Saturday, September 3, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 12)

The front door opened with a slam, and Erin stumbled through the door while carrying groceries with both hands. Her legs felt heavy, as if they were weigh down by lead, and she had trouble keeping her eyes open. The medium length wavy, dark brown hair on her head that was tied in a bun was now matted and in partial disarray.

"Ohhhhhh..." moaned Erin in discomfort.

Madelynn snapped out of her trance at the sudden entry of her mom. She blinked her eyes a few times before noticing in shock that she was standing in the living room while wearing a kinky and skimpy latex outfit. A pair of headphones connected to an MP3 player was playing racy Rihanna and Britney music through her ears. Her body was moving subtly to the beat.

"What am I doing?"

The fear of being noticed by her mom made her want to run away and hide, but noticing her mom was in some kind of trouble, Madelynn stopped. Overriding her fear of being scolded by her mom for dressing in provocative and revealing clothing, she quickly helped her mom to the sofa.

"Mom, what happened?" asked Madelynn as she went over to support her mother. Even though her fingers were coated with pussy juice and she was touching her mom with those fingers, the situation was important enough for Madelynn to overlook it.

"I don't know, I feel so tired and sleepy."

In her groggy state, Erin's eyes drifted to Madelynn's bulging, hanging breasts that were supported by the sleek black PVC bra for just a second before moving up to her daughter's porcelain white face and noticing the shiny purple painted lips that exuded irresistible eroticism.

"Honey, get me a glass of water. I feel so thirsty."

"Okay, Mom."

Madelynn rushed to the kitchen to get a glass of water, but when she returned her mom was already fast asleep. Subconsciously, Madelynn found her eyes focusing on the parts of the white poka dot blue dress that clung tightly to her mom's body. Aided by the perspiration, the dress hugged Erin's body tightly in such a way that her sexual curves were revealed enticingly, as if begging to be looked at and touched. Even after bearing children and in middle age, Erin kept her body in shape through regular exercise and health conscious diet. Though it wasn't the body of a supermodel, Erin's body was sexy in it's own right, and she looked a full ten years younger than she actually was. Despite her age and conservative modesty, she still attracted lustful stares from both old and young men. In spite of not having on makeup, her Kristin Davis-like face looked beautiful in a natural way. The most prominent features on her body were her bubble butt and large DD breasts. It took a while before Madelynn noticed that she was eyeing up her mom's body and forced herself to stop.

"Stop it, Madelynn! She's your mom for Christ sakes!"

Not wanting her mom to catch a cold, Madelynn retrieved a blanket and gently covered her mom with it.

As Madelynn walked away, she noticed her latex corset on the floor without remembering when or how she had taken it off, causing her heart to skip a beat at the unexpected memory lapse. Madelynn turned her head towards the side, noticing herself on the large, rectangular mirror on the living room wall. A sexy girl dressed only in a black latex bra, black latex skirt, dark fishnet stockings, and black strappy heels stared back at her. Though she knew the reflection was that of her current self, Madelynn felt the image was somehow not her. It seemed alien.

"What have I become?"

Her medium golden brown hair cut in a page boy style with bangs was buried beneath pitch black dye and purple streaks. Thick black mascara and eyeliner along with dark purple eye shadow accentuated her gray eyes on her round face. A piercing above her right eye that peeked from the lower edge of the bandage glinted under natural light. Purple amethyst stud earrings hugged closely to her earlobes. At the center of those embellishments were the shiny purple lips that always looked wet, as if they were kissing all the time. The only attributes that remained unchanged were her naturally pale skin and body shape. It almost felt to Madelynn that she had forgotten what her old self look like. With her eyes fixed on her reflection, the teen girl sighed and ran her hands along the sensual curves of her body.

It was almost dinnertime before her mom woke up. Not wanting to anger her mother at home, Madelynn dressed back in what her mom considered to be proper clothes for a female teenager. Noticing her mom was still a bit out of it, she helped prepared dinner, which were mostly leftovers from the previous night.

"Mom, are you feeling alright? You don't look well. Maybe you should call in sick tomorrow."

"I'm fine. It's just that the workload at my job has been increasing recently."

"But, you look like you're burning out."

"It's alright, it's only temporary. I'll get used to it. And besides, it won't matter by the end of next month."

"Huh? Why?"

"We're going sell this house and move back to Grandma's place."

Madelynn suddenly dropped her fork and slowed her chewing.

"Why do we have to go back? Isn't this place fine?"

"Honey, I don't think you're going have a good future here. It was my mistake to go along with your father's decision to move here."

"What do you mean? I love it here! The people, the city, my friends..." Madelynn thought about Wendy.

"Devil's temptations... All of them!"

"My grades are good too, and I'm thinking of attending the university here. They'll definitely accept me!"

"This whole area is a breeding ground of sin!"

"I-I don't understand! What's wrong with us living here?!"

"Sinners, sinners everywhere! And they're corrupting you!"

"Mom, that sounds ridiculous! I'm not being corru--"

"Yes, you are! You're hanging out with the wrong people and you're acting like them too."

"Mom, I'm still a good girl! It's just my looks that's changed."

"No, Maddy. Lewd clothing will lead to lewd behavior. This whole city is the devil's playground! Skimpy clothing, shameless exposure, tolerance for gays... It's modern day Sodom and Gomorrah! What has this world gone into?!"

