Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brainy Teen (chapter 19)

Close to bedtime on Thursday evening, a day before Wendy and her mother went to the mansion of Serena Powers for their Friday-night dinner, Madelynn was lying face up in her bed while staring at the ceiling. She thought about Lauren's advice to temporarily cast aside her religious beliefs in order to help Wendy.  Her initial reaction was negative. It was sinful.  It was taboo. It meant giving up on her religion. But, Madelynn realized that she had been doing a lot of sinful things recently under Elena's orders. Even so, that didn't exactly permit her to sin even more to save Wendy, Madelynn reasoned.

She picked up and opened her wallet to look at the photo that she took with Wendy a few years ago.  They were standing together in a park with their hands around each other's shoulders.  It was taken during a Sunday brunch. Madelynn looked at herself in the photo, her adolescent face and body obscured behind bulky glasses, some zits, a tangle of unmanageable, dull brown hair, and loose, drab clothes. Sitting up, she turned and took a look at herself in her bedroom mirror.  As was normal for her these days, she saw clear, porcelain-white skin and a strikingly-painted, lovely face; beautiful, sleek, dramatically colored hair, barely grazing her shoulders in a precisely-cut page-boy style, with full bangs; and figure-revealing, eye-catching clothes, which sometimes were eye-poppingly provocative.  She liked looking like this.  Even the eyebrow and belly rings were growing on Madelynn.  I look a lot better now. 

As she lay back onto the bed, it occurred to her that Elena was the major benefactress for most of her changed looks.  Madelynn suddenly felt gratitude toward Elena...mixed with a degree of affection.  Those were unexpected feelings.  But I am, after all...well, Elena said it, not me...but I am...her girlfriend...I have to be...and since I have been more...cooperative...she has been nicer to me...Yes, she does boss me around... I don't like that...I want to be free...and I do want to bring her and Hecate Corp. down...but...I have seen she has another side, too...

She looked at the photo again.  And...if it weren't for her...I would still look like...that...  In a moment of seeming clarity, Madelynn realized that Elena was truly a mentor for her...not one she had chosen...but she had become one nevertheless...and someone whose beauty...and whose stunning Goth look... she increasingly appreciated...someone she had been starting to view as a role model...as well as...someone she was starting to...despite not wanting to...starting to...like...  I have to admit it...Elena is attractive...........very...

No, Madelynn hadn't chosen the Goth look and would not have on her own,  she knew.  No way.  But...it had been her style now for over a month...and every day she donned it, every day she applied the heavy makeup and pulled on the tight, revealing articles of leather, satin, nylon, PVC, and latex, most often in blacks and purples, it wove itself increasingly into her identity...until now...now she was having a hard time imagining herself any different way.  It was rapidly becoming who she was...and wanted to be...

Madelynn wondered why she ever tolerated looking like she used to.  She knew that girl was gone forever.  She liked being pretty.   And, with every succeeding day, she was more and more enjoying Goth pretty.  Madelynn was certain that Wendy also liked her as she now was, more deeply, it seemed fairly apparent, and in different ways than in those simpler days reflected in the photo. 

She shifted her attention from the image of herself in the photo to that of her friend.  A yet warmer feeling drifted over her, also one partaking of gratitude--gratitude that they were still friends, despite the changes in their lives over the last couple of months; that they were, in fact, now getting even closer, especially in physical and emotional ways, than they had been before--but additionally, as it had been toward Elena, her feelings were infused with affection, in this case an affection so strong that just looking at even an old photo of Wendy made her heart skip a beat. 

Wendy looks better now, too.  Certainly she now filled out her clothes much better.  They both had been on the skinny side back then, but in the meantime, especially over the last year, both had blossomed physically.  It had been about five months now since they had both graduated to a C-cup in their bras, almost simultaneously.  They had shared that fact with each other at the time, and it had given them some extra feeling of kinship, but both girls had been too modest and too conservative to discuss it indiscreetly or to dwell on it much.

Madelynn had certainly become more aware of her own breasts lately, as a result of Elena's attentions to them and her other experiences and pastimes recently, not to mention the indoctrination of which she was totally unaware.  She wanted Wendy to pay attention to them too; she had attempted to thrust them into Wendy's notice several times in recent weeks and days, including just the previous day when she had tried to draw Wendy to them by asking her what she thought of them and how they compared to Sarah's.  She wasn't entirely satisfied with Wendy's response, but she nevertheless could read the interest in Wendy's eyes.  She was determined to not only keep it up, but to pour it on.

As Madelynn continued looking at the photo, she noted that Wendy had changed in other physical ways, as well.  Whereas back then both girls had been the same height, now Wendy, at 5'7", was about an inch or two taller than Madelynn.  Also, in those days, as reflected in the photo, Wendy had had braces for the crooked teeth that had caused her so much teasing and embarrassment when they were younger, and had rocked her self-confidence.  Wearing the braces had been almost as demoralizing for Wendy's self-image as having the crooked teeth, but the braces had come off only three months ago and, along with a cosmetic whitening treatment, had left Wendy with a dazzling set of perfectly straight and white teeth, turning her worst liability into a sterling asset, which sudden transformation had been, in fact, one of the factors that had brought her to Sarah's notice.  And Wendy's hair, which a couple of years ago had also been a source of derision, was now much nicer.

Madelynn reminisced that when they had been in their early elementary school years, Wendy had had pale-gold, waist-length hair, which Madelynn had so liked and envied.  But when they turned ten or so, Wendy's mother, for convenience, had started to keep Wendy's hair short, almost boyishly so, and the "hacked-off" hair, as jesting boys teasingly called it, was painfully on display in the photo in Madelynn's hands. 

After this photo had been taken, Wendy had prevailed on her mom to let her start growing her hair long.  It was at a long shoulder length now, just beyond her collar bone.  It had become darker, as blonde hair is wont to do, but it was still definitely blonde, rich in a variety of natural honey, caramel, and golden tones ranging from light brown to medium-light blonde, giving an overall medium or medium-dark honey-blonde effect. 

Since taking up with Sarah, Madelynn mused, Wendy had come to take better care of her hair and to experiment with some different hair styles.  What's more, she started to enhance her naturally-pretty face with cosmetics and wear clothes that were much more appealing...more "with it"...sexier...

But then there were also changes to Wendy's personality, especially in the last two months.  She had always been modest, reserved, and level-headed, as well as somewhat shy, uncertain, hesitant, and awkward in social situations, and found solace, as did Madelynn, in a good book, and in being a good student.  But lately...lately she was more confident, outgoing, and...uninhibited.  More sensual.   More intriguing. 

Though Madelynn was officially trying to retrieve the old Wendy--that's what she consciously told herself most of the time--that was the opposite of what she deep-down really wanted.  Yes, Madelynn wanted to save Wendy from the clutches of those who appeared to have evil designs, and, even more so, she wanted to reclaim her own preeminence in Wendy's friendships and affections, and to make it more, much more, than it previously had been; but she delighted in the new Wendy and, deep inside, did not want the former, less-interesting girl to truly ever return.

Despite Wendy's protests that she was now a lesbian and that it was only Sarah whom she loved, Madelynn knew her friend well enough not to fully believe either of those claims.  Maybe Wendy did really have a thing for Sarah--after all, Sarah was beautiful; Madelynn knew even she herself felt attracted to Sarah, as, she supposed, others easily could, as well--but there was something else going on, something to do with Elena, who, Lauren had told her, had some kind of partnership with or leverage over Sarah and, through Sarah, a controlling influence over Wendy.  And even if Wendy did have some lesbian tendencies now, and did like Sarah, that didn't necessarily mean she only liked Sarah. When Madelynn looked into Wendy's eyes, she saw something for her, Madelynn, as well.  She saw definite interest--not chaste interest--and Madelynn could feel it when they kissed...and touched... 

I know she likes me... Maybe she's coming to love me... I just have to help her see that better...

Erotic thoughts gradually seeped into Madelynn's mind as she continued to focus on the image of Wendy and let her imagination color what she saw.  She envisioned themselves together, posed as in the photo, but both as they were now--older than in the photo, curves much more developed, definitely prettier, dressed more decadently.  She pictured them with hands not around shoulders, but around waists...then with hands gradually slipping...lower...and onto derrieres.  She envisioned each of them turning to the other...smiling...their faces drifting closer...lips parting...

She remembered being with Wendy in Wendy's bedroom earlier in the day...together on her bed....just that afternoon. We kissed.  The memory revived the thrill. 

They had kissed before on a couple of different occasions, but not like that.  The first time, about a week ago, Madelynn had initiated girl-girl play in her bedroom by pretending to be a boy, and was too rough.  I don't know what got into me.  Maybe it was because Wendy was looking so hot...or maybe because I had kind of wondered what it would be like to...to kiss her...and to do...well...other stuff with her...and I over-did it.  It wasn't really that enjoyable or memorable for Wendy, Madelynn was sure, in retrospect.  And Lauren had afterwards advised her to go more slowly with Wendy.  So, yesterday Madelynn had tried to tone it down. They had just sat in Madelynn's living room and talked.  Madelynn had restrained herself and they did not make out, though the talk was sexy and the atmosphere charged. 

And then today...that had been really nice.  Wendy had dressed very...very sexy...for her.  Madelynn had loved that...as well as the way Wendy had wiggled her cute ass in her face as they had ascended the stairs...and her dance for Madelynn...and, most of all, to Madelynn's shock, the way Wendy had spread her legs on the bed to permit Madelynn to insert the vibrating egg into her...her pussy.  There was such a surprising...well...sluttiness...in all of that, that she had never expected to see from Wendy, but especially that latter thing... It was such a wanton type of invitation, in pulling aside her panties and displaying her vagina. Madelynn still felt tingles just recalling it.  I've seen Wendy's pussy.  I touched it a little, too. That had been astounding and amazing. 

Madelynn had also been dressed to thrill, and she smiled at the recollection of the look on Wendy's face when she had removed her coat for Wendy, to reveal the alluring garb underneath, and the body it displayed. And Wendy had been captivated by Madelynn's own dance for Wendy... There was no doubt about it.

They had been sexual with each other, but Madelynn had kept a limit on what they had done together, as Lauren had suggested.  They had kissed, and it almost became "making out", but not quite.

It was nice to be able to kiss my friend...like that...on her bed...finally.................

But.........but......I wanted more..............So did she...I'm positive...............We both would have enjoyed that... Seeing the need to justify this train of thoughts, she added, ..to win her back...and to save her...of course...

The complications swirling around their relationship momentarily cast a shadow on her reflections. A sigh escaped from her lips. I want to save my friend, but to save her I must sin. What should I do?

Before she had a chance to weigh that issue properly, Madelynn's thoughts were distracted and shifted as she remembered learning that Wendy was into lesbian porn, a fact she first discovered from Lauren mentioning it.  Later, just this very afternoon, she heard Wendy's frank admission in the bedroom and witnessed her unabashed excursion into it right in front of her.  She knew she shouldn't be happy that her friend, such a straigrht-arrow girl until recently, would be immersed into porn like that...like she herself was, because Elena had warped her into it...but...it did give them yet another thing in common...something with which they could relate to each other more fully...something to share... And the knowledge that Wendy was looking at and thinking about such things........about girls.......pretty girls........about sex with girls....................That was somehow kind of..........arousing......... 

Madelynn closed her eyes, visualizing Wendy... She was kneeling on a pink bed with a lesbian porno magazine opened in front of her. Wendy was fingering her cunt while staring at pictures of pretty, topless cheerleaders making out in a girls' locker room.  Quiet moans escaped from Wendy's partly opened mouth.

I shouldn't think of my friend like that...

However, Madelynn continued doing so and already had her fingers beneath the folds of her panties, panties of purple satin and black lace. In her mind's eye, she saw Wendy licking a shiny white bullet dildo sensually. Her lips and nails were painted glossy pink. Suddenly Lauren appeared.

"Lauren..." whispered Madelynn.  She was surprised at herself for introducing Lauren into this scenario, but was inadvertently pleased with the image.  Madelynn had never pictured Wendy and Lauren together before.  But there they were, her two closest friends, in her mind together.  And this was just a harmless little fantasy...okay, it was sinful...but...maybe she would let it run in her head and see more...just a little... 

Lauren grabbed Wendy's hand and kissed the dildo, tasting Wendy's saliva. She tilted her head sideways and kissed Wendy with her fuchsia colored lips. Lauren hugged Wendy with one arm, while her other hand drifted close to one of Wendy's breasts.

Madelynn panted while she fingered her pussy vigorously. She gave a yelp at the onset of her orgasm. The last vision in her mind was Lauren licking Wendy's pussy while pressing the white bullet dildo against Wendy's clit. Pussy juices coated Lauren's nose, chin, lips, and cheeks.

I'm already sinning right now. Whatever Lauren is suggesting couldn't be any worse than what I'm doing now, could it?

After cleaning herself up in the bathroom, removing her makeup, and brushing her teeth, she returned to her bedroom and dressed for bed in a semi-sheer black knee-length nightgown over a black satin bra with floral embroidery and black lace and matching panties.  Even though she didn't have to wear such sensual attire at night--Elena hadn't specifically told her that she had to, at least not every night, and couldn't know if she did or didn't anyway, and Madelynn still had her tamer sleepwear, the flannel pajamas and long, plain cotton nightshirts so common to her previously--at night she now routinely donned something or the other from the fairly sizeable collection of sensual lingerie and sleepwear Elena had given her, essentially without thinking much about it.  It just seemed like what she ought to do; she felt quite comfortable in its silky web now, and it made her feel...well...good...to look like she did in it.  The old stuff seemed insipid, if not juvenile, the new apparel intoxicating.  

Sometimes she would pick her night's attire by imagining what she would wear for Wendy, if she were to come over for an overnight stay, or visa versa. She thought again of how she had surprised Wendy with the display of her sensually-clad body under her coat this afternoon, and smiled once more.

Madelynn traced the curves of her body with her hands, starting from her thighs and going up to her breasts while looking at herself in her vanity mirror.

I'll do that again...I'll do it even better...sexier...I'll make her eyes pop out...I'll make her heart race...for me...

Right before turning the lights off, Madelynn popped a red tablet from an unmarked bottle given her by Lauren and downed it with a glass of water. The tablets were given to her by Lauren, purportedly to treat the effects caused by Elena's drugs and psychological manipulations. 

As she drifted off to sleep, Madelynn reflected on the scenario she had imagined of Wendy and Lauren playing together sexually.  She liked them both.  Of course, she was devoted to Wendy and was intent on winning her heart, and becoming her real girlfriend--all for the sake of saving her from Sarah and Elena and Daniel--of course--all of whom she now considered equal threats, both to Wendy's well-being and to her own claim on Wendy. Nothing mattered to her more than those two things. 

But...then there was Lauren.  That girl was growing on her, fast.  True, they were thrown in together and had come to know each other solely by the manipulations of Elena.  Madelynn knew that.  And then they had grown closer out of necessity, through both their conspiracy to turn the tables on Elena and Hecate Corp and the sexual acts Elena had insisted they perform together. 

But they made a good team, it seemed, and had become friends.  Madelynn had come to feel close to Lauren, and was feeling attracted to her more every time she saw her.  Madelynn now looked forward to their meetings, to seeing her again, to being with her...and to doing with her the various...things...they did...together. 

Not only had Lauren and Madelynn helped each other fulfill various erotic assignments laid on them by Elena, in their free time they had even had some "fun" together--code for everything from light lesbian kissing to making out more heavily and feeling each other up a little.  Neither Madelynn nor Lauren, Madelynn assumed, thought of them as the acts of two lesbian girls, but rather of two basically straight girls who had temporarily been twisted into feeling like lesbians and instilled, against their will, with lesbian inclinations.  This had generated cravings within them which nearly demanded satisfaction, she rationalized, and therefore it was permissible, if not outright vital to their mental and physical health, for them to indulge some of those proclivities with each other, as long as it was--per implied consensus--limited in scope, mutually agreeable, and mutually regarded as strictly recreational, without emotional and romantic attachment.  Thus regarded, their lesbian behavior with each other was simply, euphemistically "fun", and didn't particularly mean they were really lesbians. 

Nevertheless, Madelynn still felt some reluctance and guilt about their "fun" sometimes, anyway. But, she noted, Lauren didn't seem to have any qualms about it.  It seemed Lauren accepted what they did sexually in their free time together as simply a natural and enjoyable pastime, not as something too forbidden and abnormal, and that apparent attitude of Lauren made Madelynn more relaxed about and accepting of their "fun" than she otherwise would have been.

Lauren had proposed, also earlier that same day, that she and Madelynn ought to become real lesbian girlfriends, to trick Elena into trusting them more and to make Wendy jealous.  Even though Madelynn had objected at first, for reasons which now were seeming more superficial than substantive, and she hadn't said "yes", quite, neither had she said "no".  But the idea had been inexplicably exciting to Madelynn, and she was now leaning toward agreeing to it.

Lauren's girl.  It had a nice sound to it.  It was a pleasing concept.  If there was any girl besides Wendy, she reasoned, that she'd like to have as a girlfriend--not that she should be wanting girlfriends, not lesbian girlfriends, at least not more than temporarily, of course--but, if she did then Lauren would be near the top of her list, or at the top.

....................................I wonder what it would be like............................I bet it would be...........really nice............

Madelynn's need to justify herself kicked in.  But the most important thing is to save Wendy, and then to bring down Hecate......and if being Lauren's girlfriend will help............... I'm going to tell her "yes".

But that fantasy she had entertained of Wendy having sex with Lauren...it was intriguing...no, it was more than that...it was a wow................But...if something like that were really to happen...if Wendy ever really got interested in Lauren, or the other way around as well... How would I feel about it?  Would I be...jealous?   The moment she posed that question to herself, she felt the answer in her emotions.  Yes.

And she would be jealous about both of them.  She already knew, quite clearly, that she wanted Wendy.  She wanted to steal her back from Sarah and have an exclusive relationship with her--well, perhaps that wasn't realistic, Madelynn knew, given the current social complications in both their lives--but to be real, committed girlfriends, if not in an exclusive, then at least in a preferential relationship...a romantic and sexual one...as lesbian girlfriends...if it had to be...and it appeared it did have to be so... for the foreseeable future... 

And that prospect was kind of...spine-tingling.  Madelynn's concern for her friend, which had ushered her onto the path she now trod and was once pure, now was corrupted with lust. Under the illusion of expediency, Madelynn now wanted Wendy's heart and her body, both.

But Madelynn did not realize nearly as clearly that what was happening between her and Lauren was also becoming something dear to her.  Their closeness was something she wouldn't want to lose, nor would she like someone else superseding her in Lauren's affections.  She felt, more than consciously thought, that if she could be close to Lauren... someone special to Lauren... and cultivate their familiarity more deeply... long-term...freely exploring whatever might proceed forth from it...she would like that, as well...She might love that...

But Wendy and Lauren, together... Madelynn wasn't inclined to favor that possibility...not as more than just a fantasy, at any rate.

Although...I don't think I have to worry... about anything like that...like Wendy and Lauren getting together. They know about each other... Lauren has been encouraging and helping me, in fact, get closer to Wendy...and I'm pretty sure Wendy has seen me with Lauren...but... I don't remember ever seeing them together.  Maybe they don't even really know each other...and if they do, probably not much.   I'm just imagining things. 

She relaxed and forgot about it, soon losing herself in the dark folds of slumber.

It was 3:00 AM in the morning when Madelynn unexpectedly woke up.  The red pill she had taken before bed had giving rise to a delayed sexual arousal, which made her too restless for bed, once she awoke, and prompted her to head for the bathroom to splash some cool water on her face. On her way to the bathroom, she passed her mother's bedroom and heard sounds coming from inside. Curious, Madelynn pressed her ear close to the door. It sounded like moaning. 

What is happening in there? Madelynn asked herself, but she instinctively knew the possible answers already. It wasn't the first time over the last couple of weeks she had heard noises like that coming from her mother's room.  There had been a couple of times like this at night and one time on a morning.  She had suspected her mom was probably just dreaming rather than frigging herself, for she just couldn't imagine her mother doing that.  But it seemed like there was such womanly passion in the voice Madelynn was now listening to.  It made her wonder.

No.......Mom wouldn't do that.................would she?.............Or...if she's just dreaming...what is she dreaming about?.....................

Her hand automatically went to her crotch and rubbed it through the nightgown and panties. When Madelynn realized what she was doing, she quickly stopped.

"Why am I doing this? This is sick!"  A slightly-panting Madelynn walked hastily on to the bathroom, wondering why she had acted that way. 

Yes, it was true that she did do some things that could be described as erotic with her mom a few days ago but, she told herself, it was for the purpose of changing her mom's decision to move away. Now that her mom had decided to stay, there was no need to do anything more to her or with her, not anything of a sexual nature, unless she threatened to move again.

Unknown to Madelynn, Erin was having an intense erotic dream at that moment that had been preprogrammed into her mind about a week and a half ago.

On that fateful day, Elena, after having a brief conversation with Erin, sprayed a special knock-out gas on Erin's face via an atomizer disguised as an ornamental badge attached to the front pocket of her leather jacket.  Erin quickly fainted. Assisted by the raven-haired Patricia, who was waiting nearby, they carried Erin to the back of a white van. Patricia drove the van twenty minutes to a large brick building in the industrial area and parked inside its large garage, where Emily was waiting with a stretcher. Erin was loaded onto the stretcher and moved to a large freight elevator which went down four levels underground.

Inside a small room, Erin was prepared for the machines that were going to act on her. She was stripped of all her clothes, sanitized, and had special chemicals applied on her skin, which would improve her physical receptivity to the machines. Afterwards, she was wheeled to a larger room housing the machines and placed in the reclined padded seat of the Mind Control Machine, one of the several different models of mind-altering equipment available in the room. This particular model had a special feature where an airtight enclosure could be activated to allow the application of psychoactive gases on the subject. A rounded chrome helmet shaped like a motorcyclist's helmet attached to myriad cables was placed over Erin's head. Next, the manacles and stimulatory pads -- resembling metallic bras and panties and suction cups on tentacles --were attached to her body. Finally, a semi-cylindrical glass slid over Erin with a hissing sound, sealing her inside.

By this time, Elena's knockout drug had almost worn off. A purple gas emitting from the vents inside the machine placed and kept Erin in a semiconscious and sexually aroused state. A small mechanical arm holding a syringe injected a neon blue drug into a vein in Erin's neck, causing her to gasp. Special abstract patterns first played inside her mind in preparation for the Sapphic imagery which then followed.  Light physical stimulation of her body, various subliminal voices, sounds, music, and visual effects, each with their specific functions, accompanied the main imagery.

The first recognizable image she saw was a pair of glossy black feminine lips whispering repetitively in a husky voice, "Lesbian... Lesbian... Lesbian..."

That image was followed by close-up views of various parts of an unknown female's body: the nails, the eyes, the breasts, the hands, the feet, the thighs, and the butt. The nails on the hands and feet as well as the nipples were of a glossy black color.

"Desire... Desire... Desire..."

As the imagery got more intense, so did the physical stimulation. Two holes opened in the metal pads covering Erin's crotch and buttocks, allowing for two mechanical dildos to be inserted, one into her vagina and the other into her anus. Both dildos released a psychoactive drug into her body, the same drug that was injected into her via the needle in her neck. However, the vaginal dildo had two additional actions. It probed the interior of her vagina and uterus, then inserted a special intrauterine device inside. The IUD had a slow-release capsule holding a combination of drugs and hormones that would give her elevated libido and sexual arousal levels and reduce her sexual inhibitions for about three weeks. A special oral dildo inside the helmet entered into Erin's mouth and released a similar drug as well. The goal was to saturate Erin's body with the psychoactive drug in order to make the intended effects last as long as possible.

In addition to psychoactive drugs, Erin also received hormones and drugs that would initiate and sustain milk production in her breasts. This was received through injections in her neck as well as directly into her nipples. Over time, she would have frequent urges to lactate.

A sensual female voice spoke into Erin's mind, "You are a lesbian, Erin... You crave the pleasure of a woman's touch... You long to touch and caress the bodies of sensual women..."

A parade of Sapphic images flooded Erin's mind: black-nailed fingers pulling a black latex strap-on attached to a black leather harness through female thighs; black-nailed fingers softly squeezing a D-cup breast; glossy black lips wrapping around a purple-painted nipple and sucking on it; a female foot wearing a shiny black high heeled shoe rising upwards; female legs spreading apart, revealing a fully shaved pussy; a shiny purple latex strap-on attached to a black leather harness worn around female hips moving closer to the glistening, shaved womanhood; black glossy lips widening into an O-shape and moaning loudly; a pair of lustrous purple lips whispering, "Mom, I love you."

Complete blackness filled Erin's mental vision, followed by an explosion of purple colors, followed by blackness again for a brief moment.  Then a view materialized of a dark wasteland littered with dead gnarly trees, dried grass, and scattered rocks of menacing shapes. There was no sound of any kind, only dead silence.

Erin walked in a random direction instinctively. Her mind was blank except for her curiosity and strange sexual urges. A staccato sound made Erin look downward. She saw her own reflection on an expansive mirror beneath her. She was wearing shiny black 5-inch heels on her feet, dark make-up on her face which included glossy black lipstick, and black lacquer on her nails. Her straight-flowing shoulder-length hair was dyed sleek black, parted at the center, and had no bangs. On her body was a sleeveless sleeping gown with a hemline ending five inches above her ankles. It looked like her usual floral white sleeping gown except that it was sheer and black.  A bra and panties of sheer black lace could be seen faintly through the sheer fabric of the gown.  An alarmed feeling rose within Erin, but the machine quickly suppressed it.

When Erin raised her head back up, a large glistening object caught her eye. There was a giant black snake wrapping around an old gnarly, gray tree with stripped bark. A strange force compelled Erin to walk closer. Once Erin got within a close enough distance, the giant snake shot forward and coiled itself around Erin's body. Erin's mouth opened instinctively to try to scream, but before she could even raise her voice, the snake's head moved in front of Erin's face and she was captivated by the snake's glowing red eyes.

Between its jaws was a small glowing red sphere. Slowly, the sphere was moved closer to Erin's black-painted lips. Erin instinctively bit on the strange object. It tasted like strawberries, vanilla, and something unknown, and she kept eating. Once the entire object was consumed, the snake abruptly shrunk to the size of a garter snake. It slid into her mouth and down her throat. New thoughts and feelings stirred in her mind and heart.

More black-scaled snakes with neon red eyes appeared. They slithered quickly from all directions and gathered into a large heap. The mass of snakes rose up and roughly formed into the figure of a woman. Then, the individual snakes fused together to form a single being, a woman who appeared to be either made entirely from latex or completely encased in latex.

Each movement of the woman caused the black fluidic latex substance to shine and sparkle on her curvaceous body.

"Welcome to the world of Sapphic pleasure, Erin Goodwin," said the latex woman through lustrous black lips while focusing her glowing red eyes onto Erin's grey eyes. In slow steps, the latex woman undulate d towards Erin on her black latex heels. Her sleek skin reflected unnatural light into Erin's eyes.  The woman's naked pussy especially caught Erin's gaze, as it particulalry seemed to glisten and ripple with the woman's gait.  As Erin stared more intently, she saw that the woman's nether lips appeared to open and close slightly, luridly with each step and, it seemed, to softly call to her.  "Erin...Erin..."

Sapphic imagery flashed rapidly in Erin's mind, involving her and females across a range of ages engaging in many forms of sex. Erin blinked after a few seconds and saw the latex woman standing before her again, but now right in front of herAs if overwhelmed with persistent interest in the woman's pussy, Erin looked down.  There was a squishy sound when the latex woman's labia opened up and clear, lustrous fluid flowed out. A black nub exited the labia lips, which quickly grew into a 7"-long, glossy, smooth phallus made from the same black latex material as the woman's skin.   Erin's black-rimmed eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise.

"You will love this," said the latex woman soothingly as she caressed Erin's left cheek with her shiny black fingers.

White fog filled Erin's vision for a few moments. When the fog receded, she found herself standing before a red-bricked building with a dazzling façade of neon lights and flickering bulbs. The name "Venus Venus Club" was written, one word on top of the other, in bold blue and white neon sign lettering. To the right of the name was a neon-light image of a curvaceous female, purple neon light outlining the body and pink neon lights depicting the lips, nipples, and pussy. Below the neon signs were large glass double doors. They swung open spontaneously, as if beckoning Erin to go in.

The pink lips of the purple neon female outline moved and whispered in a female voice, "Come inside, Erin... Come inside..."

Erin shook her head slowly. The machine countered her resistance, blasting a spike of pleasure into her pussy and nipples. Compelled by an invisible force, Erin walked into the building through the glass double doors. There was no one inside that she could see.  But in the foyer were several large paintings of beautiful females in various states of undress and engaged in a variety of sexual acts, although nothing too explicit.  She looked at the pictures with curious interest for a few moments before the memory of her normal attitude towards such images induced her to look away.

A slight breeze blew on Erin's face. It came from a corridor directly in front of her.  She heard a female voice coming from the corridor.  "Come, Erin... Follow my voice..."

Instinctively she followed the direction of the voice all the way down the corridor and into a huge room.  The room was occupied by dark red leather seats, tables, a dance floor, a bar, and stages with bronze poles sprouting from their centers.  Beams of white, pink, and purple light danced everywhere. Erin could see the shapes of hearts, stars, female lips, and circles attached to crosses on the walls. The whole place was empty of people at the moment.

The female voice spoke again, seeming to come from across the room, although Erin saw no one.  "Erin...over here...come, sweetheart..."  She continued walking absently closer to the location from which the voice seemed to originate until she came to a red cushioned seat placed near a small, low stage with a mirrored floor and ceiling. A brass stripper pole stood at the center of the stage.


Erin sat down, facing the stage. The voice now ceased and for several moments nothing happened. Erin's eyes wandered and stared down briefly at the floor and its dazzling lights. A shadow appeared on the spot where Erin was looking and formed into the shape of a demonic female, having what appeared to be horns sprouting from her head and bat wings from her back. Erin gasped in shock. Instinctively trying to deny what she was seeing and the curiosity she felt about it, Erin raised her head up and looked at the stage.  Her shock was transformed to wonder.

Writhing against the metallic pole was a girl who, from the voice, body, and personality which she subsequently exhibited, Erin guessed to be in her late teens or early twenties. She was dressed in a skimpy cheerleader outfit that consisted of a black and purple nylon crop top, an A-line box-pleated nylon micro skirt with alternating purple and black panels, black patent-leather Mary Jane high heels, and white ankle-length socks. Her hair was raven and tied into two braided pigtails with purple satin ribbons at each end. Covering her entire face was a black mask with a non-shiny, velvety texture and encrusted with polished onyx and amethyst stones in abstract patterns.

Erin noticed music, which either had been there all along and she hadn't noticed or had just started, she couldn't tell which.  It was faint but had a strong beat and a pretty melody.  A pair of black-and-white pompoms materialized in the girl's hands and she started splashing them around in a parody cheerleader routine synchronized to the beat.  At length, with a wide swing of both arms the cheerleader tossed the pompoms away. 

Next, she raised her naked arms up, grazed her purple nails along the pole, jiggled her breasts, gyrated her hips, and rubbed her butt against the gleaming brass pole as if it was her lover for a minute or two.

She then strutted away from the pole towards Erin until she was only a few feet away, stopped a moment to look down at her viewer, and spun around so that her backside was presented to Erin.  She proceeded to shake and gyrate her hips and buttocks, every flip of her hips providing Erin the opportunity to see a hint of the black satin thong she wore beneath.

The music paused and the cheerleader stripper suddenly faced Erin and spoke to her with a voice that seemed to come to Erin from all directions. "Hello, Erin. It's so nice of you to come here. Are you enjoying the show? You must be. Your eyes have never left my body." 

The woman reached for the bottom of her crop top and with one fluid motion pulled it up and off of her body, showing Erin her miniscule black satin bra and the full, curvy breasts only slightly concealed in it.  Erin felt her visionary self blush, over both the bold, sexy immodesty of the girl, aimed directly at her, and the sexual interest creeping into her for the girl.

"Go ahead and continue watching me. Keep on enjoying the show." The faint music returned, and the stripper girl resumed her lurid dance, now with motions even more suggestive and enticing. "You love watching women dance and strip."  She unzipped her skirt.  "Women arouse you, don't they? Yes, I can see it in your eyes..." 

Erin wanted to say something against that accusation, but the machine suppressed it and inserted yet stronger feelings of curiosity and desire.  The stripper's small skirt slid down her legs and she pranced out of it.

"Go ahead and masturbate. You want to because you desire me. You desire all sexy females, including your daughter, Madelynn." The cheerleader emphasized the last word, as she rubbed a purple-nailed fingertip slowly and lightly up and down her pussy through the front of her black satin thong.

"N-no..." When Erin tried to protest, the machine suppressed it again. 

"Don't deny it, you want your daughterNow, enjoy yourself. Get the sexual release that you need." 

A black and chrome gyrating dildo appeared in Erin's hand. Guided by an invisible force, Erin mechanically grabbed the hem of her sleeping gown and pulled it up. She pulled aside her black panties and pressed the gyrating dildo into her pussy.

"Ohhhh... Uhhhh..."

"Yes, Erin, push it deeper. Let the dildo fill up your vagina...just as you now will let women fill your life and fill your soul.  No men are needed, Erin.  Let pretty girls and lovely women fill your emotions and love your body and steal your heart. 

"Watch me dance and strip for you while you play with yourself."   The mysterious stripper traced her purple-nailed fingers along her curves.

"Noo... This is wrong... I shouldn't be..."

Still dancing, the stripper reached behind her back and unfastened her bra.   After teasing Erin several seconds, she then slid it off of her wondrous breasts and threw it playfully at Erin.  It bounced off Erin's chest and landed on the floor between her feet.  The girl cupped both breasts in her hands.  

"Don't fight the truth, Erin. Men don't interest you any more.  You feel nothing for them.  Only females arouse you now."  The stripper started to play with her nipples. "Only women and girls can satisfy you from now on. You're a lesbian. Accept your true feelings and desires. This is your destiny. Embrace it."

