Monday, October 31, 2011

Silver Witch (chapter 7)

Emma sluggishly took a shower in the morning. The events that happened the night before still left her feeling queasy. She was still reeling from the shock of what had happened. It was the experience of having oral sex for the first time with another female that was the most shocking assault on her heterosexuality yet. Even though she had resisted, she had eventually capitulated to Jeannie's actions.

"I wasn't myself last night. I was forced. She made me do it."

As she soaped herself up, images of what she had done with Jeannie flashed in her mind. The memories of herself kissing Jeannie and the silver golem, hugging each other, caressing each other, and having sex together along with all of the feelings she had felt flooded into her conscious, overwhelming her senses. She closed her eyes and leaned on the wall, feeling the cold white tiles on her back. Emma felt shameful of coerced admission that Jeannie had her made regarding her alleged sexual orientation, but that feeling of shame passed by quickly when she felt a sudden, strong need for sexual relief. Despite fighting against it, the sexual images had titillated her to the point of no return. Her dominant hand slowly and reluctantly reached for her clit and began stroking it, while the other hand went to one of her breasts. Gasps and moans filled the shower stall. Minutes later she grunted as the feelings of bliss coursed through her body. After satisfying her sexual need, shame and frustration assaulted Emma anew.

"Damn Galatea and her enchantment!" Emma cursed while drying herself with the towel.

It was a cool morning with an occasional breeze. The sky was completely cloudy. From the weather report, Emma knew that it won't rain that day, but she still brought an umbrella just in case. As she began crossing the street one block away from her home, a large black limousine slowly stopped in front of her, blocking her way. Almost immediately, Emma felt something was wrong, but she couldn't put a finger on it.

Those negative feelings were realized when a dark tinted window on the vehicle facing Emma rolled down, revealing the voluptuous female passenger within.

"Good morning, Emma," greeted Galatea with a smile that was enough to turn many people into a quivering pile of molasses.

Emma didn't responded immediately at first because she was utterly shocked. She thought that all of the activities with Galatea would be relegated only to evenings. Now she had to deal with the witch in the morning too. Will she ever have a moment of peace?

"Good morning, Galatea."

"Come, I'm going to give you a ride to school." The door of the vehicle opened automatically as Galatea said those words.

Emma knew it was going to more than just a friendly gesture of taking her to school. She sighed and begrudgingly accepted her fate without expressing on her face. Once she got up close to the vehicle, she noticed that the chauffeur was just a life-sized doll wearing a uniform.

"It must be magically animated just like the golem last night."

The size of the vehicle from the outside belied the spaciousness of the purple leather-padded interior. There was a mini bar with alcoholic and fruit drinks along with bowls of food and snacks. A flat screen TV and several digital media players allowed for entertainment. Artistic neon-colored lights illuminated the interior. It was very classy and regal. However, Emma's feeling of awe was ended abruptly when she noticed a transparent crystalline chest filled with a variety of sex toys, including personal dildos, double dildos, strap-ons, Ben Wa balls, and other sexual objects Emma never saw before. Most of them were transparent or metallic in appearance. Emma was shocked at the implications and hoped that what Galatea was going to do within the limo won't involve any of those sexual devices.

"Here, sit next to me."

Averting her gaze from the chest of lustful objects, Emma eyes then focused on feminine form in front of her as she sat down on the purple leather seat. From an objective standpoint, Emma knew that Galatea was indeed a very beautiful woman. For a moment she felt envious. A femme fatale like Galatea could easily wrap people around her finger even without magic.

"How was last night?"

"It was... wonderful," replied Emma reluctantly.

"Then I presumed you've enjoyed last night's activities."


"Do you want to experience those pleasures again?"

"Yes..." Emma wanted to say no, but she knew there was only one acceptable answer.

"My, you sure have a big sexual appetite. Don't worry, you'll get a lot more of what you want in the days ahead."

"No, it's totally not what I want!" screamed Emma inside her mind.

"What do you think of last night's magic lesson?"

"It was awesome! I really like what I've learned." Emma was forcing herself to be enthusiastic about the magic lessons, but some of the positive feelings were genuine.

"Good. I'm sure you've already thought of some uses for the spell. I will continue teaching you more as long as you're still willing to learn."

If Emma had a choice, she would be more than willing to give up learning magic to get her freedom back, but knew by now that Galatea wouldn't allow it.

There was a period of silence between them. Emma's eyed up Galatea subconsciously. Instead of the usual outfit, the Silver Witch had on a form-fitting sleeveless and strapless full length dress that hugged her body like a second skin. The reflective silver surface of the dress shimmered attractively like thousands of pinpoint sources of light. A plunging V-neckline revealed a generous part of her gravity-defying breasts. Complementing the outfit were silver strappy heels, a pink sapphire and diamond necklace, daggling earrings of the same jewels, silver bracelets on her arms. Complementing the jewelry were metallic pink color on her nails and lips. A high pony tail on her head was held by a bejeweled scrunchie.

The teen girl's eyes eventually wandered to and finally stopped at the Silver Witch's brilliant blue eyes, noticing the thick black lashes and silver eye shadow. A momentary subtle glow of Galatea's eyes snapped Emma out of focus. Emma then realized with alarm that she had been gawking at the witch unconsciously. Galatea's glossy metallic pink lips were curved in a subtle, knowing smile. Upon realizing the she had been staring at the witch longer that she had wanted, Emma immediately put up effort in controlling herself.

"What just happened? It's like I've lost control of myself. The magical enchantment must be affecting me again!"

