Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brainy Teen (chapter 14)

Bright lights shined on Madelynn's unblinking, glazed eyes. An explosion of kaleidoscopic colors followed. Hundreds of multicolored sparkles swirled counter-clockwise in rapidly accelerating speed. A set of flexible metallic bra and panties, a web of micro suction cups attached to robotic tentacles, and myriad sensory stimulators composed mainly of worm-like robotic tendrils wrapped around various parts of her body to provide finer stimulation, gave her a steady stream of artificial stimuli. Primary sexual stimulation was provided by a special sybian saddle attached with full-sized dildos controlled by intelligent software. Each deeply-embedded dildo was powered by dozens of small motors, allowing for a wide range of movements. Micro-hydraulics enabled even more intricate motion, allowing subtle experiences such as air flow to be simulated. As she was gradually being sedated, Madelynn drifted into a state of altered consciousness and reality.

"Where am I?"

Madelynn found herself standing on a perfectly flat surface that was glossy and purple as far as the eye could see. Above her were haphazard swirls of unnatural-looking clouds in various shades of pink and black covering the whole of the sky. Oversized stars shined through them like ghostly ornaments. The air was silent. Nothing moved except herself. She tried to think, but thinking was difficult. All her mind could focus on at the moment was her present experience. Looking at the reflective ground, she realized she was completely naked. Instinctively covered herself with her arms, but put them down after seeing no one around her.

Walking in a random direction, she eventually came upon a dais of white marble. On top of it was a flawless obsidian sculpture of a naked woman lying face up. Upon closer inspection, Madelynn realized that it was in the shape and look of her mother. Everything was modeled perfectly: the large breasts with pointed nipples, the taut waist, the engorged pussy lips, the round butt, and the sexy thighs. It seemed to be frozen in a perpetual state of arousal. The empty black eyes seemed to be looking at Madelynn.


"Madelynn, help me..." whispered the sculpture through its unmoving lips.

Madelynn had a sudden urge to kiss those lips, to suck on the glossy nipples of the large bosom, and to rub the shiny pussy with her own. But, before she could do anything, the ground opened up and swallowed the dais along with the sculpture of her mom whole. Madelynn collapsed on the ground, pressed her palms on the shiny surface, and screamed, "No, Mom, Mom!" Nothing happened. Only her own troubled face stared back at her.

Faint feminine moaning sounds aroused Madelynn's attention. She stood up from the ground, trying to make out where the sounds were coming from. They seemed close, but their origin eluded her even after walking towards the direction of the sounds. Slowly, the source of the sensual moaning materialized in front of Madelynn. Several dozen naked women and girls were trapped inside sparkly floating bubbles. They didn't seemed to be bothered by their confinement because their attention were focused on pleasuring themselves. Each and every one of them were squeezing their own breasts and fingering their pussies. Some of them also inserted fingers into their own asses. A few of them noticed Madelynn's presence and look at her lecherously through glazed eyes.

"What's going on with them?"

A frightening rumbling sound made Madelynn jump. The ground beneath her shook, almost causing her to lose her balance. Large cracks appeared as sections of the ground began giving way. There was a loud growling sound before huge slimy black tentacles shot upwards from the huge hole on the ground. The glistening sinuous arms immediately went for and wrapped themselves around the incarcerated females, popping the transparent spheres in the process. Madelynn watched in shock as the demonic tentacles had their way with the women and the girls. Expecting a grisly end befalling on them, the females screamed in horror. The bulbous-ended tentacles teased the cunt lips of the females before thrusting deep into their love canals. Another set of tentacles rose from the pit and aimed for the asses of the women. They squirted clear lubricant on the anal openings before slowly easing their way in, causing the women to grunt and cry in protest as the tentacles slowly filled up their rectums. Smaller, tapered tentacles grew from the main tentacles and caressed the bodies of the females. Wrapping themselves around their bodies like a slimy net, the tendrils left no part of the females' bodies unmolested. Their cries of horror soon became moans of pleasure. Leaving no holes unviolated, more tentacles sprouted from the ground and invaded the mouths of the women. Those who resisted had their lips pried open by the tendrils. Some tentacles ejaculated prematurely. Tar-like cum poured from the females' mouths, asses, and pussies. It flowed down along the thighs and dripped onto the ground. Madelynn wished she could do something to help them but felt powerless.

"Oh my God! The monsters are raping the women! Someone needs to free them!"

"You can save them," said a familiar female voice that came out of nowhere.

"Save them? How?"

"By dominating them."

"But they need to be freed from those monsters!!"

"They seek the strongest to control them. They get sexual pleasure from being dominated."

"You mean this is what they want?"

"Yes and no. The monsters are giving the females what they want, but they're also deceiving them by taking away from them what they need."

Madelynn saw the tentacles draining energy from the females. Glowing packets traveled repeatedly downward along the sinuous arms.

"Then they will get hurt by the monsters, won't they?"

"Yes, and only you can help them."


"As I've said before, you need to dominate them. Show them that you're stronger than the monsters. Then you control them and enslave them."

"But that's wrong, isn't it?"

"There's nothing wrong with helping them. Only you can free them from the enslaving yoke of men. You're destined to dominate women physically, mentally, and sexually."

"But it's still slavery, and slavery is wrong."

"It's freedom through enslavement. Those women and girls are better off being enslaved by you than by the evil men."

Madelynn felt a sudden surge of sexual excitement in her pussy.

"Homosexuality is wrong," uttered Madelynn weakly.

"It's only wrong when you're denying it. You're obviously lying to yourself."

Madelynn realized that she was. Images of herself engaging group sex with Wendy and Lauren flashed in her mind. Another erotic spark of excitement made her pussy twinge.

"You are the lesbian dominatrix... Entice them... Enslave them... Coerce them into the world of womanly pleasures... They will resist at first, but they'll thank you later..."

Suddenly, it all made sense for Madelynn.

Sparks of pleasure shot up her spine as she asserted her role. "Yes... I'm the lesbian dominatrix... I will control and rule them all..."

"Here, wear this and you'll become what you truly desire..."

A small area of the ground in front of her melted into liquid. Countless ripples disturbed the flat surface as the ground boiled. When the bubbling ceased, a purple marble mannequin looking exactly like Madelynn slowly rose up majestically. It was dressed in a black Victorian-style satin dress that consisted of a front-lace bejeweled corset, a pleated knee-length skirt with three layers purple petty coats, a laced choker with a jewel at the center, and separate sleeves made from intricate lace. Ruffles and lace lined the edges of the dress, adding to the volume and beauty. But that wasn't all, black fishnet stockings ran up the mannequin's legs that stood on glossy single-strapped high heeled pumps and a glossy black mask with floral embossments covered its face.

