Friday, August 5, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 11)

"Well, what are you waiting for? Lick my pussy!" demanded Tara.

Madelynn looked at the crotch in front of her that was hidden behind the red cotton thong. She wanted to get up from her kneeling position and run out of the parlor, but knew it would only make things worse. Closing her eyes, Madelynn moved her lips to Tara's crotch. A sigh escaped from Tara's lips upon contact. In a mixture of vertical and horizontal motions, Madelynn's tongue rubbed on Tara's pussy through the thong. After witnessing the beginning of the sexual activity, Elena casually walked to the main entrance of the shop and closed the door shut before turning the "open" neon sign off.

Tara pulled aside her thong to get the feeling of the teen girl's tongue directly. "Ohhhh... Ahhhhh... You're good... Now pull down my panties with your teeth."

The red thong was pulled down all the way to Tara's ankles after constant effort on Madelynn's part. Throughout those series of attempts Madelynn's face made contact with the skin of Tara's legs. Constant jeering from Tara didn't make things easier. The tanned girl delighted in calling Madelynn a "slut", "whore", "cunt", and all other female-oriented pejoratives she could think of. Madelynn was surprised to see a clitoral hood piercing on Tara, especially since it was her first sight of any female with such a piercing. Her short moment of awe was interrupted by Elena's voice.

"You should know what to do with your hands, or do you need some reminding?" warned Elena.

In several quick motions, Madelynn extended her left hand around Tara's thigh to cup one ass check while she reach beneath her leather skirt to stroke her pussy with the fingers of her other hand, forcing herself to become wet at licking another girl's pussy. Tara answered Madelynn's additional involvement by gripping onto Madelynn's black and purple hair and applying pressure on Madelynn's head with her thighs. All the teen girl was able to do was make muffled whimpers when her face was pressed harder on the pussy she was licking.

Too aroused to just stay at the sidelines, Elena got herself involved in the sexual action. Madelynn didn't notice her Mistress until she felt two hands sliding pass underneath her arms to cup her breasts. Starting at the lower curves of the teen girl's breasts, Elena slid her palms upwards until she reached the perfect position in which to squeeze. Going for some rough action, Elena clenched the orbs forcibly, triggering a muffled protest from Madelynn. Bending her elbows, Elena pulled herself to Madelynn until their bodies touched. Madelynn could only squirm slightly when she felt the pointed nipples of Elena's PVC-encased breasts pressing on her naked back. Warm breath tickled Madelynn's left ear and, before she knew it, her ear was being kissed and nibbled by Elena's glossy blue lips.

"You're my little lovely lesbian pet," whispered Elena when she pinched and teased Madelynn's nipples. Although Madelynn was slightly turned out by this reference, she hated the perverse words of affection.

One breast was freed when Elena repositioned her right hand beneath Madelynn's sternum. Starting at that spot, she pressed her palm and dragged it all the way down to Madelynn's crotch, all while savoring the smooth warmness of Madelynn's skin.

"Move your fingers away from your pussy," said Elena as she lightly touched the back of Madelynn's hand.

Two of Elena's fingers slipped beneath the tight folds of the black PVC panties to touch the teen girl's clitoris. Elena pinched the pearl just enough to get a reaction from Madelynn. Afraid of being warned again for having idle hands, the teen girl moved the hand that had just been in her pussy to Tara's naked thigh. At that same moment, Tara placed one of her hands on the back of Madelynn's hand and interlocked fingers.

Stroke after stroke, Elena's digits danced vigorously within the teen girl's moist clam. Sometimes the gaps between the fingers would be widened as far as possible, exposing the nubile vaginal flesh to the air, as part of the series of movements where all sorts of random figures were drawn. Madelynn's breath became increasingly rapid over time. Sensing that Madelynn was about the cum, Elena withdrew her fingers from the teenage pussy.

"You won't get your orgasm just yet. Finish making Tara cum."

Tara's orgasm was finally triggered when Madelynn moved her tongue upwards. Acting on the knowledge gained from her brief experience of licking Elena's pussy and the lesbian pornos she had been forced to watch, Madelynn pushed her mouth as tightly against Tara's pussy as possible while fully engulfing it. In doing so, any fluid that came out as the result of the orgasm would be consumed.


After swallowing as much of the fluids as she could, Madelynn withdrew her mouth and tongue. Licking the area around her lips, she put on a satisfied look of savoring the flavor of Tara's orgasmic fluid. Despite her conscious denial, she was enjoying the taste of what she was drinking. Two hands clasped on the sides Madelynn's head. Guided by those hands, Madelynn got back up on her feet, but didn't stop there. Seeing the look on Tara's face, Madelynn knew a kiss would come next. The teen girl expected an ordinary kiss, but Tara's subsequent action was beyond what she had expected. Still feeling randy after her orgasm, Tara pushed her unembellished lips as tightly against Madelynn's glossy purple lips as possible before extending her tongue deep into Madelynn's mouth. Madelynn wanted to tone down the passion and gaudiness of the kiss, but unexpectedly found that her mouth wasn't acting the way she wanted it too. Driven by passion from an unknown source, she was unable to resist moving her lips and tongue as vigorously as Tara was moving hers. A break during the long kiss caused glistening saliva to overflow, which Tara eagerly devoured without hesitation. Short of breath, Madelynn's chest heaved with noticeable effort. However, Tara didn't relent, for her tongue continue its sensual assault. It slid along the underside of Madelynn's chin close to the Adam's apple before dragging all the way back to the teen girl's lower lip. A short lip lock finalized the kiss.

