Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brainy Teen (chapter 13)

Wendy stood on the edge of the sidewalk, waiting for the traffic light to turn green. A breeze rustled the leaves of a nearby maple tree and tickled her face. Swayed by the moving air, a desiccated leaf fell in front of her. She brushed aside some strands of her honey blonde hair that covered her eyes. Hearing some hurried steps behind her back, Wendy turned her head around. A girl with a flushed face covered with strands of wavy red hair greeted her.


"I've finally caught up with you, Wendy!" Cynthia rest a hand on Wendy's shoulder while panting heavily.

"You need something from me?"

"No, not exactly..." Cynthia removed her hand but continued standing close to Wendy.

The traffic light cycled back to red.

Once Cynthia caught her breath, she continued, "I want to talk with you about something very important."

"What is it?" Wendy barely knew Cynthia. What important issue would there be to discuss?

"Not here. Let's go to that park for a chat."

The two girls walked to the nearby park and sat in the bleachers. As they sat down, Wendy noticed the prominence of Cynthia's breasts, which strained against the tight turquoise turtleneck sweater and didn't seem to be held up by a bra at all. Her view moved up to Cynthia's freckled face.

"I know what you're doing with Sarah is all an act, just like the show that night."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Wendy averted her eyes.

"You do know. The relationship you now have with Sarah is fake and you're not really a lesbian. You're doing all this just for winning Daniel back."

Wendy's mind raced. She was suddenly afraid of the possibility that Lauren knew all along what she was doing with Sarah and had played right into Lauren's hands. If that's the case, then everything she done so far was for naught.

"No, it's not that it at all. I-I'm into girls. I'm really in love with Sarah."

"Don't worry, Wendy. I haven't told Lauren about it. Your secret is still safe with me."

"It's no secret. I'm not straight, I'm--"

"Wendy, I'll stop beating around the bush. It doesn't matter if you're a lesbian or not. I'm here because I need your help."

"Help? With what?"

"Getting Lauren back. She's drifted apart from me recently. We're not as close as we're before."

"But I'm new to this relationship scene myself. How can I help you on this?"

"I want your help in making Lauren realize that I'm her only true lover."

"I don't think I can help you with that."

Wendy wanted to leave politely but was afraid Cynthia would spill her secret to Lauren, if she hadn't done so already.

"Yes, you can, Wendy, and I'll help you too, in getting Daniel."

Wendy's eyes lit up at the mentioning of Daniel, but suspecting a trap, she continued with her denial.

"I'm not interested in Daniel anymore. I'm a lesbian and in l-love with Sarah, really." Wendy hoped that was convincing enough.

"I know you don't trust me right now, but whoever you really love, Sarah or Daniel, I can still help you. If you really are in love with Sarah, I can help you prevent Lauren from breaking your current relationship apart, or if you actually like Daniel, I can help you win him back to your side."

At that point, Wendy was really tempted to admit to Cynthia the truth, but resisted, remembering the promise she had made with Sarah.

"But Sarah's already hel-- I mean I'm already in a relationship with Sarah. I trust her. She won't break up with me for Lauren."

"Whatever is the case, you don't know everything about Lauren, and neither does Sarah. I grew up with Lauren and have been her close friend for years. I know her very well: her likes, her dislikes, and what makes her tick. She's a seductress. She likes to seduce people, play with them, and then dump them once she gets bored."

It wasn't news to Wendy. Sarah had told her about Lauren's personality.

"If she's like what you say she is, then why do you still want a relationship with her?"

"I don't know... Love is a strange thing..." Cynthia had a dreamy look on her face.

Despite Cynthia having a close relationship with her love rival, Wendy was starting to feel some sympathy for her.

Cynthia continued, "Wendy, I know you find this hard to believe, but right now she's already trying to seduce Sarah and Madelynn and turn them away from you."

"How do you know?"

"I noticed Lauren acting very friendly with Sarah recently, and right after lunch today, I saw Lauren kissing Madelynn."

Wendy knew about the kiss between Madelynn and Lauren, but was hoping that Lauren's attempted seduction of Sarah wasn't true. She looked at Cynthia's face for signs of deceit, but found none.

"But she already has Daniel! And why would she want Sarah and Madelynn!?"

"Lauren's probably doing this to spite you. This would be bad for both of us if we don't put it a stop to it."

"What can we do about it?"

Cynthia touched Wendy's hands gently and lightly stroked the skin. "I want you to seduce Lauren."

"Seduce Lauren?! But... Sarah is already my... my... g-girlfriend..."

"That's not a problem. I don't think Sarah would mind you doing this, as long the reason is important. In this case it is. Lauren already has some interest in you, and you could use that to your advantage by fueling that interest, turning it into something bigger. She'll be hot for you if you play your cards right."

Wendy recalled how Lauren would occasionally give her seductive looks. "I thought she was just playing around with me."

Incredulous of the Cynthia's proposition, Wendy asked, "Wait, won't it work against you if I seduce Lauren?"

"It won't, if we do it right. We're going to work together of course. The crucial part of the plan is to make Lauren realize that she can't treat people who love her like dolls to be played with and then thrown away. She needs to realize what she's doing is wrong."

"You mean I'll have to seduce her, then talk to her about why it's wrong to be a player?"

"No, not like that. We'll give her a taste of her own medicine. You need to seduce her, then make her feel jealous and know what it's like to be dumped."

"That doesn't seem like a nice thing to do... I'll have to talk to Sarah about this first. She might not like what you're suggesting."

"Yes, that's what I need you to do. Here's my cell number. Talk to Sarah about it first and tell her to call me. Remember, don't talk about this to anyone else besides Sarah."

"Alright, I'll keep it a secret."

The two girls left the park together. Cynthia clung to Wendy as they negotiated through the mine field of doggy doo.

"Bye, don't forget call."

"I'll remember, bye."

They parted at the corner of the street. As Cynthia walked away in the opposite direction, Wendy found her eyes unconsciously looking at Cynthia's thighs before drifting to her ass, noticing how each leg movement made it sway. She wondered briefly what kind of panties Cynthia wore beneath those jeans.

Wendy collapsed on her bed face-up and exhaled. She thought about the genuineness of Cynthia's proposal and the consequences of accepting it. Should she trust Cynthia? Will it aid her and Sarah's current plan or hinder it? Thinking of something related to Sarah caused Wendy to have a sudden unbidden thought. A image of Sarah's face appeared in her mental vision. It was a seductive face that was full of amorous desire. Wendy raised her head subconsciously as if to kiss the imaginary Sarah.

