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Brainy Teen (chapter 15)

"I see Lauren."


"To your left. She's sitting at the red sofa with Melanie."

"Melanie is friends with Lauren too?!" Wendy was a bit shocked.

With one arm draped around Wendy's shoulder, Sarah gave the corner of Wendy's glossy lavender lips a kiss, then whispered into her ear, "Wendy, now is your best chance to seduce Lauren."

Wendy looked at the female figure sitting in the distance. She did recognize her, but seeing Lauren in a nightclub dressed in a sexy outfit instilled in her a feeling of alarm and subconscious excitement.

"Right now?"

"Yes, don't waste this opportunity."

Sarah gave Wendy's ear a lick before parting with, "I'll be at the bar. Good luck, Wendy."

As Wendy got closer to Lauren, she took in more details of the sultry teenaged beauty.  A shimmering silver sequined dress hugged her sexy body tightly. The sequins were so fine that they made it appear as if the dress was a continuous piece of metal. The bodice of the sleeveless strapped dress was barely able to contain Lauren's large breasts, which Wendy now noticed more than before. Simple, but effective makeup covered Lauren's face.

Lauren pretended not to notice as Wendy walked towards her while she examined idly her fuchsia-lacquered nails. Once Wendy got close enough, Lauren tilted her head upwards slightly and looked at Wendy after exhaling a stream of smoke. Melanie had excused herself a minute ago, making this a staged moment, but Wendy had no idea.

"Wendy, didn't expect to see you here. Thought you were too much of a prude to go to a nightclub."

Her brown eyes bore into Wendy's. The wisps of smoke hovered in front of Lauren's face.

"Well, people can change," said Wendy as she noticed Lauren's glossy fuchsia-painted lips and the wisp of smoky vapor that came out of them. Her eyes subconsciously dipped lower to look at Lauren's cleavage.

"I'm pretending to be a lesbian, so I need to look at girls in that way," rationalized Wendy silently to herself. She was wholly unaware of the effect of the mystery drink had on her perception and thoughts that she had drank earlier at the bar.

Lauren gave her dark brown hair a slight toss. The powerful, yet quiet ventilation system kept a few strands of Lauren's shiny hair afloat.

"I'm kind of bored sitting here alone. Want to dance with me, Wendy?" Her sparkly eyelashes fluttered.

That surprised Wendy. She didn't expect Lauren to be the one asking. Wendy had a feeling that this was going to go well.

"Sure. I was about to ask you the same thing."

"What do they call this... hive mind?"

"I dunno... Maybe one of us is psychic... Hehe..."

"Anyways, shall we?"

The Hispanic-Caucasian beauty gently held onto Wendy's hand, causing Wendy to notice Lauren's perfectly manicured fuchsia-colored nails.

"My nails look nice, don't they? I got them done at Satin's Nail Salon."

"Isn't that place at the local mall?"

"Yes, I recommend you go there too to get your nails done."

Together, the two teenaged girls took the dance floor. As Lauren led the way, Wendy subconsciously eyed her swaying ass, which the skirt of the silver dress had hugged perfectly. The dance area was becoming more crowded by now, but they managed to worm themselves in. Wendy saw an advantage: "I could be closer to Lauren more often. It would make it easier for me to seduce her."

Wendy was unaware of secret activities that were occurring without her knowledge. Lauren had taken her to a special spot on the dance floor that had a spiral pattern of lighted tinted glass, specially constructed to resonate to certain sound frequencies. It was one of the focal points for special subliminal sounds that emitted from specialized speakers mounted on the decorative pillars, the ceiling, and along the walls. On this particular night and hour, the subliminal messages were tailored specifically for Wendy Livingston. They were of multiple female voices.

"Wendy, you are a lesbian..."

Facing each other, the pair of teenage girls jerked and gyrated their bodies to the music. Wendy reminded herself that Lauren was tonight's main focus, and she needed to seduce her. "You want to fuck her," said a second voice.

"You are devoted to Sapphic sexuality..."

Arms raised in the air. Bracelets rattled. Purple and green lasers shot in various directions. Long blonde hair tossed to and fro. Silver sequins on Lauren's dress glittered like a thousand stars.

"Female bodies arouse you... You want to touch and caress female bodies..."

Wendy found her eyes drawn to the glittering dress and the sensual curves of the body that gave form to the dress.

"Female breasts arouse you... You want to kiss them, squeeze them, and wrap your lips around the nipples and suck on them..."

Wendy's eyes moved up to Lauren's breasts. An image of herself kissing Lauren's breast with her lavender lips flashed in Wendy's mind.

"Wendy, you want to fuck females and you want females to fuck you... young and mature, you want to do them all..."

Limbs bended with ease. Blonde and dark brown hair tossed to and fro. Both girls were completely immersed in the dance.
Wendy's eyes shifted downwards to Lauren's sexy thighs and then the area between them that was hidden beneath the sequined silver skirt.

"You want to have sex with the girl you are dancing with..."

Lauren moved one knee forward. Instinctively, Wendy knew what to do. Her thighs parted to accommodate Lauren's knee. Wendy moved her body close to Lauren and rubbed her body against Lauren's while grinding her pussy against Lauren's knee, which was becoming slightly wet from the feminine juices that had soaked through Wendy's white satin panties. In addition to mind-altering drugs, the mystery had an aphrodisiac that increased Wendy's sex desire towards other females.

"You want to become a lesbian because you want to love and fuck girls and women..."

Wendy's blue eyes locked onto Lauren's dark-brown eyes.

"You want to have sex with Sarah... You want to have sex with Madelynn... You want to have sex with Lauren... You want to have sex with Rebecca... You want to have sex with Cynthia... You want to have sex with every pretty woman and girl you see, even your mom and sister..."

Lauren's shiny fuchsia lips parted briefly. Feeling a sudden urge to kiss them, Wendy's face moved close, but backed out at the last moment after summoning her willpower.

"You want to devote your life to lesbianism..."

She pulled herself away from Lauren's knee.

"Not here, I can't have orgasm here!" she told herself.

Wendy's mind was starting to clear up, which Lauren had noticed.

After their dance, Wendy and Lauren took a stroll. They later stood together on the edge of the balcony that overlooked a large indoor swimming pool.

A female server holding a tray of drinks passed by them.  Lauren gestured to the server and took two drinks from the tray. Both drinks looked the same except for the red and blue straws. She handed Wendy the one with the blue straw.

Lauren asked out of the blue, "Wendy, are you a really a lesbian?"

