Friday, April 6, 2012

Silver Witch (chapter 8)

Emma and Ashley got into a fashionable sedan and drove off. During the walk and the ride, Emma's eyes wandered unconsciously all over Ashley's body like an artist appraising majestic art. Ashley exuded an air of sensuality and a hint of sluttiness. Emma knew this from Ashley's reputation in school, but now she somehow felt it. She haven't noticed this before. Why was she noticing this now? It was an unsettling feeling, but Emma couldn't help herself. Her attention wandered repeatedly to Ashley's body again. Emma wouldn't admit it herself consciously that she was ogling in a sexual manner and lied to herself that it was just an opportunistic appraisal Ashley's athletic body. It wasn't everyday that a sexy cheerleader invites you to her home. That thought passed by so quickly that Emma barely noticed it. The ride took only a few minutes and they stopped at a two-story recently-built house located in the fringe of the middle-class neighborhood with an outgrowth of evergreen and deciduous trees demarcating the boundary.

Interrupted briefly by the first sight of Ashley's home, Emma's eyes wandered quickly back to Ashley, focusing on her legs as Ashley got out of the vehicle into the large garage in smooth motions, barely blinking when those delicious smooth well-toned thighs moved up and down far enough to ride up the cheerleading skirt a little and revealing briefly a strip of white satin covering the mons. They passed through the living room and into the kitchen. Since the kitchen was located on the first floor adjacent to the backyard, upon entering it Emma was greeted with a pleasant view through the window of the beautiful flowers and foliage that Ashley's mother had planted. Because of a nagging thirst, Emma quickly gulped down the drink that Ashley had offered. Unknown to Emma at that time, Ashley had another thirst that she had yet to quench. While Emma was still drinking, Ashley's lustful eyes scrolled eagerly up and down Emma's body, appraising her curves from bottom up, noticing the white sneakers, ass-hugging black jeans, and the tight beach-colored sweat shirt. The pulsations of Emma's throat was so sexy when she drank and the face and lips was oh, so kissable. A thought of dragging her extended tongue along Emma's neck up to Emma's chin and delicious lips passed in Ashley's mind.

Afterwards, they got right into business. Ashley flipped her math text book to the section that she claimed she didn't understand, which was the material the math teacher had already covered a week ago. Standing behind Ashley, Emma rolled her eyes, partly due to incredulity and partly due to the difficulty of the task she had ahead of her. Sitting together at the circular dining table, Emma began tutoring Ashley. Ten minutes in, Emma began suspecting that Ashley wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. The often uttered "Mmm...Hmmm..." sometimes sounded too humorous in the given situation.

Ashley inched closer and closer with each passing moment. Up close, Ashley took in more of Emma's details. She noticed the occasional whitehead on Emma's egg-shaped face, her thin eyebrows, her pink lips, her slanted nose, her smooth cheeks, and a few straying strands of brown hair overlapping the bangs. Emma's body wasn't athletic as Ashley's but was neither too thin, yet sexy all the same. Her hair was neatly combed but looked a bit dry and uneven. With the appropriate makeup, clothes, and beauty treatment, Emma would look even sexier, Ashley imagined. A pleasant whiff of perfume assaulted Emma's nostrils. The sudden closeness of Ashley caused Emma to raise her eyes and immediately noticed Ashley was focusing on her instead of the opened pages of the text book. There was this strange expression on Ashley's face that Emma couldn't discern immediately.

"Ummm... Is there something on my face?"

"No, it's just that I think you look cute."


"Not that way, of course. I was just wondering why you don't have a boyfriend. You have the looks and all."

"Ashley, I think we should be focusing on helping you catch up in math. Isn't that why you invited me here?"

"But I'm just so curious..."


"Okay, sorry. I didn't mean to..."

Then it dawn to her of what Ashley's intention was. The look on the cheerleader's face wasn't that of ordinary interest and curiosity. It was sexual interest! Shocked by the sudden realization, Emma's heart began beating rapidly, but whether out of fear or excitement she didn't know. Wanting some distance away from Ashley, Emma quickly excused herself to the restroom.

"Ashley, where's the bathroom? I need to go really bad."

"It's down the hallway to your left," answered Ashley in a very sweet tone while playfully twirling a lock of her blonde hair.

"What should I do?" Emma asked herself as she walked down the hallway.

Inwardly, Emma knew what to do. Galatea had already told her about the assignment earlier, which was to get into a sexual relationship with another girl at her school, but Emma was just very hesitant to act on it.

Emma sat on the toilet seat and moped. An unnatural brightening of the bathroom caused Emma's head to jerk upwards. Jeannie had materialized unexpectedly inside the bathroom. Residual magical energies of the teleportation spell gave the surface of Jeannie's body a bluish hue before it gradually faded away. Unconsciously, Emma's eyes focused on Jeannie's silver high heels and drifted slowly upward to eye the sensual curves. The memory of herself kissing Jeannie's lips flashed in Emma's mind. She quickly chased the memory away.


"What's wrong, Emma?"

"I-I don't know want to do."

"You do know."

"I can't..."

"I was once like you."

"Like me?"

"Yes, several hundred years ago. During the plague my family got sick from the plague. One night, Galatea found me and promised to help cure my family if I agree to serve her. It wasn't what I had expected. She taught me magic and forced me into homosexuality. But she did kept her end of the bargain and help save my family from the plague."

It was a fabricated tale.

Jeannie continued, "I know you hate Galatea for forcing you into this, but trust me, you'll love it in the long run, just like I do now. I'm very grateful and thankful to Galatea for what she had provided and done for me."

"I hate it now. How could I possibly love it in the future?" Emma flatly denied the possibility of herself willingly embracing lesbianism.

"For your own sake, you need to learn to love it. Right now, just do what Galatea ordered you to do."

"You mean... seduce Ashley?"

"It couldn't be more obvious than that, can it?"

"Oh, why Ashley? I never knew she was into girls!"

"I have to leave right now or else Galatea would notice. Good luck with Ashley! I'll talk to you later."

Jeannie's entire body glowed briefly before disappearing.

Emma reluctantly walked back to the kitchen where Ashley sat waiting. "Better get this over with," she sighed.

There weren't any more flirtatious hints from Ashley for the remainder of the study session, which Emma thought was a bit odd. However, she began to get nervous. If Ashley wasn't going to make any further advances, then meant that she would have to be flirtatious herself! Mustering courage, Emma began putting on a show of ogling at Ashley. It didn't take long for Ashley to notice and respond with a slight, knowing smile.