Once Emma had sat right next to the witch, she waited for instructions on what to do next. But when moments passed with nothing happening, she was suddenly afraid of the possibility that she might have done something wrong. It wasn't until Galatea pursed her lips slightly that Emma found out what she was expected to do. Keeping her hands on her lap, she moved her upper body forward close enough kiss Galatea. As her face went nearer to Galatea's, she noticed the immaculateness of the perfectly sculpted face. A pleasant waft of perfume titillated Emma's nostrils. Emma wanted to dally, but knew she couldn't. Her lips soon came in contact with Galatea's, initiating the first kiss between them in the morning. The modest liplock lasted for about a dozen seconds. When the kiss broke, they maintained eye contact. Emma's eyes focused trance-like for a brief moment into the endless depth of the blue orbs.

"You love me, don't you?"

"Yes, I love you, Galatea," replied Emma reluctantly, knowing that it was the only one answer the Silver Witch would accept.

"And you'll always submit to me."

"Yes, I'll always submit to you."

"Then show me that love and devotion. Words are meaningless without action. Kiss me again, but with more force and passion this time. Put your tongue inside me. Feel my body with your hands. I want feel that love you have for me."

Not wanting to earn Galatea's ire, the teen girl slowly leaned forward for another kiss. She tried her best to be passionate despite having no sexual interest in females. When their glossy colored lips were pressed together, Emma pushed her tongue into Galatea's receptive mouth. There was a pulling force on her tongue, and Emma knew she had to push it further in. It felt gross to Emma when she swirled her tongue inside Galatea's mouth. However, Emma couldn't deny the strange pleasant taste and sensation she felt from her action. It didn't take long for Galatea to respond with her own tongue. Their tongues soon swirled alongside each other vigorously and passionately.

When the kiss broke, Emma's hands moved next, albeit reluctantly. While Emma maintained an ever present smile in front of the witch, her hands went around and encircled Galatea's waist. The metallic material of the glistening dress felt wonderfully smooth. Combined with the warmth and supple smoothness of Galatea's body, it gave Emma an unexpectedly pleasant sensation. The icky feeling of sexually touching the body of same sex was still there, however. Continuing with what she was expected to do, Emma's hands slowly caressed and felt their way from the small of Galatea's back all the way up the bare shoulders. Because of the ultra fine quality of the silver dress, Emma barely noticed she had touched Galatea's naked skin once her hands passed the upper hem of the dress. At such a close distance, Emma noticed that Galatea's skin was free from imperfection. Why was she noticing this now?

For some reason, Emma found her fingers dawdling at the naked skin around Galatea's shoulders and neck. To rationalize her actions, the teen girl kept telling herself that it was strictly out of aesthetic appreciation and nothing sexual. When Emma's hands finally reached over the shoulders from the back, she suddenly stopped. Steeling herself, Emma crushed her hesitation and continued. Remembering a scene from one of the many lesbian porn videos Galatea had ordered her to watch, Emma imitated what one woman did with another in the erotic video. Her hands slowly slid down to Galatea's breasts and grasped them lightly through the material of the dress. Galatea gasped slightly in pleasure.

Slowly, Emma began manipulating Galatea's breasts. She didn't want to do it, but she had to. By now, Emma noticed that her pussy was wet, which she knew was due to the enchantment. It had been teasing her in such a subtle and gradual fashion that she barely noticed that her sexual heat wasn't caused by actions of her own body. She tried suppressing it by thinking of something else, but it was difficult. With her hands fully holding on to Galatea's breasts, Emma's eyes unconsciously focused on the gaping cleavage in front of her. From no where, a sexual scene flashed in Emma's mind: She saw herself smothering her face between Galatea's breasts with her tongue fully extended and licking on the boobs enthusiastically.

"No! I don't want to do that!" Emma blinked and the erotic image was gone from her mind.

Galatea touched Emma's hands and guided them beneath the upper folds of her silver dress, basically telling Emma to touch her breasts directly. Once Emma touched the naked skin of Galatea's breasts, she could feel their warmth and suppleness. It was like kneading dough, but felt much better. The silver fabric of the dress molded itself perfectly around Emma's delicate fingers and caressed them. Inside her mind, Emma kept telling herself that she's grossed out by this act as her fingers continued working on the witch's breasts.

Emma looked up at Galatea's face when she felt manicured fingers gently touching and raising her chin. Knowing what to do, she initiated another French kiss with Galatea while keeping her hands on the witch's breasts. Arms went around Emma's back, pulling the themselves even closer to each other. A glistening thread of saliva connected their separating lips after the kiss ended. The Silver Witch gave a lustful look at Emma as she licked the excess saliva around her own pick lips, prompting Emma to emulate that action with her own tongue.

"Do you want me to remove the enchantment, Emma?"

Emma's eyes lit up at that question. She didn't like the frequent, unexpected feelings of arousal and the selective restrictions on masturbation but she hated forced lesbianism the most.

"Yes, I would really like it if you remove the enchantment."

"I'm going to remove the enchantment from you, but you'll have to promise me that you'll become a lesbian to the fullest and end your false identity as a heterosexual female."

If it weren't for the threats, Emma would've quickly said "no", but she had no choice now. Either she promised Galatea to become a lesbian or else there would be severe consequences.

In a disappointed voice, Emma said, "Galatea, I promise you that I'll become a lesbian to the fullest."


"End my false identity as a heterosexual female."

The witch caressed Emma's cheek. "Good, very good. I'm glad you've finally made the decision to become a lesbian, which is what you truly are to begin with."

Emma had initially thought the removal of the enchantment would be a boon for her, but not it wasn't the case. Despite her effort against crying, a small stream of tears flowed from Emma's eyes. There's no hope for her to have a normal life anymore. She would never get a boyfriend. She would never get married. She would never have her own family. Everything's over for her and it's all because of Galatea!

"There, there, don't cry. Smile, Emma. Smile for yourself. Smile for me."

Emma rubbed the tears from her face and forced a smile on her face. Despite the removal of the enchantment, essentially nothing had change for the teen girl. Galatea hugged Emma in false sympathy. The consoling hug then became increasingly sexual as the witch began caressing Emma's body intimately.

