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Brainy Teen (chapter 18, part 1)

In her bedroom, Wendy took twenty pictures of herself in sexy lingerie using the high resolution camera of her smartphone. She checked every picture and deleted it if it didn't look good enough before retaking the picture again. Each image was more erotic than the last, going from decent to fully explicit. Her initial reluctance gave way after Wendy told herself that she was going to impress Lauren with those pictures, which would further her goal.

Besides, she rationalized, it wasn't as if these photos were going to go public...and even if they did, it wouldn't be the first time she had showed her body off in public.  The performance at Rebecca's beach house hadn't been that long ago...and it hadn't been so bad.  She had actually enjoyed it.  Taking these photos was like the performance, except one frame at a time.  And she was, to be honest, enjoying this almost as much as she had the performance. 

Part of the pleasure was knowing it was Lauren who was going to be looking at her.  She did, after all, like Lauren...really liked her, more so especially over just the last few days, for some reason.  She hardly could stop thinking about her...

This photo session, she reflected, must be a little like the ones for the porn magazines with which she was now so comfortable.  It may be just her, a one-girl crew, but she could make the result come pretty close to the real thing, she thought.  It did cross her mind what it might be like if this were an actual pro shoot, with a photo crew and a glossy publication to end up in...and her at the center of attention.

She liked porn models; she had come to view them, generally, as ideals of femininity and beauty.  She enjoyed their photos. And now she was kind of like one; no, not like, she was one right now.  She was one of them.  She hadn't imagined she could be like them that much, but now...

One after another, the photos she was producing were good.  They showed a good-looking, sexually desirable, and obviously available teen girl. The camera couldn't lie; she was hot.  If she saw herself, posing like this, in a magazine, she'd get herself.  She would like a girl like herself, would be sexually interested.  Lauren will be, too. Nice job, Wendy, she thought.

Not once did Wendy question the decency of her project.  Her once-keen sense of modesty was now mostly in decadent ruins.  What was left would not survive the corruption which was bombarding her daily, and that which was coming her way soon.

Mary, Wendy's mother, picked out a black evening dress from the closet. It was a modest dress that wasn't too revealing, but still made her feminine curves stand out in an attractive way. Despite her age of forty-four, Mary was still attractive. She worked out regularly and maintained her figure well, being able to retain her hour-glass figure. Even though Mary told herself she was doing it mainly for health reasons, she wished her husband was home more often to appreciate it.

Though she had a sizeable cosmetic collection, a gift from an acquaintance a few years back, she hardly ever wore any make-up, reserving it for the rare special social event, and even then only used just a very light touch of it. She favored natural looks and didn't like over-reliance on beauty products.

Her daughter's heavy use of make-up lately--and how attractive it had made Wendy--had been playing on Mary's mind, even though she had spoken against it to Wendy.  Her girl was becoming a real beauty in front of her eyes, and her use of make-up had no doubt been part of it.   As a result, Mary had started to try to imagine herself with a heavier use, as well, but had been reluctant to give her daughter a bad example that might reinforce her questionable direction of late; and besides, that just wasn't her...that just wasn't Mary Livingston. 

After looking at herself in the mirror, Mary sighed. For tonight, despite her misgivings, she again entertained the idea of putting on more make-up than she usually did for social occasions.  She would, after all, be among the rich--and glamorous, probably--and she did want to fit in, as much as she could.  But her conservative side nevertheless finally prevailed, as always, and she opted not to, electing instead to stick with a touch of mascara, as well as lip gloss, which, as her one concession to emulating Wendy, she had decided to try again after seeing her daughter using it almost on a daily basis for the past month.

Mary's conservative preferences extended to her clothing and accessories. The heels of her shoes were almost never above one inch. The highest was only two inches and it was rarely worn. She owned sexy form-fitting clothing and jewelry, but most of them were conservative because she preferred modesty and discreteness.

Mary glanced down at her hands.  She was proud of how smooth, and feminine they were.   Her nails were not short, at an attractive yet practical medium-long length.  She had seen them longer on other women and admired them, but again, that just wasn't her.                                   

Fingernail polish was not her style, either.  Yes, occasionally she tried a clear gloss, but it had been years since she had ventured to apply a colored polish.  Even then, she had never thought a bright color was appropriate for a mother of two; maybe on younger women and  girls, it might work, but anything too bold sent the wrong message, in her opinion.

Regardless, Mary felt a bit of pride for not using too many cosmetics on herself. Her belief was that she looked fine already without make-up. Mary was fairly confident about herself, and believed that using too much make-up would only hide her natural beauty. Many women her age didn't maintain the same figure that she did, for which she worked hard through a regular exercising regimen. For them,using excessive make-up was just a way to compensate for their deficits, in her opinion. However, Mary would never consciously admit that she was also afraid of putting on too much make-up and of the image it might project.

While stroking her lightly tanned face, Mary smiled at her own image. Reaching towards the back of her head, she grabbed a mass of her hair and tied it into a pony tail, one of the few hairstyles with which she felt comfortable that wasn't too plain nor too flamboyant.


It had been over a year since she had been to a dinner party. In the past few years, due to her husband's overseas work and busy schedule, she could only attend social gatherings alone, or with friends or her daughters. It was a bit awkward without the company of her husband. Even though the dinner invitation from Ms. Powers wasn't really formal, Mary wished her husband could accompany her.  In fact, she harbored a slight bit of resentment toward him for leaving her alone so often, both in social situations and at home.

"Honey, are you ready?" asked Mary from Wendy's open bedroom door.

Wendy placed the tube of lipstick down before turning away from the vanity at which she was sitting to face her mom and spoke through glossy fuchsia lips, "I'm ready, Mom."

Mary was surprised.  Wendy's appearance in the gorgeous dress, make-up, and accoutrements she wore was stunning.  Mary had not quite fully realized, before this moment, exactly how beautiful Wendy was becoming, and could be.  But there was more.  Wendy was...sensual.  Mary could not bring herself to apply the world "sexy" to her own daughter, though that was clearly her impression, if not "slutty".  And it was the dress, more than anything else, which created that impression. "When did you get this dress?"

"Sarah gave it to me as a gift about a week ago. It looks nice on me, doesn't it?" Wendy fluttered her eyelashes, which were teased with black mascara. The silver and purple eye shadow sparkled on her eyelids. It was a playful gesture, but with a subconscious flirtatious intent. Cynthia's suggestions on the day before had gained a small foothold on Wendy's mind.

Barely noticed feelings passed through Wendy:  Show her your body...tease her...make her look...make her desire you. 

Wendy arose and spun around, showing off her full length halter dress to her mother. Does she like me... like this?  she whispered to herself, in the back of her mind. Yes...she must.  Look at my body...want me....The silver sequins glittered as if the whole dress was a seamless mirror. The V-shaped neckline revealed a hint of cleavage. Her legs were briefly revealed by the side slit on the skirt. She was wearing glittery silver strappy high heel sandals. She hadn't worn the Sapphic necklace because it would be visible to her mother due to the low neckline of the dress, but kept it in her handbag. Her hair was done in a fishtail braid, a hair style that Wendy felt increasingly comfortable with.

The sentiment intensified that there was something about Wendy's whole outfit that didn't feel right to Mary. It was a little too garish for the occasion, in her opinion. Wendy had never dressed like this for social occasions before. While Mary wasn't exactly opposed to her daughter's new taste in fashion, she was worried about it being a symptom of a problem. Has my daughter been sleeping with boys? Is my daughter getting involved with bad people? Is she doing this to fit in because of peer pressure? Is Sarah really as good of a person as my daughter describes her to be?

At first, Mary hadn't really been worried about Wendy's change in her choice of dress and looks because Wendy was keeping up with her grades. She was even happy that her daughter was making new friends.  Also, Mary had to admit her daughter was looking quite pretty lately, and Mary had nothing against that, per se; in fact, she was glad to see the beauty she had always been confident was somewhere inside her daughter finally start to bloom forth.

But recently, Mary couldn't stop thinking about her daughter, especially in the light of the recent rumors she had heard about Wendy's school and Sarah's family. She had expressed her concerns to her daughter before, but all of Wendy's responses were vague and always positive. Mary had a sinking feeling that there was more to it.

The dinner would be a good opportunity to address her concerns. Surely, a person like Ms. Powers would be just as worried about the moral and social direction of her daughter as Mary was worried about hers. It was the obligation of every good parent. Mary hoped that something constructive would come out of the dinner.

"We still have about ten minutes before we need to start going."  It was now 6 pm and they were expected at the Powers' mansion at 6:45.  "You might want to double check your appearance and make sure everything is alright. I'll wait for you downstairs."

As Wendy was looking at herself in the mirror, she suddenly felt a stirring in her loins. Her erect nipples poked against the bra and bodice of her dress. Sexual arousal came to her seemingly out of the blue. She had no idea that the fuchsia lipstick, a gift from Cynthia, was responsible. Wendy bit her lower lip. She walked briskly towards the door to her room and closed it for privacy.

After walking a few steps back, she collapsed on her fours on the carpeted floor. Her fingers reached into the slit of the skirt and beneath the fold of her pink satin panties. Rummaging through her hand bag, Wendy pulled out her smartphone and opened up the picture of Lauren in PVC lingerie. She fingered her pussy and stroked her clit. Her other hand went to cup her breast.

