Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Silver Witch (chapter 9)

The mansion below Candice glowed with dazzling warm colors. Beacons of magical and electrical light lit up every corner of the large property. Situated deep within a forested area, the place was rarely seen up close by ordinary people. Candice landed in the courtyard in front of a large fountain that sprayed water in brilliant arcs. An attendant took care of her broomstick. Regulations prohibited most magic users from entering the premises with a flying device. As Candice walked up the steps to the main entrance, Katrina, an aspiring mage that she hated, walked out. Katrina was dressed in a fashionable mage outfit, in sharp contrast to Candice's plain white robe. A pair of emblems on the upper sleeve indicated Katrina's rank, which was two grades above Candice's, and her family line. Katrina showed off her new emblem.

"Hello, Candice, or should I say, Candyke, how was your super special secret mission?" asked Katrina with a sarcastic tone.

A vein popped in Candice's forehead when she heard a new nickname for her.

"Everything went well, thank you."

"Of course it went well. Who wouldn't get horny and wet over watching a cute girl undressing in her bedroom?"

Candice's rising anger was stalled for a moment when Katrina's eyes shifted downwards. She followed Katrina's green eyes towards the wet and soiled area of her robe near her crotch area.

"That's just water, and I'm not interested girls!"

Katrina chuckled. "If I were you, I would clean myself up before seeing the headmaster."

"I'm not that dirty, and my report is too important for me to waste time on something so trivial."

"Suit yourself," said Katrina before walking away while twirling her tube curls playfully.

From the lobby area, Candice walked up a flight of stairs and down a long hallway before reaching the headmaster's office. Right outside the door stood the headmaster's demonic familiar. Its large horns, cloven hooves, and red skin gave it an imposing air that made Candice shiver every time she saw it.

"What business do you have with the headmaster?!"

Candice looked up and replied, "I'm here to report on mission number 1511 to the headmaster."

"You may enter."

Inside the large office, a chubby bearded man in a gold-gilded purple robe sat on a throne-like seat while examining a stack of papers on his desk. Light glinted from the large jeweled magic rings on his fingers.

"What have you to report?" asked Headmaster Dilworth without looking up from his papers.

"I've discovered the identity of one of Galatea's new acolytes, and had her agree to be our spy."

"Any leads on the location of Galatea's base?"

"No, I'm mean yes. Galatea and her new acolyte used a traceless teleportation spell. I suspect her base is within the range of the spell."

"The range of any teleportation spell is merely theoretical, but your conjecture is plausible. Continue monitoring the new acolyte. Get as much information as you can from her without compromising yourself and the mission."

The headmaster handed her a sheet of paper.

"Another mission?"

"Just two small errands."

Candice read the paper and sighed internally. She had to deliver some potions and capture an escaped imp. When will she get more important missions? Is she doomed to be stuck being a low-ranking mage forever? Sure, the Silver Witch was a high-profile target, but the witch wasn't high on the list of her Order's priorities. Candice knew that as soon she gathered enough intelligence about Galatea, she would most likely be pushed to the sidelines again while the higher ranking mages would reap the rewards once they realize they could profit from the new venture. Will she ever be promoted?

Emma woke up in morning with soaked panties. The bed sheet was all bunched up and her yellow satin bra was loose. She recalled most of the dream, and hated herself for having that perverted dream. However, she didn't dismiss the entire dream. It made her think.

"Power to do good and help others... Why haven't I thought of this before? If what Jeannie said was true, then it's only going to be two years of me being a lesbian. Afterwards I'm going to be free and have the choice to be straight again, along with having magical powers. It's not that bad. I just have to endure the training."

The future felt a little brighter for Emma. Her thoughts shifted to the previous night's encounter with Candice. "I don't know if I could trust her, but she might be my only way out of this mess if it turns out Jeannie was lying to me."

However, because of what she had experienced with Galatea, Emma was more afraid of what might happen if she betrayed Galatea. There was no way for Emma to know for sure who to trust. The dilemma was hurting Emma's brain, and she wanted escape. As if answering her plea, Emma suddenly felt a stirring in her loins.

She lamented, "I get aroused so easily now."

As soon as Emma turned on her smartphone, it vibrated. The number was unfamiliar.


"Morning, Emma."

"Ashley! How did you get my number?"

"From your friend, obviously."

Emma was confused as to who would reveal her number to Ashley, but her thinking was quickly interrupted.

"Emma, we have something important to discuss," said Ashley in a serious tone. "Come to school as early as you can."

Before Emma could reply, the call ended. Given what they did together yesterday, Emma guessed that it was about that. Was she going to say that yesterday afternoon wasn't really serious at all? That it was just fun and games? Inwardly, Emma hoped that it was serious, but mainly because she wanted to complete Galatea's assignment as quickly as possible in order to get it over with.

As soon as Ashley saw Emma in the school's courtyard, she gave her a surprise hug and kiss on the lips. "Emma!"

Emma attempted to turn away her face from the repeated kisses. "Ashley, people will see us!"

"It's alright, Emma. Nobody would care."

Emma looked around as her cheeks were being smothered by Ashley's persistent lips. Indeed, no one was looking in their direction at that moment. Secretly, Emma cast the Desensitize spell that Candice had taught her. She suddenly felt calmer.

"Come on, Emma. Is this how you treat your new girlfriend?" Ashley emphasized the word "girlfriend."

Though Emma knew that this was going to happen sooner or later, she was still unprepared for it. "Uhhh..."

"Show some love for me," whispered Ashley huskily as she gently grabbed Emma's hand and pressed it to her jean-covered ass. Her other hand grabbed Emma's remaining hand and raised it to her breasts. Emma gave Ashley's boobs several reluctant squeezes before quickly dropping her hand as soon as some students walked by.

"Ashley, w-we really shouldn't be doing this here..." Emma was afraid of people spreading rumors of what they were doing.

"I have a gift for you." There was a shiny silver chain necklace in Ashley's open palm. The purple gem looked as if it was glowing, but Emma dismissed it as being a play of the sunlight.

"Wow, it looks beautiful. Thank you." Emma had no choice but to act enthusiastic.

Ashley made Emma wear the necklace on the spot. A feeling of warmth passed over Emma, but she thought it was just the natural heat coming from the cheerleader's body.

A male student walked by and gawked at the kissing pair of girls.

"What are you looking at, Crater Face?!"

Tom's face reddened as he quickly walked away.

"Ashley, that wasn't nice."

"Why? Are you in love with him?" joked Ashley.

"No, of course not. It just feels wrong to insult people just for looking at us."

"Alright, anything for my cute girlfriend, but you must promise me something in return."


"I'll tell you later, my love."

The two girls parted ways.

Each time Emma passed by an attractive girl in the halls, the sugilite gem of her necklace emitted a faint glow, but she didn't notice it. Unknown to Emma, the necklace would make her slightly aroused and more alert whenever she's nearby a pretty female. It was a subtle effect that influenced only her subconscious.

Sophia walked up to Emma, who was sorting books in her locker.

"Emma, I saw you talking with Ashley! Don't tell me you are friends with that stuck-up bitch!"

The oval sugilite gem glowed faintly.

"Sophia, she isn't that bad of a person," Emma replied, not wanting Sophia to know about her new relationship with Ashley at all.

"Oh really? She must be asking you to help her with her homework. She wouldn't suddenly act nice without a reason."

"It's not that simple, Sophia." Emma's fears had materialized. She knew sooner or later her friends would know about the true reason behind matter. "I'll explain it to you later. The bell is about to ring!" Emma walked hastily away after fumbling with closing her locker.

"What to do?! What to do?! What to do?!" repeated Emma in her mind as she walked through the crowd of students. A light bulb lit in her mind, "Of course, I could use spells!"

Almost immediately, Emma scolded herself for even thinking about using magic to influence her friends' opinions. "I can't do this to my friends! Why would I even consider such a thing?!"

"You have no choice. Do you want to lose your reputation and your friends?" A voice in her head tried to rationalized it for Emma. If she had the choice to hook up with another girl, then it would've been different. Ashley had a somewhat slutty reputation. Being her lover, of all things, would make other people assume that she's just as bad as Ashley. On top of that, it's a lesbian relationship. Once it gets out, she'll have no chance with Ben at all. Emma still clung to the hope that she would have a normal heterosexual relationship.

Emma noticed in her first period class that Heather was bullying the "geek girl", Melissa, again. Heather taped a piece of paper with the word "IDIOT" written with a red marker on Melissa's back. Heather's friends, who all sat around her in a seating arrangement that Heather had demanded from her teacher, all chuckled. The teacher noticed what was happening but took no action. Usually, this wasn't really Emma's business, but with her new magic powers, Emma felt she had the power to do something.

Heather happened to be very pretty. She had a small circle of female friends who were also attractive and most of them came from the same social class as her. In addition to her handsome jock boyfriend, she had loyal retinue of males friends, some of whom where the "gangsta" types. They did the dirty jobs for her whenever she requested. Though she wasn't in the cheerleading squad or student government, her social standing in school was still very high. Her rich parents had a lot of connections and could pull some strings in situations where she was in trouble. There were even rumors that those connections reach into the criminal underworld. Though she looked like the stereotypical dumb pretty blonde, she was far from that stereotype. In short, she was a girl no one was willing to go against. Emma disliked her. Even she was bullied by her and her friends a few times. It wasn't until easier targets were found that Emma was left alone.

Taking a breath, Emma focused her magic energy. Heather's hand suddenly jerked, causing Heather to accidentally write a squiggly red line on her own hand. "Shit!"

Emma made a suppressed laugh.

Melissa eventually noticed what was going on. She reached around her back and removed the piece of paper taped to her back. Sighing, Melissa wordlessly crumpled the paper up.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Are you a lezzie or something?" said Heather.