Without the magical enchantment, Emma would have a more difficult time being intimate with Galatea and other females. She was starting to feel some regret in agreeing to its removal. If the enchantment was still in effect, she would have an easier time at doing lesbian activities and could blame the resulting feelings from whatever sexual acts she was doing with the witch on the enchantment. Once the enchantment got removed, she had to put much more mental and physical effort in these forced lesbian acts. Emma later retracted her analysis partially. Having freedom of her mind was better than being controlled. She would have to get used to Galatea's perverse activities in order to retain that freedom, she concluded. However, she was afraid of where that might eventually lead to.

"However, before that, I want you to do a sexy strip tease for me."

"But I haven't done anything like that before!" Even as Emma was saying that she recalled several stripping scenes from the porn videos and how she had masturbated in front of the witch days ago.

"Good, then this will be your first time. I'm sure the videos you've watched included some stripping scenes. You should know what to do."

Even though she had done sexual acts in front of Galatea before, Emma was reluctant to perform and remained glued to the seat.

"I see that you're still nervous. Here's something that will ease you a little."

A glass of pink liquid materialized on the table.

"What is it?"

"It's a special juice. Drink it. I guarantee you'll love the taste."

A noticeable feeling of hazy euphoria washed over Emma shortly after she drank the juice. Her nervousness was reduced, but not eliminated.

The hidden speakers came alive with jazz music. Emma slowly got up from the leather seat and walked a short distance in front of Galatea. She forced herself to put on a lustful look and sensual smile before slowly pulling her sweater upwards while gyrating her hips in a enticing manner. Using every ounce of effort, Emma tried her best to make her bodily movements as smooth and sensual as possible. There were some awkward moments as Emma was pulling off her shirt and hoped that the witch would overlook it. The shoes were next. Without stopping the sensual wavy movements of her teenage body, Emma slowly untied her shoe laces and took her sneakers and socks off all while giving seductive looks to Galatea occasionally. She spun herself around her feet once before slowly taking off her jeans. With as much sensuality as she could muster, she unzipped the fly, unbuckled her belt, and slowly peeled down her jeans like a banana without breaking eye contact with Galatea. Sometimes Emma would lick around the edges of her lips in order act more sensual. She felt grossed out by the way Galatea was looking at her, but Emma had to pretend to enjoy the attention. Again she rotated around herself, giving Galatea a 360-degree view of her body while placing emphasis on her ass by cupping them before continuing. A pair of crystal clear stripper heels materialized suddenly. Knowing that Galatea wanted her to wear them, Emma promptly inserted her bare feet into the transparent platform shoes.

Now down to her underwear, which was actually lingerie since Galatea had forbade her to wear ordinary underwear many days ago, Emma placed her hands on her hips and swung her long brunette hair around. Emma didn't know was happening, but she felt as if she was possessed by eroticism. Just a while ago, memories guided her stripping, but now Emma suddenly felt confident in producing her actions spontaneously without forethought. There was a moment of self-doubt, but it was quickly drowned by the feelings of Emma's pussy. She placed her hands on her breasts and cupped them. Giving her sole viewer another seductive look, Emma bat an eyelash and bit her lower lip. Acting like a feline, she descended on her fours and crawled forward towards Galatea until she was about three feet away from the witch. Turning around on her fours, Emma then gyrated her ass in an erotic mating signal. Raising one hand from the floor, Emma reached around to the back and squeezed her own ass while giving another seductive look at the witch.

Getting back up, Emma began sliding down the one strap of her embroidered red satin bra, revealing one breast partially. She danced around for a while tossing her hair, running her hands on her breasts, curves, and pussy before taking off the bra completely. The nipples were already hard like pencil erasers when they're exposed. When the time came for the red thong, she wriggled her ass sexily as she pulled it down through her legs. Leaving the thong bunched up at her right ankle, Emma raised her right leg, extended it while running her hands along its length, which revealed more of her shaved pussy, before finally taking the thong off.

Emma ended show with her walking to the leather seat opposite of where Galatea was sitting. She lain down on her side with one hand resting on the thigh and the other propping up her head on an arched elbow. Copious amounts of fluid was flowing from Emma's pussy down her thighs. She had a very strong urge get relieve herself sexually, but resisted.

Galatea clapped her hands. "That was an excellent performance! Was that really your first time stripping? Because it was very good."

"That was really my first time. I just remembered what I saw in the videos." Emma got back up in a regular sitting position.

"If that was really your first time, then you sure have a talent for it. "

"Talent? I don't think--" Being praised for stripping well wasn't something Emma wanted. It made her feel dirty and degraded.

"Don't be modest, Emma. You're a very beautiful girl, and you should use your charms and talents to their maximum potential."

The lull in activity made Emma remember that she needed to go to school. "Galatea, What time is it?! I'm going to be late for school!"

"Don't worry, dear. We still have some time left. I'm now going to give your reward."


"Yes. Come to me now and sit on your knees in front of me on the seat." Galatea gestured to Emma on the position in which Emma had to take.

Emma walked towards Galatea and climbed up on the leather seat on her knees astride Galatea's thighs. The feeling of her legs touching Galatea's thighs made her pussy tingle, which Emma automatically blamed on the enchantment. Emma had a feeling of what Galatea might do next when she felt her clit suddenly throb. Those feelings became truths when Galatea raised her knee to gently rub Emma's soaked pussy, teasing it but not enough to make Emma go over the edge. Emma made a silent gasp and closed her eyes.

When the teasing stopped abruptly, Emma opened her eyes and looked at Galatea. The teen girl's eyes were basically pleading for the pleasure to continue.

"Do you want more?"

The desperation for an orgasm forced Emma to reply, "Yes."

Galatea's glossy pink nails traced around the edge of edge of Emma's pussy before they pinched the clit. Two fingers later went into the love channel.

"Squeeze your breasts," ordered Galatea.