Madelynn felt a strange familiarity with the dress, as if it was meant for her. She cautiously touched the dress with her fingers, feeling the smoothness of the satin fabric. The glossy lips on the mannequin's mask shimmered with brilliant iridescence. Madelynn leaned forward and slowly kissed them with her lips. There was a flash, and instantly her body felt a sudden chill followed by warmth. She felt something clinging to her body and a mask covering her face. Gently, Madelynn took off the mask, which quickly transformed into a stylish hand mirror.

Smiling wickedly at her own reflection, she marveled at her sudden transformation. The fingers that held the mirror had nails of black lacquer. An onyx and amethyst gemstone bracelet encircled her wrist. Her face was chalk white and flawless. Black eye shadow and eyeliner decorated her eyelids. Copious black mascara accentuated her long and curled eyelashes. The barbell piercing above her right eye and onyx earrings dangling on her ears glinted brilliantly. Her pageboy-length raven hair became shoulder-length and modified into a series of tube curls and tresses. Madelynn licked her glossy black lips, seeing and feeling a jeweled piercing on her tongue.

"Tattoos and piercings look sexy on you," said the hidden voice. Tingles of phantom pleasure made Madelynn's pussy quiver.


Lowering the mirror, she admired the rest of her dress. It was tight, but comfortable and sexy. The laced sleeves were low enough to reveal a prominent glowing tattoo on her upper right arm. Squirming slightly, she felt the familiar texture of the latex and noticed that the unseen underwear was transferred to her body as well.

Feeling powerful and confident, she strutted on her 4-inch heels towards the monstrosities that were ravishing the females. She could see more of the monsters now as the central mass oozed upwards. Familiar faces protruded momentarily from the amoeba-like mass of tar: faces of handsome male popstars, a nerdy male classmate who was interested in her, Daniel, her Dad, and all the other males she had encountered in her life. Hate and distrust welled up in her heart. A long, black whip materialized in her hand. She struck at monster several times, causing it to growl loudly in pain with each attack. It gave one final cry of defeat before shriveling up into mush.

Freed from the monster, the women and girls floated slowly down to the ground. Shocked and disorientated, they groaned in discomfort and looked at Madelynn with cautious, uncertain eyes. Madelynn walked towards them with an air of authority. A bunch of bejeweled collars of various colors materialized on her free hand. The dominatrix came upon a naked woman with long red hair that reached halfway down her back, and touch her neck with a collar.

The collar moved on its own, snapping open and twisted in the air until it found its place around the woman's neck. In place of her previous apprehensive attitude, the woman now was tranquil. Still sitting on her haunches, she wrapped her arms around Madelynn's left thigh and rubbed her cheeks on it, feeling the smooth skin and the fishnet stocking of her mistress. When Madelynn shrugged her off, the woman continued looking at Madelynn adoringly.

One at a time, she touched each woman and girl with her slave collars. The rest of them noticed something was wrong and began running away, but they didn't get very far. With a simple thought in Madelynn's mind, black vines grew from the ground and immobilized the fleeing females' arms and legs. Casually, Madelynn walked up to them and converted all the resisting females with her collars. When they were released from the vines, all the women and girls gathered in a circle around Madelynn with sexual anticipation.

There was a bubbling sound as the ground melted and a circular bed covered with a red satin sheet rose upwards. Madelynn's eyes locked onto a particular girl, whose eyes gazed downwards submissively. She gestured to the girl to get into the bed. The female teen slave complied and climbed into the mattress on her knees. Madelynn's dress rustled when she did likewise. Using her black-nailed fingers, she felt up the girl's body, running upwards from the butt, along the curves, and stopping at the facial cheeks. Madelynn playfully ran her fingers through the teen slave's dark brunette hair, twirling some strands around her fingers, then giving a downward yank on the slave's braided pigtails. Their faces were a mere three inches from each other. Madelynn could still see some reluctance in the girl's eyes, but instinctively knew that pleasure will soon turn it into willingness. She gave a forceful kiss on the naked girl's lips. The slave girl struggled weakly under Madelynn's rough handling, but melted under the deep, intimate kiss. Their tongues spiraled together in a sensual dance. Madelynn's tongue rubbed against the girl's teeth before going into her mouth, which was eagerly sucked by the girl. With one hand holding the back of the girl's head, Madelynn cupped and tightly squeezed the girl's breasts. The supple breasts felt wonderful in her palms, and she couldn't stop gyrating the wonderful orbs with her hands.

Madelynn's black satin dress slowly melted. The pitch-black liquid flowed down along her body, caressing Madelynn's skin along the way, and gathered into a syrupy dark puddle right next to her legs. Her black latex half-cup bra, thong, fishnet stockings, and shiny high heels remained intact on her body. The dominatrix continued kissing her slave girl as if nothing had happened. Twisting and moving itself inside out, the black blob split into several smaller blobs that individually transformed into a variety of sex toys.

The slave girl mewed in disappointment when Madelynn broke the kiss, but she rewarded with something that would bring her even more pleasure. Madelynn pulled down on the slave girl's pigtails until the girl's head was in level with her crotch. The girl's pink tongue extended and licked in between and around the folds of the dominatrix's flushed pussy lips. A sigh of pleasure escaped from Madelynn's parted shiny black lips. When Madelynn pulled the girl's head away by the hair, the girl's tongue remained desperately extended to reach the nectar. Picking up a double dildo strap-on, the dominatrix effortlessly pulled the rubbery harness up her legs. She inserted one half of it into her pussy before tightening the straps.

The dildo was brandished in front of the slave girl's face. "Lubricate it, slave."

Obediently, the slave girl licked the dildo, coating it with saliva with her swirling tongue. Slowly, the rubbery shaft went in between the her lips, and she deep throated effortlessly. It was time for the main course. Madelynn roughly shove the girl backward down on the bed, causing her to yelp. Holding onto the glossy black shaft with one hand, the dominatrix carefully aimed it at the entrance to the teen girl's moist love canal and pushed it in partially. Lifting the girl's legs upwards, Madelynn ran her hands along their lengths before draping them over her shoulders. She wrapping her arms around the thighs and began thrusting her hips. The slave girl inhaled sharply in anticipation. With one sharp motion, Madelynn pushed the glossy black shaft further in between the girl's love lips. It was then pulled back out. The cycle repeated endlessly. Distressful cries quickly turned into erotic moaning.