Erin tilted her head backwards and moaned loudly with her black-lipped mouth when a powerful orgasm washed over her. Simultaneously, her session in the Mind Control Machine ended.

The glass envelope of the machine opened up after the purple gas was evacuated from the chamber. Erin was carefully removed from the machine by two technicians and transported to the Dream Inducement Machine for the next phase.

Though the apparatus was called a "Dream Inducement Machine", it didn't program just dreams into a person's mind, but special states of consciousness as well that could be described as dream-like or hallucinatory. It served as a top-off to the entire mind control process.

Special dreams that would occur every night for three weeks would be implanted into Erin's mind. Day dreams and hallucinations would also occur whenever Erin's mind was idle during the day. Those dreams, hallucinations, and dream-like states would be erotic and Sapphic in nature. The goal was to discourage Erin's mind from ever returning to a heterosexual state, even during periods of time when her mind wasn't fully conscious.

Back in the present, Erin was tossing and turning in her bed. The blanket was bunched up. She had one hand on her breast and another hand on her pussy. Some strands of her brunette hair were stuck to her sweaty face.  The machine-induced mental programming had been triggered, putting Erin into a special dream state where various thoughts were controlled, enhanced, altered, or suppressed.

Inside her dream, it was early in the morning. Erin saw her daughter standing in the front doorway of the house.

"Mom, I'm going to school!"

Madelynn was dressed plainly, in the style she had before she went Goth. She had on a gray sweater, light blue jeans, and white sneakers. There was a pair of glasses over her gray eyes and her hair was in its former unruly condition, and mousy brown again. An aura of innocence surrounded her.

Erin walked over to her daughter and gave her a hug, followed by what she intended to be a kiss on the cheek. But Madelynn turned her head toward Erin and kissed her mother directly on the lips. Erin was shocked by her daughter's brazen action, particularly as Madelynn extended the kiss, and her first impulse was to push her daughter away. However, before she could overcome her surprise and act on that intention, she unexpectedly became aroused and excited. Her mental and emotional resistance quickly melted, her body relaxed...and she started kissing back.  She even parted her lips to allow her daughter's probing tongue to invade her mouth. There was a swishing sound as Madelynn's tongue explored Erin's oral cavity. When the kiss broke there was a thread of saliva connecting the two pairs of maternal and filial lips together.  

"Have a great day at school," Erin found herself affectionately saying, while they still held each other gently and closely, smiling into each other's face--as if the sexy kiss had been both mutually agreeable to them and customary for them, and merited no particular comment, at least not a negative one. 

Madelynn looked a bit different now, too, than she had before the kiss.  Her hair was now sleeker, longer, shinier, and darker brown, with a definite, new reddish cast, her lips painted with a pale, frosted, pinkish silver color. She seemed shapelier and her sweater tighter, her jeans were replaced with a short light-blue denim skirt, and she momentarily had a different, more experienced, worldly look in her eyes.

Madelynn replied, "I will, Mom; thank you," as she turned around and walked away down the walkway through the front yard.  When she reached the sidewalk, the teen daughter turned around with a wave and a mischievous smile for her mother.  She blew a kiss to Erin, before turning away and continuing down the sidewalk.

Erin had raptly watched her daughter walk across the front yard, and remained glued on her as she moseyed down the sidewalk. Her eyes followed the smooth legs and the rhythmic sway of the short skirt and wandered along her daughter's body, tracing the sensual, moving curves.  As if sensing her mom's eyes on her, Madelynn turned her head back, smiled once more, then proceeded onward, giving her mom an exaggerated "model walk" and ass wag for the next ten steps in the metallic graphite high heeled sandals that were now on her feet, before passing out of sight beyond the neighbor's hedge.

What am I doing?

In a quick motion, Erin closed the door. Her heart was beating fast from unexpected excitement.

Why did I let my daughter kiss me like that?  And why did I ogle her?

For some reason, Erin didn't feel as shocked as she expected to be.

She must have picked up this behavior from school. This must a new fad among teenagers nowadays. 

Erin felt as if she was guided by something as she turned around and walked up the stairs to her bedroom. Her heart beat faster the closer she got to her bedroom. When she opened the door to her bedroom and stepped in, she noticed it was pitch back inside. Suddenly the door slammed behind her. When Erin tried to reopen the door, she discovered it was shut tight.

Feeling with her fingers for the light switch, Erin turned on the light in the bedroom and was shocked by the scene in front of her. There was a woman on her bed reclining against the headboard in a sensual pose and dressed in skimpy black clothing. And the bedding was changed, everything being dark purple satin in color, from the pillow to the bed sheets.

"Welcome back, my love," said a female voice that sounded familiar to Erin.

"W-who are you?!"  A distinct, potent air of mysterious, dangerous, irresistible allure about the woman permeated through the room from her into Erin.

"Have you forgotten about me so soon? I'm the Dark Succubus. We met a while ago at the club."  For a few moments, Erin was entranced as she took in the details of the sultry seductress in front of her. The woman had an attractive, curvaceous, super-model-type body.  Her jet black hair was combed back and tied into a long, high pony tail that sloped upwards from her head for about 4 inches then curved downward until it reached all the way down her back.  Surrounding the base of the pony tail was a black tiara encrusted with amethysts.

A matching shiny black mask decorated with purple amethyst and onyx gems  arranged in a pattern of spirals and curves covered the upper half of the woman's face, revealing her lavender eyes and leaving her chin, mouth, and lower nose exposed." There was a layer of glossy dark purple lipstick on the woman's lips.

Erin's eyes went further down. On the woman's body was a black leather corset-style mini-dress with silver buttons on the front and lacing running up the back, cinching it tightly around the slim torso. The skirting ensemble of the dress consisted of a tiered triple-flounce, ruffle-hemmed black skirt, draping 12-inches from her waist, and two layers of sheer white petticoats underneath made from a springy satin material.

On the woman's arms were black leather fingerless arm gloves. The woman's nails were polished with dark purple nail lacquer. Sheer, glossy black hose covered the woman's crossed legs. The lower part of the woman's legs were encased in knee-high black leather, 6-inch high-heeled boots, each with 6 individual buckles spaced evenly along in the outer flank.

"Why are you dressed so ob-obscenely?!"

"Oh, that's funny. You're not that modestly dressed yourself. Look in the mirror."

Erin turned to face the vanity mirror and was shocked by her own look. Her lips and nails were painted black. She was dressed in an erotic version of a nun's habit made entirely from shiny latex, all the parts of which were highly polished, and reflected the soft, muted light of her bedroom alluringly off of her womanly body.

On her head was a black nun's veil with a 3-inch wide white crown band, all made from pure latex.  The veil and crown band ensemble covered all of her hair and the veil flowed from her forehead over her head, neck, shoulders and half-way down her back. The veil gave the impression of a long, heavy mane of shiny, squeaky, black latex hair. Around her neck was a 1-inch high white latex choker necklace with a studded pewter double Venus symbol on its front, which Erin didn't notice immediately. Covering her body, barely, was a black latex halter-style dress with no sleeves, a short V-neckline with a key-hole cut out in the shape of a tear drop measuring 6 inches long and 2 inches wide located between the breasts, and a pencil skirt with a hemline 3 inches above the knee. The halter dress had an open back design that exposed the upper half of her back.  It clung to her breasts, waist, hips, ass, and upper thighs tightly, revealing all the curves underneath. Two black fingerless latex gloves ran up her lower arms and about 3 inches past her elbows. Black gartered fish net stockings ran up her legs, which stood in knee-length, front-laced, 5-inch high-heeled black latex boots.

Wha...?!...how...?........................... Is this me?   She put a hand to her cheek and so did the mirrored image.............................Did I choose this?  This was her own bedroom, in her own house; she must have.  But.......but why?  Erin searched her mind to find some rationale for her attire. 

These...these are religious clothes... just....just with a little more...more freedom about them..................Yes.  She did feel free, in some vague way.  So this outfit was a combination of being religious and being free................. That was okay................  And...and...I look...I look hot...

For a brief moment, Erin wondered two things:  First, when did she start talking like that; and second, what would Madelynn think if she saw her like this.  Then the next logical question struck her, with some panic, namely, whether Madelynn did see her like this a few minutes ago at the front door.  Was I wearing this?............. If I was........what did she think of me?................ She didn't say anything about it at the door...................... And if she didn't see me like this...then...what would she think ............if one day... I dressed like this.........for her...?..........................Would she like it?..................................

Erin reflected that, considering Madelynn's tastes of late, this look might well appeal to her...and... maybe...even...attract her.  I bet she would approve... I bet she'd like this kind of a...a "dress"...and the way I Iook.................... In fact...isn't this...don't I kind of have that same look... that same style...what did I hear someone call it?..."Goth", was it?...that same "Goth"  look, kind of...that she has...and likes...and like that Elena girl...?    

Despite her prejudices about such kinds of girls, Erin couldn't help but picture Elena in her mind and admit to herself, begrudgingly, a small degree of admiration.  A little strange, for sure; but...beautiful.  Then she visualized the Goth Madelynn of recent days.  To be honest...she is really pretty now............sexy pretty.............My daughter is a sexy fox.

Once again Erin was surprised by her choice of words to herself, but the surprise subsided quickly, and she went on.  Her hair is different than it was... I like it...her makeup, too...and her clothes...  It was making sense... Madelynn's new style wasn't all that bad... Maybe it was really, in fact, good........bold, yes.......but quite.........attractive... 

And me... She examined herself in the mirror again.  I am...I am kind of like...like Madelynn...and Elena...like this...aren't I...?  A feeling of fascination and pleasure passed through her.

I think I like this. 

There was a metallic glint on the white latex choker around her neck which was too small to discern in detail in the mirror at the distance she was standing from it. Erin felt the object on the choker, expecting to find a cross, but it was something else. It felt like an inverted pair of crosses with two round shapes attached. What is this?

"Come, Erin, let us take pleasure in one another," said the Dark Succubus in a sultry voice. "Discover the paradise that only a woman can offer you."

The woman got on her fours and crawled sultrily in Erin's direction to the foot of the bed that had no foot board. She then swiveled around gracefully and sat on the edge of the bed facing Erin.   After pausing a moment there to gaze at Erin and let Erin look upon her, erotic suspense filling the air rapidly and heavily between them, she leisurely straightened her left leg and raised it in the air, while unhurriedly running her purple-nailed hands up and down the leg, as if smoothing her hose. 

In the process of lowering her left leg back down, to eventually plant its foot on the floor, the Succubus casually lifted her skirt and petticoats up with both hands, as if to prevent entangling the skirting ensemble between her thighs.  With these motions, she briefly revealed to Erin the inside of her skirt and petticoats, all the way up her legs.  She wore no panties.  Parting her legs some, the woman looked at the middle-aged mother with a cunning smile.  Realizing what she was looking at, and trying to tear her eyes away but being quite unable to do so, a quick burst of fresh adrenaline set Erin's pulse racing. 

Releasing the skirting, the succubus repeated the same action with her right leg, Erin watching raptly to see if the Succubus would show her inner sanctum again, though part of her prayed that the exotic woman wouldn't tease her that same way another time.  But she did, this time for longer, and opening her legs yet wider, exhibiting to Erin a more complete view of her dripping, hairless womanhood.  Erin's eyes widened as she focused on the temptress's succulent pair of curved, plump pussy lips, brightly, deeply, indelibly stained with glowing, glossy neon-purple pigment. Erin's black-lipped mouth opened, her face flushed with shamed, thrilled interest, her mouth watered reflexively with desire, and her eyes welded to the obscene sight, trying to take it all in before it ended. 

All too soon for Erin, the lurid exhibition did end, only to yield to another.  With both feet planted on the floor, the seductress stood up, brushing her skirt and petticoats into place. She bent over as she did, which induced her wondrous breasts to spill partly out of her corset top for a teasing second, giving Erin a tantalizingly quick look at her incredible set of nipples, which, as far as Erin could tell in the fleeting moment afforded her, were impossibly large and stained the same neon purple as her labia.  The Succubus stood erect, her breasts dropped promptly back into their leather cups, and, smiling at Erin again, she daintily tucked them into the corset top more completely, as if to insure her modesty.

Erin found herself entranced by the Dark Succubus and her pornographic elegance in simply getting off the bed .  Her heart was beating quickly.

As the Dark Succubus walked closer to her, Erin backed away slowly while shaking her head in denial. Her back struck the door with a thump. Erin was trapped between the door and the black-clad woman. A wave of sweet-smelling perfume filled Erin's nostrils as the Dark Succubus moved her lips close to Erin's for a kiss. Erin turned her face away from the woman, exposing her cheek, which the woman kissed instead. The kiss on the cheek gave Erin an unexpected sexual thrill.  She found its softness beguiling, and the novel, slick sensation of the deep-purple lipstick on her skin intoxicating. 

After the first contact the Succubus paused a moment, her dark, perfumed lips hovering a millimeter from Erin's face, to allow the pleasure of what she just did to penetrate into Erin's skin and emotions, as well as to allow tension and expectation to build between them.  Finally, the woman's sexy mouth returned to Erin's check, and explored further, plying the left side of Erin's face with her lips, tongue, and nose, caressing, nuzzling, smooching, and licking.

At first, Erin was lost in the thrilling sensations of the woman's mouth, and could not move, more than content to let it happen.  But then the reality of what she was allowing flashed with panic upon her. 

Erin tried to turn her face away from the woman's exquisite purple mouth and, reaching behind her, frantically searched for the doorknob.  Finding it, she desperately tried to twist it and escape.  But it would not turn; the door would not budge.  She was trapped.

Erin started to try to push the Succubus away from her, but the beautiful masked woman placed one more, lingering purple kiss on Erin's face.  As with Madelynn, in a similar situation on the doorstep a few minutes before this, the urge to resist another female faded away. 

The lovely seductress resumed pleasuring Erin's face with her fragrant mouth, roving slowly but adventurously over both sides of Erin's face now, worshipping her cheeks, nose, eyelids, eyebrows, forehead, ears, and chin with soft, wet, addicting, lipsticked adoration.  The Succubus pressed her body into Erin more, and Erin's body relaxed into the strange, tempting woman's enticing warmth and curves. 

After some time like this, the Succubus started to writhe her lush body passionately against Erin's.  Instinctively--per a set of new rising instincts--Erin reacted by pushing her face against the Dark Succubus' swirling tongue and roving lips, seeking more of those supple, moist, purple delights. 

At length the voice of the woman spoke in Erin's mind: "Let's kiss, mouth-to-mouth..."

The suggestion shocked Erin's heterosexuality out of its brief nap. She managed a protest, first internally, then audibly. 

No!  That is going too far.  I'm not a...not a...a lesbian.  And that would make me one. 

Erin moaned plaintively, "No...please, no...I'm not a lesbian... I don't want to be one...."  But the lovely woman, ignoring her protest, gently grabbing Erin's chin and kissed her. On her lips.

I shouldn't be doing this!

Erin pressed her lips tightly together in an attempted evasion.

But within a minute of the woman skating her painted lips along her own smooth and glossy black ones, then erotically rotating her tits into hers, Erin's resistance once again melted away.  She surrendered to the mouth on hers and accepted the kiss and the tongue that promptly slipped into her mouth.

The pleasure was overwhelming.  She couldn't recall a kiss from a male ever feeling this good, not from her ex-husband nor with any other male earlier in her life.

I shouldn't be feeling excited from another woman kissing me!  But, in spite of knowing what she should feel, Erin had no will to fight against her new sexual feelings. She kissed back against the Dark Succubus' lips and sucked on the tongue that invaded her mouth. 

An unwanted truth passed through Erin's mind:  She was right... This is............. paradise...

The Dark Succubus interlocked her fingers with Erin's as they kissed.  It reminded Erin of doing so with her ex-husband, when they were young, but that seemed long ago now, and not nearly as thrilling nor as romantic as doing so with this woman. 

Then the sexy Succubus took Erin's hands by the wrists and directed them to her shapely hips.  Erin couldn't help but rove her hands over them, savoring the lush curves. Then, yielding to carnal instinct, Erin reached around to touch the woman's butt through the leather skirt.  The Succubus let her have a feel, but wouldn't let her linger. 

As they sustained their kissing, once again the temptress guided Erin's hands, this time slowly up along the curvy sides of her body until they reached her breasts.  She let Erin touch and caress them through the black leather corset top.

Erin had never handled another woman's breasts, especially in a sexual manner, nor come close to doing so.  Though merely a dream, this event was monumental for her, combining alarming shock at the sin she was committing mingled with a heavenly delight she had never dreamed she could get from handling another woman like this.  While something inside her told her this was wrong, gravely wrong, a heavy sin, and she should withdraw her hands immediately for the sake of her soul, yet something else told her she had always harbored a desire, buried deep-down inside, to indulge in this very act, this terrible, sinful act.

If I could just touch her more...more of her...inside her dress...what treasure is hidden there? I'm already sinning...I would just sin a little more...not a lot... Would it be so bad...to hold her beautiful breasts in my hands...to see them...to explore them...to kiss them...?  She wouldn't mind... She probably wants me to...

Desire for the Succubus's breasts now possessed Erin.  She craved to touch and feel and cradle and worship them without anything in the way.

Erin tried to slip her black-nailed fingers into the folds of the corset top.  But the woman, still holding her wrists, stopped her gently, with a knowing yet friendly smile on her face.

"You must become a lesbian first, my darling.  Become a lesbian...for me... Then you can have me, all of me.  Will you become a lesbian?"

Erin was confused, excited, and highly aroused. There was still conflict within her. She was stuck with indecision.

"You need to become one for Madelynn, too." 

What?....... Why?........

Then, it seemed to Erin like she had heard that before...like it was a familiar issue...one she had forgotten...or put on the back burner of her mind...while she thought about it... 

I love my daughter.  I would do almost anything for her... But...  

"Let me help you make the decision," said the Dark Succubus as she lowered herself onto her knees.

Erin shuddered as the Dark Succubus, starting at Erin's knees, grazed her purple-lacquered nails with excruciating leisure upward along Erin's fishnet-covered thighs, elevating the hem of Erin's latex skirt as she progressed, until they passed over soft, bare skin and then reached the triangle of Erin's black satin panties. She reached into the folds with three fingers and pulled the fabric aside to reveal Erin's fuzzy snatch.

"Pussy. "  Erin heard a soft, seductive female voice speak the word in her mind, almost as if she had said it, though in real life she had not ever uttered it before, not that word, a word that was too lewd for decent people to even think. "It's your ‘pussy'.  It's a beautiful word, a sexy word, for a beautiful place.  A sexy place.  A place for sex.  Your favorite place.  It's the right word."

........."pussy"........ It's my...my "pussy...... Erin felt a dark shiver of delight run up her back for having let the debauched word in.

"Unless you stop me, you will become a lesbian the moment I put my lips on your pussy," said the Dark Succubus before she slowly advanced her lips toward Erin's crotch. 

 Erin instinctively knew the mysterious woman was telling the truth.  Even though this was merely a dream, she keenly sensed that her heterosexual soul had already been deeply tainted and was even now slipping away, that she was teetering at this moment on the brink of a fundamental transformation, and was about to plunge into a carnal and wicked state that she never had wanted before. 

Most every important decision in Erin's life up to this point had been clear-cut to her.  She had viewed herself and her world through the black-or-white lens of her religion; a matter was either right or wrong, and there was no listening to the devil.  However, now her world was abruptly upside-down.   Her rational mind told her that there was no way she should let another woman make love to her sex; it would be a terrible sin.  That part of her urged her to summon her last reservoir of moral fiber, to resist before it was too late.

But another part of her--her pussy--wanted that exact thing with a sudden, ravenous desperation; and that greedy pussy had precipitously assumed control of her volition.   It howled at her to give in, to surrender completely to the dark corruption, to embrace the decadent transformation that was inevitable, that she really wanted to, and that the birth of her new, sexually-liberated identity was now only a few exciting moments away. Erin's pussy pleaded with her, and demanded of her, to welcome the approaching luscious mouth, to allow the irresistible, glossy-purple lips of the Succubus to kiss her...to kiss her there...where no one had ever kissed her before...the place she had always kept safe...and protected...from violation...from love... She had only allowed her husband there...but not too much...and never a mouth...a woman's thrilling mouth...never dangerous, soft, painted, wonderful lips...on her tender, dripping, private womanly lips...on her womanhood...on her steaming core...

"Cunt."  The word sounded softly through Erin's brain.  "It's a ‘cunt'...as well as a ‘pussy'.  Sexy women like you have ‘cunts'.  Call it a ‘cunt'..."  

Yes... My pussy is a...a "cunt"...my sexy "cunt"...

"That's right... Your cunt is sexy... It needs to be kissed...by a beautiful woman..."

My cunt is sexy...beautiful...needs to be kissed...

"And she's going to kiss it now... She'll make it a lesbian cunt... She'll make you a lesbian..."

She's going to kiss it...my lesbian cunt...............but.......

"You want to be a lesbian..."

I want to be a lesbian.....................What?..........I do?...........

"Yes... You desperately want to be a lesbian...more than anything else...for your daughter...for yourself... You want to feel another woman's lips on your cunt...kissing it...making you a lesbian...this lovely woman's lesbian lips... Let it happen... Surrender... Give in to the sin..."

In the agonizing seconds that followed, Erin stared with horrified fascination and electric anticipation at the journey of the woman's beautiful lips to her labia while doing nothing at all to stop her.  She tried to say something at the last moment...but there was no chance her eagerly receptive, juicing vagina would allow any interference.  Erin's mouth was failing her, while the Succubus's mouth would not be denied, approaching steadily, impossibly, unbearably, wickedly, delightfully, gloriously, inevitably, fatally...

And then, it was too late. The purple lips had already touched her pussy. Intense sexual pleasure rifled through her womanhood and through her feminine soul, as it were with lightning and thunder and depraving conversion.

"Uh uhh uhhh Uhhh Ahhh Oh Uhhh!"

Erin's eyes opened widely as she woke up from her dream. Her body was soaked in sweat.  After lying there staring at the ceiling a minute in a state of alarm and arousal, trying to let her heart calm down and seeking to clear her mind enough to grasp what had just happened, she realized she was holding something in her hand. It was a metallic black bullet dildo, and it was wet. Next she saw that on the bed nearby was a lesbian porno magazine titled "Sapphic Delights", opened to a picture of a woman in a skimpy parody of a nun habit, exactly like the one she herself had worn in her dream. She couldn't remember ever having used the dildo or picking up the magazine before she had gone to sleep. 

Then she noticed that her other hand was fingering her pussy, and that there was wetness all around her groin. "This is sinful! I shouldn't be doing this!" whispered Erin weakly as she nevertheless continued to masturbate herself, while still holding onto the dildo, and staring at it, finding it extremely tempting, particularly when the details of her dream started flooding back all at once into vivid recollection. 

Nooooo...I didn't choose to have that dream!  I'm not like that! 

She had to get away...out of that bed, and away from this bedroom...at least for a few minutes...go to the restroom...splash some cold water on her face...something, anything to break out of this sleazy mood she was in.  Mustering her willpower, Erin at last withdrew her soaked fingers from her vagina, dropped the dildo, got up from her bed, and staggered to the door leading to the hallway, without caring that she only had her white bra and panties on. 

When she opened the door and stepped out, she saw Madelynn, who had just finished using the bathroom, coming in her direction from the bathroom.


Madelynn was shocked to see her mom without her nightgown on, and walking around the house in just her bra and panties; that was a first, or such a rare occasion so as to qualify as a first to Madelynn.  Her eyes seemed to automatically drift down, first to her mom's notable cleavage, and then to her mom's panties, a response conditioned by weeks of brainwashing, porn, and erotic experiences which had focused her mind and desires on the bras and breasts and panties and pussies of other girls and women. 

Though the light in the hallway was not particularly bright, it nevertheless revealed a glistening discoloration on the front of her mom's full-cut brief-style, plain, opaque white nylon panties.  Is that...is that a wet stain?  

She asked herself the same questions that had surfaced in her mind when she had passed her mother's bedroom a few minutes earlier:  Was she masturbating?  Or did she have a wet dream?  Was that the moaning I heard? 

I wonder if...if I caused it...by... by what I did to her...?  The possibility struck her simultaneously with conscious alarm and subconscious delight.

Just as Madelynn was highly surprised to see her mom in her underwear, Erin was likewise stunned by her daughter's sheer night gown and sensual lingerie, but the shock quickly transformed into unbidden fascination, and she said nothing about it. 

That silence was a manifestation of a change that had taken place within Erin.  The Erin of the past would have blurted out something like, "Young lady!  What do you mean traipsing around the house at all hours of the night dressed like some trollup!"  But she didn't feel that way now.  Not this Erin.  She didn't feel like the rigid, judgmental, no-nonsense, strictly religious woman of even a couple of weeks ago.  This Erin felt softer, more tolerant, more lenient, more indulgent, less bound by her religious precepts.  Freer.  Her first-line emotion was no longer righteous indignation, but rather effusive affection, aimed at her daughter. 

When the immediate surprise caused by her daughter's attire wore off, she wanted to say something, but it wasn't a rebuke; it was a compliment--for she found herself actually approving of what Madelynn was wearing and admiring how...how cute...she looked in it--and an expression of maternal warmth, but, being rather unpracticed at voicing those particular sentiments, she was at a loss for words.  When she finally formulated some mentally, the words caught in her throat.

Instead, Erin's new, gushier emotions and modified maternal instincts propelled Erin to rush to her daughter and hug her.  The embrace was tighter than Madelynn had expected.

"Madelynn, my sweet baby, your dad left us." She pulled Madelynn in closely, and spoke softly into her ear, plaintively. "Don't leave me too!"

The plea for Madelynn not to leave her was heartfelt, but the rest of what was implied in Erin's words misrepresented her actual feelings.  It was true that at one time Erin had been distraught about her husband leaving her, but she no longer genuinely felt that way.  She invoked that trauma solely to win Madelynn's sympathy, in order to support her petition, although she was not consciously trying to mislead her daughter; it was just a convenient emotional tool and she used it.  And, while Erin was truly worried that Madelynn might abandon her, it was not as it would seem on the surface, namely as a parent experiencing natural melancholy at the prospect of a child leaving the nest, but rather as a woman subconsciously intent on developing her daughter into a love interest without interference by anyone else.

Erin had been raised by a kindly Catholic father and an austere Pentecostal mother.  They had been somewhat of an odd couple, but they both had compromised and made their marriage work.   Additionally, both parents had passed along a variety of their beliefs to Erin.  She had picked up her very strict moral views and practices from her mother, but she favored many things about the Catholics, as well.   Erin had grown up associating with many good Catholic people, loved the formalities, rituals, and pomp of the Catholic services, and, as a girl, had been particularly fascinated with nuns. 

One of her father's sisters, in fact, was a nun. This aunt was both a good woman and a beauty.  It was well known in the family how she had left a budding career as a fashion model in order to devote the rest of her life to God.  Erin had met her many times, felt a connection to her, and had looked up to her with admiration and awe.  There even was a time when Erin had considered treading the same path, but her doctrinal views sided too much with the Protestants.

Part of Erin's girlhood interest in nuns had related to their garb.  She had loved how their loose garments flapped around with the wind outdoors and with every movement even indoors.  Her favorite part, though, of the habit had been the long veil running from the crown of the head to the small of the back. To the young Erin, a nun's veil had seemed like long, black hair.  Erin had conjectured it was like a substitute for the attractive mane of hair that a nun certainly must wish she could have and display, if only the rules allowed it.

The other aspect of nun's clothing that had intrigued young Erin had been how much it covered up, and how little it revealed.  Even modest women who weren't nuns in the modern world showed something, such asone could normally tell something about a woman's legs, if at least part of a calf showed below a skirt, or the shape of the hips, rear, and legs, as outlined through a pair of pants, or her arms, if uncovered in a short-sleeve top, or the presence of bra straps and the basic shape of a woman's torso as revealed through a blouse.  And, except if a hat or cap or hood or wig of some kind were worn, one could almost always see what a "civilian" woman's hair was like.  But through a nun's habit, one couldn't tell anything about what was underneath.  And that led to imaginative speculation on the part of young Erin about what might be hidden under all that cloth.

When Erin had married Don, a decent man but one who was not partial to organized religion, she had thought she could make it work as her parents had, despite their philosophical disagreements.  He had been a good family man and she had loved him, in her own way, but his lack of religious zeal, according to her criteria, had ended up bothering her more than she had supposed it would.  That attitude had manifested itself in numerous ways on her part--nitpicking, nagging, and an increasing sexual frigidity, which came on top of the sexual reserve which, despite her natural good looks and nice body, had always characterized her, even in their earlier days, which she felt her religion dictated.

Erin's husband had filed for divorce and left over a year ago, weary of Erin's straight-laced, holier-than-thou, no-fun ways and having found a woman more receptive to his amorous requirements.  It had shaken Erin, to be sure, undermining her confidence in and with men and leaving an emotional and even a sexual void in her life.  

At first, she had missed his companionship and regretted not being more yielding with him.  But life had gradually settled back to a normal routine.  She still had her faith to comfort her.  She still was on God's side and He on hers.  And she still had Madelynn.

Erin had never really worried in the past about losing Madelynn in any particular way.  Until recently, Madelynn had always been a good girl.  She had gone to church with Erin and had adopted her faith and values.  She had been a good student, stayed away from bad influences, was helpful at home, and kept her room tidy.  Erin knew her daughter would eventually get a boyfriend, or go off to college, and eventually get married, but that was the way of things, and she had been reconciled to it.  Besides, Madelynn was still in high school, had no boys knocking on her door, and was not likely to move out very soon.  It was not a pending issue.

Over the past several months, Erin's regret over her intolerance with Don had led her to try to be a little more liberal with Madelynn, while still maintaining uncompromising standards for herself and trying to set a good example for her daughter by so doing.  In former days, Erin would not have allowed one minute of a worldly style such as Goth for Madelynn, but this slightly more tolerant Erin had tried to bite her tongue and be patient with Madelynn when she had started to change a couple of months ago, although it had been difficult and she had been critical nevertheless.  She had not approved of this new direction, and up to about two weeks ago she had been coming to the conclusion that she had been too lenient and it was time to crack down.

But Erin's attitude had been softening since then.  She didn't know why, but she had started to view Madelynn differently.  She had been feeling less need to be concerned.  She had been starting to recognize the beauty in her daughter's new looks.  She had started to want to be more indulgent and closer emotionally to Madelynn.

Subconsciously the changes had been more dramatic.  Unknown to Erin, her interest in men had been killed and replaced with lesbian attraction to women generally and to her daughter specifically.  Buried in Erin's heart, Madelynn was now the one destined to fill the vacuum in her life, the one to claim her husband's place as her companion, the one to take his place in her bed.  It was a desire which Erin had been feeling increasingly in the last week, but which was so new and unexpected and obscure to her that she had not yet grasped nor defined it in her head.  But if she were given the choice at this moment between taking Don back or taking up with Madelynn in an intimate relationship, she would have no emotional or physical inclination to choose him or any other man over Madelynn. 

Almost two weeks ago, Erin had met Elena, a new friend of her daughter's, and, subsequently, had identified her as the main probable threat to both Madelynn and to herself.   If Erin was feeling some kind of insecurity about losing Madelynn, it must be Elena, she thought...Elena, Madelynn's new confidant....Elena, the Goth girl who was the prime suspect for Madelynn's recent sinful changes...Elena, who probably was the one supplying Madelynn with decadent clothes and porn and those "toys"...Elena, the young woman who might be stealing her daughter away from her.  Elena was the real reason for Erin importuning Madelynn not to leave her, as they embraced in the hallway.

So, holding on to Madelynn like this, in the middle of the night, dressed only in a bra and in her panties, Erin's concern was two-fold.  First, she was worried about Madelynn; and her conscious goal was to save her daughter from this Elena and anyone else who might have designs on her, and to save her from the deviant course she was on--even though Erin had in the past few days been seeing that there were some attractive things about it.  But she didn't know how to go about saving her, quite.  She was stumped.  It seemed like something drastic was called for, but, after the plan to move away had somehow fizzled out, nothing had come to her yet, at least nothing she could accept morally. 

But Erin's second apprehension, and of even greater importance to her, but at a more buried level, was about what was going to become of their relationship.  Erin sensed consciously how much she needed her daughter and how much she craved her love, her approval, and her companionship.  But there was something more.  She couldn't quite put her finger on it. There was something more about Madelynn that she hungered after.  Right now Erin knew that she didn't want Madelynn ever to leave, that she never would be able to stand losing her girl. 

 "Don't worry, Mom, I'll always be with you."

The chaste hug became something more without Erin and Madelynn being consciously aware of it.  Erin felt and loved her daughter's fresh, large young breasts pressing into hers through the layers of soft, feminine material, as if that type of enjoyment were natural, and Madelynn likewise savored her mom's full, mature melons, contained only by her bra, pushing into hers.   Erin's hands began roaming slowly around her daughter's back, feeling smooth milky skin through the semi-sheer sleeping gown, roving in roughly circular motions with her hands. 

Neither had ever thought before, as far as they both were aware, about taking pleasure in this particular way with each other, much less had they come close to actually doing so.   Madelynn in particular was aware that she had never before held her mother while either was so skimpily dressed, nor had she ever felt her mother's hands exploring her sensuously.  It was...it was simply...delicious.

A sentiment passed through Madelynn, as if it were enlightenment from an exterior source.  I think...I think she likes me...in this..........  Mom seems to be enjoying it...enjoying me....................  I'll dress like this for her again...........Next time, I will do more...go further...see what happens...

Madelynn was feeling very close to her mom, closer than she had in a long time...maybe closer than she had ever felt before, it seemed.  Acting on a strange instinct, Madelynn put her lips close to her mother's left ear, pressing their breasts into a heightened level of luxurious contact by so doing, and whispered, "I love you, Mom." Her lips were so close that they brushed against Erin's ear while she was whispering. The soft labial contact, accompanied by the touching words and the mingling of breasts, caused Erin to feel a shudder run through her body.

