembering the blackmail. Elena held on to Madelynn's head and continued the kiss for a few more moments before stopping it.

"Don't worry, no one will see us. Now let's go somewhere else."

Elena started the car and drove off.

Once Madelynn noticed that they had passed the condominium that she had visited before, she asked, "Where are we going?"

"You'll see."

They stopped at an old brick building in the industrial district near the edge of town. Once they got out of the car, Madelynn looked around and could see some smokestacks in the distance. "Why is she taking me to this place," she wondered.

Together, they walked to the main door of the red-bricked building, and Madelynn was surprised to see the old, rusty metal door opening automatically. It wasn't until she saw the remote control on Elena's hand that she realized the manner in which the door operated. Once inside, they walked along a long hallway that was lit by fluorescent lights before going into a large room, which Madelynn had guess was an office during the building's better days.

"Mistress, we've secured Maria as you've requested," said one of the women in the room.

"Good job, you two. You may resume your scheduled duties."

The two long-haired women dressed in black leather then walked out and shut the door behind them.

Madelynn's attention first went to the blindfolded and gagged woman tied in spread-eagle fashion to a thick square-shaped steel frame near the center of the room. The brunette-haired woman appeared to be in her mid to late twenties. She had a fine figure with a bulging bosom and ass. Nothing was on her body except for the white cotton bra and panties and a small silver chain necklace with a locket hanging at the end. Madelynn had never saw a person tied in such a way in real life before.

"Who is she?" asked the teen girl.

"She's a woman who's consented to this in exchange for a benefit. Don't ask any more questions about her. Just worry about yourself," replied Elena.

On a large table against the wall was a wide assortment of whips, dildos, collars, leashes, and other sadomasochistic paraphernalia. Various video cameras mounted on tripods were placed around the room to capture all of the upcoming action. The cameras gave Madelynn a sense of unease. She hoped that she won't be recorded.

While Madelynn was still looking around the room, she suddenly felt Elena's hand on her shoulder. "Starting today, you're going to begin your journey into a world of dominance, submission, and pleasure."

Elena's hand slowly caressed its way down Madelynn's back all the way to her ass and giving it a light squeeze, making her squirm uncomfortably at the sudden touching.

"Take this." The goth girl handed a whip to Madelynn. It was a special whip designed to inflict pain without leaving scars.

"What do you want me to do with this?" ask Madelynn as she reluctantly accepted the whip.

"You're going to play the role of the dominant mistress. You will teach Maria the meaning of submission."

"But I-"

"Quiet, Madelynn. Just do as you're told or else."

Madelynn ended her protest before she even could even voice it.

"Here, read the instructions," said Elena as handed Madelynn several stapled sheets of printed instructions.

The eyes of the teen girl became wide saucers when she read the script. "No, this is too extreme! I can't-"

"Yes, you can Madelynn. If you can't do this, then I'll release the pictures."

Madelynn felt like she was about to cry.

"Also, something might happen to Wendy." It was an empty threat. Elena didn't have any bearing on Sarah's plans for Wendy.

"Please don't let anything happen to Wendy!"

"Then do as you're told."

Not wanting anything to happen to Wendy because of her, Madelynn felt that she had no choice but to agree. "O-Okay, I'll do it."

"That's what I wanted to hear. Now study the instructions. I'll give you ten minutes."

After using up the ten minutes, Madelynn placed the papers back on the table.

"Wear this," said Elena as she handed to her a small wireless electronic device. "Put this in one of your ears."

It was a low-profile Bluetooth wireless receiver designed to fit discreetly in a person's ear. After putting it on, Madelynn began moving her first steps towards the bound woman, but stopped suddenly. "Are you going to record this?"


Knowing better than to complain, the teen girl continued walking towards the bound woman. Her high-heeled boots clicked audibly in the virtually silent room. When she stopped, Madelynn took a deep breath and readied her whip. The cameras had already begun rolling.

