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Silver Witch (chapter 4)

Despite the stressful situation that Emma was in, she somehow managed to sleep through the night. Waking up the next morning, she hoped that it was all a terrible dream, but was reminded of the cruel reality when she opened up a drawer of her dresser and saw nothing but lingerie that Galatea had given her. The erotic garment collection was a symbol of witch's dominance over the teenage girl. Emma signed as she began preparing for school.

The school day went as usual for Emma. She paid attention in her class, did her class work, and chatted with her friends. When Sophia and Emma's other friends asked about her parents, Emma said that her mom and dad were alright. In front of people she knew, Emma pretended that nothing unusual had happened. Her cheerful exterior was just a shell that covered her real troubled self. She had came to a realization that no one can help her right now and making other people know about her predicament would only endanger more people outside of herself. While Emma had already resigned to the fact that she was enslaved to Galatea indefinitely, she worried almost constantly about what other perverse acts Galatea might make her do next. Despite not being interested in females sexually, Emma was recently forced to kiss the witch and perform acts of masturbation for her enjoyment. Emma didn't want to imagine what Galatea might do to her later that evening, but knew she had to steel herself for the next encounter with the witch.

At around ten that evening, Emma began preparing for the inevitable. For the makeup, she choose the same style as the night before: red glossy lipstick, purple eyeliner, blue eye shadow, black mascara, and red nail polish for both the nails on her fingers and toes. From her lingerie collection, she opt for the same satin lace babydoll negligee and satin thong but this time both of them were black in color. Emma waited on the chair in front of her vanity for the witch's arrival. Her heart was beating very fast. Galatea would be coming any time now.

On her vanity mirror, Emma saw a speck of bright light in the midair at the center of the room. The speck of light blossomed until it encompassed the breadth and height of her entire bedroom. She had to close her eyes the shield herself from the brightness. When Emma reopened her eyes, she saw Galatea standing behind her from the view of the mirror. She turned around and greeted the witch as pleasantly as she could under the circumstances.

"Good evening, Galatea."

This time the witch wore a different outfit. Instead of the silver bra, silver thong, and cloak, around her body was now a tight, form-fitting strapless mini dress that was metallic silver in color. The lower hem of the dress barely went past her crotch. Aside from that change, she still wore her usual silver heels, jewelry, and makeup on her body.

She rose from her chair, extended her arms outward in an anticipation of an embrace, and slowly walked a few steps towards Galatea. The witch also advanced a few steps towards the teen girl. Almost simultaneously, their arms encircled each other's upper bodies and their lips met simultaneously for a deep kiss. In the kiss that lasted for almost three minutes, Emma again felt Galatea's tongue probing into her mouth and she forced herself to do the same to Galatea's mouth, though the effort was noticeably less vigorous. After breaking the kiss, the witch lightly stroked Emma's head. Although their lips were separated, their arms were still touching each other's bodies.

"Emma, now say: I love you, Galatea."

"I love you, Galatea."

"Good. Remember say that after every greeting kiss."


"Also, your slippers don't look pretty at all. From now on I want you to wear high heels whenever you are to visit my castle."

Emma looked downward when she felt that her slippers had just disappeared. Her feet then glowed and glossy black high heel pumps with two-inch heels appeared. She gasped in surprise.

"Since you don't have any sexy high heel shoes, I'll give you some."

There was some rattling in Emma's closet, and Emma guessed that those were probably the new shoes Galatea had given her.

"Now, without further ado, let's get on with tonight's lessons."

In an instant, they were teleported to the sky castle, the witch's home. Emma looked at her surroundings, taking in the details of the room she haven't visited before. It was a rather large, circular room that had a large view of the sky outside. Around most of the circumference of room were white marble pillars spaced at regular intervals. Hanging between the pillars were sheer pink drapes. Between some of the pillars were gold and silver statues of naked women in various sensual poses. About one third of the room was opened to the outside, which served as large balcony. In a different situation, Emma would've liked the room for its classical, romantic feel, but in her current situation, she saw it as another place for her torment.

Galatea walked over to the large circular bed at the center of the room. The bed had silver satin sheets covering it's mattress. Sheer white satin drapes hanged from above the bed. She waved a hand and the drapes rose to the ceiling. After seating herself near the edge of the bed, the witch patted on a spot next to her with her hand.

