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Brainy Teen (chapter 20)

"Madelynn... Madelynn... Wake up... It's time for us to go."

Slowly, Madelynn opened her eyes. Lauren's beautiful, smiling face was hovering above hers. Her slightly tousled, long, rich brown hair, now liberated of its ritualistic decorations, was hanging, luxurious, fragrant, and free, down to Madelynn's face neck, and chest, teasing her skin with its lustrous, dark silkiness. Before Madelynn's mind could clear, a sharp, quick carnal urge surged into her to reach up, run her hands through it, and pull that delicious face down to her own. But before she could act on the raw desire, Lauren retreated from Madelynn's view and got off the bed.

The effects of the drugs in Madelynn's body had subsided for the moment and the subliminal noise had stopped, but the teenage Goth girl's mind remained jumbled for a few moments as she lay staring at the ceiling, trying to collect her thoughts.

Where am I? What...what did I just do with Lauren?

There was a lingering, pleasing taste on her lips. It was Lauren's marvelous lipstick. That recognition ripped her memory wide open, flooding her mind with the naked reality of the passionate and intense lesbian sex she had just had with Lauren.

I...I just had sex with Lauren............. I...I went all the way with her............ I never wanted to go that far...........but I did...................... What came over me?..................... And...and I joined the Cult of Lilith!...a demonic cult!..........Did I want to do that?........ What have I gotten myself into?................. It all happened so fast........

Madelynn's brief introspection was suddenly aborted by Lauren's voice.

"Madelynn, you don't want to be late for Elena. We still need to go to my house to get the stuff that you need." That reminder diverted Madelynn's sense of alarm into a new direction.

"Okay, Lauren. I'll get dressed now," replied Madelynn as she stared briefly at a black analog wall clock with red numbers and hands that indicated half past five.

As the fifteen-minute ride to Lauren's home in Lauren's car got underway, Madelynn's mind wandered back to what she did with Lauren at the Lilith shrine.

Why did I agree to join the cult so quickly? Why did I have sex with Lauren so easily? And I rubbed her pussy...with mine!! It's more than anything I've ever done with any girl before...or wanted to... And I...I said a lot of things to Lauren... that I probably shouldn't have said...........I do like her...very much...but........ It was like I couldn't control myself........It was I really want sex with girls.................. Am I becoming a real lesbian? .................. Do I deep-down want to be one...and I don't even know it?.................. Am I a lesbian already?.......

At a red light, Lauren gave Madelynn a sideways glance. "Something bothering you, sweetie?"

"No, it's nothing," Madelynn replied while turning to gaze at Lauren, who wore the same white blouse and dark blue denim skirt with which she had started the day. She had not, however, worn her black jacket for the drive and she had left the top two buttons of her blouse unfastened. Her skirt rode up about four inches above her knees and she sat with her legs spread slightly more than was necessary for driving. She had also applied a fresh coat of the same special, glittery fuchsia lipstick she had worn for the initiation ceremony. Madelynn couldn't resist visually exploring Lauren's enticingly slender legs, fascinating bodily curves, and entrancing face and hair yet another time, as she had found herself doing all afternoon.

But, Lauren said I could always leave the cult at any time........... So it's not like I'm being forced or anything like that............. Regardless, I'm doing this to stop Hecate and save Wendy. I can't back out now.

Lauren turned on the media system. Pop music sung by a female singer played. "If you have any problems, honey, don't hesitate to tell me about them. Remember, we're in this together. I will always be on your side, Maddy." Lauren ended the sentence with an accompanying gentle squeeze of Madelynn's left hand.

"Thank you, Lauren."

The subliminals in the music started to affect Madelynn almost immediately. They reactivated and amplified the effects of the drugs that still remained in the Goth girl's body. When Madelynn instinctively scanned Lauren again, this time she visualized Lauren without clothes except for a black latex half-cup bra, a black latex thong, and lustrous black high heels. Her pulse started to race with unbidden desire to again be alone with Lauren in a clandestine setting, to again see her in scanty, clingy, heart-stopping lingerie, and to relive their decadent intimacies.

No, Madelynn, stop it. I can't think about sex all the time even though Lauren and I are now lovers.............. Wait....... That doesn't sound exactly right.............. Yes, we are lovers.......but it's to stop...

Madelynn gasped when she felt Lauren's right hand giving her breast a quick, gentle squeeze.

Lauren had taken a peek at Madelynn and caught the Goth chick checking her out with a spellbound expression on her face. Observing that and Madelynn's response to the subsequent licentious caress of her breast, Lauren addressed her new girlfriend with an understanding, affectionate tone.

"Madelynn, you're turned on now, aren't you? I can see that look on your face. And the way you're looking at me..." Madelynn blushed and averted her eyes. "That's okay. Go ahead and look. I like you checking me out. Look all you want, darling." Lauren unbuttoned one more button on her blouse, pulled her skirt further up her legs, exposing them almost to the tops of her thighs, and spread her knees a bit more. With slight shifts in position by herself or Lauren, it would be possible for Madelynn to see glimpses of Lauren's panties.

Madelynn, embarrassed, took a quick glance, but couldn't bring herself to stare with Lauren watching her like this. Lauren reacted with a somewhat stern tone in her voice. "Maddy, it's harmful to hold it in. I've warned you before about the side effects of Elena's mind control. The wild thoughts...the lust...the urges... You just have to give in to them. If you don't, you'll get sick, physically and mentally. You'll probably go crazy!" Lauren's voice softened. "Just let go, sweetheart. It's alright. Go ahead. Look at me. Think about me. And touch yourself."

The subliminal female voice supplemented Lauren's, telling Madelynn what to believe, what to imagine, and what to do.

"Let go... Be a lesbian... Be a slut... You are horny... You want Lauren... You need Lauren. You need girls... You love girls... You love sex with girls... Give in to your lesbian feelings... Look at girls... Think about girls... Fuck girls... Touch yourself... like a slut... Be a slut... Give in..."

Madelynn turned toward Lauren and this time scanned her unabashedly, her eyes particularly running along Lauren's smooth, spread, girlish legs and then fixating on her large breasts jiggling heavily with the bumps and sway of the moving car. She placed one hand on her own breast--the one Lauren had just touched--and another under her skirt.

Experiences with Lauren popped into her head, coloring what her eyes were seeing. She visualized the clothes Lauren had worn at various times and on certain days, and the ways she had worn her hair. She recollected being captivating by her beauty, and seeing and touching her naked body, smooth, voluptuous, and decorated. She imagined again their joint assignments for Elena, their mutually agreeable "fun", and their all-out sex over the past hour.

The mental processes of the Goth teen were shifting into low gear as she gradually lost herself in the subliminals and in Lauren.

Looking at Lauren's glittery fuchsia lips, and recalling the divine, slick, delicious pleasure she had derived from them so recently, the impulse to kiss Lauren swamped her. Just one kiss.............No... That would not be nearly enough... I want to make out with her...long and heavy...and feel her up...

Madelynn was close to suggesting that Lauren find a secluded spot and pull the car over, when Lauren slowed down and parked the car. Madelynn idly wondered whether Lauren was contemplating a make-out session as well. We can... We should... We're girlfriends...

"Madelynn, we're at my house." Madelynn was still vacantly drooling over Lauren and playing with herself, quite disinclined to let up. "Stop now, honey." Lauren reached over and grabbed one of Madelynn's wrists. Her words and grip snapped the panting Madelynn partially out of her sexual daze. "I know you need more, sweetie. Don't worry; just stop for now and then I'll help get you off in my room."

Before getting out the car, Lauren buttoned her blouse up, pulled her skirt down, and leaned over to place a glittery, drug-laced kiss on Madelynn's lips. Madelynn's own lips had been denuded of most of her dark purple lipstick during her sex with Lauren in the Lilith apartment, but now glowed with the thin layer of sparkly fuchsia color Lauren had just deposited.

While Lauren walked around the car to her door, Madelynn sat still for a few seconds, staring rather unfocused straight ahead, before reaching as if in slow motion for the door handle. It was hard for Madelynn to think, an effect not only of the subliminals with which she had just been bombarded in the car, but also of the drugs from earlier in the afternoon still in her system, which continued to affect her, not to mention the fresh dose now coating her mouth.

Madelynn sensed she was feeling and acting dizzy and was grateful when Lauren helped her open the door, assisted her out of the car, encircled her left arm around her waist, and guided her into the house. Along the way, Lauren's fingers teased Madelynn's hips and butt, liberties which Madelynn, despite her foggy mentality and a tiny voice in her head trying to tell her they weren't touches a straight girl should like, felt and relished. Lauren was, after all, her it was okay...she was entitled to some privileges...and those feminine hands roving over her felt so nice...

Due to cloudy weather, the inside of the house was fairly dark. A night light had turned on earlier than usual. Light from the outside could been seen peeking in through the edges of several blind-covered windows.

As they climbed up the stairs, Madelynn heard faint sounds of females moaning. It sounded sexual, but Madelynn wasn't sure. "Is your family home? I heard some sounds."

"No, it's just us."

I must be imagining those moans. Madelynn's arousal impaired her observational acuity once more. Unknown to Madelynn, her initial suspicion had been correct. There were indeed other people in the house. In a remote bedroom, Lauren's own mother was making those moans, while she lay propped up on her bed, masturbating with her fingers in front of Rebecca, the sexy teen girl who was one of Sarah's friends and who was also on the bed, sitting and observing the entranced woman's performance for her.

Both of them were naked. There were three raspberry-red lipstick marks on the woman's neck and two on her cheeks. Her lips were slightly colored with lipstick as well, but the color had been applied with a kiss. Rebecca's raspberry-painted lips curved in a wicked smile as she thought of the activities she and the pliant, lust-crazed woman would do together next.

Once they were in Lauren's room, Lauren directed Madelynn to a black cushioned swivel chair. In the process of helping the Goth girl into the seat, Lauren "accidentally" woke the computer from standby mode and thereby triggered the computer's speakers into action. A new round of subliminals promptly reinforced Madelynn's sexually aroused state.

"Madelynn, even though we still have about an hour left, we have to get you dressed for Elena, and that will take some time. So we need to take care of your 'needs' quickly."

"Yes," agreed Madelynn as her right hand instinctively went to her crotch.

Lauren stopped Madelynn's hand. "No, it'll be faster if I do it for you."

After rotating the swivel chair so that it faced away from the computer screen, Lauren went on her knees in front of Madelynn, spread apart Madelynn's thighs, and pulled up her skirt, revealing the black-laced purple satin panties with a wet patch in the front. She pulled aside Madelynn's moist undies with her fuchsia-nailed fingers and kissed Madelynn's pussy directly with her fuchsia-painted lips.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Madelynn gasped, then moaned, as Lauren's tongue worked magically on her pussy. While she licked, Lauren proceeded to unfasten the top three buttons on her blouse. "What...what are you doing?" questioned the fuzzy-headed Goth girl breathlessly when she saw Lauren exposing her cleavage.

Lauren broke off her muff dive for a moment to answer. "Visual stimulation will help you get off faster." Madelynn couldn't actually see much of Lauren's front in their current positions, but instead she pictured Lauren's breasts bulging in the black latex bra top she had worn earlier for Madelynn's initiation, and then her mind replayed the brunette teen stripping off her bra to reveal her milky orbs bedecked in erotic decorations, which Madelynn knew still clung to them under Lauren's clothes at this very moment.

"Ooooohhhh... Uhhhh..." moaned the Goth girl on the seat. She tilted her head slowly backwards and closed her eyes, putting her ears even closer to the source of the subliminals.

Lauren's hands slid up along Madelynn's fishnet-stocking-covered thighs, up her waist, and around the peripheries of her breasts. Purple-nailed fingers interlocked with fuchsia-nailed fingers and squeezed teenaged breasts in unison. Then, without warning, Lauren ceased pleasuring Madelynn's pussy with her mouth, rose up on two feet, straddled Madelynn's thighs with her own, sat down on Madelynn's lap facing her, and pressed her body into Madelynn's, smothering her in an embrace of luscious curves and perfume.

Lauren shifted her weight forward, tilting Madelynn's seat slightly so that the back of the chair touched the edge of the computer desk. Their breasts and the rest of their bodies mashed together intimately. So used was Madelynn now to the union of her curves with another female's, especially with Lauren's, that she welcomed this merger, particularly in her mentally suppressed and sexually excited condition, as a perfectly natural and blissful state. A sigh of pleasure escaped her lips. "Ohhh........mmmm......."

Once they were face-to-face, Madelynn expected a kiss, but it wasn't to be. Lauren lifted the chin of the slightly disappointed Madelynn and tilted her head backward until she saw the monitor screen upside down, Madelynn's pretty black and purple hair spilling onto the desk. Once Madelynn was so positioned, Lauren insinuated her left hand down between Madelynn's legs to her pussy, which was begging for more lesbian attention, and started to finger it teasingly.

The screen immediately seized Madelynn's attention, although not so completely that she lost track, to any degree, of Lauren's delving fingers. Abstract, continuously changing patterns, colored predominantly in purple, black, and white, appeared on the screen, as Madelynn stared with rapidly-glazing eyes.

"Embrace your evil Sapphic destiny... Accept the darkness... Be one with Lilith..." said Lauren in a husky voice, as she commenced finger-fucking Madelynn's sex with abandon.

"Oh! Uhhhhh...ahhhhh...."

While the tide in Madelynn's body rose, she subconsciously envisioned the dark silhouette of a sensual female in the pool of abstract patterns on the screen. Black serpentine shapes slithered in and out of the female's body. It was hard to tell if the female was the source of the snakes or the recipient. More female forms joined in. They were quickly surrounded by the sinuous shapes. The females in the midst of the snakes began touching each other all over and then they slowly coalesced into one accumulation of femininity.

With one final thrust of Lauren's fingers, Madelynn's head snapped up and she went over the edge. Her pussy juices flowed over Lauren's hand. Madelynn's loud moan of sexual release was silenced by a deep kiss from Lauren's fuchsia-painted lips. The drugged lipstick heightened Madelynn's ecstasy and ensured and increased Madelynn's receptivity to the subliminals, even though she was vulnerable to them already.

A thread of saliva connected their lips when Lauren pulled away from Madelynn. "We need to get you dressed now and redo some of your make-up. It's going to take a while."

The events that followed felt almost like a dream to the Goth girl, although her lucidity started to gradually return to some degree.

Madelynn looked at herself in the vanity mirror passively while Lauren retouched her make-up for her, but she couldn't keep from stealing frequent glances at Lauren. There was something wonderfully pleasant about this beauty's proximity and attention, which despite the time constraint, was nevertheless leisurely and lingering.

Lauren was so close, her face but inches away. Kissing her again would be easy. The perfume of her body and her lips was maddening. Madelynn scanned her new girlfriend's lovely close....her fine, arched dark eyebrows...her long, black eyelashes...her flawless medium-brown skin...her high cheekbones...the flow and the rich, dark color of the shiny, clean hair framing her face. ...the inviting, plump contours and enticing fuchsia coloring of her lips...

Madelynn impulsively leaned forward and kissed Lauren. Lauren smiled as their mouths joined and she wrapped a hand around Madelynn's head to pull her closer. When the kiss ended, Lauren smiled again at Madelynn without speaking, and resumed her application of make-up to Madelynn's face, proceeding to the Goth girl's lips, which she had saved for last.

Lauren finished applying two new coats of dark purple lipstick on Madelynn's lips, after which she ran a comb through Madelynn's dyed, raven-black hair streaked beautifully with purple. Turning her attention again to the mirror, Madelynn saw the girl she knew, the intriguing Goth girl with the precise, sleek page-boy hair, darkly rimmed eyes, and deeply purpled lips, the girl she now felt perfectly comfortable with, the very pretty girl she liked and like being. She reached up to her hair and fluffed it out with both hands, and turned her head back and forth to swish it playfully around her face. She smiled at herself, quite pleased with the reflection.

But Lauren wasn't quite done, pulling out another tube, this time a polychromatic gloss and was about to paint it onto Madelynn's lips. Feeling the purple color she had on was already a great look, Madelynn asked, "Do I need this? I thought it was just a retouch."

"You need to seduce Elena. That's part of our plan. She will like you a lot more if you do more than what she requires you to do. This kind of lip gloss will really get her attention. It's just one more thing that will make her love you."

But, do I really want to be that alluring to Elena? Wouldn't that make Elena just try to sink her hooks into me all the more?

"I'm afraid it'll make her want to control me even more."

"That's exactly what we want--to trick Elena that you're giving in. The closer you get to Elena, the better. Elena already considers you to be her girlfriend, but she has more than one of those. You need to really get under her skin. Try to be her favorite. Drive her bonkers for you. Become her perfect lover, her true love."


"Madelynn, do remember your vows?"

"Yes, I do..." answered the Goth girl. Promiscuous lesbianism now and forever...

"Then play the part," said Lauren seriously after lowering her upper body so that Madelynn could see her cleavage that was exposed through the unbuttoned blouse. The erotic view was enough to stun Madelynn for a brief moment. "Prove your loyalty to Lilith and acceptance of her dark ways."

Lauren raised her body back up. "Now, take off your clothes, all of them."

"But, we just did it. There won't be enough time for anything more right now."

"Good, you're thinking about sex again. This state of mind is what Lilith wants from her adherents. But, no, we're not doing that. We're just going to change all of your clothes."

That's not what I meant. I thought it was you that wanted to do it, Lauren. Oh well.

"I thought I just needed the dress."

"If you want Elena to really like you, you'll have to do more than that."

Once Madelynn stripped herself of all her clothing except for the fishnet stockings, she sat back down in the swivel chair, awaiting whatever Lauren had planned for her. In an instinctual action, Madelyn crossed her legs. She lightly rubbed the shin of her left leg with the calf of her right leg.

Using same the same tube of dark purple lipstick she had used to color Madelynn's lips, Lauren expertly applied a coating on each of Madelynn's nipples, causing Madelynn to gasp.

"Bigger... bigger..." whispered a female voice from Madelynn's memory. Imagery of teenage breasts with black-painted nipples appeared in her mind. The breasts were in Madelynn's normal size at first, but they swelled and became bigger. A pair of fuchsia-painted lips drifted close to a nipple and whispered, "Yessss... Having bigger breasts is what you want... with purple nipples... with black nipples... the bigger the better... Bigger breasts are more feminine and more tempting... Bigger breasts will help you achieve your goals... Wendy will love them... Your mom will love them... Lauren will love them... Elena will love them... Lilith will love them... Bigger breasts... You will love them..."

"Ah!" Madelynn lowered her eyes when she felt something creamy and slick on her pussy. Without realizing it, Madelynn had parted her legs lewdly, as if posting an invitation for Lauren to paint her like a whore. "Down there too?"

"Of course, Elena loves kinky stuff like this. Now your pussy looks good enough to eat." Lauren stared at Madelynn's womanhood, her face so close Madelynn could feel her breath on her pussy lips, and licked her lips as though she might impulsively dive in at any moment.

A subliminally-induced image flashed in the Goth girl's mind. She closed her eyes as she saw Lauren and herself in the same exact positions as in current reality, but in place of the dark purple lipstick Lauren was holding a metallic purple gyrating dildo, and stroking her labia with it.

"Oh, yes!" Madelynn exclaimed out loud without thinking, immersed in the sudden lascivious fantasy. "Mmmmmphf!"

While Madelynn was distracted, Lauren rose and kissed Madelynn. Simultaneously, she pushed a red pill into her mouth with her tongue, which the Goth girl instinctively swallowed.

"What was that?"

"Medication for Elena's mind control," Lauren answered. "You took a pill today, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I did, but it seems like it's not working."

"Then we're going to have to raise the dosage to two pills per day, starting with this one," said Lauren before turning around and walking to the dresser.

Madelynn's eyes stared at Lauren's subtly swaying ass hidden beneath the pleated skirt.

"These should be the right size for you." Lauren raised a black patent leather bra and a matching thong. She walked over to Madelynn and handed the items to her. "Here, put them on."

A pleasant scent filled Madelynn's nose when she held the leather bra and thong. The leathery items felt wonderful in her hands. Somehow they felt familiar to her even though she had never worn leather lingerie before.

A moving shadow drew Madelynn's attention away from the lingerie. "Now for the dress." She saw Lauren hold up an exotic dress made from glossy black leather, similar to the material of the lingerie but not quite as shiny as the patent leather of the bra and panties.

"This looks kind of fancy."

"Elena will love it!"

The dress was distinctly different from the clothing that Elena had given her.

Lauren helped Madelynn put on the leather lingerie items and the dress, followed by a pair of four-inch black patent leather high heels, and several accessories.

After Lauren was done, Madelynn stared at herself in a full length mirror. The black form-fitting leather dress consisted of a halter-neck bodice with a plunging neckline and a voluminous pleated skirt that reached half-way down her lower legs. She spun around a few times to get a full view of her look. Laces on the back of the bodice were neatly tied. Small tear-drop lavender rhinestone earrings hanging from short silver links twinkled beneath her ears. Even her platinum eyebrow piercing seemed to sparkle a little more noticeably. Everything was perfect.

"I hope I'm not overdressed."

"You want to look your best for Elena. If you wow her, it'll be easier for you to seduce her."

"I'm not sure if I can seduce Elena. I mean, she probably doesn't trust me very much. She knows I tried to investigate Hecate. And even if she did, there have got to be a lot of girls who would love to be close to Elena. She could have her pick. Why would she choose me?"

"Just look at yourself, Maddy. You are absolutely beautiful! I don't think Elena can resist you. Especially if you come on to her right..." Madelynn took another look at herself in the mirror. Yes...maybe Lauren's right...That girl in the miror...She is incredibly hot... I might be able to pull it off..."

"Just go along with whatever Elena wants you to do as usual. At the same time, try flirting with her when you have the chance. Compliment her looks, her actions, etc. Say sweet things to her. Touch her and kiss her, even when you don't have to."

"Okay, I'll try."

"Don't just try, Maddy. You need to make it work. You need to show Elena that you're starting to enjoy her way of training you, that you like being with her, and that you are coming to really love her. Show her that you're crazy about her."

"I'm not an actress. I'm not sure if I can pull this off."

"You must make it work. You need to gain Elena's trust. Just playing along won't work.

"I think she already likes you. No, I know she does. She told me once that you are her favorite girl...that she loves being with you... and how foxy you are...that she'd like to get to know you better...and spend more time with you...but she wasn't sure how you really felt about her... If you tried, you two could become very close."

The subliminals soothed a supporting tune: "Elena is beautiful. You want her. You love her. You are falling deeply for her...every day more... She's in your mind... You can't stop thinking about her...about her beauty...about her sexy body...about making love to her...once...and again...and again and again and again... Every time you see love her see her beauty more... you crave her touch need her more.

"You want her to love you. Do anything it takes. Dress to provoke her lusts for you... Show her your body... Touch her... Kiss her... Fuck her... Fuck her until she loves you... Fuck her until she screams for you... Make her love you..."

Lauren continued: "You may need to really give her your know, really fall for her. It wouldn't be so hard, you know. She really is a beautiful woman."

Madelynn thought about that for a moment. There was some truth to it. Madelynn had been starting to see Elena's good side recently and to like her more. She even enjoyed being with the nicer, softer Elena she had been experiencing lately. It seemed like Elena's apparent fondness for her, which at first had struck her as cynical, now was clarifying as something genuine, sweet, and welcome. And there was no denying the power of Elena's wonderful beauty. Even when Madelynn had been trying to resist her internally, she had felt Elena's immense feminine allure draw her forcefully. It wouldn't take much to give in...

"And as to her cause--whatever it is she and the company are trying to do, you need to show interest in it. And enthusiasm and loyalty."

"Enthusiasm and loyalty?"

"Pretend that you want to join Elena's side and work for Hecate. That would show Elena that her mind control is working on you successfully, even though it's not."

"I hope that's not too dangerous. I mean, I don't want get into trouble. Hecate's doing illegal activities. I don't want to be part of it."

Lauren sighed. "Madelynn, this might be the only way to bring Elena and Hecate to justice. Sometimes you need to take major risks in order to achieve your goals."

"I thought joining the Lilith cult was enough. Now I have to do more? This is all happening so fast. I need some time to think this over."

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to. I understand why you're afraid. But, just to let you know, I already told Elena this morning that I want to join Hecate. I'm already risking myself in this whole thing. Many members of our investigation team have done so as well."

Lauren's already risking so much. I can't be so selfish.

"Alright, Lauren, I'll do it. I'll tell Elena I'm interested in joining Hecate."

Madelynn had no idea subliminals had been persuading her to follow Lauren's suggestions.

"Great, Madelynn, I always knew you're the kind of person who fights for justice."

A question popped into Madelynn's mind.

"About the other members on our investigation team, when will I get to meet them?"

"You will know them eventually, some of them at least. We can't have everyone know each other for security purposes. This way, if something happens to one of us, the identities of other members will still remain secret."

"That's a pretty sensible measure. I understand now."

"One last item. Here's a handbag to match your outfit. I've placed some make-up inside in case you need to do a retouch, as well as a dildo."

"Is it a strap-on?"

"No, it's just a rocket vibrator."

Madelynn was confused for a moment. "I thought that I was supposed to bring a strap-on."

"Oops. You're right. I almost forgot.'s one more item."

Lauren pulled out an ornate, black box from the closet and opened it in front of Madelynn. Inside the padded purple interior was a strange-looking strap-on.

"Now I'm going to give you something that will almost ensure Elena will totally fall in love with you. But you have to be willing to use it on her without holding back. If you do, she'll be yours..."

Madelynn shuddered slightly at the black object. The shaft had a demonic-looking abstract design. Its bizarre curves, freakish patterns, and weird spirals reminded the Goth girl of something seen in a horror movie. Connected to the shaft was a harness made from studded black leather and small metal segments. The harness resembled a pair of panties.

"Ummm... this wasn't quite what I expected."

Lauren only smiled in response before moving the opened box even closer to Madelynn's view. The Goth girl gasped in surprise. It wasn't just a strap-on with a devilish design. There were small protuberances of varying sizes and lengths inside the base of the shaft, facing the wearer, while wires and tubes, camouflaged with jewel-studded leather so that they appeared to be a decorative part of the strap-on harness, connected the shaft itself to a small rectangular metallic box having rounded edges and a black enamel finish.

From outward appearances, Madelynn guessed that it was a just a battery-powered vibrating strap-on, but she wasn't quite sure. There was something odd about it that she couldn't put a finger on. Unknown to Madelynn, the strap-on had intricate mechanisms for sexual stimulation and drug dispensing.

"Errr... Lauren, don't you have a regular strap-on...instead of this one?"

"You don't like this one, Madelynn?"

"Well, not really... It just looks kind of weird..."

"No... You are afraid, aren't you, Maddy? You're afraid you might like it. You're not being honest with yourself. You really want to try it."

Something clicked in Madelynn's mind. Her arousal increased suddenly. Why am I feeling like this? Why is that thing suddenly making me feel hot?

"Darkness...dominatrix...want to fuck girls...fuck women...evil...lesbian lust...corruption...destroy purity..." said a chorus of subliminal voices.

Madelynn, now suddenly in a trance due to the subliminals and a preprogrammed response to the strap-on, absently slipped off her leather thong and allowed Lauren, who had knelt down, to pull the harness through her legs. The Goth girl caught her breath when the black leather straps were tightened around her waist. Madelynn gasped again when Lauren grazed her nails on the skin of Madelynn's leg while attaching the black box to Madelynn's upper thigh via straps.

I want to fuck Lauren... The Goth girl briefly imagined Lauren sucking on the strap-on that she was currently wearing.

"Now you look like a perfect lesbian dominatrix," complimented Lauren.

Lauren drove Madelynn to the designated pick-up spot, a somewhat secluded niche next to a park near Madelynn's home, and gave Madelynn a quick kiss on the lips before leaving. "Good luck in seducing Elena, my love."

Within a minute or two, another vehicle pulled up and parked not far from Madelynn. This time it was an ordinary white-colored van. Madelynn was surprised that it was Patricia driving by to pick her up instead of Elena. But there was no disappointment in the discovery that she would be with the sexy Patricia again. The realization that it would be just the two of them in the car, alone together, sent a small tingle up her spine.

"Good evening, Madelynn," Patricia cooed through the open window. Madelynn opened the door and hopped into the vacant front seat. "It's so good to see you. It's not that often Elena allows me the privilege to escort you."

"Good evening, Patricia," replied the Goth girl as she eyed up the delectable young woman, finding no reason or will whatever to not do so. Though evening was approaching, there was still enough daylight illuminating the inside of the van to permit a pulse-accelerating assessment of her.

Patricia had styled herself in a manner similar to the last time Madelynn had seen her: Glossy cyan-coated lips, black eyeliner, gray eye shadow, curly lashes with thick black mascara, and raven black hair in two braided pigtails tied with cyan ribbons on each end. She wore a cyan lycra demi bra. Over her bra was a black leather jacket zipped about three quarters of the way up, enough to reveal her cleavage and bra. Around her waist and hips were metallic blue-green hot pants. Stay-up black stockings ran up half-way up her thighs. Blue-green high heels encased her feet.

Patricia turned to face Madelynn in the van, appearing to be in no hurry to start the engine and drive off.

"Remember the last time you fucked me?"

The question caught Madelynn off guard. She felt her face flush with embarrassment over the jolt of hearing what they had done together described so nakedly, and having it plainly out into the open between them so fast. Nevertheless, Madelynn found herself liking Patricia's directness. It was a fact, and not an inconsequential one, that they had had hardcore lesbian sex together; and Madelynn found it gratifying, somewhere within her, that it meant enough for Patricia to bring it up now, in their first minute together again.

The encounter appeared in the Goth girl's mind. At the time, Madelynn had viewed the act as having been forced, like she had to do it to satisfy Elena, and subsequently she had tried not to think about it. She had been certain that any frank review of it would make her quite uneasy, if not sick. However, now as she let herself mentally return to that hour, she was surprised to find that instead of distaste, her memory of it was bathed in an aura of fond and nostalgic excitement. Inextricably intertwined with that impression was Patricia herself, a memorable partner in sex, who had been her "first", and still was her "only", in terms of strap-on intercourse with another girl, and one for whom Madelynn felt a pronounced raw attraction, then and, perhaps even more, now. A spontaneous, intense, instinctive hunger to do it again with Patricia gushed involuntary up from Madelynn's depths, making her jaw drop slightly as she felt it course through her.

"Yeah, I do." Madelynn looked Patricia in the eye, softly smiling while barely containing the sudden need swirling within her.

"I want to feel it again. It's been so long. I want you, Madelynn." She reached her hand over to Madelynn's and gazed into her eyes.

Right now Madelynn wanted to feel it again, too, wanted to feel another beautiful girl in her arms, especially this girl, kissing her, drilling her, making her scream with passion. She was starting to desire it desperately.

But she wasn't a lesbian. There was no way she was going to do that much, sink that deeply into lesbian depravity again, even with this tempting young woman, if she didn't have to, despite what she felt like doing. Particularly not this day, not after what she had already done. She absolutely couldn't let herself do it.

A subversive voice coaxed Madelynn inside her head: "I want to fuck girls. I loved fucking Patricia. I want to fuck her again."

Fighting her carnal urges, Madelynn searched for some out. "It's already seven o'clock. If know...If we do anything...we'll be late. You don't want me to get into trouble with Elena, do you?"

"Elena has postponed it for another half-hour."

This must be part of Elena's plan. No wonder she wanted me to bring the strap-on!

Madelynn noticed there was white noise coming from the van's audio system, but Patricia drew her attention away from it. "We could have some fun with each other." She tilted her head, twirled a pigtail, and toyed with her jacket's zipper flirtatiously. "Just you and we did before... No one else has to know..." Then, in a teasing manner, Patricia slowly pulled down the zipper of her leather jacket. Madelynn felt her heartbeat quicken.

The white noise quickly took hold of Madelynn's mind, loosening her inhibitions more every second. She now ran her eyes freely up and down Patricia's body, noticing a glint from the turquoise gem dangling from her belly ring and part of the waistband of the cyan panties rising out of the shiny, tight hot pants, before settling on Patricia's deep, quivering cleavage as the black jacket parted. Madelynn absently licked her lips.

Patricia leaned over and gave Madelynn a soft, lingering lover's kiss with her bluish-green-colored lips. Madelynn closed her eyes, simply savoring the delicious intimacy a moment, and then, slipping a hand onto Patricia's shoulder, kissed back. The two lovely young women made out for a half minute, compensating Madelynn some for the make-out session she had wanted with Lauren in her car earlier and had not gotten.

"Come with me, sweetheart." Patricia gently pulled on the hand she still held and had been caressing with her shiny cyan-nailed fingertips. Madelynn, heart now racing, did not dare to move.

"Come on, sweet girl. Come give it to me again." She met Madelynn's lips again, then sank her tongue deep into Madelynn's unresisting purple mouth. Madelynn responded within seconds, catching Patricia's head in her hands, preventing Patricia's shiny lips and wet tongue from escaping her own. They made out for another two minutes, Madelynn's will to resist having all-out sex vanishing with every slick, wet second.

"Fuck her... Fuck her... You love fucking pretty girls... You love Patricia... Show her that you love her... Fuck her... You love fucking Patricia... You want Patricia to love you... Make her love you... Fuck her... Fucking girls makes you happy... Fuck her... She needs it... You need it... Fuck her... Make her love you... Make her scream for you... Fuck her... Do it... Do it now..."

Breaking the kiss, Patricia whispered into Madelynn's ear with her sultriest voice, "Come fuck me."

Patricia led Madelynn, dazed and blinded with passion, into the back of the van, where there was a foam-rubber mat on the floor encased in royal blue satin, and several slim metal cabinets on both sides. Guided by Patricia, Madelynn sat on the mat on her haunches with her legs partially extended. The Goth girl's eyes never left Patricia's inviting body as they both got themselves into position on the mat.

Patricia reached beneath Madelynn's skirt, felt the dildo with her hands, and flipped a switch on the battery compartment box that was connected to the strap-on. Madelynn could feel some vibrations coming from the phallic device, but she had no idea its operation was much more complicated that she supposed. The strap-on had intricate machinery and electronics that could communicate with external devices and be controlled by them.

Acting under the commands of a program running in a special computer hidden in one of the cabinets, the protuberances inside the base of the strap-on dildo proceeded to stimulate Madelynn's clit, causing her to gasp. "Ahhhh..."

Patricia took her jacket off, leaving her upper body naked except for the scanty lycra bra. Madelynn started to salivate as she focused intensely on the bulging, barely-covered breasts in front of her, which appeared ready to burst out of their meager restraint at any moment.

Observing and exploiting Madelynn's rapt interest, in several quick motions Patricia made the cyan bra drop from her breasts, revealing them completely. The fully erect nipples were painted in the same cyan color as Patricia's lips. They were begging to be sucked. She scooted closer to the Goth girl on her knees, setting her naked breasts into breathtaking gyrations. Then, smiling sluttily and lifting her magnificent mounds in her beautifully cyan-nailed hands, she offered them to Madelynn.

Unable to resist these succulent temptations, Madelynn abandoned herself to her animal lusts, hungrily wrapped her shiny purple lips around Patricia's blue-green left nipple, and sucked on it with ravenous greed. A drug coating the nipple entered Madelynn's mouth and quickly took effect. It was an experimental inhibition eliminator agent, the effects of which would last no more than ten minutes before gradually subsiding. Madelynn's eyes became unfocused and turned into a blank stare, though she was still fully aware of all she was experiencing and feeling.

Pulling her nipple out of the dazed Goth girl's sucking purple mouth with a slurp, a pleased and aroused Patricia pushed Madelynn gently down onto her back, pulled her legs out in a spread-eagle "v", sat down between Madelynn's smooth, fishnet-covered legs, lifted the front part of Madelynn's skirt and, giggling, uncovered the strap-on. Acting as if it were alive, the dildo, which had been flaccid, became erect under the effect a hydraulic system. Patricia caressed the phallus with her blue-green nails.

Madelynn gasped as the protuberances on the base of the dildo extended into her pussy about half an inch and intensified their stimulation.

In a series of actions quite familiar to her through extensive experience, Patricia partially stood over Madelynn's crotch on bended knees, guided the black phallus into her vagina, and lowered her body until her buttocks touched Madelynn's hips, uttering a moan in the process.

The strap-on dildo gave Madelynn a distinctive stimulation, in response to which she moaned in pleasure while tilting her head back, splaying her pretty purple-and-black hair across the shiny blue makeshift mattress.

Without skipping a beat, Patricia raised and lowered her hips, fucking herself on Madelynn's strap-on.

"Ohhhh...damn...Madelynn...ohhhh....fuck me...please...oh, you pretty cunt! FUCK ME!" wailed Patricia, loosing herself in the pleasure. Madelynn reflexively bucked her hips upward, intuitively synchronizing it with Patricia's downward thrusts.

"Madelynn loves to fuck pretty women and girls," said the subliminal female voice, one of the statements it repeated again and again. "Madelynn loves to fuck Patricia. Madelynn loves to fuck Lauren. Madelynn loves to fuck Elena. Madelynn loves to fuck Wendy. Madelynn loves to fuck her mother. Madelynn loves to fuck pretty women and girls... again and again and again...

"You love to fuck pretty women and girls in the the living the the the the the the the school...anywhere...any the night...all night...

"Madelynn loves to fuck all pretty girls and women... teenage girls...young women...mature women...white girls...Asian girls...Latina girls...Black girls...short girls...tall girls...thin girls...stacked girls...nice girls...bad girls...innocent girls...slutty girls... pretty girls... beautiful women... Fuck them all...anytime... anywhere...every one..."

Though Madelynn received somewhat less physical pleasure than Patricia did from the penetration, a special drug oozing from the base of the dildo amplified the sensations on Madelynn's pussy, allowing her to enjoy the sex almost as much as Patricia did. Plus, the subliminals were instilling into her the distinct feeling that she was doing with Patricia exactly what she should be doing, that she was fulfilling her destiny as a pretty, sexy, lesbian girl, that fucking a girl was her best talent and most worthwhile pastime, and that she enjoyed nothing more.

I...I love this... I love fucking this woman... I want to fuck her all day... I love her... I love beautiful women... I love fucking women...

Patricia held Madelynn's cheeks in her hands and kissed her deeply on her lips when Patricia's orgasm came. Through the phallus ensemble, Madelynn could feel the pulsations in her lover's pussy, almost as if they were in her own. The sublime sensations of love on her mouth and womanhood pushed her over the brink as well. Almost simultaneously, a different drug squirted into Madelynn's vagina, amplifying Madelynn's orgasm, which exploded within her a few moments after Patricia's.

The external computer controlling the phallus recorded various biometric data from both Madelynn and Patricia during the session, which would eventually be transferred to Hecate's database.

When the Goth girl came to her senses, she found herself blindfolded with a leather strip and sitting on the passenger seat next to Patricia. Patricia had also repaired her own and Madelynn's smeared lips, wiping them off and then neatly applying fresh coats of vivid, gleaming color.

"We have arrived. Sorry for the blindfold, but these are Elena's orders." They got out and walked, Patricia guiding Madelynn by the arm.

Judging by the rattling sounds of a rolling gate, the echoing of Patricia's voice, the hardness of the floor, and the chill in the air, Madelynn guessed that she was probably in the same industrial area as before, or a similar one. Patricia led the Goth girl up a short flight of steps and down a hallway, then made a few turns before passing through a set of double doors into a much warmer area, comfortably so, where Madelynn heard what sounded like the low rumble of numerous people chatting. Right after their entry, Madelynn's blindfold was removed.

"The show is about to start!"

Madelynn's eyes adjusted to the dim light. They were in a large hall with a high ceiling. The first thing she discerned was an illuminated stage filling the center of the hall. It measured eleven by twenty feet and stood three feet above the floor. The surface of the platform was mirrored and there was a continuous strip of bright blue LED lights running along its edges. Situated around three sides of the stage, sitting at round and rectangular tables of varying sizes, were people dressed in black dresses and suits. They also were all wearing black masks of varying designs and shapes. Madelynn guessed that about a sixth of the guests were men. There were no more than six seats around each table. All the seats faced the stage, more or less, and several seats and tables were vacant.

Patricia took Madelynn to an unoccupied table for two centered in front of the stage. Because there were several empty tables nearby, Madelynn thought it was a random selection by Patricia. However, she didn't know the seating was predetermined and there were hidden cameras capable of working in dim light that watched her every move. Unknown to Madelynn, Ms. Meyers, the business woman who had been following the journey of the Goth girl's transformation from its beginning, was seated at a nearby table and paid close attention to the pretty teen.

The ambient lighting in the hall dimmed, illumination directed at the stage increased, and the LED lights on the stage blinked, signaling the start of the show. As the audience hushed, the imminent arrival of the performers was heralded by the click-clacking sound of high heels. Next, sensual music with a heavy beat started to rise from hidden speakers. Three singular women then walked onto the stage, swaying and strutting to the rhythm of the music.

The lead female, who was walking on medium blue five-inch high heels, was dressed distinctly different than the other two women. Almost none of her skin was exposed. A shiny black latex catsuit covered her entire body, including the hands and feet, while leaving only the head exposed. Fitted over her entire face was a black mask encrusted with small blue rhinestones and with blue one-way mirrored lenses over her eyes. Her long black and blue hair was tied in a high pony tail. Over her catsuit was a black satin dress with blue frilly edges . It consisted of a tight-fitting back-laced bodice and a voluminous, five-tier flounced skirt with blue ruffled fringes on each tier.The skirt reached half-way down her lower legs. Her accessories included blue hoop earrings, three blue metal bracelets on her left wrist, and a blue pendant necklace.

Once the leading female reached the center of the stage, she stopped and turned to face her audience. Madelynn had a hunch that the masked female was Elena, playing the role of dominatrix.

The two following females, who came to a halt flanking the dominatrix, one to her left and one to her right, were dressed in outfits similar to each other. Madelynn found herself immediately zeroing in on their large DD breasts. Like the leading female, they both wore shiny masks studded with rhinestones, but their stones were colorless. The girl standing on the right of the dominatrix had a shiny red mask, black patent leather four-inch high-heeled pumps, knee-high white socks, a sixteen-inch red-white-black tartan skirt, a tight-fitting white blouse, and a tie that matched the skirt. Her sandy blonde hair was tied into two braided pigtails with small red bows at the end. The girl on the left had the same outfit except that the tartan pattern was pink-white-black. Her chestnut brown hair was tied in a simple pony tail with a glittery pink bow. She wore shoes identical to those of the blonde, except that the brunette's were colored pink. Her mask was pink and coated with clear rhinestones. Both females had nails colored to match the colors of their respective masks. Madelynn had the impression from their bodies, hair, posture, and demeanor that they were probably in their late teens or early twenties.

Using a riding crop, the dominatrix directed the two school girls to kiss each other. Since they were wearing masks they couldn't do a real kiss but they still played the part by letting the lip areas of the masks collide. Their hands slid over each other's shoulders in a sensual embrace. As their mask-to-mask kiss continued, the ridding crop guided their hands downward until they rested on ass cheeks.

Madelynn's rapt focus on the show was interrupted briefly when Patricia glided her seat into contact with Madelynn's. Patricia had already been sitting close to Madelynn, with a hand on the teen's back, roving along her shoulders and neck and into her hair, as if they were two girls attending the show together on a date, the one taking a girlfriend's liberties with the other, but Patricia's move now slid their bodies into tighter contact. Slipping her arm around Madelynn' shoulders and pulling the teen closer yet, Patricia spoke into Madelynn's ear, loud enough to be heard over the music, yet still intimate and insinuating, and soft enough to permit Madelynn to quickly refixate her attention on the performers.

"What do you think of those two school girls?"

Madelynn's mind was racing. These girls were awesome.

"They', they're sexy.......... They're very sexy..."

Madelynn longed to see their faces. And their bodies. Were they going to strip? Who were they? Did she know them? For a quick moment, Madelynn imagined she was alone with the a bedroom...the blonde on the bed...naked, except for the mask and the black high heels... her legs spread wide... She beckoned... "Come to me, Madelynn... Give me that beautiful dick of yours... Fuck me!" The voice was Wendy's...

A rapid jumble of mixed images extending the fantasy scenario appeared successively in Madelynn's head. Madelynn saw herself stroking the black strap-on she was currently wearing... She kissed the blonde-haired girl through the red mask... The mask suddenly began to melt and turn into red liquid latex that spread all over the masked girl's face and entire body... Madelynn guided the black strap-on into the latex-coated pussy... The girl's mouth, outlined now with slick rubber, opened and a red phallus emerged from it... Madelynn lowered her face and kissed the rubber phallus with her purple lipsticked lips before enveloping the shaft with her mouth...

"You want to fuck them, don't you?" whispered Patricia huskily as she slipped her hand beneath Madelynn's skirt and caressed the strap-on, snapping Madelynn out of her brief fantasy.

Almost instantly, the mechanical phallus became active. Madelynn could feel the base of the dildo tickling her clit. She took a sharp intake of breath and felt her pussy quiver, both from the invasive motorized touches on her womanhood and from the possibility introduced by Patricia's insinuation.

Madelynn failed to answer Patricia audibly, fascinated and absorbed as she was with the girls on the stage, with the exciting bedroom fantasy which had just paraded across her mind, with Patricia's delicious proximity and adventurous hands, and with the thrills in her slit from the strap-on. But Madelynn's inner feelings responded to the question, seditiously reacting with dark, depraved yearning. Yesssss............ I want to fuck them......I'd love to fuck them........ I'd fuck them so good.............. Wendy, too....... I want to fuck I did Patricia.......... I'd make her love me..... She'd want me so bad.......... I'd love to fuck Wendy.........

On the stage, the dominatrix placed one hand on the butt of each of her slaves, slightly squeezing them. Then, interlocking fingers with her slaves briefly, she directed them to give the same type of ass caress to each other which she had just given to them. The dom grazed the end of the ridding crop along the curves of the slaves as they complied. The school girls clenched their painted nails into each other's asses and writhed against each other sensually while doing their best to maintain the mask-to-mask kiss.

Madelynn's inner self continued to whisper hot, implanted perversions. Girls need other girls... Girls should have sex with girls... Sex between two girls is hot... I want to fuck beautiful woman and girls... I want to fuck these sexy girls...

"Don't you want to fuck them?" asked Patricia again, this time with a stronger tone, as she gave the shaft a squeeze, causing the strap-on to give Madelynn's pussy a jolt of pleasure.

"Yes!" said Madelynn with a gasp.

"Elena might let you fuck them..." Madelynn looked at Patricia for a second with surprise that such a fantasy could be a real possibility, before turning back to the stage. "But only if you remain loyal to her and continue to obey her orders. Can you promise to always be Elena's faithful servant?"

Madelynn gasped again when Patricia gave the shaft another squeeze.

"... ahhh...ughhh.........oh yes, Patricia.......... yesssss!........ "

Patricia began playing with Madelynn's breasts through the bodice of her leather halter dress. Madelynn closed her eyes a moment to better soak in the delight, but then the Goth girl's sense of decency in public was jolted awake and she instinctively looked around, afraid that the audience might notice. However, no one appeared to; in fact, even in the dim light prevailing through most of the hall, Madelynn could discern that several others were playing sexually with each other like Patricia was doing with her, and the rest were absorbed in the show. Many of the women were exploring the crotches of their female partners with their hands, most of them using distinctive motions that caught Madylnn's eye and seemed to be highly enjoyable to the recipients of their attentions.

Madelynn sat back and relaxed in Patricia's arms, letting the exotic woman's cyan-nailed hands slip under the plunging neckline and have their way with her firm, eager young breasts, whimpering within herself from the degenerate pleasure, while she watched the rest of the brazen performance.

Meanwhile on stage, the schoolgirls stripped one another and then explored each other's body thoroughly. The show ended with the two female slaves, naked except for their masks and shoes, on their fours facing away from each other, fucking each other with a red latex double dildo while moaning passionately. Throughout the show, Madelynn was kept on edge sexually by Patricia.

After a round of applause, the schoolgirl performers curtsied and left the stage, disappearing through a curtained door. Patricia also got up and took her leave, but not until first jotting down her phone number on a small piece of paper and stuffing it into Madelynn's cleavage She whispered "Call me" into Madelynn's ear, kissed her cheek, and left. As Patricia's heels click-clacked her retreat, Madelynn found herself unable to tear her eyes off of the sexy woman's rolling rear and shapely, long legs, all showcased wonderfully by her tight, scanty, shiny blue-green hot pants, until she heard the staccato of another set of high heels approaching.