"You have had a lot of experience with boys, right?"

"I had a couple of boyfriends, and I've done a lot stuff with them, including my current boyfriend, if you know what I mean."

"I guess you've kissed your boyfriends a lot then."

"More than just kissing. Heh, I could tell you what I do with them, if you want."

"So, what does the kissing feels like?"

"Oh, ummm... It's kind of hard to describe. But if you really want to know, I could..."

"Show me?" Emma put on an interested look.

A slight mischievous smile crossed Ashley's face, and she responded, "Yes."

Ashley tucked some blonde hair behind her ear and began moving forward. At first, it was a short distance to test the waters. Emma smiled and maintained a receptive expression. Deep down inside, Emma was feeling the opposite or at least thought she was. It was a bit of a shock to Emma because it was the first time she's going to be intimate with an ordinary girl, not a witch nor a magically altered human. Plus, there was anonymity offered by the floating castle that wasn't offered at Ashley's home. One or more of Ashley's family members might arrive home and surprise them at an embarrassing moment.

Thinking that Emma was really interested, Ashley's movements became more bold. She wetted her own lips with some saliva before smothering them against Emma's ready lips. Emma merely closed her eyes and let it happened. Her heart beat accelerated. Poignant emotions that she didn't expect gnawed at her. She felt a mixture of disgust and strange, unexpected excitement that she tried hard to deny. Without the enchantment to desensitize her, Emma was more conscious of her emotions. A straight girl should never feel excited at being intimate with another girl, not even a little, Emma reminded herself.

Emma's first kiss with Ashley was brief, but to Emma it was long. One brief kiss came after another and each one lasted longer than the previous. Ashley started most of the kisses, but Emma initiated the kissing at least two times in order to appear interested.

"Now you know what kissing feels like."

"It feels nice." Emma licked the edges of her lips, tasting the traces of Ashley's saliva.

"Do you want to try deeper kissing? It feels even nicer."

"Okay, sure."

The two girls' lips came in contact together again, simultaneously. This time, Ashley added tongue action. Sounds of kissing, sucking, and occasional muffled moans filled the quiet kitchen. Emma tasted even more of Ashley's saliva. Huge gobs of it flowed back and forth between their mouths. Their tongues flicked and twirled around each other. One hand rested on Emma's left shoulder. It slid down the upper arm and slowly along the lower arm until it touched the back of Emma's left hand. Ashley interlocked her fingers with Emma's, and Emma responded likewise. With a gentle tug, Ashley guided Emma's hand underneath the cheerleading skirt. Realizing where this was heading, Emma made faint resistance that quickly evaporated.

Soon, Emma's fingers came in contact with Ashley's white panties, but they remained inactive. Steeling herself as much as she could, Emma then began moving her fingers in subtle motions to tease Ashley's pussy through the shiny fabric of the silky panties. Not wanting to go too far, yet needing to do the minimum required of her assignment, Emma the lightly dragged across the insulated surface of Ashley's crotch blindly with her cautious fingers. The nail of her forefinger made incidental contact between the silk-covered labia. Wetness had seeped through the fabric that was sucked inward. Emma didn't want to dwell on the discovery, but reality of sexually teasing a cheerleader's pussy kept bouncing in her teenaged mind. "I'm touching a girl's pussy, but that doesn't make me a lesbian. I'm just being forced to do this!"

A glistening thread of saliva connected their moist lips when the kiss broke. Extending her tongue sensually, Emma licked the salivary thread that hanged over her lower lip and chin.

"I didn't know you were a lesbian, Emma."

"What do you mean, aren't we just fooling around?" asked Emma in feigned mock surprise.

"Just kidding, but even if you are, I wouldn't mind. It doesn't matter which way you swing, you're still one sexy chick."

Emma knew Ashley was already assuming or at least suspecting her of being a lesbian, but couldn't blame her for thinking that way. When a girl, especially one with no previous sexual experience and no boyfriend, engages in sexual intimacy with another girl, what else would one think?

"What about you, which way do you swing?"

As Emma was asking that question, she reached with her left hand and rested it lightly on Ashley's right breast. The actions of Emma's hand on the breast were almost automatic. Emma told herself she didn't want to touch Ashley's breast but have to, yet the fact that Galatea was vague on sexual aspects the assignment on wasn't immediately obvious to her at that point.

"Even though I have done things with boys, I'm starting to find girls more interesting. So, my answer is: currently undecided."

Ashley held onto Emma's left wrist. At first, Emma thought it was to stop her from going further, but that initial hunch was false for Ashley pressed Emma's hand more tightly against her breast instead of pushing it away.

"But, maybe if someone could convince me that girls are better, I would go 100% lesbian." Ashley's eyes pointed at Emma, strongly hinting at who that someone was.

Emma initially just wanted to do a subtle dance around the edge of Ashley's breast for tease, but with her hand held so tightly against it by Ashley, Emma had no choice but to squeeze Ashley's breast through the cotton fabric of the top, causing Ashley to produce a slight moan. The hand that held onto Emma's left wrist disengaged itself and went to cup the back of Emma's head, pulling Emma in for another sensual kiss. Emma's tongue went into Ashley's mouth first, rubbing white teeth before slithering into the slick oral interior.

Ashley dragged her fingernails upward along Emma's right thigh, then reached around to cup Emma's ass and squeezing it. One forefinger reached up underneath the lower hem of Emma's sweatshirt, touching the skin of her waist. Emma's pussy twinged at the warm touch. The tip of the forefinger dragged along to skin towards the belly. It then took an abrupt dive towards the crotch to slowly unbuckle the belt and unzip the jeans. Emma made a muffled gasp when Ashley applied pressure to her clit through the frilly red panties using the fore and middle fingers.

Ashley shifted some of the weight of her body onto Emma, causing the legs of the wooden chairs to screech on the tiled floor at the force of their girl-on-girl intimacy. Papers and pencils were accidentally knocked off the table and scattered on the floor. Their hot bodies were pressed tightly together now. Each girl felt the others warmth. Each girl was sexually aroused, one willingly, one not so willingly.

Emma couldn't resist it. Her pussy was getting increasingly moist. Her face was flushed and she was sexually aroused to the point where she needed an orgasm. She kept kissing Ashley vigorously and pressing her body against Ashley's in a unconscious communication of her need for sexual release. At that moment she didn't care if Ashley thought of her as a lesbian.