"Come here and sit beside me, Emma."

Emma's walk to the bed was a bit awkward because she wasn't used to wearing high heel shoes, but she was glad that at least she wasn't wearing taller heels. When she sat on the bed, she felt the smoothness of the silver satin sheets. It was a distinctly different feeling from the cotton sheets Emma had at home. The teen girl forced a smile and then turned to face Galatea.

"You're such a beautiful and sweet girl, Emma. I'm glad fate has drawn us together."

Emma was revolted by that statement. It was the opposite for her: she felt that it was a huge case of bad luck that she had stumbled upon Galatea during her amateur spelunking trip with her friend that day. Still, Emma knew she had to give the appropriate reply.

"As am I. If weren't for that cave exploration trip, I would've never met you."

The witch raised a hand to Emma's face and caressed it lightly before she moved her lips forward to Emma's for a kiss. There was no way she could rebuff the kiss so Emma closed her eyes and accepted it. It was brief but passionate. Emma even pretended to enjoy it by kissing back. After the kiss, Galatea looked straight into Emma's eyes. The teen girl wasn't able maintain eye contact for long and her eyes looked soon down submissively.

"Continue looking at me, Emma."

Emma forced herself to look back at Galatea's face. The tranquil look of the smiling face hid the wickedness that lied within, which Emma knew all too well. As if noticing the feelings that Emma was trying to hide, the witch widened her smile a little.

"I'm going to ask you some questions, and I want you to answer them honestly. This will be helpful in your training."

There was a smirk on the witch's sadistic-looking face. Emma knew what that meant: She had to answer them the witch wanted them to be answered, even if the answers weren't based on facts.

"Despite putting on a facade of liking boys, such as Ben, you actually only like girls. Am I right Emma?"

"Yes," answered Emma with reluctance

"That makes you a lesbian, doesn't it?"

Emma really wanted to say "no", and that word almost came out of her mouth, but she finally answered, "Yes."

"Then do you admit the fact that you've been hiding your true sexuality for many years?"


"How long ago was it since you've first noticed that girls interest you?"

Emma didn't know how to answer the question at first, but then the idea came to her. She had to lie just like in the other questions, so Emma concocted a false story based on her memories of the first boy she was attracted to, but replaced it with a female student that she knew."

"About seven years ago, when I first met this... girl named... Rebecca."

"Are you comfortable with your true sexuality right now?"

Emma knew the expected answer was "Yes" but was struggling to say it. Her mouth opened partially, but no sound came out. She felt like she was digging her own hole and falling into it.

"You don't have to answer it if you don't want to."

There was only silence from Emma.

"That's all for now. Thank you for answering honestly, Emma."

Emma wondered why Galatea was asking these questions if she was forced to provide answers that satisfied Galatea regardless of their truthfulness.

"Now, on this same spot, I want you to get on your knees and begin pleasuring yourself, but stop when you're about to cum."

It was just like last night. "Do I have to do this every night from not on?" Emma wondered as she inserted her fingers beneath her black satin panties begin the routine.

Her eyes closed and she let out a slight gasp when she inserted her fingers partly into her pussy and rubbed her clitoris. Emma's other hand rose to squeeze one of the breasts beneath a black satin bra cup.

"Ah... Uhh... Ohhh..."

"Look at me, Emma. Pleasure yourself while looking at me."

Emma forced her eyes to open. It was hard to look at the witch while masturbating. Such an act was perverted in Emma's eyes. It was like the stories that she heard in school about horny guys stroking themselves to girl-on-girl porn.

"You can stop now."

Obeying the order, Emma removed her hands from her pussy and her breast. She was in a state of sexual arousal. Her nipples were erect, face flushed, and her body was in heat.

"Lie down on the bed."

After lying on the circular bed on her back, Emma wondered in trepidation, "Oh no! Is she going to make out with me?"

