Friday, July 22, 2011

Silver Witch (chapter 6)

Moans and gasps escaped from between Emma's lips as she slowly fingered her clitoris. While she kept telling herself that she didn't want this, Emma couldn't deny the sexual needs of her body, which was triggered and put into overdrive by the enchantment. Though she was only half-heartedly paying attention to the story of the erotic movie, Emma could relate herself to Annie, the new cheerleader. The circumstances were different, but she was going through a similar plight of forced lesbianism that Annie was going through in the movie.

It didn't take long for Jenna, the head cheerleader, to make deep, tongue-in-mouth kissing between members of the cheerleading squad appear as a norm because of how often it was done and with such flippancy. Afraid of offending the squad members and not wanting to be labeled as homophobic, Annie managed to convince herself to endure the "harmless" intimacy. Frequent kissing both inside and outside of the locker room enabled Annie to get somewhat used to it. However, what Annie didn't know was the Jenna's plan to make her go deeper, beyond simple lip locks and French kissing.

Taking it further, Jenna secretly told the other cheerleaders to lightly touch each other's bodies while kissing. When Annie saw this for the first time in the locker room, she was shocked, but not as shocked as she should be because she was already used to the girl-on-girl kissing. In less than a week, Annie managed to fully take up on the new activity. To further Annie's descent into her clutches, Jenna invited Annie to friendly get together at her house. Annie, not knowing what the get together entailed, eagerly accepted the invitation and went to Jenna's house after school only to find out that the fun involved included lots of kissing and touching between the girls of the squad. Shocked turned into active participation under Jenna's heavy persuasion. With the addition of alcohol, which Jenna coaxed her into trying for the first time, Annie became even more pliant. She was encouraged to try doing even more intimate activities with other girls. Light touching turned into heavy touching and petting. Breasts and asses were squeezed and felt up. Ears were licked and lips were kissed. Under the guise of doing it for shits and giggles, Jenna went as far as photographing Annie doing other girls, which Annie barely noticed. By the end of the afternoon, Annie had made out with every girl at the get together.

With the deceptive assurances of Jenna and the other cheerleaders, Annie managed to convince herself what she was doing with the girls wasn't gay at all, not knowing that cheerleaders had been secretly spreading rumors about Annie's alleged sexual orientation. However, when Annie wanted to stop the activities because she had caught wind of the rumors of her being sexually interested in girls, Jenna discouraged Annie, with some bluntness, from doing so.

"Can we stop what we're doing with each other, Jenna?"


"I've heard those rumors about me being... being lez and all that..."

"Are you really that weak, Annie, that you let yourself be affected by silly rumors?"

"No, but--"

"What's most important part about cheerleading, Annie?"


"That's right. Without the team spirit, there's no teamwork. And, without teamwork, there's no cheerleading. One of the easiest ways to break the team spirit is to take these stupid rumors seriously."


"If you're really one of us, then you should ignore the rumors and keep participating in our activities."

"But, Jenna--"

"No buts, Annie. Look at the members of your team. Look at them! See how they feel about what you're trying to do?"

Annie looked at the girls and noticed an variety of facial expressions raging from disappointment to sadness. She was starting to feel guilt, shame, and fear of being alienated by the rest of the cheerleading squad.

"I'm sorry," Annie whispered with downcast eyes.

In order to show them that there weren't any hard feelings, Annie had to perform lip locks with every member of the cheerleading team, fondle them, and be fondled. Jenna smiled inwardly, knowing that there was no way Annie could back out now.

Eventually, Annie and the girls were kissing and caressing each other while showering. It was the first time Annie had done sexual things with girls while fully naked, and Jenna intended to keep expanding Annie's comfort zone. By the end of the month, Annie had acquired a lot of experience in pleasuring a female's body. She knew how to lick, suck, squeeze nipples, knead breasts, feel up a girl, as well as lick pussy. Because of Jenna's persistent persuasion and Annie's eagerness to please combined with peer pressure from the rest of the squad, Annie was duped into thinking that these were common, but secret rites practiced by cheerleaders. It all culminated at the scene where Annie was scissoring the head cheerleader with a transparent red double dildo inserted between their pussies.

With one strong thrust using two fingers, Emma came loud and hard. Her other hand squeezed one breast tightly. She saw stars in her eyes briefly as she shuddered during the peak of her orgasm. Annie and Jenna in the movie had orgasmed by this point and gave each other one final kiss before the ending credits rolled. Emma collapsed backwards on her padded chair and breathed heavily. Raising the slick fingers that had just been in her pussy in front of her face, she had a sudden urge to taste them, but resisted.

"I won't let Galatea's enchantment control me," thought Emma defiantly as she pulled out the DVD and fought against an urge to toss the disc into the trash bin.

A beautiful high school girl wearing a sexy cheerleader outfit was walking to school one fine morning. Some passers-by would stare at her lewdly. She didn't mind the attention, but relished it. It made her feel even more confident and beautiful. Her burgundy and white uniform with golden sequins complimented her athletic, well-developed, and sexy body perfectly, which stood at five foot six and weighing at one hundred and twenty eight pounds. She had soft blue eyes and smooth blonde hair that cascaded halfway down along her back. In short, she was the wet dream of many guys and even some girls in her school. The glittery metallic sequins on the uniform made her stand out even more. Unknown to her, she was also drawing the attention of something beyond the normal realm of human experience.