Wendy let out slight moans. In the midst of her arousal, Wendy's imagination went wild. In her mind, she was licking Lauren's butt, sliding her tongue upwards along the crevice, licking the skin of Lauren's ass and the black PVC panties. Her hands were clutching both sides of Lauren's butt. Lauren reached down and caressed Wendy's hands.

"Oooh, Wendy, I love your tongue on my ass."

A thread of saliva connected Wendy's lips to the PVC panties when she pulled away. Wendy pulled down the panties to fully reveal Lauren's smooth, naked ass.

A loud voice and knocking on the door interrupted Wendy's imagination. She was far from cumming.

"Wendy, what's going on? I told you before to come down in ten minutes. It's six seventeen now!" 

"Sorry, Mom! I just need a minute."

 Oh no, we can't be late for this. I'm such an idiot. Wendy quickly readjusted herself in front of the mirror. Right when Wendy was about to leave her room, she made a last minute decision and put a metallic pink bullet vibrator in her hand bag.

During the trip, Wendy questioned her actions: Why was I thinking about Lauren all of a sudden? Yes, I'm supposed to seduce her. But, I should only be thinking about Lauren when I want to think about her. No, Wendy, it doesn't mean anything. It's just practice. It's all for reaching my goal.

Despite Wendy's delay, they were still able to arrive ahead of time.

In a large window overlooking the circular driveway and front garden, Sarah could see a blue sedan approaching the front gate.

"They have arrived."

"Indeed, Sarah."

Serena, Sarah's mother, slipped her hand into the slit of her daughter's red sequined skirt and beneath the folds of the red satin panties.

"Uhhh... Mom, my panties will be soiled. Shouldn't we do this later? The guests are already here."

"The guests can wait."

Serena cupped Sarah's left breast through the red sequined bodice of the strapless dress. She kissed the corner of her daughter's glossy red lips. Sarah turned her head around to receive a full kiss from her mother.


Automatically, the gate opened for the blue sedan. Wendy's curious eyes examined the whole scene. The mansion was even larger than the one Sarah was living in. A maid directed them to park at a certain spot on the circular driveway. There was a discrete headset around the maid's head.

"Good evening, we've been expecting you. Please follow me."

The maid, who appeared to Mary to be in her early 20's, gave Mary a strange vibe. While the outfit was a typical French maid's uniform, the skirt length was a bit short, the outfit too form-fitting, and on top of that, the maid was wearing black high heels and full make-up. Plus, the maid's demeanor was somewhat cool, if not aloof.  She reminded Mary of a runway model at a fashion show, both in appearance and bearing--quite beautiful, yet with a detached, emotionless look on her face most of the time. 

Mary figured maybe that was just how domestic help for the wealthy tend to be.  And the maid was not unfriendly or disrespectful, certainly; in fact, as Mary witnessed later, she was capable of warmth, personality, and a very charming smile.  But still, there was something--was "exotic" the right word? or "mysterious"? or even..."sexy"?--about the maid which gave Mary a small degree of apprehension. 

Wendy's eyes unconsciously appraised the maid's looks. When she realized what she was doing, she justified it as doing it to maintain her lesbian persona. The maid was pretty. Wendy noticed her attractive curves, decent-sized breasts, green eyes, porcelain-like skin, and dark brown hair tied into a ponytail reaching past her shoulders. The bangs were cut straight in a classical style.

Light make-up covered the maid's face. She wore cerise-pink lipstick with a coat of clear lip gloss. Black mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow made her eyes stand out. There was a hint of blush. For some reason, the maid reminded Wendy of Lauren. Before Wendy's eyes left the maid's body, her sexual arousal suddenly came back, and she used all her willpower to suppress it.

They walked along the stone-paved walkway to the main entrance. Apart from their footsteps, the only other sound came from the decorative water fountain. Upon entering the front door, the two guests were greeted by the splendor of the large foyer, which had a red-carpeted double staircase, checker-patterned floor of gleaming black and white marble tiles, decorative sculptures, a glistening chandelier, and an assortment of luxurious furniture.

"Please wait here," said the maid, directing Mary and Wendy to sit on one of the exquisite red leather sofas.  "Mrs. Powers and her daughter will be arriving shortly."  Since they had arrived ten minutes early, waiting was to be expected.

Wendy was nervous, but Mary more so. Even before meeting Mrs. Powers, Mary already had a feeling that the corporate executive wouldn't be exactly receptive to anything even remotely critical of her parenting or to questions about Sarah's intentions. She had to take a gentle and indirect approach.

Classical music played in the background, which Mary and Wendy had just noticed. Mary recognized it as a piece by Bach. It had a strange calming effect on both of them. Neither of them knew of the sinister subliminals hidden within the music.

"Wendy likes how her mother looks tonight... Wendy thinks her mother is sexy... Look at her eyes, face, lips, nose, breasts, legs... Wendy wonders what her mother looks like beneath the dress... Wendy thinks her mom could be sexier and more attractive... She needs prettier and more garish make-up... carmine red lipstick with heavy lip gloss... silver eye shadow... heavy black eyeliner... thick black mascara for very long lashes... They need to be long and curly... red lacquered nails... red high heels... red dress... Wendy's mom looks better in red clothing... Wendy wonders what it's like to kiss her mom, to touch her mom..."

Not knowing why, Wendy turned and stared at her mother, paying more attention to her looks than usual. She dismissed her looking as simply a proud appreciation of her mother for simply dressing her best. A sudden thought passed in Wendy's mind, But, my mom could do better than that...

"Mary Livingston... You love your daughter... You want to be close to her... You appreciate her new looks and attitude... You like how pretty and sexy your daughter now looks... You feel proud of your daughter... You want her to become prettier and sexier... It makes you want her more... Go ahead, look at your daughter... Appreciate her beauty... Touch her..."

Wendy's left had reached over and rested on the back of her mother's hand, causing Mary to blink.

Did I doze off suddenly?

Not knowing why she touched her mom's hand, but needing to come up with an excuse regardless, and having noticed her mom's drowsiness, Wendy said, "Mom, we just need to wait a little longer. We don't want to give a bad impression to Mrs. Powers, do we?"

"Sorry, honey, I don't mind waiting. I was just so relaxed by the music."

The maid had paused for several minutes, standing ten feet in front of Mary and Wendy, as if waiting at her post of duty.  She was turned half-way away from the Livingstons, giving them a perfect profile view of her curvaceous body and pretty face--purposely.  Mary took no particularly note, but Wendy fell for the bait, hoping the maid would not turn back and catch her looking.

The white-lace-bordered neckline of the maid's uniform blouse, while not extreme, was low enough to show off how creamy and developed her cleavage was. Thanks to a specially-designed bra, her breasts were held up and thrust forward in a breathtaking fashion, and Wendy's was the ideal vantage point to fully appraise their stunning shape.  The covered parts of the eye-catching mounds were encased tightly in the shiny black silk of her uniform, which also hugged and displayed her slim waist, womanly hips, and generous rear, and showed-off her slim legs, in a manner which totally commandeered Wendy's attention.  Wendy also roved over the maid's face, admiring her fine features, striking coloring, immaculate full make-up, and, especially, her full, shiny lips.  Desires passed subtly through Wendy's psyche.  She is...nice...lovely...kissable...

Inwardly smiling, the maid felt Wendy's eyes all over her.  She swayed and turned and touched herself slightly now and then to give movement to, and draw further interest in, various parts of herself, but did not look at Wendy.  After she felt she had teased Wendy adequately, as previously planned, she started to walk away.

When the maid turned around to leave, Wendy got up and asked, "Umm... Excuse me, where's the bathroom?"  The maid turned back and looked Wendy in the eye, pausing a moment to let Wendy take her in again, and to allow sexual tension to rise between them, before the maid replied.

"Down the hallway, and make a right. Would you like me to take you there?"  The maid smiled subtly but invitingly, and since it was the first time Wendy had seen the maid smile at all, or even suspected that she could smile, it dazzled her a bit. You can take me anywhere you would like to, Wendy responded emotionally within herself, but barely conscious of the exact sentiment. There was another pause before Wendy recovered sufficiently to respond vocally. 

"Yes, thank you."

Wendy couldn't resist eyeing up the maid again as she was trailing behind her.   She liked the way the maid's dark, silky pony tail swished over shoulders and the way its rich brown color stood out against the backdrop of the black silk uniform.  She also watched, with some enjoyment, the undulation of her ass and the grace of her slender legs as she walked.  Erotic images flashed in Wendy's mind. She could see herself running her hand up the maid's thigh, feeling the skin through the pantyhose.  In Wendy's visualization, the maid tilted her head back and gasped.

Wendy forced herself, with difficulty, to clear the thought when they arrived at the bathroom.  She was mystified why she was responding like this to a girl she had just met. It didn't occur to her that the question she should have asked herself was, why was she responding to any girl like this; but by now such homosexual feelings were so common and natural to her that the only issue to dawn on her in her current situation was how fast the attraction had developed.

A little bit flushed with embarrassment and excitement because of the maid and her sudden feelings about her, Wendy thanked her once more.  Again, for a pregnant moment, they stood and smiled at each other. The maid's smile had progressed from semi to full as they faced each other, revealing to Wendy her straight, brilliantly white teeth.                                                   

 "Was there anything else I can do to for, Miss?" The maid queried.  Mary was sure the maid had meant to say, "...I can do for you....  But, either way, what did the maid mean to imply?  Was she suggested there were services she could render by coming into the bathroom with her?  Like, for example?  Wendy's mind raced back to her times with Sarah making out in the restrooms at school, and her sexy play with Lauren in the restroom at the disco, and her shower with Cynthia at the Twin Venus Club.  Was the maid suggesting anything like that? 