The witch slowly descended with her body on top of Emma. Her hands and knees formed depressions on the silver satin sheet-covered mattress. Emma could feel the warmth of the witch's body and her well-toned naked legs rubbing onto hers. Once Galatea's lips got close enough to Emma's face, she began kissing it all over. First she kissed one Emma's ears and sucked on the earlobe while also flicking her tongue over it. She then moved to Emma's cheek and did basically the same thing by kissing and licking. Galatea then moved her tongue at the base of Emma's throat and dragged it all the way to her chin before continuing on to her other cheek. Emma closed her eyes, hoping that all of this would go away. She didn't like this level of intimacy with the witch, and she wasn't a lesbian to begin with. Galatea knew that Emma was trying to mentally escape from this Sapphic situation, so she told her to open her eyes.

"Keep your eyes open, Emma."

Emma had no choice but to obey. She felt like she was about to cry, but couldn't. Above her was Galatea's face with her usual smile, whose eyes were gazing at Emma like a predator would its prey. Suddenly, Emma felt her pussy was being rubbed through her black satin thong. Because Emma was already aroused from her previous masturbation, Galatea's gentle rubbing of her clit through the smooth fabric made her even more so. The witch's other hand caressed one of her thighs. Emma was repulsed this unwanted intimacy and it took a lot effort for Emma to not show a visible negative reaction in front of Galatea.

While Emma knew she was helpless before Galatea's sexual advances, she nonetheless wanted to delay them from advancing further as much as possible. Having a woman do increasingly sexual things to her was too much for her to handle at the moment. Emma's facade of enjoyment of the activity was broken when her body begin to fidget and squirm. Without outright rejecting the witch, Emma voiced a small, thinly-veiled protest, "Galatea, can we slow this down a little?"

Right after saying those words, Emma felt Galatea's nails digging deeper into her flesh of her thigh. She was starting to feel some pain.

Thinking that she had said the wrong words she tried to remedy it, "I... I love you, Galatea. I really do, but I'm not used to this yet. Can you give me some time? Please, Galatea."

"There's some merit to what you're saying, Emma. I think we're are indeed going a bit too fast. Let's stay with what you're comfortable for now, shall we?"

"I think that's a good idea," said Emma with a hint of relief.

Even though Emma was never comfortable with any of the sexual acts that Galatea had done to her recently, she wanted to stick with the activities that she had greater tolerance against for as long as the witch would allow.

"Since you've admitted to me that you like girls, but at the same time you're still reluctant to engage in Sapphic activities, it means that you're not comfortable with your true sexuality yet."

"I guess..." Emma wanted to deny everything that the witch had said but was unable to go against the witch.

"Why don't we make your full acceptance of your lesbianism a gradual process, shall we? By taking things slow, it won't be too hard on you."

"Yes, Galatea, I think that would be great," replied Emma, not sure of exactly what she was agreeing to.

"Let's start with the basics: what does a teenage girl who had just discovered that she's sexually interested in females do?"

"Umm... that girl would... think about them?"

"For example?"

"Girls from their school ...umm... female celebrities... and fr-friends..." Emma was stuttering from nervousness. She didn't like where this was going.

"If that girl thinks about the hot girls she had seen in school or elsewhere, and she feels sexually aroused, what would she do?"

"She would... masturbate?"

"Yes, that girl will eventually need relieve herself from the sexual frustration built-up from her erotic imagination."

"But isn't there something that's better than recalling girls from memory and pleasuring to those mental images?"

Galatea looked at Emma in the eyes and waited for an answer.

"You do know the answer, Emma."

"Umm... pictures?"



"And where would you find those pictures and movies?"

"Magazines... posters... newspapers... ads, yearbooks, stores, the internet..."

"Some of your examples are a bit general, Emma. Can you be more specific on the stores and the internet?"

"Umm... Uhh..."

"Let me give you some hints: what kind of store would you find erotic media?"

"An a-a-adult store."

"Yes. What about the internet? Where would you find erotic media?"

"A-adult websites." Emma recalled a prank that Sophia pulled on her by giving her a link to an adult website, which she unwittingly visited.

"See, it wasn't that hard. Now, what about the non-adult material?"

"Supermarkets, department stores, liquor stores, book stores, and ... other places."

"Good. Now, do you have an idea what I want you to do?"

"I... don't know." Emma played dumb.

"I'll show you then. Close your eyes."

The teen girl promptly snapped her eyelids shut. Inside her mind, it was as if a video was playing. The image was crystal clear and it almost seemed real. She saw herself visiting a local bookstore and buying some female modeling magazines. Then she saw herself, dressed only in her underwear, sitting on the toilet set of her bathroom at home and masturbating to a female bikini model from one of the magazines. The same action repeated in her bedroom with another magazine.

