Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silver Witch (chapter 2)

Just as Emma was starting to feel really worried about those strange thoughts and hallucinations invading her mind during her day at school, those thoughts disappeared abruptly, similar to what had happened before. Failing to find a rational explanation for problem that had been plaguing her, she sought the advice of Sophia, her best friend, without mentioning the exact details of her embarrassing problem.

"Hey Sophia, ever had some days where you start imagining things and seeing things?"

"You mean like from getting high on drugs?"

"No, not like that."

"Just kidding, Emma! Yeah, that happened to me before. When I was ten, my parents promised me to get me a hamster as a pet. I was so excited that I thought about nothing but hamsters for a whole week before I got Cookie. I actually imagined having one at my side and petting it. It was so exciting!"

"I remember that day when you first showed me Cookie, and the look on your face. You were really happy. But what I'm asking about isn't exactly like that. It's something that pops out of the blue and annoy you for almost the whole day. Something that seems to have a mind of its own."

"Those kinds? Yeah... I have had those..." Sophia's expression suddenly became gloomy.

"I'm sorry, Sophia. I didn't mean to make you think about those events again."

"No, it's okay. Emma, is something bugging you? You can tell me about it."

Emma sort of expected this, so she mentioned Ben and Julia, and how she imagined them as actual couples and worrying that it would actually become true. Although Ben indeed had been on her mind, it wasn't on the same level as those strange thoughts she had been having lately. She didn't really want to lie to her best friend, but the alternative of telling Sophia that she had been having sexual thoughts about girls was worse.

"So, it's about Ben and Julia. I think it's your imagination going wild. You need to get over your hang-ups over Ben and talk to him."

"I know, but how can I stop thinking about him?"

"Do something. Play some games, read a book, listen to music. You just need something to occupy your mind."

The conversation continued on for a while, and ended with cheers on both of Emma's and Sophia's faces. Inwardly, Emma was disappointed right from the start that conversation had gone nowhere near a practical solution nor meaningful direction to her strange problem. She had already been doing some of the stuff Sophia mentioned, such as playing games and listening to music, but none of those seemed to work.

With long school day over, an exhausted Emma plopped onto her bed. She had homework, but that had to wait. She felt very tired for some reason. Within minutes, she dozed off. It came to her again, but this time in a different form. In yet another dream, she saw nothing a fog of pink. Then the figures appeared, blurry silhouettes of several people were writhing their bodies close to each other. Those shapes began to draw closer to Emma's internal eye. It soon got close enough for Emma to recognize them as being distinctively feminine. Their black shapes distorted and enveloped her entire field of vision. At that moment, Emma's eyes snapped open. Her body was sweating and she was in heat. It got so hot that she stripped herself down to her unassuming white bra and panties.

She couldn't resist the temptation. It came all of a sudden. She needed it and she needed it now. Lying back on her bed, Emma reached her fingers beneath her white panties and began stroking herself. Her pussy was already wet with arousal during the dream and the stroking made it even more so. She tried to resist by attempting to pull her hands away but it didn't work. Pleasure overrode her rationality. Even with repeated attempts, she had succumbed. Stroking her breasts beneath her white bra with her other hand, Emma was in a state of unnatural pleasure. Her hips raised slightly as Emma worked her way towards a powerful orgasm. She moaned in pleasure and also in defeat.

Far away, Galatea was sitting on her throne and looking at the magical holographic image of Emma in sexual distress. She made slight cackle. "Struggle as much as you want, for your fate is already sealed."

"Ughh... Ughhh... Ahhh..."

Emma's sweaty body writhed sexually on the bed. Her panties became so infused with wetness that it became almost transparent at the crotch area. The torrent of female orgasm soon washed over Emma as she gave one last moan. She collapsed back onto her bed exhausted and gasping for breath. Getting back up, Emma felt a sense of guilt and confusion. After cleaning herself up, Emma started on her homework. She needed to get her mind off of the perverted thoughts so she concentrated more than usual. There was respite for Emma, at least until late night.

