Sunday, December 29, 2013

Silver Witch (chapter 10)

Galatea was starting another nightly lesson on magic for Emma at the Sky Castle. This time, however, there was to be no accompanying sexual activity, Galatea had announced up front when Emma arrived.  This was a surprise for Emma, but a welcome one.  She wanted it that way...or so she thought, at least initially.

Emma had dressed herself sexily, as per Galatea's standing orders, expecting some sort of erotic activity as usual, but not wanting it. This time, Emma chose a red theme, following Galatea's rule to vary her looks every night for each lesson, which meant Emma had to wear every clothing and accessory Galatea had given to her at least once. She chose a red satin bra, red panties with white laced edges, shiny red high heels with ankle straps, and a sheer white night gown with a dropping V-neck. Matching red lips and nails, dark eye colors, and smooth flowing hair that was swept back--including the bangs--completed the look. Emma had already worn the most modest outfits she could find during the previous nights. Now she had no choice but to wear more risqué clothing.

"Emma, for several weeks, you've been learning magic from me while being rewarded with sexual pleasures," spoke Galatea in a soothing, yet authoritative tone.  They strolled leisurely next to each other through a dark garden, into which Emma had been teleported on her arrival, their ultimate destination being a hall where Emma would be instructed.  The illumination was just adequate to discern their path and some of the fragrant shrubbery they were passing;  Emma and Galatea themselves were in largely in shadows, but Emma knew it was Galatea who accompanied her from her now-familiar, sensuous, womanly voice.

What!? Those weren't rewards! I was simply doing what she ordered me to do!

Emma was still in denial of her new and evolving feelings. Though in the first few weeks after meeting Galatea at the caverns she had been revolted by all the lesbian activity into which she had been drawn, in time Emma had become confused and unsure of exactly what she was feeling and what she should be feeling. However, Emma still adamantly considered herself to be a straight girl. She was correct, to a certain extent.

Galatea continued, "Tonight we'll try something different. There will be the usual magic lesson, but without the sexual reward that you desire so much."

I'm glad that at least I get to take a break from this! But I dressed up in lingerie and put on make-up for nothing.  It didn't occur to Emma how the attitude manifested in her second thought contradicted that of the first one--the first thought reflecting what her position as a straight girl should be, namely, "I'm glad I don't have to have lesbian sex tonight!"; and the second thought, manifesting a buried disappointment over the prospect that her efforts to prepare herself for lesbian love would have no pay back tonight, as she supposed, was tantamount to her thinking, "Too bad I can't have lesbian sex tonight!" and unwittingly reflected two expectations, if not desires, Galatea had been creating inside her, first that whenever she put on makeup and dressed in sexy lingerie she should have lesbian sex, and second that she should have sex with Galatea every time she saw her. 

Then the insinuation in Galatea's words hit her, that she was desperate for lesbian sex as some kind of reward.  The straight girl in her reacted.  "B-But, I didn't ask for any reward! I'm fine with just having the magic lessons without the... the rewards," Emma blurted out.

"I believe your body thinks differently." Galatea's eyes glowed faintly.  A series of flashbacks to sexual acts she had experienced with Galatea, Jeannie, Lisa the golem, and other females intruded into Emma's mind.  Real memories were mixed with new, false memories.

First, in a scene similar to the real one Emma had shared with Jeannie and Lisa, she saw herself naked, standing and kissing a magically-animated female golem made almost purely from silver.  The scene altered, and she saw herself kneeling below the silver woman and sliding her tongue along the silver woman's slit while clenching her ass with her hands. Lying face up right between Emma's thighs was Jeannie, who had her arms wrapped around Emma's thighs and was licking Emma's cunt. Emma flushed anxiously at the recollection, a not entirely accurate one, but close to the truth.  The memory was colored with pleasure, excitement, and even fun. was more than I had expected... It was much more...   

Emma stopped walking, absorbed as she was with the visions being thrust into her mind.

There was a flash, and another memory came to her, this one mostly fictional, but with elements from actual experiences.  Emma was lying on her side on a circular canopy bed.  She was wearing an erotic belly dancer's outfit.  A small silver circlet adorned her head, a sheer red veil covered her mouth, and a metallic red bra with silver-threaded lacing and silver floral ornaments covered her chest.  A similarly styled skirt that extended 6-inches below the waist was wrapped around her hips over a matching red thong. Silver jewelry adorned her arms, ankles, neck, and ears. Emma remembered liking the way she was dressed, in that it felt sexy, and she liked being sexy, especially when in the company of other pretty lesbian women. 

Sitting and lying beside Emma were four Arabic harem women dressed in similar outfits, but in different colors. Their hands caressed and explored Emma's body all over, the light feminine touches soft and arousing.  Galatea appeared and walked toward her, holding a strap-on dildo in her right hand.  It was made of an enormous, elongated red ruby. "Emma, I want you to wear this and use it on me," ordered Galatea. Emma replied through her sensual red lips, "As you wish, my love." For a brief moment Emma couldn't help but flirt with the woman she loved, as she curled a lock of her hair around a finger and fluttered her eyelashes, thickened and lengthened with copious amount of black mascara.  She remembered her thoughts:  Thank you, my sweet goddess... I will fuck you gladly... I can't wait...

Did that really happen?

Yes...of did happen...remember it...exactly so...and all that followed, Emma's inner voice, as it seemed, answered back.  But the assurance was a deception, not originating in her own mind.  However, Emma fell for the lie.  As the corrupted memories played back in her mind, she found herself feeling hot and her pussy getting moist.

There was another flash. Emma was pulling the red leather harness of the strap-on dildo through her thighs and was tightening the straps with her red-nailed fingers. A white flash! Emma was lying spread-eagle on her back on the bed. Galatea climbed onto the bed on her fours and crawled on top of Emma, a flood of platinum hair cascading like silk across Emma's face and body. Spreading her arms, Galatea touched Emma's palms, grazing them with her metallic pink nails, before interlocking Emma's fingers with her own.  Emma remembered the thrill of Galatea's touch and affection.  No wonder I love Galatea so much...

The sheer red veil magically parted away from Emma's face. As Galatea poised her cunt just above the ruby phallus sticking straight up from Emma's groin, she lowered her head and kissed Emma deeply.  Emma recalled the soft, smooth passion in the witch's kiss, how compelling and delicious those lips and everything else about her were.

Another white flash! Using her fingers, Galatea slowly guided the cool, hard, shiny red ruby phallus into her own hot pussy, and started lifting and falling on it.  Up and down she continued, working herself into a fever, as the two females kissed.  At length, female love juice spilled from the Silver Witch's womanhood over Emma's crotch and thighs and stomach, soaking Emma with her lover's precious sex-nectar. 

Oh, yes, Galatea...its sooooo good.....Why haven't we done this much more before...?....

Emma dipped two fingers into the woman-honey on her thigh and brought it to her mouth.  You taste so good.... 

Wait!...No!...I can't have those perverted thoughts now, especially when I have a chance not to! Why am I thinking about this anyway?

Galatea had allowed Emma to pause in their stroll, knowing well what was going on.  But she exploited the situation to give Emma a contrived rebuke:  "Emma?  Emma!  Pay attention!  You're spacing out!  Were you thinking about sex?"

"Uh...well...I ....uh..."

"You need to learn to manage your sexual desires. Even though my school of magic derives its power from lesbian activities, you don't want your desires to spin out of control."

"Galatea, I totally understa--" said Emma before she was cut off suddenly by more unexpected thoughts that streamed into her mind, causing her to gasp.

Flash! The ruby dildo scenario resumed.  Emma envisioned herself cupping one of Galatea's beautiful large breasts dangling above her with her red-nailed fingers, drawing it to her lips, enveloping the nipple with her mouth, and sucking it eagerly between her shiny red lips. yummy...soooo sweet...mmmmmmm.....There were creaking sounds from the bed as Galatea plunged herself repeatedly on Emma's red strap-on.  Ohhhhhh....Galatea....

Stop!  Why am I thinking about sex right now? I need to get hold of myself! I have to or else I'm going to lose all hope of being a straight girl again!

"Stay alert, Emma!  You can think about girls all you want later."  They left the dark garden, walked into a large, well-lit hall, and stood several feet apart, facing each other.  "Our lesson is going to begin now."  Emma tried to clear lascivious images from her mind.   

But...then...Emma's eyes focused on Galatea's body...

Like Emma did for Galatea, Galatea usually, though not always, varied her looks for every encounter with Emma.  The mutual routine embedded into Emma the mindset and habits of lesbian lovers, ever eager to please and tease and seduce each other anew with each reunion.  Tonight Galatea was clothed in a heart-stopping sheer silver dress. The skirt was full length and unembellished, while the bodice was decorated all over with lace. She wore nothing beneath except for two flower-shaped chrome nipple covers on her breasts and a small triangular chrome plate on her crotch.  Her platinum blonde hair was done in a French braided crown. Shimmering aqua lipstick covered her lips. Glittery aqua and silver eye shadow went on her eyelids while dark blue mascara coated her eyebrows. On her nails was aqua nail polish, matching the color of her lips. Turquoise drop earrings hung from her ears. A silver chain armlet with three dangling turquoise gems and interspersed with many smaller pieces of white quartz wrapped around her upper left arm. Running up her legs were sheer, glossy white stockings.

Emma could not tear her eyes away.  They roved freely, as, pulse racing, she lost herself in the provocative display of lush feminine flesh and curves.

Galatea is dressed in such revealing clothes... more so than the nights before...It's as if she wants me to look at her...and to want seduce me... to make me want have sex...with her...........But she could just order me to do it.  Why is she dressed like this if she doesn't want to do anything sexual?................ Maybe she didn't really mean it...  

Emma drifted for a moment, captivated with the possibility.  Maybe...maybe I didn't dress up and put on make-up for nothing...after all...   She lost track of the passage of time as her eyes continued to roam over the beautiful body, revealed as it was in near nudity through the silvery transparent material hugging it, and Galatea let her do so in silence a while longer.

Finally, Galatea stepped toward a white marble bench, on which they would sit together while Galatea imparted the first part of the instruction, motioning for Emma to join her. The click-clacking sound of Galatea's mirror-like chrome heels drew Emma's gaze to them, and then snapped her out of her trance.

Responding as if no time had passed since Galatea's last admonition, Emma said, "I-I am paying full attention!"  She spoke louder than she had intended, while making a concerted effort to shake off her prurient daze.

"Remember, Emma, no lustful thoughts during the lesson."

"I definitely won't think about those things tonight. I promise!"  

Emma forced herself to look away from Galatea.  Lecherous feelings continued to swirl within her, but she told herself there might be time later to resolve her feelings and to see how the evening might play out in the end, and that she had to tame herself and concentrate on learning some magic right now.  Galatea waited, knowing perfectly well what turmoil she had created within her young apprentice, until Emma was able to find a measure of control and the erotic emotions subsided, allowing her some relief, although the temptation of Galatea's body, sitting only a few feet away, was never far distant.  She tried hard not to look at it, but it was an effort.

Galatea taught Emma bind magic, which was a category of spells that limited or stopped movement of people, creatures, machines, and other moving objects. After learning the basics, Emma stood with her teacher and was told to try it out on various objects, as specified by the witch.  First, she tried to restrict and redirect the flow of the water in a nearby fountain, and was able to do so reasonably well after several attempts.

Next, Emma tried it on some small magical automatons in the form of scarab beetles and butterflies which Galatea called out.  Although some got crushed accidentally during a few of her earlier tries, with practice Emma eventually succeeded in immobilizing their legs and wings without harming them. At that point Galatea taught Emma how to also reverse the binding spell.  After a few trials, Emma was able to liberate the little automatons, and they scurried away out of sight.

Finally Emma tried bind magic on a female silver golem.  This proved to be more difficult.   At first, Emma was barely able to restrict any of her movements and failed several times to have any effect. But, after many tries, she finally managed to successfully stop all of the silver golem's movements. 

"Good, now try the spell on me."  Those words forced Emma to look again at the Silver Witch, in violation of her resolution not to.

Galatea strolled away from Emma several paces, then sauntered leisurely around the room, her heels echoing on the veined marble floor.  Her rolling ass and hips, slim legs, and rhythmically jiggling breasts were clearly visible through the indecent gown.  Emma could not concentrate on anything but the sexy loveliness so shamelessly exhibited in front of her.  Does she not know what effect she has?

Emma tried the spell time and again, but was unable to stop, slow, bind, or have any other effect on Galatea.

"Come on, Emma, you can do it."  With an enigmatic smile, the Silver Witch started to walk toward Emma, breasts swaying enticingly.  She toyed with her pale hair as she came, curling some of it around a finger. Galatea's beguiling approach paralyzed Emma for a second, but, for some reason feeling an urgency to succeed at this spell before the Silver Witch reached her, Emma roused herself.

I have to do this differently.  I can't look at her, no matter what.  Emma closed her eyes and tried to clear her head of the hold Galatea's beauty had on it.  Then she started casting the spell while either keeping her eyes closed or looking at the floor or to the side, rather than directly at the Silver Witch.  It helped that Galatea started circling Emma, so that she was out of Emma's field of view part of the time, but she still drew gradually closer, treading in ever-smaller circles.  At last, on the fifth hasty casting using this method, and the thirteenth overall, just before Galatea had pulled to within five or six feet of her student, Emma succeeded in binding Galatea's limbs.

At least, that's what Emma thought.  In reality, Galatea was just putting on an act. Yes, there were some magic bonds which Galatea had allowed, but her powers were much greater than those of Emma in her use of this spell.  The invisible magical bonds held her as strongly as wet noodles.

"Good job!  Now unbind me."

Emma tried once without any effect, then tried eleven more unsuccessful times. "It's not working!" Emma whined in frustration. But the truth was that it wasn't her fault. Galatea had been neutralizing Emma's unbind spell repeatedly.

"There's another way to make your magic work better. Come closer to me."

Emma walked a few steps, her red heels click-clacking.

"Closer, until your arms can reach me."  Emma stepped closer, until only a foot or two separated them, finally looking at Galatea again, but carefully confining her eyes to the witch's face.   The divinely beautiful witch smiled at her.

"Now what do I do?"  Galatea very slowly stepped even closer, holding Emma's eyes with her own.  Emma found herself once again getting more excited as she got very close to the Silver Witch.  Unable to rein herself any longer, Emma's eyes dropped and traced the curves of the luscious blonde, observing how the sheer fabric flowed over them invitingly.  A silver star hanging from Galatea's navel glinted. Flash! Emma saw herself in her imagination licking around Galatea's navel. Her red lips were nibbling the silver star.

No, Emma. Stop it! Stop thinking like that!

"Touch my body while casting the unbind spell. That will make it easier."

Emma touched both of Galatea's hands and cast the unbind spell again.  It worked, but just on her hands.

Flash! Emma saw herself sucking Galatea's fingers with her glossy red lips. The pink-nailed fingers glistened from the coating of Emma's saliva. Her tongue extended fully as the digits were slowly pulled from her mouth.

"Good, Emma. My hands are free now...but only my hands. "   Galatea gave Emma a petite, indecipherable smile, and what seemed like a little flirtatious turn of the head.  "You need to repeat it on the rest of my body."

Emma slid her hands up Galatea's arms and repeated the spell. Flash! Emma saw herself embracing Galatea affectionately, with their heads on each other's shoulders.  Shiny red lips approached Galatea's earlobe.  The lips parted slightly as they were about to touch the ear.

"Now, my breasts." Galatea pronounced the last word with a soft emphasis which conjured within Emma what precious objects they were, and how privileged was the invitation--nay, the command--to touch them.  The witch slipped her hands into her long hair and raked it past her shoulders to give Emma an unobstructed view of and access to her target.

Emma's red-nailed fingers lightly grazed Galatea's breasts through the dress, feeling the silkiness of the transparent silver material and the curvature, firmness, and warmth of the flesh beneath.  It suddenly became crystal clear in Emma's mind, as if it were her own realization, that this was what she had desperately longed to do from the first moment she had seen Galatea in the light tonight.  It started out as subconscious feelings at first which soon blossomed into tangible thoughts that her conscious mind couldn't deny.

Emma was taken aback that she hadn't previously noticed, at least not properly, how big and how perfect Galatea's breasts were.  She ran her fingers reverently over the mounds and cleavage, and explored the hard metal nipple-covers, before taking the magnificent orbs into her hands fully, handling them worshipfully.  

Afraid of violating Galatea's rule for the lesson, she was reluctant to use much pressure...though she felt like doing more with them...much more.  In that moment, more involvement with Galatea's breasts seemed like her natural destiny.   Flash! Emma's eyes were metallic glittery silver. Her lips were glittery metallic red. She sucked fervently on Galatea's bare nipple.  Mmmmmm... Delicious, holy milk from the Goddess... I want more of it... I want to drink it... forever... said that imitation of Emma's voice inside her head.

"Emma! You're not thinking about anything sexual, are you?" asked Galatea with a mock serious tone.

"N-Nooo, I'm not!" exclaimed Emma after she snapped out of it. At that moment, she realized that she was squeezing Galatea's breasts through the sheer dress, let up her grasp some, remembered she had to cast the spell, hastily did so, and quickly retracted her hands.

"Then continue. Touch my thighs."  Again, there was a suggestive inflection given to the last word.

Emma bent over slightly to reach Galatea's legs, which posture inadvertently brought her face within an inch of Galatea's magnificent bosom.  Spicy perfume and soft warmth assaulted Emma's face, while she, not able to limit herself to simply touching Galatea's thighs through the sensuous gown, started to leisurely run her hands up and down them. Galatea inhaled, lifting a silkily-covered breast into gentle contact with Emma's cheek. The blissful sensations on her hands and face made Emma's knees weak.

Emma visualized each symbol of the spell, but unhurriedly, unconsciously trying to prolong feeling up Galatea's smooth legs and her proximity to the witch's fragrant, creamy melons.

Flash! Emma saw herself kneeling between Galatea's legs. Her arms were wrapped around Galatea's thighs and cupping her ass cheeks. Galatea was standing completely naked except for a pair of silver high heels, a serpentine armlet, a bracelet, a necklace, and a silver tiara on her head. Emma was also naked, but wore a pair of glittery pink high heels. Around her neck was a new necklace: a pair of interlocked silver Venus symbols hung on a short silver chain.  

Oh!  Galatea!...and...and I'm naked too!........ pretty... those symbols...oh...Does it mean...that I belong with... Galatea?  The thought made her feel strange...and, yet, somehow proud...and it was just was her nakedness....

Why am I feeling like this?...about myself...and Galatea...?

Emma beheld a rocket-shaped silver dildo protruding from her pink-lipped mouth. It had multiple straight grooves running along its length and  two rings around its circumference, one right below its head and the other above its base, composed of little diamonds and small hearts of pink topaz. Emma found her head was moving back and forth, working the dildo in and out of Galatea's cunt.  The hearts on the dildo glowed and flashed with each thrust.  In her mind's eye, Emma saw the pulsing pink her heart...pulsing with love...for Galatea...

"Emma, now put your hands on my crotch."  Breathing hard, it took Emma a second to recover from the last disturbing, splendid vision of sex with Galatea.  When the witch's command sank in, Emma complied without resistance or reluctance.

Emma's fingers lightly touched the metal triangle covering Galatea's labia through the wondrous, sheer dress.  Immediately her fingers sparkled and a magical force traveled up her arm, quickly enveloping her whole body with a heightened, penetrating craving for the womanhood she was so close to touching directly.  I want this.  I want pussy.  I want this pussy.  I love this pussy.  I want to touch and kiss and fuck this pussy.  I love pussy.   

Emma saw in her mind a black silhouette of a girl on her knees and fucking another girl on her fours with a strap-on. The background was pink. Fog of a similar color partially obscured the image.

I want this. I want to fuck girls, said the voice like her own.  I should fuck girls.  I need to fuck girls.  I will fuck girls.

Glossy pink lips flashed in her mind and purred with the same voice: I want this. I want to fuck women.

A pink-nailed hand held up a pink strap-on by its milky white harness. Shiny pink lips kissed the dildo before enveloping its head and part of its shaft .  Flash! Two pink-nailed hands were pulling up the harness through slender, smooth thighs and securing it in place. Flash! The same hands were stroking the dildo obscenely.

Emma shook her head. No, no, no, stop!