This spike of pleasure jolted Erin into full awareness of an erotic component in their actions.  As much as she was enjoying this intimate moment with her pretty daughter, she knew that she, as the parent, was obliged put a stop to it.

Erin broke the hug.  She put her hands on Madelynn's shoulders, held her at arm's length, looked her daughter in the eye, despite finding it difficult to do so, and said, "Go to sleep now, honey. You don't want to be groggy in the morning."

Stepping away, Madelynn took one last look at her mother's body covered in just her bra and panties...her wet panties.  She knew she shouldn't, but she really liked seeing her mom just like this.   Mom looks sexy.  I hope we can do this again...

As Madelynn walked away to her bedroom, Erin stood there and stared at her daughter's pretty, glossy black and purple hair swinging around her head, and at her slim, fetching teen body.  She espied Madelynn's black satin bra straps and panties shimmering through the nightgown, and the sway of her ass and her other sensual curves.

Madelynn looks so..................... sexy.............................

Finally Madelynn disappeared into her room, breaking the spell. 

No...wait!  Not my daughter!... I shouldn't be thinking like that about my own daughter!

Lost on Erin was the part of what she had just done for which her conscience had not mustered an objection or a reprimand.  While it had told her that the incestuous undercurrent she was feeling was wrong, it had been mute about ogling a girl, in general terms...as if, if the girl she had just checked out had not been her daughter, then it would have not been very abnormal.

Erin hastened her steps to the bathroom. Once inside, she turned on the lights, closed the door, and stared at herself in the mirror.   She saw a woman, a nice-looking brunette woman with an attractive body, in her white bra and panties and nothing else, one who had been parading around the house in them, for her daughter to see, as if...as if she were some sort of...a slut...  

The woman, in the mirror licked around her lips in a sensual manner.

Erin blinked. Did I just do what I think I did?  She shook her head.

I need to get a hold of myself, said Erin to herself as she reached for the cross pendant necklace dangling above her cleavage, the cross she had always worn since she was a little girl, and which had always served so well as a reminder of who she was and what she believed.  When she looked at her reflection again, she was surprised that it was a pair of Venus symbols instead of a cross that was hanging on the necklace.  She was not so out of touch with the times that she did not know what that emblem meant.

NO!  Erin immediately lowered her eyes to focus on her necklace directly. It was a simple cross. Whew! Thank God! Must be...it must be the memory of the dream... playing tricks on me.

It struck her then that the nun self-image in her dream should have been wearing a cross around her neck, but instead it had been the same lesbian symbol that she had just imagined seeing.  It was as if...as if in her dream she had been suggesting to herself to...to switch religions...to drop her Christianity...and to adopt a religion of...of love...the love of women...

A somber look appeared on Erin's face.  The Devil is tempting me. I can't lose my faith in God. I can't let my daughter lose her faith in God. I must protect my daughter!

But then reality, as she perceived it, hit her, and Erin lowered her head in defeat. But how do I protect my daughter without sinning?! 

The machine had set up obstacles in Erin's mind which foiled her attempts to come up with some kind of normal, reasonable, moral way to help Madelynn.  Instead, it had her convinced that she had to chose between either keeping herself on morally proper and safe ground but, by so doing, abandoning her daughter to evil forces and people, or protecting Madelynn, but only by compromising herself and her values.

The option of moving away had faded from her mind as a viable possibility.  She couldn't explain why and remembered having been intent on doing that, but now it seemed wrong, an injustice to her daughter, and quite unnecessary and impractical, if not foolish to begin with, and she didn't feel like reconsidering it at all. 

Out of the blue, the memory of meeting Elena surfaced in Erin's mind.  The exotically lovely young woman had approached Erin on the street and introduced herself as Elena, one of Madelynn's friends, and then... Erin couldn't remember what exactly had happened afterwards.  Next thing she knew, Erin was carrying her groceries into the house.  But...there was something about that woman... Yes, she was beautiful... Yet...there was something...something suspicious...something that seemed so...so... well...depraved about her...

And how did she know Madelynn?  Erin had asked her daughter, but only got, "Oh, she's just a friend."  What was the connection?  It seemed to Erin like she knew, but that she just couldn't quite focus on what it might be. 

But Elena had that same "Goth" style that Madelynn seemed now to favor.  It didn't take a genius to deduce who may have gotten Madelynn into that.  It's that young woman's fault. I bet she tempted my daughter and corrupted her!

Trying to calm herself down by changing her focus, Erin stared at her reflection again.  She liked the way she looked... dark, neutral brown hair just at her shoulders, done in a proper, tidy style, contrasting with her clear, unlined, ivory-light skin, which Madelynn had inherited...greyish eyes, not quite as light as Madelynn's and bluer...small nose and mouth, full lips, dark eyebrows and eyelashes...well-proportioned facial features... trim, shapely body... 

But that vision of herself in the dream...that...that was something... 

She forced herself back to the topic at hand.  How can I win my daughter back and put her back on the right path?  What can I do to pull her away from that...that other woman...?

Once Erin got back to her bedroom, she turned on the lamp on her nightstand and prayed while kneeling at the edge of the bed, hoping to get an answer--any answer--from God on how to help her daughter. Six minutes later, a strange feeling arose in Erin's heart. She felt a strange sense of excitement. Somehow, she felt she was getting really close to the answer to her problem.  Erin had no clue that a machine had programmed her mind to receive certain "inspiration" on various occasions as she prayed, and this was one of those occasions.

The effects of the machine on Erin's mind continued to surface further over the next several minutes, effects which, among other things, made her feel and think like a lesbian slut, but without realizing it was abnormal for her to so feel and think.  She arose and walked to the closet mirror. She appraised her own bra-and-panty-clad body in the reflection.  As in the bathroom, she liked what she saw.  I should do this more often..........

Erin felt up her own curves in a sensual manner. I still look attractive. 

Instinctively, Erin pulled loose the straps of her white bra and slid the cups down. She had never looked at herself like this before...not this intentionally...and not with an interest like this...a prurient interest... in herself.  But it now seemed like what she ought to do.  Her breasts were milky white, making the unusually red nipples stand out all the more, like cherries on mounds of vanilla ice cream.  Her orbs were proud, not quite as firm as when she was ten or twenty years younger, but not yet very droopy, either.  And they were large, enough to fill one's hands generously.  Who could resist these?  Erin grabbed her breasts. 

No.......no one..........No one could...or should...resist these...these tits...my big, beautiful, awesome tits...

Her mind liked that word, "tits", though it never had before, and her mental use of it went unchallenged.  Likewise, her regard of her breasts--her tits--as marvels with which to tease and to tempt others--other women, especially--was also novel, yet in this moment it similarly seemed perfectly natural to her...if delightfully naughty, as well.

Other words started to enter her head, sexy words, words which seemed to fit herself as well, words she had never used or thought, cruder words than she was accustomed to using, words she had heard others use, and which, as far as she knew, may have drifted into her head from the porn she had looked at of late, or from somewhere else.  It was hard to tell whence they came, but in this moment they now seemed almost normal to think.  

...my nasty tits...my nasty, dirty tits... The woman in the mirror cupped and lifted and played with her breasts, offering them as if forbidden fruits.  They are...just awesome... awesome temptations...that no woman...no girl... can resist...

An epiphany came to Erin.  

Yes..........yes, of course..............Now I know what to do............. Just as that woman has tempted my daughter to the wrong path, I must tempt my daughter back into the right path. 

There would be a competition for the soul of Madelynn.  Let the best woman win.  Erin gave her breasts--her tits--an emphatic squeeze for the woman watching in the mirror.


The word popped in Erin's mind unexpectedly.  She had long viewed homosexuality, male or female, as one of the more perverted practices of a depraved world, but one which had surfaced out of nowhere lately in Erin's world.  First, she had come to believe that Madelynn's best friend, Wendy, had become a lesbian, after personally witnessing her kiss another girl in public a few weeks ago, and that had made Erin worried that her own daughter could become caught up in something like that as well.  Then, to her great dismay, but confirming that her fears had been justified, about a week ago Erin had discovered a stash of lesbian porn in Madelynn's bedroom. 

Erin had "inspected" the porn and the experience had been...well...eye-opening...to say the least.  As a result, she had found her stance softening some. Maybe porn...porn of that kind...while it definitely had an evil side...and could do some damage in the wrong hands...especially in young hands...yet...maybe there was a role it served...for some people...for mature people with good moral fiber otherwise...for people with good intentions...people like herself...who could handle it...treat it objectively...not get carried away by it... 

As for lesbianism...well...yes, it was definitely sinful...that hadn't changed...probably it was really bad morally...but...Erin now saw that it was not...not totally without it's...merits...and its fascinations...


That word passed through her mind again.  It now had a strange sense of familiarity.  Agreeable familiarity.  Beyond her concerns about it with Wendy and Madelynn and her encounters with it in Madelynn's porn, it struck her that she had heard it mentioned recently somewhere else, in some particular context.  But she didn't remember exactly where, though she had the impression there was something personal about it for her now, something favorable, something she liked. It gave her a slight thrill.

But she knew lesbianism wasn't the kind of thing a teenage girl should be getting into, especially with a stranger like that Elena.  Exactly how far Madelynn had gone down that path in practice, Erin did not know, but it would not be surprising to find out a woman like that Elena would be into all kinds of deviant things, and would try to lure her daughter into them, as well. 

Yes, that's what that woman is doing to my daughter. She's making her into a lesbian. My daughter is being blinded by that woman's temptations.

Another word sounded in Erin's thoughts.


That word was also familiar somehow. Instinctively, Erin put the two words together: Lesbian seduction.

Erin's eyes shifted to another spot on the mirror. She saw the reflection of the Sapphic Delights magazine and the black bullet dildo, two of the many items she had confiscated from her daughter's collection.

The epiphany that had started a few minutes ago now crystallized.  The path of opportunity and of duty for Erin became suddenly clear. 

I must seduce my daughter. That is the only way to steal her away from that Elena woman.  I must win her love...by seducing her...

But I can't do that if I remain the way I have been all my life.  I am too...straight-laced...and too straight.  I have to change myself... for my daughter.  For Madelynn...I will do it...I will become what I am not...what I have never been...  I will become the opposite of what I am now...for my girl...in order to win her heart...to steal her back...I must become a lesbian!

Once I seduce her, I will tempt her back into the right path and then...then we can become normal again...

Yet...a sense of doubt lingered in Erin.  But...it is right?   Should I?

Lesbianism is the only way. The thought went through Erin's mind suddenly.  It seemed as if God were inspiring her, and her reluctance disappeared, at least for the time being.

Two more seeming truths suddenly dawned on Erin.

First:  It's possible that I've always wanted to be a lesbian...to at least try it out.  She realized that she might have been suppressing that desire, or so it now seemed.  An exhilarating feeling of liberation swept over Erin to finally be on the brink of understanding her real sexual nature and exploring a hidden part of herself, at last.  I have God's permission. 

Second:  If Madelynn is going to become a lesbian, it should be with her mother.  It should be her mother who shows her the way, not a stranger.  I should have become a lesbian before now.  If I had, maybe Madelynn wouldn't have turned to another woman for direction and comfort. 

All of these new, enlightened sentiments rapidly assumed the aura of a divine commission.

The vision of what she ought to do clarified further for Erin; her certainty of the path she should take solidified.  Yes...My daughter and I will become lesbians together.  We will have that in common.   It will bond us together.  Whatever Elena is offering her, I will offer her more.  I will win her love.  I will seduce her.  We will become lesbian girlfriends.  Lovers.  It will be temporary, because it is sinful.  Then we will repent, together, find forgiveness, together, and we will both become normal again, together.  I will sin to save my daughter.  It is the only way.

Equipped now with a righteous justification to engage in lesbian acts, Erin slowly picked up the magazine and flipped to a page where two raven-haired teenaged girls in black latex one-piece swimming suits were kissing each other. She picked up the metallic black bullet dildo, pressed it against her clit, and turned the switch on.


At 7:05 AM that morning, Madelynn walked down the stairs to the living room and then to the kitchen.  She saw her mom standing at the stove dressed in an apron over a light brown cardigan sweater and dark gray khaki pants.

"Good morning, honey."

"Morning, Mom," greeted Madelynn as she hung her backpack on the back of a chair.

"I've cooked some pancakes for you."

"Thanks, Mom."

When Erin had first taken a look in the drawer in Madelynn's bedroom a week ago and discovered Madelynn's porn stash and metallic blue gyrating dildo, she had reacted by confiscating them.  Later wondering if there was more she had missed, she retuned to the room and searched further.  Finding some other toys and some risqué apparel she hadn't seen before, even on her previous visit to the room, Erin decided to just take almost all of Madelynn's new things, leaving her old, acceptable clothes, of course, and just a few almost-modest new items to get her by.

But the very next day, she found that she felt differently...that maybe she had overreacted.  She returned most of Madelynn's new wardrobe, withholding only those items she considered the kinkiest and some others she somehow found of particularly interest to her, and, of course, all of the porn and toys.  Erin just had a change of heart--she wasn't sure why--and felt, despite her misgivings and her hope that Maddy would eventually return to "normal", that if Maddy wanted to experiment with her looks some, and if it wasn't hurting anyone, maybe there would be no harm in letting her get it out of her system.

And, after all, her daughter's old clothes really were a little dowdy, she now saw; her daughter had to wear something better than that.  Plus, Erin started to recognize--literally overnight, she sensed, though her feelings about Madelynn and her appearance had actually starting to morph on a more buried, subconscious level the previous Sunday, thanks to the attentions of Elena and her associates--that Madelynn really didn't look so bad in her new things...actually, not bad at all...often, in fact, she was a real knockout...

As for the porn, that was a different matter.  Erin would have to keep that (and the toys, as well).   On that next day after the confiscation, as she was deciding what to return to Madelynn, she told herself it wouldn't do for a teen having that kind of filth.  And...besides...Erin hadn't had a chance to go through it all...just to make sure of exactly what it was that her daughter had been getting into...of course.  As a responsible parent, she needed to know...

When Madelynn had come home that afternoon after Erin's raids and deduced what had happened, she had been panicked not only about what her mom was going to say and do to her, but also about what she was going to wear.  She didn't dare cross Elena by wearing much from her old wardrobe, and she had lost her taste for it, anyway; and what her mom had left her of her new clothes wouldn't be enough to get her by without wearing the same things again and again. Yet, Madelynn's concerns had been somewhat moderated because she had known--and Mom had not--that Madelynn could and would continually get more of the same kinds of clothes and porn and toys from Elena in the future, and already had by this Friday, a week later.

That night just over a week ago Erin had intended to have it out with Madelynn about her discoveries, but, using techniques and devices with which Elena had set her up, Madelynn had been able to nip that conversation in the bud.  Not only had she successfully defused her mom's determination to move away, which was the main goal of the evening, but she had also implanted into her mom tolerance for her new style.  Madelynn had been quite relieved when, on the very next day, her mother had relented on the clothes, and given most of them back. 

In the kitchen, Erin gave a quick visual scan of her daughter. Madelynn had on an unzipped, form-fitting glossy black leather jacket over a slightly sheer black blouse. Her purple bra could be seen very faintly through the blouse if one focused on it...which Erin did, for a moment.  Around her hips was a flounced, ruffled, short black leather skirt that went one inch above the knee. Semi-sheer black stockings ran up her legs. She wore front-laced, knee-length black leather boots with 2-inch heels. As usual for the past weeks, glossy dark purple lipstick covered her lips and her nails were painted in purple lacquer, while her eyelids were colored with shades of black.  Thick black mascara made her eyelashes prominent.

Erin found herself focusing on her daughter's skirt and felt an unexplained attraction to it. Subconsciously, the skirt reminded Erin of the skirt that the Dark Succubus worn in her dream last night.  After recovering from the brief stun at the sight of the skirt, her eyes then moved up along her daughter's body.

It was then that the morning sun streaming into the kitchen caused a glint of something in one of Madelynn's eyebrows.  It caught Erin's eye and she zoomed in on it.  Is that what I think it is?  Some metal ring...a piercing?   

The discovery caused Erin's native prudishness, despite its current diluted, attenuating state, to flare up for a fleeting moment, and she was just about to blurt out a critical and accusatory outrage, but the impulse to do so passed and she checked herself.  Wait...Take it easy on her...It probably hurt to get it...poor thing... Maybe she really wanted it...and was too afraid to tell me or ask me... I've got to go easier on her... I'll get used to it... If she likes it, maybe I will, too... She needs her mother's love and approval... And she does look nice today... very nice...

Erin was particularly coming to a rapid acceptance of what Madelynn had done to her hair.  Erin had finally concluded that that deep black color really did suit her better, much better than the weak brown she had had previously, and showed off the whiteness of her skin dramatically.  And apparently she had learned somewhere how to care for it better, or was going somewhere to have it done, as it was now always sleek, glossy, and in a more precisely-cut page-boy style than before, the bangs fuller and more acute and the bottom, reaching about to her shoulders, angled some.  But Erin's favorite aspect had become those beautiful, prominent bands of vivid purple color.  And Madelynn's makeup, which at first had struck Erin as the devil's work, had also been growing on her. Maybe I had to just give it a chance...

Mother and daughter had breakfast together at the dining room table. They ate silently at first, Erin stealing glances at Madelynn when she wasn't looking, before Erin spoke up in a cheerful voice. "You look wonderful today, honey."  Erin was trying to be positive, but, after she said it, she realized that she meant it, as well.

"Thank you, Mom." Madelynn was surprised by the compliment. It was something she hadn't heard her mother say to her in a long time. The methods that Elena had taught her were working in a way she had never expected.

Erin had been debating within herself when and how she was going to start her plan of seduction with Madelynn.  This wasn't exactly something at which Erin was practiced, and she wanted to do it right.  She had been thinking she might try something that morning during breakfast, but was still trying to figure out what it might be.  She reflected, as they sat together, that maybe she should have worn something tighter or otherwise more revealing, or dabbed on some perfume, or reached out to touch Madelynn's arm...something, anything, to start things off, at least a little. But she didn't find the insight or the nerve to try anything particularly forward, time ran out, and Madelynn got up, grabbed her backpack and left the kitchen for school, smiling and waving at her mom, who appeared stuck to her seat, and either a little lost in thought or lost for words, for some reason.

When Erin heard the front door of the house open, the reality that she was about to lose the company of her daughter struck her.  Acting on pure impulse, Erin got up and essentially ran toward the front of the house, slowing to a quick walk as she approached her daughter, who was still in the doorway, having slowed her exit upon hearing footsteps approaching from the kitchen. 

"Madelynn...honey..."  Madelynn stopped and was in the process of turning around when she felt her mom's hand on her shoulder.

Before Madelynn knew it, Erin had spun her around to face her, had taken Madelynn in her arms, and was gazing upon her affectionately.  Erin gave her a hug, and then a kiss on her cheek.  It surprised Madelynn some, as her mom normally just waved to her as she left.  More unexpected, but pleasantly so, was Erin's special gentleness, and the way she held both the hug and the kiss longer than would be considered routine between a mother and a daughter in this situation.  But most surprising was how Erin placed her kiss very close to the edge of Madelynn's lips. The kiss felt to Madelynn like a special kiss of some kind.  She loved it. 

Erin separated her face from Madelynn's a few inches and peered into her pretty, young, grey eyes, keeping Madelynn in her arms. "I love you, honey," said Erin sweetly.  For both of them it was so much like what had transpired between them in the wee hours of the night, as they stood scantily dressed with each other in the hallway, and this reminded both of them about that intimate interlude. It felt to both of them that this might be the start of this more intimate type of mother-daughter affection than they had known before becoming habitual, and the idea, though more felt than consciously thought, pleased them both.

"I love you too, Mom!" replied Madelynn as she kissed her mother back.  She too landed on a cheek, but also close to the lips, even closer than Erin had, so close that some of Madelynn's dark purple lipstick transferred not only to Erin's cheek but to the corner of her mouth as well.  Finding the allure of her mother's face irresistible, Madelynn parted her lips slightly and gave her mother's cheek a quick lick, a mere inch or two from Erin's mouth, but it was so brief that she thought her mom wouldn't notice it, or barely would, at the most.

Erin watched her daughter walk away from the door through the yard to the sidewalk.  As she stood there, Erin recalled some of the part of her dream that was so much like this scene.  Impressions and feelings from it came bubbling back up.  Erin found herself enjoying, as she had never before, such sights as the way her daughter's eye-catching leather skirt conformed to and played on the rhythmically rotating globes of her rear, and how it flirted with and showed off her cute legs, and how her glossy jacket, now zipped up tightly, hugged her slim, girlish torso.

My word... My daughter has such a...such a cute rear end...and such nice legs...young, slim, smooth legs... Why have I never noticed how nice her body is?  

Glued to her daughter, Erin's eyes continued following her as she strutted down the sidewalk.  Madelynn's clothes were growing on Erin fast, in addition to everything else about her daughter.  She looks so good in them.  They are perfect for her.  I'm glad I gave them back.  She started to wonder what Madelynn would look like in some of the other things she had taken from her room and examined but not seen Madelynn wearing yet...including some of the wilder items...

It also dawned on Erin as she stood there that Madelynn had probably gotten her new clothes from that Elena woman and that they could have been a factor in Madelynn taking up with her, perhaps a lure like candy offered to a child by a kidnapper.   An urge to compete rose again within Erin.  I can play that game, too.  Erin had no idea where people got sexy clothes like those, but she could find out...clothes not only for her daughter, but for herself, as well.

Before disappearing behind the neighbor's hedge, Madelynn turned her head back toward Erin for a brief moment, her pretty, dyed black hair shining in the morning light and swishing fetchingly around her face as she did so, to send one last smile to her mother.  Then she was gone.

She's so...so pretty...   Erin noticed her heart was racing.  She raised her left hand to caress the spot where her daughter had kissed her cheek.   It had almost felt as if her girl had licked it, as well.  I must be imagining that...but...if she did...hmmm... 

Erin looked at the fingertips that had just touched her cheek.  There were traces of purple lipstick on them.  Closing her eyes, she put her fingers into her mouth and sucked.  Even the small residue of her daughter's lipstick and saliva seemed to taste good.  Mmmm...She's delicious...


The word popped up unexpectedly in Erin's mind again.  I'm not a lesbian... But, I won't be able to help my daughter if I don't become one...

Images from her dream flashed into her mind...the mysterious Dark Succubus in her bedroom...their kissing...the touching between them...the woman going for her...her "pussy"...turning her into a...a lesbian...  The memory made Erin gasp.......and made her pussy flutter.

...or...am I one...already...?  She didn't think so.  But she wasn't sure about it. 

This, from the prim and proper woman of a couple of short weeks ago, the one who had been so certain of who she was, of the pious, perfectly heterosexual woman she had known herself to be, and of the correctness of her strict, straight-laced course in life.  This woman was no longer certain...no longer sure of who she was now...and it would not be long before she would start doubting who she had been in the past.  Moreover, she was now intent on a future of becoming the opposite of whatever it was she thought she still was and had been.

Erin turned around and entered the house, pulling the front door closed behind her and then leaning against it, her heart still pounding in her chest.  She reflected on what she had just done and had been doing, that morning and over the past week or so.  She had had these...these urges...impulses...and had been giving in to them...

That phrase stuck in her mind..."give in"...  It was as if someone, sometime lately, had...well, commanded her...to...to let loose...to not resist when...when sensual impulses came her way.  She had never "given in" in her life...not to sin...not to carnal pleasure...not to what she wanted... She had always denied herself...always been strict...and proper...never impulsive................up until this last week or so...  Then...she had started having dreams...wild dreams...and found that porn............and had looked................. And then...last night...with Madelynn...and this morning...she had given in to her impulses...to licentious impulses...to what she really wanted to do...and..........and...it had felt good...really good, in fact...to let go..........


No, Erin!...No, sin is not good!...  You can't think like that...........................But.........I have to sin now...at least some...............or........a lot.......... When I have impulses...carnal impulses...and wicked urges..........I have to give in...more than I have...more than ever before......................... I'll let loose more...and give in............

There was still a little bit of time left before she had to leave for work. Erin went to her bedroom and pulled the lesbian magazine she had looked at earlier out from a desk drawer. She flipped into it ten pages. There was another picture of those two raven-haired girls, the same pair she had looked at earlier, in the wee hours of this morning, this time in braided pigtails and school girl outfits. Their blouses were unbuttoned, revealing their white satin bras and a lot of skin.

Repeating what she did last night, Erin unbuttoned her cardigan and blouse, pulled down her pants, and turned the black bullet vibrator on.

"I'm doing this for my daughter," whispered Erin as she pressed the dildo against her clit.  She felt free to let her mind and her emotions rove in whatever direction they wanted to...and they wanted to turn to Madelynn. 

Her mind returned to last night, meeting her daughter in the hallway.  They were both dressed indecently, and neither had really minded.  Erin had been embarrassed at first, but her inhibitions had quickly disappeared, and the situation then felt as if it were and should be natural and normal.  Erin recalledthe way her daughter's silky nightgown and the skin underneath had felt to her fingertips as they had hugged, and how luscious it had felt just to be so close to her.  Erin's heart had melted when Madelynn had whispered "I love you" into her ear; it had seemed to mean more to her than any time anyone else had ever said it to her, including her husband. 

She pictured Madelynn entering the kitchen this morning, immediately filling the room with her sweet, sensual teen presence...that, and her striking, shiny leather outfit, and the partially see-through blouse with the purple bra underneath, and her beautiful make-up and fingernails...all making Erin's pulse accelerate. 

Erin also thought of being with Madelynn in the front doorway just a few minutes hence.  She was glad she had decided, with uncharacteristic impulsiveness, to run to the door and hug Madelynn good-bye.  She hadn't planned on kissing her; that was impetuous, too.   But she just couldn't resist.  And besides, she now told herself, she had to start sometime to...to "put the moves" on her daughter, to use a phrase she had heard young people say; and, looking back, that was a nice little beginning of something between them, a beginning on which she hopefully could build. 

She remembered the smooth softness of the white skin on Madelynn's face which she had kissed only minutes ago.  She relived Madelynn's spicy-fresh scent and the erotic feel of her daughter's breasts pressed into her own as they had embraced, both this morning and late last night. 

She closed her eyes and saw Madelynn as she had looked just now on her way to school.  She again pictured the leather encasing her curves, reflecting the morning sunlight off of them in rhythmic undulations as Madelynn had moved.  She saw the gloss of Madelynn's deeply-colored lips, and a smile revealing her even, white teeth, and the purple shine of her fingernails as she pulled some wind-blown hair from her white face. She visualized that hair, and realized again how much she loved how deeply black it was colored, and the purple streaks, and the fetching cut. 

She reviewed Madelynn's total look in her mind, from her hair, to her face and make-up and even the eyebrow ring, to her sexy outfit and body, swaying as she walked to school. Erin realized, as she analyzed her regard for Madelynn and her new direction, as that regard now stood, that there wasn't anything about Madelynn that she didn't like. No...in fact...she cherished everything about her beloved daughter. 

Maybe that woman...the one who corrupted her............I think that...at least some of her influences...were not all bad... no... Some were...quite good...

It dawned on Erin that her opinions about Madelynn had been rapidly changing, and were still in a state of flux.  It mystified her why.  All she could think of was that she had been deluding herself previously, and now, finally she was being candid. That perception immediately became truth in her mind; she had indeed been denying her true feelings, and it felt good to finally be honest with herself.

She opened her eyes and looked at the black-haired teens in the magazine.  She imagined them undressing each other further...kissing...doing things...to each other... and Madelynn with them...

This...this isn't as hard as I thought it'd be. It's coming to me easily...naturally... I'm enjoying this...more than I should...more than I thought........ I feel like...like I want to give in to this...all the way... 

A transient thought passed through her, similar to one she had had in the night in her bedroom, alarming her now more than it did then, making her blush, making her, for some reason, quite excited:  I wonder...I wonder if I have always been like this...always liked girls.  Her pulse quickened as she entertained the possibility.  She had not thought so, not ever in the past.  But since Madelynn had started changing...or at least over the last week or two... 

Am I really...deep-down...a lesbian?   It feels like I have always wanted to be one...and didn't know it........................No, Erin, it's sinful. Just because I can be a lesbian now doesn't mean I should be one always. It's just to help my daughter. It's not something permanent and shouldn't be.

Soon, however, her little internal debate was lost in the enjoyment of what she was doing and, after about ten minutes, Erin went over the edge in an intense orgasm. She placed the dildo down and idly turned the pages ahead in the magazine. The ads for make-up, sex toys, and outfits caught her eye. There was a picture of a large black tube of red lipstick that took up almost the whole page. Next to it was a red lip print, with a cursive text below that read, "Bold Lip Colors for the Perfect Seduction." Below that were the company name, a website address, and a toll-free number.

On the next page was an ad for kinky costumes and sex toys. About a dozen items were shown. There were dildos of various types and costumes for various fetishes. Erin noticed the skimpy latex nun costume pictured in the lower right corner was very similar to the one she was wearing in her dream. Acting on impulse, Erin grabbed a pen and a piece of paper to copy down the website addresses in the ads.


School went as usual for Madelynn on Friday morning. During idle moments in class, Madelynn mulled over Lauren's question. Would I be willing to set aside my religious beliefs to help Wendy? Later on, right before lunch, Madelynn decided on the answer.

When lunch period came, Madelynn had lunch with Lauren in the school cafeteria. This morning, Lauren was dressed more conservatively than usual. She had on shiny black leather sneakers, white socks that almost reached the knees, a dark blue denim skirt that went slightly past the knees, and a black denim jacket over a white blouse. Her glossy, thick, dark-brown hair was parted at the center, flowed all the way down to the small of her back, and, though she typically curled it in one way or another, it was worn perfectly, sexily straight today. A fuchsia color covered her lips and nails.

Up to a couple of months ago, Madelynn and Lauren had not really known each other, apart from passing in school and sharing a few classes together, though Madelynn had formed the impression that Lauren was a snob--a popular girl who, though pretty, was stuck-up, exclusive in her friendships, and maybe not all that nice. Madelynn had also heard that it had been thought by some that Lauren might be bisexual, and dated both boys and girls, though such rumors had been of little interest to Madelynn.  She stayed away from the popular crowd in which girls like Lauren circulated, and that was fine with her.

However, seemingly out of the blue, there had then been a string of occasions at school in which Lauren had aggressively pulled Madelynn into acts of girl-on-girl intimacy in public, which Madelynn had found both surprising and embarrassing.   They seemed to confirm to Madelynn that Lauren was not only bisexual, or even simply lesbian, but mean as well.

But then Madelynn had discovered another side to Lauren, after Lauren had confided in her about the way Elena had been controlling her, about the "fact" that she wasn't really a lesbian or a bisexual at all, or hadn't been before Elena had gotten a hold of her, and that she really wanted to help Madelynn and Wendy and to bring down Elena and Hecate Corp. the same way Madelynn did.  This Lauren, the "true" Lauren, was nice, someone Madelynn liked and trusted. 

Not only that, but Madelynn felt compassion for Lauren.  Both of them were equally victims of Elena's schemes, she now realized.  Madelynn saw Lauren as someone in need of a friend like herself, just as much as Madelynn needed someone like Lauren.  Madelynn understood her and what she was going through.  Lauren could confide in her and lean on her for support and comfort, just as Lauren likewise understood Madelynn's similar situation and was there for her.   They really had no one to turn to but each other.  But, thankfully, they did have each other.  

On top of that, and not the least factor in Madelynn's attitude about Lauren, was Lauren's beauty.  Just how pretty Lauren was struck Madelynn yet again as they sat eating lunch together.  Madelynn knew she was attracted to Lauren, maybe in ways she shouldn't be, and she loved every minute of being together with her.  But she also knew, or thought she knew, that if she had lesbian feelings for Lauren they were largely because of what Elena had done to her.  Madelynn told herself, at least superficially, that she intended to contain her attraction to Lauren, actually a budding crush, though she wouldn't have called it that, and to keep their friendship primarily as just that, a friendship--despite really wanting and being emotionally open to something more than that, something vague and undefined in Madelynn's mind--so that nothing would interfere with their important plans and with their moral support of each other.

Yes, there was the "fun" to which they both yielded from time to time, as well as, of course, the sexual activities Elena assigned them to do with each other, but the one was considered, she thought, to be merely recreational and the other to be a non-optional requirement.  And there was the "girlfriend" aspect that was pending between them, and which concept Madelynn had now embraced as both good strategy and a cool, additional nuance to and deepening of their relationship, but she understood its main purpose to be for show.  She assumed that they would not act the part of lesbian lovers so much when not in public...though Madelynn wasn't certain about that...nor was she beyond fantasizing about the possibilities...

Shortly after they started on their lunches with small talk, Madelynn abruptly changed the topic of conversation. "Lauren, about what you proposed yesterday...I want to know more about it."

"Are you sure?  Because once you get into it, it could be hard for you to stop."

That was a new wrinkle, and Madelynn didn't know whether Lauren was saying, "You may not be able to reverse what you do," or "You may not be able to control all the consequences of what you do," or "You won't be able to control yourself, and you may never want to return to your former beliefs and life," or even "Other people or forces may not let you back out;" but Madelynn had made up her mind and was not going to be deterred...for Wendy. After a pause to think it over one last time, she responded, "Yes.  I want to find out more."

"Good.  I wasn't trying to scare you out of it.  In fact, I'm positive you'll end up enjoying what we're going to be doing...a lot, in fact...much more than you might think now...in addition to getting the results you want.  I love your daring attitude, Maddy."  Lauren put her hand on Madelynn's shoulder, and played with a soft lock of Madelynn's beautiful, dyed hair, an intimate touch which sent a spark of delight through the Goth girl. "That tells me a lot about what kind of a girl you are.  You're the kind of girl I like." 

Madelynn didn't quite know how to take that--was it simply friendly?  or was it...well...romantic?--but it made her blush and look down a moment, before she again met Lauren's lovely brown eyes with her own beaming gray ones.