A brief spark of will shatter the thought. "No, I'm suppose to be thinking about Daniel, not Sarah."

No sooner than she had said that, Wendy was gripped by sudden horniness. Her loins were heating up. The overwhelming urge to masturbate pulled her reluctant fingers to her crotch, causing her to touch it mindlessly through the black jersey skirt. Wendy's desperate fingers haphazardly rode the skirt up to get easier access. They went around the frilly yellow panties to stroke her bulging wet pearl. Her thick-lashed eyes closed as she tried to summon sexual thoughts to aid in her masturbation. As hard as she tried, the mental images didn't come in the form that she had wanted. Every time she try to form the image of Daniel in her mind, it would always change into Sarah. After several more attempts, she managed to form a coherent image of the guy of her dreams. However, that vision wouldn't last. No sooner than she had reached the point right before her peak that Sarah's image insinuated itself into her private fantasy again.

The superimposing of Sarah over Daniel happened so gradually that she barely noticed it or even resisted for that matter. Sarah was completely naked over a backdrop of a cloudy blue sky with the sun peaking from the upper edge of the largest cloud. Platinum blonde splayed out in a wavy fashion as if the air had the density of water. A glowing outline of feathery wings spread out from her back. Hovering majestically from her head was a halo glowing warmly. Arms were spread out and ready for an embrace. A serene, welcoming smile beckoned Wendy.

"Wendy... Come..."

Wendy's body wracked and arched in a powerful orgasm while her mouth let out a scream that was barely stifled. Her fingers remained motionless in her pussy as long as the tumult of her pleasure lasted. The vivid image of Sarah had burned into her memory. She gasped for more air while her body cooled down.

"What had just happened? Why did Sarah appear in my fantasy?" Wendy wondered. "It's nothing serious. Like what Sarah said, it's just a temporary side effect of all this pretend lesbian stuff we've been doing lately," she reassured herself.

Wendy repeated a mantra in her mind, "It's only temporary. It's only temporary. It's only temporary..."

Sarah was short of breath when she answered Wendy's phone call.

"Sarah, are you alright?"

"It's... nothing, Wendy. I... was... just... exercising with Melanie. We always have to keep our body in shape for cheerleading. So, what's up?"

Wendy gave her the gist of what had happened earlier and Cynthia's proposal.

"Wendy, I think it's better if I come to your place to talk about it."

"But you have to drive all the way here. I think it's fine if we just discuss this over the phone."

"It's alright. I'm fairly close by."

"Where are you?"

"I'm about to leave Melanie's house right now. I'll arrive in about ten minutes."

Sarah parked her vehicle right outside of Wendy's house. When Wendy opened the door, Sarah surprised her with a kiss that Wendy still hadn't accepted as being customary, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

"Why did we just kiss? Nobody is going to see us anyway." Even as Wendy was saying that, her heart rate had increased a couple of beats.

"We've got to keep up with the act as often as we can. It helps us stay in character and make the whole thing more believable. Remember, Wendy, staying in character is a very crucial aspect of acting."

"Okay, Sarah."

Wendy led Sarah up to her room and sat next to each other on the edge of the bed.

"We're either very lucky or unlucky that Cynthia is getting involved in this."

"Umm... Why?"

"If Cynthia's being honest, then it's great to have an ally. But, if she's lying, then it might be Lauren's elaborate trap."

"I thought so too when Cynthia mentioned her story and her plan."

"Did she ask you about your sexual orientation?"

"Yes, but I kept lying about me being a lesbian."

"You did the right thing, Wendy. We should assume the worst."

"You mean reject her proposal?"

"No, not so obvious, Wendy. Lying or not, we should accept her proposal. If this really is Lauren's trap, then she strongly believes you're putting on a lesbian act, but we need her to think the opposite."

"By going along with her plan?"

"That's right, Wendy. However, we won't follow Cynthia's plan exactly. You will seduce both both Cynthia and Lauren instead of just Lauren, and I will pretend that I'm falling for Lauren. We will make them think they're seducing us when in fact we're seducing them. This will catch them off guard and leave them no doubt that you're a genuine lesbian."

As Sarah continued with the details, Wendy expressed her doubts, but Sarah quickly squashed them. Inevitably, the subject of Madelynn was brought up. Sarah reiterated to Wendy the plan of action for seducing Madelynn and cleared all of the budding doubts Wendy raised.

Wendy looked at the clock. "I think my mom is going to be home soon."

"Cool, I can't wait to meet your mom."

"I don't think it's a good idea right now."

Wendy's mom was fairly open-minded in her views of society and culture. Having participated in various movements and protests many years ago, she had retained some of her youthful sentimentality and outlook. But, despite that, Wendy's mom didn't really like changes that happened to her youngest daughter recently. Dressing more attractively was one thing, but the frequent garish makeup and enticing clothing was becoming too risque in her eyes. Another thing that worried her were the rumors of open homosexuality in Wendy's school that she heard from neighbors and friends. Though she had nothing against differing sexual preferences, she hoped that her daughter won't be so desperate to fit in that she would act sexual with other girls or even entertain the thought.

"Why? Does your mom hate me?"

"No, not exactly."

"Then she's cool with me being your friend?"

"Well... How should I explain this... She's okay with you being my friend, but she thinks you're a bad influence on me."

"She actually said that?"

"No, she didn't say that exactly, but that was basically what she's telling me."

"Why am I a bad influence? Were you slacking off at school? Did your grades go down?"

"No, my grades are alright. I'm doing fine."

"Then what's the problem? Oh, I know, it's your new looks. She doesn't like it because draws bad attention. Am I right, Wendy?"

"Yeah, I think that's one of the reasons."

"Your mom's views are so dated. I know what to do. How about I invite you and your mom to dinner at my parent's place?"

"Dinner at your parent's house? But what good would that do?"

"It'll clear up the misunderstanding, and hopefully my mom and your mom will become friends. Once that happens things should flow more smoothly and you'll don't have to worry about your mom's disapproval anymore."

"Is it really going to be that easy?"

"Wendy, my mom is at the top of corporate ladder. She wouldn't have gone that far if she didn't know how to deal with people like your mom."

"Well... If you think it'll work, then I guess it's okay."

"Good, I'll suggest this to my mom tonight."

