Saturday, November 7, 2015

Silver Witch (chapter 11)

Walking up to the trash can in the cafeteria, Emma emptied the remnants of her lunch on her tray into it. For several moments, she was lost in thought while she rested her tray on the lip of the can.

I need to stop thinking about girls. I know I've been doing a lot of lesbian stuff, but that doesn't mean I need to have that mindset all the time. I'm a straight girl. What I did this morning...was wrong... I went too far...

The sound of garbage being emptied into another trash can by a boy next to her shook her out of her introspection.  She glanced at the young man, a handsome varsity football player, without any attraction or other response registering within her, besides a faint, subconscious disdain, and, having noticed neither the boy's friendly smile at her nor her own total lack of interest in the hunky male, she walked away.

Outside the cafeteria, her phone vibrated. She read the text message: "Sorry, can't hang out with you now. Have to go a club meeting."

This is the first time Ashley has mentioned her being in a club. I thought she just did cheerleading.


A bit surprised by the young, feminine voice, Emma looked up from her smartphone.  A mild alarm gripped her when her eyes confirmed the identity of the speaker.  Emma's conscience had been bothering her for much of the morning about what she had done to this girl, and she had been in suspense about how much the girl would remember, how she would feel about it and about her, Emma, and whether their next encounter might turn out to be friendly, or uncomfortable, or even confrontational. 

She knows my name! Does she remember what we did this morning?

The cute, young redhead walked, or bounced, up to Emma, who wished they weren't in such a public place.  At least the hallway was relatively empty, as most of the students were still busy with lunch.  "Oh, hi..."

This is awkward. I did a very horrible thing to her this morning. But how much does she remember? I know Jeannie did something to her, but I don't know what it was. What should I say to her?

"About what happened earlier..." said Jennifer slowly, with a somber expression.

Emma froze upon hearing those words, looked down, and fidgeted with her phone nervously. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry! 

"I'm very sorry about it..."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

Emma's eyes widened as she tilted her head up and looked at the girl.

"You can't have forgotten so soon." There was a little bit of a hurt tone in her voice, as if it appeared to her that Emma had forgotten her.  "You know...I was running to school and accidentally bumped into you. We both fell on the grass and...and our lips touched..."  Jennifer blushed adorably. "I was so shocked by it that I got up and ran off without apologizing..."

Emma's mouth was agape in surprise. Did Jeannie change her memory or is Jennifer just making this up? Either way, I need to go along with it.

"Oh, it's alright. You don't really need to apologize. Accidents can happen... I understand why you did what you did..."

"Phew, I was afraid you would be mad at me..."

"I couldn't be angry over such a small thing... Don't worry about it... In fact...I didn't mind at all...especially with a girl as cute as you are." 

Why did I say that?

Jennifer's blush deepened, but she smiled, clearly pleased with the indication that Emma liked her. "I'm so glad you feel like that.  You are just so nice."

Maybe I should try to change the conversation a little.

" did you know my name?"

"Oh...........well...........I'm not sure. I just know it, that's all.  My name is Jennifer, by the way."  She extended her hand, and Emma shook it. 

"Well, pleased to meet you, Jennifer."

"Same here, Emma........... I know this sounds corny, but I've kind of been thinking... You know, maybe that accident was a fated meeting between us.......... Like, maybe we are destined to become friends.  Do you want to?" asked Jennifer with a broad smile.  "Become friends, I mean?"

The sugilite pendant around the brunette girl's neck pulsated faintly. Lewd thoughts appeared briefly in her mind: We should become more than just friends... She could see her hand running up along the side of Jennifer's left thigh and resting on the butt, squeezing it lightly through the dark blue denim fabric...

Stop it, Emma... You had your way with her earlier, but that doesn't mean you should continue taking advantage of her...

Nevertheless, Emma was not going to say no to this offer of closer acquaintance with the pretty, bubbly young redhead. "Sure, of course, we can be friends!"

"Cool!  Thank you for being my girlfriend!  I mean my friend, who's a girl..."  Jennifer knew she was stumbling a little in her words, but Emma's warm smile encouraged her that Emma had taken nothing "the wrong way", and that it was fine to continue in the same vein.  "Let's get to know each other. I'm a sophomore. What about you?"

"I'm a senior."

"So you're graduating next June, right?'

"Yeah.  I'm pretty sure I'll make it," said Emma with a bit of humor in her voice.  Jennifer giggled a little.

"Have you decided on which college to attend?"

"Not quite.  I mean, I know what colleges I want to go to. I've narrowed it down to two or three, and I'll be applying, but I have to see where I'm accepted, and then I guess I'll decide.

"We have about twenty minutes left for lunch break," Emma observed.  "Do you want to go find someplace to sit?"

The two girls went to sit together on a quiet, shady patch of lawn for the remainder of the lunch period, where they chatted about themselves and their favorite activities. Among other things, Emma mentioned her recent cave exploration with Sophia, while Jennifer talked about hiking in the local woods. After exchanging their stories, they both realized that they shared a common interest in exploration and adventure.

Emma found herself enjoying Jennifer's naive spunk, her fresh innocence, her youthfulness, her little giggle of a laugh, the sparkle in her enchanting grey eyes, the way the wind blew her shiny, curled red hair about her pretty face, and the general pleasant appeal of Jennifer's company and the things they held in common.  She could tell Jennifer had taken a quick liking to her, as well, which gratified her, especially in light of the way Emma had, in essence, raped the girl in a fit of lust just a few short hours before.

They continued talking about the specifics of their activities until the bell rang, parting company with an agreement to see each other again, exchanging cell phone numbers but without naming a specific time or day.


Meanwhile, in an empty, unused classroom, Ashley and Lisa were making out with each other on top of the teacher's desk. A thread of saliva snapped in two and the halves rolled down their lower lips. Ashley hadn't worn any make-up today, but Lisa definitely had, having started the habit of wearing make-up most of the time about a week previously, after she had been bewitched and magically converted to be an acolyte of the Silver Goddess. Her lips were painted with a daring, frosted dark green matte lipstick, matching the green lacquer of her rounded and glittery nails, while her eyes were adorned with black mascara and black eyeliner.

