Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brainy Teen (chapter 17)

Right after school, Wendy texted Sarah and Madelynn to see if they're free this afternoon, but they both replied that they were busy. Lauren called Wendy suddenly, saying that she can't meet up with her because of a sudden errand. Sarah hadn't given her any assignments yet. Wendy was instinctively trying to find an excuse to not visit the address. It wasn't that she didn't trust Cynthia. It was just that it was a huge unknown, and she was a little worried. Eventually, Wendy decided that it was too important not to go.

The place was a Victorian-style house painted in navy blue and white. It didn't stand out much from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. Wendy pressed the doorbell one time and waited. A girl with matted shoulder-length ash blond hair opened the door. She was wearing a teal satin bathrobe and lavender slippers.

"Hello, what's the password?"

"Password? Cynthia told me to come here."

"Oh, you must be the new member! Come on in!"

Wendy was literally pulled through the door. As she was being led through the hallway, Wendy's eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. She noticed that the girl's nails were painted with red lacquer. They stopped at the living room.

"Wait here, I'll go get Cynthia."

Wendy heard constant moaning and kissing sounds. There were sounds of slapping, slurping, and giggling. A faint smell of cigarette smoke and perfume tickled Wendy's nostrils.

"What is this place? What's going on?"

Suddenly, a lamp was turned on. The scene that greeted Wendy shocked her. There were many girls in all states of undress paired with each other and having sex or making out on chairs, sofas, or on the carpeted floor. At least one pair of girls was tribbing. Another pair was doing a sixty-nine. Yet another pair was fucking with a pink strap-on dildo. Somewhere engaged sexually in a three-way or four-way. Dildos, strap-ons, double dildos, vibrators, anal beads, and other sex toys were scattered on glass tables. Various bottles of lube and oil were scattered on the floor or seats.

A lone Goth girl with a pageboy-style haircut took noticed of Wendy and walked up to her with a cigarette dangling between her fingers. She had glossy black hair, black eye shadow, glossy blue lips and nails. Around her neck was a choker with a chrome double-Venus symbol in front. A shiny black latex bra held up her breasts, and Wendy noticed the enormous cleavage. Below that on the navel was a silver belly piercing with a dangling blue Sapphire gem. Further below, to Wendy's shock, was a thick 10-inch strap-on mounted on a black latex harness. It was transparent blue and slightly curved upwards. A wet sheen on the dildo indicated that it might have just been used.

"Hey babe, wanna fuck?" asked the Goth girl seductively in a husky tone as she exhaled a plume of cigarette smoke in front of Wendy's face. The Goth girl licked around her glossy lips, revealing to Wendy her shiny tongue piercing.

The word "slut" screamed in Wendy's head. Wendy was too shocked to say anything and started to run for the exit, but the teenage girl in the teal bathrobe blocked the front door.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I want to leave. This place isn't for me."

"You can't."


"WENDY!" exclaimed Cynthia at the end of the hallway.

Wendy turned around. Cynthia was in her school clothes, but her upper body was naked. Both of her nipples were very wet-looking and there were lipstick marks all over her neck, chest, and belly.

"Sorry, Cynthia, I can't do this." Wendy ducked beneath the girl in the bathrobe and rushed out from the front door.

Wendy stopped running after she reached the end of the street. She slowed down to a very sluggish pace. Cynthia eventually caught up with Wendy.

"Wendy, why did you leave?"

"That place is not for me. Those girls were-"

"Fucking each other and enjoying themselves," Cynthia finished for Wendy.


"Didn't you do the same with Sarah, with Madelynn, with ME?"

The exact truth of the statement stunned Wendy.

"But they're different. We're just practicing..."

"Which is still fucking," Cynthia said a matter-of-factly.

"Cynthia, I don't know them. I don't want to go too far. I don't want be a slut."

"Then you'll need to get to know them, Wendy."

"But this is different. It's not the same as-"

"Wendy, didn't you said to me you were willing to step it up? Why are you backing out now? Do your promises mean anything?"

Wendy remembered her promise to Sarah. She wanted to say something, but the words were caught in her throat.

Cynthia's face became very solemn. "I am very disappointed in you, Wendy. You're a liar and hypocrite. No wonder Daniel didn't choose you."

Without giving Wendy a chance to respond, Cynthia walked hastily away.

"No, Cynthia. It's not like that! Cynthia... Cynthia!"

Cynthia ignored Wendy, knowing that she'll follow her. She kept ignoring Wendy until they were both right outside the blue house.

"Last chance, Wendy. Do you want to step it up or give up?" Cynthia paused for effect before saying, "Remember, Wendy, once you give up, you'll lose everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING!" Cynthia touched her own pendant and grabbed the double Venus symbols roughly.

"I want to step it up," Wendy said slowly with downcast eyes.

Cynthia opened up her red bathrobe, revealing the lipstick marks all over her naked upper body.


"Kiss my breast."

"Here, right now?"


"But, other people might see!"

There was currently no people around, but a car might drive by at any moment.

"Too afraid to risk it? Fine then!" Cynthia closed her bathrobe.

"No, Cynthia, I'll do it!"

Cynthia opened her bathrobe again. Wendy immediately kissed Cynthia on her right breast. When she tried to pull away, Cynthia said, "No, not until it's hard. Keep at it."


Wendy's active sucking quickly made Cynthia's nipples erect.

"You may stop now, Wendy."

Cynthia closed her bathrobe.

"Sorry about that. I was just trying to see how determined you were. Now, let's go back in."

Both girls walked back in the house while holding hands. Cynthia could still sense hesitation in Wendy's steps.

"Time for Plan B," Cynthia spoke silently to herself.

"Wendy, it's alright. I'll be with you all the way. I won't make you do anything you don't want to do. Trust me, alright?"

"Okay, Cynthia, I trust you."

Instead of going through the living room, Cynthia took Wendy up the stairs to a private room. Wendy could hear faint feminine moans through the walls as she walked. The main colors of the room were pink and white: pink walls, white ceiling, white carpet, white furniture, and pink fabrics. The most noticeable feature was a vanity with fancy makeup of all sorts. There was nothing immediately sexual about the room that was obviously designed for girls. However, there were secrets in the room that Wendy didn't know about. Hidden cameras were recording everything that was occurring from all angles.

Cynthia sat on the bed and did nothing. Wendy sat next to Cynthia, unsure of what to do next.

"Wow, this is so boring," Cynthia said sarcastically.

Initiator... Be the initiator... Start sexual situations... Be a lesbian...

Wendy scooted over and kissed Cynthia's cheek.

"Wendy, what are you doing?"

"I-I want to do it with you."

"Of course you do, Wendy, but sex isn't exactly what this place is about."

"It isn't?"

"Yes, you've jumped to conclusions. I was going to explain everything to you clearly, but you rushed out."

"I'm sorry."

"It's alright. I would probably react the same way if I were you. Now, for starters, this is the Twin Venus Club."

"I've heard people in school mentioning secret clubs, but I thought they were just joking around."

"But this one is the real deal, Wendy. It's a place of female sexual freedom and education."

It didn't really make sense to Wendy at first.

"Women and girls here are free to have sex with each other in any way they choose without consequences and also learn all there is about female-on-female sex, romance, seduction, and lesbian lifestyle."

"Then it's basically a sex club!"

"You're oversimplifying it, Wendy. Yes, this club involves sex, but more importantly, you get to try out new experiences and learn from them, without consequences and restraints."

"So, it's like a place where we get to experiment and try out new things."

"Pretty much, and we don't need to worry about anything because what happens here remains a secret to the outside world. However, you have to make a choice on how far you want to go."

Wendy now understood why Cynthia told her to come to this place. She was going to learn more about lesbianism, which would help her seduce Lauren.

"So, Wendy, how far do you want to go?"

"I want to go... all the way," Wendy said softly. Despite saying that, Wendy was still unsure. She felt like she was repeating a line, but felt obligated to do it. She had made a promise to Sarah, and it was part of the plan.

There was a knock on the door.

"Oh, here comes the refreshments!"

A raven-haired girl in a skimpy maid outfit brought in two drinks on a tray. She smiled at the girls while putting two subtly different glass cups on the table before leaving. They looked like ordinary grape juice.

Cynthia was first to choose a glass. It had a special identifying mark that only she noticed. Once Wendy finished her drink, it didn't take long for the drug to affect her. Wendy was still mostly alert, but the drug suppressed any inhibitions that she might have.

Noticing that Wendy was out of it, Cynthia leaned in close to her until their shoulders touched, then whispered into her ear, "We're going have sex, Wendy."


"A girl would then come join in later for a threesome."

"We're going to do it with another girl?"

"It's totally necessary. You need a wide range of sexual experiences as a lesbian in order to become a better lesbian. Don't worry, I'll be by your side. Nothing bad would happen. You'll be safe."

Wendy gulped, but she knew she had to do it. The only way to beat Lauren in the game was to step it up. She had made a promise to Sarah on not to give up. There was no reason for her to worry. This place was a secret. No one outside of this house would know what she was doing here.

"Let's begin, Wendy."

Cynthia kissed Wendy directly on the lips. Wendy was surprised by Cynthia's quickness, but relaxed and wrapped her hands around Cynthia's waist. Cynthia's tongue pushed passed Wendy's lips and rubbed against the teeth. Wendy opened her mouth and let Cynthia's aggressive tongue in.

"Mmmmphfff... Mmmmm..."

When Cynthia broke the kiss, there was a saliva thread connecting their lips. Cynthia smiled at Wendy and licked the excess saliva on her lips. She then arched her back and thrust her chest outward.

"Help me take off my bathrobe. My breasts need attention. They want a lesbian to play with them."

Wendy's hands moved forward to undo the soft belt. She then placed her fingers on the neckline and gently opened up the robe, exposing Cynthia's breasts. The multiple lipstick marks of different colors were still there. Wendy's heart was beating fast. She closed her eyes and placed her wrapped her lips around the erect left nipple.