The dominatrix had not exited the stage the same way her slaves had, and now walked towards Madelynn, stopping a few feet away. She spoke in a very sweet voice. "Madelynn, my darling, come with me." Madelynn arose and followed her.

The walk afforded Madelynn time to think, although the sight of the woman's slim, curvaceous backside, rippling through the satin and latex with her gait, and her shining blue and black ponytail swishing playfully about her head and neck, made it difficult to concentrate for long.

Is this woman really Elena?............Yes...I know it is... It's her voice...her pretty voice... It's her awesome hair... and her sexy body...It's her presence... it's...exciting... And she was expecting me to meet her here... Yes, it's her.................. Does she like the way I look?.......... There's no way she doesn't... I look hot... I feel hot... I am hot... I'll make her pussy wet for me...

As they meandered from one hallway to the next, the tapping of four high heels the only sound interrupting the silence in the passageways, Madelynn wondered what would happen next. Where are we going? What is she going to do with me? Does she want me to fuck her?

That last possibility--no, that likelihood, given the way Lauren had dressed her tonight--sent an unbidden thrill up her back. She noticed her nipples tighten as well. I shouldn't feel like this about it......and about her........... But..........if she does want me...and wants me fuck her...I wonder...will she want it in her pussy?.......Or maybe...maybe this time...this time I'll give to her in her sweet ass! Madelynn licked her lips while staring at Elena's behind, visualizing the fine ass hidden within the voluminous skirt. In Madelynn's mind's eye, she saw herself lifting Elena's skirt and rubbing her strap-on against Elena's latex-clad butt.

Suddenly it dawned on Madelynn how thoroughly like a dyed-in-the-wool dyke her thoughts were. No!! Stop it! Lauren just asked me to seduce Elena; I don't have to lust for her!

The room to which they came had a dark, wicked theme. There were no more than three main colors in the room, including the furniture. The walls were dark blue while the ceiling and marble floor were both black. The furniture's colors were mainly black, silver, blue, or had a combination of the three aforementioned colors. A large circular wall mirror was poised above a king-size, black-satin-covered bed, with six masks mounted on the wall surrounding the mirror. Each mask was of a different color: gold, silver, white, red, pink, and blue. Bright blue lava lamps provided moody illumination, which was supplemented by a few wall sconces and a torchiere floor lamp, all of chrome, which indirectly emitted enough white light into the room to enable some discernment of colors there. Soft, unusual but pleasant music played in the background, masking subliminals. The overall visual, auditory, and emotional effects of the blue lights, the dark surfaces and furniture, the music, the subliminals, her own garb and make-up, and the erotic woman who was there with her in the room left a disorienting impression within Madelynn of being in a mystical, decadent, thrilling fantasy.

Without saying a word, Elena took Madleynn in her arms and, through her mask, kissed the teen on the lips. Even though the mask separated their faces, Madelynn could still feel warmth emanating from Elena's mouth. There was a strange, sweet taste on the lip area of Elena's mask, which was colored blue. Madelynn licked her own lips without thinking.

Elena relaxed her embrace of the girl, but still held her loosely in her arms. "Did you enjoy my show, Madelynn?"

"Yes..." The answer was genuine.

"I'm glad you liked it," said Elena while gently placing her latex-clad hands on Madelynn's cheeks, then, with a tone of dejection, adding, "It would sadden me if you didn't."

"I did, Elena. You were..." She sought for the right words. "I couldn't take my eyes off you."

Elena caressed one of Madelynn's cheeks to indicate her satisfaction with the teen's response. Then she ran a finger along the girl's lower lip, while lightly gliding her other latex-covered hand up and down one of Madelynn's arms.

"And those other girls, too? I was looking at you. You liked them."


"What was it you liked most about them?"

"...uh...I guess...I guess everything..."

"But there was something in particular you liked about them, wasn't there?...........It was their tits, wasn't it, Madelynn? You loved their big, beautiful tits."

It was as if Elena had read her mind. "...oh...uh.......yes..."

"And when they fucked each did you feel about that?"

"Wow...that was...that was pretty awesome..."

"Did you imagine yourself with one of them...making love...?"

How did she know that? "I...I, uh..."

"That's all the answer I need, darling. Would you like to meet them sometime?"

"Well, I...uh..."

"We both know you want to." Elena ran a hand through Madelynn's hair, and then rested it on her face again. "I'll arrange it."


"Do you prefer the blonde or the brunette first?"

"Oh... well...I don't know...the blonde?"

"An excellent choice."

Madelynn suddenly realized she had indeed just made a choice...a choice to voluntarily take another step deeper into the world of lesbianism.

"...uhh...Thank you..."

"My pleasure."

Elena took a step backwards and, without ceremony removed her mask. Madelynn took a quick intake of breath, for Elena's face was a truly beautiful sight. It always was, but tonight it was even more so, and almost unreal. Her pale skin appeared slightly bluish, intriguingly so, in the unnatural light of the room and her cheeks were highlighted with a heavy application of rosy blush, which the blue-tinged light made appear lavender. Her lips were coated in glistening blue, as usual, but tonight the shade was one Madelynn hadn't seen Elena wear before, a beautiful deep, medium-dark cobalt blue finished with a high-gloss effect, making her mouth seem to glow magically with exotic, glossy invitation. Her eyelids wore silver and midnight-blue eye shadow. Further, Madelynn had never seen Elena with her hair pulled back, including the bangs, as it now was with its high ponytail. The effect of it all, combined with Elena's kinky attire, and given the darkly mysterious environment, was staggeringly erotic, and gave an impression to Madelynn of being with a supernatural fantasy women or in a wet dream.

The thought came and went through Madelynn's head that she too wanted to look like this sometime.

Elena placed her hands onto the teenager's shoulders, holding her at arm's length to look her squarely in the eyes. Elena spoke only after scanning Madelynn's eyes and face a minute, as if both measuring the beauty she saw as well as attempting to read what lay behind those grey eyes. Something was changing about Elena's mood, Madelynn could plainly see.

"Madelynn...we have known each other for a while now..." An uncharacteristic wistful sentimentality seemed to be laced through her voice now.

Elena sounds different tonight. She's more emotional than usual. I wonder what she's up to.

"I know you think I'm mean...that I've been rough on you. But...I'm really sorry if you thought that about me. I've never wanted to do anything bad to you. Whatever I did to you, I had to. Venus was ordering me to it."

"Venus? Who's Venus?"

"That's not important right now, Madelynn." Elena pulled out the band holding her hair up in a ponytail, then shook her hair out, letting it fan flirtatiously around her face and shoulders, and fluffed out her thick bangs onto her forehear. Madelynn was spellbound.

"But here's what is important: I've never told you how I really feel about you. I didn't quite know how to...or whether I should...or what you'd think. Especially after what I did to you." Elena took a lock of Madelynn's hair, fingered it in her latex-covered fingers, and curled it around the teen's ear. "But...seeing you like this tonight... You're just so beautiful... You're driving me crazy."

Madelynn felt a secret delight that the way she looked, tonight especially but also ever since Elena had transformed her, was making Elena--was making another female--hot for her. That delight fertilized a seedling desire which had been sprouting within her to do more of the same in the future, to be even more stunning and brazen, in order to captivate women and girls, Elena and Wendy and Lauren and Patricia and others, with her beauty, her body, her presence, and her sexiness. The feeling of having sexual power over other females was exhilarating. How utterly lesbian that direction would be was lost on her. All that mattered in this moment was the sensual contentment she was feeling.

Unknown to Madelynn, her budding desire of wanting to seduce other females was exactly what Elena was trying to nurture. Elena's aim was to, in time, make the teen girl's supreme desire the exercise of lesbian dominance and control in all of her relationships, romantic or otherwise.

"I just can't hold it in any more, my darling. You need to know." Elena took Madelynn's face in both hands, gazing into her eyes intently, her own glistening now. "I've always loved you, Madelynn, ever since I first saw you."


The two young women held their intense eye contact, the older beauty letting a soft smile decorate her lips before allowing it to fade.

"I have done you wrong. I forced you to do many things you didn't want to. I bullied you. I'm...I'm ashamed that I did all that...that I had to do it. And I have to do more. I won't be able to say no. It is the goddess... She wants you trained. That's all I can tell you right now. But I believe you will be happy in the end. Maybe sooner than that. You will come to understand in due time. In the you think you can forgive me?"

Madelynn didn't know what to believe at this point. But Elena was a human being, not a robot. Madelynn knew she had a heart, and Madelynn had been seeing more of it lately. But this. This was a total surprise. Yet...she was seeming sincere... Could it be? In spite of her skepticism, Madelynn really wanted to believe in Elena's expression of her humanity, and in this unexpected affection for her, Madelynn, which she was revealing.

"I made you a lesbian against your will. I wish I could say I regret doing that. But that's the one thing I'm glad about. Because that means that maybe, possibly, you could now have feelings for me, as well. That is my hope, Madelynn..."

Is she really confessing to me? But, why? She has other women to choose from. Am I really that special to her?

"Elena, I...I don't know what to say... But, yes, I think I can forgive you... I guess I really haven't been harmed that least so far..."

That didn't mean she had to give up fighting Hecate and putting an end to its evil. That is...if Hecate was really the villain here. Maybe we ought to worry more about this...this Venus... Maybe Elena needs help, too... Maybe she's a victim as well... Venus might be the one who's responsible for Hecate's evil schemes... Elena might be an unwilling pawn...

"Oh, thank you, thank you, my darling!" Elena swept her into her arms and planted kisses on her face and hair. Then, holding Madelynn's shoulders again, she continued. "I'm going to have to do...well...other things to you...and some of them I can't tell you about yet...and you may not like can...if you just try to... You can come to enjoy everything... I want you to... In fact, I know you will, in time... The more you give in, the more you will like it and the easier it will be for you. And for me. I can't stand seeing you unhappy."

Elena took Madelynn's chin in her hand, drew her close, and gave her the type of tender kiss Madelynn was not used to getting from Elena, the type Madelynn had wondered whether she was capable of. It was long and sweet and delicious and made Madelynn's toes curl.

Breaking the kiss, Elena drew her face away some but held Madelynn in her arms.

"I love you, Madelynn Goodwin. I love you." Now both were tearing. "Do you feel the same for me?"

Madelynn studied Elena's face. She could read no deceit. But how did she feel about Elena? Yes, she had been starting to like her. But this sweet, vulnerable, tender side of her...the one that loved her...was almost...almost wonderful. And Elena was soooo beautiful... There was a whole new, heady attraction to Elena that she either didn't have before or didn't know she had.

"Elena... I don't know exactly how I feel. But I feel something for you. Something that feels good...really good...... It could be love... Maybe...maybe we just have to see... I'm willing to see what happens...between us."

Madelynn knew she had to talk like this with Elena, and encourage her romantically, per the plan Lauren had urged on her. Madelynn had worried that she wasn't a good enough actress to pull it off. But Elena was making it easy for her. Madelynn wasn't having to act. She wasn't sure exactly to what extent she meant what she was saying, and where this was all heading, but feelings for Elena, poignant feelings, were swirling through her. She could not deny it.

What's happening to me? Why am I feeling this way about Elena now?

"Thank you, Madelynn. Thank you for your understanding and your patience with me. And thank you for your love. I think you do love me. You just don't know it quite yet. I'm going to make you fall madly in love with me. Just like you've made me fall for you."

They shared another long kiss, cobalt blue mixing with deep iridescent purple, while Elena wrapped Madelynn in a tight embrace. Madelynn, dizzy with Elena's affection, wrapped her arms around Elena' waist and ran her hands along the satin and latex covering Elena's back. At length they pulled their lips apart, although their mouths stuck together a moment or two, glued together with thick layers of blue and purple lipstick, as if unwilling to part.

They pulled their faces apart, but not far. Madelynn rested her head on Elena's shoulder, nuzzled her face into Elena's lustrous, blue-streaked black hair and the black satin of her dress, and absently dropped her hands to rove along Elena's silken derriere for a long minute or two.

The prolonged embrace allowed the drugged perfume Elena wore to saturate Madelynn's lungs.

Elena disengaged from the hug. "I'm very happy that you made yourself look so beautiful tonight for me." Elena kissed Madelynn again, as if bestowing another reward for her sexy loveliness.

Then Elena pulled her hair back up into a ponytail again and replaced her mask.

"In fact..." started Elena. Madelynn perceived a shift in Elena's tone, and the return of the confident, commanding, unsentimental personality to which Madelynn had grown accustomed. This time there also seemed to be something mischievous about her, as well. "In fact, I wonder what you brought me under your skirt!"

In a surprise move, Elena flipped up the front of Madelynn's skirt. "Oh, look! You've chosen a wonderful toy. Is that for me?!"

"Y..Yes, Elena..."

"Where did you get this one? I didn't give it to you, did I?"

Madelynn debated lying, but figured that, as Elena's memory and perception seemed nearly infallible, and her awareness of what was going on almost omniscient, she might catch Madelynn's deception, and the trust Madelynn was trying to cultivate for herself would thereby be lost. It would be easiest just to be honest unless Elena asked point- blank about Madelynn's and Lauren's conspiracy.

"No. I got it from Lauren."

"Good move. I knew she had one of these. Did she help you get ready for tonight?"

"Well, yes. She did, actually."

"How do you like Lauren?"

"Umm... I think she's really nice."


"Well, uhh... she's...she's really cute, too."

"So you like her..."

"Yeah...I do...a lot..."

"Are you spending time with her when you don't have to? Like at school, or at your houses?"


"Very good. I want you two to become very close. Do you know why I assign you two to do so many things together?"

"No... Why?"

"Because I want you two to become lovers. Would you like that? .......or...maybe you already have...?"

"Well, uh... well, yeah, I guess...kind of..."

"Really? Wow. That's great. I'm so happy for you two. Congratulations. What a lesbian you're becoming! I thought that was really who you were, inside, all along, Madelynn. Have you used this thing on her yet?"

"No, not exactly. Not yet."

"You should. Use it on her and on other girls. Use it a lot. The more you do, the more they'll love you, the more you'll love them, and the more you'll love it. You could even get addicted to it!"

Though she smiled, as if she was being funny, Elena well knew that repeated use of the special strap-on would result in not only the possibility of addiction, but the certainty of it, and once hooked on this particular device, the dependency would transfer to all strap-on dildos.

"I know you fucked Patricia with a strap-on before, but this baby's different. It's a real monster. Have you tried it on anyone yet?"

"Yeah...I...uh...Patricia and I...on the way over here..."

"You little slut! I'm so proud of you, Madelynn. And that means you know how to use it now. I want you to use it on me... I want you to fuck me with it. This will give us great pleasure all night long." Elena caressed the shaft of the strap-on with her latex-clad fingers.

Very quickly, Madelynn felt vibrations on her clit. The mechanical phallus also began lifting upwards slowly. Powerful aphrodisiacs were injected into her pussy from the protuberances at the base of the strap-on. An authoritative, subliminal female voice whispered inviolable commands into Madelynn's subconsciousness. "You're sexually aroused, Madelynn... You want to have lesbian sex... You need lesbian sex now..."

"Uhhh..." moaned Madelynn before she licked her glossy purple lips.

"We're going to have a long, wonderful night, my love," said Elena as she guided the teenaged girl to the chrome-framed, black satin-covered bed.

The latex-clad masked dominatrix got on her fours facing the headboard, lifted the back of her skirt up, and bunched the skirt above her waist, revealing her latex-covered butt. Clearly visible was the vagina that was covered in a thin film of transparent blue latex on its outer lips. The latex layer didn't cover the vaginal opening but extended all the way into the vaginal canal like a female condom. It allowed for vaginal penetration, but without direct contact with any part of the vagina.

"Come, Madelynn. Look at my pussy. It's hot and wonderfully gloved in latex. It wants you. It's waiting for you. Here it is...just for you... Come, my sweet lover. Fuck me..."

Madelynn stood next to the bed, unable to look away from the lewd delicacy being offered to her. She felt a powerful, desperate pull toward Elena's latex-covered womanhood. Yet, she was hesitant in obeying Elena's order.

I had all-out lesbian sex with Lauren just a few hours ago...and I just did it with Patricia with the strap-on earlier... and now I'm supposed to use it again. I shouldn't do matter what Elena says and how much I want to... If this keeps up, I might... I might turn into a real...

Before Madelynn could complete her thought, it was intercepted by a stream of subliminals. Due to Elena's drugged lipstick, the effect of the subliminals on the teen girl's mind was amplified. Madelynn quickly slipped into an entranced state.

"Fuck her, Madelynn...Fuck Elena...Fuck your lover...Elena is the love of your life...Penetrate her womanhood...She is your lover...You want her to love you... She'll love you if you fuck her... Obey Elena...You want to obey her...Obeying Elena arouses you... Let go, Madelynn... You are no longer straight... You are a completely converted lesbian girl... All you want is pussy... Let you inhibitions all fall away... You are Madelynn the evil lesbian slut... the true Madelynn...emerging...unleashed.... the wicked, wild, slutty Madelynn... Madelynn is evil... an evil female fucker... Madelynn fucks pretty girls... Madelynn wants to fuck"

She eyed Elena's waiting, hot latexed pussy with a new hunger. It attracted her with a force she no longer had any will or disposition to resist. A wicked, carnal look dawned on Madelynn's face as she started stroking her mechanical phallus.

"With pleasure, my love," said Madelynn huskily. She spoke now with a voice so velvety and single-minded that it surprised even herself, yet suddenly this all felt so right, as if her true self, an unbridled lesbian self, was now breaking free, just as it had in the afternoon as Cynthia had beckoned her to join her in love on the bed in the Lilith apartment.

Her eyes never left Elena's pussy as she click-clacked on her high heels, closing the short distance between herself and the bed.

"Taste her pussy... You love pussy... Lick her delicious pussy... Lick the delicious latex... Latex excites you... Feel the latex... Worship her pussy... You love Elena's pussy... Make love with Elena's womanhood..."

Madelynn climbed onto the bed and knelt behind Elena. She sensed she was in a privileged place, and was about to do something she would absolutely relish, with someone she loved and wanted madly. She placed both hands worshipfully on Elena's butt and grazed across the smooth, rounded surface with her purple-lacquer-nailed fingers. She was curious about the shiny rubber that molded Elena's body almost perfectly. The warmth of Elena's body passed through the latex to the Goth girl's palms while her hands explored Elena's thighs and waist, feeling as much of the rubber-covered skin as possible before returning to the buttocks.

A reflection of the teen girl's face appeared on the glossy rubber covering Elena's butt. Madelynn licked her lips in front of her own reflection. She then focused her attention back to the blue latex-coated vagina.

"This is new to you, isn't it, Madelynn? You haven't had sex with a woman covered entirely in latex before, have you? Try me now. You'll love it. I promise. Latex is wonderful."

Pressing her palms against the sleek latex, the Goth girl rubbed them across the smooth surface. Once more seeing the reflection of her face on the shiny surface, she licked around her lips again before moving closer and burying her face between the latex-covered ass cheeks and inhaling the scent of the perfumed rubber.

The sultry subliminal voice spoke, "Inhale the delicious scent of latex... Savor the exquisite taste and feeling of the dark rubber... Embrace latex lesbianism... Lilith wills it... Obey the goddess... Let the darkness flow into you..."

A pleasant smell, distinct from that of the shiny black latex, emanated from Elena's crotch. Madelynn moved her nose closer to the source of the wonderful smell. It was at this point that she noticed that the film of latex coated not only Elena's labia but the inside of her vagina as well. She parted the blue-latex-covered labia with her fingers, causing a larger amount of the delicious aroma to escape from the vagina.

Acting on her trained lesbian instincts and natural curiosity, the Goth girl extended her tongue past her glistening purple lips to taste the latex-layered love box in front of her. A tingle of pleasure shot up her spine. Madelynn felt her pussy starting to get wet. She kissed Elena's pussy. The protuberances at the base of her strap-on began to vibrate and pulsate simultaneously with the start of a new stream of subliminal messages.

"Fuck the woman in front of you...with your latex strap-on... You want to fuck women with strap-ons, dildos, fingers, your hands, and your the the ass...and in the mouth...You want to fuck them again and again...until they become your lesbian lovers...until they become your lesbian sex slaves..."

Madelynn rose upwards on her knees and scooted close until the tip of her lustrous rubber phallus barely touched Elena's pussy.

I need to fuck Elena now... I must fuck Elena... I must fuck her...with my strap-on........... I want to...............but.......... One last modicum of moral reluctance lingered. But if I do this...I'll be lost.........

"Look at yourself," commanded the subliminal female voice. Madelynn looked at the chrome-edged mirror above the headboard of the bed.

"You're an evil, dark, and wicked lesbian succubus...You want to corrupt any pretty female you can get your hands on and turn them into lesbians for your own pleasure... You want to fuck as many females as you can... Your hunger for lesbian sex is permanent, it can never be fully satiated, and you will feel the desire for it pull on you continuously..."

Madelynn examined her reflection. She saw a stunning Goth girl, dressed in dark allure and corrupted sexuality, her face abandoned to wicked, wanton, perverted lust, her image and presence erotic, dark. evil, beautiful, wonderful. She saw a gloriously slutty lesbian girl, ready to fuck another girl of the same type...exactly as a gorgeous, evil, girl-fucking lesbian like her was supposed to do...and hungered to do...

A chorus of subliminal feminine sexual moans followed, in the midst of which the pleasant primary female subliminal voice softly, sweetly, seductively urged again: "Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her..."

With one hand on Elena's ass and another holding the latex shaft, she aimed the strap-on at the vaginal entrance before pushing it in entirely, causing Elena to emit a loud moan through the mask and the latex-clad vagina to produce squishy sounds. Once the latex shaft was buried in the warm tunnel up to the hilt, Madelynn received an intense and continuous throb of pleasure from the strap-on's base. She moaned with her purple-lipped mouth.

Briefly, she glanced at the mirror again. The masks around it seemed to be speaking to her, each in a different female voice. "Fuck her hard... Fuck her until she screams and cums with lesbian rapture... Fuck her again and again... Lesbian succubus... Lesbian demoness... Lilith's lover... Lesbian corruption... Lesbian domination... Darkness... Evilness... Wickedness... Worship Lilith... Obey Lilith... You're a succubus..."

Unseen by the teen girl, there had been eight blue pills inside the phallus, which had popped open and spilled their contents during the full insertion of the shaft, forming a blue gel which now served as a sexual lubricant.

Madelynn held onto Elena's waist for support. She thrust her hips back and forth against the rubber-clad woman's behind, pushing in and pulling out the lustrous latex phallus repeatedly from the blue-latex-layered vagina.

Elena moaned and squealed as she was being fucked. "Oh...Ohhh...Ahhhh... Uhhhh...Uhh... Oh, Madelynn... Good girl... Ahhh... Ohhh..."

The bumps on the base of the latex shaft stimulated the Goth girl's pussy in proportion to the speed of the thrusts and imparted intense stimulation at the end of each stroke, causing her to moan lustfully as well. Sexual noise from the two sex-crazed females filled the room.

Gradually, Madelynn eased her upper body downward onto Elena's back, compressing her teenage breasts on it. Her hardened nipples, already pushing urgently against her leather bra, were now stressed even more. She basked in the warmth of Elena's body for about a dozen seconds and slowed down the thrusting almost to a halt.

Madelynn wrapped her arms around the latex-clad beauty's chest, feeling the curves along the way. With Elena's breasts within reach, the teen girl spread the fingers on both of her hands apart and squeezed the large orbs through the layers of satin and latex.

Tilting her head back slightly, the blue-streaked-haired woman gasped and uttered, "Yessss..."

Elena placed a latex-clad hand over one of Madelynn's purple-nailed hands that were manipulating breasts. She caressed the back of the teen girl's hand intimately and interlocked fingers with her to further encourage the activity.

Madelynn felt like she could keep squeezing the mammary globes forever. Elena's breasts felt absolutely wonderful in her hands.

"You love my breasts don't you? Keep on squeezing them then, as much as you want, my lovely lesbian slut."

The tempo of the fucking increased again and the sex continued for another fifteen minutes.

Elena was the first to orgasm. She moaned loudly and pushed back against the black strap-on phallus while clenching the bed sheet tightly with her hands. Almost at the same time, the protuberances at the base of the strap-on extended and vibrated intensely against the Goth girl's clit and vaginal opening, sending her over the edge as well. A special drug sprayed into her pussy and greatly intensified her orgasm. The mechanical shaft pulsated as it delivered its load of artificial cum into Elena's love tunnel in several spurts.

Once her orgasmic pulses died down, Madelynn slowed her thrusting action to a halt. She released her hands from Elena's breasts and pulled the artificial phallus out from Elena's vagina, producing squelching sounds in the process. Blue gel coated the shaft. Overflowing gel mixed with artificial ejaculate oozed from the blue-latex-coated pussy as well.

"That was one of the best orgasms of my life!" said Elena before repositioning herself so that she was sitting on her haunches facing Madelynn, with her knees bent and her palms pressed on the mattress for support. She readjusted her satin skirt, hiding her womanhood.

"You played with my breasts a lot while you were fucking me. I love that. It turns me on that you like them so much." Elena slipped a latex-covered hand into the neckline of her black satin bodice and pulled down the cups, revealing her large D-cup breasts that were encased tightly in shiny latex. " Look at them, Madelynn.......... Look at them all you want......... You love the big, beautiful breasts of a beautiful, sexy woman... They're making you wet, aren't they?... Your reaction is natural... Lesbian girls like you get very turned on by big, beautiful breasts. Madelynn, you wish yours were bigger...don't you?"


"Bigger is more beautiful, honey. Sexier. Yours...mine... Here, play with them some more."

Madelynn crawled closer to Elena and placed her arms and legs astride Elena's body. The rubber-clad breasts displayed in front the teen girl's eyes glistened as if they were very wet. She placed her face close to Elena's cleavage and pressed her nose between the big round orbs. Next, she moved her mouth to the left breast and began sucking the nipple through the black latex with her purple-lipsticked lips.

"Ahhh...Yes... keep on sucking them... Ahhhhh..."


"Dark succubus... Latex lesbian...You love latex...You love Lilith...You serve Lilith...Your life is for Lilith... Become a succubus... Be one with the darkness... You are a succubus... Madelynn worships Lilith... Madelynn is an evil lesbian... Madelynn is a Sapphic succubus... Being a succubus is Madelynn's fate... Embrace your destiny... Become a lesbian succubus... Give your life to Lilith... She is your goddess..."

Elena rubbed her latex-covered left leg against Madelynn's thigh. She kept repeating the action until she got the teen girl's attention.

"Madelynn, my pussy needs the attention of your... mouth... I want you to lick my pussy..." She pulled her satin skirt off her thighs and spread her legs.

The teen girl released Elena's nipple from her lips. A thread of saliva connected her purple-lipsticked lips to the nipple.

"As you wish, my love..."

Madelynn scooted backwards on her fours and aligned her dark purple lips with the blue-latex-coated womanhood. She gave it a deep kiss before inserting her tongue fully inside after parting the labia with her fingers, tasting the blue gel mixed with the recently deposited ejaculate.

"You love female pussy...the taste...the touch...the look...the smell...the thought...everything..."

The Goth girl alternated between kissing, sucking, fingering, and fucking Elena's pussy with her tongue. Each time she placed her lips on the love box, a little bit of the blue gel got into mouth, which she instinctively swallowed. The gel contained drugs which made her more suggestible, prolonged her current sexually aroused state, and increased her sex drive for the long term.

"Madelynn is anevil lesbian girl...a servant of Hecate...a Sapphic agent of female corruption...a follower of Lilith...a lesbian succubus...forever..."

Elena placed a hand over Madelynn's head and ran her fingers gently through the purple and black strands of hair. "You're such a good pussy licker..."


"Uhh...Ohhhh...Ahhhh... I'm about to..."

With one final kiss and stab of her tongue, the teen girl sent the latex-clad woman over the edge.


Elena quickly took off her mask, lifted Madelynn upwards by the shoulders, and kissed Madelynn deeply on the lips. Lustrous purple lips mashed against shiny cobalt blue lips.


Elena kept the kiss going for three minutes while gently stroking the flaccid mechanical phallus beneath Madelynn's skirt. During that period, subliminals tailored specifically for this event were played.

"Kissing another female arouses you... You love kissing women... Lesbian kissing is sexy and erotic... Madelynn needs to be a lesbian succubus... Sapphic kissing is important in seduction... Madelynn wants to be a demonic lesbian seductress... Madelynn is a succubus... Madelynn is Lilith's lesbian succubus..."

The minutes of gentle stroking of the latex phallus by Elena's latex-covered fingers triggered it back into active mode again. It became engorged with hydraulic fluid and became fully erect at the same moment when the teen girl felt renewed stimulation on her womanhood that maximized her sexual tension.

After breaking the kiss, Elena lifted the front side of the Goth girl's skirt and whispered, "I'm going to give your strap-on a blow job. You'll love it, darling. I promise."

At this point, Madelynn was so aroused that she was willing to agree to anything to get sexual relief. Her eyes focused on the erotic blue lips that were inching closer to the rounded tip of her rubber shaft. A tingle of pleasure shot up her spine when those lips enveloped the head of the phallus.

Elena's hands released the skirt, which Madelynn caught, and reached around Madelynn's hips to grab the girl's smooth, leather-covered ass, pressing her cobalt-blue nails into the black leather panties, which served as the harness to bear the strap-on dildo the teen girl wore.

A long, soft moan escaped from Madelynn's lips when Elena pushed her head forward and fully engulfed the strap-on with her mouth. "UUuuuuuuuuuhh..."

The oral sex on the shaft started at a slow speed. But from the start, Madelynn felt pleasure from the strap-on of a type distinctly different from what she had experienced while she was fucking women with it vaginally. This was due to the fact that the phallus possessed numerous sensors of various types, and was capable of sensing the differences between oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse, and relaying that data through the computer system so as to result in differences in the way the strap-on ensemble stimulated the wearer. Hence, the erotic sensations associated with Elena's oral ministrations were new and marvellous to Madelynn.

Waves and waves of pleasure slammed against Madelynn's pussy when Elena picked up speed. Every time the cobalt-blue lips reached the hilt of the shaft, Madelynn moaned briefly and shifted her hips back momentarily. Three minutes into the blow job, she released the skirt and held onto Elena's head instead.

"Uhhhhhhhhh..." Madelynn moaned with closed eyes when she received a sudden, protracted simulation on her clit. When she reopened her eyes she found herself staring at the bewitchingly beautiful, evil lesbian girl in the circular wall mirror.

"Doesn't that feel great? Don't you want to feel this pleasure again?"

"Yesss..." replied the Goth girl with glazed eyes, which never left her own fascinating reflection.

"Then be loyal to Lilith... Become a succubus... Become an evil lesbian..."

Madelynn's image in the mirror appeared to start to change, an effect of the drugs, the subliminals, Elena's words, and the fierce pleasure of the sex. As she looked in the mirror, Madelynn saw herself become exactly what Elena and the subliminals were telling her she was to be. The completely naked woman she saw in the mirror had long, thick, deep-black hair streaked with vivid chunks of blue, dark blue nails and lips, heavy black eye make-up, pale bluish skin, enormous, heaving, midnight-blue-tipped breasts, two small black horns sprouting from her hair, and a look of pure, wild evil on her face.

Elena...I look like Elena... I can be like Elena... I am like Elena... The girl she was screwing in the mirror was young, blonde, pretty, innocent, but her innocence was fading quickly, yielding to the throws of lesbian carnality as Madelynn stole her virginity.

Madelynn's wicked, devilish reflection grinned back at her exultantly. I am an evil lesbian corrupter of girls. I am a demon. I am the defiler of purity!

Madelynn's loud moaning filled the whole room when her orgasm washed over her at the same moment the strap-on unleashed its load of artificial cum into Elena's mouth. Elena didn't swallow the fluid, but quickly got up on her knees, held onto the teen girl's cheeks, and planted a deep kiss on her lips. She nudged against Madelynn's lips with the tip of her tongue. Once Madelynn parted her lips, Elena immediately pushed her tongue and the collected cum into Madelynn's mouth, which Madelynn swallowed at Elena's encouragement. When the kiss ended, a stringy thread of cum connected their lips after they separated. The artificial ejaculate caused no psychological effects other than a temporary mood enhancement.

Soon, Madelynn's mind began clearing up. The subliminals stopped, but the drugs still had a lingering sexual effect on her system.

Elena placed both of her hands on the teen girl's shoulders. "Madelynn, I want to tell you something about me, and then give you an invitation. I work for Hecate know, the big techno-pharmaceutical company, with a big facility here in town...the company you tried to investigate once. You may have suspected that they were the ones who sent me to stop your efforts...and if you did, then you were right. I can tell you now that I do work for them.

"It's true that they are into a lot of secret things, but they have to maintain a low profile and high security because they are into so many cutting-edge technologies that other companies and even certain foreign governments put forth great efforts to spy and steal them, plus the public just isn't ready for some of what we do. But Hecate is developing some great innovations that promise to revolutionize the world, and to improve it in so many ways, in due time.

"Madelynn, you're a very beautiful and intelligent girl. Hecate loves people like you. Would you like to join Hecate and become part of our team?"

Madelynn recognized this as the opportunity she had been waiting for, per her conspiracy with Lauren, and one Lauren had already seized. Still...Hecate was so clandestine...and surely they were into some bad stuff... Certainly it wasn't as benign as Elena was portraying it........was it?

"Ummm... This is so sudden..."

"It really is a good company to work for. I think in time you will see that what they are trying to accomplish is pretty special. And they take care of their employees. Your future would be secured. Plus, Madelynn, there would be many...perks...for you..." Elena slid her hands suggestively downward along Madelynn's curves and back in sinuous motions before finally resting them on the ass over the skirt. "You know...Patricia works for us... You could see her more often... And Lauren is going to start with us, too................. and I...and the others...we could accomplish many great things...together... "

For a few moments, Madelynn pondered over the matter. Remembering Lauren's advice--and also unconsciously feeling lured by the "extra benefits" implied in Elena's words and touches--she decided to bite the bullet and agree to Elena's proposal.

"Alright, I'll join Hecate."

"Excellent choice, Madelynn! I'm glad you've agreed to join." Elena gave the Goth girl a gentle squeeze on the ass, the thrill of which rewarded Madelynn subtly for so deciding.

"I'm in?"

"Not quite. You'll have to go through a testing phase. But, don't worry, I'm pretty sure you can easily pass the trial."

"What do I have to do?"

"I have two assignments for you..."

After giving Madelynn instructions for the assignments, Elena steered the subject back to sex.

Licking her lustrous cobalt blue lips seductively, Elena purred, "I'm still hungry for more of you, my beautiful girlfriend. We can do anything you want to. We could just make out and feel each other up. We could watch some porn. We could even just call it a night, too. But I'd love for you to fuck me more. That's what I really want. But it's up to you. Madelynn, my love. What would you like to do?"

Now with a clear mind, or clearer than it was the last time Elena had proposed intercourse a little while ago, Madelynn again paused. I shouldn't...not so soon...not again...

The base of strap-on vibrated, sending surges of pleasure to the Goth girl's pussy, while it was rising upwards and becoming erect, which appeared as a bulge in front of her skirt.

Subliminals plied Madelynn once again: "Elena's sexy... You want her... You want to fuck her... You are a lesbian...a lesbian whore... You love fucking girls... Do her again... Make her scream for you... Fuck her..."

I shouldn't....but...but it was so fun............It was beautiful............ Elena She's so beautiful.......... And Elena wants me, too...wants me to do her....... She wants me to fuck her........... Madelynn's hands instinctively touched the lower hem of her skirt and she parted her knees slightly. I want to... I need this...just one more time...that's all...

"I think...I think I'd like some more of you as well...Elena..."

"Good, let's get started then. What do you want to do?"

"Uhhh... I want to use this on you again..." replied Madelynn lustfully while lifting her skirt up.

" want to fuck me again, darling?"


Yes, you beautiful babe. Of course I want to fuck you!

Like a panther in the shadows, Ms. Meyers watched the whole activity from a chair nearby. The teenaged Goth girl, under unnatural mental influence, was unable to notice another person was in the room.


When Erin arrived home from work at six thirty, she realized her daughter wasn't home. Erin was worried, but not too much since she knew Madelynn was likely hanging out with Wendy and would return later that night. At eight, Erin called Wendy's home to see whether Madelynn was there, but found out that she wasn't. At nine thirty, Erin feared that something bad might have happened to her daughter and had an urge to call the police.

All day long Erin had been thinking about her daughter, and with a fondness which she couldn't define or explain; she just knew she was feeling something different, something that felt wonderful about her girl, and made her look forward to seeing her again with an unusual eagerness. Of course, this was mixed with a dose of apprehension over exactly how she was going to start her plan of seduction, and whether she had the nerve or the ability to pull it off, and whether it was really the right thing to do.

Because her plan wasn't fully thought out yet, Erin hadn't altered her usual way of dress nor had she done anything new to her appearance. She was currently wearing a gray cardigan over a white top, tan-colored khaki pants, and dark red-brown flat leather shoes. Her brown hair, with bangs in the front, went slightly past her shoulders and was done in a plain style. She knew the plan would at least involve changing her clothes, possibly putting on make-up, changing her hairstyle, and acting more sensual. However, she was unsure if Madelynn would like her changes. One or more mistakes might ruin the whole plan. Erin had absolutely no experience in attracting and seducing females and being a lesbian.

Then there was the aspect of incest, and how Madelynn might react to it. Though Erin's Christian religion, as she understood it, was unbending in condemnation of any sexual perversion, lesbianism and incest both included, Erin had managed to dull her own reservations about them by telling herself that an exception was justified by necessity in the case of herself and Madelynn. But what about Madelynn's viewpoint?

Erin was certain that, accompanying the changes in Madelynn's appearance, attitude, and language, Madelynn's sexual outlook also must have undergone some kind of metamorphosis in the last couple of months, especially after hanging out with an obvious slut such as that Elena woman. Erin suspected Elena had been working on Madelynn to bend her towards lesbianism, and Madelynn's possession of hard-core lesbian porn provided evidence that Madelynn had at least become interested. Another detail suggesting a loosened sexuality and tolerance for lesbianism within Madelynn was the fact that Madelynn's best friend, Wendy, had been seen kissing a girl in public, and it hadn't seemed to phase Madelynn or put any dent in their friendship.

But Erin wasn't sure how Madelynn felt about incest. Erin knew that the Madelynn of a couple of months ago, the girl who had adopted her mother's religious and moral views as her own, would have been horrified at the idea. But since then, her daughter had changed. What was her position now?

A wild thought popped into her mind: Erin wondered if there were other mothers who were in a situation similar to hers. Maybe they might have advice on this issue. She then dismissed the idea as ridiculous. Even if there were other women in the same predicament as herself, they would almost certainly keep the situation hidden due to the associated societal taboos.

Nevertheless...the idea of finding...and meeting...other women...mothers...who wanted incestuous relationships with their daughters...and who even had been successful in forming them............ That possibility would be...intriguing....

While sitting with some unease by herself in her living room, reflecting on her own and her daughter's changing sexuality, reviewing her unexpectedly exciting encounters with Madelynn earlier in the day, pondering what her next steps might be to pursue her new goals, and speculating where Madelynn might be right now, the doorbell rang, snapping Erin suddenly out of her thoughts. She rushed to the door and exclaimed "Madelynn!" as she started to open it, expecting to see her daughter. But instead, she was met with a surprise. On her doorstep stood a teenage girl she had never seen before. A beautiful girl.

"Who...who are you?"

"I'm Cynthia, one of Madelynn's close friends. You must be Ms. Goodwin. I've got something important to talk to you about."

After the initial dazzling impression, skepticism crept into Erin's thoughts. I've never seen her before or heard about her from my daughter. Is she really who she claims she is? Before Erin could speculate further, her subconscious attraction to the red-headed girl began to rapidly overcome her suspicions about the stranger before her.

Erin invited the pretty teen into the living room. Starting at the front door and continuing as Cynthia walked across the living room, Erin reflexively started to visually appraise the attractive redhead. They both sat down on the sofa, and, Erin leaning forward a little and turning to face her guest in anticipation of a conversation, was immediately arrested by what a stunning--and sexy--girl she had in front of her. For a brief moment, she completely forgot about her daughter.

Cynthia was dressed in an unbuttoned white denim jacket over a fuchsia lycra crop top, light blue denim pleated miniskirt with a pink studded belt, and white sneakers, with a black leather handbag strapped over her shoulder. Her lush hair, a natural but deep, beautiful red with coppery tones, was parted at the center with no bangs and flowed in large wavy curls seven inches over her shoulders, back, and front like fiery lava. Her skin was fair and clear and lightly freckled, her features model perfect. A thick coat of fuchsia lipstick colored her lips beneath a layer of pearlescent gloss. Her eyelashes were long, curly, thick, and black with mascara, and framed crystal blue eyes. Her eyelids were painted in glittery blue eye shadow. There were two-inch chrome hoop earrings in her ears. A noticeable smell of perfume with a strawberry scent emanated from the teen girl's body.

"Is it about my daughter?"

"Yes, it's about Madelynn."

"Did something happen to her?"

"It's okay, Mrs. Goodwin. There's no reason to worry. I'll explain it all to you."

Cynthia scooted closer to Erin, as if to offer support with a bit of socially appropriate female-to-female physical intimacy, until their knees touched lightly. She also placed a reassuring hand over Erin's, which were knitted anxiously together and resting on her thigh closest to Cynthia, near her knees. Erin glanced down momentarily, noticing the teen's hands--striking in their display of long, sensual, fuchsia-painted nails--touching her own, from which contact she did indeed draw comfort, and some other sensation, one she couldn't quite put her finger on, but nice, and welcome.

"Mrs. Goodwin...I don't know quite how to tell you this...but I have to. Somebody has to. I'm really sorry...but...but your daughter...Madelynn...she's...well, she's done something...that is, she's gotten herself into something...something I don't think you'd approve of.... It''s something I think you're going to find hard to swallow...but it's true... I swear it is....and you're not going to like it...but she needs help..."

"What? What is it?" Was it something illegal? shoplifting? drugs? Had she been arrested? Was she pregnant? What? The rising concern in Erin's eyes and voice gave Cynthia license to wrap both hands around Erin's, hold them firmly, and press her shiny nails slightly into Erin's soft skin.

"Mrs. Goodwin... Madelynn has........ She's...she's joined a demonic cult. They worship a devil-goddess named Lilith."

"What?!! What are you saying?!"

"I tried to stop her, but I failed. When I tried, I was attacked by some mysterious people and barely got away alive!"

Erin gasped air in sharply.

Cynthia slid up the cuffs of her jacket and drew away its collar to show fake injury marks. Then, first pulling her amazing hair behind her shoulders, she also drew up the lower hem of her top to reveal another fake injury along her ribs, just below a breast, in the process exposing the orb's creamy, round underside. When done, Cynthia released the lycra material without pulling it down into place, allowing the bottom of the milky globe to remain partially uncovered, and she fanned her silken crimson hair back all around her. Erin quickly found herself looking at Cynthia's body for reasons other than the inspection of bruises.

It took a few moments for Erin to collect herself, both from the unfathomable news and from the unexpected and sudden launch of arousal with which she was just starting to become attuned, before she could compose a question. It spurted out with some quaking in her voice, which she tried to control. "Do you know where my daughter is?! "

"No, she went off with a group of women after she told me about her plan."

"We need to call the police!"

"We shouldn't."

"Why not?!"

"This demonic cult has members and influence everywhere, including in the government, in schools, and in the police force. You can't tell who's on your side and who's on theirs. Calling the police is only going to hurt your daughter and cause you trouble."

"What should we do then, just sit and wait?!! Do you have a clue where she went? Anything?"

"I've only got this address." Cynthia pulled out a piece of scrap paper with an address scribbled on it in black ink.

"We should go there!"

"No, that's where I went to and got attacked. I'm not sure if that's where Madelynn went to, either."

"I'm going there anyway since that's the only lead." Erin started to get up.

Cynthia grabbed Erin's wrist, pulling her back. "No, wait. Didn't you hear what I just told you, Mrs. Goodwin? These are scary people."

"I must try to save my daughter!"

"They have guns. They're really dangerous. They're not the kind to cross. I was lucky enough to survive with just a beating and a warning."

Cynthia pulled out her smartphone and showed Erin photos of several mutilated corpses, all of whom were people, she said, who met tragic ends after going against the cult, stunning Erin. "I got these from a private investigator."

"Will anything bad happen to my daughter?"

"I don't think so. Despite what they have done to me and others, Madelynn's now one of them, so, if anything, they'll protect her rather than try to hurt her. And I don't think they do anything too dangerous in their rituals; like, I don't think they're into human sacrifice or anything like that."

"Oh!! They have cults like that?!"

"Yeah, I think so. Some cults are into ritual mutilations, animal sacrifices, drinking blood, séances, vandalism, kidnapping, rape, drugs, revenge killings--you know, stuff like that. But don't worry. While this group can be rough and ruthless when they think they have to be, to protect their secrecy and privacy, they aren't particularly into unnecessary killing and brutality and too much other weird stuff. But what they are into will shock you just the same, so brace yourself. Mrs. Goodwin... the Order of Lilith is a lesbian sex cult."

Erin's eyes popped wide open.

"That's both the bad news and the good news. Madelynn has told me about how religious you are, and so you probably aren't happy that Madelynn is getting into what you would consider sexual immorality, especially with other girls and women, but as much as you may not like it, there're worse things out there. And because boys aren't involved, she won't be getting pregnant, so I guess that's something to be grateful for. With the Lilith cult, the worst thing your daughter will likely be doing is engaging in lesbian sexual activities."

Erin once again recalled Madelynn's lesbian porn, and seeing Madelynn's best friend Wendy kissing some blonde girl in public, and Madelynn defending her when Erin mentioned it. So Madelynn already liked looking at naked girls and girls having sex with each other, and she was close with a girl whose sexuality was questionable and Madelynn was sympathetic with that. Those things fit the picture Cynthia was painting. For a moment Erin wondered whether Wendy and Madelynn had "experimented" at all with each other.

"I think she's been curious about...about, you know...girls...for a while now," Erin conceded.

"This will let her get it out of her system. She'll have her kicks and then, chances are, she'll come back home eventually."

After the surprise about the lesbian orientation of the group washed through her, and as she listened to Cynthia's reassurances, Erin unexpectedly felt some relief. As she sensed that relief, she took a moment to analyze it.

Well........... Sex...lesbian better than ritualistic, of humans...and the other dark things some of the really bad cults get into. And, like Cynthia says, there are no boys involved. That's good. In fact...perhaps... perhaps this group luring Madelynn into homosexuality... Maybe it could have some advantages... They might help break her down......and open her up...for...for her mother...

Cynthia continued, ending Erin's brief reflections. "But the question is, do you want to wait? Who knows how long it will take her to come to her senses without outside help? There is the possibility she never will. There are some very attractive and persuasive women in the group." Immediately Erin's mind turned to Elena. I wonder if she had anything to do with Madelynn joining this cult. "And even if she does, in the meantime do you really want her worshipping a demon goddess and losing the Christian faith? There's only one way to save Madelynn and that's to eliminate her reason to remain in the cult."


"By seducing her as a lesbian."

Erin was frozen in shock for a few moments. She felt as if Cynthia had read her mind. Since the previous night Erin had been contemplating the exact same course of action. But she certainly wasn't going to let on about that to this unknown girl, though a very pretty one. As a respectable adult and mother, she had to maintain a facade of propriety.

"Th...That's too extreme!"

"I've been trying to stop Madelynn from joining the Lilith Cult by talking to her, but that failed. I've even tried pretending to be a lesbian to seduce Madelynn, but that failed too. I guess I wasn't offering enough of what she wanted."

Cynthia removed her jacket and Erin watched, transfixed, as Cynthia's luscious teen jugs came into clearer view through the scanty crop top, which clung to her proud young melons as if holding on for dear life, without supporting them in any substantive way. The prominent nub-like protrusions in the shiny, tight material and the eye-catching mass and movement of the mounds hidden, barely, within it's folds made it quite obvious that the sensual young woman was not wearing a bra underneath.

