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Silver Witch (chapter 1)

Two girls, who were the best of friends since childhood, were exploring an old abandoned mine near their city that was closed off to public access. They both shared a desire for adventure, and the mine near where they lived was a perfect opportunity to satisfy that common aim. It was early afternoon when they first entered the mine after walking about a quarter mile from where the car of one of the girls was parked. An hour into their exploration, they came upon a hole that was closed off by wooden boards.

Emma, a beautiful 18-year-old brunette with a curvaceous body, spotted the hole first. "This probably leads to the natural cave network!"

"Cool! Let's explore it!" replied Sophia, an attractive blonde 18-year-old girl who also had an equally desirable body.

Emma pulled a crowbar from her backpack and begin removing the boards while Sophia held the large flashlight. Clouds of dust came up. After removing the last of the boards, Emma was the first to step into the hole.

Sophia was a little bit worried. "Are you sure about this? I mean this isn't even on the map!"

"That makes it even more fun! Come on!" Emma pulled Sophia's hand in encouragement.

A short time past during the exploration of the unmapped cave network and they came upon a beautiful scenery: large glowing crystals of various colors line the top, bottom, and sides of the huge room. It was bright enough for them to turn off their flash lights.

"Wow, this is... just beautiful!" exclaimed Emma.

"Yeah..." Sophia took out her digital camera to take some photographs.

It was one of the most attractive sights they've seen so far in their current spelunking trip. They had an half-hour lunch break before continuing on. There were three paths they could take and the leftmost path was decided after random blind pointing.

The paths became more winded and narrow as they continued on. There were also occasional, indistinguishable forked paths. Hours later, Emma and Sophia realized that they were lost.

"What are we going to do now?" sighed Emma as she leaned on the side of a wall. It suddenly crumbled as if it was made from loose sand.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH!" screamed Emma as she slid down the slanted tunnel.


Emma finally stopped at about four hundred feet below from where she was standing before. She was slightly bruised from the fall. Her friend continued calling her by her name and Emma replied to the echoes by yelling "SOPHIA!"




Glad that her flashlight didn't went out from the fall, Emma explored the area around her. There seemed to be no other way except for a single path leading forward from where she landed. As Emma continued along the path, she noticed the walls of passageway were very smooth. She placed her hands on the walls and couldn't feel any bumps, cracks, or blemishes. It was too smooth to be natural. The passageway seemed to go on endlessly and she felt something was pulling her forward. Emma thought she was hallucinating when she began hearing voices. At first she couldn't make out what the voice was saying, but she got further in it became clearer.

"Help me..."


"Help me... Please..."

The voice seemed to speak directly to Emma's mind. "Strange," Emma thought as she continued ignoring the voice.

The path widened gradually as she got further in and at several points she felt a slight repelling force. When she finally reached the room at the end of the corridor, she gasped in awe at what she had discovered. It was a huge, circular room roughly thirty feet in diameter. Along the circumference of the room were five pillars with strange symbols inscribed on them. On the floor, spaced at regular intervals, were five concentric grooved circles. Above the circles was a domed ceiling whose base spanned the width of the largest circle. Every part of the room was glowing. The voice that she heard was also louder that ever.

"Who are you? Where are you?"

"I was once the high priestess of my people. My enemies, who were jealous of my magical power, trapped me within this magical barrier."

"I want to help you, but I can't even see you."

"I'm trapped within the magical barrier, which is what you're standing on."

Emma suddenly saw the image of a beautiful woman wearing an attractive outfit in her mind.

"I can see you in my head! Are you using telepathy?" Emma was suddenly very excited and the fact that she was lost in the cave was gone from her mind for the while being.


"Wow, how do you that?" Emma noticed that she could only hear the natural echoes of her own voice during speaking and not from the woman who was talking directly to her mind.

"I can teach you that and a lot more once you help me get out of the barrier."

"How can I help you get out?"