"You're going to seduce Emma today. Are you ready for it?"

"Yes, I can't wait!" replied Lisa excitedly while bouncing lightly on her feet, causing the golden sequins on her long-sleeved, burgundy and white hip-length top to twinkle.

Lisa, a seventeen-year-old girl, was slightly shorter than Ashley, standing 5'5½" tall and her body was slightly slimmer than Ashley's.  Like Ashley, she had bright blue eyes.  Her skin was of a fair, alabaster tone, lighter than Ashley's.  Her smooth-flowing coppery red hair, featuring neatly trimmed bangs lining her forehead, was tied in a high ponytail for her meeting with Emma later this day, the first time she had ever so worn it.

Before her magical transformation, which had been imposed on her the previous week, Lisa had been a normal teen who lived with her family of modest means in an old three-story house that they shared with her aunt's family near the industrial side of town. Lisa's native personality was outgoing and cheerful, similar to Ashley's, but more easy-going, humble, innocent, and kind, never having been as interested in gossip, pranks, popularity, and contests for status as the blonde.  At the times Lisa had seemed interested in those kinds of things, it had usually only been a pretense in order to fit in better with her friends and the cheerleading team. She generally had avoided the social drama at her school whenever possible.

Lisa had become a cheerleader not to win popularity but rather because it had looked like fun, and also because she thought it might help her catch the attention of a boy she liked, which it did, and they subsequently had started dating. She had believed in traditional moral values of modesty and chastity, and had adhered to them despite her boyfriend's efforts to get her to compromise. 

Even before her transformation, Lisa had been prettier than average, with small but nice B-cup breasts and modest but pleasing curves on her body. Her hair, which she had usually worn in simple styles, most often a low ponytail, had been a coppery auburn color and had extended to the middle of her back.  Her face had been dusted lightly with freckles, and her nose slightly too long.

But that had been then and now was now.  The magic which had invaded her a week ago had left her a different girl in numerous ways, among which her internal physical changes had been perhaps the most remarkable. Because of her symbiosis with the latexoid and corruption by the magic serpents, Lisa's body chemistry, physiology, and anatomy had been drastically altered.  Among other changes, she could no longer give birth to normal human offspring nor be impregnated through heterosexual coupling. Her immune system would react against any organic material of male origin that might happen to enter her body. However, when near females, her body would emit special pheromones which would attract them to her and entice them into acts of lesbian love. 

The special milk in Lisa's enhanced breasts and the fluids in her renovated vagina now contained powerful aphrodisiacs and other potent chemicals which would make females suggestible as well as  provoke lesbian physical and emotional reactions and Sapphic behavior, and focus their prurient interests particularly on herself, effects similar to but significantly more gripping than those of her pheromones.  Females would be drawn by the mere presence of Lisa's milk and pussy juice, and any physical or visual contact with either, even a slight touch, taste, or even a view, would incite an unforgettable and irrepressible Sapphic desire for the beautiful teen. One good taste or modest drink from either would be likely to instill a nearly unquenchable craving for more, and for abandoned Sapphic sex with the girl.  A deep drink, and especially partaking to the full of both juices, was capable of infusing such a mad love for her that few would be able to resist deeper and recurring sexual involvement with her, and could even impose certain minor physical and mental changes on the feeder, which usually would be temporary, but not always.  Repeated ingestion of her enchanted female fluids would be to risk total captivation by the teen girl, could lead to certain more noteworthy and long-lasting physical and mental changes, and had the potential of converting the average female completely and permanently not only into Lisa's personal and ardent lover, but also into an avid, single-minded lesbian in general.

The main difference between the effects of her milk and vaginal fluids was the length of the effects, with the latter being longer lasting. Her saliva had effects similar to those of her milk and vaginal fluids, as well, though somewhat less forceful.

The transformation had also wrought changes to Lisa's outward appearance, which was now different in ways which normally would have been obvious to those who knew her well, such as her family and close friends, yet, as another effect of the pheromones, were nevertheless either overlooked or, when noticed, were credited to Lisa's natural physical maturation.  Her skin was now perfectly clear, with no blemishes or freckles.  Her hair was thicker, glossier, and several inches longer, extending now all the way down her back to her waist, and whereas it had previously been merely a pleasant auburn, as much brown as red, with a coppery tone, now the color was more intense, redder, no longer auburn but a definite, brilliant, deep coppery red.

Her teeth were now whiter, her lips a little fuller, her nose small and straight, her eyes clearer, a little bluer, and more sparkly, and her fingernails long and almond-shaped.  Her voice had become more melodic and sultry.  Her breasts were now two bra cup sizes larger, filling her new D-cup bra, and substantially heavier, constantly laden as they now were with magical lesbian milk, the sensation of which gave her an urge both to expose them and to have other girls and women suckle them.

Not only did Lisa's new, transformed body boast significantly larger breasts, but also an enhanced general voluptuousness, maturity, and sexual presence.  Her hips were an inch or two wider, her waist an inch smaller, her legs proportionately longer, and her posture more erect.  Overall, her face, body, and sensual self-assurance appeared both to have matured by at least a couple of years and also to have evolved in a more glorious direction than would naturally have been the case.  She had been cute before, the changes had made her beautiful, and now, in this make-up, she was stunning.  She was also aware of it, and was both hopeful and confident that Emma would find her too tempting a treat to resist.

Lisa's personality also was different in certain ways.  Her moral values had been altered, so that she was now more given to vanity, more interested in gossip and in popularity--at least with girls--and less prone to honesty and empathy. She had acquired a mischievous slant, being more at ease now with playing games with and springing tricks on other people.  She fell comfortably into deception, cheating, guile, ploys, subterfuge, and wiles to achieve her goals, and she was not above using magic when it served her purposes, even when to do so deceived, forced, or injured others. 

Her previous sexual morality had also been corrupted, her former sense of modesty and sexual restraint having been largely erased.  She was now transparently open to sex, lesbian sex, wherever she might find it.  She now exhibited a playful, flirtatious, and sexually teasing manner, an easy, confident, beguiling sensuality, and an inviting licentiousness.