Madelynn thought about Elena and the blackmail. It wasn't her fault. She was forced into lesbianism and those perverted acts. There was no choice. Everything that Elena had made her do and the feelings that she felt going through them were unwanted, Madelynn insisted. Mentally, she was still herself, wasn't she? It's her heart that counts, isn't it? Despite making those self-reassurances, Madelynn didn't felt complete conviction with them.

"But what about Wendy? She isn't a bad girl."

"You're being corrupted by wolves in sheep's clothing."

"Wendy's a good girl! She gets good grades. She's nice to everyone. She's..."

"A homosexual!"

"What?! Mom, you're making things up! Wendy would never--"

"I saw Wendy with another girl holding hands this morning."

That girl must be Sarah, Madelynn thought.

"But it's just holding hands! Aren't you jumping to conclusions?"

"Kissing! I saw them kissing! They are the tools of Satan!"

Madelynn was confused. An internal monologue raged in her mind. "It's not possible. Wendy's straight. She's falling head over heels for Daniel. She would never kiss..." Madelynn suddenly remembered the time when she saw Sarah kissing Wendy in the hallway. "But it was just an innocent kiss, wasn't it? It can't b-be... What mom think it is. Mom must be looking at it the wrong way."

"MOM! I don't think it's what it appeared to be. It was probably just a friendly kiss."

"They were.. Frenching! Ordinary friends don't kiss each other like that! It's improper and sinful!"

"But..." Madelynn was confused and at a lost for words.

"If, God forbid, I let you become one of them, then I'm unfit to be your Mother!"

"Mom, please... you knew Wendy and her family for many years. Does any of it mean anything to you?"

"My decision is final. We're going to move to Grandma's house. Only there will you be away from sin and grow up to be a proper woman."

Madelynn thought about her few childhood years spent at the idyllic farm house. The whole place was peaceful and serene, but there was this feeling of desolation and loneliness that haunted her. Combined with the fact that her grandparents were unfriendly and strict, Madelynn really disliked the whole place.

"No, you're going to ruin my whole life!" Her appetite was lost. Tears were starting to well up in Madelynn's eyes, and she quickly rushed upstairs to her room. However, she did go back down at one point to help clean the dishes. Throughout that time, there was an awkward silence between Madelynn and her mother.

Hours later, Madelynn sat in front of her computer under the canopy of darkness. The only illumination in her room currently was a lamp on her desk. She wore nothing except for a transparent purple PVC bra with glossy black edges and straps and ebony, opaque floral patterns along with a matching pair of panties. The garments were very tight fitting, as if acting like second skin. Due to the tightness of the garments, almost every movement of her body caused her aroused nipples and pussy to be teased. Her honey-soaked purple-nailed fingers were vigorously stroking her love nub as she was watching hardcore lesbian porn from a members-only lesbian porn site. Madelynn's membership to the web site was registered and prepaid by Elena, but Madelynn didn't know the truth that it was Elena herself who own the site, one of the several Madelynn had to visit from time to time in order to do the erotic assignments. To prove that she was indeed doing the assignment and not faking it, she had to put special high-resolution WiFi webcams on top of her monitor, on the underside of her desk, behind her, one on the floor, and several others scattered at specific locations across the rooms. There was no way for Madelynn to cheat, not masturbate, and not look at porn without Elena noticing. The cameras captured all of Madelynn's expression and physical actions with absolutely zero privacy. As much as much she disliked this exhibitionistic arrangement, Madelynn was relieved that the cameras didn't have be on when she's not doing Elena's assignments. However, though she wasn't under the constant watch of the webcams, her online activities were constantly monitored. Many days ago, Elena had ordered her to install special software on her computer in order to discourage her from watching heterosexual porn and other online content that Elena didn't want Madelynn to watch at home.

In the first scene, there was at first nothing but complete darkness. Minimal techno music began playing, but there was something else that Madelynn thought she was hearing but couldn't put a finger on. Gradually, light filled in the view, and dark metallic cylinder appeared. A persistent low-lying fog covered the whole floor. There was a hiss as the cylinder slowly rose up to the ceiling, spilling out a fuming white gas and revealing its valuable contents. The gas soon parted to reveal an attractive raven-haired woman with an hourglass figure standing with an erotic pose with her breasts jutting out. Her straight hair spilling out from behind the mask cascaded a short distance passed her shoulders. She had on a full face mask of a pitch black color that traced the shape of a feminine face. Tiny glossy black sequins arranged in intricate spirals and whorls along the surface of the mask give it an exotic appearance. Dangling black onyx earrings further added to the mystique. The only facial features that weren't hidden behind the mask were the expressionless brown eyes of the woman.

Further down, around her neck, was a silver chain necklace with a large black spinel gem with each facet flickering in response to the woman's subtle movements. Arm-length black opera gloves encased her delicate arms. Surrounding most of the woman's body was an elaborate black satin dress with a lot of decorate frills and lace. The bodice section was a front lace-up corset that allowed for the cleavage of her large breasts to be generously revealed. The voluminous full-length skirt had several layers of thick petticoats that barely hid the shiny black high heel pumps that she wore. One contraption that wasn't immediately visible was a series of discreet metal braces that bonded and forced the woman to remain in a specific erotic pose for extended periods of time. Madelynn found her pussy tingling with wetness after she took in all the immediate details of the woman on screen. The teen girl's fingers unconsciously drifted right above her pussy, ready to frig herself at any moment.

Madelynn briefly imagined herself in the woman's place and dressed in the same lewd outfit.

There were sounds of clicking and wheezing as the braces released their hold on the woman, but even after she was free, the woman stood there motionless like a statue.