Sarah slowly placed her hands over Wendy's and interlocked fingers. She looked deep into Wendy's eyes. The gaze was intense enough for Wendy avert eye contact briefly.

"You are very beautiful, Wendy."

"But not as beautiful as you. I think you're the most beautiful girl in school."

"Oh Wendy, you're too modest. I'm glad you think I'm beautiful, but you need to think about yourself too. You're beautiful in your own right."

"I am beautiful in my own right..."

"Yes, and don't ever forget that."

"Are looks everything, Sarah?"

"No, they aren't, but they are still important nonetheless."

"Why? Isn't what's inside that counts?"

"That's what they all say. What they often don't say is beauty is power."

"Beauty is power?"

"Yes, Wendy, to be able to attract guys and even girls is a valuable asset. You can use your beauty to make people do what you want and even bring them to their knees."

"I don't want to do anything mean to other people."

"Oh, Wendy, you're simply too nice. You're gifted with beauty, and you should use it to its maximum potential."

"I'm fine with just getting Daniel to like me. I don't want... I mean I don't need to go beyond that."

"But you'll want to, eventually."

"What do you mean?"

"Hehe, you'll understand later, Wendy."

Sarah looked at Wendy's vanity mirror, causing Wendy to do the same.

"Do you want to be even more beautiful, Wendy?"

Wendy hesitated before answering, "Yes, I do."

"Then you'll need learn to appreciate feminine beauty at a deeper level."


"By putting on the persona of a lesbian, which is what we're both doing right now. But you need to go deeper than beyond just mere acting. You'll need to feel like a lesbian, emotionally, physically, and sexually. By appreciating the beauty of other females, you'll automatically know how to make yourself more beautiful."

Wendy recalled how she stared at Cynthia's body and Sarah appearing in her sexual fantasy earlier in the afternoon. Those thoughts and actions didn't feel normal to her.

"I-I don't really understand what you mean... Doesn't it make me a lesbian if I start making myself feeling like one?"

"As long as you believe that you're truly heterosexual, having the feelings of a lesbian won't make you a lesbian."

Perplexed by the convoluted meanings of Sarah's statement, Wendy's face contorted slightly.

"You don't need to understand it immediately. Just remember and think about what I've told you, Wendy. And, before I forget, here's another DVD that I would like you to watch."

Sarah pulled out the disc from her backpack and gave it to Wendy.

"What is it about?"

"Just watch it and you'll know. But I'll give you a hint: it's related to what we've talked about."

Sarah licked her lips while eyeing Wendy's ass as Wendy walked to her desk to put away the DVD. She could see them gyrating in front of her face in a future lap dance.

"Okay, let's have some fun now!" Sarah pulled up and removed her form-fitting white and red top, revealing the gossamer demi bra she wore beneath.

Wendy found her eyes magnetically drawn to the magnificent orbs that were encased in the shiny, see-through material. Light bounced off of the pearlescent gossamer fabric that comprised the bra in a variety of colors. Floral stripes and patterns crisscrossed the sheer surface that ended with narrow frills. Though most of Sarah's breasts can be seen through the semitransparent fabric, her nipples were hidden behind a small pair of symmetrical flowers.

When Wendy raised her eyes back up, Sarah had already moved her face close to hers. It was close enough for Wendy to feel warmth emanating from it. She noticed the beautiful details of Sarah's face: the navy blue eyes, the prominent lashes, the flared eyebrows, the curvature of her smooth cheeks, the pointedness of her chin, the bangless and long platinum blonde hair that was parted at the center, and the succulent lips painted with layers upon layers of fuschia lipstick and finalized with gloss.

"I know you want it, Wendy," whispered Sarah in a husky voice.

"Sarah, I..."

Wendy's reluctance was quickly smothered with Sarah's kiss. For brief moments, her body stiffened, but it gradually relaxed at the same rate that her excitement level was increasing.

"Let's see what bra you're wearing today."

Gently brushing aside Wendy's hands, Sarah's fingers reached beneath the hem of Wendy's sweatshirt and slowly pulled it upwards and away from Wendy.

"Oh, it's a blue lace bra! Who are you trying to seduce, hmmm?"

"No, I'm not seducing anyone!"


Sarah's eyes bore straight into Wendy's. It was so entrancing for Wendy that she barely noticed Sarah's lips was getting ever closer to her own as Sarah gently pushed her down on the bed without resistance. With her arms astride Wendy's upper body, Sarah grazed her fingers gently along the flanks and outer edge of the breasts. Anticipating a kiss, Wendy lightly pursed her lips, but the kiss didn't come. Instead, Sarah moved her lips to Wendy's ears and whispered, "Get on with the act." Wendy shuddered when Sarah licked the outer edge of her ear in slow swirling motions.

Both of the girls on the bed were naked from the waist up except for their bras. Wendy barely mounted resistance when Sarah's upper body slowly lowered on to hers until there was skin-to-skin contact. This time, the pairs of glossy lips met in a light kiss. Sarah kissed repeatedly, and each successive kiss was longer and deeper until it finally culminating in a deep soul kiss where they shared their saliva and duel their tongues. The navel jewelry of Sarah tickled Wendy's skin, causing her to shift her body instinctively. This act further pressed and rubbed the skins of the two girls together. It didn't take long for Wendy to become aroused. Her hot pussy was aching for sex.

"Why am I doing this... It's wrong... No, it's not... I'm doing this to stay in character... I need to make the relationship believable... It's all part of the plan... Yes... That's right... Part of the plan... Part of the act..."

Wendy's thoughts no longer became coherent as her body was being flooded with lust. Just when Wendy expected more action, Sarah ended the kiss and rose back up.

"Where are your dildos, Wendy?" Sarah grazed one manicured fingernail in lazy circles along Wendy's naked belly.

"They're in the closet. I'll go get them."

Wendy rolled off of the bed on to her two feet and went to the closet. There was some hesitation in Wendy's steps, but her unnerving arousal edged her on. After removing several shoeboxes, she finally got to the box of dildos. Holding the open box gingerly in her hands as if it was some explosive, Wendy displayed her sex toys before Sarah. It was a small collection of personal dildos and double dildos, which Sarah intended to expand to eventually include strap-ons, vibrating eggs, anal beads, and other kinky sex toys. They both stood on their knees in the bed while facing each other. With one smooth swoop of her hands, Sarah picked up a metallic purple bullet-shaped dildo and pressed it to her lips, kissing its tip before swirling it teasingly around the her lips all while knowing that Wendy couldn't resist looking. Wendy picked up a similar bullet dildo that was of a metallic red color.

