Friday, April 1, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 10)

With the final rehearsal for the show done, Sarah used the remaining time for some fun and relaxation. They first played some video games on Sarah's multiple gaming consoles, followed by several games of chess, in which Sarah beat Wendy soundly in every round. Wendy was surprised that she was being routed repeatedly in a game she thought that she was fairly good at. She never expected Sarah's skill level to be so high.

"Do you play chess a lot?" asked Wendy after the last game.

"No, this my first time playing in years."

"But you play so well."

"My parents said that I have a knack for it. Back then when I was in fifth grade, I won first place in a local chess tournament."

"Wow, Sarah, you're so good at everything! Have you tried the statewide chess tournaments?"

"No, I wasn't interested in them even though my parents encouraged me to go. I just think of chess as a casual game, not as something I want to compete in. Anyway, I've enough of chess for tonight; let's watch a movie."

"What kind of movie are we going to watch?" asked Wendy as she sat on the pink leather sofa.

"A romantic movie." Sarah handed Wendy a Blu-ray disc box cover.

Wendy was a bit shocked after making a quick glance. It was a lesbian romance movie. Even though Sarah had previously made her watch a lot of lesbian porn for the training, Wendy felt somewhat uncomfortable at the subject matter of the movie. Since she wasn't doing training right now, she would've preferred that Sarah had chosen some other movie, or at least one that was about heterosexual relationships.

"Why are we watching a romantic lesbian movie?" asked Wendy nicely.

"You don't want to?"

"No, it's just kind of... Never mind." Wendy's facial expression revealed her unease.

"It's actually a great movie. I've watched it several times myself. You need to be more open-minded, Wendy, even if you're straight."

"I guess you're right."

"Good, then let's watch it."

The movie was about two girls who knew each other since childhood. One was raised in a prim and proper family while the other was raised in a more liberal family. As they matured, they began to find out about their sexuality. They later fell in love with one another, but it wasn't easy sailing. They went through many trials and tribulations together, including objections from their own families. Eventually, the two girls overcame all obstacles and had a happy ending.

At first, Wendy watched with half-hearted interest. However, as the movie went on, she became increasingly focused on the movie. She was so into the movie that she didn't notice Sarah's hand slowly creeping onto her thigh and lightly caressing it until she felt Sarah's warm breath on her ear.

"Aren't those two girls hot?" whispered Sarah as they both watched the sensual make out scene between the two female protagonists.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Their kissing is so sexy that it's making me hot. Don't you feel hot?"

"No, not really," replied Wendy nervously as she turned around to face Sarah.

"Come on, not even a little? Don't you at least feel a little bit hot?" Sarah moved her lips close to Wendy's face.

"Maybe a little."

"Sarah, what are you doing?"

"We're going to kiss of course."

"But isn't the training over?" Even as Wendy was saying that her heart was starting to beat faster.

"Yes, but it doesn't mean we can't have some fun together."

Wendy wanted to resist, but found herself unable to. The sudden feelings engendered by Sarah's intimate closeness were starting to overwhelm her. Within moments, she was smothered by Sarah's passionate kiss and felt the weight of Sarah's warm body pressing onto hers. Their tongues twirled around each other as they exchanged saliva. Just as Wendy was starting to get into it, Sarah ended the kiss and released her hold on Wendy. Consciously, Wendy was glad Sarah didn't take it too far, but subconsciously her body wanted more.

When the movie ended, Sarah asked, "So how was the movie, Wendy?"

"I think the movie's pretty good. I'm happy they could finally be together after what they've been through."

"Wendy, did you notice that you share something in common with them?"

"Something in common?"

"Isn't it obvious, Wendy? For the sake of love, the two girls were willing to make personal sacrifices and go through a lot of hardships. You're kind of like them. You went through all the training for sake of winning Daniel's love."

A dreamy look appeared on Wendy's face. "I hope it'll work out well tomorrow night."

Sarah placed a hand on Wendy's shoulder. "Stay positive, Wendy. Think of winning, not losing."

"You're helping me so much, Sarah. I can never thank you enough."

"It's alright, Wendy. I doing this for you because you're my good friend."

After Sarah and Wendy did some stretches and refreshed themselves, they took a bath together. Wendy was initially reluctant of the idea of sharing a bath with Sarah, but through some gentle persuasion, Wendy agreed. Sarah's pretext for the bath was that it was a good way to unwind after a vigorous day, but her real motives of course went beyond that.

To set a romantic atmosphere for the bath, Sarah had previously placed special decorations to the bathroom. Scented red candles and small vases of flowers were placed in eye-catching locations. The lights were dimmed to give the illumination from the candles more prominence.

"Sarah, you're doing so much for just a bath."

"You don't like it?"

"No, I really like it. The decorations give out a good atmosphere."

Sarah turned on the Jaccuzi tub faucet and poured in the special bubble bath soap. It was pink in color and had a syrup-like viscosity. Even from a distance, Wendy noticed that it had a smell of strawberry fragrance. For the added touch, Sarah sprinkled several handfuls of aromatic red and pink flower petals on the water.

"Then it's alright. As long as you like it, everything's fine. Come on, let's take off our clothes and get into the tub. I'm starting to feel cold." Sarah made a show of shivering her body.

As the tub began filling up with warm water, the two girls proceeded to take off their clothes. Sarah intentionally took hers off more slowly, allowing Wendy to finish first.

"Wendy, can you take off my bra and panties for me?"

"Sure." Wendy fumbled a bit while unhooking Sarah's silver satin bra before taking it off, inadvertently feeling the warm skin of her body in the process. She then pulled down Sarah's panties, feeling along the entire length of Sarah's legs along the way. Sarah subtly pushed her legs against Wendy's hands, making Wendy felt even more of Sarah's skin. In her mind, Wendy downplayed the tingling sexual feelings that was invoked by what she had just done.