"I wasn't sure at first this was going to be your thing.  But, I've been thinking about it, and the more I do, the more I believe that you are perfect for this and, more importantly, that this is an absolutely necessary step, if you want to save Wendy.  Let's finish our lunch and go somewhere more private."

They went to the bleachers overlooking the football field of their school and sat together on the topmost row.

"Witchcraft and devil worship!?" Madelynn exclaimed after Lauren had given her a brief introductory explanation and revealed the true nature of what she would be getting into.

There was a serious look on Lauren's face as she nodded her head slightly. "Yes, Madelynn, this was what I meant yesterday when I asked if you could put aside your religion."

"No, that's not just putting aside my religion, that's going against it. It means I'm going to have to give up on it!"

"You're only taking a break from it. You don't have to give up on it completely, Maddy."

"Taking a break from my religion would be like treating it like the fashion of the season."  Despite her earlier resolution to go through with whatever Lauren had to offer, she hadn't imagined it would be something quite as extreme as this.  Madelynn suddenly stood up.  "This is too much!"

"Maddy, calm down, please." Lauren also stood up and held Madelynn's shoulders. "It's not as if you're not sinning already."

Madelynn realized that she was sinning and doing a lot of it.

"But that's different. It's because of Elena and... it's only temporary!"

"It's the same thing, Maddy. You're still sinning according to your religion. Are you willing to let Elena and Sarah take away your friend forever just because of this?"

A few moments of silence passed.

"Okay, you're right, Lauren. I want to try this, but I need to know more about it before I can commit to anything."

"Good, Madelynn. I'll tell you more about what you want to know by showing it to you. We can start this afternoon after school, unless Elena gives us something to do."

Right when they were about to leave the bleachers, Madelynn received a text message on her phone.  "Meet at usual spot at 7:00 PM. Wear dress and makeup with black colors. Bring a black strap-on."

"Oh no... My mom took away some of the stuff that Elena gave me.  Actually, she took it all, pretty much, a week ago.  Fortunately, the next day she gave most of my clothes back to me...but not any of the dildos. What should I do?"

"Don't worry, Maddy. I have a black strap-on that you can take tonight.  I can loan you a dress, too, if you want."  Maddy had dresses at home, the kind Elena meant, as they had mostly been restored with the other clothes, but she wasn't sure if there would be time to go home and change before she had to meet with Elena...plus...she thought it could be kind of cool to wear one of Lauren's dresses...or anything else that Lauren had worn...


"Mm hmm, I'll lend them to you until you can get more of your stuff back from your mom."

"Cool, thank you so much!...............Oh, Lauren...before I forget...Do you remember asking me yesterday if I wanted to...you know...be your girlfriend? ...like, to make Wendy jealous and to trick Elena into dropping her defenses?"

"Oh, yeah." Lauren seemed pleased that Madelynn brought it up, her tone hopefully expectant.

"Well, I've been thinking about that, too...and I think it's a good idea.  So, yeah...I accept...I'd like to...to be your girlfriend..."

"Maddy, that's great!  We'll have so much fun together with this!  Okay?"  She beamed prettily at Madelynn, putting her hands on Madelynn's arms, clearly appearing happy with Madelynn's decision. With an overdramatic sultrinesss in her voice, Lauren said, "Hello, my sexy 'girlfriend'," upon which she leaned forward and gave her brand new, sexy lesbian girlfriend a kiss on the lips.


Wendy was checking herself in the bathroom mirror one last time before leaving for school. Today she opted for a more natural look, applying less cosmetics than usual.  She wore a light blue denim wind breaker over a pink cotton camisole top with a pink lace neckline, dark blue tight-fitting flared bottom jeans, and white sneakers with pink laces. For make-up she wore only a few strokes of mascara.

Her thoughts drifted repeatedly over tonight's upcoming dinner at  the home of Sarah's mother . It was going be an important event. Wendy hoped that whatever concerns and negative views her mother might have over her friendship with Sarah would be alleviated by Sarah's mother, as Sarah had promised. She gave her hair-wrapped pony tail a toss before turning around and walking away from the mirror.

While Wendy was still in the bathroom, the doorbell rang. Mary, Wendy's mother, went to answer the door.

"Good morning, Mrs. Love-Livingston!"

"Good morning and who might you be?" asked Mary with a smile.

"I'm Cynthia, Wendy's friend, and I'm here to pick her up !" Cynthia grabbed a lock of her red hair with her right hand and raked it over her ear.

Wendy getting a ride to school today was news to Mary, and this friend of Wendy was someone she neither knew nor had ever heard mentioned.  But Mary quickly found her manners.  "Oh...well, hello.  Why don't you come in?" 

With a "thank you", the pretty redhead crossed into the front hallway of the house.

"Who is it mom?" asked Wendy as she walked across the living room.

"It's your friend, Cynthia."

When Mary turned her face around to answer her daughter, Cynthia used the opportunity to eye Mary's body up. The woman's curvaceous figure showed through her black slacks, light blue blouse, and taupe-colored blazer. Her mid-back-length hair, which had no bangs, was pulled back and tied into a simple bun with a hair clip, a functional style she used often in the workplace, though for variety from time to time she alternated to other styles, all mostly simple, consistent with her overall plain, natural tastes, but Cynthia found it's honey color and clean, shiny texture, along with Mary' smooth, soft-looking skin, slimness, and noteworthy feminine curves, most appealing.   Standing near the older woman as she was, Cynthia inhaled deeply, taking in the fresh, floral scent the attractive blonde woman's shampoo and soap had left in her hair and on her skin.

Wicked thoughts passed through Cynthia's mind.  She's so hot. I can't wait to do things to her. She imagined herself unpinning Mary's bun, taking her fragrant, silky hair in her hands, kissing her neck, maybe biting it a little, too, then peeling away the woman's blazer and blouse, followed by unzipping her slacks and slipping her hand into her...

"Cynthia?"  The girl's name conjured sweet and exciting feelings within Wendy, who rushed toward the front hallway. When she approached the teen beauty, her heart stopped for a moment.  Cynthia was so stunningly pretty; and here she was, standing in Wendy's own home with Wendy's mother next to her.  It was an unexpected mixing of her titillating, dangerous, "dark", "secret", "pretend", "temporary" life with her safer, more secure "real", "normal", "permanent" world.

But...did Wendy really want these two worlds mixing together?

............No....... They should be kept separate... What if Mom found out what I've been doing with Cynthia?  No way she'd understand.......  What is Cynthia doing here? 

 Lost on Wendy was the irony of such sentiments.  She was concerned about her mom meeting Cynthia, yet she had had Sarah over, as well--who was a girl with whom she had indulged in many more lascivious acts than she had committed with Cynthia, including some within this very same house, acts that she wouldn't want her mother knowing anything about, who was an even bigger part of that "other" world than was Cynthia, and who was the one who had lured Wendy into that secret, licentious life to begin with--and had watched Sarah meet and talk with her mom, not much differently than Cynthia was doing now.  Despite her wishful thinking, Wendy's risky, secret, sordid world had already started to mix openly with the part of her life she wanted to keep untainted.  Further, tonight Wendy planned on blithely escorting her momto the home of Sarah's mother, where, little did Wendy suspect, she would be unwittingly inducting her mother into the same decadent and enticing world in which she, Wendy, was ensnared.

"Morning, Wendy, I'm here to give you a ride to school."

Mary noticed that the girl was wearing white sneakers, a pleated, light blue denim mini skirt, a white denim jacket over a fuchsia-colored spandex crop top, fuchsia colored lipstick, and dark make-up on her eyes, and had beautiful long, curled red hair.  Wendy took Cynthia in, as well, and she found herself speechless, due in part to Cynthia's beautiful sexiness, normal for her but always a fresh rush at every new encounter with her, just the same, and due in part to the redhead's unexpected presence and offer.  

"Honey, you've been making new friends lately, haven't you?"

"Yeah, we met through common friends."  It wasn't exactly true, as Cynthia had first met Wendy by approaching her on the street one day, without being introduced by common friends, but truthfulness had been becoming a more optional commodity with Wendy of late.

"Don't you normally take the bus to school?"

"I do, but..."

"You haven't forgotten what I've taught you, have you?  You shouldn't be relying on others to do what you can do yourself."

Cynthia never told me about this. What's going on?

Wendy was at a moment of indecision. Cynthia had never given her rides before. Although she appreciated Cynthia's help in getting her to school, she agreed with her mother. However, she also felt it would offend Cynthia to refuse her offer

Cynthia winked at Wendy.

Something must be up.

"It's alright, Mrs. Love-Livingston. I was doing an errand today and happened to pass by here."

"Yeah, that's right, Mom. It's not like I do it all the time."

Although Cynthia looked mostly like a normal teenage girl to Mary, though definitely much prettier than average, Mary got a strange vibe from her.  She couldn't put a finger on why she felt so.  Perhaps it was the overall sensual effect of the girl's attire and look, or the way the girl acted and spoke--engaging, confident, and playful, possibly with a hint of mischief, although bubbly and nice, as well--or maybe it was the undecipherable way the girl looked at her.  Or perhaps it was something else.  

What Mary failed to recognize was that she was subconsciously feeling danger coming from her pretty teen guest.  Mary's quiet apprehension was not from any sensed risk of physical harm or other criminal violation, but rather from an instinctive perception of threat to the moral safety of herself and her family.  However, she dismissed her intuitive misgivings as likely having no legitimate cause, and concluded there was no good reason to object to Wendy driving to school with her cute, sparkling friend.

"Honey, it's fine if that's the case. Drive safe, Cynthia. You two have a great morning."

"Thanks, Mrs. Love-Livingston! You too as well."

While the two teens were walking to Cynthia's parked car, Wendy asked, "Did something come up?"

"Yes, I'll tell you about it later."

After Cynthia started the vehicle, she pressed a hidden button that released a special odorless and colorless gas from the AC system. The windows had all been closed beforehand, which trapped the gas and made it circulate within the vehicle.  Before she had arrived at Wendy's house, Cynthia had popped a pill which made her immune to the drugs in the gas.

After they had driven a block, Cynthia said something that shocked Wendy.

"You're mom's so hot, Wendy. I can't wait to get my hands on her!"

Wendy's face contorted in disgust. "That's gross! I can't believe you would say that, Cynthia! My mom doesn't swing that way!"

"I was just kidding, Wendy. "

"I know, but you shouldn't be joking about my mom like that."

"I'm a lesbian, Wendy. Don't you think it's natural for lesbians to find pretty women like your mom attractive?"

"I guess so, but it feels wrong. My mom is off-limits . You should know that already."

"Wendy, you're too straight-laced. Many people think about sex whenever they see someone hot and attractive. It's nothing unusual for a lesbian like me to find your mom hot."

"It's still gross no matter how you say it!"

"Let's put it this way: If you were in my shoes, and by that I mean you having no relation to your mom,  would you feel the same way as I do about your mom?"

"Umm... I don't know... "

Wendy found herself getting unexpectedly aroused, which she thought was due to the erotic nature of the conversation, but in truth it was caused by the gas, which dulled her critical thinking and stimulated sexual arousal.

What...what's going on?  I know I have certain...well...certain feelings...about girls... Sometimes they...they turn me on.............. But...but isn't that how I'm supposed to feel about them?...... At least right now?........ So that's okay........ But...but it's my mom we're talking about now...not Sarah or Madelynn or Lauren...or some porn star.........  And yet....why am I feeling like this?...about...about my mom?

"Come on, Wendy, you should know.  Are you even a real lesbian?"

Oh no.  Cynthia's going to find out I've been faking it all along, and she'll tell Lauren!  I'd better play along , at least a little...

"Maybe... I think I might feel the same as you do...if I were in your shoes..." replied Wendy reluctantly as she fidgeted slightly in her seat and subconsciously rubbed her thighs together.

"Let's put this differently.  What if your mom was my mom?"

Wendy backpedalled a bit. "I think I would be interested in someone closer to my age..."


"Because...that's what most people do..."  Wendy found it difficult to hide her discomfort at the taboo topic.

"Really?  That's your only reason?  Are you saying that you, as a girl, couldn't be interested in a woman, just because she's a little older than you are?"

"Uh, well, I uh..."

"So, you would draw some kind of line, and tell yourself that if someone is older than a certain age, you wouldn't be interested?  You wouldn't even consider her as someone you could love?"

"....yeah...I guess something like that..."

"Well, where do you draw the line, then, Wendy?"

"I don't know...maybe 20?"

"Do you know who Elle Alexandra is?"

Some weeks before, Sarah had given Wendy an assignment, under the pretext of helping her better get herself into a lesbian mindset for her licentious performance with Sarah at Rebecca's beach house.  Sarah gave Wendy a list of ten female celebrities, every one a sexy beauty, and asked Wendy to add to that a list of ten more female celebrities she found attractive, would like to meet, would like to kiss, would like to spend the night with, or would like to have as a girlfriend.  Then Wendy was to google each name, look up images on the internet, write up what she liked most about each woman, rank them in order of her favorites and explain her rationale, create digital files compiling the twenty sexiest photos she could find of each woman, and then email the combined list, written responses, and image files to Sarah as proof that she had completed the assignment. 

After Wendy had completed that, Sarah gave her another assignment just like the first, but this time it involved female porn stars.  When Wendy finished that task, Sarah directed her to watch various DVD selections or complete DVDs featuring these women in lesbian scenes and imagine herself to be the featured woman's partner or partners.  She also had Wendy create fantasies joining herself with various of the women on both lists, and masturbate to them.  Through these and other activities, Wendy had come to be quite familiar with certain female celebrities and pornstars, to have definite favorites, and to develop Sapphic affection for and attraction to them, some more than others, and to have fantasies and lusts involving them.

In these assignments, Sarah had made sure Wendy's lists contained women of a variety of ages, including numerous stars in their 30's and 40's, ones who were particularly youthful-looking, relatively, and delectable.  Sarah had also seen to it that at least some of the photos of these women, which Wendy saw and compiled, had been taken recently, so that Wendy would have a good idea of what they looked like at their current ages.

Sarah had passed those lists on to Cynthia, who now knew exactly which female celebrities and porn stars rang Wendy's bell.  And she knew with certainty that Elle Alexandra, a beautiful, slender, redheaded porn star, who looked very much like Cynthia, did.  Wendy was well aware of her, and was rather enamored. 


"If she wanted to be your girlfriend, would you say yes or no?"

"....I guess...I guess I'd like that...."

"Well, would you or wouldn't you?"

Wendy felt she might as well be honest about it.  The gas helped her be candid.  "Yes.  I would. Definitely."

"And do you know who Lauren Bennett is?"  Cynthia had selected another one of Wendy's favorites on both lists, and the name of the devastating platinum-blonde singer made Wendy's pulse skip a beat.

"Yeah, she's a singer in the Pussycat Dolls."

"Let's say you had the opportunity to date her.  Would you?" 

"Okay...yeah, I would."

"She's 25.  And Elle Alexandra is 24.  That's eight or nine years older than you."


"How about Katie Perry?'

Within Wendy there existed a preset arousal button for each woman named, a button built into her in previous weeks, and which buttons Cynthia was now freely pushing.  Wendy knew well what each woman looked like, especially in their more sensuous and glamorous incarnations, including at their current ages.  She had allowed crushes, to one degree or another, and lust for each of them to weave into her soul and had entertained fantasies about them, at first because she had to, but then because she wanted to, or at least had found pleasure in so doing, and had come to see no harm in it, as there seemed to be no chance of her ever meeting any of them and actually acting out on her feelings for and imaginings about them.  What age they were had never been a consideration to her; she simply saw them as females whom she had come to find very sexually desirable. 

Every time Cynthia would name one of them, a Pavlovian bell sounded within Wendy, and, figuratively speaking, she salivated salaciously.

 "Okay...yes...her, too..."

"She's 30. How about Olivia Wilde?"

"Oh, yeah.  She's beautiful."

"She's 30, too.  That's about 14 years older than you.  Well, would you date her?"  

Wendy simply nodded.  "So would I.   But, Wendy, would you draw the line there?"

"Uh, well..."

"Do you know who Jenna Haze is?"

Yes, Wendy knew and liked this petite, sexy brunette porn actress, also.  "Yes, actually I do..."

"What do you think of her?

"Wow...she's something..."

"She's 32.  I have a hunch you would like to meet her and have some private time with her.  Can you imagine that?" 

"Yes."  There was no hesitation.

"Would you fuck her, if you could?" Wendy already had imagined that scenario with this particular woman.  It didn't take much time to decide.  "Yes...I would..."

"She's 32.  What about Sunny Leone.  You know who she is, don't you?"

Again, the dark-haired beauty was another of Wendy's favorite porn stars.  She nodded.

"She's 33.  Would you like to go out with her, if you had the chance?"

"Yes... I think I see your p--"

"If you had a lover who was 20 years older than you, she'd be, like, 36. Do you know who Tera Patrick is?"  Wendy was up on her female porn stars, and this was definitely one she liked.  

"Yes, I do..."

"She's 36.  If she came on to you, would you turn her away?"

"No... When you put it like that...you're right..."

"So, you'd go out with women in their mid-thirties, if you thought they were hot enough, right?

"Yeah, I guess..."

"No, there's no guessing here, Wendy.  You and I both know you would.  So would I.  Tera Patrick is twenty years older than you.  And you'd do it.  You'd do her.  But would you draw the line there?  And if so, why?"

"I...I don't know..."

"No, Wendy, you wouldn't.  Do you know how old Charlize Theron is?"


"She's 39.  But you like her, don't you?"

"Yes...I do..."   

"If you had the opportunity, you'd date her, too.  Me, too.  But how about women older than that?  Are you going to draw some kind of line at 40 years old?"

Wendy thought she would, but she wasn't sure, and while she thought about it, Cynthia went on.

"You know Kate Beckinsale, right?"  That was another actress high on Wendy's lists, and one whose sexy photos on various websites had particularly stirred Wendy's lust. 


"What do you think of her?"

"She's hot."

"Would you go out with her?"


"Did you know she's 41?"


"Yes.  You see, Wendy?  She's 25 years older than you.  In fact, I bet she's around your mom's age."

That fact shocked Wendy a little.  Wow... She's right... They're both around the same age...

"But you'd go out with her, wouldn't you?"

"I guess...yeah...maybe I would......."

"I bet you'd fuck her, if you could."  Wendy could not deny that.

"But...but wouldn't that be kind of...kind of perverted?"

"Who says it is, Wendy?  You only say that because that is what you have been taught.  But it isn't necessarily so.  You have to think for yourself, Wendy, and listen to what your heart tells you.  If you desire a woman, you desire her. If you love a woman, you love her.  It's that simple.

"Have you ever considered the fact that older men date and marry young women all the time?  In fact, throughout the history of the world, young women, often teen girls as young as thirteen or fourteen, have routinely been married off to older men, men quite frequently in their 30's, 40's, 50's,  60's, and even older!  You might think, yeah, but those girls were miserable, and sometimes, for sure, they were, but a lot of the time those kinds of marriages worked out to be pretty successful and happy, and the young women grew to love the older men. And even today, that kind of thing goes on.  Like, you know how much older George Clooney is than his new wife?"


"17 years.  And you hardly hear anyone make a peep about it.   When Michael Douglas married Catherine Zeta Jones in 2000, he was 56 and she was 31.  So what was the age difference there?"

"Let's see...25 years?...wow..."

"Yeah.  And they were considered a hot couple.  If hetero couples can do it, why can't lesbians?"

"Oh...well... You have a point..."

"So, where are you going to draw your line now?"

Wendy's previously unquestioned concept of confining her sexual relationships to girls close to her own age was crumbling under Cynthia's relentless assault.  She didn't know what to say.

"Naomi Campbell is 44.  You like her, don't you?"  She did.  Quite a bit.  Wendy felt the arousal that had been building inside her, not only from the gas, but from the thought of this woman and from the cumulative effect of the discussion of several of Wendy's dream women, as well.


"If somehow you could be her girlfriend and fuck her, would you say 'no' to that?"

"........probably...uh....I guess not..."

"Jennifer Lopez is 45.  I bet you'd do her."  Again, Wendy thought about it, seeing the truth in Cynthia's assertion.

"These are all desirable women who attract you.  Am I wrong?"

"Well...I see what you're saying... Maybe you're right......"  It was more than maybe, and both Wendy and Cynthia knew it.

"So, you could go for women who are almost 30 years older than you!  Don't you see, Wendy?  You can't put some kind of artificial limit on who you might be attracted to, and who you could fall in love with. Do you know who Famke Jannsen is?" 


"She's 50"

"Wow.  Really?"

"Yeah.  And I bet you probably know who Monica Bellucci is, don't you?" 

In pressing this button, one she had reserved for the last, Cynthia had, quite knowingly, touched a very live wire within Wendy.  The host of wonderfully sensuous photos of this gorgeous Italian actress--including some of her at a film premiere a few months previous wearing a tight gown with a huge keyhole cutout which exposed a scandalous amount of her breathtaking cleavage-- had particularly gotten to Wendy.  Wendy found Monica Bellucci fascinating, and irresistible, and had made her number one on her list of favorite female celebrities.

"Oh, yeah," she gushed.  "She's really beautiful." 

"If you met her and she came on to you, what would you do?  If she wanted to date you and asked you to be her girlfriend, would you be interested?"  There was no debate within Wendy.


"Wendy, she's 50!"

"No... You're kidding!"

"I'm not kidding you, Wendy.  And you'd be hot for her.  So would I.  Would you want to fuck her?"

In her mind, Wendy had done something very much like that already more than once to images of her.


"I bet you'd do others close to that age, too.  Like Catherine Zeta Jones.  She's 45."  Yes...she's something, too...

"Yes...okay....but...but these are all actresses.  They're supposed to look good.  They're not normal people."

"What are they then, aliens?  Of course they are normal people, just with more talent, wealth, and fame than most of the rest of us.  Maybe better genes, sometimes, too.  But your interest in them and your attraction to them spans many ages.  Do you see my point, Wendy?  When you start drawing lines, you limit yourself.

"And it works the same in the other direction, too.  You say you like girls your own age.  But what if you were attracted to a girl a year or two younger than you, like a sophomore or freshman at school?  Would you let that stop you?"

"I...I hadn't thought about that...but...but if I liked her enough...maybe not..."

"Of course that's right.  You would go for it.  In fact, that could be a very interesting relationship. You could be the one to turn her into a lesbian, and mold her into your perfect lover. But why draw the line there?  Why not even younger, like an eighth-grader, if you two clicked, and you felt strongly about each other? 

"Younger, older, it doesn't matter, Wendy.  Open up that narrow mind of yours.  When someone comes along, and you like each other, and you find yourself attracted, maybe getting the hots for her, too, never let artificial limits, like age, or even family relationship, dictate what you're going to do.  Follow your heart, Wendy.  And you never know who may just sweep you off your feet.  Could be my mother.  Could be yours..."

"Cynthia, I..."

"I didn't mean to make you mad or uncomfortable, Wendy. I was just trying to show you how to see things from different perspectives."

"I understand, but it's hard to see my mom as anything else but my mom..."

"You can see your mom differently if you change your perspective, Wendy."

"I guess..." 

Although Cynthia's reasoning was not entirely logical, and Wendy did offer her a token debate about it, it nevertheless sank into Wendy's opened consciousness as making some sense.  From this point on, the possibility of girls--such as herself--having romantic relationships with older women, and even the concept of mother-daughter incest, would not strike Wendy as being quite as strange or unnatural or wrong as it had before. 

When Cynthia noticed that Wendy was starting to lose focus, Cynthia turned on the car radio to a station that played pop music. The gas made Wendy much more vulnerable to the subliminals hidden in the audio.

"So, what if I was actually serious about liking your mom? Would you mind if I flirt with her?"

"Ummm...errr..." Wendy was becoming incoherent.

By the time Wendy had slipped into a fully trance-like, semiconscious state, Cynthia had parked her car in a fairly secluded spot next to a park.

"You won't mind, Wendy... You won't mind at all if I seduce your mom... You won't mind if I have sex with her..."

"I won't mind..." Wendy repeated, but then, after a pause, she countered, "But...my mom isn't...like that..."

"No problem. Your mom is going to become a lesbian...just like you..." said Cynthia huskily.

"Lesbian...just like me..."

"You love being a lesbian...and you want you mother to be one, too.  A sexy, foxy lesbian mother."


"Mmm...hmmm... Now let's talk about you... Why didn't you put make-up on today?"

"I did...mascara..."

"But you forgot to put on eye shadow and eyeliner, Wendy. Here, let me help you..."

From her backpack, Cynthia retrieved a small eye make-up kit and applied a shimmering silver-blue color on the entranced girl's eyes before applying black eyeliner, one thick coat, then two. Picking up a small bottle, she unscrewed the cap  and carefully applied more black mascara on Wendy's eyelashes with the brush attached to the inside of the cap. Pulling out a silver tube, Cynthia unscrewed the cap and twisted the barrel, pushing the tapered tip out.

"Do you know what this is?" asked Cynthia as she waved the tube around slowly.

"Fuchsia lipstick..."

"Yes, it's the same color you've worn a few times before.  It's a special color, and you love it.  It's what I wear and what Lauren wears.  It's part of the reason you love us.  And because you love us, you love this pretty shade of lipstick.  It's kind of a slutty color, and that's how you feel when you wear it.  You enjoy feeling like that, like a slut, because you are one.  And it reminds you of Lauren, and of me, and what hot girls we are, and how much you like us and want sex with us. And it makes you look like us hot lesbian girls, and feel like one, as well.   It makes you all horny to even think about applying it to your lips, and once it's on, you know you are a lesbian chick ready for steamy homosexual love with another pretty girl.  I'm going to put it on you and then we're going to make out like lesbian lovers."

"I'm not a les..."

"Yes, you are, Wendy, and you'll be one of the greatest and sluttiest lesbians in our school!"

Cynthia held Wendy's chin and applied the lipstick until there was a shiny coat of fuchsia color on Wendy's lips.  Unable to help herself in the wake of Cynthia's suggestions, Wendy trembled as she felt the creamy color glide over her soft lips, and as she visualized herself being transformed by it into a sizzling, loose, and ready lesbian slut.

"You look like a hot babe now," said Cynthia while holding the make-up mirror in front of Wendy's face.   At first innately unwilling to face the girl--the slutty lesbian girl--she had, per Cynthia,  just become by putting on the fuchsia lipstick, Wendy closed her eyes before she had the chance to look in the mirror, and quietly groaned a little. 

Subliminals plied the vulnerable girl's mind.  "You love make-up.  Wendy looks beautiful in lots of sexy make-up.  Being beautiful and sexy is such a turn-on.  It is one of the most important things in your life.  You love wearing make-up and attracting pretty girls and women.  You should always look like this ...beautiful...and sexy.  Wear make-up...all the time...lots of pretty, bold, sexy make-up...and clothes that show off your body...for other girls... Make them want you...and love you... You love being sexy...slutty...and beautiful..."

Unable to hold out, she opened her eyes.  All qualms quickly vanished.   Immediately, she loved the eye-catching, sexy girl in the mirror.  She was fascinating.  The pleasure she felt in her alluring reflection made her smile.  Yesss...

Cynthia watched Wendy knowingly, as a smug little smirk stole across her face.  She slipped the make-up kit into Wendy's back pack along with a few sex toys in a glittery pink cloth bag, then turned back towards her blonde friend, sweeping her long, silky, brilliantly red hair from her face with three enamel-nailed fingers.

"You want to be kissed... You love pretty girls... Kiss Cynthia... You want to... Now that you're wearing make-up...she wants to kiss you... You want to kiss her... You are ready... Do it..."

Leaning forward and looking in Wendy's eyes, Cynthia spoke softly.  "Now we're ready to kiss!"

The beguiling young woman slid a hand around Wendy's head and pulled the blonde's face to her own, meeting no resistance.  In a moment, Wendy's lips were sealed tightly and forcefully by Cynthia's mouth.


While they were kissing, the red-headed teen girl took Wendy's right hand, glided it inside the neckline of her crop top, and directed it onto one of her breasts. The skimpy strapless satin half-cup bra Cynthia wore afforded easy access to her melons. "Touch me, sweetheart.  Play with my tits."

Wendy's first reaction was to withdraw her hand, but, before she could do so, Cynthia trapped Wendy's hand, cupped it in hers, and pressed it into her firm, round flesh, squeezing it rhythmically into one of her generous orbs, coaxing Wendy to stay on track and to play with it.  Within seconds, Wendy started to continue without further prompting. Of herself now, Wendy slipped her hand inside the cups of Cynthia's bra and explored more aggressively, caressing, kneading, savoring Cynthia's smooth, warm tit flesh, and running her fingers over the nipples, pulling on them, twisting them, vacantly relishing how they were growing under her touch.

"Wendy, it was you who wanted to make-out with me. You started it. And you started feeling me up.  It was your idea.  You couldn't resist my tits.  You had to touch them.  And you want more of me.  You want all of me.  You have been desperate to have sex with me."

"It was me..."

"MmmHmmm... Now, do what you want to do. Finger my pussy." Cynthia guided Wendy's free hand beneath her denim skirt and pressed it again her fuchsia-colored lace satin panties.  Automatically, Wendy's fingers slid inside one of the leg bands and zoomed in on the redhead's pussy.


Cynthia gave Wendy a quick kiss with brief insertion of her tongue.

"I love it when you do that to me, Wendy.  Go ahead, explore my cunt all you want.  Fuck me, darling."  She kissed Wendy deeply again, this time longer, while Wendy's fingers probed inside the redhead's vagina. 

Taking another break, Cynthia whispered into Wendy's ear. "Like the hot slut you are, you wanted to do this to me from the moment you saw me today.  You're developing a serious crush on me and want to be my girlfriend.  You couldn't wait until we'd be alone together, so you could get into my panties, and now you're having your way with me.  You want me to fall in love with you, and you'd do anything to make that happen.  You can't get enough of me, and whenever you see me or even think about me, you want to do this to me.

"I can't resist you, because you, as a lesbian girl, and with gorgeous, strong make-up, are so beautiful and sexy.  You want to be even more beautiful and sexy for me, at all times, so that I will want to make out and have sex with you just as much as you want to with me. You want to drive me crazy with lust, so that I will love you.  Keep giving me more..." 

Once again, Cynthia engaged Wendy's lips with her own, as Wendy's fingers started to plunge in and out of Cynthia's dripping lovebox vigorously.  The foxy redhead also pulled down the zipper of Wendy's jeans and slipped her hand beneath the waist band of the blonde's white satin panties.  Her fingers quickly found Wendy's moist slit.

"Uhhhh..." moaned the entranced girl.

More subliminals entered Wendy's mind through her ears: "You love Sarah... You love Lauren... You love Madelynn... You  love Cynthia... You love your mother... You want to be a lesbian slut so you can have sex with all of them... Only a lesbian slut can have sex with any girl she wants... Wendy is a lesbian slut... Wendy loves hot women and girls of all ages... Wendy is attracted to older women... Wendy is attracted to her mom... Wendy wants her mom to be her lover... Wendy wants to seduce her mom... Wendy wants to have sex with her mom...  Wendy loves women in red make-up, red  lingerie, red clothes, red accessories, and red shoes... Wendy loves Goth girls... Dark make-up, clothing, and accessories turns Wendy on..."

Minutes later, both girls orgasmed within seconds of each other, and they fell back, panting.  Wendy's mind gradually cleared, but, as the effects of the subliminals lingered, the moment she recovered, she found herself gravitating toward Cynthia again, pressing her body into the redhead's, her lips hungrily seeking out Cynthia's.

However, Cynthia pushed back against her. "We should stop now, sweetie, or else we will be late. I wasn't planning on you wanting to have sex with me this early in the morning.  But I'm glad you came on to me like that.  I really like you, a lot. 

Cynthia's tone turned from content to concerned. "I can't help but notice, though, that you seem to need it pretty badly, Wendy.  Have you been getting enough of it from Sarah?" she asked before licking her fingers, which had been in Wendy's pussy moments before, doing so deliberately, so Wendy would notice.

"Umm..." It seemed like a trick question to Wendy. Saying 'no' meant that she'd be admitting that she wasn't sexually satisfied with Sarah. Saying 'yes' would sound dishonest, since she just had sex with Cynthia. Either answer would make Cynthia doubt her relationship with Sarah.

Cynthia took Wendy's hand by the wrist and brought it to Wendy's mouth.  Absentmindedly following Cynthia's lead and without any thought or hesitation, Wendy automatically started licking her own fingers, which were coated with Cynthia's own juices, as if it were the most natural of deeds. Unconsciously, she found herself enjoying the act and savoring Cynthia's flavor.  Her subconscious mind suggested to her that sometime she should drink that yummy juice directly from the source.

"I guess the answer is 'no', then."

"No, I mean I'm totally happy with Sarah. I was just kind of horny this morning."  Feeling she'd better buttress her excuse with something more, she added, "It was mainly because of you, though." Wendy was on the point of confessing to Cynthia how hot she thought she was today--as well as every other day, but Wendy wouldn't tell her that--and how seeing her unexpectedly this morning and being alone with her in the car had given her a rush she couldn't tame, which was what Wendy's memory now told her, and which also happened to contain elements of truth.  But before she could speak further, while she searched for the words to express herself, to say enough to make Cynthia understand she wasn't horny without a cause, but to refrain from gushing too much about the attraction she felt for her sultry friend, Cynthia spoke.

"It's alright, Wendy.  You don't need to worry about what we've done. Anyway, I've got something important to tell you. Your behavior at the club house yesterday had us worried."

"What do you mean?"

"When you first got there, you ran out right after you saw what was going on in there.  Don't you remember?"

Oh no, is she suspecting me?

"No, it's not what you think. I just wasn't used to it. It was all new to me. It doesn't mean that I didn't like being there or anything."

"Wendy, we all saw it. It didn't look like you were just a little shy. You seemed shocked and scared of what we were doing."

"No, it wasn't like that... I was just having a little bit of cold feet..."

"I've talked about it with some members at the club house. You might have issues with your sexuality."

Wendy was feeling uneasy with Cynthia's line of inquiry.  Wendy knew she had to be very careful right now so that, if Cynthia suspected the authenticity of her lesbianism, Wendy would not say anything to validate that suspicion.