Galatea smiled to herself, enjoying Emma's obvious internal struggles immensely.  Then the Silver Witch spoke. "Finally, my lips."

Emma was about to move her fingers to touch Galatea's mouth, but Galatea corrected her. "No, kiss me."

Galatea's commanding invitation to kiss her shot a thrill through Emma.   Of course! Duh! I'd much rather kiss her sweet lips than just touch them!  I'd love to!  .........But...wait...Why do I feel like this now?...I've kissed her many times before...

A voice like her own answered the question:  It is a privilege to kiss such a beautiful woman.  Galatea's lips are as treasure.  They are a soft, creamy, dreamy delight.  To kiss her is to enter heaven.  Of all girls, I am the only one lucky enough to be here with her right now...and to get to kiss her.  I get to taste her beautiful lips...her delectable lips...

Emma continued the internal discourse, seemingly with herself:  Why have I not seen this before?  But I need to control myself...can't let this get out of hand...can't let her know how much I want to...have to control myself...she said no sex tonight...

Emma placed her hands on Galatea's shoulders, cast the unbind spell, rose on her tip-toes and placed a light kiss on Galatea's lips, attempting to keep it as chaste as possible.  However, Galatea enjoyed toying with Emma and was not going to let it be that simple for her.  She slipped a hand behind Emma's head, pulled her closer, and kissed Emma back, making the kiss anything but chaste.

Something burst into Emma's awareness now, like the rising sun exploding over the horizon, something that had been creeping up on her like the approaching dawn as she stood there contemplating kissing Galatea, something that she had discovered the first time she had kissed Galatea and had experienced again and again every time since, something she had avoided acknowledging to herself because she had been so concerned about having to kiss another female, and so intent on not wanting to enjoy it.  That something was this:  Galatea's mouth was amazingly delicious.  It was fresh like the ocean breeze...sweet like candy...succulent like fruit...tasty like the richest dessert...intoxicating like champagne.

Irrepressible longing to savor the depths of the witch's scrumptious mouth washed over Emma, and she suddenly found it impossible to control her lust.  She impulsively pushed her tongue deeply into Galatea's mouth, changing the reserved kiss she had intended into an unrestrained expression of decidedly lesbian fondness.  Emma prolonged the passionate deep kissing for three minutes before Galatea gently broke it off.

"Emma, you're not doing what I've told you to do."

"I-I'm sorry, Galatea, I didn't mean to. I was... I don't know what came over to me!"

"It's alright. I understand it's difficult sometimes to hold in your desires. I like knowing that you feel that way about me."  Galatea smiled at Emma and stroked her cheek affectionately with a long-nailed finger, causing Emma to blush, embarrassed both by the romantic implications in Galatea's remark and touch as well as by her own impulsive behavior which had seemed to prompt the words and the gesture.  Emma was chagrined also because she felt grateful for the witch's compassion and taken with her tenderness. 

"Now, can you tell me what sensual thoughts went through your head during the lesson?


"I want you to be truthful and honest."

Emma assumed lying to Galatea about something like this would be futile, and she was not inclined at the moment to try to do so anyway, so, her face reddening even more deeply with mounting embarrassment, she recounted all of the fantasies that had come to her during this evening's training session, which steamy imaginings she supposed sprang solely from within herself.

"You're one naughty girl, but at least you're being more honest with your desires and feelings now that you've realized your true sexual orientation."

No way, just because I think about those things doesn't mean I'm that way! They don't define me! I'm... I'm still straight...

"Alright, tonight's lesson is over. Good night and sleep well." 

Galatea was about to cast the teleportation spell but Emma cried out, "Wait!"


"I've completed the assignment. I managed to get a girlfriend and had sex with her. Her name is Ashley."

"Good, but you've only done the bare minimum. I want you to repeat that assignment. Let's see how far you can go."

"B-but that means I can't break up with Ashley?! "

"Of course not. I told you to get into sexual relationships, not get out of them."

Emma struggled to say something else, anything that would help her case, but words were caught in her throat.

"Good night, Emma. See you tomorrow."

Emma was instantly teleported back to her bedroom. She felt relief that the session was over but also disappointment, not only from Galatea's orders to continue the assignment, but also from something else, something undefined to her conscious mind. However, her subconscious mind knew the reason: her sexual expectations had been unfulfilled.

Walking a few steps to the desk mirror, Emma sat down and looked at herself.  What she saw and what she felt about the girl in the mirror was unsettling.  I look like a hooker.  I feel like one, too.  This isn't right...This isn't me...

Emma decided to remove her make-up and have a little chat with herself while she did so.  The direction she was headed...what she was wasn't right...wasn't what she wanted.  I have to figure out some other way. She picked up her make-up remover and started to squirt some into one of her hands, but foreign thoughts invaded her mind, interrupting her before she got far.

Sensing Emma's presence, the sugilite pendant, a gift from Ashley, which actually had come from Galatea, glowed faintly on the table.  Emma did not notice the glowing object, but the magic in it began its work.

You are a whore... You are Galatea's whore...her little lesbian whore... said the fake voice of Emma in her head.  

"Noooo... I'm not!" she moaned audibly.  

Galatea as she appeared this evening materialized in her mind.  Emma dropped the bottle of make-up remover.

Yes!...You are!...You are Galatea's lover...her favorite lover...her lesbian lover...and she is your favorite lover as well.  You've told her you love her.  But those are more than just words for you now.  That is the way you really feel about her, isn't it?  You love Galatea...

Emma had been in one state of sexual arousal or another all night long; even during lulls, it simmered on the back burner.  Now, as she eyed Galatea mentally, and the implications about herself being a lesbian whore and Galatea's lover wound themselves around her mind and into her emotions, she became keenly aware of that arousal coming back with a vengeance.  Emma closed her eyes and leaned her head back a little, concentrating on her rising feelings and the voice in her head.

Galatea makes you hot.  You love being with her.  You can't wait to see her be with her touch her kiss her again.... You love being her lover.  Just thinking of her makes you want to touch yourself.   

Get yourself off.  You need it.  Do it now! ordered the fake Emma voice.

"Noooooo," she whimpered again, nevertheless sliding a hand into her red satin panties.  She closed her eyes and pictured herself making out with the Silver Witch, as her fingers found the wet folds of her love box.  "Ahhhh..." Emma gasped as she pinched her clit with her red-nailed fingers.

As she fingered herself, she opened her eyes and stared at herself in the mirror.  I do look like a whore...I feel like a whore...Galatea's whore... But this time the thought and the sight were not nearly as disturbing as when she spoke similar words to herself a minute previously.  In her weakened, aroused condition, late on this night, in her room, by herself, she recognized for a brief time that there was something...something that she liked...about the way the slutty girl in the mirror looked...and felt.... and about her relationship with Galatea...and sex with girls...

The Emma in the mirror now took on a life of her own,  giving a magically independent face to the seductive fake voice.  She smiled at the real Emma.  What a whore you are...what a beautiful, sexy, slutty whore...and a lesbian... Emma's sexy mirror image licked her glossy red lips. You love being a lesbian... It makes you beautiful and sexy and happy... Heterosexuality is old-fashioned... not for you... You're not really a straight girl... You are a lesbian... You want to be a lesbian girl... You are one and you know it...

Chastity is old-fashioned... not for you... You like sex...lesbian with pretty girls...and lovely women... No more nice girl, more good girl... Be a bad girl... a homosexual girl.... Be naughty... Be bad... You are a sexy lesbian whore... You know it...and you love it....

You need more... like a whore...the whore you know you are...the whore you love to be.  Be more of a whore.  You haven't had enough.  You haven't done enough.  Do more... Do more with Galatea...Try other women... Do more with girls... Be more beautiful... Dress sluttier... Talk sluttier... Think sluttier... Do more to yourself... Touch yourself more... Do more now... Use both hands...

This time with no resistance whatever, Emma lifted her free hand to one of her breasts and squeezed it through the white night gown and red satin bra, pinching an engorged nipple.  She again closed her eyes and threw her head back, and softly moaned.  Her other hand continued vigorously stroking her clit and labia.

Now think about another girl you want to fuck... Think about your female friends...  There's Sophia... She's pretty... She's hot... You'd like to get into her panties, wouldn't you...?  It's time to take your relationship with her to the next level... Make it more complete...more wonderful...You'd have a lot more fun lesbians... 

Picture her now... She's getting ready for bed...getting undressed...taking off her bra...and then her panties...she's naked...stepping into a shower...  She's thinking of you...

An image of Sophia taking a shower  inside a blue-tiled shower stall popped inside Emma's head. Droplets of water slid down Sophia's sensual curves. Sophia tilted her head back with a smile, letting the water spray onto her face.

But she isn't that way...

You could still fuck her... Use your magic to seduce her... Make her swing that way...

A close-up view of Sophia's face appeared. After drenching her face with a warm spray of water she moved her head forward before stepping back so that the water would land mostly on her chest. Slowly, she opened her eyes, revealing her blue irises. A faint smile formed on her lips, but then her lips straightened when she heard the shower door opening, causing her to turn her face around.

"Emma?" asked Sophia with a surprised look on her face.

In Emma's mind, the view expanded to include herself who was attired exactly as she now was. She was standing right outside the shower stall and had just opened the glass door. Sophia was too shocked to say anything when she noticed her friend staring at her body lecherously. Their eyes came into contact. A seduction spell was cast. Before Sophia could respond, Emma stepped into the stall, grabbed Sophia's shoulders, and kissed her deeply. There was brief resistance before the seduction spell modified it into sexual desire.


Sophia moaned into Emma's mouth as Emma pushed her tongue pass Sophia's lips and pressed her knee against Sophia's fuzzy pussy. Emma planted kisses on Sophia's body as she slowly kneeled down. When her lips were in level with Sophia's breasts, she licked around the areolae and sucked on the engorged nipples for a few moments before continuing her downward journey.

"You will love only females from now on. Males will never attract you again ever," said Emma as she grabbed Sophia's buttocks and pressed her lips tightly against Sophia's pussy. A loud moan escaped from Sophia's lips as Emma nibbled her clit and thrust her tongue deep into her vagina. Sophia grabbed Emma's head with one hand while squeezing her breast with the other.

"Become a lesbian for me, Sophia!"

"Ohhh yes, Emma! Yes! Ahhhh!"

Emma's lips and tongue worked persistently, not giving any respite in pleasure Sophia was receiving. Dense fog quickly filled up the shower stall and the whole bathroom.

After five minutes like this, Emma orgasmed to visions of Sophia, and herself with Sophia. Female honey sprayed on her fingers and drenched her red panties. The fake Emma image in the mirror faded away and her real reflection returned.  She raised her slick fingers to her glossy red lips and sucked on them, while staring seductively at herself in the mirror. 

Soon afterwards Emma finished removing her makeup, brushed her teeth, and, without changing out of her sexy attire, went to bed.  She dreamt all night of Galatea and Sophia and lesbian sex.

But one particular dream involved another woman, a stranger, and went on and on.  In it, Emma saw herself as a mousy, shy girl who was secretly obsessed with porn stars and models, strippers, and prostitutes.  She wanted to be one, or at least be like one, but didn't know where to start.  She had a stash of porn, all cheesecake and lesbian-themed, to which she covertly resorted nightly, drooling over the women and fantasizing about them and what they did.   One night as she was viewing one of her favorite models, a curvaceous platinum blonde beauty, the woman on the page smiled at her, grabbed her, and pulled her into her world. 

There, the woman brought Emma onto a stage with bright lights, and rowdy music, and started dancing with her.  Emma found herself mimicking the moves of the woman with ease and expertise, and the dancing became "dirty".   Then the stage became a photo studio, where the two ladies, still dancing some, were posed and photographed.  The shots involved stripping and lesbian interactions of various kinds.  Emma felt she was finally in her true element.  She was happy to be there with this lovely, fun, whorish woman she admired and liked so much.

Finally, the studio morphed into a bedroom, where Emma understood that she was a high-priced call girl and the woman was her first "client".   As they made love, the woman thought and Emma heard:  What a marvelous lesbian lover you are in this world.  But I know you want more.  You want to be a lesbian and a slut in your real life, too.  Just like me.  It will be perfect for you.   You will be a wonderful lesbian whore.  As such, you will become more beautiful than you can imagine.    And that is what you be utterly, devastatingly beautiful.  Like me.  Your evil beauty will give you power over any woman or girl you want.

You are way too uptight in your real life.  You need to loosen up.  Let go of the hetero lie you have been pretending to.  You are not a straight girl.  You want to be a lesbian, all the way.  Give in... Become the completely, utterly slutty lesbian girl you are in your heart.  I will help you.  Find me.  They made love until the alarm ushered Emma into the sunny early morning of a new day.


Early that next morning, Candice started on her appointed errands, one of which was the delivery and pickup of potions, and the other being an assignment to catch a certain wanted imp.  While flying on her magical broomstick with a sack of potions, she thought about Headmaster Dilworth's suggestions for getting more information from Emma. He had advised Candice to try a soft approach.   First Candice was to befriend Emma; and then, he had proposed, if Emma's orientation turned out to be what Candice had suspected, Candace was to consider seducing her.

"Pervert!" muttered Candice silently when she recalled the slight smirk on the headmaster's face at the suggestion of seduction.  However, even though Candice found his plan very distasteful, she had to admit it was a good one strategically.  And, if worse came to worse and she was forced do what he said to do with Emma...even though she, Candice, had no inclination to do least this Emma was...well...kind of...cute...

The goals, as explained to Candice, were first to get Emma to gather as much information as possible about Galatea and the Sky Castle, in the hopes of discovering details of the witch's and the castle's defenses and vulnerabilities; then to persuade Emma to eventually try to open the castle to their teleportation spell, which would then allow them to storm into the castle and either recapture or destroy the Silver Witch.

While walking down a long hallway after exiting the headmaster's office, Candice wondered about the Order's handling of the Silver Witch after her capture. "Why didn't my Order imprison the Silver Witch in our regular magical prison? A long time had passed since her escape before anyone noticed it."

Though Candice had heard that certain prisoners of the Order, especially powerful ones, were kept in secret locations for security reasons, they were always monitored and guarded by powerful creatures. However, the Silver Witch was only guarded by magical barriers inside an unprotected and unmonitored cavern, which she had learned about when Dilworth had first given her the mission to locate the Silver Witch.

According to the official record and the historical accounts that she had researched during her free time in the past two weeks, the Silver Witch was an above average magic user but not exceptional. She was able to challenge the legitimate orders in the past because she had powerful allies and artifacts.

"The Silver Witch was kept in low security magical secret prison because she wasn't a powerful magical user, but that doesn't explain why I couldn't trace her teleportation spell. Dilworth said she might have a powerful teleportation device, but that's just a guess. Maybe she has a powerful ally we're not aware of or she's more powerful than we believe."

Candice understood that some information about the Silver Witch might be classified, but at least the public information of her should be correct. However, Candice was beginning to think there was a possibility that some of it was inaccurate and even misleading.

Chatter from a group of mages nearby interrupted her train of thought. Candice decided to do her tasks first and think about the matter later.

After fifteen minutes of traveling on her flying broom , Candice was close to the end of her delivery route when she spotted a red-colored imp flying just above the treetops. Using a magical compass that was calibrated to identify this imp specifically, she verified that he was in fact the imp she was looking for. Thinking quickly, Candice decided to hide the sack of potions in some bushes to protect them, after doing which she continued pursuing the imp.

"Huh? Where did he go?" The magical compass needle was spinning wildly.

She felt some air blowing gently on the back of her neck. Turning around, Candice saw the imp.



Candice tried to stun the imp with her wand, but missed.

"If you hurt me, I won't tell you where I hid the bottles!"

For a moment, Candice stopped.  She couldn't believe the imp had already found and re-hid the sack she had only moments ago hidden, even though imps were superfast.

"That trick won't work on me!" Candice cast a stun spell on the imp, then immediately grabbed its small body with both hands. "Ha! Now I've got you! I doubt you hid the bottles. Even if you did hide them, I could force you to tell me where they are!"

Poof! The imp disappeared.

"Huh?  Where did he go?"

"Right behind you, Candyke!"

"How do you know my na... I mean nickname?!"

The imp zipped away in the air. Candice gave chase. Then the imp doubled back and latched onto the back end of the magical broom.

"What are you doing?!"

Quickly, the imp started pulling the straws out from the end of the broomstick.

"No, stop!"

Turning around as best she could, she tried to cast a stun spell on the imp, but he dodged all attempts. Then she tried to punch him, but missed.  A gust of wind lifted up her robe and skirt, revealing her panties from behind. The imp reached for the panties, but Candice grabbed the imp's arm.

"You dirty pervert!"

This distraction gave the imp enough time to pluck out most of the remaining straws.  The broomstick quickly started spinning out of control and the imp fled away for good, knowing that he wouldn't be followed by Candice anytime soon.

"Nooooo!" screamed Candice.

After the crash landing, Candice made makeshift repairs on the broom using twigs she found in the forest. The ride on the repaired broom was unsteady and slow, but she didn't have time to do a better job. She landed at the spot where she had hidden the sack, but discovered that the imp had spoken the truth.  Her potions were gone! Candice was devastated.

"Damn that stupid imp! Arggghh!" She pounded her fists on the earth.

Candice returned to the academy to reluctantly report on her failure to Headmaster Dilworth.  As she walked into his office, she was surprised to see Katrina there.

"You failed on both errands?" queried the headmaster sternly.  "Well, the loss of the potions is not a big matter. We'll simply deduct the cost of them from your account. As for the imp, he must be recaptured. I'm going to direct all members of this academy to be on the lookout. But, I'm sorry to say that those failures will have to go on your record."

Candice lowered her head in disappointment.

"However, I have good news."  His tone lightened some.  "You have a chance to redeem yourself from those failures and greatly improve your reputation as well."

Candice's eyes lit up.

"Katrina has done some private research on Emma Wadden, the acolyte of the Silver Witch that you spied on two nights ago. Turns out she has a girlfriend name Ashley, and they're in a sexual relationship. That would confirm what you observed regarding her sexual orientation. With her sexuality confirmed, we can go through with what we've talked about earlier. You will befriend Emma. If she's reluctant to divulge information or otherwise help us, soften her up with your feminine charms." Dilworth gave a slight smile at the end.

Candice looked at Katrina, who smiled mischievously in return. Is Katrina the one who suggested this tactic to him in the first place?

"But, I'm not... I don't swing that way. I'm not good at these kinds of things."

"Are you trying to opt out?"  The severity returned to his voice, intimidating Candace.

"No, I'll......."  She quickly assessed her options and saw that her only feasible course now was to attempt to placate the headmaster by playing along with his plan.  She might as well try to win back some approval by sounding enthused to comply with his wishes, but maybe she could get him to assign someone else to do it if she tried one more time to plead that, while she was willing, she just wasn't qualified for this specific task.  "I'll gladly do this mission! I'm just unsure of my ability to charm Emma."

"You can train for it. This is going to be a very good chance for you to prove your abilities. If you succeed, I could recommend you to be promoted to the next rank."

Candice turned her face and rolled her eyes.  Oh, fiddlesticks!


After her alarm had gone off, Emma did not feel like getting out of bed, kept pressing the "snooze" button, and overslept twenty minutes. When she realized in a mild panic that she was going to be late for school if she didn't hustle, she jumped out of bed, did her morning routine in a hurry, which now always included applying some make-up, ate a quick breakfast of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk, and left her home dressed in a medium-blue denim shirt over a navy-blue t-shirt, tight white-washed denim jeans, and white sneakers.  She also fastened on the necklace Ashley had given her.

On Emma's fast walk to school, halfway there, while taking a short-cut on a quiet residential street which was mostly empty of people, the fake Emma voice spoke in her mind.  I want to fuck women... I want to fuck girls... I want to fuck them... now!  Emma slowed down. 

Her first time with another woman...doing that...was yesterday, with Galatea.  Emma had been reluctant to do it, of course; it was, after all, a most perverted thing.  She couldn't deny that she ended up enjoying it, much more, actually, than she wanted to, and she was concerned that if she did it again, or did it much more, she might get accustomed to it, start regarding it as a normal thing, and start liking it too much...too much to be able to stop.   And now, here she was...already thinking about it again.