"Female ecstasy," whispered a husky woman's voice in the background.

As if acting on cue, the extravagantly dressed woman grasped the lower hem of her skirt and rode it up, including the multiple layers of petticoats. Madelynn gasped when she saw what was revealed: Two black segmented metallic hoses connected from opposite directions to a pair of dark metallic panties worn by the woman. The camera zoomed in up close and from the flank, revealing more details of how they were connected. Madelynn's clit fluttered upon seeing the hoses suddenly disentangling themselves from the panties, revealing two large holes in the metallic garment. Thick purple liquid oozed from the hoses and the woman's dilated orifices for several moments before ceasing.

The woman walked a short distance over to a special seat resembled four forward arching headless metal female torsos arranged together shoulder-to-shoulder with the breasts facing outward in a trapezoidal arrangement. A translucent purple dildo glowing like some radioactive rod rose from the center of the seat. Once it stopped moving, clear liquid gushed out from the tip and flowed down along its sides. The device operated very much like a sybian.

Riding her skirt up, the woman positioned herself with her legs astride the seat and slowly lowered her pussy onto the self-lubricating vertical dildo, piercing herself with it and emitting a loud gasp. The view switched several times to a close-up view within the skirt, showing in detail of how the woman's wet pussy was fucking on the luminous phallus. Moans and gasps escape from the woman's mouth through the mask as she continued fucking herself. Madelynn did the same with her fingers on her own pussy as she watched on. The shape of Madelynn's knuckles very visible when they pressed against the inner side of the PVC panties to vigorously stroke her love nub.

Madelynn found herself unexpectedly yearning for the woman's breasts when the view zoomed close to the bust area of the corset. So mesmerizing were the breasts that the teen girl had an urge to squeeze them, but since she was unable to, she settled with squeezing her own. Licking her lips in lust, Madelynn's mind wandered off on its own as lustful fantasies of having sex with the mysterious woman permeated her mind, quickly eroding the flimsy heterosexual barriers she had built up minutes before.

A loud orgasm from the masked woman concluded the first scene. Madelynn thought that it seemed rather unusually high-tech and classy for a porn production, but discontinued thinking as soon as the next scene started.

After a brief fade-out, fade-in sequence, swirling white fog filled the screen. There was a echoing sound of clicking heels before a dark silhouette of a woman appeared. The fog gradually dispersed as the woman walked towards the camera. Madelynn's heart skipped as she took in the sensual details of the femme fatale. Bright fuschia-colored hair flowed halfway down her back. Her eyes and eyelashes were decorated with shades of blue and black. A vibrant glossy red lipstick covered her full lips. Covering her body was a shimmering black form-fitting sleeveless dress with a low neckline and plunging scoop back. The skirt had a lower hemline reached to the ankles and was slit at one side, revealing the woman's sexy legs. It look almost exactly like a black version of the Jessica Rabbit dress.

"She looks so sexy," whispered Madelynn without forethought.

Madelynn noticed that the fuschia-haired woman's breasts jiggled slightly when she walked, as if trying to escape from confinement. There was a small stream of smoke rising upwards from the woman's flank, and Madelynn soon noticed that it was coming from a cigarette attached to a cigarette holder. The woman took a drag from the cigarette and sensually blew it towards the camera. Madelynn's pussy was practically gushing with wetness at this point as her eyes focused with rapt attention.

The view of the action then changed to showing the femme fatale's back as she continued her walk. The fuschia-haired woman stopped right in front of the masked woman, who was the same woman in the previous scene.

"Endless desire," whispered the female smoker huskily.

The masked woman, who was previously standing immobile, slowly kneeled down in front of the female smoker upon hearing the phrase. A puff of smoke from the cigarette caused the mask to fall off, as if by magic. At the same moment, the view of the camera immediately changed to a position behind the unmasked woman. Raising one leg on a chair and parting her skirt aside, the smoking woman revealed her neatly trimmed bush. Madelynn found her eyes wandering to the raised leg, tracing it from the thigh all the way to the black high heel shoe.

"Lick my pussy," the Jessica Rabbit wannabe ordered.

With a shaky hand, Madelynn reached for her purple gyrating dildo, turned it to the lowest speed, pressed it against her cunt. Flushed with arousal, Her heart was beating with the rhythm of a steam train engine as she slowly rotated her wrists, moving whole dildo in slow revolutions.

Acting like some sex-starved creature, the unmasked woman pressed her lips against the slick clam in front of her and proceeded to devour it ravenously. Her arms immediately looped around the femme fatale's thighs, as if afraid that her sexual meal would escape from her. The visual eroticism and the sensual sounds from the two vixens were so immersive to Madelynn she almost felt the action was in happening in her own room. Uttering one loud moan, Madelynn's floodgates opened. The teen girl's juices spilled on the dildo and her thighs in large quantities.

After checking the WiFi webcams for proper functioning, Madelynn began doing her next assignment, which involved cybersex with an unknown woman. Following Elena's instructions, Madelynn dressed herself in a skimpy version of the Japanese schoolgirl uniform and attached USB vibrating eggs to her breasts, pussy, and anus in preparation for the task. She logged into a specified website and clicked on a specific profile. A window opened, showing a live streaming video of a young woman reclining on a bed dressed in a black latex shelf bra, a black latex thong, see-through latex stockings, a rhinestone-studded black collar, and sexy black high heels. Her long black hair tied up in a high pony tail. A dark red color decorated her lips and nails. To prevent Madelynn from knowing the identity of the woman, she wore a black facial mask.