"Let's continue this on the sofa."

"Okay," replied Emma huskily.

With Ashley leading the way to the adjoining living room, Emma traced her eyes on Ashley's sexy curves, starting at the ass. "Such a sexy body," whispered a voice in Emma's mind that barely registered on her consciousness.

"Lie back."

Emma slowly lain down backwards on the posh red leather sofa. Ashley got on the sofa next, in a kneeling position with her legs astride Emma's lower body. Towering above Emma in this position, Ashley curved her lips in a sexy smile she before pulled her cheerleading top upwards and tossed it over her shoulder. She then grabbed handfuls of her golden blonde hair and tossed it backward sensually.

Already aroused by their previous activity, Emma couldn't resist wowing at the sight before her: a sexy cheerleader that's almost naked from the waist-up with nothing on but a cheerleading skirt and white satin bra looking down at her in a sexually inviting way. Adding to the allure was the gemstone dangling from the navel ring that almost seemed to glow.

Despite being sexually aroused, Emma still have some rationality remaining in her to tell herself that she was repulsed, that it would been better if Galatea's Sapphic enchantment had remained active on her. But, those misgivings slowly drifted away from Emma's mind as Ashley lowered her upper body onto her. Emma's eyes widened at the satin-encased breasts that seemed to grow larger as Ashley drifted closer. Soon, Emma's face was smothered by Ashley's large breasts, causing Emma to give a muffled yelp. Rubbing her breasts up and down, Ashley gave Emma a full facial massage.

Raising her hands, Emma groped and manipulated Ashley's breasts. It felt wonderful to the touch. She felt like she could do it for all eternity. The mammary pressure on Emma's face eased. When Emma blinked, Ashley's cute face filled Emma's vision.

"Let's get off together," said Ashley.

"Okay," Emma replied.

They kept constant eye contact with each other while they masturbated themselves, each intimately aware of the others state of arousal. Each and every gasp, moan, grunt, and erotic expression of Ashley's face burned deeply in Emma's mind. Sapphic feminine sexuality would haunt Emma for days to come. Their knuckles sometimes brushed against each during masturbation, turning each other on even more.

At onset of Ashley's orgasm, Ashley lower her lips to give Emma deep kiss, which Emma eagerly received. While the power of the female orgasm wracked Ashley's body, Emma felt as if her mouth was being raped by Ashley's tongue. Female juices from Ashley's pussy dribbled onto Emma's crotch, wetting her fingers and panties. This triggered Emma's orgasm, impelling Emma to kiss Ashley even more deeply. The two teen girls panted heavily after the activity and remained resting on the sofa for a while before getting back.

Emma suddenly remembered she had to do a shopping chore that her mother had assigned. Abruptly, she eased herself from Ashley and got up to look the wall clock. It was already twenty minutes passed the hour that Ashley had promised. Emma had to leave or else she wouldn't be able to finish it before her mom arrived home.

"I have to go now."

"Now? Why can't you stay longer?" Ashley was pretending to be ignorant of the one hour promise.

"I have a chore to do. It's important."

On the ride back to her home, Emma wondered why she had drifted back and forth from repulsion to desire during the sexual romp with Ashley. Is it possible for a straight girl to enjoy homosexual activities on a temporary basis? What she wasn't aware of at that point was there was a little magic involved in it, despite Galatea's promise of having removed the sexual enchantment from her body.

"One last kiss," said Ashley after she stopped the car ride outside of Emma's home.

Aware of the possibility that any of her family members or neighbors passing by at any moment, Emma kissed Ashley anyway.

"Can you help me again in math tomorrow?" asked Ashley with a mock serious and pleading face.

"Sure, okay. No problem, Ashley." There wasn't even another option for Emma.

"Great! Love you, Emma. Bye!"

Once Emma did the shopping chore and got back to her home, Jeannie reappeared inside Emma's room in a surprise appearance.

"How was it, Emma?"

"It was... okay," replied Emma unenthusiastically.

"Don't worry, Emma. You'll eventually get used to it and even enjoy it."

Emma's face contorted with incredulity, then sighed in exasperation.

"I understand it's tough for you right now. Galatea may be a bit wicked sometimes, but she's not evil."

"She's not? Then why is she forcing me to be a lesbian, to learn magic? Why did she harm my dad, Ben, and threaten to do more if I disobey her?"

The direct questioning gave Emma an excuse to look at Jeannie's body again. The silver latex-encased breasts look so squeezable. The milky white thighs were begging for hands to be run across them. Those metallic-looking lips were juicy and inviting. Emma quickly snapped herself out of her trance.

"She has no intention of harming you, your family, your friends, or anyone else."

"Then explain to me what she's been doing to me and making me do for the past three weeks."

"It's more complicated than you think, Emma."

"Just explain it to me."

"Okay, but we need to make sure no one hears us first."

Jeannie raised her hands and moved them in a double crescent motion. The whole room suddenly took a bluish hue and everything became indistinct and blurry as if they were under murky water.

"What did you do?"

"I've transported us both to phased space and left temporary facsimiles of us in real space. No would know we had left reality, not even Galatea."

The concept of being physically outside of reality was alien to Emma, and it gave her an unexpected thrill.

"Galatea is here for a reason. She is bound to a commandment that she must follow."

"You mean there's some power higher than her? Someone's bossing her around?"

"I don't know. She never fully explained this to me and forbade me from inquiring further."

"What is this commandment?"

"Galatea must teach magic to human females who are capable of learning it."

"So she doesn't care if people don't want to learn magic?"

"You've shown interest in magic when you first met Galatea, haven't you?"

"Yes, but it's different now."

"It isn't. You just don't like the way it's taught. Galatea is sometimes heavy-handed in her way of teaching, but she is forced to do it this way because she has to acquire a certain amount of followers and her time here is limited. That's why she has to take drastic measures in acquiring new students."

"You mean she has a quota?"

"Something like that, yes. Regarding lesbianism, it's necessary for the growth of magic power in the female's body. Having sexual or romantic relationships with males would inhibit development of magical power. Therefore, strict homosexuality would have to be enforced."

Jeannie then explained Galatea's power of prescience, which with the appropriate presentation allowed Galatea to project the illusion that she had more power than she actually had when in fact Galatea predicted events before they happen, tricking people into believing that she was the cause of those events.

"So, what happened to my Dad wasn't Galatea's fault?"


"But she's still manipulating me with it, and that doesn't explain why she's forcing me into this situation."