Needing to give the maid an answer, Wendy figured she had better assume the maid's question was as it appeared on the surface to be, a benign offer of general assistance, Wendy declined the offer and thanked the maid yet another time.

But as the fetching maid turned to leave, Wendy asked herself:  And what if she was suggesting that?  What would I have done?  Should I have accepted, and then...and then we would have seen what... developed?  At that final thought, Wendy was a little perturbed with herself for at least not opening that door.  She thought of calling the maid back, but then thought better of it.   Maybe there'd be another time....

Wendy dallied at the bathroom door, so she could watch the attractive maid as she walked away, her high heels clicking precisely on the marble floor. Then, remembering why she had wanted the privacy of the bathroom to begin with, Wendy quickly entered the bathroom and locked it.

Wendy had already been eager for release in the wake of her earlier fantasized sex with Lauren, and now, after her brief encounter with the sensual maid, she was desperate.  Unable to control herself, Wendy brought back the image of Lauren on her smartphone, then placed the phone on the marble countertop. She rode up the skirt of her sequined dress and pulled down her satin panties to her knees. From the handbag, Wendy took out the pink bullet vibrator, and turned it on. She pressed the tip of the vibrating bullet dildo against her clit and moaned softly. Staring at the erotic digital image of Lauren, Wendy continued where she had left off earlier...

After pulling down the PVC panties, Wendy pressed her tongue against Lauren's ass crack. She flicked her tongue up and down as she gave the puckered hole of her love rival a rim job.

"Oh, Wendy, your tongue feels so great. I think I'm starting to fall in love with you!" said Lauren with a moaning voice while she squeezed one of her black PVC-clad breasts with her right hand, while her other hand was grabbing Wendy's hair.

Looking at the time on the phone, Wendy realized there wasn't much time left. She turned the bullet vibrator on at the maximum setting. It didn't take long for Wendy to cum. The last fantasized image she had was of Lauren hugging and kissing her, fuchsia-painted lips against fuchsia-painted lips. Wendy panted in the aftermath.

Unknown to Wendy, a hidden camera was secretly recording all her actions.

Realizing what she had just done, she scolded herself, "I shouldn't be doing this in Mrs. Powers' home, even if it is for my goal. It's not appropriate. I need to control myself."

After hastily cleaning and fixing herself up, including applying another coat of her special lipstick, while lingering a moment to again admire--and adore--her own beautiful reflection, Wendy rejoined her mother in the foyer. She arrived just in time for the arrival of Sarah and her mother.

"Good evening, Mrs. Livingston. I'm glad you were able to come with your daughter."

"Good evening, Mrs. Powers. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine. And, Wendy, you're exactly the lovely girl Sarah described you as. Nice to meet you. "

Wendy blushed as she stared at the floor, before again meeting Mrs. Power's gaze.

"Thank you, Mrs. Powers. It's nice meeting you too."

During the greetings, Wendy took in details of Sarah's mother. Mrs. Powers was like an older version of Sarah with similar features and curves, but with a more endowed chest. Her blond hair, reaching half-way down her neck in a bob cut, was slightly darker than Sarah's, and she had green eyes rather than Sarah's blue ones. Similar to Mary's outfit, she was wearing a conservative black satin halter dress. Mrs. Powers was also taller than Wendy's mom, and the black high heels she was wearing added an extra 3 inches. Her high position in society and business as well her beauty gave Wendy a mixture of feelings: awe, fear, and attraction.

"Dinner doesn't start until seven thirty. In the meantime, I could give you a tour of the mansion."

Each room was a work of art unto itself. Most of them were furnished with posh and high-quality furniture. Various antiques and artwork were displayed on pedestals and alcoves. They saw the hunting trophies that Serena's husband had acquired on hunting trips from Alaska to Africa. Intact jewelry and artifacts from various ancient civilizations were also presented.

"Quite a wonderful collection you have here," Mary complimented.

Wendy's eyes wandered to the Egyptian jewelry collection. She imagined herself wearing the uraeus crown, cobra armlet, and anklet. A naked Sarah was writhing her body against Wendy. Shaking her head with closed eyes, Wendy cleared the thought. When she reopened her eyes, Wendy found herself staring at Serena's black high heels and upward along the pantyhose-covered legs.

"Yes, my husband has a penchant for ancient stuff."

Mary's face contorted slightly at the sight of a strange Egyptian artifact. It looked like a golden face with a very big and long rounded nose, but the face was very small. Noticing Mary's reaction, Serena walked up close to her and whispered, "Are you curious as to the purpose of that object?"

"Is... that a mask?" asked Mary, hoping that her initial feelings were unfounded.

"No, it's one of those toys used by sexually adventurous noblewomen on their female servants as well as on each other," answered Serena with a mischievous expression.

Disgusted by the true purpose of the artifact, Mary shifted her attention to other objects on display.

At the end of the tour, Serena announced, "Dinner is about to start. We should head over to the dining room."

Sarah stopped Wendy for a moment on the way. Once Serena and Mary were far enough ahead, Sarah whispered to Wendy. "Did you forget to wear the necklace?"

"No, I brought my necklace. I'm not wearing it because I didn't want my mom to see it."

"Good, as long as you don't forget that you're a lesbian all the time."

They had a fancy seafood dinner. Wine was served, but only for Mary and Serena. Mary didn't want to drink at first, but Serena insisted and promised her a chauffeur would drive them home. Only fruit juice and water were available for Sarah and Wendy. The two mothers talked about various topics such as fashion, homemaking, children, vacations, and hobbies.

Sarah and Wendy ate silently. However, Sarah dropped hints to Wendy that she wanted to break the monotony.  Sarah stared at Wendy with seductive eyes and a smile. She did a slight hair toss and licked her lips sensually.

What does Sarah want? What am I supposed to do? In a sudden realization, Wendy knew what to do next. Remembering the game she played with Sarah at the sandwich shop, Wendy reached over with her left foot and caressed Sarah's lower leg, feeling the smoothness of it through the sheer stockings. Sarah smiled in response and closed her eyes briefly. She moved her leg only slightly, intending to let Wendy work a bit more. It wasn't until Wendy retracted her foot that Sarah started caressing Wendy's leg with her own foot. Wendy smiled and bit her lower lip.

"Wendy, Sarah, is everything alright?" asked Mary with a concerned tone.

"Everything's fine, Mom."

"Yeah, we're just doing a staring contest."

Also at dinner, Wendy overheard Serena address by name the maid she had met, and had quickly come to like, so she now knew her name was Kayla.  As Kayla moved around the room and table in her serving duties, Wendy did not miss the opportunity to stealthily (as she thought) eye the attractive maid more. 

On several occasions, Kayla leaned forward to serve food and place or retrieve dishes on the opposite side of the table, giving to Wendy a generous and electric view of the maid's creamy, bulging breasts dangling inside her tight black uniform blouse. Kayla also repeatedly looked at her, Wendy noted, and the maid twice caught Wendy frankly staring at her breasts.  Kayla's response each time was a warm smile.

Also, whenever Kayla served Wendy, she rubbed her black-silk-encased body against Wendy's back or arm, and twice placed her manicured hand on Wendy's shoulder, as if to support herself, with a whispered "Excuse me, Miss".  Each time, Kayla's perfume and touch sent a mild but pleasant shock through Wendy. 

Though it seemed like Kayla was flirting with her, Wendy was not sure, and finally gave the benefit of the doubt to the supposition that the maid was probably a normal young woman just being friendly, and also that a maid in so wealthy and, presumably, disciplined a household would not risk her job by trying anything untoward with the guests.

But it also it appeared to Wendy that Kayla had some particular interest in her mom. Wendy noted Kayla seemed to look frequently in Mary's direction, not just Wendy's; appeared to try to make eye contact with her more than was necessary; touched her lightly occasionally; was particularly solicitous to her; and that she spoke to Mary and asked her questions at every conceivable opportunity--"Oh, let me help you with that napkin."  "Can I get you more shrimp scampi, madam?"  "Allow me, please,"  helping her with her chair.  "Oh, let me get that for you," sweeping a crumb from Mary's blouse, and blotting a drop from her chin.  "How is everything tonight, ma'am?"  "Can I do anything more for you?"  (Both Wendy and Mary had thought Kayla had said, "...anything more to you," but they assumed they just misheard.) 

Mary had noticed the extra attention as well.  At first, her uneasy feeling about this maid had been heightened because of it. 

By the time the main course had been served, Mary had analyzed what had made her feel so.  It was because the maid  Mary hadn't wanted to conjure that word earlier at home in application to her daughter, but it definitely applied to this maid--"Kayla", Mary had heard her called.  

The discomfort was caused by an almost palpable sexuality oozing from the girl, perceived more intently every time the girl drew close or looked at her.   Though Mary had not been around domestic servants much, she still had the impression that they normally would be more on the...conservative side.  This girl was anything but, and it wasn't just her attire and overall appearance; no, it was the aura she gave off, as well.  There was something...oh... something sensual...or seductive...about her...Maybe dangerous, too. 