Madelynn shuddered when the vibrating egg in her pussy buzzed.

Devilgirl666: "Hello."

RavenGirlXXX: "Hi."

Devilgirl666: "Is this your first time doing this?"

RavenGirlXXX: "Yes."

Devilgirl666: "Good, it turns me on even more."

Devilgirl666: "Is this your first time with a girl?"

RavenGirlXXX: "No."

Devilgirl666: "Ha, I thought you're a virgin."

Devilgirl666: "Do you prefer boys, girls, or both?"

Madelynn remembered Elena's instructions on what to say to those kinds of questions.

RavenGirlXXX: "Only girls."

There was a buzz on Madelynn's pussy, breasts, and anus.

Devilgirl666: "Did you feel it?"

RavenGirlXXX: "Yes."

Devilgirl666: "Let's do some role play. You're a pretty school who caught the eye of the leader of a female biker gang and she abducts you to use you as a sex slave. Your arms and legs are tied to a wooden chair."

RavenGirlXXX: "Please don't hurt me!" *Struggling against the ropes*

DevilGirl666: "Don't worry, dear. I won't hurt you."

RavenGirlXXX: "What do you want from me?"

DevilGirl666: "Just obedience and pleasure." *Grazing your cheek with my red nails*

DevilGirl666: "Have you fantasized about another girl in a sexual way?" *Touching your left breast*"

The image of Wendy's cheerful face flashed in Madelynn's mind.

RavenGirlXXX: "No."

DevilGirl666: "Really? Not even your friend Wendy?"

Madelynn briefly imagined herself embracing Wendy like a lover and kissing her on the lips. The imaginary Wendy wrapped her bare right leg around Madelynn's left leg and whispered huskily in her Madelynn's ear, "Fuck me." Her pussy tingled at the fleeting image, followed by feeling of guilt.

RavenGirlXXX: "NO!"

DevilGirl666: "Have you thought about your mom?"

Madelynn saw herself giving her mom a morning kiss as she went off to school, but instead of kissing on the cheek, it was a sensual lip lock.

RavenGirlXXX: "Never! That's wrong!"

The unwanted mental scene remained in Madelynn's mind even when she shook her head to chase it away. It quickly progressed to a more erotic level. Her mom's lips magically turned from its natural color to glossy cherry red. Colorful makeup covered her mom's face. Eyelashes became thick with mascara and eyelids were more defined.

"Stop it!" Madelynn exclaimed to herself aloud.

"Why is she asking these sick questions?" Madelynn thought even as her pussy was tingling at the unwanted imagination.

DevilGirl666: "Liar." *Cutting open your blouse with a sharp knife*

RavenGirlXXX: *Shaking in fear; Squirming against the ropes*

DevilGirl666: *Touching your pussy with the handle of the knife*

RavenGirlXXX: *Moaning with hot quivering; Nipples getting hard*

The cybersex session continued on for a little over twenty minutes. Through the expert manipulation of the vibrators by the girl she was having online sex with, Madelynn was put through intermittent stimulation that always stopped right when she was about to reached her climatic peak. Towards the end, Madelynn finally received what her pussy wanted and orgasmed powerfully under the one powerful and relentless blitz of the vibrating eggs, adding another facet to her growing lesbian sexual experiences. The seat of her wooden chair was eventually slick with her overflowing pussy juices, which squeaked when Madelynn shifted in her seat. Unknown to Madelynn, the whole session was recorded for interested parties, one of which was Ms. Meyers, who had a special interest in young nubile girls.

Madelynn received a call from her Mistress, shortly after she finished doing her assignments.

"How was it?"

"It was okay," replied Madelynn while licking her pussy juice off of her fingers.

"Come on, it's must have been better."

"It was great. I've never felt so aroused in my life." Madelynn said what Elena wanted to hear and what she thought was her false opinion.

You're making me enjoy lesbianism, but I will never give in, Madelynn thought after giving her fingers one final lick.

"Good. I'm glad you had fun. I've talked with your mom earlier. I think she's going to be more... Understanding of what you're doing."

"But... Nothing's changed! I'm still grounded. My Mom is still mad at me and said that we're going to move to my Grandma's house!"

"Well, if you're moving away, then I won't be able to have fun with you anymore. You're essentially free. Isn't that what you want?"

"What about the pictures and videos?"

"I'll destroy them. I promise."

Madelynn didn't feel like trusting Elena's words. It seemed too good to be true.


"Yes, so do you what to break free from me or do you want to continue your life here?"

There was a period of silence when Madelynn thought about what she was going to lose by moving away with her Mom. She felt very attached to the place she grew up in and her friends, especially Wendy. There's also the issue with Hecate that wasn't resolved.

"I want some time to think about it."

"Make your decision in by tomorrow midnight. If I don't receive an answer from you before that time, then I'll assume that you want to go along with your mom's decision."

Erin tossed and turned on her bed as the details of an erotic dream began materializing in the subconscious sea of her mind. She found herself dressed in the same poka dot dress she had worn earlier this day and standing in a desolate wasteland. Skeletons of animals, dried grass, large rocks, and leafless gnarly trees dotted the vast landscape. The sky was dark and cloudy with the sun was setting in the horizon. Vultures flew about, looking for their next meal. Erin stood motionless with dread at the unfriendly environment.