Flash!  Emma saw herself pulling the white harness of a pink strap-on up through her legs. Flash! There was a pair of sexy feminine legs standing on shiny blue high heels in front of Emma. Starting from the blue high heels, Emma caressed and drag her fingers slowly upward along the legs until she reached the girl's hips. She then grabbed with both hands the waist of the unknown girl with both hands and aimed the tip of the pink strap-on near the vaginal entrance. Flash! Emma was pounding the strap-on in and out of the girl's vagina. Feminine wetness trickled down the girl's inner thighs. Flash! Emma tilted her head back, letting her new platinum blonde hair fall over her shoulders, and parted her glittery pink lips slightly.

She was completely arrested by this sudden, alarming, amazing vision of a new and beautiful self, and of screwing another girl.  Emma stopped walking, her imagination abruptly aflame with the fantasy and, in a moment, with the possibility of such a scene becoming a reality. 

She basked in her arousal briefly, but shortly that gave way to the shock of having such lewd thoughts come to her so unexpectedly.  "No, stop it!" she commanded herself out loud.

Flash!  Emma, appearing to herself as the same splendid blonde, was standing up. Kneeling between Emma's legs a girl with metallic blue lipstick and waist-long neon blue hair was giving the pink strap-on a blow job. The girl was stroking her metallic blue nipples with her blue-nailed fingers and fingering her blue-painted labia.  Emma understood it was the same girl she had just been screwing. Emma liked the girl; she was very pretty, and Emma loved the exotic fantasy nature of her looks. Emma felt aroused by her and what she was doing, both to Emma and to herself. Oddly, though, her eyes were emotionless as if deeply hypnotized. It took a moment, but Emma finally recognized the unknown girl as Sophia.   

Nooooo....not my best friend...I couldn' would be...  Her erotic musings about Sophia the previous night came back to her mind with a rush, and a voice like her own steered her thoughts. would be...too good... to even think about...  Longing for a reality like this fantasy swept over Emma.  She closed her eyes wanting to see the mental scene unfold further, audibly moaning and gasping as it did.


"Hey, are you alright?" Emma opened her eyes quickly and turned toward a girlish voice behind her. Emma faced what clearly was a fellow student, also walking toward the high school, although Emma did not know her. The girl had B-cup breasts, which Emma scanned first, and a fairly curvaceous body, striking gray eyes, and shiny, neck-length medium-dark, deep coppery red hair, styled cutely with bangs and loose curls.  Her skin was classic peaches and cream.  She was of average height, like Emma, and Emma guessed she was younger than herself, maybe a sophomore or junior.  She had on a dull red nylon wind breaker over a white t-shirt, tight dark blue jeans, and red-on-white sneakers.

She looks cute. I want to fuck her.

A lustful look appeared on Emma's face. She licked her lips slowly and sensually.  But she caught herself.

"No!" Emma exclaimed, as in "No, I don't need any help!" as well as "No, you had better get away from me for your own good!", and faced away from the girl.  But Emma had already seen too much. That the girl was shapely and very cute had registered with mercurial speed and powerful impact on Emma's already-heightened libido in the few short seconds she had been checking her out.  Emma felt passion rising volcanically within her until she could barely contain herself.  She had to try...but...

"Do you want me to call for help?"  The girl's pretty voice was too much.  Emma spun toward her again, eyeing her this time with predatory hunger.  "What?  What's wrong?" the girl reacted. Emma took a slow step or two towards her, exercising her last ounce of self-restraint in not moving faster.  But this redhead was delicious.  "Look, I'm sorry if I bothered you.  It's just that you sounded..."  Emma was within arm's length now and the look on her face was starting to scare the pretty girl.  The girl was about to back away when...

"Wha-"  Emma suddenly embraced the girl and kissed her fully on the lips. The instant the girl recovered from the startling surprise, she pushed Emma away and spat on the ground instinctively. "Gah! What the fuck is wrong with you!?"

A glowing aura surrounded Emma's body. There was a flash. Suddenly, everything seemed to stop and become motionless. A passing car on the road stopped. The sparrows froze in midflight. There was a faint bluish tinge everywhere. Only Emma herself and the girl were unaffected.

Phased space... How did I get here? Emma wondered.

"Wh-what's going on?!" asked the confused girl.

Emma's body tingled, glowed, and flashed.  Suddenly, she started to transform into the Lesbian Princess of Chastity. The redhead shielded her eyes from the momentary brightness, until Emma's transformation was complete.

This time the outfit looked slightly different than it did at Emma's first conversion into this persona the day before.  Emma's white satin gloves, previously elbow-length, were now full arm-length and fingerless, revealing her pink-lacquered nails. Her striking satin dress was more daring than its previous incarnation, as the already-provocative V-neck of the pink bodice was even wider and dropped even further, revealing a wonderful amount of her cleavage as well as part of her midsection almost to the navel, while the short, mid-thigh-length, white-and-silver pleated skirt became an inch or two shorter, revealing even more of her creamy thighs. Her long neon pink hair glittered magically, also a new touch.  However, her pink metallic underwear, jewelry, makeup, sheer white stockings, and high-heeled white ankle boots were similar to those of the previous Lesbian Princess outfit.

"Oh my god, what's happening to you? You... You're a witch!"

"No, I can explain!" Emma was confused as to why she suddenly transformed. Was it from thinking too many erotic thoughts?

The girl attempted to run for it. Emma tried to hold her, hoping to offer the girl some kind of explanation, and grabbed for her arms, but, during the struggle, Emma accidentally grabbed the girl's boobs instead.

As Emma was about to let go, the fake Emma voice made a lewd comment. This feels good... She has nice tits... They feel wonderful... While that was floating through Emma's head, without thinking she started to softly knead the breasts in her hands.

The girl slapped Emma's hands away, yelping, "Get away from me, you dyke!" and stumbled away backwards.

Emma didn't want her secret to be spilled. "Please listen to me! I can explain."  Emma reached out to clutch the girl's windbreaker, the girl tried to twist away, and, as they struggled, they both lost their balance and fell together onto the grassy lawn next to the sidewalk. Emma landed on top of the girl and, when she caught her bearings, got on her knees straddling the girl's thighs, pinned the girl's arms down with her hands, and stared down at her.  The girl struck Emma as an adorable sight--flushed, struggling vainly, her red hair fanning out on the lawn, framing her cute face.

The voice steered Emma's thoughts. I need to control her... It's the only way to keep my secret... Yes... I want to control her... and make her... mine...

But the only spell Emma knew for controlling another person was the arousal spell. Even though it was an indirect form of control and it had to involve sex, and Emma hadn't fully mastered the spell or tested it on real people yet, she had to try it anyway.  It seemed she had no alternative.

The best way to start, it occurred to Emma, was with a kiss, to introduce the needed sexual element. As she stared down at the pretty, stressed girl, that idea became very appealing, more so with every second.

Not able to help herself, a lecherous smile crept onto Emma's face.  She is so cute!   Emma started to lean down toward the girl. 

When Emma's intention to again try to kiss her became clear, the girl's panic accelerated. "No!" she exclaimed.  She had never kissed a girl before, and never wanted to.  She had only kissed one boy ever, just twice and both times briefly at that.  She wanted to save anything more than that for someone special...and that someone wasn't going to be a girl!  She struggled, thrashing her limbs, trying to retract her lips and turn her head away.  She reiterated her protest, "No, no, no!  Stop!" 

Lowering her head, Emma tracked down the girl's evading lips and kissed her forcibly.


Emma silently cast the arousal spell while maintaining the kiss.  The girl stopped kicking her legs so much and, while she was otherwise still struggling, Emma could tell the spell was starting to have an effect.  But the girl then twisted her head, getting out of the kiss.

One casting of the spell should be adequate, theoretically, Emma thought; it was just a matter of time before the girl became fully compliant, and that shouldn't be too long.  But Emma wasn't completely sure of that.  What if she gets away first? What if I didn't do it just right the first time?  

And...the girl's lips had quickly become a compelling treat to Emma.   Emma's doubts about the efficacy and response time of her first casting of the spell provided a handy and meritorious excuse to get more of them. What if once is not enough?  I don't want her getting away.  Maybe I should do this more...maybe a lot more...  

So, telling herself that she needed to make certain that the spell was going to take effect, and that it did so as fast and with as much of a wallop as possible, Emma decided to give the girl a much more prolonged kiss and cast the spell again and again, until she was sure she had the girl under control.  

Emma leaned down, again finding the still-fussing girl's lips. Emma's long, glittering hair slipped from her shoulders, enshrouding both of their faces in a silky pink veil. With the second hasty casting of the spell, the pretty teen captive stopped trying to flail her arms, though she still squirmed with some vigor. By the third, Emma's kisses had become less objectionable and the girl calmed down a bit.  By the fourth, the girl realized to her dismay that this could be something she might start to actually like, but she didn't want to, so she weakly tried to wiggle away again.   

After the fifth casting, the girl's mind started to become foggy as to why she shouldn't like it, and making out with Emma was clearly becoming something nice. Emma sensed the girl start to squirm less and relax more again.  By the sixth, the enjoyment of Emma's lips on her own became undeniable, she stopped all resisting movements, and she moaned once softly.  With one final casting of the spell, the girl completely forgot all reasons to resist, she relaxed fully, and she became unmistakably receptive to Emma's mouth on hers.

Sensing the girl's cooperation, Emma released the girl's arms and mouth, catching her breath.   She looked down at the pretty girl, who was similarly panting and had her eyes half closed. 

The girl opened her eyes more and looked up at Emma, not as an assailant now but as more of a curiosity, not knowing quite what had hit her or what to make of Emma.  Emma smiled down at the girl and, tentatively, the girl smiled back, if just momentarily. It appeared the magical spell now possessed the girl sufficiently.  

The girl's pretty lips caught Emma's eye.  They were parted, moist with Emma's saliva, and pink with Emma's lipstick.  Emma could not resist them.  Okay... one more casting of the spell...and one more kiss... just to make sure...

Emma bent down and kissed the girl again.  There was no opposition to the act this time and both girls picked up where they had left off.  Emma held the kiss, as before, and cast the spell for the eighth time.  Immediately, new, enhanced feelings of welcome for Emma's lips and appreciation of the pleasure of making out with another girl washed over the redhead.  She lazily wondered why she had thought she needed to be strictly hetero in her behavior.  And she started kissing back.  

Making out with the girl took on a life of its own.  It pulled Emma in, causing her to like the girl and her lips and kissing her more with every second.  She felt driven to protract the smooching and the spell casting further, already now far beyond the minimum necessary.  All right...just one more time... With the ninth casting, the girl's sexual response became obvious to both girls, and she started to rove her hands along Emma's arms and shoulders and back. 

Mmmm...This is nice..., Emma thought.  More...I should cast the spell more...and kiss her more...  They continued making out non-stop.

After the tenth casting, the cute redheaded teen cradled Emma's face in her hands as they continued what was now a very mutual kiss.  By the eleventh, the girl was kissing back with unabated fervor, sinking her hands into Emma's long, pink hair, enjoying its smooth texture, pulling Emma in to herself more tightly. After the twelfth casting, the girl's passion mounting still more, she enfolded Emma in her arms, while Emma played with the girl's silky curls. After the thirteenth, she wrapped her legs around Emma's, and Emma ran her hands along the girl's back and rear end.  After the fourteenth, the redhead slipped her hands instinctively to Emma's breasts and tentatively touched them, causing Emma to gasp in the kiss, open her mouth, and then lick the girl's lips. After fifteen castings of the spell, Emma knew beyond any doubt that she had the girl when she pushed her tongue into the younger girl's mouth and met not only total surrender, but, within ten seconds, an ardent reciprocity of the girl's tongue as well.

Even after Emma ceased further spell-casting, the girls French-kissed several more hot minutes.  Finally Emma broke the kiss and looked at the girl's flushed face, noticing her uneven breathing, her partially opened mouth, and the glazed, yearning look of her eyes.  It was obvious she wanted more.  With her pink-nailed forefinger, Emma traced around the girl's lips then pushed the finger gently in her mouth. The girl responded by licking and sucking on Emma's finger.

"Who's the dyke now?" Emma smirked as her eyes glowed.

Emma shook her head at the words that she seemed to have said automatically. Her eyes stopped glowing.

"No, I can't do this!"

Emma got up and looked down at the lovely girl.  Still on her back on the lawn, the brilliant copper red of her tousled hair lying in bold contrast to the underlying green of the lawn, the young teen looked up at Emma with hungry lust in her eyes. She slid one hand onto Emma's stocking-covered leg and the other onto the crotch of her own jeans, and started to stroke herself while staring at Emma.

Emma forced herself to turn and walk away from the tempting girl, reaching the sidewalk and walking down it several feet.  She noted that the rest of the world was still paused.

"No, no, no," Emma whispered  while  she struggled against her intense arousal.

The gems on Emma's outfit glowed as she walked.  

Suddenly Emma started to become keenly aware of her Lesbian Princess appearance, outfit, body, and powers.  She heard the staccato sound of her heels on the pavement.  She felt the pleasing, soft flutter of her short satin skirt on her thighs, the nylon stockings caressing her legs, and the sensual feel of the alluring makeup on her face.   She felt her hair swishing like silk around her head and body.  She felt the bounce and jiggle of her larger breasts, and felt their imposing, weighty presence on her chest.

A full-length mirror materialized on the sidewalk in front of Emma, blocking her path, and she came to an abrupt halt.  Emma did not have the opportunity the previous day to view herself or to properly take in the details of her Lesbian Princess of Chastity identity, but she did now.  What she saw took her breath away.  This is me? 

The first thing to catch her eye was her hair.  It was simply incredible.  She quickly found delight in the way it's cool, sleek texture caressed her cheeks and neck and back, in how it glittered with every movement, in how full and how very long it was, and in it's astonishing neon pink color.  She took her hair in her hands, stroking it, running her fingers through it, feeling the silky softness, watching it glitter.  Wow...this is so cool... 

She noticed her fingernails.  Not only were they a sparkling metallic hot pink, but they were long, unlike anything she had sported before.  Normally Emma's fingernails were a medium length, barely beyond the end of her fingertips, but these were almost a half inch beyond that.  There was something about them being so long and so pretty...something kind of adventurous...something them...  They were almost like weapons...weapons of love...

Emma next took in her face.  She had, of course, worn bold makeup for Galatea previously, but there was something...something, well, magical about the way she looked now.  Her skin seemed flawless, and the makeup and the jewelry were dramatic, yet feminine and perfect, making her pretty features seem clearly more so.  She turned her head from side to side as she looked this way and that at herself, her hair and earrings swinging around. The girl in the mirror did the same thing.  She was so pretty Emma felt like winking at her.   I'm...I am so cute!  

She was more than merely cute or just pretty, though; she was compellingly beautiful.

Then her cleavage caught her sight, virtually spilling out of the top of her dress.  Emma's natural breasts were not small, especially for a teen girl; she had graduated to a C cup, barely, just two months before she met Galatea.  But these mama's were at least D's, maybe more.  As she stood there eyeing them, she realized fully for the first time how much larger these breasts were, and how much more they weighed and moved and swelled outward in comparison to her natural ones. Their size and curvature and movement started to absorb and thrill her.

Yes, the tight, low-cut, plunging pink satin bodice was audacious.  I would never ever show this much, on my own.  But...she had a lot to show now...and the way her bra and top held her tits up and out, standing at attention for inspection, as it were...and the way the shiny satin almost demanded focus on them and seemed to invite touch... well...Emma had to admit the effect was spectacular.

Fascinated, she took her exhilarating breasts into her hands.  They were the tits of a woman...not a teen.  These feel good. 

And, the mirror showed her, they were being cupped by womanly hands, with sexy, long, pink fingernails.  It seemed so natural...Just the way it should be...  

While she continued to cradle her breasts, Emma scanned down her mirror image's outfit, to her silver-on-white pleated skirt.  She took a sharp intake of breath when she realized exactly how short it was.  She had never worn one shorter than a few inches above the knees before; in fact, Emma had so far in her life not been one to wear skirts of any kind much, much less heels and nylons, her standard fare being jeans and sneakers. 

This skirt is so short...I'd never wear one this short and show so much of my legs's kind feels kind of  free.  She twirled, watching the satin lift for a moment away from her upper thighs and then settle back into a pleasing caress of her legs.  She hadn't quite appreciated it before, but she saw now that she had nice legs, girlishly slender and smooth  Showing them like this...maybe its not so bad...

Impulsively Emma captured the hem of her skirt and lifted it up.  The girl in the mirror showed Emma her metallic pink panties.  Yes...they are the same ones as yesterday...the ones that gave me so much pleasure...the ones that changed... 

She pictured the phallus that had sprouted between her legs, and relived how it felt to use it.  a strong urge came over her to do the same thing again.  It felt like the panties wanted her to make them change and give her a penis, a pretty female penis--to her thinking, increasingly now, an organ for sex exclusively for love between two girls, an instrument of passion far removed from anything male--that they were willing her to get it and to use it, and that they were getting bit impatient with Emma, inasmuch as she had a willing partner and she had been stalling.

She reached down, touching a long-nailed finger, then two,  to the groove in the panties marking her slit.  The magical panties amplified her touch through the glossy material.   "Ahhh...ohhhh.... mmmmm..." 

Emma already knew she was wet; the dampness she could now feel on her fingers confirmed that it had leaked through her panties.  There's no one watching me...just the girl in the mirror; and there was Jennifer, of course, but she was off a distance on the lawn staring up at the sky.  Let's see what you taste like, sweetie.  She brought the moist fingers to her mouth.  Mmmmmmmm.... 

As she licked, her sight was drawn down her legs along the sheer white stockings, appraising the attractive, sleek sheen created by them.  Her eyes dropped to her ankle boots.  How sophisticated they look...  She noted their gleam and whiteness, the elegant posture of her feet, perched on the very high heels, and the commanding presence they seemed to grant her.  

Maybe there are some advantages...really...after all...with this...this Lesbian Princess thing... Maybe I kind of like this... She smiled within herself, glee coming over her about her exotic appearance, her larger breasts, her hair and her skirt and her panties and her powers, with this fantasy witch identity. 

This girl on the lawn...she would have no chance... If I wanted her...she wouldn't be able to resist me...

A series of erotic images involving her and the girl in various states of undress and sexual positions flashed in Emma's mind. Emma's engorged nipples pushed against her metallic pink bra. Her pussy became increasingly wet. She closed her eyes and gasped.

Like this...I'm built for sex........What a waste it would be...not to have sex...lesbian sex... I'm supposed to...supposed to want it...and to have it...I'm perfect for it... No girl could resist this... and I want it...I need sex... I want sex... lesbian sex...  

Her conscience countered:  But if...if I do something with this far should I go?  Should I hold back...and take it easy on her?   It's not her fault she happened to be here.

The jewels on Emma's outfit glowed again. A powerful feeling of lust and desire welled inside Emma's body, silencing her moral inhibitions.

That doesn't matter...  Sex is all that matters... Why hold back, Emma?...  I can do whatever I want to her... This girl is beautiful...a beautiful redhead... What would it be like to make love to a redhead like her? fuck her?...and make her love me?... I loved kissing her...  I want more of her... I must have sex with her...  I want to go all the way with her...  This is my chance...  I must fuck this girl... I must make her mine... She will be mine... I will dominate her... I will own her... She will become a lesbian for me...

Emma licked her glossy pink lips. She needed Sapphic sex, a full and powerful dose of it, immediately and at any cost, and this girl was just too pretty and too willing, at least right now.

Emma's long pink hair spun away from her body as she twirled around to face the girl again. She walked back towards her, first tentatively, then hastily, her white high-heeled ankle-length boots clicking on the pavement until she stepped unto the lawn.

As she approached the girl, she again felt, with even greater enjoyment and awareness than before, the jiggling of her breasts under their greater weight, the coolness of the air on her proud, exposed cleavage, and the embrace and lift of the silky metallic bra. This girl ought to be in awe of these...

It dawned on Emma what she must look like in totality to the dazed girl with her.  I'm spectacular. This girl can't resist me...