Madelynn gestured to a woman braided blonde hair tied in a bun to join in the fun. The slave girl's legs were lowered from the dominatrix's shoulders, but Madelynn kept fucking the slave girl with the strap-on. After the blonde woman sat on her knees with her legs astride the girl's head and her pussy directly above the girl's lips, she lowered herself and brushed her cunt lips against the teen slave's mouth. Eager to taste the delectable juice, the teen girl's tongue extended upwards to lap at the moist cunt, hesitantly at first, but with enthusiastic lust seconds later. Madelynn and the blonde woman moved their upper bodies towards each other for a sloppy wet kiss. Their tongues reached past the lips and brushed against chins, cheeks, and noses, slathering them with glistening saliva. The woman gave a cry when she orgasmed. Her honey splattered copiously on the girl's face.

Positions changed. The blonde woman exchanged positions with the slave girl. But, instead of riding on the woman's face, the girl did a partial hand stand with Madelynn lifting her thighs, supporting them on her shoulders. Toes pointed toward the sky. Teenage feminine lips brushed and kissed against mature lips. Dangling young breasts pressed against ripe melons. Pointy nipples were carefully aligned so that they brushed together. Madelynn's tongue went up and down the girl's slit in long, deliberate strokes. She bit on the love petals with her teeth and sucked greedily on them before venturing in with her tongue. But she didn't stop there, for her tongue went up between the girl's ass crack and rimmed on the asshole in circular motions. A chorus of loud moans, gasps, and mews emanated from the trio of sexual beings. The females watching the show waited impatiently for their turns with their beloved Mistress.

Out of the corner of her eye, Madelynn saw a teen girl peeking cautiously from the side of a large gray boulder in the distance. Madelynn's lips curved in a wicked smile. Licking dripping pussy juice from the boundaries of her lips, she disengaged from the group sex and walked towards the uncollared girl in a predatory manner. Sneaking behind the boulder unnoticed, Madelynn found the naked girl in a crouching position.

The girl's eyes widened in shock when she realized that she was discovered. "No!"

When the girl tried to get up to run away, Madelynn whipped her. "Stay where you are, cunt!"

Thwack! "Ahhh!"

Madelynn felt a wonderful thrill when she pushed the girl against the boulder, barring her remaining chance of escape. She pressed her warm body against the girl. Writhing and rubbing her mass against the girl's naked skin, Madelynn made sure the girl felt touch and warmth of her feminine body as much as possible. The frightened teen squirmed when she felt the unfamiliar feeling of latex touching her skin. When the girl turned her face away during Madelynn's attempted kiss, Madelynn gripped onto her chin tightly and kissed her forcibly. Using the strength which she never knew she had, the latex-clad dominatrix flipped the resisting girl around and plunged the strap-on dildo deep into her pussy without any foreplay. Breasts swung like pendulums as the girl was being fucked mercilessly. Thighs slapped loudly against firm buttocks. Instinctively, the girl's palms pressed against the cold, hard stone for balance. Pitiful cries of resistance became moans of pleasure. Madelynn smiled with satisfaction at having taken the girl's virginity doggy-style. Her hands held onto the waist for support, and later reached along the sides to grope the dangling boobs underneath. Once an orgasm passed through Madelynn's body, she pulled out the strap-on completely and teased the girl's puckered anus with its tip.

"Not in my ass, no!"

Ignoring her pleas, Madelynn plunged it into the girl's anus anyway, causing the girl to emit loud grunts and squeals at the unexpected and painful intrusion. However, it didn't take long for girl to moan like a whore again. Acting on her sadistic streak, the dominatrix repeatedly slapped on the girl's bum.

"See, they enjoy it eventually like I've told you," said the omnipresent female voice.

"But it's not real love."

"They don't need love, just raw pleasure. You don't need love."

"I don't?"

"Yes, you don't. It's worthless to you. Only pleasure and power matters to you."


"Think for yourself, Madelynn. Think about what you truly need and want."

The facial images of Wendy, Elena, Erin, and the pretty girls at her school flashed sequentially in Madelynn's mind.

"I need them..." Madelynn didn't realized what she had said until she said it.

"Yes, you need them. You yearn for the taste and touch of a female's body, and you won't ever be happy without lesbian sex. You need sexual pleasure all the time."

"But what if they don't want it as much as I do?"

"You are the dominatrix. Trick them. Coerce them. Force them. Use whatever means necessary to bend them to your will. Love means nothing to you."

An erotic image of her mother appeared in Madelynn's mind again.

"I shouldn't be thinking about my mother like that," protested Madelynn weakly.

"Yet you do. Don't resist yourself. Make your mother your sex slave. Bend her to your will."


The girl Madelynn had finished fucking slowly collapsed into an exhausted slump after several orgasms. Lubricant dripped from the dildo onto the ground after she pulled the dildo out.

"I need women... I need girls... I need them..." Madelynn found herself becoming highly aroused again.

"Yes, you do, and you must actively seek females out to satisfy your sexual desires. Without them, you won't be complete."

A warm pink glow attracted Madelynn's attention. Turning her head, she saw an old gnarly tree with crimson-eyed ravens perching ominously on its leafless branches. Standing right next to the tree was Wendy, dressed in a school girl uniform. A glowing white aura surrounded Wendy's body. Embracing Wendy was Daniel in a letterman jacket and jeans. An shroud of darkness surrounded him. Madelynn felt a pang of indescribable feelings as she watched the couple beginning to kiss. But it wasn't a kiss that happened. Daniel's eyes glowed red and his teeth grew into sharp fangs. His body mutated into a grotesque demonic shape. Wendy's closed eyes didn't see anything.

"Wendy! Get away from him!" Madelynn's cries didn't seem to reach Wendy.

"Only you can save her! Do it now or you'll regret it!"

Madelynn ran towards them, but there was a sudden wide crack in the earth that extended left and right as far as the eye could see. Before she could step over the crack, it widened until it became a huge chasm. Black wings sprouted on Madelynn's back. Making immediate use of them, she flew over the chasm. The boiling lava below frightened her but she raised her head and kept her eyes focused on her goal. After going to the other side, tall leafless trees sprouted rapidly from the ground, impeding her path. She forcibly pulled them off her back, dumped them, and then ran forward with all her might. Spiky vines grew around her and attempted to bind her, but she whipped them all to dust. Right at the moment before Daniel's fangs was about to pierce the skin of Wendy's neck, Madelynn slammed her body against Daniel, forcing him to the ground. She whipped Daniel furiously, causing him to change back to his human form while crying out feebly in pain.

"Stop it, Madelynn! Don't hurt Daniel!" cried Wendy.

"He's a monster that needs to be destroyed! I saved you just in time, Wendy!"

"What are you talking about?! Daniel's no monster!"

Daniel's body underwent horrific mutation again. Wendy's eyes grew wide in horror. With one final strike, Madelynn turned Daniel into a cloud of gas. Her heart warmed up when she felt Wendy's arms wrapping around her in a loving embrace.