That gave Wendy a slight jolt. She suspected Lauren was trying to catch her off guard, and coolly answered with, "Yes, of course. Why do you keep thinking I'm not?"

Afraid of revealing signs of nervousness, Wendy's eyes wandered and looked at the sensual forms of the female swimmers in the large pool while she sipped on her drink. There were male hunks, but Wendy, for reasons unknown to her, found them uninteresting and boring. That reaction didn't alarm her that much because of her usual excuse of playing the role of a lesbian as part of her plan to win Daniel. Any unease she felt was quickly overwhelmed by the attractive females she saw.

She eyed one particular girl in a skimpy black bikini, who was swimming gracefully with her head above the water. After finishing her lap, she got out of the pool and flipped her wet brown hair in an arc. Droplets of sparkling pool water flew in the air. That girl looked familiar to Wendy, but before she could figure out who she was, Lauren drew her attention away by lightly grazing the back of Wendy's hand with her fuchsia nails.

"I don't know... It's just this feeling..."

Acting on instinct, Wendy's glossy lavender lips parted slightly, then kissed Lauren on the lips. She didn't want Lauren to doubt about the lesbian identity that she was trying to portray.

"What was that about? Are you trying to seduce me?"

"Does my answer matter?" asked Wendy sultrily while licking her lips seductively.

"No, not really." Lauren kissed Wendy back.

Wendy's long period of training with Sarah had made her a talented kisser, specifically for females, though Wendy originally thought the opposite and still did for the most part.

Just when Wendy thought she had cool down after the sensual dance with Lauren, her pussy was tingling again. She wanted to end the kiss, but to keep Lauren interested in her, Wendy let Lauren continue the kiss. The kiss went on for a minute, but there wasn't any tongue in mouth.

"That was good, but I still think you're just pretending."

Wendy's heart was beating fast. Her lavender-nailed fingers went around Lauren's waist to touch her ass lightly.
"Wow, you really are trying to come on to me, aren't you?"

"I need to seduce Lauren, but I can't let this go too far," Wendy told herself.

Lauren excused herself to the rest room, but invited Wendy to join.

"I'm going to the rest room, want to come with me?"

"Um, I don't have to go. I'll wait for you here."

"It's the VIP restroom. I bet you've never been in one before. Come on."

Outside the restroom door, Lauren swiped a black card on a slot. Wendy wowed a bit upon entering the classy female restroom. It had marble tiles, bejeweled faucets, silver mirrors, metal plants, and good ventilation. The lighting was perfect.
Lauren touched Wendy's shoulder. "Have you ever smoked before, Wendy?"

"I don't smoke. Isn't it illegal for people our age?"

"It won't hurt to try it once."

Lauren pulled out a cigarette from an unbranded carton. It was different from the cigarette she had smoked a while before. She lit it up before handed it to Wendy.

"Here, have a puff."

Wendy gingerly took the cigarette and attempted to take a drag. She quickly coughed.

"Breathe deeper... You don't want the smoke on your throat..."

Subliminal messages that targeted Wendy played in the background from speakers that were disguised as fancy ornaments. The messages were hidden in the ambient natural noise.

Though Wendy hasn't smoked before, she knew what they usually smelled like, especially the ones that her Dad usually smoked. There was a strange perfume-like aroma in the one she was smoking. It smelled very familiar.

"Wendy, you are a beautiful and sexy girl," said the subliminal female voice.

Wendy looked at herself in the mirror and giggled.

"You want to be even more beautiful and sexy... for girls... for women... for females... so that you could love them and have sex with them..."

"Go ahead, take another drag," said Lauren.

Wendy inhaled from the cigarette. She was starting to get used to it.

On the marble counter, Lauren opened up her silver leather purse and pulled out a chrome vibrating egg and chrome vibrating bullet dildo. The sex toys were sleek and shiny under the lights.

 "In order to reach your full potential, you must become a lesbian, Wendy, a pure lesbian devoted to the art of loving females."

Wendy snapped out of her daze when she felt something cold touching and caressing her naked left arm. When she turned to look at the cold object, Wendy saw that it was a vibrating egg.

"Are you really a lesbian, Wendy?"

"Yes," Wendy whispered.

"Then you should have no problem putting on a show for me.  Real lesbians have no problem fucking themselves in front of other girls."

"You like to fuck yourself in front of girls... It turns you on... It helps you become a lesbian..." said the subliminal voice.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Go on, get on the counter and spread your legs... in front of me."

With the cigarette still dangling on her mouth, Wendy got up to the counter, assisted by Lauren, who used the chance to touch and grope Wendy's body.

Lauren walked five feet away from Wendy. "You may begin. Go ahead and try to seduce me... Let's see how far you can go..."

The silver egg began its quiet buzz. Though Wendy had never used one before, she knew how it worked from the porn videos she had watched.

Wendy's silver strappy heels clicked on the counter as she spread her legs wide while giving Lauren a seductive gaze. She rode up her skirt and ran one lavender-nailed finger around her white satin covered crotch in slow, lazy circles. Her other hand held onto the special cigarette, then she exhaled a plume of smoke.

"Wendy, you want to be a lesbian so that you could seduce other females into becoming lesbians too..."

Her lavender lips parted slightly, and she slowly ran her tongue around those lips, wetting them. Wendy then pulled her satin panties partially aside, revealing just a small area of her pussy. Even though she was drugged, Wendy still retained enough modesty to not fully reveal her privates to Lauren. The wetness of the panties betrayed her sexual arousal.

 "You want other girls to watch you have sex with another girl... Fucking another girl with other girls watching would prove to them that you're a lesbian..."

Two of Wendy's fingers, which held the silver egg, slipped beneath the fold of the satin panties.

"You want other people to know that you're a lesbian girl..."

The panties bulged from the sex toy as Wendy worked the vibrating silver egg her pussy.

"You want other females to be lesbians so that you could have lesbian sex with them..."

Wendy began to moan sensually. Her eyes were glazed over, but remained focused on Lauren's eyes and the rest of her body.

"You hate Daniel... You hate all guys... Your sexy body is reserved only for females... Only females could touch you... Only females could love you... Only females could have sex with you..."

Wendy's nipples were erect like bullets. Small bumps could be seen through the satin. She raised a hand to her breast and gradually squeezed it through her silver satin bodice. Depressed satin fabric caressed her fingers. The cigarette dropped from her mouth when she emitted a loud moan.