Heather's friends laughed. Melissa didn't answer and turned her attention back to the teacher, who cleared his throat loudly. Emma's brief moment of triumph was soured.

It didn't take long after that insightful dream for Emma to realize that she could level the entire playing field with her newly acquired magical skills. The incident involving Heather with the marker was just a start. Though her small stunt did virtually nothing to stop the bullying, Emma realized that she could do a lot more through careful planning.

"Why not make the best out of a bad situation? This would change everything if I do it right." Emma told herself as she was walking down the hall during passing period.

Her thinking was interrupted when she saw Sophia walking in her direction. Quickly, Emma turned around in order to avoid Sophia. She wasn't ready yet to provide an explanation to her friend. It happened all too quickly.

Suddenly, the whole scene around Emma began to turn blue. Everything slowed down to a halt.

"What's going on?" Emma recalled a similar effect that Candice created during the previous night.

"Good morning, Emma," spoke the Silver Witch through metallic pink lips. Emma found her eyes drawn to the lips when they moved.

"G-Good morning, Galatea," Emma greeted back. The teenage girl could tell if she was shaking from fear, awe, or something else.

This time, Galatea's long platinum blonde hair was straight flowing and loose. The usual tiara adorned her head. She was clad in form-fitting chrome-plated armor that exposed her upper arms, a bit of cleavage, and thighs. It was completely reflective, like a mirror. All the metallic parts emitted a faint bluish glow. A lavender cloak went over her shoulders. There was something else different about the Silver Witch that Emma couldn't put a finger on.

Emma gulped, wondering what Galatea might make her do.

"Aren't you going to kiss me, Emma?"

"I'm sorry, Galatea."

Emma walked up to Galatea, stood on her toes for extra height, and gently kissed Galatea on the lips. The feeling was electric, and Emma could immediately feel her pussy quivering. Emma had a sudden strong urge to run her hand up Galatea's thigh, but forced herself to take a step back. There was a slight smile on Silver Witch's face.

"I something bothering you?"

"No, not really..."

"Are you sure?"

Emma had another urge to grab Galatea's breast, but she forced her hand to stay down.

"Is it about your friends?"

Emma was getting nervous. She had hoped Galatea wouldn't involve her friends.

"No, it's not..."

"Are you lying to me or to yourself, Emma?"

Suddenly Emma had a flashback. She recalled seeing her friend Sophia holding hands with her new boyfriend Eric while walking. They stopped at corner of the street. "I'll love only you," said Eric as he embraced Sophia. After seeing Sophia giving Eric a goodbye kiss, Emma suddenly felt jealous, but of what? The memory was certainly real, but Emma wasn't sure about emotion. Did she really feel that way last week? Emma was getting confused.

Emma saw her own reflection on the chrome breast plate. She had a sudden urge to lick and kiss Galatea's breast through the armor, but fought the urge by taking another step back. The Silver Witch took a step forward then brush a lock of brown hair from Emma's face with her gauntleted fingers. Briefly, Emma imagined herself with glossy-red lips sucking on those metallic fingers.

Despite not receiving any direction sexual stimulation, Emma's pussy was moistening and her nipples were hardening. She tried to avoid gazing into Galatea's faintly glowing eyes. They were having an effect that Emma didn't want.

"You don't have to answer that if you don't want to. More importantly, you now have a task to perform."

Galatea's chrome breastplate transformed, becoming molten as it morphed into criss-crossing gnarly straps of shiny metal. This alteration of the armor's shape exposed Galatea's breasts, belly, and waist. A circular cut red diamond hung from the navel on a silver chain.

"But I need to go to class!" Even as Emma was saying that, she found her eyes focusing automatically on Galatea's exposed breasts. A sparkly neon blue drop of liquid trickled from a hard nipple that was glittery metallic pink. When the glittery blue drop landed on the floor, there was a faint cloud of sparks that quickly dispersed.

Emma's heart was beating loudly in her chest. Her yellow panties were thoroughly soaked in the front. The enchantment was already removed, but why was she still feeling the way she was currently feeling toward Galatea? Emma didn't understand. Was Galatea lying? Her arousal made it increasingly difficult for her to think.

"She wasn't lying about the removal of your enchantment. This is what you are feeling for real." Emma heard her own voice speaking to her sweetly inside her head. Despite being addled with sexual arousal, Emma questioned her own voice. "But why?" There was no response.

"As you can see, time has nearly stopped."

She looked at her smartphone then at the still blue figures surrounding her. Indeed, time seemed frozen.

"Won't people see us?" Emma looked around nervously at the many students in the hallway who appeared to be standing absolutely still.

"They can't perceive us in such a small scale of time. More importantly, we are invisible to them in phased space. Don't dally any longer, Emma. You need to satisfy my needs now." Galatea walked forward a step.

Images appeared in Emma's mind. She saw herself completely naked. Her eyes were painted with black eye shadow and eyeliner while her eyelashes were teased thickly with black mascara. Her glossy, crimson red lips were curved in a partial smile. A breast hovered in from of her face. Her red lips parted to suck on the metallic pink nipple.


Emma blinked. Galatea's naked breast was right in front of her.

"Pleasure your Goddess..." said Emma's own voice in her head.

In an instant, Emma did what she saw in her mind. Galatea tilted her head back slightly and made a quiet moan. Sparkly neon blue milk sprayed inside the teenage girl's mouth. The stream was almost constant. Emma wanted to pull away, but a voice in her head stopped her. She had a strong urge to keep her lips wrapped around the pink nipple.

"Drink it all..."

The liquid tasted deliciously sweet. Emma suddenly found herself becoming warm. Her vision was becoming rosy. She felt a tingling sensation as her normal clothes glowed and dematerialized in a cloud of sparkles. There was a brief chilling sensation that quickly passed. Emma suddenly felt that she was floating in midair. Galatea was standing in front of Emma, but Emma couldn't see her clearly. A swarm of pink and white flowers floating everywhere obscured Emma's sight. An unseen force was slowly spinning her around.

"What's going on?" Emma asked dreamily.

"Lesbian..." whispered a feminine voice that sounded like Emma's. It seemed to be coming from everywhere. The tone of the voice was commanding.

Emma's hair turned shiny neon pink, strand by strand. Each brown strand of glowed and sparkled as it changed to pink. The hair also grew longer until it reached her waist.

"I'm not..."

She felt pressure on her breasts. They become more full. Her nipples became hard and erect.

"Yes, you are..."

Her nails on her fingers and toes became glossy pink. Her eyelids became glittery metallic blue.

"But I like-"

Her eyelashes thickened, extended, became curly, and acquired a shine. Magical glossy lip color was painted on her lips. Emma felt compelled to lick around her lips. The lips sparkled when her tongue brushed around them.

"Girls and women..." answered the mental voice authoritatively.

Emma's heart was suddenly thumping loudly in her chest. She felt excited but didn't know why. An image of a cute blonde girl appear in her mind, but she could only see the lower part of the face. Her glossy pink lips parted, as if beckoning Emma to kiss her.

"Girls and women... Make them lesbians..." whispered the voice.

Two cute girls with waist length blonde hair were kneeling together face-to-face in a bath tub filled with soapy water and aromatic flowers. Their glossy pink lips were melded together in a passionate kiss. They caressed each other's lower backs with their pink lacquered nails.

"You desire females... You crave lesbian sex..." A chorus of erotic feminine moans and gasps filled the background.

Emma gasped as a bunch of pink and white flowers flew to her breasts and crotch, forming an exotic looking set of lingerie. It didn't stop there. The flowers transformed into pink liquid metal that conformed to the shape of her breasts, ass, and crotch, forming a perfectly-fitting pair of bra and panties. More flowers flew to her breasts and crotch, which immediately transformed into gems of diamonds and pink garnets arranged in exotic floral patterns.

"It feels like I'm changing..." Emma said in her mind.

"You are indeed changing, my love," said Galatea.

Inside her mind, Emma saw the image of a pussy. The labia were parted. It was completely wet with arousal. She saw herself with her new pink hair move her face close to the pussy to lick it with her hot pink lips.

"Lick... Lick... Lick..."

Mental images flashed rapidly of Emma licking pussy from various angles.

"Lesbian... Dyke... Whore... Queer... Girl-on-girl... Lust... Sex... Slut... Desire... Homosexual... Sapphism... Female-on-female..."

A silver tiara materialized on Emma's head. In her mind, she saw herself standing in a shallow pool of water. A clone of herself standing in front of her. They were both naked. Emma's clone walked towards Emma and embraced her.

"Lesbian love," said the Emma clone before kissing Emma right on the lips.

Something touched Emma's crotch. Emma focused her eyes downward and noticed a glowing pink crystalline phallus had protruded from Emma clone's pussy and was entering her own.


Emma clone silenced Emma with a kiss.

"We are one."

Back in the physical world, Emma was still changing. She suddenly felt something warm covering her body. It was a bright-colored satin dress. The pink bodice was form-fitting and revealed a lot of cleavage. Silver and white embroidery ran across its front. The white pleated skirt went half way down the lower leg. Silver floral patterns decorated the skirt. White satin opera gloves ran up her lower arms. Dangling pink garnet earrings appeared on her ears. Emma felt pressure around her neck. It was a diamond-encrusted silver choker. She also felt a bit taller. On her feet were shiny ankle-length high heel white boots with pink flowers on the back.

"What have I become?"

Her dress glowed and sparkled faintly with magical energy.

"You're now: Emma, Lesbian Princess of Chastity. This will be the first of one of your many possible transformations."

Emma felt around her new, exotic outfit with her fingers, starting from the silver shoulder pads and ending at the skirt.

"You will be able to provide immense pleasure to other females and receive pleasure yourself, but you won't be able to get any sexual release. You would be constantly on the edge."