"You're gifted with an especially strong ability to learn magic. That's why Galatea chose you. It would be a waste to let your talent go wasted. You were the right person, at the right place, and at the right time."

"What about my freedom? Will I ever be free to go about my own life?"

"Once you learned all of what you need to learn, you would be free from Galatea's will, as long as you don't go against her. You can even go back to liking boys if that's what you want."

That raised Emma's hopes up.

"How long would it take?"

"About four years."

"That's too long! I would go crazy by then!"

"However, there's a way to cut the time in half or maybe even less."

"Cut it to two years? How?!"

"By engaging more lesbian sexual activity. It will help build up your base magical power, which will help you master magic faster."

Emma's hope soured somewhat at the unsavory solution. She did want to learn magic, but just not the way Galatea was teaching it, with the lesbianism and frequent sex. If being a lesbian was really required in order to master magic, she would rather not learn it at all. At least that was what she felt at the time.

Jeannie continued, "You should be grateful to be able to learn magic. There are very few people who are born with the ability to learn it, and even less who are able to master it. You will have the power to do what you wish with it, as long as you don't use it against us. It's the chance of a lifetime!"

"I'm grateful for being able to learn magic, but it's just--"

"As long as you obey Galatea, I promise no harm will come to you. We'll even help you as much we can with your problems."

"What about those vows that I've made with Galatea?"

"You mean those about lifetime service and yada yada? Oh, those are just ceremonial! They're not serious! Like I've said before, it's just her way of doing things. Galatea would release you at the right time!"

Even though it wasn't exactly what Emma wanted to hear, she was grateful of Jeannie offering her useful and somewhat comforting information, especially at the prospect of being eventually free. It meant that her imposed lesbianism would only be temporary.

"Why are you telling me all this, and in secret? Aren't you afraid that Galatea would punish you if she finds out?"

"I don't know... I just kind of feel obligated to tell you about it. It just feels right. Some of it is not secret anyway. Galatea will reveal it to you eventually, but I'm just breaking this to you earlier."

Assisted by the subtle influence of Jeannie's empathetic magic, Emma sucked up the lies and half-truths. Even with some incredulity remaining in Emma, the apparent understanding and empathy of Jeannie had reduced Emma's indignation and even made Emma start to feel some sympathy for both Jeannie and Galatea. Already, Emma was feeling some camaraderie towards Jeannie, which was exactly what Jeannie had intended.

Jeannie didn't talk about her real personal history and motivations. Far from being a victim forced into a unwanted situation and conceding to her fate, she actually was one of Galatea's most willing acolytes, which included some of the most ardent followers of Galatea. Long ago, while she was still completely human, Jeannie ran away from her village to seek the fabled witch, going on only rumors and legend, in hopes freeing herself from the life that she didn't want. What she had found shocked her and she was initially reluctant. However, it didn't take long for her to fully embrace being under the Silver Witch's tutelage. Using the magic and sexual arts she had learned, Jeannie zealously brought many prospective female candidates under Galatea's fold until she was stopped by Galatea's enemies. Fortunately for Jeannie, Galatea, and the few remaining loyal acolytes, the mages and most of their lineages had been wiped out, most from last decisive battle, some from exhaustion after entrapping Galatea with a powerful spell, some from being horribly cursed.

"Remember, don't tell Galatea or anyone else about what we have talked about."

"Don't worry, I won't tell."

Once Jeannie left, Emma's warped blue-tinted room returned to its normal appearance. It seemed to Emma that she had talked with Jeannie for a long time, but when she looked at the clock barely two minutes had passed. A glittery purple velvet bag in her bed caught her eye. "Awww, another assignment!"

The leaves of a palm tree rustle as Candice passed by it at high speed on her magical broomstick that served as her covert high speed mode of transportation. Jasmine, her fairy familiar, clung onto her shoulder for dear life. Though Jasmine could fly, her speed was far slower than the that of the enchanted broom stick.

"We‘re almost there," said Candice as she made a quick glance of the magical compass that was tied to her wrist. The dial of the compass pulsated in a hot red color.

An overhanging power line stopped her cold. While still on her broomstick, Candice made multiple spins before finally falling hard on the ground, flashing her blue panties in the process. The shield spell that protected Candice disintegrated upon impact.

"Are you alright?" asked Jasmine.

"I'm fine," replied Candice while reshaping her crushed conic hat and putting it back on her head. "Oh, we're already here. Now, let's investigate."

Candice ordered Jasmine to scout the area first and find the target. When the fairy returned with the report, it puzzled Candice. Nothing magical in the house? No magical security? No sentries? Nothing indicative of magic? Just a lone teenage girl watching television while playing with a toy and the rest of her family doing ordinary things? Candice decided she needed to see it with her own eyes. Hopping on the broomstick and casting the invisibility spell, Candice hovered just outside Emma's room and looked in through the window.

The scene that greeted Candice shocked her. A naked brunette girl with hair reaching a little past the shoulders stood in a semi-kneeling position inside an unlit room in front of the television screen. Beads of sweat glistened on the brunette girl's body. In the naked girl's right hand was a metallic pink gyrating dildo, and she was moving it rigorously in the area between her thighs that's overflowing with feminine wetness. The other hand was squeezing a breast. Intermittent moans and pants escape from the naked girl's mouth. On the screen was homosexual porn! Lesbian porn! Two raven-haired women writhing together on the screen and kissing each other sensual with red-painted lips and grazing each others skin with red-painted nails. The naked girl was gay! Yuck! Candice quickly flew away from the scene.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?!" asked Candice.

"Well, you told me to not give you unnecessary details, and that's what I did."

"Next time, warn me."

"Okay, Mistress. So what do we do now?"

The teenage witch reached into the sleeve of her robe and pulled out a candy bar. "We'll just have to wait for something to happen. That girl would surely go meet the Silver Witch sooner or later."

Three hours passed. Candice was about to call it a night when Jasmine felt a very faint ripple of magical energy.

"Did you feel something?"

"I'm not sure. Could be just random magical noise."

"Go check it out anyway."

Jasmine flew towards the house. When she came back with the news that the brunette girl was gone, Candice was miffed.

"She disappeared from right under our noses! Aren't teleportation spells suppose to emit stronger signals? And that was too fast. I've totally underestimated her! Can you trace it?"

"No, there's no detectable trail. Not even in phased space."

"Guess we'll have to wait for her to come back."