Cynthia tilted her hand back in pleasure. "MMmmm... That's it, Wendy... Keep sucking on it..."

Wendy continued taking Cynthia's red robe off, pulling it through the arms. Once it was off, Wendy embraced Cynthia. Her lacquered nails gently grazed Cynthia's naked back as she caressed it. Cynthia placed her hand over Wendy's crotch and rubbed it through the denim. "You're getting better, Wendy."

Just as Wendy was about to switch to Cynthia's other breast, the door creaked opened, causing Wendy to stop her actions and turn around.

"Looks like you girls started without me," said the girl jokingly.

"No, Tamara, you've arrived just in time," Cynthia replied.

Wendy noticed that Tamara was the same girl who answered the front door of the house, but the she was dressed differently this time. Tamara wore shiny teal-colored high heels, white thigh-high stockings, a satin teal-colored baby doll negligee with white lacing, a V-neck, spaghetti straps, a teal built-in bra, and a matching satin thong. Her midriff was exposed. A zircon gem hung from Tamara's belly ring. Moving up to her face, Wendy saw that Tamara had retouched her makeup. Her lips were glossy, crimson red. Her eyes were layered with glittery blue eye shadow, and lined black. Her eyelashes were thickened and curled with black mascara. She smiled warmly at Wendy, then took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled. The smell of the smoke was familiar to Wendy, but she couldn't immediately remember where she had noticed the smell before.

As Wendy was eyeing Tamara, Cynthia lightly stroked Wendy's pussy and whispered into her ear, "Do like her, Wendy?"

"I think she looks kind of cute..."

Wendy noticed the necklace around Tamara's neck as Tamara walked closer.

"She wears that necklace too!" Wendy exclaimed in her mind when she noticed the glinting double Venus pendant.

"Well, what are you waiting for, Wendy?"

Be the initiator... When you see the double Venus symbol, you're in lesbian mode...

Wendy got up and walked up to Tamara. She had a feeling she saw her somewhere before. In reality, Tamara was actually Tara's sister.

"Hello, I'm Wen- Mmppfff..."

Without warning, Tamara embraced Wendy tightly and kissed her forcibly. After a brief moment of resistance, Wendy stopped struggling after reminding herself why she was at the place: she needed to expand her lesbian horizons. Wendy reciprocated Tamara's hug and kiss. It didn't really matter to Tamara what Wendy's reaction was though, because Tamara had on a special red lipstick. Wendy was going to be relaxed no matter what. Tamara wasn't going to let go until the special lipstick did its trick. It contained a strong aphrodisiac and a drug that made Wendy vulnerable to suggestions. While Tamara was still kissing Wendy, Cynthia got up and took off the rest of her clothes. She then hugged Wendy from behind, further encouraging Wendy to kiss longer.

"Wendy, I'm going to undress you. Is that okay?" Cynthia asked.

Wendy only made a muffled response. Cynthia didn't really care what her answer was as she went around Wendy's waist to unbuckle the belt before pulling down Wendy's jeans and taking off her sneakers, which exposed the white satin panties she was wearing.

Noticing Wendy's glazed eyes, Cynthia whispered into her ear, "Get yourself ready for some hot lesbian three-way sex, Wendy," then dragged her tongue along the edge.

When Tamara's kiss with Wendy broke, Wendy was already having have this dreamy look on her face.

"Relax. Let yourself go," Tamara whispered. "Enjoy the lesbian pleasure. Here have a drag."

Tamara handed Wendy the cigarette, which Wendy took between her lips without hesitation. She inhaled deeply. Everything felt good and peaceful. Wisps of smoke hovered in the air. The two girls led Wendy into the bed and made her stood on her fours while facing the headboard.

From a pill bottle, Cynthia took out a spherical pink pill and placed it between her teeth. She kneeled and pulled down Wendy's panties. Grabbing a bottle of Sapphic lube, she squeezed some on her hands before rubbing them. Slowly, Cynthia pushed her forefinger into Wendy's anus, cause Wendy to grunt. That was later followed by another finger. More grunts come from Wendy's mouth. Once Wendy's anus was expanded wide enough, Cynthia pushed the pink pill into Wendy's anus with her mouth. The potent drugs of the pill would be unleashed once its hard outer shell melts through Wendy's body heat.

"I know it hurts, but you know why it's necessary, don't you?" asked Cynthia as Tamara joined Wendy and Cynthia in the bed and took the position in front of Wendy.

"Yes, I... need to... step it up..." Wendy spoke dreamily.

"You'll definitely be stepping up alright," Cynthia whispered wickedly. In a raised voice, Cynthia warned Wendy, "A lot more will go in your ass. You need to relax."


Cynthia raised the bottle of clear lube and squeezed a huge glop right above Wendy's ass, emptying nearly half of the bottle. The bulk of it trickled down along Wendy's ass crack and trickled down Wendy's thighs. Cynthia put four pink pills in her mouth this time. She pulled Wendy's asshole a bit wider with her fingers before depositing the pills into Wendy's rectum using the force of her lips and tongue. She repeated until there was fifteen of the translucent pink pills inside Wendy's ass, causing Wendy feel full in her rectum.

Half of pills deposited in Wendy's body would slowly melt, feeding Wendy a steady stream of powerful drugs that would put her into a state of hypersexuality for a long period. All her sexual responses would become amplified. Her mind would also be vulnerable to suggestions. The other half of the pills was of the delayed-released type, and won't take effect until about two hours later.

"You'll be a total lesbian sex machine," said Cynthia mischievously after she was finished with the pills.

Turning her attention to Wendy's pussy, Cynthia parted the labia with her fuchsia-nailed fingers and rubbed her fuchsia-painted lips against Wendy's love box before pushing her tongue inward. Wendy moaned.

Tamara kneeled in front of Wendy's face. She grabbed Wendy's chin and tilted it upwards so that Wendy was staring up at Tamara.

"What are you, Wendy?" asked Tamara.

"I am a... lesbian..."

"Just a lesbian? Don't you remember what you really are?"

"I am a..."

Wendy was stumped.

"Lesbian slut," Tamara finished Wendy's answer with an authoritative tone.

"I am a lesbian slut..."

"Good, now prove to us that you really are a lesbian slut. Prove to us that you lust for a female's body. Prove to us that you will go all the way."

Tamara moved on her knees so that her crotch was in directly front of Wendy's face. There was a small wet spot on her teal satin thong. The outline of Tamara's pussy lips could clearly be seen. Wendy closed her eyes and kissed Tamara's pussy through the satin thong.

Wendy felt the pressure of Tamara's hands on her head. It was a dominant grip.

"You can't be a heterosexual female, Wendy. You can't be an ordinary lesbian. You must desire every pretty girl and woman you see. You must become a lesbian slut, Wendy. You must become a beautiful, sexy lesbian girl in order to seduce and have sex with other females! It is an important goal for you! You can't give up on it!"

Tamara pulled her teal thong down, revealing her neatly shaved pussy. Cynthia squeezed Wendy's ass cheeks with both hands and bit on Wendy's clit, causing Wendy to gasp. This triggered Wendy's action to kiss Tamara's lower lips. She slid her tongue up and down along the slit, touching Cynthia's engorged clit at each stroke. Juices ran down Wendy's chin.

Tilting her head back slightly with closed eyes, Tamara sighed, "Ohhhhh... You are indeed a good pussy licker, Wendy. You'll make a fine lesbian seductress... Mmmmmm..."

Cynthia didn't let up on pleasuring Wendy's pussy with her mouth. Her tongue darted in all directions, touching as much of the pink inner walls of Wendy's pussy as she could. She kept spreading Wendy's labia with her fingers, not letting it close up even for a moment.

In her dreamy state, Wendy asked herself: Why do I feel so excited? Why does this feel so good?

Sexually amplified by the drugs, it didn't take look for Cynthia to make Wendy come. Cynthia's tongue remained buried deep inside Wendy's pussy. Her lips were completely sealed around the labia, giving no chance for any pussy juice to escape. Wendy pushed her hips backwards during her orgasm as she moaned loudly into Tamara's love box.

Cynthia collected Wendy's feminine cum inside her mouth, but didn't swallow it. She crawled to the front of the bed and shared the female cum with Tamara through an open-mouthed kiss. When Wendy felt Tamara's grip on her hair relax, she look upwards to see what was going on.

Tamara stopped kissing Cynthia long enough to say, "Don't stop now, Wendy. I haven't come yet."

Wendy resumed her muff-diving. She thrust her tongue deep into the love canal, going over two inches deep. Pussy juices smeared on and around her lips, chin, and nose. She ran her slowly up Tamara's thighs and clenched on Tamara's ass.

"Uhhhhh... Ahhhhhh..." cried Tamara as she had a powerful orgasm. Her red-nailed fingers clenched tightly on Wendy's hair.

Getting on her fours right next to Wendy, Cynthia touched her naked shoulder and uttered sensual commands into her left ear, "Drink everything that comes out of her pussy... Drink everything that comes out of a female's body... Don't waste even a single drop... Drink it all. Devour the honey of feminine love... You thirst for pussy. You lust for pussy... You're a lesbian... A lesbian has needs, sexual needs... You need another female to satisfy your needs... Sapphic.. Seduction... Sex..."

Cynthia noticed the change of expression on Wendy's face and realized the drug was about to wear off. "Time for the next step," said Cynthia mischievously.

The red-headed teenage girl got off the bed and walked over to an object near the bed that was covered in a large piece of pink satin cloth. Pulling away the cloth, Cynthia revealed an exotic Sybian saddle. The seat was made from steel with a chrome finish. Two fuchsia-colored silicone dildos protruded from the saddle. A hollow tube ran along inside of each dildo to the tip. The bottom of each tube was connected to a quiet electric pump and half-gallon tank.