"You are as good of a kisser as you are a licker," commented Tara as she brushed a lock of black-dyed hair from Madelynn's face.

"Before we call it a night, there's one more thing Tara and I want to do. You may get dressed after its over."

Feeling disappointed, Madelynn had no choice but to follow the two girls to the back of the shop. Going through an acrylic beaded door curtain, the trio went down a flight of steps to the basement where various goods were stored. They went pass stacks of boxes and crates before going around a fancy stained-glass screen wall that partitioned the large room. It wasn't what Madelynn had expected at all.

"Why do they have these things here?" she wondered.

On the ceiling were about a dozen multi-colored spotlights. Right below them was a circular red carpet with three sofas along the periphery.

"Have a seat over there," said Elena, pointing a finger to a black sofa.

Techno music was started and the blinking spotlights turned on. Tara and Elena got themselves into position at the center of the red carpet. After giving Madelynn a sultry look, they both said in unison, "Enjoy the show."

While smiling at each other, Tara and Elena writhed their bodies in close contact together front-to-front and back-to-back with wavy sensuality. The dancing couple's actions were timed perfectly to the beat of the music. Combined with the lights and music, the erotic dancing had a strange hypnotic effect on Madelynn. The teen girl didn't even flinch when they gyrated their hips close to her, putting their crotches and asses in close proximity of her face, as if daring her to lick them. Consequently, Madelynn realized that she was getting aroused again. The fact that she had previously been denied an orgasm increased the need for release ten fold.

It was time for the striptease. Piece by piece, the two women removed their clothes in a slow and sensuous manner. Madeylnn found herself frozen by the erotic spectacle and subconsciously licked her lips with lust. The thought of looking away never occurred in the teen girl's mind. Though Madelynn was still desperately clinging to her heterosexual identity, she was unable to rationalize why she was ogling at the two women stripping before her. Near the end of the striptease, stripped down to their undergarments, Elena decided to do something special. After taking off her blue PVC panties, she tossed them to Madelynn, who caught them out of instinct.

"Smell it, lick it," said Elena huskily.

Addled with lust, it didn't take much effort for Madelynn to obey. She sniffed and licked the panties as if it was a prized dish, and did the same with the other pieces of undergarments that followed. Throughout the striptease, Madelynn's eyes would occasionally drift to the glinting jewelry on their bodies: the blue sapphire belly piercing and matching blue sapphire bangle on Elena, along with Tara's clitoral piercing and white topaz belly ring. Soon, it was time for the final act. Walking on barefoot, the two naked women closed in on the teen girl. Madelynn pressed her back tightly against the leather surface of the sofa like a cornered animal. Two pairs of lips descended on to Madelynn's for a simultaneous three-way kiss. A pair of hands unzipped and removed the teen girl's black leather skirt while another set of hands pulled down the black PVC panties. Some fingers tickled Madelynn's clitoris for several seconds before stopping suddenly, adding to her sexual agony.

Flashing blue lights shined on Madelynn's eyes. Blinking her eyelids, the teen girl noticed with surprise that it came from a crystal clear, colorless double dildo that Elena held in her hand. Besides the novelty lights was provided by the blue LEDs, the toy also had a vibration feature with adjustable speed settings.

"Is she going to use this on me?" thought the teen girl apprehensively.

"Lube this," said Elena as she handed Madelynn a bottle of lube and the dildo.

Holding the double dildo gingerly as if it was a stick of dynamite, Madelynn carefully squirted some of the clear paste on each end before spreading the lubricant around with her palms.

"Good, now stick it in my ass, slowly." Elena got on her fours on the red carpet. Tara got in a similar position with her ass facing opposite of Elena's.

Kneeling down between the two women to perform her task, a slight grimace appeared on the teen girl's face as she pushed the dildo into Elena's anus. In spite of her revulsion, Madelynn's left hand clutched onto the left side of Elena's ass as if by its own will for support. The same process was repeated with the other end of the double dildo in Tara's anus. Elena and Tara were eventually engaged together in an ass-to-ass configuration.

"I know you're dying for an orgasm, Maddy. You may stroke yourself with your fingers while watching us, but don't get off too quickly. Also, play with our bodies with your free hand. I don't care what you do as long as you can make us feel good."