Mimicking what Sarah was doing, Wendy ran the pointed tip of the dildo around her glossy pink lips several times before inserted it halfway into her mouth to lubricate it with her saliva. In and out the dildo went of their mouths. Sarah scooted to close to Wendy until their bare knees touched. With her free hand, Sarah rode her red pleated skirt upwards, revealing a sheer thong that was made from the same pearlescent gossamer fabric as her bra. She shifted her thighs to loosen the thong enough to reveal her hairless cunt. When Sarah finally decided to move the dildo away from her lips, Wendy's eyes remained focused on the purple toy. It left a faint trail of saliva as it slid vertically downward through Sarah's cleavage and abdomen before finally stopping at the crotch. Sarah traced the purple dildo around the edges of her pussy as she awaited Wendy to repeat the motions with the dildo that she had just done.

When Wendy rode her black jersey skirt up, it revealed a blue lacy thong that had a wet spot at the center. Sarah's lips curved in a faint smile. Wendy's eyes never broke contact with Sarah's when she traced a vertical path from her lips down to her love box using the red dildo. With a flick of her finger, Sarah turned on the purple bullet dildo, causing it to buzz to life. She rubbed the tip of purple toy up and down between her pussy lips while giving out barely audible gasps and moans that mixed in with the faint buzzing of the dildo. At such a close distance, Wendy could feel Sarah's erotic sounds of pleasure as warm disturbances of the air on her face. It didn't take Wendy long to use the red dildo on her own pussy and produce sensual sighs and moans of her own. Their distance was close enough for the knuckles of their hands to brushed against each other.

Sarah moved her face close to Wendy's as she was about to kiss her, but Sarah retracted at the last moment and kept her distance. The action was repeated by Sarah again and again, but Wendy kept herself in check and resisted the temptation to kiss Sarah's lips each time Sarah offered them. However, Wendy wasn't able to resist looking at Sarah's ample bosom when she raised her free hand to squeeze a breast that was half-covered by the loose translucent bra.

"Tell me when you're about to come, Wendy."

"I think about to... I'm cummming! Ahhhhh!"

Wendy closed her eyes and gave a loud cry. Her fingers gripped the red bullet dildo tightly at onset of her orgasm. At the same time Sarah initiated her own orgasm with a strong, deliberate stroke of the purple dildo. Releasing the grip her breast, Sarah grasped the back of Wendy's head and pulled it close for a deep lascivious kiss. Wendy's cry gave Sarah the perfect opening to insert her tongue. Their tongues wrestled each other vigorously enough to cause saliva to bubble inside their mouths. Sarah pressed her chest against Wendy's, causing Wendy to quiver. A sparkly thread of saliva connected their lips when the kiss ended. Gently, Sarah pried Wendy's fingers apart from the red dildo so that she could exchange for it with the one on her hand. She tasted Wendy's delicious feminine honey on the dildo while giving Wendy a lustful look, daring her to do the same. With slight reluctance, Wendy reciprocated and tasted Sarah's juices that coated the purple toy.

There were sounds coming from the living room, surprising Wendy enough to drop the dildo she was licking.

"Oh, no! My mom's home! We need to get dressed. My mom can't see us like this!"

The two girls quickly got themselves dressed and Wendy hastily hid the dildos. They walked down the stairs together to the living room.

"Mom, what did you buy?"

"Just some groceries for tonight's dinner, honey."

"Hi, Mrs. Love."

"Oh hi, Sarah. How nice of you to come. You girls look like you've been through a real workout."


"I was teaching Wendy some cheerleading moves for fun. She really got into it."

"It must be exciting to be a cheerleader. I wish I took the opportunity when I was your age. Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"Thanks, Mrs. Love, but maybe next time. I have to leave now or else I'll be late for cheerleading."

"Oh, then you better get going."

Remembering her promise to call Lauren, Madelynn dialed Lauren's number on her cell phone. Madelynn listened intently as Lauren gave her account of how she got involved with Hecate through her private investigation before finally getting caught and blackmailed. Somehow they managed to capture her, drug her, and photograph her with girls that she had never met before in compromising positions and sexual acts. By sheer chance, Lauren met up with girl that was in same predicament as her, who was in some of the illicit photographs that Lauren was in. Together, they worked secretly in conducting activities that aimed in bringing down Hecate. Their tiny group later expanded to include other girls who were also blackmailed and employees who had worked with or currently working in Hecate. After the long story, Lauren then talked about the details of her current plan to gather enough evidence to bring Hecate down, advised Madelynn on how to proceed, and also gave Madelynn a list of secret contacts.

"Lauren, what can I do to help Wendy?"

"Somehow make her pop the pills that I gave you. The easiest way is to crush the pills into powder and put in a drink for Wendy."

"But don't I have to do it regularly? It'll be hard. I'll have to make her drink something every time."

"At least it's not everyday. The effects of those pills can last up to 48 hours. The main thing you'll have to worry about is that Wendy might notice something unusual and tell Sarah."

"Wendy will tell Sarah?"

"Yes, Sarah's likely gained Wendy's trust, and she's probably much closer to Wendy as a friend than you are right now."

"What should I do then?"

"Seduce her. Be intimate with her."


"I know it sounds unethical and uncomfortable for you, but it's the best way."

"If it's the only way to help free Wendy, then I'll do it."

Lauren gave Madelynn the details on what to do. There were so many details to the plan that Madelynn had to write it down.

"Now do you have any more questions or anything else you need to talk about?"

"My mom, she's going to move with me back to my Grandma's ranch, but I don't want to go."

"And Elena said she could help?"

"Yes, she said that if I want to stay here, there's a way for me to change my mom's mind. What should I do?"

"You'll have accept Elena's offer to help. Even if you move away, Elena will still be able to find a way to get you if she ever wants to."

"Then that means the freedom Elena promised was a lie?"

"Yes, Madelynn. You've poked your nose into places where it doesn't belong. Even though you haven't found out much, she will still keep an eye on you just in case you try to dig up their dirt again."

"In other words, I'm trapped!"

"In a way, yes, and the only way out for you and me is bring all of the perpetrators at Hecate to justice. For now, you'll have to do whatever Elena tells you to do."

Madelynn sighed.

"It's not all that bad, Madelynn. You could get used to it and even enjoy it."