Emma didn't like the sound of that, but didn't express her complaint.

Galatea further explained the about the chastity belt built into the panties and the metal bra, which prevented any direct sexual stimulation and penetration. There was also an optional mask that could be taken off or put on at will.

"But, why is this my transformation?"

"For your training and my pleasure. You did promise to become a lesbian to satisfy your goddess, didn't you?"

"Yes, but how's this different from the first enchantment?" Emma felt emboldened to question further.

"Your seduction spells would be much more effective. The dress also shields you from minor magical attacks. You would also fantasize and dream about lesbian sex more often."

Emma started to fantasize about licking Galatea's navel when strange thoughts suddenly invaded her head. The image swirled and changed into another fantasy of her glossy pink lips kissing Galatea's ass. The spot where she had just kissed left a glowing pink lipstick mark. There was a white flash. Two teenage girls, one with shiny lavender hair and another with neon blue hair, where sucking on her breasts. They looked like Sophia and Rachel. Emma shook her head.

Why am I thinking about my friends like that?

"Because you want them," answered her own voice inside her head.

"It has one more ability. Lift your skirt."

Emma lifted the front of her skirt up. She noticed the pink metallic panties, sheer white stockings, and the ankle-length white high heels. There was a floral pattern of gemstones in front of the panties. Suddenly the gemstones simultaneously flashed brightly before merging together and transforming into a pink crystalline strap-on.

"You also have a vast array of sexual implements at your disposal."

As a demonstration, Galatea willed the crystal strap-on to transform further into a variety of other shapes, sizes, lengths, colors, and types of mountable sex toys.

"How do I get out of this transformation?" Emma asked nervously.

"Once you've perform oral sex or penetrative sex using implements on another female, your transformation would end."

The rapid parade of sex toys on Emma's panties reverted back to the first strap-on shape. Galatea lightly grazed her fingers along the pink crystal dildo, causing Emma to gasp.

"Each time you use the transformation for sex, your magic power increases a little." Galatea intentionally didn't tell Emma that her libido would also increase with each use of the transformation.

The strap-on disappeared and the skirt was lowered.

"You may leave now, Emma. You've already done what I've asked of you for this morning."

The blue presence that surrounded them was starting to fade, and the still figures of students were starting to move.

"No, I can't let everyone see me like this! No, please don't leave me like this!"

Galatea paused the dispelling of the phased space magic.

"Then are you willing perform lesbian sex on your Goddess completely on your own free will?"

"Yes, I'll do whatever you want, Galatea." It was social suicide for Emma to appear in front of so many people dressed like a whore.

"What do you choose then: oral sex or using the implements?"

Either way, Emma was doing it with another female, but using a sex toy felt less "gay" than touching her lips on another woman's pussy.

"I choose the implements."  Emma had no idea that the option she chose was even more difficult and exhausting than performing oral sex.

Emma raised her skirt and looked at her pink metal panties without a clue on what to do.

"How do I..."

"Think about the implement you want to use and imagine yourself using it on your partner."

Emma thought of the toy she first saw demonstrated on her metallic panties. The gems flashed and transformed into a pink strap-on dildo. It was transparent and crystalline.

The pink garnet gemstones on Emma's tiara glowed as a psychic link was established with Emma's mind. Erotic images and words filled Emma's mental vision. She saw herself fucking an unknown girl in the girl's locker room with the sex toy she was wearing. The image faded away. She was in the teacher's office at school. An attractive female teacher she never saw before was giving her pink crystal strap-on a blow job. Each time Emma tried to end the lustful thoughts, a powerful force pulled her back.

"Fuck a female with the strap-on... Fuck a woman... Fuck a girl... Penetrate her with the pink dildo... Penetrate her with your lust... Penetrate her with your lesbian desire..."

Emma's strap-on dildo glowed brilliantly with magical energy. Galatea used her magic to move the frozen people into a heap in the shape of a bed. She sat on heap of people and spread her legs. The shiny metal plates that covered her hips, crotch, and upper thighs dematerialized. Galatea's hairless pussy was revealed. It was wet and appeared to be glowing.

"Fuck her... Fuck her... Fuck her..." repeated her voice inside her head over and over. Erotic lesbian imagery assaulted her mind non-stop. She saw herself engaging in a deep kiss with Candice.

Emma's legs were shaking as she walked slowly towards the bed. She was fighting a losing a battle against the lust she was feeling. Finally, she snapped. Her last steps to the bed were quick.

Emma wasn't able to control herself. She bent her upper body forward to kiss Galatea deeply and passionately on the lips. Metal-covered breasts collided together. The teenage girl could feel the coolness of Galatea's plate armor. She felt the warm skin of Galatea's thighs when she shifted her legs. With her pink-nailed fingers holding the pink dildo, she slowly guided it towards the entrance of Galatea's womanhood. Even Emma's own touching of the dildo created strong sensations of pleasure that magically traveled along the dildo to her pussy. Right before Emma inserted the tip of the strap-on into Galatea's lower lips, Emma desperately tried to console herself with the following thought: "It's the magic that's making me do this."

A strange, indescribable sensation filled Emma's heart and mind once the depth of the dildo's insertion reached the hilt. "What is this? What am I feeling?"

"Pleasure... Fulfillment... Destiny..." whispered Emma's own mental voice.

It was pleasure she had never felt before. She arched her upper body forward and kissed Galatea passionately as she thrust her hips repeatedly, driving the dildo in and out of Galatea's womanhood. Their thighs touched and rubbed against each other. Emma was hardly able to control herself. She wanted to put some restraint her actions, but something was compelling her to be more lustful. Her whole body was on fire. Blue wispy tendrils of magical energy emitted from Galatea's body and caressed Emma all over. She felt as if many feminine hands were touching her whole body. Just when Emma felt that she was reaching close to her sexual peak, it stopped suddenly.

"What's going on? What can't I come?!"

Emma kept thrusting her hips against Galatea, but she was kept on the edge.


Galatea, however, was able to reach her orgasm. She moaned loudly enveloped Emma's glossy pink lips with her own, silencing Emma's complaint. The Silver Witch wrapped her legs around the teenage girl's waist. Emma felt something transferred between their bodies, but she felt more going into her own. Something also went into her mouth. It was a strange fluidic substance. Emma felt a strange sensation, followed by sudden euphoria. The teenage girl loudly moaned into Galatea's mouth as her body sparkled brilliantly.

Sexually satisfied for the moment, Galatea gently pushed Emma away. A glowing thread of pink fluid connected Galatea's pussy lips to the pink strap-on, which was still struggling to push in again under Emma's effort. It pulsated with a strange pink light.

"Please... I need it..." Emma pleaded when Galatea finally stood back up. Emma's lips and mouth sparkled brilliantly in many colors after tasting the strange fluid from Galatea's mouth.

Emma stroked her pink strap-on, causing it to glow. Neon pink fluid covered her hands. Despite trying again many times, Emma was unable to get herself off.

"Uhhhhh... Uhhhh... Awwww..."

"You did well, Emma. Despite your current feelings, you have just demonstrated a strong lust and desire for a woman's body."

With a wave of her hand, Galatea placed the frozen blue people back in their original positions.

"But it wasn't like that! I was-"

"Your body doesn't lie, Emma. You clearly love lesbian sex. As long as you perform well in your training, I shall grant you access to more feminine pleasures." The Silver Witch idly traced her crotch with her fingers. It sparkled, creating a strange hypnotic effect.

Emma wanted to reject Galatea's appraisal of her desires and offer of future pleasures, but went silent when her eyes met Galatea's piercing blue eyes. She found it difficult to look away.

A thought flashed in Emma's mind: a tongue extended from her parted pink lips to lick Galatea's pussy. It sparkled brilliantly. The infectious sparkling transferred to Emma's lips and tongue. The vision was so real that Emma's lips and tongue were moving against the air before she realized that it was just her imagination when she blinked. A knowing smile crossed the Silver Witch's face.

"No," Emma whispered at the unwanted thought.

"Emma, before you go, I have some advice: if you want your friends to remain your friends, you would need to seduce them."

"But I want my friends to remain as they are."

"Do you really?"

Emma saw the images of her friends in her mind's eye.

"Emma, I can't believe you're a dyke. I hate you!" exclaimed Sophia with a mean face.

"Get away from me, you lezzie freak! You're not my friend anymore!" Rachel pushed Emma roughly before running away.

"No, please listen to me! It's not what you think!" Emma was talking to the imaginary versions of her friends.

"You better make your decision soon," said Galatea as she was fading away.

"Wait, Galatea, come back!" Emma needed an orgasm very bad. Her hands were on her pussy.

Galatea stopped teleporting for a moment to say, "Have Ashley satisfy your needs. She is your girlfriend for a reason, Emma."

The blue color of phased space slowly changed back into the vibrant colors of reality. People started to move. Emma was back in the normal world, dressed in her normal clothes. She couldn't shake off the nagging feeling from her clit. She needed sexual relief immediately. Emma literally rushed to the girl's restroom and locked herself in a stall without caring about being late for class. As hard as Emma tried, fingering herself provided her pleasure, but wasn't enough to get herself off. She felt that she would go crazy if relief didn't come to her soon.

Emma sent an urgent text message to Ashley, "3rd flr grls rstrm. i need xxx."

"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm actually hoping that I could have sex with Ashley soon. It's like I'm starting to think like a lesbian! No, I'm not a lesbian! It must be because I'm desperate to get off! If I suddenly get grossed out half-way, Ashley would notice!"

Closing her eyes, Emma concentrated her thoughts, and the Desensitize spell was cast. She had no idea how much of effect the spell actually had on her, and only could only measure the effect with her feelings.

"I hope Galatea would never notice me using Candice's spell."

Emma later heard food steps, then saw Ashley's shoes at the below the door of the stall. She released the latch of the door.