"I want you to do that by tomorrow night, Emma, and I'll be watching you. Now let's move on to the magic lessons."

Galatea didn't teach Emma any new magic spells after seeing how Emma was still struggling with what she had learned previously. It was just review and practice of what Emma had learned. There was a lot of knowledge that Galatea could teach, but Emma had to be ready for it. After the lessons were concluded, Galatea gave the usual parting kiss. Kissing the witch became routine now, and the teen girl was now able to tolerate it somewhat, but she was afraid of what might happen if she got completely used to the kissing and the other things the witch was doing to her. Regardless, Emma was still somewhat relieved that the sex lesson was shorter than the magic lesson for the current night. Before being sent back home, Galatea gave Emma a shocking order.

"You need to shave your pussy Emma. From now on, you are not allowed to have any pubic hair."

Emma was used to having hair on her pussy, but she had no choice but to comply with the order. "Okay, I will do that, Galatea."

"One more thing, here's the money for the assignment." Galatea handed Emma a huge wad of twenty-dollar bills, shocking Emma.

Right after school the next day, Emma went to a popular bookstore in the downtown area and purchased three female modeling magazines. Once she got back home, Emma decided to get the perverted assignment over with. Remembering Galatea's order to shave her pussy, she grabbed a disposable razor and a bottle of shaving cream. After applying the cream, she began shaving off the hairs in slow strokes. With the hair around her pussy all gone, she gave a sigh of slight disappointment. Emma later picked up a modeling magazine and went to the bathroom. Stripping herself down to her underwear, she then sat on the toilet and opened the magazine. After choosing the most modest picture she could find, Emma began masturbating. At first, Emma tried to imagine the female model in a sexual context, but failed. It very difficult for her to imagine females sexually because she simply wasn't wired that way.

Thinking that Galatea wouldn't know, Emma began to summon the images of Ben in her mind. It became easier to get herself off that way. While it appeared as if Emma was looking at the female bikini model on a page of the magazine she was holding, her eyes were actually focused on the background behind the model. She moaned and made "uh uh" sounds while pleasuring her clitoris with her fingers. When she finally orgasmed, Emma made a suppressed cry. Afterwards, she moved to her bedroom to begin the second round of masturbation with another female modeling magazine. This time she was able to use both of her hands to pleasure herself. Like before, she didn't focus her eyes directly on the model and visualized guys instead of women.

Late that night, Galatea arrived at Emma's bedroom as usual. For tonight, Emma dressed herself in a purple babydoll nightie, a purple thong, and the usual choice of makeup. For a while, Emma thought her deception on the assignment had gone through undetected. After the customary embrace and passionate greeting kiss, Galatea's cheerful expression became stern, and Emma quickly knew that she had done something wrong. She didn't begin speaking until they arrived at the sky castle in the same room as the night before.

"You've cheated Emma. You shouldn't be thinking about Ben or any other male for the assignment."

Emma suddenly panicked. How did Galatea know about it? Was she able to read her mind? Suddenly, she began to fear that her loved ones might be hurt again.

"I didn't-" Emma's attempt at an excuse was cut short.

"I know it's hard Emma, but you need to learn to suppress the heterosexual fantasies stemming from your false sexuality."

Emma was about to kneel down and apologize, but the witch spoke again, stopping Emma's attempt.

"Don't worry, I won't punish you this time. You just need to repeat the assignment, Emma."

The teen girl was extremely relieved that Galatea was willing to let it slide, but she wondered about repeating the assignment. How could she do it if she has difficulty imagining girls in sexual situations?

"To assist you in your training and to help you embrace your true sexuality, I will cast a special enchantment on you. It functions like a magical chastity belt, but with a special restriction: Unless you're engaging in sexual activities with females or Sapphic masturbation, you won't get any physical pleasure from the physical stimulation of your clitoris. In addition, to encourage you to engage in lesbian activities, your clitoris would occasionally be teased. You will be on the edge and won't get sexual release unless you participate in acts of lesbianism."

Emma's body glowed in a white light and she felt a feeling of warmth spreading out throughout her body. The feeling quickly passed.

