Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 9)

Wendy woke up the next morning. Her blonde hair was in disarray. While going through her usual morning routine, she tried recalling the details of last night's dream but had difficulty doing so. All she could remember were vague images of herself and Sarah holding hands and dancing together in some strange place. Unexpectedly, her attempts at recalling the dream during her morning shower made her horny, and Wendy had to relieve her sudden horniness by plunging her fingers into her smoothly shaven cunt. The raining droplets of water from the shower head tickled her hardened nipples. Wendy couldn't resist reaching a hand to her breast to relieve the pressure. When she tried to summon heterosexual thoughts, Sapphic imagery somehow got mixed it, but she didn't really care. She was too horny to resist the stream of images involving herself and Sarah in various sexual situations. Pretty soon she grunted, signaling the onset of her orgasm.

As scheduled by Sarah, Wendy went to the corner of the street that was one block down from her house to meet up with her. The foxy girl was relaxing on the side of her vehicle while waiting for Wendy, and smiled as she got close. Looking at Sarah this morning made Wendy's heart stir a bit. Wendy unconsciously eye Sarah up, whose body looked very sexy in the shiny silver keyhole camisole with spaghetti straps and white low-rise flare-legged jeans. A sexy fish tail style hair braid complemented Sarah's look.

Knowing the routine, Wendy said, "I love you, Sarah," and kissed her on the lips after doing an embrace. Sarah ran her fingers through the blonde strands of Wendy's hair as she pushed her C-cup breasts onto Wendy's similarly-sized ones.

They got into the car and drove off to the usual spot next to a large park. Breaking off from the usual routine of making out in the car, Sarah took Wendy to the park and sat together on a bench near a large pond. At that moment the area was completely devoid of people, save for a few joggers in the distance across the pond. A feeling of serenity surrounded the whole place. Morning doves cooed their brief but elegant melodies. Leaves of trees rustled in the gentle wind. The sun had barely risen above the horizon, but the girls could already feel the warm caress of the sun's rays.

"It's a fine morning, isn't it?" asked Sarah.

"Yes, it's a lovely morning."

Sarah tilted Wendy's chin upwards and looked longingly at her heart-shaped face, admiring her beauty, before caressing her cheek and tucking some blonde locks away from Wendy's face behind her ear.

"The sex show at Rebecca's beach house is coming up soon. We have to hurry up on your training. You've been practicing, have you?"

"Yes, I have," reply Wendy as she recalled the grueling masturbation sessions she had last night.

"Good, we'll advance further this afternoon. Now, let's continue practicing on what you've learned so far. Practice makes perfect."

Sarah caressed Wendy's cheek for a few more moments before she kissed her, who responded in kind by kissing back and then sucking on Sarah's lower lip. Wendy's tongue then came out from its hiding place and rubbed horizontally between the full width of Sarah's glossy pink lips before plunging into the moist, sweet interior of her mouth, feeling its inviting warmth. With one hand cupping the back of Wendy's head, Sarah rested her other hand on Wendy's hips and felt up her body through the fabric of the white lace trimmed top with floral designs. Slowly, her hand moved to Wendy's ass and squeezed it tightly through the black low-rise tight-fitting skinny jeans. At one point, Sarah broke the kiss momentarily to lick along the length of Wendy's straight nose until she almost reached her eye.

Wendy mirrored most of what Sarah did, but her actions were bolder. After feeling Sarah's thighs, ass, and waist, she moved one of her hands directly to Sarah's breast and squeezed it through the shiny fabric of the camisole before venturing boldly within its upper folds to touch her skin directly. Sarah sighed and pushed her breast on Wendy's hand to receive more of the sensation. Eventually one strap of Sarah's camisole was pulled down, revealing her red strapless bra. Wendy's glossy pink nails dug on the skin of Sarah's breast, squeezing them with need. Sarah didn't mind the partial disrobing, for she was thoroughly enjoying Wendy's touches. The two girls almost looked like sisters engaging in an incestuous lesbian act. That was what the middle-aged female jogger briefly thought as she slowly jogged past them. Sarah glanced at the female jogger, noticing how damp her spandex shorts were getting when she passed by. They continued touching and kissing each other with abandon until it was time to leave for school. At the end, Wendy found herself yearning for more intimacy. Her lips continued moving forward to seek a target even after Sarah retracted herself from Wendy.

"What's the matter, Wendy? Can't get enough of me?"

"No, I just want to practice more." Wendy doesn’t know why she'd said that. Those words seemed to have come automatically from her mouth.

"You'll get lots of practice after school. Just be patient. We'll have to go now or else we'll be late."

Wendy encountered Madelynn in the first floor hallway at school and was surprised to see her best friend changing to a different look. Although she was dressed in her usual drab clothes which consisted of an unrevealing gray hoodie, ordinary jeans, and penny loafers, her face and hair were different. Gone were her thick-rimmed glasses and mousy brown hair. Instead of the usual brunette color, her hair was now dyed black with purple highlights for good measure. Her eyes were emphasized with black eyeliner with hints of black eye shadow. She now wore contacts. Without the glasses, the beauty of her round face was more evident.