"Oh, Maddy, I'm so sorry for not trusting you."

"It's alright, Wendy." Madelynn hugged Wendy back.

The dark sky lightened and became blue. Green grass invaded the landscape. Thick leaves covered the branches of the barren tree. Madelynn saw Wendy's lips slowly getting closer to hers.

"Make her your slave, and she'll be truly yours forever," whispered the voice.

Sweat tickled Madelynn's face when she woke up abruptly from her bed. She brushed off the beads of sweat on her forehead. "I've got to save Wendy... I've got to save her..." she told herself while thrusting her fingers deep into her pussy and visualizing Wendy in her mind's eye.

After Madelynn had gone to school in the morning in a hurry, Erin went to Madelynn's room to help tidy it up. She felt renewed disappointment and anger at her daughter's new tastes in fashion when she saw a black PVC top, skimpy leather skirt, and fishnet stockings lying haphazardly on the floor. It was even more racy than the ones she had seen Madelynn wearing recently. A partially opened drawer below desk that was usually locked caught her eye. She knew it was wrong to invade her daughter's privacy, but her protective maternal instinct encouraged her to investigate. Her unsettling feelings were confirmed by the discovery of illicit materials. There were scores of lesbian porno DVDs and five erotic lesbian magazines. Some of the media were still in their packaging but many were already opened. A mixture of feelings assaulted Erin: shock, anger, despair, and then sexual arousal.

"What's happening to me? Why am I feeling this way? It must be the women on the covers! They're intentionally made to be tempting!"

Erin's imagination went wild and suspected that the unsavory videos and magazines were produced under the guidance of the devil and cursed with his magic. She held onto her cross pendant and quietly uttered some verses in hopes of dispersing the malignant influence. When she opened the drawer further, she gasped at the discovery of a metallic blue gyrating dildo. Shaking her head slowly, she retrieved the sex toy and quickly stuffed it in a bag along with DVDs and erotic magazines. She decided to confront her daughter about the illicit materials in the evening after work. Her first thought was to hide the materials in the garage, but something compelled her to bring them to her own bedroom. She had a constant, nagging urge to look inside the bag, at the enticing DVD covers and the battery-powered dildo.

After Erin placed the bag in the closet and turned around to walk away, her body suddenly stopped as if someone had cast a spell on her. The contents of the bag seemed to be calling out her name. Retracing her steps, she slowly kneeled down on the floor and walked to the bag on her knees. Her body shivered from strange feelings. With trembling hands, she opened up the white bag so that she had a clear view of the naked women on the DVD covers.

"Just this once," Erin whispered as she inserted fingers into her pants and stroked her clit.

Her breathing quickened and her heart pounded against her chest. Lifting a porno magazine up, she flipped it to a random page. There were two young models dressed in micro bikinis and posing on a faux beach setting. Each successive photo was increasingly more erotic. Erin's mind imagined what the final scenes would be.

"I won't do it again after this," Erin promised herself as she slowly grasped onto the blue gyrating dildo that her daughter had used countless times before. She pulled down her pants and thrust the toy against her wet cunt. A loud moan escaped from Erin's mouth when the buzzing toy began working its magic. Instinctively, Erin touched her own breast and manipulated it through the fabric of her dress shirt. She eventually climaxed with a loud cry on the page where the two female bikini models were fingering each others pussies while French kissing. Without a second thought, she raised the blue dildo to her lips, tasting her own and the remnants of her daughter's juices on it while her eyes remained glued to the racy lesbian photographs.

Sarah and Wendy had gone to school earlier than most students and used the ample time remaining before the morning bell for a heavy make out session, which Sarah had insisted on for practice. A fairly secluded corner of the hallway was chosen for the intimate act.

"We're doing this for practice, Wendy," assured Sarah while casually caressing Wendy's ass.

"Okay, Sarah. I'll do whatever's necessary for my training." Wendy subconsciously pushed her butt against Sarah's hand.

The two sexy teenaged sirens were dressed to seduce. A beautiful purple shade of lipstick enhanced with a polychromatic glossy layer made Wendy's lips shimmer and shine like the iridescent surface of soap bubbles, which was matched with glittery purple nail polish on her fingers and toes. Dark blue glittery eye shadow, black eye liner and mascara, thick and curly eyelashes made her eyes almost supernaturally seductive. Pink ruby chandelier earrings hung showily from her ears. Ass-hugging silver hot pants and a metallic blue low cut tube top clung to her body like second skin. Red strappy high heel sandals exhibited her beautiful feet. Her blonde hair rose upwards in a high pony tail, and for the first time, the double Venus symbol necklace hung noticeably above her cleavage.

Their eyes locked onto each other as if both entranced. Each pair transmitted their own messages of poignant desire. Seconds passed by before they moved. With their arms around each other in a loving embrace, their lips mashed together in a passionate kiss. The thin and clingy material of their shiny tube tops rubbed together amorously with erotic friction. Heat exchanged easily between their bodies as if their clothes were nonexistent.

Sarah's well manicured nails dug into the smooth fabric of Wendy's shiny top. She brushed her nose and lips against Wendy's warm cheeks. She exhaled slightly in a series of sighs, creating subtle breaths of air that tickled Wendy's face. Turning her head, Wendy exposed more of her cheek to Sarah to experience more of the pleasant sensations invoked by the gentle kissing and nuzzling. Reaching underneath Wendy's arms, Sarah dragged the nails across the surface of the lustrous fabric down towards the small of Wendy's back, producing a swishing sounds in the process. The early morning silence made their smooching the loudest sound audible in the school's hallways.

The floor squeaked as Sarah slid her high heel across the smooth, varnished surface until her thigh ended right between Wendy's legs. She brushed her thigh against Wendy's crotch, warming it up through the stretchy fabric of the hot pants. In response, Wendy raised her leg and intertwined it with Sarah's. Female thigh touched female thigh. A gasp escaped from Sarah's mouth when Wendy playfully raised her knee against Sarah's pussy. By now, their clits were already bulging and wet with intense arousal. The front side of Wendy's yellow silk thong was soaked, but the shiny hot pants had hidden the fact.

As the onslaught of pleasure against her nether regions continued, Wendy closed her eyes shut and made sharp intakes of air. Unexpectedly, Sarah pulled her knee away from Wendy's crotch, leaving Wendy thrusting her hips unconsciously towards the source of the stimulation. A female student walked by, looked briefly at their embrace, gasped, before walking away hurriedly after noticing what they're doing. Gradually, Wendy was pushed against the wall. Sarah lifted her knee high and interlocked her leg with Wendy's while brushing the side of her black high heel sandal against the skin of Wendy's leg. Her mouth assaulted Wendy's lips anew while her well-toned thigh expertly teased Wendy's pussy in a way that would always leave Wendy on the brink of orgasm. They didn't even flinch when the bell rang and the hallway began filling up with people. By the time they stopped their sensual activity, many pairs of eyes have seen what the two girls have done together.