And, of course, her core nature was now that of a pure homosexual, a state created by and focused particularly on Emma by the magical spell invoked upon her by Ashley that fateful day the week before.  She had never been interested in the least in girls romantically previously and, though Lisa had been aware of Emma being a student at her school, she had become infatuated with Emma only after her induction into Galatea's magical order.

"You really like Emma, don't you?"

"I haven't stopped thinking about her ever since last week."

"What about me? Didn't you think about me too?" asked Ashley with a pout.

"Of course I do. You're my girlfriend! You'll always have a place in my heart."  I really like Ashley...a lot... She's a babe, for sure....... But I don't even know her yet...but I want her so bad... I'd do anything to be her girl...

"Just don't forget about me once you've seduced Emma." Ashley took off her blue denim jacket and removed her dark red camisole, revealing her gleaming black latex bra.

"I promise I won't." Lisa was able to see her reflection clearly on the bra's reflective surface.

Ashley removed her white sneakers, unbuckled her dark red studded belt, and pulled the jeans down through her legs, assisted by Lisa.

Lisa's eyes darted to the area between Ashley's thighs as soon as it was exposed. Like on the bra, she could clearly see the reflection of her pretty face on the shiny latex panties.

"Now bend over on the desk so I can fuck you," ordered Ashley as she slipped her white-sock-covered feet back into her sneakers. 

Doing as she was told, Lisa arched forward at her hips, resting her upper body on the teacher's desk. She grasped the lower hem of her burgundy and white, mid-thigh-length, A-line box-pleated skirt with her hands and pulled it up, revealing her green satin panties.

Ashley gave Lisa's ass a light slap before resting her palms on the butt cheeks. She moved her crotch close enough to Lisa's behind so that their thighs touched and proceeded to dry hump the teenaged girl.

"Your pussy isn't wet enough."

Kneeling down, Ashley grabbed Lisa's panties and pulled the crotch panel aside to examine the redheaded girl's womanhood.

"Yup, it's hardly moist at all. What's the matter, Lisa, aren't I turning you on?" asked Ashley while tracing the edge of Lisa's labia with her right index finger.

"Yes, you are turning me on!" Lisa grinned and wiggled her butt.

"Are you sure you're not going back to liking boys?"

"No, Ashley, why are you saying that? You know I only like girls." Lisa's face wrinkled as she turned around to face her girlfriend. Something about Ashley's question triggered a feeling of unease and made the redhead search in her memory, but she didn't know what she was trying to remember. I've always liked girls...haven't I? My previous relationship with my ex-boyfriend was just a lie...

"I was just teasing you, Lisa!" Ashley licked her lips, now glowing in a red-purple color, which Lisa did not see, as she had turned her head forward again.

Let's make sure again that you'll always keep liking girls...

Lisa gasped when she felt Ashley planting a deep kiss on her pussy, unaware that Ashley's lips were now magically enchanted to have a mind-influencing effect that reinforced Lisa's lesbianism, her infatuation for Emma, and her loyalty to Ashley and to Galatea, although neither Lisa nor Ashley had met the Silver Witch personally yet. Lisa moaned as Ashley spread Lisa's love lips with her fingers and pushed her tongue deep into Lisa's love box. Lisa's fingers gripped the metal-covered edge of the table tightly in response to Ashley gyrating her tongue inside Lisa's pussy vigorously.

"Oh, yeah... Ahhh... Ahhh..."

Ashley found the taste of Lisa's feminine fluid to be distinctively different from Emma's, which was true due to physical changes that had happened to Lisa's body. While Ashley loved the fresh taste of the natural juice from Emma's pussy--the only one she had tasted other than Lisa's--Lisa's fluids possessed an exotic, heady deliciousness, blending mint, vanilla, and other indescribable flavors, which Ashley found even more powerfully compelling.  Little did the blonde realize that, not being any more immune to the magical effects of Lisa's womanly fluids than any other girl, every lick, slurp, and suck of Lisa's pussy juice subjected her, as much as it would any other female, to the spell of desire for Lisa instilled into her bodily fluids.

MMMmm... This tastes wonderful... I can keep on licking her pussy forever...

Acting on the instincts brainwashed into her, Lisa spread her ass cheeks further apart with her fingers and pressed her pussy harder against Ashley's lips with the subconscious goal of enticing Ashley to have deeper sex with her. However, Ashley had already wanted to have hardcore sex with Lisa, regardless of Lisa's actions.

Ashley fingered her own pussy through the latex panties in an attempt to activate one of their functions. The panties were magically enchanted. Their special properties made them much more flexible and pressure-sensitive than panties made from ordinary latex. Under orders from Jeannie, Ashley had been wearing them, in addition to the matching bra that was similarly magical, for the past two weeks, on-and-off. 

Wearing the enchanted panties and bra had five effects on and functions for Ashley, which ultimately served the purposes of the Silver Witch: One, they served as a sort of training device by magically raising Ashley's libido and loosening her inhibitions; two, they provided an extra reservoir for mana, or magical energy, that was either granted to her or produced in her body; three, they constituted a relay system for the magical power crystal embedded in her uterus, allowing faster psychic communication and energy transfer among the crystal, the magical lingerie, and the outside world; four, they helped maintain Jeannie's control over Ashley to a certain extent, though they weren't crucial for that; and five, they gave Ashley the power to adopt whatever shape or form she could imagine to enchant other females, ensnare them in lesbian lusts, captivate their minds and hearts, and conquer them sexually.

Feeling pointed pressure on her clit and anus emanating from the inside of the panties, Ashley stood back up while holding onto Lisa's butt, putting her hands over Lisa's, and dry humped her again by moving her hips back and forth. Two small nubs grew on the front side of her panties, which were mirrored by nubs that grew simultaneously from inside her panties into her pussy and anus. The more she humped, the bigger the nubs grew and the more pressure she felt in her orifices. Soon, two large, sleek black latex phalluses formed on the front of her panties, one eight inches long and the one below it, six-inches long. She gasped loudly as her vagina and rectum were filled up with similar appendages. Grabbing a small, unmarked glass bottle of magical lubricant, she removed its stopper and slowly poured some of the glittery, luminescent, and colorless fluid over the dildos. The only magical aspects of the lubricant were its eye-catching appearance and perpetual shelf life. After spreading the transparent, oily liquid over the two phalluses with her hands, which gave them an eerie, iridescent glow, she guided the tip of the dildos to Lisa's orifices, starting with the ass and followed by the pussy. Grunts and gasps exited Lisa's glittery green lips as the phalluses were pushed all the way in to their hilts. Pausing briefly, Ashley began pumping the phalluses in and out of Lisa's holes, slowly at first, but picking up the pace after a minute.