"What's with the new look, Madelynn? Are you into the Goth scene now?"

"No, not really. I'm just experimenting with new looks."

Madelynn couldn't resist giving her friend's body more than a cursory glance. Even though she knew it was wrong, she wonder what it's like to touch and feel Wendy's body. "Ugghh! I need to stop thinking about my friend like that! I should be resisting!" she thought.

"What's wrong? Is there something on my body?"

"Oh no, it's nothing."

"Have you watched the news last night?"

"No, not really. I was kind of busy."

"I guess you missed it then. There was this hilarious moment: they showed a sketch of a criminal suspect, and he looked exactly like the news anchor guy who was reporting it!"

Madelynn chuckled. "He's probably going to be getting some annoying calls and a visit from the cops."

"If he's the real suspect, it would've been even funnier!"

"Yeah, that would be like reporting his own crime on live TV!"

Wendy's eyes blinked. "Damn it, I forgot to bring my math book. Can you lend me yours after your math class is over?"


"Thanks a million, Maddy; you're such a life saver."

Wendy surprised Madelynn with a brief kiss on the left side of her cheek. Madelynn had never been kissed like that before by her friend.

"See ya!"

Madelynn's face reddened after the friendly kiss. She placed her fingers on the spot where Wendy had pecked. Her heart was beating fast, and she felt aroused. Madelynn briefly imagined the kiss going further before she stopped her imagination from becoming even wilder.

"What's wrong with me?! Why can't I control my own thoughts?!!" thought Madelynn while looking at her friend's round ass as she walked away from her. A brief image of herself kissing Wendy's ass and licking along the crevice appeared in her overactive mind. She made a futile attempt to chase away the libidinous thought.

Wendy had difficulty focusing in class, and she blamed it the recent thoughts she have been having lately. The upcoming sex show, Sarah's vigorous training, and Daniel occupied her mind most of the time. She was anxious about the whole thing, and wanted nothing more than to get the whole lesbian ordeal over with. However, at the same time, her other self thought differently. She had this strong subconscious desire to prolong her training under Sarah. Having no sexual experience with boys, but lots of sexual experience with the same sex, her mind was increasingly associating sexual pleasure with girls over time. This caused a feeling of ambivalence within her that she found difficult to reconcile.

The prospect of having more sexual practice with Sarah in the late afternoon made Wendy's pussy moist. During her first period class, she struggled with her horniness and attempt to relieve it by slowly rubbing her legs together to stimulate her pussy. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as the images of licking herself Sarah's pussy ventured into her mind. Hardly any mental resistance was put up to these invasive thoughts. Days before she wouldn't have visualize such nasty imagination, but now it almost seemed natural.

Madelynn was in a world of sexual turmoil during her P.E. class. She sat alone on the lowest row of the bleachers in the gym while watching her classmates play. The lust that had been ingrained in her mind and body were now coming out in full force. She couldn't resist ogling at the attractive bodies of her female classmates who were playing basketball and volleyball. The voice of rationality in the back of her mind was getter weaker as her fantasies grew stronger. Madelynn imagined the girls completely naked while they were playing their games. She also imagined herself fondling them and kissing them in every manner imaginable. Her tongue ran along her lips unconsciously as the scenes of debauchery played in her mind. With a lot effort, she tried to chase away those thoughts, but they always came back in within moments. At one point, she almost placed her hand within her shorts in front of her classmates, but resisted at the last moment.

Unable to stand it anymore, Madelynn dashed to the girl's restroom and frigged herself inside a stall while effortlessly imagining herself in a three-way with Jennifer and Bethany, two of the most attractive girls in her class. Madelynn was so immersed in her own actions that she hadn't noticed the sound of steps coming into the restroom. The door to her stall, which she had forgotten to lock, suddenly opened. Then there was a sudden flash of light. Madelynn was shocked by the unexpected intrusion. She was caught in the act by another girl whom she recognized as one of Rebecca's friends. The worst part was the girl standing in front of her now had photographic evidence.

"Imagine what other people would think when they see this picture. They would be shocked to find out that the nerdy and prudish Madelynn is actually a horny nympho!" said Lauren with a devilish smile. Though Lauren was in a different P.E. class, her class shared the same gymnasium as Madelynn's class. She had been observing Madelynn for a while and couldn't resist this opportunity to have some fun with her.

"Please don't show the picture to anyone!"

"Then do me a favor."

"What do I have to do?" asked Madelynn, who quickly had an idea what the request was based on the lecherous stare of Lauren's eyes.

"Kiss me."

Madelynn reluctantly moved forward and gave a brief peck on Lauren's lips.

"You can do better than that. I know what you've been doing with Elena lately. Show me the slut inside you."

"How could she know about it?" Madelynn wondered worriedly as she stepped forward to kiss Lauren a second time.