The suburban streets were suddenly empty. There was a sudden breeze, followed by a shadow appearing unexpectedly in front of Ashley. Acting on instinct, she turned around, expecting some creep tailing her, but saw nothing.

"Huh? I swear there was someone behind me."

When Ashley turned her head around back to the front, she saw a woman, or at least what appeared to be a woman. The woman had on skimpy, silver lingerie, silver heels, and an assortment of matching jewelry, including a silver tiara around her head. On her back was a cape of the same color. There was a faint, glowing aura around the woman. For an instant Ashley felt fear, awe, and shock at the same time. The sound of a loud dog barking drew Ashley's attention away momentarily. It was just one of her neighbors walking his dog. When Ashley turned her head back, the woman was gone.

"Was I just imagining things?" wondered Ashley. "Yes, I must be imagining it."

For the rest of the day, the mysterious disappearing woman was gone from Ashley's thoughts. When night fell, Ashley changed to her pajamas retired to her bed. She was exhausted from the long day at school. Inwardly, she cursed herself for being careless during cheerleading practice as she rubbed the bruise on her elbow. Being the head cheerleader, she had the additional responsibility of acting as a role model for other cheerleaders. Sometimes she would wish that hadn't opt for the position. Ashley smiled as she looked briefly at the couple picture of herself and her boyfriend on the night stand before sleeping. Moments before she slept, her mind wandered back to the strange woman she saw in the morning. Again she dismissed it as something unreal.

"Couldn't be real... Just my imagination..." Ashley's eyes flickered open. She felt a breeze on her face. Turning her head to the side, she noticed that the window of her bedroom was wide open

"How come it's opened?"

As if answering her question, there was a sound of clicking heels. The sudden sound made Ashley turn her head quickly. She noticed there was a woman standing near the lower end of her bed. The overall appearance of the woman triggered the memory of what Ashley encountered this morning.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my room?!" asked Ashley loudly as she quickly appraised the intruder. A sense of fear and dread filled Ashley as her heart rate increased.

Like the mysterious woman she saw this morning, this female intruder was dressed in a silver outfit, but was different several aspects. More of the body was covered. Arm-length silver latex gloves extend from her elbows to her fingertips. A silver latex corset hugged her upper body tightly, barely holding onto the large breasts that threatened to spill outward. Around her waist was a pleated silver skirt. Encasing her lower legs were silver latex high heels. Unnatural light shimmered on the outfit, casting faint spots of light on the walls, floor, and ceiling of Ashley's room.

Ashley had heard and read about sexual fetishes and other kinky stuff, but had never seen anyone dressed practicing such things in person. As her mind raced on how to handle the situation, she wondered if this woman and the other woman she saw this morning were predatory stalkers who want to kidnap her and do sexual things with her.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my room?!"

"I'm someone who will change your destiny."

"Destiny? What are you talking about?"

Jeannie took a few steps closer to the bed, causing Ashley to fidget.

"Don't come any closer or I'll scream!"

"Scream all you want. This room is already sound-proof." Jeannie slowly swept her gloved hand in the air, and for a few moments the walls glowed in a faint blue color before returning to normal.

Ashley looked at the door briefly before returning her attention to what she thought was clearly a nutcase. As Jeannie took another step closer, Ashley leapt off her bed and bolted towards the door. However, when she tried to turn the handle, it won't move at all.

"How come it won't open?!" What's going on?!" She looked back at Jeannie, who was walking slowly towards her.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Ashley screamed as she pounded frantically on the door with her fists. "MOM! DAD! HELP ME!"

Looking around to see what she can use as a weapon, Ashley saw and grabbed a glass paper weight.

"Don't come any closer or I'm going throw this at you!"

Ignoring the threat, Jeannie continued her slow steps towards Ashley. The paper weight went across the room. When Ashley blinked, both the paper weight and Jeannie was gone in the instant she reopened her eyes. As she was trying to rationalize what had just happened, Ashley felt something behind her. She quickly turned around and screamed loudly again. Jeannie moved forward, and Ashley backed away. Soon, she was trapped between the window and Jeannie.

"What haven't they noticed my screaming?" thought Ashley as Jeannie moved ever closer.

"Look into my eyes," said Jeannie as her eyes glowed in a neon blue color. Reflexively, Ashley looked at those luminous pupils. Instantly, she was immobile and unable to control her body.

"What's going on? How come I can't move my body?" Ashley thought.

"Don't resist... Just relax..."

A few tense moments passed as Ashley looked at the latex-covered fingers that were about to touch her face. When it did, the fingers grazed across Ashley's cheek before caressing it. She was grossed out by the act of another woman touching her sexually and was even more grossed out when Jeannie suddenly moved in close to kiss her deeply. Ashley's mouth opened on its own and accepted Jeannie's probing tongue. She felt like gagging, but wasn't able to do anything when the intruding tongue rubbed along the inner corners of her mouth. Inwardly, Ashley was in a mental turmoil. The strange woman was somehow able to control her mouth, and she wasn't able do anything about it. After what seemed like forever for Ashley, the kiss ended, and she regained control of her vocal cords.

"Can you stop this? Can you please let me go? Please?!" Ashley pleaded with teary eyes, knowing now that the woman wasn't normal in anyway and very dangerous to boot. Normally not believing in supernatural beings, what she was seeing and experiencing made her think about demons, ghosts, and witches.