Of course, the main reason the heretofore straight girl couldn't resist Emma at this moment was the arousal spell.  But Emma's sense of the power of her allure was accurate, and she had made a valid point to herself.  There were many a straight girl who, even without a spell, would be highly aroused by Emma as the Lesbian Princess of Chastity and who would, under the right circumstances, give in to her charms.  Very few girls and women, if any, who were already gay, bisexual, or gay-curious would be able to turn her away. But with an arousal spell also in effect, she could make most any girl or woman--not all, but most--at least temporarily queer, if she wasn't leaning that way already, and eager for sex with her.  After one time with her, most females, regardless of their previous feelings about lesbianism, would want her again; and those who had her enough would be well on the way to a more permanent homosexual orientation.

None of this had quite been explained to Emma and she would find most of it out "on the job", so to speak.  Nevertheless, her instincts were even now intimating to her something about the power over other females that she wielded.

Emma helped the girl back up onto her feet.  Keeping hold of one of the girl's hands, and standing face to face with her, the girl's pretty features, hair, and body struck Emma even more than before, and she felt her heart starting to race a little. "I'm Emma. What's your name?"

"I'm Jennifer," replied the girl dreamily with a hand still stroking her crotch through the jeans.

Emma put her unoccupied hand on Jennifer's shoulder. "What do you feel right now?" 

The girl hesitated to answer.  Her current sensations were novel, especially the heavy attraction she was feeling to another girl; she didn't know quite how she felt or what to say.

Emma put both hands on the girls shoulders and cast the arousal spell yet again while smiling mischievously. The girl's feelings took more definition, and she felt prompted to open up about it.

"Hot... My body feels hot... Uhhh..."  Her masturbating hand and Emma's proximity made her temperature rise even higher as she spoke.   Jennifer's other hand played with a lock, then more, of her fiery hair in an unconscious act of flirtation. "Emma...whoever you are... I don't know where you came from... or...or what you are...but...uh, ohhhhh...but I hot...about you...I'm hot for you..."

Hearing that, Emma knew she couldn't let this sweet young thing get away from her, no matter what.  Emma recast the spell again, just to make sure the delectable redhead would cave in to her readily. Jennifer closed her eyes and moaned softly when the resultant wave of new lust rolled over her.  She leaned toward Emma with parted lips and closed eyes, in invitation of another kiss. 

Emma accepted the invitation. She propped her forearms on the girl's shoulders, laced her hands into her Jennifer's hair behind her head, pulled her closer, and gave the entranced girl a lingering, romantic kiss. 

"I'm feeling the same way too, Jennifer. I'm hot for you."  Emma gave her another kiss, this time quick and light, a tease. Jennifer smiled. "I think you and I should get to know each other better, don't you?"

The girl nodded, a bit vacantly but smiling.

"Great! Do you know that two girls can have, like, a really nice time together?  Would you like me to show you?"

Jennifer smiled into Emma's eyes and whispered, "Yes." 

"Then...let's have some fun!"

Emma embraced the girl in her arms and, this time, gave her a passionate, long, lover's kiss.  Jennifer met Emma's mouth with as much fervor as Emma bestowed.

Today is the first time I have kissed another girl on my own. And it's also going to be the first time that I'm going to have sex with a girl on my own. What would Galatea and Jeannie think?

Emma knew she was crossing a major line here, one she had known was likely coming, one she had been dreading, and one she was afraid would be difficult to retreat back over once crossed.  In a way, it was like losing her virginity, it seemed.  But the regret that colored these sentiments was more than overshadowed in this moment by, for one thing, a certain satisfaction she felt about her success in this accomplishment and about how Galatea and Jeannie would likely be pleased with her, but also by the passion this kiss and the prospect of sex with this pretty teen girl were stirring within her.

Emma's lips glowed bright pink. Her tongue went into Jennifer's mouth and twirled around the tongue inside. 

At last they broke again.  Emma took several seconds to recover, holding the girl in her arms, while they gazed in each other's eyes. Emma tried to piece together the appropriate sequence of events from this point.  The alternate Emma voice made her path clear. Emma released Jennifer from her embrace and directed, "Take off your clothes."

Jennifer hesitated, as she had never disrobed for another girl, but only for a second.  There seemed no reason not to.  She definitely liked Emma now, in fact she was woozy for her, thinking herself silly for ever have resisted this beautiful fantasy girl with the long pink hair and exotic attire. If this mysterious girl for whom her feelings were deepening every minute wanted her to strip, then okay. 

While Jennifer was taking off her shoes and then unzipping and removing her windbreaker, Emma looked around and saw a wall at the edge of the lawn.  She guided Jennifer up next to it and there helped the girl pull off her t-shirt and unzip and pull off her jeans, until she was down to only her white bra, panties, and socks.

Emma took Jennifer's hands in hers, raised them above their heads, pinned them against the wall, and leaned into Jennifer, pushing her breasts against the girl's and engaging their lips in another passionate French kiss.  When Emma backed away, she looked down to the girl's crotch. There was a large wet spot on the front of Jennifer's panties. Emma grinned at the sight.

I want to taste her pussy juice.

"Turn around, Jennifer, darling."  Emma didn't know where that term of endearment came from, but it felt so right to use it on another girl.  "Face the wall."  After the girl did so, Emma, standing behind her, reached around Jennifer's waist and plunged her fingers beneath the wet folds of Jennifer's panties. Jennifer gasped loudly when she felt Emma's fingers plunging into her pussy. The pink nails on Emma's fingers glowed when they grazed the slick vaginal walls, which became brighter with each passing moment. Fingering the pussy until her fingers were soaked, Emma raised her digits to her pink lipsticked mouth and sucked on them. Mmmm... Yum!  

"Here, try some." Emma lifted a hand to Jennifer's mouth and let her suck on her fingers. "It's good, isn't it? And you'll like it more every time.

"Now put your hands on the wall and stick your butt out!" Jennifer complied, adding a little wag to her ass when in position to signal her readiness for whatever fun and exciting thing it was that Emma had planned. Curious of what Emma would do next, she turned her head around, but was unable to see much of what was going on.

Raising up the front part of her pleated satin skirt, Emma pressed her crotch against Jennifer's panty-clad behind and slowly rubbed against it while holding onto the girl's slender waist. Following Galatea's instructions on how to get the crystal phallus to materialize, Emma visualized herself screwing the girl from the rear.

"What are you doing?" asked Jennifer when she noticed Emma was dry humping her.

"Just you wait."

Yes... I'm getting closer... I can feel it!...

Moans and gasps escaped from Emma's lips as the magical pink crystalline phallus formed in the front of her metallic panties. It started as a small round nub which slowly grew to a 7-inch length. Emma could somehow feel it develop, as if it were an integral part of her, and it felt wonderful, even better than when it first happened when she was with Galatea. Emma knew in the back of her mind this was a twisted, unnatural thing, and that it was perverting her emotions, but it felt so good that she didn't really care right then.  It was like she was in a partnership with the mystical, remarkable panties, but also that they and the incredible phallus springing from them were possessing her, urging her to fuck this girl with it, to fuck her hard and to do it now. 

When the pseudo penis was erected to its full length, Emma looked down at it with fresh fascination and handled it with an almost wicked delight.  The scene was evocative of Dr. Jekyll, having downed his secret brew and thereby having unleashed the animal within.Unable to restrain herself, she laughed out loud, her tone part girlish giddiness, part whorish ecstasy, and part diabolical anticipation, as if she were the feminine equivalent of Mr. Hyde--although now, in a functional sense and viewed objectively, no longer quite completely female.

The fake Emma whispered without respite into the real Emma's ears, guiding her attitude and actions, giving them variation from the gentle and romantic to the lewd and forceful.  Emma soaked in those invading words and feelings, repeated them to herself, and acted on them, as if they were her own.

Emma yanked Jennifer's panties down her legs, tossed them onto the grass, and nudged the teen girl's legs open. Emma couldn't believe what she was about to do...what she was about to get to do. I'm actually going to do this, aren't I?  I'm going to fuck a girl...all on my own...And I get to fuck this girl!!!...This pretty girl!... This is amazing...

Her excitement over the impending act of intercourse made her heart race.  She wondered how it would be different with Jennifer than it had been with Galatea.  How would it feel drilling a tight teen pussy?  How crazy could she drive Jennifer?  Could she make her go insane with lust and desire for herself? Could she make the girl into a lesbian by screwing her? 

Still standing behind the redhead, Emma, phallus in her hands, stroked Jennifer's outer female lips with its head.  I'm going to do her so bad... screw her so completely...She won't ever get over what I'm going to do to her... She won't ever get over me... She won't ever forget me...

The younger teen, not quite sure what was touching her private parts or what was going to happen next, wiggled her butt again anyway in response, in invitation, and in giddy anticipation of whatever mystical act of love this fantasy witch-girl had in store for her.

Emma poised the tip of the phallus just into the slit between Jennifer's vaginal lips.  I will make you feel so good... You will love me for it...for screwing your hot little pussy... I will make you love me... You won't tell other people my secret...because you'll love me too much... Emma kept caressing her pink crystal phallus, causing it sparkle and glow.

"Here, Jennifer, you pretty girl... This is for you...all of gift to you...for your sweet little pussy..."  With that, Emma abruptly split the cute redhead's labia and pushed into her womanhood.

"Ahhhhhh!" A surprised Jennifer moaned loudly as Emma plunged her pink crystal phallus deeply into her pussy, going all the way to the hilt in the first stroke and instantly breaking her hymen.

Emma felt immense pleasure from the artificial phallus, as if it were part of her body. The magical circuitry in the crystal phallus sensed the pressure, texture, friction, movement, position, speed, rhythm, temperature, moisture, and all other physical components associated with its use and environment, amplified all of those sensations to far exceed those a real male's penis would perceive, added an enhanced interpretation of the emotional and physical delight involved, and then transmitted it all directly to Emma's brain.

Holding her position with the phallus all the way in, Emma closed her eyes and tilted her head back slowly to relish the flood of pleasure, her straight pink hair spilling down her back onto her rump.  After savoring the first, novel entry of the crystal phallus for twenty blissful seconds, Emma slowly withdrew it most of the way, then plunged in again. 

Within two minutes she had settled into a steady, reciprocating rhythm. Her glove-encased hands moved up Jennifer's slim waist to the edges of her bra-covered breasts, feeling up the girl's soft skin and curves along the way. Pausing her hands there a minute, Emma then pulled down the cups of Jennifer's bra, greedily slid her hands over her lover's breasts, and squeezed them.

Mmmm... So soft... So pliant...

Influenced by her transformation and the voice of her sugilite pendant, Emma fondled and toyed with Jennifer's breasts enthusiastically, more than she had intended even in the heat of this moment. Her pink nails sparkled when she raked them across Jennifer's skin and pinched the erect nipples.  It was certainly not something she had ever wanted to do with another girl at all a few short months ago. But now, in this instant, especially while fucking this darling girl, it was a heavenly experience.

"How do you like getting fucked, Jennifer? by a girl?"  Emma grabbed Jennifer's breasts forcefully for a second, to punctuate her question, sinking her fingertips into them before releasing them, prompting the girl to moan loudly.

"Ohhh...mmmmmm....ohhhh, yeah...more...please..." Emma pumped the girl with greater zeal, again and again.

"You love this, don't you, Jennifer?  I'll fuck you again...if you don't tell anyone about me... Keep quiet and you can have this again...and me often as you like... "

Jennifer mumbled, eyes closed, luxuriating in the invasion of her womanhood by another girl, "Oh, please...anything...just give it to me...oh, please..."  Emma, pleased, continued to drill the redhead with gusto.

At length, Emma looked down at the girl's pussy and the pink crystal phallus she was pushing in and out of it, and noticed a small stream of blood. An awareness of her morals and ethics started to return to Emma, although they were now tainted.

I've broken her hymen. She was a virgin. Jennifer was probably saving it for her future husband or boyfriend and I ruined it for her just because I didn't want her to spill my secret.

Fake Emma's voice offered advice: I should at least make her feel as good as possible. I need to make this one of the best events of her life. That is the least I can do. Maybe I could even make her feel better than any guy ever could. Maybe I could even convince her to be a lesbian. Maybe I could even make her fall in love with me. She is...after all... kind of cute...very She's beautiful...I really like her...I want be mine...

There's nothing wrong with taking her virginity... It's an outdated save your virginity for that special someone... Maybe I won't either... And besides...I can be that special someone...her special someone...if I want to be...

Better me...than some stupid boy... I've saved her from wasting her virginity on a boy... She should thank me... So much better with a girl...with me...her special girl...

Emma's manipulated mind accepted the twisted logic and acted on it, believing falsely these thoughts were her own.

"Ummm.... Ahhh... Ohhh... Yesss..." Emma moaned as she continued screwing and feeling up the pretty redhead in front of her.

Jennifer also moaned, and grunted, and panted, and squealed as well, turning Emma on even more.

Fucking girls feels so great... I could keep on doing this...

Emma's lips glowed brightly neon pink. A sudden urge came to her, persuaded by the voice.

I want to kiss Jennifer... I want to kiss her again and again...

Moving her right hand away from Jennifer's right breast and sliding it up her neck, Emma grabbed Jennifer's chin and twisted it toward herself enough so that her lips were exposed to Emma tangentially. A deep kiss followed. Emma's glowing lips were infectious, for Jennifer's lips glowed too. She plunged her tongue into Jennifer's mouth, exploring the oral cavity, and rubbing against the teeth. Tongues dueled against each other vigorously.

Jennifer's moans and squeals soon reached a crescendo. A shudder passed through her body during her orgasm. Emma felt something flowing from herself into her new lover through her crystal phallus. The pleasure was wonderful and heavenly.

Emma strode backwards on her high heeled boots a step or two, removing her hands from the girl, and pulling the pink phallus out. There was a clearly audible slurping sound accompanying the withdrawal, which both girls, in the moment, found both amusing and gratifying, a symbol of what they had just done with each other. Jennifer, overwhelmed by the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt by far in her young life, slowly slumped down on the grass.

Emma stood there gazing down exultantly at her cute redheaded teen conquest and basking in her sexual bliss.

But, gradually, the high faded and, as it did, full awareness came back to her.

What have I done? This was so wrong.  This poor girl will never be the same.  I'll never be able to make it up to her...but I've got to try... somehow...

Why did I have sex with her in the first place?  Was it really because I thought I had no choice?  Why did I think this would keep my secret?  Was I just fooling myself?   Was I just talking myself into doing something that I just...really...wanted to do...?

The gems on Emma's tiara glowed. An audible woman's voice said emotionlessly, "New power activated: nymphomania, level one."  Emma, absorbed in her rumination, made note of the announcement absentmindedly, but didn't know why it sounded or what it meant, and stored it away for analysis some other time.

Jennifer came partially back to her senses. She stood up facing Emma, still without panties and with her bra cups still pulled down, her pretty red hair in disarray around her face.  She was blushing and still panting lightly, confused and shocked.

"What...what just happened?..........Did I...did I just have...have sex...with...with you?........ No...I would never do that...and not ever with a girl..." 

Then she felt the cool air on her bare skin and looked down at her exposed body. Reflexively, she covered her groin with one hand and her breasts with an arm. A shocked look dawned on her face.

"Why am I...? Wait...I...I did!...with you? with a girl...?! I did it with a girl...?! No, no, no, no!....... How...? tricked me! No, wait... You forced me!"

The fake Emma voice suggested, I need to fuck her until she lusts for me, until she loves me...

No, real Emma reacted; I'm going too far... It isn't right...and this isn't working... I need to try something else to persuade her...

Emma's fake voice contradicted Emma's conscience, neutralizing it, and urged her lustful impulses on. Sex does work... There is no other better way... It will work... and I want her again... Try it...try it again...try harder... Emma took a step or two toward the girl.

A glow surrounded Emma's short white and silver satin skirt. In an instant, the skirt became transparent pearlescent pink. Her metallic pink panties became visible through the sheer pleated folds of the skirt.

The fake Emma's mental voice suggested words to speak and actions to take. Emma now gave in to them without question, adopting the urges as her own. "Time to lick my pussy, babe," said Emma huskily through her shiny pink lips as she gyrated her hips and lifted her skirt to her navel.

The gems on Emma's pink panties flashed. A bud formed at the center, which quickly bloomed into a glittery pink rose that entranced the girl in front of her during its transformation.

Before Jennifer could do anything, Emma cast the arousal spell on her one more time. But this time, given a boost by Jeannie, who was hovering unseen nearby, the spell was much more potent and immediate. Jennifer arched her back and gave a loud animalistic groan. Her pink nipples poked out, becoming hardened nubs.

Emma forced Jennifer down to the grass, pulled her to her knees, grabbed her by her red hair, and pressed the girl's face against the pink flower. Filled once again with blinding lust, Jennifer licked the sparkling pink petals.  Despite her raging libido, she started tentatively at first, never having done anything like this before, but then, as oral female love assumed a familiar, natural, and highly enjoyable aura, she lost all inhibition and attacked her target vigorously. Shortly, a clear syrupy fluid started to trickle out and she swallowed every drop of the reward. It was a powerful aphrodisiac, and its effect was immediate, adding to her already intense state of sexual arousal. Excess fluid that spilled over her lips flowed down her chin and neck.

The rose was both a magical substitute and extension of Emma's vagina. Any sensation it received was transferred to the reproductive organ as well as directly to the brain. Whenever Jennifer touched any petal with her lips or tongue Emma would feel a surge of intense pleasure.

Emma tilted her head back and moaned with closed eyes. The pleasure was intense, but no matter what Emma did, she couldn't get an orgasm. Her face contorted at that realization.

I want to lick her pussy... Imagery of a pair of pink lips and a tongue kissing and licking slick clits and vulvas, parted by pink-nailed fingers, paraded through Emma's lustful mind.

I can't stand it anymore... I must lick her pussy...

Emma maneuvered Jennifer and herself on the lawn until they were in a 69 sex position with Emma on the top. Pressing her flower-covered crotch as close to Jennifer's face as possible, Emma wanted Jennifer to simulate the rose with her tongue enough to make her go over the edge. Without being told what to do, Jennifer couldn't resist the now-familiar prize in front of her and resumed cunnilingus on Emma, taking to the task with relish.

Without thinking twice, Emma pressed her face into Jennifer's crotch, finding delight in the fragrance of the girl's soaked pussy and in the smooth thighs gliding along her cheeks.  She plunged her tongue into Jennifer's love box. The taste was an immediate, scrumptious treat. She proceeded to tongue-fuck the redhead with abandon.

In a routine manner, the sugilite pendant persuaded and reminded Emma of how delicious female pussies were.

There's no taste better than that of a female pussy... I love licking female pussies... 

But, despite her immense enjoyment in what she was doing and in what was being done to her, after several minutes it became apparent to Emma that somehow this wasn't going to be enough. Though Emma had a delicious serving of Jennifer's cunt juice, she was unable to cum.

"Lick my pussy harder!" commanded Emma in vain.

Jennifer was already trying her best. The transformation's restriction was preventing Emma from having an orgasm. Jennifer licking more intensely only intensified Emma's need for sexual release.

"Ahhhhhh!" Jennifer screamed as another orgasm rocked her body. Feminine cum squirted on Emma's face, which Emma swallowed and licked vigorously.

Emma renewed her efforts to press her pussy against Jennifer's face, while diving in again on Jennifer, almost suffocating herself in the undertaking, but, while it was a joy, again it fell short of the desired effect for herself. Emma wailed in disappointment, breathing hard from her efforts.

The girls separated while Jennifer, eyes closed and fainting from pleasure, was still cumming. Both girls collapsed on the grass.  Once Jennifer's orgasm died down, the redheaded teen drifted to sleep. Emma's body glowed and she returned to her ordinary self in her normal clothes.

"NOOOO! I couldn't come!"

The blue-tinged environment suddenly became distorted as if it was a disturbed pool of water. Jeannie materialized in front of Emma.

"Wow, Emma, congratulations on seducing a girl using magic for the first time! I never thought you would do it completely on your own without Galatea telling you to."

"No, it wasn't like that."

Emma was coming back to the full realization of what she had done. Emma knew Jeannie was exactly correct, but she found it hard to accept the reality that she had just controlled a girl and made that girl have sex with her.

"Sure, whatever."

"Really, it wasn't."

"You don't need to convince me. Convince your body."

Those words jolted Emma back to the reality of her body's urgent demands.  She realized that she had to find a female to have sex with immediately...and yet...she shouldn't...she shouldn't pursue another lesbian encounter like she had just done...especially so fast, with yet another girl.  It wouldn't be right. 