The two women on the carpet pushed the dildo against each other's back doors with wild abandon. Hair swayed to and from, moving in sync with their dangling belly jewelry. Dangling breasts swung like pendulums. Grunts and pants filled the air. Elena bit her lower lip when she encountered a unexpected momentary spike of painful friction in her anus. Their rapid reciprocating motions gave the illusion that the blinking blue dildo was expanding and contracting itself between the two women's asses as if it was some giant worm. Mesmerized by the scene, Madelynn at first stroke her clit slowly, but soon picked up the pace. The teen girl's left hand landed on Elena's waist and slid sideways in slow motion to Elena's chest. One breast stopped swinging when Madelynn cupped and squeezed it tightly with her purple-nailed fingers. The touch felt so unexpectedly wonderful to Madelynn that she was afraid she might get addicted to breasts if Elena kept up with more these activities.

Not staying in one area, the curious hand moved on to explore the rest of Elena's hot body. It slid along Elena's shoulders, arms, and hands. Going back up, it caressed Elena's face and hair before rubbing all the way down to the small of Elena's back. No words from Elena were necessary now, for the teen girl's own lust and curiosity guided her. Before moving onward to Tara's body, Madelynn touched the midsection of the double dildo with her fingers while simultaneously enjoying the feeling of having two sets of ass cheeks slapping on both sides of her hand. Before Madelynn knew it, she came with one forceful stroke of her fingers.

When the double dildo was finally dislodged from the rectums of the women, Madelynn thought she could finally go home at last, but unfortunately, it wasn't so. Elena had Madelynn put on a red blind fold. Naked save for the high-heeled boots, the teen girl was then led back upstairs and through the back door of the shop. It wasn't until Madelynn felt the chill of the night air that she noticed something was horribly wrong.

After taking the blindfold off, Madelynn knocked desperately on the steel door. "What's going on? Let me in! It's cold outside!"

Knocking later turned to pounding, but to no avail. "Oh God, let me in! Please! I can't be like this outside! Oh God, please!"

There was a sudden ringing sound. Looking downward, Madelynn realized that it came from her cell phone that was lying the ground right next to her feet. She picked it up and listened.

"Hey, Maddy, let's play a game. Exit this alley, turn left, and walk four blocks. I'll be waiting for you in my car right at the corner."

"What?! I can't do this! People will see me!"

"Yes, you can, unless you want to stay out in the alley naked all night."

The call ended abruptly.

"Fuck you, bitch!" cried Madelynn.

Madelynn quickly realized that she had no other option. She took a deep breath and exhaled, then psyched herself up in preparation for the gauntlet. Upon exiting the alley, she noticed that the street to her left were far from empty. A bunch of rowdy men and some flamboyantly dressed women populated the sidewalks. Feeling a sudden lost of courage, Madelynn retreated back into the darkness of the alley. Steeling herself again, Madelynn walked out of the alley and into the crowd.

At first, nobody noticed her, but when the one person did, the catcalls began, followed by the derisive comments. When one man tried to touch her, she started running.

"Hey babe, want to spend the night with me?" asked one guy.

"How much for a blow job?" asked another man.

"No, I'm not a prostitute!" Madelynn yelled back.

There were maddening stares from some prostitutes who thought Madelynn was trying to steal their business.

"Show your wares at another place, slut!" shouted one hooker.

Jeers and sexual requests came left and right. Some of the requests even came from women. After reaching the final block, Madelynn saw Elena's vehicle parked in the corner as promised. At the same time, she caught the attention of one particularly persistent reveler.

"Need some company, darling?" asked the drunken man.


"Hey girl, why are you running? Come to papa!" cried the man as he chased after Madelynn.

"Oh no! Get away from me!" The teen girl ran with all her might to cross the remaining distance.

Madelynn breathed a sigh of relief once she got in the car. The drunkard frantically slapped the side window with his palms, but gave up went Elena stepped on the accelerator.

In a second floor hotel room near Tara's shop, Ms. Meyers moaned loudly as an orgasm washed over her. She pulled her fingers away from her pussy and tasted each moist digit. Watching Madelynn going through those humiliating situations was a huge turn on for her. Smiling satisfactorily, she closed her laptop and prepared to sleep. She had an important board meeting the next day.

"Why did you have to do that?!" asked Madelynn.

"I thought it would be exciting for you, and being cooped up in clothes all the time is unhealthy," replied Elena.

Knowing that it was just one of Elena's sick games, Madelynn decided that it was pointless to discuss any further about it. However, she had this sudden fantasy of making Elena go through an activity that was equally humiliating, but quickly chased the vengeful thought away.

"Are you bringing me back home?" Madelynn asked as she was putting back on her clothes.

"Yes, unless you want some more action tonight."

"No! I had enough for tonight!" exclaimed the teen girl, thinking about what she had just went through a while ago.

"Watch your tone, Maddy."

"I'm sorry, Mistress," said Madelynn with sudden softness.