"No, it has already been decided."

Jeannie moved her full, lush lips forward to kiss her again. Under the control of Jeannie's magic, Ashley's mouth opened against Ashley's own wishes to accept the kiss. All she could do was make incoherent sounds as she lost control of her mouth again. The second kiss was more lustful and passionate. Jeannie left no part of Ashley's lips and mouth untouched. Eager to make Ashley an active participant, Jeannie magically manipulated Ashley's mouth to make it appear as if she was responding to the kiss with equal passion. Lots of saliva was exchanged, and Ashley began to notice the strange, sweet flavor of Jeannie's oral fluids.

Taking the action up a notch, the silver-clad seductress slowly wrapped her arms around the body of the cheerleader. The enveloping limbs at first gave Ashley a strange chill, almost as if Jeannie was made from ice, but moments later, Ashley felt warmth take its place. As if being forcibly kissed by a strange woman wasn't bad enough, Ashley felt worried when the warmth from Ashley's body started spreading onto hers. Gradually, Ashley's icky feeling of being intimately close to another woman's body was being washed away by the magical warmth.

"What's happening to me? What am I feeling hot?" thought Ashley.

Ashley could only make slight murmurs in protest as her arms went up automatically to embrace Jeannie's doll-like body to reciprocate the hug. This only served to warm up Ashley's body even more, causing her pussy to moisten slightly and her nipples to harden against her will. After what seemed like forever from the cheerleader's viewpoint, the kiss stopped. A thin, magically glowing thread of saliva connected the lips of the two females briefly as Jeannie separated from the girl. Though their bodies were apart, Jeannie's silver-clad fingers remained a slight contact on Ashley's waist. Even though it was just a light touch, the finger tips of the seductress felt like hot coins that had been baked in the summer heat.

Acting like a sadistic puppeteer, Jeannie made Ashley put on a facade of lust. The cheerleader smiled seductively and licked her lips against her will. Raising a hand, the silver seductress lightly stroke the underside of Ashley's cheek.

"You have a wonderful body," said Jeannie in a husky voice. "It's a little unfortunate that it has been touched with filthy male hands. But don't worry, after I'm done with you, you won't be interested in men anymore, let alone let them touch you."

"But I have a boyfriend!" countered Ashley as soon as Jeannie allowed her speak.

"It doesn't matter because very soon you'll be interested only in girls."

"NOOoooo--" Ashley's exclamation was cut short when she was magically silenced again. However, she regained control of the rest of her body.

The young cheerleader thought about making another mad dash for it but was frozen in place by fear, not knowing what frightful thing the strange woman might do next. As if answering that question, the silver seductress pointed a finger upwards. Ashley instinctively looked up, but saw nothing. Suddenly, the pen holder on her desk rattled, and a pair of scissors flew upwards vertically before quickly flying over to the spot right above Jeannie's finger in a straight line. The female teenager looked at the hovering pair of scissors apprehensively.

"Let's have some fun. I want you to strip, now."

Ashley remained standing with a dumbfounded expression.

"You heard me, strip now!" Jeannie emphasized her order by making the scissors fly rapidly in close proximity around Ashley's head in circles while snapping menacingly.

Ashley teared up as she slowly and reluctantly took off her pajamas, but left her white cotton underwear on.

"All of it."

Once Ashley was completely naked, she instinctively covered her boobs with her arms. Though she generally liked to act sexy, she still had enough modesty not to look like a complete slut in front of strangers.

"Arms down. Get on the bed on your knees, face me, and masturbate."

Reluctantly, Ashley inserted a few fingers into her pussy and stroked herself slowly while looking at Jeannie.

"Show me that you're enjoying this: make some sounds, moan. Squeeze your breasts! Act sexy for me!" The flying scissors made a series of loud snapping sounds in rapid succession.

"Uhhh... Uhhh... OOhhh..." The cheerleader tried her best to utter sexual sounds as she touched her pussy and breasts under these circumstances. However, Jeannie was dissatisfied with Ashley's erotic performance.

"You look frigid. Here's a little something to make it easier for you."

From the Jeannie's parted lips blew a stream of magical, bluish vapor towards Ashley. The glowing vapor expanded into a faint, sparkling magical cloud that enveloped the frightful teenager.

"Wh-What's going on?" asked Ashley as the cloud swirled slowly around her.

"Don't worry, just relax and enjoy."

Swirling quickly at blinding speed, the sparkling vapor coalesced on Ashley's naked body and entered it through the available openings, including her mouth, nose, pussy, and ass. The cheerleader's eyes lit up in a faint blue color as the magical cloud filled up her insides.

Fear was gradually replaced by lust. No longer affected by her previous negative emotions, Ashley continued masturbating, but this time with increased vigor, enthusiasm, and sensuality. Her actions now were pure expressions of the feelings and emotions she was experiencing right now.

"Oohhh... Yes... Uhhh... Uhhhh..."

Previously, Ashley didn't feel any attraction towards Jeannie, but now the silver seductress standing in front of her was making her pussy wet and her nipples pointed and hard. Fleeting images of herself doing sexual things with Jeannie flashed in her mind, and for a few moments she was afraid of what was happening to her, but those doubts were quickly swamped by the overwhelming feelings of lust and desire. Ashley's eyes never left Jeannie's body as Jeannie slowly walked forward to join Ashley on the bed. The sexually aroused teenager now looked at the silver-clad woman in an entirely different light. Starting from the heels, her eyes traced the curves of Jeannie's silver latex-covered legs, the rounded ass, the small waist, the large breasts, and finally the wonderfully formed face that had an eerie doll-like quality.