I am a straight girl...and I'm not promiscuous... No more of least today...or at least right now....  Nevertheless, Emma's pussy was aching with need for lesbian sexual release. It was a side effect of her transformation.


There was someone available, the only conscious female close by, an appealing, undoubtedly willing potential partner in love, Emma realized with a mixture of relief and panic, standing directly--too directly, and temptingly accessible--in front of her. Jeannie. I need to resist her, and try to make my body calm down! Emma thought.

Jeannie read Emma all too easily. Intentionally creating a sight calculated to weaken Emma's resolve, Jeannie swayed her hips back and forth sexily as she walked towards the aroused teenage witch-in-training. She stopped inches from the brunette, leaned forward, and lightly touched her left cheek to Emma's left cheek.

"I can help you with your needs, Emma," Jeannie whispered seductively into Emma's left ear.  When the tips of Jeannie's covered breasts grazed her own, Emma gasped with electric pleasure.

"I'm fine..." Emma answered breathlessly, reluctantly.

Jeannie backed her face away a few inches, gazed into Emma's eyes, took Emma lightly in her arms, and spoke softly. "So, Emma honey, you're worried about this girl blabbing about you being a witch and making trouble for you, aren't you?"  Mesmerized by the movement of Jeannie's perfect, doll-like lips, Emma simply nodded her agreement. 

"Your magic is weak since you're still a novice. Certain spells do exist to handle this kind of problem, but you're not powerful enough to use them. As it now stands, the only way you, by yourself, could possibly maintain control over her would be to always stay by her side and constantly recast your arousal spell on her, which is the only seduction-type spell you know.  But if and when she got away from you, she'd start to remember what happened and she would in all likelihood tell other people about you and your evil powers."

"No, I can't let that happen!"

"I can help you. I can wipe this morning's events from her memory."

"You can?!"

"Yes, but...there are some possible side effects. She might lose other memories, her personality might change, and she could develop some psychological problems.

"No, that wouldn't be fair to her. She did nothing to deserve anything like that. I just want her to forget about what happened with me today without getting hurt."

"Since my magic is stronger than yours, how about if I help you deal with her with my seduction spells?"

Emma wasn't sure what that meant.  What would Jeannie really do to Jennifer with those kinds of spells?

"I don't know, Jeannie. Can't you just make her not say anything about my powers to other people and not do anything else about it, without any side effects?"

"Well, it doesn't really work that way. I can't control people directly and neither can Galatea."

"Then can you just do as little as possible to Jennifer, you know, with the stuff, the, um, "seduction spells" you talked about? I don't want her to be hurt."

"You mean by sex?  Do you really think sex can hurt anyone, Emma?  Sex is a good thing, a wonderful thing.  I would think you know that by now.  But, alright, Emma. There's going to have to be some sex, but I'll keep it to a minimum."

"Great. Thank you for helping me, Jeannie." Jeannie smiled and grazed her fingernails softly up Emma's arms.

"My pleasure, sweetie."  Jeannie allowed a few moments of silence and light caresses with her hands up and down Emma's arms, all the while holding Emma's eyes with her own and smiling affectionately. 

"Now, about your needs..."  Emma had hoped Jeannie wouldn't bring it up again; she was keenly aware of her vulnerable state but also of the necessity to refrain from yet another lesbian encounter so soon after the previous one.  Her fragile heterosexuality seemed like it would not last another day if she gave in again so fast.  The last thing she needed was an enticement such as Jeannie coming on to her like this at this particular time.  And Jeannie was a definite temptation; if she pressed the invitation, Emma doubted she would be able to resist her.

Jeannie slid her hands to Emma's waist.  "Do you want me to help you with them?"  Emma opened her mouth but didn't know what to say for a moment, during which Jeannie roved her hands over Emma's hips and then lightly cupped and caressed Emma's ass.

Part of Emma still knew she shouldn't give in. But...Jeannie's voluptuous body and pretty doll face, close proximity, caresses, and frank invitation were quickly bringing her libido once again to a boil.  Emma realized that she was in dire need of sexual release and in a few seconds she wasn't going to be able to resist Jeannie at all. She was caught in a moment of indecision. "Ummmm..."

There was a melody coming from Emma's pocket. Grateful for a momentary respite from making a decision, Emma pulled out her smartphone, expecting it to be from Ashley or one of her friends, but was surprised that it was from Galatea.

"How did she know my number?"

"Our Goddess knows a lot of things. Anyway, looks like help has already found you. See you later."

There was a flash. Emma was back in the normal world, cars and people and butterflies and birds and time and everything else back in their usual motions.

Emma's pussy throbbed, reminding her of her need. A part of Emma regretted not having agreed to sex with Jeannie when she had the opportunity.  She had been leaning that way and would have accepted Jeannie's invitation with just one kiss from her, or even with a few more moments in her arms, but now her chance was gone. 

She would need someone else, in that case. She automatically looked around for Jennifer.  No...not Jennifer...not again.  She closed her eyes. I can't mess with her like that any least not today...   

But...despite that thought, and despite knowing that someone else besides the girl she had just fucked had to grant her the release she craved, Emma nevertheless opened her eyes after a minute of self-discipline and looked around for Jennifer.  However, she had left as well.  Looking down the sidewalk in the direction of the school, Emma saw Jennifer walking ahead in the distance as if nothing had happened.

I wonder... What happened to Jennifer?  Did Jeannie do something to her?  I hope so...but I hope nothing too extreme. It looks like maybe Jeannie helped me out...from the way Jennifer's walking... She looks normal...not running away or looking back at me. It looks like nothing is wrong. Whew! I'll just assume everything's least for now. Thank you, Jeannie...

Returning her attention to the phone, Emma read the text message: "Go to the silver car parked under the tree across the street." Emma looked across the street and, sure enough, there was a silver luxury car, which she had not noticed before, standing in the shade of a large maple tree. "Open the door to the driver's seat and sit inside. The door is unlocked." Emma walked across the calm street, opened the driver's side of the car, and, following her instructions, sat inside. For a few long seconds, nothing happened.

Suddenly, everything dematerialized, and Emma felt a floating sensation. When she blinked she found herself sitting on a black leather sofa, still in her normal clothes. Galatea was sitting right next to her. Emma suddenly realized she was looking forward to seeing what Galatea would look like today and, as she readied herself to have a good look at the beautiful Silver Witch, she felt a twinge of anticipation in her pussy.

But first a novel sight in the room caught her eye. Right in front of the sofa, just three feet away, was a 22-foot square, foot-high dancing platform with a mirrored surface. A brass stripper pole sprouted upward from the center.

"Good morning, Emma."

"Good morning." Emma turned toward her magical hostess, to

take her in.  Her heart fluttered at the sight. Emma was now subconsciously ever more eager to see Galatea again and more attuned to her allure each time she saw her anew. 

This morning the Silver Witch was dressed in a slinky, form-fitting silver sequined dress with a full length skirt that had a slit running all the way up the side to her hip. Emma's eyes wandered along her creamy crossed legs that were exposed by the slit. As usual, Galatea's high heels, this time made of metallic chrome, caught her eye as well. Galatea allowed Emma to look without conversation, enjoying the teen girl's obvious prurient fascination with her.

Snapping herself somewhat out of her carnal haze and remembering the routine, Emma embraced Galatea and kissed her on the lips. "I love you, Galatea." 

There was something different this time when she kissed Galatea and said that phrase...something she liked...about those lips...something that pulled her last night... And when she said those words...she didn't have to force if...maybe...

But before she could digest that, Galatea spoke.

"Good, Emma, you're getting better and better at this. You deserve a treat. Watch this." 

She kissed Emma's cheek, took the reluctantly pleased Emma's hand in hers, and faced the platform. The ambient lighting in the room dimmed as stage lighting came on, and music started from somewhere. It registered subtly on Emma that this was almost as if they were two girls out on a date, settling down together in a theater to watch a movie, or some other form of entertainment--and tonight's fare would definitely qualify as "some other form of entertainment" for Emma, much different than what she was used to, or at least than what she had been used to before she met Galatea.   

A stunning woman walked up to the platform in clear crystal platform heels, stepped onto it, and strutted to the center. She smiled at Emma with her glossy red lips, held onto the brass pole with her red-nailed fingers, and sexily tossed her beautiful platinum blonde hair.  It was thick and long, past the middle of her back, nearly to her waist.  The glorious mane hung freely over her shoulders and back, was parted off-center, nearly covered one eye, and was loosely curled. Her large D-cup breasts were held tightly by a red PVC bra and a translucent red PVC bustier that exposed her midriff. There was a silver piercing in her navel. Around her waist was a colorless, translucent PVC skirt. A pair of red panties of the same color and material as the bra could be seen through the skirt.

Emma felt an immediate reaction to the woman, beyond attraction, although it definitely included that. It was as though there was something familiar about her, maybe something kindred between them, or like they had meet before, although logic told Emma that was highly unlikely. In any case, Emma knew right away that she liked the woman in some inexplicable way.

The music was unmistakably erotic dance music, and possessed certain elements evocative of a burlesque scene--ever a strong beat, sometimes loud and jarring, sometimes jocular--and yet it was also quite pretty, even feminine, at times almost classical, poetic, and romantic.  More consequential for Emma, it had a hypnotic effect which drew her into the accompanying action on the stage, made her feel personally involved with whomever was performing, opened her to new sexual adventures, and, most of all, made her receptive to whatever suggestions and insinuations might come her way while the music was playing.

The music set the captivating woman in motion.  As she gyrated, she glided her left hand down to her translucent skirt and traced her fingers around her crotch through the skirt and panties with a seductive look on her face, aimed at an instantly absorbed Emma. 

Unknown to Emma, the stripper, named Janet, had not long ago been a very different woman--wholesome, modest, serious, mature, confident, reserved, refined, a young mother--whom Jeannie had saved from hooligans one night, taken in, and brought to Galatea, who then bewitched her.

The 27-year-old Janet had, only three months previous to this time, been married, and had two little daughters, one three years old and the other only 18 months. But her husband was killed as a soldier in Afghanistan and one night just days later, while still laden with grief, she was assaulted as she was loading groceries into the trunk of her car in a poorly-illuminated part of a supermarket parking lot, with her two girls standing close by. Meth-heads, looking for an easy score, of both cash and sex, abused and beat her almost senseless until a crashing burst of light frightened them off.  In their hasty retreat, they accidentally ran over and killed the little girls.

The light that had scared the thugs off and, in the process, likely saved Janet's life, had been the coming of Jeannie. Jeannie had noticed the grieving widow a few days before, felt sorry for her, found her attractive, and saw in her, in her vulnerable state, possibly someone Galatea might be able to use, and so had been following her. 

While Janet had been shopping, Jeannie had turned her attention to something else. Seeing the commotion in the parking lot when she focused on Janet again, Jeannie had come with a lightning spell to run off the assailants. Only a few minutes later did she realize the little girls had been killed.  The tragedy of that did register on her, but, not one to put sentimentality over the service of her mistress, she seized the opportunity and teleported the semi-conscious Janet away. 

In the Sky Castle, Jeannie and Galatea, who only recently had escaped captivity, used magic to rapidly nurse Janet back to health, within a day or two. Once she had revived, she was told the truth of what had happened.  Naturally, the woman was crushed by her losses. Then, Galatea handed her a mirror, showing, with magical exaggeration, how badly she had been disfigured in the attack. That was the final straw, and Janet's emotional collapse into despair became complete.

It was at this point that Galatea offered to help. Galatea could--for a price--make her sorrows disappear, she said, at least enough so that Janet could cope with the rest of her life. At a minimum, Galatea offered, she would do what she personally could to partially heal Janet's face--although the result would likely be mediocre, she had said. But there was another way, a better way--a more expensive way, and one with vague possible psychological side-effects--a way to more than restore what was lost, of her appearance and of her life, if Janet wished. A series of "treatments" administered by something called an automaton could give Janet glorious beauty and a new identity, and then Galatea could give her a new life, one totally different from her old help her forget...

Janet struggled with the decision for several days. She was desperate for everything Galatea promised, yet she feared losing herself and felt just removing some of the scars from her face to be the safer course. She found forbidding the idea of treatments to "improve" herself, with potential, unspecified side-effects, to be administered by a strange automaton, in this case a mechanical-like being in the form of a woman, Galatea had explained, whose specialty was female physical improvement.

But Galatea and Jeannie reasoned with Janet that a course such as the latter was necessary for her to win back her confidence, get a fresh start, and to prepare to support herself, promising her more bliss than she had ever known before. It was worth the costs and the risks, they assured. Surely she was at least curious, they suggested.

Finally Janet agreed to try just one treatment. Thinking her choice was totally of her own free will, Janet did not understand her decision was already a foregone conclusion.  From the moment she had arrived, Galatea had plied her with hypnosis and other forms of seduction, convincing her of the need to believe, trust, and love the witch, be drawn to and have faith in the automaton, and want to be changed. 

All the while, Galatea shared daily, sometimes hourly, romantic moments and physical intimacies with her, starting off subtly and slowly, and adding more day by day, until the psychologically fragile Janet was not only emotionally and physically comfortable with the Silver Witch and Jeannie, but dependent as well.  By the time the "treatment" stage was to commence, a week after Janet had arrived, she already had developed a powerful unconscious attraction to Galatea which defied her strictly heterosexual past, and she was willing to do anything Galatea suggested.

Originally, Janet had had black hair, brown eyes, and A-cup breasts, pretty enough in a fresh and untainted way, but on the scrawny side. The first treatment consisted of the automaton injecting a magical blue fluid into Janet's little breasts.  Within a few minutes, they started to grow.  Galatea and Jeannie had been right, she saw; it looked good and felt good.  Over the hour after the injections, they grew and grew, giving Janet a greater thrill with every inch.

Side-effects with the treatments were not only a possibility, but an absolute certainty, and Galatea understood them well. Unknown to Janet, each treatment corrupted her morals, eroded her will, erased her inhibitions, instilled her with narcissistic preoccupation, addicted her to prurient visual and physical attention from pretty women, and otherwise subverted her original straight sexual orientation. 

Shortly after the first treatment, Janet welcomed the second without reservation, and the automaton transformed her eyes to blue with a magical device. By the time the third treatment was due, she was begging for it.  The automaton changed Janet's hair permanently to platinum blonde with a magical dye. Other treatments perfected her facial features and her skin, widened her hips, expanded her rear, made her voice sultry, and endowed her with the grace and skill natural to an exotic dancer.

After Galatea had altered her body, she completed Janet's personality transformation and sexual corruption, quickly turning her, through a series of deep hypnotic inductions, abetted by sundry enticements, seductions, and enchantments, into a lesbian woman of wanton manners, slutty appetites, and the loosest morals. In short order, she was serving both Galatea and Jeannie as their devout personal lesbian sex slave and working as an erotic performer and a prostitute for women. 

Janet "worked" gladly, and did so both for the pleasure and the money.  She felt obliged to pay Galatea back for the treatments, and, as a widow, she also had to earn a living somehow. She figured, feeling her thinking was clear, what occupations were more valuable or more rewarding than stripping and whoring?

Though "working" on the outside, Janet was still very much dependent on and under the control of Galatea. Galatea appropriated a large part of Janet's earnings, which she used to occasionally buy something or the other in the natural world. Galatea continued to use hypnosis and spells to further embed a slutty and homosexual nature into her, as well as to keep Janet's mind rather vacant much of the time and to dull her memory of her past life so it would not interfere with her present one.

The Silver Witch would also often enchant Janet while she was "working", to ensure optimum performance "on the job". This morning was one of those occasions, and Janet danced for Emma under a spell which focused her completely on enticing Emma, while temporarily emptying her head of most every other thought and emotion.

Emma started to lose herself in the bold loveliness and the lascivious motion of the stripper.  Galatea's voice brought her back for a moment. "You should use your Eagle Eye spell to learn as much as you can." 

"Okay." Distracted as she was by the performance and the performer, and under the influence of the magical music, Emma did not pause to question Galatea's suggestion. It seemed not only reasonable enough in the moment, but also as if Galatea was simply reminding her of something she wanted anyway. So Emma closed her eyes and cast the spell. When she reopened them, her perception increased and she saw the performance in front of her with greater clarity. It was also very easy for her to remember every action.

The dance movements were sensual and precise, as if the woman had a lot of experience. Emma looked at Janet's eyes and noticed that, although the woman displayed carnal facial expressions from time to time, her eyes seemed consistently emotionless and vacant.

"Here, let me help you get more comfortable, dear," Galatea spoke into Emma's ear just loud enough to be heard above the music, as she started to help Emma out of her denim shirt. "You'll enjoy it better this way."  Within a minute or two Galatea had also helped Emma out of her tennis shoes, socks, and jeans, leaving her in only her pale pink panties and bra, and navy blue t-shirt. So mesmerized was Emma by the dancer that her own strip show barely registered on her awareness. But it did manage to sink in that Galatea had been right; Emma did somehow feel better like this.

"Here, put these on too," Galatea said as she handed Emma a pair of dark blue patent leather 4" high heeled pumps, which Emma absentmindedly slid on. Once she had them on, Galatea continued speaking into her ear, while Emma watched Janet. "It's always better to wear heels, Emma. They are comfortable. They make you feel sexy.  You like the way they feel...and the sexy way you feel in them. They make you feel more comfortable with other girls...with women...with strippers...more like them...more like porn stars and whores... High-heeled shoes make you feel like a whore...a slutty lesbian whore...and you love feeling like that. 

"Wear high, high heels...strippers do...You could be like a this stripper... The higher, the better...Even better to wear them with lovely nylon stockings... so nice... They make you feel so ready for love...with women and girls..."

"High heels are better for walking...for sitting...for school...for dancing...for making love. Wear them always... Wear them during the day... Wear them to school... Wear them with your girlfriends... Wear them at home... Wear them with your lovers... And wear them here, and now. You'll be more comfortable...and you'll fit in better..."

The woman danced on, and time was lost on Emma. The stripper pouted then smiled, tossed and handled and flipped her lush hair, crouched and spun and twirled, ran her hands over her body, and batted her eyes, while most of the time looking Emma in the eye, like she was dancing mainly for her. It almost had the effect of a lapdance for Emma, although Emma wasn't very conversant with that term, at least yet.

Galatea's voice entered Emma's mind. "You like her, don't you?" Emma turned toward Galatea, but her attention appeared to be on the show, as if she hadn't spoken. Emma turned back toward the performance.  "She could be your next girlfriend...a stripper-girlfriend...your next lover..."  This time Emma continued looking straight ahead, at the dancer. "And you could be like her."

Maybe I'm just imagining Galatea's voice.  Maybe I'm just imagining what she might say if she were talking.

"You can be like her...beautiful...blonde...voluptuous... adventurous...uninhibited...promiscuous.... Copy her. Emulate her.  Dance like her. Dress like her. Look like her. Talk like her. Think like her. Make love like her. 

"You can be beautiful like her...a lesbian like her...a lover like her. Be loose and sexually free like her. Be a whore like her. Love her."  The directives sank in, more subconsciously than consciously, while Emma drank in the woman's loveliness, body, and movements on the platform in front of her.

At length, two curvaceous women joined in, who didn't look quite human. A sleek, wet-looking layer of black latex covered their entire bodies and faces, including their hands, feet, genitals, necks, mouths, eyelids, and ears. Their eyes glowed with a neon blue color.

Every individual strand of their hair, whether growing from their scalps or composing their eyebrows and eyelashes, was coated with a superfine film of the same black latex--or latex strands had replaced the hair; it was impossible to tell which. Each woman wore her hair in a precise, slightly-angled page-boy cut reaching almost to the shoulders, the latex giving the attractive hair fullness and the same high glossiness as the rest of their bodies.

Their feet were permanently assimilated into sleek, pointed-toe, 4" stiletto high-heels of the same latex material, and were bonded seamlessly with the rest of the latex second skin. All the details of their bodies were outlined as clearly as if they were naked, but with a shiny black skin, as it were.

Both women were still human, at least mostly, similar to the way Jeannie was a human, or had been, though now in the form of a living doll.

"Wh-what are they?" Emma was afraid, curious, and aroused at the same time.

Galatea ran a hand along Emma's bare thigh, and left it there as they watched. "Latex femmes. They are the symbiosis of females and latexoids."