Sunlight streamed through the crevices in the shades. Wendy's eyes flickered open. The colors of dawn gave the white ceiling a bright yellowish tint. There was the taste of pussy on Wendy's lips, and she instinctively licked it. Her pussy and ass also felt kind of sore. She felt sexually used, and wondered if she had another wet dream or if Sarah had done sexual things with her after last night's show. After doing the morning routine, Wendy dressed in a new set of clothes and walked around the house, trying to locate Sarah. Eventually, Wendy found her friend sitting on a posh sofa in the living room.

"Wendy, I'm sorry it didn't turn out the way it you want it to."

"It's alright, Sarah. Even though it didn't work out, if I hadn't gone along with your plan, I would've had no chance at all. At least I've tried."

There was an unsettling thought in Wendy's mind. Did she have sex with Sarah last night after the show? If she did, how come her memories of it were almost non-existent?

"Is there something else that's bothering you, Wendy. You seem to want to say something. Go ahead, it's alright."

Wendy decided against asking about the incident that may or may not have happened last night. Instead, she focused on what she felt was more important.

"Sarah, what you've said last night about me being a lesbian. Honestly, I don't think I am one," said Wendy with a very small trace of hesitation.

"I was just testing you, Wendy."

"Testing me?"

"Yes. I wanted to make sure that you're confident about your sexuality."

"Why? I'm pretty sure that I'm still straight. I mean I was and will always be straight."

"Have you given up on Daniel yet?"

"I... I don't want to, but Lauren has already--"

"What if I tell you that there's one more chance to win his heart, one that would require a huge sacrifice, would you be willing to do it?"

Wendy's eyes lit up with hope for a moment before pessimism struck her again. "How is it possible now?"

"Just answer yes or no. Are you willing make a sacrifice for another chance at Daniel."

"Yes, but what do I have to do?"

"Become my lesbian girlfriend, and not just for a day or two. We'll have to put up with the act for several weeks."

Wendy was visibly shocked, not seeing any logic in Sarah's bizarre plan. "Why?! Won't that make it even more impossible for me to get Daniel back?"

"Wendy, I know it's hard to understand, but you'll have to trust me on this. You'll have to know a bit of psychology and understand your rival."

The look of puzzlement still remained on Wendy's face, but she was still willing to continue listening.

"Lauren is a player. She preys on guys like Daniel. Sooner or later, she'll dump him."

Even though Wendy felt it was a bit wrong to wish that event would happen, her eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope before expressing confusion. "But what does this have to do with me becoming a lesbian?"

"I'll explain that in a moment. Another thing about Lauren is her competitive personality: one of the reasons she's hooking up with Daniel is because she's competing with you."

"Competing with me? Why?"

"That's just the way she is. For some reason she thinks of you as her competitor, a rival. That is also her weak spot, which we can exploit."

"Exploiting Lauren's weakness... I never thought of that."

"Once Lauren thinks you're no longer interested in Daniel and she has her fill of him, she'll break up with him. She'll then try to compete with you on whatever else that's getting you attention."

"But I was just trying to get Daniel interested in me."

"That's not what she thinks. She thinks that you just want to become popular. This is where the lesbian part comes into play. By becoming my girlfriend--temporarily of course--in an open relationship, Lauren will try to copy you. Because you've become a lesbian, you'll make yourself even more desirable in front of guys, especially Daniel. He will strongly regret that he didn't chose you in the first place after Lauren dumps him. The regret will turn into extreme longing. That would be the right moment to approach him and win his heart back."

"But what if Lauren doesn't leave him? What then?" Wendy was still incredulous about Sarah's radical plan.

"I know her personality. She's not into serious relationships. Within a few weeks she'll definitely leave him." Sarah touched Wendy's hands. "Don't think negatively, Wendy. You'll need to have a positive outlook."

Wendy had a passing moment of animosity towards Lauren because of Lauren's alleged flimsy attitude towards relationships.

"You're right. I can't give up so easily. Wait--what if Daniel thinks that I'm really a lesbian?"

"I'll tell him that we were just playing around and not in a real relationship. He'll understand. In fact, he'll love what we are going to do. A girl that dig other girls is an extreme turn on for him."

There was a moment of silence.

"So, do you agree with the plan?" asked Sarah as she stared straight into Wendy's eyes, which still had some uncertainty in them.

"Will it really work?"

"Wendy, you need to have faith. It will work."

"Alright, I'll go with your plan," Wendy finally said. She then wondered why she had agreed to it so quickly, but it felt so natural for her to agree with Sarah's proposal. Wendy's mental resistance that was put up moments before quickly waned.

"I knew you wouldn't give up so easily."

Wendy looked at Sarah's face. Looking at it now somehow gave Wendy feelings of warmth and assurance. Her doubts regarding Sarah's extreme plan and the faulty logic behind it had all but disappeared. "Oh, Sarah, you're such a great friend. You're always helping me out." She wrapped her arms around Sarah in a friendly hug.

"From now on, Wendy, you're my girlfriend until you can get Daniel back," Sarah whispered as she reciprocated Wendy's hug.