There were about seven minutes left before lunch period ended. On a whim, Melissa decided to go to her locker earlier than usual to get her class materials. When she passed by what she thought at first was an empty classroom, she heard something that sounded like moaning coming from the room. Curious, she walked closer to the door of the classroom.  It was definitely a girl moaning. When she listened more carefully to the moans, she determined that there were two different female voices making the sounds inside the room. There was also a faint, rhythmically repeating bumping sound.

It sounds like two girls in there... What are they doing?........ It almost sounds like....... Are they No... They wouldn't...not at school... Would they?... But...but they're both girls! Ewww!... Gross!!... Realizing that it was none of her business, and not something she found appealing in the least, Melissa continued on.

Having got what she needed for her next class, she walked back the way she came. By coincidence, she saw two girls, one a blonde and the other a redhead, exiting the classroom as she was approaching. They were about forty feet away, and didn't appear to have noticed her when they gave each other a parting kiss on the lips. Melissa couldn't help but cringe instinctively at the sight, despite being taught she was supposed to be tolerant of people of different sexual orientations.

The girls parted ways after the kiss, with the blonde-haired girl walking in Melissa's direction. Melissa continued walking, pretending not to notice what she had just seen. A smile formed on the blonde girl's face as she passed by Melissa. There was a hint of mischievousness in the smile, as if the girl knew Melissa had been listening to what they had been doing earlier in the classroom.

That girl's kinda cute.  She must have heard us.  Interested, honey?  Not yet?  Don't worry. You will be...


After lunch period ended, Emma received a text message from Ashley: "If you can, let's meet up at the park after school. I'll give you a crash course on cheerleading. Whoever's there first will wait at the bleachers. Lisa will also be there to teach you some moves."

I had forgotten about this. Wait, I didn't even agree to be a cheerleader. Oh well, I guess I should go anyway. I'll just pretend I'm bad at it. Maybe I don't even need to pretend. Who's Lisa? Is she the cheerleader with the leg injury Ashley mentioned? Her name sounds familiar...

While Emma was about to type her reply, she received another message:

"I know you haven't agreed to be a cheerleader yet, but I really think you should at least try it out to see how fun it could be."

Emma needed to go to her locker and didn't want to spend time typing everything she wanted to say or else she would be late for her next class so she sent a simple message: "K, I'll meet you there later."

"See you then! XOXO"


Jasmine arrived at Emma's school at around two thirty in the afternoon after a long-distance flight. Her previous task had sapped a lot of her energy. She barely had any rest before Candice had ordered her to spy on Emma for the rest of the day. Fortunately, due to favorable winds, she was able to get here earlier than expected. A sigh of relief escaped from her lips after she perched her brown-sandaled feet in a tree near the main school gate and folded away her translucent and nearly colorless butterfly-shaped wings that shimmered with iridescence under the sunlight. I finally get to have a break! Since there was still time left before her target exited the school, Jasmine used the time to untangle a few locks of her waist-length purple hair, brush off some dirt that had gotten on her blue halter mini-dress, and quench her thirst from a leather water bag.

A branch rustled above Jasmine. "Caw! Caw! Caw!"

"Ah! You scared me, you stupid crow!"

The black-feathered bird looked at Jasmine curiously. It glided down from the branch above the fairy to the branch upon which Jasmine was resting, landing three feet away.

"What are you looking at?! Haven't you seen a fairy before?!" 

Both of them stood roughly at the same height, although Jasmine was slightly taller. The pretty fairy pushed out her chest in an attempt to intimidate the bird.

"Caw...caw...caw... Caw! Caw! Caw!"

"You're going to blow my cover with your noise! Go find another tree to perch in! I got here first! Scram!" The fairy shot a Spark Spell near the bird, frightening it and causing it to fly away. However, right at the moment it flew above her, the bird released a large dropping from its behind. She dodged just in time to avoid the foul mass from landing on her. "Ughh! If I wasn't so tired, I would chase you down and teach you a lesson!"

Jasmine scooted away from the remnants of the turd on the branch and then slumped down on the branch next to the tree trunk. While she waited, still recovering from the exertion of her long flight, her mind wandered. If I had more options back then, I wouldn't have signed onto the contract with the two-bit mage, Candice. Now, I'm stuck with doing all this boring work. I deserve better. I'm a descendant of the royal fairies...

The last bell of the day rang. Emma went to her locker and the restroom before heading off to the park near the school.  Jasmine, unseen by Emma, started following her the moment she left the school.  Arriving at the park, where Emma expected to be the first person, the brunette teen was surprised to see a red-haired girl she didn't recognize wearing the cheerleading uniform of her school sitting in the bleachers. Even from a distance, she could tell that the girl was exceptionally attractive, and was wearing make-up having a distinctive panache, but Emma didn't think much of it at first. 

The redhead got up from her seat to greet the brunette. "Hi. You must be Emma. I'm Lisa. Nice to meet you!"

"Yes, I'm Emma. Nice meeting you, too. I guess you know Ashley.  Do you know where she is?"

"I think she's talking with some friends. She should be here soon."

Emma gave Lisa's body a quick appraisal. She looks cute. I bet she could make a lot of guys turn heads. What's with the leg cast? Oh yeah, the injury. But, why is she wearing a cheerleading uniform? I thought Ashley mentioned she was out.

They sat together in the bleachers on the second to lowest bench, while Jasmine took a perch several rows higher and out of sight.  Lisa had let Emma sit down first, and then had sat down next to her, a bit closer than what would usually be considered normal for the situation.  Emma noticed, but did not mind.  The striking redhead's pheromones began to work immediately on the brunette, drawing her in.

"Is there a game tonight?"

"Yes. You could come watch it.  With me."  It could be our first date.