Soon, Wendy's moans increased in speed and intensity. With her eyes locked onto Lauren's, she gave a small cry. Her pussy gushed during her orgasm. Feminine juices drenched her panties, fingers, the silver vibrating egg, and spread along her thighs.

Lauren clapped. "That was a good show, a very sexy show, but just masturbating in front of another girl won't make you a lesbian, Wendy."

"You could do more to prove that you're a lesbian..." whispered the sensual subliminal female voices.

"I could do more..." said Wendy dreamily.

"But are you up to it?"

Lauren walked closer to Wendy, who was still sitting on top of the marble countertop with her legs spread.


"Why are you not showing your entire pussy? You seem to be hiding something."

"No, I'm not."

Wendy pulled her slick hands and the vibrating egg from her pussy, producing small squishy sounds.

"Then pull down your panties. I want to see if you've kept your pussy shaved. Real lesbians always have neatly shaved pussies."

Wendy's still-drugged mind went along with Lauren's will. She pulled the satin panties down through her thighs. It dangled on one ankle of her leg.

"You don't mind pretty females touching your pussies... You want pretty females to taste your pussy... to lick it... to feel it... to fuck it..."

"Wow, it is completely hairless. Let's see how well you respond to my fingers."

Before Wendy could say anything, Lauren was already inserting two fuchsia-nailed fingers into Wendy's moist slit.
"Uhhhhh..." Wendy moaned.

In and out Lauren's fingers went, though she was careful not to go too far in. Her fingers quickly became as wet with Wendy's juices.

"Kiss the female in front of you... Kiss her deeply... Prove to her that you're a lesbian..."

Wendy craned her neck forward lowered her glossy lavender lips while Lauren raised her shiny fuchsia lips. Their lips met in a sensual lip lock. Lauren parted her lips. Instinctively, Wendy's tongue went into Lauren's mouth.

"Your goal with any pretty female is having lesbian sex with her..."

Lauren's hand reached for the silver bullet vibrator. After flipping on the hidden switch, she pressed it against Wendy's pussy, causing Wendy to moan into Lauren's mouth. By pressing on another switch at the base of the vibrator, a pink gel squirted from the vibrator's tip that spread all over Wendy's vaginal walls. Wendy's sexual responses and her following orgasm would be greatly enhanced.

While Lauren kept working the bullet vibrator on Wendy's pussy, she ran her fuchsia-nailed hand ran up Wendy's thigh. Wendy shivered. The hand lightly cupped Wendy's ass beneath the skirt through the panties before it went up to the small of her back, around her waist, and up to her breasts, which were tightly squeezed.

"Become a pure lesbian, Wendy..."

Wendy moaned into Lauren's mouth as her body shuddered from a powerful orgasm.

"You actually had an orgasm. Wow, maybe you really are a lesbian." Lauren licked Wendy's pussy juice off of the silver bullet vibrator and her fuchsia-nailed fingers.

Upon hearing the word "maybe", Wendy realized that convincing Lauren wasn't as easy as she had hoped.

"You need to work harder, Wendy. You're still a long way from convincing me."

As her mind was clearing up, Wendy's uneasiness came back to her. "What have I just done with Lauren? It was the alcohol. It made me more loose. And I'm still in lesbian mode. Yeah, that's right, lesbian mode. Hehe."

"Well, I've had enough for tonight. Don't forget about our meeting tomorrow. Actually, you won't. I would remind you. Good night." Lauren walked out of the VIP restroom, leaving Wendy alone with her thoughts.

Wendy was beginning to realize that Cynthia was right. She needed to seduce Lauren, as in real seduction and making Lauren really fall love with her. Lesbian displays would just be lesbian displays. In the end, Lauren would still have Daniel until she takes away Lauren's interest in Daniel. What makes people fall in love? Sarah never mentioned anything about that, but she did tell her how it worked for Lauren: she burns through relationships quickly. Wendy decided that she had to pry Cynthia for more intimate details about Lauren.

As Wendy walked near the stairway leading down to the first floor, she saw Lauren and Sarah in a tight embrace. There was a brief kiss before they parted ways. A pang of jealously struck her, though she didn't recognize it as such at that time.

"Lauren is seducing Sarah, just like Cynthia had said. Isn't she satisfied with having Daniel?"

By the time Wendy was down the stairs, Lauren had already left.

What Wendy didn't know was that Sarah and Lauren were good childhood friends. Near the end of Sarah's middle school years, she underwent a drastic change which, outside of Sarah's family, only Lauren had took the most notice. During high school, Sarah had tried to seduce and control Lauren through secret, unnatural means, but Lauren had figured it out.

Years ago, on one summer afternoon at the outdoor pool of Sarah's mansion, Sarah handed Lauren a special lemonade.

"You don't have to give that me drink again, Sarah."

"Huh, what are you talking about, Lauren?"

"I know what you're trying to do."

A nervous expression briefly crossed Sarah's face before the gears of her mind began working on a solution to the problem in front of her. A quick thought came to Sarah's mind: "She needs more time in the machine."

"It's alright, Sarah. Whatever you're trying to do, I'll support you and will follow you through the end, willingly. You don't need to give me those drinks, candies, movies, and music anymore."

Lauren gave Sarah a surprise hug. Overtaken with emotion, Sarah dropped the drink and hugged Lauren back.

Hours before Wendy's entry into the upscale nightclub, after Wendy had left Madelynn's house, Madelynn called Lauren and gave her an account of the erotic activity earlier. Because of Wendy's eagerness during the activity, Madelynn asked if it was alright to speed up the seduction of her friend. Lauren discouraged her from doing so, explaining that if Wendy was so eager in the beginning, it's even more important to tone down the sexual aspects of the seduction in order to maintain Wendy's interest because repeated, immediate gratifications would make her less interested in future encounters. Lauren stressed the importance of a drawn-out seduction in order to maximize the effectiveness of Madelynn's campaign to win Wendy back from the clutches of Sarah. In order to adapt better to Wendy's increasingly loose sexual behaviors and attitudes, Lauren proposed an additional tactic.

"Tell Wendy that this afternoon's sexual activity with her was just a test and you realized fake lesbianism is so ingrained in her that the best way to remove it is to let her sexual curiosity in girls be fully satisfied. By giving her the full range of lesbian experiences, she'll move out of her lesbian phase faster."

Although Madelynn didn't like the idea of making Wendy more of a lesbian than she currently was, the prospect of going beyond mere friendship with Wendy was sexually intriguing, but what little remained of her chaste personality objected to it.
"Won't it be like digging a deeper hole for Wendy if I do that?"