This time she let loose the mental restraints that she had placed on herself and let her implanted lesbian desires take over. The pent-up lust that's being building since the beginning class impelled her to kiss Lauren forcefully. Lauren directed Madelynn's hands to her waist in a hugging position before she explored Madelynn's body with her hands.

"Why am I feeling so aroused by her? What's going on with me?!" thought Madelynn.

Lauren's hand slipped into the front side of Madelynn's gym shorts and panties and she began teasing her pussy by sliding her index finger up and down the wet slit a few times before plunging in, causing Madelynn to moan through the kiss. Just when Madelynn thought the finger fucking would continue, Lauren pulled out her fingers out and ran her hand around her waist to her ass. She squeezed it once before moving into the crevice. With her forefinger, she teased the crack of her ass by sliding it up and down. Not having been touched in that place before, Madelynn was a bit excited, yet fearful at the same time.

When Madelynn felt the tip of Lauren's finger teasing her anus, she protested weakly, "No, not in there!"

The protest was ignored for Lauren proceeded to push her finger into the puckered hole. After some twisting and constant application of pressure, she managed to get her manicured finger in. The finger-fucking Madelynn's ass began in earnest. It went on for a few minutes before Lauren decided it was time to get herself relief. She placed both hands on Madelynn's shoulders and slowly pushed her downward to her knees before pulling down her own gym shorts and purple panties.

"Lick me."

"I can't!"

"Yes, you can. You're a lesbian now and all lesbians love licking pussies."

Madelynn looked trepidly at the smooth, hairless bush in front of her. While she has had her own pussy licked by Elena and Maria, it was an entirely different matter for her to lick another girl's pussy. She was mentally unprepared for the sudden demand. Sensing that Madelynn was trying to stall, Lauren grabbed the back of Madelynn's head and forcibly pushed it towards her crotch. Madelynn had no choice but to begin working her tongue on Lauren's pussy to an orgasm. The fact that Lauren had a church-going, goody-two-shoes girl going down on her aroused her even more. She grabbed Madelynn's hands and directed them to her ass. Instinctively, Madelynn grabbed Lauren's ass as she resumed licking.

"Yes, right there! Uhhhhhh... Ahhhhhhhhh!!"

The sound of Lauren's shuddering orgasm echoed loudly in the girl's restroom, scaring away one girl who was about to go in after she realized what was happening in there. After Lauren quickly regained her senses, she looked down at Madelynn, who was whimpering.

"Need relief?"

"Y-Yes." Madelynn didn't want to say it, but she was unable to ignore the sexual need of her body. The urge was gnawing at her like some wild animal.

"Then pull down your shorts and panties."

"Right here?! What if someone comes in and sees us? Can't we get in a stall?"

"It's awwwright." Lauren quickly kneeled and yanked down Madelynn's blue gym shorts and purple satin panties at the same time. Madelynn was too far gone with lust to resist Lauren's sexual forwardness. A loud gasp escaped from Madelynn's mouth when Lauren stabbed her tongue into the wet folds of Madelynn's pussy, which was already overflowing with natural lubricating juices at this point.

Being an expert cunt licker, Lauren quickly drove Madelynn to heights of pleasure. It was so overwhelming that in those moments Madelynn didn't care whether not she was becoming a lesbian. Pleasure was dominating her mind and body. She almost came as loudly as Lauren did in the restroom. Her body bucked as the orgasm coursed throughout her body. It almost caused her to lose her balance and she had to place her hands on the edge of the sink for support. Both girls panted heavily afterwards. But, that wasn't all, Lauren gave Madelynn one last deep kiss before letting her go.

During lunch period, Sarah and Wendy ventured out of the school grounds to have lunch at a Subway restaurant. While they waited in line, Sarah surprised Wendy with a sudden demand to kiss.

"Let's kiss."

"In front of everyone?! What if they think that we're... you know..."

"This will help you prepare for the show since we're going to be performing for an audience. One of the worse things that could happen is stage fright."

Sarah didn't wait for Wendy to respond. She quickly moved her pursed lips toward Wendy's face. Without questioning Sarah any further, Wendy accepted Sarah's kiss. Most of the people waiting in line ignored them while some of the women looked away, obviously disgusted by the scene. However, there was a woman who was looking at them in a particular way, and Sarah remembered that she was the female jogger who passed by her and Wendy this morning. Embarrassed that she was caught staring at them by Sarah, the woman in the business power suit made a dash to the ladies room. Sarah passionately kissed Wendy while thinking of what to do with that businesswoman. Before that thought had finished, it was their turn to order. Sarah ordered some sandwiches, drinks, and one strawberry smoothie.

"How are we going to share the smoothie? Don't we need an extra cup?"

"No, silly, we're going to drink from the same cup."

They chose a table near the window.

"Come on, let's drink the smoothie together." Sarah placed two straws in the cup.

"But people might think we're in a relationship!"

"People won't care. Even if they do, they'll forget about quickly. And besides, it's for your training."

