Monday, December 31, 2012

Brainy Teen (chapter 16)

It was late at night, but the issue of Lauren was nagging Wendy as she wasn't able to sleep. Wendy texted Cynthia, "pls call."

It didn't take long for Cynthia to call back. "Wendy, what's up?"

"It's about Lauren. I need your help."

"What happened?"

"She's really coming onto Sarah. I... I don't want to lose Sarah to Lauren."

"You need to step it up, Wendy. I'm still getting that straight girl vibe from you. I know I'm a real lesbian, but I don't know about you. Whoever you're aiming for, you need to fully become what you need to become: a real lesbian."

"How do I step it up?"

"First, you need to imagine someone watching you all the time to check if you're a lesbian."

"Imagine someone watching me..."

"Second, you need to think like a lesbian all the time, not just when Lauren or Daniel are around."

"I'm not sure if I can think like that all the time."

"You must, Wendy. I'm an actual lesbian, so I know exactly what a lesbian should think like. You must have a lesbian way of thinking."

"But, I am a lesbian already."

Wendy needed to keep up with her lesbian image since Sarah told her that Cynthia might be Lauren's eyes and ears. She needed to play along in order to know exactly what Cynthia was up to. Sarah even told her that it was okay for her to have sex with Cynthia as long as it wasn't going "too far".

"To me, it feels like you've only came half-way out of the closet."

"Okay, I'll try thinking like a lesbian more."

"There's more to it than that. I'm feeling sleepy. Let's continue tomorrow morning before school. Good night."

"Good night."

Wendy had a good night's sleep.

Cynthia was waiting right in front of Wendy's house in the morning.

"Cynthia, how long have you been waiting here?"

"Only a few minutes. Let's go."

They walked to the end of an L-shaped alley behind a restaurant that was currently closed. Folded boxes were stacked high. Trash bins and dumpsters were overstuffed. Condoms were littered about. Wendy looked around unsurely.

"Don't worry, babe, no one would see us," said Cynthia sensually while she grabbed Wendy's ass.

"But what if-"

"I'm going to test how much of a lesbian you are. Are you ready?" Cynthia placed a hand on Wendy's waist.

Wendy hadn't expected anything sexual intimacy with Cynthia, but Sarah had told her to play along.

Wendy reluctantly answered, "Yes."

Cynthia kissed Wendy on the lips. The lip lock was brief but intimate. That kiss was followed by a much longer kiss. Cynthia pushed her tongue out, which Wendy accepted into her mouth. Their tongues swirled around each other, creating a mixture of saliva. Some dribbled down their chins when their lips parted momentarily.

Wendy's white blouse was partially unbuttoned. A warm hand slipped into the opening of the blouse for some breast groping. Wendy moaned into Cynthia's mouth.

In an unexpected move, Cynthia unzipped Wendy's jeans and quickly ran a forefinger up the satin-covered slit. Surprised, Wendy broke the kiss and looked at Cynthia in the eyes.

"Kind of frigid, but passable. You have a lot to work on." Cynthia broke the embrace.

Wendy sighed. No wonder Lauren wasn't convinced at the night club last night. She rebuttoned her blouse.

"We're done. Now let's go back to school."

Unknown to Wendy, everything she had done with Cynthia in the alley had been recorded by secret spy cameras.

Wendy received a text message from Sarah shortly after she and Cynthia parted: "go 2 creamy holes asap."

There was a bunch of students at the popular donut shop.

"Want a donut?"

Sarah handed Wendy a donut on a napkin.

"Sure, thanks."

They walked outside with Sarah taking the lead. When Wendy noticed that they were walking away from school, she asked, "Where are we going? The bell is going to ring soon. We're going to be late."

"Skip your first two classes, Wendy."

"But I have a test!"

"Melanie told me you've got a substitute teacher for both periods. The test would be postponed. It's alright to skip it. And besides, this is way more important."

They arrived at a one-story apartment building about two blocks away from school.

"You live here too?" Wendy asked as Sarah unlocked and opened the front door.

"No, it's a just a place where my friends and I hang out sometimes."

The two girls sat on a leather sofa in the living room. Crackling sounds came from the burning logs in the fire place. They talked about the events at the night club, and then the topic focused on Lauren.

"Maybe I should just let Lauren and Daniel continue their relationship. It's their choice to be together, after all."

"Why are you saying that now, Wendy?"

Wendy started to feel doubtful about the whole plan again. "Is this really worth it?"

"What do you think, Wendy? What's a dream worth to you? Is a dream worth pennies or is it priceless?"

It was difficult for Wendy to answer. Her response was caught in her throat.

"If you starting slapping prices onto dreams, then what does that make you?"

"I dunno, shallow?"

"Since you think of putting a value on a dream as being shallow, aren't YOU being shallow for asking me if being a lesbian is worth it to win Daniel's heart? Aren't you being a hypocrite for once labeling people like me shallow when you start thinking about the value of your dream? If your current dream isn't worth the effort, then what is worth your effort?!"

"I don't see it that way all. I never even considered myself to be-"

"Maybe you don't, on a conscious level, but deep inside you think that way. You think you're too good for Daniel. You're putting yourself on a pedestal. You're being arrogant."

"No, it's not like that all. It's definitely not... I'm not a shallow person..."

Wendy looked as if she was about to cry.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, Wendy. I was just trying to get my message through to you. If you really want something, then effort shouldn't be an issue."

"What should I do?"

"Only you know the answer, Wendy."

Sarah eyes pointed at the two double-Venus symbols of Wendy's necklace, causing Wendy to instinctively move her own eyes downward. The pendant glistened under the flickering light from the fire place.

"I have to continue being a lesbian?"

Sarah moved her lips just an inch away from Wendy's lips and exhaled slightly.

"Follow your dream, Wendy," Sarah encouraged. "Follow your heart."

She placed her fingers over the Sapphic symbol of Wendy's necklace.

"I can't make the choices for you." With gentle movements, she stroked the dangling pendant of the necklace.

"So, what's your decision?" Sarah's eyes pointed at the erotic lesbian magazine on the glass table. The front cover had two women in a sensual embrace. Wendy's eyes followed the direction of Sarah's gaze.

"I won't give up."

"You need to be more clear, Wendy. What do you want exactly? Say it clearly."

"In order to win Daniel's love, I want to continue being a lesbian," Wendy said at last.

"Say it again."

"In order to win Daniel's love, I want to continue being a lesbian!"

"What do you need to become in order to win Daniel's love?"

"A lesbian!"

"What are you now?"

"A-A straight girl... pretending to be a lesbian."

"So, what's stopping you from achieving your goal?"