However, as the dinner progressed, Mary observed that others of the household help--all women, interestingly, everyone an attractive young woman--partook, to some degree, of a style and bearing similar to Kayla's, which put Mary slightly more at ease about Kayla, although it did make her wonder about the lady of the house, who would hire this kind of homogenous staff, and who would permit or require their...sensual...kind of presence.

By the end of the dinner, Mary had started to forget about it, and had even felt somewhat flattered by Kayla's attentiveness.  Perhaps it was the wine. 

The dinner soon drew to a close. Serena dismissed the two girls, "You two can go have fun. We wouldn't want to bore you with our adult conversation."

"Thank you, Mom!  Come on, Wendy, let's go."

Wendy looked at her mom, who nodded in approval.

Maids started clearing the table. New wine was brought in by the maid, Kayla, on a wheeled cart.

"I think I've had enough wine for tonight."

"But this is very fine wine. It's been aged for over 40 years."

The maid poured the wine into two black glasses. One of the glasses had a powdered drug, which was hidden by the black color of the glass. That glass was given to Mary. Serena smiled when she saw Mary take her first sip from the black wine glass.

"Is your daughter doing well in school, Mrs. Livingston?"

Mary was surprised by the directness of the question, but realized that it was a good opening for her to talk about her concerns.

"Yes, she's doing very well. Her grades are fine.  How about your daughter?"

"She's doing fine as well. I'm more concerned about the people she's hanging out with."

"About that, I have similar concerns about my daughter too."

"How so?"

"Over the past month, she's suddenly adopted a new image for herself, new taste in clothes, and she's putting on make-up. My daughter never did that before."

"Well, adopting an image for yourself is a part of growing up."

"But, I'm afraid my daughter's looks and behavior will attract the wrong people. I hope my daughter isn't doing this to attract boys or just to be popular. It would be tragic if she suddenly got pregnant or started doing drugs. I don't believe in sex before marriage."

"Where do you think your daughter might have picked this up from?"

The drug in the wine was starting to affect Mary. She was feeling a bit light headed. It was becoming hard for her to think.

"I don't know, her friends?"

"Are you suggesting that Sarah might be responsible for leading your daughter astray?"

"No, maybe, I don't know..."

"Has it occurred to you that your daughter's change isn't really a change, but she's just revealing her true nature?"

"No, my husband and I raised her to be a good Christian. We taught her morals and values."

"It doesn't always work. Your parenting might have been flawed."

"Maybe in some minor ways, but we are trying our best. Wendy would never go against what we've taught her. We raised her to be a good girl."

"Oh really?"

Serena pulled out Sarah's smartphone. "This is what I found on my daughter's smartphone."

It was an image of Wendy in a pink satin bra and panties. She was kneeling on her own bed and smiling.

"No, that can't be Wendy!"

In the next picture, Wendy was in the same pose except that this time she was cupping both breasts. In the third image, Wendy was pulling her panties aside to reveal her shaved pussy.

"I think Wendy is trying to seduce my daughter."

In the fourth image, Wendy had two fingers in her pussy. Her mouth was partly opened in a silent moan.

"No, no, no, no! My daughter would never do that!"

"Why would you think not? Why would a girl send pornographic photos of herself to another girl? Only a lesbian would do that. The evidence is clear. Are you denying the evidence?"

"I didn't raise her to be a homosexual!"

"Look closely. See that necklace your daughter is wearing in the picture? See the double Venus symbols? It represents lesbianism. Your daughter is a lesbian, and she's trying to make my daughter a lesbian."

"My daughter isn't a lesbian..."

"Mrs. Livingston, are you alright?  You don't seem to be feeling well."

Mary slowly slumped forward as she became unconscious. The nearly empty wine glass was knocked over.

Serena got up from her seat and went over to the unconscious woman. With her fingers, she stroked Mary's honey blond hair gently.

"You will make a wonderful lesbian, Mrs. Mary Livingston. Soon, you will know the wonderful pleasures of loving women as well as your daughter. Men will no longer excite nor concern you."

Using three fingers, Serena lifted Mary's chin and planted a kiss on her lips. "Mmmmmmmmmm..."

Three maids approached the sleeping woman. Two of them were moving a gurney. Mary was gently laid on the gurney before being taken through a hidden revolving door. After going through a short corridor, they approached an elevator that took them down to the hidden underground level.

Outside of the mansion...

"Tonight is a good night for swimming! We should go for a swim!"

"But, I didn't bring anything, Sarah. I thought we'd just be having dinner."

"Don't worry, we've got everything you need: towels, swimsuits, everything!"

"I would love to swim, but I need to ask my mom first."

"Okay, Wendy."

Mary didn't respond to Wendy's call. "What's going on? Why isn't my mom answering?"

"Oh, maybe your mom turned it off because she didn't want the dinner to be interrupted."

"I need to go back inside to ask her."

"No, there's a faster way."

Sarah accessed the wifi intercom system using her smartphone and contacted a maid, "Kayla, can you get me through to Wendy's mom?"  When Wendy heard Kayla's name, her pulse quickened slightly.

"Mrs. Livingston? She's in the library with Mrs. Powers. I'll get you through to her. Hold on."

After about fifteen seconds, Mary's voice appeared, "Hello?"

Sarah handed her smartphone to Wendy.


"Yes, honey?"

"May I stay here longer? I want to do some swimming with Sarah in the pool."

"Sure, honey, but how long are you going to be swimming?"

Wendy looked at Sarah.

"Overnight. Ask her if you can stay overnight," whispered Sarah.

Overnight?  I wonder why?  What are we going to do?  Wendy had stayed overnight with Sarah twice before, at the slumber party with Sarah's friends, and on the eve of "the performance".  While her memory of the slumber party was foggy, she had the distinct impression there was sexual play that night; and as for the other occasion, she had no doubt.  That was, in fact, the night Sarah introduced her to anal play, she recalled--recalled rather nostalgically, in fact, without quite realizing it. 

"Overnight" in connection to Sarah, then, had a rather pronounced connotation of exciting sexual expectation for Wendy.  Will there be sex tonight if I stay? Not that I would want that that...necessarily...but if I'm wearing my necklace...then...maybe...maybe something... would be...would be ok....would be what I should do...

It occurred to Wendy that, though Sarah had not asked Wendy directly about whether she wanted to stay the night, the invitation was included in the directive to get permission from Mary.  Wendy did not need to think long about whether she wanted to accept Sarah's implied invitation.  Not that her preference was decisive at the moment.  It was, after all, what Sarah wanted...too...

"I want to stay overnight."

"Overnight? That's fine honey. Just give me a call tomorrow, and I'll come over to pick you up."

Wendy was surprised how easily her Mom agreed to her staying overnight.

"Okay, Mom, I will. Thanks a million! Bye, Mom!"

"Bye, Wendy."

Mary's eyes were blank when she ended her call on the smartphone.

"Good job, Mary, now we can continue without further interruptions," said Serena before slipping her hand beneath the folds of Mary's bra and sealing Mary's mouth with her lips.

In the changing room, Wendy was offered a large selection of swimsuits to wear.

"Which one should I pick?"

"It's your choice."

Sarah changed in front of Wendy, taking off her clothing piece by piece. Wendy couldn't resist staring at Sarah's body. In one smooth motion, Sarah picked a red PVC micro-bikini and began putting it on.

The suit consisted of three narrow, rectangular strips of shiny red PVC tied onto her body with a few red strings, one going around her neck, one connecting the bottoms of the "bra" pieces in front, another connecting them across her back, and another around her waist to support the "bottom".  Each upper "cup" was basically rectangular, 3¼ inches in vertical length and but 1½ inches wide--just wide enough to cover almost all, if not all, of the areola of an average woman--and tapered to a point, like the end of a leaf, at the top end to meet the string supporting it.  The "cups" offered no support, only coverage, and that to the most minimal extent conceivable in anything that could even remotely be considered a "swimsuit".

The bottom piece was even scantier, 2½ inches long and 1 inch across, a design adequate to conceal most of the labia on most women, all on some, and hardly anything on a few.  On many, as the PVC softened with body heat, it just sank into the slit, leaving the labia totally uncovered, especially after it had been on a while.  It was suspended in place, to the degree that it might happen to stay in place, in its front by a string from its top edge to the waist string and in the back by a string enveloped completely by the wearer's ass crack, rendering it invisible for much its length.

The bottom was an outrage.  It spelled scandal for any girl wearing it, and was a pregnancy waiting to happen for a straight girl.

Before Wendy's eyes, Sarah's lush body seemed to ooze sex behind and around the glossy pieces and stings.  Her perfect breasts wobbled unimpeded with the slightest movement, and waged tug-of-war against the slender strings holding the "top" in place...that is, holding it in place more or less.  As Wendy ventured to look between Sarah's legs, not only could she plainly see the indentation of Sarah's womanly slit vainly hiding in its little pouch but, with a quiet, quick intake of breath, she realized she could also see the strip was too short on Sarah, leaving a small section at the top of her vagina openly exposed!  Wendy's mouth reflexively started to water. 

Sarah turned her body some to let Wendy have a good look   She raised her arms above her head, lifting her long platinum hair with her red-nailed hands, which posture popped both nipples free of the tiny sacs of her "top".  She smiled sensuously at Wendy as she lowered her arms and faced Wendy again straight-on, her nipples settling tenuously back behind the red PVC.  Wendy was mesmerized, her breathing labored.  