"I don't think I have any issues...I'm pretty certain of my sexuality..."

"Really, Wendy? Are you sure? You don't seem too certain. I know you say you're a lesbian, but do you feel happy about being one?"

Does Cynthia know that I'm just pretending to be a lesbian?

"I'm...I'm pretty happy being a lesbian..."

"Don't get me wrong, Wendy, I'm not judging you or anything. I just want to help you. If you want to seduce Lauren successfully, you must be absolutely confident of your sexual identity and have no problems expressing it or else you will fail."

"I won't fail. I might encounter some problems, but I will deal with them."

"Being uncertain and afraid of your sexuality is one problem you can't afford to have. You need to deal with this issue as soon as possible."

"What should I do?" 

"Why don't you talk to Sarah about it since she's your girlfriend. She might know someone who can help you. In the meantime, I'll try contacting the senior members of the Twin Venus Club to see if they have any solutions."

"Alright, I'll bring this up to Sarah when I see her later."

Wendy was playing along, telling Cynthia what she thought she wanted to hear, but the lingering effect of the drug was also making Wendy partially accept what Cynthia was saying as possibly having some legitimacy to it.   Some concern about her sexual identity--about whether she could continue to successfully hide her hetero side and be like a lesbian enough to win Lauren; about whether she was truly confused about what she really was, as Cynthia had just suggested; and about whether she should accept more help, from other people, than what she was already receiving from Sarah and Cynthia, to get her lesbian persona embedded enough to impress Lauren, or to find her true self, or whatever it was she needed--had indeed been planted.  Her agreement with Cynthia was partly honest.

Cynthia brushed a lock of hair from Wendy's cheek.  "The faster we handle this, the better. The last thing you want to happen is to have Lauren know about your problem."

Wendy couldn't tell whether Cynthia was genuinely concerned.  She seemed to be, but, then, she understood that Cynthia might just be trying to trick her into blowing her cover. Regardless, she knew she had to resolve this issue in order to prevent Cynthia and Lauren from being suspicious of her.  She then recalled that Madelynn had made a similar claim of her having sexual identity issues, although Madelynn had said that she strongly believed that Wendy was truly heterosexual. Briefly, Wendy wondered whether Cynthia and Madelynn were working together for Lauren, but then dismissed the notion as unlikely.

"By the way, Wendy, you remember us talking about older women a few minutes ago?"


"Did you know that Lauren has a thing for older women?"

"No.  Really?"

"Yes.  She's had a girlfriend in her 30's before, and one in her 40's.  She says they are some of the best fucks she's ever had."

"Wow... I wouldn't have guessed that..."

"Well, it's really not that surprising when you think about one of the main things Lauren demands of her lovers."


"Yes, Wendy.  Exactly.  She and I both think that the combination of an attractive, experienced, older woman with a cute girl is really hot.  In fact, if you ever took up with an older woman--you know, dated one, or had sex with one--Lauren would really take notice.  It's something that would impress her and make her want you more than you can imagine."

"I don't know..."

"Did you know that not all the members of the Twin Venus Club are our age?  While the vast majority are teens like us and young women in their 20's, some of them are older, like in their 30's, and a few in their 40's, even.  Now that I think about it, that would be a good, easy, simple way for you to meet some older women...see what you think...see what happens..."

This possibility gave Wendy some consternation.  She had only imagined herself with sexy women out of her age group while watching her porn, and in her fantasies, never dreaming that those kinds of liaisons could ever materialize in her real world.  Now that Cynthia was telling her such a thing was a real possibility, while she was finding it a bit of a turn on, in a perverse way, and she did see Cynthia's point, that it might help her win Lauren, and it might be better to go along with it so that Cynthia wouldn't doubt her lesbianism, it also seemed like kind of a dangerous thing to consider.  How much further into the world of lesbianism would going along with that drag her? 

"Uh...well...yeah, maybe... Let me think about it.  Okay?"

"Sure, Wendy.  Whenever you're ready, just let me know.  I think I know just who to set you up with, if you ever want me to.  Or, of course, you could always find one on your own.  In fact, you should seduce an older woman.  You could, you know.  Wouldn't that be cool?"  Wendy didn't know what to say to that.

Cynthia glanced at the clock on the dashboard. "We've got to go now."

Two minutes later, they arrived at school, left the car, entered the school, and walked down the main hallway.  Cynthia held Wendy's hand as they strolled, with no objection from Wendy.  It felt natural and nice, and she didn't notice the curious glances from a few students as they passed.

Stopping and placing a hand on Wendy's arm, Cynthia turned Wendy toward her. "One last thing, Wendy.  Here are keys to the rooftop and to the pink shed.  I can't say for sure, but I might be there during lunch.  If you don't have anything else to do then, you could go there and we might end up having a little fun. See you later, babe."

Cynthia kissed Wendy on the lips, making it romantic, and lingering several seconds, then took off, walking ahead of Wendy in the hallway.

The kiss had been delectable, and left Wendy standing in the middle of the hallway, half-delirious and with her eyes closed for a moment, while her fellow students passed by around her.   Mmmmmm...  

She thought ahead to the prospect of more of the same at lunch.  A little fun... An image of two pairs of fuchsia-painted lips moving close to each other flashed in her mind.

She opened her eyes.  Reality and prudence rushed back to her.  No, Wendy, it doesn't have to be that. Wendy then imagined something more innocent: having a chat with Cynthia.

But that didn't stop Wendy's eyes from devouring the retreating backside of Cynthia, following the swing of Cynthia's short skirt around her curvy hips and slender thighs and the glossy flow of her crimson locks over her shoulders and down her back.  The prospect of seeing Cynthia again at lunch was wonderful, no matter the supposed purpose. 

That she had just been kissed by another pretty girl in the middle of the school's main hallway at one of its busiest times of the day, after having walked through the hallway holding hands with her,  barely registered on Wendy as anything other than natural and delightful events

Wow... She's so cute...  We seem to fit so well together... She called me her babe...

Cynthia turned around and looked at Wendy one last time before walking into the next hallway. She had been quite confident Wendy would be looking at her, and her supposition was now confirmed.  She gave Wendy a little smile and wave just before sauntering around a corner.  A broader smile crossed Cynthia's face as she turned forward again.  

Yes, Wendy... That's right...You're getting hooked on me... You're my girlfriend now...and you don't even know it yet.  But you want me.  You'll do anything to have me.  I'm going to make you into the hottest little lezzie slut ever.  You won't know what hit you.  Cynthia's mind turned to what more was planned today, and her smile deepened.  You're going to have a full day ahead of you, babe...

As Wendy walked to her first-period class, she couldn't get Cynthia out of her mind.  She was just soooo pretty.  And so much fun.  And so, well, sexy.   Wendy loved her beautiful, long red hair and lovely face, her make-up and colored nails, the cute, sensual way she dressed, the curves of her body, her touches, her lips, her kisses, her...her everything. Wendy loved being with Cynthia.

And it had been so nice of Cynthia to pick her up for school.  Would she do that again?  Could it become a regular thing?  And though Wendy hadn't been comfortable with some of the comments Cynthia had made about her mom and how Wendy should try to look at her, and how Wendy should also be more open-minded about relationships with mature women in general, over the course of their discussion those comments had come to seem less disturbing, and she had in fact ended up finding the conversation to be even somehow quite stimulating and thought-provoking, overall.  In the final analysis, she had quite enjoyed talking with Cynthia this morning, as she always did.

And the way Cynthia had held her hand in the hallway...and had...had then kissed her... That was...that was a little unexpected, but it was kind of...well...it was really nice.  

She is such a fox.  So beautiful.  And so sweet. And so nice to be with.  So much fun.  I can't understand Lauren ever breaking up with her.  Is she blind?  Is she dense?  If Cynthia were my girlfriend, I would never let her go............ I hope I get to see her at lunch... 

As Wendy strolled down the hallways this morning and over the day, she passed guys who turned to admire her.  She neither noticed them nor did she care what they thought.  Two or three months before, she would have, but not now. When it came to the pretty girls she passed, however, that was a different matter entirely.

Wendy began experiencing delayed side effects of the subliminals from Cynthia's vehicle in her third period math class. In her mind, she again saw the two pairs of lips, both painted in a shiny fuchsia color, moving close to each other... A pair of hands with fingernails painted in the same color as the lips interlocked fingers with another pair of colorfully-nailed hands... Legs perched on pink high heels intertwined with another set of legs perched on black high heels... Hips clad in black latex panties swayed slowly back and forth... A butt wrapped with pink satin lace panties was caressed and squeezed by lacquered nailed hands... Those same hands slipped between the thighs and spread them apart... A thigh slipped between them and rubbed against the pink panties...

The horny teen girl licked her lips and rubbed her thighs together. She squirmed in her seat at the rising sexual tension, but stopped her actions after becoming aware of what she was doing.  I shouldn't be daydreaming! I need to pay attention in class! Wendy managed to suppress her erotic thoughts to focus again on her teacher's lecture.

During her fourth period history class, Wendy had erotic fantasies again. She saw the lower half of an unknown girl's face. 

Black painted lips whispered, "You're such a hot girl..."

Wendy herself appeared in the vision attired as she was currently. Both she and the mysterious girl were standing in the main hallway of her school. Everything non-living was tinted in a dark purple color.

Black-nailed hands touched her waist and slid down to her ass.

" Mmmm...Let's fuck, babe..."

The voice sounded oddly familiar to Wendy.

Fingers slipped beneath the waist band of Wendy's jeans.


"You're pussy is sooo wet... You're definitely ready for girl-on-girl love..."

The facially obscured girl was wearing a form-fitting black satin dress. There was a black latex choker around her neck with a triple Venus symbol.

"I know you want me to fuck you..." the shiny onyx lips whispered.

Fingers with claw-like ebony nails lifted the front of the skirt, revealing a strap-on dildo of a metallic black color attached to a matching leather harness decorated with silver filigree between creamy white thighs.

Wendy turned around to face away from the mysterious female. Her belt was undone and jeans pulled down automatically as if by magic, revealing her ass covered by silver satin panties. Razor sharp nails cut the undergarment into two pieces, exposing Wendy's naked butt.

"This will go in your ass..."

Wendy turned her head around to look.   Her eyes went wide with surprise and a thrilled anticipation as the dildo became slowly erect and clear lubricating fluid leaked out of its tip as if it was the real thing.

A loud sound of a raven flying by outside the window snapped Wendy out of her daydream.

Wow, that was weird...

During the next break between class periods, Wendy thought about giving herself a quick masturbation session in a bathroom stall, but later decided not to because there wasn't enough time.  Not to do it right.  I need to postpone it until lunch time...

It was free play during her PE class. Initially, Wendy wanted to play badminton, but then the daydreams she had had during her classes that morning started creeping back into her mind, and she felt a compelling desire to pursue them.  So she decided to sit on the bleachers to let her erotic imagination roam free again, not suspecting the sinister origins of the impulses flowing through her.

"Make yourself beautiful for me... I love a girl who's pretty and sexy..." whispered crimson red lips with a mature female voice.

Wendy saw a naked woman in a bedroom decorated primarily with various shades of red color, as well as with some contrasting, complementary white. The woman's face was hidden. She was putting on a lacy red bra, a red thong, red stockings and a garter belt.

"Make yourself sexy for me..."

The same woman sat in front of a white vanity with red-colored cosmetics as well as red sex toys on the table. She put on red lipstick, eye make-up, blush, and painted her nails with deep-red enamel. Her feet went into five-inch red patent leather high heels. After decking herself with various silver jewelry, the red-themed woman  wrapped a veil around the lower half of her face and slipped into a red hooded cloak...

A loud sound of a basketball bouncing nearby stirred Wendy from her daydream. Wow, it's like my fantasies are having a life of their own!

"Hey, Wendy, your face looks all red!" noticed one of the other girls in her gym.  "Is everything alright?"

"Umm, I need to go to the restroom!"

Within a minute, Wendy had locked herself into a stall in the girl's locker-room restroom to continue her erotic fantasy. She slipped her fingers inside her gym shorts and played with herself.

"Serve me," said a standing girl wearing a hooded black cloak and a mouth veil.

"As you command, Mistress..." said the red-clad woman who was kneeling in front of the girl on the dark red carpet.

Both females were in what appeared to be a church, but it didn't look like a normal church. Everything was in black and red. Arcane symbols adorned the furniture, walls, and ceiling.

The older woman took off her hood and mouth veil while the girl took off only her hooded cloak, revealing her body clad in a bra, thong, and 4-inch high heels, all made from glistening, black patent leather. A purple jewel  piercing twinkled on the girl's navel.

At the sight of the metallic strap-on slowly rising between the girl's thighs, the woman licked her red lips in anticipation. She walked a few steps on her knees, placed her hands on the girl's ass for support, and kissed the tip of the metallic phallus, tasting the lubricant that was leaking from it. After sliding her tongue along the shaft a few times, the woman took the lengthy member into her red-lipped mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmm..."

"Uggghhhhhhhhhh!" Wendy came earlier than she expected.

Now I don't have to worry about getting horny again today at school...

She couldn't have been more mistaken.


During lunch period, Wendy sat with Melanie in the cafeteria. Sarah and her other friends were busy with a "group project", according to Melanie.  At least Wendy had the likeable and cute Melanie to sit with, she reflected.  Wendy had wanted to get to know her better before, but, as Melanie was more on the quiet side than Sarah and her other friends, the two of them had never had  the opportunity to talk without interruption.  But now they were sitting alone together for the first time.  As they chatted, Wendy found the unassuming girl with thick, bra-length,  light golden-brown hair to be interesting and enjoyable, in addition to being quite attractive.

From her table, Wendy could see Madelynn and Lauren having lunch together on the other side of the cafeteria. She felt a pang of jealousy. When she saw them leaving, Wendy decided to follow them.  She finished her lunch quickly and said good-bye to Melanie, with a mutual agreement to chat more in the future and get to know each other better.  

As she arose to leave, Wendy found herself pausing a second, her eyes lingering on Melanie's soft-looking, lavender-coated lips, and wondering what it would be like to kiss her.  Melanie looked up, caught Wendy looking at her, and smiled.  Slightly embarrassed, Wendy blushed, returned the smile, and headed for the exit.  

However, Wendy was too slow.  By the time she left the cafeteria, Madelynn and Lauren were nowhere to be seen.

That's okay... I have Cynthia... Guess I should go to the rooftop.

No one was on the rooftop when Wendy got there. She sat on one of the benches to wait for Cynthia. After five minutes, her mind began drifting. She reviewed what she had seen happening in the cafeteria between Lauren and Madelynn, her imagination filling in their conversation and extrapolating what could have happened after they had disappeared.

"Let's fuck after we're finished with our lunch," suggested Lauren in Wendy's speculating mind.

"Sure, I want to as well," replied Madelynn.

In Wendy's continuing visualization, the girls then appeared in an empty classroom. Lauren had taken off all of her clothes except for a black PVC bra and a matching pair of panties. She had one foot on the teacher's chair and another on the floor. Between her legs was Madelynn, who was gripping Lauren's thighs and licking the front part of Lauren's black panties.

"I want to see your pussy..." said Madelynn while gripping Lauren's ass tightly.

Lauren slipped her fingers beneath the fold of her panties and pulled it aside to reveal her hairless snatch, which Madelynn immediately and greedily started to lick.

"Ohhhh... Ahhhh... Yes... Ahhhhhhh..."

Wendy caressed her own body and rubbed her crotch through her jeans as she continued imagining the erotic scene.

"Harder... Yessss... Ooooohhh..." Lauren squeezed her breast with one hand, while pressing on the back of the Goth girl's head with the other hand.

The teenage Latina tilted her head back and moaned loudly as an orgasm wracked through her body. Female ejaculate poured into Madelynn's mouth, while the rest sprayed on her cheeks and dribbled down her chin.

"Now it's your turn..."

Wendy blinked her eyes. The rattling sound of the wind blowing against the half-opened rooftop door captured her attention. She immediately stopped her actions.

I need to close it before I continue.... Cynthia probably won't be coming anyway...

After closing the rooftop access door, Wendy decided to look at the pink shack. It was a cute-looking little edifice that stood out from the rest of the similar structures on the rooftop by its brighter color and larger size.  She was curious about what was inside the shack. Since there was a garden on the rooftop, Wendy thought this might be the tool shed for the garden and that there was probably nothing unusual inside.  Probably just some tools and chemicals...

However, the curious side of her wished it was more than an ordinary shack.  I wonder... Could it be a secret meeting place for Twin Club Venus club members?  She had no idea why that particular speculation had come to her.  It was, after all, highly unlikely.  And yet...it was a rather intriguing thought, just the same...

She placed one hand on the handle and inserted the key into it. Slowly, she turned the key and took a deep breath before opening the door. An LED light on the white ceiling automatically turned on. The inside of the shack was painted pink, matching its exterior.  Its floor was painted white like the ceiling. There was a silver-colored, satin-upholstered foam mat on the floor. Apart from the mat, the room was completely empty.

Definitely not a tool shack. I wonder what this place is used for...

Wendy closed her eyes as her previous interrupted fantasy resumed.  She now pictured Lauren and Madelynn both standing, in an intimate embrace.  Madelynn's upper body was now naked except for a black satin bra. She tilted her head back as her neck was being pleasured by Lauren's painted mouth.  "MMmmmmmm..."

Lauren dragged her wet tongue upwards along Madelynn's exposed throat and chin then swiped her tongue between the Goth girl's purple lips. The two girls kissed each other simultaneously, pushing their tongues into each other's mouths and exchanging saliva...

Worked up by the fantasy, Wendy locked the door behind her and stripped off all of her clothes. She laid herself on the silver mat and began feeling up her own body. Her nipples became long and erect.

Breaking the kiss, the Goth girl sat on the teachers desk, facing the students' desks, and spread her legs before riding up her leather skirt. Lauren knelt beneath Madelynn and ran her fingers up the Goth girl's stocking-covered leg before stopping at the crotch. She pulled aside the purple satin panties with black lace and pressed her lips against the wet labia. Madelynn closed her eyes and moaned...

Wendy had her two fingers inside her pussy and was working furiously. Another hand pinched her right nipple and massaged her breast. "Ohhhh..."

Samantha walked through the door to the classroom. She was dressed in a gleaming silver crop-top, a matching pleated micro skirt, and 5-inch clear acrylic stripper platform high heels. Her hair was tied in a high pony tail and dyed a hot neon pink, which matched the color of her nails and lips. Her  jewelry included three-inch silver hoop earrings, three silver bracelets on her left arm, and a rhinestone silver armlet on her upper right arm.  

Wendy had seemed to encounter this remarkable lesbian girl in one way or another--in videos, in porn magazines, even in person but at a distance at Sarah's club--more often than she could account for by mere coincidence. The girl made Wendy's heart race, more every time she saw or imagined her, and Wendy had wondered if they ever might meet.  Wendy didn't know why this particular girl was popping up again now, but envisioning this extraordinary version of the stunning girl made her nipples tingle more and the ache in her pussy grow. 

Samantha!  Oh, wow..... Wendy pinched the nipple in her one hand harder, and pulled on it, and worked a third finger of her other hand into her burning lovebox.  Ohhh...uhhh...

Wendy tried desperately to insert herself into this daydream, but she found she couldn't, as if she had no control over her imagination right now.

The sultry pink-haired girl walked over to Madelynn, hugged her with one arm, and fluttered her pink mascara-laden eyelashes against the Goth girl's cheek. Madelynn rubbed her cheek affectionately against Samantha's face in response.  Then their lips met in a tight lip lock.

The scene was too much for Wendy and quickly pushed her into an orgasm.

Once she had recovered, Wendy reached into her back pack for some tissue and found a cloth bag that she didn't recognize. How did this get in there? Inside the bag was a pearlescent white opaque bullet dildo, a clear dildo with LED lights inside, and a silver vibrating egg. It must be a gift from Sarah I've forgotten about...

She examined the white one first. It was just a simple dildo with an on-off switch. The vibrating egg was a simple device as well. It looked exactly like the one she had used in front of Lauren on that night at Sarah's club. She then looked at the clear dildo. It was more sophisticated toy with an on-off switch, one button to adjust the speed setting, and another to adjust the blinking rate of the pink LEDs inside or to turn them off. Wendy played with the buttons. The dildo, controlled through wifi by a hidden computer in the room,  blinked its lights in a special pattern, putting the unsuspecting girl into a trance-like state.

Subliminals played from hidden speakers on the wall: "Continue fantasizing about girls and women...  Continue masturbating... Continue thinking about lesbian sex... You can't stop thinking about lesbians and lesbian sex... You want to fuck girls... You want girls to fuck you..." To enhance the effect of the subliminals, the LED lighting on the ceiling also strobed. The teen girl was released from her entranced state after a minute of subliminal treatment.

"I need another go at this..." said Wendy before rubbing the tip of the LED dildo against her clit. She thought briefly about pushing the dildo all the way, but mentally chastised herself for the sinful thought. What am I thinking? I must remain a virgin until I'm married.

Samantha was standing on her knees on the teacher's desk. Madelynn was lying on her back on the desk with her arms wrapped around Samantha's thighs . She was licking Samantha's hairless love box.

"Oh yes, Madelynn... You're such a wonderful pussy licker!"

A white object peeked from Samantha's pussy, causing Madelynn to stop.

"I have a surprise for you. Bite it and pull it out."

Doing as told, Madelynn retrieved the object with her mouth and discovered that it was a small white bullet dildo.

"Now fuck me with it... Fuck my pussy hard..."

Madelynn pushed the dildo in and out of the pink-haired girl's cunt with her purple-painted mouth. Feminine fluids leaked from Samantha's love canal and flowed along the dildo down to the Goth girl's lips, chin, and cheeks.

"Oh yes, Madelynn! Oh yes...yeah...ahhhh!"

The door to the classroom opened. In walked a sexily dressed blonde girl accompanied by an attractive older woman who was dressed in sensual attire as well.  The blonde girl's left arm wrapped around the woman's waist possessively. The girl was dressed in a black leather mini jacket over a crimson red leather crop top, a leather mini skirt with alternating crimson and black pleats, sheer red fishnet stockings, and ankle-length black leather boots with four-inch high heels. Her lips were painted in a matte crimson red, matching the color of her nails, and her eyes were made up with black mascara and eye shadow. Her platinum blonde hair flowed down past over her shoulders down to the small of her back in wavy tresses. The woman was dressed in more revealing clothing. A scarlet-red veil covered the lower half of the woman's face, while a semi-sheer hooded robe covered the rest of the woman's body. Her red lace shelf bra, red panties, red garter belt, red fishnet stockings, and red high heels could be partly seen through the robe. The woman's blonde hair was tied in a braided crown. She looked familiar to Wendy.

"Starting the show without me, girls?" said Sarah while caressing the woman's waist.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" exclaimed Madelynn and Wendy together.

As Sarah's voice triggered Madelynn's orgasm, sending a torrent of fluid down Lauren's throat, Wendy simultaneously went over the edge as well. Unknown to Wendy, all of her actions were recorded by hidden cameras and microphones.

A smile formed on Sarah's face.  The platinum blonde teen watched on her tablet as Wendy climaxed, then powered the device down and walked down the stairway, leaving Katherine and Rebecca behind, who were busy making out with each other while standing against the wall.


The bell announcing the end of lunch break rang shortly after Wendy closed the door to the rooftop behind her and walked down the stairs. As usual, she went to her locker to pick up the materials for her next class. Inside her locker she found a folded piece of regular notebook paper with a message written in magenta ink in cursive. It read: "Meet me at the rear entrance after school - Your crush."

Wendy was surprised by the mysterious note.  She wondered who had written it, although, given its girlish handwriting style and color, it seemed highly probable that it was written by a female. Was it Sarah, Lauren, Cynthia, Madelynn, or one of Sarah's friends, like Rebecca or Melanie? Maybe even someone she hadn't met before?

For a second, her mind caught on the possibility that it might be Melanie, and felt a little rush.  They had, after all, had lunch together within the last hour, and had decided to get to know each other better.  It was clear they liked each other. Could it be her?  Had she been able to read Wendy's face, when Wendy, in departing, had lingered, looking at Melanie and imagined kissing her?  Was that sufficient for Melanie to call herself Wendy's "crush"?  Wendy decided that was not highly likely, but the slight chance seemed pleasing, just the same.

As she considered the possibilities further, Wendy next concluded that it was most likely Sarah, since they had exchanged notes like this before as part of their plan to act as lovers in order to convince Lauren of Wendy's lesbian sexuality and seduce her.  But then she realized that guess was probably wrong, as, on closer inspection, the handwriting didn't look like Sarah's, nor like the style of anyone else she knew, as far as she could tell.

Wendy was very intrigued.  Who was the mysterious girl who wanted to meet with her?  Was it someone she knew and liked?  Someone she would like to get to know?  Someone pretty?  Someone...well...someone sexy? Who could it be?

When she was about to close her locker, she received a call on her smartphone. The caller ID number was blocked, but Wendy answered anyway out of curiosity.  It sounded like an automated telemarketing call. Wendy was about to hang up, but the hidden subliminals within the call made her listen to it longer than she had intended.

"Think about Lauren... You love Lauren... You want Lauren... Think about Lauren's pretty face, lush hair, irresistible personality, and hot, curvy, feminine body... You want to kiss, touch, feel, and fuck her sexy body...

"Wait for your secret lover after school... Wait for her... Wait for your love... Prepare yourself for her... Make yourself pretty... You are a sexy lesbian... Be ready to offer your body to her... Be ready to make love with her... Be ready to have sex with her..."

After school, Wendy decided to do a quick retouch of her make-up in the girl's restroom before going to the location that the anonymous note mentioned. While she was working on her make-up, she felt unexpectedly giddy.

I don't even know who this person is. It could be a prank. Why am I feeling so excited?

What Wendy didn't recognize immediately was that there was a sexual component to that excitement.  Part of the erotic thrill was from her programmed subconscious desire for lesbian romance and the intriguing possibility of either meeting some new, mysterious female love interest or furthering an existing relationship with some girl she already knew and liked, and part of it was from the sexual enjoyment of applying and wearing make-up, especially for the purpose of attracting other girls, which had been getting trained into her.  

After she had waited at the designated spot for seven minutes, Wendy started to wonder whether a prank was being pulled on her, whether by those who had bullied her in the past or by someone else.  Most of the students had left the school by this time and the area in which she was waiting was empty of people. Just when she thought about leaving, she received another call with a blocked caller ID on her phone. Is this another telemarketing call again?

Wendy wanted to ignore the call, but her curiosity got the better of her. "Hello?"  There were static and hissing sounds for about two seconds before she heard the commencement of an automatic voice message.

It's another telemark--

Before she could complete the thought, subliminals put her into an entranced state.

A white van drove up and parked by the curb as its side door opened. Directed by the female voice in the phone, an expressionless Wendy walked up to the vehicle, got in, and closed her eyes. The door closed shut with a slam. Wheels screeched on the asphalt as the van accelerated down the street.

Some time later, Wendy found herself rousing to a state of partial awareness and lying on her back.  When she slowly opened her eyes, pink fog filled her vision.  Shortly, she also perceived seven white lights above her.

"Where...where am I?"  Her voice sounded faint, hoarse, and distant to her.  No one answered.

Then she started to feel her body being softly touched and kissed all over.  The arousing sensations made Wendy squirm, and she tried to lift her head to look at their source, but she discovered that she was quite weak, or almost paralyzed, after a fashion, rendering her more or less immobile, and unable to raise her head to any significant extent.


Before she could finish her question, the lights on the ceiling started to blink, which, combined with the psychoactive effects of the chemicals in the pink fog, pulled her into a pliant, receptive, trance-like state. Her ability to think critically became limited, though her reactions to physical sensations remained intact. 

"You love girls, don't you?" asked an unseen girl in a sensual voice, as the lights continued to flash off and on.

Wendy wanted to say "yes", but something was holding her back.

"You love girls, don't you?!" The question was asked louder this time.

"No, I..."

Red-nailed fingers holding a double Venus necklace appeared over Wendy's glassy eyes.

"Are you a lesbian?" asked the girl at the same moment she inserted her fingers into Wendy's pussy.

"Ahh...yes!" gasped Wendy, with her eyes focused on the glistening pendant.

"Of course you are..."

Wendy yelped as her clit was pinched tightly.

At the moment the lights stopped blinking, a girl's face appeared within Wendy's view. She was on her fours above Wendy. Her lips were painted in glossy Venetian red, matching her nails. There was a red butterfly-shaped filigree eye mask obscuring the upper half of her face. Her sandy blonde hair was tied into two braided pigtails with small red satin bows tied at each end.

"Do you want to kiss me?"

Wendy's dreamy eyes focused on the girl's lips.

"Uhhh...Yes........ I mean, no... I can't..."

The red-masked girl jiggled the twin Venus necklace in front of Wendy's eyes, licked it sensually, and swung it back and forth slowly like a pendulum. "Yes, you can, Wendy... You do want to kiss me... You need to kiss me... You must kiss me..." The masked girl lowered her face until her lips were about an inch away from Wendy's. "Kiss me..."

Wendy knew the girl spoke the truth. She did, in fact, need to kiss those lovely red lips.  When Wendy tried to lift her head, she found, as she had a minute before, that she lacked strength to move much.  But she simply had to taste this mysterious beauty.  Spurred now by desperation, she managed to raise her head slightly and was about to kiss the unknown girl on top of her.  At the last second, however, the girl suddenly pulled away before the kiss happened.  Wendy dropped back, fatigued by the unsuccessful effort.

A second later, leaning down again, the girl moved her lips close to Wendy's left ear and whispered "Kiss me" repeatedly.

The lights on the ceiling began flashing again, their on-off cycle coordinated with the cadence to which the red-lipped girl's words were spoken.

"Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me... Kiss me..."

Image after image of feminine lips kissing each other passed through Wendy's mind. The lips came in many combinations of colors, shades, and lusters.

"Wendy loves being kissed by girls... Wendy loves to kiss girls... Mouths, cheeks, ears, breasts, nipples, navels, asses, thighs, legs, feet...everywhere on a female's body is kissable..."

The blinking action of the lights stopped and the masked blonde put her face directly above and close to Wendy's again. "Kiss me," she urged softly.

Finding her ability to move completely restored, Wendy promptly slipped one of her hands around the girl's head, pulled her down to her, and finally--as it seemed--kissed the girl. It started as a light kiss, but quickly escalated into a tight lip lock with tongue action and sloshy sounds.

It was the masked girl who, at length, broke the kiss. Wendy's tongue continued licking thin air, disappointed at the abrupt stop.  Her disappointment quickly evaporated when a breast clad in a red satin demi bra came to hover over Wendy's eyes.  Red-nailed hands pulled both cups down, revealing big D-cup breasts.

"Touch me..." cooed the red-lipped girl, while cupping her breasts and offering one of them to the entranced girl.

Wendy raised her hands but they remained in the air without touching anything. Wendy started to raise her hands, but something whispered to her she shouldn't give in to the girl's temptation, and she stopped short."

"Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me..."  

The lights on the ceiling resumed blinking, their rhythm again matching that of the girl's incantation. This time, the masked girl laid herself right on top of Wendy. Large, naked young breasts touched and pressed silver-satin-covered young breasts. Naked belly touched naked belly.  Red-satin-covered pussy touched silver-satin-covered pussy. Thighs touched thighs. Legs touched  and slid along legs. Feet rubbed against feet.

As before, the masked blonde moved her head aside to enable Wendy to see the lights and the images subliminally coded within.

Pink-nailed fingers caressed large, naked breasts and squeezed them... The same fingers squeezed two butt cheeks, clenching them tightly... Nails grazed feminine thighs... A pink nail circled around a navel, from which a fuchsia-colored agate stone hung... The pink nail trailed downwards and circled a moist vulva before stopping at the clit...

"Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me... Touch me..."

Hands went around shoulders... Fingers clenched tightly... Thigh went between thighs... Legs intertwined... Pink lips met fuchsia lips... The fuchsia lips changed color to red... Pink lips kissed the red lips... The red lips changed to purple... Pink lips kissed the purple lips... The purple lips changed to blue... Pink lips kissed blue lips... The blue lips changed to black... Pink lips kissed black lips... The black lips changed to pink... Pink lips kissed pink lips...

When the lights ceased flashing, Wendy, as if on autopilot, wrapped her arms around the red-masked girl and began kissing the girl's left cheek softly. In a slow, serpentine fashion, she rubbed her body against the girl's body. Wendy's fuchsia-colored lips sought the red lips and kissed them. She rubbed her moist crotch against  the girl's crotch. Though their privates were separated by satin, there was an exchange of feminine fluids as well as exhilarating physical contact.

"Lick me...  Lick me... Lick me...  Lick me...  Lick me...  Lick me...  Lick me...  Lick me...  "

The lights blinked again. Wendy saw herself dressed in a shiny white leather bra studded with pink and white gems and pieces of silver, matching panties, white patent leather 4-inch high heels, sheer white stay-up stockings, a white leather choker with a silver double Venus pendant hanging from a single link, dangling pink topaz heart-shaped earrings, and a silver and topaz bracelet on her left arm. Her make-up was lavish: black mascara, silver blue eye shadow, glossy pink lips, slight blush, and pink nails. Twin braided pigtails trailed downward from the back of her head, with pink satin bows tied at each end. She was kneeling on a white carpeted floor. In front of her was a pair of sexy female legs encased in black fishnet stockings and resting on black patent leather high heels. Wendy lowered herself onto her fours, kissed the left shoe and the top of that foot, and licked upwards along the lower leg with her extended tongue. She reached the upper thigh and finally the area where both thighs met, which was covered with a black leather thong. A black-lacquer-nailed hand rested on her head and guided Wendy's lips closer to the crotch...

"Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me... Fuck me..."

The black thong slid down through the thighs. Black nails parted the exposed pussy lips, which were painted in black. Her heart racing wildly, Wendy moved her head forward and kissed the womanhood with her pink lips before thrusting her tongue into the wet folds...

Blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink... The lights kept flickering, on and of, on and off, dazzling Wendy's eyes. She felt a foreign object in her love box. It gave off a buzzing sound and pleasured her. There was also something stuck in her butt. The red masked girl on top of her was moaning loudly. There was a loud, repeating thumping sound that caused the surface on which they were resting to shake. Matching that sound in cadence was the sound of skin slapping against skin.

Awareness, still incomplete but growing, was returning to Wendy.  What's going on?

A loud cry soon escaped the masked girl's mouth.  During the orgasmic kiss that quickly, frantically followed, the masked blonde engulfed Wendy's mouth with her own and sealed  them tightly together. "Mmmmphfff!"

After a few more minutes of wild, mutual oral and bodily affection, another voice, a pretty and sexy and familiar voice, spoke up.  "Now, it's my turn..."

At the same moment Wendy heard Lauren's voice, she went over the edge and lost consciousness.

When Wendy reopened her eyes, she found herself resting her head on her crossed arms on her desk inside her room at her home. After rubbing her eyes, she saw her homework and an opened textbook in front of her.

"What a strange dream."

Looking downward, Wendy realized with some embarrassment that the zipper of her jeans was open and her heavily soaked silver panties were exposed. She quickly zipped it back up, then looked around, hoping that her mom hadn't seen her in this state. Looking at the clock, she  breathed a sigh of relief. It would be another hour before her mom would be back home.


Later that afternoon, Lauren and Madelynn stood outside a large building in the commercial district. There were various businesses on the lower floors and apartments on the upper floors. They walked through the main door, took an elevator up to the third floor, and walked down a hallway before stopping in front of an unmarked door. Lauren opened the door with a key and both of them stepped inside, then she closed the door behind them.

With the flick of a finger, Lauren turned on the lights and took Madelynn down a short hallway into the living room of the large two-bedroom apartment unit.  Madelynn's eyes opened wide with wonder and wandered around the room with deep curiosity.  It was unlike any place Madelynn had ever been in before, even with Elena.

The walls were painted dark red, while the ceiling and trim were black. The pieces of furniture were all black or red or a combination of the two colors.  There were recessed spotlights and fluorescent lights on the ceiling which could be activated individually.

Madelynn turned toward the left side of the living room and saw a large square tapestry hanging from the top of the left wall, extending five feet downward.  The whole of the tapestry was occupied by a big red pentagram woven on a black background, in the center of which were three interlocking red Venus symbols, one on top and two side-by-side on the bottom, each Venus symbol being angled 120 degrees from its adjacent symbol so that each cross pointed away from the center of the design. Running around the edges of the tapestry were various abstract patterns embroidered in red.

The symbol of the Order of Lilith.

Below and in front of the tapestry, close to the wall, stood the next object to catch and hold Madelynn's eye, a large altar, 6 feet wide, 22 inches deep, and 38 inches high, subtlety decorated around the edges with numerous small, fine carvings.  On the altar, positioned centrally, stood a highly-detailed, three-foot-high onyx statuette of an exquisite naked female.  A silver bowl was placed on the altar in front of the statuette.  Two silver candelabra, one on each end of the altar, flanked the statuette.  Each was spaced 1½ feet from the statuette, and each candelabrum held several candles, none of them currently lit.

As Madelynn scanned back toward her right, toward the center of the room, she saw a circular black leather bed five feet from the altar.  The bed almost abutted the back wall of the room so as to clear some space in the center of the room, yet, at eight feet in diameter, it dominated the room nevertheless.  To the right of the bed was a black coffee table and, to the right of that, against the right wall of the room, was a black leather sofa facing the bed and the tapestry.

It was quite apparent to Madelyn after one quick scrutinization of the living room that, given its appearance and contents, the apartment was dedicated to an occult purpose.  While Madelynn told herself she should have expected they would be coming to a place like this one, actually seeing it and being there in person was more intense than she had suspected, and a creepy, uneasy feeling crawled over her.  She felt the urge to exclaim, "Thank you, I've changed my mind," and run out, but she tried to suppress that feeling at least until she found out more, for Wendy's sake.  Plus, she was, despite her misgivings, now a little...fascinated...

Though Madelynn was aware that Elena had been trying to cultivate in her an interest in lesbian sex flavored with dominance, sadism, and bondage, and that Madelynn had, in fact, manifested some aptitude for it, despite not wanting to, she did not know that she had been programmed, through brainwashing and the experiences Elena had thrust upon her, to be drawn to all things dark, mysterious, and forbidden, and especially to things tainted with evil, illicit, deviant sexuality.  Thus, she had a strong subconscious preference for dark, sexy clothes, lingerie, cosmetics, and hair; dark, edgy, pornographic materials and entertainment; dark, abnormal, kinky sex, including all forms of "regular" lesbianism and lesbian versions of fetishistic sex, fantasy sex, anal sex, incest, old-young sex, Lolita complexes, nymphomania, and BDSM; darkly slutty, exotic, wickedly beautiful women; dark conspiracies, schemes, and seductions; dark, wild fantasies; and dark, mystical, magical, sensual, demonic arts and religion. 

All such things now held powerful subconscious allure for her, which attraction had slowly been leaking through into her conscious mind as well, and would stir her curiosity and capture her interest whenever she came in contact with them, or even thought about them. 

Little did she suspect how Lauren, who knew about the imbedded interests within Madelynn, intended to awaken them fully and how far she planned to pull Madelynn into all manner of perverted tastes, black desires, and forbidden lesbian sexual proclivities.  If all went according to plan, their relationship was destined to become inextricably intertwined with such things, and Madelynn's attraction to the girl would lure her deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Though Madelynn had had no such inclinations before falling into the hands of Elena and Hecate Corp., nothing beyond a naturally inquisitive mind, and she would assume that at least some of the gravitation she would manifest toward such things would be attributable to the workings of Elena on her, the programming woven into her head had also created inside her the impression, which would gradually, subtly unfold to her awareness, that she always had been secretly curious about dark arts, erotic mysteries, deviant sexual behavior, and sensually wicked women--though she may not have ventured to explore those kinds of things if Elena, and then Lauren, had not opened the door for her to do so, at least not at such a young age.  Eventually, if she progressed as designed, her gratitude to them for introducing her to this path would know no bounds. 

But the sense of magical intrigue Madelynn felt at this moment, as she stood in this singular apartment, was not only stirred by the demonic motif of the apartment and by the palpable, ominous portent filling the air, but also by the other girl there...by Lauren.  There was an exquisitely suspenseful atmosphere of being alone, together, in such a place, with her.

While Madelynn's attention was occupied by the sight and ambience of the strange place, Lauren pressed her finger on a hidden thumb scanner which activated the subliminal messaging system, the voices of which were masked by white noise.

"What is this place?" 

"It's a shrine dedicated to Lilith, one of many places of worship for those who are members of the Order of Lilith."

"I never knew Elena was into the occult...although, I guess I'm not too surprised. How did Elena get you into this?"

"She introduced me to it when she gave me a difficult assignment."

"What was it?"

"Seducing a straight girl into lesbianism without using any form of drug, hypnosis, or subliminal suggestion."  Madelynn now knew about the drugs and some of the other mind-influencing methods Elena and Lauren used, as they had guided Madelynn in trying some of them out on her own mother, as well as in slipping pills into Wendy's drinks, and Lauren had mentioned them before, as well, when describing her supposed suspicions about what Elena and Hecate Corp. were doing, so there was no need for Lauren to conceal her familiarity with them now.

"Oh, so that's why you had to learn about occult methods, and you ended up trying them on Cynthia?"

"Yes. I was afraid at first, afraid of hurting my friend, but Elena told me what I did to Cynthia was only temporary."

"So that's why you're no longer with Cynthia?Madelynn didn't understand why, but she felt hopeful that it truly was over between Lauren and Cynthia.

"I think she still likes me somewhat but the effects should be all gone in a few more weeks."

Hearing that relieved Madelynn on two fronts.  First, it sounded like the kind of love spells used by this group were not very injurious, if Cynthia was recovering from one, so that bode well for using something similar on Wendy.  Second, but only partially recognized by Madelynn, she was happy that, as it now seemed with greater clarity to be, Lauren was free--conclusively free, by all appearances, from her previous lesbian girlfriend; freer to be something more than she now was with Madelynn, more than just a co-conspirator and a friend of necessity; freer to be a special friend in some way undefined in Madelynn's mind; freer to be Madelynn's own lesbian girlfriend, even it that facet of their relationship was mostly for public display, but a girlfriend, it was now apparent, whom she wouldn't have to share with anyone else.   Her emotions told her that she wanted to be closer to this beautiful girl and have some kind of preeminence in her affections, and that, therefore, Cynthia's demise as a competitor to her in these regards was welcome intel.

Her eyes roamed over Lauren's slim but curvy physicality, her lovely, even features, her full lips, her flawless, warm brownish skin, and her long, gleaming dark brown hair.  Even when she styled herself conservatively, she was a knockout. 

The news that it had taken magic for Lauren to reel Cynthia in initially, and that Cynthia was apparently now losing interest in Lauren, hit Madelynn in yet another way:  It was hard to imagine.   It was hard to image Lauren having to resort to tactics such as those to capture someone's, anyone's heart, whether boy or girl, and then even more difficult to picture someone, once captured by her,  being willing to give her up. 

Who wouldn't like you?  spell or no spell?   It wouldn't take a magical spell to make me fall for you.  And after a girl did, how could she ever get over you?  After Madelynn mused a bit more, not realizing her reaction was exactly like that of a thoroughly lesbian girl with a developing crush, she returned to her questions about this demonic cult with which she was on the verge of getting involved. 

"What is this Order of Lilith exactly?"

Lauren walked over next to the altar. Instinctively, Madelynn followed her. She noticed a faint buzzing sound when she got close to it. Tilting her head upward, Madelynn could see one of the fluorescent tubes flickering slightly. There was also a faint hissing sound, but it was hidden in the buzz and not consciously noticeable to Madelynn.

"We worship Lilith, the Goddess of lust, desire, and magic."  Lauren motioned with her hand toward the obscenely-detailed, glossy black statuette, and, accordingly, Madelynn's eyes shifted to it.  She first fixated on the figure's perfect, impassive face, towering over her by about a foot.  Then she drifted lower, lingering on its colossal breasts, located--intentionally--at the eye level of an average girl such as Madelynn.  Madelynn continued exploring the statuette's voluptuous figure for a while as Lauren spoke on. 

 "We pray to her for power, which she lends to us. Everyone is treated equally by Lilith, and our order is leaderless, but those who are devoted and talented are given more favor. There are no involuntary obligations in this order and we are free to come and go, but those who join and then take it lightly, and aren't serious about the order and what they committed to, they are despised by Lilith."

The aura of the forbidden and of mysterious danger about this place and this demon-goddess was making the Order of Lilith more intriguing by the second to Madelynn, even though she was also wary and skeptical of it.

"Leaderless? What about Elena? Does she pull the strings around here?"

"She's just like me and everyone else, an ordinary member. While she does manage some of the order's activities, she isn't a leader or above any other member of the Lilith Order."

"What if she finds out we're involved together in the occult scene?"

"She was going to introduce you to this sooner or later. It doesn't really matter if she knows that you're dabbling in the occult with me.  But it would matter if she thought that we were using it to go against her plans."

"That makes me more worried.  If she's a member of the same occult group that you're asking me to join, and if she knows I joined it too, I think she'll suspect something.  You know, she'll question why I would do it if she didn't order it, and why I didn't get her approval or tell her about it.  Don't you really think that she'll try to find out what we're up to, and why?  And she's the kind of person that once she sets her mind on something, she doesn't stop until she gets or finds out what she wants."

"That's a good point, Maddy.  So I guess we better try to not let her know I'm getting you into this.  She won't find out if we keep it a secret."

"We're already keeping a lot of secrets from her.  And she seems to find so much out, at least eventually, stuff you'd think she couldn't know. Like, is it possible that Elena will find out that we've been here today?"

"No, I've checked the schedule. No one else will be using this place today, so no one will see us here."

There was a pause.  Lauren still noticed some uncertainty on Madelynn's face. During the silence, Madelynn took notice of the ambient buzzing again, which she thought was from the fluorescent lights. In reality, the sound was actually coming from hidden speakers, and was a mix of intentionally audible buzzing and hissing sound effects that were laced with continuously playing subliminals.

"We'll be here a while to sort this out, Maddy, so, here, let me help you off with this," said Lauren as she walked behind Madelynn and assisted her out of her black leather jacket, then laid it neatly on a nearby cabinet.  Walking around Madelynn to face her again, Lauren let her eyes fall onto the front of Madelynn's semi-sheer black blouse, deliberately and obviously enough so that Madelynn would not miss it. She visually explored the purple satin bra and the curves of Madelynn's cleavage which could be discerned through the blouse's filmy material.  Madelynn's pulse accelerated as a sexual tension between them seemed to mount for several seconds, but then abated some, though not entirely, when Lauren looked Madelynn in the face again and gave her a friendly smile.  It was time for another question.

"What do members do exactly, besides witchcraft and worshipping a...a devil named Lilith?"

"Maddy, just describing the Order of Lilith with words can't do it justice.  Some things you just have to experience for yourself before you understand them, or go out and try them before you can do them.  Food is like that; you have to taste a new food before you know what it's like. Someone else describing it for you doesn't really let you know.  And, like, do you remember when you learned how to ride a bike?  How much good would it have done for your dad or whoever to elaborately describe how to ride a bike without you going out and getting on a bike and actually starting to peddle and wiggle the handlebars and try to balance it on your own?  Things like that, and a bunch of other things, you just have to try it, and you learn about it by experiencing it. This is just like that, Maddy. I think the best way for you to know more about Lilith is to join the order."

"Yes...I see what you mean.  But what we're talking about here isn't riding a bike or tasting a new flavor of yogurt.  I believe in keeping my commitments, and following through with something I start, but given how dark this all looks, and how it looks like it will contradict everything I have ever believed, I'm afraid of what I might be agreeing to that I don't know about. What you're saying would mean I'm committing myself to it before I really know what I'm getting into."

"Yes, but like I've told you before, you're always free to go. If you feel that it's not for you, you can leave anytime you want. You can think of it as a test drive."


"Madelynn, you want to help Wendy, don't you? You want to expose Hecate's activities, don't you?"

"Yes, but I just want to know what I'm getting into exactly."

"I'll show you, Maddy, but you need to become a member first.  You need to take risks. You need to try things that are unfamiliar to you. You need to try different ways to reach your goals if you really want the best chance to succeed.

"Sometimes you need take a leap of faith in order to move forward in life.  You should understand that.  Didn't you believe in Christianity and live by its precepts as an act of faith?"  Lauren phrased it in the past tense to suggest to Madelynn's mind that Christianity was something she used to believe.

"Well, yes..."

"This is exactly the same."  The implication entering Madelynn's head was that she was simply trading one set of beliefs for another, equally worthy set, and she could conveniently employ the same personal type of faith she had exercised before to adopt the new creed.  "Did you know everything about Christianity before you accepted it, and started going to church, and started to try to live like a Christian?"

"Actually, I guess not.....I guess...I guess you're right."

"Yeah...You learned one thing at a time, but not everything all at the first.  What you didn't know and understand, you just accepted because of your faith, right?  So, you don't need to know everything about the worship of Lilith right now, either.  Use your faith again.  Open your mind to something new." 

With those and subsequent persuasions from Lauren, and with the continued whisperings in the room, her old affinity to Christianity and a new acceptance of demon-worship would start to blend in her mind. Faith in the two would become less distinguishable.  Then, before long, the former would subtly start to seem increasingly like something of the past, something to let go of, if not something that had already been discarded, the latter something new, more interesting, a system of beliefs more useful and rewarding and exciting now and in the future.

"Leap with your faith into the new, Maddy, into what you need now, and join the Order of Lilith." 

Madelynn was feeling a bit light headed, not knowing that it was caused by the sinister noise.

"Why don't you sit on the sofa and think about it for a while," said Lauren as she guided Madelynn to sofa and sat alongside her.

There was a small stack of magazines on the coffee table. All of them were erotic magazines focusing on exotic and alternative lesbian porn. Enticed by the cover of the magazine on top of the stack, which depicted two young women--both with raven black hair, black lipstick, black nail polish, dark eye makeup, and clothed in short black PVC Victorian-style dresses--standing in a tight embrace and French kissing each other, Madelynn picked it up and flipped a few pages. 

Madelynn did so with no second thought.  There was no hesitation, no reluctance, no guilt, no sensitivity to the sordid nature of what she was doing, and no embarrassment about doing so in front of another girl.  Had she paused a moment to take a step back and view her action as average people might see it, or as she herself would have seen it a couple of months ago, she would have been loathe to even touch the magazine, much less open it, especially in front of someone like Lauren, someone she liked and whose esteem she valued, someone she normally wouldn't want to see her doing this.

But she didn't take that view.  Instead, she was oblivious to those considerations.  Part of the explanation for that was the dark, erotic atmosphere created by the apartment and by the subliminals, to be sure.  The porn, located out in the open, with no effort to conceal it, just seemed to fit in here.  Another part of it was Madelynn's understanding that Lauren was not uninitiated in the ways of porn and wouldn't mind Madelynn's interest.  That would not be an unreasonable assumption, given that Elena had been having Lauren and Madelynn make pornographic material, both individually and together, and given that Lauren was a member of this Order, where the open display of obscene material like this suggested common approval.

But the main reason was that lesbian porn had simply become second nature to Madelynn.  So accustomed was she now to it, that sitting there flipping through a titillating lesbian adult publication seemed as natural as checking out the latest issue of Time Magazine in a doctor's waiting room. 

There was an article about PVC and latex fetishism. She skimmed through the article and two quotes caught her eye: "I wish I could fuse with latex and make it part of my body!" and "Sex isn't fun without latex or PVC!"

Flipping another page ahead, she saw the same two girls from the front cover, dressed the same, but this time there was a smooth black latex dildo connecting their mouths together. Their eyes seemed to be focused on each other but their faces were expressionless. The girl on the left had her right leg raised with her ankle and glossy black high-heeled shoe caressing her partner's lower left leg. A shiny black nylon stocking covered most of the leg, with the strap of a garter belt visible.

The pictures were more erotic in the pages that followed.  On the next page at which she stopped, the same two girls were now naked, lying on a bed with a purple satin sheet, and tied together with long, wide straps of black latex. The black high heels remained on their feet. Their crotches were completely shaved. There was a black double dildo connecting their pussies together. Like in the previous images, they expressed no emotion on their faces. Near the bottom of the page was the caption, "Blessed by Lilith."

The subliminals assaulted Madelynn's mind continuously: "Obey Lauren's words... Trust Lauren... Join the Order of Lilith... Madelynn wants to be a lesbian dominatrix... A true lesbian dominatrix joins the Order of Lilith... Madelynn needs lesbian sex... Joining the Order of Lilith will fulfill Madelynn's desires... Madelynn needs to seduce her friend Wendy... to fuck Wendy... Lilith will help Madelynn achieve her goals... Madelynn wants to touch Lauren... Madelynn wants to have sex with Lauren... Madelynn wants to fuck Lauren...  Madelynn loves Lauren..."

Madelynn's eyes were starting to glaze over. A moan escaped from her lips. "Lauren, I..."

"You don't need to rush your decision, Madelynn. We can stay here for another hour or two."

Lauren placed her left hand gently on Madelynn's thigh and lightly caressed it through the semi-sheer black stocking. They sat in silence for a few moments, lovely moments for the spacing Madelynn, before Lauren spoke again. "We can even have a bit of fun together if you want in the meantime. It's all up to you."

It took a few moments for the fuzzy mind of Madelynn to process Lauren's proposal.  Madelynn at last understood Lauren's meaning of the word "fun".  They had had this kind of fun before.  When they did it to comply with Elena's demands, they acknowledged it as lesbian sex, or at least acts of lesbian sex; but when they did it in their off time with each other, of their own free volition, recreationally, as it were, then they used that word..."fun".  Lauren was offering light sexual play, disguised under a euphemism. 

Madelynn loved all of her sexual intimacy with Lauren, in both contexts, but she didn't want to admit that to herself, nor did she want Lauren to think she was really a lesbian.  Calling it "fun" gave her sufficient pretext to acquiesce, but her conscience still whispered to her that it wasn't what a straight girl should do.  She wanted to do it...again...but...

Divided, Madelynn didn't respond to the offer, and more seconds of silence passed.

Lauren started to pull her hand away, but Madelynn reflexively put her hand over Lauren's, essentially trapping it in place on her thigh.  Madelynn's hold on Lauren's hand was weak and her action hesitant, reflecting unconscious conflict within Madelynn.

"Lauren..."  Madelynn didn't quite know what she wanted to say or do, or why she said Lauren's name, other than that she just liked saying it. She was leaning intellectually toward declining Lauren's invitation to "have fun", but she was enjoying Lauren's proximity and hand on her leg so much that she didn't want to say anything that would rock their current cozy situation. 

"What is it, Maddy?"

Suddenly, Lauren's smartphone played a tune. She answered the call and stood up from the sofa, which broke off the physical contact Madelynn had with her hand.  That, in turn, snapped Madelynn back from her brief daze. 

It was from Elena.  Madelynn could hear her voice and make out some of her words, as Lauren was standing close to her and didn't have the phone pressed tightly against her ear.

"Where are you?"

"I'm... at home," lied Lauren, while giving Madelynn a conspiratorial look. "What do you want me to do?"

Madelynn was unable to decipher most of the rest of what Elena was saying over the phone.

"I need some time to prepare," Lauren responded, apparently to some order.

Madelynn was able to catch what Elena said at the end of the conversation:  "...I'll call you back in five minutes so you can get ready."  Lauren hung up.

"Was does Elena want you to do?"

"She wants me to do some erotic voice acting, you know, pretend like I'm having sex with a girl."

Madelynn felt a subconscious disappointment that she was left out. For the past week, Elena had connected Madelynn and Lauren together in their sexual assignments.

"Sorry, Maddy, you can only watch this time!" said Lauren jokingly as she undid the top three of the six total buttons on her white polished cotton blouse, while standing directly in front of Madelynn, exposing some of her cleavage.  She then sat down near Madelynn again, and undid an additional button, which showed off part of her black satin bra and even more of her creamy breast flesh to the Goth girl. 

Elena called back in the promised five minutes.  Once again, Madelynn overhead the first words from Elena. "Are you ready now?"

"Yes, I am."

Lauren gave a loud moan as she tilted her head backwards, spilling her lustrous brown hair over her shoulders. Her tongue slid around her sleek, fuchsia colored lips.


She raised her left hand to her left breast and squeezed it through the blouse. 


After switching the smartphone to her left hand, in a teasingly slow movement Lauren slid her right hand--which was followed by Madelynn's eyes--downward along her right flank and hip, and rested it on her thigh, before producing another loud moan with closed eyes.

Madelynn was surprised at Lauren's performance. It's supposed to be just voice acting, but she's really getting into it. Her eyes remained glued on Lauren's body throughout Lauren's performance over the smartphone.

Lauren pulled the hem of her denim skirt up her thighs and beyond, exposing embroidered black satin panties. Fuchsia-nailed fingers rubbed her pussy through the panties.  Madelynn watched intently.

In a subliminally-induced mental vision and internal voice, Madelynn saw herself sucking on Lauren's pussy-juice-soaked fingers. I want to taste Lauren's pussy juice... I need Lauren's pussy juice..Madelynn's mouth started to water.

The leather sofa squeaked as Lauren thrust her hips up and down against the air while moaning and yelping, her right hand rubbing her pussy enthusiastically through her embroidered black satin panties.  Her lovely hair tossed about her face, becoming somewhat disheveled and broadcasting its fresh scent in all directions.

It's as if she's being fucked by or fucking an invisible person...

Another subliminally-induced image appeared in Madelynn's mind, with an accompanying monologue.  She saw female feet standing on lustrous, black 5-inch high heels.  Girls look sexy in high heels... Wendy looks sexy in high heels... You look sexy in high heels... Girls who wear high heels want to be fucked... and should be fucked...

The view moved slowly up along the legs and thighs before stopping right below the waist. There was a shiny black PVC harness around the hips with a smooth, glossy PVC dildo attached to the front.  Girls should fuck other girls... The legs spread apart and the view moved to the unknown female's behind. Through the spread legs, Madelynn saw a naked, brown-haired girl, wearing only shiny silver high heels, sitting on a black leather sofa.  "Yes... Fuck me..." said the girl through fuchsia-painted lips while tracing her pussy with a fuchsia-nailed finger.

The vision ended abruptly.  Madelynn found she had instinctively slid several inches closer to Lauren on the sofa.

Lauren slipped a fuchsia-nailed hand into her opened blouse and into the cups of her bra, closed her eyes, and lightly caressed her breasts directly. "Mmmm... Oh..." She turned her head to the side and looked at Madelynn lustfully.

Madelynn shifted even closer to Lauren, but Lauren suddenly got up from the sofa, brushed her skirt back into place and, without stopping or skipping in her vocal performance, walked over to a transparent glass cabinet where various sex toys, lubricants, and miscellaneous objects were on display.  Madelynn's eyes instinctively followed the movement of Lauren's body and ended up looking at the items in the glass cabinet as well. Lauren stood with her back against the cabinet, facing Madelynn, and continued touching and feeling up her own body.

There were three objects in the cabinet that caught Madelynn's eye. They looked familiar to her. Madelynn had no idea the sense of familiarity was induced mostly by the subliminals. Her eyes focused on a black bullet dildo that pointed upwards like a rocket, a black silicone double dildo, and a black silicone strap-on with a black leather harness. All of the objects were sleek and smooth. The teen Goth girl felt a slight increase in arousal at the sight.

Another induced vision entered the Goth girl's mind. She saw her own face with sheeny black lipstick, black eye shadow, and extremely thick black mascara.  She was lying face-up on a bed, with an expressionless look. Her hair was shiny black, without any highlights, and long, cascading out around her onto the pillow and sheets.

Female-on-female ecstasy...

The mental vision changed to a side view of her face. Lauren's face appeared above hers. A black metallic bullet dildo was sticking out from her mouth. Madelynn parted her black lips, welcoming the dildo as it was being lowered into her mouth.

The view switched to their pussies. A sleek, black silicone double dildo hung from Lauren's pussy. Lauren was guiding the other half of the dildo into the pussy below hers. Right when the tip was about to penetrate into the hole, the vision ended abruptly. 

You want Lauren to fuck you... You want to fuck Lauren... You love Lauren... Prove your love... Fuck her and let her fuck you...

"Maddy, have you made your decision yet?"

Lauren's soft voice jolted Madelynn back to reality.  Lauren was once again sitting next to her, close to and facing her Goth friend.  Madelynn's hostess played idly with her own long, silky hair, running her hands through it and twisting several locks of it around her fingers, flirtations which made Madelynn's heart beat faster.

Although Madelynn hadn't settled quite yet on whether she should join the Order, the other open question, Lauren's invitation to light sexual play right now while they waited for Madelynn to come to a decision, had just been decisively resolved by Madelynn's inflamed semi-subconscious desire for Lauren.  Under the pretext of "fun", she would not actually be asking for anything very "sexual", she told herself, as she had told herself before, stifling her conscience one more time.  She was not really a lesbian girl; no, two girls could be "kind of" sexual with each other, like Lauren and herself, and they could count it as mere play between two pretty girls who like each other.  It was almost a natural thing...kind of...

"No, not yet... But...umm... You said we could have a bit of...you know...some "fun"...while I decide, didn't you?"  asked Madelynn as she stared at the cleavage exposed through Lauren's mostly unbuttoned blouse. 

"Yes, I did say that," replied Lauren with a husky voice and an enigmatic smile, as she unfastened the last two buttons holding her blouse together and opened it up with her hands, exposing more of her breasts and her black satin bra. "So, do you want to have some fun now?" It wasn't really a question, for Lauren had slipped intimately close to Madelynn, enough for their knees, thighs, hips, and shoulders to touch each other. This proximity gave Madelynn an even more breathtaking view of Lauren's cleavage. The body heat and the curves she could feel pressing on her own, and Lauren's spicy perfume, seeming to emanate from her creamy mounds, captivated Madelynn even more inescapably.

Reluctantly tearing away from Lauren's fully-opened blouse, Madelynn's exotic gray eyes stared at close range into Lauren's soft brown ones.  "Yes," Madelynn answered.  Less than a second passed before Lauren closed the distance and planted a kiss on Madelynn's eager purple lips. "Mmmmmmmmmphff..."

Lauren's tongue probed into the Goth girl's receptive mouth. She gently pushed Madelynn down onto the sofa and continued kissing her passionately. Madelynn responded by sucking on Lauren's tongue and kissing back with equal force.

The subliminal voice renewed its assault. "You want to put your pussy against Lauren's pussy... sweet, juicy tribadism... Your lesbian pussy can make love only with another female's pussy..."


Madelynn wrapped her arms around Lauren's back and began feeling the silky smooth, long hair. Her tongue slid over Lauren's tongue and went into Lauren's mouth.

Lauren's right hand squeezed Madelynn's breast through the black blouse, causing Madelynn to moan louder.

"Be a hardcore lesbian... tribadism... pussy against pussy... Taste delicious female pussy with your own... You love Lauren's pussy..."

A craving for Lauren's pussy, to touch it, to kiss it, to blend it with her own, suddenly seized Madelynn. Acting on blind impulse, Madelynn plunged her hips upward, planting her crotch directly into Lauren's.  Seeking more contact, she started to thrust her groin into Lauren harder and repeatedly.

Madelynn's pussy intuitively sought Lauren's, hunting for direct contact. Subconsciously frustrated by the multiple layers of fabric separating them, she delved for some way to reduce the obstacles in her way. She found the hem of Lauren's skirt with one hand and lifted it as best she could, working it between their pressed bodies, and reached with her other hand for Lauren's panties. Right when she was about to touch Lauren's panties, Lauren grabbed her hand, stopping her from doing so. Lauren also broke the kiss.

"Maddy, I said a bit of fun. You're trying to do more than that. Remember, we aren't actual lesbians."

Lauren ended the make-out session and sat back up.

Madelynn felt embarrassed.  She's right.  I got carried away.  I'm not a lesbian...  But what she was feeling for Lauren...whether they were lesbians or not...was...well...special...a special feeling...one that made her lose herself...forget who she was, or was supposed to be...made her head spin... 

...........Lauren............wow...............She's so.....awesome........

Madelynn debated whether she should share what she was feeling...and decided maybe a little bit... This was as good of a time as any... Maybe it would help Lauren understand what just happened... Madelynn felt she wanted Lauren to know...needed to let her know...at least a bit...

"Umm... But... I'm sorry... It's just... I kind of like you..."  It felt so good to say that.  She realized she had been bottling that up for some time now and was glad Lauren knew, in case she didn't before.  And the moment she said it, she knew her expression should have been more definite, as there was no "kind of" about the way she felt.  Lauren, I like you.  That would have been better.  And even stronger words would perhaps have been yet more accurate--though she knew she wouldn't say them, at least yet. 

"It's alright, Maddy. Sometimes I can't help it either. I kind of like you too."  Lauren affectionately placed a hand over one of Madelynn's, perched in Madelynn's lap, and gazed at her intently in the eyes.  "You actually look much better now than the old mousy look you had before."

A dreamy smile stole over Madlynn's face.  She was elated to hear those words. She wasn't sure if Lauren meant the "I like you" part quite the same way she did, and she wasn't even sure what she, herself, had meant by it, but she loved hearing it, just the same, and she was thrilled to know that Lauren--a babe like Lauren--liked her looks. 

The implication in Lauren's words that she liked Madelynn because she looked good was missed consciously by Madelynn, but not subconsciously, and would make Madelynn want to continue to look attractive, more attractive, to Lauren in the future, so that she would like her even more.

"Really, I do?"

"Yes, you're very pretty and attractive. I think you could even draw the attention of some straight girls."

Wow...really?  Madelynn thought.  Like...like who...for example...?  The subliminals slipped an image of Wendy into her mind.  Like...Wendy...?  Madelynn remembered Wendy's reaction to her the day she showed up at school transformed...the way Wendy had eyed her...wasn't able to keep her eyes off her...then...and many times since...and had acted differently around her...more attentive, more interested, more...more attracted to her...maybe even...a little...in love with her.......

Yes... I know Wendy likes the way I look now, too....  She felt great contentment in that certainty, and in the prospect of capitalizing on that to win Wendy's heart more deeply in the future.  A voice entered her head:   I want to be very pretty for Wendy.  I need to be beautiful...for her... I want to be even more beautiful... 

Then the subliminals prompted her to think of her mother, also.  She is a straight woman.   I wonder...if she...ever has...

The voice spoke again:  Yes...your mother looks at you, too... She thinks about you... She loves your beauty... She thinks you're sexy.  Make her love you... Be pretty for her... Show yourself to her... Make her hot for you. 

And there were lots of other straight girls and women...  Could she really drive them to distraction by her looks?  Was Lauren suggesting that she could turn some of them gay?  for her?  

... I wonder...

After a momentary lapse of concentration, Madelynn returned her attention to Lauren. "Thank you, Lauren."

"Anyway, Madelynn , let's get back to the subject. If you really want to save Wendy, if you really want to take down Hecate, you must join the order and borrow power from Lilith. We are fighting a losing battle right now.  Unless we explore all options we will lose for sure. Elena and Hecate will win, and you will lose Wendy forever."

"I'm just kind of worried. Do I have to do anything immoral or illegal?"

"No, Maddy, you don't have to do any of those things..." said Lauren, who then added in her mind, ...yet"But, we have three fundamental precepts which weave though everything we believe and do, and are the keys to obtaining the power of Lilith.  They carry the weight of obligations, once you're part of our order.  As I mentioned before, they're all voluntary, but expected nevertheless."

"What are they?"

"The first and most important one is faith in Lilith.  In fact, that will be the easiest requirement for you.  You can do it...I know you can...because you already have had faith in a god."  Lauren phrased it like that to suggest again to Madelynn that Christianity was a belief of her past, one she was in the process of dropping, in favor of a new and better and more exciting religion; and that her faith had previously been placed in "a god", implying that her former belief was in just one of many possible gods in which people might choose to believe, and there was interchangeability among them. 