"I'm not acting like a real lesbian. It wasn't enough to convince Lauren."

"What do you need to do, then?"

"Ummm... improve on my lesbian image and act..."

"Lauren could see through your act clearly. You need something better. You need to step it up!"

"What else can I do besides acting better?"

"Tell me, do actors work all day?"

"No, I don't think so."

"You get it now, do you?"

"Yes, I guess so."

"You need to think like a lesbian, feel like a lesbian, love like a lesbian, have sex like a lesbian, and live like a lesbian whenever you can!"

"Is your goal clear to you now?"

"Yes," replied Wendy.

"Good, now we can start with something new. Since you start acting and thinking like a heterosexual girl as soon as you're away from Lauren and me, you need to be reminded of what you're supposed be and what you need to do all the time."

"I need act like a lesbian twenty-four-seven?! I don't think I can do it."

"Yes, Wendy, you can do it! I know you can. From this point on, don't think that you're just acting like a lesbian. Think that you are, in fact, an actual lesbian, a 100% real lesbian! Does that make sense to you?"

"Yeah, I guess..."

"Now, I know you would slip back to thinking like a straight girl very easily. You need to keep up with your lesbian identity all the time. I would help you by pretending that I think from Lauren's perspective, then I would constantly ask you convince me that you're a lesbian."

"I'll have to convince you too? Oh, I get it. I need to think of you as being on Lauren's side, and you would start questioning me like Lauren!"

"Exactly! I would be playing the role of a doubtful lesbian, and you'll need to pretend that we've never done anything together yet. I would just pretend be another one of your ordinary, but close friends, who happens to be a lesbian. Your love interest would be Lauren and not Daniel."

"Not Daniel?"

"Remember, Wendy, you're a lesbian, and lesbians don't like guys. You need to fully act like a lesbian if you want people to believe that you're a lesbian."

"Okay," replied Wendy with a nod.

"Now you get it. Let's start now: I don't think you're a lesbian, Wendy!"

"Why not?"

"I never saw you kiss girls."

"But I do!"

"Prove it by kissing me!"

Wendy moved her lips forward to kiss Sarah lightly.

"That was hardly a kiss! It felt like you're forcing yourself to kiss me! Totally not a real kiss!"

Wendy kissed Sarah harder this time and put her tongue partially pass Sarah's lips.

"You're getting the hang of it now?" Sarah asked when their lips parted. A thread of saliva connected their moist lips.


"Good. Just in case, we'll use this as an aid. If you forgot whether or not I'm in the role, I will raise and touch the pendant to remind you that I'm in doubting-Wendy-is-a-lesbian mode." Sarah pulled out a Sapphic-themed necklace from her collar. It was similar to the one she gave to Wendy weeks ago."

"That would definitely help."

Without warning, Sarah slipped into her alter-ego.

"I have something fun planned for you. Ever been to a strip club?"

"Of course I haven't!"

"Then it will be your first time going to a lesbian strip club."

"A lesbian strip club?!"

"You seemed surprised, aren't you a lesbian?" Sarah stroked her own Sapphic necklace as a signal.

Wendy rolled her eyes at her own forgetfulness.

"Of course, I'm a lesbian! I was surprised because I've never been in one."

"It's a great place to go for girls who have just come out of the closet for the first time!"

Wendy's eyes widened. Sarah touched her necklace again.

"I'm glad that I finally came out," said Wendy while giggling as she played along.

"I'll pick you up on Saturday night at nine. Don't worry about your parents. I'll talk to them."

"Well, my dad is still working overseas, so I only have to convince my Mom."

"Just leave it to me. Oh, and bring some sex toys."

Wendy's eyes widened again. Sarah stroked the double Venus symbols of her necklace in a slow, sensual manner.

"I'll definitely bring a few. Can't wait to have some fun in there."

"Oh, you have A LOT of fun in that place!"

At first, Wendy thought it was just a joke. A lesbian strip club? No way! Straight girls would never go to that place. Though Wendy was acting like a lesbian and trying to improve her act, she was still a straight girl. Wendy had no idea that it wasn't a joke at all.

Sarah smiled as she stroked her necklace without saying a word. Many moments passed, and Wendy was getting confused on what she was supposed to do. In the idle moments, Wendy's eyes focused on Sarah's eyes, face, lips, hair, and the curves of her upper body. Wendy snapped out of her daze when, all of a sudden, Sara lift a cushion from the leather sofa, revealing a neon pink, crystalline gyrating dildo hidden beneath. She raised it vertically to the level of her face and focused at its pink tip with her eyes.

"What should I do with this, Wendy?"

"F-fuck yourself with it..."

Sarah displayed no emotion as she twirled the pendant around her forefinger, pretending not to hear Wendy.


Again there was silence except for the rattling of the Venus symbols on Sarah's fingers.

"Give it to me, and I'll..."

A slight smile appeared on Sarah's face.

"...fuck you with it!"

Sarah held the pendant tightly and smiled from ear to ear. She then began unbuttoning her blouse.

"How much sexual experience have you had with girls?" Sarah asked as she quickly tapped her Sapphic pendant two times.

Remembering that she had to pretend Sarah was a different person in the same body, Wendy played along as best as she could. She drew from her past experience with various porn videos and the activities she had done with Sarah to put together ideas on actions perform in this situation.

"No much. I've only experimented with Madelynn and Lauren."

"Then you'll have a lot of catching up to do."

"Catching up?!"

Wendy was surprised. She wasn't aiming to be a lesbian slut. Sarah tapped her pendant to remind Wendy. "Of course, if you have a problem fucking girls, then maybe you're not a lesbian at all." The last part of the sentence was emphasized with a serious look on Sarah's face.

"I definitely have no problems fucking other girls."

"You better not if you want Lauren to be your lover. She only loves girls who know how to fuck well."

"Lauren... is my lover?"

Sarah tapped her pendant, reminding Wendy again to play along.

"Don't think I don't know, Wendy. I know you want her to be your lesbian lover. But you won't have a chance with her unless you have much more sexual experience. She still thinks you're a prudish girl."

By now, Sarah had already taken off her blouse, jeans, and underwear. She was completely naked. The most noticeable accessory on her body at that moment was the double Venus pendant. Sarah licked the dildo from the base to the tip while maintaining eye contact with Wendy. The trail of saliva on dildo glistened under the fire from the burning wood.

"You need to undress too."

Wendy hesitated briefly until Sarah touched her pendant. Once both of the teenage girls were naked, they walked to the center of the lush white carpet in front of the fireplace.

"Let's fuck," said Sarah huskily before putting the neon pink dildo in Wendy's palm.

Sarah got on her fours and gyrated her hips in Wendy's direction. Her pussy was already glistening with wetness. The pendant around her neck glinted.