She spotted a human figure in the distance. Like a moth desperately seeking the light, Erin quickly walked towards the human figure, who was standing with her back towards Erin. As Erin got closer, she noticed that the figure appeared to be female. The beautifully dressed figure turned around to face Erin, who revealed herself to be a teenage girl. She was dressed in a full-length satin dress of a pure black color. The dress was voluminous at the skirt and form-fitting at the top. Decorative folds, pleats, embroidered segments, and lace made the dress look resplendent. A cleavage-revealing front-lace corset provided a generous view of her bosom. Right above her cleavage was a silver chain amethyst pendant necklace that hung from her neck. The girl's eyelashes were thick, curled, and black. Her eyelids were outlined and colored with shades of burgundy. The many locks of the girl's pitch-black hair were done in a ringlet style and ornamented with a single purple rose. Her face looked unnaturally fair, almost like white enamel. She was the evil seductress incarnate.

"Who are you?" asked Erin, who found herself slightly aroused by the girl's presence.

"I'm your daughter, Madelynn," the girl replied, uttering each word sensually through glossy black lips.

"You're not my daughter!"

"Yes, I am, Mom. How can you not recognize me?" Madelynn walked towards Erin slowly. Her black heels clicked clacked on slab of rock that she walked on.

"Didn't I tell you before not to dress like this?!"

"I was repressed, Mom, but now I'm free. This is the real me. I want to be admired and lusted after by everyone. I want to have sex with all pretty women and girls."

"Homosexuality is sinful and immoral! You're being tempted by the Devil!"

"You're wrong, Mom. Pleasure is everything. You don't know what you've been missing, Mom."

Madelynn inserted her black-nailed fingers into the front slit of her skirt and parted the folds, revealing a black latex strap-on dildo that she wore.

"Madelynn, stop! You're not acting like a proper woman!" exclaimed Erin as she backed away a few steps.

"You're not proper yourself, Mom."

Erin was temporarily blinded by a flash of light. Her body felt hot and wet, as if someone had poured warm water on her. When the feeling passed, Erin blinked her eyes, and her vision returned.

"Look at yourself."

A large silver-framed mirror magically materialized in front of Erin. The mother gasped in shock when she saw her new attire and look. Gone was her poka dot dress and the rest of her old attire. In their place was a bosom-revealing sheer red baby doll negligee, sheer red panties, and a matching red garter belt that held up her sheer red stockings. Her penny loafers were replaced with glossy red stiletto heels. Her unembellished nails now had on red nail polish and her lips were of the same color. Thick black eye makeup defined her eyes.

"What have you done to me?"

"Just revealing you for what you truly are, a willing whore."

"No, that's not me!"

"Mom, you're a lesbian slut. You'll fuck anything with a pussy."

"No, no, no!"

"I know you've been feeling lonely ever since Dad left. I know you've been aching for sexual intimacy. I can help you relieve that tension, Mom."

"No, incest is immoral!" Even in her denial, Erin found her pussy quivering unwillingly with desire.

"You're wrong, Mom. Nothing is better than love within the family. You've been searching for love ever since Dad left us, even though it's was in right front of you all along."

Erin's eyes wandered to her daughter's large breasts before moving up to the kissable shiny black lips, and then to the beautiful gray eyes that seem to devour her soul. Unexpectedly, she had an urge to kiss her daughter's lips.

"Stop it, Madelynn! Stop trying to seduce me!"

"Mom, I just want to help you. I can give you pleasure you could never imagine, even better than what Dad or any other man can gave you. Please don't deny yourself of what you really want."

When Madelynn continued walking closer, Erin looked at the black strap-on apprehensively as if it was some poisonous black snake.

"No, get that thing away from me!"

"Stay right where you are, Mom."

The Madelynn in Erin's dream raised her right hand. Sparks flew from it and landed on the ground right next to Erin. Gnarly brown vines quickly rose up from the ground and wrapped themselves around Erin's arms and legs, effectively immobilizing her.

"Don't do it, Madelynn, please! You're going to commit a grave sin!"

"Sorry, Mom, but I have to do this because... I love you. I want to return the boundless love you've given me as a parent."

"But, sexual love isn't the same thing as parental love, Madelynn! Snap out of it!"

"Just relax, Mom," whispered Madelynn before smothering her Mom's further protests with a passionate deep kiss.

After Erin's initial moments of revulsion of being kissed by her daughter and another female for the first time in a sexual manner (at least in Erin's dream), she unexpectedly found herself feeling pleasure from the incestuous Sapphic kiss.

"This is wrong! I shouldn't be feeling like this! The Devil is tempting me!" Erin thought.

Erin moaned through her daughter's mouth as her melons were being squeezed by Madelynn's well-manicured fingers like a newborn thirsty for her mother's milk. The thin fabric of the red negligee did little to prevent Erin from experiencing the warmth, pressure, and feeling of her daughter's wonderful hands. After what Erin felt was a brief span of time, Madelynn finally broke the kiss. Between their separating lips was a short-lived thread of glistening saliva, which Madelynn sucked enthusiastically, relishing the taste of the mixture of her own and her Mom's oral fluids. Licking the last remnants of her Mom's saliva on her lips, Madelynn added more shine to her already glossy lips.

"Remember how you breastfed me when I was little, Mom?"

Erin wasn't sure what to make of that question in this situation.

"I want some of that motherly milk now."

"No, you're too old for that!" Even as she was saying those words, Erin's nipples were hardening at her daughter's sudden demand for breast milk.

Madelynn's glossy black lips enveloped themselves around her mother's jutting nipple through the flimsy see-through negligee, biting it before fully sucking on it. Subtle repeating moans escaped from Erin's garish red lips as nutritious white fluid leaked out of her breast into her daughter's waiting mouth. Acting on maternal instinct, Erin wrapped a naked arm around her daughter's head. Red-nailed fingers intertwined with dangling tube curls of Madelynn's jet black hair.