Emma's hands quickly rose to her breasts to squeeze them. When Galatea inserted two fingers almost fully into her pussy, Emma's manipulation of her own breasts become increasingly frantic. Her moans became more frequent and loud. She tossed her brown hair around as more feelings of pleasure flooded throughout her body. Not restricting her the sexual action on Emma's pussy, Galatea retracted her soaked fingers and moved them upwards to Emma's bosom. The teen girl's face contorted in disappointment at the unexpected void of pleasure but relaxed when Galatea inserted another set of fingers in its place.

When Emma felt something wet touching her lips, she immediately opened her eyes. Galatea's fingers that had just been inside her pussy were now on her lips. Having licking pussy juice off her own fingers before, she experienced lesser revulsion licking and sucking on Galatea's pink-nailed fingers that were coated in thick amounts of vaginal fluids. Once the fingers were cleaned, they moved to Emma's breasts and squeezed them. At the same time the Silver Witch gave Emma a deep kiss, muffling the sensual moans that were coming from the teen girl's mouth. Emma's orgasm came shortly after. Female honey flowed down Galatea's fingers and arm as Emma's body buckled and shuddered during her powerful sexual climax. Emma moaned loudly into Galatea's mouth, and Galatea kissed Emma even deeper, tackling Emma's tongue with her own. She released one hand from Emma's breast and wrapped her arm around Emma's shoulder, pulling the teen girl tightly to her own body.

After Emma got herself dressed, Galatea waved her hand. Sparkles flew from it and struck Emma's body. The teen girl felt a passing moment of chilliness.

"There, the enchantment has been removed. I have a new assignment for you as well as new guidelines that you'll have to follow."

"I have to do another assignment?" Emma's mind wandered at the undesirable possibilities. She knew it would involve homosexual acts, but don't know how far it would go. Emma hoped that it would just be more research and watching videos.

"Yes, you have to do it because can't stop in your training. It's for your own good. Now, about the assignment, it's either going to be long or short for you, depending how well you perform. You are to have an intimate relationship with at least one girl at your school with ultimate goal of having sex with her."

Emma's eyes widened at the unexpectedly extreme announcement. Galatea wants her to be in a sexual relationship with another girl. People will label her as a lesbian or dyke for sure. The sex part was almost as bad, if not worst. Performing same sex acts with Jeannie and Galatea was bad and disgusting enough. Now she had to do it with another girl at her school. Her life was going to be in a bigger quagmire now.

"Now for the new guidelines: You are to be open to a relationship with any girl who shows interest in you. That means you can't reject any advances from another girl. If by chance a girl is being flirtatious with you, you are to respond invitingly. If she seeks an intimate relationship with you, you are to accept her. Any act of sexual intimacy needs to be reciprocated. The guidelines aren't just for the assignment; they are rules that you must follow from now on. Do you understand, Emma?"

Shocked two times in a row, Emma found herself at a loss for words. She felt her reality crumbling down on her again. Getting into a relationship with another female in her high school was too extreme for her. Emma had a very strong urge to say "No". The word almost rolled out of her tongue, but at the last moment she replied reluctantly, "Yes... I understand, Galatea. I will do the assignment and follow the new guidelines."

"Good, now do you have any questions about the assignment?"

Emma's mind raced. There was a possible chance for her to request a change to some aspects of the assignment.

"How do I know if a girl is interested in me? for all i know, she might just be trying to be friendly."

"You should know how to recognize the appropriate signals since you're a lesbian."

That statement was a sharp stab in Emma's heart. Emma wanted to cry out in denial, but the circumstances won't permit it.

"But what if I accidentally miss them?"

"You won't, but if by chance you do you'll need to flirt more find out if she's really interested you or not."

"What if there's really no girl who's interested in me in that way?"

"I'm sure there are girls who like you in your school. If no girls are coming on to you, then you'll need to take an active role and be the seducer."

Emma would rather not be the initiator in a relationship that she doesn't want.

"What if there's more than one girl who wants to have a relationship with me?"

"Go as far you can with them, but don't ever completely reject them. You may engage in multiple intimate relationships at once, but you need to be in a long-term relationship with at least one girl all the time."

"Won't it be a huge problem if I'm in several relationships at once?!"

"You're an intelligent girl, Emma. You should be able to figure out how to handle that problem when it happens."

"I've never been in a relationship with anyone. It might not work out well or at all."

"You won't, Emma. You'll complete the assignment perfectly."

Emma wanted to say more, but Galatea cut her off again. "It's almost time for school, Emma. We'll discuss more of it later."

The limo stopped in front of the main school gate, which was opposite of what Emma wanted. She walked gingerly out of the vehicle, expecting to make a scene, but nothing of that sort happened. Despite the large congregation of students near the gate, no one even seemed to notice. Regardless, Emma was glad no one even bothered to look. Walking a few steps, she turned around and saw the limo was already gone. Breathing a sigh of relief, Emma walked through the school gate.

An unexpected event happened after the first morning bell. As Emma was walking towards her first class, Ashley, the head cheerleader, gave her a friendly greeting. "Morning, Emma".

Slightly shocked by the unexpected gesture from Ashley, Emma replied with a, "Oh, good morning, Ashley."

Emma didn't expect Ashley to act friendly towards her at all. The image Emma that had of Ashley was that she was a pompous, stuck-up bitch who happened to have good looks and a handsome jock boyfriend, but that unexpected greeting soften Emma's view somewhat. As Ashley walked passed Emma, Emma rotated her slightly to look at the cheerleader. She was dressed in a red mini-jacket over a white half-top revealing a lot of midriff, a pleated black cotton skirt that reached slightly above the knee, and black ankle-strap high heel boots. A diamond belly button ring twinkled on her navel. Briefly wondering at why she was looking, Emma quickly dismissed her own action as just innocent curiosity and nothing unusual.

While waiting for her third period math class to start, Emma noticed Ashley walking in, a normally mundane sight for Emma. This time, however, there was something different. Ashley was looking at her and smiling subtly as she walked to her seat. Like before, Emma didn't think much of it.