Sarah laughed inwardly, seeing the obvious and intended erotic effect she had on her stunned prey.   She loved the power she had over Wendy, and other girls,  just by displaying her body.  It would not be long, she smiled, before Wendy would know the same delight on a regular basis.

While it looked great on Sarah, Wendy was hesitant to put on one like it because this kind was more risqué than the swimsuits she had worn before.

"What are you waiting for, Wendy?" asked Sarah as she put on her Sapphic symbol necklace.

"You can pick whatever you want. Your mom won't see you. It's just us two girls."

Sarah flicked her pendant, which reminded Wendy.

"Oh, I forgot about my necklace!"

From her handbag, Wendy pulled out her necklace and wore it around her neck.  That done, she instantly felt freer to indulge and to experiment, if not compelled to do so, to become the more sexually uninhibited lesbian girl she needed to be.  For Lauren...She's the girl I want to win...the girl I love...

She caught herself. No...wasn't it for Daniel?  Oh, yeah...  It struck her how difficult it had been right then to recall her original goal.  It seemed like it was drifting away, for some reason.  But, with the necklace in place, she was not supposed to think like a straight girl, after all.  Wendy made a mental note that the next time she removed her necklace, she would have to try to remember about Daniel again. 

But her course for this moment had become clearer, as she scanned the many swimsuits available to her.  With the necklace in place, she was a lesbian girl.  Lesbian girls want to show their bodies off to other pretty girls.  Like a slut...the lesbian slut I am...the girl I want to be,  floated suddenly through her head.

Slut.  Yes, she reflected as she stood there, that word had just passed through her mind,  She had never used to even think that word, but lately it seems she had heard it spoken more often--she couldn't recall where or from whom, exactly--and it had been popping up in her mind occasionally.  Further, she noticed that the word did not carry as much shock for her as it used to; and the idea of being a slut was not quite as appalling to her as it used to be, either.

She wondered why that was.  As she searched herself further, she realized the word seemed now to actually hold a measure of appeal, if not excitement, for her that it never had before. The cause was unfathomable to her, and she was sure that was just a temporary feeling, as her standards were high, normally at least, and she was, really, a good girl, or usually she was a good girl.  Not a slut.

And no, she did not want to be a slut. 

But that did not mean she could not wear the swimsuit of a slut.  That, alone, would not make her one, she again rationalized, and, with the necklace in place, she did have to try to be sluttier, at least.  Not necessarily a total slut.  Just a little more in that direction.  A little slut.  That would be ok.  Sarah and Cynthia expected it.  Lauren required it.  Especially when it came to just a swimsuit, she, Wendy, could go that far...this once...

She again scanned Sarah in her micro bikini.  No, it was not attire for a good girl; yes, it was actually something for a total whore.  But...she was now she would look in one... and feel in one.  It really wouldn't hurt...just this once...wouldn't really make her a total slut if she did...

So Wendy picked out and dressed herself in a blue version of Sarah's micro-bikini.

Actually wearing a micro-bikini was different than seeing someone else wearing one. Wendy took a sharp breath when she realized that little more than her nipples and areole were covered, and not even the latter fully if she shifted slightly, and the shiny narrow strip between her legs hardly covered her labia, sinking between them more than over them. She could feel her womanly entrance was virtually unprotected...and was, instead, inviting love. She had an instinctual urge to cover herself with her arms, but started relaxing when her initial shock faded away.

The eroticism of the swimsuit reminded her of the outfit she had worn during the performance that she had done for Daniel. She recalled the sensations of exposing herself publically, and her lewd contact with Sarah, with a certain dark sentimentality; she had, surprising to herself, actually been exhilarated by it all.  She regarded that experience with a peculiar fondness, for some reason--though she knew she really shouldn't--and, deep down, wouldn't mind doing something similar again sometime, especially if it were with Sarah.  Or Lauren. Or Cynthia.  Or Rebecca.  Or Tamara.  Or...

Her thoughts drifted to Daniel briefly, but she quickly corrected herself; for as a lesbian girl, with the necklace in place, she was not to think about guys.  Her mind was subsequently immediately swamped by her current thoughts about Sarah.

Instinctively, Wendy turned around to show herself off in the exotic swimsuit.  She mimicked Sarah, raising her arms above her head, catching her hair.  She looked down at her breasts with pride as they lifted and bulged against the sparse pieces and straps of the bikini.  Her only subconscious disappointment was that her nipples did not pop out into view as had Sarah's, for a part of her had wondered was that would look like and feel like.

Wendy realized briefly in this moment that she was enjoying exposing herself.  She was starting to get the same exhilaration she had felt during "the performance", and during her little photo shoot.  Do I like being naked?  Is this how I get my thrill?  By showing my body off? Like a whore...? 

...for girls, ...with girls, was the ending she meant but had not mentally said at the end of each of those rhetorical questions.  It was not necessary to add those endings in her mind, because Wendy only thought of words and issues like those in terms of girls. Not in terms of all.

The brief internal conversation passed quickly on as Wendy saw Sarah's rapt expression.

Looking at Sarah's face for signs of approval, Wendy saw a smile. Does Sarah like me in this swimsuit? Are we going to do something naughty later on tonight? because she likes what she sees right now? because I'm getting her hot for me by wearing this?  Wendy was only partially aware that the tenor of her thoughts was hope...hope that she was making Sarah lust for her, and that this swimsuit and her lewd exhibition in it would lead to something sexual with Sarah.

"You look really great in it, Wendy,"  Sarah almost whispered, as if entranced. Erasing any doubt as to exactly what Sarah meant by that, Wendy observed that Sarah's wide eyes were boring straight at her pussy, drinking in the obscene display.  After several tense seconds in silence, neither girl moving, Sarah then fixated frankly onto Wendy's breasts.   Wendy looked down at her mammary swells again, seeing, as if through Sarah's eyes, the exposed mounds hanging loosely.  She saw the entirety of her cleavage was open to plain view, and her nipples were clearly discernable as prominent protrusions into the blue PVC.

A dark satisfaction swept through Wendy, which grew when she looked back at Sarah, who appeared totally absorbed by the sight.  The discomfiture she had initially felt was now totally supplanted by wicked delight that her breasts and her pussy were captivating another girl.  A buried sentiment subtly emerged:  Let her look...You love girls wanting you...  

Wendy felt an emotion surge through her.  Her conscious mind told her what she felt was joy in being a woman.  More deeply buried, the truth was whispered:  I am a slut. I want to be a slut...a beautiful lesbian slut...I am loose...I am slutty....  

Reflexively, she pulled her shoulders back, thrusting her tits forward, stretching the shiny, thin, blue PVC against her nipples more tightly.  Without thinking about what she was doing, but strongly influenced subconsciously by porn behavior, in which she was now well-versed, she swayed her torso, intentionally causing her hardly-contained breasts to bounce and wobble , and she slid her painted fuchsia fingertips up and down and over them, while looking in Sarah's face.   My swimsuit is breasts are loose...I am loose...I am a loose and whorish girl...for Sarah...

Sarah was jubilant, but contained it inside herself, for the most part.  Sarah intended to make Wendy perfectly comfortable in this type of swimsuit, as well as in all other kinds of extreme and slutty attire, and to have a strong preference for it.  The Wendy which Sarah envisioned would voluntarily, even eagerly, select the most immodest and seductive, if not the most outrageous and alarming, available apparel for herself, particularly in every girl-on-girl situation, and to favor the same for other girls and women.  In time, Wendy would not blush at complete nudity, in private and in public, and was even now not inexperienced at exposing herself completely in both of those circumstances.

Sarah gave Wendy a seductive smile, and stepped forward, taking Wendy lightly in her arms.  With excruciating deliberation, she started to wipe and swirl her PVC-clad breasts against Wendy's, continuing for several minutes.  Her contact was slow, light, teasing, lewd.  The tiny red and blue breast panels slid loosely back and forth, sometimes off, and sometimes back onto the growing nipples of both girls.

Fire ignited in Wendy's breasts.  It was as if a burning love for Sarah shot from Sarah's nipples into hers through the PVC, and then injected deeper into her. She slid her hands onto Sarah's waist, closed her eyes, tossed her head back, her honey-blond hair caressing her upper back, and moaned.  "Ohhhh, Sarahhhhhhh..."  Affection for Sarah poured into Wendy as the pleasure mounted in her breasts. 

Finally, insane with desire for the platinum blond teen beauty, Wendy impulsively threw her arms around Sarah, holding her tightly while pressing and gyrating her near-naked tits passionately into Sarah's, with much more force and energy than Sarah had done to her. She pressed her glossy fuchsia lips to Sarah's wet red ones with fervor, then urgently stuck her tongue into Sarah's mouth as far as she could, savoring the sweetness of a girl's mouth.

She lost track of time before removing her mouth from Sarah's, sliding her cheek along Sarah's face, and burying her face in Sarah's lush, pale hair, all the while pressing her female orbs insistently upon her girlfriend's.

At length, when Sarah perceived Wendy was starting to swoon, she whispered, "Let's go, beautiful," and softly kissed the hot, love-dizzy Wendy on the lips.  Sarah straightened the small PVC strips of Wendy's top back to "center", then her own, kissed Wendy again, and turned around to leave the pool house.

While the panting Wendy was following Sarah out to the pool, her eyes drifted to Sarah's ass.  It was, essentially, completely naked, as was her entire backside.  Only barely-there strings across her smooth, tanned back and around her narrow teen waist broke the view, the string threading her ass-crack entirely swallowed by it.  Wendy could not tear her eyes away from Sarah's rear as its globes shifted back and forth with her strides.  ...lovely...alive...creamy... smooth... round... naked...delicious....  She had a sudden urge to touch and kiss it.