The water in the tub swirled with powerful currents as the pump churned it endlessly. Very quickly the tub was filled to the brim with foam and frothy bubbles. The larger bubbles shined in array of multiple ever-changing colors. Sarah got into the tub first. She raised one of her legs and dipped one dainty foot into the water, followed by her other foot. The gracefulness of the action attracted Wendy's attention. Wendy got into the tub in a similar manner afterwards.

It started out like a regular bubble bath as Wendy had hoped and expected. They scrubbed themselves like they usually would during a bath. However, Sarah turned it in a kinky direction. She slowly inched towards Wendy, and before Wendy knew it, Sarah was playfully scrubbing her body. Wendy reciprocated and cleaned Sarah's body with her own scrubber. Soon, Sarah's body was touching Wendy's, which made Sarah's nipples harden with arousal. Wendy found herself feeling a bit aroused too.

"Oops, I'm sorry." Sarah backed off a bit. "Can you help me clean my pussy, Wendy?"


As Wendy kneeled down to clean it, Sarah backed away from her with a smile on face. Wendy walked on her knees and bridged the distance. Right when Wendy was about to use the scrubber, Sarah walked backwards again. Thinking that Sarah was just playing with her, Wendy followed. This repeated until Sarah was at the edge of the Jacuzzi tub. She sat down and raised one leg to the side with her foot resting on the edge. Her body gleamed beautifully under the candle light that also highlighted her sexy curves. In teasing motions, Sarah ran a finger up and down her slit.

Sarah's hand motions on her crotch and the way her sexy body was shining from the coating of soap water was drawing a lot of Wendy's attention. She moved forward on her knees slowly with her eyes transfixed on the moist, pink area outlined by Sarah's fingers. The motions were almost hypnotic to Wendy, who licked her lips in anticipation.

"Clean it with your mouth."

Even without that command, Wendy would've done it on her own accord. Absentmindedly, she dropped the scrubber in the bubbly water. Her eyes never left the sight of Sarah's pussy as she continued moving closer to it. She parted her wet lips and kissed Sarah's pussy. It was wet and swelling from arousal.


Wendy's tongue slip pass her lips and moved in vertical motions along Sarah's box. Whatever the reason that Sarah had for Wendy to lick her pussy didn't matter to Wendy. All she cared about at that moment was fulfilling Sarah's request to do it, which she was more than happy to oblige. Filled suddenly with lust, her mind had stopped rationalizing on her actions.

"Part my lower lips with your fingers. It'll help your tongue go in easier."

With her index and middle fingers, Wendy pried Sarah's delicious clam apart. She stabbed her tongue into the hole, causing Sarah to moan.

"Stroke yourself, Wendy."

Wendy removed one hand from Sarah's clitoral folds and lowered it into the water to stroke her own pussy, which was now as puffy with arousal as the one she was licking. Sarah tightened her wet thighs around Wendy's head and gripped her matted blonde hair when her orgasm came.

"Oh yeah, that was one great orgasm."

After some heavy panting, Sarah asked, "Ever tried anal masturbation, Wendy?"

"No, I haven't. I think it's kind of... weird and unnatural."

"But, it gives you a lot of pleasure, Wendy. If you think it's gross, I'll let you do me instead then."

From a white box that was lying on the edge of the tub, Sarah pulled out a pink jelly double dildo. It wiggled as she handed over to Wendy, who simply stared at it dumbfoundedly as Sarah got into a position conducive to the impending anal activity. She rested her elbows and the front side of her body at the edge of the tub with her ass facing Wendy.

"Lube it with your spit."

Wendy spat on the tip of the dildo.

"No, not like that. Use a gob of spit. Yes, like that."

A big gob of spit dripped from Wendy's mouth and landed right on the pink tip.

"Now suck on it."

Wendy's mouth engulfed a portion of the dildo. Slowly, but skillfully, she mimicked a blowjob with it.

"Enough, now stick it inside me."

The tight puckered hole in front of her looked so small. Wendy wondered if it will actually fit without hurting Sarah. Gradually, she inserted the lubricated end of the dildo into the hole, gripping Sarah's ass with one hand for support. Wendy tried being careful in not hurting her.

"Is it deep enough?"


"What about now?"


"Am I hurting you, Sarah?"

"Not, I'm fine... Just push it in a little bit more... Good, stop. Now move it out and back in repeatedly."

Using the same speed as before, Wendy pulled the dildo out and pushed it back in.

"Faster! Uhhhh... Uhhh... Ohhhh..."

The very audible moans of pleasure that Sarah was making shattered Wendy's negative views on anal sex. Judging by the way Sarah was reacting to the dildo that was going in and out of her ass, Wendy now became curious about it even though she still had some reservations.

"Get your head underneath my pussy and lick it," said Sarah through her gasps and pants as she raised her hips higher.

Wendy flipped her own body so that she was lying on the side of the tub on her back. Sarah's pussy was mere inches above her face. Wrapping an arm around each of Sarah's legs for support, Wendy raised her lips and licked her pussy again.

"Stroke yourself."

Even before Sarah said that, Wendy's hand had already instinctively moved to her own quivering cunt while her other hand continued working the dildo in Sarah's anus. For over fifteen minutes, they were engaged in simultaneous oral and anal sex. With repeated intensive finger motions, Wendy eventually came. It happened just a short moment before Sarah's orgasm.

Afterwards, they shaved their pussies. Just like the time when they first bathe together, Sarah helped shaved Wendy's pussy, but there was more intimacy this time. She applied the shaving cream and used a disposable razor. Her shaving strokes were deliberately slow in order to maximize Wendy's immersion in the sensual activity. Once Sarah was done shaving her, she gently blew on Wendy's pussy, causing Wendy to quiver slightly.