"Your goal is to win her back from Sarah, isn't it?"

"Yes, but I also want Wendy to become her old self again."

Madelynn didn't want the original Plain Jane Wendy at a subconscious level. She instinctually preferred the new, improved Wendy, the one that's more sexually open, more beautiful, and increasingly lesbian.

"The red pills and your seduction of Wendy would be the key in getting the old Wendy back, but you would have to successfully seduce Wendy first then get into a sexual relationship with her. Once you've won back Wendy's confidence, it would be much easier to apply the heterosexual treatments to cure her lesbianism. Ends is more important than the means, Madelynn."

"It's going to be hard to keep the relationship under Sarah's radar."

"Just tell Wendy to keep it a secret. Since she's your best friend, it should be easy."

That pretext inflamed Madelynn's subconscious sexual desires even more by providing justification to engage in further sexual activities with her friend. It calmed down the tiny part of her moral consciousness that still struggled in an increasingly futile battle to remain.

Having experienced losing control of her libido in front of Wendy earlier, Madelynn asked about the unexpected side effects of the red pills.

Lauren's explanation to Madelynn was as follows: the "bottling up" effect was an occasional side effect of the pills. There were two different drugs in each red capsule. One drug was meant to cure unnatural libido by gradually reducing its presence in the person's body. Spikes of arousal were handled by another drug that suppresses the surges of arousal temporarily, but doesn't eliminate them, which meant that she would feel aroused again after the medicine wears off, unless another dosage is taken. The safest way to handle the unleashed arousal before taking another dose was engaging in sexual activity such as masturbation. To Madelynn's relief, Lauren assured her that the random spikes of arousal would occur less frequently over time.

In reality, Lauren's explanation to Madelynn regarding the effects of the red pills was only partly true. The red pills were actually more potent versions of the blue pills. Instead of reducing libido, it actually builds it up in a secretive way. Any act used for sexual relief would be strongly ingrained in the person's psyche and subconscious memory. The arousal suppression drug in the pills exist only to hide the full sexual effects from the unwitting user. As soon as Madelynn stopped using those pills or delay between doses, the erotic effects would be fully unleashed. There was also third drug in the red pills that temporary suppresses the user's conscious inhibitions and gives the subconscious much more prominence. Whatever subconscious feelings and thoughts the user had been trying to resist or ignore would be brought to the person's consciousness, though it lasts only a short period of time.

"You need to relieve yourself sexually whenever you feel those effects. Holding it in would be harmful."

"What if I suddenly become aroused in public?!"

"Since you can't do it front of other people, you could try using a hidden toy."

Brief worry came to Madelynn before it was eliminated by the fact of it being hidden from general view. The kinkiness of it titillated her loins.

"Hidden toy?"

"Yes, something like vibrating eggs or dildo panties."

"But I might look funny if I use it front of other people."

"Just suppress your body language and act as if nothing is happening."

Though covert masturbation shocked Madelynn because of its impropriety, the idea of doing it was intriguing to her.

"What if I get discovered?!"

"As long you do it carefully, there's nothing to worry about, Madelynn. There was a judge and even a teacher who frigged in public for years, so it's not that unusual. The only thing you'll have to worry about is to not let Elena know about it."

Madelynn vaguely recalled hearing about those illicit antics on the news and was disgusted. Now, however, she found herself instinctively admiring them and prospect of emulating them gave her a small adrenaline rush. The risk of public humiliation and the possible consequences made it even more exciting, though she wouldn't consciously admit it.

"Okay, I'm doing it. Which is better? Vibrating eggs or dildo panties?"

"It's your choice, but I recommend dildo panties since they give you the most pleasure. I've put them on several times myself. It's one of the best experiences ever to go out in public with them."

Madelynn was incredulous. On second thought, won't that be more noticeable, especially in Physical Education class?

"I'll stick with the vibrating egg. It's easier for me to hide it."

"Whatever floats your boat."

There was a box Elena gave to Madelynn last night that she hadn't opened yet, which Elena said contained new sex toys, large and small.

"Your mom is coming home soon, right?"

"Yeah, I'm going have to... change her mind. I have no choice."

"It's alright, Maddy. You're being forced into this by Elena, just like I am, and you're trying to save Wendy. And besides, I've told you that it's reversible, have I?"

"But what if my Mom can't be changed back to normal?"

"Don't worry, she can be changed back. Even she can't for some reason, she would still be your Mom, just a little bit kinkier."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Best of luck. Call me back afterwards, okay?"

"I will. Thanks."

After hanging up the phone, Madelynn finished the cup of Wendy's piss diluted with orange juice and awaited her Mom's arrival. She recited Elena's instructions on hypnotizing her mother and imagined the process in her mind.

Soon, she heard the front door opening. Madelynn was feeling butterflies in her stomach in what she was about to do.

"I'll continue playing your game, Elena, but that doesn't mean you've won me over," Madelynn spoke with determined voice.

Erin's expression was somber and stern when she saw her daughter standing in the living room. Madelynn's thoughts and emotions suddenly took a different turn and she wasn't even aware of it.

"Mom needs to be changed for the better". A brief image of her transformed Mom panned in her mind, one of great sensuality and lustfulness. Madelynn was ready to spring the trap. The special speakers and video player had already been setup. All she needed to do now was to wait for the right moment.

Seeing her daughter in risque PVC clothing rattled her nerves, but Erin held in her anger and spoke about what she had in mind first. "I found something in your bedroom this morning."

Erin paused, hoping let the statement sink in. Madelynn pretended nothing was wrong and put an innocent look with an imaginary halo on top of her head.

"What was it, Mom?" Her innocent expression didn't change.

"They're so sinful that they can't be mentioned. I've already locked them up in a hidden place."

"You mean those lesbian videos, magazines and sex toys?"

"Don't you speak of those things as if they're normal!"

"Why not?" Madelynn remained flippant.

Erin's anger was increasing.

"Honey, you've strayed too far from away our values, morals, and God. You should be ashamed of yourself for sinning like this! It's a complete disgrace to our family!"

"Mom, I don't want to be like you. It's because you're so prudish and conservative that Dad left you for another woman!"  SLAP!

Madelynn uttered the hypnotic trigger phrase that Elena had told her to use. "Mom, you love and desire your daughter."

All of a sudden, Erin stood still.