"You need to perform a sacred ritual."


"First, you need to remove yourself of your clothing."

"Remove my clothes?!"

"Yes. The clothing will interfere with the flow of magic."

Normally, Emma would've been repulsed by this request of a stranger to remove her clothes, but her sense of modesty was overridden by her sudden, renewed interest for the occult that she had lost years ago.

"Okay. I'll do it."

Emma took a breath and began stripping herself of all clothing. She leave her clothes, shoes, and socks in two piles near one of the pillars. The smooth stone floor felt cool on the soles of her feet.

"Now i need you to move to the center of the innermost circle."

She sauntered to the circle at the center, which just spanned a little beyond the width of her fully extended arms.

"What do i do now?"

"Kneel down."

"Okay." Emma got on her knees.

"Pleasure yourself."

"Pleasure myself? You mean masturbate?"

"Yes, and I'll help you get started."

Before Emma had a chance to reply, she suddenly felt tingling sensation in her pussy. It quickly grew into strong, aching need. She unconsciously moved her hand to her went pussy to stroke it.

"How can you do that?" asked Emma as played with her pussy with her digits.

"It's all part of my magic."

Emma didn't twice about the possible consequences nor did she had much of a chance too. Within minutes, Emma came. Female nectar from her virgin pussy squirted on the stone floor. Some of it went on her thighs.

"Stand away."

Emma got up and moved.


Emma was standing at the entrance to the room now.

At first nothing happened, but soon the grooves which outline the circles and the engraved symbols on the pillars began glowing in a blue color. The brightness gradually increased until it became so bright that Emma had to shield her eyes with her hands. There was a brief rumble and brightness of the light was reduced to its glow. In place of the concentric circles was now a large crater.

Standing at the center of concave depression was a woman in skimpy attire. Her outfit was generally silver in color. She wore a shiny silver-colored cloak with a wide collar, contrasting with the inner side of the cloak which was metallic pink. The rest of her clothing was a matching bra and bikini that were metallic silver in color and decorated with floral patterns of pink gemstones and white diamonds. On one of her legs was a silver anklet. Silver high heels encased her feet. Her eyelashes are thick with purple mascara and she had on glittery pink eyeshadow. Glossy pink was the color of her lips, which is the same as the color of her nails. A silver serpentine armband hugged her upper left arm while on her left wrist were was a silver bracelet studded with diamonds and pink gems. Hanging on her ears were dangling diamond-studded silver earrings. Around her neck was a small silver necklace with a large pink gem. Smooth platinum blonde hair flowed halfway down her back and on the top of her head was a silver tiara studded with diamonds and a large pink jewel at its center.

Emma moved closer to the woman, awed by surreal quality of what she was seeing.

"Thank you for freeing me. My name is Galatea."

"You're welcome. I'm Emma, nice to meet you."

"I made a promise teach you magic for freeing me. Do you want to learn some magic right now?"

"Yes, yes! I definitely want to!"

"Stand still."

Emma moved closer

"Open your mouth." Emma opened her mouth halfway.

Galatea's lips parted slightly and a glowing purple stream of magical energy flew from between her lips. The lips quickly entered the girl's mouth. She felt warm stream energy moving down her throat spreading throughout her body. When the passage of the energy ended, Emma instinctively closed her mouth.

"I've given some of my power to you. Now it's time to learn your first magic spell: Push."

Emma suddenly saw three strange symbols inside her mind.

"What you're seeing in your mind are the power words. To invoke the spell, you'll have focus on your target and visualize the symbols that I've shown you. Try it on that brick over there."

There was a brick jutting from the floor near her. Emma looked at the target and tried the spell. After the fifth attempt, she managed to push the brick three feet away from its position.

"Wow! It really works!"

"The reverse of the spell is 'Pull'. In order to use that spell, you just have to reverse the symbols that I've shown you before. Try it on the brick again."