Wendy hesitantly placed the striped straw between her lips and drank the smoothie with Sarah. She was still worried about people looking at them and thinking that they're lesbians. But, she found herself relaxing when she looked at Sarah's beautiful oval-shaped face. There was this strange surrealistic beauty about Sarah that she couldn't quite put it a finger on. She hadn't realized it until now. The sudden feeling of Sarah's foot touching hers snapped Wendy out of her trance. Knowing that Sarah wanted to play footsie again, she touched Sarah's leg with her tip of her own foot. Several horny male customers turned their heads around to look. Wendy's fears had become a reality, but now she was wholly unaware of people watching her because she was too focused on Sarah. Noticing that the businesswoman who had dashed away previously was now standing outside the window, Sarah licked her lips at the woman and pressed her foot to Wendy’s pussy causing her to moan loudly.

Several hours later, Wendy was at Sarah's house. The drive from school to her house had been delayed because of an unexpected traffic jam on the freeway. Not wanting to waste any more time, Sarah quickly briefed Wendy on what the current lesson would entail.

"You're going to take another major step in your training today, Wendy. Can you guess what today's training is going to be about?"

For some reason, the image of herself licking Sarah's pussy popped in Wendy's mind. Though that gave her the answer, she was reluctant to say it. The words got caught in her throat. Something was holding her back.

"Are you that clueless, Wendy? Let me tell you then: you will do some real pussy licking."

"Pussy licking?" Those words triggered a vague memory within Wendy's mind. Wasn't she supposed to be repulsed with oral sex on girls? Why was she feeling so relaxed now and actually looking forward to it?

"Yes, you're going to go down on me. But, before that you're going to get a massage. Have you ever had a massage?"

"No, but I've seen people do it on TV."

"Good, then this will be your first time! It's going to be a great experience for you."

Wendy followed Sarah upstairs. Once they got into Sarah's room, they placed their backpacks in a corner.

"We have to take off our clothes."

Sarah turned around so that her back was facing Wendy. With widened eyes, Wendy watched transfixed as Sarah rolled up the bottom hem of her silver camisole. Slowly, Sarah's lithe arms rose up, taking the camisole along with it. The flawless skin of Sarah's upper body was revealed inch-by-inch starting with her belly, which was flat and well-toned from countless cheerleading exercises. Her belly button piercing shimmered. Sarah's disrobing was so teasingly slow that it seemed almost surreal. Once the lower hem had rolled up to Sarah's breasts, Wendy developed a sudden aching urge to touch and suck on those gravity-defying breasts. Her lips parted slightly in sexual expectation as she briefly imagined herself sucking on Sarah's hooters. Knowing that Wendy was excited by her, Sarah gave her a knowing a smile.

Once the camisole was off, Sarah undid her sequined belt and slowly peeled her jeans off her legs. Wendy's eyes immediately focused on the shapely ass that was partially exposed. She had a fleeting mental image of herself kissing and licking Sarah's ass. Sarah teased Wendy more by swaying her ass slightly, and Wendy followed its motions with her eye movements. The shoes, socks, bra, and panties were next, which Sarah took care of fairly quickly. She then got herself onto a pair of 3-inch red heel pumps.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Wendy?"

"Oh, yeah, my clothes!"

Wendy fumbled with her camisole top. As she was pulling it up over her head, she felt Sarah's hands on her.

"Let me help you."

Tingles of pleasure shot through Wendy's body as Sarah expertly removed Wendy's camisole, belt, jeans, and underwear. It took a little over a minute but it seemed to pass by in seconds for Wendy.

"Now get into the heels."

Assisted by Sarah, Wendy slowly eased her feet into the same red heels that Sarah was wearing. Even though she had some practice wearing them, it still felt kind of uncomfortable.

She was still looking at the new heels on her feet when Sarah said, "Time to head downstairs."

Together, they through a hidden doorway and walked down a flight of steps to the secret basement. They went into a room right next to the one Wendy had visited before. Like the room with the doll, its surfaces were colored in shades of white and pink, but had a metallic texture to them. Futuristic abstract art hung on the wall. There were three white-colored massage tables, several glass cabinets holding countless bottles and sex toys of many varieties and colors, some metal chairs, a sink, lava lamps, vases of jeweled metallic flowers for decoration, and several pieces of electronic equipment that Wendy had never seen before. The carefully placed lighting and placement of the furniture gave the whole room a classy feel.

"Wow, this room looks kind of--futuristic."

"I personally designed it."

"You're such a talented person."

"Everyone has their own talent, just like you have yours. Now, get onto a table."

"Which one?"

"Whichever one is fine."

Wendy got onto one of the white, padded massage tables and sat down with her legs dangling on one side. As she waited for Sarah to prepare for the massage, Wendy noticed the faint music that was playing in the background, but didn't give further thought to it.

"Lie down on your stomach. I'm going to do your back first."