The trigger phrase worked!  Madelynn was curious of how Elena managed to implant that trigger phrase in her Mom, but she hadn't the time to think about it now. She must continue with the procedure.

"Mom, go sit on the sofa now and face the TV," said Madelynn with her hands on her hips.

Slowly, Erin walked robotically to the center of the sofa and sat on it. Her eyes were wide opened and entire face expressionless.

Elena told Madelynn earlier that, in order to make the suggestions stick, she must add sexual stimulation. Normally, Madelynn would be repulsed, but she now somehow found her current actions arousing even though she kept telling herself she wasn't and repeated in her mind that this was all for the sake of saving Wendy.

Madelynn turned the TV and DVD player on with the remote. The video started. It was a rather mundane movie about a mother and her daughter doing everyday things together. The first scene involved the mother and daughter doing the laundry. However, there were hidden subliminal images and sounds were far more erotic than what was immediately visible on screen. There were also subliminals that were for Madelynn too, not just her Mom, and Madelynn was wholly unaware of it. The hidden erotic images weren't visible without slowing the video down and viewing it frame by frame.

The female narrator spoke, "Mothers and daughters should love and care for one another..."

After stuffing the clothes into the washer, the mother and daughter in the video engaged in a sudden hug. The mother slowly caressed her daughters back.

Madelynn slowly sat next to her mother on the sofa. She moved a bit until she was touching shoulder-to-shoulder with her Mom, then wrapped her left arm around her mother's back and gently caressed the shoulder with her purple-nailed fingers. Erin didn't react. Her face remained emotionless as her daughter's fingers moved to the nape of her neck.

"Mom, we should stay here."

"No," replied Erin robotically.

"Yes, we should. We must. We can't go back to Grandma's ranch. It's a bad place. It's much better here. It'll be much better... for both of us..."

"No, you're wrong. I must prevent you from being corrupted."

"Corrupted? No, Mom, I'm not being corrupted. I'm just being myself."

The hug between the two females lasted over a minute. Hidden in that period of time was a much more sensual scene: the mother slowly ran her fingers down her daughter's back. They stopped right at the hem of the sweater and above the tight jeans. Gently, they slipped beneath the fold of the denim fabric and touched the skin of her daughter's ass. The mother kissed her daughter on the forehead.

A woman's voice, hidden in the background music in the form of subliminals, began speaking, "A daughter kissing her mother is sexy... Kiss your mother, Madelynn... You want to kiss your mother... It arouses you..."

Not caring where the urge came from, Madelynn kissed her Mom's right cheek.  Her lustrous purple-painted lips reached the edge of her mother's lips but stopped short of kissing them.

"Erin, you enjoy your daughter kissing you... You want your daughter to continue kissing you... You want to be kissed by your daughter every day in a sexy way..."

The mother in the video lowered her lips to her daughter's cheek and kissed it, while her smiling daughter responded by pushing her cheek back against those lips. All this was entirely invisible to Erin and Madelynn's conscious view.

"Erin, you crave your daughter's kiss... You crave your daughter's touch... You crave your daughter's body... You crave your daughter's dominance... You want to obey her will..."

Erin pushed her face against Madelynn's lips. As if suddenly aware of what she doing was wrong, Madelynn pulled her lips back, but the subliminal female voiced stopped her.

"Continue kissing your mother, Madelynn... She craves your lips, your touch, and your body... Control her with your lesbian sexuality..."

Madelynn's glossy lips moved forward to kiss her mother's face again, but always just shy of landing on the lips.

In the video, the scene progressed to the mother playing a card game with her daughter as they waited for washing machine to finish their clothes. The narrator never stopped extoling the virtues of a close, loving mother-daughter bond.

"Love your daughter... Love your mother... Loving daughters and mothers makes a good family..."

However, the subliminal messages were far more sinister.

"Madelynn, control your mother... with your body... your sex... Dominate your mother... Bend her to your will..."

"Erin, obeying your daughter gives you the most pleasure... You desire your daughter... You lust for her... You can't live without sexual pleasure offered by her... Being submissive to your daughter gives you access to pleasure..."

In the card-playing scene was another subliminal erotic scene. This time, the mother and daughter were kissing each other on the lips passionately.

Meanwhile, on the sofa, Madelynn had her hand on her mother's thigh as she continued kissing her cheek, then she did what had been very reluctant to do: she kissed her right on the mouth. Madelynn's glossy purple lips covered the whole of Erin's mouth.

"Erin, you will obey me, Madelynn, your daughter... You will listen to what I'm about to say and take it to heart..."

"As you command, my daughter..."

"Mom, cancel your appointment with the realtor... Keep the house... Keep your job..."

"As you command, my daughter ..."

Madelynn hoped this command would stick in her Mom's mind.

In all, Madelynn had kissed her Mom no more than five times and lip-to-lip kissing was the most sexual thing she had done with her mother so far. Elena, Lauren, and Sarah had other plans, however.

The next scene took place in a garden. Mother and daughter were watering the plants and pruning weeds. At one point, the daughter accidentally dropped the garden hose, and the resulting spray caused the mother's dress to be wet and translucent. The mother wasn't bothered with her body being exposed this way, and flaunted it too.

In the hidden scene, the daughter was caressing her mom's breast through the wet fabric of the yellow dress.

"Mom, I like your breasts. They're so full. I wish mine were as big as yours." The daughter continued playing with her mom's breasts casually.

"Don't worry, honey. Yours will become as large as mine one day, or maybe even bigger."

The daughter suddenly noticed that her mom was not wearing panties.

"Mom, why aren't you wearing panties?" She knelt down to see her mom's pussy better through the translucent skirt.

"It's too hot to wear panties today, honey."

In the next scene, the daughter was preparing dinner with the mother, but the result was a disaster. The chicken was burnt.
"Oh, no! I've left the chicken in the oven too long, what are we going to eat tonight?!" exclaimed the daughter.

"No worries, honey, we have leftovers from last night."

In the subliminals, it was something else.

"We could always eat this," said the mother as she lifted her skirt up, exposing her naked, shaved pussy.

"But I'm not a lesbian!"


The mother held her daughter's cheeks with both hands and kissed her right on the mouth. They moaned into each other's mouths. Afterwards, the mother got on the kitchen counter and spread her legs.

"Mmmmmm... Come get your yummy pussy..." said the mother in a husky voice as she spread her pussy lips with two fingers.

The daughter knelt down and placed her hands on her mother's thighs and gazed lustfully at her mom's delicious pussy as she licked her lips.

