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Silver Witch (chapter 3)

It was a stressful day for Emma. She was constantly worrying about what Galatea might do to her in the next encounter. Just this morning, Emma found out that Galatea made good her promise to replace all of her underwear with lingerie in her dresser. Now she was forced to wear them. After many failed attempts, Emma managed to cast the Calm spell on herself to relieve some of stress for a while. It helped her a lot during school. She had to cast it often because the spell's duration was wildly random. It could last anywhere from a few seconds to thirty minutes. During late afternoon when school ended, the failure rate for the spell was so high that Emma gave up on casting the spell and simply resigned to her negative emotions. She had one last thing to try, and that was to beg Galatea to let her go.

Her heart beat loudly as night fell. Galatea could arrive at any moment. She tried staying in the living room more often, hoping to delay the inevitable, but had to return to her own room when her mom told her to sleep. Midnight came and Emma knew Galatea would arrive soon. She was in her pajamas in bed, but wasn't sleeping at all. There was a flash of white light, signaling the witch's arrival. She got out from the bed and walked towards Galatea slowly. Her head tilted down submissively.

"Hi, Galatea," said Emma in a barely audible voice.

"Emma, didn't I tell you before to always have a cheerful, happy face in front of me?"

With some effort, Emma managed to force a mechanical smile on her face. In a move that surprised Emma, the witch wrapped her arms around Emma and kissed her on the lips directly. After a brief period of resistance, Emma relented and accepted Galatea's tongue in her mouth. At the same moment, the witch teleported herself and Emma to the sky castle and continued the kiss there. The destination was the same room that Emma went to before during her previous visit.

"You need to relax more," said Galatea after she broke the kiss with the girl.

"I wanted to relax myself with the Calm spell, but now it's failing more often than before."

"The performance of the spell is fickle for new magic users and the failure rate is high when the spell is used too often in a short period of time. You shouldn't have abused the spell, Emma."

"But I was just trying to-"

Before she could finish, Galatea wrapped her arms around Emma's body and smothered her with another kiss. Directed by Galatea's hands, Emma reluctantly embraced the witch as the kiss continued. About a minute passed before the kiss was broken and the witch directed Emma to a pink sofa. Knowing what was expected of her, Emma took off her pajamas reluctantly. Remaining on Emma's body was the most modest lingerie Emma could find: a black, full-cup satin bra and matching panties.

"Let's begin today's lesson with a refresher. We've already kissed each other. Now I want you to masturbate. Remember what I told you before about how to act."

Emma got on her knees on the sofa and began plunging her fingers beneath the folds of her satin panties to begin the process of female masturbation. Her other hand went to her breast. She made feeble attempts to moan and gasp.

"Uhhh.... Uhhh... Ohhhh..."

The feeling of nervousness grew in Emma as the witch walked closer and closer to her. Suddenly, Emma felt an uncharacteristic sexual arousal within her body. It seemed to increase in intensity as the witch got closer.

"What's... happening... to me?" managed Emma between gasps.

"Maybe you've finally reconciled with your innermost feelings and desires," said the witch, not telling her about the magical arousal spell was cast moments before.

"No... No... No! You're doing this to me!" With a strong effort through sheer force of will, Emma stopped masturbating and backed away from the witch, whose magic spell was still affecting her.

"Do you need a reminder of why you're doing this, Emma?" said the Galatea in a stern tone.

Emma suddenly kneeled on the floor in front of Galatea. With her hands clasped together in supplication, Emma begged the witch for freedom. "Please let me go Galatea. Please! I'll give up everything that you've taught me if you let me go! I promise I won't tell anyone about you! I swear! I can't take this anymore! Please! Please let me go!"

"You're still in denial of the situation. Very well then, I'll send you back, but don't say I didn't warn you."

"Wait!" Emma wanted to say something to Galatea, but it was too late, for the teleportation spell was already activated.

Emma found herself back in her room on her bed in her pajamas. It was 6:50 in the morning. "Where did those six hours go?" thought Emma.

She heard her mother scream and some loud sounds. That prompted her to quickly get out of bed. She dashed out of her room and down hallway to the flight of stairs. She saw her mother sprawled at the foot of the stairs, moaning in pain. Quickly, she rushed to her mother's aid.

"Mom, are you alright?! What happened?!"

"I'm fine, honey. It was just a slip. Ohhh..."

Emma helped her mother get up from the floor and brought her to the living room sofa. Ella walked down the stairs, still groggy after waking up. When she noticed her mom, she quickly became alert. "Mom! What happened?!"

After repeated assurances from her mother that it was just minor injuries, Emma and her sister Ella prepared for school. Just when Emma was about to leave for school, the phone rang. "I'll get it," exclaimed Emma.