Throughout math period, when Emma's eyes sometimes wandered away from the teacher out of boredom, she noticed that Ashley was glancing at her. It seemed to be more than a casual glance that Ashley did on a whim. She wasn't sneering nor putting on any negative expressions. There seem to be some other hidden intention, something that Emma couldn't immediately put her finger on. The cheerleader glanced in Emma's direction several more times throughout math period. Emma later told herself that she must be reading into it too much.

The unsettling feelings which Emma consciously tried to bury were renewed when Ashley suddenly walked up to her as she was sorting books in her locker during the following passing period.

"Hey, Emma."

"Oh, hi. What's up?"

"Emma, you're one of smartest students in school. I really wish I have the book smarts like you do."

Emma blushed a little at the compliment.

"I just study and work hard. It's nothing special. Really."

"Do you have some time this afternoon?"

"Ummm... Maybe... Why?"

"I need some help with my math homework."

Emma knew Ashley didn't have much book smarts, but she didn't feel compelled to help her.

"What part do you need help on?"

"The current chapter and the last one. All of the sections in them. Everything. They're just way over my head."

"What?! I can help you out on a few problems, but what you're asking for is too much. I need to do my own homework and study too."

"Please, Emma?!"

"But I really--"

"Pretty please with a cherry on top?" Ashley made a pout with her lips and put on a pleading face.

"Okay fine, but only for about an hour."

"Thanks Emma. Any help from you is great, even if it's just for one hour. I'll catch you later." Ashley gave Emma's arm a playful punch.

Emma was about to ask Ashley where to meet, but Ashley was already a long distance away from her.

"Oh, well. If I don't bump into her after school, then I'm just going go back home."

Extreme boredom struck Emma while she was watching a historical documentary video. Normally, she could pay attention even to boring educational films even if they're required for class, but this time was one of those exceptions. Despite not wanting to, her eyelids became heavy. She slowly slumped forward on her desk. As her eyes gradually closed shut, Emma unconsciously focused on the ass of a female classmate sitting in front of her, who seemed to be already asleep. She could see the upper hem of the black panties and the ass crack that was partially exposed. Her eyelids flickered several times before finally closing.

There was a dense fog surrounding her, preventing Emma from see anything in front of her. When she walked a few steps, the fog quickly cleared up, revealing a vast room. It was so large that Emma couldn't see the boundaries in any direction except for a horizontal band of light between the floor and a very high ceiling. There was a slight breeze, reminding Emma of her own body. Looking downwards, she noticed that she was wearing sheer white night gown, white satin shelf bra and panties beneath, and shiny white high heels. "Why am I wearing this stuff?"

Walking in a random direction, Emma passed by countless massive marble columns. Feeling some drops of water on her face, she looked idly upwards and saw some clouds along with huge frescos of countless women in various states of undress. The progression of the scenes became increasingly graphic and erotic to the point of outright sex in all its variety amongst the women. Disgusted, Emma stopped looking and resumed her aimless journey.

A framed mahogany door rose upwards from the ground, stopping Emma in her tracks. It opened on its own, accompanied by a loud creaking sound.

"Where does this door lead to?"

Emma walked in through the door. A flash of light temporarily blinded her followed by an intense feeling of vertigo. After a quick moment of recovery, Emma found herself standing in a strange room made from pure crystal. Every object and furniture in the room were crystalline analogues of their real world counterparts. There were two girls sitting on the bed on their knees in a tight embrace and kissing each other. A sheer glittering canopy enclosed the bed, obscuring Emma's view of the two figures within.

It wasn't a sight that Emma wanted to relish in, but her legs automatically carried her closer to the erotic scene in spite of her desire to get away from it. The echoing sound of Emma's high heels aroused the attention of the two lovely girls, who broke the their deep kiss and looked at her. In a wavy motion, the canopy withdrew itself through the ceiling. Emma gasped in surprise upon discovering the two scantily-clad girls were actually Sophia and Julia. She would never imagined that them dressed like this, much less see them kiss each other with great vivacity.

Sophia spoke in a soothing and gentle voice through her sparkling glossy red lips, "Emma, I'm glad you're here. We've been expecting you. Come join us." Emma's friend a gave a welcoming gesture with her widespread arms with a come-hither look on her face.

They were the incarnations of lust dressed for sex. Sophia's juicy glossed cherry red lips looked constantly wet and ready for kissing at any moment. Her golden blond hair was pulled back, held in place by bejeweled hair clips. Her wonderful eyes were defined with turquoise eye shadow and thick lavender mascara. A golden yellow push-up satin bra held up her globular breasts. Sheer embroidery on the upper half of the bra provided a teasing view for onlookers. Covering her pussy was a matching satin thong that was pressed so tight that the outline of the labia could clearly be seen. The golden jewelry on her--a necklace, bracelets, and armlets--all twinkled under the light filtered through the crystalline walls. Julia's overall outfit had a darker tone: bra and thongs of black satin with floral embroidery, silver jewelry with pink rubies, moist shiny violet lips, very thick black lashes, and purple eye shadow. Her blonde hair was now reflectively black, had bangs, and partially plaited.

"Join you two? To do what?"

"Emma, don't play dumb. You know what I mean."

Sophia kissed Julia on the lips and rubbed them side-to-side. They separated their lips a short distance and twirled their tongues together, exchanging lots of saliva. With a sensual side way glance, Sophia gave Emma a knowing look. Emma found herself unable to avert her gaze from the sight of Sophia and Julia writhing together. There was this unexplainable magnetism of the whole scene that weakened Emma's will to resist, even if she was able to.

"What's gotten into you two? I thought you two were straight."

"What are you talking about? We were always like this. You just didn't know because we haven't told you," replied Sophia.

"But Sophia, you've told me about the guys you had crushes on, and Julia, I thought you liked Ben!"