"Hi, Maria. I'm Madelynn, and I'll be your Mistress for today," said Madelynn with as a dominant tone as she could muster.

Maria said something intelligible in response through her mouth that was gagged with a pair of white panties.

"Due to your previous indiscretions, I will now give you your punishment."

"Whip her now," came Elena's voice from the earpiece.

Madelynn swung the whip. It landed on the Maria's chest with loud thwack. "Worthless whore!"

"Harder. Be more energetic."

"This is what you get for disobedience!" The whip was swung several more times repeatedly in rapid succession. Maria groaned through the gag from the hits.

"More. Whip her more! Show no mercy!"

Madelynn hated herself for doing this. She didn't want to harm people and she disliked violence, especially against other people. Her attempts at lightening the blows were met with Elena's constant encouragement to use more force. The front side of Maria's body was soon reddened from the repeated lashing and it was time to whip her backside.

"Walk with a proud, pompous posture."

Awkwardly, Madelynn forced herself to strut confidently around to the back. More whipping action occurred. Maria continued emitting moans and groans of pain from the blows that was coming from a new direction. Her body and limbs strained against the bonds.

"Stupid bitch! You can't do anything right!" exclaimed the teen girl as she rained the reluctant blows down on Maria.

Madelynn's voice was quivering slightly. She really didn't want to say such cruel things to other people she didn't know, but have to.

"You're meant to be a slave and will remain as such! Don't ever think you will become anything better, you worthless cum bucket!"

Elena continued encouraging the teen girl, "Good, very good. You're getting into the act. Show her how worthless she is!"

It seemed like she was going to do the whipping forever before Elena later told her to stop, and Madelynn was glad that she did. Maria's body went limp after the whipping subsided. The cameras stopped recording, and Madelynn walked to the blue leather couch where Elena had been directing and watching the action from.

"That was a very good performance for your first time."

Madelynn didn't like being praised for whipping and degrading another person and didn't respond to the compliment.

"Come and sit here. I'm going to give you a treat." Elena emphasized the last words with a husky tone.

Once she sat on the sofa next to Elena, the goth girl raised her hand and gently touched Madelynn's cheek. The teen girl instinctively flinched, but stopped herself and accepted Elena's caress. However, her eyes remained downcast. Madelynn thought Elena was going to kiss her, but instead something else happened. The doors to the room swung opened, followed by some creaking noises. She turned her head around to look.

A small cart was wheeled into the room by the two previous female assistants. On it was a large silver platter with a silver domed cover. The cart stopped in front of Madelynn, who stared at it with bewilderment. One of the assistants lifted the cover, revealing the perverted dish inside. Spread throughout the platter were many aromatic blue, purple, and white flowers arranged in an concentric circular pattern. At the center was a flexible, transparent blue phallic shaped appendage attached to a rounded base hidden beneath the flowery decoration. A small tube can be seen running inside along its full length. The strange dildo jiggled slightly as the platter was moved into place.

Madelynn's eyes widened in shock at the sheer perversity of the dish in front of her. She looked at Elena, who only gave a wide smile in response.

"Go on, Madelynn. Enjoy."

The teen girl had heard of blowjobs, but she had never done it before and she had no experience with boys to begin with. Madelynn could only imagine what Elena wanted her to do.

"What's wrong? You don't know how to suck cock? Are you sure you're straight girl and not a lesbian?"

Acting on the impulse to want to prove her wrong, Madelynn placed her lips on the tip of the artificial phallus and kissed it. Slowly, she enveloped the bulbous end completely with her mouth and began sucking on it, but Elena was disappointed at what she was doing.

"Don't jump into the action so quickly. Give it foreplay first."

Madelynn stopped sucking on the plastic cock and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"Allow me to demonstrate."

Elena lowered her lips to the tip of and gave it a quick peck before flicking it with the tip of her extended tongue. She then swirled her tongue around the top before sliding it up and down along the dildo's length before stopping.