"I had to leave class. You owe me one, Emma."

"I'm so sorry, Ash. I just-"

Ashley kissed Emma before she could finish her response.

"So, what do you want?"

"Anything would do. I just need to get off quick!"

"Then get your pussy ready for my mouth." Ashley licked her lips sensually.

Emma normally would never ask Ashley to perform oral sex on her, but she was very desperate now. Emma quickly undid her belt, and pulled down her jeans. Her yellow panties were dark from the wetness and parts of it slipped between her pussy lips, forming a clear outline of her love box. She sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs. Ashley kneeled down and placed her hands on Emma's naked thighs, lightly grazing them with her burgundy nails.

"Time for my tongue to work its lesbian magic," said Ashley as she moved her face between Emma's thighs. Emma thought Ashley was just being dramatic. She had no idea Ashley meant real magic.

The touch of Ashley's nails on her skin made Emma shudder. Right before Ashley's lips touched her pussy, Emma reassured herself, "I'm not a lesbian, and this won't make me a lesbian."

A gasp escaped from Emma's lips when Ashley kissed her love box. Ashley flicked her tongue up and down the folds of Emma's moist labia, touching the clit repeatedly with each stroke.

Ashley's black latex bra and panties constricted tightly on her body. The sudden pressure gave her slight pain.


"Fuck her hard..." said a voice inside Ashley's head.

The pause in action caused Emma to look down.

"Ashley, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing."

Ashley added more effort to her licks, nibbles, and kissing. After enough teasing, she thrust her tongue into Emma's pussy as deeply as she could.

"Uhhhh... Ohhh..." Emma moaned.

Instinctively, the cheerleader's hand went for her own pussy, but the voice forbade her from even going near it. "Your sexual release shall come later. Pleasure Emma first."

Emma couldn't see it, but the cheerleader's lips were glowing as magical energy flowed to it. The luminous lip color hovered between red and purple. Almost instantly, Emma felt the effect. She tilted her head back and moaned. Her hands rested on Ashley's head and intertwined with the blonde hair.

A chorus of female voices spoke to Emma's subconscious mind. "Emma... Pussy lover... Pussy kisser... Emma... You want pussy... Emma is a pussy lover and kisser... A sexy girl is eating your pussy... You love it when a sexy girl pleasures your pussy with her mouth..."

Even Ashley's tongue started to glow in a neon purple color. Because it was buried deeply in Emma's love canal, Emma had no idea what was truly happening. Intense sparks of pleasure ran up her body. Ashley's glossy burgundy nails grazed further up Emma's thighs until they went all the way to Emma's butt. Emma felt as if her ass cheeks were being pierced as Ashley's fingers clenched them tightly through the yellow satin panties.

"Uhhh... Uhhh... UHHHHH!"

She was unable to resist the temptation. Emma quickly unbuttoned the top of her blouse and groped her own breasts fervently. Her hands were joined by Ashley's hands. Fingers interlocked. Emma felt warm fingers slip beneath her bra to touch the warm skin of her breast.

"Ahhh... Ahhh..."

Emma's toes curled inward as the orgasm wracked her teenage body.

Afterwards, both girls got dressed. While looking at themselves on the mirror above the sink countertop, Emma said, "Thank you so much, Ashley!"

"Kiss her." The thought suddenly popped in Emma's mind. She had no idea it wasn't her own thought, but Emma felt obligated to carry it out. She walked close to embrace Ashley and kissed her fully on the lips. This action caused Ashley's lips to glow again. Ashley returned the embrace.

"Lesbian kisser... Lesbian lover... Kiss, kiss, kiss!" whispered the feminine chorus.

The kiss dragged on longer than Emma had intended, but Emma was unable to back out because Ashley was hugging her tightly and wasn't letting go.

"Why is she making me kiss so long? We're already very late for class!"

Ashley forced her tongue into Emma's mouth. Her tongue renewed its magical neon purple glow.

"Emma is a teenage lesbian... Emma will be a lesbian... Emma is forever a lesbian..."

Emma panted when the kiss finally broke.

"I need it as much as you do, Emma, but there's no time for my turn. I'll hold it off until lunch. Be ready for it. See you later."

As Ashley was walking along the empty hallways back to her class, she felt sudden pressure below her waist.

"Ahhhh... Uhhh..."

The latex panties pressed tightly against her ass and crotch.

"A small reward..."

Two latex dildos grew inward inside her panties, one going into her ass and another into her pussy with squishy sounds. Ashley fell full inside. They vibrated magically.

"Ohhhh... Uhhh..."

Ashley dropped on her knees at the sudden intrusion of her private places. It gave her pleasure, but stopped just when she was about to reach her peak.

"Emma will give you your orgasm..." whispered the woman's voice.

"Emma..." whispered Ashley with supplicating eyes.

Emma was nervous during her next classes. She was going to lick Ashley's pussy. The wait and the act she had to perform on Ashley were making her nervous and slightly scared.

"It's alright! You just have to lick a sexy girl's pussy, much better than sucking a dirty boy's cock," whispered a voice that sounded like Emma's inside her head, which she thought was her own conscience.

"But I like boys," countered Emma.

"Maybe..." said the voice that pretended to be part of Emma's mind.

"I'm might be doing it with girls now, but I don't have my heart in those activities. Galatea made me do those things. I'm still heterosexual."

An image flashed in Emma's mind briefly. She saw herself licking Ashley's pussy. Ashley's pussy lips were parted, and Emma's tongue was buried deep in it. Emma tried to ignore the thought, but her body suddenly felt slightly aroused.

"NO!" exclaimed Emma inside her mind. "I must forget about it."

The image disappeared. Emma breathed a sigh of relief. As she half-listened to her teacher droned on with the day's lesson, Emma thought about breaking up with Ashley as soon as she completed Galatea's assignment, but then concluded that it wasn't going to be easy. "I'll have to wait for the right moment."

Lunch period came faster than Emma had wanted. As Ashley had told her to, Emma went to door of an unused classroom and waited. It didn't take long for Ashley to arrive. She was holding a sports duffel bag. Using a special skeleton key, Ashley opened the door and quickly ushered Emma inside before closing it.

"Is this really okay?"

"Do worry, Emma. No one would find out." Ashley flipped on the lights.

As Ashley was taking off her own jacket, she said, "Help me undress."

Emma helped Ashley take off her tube top. This sent waves of perfume to her face. Emma was surprised to find out that Ashley was wearing a very shiny black latex bra. She then helped Ashley unbuckle her belt and pull the jeans, noticing that Ashley was wearing matching black latex panties. As Emma was still working with the jeans, Ashley thrust her hips forward slightly causing Emma's face to come into brief contact with the panties.

"Oh, I just can't wait," giggled Ashley.

Ashley twirled around on her feet, let Emma have a full view of her sexy teenaged body. The dangling garnet gemstone that hung from Ashley's belly ring twinkled, catching Emma's eye.

When Ashley unzipped the duffel back to take out the contents, Emma's eyes widened. She had no idea Ashley was into this sort of thing. In Ashley's hand was cheerleading uniform made from latex instead of cotton. It looked like the school's official burgundy and white uniform, but exposed a lot more skin. Emma had no idea that the outfit Ashley was holding in her hands was just the magically transformed version of the original.

"While I'm putting this on, take all your clothes off, except for your bra and panties, then put on these."

Ashley handed to Emma a sheer black night gown and a pair of glossy black high heels.

Emma wanted to question Ashley about why they had to do so much just for oral sex, but then decided that she had to go along with Ashley's demands for the sake of completing Galatea's assignment. She was constantly afraid of someone, like the janitor, unlocking and opening the door to the room at any moment.

Once Ashley was fully dressed, Emma saw how kinky Ashley's latex cheerleading outfit was. The very low neckline exposed plenty of cleavage. It was sleeveless. The belly was exposed. The skirt, with alternating burgundy and white pleats, ran a few inches above the knee. Ashley's feet were encased in crystal clear stripper heels, and Emma could see the burgundy nail polish on the toes.

Emma's clothing was no more decent than Ashley's. The waist area was tight and hemline went half-way down the lower leg. Because the night gown was semi-transparent, the color and shape of Emma's yellow satin bra and panties were clearly visible.

"Go sit in one of the seats."

Emma had no idea what Ashley was trying to do, but did as she was told.

Click-clack sounds echoed in the room as Ashley walked over to the chalk board. She picked up a piece of chalk and wrote on the board: LESBIAN LESSONS.

What is she trying to do?

"Good morning, class. Guess what we're going to learn today?" Ashley looked at Emma directly in the eyes.

She wants me to play along!

"L-lesbian... sex!"

"Exactly, today we're going to learn about lesbian sex. Let's start with a review! What does a lesbian want on her pussy?"

"A-another girl's mouth!"


"A dildo!"



"There's more, but let's stick with these three for today. Now, for a live demonstration..."

Ashley positioned herself at the edge of the teacher's desk facing towards the students' desks. She crossed her legs.

"Who wants to volunteer?" Ashley pretended that it was a full classroom by sweeping her head side-to-side then suddenly fixed her gaze at Emma.

This is crazy! Emma raised her hand.

"Emma, how nice of you to volunteer. Come over here."

Emma's high heels click-clacked on the floor as she walked to the front-center of the classroom and kneeled down in front of Ashley.

"Help me pull down my panties. You can't lick my pussy if they're on."

However, Ashley kept her legs crossed. Emma was stumped, but visual images flashed in Emma's mind. She saw a pair of woman's legs crossed together just like what Ashley was doing. Red-nailed fingers caressed the black high-heeled shoes then grazed up the leg to reach the thighs. The red nails dug into skin of the thighs, and crossed thighs were pried apart by the hands to reveal the pussy. Emma found herself repeating the same actions she saw in her mind, but for some reason, Emma did something more. While holding onto Ashley's platform high heel shoe, she dragged her tongue up along Ashley's lower leg, leaving a trail of saliva behind.