"But I'm not a lesbian, and I don't like Elena's perverted games! Th-they are abnormal!"

"I was kidding, of course. But seriously, you need to at least appear to enjoy it because it'll help you in the long run."

Madelynn didn't like Lauren's advice to act like a willing participant in Elena's activities. However, she could see the ingenuity in Lauren's strategy: By pretending to be enthusiastic in what Elena was doing to her, it might lower Elena's personal defenses, and possibly change the dynamics of their relationship to something better and help her gain her blackmailer's trust. She also didn't like manipulating her mom with hypnosis, which was what Lauren told her to expect from Elena's help, but it was the only way, Lauren claimed. Relief came to Madelynn when Lauren told her that the effects of the hypnosis on her mom was reversible using the red pills Lauren given her and special hypnotherapy that's currently under development. Shortly after hanging up, Madelynn popped her first red pill. Its effects weren't immediately noticeable to her.

Sitting crossed-legged on her bed, Wendy agonized over whether or not to call Madelynn to explain her sudden change in her sexual preference to lesbianism. Realizing that her whole lesbian act with Sarah had to be made as convincing as possible to almost every one she knew, Wendy eventually decided that there was no point to postpone explaining it. She recited the prepared statements one more time before calling her friend.

"Hello, Maddy."

"Yes, Wendy?"

"I want to talk about why I hadn't told you about that issue earlier."

"You mean about suddenly coming out of the closet and going out with Sarah?"


"Wendy, it's alright. I'm not mad about you or anything. I know it's difficult to tell other people about it, especially when you're afraid that they might change their view about you, for better or for worse. I did feel bad that you haven't told me about it earlier, but I won't hold it against you, really. I promise you that this morning, didn't I? You're still my best friend whether or not you're a lesbian."

"I know, but there are some more things I want to explain."

"If it makes you feel better, Wendy, then I'm all ears."

"How should I put this... The reason I've changed is because I've lost my trust in boys, in men."

"Huh? That doesn't make any sense. You mean you're not a lesbian to begin with? I thought you had just came out of the closet with your relationship with Sarah."

"No, it's not like that. It's my experience with Daniel that made me realize who I really am."

"What do you mean he made you realize who you are? What happened between you and Daniel? I thought there was a thing going on between you two."

"He chose Lauren over me."

"You mean you've become a lesbian simply because you got rejected by Daniel?"

"Maddy, it's not that simple. Daniel saw in me something that I hadn't seen in myself before. He noticed that I was a lesbian at heart."

"Wendy, have you thought that might it be his way of rejecting girls who like him?"

"No, Madelynn, I've thought about it for a long time. I think he's right about me being a lesbian."

"Are you absolutely certain?"

"I-I am certain that I'm into girls."

"That doesn't sound very convincing to me. Do you really love Sarah?"

"I... I... Yes, I do love Sarah."

There was brief period of silence. Madelynn couldn't help but form a slight smile on her face.

"Wendy, it's getting kind of late. Why don't you come to my house tomorrow after school and we'll talk more about it."

"Sure, that'll be great."

"Nite, Wendy."

"Nite, Maddy."

The heavy steel door creaked loudly when it was opened. Madelynn walked in with Elena into the same aged brick building that she had visited several times before for kinky activities. Startled by a sudden loud barking of a Doberman, a frightened Madelynn retreated to a corner.

"Down, boy, down!" ordered Elena. In an instant, the dog became docile. "Didn't mean to scare you, Maddy. We had to put Blitz here for extra security."

A sense of trepidation coupled with a feeling of unexpected excitement gripped Madelynn. From a long corridor, they walked into a large room filled with chrome mannequins that were dressed in a variety of fetish wear. Despite her instinctual reservations, Madelynn looked with curiosity at the clothing and accessories that each mannequin wore as she passed by them. There were a multitude of tops, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, lingerie, belts, and chokers made from mostly latex, leather, PVC, and even fur in a variety of designs and colors. Faux gemstones, sequins, and metal studs accentuated some of the clothing and accessories. Those that attracted Madelynn's attention the most gave her both conscious revulsion and subtle sexual arousal.

Madelynn's still lingering sense for modesty made her choose a completely black shiny latex dress. It had a volumnious ruffled full-length latex skirt with a frontal slit, allowing for exposure of the thighs and easy access to the pussy. The corset of the dress was laced in the front with a wide vertical gap that revealed a generous amount of Madelynn's cleavage and her navel jewelry. Built into the corset was a push-up bra that made her chest look bustier. rhinestone-studded black latex choker, black arm-length latex gloves, and 4-inch black high heels completed the look. She admired herself in the mirror and spun around. Unconsciously, while looking at her own reflection, she licked around her glossy violet lips, feeling slightly aroused at how sexy how her self looked in the mirror.

They walked down the hallway into another room that was filled with stuffed animals, dolls, and straw men. Madelynn's heels echoed loudly with each step.

"It'll take a while for them to bring you your tea."

"Tea? That's a first."

Elena tilted Madelynn's chip upwards with two fingers and kissed her on the lips. The teen girl closed her eyes and responded to the kiss without even a hint of resistance. One hand cupped the back of Madelynn's head while the other rested midway down Madelynn's back. Their breasts pressed together and their crotches were equally close, separated only by a few layers of latex and PVC. Madelynn felt the medicine was working because she felt much less lustful than before, and at the same time also felt calmer. She had no trouble kissing Elena intimately now even though she got lesser sexual pleasure from it. When will her strong feelings of revulsion return? When Patricia arrived with the serving plate of tea, Madelynn's and Elena's lips had separated but their tongues remained tugging and twirling around each other.

"Maddy, you're in for a real treat tonight."

Madelynn unconsciously eyed up Patricia in her skimpy French maid uniform before looking at the white porcelain tea cup sitting on its saucer plate.

"Panda poop tea!"


"I know what you're thinking, but this is world class tea, the most expensive in the world. Each pound of it costs as much as a fancy car. You should feel grateful for the privilege to be able to try this tea."

With trembling hands, Madelynn lifted the tea cup and saucer from the serving plate. Patricia then walked away. Lifting the cover, she noticed that the tea was glowing neon green. Is the tea supposed to be in this color?

"Go on, try it!"

Smiling nervously, the teen girl sipped a little bit of the tea before quickly gulping it down.

"Why did you gulp it down so fast? It's meant to be enjoyed a little at a time."