"Nah, I'm not really interested in sports." 

"Come on, where's your school spirit?" asked Lisa jokingly.

"I could tell you, but you wouldn't like it," replied Emma with laugh. They sat in silence smiling at each other for the next several moments, during while time Emma's eyes started to absentmindedly rove over the splendid redheaded cheerleader. 

After Emma declined Lisa's invitation, the prospect of going somewhere with this beauty quickly assumed the feeling of a privilege, and she felt a slight regret in having turned her down.  Then it dawned on her that she might have just been asked out.

Did she just...ask me, on a date?  A girl-girl date?............. No... That's unlikely... We just met... She's probably not gay... I'm sure I'm reading too much into it...

Nevertheless, the idea of going out with the appealing redhead started to ply her mind.  Subconsciously, she wished she hadn't turned down a possible date with the beautiful girl, which influenced her conscious mind to consider reversing her decision to not attend the game together.  While these thoughts played in her mind, she ogled her fetching companion.

Noticing Emma's scrutinizing expression, but having a fairly good idea of what was happening to the brunette, Lisa said with a slight tease in her voice, "What are you looking at, Emma? Is there a bug on me or something?"

Realizing what she had been doing, Emma blushed slightly and shifted her gaze to the cast.  "Oh, no...but...but I thought you weren't cheerleading anymore because of your injury."

"Oh, wearing my uniform doesn't mean I'm active on the team. No, I'm not going back to performing on the squad anytime soon. I'm just wearing this for fun."

The wind played with the cheerleader's short skirt as they sat, showing off the girl's smooth, slender legs and even permitting some glimpses of her shiny green panties, which display she made no attempt to control. Emma found her eyes again roaming along Lisa's creamy thighs, and then over her shapely hips and breasts, lovely, strikingly made-up face, and brilliant, waist-length red hair, which shimmered in the direct sunlight and blew in the wind around her face, shoulders, and torso like enchanting crimson fire. She had no idea that Lisa's body was releasing special pheromones that intensified Emma's sexual interest in Lisa, and caused her attention to focus, even more than Emma would have on her own, on the girl's captivating feminine attributes.

"Are you going out with someone?" That question rolled almost automatically out of Emma's mouth, and Emma was surprised by it. I shouldn't have asked that.  Nevertheless, she wanted to know, without consciously understanding why. Subconsciously, she wanted to know whether this girl, who was growing on her at light speed, might be available.

"Oh, you're probably asking that because of the make-up I'm wearing." 

Emma inferred that Lisa's response meant that she would go all out, including wearing striking make-up, for whatever boy--or girl--she was interested in or was dating.  Emma liked Lisa's apparent attitude in this matter, for some reason, and somehow it made the girl all the more appealing.

Little did Emma know or consciously recognize four factors bearing on this conversation and her inference:  (1) She, Emma, had started picturing cute girls dating other girls as easily and naturally as she pictured them dating guys. (2) She now subconsciously had come to see a definite and pleasing, if not exciting, connection between make-up and sex and romance, especially of the lesbian variety.  (3) Lisa was wearing make-up today expressly for the role it would play in helping to kindle a romantic relationship with the very girl with whom she was now talking--Emma. (4)  Emma's subconscious mind wanted Lisa to be a lesbian, wanted to find out whether she was one, and hoped the answer would be affirmative.

"Oh, no, it's not that."  Or...or is it...?  "I'm sorry to pry.  I was just curious, you know?"

"Yeah, I understand."  The cheerleader smiled at Emma. "No, I'm single now. I just broke up with my boyfriend a week ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that."  But not that sorry.  Subconsciously, she indeed was a little bit sorry, inasmuch as Lisa's statement suggested that she was probably hetero, yet she was also quite pleased, though only vaguely aware of it consciously, over the fact that the lovely redhead was currently unattached.

"No, it's alright. He wasn't the right type for me anyway. Actually, no guy is."

Does that mean Lisa is into girls?......... For some reason, Emma felt a slight sense of relief and even some excitement.

Emma recalled the assignment she had received from Galatea to seduce girls in addition to Ashley. Was it possible that this girl could be someone Emma could seduce?  Or should?  The idea percolated in Emma's mind for several pleasant seconds, before she reeled it in.

No, I shouldn't be making assumptions so easily like that...even if it's for the sake of doing Galatea's assignment. She hasn't set a deadline yet. There's no reason for me to hurry... How is me seducing multiple girls even going to work out? It's going to be a total mess!"

"What do you think about my make-up?"

Emma gave Lisa another scan, noticing her mascara-laden eyelashes, eyelids outlined with black pencil, sparkly green lips, and glittery, long nails on her fingers.  She found the view mesmerizing, and lost her voice momentarily, before she replied. "I think it looks very pretty."  Emma knew, after she said it, that she had very much understated her opinion, but she thought it best to just let her reply stand without adding to it. 

Why didn't I wear more make-up today?  Emma had only applied a touch of mascara and some lip gloss at home in the morning, and the latter item had worn off her lips long before this.  I could have applied more after school before I came here.

"Why, thank you, Emma."  Lisa smiled and touched Emma's arm while brushing some of her locks over a shoulder, flirting. "You're the first person who said that since I wore these colors. Other people just said my make-up looks good."

"'Good' and 'pretty' mean the same thing, don't they?"

"I think 'pretty' means something more," said Lisa slowly with emphasis on the last word.  Lisa twisted some of her beautiful hair around a finger. "And I feel it's more honest than the word 'good'."  She brushed Emma's hand with her long, almond-shaped, green fingernails, sending a quick erotic jolt up the brunette's arm.

Is Lisa playing with me?  Does she think I like girls?  Has she heard rumors about me? Does she already know I'm Ashley's girlfriend?  Or is she coming on to me?  The possibility sent an inadvertent thrill through Emma's body. 

Yes...I like her............. But I don't need to encourage her... I'm straight...

Emma turned momentarily away from Lisa's gaze and tried to switch topics. "So, when did you start cheerleading?"

"Well, like Ashley, I started last year. I don't think I did that well during the tryout, but somehow I got in. Maybe it's because not that many people wanted to join the squad at that time or maybe it was because of my enthusiasm. I dunno."