In the last scene, they were helping each other do makeup and putting on dresses. Though it was a bit more racier than previous scenes, there wasn't anything improper to the naked eye. But in subliminal version, it was erotic.

They applied lipstick on each other. The mom got a maroon shade while the daughter got mauve. They did each other's finger and toe nails in similar shades. Satin lingerie was put on. Lights were turned off and candles lit. Lips met together in a passionate kiss. They held hands and walked to the bed.

"Madelynn, sex with your mother is enjoyable... It's one of the best sex there is... Dominate your mother and you'll get to have lesbian sex with her whenever you want, however you want... It's always good to have an easy to access source of lesbian sex at your fingertips..."

"Erin, sex with your daughter is a privilege... To earn that privilege, obey your daughter... Only by obeying your will she let you have sex with her... Let your daughter dominate you... Be sexy for your daughter... Act sexy and she'll be closer to you... Be sexy for her and she'll be sexy for you too... You don't have a problem with your daughter acting and dressing sexily... You want your daughter to be sexy..."

The subliminals in the video reinforced Erin's earlier brainwashing by Elena in the machine. Madelynn was similarly affected. Unknown to Madelynn, the red pills she thought was medicine had made her vulnerable to the subliminals too.

Throughout each scene in the movie, Madelynn repeated the scripted commands to her entranced mother. Each and every command was emphasized with sensual action like kissing and touching. Once the movie was over, Madelynn felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off of her. Unknown to Madelynn, the sensual induction was far from over yet.

"Mom, your daughter will always love you."

Those words snapped Erin out of her trance.

"Wha... What happened?"

"Mom, you fell asleep. You were very tired from work."

"Really? I don't think I was that tired..."

"You look thirsty. I'll go get you some water."

The subject Erin was trying to discuss with her daughter was gone from her mind.

When her Mom didn't mention anything more about her improper looks during the evening, Madelynn was relieved. She wanted to ask her Mom if she still had changed her decision to sell the house and move back, but stopped when she remembered Elena's warning. Now, she could focus on saving Wendy, and dealing with Elena and Hecate. With Lauren's help, it would work.

After popping a red pill with a glass of water, Madelynn went to sleep in ordinary pajamas. There weren't any assignments from Elena for her that night. The break from Elena's games made her sleep with ease. Unfortunately, there was something sinister lying next to her bed. A fancy alarm clock Elena had given to her contained special electronics that emitted subliminal messages when Madelynn was in the room.

Fifteen minutes after Madelynn fell asleep in her bed, she woke up in an entranced state. In slow steps, Madelynn walked to her closet and retrieved a latex outfit and lingerie. After taking off her pajamas, she put on a black latex bra and panties, slowly feeling up her own curves as she did so. Next came the full-length latex halter top dress and the shiny black heels. She applied her makeup: dark purple lipstick, dark purple nails, and black eye shadow with black eyeliner.

"I'm a lesbian dominatrix... I want to control and dominate females... I want to bend them to my will... I want to make them obey my desires..." said Madelynn to her own reflection on the mirror, repeating the words that echoed in her mind.

"You mother needs to be controlled... She's a roadblock to your goals... Turn your mom into a lesbian, and make her lust for you, and she'll follow your every whim..." said the alarm clock that pulsed its LED lights on every word.

"Yesss... I'll make my Mom a lesbian and make her desire me..."

Madelynn retrieved a black medicine bottle and poured out three blue pills. She popped them in her mouth, but didn't swallow.

In the next bedroom, Erin was struggling on her bed. Her pussy was moist from the erotic dream she was having. In the dream, she was looking at her daughter through a peephole.

Madelynn was having a bubble bath. Her glossy black hair was tied up. The bubbly foam covered her body below the shoulders except arms and legs. Her lips, fingernails, and toenails were glossy black. There was a relaxed smile on Madelynn's face as she cleansed herself sensually.

Erin's breathing quickened once she took in the full visual. Her hand slowly went to her pussy to stroke it.

Two mounds rose from the soapy water. Erin could see two glossy black nipples jutting from the teenage breasts. She licked her lips, wanting to taste those young breasts.

"No, I can't think of my daughter like that," whispered Erin, yet she continued with masturbating herself in incestual desire without taking her eyes off of her daughter's exposed body. "It's wrong."

"There's nothing wrong with desiring your daughter..."

"It's immoral... It's wrong... It's against my religious teachings..."

"You want her... It's all that matters..."

"But... she might not want to... with me..."

"Just ask her... You would never know until you ask..."

The Madelynn in Erin's dream suddenly rose from the bathtub and walked towards her mother. Erin was too stupefied to do anything, except stopping her masturbation. Madelynn cocked an eye and looked directly into the peephole back at her mother.

"Were you looking at me, Mom?"

Erin backed away in shock. "No, I wasn't..."

The wall suddenly crumbled away as Madelynn's hands tore through it. There was a cloud of dust, but none of it landed on the female teenager's naked wet body.

"I never knew you were this naughty, Mom. You're a hypocrite!"

Erin's eyes gazed subconsciously at her daughter's dripping wet pussy before turning away, but peeking occasionally.
"No, it wasn't intentional! I didn't mean to!"


Madelynn knelt down in front of her mother and held her face with both hands.

"No worries, Mom, I want you too."

A sudden kiss from Madelynn's shiny black lips silenced her Mom's reply. There was something coming up from Madelynn's throat. It was slick, black and tar-like. Erin wanted to pull away but couldn't. As the liquid pumped into her throat, she felt a surge of arousal.

Outside of the dream, in Erin's bedroom, Madelynn was standing on her fours right above her mother's sleeping body with her glossy purple lips sealed over her mother's lips in a deep kiss. Using the force of her tongue, Madelynn passed the blue pills into Erin's mouth. In her semiconscious state, Erin swallowed those pills.

Madelynn lowered her lips on her mother's right ear and whispered a stream of suggestions that would influence her mother's future thoughts.

"Mom, you want me, you daughter... You desire me, you want to touch me, to fuck me..."

Madelynn licked her mother's ear.

"But first, you must become a lesbian... It's the gateway to the greatest pleasure, to your desires..."

A purple-nailed hand touch Erin's breast through the night gown and lightly squeezed it.

"Next, you must obey me, my every command... because sex with me is a privilege that must be earned..."

Madelynn touched her Mom's pussy with her bent knee.

"You must be sexy too, Mom, in order to seduce me... You need to start acting and dressing more beautifully... Don't just be a lesbian... Become a beautiful and sexy lesbian..."