"Remember our plan. If either of us messes up, then it's all over."

"Don't worry, Sarah, I won't mess up. I'll be careful all the way. I know you're doing this all for me."

Wendy leaned forward and initiated a brief kiss with Sarah.

"I love you, Sarah."

"Good, Wendy. Now you're getting closer to acting like a real lesbian. Just keep this up, and not only will you be able to get Daniel, but Lauren and Madelynn will become your lovers too."

"What are you saying, Sarah?" Wendy blushed.

"I was just kidding! But seriously, you do have the power to seduce anyone."

After first period class, Wendy went to Sarah's locker, which they now shared as part of the act to make their relationship appear more intimate, according to Sarah. Once Wendy noticed Lauren coming their way, she kissed Sarah on the lips.

"Wendy, so you're Sarah's lezzie girlfriend now."

When Wendy broke the staged, enthusiastic kiss to respond, a small thread of saliva hung from her lower lip.

"Isn't it obvious to you that I'm into girls, Lauren?" replied Wendy. She thrust her chest out a bit to draw attention to her Sapphic necklace.

"Not everything is so obvious. It's strange you suddenly became Sarah's girlfriend after Daniel rejected you."

Against her own feelings, Wendy said, "I never really had any genuine feelings for Daniel. My heart belongs to Sarah now."

There was a slight scowl on Lauren's face as she warned, "You can dyke out with Sarah all you want, but don't ever touch my Daniel. Hmph." In one swift motion she turned around and walked away.

With that attitude from Lauren, Wendy had doubts about her chances of seducing Lauren. As if knowing Wendy's thoughts, Sarah assured her, "Don't worry, Wendy, she's like that when she's in her competitive mode. Once you use your charms on her, she'll melt down into a puddle. Lauren likes guys, but she's more into girls."

In the classes that Wendy shared with Daniel, she would sometimes would catch Daniel staring at her, but she resisted looking back, following Sarah's instructions. She wouldn't ignore Daniel completely though because they're still friends.

With the information of Lauren's class schedule from Sarah, Wendy intercepted Lauren as much as she could. Every time Wendy got herself within Lauren's sight, she would greet her with a seductive gaze whenever possible. While walking ahead of Lauren up the stairs, she would gyrate her ass subtly to draw Lauren's attention. At one point, she "accidentally" dropped her class materials during passing period when she noticed Lauren walking behind her. Wendy raised her ass up in front of Lauren, enough to cause her thong panties to peek out. Despite intending only Lauren to see it, other girls and boys saw her charms as well. In the classes that Wendy shared with Lauren, she would expose her legs to Lauren when Lauren walked pass her.

The best opportunity came during lunch period. Wendy saw Cynthia and Lauren sitting together in the cafeteria. Her eyes met Cynthia's, who gave her a knowing look.

"Is it alright if I sit here?" asked Wendy.

"Sure, fake lezzie."


Cynthia got up with her lunch only half-finished, saying she had something important to do.

"How was your morning, Lauren?"

"It was fine until Mr. Dublin gave us another project to do. He's such a sadist. How about yours, fake lezzie?"

"Mine was alright. Like you, I also received a project assignment from one of my teachers, but I'm used to doing these kinds of assignments by now."

"Ever the nerd."

Wendy gulped.

"Lauren... There's this tension between us. Can't we just be friends?"

"Be friends? Are you sure? I've just took away your potential boyfriend and said mean things about you behind your back."

"I know, but I can also forgive. There's no point in us being enemies forever. It'll only make us both feel bad."

Lauren sighed. "I guess you're right, Wendy. It's indeed pointless when you think about it."

"We could be more than just friends, if you want," Wendy said in an enticing tone.

"Heh, what are you suggesting, Wendy?"

"I mean we could be very good friends, of course."

"Very good friends?" Lauren placed her hand on Wendy's naked thigh.


Wendy didn't even flinch in the slightest and even pushed her thigh against Lauren's warm hand, daring Lauren to feel her up some more. Making eye contact with Lauren, Wendy's eyes revealed enticing hints of the sensual possibilities she had to offer to Lauren if the feud was dropped. Lauren's imposing face slowly relaxed into an expression of acceptance and desire. She even moved her lips until they almost touched Wendy's lips, but pulled away teasingly at the last moment.

"Want to hang out together this afternoon?" asked Lauren as she twirled a lock of her hair.

"I would love to, but I have something do this afternoon." Wendy stabbed at her fish fillet playfully with the spork.

"How about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow should be... okay."

"Great! Then it's settled. By the way, what's your number?"

Wendy had a great sense of satisfaction on how well her act went. She was also beginning to like Lauren because of the unexpected friendliness. However, remembering Sarah's warnings, she quickly told herself that Lauren was just acting nice to deceive her. Regardless, Wendy felt teensy-weensy disappointment that, when Lauren placed her face near hers, the kiss didn't happen. The feeling was so small that she hardly noticed it.

Throughout the school day, Wendy had picked up strong signals from Madelynn. Whenever talked with each other, Madelynn would try to draw Wendy's attention to her body with small, subtle actions. Even without the flirtation, Madelynn's conspicuous style drew stares from other people too, not just Wendy. Going for a dark theme, she had on black lace arm gloves with frilly edges, a black mesh top with enough holes to reveal the bra beneath, and a black skirt with two rows of red silk stripes and a red laced lower hemline.

Because Wendy was using similar tactics to seduce Lauren, it was fairly obvious to Wendy what her friend's intentions were.

"What do you think of my new stockings?" asked Madelynn while shifting her legs.

Wendy looked at her friend's sheer black stockings. "They're... torn."

"But they DO look great, don't they?"

There was this strange tone in Madelynn's voice that Wendy have noticed before.

"Yes, they do look great on you, and sexy too."

Madelynn's eyes lit up at the word "sexy". She moved her right leg forward to show off her stockings more.

"Do you want to touch it, Wendy, you know, to see how it feels?" Madelynn traced her fingers along her stocking-encased leg.


Slowly, Wendy ran the tips of her fingers upwards her friend's thigh, starting below the knee, feeling the texture of the fabric and also warm skin. Tingling sensations exploded in Madelynn's pussy and along her spine. If being merely grazed by Wendy's fingers felt that good, what would a kiss from her do? Madelynn resisted a shudder and was glad that the red pills kept her arousal in check. When Wendy's fingers almost reached the hem of her friend's skirt, Madelynn nervously held onto Wendy's hand.