"Okay, I'll be your girlfriend."

"Good, good. Now there are some things you need to keep in mind: even though we're in a fake relationship, we still have to make it as realistic as possible. We also can't tell anyone else about the truth. This includes Madelynn."

"Not even Madelynn?"

"Yes, not even Madelynn or else the whole plan will fall apart. If she asks you, just say you've realized that you're a lesbian and not interested in guys anymore."

There was another moment of silence. Sarah could still see the look of uncertainty on Wendy's face.

"What's wrong, Wendy? Are you having second thoughts?"

"No, not really."

"Then what's the problem?"

"I want a few days to think about it, to prepare myself. Is that okay?"

"No, we must start practicing now."


"Yes, because it'll look awkward if we wait too long to do it, and Lauren will also get suspicious."

For the rest of the morning and the early part of the afternoon on Sunday, Wendy practiced acting like Sarah's girlfriend out in public. On the light rail train ride to the mall, Sarah snuggled with Wendy and kissed her repeatedly. While Wendy was used to being intimate with Sarah, doing this out in public in front of so many people was entirely a different matter. Most passengers ignored them as if nothing was happening, but some gave disapproving looks or watching with rapt attention.

"Oh no, they'll think I'm really into girls!" said Wendy worriedly after a lip lock with Sarah.

"That's the point, Wendy. We want to convince them that we're lesbians. Remember this is just pretend," whispered Sarah before licking Wendy's ear. "And besides, as soon as they or we get off this train, they'll forget about us."

Their kissing piqued the curiosity of man standing near the door, who was reading a popular novel on his Kindle. As some people got off during a stop, his grip on the Kindle slipped and the device bounced out to the concrete platform. There was a cracking sound when one person unknowingly stepped on it.

"NOOOOOO! MY KINDLE!" exclaimed the man as he dashed down the steps.

Once Sarah and Wendy got off at their stop several minutes later, they walked to the main entrance of the mall while holding hands, passing by rows of palm trees. A gasp escape from between Wendy's lips when she felt a warm hand cupping and squeezing her ass.


"It's alright, Wendy. Couples do this all the time. Now squeeze mine."

With slight hesitation, Wendy moved her hand to Sarah's ass, touching it, and then squeezing it through the pink ruffled mini skirt. She was constantly aware that people would look what she was doing. Wendy didn't know why, but her hand lingered there for a few long moments. During those moments, Wendy had fear and doubt at the physical sensations she was feeling. As usual, she convinced herself that it wasn't true sexual desire.

The main corridor of the mall was filled with people. Young and old walked about. Some held shopping bags, balloons, or children. Others were barehanded. A bored security guard stood idly at one corner.

"Cool! They placed a new photo booth here. Let's take some pictures!" exclaimed Sarah as she practically dragged Wendy into the booth.

One after another, the camera took their pictures. The first photo looked innocent enough, but successive shots were increasingly lurid. Sarah pulled down her black top and told Wendy to do the same. Bras were loosened next and nipples were exposed. They also made bunny ears. In the final shots, Sarah kissed Wendy on the lips. When the camera finally stopped, Wendy noticed through the gap below the curtain that some people were standing outside, and she hoped no one had notice what she and Sarah had done in the booth.

"The pictures look great. I can't wait to show them to Rebecca," said Sarah while holding the photo strip.

"Show them to Rebecca?"

"Of course, silly! There's no point in taking pictures if you're not going to show them to other people. This will also make our fake relationship more believable."

Suddenly, a random guy walked up to Wendy and Sarah. Wendy could see that he looked attractive, but for some reason she didn't feel that he was attractive. The guy looked at Sarah first for a moment before speaking to Wendy, "Is your name Summer? Because you are as hot as hell!"

"No, but thanks, I guess."

"Sorry, but she's mine," said Sarah as she pulled Wendy away.

Their next destination was a clothing store. There they met up with Rebecca.

"Hey, Becky!"

"Hey!" Rebecca noticed Sarah had an arm wrapped around Wendy's waist. "Are you two in a relationship now?"

"Yes," replied Wendy meekly.

"Whoa, that's unexpected. I thought you were into guys, Wendy. Or are you bi?"

"No, Wendy realized that guys aren't really for her," answered Sarah for Wendy while cupping her ass. "She likes girls now."

"So, you're finally out of the closet. Wendy, you should've come clean sooner. I would've asked you out."


"Let's see what's on sale," said Sarah.

After picking some clothes, most of which were sexy and form-fitting, Sarah and Wendy went together to changing room to try them on. Sarah insisted that Wendy go with her to the same cubicle. The sight of two teenaged girls going into the same cubicle raised some eyebrows.

"Sarah, I don't think this is a good idea," said Wendy worriedly.

"Sure it is!" replied Sarah, who then quickly initiated a kiss with Wendy.

Sarah's fingers went to the lower hemline of Wendy's white top and pulled it upwards.