Wendy cautiously held the neon pink dildo and aimed for Sarah's pussy. As soon as the tip touched, Sarah said with a disappointed tone, "Wendy, you forgot to lube it!"

Looking around, Wendy saw a clear bottle of lube near Sarah's knee. She picked it up and noticed that the container was labeled, "Sapphic Lube - For Real Lesbians".

After Wendy squeezed a glop of the clear lube on the dildo, Sarah whispered, "Now spread it around with your tongue."

It wasn't just ordinary lube. There was something else in it.

Sarah tossed her platinum blonde hair and gasped at the first insertion of gyrating dildo. "Yes, push it in."

With one flick of the switch, the dildo began buzzing and started its smooth spiraling motion.

It didn't take long for Wendy's eyes to start glazing over from the special drug in the lube.

"Are you just going to stare at my pussy while you're using the dildo on me? Lick it, Wendy!"

Wendy moved her face closer to Sarah's wet snatch, but her movements slowed. Her mind was becoming foggy. She couldn't tell what was real and what was not.

"I thought you said you were a lesbian, Wendy?"

"I did?" Wendy asked with a dreamy expression.

"Yes, you did a while ago. You confessed to me that your real crush was Lauren, not Daniel."

"She's my real crush?"

"Yes, and you love her. You lust for her. You fell for her ever since you first saw her! It was she who made you realize that you're a lesbian!"

Wendy's face was now very close to Sarah's pussy, but she stared it without doing anything except holding the gyrating dildo and pleasuring Sarah with it.

"She made me realized that I am a lesbian..." repeated Wendy with dreamy eyes.

A timed mechanism in the gyrating dildo released a chemically potent gel into Sarah's vagina, which Wendy was unaware of.

"If you want to win Lauren's heart, you can't stop being a lesbian!"

"I can't stop being a lesbian..." droned Wendy.

"That's absolutely right, Wendy. Follow your dreams. Lick my pussy now. You need all the lesbian experience you can get."

As soon as Wendy's lips touch Sarah's pussy, there was a series of powerful chemical reactions from the mixing of the two drugs. Wendy felt a greatly enhanced rush of sexual desire.

"How do you feel now, Wendy?"

"I-I feel hot... I want to have sex..." The drug made Wendy speak honestly about what her body was feeling.

"Then come get it, Wendy. Come lick my pussy again and don't stop until you've made me orgasm. You need to lick pussy really good if you want Lauren to love you."

Wendy moved her lips close to Sarah's snatch and began licking it as her right hand continued holding the neon pink dildo buried in Sarah's pussy. The teenage girl licked pussy as if her life depended on it. Juices flowed across Wendy's lips and down Sarah's thighs. Loud moans of satisfaction came from Sarah's mouth as her platinum blonde hair tossed about. Wendy placed her left hand on Sarah's ass for support, gripping it tightly. Their sweaty bodies glistened under the light from the fireplace.

"Oh, you're such a good pussy licker, Wendy!"

Sarah soon came loud and hard.

"Drink it all up!"

Wendy obeyed, and swallowed every drop of Sarah's female cum. Some of the juices spilled on the white carpet.

Sarah had to pull her pussy away from Wendy's lips that were still licking wildly. She placed both hands on Wendy's cheeks and kiss Wendy right on the lips. Wendy kissed back with even more force than Sarah while hugging her tightly. Instinctively, Wendy reached for her own pussy using the neon pink dildo, but Sarah gripped Wendy's wrist.

"I need it..." begged Wendy in her drug-enhanced lust.

"Say exactly what you want."

"I need lesbian sex... Sarah, please..."

"And why do you need lesbian sex?"

"I need to practice... to make... Lauren love me..."

"Good," whispered Sarah when she released Wendy's wrist, but not until she took away the dildo. "But you can't use that dildo yet."

"Why?" asked Wendy dreamily as her clit was being stimulated by Sarah's fingers.

"You need to save your virginity for a special girl."

"But, I-I thought I was saving it for Dan--" The effect of the drug in Wendy's body was starting to weaken. Sarah didn't have much time left, and needed to work fast.

Sarah gave Wendy's pussy a slightly painful pinch on her clit, causing Wendy to wince.

"It will only be for another girl. You're a lesbian, Wendy. Don't ever forget it!"

Sarah kissed Wendy hard on the lips, forcing her tongue deep inside Wendy's mouth. Their breasts mashed together. Sarah fucked Wendy with her middle finger until Wendy orgasmed. Tired from the drug-induced sex, Wendy collapsed on Sarah's body while panting heavily.

When Wendy regained consciousness, she found herself lying on the carpet naked with Sarah kneeling beside her.

"What happened?" Wendy placed her palm on her forehead.

"You feel asleep while we're practicing."

"I did? How was it possible?"

"Your body probably couldn't handle it. Real, passionate sex requires a lot of effort."

"Did I say anything while I was asleep?" Wendy asked when she tried to recall what had occurred earlier in her "dream".

"You were mumbling. I had no idea what you were saying."

"I think was talking with you, but I don't remember what we're talking about."

"Dreams often don't make sense, Wendy. You don't have to worry about it."

"Sarah, I forgot to ask..."

"What is it?"

"What if I want to talk to the real Sarah? What's the signal?"

Sarah took off her own necklace. "That's the signal. If you want to go out of your lesbian mode, do the same."

"Okay." Wendy took off her necklace.

"But don't do it too often. It will affect your performance. The longer you're out of your lesbian persona, the more your heterosexual self would come back. You don't want Lauren to notice that, do you?"

"No, definitely not. So, I have to put it on all the time?"

"Exactly. I'll wear my as often as I need to, for your sake."

Wendy stared at the double Venus symbols of the necklace in her palms doubtfully.

"Put it back on, Wendy. Are you giving up now?"

"No, I just wanted take a break."

"I told you before that you have to be a lesbian all the time. Don't make me do all the work. Now I'm going to put my necklace back on and become Sarah the Lesbian. Put yours back on."


Wendy put the Sapphic necklace back on around her neck.

"What are you?"

"Wendy, the Lesbian."

"Good, and keep thinking that you're a lesbian. Now, I'm going give you a pop quiz. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Who's your love interest?"

"Da-, I mean Lauren!"

"What do you want: cock or pussy?"

"Pussy," Wendy replied after brief hesitation.

"Who's hotter: Daniel or Lauren?"

There was some hesitation before Wendy answered, "Lauren!"

"Good, but you were kind of slow. A real lesbian would answer that quickly."

Wendy became disappointed, but knew she had to play along. "But I am a real lesbian!"