It came at full force. Unlike before, her current dream was more vivid, more real. It became such that she knew that she was dreaming. Like the dream during the afternoon nap, she saw featureless dark, feminine shapes and the surrounding dreamscape enveloped in thick fog. This time, however, color and details took hold in the shapes. Eventually those three distinct shapes took the forms of three people she knew. With undoubting clarity now, she recognize them as Galatea, Julia, and even Sophia. They were all smiling at her. The dream would've been nothing unusual if it weren't for the disturbing scene that was about to unfold.

The black silhouettes that transformed into Julia and Sophia were completely naked with the bottom part of their bodies obscured by the thick white fog. Galatea was also naked except for her silver jewelry and tiara. In an act that shocked Emma, Julia and Sophia got close to the witch and descended with their mouths on Galatea's breasts to suck on her nipples. With their arms wrapped around Galatea's body in a sensual embrace, they seemed to be eager participants in the sexual act. The witch had her head slightly tilted back, letting her smooth blonde hair hang straight down, and closed her eyes. "Mmmms" and "Ohhhhs" filled Emma's mind within the dream. The shock and denial of what Emma was seeing in her mind forced her to wake her self up. The bed sheets were in disarray. Sweat and heat enveloped her body. She then quickly realized that her panties were thoroughly soaked.

"It's that dream again... What's happening to me?"

Morning came and Wendy prepared for school. Her mind was on constant alert. Most of her classmates didn't notice it, but Emma was fidgeting constantly in her classes at school. She didn't know when those abhorrent thoughts would invade her mind again. School was stressful enough. Emma didn't want more additional stress, especially when the source of it was intangible. Despite her trepidation that lasted almost the whole school day, nothing unwanted invaded her mind. She felt relief, though she was somewhat certain that it would be short-lived.

"Am I going crazy?" thought Emma while she was walking back home from the bus stop.

The afternoon and evening passed by without problems for Emma. Just when she was getting on her bed to sleep in her pajamas, her whole room was suddenly enveloped in a strange white light. Her eyes closed instinctively at the brightness. When she opened it, she noticed Galatea, the witch who promised to teach her magic, standing near the center her room in the outfit that she remembered from when she had first met her in the cave. It was a surprise. For the duration of the meeting, Emma forgot all about her recent problems.

"Galatea, I'm so happy to see you again!"

"I'm happy to see you too, Emma. As promised, I will teach you more magic."

"Oh, I'm so glad that I'm going to learn more!"

"Want to visit my home, Emma? It's a more appropriate place for learning magic."


"How are we going to-" Before Emma could finish, Galatea had teleported Emma and herself to a distant place.

Emma blinked. Feeling a slight chill from the breeze on her skin, she looked around and saw the starry night sky. The clouds seemed to be very close.

"Where are we?"

"At my home, of course."

"I know, but I want to know the place."

"We're up in the sky. This is a floating castle."

Emma walked on the marble tiled ground over the stone railing. She looked downward and gasped.

"Oh my god! I could see the whole city from up here!" Excitement filled Emma's body.


"You sure live in a wonderful place. How does the castle remaining afloat? How come I don't see the castle when I look at the sky?"

"The rock on which the castle is situated is enchanted with aerial magic. As for why you can't see this place from below, there's a special force field around this whole place which renders it invisible to human eyes."

Emma walked around and continued exploring. "This place is huge!"

There was a huge garden with many varieties of flowering plants. Multiple fountains placed at certain spots in the garden churned and regurgitated their water in endless cycles. Emma was getting near the castle entrance by now. It was guarded by two ferocious statues of a chimera and a Cerberus. The huge gate to the castle was already opened. Galatea's feet rose a short distance from the ground and she tailed along Emma without moving her feet.

"May I go in?"

"Yes, you may. Careful, don't go too far or you might get lost."

Even after half an hour of exploration, Emma had only covered a small part of the castle. It was that big.

"Emma, you'll have more time to explore this place in the days ahead. Don't you want me to teach you magic now?"

"Oh, I almost forgot! Yes, I want to learn new magic."

"Good, let's get back outside." In a flash, Galatea's teleportation spell took them back to the garden.

The witch taught Emma another telekinetic spell, "Levitate". Combined with the "Push" and "Pull" spells, it allowed the caster to move and manipulate objects in the air or on the ground from a distance. It was an exhausting lesson, but Emma managed to learn the spell and combine it somewhat with the two previous spells she had learned. Galatea also gave her pointers on effective spell casting and the reasons for why the spells would fail.