Madelynn was oblivious to the woman and the video equipment in the room. Elena was recording the action and streaming it live to her special customer who was at an apartment unit several blocks away from Madelynn's home.

Next morning, Madelynn woke up with a slight headache with only vague memories of what had happened the night before.
"Huh? I don't remember putting this on."

Early in the morning, Wendy thought about what she had done yesterday afternoon with Madelynn. When she tried recalling the details of the events, her mind was mostly blank. All she could remember were hazy images of herself sucking on a dildo of some sort, kissing, touching, and nothing else. She was wholly unaware that the red pills that her friend had secretly fed her were responsible for her hazy memory. The feelings during the activity she could remember clearly, however. There was desire, lust, a feeling of being powerless, and not being able to control herself. Why had she done those sexual activities with Madelynn with such ease? Could she have at least resisted a bit more? She hadn't planned on going further than simple dildo play with Madelynn just watching and not touching.

Servicing Madelynn's strap-on dildo was especially shocking for her. She had originally imagined doing a similar act with her future boyfriend, but yesterday she had done it with Madelynn without second thought. Even though it was just pretend, she felt little disappointed that this particular oral sexual activity had be somewhat spoiled of her heterosexual first time. The seduction went further than she had expected or even wanted. She was wholly unaware that the red pills that her friend had secretly fed her were responsible for breaking down her mental and emotional barriers. However, her disappointment and misgivings about yesterday's activities with her friend were brief and were soon overwhelmed by sudden feelings of Sapphic desire.

Wendy picked up a hardcore lesbian porno magazine and flipped to the page where she left off. Using her usual excuse to explain her actions, she then began to masturbate with her fingers while reading it. "I'm a lesbian... I'm a lesbian... I'm a lesbian..." repeated Wendy in a mantra as part of Sarah's advice to improve and strengthen her lesbian image.

When she flipped to the next page, she was struck with recognition. It was Samantha in a micro-bikini! She was posing on a sunny beach next to a palm tree with her partner Alice. Her head was slightly tilted back. They had their arms in each other's waists in a seemingly innocent manner. The next pictures were far from being innocent.

Wendy thought back to last night at the club. The familiar girl in the swimsuit was Samantha! For some reason this realization turned her on. She began stroking herself with more intensity. In the aftermath of her orgasm, she accidentally smeared her pussy juices on the face of Samantha with her fingers.

As she walked to meeting place to wait for Sarah, Wendy thought about her first sexual encounter again with Madelynn. Sarah's warning about keeping the seduction slow and steady came to her mind. Despite how enthusiastic Madelynn had appeared on the day before, Wendy retracted the conclusion that the seduction was a success. She was worried that she might have messed up in the plan. Wendy decided to talk about it with Sarah the as soon as she met up with her. She had wanted to do so yesterday, but so many things had happened so fast that she didn't have the chance.

Inside Sarah's sports car, they discussed briefly last night's activities before the subject of Madelynn came up.

"You need to establish control in the seduction. Slow it down and try to be more assertive next time when you're with Madelynn."

Yes, control is what she needed, Wendy agreed. There can't be a successful seduction without control.
"How can I establish control?"

"A change of environment would help. Invite her to your home or go out on a date with her. You gave her the home field advantage by going to her home yesterday."

"Will that really work? She was acting very bossy yesterday."

"You need to make it work, Wendy, if you want to get your friend back. I have some videos here that will help you. Also, here's a book. These materials will help you know what being an assertive lesbian is like."

Juggling between two active seductions was becoming difficult for Wendy, and she couldn't help but make a small complaint. "So much..."

"Wendy, I know it's hard, but don't forget it's for a good cause. You're trying to win Daniel and Madelynn back from Lauren."

"But, my schoolwork..."

"My friends could help you catch up. You could copy off of them."

"But that's wrong..."

"Oh, Wendy, isn't this wrong too?" Sarah kissed Wendy on the lips. There was brief reluctance that quickly melted away. Wendy wrapped her arms around Sarah's waist.

During lunch break, Wendy and Madelynn had a chat in a park outside of school grounds. They sat in the highest level of the bleachers.

"Wendy, I'm sorry if what I did yesterday made you feel uncomfortable, but I was just trying to help you."

"It's alright, Maddy, I understand you're trying to help me get out of lesbianism and become my normal self again."

"Also, Wendy, I'm not trying to seduce you or anything, if that's what you're wondering. I don't want to break up your relationship with Sarah."

"I believe you, Maddy. I trust you. I have never doubted you, have I?"

In actuality, Wendy had recently started distrusting her friend for allying with Lauren.

"About what we did yesterday, it was just a test."

"What kind of test?"

"I just wanted to know how much of a lesbian you were. It seems to be deeply rooted in you, but that doesn't mean you're a true lesbian."

Wendy was elated that her lesbian act was convincing enough to deceive her friend.

"So, what does that mean? Do you have another way to help me?"

"Yes, we need flush out the lesbianism from your system, and the best way to do that is to help you satisfy your lesbian desires until you get tired of them, just like any other fad."

"You sound like you're encouraging me."

"It sounds that way, but I'm not. I just want to help you to get out of the unhealthy lesbian phase faster so you can be a normal teenage girl again. Isn't that what you want?"

"I do want to be myself again." Consciously, Wendy was saying that, but her budding lesbianism had long taken a foothold in her psyche, spreading like uninhibited ivy, and choking the tree that contained Wendy's heterosexual soul.

"Then you've got to listen to me."

"I'm all ears."

It didn't really matter to Wendy what Madelynn's proposal was, as long as it fitted into her plan to seduce Madelynn away from Lauren.

"We need get into a relationship, which means I'll have to pretend to be a lesbian."

Wendy was miffed by Madelynn's lie, but didn't express it. She knew from Sarah that Madelynn was already a genuine lesbian.

"A relationship?! I'm already in love with Sarah! How could I--"

"Wendy, listen to me first! It doesn't mean you'll have to break up with Sarah. We just have to keep it a secret."

"Okay, suppose we do get into a relationship, but how would it help me?"

"Let me ask you this first: what sexual things have you done with Sarah? Be honest."

"Well, kissing, cuddling, petting, making out, and stuff like that." Wendy lied and didn't want her friend to know more than she want her to.

"So you two haven't had real sex yet?"


"Have you two planned to?"

"Not really, but I've thought about going further with Sarah."