"You keep saying that, but you never provide proof. You only do what I tell you to. You're just a straight girl who reads from a lesbian script."

Sarah's eyes pointed at the lesbian magazine on the glass table again, like she did half-an-hour before. An idea sparked in Wendy's mind. Wendy, still naked, got up from the carpet and walked to the glass table to pick up the lesbian magazine. Wendy flipped it to a page with a raven-haired woman in black latex lingerie spreading her pussy lips wide for her kneeling blonde female partner to lick.

"These two chicks are hot! I want to have sex with them!"

Wendy looked at Sarah and was glad that there was a smile of approval, but Wendy realized she could do more. Sarah's eyes pointed at the neon-pink dildo that had just been recently used. Wendy had another idea. She picked the pink gyrating dildo and pressed it against her pussy, then turned it on.

"Uhhhh... Uhhh... I want to fuck these girls soooo bad..." Wendy said between moans as she continued playing herself with the dildo.

Sarah took off her Sapphic necklace and clapped. "Good job, Wendy. I think you're getting it."

When Wendy stopped her masturbation to take off her own necklace, Sarah stopped her. "Don't take it off Wendy, except when you really need to talk to me as a straight girl. You must be Wendy the Lesbian all the time until you've achieved your goal."

A catchy tune played on Sarah's smartphone.

"Keep at what you're doing. I need to talk to my maid for a few minutes."

After getting herself fully dressed, Sarah left Wendy alone in the living room.

"OOhhh... Uhhhh..."

Wendy squeezed her breasts. She was trying to her best to be a lesbian. It was necessary for her goal, she kept telling herself as she focused on the erotic photos of the magazine. Soon, Wendy came. She dropped the magazine and dildo.

"Sarah's right. I can't just be following a script. I need to think on my own. No wonder Lauren, Cynthia, and Madelynn thought I was just putting on an act. I wasn't being convincing enough."

While waiting for Sarah, Wendy's eyes scanned idly around the room. A blue-striped computer printout beneath a wooden desk caught her eye. She hadn't noticed it before. The way the printout was oriented made it stand out from among the neat and orderly arrangement of most items in the room. Curious, Wendy walked over to the desk and kneeled down to pick up the printout.

"Sarah's grades!"

Wendy knew it was wrong to look at private information such as another person's grades, but her curiosity and the excuse of "worrying about her friend" made her examine it. Wendy gasped. Sarah's grades for some classes were dropping. "It's probably because of the time she's spending with me that's causing her grades to go down," Wendy thought.

"I can't disappoint Sarah. She's already sacrificing a lot for me." Wendy suddenly felt a renewed sense of determination. She had no idea that the printout of Sarah's current grades was a fake. Slowly, Wendy placed the piece paper back on the spot where she had found it. She dressed back in her clothes while thinking about the whole situation.

When Sarah walked back in, Wendy got up from the sofa and stared at Sarah solemnly. Wendy wore her Sapphic necklace openly. She took a deep breath then walked over to Sarah. Without warning, Wendy embraced and kissed Sarah deeply.

"Wen-- Mmmmmpphfff..."

The passionate lip lock lasted over five seconds.

"What was that about?"

"Sarah, can you promise me one thing?"

"What is it, Wendy?"

"Can you promise me not to sacrifice too much for me?"

"Why are you saying that?"


Sarah intentionally looked over to the spot on the floor where she had "accidentally" dropped her report card. She broke off from Wendy's embrace to pick it up.

"You saw this."

"I didn't mean to..."

"Wendy, it's alright."

"No, it's not. It feels wrong. Even if I get Daniel to fall in love with me, I won't be happy."

With her back facing Wendy, Sarah smiled slightly in triumph.

"I can promise you that, but you need to promise me something in return. Can you do that?"

"Of course, Sarah."

"Promise me you'll never give up on your goal."

"Yes, Sara, I can promise you that."

"Good, then we're all happy." Sarah smiled. "I'll have to spend less time with you, but that doesn't mean you get to slack off!"

"I won't slack off Sarah, I promise."

"Keep your phone on all the time. You'll get text messages on your new assignments."

"Okay, Sarah."

She looked at the clock. Second period classes were about to end.

"Wendy, I don't mean to be strict, but you did something wrong."


"Whenever you have the necklace on, you should never mention about Daniel in that way."

"Oh, sorry. I forgot about it."

"Just don't make that mistake ever again. Lesbians never think about guys."

During lunch period, Wendy sat at the usual table in the cafeteria. Melanie, Katherine, and Rebecca were at the table. Only Sarah was missing.

"Where's Sarah," Wendy asked after sipping briefly from the milk carton.

"She had something important to do," Rebecca answered.

"Oh, so that's why she didn't respond to my text messages," Wendy thought.

"Wendy, I heard you went to the night club and danced with Lauren," Rebecca said suddenly.

The memories of what she had done with Lauren flooded into Wendy's mind.

"Yeah, and I had a great time."

Katherine feigned confusion, "I thought Wendy was Sarah's girl."

"She is, but that doesn't mean she can't dance with other people. It's not what you think, Kathy," Rebecca replied with a bit of seriousness.

"It's not? But Lauren told me you were touching her all over." Katherine gesticulated with closed eyes in an erotic manner.

"Oh, Wendy, why are you touching me down there?!" Katherine pretended to be Lauren and imagined the event.

Wendy's face reddened. "It's not what you think!"

"Kathy's spinning the story, like she always does. Don't worry, Wendy. We all know you love Sarah only."

"And if you ever cheat on Sarah..." A comical serious look appeared on Katherine's face. She raised her spork and stabbed a meatball in a dramatic manner. Juices spurted out.

Wendy spun the spaghetti around her spork nervously.

After the last bell of the school day rang, Wendy went to meet with Madelynn at her locker. At a distance, Wendy noticed Lauren was standing next to Madelynn. There was a serious atmosphere in their conversation. What were they talking about? By the time Wendy reached Madelynn's locker, Lauren had already walked away.

"Hey, Wendy."

They walked home together. At the red light on the second block from school, Madelynn asked, "Do you have time this afternoon?"

"For the treatment?"

"Yes, we need to start early." Madelynn planted a surprise kiss on Wendy's cheek.

"Maddy, Sarah might see us!"

"She had left ahead of us in her car. Don't worry."

Madelynn held Wendy's hand and didn't stop holding it until they arrived at Madelynn's home.

"If Sarah ever sees us being so close..."

"It's easy to explain it to her. We're just best friends."

They sat together in the living room sofa.

"Ever since I first realize I was a lesbian, I've been thinking about you, Wendy."

If it weren't for the reason that it was for her "treatment", Wendy would've taken that statement seriously, and for a brief moment, she almost did.