"Hi, Emma. It's dad."

"Hey dad, you forgot something?"

"No, I'm at hospital, waiting for a CT scan."

"What happened?! Are you alright?!"

"Car accident. The car's totaled. They said I was lucky to be alive. I only have some minor bruises but they're doing the CT just to be sure."

"Who is it?" asked Emma's mother.

"Mom, it's dad. He's been in a car accident..."

At school, Emma was worrying again. "It must be Galatea! She's doing all this! I shouldn't have disobeyed her!"

While walking down a school hallway during passing period, she saw Ben, her crush, with a big bruise on his head. His friend who was walking alongside him asked, "Dude, what's with the bruise? What happened?"

"Some weirdo just came up to me, punched me in the head, and ran away. I chased after him but I couldn't keep up. Nobody could run that fast, dude. He's inhuman."

"It must be Galatea! She's done it to my family, and Ben too!" thought Emma. "I wonder if Sophia okay?"

Emma was about to text her friend Sophia and she bumped into her. "Sophia, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine! What's up?"

"Are you sure nothing happened to you?"

"Emma, what's wrong?"

"Bad things happened this morning. I'll tell you later."

It was not until during the afternoon that Emma knew more about the accident. While surfing a news site on a computer at the school library, she read about a huge car accident along the freeway where her father usually drove to work. A tanker truck transporting oil, a bus, and ten cars were involved in the accident. There was a huge fire resulting from the burning of the spilled oil. Many people on the bus were burned to death. A whole family of one vehicle perished, and others suffered significant injuries. Her dad was one of few lucky ones. A renewed sense of guilt washed over to Emma. While the witch was primarily responsible for the accidents that had happened, it was her own choice to disobey Galatea. If she hadn't disobeyed her, none of this would've happened. No one would've died or got injured.

After school, Emma felt relief when her mom told her that dad was alright and should be coming home any time now. She walked dejectedly to her room with her backpack hanging loosely by her shoulder. Once she got to her room, she slumped over on her desk and sobbed.

"I shouldn't have been so selfish. I should've obeyed Galatea. Now the people that I love are hurt and it's all my fault!"

She pleaded to Galatea vocally and in her mind, hoping that Galatea was listening to her telepathically. "Galatea, I'm sorry. Please don't hurt them anymore! Please don't hurt anyone anymore! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have disobeyed you!" There was no response from the witch. Tears were streaming from Emma's eyes. It wasn't until after about a half-hour of constant apologies and pleading the witch finally gave a response. It was in a deceptively sweet voice.

"Hello, Emma. I've heard your messages, but that doesn't mean that I've accepted your apologies or made any promises. I might make a consideration if you dress pretty for me tonight: put on makeup, paint your nails, and put on sexy lingerie. I will come pick you up at around midnight."

Because so much was at stake, Emma had to do it, and she immediately began preparing. She usually didn't put on makeup except on special occasions. Her current collection was inadequate and she had to dig out the cosmetic gifts that her friends had given to her in the past. Some were gag gifts that were meant as a joke on Emma's prudishness. The gifts included various shades and colors of rouge, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and nail polish. After doing some research online, she decided on the cherry red lipstick and lip gloss, red nail polish, blue eye shadow, black mascara, and purple eyeliner. From lingerie collection that Galatea had given her, she picked out a sheer red satin lace babydoll negligee and matching red thong. With the picking and choosing done, Emma waited until a few hours before midnight before applying the cosmetics and dressing herself up in the lingerie. Because it was her first time putting on such showy makeup, she took special care and attention to its application. After that was done, she applied the red nail polish on her fingernails and raised her feet on a chair to do the toenails. Finally, she wore the negligee lingerie set. Looking at herself in the mirror, Emma hoped she look sexy enough for the witch, and at the same moment she felt ashamed that she's degrading herself in such a way, but she knew she had no choice.

Near midnight, Emma was sitting on the side of her bed, waiting anxiously for Galatea to arrive. She used the waiting time to mentally prepare herself for whatever Galatea might do to her. A familiar flash so filled the room. Emma quickly stood up and moved a few steps towards the witch that now stood before her.

"Hello, Emma."

"Hi, Galatea, I..."

The witch quickly embraced Emma and kissed her deeply, silencing what Emma was about to say. Forcing herself to return the embrace, Emma hugged Galatea back. Emma had to catch her breath when the kiss broke.

"Did you enjoy the kiss?"

With the tragic events of the morning still fresh in her mind, Emma knew that she can't risk angering the witch now and had to at least pretend that she enjoyed it.


"Do you want to be kissed again?" Galatea knew Emma didn't want to be kissed again, but enjoyed toying with the teen girl.