Wendy rolled onto her belly and rested her head on her crossed arms. Sarah retrieved a bottle of custom-made massage oil that contained special chemicals and applied it to the palm of her hands. She walked up to Wendy and started massaging her back side beginning in the area around her shoulders. The massaging proceeded downwards along Wendy's back and sides of her body. When Sarah's fingers glided along the peripheries of Wendy's breasts, Wendy couldn't help but gasp at the electrifying touches. She was totally immersed in Sarah's massage. All of her worries flowed away in those relaxing moments for the time being. Because the oil was absorbed fairly fast, Sarah occasionally replenished the oil on her palms from the bottle. While kneading Wendy's ass, Sarah slid a finger along the crack and slightly teased the anus, but refrained from going further in. That action earned her a gasp from Wendy's mouth. Slowly, Sarah slid her palms along Wendy's hips, thighs, calves, and ankles while adding gentle squeezing motions along the way. By the time Sarah had reached Wendy's feet, Wendy's body gleamed brightly as if it had been painted with clear lacquer.

When the action stopped, Wendy turned her head back to see what was going on. Sarah was applying the gleaming massage oil over her body. What Wendy hadn't noticed was that it was from a different bottle, one that had a scientific label. The remaining oil in the bottle was then poured all over Wendy's back.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm preparing to give you a full body-on-body massage."

Once her body was fully oiled, Sarah carefully got on top of the massage table with her legs astride Wendy's thighs in a kneeling position. The initial feeling of Sarah's oiled legs touching her calves gave Wendy an unexpected erotic tingling sensation. Slowly, Sarah lowered the anterior side of her body onto Wendy's posterior side. Her nipples touched Wendy's back first, followed by her breasts, which were slowly compressed, and finally the rest of her body. Prickles of sharp sensations erupted throughout the parts of Wendy's body that were in contact with Sarah's. It was something that Wendy hasn’t felt before. The feelings were so strong that she couldn't resist making loud gasps.

"What is this feeling? It feels so good," Wendy thought.

Wendy instinctively uncrossed her arms and spread them outwards into the air, but Sarah kept them back on the massage table by interlocking Wendy's fingers with her own. As Sarah repeatedly slid her oiled body up and down on Wendy's back, waves of wonderful sensations washing over Wendy like powerful ocean tides. Large droplets of excess oil dripping down Wendy's ass to her pussy began affecting Wendy. As more and more excess oil began accumulating on Wendy's pussy, her arousal level increased and her clitoris engorged in response. It yearned to be touched and stroked. Because of the induced sexual arousal, Wendy's body writhed and her thighs rubbed together in need.

"Roll over, Wendy. I'm going to do your front." Sarah rose on her fours on the table so that Wendy could execute that action.

Rolling her body over as ordered, Wendy was now facing the ceiling with her aroused nipples pointing directly upward. Her view of the immaculate surface was quickly replaced by the view of Sarah's beautiful face. She had a sudden urge to kiss Sarah. The feeling now appeared almost automatically whenever Sarah was close to her. Expecting Sarah to kiss her, Wendy closed her eyes and pursed her lips, but then nothing came. Sarah was teasing her.

When Sarah finally lowered her body onto Wendy's, their breasts collided together with a wet slap, causing Wendy to moan at the renewed sensations. Once their bodies finally met in full contact again, the ecstatic sensations that Wendy felt moments before all came back. She gasped when Sarah's pussy lightly came into contact with her own pussy. Using that sudden gasp as an opening, Sarah lowered her face and gave Wendy an open-mouthed kiss as her body worked its magic. The melding of Wendy's and Sarah's bodies was a perfect union of feminine flesh. Sarah moved her right knee between Wendy's pussy and began teasing it. Even though the touching on her clit was light, Wendy's face was already contorting noticeably in response. The knee was later retracted, but was still connected to the pussy via a thinning thread of massage oil mixed with pussy juice. The sudden absence of pleasure caused Wendy to open her eyes and whimper in disappointment.

"Not yet, Wendy. You haven't reached the goal of today's lesson," Sarah whispered before raising her body upwards away from Wendy.

The phrase, "lick Sarah's pussy," echoed in Wendy's mind. It didn't sound like her own voice, and she thought she had heard it somewhere before but couldn't remember where. The voice was followed by visualization: red-painted feminine lips kissed and nibbled on an aroused clitoris. Where did that thought come from? Wendy's eyes blinked. Sarah was now kneeling with her legs astride Wendy's hips. She had this seductive look on her face and was licking her lips sensually. Wendy lowered her eyes. Sarah had parted the folds of her pussy lips and was teasing its edges with the tip of her index finger in slow circular and vertical motions. She hadn't said a word as she made strong implications to Wendy on what was expected of her for her next action. Wendy's mouth hung open in awe at the erotic display before her. The sheer sensuality emanating from Sarah's voluptuous body was stirring Wendy's loins.

"Come on, Wendy, I know you want it."

The last few words repeated in Wendy's mind. She did want it, or at least thought she did. Wendy slowly got up, moved around, and positioned herself so that she was on her fours, facing Sarah. Her eyes drifted again to Sarah's face, who was smiling in encouragement. Wendy moved her face near Sarah's pussy. Its tantalizing aroma filled her nostrils. She stuck her tongue out and gradually bridged the remaining distance to the love box in front of her. A strange feeling erupted in Wendy once her lips finally came in contact. Something snapped it in her mind and her remaining inhibitions against this act disappeared. Her tongue and lips began working together against Sarah's pussy. Wendy's actions were slow at first, and then it soon picked up in speed.