"It requires a lot of concentration. Even a slight disturbance in your mind can affect the outcome of the spell."

Galatea noticed the unhappy look appearing on Emma's face, and already knew the reason why. "Are you having problems, Emma?"


"You can tell me. I might be able to help you."

Emma decided to speak up about her recent problem. "I've been having these strange thoughts and hallucinations."

"Tell me, Emma, about the nature of those thoughts and hallucinations."

Emma made a long pause.

"Be honest or I can't help you."

What the witch said triggered something in Emma. She felt a sudden impulse to tell Galatea what's been bothering her for the past week.

"For some reason, I've thinking about... g-girls. I also imagine them doing things to me. But I'm not actually thinking about them. Those images seem to just come to me."

"Emma, we all have fantasies. What you see as a problem is just a manifestation of your hidden desires."

That statement was far from the truth, for it was Galatea herself who magically planted those thoughts into Emma's young mind.

Emma shook her head in denial. "No..."

"Learning my form of magic has a side effect of revealing one's desires and amplifying them." It was another lie.

"But I know I'm not that way. I should be thinking about guys, not girls." Emma was in fact speaking the truth.

"If you keep resisting your own desires, the consequences will be harmful."

"What consequences? I'm not into girls. I'll never be."

"It's okay Emma. Going head-on against the problem won't do you any good at this point. Why don't we take a break from further magic lessons for the next three days. I'll teach you a spell that will help you calm your thoughts. In the meantime, you can practice what you've learned."

The "Calm" spell she taught to Emma was in actuality useful only dealing with her own natural thoughts, but useless against the implanted thoughts and hallucinations, so at the same time the witch willed the magical entity within Emma's body to stop its activities for now. Galatea realized that her current method of seduction was ineffective against Emma's stubborn resistance and decided that a different, more direct approach would be more effective in bringing her into compliance. However, she had to put this matter off for a while because there were other business that needed her attention. Afterwards, she could spend more time dealing with Emma.

"Thanks for the help, Galatea." Emma was glad there was at least a magical solution to her problem.

"One more thing, " said Galatea as she looked into Emma's eyes.

The witch's eyes glowed in a faint blue color and Emma was suddenly entranced. While Emma stood still like a statue, Galatea's lips closed onto Emma's for a kiss. During the kiss, the witch's hands roamed all over Emma's body, cupping her breasts and squeezing her ass through her pajamas. In less than two minutes, the witch finished her molestation of the young teen and brought Emma back out from the magical trance. Emma's eyes blinked briefly. She hadn't a clue that she had been out for several minutes. While the witch could easily control Emma for as long as she desired with her powers, a slow ebbing away of the Emma's will would be much more fun and rewarding.

Galatea finished her statement, "... don't tell anyone about this place."

"I won't tell anyone, Galatea. I promise."

"Good. Now let's get you back home."

For the next three days, Emma was in a relative state of tranquility. The new spell she cast on herself seemed to have worked, not knowing the real reason for her peace of mind. No longer assaulted by unwanted thoughts, she thought her life had went back to normal.

It was the fourth night. Dressed in her street clothes, Emma waited for Galatea's arrival at a time when she was supposed to be in bed. She sat on the edge of her bed staring at the spot where Galatea appeared last time. It was already an hour past her usual bed time and the witch still hadn't appeared. Thinking that Galatea wasn't going to come, she got back into her pajamas and began to sleep. Just when she was about to close her eyes, a bright flash of light filled the room. Galatea appeared standing at the center of Emma's room just like last time. Emma got up from her bed in delight.

"Hello, Emma."

"Hi, Galatea. I'm glad you're back!"

"Let's play a game."

"What kind of game?"

"Masturbate. Pleasure yourself."

"Wha... What are you talking about?" Emma was shocked by the sudden request.

"Do it for me."

"No... I can't..."

Even though Emma was no stranger to masturbation and she had also done it to break the spell that imprisoned Galatea, doing such an act for the sole pleasure of someone else was too much for her.

Emma suddenly feels sharp pain, as if someone had stabbed an invisible needle in her arm.

"Owww! It hurts!"