"Wow, you're aggressive!" exclaimed Ashley as her thighs were being pushed apart by Emma. This time Ashley rode up her skirt.

Emma slipped her fingers into the black latex panties and pulled it down through Ashley's legs. She stared at the pussy hesitantly. Suddenly, Emma remembered about the Desensitize spell. "I almost forgot," she thought and then silently cast the spell.

An image of glossy red lips flashed in Emma's mind. They moved as they whispered.

Mmmmmmm... Yummy... yummy pussy...

"Yummy pussy," whispered Emma with a giggle. "Huh, why am I saying that?"

Lick pussy... Lesbian licker... Lesbian lover... Lick it... Lick, lick, lick, lick... You are a lesbian...

From a side view, the glossy red lips pointed upwards at an angle. A tongue came out to lick an invisible love box. That mental image replayed in a loop.

There was suddenly this strange attraction Emma felt towards the love box in front of her.

"Must be the Desensitize spell at work."

Emma's lips came into contact with Ashley's lower lips. Her hands went around the thighs beneath the cheerleading skirt to cup Ashley's butt. She could smell the feminine musk emanating from the area between the legs.

The cheerleader tilted her head back slightly and expressed her satisfaction with closed eyes as her womanhood was being pleasured.


Bending her knees slightly and crossing her lower legs, Ashley grazed the small of Emma's back with her glass-like stripper high heels. Emma squirmed at the touch of the hard crystalline heels and the warm skin of Ashley's calves. Her lips involuntarily pulled back from the moist labia, but Ashley laid her hand on Emma's head and gently pushed her back.

The cheerleader moaned as she clenched her breast through the shiny white latex. "Uhhhh..."

Over twenty five minutes had passed.

"Why is Ashley taking so long to cum?" Emma wished she could get this over with as soon as possible. The Desensitize spell had already lost its effect, but Emma had forgotten to recast it. However, she didn't really have the chance for she was magically pulled back into embracing the pleasure.

Emma's sugilite pendant glowed in a faint blue color. Whispering voices filled Emma's mind again, but she barely noticed their presence. Emma's hazy state of mind made her think that the voices were from her own conscience.

You don't want Ashley to cum yet... You want to keep resting your cheeks on Ashley's thighs... They're warm and soothing to touch... Pussy is the greatest taste you will ever experience... You will always yearn for the taste of pussy... You will always desire touching pussy...

The psychic voice kept whispering non-stop. Emma lost awareness of time. Eventually Ashley came.

Drink it all... Drink it all... Drink it all...

Emma clenched her fingers on Ashley's naked buttocks tightly. The cheerleader reciprocated by pressing her hands tighter on Emma's head.

"AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Emma, I love you!"

Tastes very good... You want more... Lick more pussy to get more of that taste... You crave female pussy juice ... Have more lesbian sex to get more of that wonderful taste...


Emma felt as if she was going to be suffocated by Ashley's thighs. When Ashley's orgasm finally ended, Emma exhaled and inhaled sharply. Her eyes looked upwards, meeting the cheerleader's blue orbs.

"Good job, my love," said Ashley as she lightly stroke Emma's head like a puppy. "You can take your hands off my butt now."

Emma's eyes widened as she immediately released her hold on Ashley's ass and retracted her arms. What was I doing? Did I space out?

Subconsciously, Emma licked the area around her lips, cleaning it of excess pussy juice. "This is just a show for Ashley," Emma explained to herself.

Ashley got off from the front side of the teacher's desk. "Help me pull my panties back up."

At this point, Emma's mind had fully cleared. She looked at the clock. "Oh no, the Desensitize spell has already expired."

Emma tried to cast the Desensitize spell silently again, but was interrupted by Ashley's voice.

"What are you waiting for Emma?" asked Ashley as she lightly grazed her burgundy nails up Emma's left upper arm.

Grasping the sides of Ashley's black latex panties, Emma slowly pulled them up through the legs. Her eyes remained focused on the area between the cheerleader's legs.

"I've just licked Ashley's pussy! My assignment is done! I could break up with her soon!"

However, Emma had this strange feeling. She felt as if Ashley's pussy was still calling to her.

"What are you stopping, Emma?" asked Ashley with a smile.

Emma snapped out of her trance and continued pulling the black panties upwards.

After a few minutes, both girls were finished dressing back in their normal clothes.

"Emma, do you want to join our school's cheerleading team?"

"I don't know any gymnastics! And, isn't it kind of late? I mean very late."

"We have an opening that needs to be filled. One of our members, Lisa, got into an accident a week ago. Her leg was injured. It would take several months for it heal fully."

"But I'm not qualified!"

"You will be. I know you've got the talent. I can train you. It'll be a lot of fun!"

Emma was fit and knew the Eagle Eye spell, but Emma wasn't sure how much that would help. However, she had no idea about the true story behind Lisa's exit from the cheerleading team.

"I need to think about this first."

"Okay, but give me your answer by tomorrow morning. There are two other girls I know who are really interested in joining the cheerleading team!"

In truth, the leg injury was a lie. It was a ploy to create an open spot in the cheerleading team. Lisa, the red headed cheerleader, had been "persuaded" by Ashley to participate in the ploy. No one else knew the truth. Even the doctor was fooled. Ashley, with assistance from Jeannie, had also manipulated some of the administrators, teachers, and students in the school to make it possible for Emma to informally join the cheerleading team.

One week ago...

The female locker room was empty except for Lisa and another cheerleader. Lisa was almost finished dressing when Ashley walked in. Once the room was clear except for the two girls, Ashley spoke, "Lisa, you did well during the game. You're getting better with your moves."

The praise wasn't something Lisa had expected from Ashley because Ashley's personality was a bit on the competitive side.

"Thank you, Ash, but you've done well too. We've all done well. Our team totally won!"

Lisa suddenly forgot worrying about Ashley's intentions.

Ashley slowly walked close to Lisa with strong eye contact. Lisa was about to put on her blouse, but was interrupted by Ashley's presence.

"Lisa, has anyone told you that you're beautiful?" Ashley said in a soothing voice as she slowly pressed her palms on the locker doors, trapping Lisa between her arms.

"Ash, can you stop fooling around? I need to get dressed!" Lisa spoke nervously while thinking of a way out. Lisa wasn't done yet, so she couldn't simply duck and rush out.

"Ugghh! Is she coming on to me?!" exclaimed Lisa in her mind. Her previous conception of Ashley was starting to shatter.

"Lisa, do you think I'm beautiful?" asked Ashley with a cute face.

"Oh my god! She really is coming on to me! Ewww, dyke!"

Lisa replied, "I'm pretty sure many guys think you're beautiful, Ashley, but I don't swing that way, not even one tiny bit, so I can't really tell!"

Lisa was hoping her reply was blunt enough for Ashley to get the message, but Ashley was unfazed.

"Really, you never thought about me? You've never fantasized about me?" asked Ashley with a slightly disappointed voice as she caressed Lisa's cheek.

Lisa was about to push Ashley away, but suddenly found herself unable to move. "What's going on? Why can't I move?!"

Ashley brushed two of her shiny burgundy nails against Lisa's left cheek before she moved close to Lisa's ear and whispered, "Because I have fantasized about you." The tip of Ashley's tongue gave a brief lick along the edge of Lisa's ear, causing Lisa to wince in disgust.

The entrapped cheerleader tried repeatedly to move her body, but it wasn't responding at all.

"I think you're lying to me. You have been fantasizing about me, but you're not admitting it. You're probably fantasizing about me right now."

"No, that's not true at all!" Lisa tried to yell, but the words came out with normal loudness.


Vivid Sapphic-themed images formed in Lisa's mind. She saw herself engaging in a deep kiss with Ashley. The image shifted and turned into a view of all the cheerleaders in her team, including herself. They were all naked in the shower room and caressing each other's bodies sensually. Lisa tried to shake away the unwanted thoughts, but could not stop the unexpected lustful emotions that flooded her body.

"You're thinking about girls now, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not!"

"What's happening to me?" Lisa shook her head in denial of those mental images.

"You can have it all, Lisa."

Ashley grabbed the hem of her burgundy and white pleated skirt with both hands and pulled it up, revealing a dark violet jelly strap-on dildo that was suspended by a crystal clear rubber harness.

Lisa looked at the dark violet strap-on in horror. The last thing she wanted to happen was to be penetrated by a sex toy worn by another girl. Despite the magically-induced rush of pleasurable feelings in her body, Lisa struggled to free herself from the invisible bonds.

In a teasing manner, Ashley unbuckled Lisa's pink belt and unzipped the fly before slipping her fingers into the waistband to pull the jeans down. Ashley slowly kneeled downward as she pulled the jeans down to the knees, grazing her lacquered nails along Lisa's thighs along the way. She stood back up and light caressed the violet strap-on with a grin.

"Need to lube it first!" Ashley giggled as she slowly the wave small bottle of clear lube in front of Lisa's face, making sure Lisa could see the pink double Venus symbols printed on the bottle.

She squirted a large drop on the dildo's tip then stroked the dildo to spread the lubricant all over, giving it a glossy sheen.

"Ashley, please don't do this! Please!"

"Don't worry, Lisa, you'll love it," said Ashley huskily as she silenced Lisa's protests with a deep kiss.

"Nooo... Mmmmmmmmmmphfff!"

At the same time Ashley kissed Lisa, she thrust her hips forward, pushing the violet strap-on into Lisa's womanhood. Lisa's labia were forced wide apart by the latex toy and the hymen fully torn. Her virginity, which Lisa had planned to give to her boyfriend over the weekend, was now being taken by Ashley, a cheerleader that Lisa disliked. The force of Ashley's thrust cause the locker doors behind Lisa's back to rattle. Lisa felt pain at the first thrust, but afterwards it was followed by great pleasure, though she denied it at first.