A girl about the same age as Madelynn walked through the door. She wore nothing but a white latex micro bra and a latex g-string. A white latex mask that cover the full face along with hair that's dyed neon pink hid her identity from Madelynn.

"Mistress, please whip me," said the unknown girl to Madelynn.

"Whip her mercilessly until I tell you to stop," ordered Elena as she handed a whip to Madelynn.

Madelynn tried as hard as she could to be devoid of sexual feelings and emotion when whipping the semi-naked girl. At first the girl grunted in pain from the whipping, but it soon turned into moaning. Madelynn's self-imposed robotic mental state worked well until she briefly imagined faces of Wendy, Sarah, and Lauren on the mask, causing her to stop whipping momentarily. Instead of expressing relief at the pauses, the girl mewed and pleaded with her innocent-looking eyes to Madelynn for the action to continue. Slowly, Madelynn raised the whip and resumed. Throughout the whipping, Elena noticed subtle hesitation in each of Madelynn's swings.

"Enough. Alice, you may now leave." Alice giggled and maintain eye contact with Madelynn as she slowly walked out of the room.

Afterwards, Elena told Madelynn to pick up a weapon of her choice and beat the stuffed animals and dolls with it. Hesitant at first, Madelynn slowly got herself into the action. She struck at all the stuffed toys violently with a spiked club while cackling with wicked laughter. It took a while before Madelynn realized how radically her attitude had change in those moments.

"What have I done?"

Madelynn stared at the destructive carnage wrought by her own hands, stunned and horrified at her own actions. Stuffing, pieces of felt, and straw were plastered on the wall and floor. Somehow, the burst of violent activity managed to excite her. Aroused nipples pressed painfully against her purple PVC bra. Pussy juice pooled inside her purple PVC thong. Some of it leaked out of the edges and down her thighs.

"Your desensitization training is working out well."

Moving to another room, Madelynn waited for Elena to change into lingerie. The soft blue and pink light from the lava lamps gave the room a pleasant atmosphere. Everywhere was latex. The entire floor was covered with seamless carpets of dark blue latex. From the base of the wall to the edge of the ceiling were black latex. The appearance of the ceiling mirrored the floor, but the blue color was lighter. All the furniture--the love seat, dresser, vanity, circular bed--had the appearance of shiny latex. Even the color bouquet of flowers on the night stand were made from similar rubbery materials. It was as if someone with Midas-like powers had previously walked into the room and turned everything into glossy rubber.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Madelynn felt calm and relaxed. She wasn't sure if it was due to the strange atmosphere of the room, the red pills that she had consumed hours before, or some other reason. When Elena walked into the room wearing a see-through blue latex nightie with a center slit, a translucent blue latex thong, and crystal clear blue stripper high heels, Madelynn was relieved that her body didn't respond with noticeable lust. She remained placid and undisturbed when Elena put her glossy blue lips over her own. There were no overwhelming sexual feelings that clouded her mind. Although she was still eventually aroused sexually by Elena's actions, the level of lust was manageable and she could remain thinking clearly. Soft gasps, mews, and moans came from her mouth when their lips broke and made contact during the temporary breaks of the intimate kissing. Acting on Lauren's advice, Madelynn made conscious effort into making appear as if she was enjoying it a lot. She forced herself to apply more pressure to the kiss, pressing both her lips and her body tighter against Elena's.

Elena was very delighted at Madelynn's apparent burst of erotic enthusiasm. She pushed Madelynn down in the bed without breaking the passionate soul kiss. The black latex bed sheet invoked pleasurable sensations on Madelynn's skin. Cupping one breast through smooth latex corset, Elena's metallic blue nails clenched together to create soft depressions on the slick rubber surface of Madelynn's dress. After tightening her grip, she rotated the breast in slow revolutions, sending small waves of pleasure to Madelynn's nervous system. The teen girl's purple lips formed into a rounded shape when Elena gave her breast a tighter squeezing. Eager to devour the moan that came out, Elena cocked her head sideways and formed another oral union with Madelynn. Their glossy painted lips locked together in a water tight seal, preventing any saliva from escaping. Madelynn had no choice but to drink Elena's saliva that flowed into her mouth.

Not losing sight of the goal, Elena parted the center slit of Madelynn's skirt using her free hand, parted the knees, and gently ran her hands along the teen girl's milky white thighs, savoring their intrinsic sexiness. Using two fingers, she teased Madelynn's clit through the PVC fabric of the purple thong. Madelynn tilted her head backwards and gasped when Elena applied pressure more pressure with her fingers to pinch her clit. Though Madelynn felt relieved that her sexual cravings had been reduced, she couldn't stop her own gradual arousal, so it was a simple matter for Elena to persist with stimulating Madelynn's clit until Madelynn was wet with lust.

Throughout the long make-out session, there was a change in Elena that Madelynn noticed: her actions were less rough and her voice was softer. Was Elena becoming nicer to her? That theory was dropped shortly after she heard the sound of high heels approaching the direction of the bed. Raising her head slightly, Madelynn recognized the two faces of the approaching women.

"Mistress, we are ready," said Patricia and Emily in unison.

"Good. Now teach this stuck-up bitch a lesson in lust. Her pussy seems to be having a hard time getting itself wet."

"Yes, Mistress," said the two women in unison.

"But I am wet!"

"Silence, slut!" Elena slapped Madelynn's cheek, giving the teen girl an unexpected jolt of excitement. "You're not as wet as you should be! You should be brimming with lust every time you're being pleasured by women!"

As usual, Elena's assistants were dressed in exotic lingerie. Even in her state of reduced lust, Madelynn's eyes wandered boldly on the sexy bodies of the two women, appraising them without forethought.

Patricia had her long and straight raven hair tied back in to two braided pigtails, with each pigtail ending with a small blue ribbon. Her bra and panties were made from countless cyan and black latex flowers interconnected together with hidden thread. Small imitation gemstones at the center of each flower gave the lingerie a sparkly appearance with every movement of Patricia's body. Complementing the lingerie were silver chain bracelets and a silver choker necklace made from alternating links of onyx and topaz. Hanging conspicuously from her belly ring was a rather large aquamarine jewel in the shape of a tear drop. Her feet stood on black opened toed high heels, each with small flowers in the front and back.