"That's why we need to work together to seduce Madelynn...Mrs. Goodwin." Cynthia pronounced the last two words with a familiar tone seeming to suggest some special connection between them. She took Erin's hands in her own again.

"By myself, I couldn't do it. You are the key. She is your daughter. You know what she likes...what she needs...what it will take to get her really ring her bell. As a sexually experienced and beautiful woman, you have the insight and the skills and the physical charms to get to her. And I have some ideas and some assets, too." Cynthia cupped her breasts with both hands, gave them a tantalizing squeeze, and then dropped her hands to her thighs, running them teasingly along the exposed, smooth skin of her legs. "I think I can help you get through to her, and you can help me, as well.

"You and me together, Mrs. Goodwin..." Cynthia placed a hand on the older woman's arm, and started to run it up and down, slowly. "Together...we can give her the womanly love she longs for...the female touch she craves..."


Only a few days ago, a proposal to seduce her daughter into a lesbian relationship would have struck Erin as thoroughly perverted, highly offensive, and outrageously absurd. But things had changed dramatically for the staid mother over the last 24 hours.

During her day at work, Erin had reconsidered her own plan to become a lesbian and seduce her daughter. In the light of day, it had seemed rash, desperate, unlikely to succeed, and more morally questionable than it had in the night. By the time Cynthia had rang her doorbell, she had been wavering. And then, with all that had happened this evening--her worry about Madelynn not coming home, this beautiful siren bursting into her life, the news of her daughter being sucked into a demonic lesbian sex cult, and then this vixen's bold proposal--Erin's thoughts and emotions were in a jumble.

Particularly with this girl here...her allure was so distracting ...she was making it almost impossible to think or decide what she wanted to do...

Erin's eyes roamed over the sexy teenaged girl's body, further stirring sexual desire for both her and for Madelynn. Slowly, her original determination to become a lesbian and seduce her daughter returned, gaining momentum with every passing second.

But even if she did proceed with her plan, should she join forces with someone else to achieve her goals? Especially with a stranger? That would complicate things... would be with this pretty girl.... She's so sexy... She's beautiful...

Erin had no idea why she was feeling so attracted to, and even turned on by, this lovely redheaded teen, but there was no denying it. It had been one thing to have had some sensual feelings about Madelynn; Erin was, after all, planning to seduce her, so the development of a little--oh, some sensual interest--in that direction would be understandable, albeit not entirely natural, given their genders and their relationship as mother and daughter. But feelings of attraction to another girl, too? Yes, Erin had decided to become a lesbian, but she had thought it would take some time to work herself into it. This much of an alteration in her sexual inclinations, so fast, was totally unexpected.

Nevertheless, Erin could not take her eyes off Cynthia--off her long, thick, lush hair, streaming most of the way down her back and front in subtle waves and curls, a coppery red so pure and deep and brilliant and beautiful so as to defy the assumption that it could be natural, yet complimenting her face, clothes, and make-up as if it were natural for her; or off her face, with a lightly-freckled complexion so creamy and lips so full and fuscia-pretty as to melt one's heart; or off her legs, slim and smooth and exposed in her little skirt now almost to her hips as she sat on the edge of the sofa leaning toward Erin; or off her large young breasts, dangling tantalizingly and nearly unrestrained in the indecent, shimmering top.

Implanted desires, only vaguely recognized, crossed through Erin's feelings. I like girls... I love pretty teenage girls... I want love with pretty, sweet girls... I'd love sex...with this girl...

Cynthia slid closer to Erin on the sofa, simultaneously leaning toward the brunette in a posture which caused the upper edge of her low-riding, thin top to sag even lower and looser, letting Erin have an eye-popping view of her teenaged cleavage. The young beauty smiled to herself when she saw Erin's mouth open slightly and her eyes fasten onto it, entranced. She held onto Erin's hands with one of her hands, grazing them lightly with her fuchsia-painted nails, giving Erin tingles of pleasure, while slipping her other hand over Erin's shoulder and onto her upper back, slowly pulling them closer together.

"We need to work together to seduce Madelynn by becoming lesbians and practicing together to improve our skills," whispered Cynthia with a soft, sweet voice as she slowly moved her lips close to Erin's. "Mrs. Goodwin...kiss me."

Cynthia could sense unease and uncertainty on Erin's face, but nevertheless drew even closer, parted her lips, and, before Erin could react, she touched Erin's mouth ever so lightly with her own.

The kiss, even this barely-a-kiss kiss, was Erin's first such ever in a sensual situation with another female, and it was electric. It was soft and smooth and creamy and heavenly, and sent Erin into an immediate state of emotional turmoil. She loved it; but this was wrong. This was a female, and a teenage girl at that, and a stranger to her. Yes, she was planning on seducing her own daughter, but that was a private family matter; it wasn't supposed to involve anyone else.

With all the reserve her weakening will could muster, Erin resisted kissing back and pulled away. "No, this wrong! We shouldn't be doing this!"

Cynthia exclaimed the trigger words, "Erin, you love and desire your daughter!"

Almost instantly, Erin froze and her eyes assumed a blank stare. Cynthia knew the trigger-induced trance state wouldn't last long if it wasn't sustained by other forms of induction. She again approached Erin's lips with her own and, as Erin did not move, consummated the previously aborted kiss. These were Erin's first kisses on the mouth ever with another female, although the memory of them would not be clear in Erin's head later. Cynthia prolonged the kiss for several minutes, smearing Erin's lips with her drugged fuchsia lipstick until she got as much on as possible.

Pulling back from the kiss, Cynthia asked, "Why did you resist me a minute ago, Mrs. Goodwin? I know you want me very much."

Erin replied robotically," Yes... I do... I like you... You are...beautiful...........And... and I want to save my daughter, too... I love her, too..."

"There's no reason why you can't enjoy other females as well...other girls in addition to your sweet and sexy daughter...girls like me. Look at me!" Erin focused her eyes on the young redhead. Cynthia ran her hands through her lush red hair, traced the curves of her body, and cupped her breasts through her revealing top. "Yesss... You like these, don't you, Erin? You like all of me. It's okay. It's okay to like pretty teen like their sexy want to touch them and kiss them and love them. It's okay for you to want me. Here, touch me as much as you want!" Lifting and squeezing her tits provocatively, Cynthia arched her back and thrust her mounds wickedly toward Erin's face.

Without her conscious mind to interfere, and as prompted by her programmed desires and instincts, Erin responded, slowly at first, to Cynthia's decadent invitation. Never having groped another female before, her first movements were tentative. Feasting her eyes on the heavy globes, she raised her hands and reached for the cute redhead, as if in slow motion, until her hands, fingers spread, were just an inch away from Cynthia's fuchsia crop top, the shiny, thin material promising tactile delight. She paused, instinctively not quite being able to breach this taboo boundary, despite all else.

Seeing Erin's hesitation, Cynthia slid her hands over Erin's while whispering, "Go ahead, Ms. Goodwin You want to touch my beautiful tits. Young, sweet, teenage-girl tits. You cannot resist them. You don't want to resist them, You want to take them into your hands and love them. Go ahead. They belong in your hands. Here they are for you. Take them. Please, darling. Touch me." With that she leaned her body forward enough to close the gap and pressed Erin's hands into her voluptuous young mounds. Erin inhaled with a gasp, as Cynthia's eager breasts molded into her hands through the pleasing, silky material. Erin could feel their softness, their firmness, their weight, their warmth, and how perfectly shaped and sized they were.

Cynthia tilted her head back and moaned. "Mmm...Yes, unleash your desires, Mrs. Goodwin. Don't hold back."

On the wings of a mounting hunger for the fascinating, large orbs in her hands, Erin's fingers started to rove and probe. They skimmed over their outer curves, roamed along their round undersides, hefted their mass, and traced along the girl's cleavage. She delighted in their fullness, their freshness, and in their plush smoothness. Erin's fingertips intuitively sought for Cynthia's youthful nipples through the slight fabric and, finding them, took them between her thumbs and forefingers to tease and lightly pinch. When Cynthia gasped in response, Erin, though entranced, smiled. She nuzzled Cynthia's chest and sank her face into the pretty girl's lush, fragrant cleavage.

Pressing her right hand more insistently over Erin's exploring left hand, encouraging it to do even more, and intertwining the fingers of her other hand into Erin's brown hair, Cynthia continued, "You have unfulfilled needs, don't you Ms. Goodwin? I can help you with those needs."

Erin mumbled into Cynthia's breasts in acceptance of the red-headed girl's offer. Slowly, Cynthia pulled away and gently captured Erin's cheeks in her hands while staring into her glazed eyes.

"It's alright, Erin. I'm here for you. We will be lesbians together. We will save Madelynn together. We will seduce her and win her back."

Cynthia pulled out a pair of black headphones and a black studded collar with a chrome heart-shaped ornament attached on the front. She fastened the collar around Erin's neck, placed the headphones on her head, and inserted the headphone input plug into a jack in the heart-shaped ornament.

Erin heard strange noise and voices over the headphones. Within seconds, an even more potent, uncontrollable desire for the teenaged seductress in front of her surged through Erin's body. She stared, mesmerized by Cynthia's sexy body, yet again appraising it with a mounting, ravenous lust, and licking her lips in response to what she saw.

Cynthia asked coyly, "How long has it been since you had sex with anyone?"

"Over a year ago...with my ex-husband..."

"Wow, that's a very long time. If it was me, I would've gone crazy by now. You don't need to suffer from sexual deprivation anymore, Mrs. Goodwin, because from now on you'll be a lesbian and get all the sex you need, that only females can provide, starting with me!"

Cynthia swiveled on the sofa so as to face Erin fully and straddle her with her legs, leaned back, propping herself up against some pillows and the arm of the sofa, and lifted the front of her denim skirt with both hands, revealing a metallic fuchsia strap-on dildo. Erin's eyes burst wide open in surprise and in another involuntary rush of arousal.

The strap-on was attached to Cynthia's hips via a leather harness of a similar fuchsia color and studded with clear rhinestones. Mechanical and electronic in nature, the synthetic penis could rise and shrink as well as deliver fluids like its real-life organic counterpart. Attached to the phallus were cables and tubes for digital data, power, and fluid delivery which connected separately to a battery pack, control module, and a fluid container containing a powerful and addictive mind control drug, all housed together in a compact unit attached to her left thigh with a strap.

Erin's eyes remained riveted on the gradually rising mechanical phallus and slowly parted her mouth.

"Yes, Erin. Listen and obey the goddess! Suck me!"

Passively, dreamily, Erin got up from her sitting position, then lowered herself on her fours on the sofa, facing Cynthia's crotch. Erin had given her husband oral sex twice in her life, so she was not totally unfamiliar with the direction in which she was headed, but, as she had done prior to her first contact with Cynthia's breasts, she stopped just before her lips touched the colorful sex toy. Something, like a distance voice, was telling her she should not do this. It wasn't natural.

An excitedly awaiting Cynthia commanded, "Yes, Erin. Give me a blow job! Suck a girl! Do it!" and, cupping Erin's head, pulled her to the task. Without further hesitation, Erin opened her mouth, wrapped her lips around the inorganic phallus, and started to lick and suck. Quickly the sensation of mouthing a woman's rigid phallus started to assume a most natural, erotic, and thrilling feeling, orally and emotionally. She squeezed her own breasts and rubbed her clit while sucking on the shaft. With every second, she wanted more of this.


Memories of having done this before to her man briefly appeared in her mind's eye, but the person she envisioned receiving her attentions transformed immediately into a woman, a beautiful redhead very similar to Cynthia, but some years older, perfectly naked except for red high heels, her lips, nails, and nipples painted a matching, shiny, fire-engine red. The woman threw her head back in ecstatic response to Erin's ministrations.

Gripping Erin's brown hair, Cynthia climaxed, a loud moan escaping her fuchsia-colored lips, as artificial ejaculate flowed in synchrony from the liquid container up through the phallus and gushed into Erin's mouth in three spurts. Acting on programmed instinct, she closed her mouth tightly around the phallus and sucked avidly until she swallowed the entire load. The strap-on rewarded Cynthia by providing intense sexual stimulation on her clit and pussy. Artificial cum dribbled over Erin's lower lip when Cynthia pulled out.

"Do you like the taste?"

"Yes," Erin replied with a blank stare while licking the edges of her lips.

"Good. You're going to love that taste before long. Now take off all of your clothes. We're going to fuck for real this time!"

Erin began undoing the buttons on her blouse, but stopped midway.

"What's the matter? Oh, I see. You're not used to undressing in front of girl you don't know and having sex with her in your living room. Let's go to your bedroom then."

Cynthia grabbed Erin's hand. "Take me there, and we'll fuck each other all night!"

Once they reached Erin's bedroom, Erin's blank face began contorting slightly as if she was resisting or unsure about her actions. She stopped walking toward the bed.

"You can't resist me, Erin Goodwin. No woman can! I am the Fuchsia Siren!"

Cynthia pressed a button on a special remote in her pocket that changed the content of the subliminals being played.

"You want to be naked, Erin. Take your clothes off. Show yourself to this beautiful girl. Let her see your sexy body. You want her to lust for you. You don't need clothes on right now. You are going to have sex with her. You want to have sex with her. Take your clothes off so that you can have lesbian that you can become a lesbian. You want to become a lesbian. It feels sooooo good to be naked when you're with another woman. You love this girl. You desire her. Take your clothes off. Make love to her..."

Immediately, Erin reacted. Slight moans and sighs came from her mouth. Erin relaxed more and no longer resisted Cynthia's guiding pull. Once they got next to the edge of the bed, Cynthia watched and spoke as Erin stripped off all of her clothes.

"When was the last time you were naked with someone else, Erin?"

Erin paused a moment, reflecting. "I don't know...maybe with my husband...when we were young...maybe ten years ago..." She resumed her disrobing.

"What a shame." The brunette was now completely naked. "Mrs. Goodwin, you look hot naked. I love your body." The girl took two steps toward her womanly prey and took her gently in her arms. "I like you...Erin. You are very sexy." She placed a soft kiss on the older woman's lips.

"You should be naked much more often from now on, and I mean with other women and girls. For sex. Show yourself to them. Share your lovely body with them. Let them touch you and fuck you."

The girl put a hand on Erin's cheek, then stroked it softly with the back of her hand. "Thank you for showing your nudity to me........

"I know you like me, Mrs. Goodwin. I know you want to make love to me." She pulled Erin into an embrace, pressing Erin's naked body into herself, then took the woman's face in her hands and gave her another kiss, lingering several seconds while running her hands all over the older woman's curvy body.

"Come... Now that you are naked...let us lie on the bed and make sweet love..." Taking Erin by the hand, Cynthia led her onto the bed, had her lay down on her back, facing upward, her face somewhat expressionless, and positioned Erin with her legs slightly apart and her arms spread out a foot or two from her body.

After taking off her denim jacket, shoes, and socks, Cynthia placed her handbag next to the pillows, climbed onto the bed and got on her fours right on top of Erin. She retrieved some cosmetics from her bag and laid them out on the bed.

Picking the first item, Cynthia applied a special drugged black lipstick on Erin's lips, a countermeasure against possible resistance from Erin and also to initiate her into a preference for dark-colored lipstick and make-up. To increase the likelihood of the suggestions sticking, Cynthia patiently applied coat after coat of black lip color. After each coat, she would hold up the mirror so that Erin would know what was being done to her lips. Glittery silver eye shadow was next, followed by black eyeliner, and finally black mascara, which was applied thickly.

During the application of each make-up item, the mirror was shown to Erin, and, at the same time, Cynthia whispered one seductive insinuation or another into Erin's ear, affirming Erin's unfolding wicked beauty.

After putting the first coat of lipstick on Erin's lips, Cynthia cooed, "Oh, Mrs. Goodwin... Look at beautiful you look...with your lips all black...wearing lovely black lipstick...such a nice look for you."

Upon finishing the silver eyeshadow, the red-headed fox said huskily, "You would seduce your daughter like beautiful... She couldn't resist you..."

Once the black eye liner was put on, the teen girl uttered softly, "Mrs. Goodwin, look like a beautiful slut. Just the way you have always wanted to look."

As soon as Cynthia finished applying the black mascara, she further complimented Erin's new look, "This is your true self...your best look...exactly how you should you were always meant to the lesbian whore you are."

After the second coat of lipstick, the red-headed girl exclaimed, "Don't you look fuckable!"

Upon finishing the third coat of lipstick, Cynthia spoke into Erin's ear,"You are sooooo ssssexy! You'll definitely be able to seduce your daughter!

"There's no limit to depravity for you! You will do anything to seduce your daughter!" Cynthia's pressed the lipstick hard against the woman's lips for emphasis.

"This is the mouth that corrupts, the mouth that receives and grants wicked pleasures!" When the fifth coat was finished, Cynthia plunged the lipstick in and out of Erin's mouth. "Suck it, daughter fucker!"

Closing her eyes, Erin complied, wrapping her lips around the cool, metallic tube and swirling her tongue along its length as it pumped her mouth, as if it were an object of erotic adoration.

Then Madelynn and her perilous predicament crossed Erin's mind. Her eyes popped open. "I must save..."

"Your fate has already been decided! You will serve your daughter and become Lilith's concubine forever!" exclaimed Cynthia before she painted Erin's lips for the final time.

In total, Cynthia applied six layers of glossy black lipstick on Erin's lips, which now gleamed brilliantly with reflected moonlight as if permanently wet.

When Cynthia was satisfied with Erin's new, dark, sexy look, she put the cosmetics and the mirror away. "You look beautiful enough to eat, Mrs. Goodwin. Or to eat me. Or for me to fuck you. Would you like that? Would you like a pretty teen girl to fuck you, Mrs. Goodwin?"

Erin was silent, unable to answer no, since she was burning with lust for this hot beauty, and yet unable, quite, to say yes, the voice of her life-long morality warning her through the fog that she should not.

"I'll answer for you. Yes. You do. You want me to fuck you more than anything else you've ever wanted in your life. There is nothing you would rather do than make love to a sexy teen girl. Your dream is about to come true, Erin."

Cynthia knelt with one leg on each side of Erin's head and stroked Erin's hair while aiming the strap-on at Erin's mouth.

"But first things first. You know what to do again, you pretty whore."

Erin's experience, instinct, programming, and raging desire dictated her actions from this point. Moving forward, she pressed her lips again onto the wondrous dildo. The flaccid mechanical phallus rose up when Erin kissed it with her blackened lips and licked the shaft. Cynthia then pushed the entire shaft into Erin's mouth and gently moved her hips back and forth. After five minutes, artificial cum burst for the second time that evening into Erin's mouth. She swallowed every drop of it she could, some of it spilling over the edges of her lips.

Again, Cynthia showed Erin the mirror. Erin saw an erotically beautiful homosexual woman in heat, feverishly sucking a sexy girl's penis like a depraved slut, lesbian love-cum dripping down her chin...and she knew it was herself. Through the fog of her altered state, something about the sight both shocked and thrilled her. The self-image sank deeply into her subconscious psyche.

"Yes... You like that, don't you, slut? Good. Suck it, every drop, you lesbian whore."

Erin swallowed the artificial cum as ordered and cleaned the tip of the fuchsia phallus after it was pulled out, before licking the edges of her shiny black lips. Once the mechanical phallus was cleaned of the ejaculate, Cynthia walked backwards on her knees and lowered herself on her fours, aligning her face with Erin's mature breasts and her strap-on with Erin's pussy.

The nipples on Erin's breasts were erect. Cynthia squeezed one with her fingers and milk squirted out. Cynthia smiled at the confirmation that the long-term lactation induction drug was working well in Erin's system. With her hand remaining on Erin's breast, Cynthia lowered her lips and enveloped them over the nipple. When she sucked on it, warm milk flowed into her mouth. The milk tasted wonderful.

It was time for the next test.

"Now, beautiful Mrs. Goodwin, we're ready to fuck. I'm going to fuck your hot little pussy."

Cynthia aligned the phallus in front of Erin's vaginal entrance with her right hand and teased Erin's pussy lips with it. "Okay, are you ready to get fucked, Mrs. Goodwin? Do you want this?"

"Yes..... Wait, no........ I, uh.........."

"I'll take that as a 'yes', Erin." The pretty girl slowly pushed the phallus in. A loud, protracted moan came from Erin's mouth.

"We will make love all night," whispered Cynthia before placing her fuchsia mouth over Erin's glossy black lips in a deep kiss, swallowing Erin's moan.

A thread of saliva dangled from Cynthia's lower lip when she separated her mouth from Erin's. At the same time, the teen girl raised her hips and pulled the strap-on out almost all the way. After a brief pause, she then rammed it in to the hilt with one fluid, powerful stoke, causing Erin to yelp. Letting the instrument of love linger, buried within the woman's wet twat for several seconds, she again pulled the strap-on out, and, again pausing for dramatic effect, once more plunged in with erotic force to an extreme depth, clutching her body to her lover's and letting her feel the phallus within her for a luxurious half-minute. After that, Cynthia started a slow and gentle rocking motion of her hips, while maintaining eye contact with Erin and smiling.

"You have wonderful breasts, Mrs. Goodwin," complimented Cynthia as her hands explored the outer rims of Erin's globes. Warm milk squirted out when she squeezed both nipples, and Erin gasped slightly. "Yes, Mrs. Goodwin... You are lactating! As a good mother, your breasts are producing sweet milk for your daughter. One day soon you will show your lovely tits to her. You will let her play with them and suck on them. I'm sure she will love to drink from her sexy lesbian mother's luscious, lactating lesbian breasts."

The teen girl's brilliant red hair tickled Erin's breasts as she lowered her fuchsia-colored lips to kiss Erin's right nipple and swirl her tongue around it before biting it gently and sucking on it, savoring the milk again. "Mmmmmmmmmmm...." After a few minutes, she switched to the other breast and repeated the same actions.

Erin mewed at the erotic attention, and instinctively wrapped her arms around Cynthia's shoulders and began to caress her back. She started raising her knees and moving her legs as well, rubbing them against Cynthia's, as if begging the teen girl to work the strap-on harder.

Cynthia ignored the older woman's non-verbal pleas and maintained the slow, rocking motion of her hips. Freeing her fuchsia-painted lips from the nipple, the teen girl next licked slowly upwards from the breasts to the collar bone area, stopping for a few moments to plant butterfly kisses, before continuing to drag her tongue along the woman's neck, chin, and finally ending close to the lips again. Erin instinctively parted her lips, expecting a kiss, but Cynthia's tongue barely skirted the edge of the woman's mouth, moving on instead to the right cheek to apply her butterfly kisses and more ministrations from her tongue. Though in a trance, Erin nevertheless felt and loved the sensual romantic attentions being lavished on her by her pretty lover.

"Ahhhhhhh..." gasped Erin when she felt her left breast being squeezed and kneaded by the red-headed girl as if it were dough.

When the teen girl kissed the tip of her nose, the older woman was able to smell Cynthia's sweet, warm breath and perfumed lipstick. There was a glistening trail of saliva along Erin's nose after the teen girl slid her moist tongue from the nasal tip to the nasal bridge.

"You have never been loved like that by a man, have you, Mrs. Goodwin?" Erin didn't answer, but she knew it was true.

"Do you know why? It is because women love better. Sex with a woman or a girl is a thousand times better than anything a man could ever give you. It's not even close. You never need or want a man to touch you again, Erin. From now on, you will crave only a female's soft touch and smooth, sweet kiss."

Cynthia ran her left hand through the brown mass of Erin's hair, ruffled it and intertwining a handful of the woman's silky locks with her fingers. Cynthia caressed and fingered Erin's scalp while kissing her eyelids and forehead.

Subliminals supplemented Cynthia's insinuations. "Lesbian sex...You want it all the time... You want it with every pretty female... You can never have enough lesbian sex... You want to touch and feel the bodies of sexy women... You love to taste and touch the bodies of teenage girls... You want to be fucked by pretty females of all types..."

Worked up by the subliminals from the headphones, Cynthia's teasing, and the special aphrodisiac in the ejaculate from the strap-on which she had now consumed orally twice, Erin was whimpering and pleading with her body language for Cynthia to step things up.

"Do you want me to fuck you for real this time, Mrs. Goodwin?"

"Yessss!" hissed Erin desperately.

"Are you sure? Because once I start, you won't want me to stop. And I won't be able to stop myself until I'm done fucking you thoroughly. It will take hours."

"Yes, I need it now. Please fuck meee!"

"Are you positive, Mrs. Goodwin? We would be two lesbians in heat, lost for hours in our love and lust for each other. It would make you a lesbian...a very thoroughly fucked and addicted lesbian. It would give you a lesbian cunt, and you could never go back. You would never want to return to being a prudish straight woman. Are you sure you want this pretty lesbian girl to fuck your sweet pussy?"

"Oh, please, you sexy little tease! Yes! Fuck me hard and fuck me now!"

"Your wish will be granted, Mrs. Erin Goodwin."

Clear lubricant leaked from Erin's pussy lips when the strap-on was pulled out almost all the way. Erin moaned softly. Cynthia brushed her fuchsia-painted lips against Erin's wet black lips. She swirled her tongue around the black lips, encouraging them to widen, before thrusting her tongue in, exploring the warm inside of her mouth. At the same moment, Cynthia thrust her phallus back in hard.

"Uhhhhhhhhh!" moaned Erin loudly through glossy black lips.

Cynthia picked up the pace and was soon pistoning her hips rapidly, fucking Erin with great intensity. The bed squeaked loudly at the end of each thrust of the phallus. Due to the arousal-prolonging aphrodisiac, Erin wouldn't be sexually satisfied until after about three hours had passed, regardless of the number of orgasms she had received within that time.

Just as Erin's body was being well worked up physically, her mind was simultaneously being subjected to intense treatment as well. Audible suggestions and subliminals played continuously from the headphones, except for regular short breaks, when Cynthia would use the opportunity to implant suggestions into Erin with her own voice, speaking in a synchronized alternation with the prerecorded voice coming through the Bluetooth headseat.

The headset voice coaxed. "You are a lesbian... You will become your daughter's lover...and her lesbian sex slave... You will become your daughter's lesbian whore... Only lesbian sex will satisfy you... You can only orgasm from lesbian sex... You are a lesbian, Erin Goodwin..."

"I am...a...lesbian..." repeated Erin between moans and pants.

"Indeed you are, Mrs. Goodwin," said Cynthia in a wicked tone. She kissed Erin deeply once again. Cynthia's saliva flowed in copiously with the kiss. The girl pushed her tongue and saliva far into the woman's receptive mouth.

Breaking the kiss for a few seconds, Cynthia encouraged Erin to swallow her saliva. "Here, Mrs. Goodwin. Drool from a pretty teenage girl's mouth. You love it. You want to swallow it...all of it........... Drink it down.......... Yes...that's right...yummy girl spit... Here's more..."


While Cynthia manipulated Erin's breasts with her right hand and cupped Erin's cheek with the other, Erin's hands were running through Cynthia's red hair and exploring Cynthia's back, feeling the teenager's skin trough the lycra top. It was a divine sensation.

But soon both hands were in the girl's luxurious hair. Erin had never felt up a girl's beautiful, long hair before, particularly not like this, not leisurely, not sensually, and not in the passion of love, as part of sex with another female. Through the fog of her trance, she relished the weight, the silky, smooth texture, and the glorious redness in her hands. It seemed she could not get enough of the unique pleasure. She idly wondered why she had never done this before, why she had never made out with a beautiful girl and ran her hands through her hair before, and she felt a desparate hope that this would not be her last time to enjoy this particular intimacy.

Eventually, however, Erin's hands drifted over the girl's back again, particularly her exposed lower back, enjoying the feel of the girl's tight, smooth young skin under her fingertips, roaming until they reached Cynthia's butt. She felt for the teen's ass cheeks through the denim skirt, and groped them. Eager to explore further, Erin slipped her fingers into the waistband of the skirt, but Cynthia immediately stopped her.

Interrupting the kiss temporarily, Cynthia said, "Not now, Mrs. Goodwin. What a sick pervert you are, trying to get into the panties of a girl. You sicko. But I happen to like getting molested by perverted women like you, Erin. I will give you permission later."

Right after hearing Cynthia's words, Erin retracted her fingers and continued exploring the teen girl's back. Her legs wrapped around Cynthia's waist, as if to make the teen girl fuck her more deeply.

"Let's cum together, Mrs. Goodwin!" Cynthia slammed her hips up and down even more forcibly against the older woman's hips, causing the bed to squeak more intensely and Erin to moan even more loudly.

"Uh...Ahh...Oh...Ahhh...Ohhh...Uhhhhhhh...Ahhh...Uhhhhhhh!" The mixed moans of the teen girl and the motherly woman filled the bedroom.

The shaft of the strap-on suddenly vibrated vigorously, sending Erin over the edge and, shortly afterwards, Cynthia's orgasm came as well. Artificial ejaculate squirted into Erin's vagina in three large spurts. This time and in subsequent times during their sexual activity, the liquid contained only drugs that enhanced long-term sex drive.

Erin and Cynthia's lipsticked lips collided together simultaneously in a passionate lesbian lip lock. They moaned into each other's mouths and wrestled each other's tongues while their orgasms subsided. After Cynthia broke the kiss, she rested her head next to Erin's, their cheeks touching, with Cynthia lying on top of Erin, the strap-on remaining buried in Erin's vagina. They relaxed together for five minutes while panting heavily. Finally the heavy breathing subsided.

Cynthia kissed her older lover on the cheek. She pulled the strap-on out and stood on her knees astride the older woman. "Ready for round two, Mrs. Goodwin?"

"Yes...please..." answered Erin almost immediately, without thought.

"Excellent, Mrs. Goodwin. I'm glad you want to get fucked more, by a pretty teen girl, like the good little lesbian whore you are fast becoming. But first, you need to clean the strap-on. Then I need to help you fix your make-up. If you're going to be a sexy lesbian slut, Mrs. Goodwin, and tempt your daughter into a sexual relationship with you, you must look beautiful at all times. Just remember, make-up and sex go together. A lesbian slut needs to wear make-up for sex."

Erin got on her fours and began licking the mixture of her own feminine juices and the artificial cum coating Cynthia's mechanical phallus, which was in a semi-flaccid state. She held it with her fingers and slid her tongue along its length before taking it into her mouth and sucking it a few times.

"Enough. You're such a good whore, if you do anymore, it'll be erect again, and we're not quite ready for that yet. Now, let's go to the dressing table."

Cynthia guided Erin to the padded wooden stool in front of the dressing table, on which Erin then sat, facing the rectangular vanity mirror. The teen girl then grabbed another stool and sat right next to the woman, whereupon she started to carefully reapply the glossy black lipstick on Erin's lips, but it was done at an extremely slow pace. Cynthia made sure it was an erotic experience for the older woman, one designed to make her associate the application of black lipstick to her lips, and the wearing of it while with other attractive women and girls, with beauty, and sensual pleasure, and lesbian sex.

"You love this black lipstick, don't you Mrs. Goodwin. You love the way you look in it. Do you know why? It's because you look beautiful in it. You look like a beautiful lesbian whore with it on, ready to fuck. With your lips painted this wicked black, you look like you're ready to be fucked, Erin. That's the way you're supposed to look. And that's the way you want to look. Like a wanton Sapphic slut, one your daughter Madelynn could not possibly resist, a slutty whore woman who other women lust over and want to have sex with.

"Think about it, Mrs. Goodwin... Black is beautiful... black polished black clothes... Slutty is beautiful... Lesbians are beautiful... You are beautiful... You are a lesbian...

Erin stared at her fascinating reflection. "I.. I am beautiful......... I love black lipstick........... I am a lesbian............ I am a... whore........."

"That's right, darling. Very good. Keep looking. Your own image is turning you on...making you feel more like a lesbian every second...a beautiful lesbian...a sexy lesbian... like the whorish slut you want to be...making you feel ready for sex...lots of sex...with women...with pretty girls...with me...more every second, and with every touch of this black lipstick to your soft and sexy lips...

"I bet you're already horny right now. You may finger fuck yourself, Mrs. Goodwin."

Erin inserted two fingers between her labia lips and pushed inward, rubbing against her clit as well. Feminine juices soon flowed down her whole hand.

Subliminal suggestions continued entering Erin's mind: "You are a lesbian whore, Erin Goodwin... You are a lesbian slut... You are the lesbian concubine of Lilith... You worship Lilith... You lust for the Goddess... You desire your daughter... You want your daughter to fuck you... You want to seduce your daughter... You want to be a lesbian in order to seduce Madelynn... You love cosmetics and sexy clothing... You love latex, leather, PVC, and satin... You will always shave your pussy and remove all other hair below your neck... You will obey your daughter's wishes..."

Once Cynthia had completed the reapplication of Erin's lipstick, she got up from her stool and walked a few feet away to remove her clothes. Erin's eyes followed her. She took off her denim skirt and lycra top, and left her fuchsia half-cup embroidered satin bra on. The woman's eyes automatically focused on Cynthia's sexy body while she was undressing. Knowing the effect her actions had on Erin, the teenage girl smiled teasingly at the woman while subtly tracing the curves of her own body, starting at the hips.

Cynthia repainted fuchsia lipstick on her own lips. After she was done, she wrapped her left arm around Erin's shoulder and whispered into the woman's right ear while looking into the mirror. "You're a very pretty and sexy woman, Mrs. Goodwin. You'll make an excellent lesbian whore." The teen girl kissed the woman's earlobe before taking it between her freshly painted lips and nibbling on it. Her tongue then snaked out and swirled around the ear. Cynthia's right hand went to Erin's left breast and gently kneaded it for a while before venturing down to Erin's crotch. She cupped Erin's hand that was vigorously stroking Erin's love box, coaxing the hand to deeper penetration and an even livelier stroke.

After Erin successfully brought herself to orgasm, Cynthia sucked Erin's pussy-juice-coated fingers. "Your nails will look much better with black nail polish." She circled her forefinger around Erin's nipples. "Your nipples will look better in black as well."

Cynthia did Erin's fingernails first. After laying out the needed materials, she did some cuticle work, filed the nails, and applied a base coat on the long-medium nails before applying the black nail lacquer.

In her mind's eye, Erin saw black-nailed fingers brushing playfully along the edges of partly opened black-painted lips. A large pair of breasts with purple-painted nipples appeared. Black nailed fingers squeezed one breast. The pair of shiny black lips wrapped around a purple nipple and sucked. Glossy purple lips parted and moaned silently. Black-nail-polished fingers caressed the back of the head of an unknown girl having shiny black hair and twin braided pigtails with purple satin ribbons... The mental image made Erin close her eyes a few seconds and sigh in longing.

Once the teen girl was done with Erin's hands, she moved her chair a short distance further away from the woman. She told Erin to rest one leg on her thighs in order to allow her to do the same work on the toes that she had done on Erin's fingers. Later she switched to Erin's other foot.

Inside her mind, Erin saw feet with immaculate black-lacquered nails slipping into shiny black leather five-inch high-heeled pumps. The view changed, and the high-heeled feet were resting on a bed with a purple satin sheet. A purple-nailed hand lifted a leg by the heel. Shiny purple lips approached the high-heel-encased foot and kissed the side of it...

While Erin's nail polish was drying, Cynthia painted Erin's nipples with the black lipstick in multiple, thick coats.

Erin received yet another vision in her mind. She saw large breasts encased in a black satin shelf bra. The bra cups were pulled down by purple-nailed fingers, revealing nipples and areolae painted deep black, like her own breasts were now becoming in the real world. Purple lipsticked lips approached a black-painted nipple. A tongue extended and licked the fleshy nub... Erin gasped at the imagined sensation.

Cynthia stared in the mirror at Erin. "Look at yourself, Mrs. Goodwin." The fantasy faded as Erin focused on herself, another seeming fantasy, in the mirror. "See how wonderful you look with make-up? And with black nail polish and nipple paint? Dark colors look wonderful on you. I bet Madelynn will love you very much with your new look. In fact, I think she'll love it so much that she would fall madly in love with you and want you to marry her as her lesbian slave wife..."

"But, we can't do that... we're both Christians..." protested Erin weakly. It was a struggle to make that objection, not only because of her hazy and aroused mental state, but also because her Christianity seemed quite distant at this point and because the surprising idea of lesbian marriage to her daughter, one she had never entertained before, somehow gave her a sharp thrill.

"Not for long, Mrs. Goodwin. Soon you will find the darkness of Lilith much more desirable and spiritually fulfilling than your current religion. Only with the providence of the Dark Goddess will you be able to fulfill your new, wicked sexual desire for your daughter as well as for every other pretty female in this world. Only Lilith will acknowledge your incestual love for your daughter and allow you to marry her in a lesbian wedding. Your greatest lesbian dreams and desires are possible only under the Goddess... "

The sexy red-haired vixen knelt down between Erin's legs and placed her hands on each of Erin's naked thighs. "Look at me!"

Erin lowered her eyes, staring into the teen girl's blue-colored eyes.

"I'm going to lick your pussy now, Mrs. Goodwin. Unless you stop me you'll become a lesbian whore slut forever!" warned Cynthia while emphasizing the last word by raising her voice slightly and squeezing on Erin's thighs.

This is so much like that dream that I had last night. I couldn't stop the women...the sexy woman.. .I didn't want to stop her... As then, Erin was again speechless.

As Cynthia's lips traveled on their slow journey toward Erin's crotch, she grazed her fuchsia-painted nails teasingly on the woman's thighs. The teen girl's breaths tickled Erin's hairy womanhood. Pausing an inch away, Cynthia raised her chin and smiled at Erin wickedly. The woman started to open her mouth to say something, but a moment later it was too late. Her pussy had already been invaded by the mouth and tongue of the red-headed teenage seductress.


As slutty Sapphic pleasure enfolded Erin and lesbianism flooded into her soul from Cynthia's mouth through her lovebox, and as she closed her eyes to concentrate on the exquisite carnal passion swirling within her, a sexy vision filled her mind. Inside her dreamscape, Erin saw herself sitting in front of the vanity mirror in her own bedroom, as in the present reality, but everything in the room was tinted in black or dark gray colors. The woman in the mirror wore a sensual latex nun's costume, as Erin had seen in her quasi-dream the night before. Looking down, Erin saw a young female licking her pussy, but the female didn't look quite human. The girl's skin was unnaturally porcelain white and it glistened as if coated with a thick layer of glaze. Her hair was brilliant neon red. She wore a sheer blue baby doll nightie over a magenta sequined shelf bra and thong. The girl suddenly raised her head to look up at Erin with glowing blue eyes and smiled while licking her fuchsia-painted lips. "Erin Goodwin, you are now one of us..."

Erin's floodgates opened in the real world, wrenching her consciousness back to the reality of her heaving chest sending her tits into wild and wonderful gyrations and of her womanly pussy pulsating with maddeningly powerful erotic contractions and gushing into Cynthia's mouth. She grabbed onto the teen girl's head tightly. Cynthia drank every drop of the feminine cum that flowed from Erin's cunt.

"Wow, you came quickly this time. What an excellent lesbian whore you are, Mrs. Goodwin." Cynthia rose up into a standing position, cupped Erin's face with both hands, and kissed her deeply. "You would be a fitting lesbian whore slave for your succubus daughter."

" daughter... Don't..." whispered Erin feebly and robotically with emotionless eyes.

"Yes, Mrs. Goodwin, your daughter will become a lesbian succubus. She will be one of the highest ranking servants of Lilith! Aren't you proud of your daughter?"

Before Erin could respond, Cynthia smothered the woman with a sloppy kiss, quickly silencing the rational part of the woman's mind.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Goodwin, you will accept your daughter's destiny eventually, for soon you will become a servant of Lilith as well!"

The red-headed teenage vixen reapplied black nail polish on the nails of Erin's fingers and toes as well as painting another layer of black lipstick on the woman's lips and nipples.

"Look at yourself, you beautiful lesbian whore. You look so pretty and sexy, Mrs. Goodwin. Your daughter would definitely want to dominate you... Now, kneel down on the floor, get your hands on the table, and stick your butt out. I'm going to fuck you hard!"

Doing as told, Erin rested her arms on the dresser table and faced the vanity mirror with a stare on her face which was somewhat blank but which also revealed hints of emotion. Cynthia stood right behind Erin and grazed her painted nails on Erin's ass cheeks in teasing circles.

"Are you ready to fuck?" asked Cynthia as her mechanical shaft rose to its fully erect state.

"Yesss..." replied Erin with a needy voice while swaying her behind subtly. Clear vaginal fluid was already leaking down her thighs.

Cynthia ran her forefinger up and down the woman's moist slit. "You need me to fuck you very badly, don't you?"

"Please..." whispered Erin desperately.

Without warning, Cynthia clenched the woman's ass cheeks tightly and quickly pushed the phallus deeply into her cunt, causing her to emit a long, protracted sexual moan. Thighs slapped against buttocks. Squishy sounds came from Erin's steaming twat as the shaft went in and out repeatedly. The dressing table rattled under the force of Cynthia's thrusts against Erin's body.

"Look at yourself, you pretty whore. You're being fucked by me, a pretty lesbian girl, and you're enjoying it immensely."

Erin's eyes automatically focused on the mirror as ordered.


"Yes, moan louder, my obedient lesbian slut..."


"The woman in the mirror is no longer Christian and heterosexual. She is a now a follower of the demon goddess Lilith!"


"She is an ardent lesbian, an eager prostitute, a promiscuous nymphomaniac, and loves all forms of Sapphic perversion!"


"Especially lesbian incest. You crave wild, unbridled incestuous sex with your daughter Madelynn!"

The shaft began vibrating powerfully, raising the intensity of sensual pleasure. Erin moaned and yelped even louder. Her black-nailed fingers clenched together into fists.

"You love this, don't you, Erin? You're having sex with a girl. You're getting fucked by a pretty teen girl, a girl your daughter's age. This bliss is from your new, young, sexy teenage girlfriend. She's fucking your beautiful, hot, motherly, lesbian cunt......

"I could be your daughter. Close your eyes. Imagine Madelynn is behind you, fucking you. That's right... I'm Madelynn... In...and out. In...and out. Madelynn's fucking you...soooo good...your own right...mother-daughter love...mother-daughter incest...mother-daughter nice..........

"You won't ever get this kind of pleasure from a man. You don't want a man. You don't need a man. Ever. You never want to be with a man again. All you need, all you want from now on and forever, everything of romantic and sexual interest to you, you will find in the arms and in the pussies of beautiful women and girls.

"Now I am going to knock you up, Erin. My cum is going to make you pregnant with lesbian lust! You are going to give birth to a beautiful newborn woman...named Erin Goodwin, the evil lesbian whore. Look at her in the mirror."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Erin, drinking in her whorish reflection intently, gave a piercing cry when her orgasm washed over her.

"OOOHHH...YESSSSS!" exclaimed Cynthia when she experienced her own sexual release at the same moment as the dumping of the drugged cum into Erin's love canal.

Once the sexual buzz died down, Cynthia lowered her breasts onto the woman's back, grabbed her face, twisted it toward her own, and kissed her passionately. Erin responded to the kiss eagerly. She opened her mouth and twirled her tongue around the teen girl's tongue. Her fingers interlocked with Cynthia's.

"Time to fix your make-up again, my wicked lesbian whore," whispered Cynthia while cupping Erin's face, directing her to look at herself again in the mirror.

"Wicked lesbian whore..." droned Erin with a subtle contortion of her face.

"Yes, Mrs. Goodwin, that's exactly what you are now... That's your true identity... That's what you have become...and will become... It's too late to ever turn back now, you slut... Now get back on the stool..."

While Cynthia was painting another layer of nail lacquer on Erin's nails, a small part of the woman's cognition managed to peek through. "Too...much..."

"It's not too much, Mrs. Goodwin. It's never too much. You need lots of make-up and many layers of it. You can never have enough lipstick and nail polish. In fact, you absolutely love the feeling of nail polish, especially black polish, on your nails, and lipstick, especially black lipstick, on your lips, and the feeling of having those things stroked on to your nails and lips and nipples. It is a pleasure like none other, it arouses you, it stirs lesbian fire in your soul, and you want to experience it again and again, constantly and repeatedly. You will feel out of place, improperly prepared, out of your true element if you ever are found without deeply, darkly painted nails and lips and nipples."

Cynthia paused doing Erin's make-up to use a special app on her smartphone that controlled the device and headphones Erin was wearing. With a few taps, she switched the subliminals that were currently playing to another track.

A flood of erotic visuals poured into Erin's vulnerable, entranced mind. She saw countless images of lipsticked lips, painted nails, painted-nailed hands of various females holding similar hands of other females, feet with painted nails, painted nailed feet slipping into high heeled shoes, lipsticked lips kissing each other, lacquered-nailed fingers squeezing breasts, colored nails fingering clits, and lipsticked lips licking pussies. The lip and nail colors were of black, purple, blue, red, fuchsia, pink, gold, and silver colors.

Once Cynthia was done with Erin's fourth application of nail polish and lipstick, she ushered Erin to the bed, ordered her to lie down face up, and retrieved a hand-held gyrating black dildo. The device had a large curved shaft and a rabbit-ear clitoral stimulator made from shiny black silicone, both connected to a metallic black cylinder. Cynthia straddled Erin on her fours and stared down at her.

"Stroke my strap-on. Make me cum."

When Erin rubbed the shaft, Cynthia gasped from the rhythmic pulses of stimulation she felt from the base of the toy. "Uhhh...Ahhh... Good job, Mrs. Erin... You're doing it right... Now I'm going to fuck your whore pussy with this toy!" Cynthia slowly pushed the black dildo into the woman's pussy, aligned the rabbit-ear part with the clit, and turned the device on to the medium setting.

"OOhhh...Uhhhh...Uhhh..." moaned Erin at the novel sensation.

"Do you like it?"


Cynthia placed her lips right above Erin's. "Then kiss me to show me how much you appreciate me...and love me."

When Erin tried raising her lips to kiss the red-headed teenage seductress, Cynthia simply smiled and pulled back a short distance. The brunette propped herself up with an arm to raise her upper body higher, but the teen girl backed up again. This repeated a few more times until Cynthia couldn't back up anymore. At this point, Erin wrapped both arms around the teen girl tightly, kissed her full on the lips, and pulled Cynthia back down with her weight.

They made out and stroked each other for over fifteen minutes before Cynthia came. Three bursts of cum shot from the mechanical strap-on shaft onto Erin's belly. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" screamed the teen beauty when her orgasm washed over her.

Cynthia turned the vibrator on the hand-held device to the maximum setting and sent Madelynn's mother over the edge within a minute of the teen girl's sexual release.

Cynthia crawled backwards to pull the gyrating dildo out from Erin's cunt and slurped up all of the cum on the woman's belly, but didn't swallow it. She crawled back forward to kiss Erin deeply and feed her the cum she had just collected.

"Considering this is your first time for lesbian sex, Mrs. Goodwin, you fuck really well. You love fucking pretty girls and beautiful women. And only them. You can't fuck men any more. Ever. You feel nothing for them. You loathe the very thought of a man touching you, You couldn't be with a man even if you wanted to, and you definitely don't want to. You have been reborn as a lesbian. You were born for sex with girls. Yes, Erin, you were born to be a sexy, girl-loving, lesbian slut. You will make a wonderful servant of Lilith," said the teen girl while rubbing the tip of the dildo along Erin's black lipsticked lips. "Do you want to fuck some more?"


"Then fuck your mouth with that dildo like the good lesbian whore you are."

"Mmmmphfff!" Erin made a muffled moan after she stuffed the hand-held dildo into her mouth with her right hand.

"This time is going to be more intense!"

Cynthia scissored Erin's legs. She lifted the older woman's left leg, placed it on her right shoulder, and wrapped her right arm around the woman's thigh. With her left hand, Cynthia guided the strap-on into Erin's love box, then pushed it in. Once the shaft was fully inserted, she turned on the vibration feature of the strap-on to the maximum setting and proceeded to fuck the brunette by rapidly thrusting her hips.

Erin's response was immediate. She pulled the gyrating dildo from her mouth, arched her back and moaned loudly. Her free hand gripped the bed sheet tightly.

"Who says you can pull that dildo out from your mouth! Keep in it, Mrs. Goodwin!"

"Mmmmmmm..." Erin quickly complied with the teen girl's order.