"We've been lying to ourselves, Emma. Now we know that girls are better. They are much understanding, emotional, and sensual than guys. Don't lie to yourself, Emma. Deep down inside, you know this is true."

Emma heard a loud beating sound and realized that it was coming from her own heart. She was fearful yet captivated at the same time. Furthering their temptation, the two sirens on the bed each raised a leg and intertwined their lustrous high heels together. They ran their hands along their fishnet stocking-covered legs while parting the lips of their moist clams in front of Emma. Julia, whom Emma felt envious of for stealing Ben's attention, beckoned Emma with her seductive gaze. Her tongue went slowly in teasing circles around her glistening purple lips that were begging to be kissed and sucked.

"Yes, Emma, come. Obey your feelings."

Emma's will to continue resisting slowly broke down as the shuffling motions of her feet became strides. She obeyed the lust that overtook her and climbed up on the bed to join the two sexy seductresses. There was sudden electricity between the eyes of Emma and Sophia. Flushed with desire, Emma was unable to resist moving her glossy pink lips forward to meet the parted red lips of her sexy friend Sophia. So much passion and eroticism was put into the lip lock that Emma temporarily forgot about her identity and heterosexuality.

There was barely any time for Emma to rest after the kiss with Sophia ended when Julia quickly wrapped her arms tightly around Emma like a lover and kissed her deeply. Even though Emma hated Julia, there was this devilish allure emanating from her that Emma wasn't able to resist. Sexual desire became the dominant emotion at the moment, overriding Emma's original misgivings against Julia. She could feel Julia's hands feeling her up amorously on her body through the sheer white gown, clutching and touching with desperate need.

Having kissed both girls individually, Emma then became the target of a three-way kiss. Sophia's and Julia's joined with Emma's lips edge-to-edge together in a triangle. There tongues twirled together as they exchanged a lot of saliva and the fruity flavors of their garish lipsticks. Emma felt hands cupping her ass and feeling it, causing her to squirm slightly. Cool air blew on her back when she felt her sleeping gown was being pulled up. Raising her arms, Emma let them begin disrobing her.

"What are you doing?" asked Emma as she was being pushed down on her back by the two teen girls.

"Just relax and enjoy," Julia responded huskily while tossing away Emma's white silk bra and sleeping gown.

"Ahhhhh..." Emma gasped when both of her pencil eraser nipples were lightly bitten.

Grasping Emma's breast, Julia flicked tongue repeatedly over its distended nipple before sucking on them. There were squelching sounds as it was being sucked greedily. Emma made another gasp when Sophia pinched her engorged nipples with her red lacquered nails, playing with them before enclosing it with her glossy red lips.


Emma unconsciously parted her knees when she felt warm breathing on her legs. Bending her head forward, she could see Julia smiling back at her. With skillful ease, Julia kissed the sides of Emma's legs, going slowly from Emma's ankles, calves, and shins upwards to the thighs. Each kiss was like a piece of hot coal pressing on her skin. Instinctively, Emma raised her legs more and parted them further to allow easier access.

Dexterous fingers pulled also Emma's panties to expose her wet pussy. There was a brief moment of lucidity when Emma realized what was happening to her was wrong. She wasn't suppose like girls or derive any sexual from them. She wasn't a lesbian. However, those resistive thoughts blew away like leaves in the wind when she felt the moist lips of Julia pressing on to her moist labia. Pleasure unlike anything she had felt before shot through her body like a violent earthquake. A loud moan escape from Emma's glossy pink lips. There was another moan when Julia's tongue stabbed deep into the lubricated interior of her pussy. Purple-lacquered nails clenched tightly on Emma's ass. Assaulted by continuous pleasure, Emma emitted cries of pleasure as she threw her head back with her eyes closed. Her fingers clenched tightly on to the glittery iridescent bed sheet.

Her loud moans were muffled when Sophia pressed her lips tightly on to Emma's. Sophia never stopped manipulating her friend's breasts with both hands as she continued the deep kiss. Instinctively, Emma's arms went around and hugged Sophia's back while her thighs pressed on Julia's cheeks, as if afraid her source of pleasure would depart from her. A long thread of saliva connected their lips when Sophia broke the kiss and stood up on her knees.

"You will become a lesbian and never turn back," said Sophia as a matter-of-factly.

Emma could only whimper a feeble protest, "No..."

"Don't deny it, Emma, a lesbian is what you truly are."

"I shouldn't be doing this."

"Trust me, Emma. I know what's best for you."

A shadow appeared over Emma's face. Through her glazed eyes, Emma could see a thoroughly wet pussy descending on her face.

"Sophia, stop... Mmmmphfff!"

"Lick it, Emma. Lick it and enjoy the taste."

Sophia slowly moved her hips to rub her pussy on her friend's face. It didn't take long for Emma to get over the shock of having Sophia's pussy in close contact with her lips. She soon got into the action and licked her friend's pussy enthusiastically. Her whole face was smeared with Sophia's sweet honey as Sophia repeatedly grinded her crotch on it. Emma's entire body buckled when Julia gave the final lick on her clit that sent her over the edge. White stars filled Emma's eyes.

Emma's green eyes reopened slowly. A cloudy pink sky filled her vision. She was lying on her back. The ground seemed to be moving unsteadily.

"Where am I?"

When she got up, Emma could see the ocean all around her and she was riding on a giant clam shell.

"I'm a mermaid!" Emma looked down and saw that she had the lower body of a fish instead of human legs. The polychromatic silver scales sparkled in a dazzling array of colors.

Emma's heart jumped when she heard two loud splashes followed by two thumping sounds. She turned around and saw Julia and Sophia. They were also mermaids like her.

"Emma, you should choose another meeting place next time. It took a long time for us to find you," said Sophia while flapping her red fish tail playfully.

"Yeah, Emma, searching for you isn't our idea of fun."