Light from the moon and magical glow spheres illuminated the two feminine forms kissing at an open area in an exotic garden of statues and flowery foliage. Circulating water ran in wonderful parabolic patterns in a fountain nearby. The arms of the females entwined around each others backs, embracing with apparent urgency and sexual need. Painted lips touched and separated, interspersed with moans. Tongues twirled and dueled in already familiar territory.

Dressing sensually as required with some of her own discretion allowed, Emma clothed herself in a black sheer negligee with red embroidered edges, black thong, black sheer stay-up stockings, and 4-inch shiny black heels. Tiny red satin flowers lined the bra. A larger red flower made from satin ribbon adorned the front of the thong. Her face was painted cherry red on the lips and dark grays and blacks on the eyes. She looked like a porn star, the opposite of her usual modest self during the day. Unknown to Emma, Galatea was already planning to mold her into a completely sexual creature without any modesty or inhibitions remaining.

Galatea's outfit was less revealing but still sensual. Light reflected in dazzling patterns from her Victorian style chrome dress. It looked purely metallic yet was as smooth flowing as ordinary dress fabric and as reflective as a fine mirror. The tight shoulderless bodice revealed hefty amount of cleavage at the front. Arm-length opera gloves, shiny and as reflective as the dress itself encased her arms like second skin. Her imposing appearance was made even more so by the metallic mirrored high heels and the bejeweled tiara.

Still engaging in an embrace and deep soul kiss, the two females rose several inches from the ground and gyrated around each other in slow, languid motion. Encouraged somewhat by Jeannie's pep talk, Emma was less resistive to the current activity, which Galatea had noticed and was eager to exploit. Drifting back to the ground, they separated from each other but their eyes remained locked. Not knowing why, Emma found Galatea's eyes extremely alluring. She found herself caring less about Galatea's transgressions against her and began to find her doubts about Jeannie's explanation lessen. Maybe Galatea wasn't really evil at all. It's just her way of doing things.

The Silver Witch sauntered several steps away, then slowly raised her arms. Her hands glowed in a bright blue aura. The floor beneath Emma murmured as it shook subtly. Emma was captivated by the sight of runes glowing faintly on the floor tiles that shifted and moved as they softened into liquid form.

Statues of sexy, well-proportioned females rose from the ground. The statues melted like the floor beneath, turning back into their original incarnations. They were beautiful women of mostly Middle-Eastern descent, dressed in stunningly attractive and revealing outfits worn by harem concubines. The lower half of their faces were hidden behind brightly colored veils of sheer gossamer fabric. Their pose and air exuded confident sexuality and erotic experience.

They gave Galatea a submissive greeting, then proceeded with their exotic dance for the purpose of entrancing the teen girl. Initially touching back-to-back, the female dancers slowly expanded from each other in an outward spiral. Complementary music started in the background.

"Watch and learn the way they dance," Galatea whispered in Emma's mind.

Emma quickly realized what the Silver Witch meant: she had to use the Eagle Eye spell.

With their arms up-raised arms, they appeared serpentine like a predator hypnotizing its prey. Light bounced from their shiny bangles, bracelets, armlets, necklaces, anklets, and belly chains. Their loose flowing black hair made wide arcs as they rotated their bodies. Each whirl, spin, and every other dance move was so precise and in sync that the harem dancers seem to be a whole.

Emma's traveled all over every dancer's body, noticing the curves, shape, skin, costume, and overall sexiness, highlighted by the glistening jewelry and makeup that emphasized the eyes. The movements of dancers changed as they began to slowly converge onto Emma. Four of them formed a close circle around the teen girl, dancing a mere few feet away from her. At such a close distance, Emma drank in more of their appearance, noticing in greater detail the rings of jeweled flowers on their fingers, jingling gemstones dangling from their taut bellies, and the strappy high heels studded with precious gems. Her eyes scanned vertically along the form of their legs, shapely thighs and rounded butts, narrow waists, well-endowed breasts, and the forbidden allure of their dark-outlined eyes that spoke volumes of eroticism.

Each facet of each gem on every piece of their jewelry refracted seductive rays of light curving at unnatural angles across Emma's enraptured eyes. The four dancers got close enough for Emma to feel the warmth of their bodies. They then broke into two pairs and the female of each pair faced her partner and writhing against other with obvious Sapphic connotations. Slowly, they danced away from Emma, reuniting with the collective mass of other belly dancers.

"Join them."

Aided by the Eagle Eye spell, Emma easily imprinted every dance move made the harem girls, recording them and recognizing their patterns almost automatically. She now knew how to mimic them. Emma slowly walked into the whirling mass of dancing feminine bodies, becoming one of them, reproducing every move and expression almost perfectly. Soon, Emma became the center, the central axis of the dance. Every harem dancer moved around her. The effect was hypnotic.

A large circular bed, complete with a sheer canopy, magically appeared behind Emma. She found herself instinctively walking backwards to the bed, but not knowing if she was guided by her own arousal or something else. The fuschia satin bed sheet sparkled and glowed with residual magic. In feline-like motions, the harem women converged onto the vulnerable teen girl, eager to offer her more feminine delights, eager to corrupt her further into Sapphic sexuality

They lightly caressed and grazed Emma's teenage skin with their fingers. Their eyes seem to all bore into Emma, and in her dazed state found them irresistible. Emma was aroused even though she didn't want to be. She didn't know when she started becoming wet, but by now she was so aroused and excited she was beyond caring.

"Lesbianism is the highest form of feminine love." The seductive whisper seemed to being coming from all directions. Emma wasn't sure if it was coming from outside of her own mind or within.

Exotic perfume wafted into Emma's nostrils as the group of exotic dancers moved closer to the anxious teen girl. Their smooth olive skin showed teasingly through the sheer, brightly colored flimsy garments. At such a close distance, the erotic temptation of the women's bodies became even more difficult to resist for Emma

The lead dancer got into bed first before the others got on next, mostly outside Emma's immediate visual field of vision. Emma gazed into the glittery eyes of the woman in front of her, entranced by the abyssal black orbs and the glossy black lips which shimmered in polychromatic iridescence. Jewelry jingled when the woman raised her hands up to do a toss of her wavy, gleaming raven hair, sending another blast of pleasant perfume towards Emma.

Using the tips of her black lacquered nails, the black-clad woman touched Emma's chin and tugged Emma in close for a forceful kiss. Emma relished in the sweet fruity taste of the woman's lips and grinded against them with her own red painted pair. When the kiss broke, Emma's eyes shifted to the two ripe, dangling fruits in front of her that were begging to be squeezed.