"That's a little punishment for disobedience, dear."

She felt another invisible needle stab into her arm and, like before, there was no visible damage.

"Ahhhhh! What's going on? Why are you doing this?"

"This is for your training to become a witch. Isn't this what you want?"

"No, I mean... I just want to learn some magic... Can you please stop this? I promise not to tell anyone!"

"You won't be telling anyone, my dear. I already control you - your body and your mind."

A sudden feeling of fear enveloped Emma. Now realizing that she gotten herself in a very bad situation, Emma was starting to regret helping free Galatea from her magical prison. One of Emma's hands begin moving on its own to one of her breasts and began squeezing it, giving her unwanted pleasure. No matter how hard she tried, her hand won't respond to her mental command. She also began feeling aroused, and her other hand automatically went to cup her pussy wihout her control.

"What's happening to me?"

"I'm just giving you some pleasure."

"I don't... want this...," said Emma between short breaths. Her hand was automatically stroking her own pussy.

"You know you want it."

"I don't want to be a witch or learn any more magic. Can you please let me go?"

"No, my dear. you're already bound to me. You have only two choices: Obey me you'll be rewarded with pleasures and powers beyond your imagination; disobey me and..."

A knife materialized in front of Emma. It flew close to her face. Immediately, she tried to scream but no sound came out, as if someone had shut off her vocal cords. She closed her eyes instinctively. The magical knife stopped barely an inch away from her skin. When she felt nothing happening, Emma opened her eyes, and at that very instant the magical knife swiped. A few strands of her blonde hair fall off in front of her face. That caused her heart to skip a beat. Then the knife then disappeared in a small cloud of sparks as if it never existed.

"... I'll take exquisite pleasure in making you comply with whatever means necessary. Tell me, Emma, who do you care about most: your family, your friends, or the guy whom you're interested in?"

"No, please don't do that. Leave them out of this!" Emma didn't know the full extent of Galatea's powers, but knew enough about her by now to know that she's dangerous.

"Then submit to me and obey me. What's it going to be?"

Realizing that she didn't have much of a choice in the matter, Emma decided to comply with Galatea wishes, hoping that somehow she would be able to find a way to escape from her in the future. Emma was especially worried about what Galatea might do to the people she loved. She needed to protect them from her, not knowing what the witch might do.


"Be more clear."

"Yes, I'll obey you, Galatea."

"Good, then proceed with the order that you've previously disobeyed."

Emma suddenly regained control of her hands that were kneading her breast and stroking her pussy through her pajamas. However, the magically induced arousal remained. She had to do it or else bad things would happen. Reluctantly, Emma reached the underside of her panties began stroking her pussy again. The arousal she currently felt certainly made things easier.

"Use your other hand on your breast."

Obeying the order, her other hand went to her breast and performed the same action it did before when it was under Galatea's control. Despite being forced to pleasure herself, Emma made slight grunts and gasps. She couldn't help it. After she orgasm, Galatea gave her another order.

"Bring your fingers to your lips and lick them clean."

"But it's been in my... in my... you know."

"Exactly. You'll need to learn to relish the taste of it."

Reluctantly, Emma brought her fingers to her lips and gingerly licked off her own fluids. She couldn't help but grimace.

"Now say: Mmmmmm, it's delicious."

"Mmmmm, it's delicious," repeated Emma without enthusiasm.

"Your performance was wooden, but that's going to change soon enough."

Emma worried about the implications of that statement.

"That's all for tonight, sweetie. We'll have more fun in the days ahead. Good night." There was a sudden flash of white light and Galatea disappeared.

Lying back on her bed and exhausted from her ordeal, Emma worried about the strange turn of events. First Galatea was all friendly to her and willing to teach her magic. Now she's forcing her to do sexual things and making threats if she didn't comply. It didn't make any sense to her. The extortion and the implied threats Galatea made were especially troubling. Emma hoped that it was all just a bad joke. As Emma continued thinking, she came to a tentative conclusion that the unwanted Sapphic thoughts that she was having the past week was probably inserted into her mind by Galatea. It became clear to her now.

"She's been messing with my mind and I wasn't able to do anything about it!"