Cynthia carefully aimed aim the two upward-facing silicone dildos at her asshole and pussy before slowly lowering herself on the Sybian saddle. She gasped with closed eyes as the translucent dildos penetrated her intimate places. Pressing two buttons on the remote, Cynthia turned on the vibration and the pump. While the dildos vibrated in her ass and pussy, a pink fluid was slowly pumped into her body through the dildos.

Meanwhile, Tamara walked over to the vanity and picked up a black tube of special lipstick. She removed the cap, revealing the bright red tip then applied it on her lips in a sensual manner. Walking back to the bed, she leaned close to Wendy's face and whispered, "Wendy, keep going all the way," before giving her a tight lip lock. Wendy was gently pushed back into the bed, lying face up, as she continued to be smothered by Tamara's red lips. The teal satin fabric of Tamara's negligee caressed Wendy's skin.

"I'm ready," Cynthia announced with a giggle as she stood up from the Sybian saddle, producing squishy sounds in the process. Threads of thick liquid connected her anus and pussy to the dildos as Cynthia got off from the Sybian saddle. Excess pick fluid flowed down her smooth thighs from her ass and pussy.

Tamara ended her kiss with Wendy. Cynthia got into the bed and crawled towards Wendy. She placed her legs astride Wendy's head in a kneeling position, facing towards the front of the bed, so that her pussy was aligned directly above Wendy's mouth.

"You're going to love this, babe," said Cynthia.

Without being told, Wendy raised her head up and began licking Cynthia's love box while grasping Cynthia's ass for support. The taste was sweet and electric. Wendy picked up the pace. Clear pink fluid dripped on Wendy's nose, cheek, chin, and around her lips.

"Now, try tasting my ass."

Cynthia turned around on her knees, putting her butt in front of Wendy's face. Tamara put one leg each side of Wendy's waist before embracing Cynthia.

Wendy looked at Cynthia's leaking anus hesitantly. Thick pink liquid slowly trickled from the puckered hole.

Sensing Wendy's hesitation, Cynthia turned her head around and assured her, "Don't worry. It's clean."

Tamara dragged her red nails around Cynthia's thighs, then clutched tightly on Cynthia's ass cheeks. All of her red nails seemed to point towards the asshole.

"Step it up, Wendy! Step it up!" Tamara encouraged.

"But, I..."

"Wendy, aren't you forgetting what you're supposed to be?" asked Cynthia.

Tamara took off her own double Venus necklace and held the pendant right above Wendy's eyes, aligning it with Cynthia's asshole.

"A lesbian," Wendy said softly while noticing how the pendant glinted.

"Exactly," said Cynthia. "Put it in, Tamara."

Tamara pushed the pendant into Cynthia's anus, causing some of the pink liquid to squirt out and land on Wendy's face.

"If you want to BE a lesbian, then you need to lick that ass."

"Cynthia is absolutely right," agreed Tamara as she worked the pendant on Cynthia's asshole.

Finally relenting, Wendy parted her lips and extended her tongue. After one brief lick, she pressed her tongue further into the crevice, and felt the hardness of the pendant along with the softness of Cynthia's asshole. The taste of the thick pink gel was electric.

"That's it, Wendy! Now you're getting closer to becoming Lauren's dream girl."

Cynthia grabbed a bottle of Sapphic lube and emptied the one third of the bottle on her own body, and the other third she poured on Tamara's body, and finally the rest she poured down on Wendy's midriff. Tamara and Cynthia assisted in spreading the lube all over their bodies until they were covered with shiny lube. Their oily bodies glistened under the lights.

Wendy was calmer than she should be when she licked Cynthia's asshole. She didn't know what was going on with her feelings, but for some reason she didn't care. With Cynthia's ass cheeks spread wide apart by Tamara's fingers, Wendy managed to put a part of her tongue into the opened hole.

"It's gross, but it feels good... I just need to do it... for..." Wendy didn't finish her thought.

Cynthia placed her hands over Tamara's hands. Fuchsia-nailed fingers interlocked with red-nailed fingers. Taking the cue, Tamara released her hands from Cynthia's ass and swiveled around on her knees until her back was facing Cynthia, then got on her fours and crawled towards the end of the bed until her belly was right above Wendy's crotch. Cynthia leaned towards Tamara's pussy and grabbed her ass for support. She ate Tamara's wet snatch as Wendy tongued Cynthia's ass hole that was leaking pink fluid.

"OOhhhhhhhh..." Tamara moaned.

After several moments, Cynthia stopped licking, released one hand from Tamara's ass, and slowly inserted all five of her fingers into Tamara's pussy. Since her hand was already well lubed, her fingers went in easily to the last row of knuckles. Soon, Cynthia's whole hand went in. Gasps and moans came out from Tamara's mouth almost non-stop as Cynthia fist-fucked Tamara's pussy.

Wendy's own love box was being pleasured by Tamara's fingers, but not to the same extent as Tamara's pussy. Sara had explicitly ordered Cynthia and Tamara not to penetrate Wendy's pussy too much. Though Tamara's actions were enough to cause Wendy to moan with pleasure, it wasn't enough to make Wendy cum.

Pink fluid continued dribbling from Cynthia's ass. Wendy tasted and swallowed every drop of it. The need to "step it up", her obligations, and the drugs had put aside her revulsion and inhibition against anal-related sexual acts. Her tongue slid along the crevice and pressed against the anal rosebud without care or worry.

Cynthia pulled her hand out from Tamara's pussy, producing squishy sounds in the process. She raised her hand to her lips and licked all over it. Tamara changed positions again. This time she turned around again to face Cynthia, but went farther away down the bed. She placed herself flat on her belly, wrapped her arms around Wendy's raised thighs, and began vigorously eating Wendy's pussy. Tamara's quick tongue action on Wendy's clit soon sent Wendy over the edge. She kept her mouth tightly against the pussy until Wendy's orgasm subsided. Aided by the drugs, Wendy quickly drifted to sleep after her intense orgasm. Tamara embraced Cynthia and kissed her, sharing Wendy's feminine cum.

"Heeeello, Wendy, can you hear me?" whispered Cynthia into Wendy's ear.

Wendy's eyelids flickered slightly. "Yeah..."

"This is your conscience speaking to you..."

"My conscience..."

"Yes, that's right. Now listen up."


"Your mom might be a lesbian."

"No... I don't think so. She's married my Dad."

"Out of religious and social obligations. She felt it was her duty so she ignored her true desires."

"No... That doesn't sound right. I don't think my Mom is like that at all."

"But she is. Your mom experimented with lesbian sex as a teenager in high school and continued in college."

"My Mom loves my Dad..."

"Out of her duty as a woman forced into this role. She is a lesbian at heart."

"I don't think she was forced..."

"You can't deny the facts. Why don't you ask her? Better yet, why don't you test her?"

"How can I test her?"

"By seducing her."

"But that's... incest... I would never do that..."

"It's not incest if you're just testing her... Don't you want to know if your mom is really a lesbian?"

"I... don't want to know..."

"Yes, you do, Wendy. You definitely need to seduce your mom in order to know the answer..."

"But, it feels wrong..."

"Didn't you say you want to go all the way? Seducing your mom will help you go all the way..."

"All the way..."

"You can't put any boundaries for yourself. If you do, you can't reach your full lesbian potential!"

Wendy woke up after a ten minute nap. She discovered Tamara and Cynthia lying by her side. Each of them had an arm resting across her chest. Wendy gently nudged their arms away and got off from the bed.

"I just had sex with two girls. If Sarah, Madelynn, or anyone else saw or know what I had done, they'll think I'm a slut."

Wendy couldn't see her clothes nor backpack anywhere in the room.

"Was my stuff taken somewhere else? But where?"

Slowly, she opened the door and peeked out of the hallway. She jerked when a hand touched her shoulder.

"Wendy, we need to take a shower together," said Cynthia.

Wendy turned around to face Cynthia, noticing that Cynthia had a fresh coat of lipstick.

"Together?!" Wendy exclaimed. She had never taken a shower together with anyone before.

"Of course." Cynthia immediately kissed Wendy.

"It's much better if we shower together."

Wendy found herself suddenly feeling warm after that kiss.

"Come on, let's go."

"But I didn't bring anything."

"We have everything you need, including a new change of underwear."

The bathroom was just down the hall, and they both walked there naked. When Cynthia opened the door, Wendy could hear classical music playing at a low volume.

Wendy's curious eyes scanned the room. It was typical looking, but the vanity stood out. The vanity was made from mostly metal with a chrome finish. Almost its entire surface was reflective, including the table's surface. A few feet away from it was the sink. Wendy's eyes focused on the objects that stood on the table: various makeup, cosmetics, and sex toys!

Cynthia walked over to the vanity and idly ran her fingers across a silver vibrating egg and a silver bullet dildo. Wendy's eyes widen a bit, remembering that they looked exactly like the ones Lauren had used on her several nights ago.

"Just a coincidence," Wendy told herself.

Wendy's eyes continued to follow Cynthia's red-nailed fingers. They moved to the neon purple strap-on dildo and grazed along its length. Once she at the hilt, she stroked the clear rubber harness. Slowly, Cynthia's other hand went to her Sapphic pendant.


Wendy was snapped out of her daze.


"Start the shower."

Wendy did as she was told. She opened the shower door and turned on the water. Warm jets of water sprayed on her hands. Wendy wanted to take off her necklace before going in, but stopped when she remember Sarah's instructions to be a lesbian all the time. Cynthia keeping her own Sapphic necklace on further discouraged Wendy from taking hers off. After the water got adjusted to the right temperature, Cynthia later joined in and closed the shower door. At the top of the shower stall, a hidden camera was recording their activities.

Cynthia grinned as she stroked the pendant of her necklace. Wendy's eyes focused on the double Venus symbols hovering above Cynthia's cleavage.

"Wash my breasts."