Emily was equally dazzling with her red hair tied into a bun and two braids on each side. Going on a metallic theme, the entirety of her outfit and jewelry was of metal. Her highly reflective bullet bra and C-string thong were made from interwoven chrome scales and springy metal. The wear was accompanied by chrome-plated jewelry: armlets, bracelets, a belly chain, a flowery navel jewelry, button earrings, and an anklet. She walked on strappy chrome high heel mules. Each of her steps would cause her whole outfit to glint like sparkles of the ocean waves. On her right hand was a rather large glass pitcher with strange colorful objects floating in a clear, syrup-like fluid medium. When Madelynn looked more closely, she realized that the floating objects were actually sex toys.

Elena ceased kissing Madelynn's lips and stood on her knees astride Madelynn's hips. She asked, "I'm going to ask you one more time, Madelynn: are you certain that you want to stay here with me and instead of moving away with your mother?"

"Yes, I'm certain that I want to stay here with you. There's so much that I don't want to part away from."

"I'm glad you chose to stay here with me, slut," said Elena as she leaned downward, grasped Madelynn's chin roughly, and gave her a sloppy and brief kiss. "We were meant to be together."

"I will never fall for you nor will I become like you," Madelynn inwardly vowed as she responded back a lavish kiss of her own.

Elena got off the bed and let her two assistants do their thing. Patricia and Emily slowly walked up to side of the bed like two predators. Madelynn's eyes shifted left and right in both fearful and excited anticipation of the sexual possibilities. She could feel the heat emanating from their bodies as they got into the bed right next to her. In gentle motions, they each licked one of Madelynn's cheeks. Each gentle brush of the tongue was accompanied by warm breath that tickled her facial skin. They soon moved on to her ears, tickling each earlobe with the tips of their tongues before gently sucking on it. Madelynn's eyes closed shut and a sensual gasp escaped from her mouth.

Resting their hands on Madelynn's black latex-encased breasts, Patricia and Emily each gave the teen girl a caress and light squeeze before sliding the palms of their hands downward along the sleek material of the corset. Intermittently, their fingers would go through between the laces of Madelynn's corset to directly touch her skin. After going through some pleats and ruffles of the dress's long skirt, they slipped their fingers between the front slit of the skirt and groped the teen girl's supple thighs. Madelynn instinctively squirmed at their incessant touching and groping. Ignoring her response, Patricia and Emily continue on with their assault, slipping their fingers beneath the folds of her purple thong and touching the bulging clitoris directly with their manicured nails. Elena's previous stimulation of Madelynn's clit had already made it wet, but actions of the two women had made it even more so. They stopped before Madelynn reached her peak. Juices flowed copiously down her thighs. Patricia and Emily both tasted the sexual lubricant that got on their fingers.

"Direct us, Mistress," they whispered huskily into Madelynn's ears.

"Elena, am I supposed to..." asked Madelynn as her face was being licked ravenously on both cheeks.

"Madelynn, you heard them. Be their mistress. Order them around."

"Will they do anything I ask of them?"


"You two, continue what you were doing. Make me cum."

Elena shook her head. "Sorry, Maddy, that's not allowed. It would be detrimental to your training if I allow you to orgasm to early."

Madelynn whimpered at Elena's denial of her orgasm. If she can't be allowed to orgasm, then she shouldn't let herself be sexually stimulated, Madelynn decided.

"Get off of me!" Madelynn ordered, causing Patricia and Emily to quickly retract.

After getting off of the circular bed, Madelynn gave her next order, "I want you two to kiss each other."

There was brief, but strong eye contact before Patricia and Emily embraced passionately. Patricia's glossy aquamarine lips came in contact against Emily's lilac-painted lips in fiery passion. The latex flowers and chrome scales of their bras rustled upon the mashing contact of their breasts. Soon, the lip lock became a fervent open mouth kiss. The wavy motions of their tongues forced some saliva to trickle from their bottom lips.

"Fuckin' lesbian sluts! You worthless whores can't get your hands off of each other," said Madelynn in a derogatory tone.

The kissing pair only murmured in response.

"Enough! Patricia, I want you to grab a double dildo and suck on it! Emily, your mouth goes on the other end!"

"Which one, Mistress?"

"The black-colored one!"

Patricia dipped her hands into the transparent, honey-like fluid of the glass pitcher. When she pulled her hand out with the dildo, a large amount of the thick lubricant was also taken out. Not worrying at all about the fluid dripping on to her thighs and the bed sheet, Patricia began sucking on the slick black dildo greedily while holding up the smooth surface of one end. Emily wasted no time in putting the other end in her mouth. They were both slurping it like a popsicle.

"So the liquid is just some sort of edible oil," Madelynn thought. "There should be no harm in me trying some of it."

Madelynn lowered her right hand into the pitcher and retrieved a translucent purple dildo. The thick lubricant felt strangely soothing on her hands. When she put the lubricated dildo close to her lips, she could smell a pleasant fragrant aroma. The attractive smell made it even easier for her to insert the silicone toy into her mouth, between her glossy purple lips. She slurped on lubricating fluid, savoring it's every delicious drop. Somehow, this triggered Madelynn's memory of performing oral sex on Elena several nights ago under the moon. Elena smiled when Madelynn willingly and unknowingly consumed the potent aphrodisiac that's mixed in with the lubricant.

Once the teen girl pulled the dildo out from her mouth, she ordered Patricia and Emily to perform mammary intercourse on the black double-ended phallus. "Now each of you rub the double dildo between your breasts. Moan like whores while you're at it. If you don't moan loud enough, then I'll spank your asses until they're beet red."

Madelynn's plan of standing a distance from the action to prevent direct sexual stimulation on her body seemed to be working. But gradually she felt her composure wavering. She found her eyes focusing on Patricia's naked DD breasts. The latex flower bra was loosened and now hanging on a single flimsy strap. Patricia squeezed her breasts tightly, clenching them like dough with her glistening aquamarine nails. One half of the slick long dildo ran between her boobs rapidly in a reciprocating motion, pushing up clear sticky lubricant with each stroke. More often than not, Patricia's lips kissed the tip of the toy and sucked on it when it was within range.

While gazing into the endless abyss of her partner's green eyes, Emily's actions with double dong mirrored the woman across from her. Her bent knees were touching Patricia's. The flexible double dildo squeaked when it was bent and relaxed continuously from a U shape. Pairs of hardened extended nipples jousted together intimately. Their wet tongues extended from their partially opened mouths into the air to brush against each other ever so slightly. With one flipping motion, they swapped the ends of the dildo and tasted their partner's saliva on the silicone toy.