"Now your pussy all beautiful and hairless. It's my turn now."

Once they got back to Sarah's bedroom, the two girls painted each others fingernails and toenails. Sarah chose the glittery red color while Wendy opted for glittery pink. Wendy got hers done first. Sarah applied the primer, then the base coat, followed by the top coat of pink lacquer. It was the first time Wendy had put on glittery nail polish, and she couldn't resist looking at the wonderful way her nails sparkled. As her finger nails were being done, Wendy found her eyes irresistibly drawn to Sarah's face. Right after Sarah was finished doing Wendy's toe nails, Sarah gave a gentle kiss on top of Wendy's foot.

"Sarah, what are you..."

The kiss ended before Wendy could finish.

"Sorry, Wendy. Your feet is so beautiful that I have at least give it one kiss."

Later that night, Wendy went to sleep with Sarah whose bed was large enough to accommodate several people. Right before Sarah turned off the lights, Wendy instinctively said, "I love you, Sarah."

"I love you too, Wendy."

For a moment, Wendy wondered why she had said those words of affection. As if trying to correct a mistake, Wendy said to herself in her mind, "I love Daniel."

At around noon, Sarah and Wendy went together to Rebecca's beach house. Rebecca was sitting on a chair in the patio, awaiting their arrival. She stood up after Sarah and Wendy got of the vehicle.

"Hey, Sarah and Wendy, you guys are early."

"Traffic was smooth. Is everything setup yet?"

"Almost, we just need to wait for some more helpers to arrive."

"We can help too, if you want," Sarah offered.

"That's so kind of you, Sarah."

Many of Sarah's friends were there, including Melanie, Katherine, and about a dozen other girls and guys that Wendy haven't met before. Sarah introduced Wendy to the rest of her friends. Lauren and Cynthia, who were Rebecca's friends, were also there. Together they help finished the remaining preparations for the party that was going to happen in late afternoon.

The party began at 4 PM. Very soon, the beach house was filled with people, most of whom where Sarah's friends or the friends of her friends. A DJ provided the music and security was maintained by a group of hulking male guards. The large outdoor garden next to the house served as a dancing area.

Wendy sat alone in a chair while watching the revelers have their fun. She refused the offers from various guys to dance with her. Sarah tapped Wendy's shoulder from behind, causing her to give a slight jerk.

"Why so glum, Wendy?"

"Where's Daniel? I thought he's coming to the party too."

"Have some patience, Wendy. He'll arrive soon. There's still a lot of time left before the show. Why don't we have some fun first?"

She clasped Wendy's hand and lifted her up.

"But I don't know how to dance!"

"I'll teach you. It's not that hard. Come on."

Wendy had so much fun dancing with Sarah that Daniel wasn't on her mind throughout entire time of their dance.

"It's time, Wendy. We need to prepare for the show."

"Already? Wow, I almost forgot about it. Has Daniel arrived yet?"

"Rebecca just texted me that he's coming right now."

They went to a private bedroom and began preparing. First they took off their ordinary clothes and changed into skimpy outfits. Sarah's outfit was predominantly red and black in color. The first part of her outfit was an eye-catching bra that had shiny and sparkly red sequins on the cups. Along the edges of the bra were sheer frilly fringes of a bright black color. At each spot where the straps met the bra was red satin bow. A large laced red bow with a smaller red bow on top decorated the spot where the two cups met. The tails of the large bow hung down as far as the navel that had a dangling ruby piercing. Two frilly black bands, hanging individually in a parabolic shape on each side of Sarah's body, connected the spot between the cups to the spot where the bra straps met together. Around the waist was a red tulle skirt that opened up in the front, allowing the view of the red satin thong. Wrapping the top of the skirt a black satin belt that was tightened with a silver metal ring at the center. Running along the top of the skirt were embroidered flower designs. The lower part of the outfit consisted of crotch-high black fishnet stockings with a diamond pattern and shiny 4-inch red high heel pumps. Running along the lower arms were red fingerless arm gloves that started from the elbow and ended at the middle finger in a tapered, triangular shape. There was wide-spaced netting on one side and opaque satin fabric on the other. Finally there's a black fishnet choker decorated with small ruby jewels and three larger rubies hanging from three strands. Two dangling red ruby earrings completed the outfit. Wendy's outfit was the same except that the Wendy's colors was replaced with pink and white and the rubies replaced with hot pink topaz gemstones.

Makeup was next, and both of the girls were especially meticulous in applying them since many people were going to watch them during the show. Wendy applied the glittery pink lipstick on her lips followed by a glossy layer, then pink eye shadow on her eyelids, and later the white eyeliner on the lower edges. Finally, Wendy did the black mascara on her eyelashes. Sarah's makeup procedure was the same except that her lip color was red, her eye shadow was purple, and her eyeliner was black. To top it all off, the two girls sprinkled some glitter on each others hair. Sarah gave a smooch to the mirror. The two girls looked almost exactly alike with the obvious differences being the color of their outfits and that Wendy's hair style was done in double-braided pigtails. They were now ready to perform.

Sarah's cell phone rang. It was another text from Rebecca. "Daniel has arrived."

Upon hearing that, Wendy's heart began beating even faster than before from sheer anticipation and nervousness. By 8 PM, most of the revelers have left, save for a small group that stayed for the special sex show. The show was to take place in a large room. There was a small, raised platform near the center of the room, which served as a stage. On top of the stage were two transparent water beds that was illuminated from below with colored lights, giving one bed a distinct color of glowing pink and another a color of glowing blue. Spotlights hanging from the ceiling illuminated the stage that was partially surrounded by a semicircle of upholstered chairs. The performances of the two pairs of girls were to take place simultaneously.