Emma's thoughts and emotions were in a state of turmoil. She didn't know what to do next. Wanting stop thinking and sleep, but having difficulty, Emma was forced to use the "Calm" spell that Galatea had taught her. It worked and she sleep soundly until the next morning. She woke up feeling refreshed, but memories of what happened the night before quickly set Emma's mood for the day.

Throughout her time at school, she mused about how to approach the situation that Galatea had created, though she admitted to herself that it was ultimately her own fault for freeing the witch. Maybe Galatea was just testing her and had no real intention of doing her harm. Hopefully, it was just that. The worst case scenario was Galatea had the intention on doing what she said she would do. Regardless, Emma decided to do some research on witches at the library after school. There were only a few books on the occult and none of them dealt specifically with witches, one particular book contained some information on creating wards against witches. She checked out the book, hoping that the wards mentioned within it would be of some use.

It was after dinner, and Emma continued studying the book on the occult from the library when an unexpected brightness enveloped her vision. It was a surprise to Emma that Galatea had arrived so early, hours ahead of what she had expected.

"Hi, Emma. What are you doing right now?"

She slammed her book shut and eyed the witch nervously.

"Galatea. You're so early tonight."

The witch walked casually over to Emma's desk and noticed the black, hardcover book. She couldn't help but smile when she read the title.

"A book on the occult? What are you trying to do, Emma?"

"Ummm... I was... I was..." The brunette teen was at lost for words.

"Oh, I know, you were trying make some wards against witches."

Emma's face reddened. It was indeed what she was intending to do, and it came as a surprise to her that Galatea knew what was in the book without even reading it.

"No, ummm... Actually, I just wanted to do some research on magic."

One of Galatea's pink-nailed hand reached to Emma's face and gently caressed her cheek. Emma squirmed slightly from the touch.

"Oh Emma, are you that impatient? You can learn all the magic you want from me. The book you were reading contains nothing but false knowledge."

"I know, but..."

"Remember what you did last night?"

Images of what she did in front of Galatea last night came back to her mind. She didn't want to do it again.

"Yeah," replied Emma meekly.

"Good. We'll be heading back to my place for another lesson."

"But my parents will notice that I'm gone!"

"Don't worry, I'll cast an illusion enchantment. They would never know that you've been gone for a while."

Having said that, Galatea cast a teleportation spell and sent them both to her sky castle. Instead of teleporting to the outside of the castle, this time the destination was one of the many rooms within the castle. When Emma opened her eyes again after the brightness receded, she felt soft carpet beneath her feet and noticed that she was in a huge room with its interior surfaces made from white marble. A large silver chandelier hung from the ceiling at the center. Wooden cabinets, closets, dressers, tables, and other furnishings painted in pink decorated the room. There were also several leather sofas and a circular bed that were both in the same pink color. Emma was in awe at the overall look and feel of the fancy bedroom. That brief moment of respite was broken when she heard Galatea's voice again.

"Nice room, isn't it?"

"Yes, it looks very classy."

"Let's begin today's lesson. Take off your clothes until you're down to your underwear."

Reluctantly, she took off her clothes. It was slower than usual because Emma wasn't yet comfortable in taking off clothing for someone else. She left it in a neat pile on one of the pink sofas. The fibers of the soft white carpet slightly tickled her feet.

"Does your underwear collection consist entirely of white bras and panties?"

"I have some in different colors."

"But that's just a difference in color."

Galatea walked over to a dresser and opened a drawer. She pulled out a set of pink frilly lingerie.

"You don't have anything like this?"

"No, I don't have those kinds." Emma shook her head.

"Then I will give you my collection here. I'm going to replace all of your underwear at home with these lingerie. You will no longer wear your usual underwear."


"Don't you remember what I've said before, Emma?"

Emma was aware again of the situation she was in and quickly ended her protest. She didn't like wearing lingerie. It felt inappropriate for her. However, she didn't have any choice.

"You don't have to worry. They will all fit you nicely."

The witch snapped her fingers and Emma's white bra and panties disappeared in two puffs of white smoke.

"Wha... What happened to my underwear?" Instinctively, Emma's arms raised upwards to cover her own breasts in a futile attempt at modesty.

"They're gone forever. Here, wear these." Galatea tossed the frilly lingerie that she was currently holding to Emma.