The teen girl was visibly shocked at what Galatea had done to her. Is she going to even deny her the right to private masturbation involving her own thoughts? This was going too far. She was especially worried about the part on "embracing her true sexuality". Galatea was basically forcing her to become a lesbian, which she wasn't, but she couldn't complain without incurring the wrath of the witch.

Galatea pointed at the circular bed and a stack of magazines appeared. Immediately, Emma knew that she had to redo the assignment here and now, but waited for Galatea's order.

"You may redo the assignment now, Emma."

Reluctantly, Emma got onto the bed near the stack of magazines and picked the one on the top of the stack. It was a several months-old lingerie modeling magazine. She flipped to a random page and saw a pretty female model with raven black hair wearing a black satin bra and a pair of panties with white-colored frills, lace, and bows. Her hands were on her waist and one of her legs was resting on a chair, making the black, glossy 4-inch high heel shoes she was wearing more prominent.

While looking at the details of the picture, Emma didn't realized until later that she was feeling arousal. "What's going on? It must be the enchantment!"

Instinctively, one of Emma's hand went for her pussy. She tried stroking her clit, but it didn't give her any pleasure even after many repeated attempts. Realizing quickly this was again the work of the enchantment, Emma forced herself to look at the female lingerie model in the picture and tried as hard as she can to fantasize about her sexually. She thought about what it was like to kiss her on the lips and embrace her. That sudden burst of imagination seemed to have worked. Her stroking now allowed gave her pussy pleasurable feelings. But seconds later those feelings stopped. Emma realized that she had think about the female model in a sexual situation again. Going against her instinctual revulsion against such acts, Emma imagine herself and the lingerie model touching and groping each sexually and held the thought for many seconds. It took a lot of effort but it paid off: she could sexually stimulate her own clitoris. Emma repeated this until she finally had an orgasm.

Galatea enjoyed seeing the sexual agony that the poor teen girl was going through. "One more to go, Emma."

Picking up the next magazine from the stack, Emma noticed that it was a softcore magazine. Flipping through the many pages, she noticed that they were all pictures of naked women. Some were solo pictures while others involve multiple girls in a Sapphic theme. After giving a sigh, Emma repeated the actions that she had done just moments before and had her second orgasm.

"So how was it? You may speak the truth, Emma. I won't punish you."

"It was... hard."

"Yes, I know it is difficult for you, but you'll get used to it eventually. I would love to see you blossom into a lovely lesbian."

Emma felt like throwing up after hearing that statement from the witch.

The witch slowly walked towards Emma and sat on the bed right next to her. Emma knew what was going to happen next when Galatea embraced her: they were going to make out again just like the night before. Their lips met for deep kiss as they wrapped their naked arms around each other like lesbian lovers do. They then rolled together on the bed with Emma ending up at the bottom and Galatea on the top as they continued making out. This time, however, was different than the previous nights: Emma was now feeling sexual arousal. Immediately, she knew that the enchantment that Galatea had cast on her was again the culprit. Her arousal was increasing by the moment. Emma whimpered at the sudden, unexpected feelings. She didn't want to feel like this when she was so close to a woman, especially Galatea.

After licking and nibbling Emma's ear, Galatea whispered, "Do you need release? I can give it to you if you just say yes."

In her state of sexual torment, Emma felt that she didn't have much of a choice. In an agonizing decision, Emma whispered a "yes". After a brief delay, Galatea's hand then reached to cup Emma's pussy. Slowly and expertly, the witch began stroking Emma's clit beneath the purple satin thong. Emma couldn't help but emit sensual moans and gasps. She didn't want the witch to be putting her fingers inside her pussy, but she had no choice. It was the only way to quench the fire in her body. The enchantment was manipulating her sex drive and giving her unwanted urges. Under the repeated actions of Galatea's fingers, Emma climaxed. She then had to suck off her own juices from Galatea's fingers that was in her pussy moments before. After sharing it with Emma, Galatea placed her fingers into her own mouth to taste Emma's honey.

"So how was your first lesbian orgasm?"

"It was... great," replied Emma without enthusiasm. The shock of event make it difficult for Emma to keep her mask of cheerfulness on.

"Good, we'll be doing more of this in the future."

Galatea and Emma both got up from the bed back into a sitting position.

"I have new assignments for you, Emma..."

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