While they were waiting in the hallway for the signal get onto the stage, Wendy noticed the Lauren and Cynthia were wearing distinctively different outfits than what she and Sarah were wearing. Lauren was similary made up like Sarah with the bright eye colors and glossy metallic red lipstick, but without the glitter. On her upper body was a glossy black latex sleeveless crop top. Right on her navel was a silver and diamond jewelry piercing. A glossy black pleated latex mini-skirt wrapped around her hips. Her finger nails were metallic red, just like the nails on her feet, which were encased in transparent 6-inch stripper platform heels. Cynthia had the same outfit but it was in a shiny white color.

When the audience arrived through the door, they were asked by the security guards to hand over their cell phones, digital cameras, and any other device that takes photos or video that would be returned once they leave. Once everyone was seated, the show began. Techno beat music played in the background. Sarah and Wendy walked in first while holding hands, followed by Lauren and Cynthia, who also held hands. The two smiling pairs of girls walked up the stage in front of their assigned waterbeds and gave air kisses to the audience. Wendy saw Daniel amongst the audience, causing her heart to skip a beat. She gave a smile and an air kiss in his direction, hoping that he'll notice.

As Wendy turned around to face Sarah, she saw Lauren winking at her. "Why is she winking at me?" It reminded Wendy of the time when she saw Lauren was fooling around with Cynthia in the locker room.

Following the script, Sarah and Wendy feigned a kiss by moving their lips close together but broke off right before contact was made. They lightly ran their hands on each others bodies while writhing sensually. Occasionally they would touch each others breasts and crotches, but the touching would never linger for long. Turning their heads around to face the audience, the two girls expressed seductive, naughty looks on their faces. Their backs rubbed together enticingly as they raised and lowered their bodies by bending their knees. At one point, they turned their faces around and made another kissing feint.

The back-to-back rubbing soon stopped and they returned to a frontal embrace. Fingers repeatedly touched swaying and gyrating bodies. No longer did they just grazed skin with just the tips of their fingers. The touching lingered longer and became full caresses using the full areas of their hands. Finally Sarah and Wendy kissed, but it was a simple peck on the lips, the briefest of kisses intended to titillate the audience. Tongues extended outwards and grazed each other playfully. Threads of saliva that connected their separated lips glistened under the spotlights.

They suddenly separated their bodies a distance while maintaining eye contact with each other. In contrast to Sarah's and Wendy's previous actions, their movements now picked up in speed. They waved and extended their lithe arms gracefully in contorting motions as they danced around the circular water bed and around each other. Bellies shook and vibrated as if there were living creatures inside wanting to get out. Sarah's belly action was slightly more noticeable because of the light flashing from her navel jewelry. They mixed belly motions with buttocks gyrations. Occasionally they turned around so that their asses faced the audience in order to give them a better view. Teasing the audience again, each of the two girls lowered a hand to squeeze the other girl's ass while engaging in a series of brief kisses.

It was time for them to strip. Starting with the arm gloves, the two girls proceeded to take off their lewd outfits in a sensuously slow manner. Wendy assisted in Sarah's stripping while putting a lot of emphasis on intimate touching and caressing. While loosening the pink bra, Wendy gave Sarah's breast a squeeze, causing Sarah to give a silent gasp and tilt her head backwards. This action gave Wendy easier access to her neck, which she eagerly kiss and licked as she continuing removing Wendy's bra.

Once Sarah was naked from the waist up, Wendy kneeled down and pulled down Sarah's red satin thong by biting it and tugging it with her teeth. Soon, the two girls down to nothing but fishnet stockings and high heels. Wendy got into the water bed first and went into a kneeling position, with Sarah quickly following. The gentle pink glow from the water bed illuminated their bodies alluringly as they stood still on their knees for a few moments while staring at each other longingly. Their lips then met together in a tight liplock which soon graduated to a deep open-mouthed kiss in which they exchanged each others sweet saliva. Throughout the kissing, they touched and kneaded each others breasts. Bra straps were loosened.

Wendy lowered her head and licked on Sarah's erect nipples with her fully extended tongue while Sarah cradled Wendy's head lovingly as if she was her daughter. After Sarah's nipples were glistening from wetness, Wendy sucked on them hungrily. Their positions later changed. Wendy got on her fours to lick the pussy of Sarah, who was lying down on her back in a relaxed position. Pussy juice was running down copiously along her thighs as Wendy masturbated herself with her fingers while pleasuring Sarah with her mouth and tongue.

Timing their actions perfectly, Wendy's and Sarah's orgasms happened almost simultaneously. Sarah arched her back with her eyes closed and mouth opened, emitting a loud moan. At the same time, Wendy spread her own pussy lips with her fingers while she came, revealing her gushing pink clam for all the audience to see. When both of their orgasms finished the two girls got up in a kneeling position and hugged each other in an intimate embrace, then faced the audience with wide smiles on their faces before kissing each other deeply as if they were lovers. They quickly got themselves in a sixty-nine position with Wendy on top and Sarah on the bottom and licked each others love box. Wendy pulled Sarah's lips wide open and plunged her tongue deep into Sarah's pussy while moving it vigorously. Every now and then she would raise her head slightly to give a sultry look in Daniel's direction. When Daniel gave subtle reactions to her glances, it raised Wendy's enthusiasm to lick Sarah's pussy even more. For the rest of the show, Wendy was in a state of sexual ecstasy. Even though she was just performing, she was very much enjoying her time on stage. The end of the show culminated with another loving kiss after an intense orgasm.