When Madelynn's juicy black lips finally detached themselves from her Erin's breast, Erin felt an immediate void of pleasure. As much as she hated what she had experienced for religious, moral, and ethical reasons, she wanted the pleasure to continue. With her eyes firmly locked onto Erin's, the Gothic princess licked the excess milk around her lips and said in the sweetest voice possible to her mother, "It's time for the main course, Mom."

Erin's eyes, as they were looking for something to focus on, drifted downward to the black latex strap-on that her daughter was wearing, having almost forgotten about it during Madelynn's mammary ministrations.

"No, don't put that me, please!" Erin's token resistance was meaningless to her daughter and her own new desires.

"You want it, Mom!" Madelynn insisted as she wrapped her lithe arms around her mother's narrow waist.

Erin's chest heaved for breath when her daughter plunged the black strap-on latex dildo into her pussy. The last time she had been fucked by any person was with her husband several years ago. A sharp exhalation of air escaped from Erin's mouth when her daughter pulled the strap-on away in a downward stroke before thrusting inward again in a repetitious cycle of Sapphic copulation. Erin's moans and grunts filled the dreadful landscape of her dream. Outside of her dream, Erin was tossing and turning in her bed while thrusting her hips upward repeatedly against the air.

Sexual pleasure and parental love had become one, at least in Erin's current dream. Lost in pleasure, Erin barely noticed that the vines had loosened its hold on her body. She instinctively encircled her arms around her daughter's shoulders and wrapped her legs around her daughter's waist. Her sense of time became distorted by pleasure as the incestuous fucking continued.

"You may cum now, Mom!"

"Uggghhhh... Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!"

Erin's explosive orgasm coincided with her waking up from the dream. Jumping up suddenly in her bed, she found herself full of sweat and the bed sheets in disarray. Her pussy was moist and her panties thoroughly soaked. Hearing the creaking of the door, Erin quickly covered herself up with the bed sheets. Madelynn's head peaked innocently through the crack of partially opened door.

"Mom, are you alright? I heard some loud sounds coming from your room so I came over."

"No worries, dear. It was just a nightmare I just had. Go back to sleep now or else you'll lose sleep and feel groggy in the morning.

"Okay, Mom," replied Madelynn before leaving.

"What happened to me? Has the Devil invaded my dreams?" thought Erin.

As Madelynn was walking towards her vanity early next morning wearing only a black PVC bra and thong, she experienced something different. For the first time since Elena had ordered her to put on makeup, she felt thrilled and aroused at the prospect of putting on makeup. With a small brush, she applied multiple layers of purple shadow before defining the lower edge of her upper eyelids with a black eyeliner pencil. Using an eyelash comb, she curled her eyelashes and then thickly applied the black mascara. Grapping a tube of purple lipstick, Madelynn raised it up vertically and eye it as if it was a sex toy before pressing the tip of it on her lips. With smooth, practiced motions, she generously applied layer after layer of purple color on her lips. Madelynn admired herself on the mirror, and for the first time, wondered if Wendy would like her new look and find her sexy.

"It's nothing sexual. I just want to know Wendy's opinion for purely aesthetics reasons," she told herself.

She checked her purple lacquered nails one last time to see if there were any flaws. Putting on makeup had become so routine for Madelynn now that it became almost natural for her despite her misgivings. Pursing her lips, Madelynn gave her reflection an air kiss before getting herself fully dressed and ready for school.

When Madelynn got to her school, there was still twenty minutes before the first morning bell. She saw Wendy standing at one corner of the courtyard, as if waiting for someone. When Madelynn walked up to her friend, she noticed her overall appearance. Dressed in a ruffled yellow skirt, white cami, white stockings, and strappy silver high heel mules, Wendy was a magnet for attention.

Not knowing that it was her own new conceptions or Wendy's new attire, Madelynn felt that Wendy exuded a strange new sensuality that she haven't noticed before from her friend. Her eyes wandered vertically upward along Wendy's feminine form, noticing its sexy smooth curves and how the clothing emphasized it beautifully.

"Wendy, you look great."

"Thank you, Madelynn. You look very beautiful too."

Words were suddenly caught in Madelynn's throat. She wanted to tell Wendy about her Mom's plan to move away but was afraid to say it.

Wanting to break the silence, Wendy asked, "Maddy, want to come to my house this afternoon to hang out?"

Madelynn found herself unexpectedly angry at her friend's ignorance.

"I'm grounded, remember?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm sorry."

"You've been hanging out with Sarah so often that you've completely forgotten about me."

"No, Madelynn, I haven't forgotten about you. You're still my best friend. It's just that I've been busy lately."

"With Sarah."

"She's been helping me... She's... Maddy, it's hard to explain..."

"Sarah's your lovey dovey girlfriend now, isn't she? Is that what you're trying to tell me?"

Wendy caught by surprise by her friend's statement. Expecting to tell Madelynn about it herself, she didn't think the news would get out so fast.

"No... Yes, but it isn't what you think."

"My mom told me that she saw you two French kissing!"

"Madelynn, I was going to tell you about it. I'm sorry."

"I thought we promised not to keep secrets from each other."

"I didn't mean to. It was so recent. It happened all of a sudden."

"You mean you suddenly became lesbo?!"

A small tear trickled down Wendy's left eye.