Appreciation for Sarah's swimsuits swept through Wendy. The more she saw Sarah in the swimsuit, the more Wendy wanted to do things with Sarah's body. But at last, her conscience decided to make a brief squeak. Stop it, Wendy it. Sarah's not a sex object!

However, the self-reprimand left as fast as it came, and within seconds Wendy was admitting to herself that this was now her favorite kind of swimsuit, by far.  She decided this was the type she wanted to wear in the future.  She further hoped Sarah also would wear one like it again--even if she wasn't going to go swimming.

They frolicked at the edge of the large heated pool, splashing water at each other. Their play was interspersed with giggles and laughing. They did a few laps along the pool together in a playful race. On the last lap, Sarah "accidentally" bumped into Wendy in the shallow end of the pool. This led to sensual touching and brief kissing, but Wendy broke off abruptly when she noticed Kayla the maid bringing a tray holding two warm drinks.

"Thank you."

Sarah took a glass and gave it to Wendy. The other one she gave to herself. After several sips they continued playing at the edge of the pool. Without warning, Sarah suddenly embraced Wendy and tried to perform a tight lip lock with her.

"We're going to be seen!" said Wendy worriedly, afraid Kayla or another maid might come out.  Despite having kissed girls in public before, Wendy still hoped to reserve such activity for private places.  She'd be embarrassed if anyone saw her kissing another girl in public, and she certainly didn't want to give Kayla an unfavorable impression of herself.  She liked Kayla, for some reason, and she cared about what Kayla thought of her.

"It's alright. We'll stop when someone comes."

Wendy's protest was quickly ended by Sarah again pursuing the deep kiss. Wendy gasped when Sarah also pressed her knee against her crotch underwater. In slow motions, Sarah's knee rubbed Wendy's pussy through the scanty parody of a covering that was her bikini bottom.

The drug in Wendy's drink was starting to take effect. Since most of the drug was concentrated in the floating frothy part of the drink, Wendy didn't need to finish her drink to feel the full effects.

The moving knee was later replaced by Sarah's fingers, which easily reached beneath the unresisting PVC folds to access Wendy's labia.

"Uh... Uhhh... Uhh..." moaned Wendy with closed eyes as Sarah worked her fingers.

Sarah kissed Wendy again with tongue action. Wendy sucked on Sarah's tongue.

"Wendy, you want to have sex at any place and any time, as long as you can get away with it."

"Sex at any place and any time..." replied a dreamy Wendy.

"Yes, and only lesbian sex..."

"Only lesbian sex..."

"That is correct... Now show me how much of a lesbian you are. Kiss me. Love me. Fuck me."

Sarah raised her right leg and intertwined it with Wendy's left leg. She placed her lips very close to Wendy's lips and lightly brushed against them. Spurred by sexual need, Wendy kissed Sarah and pressed her tongue deep into Sarah's mouth.

"Fuck me, Wendy."

Wendy placed one hand on Sarah's butt then slipped her other hand into Sarah's bikini bottom. The slick material felt nice on her hand and was so miniscule that it offered no significant obstacle to her fingers as they sought and sank into her pretty girlfriend's pretty slit. Wendy thought lazily how much she liked Sarah's swimsuit, and her pussy.

Repeated moans came from Sarah's mouth as she was being finger fucked by Wendy.

"More, Wendy. Fuck me harder. Fuck me more."

Another finger was inserted into Sarah's pussy. Wendy squeezed Sarah's ass cheek tighter. Her mouth moved forward to kiss Sarah again, with tongue.

Moments later, Sarah backed away.

"No, this is not enough, Wendy. You won't be able to seduce Lauren just by doing this."

"Why not?" asked Wendy with a dreamy look as she tried to move closer to a retreating Sarah.

"You need to do more. Are you a lesbian slut, Wendy?"

"No, I'm... not a slut..."

"You need to become a lesbian slut."

"I don't... want to be... a lesbian slut..."

"You must, Wendy, if you want to achieve your goal. You don't want to fail, do you?"


"Then become a lesbian slut!" said Sarah authoritatively.

Sarah looked at the maids standing in the distance and nodded. The two maids, who were in their twenties, were now dressed in an erotic swimsuit parody version of a French maid's outfit, made from PVC. They walked over to the two teenage girls and joined them in the pool.

In the underground lab below the mansion...

Serena pressed her palm on a scanner to activate the computer system. LED lights flashed green on the console. The sounds of humming and revving filled the room as every machine was slowly brought to life. Self-diagnostic tests indicated that the Mind Control Machine, the Dream Inducement Machine, and the Memory Modification Machine were in good working order. They were similar in form, but different in function.

Mary was methodically stripped of her clothes by the maids. She was then wheeled to the Memory Modification Machine. After being placed on a padded reclining seat, she was then strapped down. One of the many robotic arms sprouting from the edges of the seat moved. It held a syringe that was connected to a supply of a special pink fluid. The unconscious Mary moaned slightly as the needle was pressed into her arm with pinpoint accuracy.

Two robotic cups encased her breasts. A leaf-shaped robotic limb protruded from below the seat and fully covered Mary's groin. Three more leaf-shaped robotic limbs protruded from the head rest and converged on Mary's face, forming an air-tight mask. Countless smaller robotic limbs attached themselves everywhere on the rest of Mary's body. Finally, a spherical high-tech helmet descended on her head, fully encasing it. The machine hummed as it began its work. Mary, who had lived all her life as a heterosexual and with no homosexual desires, was going to be given a lesbian past.

Rays of the afternoon sun shone in Mary's eyes, causing her to look away. Blinking her eyes, Mary realized that she was sitting at the edge of a soft bed. Looking around, Mary was overcome with the feelings of familiarity. It was her own room. It was her parents' house. But something felt strange that she couldn't a put a finger on...

Mary tried to think, but couldn't. Looking at the vanity mirror, she saw herself as a young teenager. All doubts vanished. She was wearing a dark red top with white polka dots and a green skirt. She could see how pretty she was...a pretty blonde girl, with shiny, waist-length hair and bangs, a slender frame which seemed to highlight, by contrast, the emerging, womanly swellings on her chest, and soft, fair unblemished skin. A smile formed on her face. It was nice to be young, and pretty, and free. And to feel her sexuality awakening. To be aware of her young, sweet pussy. Her sweet, little, girlish pussy, waiting for love...juicy and pretty... Wait...what am I thinking...?

She suddenly heard a girl's voice coming from outside the window. Mary looked outside her bedroom window. It was her friend Shelly standing in the front yard.

"Mary! Didn't you hear the doorbell?!"

Shelly was wearing an orange T-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers, and a red backpack.

"Sorry, Shelly, I was busy with something! I'll go get the door now!"

As Shelly came in and sat down with her in the living room, Mary remembered that Shelly was going to lend her some books, which were the latest romance and fantasy novels. Then they were going to visit a mall that recently opened downtown.

While Shelly was discussing each of the books briefly, Mary was distracted, noticing Shelly's body and her features, especially her curves. She drank in Shelly's quickly-developing breasts; her wondrous, smooth raven hair, parted in the middle, just touching her shoulders, swinging and shining around her face; and that perfect, cute face. Mary almost couldn't look away from that face, and that hair, and those girlish curves. She was drawn to Shelly. She was glad they were friends...such a pretty girl...a delicious girl...

She caught herself checking her friend out, but then she thought there was nothing unusual about it. Her memory had been altered to make Shelly's body the focus of Mary's attention during Shelly's visit. She thought, "I have always liked Shelly. And now that she is prettier, and so am I, now that we are 14, I can appreciate her in new ways, and we can become closer friends...close girlfriends..."

Later they took a bus. Midway through the journey, they passed by a strip club in the busy downtown. A slow red light made traffic crawl in that street block for a long time. In her real memory, Mary hadn't even given the strip club a second glance. It was one of the bad places her mom had warned her about that was full of sin and vice. However, the machine was altering this memory. She was now looking more closely at the features of the strip club, noticing the neon signs, seductive female images behind glass displays, and the vibrant colors. Mary wondered what went on exactly inside that place. Images of naked dancing woman appeared briefly in her imagination.

"What are you looking at, Mary?" asked Shelly.

"Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about something."

After visiting several shops, they ended up in a clothing store. They tried on new clothes in the same cubicle of the fitting room together. In the original memory, Mary and Shelly went to different booths. Mary's eyes wandered across Shelly's body, which Shelly didn't mind at all. For some reason, Mary was excited.

At night, the teenaged Mary tossed and turned on her bed, unable to sleep. The images of the strip club and of a partially clothed Shelly in the fitting booth occupied her mind. She briefly imagined Shelly as a stripper striking the same erotic pose as the stripper in the promotional poster of the strip club she had passed by earlier on the bus.

"No, I can't think of my friend like that!"

Her pussy was tingling and she fought her emotions. Mary tried to clear her mind by reading a novel, one of the ones Shelly had given her. In the original memory, Mary did read a novel that night, but it was just an ordinary heterosexual romance novel for teenagers. The machine altered it into an erotic lesbian romance novel, which wasn't evident until after the first seven pages.