When most of the audience had dispersed, Wendy walked off from the stage and walked towards her love interest who appeared to be waiting for her.

Wendy gulped before saying, "Daniel, I've something important to say... I think I love you."

"Sorry, Wendy. You're wonderful girl, but my heart belongs to Lauren," replied Daniel. Lauren walked over to Daniel and gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek. It quickly became more intimate as they start to French kiss.

Daniel broke the kissing for a moment to say, "But we can still be friends."

Wendy was finding it difficult to maintain her cheerful face.

"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, Wendy."

"It's okay, Daniel, really."

Wendy was greatly disappointed and saddened that Daniel had chosen Lauren instead of her. Without saying another word, she hurriedly walked away, not wanting anyone to noticed the tears that were starting to stream from her eyes. A smile formed on Sarah's face. She followed Wendy to the bedroom where they had changed in before the start of the show. Wendy was sitting on the edge of the bed while sobbing. Acting like a good friend, Sarah sat down right next to Wendy and consoled her.

"Here, drink this." Sarah handed her a cup of special juice, which Wendy accepted.

"Thanks," said Wendy before taking several gulps.

"Everything will be alright, Wendy. It's not the end of the world."

"No, it won't be alright. To me, Daniel is the world."

"There are plenty of other guys out there. Daniel's not the only one."

"I know, but he feels very special to me."

"I've been rejected once myself. I know how it feels," lied Sarah.

Another burst of tears flowed from Wendy's eyes. Sarah let Wendy cry for a while before continuing with her prepared statements.

"Wendy, there's something I need to tell you. You probably noticed it yourself many times, but are denying it."

"What is it?" asked the confused and heartbroken girl.

"It might come as a shock to you, but knowing it will help you a lot."

"It's alright. You can tell me." Wendy thought whatever Sarah was going to say couldn't be worst than the feeling of being rejected.

"You're a lesbian, Wendy."


"I know it's hard to believe, but you really are indeed a lesbian."

"But... But I'm... I'm pretty sure..."

"Wendy, I've observed you for a long time. The way you've acted towards other girls, the way you've looked at them, and the way you've interacted with me were all signs that pointed in that direction."

"There must be some mistake. I know I'm straight."

"Then can you say to me with a straight face that you've never fantasized about girls sexually?"

There was a pause. Wendy thought about what went through her mind recently. She knew that she had imagined girls sexually more than once, but that doesn't me she's a lesbian. It was just part of the training for performing in the show. Wendy believed she was still heterosexual, and that the many sexual activities she had done with Sarah were nothing more than "fake" lesbianism.

"I have had those fantasies, but it was because of the training. You've said so too."

"Wendy, I just didn't want to shock you and hurt your feelings. I wanted you to help you achieve your dream of getting Daniel, even though I know that you are really using him as a means of escape from your true self."

"What do you mean?"

"You just wanted to cling to a typical fantasy of a teenage girl of trying to get a cute boyfriend in order to fit in."

"But that's not what I was doing it for. I really love him!"

"There's no use in denying it, Wendy. It only hurts you more in the long run."

There was another lengthy pause before tears flowed from Wendy's eyes again. Event though Wendy was still adamant about her sexuality, she didn't want to argue against Sarah's statements anymore. Coupled with the feelings of rejection, it was already too much. She just wanted to let her sadness flow out. Sarah quickly hugged Wendy consolingly.

"It's alright. I'll always be here for you."

The hug lasted very long. When Wendy's tears finally stopped, at least for the moment, Sarah released Wendy from the hug and reached into some hidden place to retrieve a transparent pill box. In it were about a dozen pink-colored gel capsules.

Sarah opened the box and picked up a pill. "Here, try one. It'll help calm you down."

Since Sarah was such a good friend to her, Wendy didn't even doubt her for a moment and took the pink pill from Sarah's palm. She just wanted to relieve herself of her sad thoughts and feelings, and was glad that a pill could help her.

"Here's some water." Sarah handed Wendy a cup of water.

"Those pills helped me a lot when my previous boyfriend broke up with me," lied Sarah. She never had any real boyfriends because she never really wanted one. Even her current boyfriend was just for show. She was a lesbian to the core.

"I'm sorry."

"It's alright. Now pop the pill."

Moments later, Wendy became sleepy.

"Everything's going to be fine," whispered Sarah as brushed Wendy's cheek and hair affectionately.

Minutes later, Wendy drifted off to sleep. The door to the bedroom then slowly creaked opened and in walked Lauren with a devious smile on her face.

One late afternoon, Madelynn was scolded by her mom for wearing what she deemed to be obscene and sinful clothing. At first her mom tolerated the change in her daughter's appearance. But, as the outfits became more racy, her mom wasn't able to stand it anymore. What her daughter was doing was counter to their family values of propriety.

"Honey, your choice of clothing and makeup is highly inappropriate!"

Madelynn knew her mom would mention it sooner her later. "Mom, I'm just trying to fit in."

"Fit in?! What kind of sinful crowd are you trying to fit in too?"

"Ummm... the popular crowd."

"If being popular means dressing like this, then there's something wrong with your friends. Are you hanging out with the bad girls?"

"No, my friends are good people."

"But you've changed so much recently. I think they are a bad influence on you."

"You don't know anything about my friends!"

"Honey, don't tell me what I know or don't know. Your mother knows best. You need to stop dressing like this!"

"No, I can't mom."


"I-I... just can't." Madelynn really wanted to dress like an ordinary girl again, but she was under Elena's control and couldn't do anything about it.

"Then you're grounded for two weeks!!!"

"Mom, that's unfair! You can't do this to me!"

"Yes, I can. I'm your Mother."