They fucked in the scissors-like position for over thirty minutes. Droplets of sweat on the skin of Cynthia's and Erin's sexy bodies glistened under the lamp light. Finally the labor of homosexual love started to exhaust the teen girl, and she slowed the pace some, though she compensated for the deceleration by adding force to each thrust.

It was Cynthia who came first. She moaned loudly into the air when her orgasm was triggered. Afterwards, Cynthia lowered Erin's left leg and arched her body forward onto Erin's body to rest upon it, mashing their breasts tightly together. She didn't stop her thrusting, however, but rather simply continued to slow her pace and give enhanced emphasis to each stab. The teen girl pulled the gyrating dildo from Erin's mouth and proceded to give her a very long kiss. The kiss continued and deepened while Cynthia slowly ground her hips and drilled the strap-on with less-frequent but emphatic plunges into Erin's snatch for five more minutes, and through the end of Erin's ensuing orgasm.

The next, final round of sex was preceded by another reapplication of Erin's and Cynthia's make-up, with both sitting again at Erin's vanity, and Erin gazing once more at her beautiful, corrupted face. After that was done, Cynthia remained sitting on her stool, swiveled to face Erin, and crossed her legs.

"Lick my feet."

"Yes..." whispered the brunette woman.

Erin kissed and licked the top of Cynthia's feet and obediently swiped her tongue along Cynthia's well-manicured toes, which gleamed prettily with fuchsia-lacquered nails.

"Listen carefully, Mrs. Goodwin. If you want to seduce Madelynn successfully, you must listen to my words and take them to heart. You must believe in everything I say. You must follow my orders without question. But, most of all, you must obey Goddess Lilith... Goddess speaks through me. My words are her words. My actions are her actions. Lilith will help you save Madelynn."

"I will obey... I will obey... I will obey... I will obey... I will obey..." repeated the voice in the headphones that sounded exactly like Erin's voice.

"You will become a lesbian... You will have frequent lesbian sexual fantasies... You will become sexy and seductive... You will love putting make-up on yourself and dressing sensually... You favor thin, tight, low-cut blouses and tops that show off your beautiful lesbian tits, and draw feminine eyes to you... You love wearing short skirts and dresses and displaying your legs for other women and girls, to distract and tempt them... You love wearing nylons and high heels...

" You will seduce your daughter Madelynn into becoming your lesbian lover... You will be your daughter's lesbian sex slave... You will obey your daughter... Sexy teenage girls as well as attractive older women will arouse you... You want to seduce them as well... You will become a lesbian whore, worshipping Lilith..."

"I will comply... I will comply... I will comply... I will comply...I will comply..." said the fake Erin voice.

"You may start worshipping my legs now, Mrs. Goodwin." Cynthia retracted her foot, the fuchsia-nailed toes of which glistened from Erin's saliva.

Erin's tongue and lips reached for the ankles before going up the shin, calf, and thighs, lingering in those places for long moments to worship the teenage girl's flesh. Cynthia parted her legs to let Erin reach her inner thighs as well as the strap-on. Once Erin's lips reached the phallus, she placed both hands on the teen girl's thighs and automatically wrapped her lustrous painted black lips around the shaft.

"Mmmmmmm...Ahhhh..." Cynthia tilted her head back, her shimmering, fiery hair pouring down her back, and moaned softly with closed eyes as she was given another blow job on her strap-on by Erin.

Influenced by the voice as well as by her pre-programmed instincts, Erin fingered her pussy and squeezing her breasts. Her hardened nipples dripped milk.

It took fifteen minutes before Cynthia's mechanical phallus received enough stimulation to trigger ejaculation. Erin's throat pulsated as she swallowed the copious amount of cum. Erin licked the overflowed cum on her lips and chin when Cynthia pulled out the strap-on from Erin's mouth. The device was now completely empty of fluids.

"Stand up."

Despite not having been able to work herself to an orgasm, Erin immediately did as ordered. Cynthia used the opportunity to remove the headphones, the choker, and the Twin Venus necklace from the heavily panting, heavily painted older woman.

"You should clean yourself up, go to sleep, and have a good night's rest. After you wake up tomorrow, you will remember our meeting and our sexual activity together as a dream. You will see the dream as a divine revelation. You will remember how I look-- and you absoluely love how I look--but you won't remember exactly who I am. You will only know me by the name of 'Fuchsia Siren'. You desperately want me to be real and hope that I am and that one day you can meet me in reality.

"At first, you won't remember the exact words I have said to you, but they will come back to you gradually. You will assume that the items I gave you were confiscated from Madelynn. You will remember experimenting with putting dark make-up on, that you loved it, and that you can't wait to do it again. You will also remember receiving a call from Lauren, your daughter's friend, and her mother, Mrs. Holland, assuring that your daughter is safe at their house. The news about your daughter participating in demonic cult activities will also be remembered to have come from a call, but from an anonymous girl who sounds like me."

"Yes..." said Mrs. Goodwin emotionlessly.

"Sleep well, Mrs. Goodwin," whispered Cynthia before planting a final kiss on Erin's lips. "See you again next time."

Before leaving the room, Cynthia left the black dildo and a lesbian erotic magazine on the bed, while the silver eye shadow, black lipstick, black eyeliner, and black nail polish were placed on the vanity. The special headphones and choker were placed in the closet next to the items Erin had, in actuality, confiscated from Madelynn.

Right after Cynthia left Erin's house, she sent a brief text message on her smartphone to a special number, reporting the successful completion of her mission, and she smiled to herself. Sex with an attractive older woman like Erin Goodwin was always such a turn-on. Even more gratifying was corrupting a "proper" woman like her.


It was shortly after nine on Saturday morning when Madelynn woke up. She found herself in Lauren's room. How did I get here? I don't even remember. Looking at her own body, Madelynn realized she was dressed in just a black satin bra and panties. When did I put these panties on? And this bra isn't mine, either. I don't remember wearing them last night. Where did they come from?

Lauren walked through the door into the bedroom with a basket in her hands. She was dressed in a gray hoodie with her school's logo, black sweatpants, and sandals. There was no make-up on her face.

"Morning, Madelynn. Looks like you finally woke up."

"Lauren, how come I'm in your bed?"

"Elena drove by early this morning and asked me to take care of you. You were pretty zonked. What did you do last night?"

"I...uh...we..." Her recollections were jumbled. "I...I'm not sure... Give me a minute. I need to get my head together."

"Okay, sure."

Lauren walked up next to her bed and placed the basket on a chair. "Here are some clothes and shoes that might fit you. Take your pick."

"Thank you, Lauren. I'll return them to you on laundry day."

"You can keep them if you want. You might need them again in the future."

Madelynn looked at the contents of the basket. There were various sweaters, tops, jeans, and skirts. The shoes were ordinary sneakers. They looked like something a typical female teenage girl might wear, but Madelynn felt these clothes were a bit too ordinary for her.

"My mom! I need to call her! She must be worried about me not going home last night!"

"Don't worry, Madelynn. I called her last light and explained that you're staying over at my house."

"She allowed it?"

"Yes, my mom talked to your mom as well. You don't have to worry about anything."

"Whew! That's a relief! Great. Thanks a lot, Lauren."

"Anything for you, my love."

My love? Oh yeah, Lauren's my girlfriend now... An unexpected feeling of warmth welled up in her heart.

After removing her make-up, Madelynn took a shower and did her morning routine. She got dressed in the items Lauren had given her. She chose a pair of dark-blue denim jeans and a gray turtle neck sweater. As there were no items of underwear in the basket, Madelynn put the black satin bra and panties back on in which she had awoken. They felt good, and right.

As she did so, she noticed a folded piece of paper on the nightstand next to the bed. Curious, she picked it up and saw a set of seven digits scrawled in it. Patricia's phone number! She remembered how Patricia had stuffed the note into her bra last night. She realized it must have fallen out when Lauren had changed her clothes for her last night and that Lauren had thoughtfully saved it for her by putting it on the nightstand. Madelynn briefly wondered whether Lauren had looked at what was written on the paper, and, if so, whether she had guessed whose number it was...or whether she knew the number already. That led Madelynn to speculate about whether Lauren had ever been with the same way she, Madelynn, had been...

Madelynn folded the note and slipped it into her bra.

Madelynn briefly reminisced about the clothes she had worn the previous night. She recalled with fondness the rich, shiny look and the singular, sensual feel and smell of the leather on her body, and the cleavage she had displayed in the halter top. The novel way that black leather bra had gripped and lifted her breasts had been particularly nice. And then, there was the way Elena had been satin...and latex...that was...way awesome...

As Madelynn continued to dress, she noted to herself that it had been a long time, or so it seemed, since she had worn "normal" clothes, like the ones she was now dawning from the basket. Though they were the kind she had grown up in and in which she had always felt comfortable in the past, they now seemed both bland and at odds with her nature, like they were wear for the less-adventurous and the less-mature, not quite up to her current affinities and tastes for sensuous materials, bewitching, dark colors, and a showy, revealing cut of the cloth. Physically and emotionally they were less comfortable, less gratifying than the clothes to which Elena had introduced her. She sensed that she had graduated from this type and moved on. At least I have on the beautiful bra and panties...

That impression lingered for a while, as did a sensation of unpreparedness for social interaction without the usual dose of heavy make-up, but Madelynn shoved it to the back of her mind and went, fresh-scrubbed and dressed like a normal teen girl for the first time in weeks--although her striking black and purple hair, grey eyes, and naturally pretty face made her a captivating sight just the same--down to the dining room for breakfast with Lauren, which consisted of cereal and a banana. With their casual, natural looks, it was almost as if they were simply two normal, innocent, carefree friends living ordinary middle-class teen lives, just hanging out the morning of what might, to all appearances, promise to be an average Saturday.

Madelynn noticed that no one else was in the house, or at least that's what she thought.

After the two girls finished eating, they remained seated at the dining room table next to each other and Lauren started asking Madelynn some questions.

"Madelynn, what do you remember from last night while you're with Elena?"

"I was brought to some sex show. Elena was...she was playing a dominatrix on stage and two women were acting as subs... I didn't recognize them... They were wearing masks... There was an audience... It was mostly female... They were all dressed in black clothing and were wearing masks as well..."

"Our current intel does mention the existence of these sex shows, but we don't know where they're being held nor the identity of the participants. Do you remember how you got there?"

"No, I was blindfolded."

"I figured as much. That's what they do to almost everyone who goes to these shows."

"Sorry for not being more helpful."

"It's alright. There might still be some useful info you can remember. What did you see that stood out? It could be anything. Symbols, words that were said, etc."

"I saw double Venus symbols as well as triple Venus symbols that were like the symbol of the Lilith cult. They were all over the place--on tables, chairs, walls, eating utensils, and even on the jewelry that some of the masked women wore. Lauren, do you think this event had anything to do with the Order of Lilith?"

"Hard to say. Some of the people in the audience, or whoever organized it, could have been members. More people are in it than you'd think. Tell me more. Did you notice anything else about those symbols besides their shapes?"

"They were in various colors: Gold, silver, white, red, pink, and blue, I think. Maybe there were more, but I don't remember clearly."

"Hmmm... this might be significant. We have witnesses who observed colored symbols as well, but not with as much variety as you did. Were the women doing anything in particular?"

"Some of them were...were touching each other while watching the show." Madelynn conveniently left out the part about Patricia touching Madelynn. Lauren doesn't need to know about that.

"Show me. You can demonstrate on me."

Madelynn hesitated.

"Go ahead, Madelynn. It's not like you haven't played with a girl before. Go on, honey... I won't bite."

When Madelynn saw the serious look on Lauren's face, she reached her right hand toward Lauren's lap. First her purple-nailed fingers skirted around her girlfriend's lower body, avoiding the direct intimate contact she knew was expected of her, as seriously feeling up another girl and maybe getting into even deeper lesbian sexual activities so early in the day, and while sitting in a dining room in a normal house, and while dressed as such normal girls, didn't somehow seem to add up or feel right. So she grazed Lauren's jersey-covered left thigh, ran her hand up to Lauren's narrow waist, played with the waistband, and slid her hand back down to Lauren's knee.

"Go ahead, darling. Show me how the lesbian women pleasured each other."

With the prompting, Madelynn finally slid her hand between Lauren's thighs and upward until her fingers rested on the crotch of Lauren's sweatpants. Finding Lauren's pussy through the thin materials of the sweatpants and Lauren's panties, she started to rub it with a slow motion, working her fingers in a pattern that she remembered seeing the women using on each other.

The fact that a normal, straight girl--like the girl she had been only two brief months ago, and like she wanted and intended to be again, or so she told herself--would and should never touch another girl's sex like this had registered on Madelynn for a few moments, and that had contributed to her hesitation in getting started; but, as she got into it, because she had by now done this kind of thing enough with other girls to make it almost natural and habitual, and because she had come so fast to regard Lauren as her lesbian girlfriend and lover and therefore as someone with whom such liberties would be both permissible and welcome, it barely caused any further ripples within her conscience.

"Looks like they were mistresses and subs."

"How do you know?" Madelynn asked as she continued to diddle Lauren, almost absent-mindedly.

"It's a pattern I recognize. Mistresses have to stroke their subs' pussies in a certain way. It's a sort or ritual. Mmmm, that's nice, Madelynn. I can see why they like this. Anyway, what else did you observe?"

Madelynn addressed Lauren's inquiries about the show and the people there for about another fifteen minutes. All the while, although she had already demonstrated what Lauren had wanted to see, or feel, and there was no need nor indication that she ought to continue, her subconscious mind told her the feel of Lauren's moistening slit through the two layers of material was too good to give up. So, in the absence of Lauren telling her she didn't need to continue, Madelynn kept her fingers probing Lauren's pussy through the sweatpants' jersey and panties' nylon fabrics, deeper and with greater freedom every minute, enjoying, without being fully aware of it, the way Lauren's womanhood seemed to open up, its mounting wetness, and the way Lauren was progressively squirming in her chair, panting, and letting out little moans.

At last Lauren grabbed Madelynn into an urgent, strangling embrace as she squealed in ecstasy, and Madelynn felt Lauren's lovebox pulse and soak her fingers, all of which abruptly snapped Madelynn to the reality of what she had been doing to her sexy teen girlfriend.

"That's...that's good enough, Maddy. Thank you..."

Madelynn, now embarrassed that she had gotten carried away with her demonstration, blushed and quickly withdrew her hand, but, without thinking first, licked her fingers to taste Lauren's sweet flavor.

Taking a moment to catch her breath and compose herself, Lauren continued, urging Madelynn to describe the private time she had spent with Elena.

"Elena ordered me to know,,,to have sex with her." The moment Madelynn said that, she realized that last night she had been invited and tempted into sex with Elena more than actually ordered into it. But refusal probably hadn't been a viable option, either, and it sounded better that she had been ordered, as it would leave Lauren with the impression that Madelynn hadn't had much choice in the matter and hadn't voluntarily succumbed to lesbian attraction, so she let it go at that.

"With the strap-on?"

"Yes, and I did. Then, right in the middle of our sex, she asked me to join Hecate and be her lover as well."

"You agreed?"

"Yes, just like what you asked me to do."

"What was her reaction?"

"She was... ecstatic... very happy that I agreed..."

"Hmmm... That went a bit too smoothly. Did you see, hear, or feel anything unusual at that time?"

"In what way do you mean?"

"Like, did you hear anything kind of...kind of weird? Like voices or other strange noises? Elena might have been trying to control you..."

Demoness... Desire.... Words suddenly popped into Madelynn's mind.

"Now that you mention it.......maybe............yeah........ I think I did..........yes...... I heard a woman's voice..."

"What did the voice say?" There was an intense look of curiosity on Lauren's face.

" 'Demoness.... Desire...' I'm not sure if I remember what I heard correctly."

"Try your best. What else did you hear?"

" 'Venus'... Elena mentioned she was following orders from 'Venus'..."

"That's something new. I never heard Elena mention that name. Elena might be worshipping another goddess, or it could be the nickname of an important figure in Hecate's whole operation. What were you doing with Elena at that time?"

"I was...I was kissing her..."

"Did the voice say anything else? This is important. We need to know Elena's control words in order to undo her brainwashing on you."

"Lesbian... Lust... Darkness... Corruption... Evil..." whispered Madelynn almost automatically.

"Those could be the words. You need to change the order of those words to undo Elena's programming. Say them again in another order."

But rather than speaking again, Madelynn became silent and slipped into a robotic-like trance. Lauren got up from her seat and repeated those keywords in a commanding tone. From a pocket in her pants, Lauren pulled out a circular folding mirror and a silver tube of fuchsia lipstick and applied the lipstick on her own lips. After she was finished, Lauren spoke again.

"What are you, Madelynn?"

"I am a succubus."

"Who do you serve?"

"I serve Lilith, the goddess of lust, desire, and magic."

"Good. Don't forget it. You're evil as well. You walk the path of darkness. Your goal is to corrupt pretty females into lesbianism."

"But...I...I want Wendy..."

"Yes, that's right... You must save Wendy from heterosexuality. You need to make her realize her true Sapphic destiny, as you have realized yours. You are a lesbian, a servant of Lilith, and a succubus!"

"Succu... Noooo..." whispered Madelynn softly. Her blank eyes showed hints of cognition.

"Shhhh... Madelynn... Just relax, I know what you need right now..."

Lauren kissed Madelynn with her fuchsia-painted lips containing a special mind-altering drug. After the kiss, she took off her hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. Clad in her remaining embroidered fuchsia nylon bra and panties, she climbed on the dinner table in front of Madelynn, spread her legs astride Madelynn's body, and traced her crotch with a painted finger nail.

"Come on, don't you want to taste my pussy? You can have it right now. It's right in front of you." Lauren pulled aside her panties to reveal her moist womanhood.

Madelynn licked her lips. She had already just had a small taste of Lauren's delicious nectar and it had only whetted her appetite for more. She placed her hands on Lauren's smooth thighs, and lowered her head until her lips touched Lauren's crotch.

"Ahhhhh... Oh yessssssssss..."

For the next five minutes, Madelyn ardently licked and lapped and sucked, until Lauren finally came. During her orgasm, Lauren's vaginal juices splashed on Madelynn's face, which Madelynn swallowed eagerly.

At that point, five females clad in black hooded robes and veils walked through the front door of the house and into the dining room and surrounded Lauren. The hoods and veils covered most of their heads and faces. Only their heavily made-up, mascara-laden eyes were visible.

Lauren got off the table and greeted them. "Good morning, my fellow sisters."

"Good morning, mistress," they greeted back in unison.

Almost simultaneously, all of the robed females took their mouth veils off and lowered their hoods, revealing their pretty faces. Lauren gave each of them a kiss on the lips.

Lauren spread and extended her arms fully. "My fellow sisters, let's show Madelynn Goodwin the darkness that is Lilith."

Minutes later, Madelynn was back on Lauren's bed, lying on her back looking blankly up at the ceiling. A special machine was wheeled in. It consisted of a large box-shaped chassis equipped with various modules. Protruding from one of the modules was a five-foot long hose containing various liquid tubes, data cables, and electrical connections. At the end of the hose was a large full-headed helmet.

Lauren fitted the helmet slowly over Madelynn's head. As the machine started up and hummed with power coincident to its operation, the sensual masked females slid the black satin robes off their bodies and joined Madelynn on the bed...

"Now, let's begin," said Lauren to the group of exquisite females.

Three were high school aged. Two were college aged. Every one of them had come with different clothing beneath her robe. They all wore black lingerie, some of leather, some of latex, and some of satin. They all climbed onto the bed and joined Lauren in pleasuring Madelynn.


The teenage Goth girl blinked her eyes. She found herself back in her home, lying on her bed, facing up. Getting off the bed, Madelynn walked over to the vanity mirror to look at herself. She was dressed in the same dress that she had worn the night before, during Elena's performance, with the same make-up and accessories. I look hot.

An odd feeling then crept over her. It seemed something was wrong, but she couldn't put a finger on it.

Repeated click-clacking footsteps captured Madelynn's attention. She turned to the direction of the sounds, which seemed to come through the partially opened door of her bedroom from the hallway beyond it. Must be Mom.

When Madelynn opened the door, she saw a woman walking toward her from the far end of the hallway. Madelynn didn't recognize her, at least at first, but there was a peculiar sense of familiarity about her. Who is she?

The strange woman was dressed in an erotic parody version of a nun's garb, made from mostly black latex. Madelynn's eyes roamed from the bottom up, taking in the lustrous black 5-inch high heeled knee-length boots, the black fishnet stockings, the black pencil skirt with a hemline eight inches above the knee with a long side slit that revealed a lot of leg, the tight, V-neck halter top featuring a sizeable teardrop-shaped keyhole which exposed much of her deep, creamy cleavage, the long nun's veil, held on her forehead with a white crown band and draping backwards, black and slick, over the head, neck, and back to the waist, fingerless gloves that ran slightly past the elbows and showed off long, wicked-looking, glossy black nails, a white choker necklace with a pewter double Venus pendant, and, finally, her face, painted with lustrous black lipstick, black eyeshadow and eyeliner, with gray eyes set between sets of long, curly eyelashes thickened heavily with mascara.

Strutting to four feet from the teen girl, the woman stopped. "Mistress, I've been bad. I've pleasured myself without your permission this morning. Please punish me."

That voice... I know it...........'s impossible, but...but she looks kind of like... A sense of recognition jolted Madelynn. "Mom! It's you! What are you doing dressed like that?"

"Sweetheart, this is the real me. I'm a lesbian whore."

"What!? What are you talking about, Mom? No, you're a nice lady... You go to church..."

Madelynn's protest was blunted when she examined her mother's face more carefully. In addition to being heavily made up, it had a sensual, evil quality about it which Madelynn had never seen there before, one bespeaking a carnal, sexually experienced woman who had given herself to wicked perversions and to erotic darkness.

"I worship and serve the devil goddess Lilith. I love my Goddess. I love lesbian sex. I love evil. As do you, my beautiful daughter. Dominate me. It is your right as my mistress, by virtue of your wicked beauty, and because you have allied yourself with my Goddess. It is your rightful place, as mine is to be your whore-slave.

"I adore you, my daughter. I seek to please you. Sweetheart, I can be any way you want me to be. I can be more of a filthy slut. I'll do anything to please you, anything at all. My purpose is to obey you and to be used as the whore I am, for as long as the Goddess decrees.

"This is the dirty slut I really am, darling, the one I have been waiting for you to discover." She twirled around, while running her hands up and down her body, displaying herself for her daughter. "Don't you like it?"

Madelynn took a long survey of her mom. Yes...I do like her like this... She is sexy...very sexy... I never knew Mom had this in her.........

But...but she is my mother...

"Yes, Mom, but..."

"But all I deserve now is your abuse... Please hurt me..."

"W-what are you talking about?! I'm not going to punish you. You're my mom!"

"Please... I beg you..." pleaded Erin as she knelt down in front of her daughter. Madelynn was speechless. When Erin got no immediate response, she hugged her daughter's legs. "Please... honey..."

The mother then got on her fours and licked the tip of her daughter's right high heeled shoe. "I'm your slave. When a slave misbehaves, she needs to be punished..." She then advanced her licking up to her daughter's calves. "Please, honey... I need it..."

Madelynn pulled away her foot. "No, Mom... You shouldn't be doing this! You're not my slave! You're my mother!" But, even as she was protesting against her mother's suggestions, she felt unexpected arousal.

"Punish her..." said a mysterious female voice. "Your mother is your lesbian sex slave... She acted without your permission... She deserves punishment... It's only wrong not to punish her..."

Madelynn perceived her mindset change sharply, a sense of wickedness washing over her. A short whip appeared in Madelynn's hand. Her lips curved into a wicked grin. "You're a dominatrix... Embrace the power... Wield it... Use it..."

Madelynn's dress turned into a mass of butterflies, which commenced to fly around the teen girl in circles. Then, converging on her body, they instantly changed her looks. Her garb changed into a shiny dominatrix leather outfit studded with chrome-plated steel. Black fish-net stockings, held up by a black leather garter belt, ran up her legs. A metallic thong, made from a triangular piece of black-enameled steel and pieces of leather, covered her crotch. A matching leather bustier with steel studs and interleaved steel plates covered her breasts. Below that was a silver belly ring with a dangling onyx gem. Earrings, each in the form of four half-inch multifaceted onyx gems in a row on a fine three-inch-long silver chain, dangled from her ears.Fingerless arm-length black leather gloves covered her arms, exposing her now metallic purple nails. A studded black choker with a chrome-plated pewter triple-Venus pendant hanging from a single chain link hugged her neck.

The hair on her head, done in her usual page-boy style, was neon purple all over. Her eyelashes were now over half-an-inch long and curled, with thick black mascara. Complementing that were silver black eye shadow and metallic purple lipstick.

Though she was not standing near a mirror, she nevertheless knew exactly how she looked...and she reveled in it.

The teen girl ran two fingers along the whip. "You do indeed deserve punishment for disobedience, Mom. It will be thirty lashes! Come inside my room, slave!"

"Yes, Mistress..." They entered Madelynn's bedroom.

"Get on your knees!"

Erin did as she was told.

Without further words, the teenage dominatrix began whipping her mother. The initial lashes were light and slow. There was hesitation in her movements.

"You're an evil lesbian dominatrix, Madelynn Goodwin. Do not hesitate in your actions!" said the hidden female voice.

The speed and intensity of the lashings soon picked up, and the teen girl began enjoying inflicting punishment on her mother.

Once the punishment was completed, Madelynn felt her frame of mind softening, and a filial, caring attitude came back to her. Wait...what have I just done? It felt good, but...but should a daughter whip her mother? Even if she deserves it?........... She dropped her whip and gently helped her mother up. I hope Mom's not hurt.

As if to comfort her mother, and make it up to her, Madelynn lightly caressed her mother's latex-covered backside. The smooth, rubbery texture and the curves and warmth of her mother's body felt through the latex sent unexpected enjoyment and sexual stimulation into Madelynn through her hand. As she touched her mother, Madelynn started to reinspect Erin's striking, made-up face and erotically-encased form, further stitrring unchaste attraction within the teen for her mother.

"Your mother's a whore...a beautiful lesbian whore... You desire her... Use her for your sexual pleasure..."

A spirit of wickedness suddenly returned to the teenage dominatrix.

"Get on the bed now, mother, and get on your fours."

"As you wish, Mistress..."

Before getting herself on the bed, Erin pulled her pencil skirt down through her legs and tossed it aside, as if she had been through this before and knew what to do. As Erin climbed on the bed onto her fours and displayed her motherly fanny for her daughter, portruding and wagging it to incite her girl to action, Madelynn looked upon the maternal rump and cunt clad with shiny, tight satin with lewd incestuous interest.

When did my mother start wearing black satin panties? I like them on her. She should wear them all the time....or no panties at all.... I can't wait to see my mother's cunt...

A strap-on that consisted of a studded black leather harness and an almost seamless segmented steel dildo with internal springs materialized on Madelynn's crotch area.

"Ready your pussy for me, Mother, slave," ordered Madelynn while stroking her steel phallus.

Erin pulled her black satin panties aside, exposing her pussy, and stroked her wet, snatch while looking back at her leather-and-steel-clad daughter with eager anticipation. It struck Madelynn that this was the first time she had ever seen her mother's pussy, and it was a more beauitful sight than she had dreamed it would be--steaming, dripping, lucious, ready for her daughter to fuck it.

Madelynn guided the tip of her steel cock between her mother's labia before thrusting it deeply into her mother's cunt, causing Erin to toss her head back with a loud gasp in response, her long black latex veil flying about her and down her back like a long mane of squeaky, shiny, black latex hair. Madelynn grabbed Erin's waist and began thrusting in and out.

Erin bit her lower lip and moaned. "Uhhhh... Yesss... Fuck me hard, my sweet daughter......... Uhhh... Uhhh..."

At length, the fantasy nun mumbled, "My ass, sweetheart... Don't forget to fuck my ass...please..." The teen Goth girl's eye lit up. "With pleasure, whore!" She withdrew the phallus with a long, slurping sound reflectiing the lust-induced juiciness of Erin's womanhood, and promptly redirected it to fucking her mother's ass.

Repeating grunting sounds flowed from the mother's black lips as the steel phallus was slowly pushed deep into her rectum. "Ughh...uhhh... oh, Madelynn...oh, yesssss... ughhh...uhhh... You're such a good girl... uhhh..." She rested her upper body on the bed and used her freed hands to grab her ass cheeks to pull them wider apart.

As the teenage dominatrix was pushing the strap-on even more deeply into her mother's anus, she felt a nub growing from the base of the phallus and pushing against her pussy. It eventually grew into a full-size shaft that filled up her teenage vagina. "Ahhhhh..."

A peculiar mist glowing faintly with purple light flowed through the door and slowly filled up the room, but Madelynn, engrossed as she was in the pleasure of drilling her mother's ass and in the singular, awesome sensation of her own tight, virginal pussy being mystically invaded as well, didn't pay attention to it at first.

After Erin's orgasm came, she pulled away from Madelynn, got off the bed, and pulled the black latex pencil skirt back up her legs and into position over her hips and around her waist.

"Thanks for the fuck, my sexy daughter. Your Saphhic talents are impressive. I am so proud of what a beautiful and wonderful lesbian slut you are becoming." She leaned over, took Madelynn's chin in her hand, and gave her a long, wet kiss on her lips. "But two things now remain to make you complete, as the Goddess will soon show you."

The erotic nun started to saunter toward the door. "I've got to go now."

"Mom, where are you going?"

"I'm going to the Goddess. She needs my services." Erin walked through the door.

Madelynn felt a sense of jealously. "No, Mom, wait..." She quickly climbed off the bed to chase after her mother. The strap-on dematerialized from her crotch in a puff of black smoke. Once she went through the door, she found herself in a place that wasn't in her house.

The teen girl was standing outdoors, in an eerie wasteland. Her hair color changed back to its real-life black-and-purple, and the color of her lips and nails reverted back from metallic purple to glossy purple. The dominatrix garb was gone from her body. In its place was the black leather dress.

A brilliant red moon and a flickering red star hung in a cloudless black sky. The ground beneath Madelynn's feet consisted of black dirt, dried grass, gray pebbles, and jagged rocks. Leafless, dried trees dotted the landscape. A raven with red eyes perched in a nearby tree cried as it flew away from the teen girl the moment she noticed it. There was a dark, coned-shaped structure in the distance, right beneath the star. Her instincts told her to walk towards it.

The large steel double doors of the building opened automatically once the teen girl was near. Madelynn walked through them into a large, long, dimly lit hallway which appeared to be more brightly illuminated at its far end. The instant she stepped into the hall, the massive doors closed with a loud clank behind her. With only one direction left to go, Madelynn moved on.

As the teen girl walked along the ominous passageway, she heard strange whispers.

"Succubus..." said a simultaneous chorus of different female voices.

"Madelynn is a succubus..." said the voices.

What? A "succubus"? Madelynn had heard that word before somewhere, she knew, like maybe in a movie, and she had an impression of it being something evil, perhaps a monster or a demon of some kind. It doesn't sound good, whatever it is!

"Noooo, I'm not!"

"Madelynn wants to be a succubus... Madelynn will become a succubus... Madelynn will seduce attractive women and corrupt pretty teen girls..." That's what a succubus does? Well, that's not me...

About three quarters of the way down the hall the voices stopped, but were soon replaced by repeated feminine moans and gasps that echoed toward Madelynn from the direction of a room she was approaching.

Some women are having sex... I wonder if I know any of them... I wonder what they look like............... I wonder if they are...if they are fucking.........

She arrived at and entered a large hall lined on all sides with white marble and having a domed ceiling and five black wooden doors, including the one through which she had just walked. Next to each door was a pillar featuring a black onyx snake coiled around it. After taking in these details, Madelynn's full attention was quickly seized by what was taking place in the center of the room. Madelynn was shocked at the sight.

Mom?!.....Wha...What's going on?... Why is Mom...

Erin, now completely naked, was suspended about three feet off the ground by numerous steel chains on her arms, legs, waist, and upper body. She was splayed out in a spread-eagle style and was postured leaning backwards. Her hair was beautiful, Madelynn could now see, pouring straight down from her head in long, silky, deep black tresses. Her face was still made up heavily and exotically, but was contorted at the moment in the throws of passion, as she was getting vigorously fucked by a tall, regal woman.

On closer inspection, the female figure didn't appear to be entirely human. Her skin was pearlescent black and looked extremely wet and shiny as if it was made from latex in a permanent liquid state. Her feet were in the shape of high heels. A long mane of wavy black latex hair flowed from her head and was topped with a red metal tiara studded with rubies. Her eyes, set in a face which was extraordinarily beautiful, glowed with a demonic red color. There was a glittery, sheer red cloak around her shoulders, which fell to the tops of her thighs, glowed in an ethereal, ghost-like manner, and did little to conceal the wondrous curves of her body. The center of the cloak was open, revealing immense breasts covered in a bra made from interleaved metallic red snake shapes, a belly with a dangling ruby jewel, and panties made in the same design as the bra. Protruding through a slit in the front of the panties was what appeared to be a large, hard, ruby-red female penis, which glowed as if made of illuminated crystal, yet the glow and shape pulsed with inherent life, and the woman was vigorously fucking Erin's cunt with it.


Erin tilted her head backwards, looked at her daughter with glazed, lustful eyes, and licked her lips.

Jealousy once again started to creep over Madelynn. This isn't right... She's my mom... If anyone gets to fuck her, it should be me...

"What's...what's going on?'am...whatever you are... What are you doing to my mom? And who are you?"

The strange woman turned her face serenely toward Madelynn. Without reducing the pace or force of her plunges into Madelynn's mother, she spoke, but without using her mouth, Madelynn hearing the woman's gentle, musical voice speak clearly inside her head.

"Welcome, Madelynn Goodwin, my beloved, my newest disciple. Why do you ask who I, your Goddess, am? Darling, you already know."

Madelynn searched her feelings. Yes... She's right... I do know her...somehow... A thrilling sensation passed through her as the identity of the impressive being in front of her now became completely clear. " Goddess... But, why...what...?" Even as she was saying that, Madelynn found herself quickly losing the desire to question what was happening. The sight of her mother being fucked by the demon goddess was becoming very arousing. Her hand instinctively went to her crotch. Lilith... my beautiful...

"Your slave is my slave, Succubus Madelynn Goodwin... You should be glad your mother is following the path of the dark light and worshipping me as her one and only goddess..."

"I'm a succubus?" That word again... What is a succubus? And if I'm one now...when did that happen? And how?

"Yes, you are a succubus...of a type. Your destiny now is to complete your ascendency. Then, you will forevermore be a full lesbian succubus, one who serves me, Lilith, the Dark Goddess, on a higher plane..."

"Uh...Your Highness, Goddess Lilith...what exactly is a...a 'succubus'?"

As the goddess continued to pump Madelynn's chained and suspended mother in plain sight, her tranquil voice answered in Madelynn's head. "Allow me to explain, my child.

"Pretty women and girls are truly happy only when they are lesbians. Their lives are fulfilled only in the arms of other women. And lesbians live life to the fullest and are happiest only when they are promiscuous. The looser and sluttier they are, the more lesbian sex they have, the more depraved they become, the happier and more complete they will be. Therefore, I have decreed that all beautiful women and girls shall be liberated from the yoke of conventional sexuality, from all forms and degrees of prudishness, chastity, and sexual self-restraint, and converted into glorious lesbians who love without inhibitions or limits. I will not rest until every attractive woman and girl is set free.

"Your Christian god and his agents would have you believe the captivity of women in heterosexuality and chastity is 'good' and that what I and my servants offer is 'evil' and 'darkness'. 'Good' and 'evil' depend very much upon one's point of view, but if we are to be called 'demons' and our ways 'evil', then we accept it, gladly. We bask in our dark and wicked glory.

"My dear, a succubus in my service is an instrument of my evil, one who assists me to accomplish my divine lesbian sexual decrees.

"There are two basic types of succubi. The first is a 'simple succubus'. All who join my order automatically become this type upon completion of their initiation. A new disciple promises to worship me, to be a lesbian, and to live a profligate sexual life, and binds herself to a one of my faithful lesbian daughters as her lover; insofar as she is true to these obligations, the simple succubus leads other females to my ways, even if they do not yet know my name or know of my order, and furthers my cause in the world.

"Thus, you yourself are already a simple succubus. You became one when you joined my order. 'Simple succubus' is essentially synonymous with the term 'disciple' or 'member', or more precisely, "faithful member', in my order.

"The second type is a 'high succubus', or a 'completed' or 'full' succubus. These are my special dark angels. Their place is on my right hand. They are devils unto me, commissioned to roam the earth corrupting the souls of the straight and the pure with special demonic power. To these I grant greater magic, greater beauty, and great favor before my throne. Few are the women of earth who can resist the wiles of these, my most devoted, most trusted, and most cherished servants."

The goddess continued to work an increasingly delirious Erin over without respite.

"The mission of a high succubus is to use her beauty, body, voice, touch, will, and my power to spin a web of seduction and desire over unsuspecting straight girls and women, to drive them mad with love and lust, to draw them into lesbian sex, to fuck them, to destroy in them all chaste ideals and heterosexual instincts, to make them forsake men for all time and to love only pretty women, and to inspire them to abandon themselves to flagrant immodesty, unbridled promiscuity, and all manner of dark perversions.

"Madelynn Goodwin, you show great promise. You have taken my vows upon you, you have bound yourself to my beloved handmaid Lauren, and then, in not yet a day, you have had lesbian sex with three women--four if we consider your highly approved incestuous sex with your mother this very hour--sex of various types and in sundry places. Moreover, your beauty is surpassing, and of the dark kind I so love. You have gained my notice and won my favor. You please me well.

"Madelynn, I offer you the next step in your advancement. Become my dark angel, a completed succubus, a being of pure evil, a devil. The innocent and the pure will be your prey. I offer you power to tempt them with your beauty and your body, to captivate their hearts, to make them love you and to hunger for female flesh, to defile their purity, to make them yield their virtue to you, to despoil virgins and turn them into girl-loving whores, to convert nice, straight girls indelibly and permanently, one after the other, into rabid lesbian sluts, and proper, respectable hetero women into fallen homosexual whores. This will be your privilege, and the main purpose and enjoyment of your life henceforth."

The horrified teen girl was speechless. Privilege?! I don't want to change other girls and women, and pull them into this. I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want to be a devil!

She thought for a few more moments. .................Although......... what would it be like have such power? control other girls...maybe some of the popular girls at school...some who think they are so high and mighty... and even some of the nicer ones...the prettier ones.......... And some women, too...adults...older than me...attractive ones...with fully-developed minds and bodies... mothers, even..........Wow... That could be........

No, Madelynn. That wouldn't be right. fun as that might have and feel that seduce girls I make them mine.............. I shouldn't want to.....

"No, I don't want to be a succubus..."

"I trust you will change your mind, my dear one..."

Madelynn gulped. She looked at the pleasure that her mom was having and felt hungry for the same experience. She wanted it now.

"Do you currently desire sensual pleasure?"


"Then I shall permit you to taste of the rewards I bestow upon my faithful servants, so you may know for yourself. Let my succubi entertain you..."

Hissing sounds echoed in the room. Madelynn looked around and saw that the onyx snakes on the pillars were now alive, and that they were slithering rapidly towards her. They were shimmering black in color with liquid-metal-like skin and had glowing red eyes.

"Wait... Ummm..."

One lustrous black snake brushed against Madelynn's right-high-heeled shoe, causing her to flinch a little. The metallic snake slowly wrapped around her ankle, then her calf then climbed further upwards in a spiraling motion, forming a long coil around her leg. Madelynn was apprehensive at first, but the sensations soon became erotic and arousing for her. By the time the snake reached her upper thigh, another snake started to wrap around her left ankle and commenced a steady climb up that leg, as well.

"Ahhh..." gasped the teen girl when the first snake slipped beneath the folds of her thong and slithered into her snatch. "Ugghhhh!" she grunted as the second snake began to slowly and forcefully enter her through the asshole.

The remaining three snakes then climbed up her legs. Two of them finally wrapped their serpentine forms around her breasts and the last one entered her mouth. Madelynn was hesitant receiving the snake orally, but a quick burst of arousal induced her to part her purple lips and the serpent slithered in.

Madelynn wasn't sure exactly what the snakes were doing to her, but their effect on and in her body became sublime. The teenage dominatrix's body shuddered when her orgasm came. Stars exploded in her eyes. A circular black bed rose behind her, and she collapsed backwards onto it.

When her vision cleared up, Madelynn found herself on her back surrounded by five sultry females. Each female wore black lingerie made from either PVC, latex, or leather. They had on red, blue, green, yellow, or pink lipstick with matching nail colors. Their eyes were painted heavily with black eyeliner, thick black mascara, and black silver eye shadow. Madelynn was instantly attracted to them.

As if reading and responding to her feelings of lust for them, the five women quickly descended on the teen girl. Two pairs of painted lips, one blue and one pink, kissed Madelynn's mouth. Another double pair of lips, one green and the other yellow, descended on her breasts. Finally, the last woman pulled aside Madelynn's leather thong, lowered her red lips onto the teen's pussy, and licked.

The pleasure started to drive the Goth teen crazy. She felt her pussy heat up and the temperature radiate from there into her whole body, making her fevered. Her nipples seemed on fire and her head spun with the delirious delight being lavished on her.

And then Madelynn also felt something strange seeming to grow from her head. She placed her hands on her temples and felt nubs. Realizing what was happening, she pressed against the nubs, trying to push them back in, but her actions were for naught. The nubs insistently forced her hands aside and grew into slightly curved black horns about four inches long each. "What's happening to me?!!"

"You're becoming a succubus... It is what you really want, deep inside. Your body is reacting to your desires...your true desires..." said Lilith.


"You want me," said Lilith. "You love me... You worship me... You wish to dedicate your life to me... Your loyalty to Dark Goddess is becoming absolute... You can feel your desire for me consuming you..."

The fantasy women continued to ply their wiles on Madelynn's body, and her temperature rose ever higher, until her resistance to the horns and the Goddess and the transformation being urged on her started to melt. Eyes closed, she twisted wildly on the bed, burning, consumed, until release finally swept over her, and she screamed in loud ecstasy, coming in an intense orgasm.

When she recovered, Madelynn found herself alone on the bed. Looking around, she noticed the pillars in the room were wrapped with individual snakes once again. Her attention returned back to the center of the room.

"Mom... Lilith..."

The Dark Goddess, who had been screwing Madelynn's mother vigorously the whole time, at last pulled away from Erin, who hung limply, with her eyes closed and head back, and who was drooling and moaning deliriously, her body coated with the sheen of light sweat and with a mixture of feminine fluids dripping from her cunt. Leisurely, Lilith then walked away from Erin to the side of the room, stood next to a door, and waved her hand. The room suddenly rumbled. A circular wall, measuring twelve feet in diameter, three feet tall, and two inches thick, rose up from the marbled floor directly beneath Madelynn's supended mother. Mysterious, black liquid started to bubble up inside the wall-enclosed floor space, filling it up, transforming it into a pool of dark, opaque, viscous fluid, which shimmered and sparkled in a range of colors. It emitted a spicy fragrance which wafted to Madelynn as she watched the sinister magic unfolding before her.

There was a clanking sound above Mom. The chains carrying Erin lengthened and slowly lowered her into the pool.

"No, Mom!" Madelynn put up a hand in a "stop" gesture, and took a step toward the pool, but by the time she had reacted, it was too late. Erin was now entirely submerged in the mysterious, dark pool.

"This is what she desires. This is what she wants."

Madelynn stepped closer to the pool and looked into it. "Mom?" She could see no trace of her mother, except for some bubbles rising to the surface. She stood there for what seemed like a full minute, fretting about the fate of her mom. When she was at the point of jumping in to rescue Erin before she drowned, the chains started clanking again, pulling upward.

Shortly, Erin was raised entirely out of the pool. The colorful, dark fluid clung to her dripping form, obscurring what lay beneath, while the chains deposited the woman on the floor, leaving her standing, and released her. In an instant, the fluid covering her evaporated completely. When Madelynn had an unobstructed view of her mother, the girl put her hand to her mouth in shock, as Mom looked quite different. Her skin was now brilliant chrome. The sensual nun garb she had worn earlier was back on her body, and the black cosmetic coloring on her face and fingers appeared to be permanently, deeply integrated into her lips, eyelids, eyelashes, and nails.

This amazing fantasy version of Erin sauntered toward her daughter, heels tapping and hips swaying sexily. Madelynn's heart beat loudly as her mother walked up to her and stared at her with glowing blue eyes. Madelynn found her pussy quivering in sexual anticipation. "Mom?"

"Yes, honey, it's me," said Erin through chrome lips. "A new and better you can see." She put a shiny hand on her daughter's waist, causing a thrill to run through Madelynn. "I have given myself to my Goddess, and she has given me new birth. I'm sorry, but I must obey Goddess Lilith. I don't mean to abandon you, my darling, but a new and glorious fate awaits me in her service. You may join me as her devoted thrall on a more exalted plane, if you choose.

"However...Our goddess knows you have thought within yourself to withhold your heart from her; to honor her with your lips while yet cleaving to your Christian god; to join her order with the intent of one day leaving it; to walk the path of lesbianism and promiscuity only in part, and for but a time. But, Madelynn, my daughter, for you to become a high sucubbus unto our queen, she requires your whole heart, might, mind, and soul. Only then will you truly be hers. Only then will you be able to obtain a fullness of her power. Only then will you attain to your full statue of beauty and evil allure. Once you do, however, know this: There is no going back...ever.

"But, my queen's pretty new disciple, you need to ask yourself this: Do you really want to ever go back to being the geeky, straight prude you once were?"

An abstract image swam into the air before Madelynn, taking shape before her eyes. When it was fully formed, she saw herself, or an exaggerated version of herself, in the days before she met Elena. Her hair was wiry, dry, untamed, a dull brown; her face splotched with pimples, marred with an unsightly "girl-moustache", and overpowered by dominating, black-framed, thick-lensed glasses; her body buried under bulky, drab attire; her expression and bearing uncertain, depressed, nerdy. Cute girls materialized around her for a minute, passing her by, taking little notice, giving no respect, showing no interest, before then disappearing.


The Dark Goddess spoke in Madelynn's head again. "My darling, I bid you come, become a high succubus unto me. Cast aside your doubts, forsake the god of your past, abandon your weak and foolish traditions and the unhappy girl you once were. Believe in me and in me only, and love me with all your heart. Submit yourself without reservation to be a pure lesbian, surrender your soul and body to all the perversions and all the bliss of unrestrained lesbian promiscuity. Madelynn, dear one, let me embrace you in my full embrace, let me touch you with my power, let me make you a high succubus! It is your destiny!"

"Please give in to her, my sweet daughter." Erin glided her arm around Madelynn's waist, slid her other hand around the back of her daughter's head into her brilliant purple hair, pulled her close, and gave her a most unmotherly, open-mouthed kiss for a long minute.

The erotic chrome nun broke the kiss, stood holding her daughter's hands in hers as they gazed at each other for a short time, turned away, walked around the pool to Lilith, and knelt before her.

The dark queen touched her on the shoulder. "Erin Goodwin, my beloved, you shall spend all of your days in my service. I name you 'Chrome Whore'. Arise. my faithful one."

Erin arose, raised her chin up, and kissed Dark Goddess on the lips deeply. Embracing the demon queen, she raised her right knee, exposing her thigh through the slit in the skirt, and rubbed it against the thigh of Lilith. "Mmmmmmm..." The Dark Goddess caressed Erin's ass with her left hand. Madelynn could see their tongues twirling over each other between their chrome and black lips. She felt another pang of jealousy.

"Go now, my exquisite whore, and pleasure the succubi who are waiting for you..."

"Yes, my goddess..."

Erin disappeared through a door next to Lilith. At the same time, the door to the left of Madelynn opened and a girl clad in a pink dress walked in. The girl's dress was sheer, almost completely see through. Beneath the dress was a white shiny leather bra studded with pieces of silver and rose quartz with a pair of matching panties. Covering her legs were white stockings held up by a white leather garter belt decorated in the same way as her bra. Her feet stood on shiny white leather high heels. On her head was a silver tiara studded with the same jewels as her lingerie. Her blonde hair was styled in wavy tube curls with bangs in the front.

"Wendy!" As Madelynn recognized her best friend, for whom keen romantic and sexual longings had been blossoming within her for the past several weeks, and took in this particularly bewitching version of her, she felt her heart start to pound in her chest and her knees weaken.