"Yes." Emma looked at in witch in the eyes now and lightly parted her lips, making an voluntary invitation for another kiss, hoping to please the witch.

Galatea's second kiss was forceful and deep, highlighting the extent of the witch's sexual hunger. Her hands caressed Emma's back during the kiss, feeling the smooth skin of the teen girl.

"Let's go to my castle." In less than a second, Emma and the witch was teleported to one of the many rooms in the castle. It was a different room than before. The layout and color were different. Aside the white marble and the silver furnishings, the predominant color was purple.

"You look beautiful tonight, Emma, and sexy too." The witch caressed Emma's cheek. She didn't squirm this time.

"Thank you," replied Emma in response to the compliment, feeling some relief that the witch liked the way she looked.

"Let's begin. Sit on the silver chair behind you and pleasure yourself. Like before, stop when you're wet."

Emma turned around and walked to the silver chair. The marble floor felt cool on her feet. Putting on a forced smile and looking at the witch, Emma pull the lower hem of her red negligee up and reached beneath her thong to stroke her clitoris. She forced herself to emit moans and gasps, hoping that the witch would buy into the act that she was enjoying this. Her other hand went upwards to caress her breast beneath the bra-cup of the negligee.

"Uhhh.... Ahhhh... Ohhh..."

Her pussy was very wet now and there was a visible stain on the front part of her red thong. She pulled her fingers out and raised them upwards to her lips to lick and suck them without showing any disgust.

"Mmmmmm, I love pussy juice," said Emma as sensually as she could make it sound. With her fingers cleaned of juices, Emma looked back at the witch and licked her lips flirtatiously. Inwardly, she felt sick acting like this towards a woman.

"That was great. You've improved a lot, Emma."

Galatea's silver heels click-clacked on the marble floor as she walked up to a silver chair next to Emma and sat down. The witch wrapped an arm around Emma's shoulders. The teen girl felt the witch's fingers sexually touching the areas around her upper arm. She kept her smile and didn't complain.

"Emma, is there something that you want? Tell me what is it that you want." Galatea was stroking Emma's hair gently at this point.

Words flowed into Emma's mind. She could hear her own voice speaking to her within her mind. As first she couldn't make out what the voice was saying and what the words were, then it became clear. It was obviously Galatea using a roundabout way communicating of to her. Now knowing what to do to ensure the safety of those she loved, Emma spoke, "Galatea, I've a request."

"What is it?"

After much effort, Emma finally managed to say, "I... want to become... your slave."

Galatea was glad Emma was at last willing to fully submit to her. "Then say the vows."

The telepathic images in her head gave her instructions on what to do. She got up from her seat and kneeled down in front of Galatea.

"I, Emma Wadden, pledge my devotion to Galatea, who is my Goddess, my queen, and my mistress. I will answer to her every desire and uphold her will unconditionally. I will be bound to her by mind, body, and soul. I will love and honor her all the days of my life. These are my solemn vows."

The witch got up from her seat and extended her hand to Emma.

"I, Galatea, take you, Emma Wadden, to be my slave." Despite Emma having made those vows, Galatea knew that there was still a long way to go before Emma's will would be completely eroded.

Emma accepted Galatea's hand before they both stood up.

"Now let's seal our vows with a kiss," said Galatea while holding both of Emma's hands.

Emma quickly steeled herself moments prior to this intimate act. Wanting to give the witch the impression that she was serious about the vows, Emma raised her chin slightly, parted her lips, stood on her tip-toes, and made an effort in initiating the kiss with her Goddess, who was slightly taller than her. Galatea knew it was just for show, but loved Emma's effort. Glossy red lips and glossy pink lips rubbed together. Tongues slid over each other. Saliva mixed. The French kiss lasted for about five minutes with small breaks in between so that they could catch their breaths. When the kiss finally broke, they rested their foreheads together and stared intimately into each other's eyes. Emma feigned her enjoyment of the kiss with a false smile and grin. Inwardly, she felt like vomiting.

"Now that our relationship has been formalized, let's continue on with tonight's lessons. I want you climb into the bed, get on your fours, and pleasure yourself, slowly. Put on a show for me, Emma. This time you may also cum."

Emma climb into the bed as ordered. She got on her fours with her ass facing Galatea and began masturbating. Emma pumped her pussy first with one finger, then two fingers, and finally three fingers. Pussy juice leaked slowly down the inner sides of her thigh. Knowing that her Goddess wanted a good show, she gyrated her hips enticingly as she pleasured herself. Her other hand was occupied with her own breasts, squeezing them and caressing them. She made loud, pleasurable moans. It was dirty and degrading to her, but she had to do it so that her loved ones may be safe.