Wendy snapped out of her daze.

"Be the initiator..." Wendy remembered the phrase, but in her mind she countered it with, "No, not here..."

"Wendy, why are you just standing there? Wash me."

"Cynthia, aren't we just showering?"

"You need to be ready for lesbian action in all situations. You are a lesbian, aren't you?"

Oh no, she might be testing me again.

"Y-Yes, I am."

"You don't seem too sure." Cynthia stuffed her forefinger into Wendy's asshole. A gasp escaped from Wendy's lips.

The parted lips gave Cynthia the opportunity to kiss Wendy. She placed her tongue into her mouth briefly.

"Sarah may have fallen in love with you easily, but Lauren is different."

"You said she was a loose girl."

"I did, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have standards. She wants her lovers to be certain of their sexual identities."

Before Wendy could reply, Cynthia silenced her with another kiss. "So, are you sure of your sexual identity?"

"I am sure."

"You may say so, but I don't think your body feels exactly the same way." Cynthia pushed her forefinger deeper into Wendy's ass, making Wendy grunt. She could feel the pink pills in Wendy's ass that haven't melted yet. The pills that had melted became a thick gel and slowly released drugs into Wendy's body. Using her other hand, Cynthia squeezed an ass cheek.

Wendy was a bit scared that her secret might be discovered. Cynthia is seeing through everything, or maybe she's testing me again?

"Don't take it the wrong way, Wendy. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, just trying to help you."

Cynthia raised her right leg and placed her foot flat against the tiled wall. She lightly traced her pussy with her forefinger.

"Come on, the water isn't going to stay warm forever."

New lesbian experiences... Go all the way... Those words from her memory echoed in Wendy's mind.

Wendy gently placed her lips on Cynthia's pussy and kissed it before licking along the labia. She placed her hands on Cynthia's thighs. The droplets of water bounced and trickled down Cynthia's legs.

"That's right, Wendy. Show me that you like my pussy. Show me that you WANT to be a lesbian."

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," moaned Wendy in response.

"Oohhhh, yeah... You're doing a good job..."

Up and down Wendy's tongue flicked on Cynthia's clit and along the moist slit.

"Wendy, just as a reminder, I'm not having sex with you just for fun, but because Lauren has high demands from her lovers. You need to get used to having sex at any time, okay?"

Wendy made a muffled "yes" response through Cynthia's pussy.

Meanwhile, Wendy's subconscious mind was under assault from the subliminals playing in the background music:

Wendy is a lesbian slut girl... Wendy is a lesbian pussy girl... Wendy loves pussy... Wendy hates cocks... Wendy dislikes boys... Wendy dislikes men... Wendy distrusts males... Wendy needs to make herself beautiful in order to seduce other females... Wendy must become sexually available at all times... Wendy needs lesbian love... Wendy needs lesbian sex... Wendy must become a lesbian in order to have lesbian sex... Wendy can't be a heterosexual female... Wendy must be a lesbian...

Cynthia caressed Wendy's back with her slick, soap-covered foot. Grasping Wendy's blonde hair, Cynthia moaned loudly as she came hard.

Drink all the feminine nectar from the pussy... It's the taste you always look forward to... You want more... You need more... You will become a lesbian in order to get more pussy juice...

Back at the bedroom, both girls got dressed. Just when Wendy thought they were ready to leave, Cynthia retrieved a white bag from the desk that wasn't there when Wendy first visited the room.

"Congratulations, Wendy, you're now officially a member of Twin Venus Club."

Cynthia handed Wendy a pink plastic card printed with the name of the club and Wendy's full name, Wendy Love-Livingston, at the lower right corner beneath the words "Junior Member". On the background was a large pair of Venus symbols a bunch of small pink hearts. On the back was a magnetic stripe and a long serial number beneath.

"Wow, I thought this was just an ordinary club," said Wendy as she examined the card.

"Don't take us lightly. We have chapters all over the country. Our club house is just one of many located in this city." Cynthia intentionally left the exact amount vague, leaving it to Wendy's imagination.

A warm feeling of recognition and acceptance filled Wendy's heart.

"Here's a welcome gift from our club."

The rectangular box pretty fancy looking. It was white with gold trimming and embossed designs.

"What is it?"

"Open it now and you'll see!"

Wendy untied the silver ribbons and opened the box. A waft of perfume tickled her nose. She gasped when she saw the contents.

"A double dildo!"

It was a smooth pink jelly double dildo bent into a U-shape sitting on a bedding of fragrant silk flowers. Wendy was shocked. She could never imagine using it with another girl. Her virginity was for a guy to take.

"Wendy, is something wrong?" asked Cynthia, already knowing Wendy's reaction.

"N-No, it's nothing."

"Don't worry, Wendy, you don't have to use it," said Cynthia with a slight mischievous smile. Then, in her mind, she added, "yet."

Included in the gift bag were stationary items: a stack of sticky notes in pink, white, and purple colors; pencils, pens, erasers, and mechanical pencils available in the same three colors; a pink-colored pamphlet outlining the club's mission statement and its rules; two novels that were Sapphic-themed (but Wendy couldn't tell at first from their innocent-looking covers); and an orientation DVD video about the club. Wendy already had some experience with lesbian pornographic magazines and videos, but none with lesbian novels. It was all part of Sarah's plan to slowly introduce Wendy to erotic literature and media.

"Thank you so much, Cynthia."

"You don't need to thank me. Thank the leader of the club."

"Who is the leader?"

"We call her Goddess."

"Goddess? Is she at this place right now?"

"No, she's never around. I've never met her, at least not yet."

"What's her real name?"

"It's a secret to junior members like you and me. Only the top level members know her name. We need to become top level members if we ever want to meet her."

Wendy thought about the implications. One hand, she needed this lesbian experience in order to convince Lauren that she's and lesbian and be able to seduce her. On the other hand, she might wound up staying in this club longer than she wanted and become a permanent, real lesbian.

"Anyway, there would be even better gifts and rewards for you once you're promoted."

"How do I get promoted?" Wendy, though still a bit unsure and apprehensive about this secret club, was intrigued.

By earning enough points. You'll earn points by participating in club activities, completing missions, and simply spending time at our club.

Missions? Wendy's brow furrowed. She imagined herself sneaking at night into a guarded facility.

"Hehehe... That's just another term we use for our assignments. It's nothing serious. Anyway, once you do enough of the stuff I've mentioned, you'll be promoted."

"What if I want to stay as a junior member?"

"It's your choice on whether or not you want to be promoted. You could remain a junior member, but people here might become suspicious of your sexuality."

Wendy agreed with Cynthia's reasoning. People would suspect her if she remain content as a junior member, but how would that affect her?

A light bulb lit in Wendy's head.

"Is Lauren a member of this club?"

"Not that I know of. I joined the club after she broke up with me. However, Lauren might have friends in this club that I don't know about. You don't need to worry that much though, because there's punishment for people who violate the rules."

Wendy was about to ask Cynthia about how to quit the club if she decides to in the future, then stopped when she figured that her cover might be blown if she asked about it. Remembering Sarah's warning, Wendy was still wary of Cynthia. Lauren might be using Cynthia to test her and report on her lesbian performance. Even if Cynthia wasn't working for Lauren, Lauren might know all about what's going on in the club through another member of the club. Wendy realized she can't let her guard down and keep up with her lesbian persona at all times.

"You should definitely aim to get yourself promoted, Wendy. It'll improve your lesbian image and you'll learn A LOT about lesbianism," said Cynthia as she idly stroked her double Venus necklace.

That made sense to Wendy. Her participation in the club would help sharpen her lesbian skills and make her lesbianism more believable.

"Can I tell Sarah about this?"

"No, not yet. She might get jealous."

"But if someone here tells Sarah?"

"The club has a rule on secrecy. It's in the pamphlet I gave you. We are forbidden from speaking to anyone who isn't a member about the club unless we're trying to recruit new members. You have nothing to worry about."

Wendy was still a bit worried about keeping this a secret from Sarah.

"If by chance Sarah does find out, I'm sure you can make amends pretty easily with her," said Cynthia with a husky tone while slowly caressing white box that contained the pink double dildo.

This triggered a memory of a scene from a porn video in Wendy's mind: two young women, one with neon pink hair and another with neon blue hair, were in a scissoring position while thrusting their hips against each other. There was a translucent purple jelly dildo visible between their pussies.

Wendy couldn't imagine herself doing such an act and made a silent protest: I won't do this. This would be going too far.

As Wendy and Cynthia was walking back to the main entrance of the house, Wendy noticed that there weren't any more sounds coming from the living room. Curiosity made Wendy look. There was only one girl masturbating alone on the red leather sofa, dressed in a black satin bra and thong. Her long, wavy black hair poured over the hand rest. Both of her hands were clutching the base of a translucent purple gyrating dildo, which was buried deeply in her pussy. Her purple-lipped mouth was moaning silently. She seemed to be completely oblivious of Cynthia and Wendy standing in the distance. Wendy unconsciously traced her eyes along the raven-haired girl's curves, noticing the smooth legs, and the shiny black high heels. The flat screen TV in front of the girl was playing a strange video. It looked like a female modeling film, but with computerized psychedelic effects. Wendy noticed that the masturbating girl was dressed exactly like the female model in the video.

Cynthia gave Wendy's ass a pat, snapping Wendy out of her daze. "Are you interested in her, Wendy?"

"Nooo... I'm... I was just looking around..."

"It's alright, Wendy. We're all friends here. If you're interested, I could hook you up with her."

"I'm fine with just... you," Wendy said with a bit of nervousness and uncertainty.

Cynthia idly fingered her Sapphic necklace as she spoke, "Well, it just so happens that she's interested in you."

"She's interested in me? But, I've never met her before."

"Her name is Madeline. She liked you the moment you stepped through the front door, just like Tamara did."

The similarity of the girl's name with that of her close friend gave Wendy a surprise.