Standing on her knees a few inches away from Ashley, Jeannie sensually traced the curves of her own body with her fingers and asked, "Do you want me?"

Not waiting for an answer, for the answer was already given by Ashley's eyes, Jeannie embraced the girl with her silver latex-clad arms, pressing her voluminous breasts onto Ashley's. This time, Jeannie parted her own lips receptively and let the cheerleader initiate the kiss, which the cheerleader did with great vigor. Highlighting Ashley's sexual need for another female was the tightness in which Ashley hugged Jeannie's body. Small trails of saliva were running down the corners of Ashley's mouth during the moments when their lips separated briefly. The sexually-charged hands of the teen girl never ceased feeling up Jeannie's backside and went down as far as her ass.

"My, my, your lust is strong. You will make a perfect convert," whispered Jeannie when the long kiss finally ceased, but Ashley's didn't stop touching Jeannie's body.

"What kinds of sex have you had with your boyfriend?" asked Jeannie as she brushed a lock of blonde hair off of Ashley's face.

"Plain sex, blow jobs, and pussy licking. Sometimes he would jack off in front of my face or on my body."

"So, no other kinky stuff like anal sex?"

"No, that's it."

"Well, don't worry. Starting now, I will help you expand your horizons." Jeannie held onto Ashley's wrists as Ashley was about to feel the peripheries of her bulging breasts. For moment, Ashley thought she was going to stop her from touching them, but quickly realized that Jeannie was merely guiding her hands. The latex-clad mammaries felt wonderful on the teen girl's hands. Before encountering Jeannie, Ashley never knew a woman's breasts could feel so good.

It was time. The silver seductress gently nudged the cheerleader away from her in preparation for the next act. Ashley's eyes remained opened with rapt attention in anticipation of the sexual delights Jeannie had to offer. Using both hands, Jeannie rode her silver latex pleated skirt upwards, revealing the same colored panties beneath. The horny teen looked at her crotch with lustful desire as images of what she could do with her mouth and tongue on Jeannie's pussy invaded her mind. Instead of pulling her panties away for oral sex, which was what had Ashley expected, Jeannie cast a spell which made her silver panties morph into a different shape. Bright spots of glitter began appearing all over the surface of the panties. Its rapid scintillation dazzled Ashley's eyes with wonder. Two small bulges appeared on the surface. At first, Ashley didn't think much about it, but her eyes widened with surprise when those two bulges grew into two dildo-like shafts. She was curious and a bit afraid of the strange magical phalluses at the same time. Though Ashley had heard of sex toys and even used some herself, this was the first time she had see such a strange sex toy, and a magical one to boot.

"No worries, Ashley. This is even better than the real thing." In emphasis of those words, the gleaming surface of the dual shafts pulsated and rippled in a serpentine way as Jeannie slid a finger over the top surface of the uppermost dildo.

With her long experience of having sex, Ashley knew already knew what to do. She gave an exploratory peck of the upper dildo with her lips before kissing it again with more force and sliding her tongue along its length. The rippling effect of the shaft created wonderful sensations on her lips and tongue. Jeannie shuddered as the feelings of physical contact was magically transferred to her own clitoris. Moving on to the lower shaft, Ashley gave the slightly smaller member a similar treatment.

It was time. Almost going crazy with sexual need, Ashley laid back to welcome the twin phalluses. Without additional ceremony, the silver lady lowered her pelvis and slowly impaled the teen girl with her magical cocks in a missionary position. The one aiming for the pussy went in easily, but the anal one needed more work. The cheerleader gasped loudly as the puckered flower of her anus was slowly eased open by the lower shaft. Inch-by-inch, the magical shaft went into her rectum. Added by the unnatural rippling, the anal intrusion not only felt almost painless but also very pleasurable.

Once both shafts were fully buried in Ashley's pussy and rectum to the hilt, Jeannie began her rhythmical thrusting. At the end of each thrust, Ashley moaned loudly. The rapid torrent of pleasure made her muscles tense, causing Ashley to instinctively grasp with her fingers onto the bed sheets of her loudly creaking bed. As soon as the teen girl wrapped her legs around Jeannie's waist, a float spell was cast. Both girls floated upwards into the air and away from the bed, which was almost about to collapse from the powerful fucking. Ashley almost looked like a baby hugging her mother when they landed a short distance away.

Jeannie landed back on the floor with gentle clicks of her heels and immediately resumed fucking the cheerleader in a standing position while bearing the full weight of Ashley with her arms wrapped Ashley's waist. The cheerleader almost never broke eye contact with Jeannie as she was being fucked in both of her holes. Interspersed between the thrusts were lavish kisses from the seductress, which the cheerleader eagerly accepted. Beads of sweet accumulated on Ashley in great quantity, which gave her immaculate skin a shiny gloss under the brilliant moon light. With one arm around Jeannie's shoulder, Ashley used her other hand to feel Jeannie's breasts. Despite being covered with silver latex, they felt wonderful and smooth, as if the layer of clothing was second skin. Loud mews, grunts, and moans from both girls filled the room. All of which were inaudible to Ashley's family members because of the sound-proofing spell.