Galatea walked around the circler bed that Emma was masturbating on, looking at her slave's performance intently. This act made Emma feel even more self-conscious about being watched. In a sudden move that surprise the teen, Galatea got into the bed on her fours, just like Emma, but facing Emma directly. She took in the details of the teen's beautiful face as she caressed Emma's cheek and tucked some hair covering her face behind her ears. Emma's mouth was partially opened from her breathing and the sexual sounds she had forced herself to make. The innocent eyes staring back at Galatea's predatory ones occasionally betrayed the true feelings of teen. Galatea found Emma's wet, parted lips to be such an irresistible temptation that she kissed Emma, who had no choice but to reciprocate the intimate act. Emma's actions on her own pussy now result in a sexual climax that shook her body and she moaned through Galatea's mouth, kissing her Goddess even more deeply.

Emma panted after the kiss broke and her eyes followed Galatea's movements, wondering what she might do next. She decided to remain on her fours until her Goddess gave further instructions. The witch moved behind Emma, out of her view, and touched the areas of Emma's thighs that were wet with female ejaculation. With a lot of effort, Emma forced herself to not react negatively to the touching in order to maintain the act that she was enjoying this. Galatea tasted Emma's cum on her fingers and loved it. She bent downwards and licked the wet areas of Emma's thighs while avoiding Emma's pussy. The sudden licking of her thighs by Galatea's tongue made her almost want to cry. She didn't want this and hated this, but she had to let Galatea do what she wanted with her.

Moving around the bed to face Emma, she held two of her cum-soaked fingers in front of Emma's face. "Your cum tastes delicious. Here, try it."

Having been forced to taste it several times before, Emma knew what her own cum tasted like, but she had to accept Galatea's fingers anyway. Slowly and awkwardly, she lick the fluid off and sucked briefly on the digits. After the fingers were cleaned, Emma licked her lips.

"Now, let's get ready for your magic lesson."

This time, Galatea taught Emma the Float spell. It was like Levitate except that it was used on the caster only. Expert magic users could fly with the spell. Because Emma was only a novice magic user, she could only do magically-propelled jumps and momentary, short distance flight. Despite the circumstances, the lesson was fun and exciting. Emma temporarily forgot about the bad situation she was in. After the sex and magic lessons were concluded, Emma thought Galatea was going send her back home, but the witch suddenly asked her some questions.

"Did you enjoy tonight's lessons, Emma?"

"Yes, I love those lessons. They were very exciting," replied Emma with as much fake excitement as she could muster.

"What do you like about those lessons?"

"I really enjoyed the magic lesson on Float. Even though I made a lot of mistakes and hurt myself a little bit, it was a fun workout. I'm glad that I'm finally learning how to fly." Even though Emma was putting on a look of excitement, some of it was genuine.

"What about the other lessons, Emma?"

Emma hated every moment of the sex lessons, but gave the answer that the witch wanted to hear, "I love the... kissing and the... touching. It was very sexy and erotic. It made me feel hot."

"I'm glad you love the lessons. I'll teach you more female pleasures and magic tomorrow night."

The mention of "female pleasures" made Emma squirm internally in discomfort.

Galatea made Emma do a parting kiss with her before she sent her back home. It was her Goddess who initiated the passionate kiss, catching her by surprise with a sudden lip lock. There was a brief moment of reluctance before Emma forced herself to return the kiss with as much feigned enthusiasm as possible. She felt Galatea's tongue as Galatea felt hers. Inwardly, Emma felt uncomfortable when she felt the witch's tongue probe the corners of her mouth, but she kept it to herself as she had done before. Galatea's arms was embracing her body lustfully and feeling her up. She felt like she's being treated like a living sex toy.

After breaking the embrace, Galatea spoke, "Emma, I've magically removed the makeup from your body. Next night, I want you to make yourself pretty for me again."

Once Emma was sent back home, Emma looked at her vanity mirror and noticed that her makeup was indeed removed, even the nail polish. She crawled into her bed and sobbed quietly. Emma felt violated mentally and physically. The parody of the marriage vows that she was forced make to Galatea was especially troubling. Emma had basically sealed her own fate with those vows, but she knew that her self-sacrifice was unavoidable and necessary in order keep her loved ones safe. Before all this happened, Emma was living a normal, happy life. Even though it wasn't perfect, it was heaven compared to what was happening to her right now. She thought again about the day she went to the caves with her friend Sophia and freeing Galatea after hearing her cries for help. It was the biggest mistake of her life. Now she must live with it. She must obey Galatea or else there would be serious consequences as the witch had demonstrated in the previous morning.

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