"So full, so sexy, so kissable..." whispered the omnipresent voice

Without forethought, Emma's hands went to cup and squeeze them, enjoying the feeling of nipples poking against the palm of her hands.

Emma's rationality came back to her mind for a brief moment. She wondered if there was something she could do to prevent herself from getting deeper into homosexuality, to keep her heterosexuality intact and prevent lesbianism from taking over. Maybe a spell or something to shield or reduce the overall effect of sexual simulation. But the brief welling of mental resistance was quickly squashed when the seductive Arabic woman pulled Emma's soaked thong aside and thrust her fingers into Emma's pussy.

"There's nothing wrong with a female loving another female," whispered the female voice. A scene played in Emma's mind: she saw herself holding hands with Sophia as if they were both lovers.

"Lesbianism gives you power." Emma briefly imagined Julia, her love rival, kneeling before her and kissing the tip of her glossy black high heel shoe. Where did that thought come from?

"Lesbianism is success." Emma saw herself wearing a female business power suit and holding up an award proudly.

Each statement was accompanied a pleasurable stimulation of Emma's clit by the harem woman‘s fingers. She also felt the weight of the statements, as if they were already reality for her. Charmed by the female dancers into a dreamy state, Emma didn't offer as much doubt to the veracity of the statements as she usually would have.

Something warm and soft brushed against Emma's right thigh from behind Emma. It was the leg of another dancer. Emma's eyes scanned along its length, taking notice of the bejeweled strappy sandal and blue lacquered nails of the toes. Lowering her hand on it, Emma felt it up. Hardened nipples and a warm body pressed against Emma's naked back. A breathy gasp tickled Emma's ear. Emma slowly tilted her head back against the woman behind her. The teen girl's ears was licked then given a love bite. A moan escaped from Emma's mouth.

"You're a lesbian, Emma. Only a lesbian can enjoy the love of another female."

Another leg appeared from behind on Emma's left side, and Emma raised her left knee slightly to accommodate it. It's toe nails were painted yellow, indicated that it yet of another dancer. Glossy yellow lips nibbled Emma's left ear lobe.

The satiny bed melted into another form, a shapeless mass of fuschia jelly. It had a strange and soothing effect on Emma's skin. She was more relaxed. For some reason, Emma felt the jellied mass she was lying on top was feminine.

Just as Emma was about to orgasm, the black-nailed fingers withdrew from her pussy, denying her of immediate sexual release. Emma's glazed eyes looked at the face of the lead dancer, seeking an explanation. The woman casually licked her own fingers, relishing the taste of the teen girl's pussy juice and the pleasure of denying the orgasm that Emma needed. She moved her face close to Emma's and parted her glossy black lips as if she was about to kiss, but then something shiny appeared between them. At first it was just a pink rounded tip, appearing as if she was biting on a piece of round gelatin, but then it extended, revealing itself to have the same color, texture, and transparency as the fuschia jellied mass Emma was lying on. It extended into a tentacle shape and waved in the air in a slow, serpentine fashion.

Fear made Emma close her lips tight when the jelly tentacle nudge against them, but relaxed after succumbing to the sexual temptation of the tentacle. It explored the corners of her receptive mouth and squirted a sweet clear liquid down her throat. When the fuschia tentacle retracted back into the harem woman's mouth, it slapped gently against Emma's face. Emma licked off the excess juices that splattered on her lips and cheeks.

The lead female dancer turned around on her knees and bent her upper body forward away from Emma so that her ass and pussy was directly in front of Emma's face with only a few inches separation. There was no other clothing beneath the dancer's sheer black skirt.

"Lick her ass... Lick her pussy... You know you want to..."

Emma looked at the puckered anus and glistening wet slit and hesitated. Eager to spur the teen girl on, the rest of the harem girls renewed their sexual assault. One pair of glossy blue lips descended onto and sucked Emma's left nipple. A pair of glossy yellow lips enveloped Emma's right nipple. Ruby red-nailed fingers parted Emma's thighs to make way for the ruby red lips to suck Emma's teenage pussy. Indigo-nailed fingers clenched and parted Emma's ass cheeks to allow the tongue that protruded from glossy indigo lips to lick the tight crevice and puckered teenaged butt hole.

"Lick her ass... Lick her pussy... You are a lesbian..."

Relenting to the sexual pressure, Emma moved her cherry red lips forward to kiss the woman's pussy, then extended her tongue and dragged it upwards along the ass crack. While holding the shapely curves of the woman's ass with her hands for support, the teen girl twirled her tongue around the puckered hole for a few minutes before dragging her tongue down again to the lower lips. Slowly, Emma ate the woman out.

When Emma came, so did the woman whom she was eating out. She saw stars and everything became white. When she regained her bearings, Emma found herself alone in the bed that returned to its original shape from the jellied form. Galatea stood at the edge of the bed facing her.

"I will now teach you the Arousal spell."

After instructing Emma on the theory of the spell and its basic mechanics, the Silver Witch ordered Emma to cast one Arousal spell after another, intending to let her have as much practice on it as possible. The targets were realistic-looking dolls of female teens dressed in Gothic Lolita dresses, bonnets, and Mary Jane heels. All of the female dolls, for current intents and purposes, were functional sexually-developed teenage female girls. Each round began with the casting of the Arousal spell, followed physical seduction involving suggestive looks and gestures. Each time the Silver Witch pressed the teen girl to go further with the female dolls, magically animated one at a time for each of Emma‘s attempt at the spell.

Since Galatea wasn't specific in her commands, Emma had to use mostly her own discretion in the activity. She would prefer to follow specific orders rather than use her own imagination on how to sex up a girl.

In one particular instance, Emma spoke to the female doll in soothing, seductive tones. "What's your name, honey?"


Emma cast the Arousal spell. There was no visible indication of the spell being successfully cast other than to gauge the responses of the target.

"That's a nice name for a beautiful girl like you."

"Thank you," replied the doll with a blush and a submissive downward gaze.

"Oh, Tara, is something wrong?"

"I feel... hot."

"Is something making you feel that way?"

Tara's eyes were focused on Emma's scantily clad teenaged body, eyeing the sensual feminine curves and the sexy skin showing through the sheer black and red negligee.

"I don't know. I think it's because of... you."

"Because of me? Am I making you feel uncomfortable?"