Madelynn held a hand to Wendy's cheek. "Have you been thinking about me lately?"

Step it up... Be a 100% real lesbian...

Sarah's important words bounced in Wendy's head for several moments.

Wendy touched the hand that held her cheek.

"Yes, I have, Maddy." Wendy directed her eyes at her friend's cleavage. The purple leather tube top strained against Madelynn's breasts.

Wendy's focus was interrupted when Madelynn retracted her hand from Wendy's face and took off her black leather jacket, revealing more of her tube top and smooth, naked arms. She thrust her chest outwards to let Wendy see her cleavage better.

"Are mine bigger or Sarah's?" Madelynn asked as she moved her chest closer to Wendy's face while standing on her knees.

"They're... about the same size."

Madelynn expressed a slight disappointed look. In another series of quick motions, she unbuckled her studded belt and unzipped the fly of her black leather pants, revealing her electric purple PVC thong. The pants slowly slid a few inches down her curvaceous hips.

Wendy's eyes shifted to Madelynn's crotch. In a surprise move, Madelynn moved herself against Wendy's body and pushed her down in the sofa. Wendy could feel the warmth of her friend's body and the faint perfume. Madelynn's glossy purple lips moved very close to her face. She could feel her warm breath. Just when she thought a kiss was imminent, Madelynn shifted her lips to her cheek. Madelynn's tongue exited briefly to give the facial skin a quick lick.

"I don't want to lose you, Wendy," whispered Madelynn into Wendy's ear. It sounded so genuine to Wendy that it was difficult for her to dismiss it as just pretending.

"You won't lose me," Wendy replied as she touched the skin below the nape of Madelynn's neck and slid downwards along Madelynn's back, going across warm skin and leather. Right before Wendy was about to touch her friend's ass, she was stopped.

"That's it for today," Madelynn announced as she suddenly stood up.

Wendy thought about Madelynn's actions. "What was she doing? It's like she's teasing me, daring me to go further with her, but not letting me at the same time. Maybe Lauren had coached her on what to do, just like Sarah had coach me. I must take the lead soon or else Lauren would have me under her leash."

Back at Wendy's home, while Wendy was doing her homework, she received an instant message from Sarah. It read: "check email."

Wendy read the email on her computer.

Wendy, if you're really a lesbian, you should be able to get off from watching these videos. The link and password are in the attachment. -Love, Sarah

Right below the text was an image of Sarah touching her pendant. Without that image, Wendy would've read the message differently. The image was the signal and reminder for Wendy to be a lesbian who had no interest in Daniel.

It was a lesbian porn site. After entering the user name and password, Wendy clicked on the first video in the beginner's section. For some reason the videos were locked except for the first one.

Samantha was the first to appear. Instantly, Wendy recognized her.

She was on fours in a blue circular bed. The backdrop was white. She wore black satin lingerie. Around her neck dangled a Sapphic themed necklace. It looked exactly like the one Wendy was currently wearing. The bed or the camera was rotating. It was hard to tell which one was actually moving.

"Do you want me?" asked Samantha through glossy red lips.

"Do you want to fuck me?" The view repeatedly changed back and forth from her full face to a close up of her lips.

The camera quickly zoomed in to and out from Samantha's pussy.

"I'm for girls only, for girls who love other girls."

"Are you a girl who loves another girl?"

Wendy instinctively answered "yes" to all of the questions in her head.

Alice appeared on screen.

"Yes, I want you." The camera zoomed into Alice's shiny pink lips.

"Yes, I want to fuck you."

"Yes, I'm a girl who loves another girl."

The camera panned to the Sapphic necklace on the purple velvet-covered table.

Samantha's face filled the entire screen. "Are you a lesbian?" she asked.

"Yes," Alice answered. The camera zoomed to Alice's lips as the word was repeated with the loudness increasing after each repetition.

"Then wear that necklace," said Samantha with a dominant tone.

Pink-nailed fingers picked up the Sapphic necklace. Bright lights made the necklace glitter brilliantly. Alice smiled as she put the chain over her neck.

The camera switched back to Samantha. "Repeat after me: I am now a lesbian."

Wendy found herself repeating Samanta's words: "I am now a lesbian."

Alice repeated the sentence in a sensual manner.

"Again, repeat," ordered Samantha.

"I am now a lesbian," said Alice again.

"Now masturbate yourself while looking at me."

The camera zoomed in and out of Samantha's body.

Wendy fingered herself to a thunderous orgasm. "Uhhhhh... Ahhhhh!"

During the following morning, before Wendy was about go to school, she received an email message on her smartphone:

pix of lauren. hope u like it! xoxo- sarah

Wendy was shocked. It was a picture taken from behind Lauren's back while she was undressing in the girl's locker room. Lauren appeared to not know that her picture was being taken. Wendy could see that she was wearing black PVC bra and panties. There was something glinting in the picture. It was a necklace of some sort.

"Should I erase this picture?"

Wendy decided that if it was from Sarah, then it must be another assignment. She found her eyes focusing on Lauren's ass. The shininess of the panties made the curves around her hips stand out. Intuitively, Wendy realized that she had to stroke herself to the picture. But that act had to be postponed.

Wendy received another text message. It was from Cynthia. "meet at park asap"

Because of Cynthia's urgency, Wendy decided to just eat a quick sandwich instead of full breakfast.

Once Wendy arrived at the park, she looked around. "Where's Cynthia?"

Her answer came as a tap on her shoulder. Wendy swiveled around on her feet. "Cynth."

"Morning, Wendy."

They went beneath the bleachers. There was plenty of space to hide under it. Though the two girls are still partially visible through the gaps between each row, they could see anyone that was walking in their direction from a distance. The ground level behind the bleachers was raised with clusters of trees on top. That made the position behind them secure.

"If Sarah ever asks, just say we're having a chat. Don't mention that we're doing this! Okay?"

"Alright, I won't tell her."

Wendy looked at the empty grass field.

"Umm, is it safe for us to do it here? People might-"

"Wendy, you must be prepared to have sex in all situations. Lauren could see through your lies if you go frigid in a sexual situation that's new to you."

"Okay," said Wendy, though she was still hesitant. Her eyes kept moving back to the field.

"I'm training you to be the best girlfriend for Lauren. You need to relax. Remember that we're helping each other. You want Daniel, and I want Lauren."

It was one of those rare moments that Cynthia mentioned Daniel.

"I just want Sarah to continue loving me," Wendy replied carefully.

"It doesn't matter, Wendy, whether you're interested in Daniel or Sarah, or whether you're heterosexual or queer. You still need become the best lesbian possible."