Madelynn expected her friend to walk to her side, but was dismayed when Wendy only smiled faintly at her and walked to Lilith.

Wendy stood right next to Lilith, gave her an erotic kiss in the same manner Erin had done moments before, before addressing her friend. "Madelynn, as much as you want me, I must say that I'm sorry. I have no interest in ordinary girls like you."

"But I'm not an ordinary girl anymore! I've changed!"

"Yes, but your change is still ordinary. You can find a Goth girl anywhere. And you need bigger breasts. Much bigger. You are boring," said Wendy flatly.


"You can have Wendy and any girl you can have your mother, as well... and I will give you bigger breasts...the breasts of a woman...or of a demoness...the big, beautiful, tempting, irresistible breasts you so desire...if you choose to become a succubus..." said Lilith.

Wendy walked around the pool and stood in front of Madelynn. "Is it that difficult of a decision for you?" She twirled a lock of her hair playfully while subtly tracing the curves of her body.

Madelynn's eyes zoomed in on Wendy's legs and went up the thighs to the crotch, then belly. The pink dangling gemstone on the belly twinkled attractively. She then looked further up, noticing the large breasts clad in white leather and the pink choker necklace with a dangling double Venus symbol made from silver. Her last stop was her friend's beautiful face.

"Well?" asked Wendy through glossy pink lips while fluttering her curly eyelashes laden with mascara once. Light flickered off of her chrome-blue eye shadow.


Wendy rolled her eyes and sighed. "I guess I'll just offer my virginity to Lauren then." She turned away from Madelynn and started to walk away.

"Oh, no! Wait, Wendy!" I love Wendy! I can't lose her!. If I say yes to Lilith...I can have her! "I'll do it!"

Abruptly, the pink-clad girl turned back around and returned. Standing in front of Madelynn, she looked at her for a few moments with a small, sly smile on her face.

"Good, Maddy. That's more like it." She gave a quick peck on Madelynn's lips. "I knew you wouldn't disappoint our Goddess!"

"Madelynn Goodwin...I accept you as my high succubus. From this day on, you will hate heterosexuality and despise modesty, virginity, purity, chastity, and female honor. I now appoint you as my warrior against them. Your mission is to corrupt innocent girls and virtuous women. Tempt them, give them pleasure, make them love you and lust for you, subvert their modesty and their decency, draw them into lesbian sex with you, make them your lovers, fuck them, addict them to sex with you, rob them of their innocence, ruin their honor, and, step-by-step, make them surrender their wills to you. Make them love every perversion and depravity, make them renounce men, transform them into ravenous devotees of Sapphic love. Seek to corrupt and fuck every pretty girl and woman you meet, ensnare them in passionate homosexuality, and make out of them hopelessly, beautifully debauched lesbians.

"All pretty, straight girls and virtuous heterosexual women of beauty are now in your hands! Come, my dear one...enter the pool of transformation!"

Madelynn's attire vaporized, leaving her entirely naked. The black-and-purple-haired teen girl slowly walked into the dark pearlescent pool. At first It was cool and made the skin on her feet and legs tingle pleasantly. As she stepped closer to the center, the temperature as well as the depth increased. The fluid line rose up her body and, by the time it approached her breasts, the coolness had become warmth and the tingling became a pleasant, sexually arousing vibration coursing through her skin and then throbbing ever more deeply into her body. As she stepped into the middle of the pool, her head went under and the dark fluid fully immersed her. She felt it flowing into her ears, nose, mouth, and invading her vagina and rectum. She sensed it pour into and fill her uterus, ovaries, stomach, lungs, other glands and organs, her eyes, her muscles, her bones, her brain, her heart. She knew it was also replacing her blood. Every part of her body and mind seemed touched, filled, soothed, excited, and altered, and quivered with ecstasy.

"Rise now, my new succubus!"

Madelynn found herself floating upwards, away from the pool, and landing on her two feet right in front of Lilith. "Goddess..." She heard herself speak with a different voice, now slightly deeper, more musical, smooth as velvet, enchanting, with a trace of what sounded like some kind of a foreign accent.

"Here, have a look at your new, wonderful form," said Lilith as she side-stepped away.

The walls suddenly changed into mirrors. A gasp escaped Madelynn's lips. Every inch of her body was covered in black latex. Her eyes, nipples, and the nails on her fingers and toes were glowing in a neon purple color. The same radiant color emanated from her hair, which was now waist length.

"You look much hotter now, Madelynn." Wendy approached Madelynn and then leaned her face close, as if to kiss her. Madelynn reciprocated, inclining herself toward her pretty friend to join their lips, but at the last second Wendy pulled away. "But, you could do more."

"More? What...what do I have to do?"

The door next to them opened and a black wedding dress with all its associated accessories, including high heel shoes, jewelry, and bouquet, traveled through it, worn by an invisible entity.

"Become Lilith's wife..."


At around half past noon, Madelynn awakened, still lying on her back. She opened her eyes with a blank stare on her face, the last thought in her mind right before she did so being My life for Lilith...

The blank expression gradually yielded to Madelynn's normal, alert visage as her full awareness returned. Then Madelynn perceived an unfamiliar figure in the periphery of her field of vision, and her heart jumped. She immediately turned her head to look at her surprising companion.

A robed female figure sat next to Madelynn's bed on a chair. A mouth veil covered the lower part of her face.

"Who are you?" stammered Madelynn. "Where's Lauren?"

The blue eyes with curly black eyelashes and sparkly gray eye shadow drew the Goth girl's attention. Madelynn lowered her eyes and raptly took in the large DD breasts pressing heavily into the thin, silky material of the tight black robe.

"I can't reveal my name to you yet, but you may call me 'Dark Siren'. I'm part of the same investigation team that Lauren is in. Lauren's currently on the phone right now talking with a friend."

"What happened to me earlier?"

"You fell asleep, Madelynn."

Madelynn stared at the clock. "I've slept for two hours!"

Lauren walked into the bedroom without Madelynn noticing. "Good, you're finally awake. That kind of sudden sleepiness happens sometimes when you're trying to fight the mind control being done on you. I think you speaking Elena's control words in the wrong order earlier worked."

"I think it did work." Madelynn realized she felt more relaxed and had a clearer mind than in the morning. Vague memories flooded into her mind. Did I actually lick Lauren's pussy? I must have imagined it.

"I wanted to wake you earlier, but I didn't because you probably needed the rest since you spent the whole night with Elena. Anyway, let's continue where we left off."

"Ummm... Does she have to listen to my story as well?" Madelynn looked at the mysterious robed girl skeptically.

"Don't worry, Madelynn. Dark Siren is our ally, a member of the investigation team. She knows what we've all been through and is willing to put the mission first over everything."

Madelynn continued her account of the previous night's events. "Okay. Like I was saying... Elena wanted me to fuck her with the strap-on..."

The Madelynn of a month or two ago would have been shocked by how smoothly, how nonchalantly, with how little discomfort or embarrassment that disclosure issued from her mouth, as if chatting about lesbian sex and her deep involvement in it, and doing so with the f-word", and doing so in the presence of not just one but two other girls, was the most natural thing in the world, as routine as discussing a homework assignment or a movie. Although the Madelynn of these days was not always so uninhibited in her speech, and had not been so earlier as she had started telling Lauren about her night with Elena, on some occasions she was, and with increasing frequency. Certainly this was one of those times, as at this moment she experienced no qualms whatever about talking like this. Madelynn noticed it too, wondering why, but dismissed it as an unimportant mystery. Right now, speaking and thinking openly and directly about lesbian sex seemed just fine.

"It's better if you reenact the event. That way we might be better able to learn something new from your experience with Elena."

Lauren nodded in the direction of the robed female, who immediately got up from her seat and went to retrieve a black box from a cabinet.

When the strap-on was presented in front of her again, Madelynn asked, "I have to wear this again?" The protest was soft, a mere token attempt to object, to satisfy that part of her conscience that told her that, as a hetero girl, she should try to refrain from acts of lesbian sex which were not really mandatory. But even as she was speaking these words, her heart rate increased and her pussy sprang to life, moistening and quivering in anticipation. Brief flashbacks of fucking Patricia and Elena with the strap-on leapt through her mind.

"Yes, Maddy, this will help in our investigation," replied Lauren. Dark Siren nodded in agreement. Madelynn required no further persuasion, and, instead of experiencing any degree of distress that her objection had found no sympathy, she unconsciously felt exciting relief that it had not.

After taking off her jeans and panties while leaving her sweater, bra, and socks on Madelynn slipped on and secured the harness of the strap-on on her hips with Dark Siren's help. Dark Siren's grazing touches gave Madelynn slight shivers of excitement. She wondered if the color of the mysterious woman's lips matched the color of her dark red nails.

This being Madelynn's second time drawing this device on, and as she had already employed it twice, it and it's usage were starting to become comfortably familiar. She had a fleeting impression that she was destined to become intimately acquainted with this tool and others like it, and a mistress of their exploitation, sending an unexpected tremor of dark glee down her spine and through her nipples. Little did she realize that this toy phallus--which just hours before had been merely the latest perversion imposed upon her, one toward which her chief sentiments had been reluctance mixed with a mild degree of curiosity--and others like it, were now on their way to becoming a transcendent infatuation for her.

"How does this thing work?" asked Madelynn when she noticed the base of the strap-on getting wet and tickling her pussy. The flaccid shaft seemed to be slowly rising as well, but stopped midway.

"It reacts to your sexual arousal. Don't worry about the fluid. That's just lubricant. Pretty neat device, huh?" Lauren avoided mentioning the aphrodisiac and the remote control of the strap-on.

Madelynn found herself focusing on Dark Siren's heavily made-up eyes. Noticing Madelynn's attention, Dark Siren fluttered her long, curly eyelashes playfully.

Turning her attention back to Lauren, Madelynn said, "Okay, I was fucking Elena like this..." She thrust her hips repeatedly in the air against an imaginary pussy while holding invisible hips.

"No, you need to demonstrate on another female. Dark Siren can help you as a volunteer."

"What?!!" The Goth girl's eyes widened in surprise.

Dark Siren sinuously took off her black robe, leaving only the veil and her dark red satin half-cup bra with black lacing and matching panties on. A tourmaline gem glinted on her belly. Madelynn's eyes were instantly drawn to Dark Siren's sensual body and curves, starting at the lower legs and ending at her face, which was framed by smooth flowing raven hair that was hip length and parted at the center without bangs.

"It's okay, Madelynn," assured Lauren.

The veiled woman got onto the bed on her fours with her ass facing Madelynn and pulled the crotch of her panties aside. Madelynn caught her breath when she saw the woman's pussy lips, which were wantonly painted a dark red to match her nails and lips.

"Don't worry, Maddy. Her pussy is no different than Elena's. See?" Lauren touched Dark Siren's colored female lips, running a finger along them, making the mysterious woman shudder, and then sank in a finger, at which the woman gasped. "See how much she likes this? See how soft and wet it is?" Lauren spread the woman's enticing labia apart, inviting Madelynn into the exotic woman's inner recesses.

"Go ahead, Madelynn. She's more than ready. Give it to her. Sink your tool into this hot, creamy, beautiful slit. Show us how you did it with Elena," cooed Lauren. "Do it."

Madelynn's eyes focused on Dark Siren's glistening, unnaturally red pussy lips. A powerful vibration on her crotch caused by the base of the strap-on immediately diverted Madelynn's attention toward the mechanical phallus. Looking down, she could see that it was fully erect.

I want to fuck girls...

Dark Siren turned her head around toward Madelynn, fluttered her long and curly eyelashes, and swayed her hips slightly in an inviting manner.

Acting on a strange new instinct, Madelynn grabbed her strap-on with her right hand and Dark's Siren's ass with the other. Foreign yet familiar thoughts and words flashed briefly in her mind.

I am a...girl fucker...dark demoness...evil seductress...lesbian succubus...

The veiled woman moaned loudly when Madelynn plunged the phallus deeply into her pussy. "Uhhhhhhh..."

Madelynn placed both of her hands on Dark Siren's waist and began thrusting her hips.

"Was Elena enjoying it?" asked Lauren, snapping Madelynn partially out from her sexual preoccupation.

"I think she was definitely enjoying it... She was moaning pretty loud..."

"Can you demonstrate to me how she moaned?"

"Uhhhh...Uhhh...Ohhh...Ahhhh..." moaned the teenaged Goth girl for about a minute before ceasing her moans and pausing her thrusting motions.

"No, don't stop, keep moaning and keep fucking." Lauren pulled out her make-up mirror and repainted her lips with the special, drugged fuchsia lipstick, making sure she caught Madelynn's eye with her flirtatiously sensual activity. When done, she blew Madelynn a sultry kiss.

Lauren's words and, more so, her flirtation spurred Madelynn into resuming her actions, now with greater force and enthusiasm. Lauren watched the hard-core lesbian sex for over five minutes. The Goth girl wondered why Lauren wanted such a long demonstration, but with every girlish thrust and grunt and moan, Madelynn cared less and lost herself more.

"Elena must be starting to love you. I never heard of Elena letting else anyone fuck her besides you."

Despite Madelynn having reservations about Elena, Lauren's statement about her holding a special place in Elena's heart gave her an unexpected feeling of romantic warmth and pride, though she didn't consciously acknowledge those feelings.

"Okay, you may stop now."

The conscious part of Madelynn was glad she could stop, as she was getting exhausted by the physical exertion and the reality of what she was doing was starting to hit her squarely in the face. I'm fucking another girl! And I've been enjoying it! I can't let myself do this. This is going too far.

She started to pull the strap-on out from Dark Siren's dripping lovebox, but Madelynn's body resisted her. As if endowed with a life and will of their own, Madelynn's hips resumed thrusting, again and again, into Dark Siren's cunt, her thighs repeatedly, uncontrollably propelling into the lovely ass and thighs before her.

What's going on? I need to stop this! I'm going overboard...................... feels soooo good...

Outlandish thoughts popped into Madelynn's mind. This is not enough... I need more... I want to fuck her all day long... again and again... Until she screams for me... Then I want to fuck more girls... I am an evil lesbian girl...

She shook her head to clear the thoughts and pulled the strap-on out fully through a sheer force of will. She sat down on the bed, panting from her just-completed exertions. Dark Siren's girl juice dripped from the phallus onto Madelynn's thigh.

"Wow, Madelynn. You're awesome! I didn't know you liked to fuck girls so much. You turn me on so much when you do that! You are so smoking hot when you're having sex with a girl, Madelynn. I love what a total, wild, slutty fox you are."

Lauren approached Madelynn, who was still sitting on the bed, and, resting her hand on her Goth lover's shoulder, took some of Madelynn's raven black hair in her hand, feeling it's silky texture in her fingers. She looked down into the enthralled girl's pretty grey eyes. "You are just so beautiful. You turn me on so much."

Leaning over, Lauren kissed Madelynn's clean lips with her own fuchsia-coated ones. Despite having kissed Lauren once like this the previous evening, it was still a mildly novel experience for Madelynn, her lips touching her partner's without the mediation of lipstick on her own. It felt somehow naked, personal, intimate, nice. She wondered how it would feel if neither of them wore lipstick, and knew she wanted to try that sometime, with Lauren or Wendy or someone else. Impulsively, Madelynn reached for Lauren's head, plunged her hands into her girlfriend's rich brown hair, and pulled her closer while they made out for a minute.

When Lauren finally stood up and backed away, Madelynn, though mildly disappointed with the cessation of intimacy, assumed that they would now all be getting ready to wrap things up and leave, and started to mentally gear up for that. Lauren, however, slipped off her sandals, pulled down the zipper on her hoodie, removed it, and started to pull down her sweatpants.

Lauren bubbled, "Since we're all in the same mood, let's have some real fun together." She quickly finished removing her sweatpants and pulled her tee-shirt off, leaving her standing there in only her fuchsia nylon bra and panties. She walked back toward Madelynn, propped a knee on the bed next to Madelynn's leg, and bent over toward her.

"Oh, look, Madelynn, we're wearing the same lipstick now." Some of Lauren's brilliant fuchsia lip coloring had transferred to Madelynn's otherwise unadorned mouth. Madelynn turned her head to see her reflection in a nearby mirror.

Is that me? That's...that's kind of nice... She touched a couple of purple-nailed fingers to her lips.

"You look good like that! In look good enough to just devour!"

Lauren swept her heavy, dark hair out of her face and behind her shoulders to get it out of the way, drawing Madelynn's interest and gaze back to herself. "I really do think we need a little more fun! Don't you?" She eyed Madelynn like a hungry predator. "Girly fun."

Her perfect, fresh, fragrant face pulled to within inches of Madelynn's. "Want some more lipstick? Here, my foxy, sweet girlfriend..."

"Lauren, wait--" said Madelynn before she was silenced by a another kiss from Lauren. Lauren slipped her arms around Madelynn's shoulders and back, holding her close, while she prolonged and deepened the kiss.

Madelynn initially thought they had already accomplished whatever purpose they were there for, and further lesbian activity was neither planned nor warranted. Besides, she thought, she was worn out and wasn't up to anything more. But she quickly discovered that she did feellike it again, more with every passing moment of Lauren assaulting her mouth.

And then thoughts popped into her head, thoughts to spur her on and to provide her a justification to indulge her growing passion: I need more lesbian sex. And there's a reason for it. It's because...........oh, resist Elena's mind control. Somehow, even though she saw no logic in it, it seemed to make perfect sense anyway, at least partially because, in this moment in which the tide of desire was obscuring her normal, more rational perspectives, she wanted it to make sense. More sex...makes for less mind control.

The Goth girl's lips soon relaxed and fully accepted the kiss. It quickly escalating into mutual, deep French kissing. She felt Lauren's arms wrapped tightly around her shoulders, and then her hands wander over her back and waist. Whatever reservations Madelynn may have had a minute before, whatever intention she possessed of slowing Lauren down at the time, it was instantly and completely forgotten.

Madelynn had a brief flash back to the previous night, of Lauren playing with Madelynn's breasts in the car. Madelynn's nipples tightened in response to the memory. Then fragments of Lauren's statements passed through her mind: Red pills...increase dosage...don't hold it in...fuck more girls... control females....dominate... lesbian sex... Madelynn wasn't sure which words were Lauren's and which words were Elena's, but she didn't really care. Sexual fire was consuming her.

Dark Siren had not altered her position since Madelynn had pulled out of her a few minutes before. She wiggled her naked rear as if to implore, "Look at me, then come get me." Noticing the movement in the corner of her eye, Madelynn broke the kiss with Lauren to look. She saw the veiled woman waiting whorishly on her fours, her dripping, candy-apple lovebox staring Madelynn in the face and imploring her to come hither. Dark Siren was looking away from Madelynn but was fingering her brazenly-displayed specimen of inviting womanly love with a drenched, crimson-nailed finger.

The woman's gaping, painted love hole called to Madelynn. "Fuck me... Fuck me again... Fuck me more... Fuck me harder... Fuck me now..."

There was no decision to be made, only instinct to be obeyed and sexual need to be gratified. Driven by raw lust, Madelynn pushed the phallus back into Dark Siren's waiting pussy and resumed fucking her. The moment Madelynn was in Dark Siren again, and had started thumping her soundly once more, Lauren turned Madelynn's face toward her own, rewrapped her arms around her neck, and they continued making out passionately.

At length, when Dark Siren perceived Madelynn begin to slow with exhaustion, she pulled her hips away from Madelynn's strap-on, producing squishy sounds as her vagina extricated itself from the phallus, which then gradually became flaccid. Lauren broke their kiss and turned Madelynn's face toward the veiled woman's soaking wet cunt, so that Madelynn could stare at it. The dark red color coating her labia was now smeared and mixed with feminine juices, simulating the appearance of blood, as if Madelynn had just taken this sexy girl's virginity.

There was something about the sight of the sopping, dripping, defiled reddish womanhood which seemed so sexily, whorishly beautiful. What she had been doing felt right. Yes, it was wickedly perverted and yet perfectly natural and right.

An unbidden feeling of evil glee stole over Madelynn, with thoughts she hardly realized she was entertaining: Good... I did it... what I wanted to do...and do to every pretty girl... I fucked her... I fucked her good... I'll fuck others, too...I loved it... Madelynn felt a shiver of deliciously dark depravity rattle her soul.

Madelynn's hungry gaze then crept along her masked lover's body, over her tits dangling within their satin bra, and to her face which, though semi-hidden, seemed to promise loveliness when unveiled, and which was now looking back, regarding her partner in lesbian sex with an amused and gratified look in her eyes. Dark Siren descended from her four-point position, turned her body to face Madelynn, paused to sit on her rear for a few seconds, met the Goth girl's eyes with her own again, and smiled sensually through the veil, a smile Madelynn could see in the girl's pretty eyes.

Dark Siren reached out to caress Madelynn's clean face and run a hand through Madelynn's now slightly tousled purple-streaked raven hair. Then walking on her knees, Dark Siren got behind Madelynn and embraced her. Madelynn could feel warm, satin-covered breasts pressing against her back and the mouth veil tickling her right ear. Gentle feminine hands squeezed the Goth girl's breasts through her black satin bra.

Madelynn was surprised both by how much she found herself enjoying and welcoming Dark Siren's licentious hands and the contact of her curvy body, as well as by the strap-on phallus rising yet again from its flaccid position, as if possessing some measure of intelligence. It also began restimulating her clit via the bumps on its base. She had no idea that internal and external computers were controlling the device's operation.

Keeping her arms draped around Madelynn from the front, Lauren climbed onto the bed completely and positioned herself directly in front of Madelynn, wedging Madelynn between Dark Siren and herself, then immediately resumed their kiss. The Dark Siren wrapped her arms around Madelynn's waist and tickled Madelynn's navel with her red nails. Meanwhile, she kissed and nibbled Madelynn's ear through her mouth veil.

After some minutes like this, Lauren relaxed her embrace and let her hands roam gradually downward, grazing the smooth porcelain skin along the way with her nails, giving Madelynn little shudders of pleasure. Once she reached Madelynn's butt, Lauren squeezed it tightly with both hands and broke the kiss. Madelynn gasped slightly to catch her breathe from the long kiss and in reaction to the feminine fingers digging provocatively into her ass.

Lauren then restarted their kiss, as the lips and the hands of Lauren and the Dark Siren continued to weave their spell around Madelynn. Madelynn closed her eyes and felt herself swooning some, immersed as she was in feminine love.

The girls persisted like this for a few minutes more before Lauren pulled her face away several inches. "Did Elena give you an assignment?" asked Lauren softly while she caressed Madelynn's body.

"Yes, she did. I have a makeover and... seduce and control a girl from my school..."

"Elena said I could work with you as a team. It'll be easier if we do it together. Have you thought about where you're going to do your makeover yet?"

"I think I'll just go to the same place that I went to last time."

"New Image?"


"We could go there together. I think they have a group discount for returning customers."

"That's great. We should go to New Image together then."

"I'll book an appointment. We might be able to go tomorrow if we're lucky. Now that we have the first assignment settled, it's time to talk about the second one, which is a bit more challenging.

The notion of fulfilling one of Elena's assignments together with Lauren was not something that bothered Madelynn in any way now, generally speaking. She was accustomed to it, had even come to quite enjoy their joint ventures, and had started looking forward to them. But the assignment to corrupt an innocent girl ...

It was bad enough that she was supposed to try to seduce some unsuspecting girl by herself. But maybe if she attempted it and failed, she could just say she tried, it didn't work, and no one would be harmed.

However, this twist, of doing it jointly with Lauren...that made her take a step away mentally and realize more clearly just how perverted and unjust of a thing a seduction of an innocent girl would be, especially via a coordinated onslaught. Both she and Lauren working together...they'd be more persistent and irresistible when combined than either one by herself. They would push and complement each other. It would be more likely to actually succeed. If the two of them teamed up together, two against one...there was something that just didn't seem fair about that. The poor girl, whoever it was, wouldn't have a chance.

"But Lauren...are you sure? Have you thought about it? Doesn't this feel wrong to you? We're basically doing what Elena wants us to do. Maybe if we both told her no, this is too much, maybe she'd have to back down. I don't want to be responsible for brainwashing another girl."

"Don't worry, Madelynn, I've figured out how to do this ethically."

"How is that possible?"

"I've already chosen a target: Beatrice. She's a student at our school. Do you know her?"

"I don't think so."

"Beatrice is kind of shy, although she'd like to be friends with the popular kids. Other than that, she's just your average girl, but she has a secret that's unknown even to her."

"What is it?"

"She's a closeted lesbian."

"How do you know that?"

"Oh, I can tell... Just the way she looks at other girls...especially at pretty ones. I've even caught her looking at me. And some girls just give off those vibes, you know? I'd bet my panties that she is one."

"But, why would controlling her be more ethical than controlling a straight girl?"

"Elena wants us to turn a girl into a lesbian, but Beatrice is a lesbian already. She just doesn't know it yet. Therefore, we don't need to do that much to Beatrice except make her realize the truth of her sexuality."

"We still have to control her."

"Yes, but it'd only be temporary. We could undo her brainwashing later on, just like we're currently doing for you."

Lauren grazed her hands along the mechanical phallus and it reacted accordingly by stimulating Madelynn's clit.

"I still feel kind of uneasy about this. No matter how you look at it, I think it's unethical."

"Madelynn, we don't have a choice. If we're going to fight against Hecate, we have to destroy them from within, and we can't get inside unless we complete this assignment. They consider it a test of how far we'd be willing to go for them. We've discussed this already. We can't back out now that we've gone this far."

Lauren's actions on the strap-on intensified. She grabbed the phallus and squeezed it, causing the device to produce even more stimulation on Madelynn's pussy.

"Ahhhhhh," moaned the Goth girl. Her eyes slowly glazed over.

"Lauren's absolutely right," said the Dark Siren into Madelynn's ear in a sultry voice that seemed to speak directly to her mind. It felt pleasant, soothing, and strangely familiar. "We must not give up. We need to continue our important mission."

Lauren kissed Madelynn's breasts through her satin bra and, with a combination of kissing and tonguing, glided downward to her belly. She spent about a minute playing on the belly's skin with her fuchsia-painted lips and swirling her tongue around the navel.

Due to Lauren stroking the phallus repeatedly in a special pattern, the base of the strap-on secreted a trance-inducing drug into Madelynn's vagina. Once Madelynn's eyes had acquired a completey blank stare, Dark Siren took off her mouth veil and kissed Madelynn's ear directly with her crimson red lips. "I can't wait for you to fully become my succubus sister, Madelynn."

Lauren stroked the shaft of Madelynn's strap-on a few times before enveloping it with her mouth.


At about eight twenty in the morning, Wendy woke up. She lay in the bed with her eyes closed a minute as sleep feathered into conscious awareness. She knew she had dreamt, and the dreams had been wild and exciting. There were still some remnants lingering in the edges of her head, bits and pieces of images and impressions. She kept her eyes shut a bit longer, hoping to retrieve the dreams, or at least to slow their retreat long enough to catch something definite about them.

There were some people...or someone...familiar to her... in fact, someone quite close...a female... But who?........... The dreams were...yes...they were sexual...and also...also distinctly romantic...and... Was there a...a wedding...?

For a split second, an image of herself in a sexy wedding dress, and with long, platinum blonde hair and bold makeup, sparkled into her mind, but it disappeared as fast as it came.

The dreamt images and experiences receded much faster than she wanted them to, and quickly were beyond her grasp. Nevertheless, she basked a few more minutes in their warm afterglow, in an indeterminate sensation of freedom and enlightenment, and in a certain prescience that something quite nice, something thrilling, something new, perhaps even something monumental, was on its way.

When Wendy was quite certain her dreams weren't retrievable, and had enjoyed their aftermath long enough, she opened her eyes to see a strange room.

Where am I?....How did I get...... Her disorientation dissipated as her mind recalled the previous day. Oh, yeah... I stayed overnight with Sarah...

A rustling sound caught her attention. Wendy turned her head to the side and saw the maid Kayla making the bed Sarah had slept on. The effort to move her head put her in touch with her body, which seemed oddly achy, though in a nice way, as though it had been exercised or over-stimulated in some way. Especially her private parts.

"Oh, sorry, Wendy, I didn't mean to wake you up. Sarah told me you could sleep as long as wish."

Kayla was dressed in the same manner as the previous night during the dinner, in her form-fitting maid French maid uniform. The make-up was the same as well. She had changed back from the mulberry color to cerise pink with lip gloss. Her hair was loose, as it had been when Wendy had last seen her, and flowed half-way down her back.

...Oh......... That's the pretty maid.......Kayla............. Oh! Kayla!... Immediately Wendy's heart started beating a little faster. She knew something had happened the previous night, something involving this attractive young woman, something important, but it took a few more seconds for her head to clear enough to recall it.

I kissed her!!!..............Why did I do that? Wendy blushed deeply at the thought.

For a moment Wendy wondered if the late-night kiss wasn't really just part of her dreaming in the night. But no; as her memory focused more, she knew. She really did it. Wendy's next thought was worry about Kayla's outlook. What did she think about it? And about her, Wendy?

But Kayla had just said something, and Wendy realized she'd better answer without further deliberation, lest she appear rude. Just try to act calm, nothing unusual happened... It was just a good night kiss...

"Oh, hi Kayla. It's alright. I already had a great night's sleep. Where's Sarah?"

"Sarah and Ms. Powers went out. They're having some private time with each other. Sarah told me to tell you she's going to be busy this whole afternoon as well and won't see you again until later in the evening."


Wendy's memory of some of the previous night's events was foggy, but it had cleared enough for her to recall getting permission to stay overnight and that her mom had been drinking wine during dinner. In fact, as Wendy thought about it now, her mom had been acting a little funny.

"Umm........So, do you know if my mom got home safely last night?"

"No...but I'm sure she did. I saw her leave after her chat with Ms. Powers after dinner and I haven't heard anything more. Are you worried about something?"

"No, it's just that I know she had some wine with her dinner, and my mom doesn't drink much, so..."

"Oh, I don't think there's any reason to worry, Wendy. She seemed fine when she left."

"Oh, well that's good to know....... I better call her to come give me a ride home."

Kayla sat down on Sarah's bed while Wendy reached to the night stand next to her bed to get her cell phone. Wendy sat up on her bed, looked over at the maid, smiled at her, and noticed, with a small flutter in her stomach, the maid's inviting cerise pink lips give her a small but pleasant smile in return. Wendy called home, but there was no answer. Oh, yeah, maybe she's working today. She tried her mom's cell phone, but again, no response. She must have turned it off.

"No answer. You know, she might be working today. Oh well, I guess I'll have to take the bus."

"There are no bus routes around here. But, that's not a problem. Angela--you know, one of the other maids--she can give you a ride home. Her shift is ending in about an hour and a half. I'm sure she wouldn't mind."

"Okay. That'd be great. Thank you, Kayla."

Kayla's demeanor still had that coolness that characterized her most of the time, but it was much softer this morning, Wendy noticed. Certainly Kayla's tone was more familiar with Wendy, as if they were as much friends now as guest and maid. If a certain aloofness was an integral part of Kayla's personality, there was an unmistakable warmth, or even passion, lingering not too far beneath the professional veneer, and Wendy felt Kayla was letting her see that a bit more every time they encountered each other.

Wendy went to the bathroom to take a shower, brush her teeth, and do the rest of her morning routine. She came back to the guestroom, wrapped in a towel, to put on her clothes but realized they were gone. At that moment Kayla walked in.

Wendy was somewhat embarrassed for Kayla to see her exposed vulnerably like this, wearing only a towel wrapped around her body, but since there was nothing she could do about it--and for some other reason, or feeling, which she couldn't quite put her finger on, one of unaccountable familiarity, somehow, with the lovely young woman standing there looking at her attentively--the anxiety she at first felt about it dissipated to some degree.

"Wendy, I have a confession. I got the clothes mixed up...and...I...well... Your dress got sent off to dry cleaning. I'm really sorry."

"Oh no! What am I going to wear now?"

"No worries. We have something else to get you by. You didn't really want to wear that fancy dress around today anyway, did you? And I don't think you'd want to wear that 'swimming suit' home that you had on last would you?" The mischievous look on Kayla's face was matched by the embarrassed one on Wendy's.

"Kayla...that suit... I didn't think anyone was going to........"

"Don't worry about it, Wendy. My lips are sealed." She ran a painted fingernail across her closed lips, while smiling devilishly. Wendy wondered what Kayla had thought about the suit, and, more to the point, about her in it. And was that comment about lips...was that some reference to what happened last night in the living room?

"Sarah told me to give you these new clothes. You can wear them instead," said Kayla as she handed Wendy an elegant vinyl bag bearing the logo of an exclusive boutique. "She said they are her gift to you. She said you can keep them if you like them." Inside the bag was a metallic pink lycra tube top, a pleated medium blue denim miniskirt with a studded pink belt, a black V-neck leather halter top, a pleated white leather miniskirt, two sets of satin bras and matching thongs, one gold and the other silver, and some cosmetics.

"Tell Sarah I said thanks and that I like the gift very much."

"Okay, Wendy, I'll tell Sarah that. Would you like me to help you get dressed?"

An image of Kayla's long nails, still the beautiful pinkish-purple mulberry they were the previous night, grazing Wendy's skin as Kayla helped Wendy into the tube top flashed in Wendy's mind briefly.

"Thanks Kayla, but I'm used to dressing on my own," replied Wendy, feeling a bit vulnerable and excited when she noticed Kayla eyeing her up.

Kayla left the guest bedroom to give Wendy some privacy. Wendy chose the black halter top and the denim skirt. She felt the other items were too fancy to be worn during the day. She also wanted to give the impression to Kayla that she was a normal girl.

As she dressed, the way Kayla had been addressing her this morning struck her. "Wendy..." Not "Miss" or "Miss Love-Livingston " or "Miss Wendy", as had been the case before and during dinner...but, now, simply "Wendy"...the same as Kayla had used once late last night...and was now using if the two were now friends...more than maid and guest. seemed to fit now. The formality that prevailed in their association most of the previous evening was gone. It was a nice feeling.

After Wendy was done dressing, she opened the door to the hallway, wondering whether Kayla was still nearby, subconsciously hoping to see her sooner rather than later, to show herself off to the pretty maid, and to gauge her reaction. Kayla was standing right there, clearly waiting to render further assistance. The two young women smiled at each other and Kayla reentered the room, as if both girls understood Wendy's opening of the door to be an invitation for Kayla to join her again.

Once in the room, Kayla made a point of eyeing Wendy rather brazenly so that Wendy could not miss it, concentrating particularly on Wendy's teen breasts and legs. "Nice choice, Wendy. I was hoping you'd wear that. I wanted to see you in it."

Wendy blushed with involuntary pleasure at the brunette's obvious prurient interest.

Kayla stepped closer and brushed the blonde's cheek with the back of her fingers. "You are so pretty..." Wendy's heart did a back flip.

"But, Wendy, aren't you going to put on your make-up?"

"I'm going to skip make-up for today."

"No, Wendy, Sarah told me to help you put make-up on. She already laid out cosmetics for you on the vanity table."

Sarah must have a good reason for this........ Oh, of course, it should've been immediately obvious to me. Wendy was suddenly conscious of the necklace she was wearing. I need to be a lesbian all the time. Being beautiful is an important part of being a lesbian. Make-up helps make me beautiful. Regardless of the reason, it would never hurt to put on some make-up. There's nothing wrong with being pretty.

Kayla took Wendy's hand, led her to the vanity table, and had her sit down, facing the mirror, so that Wendy could look at the enhancement of her own face and, more importantly, could more easily steal glances at Kayla, as well.

"First, let's do something with your hair." Kayla sprayed Wendy's hair with some water that happened to be on the table in a spray bottle until the hair, already damp from the shower, was quite wet. After working a bit of styling gel in, Kayla combed it straight back. The water and gel made the color appear several shades darker, simulating medium brown. Wendy saw a girl reflected in the mirror which she didn't fully recognize--worldlier than her usual self, a brunette, with a slick, sleek look, one seeming to beg for make-up to make it complete and completely dramatic.

"Oh, look, Wendy. You're a brunette vixen!" Kayla teased. She then pulled out a blow dryer and proceeded to dry and style it into soft curls and cute waves, adding volume, with the top section pulled back and held in place slightly behind her crown with a hot-pink satin bow. Wendy enjoyed the sensation of Kayla running her fingers through her hair and along her scalp, neck, ears, and face.

"You have such nice hair, Wendy. Have you ever thought about growing it longer? Or coloring it?"

Wendy thought it was funny that Kayla should mention that, as lately images had been flashing into her mind of herself with long, platinum blonde hair, as well as with other lengths, styles, and colors.

"Yeah, I think I definitely want to grow it longer. My mom made me keep it short for a long time, but a couple of years ago I talked her into letting me try it longer, and this is where I've gotten so far." It was now a long "medium" length, past her shoulders, a few inches past her collarbone even, and not too far from starting to be considered "long". "As far as color goes...I think I like it the way it is, pretty much. But, you know, sometimes you get curious..."

"Well, if you ever decide to get adventurous and need some guidance, you can always ask me."

"Thank you, Kayla. I'll think about it."

Kayla next turned to Wendy's face. Specific make-up had already been chosen for her by Sarah: Black mascara, black eyeliner, and matte pink lipstick with a powerful aphrodisiac. After sitting down on a stool almost in front of Wendy, Kayla applied the cosmetics at a leisurely pace and with a sensual touch. Part of the time Kayla chatted easily and confidentially with the blonde teen, while also allowing long pauses in the conversation to give Wendy opportunity to check her out, to be drawn in by her beauty, perfume, and touch, and bathe in the marvelous, tense attraction between them.

I wonder what Kayla thinks about make-up in general. If Kayla's wearing make-up now, maybe she likes other girls wearing make-up casually as well. Or maybe she's only wearing make-up for her job?

"So, Kayla, what are your thoughts on girls like me wearing make-up?" asked Wendy right before Kayla started applying the eyeliner.

"This is just a personal opinion, but I think girls like you look better with make-up. It helps bring out and enhance their beauty." After a pause, she added, "You look very beautiful with make-up, Wendy."


"Yes, but you look fine without it as well."

"Thank you... So, what about you, Kayla? How often do you wear make-up?"

"As often as I can. This might sound a bit weird, but I sometimes feel naked without make-up."

"Do you think it's alright if I wear make-up often as well?"

"There's nothing wrong with wearing make-up as often as you want. Do you want to be beautiful all the time, Wendy?"


"If make-up makes you beautiful, don't you want to wear it all the time?"


"You don't have to answer the question. Just think about what make-up means to you, Wendy."

Wendy thought about her necklace and instinctively touched it. It's to achieve my goal, but is that all? Can I wear make-up for other reasons? Though Wendy didn't have a definitive opinion on make-up yet, she was glad that Kayla was supportive of her wearing make-up.

As Wendy beheld her face transform from merely quite pretty in a fresh and natural way to beautiful in a worldlier, more sophisticated way, she found that she had to agree with Sarah, and with her representative, Kayla, that she looked better with make-up. A lot better. Maybe going "natural" wasn't in her best interests. Perhaps wearing make-up all the time was essential.

Wendy particularly liked the look of the matte pink lipstick on her reflected visage. It was a shade she had never tried before, a very pale, frosty pink. The cosmetic almost made her lips buzz with excitement, or so it seemed. The color, the finish, and the tactile effects made Wendy think her lips looked particularly kissable right now. She wondered for a few moments whether Kayla felt the same, especially from such a precariously close vantage point.

"Nice necklace," complimented Kayla after she put down the lipstick tube.

"Thank you. It's a gift from Sarah."

"So, Wendy, are you Sarah's girlfriend?"

Where'd that come from? The question was unexpected, seemed a bit forward, and it was a topic Wendy did not particularly want to discuss with Kayla. Why would she ask that? Did Sarah tell her? Did she see us in the pool? What does she know? Wendy decided to play dumb, pretending Kayla was simply asking if they were girl friends, or two girls who were good friends, even though she knew that likely wasn't what she meant.

"Uhh...yeah," Wendy replied.

"I mean, are you her lesbian girlfriend?"


"You're unsure?"

"No...well, it's complicated..."

"I always thought Sarah was a straight girl. Even though I'm several years older than her, I sort of grew up with Sarah. I've known her since she was a kid. It's strange that she's suddenly a lesbian. I used to see her hang out with boys. But then you came along, Wendy..."

Does she think I turned Sarah into a lesbian? That she became one for me?

It was now apparent that Kayla was curious, wanted an explanation, would not let the topic die, and Wendy would have to respond. At first, Wendy was uncertain what she should say. On the one hand, she could deny any involvement in lesbianism and refute a Sapphic relationship with Sarah; but perhaps Kayla had seen or otherwise knew about evidence to the contrary--like, she might have seen Wendy and Sarah holding hands and kissing on the house tour, or getting "close" in the pool, or maybe Sarah even had said something about it to her--and Wendy perceived she could not explain it away well enough to someone as perceptive as Kayla was, especially in something like this in which Kayla, as a lesbian, would have a particularly attuned intuition. On the other hand, she could "confess" to Kayla, in accord with the hoax to which Sarah and Wendy had agreed, that Kayla's suspicions about the two girls being in a lesbian relationship were correct; but then Kayla might think of her as a real lesbian, which would mislead her about who she really was, or might make her think she was loose, and therefore Kayla might think less of her. But of more importance to her, at a deeply buried, subconscious level, she also didn't want Kayla to think she was taken.

A third option was just to be truthful about everything, really truthful; but Wendy didn't want to betray Sarah's trust by revealing their plot, nor was she eager to expose, to Kayla or anyone else who didn't absolutely need to know, not only the duplicitous, morally compromised life she was leading but also the lengths to which she was going to win over some boy.

However, Wendy was tired of lying so much, and didn't want to lie to Kayla. She liked her too much. Plus, she needed to talk openly with someone about her complicated life and the direction it was taking, with someone impartial, someone she could trust and who perhaps could guide her. And, for some reason, Wendy felt comfortable with Kayla and felt she could trust her. She decided to speak the truth on the matter.

"I want to explain the matter to you, but can you promise to keep it a secret? I mean, don't tell anyone at all, not even Sarah."

There was a solemn look on Kayla's face. "You can trust me, Wendy. I swear to God I won't tell anyone."

Wendy saw a glint on Kayla's neck. It was a cross necklace.

After taking a deep breath, Wendy began her story. "It's all a lie. We're just pretending to be lesbians."

"Really? That's odd. Whenever I saw you two last night, you were always touching and holding hands, stuff like that ... Then later, in the pool, you two were...well...making out!............. And then......last night kissed me..."

Wendy averted her eyes and blushed. Why did I kiss Kayla last night?

Kayla paused some seconds to allow Wendy to emotionally squirm, not just with embarrassment but also with the recollection of the charged erotic mood and the singular delight associated with that kiss. When Kayla resumed, Wendy looked again into her pretty green eyes.

"Then this morning...I found these on Sarah's bed." Kayla reached into a cloth bag and retrieved a pink jelly double dildo and a small bottle of clear lube that was half empty.

"Errr... Well, last night's kiss was...umm... a thank you kiss..." It was the best justification she could come up with for both Kayla and for herself, and it was consistent with the excuse she had used at the time. Wendy wasn't sure that Kayla would buy it or that she herself bought it, but it would have to do. "And those things, I've never seen them before... I didn't do anything with Sarah last night..."

There was a skeptical look on Kayla's face.

"Really, I'm telling the truth."

A picture suddenly zoomed into Wendy's mind. She saw a close-up image of an unknown girl's butt and thighs. The girl was on her fours. Straddling the girl's hips were the thighs of another unknown girl. A double dildo connected their pussies together. Both pairs of thighs were moving together in unison.

Wendy shook her head to clear the thought. No, that never happened...

In truth, it was Kayla who had left the bag on Sarah's bed. Earlier in the morning, after Kayla had woken up in the maid's sleeping quarters and prepared herself, Sarah had given her a mix of specific and general instructions for the day, one of which included leaving the bag of sexual items on the bed where Sarah had slept last night.

"Wendy, if you two girls like each other--like that--believe me, it's okay with me. In fact, it would make a lot of sense. You two are both very beautiful girls. Both quite hot, in fact. I can see why you would be into each other. If I were Sarah, I'd go queer for you, too, Wendy."

Kayla smiled, enough to allow Wendy to think she might be teasing, but not enough to rule out that she was serious. The remark made Wendy blush, while also pleasing her deep down.

"And I can definitely see why you'd be attracted to Sarah. She really is a babe. If you two end up together--if you're not already together--it would be a really nice thing for both of you. I'd kind of like to see it, to be honest."

She's right... If I were a lesbian girl... I'd love to be with Sarah... We do fit well together. And I really like her...a lot...but...

"But......okay....... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you say you two are straight, fine. Let's just set this matter aside. Tell me your story first. Why are you two...'pretending'?"

"It was..." For several moments, Wendy found it difficult to remember why she was being a lesbian in the first place. "...It was for........for..............oh, yeah...for a boy...a guy named Daniel. Sarah was helping me..."

Images of Lauren promptly flashed into Wendy's brain. With effort, Wendy instead brought Daniel's face to mind, but it was out of focus, made her uneasy, and lingered only a second, before quickly being swamped by much more pleasant images of Lauren's beautiful face and body.

Pausing a moment to savor those images, Wendy then shook her head to try to clear her mind and concentrate on what she was attempting to say. "No... I mean, yes, Sarah was helping" Another image popped into her head, this time of Daniel, but reborn as a soft, feminine, and pretty girl......"Oh, right...Danielle..." Wait...there is no Danielle.... "No....I mean Daniel..."

Wendy realized that it had been a while since she had thought about Daniel the boy...and now that she was a labored recollection...a troubled impression. Wasn't he kind of...stupid? If not...gross? Like so many boys were? Or most of them? Maybe all of them? Wouldn't he be better a girl...?

Flash! A memory forced its way into Wendy's mind, of herself with Sarah. She saw the two teen girls as if she were an observer. "I want to be a lesbian," said Wendy solemnly to Sarah.

"Are you sure, Wendy?"

"Yes, if that's what it takes to seduce Lauren, I'll do it!" Flash!

Did I really say that to Sarah?.........................Yes...I must have..............But...but what about............. Who was it?.................. Oh, right... It was that boy...Daniel...that I was interested in...... That's odd, though... Why did I like him?... What did I see in him?..............Or was it really a girl that I liked...or that I loved...from the start?......... Was it always really Lauren?

Wendy witnessed the mental image of herself whispering. "I need to seduce Lauren... I need to seduce Lauren... I'll do anything it takes to win Lauren... Lauren is my true love..."

Another flash! Wendy saw herself again, but she looked lighter...and longer... dressed in transparent lingerie...a sensual glow emanating from her face and body... She was still with Sarah...who then transformed to Lauren... attired as Wendy was, in provocative lingerie...Their embrace was intimate...the moment was sweet...

Unaware she was speaking aloud, Wendy whispered and Kayla heard: "...Lauren..."

Wendy found herself staring at herself in the mirror, transfixed by the sight of her pretty, made-up self as well as by the fantasies playing in her mind, and unable to explain her story clearly. Starting to choke with emotions, she stopped.

"Wendy, you don't need to continue if you don't want to. I understand strong emotions can make it hard for you to express yourself. We can talk about it later or another time, okay?"

"Okay, Kayla. Thank you for listening to my story. I appreciate it."

"It's alright. A friend of Sarah's is also my friend." Kayla put a reassuring arm around Wendy and gave her a hug, sliding her cheek and hair into touch with Wendy's face. Wendy silently gasped at the sudden enjoyment of the silken and fragrant girl-to-girl contact.

Kayla faced Wendy again, still close. "By the way, looked hot in that swimsuit. Really, really cute. You can wear it any time, as far as I'm concerned."

Kayla smiled at Wendy, as if she had introduced some comic relief into the emotionally taut atmosphere, so Wendy smiled back, while also blushing, feeling, with hidden gratification, that there was more to Kayla's comment than mere humor. It seemed to indicate to Wendy that, in the obscene swimsuit of the previous night, she had indeed made an impact, one which had been dwelling on Kayla's mind.