Emma walked closer. The doll noticed Emma's erect nipples showing through.

"No, I'm not sure..."

"Then let's find out!"

Emma embraced the doll with her naked arms, rustling the silky dress, and feeling its smooth body through the flimsy layers of shiny satin fabric.

"How do you feel now?"

"Hot... Down there it feels wet..."

"Let's see..."

The would-be teenage seductress reached down and squirmed her fingers around five layers of petticoats, touching the virgin white satin panties. She sliding her forefinger between the covered lower lips, feeling its magical wetness.


"It is indeed wet! You're one naughty girl!"

"No, I'm not..."

"Do you want me to go away?"

"Yes... I mean no!"

With one lavish kiss, Emma began corrupting Tara with her decadence and introduced to it the delights of girl-girl sensuality. Flooded with sexual energy, the naive doll accepted it without protest. Emma snuggled her knee between the Tara's thighs and pressed it against the satin-covered crotch. Tara tilted her head back slightly and made a silent gasp with closed doll eyes.

Grasping Tara's chin, Emma kissed Tara deeply again while masturbating Tara with her knee. A mixture of natural and magical saliva dribbled down the corners of their mouths. Emma's free hand reached beneath Tara's skirt again, but this time to grope the buttocks and finger fuck Tara's ass.

The doll became immobile after its intense orgasm, frozen at the peak of its release. Emma slowly disentangled herself from Tara and awaited Galatea's instructions. A thread of glowing pearlescent saliva hung down Emma' lips.

"Good, now try the next one."

With one twirl of the Silver Witch's fingers, the inanimate doll floated upwards and disappeared into a rift in space as another doll took its place. Doll after doll was seduced by Emma, and every one of them was initiated into Sapphic sexuality.

Emma laid down in the purple satiny bed in a sensual pose, propping her upper body up with her right elbow while resting her left hand on her thigh. Her lustful and seductive face was directed at Galatea. Though Emma's internal monologue maintained that her current erotic behavior was just an act, the line between what was her true self and the character that Galatea was imposing upon her was becoming indistinct.

The Silver Witch walked up to Emma, getting within the field of the teen girl's vision, becoming the focus of the teen girl's view. Emma idly traced her red-nailed fingers around the area of her crotch, hinting at possible sexual delights she had to offer like a prostitute would at her client.

There were squishy sounds as Galatea's metallic dress flowed away like liquid mercury, retreating into nothingness. Of her attire only the iridescent, embossed silver demi bra and thong, the silver heels, the tiara, and jewelry remained. Emma found her pussy moistening unexpectedly at Galatea's change of clothing and couldn't resist appraising Galatea's statuesque body again with her eyes.

In one fluid motion, the Silver Witch climbed into the bed to join the teen girl. The closer Galatea got to Emma, the faster Emma's heart raced. Once Galatea's face was within inches of Emma's, Emma had an instinctive urge to kiss her, though she rationalized that urge as just following Galatea's orders.

Her lips met Galatea's lips in the beginning of a protracted lesbian kiss. Glossy red lips brushed against metallic pink lips. Tongues slid over each other. Lower lips were sucked. The Silver Witch slid off the straps of Emma's black negligee, causing the lingerie to fall off, resulting Emma's upper body becoming completely naked.

Emma moaned through the kiss when Galatea squeezed her breast, digging it with metallic pink nails, and gyrated it in slow motion. Her other hand went around Emma's shoulder and caressed its way down to the small of Emma's back. The body of both females glowed faintly in a neon pink color as they rose up several feet up in mid air.

Holding Emma almost in a motherly fashion, Galatea pumped her fingers in and out between Emma's labia and rubbing against the clit. Love bites were given on Emma's ears, neck, shoulders, and other places that were readily accessible to Galatea's mouth.

While Emma was being masturbated, the Silver Witch asked her, "Emma, sweetie, what do you think of lesbianism now?"

The onslaught of sexual pleasure made it difficult for Emma to think straight, yet she was still aware of what she had to say.

"It feels... good."

The witch gave another love bite on Emma's neck, eliciting a brief gasp from the teen girl.

"Exactly. Now, what do you think of me?"

"You're very beautiful. I-I love you."

"Nice. Very nice. You've been behaving well recently. Keep it up and I'll grant you a wish someday. It could be anything."

"She's praising me for my obedience," thought Emma.


"Yes, as long as it's within my power."

Emma was wary of Galatea's future offer, knowing that there would likely been strings attached, yet it somehow gave her some hope. Maybe it's because of Jeannie's assurance that Galatea wasn't exactly malignant? She didn't know why, but for some reason, she felt that she could trust Galatea more than she had before.

Somehow, Emma felt emboldened to ask the question that had been nagging her, "Galatea?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Did you really remove the enchantment from me?"

"Yes, why would I lie to you? There's no reason for me to lie."

"But I don't know why I'm feeling this way..."

"Maybe it's your true feelings surfacing. Didn‘t you admit to being a lesbian?"

Those words sank deep into Emma's psyche, adding another layer of corruption to it. She felt the statement was somehow true even though her rational mind said it wasn't.

"Yes, I did but... Uhhhh..."

Galatea gave Emma's clit a pinch.

"Don't worry about anything, sweetie. Just enjoy yourself." Emma's lips was sealed again with a lascivious kiss.

Emma wanted to ask more questions, but remembering Jeannie's warning on not to ask about what Jeannie had discussed with her, stopped.

Thigh rubbed against thigh. Breasts mashed against breasts. Nothing remained on Emma's body except for the sheer stockings, black high heels, and black thong that was bunched up and dangling on tip of her shoe. Emma's ass had been invaded by Galatea's fingers countless times and her pussy was teased and stroked vigorously but was repeatedly denied an orgasm at critical moments, causing Emma to whimper each time.

"Do you want to orgasm, sweetie?" asked Galatea after giving Emma's left ear a lick.

"Yyyy-yes, I nneeed it!"

"Then suck on my breasts. I won't let you orgasm until you suck on them. Prove to me that you're willing to become a lesbian."

Galatea's breasts hovered at close range within Emma's view. It's metallic pink nipples were hard and ready for attention. Despite her reservation, Emma's glossy red lips latched onto the proffered nipple and sucked on it. She didn't have a choice anyway. Sweet liquid squirted into her mouth. Magically, Emma's lips sparkled as she continued sucking on Galatea's nipple. It tasted like strawberries and something else she couldn‘t identify. Her mind was becoming foggy. She found herself focusing more and more on the pleasure she was receiving.