"Here, Emma, it's your turn to drink it." Sophia handed Emma a sparkly red potion.

"What is it?"

Sophia crossed her arms. "Gosh, Emma, it's only been two days since we've bought it from that Gypsy. How can you forget about it so quickly? It's a magical potion that'll turn you in to a human temporarily."

"Turn me into a human? but I am already human!"

"No you're not, silly. you bumped your head into a coral reef this morning or something? Look at yourself. Your lower half is a fish! Humans don't have fish tails." Sophia pointed at Emma's lower body.

"Come on, let's not waste any more time! We need to get the fun going!" exclaimed Julia as she disentangled her sparkling wet hair and flapped her purple fish tail.

Emma accepted the potion from Sophia and drank it. Within seconds, her whole body became hot and flustered. Her nipples hardened and pressed against her white clam shell bra. She felt her lower body dissolving like wax and reshaping itself.

"My legs are back!"

"Good, you're now human. Now let's do it!"

Sophia opened a wire cage and pulled out two strange-looking tentacled creatures. They had transparent gelatinous bodies that resembled squids. Myriad bright sparkles floated inside its jelly interior.

"What are those things?"

"These are Pleasure Squids, magical creatures that were created for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure."

The magical squids flailed wildly with its arms as it was being pulled out from the cage. Sophia handed one to Julia before pressing the head of the squid right between her own hips. Tentacles reached around and enclosed her hips, forming a sturdy network of straps. With several taps of their fingers on the squids' bodies, the attached squids hardened into a flexible dildo shape.

"Get down on your fours, Emma."

Emma's curious eyes never left the sparkling purple strap-on that Sophia wore on her hips as she got down on her fours.

"Kiss it and lick it."

Emma gave the tip of the dildo a gentle kiss, then parted her glossy pink lips and extended her tongue to lick back and forth along the shiny purple shaft. The rippling action of the jelly-like shaft created pleasurable sensations on her tongue. A sudden wet feeling on her ass made Emma turn her head around. Julia was on her knees clutching her ass cheeks with both hands and rimming her ass hole! Sophia's gentle hands returned Emma's attention to the strap-on in front of her.

"Suck it, slut."

Emma's mouth open wider to accept the full length of the strap-on. It went quickly down to her throat, and despite her inexperience, Emma didn't gag as Sophia pump the strap-on in and out of her mouth. Each thrust of the strap-on reflected pleasure back to Sophia.

"Uhhh Uhhh Uhhh Uhhh!"

Making full use of the magical sex toy, Julia slowly eased the purple jelly strap-on into Emma's anus while holding on to Emma's waist. The tight intrusion caused Emma to wince and make muffled grunts as her ass was being invaded. Magical lubricants secreted by the outer layer of the strap-on eased the insertion. It didn't take long for Sophia and Julia to fuck Emma from the front and back in full force. Emma's hanging breasts swung to and fro. Triggered by the simultaneous orgasms of their wearers, the magical strap-ons absorbed the sexual secretions of Sophia and Julia, mixed them with special magical fluids, and pumped them forcibly into Emma's mouth and ass. So much was pumped into Emma's body that she felt bloated from her stomach and intestines filling up with the ejaculatory fluids. When the dildos finally retracted from Emma's holes, Emma collapsed from sexual exertion. Excess sexual liquid welled up from her mouth and poured from her ass, creating large bluish puddles around her. She blacked out.

When Emma reopened her eyes, she found herself staring at a blue cloudy sky. A pleasant smell invaded her nostrils. Quickly getting up, she saw flowers all around her as far as her eyes can see. The large flowers were colored pink, white, and purple. Each petal was the size of a dinner plate. Emma saw herself on a huge droplet of water on the flower petal. She was wearing curve-conforming skimpy chrome body armor that looked more erotic than protective. Her face, upper arms, thighs, and large part of her midriff were exposed. The ground shook suddenly, destroying the water droplet, and ending her self-examination. Seeing a speck in the horizon that looked like a dwelling, Emma journeyed towards it.

"What's that?"

A large stone with a deeply embedded sword attracted her attention. Multicolored crystal shards surrounded the stone. Not knowing why, she felt the urge to pull the sword out. It took some effort. Once it was out, she lost her balance and fell on her back.


The sword glowed faintly in her hands. Studded pink topaz and white diamonds embedded on the golden hilt added to the beauty of the majestic weapon. Written on the one side of the blade in stylistic runic letters were the words "take me up", and on the other side, "cast me away".

"Hmmm... They sound familiar." Emma placed the sword into the empty scabbard on her back.

The sun was at the horizon, and Emma still hadn't reached her destination. Another quake shook the earth, causing the ground beneath her to crumble. She fell through a hole and landed smack on her face on a solid stone surface.

"What is this place?"

Gray bricks lined the surfaces. Torches on the walls burned brilliantly with eldritch fire. It was some sort of dungeon. Something wet and slimy dripped on her helmet and slid down her face.


Emma looked up and saw a huge red translucent mass of tentacles hanging from the ceiling. Startled by the horrific sight, she screamed and ducked when some the tentacles made a lewd attempt to grab her. Bricks fell from the ceiling as the tentacles struggled to reached towards its prey. Not caring for direction, Emma ran as away as she could. Turning around while running, Emma could see the huge tentacle mass catching up to her.

"NOOOooooooo!!! Get away from me!" Emma dodged at the monster's repeated attempts to latch it tentacles on to her body.

A leather bag next to a skeleton caught her eye. She picked it up, but before she could do anything, the tentacles behind her wrapped around her body, raised Emma off her feet, and pulled her towards its central mass. Emma's eyes widened in terror as something took shape in the huge red translucent blob that formed the core of the tentacles. It grew upwards in an elongating shape, remolding itself like putty until it finally resembled the body of a woman. Glints of light reflected from her body's glossy red surface. Every curve and body proportion was perfectly formed. Only the gelatinous composition of her body made her look inhuman. If she were to remain still, she would look very much like a tinted glass sculpture.