"Since your relationship with Sarah isn't very sexual, your lesbian phase would last very long or even become permanent if left untreated. You need to experience more and deeper lesbian sexuality as soon as possible. Here's how it works: the purpose of our pretend relationship is to help you get the full range of lesbian experiences in order to get it out of your system. Once the novelty of homosexuality wears off, you'll be back on track on being a heterosexual girl. Like cures like."

The prospect of a relationship, even a supposedly fake one, both excited and worried Wendy, and the phrase "deeper lesbian sexuality" made Wendy slightly aroused, though she quickly rationalized that as just being part of her act.

"Like cures like? Isn't that like homeopathy?!" Wendy's initial reaction was to dismiss it as quack medicine, but she was unable to entirely discount Madelynn's method of curing her lesbianism.

"It is. But, trust me, it works. Don't be quick to dismiss something just because isn't recognize by modern science."
Wendy agreed to Madelynn's proposition.

"If you believe it works, then we should try it. I don't want to want to remain lesbian forever."

"Exactly. So, Wendy, what do you think of our kiss yesterday?"

"It was... okay." Trying to recall the foggy details of yesterday, but had a hard time with it.

"That means it wasn't great. We need to create a romantic environment for kissing."

"You mean like a nice quiet place with candles and stuff?"

"Yes, we could do that, but since we're starting out, we don't need that kind of fancy setup. However, we always need to look sexy."

"Don't I look good enough now?"

"You do look sexy now, but you could be even sexier." Madelynn's lips moved close to her friend's lips when she spoke, but just short of touching them. She then quickly retracted herself.

But Wendy attempted to kiss anyway, causing Madelynn to instantly freeze. The kiss missed and landed on the cheek.
"We need to start early, don't we? I want to be cured as early as possible."

"Yeah, we do..." whispered Madelynn as she held a hand to her cheek. She couldn't resist blushing slightly. "Let's try again."

Madelynn kissed Wendy this time. It was gentler than yesterday afternoon. She didn't want to scare Wendy with too much sexual roughness this time. Their lips remained together for a long time. When they pulled away, there were smiles on both of their faces.

From that day on, they were in a "fake" relationship, each for similar reasons. For Wendy, it was a bit more, in addition to winning Madelynn's close friendship back from Lauren, she's improving the realism of her lesbian image, which Sarah repeatedly emphasized as being extremely crucial in her ongoing competition against Lauren. What Wendy didn't know was that her lesbian identity was slowly becoming a fact rather than just an act.

"I could be even sexier..." repeated Wendy in her mind as she walked back to her home. Madelynn's words had stuck in her mind like an ear worm.

A live feed image of Wendy and Madelynn walking away from the bleachers appeared on the tablet Lauren was holding.
"How long do you think they would last... you know, Wendy and Madelynn thinking about themselves as still being heterosexuals?"

"Not more than a month or two. Ultimately, it depends on their will."

"If they continue to resist, then it would be even more interesting."

"And more fun..."

"More fun? Aren't we supposed to be helping collect data for your Mom's case studies?" asked Lauren in a humorous accusing tone.

"Well, it doesn't mean we can't have a little fun on the side while doing it."

"I'm feeling kind of hot right now... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yes..." replied Sarah huskily.

Sarah and Lauren began unbuttoning their shirts.

Before Lauren's entry into the world of lesbianism, Lauren was just a teenage girl with no homosexual predilection.

"What do you mean by the Grand Plan, Sarah?"

"It's the brain child of my Mom. She's going to change the world with it... Make it better..."

"I don't mean to insult your mom or anything, but don't you think it's a bit of a loony idea, like something a mad scientist would think of?"

"You don't understand, Lauren. You can't comprehend it now yet. You need to experience what I've experienced, to go through the same process as I have."

"Tell me more about it."

One week later, Lauren was being strapped in front of a strange machine. She never knew such devices even existed.

"I'm little bit unsure about this. I mean, will I really be the same person as I am now?" asked Lauren as she was being strapped to the machine.

"Yes, except that you'll become a new, improved Lauren. You won't become a mutated monster or anything like that. Don't worry. Trust me."

"Sarah, I..."

Lauren's vision became blurry before blacking out as she was slowly being sedated.

Two weeks later, Lauren and Sarah were panting in each other's arms while naked in the bed. The white satin bed sheets were all bunched up. A recently used pink jelly double dildo laid next to their sweaty bodies. They pulled back from a deep kiss.

"It's like I can't have enough," said Lauren in a breathy voice.

"Sorry, Lauren, I have to go now. My Mom needs me. If you need more of it, Tara can take care of your needs."


"She's our new maid."

After Sarah got dressed, Tara walked in. The teenage maid was dress in a sexy French Maid outfit.

"Good afternoon, Mistress."

"Tara, I have to leave the house now. Take care of Lauren's needs. Make sure she's satisfied."

"As you wish, Mistress."

Lauren took almost an instant sexual attraction to Tara.

"Hello, Lauren. I'm Tara. I will take care of your needs. What do you want me to do?"

Lauren stepped out of the bed and walked up to the maid, who wore a pleasant smile.

"Kiss me," Lauren whispered. Their eyes stared at each other with intensity.

Tara immediately complied and kissed Lauren on the lips, but let her charge take the lead.

With her eyes closed, Lauren rotated her mouth so that their lips would fit better for tongue-to-tongue action. Less than a minute they had first met, the two girls were already exchanging saliva between their mouths.

There was an air of sexual desperation. Arousal renewed in Lauren's loins. Skipping much of the foreplay, Lauren ordered Tara to take off her clothes before directing her to the bed.

Experienced lips wrapped around Lauren's left nipple and sucked on it. A gasp escaped from her lips.


Lauren embraced Tara and ran her nails through her blonde hair, then gently pulled Tara's head upwards.

"Let's do pussy-to-pussy now."

"As you wish."

The two girls spread their legs and interlocked them in a scissoring position. Slowly, their shaved pussies collided together and began grinding. Threads of feminine honey connected the lower lips when they separated briefly during each stroke. Their fingers interlocked together. Constantly erect nipples pointed into the air.

Every now and then they would bend forward to kiss or grope at breasts before lying back to push against each other's pussies once more. The avalanche-like orgasm sent stars to Lauren's vision.

"Wow, that was one was hell of an orgasm."

Lauren saw the look of need remaining on Tara's face. She immediately held Tara's thighs and lowered her face onto Tara's wet pussy. Female juices soon exploded on Lauren's face.

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