"Fuck you, mom!" Madelynn don't know why those words slipped out of her mouth and her immediate apology was cut short. "Mom, I'm so--"

SLAP! It was the first time she was slapped by her mother on the cheek in many years.

"Madelynn Goodwin! This is not how you speak to your Mother!" Madelynn's mom was now red-faced. "Go to your room now, and think about what you've said and done!"

As Madelynn ran up to her room, she began tearing up. When Elena called her that night, she somehow knew about Madelynn's problem.

"Is something bothering you, Maddy?"

Madelynn didn't really trust Elena but she confided her problem to her nonetheless. "I had an argument with my mom today. It was hectic."

"What was it about?"

"My new looks. She said that I've changed too much and for the worst."

"But, you look much better in your with your new looks."

"I just want to be a normal girl! Elena, may I dress like I used to, please?"

"No, you will continue being the girl I want you to be. As for the problem with your mom, I'll talk with her one-on-one and make her change her perspective."

"I don't think it'll work. My mom's kind of strict and conservative."

"It will work, I promise."

On late Friday night, Madelynn watched some videos on lesbian BDSM that Elena had given her. She was told to focus especially on the dominatrixes in the videos because she was going to become one herself. For over two hours, Madelynn had watched women dressed in latex or PVC engaging in kinky and rough lesbian sex. There were rarely any displays of overt affection. It was all dominance and exploitation of women by women. Prior to the start of the video, Madelynn herself had dressed in a BDSM outfit, which consisted of a shiny black latex corset mini dress that had a short pleated skirt, fishnet stockings, and glossy black strappy platform heels. Just days ago, Madelynn had felt nothing but disgust at the various kinky clothing that Elena ordered her to wear, but now she was starting to feel a bit aroused by them in spite of her conscious denial.

Following Elena's instructions, Madelynn imagined herself as a dominant participant amongst the women in the videos she was watching. This visualization was helped by the fact that the dommes of the videos were often not shown, except for parts of their bodies, but never the faces. Various keywords and phrases such as "dominate", "control", "enslave", and "pleasure in pain" would be occasionally uttered by an unseen female narrator. Each word seemed to bore into her pliant mind as it was being spoken. Though the sound of each individual word was soft, it echoed loudly in her mind like an obnoxious earworm.

Another requirement for Madelynn was masturbating while watching the video. Even without that instruction, Madelynn couldn't resist her arousal that triggered by the sexually-charged imagery even if she wanted to. Her pussy became wet the moment the video start becoming erotic. She grasped the helm of her latex skirt and pulled it up. The black PVC panties were then pulled aside to provide access for her fingers to her sopping pussy. She repeatedly stroked and fingered her clit until she came while also regularly licking her own juices on her fingers. Madelynn had gotten used to the flavor of her own pussy by now. The recurring spikes of sexual lust in recent days had overcome all of her inhibitions regarding this act.

Madelynn also practiced acting like a lesbian domme. While holding a small whip in her hand, she would pretend that there was a submissive girl in front of her while she ordered her around through a combination of whipping, strict commands, and verbal abuse. Her visualizations of the submissive would often be some hot girl in her school that she barely knew. However, the image of Wendy or sometimes even Sarah would creep in, and she had to chase those thoughts away. To provide evidence that she had practiced, Madelynn had to record all of what she had done in her bedroom on webcam and stream it live on a special private website that Elena had set up. Initially, Madelynn had objected to this exhibitionistic arrangement, but a quick reminder of the photos from Elena forced Madelynn to bite her lip and do what she was ordered to regardless of her objections.

Though Elena had promised Madelynn that she would be the only person watching the streaming video, there was another person who was viewing her performance, a well-to-do business woman interested in young female flesh. With her deep pockets, Ms. Meyers had paid quite a bit of money to see a young, innocent, religious, and heterosexual girl slowly transform into a lecherous lesbian. As she stroked herself to Madelynn's live performance, she wondered what the price would be to experience the delights of Madelynn's delectable young body once her transformation had completed.

Madelynn's cell phone rang on late Saturday night. Even without picking up the cell phone, she knew it was Elena. The calls and the subsequent meetings with her were getting more frequent now, much to Madelynn's dismay. She was also disgusted at herself for the slight arousal recently felt whenever the Goth girl called her. Even as Madelynn's pussy moistened copiously at the thoughts what Elena might do with her that night, she wondered if she could escape from this madness before it was too late. Dressed in the same outfit as on the previous night, she quietly snuck out of her house without her mom's knowledge.

"Are you ready for fun, Madelynn?" said Elena while leaning on her pitch black vehicle.

"Yes, I guess," came Madelynn's meek reply. Her eyes focused on Elena's curious mask that was piquing her curiosity. It was a pearly white facial mask with transparent blue eyes. The color of Elena's mask contrasted strongly with the black color of her clothing.

"Why are you wearing a mask?"

"It's for my special facial treatment. You won't get any kisses from me tonight, but don't worry, Maddy, even with my mask on we will still be able to engage in an effectively enthralling, erotic ensemble executed in an exemplary enactment that will elevate your endogenic excitement to ethereal, endless ecstasy."


"We will still have fun."

A question suddenly popped in Madelynn's mind. "Where is that fucking bitch taking me to this time?" Briefly, she wondered why she was using swear words in her private thoughts.

Once they arrived at Elena's condo, they were greeted by Patricia and Emily at the door. Before, Madelynn barely took in the physical details of Elena's two assistants, but she found herself noticing them more. Patricia was a raven-haired girl whose age was about the same as Elena's. Her imposing DD breasts were one of the most noticeable assets on curvaceous body. She wore a shiny blue latex bustier top mini dress with a pleated skirt that barely went past the butt. The section of the bodice between the bra and the skirt was of a light blue color and was see-through. Below the skirt were transparent light blue thigh-length latex stockings. She wore shiny blue 3-inch high heel pumps. Emily's outfit was the same with the exception of the purple colors.