"Uhhh...Uhhh... Uhhh... Uhhhh... Ahhh..."

Ashley reached around Lisa's hips to grab the rounded buttocks and clenching them tightly. Saliva pooled in their mouths and dribbled over their lower lips when Ashley broke the kiss. Threads of saliva connected their moist lips, which Ashley quickly licked off.

"How are you feeling right now, Lisa?" asked Ashley without stopping the thrusting movement of her hips.

"I'm... not... feeling anything!" Lisa managed to say in between moans and pants.

"Liar," said Ashley with an accusing tone as she grabbed Lisa's breasts with both hands then squeezed them suddenly.

"Uhhhh!" Lisa's mouth opened while she moaned.

Ashley used that moment to kiss Lisa again, thrusting her tongue deep into Lisa's mouth. The straps of Lisa's white bra were pulled down roughly, causing the bra cups to lean away from the breasts. Ashley's lips began glowing in a purplish red color. The infectious glow transferred to Lisa's lips.

Lisa gasped and tilted her head back, banging on the locker lightly. Her nipples grew in size and extended, becoming like hard pencil erasers.

"Girls turn you on, Lisa. It's obvious you're a lesbian." Ashley pinched Lisa's hard nipples and twisted them. Her burgundy lacquered nails glowed brightly, and the glow transferred to Lisa's nipples.

"Uhhhh... NO!"

"Accept the truth, Lisa. There's no point in denying it now." Ashley's eyes glowed in a faint blue light as she stared straight into Lisa's eyes.

Ashley tilted her head sideways and kissed Lisa at an angle. The collision of glowing lips produced a magical flash of light. Ashley increased the tempo of her thrusts. Her hips moved back in forth with rapid speed, pushing the dark violet jelly dildo deeply into Lisa's love canal at the end of each thrust. Lisa's muffled moans soon reached a crescendo. With one last powerful thrust, Ashley sent Lisa over the edge. Ashley broke the kiss at the exact moment to let Lisa cry out her orgasm. Stars filled Lisa's vision. Her toes curled inward. The locker doors rattled as Lisa's fingers clenched tightly on the handles.

In the aftermath of Lisa's orgasm, the glow on her lips and nipples slowly faded away. Lisa's exertion during her first lesbian sex made her pant heavily afterwards. She looked at Ashley wordlessly. Strange emotions and thoughts were putting her mind into confusion.

All of the fluorescent lights suddenly flickered and went out for a few seconds before coming back on. A strange pink fog suddenly flowed into the girl's locker room. In those moments of blackout, Ashley's outfit had transformed. It now looked rubbery and had an extremely glossy sheen. It was also skimpier, revealing more of her sexy teenaged body. Ashley ran her purple nails across her sensual curves, enticing Lisa to stare. Unexpectedly, Lisa found her eyes moving without her control.

"It's your turn now."

"What's happening? Why are you dressed like that? What's going on?!" asked Lisa but her questions were ignored.

Something invisible lifted Lisa about foot upward in midair.

"Put me down!" Even though Lisa's mind was hazy, she still was aware enough to know that she wasn't supposed to float in midair like this.

The laces on Lisa's shoes automatically untied themselves before the shoes and socks came off on their own. The invisible force also completely took of Lisa's jeans, panties, and bra before gently putting Lisa back down on the ground.

The dark violet strap-on began moving automatically. Its transparent rubber harness loosened itself from Ashley's waist. There was a tiny gush of juice when one end of the dildo exited Ashley's pussy and floated in mid-air. It turned around and hovered towards Lisa's crotch. Even in her hazy state of mind, Lisa knew what was about to happen as the strap-on magically attached itself to her hips. She gasped when the wearer's end of the strap-on dildo inserted into her pussy with squishy sounds.

Lisa felt an invisible force compelling her to move her lower body in a copulating position with Ashley. Her arms and legs moved on their own in position to fuck Ashley's pussy. "What am I doing?"

"You're fucking Ashley, like what you've always wanted..."

Images flashed in Lisa's mind. It was cheerleading practice. She saw herself ogling at Ashley's chest from a distance. During the formation of the cheerleading pyramid, she was eyeing up Ashley's skirt. They were memories mixed with fantasy, but Lisa hazy mind was confused about what was fact and what was fiction.

Words came out of Ashley's mouth that weren't her own. "Oh, Ashley. I can't believe I would get this chance to fuck you."

"You should've asked me earlier. I had no idea that you're interested in me in that way."

Lisa had no way of stopping the embarrassing words that she was forced to say without her control.

"Now you know I am."

"Gosh, Lisa, I wouldn't mind, but what about your boyfriend?"

"Fuck him, I'm a lesbian now."

Lisa was literally screaming inside her mind, but she was powerless to stop the magical force. Ashley was lying back on the bench and, using her forefinger, beckoned Lisa to proceed. Lisa placed one knee on the bench, leaned forward, and aimed the dark violet dildo at the entrance of Ashley's shaved pussy that was revealed after Ashley pulled the front part of her black latex panties aside. Lisa suddenly stopped at the moment before the strap-on was about to go in.

The pink fog was becoming thicker. Lisa could barely see the lockers in front of her now.

"What are you waiting for, Lisa? Fuck me!" Ashley exclaimed as her eyes glowed in a faint blue color.

In an instant, the last of Lisa's physical resistance was shattered. She inserted the full length of the translucent violet dildo into Ashley's pussy.

"Uhhhhh..." Ashley moaned with closed eyes as she arched her back. Her long blonde hair spilled over the edges of the bench.

"Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me..." Ashley repeated her words telepathically inside Lisa's mind.

Grabbing the edges of the bench for support, Lisa moved her hips in diagonal motions as she fucked Ashley repeatedly with the dark violet strap-on. The rubbing of their thighs together gave Lisa pleasurable tingling sensations.

Ashley grabbed Lisa's breasts and squeezed them before pinching them with her magically glowing finger nails. She then raised her glowing purplish red lips and sucked hungrily on the nipple, causing it to glow just like Ashley's lips. Ashley repeated the action on the other nipple.

"Kiss me..." whispered Ashley in Lisa's mind.

Lisa lowered her head and kissed Ashley energetically. The kiss was passionate and deep. Their lips separated a short distance during the kiss as their tongues wrestle each other. Lisa's lips and tongue acquired the same purplish red glow as Ashley's.

"MMmmm... Yummy lesbian kiss..."

The extremely shiny white latex of Ashley's cheerleading uniform rubbed Lisa's skin.

"Kiss my breasts..." The image of a white latex-covered breast with a red lipstick mark appeared in Lisa's mental vision.

Lisa moved her head to Ashley's chest and kissed her breast through the high-gloss white latex that molded the form of Ashley's breasts perfectly. A purplish red bump suddenly appeared at the center of each latex-covered breast and was growing in size. Oily blue fluid oozed from the latex nipple in small amounts. Lisa looked at the strange growth curiously.

"MMmmm... Yummy lesbian milk..."

Lowering her lips, Lisa sucked on the nipple. The fluid tasted deliciously sweet like grapes and blueberries. She kept sucking on the nipple. Suddenly, the rubber harness contracted around Lisa's hips.


"Fuck Ashley harder..." whispered a strange woman's voice.

The fit of the strap-on harness became tighter, becoming almost like transparent second skin. A portion of the harness was sucked into Lisa's ass crack. The speed of Lisa's hip thrusting movements increased. Ashley wrapped her thighs around Lisa's hips. Her toenails glowed in a reddish purple color. The thickness of the pink fog was slowly increasing.


Lisa kissed Ashley deeply on the lips. Their magically glowing lips cast visible rays of light into the fog. Ashley reached a sexual climax. She tightened the pressure of her legs around Lisa's thighs. The strap-on around Lisa's hips disappeared in a cloud of sparkles.

A brief period of lucidity came to Lisa. She walked backwards away from Ashley. Her emotions were in turmoil.

"What have I done? Why am I feeling like this? What's going on?"

She slammed her back on the lockers and slid down all the way to the concrete floor on her rump.

Ashley casually walked up to Lisa and kneeled down. Her white and burgundy latex uniform glistened under the pink ambient light.

The wicked cheerleader whispered into Lisa's right ear, "Do you love me now?"

There suddenly appeared a clone of Ashley on Lisa's left side. The clone whispered, "Are you a lesbian now?"

The questions repeated, but the Ashley who asked the same question was different.

"Nooo... I'm so confused!"

"You won't be anymore..." said both the real and illusory Ashley.

The thickness of the pink fog increased to the point where Lisa couldn't see anything in front of her, not even her own hands. After several moments passed, the fog retreated back a bit. Ashley was gone. Lisa also found herself in a strange place. The floor felt different. It wasn't concrete, but smooth black marble. The ceiling was of the same material, but with strange designs on it Ashley couldn't make out. Thick, white marble pillars stood evenly spaced around her.

A lavender-colored spherical object was floating in mid-air. It looked shiny and wet. Lisa could only stare at the strange object as it floated slowly towards her. Suddenly, Lisa realized that she needed to escape. But, before Lisa could do anything, the lavender sphere slammed onto her chest. Lisa buried her fingers into the flattened sphere in attempt to push it away, but her effort was useless. The sphere slowly melted and spread across all over her body. She tried to scream, but the thick lavender-colored liquid quickly filled her mouth and muffled her voice. Even her physical struggles were slowly being restrained by the strange latex-like substance.