"It's okay. I can do it myself."

"No, it's more sexy if we undress each other."

After the white top was taken off, Sarah squeezed Wendy's breasts through the white satin bra.

"We can't do this here."

"Yes, we can!"

Sarah pushed Wendy against the wall and kissed her ravenously, which Wendy responded almost with equal vigor. Wendy was afraid and aroused at the same time. The kinkiness of doing naughty things in a public place gave her unexpected excitement. Some people outside wondered what was going on in the cubicle.

Breaking the kiss, Sarah asked, "Are you excited?"


"Not even a little?"

"Maybe a little."

"Good, then let's continue. Take my top off."

Wendy found herself staring unconsciously at Sarah's breasts that were encased in a red satin bra.

"Touch them, Wendy. I know you want to."

It was difficult for Wendy to deny the sexual excitement that was building up within her body. Her hands reached for Sarah's breasts and touched lightly. However, a sudden animalistic need compelled Wendy to tighten her grip. Closing her eyes, Sarah emitted a silent gasp when she experienced unexpected sudden pressure on her breasts.

"You really want to do it here, Wendy, don't you?"

"I'm not sure... I mean I don't think it's appropriate."

"Just go with your feelings."

To further the invitation, Sarah loosened her own bra, completely baring her nipples to Wendy.

"Come on, kiss them. Suck them as much you as want."

Too focused on Sarah's breasts to think about anything else, Wendy's lips descended as if by its own will onto Sarah's nipple. Wendy gave the nipple a kiss before fully enveloping it with her mouth.

"Ohhhhh, Wendy, suck it all..." whispered Sarah.

There was a sudden knock on the cubicle door, which made Wendy jump slightly.

As Sarah unlocked the door, Wendy asked, "What are you doing, Sarah?"

"Don't worry, it's just Rebecca."

Rebecca closed the door behind her. "You girls sure are hot for each other."

Wendy instinctively covered her breasts.

"No need to be modest, Wendy. We're all friends here. Want to join in the fun, Becky?"



Rebecca silenced Wendy with a kiss. Ever since seeing Wendy for the first time, Rebecca had been pining for Wendy. She was glad Sarah gave her this opportunity to explore Wendy sexually.

"It's alright, Wendy. As long as your heart belongs to me, there's nothing wrong with having a little fun with other girls."

Wendy relented and let Rebecca have her way. Rebecca's lustful hands felt up and down along Wendy's body, feeling Wendy's bulging breasts and ass. Sarah loosened Wendy's white satin bra, revealing the wonderful breasts, and allowing Rebecca to kiss and suck on them. There was brief resistance from Wendy before she capitulated to the pleasure brought on by Rebecca's lips and serpentine tongue. With Wendy's breasts being occupied by Rebecca's clenching fingers and mouth, Sarah kneeled downward and pulled down Wendy's yellow ruffled skirt. There was a small stain in front of Wendy's satin panties, which was an encouraging sign. Without further ado, Sarah pulled the panties aside and licked the shaved pussy in front of her. With Wendy's pussy already wet from previous stimulation, pussy juice easily flowed down Wendy's thighs, making them slick and shiny. Beginning from the knees, Sarah's red nails grazed upward along the skin of Wendy's thighs before stopping at Wendy's ass and grabbing them.

While her hands were still kneading Wendy's breasts, Rebecca licked upward pass the collar bone, along the front of the neck, and below the chin. She stopped at Wendy's lips and kissing them deeply with all of her lustful effort, making it look as if she was devouring Wendy with her ravenous kiss. Rebecca extended her tongue as far as it could to explore every corner of Wendy's mouth. Her arms went around Wendy's shoulders in a loving embrace that was so tight that Wendy felt like she was about to suffocate.

It didn't take long for Sarah's oral stimulation to cause Wendy's hot body to shudder in a powerful orgasm. When it happened, Rebecca locked lips with Wendy again, as if wanting to devour Wendy's climatic moans.


Sarah kept her tongue inside Wendy's love canal until Wendy's orgasm ended, and retracted it only when she had to finish licking up Wendy's juices.

"Did you enjoy it, Wendy?" Sarah asked.

Thinking about the act she had to maintain in front of everyone and the pleasure she had just experienced, Wendy replied positively, "Yes!"

The trio walked out of the store with bags of clothing in their hands. They went to the food court and stopped in front of a large cascade fountain.

"Let make wishes. You two have any change?"

"I've only got a credit card," said Rebecca.

"I have some," Wendy said as she reached into her purse.

"Here, Becky." Sarah handed a quarter to Rebecca from her own purse.

Seeing that quarters were used, Wendy picked a quarter instead of a penny. Almost simultaneously, the three girls flipped the coins into the rippling pool. The pieces of rounded metal landed on the bottom, joining the other discarded coins.

"You girls hungry yet?" asked Sarah.

"Not really," replied Wendy.

"Then let's have some more fun first!" Sarah sat down on the edge and patted on a spot next to her.