"Now you try."

This time, Madelynn did it correctly. Her tongue flicked, swirled, and slid along the dildo as if it was a real cock. Afterwards she sucked on the cock. Something that Madelynn didn't expect happened: a strange liquid was flowing into her mouth through the tube inside the dildo. The dildo acted as a straw and Madelynn was drinking something unknown. However, it tasted sweet, but when she wanted to end the sucking, Elena stopped her.

"Don't stop until you've drank all of it."

After she was done, the female assistants closed the cover to the dish and wheeled the cart out of the room.

"Let's make out."

Elena wrapped her arms around Madelynn's body and kissed her deeply. The teen girl put up the briefest of resistance before accepting the kiss. Delicate hands then loosened Madelynn's jacket. Having no choice but to relent, she moved her arms to allow her jacket to be taken off by Elena. Her shiny black PVC crop top was revealed. After ending the kiss on Madelynn's lips, Elena then applied kisses and gentle licks on her cheek and down along her neck. The repeated intimate kissing continued on the naked, exposed skin above the teen girl's crop top. Silent gasps escaped from Madelynn's mouth.

Madelynn's body was beginning to feel sexual heat even though she didn't want to. Unconsciously, her thighs rubbed together in a failed attempt to relieve some of the tension. But instead of reducing it, her need for sexual relief increased. Every kiss and lick from Elena gave her electrifying tingles. Elena's lips would linger especially longer on the skin along the periphery of Madelynn's breasts, relishing the taste and feel of the delicate smooth skin. Eventually, Elena's fingers forced themselves within the folds of the PVC crop top from the upper hemline to caress Madelynn's boobs directly, causing the teen girl to yelp.

There was no denying of the teen girl's arousal when Elena felt the hardened nubs on her teenage breasts. The fingers were then retracted from the fabric's folds before then went down along the sides of Madelynn's PVC-clad upper body, caressing it amorously.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Uhh... I..."

"Say it!"

Feeling that she didn't have much of a choice, the teen girl reply somewhat hoarsely, "Yes, I-I'm enjoying this."

"I knew you would." A smirk appeared on Elena's face as she moved her face forward to Madelynn's for yet another kiss.

The goth girl's hands reached further down to caress Madelynn's ass through the pleated leather skirt before flipping the skirt up and touching her behind through the transparent purple PVC panties. Madelynn squirmed a little when she felt Elena's hands feeling up her ass and squeezing them. With one hand feeling on the teen girl's thigh, Elena touched Madelynn's pussy through the panties with the other. She rubbed with four fingers on the front side of the panties teasingly for several moments before reaching around it and touching Madelynn's pussy directly. Madelynn could only respond by giving muffled moans through the kiss. Elena's fingers touched and rubbed the teen girl's engorged clitoris. They barely went into her pussy, which was already throbbing in need, and the teasing exacerbated it. Leaving Madelynn on the sexual edge, Elena pulled her fingers out at the same time she broke the kiss.

With her face a short distance from Madelynn's, Elena whispered, "You're my girlfriend now."

Madelynn's face contorted upon hearing those words. Ignoring the teen girl's reaction, Elena wrapped her arms around Madelynn and kissed her again. Slowly, she leaned her body onto Madelynn's. Their breasts pressed together as Madelynn laid down backwards gradually on the couch. One of Elena's hands reached for the lower hemline of Madelynn's skirt and flipped it up before she pushed her right knee forward on the teen girl's loins. With her knee gently tensing Madelynn's pussy, Elena's hands explored her body as she continued the open mouth kiss. Because of great sexual need, Madelynn rubbed her pussy back against Elena's knee. Noticing that, Elena soon withdrew her knee and stopped her actions on Madelynn.

A slight grimace of disappointment appeared on Madelynn's face, and the goth girl relished the feeling of sexually teasing the teen girl. "You won't get an orgasm from me. Instead, you're going to get it by having Maria go down on you."

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