"Tamara too? I don't know what to say... What should I do?"

"You decide, Wendy. Think it over. My advice is if you want our plan to work, you need to get as much lesbian experience as possible. You should take advantage of this opportunity."

Cynthia kept the wording vague in order to encourage Wendy to subconsciously mix the details of Sarah's and Cynthia's plans together.

"Here are their phone numbers." Cynthia handed Wendy a pink note with the two names and numbers scribbled on it.

Wendy was driven back home. During the ride, pop music played from the stereo, which Wendy only listened half-heartedly, not knowing about the subliminals hidden within the music.

Open the flash drive... Look at the pictures... Look at the movies... Look at the females... Look at Lauren... Look at Cynthia... Look at their bodies... Look at their curves... Look at their legs... Look at their breasts... Look at their face... Look at their lips... Look at their eyes... Look at their hair... Imagine what's beneath their clothes... Open the flash drive... Watch lesbian porn... Put on the fuchsia lipstick... Think like a lesbian... Act like a lesbian... Become a lesbian girl... Become a lesbian slut... You're interested in having more girlfriends...

Outside of Wendy's house on the curb, Cynthia double parked her vehicle. She paused and looked at Wendy. Running her fingers at some strands of her red hair idly, Cynthia very subtly tugged at the chain of her necklace, enough to cause the Sapphic pendant to glint in front of Wendy's eyes for a moment.

Initiator... Show her you're a lesbian...

Wendy gave Cynthia a brief kiss on the lips. "Later, Cynthia."


Right after Wendy got of the car Cynthia added, "Remember to check the flash drive!"

"Okay, I'll remember!"

After refreshing herself, Wendy immediately checked the contents of the flash drive. The first picture Wendy viewed was Lauren dressed in chic street clothes posing near a tree, looking confident and happy. The next picture was similar, except Lauren was in a different pose. Wendy looked through the rest of the pictures. Cynthia was included in the later pictures. The locations varied from urban to wilderness settings. They were either posing or doing some activity such as flying kites, bowling, and fishing. The closest the pictures got to being naughty was Cynthia hugging Lauren kissing her cheek, but it could be viewed as a chaste kiss. Even the videos were recordings of activities Cynthia and Lauren were doing together.

It came as a surprise to Wendy. She had expected something more risqué. Wendy questioned herself. Why was she expecting the images and videos to be risqué? Because Cynthia gave me the impression earlier that it was risqué. Maybe Cynthia was expecting me to learn something from them. I'm expecting too much and overthinking things. If Cynthia's story is true, Cynthia still loves Lauren even though Lauren doesn't love her anymore. I'm just helping her win Lauren back and helping myself get Daniel. I'm supposed to seduce Lauren and make her think I'm a lesbian, but not fall in love with her.

Suddenly, Wendy remembered Cynthia telling her to put on the fuchsia lipstick. She reached into her backpack for the black tube of lipstick. Her eyes wandered to the Sapphic symbol briefly before removing the cap. She pressed the tapered fuchsia tip against her lips and applied it with smooth curvy motions.

Wendy played the seemingly innocuous videos of Lauren and Cynthia having a picnic in a meadow. She put on her headphones to listen to what they were saying, completely unaware of the subliminals hidden within the sound. It didn't take long for the drugged lipstick to affect Wendy's mind and make her much more vulnerable to the subliminals.

You're attracted to Lauren... You're attracted to Cynthia... You're attracted to any pretty girl... Imagine them without clothes... Imagine them naked... Imagine them touching you... Imagine them having sex... Imagine them doing sexual things... Imagine yourself touching them... Imagine yourself fucking them... Imagine having your way with them.... Fantasize about pretty females... as lesbians... Fantasize them without any clothing... Strip them with your eyes... Show them your lust... Seduce them with your body... Seduce them with your beauty...

Several ideas popped into her mind. Maybe it was an accidental mistake. Cynthia might have copied the wrong pictures. Or maybe it's a test to see what I would do with the pictures. Anyway, it's better if I pretend that those images are risqué. Maybe that's the point? If I'm being a lesbian, I should be able to fantasize about girls regardless of whether or not they're dressed. If they are clothed, I need to imagine them without clothes.

Strip yourself naked before you masturbate... Make yourself pretty... Put on sexy makeup... Put on sexy clothes... Put on sexy lingerie... Become a pretty masturbating lesbian girl... You want to make yourself pretty and sexy before you masturbate... You want to make yourself beautiful and sensual for other females... It makes you feel good...

An unexpected urge came to Wendy. She went to her vanity to put on more makeup on her face: thicker black eyelashes, pink eyeliner, and pink-silver eye shadow. After stripping herself, she put on a pink satin negligee, a pink satin thong, and pink high heels, which were all Sarah's gifts. Wendy sat back on her seat and unpaused the video. Her mom won't be home until later during the evening, so she didn't have to worry.

At this point, the slow-acting pink pills buried in Wendy's rectum were starting to melt. The mild anesthetic in the pills prevented Wendy from noticing that there were pills inside of her ass. Wendy's arousal was enhanced by the aphrodisiac and her thoughts went wild. Her hand went to her pussy and touched it through the wet spot on the thong.

Wendy moaned slightly while fingering her pussy as she mentally converted the innocuous image of two girls having a picnic into two naked girls doing naughty things on each other with food.

"Lauren... Cynthia..." Wendy whispered as she moaned.

She could see in her mind's eye all sorts of sexual acts... Lauren put milk in her mouth then slowly let it dribble from her lips into Cynthia's waiting mouth below... Cynthia stuffed a sauce brush into her pussy then used the wet brush to season the meat patties on the grill... Lauren was pushing a corn dog in and out from Cynthia's mouth as if it was a dildo... Cynthia rubbed a fishing lure on her pussy before casting it into the lake...

Wendy's smart phone suddenly vibrated on her desk.

Two hours ago...

Madelynn was at Lauren's house. Elena had contacted them both earlier to do a mandatory assignment which they couldn't refuse. The assignment was fairly simple: they just have to make out and get each other off with sex toys while partially unclothed and say sexy things to each other. Since Madelynn gone to Lauren's home early, Lauren showed her some results of their group's "investigation" on Hecate.

"What are you showing me?"

"These are the messages from one of Sarah's hacked email accounts obtained by one of our hackers."

Lauren and Madelynn read some of the emails together. Elena had emailed Sarah about going to a certain place to get the pills, told Sarah to dress in sexy lingerie, gave instructions for her to have sex with Wendy. Sarah had been sending emails to Wendy, reminding her to watch lesbian sex video on website and masturbate, among other things.

"Is there any damning evidence in the emails? Any secrets? Anything that would help us?"

"I haven't read all of the emails yet, but from what I've make of it, Sarah is being controlled by Elena. She probably made Sarah get into a sexual relationship with Wendy."

"That means Elena is the culprit! But, why is she doing this?"

"I don't know. She might have been hired to do it by Hecate, or she's masterminding all this with assistance from Hecate. As for the reason why, it might be for an experiment, sexual entertainment, or both. As of now, we only have limited information on Hecate's secret experiments and illicit drugs. It's still not enough evidence. We don't know much about Elena other than her secret fetishes. She's like a huge black box."

"How much longer will it take to get to the bottom of this? I'm really worried about Wendy."

"Our team is already doing all it can to investigate Hecate. It can't be rushed. You need to focus on saving Wendy and obtaining information from Elena."

"I know, but I wish I could do more."

"Focus on those two things first. I'll give you a copy of the email messages. You might be able to make more out of it."

"We need to perform for Elena in a few minutes. Let's get ready."

Lauren didn't have to change her clothes, which was an outfit that consisted of a fuchsia blazer, white blouse, black pleated skirt, black thigh-high stockings, and black ankle-length leather boots. However, Madelynn had to change into a risqué outfit provided by Elena. She went from a black blazer, front-laced purple top, black denim shorts, black thigh-highs, and knee-length laced black boots to a glossy black PVC front-laced corset mini-dress with a ruffled skirt and purple petticoats, purple fishnet stockings, and glossy black 4-inch round toe high heels.

There was piece of the outfit that surprised Madelynn, yet it felt familiar to her for some reason. It was black rigid mask that was shiny and reflective and covered the whole face. The only openings in the mask were eye and nose holes. Purple rhinestones covered the mask in abstract patterns and to accentuate the natural features of her face. The lip area had a slightly different texture in order to emphasize its shape. A pleasant aroma of perfume permeated from the mask. Madelynn felt as if a switch had flipped on when she looked at herself on the vanity mirror.

The vibrating egg that Madelynn had kept inside her pussy throughout the day and activated in certain times to stave her sexual cravings was removed.

After setting up the six HD webcams and running the online video software, Lauren and Madelynn stood in front of the webcam and hugged each other in a sensual embrace.

"I love you, Madelynn."

"I love you too, Lauren."

Lauren's fuchsia lips met the black lips of Madelynn's glossy mask in a tight lip lock. Even though Madelynn couldn't kiss Lauren directly, she could still feel the warmth of Lauren's lips passing through the mask.


They rotated around each other as they kiss, revealing their bodies to the camera at different angles.

Lauren whispered into Madelynn's left ear after licking it, "Elena wants us to be more aggressive. We need to show to the camera that we really want each other."

A gentle embrace turned into something more lustful as Lauren's hands drifted from the small of Madelynn's back down to the hem of Madelynn's black skirt. Her fuchsia-nailed fingers reached across the multiple layers of purple petticoats to cup Madelynn's ass. A gasp escaped from Madelynn's purple lips as Lauren's fingers clenched tightly.

In a louder voice, enough for the microphone to pick up, Lauren said with a hint of desperation, "Madelynn, you're like a drug. I'm so addicted to you!"

"I feel the same way too, Lauren. I want you as much as you want me."