Wendy sat down next to Sarah while Rebecca occupied a spot right next to Wendy. A constant feeling of unease swam in Wendy's heart. It was similar to what she felt in the changing room and the train, but this time it was stronger because there were a lot more people. The position of the fountain made it focal point of attention.

"Sarah, those people might see us!"

"That makes it even more exciting, Wendy!" With one kiss, Sarah ended Wendy's further protests.

Out of instinct, Wendy closed her eyes during the kiss. She could feel arms embracing her body and hands feeling up her back in slow sinuous motions. Sparks of pleasure shot up Wendy's spine when Sarah's hand went beneath Wendy's top to caress her belly while Rebecca's hand slipped beneath the waistband of Wendy's skirt to caress her ass. Drowned in pleasure, it didn't take long for Wendy to lose awareness of her surroundings. As soon as Sarah relaxed her hold on Wendy, Wendy lost her balance when she rested her palm beyond the edge of the fountain and fell into the water with a loud splash. Some onlookers laughed.

"Are you alright, Wendy?" asked Sarah after pulling Wendy out of the fountain with Rebecca's help.

"I'm fine, but I'm all wet! What am I going to do?!" Wendy looked at her top, which became see through from being soaked.

"Don't worry, you can just change into the new clothes!"

"That's a good idea, Sarah," said Wendy.

It was fortunate for Wendy that there was an restroom nearby. Despite being able to change herself, Sarah and Rebecca insisted on helping Wendy. They didn't waste the opportunity to touch and grope Wendy's body more. After Wendy changed into a new bra, a white floral bustier top, and an orange skirt, they went back to the food court to have lunch before doing the next round of shopping.

Two hours had passed, and the three girls were now standing outside in the parking lot of the mall. Since Rebecca had forgotten where she had parked her car, she told Sarah and Wendy to wait on the bench with the shopping bags. At one point during the wait, Wendy felt some wet landing on her head with a splatting sound, and some of the stuff slid down to her face. She looked upwards to see a seagull flying away towards the horizon.

"Why am I so unlucky today?"

"No, Wendy. It's a sign of good luck!"

Wendy noticed a slight twisted smile on Sarah's face.

Rebecca drove her car up to them moments later.

"Nice hair ornament, Wendy! Oh, and you've got a facial too!" said Rebecca with a chuckle.

Wendy's face reddened.

As usual on Sunday morning, Madelynn went to church with her mom. She was clothed in a conservative dress, but still retained her Goth makeup and hairstyle which her mom reluctantly allowed. To prevent her mom from knowing about her piercings, she had placed a band aid over her eyebrow to cover up the piercing, but knew the deception won't last long. The new look drew a few stares and raised some eyebrows, which Madelynn had expected.

The pastor droned on and on with his sermon, and Madelynn began feeling really bored. On a whim, she stared at an image on a stained glass window and noticed some movements on it. Curiosity struck her, and she focused on it more. The figure seemed to be moving and speaking. What was it saying? At first they were just unintelligible whispers, but the soon the voices became loud and clear.

"Sinner! Harlot! Heretic! Sinner!"

Blinking her eyes, Madelynn looked at the figures on the other windows. Those figures too seemed to be moving and repeating the same mantra.

"Sinner! Harlot! Heretic! Sinner!"

The voices quickly became too difficult for Madelynn to bear. She slouched and pressed her palms to her ears in a futile attempt to block the voices.

"No... No... No... No..." Madelynn whispered in denial.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just a small headache."

"You need some Tylenol?"

"No, I'm fine."

"Are you sure. You seem pale."

"No, really, I'm alright."

Back at her home, Madelynn was attacked by talking images again. The pictures hanging on the walls were relentless in their verbal assaults.

"Heretic! Sinner! Harlot! Blasphemer! Defiler! Desecrater!"

Even the religious figurines on the cupboard were vilifying her.

"NOOOOOOOO! Please stop! It's not my fault!"

Madelynn ran to her room. The religious symbol hanging above her bed suddenly talked to her.

"Confess your sins or go to hell, sinner!"

"AAHHHHHHHH!" She took off a shoe and threw it at the symbol, which fell when it was knocked off balance. "SHUT UP!"

Hearing her mom's footsteps, Madelynn quickly closed and locked the door.

"Maddy, are you alright?!" Madelynn's mom twisted the doorknob to no avail.

"I'm okay! I just want some time alone right now. Please!"

Madelynn's mom conceded to the fact that her daughter was most likely going through a rebellious stage and hoped that it would end soon. She walked away with an exasperated sigh.

"Oh Lord, please forgive me," Madelynn whispered as she picked up the symbol and hanged it back above her bed.

Pressing her hands to her head, Madelynn felt like her head was about to explode. She opened the drawer of her desk and pulled out a black cardboard box. Opening the box, she looked at the spherical candy with some regret and reluctance. Elena had given her the candy last night as a gift with no further instructions on what to do with it. Madelynn could have thrown it away in the trash, but something was holding her back. Curiosity overridden her hesitation that night, and promised herself she would try only one piece, but after that first piece, she was already hooked.