Kayla backed off a bit more, but kept a hand on Wendy's shoulder, caressing it ever so slightly. "Now that you're ready you can come down to the dining room." The implication that registered subconsciously on Wendy was, as Kayla had intended, that Wendy had not been ready to even go to the dining room, and to eat breakfast, before she had had her face painted with make-up. "We've prepared some breakfast for you."

Kayla stood, and, offering her free hand, assisted Wendy up as well. She kept her other hand on Wendy's shoulder, however, first as if helping her to rise, and then as if still in comforting mode, with a light stroking touch.

"I hope it's nothing too fancy. I'm fine with something simple, like cereal and milk."

"While we do have cereal and milk, Ms. Powers doesn't want our guests to be served something so ordinary."

As they spoke and then stood facing each other for a moment in silence, separated by a foot or two, Wendy found herself caught up in Kayla's emerald eyes, while the hand on Wendy's shoulder started caressing a little more noticeably, and then ventured into some of the curled locks of her blonde hair, playing with them. Wendy suddenly felt a surge of sexual arousal, and dropped her eyes to Kayla's large breasts. The exposed cleavage was mouth-wateringly creamy and voluptuous, while the curves covered with material seemed to push the front of her bodice urgently, as if trying to escape, spill out, and be seen and handled. And they were so close. Wendy felt her pulse race.

Then Wendy's eyes shifted their focus to Kayla's cerise pink colored lips. They were the same soft, full lips she had kissed last night, and painted the same alluringly beautiful shade she had worn most of the previous evening. Wendy had wondered, even though she knew a straight girl like her ought not, what such lips might taste like almost from the moment she had first met the maid, certainly from the time she had been able to check her out properly in the foyer of the Powers mansion. Last night, by the time their lips had finally met, Kayla's had been painted a lovely, deep mulberry. The temptation had been irresistable and the surrender to it rewarding beyond Wendy's imagination. Now the bait that her lips were was that amazing pink once more. Once again, their glistening femininity beckoned. She briefly imagined kissing Kayla and pressing her own breasts against Kayla's larger orbs.

Kayla pretended to not be aware of Wendy's predicament. "Anything else I can help you with, Wendy?" she asked with a soft tone in her voice, as she moved a few inches closer to Wendy.

Wendy, her mouth slightly ajar and her eyes wide, was somewhat petrified, fearful of moving or speaking lest she do or say something she shouldn't; so she just stared at Kayla, scanning her pretty face. No, I can't do anything to Kayla.

"It's alright, Wendy. I'm a maid, and I'm here to serve your needs." Kayla, whose voice wafted to Wendy like a quiet and gentle floral breeze, stepped closer still, now just inches away, and, sliding her hand slowly down Wendy's arm, tenderly touched Wendy's hand, then took it in her own, so that she now held both of Wendy's hands as they stood there.

Stifling a moan, Wendy replied hastily, "Uhh, no...I...I just need to use the bathroom."

Barely able to hold in her horniness, Wendy tore herself away as politely as she could, rushed to the nearby bathroom, and locked the door. After leaning against the door to close her eyes and catch her breath for a second, she lowered the lid of the toilet, sat on it, and reached her right hand beneath her blue skirt to finger herself. Her silver panties were already drenched. Hidden cameras recorded her every move.

Wendy closed her eyes and moaned, "Uhhhh..."

Induced by subliminals, Sapphic imagery streamed into her mind: Cerise pink lips smiled and parted; a tongue extended and licked around the lips; pale pink lips appeared and smiled as well; blonde hair cascaded over a light brown face; frosty pink lips lowered on cerise pink lips and kissed; moist tongues pulled on each other in a game of tug of war; breasts lowered on breasts; nipples touched; thighs spread astride another set of thighs; two hairless pussies aligned vertically; a pink-nailed hand inserted the ends of a pink jelly double dildo into the pussies; pink lips opened in an O-shape moaned...

"Kayla," Wendy sighed.

"Cum now!" commanded an authoritative female voice in her head.

"Ahhhh," exclaimed Wendy uncontrollably as she went over the edge.

Once Wendy was finished cleaning herself up, she walked out of the bathroom on slightly wobbly legs and was surprised that Kayla was standing right next to the door with a knowing smile on her face.

Did Kayla know what I was doing in there?

Kayla silently took her hand and walked with her to the breakfast room.

Wendy had a breakfast that consisted of bacon, eggs, a croissant, strawberries, and a cup of orange juice. Kayla sat at the table next to her. Part of the time Kayla sat quietly, looking either out the windows at the trees, flowers, birds, and bright sunshine on this clear morning, or at Wendy, smiling and twirling locks of her hair around her fingers flirtatiously. Kayla staring at her did not, surprisingly, make Wendy feel uncomfortable, but actually felt nice, for some odd reason, Wendy mused. The rest of the time the two conversed amiably, further developing in Wendy a feeling of ease and familiarity with this arresting young woman.

"Thanks for the wonderful breakfast," said Wendy after she was done. Kayla smiled warmly and, again putting her hand in Wendy's--which Wendy accepted and liked more every time Kayla did it--led her outside.

Angela was waiting at the mansion's garage. Wendy remembered noticing the beautiful, raven-haired maid the night before, but Kayla introduced them anyway. She was standing next to a Lexus and Wendy wondered if this was one of the Powers' cars or belonged to the maid. Although the latter case seemed at first to be the least likely one, Wendy observed over the course of her ride with Angela that the maid acted like the car was hers and then, at one point, she let Wendy know that it indeed had been a gift from Ms. Powers, which generosity Wendy found impressive.

As they got nearer to the car, Wendy had a feeling that she was about to lose something significant. I wonder if I will ever see Kayla again. She looked at Kayla, who smiled slightly. At the last moment, before Wendy got into Angela's car, Wendy was about to open her mouth to say something, but she was preempted by Kayla.

"I really want to talk with you again, Wendy. I think we should stay in touch..."

"Umm...I was thinking the exact same thing!"

Their eyes met for a few moments, and they both smiled. Kayla told Wendy her number, and Wendy dialed it. They now both had each other's numbers.

As they were standing, Wendy noticed that the color of Kayla's hair was not exactly as she had previously supposed. Up to this point, Wendy had only seen Kayla in the evening or indoors, and in the dimmer illumination levels prevalent in those conditions, Kayla's hair had appeared to be simply dark brown, perhaps with a mahogany cast, although it's darkness masked most of the color's undertones. Outdoor daylight, however, revealed Kayla's lush, lustrous hair to be a beautifully and decidedly reddish shade of brown, the direct sunshine igniting its marvelous burgundy cherry tinge.

As they parted, a sudden urge to embrace and even kiss Kayla under the cloak of another "thank you" or as a "good-bye" almost overwhelmed Wendy, but, quickly realizing that doing so would likely cast more doubts into Kayla's mind about her true, straight sexual orientation, and also that doing such a thing in front of Angela might appear odd, she fought off the urge and got in the car.

"Talk to you later, Wendy," smiled Kayla through the opened window, while giving a parting wave. As the car pulled away, Wendy twisted and watched Kayla as long as she could.

When Kayla was out of sight, Wendy turned toward Angela and, quite automatically, started to eye her up. She noted that Angela, who was slightly taller and thinner than Kayla, was wearing an unzipped gray leather jacket over a metallic silver lycra crop top, tight jeans, and white sneakers with star-studded ankle straps. Underneath her clothes, Angela's body could be seen to be breathtakingly slender and, while her breasts were not as large as Kayla's, they were nevertheless prominent, pert, and beautifully shaped. Her skin was perfectly smooth with a medium complexion and the features of her face were fine and feminine. The make-up on her face was, as had Kayla's been, the same as she had worn the night before, consisting of black mascara, black eye shadow, black eye liner, and mulberry lipstick, outlined bewitchingly with a darker shade of lip liner. All elements of her look were set off dazzlingly by the glossy blackness of her long, shiny hair, which reached nearly the full length of her back and was styled in the same manner as the previous night, in a simple, straight-flowing manner.

Angela felt Wendy's eyes roam over her. She let Wendy drink her in uninterrupted a minute or two before looking over at Wendy and smiling.

Wendy smiled back. Angela was very pretty. Wendy sensed in a vague way that this ride with this young woman was some kind of special opportunity and that it was important for her to make the most of it. As Angela faced the road again, her beauty drew Wendy like a magnet and Wendy could not take her eyes off of her. The young woman seemed to emit a raw sexuality which Wendy found riveting, more so with every second.

Plus, there was something about Angela which seemed familiar to Wendy, as if they already knew each other in some intimate, physical way. As Wendy stared at Angela, a vision flashed into her mind of the foxy young woman feeling her up sensuously and kissing her all over. Wendy's body tingled at the image, as though it were a fond recollection, but Wendy knew that, as she had really only met Angela this morning, despite having seen her fufilling her duties at the Powers' mansion the previous evening, her impression of having interacted in a physical way--or a sexual way--with the maid must be quite mistaken. Nevertheless, she knew she was feeling desire for the pretty woman, and had felt it from the moment she had started looking at her.

Wendy wanted to attract her. She now felt quite glad that Kayla had insisted on make-up and doing her hair, and that she was wearing a cute outfit--one which revealed her body. Certainly the make-up Kayla had applied to her face, Wendy felt strongly in this moment, was instrumental in the confidence she was feeling and in the mounting, giddy joy of being with Angela. Deep down, largely unrecognized by her conscious mind, a hope rang through Wendy: I have a chance with her...

Wendy sensed a validation of what she had been learning lately, mainly from Sarah, but also from Madelynn, Cynthia, Kayla, and, it seemed, other sources which were vague in her mind, about how important, how necessary it was for her to be as beautiful as possible, all the time, and sexy, too, and to become more so, and to be open-minded about her sexuality and values. That way, she would always be ready if she crossed paths with a beautiful girl, ready for an encounter or opportunity or whatever it was just like this one. The advice she had received from Sarah and Cynthia, in particular, to try to think, feel, and act like a lesbian all the time was also seeming particularly appropriate and helpful. Absentmindedly she reached up and toyed with the Twin Venus charm dangling around her neck.

It did not occur to Wendy that a couple of months ago she would have had no feelings like this with someone, even with a stunner like Angela, unless the person had been a boy, nor would she have thought she needed make-up to impress anyone. But that was then and now was now. Wendy's former concepts of natural, wholesome beauty, and a desire to appeal to boys, were well on their way to being completely supplanted by a drive for artificial, enhanced, sexy beauty, to appeal to girls--girls only, and only pretty girls--for the ultimate purpose of having sex with them.

The fact that her perspective had been so radically transformed did not occur to her much on this day, however, as she was sitting in the car with Angela, and whatever feelings she had about it were that the changes were for the better. They opened up doors and experiences that had been closed to her before, she felt freer and happier than she used to be, and, besides, she needed to be like this because......well.... because.......

The exact reasons why she wanted to be an appealing and available lesbian girl and embrace her attraction to other pretty girls were more difficult to recall every time she tried. As her fingers traced over the circle and cross shapes on her necklace symbol, it just seemed like the way she was now was the way she always should have been...but...

Oh, yeah... I need to be like this for I can win her heart...because I love her... That's the most important thing to me... That's my goal ...

Then she remembered there was more to it than that...something to do with a b... Wait, Wendy. Stop. She grabbed onto her Twin Venus symbol as if holding onto a lifeline. You're not supposed to think like that. Especially not while you're wearing this necklace... You're supposed to think only like a lesbian...........all the time..................... I love Lauren......... I only like girls...pretty this one........

I don't have to do anything with her...... I'm not going to do anything with her... But it's okay to like her...and look at her...... She's very cute........

During the next part of the ride home, Angela engaged Wendy in chit-chat. At first it was routine small talk, but then Angela steered the conversation to Wendy's mother. Her first remark in this direction was a compliment about Mary's beauty, but one into which she laced a sexual undertone.

"So, Wendy... Where's your mom this morning? Wasn't she going to give you a ride home?"

"She was, but I think maybe she's at work, and giving me a ride must have slipped her mind."

"So she's not at home?"

"No. I tried calling the house earlier and no one answered."

"Wendy, did anyone tell you your mom's very hot?" asked Angela in a direct and casual manner.

Wendy's worries about her mother being a target of lesbian affection returned with a jolt. Sarah had assured Wendy that Kayla wouldn't do anything inappropriate to Wendy's mom, but Sarah never mentioned anything about Angela. And, of course, Wendy couldn't forget Cynthia expressing a similar Sapphic interest in Mom the previous morning. Wendy quickly became uncomfortable.

"Thank you, Angela. That's nice of you to say. But...but to me, she's just Mom. I've never looked at her like that."

That statement was, of course, untrue. If Wendy had said it a few weeks ago, or even a few days ago, it would have been reasonably true, but not now, not after the suggestions and subliminals and brainwashing and flirtations of the previous day and night, although the Wendy of this moment on this morning was largely oblivious to the fact that she had felt attracted to her mother, and still did.

But Angela's comment, especially following Cynthia's nearly identical proclamation of the previous day and Kayla's similar remark as relayed by Sarah the previous night, made Wendy wonder whether that was what other girls thought of and saw when they looked at her mom. It was beginning to seem so.

Why is Angela saying this too? Is she a lesbian like Cynthia and Kayla?........... Or maybe other women think of Mom like that as well............. There's something about Mom that interests them, woman to woman........... What are they seeing that I'm missing?........... Maybe...maybe I need to look at Mom Cynthia said I should.......... like they do...............

Regardless, Wendy knew it wasn't appropriate to talk with a near-stranger about her mom as if she were some lesbian dream babe, because she wasn't, and because, even if she were, her mother deserved more respect than to banter about her sexual appeal. Just as she had with Sarah the previous night, Wendy felt the need to disabuse Angela of whatever misconceptions she might have and to steer the conversation away from anything sordid concerning her mom.

"Angela, my Mom's straight, not to mention she's married."

"I was just complimenting her looks, Wendy. It's nothing serious."

"I know, but..."

"You don't need to get worked up over something like this." Angela was intentionally exaggerating Wendy's response as an overreaction.

"I wasn't. I...I was just trying to set the record straight."

"I didn't mean to offend you, Wendy."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound mean. I'm just kind of worried about my mom."

Angela turned on the special car stereo which played pop music laden with devious subliminals.

"Wendy... It's true... Your mom is sexy... Women and girls desire her... They should... You like them wanting her... You want her, too... She turns you on... You want your mother to be a lesbian... You want her to be happy... She'll be happy as a lesbian...with girlfriends... and lovers... She'll be more beautiful, too... You hope she gives in... You want her to have lesbian girlfriends...and lovers.... You want to be her lesbian lover... You want to have sex with your mother... You want her to notice you... You want to attract her............. Angela turns you on, too... You want her to like you... Invite her into your house...and kiss her... You crave sex with girls... Have sex with her... Entice her..."

Wendy soon felt groggy. Angela pulled the car up to the curb in front of Wendy's house and parked.

"You were mean to me, Wendy, and it was intentional. I know why. It's because you're homophobic." Angela intentionally twisted the meaning of Wendy's words in order to steer Wendy into eventually doing what she wanted.

"No, it wasn't like that. I didn't even know you were..." Wendy whispered.

"Yes, Wendy... I am a lesbian...and you are obviously prejudiced against gays."

"No, Angela, believe me, I'm not..."

"I won't believe you're not unless you prove it. Like, for starters, you could invite me in."

"Oh... oh, yeah... of course. I'm sorry. I forgot my manners. Would you like to come in, Angela?"

"Oh, Wendy, I'd love to!" She reached over to Wendy's naked left thigh and slowly caressed it. Softly, sweetly, sultrily she whispered, "I'd love to..."

Wendy's heart started to beat faster. Was Angela coming onto her? Had she, Wendy, just suggested something amorous between them by inviting her in? Even though she intellectually knew, through the blur which was making her mind more unfocused by the second, that fooling around with Angela was not something she should want or welcome, it was nevertheless quite a wondrous possibility. Angela was hot.

As they were walking toward the front door of Wendy's house, Angela slipped her arm around Wendy's waist, pulling her closer and speaking with a soft, suggestive voice. "I'm glad your mom isn't home right now, Wendy. If it's just you and me...alone...we can get to know each other...much better..." Angela's hand slid possessively down around Wendy's hip.

"Okay...I guess so..." Wendy wasn't sure what Angela had in mind, but in the groggy, suggestible state into which the subliminals had put her, her inhibitions had fallen fast and she had become open to most anything.

As Wendy opened the door and the two young women entered, Angela complimented, "Nice home."

"Th...thank you." They stood standing in the foyer for a few seconds, Wendy still absently holding the front door open. "My mom always tries to keep this house neat and tidy."

The moment Wendy closed the door, Angela spun and pushed Wendy up against it, pinning her arms above her head with her hands. Wendy's eyes went wide with surprise. Angela pressed her body into Wendy's, the two lovely, made-up faces separated by mere inches. Wendy inhaled the sultry young woman's perfume and felt the heat and curves of her lithe body.

"There's only one way for you to truly apologize for the rude thing you said in the car, and to make it up to me," whispered Angela.

"How?" Wendy's voice was breathless and trembled slightly.

"With your beautiful pink mouth, of course..." Leaning forward, Angela planted a long kiss on Wendy's unresisting, pale pink lips. Releasing Wendy's arms but pursuing the kiss, Angela took Wendy's face in her hands. Wendy responded to Angela's ardor and to the sweetness and smooth softness of her urgent, mulberry lips, wrapping her arms around Angela's back and turning the lip lock into a fervent French kiss.

Before she spoke again, Angela licked the thread of pink and mulberry saliva hanging from Wendy's lower lip. "Come on, sweetie, show me the living room!" Angela took the dizzy, panting blonde teen by the hand and they walked together into the living room. Then Angela released Wendy's hand, walked up to the sofa a few feet away, turned to face Wendy, and, with a saucy look on her face, took off her leather jacket. Through the confused, lust-laden feelings bubbling within her, Wendy sensed it might be a good thing to try to stall whatever was to come next.

"Would you like something to drink?" asked Wendy with a slight slur in her speech.

"No thanks, Wendy. I brought my own juice." Angela unfastened the top button of her jeans. "And I want to offer you a drink..." She stroked a finger over the crotch area of her tight blue jeans, tracing circles.

"Huh? Wha...what do you mean?"

The young, raven-haired beauty started to pull the zipper down.

"...from my pussy!"

With a quick, graceful tug, and an accompanying portentous "zzzzpp" sound, Angela completed opening her jeans. She pulled the two halves of the crotch wide apart to give a good view to the intently attentive Wendy, who saw immediately and clearly that the young woman wore no panties.

"Oh!... Angela... I don't think that's a good idea...not here...not right now..."

"Hush. It's your idea, Wendy. You've been flirting with me all the way here. You asked me what I thought of your mother, and when I told you that I was a lesbian, and that I thought your mom was a total babe, and I wished she was also a lesbian, and that I'd like to take her to bed, you got turned on. You invited me in. You kissed me the moment we came in. And then you asked to drink from my pussy. Since you are such a sexy slut and so beautiful, especially because of your make-up, I just can't resist you, Wendy." Wendy's mind absorbed Angela's half-true, half-false version of recent events as if completely true.

"We should get started now." She started pulling off her shoes and socks. "Unless you want to wait until your mom comes home. We could give her a little performance, couldn't we?" Angela slid her jeans down her legs and kicked them off, leaving her bottom half completely bare. Wendy stood riveted by the decadent spectacle, and her mouth started to water involuntarily.

"I hear you like giving wild lesbian sex shows, you little whore, don't you?" Angela pulled her crop top off, setting her lovely orbs free. Wendy inhaled sharply at the sight. ".........No? Not today? Maybe another time. You don't want your mom to miss out on what a sexy little lesbian slut her daughter is, do you?" The maid, now entirely naked, sat down on the sofa, leaned back, spread her legs slightly, and idly toyed a finger along her pussy lips.

"You love being naked with pretty girls and having delicious lesbian sex with them. You want to be naked with me. Come on, Wendy. Take off your clothes as well, sweet girl." Wendy started to slip out of her leather halter top, but paused, sensing something amiss. "Do it, Wendy! Take them all the good little lezzy girl you that you can have sex with another girl. Strip for me like a slut...the slut you love to be... "

Mechanically, Wendy resumed taking her clothes off as ordered. As she stripped, Angela encouraged her. "That's right, Wendy baby. Take off your top...

"Good... Now take that bra off.... Show me your tits, honey.......... All right! They're gorgeous! What kissable nipples you have! You should paint them with your lipstick sometime......... Now that cute little skirt... Come on, sweetheart... Show me your legs...all the way up............. Yessss............ You have great legs, darling...and what a pretty fanny...very nice..........Now...pull down those slinky silver panties... Let me see what you got between your legs..........that's right....... Take 'em off..............Oh, yeah! Baby, you are beautiful..."

When Wendy was done, leaving only her strappy silver heels and Twin Venus necklace on, she stood there absently drinking in Angela's sexy, naked loveliness. She looked at the mulberry-lacquered nails on Angela's toes, then traced upwards along the young woman's slim, smooth legs, moist pussy, impossibly narrow waist, jeweled navel, sweet, breasts the size of large oranges, or softballs, and up to Angela's pretty face. She lingered there a few seconds before following her lovely, long, hair back down as it fell in glossy deep-black splendor around her head and over her silken shoulders and slim torso, then lowering her eyes to the young woman's tempting pussy again. Wendy saw a strange tattoo right above her pussy lips, consisting of three pink-colored interlocking Venus symbols. Wendy wanted to ask what that symbol meant, but before she could muster words to verbalize the question, Angela spoke again.

"You like Kayla, don't you, Wendy? It's unfair. You'd like me, too, just as much, or more, but Kayla has gotten to spend more time with you than me. But, I know what to do. I'm going make my time with you count. I'm going to make you love me more than Kayla, and I'm going to do it with my pussy!" Angela cupped her vulva with a lewd grab, then started stroking herself, up and down, with her palm for a few seconds.

"Kayla has those big boobs, which I bet make you drool. I can't say I blame you. And she's really beautiful. You're probably going to fall in love with her before you're done, if you haven't already. I get that. And that's okay. You should. But I have one thing that she doesn't ha...well Kayla has one, too...but I'm going to use mine on you before she does. I'm going to beat her to the punch. Kayla hasn't let you lick her pussy yet, has she?"

Wendy, glazed, silently turned her head side to side with a slight movement.

"Well, you don't have to worry about me, sweet girl. I'm going to be more generous with you than she has been. I'm going to let you have my pretty, girly pussy... before she does...You can have me right now..." She resumed fingering herself, over and between her labia. "It really wants you. You have such a pretty mouth...sweet and pink and ripe, coated with such lovely pale pink lipstick. I love your pink, lipsticked mouth. It's sooo sexy. I want it all over my pussy. It wants your nice mouth kissing and licking and sucking it. It's all wet for you, right now. See?" Angela spread her legs wider, more fully exposing the expectant, moist slit, and started to finger-fuck herself.

"I'm going to let you have my little cunt right your own home...and you're going to love me...because you're going to love this." Angela looked down at her womanhood while she diddled herself. Wendy stood completely mesmerized.

"You're going to love me because I'm giving my pussy to you. And little Miss Wendy loooooves pussy!"

Withdrawing her fingers and licking them, Angela raised her right leg, planted her foot on the arm of the sofa, and spread her thighs as far apart as she could, causing her vaginal lips to part in lewd invitation. Wendy stared, dumbfounded and salivating.

"By the time I'm done with you, you're going to be my little pussy whore. You won't be able to live without this...and without me...

"Come, Wendy, taste my sweet pussy. I know you want it." Despite profound desires propelling her to kneel and kiss and lick, something in her told her this was not right and that she should hold back. But the glistening, pink sight in front of her eyes was weakening that small reservoir of will by the second, and she teetered on the brink.

"The Goddess wills it!" Angela plunged three fingers into herself with an exaggerated motion and whimpered girlishly. "Come on, Wendy, pretty girl. Lick me! Try it once, then you'll be addicted. You'll never resist it again, ever. Give me your beautiful mouth! Kiss my cunt, Wendy! Do it now!" She withdrew her fingers and put them in her mouth. "Mmmmmm," she mewed.

Her last inhibitions disintegrated, Wendy fell to her knees in front of Angela, slid her face between her sleek thighs, through her haze savoring their smooth softness on her cheeks, and raised her mouth upwards until it just touched Angela's wet pussy. The first contact and taste was enough to send Wendy into a blind frenzy for the young woman's female center. Wendy kissed and lapped and probed and sucked with abandon. True to Angela's promise, her cunt was about the most delicious thing Wendy had ever tasted, rivaling even Sarah's. It was absolute heaven.

At length Angela let out a scream of ecstasy. Feminine juices ran down Wendy's lips and cheeks and Angela's thighs, which Wendy slurped up automatically and hungrily.

After both girls had cooled down a minute or two, Angela arose, gently helped Wendy to her feet, and got dressed. However, Wendy was stuck in a trance-like state and simply stood there.

As she dressed, Angela spoke to Wendy. "Wendy, I love your make-up. I'm sure you are very pretty naturally, but with your face painted, you are beautiful. It has made me want to have sex with you. You're happy you wore make-up today, aren't you? You should wear it all the time.

"And that cute little short skirt and halter top just made you totally irresistable. You like being irresistable to cute girls. You want to dress sexy all the time. You want to keep wearing short skirts, the shorter, the better, and skimpy tops. You especially love daring halter tops and other types of tops and blouses that show off your cute titties really well, and draw other girls and women to look at them."

Before Angela left, she said to the teenage girl, "Remember, Wendy, it was you who came on to me. It was you who wanted to have sex with Angela. It was your own decision. It was you who invited me in so you could seduce me. You desperately wanted to touch and taste my body. It was you who stripped to entice me into sex with you."

Wendy's eyes flickered as her vulnerable mind absorbed all those words.

"And you want to see me again, as much as you want to be with Kayla. You long to hold me in your arms and kiss me and be my sexy girlfriend and have lesbian sex with me." Taking a pen from the nearby end table, Angela wrote her phone number on Wendy's wrist. "You are addicted to my beautiful, tasty pussy. You can't live without it. You're a naughty little lesbian slut. See you later, girl."

Angela gave Wendy a quick kiss on the lips, snapping Wendy out of her trance. Before Wendy fully came to her senses, the door closed shut. Hearing the door, Wendy walked to it and opened it part-way, seeing Angela drive off. Only a second or two later, she saw her mom's car pulling up to the curb. Mary had just returned from her interview. My mom's back!

Pausing briefly, she looked at her naked self and the pile of clothes. I don't have enough time to get dressed! I shouldn't have had sex with Angela in the living room! Her distress at this moment wasn't so much over having just had lesbian sex, or having had it with someone she barely knew, but rather over where and when it had happened. Quickly, Wendy grabbed her clothes before running with them up the stairs in her silver heels to her bedroom. However, Wendy missed the silver panties that she wore, which were on the floor next to one end of the sofa.

"Wendy, are you home?" asked Mary loudly as she closed the front door behind her and looked through the mail, most of which was junk mail. A bright red envelope caught her eye. It was marked simply with the recipient's and sender's addresses, without names, being sent merely to the "current resident". Though Mary knew it was just junk mail with a bit of novelty, she decided to look at it later.

Mary's voice sounded faintly from below through the door to Wendy's bedroom. Wendy was struggling to get dressed as fast as she could, but she suddenly realized that she was missing her panties. Oh no! Wendy continued dressing anyway.

As Mary walked through the living room, a small, seeming puddle of shiny silver on the floor caught her eye. On closer inspection, they looked like a pair of beautiful, slinky panties. How did these get here? There were only two females living in the house, and, if they were panties, Mary knew they weren't hers. They must be Wendy's.

She picked up the garment, first feeling with some surprising pleasure the slick softness of the glossy metallic material, then noticing the smell and wetness in its crotch area. Her pussy tingled unexpectedly. A picture flashed into her mind of herself, naked except for matching silvers heels, slowly pulling the panties up her legs, positioning them around her hips, smoothing the shiny, thin material over her rear and her sex. and admiring herself in a long mirror. When the image disappeared, leaving her breathing a little harder, she then had a strange urge to bury her face in the panties and smell them deeply. But Mary resisted.

The first explanation to occur to Mary for the presence of the mysterious panties was that her daughter had been masturbating in the living room. The moment she thought that, she wondered why she suspected it, as Wendy had never given her reason to believe that she would do that kind of thing even in the privacy of her own room--other than certain sounds Mary had heard come from Wendy's room, especially at night, such as moanings, soft grunts, and even a few muffled screams, which Mary had simply ascribed to the peculiarities of a typical, hormone-driven, occasionally over-dramatic teenage personality venting audibly to itself from time to time--much less in such a semi-public place as the living room. Nevertheless, she dwelt a moment on the possibility, as she unconsciously rubbed the thin, silvery, partially moist material between her fingers, and it gave her a little thrill, which she noticed but did not understand.

Little did Mary imagine that her teen daughter had been having frenzied lesbian sex with another woman within feet of that very spot but minutes before, to which act those panties in her hand had served as a discarded, mute witness from their vantage point on the floor.

As she pondered how the panties got there, and on their obviously "used" condition, Mary's mind settled on Wendy masturbating as the single most feasible explanation, even though it was a bit difficult for her to comprehend it. She had taught her daughters that such an act was not one which pleased God, but she knew that it wasn't the worst thing a teen girl could do, either. It certainly was better than getting involved with boys. Yet, why do it in the living room? And why leave her panties there? It didn't quite add up. And why was Wendy wearing such...such sexy panties? Perhaps it was time for a little chat with her daughter.

Walking up the stairs to her daughter's bedroom, Mary knocked on the door and, upon hearing Wendy's invitation to enter, did so. Wendy was sitting on her bed, leaning back against the headboard with her legs stretched out, which sight grabbed Mary's attention for a few seconds. The cute little denim skirt Wendy wore left her pretty legs exposed more than half-way up her thighs. It briefly occurred to Mary that she had not taken a good look at Wendy's legs for a while, and that they were now clean-shaven, smooth, and...very attractive...

In the course of her busy life, Mary had neglected introducing Wendy to two fine womanly arts, that of proper make-up use and that of shaving one's legs. She had not failed to do that with her older daughter, Claire, and had planned on doing the same for Wendy a few years back, but both items of instruction had been postponed and then had slipped Mary's mind. There were several reasons for that: Mary had been a little busier in recent times; Wendy had worn jeans and other pants almost exclusively up to a couple of weeks ago and Mary had almost never noticed Wendy's legs; Wendy, for years a rather shy and seemingly a somewhat socially reticent girl, had not talked much about boys or expressed to Mary a desire to learn to appeal to them, with the possible exception of asking to grow her hair longer a couple of years previous; and Wendy had not asked Mary about either topic, at least not directly and not persistently.

When did she start wearing skirts so much? Especially short ones? And when did she start shaving her legs? Who taught her?........ Well...she is old enough...more than old enough... It's definitely time... Maybe she just figured it out on her own........... That skirt is is cute... And her legs...they look smooth. Mary's mouth watered ever so slightly, which she barely noticed. They are beautiful...

Mary forced herself to leave Wendy's legs and focus on her face. Although she detected that her daughter appeared a bit flustered--which, only Wendy knew, was from her frantic hiding of the tracks of her recent sexual activity--her attention quickly zoomed in on the prettiness of Wendy's painted face, her fetching hair, and today's sexy attire, which clothing struck Mary after just a minute of accustomization, to be, strangely enough, just the right way to show off her cute teen body.

Her make-up... I should have been the one to teach her about it... But she's picked it up...from somewhere...maybe from Sarah.......such a sweet girl................. In any case...her face...her wonderful...

"Good morning, Wendy, my sweetheart." Mary had been going to say her customary "honey", but instead found herself upping the endearment. Mary paused just a moment after she said that, wondering about it; but it did feel just right. She also faintly heard two more words rumble through her head, words she did not say, but which seemed nevertheless appropriate, oddly so: love... However, it was a fleeting impression, so brief that it didn't fully enter her train of thought. She interpreted those two words in a motherly context, suppressing her subconscious incestuously romantic feelings.

Mary hadn't seen Wendy since they had parted right after dinner at Mrs. Powers' mansion the previous night, and the sight of her daughter in her bedroom seemed to bowl her over momentarily, for some mysterious reason, as if she had never really seen this beautiful girl before. Being with her again felt like a very special privilege. She thought for a second back to the dinner, and having had some related feelings about Wendy then, as well--odd, new, but nice feelings--but then succeeded in stifling those impressions to focus on the task at hand.

"I found these..." she said as she dangled the shiny, skimpy article of uniquely feminine, singularly personal clothing from an index finger. For a moment Mary was distracted by how sleek, smooth, and damp they felt, and by a quick consideration that they had been covering and touching the private parts of this, her own lovely daughter, likely not that long ago. For a brief instant, she also speculated that her daughter could be pantiless right now. That thought caused her pulse to quicken slightly. Mary suddenly wondered why she was having those thoughts. Stop it, Mary! You shouldn't be thinking about these things!

Snapping out of it, she added what she felt was the most important part of her sentence: " the living room."

A picture popped into Mary's mind for a second, one which, it seemed, she had actually seen somewhere, of Wendy, on this very bed but in the past, legs apart, pulling the crotch of her panties to the side to show her naked womanhood. The seeming recollection left before Mary could quite grasp it. But then immediately another, similar image swept in and out of Mary's mind, this one as if triggered by the first, but lingering just a bit lingering longer, again of Wendy on her bed, but right now, pulling up her skirt to her waist, smiling at her, to show her mother an absence of panties and a perfectly hairless crotch, her smooth vaginal lips also smiling at her, pink and moist...! This isn't right... Mary extinguished the imagery.

Although Mary was unsure whether her adorable daughter wore panties under her short skirt as she sat there on her bed with her legs stretched out before her, Wendy was keenly aware of the fact that she definitely did not. There were unique, mixed sensations about it, physically and emotionally. There was a feeling of freedom, of exciting, lax sexuality, of the potential for "easy access" to her femininity. Being naked under her miniskirt, with Mom nearby, was making her feel vulnerable. And naughty. And sexy. And aroused.

Mary stepped closer to her daughter and handed her the silver panties. As their fingers touched through the sensual material, Mary felt an emotional spark of some kind pass between them. Then yet another image flickered into her mind's eye, an image of Wendy, eyes closed and heavily made-up, slithering on this same bed, the mattress covered with a midnight-blue satin sheet, wearing only the silver panties and silver high heels, groping her naked young breasts with one hand, tracing her slit through the shiny fabric with the other, and moaning in soft passion, "Ohhh............Mommm..........."

The vision left as fast as it came, but it left Mary momentarily stunned. The sight of her daughter, and being this close to her, and handing these sensual silver panties to her, was affecting her somehow.

What is going on with me? Or is it Wendy? Maybe she's just growing up. She's becoming a woman. Maybe I'm just noticing that for the first time. I should have been paying more attention to her. She is darling...

Then recovering, she sought to find her voice. At first, she had wanted to say, "Wendy, there are some lines you shouldn't cross. You should do private activities in private places." But she realized that she would be assuming something about which she wasn't certain, and such a statement would have a sexual connotation which she really didn't want to broach with Wendy, anyway, at least not right now, not with the confusing impressions that were passing through her.

The thought came to Mary that even if Wendy had been getting herself off, that would be quite natural for a lovely teen girl like Wendy to do. So the initial impulse to give Wendy a euphemistic reprimand about masturbation, something which at this moment was seeming trivial, faded and was replaced by what actually came out of her mouth. "Wendy, you need to be more careful where you leave your clothes next time. Okay, darling?"

"Sorry, mom, it was an accident," replied Wendy while catching her breath.

"Don't worry about it, sweetie. It's not a big deal at all."

In fact, as she stood there speaking, the prospect of finding Wendy's panties, especially her used panties, in the house again sometime--and these sexy silver panties in particular--became intriguing. Quickly she realized there was often likely to be something along these lines in the laundry hamper...

Mary caught herself. "Where'd that weird little thought come from? She steered her mind back to her daughter's welfare.

"Honey, did someone give you a ride back home?"

"Yes. Angela, one of the maids, gave me a ride."

"I wanted to give you a ride home earlier this morning, but Mrs. Powers said she'd take care of it."

"Well, it worked out fine, Mom. Angela was nice. Really nice. And super cute. We hit it off with each other and..." With some panic, Wendy realized she was about to bubble on--in a lesbian way--about the pretty maid who had both given her a ride and received a different kind of ride from her, as well. Getting into those feelings and that series of events with her mom could definitely be a trip into some uncomfortable territory. Then Wendy looked down and saw Angela's phone number scrawled on her wrist, and she quickly turned the arm over before her mom saw it.

Did I say too much about Angela? What if Mom asks about Angela dropping me off? And whether I invited her in? And whether that had anything to do with my panties? And what if she sees what's on my wrist and gets curious about it?

Wendy suddenly remembered Sarah's gift. It was a good way to divert her mom's attention even further away from the panty issue and to lead her mom away from delving into what she and Angela had ended up doing together. "Mom, before I forget, here's a present from Sarah."

"What is it?"

"Just look inside."

Mary sat down on the edge of the bed, turned her body in Wendy's direction, sliding a knee onto the bed, and set the small white bag onto the bedspread between herself and her daughter. She opened it and, when she saw the cosmetics, her eyes widened some in mild surprise and curiosity.

One by one she removed the items, a tube of this and a bottle or a container of that, and placed them on Wendy's bed, so that her daughter could share in the overview. They consisted mostly of nail polishes and lipsticks in various bold colors, primarily but not exclusively in vivid shades of red, as well as black mascara and eyeliner, two shades of blush, and a few assorted colors of eye shadow.

Mary's first impulse was to respond to Wendy that, though she was glad that Sarah had given her this gift, she personally had no need for these kinds of things. However, as her gaze settled on the deep, stunning crimson colors displayed in the bottles of nail enamels, Mary instantly felt a change of sentiment, recognition sweeping into her of what a thoughtful and valuable gift this was, and how an attractive woman like herself could, after all, at some point or another, find use for products like these.

In fact, she now reflected, just this morning she had found out that she apparently would very soon have need for items exactly like Sarah's gift. What good timing! Exactly what I need...

So instead of declining, Mary almost gushed out her acceptance of Sarah's gift. "These are wonderful. Tell your friend Sarah I said 'thanks' and that I like them very much." Additional words to say passed through Mary's head: ...and that I like her very much. She almost said it, but caught herself, thinking that Wendy actually repeating such a notion to her charming platinum blonde friend might be a bit much. I'll tell her sometime myself.

"You really like them, Mom?" Wendy was still a bit incredulous, but glad that Sarah's promises were coming true.

"Of course," answered Mary.

"Excuse me a sec, Mom." Wendy arose from the bed and went to do something at her desk, which was almost behind Mary, in back of her enough that she would not look at Wendy without twisting around, but not so far that Wendy, from the desk, could not see part of the side of her mother's face.

As Mary had been engrossed by the products on the bed, she had not noticed that, as Wendy had twisted her legs to get off the bed, her skirt had slid up to her hips, exposing her pantiless vagina for a split second. Wendy immediately had realized what she had done, and, in alarm, she had quickly pulled her skirt down, gotten off the bed, and sat down at her desk.

Wendy! You idiot! You forgot you didn't have panties on! She glanced at her mom, however, and she appeared to not have noticed. Whew! That was a close call....................... Why did I do that?........ It was an accident...wasn't it?....... Or...or did I want her to see?..........................No...of course I wouldn't do that on purpose. It was a slip-up. I simply forgot, and got careless...............

...............But.............even if she had looked........ would it have been so bad?..........

Suddenly, her memory flashed to the lesbian sex show she had put on with Sarah exactly two weeks before, and the moment she had pulled off her little panties to display herself lewdly to Rebecca's guests. Then her mind jumped to a day or two ago, when she had sat in sexy lingerie on this very same bed, spread her legs, and pulled aside her panties for the photos she had taken for Sarah. And she also recalled being in this bedroom two days ago with Madelynn, again on this bed, and exposing herself to her best friend about the same way she had for the photos. There had been other places and other girls, too. They had all seen "it".................

If Mom had seen me... It wouldn't have been the first time I've shown that........... And we are, after all, in my bedroom...a natural place, a private place, for a girl to be seen show herself off...if she wants to.......... Plus, she is my mom... A mother looking at her daughter's...privates not so unnatural......It's okay if family sees you...especially in your own bedroom... She's seen it before......when I was younger...... And maybe Mom would like to look at see what I see how I've I've developed...into a see how pretty I am............ there......................

Wendy! Stop, you perv! You can't think like that about Mom! Her self-reprimand was not aimed at her thoughts about exposing her private female parts, but about allowing her mind to drag her mother into it. It must be what Cynthia and Angela and Kayla said about Mom... It must be getting to me...

Wendy remembered that she had a simple but somewhat urgent task to accomplish, so she put a stop to her drifting thoughts and turned herself toward her desk, behind Mary, leaving Mary by herself to pour over her gifts. The quiet sounds Mary heard, but to which she had paid no attention, were Wendy scribbling some numbers on a piece of paper, folding the paper, sliding it into a desk drawer, and then wiping her wrist to rub off the identical set of numbers written there earlier by Angela.

Once that mission was accomplished without her mother taking note, Wendy relaxed and turned around to watch her mom from behind while she was examining her new cosmetics. Mom seemed quite absorbed in looking at them, which made Wendy feel a slight degree of happiness. If her mom started using them, that would give them something in common. It might help Mom see things my way a little more. And what would Mom look like? Wendy had never seen her mom in strong make-up. As she thought about it, she started to become quite curious.

Plus, as she sat there looking at her mother's side and back, she started to feel like there was something kind of...kind of touchable about her mom. What was it that was different today, something that she was finding interesting? Wendy scanned Mom's shoulders...her arms...her body... Mom was slim...graceful...womanly...pleasantly feminine...

For a moment, Wendy imagined her mom removing her business jacket. That would bring her form into better view. Wouldn't that be nice? Would Wendy be able to see Mom's bra straps through her blouse? Those kinds of considerations had never particularly interested Wendy before, but right now, they did.

Wendy was about to suggest to her mom that she might be more comfortable if she removed her jacket, though her true motive, partially hidden from even herself, was really so that she could have a better look at what was underneath. But she thought better about it and remained silent. However.........yes, Mom's physical presence was....... It was quite pleasing.

Was it Mom's hair? Wendy had always found her mom's hair attractive. It wasn't much different today than usual, but for some reason it looked...nice. It's feminine softness, cleanliness, body, length, style, and blonde hue were inviting today, somehow. For a second, Wendy had the urge to reach out and feel it, and she started to do that. Quickly, however, she reconsidered and withdrew her hand. Mary was looking at the riches on the bed and didn't notice her daughter's aborted attempt to touch her.

But for a few seconds more, Wendy could not stop appraising her mother. There was her face, part of which Wendy could see from the desk... The skin was smooth...her nose small and perfect...her lips delicate...touched right now, it looked like, with a bit of nice, shiny gloss... They were kissable............ But...Mom would look good in bold the ones on the bed...extremely good... The prospect of Mom actually trying some of them was somehow kind of... exciting...

Mom and make-up...particularly make-up like those strong colors......... I'd never thought about it much...but...that would be interesting...very interesting.......... I wonder if she will ever try those products... I wonder what she'd look like...........I'd like to see her do it...

In the meantime, Mary had been sitting somewhat spellbound, her eyes roving over what was seeming, more by the moment, like a little treasure in front of her. She hadn't been doing so for very long after Wendy had gone to her desk before suddenly, in her mind's eye, Mary saw red-nailed fingers holding a silver tube of red lipstick and applying it on female lips. It seemed like a wonderful and thrilling thing to do. Catching herself in the thought, she wondered why she would fantasize and feel a strange delight about applying red lipstick.

But then it seemed like she simply had to pick up one of the tubes lying in front of her. Feeling quite unable to resist, she reached out and touched a silvery one, sensing a sort of reverence for it as she took it in her fingers. Her hands shook slightly as she slowly pulled off the lid and, with a distinct, novel, unexpected fascination, twisted the bottom to shoot the bullet-shaped cylinder of creamy redness from its barrel. The beautiful hue, the velvety-looking texture, the subtle, pleasant, feminine scent, and all other aspects of the fiery stick called to her: "Go ahead. Put me on. Make yourself luscious. Make your lips a temptation. Become beautiful and sexy."

Mary felt herself quake with the urge to touch the color to her lips. But realizing there was no good reason to apply the compelling cosmetic, at least in this moment, and knowing Wendy was nearby, Mary fought herself, retracting the lipstick and replacing the cover. As she sat there a minute recovering herself, she mused over the mysterious compulsion she had just experienced.

Though Wendy had been watching her mom, she had missed the signs of what had just transpired in Mary's mind, so focused was she on Mom's features and speculating on what her mom might do with the make-up. But Wendy's curiosity about her mom also included wondering about what her mom had been doing earlier that morning.

"Where did you go this morning, Mom?" asked Wendy. As Mary turned to face Wendy, Wendy noticed more clearly that her mom's business attire was different than usual. It was in a gray color and seemed more form-fitting. In addition, as Wendy had thought was the case a minute before, it was now clear that Mom had indeed put on a bit of make-up. It looked like lip gloss and a touch of mascara.

Make-up two days in a row. That must be a record for Mom..."Miss Natural"!

"I went to a screening interview for my new job at Hecate, Mrs. Power's company."

"Wow, you're going to work at the Hecate company?"

"Yes, honey, I'd like to. I'm ready for a change. Mrs. Powers offered me a job and I agreed to it. I just have to go through their application and interview process. So I had one interview today and there'll be another one coming up, maybe more, I don't know. But so far it looks good, I think."

Mom smiled and then returned to examining her new cosmetics, lingering a surprising several more minutes over them, reading the labels and surveying the colors, before finally packing them away in the white bag.

As Mary continued her inspection and then finished up, Wendy's mind drifted to Angela. Wendy considered the fact that if Mom had picked her up this morning, as she had promised to do last night, then she wouldn't have had to get a ride home with Angela this morning... She wouldn't have been tempted... She wouldn't have had sex this morning in the living room............... She would have lost out on getting to know Angela...and having sex with her...and wouldn't have gotten her phone number...

Though concerned about her brief past and possible future with the sizzling, raven-haired maid, as Wendy recalled Angela's sexy beauty, the lovely, smooth softness of Angela's lips on her own, their impulsive, daring sex in her own living room, and the delicious taste of her sweet pussy, and considered the possibility of seeing her again, she couldn't help but smile to herself. I'll transfer that number to my smartphone later. Maybe...maybe I'll call her, too. Just to talk...of course... We need to talk...


Earlier in the morning, Mary had been about to go to work as usual, but suddenly remembered about calling Hecate Corp. to schedule an interview with the HR department. The administrative assistant on the phone told Mary that the majority of the interviews would take place this very Saturday morning. When she asked about résumé submission, the woman on the other end told her she could submit it during the final interview.

Mary's current job required occasional Saturday work and, it was an inconvenient coincidence for Mary, the interview at Hecate would take place on such a Saturday. Realizing that she had no choice, Mary called in sick for work in order to go to the interview. Mary didn't like to lie and, in fact, steadfastly refused to deceive as a basic principle of her looked like she would have to make an exception...this one time...

After making the necessary preparations, which including wearing a nice business dress suit and, she felt on this particular morning, some make-up, but of course not more than a very modest amount, and in the bland types of colors she possessed, Mary looked at herself one last time in the mirror. A gray two-button blazer covered her upper body over a white dress blouse. On her legs were gray flared dress pants and black patent leather loafers. Her honey blonde hair was parted at the center with no bangs, flowed over her ears, and straight down her mid-back in a simple style. A dull, peach-colored lipstick covered her lips. Her eyes were accentuated with black mascara.

As she finished checking herself in the mirror, she asked herself why she had felt like applying some make-up today. She never wore any at work, so why did she feel differently today? Was it because it was an interview and she wanted to make a good impression? But she had always felt quite confident in her natural look before, even in situations like this. Or was it her experience last night? When she had ended up surrounded by girls and women whose heavier make-up had made them look so very attractive and had made her feel a bit out of place? And she had regretted not having worn more make-up herself?

Well...I don't know... But I look okay like this... It's better to wear some, even if it's not what I normally do, just to play it safe...

After her last check on her looks, Mary drove to the downtown district where Hecate's main office building in the city was located.