As Madelynn walked in with Elena, she saw some video recording equipment. She sighed, knowing that she was going to be recorded again in acts of debauchery. Elena led her to the large bedroom. The walls were painted black. There were several cameras mounted on tripods and some lighting equipment that circled around a purple mattress bed with an ebony frame.

"As part of your training in becoming a lesbian dominatrix, you will now practice with Patricia, who will be your sub tonight. As usual, this session will be recorded."

Madelynn opened her mouth, as if wanting to say something.

"I'll warn you again: if you object to what I'm imposing on you, you shall be punished. I've let you off easily last several times, but from now on I won't be so lenient."

Upon hearing that, Madelynn quickly clamped her mouth shut. Whatever objections and criticisms she had now must be kept to herself.

Elena pointed to a set of items on the bed: a riding crop, a purple strap-on dildo, and some leather cuffs attached to chains. "You are to use those items on Patricia. I won't tell you what to do this time. The videos you've watch should be more than enough to fuel your imagination."

Madelynn was crestfallen that she had to completely improvise in a perverted sexual performance that Elena was forcing her to participate actively in. Walking over to the edge of the bed, she held up the riding crop reluctantly. Before she knew it, the cameras were already rolling. Taking a deep breath, Madelynn summoned the memories of the BDSM videos and did her best to mimic the dommes in them.

"Kneel, bitch!" Madelynn exclaimed after whipping the woman once in front of her with the riding crop.

Patricia kneeled down on the white carpeted floor submissively while looking upward adoringly at Madelynn.

"You are my slave, are you not?"

"Yes, mistress. I'm your slave and I'll always be."

"Then show your love and devotion to your mistress."

With her cherry red lips, Patricia licked the tip of Madelynn's shiny platform high heel on Madelynn's right foot. Unexpectedly, Madelynn was feeling a subtle thrill at the sight of a submissive woman grovelling in front of her and licking the shiny surface of her shoe. Like before, she kept repeating the denial that she was enjoying this.

When Patricia's lips reached the skin of her calf, Madelynn made a silent gasp of pleasure. Slowly, the submissive woman licked upwards along her stockinged leg, guided periodically by the riding crop held by Madelynn's hand. Once she reached her crotch, Patricia stopped and looked at her mistress for further instructions. Madelynn was at first confused at the reason why Patricia had stopped, but after some quick recall of certain scenes from the videos, a light bulb lit in her head.

"You may pull my panties aside and lick my pussy, slave."

Initially, Madelynn had just wanted Patricia to lick her pussy through the panties to simulate oral sex, but since her sexual arousal level had increased exponentially in the past few moments, she couldn't resist ordering her slave to tongue her clit directly. A shudder passed through Madelynn's body during her orgasm.

It was time to move on the next phase. Madelynn knew she couldn't use just the riding crop forever. She looked at the cuffs and the strap-on on the bed. There was no way she could avoid using the sex toy. Madelynn had thought about using the strap-on like an ordinary dildo without wearing it herself. But, fearing punishment from Elena, she opted to use the way it meant to be used instead. Copying the porn stars she had seen, she rode up her skirt and slowly pulled down her latex panties as her slave looked on. Once she was finished, Madelynn held the panties up by one finger in the direction of Patricia.

"Here's a little gift from your mistress." She tossed the balled-up panties to Patricia, who eagerly caught it. "You may enjoy them while I put on the strap-on."

Patricia pressed the panties to her face to sniff and lick it while Madelynn put on the strap-on. The process was slow, given her hesitation and inexperience in wearing such a sex toy. Once the straps were tightened, she emitted a gasp at the sudden pressure on her pussy. The strap-on consisted of a see-through, flexible purple shaft that was mounted on a glossy black triangular base with the black straps of the harness connected to the corners. For added pleasure, the wearer's end of the strap-on had multiple small spurs for sexual stimulation. She had just put on a strap-on for the first time.

Madelynn walked up to Patricia, who was still kneeling on the floor, and waved the dangling end of the strap-on in front of her slave's face.

"Lube it, slave."

"As you command, mistress."

Patricia kissed the tip of the dildo once before sliding her tongue along its length several times. A long, glistening streak of saliva was left along the surface of the dildo. She then took it in her mouth. There was some slight gagging at first before she got used to the toy. As Patricia orally serviced the strap-on, she stared up at her mistress with adoring eyes. The job was made easier because her hair was tied up in a high pony tail.

Even though Madelynn didn't want it, her pussy was being stimulated by the spurs at the base of the dildo. The repeated actions of Patricia's mouth translated to sexual pleasure on Madelynn's end. Madelynn wanted to close her eyes to escape the situation, at least for several moments, but was startled when she felt Patricia's hands feeling and groping her ass.

Once she felt the strap-on was lubed enough, she pulled Patricia up by her ponytail. "Get up slave, and get yourself into the bed."

Madelynn's eyes unconsciously wander across Patricia's body as she got on the bed. She noticed how her ass gyrated slightly as she got on her fours.

"Put on the cuffs, slave."

After a few long moments, Madelynn swatted Patricia's breasts with the riding crop, "Hurry up! I don't have all night."

"Yes, mistress!"

Realizing that she had to do the final steps in binding her slave, Madelynn moved around the bed and completed process of chaining her slave to the bed posts. It was time; Madelynn was going to fuck her first woman, her first female with a strap-on dildo. There was no way out of this. By engaging in hardcore lesbian sex, Madelynn will cross another imaginary line in her unwilling transformation to lesbianism.