The latex femmes stepped onto the platform and started prancing and swaying to the beat of the music while staring seductively at Janet, their part in the script obviously being to capture the stripper's interest. In turn, Janet displayed her dancing body to them. 

Woven into the music about half the time was a woman's pretty, airy voice, singing songs of girl-girl love.  It was so faint that most of the time Emma wasn't sure if it was a voice and a song or something else, and she could make out some words only now and then.  Nevertheless, the voice penetrated into Emma and sang to her the virtues of lesbian sex and the desirability of the women before her.

Shortly, the femmes strutted over to Janet, who by now was down to her red PVC bra and panties, and began caressing her. One latex femme squeezed one of her own breasts and, looking at Janet, offered it to her. Reacting without hesitation, Janet hungrily licked and sucked the glossy black teat with her red-lipped mouth. Simultaneously, the other latex femme, now behind Janet, rubbed her groin against Janet's ass.

"You could do that too, Emma darling.  You would be so good at that.  Imagine yourself up there, dancing with them, or some other women.  Wouldn't that be so hot!  You should give it a try sometime..."  Emma didn't answer, nor did Galatea expect an answer.  She just wanted the idea to wind itself around Emma's mind. 

It didn't take long for Janet's PVC panties to be pulled down and bunched up near one ankle. A latex phallus grew from the black latex pussy of the femme behind Janet.  

After a moment of shock, Emma suddenly felt a connection, something in common, with the latex femme. It was only the day before that she herself had sported a similar magical organ of sex, for the first time...and then again, this very morning, less than an hour ago...and had used it, as a man would... yesterday on a woman...and today on a girl. 

I know what that's like... It was a little weird... was kinda cool... Hers is...unbelievable...  

With all performers still moving to the music, although more slowly and gently now, the femme behind the stripper, the one with the phallus, reached around Janet with both hands, pulled down her bra cups, started to play with her nipples, and pushed her phallus into Janet's pretty ass, until it penetrated Janet deeply. Janet tilted her head back and kissed the glossy black lips of the latex femme behind her with her red lips.

The latex femme in front of Janet grew a similar phallus and fucked Janet in the pussy. The music drowned out what appeared to be, from the expressions of rapture on the stripper's face, moans of pleasure. Janet raised her right knee and wrapped her leg around the frontal femme's shiny black thighs.

Finally, the stripper woman disengaged from the latex femmes and walked closer to Emma, stopping about seven feet from her.  She sat down the platform facing Emma, pressed her palms against the mirrored surface to support her torso, placed her feet flat on the floor with her knees bent, tilted her head back, arched her back so that her nipples pointed upward toward the ceiling, and spread her knees apart, giving Emma a breathtaking view for a short time of the woman's lush, wet, shaved pussy.

Within seconds, a new, fresh, pleasant fragrance wafted through the air to Emma. Is that...from her...from her pussy?  She somehow knew with certainty that it was. Involuntarily, her mouth started to water.

Then the latex femmes descended on the stripper, devouring her breasts and pussy vigorously, which constituted the grand finale of the singular, enchanting, bawdy routine.

As the performance was concluding, Galatea ran a hand further up Emma's thigh, casually resting her fingertips on the front of Emma's panties over her slit, and asked, "What did you think of their show?"

Emma felt hot and flustered by the magnificent women having sex only a few feet in front of her, as well as by Galatea's presumptuous hand. The persisting side effect of her earlier Princess of Chastity transformation made her feel even more so.

"Ummm... It was fantastic! I absolutely loved it!" 

Even though Emma was trying to tell Galatea what she wanted to hear, her statement truly reflected how Emma felt anyway, inside herself.  But Emma was also ambivalent about the show, and her momentary tentativeness in answering Galatea's question reflected that. She had never before seen a "strip tease", as her mother would call it, nor ever been this close to a real stripper. Emma was fascinated with her, but also with the mysterious femmes, and was aroused and excited by the naked feminine bodies and the sex performed right in front of her.  But she didn't want to be and knew she shouldn't be. Yes, she actually did love it...but she hated that she did.

"You like them, don't you?"  Emma knew what Galatea meant: "Are you attracted to them like a lesbian? Do you like them sexually?" And she also knew immediately that the honest answer was "yes".  But she hesitated saying it, for what it would be admitting, both to Galatea and to herself, about her evolving sexuality.  While Emma tried to figure out how to respond without incriminating herself too much, Galatea slipped her hand inside the leg band of Emma's panties and touched her pussy lips directly. 

" do!... You are soaking wet for them!" Emma blushed, but couldn't deny the obvious. Galatea withdrew her fingers and licked them. "Wow, Emma. What a randy lesbian girl you are. Tasty, too."  She smiled at Emma and put her arm around Emma's shoulders. "Do you want to spend some time with them?"

Emma was naturally uncomfortable about what Galatea was suggesting regarding her sexual preferences and looseness, as it struck much closer to the truth right now than Emma wanted to admit; but she was shocked by the latest question and the invitation implied in it. Up to this point, the performers were in a fantasy realm separate from hers. She was in the audience, they were on the stage; she could indulge in the fantasy played out before her without getting personally involved.  But Galatea's question implied that she could enter their world, meet them, and do...whatever else might follow.

No, no... I can't get involved with them. They seemed to have an aura of danger about them; she sensed that her soul--or her identity as a straight girl--would be in peril if she "spent some time" with them. 

Yes, she did like the performers, a lot; Galatea had caught her red-handed, so to speak, on that issue. Yes, they were highly intriguing to her.  Yes, she did want to get to know them. And, yes, she was powerfully curious to see what might happen if she spent some time with them. But that was more than she was willing to frankly confess to herself, let alone to Galatea, and it was more than she was willing to commit to, at least yet.

So she tried to dodge the question. "Oh no! What time is it?! I'm going to be late for school!"

Galatea projected a subliminal image into Emma's mind of Emma lying on a bed with a pink satin sheet completely naked. The two latex femmes were by her side, caressing her teenaged body in slow sensual motions. Standing near the foot of the bed was the blonde woman in a sheer red nightgown over PVC lingerie. There was a red leather harness around her hips which supported a red latex strap-on dildo in the front. The blonde woman walked closer to the bed.

"Don't worry, we're in phased space. You won't be late to school."

A sigh of relief escaped from Emma's lips with the assurance that she would not be tardy, but also because part of her wanted to meet the performers, and she now had no excuse not to. 

Galatea ran her hand along Emma's shoulder, toyed with Emma's hair, and repeated her invitation.

"So, do you want to spend some time with them?"

Her emotional response this time was immediate and definite.  Yes, I do...of course...  She thought it but still wasn't ready to say it,

her lingering anxiety holding her back.

More subliminal imagery streamed into Emma's mind: The sheer red nightgown slid off the blonde woman's body before she climbed into the bed. Emma got on her fours, moving her face close to the solid red latex strap-on. The shaft was of a shiny solid red color. Emma opened her pink-lipped mouth to receive it.


Another surge of lesbian need struck Emma, the side-effect of the transformation as well as Galatea's magic continuing to work on her.  It was clear that she needed to get relief very soon. If she didn't, she knew her upcoming school day would be sheer hell and she could never concentrate in her classes. 

Emma took a minute to ponder her choice.  She understood that there was no other way to deal with the side effect other than to have sex with a female different than the one she fucked while she had been transformed. She could wait to do it with Ashley, but if she did she would have to take time for it during school and miss a class. The advantage here, in phased space, was that she had all the time in the world, and she could do it sooner, as "spending time" with three hot lesbians like these without a doubt would mean an opportunity for that relief in one form or another.

On the other hand, though it was more convenient to deal with it here than at school, sex with three such obviously uninhibited lesbian sluts was likely going to be more perverted, wild, and raw than just doing it with Ashley. Not only did she have to do it with three women, but they were all strangers to her, in contrast to Ashley, whom she now knew fairly well, was comfortable with, and had come to like and even feel close to...if not attracted to. Emma hadn't quite realized how true that was until this moment, when she was forced to weigh her sexual options.

With the stripper and the two latex femmes, yes, she was definitely attracted to them as well, but this didn't look like it was going to be some routine lesbian activity, rather it figured to be a highly promiscuous and more deeply involved one, something for a much looser and more completely homosexual girl than she was or wanted to be. In fact, she reminded herself, she didn't want to become either a slut or a lesbian at all.

At last, though, Emma settled on convenience and dispatch, telling herself that she didn't need any more distractions or lapses in, more to the point, she simply didn't want to wait; she needed sex now. But a more subtle factor in the decision was that, in the course of the minute she had taken to deliberate, her curiosity about the stripper and the two mysterious femmes and what "spending time" with them might actually be like, had overridden her misgivings.  Just the same, she hoped that, if she did this, she could steer whatever sex that might evolve among them into tamer acts than her forebodings told her would be likely.  

"Yes," Emma said somewhat reluctantly.

"You're such a naughty girl!"  Galatea caressed Emma's cheek. "The kind I love the best!" The Silver Witch gently planted a lingering kiss on Emma's mouth. Emma did not mind, not at all, and actually felt unguarded delight in the romantic gestures...and in being the kind of girl Galatea loved...without realizing it. "Go through that door over there to the bedroom and those lovely ladies will accompany you."

Noticing that Galatea was walking away in a different direction than the one indicated, Emma asked, "What about you? Where are you going?" It had the feel to Emma of being ditched by her date.

"To do some business. Don't worry, the phased space enchantment will disappear once you're ready to leave, and you will be teleported back to that street you were on. Later, Emma." Emma experienced a brief subconscious disappointment in losing the company of Galatea, but then turned her attention to her remaining companions and stood up to join them as they walked across the room.

It was only then that she fully became aware, with slight embarrassment, that she was covered just by her panties, bra, t-shirt, and blue pumps. But she also quickly realized that was more than the others present had on and relaxed about it; she was not out of place here, like this. If anything, she was over-dressed.

The teen girl and her three older, imminent lovers tapped noisily in their heels across the marble floor and through the door pointed out by the Silver Witch.  The others preceded Emma, and she couldn't help eyeing up their sexy backsides as they undulated across the floor and into the bedroom.  The stripper was without panties, while still wearing her PVC bra, the cups of which she had pulled back unto her breasts, and it made a most provocative sight.

Inside the large purple-walled bedroom was a variety of black furniture. Included was a wardrobe filled with erotic clothing, a rack of sexy shoes, a dresser full of lingerie, a black make-up vanity table with a large oval mirror, a large king-sized bed with purple satin bed sheets and pillows, and a table full of lesbian sex toys and accessories. At the center of the table was a pink quartz crystal ball resting on a brass stand.

Emma struggled to maintain her composure as much as possible. She was desperate to have sex, even if it had to be under these strange circumstances, but, she reminded herself yet again, it was only to deal with the side effect.

It's not that I really want to do it. I need to!

Except...another benefit which she might derive from this occasion, perhaps a more important one for the long-term, it occurred to Emma as she and her sensual companions approached the bed, could be information. She would try to get some facts out of these women, facts which might be useful to her.

As they sat down side by side on the edge of the bed, Emma flanked by the pantiless stripper and one of the black femmes on one side and by the other black femme on the other side, Emma noticed a change in their expressions. They were more relaxed now than during the performance. This was most noticeable in Janet. 

What Emma did not know was that Galatea had cast a hypnotic spell on Janet for the performance, as well as on the femmes, which had boosted the intensity and focus they invested in their act, and that was gone now. This Janet was more her normal self, such as it was these days. But, though now relatively relaxed, and while she retained the confidence, poise, and much of the regal elegance of her previous life, the mature bearing characteristic of her personality a few months ago had in the meantime been thoroughly tainted, saturated now with a sultry aura of sexual experience, irresistibility, and inevitability. Galatea had also unleashed a playful streak in Janet which she had suppressed before and which made her a fun and enthusiastic companion.  

It wouldn't be long before Emma discovered how playful, in a sexual way, were the current personalities of all three of her companions in the bedroom.

However, all three women were still very much under Galatea's control and she had implanted other hypnotic programs into them that would guide their words and actions as the morning progressed.

There was a moment of silence. Emma decided to break the ice first. "Hello, my name's Emma. And what are yours?"

"Janet. Nice to meet you."  Janet extended her hand and Emma automatically shook it.  When the handshake was over, Janet did not let go, but kept Emma's hand softly in hers as they sat next to each other.  Unsure of what to do, and slightly flattered, Emma did not resist.

It seemed to Emma in this moment, due to the fake Emma voice within her, and the dream she had had the night before, that she had long harbored a secret fascination for such mysterious women as strippers and porn stars and models, and now here, for the first time, she was with one, sitting right next to her; so this introduction quickly assumed a novel and exciting feeling. Not only that, but this woman seemed familiar somehow, though Emma couldn't quite place how.

It further registered on Emma that up close this Janet was even lovelier than from further away, and that there was something intoxicating--her perfume or her body heat or her mere presence or something else--emanating from her, attracting Emma. It was all of those, but it was more as well. Part of what was luring Emma was the sweet, pheromone-laden aroma exuded by Janet's naked, wet womanhood, now perched much closer to Emma than when the same scent had caught Emma's favorable notice during the last part of the performance. But even more powerful was the attraction Emma unknowingly felt for the stripper's sheer, exquisite femininity, which Emma, unrecognized by her, found simply scrumptious.

Emma found it somehow difficult to tear her eyes away from Janet to turn to the femmes, but she did. "What about you two, what are your names?"

"I'm Gemma," said one latex femme.

"I'm Lacey," said the other latex femme.  Emma's first impression was that they were nearly impossible to distinguish one from the other.

"Janet, how did you join Galatea's cult?"

"A woman named Jeannie introduced me to my Goddess. After meeting Galatea, I instantly fell in love with her and her ideals, and joined the cult to service her willingly."

The truth, of course, was that Janet was forcibly mind-controlled through deep hypnosis and magic to love females only and to sexually serve Galatea. Emma had a suspicion it was something like that, but she was unsure because Jeannie had joined willingly, Emma believed, and that meant that others might also. Her enjoyment of the performance as well as external magical influences had also colored her perception, making her wanting to believe Janet's story at face value.

"What about you two?"

"I was rescued from my abusive boyfriend by Galatea. She's a much better lover than my boyfriend ever was," said Gemma. Her voice was like any normal girl or young woman, which surprised Emma some, as she had expected the femmes to have voices as singular as their appearance.

"My boyfriend dumped me shortly after I ran away with him from my parents. He tried to force me to sell my body to make ends meet. When I refused, he dumped me. But, then I found Galatea and fell in love with her," said Lacey.

"How did you two get transformed into the way you are now?"

"We love the feeling of latex on our bodies. It's even better to live with it and have it on your body all the time. Galatea helped us realize our desires and let us bond with the latexoids."

The first halves of their respective stories were true, but the second halves were not. In actuality, Galatea had taken advantage of the distressed emotional states they were in due to their abusive relationships and had manipulated them into lesbianism and latex fetishism.  She had used magic to complete a mental and physical transformation of the girls and to make sure the changes would be permanent.

"Okay, so you all love Galatea. She didn't force you to do anything. Am I correct?"

"Absolutely! Why are you asking that? Aren't you Galatea's favorite lover?"

"I am?" Emma was shocked...but also felt a slight, perverted sense of pride that she was Galatea's favorite.  

But could it be true?  She never told me...  Then Emma recalled what Galatea had just said to her shortly before she had left:  "You're the kind of girl I love the best."  Maybe...maybe it is true... I didn't realize... wow... I'm her favorite... She loves me the best...  As she basked for a surprised and pleased moment in that discovery, the fact that their relationship had been built under mostly coercive circumstances seemed to matter a bit less.

"So Emma, what about you? What's your story? How did you get know our Goddess?" queried Janet, who was sitting closely to Emma on the edge of the bed and still held her hand, and who, Emma could easily tell, was roving over her face and body with her eyes.  Emma felt a little anxious, but also involuntarily pleased by Janet's interest.

"I was exploring an abandoned mine with my friend Sophia. I got lost and fell into a hole... Then I heard Galatea's voice... She was trapped by a spell and asked me for help in breaking the spell... It had to be through sex... I masturbated while chanting the words of the spell Galatea taught me through telepathy... "

Ideas and recollections that weren't Emma's flowed into her mind as if they were her own thoughts.

"After Galatea was freed, I saw her for the first time. I had never seen a woman as beautiful. I instantly fell in love with her. I just couldn't help it. I simply had to kiss her and she let me... One thing led to another... We took our clothes off... I wanted her so badly... Then we had sex... It was the most wonderful day of my life..."

Wait... That wasn't what happened. Why did I twist the story like that? But...well...maybe I needed to make my story more...more could have been like that...

Janet was now even closer to Emma. Their naked thighs and their hips touched, and Janet rested their joined hands on her own leg. Emma could feel how smooth and soft the skin of Janet's thigh was, both through her leg and her hand. The electric contact drew Emma's attention downward. She followed along Janet's thigh, from where it slid along her own, until her eyes settled on Janet's bare, hairless, moist pussy. Wow...

Janet's sensual voice snapped Emma back. "Wow, that's interesting. No wonder you're Galatea's favorite."  She gently raked some of her pale hair over a shoulder with one hand and its long, red fingernails and smiled.  Emma smiled back, again somehow gratified both to hear that "favorite" reference once more as well as to look at this beautiful woman next to her and to be in physical contact with her. 

Emma was again struck that there was something about this woman...something hard to pin down...something extremely appealing about her...something wonderful...something thrilling...and something familiar...that she was someone fate had intended her to meet...someone made for her...someone she had always wanted to meet, and just didn't know where to find her...a woman she had always wanted to know and be with...a woman she could love without reservation...the perfect woman for her.  And for some reason a phrase passed through Emma's mind whenever she looked at her: "The woman of my dreams".

She had never thought or felt like this about anyone else before, except for when she had put a male celebrity or two on a pedestal in the past and gone ga-ga about them. But this was different. Emma had never thought of a woman like this before. 

Or so she thought. The reality was that similar feelings had passed through her about Galatea, and she had even started to have some feelings a bit like this about Ashley; however she had not yet recognized them.


But it didn't make sense to her that she would have feelings like this for a woman, and one who was a total stranger to her.   I'm straight. I shouldn't feel like this about a woman.

But she did, or it seemed she did.  She searched for a reason, or a justification. Or...should I?  Maybe it's not that weird. Lots of girls look up to certain women... They want to be like them...and be with them... and not necessarily sexually... but...maybe sometimes that's part of it, too. Maybe other girls sometimes feel like I do... And with the way Galatea has been making me get interested in females...romantically...maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.

It's just that...that this Janet...she's...she's, like, ideal least to me she seems so...and I only just barely met her...That's what's really strange... It was like someone read my mind and made someone...some woman...that I would like...a lot... 

Little did Emma know how close to the truth that suspicion came, in that Galatea had indeed arranged things partly along those lines, in addition to giving Emma the dream of the previous night and whispering suggestions into Emma's mind during the performance to prepare Emma for this encounter and lure her in this direction.

Also, neither Emma nor Janet knew that an element of Janet's programming had been the specific perversion of her maternal instincts.  As the mother of two toddler girls, she had come to love and feel protective of small children, little girls especially.  Galatea had altered those feelings, first redirecting them toward pretty teenage girls and then recasting them as sexual love. Thus, Janet felt a certain motherly fondness towards Emma, but it was inextricably intertwined with lust and incestuous-like desires. Yes, she felt protective instincts still, but to her that now meant protecting someone like Emma from prudishness, from chastity, from men, and from a heterosexual life. Plus, she had also been programmed to zero in all of her corrupted feelings for a girl exactly like Emma, so that when they met, it also seemed like a destined relationship to her, as well. 

Janet released Emma's hand momentarily, only to place it palm-down on her thigh and cover it with her own hand, to keep it there.  Emma's hand was now in full contact with the creamy thigh and her fingers were only inches away from the obscenely exposed love box of the lovely woman--whom she had just barely met a few minutes ago.  Her pulse quickened.

"But those are enough questions."  Janet gazed intently into Emma's eyes and slid a soft arm around Emma's slender waist. "We didn't come here to just talk...did we, Emma?"