Cynthia pressed her palm on the denim covering Wendy's crotch, then slowly rubbed it.

"Cynth... Mmmphfff!"

Wendy was kissed forcefully. At that same moment, the fly of her jeans was pulled down. Cynthia grazed her forefinger upwards along Wendy's slit. This caused Wendy's satin panties to be partially pushed inward. There were loud slurping sounds before Cynthia stopped kissing abruptly.

"Do the same to me," whispered Cynthia as she grabbed Wendy's hand and pressed it against her own crotch.

Following Cynthia's command, Wendy slowly unzipped Cynthia's fly and rubbed her finger up and down Cynthia's thong. Wendy was surprised that it was already soaking wet.

"Oh, Wendy, rub faster!"

Wendy's fear of being discovered made her unconsciously turn her head around briefly to see if they're being watched. Even though the park was empty, she was still afraid of being discovered. A forceful press from Cynthia's fingers made Wendy turn back around.

"Wendy, why don't you listen to some music? It'll help you relax."

Cynthia produced a pair of while earphones and connected them to her smartphone.

"Here, put these on."

It was a soothing music resembling sounds of nature without any vocals.

As Cynthia unzipped her wind breaker, then unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a bright orange satin half-cup bra she wore beneath. Aside from the large cleavage, Wendy noticed that Cynthia's necklace was similar to her own.

"You have that necklace too?"

"What, this? It's just a necklace that's popular amongst lesbians."

Cynthia subtly stroked the Sapphic pendant in front of Wendy's eyes. While Wendy was still focused on the pendant, Cynthia pulled out a tube of lipstick, as if by magic, and raised it up to her cleavage, partially blocking Wendy's view of her pendant.

"Lauren likes a particular shade of lipstick when we're making out." Cynthia removed the cap, revealing a fuchsia-colored tapered end.

Cynthia applied glossy lipstick on her lips in smooth motions while looking at a small circular mirror. There was a special drug in the lipstick.

"Are you ready? "


The fear of being discovered made Wendy's heart beat fast. Wendy's eyes focused on the smooth, wet lips that were closing rapidly to her own. Before she knew it, her mouth was sealed by passionate fuchsia-colored lips.

The deep kiss lasted for roughly a minute. Wendy soon became glassy-eyed from the effects of the drug. It was Cynthia who broke the kiss.


There was no response.

"Wendy, can you stop pretending to be a lesbian, and be an actual lesbian?" Cynthia pleaded with a cute, innocent voice.

"No, no... I am a lesbian..." Even in her cloudy-minded state, Wendy remembered the role she was supposed to play.

"I don't think so."


"You always let other people start first. You need to be initiator for a change, Wendy."

"Initiator..." Wendy repeated.

"Yes, initiator. You need to start sexual situations and follow through them... That's what real lesbians do..."

"But, I am a lesbian... Why isn't my act convincing enough?"

"It's not an act, Wendy. It's what you really are, a lesbian. You just need to convince people that you are a lesbian..."

"Convince people that I'm a lesbian..."

"Yes, exactly, like what you're trying to do now, but it's enough. You must work harder to seduce other females and to have sex with them in order to prove that you're a real lesbian. Become an initiator..."

"I need to prove that I'm a real lesbian... I must become an initiator..."

"Yes, and keep working on it, Wendy. Your goal is to prove to everyone that you're a real lesbian..."

Wendy's mental fogginess cleared. Her eyes blinked several times.

"Wendy, you almost feel asleep. Didn't you have enough sleep last night?"

"No, not really. I was... doing my homework." Wendy lied.

"Don't work yourself too hard. The bell is going to ring soon. Let's get dressed and go to school."

At the cross walk, Cynthia stopped and pulled a USB drive out from her backpack.

"Before I forget, here's a USB drive with some practice material."

"What's in it?"

"Pictures and movies of Lauren. Most of them are solo, but some of them include me."

"But why?" Wendy felt that it was strange coincidence. Earlier this morning Sarah had also given her a picture of Lauren.

"It should be obvious to you, Wendy. What would a lesbian do with pictures of sexy girls in private?"

Cynthia brushed her red hair aside and touched her Sapphic necklace briefly. It was barely noticeable, but enough to catch Wendy's attention for a moment.

"I know what to do with them," said Wendy while sensually licking her lips.

"You're a naughty girl," replied Cynthia sarcastically. "But seriously, practice with them. They'll help put you in the mood to seduce Lauren. Make sure you put on this lipstick too when you're practicing."

Cynthia handed Wendy a brand new tube of fuchsia-colored lipstick.

"I'll go ahead first, catch you later." Cynthia gave Wendy's ass a slight squeeze before running off ahead of Wendy.

Wendy looked curiously at the tube of lipstick. It was black with gold trims. At the base of the tube were two golden Venus symbols. She never saw lipstick in this type of container before.

"There's something special about this lipstick."

However, Wendy had no idea about the secret hidden within the lipstick.

After arriving at school, Wendy went to her locker, and was surprised to find a pink-colored folded note. It had faint strawberry fragrance and was written mostly in purple ink. She checked if anyone was looking before opening the note and reading it.

The note read: "Wendy, don't forget that you're a lesbian. XOXO, Sarah."

Beneath Sara's signature was a pair of interlocking Venus symbols drawn with a thick glittery pick marker, and beneath was the rest of the letter.

"P.S. I forgot to mention yesterday about another signal that you have to know. Whenever you see the Sapphic symbol in our communications, like the one above, it means you are in lesbian mode. Don't forget it!"

There was yet another line. Wendy squint her eyes to read it.

"P.P.S. Write me a sexy reply note."

Wendy refolded the note and placed it in her pocket. She understood the purpose of the letter. Sarah was helping her improve her lesbian image. She must play along if she wanted to stand a chance against Lauren. In her belief (or more accurately what she was manipulated to believe), it was the only way to win Madelynn back, Lauren seducing from Sarah, and ultimately win Daniel's heart.

During Wendy's first period class, she briefly thought about how the reply note should be written.

"Sarah mentioned that it had to be sexy, so it must include erotic stuff. I also need to write it from the perspective of a lesbian... Wait that's not right... I need write it AS A LESBIAN!"

Wendy wrote Sarah's name on a piece of notebook paper, but was stumped after that.

The word "initiator" echoed in Wendy's mind. "Initiator of what?" Wendy asked herself.

She suddenly had a brainstorm: initiator of sex, initiator of love, initiator of intimacy, and so on. Wendy then knew what to write for the reply note.

It read: "Sarah, can we make out together at lunch? Love, Wendy. P.S. Thanks for Lauren's picture."