Or maybe it was your looks......... I'd let you in, too......... "But at least you got in."

"Yes, and it meant a lot to me."

"In what way, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Some girls do it for status, and some do it to make their college applications look better, but I did it to draw the attention of a guy."

"Did it work?"

"Yes, but I realized later that it was stupid. I only attracted him because of my looks and popularity. We ended up in a relationship, but it went sour. He was a very shallow person. He's the one I broke up with a week ago.

"There are plenty of guys out there. You'll eventually find one who's right for you."

"I've pretty much given up on guys."  Lisa's bare knee grazed Emma's denim-covered leg, almost as if accidentally, but not quite.  "I want to try something different..." Lisa focused her eyes on Emma's and emphasized the last word of her statement.  "Someone different..."

Is Lisa interested in me? She briefly imagined Lisa moving her green-lipsticked lips close to her unpainted lips and kissing them deeply.

What am I thinking? I've only just met her! I've got to stop these thoughts or else I might repeat the same mistakes I made this morning!

Emma didn't know what to say next, not knowing that Lisa's Sapphic pheromones were having a strong effect on her emotions and thoughts.

"I wonder what it's like to kiss a girl. You've kissed Ashley at least a couple of times, haven't you?"

Emma blushed.  She had feared others might take notice when she and Ashley had kissed in public, and now that fear had proven well-founded.

" know about that?"

"Yeah.  I saw you two know?..."

"Sorry about that..."

"Oh, no.  I thought it was really cool.  It made me think about you..."


"Yes.  It made me want to get to know you.  And it made me curious."


"Yes.  A lot.  Can you tell me what it feels like?  You know, to kiss another girl?" 

"Well, um, it's kind of" Emma's eyes wandered nervously.

"Maybe you could show me," said Lisa with a low, husky voice.

"But that would be cheating!"

"Does that mean that you and Ashley are going steady?"

Emma did not want to discuss her supposed Sapphic lifestyle with a stranger, or anyone else, for that matter, but it seemed the cat was out of the bag, at least for the purposes of this conversation, and she might as well admit to this curious girl some of what she was into, while trying not to reveal everything.  Little did she know that Ashley had already filled Lisa in on various details of her relationship with Emma.

"Well, kind of.  Not officially, I guess.  But, yeah, in a way..."

"Cool.  But, Emma..."  Lisa played again with some locks of her captivating hair.  Her tone became coy. "Ashley isn't here yet. Nobody else is around."  She almost whispered now. "No one would know." The redhead slipped a hand over one of Emma's.

Why is Ashley so late?


"It's just one kiss. I know you're with Ashley. I promise I won't take it the wrong way."  Lisa ran her hands into her lush red mane and lifted the glossy mass, as if to straighten it against the wind--the raising of her arms simultaneously lifting her breasts and thrusting them forward into greater prominence--then shook her head and let her hair fall and fan out over her shoulders and body.  The act had the arresting effect she intended.  "I know it doesn't mean we are highly attracted to each other, and are quickly falling in love, and can't resist each other."  She smiled enough to allow Emma to believe she was only teasing--probably--while the possibilities expressed insinuated titillatingly into Emma's emotions as potentially realistic scenarios, if not inevitabilities, nevertheless.  "Not necessarily. Mainly, I'm just curious."

Wow, this girl is unusual...unusually pretty...and sweet.......Her hair is so red and pretty...her skin so smooth... Her make-up is unusual...but...but it looks so awesome on her... Especially her lips... her beautiful green lips... A part ofEmma was dying to know what they tasted like...what this beauty tasted like...I guess just one kiss won't hurt.

As Emma debated within herself whether she should accede to Lisa's request, she only peripherally noticed Lisa's closing proximity. Lisa slid her hands onto Emma's shoulders and then her back, gradually the two bodies and faces drawing to within inches.

"Okay, but no t--mmmphfff!" Emma wanted to finish with the word "tongue" but was abruptly silenced with Lisa's sudden kiss. When Emma felt Lisa's tongue trying to go into her mouth, she clenched her teeth and instinctively pushed her hands against Lisa's arms. However, Lisa's embrace kept Emma from pulling away until, within seconds, the combined urgings of Emma's magical pendant and Lisa's wonderful lips, urgent tongue, delectable, bewitching saliva, and subversive pheromones induced Emma to relent.  Surrendering impulsively and, for the moment, completely, she opened her mouth and starting to kiss back.

The lush sensation of the redhead's succulent, deep-green lips on her own unpainted lips, and of the joining of their wet tongues, was sheer, delicious bliss.  Instantly, her carnal side wanted more of this mouth and of this girl, much more, now and through the indefinite future.  Lisa's excited body had started to automatically release an increased amount of pheromones, and those, combined with the girl's transcendent saliva, mouth, and beauty, started to make Emma dizzy with desire. 

Lust displaced Emma's reason.  She forgot for a minute whatever resolution she had made to keep this indulgence limited.   When Lisa wrapped her arms around Emma's neck, Emma, on raw sexual instinct, slipped her hands into Lisa's silken hair, and, cupping the back of her head, drew her closer as the French kissing protracted and became sloppy and heated.

Emma suddenly imagined herself doing more than just kissing Lisa. In her mind, it was as if time had skipped ahead into the future, and the two were now a couple. They were alone, lying on a blanket in a shady meadow, on a picnic, having finished lunch, and were now taking a short pause in the middle of a torrid make-out session, which they always had when they were alone.  Emma was running her hands down along Lisa's back, feeling the warm skin through the polyester fabric of Lisa's top, as they gazed into each other's eyes, two girls in love. When she reached Lisa's butt, Emma discovered Lisa's short pleated cheerleading skirt had worked itself up--or, more likely, Lisa had pulled it up--above her panties, so Emma felt up her hot girlfriend's ass cheeks directly through the silky nylon of Lisa's underwear, and squeezed them. With her eyes and lips only inches away from Emma's, and a hand gently caressing one of Emma's breasts, Lisa whispered, "Fuck me," sending a tingle up the brunette girl's spine.  Unable to resist the sweet, green lips and the lewd invitation, Emma engaged the soft, colored mouth passionately, slid a hand around to the front of the shiny panties, slipped her fingers under the elastic waist band, and reached for Lisa's moist cunt...