Madelynn took a deep breath and got into the bed. Standing on her knees, she parted her legs and straddled Patricia. For a few long moments, the tip of the dildo was hovering a foot above Patricia's pussy. Not delaying longer, she slowly lower herself on her fours and inserted the dildo into Patricia's love tunnel. After a brief pause, Madelynn slowly fucked her slave with the strap-on. The pleasure was reciprocated in every stroke. Each time she pushed the strap-on dildo into Patricia by moving her hips, the spurs on the base pushed back, giving her almost constant sexual pleasure.

While fucking Patricia, Madelynn made repeated attempts to force her mind to think about heterosexual thoughts, but the constant feminine moans, the feeling of female skin on hers, and the pressure of the large breasts pushing on her own pair, made it impossible to escape the reality that she was engaging in lesbian sex by fucking a woman with a strap-on. However, the best and worst part for her was that she was getting immense enjoyment out of this.

Soon, Madelynn was getting into the action. The flooding of physical sensations was overwhelming her brain so much that her wall of rationality crumbled again like before. Because of the constant stimulation by the spurs of the strap-on, Madelynn was overcome now with lust. She began pushing her breasts back on Patricia's. Her hands roamed around Patricia's body and felt it up. Despite being separated by latex clothing, she could feel the warmth and feminine smoothness of Patricia's body. Not satisfied with just touching and fucking, Madelynn lowered her glossy purple lips and kissed Patricia ravenously on her shiny purple lips and across her face. She even kissed her slave's body through the blue latex, not minding the strange taste.

Orgasm after orgasm washed over Patricia, indicating that Madelynn was using the strap-on effectively. Each time Patricia came, her arms and legs pulled tightly against the chains. Madelynn barely managed to have one orgasm because the spurs were much less stimulating that the penetrating shaft itself. After over forty minutes of raunchy sex, Madelynn French-kissed Patricia to mark its conclusion.

While Madelynn was riding in Elena's car, she thought Elena was going to take her back home, but was confused when Elena took her to a seedy district near downtown.

"Where are we going?"

"We are going to visit a friend of mine. She's going to help you do some piercings."

"Piercings!!?" A feeling of distress appeared on Madelynn's face. She wanted to complain, but was afraid of possible punishment.

"What piercings am I going to get?"

"You're going get pins on your head after it's completely shaved bald."

Elena waited for a reaction on Madelynn's face before saying, "Just kidding, Maddy!"

They parked right outside a tattoo and piercing parlor. Bright and colorful neon signs hung on the storefront. Across the street was a boisterous tavern with a bunch Harley-Davidson motorcycles parked outside. Bulky men and some women in leather loitered around. Once Madelynn got inside the shop with Elena, she noticed the assortment of pictures and samples hanging over the brightly painted walls, along with a bunch of cushioned leather chairs, mirrors, and assorted tools. There was only one person in the shop at the moment: a busty blonde chick. She had slightly tanned skin, wore a white t-shirt emblazoned with red hearts and blue tight-fitting low-rise jeans, and silver sandals.

"Hey, Elena, are you here for another tattoo or piercing?"

"No, but my friend here wants to do some piercings."

"She looks kind of cute! What's your name?"


"That's a very beautiful name. I'm Tara. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

"What kind of piercing do you want?"


"Actually, Maddy wants me to choose what's best for her."

Elena walked over to one of the display cases. "Hmmm... This one looks nice. This one too."

"Have you picked them yet?"


"Good, then let's get started!"

For the belly piercing, Madelynn had to take off her latex corset, which she felt uncomfortable doing in front of another stranger, but had to do it anyway. The way Tara was looking at her half-naked body, which was now only clothed below the waist, made Madelynn feel uncomfortable.

After the piercings were done, Madelynn looked at the mirror, and couldn't resist touching the foreign metal was now bonded to her body. On her right eyebrow was a platinum barbell piercing. Madelynn wondered how her mom would react once she sees it. Another problem was that her mom would know that she had be sneaking out at night! Her eyes then drifted downwards to her belly, which now had a platinum navel piercing that has two amethyst hearts, one on top of each other.

"Don't touch them too much until they're healed; you might get an infection," Tara warned.

Madelynn's fingers flinched.

"They look very good on you," commented Elena. "Tara has done a great job as usual."

"She looks like a very hot Goth chick now."

"What's the total bill?" asked Elena while winking at her friend.

"It'll be five-hundred dollars," replied Tara with a hint of sarcasm.

Madelynn's eyes widened at the ridiculous cost.

Elena feigned searching for her wallet. "Oops, I forgot to bring my wallet. Madelynn, I'm sorry that I can't pay for your piercings."

"What?! I don't have that much money!" She looked nervously at Elena, who was smiling back at her.

"If you can't pay up, Madelynn, then I'll have to call the cops," said Tara.

"No, please don't!" exclaimed Madelynn, thinking that Tara was serious.

"Is there another way she can pay?" asked Elena with mock concern.

"Let me think... Yes, there is another way, but is she willing?" Tara eyed Madelynn's body lecherously up and down.

The way Tara was looking at her made Madelynn realize what the other option for payment was going to be.

"Are you in to girls, Maddy?" asked Tara.

"Umm... I-I..."

"She's very much in to girls. Just recently, she found out that she's a lesbian," answered Elena for Madelynn.

"Just recently? Does that mean she's a virgin?"

"She's still a virgin, but she's had a lot of experience with girls, including me."

"Wow, that's surprising. Maddy looks like an innocent girl, but she's actually a slut."

That word "slut" triggered sharp feelings of shame and denial within Madelynn.

"No, I'm not--"

Madelynn denial was cut off short by Tara. "Since you're a lesbian slut. You should have no problem licking my pussy."

Tara unbuckled her belt and began pulling down her jeans.


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