"All you need to do is just transfer that faith to Lilith.  It's the same thing, just centered in someone different, and in the different things she wants you to do."  Madelynn had never thought like that before and wasn't sure she bought it, but, with an assist by the subliminals, it did make some sense.  

"The second one is devotion to lesbianism."  Madelynn hadn't expected that, quite--although she might have, given the nature of the magazines on the coffee table--and it shocked her some.  She had supposed there might be some sexual aspects to devil worship and maybe even to witchcraft, too, although she had never been particularly familiar with either, but she had never heard of a religion prescribing sex, and sex only between women, especially as one of its fundamental tenets; and she had hoped to eventually get out of the aberrant sexual things that Elena had pushed her into, not to get more heavily involved in them if she didn't have to, or at least that's she what told herself outwardly.   Madelynn's first, blushing reaction was that she felt she should tell Lauren no, she didn't want to get that deeply into lesbianism, at least voluntarily, not so as to be "devoted" to it.

But, as Lauren paused to let this obligation sink into Madelynn, and to let the subliminals soften up her attitude about it, Madelynn did indeed start to mellow.  But...I'm already involved in lesbianism.  I know it's not right...but Elena has been forcing me...and...it hasn't been all bad, really......... I could play along..........I guess a little more...won't hurt........ In fact...a little more...with the right girl...or girls...maybe I wouldn't mind that...at all... I need to think about it...but...but I may be able to handle it...

"The third one... I'll tell you about it later... "

"What is it?"  Now Madelynn's interest was piqued.  Yes, the first two requirements...well...they might be doable.  Was the last one something she could possibly accept, as well?  "Why can't you tell me about it now?"

"Okay, but before I tell you, let me ask you this first:  Are you comfortable with lesbianism?"

Madelynn hesitated in answering. While she still thought of herself as straight, her experiences with Elena and other girls had made her tolerate and even enjoy lesbian acts. Since she trusted Lauren, Madelynn decided it was best to answer honestly.

"Yes, I'm kind of comfortable with it... even though... I'm straight..."

"Have you enjoyed having lesbian sex? I know Elena made you do it, but did you enjoy at least some of it or maybe even all of it?"

"I-I... Yes, I did enjoy some of it..."   A more honest answer would have been, "Yes, I realize now that I enjoyed most of it...maybe all of it...definitely all of it with you."  And subconsciously, Madelynn really felt, "No, I didn't simply enjoy it...I loved it, all of it, and I haven't had enough, and I want much, much more of it, especially with you and Wendy, and even with Elena and with other girls, too."  But those were not truths of which Madelynn was aware consciously, or wanted to face, or wanted Lauren to hear.

"Good, now I'm going to tell you about the third obligation:  Promiscuity. You need to have lots of lesbian sex with other females as often as you can, of all types, without any inhibitions."

Madelynn's eyes widened, "What...?  But...but wouldn't that mean that...that I'd have to be a...a slut...?............and a lesbian...?...a real one...?"

"No, Maddy, the word "slut" is just a negative label. It doesn't have to apply to you if you don't want it to. You wouldn't be having sex with other females just for the sake of it. You'd be doing it to worship Lilith. But, if you really enjoy being a lesbian and sexually promiscuous, that'd be even better."

"I don't think it's a good idea for me to join... if that's the case..."

"Yes, Maddy...you still can join...and should...because the third obligation is optional.  You don't have to do it, if you really don't want to."

"Huh?  How could an obligation be optional?"

"That's just how it is.  You don't have to abide by it if you don't want to.  To be honest, though, I don't know anyone in the Order who thinks like that about the third obligation, and chooses not to follow it.  I think that once you get started, you'll see it that way, too.  There is great power available by faithfully observing all of the precepts of the Order.  If you do, Lilith will favor you more

"I didn't want to tell you about the third obligation a minute ago because I was afraid you might object to it...and you did.  Was I wrong to confide in you about it?"  Lauren chose that wording to make Madelynn feel guilty for balking, and it worked.  Madelynn did not want in any way to betray or disappoint this lovely girl who had been such a pillar of hope and comfort for her.

"Well, Lauren...I'm not...not exactly against it... If the other members want to do that...I guess that's fine for them...  It's just that... I don't think it's for me...It's not who I am...or what I want.  So...I'm not sure..."

"You can decide on it later, but you should at least join as a member first, to try it out."

"What if I do, and then I decide to quit? If I joined, I'm sure I wouldn't want to remain as a member permanently."

"Yes, like I said before, you may leave the Order at any time.  You could quit if you wanted to.  But I've got to tell you, Maddy, it would be a mistake to enter into it with that mindset.  I'm going to remind you again, if you're not serious about being a true follower of Lilith, you won't get anything out of it, and that includes getting help with winning Wendy back and bringing down Hecate.  If you join, you have to jump in all the way, and hold nothing back.  Give your whole soul to Lilith, and you will receive all the wonders she has in store for you."

The subliminals continued softening Madelynn's opinions and thoughts against the Order of Lilith and encouraging her to join and enjoy all of what it had to offer.

"Join the Order of Lilith and experience a new world of womanly delights... Fuck pretty girls... Fuck pretty women... You can have Wendy... She will be your lover...You can fuck her... If you serve Lilith... Enjoy all kinds of lesbian sex... Become a lesbian slut... Unlock your potential as a lesbian dominatrix... Seduce other females and rule over them... You can have sex with them to your heart's content... You want it... Lilith will give you the power to seduce females... Lilith will show you the way... Lauren will teach you... You trust Lauren... You love Lauren... You want Lauren..."

"One last question," Madelynn asked.  She was starting to feel better about the whole thing.  Lauren seemed to think this was a good idea...and she knew that she could trust Lauren.  Maybe she even...even felt love for her...of some kind...that's how it seemed...and they would be in it together... That was a reassuring thought...and a pleasant prospect...

"Go ahead."

"How will Lilith help me exactly, and how does the witchcraft work?"

"Lilith helps us in mysterious ways. Sometimes she gives you ideas and inspiration. Sometimes she gives you strength to solve a problem. She does lots of things. The witchcraft is more specific and direct, but you still need faith, a lot of faith, to make it work. There are spells for love, spells to influence people, spells to give you temporary clairvoyance, and spells to do lots of other things."

Madelynn took a deep breath and said, "Okay, Lauren... I've made my decision. I want to join the Order of Lilith."

"I'm glad to hear that, Maddy. You've made the right choice. We will definitely beat Elena and Hecate in their game..." 

Lauren arose, walked to the altar, proceeded to light all the candles in the two candelabras, and then walked back toward Madelynn, who watched the brunette bombshell raptly the whole time, admiring her curves, the grace of her movements, and the way her blouse, hanging sexily, completely unbuttoned, flapped open even more as she walked and exposed so much of her satin bra and bouncing breasts.

"Now, let's begin the initiation rite." 

"Right now?

"Yes, sweetie. Why wait?"  Madelynn had no answer to that, but then remembered that Elena had commanded her presence for 7 PM.

"Well, how long will this take?  Don't forget Elena wanted me to meet her at seven."

It was now about 4:30 in the afternoon. "Don't worry, Maddy.  We'll be done in time."  She took Madelynn by the hands, pulled her to her feet, and led her, hand-in-hand, back across the room to the altar. Lauren stopped in front of the altar, faced Madelynn, took both of Madelynn's hands in hers again, leaned forward, and was about to kiss Madelynn, but stopped midway.

"Oh, my lipstick was smeared when we made out earlier. I'm going to fix it up first before we begin."  Madelynn was charmed by the sexy, feminine gesture of Lauren wanting her lips to look nice for her and to wear a new coat of lipstick to kiss her again, and immediately started to look forward to the upcoming encounter with Lauren's freshly-painted lips.  Leaving Madelynn standing at the altar, Lauren turned around and walked away, again drawing Madelynn's interested gaze to her swaying rear side.

Lauren went to the bedroom while Madelynn waited in the living room. But instead of just touching up her conventional lipstick, Lauren put on a special lipstick with a powerful effect:  Any person to receive a kiss from lips painted with this lipstick would experience feelings of extremely overwhelming pleasure for ten minutes. Additional effects were the lowering of inhibitions and elevated vulnerability to suggestions. She also changed into much more sensual attire.  Additionally, she restyled her hair and put on earrings.

In the meantime, Madelynn waited, standing patiently next to the altar, subliminals continuing to ply her all the while. She looked around the room some more, pausing on and wondering about the black leather bed close by. "Madelynn...Isn't the bed lovely?  You'd like to lie on it...with another girl...and make love to her...That's what beds are for...for love between girls.  This one is specially for that... It's for lesbian love... You want to use it... with Lauren.  You want to fuck her on it.  That's what it's for." For a brief second, she saw herself with Lauren, lying on the bed naked, rolling around, making out passionately.  A pulse of hot desire flashed through her, then the vision faded as fast as it had appeared.

Turning again to the altar, her eyes were caught once more by the nude statuette, now reflecting the sparkling lights of the numerous candles near by, and she roved over it intently, exploring all of its lewd details.  Madelynn particularly lingered on the onyx woman's dynamic breasts, impossibly narrow waist, generous rear, and, most of all, her prominent vulva.  As she dwelled on the demoness's most private and exciting place, she became mesmerized by the sight and by a sense of reverence for Lilith's sacred pussy.  Then, before her eyes, the vagina started to pulse...and the labia parted slightly. 

Amazed and not quite believing her eyes, Madelynn reached out her hand tentatively, but stopped herself, wondering if what she was about to do might be considered desecration.  "Go ahead...touch it," ran through her mind, as if she had been so commanded audibly.  Accordingly, she slowly extended a purple-nailed finger toward the crotch of the black statuette and lightly touched the vaginal lips.  She wasn't positive, but they seemed moist.  They also felt warmer and softer than she would have expected stone normally to be.  And it did indeed seem to pulse, at first very subtly, but then, under her touch, a little more.  As Madelynn started to stroke and probe, the lips appeared to spread wider. 

A soft sigh came to her ears, as if from above her somewhere. It was faint yet unmistakable.  Further, Madelynn sensed a delectable feminine presence as if it were hovering around her.

Subliminals worked on Madelynn's subconscious. They impressed her with the holiness of the shrine, the power of the demon-goddess, the blessedness of those who serve her faithfully, the importance of the imminent initiation, and her need to completely surrender sexually.   They reinforced her love for Lauren and her desire to bond with her.  They intimated that this altar was marital, among its other purposes, and that a girl like her could get married there, and should, that she could be a bride, joined to the demoness and to the mortal female lover of her choice, forever and ever.  Several of these sentiments were so foreign to Madelynn that it would take some repetition and some time for them to soak in, and resistance to them would continue to emerge, but, just the same, even now they instilled a sensation of something good and, paradoxically, even wholesome about this place.

A warm feeling came over Madelynn about being there, and about what was soon to happen.  It was all right and good.  The impression of the altar as a place for happiness and fulfillment floated through the air.

"You're in the right place, Madelynn, my beloved.  You like it here.   You want to be in the Order.  Come to me. Take my name upon you. Worship me.  Be my devoted follower.  In time you will become my bride.  You will marry me.  Prove you are worthy of me.  Prove your love to me.   Love my daughters...my other brides.  Have sex with them.  Be a dirty slut.  Be a slutty lesbian girl.  It is my will.

"Your sister Lauren now comes for you... You are in love with Lauren... Receive her to yourself... Take Lauren. my daughter, as your own... I approve... Make love to her... I command it... " Madelynn started to feel a giddy anticipation for Lauren's return.

When Lauren came back, Madelynn had her breath taken away by the sight. Lauren had applied a more glamorous version of her previous lip color on her lips, glittery fuchsia with gloss. She had taken off all of her clothes and changed into provocative underwear, but nothing more.  She now wore only a black latex bra and panties which were coated with a clear polychromatic glaze, causing them to shine in a palette of colors which varied with every slight movement, at every angle of view, and around every succulent curve. On Lauren's upper left arm was a serpentine sterling silver armlet with a large amethyst gem on the snake's head. Hanging from her ears were small, dangling, tear-drop-shaped amethyst clip-on earrings that sparkled at the slightest movement. Her smoothly flowing, loose hair was parted at the center and combed back.  A pair of roughly crescent-shaped, amethyst-studded pewter ornaments adorned her hair, one on each side of her head. From certain viewing angles, those hair ornaments resembled small horns.

A click-clack sound caused Madelynn to lower her eyes to Lauren's feet as they approached. Lauren was wearing sexy 5-inch glossy black high heels.  She wants to be fucked, Madelynn reacted subconsciously; I want to fuck her. There was a sterling silver and amethyst ankle bracelet on her lower left leg. Slowly, Madelynn raised her eyes back up, appreciating Lauren's slim, smooth legs and sexy curves along the way, noticing the glint of her amethyst navel piercing, and drinking in the quivering of her large breasts as she strutted toward her.  Madelynn's attention lingered a moment on Lauren's strange silver necklace with a triple Venus symbol pendant, and realized it matched the one in the center of the nearby tapestry.  Finally her eyes settled on Lauren's beautiful, faintly smiling face.

Before starting the initiation ceremony, Lauren coached Madelynn on what to say during the ritual. It took about two minutes for Madelynn to memorize and recite the lines accurately. Lauren's distractingly sexy body, standing so close to Madelynn and flaunted for her as it was in the scanty, skin-tight, iridescent black bra and panties, made the memorization of the lines challenging.

Next, Lauren took a red glass bottle and a small, ornate black box from the glass cabinet and set them on the altar. She poured about 8 ounces of clear liquid from the bottle into the silver bowl.

"What's that?"

"Water that's been blessed by Lilith," replied Lauren. Then she opened the black box and took a silver needle from it. "Relax."  She took Madelynn's hand and stuck the point of the needle into the tip of Madelynn's index finger.


Lauren guided Madelynn's hand over the silver bowl and let a drop of blood drip into the water. She repeated the same action on her own index finger, adding a drop of her own blood to the contents of the bowl as well.  Then she pressed the tip of her index finger against Madelynn's index finger, mingling their blood.

"Our fates are intertwined. Our destiny is divine."

Lauren slowly stirred the liquid in the bowl with a glass rod until the contents were thoroughly mixed. Once she was done, Lauren faced the statuette of Lilith and lifted the bowl, saying, "Oh, Great Lilith, Divine Goddess of Lust, Desire, and Magic, I have found a new sister who wishes to become your humble follower." Lauren drank about half of the liquid in the bowl before handing it over to Madelynn, who downed the remaining half.

Unknown to Madelynn, the water that came from the bottle wasn't pureIt contained a tasteless, odorless, powerful psychoactive drug which made the person consuming it highly vulnerable to suggestions. It also lasted for up to five hours, longer than the effect of any mind control drug that Madelynn had been given before. Lauren had downed a special antidote while in the bathroom, and thus was immune to its effects.

"Oh Great Lilith, Divine Goddess of Lust, Desire, and Magic, I, Madelynn Goodwin, recognize your power and providence. Please accept me as your follower and humble servant."

Lauren and Madelynn pressed their right index fingers together again, maintaining that blood-merging finger contact while also joining all four of their hands together in one big hold between their torsos.

"I accept Lauren Holland as my beloved sister and lesbian lover. Promiscuous lesbianism will be my one and only true sexuality now and..."

Despite Lauren's earlier assurance that her participation in the Lilith Church could be temporary, Madelynn looked at Lauren with uncertainty. Lauren responded with an encouraging nod.

"...forever," Madelynn finished.

Lauren allowed a pause for a minute, first for that last word to echo within Madelynn's mind, and then for subliminals to further influence Madelynn's feelings about what was happening. 

Forever.  Forever.  Forever.  Though Lauren had assured her the ceremony was a mere formality, the vibes permeating the room spoke to her differently.  Now that Madelynn had uttered the words, they felt real.  Chills passed through her. What have I just done?   Am I now really bound to a devil?  and to another girl?  and to be a lesbian?  and a slut?  forever?

Maybe she could play along for a short time, she told herself...but it was that aura of permanency surrounding what she had gotten caught up in and what she had just committed to that pressed most eerily on her. 

The subliminals reminded Madelynn of her feelings for Lauren. The thought crept into Madelynn's conscious mind that she had hoped for a closer bond of some kind with Lauren, and now it was here, something even better than becoming her official lesbian girlfriend just that afternoon, as that had been entered into largely for the effect it would have on Wendy and Elena.

She perceived that she and Lauren were now indeed in a real, special relationship.  In some way, undefined and vague to her, she knew she had longed for something like this, and it was now happening. 

But did she want that forever?  That would be like being...married to her...

Yes, it registered in Madelynn's awareness for the first time this afternoon, there was something marital in the air.  Madelynn discovered within herself the impression that what she and Lauren were doing together in this ceremony was kind of like a wedding...no, not quite like that...more like some kind of a prelude to a wedding...more like an engagement...that she and Lauren were in the middle of getting engaged... and that she was possibly headed toward marriage with Lauren, or maybe with another girl or woman...sometime... somewhere...maybe here... 

The thought brought a new alarm and a blush, and she wanted to dismiss it.  She knew about gay marriages becoming more accepted in society, but...but that ran counter to the traditional values she had grown up with.  What they were doing had the feeling of something unnatural and deviant.  And certainly two teenage girls shouldn't marry each other or even do anything like it; they were just too young to commit themselves "forever".

Lauren...I like her...but this...all of this...seems so...so permanent...    

"Madelynn," whispered the voice, "Would marriage to Lauren...or to another girl...to Wendy...be so bad?  No... It would be okay... It would be nice... It would be beautiful.  You want it... You want to marry another girl..."  Subliminal images flushed over her, of brides and weddings, all in a lesbian context, and all seemingly beautiful and natural and right. 

But...if girls could marry each other--a concept becoming more palatable by the second thanks to the subliminals--then at least...surely some other setting would be better than this, Madelynn reasoned.  They were, after all, at the shrine of a demoness, rather than in a church, there was darkness in the clothes they wore and in the atmosphere surrounding them, instead of bridal white and a family-friendly tone.  But otherwise...maybe the part of this ritual about being in a long-lasting union with Lauren was something she could live with...

But what about this dark cult?  What about Lilith...the demoness...? Forever.  Forever.  Forever.  Madelynn had just used that word to bind herself to a devil, and to everything that came with her--to witchcraft and to a demonic religion, and to being a lesbian, and a slut.  Permanently.  It almost felt as if she were betrothed in some strange way not just to Lauren but to Lilith and to her lifestyle, as well.

Wait...that's too weird..........Could that be?  Do I want to be bound to Lilith...forever...?  I don't even know what she's really like...or much about this group...or exactly what crazy stuff I'm going to have to do for her...

Her first reaction, that she definitely didn't want that, started to cloud as subliminals again danced into Madelynn's mind visions of lesbian weddings, and of beautiful and sexy lesbian brides--this time not only in virginal white and in churches, but also in indecent black gowns and wanton makeup  and in occult settings--kissing and making love.  They colored love and marriage between women, and in an occult style and environment, with an aura of charm and intrigue, and even a dash of normalcy, and stirred Madelynn's programmed affinity for dark and deviant sexual things.

Then the subliminals blurred, for a mere minute, the distinction between Lauren and Lilith in Madelynn's mind, Lauren transitorily seeming to represent or embody Lilith to Madelynn in some abstract way.  Assurance was whispered into Madelynn's mind that Lilith and Lauren came together as a single package...and she knew Lauren...she liked Lauren...she loved Lauren.  Therefore, Lilith was okay.  Lilith and her cult were no worse than Lauren...and Lauren was nice...Lauren was beautiful...so, too, must be Lilith and her Order and devil worship and dark arts...as nice and as beautiful and as fascinating as Lauren... If Lilith, and witches, and other demons, and other members of this Order, and their practices were kind of like Lauren, and Lauren accepted them...then maybe the aspect of being united to a Lilith...and incorporated into her cult...maybe it wasn't so bad, after all.

The impression of Lauren and Lilith being two faces of one entity dissipated as fast as it had formed, and while it and the other subliminals did not erase all of Madelynn's doubts, they did leave Madelynn feeling for Lilith and her cult some of the same attraction she had for Lauren, and feeling better, at least for the time being, about her involvement there. 

Lastly, the subliminals more specifically addressed Madelynnn's concerns about lesbianism and promiscuity, reinforcing earlier similar indoctrination.  "Don't worry about being a lesbian...and a slut... It's okay...just try it...You will be a great lesbian girl...It will suit you naturally...You feel like one now anyway... You're already much more lesbian than straight.  In fact, you're not straight at all.   You're really a lesbian girl already.  You don't need boys...or want them.  You only like girls.  And you've already started becoming promiscuous, too... You've already done it with Lauren...and Wendy...and Elena...and others... You're already a slut... A little more won't hurt...Try it...You'll love being a complete lesbian slut...You want to have lesbian sex with a lot of girls and women...even with your own mother...especially with her..."

In the minute Lauren had paused in the ceremony, Madelynn's attitude about the proceedings of this afternoon had morphed from apprehension to acceptance, or a level of it.  Lilith, the occult atmosphere, the licentious, lesbian sexual direction, and the marital tone for now all felt, if not entirely comfortable, then at least palatable, and kind of nice...no, better...kind of exciting...in a naughty way...

Lauren gazed intently into Madelynn's eyes. "I accept Madelynn Goodwin as my beloved sister and lesbian lover."  Lauren ran a thumb sensually over the back of one of Madelynn's hands.  "Promiscuous lesbianism will be my one and only true sexuality now and forever."

There were a few more moments of silence as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Now we're blessed sisters and lovers in Lilith," Lauren uttered softly and sweetly. 

Madelynn blushed again, as a dizzy exhilaration rushed over her about what this meant for her, for them, that a door had just been opened between Lauren and herself, a door to the closeness with Lauren that she craved, and that she and Lauren were indeed in some mystical way in a process that would bind them together inextricably. Despite knowing that this was perverted, she wanted something like this deep-down anyway.

The exciting feeling rose exponentially within her and suppressed all opposing sentiments for the time being, including her worries about the "forever" nature of it all, which had not been directly addressed and lingered in a nook of Madelynn's mind.  New, joyful truths filled Madelynn's mind for a minute or two, before retreating to gestate in her subconsciousness:   I want to give myself to Lauren.  I want to be hers.  I want to be her lover.  I want to be bound forever to Lauren.  Maybe I wouldn't mind even marrying her.... If I could marry Lauren...or possibly even another girl...or woman...I might...

Thus, even the notion of marriage to Lauren, or to another desirable female--such as Wendy--as deviant and improbable as it would have seemed to Madelynn an hour before, had now been planted as a seed into the back of her mind, as a possible and favorable future option. 

"For the next step of your initiation, we're going to make love together."

It took a few seconds for Lauren's words to sink in, so caught up was Madelynn in the mesmerizing beauty of Lauren's eyes and face and presence, and in their union, or whatever it was, and in the seductive fantasy atmosphere surrounding them in this ritual that felt like an improbable demonic engagement ceremony. 

Wait..........What...?   She wants to me to make love with her...?  Right now...?   Here...?  This all was moving so fast, faster than Madelynn had thought it would I guess I knew this was coming...but...but not so soon...I need more time... I'm not ready...I don't want to do this yet...And...and...I really shouldn't make love to another girl...now...or ever...

Madelynn was certainly now used to sexual acts with Lauren, to satisfy Elena's demands, as well as having  their elective "fun" together, and would neither feel nor raise objection to those kinds of things with Lauren right now. But "making love"...

Despite her previous experiences with Lauren and others--including Patricia, whom she had screwed with a strap-on under Elena's tutelage--she hadn't considered them as "making love" so much as "having some sex".   Most of her lesbian sexual encounters had been forced on her by Elena, directly or indirectly, and, thus, didn't quite "count" as "love" to her, at least not intellectually, although they had definitely affected her emotionally, not to mention physically, just the same. 

But "making love"...that connoted to Madelynn something more, something higher, something deeper than she had tasted ever before.  It included "going all the way" in ways she hadn't yet (with the exception of what she did to Patircia), to be sure, but also doing so more or less voluntarily, and as an actual and natural expression of "love".

The term had romantic implications to her, and was something she hoped to reserve for someone special.

However..................Lauren..........Lauren was special... Madelynn did love her, kind of...and now they were official...officially "together"..."lovers"... 

The basic idea of deep, full lesbian love-making was not an unpleasant one, by any means, and if she had all-out sex with anyone, today or another day, there was no one Madelynn would rather have it with than Lauren, with the possible exception of Wendy, or maybe Elena.  Before it could dawn on Madelynn how thoroughly lesbian a thought that was, and what it bespoke about her sexual orientation, as it now stood, Madelynn remembered how she had earlier imaged having sex with Lauren on that sleek-looking, black leather bed.  The visionary scenario had caused her at the time to wish for something like that to really happen, and the memory flushed her with a new surge of desire for the vision to become true.

But...but she hadn't expected this so soon...hadn't expected the reality of what she was doing to invade her life so fast...

"But..."  She wasn't quite sure what she wanted to say, or ask, or what words to use, so her sentence was momentarily aborted.

Uncertainty and fear began creeping into Madelynn's thoughts again. The word "forever" in the vow she had just spoken struck her with new trepidation.  Did it mean she would be in this demonic cult permanently? It seemed to go against Lauren's assurances of temporary participation and the ritual being purely symbolic.

Just when Madelynn was about to open her mouth in another attempt to ask for clarification, Lauren intercepted her endeavor by quickly kissing her on the mouth. The effect of the mind-altering drugged lipstick was almost immediate. A surge of mind-numbingly intense pleasure welled up within Madelynn's body.

If you're thinking of backing out, it's already too late, Madelynn...

Lauren swept Madelyn into her arms and made the kiss last at least a minute to insure she got the full dose of its arousing effects.  Madelynn replied to Lauren's kiss within seconds of Lauren initiating it, and quickly wrapped her arms around Lauren, as well.  In short order, every feeling Madelynn had harbored for Lauren was stripped bare, intensified, amplified, fortified, and inflamed.

The subliminal female voice drilled the same intense emotions deeper and deeper into Madelynn.  "You love Lauren... You want Lauren... You need Lauren..."

When at last their painted lips separated, though still in close proximity and connected with a strand of purple-and-fuchsia-tinted saliva, Lauren gently asked, "Maddy, you love me, don't you?"  Lauren held the panting, heavy-lidded Madelynn softly, one hand caressing her back, while the other ran through Madelynn's deep black tresses.

Even under normal circumstances, it wouldn't have taken much to bring Madelynn's latent feelings for Lauren to the surface and, eventually, to get her to express them in some form or another, as she had already partly done earlier; but in her vulnerable haze, induced by drugs, sublimnals, Lauren's kisses and touches, and maddening physical and emotional need, she couldn't resist completely revealing her soul. "Yes, I...I love you, Lauren..."  

As she said it, it felt like the acknowledgement of something that had been swirling within her for weeks, certainly for the last week or two, something she knew was true, something that had to be said, something that was so good to finally let out.  She had told Lauren earlier that she liked her.  But this was how she really felt.  I love Lauren.  I love Lauren deeply.

"In fact, you are crazy about me," Lauren suggested, adding new dimensions to Madelynn's affection for her.  "You have fallen for me all the way.  You are hopelessly, deliriously in love with me.  It's true, isn't it?"  Everything Lauren uttered became undeniable, blessed truth to Madelynn. 

As Lauren spoke, and in the moments before Madelynn could respond through her fog of decreasing discrimination and rising infatuation, Lauren smoothed some of Madelynn's glossy raven-and-purple locks behind one of her ears, toyed a second with the inside of that ear with her colorful, shiny fingernails, brushed her fingertips across Madelynn's cheek, and then ran a finger slowly along Madelynn's purpled lower lip.

"Lauren...I...I.....oh, Lauren......yes......You're right...oh, yes!....... Yes, I am!....I do!!.....Lauren, I love you...so much...more than I ever realized before!  I knew I liked you before...but...I just didn't know I felt like this....I don't know why I didn't see it before...but it's so clear now...I just love you!...I want you........I need you........Oh, Lauren....I think...I think I am really in love with you...no...I know I am...with all my heart... "

"Then go all the way..."

That gave Madelynn pause again, though it did nothing to abate Madelynn's surging feelings for Lauren.  There was still an element of objection in the hesitation, but weaker than before, as that aspect was gradually yielding to Lauren's siren song, and her lipstick, and the drugged water, and the whispered enchantments rolling into her brain.

 "All the way?"  

"Yes, all the way... with me..."

Lauren took Madelynn's face in both hands and kissed her deliberately and sweetly on one cheek, then the other, and then on the lips, while the subliminal female voice soothed on.  "Sex with Lauren is one of the greatest pleasures you'll ever experience.  You can't live without it... You can't live without her...not any longer..." 

Lauren slid her hands down to the front of Madelynn's blouse as they kissed and rested them on her breasts for a few seconds, then started to gently touch and cradle them through Madelynn's sheer black blouse and shiny purple bra.  Lauren's hands on her breasts, complemented by the sensual subliminal voice and by Lauren's licentious invitation, sent more shockwaves of compelling erotic desire for Lauren into Madelynn.  

"You want to have sex with Lauren... full lesbian sex...because you love her... Make love to her... Do everything with her... Go all the way with her... again and again and again..."

Lauren broke the kiss gently, but kept her face close to Madelynn's and her hands on Madelynn's breasts. "All the way..." repeated Lauren again slowly and seductively, "...with me..."

After holding that posture and gazing into Madelynn's eyes several erotically tense seconds more, Lauren disengaged herself from Madelynn and strolled leisurely, heels clacking in the charged silence, to the black circular bed.  Climbing onto it, she moved to its center, turned around to face the partly entranced Madelynn, and stood on her knees. She grabbed the streaming, gleaming locks of her hair with both hands, tilted her head back slightly, and tossed the hair over her shoulders. Her hands lowered to her knees before slowly moving upwards, tracing the sensual curves of her body along the way.

Madelynn's mouth watered at the sensual sight. Feminine wetness, already trickling out of her due to what had preceded, now started flowing with a vengeance, quickly soaking through her purple satin panties. Partly liberated from her inhibitions, and her highly sexually aroused body craving more of Lauren and her touches and kisses and body, Madelynn desperately wanted to join Lauren on the bed. 

But the bed represented "going to bed" with Lauren, and "making love", and "going all the way" into lesbian sex with another girl, and doing so totally voluntarily; it portended conclusively abandoning her heterosexual self and surrendering her soul completely to lesbianism. Even through the drugs and the subliminals and the lust, Madelynn's mind was still alert enough, and enough of her conscience yet intact, to make her vacillate. Something felt wrong.

I...I shouldn't be doing this... Elena ordering me to do lesbian activities is one thing... But, this... this is voluntary... Even though I'm trying to save Wendy... This might be going over the line...

Lauren giggled and teased, "Maddy, you silly, you can't have sex with me with your clothes on! Well, what are you waiting for?"

She knelt there in silent expectation a few moments, but when Maddy failed to budge from her frozen, ambivalent stance next to the altar, Lauren got off the bed and walked towards her. Lauren's impatience was announced by the loud click-clack of her high heels. Madelynn felt a new rush of adrenaline as the foxy teen approached. She couldn't tell whether the rush was more from the expectation of a cajole or an admonition from her lovely, half-Latina girlfriend, or from the imminent proximity of this girl, this lush vixen for whose touch and kiss and body and affection Madelynn was as thirsty as a desert wayfarer with an empty canteen would be for water.  Lauren stopped about a foot away from the Goth girl, standing face-to-face with her.

Madelynn's heart pounded as she again explored close-up the perfect skin and features and the alluring, flowing dark hair in front of her, drank in the close presence of her curves, felt the warmth of her body, and inhaled her stirring, spicy perfume. The sexual tension was thick enough to slice like a cake.  Lauren knew it, and used it, allowing several seconds to pass while they looked at each other, before speaking.

"Maddy, what's wrong? Don't you want to have sex with me? You need to if you want to join the Order of Lilith."  She placed her hands on Madelynn's shoulders, then, as they stood in silence looking in each other's eyes, Lauren delicately ran her fingernails over the skin of Madelynn's shoulders and back through the thin blouse, and toyed with the shoulder straps of Madelynn's purple bra through the gauzy material.  The memory of those hands sliding down onto her breasts only minutes ago flooded back, causing her to gasp slightly to herself at the image, as if she were reliving the delight, and at the realization that those hands could easily do the same thing again now.  Nevertheless, part of Madelynn held back.

"I-I don't know..." whispered Madelynn with glazed eyes.

Lauren raised her forefinger and pressed slightly against Madelynn's purple lips. Madelynn responded by moving her lips slightly, at first automatically starting to open them to receive the finger, then, in mild resistance, closing them again.

"You do know," said Lauren solemnly as she abruptly retracted her finger. Lauren started to walk around Madelynn. "You're just afraid of trying something new."  Stepping to Madelynn's left side, she touched Madelynn's left ear with a sexily-nailed fingertip, of her left hand.   "And maybe you're afraid of your feelings for me." 

Lauren ran her finger along Madelynn's neck and shoulder as she passed further around her Goth girlfriend, and out of her field of view.  "Maybe you're afraid of falling in love with a girl.  That would, after all, make you a lesbian, wouldn't it?"  She pronounced the L-word with a sultry softness.

Lauren's finger ran down Madelynn's back to the band of her bra, and traced it through the purple material of her blouse. "But it's too late, isn't it?  You already love me, don't you?" 

Madelynn, eyes now closed, stood in a dreamy, almost paralyzed state, basking in Lauren's touches and caresses and closeness, absorbing her every precious, sexy suggestion as if absolute truth, verbally non-responsive but physically and emotionally highly receptive.