Timing it accurately to the millisecond, Jeannie unleashed the magical fluids from both her dildos as soon as Ashley's orgasm washed over her. The strange sensation of having the strange liquid shooting inside her bowels and pussy was shocking but nonetheless pleasurable. Afterwards, the heavily breathing teenage girl was gently placed back down. Excess magical cum flowed from the edges of Ashley's pussy and anus as Jeannie retracted the phalluses. Flowing down along her thighs and legs to the wooden floor, the phosphorescent blue fluid highlighted the beautiful curves of Ashley's lower body.

Looking at Ashley's lustful eyes, the seductress knew the cheerleader's sexual appetite hasn't been satiated yet. She could fuck Ashley to her heart's content, but more important business had to come first.

"Do you want to do it again?"

"Yes," came Ashley's hoarse reply.

"Good, but first, I need you to get dressed in your cheerleading uniform."

Obeying the order without delay, teenage girl quickly dressed herself back in her underwear and went over to the closet to grab the cheerleading uniform. In less than a minute, she was fully dressed and standing in front of Jeannie.

"You look good in your uniform, but I can make you look even better."

Tendrils of bluish light left Jeannie's fingertips as she wave her hand. Ashley kept her eyes focused on the tendrils as they elongated and wrapped themselves around her body. The cheerleader squirmed slightly, expecting to feel pressure from them as if being tied with ropes, but the expectation was far from the truth for the magical tendrils exploded into a cloud of sparks and reassembled into a form that looked like a miniature Aurora Borealis. A dazzling array of colors filled Ashley's vision. The cheerleader felt as if she was being dipped into a large puddle of mud when her clothing was being infused with magic and transformed into something else. Ashley's vision soon cleared up, but she felt a bit disoriented from the magical effects.

The silver seductress gently pressed her hands on the cheerleader's shoulders and turned her around to face the vanity. A surprised gasp escaped from Ashley's mouth when she saw her new look. Her burgundy and white uniform with golden sequins had turned into a latex version of itself. It was even form-fitting than the original but didn't feel tight at all, as if it had molded her body perfectly. The colors were the same, but had a high gloss. Genuine crystalline jewels replaced the cheap sequins. Beyond the changes of her uniform were the magical makeup and adornments. Glossy burgundy lipstick covered her lips, which shimmered magically when she licked them, complementing the small amethyst earrings on her ears. On her eyes were black eyeliner and thick mascara, which sparkled faintly when she blinked. Even her ordinary white sneakers were transformed into a latex form. Like the rest of her outfit, they glowed and shimmered from the magical infusion.

"This is your special transformation. You can change to and from this form at will. Now, there's someone I would like you to seduce..."

The due date for the perverse assignment that Emma had to do had approached. Emma was more worried about turning in the assignment and giving the presentation than the doing the assignment itself, for she didn't want to endure the scrutiny and the sexual games the Silver Witch had in store for her. Upon her arrival at the Galatea's place, Emma turned in a stapled stack of papers to Galatea and proceeded to give her presentation. It was to take place in one of huge bedrooms inside the castle. The Silver Witch sat on a tall ornate leather-padded chair as Emma took a standing position right at the center of the room.

After clearing her throat, Emma began her oral presentation, which would also include some demonstration. To ease as much tension from this perverted presentation as possible, she tried her best to think of this as just another presentation for one of her classes at school. She took a deep breath and exhaled before beginning her presentation. "Lesbianism is the emotional and sexual love between two women, and women who practice lesbianism are called lesbians. The practice of female homosexuality has existed since ancient times..."

After presenting the general history of lesbianism, Emma went on to describe the details of the various practices involved in the love between women. This was, to Emma, the most disgusting aspect of the whole presentation. She described oral sex, tribbing, and fingering before moving onto the topic of sex toys. From her backpack, she pulled out a double dildo and held it up for a better view. The clear purple dildo wriggled slightly in her hand. "This is a double dildo, or more specifically, a jelly double dildo. It's one of the devices lesbians can use on each other during sex to assist in enhancing their sexual experience."

Emma felt uneasy at the sudden widening of Galatea's smile.

"The dildo may require lubrication so as to not hurt you or your partner during its use."

"And what methods can you use to lubricate it?"

"You can use commercial lubricants like KY jelly or even your own saliva."

"Can you demonstrate to me how one would lubricate it with saliva?"

Despite her efforts, Emma couldn't help but express a slight grimace at that request. Remembering what the women did in the porn videos that she had watched, she slowly raised the tip of one end of the purple near her mouth and parted her lips to place a gob of spit on the dildo. Using her extended tongue, Emma spread the saliva along the dildo's surface, making it all slick and shiny.

"Aren't you forgetting the other end?"

Barely hesitating, Emma flipped the dildo to the other end and repeated what she had just done.

"Now show me how you would use it with a female partner. Imagine that you have a cute girlfriend who's willing to share the toy with you."

Emma climbed onto the large bed without taking off her silver strappy heels. She positioned herself so that she was facing the Silver Witch with her legs slightly parted, enough to reveal the white satin panties she wore.

"The two women who are about engage in lesbian sex may begin with foreplay," Emma continued, "which might consist of kissing, petting, touching, and other ways to sexually tease each other. Foreplay before actual sex can lead to greater and more satisfying sexual pleasure. "

Holding the double dildo with a sweaty hand, Emma rode up the lower hem of her silver satin baby doll nightie with frilly edges, pulled aside her white satin panties, and slowly inserted one end into her pussy. The fear of accidentally breaking her hymen was constantly on her mind.