Shortly after Wendy slipped the reply note into Sarah's locker during the passing period after her first class, Wendy received a text message from Sarah on her smartphone:

"sorry wendy too busy"

Just as Wendy was about to put away her smartphone, she received a text message from Cynthia: "meet me at the rooftop at lunch. door's open. don't tell anyone."

At the beginning of lunch period, Wendy waited for the halls to be cleared of people before walking up the stairway to reach the door that lead to the rooftop. Wendy had never been to her school's rooftop before, except once during one of her science classes. Despite the chance of getting into possible trouble, Wendy took the risk. The door wasn't locked and she slowly pushed it open. She jumped a little when she saw Cynthia right near the door.

"Why are you locking the door?"

"So nobody would bother us. Did you eat?" asked Cynthia as she closed the door and locked it.

"No, I thought it was going to be something important."

"It is. Let's have lunch first. I've brought enough for both of us. Follow me."

They went to the area with the garden plots. All the plots had something planted, but none of the plants looked interesting to Wendy, and she couldn't identify any of them. What classes were using these plots? Cynthia took Wendy's hand and led her to a wooden bench. Next to them was a light pink-colored shed with white trims that looked recently added.

After they both finished their lunches, Wendy asked, "So, why have you asked me to come here?"

Without warning, Cynthia grabbed Wendy's face with both hands and kissed her directly on the lips. Surprised by the sudden attack, Wendy held against both of Cynthia's shoulders.

"You're still frigid."

"Frigid? What do you mean?"

"You still get caught off guard when a girl does something sexual with you."

"But I had no idea that you're going to kiss me."

"Really? A real lesbian shouldn't be surprised by something like this. You need to work on being prepared for sexual encounters with girls all the time!"

"Okay, I'll work on it."

Cynthia looked up at the sky and commented, "Nice weather."

Wendy followed Cynthia's gaze. Immediately, Cynthia's hand reached for and grab Wendy's breast. She threw her upper body forward and kissed Wendy sloppily on the lips. Wendy didn't back away this time and relaxed herself while she was being kissed.

"That was better. Now, for the next step: do you have the lipstick that I gave you this morning?"


"Put the lipstick on now."

Wendy took out a small folding mirror and removed the cap from the fancy black tube. Using smooth motions, Wendy painted the glossy fuchsia color around her lips. In the corner of her eye, she could see Cynthia idly touching the double Venus symbols of her pendant with her painted nails. Sunlight flickered from it. Once Wendy was done, her lip color was the same as Cynthia's.

Wordlessly, Cynthia unbuttoned her blazer and blouse, revealing her orange satin bra and part of her cleavage. She undid her belt and unzipped the fly of her jeans. There was a smile on her face as she looked at Wendy without saying anything.

"Sexual initiator... Be a lesbian..." The words echoed in Wendy's mind.

Crossing the distance, Wendy's lips met Cynthia's lips in a passionate lip lock. There was a chemical reaction as the two pairs of lipstick-painted lips touched. Wendy's hand slipped beneath the blouse and grabbed a breast through the orange bra. Her other hand slipped into Cynthia's panties.

As Wendy's eyes were glazing over from the powerful drug in the lipstick, her movements slackened a bit.

"What are you, Wendy?" asked Cynthia huskily with her lips close to Wendy's right ear.

"A lesbian..."

"What kind of a lesbian?" Cynthia opened Wendy's jacket and unbuttoned her blouse.

"I... I-I don't know... A real lesbian?"

"But you're already a real lesbian. So what kind of lesbian are you?" Cynthia pulled down Wendy's white satin bra and lightly held Wendy's boob with her hand. She could feel Wendy's hard nipple against her palm.

"I don't know..."

"Let me tell you the truth then... You're a lesbian slut!" Cynthia said huskily while emphasizing the last two words. She moved Wendy's breast in circular motions.

"Uhhhhh..." moaned Wendy in her glassy-eyed state when Cynthia pressed her thumb hard against Wendy's clit.

"You know what a lesbian slut is, don't you?"

"Yes, it's a girl that's loose--"

Cynthia finished for Wendy, "With any pretty female. That's what you are, Wendy, a lesbian slut... Wake up now..."

Wendy blinked. She found herself resting her chin on Cynthia's shoulder. She felt Cynthia's fingers rubbing her clit and a warm hand on her naked breast. Her body was hot with desire. She needed sex desperately.

"Did I feel asleep?"

"For a second. Why aren't you fucking me yet? Are you afraid of touching girls now?"

Wendy resumed stroking Cynthia's clit. Even though they were stroking each other's pussy with the same intensity, it was Cynthia who came first, and Wendy was still far from her sexual peak. Desperate for an orgasm, she pushed her hips against Cynthia's fingers. She had no idea that her delayed orgasm was caused by the special drugs in her lipstick that was activated when she kissed Cynthia's lips. She would remain on the edge until Cynthia provided the antidote.

"Why can't I get off," Wendy wondered.

"Enough of this," Cynthia said as she pulled her fingers away from Wendy's pussy, causing Wendy to mew in disappointment. Wendy automatically to finger her own pussy, but Cynthia grabbed her hand.

"Not like this, Wendy. If we want our plan to work out, we're going to have to step it up, now!"

"How do we step it up?" Wendy was so desperate for an orgasm that she wasn't thinking straight.

"What do you think? What can we do besides making out and fingering each other?"

Images of what sexual activities women can do with each other flashed in Wendy's mind. But she had done it only with Sarah. Won't she be crossing a line if she was doing it with other girls? Wendy kept stroking her pussy, still desperately trying to get off without Cynthia's help.

"What can't I get off?"

"Answer me, Wendy! What else can girls do with each other?!"

"Oral sex, tribbing, fucking with a strap-on, anal sex, and more..."

"There's always more. What do you want to do now?" Cynthia kneeled in front of Wendy with her face close to Wendy's crotch. She looked upwards at Wendy.

"What do you want to do now?!" Cynthia adjusted her collar and at the same time touch her Sapphic necklace.

In her mind, Wendy said, "Cynthia's going to doubt that I'm a lesbian. I have to make a choice. I have to act fast or else everything would start falling apart."

"Lick me," Wendy spoke at last. Subconsciously, it was more because she needed sexual release than anything else.

"I can't hear you. Please repeat that!"

"Lick my pussy!" Wendy quickly took her sneakers off, loosened her belt, and pulled down her jeans. Her satin panties were bunched up around one ankle. She put her garments in a sloppy pile. Only her white socks were kept on.

Cynthia smiled slightly. "I'm glad you said that!"

While Wendy was busy undressing, Cynthia secretly placed a neon blue pill in her mouth without swallowing it. The pill was melting as soon as it touched Cynthia's tongue. "You're going to love this, babe," Cynthia whispered huskily.