Struggling futilely against her tentacled bonds, Emma found her eyes drawn at the glowing green orbs that were staring at her. Curving its thick, jellied lips in a wide smile, the red slime girl propelled herself forward from the central mass and gave Emma a forceful lip lock. Feeling the need to vomit, Emma wasn't able to do anything against the slime girl's lips that sealed tightly around her own.

The red slime girl's labia parted and from its viscous depths came a sinuous red tentacle. It curved downward beneath Emma's metal skirt and thrust upwards against Emma's crotch. Pushing aside Emma's white silk panties, the shaft buried itself in Emma's pussy. Clear slime oozing copiously from the slimy shaft drenched Emma's panties and dribbled down her thighs. Slimy red fingers elongated into small tendrils and negotiated themselves into the cracks of her armor. They crawled all over her skin beneath the breast plate, leaving behind clear slimy trails. Emma could only make muffled cries as the tendrils compressed her breasts and tickled her armpits.

Something pressed through Emma's pink lips. She reacted by clenching her teeth tightly to prevent it from going in, but it was determined to go in. A painful pinch on her nipple forced Emma to open up her mouth. Seizing the opportunity, the red tentacle nudging on her lips plunged itself down her throat and deep into her esophagus.

The slime girl's pussy widened as another tentacle struggled to protrude. A gush of clear slime followed after the tentacle successfully freed itself. It rubbed clear slime on Emma's anus before forcibly inserted itself into the puckered hole, causing Emma to make continuous grunts at the painful intrusion. Wavy undulations and slimy lubricants aided its journey into her rectum.

Emma's eyes refocused when the slime girl disengaged the slimy kiss, but their mouths remained connected with the oral tentacle. Moving her eyes down, the teen girl saw a blue blob forming inside the monster's body. It expanded and traveled throughout all of the tentacles that were fucking Emma. The teen girl's body shook from a powerful orgasm as the blue liquid filled up her stomach and intestines, causing her to pass out.

A sweet taste greeted Emma's lips when she regained consciousness. There was something moving inside her body, but didn't worry about it. Finding herself at the base of a stone stairway that led up to the surface, Emma got back on her two feet and ascended the steps.

She was back in the same field of large flowers and right in front of entrance of huge fortress. Automatically, the wrought iron gate opened with loud rusty creaks. Readying her sword, Emma stepped in to the fortress cautiously. She was in a garden of naked female statues when a lamia barred her path. Above the hips, the monster looked otherwise like a beautiful woman. Neon blue hair reached down to the small of her back. A crystalline fuchsia-colored flower ornament clung to the right side of her hairline. A bra made from intertwining coils of electrum provided some modesty. Right above the hips was a belly chain and dangling belly ring made from the same material as the metal bra. Below all that was the giant body of a serpent with purple scales and a white underbelly.

"Greetings, human. Are you here to join my harem?"

"No, I'm here to slay you!"

"Many have tried to slay me, but all of them had failed. I will spare you if you choose to become my concubine."

"Never! Those will be your last words. Now prepare to die, vile creature!"

Emma rushed forward and attempted to thrust her sword into the lamia's belly, but the monster skillfully dodged the attack. She slashed with her sword several times, but the monster blocked all of the blows with her bangles. The lamia smirked and slithered backwards rapidly. When Emma gave chase, the ground beneath her turned soft and her feet sunk into it.

"Ahhh! My legs are stuck!"

"This is the end for you, sweetie," voiced the lamia in triumph.

Emma winced, expecting her head to be lopped off by the lamia, but instead of that, she felt hands groping and touching her. Opening her eyes, she saw herself being surrounded by several dozen women in skimpy harem outfits.


Piece-by-piece, they took her armor off as she struggled feebly. Something wet touched Emma's nether regions. A pair of painted lips closed on to her own...

"What had I just dreamed?!!"

The sexual dream was shocking to Emma, but worst part of it was she climaxed in during her dream. If the dream had been about cute guys, it wouldn't have disturbed her, but the fact that it involved nothing but females in sexual settings made it very disconcerting, especially because Sophia and Julia were in it. Moving her eyes left and right, she wondered if any of her classmates had noticed. Looking down, Emma was embarrassed to see that her wetness had soaked through her jeans too. She pulled the lower hem of her blue sweater down in an attempt to hide the embarrassing stain.

"Was the dream caused by the enchantment? But Galatea had already removed it. Then why? Maybe it's a side effect of the training. It seemed so real... No, it's just dream and only a dream. It won't affect me in anyway."

Hours passed by. Emma gave a sigh of relief when the final bell of the day rang. She went to her locker to put away some books while hoping that she won't see Ashley. Emma gave a disappointing sigh when she saw Ashley standing at the school gate from a distance. She wanted to turn around and take another exit, but stopped when Ashley's face appeared suddenly in her mental vision. Ashley made loud sensual gasp with her eyes closed. When Emma took another step, Ashley was making an erotic moan while tossing her hair back. In Emma's third step, Ashley's glossy red lips whispered, "Fuck me."

"Emma, get a hold yourself! You're not a pervert!" Emma shook her head to clear the unwanted thoughts.

Ashley ran up Emma and tapped her shoulder. "Hey, Emma. I thought you had forgotten about helping me and left."

"I-I didn't know where we're supposed to meet."

"Oh yeah, we forgot to agree on a meeting place. Well, at least I've found you. Anyway, let's go to my house."

"I thought we're going to the library. Isn't that a better place to study?"

"No, Emma, I prefer my place."

"Okay, whatever you want."

In the outskirts of the city where Emma lived, a young woman dressed in white robes and a conical hat walked up a small hill, accompanied by a fairy familiar. The red orb atop the gnarly staff she held glowed brilliantly when she tapped it on the ground.

"I sense strong negative energy coming from this area..."

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