Emma lost track of the moment before she came to herself, although her fantasy and their making out had not lasted much more than a half minute in real time.

Wait... What...What am I doing?!

She found that one of her hands was almost on Lisa's ass, and another was nearly to her breasts.  Saliva was just starting to drip onto the chins of both girls from their wet oral exchange.

I can't let go of myself with Lisa! No, I can't do it with her at all. I'm Ashley's girlfriend already, and I'm also not a lesbian!

Finally mustering enough willpower and strength to push Lisa away, Emma gasped, "We shouldn't be kissing like this!" A strand of green-tinted saliva connected their mouths as their faces separated.  "That was much more than just a kiss, Lisa."  Emma wiped her mouth and chin with the back of her hand, as if to get rid of the evidence.

"Sorry, I got carried away. I didn't mean to. It was my first kiss with a girl. I didn't realize it would feel so good.  I really like kissing you, Emma.  I think you liked it, too..."

Emma just looked at her, wanting to deny it, but knowing she could not. 

"Can we do it again?" asked Lisa with a childish tone.

"Of course not! I would be cheating on Ashley if we kissed again. We shouldn't do anything like that anymore." Emma was unconvinced she meant what she was saying, but felt she was duty-bound to say it, just the same.

"Awww, but can we at least become friends?"

Relieved that the redhead was willing, or at least implied she was willing, to dial back down the temptation and her expectations to the level of simple friendship, and also subconsciously eager to spend more time in the future with this perfect specimen of young feminine allure, she readily agreed.

"Yeah, we can be friends."

"That's great! I've got a new friend! And her name is Emma! Yay!"

Emma's magical pendant pulsated. We can be more than just friends, babe, said a pair of lustrous metallic red lips in her imagination. Much more... The lips parted in a sensual moan... Lisa's a sexy redhead, just like the girl I fucked earlier this morning on my way to school... I could do the same to her right now... I should... I want to...right now... The false Emma voice spoke the last two words in an authoritative tone.


"Huh, what do you mean? You don't want to be my friend?"

"No, no, that's not what I meant. I was thinking of something else."

Just as Emma finished her reply, Lisa exclaimed, "Ashley's finally here!"

"Sorry, girls. I tried coming as soon as I changed into my cheerleading uniform, but I got stuck in a conversation with some friends. The gossip was too interesting to pass up!"

"Oohh, can you fill me in on it?" asked Lisa delightedly.

Ashley set down the sports bag she brought with her and sat next to Emma. From the bag, she pulled out a pair of pompoms and untied the pair of white sneakers that dangled from the bag's shoulder strap before handing them over to the brunette teen. "These are for you, Emma. It would be hard to practice with high heels on."

Shaking her head, she pulled some locks of her blonde hair away from her face, then crossed her legs. "You know Ben, the football and wrestling jock?"

"Yeah, I know him."

"He was caught by a cop doing drugs last night."

Emma raised her eyebrows. She felt moderately surprised and concerned, not only about what Ben had done, but also about her own feelings about it, as Ben had been her crush for some time, and she had thought he still held that special distinction in her heart, but now, for some reason, she noticed her feelings for him weren't as strong as before, and, in fact, she felt a small degree of revulsion toward him.  She tried to dismiss that feeling as a natural reaction to his use of drugs, but a faint voice passed through her mind which seemed to explain the pertinent reality to her:  Don't be too surprised.  All boys are scum...

"Did he get arrested?" asked Lisa.

"No, the cop let him off with a warning and told him not to do it again."

"Wow, he's lucky."

"I heard on the news that they're legalizing pot in many places, so maybe the cop didn't see the point in writing him up, since it's just a matter of time before they legalize it here," said Emma.

"It wasn't pot. It was cocaine, you know, one of those very bad drugs."

"Didn't know he was a crack head," said Lisa with a snicker.

Emma was disturbed that Lisa said that so flippantly.

"I bet it's just a rumor! I find it hard to believe the cop would let him go if he was really doing that."

"No, it's true, Emma, because my friend saw the whole thing. Ben didn't get off with just a warning simply because he was lucky, though. Julia was with him and flirted with the cop. If it weren't for Julia, Ben would've probably been arrested."

Julia is Ben's girlfriend now? When did that happen?

Mixed feelings of jealousy and anger stirred in Emma's heart, but she didn't know if she was more displeased with the idea of Ben being taken by Julia or of Julia being taken by Ben. It passed through Emma's mind that the solution to both concerns would be for Julia to become a lesbian. She smiled to herself over the ironic humor in that possibility, and how it would be an act of sweet justice on both of them if Emma somehow were able to make it happen.

As she let her mind reflect for a second on Julia, she realized that her disposition toward her was still more one of friendship, and even of attraction, than of hostility, and that the vengeance she might wish upon her, by turning her gay if she could, wouldn't be such a terrible fate, after all, if it were to happen.  In contrast, she also found that she was starting to view Ben as a creep, and that she was feeling that any loss or injury which might befall him would probably be deserved.  

Maybe I was wrong to like a boy... I mean, to like Ben...

But, she reminded herself, she was a straight girl, and she wanted to like boys, even a boy as suspect as Ben, rather than to despise him.  He was, after all, her crush, or he was supposed to be, and it seemed like she owed it to herself to not give up on him so easily. Understanding that listening to more of this gossip--which could, for all she knew, be merely some fact mixed mostly with fiction--could only further erode her regard for Ben, Emma sought to switch topics, and asked, "Ashley, I thought you were going to teach me cheerleading moves. Can we start now?"

"You're right, we should start now. We've wasted enough time already. Let's start with the basics. Lisa and I are going to demonstrate the basic positions, steps, kicks, spins, and dance moves. Pay close attention!"

"Don't take your eyes off of us!" added Lisa with a wink. if you could...

The two cheerleaders got up from their seats and stood side by side about ten feet in front of Emma.

However, right before they were about to start Emma stopped them with a question. "Lisa, aren't you afraid that you'll hurt your leg again?"

"No worries about that. I'm not going to do anything that involves jumping."