Not knowing what else to do, and not quite able to command her voice at this moment, Emma shook her head, her brown hair gently swishing about her face.  Janet leaned over and gave Emma a soft, red kiss on the cheek.  "You are a sweet thing, aren't you, Emma?"  She poised two or three long fingernails on the underside of Emma's chin, and stroked lightly. She kissed Emma's lips this time. Caught off guard, Emma did not kiss back. "And shy, too! I like that." She ran a hand up Emma's arm. 

"But you like me, don't you, Emma? I can tell..." Emma smiled and looked down, embarrassed. "I think you and I are going to be friends...real good friends." Emma looked at her again. Janet leaned over and kissed Emma on the lips again.  This time Emma kissed back.

"Tell you what..." Janet's voice became conspiratorially soft. She slipped a hand under the back of Emma's t-shirt and then slid it upwards on the skin of her back. Emma felt the stripper's fingers play with her bra strap. "...Let's have some fun." She gave Emma another kiss. "Okay?" Janet slyly unsnapped Wendy's bra, and Emma felt the consequent loosening of its hold on her breasts.  

Liking Janet and her attentions despite not wanting to, yet hoping this wouldn't progress into full blown sex, Emma had a sudden idea.  Before things got too hot and heavy, and she lost control of herself and the situation, she could try to take a shortcut. "Okay...I'd like that...but..."

Janet didn't let Emma finish the sentence. "Good! Let's start by losing this," Janet said sultrily, as she reached for the hem of the t-shirt and pulled it upwards and off of Emma, but leaving the unfastened pink bra dangling in place.

"...but..." Janet kissed her again, their bra-covered breasts touching, displacing Emma's loose cups slightly. Emma, really eating up all the kisses now, as well as the contact of their breasts, reflexively smiled again when the kiss broke. As their bodies separated slightly, the cups of Emma's bra, still more or less in place, sagged away from her breasts some. She felt them dangle with the decreased support, and move more freely with her breathing and other movements.

But she knew she had to persist in finishing her sentence if she had any chance of slowing things down here. Clearing her head a little, she picked up where she had left off. "...but...maybe we can just keep this simple. You could just get me off with your fingers and we could leave it at that."

In addition to wanting to avoid sinking into lesbianism and promiscuity further than was absolutely necessary, Emma had an additional motivation for trying to keep the sex with these three on a short leash.  Emma had agreed to be a spy for Candice, although she wasn't sure that she had made the right choice, as she didn't have enough basis yet to trust Candice without reservation. But she had no one else to turn to. Candace was her best hope to be free from Galatea relatively soon, and her only hope for freedom ever if it turned out Jeannie wasn't telling the truth. Emma had to show Candice she was making progress as a spy. And this situation was a chance for Emma to get more information, if she could keep the sex simple and short.

"No, no, that wouldn't do, Emma," cooed Janet, who arose and stood directly in front of Emma, a few feet away. "We have to do as much together as possible!" Swaying slightly with a vague rhythm, as if hearing stripper music, Janet closed her eyes, tossed her head back, her thick, lustrous pale hair following, reached behind her back, slowly unhooked her shiny red PVC bra, and peeled it away from her breasts with the agonizing deliberation and tease of an experienced stripper. Emma could not speak as Janet's generous, creamy knockers spilled into full view and wobbled back and forth when the stripper threw her bra across the room.  Janet now stood in front of Emma completely naked.

When she could at least partially command her speech again, Emma hoarsely whispered, "Why?"

Janet answered her young new friend by slowly strutting forward, boobs wobbling freely, embracing Emma's head so as to press the teen's face into her fragrant cleavage for a heavenly half minute, resuming her seat on the bed next to Emma, taking the brunette's face in her hands, and kissing her again on the lips, this time deeply, probing the panting teen's mouth with her tongue. Janet's glossy red lips glowed during the kiss, boosting Emma's arousal dramatically.

Emma couldn't help but return the kiss and the tongue ardently. One of Janet's hands sought out and touched Emma's sugilite pendant, activating one of its magical functions, spinning Emma into a semi-hypnotic condition of even more heightened lust and receptivity.   

When the kiss broke, Emma was in a mentally and emotionally vulnerable state. Her eyes were glazed. Janet wrapped her arms around Emma's neck and leaned her forehead gently against Emma's as she spoke on.

"Isn't it obvious Emma?  Because we can. Because there is no reason not to. Because we are all beautiful and therefore we desire each other. Because we are lesbians, all of us here. Because you and I were meant for each other. Because I want more of you than that. And most of all, because you absolutely want to have passionate, hardcore lesbian sex whenever you're in the company of pretty females...such as we are." 

Janet spoke softly, with a tease in her voice, yet with a commanding effect, close to Emma's face. "That is the main reason, Emma: You want us; you desperately need as much sex with us as you can have; the deeper and more extreme, the better, and you really want that with all three with us. This is what you want!"

The statements had the effect of truth on Emma's mind. "Yes...."  Only the slightest amount of resolve to resist full sex with the women and to probe for information remained, and she made one final attempt before it drowned entirely. "But I want to know more..." Emma whispered.

Subliminal erotic images appeared quickly in Emma's mind. They appeared too quickly for Emma to perceive it consciously but her subconsciousness absorbed it all. Gemma was kissing Emma with her glossy black lips. Her tongue penetrated deeply into Emma's mouth, followed by something long and serpentine, which slid down Emma's throat. A pungent, aromatic taste filled Emma's mouth. Behind Emma was Lacey with a wriggling black latex tentacle protruding from her slick black mouth. Its tip was closing in on Emma's asshole.

Though Emma had intended to say that she wanted to know more about Galatea's cult, Janet intercepted the sentence. "Yes, my sweet homosexual girl, you'll definitely get to know more... more about our bodies... Concentrate on them... Explore them... Enjoy them all you want... Get to know us... and our beautiful lesbian bodies!

Sexual imagery flashed rapidly in Emma's mind of her, Janet, Gemma, and Lacey engaged in many types of sex and perversions. She was on her fours in bed, completely naked. Her lips were glossy red. She was holding on Gemma's ass with both hands and was able to see her own reflection on the black latex-covered skin as her tongue approached the asshole... Wrapped around Emma's waist was a writhing black latex tentacle... Further behind Emma was Janet, holding a chrome bullet dildo with her mouth and aiming the tip of it close to Emma's pussy... Emma arched her back and gasped.  The loose cups of her slack pink bra slipped below her nipples, revealing their young, angry-pink, engorging glory.

"Obey your desires," said Gemma huskily as she licked Emma's right ear.

"Make love to us," said Lacey while twirling her latex-covered tongue against Emma's left ear.

Janet touched a red-nailed fingertip lightly to one of Emma's sensitive nipples. "Uhhh...ohhhh..."  After a few moments of agonizingly soft contact, Janet pressed the nipple more firmly and rubbed. "Oh!Ohhhhhhhhhhh...."  Emma closed her eyes, absorbed in the feelings in her breast.

Janet finally whispered into Emma's ear through her red lips, "Let your desires run free."  She pinched Emma's nipple, Emma gasped and threw her head back.  Janet kissed her ear.  "Let go..."

Shortly, the sugilite pendant stopped glowing. Emma snapped out of her magical trance, but the subliminal imagery that streamed into her mind remained and influenced her subsequent feelings and actions.

"So, Emma, what do you want to do? Just a little? Or a lot?" asked Janet huskily.  "Just a little hand job?  Or full, perverted, passionate lesbian sex, with all of us?"

Emma quickly wrapped her arms around Janet's neck and kissed her deeply on her glossy red lips.

"Everything!" exclaimed Emma with a look of wicked carnality on her face after the kiss. The thought of having Janet only stroke her pussy was absurd to her now, and far short of what she desired. She wanted everything they had to offer.  Janet was right, Emma now clearly saw; nothing short of total, uninhibited sex with Janet and the femmes would do. 

"Much better, darling."  Janet kissed her again, while slipping the shoulder straps of Emma's loosened bra down her arms. "I am happy to grant your wish..."  Janet pulled Emma's bra off her body. "...your wish to have sex with me..." Janet kissed Emma again, as she placed her hands frankly on the teen's young tits. She gave them a fondling squeeze when she backed off the kiss. "...with us. Ladies, let's show Emma how we can make her dreams come true..."

Janet stripped off Emma's panties quickly, leaving Emma completely nude, save for the dark blue high heeled pumps she still wore. Gemma and Lacey laid her down on the bed in a face-up position. Gemma approached on her knees and then hovered on all fours above her, filling Emma with erotic suspense over whatever it was this fantastic creature was about to do to her. 

The excited teen saw her own naked reflection in the sleek, glossy black latex front of Gemma's torso before Gemma's descending face blocked her vision and Gemma's wonderful black mouth started to kiss her, at first softly, then vigorously. From the first contact, the feel of warm latex moving with passion on her lips and face was novel and stirring for Emma. 

Gemma stretched out and lowered her body directly onto Emma's, until each body was in full contact with the other.  When Emma touched Gemma's waist, she felt that the latex second skin lightly sucked on her fingers. The magical latex touching the skin of her body was an immediate, oily-smooth, exquisite, addicting bliss.

This is unlike anything I've touched or felt before... so smooth... so slick... so feminine...

Emma had forgotten a previous encounter with latex attire, her only one, when she made love at school with Ashley while she was wearing her latex cheerleading uniform and latex panties.  But on that occasion, Emma had been so focused on accomplishing her assignment to have sex with Ashley that she paid less attention to the constitution of Ashley's clothes than she otherwise might have, and noticed the latex only peripherally. Two things, however, were now certain: Emma would never overlook this fine, lustrous, mystical substance again; and it would forevermore be connected in her mind to the raptures of lesbian love.

Scintillating, slightly gooey, clear fluid dripped from Gemma's latex labia onto and into Emma's pussy. Instinctively, Emma shifted her thighs and hips to dodge this strange, unknown substance, but Gemma, with her latex-covered legs astride Emma's thighs, clamped them back into position.

"What is this?" Emma asked in a sexual haze, breaking the long kiss.  But she quickly forgot about wanting the answer, as the mysterious liquid penetrated ever more deeply into her womanhood, warming, burning, teasing, titillating, and thrilling her to the core as it flowed.

More clear fluid continued pouring from Gemma's pussy onto Emma's pussy until it was a large, syrupy mound. The pleasurable sensations it produced on Emma's cunt was continuous.

"It's the fluid of pleasure," answered Gemma as her blue eyes increased in brightness for a few moments, successfully entrancing the teenage girl.

In addition to being an aphrodisiac, the fluid temporarily loosens inhibitions, especially those regarding lesbian sex and physical contact with female vaginas, and introduces a short lasting magical and psychic bond between the two females with possible long term effects of varying erotic nature.

Emma's worries about the fluid disappeared quickly. Gemma lowered hips a few inches more, moving her crotch closer against Emma's crotch, without touching it, in order to spread the pleasure fluid around. A loud moan escaped from Emma's mouth. Gemma parted her glossy black lips and sealed it over Emma's lips in a passionate kiss, drinking in Emma's moan.

Sapphic lust... Pure Lesbian pleasure... I absolutely love it...

Janet was behind Gemma with her red-nailed fingers gripping Gemma's dark glossy ass. Her tongue was fully extended and licking Gemma's asshole.

In the meantime, Gemma aligned her black latex-clad breasts with Emma's and tickled the teen's sensitive girlish nipples with her own shiny black ones, sending waves of delight rippling through the young brunette's tits. Magically, a neon blue fluid started to trickle from Gemma's black latex nipples onto Emma's areolae, drenching them with hot pleasure. It greatly increased the sensitivity of Emma's nipples and areolae as well the surrounding area of skin that the fluid had flowed on to. Emma would also become more attracted to female breasts. Another effect it can cause is instilling and reinforcing a latex fetish and desire for latex femmes, but in order for these effects to occur fully the fluid had to be consumed orally. However, like the effects from Gemma's special vaginal fluids, they're usually temporary in nature.

Leaning her face back into Emma's for a deep kiss, the femme slithered her black tongue into the overwhelmed girl's mouth, growing it longer and extending it deeper than any normal woman could, and proceeded to tongue-fuck Emma's mouth.  After a minute of this ecstasy, Emma embraced Gemma's head with both hands and pulled the femme closer, wanting a tighter lock with her wondrous lips, trying to draw even more of the deliciously slippery tongue into her mouth, and seeking to feel more of Gemma's marvelous latex face on her own. Emma savored the feel of the femme's unique black latex hair as she ran her fingers over and through it.

Meanwhile, Lacey licked Emma's left upper arm and armpit with her long, smooth latex-infused tongue. She then slithered it wetly along the teen's flushing neck, chin, face, and ear. Emma felt a hot, moist sensation in the areas where she was licked and kissed. The femme's clear, syrupy, glittery saliva stirred arousal wherever it made contact with Emma's soft skin.


Lacey took Emma's left hand and pressed it against her latex-covered crotch. Emma's latent hetero instincts reacting, she tried to pull her hand away, but Lacey held it insistently. If resistance was Emma's first response, curiosity was her second, and definite interest was her third.  She almost immediately relaxed her arm and hand to allow Lacey to do with it as she wished. 

Lacey spread Emma's fingers and used them to stroke her wet, black latex labia.  It was an incredible sensation, unlike anything Emma had ever felt before.  She instantly regretted having resisted at all, and while still making out with Gemma, giving her mouth entirely over to her, Emma surrendered her hand to the feel of the fantasy love box.

This...her's soft...and slippery... and...ohhhhhh... There was a squishy sound as the sexy femme pushed Emma's fingers deeply inside her canal of black latex love.

"Touch me as you would touch yourself, dearest," whispered Lacey, releasing her hold of Emma's hand.

Lusting for more of the femme's amazing, slick cunt, Emma worked her fingers deep inside, feeling up the smooth latex-infused vagina walls.

I wonder...I wonder what she tastes like....  Emma had the urge to get between Lacey's legs and find out. She well might have, but Gemma was lying on her, and what they were doing together was much too good to give up.


Still...the idea was very appealing, and, as the next best thing, she used her fingers to do what her mouth could not, at least at that moment, caressing and probing, pumping and pleasing Lacey's latex genitalia with vigor.

"Mmmm... Yessss... You're doing a good job..."  Lacey sighed.

Lacey nudged aside Gemma's face with her own, not enough to interrupt the ongoing tongue-fuck but enough so that Lacey could kiss the left edges of Emma's lips.  The affection, and the feel of two sets of lips, latexed lips especially, on hers, brought a dreamy smile to Emma's face.

I...I love the way...the way all of this feels... I love these girls...and their wonderful latex... I could get used it... to more of it...

Emma was on the point of going delirious from pleasure when Lacey and Gemma disengaged their faces from Emma's. Gemma retracted her slick, black oral tentacle from Emma's mouth and dismounted from her. A thick, gelatinous thread of Pleasure Fluid connected Emma's and Gemma's pussies together for a few moments before it broke up. Lacey extracted Emma's hand from her pussy and, Emma, saw, Lacey was about to put it in her own mouth. Impulsively, Emma tugged her hand away and, sliding her fingers into her own mouth, took a long slurp of Lacey's magical pussy juice with her tongue.  The taste of Lacey, as Emma had expected, was heavenly, rich and fruity.  She got in one more greedy lick before Lacey retrieved the hand and took one, then more, of Emma's soaked fingers into her warm, wet black mouth.  She proceeded to suck and lick and relish all of Emma's fingers on that hand with abandon.

I love how they they it feels...

I wonder... what...what would it feel like wear something...something made of this...or what Janet was wearing...? That was nice, too... so slick...glossy... How would it feel...?  If I asked Galatea...I wonder...if she would...let me...?

While Emma and her strange new shiny black girlfriends were singing the last stanzas of their lovemaking and were thus preoccupied with each other, the pink quartz ball on the table glowed and pulsated. Pink wisps of magical energy flowed out and streamed into the air, some of them coalescing into small metal balls and floating toward the bed.

Janet was standing on her knees on the end of the bed with an expressionless face and vacant eyes.  She was on hypnotic "hold" while the latex femmes had their way with Emma, and awaiting what was coming next.  Three 1.5-inch diameter chrome spheres hovered in midair around her. One darted into her pussy. She gasped. Another went into her ass. Janet grunted as the sphere forced itself through the puckered hole. The final one went into her mouth. Her throat bulged as it traveled down her throat.

Purple auras surrounded the spheres as they transformed. Chrome tendrils grew from her pussy, wrapping around her hips and traveling down her thighs and legs in spiraling paths that ended at her feet, then intertwining and fusing together to form metallic strappy high heels. Janet's anus dilated as twelve tendrils rushed out. Some wrapped themselves around her hips to form a thong while the rest traveled upward along her spine to her back and neck and around to her breasts, weaving together intricately to form a metallic choker and a metallic, open-nipple bra.  Her breasts heaved in the magical bra's grasp, lifting higher and expanding two cups sizes to F-cup bazongas tipped with mouth-watering, wide, polished-chrome areolae and obscene finger-like metallic-looking nipples.

Lastly, the third sphere did its cosmetic work. Platinum blonde hair turned into metallic chrome hair. Shiny chrome covered her nails and colored her lips and eyelids. A chrome flower grew from her navel while a matching chrome star appeared on her forehead.

"It's my turn, girls," said Janet mischievously after recovering from her trance. Although Janet hadn't seen her new self, she nevertheless knew what she looked like, and she was well aware what impact she would have. All eyes turned her way. Emma took a sharp intake of breath when she beheld the unreal, heart-stopping beauty of the recast Janet. 

As mentioned previously, Emma had formed the impression already this morning, and the notion had passed through her mind whenever she looked at this woman, that Janet was, in some way she didn't understand, the woman of her if she had been custom-designed for appeal to her specifically...someone, it seemed, she had literally dreamt about, someone she had been looking for, expecting to find, hoping to meet, someone ideally suited for her, matched to her tastes, designed to ring all of her bells, someone to emulate, and that the two of them had an intertwined destiny. 

But now... now she felt all doubt about that had been erased. She couldn't imagine anyone more beautiful or desirable...except possibly Galatea.This embodiment of impossibly beautiful sexiness made Emma's pussy surge with wicked desire.  A voice in her mind whispered, I have been waiting for her all my life.

Pure and strong lesbian feelings rumbled through Emma's emotions, feelings that would not be easy to root out after this morning's adventures were finished. I want this matter what...I must make love to her...She must be mine...

Totally lost on Emma was the fact that this was the second female this morning about whom she had felt like this, although to be fair, her feelings for Janet at this moment were more intense than even the potent sentiments Jennifer had spawned in her, and even the normal Janet would make most people forget whomever had preceded her as a romantic interest, anyway.

Lacey pulled Emma's fingers from her latex mouth, licking each digit as they exited one by one. Emma remained on her back as Janet assumed Gemma's place on top of her. Emma's heart raced nearly into fibrillation.

Emma found Janet's new hair to be a thing of fascinating loveliness, and the first thing she wanted to touch when Janet crawled over her.  It poured in shining splendor down all over Emma's naked front, draped her bare breasts, and dangled into her face. She reached up, feeling the surprisingly soft but glassy-smooth texture. It was heavy and thick, lustrous and cool, almost like liquid metal, yet consisting of individual strands, and had the fragrance of cherry blossoms.  

She had thought the black latex hair of the femmes to be awesome cool, but this, this chrome hair, was beyond that.  As if pulled in with no resistance conceivable, she plunged her hands into it, running her fingers through the metallic mass, curling it around her fingers, rubbing in on her face, breathing it in.

While Emma was getting herself lost in Janet's chrome hair, metallic tentacles sprouted from the mass of chrome fibers on Janet's back and wrapped themselves around Emma's arms and legs before pulling Emma towards Janet so close that their breasts and pussies touched.

The tentacles surprised Emma.  "What are you doing?" she asked with mixed feelings of wonder, fear, and excitement.

"You said you wanted everything, sweet Emma. Kiss me now, darling."

Janet placed her arms around Emma's neck. She parted her chrome-plated lips. Metallic tendrils slid from Janet's mouth and glided into Emma's. Instinctively, Emma tried to pull back, but Janet leaned forward, sealing Emma's mouth with her own and pushing the tendrils even deeper.


The initial weirdness of metal tendrils invading her mouth quickly gave way to the pleasure of their slick probing and of the novel sensation of Janet's chrome lips gliding and pressing on her own.  They were cool, smooth as glass, hard on the surface yet pliable underneath, like a hard-shelled, soft-centered candy, and they tasted like a sweet, cherry-flavored treat as well.  Both stimuli, the tendrils and the lips, soon possessed her. She started to desire that this would go on and on, without end.