On the third attempt, Emma pulled the brick from a distance towards her. It came at her with such force that she had to dodge it so she won't hurt herself."

"Careful, Emma, you have to accurately gauge the distance you want your target to move. As you've just demonstrated, it's not that easy."

"Then I'll practice until I'm good at it!"

"Now Emma, aren't you forgetting something?"

"What?" Emma pondered for a moment and then her eyes opened wide. "I can't believe I got so into this that I forgot I was lost!"

"Don't worry, sweetie. I can help you find your way out."


"Just close your eyes."

Emma saw in her mind a clear map of the whole cave network and the mine that it was connected to. Her current position was also highlighted.

"Wow! I see it. I see the way out! But how can I get back up there?" Emma opened back her eyes.

"Don't worry. Just dress back up first and I'll help you."

Emma quickly got back into her clothes and grabbed her back pack.

"Move close to me."

Walking a couple of steps, Emma was now right beside the witch.

"Are you ready?"


Galatea spread her arms outward from her body and the whole room seemed to dematerialized in a swirl of bright colors. Afterwords, Emma found herself standing in area that she had traveled on before. She could see the glow of Sophia's flashlight in the far distance.

"Sophia must be there. I'm sure she'll be excited to meet a real witch!"

"Sorry Emma, but right now only you can know about my existence," Galatea spoke in Emma's mind.


"It's for your own good."

"What do you mean? I don't understand."

"You will in time. I've to leave this place. There are urgent matters for me to attend to."

Galatea suddenly disappeared, leaving only a cloud of fading sparks behind.

"Wait, will I see you again? How can I contact you?"

She heard Galatea's reply in her mind. "Don't worry sweetie, I'll stay in touch with you. When the time comes, I'll teach you more advanced magic."

Though disappointed at the fact that she can't talk about the witch to anyone, especially her friend, Emma was thrilled at the prospect of learning more magic from Galatea in the future. With the help of the magical map of the cavern fully embedded in Emma's mind, she and her friend Sophia managed to get out of it safely. By the time they were going through the wooded area away from the mine on Emma's car, it was already early evening.

Sophia thought about the trip. "We could've really got lost, died in there, and no one would ever know."

"Yeah, but if we hadn't went there, we wouldn't have been able to see and take pictures of those crystals."

"Was it really worth it? We should've just stuck to the mapped areas."

"Where's the fun it that?"

"I guess you're right."

Late at night, Emma was lying on her back, facing the ceiling. She wondered about the events that happened in the afternoon: getting lost in the cavern, meeting a witch, and the witch teaching her magic and helping her out of the cavern. It all seemed so unreal. Maybe it was all just a hallucination because she couldn't get the basic magic spells of push and pull to work again. She was too tired to think anymore and quickly went to sleep. Emma had a strange erotic dream hours into her sleep. She tossed and turned, aroused and excited by the dream sequence. In the morning her body was all sweaty and the wetness on her panties along with the accompanying smell was evidence of the wet dream she had that night. She couldn't recall any details of the dream. Emma sighed and didn't think much of it further, and she got ready for school on the following morning.

It was a typical, boring Monday morning at school or at least that was what Emma thought. Third period was more exciting, but that was mainly because Emma's crush, Ben, shared the same class with her. She would occasionally steal glances at Ben, a handsome member of the school's football and wrestling teams that many other girls also ogle over. Usually, slight feelings of jealousy would strike Emma whenever Julia, the girl who sat in front of Ben, talked to him, which Emma considered to be just flirtatious behavior. She was suppose to feel jealous and dislike Julia. So Emma realized that she was also unconsciously staring at Julia and eyeing her curves going from the bottom up, she found it strange. Disturbed and confused by her own sudden change in her behavior, she turned away and tried her best to clear the unwanted thoughts by focusing on the class material. That problem continued throughout the school day. Emma found her eyes constantly targeting the curves and the bodies of any attractive girl she saw. It was as if her eyes had gained a mind of their own. Even by using sheer force of will, Emma still found it hard not to look. It seemed to get worse as the day dragged on and she was starting to get really worried when she was looking at her friends, including Sophia, in that way too. The problem was at its worst during her physical education class in the locker room. Her eyes were so focused on the bodies of the other girls that she had a hard time changing her clothes. However, right at end of the school day the strange compulsion seemed to have disappeared, allowing Emma to breathe a sigh of relief.