Sensing the teen girl's hesitation, Galatea assured her, "Don't worry about your hymen breaking. You can press the dildo as hard as you want. The enchantment on you already prevents it from breaking."

With Galatea's assurance, Emma pushed the dildo in as far as her virgin pussy would allow.

"The other end goes into the vagina of my female partner."

Emma's heart rate increased as she worked the purple double dildo in her pussy. Suddenly, she felt her thoughts were hijacked. Sexual images of herself fucking her friend Sophia with the same dildo she was using at the moment flashed in her mind. Emma shook her head to clear the unwanted thoughts but to no avail. "What's going on? Why am I thinking about Sophia like that?"

"Just helping you out with your presentation, sweetie."

"Noooo... I don't want to think about my friend in that way."

Since it was only a demonstration, Emma only needed to thrust a few times and no orgasm was required. As soon as she pulled the dildo out of her pussy, the erotic images of her friend Sophia were gone from her mind.

"Another use of the double dildo is for anal and oral penetration. This allows for many different combinations of sexual positions."

Emma thrust the dildo in her mouth and ass as she described the other creative uses of the sex toy. Anal penetration with the dildo was the most difficult for her since it was her first time. Grunting and grimacing after repeated application of pressure on the toy, the teen girl eventually got the transparent dildo into her ass before pulling it out and reinserting it again. The final part of the presentation involved the topic of sexual fetishes. Aided by the pictures she printed out, Emma gave a rundown of common fetishes such as BDSM, latex, human furniture, and voyeurism. Once the perverse presentation was finally over, Galatea clapped her hands, to which Emma responded passively.

"That was an excellent presentation. Now, before we begin tonight's lessons, I would like to introduce to you to Jeannie, one of my best acolytes."

There was a rhythmic clicking of heels that gradually became louder. Turning her head to the doorway, Emma noticed the strange woman as she walked in. Held by both of the woman's hands was a large silver amphora that was eventually placed down at the center of the room. Instinctively, Emma, felt an inhuman, doll-like air surrounding the silver-clad woman. If the woman was standing still, it was easy to mistake her for an exotic mannequin or doll. She a very small waist, so small that it seemed unnatural. The glistening, silver latex outfit wrapped around her body as if it was like a second skin. Arm-length gloves and knee-length silver stockings fitted the woman's limbs so perfectly that it gave the illusion of her having metallic arms and legs. While Emma was examining the silver-clad woman from a distance, she barely noticed that her pussy was being subtly teased by the enchantment.

"Jeannie's beautiful isn't she, Emma?"

Knowing that Galatea expected only one kind of answer from her, Emma replied, "Yes, she is indeed beautiful."

"Hi, Emma. I'm Jeannie Smith and it's a pleasure to meet you."

"It's a pleasure to me you too."

"I'll be your instructor for tonight and we're going to have lots and lots fun!"

"I'm going to go now. You two girls have fun." With that said, Galatea disappeared instantly in a cloud of sparkles.

Emma smiled nervously as Jeannie walked up to her.

"You're cute."

In sudden a move that surprised Emma, Jeannie embrace Emma and gave her a deep kiss. Unprepared for the kiss, Emma put up brief, instinctual resistance before quickly relenting. She was further surprised when Jeannie quickly moved beyond a simple lip lock to French kissing. There was nothing Emma could do but respond to the kiss but inserting her tongue into Jeannie's own mouth. At the same moment, she noticed the alluringly sweet taste of Jeannie's saliva. The kiss ended with Emma not knowing how much time had passed.

"Nice clothes, you look very sexy in them," said Jeannie as she grazed her latex-covered finger tips along the curves of Emma's body.

"Thank you," replied Emma hesitantly to the compliment.

"Galatea told me you're very sexually curious of other girls, but at the same time you're uncomfortable being intimate with them, and she wants me to help you change that."

"Ummm, I..."

Emma wanted to deny Jeannie's words outright, that she was genuinely straight and wasn't interested in girls at all, but was afraid that Jeannie will report her negative response back to Galatea, resulting in possible punishment.

"So why are you so frigid with girls even though you like them?"

Coming up with an improvised answer, the teen girl replied, "I'm afraid..."

"Afraid of what?" asked Jeannie as she lightly touched Emma's body again.

Emma decided that the easiest way to answer this was just to blame it on societal expectations and upbringing. "I don't know. Maybe it's because I was raised that way, to think girls are supposed to like guys only."

"Your mind doesn't correspond with the desires of your body. We need to get rid of that mindset. Have you ever masturbated while thinking about girls?"

Lying yet again, Emma answered, "Yes, several times."

"Why several times and not many times?"

"It seemed wrong so I never... Did it again... While thinking about girls."

"So you forced yourself to think about guys while you masturbate in order maintain the made-up identity of heterosexuality that you've created."

"Yes, I guess," answered Emma reluctantly, knowing that the veracity of Jeannie's statement was totally out of the ball park.

"The only way for you to become your true self is to face your true sexuality directly. You do know that Galatea and I are trying to help you?"

"Yes." Emma felt like crying at the lies she was forced to make.

"Good, then let's begin."