Lisa's body was fully encased in a magical latex-like substance, covering her body like a second skin. It transformed her cheerleading uniform into a perverse and erotic version of the original. Every individual strand of her red hair was covered in magical lavender-colored latex. Her eyes were coated with a glowing blue layer, hiding the pupils beneath. The magical liquid substance then invaded the inside of her body through all available orifices: her mouth, ears, vagina, and ass. The interior cavities of her body were filled with magical latex, changing her body chemistry.

A metallic sphere appeared. It had a perfectly rounded shape with a chrome-like surface. Glowing blue runes suddenly appeared all over it, followed by lines. The sphere opened up like a blossoming flower with many petals. A neon-blue column of light rose up. Three transparent crystalline tentacles rose from the center and aimed towards Lisa. The latex-covered head of the girl shook left and right, indicating her consciousness was still struggling from being transformed.

The tentacles dashed towards the orifices of the girl. One tentacle entered through the mouth forcefully and travelled down the latex-covered esophagus until it reached the stomach. The second tentacle entered through the vagina and didn't stop until it reached the uterus. Finally, the third tentacle forced itself through the anus and slowly travelled along the intestines until it reached the stomach.

A sparkly neon blue liquid welled up from the sphere and travelled along the three the tentacles. It completely filled Lisa's insides. Excess magic fluid overflowed from her lips, pussy, and anus. Small tendrils sprouted from the tentacle that filled up her vagina and raced along the fallopian tubes before stopping at the ovaries to deliver its magical blue fluid of corruption.

Lisa's original consciousness appeared again to gain temporary control. She struggled feebly against the tentacles and the force that was keeping her in place. Her useless cries were muffled. The magical blue fluid then began to take effect, causing an intense feeling of arousal that overwhelmed her body, forcing her consciousness into sexual submission.

After their job was done, the tentacles retracted back into the metallic sphere. The force that held Lisa in place relaxed. Lisa collapsed on the ground on her fours. Her latex-covered nipples extended and her pussy was overflowing with the liquid of arousal. Instinctually, her hands went to stroke her erogenous zones, but it wasn't enough.

"Fuck... me..." Lisa pleaded through lavender latex-covered lips. Her glowing blue eyes brightened with intensity.

"Fuck... me... please!"

"FUCK ME!" Lisa screamed.

Answering her call, the sphere flashed repeatedly as it transformed into the shape of an ideal woman. Once it completed its transformation, the chrome woman hovered in front of Lisa with an expressionless face. Its glowing blue eyes stared at Lisa without emotion. The only part of it that was in motion was its wavy metallic hair that moved without wind.

Lisa reached with her latex-covered hand towards the metallic female shape. She rose on her own strength to get closer to the object that would grant her sexual pleasure and relief. Without warning, the chrome woman dashed forward to embrace Lisa tightly. Chrome lips meet latex lips. The chrome woman's kiss was deliberate and methodical, and void of emotion. In contrast, when Lisa kissed back against the metallic lips, Lisa's sexual desperation made her kiss extremely forceful. Her latex-covered tongue extended as far as it would allow during the kiss, tasting the aphrodisiac-tainted magical saliva and thus enhancing her sexual arousal even further. Lisa's glossy lavender latex-coated arms wrapped tightly around her sexual partner's back, pushing their breasts tightly together. The compression caused bluish magical fluid to leak from teen cheerleader's breasts, which was still undergoing transformation. Normal human milk would never be produced. In its place would be the production of an addictive liquid that would corrupt any female that drank enough of it into lesbianism.

The emotionless chrome woman eventually pushed Lisa away. Yearning for the kiss to continuation and for more sexual stimulation, Lisa thrust her lips forward while wriggling her tongue in hopes of tasting more of her. Following its instructions, the metallic woman rubbed its clit with its chrome fingers. The lower lips parted, revealing the glowing blue interior. Lisa's glowing blue eyes stared at the opened pussy with intense sexual hunger. She immediately lowered herself to her knees and began licking the metal pussy with her latex-covered tongue.


However, the chrome woman's current directive wasn't oral sex. A smooth chrome phallus emerged from the woman's lower lips and grew until it was eight inches long. It was sparkling non-stop on the shiny metallic surface.

Lisa sat on her behind with her legs spread, eager to receive the magical phallus. Powerful sexual magic continued to corrupt her mind. "Put it inside me now! Fuck me with it! FUCK ME!"

"Lubricate it first," the chrome woman said emotionlessly.

The teenage girl got back on her knees and began lubricating the chrome phallus sloppily with her tongue and lips. The magical phallus flashed brightly as it continued to be activated. Once it was time, Lisa felt metallic hands on her shoulders and pushing her down on her back. The corrupted cheerleader focused her eyes on the chrome phallus as it slowly entered into her teenage pussy.


Lisa moaned intensely as the initial jolt opened the way to intense physical pleasure. Chrome fingers squeezed Lisa's pliable breasts with great force. The slow rhythm of the first dozen thrusts quickly increased to rapid speed. Lisa's moaning was silenced with a powerful kiss. Instinctively, Lisa wrapped her lavender latex-clad legs around her sexual partner's hips. It didn't take long for Lisa to reach an intense orgasm.

"More... More... I NEED MORE!" Lisa exclaimed when the chrome lady pulled away. Lisa got on her fours and pulled her dripping wet pussy lips apart, inviting the chrome lady to fuck her again. However, the soulless doll had no intention of stopping yet. This time the chrome woman aimed her metallic chrome phallus into Lisa's ass. Lisa grunted as her anus widened suddenly as the phallus slowly pushed inward to fill up her rectum. The tip of the chrome phallus squirted a clear lubricating gel in large amounts.

"Ugghh... Ahhhh... Not in there! NO!"

The chrome lady held onto Lisa's waists as she continued pounding her ass mercilessly with the chrome phallus. Overflowing clear lube oozed from Lisa's ass and flowed down her latex-covered thighs. Lisa was forced to tilt her head back when the chrome woman pulled on her lavender latex-infused hair. Suddenly, Lisa felt the phallus exit her ass, producing squishy sounds in the process. She turned her head around and noticed the chrome woman was gone from her sight.

There was a brilliant flash, followed by a loud rumble. Lisa turned her head to the front again. A golden sarcophagus materialized. The lid of the sarcophagus flew opened. A female mummy floated upwards and stood erect. Its silver-threaded bandages automatically unwrapped, revealing beautiful princess inside, who looked very much alive. She was dressed in a sheer white dress and golden jewelry. Glossy smooth black hair flowed down her back.

A brief moment of awareness came back to Lisa. She looked at the strange woman with apprehension.

"Who is she? Where am I? What am I doing here?"

Lisa's eyes appraised the Egyptian princess from the golden sandal-encased feet upward to her flawless, smooth face. The golden uraeus glowed when Lisa's eyes found the crown and inevitably locked onto the glowing red eyes of the serpent.

Lesbian pleasure... Lesbian desire... Lesbian copulation...

In an instant, Lisa's latex-covered nipples hardened and a surge of wetness poured from the teenage girl's pussy. She wanted to have sex with Egyptian princess desperately.

The kohl-covered eyes of the princess appraised Lisa without emotion before parting her ruby-red lips slightly. A vicious snake with metallic black scales wriggled out from the princess' mouth with rapid speed and went immediately pass Lisa's lips into her mouth and down her throat. The cheerleader felt her body lifted upwards. Her breasts suddenly felt full. They were expanding slowly from a C-cup to a D-cup. Blue liquid sprayed heavily from her latex nipples. Amplified by the princess' magic, the magical milk sparkled brilliantly, turning into countless glittering specks as the droplets landed on the ground. The surge of intense feelings forced Lisa to moan into the snake.

Once the black snake slid deep enough down Lisa's latex-infused esophagus, it sprayed a powerful combination of potent aphrodisiac and magical corruptive fluid. The snake in her mouth forced Lisa to maintain eye contact with the Egyptian princess.

Give in to me... I'll provide you with endless pleasure...

Inside her mind, Lisa was dressed in her cheerleading uniform, looking like a normal cheerleading girl. She was in an embrace with the Egyptian princess. They were kissing each other in a strange room with walls and sculptures of alabaster.

Not to be left out of the action, the chrome lady lowered her face to Lisa's latex-covered ass and parted the cheeks with her metallic fingers before pleasuring Lisa's ass with her liquid metal tongue, causing the cheerleader to feel full in her insides as the tongue swung about madly in her rectum in all directions.

Slowly, the Egyptian princess parted her sheer skirt, revealing a brilliant gold and silver thong beneath. The gems of lapis lazuli and green feldspar on the thong glowed intensely before garment disappeared entirely, revealing a hairless pussy. A glint appeared between the labia. A golden snake surged out and wriggled violently into Lisa's vagina. Its smooth scales shined brilliantly as it moved in wavy motions. Because the golden snake was large, it stretched her pussy enough to be painful. Its forked red tongue transformed into two tendrils that reached in opposite directions to Lisa's ovaries, further corrupting her reproductive system.

Ever closer the princess walked to Lisa, who was still floating in midair, until their pussy lips touched and the golden snake completely hidden from view. Lisa's pussy was pounded so strongly that her belly became distended repeatedly. The head of the golden snake had reached up to Lisa's uterus. It sprayed its load of golden corruptive fluid, furthering Lisa's sexual corruption.

Lisa moaned through the snake in her mouth when she orgasmed. Her latex-infused lungs were breathing heavily. She was fully satisfied with the sex, but the princess was far from done with fucking her. There was one more hole for the princess to violate.

The black snaked retreated from Lisa's mouth and went back down the Egyptian princess' throat. The golden snake also retreated back into the princess' body. There was a gush of gold fluid when it exited Lisa's lavender latex-covered pussy. Lisa's hips was held in place by the chrome lady's hands, who was still licking Lisa's anus. Clear lube was pouring from the hole in heavy amounts.