Emma had another erotic dream that night. This time she was caressing and playing with her own body while she was dreaming. She tossed and turned, moving the bed sheets in disarray. Made hot and flustered by the dream, she unconsciously kneaded her breasts and played with her pussy as the scenes unfolded in her mind. Eventually her orgasmic juices soaked her panties and some of it spilled on the sheets. She woke up the next morning trying to recall the strange dream, but could only remember scattered facial images of Julia and Galatea. "Why was I dreaming about them?" thought Julia, but she soon concluded that dreams never made sense to begin with. She got off from her bed and did her morning routine.

For no particular reason during breakfast, Emma decided to try one of magic spells again, wanting to confirm again the witch she encountered in the cavern last weekend was real and not a figment of her imagination. She focused on a spoon and tried the "pull" spell. Suddenly it worked. The spoon flew towards her and she caught it just in time. Emma raised both of her hands in triumph.


"What are you so happy about, sis?" asked her younger sister, Ella, who had just came through the door to the kitchen.

"Oh, nothing."

Going to school in a happy mood, Emma forgot all about the disturbing dream she had last night, and instead thought about when she could meet up with Galatea again so that she could learn more magic from her. Emma's happy mood was shattered when the problem that plagued her yesterday came back, only this time it seemed worse. During the passing period after her second class, while going up the stairs to the third floor, Emma found herself staring at the shapely ass of a female student who was wearing tight jeans. As if realizing someone was staring at her ass, the girl swung her ass to-and-fro. The girl then turned her head around to face Emma and gave her a wink and an air kiss. Emma shook her head and realized what she saw was just imaginary. Not wanting to have that repeated, Emma averted her eyes and quickly climb the stairs ahead of the girl.

Emma was one of the earlier students to arrive in her third period class. As she sat there, she watched her fellow classmates arrive and fill up their seats one-by-one. When Ben walked across her view, her heart fluttered, and her eyes continued following him until he got to his usual seat.

"Will her dream come true?" thought Emma as she faced away to stare at nothing in particular.

That thought was interrupted when Julia walked in her usual confident stride. She found her eyes automatically focusing on Julia's beautiful feminine form as they traced its curves. Emma was surprised when Julia turned her head to face Emma and gave her a wink and licked her lips seductively. She shook her head and realized that she was hallucinating again. Even with her head turned away, images of Julia smiling and sensually rubbing her hands on her body assaulted Emma periodically during class. As if that wasn't bad enough, Emma found herself feeling a bit aroused at those mental images. Trying to combat those unwanted thoughts, Emma tried focusing on her history class more than usual. It seemed to have worked and she felt relieved when those thoughts abated, at least for the time being.

At lunch period in the cafeteria, Emma said a funny joke and her friend Sophia couldn't help but laugh, accidentally squeezing her milk carton too hard and splashing some milk on her own face. Without warning, Sophia's laughing turned into pleasurable moans. Her hands reached up and rubbed on her front body while unbuttoning her blouse. She licked the splashed milk around her lips and looked at Emma intently. Unable to control herself, Emma got up on her seat and climbed on top of the table. She bent over and extended her tongue to lick the milk that was on Sophia's face. Suddenly Emma snapped back to reality. It had been just a hallucination. By now Sophia's laughing had already subsided and was wiping her face with a napkin.

"What the hell's going on with me?" Emma thought worriedly as she emptied her tray in the trash can. "Why am I imagining these things? I don't even swing that way."

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