"Oh, Wendy, lick it all. You're doing a good job! Uhhh!"

Sarah's hips started to move. She was gently humping Wendy's face. In response, Wendy's tongue went deeper into Sara's love canal. Her entire tongue was now coated with Sarah's vaginal fluids. Wendy's hands grabbed Sarah's knees and slowly slid up her thighs before moving around to cup her ass. Gently and eagerly, she kneaded Sarah's smooth ass. It felt wonderful on her hands.

"Uhhh... Uhhh... Ohh..." Sarah tossed her hair back as the feelings of pleasure increased.

The massage oil was having a very strong effect on Wendy's crotch. She released one hand from Sarah's ass to touch her own pussy, but Sarah wouldn't allow that. "Don't touch yourself there, Wendy. I'll do it for you, but you'll have to finish licking me first."

A muffled whimper came of Wendy's mouth, but she obeyed her order. Her hand went back to its previous position on Sarah's ass. Expecting Wendy's hand to move away again, Sarah grasped and held it firmly. Sarah's other hand remained on Wendy's head. Without the use of her fingers, Wendy had no choice but to rub her thighs together to ease some of the sexual pressure, but it was like using a cup of water to put out a forest fire.

When Sarah finally came, Wendy kept her mouth fully enclosed on the boundaries of Sarah's crotch. Like her previous practice on the doll, she used her best efforts not to let a single drop of feminine orgasmic fluid escape. Once Sarah's shuddering ended, she grasped Wendy's shoulders and lifted her upwards until they were face-to-face. Sarah's lips smacked onto Wendy's in an enthusiastic open-mouthed kiss.

"You lick pussy well for your first time."

"I guess the training is working well for me."

"If you keep this up, you'll definitely be the star of the upcoming show."

"And, Daniel will fall in love with me?"

"He'll be all over you."

Wendy's imagination went wild for a few moments. Sarah lifted a finger and touched Wendy's lower lip, interrupting her thought. Wendy responded by gently sucking on the digit. Her need for sexual release, made this simple act, highly stimulating for Wendy. The sexual fire that was building within her body was starting become too much for her to handle.

"Lie down on your back. I'm going to lick your pussy."

Eager to get sexual release, Wendy quickly did as she was told and got into position. In a move that Wendy didn't expect, Sarah turned around and got into a classic sixty-nine position on top of Wendy. Her view of the ceiling was obstructed by Sarah's hovering pussy. She wondered if she was supposed to lick it. That thought was interrupted when Sarah stabbed her tongue deeply into her love canal, causing Wendy to give a loud moan. Wendy's breathing rate soon quickened from the repeated assault of Sarah's expert tongue.

A drop of oily liquid mixed with feminine honey fell on Wendy's lips. She licked the drop off her lips and loved its sweetness. Unable to resist the taste anymore, Wendy raised her head a short distance to reach Sarah's clit and extended her tongue to lick it just like what Sarah was currently doing to her. The pleasure that Wendy was receiving was so intense that her hips rose upwards and her toes curled. Eventually, Sarah made a final stab with her tongue and initiated Wendy's intense orgasm. Wendy gave a loud, muffled moan through Sarah's pussy as throes of the orgasm wracked her teenage body. Sarah's orgasm came soon afterwards. The two girls were now short of breath.

Once they disentangled themselves from each other, Wendy commented, "Wow that was intense."

"Want another go at it?"

"I think I had enough."

"Come on, let's do it again. It's fun." Sarah coaxed Wendy by making a cute face while lightly caressing her shoulders.

It was difficult for Wendy to refuse her friend. "Okay," Wendy finally whispered. Their lips met together in a prelude for another sexual tryst that lasted for another half-hour.

Even though she had licked Sarah's pussy three times in a row, Wendy still clung to the belief that she was still a purely heterosexual girl because she was doing the training all for the sake of winning Daniel's love. Wendy still hadn't acknowledged yet the ramifications of her sexual activities with Sarah. She still hadn't realized what Sarah was getting her into.

Madelynn was struggling with her the increasingly intense emotions that had been plaguing her over the last few days. Even though she suspected Elena was somehow responsible, there was nothing much she could do about her newfound feelings towards girls. It seemed to be growing into her personality day by day. The mental resistance she kept putting up was starting to waver and she knew it. Even her usual praying didn't seem to help. For the past several nights she had been praying to God for forgiveness and assistance in alleviating the predicament she was in, but sudden lecherous thoughts often broke her concentration and she had to stop praying. "What is going on with me? What have I done wrong?"