The female receptionist directed Mary to room 606 on the sixth floor. While riding the elevator with other people, Mary noticed some males gawking at her. In the past, as she knew she was an attractive woman and understood that "men will be men", that kind of interest by males would have seemed neither too unusual nor that uncomfortable, but somehow this morning it did. She sought within herself for a reason for her peculiar dislike of the male attention. It's just because I'm not in my own office. I'm a stranger here, she figured. Once she arrived at the right suite, she had to wait with seven other people for her interview. On her turn, Mary was directed to an interior office.

Raynee Meadows, the person Mary had contacted earlier, was Mary's interviewer. She was a fine-figured woman in her early thirties with light brown skin and blue eyes. Her shimmering, curly black hair parted at the center without any bangs, and flowed seven inches past her shoulders. She wore common female business attire that consisted of a white dress blouse, black jacket, a black knee-length pencil skirt, black stockings, and three-inch black high heels. What stood out the most for Mary were the bright red lipstick, red nails, and black eye make-up. The overall effect struck Mary at first as being a bit gaudy.

"Good morning, Mary Love-Livingston. We talked earlier this morning, didn't we?"

"Yes, we did, Ms. Meadows. Good morning."

The two women shook hands before seating themselves. Mary felt Raynee's red nails grazing the skin of her palm when their hands separated. Something about the distinctly feminine contact rang an unusually pleasant chord within Mary. A similar moment between herself and Wendy during the dinner at the Powers' mansion the previous night, as they separated hands after Wendy said grace, flashed through her memory, boosting the momentary sparkle of enjoyment.

"Alright, let's begin." Raynee looked briefly at the clipboard. "You're currently working at a company as an accountant, am I correct?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"Why do you want to work for Hecate?"

At first, Mary was unsure why she had made the sudden decision to change companies, but pre-programmed memories started flowing into her mind.

"I believe that Hecate would provide me with the best opportunity to apply my skills. My current workplace has a hostile work environment. I don't feel like I'm being treated fairly by management."

Mary went on to describe the sexist attitudes of some of her coworkers as well as verbal sexual harassment she encountered. Though she had never felt like that prior to last night, it now seemed to her that these sentiments had been brewing for some time and she was now ready to do something about it.

"We at Hecate treat all of our workers fairly and with respect. Our HR takes all complaints seriously to ensure an environment conducive for working for all of Hecate's employees. You don't have to worry about the issues at your current workplace happening in our company. Now, let's talk about your skills and experience..."

The screening interview lasted for ten more minutes. Throughout the interview, Mary found her eyes sometimes wandering to Raynee's red lips and red nails. They were growing on her, and she was finding Ms. Meadows' appearance, including the way her cosmetics emphasized her beauty, quite appealing, after all.

At the end of the interview, Raynee asked, "How do you feel about make-up, Ms. Love-Livingston?"

Mary found it a bit odd that Raynee was asking this question. She wondered, with mild embarrassment, whether she had been gawking at the lovely woman before her, and if that had prompted the question. Or was it because she, Mary, had worn so little? "Umm, I believe it's good for certain special occasions."

"Ms. Love-Livingston, do you wear make-up at your current workplace?"

"No, I don't find it necessary."

"I have some advice for you. Wearing make-up will make a difference in your next interview with us."

Mary had worn some make-up today. Couldn't Ms. Meadows tell? She must mean more make-up...maybe something hers...

In the past, an implied make-up requirement like this one would have deterred Mary from pursuing a new job unless she were desperate; but on this day, after the initial surprise from the suggestion wore off, it seemed to make some sense, and struck her as something she should have thought of herself.

Of course... a premier company like this one sets the bar higher... Their expectations are loftier... Ms. Meadows looked good...........No, she looked her lovely make-up......deeply colored and layered on thick............... I'm not sure I want to... I'll have to think about it.......... But...

"Thanks for the advice."

Raynee gave Mary a parting handshake. Mary felt Raynee's red nails grazing her hands again. Briefly, Mary focused her eyes on the red lacquered nails and imagined her nails being painted the same color as well. A slight thrill ran up her back.


After putting her panties back on and changing into her at-home clothes, Wendy lay on her bed reflecting about what she had done with Angela in the morning. Her worry mounted the more she thought about it. The decision to have sex together had been so sudden and surprising, especially since it was she, Wendy, who had initiated it, or so her altered memory told her. And that was on top of what she had done with Cynthia the previous morning on the drive to school, the way she had, according to her distorted recollection, come on to the redhead, had been the one to pull Cynthia into making out with her in the car, and had been the one to escalate the action into deeper sexual play by running her hands adventurously into the enticing redhead's blouse and panties. What did that say about her? What was she becoming? Why couldn't she control herself?

Then there was the time and the place in which she had done it. There was some horror in the thought that if Mom had come home just a few minutes earlier, she would have caught her daughter eating out another girl in her own living room! What would she have said?

That was a close call...too close.........It was reckless... I'll have to be more careful next time when...I mean if...if I ever have a friend over that...

And, of course, what about Angela? Wendy was afraid of how Angela would deal with the event. Would she see it as the start of a serious relationship? Would she, Wendy, mind if she did? Angela was, after all, very cute.............. No, she was more than that... She was fun... She was sexy... She was addition to being utterly cute............. She was a total babe... And what they had done together was...

Wendy stopped herself. No, Wendy. It was wrong. Yes, she's very pretty...okay, she's awfully sexy...and I like her... I like her more than I should like another girl...but...if other people find out about it, they'll think I'm a...a... For a moment, she couldn't bring herself to think of herself as a slut, or a whore, or to call herself that, but she knew that was exactly how she had behaved.

Then, words passed through her head, unwanted but familiar, exciting words: "Slut...slut...slut... I'm a slut... I want to be a slut...I want to be beautiful slut...a slutty lesbian whore..."

Stop! I'm not a slut!...... What had gotten into her with Angela? Yes, reflecting with internal honesty, Wendy knew she had been quickly and powerfully attracted to her. Angela turned her on--obviously--but couldn't she have resisted the temptation? And what would other people think if they found out? Would Angela tell Sarah, Kayla, or her friends about it? Wendy didn't want other people to know and didn't want Angela to think the wrong way, although Wendy was ambivalent about exactly how she hoped Angela would think of it.

Wendy concluded it would be best to talk it over with Angela herself, and see what she thought. The idea of speaking with Angela again, or better yet, being with her again, sent a ripple of desire through her. She found herself momentarily reliving kissing and licking the girl's delicious pussy, before catching herself.

No, Wendy. We wouldn't do that again. I'd keep it messing around next time... We'd just talk...

Wendy's mind drifted to having been without panties when her mom had come into her room just within the last hour...being propped up on her bed in such a short skirt with her mom sitting on the bed so close to her...her naked, shaved pussy being so tenuously covered, shielded from her mother by mere inches of precariously loose cloth, with such little room for error...and having inadvertently flashed Mom when she, fortunately, wasn't looking...

That was a close one. I hope Mom doesn't realize that I wasn't wearing any panties while she was in my room...but...I wonder if she suspects. Wendy knew that it would be easy for her mom to deduce that very thing, given the item Mom had brought upstairs to her. She could imagine the questions Mom would have asked if she had known and not merely suspected: "Wendy, why aren't you wearing panties? Is this going to be a habit with you? What have you been doing? Are you playing with yourself? Are you sexually involved with someone? Only a slut wouldn't wear panties. Don't you want to cover your pussy? Are you some kind of slut? Are you trying to get fucked?"

Wendy found that the more she dwelled on the concept of going pantiless, the more it seemed to intrigue her. Looking back, she had kind of liked it, in a way. There had been a certain...a certain freedom to it. And, as Wendy imagined her mother talking to her like this, she felt embarrassed, but also a little bit excited. When she heard those words--"slut", "pussy", and "fuck"--bounce around her head, especially when imagining her mother use dirty words like that with her, she started to feel naughty and hot.

No, Wendy. Stop thinking like that. Mom would never use those words. And I should wear panties. At least most of the time. Yes, it was kind of fun...but...but I don't want to be a slut.

Regardless, Wendy knew the situation could have been worse, much worse. It was definitely better to be pantiless, and to be suspected of so being by one's mom, than to be caught by her in the act of having oral sex with a woman in the living room. In that light, simply going without panties wasn't actually all that serious, relatively.

I need to be more careful next time. She intended that thought to apply to her having lesbian sex recklessly, in a manner or time or place that might be embarrassing, but then she realized she also felt like that about the possibility of going without her panties again. I shouldn't do it...but...if I wouldn't be the worst thing in the world... Just don't let Mom catch you...

A fantasy of being pantiless in public entered her mind. She saw herself walking up an empty stairway at school, dressed in a white blouse, dark blue denim jacket, a pleated pink-and-white floral skirt, and white high heels, but with no panties.

"Wendy!" Lauren called from behind.

Looking back with a smile, Wendy pulled the hem of her skirt up, and Lauren knelt down to kiss her naked pussy with her fuchsia painted lips....

That's perverted! I won't ever do that in school!

But Wendy's imagination didn't end there. She saw herself on the roof top of her school, resting one foot on a bench and one foot on the ground, with her skirt held up in her hands, fully exposing her pantiless state. Lauren was kneeling below her and licking her pussy while Cynthia was kneeling behind her and licking her ass...

No, no, no!

Wendy bolted out of the bed and turned on the TV to a random channel in an attempt to clear her mind. However, her fantasies wouldn't release her, not just yet. She imagined how the scene downstairs might have transpired when her mom discovered her panties in the living room, and what events could have occurred before her mom's entry into her room......

Wendy pictured her mother walking through the front door of their house. She called Wendy's name like usual. When Wendy didn't respond, Mary gave a quick scan of the area in front of her and noticed something shiny on the carpet next to the sofa. She walked over to look at the item on the floor.

"What's this?" Mary picked up the object. "They're panties... How odd... They're certainly pretty... and shiny...and soft........ Oh! And they're wet!....... But...they must be...they're my daughter's panties... How did they get here?... And why are they wet?"

Mary stood there slowly feeling up the moist silver panties. Then she lifted them to her nose and smelled them......

That's gross! My mom would never do that! Wendy forced herself to end her fantasy. Nevertheless, despite the taboo nature of her drifting thoughts, she realized she was aroused. She also remembered that she had had similar feelings when her mother last visited her in her room. I need to get it out of my system.

Retrieving a white cardboard box hidden beneath her bed, Wendy browsed through her collection of lesbian porn videos. There were some that were brand new and still in their shrink wrap, which she hadn't watched yet. One particular video of that type caught her eye. Its cover had a middle-aged woman and a teenaged girl standing close to each other on a sidewalk in a suburban neighborhood. The woman had long raven hair reaching seven inches past her shoulders, was adorned with bright make-up, and was dressed in a black business power suit and high heels. She stood with crossed arms behind the girl, eyeing her lewdly. The innocent-looking girl was wearing a backpack and a schoolgirl uniform, her long honey blonde hair braided into two pigtails and having bangs. She stared at the viewer with a faint smile, seemingly oblivious of the woman's lustful gaze.

Wendy read the title: "Sapphic Magic: Woman Meets Girl". Though some of the videos Sarah had given her were straight fuck fests, many of them had above-average production values, with decent--and sometimes superb--plots, scripts, direction, locations, sound and soundtracks, casting, actresses, acting, and entertainment qualities, and this looked like it would be one of those. I wonder what this is about...

After locking the door to her room, she put the DVD into the disc drive of her computer. This shouldn't take too long. I don't have to watch the whole thing.

Like most of the lesbian DVDs Wendy had watched, this one had hidden subliminal suggestions. Wendy had no idea she was hastening her own lesbian transformation.

The movie first introduced a businesswoman by the name of Savannah. After providing the viewer some idea of her circumstances, daily life, and tastes, including a "normal" heterosexual background, relatively conservative values, and an affinity for simplicity and naturalness, the movie portrayed her standing in her living room one Monday morning, looking out her front window, and, for the first time, noticing a girl wearing a black backpack and a schoolgirl uniform, consisting of a pleated, pink, blue, and black plaid woolen skirt stopping two inches above her knees, a standard. plain white cotton blouse, white ankle socks, and pink-and-white tennis shoes, who was passing by her house, presumably walking to school.

Savannah is smitten by the girl the moment she first sees her. Then, morning after morning, she waits near her window just to look at the same girl pass by her house. By Friday, she is unable to resist the temptation to try to meet the girl in person.

Savannah dresses in a black business suit with slacks and, pretending to go to work early, exits her house at around the same time the girl customarily walks down the sidewalk in front of her house. Pausing on her front porch until she sees the girl appear in front her neighbor's house, Savannah walks down her driveway toward the street and bends down to pick up the morning newspaper close to the sidewalk. Timing her ruse perfectly, while arising she greets the girl. "Good morning." It takes some effort for the woman to hold in her excitement.

"Morning!" the girl replies.

"It's a beautiful day this morning, isn't it?"

The girl looks around at the sky, the faraway mountains, and the nearby trees. "Oh, yeah. You're right. It is..." The girl's blue eyes, blonde hair, apparent age, size, voice, and personality all reminded Wendy of herself.

"You go to the high school nearby?"

"Yes, I just started school a few days ago."

"I went to the same school as you. It was a wonderful place when I was there."

"Yes, it's a great school, ma'am. The teachers and students are all pretty nice, at least so far. I've already made some friends."

"That's good to hear. Well, don't want you to be late. Have a good day at school."

"Thank you. I hope you have a good day, too." With that, the girl resumes her walk.

Savannah walks to her car that is parked at the curb and sits down inside. While the girl is still within sight, the woman unzips her black slacks, slips her fingers into her panties, and strokes her pussy. Moaning with hunger and pleasure, she whispers, "Is there a way that I can seduce her? Oh, I wish I could have her..." The flash of a soft pink light envelopes the car for a split second, unnoticed by the lusting woman.

On Saturday, the next day, while on a trip to buy groceries, Savannah notices a new occult shop which had just opened in the shopping center. Though she normally dismisses occult matters as pure fiction, at odds with her beliefs and values, she is now curious and a bit more open-minded due to the cravings she feels for the girl who has appeared in her life. Something tells her she might be able to find the answer to her longing in the shop.

Inside the shop are stereotypical occult goods, such as jewelry with pentagrams, scented candles, statuettes of various deities, dyes, ornate knives, decorated bowls and cups, colored chalk, and various media such as books and videos on magic and the supernatural, as well as an assortment of curios of mysterious purpose. She opens a book on magic, instinctively hoping for some sort of love spell, but her interest quickly deflates when she reads the disclaimer: "For entertainment purposes only." She is about to walk out of the store, but the sultry voice of the shopkeeper stops her.

"I know what you're looking for," says the shopkeeper, an alluring, curvy woman in her mid-30's with waist-length curly brown hair, olive skin, and grey eyes. She wears a purple head scarf with dangling bronze trinkets, a bronze necklace with similar trinkets, three bronze bracelets, a sleeveless white blouse, a black leather waist coat with frontal laces, a long white skirt with purple floral prints, and black knee-length boots. Her lips and nails are colored in dark purple.

Savannah is skeptical, but her interest nevertheless is piqued, at least for the moment. "What am I looking for?"

"Something to make someone fall in love with you."

Savannah figures it had been easy for the shopkeeper to guess the answer, since that would be a common wish, but decides that there is no harm in playing along.

"How do you know?"

"I just do, and I know you love someone much younger than you and who is also female. You've met her not too long ago and fell in love with her at first sight."

Savannah's doubts about the woman and her odd store vanish in an instant. There seems to be no way this shopkeeper would know so much unless she had genuine occult powers.

"What is it that will make my wish come true?"

The eye-catching shopkeeper, who introduces herself as "Drucilla", shows her a silver necklace with a dangling pair of Venus symbols that look similar to what Wendy was wearing at that very moment, a fact not lost on Wendy.

Drucilla explains how to use the charm. The jewelry will need to be smeared with some of the blood of the person Savannah wants, as well as with some of Savannah's own. She will have to wear the necklace and masturbate as often as possible while thinking about the person she desires. The spell will take at least a week, maybe two, to take full effect. For the enchantment to become permanent,

Savannah will need to wear the necklace and masturbate regularly for at least six months.

When Savannah asks for the price, the answer given is much higher than she expects. "Twenty thousand dollars?!"

"Yes. If that girl really means that much to you, money shouldn't be an issue. What price can you put on true love?" The shopkeeper promises that her necklace and its spell are guaranteed to work.

Based on the woman's uncanny ability to know her mind and her history, and on her own instinct, Savannah concludes that the woman is probably telling her the truth, that she can trust her, and that if there is a chance that this gambit might work, she has to try. She can't stand letting that scrumptious girl walk by her house any more without possessing her.

Savannah sees the gamble as being well worth the relationship which could come of this, so, without further internal debate, she pays the requested amount.

Over the course of the following week, Savannah wonders how she's going to get some blood from the girl. She knows the girl might be creeped out by an unfamiliar adult woman trying to talk to her too much, let alone get blood from her, so she greets the girl just every other morning, so as not to alarm her. Every time, Savannah has hopes that something will happen to move her plan forward, but nothing does for most of the first week after having acquired the necklace.

Her luck comes when Savannah happens to see the girl outside a clothing store on that Friday evening. When she sees the girl walking toward her, Savannah's heart starts to race. A subtle pink light engulfs the girl for a second. The young blonde then trips and falls on the sidewalk, scraping a part of her right lower arm, causing a bloody, but superficial wound.

"Are you alright?!" Savannah helps the girl up.

"Thanks. Oh, hi! It's you...the nice lady I see on my way to school! Um...I'm okay, I think. It's just a scrape."

"Young lady, you should be more careful. Come with me, I have some bandages and antiseptic cream in my car."

After Savannah treats the girl, they introduce themselves to each other. The girl's name is Bella. Savannah offers Bella a ride home, which the innocent, unsuspecting girl accepts. On the drive, they make small talk. Savannah learns that the girl is now in her junior year and had transferred from another school due to her family moving. When Savannah drops her off, Bella thanks her for her kindness before they part.

"Maybe I'll see you again Monday, Mrs. Brunder," the girl volunteers.

"Yes, I hope so. Bye, now, sweetie. And watch where you're going!"

"Okay, Savannah. Bye."

Almost immediately upon arriving home, Savannah proceeds to implement the occult storekeeper's instructions. She pricks her thumb with a needle, squeezes some blood out, and smears it on the double Venus necklace. From her pocket she pulls out a piece of tissue that she had saved after treating Bella's wound and smears the bloody portion of the tissue on the necklace as well, mixing their blood. Then she fastens the jewelry around her neck.

At first, nothing discernable happens. Savannah goes to her bedroom and starts to masturbate, while thinking about the girl. As her fury in the act mounts, the occult shop keeper unexpectedly enters her imagination as well. The thought of the enticing, mysterious brunette, added to her carnal imaginings about the young blonde teen, pushes her over the edge. She comes over five times. Each succeeding time is more intense and satisfying than the previous one, each one causing the raven-haired woman to cry out the names of Bella and Drucilla ever more passionately. They are the best solo orgasms she has had in a long time, which she credits to the magical necklace.

As the next few days pass, Savannah starts having erotic dreams every night, most of them featuring Bella or Drucilla in one way or another, resulting in numerous similarly powerful nocturnal climaxes.

Some days later on a weekday morning, Savannah stands in her living room, facing a mirror and looking herself over. She is dressed in a transluscent white blouse, which lets her lacy red bra show through, and a red business suit with a tight, knee-length pencil skirt. For the first time in the movie, lavish make-up covers her face: black eyeliner, black mascara, silver black eye shadow, and red lipstick. Her nails are painted in the same glossy red color as her lips. The long black hair on her head is tied into a bun. Gleaming red stockings, with a seam up the back, run up her legs.

The thought suddenly entered Wendy's mind that the woman somehow resembled her mom. She quickly tried to dismiss the idea as ludicrous, though the sensation of familiarity lingered throughout the rest of the movie, just the same.

There indeed were similarities, intentionally so, as Savannah and Mary were approximately of like age, build, complexion, facial features, eye color, length and style of hair, tone of voice, and personality. In fact, the only major difference was their hair color and, now, in the case of Savannah, the deployment of strong make-up and bold, red clothes. Over the whole movie, the subliminals had been pointing out to Wendy's mind how much like her mother this woman was, and how much like the girl Wendy was--and now, with her hair in a bun, like Mom did so often, Savannah's resemblance to Mom had started to break through into Wendy's conscious awareness--and had been encouraging her to root for the two getting together as lesbian lovers.

Savannah walks outside of her house, her red patent leather heels click-clacking on the concrete walkway. Like clockwork, Bella walks up the street on her way to school. This time, she looks different than usual. She is made up beautifully, with matte rose pink lipstick, blush, black mascara, and silver blue eye shadow. Her nails are also painted in the same color as her lips. Her pleated, plaid skirt is five inches shorter now and made of satin, the top two or three buttons of her white blouse, now tighter and made of thin silk, are unfastened, exposing some bra and cleavage, and her slim legs are graced with shiny, sheer pink hose and three-inch hot-pink heels. Her innocence seems to be gone, replaced with an air of eroticism surrounding the girl.

"Good morning, Mrs. Brunder," says Bella sensually. Without warning, she raises herself on her tip toes, wraps her arms around the woman, and draws her toward herself.

The surprised and delighted Savannah fixates on the teen's brightly, temptingly-painted, pink-lipped mouth as it approaches her own and receives it with her own beautiful red lips in a tight lock. The girl pulls Savannah into a tight embrace. Tongues wrestle against each other and saliva passes between mouths. The girl raises her right leg and wraps it around the woman's left leg. A gust of wind blows, lifting up the back of the girl's brief skirt and exposing her naked ass. She isn't wearing any panties.

Wendy's heart and pussy had already been throbbing as she had been drawn into the erotic story and action displayed on her computer, but when the blonde girl, who had come to remind Wendy of herself, was revealed to be pantiless, Wendy took a quick gasp of air. She's just like me! Wendy imagined herself in Bella's place, and yearned to be there, kissing the beautiful Savannah deeply and then progressing to other, deeper acts of lesbian love.

In the midst of those thoughts and as she fingered herself urgently, she came in a powerful orgasm. Love juices sprayed and dribbled on her fingers . It seemed to go on and on, as Wendy's mind and emotions swirled around the young blonde teen, so much like herself, making love with the luscious older woman, who, despite Wendy's efforts to think otherwise, nevertheless reminded her strongly of her mother.


Around noon, Wendy took out the paper from her desk drawer on which she had scrawled Angela's phone number, having earlier copied it from her wrist, literally behind her mother's back. Her feelings colored both with nervous trepidation and unmistakable excitement, Wendy dialed the number. After the ring had sounded once, a recorded message chimed in. "The number you have dialed is no longer in service. Please check your number and dial again." She dialed again, but ended up with the same recording.

Oh fuck. I was afraid of this. When Wendy had earlier copied Angela's phone number from her wrist, she had found that the ink on her skin had smeared, forcing her to guess at the numerals. It was now obvious that she had guessed wrong, that she did not know Angela's number after all, and that she couldn't contact her.

Yet...she still wanted to. After taking a minute to ponder her next move, Wendy decided to call Kayla. She had wanted to do so anyway, and her need for Angela's number gave her a reasonable excuse to talk to the lovely brunette maid again.

Lost on Wendy was the ease to which she was now starting to resort to the f-word in her mind. What only recently had been a foul and shocking term to her had over the last weeks become steadily less so, as she had heard it repeatedly from the mouths of Sarah, Cynthia, numerous actresses in porn DVD's, and others, and as familiarity with and use of the word, and even a love of it, had been urged on her by subliminals and other forms of brainwashing. It was now a staple in her vocabulary, at least in her thoughts, and it crossed her mind now with an almost perfect naturalness, if not a fondness, so her using it to swear to herself on this occasion registered very little, if at all, on her conscience.

The meaning of the f-word as a verb and a noun had changed for her rather radically. Whereas in her more innocent days, the word had always conjured in her mind a severe act of licentious sex, tinged with ugly undertones and illicite implications, between a man and a woman and only between such, now the word had lost essentially all heterosexual and repulsive connotations for Wendy. In her mind now, "to fuck" and "a fuck" were strickly lesbian concepts, and exclusively described acts only two girls could commit together.

In its definition as lesbian vaginal intercourse with full penetration, "fucking" wasn't something for a straight and moral girl like her, in Wendy's mind; it was still something forbidden, extreme, serious, and mysterious. She knew she shouldn't be interested in it or entertain it as a possibility for herself, despite having seen it enacted a slew of times in her porn, and having not only found it intriguing but wondefully arousing. But to her evolving mindset it wasn't necessarily that bad, either, maybe not bad at all for other girls, maybe even something perfectly fine and good for lesbian girls. For them, in fact, Wendy viewed it as the ultimate consummation of girl-on-girl love, an act so powerfully binding and fulfilling for true lesbians, that their preoccupatiuon with it could be understood.

Wendy was also personally quite familiar with "other" forms of fucking--with fingers and mouths, and with dildos as long as they didn't go too far in--acts with which she was quite comfortable and in which she now readily engaged on the slightest pretext and with minimal persuasion. And Wendy knew about tribadism and anal intercourse, which she had heard referred to as fucking as well.

Sarah's plan was to undermine Wendy's previous values, change her definitions of and affinity for various aspects of sexuality, and to lure Wendy from one lesbian act to another until she was a complete devotee of all forms of lesbian sex. Having her regard what she already was doing as "fucking", in a way, would make it seem, when the time came for Wendy to get into the more ultimate acts of lesbian sex, that the jump was not that far.

So "fuck" was among the primary words that came to her when she thought about lesbian sex now, and she spoke the word with relative ease and little reluctance when discussing lesbian behavior with other girls,

Wendy found Kayla's number in her phone's memory and pressed to call it.

"Hello, Kayla?"

"Hi, Wendy, I just got off from work. What's up?"

"Umm, can you get me in touch with Angela?"

"Sure, but I think she's at another job right now. Let me check and call you back, okay?"


A short while later, Kayla called Wendy back.

"Sorry, Wendy, Angela shut off her phone. Is this something important?"

", not really."

"Then I'll call you back when she's available. I think she gets off her shift at around six. But here's her number anyway, in case you want to try calling her later." Kayla then stated the number, allowing Wendy time to write it down.

"Okay, thanks Kayla." Wendy was glad Kayla wasn't inquisitive about her reasons for wanting to talk with her raven-haired co-worker...although it occurred to her now that, in light of their little chat at the Powers' mansion earlier about Wendy's questionable sexual orientation, Kayla could suspect Wendy's interest in contacting Angela might be more than strictly business. Oh, well... What's done is done...

"So, Wendy..." Kayla's tone changed subtly, to a slightly softer, sweeter, and intimate inflection. "I was wondering... Do you have some free time this afternoon."

"Yeah, why?" Wendy found her heart suddenly beating faster.

"We can have some fun together."

Wendy had a flashback of the kiss she had shared with Kayla the previous night. Immediately, her pussy moistened. Then, licking Angela's dripping womanhood to a passionate crescendo earlier in the morning once again sprang into her mind.

"I have time." She knew her voice was a bit breathless, but she couldn't help herself. "Where and when do we meet?"

"I'll pick you up at your home in about an hour. Is that alright with you?"

"Sure, that's fine with me. See you then!"

When Wendy hung up, she found her heart racing and her head spinning slightly.

Did Kayla just... Did she just...ask me out? Am I going out on a date with her?

Despite her hetero instincts telling her she should not want to go out with a lesbian girl like this, there was nothing Wendy would rather do than be with Kayla again.

As Wendy stood there smiling, hung-up phone in hand, arms wrapped around herself, and turning back and forth in sunny reflection, it dawned on her that no one had ever asked her out before, not quite like this. Certainly no boy had ever asked her out, including Daniel, despite her essentially having thrown herself at him. Her excursions with Sarah had been for practice or for show, and Sarah was really a "pretend" girlfriend. Rebecca had told her she wanted to date her, and would if she wasn't already taken by Sarah. Madelynn said they were going to date, but they hadn't done it yet. This was going to be her first date. It was with someone she really liked, and wanted to be with. And she felt giddy about it.

What did not strike her quite so clearly yet was the fact that she did not care that there were no boys involved. Her first date ever was going to be with a girl. It would be a perfectly lesbian date and, on first blush, it felt like the most natural thing in the world to her.

A buried thought, a thought which seemed familiar and right, though faint, raced subtly through a shadowy part of Wendy's head: I want girlfriends... I want to date girls...cute girls... I want lesbian girlfriends... I need many lesbian girlfriends... I want to go out with Kayla... I want to kiss Kayla again... I want Kayla to be my girlfriend...

After Wendy calmed down, she realized that she might be overthinking the whole thing. Kayla hadn't specifically mentioned whether or not it was a date. It could just be a friendly outing like Wendy had done with her friends in the past. However, Wendy hoped that it was a date.

Then uncertainty crept into Wendy for a few moments. If Kayla intends this to be a date, this would mean I'm going on a lesbian date! Do I really want that? Wendy pondered that for a minute before grasping onto the excuse she had used many times already, and which was becoming her all-purpose justification: I'm supposed to be a lesbian...for my goal. Sarah said I should be the best lesbian possible for Lauren. This would be the perfect opportunity for me to get more experience! Remembering the earlier conversation she had had with Kayla about her secret plan with Sarah, Wendy used it to further rationalize her course of action. I also need to finish that discussion I had with Kayla earlier this morning. Maybe she can help me in some way.

Then Wendy realized with a little panic that she had to get ready...she had to look pretty...maybe a bit sexy, too... That meant touching up her make-up and changing her clothes... She ran up to her bedroom.

While looking in the mirror, Wendy took off her pink T-shirt and ash gray sweat pants, then admired her reflection briefly as she stood clad only in her shiny silver bra and panties.

"I look hot. No one can resist this body," said Wendy giddily while running her hands up her curves.

She then put on most of the items that she had worn earlier, including the pleated blue denim mini skirt and the black leather V-neck halter top. She felt that she would make a better impression on Kayla if she chose the clothes Kayla had given her earlier. It would also show that she was fully accepting of Kayla's apology for the laundry mix-up. Though they weren't exactly a gift from Kayla, they were close to it. If Wendy wore those clothes, it would indirectly hint that she liked Kayla as well, she thought. And, too, Angela had liked her in them...had said she was hard to resist like this...

For the shoes, she wore simple white sneakers with pink laces and white socks. Since Wendy already had her hair styled attractively earlier this morning by Kayla, Wendy didn't do much to her hair except combing it a little. Afterwards, she retrieved some cosmetics to do a retouch of her make-up.

Mary had been out buying groceries at the time of Wendy's call with Kayla and still hadn't returned before Wendy left. Wendy decided to leave a note on the dinner table instead of calling her mom. She didn't want to give her mother an opportunity to question what she was about to do or to interfere in any way.

Wendy sat on the sofa in the living room to wait for Kayla. Within a minute, what she and Angela had done on that same sofa just a few hours before started to drift into her mind. She once again saw Angela strip off her clothes, sit down, and spread her legs. She pictured the young woman's gaping cunt tempting her. She started to relive the moment she fell to her kness and kissed it. But the doorbell rang, interrupting the recollection, and she immediately rushed to the front door to open it.


The teen girl's eyes automatically appraised the Latina woman's looks. Kayla had on a black denim jacket over a cropped white camisole top with an embroidered neckline that was low enough to expose some cleavage. There was an oval-shaped steel-and-quartz belly ring hanging from her navel. Wrapped around her legs was a pair of flared, low-riding, hip-hugging blue denim jeans with a studded black leather belt. On her feet were white sneakers similar in style to the ones Wendy had seen Angela wear earlier. Dangling silver-plated two-and-a-half-inch hoop earrings twinkled on her ears. Her make-up was similar to what she had worn in the morning. Her dark reddish-brown hair hung loosely around her head to the middle of her back, as it had that morning and when Wendy had seen her the previous night in the living room, except that now the top section, behind her full, precise, shiny bangs, had been pulled back and tied in place with a long, half-inch-wide, black, white, and silver satin ribbon, which draped down with and mixed into her flowing hair, and the sides and back had been slightly curled into loose, shiny waves, just like she had done to Wendy's hair in the morning--thus, encouraging Wendy to see herself, to some degree, whenever she looked at her lesbian companion over the course of the afternoon.

"Wendy, are you ready?" asked Kayla through glossy cerise-pink lips.

Wendy was snapped out from her self-induced trance. Kayla looks hot. She did this...for me...

"Yes, let's go!"

For the most part, Kayla had innocent fun with Wendy. First they went on a brief trip to the local shopping mall to visit some department stores that sold shoes, cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and miscellaneous curios and trinkets. Going to the photo booth at Wendy's suggestion--Wendy remembered having done the same thing and having had fun with Sarah the day they became official lesbian girlfriends almost two weeks prior, and so it felt like the thing to do today with her new girlfriend, or whatever Kayla was becoming--they took several photos together. When they were hungry, they stopped at a sandwich shop to have a meal.

While Wendy was eating a chicken sandwich, she reminisced about the time she had spent with Sarah and Rebecca at the mall two weeks before. Rebecca's face popped into her mind. She's a nice girl...and...what a hottie............ She made out with me in the changing room... That was... wow... What a great kisser... She's an awesome girl......... I wonder if Rebecca is going out with anyone right now........

I wonder if she...if she still wants to ask me out.............. If she does... and she asked... what would I say?......I bet Sarah would approve........ I bet I wouldn't mind, either.............. Maybe I should let her know how I feel......... Maybe I should say something......... Maybe I could encour....

Something struck Wendy's lower left leg, causing her train of thought to be interrupted.

"Oops, sorry, that was me, Wendy. There's not much leg room here."

"Oh, let's just move our chairs a little further back then."

Briefly, Wendy remembered playing footsie with Sarah the night before as well as the other time at a sandwich shop. She realized she was feeling a surprising fondness for those experiences. Wendy's mind drifted and she visualized herself doing something similar with Kayla. In her fantasy, they were dressed in the same manner as Wendy and Sarah had been during the last night's dinner, Kayla encased in Sarah's breathtaking strapless red gown, Wendy in her sleek silver number, their slender legs sheathed in shiny nylon panty hose. Wendy envisioned herself lifting her right foot to brush against Kayla's black high heel shoe and up the left leg...


"Huh?" Wendy's eyes blinked.

"Do you want to go to the theme park next?"

"Okay, sure."

The two young women drove to a theme park nearby, close to the beach, where they went on some rides and played a few games. On the promenade, they had a long chat about their childhoods, school experience, and life in general. Later, the topic went to what Wendy had tried to discuss earlier in the morning with Kayla regarding the secret plan she had with Sarah in seducing Lauren in order to obtain Daniel, the details of which she had straighter in her mind now and was able to express better this time than in the morning.

As they strolled together leisurely, both girls enjoying the sea breeze and the afternoon sunshine, Kayla slipped her hand into Wendy's. Having held the lovely young Latina woman's hand in Mrs. Powers' mansion earlier that day, and having kissed her the previous evening, and having been drawn to her the moment they met, and now getting to know her personally, the act of this pretty, sexy brunette holding her hand and walking like that with her felt to Wendy to be perfectly, wonderfully natural.

When their legs started to get tired, they went to a snack shop to buy some ice cream and then sat on a secluded bench under a shady tree, facing the beach.

"Wendy, there are points in life where you realize certain truths about yourself. Some people take a long time to accept these truths. Some accept them right away."

Kayla's statement sounded familiar to Wendy. She felt as if she had heard it somewhere before.

"What sort of truths?"

"Your identity, your personality, your values, your beliefs, and your sexual orientation," answered Kayla with emphasis on the last two words.

Does she think I'm really a lesbian?

"Kayla... Are you trying to tell me that you think I'm a lesbian, a real one?"

"Wendy, here's how I see it. Lesbian girls are, generally speaking, more attractive, more confident, sexier, and more fun to be with than hetero girls. Don't you agree?"

Sarah had also suggested the same kinds of things, and Wendy had already thought about it, reviewed her own experiences and the girls she had seen and known, and had come to the same conclusion. After a second of reflection Wendy had to agree. "Yes... I think you're probably right."

"And that's you, Wendy. You're beautiful, sexy, confident, and fun. I really like being with you, and it's pretty clear that Sarah does, too. You don't come across as a straight girl, Wendy. You don't have straight-girl vibes, if you know what I mean."


"All I know is this, Wendy. If a girl talks like a lesbian, and acts like a lesbian, and looks like a lesbian, and thinks like a lesbian, and feels like a lesbian...maybe she really is a one."

"Yeah, but..."

"Sometimes we can be in denial about something like this because we delude ourselves with wishful thinking, when the truth is just staring us in the face. I could be wrong, and maybe you know yourself better than I do, but it's something you need to think about."

"Kayla, I'm not gay. Really, I'm not. I'm just acting the part. It's just temporary."

Wendy began thinking about herself. She knew she was starting to like girls and women in a sexual way. She knew she was starting to have feelings for Sarah, Lauren, Madelynn, and other females as well, including the girl with whom she was talking this very minute.

But that was part of Sarah's plan, the plan to which she had agreed. She was supposed to feel this way towards pretty females because she was playing the role of a lesbian. However, as she searched her heart frankly, she realized that she didn't really care for Daniel anymore, certainly not like she used to, and maybe not at all. She clearly preferred girls and would much rather be with one like Kayla than with Daniel. Kayla rang all of the bells that Daniel did not.

That was mildly alarming. Why did she feel so? Would her feelings for Daniel come back once she managed to seduce Lauren and induce her to break up with Daniel? Wendy wasn't sure. In fact, part of her wondered whether she ever really had felt interest in Daniel, it was just so hard now to even imagine it. A more buried part of her wanted this pretending-to-be-a-lesbian-to-win-Daniel act to take a long time, so that she would have a legitimate justification for an extended period to behave like a lesbian, so that she would have more time to get to know Madelynn, Sarah, Cynthia, Kayla, Angela, and other cute girls on an ever more intimate basis, and see where it all might lead to.

But...that's enough... I can't be thinking of that boy...any boy...not even for a moment...... A lesbian wouldn' I can't... I don't want to... I won't............... Only girls.....

"Earth to Wendy, hello!"

"Oh, what is it Kayla?"

"Check out this cool app I've downloaded!" Kayla showed her smartphone to Wendy. Dynamic abstract patterns were playing on the screen. The visuals only affected people who had previously gone through special mental conditioning. Wendy was placed in a trance.

Kayla closed the app and began showing digitally manipulated images of Wendy in erotic poses wearing exotic lingerie and outfits and Wendy kissing, licking, and touching the lips, nipples, and pussies of various faceless females.

"This is what you are Wendy. A lesbian, a slut, and a whore. Accept the truth."

Wendy dropped her ice cream on the ground.

"No... I..."

"Do you like boys, Wendy?"


"No, you don't. Not even a little. That's because you are a lesbian, Wendy. You don't need boys, you don't want them, and you never will. You want to live your life without men...don't you?"


"So, if you take males away as candidates for your love, as you now have, who's left? Whom do you want as your girlfriends and lovers, and even to marry one day?"


"Yes, Wendy. You like girls. Girls and women. Only them. You are only interested in pretty girls and sexy women, for personal relationships, for romance, and for sex. And you always will be. Now and forever. That is exactly what you want. You are a lesbian. A pure lesbian. It feels good to be settled, doesn't it?"

"...yes...I guess so..."

"Wendy, do you find me attractive?"

"Yes..." Kayla noted a slight dilation in Wendy's pupils, and a little increase in her breathing.

"Do you find Lauren attractive?"


"What about Sarah?"


"Do you want to have sex with girls you find attractive?"

"Uhh... Yeah... Maybe..."

"No, Wendy. Not maybe, the answer is always 'yes', always."

"Always... yes..."

"That's right, and do you know what girls who always wants to have sex with other pretty girls are? They're lesbian sluts!"

"Lesbian sluts..."

"Exactly, and you're one of them."

"Lesbian slut... I'm not sure..."

"You are a lesbian slut, Wendy. You love girls. You can't get enough sex with beautiful girls and women. And you especially love me. You'd like nothing more than to get me in a bed and make passionate love to me, and to be with me for wild sex again and again and again. You want to be my girlfriend and my lover. My slutty girlfriend. My sexy lover. And you also want to have as many other lesbian girlfriends as you can, so you need to be as sexy and as slutty and as beautiful as possible. You want to be the prettiest and the sluttiest lesbian girl you can possibly be. That is what you really want, deep down, Wendy. To be a slutty, sultry, uninhibited, wild, beautiful lesbian girl.

"I'll help you be sure of what you're meant to be..."

"What I'm meant to be..."

"One more thing. You won't be able to cum today unless you have intense hardcore sex with another girl."

"I won't cum unless I have intense hardcore sex with another girl."

"Yes. Remember that, because it's very important. Wake up, Wendy!"

Wendy snapped out of her trance and realized that she had just dropped her ice cream. "Oh no, I dropped it!"

Kayla helped clean up the mess. "Sorry, Wendy, it's my fault. I accidentally bumped you I'll buy you another one."

After buying another ice cream for Wendy, Kayla strolled a bit more with the cute blonde teen. Then stopping at an out-of-the-way scenic overlook, where no other people were present, they leaned on the railing of the promenade and enjoyed the ocean view. There they continued their chat.

"Wendy, since you're not sure if Cynthia is working with Lauren against you, and since Lauren has seduced your friends Sarah and Madelynn, you need someone else to help you in achieving your goal." Wendy had actually been thinking the same thing the last few days. It had seemed like there was no one anymore in whom she could confide without reservation, who could really understand her predicament, and on whom she could confidently rely for unbiased counsel and assistance.

"Someone else? Who would that be?"

"Me. I'm a real lesbian. Did you know that?"

"Well...yeah...I kind of knew..."

"That didn't stop you from liking me, did it? In fact, I bet it made you like me more." She looked at Wendy, whose only response was a blush. Kayla slid a hand onto Wendy's shoulder.

"I knew it! Wendy, you are soooo cute!" She leaned over to plant a girlfriend-like kiss on Wendy's cheek. "And I'm a lesbian with a lot of experience. I'll teach you a lot more than Sarah and Cynthia ever can." Kayla's hand dropped down Wendy's back and onto her ass, cupping and caressing it.

"If you want to learn what it means to be a real lesbian, I'll teach you. If you want, we could start tomorrow. Are you interested?" She ran her fingers enticingly all over Wendy's butt, sending waves of little thrills through Wendy. Not only did Wendy make no effort to evade the presumptuous touches, but she relished them, and secretly wanted Kayla's hand to stay exactly where it was.

Wendy knew she had to become a better lesbian to appeal to Lauren, and this appeared to be a golden opportunity to become that girl. Yes, she had been getting pointers and experience from Sarah and Cynthia, but this was different. It would be from a real lesbian, unlike Sarah, and it would be with someone she could trust more than Cynthia, who perhaps had been testing her as much as teaching her.

On the other hand, wasn't Wendy already making progress toward her goal? Was getting involved with yet another girl sexually really a good idea?........Even though it was Kayla........ someone she found absolutely delectable........

Kayla's shiny-nailed fingers, now running up and down Wendy's ass crack, were making it hard to evaluate this proposal objectively.

"I don't know... I guess..."

"That's okay, Wendy. There's no rush. But I think we should." Kayla smiled coyly. "And I, for one, would definitely like it.........Tell you what... Why don't you think about it and give me a call once you've decided. Call tonight if you'd like. Just a warning though; my lessons are very intense."

"Very intense?"

"Yes, that means they won't be easy. I've had girls of various sexual orientations take up lessons from me. Most of them quit because they couldn't handle it."

Wendy wondered if the reasons these girls had for taking lesbian lessons from Kayla were the same as her own.

"Trust me, Wendy, even though my sessions are demanding and difficult, if you can get through them the pay-off is immense." Facing Wendy, Kayla took some wind-blown locks of Wendy's honey blonde hair and wrapped them around her mulberry-tipped fingers. "And don't worry. You'll like them. You like me, don't you?"

Wendy smiled at Kayla and nodded her head. A gust of wind blew Kayla's dark brown hair onto her face, and Wendy, now feeling comfortable taking a liberty or two with Kayla, reached for the stray brunette tresses and brushed them off her face for her. Wendy found herself quite taken with the reddish tint in Kayla's dark brown hair, which burgundy-cherry tones glowed dramatically in the direct afternoon sunlight. She felt like touching it more, or simply plunging her hands into it, as she had wanted to do the previous night, as well.

Kayla gave Wendy a surprise kiss on her lips, popping Wendy's eyes wide open.

"There. Now we're even!" Not letting Wendy recover, she slipped both of her hands into Wendy's hair and, cupping her head, pulled the pretty teen back to her lips.

Wendy melted into the sweet homosexual lip lock. "Mmmmmmm." Seizing the opportunity, she slid her hands into Kayla's long hair, savoring it's lovely silkiness, gliding her hands through it down Kayla's back, until her hands settled on Kayla's waist.

"That was a preview of your first lesson, Wendy," Kayla whispered, smiling. They leaned their foreheads against each other's, Wendy's hands on Kayla's waist and Kayla's playing with Wendy's hair.

As they walked back to Kayla's car, Kayla made funny remarks that cracked Wendy up, Wendy responded with her own humor, they pushed each other and bumped hips playfully, they looked at each other frequently, each played with her hair flirtatiously, and they "accidentally" touched arms and hands numerous times.

As Kayla drove Wendy back home, she brooked another topic of interest to her.

"Hey, Wendy. Do you know what?"


"I met someone recently that I can't stop thinking about."

"Who? Me?" Wendy's grin communicated her merry tease.

"Well, yeah, you too...for sure. But that's not who I had in mind right now."

Wendy put on a play pouty face. But she he was also curious as to who the "other woman" might be, taking for granted a lesbian like Kayla would not be referring to a man. "Who?... Do I know her...?"

"Yeah. Pretty well, I'd say." Kayla turned for a moment and smiled mischievously at Wendy. When the smile faded from amusement to simple sweetness, she turned her eyes back on the road. "I really like your mom."

For a few moments, Wendy was worried. Not this again! I hope she's not trying to seduce my mom.

"Is your mom going to be home when we get there? I'd love to see her again."

"Yes, I think so, but..."

"Your mom's very hot, Wendy. She's a total fox."

"Ummm, Kayla, I don't mean to be rude, but my mom's married."

"Really? I thought she was single. Why didn't your father come last night?"

"Well, he's busy. I mean, he's working overseas right now, so he can't always be with us."

"Oh, no wonder. Sorry, Wendy, I didn't mean to offend you. I was just kind of joking."

"I wasn't mad, Kayla. It's...I guess you're right. I am overreacting a bit."

"But seriously, your mom is kind of hot. You're lucky to have such a beautiful woman as your mother. And even if she is married...I still can't wait to see her again."

"Kayla..." said Wendy with a half-smile.

"Sorry," replied Kayla in a drawn-out, humorous manner.

Knowing the direction in which Wendy's thoughts were now likely to be headed, Kayla drove without talking, deliberately allowing Wendy to cogitate and for her implanted imaginations to surface and then run wild.

Kayla's remarks did indeed make Wendy reflect....about how other girls and women viewed her mother...and maybe how she should, too. First Cynthia yesterday morning...then Kayla last night, as reported by Sarah...then Angela today...and Kayla again just now... Am I missing something? Yes, my mom is a good-looking woman, but...

Wendy recalled the impressions she had had the previous night at the dinner, and then earlier today when she had been alone with her mother in Wendy's bedroom, about how attractive Mom had seemed to her. She started to create a picture of her mom in her mind. Almost instantly, instead of visualizing the mother she was accustomed to seeing, other, racier images of Mary washed over her. The first ones were those which had popped into her mind at dinner the night before, of her mom sitting there in only her bra and panties, and then with red lips and nails. Wendy felt an involuntary rush, and her face blushed.