Mary was shocked. Did Shelly give her the wrong book? It must be a mistake. Mary put down the book, almost dropping it. She was going to give it back to Shelly as soon as she met up with her again. Lesbianism was sinful. It was against Christian teachings. On top of that, she was straight, Mary told herself.

But Mary was unable to resist the tingling of her pussy. Her sexual curiosity got the better of her, and Mary picked up the book again, flipping to the page where she had left off abruptly. She lifted up the hem of her nightgown and began fingering her clit at the scene where two teenaged girls were kissing. When she read to the part where the girls were fingering each other's pussy, Mary dropped the book again after mustering all of her willpower.

"I can't do this. I'm not a lesbian! It's immoral and sinful!"

She returned the novel back to Shelly on the next day.

Several days later, Shelly invited Mary to watch a movie at her home. Shelly's family had just bought the latest VHS system and rented a bunch of movies. It was a Western with cowboys and the like. The memory of it was changed to a pornographic movie.

"We shouldn't be watching this! My mom says these movies are very bad!"

"No one will know, Mary. It's just us two girls. You've got to live a little!"

The first quarter of the movie they watched with half-hearted interest. It had all straight sex scenes. After that, it was almost non-stop lesbian sex. The plot was simple: A group of twelve high school teenagers, who were all friends of each other, went to check out a reportedly haunted area in the woods on the weekend. After reaching the site and encountering nothing unusual, male-female couples in the group started having sex to relieve boredom.

One girl didn't give up looking for the haunted area. She searched around and found something sparkling on the ground nearby. Using a stick, she dug out a glowing pink cylindrical crystal. The spirit in the crystal controlled her and made her control her friends. While the guys stood on the lookout in a zombie-like state, every girl paired up with another for lesbian sex. In the last scene, it was a group lesbian orgy with the main female character pushing the pink crystal into her friend's pussy with her mouth.

Shelly started stripping her clothes off as soon as the lesbian action began, until she was naked, shocking Mary.

"What are you doing?"

While giggling, Shelly said, "Don't tell me you haven't done this before!"

"No, not like this. It's forbidden!" Even as Mary was saying that she was staring at her friend's body. Her words were contradicted by the tide of desire for Shelly that was rapidly swelling within her.

Shelly stroked herself. "It's more fun to do it while watching a porno... Uhhh.... Uhhh..."

Mary's eyes were drawn back to the lesbian scene on the TV. Almost automatically, her hand found her pussy beneath the skirt as she began stroking her clit after pushing her panties aside. Occasionally, her eyes wandered from the TV screen to the naked body of her friend. Instinctively, Mary tried to move closer to Shelly. It didn't take long for Shelly to notice and react by also moving close to Mary.

Their lips drifted very close. Eventually, they kissed each other and started making out. Shelly's right hand found Mary's breast while the other joined Mary's fingers in stroking the pussy. Mary was entranced by the action.

From a black velvet pouch, Shelly pulled out a lengthwise piece of pink quartz crystal. She placed it between her lips and pushed it into her mouth, then pulled it out and shared the crystal with Mary, who did the same action with her own mouth. After Mary was done with it, Shelly slowly traced the crystal down from her cleavage to her clit and rubbed it between her labia.

"Uhhhh... Ohhhh... Oh, Great Sapphic Spirit, please grant me pleasure!" exclaimed Shelly.

Mary giggled.

The quartz crystal, wet now with pussy juice, was leisurely raised to Mary's hesitant lips. Mary slowly extended the tip of her tongue and gave the tip of the pink crystal a lick.

"Dear Sister, the Great Sapphic Spirit welcomes you as a new acolyte!"

Mary wrapped her lips around the long crystal, tasting the pussy juice of her friend.


The door to Shelly's room opened with a loud slam. "WHAT ARE YOU TWO GIRLS DOING!" exclaimed Shelly's mom, whose face reddened with anger.

Mary and Shelly were forbidden from ever seeing or contacting each other again. Shelly's parents even enlisted the help of a student at the school, the daughter of a trusted friend and neighbor, to ensure that the prohibition was followed at school. Both girls were saddened at the enforced separation. When Mary heard that Shelly's family was going to move to a state faraway, Mary almost cried.

In the real memory, Shelly's mom was just mad about Shelly over a chore done wrong. The separation happened because Shelly had been sent to a juvenile detention center for being caught smoking weed and getting into a fight with some people.

By pure chance, the female student who was monitoring Mary and Shelly fell ill and stayed home on the day before Shelly's family was going to move to another state. This gave Mary and Shelly a chance to meet each other again.

"I have something special planned for tonight," Shelly smiled lovingly. "I'll be outside your house at midnight. Be ready to go out."

"Alright, Shelly. I'll be ready."

At midnight, Mary snuck out of the house and met up with Shelly at the curb of the street. Shelly was driving a car she borrowed from another friend.  Neither 14-year-old girl cared that Shelly was too young to have a driver's license; if anything, it added to the illicit, exciting atmosphere of this night. They went to a secluded spot in the hills. The moon was full and very bright that night.

As soon as they got out of the vehicle, they began kissing and groping each other with need. In the real memory, it was nothing sexual. They just had a long conversation and Mary was persuaded to smoke a little weed, which Mary later decided wasn't really for her.

"Mary, can you take my virginity?"

"But, it should be saved until marriage."

"Please, Mary. It's the last time I will be with you. I want tonight to be memorable for both us."


"I love you, Mary."

"Shelly... I... love you too. I'll do it for you."

The two girls stripped down to nothing. Shelly directed Mary to sit on the hood of the vehicle. After putting Mary's legs over her shoulders, Shelly began eating her friend out. Initially, Mary was afraid and hesitant. The ingrained knowledge of homosexuality being a sin and sex before marriage was wrong still affected Mary's emotions and actions. But, after experiencing the first few licks from her friend, she relaxed and began to enjoy it immensely. She instinctively moved her inner thighs until they touched Shelly's cheeks.I can't believe having my pussy licked by a girl would feel this good...

The positions were then reversed, and Mary performed oral sex on a female for the first time. She knew that she instantly, ravenously loved the taste of pussy, particularly the tender, sweet pussy of a young teen girl, and would never be able to get enough of it. She knew she would crave it from then on.

Shelly then retrieved the strap-on from the car's trunk and helped Mary put it on. The whole strap-on was shiny white in color, including the harness. Kneeling downward, Shelly enveloped the white strap-on with her lips and sucked on it sensually. While deep-throating the white latex member, Shelly squeezed Mary's buttocks.

Shelly got up and spread her legs for Mary on the hood of the car. She gave Mary a               come-hither look and beckoned with her finger. Mary grazed her fingers along Shelly's thighs, sending shivers up Shelly's spine.

A girlish gasp which thrilled Mary's ears and heart escaped from Shelly's lips as she was being fully penetrated for the first her best the girl with whom she was in love. Her hymen was torn. Mary kissed Shelly as she began fucking her friend with deep and deliberate strokes. Every stroke made her love Shelly more...and made her love fucking girls, a little more with every thrust.

This was fulfillment like none other she had ever conceived.  I love girls. I love fucking girls. I want girls...only girls...forever...I love fucking Shelly...I want Shelly...I love Shelly...I love her because she is a pretty teenage girl...I love teenage girls...I want to fuck girls.

She played with Shelly's breasts and touched every part of Shelly's body that she could reach. Eventually, Shelly cried out in an intense orgasm.

"I love you, Mary."

About a month after Shelly moved away with her family, Shelly died in a car accident. Mary was distraught when she first heard of the news. A feeling of guilt washed over Mary. She had sinned with Shelly and this was God's punishment. She felt she was partly responsible for her friend's death. Though the sweetness of her attraction to Shelly and the beauty of their transgression lingered darkly in Mary's soul, Mary made a solemn promise that she would become a good Christian again.

The altered memories of Mary's teenage years would at first be hidden from Mary's conscious mind and wouldn't emerge until certain conditions were met. Then, it would be impossible for Mary to denounce Wendy's lesbian behavior, if she decided to, without confronting her false lesbian past.

Serena typed on the console and advanced the time frame of Mary's memories to the present. The machine gave her false memories of having had erotic dreams of women and girls for the past week, but the content of the dreams wasn't explicit.

Mary's memories of what happened after dinner were also changed. The discussion involving their daughters now ended amicably for both sides and the blame for the behavior of their daughters was diverted to cultural trends. Sarah and Wendy were simply acting mostly on their own volition and making their own individual choices. The best solution was to have regular discussions with their daughters about their concerns. 

In the new memory, Serena offered Mary a job as an accountant, and Mary accepted the offer despite already having a similar position at another company. Mary was told to call Hecate's HR to schedule an appointment for an interview.

Though Mary was socially liberal, it was counterbalanced by her religious inclination. After using the first machine and learning more about Mary's mental and moral character, Serena determined that influencing Mary's mind would require more effort than she had at first supposed, and that it would take at least one very strong induction, followed by a series of supplemental inductions, in order to put Mary under the same level of control as Wendy. Her calculations were aided by the fact that data gained from past induction attempts on other subjects had reduced the variables that Serena had to take into account, getting her ever closer to perfecting the process.

The reclining seat where Mary was resting moved on a pair of tracks to the Mind Control Machine. She received another injection of the pink fluid. Countless metal plates with stimulatory pads attached to her body, forming a full body suit. Robotic phalluses moved close to the openings in Mary's body, ready to penetrate the woman whenever the program called for it. The helmet encasing Mary's head hummed with power. Mary's heterosexuality was going to be destroyed, then she would be remolded as a lesbian, or at least as close to being lesbian as was possible in this session tonight.