Lauren was standing behind her now.  She ran her right hand along one of Madelynnn's arms, while the left hand rested on the bra's closure, and played with it through the blouse, tugging on it, and shifting its position around   "You're already hopelessly in love with a girl." Lauren ran her left hand slowly down Madelynn's back, to the hem of her blouse, raking the purple material with her nails as she descended.  "Maybe you're afraid to surrender your body to me..."   She touched the skin on the small of Madelynn's back, sending sparks up the Goth girl's spine, then proceeded to draw her fingertips and nails upward, under the blouse and over the bare skin of Madelynn's back, with exquisite leisure. "...even though your body wants me desperately..." 

Lauren once again found the purple satin band clasping Madelynn's bra to her torso, this time touching it directly. Her right hand stole over the front of Madelynn's blouse and rested on its top button. "But there's nothing to worry about, you cute doll..."  She ran her fingers along the back band, very slowly, while the right hand undid the blouse's top button. "It's okay...okay to love a girl..."  Her fingers slipped under the back band, then started tugging on and playing with it, while the right hand simultaneously released the second button, and the third.  "It's a wonderful, wonderful thing to do..."  Lauren's fingers drifted toward the bra's clasp, found it, and traveled around it, seeking. "...if you're pretty, and she's pretty..."  A fourth button fell.  "...It feels marvelous, doesn't it?..."  With a quick twist, the bra clasp came undone. Madelynn felt her breasts drop slightly. 

"You've given your heart to me..."  The last two buttons finally fell prey to Lauren's fingers, and she pulled Madelynn's blouse open. "...now all you have to do is give your body to me..."  She slipped her right hand into the loosened right bra cup from underneath, and her left hand ventured into the left cup under Madelynn's arm, from the side. "...Let go.."  Lauren's hands, now both inside the purple satin cups of Madelynn's bra, took Madelynn's breasts firmly into their custody.  Madelynn had been listening to Lauren's words and basking in her roving hands in a dream-like state; now the sudden, complete embrace of both of her breasts directly in Lauren's hands made her eyes pop open and her lungs take a quick, sharp inhalation.  "...Surrender..."  She kneaded Madelynn's breasts softly, then decisively.  Madelynn leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and sighed with pleasure.  

Lauren leaned forward, pressing her latex-covered breasts into Madelynn's back, and whispering into her right ear. "Don't worry, my love.  I'm going to help you.  I'm going to liberate the wild girl inside you, once and for all, so that you will be free to love me... to love me the way Lilith wants you to...to love me the way you want to... to love me the way I want you to...to love me by giving your body to me... by holding nothing back...by having sex with me...full lesbian sex...by going all the way with me...with me, your lover...the girl you love..."

Lauren reached into her backpack and pulled out a metallic fuchsia bullet dildo. It wasn't an ordinary dildo. Inside the sex toy was a mind control drug that was several times more powerful than the one in her fuchsia lipstick.

Something cool and rigid tickled Madelynn's left cheek, rousing her somewhat out of her daze. She turned around partly and saw Lauren holding a dildo.

"Lauren, what are you..."

Without saying a word, Lauren walked around to face Madelynn again and placed the base end of the fuchsia bullet dildo into her mouth.  She bobbed her head suggestively, forwards and backwards, in the direction of Madelynn's mouth,  simulating a phallic fucking action, baiting Madelynn to join her. This triggered in Madelynn the recollection of an earlier visionary scene, one which she thought she had concocted in her own mind, of sharing a black double dong with Lauren between their mouths. In response to the memory, Madelynn parted her lips. Lauren took advantage of the opening and plunged the dildo into Madelynn's mouth, while wrapping her arms around Madelynn's shoulders. She fucked the Goth girl's mouth with the fuchsia dildo several times before biting on it, activating a mechanism that pumped the syrupy, clear mind control drug into Madelynn's mouth, until the dildo had discharged all of its contents.  Shortly, Madelynn placed her hands on Lauren's hips, and pulled her closer.

After about a minute of getting her mouth fucked with the fuchsia dildo, Madelynn started writhing her body sensually against Lauren's and Lauren heard muffled moans coming from Madelynn's occupied mouth.  After a few more strokes, Lauren retracted the dildo from Madelynn's mouth and touched her forefinger to Madelynn's purple lips again. This time Madelynn licked and sucked on the fuchsia-nailed finger hungrily, closing her eyes to focus on the enjoyment. It was time.

Lauren slithered onto the circular bed again in the same position as before. She raked her hair on one side over a shoulder with one hand and cupped one of her latex-covered breasts in the other. "Maddy, sweetheart, come and join me."  Using the hand that had tossed her hair, she patted a spot on the bed right beside her. 

"Come to me, my girlfriend...please...Take off your clothes...and join me... Come to me, darling.  Come kiss me and love me." 

Lauren's words penetrated directly to the wild, carnal girl springing free from inside Madelynn, and dictated her next action. Madelynn hastily stripped her body of her clothes without breaking eye contact with Lauren, until she was down to her purple satin bra, which dangled loosely from her shoulders, and her panties.   A wide, sopping-wet stain of arousal could be seen on the front panel of those slinky panties. There was an expression of maddening lust and desperation in her eyes. 

A lingering thread of morality made her pause one last time, as she stood there a few feet from the bed staring at Lauren, her satin-covered breasts quivering with her heavy breathing.  Her state of need and readiness was perfectly transparent to Lauren.  All she needed was one more tiny, inviting encouragement. 

Lauren reached her hand toward Madelynn expectantly.  "Come, Maddy. Let us become as one, my sweet, sweet love."  That final thread of reserve broke, and, at last, the uninhibited gay tigress inside Madelynn pounced out. 

The proficiencies in and love for lesbian sex that had sunk into Madelynn over the last two months, from her brainwashing and her porn and her experiences with Elena, Wendy, and other girls, now flooded up from her subconscious mind like an oil well having just struck a gusher.   Smiling, with a wicked gleam in her eye, Madelynn pulled her unfastened bra off and tossed it away.  Flirtatiously she cupped and covered each breast with a hand, closed her eyes, shook her head to fan her hair out and swish it playfully about her face, opened her eyes, looked seductively at Lauren, and let her breasts go, exposing and presenting herself to her girlfriend on the bed.  She reached up with both hands to fluff her deep-black hair, which caused her young breasts to jiggle and lift enticingly for Lauren. 

Madelynn had never stripped so boldly nor acted quite like this, so slutty and free of inhibition, with another girl, before; but the numerous scenes just like this she had lived vicariously through porn, and the subliminals, and the drugs which were overwhelming her normal reservations, and the lusts which now completely possessed her, made this all seem so appropriate and natural, like it was the only conceivable way to behave here and now.

She eagerly scrambled onto the circular bed, took Lauren's extended hand, and let Lauren pull her close.  Madelynn hugged Lauren tightly, taking a moment to bury her face in and to inhale her fragrant, silky, long hair, and to take it in her hands, and to press Lauren's lush figure against her own.  Then she joined Lauren's fuchsia-rimmed mouth with her own purple-painted one in a fervid, sloppy, open-mouthed kiss.  Her tongue pushed deep into Lauren's mouth and gyrated frantically inside.

As mouths joined, tongues dueled, and slick lips pressed and slid back and forth on each other, Madelynn particularly savored the feel and taste of Lauren's glittery lipstick.  The taste seemed different from what she had tasted on Lauren's lips when they had made out on the sofa, and the finish was more sparkly than what Lauren had on before, as well, so Madelynn had already realized Lauren had applied a different lipstick during her absence.  But Madelynn was flattered that Lauren would do so, apparently upgrading to a more special product just for her, and she had no complaints, as this lipstick variety not only tasted great but seemed to add a certain bliss to making out with Lauren. Even Lauren's saliva seemed sweetly flavored to Madelynn, and she sought it out, eagerly drinking copious amounts of it during the kiss.  

Madelynn's hands roamed all over Lauren's bare back and bra straps, and then, as if drawn irresistibly toward the secret treasures hidden inside Lauren's black latex panties, they slid lower and lower.  Madelynn skimmed her fingertips along the waistband of her girlfriend's panties, as if debating strategy and probing for entry, then she started to slip the fingers of one hand under the tight latex material as the two girls kissed on. 

Lauren, however, stopped the hand with one of her own, and pulled Madelynn's fingers out.  Lauren held Madelynn's adventurous hand above her waist for a time, but Madelynn, feeling a mild frustration, attempted the same exploration with her other hand.  Again, Lauren intercepted it.  Madelynn tried two more times, but Lauren would not allow it.

The long, wet kiss lasted over three minutes before Lauren terminated it.

Lauren scooted a couple of feet away from Madelynn, faced her again, sat down on her rear, and crossed her legs Indian-style.  Looking Madelynn in the eyes, she reached behind her back with unhurried grace and, after announcing her imminent wanton act with a teasing delay, she unsnapped her black latex bra.  The shoulder straps of her bra slackened.  Lauren, smiling at Madelynn, slowly peeled them, one then the other, off of her shoulders and down her arms.  The bra cups still clung, tentatively, loosely, to her breasts.  She paused like that for a moment, her expression becoming sultrier, a powerful erotic charge filling the air between the two girls. 

Then Lauren shrugged her shoulders once, causing the bra to fall completely off her breasts, giggling as she did so. 

The unexpected sight that assaulted Madelynn was startling, electrifying, and fascinating.  Star-shaped metal pasties adorned Lauren's breasts.  Each was cut out in its center, to lewdly expose and frame Lauren's wonderful-looking teen nipples, which were sexily painted a glossy fuchsia color.  Additionally, two concentric lines of clear rhinestones, temporarily glued to Lauren's skin, closely encircled the outer perimeters of the pasties.

The Goth girl's purple-lipped mouth watered at the erotic sight of Lauren's better-than-naked breasts, perfectly-shaped, D-cup beauties.  

Lauren picked up the bra from her lap and threw it across the room, mimicking Madelynn's similar action a few minutes before, intentionally setting her liberated tits into explosive motion. She leaned her head back, inwardly smiling broadly and laughing, luxuriating in her nudity, in the silky feel of her hair draping down her back, in being on this bed with Madelynn wrapped around her finger, in the freedom she was feeling in showing herself off to her new lover like this, and in the captivating, devastating effect she was absolutely certain she was having on her Goth girlfriend. She paused, allowing the display to feed Madelynn's lust for several more electric seconds, before proceeding.

Lauren then pulled her black latex panties down through her thighs, exposing her completely hairless pussy. Her crotch was "vajazzled" with glued-on clear and fuchsia-colored rhinestones arranged in a butterfly shape.

"Do you like this? Elena wanted me to decorate my breasts and pussy, and I had to do it for her," said Lauren as she traced a finger around the sparkly arrangements of rhinestones on her breasts and groin.  "But I would have done this for you, too..."

Madelynn was frozen by the sight.  She was perfectly entranced by the strange bejeweled designs on Lauren's body, and her eyes ran over them hungrily, seeking to absorb every licentiously novel detail before her.  Lauren let her look. 

Then, facing Madelynn squarely, she lifted her hair above her head and let it fall, then laced her hands behind her head, to elevate her womanly orbs, as if showing them off to Madelynn anew.  She pulled her shoulders back, thrusting her tits forward, offering them to her new lover, entrancing her yet more completely.

"...for the girl I love..."

Madelynn melted.  Lauren loves me...

The subliminal female voice whispered, "You want to suck Lauren's breasts... You want to lick Lauren's delicious pussy... You love decorated breasts and pussies... They are erotic... They arouse you... You want to do yourself the same way...

"You would do anything for Lauren.  You would dress sexy for her.  You would make love to her whenever she wants.  You would make love with anyone she wants you to. You would become a promiscuous slut for her. You would become a complete and devout lesbian whore for her.

"And for Lilith, as well.  It is the same.  Lauren represents Lilith to you.  They are one.  You feel about Lilith the same way you feel about Lauren.  You will love and obey Lauren and Lilith at all times."

Lauren spread her legs and parted her labia with two fuchsia-nailed fingers, revealing her vagina's pink interior. "You want it, Madelynn, don't you?  You can have it.  It is yours, my sweetheart...yours to enjoy...to touch...to kiss...to lick...to drink from... You want my delicious pussy. You want to put your tongue inside it."


"Good...but in a minute, I promise you. I have something--actually, two things--that need your attention first."  Lauren cupped a beautiful, large, decorated breast in each hand.   "Can you guess what they are, pretty girl?"

Madelynn nodded her head.  "Say it, Madelynn, my love.  Tell me what you see... What is it that needs your love?... What is it that you want?... "

"Your...your breasts..."

Lauren pushed them together to exaggerate her cleavage, then let go abruptly, letting them drop and jiggle. "Do you like these, Madelynn?"

The hidden voice purred to Madelynn's mind: "Madelynn...breasts turn you on...pretty breasts...beautiful breasts...big tits...of women...your mother's...You love your mother's tits... You want to see them...touch them...kiss them...and the tits of girls...Wendy's...Elena's... Lauren's...

"You can't touch your mother's breasts right now, though you'd like to, because she isn't here.  But Lauren is.  You can pretend they are your mother's breasts, and play with them now. 

"You love Lauren's breasts... Because they are beautiful...and big...and decorated for you... with painted nipples... You absolutely love them... You are in love with Lauren's lovely breasts...You love Lauren because of them... You must look at them...again and again and again...They make you love her more and more and more..."

"............Yes.............I love them..."

"They need you, Maddy.  My breasts need your love.   Can you love them for me?  Will you kiss them...and lick them...and suck them...and love them...?"

Lauren took her lovely right breast in her hand and lifted it, the metal and rhinestones decorating it catching reflections from the candles on the altar and the other lighting in the room, which had inconspicuously dimmed some, leaving the room in a sensual glow.  "Come here, you cutie.  Come and drink my tits." 

Madelynn lowered herself to her hands and knees and bridged the short distance to Lauren, never taking her eyes off of her mammary targets, until her face was only inches from them.  Lauren's hand pointed a colored nipple toward Madelynn, aiming it at Madelynn's mouth.  "Kiss it."

Without hesitation, Madelynn kissed Lauren's right breast, first placing passionate, teasing little kisses all over, even on metal and jewel-covered parts, then when neither she nor Lauren could stand it any longer, she wrapped her purpled lips around the fuchsia-painted teat, and took it fully into her mouth. She sucked on it for a minute before swirling her tongue around the aerola, feeling and savoring the textures and tastes of the metal pasty, the rhinestones, and the slick, raspberry-flavored nipple paint. Madelynn lifted a hand and cupped the soft breast, enjoying the feel of its smooth flesh.

The hidden female voice continued, "Touching and kissing a girl's breasts, like you are doing now, is one of your fondest enjoyments.  And it makes you wet for the rest of her body, and especially makes you want to see and touch and lick and fuck her sweet pussy.  Even just looking at a girl's or a woman's breasts makes you hot for her and her pussy.  It makes you want to fuck her.

"You want to fuck girls...pretty, foxy girls like Lauren and Wendy...beautiful, sexy women like your mother and Elena...Fuck girls with your fingers... Fuck girls with a dildo... Fuck girls with a strap-on...  Fuck girls with your tongue... Fuck them with your pussy... Fist girls' pussies...  Fuck Lauren... Fuck Wendy... Fuck your mother... Fuck Elena.  Fuck girls.  Fuck women... Fuck them all... Fuck them often... Fuck them hard... Fuck them all the way... "

A subliminally induced mental image of a girl with her entire body and face, including her lips, decorated in small fuchsia rhinestones appeared in Madelynn's mind. The girl's hair was dyed in a metallic magenta color, matching the color of her nails.

The rhinestone-covered girl whispered, "Madelynn, I love you very much. Please be my mistress. I want to become your slave."

Madelynn's mental view zoomed in close to the girl's lips.

"I want to become your lesbian slave, Madelynn. You need to have a lesbian slave... to dominate... to control... and to fuck... I will become a lesbian slave for you forever..."

When the stream of imagery ended, Madelynn instinctively reached for Lauren's crotch again, and again Lauren stopped her. "Have patience, my love."

When Madelynn switched her mouth to Lauren's left breast, a new vision crossed her mind. A side view appeared of what Madelynn intuitively knew were her own breasts, as they existed in real life, her normal-sized breasts, revealed in perfect nakedness.  Initially, while examining this visionary profile of herself, Madelynn felt satisfaction, the satisfaction she had about them in real life, pleased with and proud of their shape and size, youthfully pert and definitely larger than most teen girls her age.  These feelings were of recent vintage, as, before she met Elena, she had hardly ever dwelled on herself and her breasts in the nude, nor made particular note of the quality of her womanly charms.  But Elena, and Madelynn's experiences under her tutelage, had changed all that; now Madelynn was much more in tune with her body.

Madelynn saw a pair of lovely red, womanly lips float close to her breasts. "No," the faceless female said disapprovingly. The breasts grew bigger, and her nipples turned a deep, glossy back color.  The real Madelynn gasped, as it seemed she could feel their expansion, as well as the coloring of her nipples. "Yes!" said the faceless female before enveloping a black nipple with her red lips.  As if feeling the red lips, Madelynn whined audibly.  "Oh!... ahhhh...ohhh..."

Then Madelynn saw herself standing totally naked on strappy, black 5-inch high heels inside a completely mirrored room.  She seemed a little older, her hair was now longer and midnight blue, her waist looked slimmer and her butt fuller and her legs longer and sleeker...but her breasts were no larger than their normal size. She took them in her hands and wished they were bigger.

"Sexy girls and women notice your breasts, Madelynn.  You like that. They are attracted to you because of them.  You love them looking, and wanting you.  But you want them to notice you more...to look at you more...to want you more.  You want to really turn other women on...and make them really hot for you. You need bigger breasts, Madelynn... You want bigger breasts... to seduce females..."  

Magically, the breasts of the visionary Madelynn started to grow in size.  Loud moans escaped simultaneously from the mouths of both the imaginary and the real Madelynns. 

"Ohhhh........It feels good.......It feels soooooo good!" 

"Bigger breasts... bigger... bigger... bigger..." the female voice repeated. " You want them bigger for yourself.  Nothing feels as good as large, womanly breasts.  They feel much better and they look much better.  Bigger breasts make a girl more beautiful.  You feel pride in your breasts, as you should, but imagine how proud you would feel about them if they were larger, much larger.  Large breasts give you power, power to make other girls and women look at you, and want you, and love you.   Big breasts are powerful.  You need them beautifully, powerfully large, to stir the lust and snare the hearts of the girls and women you want.

"You want them bigger for Wendy.  You want them bigger for Lauren.  You want them bigger for your mother.  You want them bigger for Elena.  You want to trap them, and entice them with your breasts, with your big, big, juicy melons, ones much larger than any teen girl would normally have.  You want the big, big, proud breasts of a woman, a beautiful and sexy and fully-developed woman.  Nothing less will do. 

"Only with bigger, more beautiful breasts will you be truly worthy of Wendy.  But with them, you will at last be free to give in all the way to your lesbian feelings for her; you will be completely ready to be her lover.  They will help you to entice her to love you and to become a real lesbian with you. 

"And, with larger, more womanly breasts, your mother will love you more and will want to make love with you.  You want bigger, more beautiful breasts to flaunt to her and to tease her, to make her notice you sexually, to make her crazy for you.  Your mom will love them.  She'll love you with big, womanly breasts. 

"Elena would like you more if you had bigger breasts, too.  You want Elena to like you more, to love you more, to want you more.  You like Elena now, don't you?  Yes...of course... She is so beautiful... You cannot help yourself... You are falling for her... You love Elena... It is true... You are glad she is your girlfriend... You are grateful for all she has taught you... You want her to love you more...and to want you more...So you want bigger breasts...for Elena..."

Lauren took over smoothly for the hidden voice, soothing, "I want you to have bigger breasts, Maddy.  For me.  You crave my love and approval, don't you?  I approve of you getting bigger tits, Maddy.  I want them bigger so that I can play with them.  Big, big milk sacks that I can kiss and toy with and love.  And I would be prouder of a girlfriend with bigger tits.   They would make you a better girlfriend for me.  You want them bigger for me, don't you?

"You can win me over more with bigger jugs.  If you had them, I would like you better.  I would love you more.  You don't want to lose me...not to anyone else...not because you don't have big enough titties.  Make sure they are big enough to keep me happy." 

The hidden voice resumed: "You will do anything to get your breasts bigger.  You desire them as big as you can get them.  Bigger is more beautiful.  Bigger is sexier.  Bigger is more powerful.  Bigger, more beautiful, more powerful, sexier breasts...that is for you...bigger and bigger and bigger... "

Madelynn was still sucking on Lauren's breast intently, but Lauren could see from the vacant look on her face that the subliminals and the hallucinations they were creating were achieving their aim and now occupied much of Madelynn's brain, and that she was ready for her next level of lesbian conditioning this afternoon. 

So Lauren separated her breast from Madelynn's lips, gently pushed Madelynn back up into an erect standing-on-her-knees position, laid down on her stomach, supporting her torso with her forearms on the bed, lowered her head to the level of Madelynn's crotch, and drew her face close to it.  She inhaled the pronounced, sweet-tart feminine scent of Madelynn's obviously aroused and ready pussy, and traced a finger along the vertical indentation in the drenched front panel of Madelynn's purple satin panties. Then she pulled the wet panties down, working them along Madelynn's legs and off.

"Lilith needs to make sure your pussy is lesbian."

Lauren kissed Madelynn's nether lips once, then again, then more.  Madelynn balled up her fists, leaned her head back, and closed her eyes.  "Mmmmmmm..."   After a half minute of sensual kisses, Lauren lightly bit Madelynn's clit. The Goth teenage girl moaned loudly in response. "Ooooooooohhh... Ahhh!"

"Are you a lesbian, Madelynn?  Do you have a lesbian pussy?" said Lauren, breaking from the light oral sex only long enough to ask the question before resuming the kisses and the nibbling.

Half-delirious, Madelynn would have said anything to keep Lauren's mouth on her, and to encourage it to explore her more deeply; but she was also, in fact, right now very much feeling like a perfectly lesbian girl with a ravenously lesbian pussy.  "Ohhh... mmmmm... I guess... I think so.......ohhhhhh... yes...I am...for sure!...please........oh, yes...I am... I'm a lesbian!...I'm a lesbian girl......I do...I do have a lesbian pussy...for you I do...yes, yes, oh, yes.........I am!...It is!........oh, gad......yes, yes, yes!"

"You might be lesbian," said Lauren as she pulled away from Madelynn's pussy.  A sheeny thread of saliva and female honey hung from her lower lip. "Get on your back. We need to make sure you're really what you claim to be."

Madelynn changed positions readily, eager for the further attention to her lovebox she assumed was coming next.  Once she was prostrate on her back, Lauren's tongue slithered over her pussy lips teasingly, then plunged deep into her vagina and worked vigorously.  "Uhhhhhhhh!"  Madelynn closed her eyes and threw her head back, gasping and moaning with the intoxicating pleasure.  "Ohhhh....Lauren...ahhhhhhhh..."

"You need to control females to satisfy your sexual needs and desires... You need sex slaves..." The Goth girl saw a mental vision of herself strutting on black patent leather 5-inch high heels along a catwalk at an erotic fashion show. She was wearing a lustrous, full-length black leather dress with a wide V-neck bustier bodice revealing a lot of cleavage. Black fingerless arm gloves ran half-way up her upper arms. She was holding two chains, each connected to the studded collars of two young female sex slaves, who were following behind her and wearing black PVC bras, PVC thongs, and 4-inch high heels.

The real-life Madelynn's purple-lipped mouth opened widely in an O-shape as she went over the edge. She arched her back and dug her nails into the leather bed while pushing her crotch against Lauren's face.

"Yep, you are really a lesbian, a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian."  The dizzy, panting Madelynn soaked in this assessment of herself as fact.  A currently suppressed part of her resisted and denied, but the predominant sentiment she felt at this moment, in the loose and uninhibited and receptive and euphoric state in which she drifted, was keen pleasure in knowing, finally, that she really was a lesbian, that it was out in the open, and that Lauren approved. 

"But, we can't just leave it at that, can we? You need to be much, much more than just a lesbian."

Lauren walked on her fours until she hovered directly over Madelynn, peering down at her pretty, lust-laden face. She began a monologue of suggestions which Madelynn's vulnerable, drugged mind absorbed freely, after a little initial resistance.

"You love Lilith... You're Lilith's lesbian lover... You're Lilith's whore... You worship Lilith... You want to marry Lilith... Lilith will give you the power to seduce any woman and girl you want... You want to become Lilith's wife... Lilith has chosen you to be her wife..."  Marriage to a demonic goddess was still a little too bizarre to swallow consciously, even for this drugged, lust-crazed, overwhelmed version of Madelynn, at least for the moment. "Noo..." whispered Madelynn faintly.

Lauren wouldn't take "no" for an answer.  Exploiting Madelynn's wide-open receptivity, she pursued the same tact. "You're only saying no because you think it's too good to be true.  You can't imagine anything so wonderful really being so.  But it is.  Accept it.  Love Lilith...and let her love you.  Marry Lilith.  That is what your heart really wants...to be Lilith's...to be her wife...her slut...her whore...

"Then you can have Wendy, too.  You want Wendy more than anything else in the world.  You want her love...her body...and her soul.  You can make Wendy love you. She will be yours...your lesbian girlfriend and lover.  You can fuck her.  But you must love and serve Lilith...then Wendy will be yours. You want to marry Lilith..."

"...Marry Lilith..."  Madelynn mumbled.

"Yes!  That's right, Maddy.  That is your dream...and your destiny.

"And you want me, too...to be your girlfriend...and your lover...for all time...  You need me and my love. I, too, will be yours, Maddy...  When you give yourself to Lilith, you can have me, too.  Give yourself to Lilith...and to me..."

Lauren reached for a smartphone laying convenient and out of sight on the floor between the bed and the wall and tapped it a few times to activate a new track of subliminals, which played within accompanying music. Audible female voices sounded at certain synchronized times in the music, and repeated parts of the messages, which exposed the music's sinister nature. Additional tracks that triggered a variety of erotic images in Madelynn's mind played on.  The powerful, repetitious subliminals pulled Madelynn into a highly entranced state.

From a hidden compartment at the edge of the bed, Lauren retrieved two fuchsia bullet dildos, which were exactly the same as the one she had gotten from her backpack earlier, but each of them was filled with a powerful aphrodisiac instead of a mind control drug. Like several other drugs produced by Hecate Corp., this aphrodisiac could be administered orally or vaginally.  When administered orally, this drug had a longer but less intense effect, and when administered through the vagina, the effect was the reverse, namely, more intense but shorter in duration compared to the oral administration.  When administered both ways around the same time, the effect was both potent and long-lasting.

Lauren caressed the edge of Madelynn's pussy lips with one of the bullet dildos. "Don't deny what you really want..." With a press of a button, a thick, clear gel squirted from the tip of the bullet dildo and coated Madelynn's labia. Lauren slid the dildo about in a circular motion to slather the gel around. The dildo was then pushed partially into the vagina and all of the dildo's contents were emptied inside. "Follow your heart... Follow your pussy..."

Lauren knelt on her fours above Madelynn again. The second fuchsia dildo dangled from her mouth. She lowered it. Madelynn accepted it with parted lips. With a bite from Lauren's teeth, the dildo ejected its contents, which Madelynn swallowed instinctively. Lauren dropped the dildo on a spot near Madelynn's head before kissing her on the lips.

Then backing her face off slightly, Lauren whispered, "You wanted to get into my panties earlier, didn't you, Madelynn?  That's because you are a lesbian and a slut.  You are a very slutty lesbian girl, who wants to get into the panties of girls and feel their pussies. 

"And you wanted to hump me like some slut, too.  I know what you were trying to do.  But there were too many clothes in the way for you to get your kicks, weren't there?   I had my panties on, and you had yours on...and that wasn't close enough contact for you, was it?

You wanted to feel my pussy directly on yours.  You wanted to grind your sopping, girly cunt right into mine, into my steaming hot and ready and willing cunt, like the whorish little lezzie tramp you are."

Madelynn knew everything Lauren had just said was true, not just because it actually was true, as it mostly was in this case, but also because everything Lauren was telling her was truth to her right now, whether it really was or wasn't factual.

"You couldn't do it before.   I had my panties on.  You wanted to get into them...to feel my tight, eager pussy.  You wanted my panties off, didn't you? That's what you really wanted.  You wanted to get to my pussy.  You always have... you've wanted to from the first time you met me."

Yes...I wanted Lauren from the beginning...I wanted her pussy...like a lesbian girl...the lesbian girl I am...like the slut I am...

"Do you remember what we did in the restroom at school?  We ate each other out.  You loved it.  Ever since then you've been longing for my pussy.  You have wanted to do me again.  I wouldn't let you.  But I will now.  And in an even better way than we did before...

" Your cunt and mine are going to make love.  They are going to meet each other...for the first time...and kiss... That means we're going to try tribadism now, honey. You and I are going to go all the way."  Lauren's soothing tone was that of a drug dealer coaxing a novice user into her first fix of a powerful new addictive drug.  "Do you want to?"

Lauren positioned her naked pussy straight above Madelynn's and lowered it to within millimeters of direct contact.  Madelynn felt the warmth, and a drop or two of Lauren's woman-juice, emanating from Lauren's seat of love. Her own pussy watered in response. 

Everything about how Madelynn had tried to get into Lauren's panties, had wanted to get to her pussy, had wanted to tribe with her...It was all true.  Now it was about to happen.  There still was a small voice in a corner of Madelynn's mind whispering to her that this was wrong, she shouldn't do it, and once she did this there would be no turning back ever to the girl she had been.  But the Madelynn in charge right now--naked except for her high-heeled boots and black nylons, consumed with lesbian lust, on her back with the hot, dripping pussy of the beautiful, sexy girl she loved hovering millimeters over hers--this girl was more than ready. 

"Lauren...I...........yes...I do....please, Lauren....Please do me...I want you to...I want your...your pussy...your sweet, pretty pussy...on me...on mine...so bad...Do it...do it now!...please, please, please...oh, yes...Give it to me, sweet Lauren...do me now...give me your lovely pussy..."

"Madelynn...you're going to love this." 

The first, wet touch sent shivers of novel, shocking sexual pleasure through Madelynn's womanhood. She took a sharp intake of breath.  Allowing a few moments of simple contact--warm, moist, intimate, introductory contact--Lauren then began grinding herself against Madelynn in slow gyrating motions. 

"Uhhh... Uhhh... Mmm..." Soft moans escaped the Goth girl's lips.

"This is what you wanted earlier...exactly what you wanted...and what you needed...when we were making out.  You wanted to touch my pussy...with yours...like this..."


"You want to do this with other girls, too, Madelynn...definitely with Wendy...and with your mom...and there are so many other pretty girls and women you want to do this with.  This is only the first time.  Once you've had this, you'll never want to live without it. You'll never get enough of this. 

"Only lesbian girls do this, Madelynn.  Only lesbians love this.  You are a lesbian.  A wild, depraved, hopelessly lesbian girl.  You want to rub pussies with other girls and women like this again and again.  And especially with me...We can do this again...and again and again.  You can have me like this whenever you want."

"Oh, Lauren...yes... I love this...I want you ... more...ohhh...Lauren....... I need more of you..."  Madelynn slid both of her hands onto Lauren's smooth, tight ass to pull her into tighter contact, sinking her shiny purple nails into the soft skin.  Lauren reciprocated by pressing down onto Madelynn more heavily and stroking her groin into Madelynn's with greater abandon.

"Ohhhh......yessss...like that.....oh!.......eeeeee.....Oh, I love it...........mmmmmmmm......... Lauren...I love you....oh, I love you so bad..... oh, yes....uhhh.......oh, Lauren, my love....ohhhhhhh....oh, yessssss........"

"I love you very much as well, Madelynn. Let's make love until it's time for you to leave for your meeting with Elena." 

Unknown to Madelynn was the fact that the circular bed on which they were having sex wasn't just any bed, and that a beautiful woman was lying unconscious a mere foot or so below her. The upper mattress, 8" thick and 8 feet in diameter, rested on a platform of slightly larger size supported by a 20"-high section of a hollow, glossy black cylinder of equal diameter, standing vertically on the floor.  On the floor directly underneath the platform sat a secret, hermetically-sealed chamber, in which lay a young woman in her early twenties, bound in a spread-eagle fashion. Her lips and nails were painted in a shiny fuchsia color, matching her dyed hair, which flowed in luscious waves half-way down her back, and which only the previous week still had possessed its natural light brown color.

Covering almost her entire head was a special chrome helmet that featured a visor display and noise-canceling headphones.  Through an opening in the front of the helmet ran tubes connecting her mouth and nose to an array of metallic and rubbery tubing that fed her various liquids, including special mind control drugs and nutrients. Wrapped around her chest was a metallic chrome bra with stimulatory pads. Matching mechanical chrome panties wrapped her hips. As with her helmet, a mass of tubes connected to the front and back openings in the panties, which had small stimulatory bumps as well as two large, adjustable hydraulically-operated dildos. Various small mechanical pads were also attached to various places on her body for extra stimulation.

The woman had been lying there immobile for five days while being constantly bombarded with subliminal messages, erotic imagery and sounds, and other mind control media of a Sapphic nature, all of which instilled specific desires. Her mouth, breasts, vagina, and ass were stimulated in coordination with a precisely-timed regimen so as to coincide with the flow of the media. The air-tight chamber was regularly drained and flooded with special fluids for amplifying erotic sensations and for cleansing.  In addition to the pre-recorded content with which she was bombarded, any sexual activity occurring on the bed would be streamed directly to her visor via live video from hidden cameras.  The bed was also covered with numerous sensors all across its surface that sensed, to a certain degree, what was occurring on the bed. The data from the sensors was translated into erotic sensations which would be imparted to the woman in real time.

One week ago, the woman, named Brittney, saw an ad in a magazine offering cash for participation in a one-week-long psychological experiment on dreams. Prospective participants were carefully screened and selected. Down on her luck and lately distraught, due to both a recent break-up with her boyfriend and being laid off from her job, Brittney applied. She was surprised and extremely happy when she received a call that told her she could become a participant. Unknown to her, she was chosen for a secret program that was completely different than what she had originally signed up for. The official study, which was real, was just a cover for the secret program involving accelerated mind control experimentation.


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