While they were making love with their mouths, an invisible force spread Emma's pussy wide open and pressed it firmly against Janet's.  A magical liquid metal flowed from Janet's lovebox, coating and surrounding Janet's and Emma's labia, bonding them and sealing the two pussies tightly together. The sexual union of their vaginas became airtight, preventing their pussies from separating during sex as well as amplified the sexual sensations for both females at the areas of vaginal contact.

Emma heard a voice like Janet's in her mind: "Emma...our pussies are married... We are married... joined and I...through our pussies...and will always be...from now on... Even when we are will want me... Your pussy will hunger for mine... darling... You are mine...You will be mine... forever..."

Janet moved her hips against Emma's as she kissed her, pushing her pussy against Emma's, giving Emma her first taste of tribadism, although this was a deluxe version of that supremely intimate sex act, and the taste would become an unforgettable banquet for Emma by the time Janet was done with her.

Emma closed her eyes and moaned passionately into the two sets of kisses, joining the lips of her mouth and the lips of her womanhood in love with those of another female, her new lesbian girlfriend.

This was light years away from the limited play she had envisioned for herself tonight, not to mention from the activities that would characterize the normal, straight teen-girl life she had expected for herself just a few short months ago, before she crossed paths with Galatea. 

But this was what Emma had chosen. She had been manipulated but not forced. She had accepted--without being coerced--Galatea's invitation to "get to know" these three fantasy women, initially hoping to just "get it over" with them instead of waiting to do something presumably tamer with her girlfriend Ashley. But she also had been truly intrigued by them and in the end she was the one who had asked to go all the way with them.  She was getting what she had chosen, though her experience was more fantastic, exotic, and ensnaring than she had imagined possible. 

Those facts were ones Galatea was sure to exploit in the future, but in this moment, Emma had no regrets whatever.

As Janet and Emma continued making out, the passion of both females rose with every wet intimacy of their facial and vaginal mouths. Then, a pair of chrome flowers sprouted on the tendrils wrapped around Janet's breasts. The flower petals closed on Emma's nipples and started to suck them vigorously as if they were the sensual lips of a pair of women.  The teen gasped with the sharp pleasure.

Emma heard Janet's voice in her mind again. " sweetheart...Once with me will never be enough...You must have me again...and again... I want you again, many, many times again, as well... There will be no end to our love... You want to see me again, sweetheart. You know it is true.  I do, too.  Find love..."

Chrome tendrils sprouted from Janet's ass and traveled around her and Emma's hips into the crevice of the teenage ass. Some tendrils lifted and tilted Emma's hips, making it more accessible, and others pulled Emma's anus wide open.

The dormant normal, straight Emma was roused by the alarming new sensation. No, not there!... I'm a virgin...there...both places...

The moment she thought that, the notion that she was a virgin struck her as ludicrous, she who had fucked two different females with her own phallus--for so it had seemed--within the last twenty-four hours, Galatea, her first ever, yesterday, and Jennifer, her second, earlier this very morning. 

No, she had not exactly been penetrated vaginally or anally yet herself, but her vagina had been probed and played with rather frequently by now, and she had been introduced to some anal play as well by now. Technically, she was still a virgin in the way a girl normally views the issue, and still had enough protective instincts in her to question and even put up a weak mental protest about what was happening, or appeared likely to happen, to her rear end in a moment.  But the protest came and went; the way she was feeling right now, her attachment to her virginity was rapidly coming unglued, and she was open to almost anything these women had in store for her.

Gemma crawled from the foot of the bed up between Emma's spread legs and pressed her latex-covered face against Emma's anus. She kissed the puckered hole with her shiny onyx lips before pushing her glossy black tongue deep into the anal hole.

Ugghhhh... It was a terrible was a wonderful violation.  Within a few minutes, all the swooning Emma knew was that the invasion was terribly wonderful. Before long, she simply closed her eyes, savoring this, one of the most profound enjoyments she had ever known in her young life, all the while reveling in her memorable, addictive engagements with Janet's magically sweet metallic mouth and with Janet's slopping pussy, magically bonded as one with her own.

Emma grimaced slightly when the tongue slithered deeper in her rectum. A series of small grunts escaped from her lips as she tilted her head backwards and arched her back, pushing her chest tighter against Janet's breasts. For several seconds, the chrome tendrils connecting Emma's and Janet's mouths together were revealed. Slick, glittery fluid coated the tendrils. In response to Emma's sudden movement, the metal tentacles from Janet's back gently pulled Emma's upper body back towards Janet.

When Emma finally partially opened her eyes, she saw Lacey through the lashes of her half-open lids get behind Janet. A latex phallus grew from Lacey's cunt and penetrated deeply into Janet's ass. Emma felt and tasted and heard Janet making muffled moans and grunts into her mouth.

Every second of this extreme lesbian sexual pleasure engraved itself into Emma's psyche.  She would never be able to forget it, no matter what she did.  Even if she could walk away from it, she would miss it desperately. As with any addiction, she would want this kind of love again in the future, nay, she would crave it, sooner rather than later--all of which Emma had no more conception of or worry about in this moment than a novice heroin user experiencing her first rush. 

"Listen to your desires... Satisfy your lusts... Obey Galatea's will..." whispered an unknown female voice in Emma's mind.

The actions of the tendrils suddenly picked up in intensity. Emma felt the oral tendrils deeper and deeper into her mouth. The chrome flowers had grown in size and expanded beyond pleasuring Emma's nipples to pleasuring the entire area of her breasts. The tendrils in her anus were also going in deeper while Gemma's tongue continued exploring Emma's rectum.

Emma could feel impacts of Lacey's hips through Janet's body increasing in tempo as Janet was being pounded in the ass by Lacey's latex phallus.

"This feels heavenly, doesn't it Emma?" said Lacey as she reached around Janet's waist with her hands and interlocked fingers with Emma.

When Emma felt that she was about to go over the edge, a rush of strange magical fluid poured from Janet's pussy into her own.

What's this fluid that's going inside of me?

Shortly after Emma's questioning thought, a powerful orgasm wracked her body. She lost consciousness, exhausted by the intense pleasure.

The events, experiences, urges, and messages of this morning with Galatea, Janet, and the latex femmes deposited inside of Emma certain proclivities of which she was blissfully unaware but which would nevertheless sway her choices and interests in the future.

Among the propensities endowed within Emma's nature this morning was a fascination for the hair and lips of pretty girls and women that she never had before, not like this.  

Her infatuation this morning with the hair of her exotic partners would transfer to others. She would start paying attention to the hair of other pretty girls, would get pulled in by its color and length, cut and style, body and texture and sheen, and would be attracted to it as never before, would want to feel and smell it and press her face into it.  In a new way, this would draw her to pretty females more readily and engage her in deeper involvement with them.

Her encounter with the unique beauty and textures of latexed and chromed lips likewise bequeathed upon her a heightening awareness of the lips of other attractive females.  She would be interested in the texture, softness, contours, and warmth of female lips, and have urges to sample them, to feel those lips with her own, to possess, taste, and explore them with her mouth and tongue.  She would particularly be intrigued by lips painted with lipstick, in a way she didn't before, getting caught up by what hue and shade it was, whether glossy or matte, whether creamy or metallic or glittery.  Pretty female lips would lure her to pretty girls and women as never before.

In both cases, of hair and lips, she would have a preference for and be particularly taken in by the bold and exotic, spurred by her exposure to it today while making fantastic love.

This morning Emma had also picked up a pronounced affinity for latex and PVC, as well as for wearing high heels and, to a lesser extent, nylon stockings. She would unconsciously gravitate toward such and her mind would associate them with lesbian sex.

There was another thing that had escaped Emma's notice this morning, as it had been doing so ever since Galatea started "training" her.  Not only was lesbian sex getting under her skin--she knew that much--but she was developing a pronounced taste for kinky sex.  She had not chosen that. She did not want it. And she was oblivious of it--so far, at least. 

None of that mattered. It was simply so. If Emma continued on the path she now was on, at some point she would never truly be satisfied with anything but complete and heavy and extreme lesbian sex, lesbian sex with an edge, and have a pronounced taste for fantasy women and other exotically beautiful women. It would be for her that the kinkier and the wilder and the more extreme the sex and the women, the better. Even now, even if she were to manage to disengage from Galatea and reestablish her previous direction, and if she in time were to break away and control this appetite to a degree, and live a relatively normal life...those urges would always be there, lurking. 

When Emma woke up, she found herself alone and naked in the bed with a purple satin bed sheet covering her. Her only attire was a pair of dark blue heels, still on her feet. She sat up and tried to recall what just happened that morning.  It all seemed so unreal. What she remembered was too crazy to be true. Her first response was disbelief.  But as the reality became clear enough that she had to admit it, her second reaction was remorse.

What have I done?...... Oh, pervert...Shame on you!....I was going to try to do the minimum...I had my chance... But I didn't take it...Instead... I agreed to it...all of it... yes...It's true....I just had sex...real, deeply lesbian sex...a lot of it... with...with three women!...women whom I had just met!

A voice mimicking Emma countered with, But...I loved it. They were beautiful women... so fascinating...each of them... I couldn't resist them. Maybe I'm not a lesbian at heart, but...but I really liked them...and...and it felt great. 

That was a sunnier thought.  For the sake of her peace of mind right now, Emma decided to accept that for the time being and move on to other things, such as getting to school.

Emma felt something wet on her face. There was a glittery, clear liquid covering her lips and chin. She licked around her lips, noticing a strange sweet taste. Tossing the bed sheet aside, Emma noticed glittery liquid on and around her pussy. Curious, she touched the strange substance with her fingers.

What's this?

The pink quartz ball at the table nearby glowed faintly, so faintly that it was unnoticeable to Emma. A subliminal image flashed in Emma's mind of a naked girl rubbing her pussy and licking her fingers, but she wasn't consciously aware of it.

Almost instantly, Emma had a sudden urge and acted on it. She placed two fingers on her pussy, rubbed around her labia until her fingers were fully coated with the glittery liquid before putting them between her lips.


Pulling her fingers out from her mouth, Emma licked them clean. She saw her reflection on the vanity mirror nearby.

What am I doing? I should be going to school!

After coming back to her senses, Emma got up and searched for her clothes. But then, before she got too far, the sex toys on the table caught her eye. She felt compelled to take a closer look. I'll just look... I won't spend long on this... I just wonder... what they have here... 

She walked over to examine them in closer detail. There were items of all types and colors, including strap-ons, double dongs, dildos, and anal beads, as well as lubricating oils. There were some items for which Emma couldn't figure out what purposes they might have.

Only a few weeks ago, Emma would have been more nauseated by the sight of these kinds of things than interested, but now it was the reverse.  She felt only a little unease about them, and was curious.

Her eyes paid particular attention to a pink silicone phallus with a white harness. The moment she saw it, it drew her eye and attracted her. It struck her as a thing of beauty. She lightly stroked the toy with her fingers.  It felt like an exciting and familiar friend in her hands. Had she seen it before?  Whether yes or no, it seemed as if some destiny connected her to this pretty, sexy item.

"Destiny"...the word reminded her of, of someone...someone she had thought about earlier in connection with that word...Who was it?......... Oh new least someone said that's what she is...Or did I say that...or think that?........Well...someone said it, I think...and it feels like she is, too...and like we were destined to'm straight...I don't have girlfriends like that.........except for Ashley...

The appealing dildo in her hands brought Emma's attention back to it. Would Ashley like it if I used this on her? The image of her fucking Ashley with the toy flashed briefly in her mind. She flushed with excitement...and then with embarrassment.

No, Emma, stop it. What's wrong with you? You only have to do what Galatea tells you to do!  Nothing extra! Just do the minimum she requires.

Emma slid her fingers along the silicone shaft.

But.......if I go the extra mile...Galatea would trust me...and love me more. I think that would be a good thing. That might help me somehow.

All of the comments in her head as she stood at the table viewing and fondling the lovely pink phallus and thinking about Ashley were her own, not those of the fake Emma. The patterns of the fake Emma's intimations had started serving to some degree, and at least from time to time, as templates for the thoughts of the real Emma, molding them closer to Galatea's design for what should float around in Emma's mind.

Emma found all of her clothes and her backpack in the bedroom and, once she got them on, she walked out into the living room.  It was void of people but the dancing platform remained.

Where is everyone? Am I all alone here?  "Hello?  Is anyone there?"  There was no answer.

As she strolled around the room, she noticed the staccato of heels on the hard stone floor and looked down at her feet. They were encased in the shiny dark blue patent-leather high-heeled pumps Galatea had given her. Why did I put these on instead of my sneakers? Oh, well, must have just done it absentmindedly. I'll switch in a minute. 

But she liked the way she felt in the heels, and maybe the way she looked as well, and so felt no hurry to take them off in favor of her less-interesting shoes. She walked around more, partly so that she could hear the clicking sounds of the heels--she had never thought so before, but now it seemed that a girl's shoes should click-clack and draw some favorable attention--and partly to admire the way the heels set off her tight, pale blue, white-washed jeans, the whole looking kind of...well...kind of sexy. Sexy as hell, actually. 

They do match the color of my t-shirt. They look good. I like them.  Maybe I'll just go to school like this today... see what happens... She had never worn heels to school before, just sneakers or flats.  Maybe Ashley might like me more in them. Maybe I might like it...

This was yet another subtle divide Emma had crossed without understanding the consequences. But she had just left the "I'm more comfortable in sneakers and that's what I wear most all of the time" teen behind. She still would wear sneakers--though they wouldn't be her currents ones, which she was going to forget and leave in the condo. Her future self would be just a touch more sophisticated, imperceptible to herself, but more given to wearing high heels more of the time, more prone to wear nylons, and more interested in other sensual attire and in beautifying other aspects of her appearance in her everyday life. 

Emma saw a window and decided to walk over to it. With her third stride, she stepped on something, looked down, and picked it up. It was Janet's colorless, transparent PVC skirt she had worn earlier, and had removed during her performance. Emma looked around on the floor for something that had gone with this. There!  She walked over and picked up the red PVC panties Janet had worn.

She stared at them for a minute, rubbing the glossy material between her fingers and remembering what they had covered, and touched. She felt an urge to smell them.  No, Emma...don't do it, she cautioned herself; only a gay girl would do that.  You're not like that.

Straight girls don't do things like that.

..........But............I just wonder what she smells like. It wouldn't hurt. There's no one here who will see me.  It won't hurt anyone at all. All of her smelled sooooo good. But I didn't get to smell her there...or kiss her there...or lick her... 

All other considerations evaporated. Without further thought, she put the panties under her nose and inhaled deeply. It was a fresh feminine scent, a mixture of clean pussy, cunt juice, and blossoms. It was ten times better than she had guessed. 

Ahhhhh...mmmmmmmm. Then she just couldn't help herself, and, seeking out the narrow area between the leg openings, she licked them. She tasted some definite, wonderful, sweet-sour residue, reminiscent to her of honey and buttermilk.  Janet........will I see you again...?

Under a melancholic high, Emma walked over to the window and looked out, still carrying Janet's panties. It was apparent that she was in a high rise, and this was probably a condo. A very faint bluishness outside the window reminded her that she was in phased space. How do I get out?

As if an unseen influence had read her mind, Emma had an urge to turn around. She saw a silver statuette of a naked woman on a coffee table. It sparkled momentarily. It must be magical.

Following her instincts, but right now feeling certain of their correctness for some reason, Emma walked over to the silver object and touched it. a beautiful woman, in small scale...nice and naked...smooth to the touch... She slid her fingers slowly up and down the sensual curves. ...a little like touching a real woman...

She was about to reprimand herself for almost implying that touching the curves of a woman was something she would like to do, but suddenly she felt strange, as if she were floating. In an instant, Emma was back in the driver's seat of the silver car. 

Before she got out of the car, she realized that she still had Janet's red PVC panties in her hand. Blushing, she took one more quick, impulsive whiff, stuffed them into her backpack, got out, and resumed the walk to school, which, according to the clock on Emma's cell phone, had started only ten minutes ago but which seemed to have begun ages ago.


There was a small crowd of students outside Emma's high school, as was usual for this time of day before the start of classes. As Galatea had promised, Emma arrived in time and even with a few minutes to spare. 

Near the front gate of the school, Emma bumped into Ashley. It was somehow extremely nice to see her. The fond thoughts Emma had entertained about Ashley in the condo this morning returned to her. The anxieties previously surrounding Ashley in Emma's mind seemed absent, only positive and warm feelings remaining.

"Morning, Emma!" Ashley gave Emma a surprise kiss.

When the kiss broke, Emma felt some of her trepidation about this relationship return.  She blushed with involuntary enjoyment of the soft, wet token of Ashley's unabashed affection as well as with embarrassment for the public display. She looked around, hoping that none of her friends saw it.

"Oh, you're wearing blue high heels today! How pretty!"

"Really? Thank you." Emma felt warm at Ashley's compliment. It also reinforced her justification to keep the blue high heels on instead of putting back on her original shoes.

Emma was afraid of what might happen if her friends found out about her relationship with Ashley.  Although she realized that it was bound to reach her friends' ears sooner or later, she knew her friends were straight and, though they had some liberal views, she wasn't sure what their exact stances on homosexuality were, or whether they could be open-minded about it.  As the topic was kind of taboo, and talking about it wasn't that comfortable, Emma and her friends had never really discussed it among themselves, at most just mentioning it in passing, or in superficial ways.

Emma had thought about revealing her "true" sexual orientation to her friends before they found out through rumors. That way she might be better able to manage the fallout and limit the damage. However, that would mean her identity as a lesbian would be "confirmed" and the label would be attached to her permanently. She was caught between a rock and a hard place. Either way, her friendships could be irreversibly damaged, if she didn't lose her friends outright.

Galatea's advice to seduce her friends in order to keep them, which Emma had rejected at first as unthinkable, had been working on her mind, and she was now reconsidering; but she saw no ethical way to make it work. All she really wanted to do was make them more accepting of her relationship with Ashley, assuming that wasn't their disposition already. She wanted to do that without actually seducing them, at least in a sexual way. She absolutely did not want to make her friends into lesbians.

In her first period class, Emma pondered this dilemma, chewing on her ballpoint pen while only half-listening to her teacher's lesson. What should I do?

As she weighed the issue, her mind wandered.  It roamed to her friends, and to girls in general, and to pretty girls in particular, and to sexy girls, and to hot women, and to what they can do together.  She thought of what she had done with Ashley, and could do with her in the near future.  She thought of the cute redheaded girl she had violated earlier this morning, and the amazing women in the condo, also just this morning.  I was with them...only an hour ago...

She thought of the red PVC panties in her backpack...who had been wearing she had looked in them...and when they had come off... what Emma had seen...  She reflected about what she had done with those panties before she left the she could take them out right now, if she wanted to...feel them...touch them...smell them again... Maybe I'll go home...lick them...and put them on...

Slowly, a wicked smile formed on Emma's face. Too bad I don't have that cute little transparent skirt she wore, too... The pen chewing became erotic, as she stuck out her tongue a little and sucked on the pen.

Emma's eyes wandered over to the nerdy girl, the titian red-haired, freckle-faced Melissa, three seats ahead of her in the column of seats to her right. Then Emma's attention shifted to the sandy blonde-haired beauty behind her, Heather the bully. What a fox...but mean... I'll deal with Heather yet. a very personal way....that could be fun...

She returned to Melissa. Emma's eyes appraised Melissa's body. It wasn't quite as sexy as Heather's, but it wasn't far behind, either.  She definitely has potential.  She hides too much. With some make-up and sexy clothes, Melissa would look cute... In fact, she could be hot. Maybe she would like girls... Maybe I could help her...

Is it just a rumor Melissa, or are you really a lesbian?  You're kinda cute.  Are you dating anyone?  Want to go out sometime?

Emma imagined Melissa, completely naked except for her glasses, reading a lesbian porno magazine, fingering herself to the hot women inside, then hiding it away behind a bookcase when she was done.

"Emma, are you daydreaming in class?" asked the teacher, Mr. Anderson.

"No, I wasn't! What was the question again?"

The teacher sighed and repeated the question from the textbook.


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