Unenthusiastically, Emma puts on the frilly bra and panties. As the witch had said, it did indeed fit her well. But that was the only positive aspect of the obscene undergarments. The sheerness of the fabric made her feel naked. Her eyes were now downcast, not wanting to look at the witch.

"Don't be shy. Put your arms down and look at me."

Emma obeyed the order, albeit slowly.

"No sad faces now, Emma. Put on a smile."

With a lot of effort, Emma managed to put on a fake, plastic smile.

"Now I want you to sit on the leather chair over there and stroke your pussy until it's wet."

Feeling like her feet was encased in concrete, Emma moved to the seat as slow as possible, wanting to delay the inevitable.

"Faster, Emma."

Feeling an invisible force pushing on her back, the young teen picked up her pace and eventually got to the chair. She began stroking her pussy with two fingers. Her pussy was soon wet and she immediately stopped, waiting for further instructions.

"Taste your fingers. Relish the taste of your pussy."

Emma raised her slick fingers to her lips and enveloped them with her mouth. The smile on Emma's face was starting to waver.

"Don't express disgust, Emma. Act as if you enjoy it or, better yet, make yourself enjoy it."

After licking her fingers clean, Emma was about to rest her hands on her thighs when she suddenly felt that she had lost control of her arms.

"What are you doing?!"

"I guess I need to show you how it's supposed to be done."

Emma's lost of control soon extended to her whole body. Against her wishes, her lips formed a sensual smile as her fingers reached to her crotch to stroke and scoop some pussy juice again. Raising her hands back to her lips, she found herself gazing straight at Galatea's eyes as she parted her lips seductively at the witch.

"What am I doing?! I can't control my body!" exclaimed Emma inside her mind.

As her fingers neared her lips, her tongue automatically extended to lick her fingers. There wasn't even a hint of disgust. Once it was all clean, the tongue retracted to lick the area around her lips in a playful way. Throughout this act, Emma unwillingly maintained eye contact with the witch while putting up a false facade of eroticism.

"That's how it's done. I want you to remember it, and practice until you get it right. Let's move on to the next lesson."

Emma suddenly felt that her body was back under her control. She was fidgeting at this point, afraid of what the witch might do next.

"Tell me, Emma, have you ever kissed someone intimately?"

Images of her mom and dad kissing her on the cheek came to the teen's mind.

"Kisses with your family members don't count."

Emma shook her head in the negative.

"I take that as a 'no'. That means that I'll have to teach you."

As the witch sauntered towards her, Emma's eyes widened in shock. "She couldn't mean that, could she?" thought Emma.

Galatea sat right next to her on the circular bed. She placed a hand on Emma's shoulder while putting on a friendly face. Emma squirmed instinctively at the touch. "My sweet Emma, let's kiss."

"No, Galatea, please don't make me do this!" She backed away from the witch.

"Emma, didn't you promise to obey me?"


The witch slid closer to Emma on the bed and wrapped a bare arm around her naked shoulder.

"Relax, Emma."

Eventually, Emma relented and let Galatea's lips move close to hers, but at the last moment she turned her face away from the witch. Galatea responded by holding the underside of Emma's chin with one hand and forced Emma to face her again.

"Emma..." The smile was gone from Galatea's face.

Realizing again that she had no choice, Emma relaxed her muscles and let the witch lightly kiss her on the lips. However, as the witch was kissing her, Emma's lips tightened. Sensing this, the witch broke the kiss.

"If you have a hard time with your first kiss with a woman, try using the Calm spell on yourself."

After casting the spell successfully on herself, Emma found herself relaxing. The second kiss was easier for Emma. When she felt Galatea's tongue touching her lips, she opened her mouth and let it enter. It probed the interior of her mouth like a writhing snake. Emma found herself reacting by moving her own tongue against Galatea's. The kiss seemed to last on forever and she reopened her eyes after it was over.

"That was good, Emma, but eventually you'll need to learn to kiss without relying on the Calm spell. Let's try again."