When Emma came, she relished every moment of it, so much that she wanted it to go on forever, uncaring about her situation during those moments of sexual release.

Emma was exhausted after arriving back to her home. Right before she was about to go to bed to sleep, she found herself immobilized by an unseen force. The whole room turned blue and blurry. Emma wanted to yell but her voice was silenced.

A teen girl materialized in front of her, dressed in a stereotypical witch outfit.

"Sorry for binding you, but this is for my own safety. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Candice Brunwin, an apprentice magician of the Order of Holy Mages. I have been ordered to investigate the unexplained release of the Silver Witch, also know by the name Galatea, and my investigation has led to you. Now, we can do this the hard way or easy way. I am going to ask you some questions. You could either answer them honestly or I'll have to force the answers out of you. Do you understand?" The top of Candice's staff crackled with small bolts of lightning in emphasis.

Emma nodded her head.

"First question, who are you?"

"I am Emma Wadden," replied Emma after regaining control of her voice.

"You can do better than that!"

Emma explained how she explored the abandoned mines in the outskirts of the city with her friend and came upon an unmapped section that appeared to be a natural cavern. She explored with her friend until they got lost and separated. After falling into a lower area, Galatea communicated to Emma and requested help to free her, which Emma agreed after being tempted by offer of learning magic. When Emma avoided explaining the details of how the spell of confinement was broken, Candice threatened her until she did. The explanation made Candice grimace.

After Galatea was freed, Emma was taught magic as promised, but later she was forced into lesbianism through threats and extortion. Initially, Candice felt Emma was lying because the scene she had saw earlier of Emma masturbating clearly showed signs of Emma masturbating to lesbian porn with obvious enjoyment. Adding to her doubt was Candice couldn't detect any traces of magical enchantment to support Emma's claim. But why would Emma lie? Maybe she's still in the closet or in denial. Regardless, Candice instinctively stepped a little farther away from Emma, not that she had anything against lesbians.

Night after night, the lesbian and magic lessons continued at a magical floating castle in sky, Emma explained. Though she participated in the lessons and did Galatea's assignments, Emma wanted freedom from Galatea, but was too powerless to do anything. Remembering her promise to Jeannie, Emma didn't reveal anything to Candice about her earlier discussion with Jeannie. As Emma continued with her story, Candice was starting to be convinced that Emma was a genuine victim of the Silver Witch, yet she was aware that her conclusion might be wrong. However, she had to make a calculated risk and trust Emma in keeping their meeting a secret. It was her only current lead to the Silver Witch.

"I can help you gain freedom from the Silver Witch."

"You can?!"

"Yes, but I need your participation."

"I would do anything to help if it means I could be free from Galatea."

"The only way you could be free is if we destroy the Silver Witch or put her in confinement again."

"How can we do it?"

"That's the hard part. My order doesn't have the power now that it had back then. We need to know more of the Silver Witch's weaknesses or any other information that could help us. Since you have access to the Silver Witch and her sky castle, you could gather intelligence for us."

"You want me to be a spy?"


Emma reluctantly agreed to be a spy, but still not quite trusting of Candice and her motives.

"I have to report my findings to my order. I'll contact you again with more information of the plan tomorrow or whenever it's safe to do so."

Right before Candice was about to leave, Emma asked for help.

"Uh, Candice, can you help me on something, please?"

"What do you need help on?"

"I don't want to become a lesbian. Is there something to slow it down, stop it, or at least something to make it easier for me to go through Galatea's training?"

Despite Candice doubts about Emma's honesty regarding her sexuality, Candice offered to teach Emma a spell called "Densensitize" to temporary suppress Emma's claimed inhibitions against lesbian acts. Even though Emma had described herself as a new student of magic, Candice was surprised at how Emma quickly picked up the spell.

"This spell would help ease your uncomfortable feelings, but does nothing else."

"Thank you. Any help is better than nothing at all."

After ordering Jasmine to keep an eye on Emma, Candice flew back to headquarters on her broomstick. During the trip, she had a brief tangential thought, wondering if there was a connection between lesbianism and magic.

Emma had a long dream later that night. She saw herself performing great feats with her magical power: saving herself and others during dangerous situations, exacting vengeance on people who had wronged her, and do other things normal people would only fantasize about, even unethical and immoral things.

Thugs had cornered her in a dark alley, but she wasn't afraid. She magically pushed them away without physical contact and leapt up to safety onto a rooftop. Looking down, she smiled mischievously at their crumpled bodies.

She had accidentally fallen into a rapidly flowing river with her friend Sophia from a collapsed bridge. A precipitous waterfall was up ahead. It was impossible for anyone to save them at that point. But, using her magical power, Emma propelled herself and her friend to safety.

There was a going to be a test for her history class. Without enough time to study, Emma resorted to cheating. During lunch break, she turned herself invisible and snuck into her teacher's office. After finding the test, she magically imprinted the answers into her mind.

"So many benefits... So many choices... So much power... So many opportunities... They are all open too you..."

Emma was inside the girl's locker room. She was dressed in a shiny black latex bra, a black pleated latex skirt, and black high heeled laced boots. Her makeup was all black, including her hair and nails. Kneeling before her was Julia, wearing nothing but a pink-studded collar around the neck.

"After I turn you into a lesbian, you won't go after Ben again, ever!" exclaimed Dream Emma authoritatively.

"No, that's impossible! You can't!"

"Yes, I can!" Dream Emma whipped Julia.

Emma saw herself on sitting on a throne in skimpy regal attire, complete with a jeweled tiara. Her hair was braided and coiled. Wrapped around her upper body was an exotic corset made from interleaved plates of gold and platinum, and intertwining coils of electrum that revealed much skin and cleavage. On her navel was a circular cut diamond surrounded by a cluster of precious gems, each of a different kind and color. Further below was a g-string that barely covered her nether regions made from gemstones attached to a lattice chain. A sheer silver cloak hung on her shoulders.

Two concubines laid by her side in languid poses. Emma stroked the head of one idly with one hand as she was watching a pair of teenage girls reluctantly embracing and kissing each other while a third girl stood beside the pair on her knees with her fingers inside her panties.

Emma shook her head in her sleep. "I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't want to be like that. It's wrong."

"But who's going to stop you?" asked the strange feminine voice. "Use your magic power to your heart's content. Bend the world to your will."

"Yes, who would stop me? I have the power to do... anything..."


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