Madelynn ran her hands up Lauren's smooth thighs before cupping her ass through the fuchsia satin panties. Even though her lips were covered by her mask, Madelynn pressed hard against Lauren's lips. The hidden chemicals in the mask had instantly triggered the nymphomanical side of Madelynn, which was vigorously conditioned into her during the past several weeks. Lauren wasn't surprised when Madelynn started unbuttoning her blouse. Once her blouse was wide open, revealing the fuchsia satin laced bra, Madelynn grabbed Lauren's breasts roughly.

"Oh, please be more gentle," moaned Lauren sarcastically.

The thought of kneading Lauren's naked breasts and sucking on the nipples made Madelynn's heart beat fast.

When Madelynn attempted to slip her fingers beneath the bra, Lauren stopped her and said with a serious tone, "No, Madelynn. Elena doesn't want us to do that in this video."

Madelynn felt disappointed, but she continued touching the other parts of Lauren's body through the clothes, feeling the shoulders, neck, hair, back, arms, and waist.

"Hold on," said Lauren as she spread her legs a bit and rode up the front part of her black pleated skirt, revealing her fuchsia panties, which now had a visible wet spot. "Help me pull down my panties."

Madelynn could see a hard indentation from the wet spot of the thong. It looks like... a sex toy!

It was indeed a sex toy. Madelynn kneeled down to pull Lauren's panties down through the thighs. The smooth feeling of Lauren's legs felt wonderful. Lauren's shaved pussy was revealed to Madelynn in all its glory. It looked and smelled heavenly. Female lesbian pussy perfection. Something was sticking out from between the labia.

"See that thing? Pull it out."

Madelynn gently grasp the black rounded cylinder with her purple-nailed fingers. By now, she knew it was the base of a dildo, but it didn't look like an ordinary dildo. There was a strange magenta-colored pentagram inscribed at the bottom of it. Pulling it out all the way from its hiding place in Lauren's love canal, Madelynn's finally saw how exotic the dildo was. One fourth of the dildo's length was a black cylinder. The rest of it was in the shape of a naked woman, with her head at the pointed end of the dildo. It had a solid, glossy magenta color, like the pentagram. The dildo was slick and wet. A glistening thread of lubricant and pussy juice remained connected to Lauren's clit until Madelynn pulled the dildo further away.

Acting on impulse, Madelynn placed the dildo between her glossy purple lips and pushed it into her mouth. She liked the taste. A preprogrammed thought resurfaced in Madelynn's mind: it's impossible not to love the taste of pussy juice because you're a lesbian.

Madelynn's left hand remained resting on Lauren's right thigh as she fucked her own mouth with the dildo. After cleaning the dildo of Lauren's honey, she released her hand from Lauren's thigh in order to ride up her own PVC skirt and the three layers of purple petticoats. She pulled aside her purple PVC panties and inserted the tip of the dildo into her love box, then turned the switch on. Lauren unzipped her black pleated skirt and let it fall on the carpeted floor.

Video cameras facing up from the floor recorded all the action that the other cameras would miss.

Following Elena's script, Madelynn focused her eyes on Lauren's love box and said huskily, "I'm addicted to pussy... I'm a lesbian addicted to female pussy... especially yours, Lauren..."

Madelynn raised her chin to look at Lauren's face.

"So am I, Madelynn, my love... So am I..." said Lauren as she applied fuchsia lipstick on her lips while looking at a rounded hand-held mirror.

Lauren handed Madelynn the tube of fuchsia lipstick, which Madelynn put to erotic use. She pressed the tapered tip on Lauren's clit and then began moving it in slow oval motions, coating it with layers upon layers of fuchsia lipstick. After Lauren's pussy was fully painted, Madelynn pressed the lipstick tube between the labia, using it a like a small dildo. Both girls moaned and gasp from pleasure from the foreign objects exercising in their teenage love boxes.

In the next part of the video, Lauren remained standing with her back facing the camera, which zoomed to the back of her head. She tossed her hair before turning her head around to say, "I'm only interested in true lesbians. If you're not a true lesbian, you won't have a chance with me."

The camera lowered to Lauren's naked ass. There were three purple lipstick marks, and Madelynn was in the process of adding more. (Her mask was taken off.) Madelynn turned to face the camera. "I'm glad I became a true lesbian. Otherwise, I would not have the privilege to do this with Lauren... Mmmmmmmmmm..."

Madelynn planted another kiss on Lauren's butt, leaving a very visible lipstick mark behind. Lauren slowly turned around to the front, revealing her fuchsia-painted pussy to the camera. Madelynn wrapped her naked arm around Lauren's thigh and placed the magenta dildo between her purple lips. She sucked on the plastic toy once, then said, "Don't miss out!"

If Madelynn had been less trusting of Lauren and had more of her old self intact, she might have noticed something odd with the overall content of the erotic video they had just made for Elena.

Afterward the filming was done, Lauren applied a fresh coat of glossy fuchsia color lipstick on her lips at the vanity. Madelynn had no idea that it wasn't just a simple retouching. It was a drugged version of the same lipstick Lauren was wearing.

"Maddy, there's another important thing we need to do if we want our plan to work out."

"What's that?"

"We need to appear as girlfriends in an intimate relationship in order to make Wendy jealous and make Elena trust you more."

"But, it would cause problems! Wendy would trust me even less. I don't think Wendy likes you being my friend, much less my girlfriend. She already hates you for being Daniel's girlfriend!"

"Wendy already dislikes you for being close to me. We need to use that distrust to our advantage. What we also need to do, apart from your seduction of Wendy, is to make Wendy feel like she's going to lose you."

"I'm already trying to seduce Wendy."

"Yes, keep working on that. However, together we could do a lot more. Our apparent relationship would make Wendy even more desperate to get closer to you."

"What about your relationship with Daniel? With Cynthia?"

"Daniel and I are in a fake relationship. He's working for Elena to keep me in check, making sure I remain a committed lesbian. As for Cynthia..."

Lauren paused and put on a slightly sad look, "Elena ordered me to seduce a girl using the methods she taught me, and I ended up choosing my friend..."

"Wow, I had no idea..."

For a moment, Madelynn couldn't help but imagine herself seducing another girl using questionably unethical methods. However, there was a strange allure about dark seductive acts that made Madelynn interested.

"Now you do. To be honest, me getting into a relationship with you was also Elena wanted me to do to."

"Elena never mentioned anything about this to me."

"That's because she doesn't think you're fully converted yet, unlike me. She wants to use me as a tool to seduce you."

"Elena is such a pervert! She's treating us like toys!"

"It's to our advantage, however. Our fake relationship would help you seduce Wendy and make Elena think that she's controlling us successfully."

The second mentioning of starting a relationship by Lauren was already making Madelynn idly fantasize about being even closer to Lauren, but she quickly chased away the thought.

Lauren eyes were focused on the computer monitor as she browsed through the email messages from Sarah's "hacked" email account.

"I think Wendy is masturbating to lesbian porn right now."

Normally, Madelynn would be grossed out at the casual mention of lesbian porn and masturbation, but the weeks of erotic lesbian indoctrination had desensitized her to casual sexual conversation.

"How do you know?!"

"Read this message here." Lauren moved the mouse then clicked on a link.

Madelynn's eyes opened widely. The email message listed instructions for visiting a porn site at a specified time during this afternoon.

"Sarah's making her do this!" Even though Madelynn was worried about Wendy, she felt a bit excited.

"Not exactly." Lauren scrolled a page upwards.

Madelynn read the recent message that Elena had sent to Sarah. Elena was ordering Sarah to send erotic emails to Wendy. It was part of a to-do list of various activities. As Madelynn was reading, she couldn't help but notice Lauren's breasts. Lauren had intentionally left her blouse unbuttoned. Madelynn couldn't help but briefly imagine what those breasts would be like naked. The image of herself kissing a nipple appeared briefly into her mind.

"Now is a good chance to seduce Wendy. Call her and make up an excuse to go to her home."

Madelynn called Wendy on her smartphone and came up with the excuse of asking her about a homework problem and wanting to show her something interesting. To Madelynn, Wendy sounded as if short of breath during the call, but the important thing was Wendy said it was okay for Madelynn to come over.

"Oh, before I forget, here's something that will help you."

Lauren pulled out a chrome vibrating egg.

"It's a vibrating egg. I already have one right now."

"This one is different. There's a hidden liquid dispenser. You could put a crushed red pill inside."

"Wow, that's neat."

"Now you can seduce Wendy and help undo Elena and Sarah's control over her."

"One more thing, here are some lipsticks. I want you to have them. Sarah sometimes puts on the same kind of lipstick before she makes out with Wendy, but in different colors." The glossy lipstick colors were a close match to the lipsticks that Elena had given to Madelynn. They were purple, blue, and black.

"Is it the same kind of lipstick you're using?" Madelynn noticed the double Venus symbols at the base of the black lipstick tube.

"Yes, it's part of a collection. Elena gave them to me." Lauren showed the other lipstick colors that she had. "It might help you in seducing Wendy."

"Will Wendy really fall for me?" Madelynn imagined herself and Wendy in an intimate embrace and kissing each other.

So focused was Madelynn with that lewd thought that she didn't even consider the possibility that Lauren's lipsticks were drugged. Her trusting of Lauren's words further convinced her that the lipsticks were important tools in seducing Wendy.

Lauren lightly strokes a chrome bullet dildo. The reflection of Lauren's face appeared on the dildo's mirrored surface.

"You're competing against Sarah for Wendy. You must make her fall in love with you if you don't want to lose her. Right now, you two are just teasing each other, but you need to step it up eventually because Sarah is already way ahead of you."

Picking up a lesbian porn magazine from a desk drawer, Lauren placed it on the desk and flipped it to a page where a blonde girl and a Goth girl were scissoring their legs together and tribbing. She placed a fuchsia-nailed finger over the spot on the page where their pussies met and rubbed it gently. When Madelynn looked at the page and noticed Lauren's moving finger, she couldn't help but feel slightly aroused.