Remembering what she had done last night while talking with Wendy over the phone, Madelynn made a promise not to do that perverted thing again. But, even as she did so, she imagined herself and Wendy naked on a bed, and Wendy was pleasuring her with a blue gyrating dildo. When she slapped herself to clear that thought, a flashback of what happened this morning at school with Lauren occurred. The image of her eating Lauren's pussy and Lauren doing the same thing to her, aroused Madelynn. She shook her head and slapped herself again. "Stop it, Madelynn! Stop it! Don't be such a pervert!"

Eventually, Madelynn lost her self-control. She can't believe that she's now "willingly" doing what Elena had ordered as she took out the laminated photographs given by Elena and the blue gyrating dildo. With the laminated pictures of Wendy, Sarah, and Elena, and another girl placed on the table, Madelynn began stimulating her cunt with the gyrating dildo. The skin right above her crotch pulsated each time the tip of the dildo made a complete rotation. Her chair creaked whenever her hips jerked occasionally. The first orgasm wasn't enough to quench Madelynn's raging sexual thirst, so she resumed stroking herself again while imagining the girls in the pictures engaging in hardcore lesbian sex. Right when Madelynn was about to have a second orgasm, her cell phone rang. She groaned at the sudden interruption. It was Elena. Madelynn wondered why she was calling her so late at night.


"Look out your window," said Elena in a throaty voice.

Madelynn sauntered to her window and was shocked to see the Goth girl standing right outside of her home, dressed in this time in a completely PVC outfit that consisted of a black jacket over a blue bustier top, a pleated skirt, and a pair of knee-high laced boots.

"Why are you here?" she asked nervously.

"I want you hang out with me for a bit."

"But my mom might find out."

"You can sneak out, can you?"

"Yes, but--"

"Good, then I'll be waiting for you."

After dressing up in the clothing that Elena had previously given her, Madelynn carefully snuck out her house. Every step was a tense moment. Once she was out of her house, she breathed a sigh of relief, but it wasn't over yet. Elena suddenly wrapped her arms around Madelynn and, without saying a word, kissed Madelynn deeply on the lips. Because Madelynn was still highly aroused from her previous private masturbation session, Madelynn responded to the kiss with equal force. Suddenly, Elena pushed something sweet into Madelynn's mouth, and she had no choice but to swallow it. It tasted like blueberries.

When the kiss broke, Elena assured her, "Don't worry, it was just candy."

Elena drove her to a popular make-out spot in the eastern hills. They parked at a fairly secluded spot away from the road. As Madelynn got out of Elena's Mercedes Benz coupe, she could hear the ambient sounds of crickets chirping and an owl hooting. Together, they looked up at the full moon.

"So, how was the sex with Lauren?"

"How did you know?" asked Madelynn with sudden nervousness.

"Lauren's my friend. She told me all about it."

"She came onto me. I didn't really want to do it." Madelyn intentional left out the part about the blackmail.

"Come on, you let her lick your pussy. You did at least enjoy it, didn't you?" Elena reached underneath Madelynn's black pleated leather skirt and lightly teased her pussy with two fingers.

"Kind of," Madelynn replied reluctantly.

"I take that as a yes."

Elena grabbed the zipper slider on Madelynn's jacket and slowly pulled it down, revealing the purple PVC crop top she wore beneath. Madelynn felt a sudden chill as the night wind blew on the skin of her naked belly. Next to come off was the skirt. Together the two pieces of outerwear were placed on the hood of the vehicle. Madelynn instinctively covered her semi-naked body with her arms. Even with the tight, form-fitting lingerie covering her body, she felt naked.

"I'm glad to see you wearing the purple PVC crop top and panties. It makes you look so sexy!"

Madelynn cringed at the word "sexy". The way Elena said it made her feel uncomfortable. She didn't want to be viewed as a slut, but Elena was treating her that way.

Unable to contain her lust, Elena moved forward and kissed Madelynn. Her hands quickly found Madelynn's ass and she squeezed it roughly through the PVC panties. As the French kissing continued, Elena guided her to the front end of the vehicle and slowly pushed Madelynn downwards until Madelynn was lying down with her back on the hood. After Elena pulled out of the open-mouth kiss, she kissed and licked all over Madelynn's face. While Elena nibbled and flicked her tongue on her ears, she whispered: "You're a lesbian slut. You get horny over every pretty girl you see."

"No." Madelynn whimpered in genuine denial. "I'm not a lesbian."

"Don't deny it. That's what you truly are. Embrace your real identity."

With dexterous fingers, Elena unclasped Madelynn's PVC crop top, then latched her lips over the nipples that were jutting out prominently from Madelynn's breasts. The teen girl made repeated gasps as her breasts were being sucked by Elena's eager mouth. Moving like a slithery snake, Elena's dominant hand reached downward along Madelynn's body and slipped into Madelynn's purple PVC panties.

"Do you want to have sex with Wendy?" questioned Elena as she tickled the teen girl's pussy.

The directness of the question surprised Madelynn. "No, I would never think of my friend in that way!"

"Don't lie to me. I know you've been thinking about her." Elena ended that statement with several vigorous strokes on her pussy, causing Madelynn to give a loud moan.