"Wendy, I'm glad you think they're sexy, but people around us are going to have weird thoughts about us if you don't stop."

"Oh, you're right, Maddy. Sarah also might get the wrong idea if she sees us."

"We'll meet up at the school gate after school."

"Okay, I'll wait for you there."

When Wendy walked away, Madelynn resumed sorting stuff in her locker. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a girl passing by giving her a disgusted look.

"What the fuck are you looking at, bitch?!" exclaimed Madelynn.

After the last bell, Madelynn made a quick trip to the locker and the restroom before waiting for Wendy at the gate. The two arrived at the meeting place at almost the same time. Together they walked to Madelynn's home.

At one point, Wendy looked at her friend's lustrous black 6-inch platform high heel boots with concern.

Turning her face up slightly, Wendy asked, "Maddy, I'm not criticizing your choice of fashion or anything, but don't you think your heels are a bit too high? It's easy to fall over in them if you're not careful."

"Says the bimbo slut who's also wearing heels!" Madelynn laughed. "You don't need to worry about me. I can get used to it."

Once they arrived to the house, they refreshed themselves with some drinks before going up to Madelynn's room. Unknown to Wendy, Madelynn had secretly dissolved a red pill in the juice that she had drank. As two girls walked up the stairs, Wendy's eyes subconsciously looked upwards underneath Madelynn's skirt and noticed that her friend was wearing a purple PVC thong.

In her mind, Wendy reviewed the secret plan. She was going to seduce Madelynn in order to free her from Lauren's influence. Hidden her backpack was a battery-powered bullet dildo and a vibrating egg, which Sarah had advised her to bring in case the afternoon meeting became sexual. However, Sarah warned Wendy not to seduce Madelynn too fast or else it would be counterproductive to their plan.

Madelynn's bedroom felt different than the last time Wendy visited it. The teddy bears, stuffed animals, and other cute things were gone. In place of them were strange trinkets, statuettes, and abstract novelties. Dark, moody artwork hung on the wall.

A smile appeared on Madelynn's face after noticing the toys and sexual materials that she had intentionally left exposed in the opened drawer were discovered and put away by her mom. The confrontation in the evening with her mom was inevitable.

"Before we start, I'm going to change my clothes first."

Madelynn immediately began undressing, starting with her black mesh top. Wendy's eyes traced the naked curves of Madelynn's body. Her friend definitely looked sexier. It was the first time Wendy saw Madelynn dressed only in PVC lingerie. The feeling was entirely different than when she last saw her friend in this state of undress, which was when they swam together at the local pool last summer. Madelynn changed into a black PVC mini jacket, PVC microskirt, and 6.5 inch Mary Jane platform stiletto black heels. Once Madelynn finished, she stood facing Wendy and with her fingers slowly traced upwards her bodily curves starting from her knees. Wendy intentionally made her lewd ogling obvious to her friend and emphasized it with a brief lick of her lips.

"Wendy, I'll say again that I have nothing against your sexual orientation and your relationship with Sarah, but I'm concerned about you as a friend."

"I understand why you're worried about me, Maddy, but I'm confident in what I am and my relationship with Sarah."

"Wendy, can you promise me you won't get mad in what I'm about to say?"

"Okay, I can promise that."

"There's a possibility that you're not really a lesbian. What you're going through might be a phase, a part of growing up."

Wendy tried to speak, but Madelynn stopped her.

"Let me finish, Wendy. According to Freudian psychology, lesbianism happens when a female's psychosexual development doesn't occur properly.

"Okay," said Wendy, not quite understanding what her friend meant.

"This is due to penis envy, Oedipal crisis, and lack of proper male parenting. Tell me, Wendy, when did you first discovered that guys have penises?"

"Well, when I first heard guys joke about it."

"Did you want one too?"

"No, of course not! I'm a girl!"

"Come on, you must have felt little envious over guys having something that you don't."

"Maybe a little."

"I take that as a yes. You do have penis envy."

"If you put that way, then I guess you're right."

"When you're were a baby, who held and took care of you most of the time?"

"I think... it was my Mom. She quit her job to spend more time raising me and my sister."

"How often is your dad home?" asked Madelynn even though Wendy had told her about it before.

"He's always comes home late. Right now he's working overseas."

"So that means your mom spends more time with you than your dad, am I right?"

"Yes, but I know my Dad wants to spend time with me too. It's just that his work--"

"Whatever your dad's intention isn't the issue. It's that he spends less time with you. That means your Mom is the more dominant and better parent in your life."

"Madelynn, I think my dad is a good parent too."

"Wendy, I'm just stating the facts."

"I know, but I love my Dad."

"I'm not judging your dad or anything, Wendy. If I don't help you resolve your psychological issues now, your lesbianism will become permanent. One last question: do you find men or boys disgusting?"

"Well, just because I'm a lesbian doesn't mean that I find males disgusting."

"Let me put it this way, would you rather have a gynecological exam from a male or female doctor?"

"A female doctor."

"That means you have a latent disgust for males, Wendy. This, and the previous factors that I've mentioned are responsible for your lesbianism."

Wendy was incredulous of her friend's amateur diagnosis, but could see some logic in it. Regardless, she maintained her act for the sake of the seduction.

"So, how are you going to help me?"

"Your lesbian desires and experiences needs to be matched with heterosexual ones. The safest and most effective way is to have pretend heterosexual activities."


"Yes, I'll pretend to be guy and you'll pretend to be my girlfriend."

"But you're obviously a girl."

"There's a way to make it more believable," said Madelynn as she held up a blindfold. "I'll act like your boyfriend and do what guys would do to a girl. This would help you get the closest heterosexual experience possible without the associated risks."

"If that's going to help me, then I guess I have to try it."

"Imagine me as Daniel or any other hot guy you can think of, Wendy."

"I'll try that."

"Now put on the blindfold, and we'll start with a kiss. Remember that we're role-playing."

After putting on the blindfold, Wendy pursed her lips and awaited the kiss. Madelynn's heart was beating rapidly. Despite telling herself that she's only helping Wendy, Madelynn had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Squeaking sounds came from the mattress when she shifted her body forward to kiss Wendy sexy lips. The two pairs of glossy purple lips mashed together tightly. When Wendy pulled her lips away slightly, Madelynn wrapped her arms around Wendy's upper body and maintained the pressure between their lips. It wasn't the experimental kiss Wendy had expected from her friend, who she thought had no prior sexual experience. Wendy wondered how far had Madelynn gone with Lauren. Feeling Madelynn's tongue pressing desperately against her closed lips, Wendy parted her mouth and allowed the tongue to go in. It rubbed against the rows of her teeth and wet interior of her mouth, squirming and writhing wildly to reach all corners of her mouth. Wendy felt Madelynn's kissing and embrace was rough. It was different than what she had experienced with Sarah. Is this really what she should expect from a guy?