Emma thought that she was feeling too relaxed. The spell that was supposed to help her was being used against her! Before she could think about anything else, Galatea's lips smothered hers again in a second deep kiss. The witch's tongue moved in and out of Emma's mouth, causing some saliva to overflow past Emma's lower lip, which was eventually licked away by Galatea. Because Emma was beginning to run out of breath, Galatea let the kiss break. A saliva trail connected their lips together as they separated from each other.

"Again," whispered Galatea as she wrapped her arms around Emma. "Put your arms around me."

Reluctantly, Emma wrapped her arms around the witch's body, feeling the smoothness of her skin. "I want you to work your tongue and lips more."

This kissed again for the third time. Emma played a more active role now. The Calm spell helped a lot, but that would not last. Breaking the kiss, Galatea cast a gradual version of Dispel Magic on Emma. The fourth kiss with the witch started with no problems for the female teen, but partway through the kiss Emma felt more and more repulsed by the act. She struggled with the kiss this time, but Galatea pulled Emma even closer to her own body when she felt resistance from her. She began tearing up after the kiss ended.

"Oh, don't cry, sweetie. You'll get used to it eventually," said Galatea in false compassion of Emma's plight. Stroking Emma's head gently, the witch moved her tongue to Emma's cheeks and licked the tears that streamed slowly down her face.

"Cast the Calm spell on yourself again. We will repeat this until you are able to kiss me without revulsion."

Emma cast the spell on herself again, not knowing that the spell would sometimes be nullified by the witch. They kissed again and again. The repeated cycle of Emma casting the Calm spell, kissing, and Galatea removing the effect of the spell lasted for almost an hour. There were certain times when Galatea didn't need to nullify the spell because of its unpredictable duration. Eventually, Emma was able to kiss the witch with less revulsion despite being mentally against the act.

"We're going to repeat this night after night until you lose all inhibitions against kissing women," said Galatea as she gently caressed Emma's hair and her face. "No sad faces now. Remember what I've told you about sad faces?"

Having stopped crying a while ago, Emma's eyes were reddened and her face flushed. With monumental effort, Emma forced a smile on her face even as Galatea was lightly tracing the curves of teen's body with her fingers. There was no overt touching or groping, for she wanted to save it for future lessons. Emma closed her eyes as she was being touched, wishing that it was all just a bad dream.

Galatea got up from the bed and stood in front of Emma. "Now let's go back to what you've done before. I want you pleasure yourself again in the way I've shown you, but stop when you're about to orgasm. You also need to play with your breasts this time. Is that clear?"

"Yes," whispered Emma.

"But before that, let me show you something first. Look and learn."

A small blue cloud appeared in front of Emma. It gradually grew in size until it reached the size of a typical television set. The cloud sparkled for several seconds before an image began to form on the cloud. A beautiful girl with raven black hair about the same age as Emma appeared. She was wearing a skimpy, harem outfit and was sitting in the same kind of circular bed that Emma was currently sitting on. There was this strange, surreal look on the girl's face. It was soon replaced by a sultry expression as the girl began masturbating in earnest. The sensuality and eroticism of girl's actions were hard to deny. Every action seemed to be perfectly choreographed. Emma wondered if that girl was or had been in the same situation as her.

"I want you to eventually be able provide the same level of performance as her. For now, I just want you to practice. Work yourself towards an orgasm. You may proceed"

With a shaky hand, Emma proceeded to stroke her own pussy. It was an awkward effort compared to what she did an hour before.

"You may cast the Calm spell if you're having difficulty with it, but you still must be able to perform without the spell later on."

After Emma cast the spell, masturbation became easier and less stressful. She emitted various moaning and gasping sounds as she played with her breasts and pussy. Her body writhed and moved in a show of false enjoyment of the activity.

"It's much easier with the spell, isn't it?"

Emma nodded her head.

"But remember that it's only a temporary training tool for you. You won't be allowed to use it on yourself when you engage in sexual activities with women in the future."

"Sexual activities with women?!!" thought Emma nervously. "Is she trying to turn me into a lesbian?!" Emma's forced cheerful expression began to turn into a frown.

"That's all for tonight. I'll return you back home."

In a flash of light, Emma was back in her bedroom.

"Remember to practice. Good night, Emma."

"Good night, Galatea."

In another flash of light, Galatea was gone from her room.

Emma realized that her life was going to be a nightmare from now on.

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