Has Sarah really gone that far with Wendy?

"Elena has trained you to be a lesbian dominatrix and made you very beautiful. That's your advantage. Don't let it go to waste." Lauren lightly stroked the back of Madelynn's hand with her fuchsia-painted nails.

I'm beautiful? Madelynn felt both aroused and happy at the compliment.

Lauren then gently touched Madelynn's face and kisses her deeply.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it, but you're very pretty. I'm still kind of worked up by the video we've made together. I think Elena's conditioning is still affecting me."

Lauren's kiss had planted the drug from her fuchsia lipstick onto Madelynn's lips. Even without the drugged lipstick, Madelynn was already turned on. The lipstick only enhanced the effect. It also made Madelynn very suggestible for about two minutes.

"Madelynn, dominate Wendy. Make her more lesbian, and make sure she stays lesbian," whispered Lauren as she moved close to Madelynn until their breasts touched.

She gave Madelynn's ear a lick before continuing, "Make Wendy submit to you, desire you, and have sex with you... Turn her into your lesbian lover... Help her become a lesbian... Take whatever steps necessary... Wendy won't love you unless she is a lesbian... Wendy must become a lesbian... This is what Wendy wants... This is what you want..."

Lauren encircled her arms on Madelynn's waist and planted a final kiss on Madelynn's glossy purple lips. Madelynn's mental fog cleared.

"Even though you're trying to win Wendy back, I need to remind you again not to go too far too fast with her like you did last time."

"I know it was mistake, but how I can I win against Sarah without going too fast with Wendy?"

"You can go far with Wendy without actually going far with Wendy."

"I don't get it. How would I do that?"

"The point is to make her really want and desire you. If you give her want she wants immediately, she might not want it anymore."

Lauren held Madelynn's black mask up. "See this mask? You could wear it to hide your identity and make a sex video starring yourself, burn it on a DVD or a memory card, then slip it into Wendy's locker."

"But what good would that do?"

"Do you fantasize about sex, Maddy?"


Due to her being forced to follow Elena's regimen, Madelynn was actually fantasizing a lot more about lesbian sex than she was willing to admit.

"Have you fantasized about celebrities sexually?"

"A little bit." 

Lately, due to her mental conditioning, Madelynn have also been thinking about fucking female pop stars and celebrities.

"Even though you really want to, you know having sex with them is really unlikely, do you?"

Suddenly, a light bulb lit in Madelynn's head. "I get it now! I need to make Wendy keep fantasizing about me!"

"Yes, exactly, and to entice Wendy further, you could make the videos with another girl. I could help you. Eventually, Wendy would start suspecting that it's you in the videos, but you could always deny it. The uncertainty in Wendy would make her want you even more. That's just one way. We could come up with more ideas later."

Madelynn didn't change back to her ordinary clothes before leaving Lauren's house. Instead, Lauren had lend her to wear a dark purple trench coat to wear over the risqué clothes. She drove Madelynn a block away from Wendy's home. During the trip, Madelynn applied the purple lipstick that Lauren had given her. It was slightly different than her usual shade.

"Oh, one more thing. You should remove that bandage above your eye. It doesn't make you look pretty at all."

The piercing on her brow glinted after Madelynn peeled off the bandage. She felt a small amount of weight had been lifted off from her back.

After Madelynn's call ended, Wendy took out the flash drive and hid it, not wanting Madelynn to know about Lauren and Cynthia's pictures. Wendy's initial thought was to dress back in her more decent school clothes. She picked up her blouse then dropped it when she looked at herself in the mirror out of the corner of her eye. Wendy licked her glossy fuchsia-painted lips, then felt up the curves of her own body through her sheer baby doll nightie, feeling sexually aroused.

An almost instinctual thought passed through her mind: I need look sexy for Madelynn. As quickly as that thought came up, Wendy immediately tried to rationalize it as a persevering feeling to succeed in her plan that was non-sexual, and not as lesbian lust. The pink pills were in full effect. Wendy was in a state of sexual heat. She didn't know how long she had been staring at herself in the mirror when her smartphone rattled. There was a text message:  I'm here. Wendy walked out of her bedroom and down the stairs on her pink heels, which click-clacked along the way.

After Wendy opened the front door, Madelynn eyed her up, noticing how the baby doll nightie accentuated her curves enticingly.

"Wendy, what were you doing?"

"I was just doing my homework."

Madelynn didn't really believe Wendy. Why anyone do homework while dressed in erotic lingerie? Why was Wendy's face flushed? But, even though Madelynn was surprised and expected Wendy to be in her normal clothes, she was subconsciously attracted to the way Wendy was dressed in her lingerie.

As soon as the door closed, Wendy and Madelynn kissed each other on the lips. The drugs of their respective lipsticks reacted, giving them instant feelings of pleasure. Both girls would instinctively want to kiss each other again later to get more of the good feelings.

While Wendy was leading the way up the stairs, Madelynn couldn't resist looking at Wendy's ass through the sheer pink nightie. Still aroused after the orgasm and with the subliminals still fresh in her subconscious mind, Wendy liked the attention and slightly swayed her ass.

Once they were in Wendy's bedroom, Madelynn brought out the chrome vibrating egg with the red pill hidden inside. "I've brought a toy."

Wendy got into her bed then spread her legs apart in front of Madelynn. "Put it in me," pleaded Wendy while pulling aside her thong.

Madelynn, arousal enhanced by the lipstick in addition to the drugs already in her system, was strongly drawn to the sexual display. Her eyes zeroed into Wendy's very moist pussy. Grabbing a roll of tape and the vibrating egg, she joined Wendy in the bed and slowly inserted the egg into Wendy's pussy. The drugs had amplified Wendy's sexual sensitivity and she couldn't resist moaning at the slightest touch. Madelynn then taped the battery pack on Wendy's inner thigh. The graze of Madelynn purple nails made Wendy gasp. The switch was turned on at the lowest setting.

While on her fours above her friend, Madelynn fingered herself as she kissed Wendy. Dark, fleeting thoughts of doing more with her friend appeared in the young Goth girl's mind, but Madelynn put effort in ignoring them.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." The collision of lipsticked lips created another burst of sexual feelings in both girls. Their tongues slide over each other desperately.

Madelynn turned the vibrator setting higher to the medium setting.

"Madelynn... Ohh... Ahhh... Uhhhh..."

Madelynn rose up on her knees and asked, "Wendy, who do you love most?"

"Sarah... I love Sarah the most..."

Madelynn shut off the vibrating egg, causing Wendy to whimper. She started to fidget and squirm at the sudden stopping of sexual stimulation. However, the melted red pill was still slowly flowing inside her pussy.

"Really, do you really love only Sarah? Aren't you interested in other girls?"

"No, it's... just her, only her. Only Sarah."

Madelynn didn't know why, but she felt disappointed and somewhat hurt. Even in her sexually aroused and drugged state, Wendy was still cautious of what to say to Madelynn because she believed Madelynn was working for Lauren against her.

"Wendy, I've told you before that you might be a straight girl thinking that she's a lesbian. You probably only think you love Sarah."

"No... I am a real lesbian... I do love Sarah for real..."

Madelynn lightly grazed her purple nails around Wendy's breasts.

"It might just be platonic love or deep friendship and you're confusing them with lesbianism. Didn't you tell me before that Sarah hasn't really done anything serious with you?"

"We're just going slow."

"And didn't you say a moment ago that you're not interested in other girls?"

"Yeah, but why would I be interested in other girls?"

"A real lesbian would be attracted to any pretty girl regardless of how devoted she is to her lover."

Madelynn unbuttoned her purple trench coat and took it off. It felt to Wendy as if a theatre curtain had been pulled up. Her eyes unconsciously traced Madelynn's bodily curves as well as the sexy black PVC mini-dress, the purple petticoats of the skirt, the shiny high heels, and the fishnet stockings. The pink pills prevent Wendy from looking at the image in front of her in a non-sexual way and improved the effectiveness of the subliminal suggestions. She stood there for a seconds in order to let Wendy stare a while longer before getting into Wendy's bed to join her.

Madelynn lightly squeezed Wendy's left breast through the shiny pink satin fabric. "How do you feel when I do this?"


"And how about this?" Madelynn kissed Wendy right on the lips.


"That means you can like other girls too, but liking other girls doesn't mean you lust for them. You could still be straight or even bi, but I think you're straight more than anything."

"I'm not straight..."

Wendy was trying to balance trying maintain her lesbian image with regaining Madelynn's trust and friendship at the same time, but she found it difficult.

"Then why don't I believe you? I really want to believe that you're a lesbian, but somehow I can't."

Wendy raised her head, wrapped her arms around her friend's neck, and kissed Madelynn deeply.

"Any girl could kiss another girl, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're lesbians. Straight porn stars do lesbian scenes all the time, but that won't make them lesbian. Don't you understand?"

"We're in a secret relationship, right? Without Sarah knowing about it. Doesn't that count for something?"

"Yes, we're in a relationship, but it's to help you get out of your confusion and find your true self, which I think is straight. That's why I've mentioned before that you need to go through the full lesbian experience in order to realize whether or not you're a lesbian."

Madelynn touched the pendant of Wendy's Sapphic necklace and felt the pair of Venus symbols. "When did you start wearing this?"

"About two weeks ago."

"It looks good you. Are you using this as a reminder that you're a lesbian?"

Oh no! Is Madelynn starting to figure it out?

"No, it was a gift from Sarah to... celebrate me coming out of the closet."

Wendy then got off from the bed and went to her computer. Wanting to convince Madelynn because Wendy thought she was Lauren's proxy, Wendy went to her computer and visited the lesbian porn site Sarah had told her to visit regularly.

"What are you doing?"

"Showing you something I've been doing lately."