"What's going on? Why is my body feeling so hot?"

The sight of the two women pleasuring a double dildo was arousing Madelynn beyond her modest expectation, and she rubbed her thighs together in a futile attempt to relieve the sexual tension. Madelynn's legs seemed to walk on their own as they carried her closer to the erotic action. Her hands slowly raise to reach for the sensual vixens.

"No!" Madelynn silently objected to the inferno growing in her body.

She stood still, winning the fight against the erotic desires that raged inside of her for the moment.

"Slaves, it's time for you to do something else," said Madelynn authoritatively.

Moving to the edge of the bed, the teenage dominatrix shoved Patricia down on her back.

"Patricia, take off your thong."

With one end of the dildo still in Emily's mouth, Madelynn roughly grabbed Emily's red hair and forced her downward until the other end of the dildo came in contact with Patricia's pussy. In and out the black dildo went between Patricia's pussy and Emily's mouth. Madelynn suddenly realized she was close to the action, but she was unable to bring herself away from it. Her clit was throbbing wildly. Her eyes focused on the wet lower lips that were spread far apart by the shaft of black silicone. When Patricia raised her legs up high while putting her knees close to her chest, Madelynn found her eyes going along the length of the sexy legs before stopping at the glossy black high heels that were now at her eye level.

The teen girl's body was trembling. "Ugghhh... I can't stand it anymore!"

Madelynn clambered into the bed and took Emily's position after pushing her away. Her shiny purple lips enveloped the latex phallus that Emily had just deep-throated. She placed one hand on the dildo and another hand on Patricia's thigh, almost piercing the skin with her blue nails.

"Emily, lick my pussy. You may pleasure yourself while you're doing it," said Madelynn during the brief pause in the action.

On her fours, Emily crawled behind Madelynn. Grabbing the lower hem of the full-length pleated latex skirt, she raised it up and over her head. Groping around in the darkness, she eventually found and held onto Madelynn's ass cheeks. Emily licked the sliver of purple PVC fabric between the two rounded masses, sending shivers up Madelynn's spine. Once she had deposited enough saliva on Madelynn's ass, she used several fingers to pull aside the thong before tonguing the wet love box. With her tongue probing deep into her love canal as if trying to reach the uterus, Emily's mouth completely enveloped Madelynn's nether lips.

When Madelynn orgasmed, she remained sexually unsatisfied. With lust still crowding out all logic in her mind, she told Patricia and Emily to get into a daisy chain position. Madelynn held onto Emily's splayed thighs and licked hungrily on her pussy. Between Madelynn's thighs was Patricia, who eagerly lapped the teenage mistress' cunt with great enthusiasm. Licking Patricia's pussy was Emily, who did it with no less enthusiasm than Patricia. Almost automatically, Madelynn's right hand went for one of Emily's large breasts and kneaded it desperately. Emily's ass was massaged as well.

A chorus of gasps, moans, and mews emanated from trio of females on the circular bed. Their bodies were slick with clear lubricating fluid when Elena emptied the whole pitcher of it onto them. The powerful aphrodisiacs kept their arousal levels on a constant high, impelling them to desire orgasm after orgasm. Under Elena's orders, Patricia and Emily broke from the sexual triangle, leaving Madelynn sexually hungry. The latex flowers near the bed squirted an invisible gas over Madelynn. Exhausted from her many orgasms, she had no idea was happening to her as the gas gradually put her to sleep. As she gradually drifted off to drug-induced slumber, Elena whispered statements repeatedly into her ear.

"Madelynn, you're an insatiable lesbian slut. You enjoy dominating women. You want to go after your mother, Wendy, and all other sexy girls you know in school. Straight, lesbian, or bisexual, you want to rule them all."


"You definitely want to because you're a slut that constantly desires sex and dominance. You want to put every sexy female under your control and turn them into your lesbian sex slaves."


"Don't deny yourself. Embrace your true lesbian desires."

"I can't..."

"Yes, you can. Believe in yourself. Believe what your pussy tells you."

Elena gave Madelynn a kiss on the lips before letting her assistants put her in a gurney. They wheeled her out of the room into a large elevator. The LED indicators counted downward until it stopped at B4. With a hiss, the elevator doors opened and they were greeted by a drab concrete-walled room. Security cameras hung from several corners. Directly in front of them was a huge steel door. Elena swiped her ID card through a slot, causing the huge steel to retract sideways into the wall. In the next room were several doors. She placed her eyes in front of a retina scanner. A red error message popped up in the LCD display, accompanied by a continuous beeping sound.

"What the fuck?!"

She looked at the security camera and shouted, "Hey, you know who I am! Open up!"

When nothing happened, she looked at Patricia and Emily, as if they would provide some answer. They only shrugged.

"Uhhh... What's going on?" Madelynn slowly rose from the bed half-awake while rubbing her eyes.

Elena pulled out small canister and sprayed sleeping gas on her face, causing Madelynn to drift back to sleep.

The door finally opened, and Elena gave a sigh of relief. Carrying the unconscious cargo, they walked into the area where few people ever see. Men and women in lab coats walked about. A blonde woman wearing military fatigues and holding a M16 rifle patrolled the hallways. Unconscious women and girls on gurneys waited outside several rooms in queues. Elena's party arrived at a huge metallic room with countless machines and strange devices. Central to all this was a giant, monstrous contraption at the center of the room. In the middle was a padded table that looked like a giant inverted pill bug. Segmented hoses and thick wires connected to its base. Surrounding the table was a plethora of intricate electromechanical modules with jointed robotic arms and tentacles protruding from them. Clear tubes with blue and pink fluids ran through the modules. Standing above all this in an imposing manner was a gigantic machine resembling a huge jelly fish.

Patricia and Emily lifted Madelynn from the gurney and gently placed her on the padded table. After applying the metal braces and shackles, they left the room, leaving the teen girl at the mercy of the machines that were slowing humming to life.


  1. I think it's time for Sarah to take Wendy out on their 1st date. Their date should be going to a lesbian club. How better for Wendy to learn how lesbians act and feel than being around a bunch of them. It will be important for Wendy's training. Sarah should instruct Wendy to dress in something that she would know that turns Sarah on, also Wendy should wear something that she would wear knowing she would get lucky with Sarah in and while choosing the clothes she should be thinking this.

  2. Great storie, Madelynn side is pretty interesting. I hope you can continue this soon.