Jeannie turned away from Emma and pointed her palm towards the silver amphora. Blue light flashed instantaneously from her palm. As quickly as the magical light appeared, it disappeared. For several moments, nothing happened. Emma kept her eyes locked on the amphora, expecting some horrible monster to come out. There was a puff of glowing blue smoke, followed by a trail of rapidly dissipating sparkles. The amphora vibrated slightly as a highly viscous silver-colored fluid flowed out, welling up like overflowing mercury. It traveled in a narrow stream towards Jeannie and formed into a puddle that grew into a small mound. Slowly, the silver mound reconstituted itself into a female figure with attractive curves. Almost every detail of the figure replicated the shape of its real-life counterpart accurately, including the long silver hair. The exceptions were the high heels that took the place of normal feet. Standing like a statue, the silver female figure stood there immobile until Jeannie flashed her eyes, causing the pupiless eyes of the figure to glow in a neon blue color.

"Emma, this is Lisa, a silver golem who will assist in your sexual training for tonight."

Noticing Emma's fear, Jeannie assured her, "Lisa's very gentle so you won't have to worry about getting hurt or anything." Having said that, Jeannie embraced the female golem and planted a kiss on her silver lips, to which the golem responded back enthusiastically. Lisa acted so human, yet she wasn't.

"Now you try."

Emma's heart was beating rapidly in fearful anticipation as the golem closed in on her. Literally, she could see the face of her own fear when she looked at her own reflection on the gleaming metallic surface of Lisa's body. Emma fought against an instinctual urge to run when Lisa embraced her with its lithe, metallic arms. Expecting the touch of cold metal, she was somewhat surprised when there was warmth in Lisa's embrace. Before Emma knew it, Lisa was kissing her with her supple metallic lips. When Emma brushed her lips against Lisa's, she noticed a subtly sweet taste. After the initial shock, Emma relaxed and continued the kissing until Lisa broke off.

"So, how was the kiss," asked Jeannie as she lightly ran a hand over Emma's ass.

"It was great."

"See, it wasn't that bad. Since you're not used to real girls, practicing with Lisa would be a good stepping stone." Jeannie gave Emma's ass one last squeeze before removing her hand.

Inwardly, Emma didn't agree. Even though the silver golem wasn't a real girl, it was still female, which meant doing sexual things with her was still repulsive.

"Practice kissing Lisa some more. You also need to work your hands."

Staring at the expressionless silver face of Lisa for a few moments, Emma then initiated the kiss. She pressed her lips against Lisa's lips and wrapped her arms around Lisa's upper body. It wasn't like hugging a living person, but it wasn't exactly gross either. Despite not desiring it, Emma received pleasurable sensations from the liquid metal rubbing back against her skin. When Emma reluctantly placed her tongue inside Lisa's mouth, the deliciously sweet taste was much stronger. It was similar to the taste of Jeannie's mouth. At this point, the enchantment on Emma's body activated again and created a series of tickling sensations on her nipples and clitoris. It was just enough to raise her arousal level by a small amount.

Obeying Jeannie's instructions, Emma ran her hands along the backside of Lisa's upper body. The pleasurable sensations coming from the liquid metal returned, making what Emma was currently doing with Lisa somewhat easier.

"This is a trick! She's trying to make me enjoy this!" thought Emma.

Lisa mimicked Emma's touching. The teen girl shuddered when she felt Lisa's dextrous metallic hands feeling down her back.

"Touch her ass. Squeeze it!"

Reluctantly, Emma caressed Lisa's metallic ass and squeezed the two globular masses. It reminded Emma of kneading dough. Lisa's actions were much more vigorous than Emma's, and the teen girl was unable to block out the sensations of pleasure she was feeling from the female golem's touches. Still engaged in a soul kiss with Lisa, Emma squirmed and gave a muffled gasp when she felt something intruding her asshole. Breaking the kiss, Emma turned around to find out that Lisa had inserted her index finger deep into her ass.

"NOooo," Emma whimpered in protest as Lisa wiggled the buried finger.

"The answer to pleasure is always a 'yes'. Just relax and enjoy," cooed Jeannie.

After pulling her silver finger out of Emma's ass, Lisa guided Emma to the bed.

The teen girl didn't resist as she was being gently pushed down by Lisa, causing the mattress to squeak upon bearing the weight of two people. Despite being in an unwanted situation, the silky smoothness of the satin bed sheets felt good on Emma's skin.

"Now, make out with her. Let loose your raging teenage hormones!"

A sudden, phantom buzzing sensation on Emma's clitoris caused her to moan. "Uuuhhhh!"

That moan was silenced when Lisa's silver lips descended onto Emma's for another soul kiss. The feeling of the Lisa's liquid metallic body pressing onto hers was unlike anything she had felt before. It almost felt like Lisa was melting and spreading its gelatinous body all over her. Prolonging the kiss, Lisa grasped the teen girl's fingers interlocked her metallic fingers with them and straddled Emma's legs with her own. Small undulations along the surface of Lisa's metallic surface that made contact with Emma's skin gave Emma even more sensations of pleasure. Combined with the intermittent stimulation of her erogenous zones by the enchantment, it became increasingly more difficult for Emma to think rationally in her current situation.

"Don't think, just feel."

Lisa's innate flexibility enabled her to extend her prehensile tongue far into Emma's mouth, shocking the teen girl. It almost felt as if a serpent was crawling down along her throat. With a smacking and slurping sound, Lisa retracted her silver serpentine tongue back into her mouth and broke the kiss, leaving a glistening thread of neon blue saliva connecting momentarily between their lips. Staring into Lisa's brightly glowing pupils with glazed eyes, Emma licked the area around her own lips, relishing the taste of the deliciously sweet saliva.