All of a sudden, the princess' sheer white dress broke into long, wavy straps that wrapped tightly around Lisa, as if preventing her from escape. She grunted under the pain of compression. The Egyptian princess gasped as her anal opening dilated. A silver-scaled snake rushed out from her anus with a slurping sound and flew into a curve behind the chrome lady's ass. It went all the way through her liquid metal body and out from her mouth before entering Lisa's anus. The cheerleader groaned at the painful intrusion, but the silver snake didn't stop until it wriggled all the way to her stomach. There was a powerful crackling of magical energy when Lisa went over the edge in the most intense orgasm that she had ever received. Repeating surges of corruptive magic power poured into her body while she cried out in extreme pleasure.

Lisa's lavender latex-covered body was lying sloppily on the black marble floor. She was exhausted from the intense sex. "I'm... tired..." said Lisa through latex-covered lips.

Looks like you need more...

The Egyptian princess walked up to Lisa and stared at her with glowing blue eyes. Lisa was unable to look away from both the glowing eyes of the princess and the ruby red eyes of the snake on the uraeus.

You need more lesbian sex... You want more lesbian sex... You can't live without it...

Lisa moaned as her nipples and clit swelled. "Uhhhhhhhhh..."

Long straps of white satin cloth wrapped themselves around Lisa's limbs and lifted her upwards. Her legs were stretched wide apart. The naked Egyptian princess grabbed Lisa's thighs and slammed her crotch against Lisa's. In smooth gyrating motions, the princess smeared her love juice on Lisa's pussy. Lisa's latex-covered toes curled in pleasure.

"Uhhh... Ohhh... Uhhhh..."

The princess' labia parted as the golden snake slid out and assumed the shape of a phallus.


The golden snake went into Lisa's love canal with great force. There were squishy sounds as the snake slid against the lavender latex-covered walls of Lisa's vagina in a rapid piston-like action. The princess moved her hips rapidly, making the snake go even further into Lisa's pussy.

Lisa couldn't stop staring into the Egyptian princess' glowing blue eyes as the black snake exited pass the princess' glossy red lips.

Open you mouth...

Lisa's mouth opened up in an O-shape. The black snake slid into Lisa's mouth without resistance and kept moving.

In Lisa's mind, the princess was sitting on a golden throne wearing a sheer white satin dress. Lisa, dressed in her cheerleading uniform, walked up close to the princess and knelt down. There was a bulge on the skirt as the golden snake came out from the pussy. Ashley kissed the head of the golden snake with her lavender lipsticked lips before sliding her tongue against the snake's length several times. She then took it into her mouth.

Meanwhile, in the physical world, Lisa's throat was pulsating. The snake had gone down her esophagus pass her stomach, and was now navigating through her small intestines. Lisa's womanhood was still being continuously pounded mercilessly by the golden snake. Golden fluid overflowing from Lisa's pussy and going down her thighs before dripping to the marble floor.

Back in the dream world, golden fluid sprayed inside Lisa's mouth. She had just swallowed the cum that had ejected from the golden snake. Lisa licked around her lips to clean off the excess. The snake exited Lisa's mouth and curved up with in an almost ninety degree angle. Lisa got up and placed her legs over the arm rests of the throne before sitting on the golden snake. The cheerleader kissed the Egyptian princess as she slowly lowered herself onto the golden snake, letting it enter her womanhood inch-by-inch...

The black snake had reached Lisa's large intestine. Behind Lisa was the chrome lady. She was holding one of her chrome breasts and pressing the hard nipple against Lisa's latex anus, spraying neon blue milk into her rectum. The silver snake had exited completely from the princess and wrapped itself around Lisa's right leg. It flicked its tongue on Lisa's latex-covered ass near the anus. Two smaller silver snakes had also exited the princess' anus. They slithered up Lisa's legs and waist before coiling themselves tightly around Lisa's breasts.

"Uhhhhh... Uhhhhh..." moaned Lisa as the twin silver snakes applied pressure, enough to cause neon blue milk to spray out from the nipples.

The two snakes bit on Lisa's nipples and drained the corruptive blue milk from the breasts, relieving Lisa of the painful pressure of having too much milk. There were squeaky sounds as the silver snakes coiled and uncoiled repeatedly to simulate a pair of hands squeezing the latex-covered breasts.

Lisa couldn't tell what was happening inside her mind and what wasn't. She was back on the Egyptian princess' lap with her legs draped over the arm rests of the throne. Her body was moving up and down as Lisa fucked herself on the upward pointing golden snake that was protruding from beneath the white satin skirt of the princess. Lisa's arms were wrapped around the princess' neck. They were engaged in a deep passionate kiss. Glossy lavender lips mashed tightly against glossy red lips.

Endless lesbian pleasure... This is what you want... This is what you aim for with every pretty female...

Red-nailed fingers slipped beneath the neckline of Lisa's top to feel her breasts.

Become a lesbian whore... Become a lesbian seductress...

Another hand squeezed Lisa's ass, clenching one ass cheek tightly with its shiny red nails. Two fingers inserted into Lisa's anus.

Seduce Emma... Make Emma a lesbian... Become Emma's lover...

Glossy black fluid leaked from Lisa's dilated anus as the head of the black snake came out. The chrome lady grabbed Lisa's lavender latex-covered buttocks tightly and opened her mouth wide to receive the black snake. Lisa groaned at the slow exit of the snake from her ass. Once the black snake was completely out, the Egyptian princess thrust her hips one last time, pushing the golden snake deep into Lisa's womanhood and uterus, sending her over the edge. At the same moment, the golden snake glowed. Lisa's latex-covered body flashed brilliantly purple as the powerful orgasm surged through her.

The seeds of change had been planted. Already Lisa's mind and body was changing rapidly. Within a week, she would become fully transformed into a powerful magical lesbian seductress with an insatiable appetite for female-female sex and only sex of that kind. Her nymphomania would become so intense that she won't be able survive without frequent lesbian sexual activity.

When Lisa reopened her eyes, she found herself naked and lying on the bench next to her locker. Her body was hot and sweaty from the previous sexual exertions. Though she had undergone over two hours of magical sexual modification and vigorous sexual activity, barely a minute had passed in the real world. Time passed much more slowly in phased space. Lisa felt her head being lightly stroked by Ashley's fingers.

"How was it?"

Lisa stood up. The beads of sweat on her body sparkled. She was short of breath, but managed to reply, "I loved it. It was the best experience ever!"

"Want to experience more?" Ashley casually groped Lisa's breast and pinched her nipple.

Already, Lisa was having wicked thoughts of fucking Ashley and the other girls of cheerleading squad. Erotic lesbian fantasies would occupy her mind in her idle moments from now on.

"Yes, more! I want more!" In an instant, Lisa's nipples hardened and her pussy got wet. Her lips moved automatically to kiss Ashley, but stopped when Ashley placed her hands on her shoulders.

"Then you'll need to do as I say. First, you'll need to break up with your boyfriend..."

From her duffel bag, Ashley pulled out a ruby red gyrating dildo.


Lisa was sitting on the toilet seat of the girls' restroom at school. She had just cum from watching with her enchanted folding make-up mirror the erotic action between Ashley and Emma in the abandoned classroom. Her turquoise blue satin panties were pulled half-way down her thighs. After pulling her hand from her pussy, she raised her fingers to her lips and licked off the pussy juices, one finger at a time.

"Emma, I want you."


  1. I loved it please write more soon..... when does the next brainy teen come out?

  2. First of all, I really enjoy this series a lot, both Brainy Teen, and Silver witch. If you publish these as e-books in the itunes store, I'll be happy to purchase and read them in ibooks. I assume thats only allowed if its clear the characters are not minors, so you may need to rewrite the stories a little for that, but high school settings might easily transfer to college instead. I'm particularly excited to see the characters develop such strongly incestous relationships with their mothers.

    Now, something about brainy teen is really nagging at me. If Serena and Sarah really think the world is better off without men, how does humanity continue reproducing without male fertilization? I understand that sperm banks might explain it, but they would still need to be replenished. So has Serena discovered some kind of body modification mutation treatment that allows transformed women become hermaphrodites, allowing them to fertilize each other? Has Hecate perfected cloning? Are Serena's(or lillith's, assuming that continues as was introduced) followers going to be able to exchange DNA in some fashion that allows the fluids to fertilize their eggs inside their wombs? Are women going to use some kind of genetically engineered implanted artificial male organ, or a symbiotic creature that fulfills that role, while living inside the host woman's body? Are men going to be transformed into something that women would not need to be concerned for, except for retrieving the sperm?

    Concerning Candice in Silver Witch, I suspect you're leading up to her "switching sides" in magic, becoming Galatea's eventual willing spy in the academy, perhaps even later to a conquest of beginning an enslavement of Katrina to the silver witch. I find that exciting too, I'll be quite happy to read it. I'm kind of wondering about how Emma's relationships with other girls, like sophia, her mother possibly, and with other students will start progressing after chapter 10. It seems like now Emma's heterosexuality is all but eroded completely now, and that it will be gone for good when she starts trying to actively seduce more girls to Galatea

    1. Yes, I'm planning to revise both stories in the future and possibly publishing them as ebooks. I'm not sure if the age of the characters is a problem. The policy might vary for each ebook store.

      I haven't defined Serena's and Sarah's views on the sexes in the story nor their long term goals other than converting females to lesbianism. I don't think it's necessary at this point. It's going to make the story too complex. The story is mainly about lesbian mind control on specific characters. I've made no implications in the story regarding how Serena or Sarah view males in general or their end game. However, I could do a sequel or spin-off that puts focus the goals of Hecate and how reproduction is going to be handled.

      Silver Witch is pretty much going in the direction in you're expecting. Emma's being trained in becoming a lesbian seductress using magic to actively seduce other females. Family and social relations won't be barriers. Galatea will see to it.