Remembering pose from the porn videos she had watched, Wendy placed one foot on the bench. Juices were flowing heavily down Wendy's thighs. Her arousal was becoming more intense as time passed. The teenage girl's body was quivering for release. She was still feverishly stroking her pussy, not knowing that a special complementary drug was require to trigger her release, and the drug was held in Cynthia's mouth.

Cynthia placed her hands on Wendy's thighs and slowly grazed her fuchsia nails upwards, causing Wendy to shudder. She blew on Wendy's pussy, eager to tease the sexually desperate girl some more.

"Lick my pussy now... Please, Cynthia!"

Once Cynthia's hands reached Wendy's ass, she spread her fingers as wide apart as possible before clenching the skin with her fuchsia nails. At the same moment, she raised her fuchsia-colored lips and pressed them against Wendy's pussy. This sent a spike of pleasure up Wendy's spine, causing Wendy to gasp, but it was just a hint of the immense pleasure that was to come. Each kiss from Cynthia's lips and flick of Cynthia's tongue gave Wendy overwhelming feelings of pleasure. It was different than what she had experienced before. Wendy tossed her blonde hair backwards and moaned into the sky. Her glossy fuchsia-painted lips opened in a big O-shape. She grabbed her breast through her blouse, so tightly that a button popped. Nipples strained against the bra as if trying to pierce through the bra cups. Wendy's other hand clenched tightly on Cynthia's hair, pressing Cynthia's face tighter against her crotch.

"What's happening to me?! Why is my body feeling so good?!"

Cynthia was herself highly aroused, but she wasn't as dependent on the drug as Wendy. She fingers pulled aside her orange satin thong and thrust two fingers pass her wet labia. This caused her to moan into Wendy's pussy.

The intense rush of emotion and pleasure made Wendy felt as if she was losing her mind. She pressed her hands on Cynthia's fiery red head, as if trying to smother Cynthia between her thighs. Cynthia drank everything that came out from Wendy's pussy. The two girls dressed hurriedly because lunch period was nearly over.

"You're improving, Wendy. Keep this up, and you'll definitely get Lauren to fall for you. Then Sarah, Madelynn, and the other girls that you like will fall for you for too because you've took Lauren's place as the best lesbian."

Cynthia intentionally left out the mentioning of Daniel.

Wendy got confused for a moment.

"Wait, was this the original plan?"

"Yes, that's the plan. Get Lauren into a relationship with you, then you dump her for another girl. When she's heartbroken, she'll come back to me."

Cynthia subtly stroked the double Venus symbols of her necklace.

"Sarah... Sarah's already my lover." Wendy quickly reminded herself that Cynthia might be working for Lauren.

"She'll be just your friend if you can't keep up with Lauren."

Cynthia then showed a video that she recorded on her smartphone of Madelynn and Lauren kissing. This time in was in a public cafe. The kiss was brief, and afterwards they appeared to be discussing something important. They acted as if they were very close friends, and Wendy felt a slight pang of jealously.

"How could Lauren and Madelynn be this close so fast?" Wendy realized she needed to do something quick or else she would lose Madelynn to Lauren.

"There's something special about Lauren. Rumors say it's just her natural ability to seduce. Some say witchcraft. Some say she's cheating her seduction with special pheromones."

"What do you think?"

"I say it's complete bull, all of them. People are just being jealous. Anyway, don't tell Sarah what we've done. Just say we were kissing when she asks."

"Why can't I tell Sarah? Didn't she agree to this plan? I don't want to keep secrets behind her back."

"Sarah might feel jealous. Just because Sarah said that she's okay with you doing stuff with me doesn't mean she would be okay with it all the time."

"Okay, I'll keep it a secret."

"Don't forget about the USB flash drive I gave you," Cynthia said, reminding Wendy of the assignment.

As they descended the stairs from the rooftop stealthily, they stopped when they heard some echoes. Cynthia placed a finger over her lips. Wendy strained to hear clearly. They were the sounds of females moaning from pleasure. When Cynthia motioned Wendy to peek around the corner, Wendy almost gasped when she saw that the moans were coming from Lauren and Sarah. Lauren was sucking on Sarah's left breast through Sarah's opened blouse. Her fingers were within the folds of Sarah's jeans. Lauren clearly knew exactly how to pleasure Sarah the right way. Wendy never saw Sarah moaning so blissfully like that when she was doing stuff with her.

"Isn't Sarah supposed to be straight?" Wendy almost asked that question out loud. "No, it must be something like what Cynthia had said: Lauren has her special way of seducing people."

Was this the real reason why Sarah had told Wendy she was going to spend less time with her? Because she was spending it with Lauren? She had wanted to do sexual stuff with Sarah during lunch, but was flatly rejected through a text message. Though it was just for the purpose of improving her lesbian image, Wendy still felt some jealously. The shock of seeing hard evidence of Lauren seducing Sarah and Madelynn made Wendy feel a renewed sense of urgency.

The bell rang, causing the spying girls to retreat around the corner. They could hear Sarah and Lauren hastily putting their clothes back on.

"Let's continue tonight," said Lauren.

"Hehe, okay!" answered Sarah giddily.

Once Cynthia was certain the coast was clear, with a hand on Wendy's shoulder, she said, "I'm feeling the same way as you're now, Wendy."

"But it isn't the same!"

"What do you mean? Don't you love Sarah like the way I love Lauren, or are you just a straight girl pretending to be a lesbian?"

"No, I mean I am a lesbian!"

"It doesn't matter what you are or who you aim for, Wendy. You still need to step it up."

The sound of countless footsteps echoed up the dimly lit stairway. Wendy recalled Sarah saying the same words yesterday.

Cynthia lightly stroked her pendant then continued, "Do you know what kind of lesbian you are, if you are really a lesbian?"

"I don't know, an ordinary lesbian?"

"Exactly, you're just an ordinary lesbian, an ordinary boring lesbian. Yes, you've come a long way from your original geeky and mousy image, but you're still ordinary."

Wendy frowned at Cynthia's statement.

"So, Wendy, are you willing to step it up?"


"No, Wendy, I want you to say your answer through a kiss. I want to see how much you want to step it up." Cynthia twirled the twin Venus symbols of her necklace around a finger.

Wendy took a deep breath then stepped forward to kiss Cynthia deeply and passionately. The lip lock lasted for a minute. At the end of the kiss, Cynthia pushed a card on Wendy's palm.

"Go to that address right after school," said Cynthia hastily. "See you there!"

"Wait, what is this?" asked Wendy but Cynthia was already far away. Wendy read the white card. It was an address close by to the school that was written with a glittery pink ink.



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