Lost in pleasure, Emma offered neither mental nor physical resistance when Lisa dragged her metallic tongue across her face, leaving some more of the neon blue saliva behind, which Emma tried to lick with her tongue by extending it as far as it would go. The subtle teasing of her pussy by the enchantment had returned. Combined with additional teasing by Lisa's fingers, Emma was going crazy with need. Not pausing in the action at all, the silver lady nibbled the teen girl's ear before slowly planting kisses and licks downward along the length of Emma's well-developed, teenaged body. So aroused with pleasure was Emma that she instinctively grasped onto Lisa's metallic head as her breasts were being kissed and lightly caressed through the white satin bra. Once Lisa had reached Emma's crotch, Lisa kissed and touched her pussy through the white satin panties before pulling them aside to reveal Emma's glistening and wet pussy lips. The teen girl had expected her clit to be pleasured, but nothing of that sort came. Instead of orgasm-inducing pleasure, Lisa merely blew on Emma's lower lips, teasing Emma even more. All of a sudden, Lisa released her hold on Emma and stood up on her knees. Emma whimpered in slight protest at the cessation of pleasure.

"Do you want the pleasure to continue?" asked Jeannie.

There was a small voice in the back of Emma's head that was telling to her to fight back and not be deceived and controlled, but it was quickly dying. Executing Jeannie's orders exactly as Jeannie had intended, the silver golem had skillfully kept Emma on the edge through constant teasing and touching. There was no alternate answer. Overwhelmed with sexual need at the moment, the response that came from between Emma's wet lips was a husky "yes".

"Good." A complacent smile formed on Jeannie's face when she got into the bed to join Emma and Lisa.

The teen girl's eyes traced the shape of Jeannie's silver latex stocking-encased leg as the heel of her shoe depressed a spot on the white mattress. Noticing the unconscious stare from Emma's eyes, Jeannie slowly traced the curve of her leg with her hand, but didn't stop there. She continued moving her hands up along her thighs, waist, and all the way up to her breasts while giving Emma a knowing look.

Lisa looked on emotionlessly when Jeannie got onto her fours and crawled forward until she was face-to-face with the teen girl with her limbs astride the teen girl's body. Emma gasped when invisible fingers teased her pussy again. Seeing an opening, Jeannie plunged her tongue into Emma's mouth and gave her a deep kiss.

"Mmmmmmm," moaned Emma in response.

At this point, the female silver golem resumed action and repositioned herself behind the two girls at the lower end of the bed. Acting on commands that were previously given to her, Lisa pulled down Emma's satin panties, lowered her succulent silver lips, and kiss the teen girl's pussy directly. Still engaged in a long kiss with Jeannie, Emma only gave a slightly louder moan in response.

Jeannie would break the soul kiss momentarily to let Emma catch her breath, but the action of Lisa's lips and tongue on Emma's pussy was continuous.

"No thoughts, no worries, just pleasure."

Very soon, Emma was writhing and arching her back in pleasure. Silver latex-covered hands groped and kneaded Emma's breasts. Metallic fingers clenched the ass cheeks of the teen girl. Two silver fingers coated with phosphorescent blue liquid entered Emma's anus, going in farther than any normal finger could. An unyielding tongue licks Emma's armpits. Gloved fingers coated with feminine honey entered Emma's mouth. Even her toes were sucked by Lisa, digit-by-digit at first, and later several at a time. With all of her thoughts was focused on the pleasure she was receiving right now, Emma was in a state of pure euphoria.

"Recognize that it's women who are giving you pleasure right now, Emma. Only women can provide the pleasure that you need and want. Only women can satisfy your sexual needs and desires."

"No," Emma whispered in knee-jerk denial. Being forced to acknowledge the source of her current pleasure brought Emma out of her comfort zone of ignorance and back to reality.

"Stop lying to yourself, Emma. This is what you truly want: to be with women, to love them, and to have sex with them." Jeannie grasped Emma's chin with one hand and planted a kiss on her lips to silence any further protests. Emma wanted to contest those statements, but Jeannie's and Lisa's actions made it difficult. Her psyche was starting to crack. A sudden cessation of stimulation on her pussy just as she was about to orgasm made Emma whimper.

"Admit it! You desire and love only women! Say 'yes' or you won't get what you want!"

Having no other choice and desperate for an orgasm, Emma finally exclaim, "Yes!"

A few more strokes from Lisa's metallic tongue sent Emma into a mind-numbing and explosive orgasm. At the same time, Lisa's whole body dissolved back into a blob of fluidic metal and quickly traveled along the whole surface of Emma's shuddering body, starting at the feet. Within seconds, Emma's whole body was encased in the liquid metal. Countless pulsations and undulations along the inner surface added to the already immense pleasure of Emma's sexual climax. As soon as Emma calmed down from her peak, Lisa released herself from Emma's body and recomposed herself back into humanoid form. When rationality slowly returned back to Emma's mind, she was starting to regret what she had admitted to under duress.

"Up next is your magic lesson. You will learn the Eagle Eye spell, which will serve you well in the coming days ahead."

Emma briefly wondered what the last part of Jeannie's statement meant.

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