"Nooo... It's not like that, Maddy! I'm not... I mean, I'm experimenting. It's not serious."

"So are you Sarah's girlfriend now or not?"

There was a delay before Wendy answered, "Yes, but..."

"Experimenting? How can you be experimenting when you two are in a relationship?!"

More tears trickled from Wendy's eyes, ruining some of her makeup.

Wendy's teary eyes made Madelynn realized a little too late that she had gone too far with her questioning.

"Wendy, don't cry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm sorry."

Madelynn hugged her friend.

"I was just worried about you. If you're okay with what you're doing with Sarah, then it's fine. I won't ask about it anymore."

The hug lasted for about a minute.

"No hard feelings between us, okay?" asked Madelynn.

"No hard feelings," replied Wendy as she brushed a lock of hair from her face.

"Was I acting jealous?" mused Madelynn in idle thought as she walked to her homeroom. "No, I was just worried about Wendy."

Sarah shared her first period English class with Wendy. Before they became friends, the two girls sat across from each other in the room. After taking Wendy under her wing, Sarah persuaded her teacher Ms. Melan through a special agreement to change the seating arrangement. This allowed Sarah and Wendy to sit together for the rest of the semester.

At one point during Ms. Melan's lecture, Sarah slowly reached with her hand behind Wendy's seat and groped her ass. Wendy's face contorted slightly at the unexpected touch. Scarcely a day had passed after Sarah and Wendy got into a fake lesbian relationship, and Sarah was already taking generous liberties with Wendy's body. Even though Sarah had accepted Wendy's request to tone down the public displays of affection in their fake relationship, at least for the first two days, Sarah liberally interpreted the definition of modesty.

With talking forbidden during the lecture, they had to communicate with written notes on scraps of line paper.

Sarah passed a note to Wendy that read, "I love you, Wendy."

She continued touching Wendy's ass even while Wendy was writing the response note.

Wendy passed a note back. "We shouldn't do this in class."

"But it's sexy."

"We might get it trouble! They'll see us!"

"No, we won't get in trouble and having people notice us is the point. We want them to know that we're more than just friends."

Most of the guys sitting in the seats behind Wendy and Sarah noticed the action and were having erections. Those wearing jeans were able to hide it, but those wearing sweatpants and khakis struggled to hide their bulges. Their red faces belied their lewd thoughts.

"We should do it in the restroom."

Ms. Melan walked over to Wendy's seat and snatched the note up.

Wendy closed her eyes, expecting her note to be read out loud, but nothing of that sort happened.

"Pay attention, Wendy. You're disrupting class."

"Sorry, Ms. Melan."

"You too, Sarah."

"Yes, Ms. Melan."

During the third passing period, Lauren walked up to Madelynn while Madelynn was getting books from her locker.

"Madelynn, I've got something important to tell you. Do you have time during lunch period?"

"Are you... going to make me do something with you again?"

"No, it's something else. I'll meet you at here at your locker at the beginning of lunch period, okay?"


Lauren's serious tone made Madelynn wonder about what Lauren was up to. Regardless of Lauren's intentions, Madelynn knew she had to meet with Lauren at the specified time. Her gut feeling was nagging at her, and she was curious about what Lauren was going to tell her.

Shortly after the lunch bell rang, Lauren was standing near Madelynn's locker as she had promised.

"I'm sorry about what I did to you last time," said Lauren.

"So, it's about that" Madelynn thought.

"I don't know... I don't really think I can accept your apology just like that."

"I'm risking a lot by saying this, but I'm being blackmailed like you are by Elena."

"You're being blackmail too?"

Madelynn's curiosity was piqued.

"Yes, what I did to you last time was one of the assignments Elena had me do."

"Elena made me do a lot of those nasty assignments too... Do you know why she's she doing this?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's how she gets her kicks or maybe she's working for someone else."

"Working for someone else... What about Sarah? I think she's somehow connected to this, but I don't how."

"I think Sarah is Elena's partner in crime, but that's just a guess."

"Do you know about what's happening to Wendy? She seems to be very close to Sarah right now."

"I think she's being manipulated by Sarah using... drugs and hypnosis."

"Drugs and hypnosis?!"

"Don't be so loud. People might hear us."

"Does that mean--"

"Yes, Elena's been feeding you the same drug that Sarah's feeding Wendy."

"I should warn her!"

"Remember, we are being blackmailed. Also, Elena and other people working for Hecate have connections with criminal organizations. If we do anything to arouse their suspicions or anything else drastic, bad things might happen to us and our families."

"Oh God, you can't be serious."

"I am, and you should be careful."

"How do you know all this?"

"I have several secret contacts from within Hecate, and one of them is Elena's subordinates."

Madelynn had a renewed sense of determination. Her investigation of Hecate had gone cold and was stopped abruptly by Elena. With Lauren's help, she might be able to finally solve the mystery.

"That's what I've been trying to dig up all along before I was stopped by Elena. Since you're telling me this, does it mean you have a plan?"

"We need to gather evidence against them in order bring them down, but it's not easy. It'll take time. In the meantime, we need to keep a low profile and pretend to be ignorant. In other words, we need to continue obeying their orders while investigating secretly."

"What about the drugs?"

"The blue candy and juice Elena gave you?"

Madelynn gasped. "Those were drugs?"

"Yes, but don't worry. Here's the medicine that counteracts the effects of those drugs Elena is giving you."

She handed to Madelynn a small pill bottle containing red-colored capsules.

"Follow the instructions on the bottle. I have more if you're finished with them. Remember, don't make it obvious that we know each other well. Here's my cell phone number. Call me this afternoon."