However, Serena wasn't going to stop there. Her plan was to ultimately transform Mary into a model lesbian, completely steeped in sin and vice, with an insatiable appetite for lesbian sex. Mary would eventually want to have sexual relations with her own daughter, as well as with other females.

A feminine pair of glossy red lips appeared in Mary's mental vision.


The lips moved sensually.

"Become a lesbian..."


The image of lips was replaced with an pair of strikingly blue feminine eyes.

"Become a lesbian, Mary..."


"The only acceptable answer is yes, Mary Livingston."

"I'm not a lesbian."

There was a flash. A young, teenaged female angel appeared hovering in front of Mary. She had on a sheer white corset, sheer white skirt, and sheer golden lingerie beneath.  The whole outfit glittered magically with each movement made by the angel.  Mary could, without any difficulty, make out the young angel's hot-pink nipples and her hairless vagina through the sensual apparel.  A pair of white dove-like wings sprouted from her back. A golden halo hovered on top of her head. Platinum blonde hair flowed down to the small of her back. 

"God wants you to become a lesbian," said the female angel commandingly through glossy pink lips. 

"I need to become a lesbian? But, why?"

"You need to become a lesbian for your daughter. If you love your daughter, you will become a lesbian for her."

"I can't love Wendy in that way!"

"You must love and desire your daughter sexually. Let me show you your true path!"

The female angel held Mary's cheeks with both pink-nailed hands and kissed her lavishly on the lips. Sexual arousal surged through Mary's body. Mary whimpered and moaned at the onslaught of induced pleasure. Her tongue struggled feebly against the warm moist tongue that invaded deep into her mouth.

"Do you not feel pleasure from this?"

Mary was sexually stimulated by the machine through direct physical contact on her body and stimulation of her brain.

"Yes, but..."

"Then the pursuit of these sexual feelings will be the means to your destiny and goal."

Mary appeared sitting in front of a vanity mirror staring at herself with a dreamy look. She was completely naked.

"You want to look beautiful and sexy in order to seduce other females... in order to seduce your daughter... Anything that makes you beautiful and sexy will help you pursue your lesbian dreams and desires..."

Visual imagery flashed rapidly in Mary's mind: Applying lipstick on lips, painting nails, putting on black mascara, applying eye shadow, wearing sexy lingerie, putting on sheer stockings, slipping her feet into high heel shoes, wearing jewelry, red-nailed fingers caressing a shiny red strap-on, red lips licking shiny red anal beads...

Mary's mind instinctively tried to resist the on-rushing images and impressing impulses, but the machine forced her mind back to its program. There was no escape.

"Seduce your daughter... Become your daughter's lover... Incest is desirable... Incest with your daughter is necessary to protect her from predatory males... Offer your daughter your love, your body, and your lust..."

Mary's subconscious reaction was to oppose those statements, but her mental defenses were strongly suppressed as lesbian desires were implanted in her mind.

"Incest with your daughter is the highest form of parental love between mother and daughter... It is pure lesbian love... It is the best love you could offer to your daughter... You desire your daughter's body... You want to have sex with your daughter...It is God's will...You want to fuck your daughter..."

More visual imagery flashed in Mary's vulnerable mind: Red-nailed fingers grazing a leg encased in sheer red fishnet stockings starting from the red high heels; a shiny solid red dildo protruded from between red lips; a red satin bra cup being pulled down, revealing a nipple and areola painted in bright red; a red-lipped mouth grasping on red anal beads and pulling them slowly from a girl's anus; red lips licking red-nailed toes; a solid red double dildo protruding from a pussy...

"Serena Powers will guide you to your goal... Trust and obey Serena Powers... She will help you become a lesbian... Trust and obey Sarah... She will help your daughter become a lesbian..."

"Serena Powers will help me become a lesbian..." repeated Mary in a dreamy voice.

"Exactly," said the authoritative female voice.

An image of Sarah making out with Wendy appeared.

"Sarah will help my daughter become a lesbian..."

"You are correct."

The machine rewarded Mary with thrilling sensations of pleasure.

"I need to become a lesbian," said Mary in a droning voice.


Another surge of pleasure filled Mary's mature body. "Uhhhhh... Ahhhhh... Ohhhh!"

Mary was standing in front of a full-body mirror. She was dressed in red lingerie, a full-length sheer red dress, and red high heels. Her ears, arms, and neck were adorned with ruby and silver jewelry. A glossy red color covered her lips and nails. Her eyelashes were long and curly, thickened with black mascara. Her hair was styled into a braided crown.

"Offer your body to us, Mary Livingston..."

Standing on each side of Mary was Sarah and Serena. They were wearing sheer black sleeping gowns. Beneath the gowns were black PVC bras and thongs, matching the color of the high heels they wore.

Shelly appeared, just as Mary had remembered her when she had last seen her friend.

"Do it, Mary. Give in to them. They know what's best for you."

The nightgowns and panties disappeared from Serena's and Sarah's bodies. Mary gazed upon Serena's smooth, curvy body, felt its warmth next to her, pulling her, and became aware of a heavenly fragrance ascending to her from Serena's pussy. Desire for that body flooded into her. The beauty of that pussy called to her. The powerful attraction to vagina she had discovered within herself as a teenager returned to her now with a rush and overwhelmed her. She simple could not resist, and now did not want to deny herself one second longer.

Feeling impelled by an irresistible lust for the luscious body and lewdly exhibited lovebox of Serena, and by her reawakening thirst for pussy, Mary kneeled down on her fours, facing Serena, and began licking the shaved pussy in front of her. She preferred pussy cleanly shaved, like this one, she knew clearly now...beautiful, shaved, moist, delicious lesbian pussy.

From behind, Sarah teased Mary's pussy with the tip of a red latex strap-on. Each slight touch from the latex member made Mary quiver in excruciating anticipation. She gyrated her hips subconsciously, wanting the phallus to fill her up immediately. Eventually, Sarah spread her red-nailed fingers over Mary's buttocks for support and thrust her hips forward, pushing the red latex phallus deeply into Mary's vagina. Mary moaned loudly into Serena's pussy at the initial thrust.

The latex strap-on went in and out repeatedly through Mary's cunt. Her view of sex was slowly being shattered. No longer would her desires be heterosexual. They would become fully lesbian. Her Sapphic lust would grow continually, and she wouldn't be able to contain it.

Once Mary got close to the edge, Sarah pulled the strap-on out with a loud squishy sound. The latex phallus was gleaming with feminine wetness. Pussy juices flowed from Mary's pussy lips. Kneeling down, Sarah placed her glossy red lips directly on Mary's lovebox and proceeded to finish the job. Her tongue went in deeply and moved in wild motions. With one final stab of Sarah's tongue, Mary was sent over the edge.

"It's not over yet, my lesbian whore," said Serena.

Mary stood back up. A solid red strap-on with a red harness appeared around Serena's hips. Sarah forced her strap-on into Mary's anus at the same moment Mary's pussy was penetrated by Serena's strap-on. She was now sandwiched between two superb females with no escape. Loud moans and grunts escaped Mary's lips as each of her holes was fucked in reciprocating motions by latex phalluses.

"The lesbian lust is strong in you. You would be a perfect lesbian lover for your daughter, Mary Livingston." Serena's words echoed in Mary's mind.

"Wendy would be more than happy to have her mother as her lesbian lover," concurred Sarah.

Serena kissed Mary deeply, silencing her moans. Sarah reached under Mary's arms to squeeze Mary's large breasts, then craned her necked forward to nibble and lick on Mary's ear.

"You will become a devout follower of lesbianism, a lesbian whore who knows no bounds."

Mary found herself in a church standing by the altar and wearing a white wedding dress. Wendy was standing in front of her in a sheer wedding dress and holding a flower bouquet. A white chastity belt was visible through the sheer skirt.

"I'm so glad we're finally getting married, Mom!"

Elation swept through Mary, and happiness settled in her heart. She had never been so certain in her life...about what was right...about what she wanted...about what she needed...about Wendy...and what was good for her...what Wendy needed...

...Yes...this is right...and good...natural...and sweet...This is what I want...what we want...and beautiful, sexy Wendy...

"I do," Mary whispered, in response to the unspoken marital vow.  The machine told Mary that her fondest dream was being fulfilled at this moment.   Tears of joy streamed down her face.  She cried, "I DO!!"

Erotic imagery flashed repeatedly: Red lips kissing red lips; red-nailed fingers cupping a breast through the white satin bra; a foot rising upwards and a tongue extending from between red lips licking the shiny white high heeled shoe; red-nailed fingers grasping a silver key and unlocking a chastity belt worn by a teenage girl; a solid white glossy dildo protruding from red lips; female hands pulling up a white strap-on dildo through her thighs and tightening the white harness; soft teen thighs in sheer white nylons spreading wantonly; a red-lipped mouth uttering a quiet moan...

Mary planted a lavish kiss on her daughter's lips, an act that seemed second nature to her. The bouquet of flowers dropped on the floor.

"Do it... Do it... Do it... Do it... Do it..." repeated a chorus of girlish voices in a mantra.

Mother and daughter engaged in a sensual embrace as they kissed. The passionate lip lock gave Mary intense sexual arousal. Wendy's tongue went inside her mother's mouth deeply. Mary felt as if her soul had been touched.

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