Then even sexier images appeared, one succeeding another, pictures she didn't remember ever coming close to conceiving before, images of her mom in brazen lingerie and fantasy outfits and her face and hair revised with unreal beauty and renewed youth, images of a much more stylish and worldlier woman, a debauched, slutty woman, a breathtaking fantasy woman. Wendy saw a red-haired, black-lipped siren reclining in a transparent black lace body stocking, smoking; a woman with blue-black hair and red nails and lips, in a white leather corset, bidding her come closer; a teasing woman with long, curled, blonde-streaked golden brown hair and gold nails and lips, in a transparent green babydoll nightie; a woman of alluring curves in a purple satin slip, with lavender lips and silver and violet hair up in a braided crown; a playful woman with silver-blue lips and nails and pale pink hair, wearing a short halter-style sundress, blowing her a kiss; a beguiling sorceress; a wanton Wonder Woman; a flirtatious angel; a seductive, ravishing lesbian bride; and more. All of them were Wendy's mother.

Wendy sat motionless, staring straight ahead, completely absorbed in what her mind was seeing, breathing heavily, heart racing. Kayla looked over at her several times and smiled to herself. At length the images disappeared and Wendy recovered her normal mental state, but the impressions they created lingered. Cynthia...Angela...and Kayla........they have a point........ My mom is.......... She really is awesome.............She's special.............. She's...she's absolutely beautiful...

They arrived at Wendy's home, and Wendy invited her in, knowing Kayla wanted to see her mother again. Wendy found herself feeling like she somehow sympathized with Kayla's interest more now than she had a few minutes previously, and in a way thought it might be nice for Kayla and her mom to get to know each other. A further motive for inviting Mrs. Powers' brunette maid in was that Wendy also simply intuitively wanted to prolong being with her at least a few minutes longer.

Once they were inside, Mary, hearing the front door, walked out of the kitchen, where she had been finishing up some leftover dishes and tidying up. Wendy and Mary said, "Hi", then Mary turned to Kayla.

Mary had switched to a pair of gray sweat pants, a dark red poplin shirt with a white grid pattern, household sandals, and a white apron decorated with pink flowers and green leaves. Her hair was tied into a simple pony tail and held with a red rubber band. There was a coat of red lipstick on her lips.

Is that the lipstick from Sarah's gift? Wendy wondered. I can't believe Mom is actually trying it now.

Seeing her daughter and Kayla standing in front of her made Mary self-conscious of the red lipstick she had put on earlier. Her mind wandered back...

Mary was sitting at the vanity table in her bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror and holding a silver tube of lipstick between her fingers. She removed the cap. Light glinted off the tapered red tip into Mary's eyes.

"Put it on... Red lipstick looks wonderful on you... Red lips make you look sexy and attractive... You look much better with red lipstick... Put it on... Put it on..."

Mary hesitated in her movements. But...but I don't need to put this on right now... Maybe for the next interview...

"Put it on... Put it on... Try it... Red lips are delicious and sexy... They make you attractive... You want your lips to be red..."

I think I need practice wearing this kind of lipstick... I'm new to it... No one else is going to see it besides my daughter...

As soon as she put the tip of the red lipstick on her lips, she felt a jolt of pleasure. As she continued applying the lipstick, she felt her pussy quivering.

Wow... I can't believe it would feel like this... It must be because of the novelty... But, Mary wasn't sure if that was the reason. She had never experienced such a feeling when putting on make-up in the past...

Of other make-up... it wasn't like this............. It wasn' wasn't red........... beautiful red.........

After Mary finished applying the red lipstick, her fingers which held the silver tube lingered near her mouth, as if reluctant to part. She had an urge to apply another coat on her lips, but she resisted. One coat is enough...

In fact... She took a facial tissue and blotted her lips a little. I don't want to look too...trampy... The thought passed through her mind that, now that she had had her little experiment, she should just go ahead and wipe it all off; but then, looking at her reflection and being intrigued by it, she decided to leave it on for a while. Just to get used to it, she told herself.

The red coating on her lips was now somewhat muted, as there was only one light layer of it and even that had been blotted...but it was still red, redder than anything Mary had worn on her lips in a long, long time, if ever.

Mary blinked, ending her brief flashback, and her attention focused back on the two females before her.

Seeing her mom in red lipstick triggered a slight feeling of arousal in Wendy, which she dismissed as simply being excitement associated with bringing Kayla into her home, and having her meet her mom again. An extremely brief image of shimmering red-lipsticked lips opened in a moan and a tongue licking around them ran through her mind.

"Hello, Ms. Love-Livingston, nice to see you again."

"Hi, Kayla. Thanks for your wonderful service last night."

"No problem."

As they stood talking in the hallway just outside the kitchen, Kayla, who had not worn her jacket into the house, fiddled for a few seconds, seemingly absently, with the low neckline of her sheer, cropped camisole blouse, then smoothed a hand down the front of the sleek, thin top over her breasts and softly traced her curves with both hands down her sides, around her rear, and up her upper thighs and stomach, finally running her hands along her arms. It was very brief and subtle, and could have been taken as an innocent mannerism, though it riveted both mother and daughter onto Kayla's considerable physical charms.

Is Kayla trying to flirt with my mom?

Sexual fantasies filled Wendy's mind. Wendy imagined her mom with redder, glossier lips... Her mom's eyes locked onto Kayla's eyes...Her mom and Kayla leaning closer to each other... Kayla's and her mom's lips simultaneously meeting together in a passionate kiss...

Wendy shook her head to banish the images, though she could not honestly deny that she found them exciting, and she reprimanded herself. Stop it!

Mary invited Kayla into the kitchen, where all three sat around the kitchen table while she and Kayla had a brief talk on the subjects of housekeeping and cooking. Mary was surprised by Kayla's considerable knowledge on those topics.

"Wow, I never knew you could remove stains that way."

During the conversation, from time to time Kayla would look away from Mary to the sink, or an appliance, or some other object or surface in the kitchen as she made reference to it, to allow Mary's eyes the opportunity to wander over the brunette maid's face, hair, and body--which they did, as did Wendy's. Occassionally, Kayla would touch her chest when she would refer to herself, more often than not "missing" the space just below her collar bone and instead stroking her hand along a breast, including over a nipple or into her cleavage, again drawing rapt attention. A few times when making a point, Kayla put her hand on Mary's forearm, wrist, or hand, which were laying on the table, as if for emphasis or reassurance, usually for just a second, but once leaving it a place for nearly ten exciting seconds.

Before Kayla left, she gave Mary her smartphone number and Mary gave hers to Kayla. As Wendy watched, despite it being clear the two women had taken a quick liking to each other, she was nevertheless surprised by the exchange of phone numbers. Wendy knew this was what two people do who want to see each other again, or to at least talk again, and in this case, as there were no business reasons involved, the sole motive for them wanting to pursue further contact would have to be a social one.

It was an exact replay of what she herself had done with Kayla just that morning. Wendy knew what a subsequent phone call had developed into between Kayla and herself, and that it was still developing into something which promised a much deeper "social" involvement. Was her mother going down the same path? Wendy realized the dating scenario between her mom and Kayla which she had feared, but which had also previously seemed highly unlikely, was now a real possibility.

Mary and Wendy walked Kayla to the front door and said their farewells. The moment the front door closed, Mary went to a front window to watch Kayla walk to her car. As Kayla drove away, Mary, seemingly lost in thought, spoke softly, almost as if to herself. "Kayla's such a pleasant young lady." Then speaking more directly to Wendy, but still gazing at the retreating vehicle, she added, "It's wonderful that you have her as your friend, honey. You could learn a lot from her."

"Yes, Mom. Kayla's pretty nice." Wendy was looking out the window as well.


Wendy went to her room and laid on her bed to try to figure out whether her worries about Mom were justified and what her own real motives in the situation were. No, she didn't want her mother becoming a lesbian, as Mom had a husband and therefore shouldn't be messing around with anyone else, whether man or woman. And, besides, this was Mom, who had been straight all of her life, and it just wouldn't be...well, it just wouldn't be right for her to change...not Mom. Even as she thought that, though, she realized she didn't know why it wouldn't be right...other than that's just the way she always thought of her mom, as a straight woman........... But...but was that really much of a reason stay straight...?

Kayla and Mom had really hit it off. It was obvious they really liked each other........... But...but that didn't mean it had to be a lesbian type of "like", at least on her mom's part. Maybe they will just be friends. It doesn't have to evolve into a sexual relationship. ...........That's right. Of course. It probably won't. Mom wouldn't be interested in Kayla like that. No way. Wendy felt instant relief. An affair between Mom and Kayla was ludicrous.

Only part of Wendy's concern was for her mother's well-being, of course. The other side of Wendy's anxiety was for herself. She liked Kayla. She was starting to really like her. She wanted to see her again. The exact form of the relationship she hoped for wasn't quite formed in her head, but she knew she wanted Kayla's interest and affections directed at her. And Wendy would be...well...jealous...if someone came between them.................

Except..........except if that someone were............were Mom.................. Maybe...maybe that wouldn't be so bad.................... Actually.......that idea had some...appeal........... Mom and Kayla...they could be good together...and look good together... They might fit together... They could be happy together... and that really wouldn't threaten Wendy's own interests........... On the contrary... Keeping something like this in the family... It might be interesting...... It wouldn't necessarily interfere with.....

Wait, Wendy! No! This is your mother you're thinking like this about! Stop!

Just then, Wendy heard a knock on her door. "Yes? Come in?" The door opened and Mary's face peeked around it. "Hi, Mom."

"Hi, honey. Do you mind if I ask you something?"

"No, not at all. Come in." Mary came in and sat on the chair at Wendy's desk.

"I was just wondering... you know, about Kayla...."


"I was thinking... You two just met last night for the first time, right?"


Mary had been surprised to learn that Wendy had spent half the day with the Powers' maid, whom they had just met the previous night. Though she was a very likeable and attractive young woman, it had struck Mary as a little odd, as she had later thought about it, for her teenage daughter to pal around with someone like Kayla, who was domestic help in the household of the mother of her close friend, whom they had just met the previous night, and who was somewhat older than Wendy. It seemed like maybe something strange was going on, and she couldn't figure out what. She didn't suspect anything bad, but it just made her curious.

And Mary was, for some reason unfathomable to herself, interested to know more generally about Kayla. The young woman had made an impression on her in some way she couldn't define, and maybe if she had a little chat with Wendy, a tactful little chat, about the bond that had seemed to form so fast between her daughter and Kayla, she might also find out more--more personal info--about the attractive maid in the process. So she had decided to come have this talk with her daughter.

" did you two become friends so fast? Did I miss something last night? I mean, she is the Powers' maid. And she is older than you..."

Uh oh. Does she know what we...what I did last the living room at Mrs. Powers' home?...........No, she couldn't.......... She's just curious... She's just being a good mother.........

Think fast, Wendy... What will Mom believe?..........

"Oh, yeah.....well...after Sarah and I left you and Mrs. Powers, we went swimming, and then...and then we...we played some games. Yeah...we played some games... It was like a slumber party........and we invited Kayla to join us. She was done with her duties and Mrs. Powers said it was okay...and we needed someone else to play with us...and so we asked Kayla..."


"And then this morning, she woke me up, and gave me some clothes Sarah had left for me that I could wear home--because she had accidentally sent the dress I wore last night off to the cleaners--and she made sure I had everything I needed to get ready this morning."

"Where was Sarah?"

"Oh yeah, Sarah had already taken off with her mom by the time I got up. She had wanted to let me sleep, so she didn't wake me up. Anyway, Kayla got me breakfast, oh, and it was a real good one, and she talked with me while I ate, and she got me a ride home, and... Well, we just got to know each other because of all that. And she's not that much older, Mom...maybe four or five years, maybe six or seven, tops"

"Uh huh... Well that makes sense, honey. Now I see it. What did you two end up doing today?"

"Oh, we just hung out at the mall at little, and had something to eat, and went to the amusement park at the beach. We talked, too. We just had a real nice time."

That almost sounds a date, Mary thought. And Wendy seems a little...well, kind of giddy... talking about it ..........

The idea that her daughter could be "going out" with another young lady was a totally novel one for Mary, and gave her a slight involuntary rush. And this Kayla... She had been so attentive at dinner the night before....... It may have been a little uncomfortable at first, but Mary had actually ended up enjoying it...enjoying her...liking her...... But did it mean... did it mean that Kayla had a...a thing...for women and girls? And if she was one to date a girl, would she also date a...a woman........?

Mary had no idea why such ideas had even come into her mind. She quickly identified them as absurd imaginations, and dismissed them from her head, at least for the most part, yet some curiosity, some interest in such possibilities lingered for a minute or two longer.

"Well, that's great, honey. Like I said before, I'm glad you two have become friends. Are you two going see each other again...?"

"Yeah... I'm pretty sure we're going to hang out some more."

"Great. Well, if you do, you can bring her over any time. Maybe you'd like to invite her over for dinner sometime."

"Yeah... That'd be great."

"I can try out my chicken-mushroom casserole on her...see how she likes it..."

"Who wouldn't like that, Mom? That's one of your best dishes."

"Okay. We'll throw in my famous strawberry cheesecake, too........Well, that's all I wanted to ask. I'll see you later, honey."

"Okay, Mom."

For a few minutes after Mary left, Wendy reflected on the conversation she had just had with her mom. Mom is curious about Kayla..... I wonder if...if she likes her........... No, I know Mom likes her.......but...does she like her an "attracted" way?......................... No...of course not... Why did I even think that?............... But......does she maybe think that I like Kayla like that?... It almost sounded like she thinks we're dating.................................. Maybe we are..........

Wendy got up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her conversation at the beach with Kayla came to her mind, and Kayla's words ran through her head. "Lesbian girls are more attractive...sexier...more you. You don't have the vibes of a straight girl, Wendy." Wendy's reflection confirmed everything Kayla had suggested. I am prettier...and sexier...than I used to be. I feel more confident. I'm having more fun than I ever did as a straight girl.......................

Am I gay?.......................

As Wendy stared in the mirror, the girl she saw transformed. It was herself, but older, worldlier, her body more developed, her face heavily and beautifully painted, her hair long and pale platinum blonde. The reflection smiled, and Wendy heard a soft and sultry voice in her head as if the reflection was speaking. "Yes. You are a beautiful lesbian." The girl winked at her, then blew her a kiss.

Wha...? Wendy shook her head and blinked. The reflection was just normal Wendy again.

Okay...let's just say for a moment that I am a true lesbian... If I were a real lesbian girl...if those feelings got the better of me...and I didn't want to stop...... Wendy thought back to the conversation she had with Sarah that night before...... Would it be so bad?...............

What could be the worst conceivable down side? That I would love girls and not boys? Would that be so bad? That did not seem like a disadvantage in the least. Or that people would think less of me? That may have been the case in the past, but nowadays society tolerated almost any lifestyle. Plus, Wendy, realized as she thought about it, she actually tended to think more highly of the lesbians she knew than the straight people she knew. She liked lesbians better. And maybe so did other people these days. That was not inconceivable. So that was another "disadvantage" which seemed refuted.

If I went gay, I couldn't have children and a family. But, actually, that was no longer true, either. There was artificial insemination and adoption, and homosexual couples and marriages and familes were increasingly common and accepted. Again, not a downside.

Wendy noticed her double Venus necklace and proceeded to take it off, just for a minute.

No, Wendy... Just because Kayla thinks I might be a lesbian...and I have these...these feelings...and I can't think of a disadvantage to being gay... It doesn't mean that I am... I'm just trying to achieve my goals... That's all...

I...I don't want to be a lesbian. It doesn't have to end like that. I can be strong. I always achieve my goals. I promised Sarah I would stick with it. I will win Lauren Then I can return the way I came. I can be straight again...eventually...

She put the necklace back on. But for now...

As Mary walked slowly away from Wendy's room down the hallway, her mind began to wander back to the previous night. She recalled meeting Kayla for the first time outside the Powers mansion, the maid accompanying them into the house, the tour of the mansion, the gourmet meal, Kayla's attentive service, and the end of the dinner. On the surface, everything she remembered appeared normal. It was nothing more than two sets of mothers and daughters having a nice dinner and getting acquainted.

But...something felt amiss, something she couldn't quite put her finger on. The major thing that bothered Mary was that part of her post-dinner conversation with Mrs. Powers seemed fuzzy in her memory and she couldn't remember much of what happened after that discussion. Mary felt there was something missing. Maybe it was the wine.

Then she "remembered". She hadn't drunk alcohol in a long time and had forgotten her limit. She had gotten drunk. It had been embarrassing. Kayla had volunteered to drive Mary home. Unable to make steady movements, she had had to rely on Kayla to help her walk. Mary remembered wrapping her right arm around Kayla's shoulders, feeling the enjoyable warmth of the Latina maid's body, and savoring the pleasant perfume emanating from it. At times, her hand had clutched the maid's upper right arm rather tightly and had noted the smoothness of the maid's skin, as her short-sleeved maid's uniform had left her arms mostly uncovered.

And--Mary's memory now told her--every now and then her eyes had wandered to Kayla's large breasts. From her vantage point walking next to the attractive young woman, and hanging on to her, Mary had had a breathtaking view down the brunette's moderately low-cut dress, and had not been able to resist dwelling, more than was proper, on the deep, creamy cleavage and on the way her full, silky-looking orbs bulged and quivered as they had walked together with somewhat of an irregular gait.

The "recollection" made Mary blush as she continued down her hallway. Mary then also "recalled" that, at one point, while Kayla was helping Mary into her house, Mary had accidentally touched Kayla's left breast. Though brief and light, the contact had been definite and, for some reason, a memorable and sweet event, both then and now. The young breast had been full and firm, and touching it was magical. She couldn't help smile as she "remembered" it, and her face flushed even more.

Without realizing it, Mary had come to a stop at the head of the stairs as her mind wandered over the events of the preceding night. Mary found it strange that she remembered these specific details--the drinking, Kayla taking her home, and, particularly, the way she had felt with Kayla, what she had noticed about her, and the way her customary propriety had failed her--but she concluded that all of her embarrassing actions and her attention to feminine details were merely effects of her inebriated state.

It struck her that her intoxication and social blunders while drunk may have caused some damage to the impression she had left on Mrs. Powers, and that her conduct could possibly be made more public than she wished. I hope Wendy doesn't find out about this.

Yet, this maid Kayla had seemed to be on the quiet and reserved side, and quite nice, after all was said and done, Perhaps she could be counted on for discretion. That supposition washed over Mary with gratitude.

Mary resumed her stroll. After walking down the stairs, Mary decided that she needed to thank the maid later--but in secret, without her daughter knowing about it. She was glad they had exchanged phone numbers with each other earlier.


Half an hour later, Wendy was doing her homework in her room. She hadn't had the chance to do much of that in recent weeks, due to her "extracurricular" activities, and she was behind in chemistry, physics, and math. Wendy could get by in English, government, and health & safety by "faking it", but success in the physical sciences and math necessitated daily homework and lots of it, and she was definitely lapsing. Sarah had put her in touch via email with an anonymous student who had been doing Wendy's homework for her over the last week, so that she at least had had something to hand in when assignments were due. Wendy hadn't felt good about it, but she had justified herself that it was all in a good cause, and each day the cheating had become easier. However, tests were coming up in those hard classes, and she could not get her customary good grades in them without some real study on her part. So her objective for the remainder of the afternoon and the early part of the evening, until she was to go out with Sarah later that night, was to bear down and catch up as much as she could.

After a few minutes into a challenging chapter on thermodynamics, Wendy received a mysterious phone call with no caller ID displayed on her smartphone. There was a hissing noise mixed with a female moaning sound on the other end. "Hello? Who is this? Hello?" The call ended after five seconds. "She must have gotten the wrong number."

Wendy returned to her textbook, but soon found herself staring at the pages, unable to concentrate on the words. Instead, her thoughts drifted. They drifted to girls and women she had seen on television...and in the movies...and in her girls she had seen at girls she had seen at the girls she knew...and girls she would like to girls she had been intimate with...and to others...

She thought of Sarah...of their first meeting in the girls' pleased she had been to be noticed by the popular beauty...their friendship and fun...the training and practice...the "performance"...their sex together...making out in the school restrooms and hallway...the flirtations and immodesties and indulgences last night...their relationship privileged she felt being Sarah's girlfriend...even though it was fake.......... But it didn't feel fake......... It felt so good to be they belonged with each other... Kayla's encouragement in this regard in the morning came to her. What if it were for real? Would that be so bad? What would it take for it to become real? Or was it already...and neither of them realized it...?

Wendy's mind turned to Madleynn...her very beautiful now...and to their lesbian relationship... I have to be a lesbian for save her... They were going to start dating...That sounded nice... Can't wait... She relived being with Madelynn on this bed a couple of days ago...her touches as she had stuck that vibrating egg in her... and turned up the speed... Madelynn had taken off her overcoat and had had a surprise for Wendy underneath...for her lesbian girlfriend... They danced for each other... They kissed... What a great friend...a great girlfriend...a hot babe... I wonder what she'll look like next time I see her... Can't wait to see her again... hold her again...kiss her again...take our friendship to the next level...a whole new level...I'll be sexier for her... I love Madelynn...

Then there was Cynthia... Wendy remembered meeting her that first time in the park...that tight, thin sweater she bra...her uncontained breasts swaying, her nipples pushing obvious nubs into the fuzzy material...making out on the roof of the school...begging the beautiful redhead to eat her out...the Twin Venus Club...I wonder when we'll go back there... Cynthia's sooo pretty...She should forget about Lauren... We'd be better together...I wonder when she's going to ask me to be her girl...

And Mrs. Powers...last night... Meeting her, I felt such a rush...Going up the stairs she had her hand on my back...I couldn't take my eyes off her... When will I see her again?

What about that girl in the DVD...and in the magazine...and at the club?...Samantha...

With every tempting female she paraded across her mind and every experience of Sapphic sex and romance she reviewed or anticipated or longed for, her heat beat a little faster and her arousal rose another notch.

Wendy's thoughts wandered to herself as the beauty and sexiness she had seen in the mirror...and in photos she had taken...and the lust reflected in the eyes of other girls and women who looked at her.

Unknown to Wendy, she had been blasted over the phone with a dose of subliminals and sounds formulated to trigger sexual responses. After ten minutes of mental and emotional wandering down Sapphic paths and growing arousal, the feelings became too intense to even pretend she was studying.

Wendy closed her book and set it aside. This chemistry is tough. I just need a little break. I'll get some relief. Then I'll be able to hit the books again.

She lifted her skirt and fingered herself, at first with a moderate stroke, then urgently. For some reason she couldn't get an orgasm. So she used a vibrating dildo, but still no luck. Then she went to her hiding place and pulled out one of her choicest glossy lesbian porn magazines, flipping to some of her favorite models and scenes. She knew this always worked. She resumed fingering and dildoing herself, coaxing her pussy to the point of soreness, and while now getting close, yet she couldn't quite achieve a climax.

Desperate for help, Wendy tried to call Sarah, Madelynn, and Cynthia, but none of them answered. She didn't want to bother Kayla again. The only person she could think of left for her to call was Madeline, a member of the Twin Venus Club whom Cynthia had encouraged her to contact.

Wendy was reluctant to make the call. She felt awkward. She didn't know this girl at all. They had never even met. Calling out of the blue like this...did Madeline even remember her? What would she, Wendy, say? What would the girl think? Maybe she had changed her mind about...about getting together.

And what exactly was it that she, Wendy, wanted? Companionship? Just someone to talk to? Someone who could tell her what to do? Or........did she want to ask this Madeline a date...? Did she want a relationship with her? And where would it lead?

Wendy felt strongly that she would like to get to know this girl. From what Wendy had been able to tell from across the room at the Twin Venus Club, she was very pretty. She looked like an intriguing girl.......... Wendy wanted to call talk to see what would happen.... But she wasn't exactly sure what she wanted after that. Although the way she was feeling now...aroused...

No... It wasn't like she was going to ask Madeline for sex, quite, after all, but... Did she want to start something with this girl that would lead to...well...that probably would lead Should she?

A siren voice sang once again through Wendy's head, so quietly she was barely aware of it. I want lesbian girlfriends... I should date girls... I want to go out with Madeline. Madeline should be my girlfriend... I want a pretty, sexy, loose girlfriend...just like her... I can be a slutty lesbian girl with her...for her....

As she struggled with her conscience, her nerve, and her libido, she resorted to self-justification, as she had been doing so often these days. Maybe I could just ask Madeline for advice on how to solve my problem. Maybe we can just be friends. There's no need for me to get sexually involved with her............or...........if we do........maybe just some........... We don't have to go all the way........and even if we do...

Wendy found herself dialing the number. A pretty and youngish voice answered. "Hello?"

"H-hello, is this Madeline?" asked Wendy as she twirled a lock of her blonde hair around her finger nervously.

"Yes. Are you Wendy?"

"Yes, I am."

"At last! I've been waiting for you to call me! I'm glad you finally did, Wendy. I've been really looking forward to meeting you."

"Oh, that's nice to hear. I've...I've been kind of wondering about you, too..."

"I was hoping you would!.......So, umm...Wendy, how do you feel about being a member of the Twin Venus Club?"

"It feels...awesome!" Although Wendy had at first been shocked at the activities that went on at the Twin Venus Club, she eventually had caved in and had done what Cynthia had coaxed her to do there. Immediately afterward, she had felt like she had gone too far and had betrayed herself. Now Wendy thought that she might have overreacted at the time. Looking back with candor, she now knew that she had enjoyed what she had done there even though her memories of exactly what that was were vague. While Wendy, fearful of being discovered by anyone who knew Cynthia or Lauren to be anything less than a true-blue lesbian, had exaggerated her enthusiasm to Madeline regarding how she felt being a member of the club, she nevertheless actually did feel drawn to the club in some mysterious way, apart from the way the club was supposedly helping her achieve her goals.

"Good. I'm glad you like our club. Did you like your first time here?"

"Yeah," Wendy answered, despite having only a vague memory of earlier events.

Wendy was already feeling more relaxed with this obviously pleasant girl and glad that she had called.

"I promise you it gets even better. I can tell you more about the club and we can talk about other things, too. Whatever you want, Wendy. Mostly, I just want to get to know you, you know? Do you have any time this afternoon?"

"I wanted to ask you the same thing."

"Great. Since we both have time, let's meet at the Twin Venus Club!"

"At that place?"

"Of course, I'm already at the club house right now. I'm the only person staying here today. We'll be alone."

Wendy found that information gave her a bit of an unexpected thrill, but right now she wanted to keep things simple, and, Wendy knew by experience, that house was anything but simple. Maybe they could just talk on the phone today. "Umm... Madeline, I actually have a problem I wanted to ask you about."

"What is it?"

"When I...well......When... I... you know...masturbated...just a few minutes ago........I wasn't able cum." After she had said it, Wendy found it odd that she could say something like this so boldly to a girl with whom she was speaking the first time.

"I know what you need. Just come to the club house and I'll help you with it."

"Well...okay," Wendy reluctantly agreed. But maybe this girl could help. She seemed confident. "Thanks for being willing to help me. Do you have any idea what the problem with me could be?"

"Yes. It's simple, Wendy. You need another female's touch."

That didn't make sense to Wendy. Why would she need another female to provide sexual release? She had been able to orgasm by herself in the morning.

"But, I was able to get myself off this morning!"

"Just come to the club house, and I'll give you all the answers. Is five thirty okay for you?"


"Good, I'll be waiting for you there. See you then."


  1. This is a great chapter, MM. It took me days to read it, but every section is worth taking the time.
    I especially appreciate where you ended the chapter, so that the next one can detail the budding relationship between Wendy and Maddy, and how that connection begins altering the course of those around them. - BadLiar

  2. No, that "Maddy" is Madeline, another girl different from her best friend, Maddlynn. They met in an earlier chapter during Cynthia's efforts in seducing Wendy when they were at the Twin Venus Club. It was still a great end for this chapter though. I had earlier suggested the idea for Maddlynn to see about "recruiting" other girls into helping her with her "fight" "against" Hecate. I like how you wrote that in about Beatrice, and look forward to reading their encounter. It appears that Bad Liar has created quite a powerful character in the A.I. of Becoming Brainy, will there be a similar introduction here?

    1. I'm not sure if the entity in the virtual world of Becoming Brainy that the characters are interacting with is an A.I. program, a scripted program, an avatar of a person, or some combination of the previous items. Serena as character in a virtual world has already been introduced in Brainy Teen, but with no age difference between her virtual character and the real person. However, I don't think that really matters since anything could be customized in the virtual world. The virtual Serena in Brainy Teen might or might not be the same as the Serena in Becoming Brainy.

    2. I asked, because in part of an earlier chapter, I forget which one, but that part where you wrote of Maddlynn's introduction to mind control and memory modification, the story had her being hooked up to a large machine that "looked like an inverted pill bug with hoses coming out of it from all directions." You had wrote that the machine(and some smaller machines for a similar purpose), were run by a complex A.I. I figured that Becoming Brainy's Serena was simply an introduction of this A.I., and that it might help to give that A.I. some depth by describing her/it, or perhaps that both Becoming Brainy's Serena and Brainy Teen's Serena believe the same ideas, that all of the world's problems are "because of men," or something like that. Maybe somehow the human Serena "became" an extension of, or that the A.I. "merged" her/its awareness with that of Sarah's mother. Logic suggests that if this were to have happened in the story, then first the human Serena was Beth, who then became Danielle, and then somehow became the human Serena. But I also understand if you find this all too complex too. I just wanted to see a foundation for the origin of the machine-controlled brainwashing parts.

    3. I think I get it now. In fiction, I've read about mind transfer from human to computer, human to human, and computer to human, but never merging of a computer mind with that of a human mind. Your idea sounds interesting. I didn't give much thought to the A.I. when I wrote Brainy Teen. I thought of it as just a tool. I wrote the story from the bottom-up and not from the top-down in order to keep the plot simple. I didn't focus on world building so a lot of things in in Brainy Teen is vague and undefined.

      I'm still not sure what's going on exactly in Becoming Brainy. I got the impression of an ancient mind control cult being responsible for the events. They had a profound, exclusive insight on the human mind before modern science came about. With the advent of modern computer technology, they were able to apply their secret knowledge to achieve their goals. This is probably too wild of a theory for the story. Maybe it'll become more clear in the subsequent chapters.

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    1. Not working on new chapters at the moment. Next release is going be chapter 11 for SW Before that I'll put up revisions of chapter 18 and 20 for BT and chapter 10 for SW.

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    1. The chapters won't indicate that they've been updated, but you can view the update history at this link

      Regarding the Brainy Teen spin-off involving Wendy's sister, the first chapter is completed and currently in the editing process, but I'm not sure when it will come out.

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  13. Just a couple of comments re: CH 20

    Wendy is being trained as a slut...maybe it would have been better for her to have had sex with Kayla in a public place where they could have been caught. She doesn't think much of it at the time ...maybe a gratitude kind of thing? This becomes the pattern for her...she always sleeps with girls on their first date. Later, straight friends are discussing one of the girls at school who has a reputation for sleeping with guys on the first date. Others comment that only a real slut would do that, maybe once or twice it would be ok but regularly? This starts to open Wendy's eyes that she truly is acting as a slut. Maybe next time she tries to resist but can't help herself?

    She could also deliberately fantasize about beautiful women she sees. Firstly, she would be a bit ashamed but justify it as something she should do. Then, have Sarah/Kayla encourage her to actively do it. Then, after making a conscious decision to do it find that she not only should do it but actively choose to do it because she enjoys it. Then, have her do it even without her necklace on knowing that she shouldn't really be doing it because she isn't wearing her necklace but have her unable to resist. Kind of a shame that the boat was missed on this one...unless it could be edited in an update?

    Anyway just some thoughts

    1. missed the boat? you mean for the dating sex or the fantasies?

    2. Ahh...sorry dating

    3. I was planning for Wendy to have sex with Kayla on Sunday, the day after their first date. Sex in a public place where they could get caught? I haven't thought about that. That's something I could put in the story.

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    1. Happy New Year to you too, Youpla. Hope 2015 would be great for you and everyone.

      Regarding the chapters, I'm still working on them. I'll release them as soon as they're done.

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    1. Mary and Wendy would go the route you suggested. It would with small interactions before progressing into dating. I was thinking putting in a therapist in order to speed things along. Under the pretense of improving their mother-daughter relationship, the therapist would propose various treatments, which include hugging, innocent kissing, etc. Later it would progress to more intense activities. Eventually the therapist isn't needed and their relationship continues on its own. Or maybe that's unnecessary. Serena and Sarah could take that role. Serena would advise Mary while Sarah would advise Wendy into starting an incestual relationship.

    2. I think that Serena and Sarah would be better introducing a therapist so late in the game might throw the story. If the therapist was there from the beginning or from near the beginning, then they could've helped with Mary's induction under the guise of helping her understand what was happening to Wendy. That's my opinion anyway.

    3. In Chapter 18 during Mary's brainwashing Serena implanted the memory that she gave Mary some business cards, and one of those cards was to a therapist that specialized in mother/daughter counselling. I think it wouldn't be to hard for Mary to come across the card, maybe some kind of post-hypnotic trigger would happen when she see's the card,

    4. I don't know that you need a third-party to intervene; both women have already started to recognize subconscious attractions to the other. If Mary were to propose a seemingly innocent mother-daughter evening (dinner and a movie?) they could both plan to have a perfectly benign night out, but fall victim to their implanted urges and have it turn more romantic (with attendant rationalizations) over the course... A few such dates, becoming more and more intimate would achieve the same outcome, without having to resort to the somewhat deus ex machina of an interventionist third party. It could also serve as a kind of turning point demonstrating that the programming is starting to take over and directly affect the protagonists' actions independent of the overt methods employed to this point... Just my $0.02 -- I'm very keen to see this aspect of the storyline (Mary and Wendy's romance) develop!

  16. My name is Christina W, I'm a lesbian & a Gynarchist,
    Gynarchy is both natural & inevitable boys, It's much easier to just give into it, and let us do what we want. I've enjoyed every woman who thought she was straight until she was with another woman. We are growing more and more, here are 2 articles
    * lesbianism QUADRUPLES in less than 20 years* YAY

    Married & think you're safe, think again, this is from the Oprah show, also picked up on CNN, so I would say they are pretty credible

    lastly, my partner & I both love all your stories, we can't wait to read more of them

    1. Pffthahahaha, good for the women discovering who they are on the inside but seriously who gives a shit. Homosexuality isn't some virus or pyramid scheme that's spreading, it's that the world we are living in is more and more tolerant of it and it's becoming safer and safer to come out. Sure there are some morons who claim it's going to send us all to hell but who care about them. Also, using Breibart as a source is just damn stupid. They're so reactionary that they make Fox look like MSNBC.

    2. Hello Christina, welcome to my blog. I'm glad you and your partner enjoy my stories. This is the first time I've heard of gynarchy. Is it another word for matriarchy? I don't think the rise lesbianism is indication that we're heading towards gynarchy, though it would be an interesting scenario to entertain in fantasy. I agree with the anon who say it's just society becoming more open. Although anything could happen in the future, I would say that heterosexual relationships are safe for now at least.

    3. Welcome Christina, and hope you have a good time reading MM's stories.

  17. hey MasterMeat I so love your story and I do hope you add more lovely chapters to this tale

    1. There will be more chapters for Brainy Teen. Right now I'm working on chapter 11 of Silver Witch so I can't give a completion date for the next chapter of Brainy Teen yet.

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    Some thoughts...I don't think that making young women into is lesbians is that hard of a task (especially since I believe in environment over genetics). Young people, especially woman are very open to trying new things. Society has put it's stamp of approval for woman to experiment.

    It seems to me that for a company like Hecate to waste that much time and money to change girls seems wasteful and not very cost effective. You could have made both Maddy and Wendy lezzies already by having them introduced to your average young male (they are selfish and are very inexperienced when it comes to pleasing a woman) after the mind altering pleasurable drugs has just convinced them that women are awesome. I do get it your objective is to not just make them lesbians, but to make them promiscuous lesbian sluts. I suppose making all these women clients purchasing Hecate's variety of lesbian products could be an angle to exploit.

    Their mothers are not going to be that tough to change, you have made them sexually repressed, so I expect that will be easy. The religious and sex club angles will be interesting to read when you get done with that.

    I would like to see you introduce Beatrice's mother as a happily married woman that will need to convert. She needs to be having awesome sex with her man. Now there would be a real challenge.

    Only good looking woman? I think this awesome company needs to help poor fat and ugly ladies as well. They need to find the confidence and desire to help themselves change into the butterflies and swans that is within them. Just a thought.

    I have to admit though you seem to be taking too much time trying to achieve your objective whatever it is. I caught myself scanning through a lot of it and not missing anything. It has been awhile since you have added a chapter. Will check back later to see where you are headed with this story.

    1. LOL - FYI: based on the current pace, just set a reminder in your calendar for +1 year from now; at the current pace that *might* get you another chapter in the original series and *maybe* 1-2 more chapters in one of the others... Checking back more often than monthly (even seasonally) is mostly going to waste your time :p

    2. "they are selfish and are very inexperienced when it comes to pleasing a woman"

      Depends on the guy. Some on the younger guys I dated were REALLY good.

      Buckle up for the wait. I expect it MM to finish Brainy Teen in the year 2056.

    3. Don't be haters. It takes time to write, with real life constraints and coming up with ideas, it can be a long process. That's before you even send to an editor who then goes through and nick picks any little mistake that they find

    4. Thanks for your comments, Surfdude. Your point that Hecate's methods don't appear to be cost effective is valid. But I'm not trying to emulate other authors in writing about quick conversions, which is the most cost effective way to get recruits. There's not much to write about if the mind control process happens quickly. Also, there's the issue of quality vs quantity. Things done quickly are usually of lower quality and vice versa. While anything could be written in fiction, if I don't put constraints in the story's universe, it would end up like a bad scifi/fantasy novel.

  20. Ben: It has nothing to do with being haters; Look at the timelines: the first FOURTEEN chapters of BT were delivered between Jan, 2011 and Jan 2012. Since then, it's been FOUR YEARS for the next six chapters, including the current 18-months-and-counting span since chapter 20 came out. Put another way, it's been one-and-a-half times LONGER since the last chapter of BT than it took for the first FOURTEEN chapters. It's OBVIOUS that MM is pretty burnt out on the storyline and he clearly doesn't have the time/energy/vigour/interest for it that he had when he initially started with (which is a perfectly normal and understandable phenomenon!) He even started an entirely separate storyline that's clearly still more interesting to him now than re-visiting Wendy's journey, which has lead to even more delays. Watching this all transpire, I honestly expect that, while he may, eventually, dredge up enough energy to produce another chapter, or two or maybe even three, I think that, based on the evidence, and an understanding of simple human-nature, the time-frames between chapters will continue to lengthen until the project is finally, ultimately abandoned... Since there's way to many open plotlines and character arc's running through it to be tied up properly/meaningfully in just a few chapters, with each passing month, my disappointment grows and my expectations of seeing a conclusion diminish... So, someone being cognizant of the realities of the situation and concurrently disappointed, giving voice to that condition, does not mean that there's any hate in play, only, probably, despondence, disappointment, and a growing sense that something many people are clearly very interested in seeing developed, is, instead, slowly slipping away... :(

    1. I understand your points but I was just stating that there could be many number of reasons why MM hasn't been posting chapters at the previous pace and that for people not bitch and moan when it doesn't keep coming at that pace

    2. I'm not planning to abandon my stories or even thinking about it. Just because you're seeing a familiar pattern in my behavior doesn't necessarily mean I'll act in accordance to that pattern. I love writing my stories. The slow rate in which the stories are being released and the addition of new characters aren't indicative of me losing interest.

  21. It's been a while since I've posted something here, even if I come each day to see if there are any news about a new chapter of either Silver Witch, Brainy Teen, Brainy University, or Becoming Brainy.
    To my disappointment, alas, these news are rather rare.

    Because I have some discussions by email with MasterMeat and Domino_X, I know for sure that their chapters are finished way before they come on this blog. For example, as Domino_X said some times before, his chapter 2 of Brainy University is more or less finished and, because I asked him by mail to read it more than one month ago, I know that it's a rather long chapter, written with passion and that it surely doesn't show any lack of interest or motivation from its author.
    And the same could be saifd too for Silver Witch chapter 11. Some months ago, MasterMeat gave me the opportunity to read the true final draft, draft that is not the one on this blog but a polished version that is waiting to be posted here.

    So, what is the problem ? Why does it take so many times to read a new chapter here ?

    In my totally personal opinion, I think that the editing process takes way too much time. Sometimes, between the first draft of a chapter and its final version, we have to wait something like 4-6 months, maybe more. I really know, for having the chance to read and the drafts and the final versions, that this editing process is useful brings a lot more to the first version of a chapter, and is truly necessary to bring a nearly perfect chapter at the end. But, on the other hand, this editing process takes way, way too much time. Also, I'm not totally innocent here since I give to MasterMeat a lot of feedbacks by mail and advices or suggestions. But I fear that listening too much to these feedbacks and to the editor's suggestions is, finally, something that is slowing down MasterMeat or Domino_X, something that prevents them to bring another chapter when they really wish to bring one.
    I don't really know how this editing work is exactly done, but maybe it would be best, sometimes, if the authors had a bit more trust in what they are writing, and if they would not capitalize too much on the importance of feedbacks and suggestions.
    I may sound a bit hypocritic here since I am one person who is responsible for these feedbacks but, if I have one more suggestion to give to MasterMeat and the other authors here, maybe it would be best to at least post a new chapter here when it is done, to at least bring some fresh material, and more importantly to BELIEVE in you, in what you are writing, and to not wait for too many feedbacks to know how you have to continue the story. Just do what you want to do, post the chapters, and THEN wait for the editor's and readers' feedbacks.
    And why don't you do what has perfectly worked before on this blog ? If you're unsure about one chapter, nevertheless post it on the blog and change it later, while highlightning thanks to an option which events are new or changed ? I'm talking here of what has been done for the chapters 18, 19, and 20 of Brainy Teen. There is nothing preventing you to say "Attention to readers, this chapter is not finalized and may have some changes some times later". At least, we could have something to read and would be reassured about the future of these stories.

    Well. That's just my opinion. I'm still confident that MasterMeat and the other authors here will bring some new chapters. I just hope that we will have some news from them to, at least, be informed of the progression of their work.

    1. The simple solution is that Chapters should be shortened! 2000-5000 word chapters every 3-4 months would be eminently more tolerable than 30,000+word ones every 1-3 years. They'd be easier to write, easier to edit, and far less stressful to generate... If that's not acceptable for some reason, change the publishing policy to POSTING drafts and do the editing / revising live... Either alternative has its drawbacks, certainly, but I'd suggest that both are better solutions than the current one!

    2. Publishing drafts and editing them live would spoil the stories. The first impressions of the rough drafts would affect how readers see the final drafts. An alternative solution is to upload the drafts to Google Docs to do live revising/editing, but not they're visible publicly. My editor and I would be able to see each other's edits in real time and make changes/suggestions accordingly. This might speed up the whole process somewhat.

  22. A chapter is typically an idea, a scene or a direction for the story. Long chapters allow the author to explore the story, with both character background, emotions and of course actual character actions. For me, personally, I find longer chapters eminently re-readable as frequently different parts of it will stand out or I'll re-interpret things.

    Shorter 3000-5000 chapters - read them once, maybe twice, and I'm done.

  23. According to Word, the last chapter of BT contained almost SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND words and fills over 130 8.5x11" pages. That's not a chapter, it's A NOVEL! SURELY it could have been delivered just as effectively as seven ~11k-word "chapters"? And just as surely, those chapters should be substantially easier to produce and edit than nigh-on-80,000-word ones are, n'est ce pas?

  24. I agree that short chapters would be something a bit disappointing now, since we've tasted from chapter 17 to chapter 20 a much more elaborate work. Let's face it, the last chapters of Brainy Teen are much better in quality than the previous ones, even if these previous chapters were good too.
    Like I say, when you have a taste of living in a house, you don't want to live in an apartment anymore (don't know if anyone will understand this allegory, but oh well... ^^).
    Personally, I can re-read chapter 1è to 20 without any problem because, elaborate as they are, there is always something new to discover, or more work on some characters that were just secondary characters before (Madelynn, for example). And moreover, they introduce new incestuous relationships that weren't there in the first chapters. More subliminals too, and a much better work on the rhythm between dialogs and pure descriptions.


    It's, alas, true that there is seemingly a problem since some months now. Not only MasterMeat, but Domino too don't give any news about possible new chapters. And I find it even more surprising when I personally know that chapter 2 of Becoming Brainy is almost finished.
    What is going on ? Is there some kind of problem with the edition's process ? I can't imagine that it takes something like 3 months (more or less) to read chapter 2 of Becoming Brainy, and to bring corrections and additions to it. :(

    I hope that we will have some news from the authors and, maybe, some new materials. But being kept in the silence like this is surely something that can make us worried about what will follow... or not. :(

  25. @MasterMeat : Hello. I just want to know if yuou have some news to share about chapter 21 of Brainy Teen ? I'm really hoping for this one, and wanted to show you that I'm still coming on the blog even if I don't post often. ;)

    1. Personally, I'm mostly just hoping that the story actually manages to spend some decent time on Wendy & Mary, which hasn't happened since ~ch18. Based on the last two chapters, I'm nervous that, instead of exploring the comparatively rare subject of a mother/daughter romance/seduction, it will be yet another chapter that's primarily concerned with Madelynn and her further, thoroughly-stereotypical and eminently well-travelled, transition into yet one more addition to a very long line of butch, BDSM/latex lesbian dominatrices... :(

    2. But... I love madelynn's trransformation into a lesbian punk dominatrix who lover fetishwear! In fact 8 would like to see madelynn start converting other virginal nerd girls into punk/goth lesbians.

  26. Yes, since chapter 18 maybe we can say that Mary and Wendy didn't have much time when they were TOGETHER. However, induction and subliminals have been really present for the mother, and for the daughter as well. And let's not forget that Wendy not only received some suggestions leading her toward attraction for older women, watched a movie with a MILF seducing a teenager, and had some time with Mary in her room.

    Maybe, in comparison with chapter 18, it seemed a bit light. But I do really think that showing Erin and the brainwashing she is enduring, just as it was done with Mary in chapter 18, was necessary. Before that event between Erin and Cynthia, Erin seemed like a really secondary characters, without much importance in Madelynn's arch story. Now, thanks to this, both the relationships between Mary/Wendy and Erin/Madelynn will seem much more realistic, and we will better see how the characters are falling into depravation.

    i think that, overall, a good aspect of this story is that everyone can find characters and fetishes to his tastes.
    I'm really impatient to see the realtionship between Mary and Wendy evolving into an true love with romance, but of course tainted with lust. And I'm equally impatient to see how a shy and nerdy girl as Madelynn will fall into the extremes, and have a totally dirty and perverted relationship with her formerly prude mother.
    This, and I'm also really eagy to see how the characters will physically change. Mary becoming a total MILF crazy with makeup and red clothes, Wendy becoming a slut loving to exhibe her body, Erin becoming a nasty whore wearing black makeup and perverted versions of some holy clothes, and finally Madelynn going for some more piercings, tattoos, and big fake breasts.

    All in one, we can say that there are many things and that each one will surely find something to love !

    ... Oh boy.... I can't wait for chapter 21.... :(

    1. Definitely looking forward to chapter 21 :-)

  27. Approaching 2 years since the last chapter of Brainy Teen :P

  28. Been 2 years now since the last chapter of Brainy Teen :( guess we should consider this story dead.

  29. Stories not dead. I can say that chapter 21 is in progress and should be ready when editing with it gets done.

    1. No offense but I prefer to hear from Mastermeat when it comes to updates on his stories. While you have said that Mastermeat is working on the next chapter he hasn't said or made any comments about it.

    2. Domino_X had read my draft and is aware of the progress. The first round of review and editing for chapter 21 is complete.

    3. Any idea when we can expect the chapter to be ready?

    4. Hopefully sometime in November.

    5. LOL - so much for November... :p

  30. Replies
    1. Done as in ready to publish or done as in there will be no update anymore?

  31. I come back every day to see if there are any updates. I'm hoping you can find it in you to publish something by new year's. You have a following, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who checks often. Any idea if you can publish anything in the near future?

    1. LoL -- I checked back here the other day only to discover posts of mine from Jan 2015 and Jan 2016 with similar sentiments. Ironically, in one of the Jan 2016 posts, I advised someone to set an alarm for +1 year and not to waste their time checking more than seasonally. In the 2016, "+1 year" post, I presciently noted that we *might*, at that juncture, have maybe 1 more chapter in Brainy Teen and potentially 1-2 chapters in one or more of the other stories...

  32. Story is dead now