Wendy broke out from her laid back stance and countered Madelynn's oral assault with a forceful joust of her own tongue. But Madelynn didn't allow her friend to take control of the kiss. She pushed back even harder against Wendy's tongue, causing it to retreat. Saliva seeped from the corners of their mouths as the oral dueling continued. Wendy took off the blindfold after the kiss ended, feeling that it was pretty much useless to begin with because no matter how hard she tried, it was hard for her to imagine herself kissing a guy with her friend's breasts pressing against hers and the feminine moaning sounds. Nevertheless, she pretended that it was useful.

"You kiss like a slut."

"Maddy, why are you saying that?"

"Why not, slutty skank?!" Madelynn put on a mean look.

Wendy turned her face away from her friend and loosened herself from the embrace.

"Wendy, I didn't mean it. Didn't I say before that we're role-playing? Guys like to say those things."

"Really?" A smile returned to Wendy's face.

"Yes, sexual name calling turns them on."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to overreact."

"It alright, let's continue."

Madelynn tackled Wendy and pushed her down in the bed, putting herself on top of Wendy's warm body. She planted a forceful kiss on Wendy's lips and manipulated her breast through the blue tube top, squeezing it softly then tightly.

"You're mine... You're mine... You're mine..." repeated Madelynn in her head.

"That hurts," said Wendy after she suddenly broke the kiss.

"Guys like to do it rough sometimes. You need to get used to it." Madelynn kissed Wendy without letting her answer back.

Wendy grunted in pain from the forceful squeezing of her breasts, but she suppressed them as much as she could, wanting to satisfy Madelynn as much as possible in order to make the seduction easier.

"Now you're going learn how to pleasure a guy's dick."

From a locked drawer, Madelynn retrieved a neon red colored strap-on dildo and a black leather harness.

"Guys really like getting blowjobs from girls, but has to be done the right way. Now put that blindfold on again, bitch."

Wendy tied the blindfold around her head.

"Kneel down on the floor."

Madelynn slowly aimed her strap-on until it's tip barely touched Wendy's glossy purple lips.

"Start licking it now, slut!"

Wendy began licking the tip of the strap-on. Her brief experience of watching heterosexual porn combined with her much larger experience of lesbian porn meant that the task won't be totally alien to her. Directed by Madelynn, Wendy kissed the strap-on, slid her tongue repeatedly along it's length and around its girth, lubricating it thoroughly with her sweet saliva. Remembering Sarah's emphasis on maintaining physical contact, Wendy held onto Madelynn's buttocks and clenched them with her painted nails.

Madelynn grasped a handful of Wendy's hair once the latex cock into Wendy's wet mouth. "Fucking whore... Moan louder, bitch... Skanks like you are a dime a dozen..."

The loud moans of Wendy were muffled by the latex dildo, which went sometimes went as far as her throat, causing her to gag. It would take time for Wendy to get use to giving blowjobs.

Suddenly, Madelynn's arousal level surged to intense heights. For several moments, she lost control of herself. She knelt down while holding tightly onto Wendy's shoulders, looking at her friend with dilated eyes. Madelynn wanted to fuck Wendy desperately. Right when she was about to mount a frightful Wendy after forcing her down on the carpet, self-control came back to her. She hugged herself and pressed her knees to her chest.

"Wendy, get the bondage cuffs! Hurry!" shouted Madelynn with urgency.

"Where are they?" Wendy quickly undid her blindfold.

"In the second drawer of the desk! Uggghhhh!" Madelynn felt like she was about to explode.

Wendy randomly grabbed some cuffs.

"Put the smaller one on my wrist and the larger one on my ankles. Do it now!" exclaimed as she held out her shaking arms.

After Wendy finished putting on the cuffs on her friend, Madelynn asked for relief.

"Unbuckle the strap-on harness and put your fingers inside my pussy!"

Since her friend was so desperate about it, Wendy didn't even question that order. She put her fingers inside Madelynn's pussy, pleasuring it a similar fashion she would on herself. Madelynn's juices flowed copiously down Wendy's fingers, soaking her whole hand, as she pumped them in and out vigorously.

"Faster! Harder!"

Wendy picked up the pace and moved her fingers in even deeper until it reached her base knuckles.

"Squeeze my breasts!"

Again, Wendy obeyed without question. Using her free hand, she manipulated her friend's breasts, moving them in wide circles and squeezing them softly.

"Ahhhhh!" Madelynn gave loud cry at the onset of orgasm.

In front of her friend's face, Wendy seductively licked off her friend's pussy juice from her fingers.

"Madelynn, what happened?" asked Wendy after taking off the cuffs.

Madelynn was confused herself, thinking that the red pills should be working, but she quickly made up with a story for Wendy.

"I was just acting. Guys like to be tied up sometimes, you know, to spice up the sex. It's kinky for them."

"Do girls enjoyed being tied up too?"

"Yes, it goes both ways."

"Maddy, I want to ask you about something."

"Okay, what is it?"

"Have you been hanging out with Lauren recently?"

"Yeah, so?"

"What do you think of her?"

"I think she's a pretty nice person. The gossip about her being a mean girl is just, you know, gossip. People always like to believe in these convenient stereotypes about girls like Lauren, who happens to be pretty and come from a upper middle class family. Don't you worry, Wendy. You're still and will always be my best friend."

Wendy no longer had any doubts about Madelynn's cooperation with Lauren.

Before Wendy left Madelynn's house, she went to the bathroom. After finishing her business, Wendy pressed the handle of the toilet but it failed to flush. She had no idea that Madelynn had secretly disabled the flushing mechanism beforehand so the water won't flow out of the tank.

"Hey, the toilet won't flush. What should I do?"

"It's been like that lately. I think something's broken inside the tank. Just leave it like that. I'll take care of it later."

After saying their goodbyes, Wendy surprised Madelynn with a quick kiss on the lips, an action that made Madelynn's heart froze. Once Wendy had completely walked out of sight, Madelynn quickly ran up the stairs to the second floor bathroom with a cup in hand.

During her walk back home, Wendy thought about Madelynn's eagerness during their intimacy. She had no more doubt about the sexual orientation of her friend and her friend's amorous interest in her. This meant that the seduction was going to be much easier that she initially thought. She suspected Lauren was just using Madelynn to expose her act and vowed not to fall for Lauren's trickery. At the same time, she didn't want to hurt Madelynn's feelings but felt that she had no choice. Wendy promised to herself to apologize to Madelynn in the future for deceiving her into thinking that she was a lesbian.