The wonderful smell of the candy was teasing her nostrils. She picked one piece up and placed it in her mouth. With one bite, the crunchy blue shell was broken, revealing the blue chewy center, and releasing the juices. It tasted awfully delicious. Her body soon felt hot. She needed release. Madelynn had been resisting the temptation since morning, but she couldn't hold it back this time.

"Fuck it!"

Madelynn pulled out the metallic blue gyrating dildo and sucked on it. She flipped up the skirt of her Sunday dress and pressed the tip of the toy on her pussy.

"I'm sorry, Wendy. I'm so sorry. It's not my fault. Please forgive me," said Madelynn while looking at the laminated picture of a naked Wendy, which she knew was picture of Wendy's head photoshopped on the nude body of a hot porn star.

She kissed the picture several times. Right after her orgasm, she rubbed the slick dildo on the picture of her friend, smearing her love juices all over it. In spite of her effort, Madelynn wasn't sexually satisfied yet. She turned on her computer and played a DVD, one of the many given to her by Elena.

The first scene opened with geeky-looking girl about the same age as Madelynn wearing glasses and a school girl uniform sitting at the center of a red leather sofa. She looked very nervous. A latex-clad woman then appeared. She had on a sleek black latex corset with built-in garter straps that held up latex stockings. Long black latex gloves covered her arms. The clicking of the woman's high heels was the only sound in the room while she walked into the scene. Madelynn could see that the woman's globular breasts were much larger than the girl's modest boobs.

"Dominance gives you power. With power, you can get what you want. With power, you can make people obey," said the female narrator.

"Get up and kneel before me, cunt," ordered the woman.

Reluctantly, the shy girl obeyed.

"From now on, I'm your Mistress and you're my slave. Is that clear?"

When the girl didn't respond, the woman struck the girl with a riding crop. "ANSWER ME!"

"Yes, Mistress," said the girl meekly.

"Show your love for your Mistress," said the woman while pointing at the tip of her high heel shoe with her riding crop.

In an awkward manner, the girl licked her Mistress' shoe, but didn't stop there. She dragged her tongue along the entire length of the latex stocking and all the way up to the woman's crotch, kissing it through the black latex thong.

"You may lick my pussy now, slave." The woman pulled aside her panties.

The girl stuck her tongue out tentatively. Sensing the girl's hesitation, the woman pressed her hand on the back of the girl's head and forced the girl to lick her pussy.

The narrator spoke, "Dominance is power... Dominance is control... Submission is weakness... Submission is slavery..."

Madelynn's clit throbbed upon hearing those words as she slowly worked the dildo on her pussy. "Yes," she whispered in delight.

As much as Madelynn wanted to disagree with the narrator, the statements made sense to her logically.

"Where do you want this dildo to go?" asked the Mistress of her slave, who was standing on her fours on the red sofa.

"In my pussy, Mistress," replied the girl while turning her head back to look at her Mistress.

An evil grin appeared on the woman's face. Instead of going for the girl's pussy, she aimed the clear red strap-on at girl's anus. The girl gasped loudly at the unexpected intrusion.

Unable to resist the urge, Madelynn climbed to her bed on her fours and pleasured herself using two dildos instead of one. With the purple gyrating dildo buzzing on her pussy, she stuffed a blue metallic dildo into her ass with the vibration at the highest setting, doubling her pleasure.

"Ahhh... Ohhh... Uhhh..."

She stood erect on her knees and kneaded her aching breasts.

"Oohhhh, yeah!"

Madelynn was starting to lose sense of how loud her moaning was. It wasn't until she had an orgasm that she realized her mother might have noticed what she was doing in her room, but that worry didn't stay in her mind for long.

The anal sex scene in the video was interrupted periodically with short scenes of an attractive woman uttering short phrases. Most of the time, the view of camera would zoom up close to the eyes and the glossy red lips.

"Dominance is pleasure," the red-lipped mouth spoke slowly and sensually. "Dominance is power."

"Yes," Madelynn whispered in a trance-like state.

"Control gives you pleasure."

"YES!" exclaimed Madelynn when a powerful orgasm coursed through her body. "Ugghh!"

Madelynn took off her Sunday dress while leaving the latex underwear on, went to her closet, grabbed a set of latex fetish wear, and changed into them. It was a sexy outfit that consisted of a purple latex top with a lace up front, a black pleated latex skirt, black fishnet stockings, and 5-inch black ankle cuff high heel pumps. The cool, smooth feeling of the latex material felt wonderful her skin. She looked at herself on the closet mirror as she slid her fingers along her sensual curves. Her glossy purple lips curved in a wicked smile.

Madelynn's mom, with her hands carrying bags of groceries, was within two blocks of her house. Elena drove up next to the woman on her motorcycle and greeted her, "Hello, Ms. Goodwin."

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