She clicked on a link to view a solo video of a blonde teenage girl with pig tails dressed in an skimpy school girl uniform masturbating with her fingers. The volume was turned up. Loud gasps and moans came from the computer's stereo speakers.

Wendy raised her right leg and placed the shiny pink heel on the chair, then spread her labia with two fingers while eyeing Madelynn sensually. She then started stroking her engorged clit. The vibrating egg was still in her pussy but it wasn't turned on.

Madelynn's immediate feeling was: Wendy is so hot.

"I like looking at hot girls and beautiful women. They turn me on! Ohhhh... Uhhh..."

Wendy's eyes turned back to the monitor and focused on the masturbating school girl while she continued fingering her clit. The camera in the video zoomed in to a close-up of the school girl's shaved love box.

"I want to lick that so, badly... I wish I could taste her pussy right now..." Wendy moaned as she extended her tongue.

Even though Madelynn liked what Wendy had done, she kept that interest hidden from Wendy.

"Any girl could do that with practice. I'm going to show you what I can do, even though I'm just a straight girl. Watch me."

Madelynn stood in the center of the room, placed her hands on her hips then slowly swayed her body in a sinuous manner. She flipped her skirt up and slowly fingered her wet pussy. Wendy's eyes focused on the spot between Madelynn's thighs and licked around her lips in a slightly exaggerated manner. Moving closer to Wendy (now sitting on a chair), Madelynn flipped the back part of her skirt up and gyrated her ass close to Wendy's face.

Just when Wendy thought Madelynn was about to bump into her face, Madelynn slowly walked away. She pulled strap-on from her back pack and stroked the shiny purple latex phallus before licking it along its length while keeping one eye on Wendy. Walking back close to where Wendy was seated, Madelynn pulled the black harness up through her legs and tightened the straps. She kneed down, reached between Wendy's thighs, and turned the vibrating egg back on. Madelynn then turned her attention to the video of the masturbating school girl. She moved her hips to thrust against an invisible pussy, as if trying to fuck the school girl in the video.

"Uhhh... Uhhhh... Uhhh..." Madelyn moaned.

Later, the strap-on was pointed in Wendy's direction. The glossy purple latex phallus almost brushed against her face.

I would never do that, Wendy repeated in her mind.

Madelynn danced very close to Wendy without touching. The vibrating egg kept buzzing in Wendy's pussy. Her nipples were creating indentations on the bra-cups of her pink baby doll nightie. Wendy unconsciously moved her head forward, as if trying to kiss Madelynn's midriff, but the closeness of the strap-on made her a bit worried, so she stopped. Madelynn quickly pulled away at the same moment.

"See, Wendy? I can do better than you."

Wendy's face frowned.

"Wendy, don't be sad. Even though I'm trying to help you as fast as I can, we need still to take this one step at time."


"Since we're trying to make this as real-looking as possible, we need to start dating each other like proper girlfriends. We haven't really done it yet."

"We could do that, but I'm really afraid Sarah would find out."

"We just need to be careful. Also, since you keep insisting that you're a lesbian, I would like to see you do more lesbian things. Is there any lesbian-related activity that you haven't done before? This includes things you do alone."

"Ummm... I'm not sure..."

"Sounds you're holding back. There are a lot more things you could do. If you're really a lesbian like you claim to be, you would want to do more lesbian stuff and keep on doing them. Otherwise, you're just thinking that you're a lesbian."

"I'm not just thinking I'm a lesbian. I am one."

"Maybe. We need to find out whether or not that's true. It would take time. That's why we've gotten together in a relationship. Someday, you might have an epiphany and decide you're really heterosexual, kind of like a kid growing out of her toys."

Shortly after Madelynn left Wendy's home, Wendy received a call from Sarah on her smart phone.

"Hey, Wendy, have you checked out Lauren's picture I've emailed you this morning?"


"She's hot isn't she?"

Wendy paused briefly before suddenly realizing she had to play along. She repeated a mantra to herself: Lesbian mode... Lesbian mode... Lesbian mode...

"Yes, she's very hot in that picture."

"Did you get yourself off to it, like I have done?"

"No, I... didn't."

Sarah giggled. "Playing the prude again? You probably already did get yourself off to it."

I can't let Sarah down. I need to do it right after this call. Play along... Play along...

"Who wouldn't? She's one of the hottest girls in school after all, just like you are."

"Ohhh, Wendy, you think I'm hot too? I'm flattered! Anyway, I'm curious: what do you like about Lauren?"

Lesbian mode... Play along...

"She has a cool and friendly personality, and she's very pretty."

"In what way? What parts of her do you find attractive?"

"Her breasts, her thighs, her ass, her hair, and her face..."

"Is that all?"


"That's not much. If I were you, I would focus on every part of Lauren, right down to the shoe size! How often do you fantasize about Lauren?"

Wendy realized that she was doing something wrong. I forgot about the details!

"Do you want more pictures of her?"

Because Wendy had to play her part, there was only one answer she could give.

"Yes, I want more. It's easier to fantasize about Lauren if I had more pictures of her."

"Then you'll need to do something for me."

"Sure, okay."

"Take some pictures of yourself in sexy clothing and send them to me."

It was something new for Wendy, and remained silent for several seconds.

Sensing Wendy's hesitation, Sarah added with a deceptively pleading tone, "It's only fair, Wendy, if you want Lauren's pictures."

"No, Sarah, I'm not against that. I would be more than happy to do that."

"Thank you so much, Wendy. I love you... Mmmmmm... Kiss... Kiss..."

Wendy giggled. "I love you too, Sarah."

"Umm, Sarah, can you help me out with something?"

"Sure, what do you need help with?"

"Madelynn visited me this afternoon. We've done some stuff together..."

"Are you making any new progress with her?"

"No, not really. She still insisted that I was straight even though I try to show her that I wasn't."

"That's bad. Did Madelynn tell you what you could do to convince her?"

"She said I could do more lesbian things that I haven't done before."

"Hah, that's pretty easy. I've already planned a trip for us to visit a lesbian strip club this weekend."

So it wasn't a joke! Wendy was somewhat nervous and afraid of going to such a place, despite having some experience with exhibitionalism.

"I'm kind of worried about those places. My Mom kind of hates them."

"You'll get used to it. Don't worry about your Mom. In meantime, you could try doing things with Madelynn like what you've done with me earlier."

"Like the secret notes and text messages?"

"Yes, and other activities lovers do with each other. It doesn't need to be sexual, but it has to be lesbian related."

"What if Madelynn takes it seriously, and really wants to be my girlfriend?"

"It's alright. Lauren wouldn't mind. In fact, she prefers girls who have more lesbian experience. Since you love Lauren, you could break up with Madelynn later on, after you get more involved with Lauren."

"Okay..." Wendy was a bit worried about the fallout from a break-up.

"Anyway, be ready for the dinner at my Mom's house tomorrow night. You did tell your mom about the invitation, did you?"

It was going to be Friday tomorrow. Sarah had already given her the address. It wasn't far from Sarah's own home, but her Mom's place was just much of a home as Sarah's place.

"Yeah, I already have. We'll be ready."

"Don't forget to bring a couple of sex toys. After the dinner, we'll be doing something fun together!"


As Madelynn was walking back to her home after Lauren dropped her off, several thoughts went through her head.

"I must make the relationship feel real for Wendy, even though I told her it's just pretend. I can't lose her to Sarah... or even Daniel... I've known Wendy since we were kids... She belongs to me..."

"Wendy must stay as a lesbian for now," Madelynn decided reluctantly with a small feeling of delight. "I should slow down with giving her red pills or maybe stop giving them altogether. I can't let Wendy remain with Sarah, but letting her be with Daniel would be even worse. I need to seduce Wendy for real and turn my pretend relationship with her into a real one. It's not wrong because I'm only helping her. I'm already doing a similar thing on my Mom, so it's not like I'm doing anything worse than what I'm already doing. With these red pills and the treatments Lauren had promised, they could be cured once the time is right."

Once Madelynn was back home, Lauren called her and asked about what she had done with Wendy.

"Lauren, there's something about the plan that's been bothering me."

"What is it that's bothering you?"

"Even if we managed to cure Wendy of her lesbianism and remove her from Sarah's control, she might go after Daniel again. It would be just as bad as letting her stay with Sarah because Daniel is one of Elena's cronies. And won't it be easy to for Elena and Sarah to control Wendy again once they noticed Wendy's change? It might better if Wendy remains lesbian for now."

"You do have a point, Madelynn. There's really no need for Wendy to become straight right now. Even if you manage to win Wendy back and treat her lesbianism, she might drift apart from you again. On the other hand, if she remains a lesbian, she'll always be close to you."

Madelynn was glad that Lauren was accepting of her idea.

"So, then is it alright if I stop giving Wendy the red pills?"

"No, you must try to give Wendy those pills as often as you can. It counteracts against the drugs that Sarah is giving to Wendy."

"I'm not sure if I can really win Wendy back on my own. She kept telling me how much she loves Sarah."

"You need to keep trying, Madelynn. Remember the new idea we've discussed earlier?"

"Yeah, but what if even that doesn't work?"

"We could think of more ideas later. Right now, at least you have something new to try."

Madelynn wasn't satisfied. She wanted a fail-safe method to win Wendy back.

"Isn't there a better way?"

Lauren remained silent for several moments for effect.

"Has Elena ever told you that she could provide you with a sure-fire way to seduce Wendy or any other girl?"

"I... think she did once."

"She made me the same offer."

"What was it exactly?"

"Before I tell you, let me ask you this: are you willing to put aside your religious beliefs in order to help someone you care about?"

"Umm... I..."

"You don't need to answer that question right now. Think about it, then give me your answer tomorrow. I've got to go now, Maddy."

"Okay, bye, Lauren."


Lauren smiled as she hung up. So far, it was all going according to plan. If she's successful with Madelynn, Sarah had promised her full access to Wendy.


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