Madelynn's eyes moved nervously while avoiding Elena's knowing look. "No, no, I haven't!"

"I can teach you how to seduce her so that you can make your deepest, darkest fantasies come true," said Elena in a husky voice as she kept pumping her fingers in and out Madelynn's pussy.

"Wendy's my best friend! I can't to do that to her!"

"Very well then. But, if you change your mind, just give me a call and I'll be more than happy to help you."

Elena slowly kissed downward along her body until she reached Madelynn's crotch. She then pulled down the PVC panties and proceeded to perform oral sex on Madelynn. The incessant sound of Madelynn's mewing and moaning indicated that Elena was doing a very good job of pleasuring her. Elena's tongue and lips were relentless. Almost automatically, Madelynn's began kneading her own breasts and her legs wrapped around Elena's upper body. Her breathing quickly became rapid, shallow breaths. The rapidity and effectiveness Elena's actions soon drove Madelynn to an intense orgasm, during which Madelynn arched her back upwards as the sexual spasms ran throughout her body.

"It's my turn now."

Madelynn slowly got off from the hood of the vehicle as Elena got on. The teen girl thought that she was going to now get the oral sex over with, but Elena had something else in mind.

"Lick my right boot, slave."

It was the first time that Elena referred her with that title. She had no choice but to obey as she kneeled down and began licking Elena's high-heeled laced boot. After licking up the entire length of the boot and continuing halfway up the thigh, Elena stopped her.

"Stop! Now lick my ass."

Elena rolled around on the hood of the vehicle and flipped the back side of her skirt up, revealing the glossy blue PVC thong she wore beneath. Again, Madelynn obeyed. With some disgust and arousal too, she slowly kissed Elena's ass, touching both skin and the thong with her lips and tongue.

"Lick my crack. Go up and down. Yeah, that's it."

The teen girl felt a bit disgusted at this, but had no option to resist as she continue licking the crevice of Elena's ass. Even when Madelynn licked the blue PVC thong it did not help the repulsive act as much as she thought it would. Madelynn didn't know how long she had been kissing, licking, and swirling her tongue on the surface of Elena's ass before she was told to stop.

"Good job, slave. Now help me take off my thong and you can taste my pussy for the first time!"

Elena lifted her legs up so that Madelynn could remove the thong easier. She was about to put it on the hood of the car when Elena suddenly ordered her to lick the thong which was already gleaming with her own saliva.

"Don't put it down yet. I want you smell it and lick the inside of it."

Madelynn gave a slight grimace before performing that act. She pressed the PVC thong close to her nose and inhaled the scent. It didn't smell as bad as she thought. Even the taste wasn't that bad either. In fact, she licked the inside of the thong a bit enthusiastically too. Madelynn wondered why she wasn't as repulsed as she thought she should be.

"You can lick my pussy now, slave."

Elena lifted one leg and rested the 3-inch heel of the PVC boot on the hood of the car. After lifting up the black pleated PVC skirt, Madelynn lowered her lips to the well-lubricated snatch and began licking it. Elena ran her fingers over Madelynn's black-dyed hair as her pussy was being eaten. Even though Madelynn didn't really want to, she was becoming increasingly better at licking pussies. As her tongue got a bit deeper, she felt something pushing back against her tongue. It tasted somewhat sweet, almost like the stuff that Elena had forced her to swallow during the greeting kiss.

Noticing Madelynn's sudden pause in her action, Elena explained, "What you had just felt with your tongue was candy. I have a lot of candy stuffed inside my pussy, and I want you to eat them all."

Madelynn resumed her oral stimulation of Elena's pussy. After the reluctantly eating the first piece of candy that came out, she noticed that it tasted very good, especially the sweet gelatinous filling. Feeling somewhat addicted to it now, Madelynn took each and every one the spherical hard-shelled blue candy that slid out of Elena's love canal enthusiastically. Elena came right after the last piece was sucked out.

Unknown to Madelynn, several of Elena's assistants were recording all what had happened on video while hiding in the bushes. With some editing, it would look as if Madelynn was fully enjoying the sexual activities she was having with Elena.

For the next few days, Sarah and Wendy practiced and rehearsed for the upcoming sex show at Rebecca's beach house. While it was more or less what Wendy had done with Sarah over the past several weeks, the rehearsals were necessary because there was choreography involved in the show. Sarah's bedroom was used as a mock stage for the rehearsals. It took many tries before Wendy finally got her part acted out correctly.

The sex show was going to happen on late Saturday night. To make things flow smoother and squeeze in an extra rehearsal, Sarah had Wendy stay overnight at her house. Initially, Wendy's parents were concerned about her daughter staying at Sarah's house over the weekend, but after some convincing and reassurances done by Sarah, they were more than happy to agree.

Sarah praised Wendy at the end of the last rehearsal on Friday night. "I'm proud of you, Wendy. That was an excellent rehearsal. Now if we can repeat what we had just done on the show tomorrow, everyone who's watching us will be floored!"

"Daniel too?!"

"Yes, Daniel too."

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