Just as they were about to part, Lauren suddenly received a text from Elena. "Sorry, Maddy. Elena just gave me an order to kiss you."

"Here? Right now?"

"No, next passing period at the central stairs on the first floor. People need to watch us. We need to do it or else we'll get punished. Also, remember that I'm being blackmailed too, so you need act unwilling or at least reluctant."

"I'll keep that in mind. I know we can't let them be know that we're working together."

Near the end of lunch period, Sarah was retouching Wendy's makeup at the girl's restroom. Holding a tube of pink lipstick, she carefully reapplied new layers of glossy pink color on Wendy's lips.

"What happened this morning, Wendy?"

"You know about it?"

"Melanie told me she saw Madelynn arguing with you."

"We weren't exactly arguing. Madelynn was asking me how I was suddenly your girlfriend."

"And what did you say?"

"That I was just experimenting."

"So you didn't admit that you're a lesbian?"

"Not really."

"Giving Madelynn doubts about your sexual orientation will hurt our plan. You should've told her straight up that you're lesbian."

"But... I don't want to lie to her."

"Wendy, I've told you before that we can't let other people know about our plan or even give hints of it. Madelynn might tell her other friends and maybe Lauren too that you're unsure of your orientation. Once Lauren knows about it, she'll see right through our plan."

"I'm sorry. I'll try to clear it up with her."

"It might be too late."

"Too late? Oh no, does that what we've done so far was for nothing?"

"No, Wendy, there's still a chance. How did Madelynn react when you said that you're just experimenting?"

"She didn't believe me. She thought I was in a serious relationship with you."

"So that's why she was angry. I think Madelynn might be jealous."

"Jealous? Why?"

"She probably likes you."

"But she's straight!"

"Don't be so sure of that. Don't you notice her new looks?"

"Yes, but how does it mean she likes me?"

"It's obvious that she's trying to get your attention. Madelynn will ruin our plan if we don't do something about it."

"Ruin our plan? How?"

"Even though she doesn't know about our plan, she might try to sabotage our relationship out of jealousy and tell Lauren about what we're exactly up too."

"Madelynn being friends with Lauren?! How's that possible?"

"Anything's possible. I saw them talking to each other this morning about us and... touching each other in that way."

Wendy felt betrayed. Why would her best friend side with her rival and keep so much from her?

"What should I do?"

"Attract her attention. Flirt with her. Do a 'carrot and stick' act. But don't make it too serious. Just do enough for her to think that she might have a chance at a relationship with you."

"This feels kind of wrong. I mean Madelynn and I are friends since childhood. I feel bad doing this."

"You could just see it as winning Madelynn's friendship back from Lauren."


"Wendy, there times when we need to lie and deceive people to get what we want. And besides, if you accidentally go too far with Madelynn, you could always use the excuse that you're just experimenting with her. She's also been doing sexy stuff with Lauren, so that doesn't mean she isn't experimenting too."

"Okay, Sarah, I'll do it." Despite her misgivings, Wendy reluctantly agreed.

As Wendy walked away from Sarah, she analyzed her doubts that she had about Sarah's assertion that Madelynn is bi or lesbian. Memories of Madelynn gawking at her and eyeing her up came back. "How come I haven't noticed this before," she wondered. Her thoughts then drift to Lauren. She had a passing moment of hate for her, and couldn't resist having a similar feeling against Madelynn for being friends with Lauren.

During the next passing period, Lauren passed Wendy and "accidentally" drops a racy photograph of Madelynn in PVC lingerie on the floor. Despite Lauren being her rival, Wendy picked up the photograph out of kindness. Her heart stopped for a moment when Wendy noticed what was on the photograph before handing it back to Lauren.

"Thanks, Wendy," said Lauren before walking hurriedly away to meet up with Madelynn at the central stairs.

The picture further lessened Wendy's doubts about Sarah's assertion that Madelynn was into girls.

Fearing punishment from Elena, Madelynn got to the location Lauren had mentioned earlier as soon as the bell rang. Upon arriving at the stairs, she got nervous when Lauren was no where to be found. The wide stairway filled up with people very quickly, and Madelynn got bumped into several times by other students.


Turing her head around, Madelynn could see Lauren walking up to her.

"Lauren, wha--"

Without saying another word, Lauren kissed Madelynn right on her lips, merging her glossy pink lips with Madelynn's shiny purple painted lips. It was similar in feeling to kissing Elena, yet different. The warmth and pleasant smell of Lauren's body combined with the feminine gentleness of Lauren's every action during the kiss made Madelynn doubt her own conceptions of Lauren being a cruel stuck-up, spoiled bitch. When the kiss lasted longer than Madelynn expected, she tried breaking off the kiss, but Lauren held her firmly with her arms and pushed Madelynn against the wall. The undesirable prospect of being called and recognized as a "lesbian" or "dyke", combined with the arousal she felt during the kiss, made her heart race. Madelynn was panting heavily after the long kiss and her face was flushed.

"Did we have to kiss that long?"

"Yes, it's what Elena wanted us to do. I think one of Elena's agents has already seen us kissing," Lauren whispered.


"That girl with the blue top and glasses over there."

"You mean the one standing right at the corner who just left?"

"Yes, the one that just left, memorize her face. Anyway, we're done with Elena's assignment. Run to your next class now if you don't want to be late."

Madelynn glanced at her cell phone's clock. "Oh no! The bell's about to ring!"

"Don't forget to call me!"