As Wendy was about to cross the street, she was intercepted by Sarah's vehicle as it turned around the corner.

"Wendy, we're going clubbing tonight!"

"Aren't we a bit... too young to go there? My Mom might object to it."

"It's fine. They know me there. We don't have to drink alcohol, but it won't hurt if we try a little. As for your mom, we can just tell them we're doing some night time studying."

"I have to lie to my Mom."

"It's not the first time, is it?"

"No, but--"

"And besides, it's for our plan. Lauren's going to be there."

"Rebecca told you?"

"Actually, Melanie. She heard it from Rebecca. It's a great chance for you, Wendy. You can convince Lauren, and you'll get clubbing experience."

"Okay, I'll go," said Wendy with a conspiratorial smile. "If it means beating Lauren in the game, then I'll do it."

"Wendy, I'm glad you're going. You'll definitely have a blast!"

In the late evening, after telling her mom that she was doing some late night studying with Sarah, she went to Melanie's house in Sarah's car. There, they began dressing up for club attendance. Melanie had a huge collection of sexy clothing, shoes, purses, and makeup, and was more than eager to share them with Sarah and Wendy.

Going for a simple, yet sexy look, Melanie put on a green sequined mini-dress with a risque hemline. Her lipstick was glossy green and eye colors in shades of yellow, black, and green. Sparkly green heels and emerald bracelets completed the look. She spun around on her stilettos to show off her look, causing the dress to shimmer in shades of blue and green. Sarah chose a long black sequined halter gown with a plunging neckline that went all the way to the navel, revealing the dangling diamond jewelry. A long side slit ran along the full length of the ankle-length skirt. Rhinestones ran along the edges of neckline and thickly around the waist. Red lipstick and dark eye colors adorned Sarah's face. Advised by Sarah to dress as sexy as possible, Wendy chose a backless white silk halter dress with a frontal slit and with the waists and a large portion of the belly exposed. There was a snowflake pattern of sequins and rhinestones right below the center of the breast area. Every strap and edge of the dress were lined with similar sequins and rhinestones. For the footwear, she chose a pair of silver high platform heels with multiple straps and studded with rhinestones.

Sarah gave Wendy a crash course on club dancing and dirty dancing. Wendy had some dancing experience so she picked the basics of both pretty fast. Melanie provided some assistance in coaching Wendy and used the opportunity to feel Wendy up. The trio then hopped into Sarah's car and went to one of the most popular night clubs in town. On the way, Melanie babbled on about makeup, music, and popstars like Justin Bieber. Strangely, Wendy found herself losing interest in male pop stars that most teen girls adore.

Large multi-color animated neon signs hung in front of the night club in the busy downtown district. A long queue of people lined up before the main entrance. The trio of girls went to the VIP door, and the burly bouncer promptly allowed them in after exchanging cheerful greetings. A fresh set of sensations assaulted Wendy. Her eyes wandered around the place. The whole interior had a futuristic feel to it. Strategically placed lights made the walls appear to glow. The furnishings were of quirky post-modern design. Their transparent components dispersed light in dazzling arrays. Animated abstract art enliven the background.

Someone in the crowd waved at Melanie. "Oh, my friend's here! I'm heading over to that table. You two have fun!"

The two girls went to the nearby bar and sat on the stools. Wendy was awed by how the whole bar table looked like huge glowing blue crystal.

"Hello, Tara."

"Hey, Sarah, and who's this hot chick here?"

"Wendy, my girlfriend." Sarah emphasized the last word with a sultry tone.

Tara looked at Wendy. "You sure are something, to be able to seduce a goddess like Sarah."

"Well, actually it was kind of mutual."

Sarah's hand slid on the side Wendy's thigh and reached around to give Wendy's ass a soft squeeze.

"Wendy is always being modest. Seducing is as easy as breathing for her."

Wendy's face reddened.

"Woah, I better watch out then or else I'll be part of Wendy's harem without knowing it! Just playing with you, sweetie!"

"It's alright. I'm used to these kinds of jokes."

Tara asked, "Anyway, what would you two like to drink?"

"I would like a B&B on the rocks, please."

"And how about you?"

Wendy looked around and saw a pair of girls sipping with straws from the same frothy pink drink. "I would like whatever they're drinking, please."

"That's the Mystery Fruit Cocktail, one of our house specials."

"What's in it?"

"It's a surprise!"

After drinking themselves silly, Sarah and Wendy took the dance floor. They went to a spot beneath the center of a wide chandelier. Dynamic lights passed through the overhanging miniature crystals, creating a ever changing starry panorama on the immaculate dance floor. Sarah immediately danced to the beat. Wendy amazed at the grace of Sarah's dancing. The motions of Sarah were so sinuous, so sexy.

"Come on, Wendy, dance!"

Exhorted by Sarah, Wendy did her best to imitate her. Imagining herself as a jointless entity, Wendy her body in the smoothest way possible. She made measured steps, gyrated her ass, extending her arms and retracting them, and did her best to go with the beat of the music.

Sarah was always within her vision. The shimmering sequins on Sarah's dress dazzled Wendy's eyes. Even though there were hot guys around, Wendy found her eyes focusing only on Sarah. Out of the corner of her eye, Wendy saw a sexy lesbian couple dancing together, then kissing while roaming their hands on each others body. Watching them turned her own, and Wendy had an urge to do the same with Sarah.

When the music changed, many couples began changing their dance moves. Wendy immediately recognized it as dirty dancing. Goosebumps crawled Wendy's skin when she felt a warm body pressing onto her. Turning her face around, Wendy saw Sarah spooning and writhing against her body like snake. It was impossible for Wendy to resist the doe-eyed look on Sarah's face. She pressed back against Sarah's body and gyrated her hips. Without stopping her dancing motions, Wendy spread her knees apart to accommodate Sarah's protruding knee, causing the slit of her dress to widen enough to reveal the silver thong beneath. Sarah's naked thigh teased Wendy's pussy. Wendy tossed her hair and emitted an inaudible moan. Once Sarah retracted her leg, Wendy gyrated her ass against Sarah's crotch while bending forward at the waist. Thrusting her hips in repeating motions, Sarah dry humped Wendy.

Unknown to Wendy, Lauren was watching her and Sarah dance from afar while playing footsie with Melanie on the sofa. Her toes were already wet with Melanie's pussy juice, and Lauren could imagine Wendy eagerly licking the juice off of them. While she casually groped Melanie's breast, Melanie teased Lauren's clit beneath the table through her thong.

"Mistress, please let me have an orgasm," begged Melanie.

After blowing a plume of cigarette smoke from between her lips, an evil smiled crossed Lauren's face. "Not until Wendy gets hers first, from me."


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