The two cheerleaders in front of the brunette teen showed off simple routines for about two minutes. Emma found herself mesmerized by their dance as well as by their bodies.  She was intrigued by the way their movements caused their little skirts to flit playfully around their pretty legs and cute rears, reveal lots of silky-smooth upper thighs, and sometimes show flashes of panties, as well.  She particularly observed with absentminded interest the generous size and obvious weight of the lovely redhead's breasts as they swayed and bounced before her eyes in a most hypnotizing display. She imagined her face nuzzling those breasts, then Ashley's, then her hands running across Lisa's and Ashley's thighs, then cupping a butt cheek of each girl with one hand as they engaged in a three way kiss.

"Emma...Emma?"  The demonstration was over, and Ashley was talking to the brunette, whose eyes were still glued to the two cheerleaders, but whose mind had been drifting.

"Oh...oh, yes... What?"

"Well?  Were you watching?" 

"Uh, yeah...sure..."

"So, now get up and do what we just did.  Show us."

Emma got up and attempted to perform the moves, but most of the time--because Emma had been concentrating more on her companions' physical charms and on her fantasies about them than to the details of their postures and movements--they were wrong and her actions looked awkward.

"No... That's not right, Emma," observed Lisa.  "And those were just the easy basics.  If you had been paying attention, they shouldn't be so hard for you."

"Emma, were you paying more attention to our dance...or to our bodies?" asked Ashley, tilting her head and showing a subtle, mischievous smile.

She's right.  I was ogling them!  Emma, you have to concentrate better.  And you can't let them think you're some kind of perverted slut.  Think of some excuse.

" think I'm just bad at this..." responded Emma with embarrassment.  I didn't even want to join in the first place...

"No, don't say that, Emma," Ashley censured. "Have some confidence in yourself. I know you can do it."

"Yeah, you need to try your best," added Lisa.  "If you can make it onto the team, you'll be popular, guaranteed.  Everyone at school will notice you.  They always look at cheerleaders.  Most of them just find us fascinating, I guess, and they watch us and want to know us."

Emma hadn't quite thought of it like that before, but she knew there was at least some truth to Lisa's words.  While Emma personally had never been one to follow her high school athletic teams and cheerleaders much, she knew a fair portion of the student body did.   Being popular had not ever seemed very important to Emma, as she had always been content to simply fit in, mind her own business, be kind to all, and have a few trusted friends, but, now that Lisa had raised popularity as a possibility for Emma, there seemed to be something alluring about it.  

She's right! I could get Ben to pay attention to me...

The moment that thought passed through her head, Emma realized again that she didn't really care about Ben as much as she expected herself to, and the idea of grabbing his notice left her rather cold. Instead, her thoughts wandered to Julia, Sophia, and other girls she knew.  Girls she liked.  Girls she felt comfortable with...and attracted to.  Nice girls.  Pretty girls.  Girls she wanted to notice her ways they hadn't before... Girls she wanted to attract... Girls she wanted to like like her like her a lot...

I wouldn't mind them watching me...and showing myself them... It might be kind of fun........And maybe if they see me doing this together with Ashley, it'll make it easier for my friends to accept my relationship with her...

"And the people who put you down might start to respect you," said Ashley.

A memory of one of Heather's nastier insults to her bounced in her mind.  It happened in the girls' locker room after a volleyball game in freshman PE class during which Emma had missed a shot, costing her team the game.  Heather had blared at her, "You'll always suck!"  Those words had been accompanied by Emma's gym shorts and panties being pulled down by Heather's friends. 

Yeah...I'll show her!

Now being armed with new incentives to become a cheerleader, Emma paid better attention and exercised more determination as her two companions repeated their demonstration and she practiced copying them again.  Over the next twenty minutes, Emma finally managed to imitate most of the actions correctly, though she was still awkward in some of her movements. 

Then it was time to move on to adding cheer phrases and sequences, which the two cheerleaders again first modeled for Emma. While holding the pompoms and dancing, Ashley and Lisa began to chant:

"Move, move, move!

"Aim for the goal!

"Burgundy and white! Pigeons go fight!"

After observing, Emma joined in, repeating their actions and chants.

The more difficult moves were next, which included jumping, tumbling, and hand stands. Because of Lisa's "injury", only Ashley was able to demonstrate.

After the demo, Ashley advised, "You can try the jumps now, but, for the other moves, it's safer if you practice them on mats."

Emma did the jumps and surprised Ashley and Lisa by being able to do a hand stand.

"There's no need to learn all the moves now, Emma. For the tryout tomorrow, our coach is only going to test you on the basics."

Emma felt some pride in that she didn't even need to use the Eagle Eye Spell for learning the moves.

"The tryout is tomorrow?!"

"Yes, tomorrow, Saturday, at 2:00 PM, right before cheerleading practice. Normally, we don't practice on the weekends, but because we need a new replacement, our coach decided to schedule both the tryout and a practice for this weekend, and on the same day."

There were over two hours left before the cheerleaders and the athletes had to meet outside the school's gym to take the school bus to the football game at another school. After doing her part in teaching Emma, Lisa departed.

"See you tomorrow, Emma."  A bright smile formed on Lisa's face as she waved. "Wish you best of luck in the tryout!"

"Thank you, Lisa! I'll try my best! Bye!"

Lisa walked away with a flirtatious strut, capturing Emma's attention. Her hands brushed her thighs subtly, pretending to smooth her skirt. After walking several yards, she turned around and smiled at Emma, meeting the brunette girl's eyes. Emma smiled and blushed slightly.

"Can't wait to see you again, Emma!" the foxy redhead called.

"You too!" Emma shouted back.

Ashley, understanding what was happening between the two girls, had mixed feelings.  She wanted Emma for herself, and was jealous of Emma's interests in other girls, but she also knew that an essential part of winning Emma was to make her into a thoroughly lesbian girl, and that the attraction Emma felt for other girls, and her dalliances and even substantive sexual and romantic relationships with them, were integral in undermining Emma's heterosexuality and instilling a lesbian mindset into her.  Having that incentive, as well as the magically-instilled desire to follow Galatea's and Jeannie's directives and pursue their goals, Ashley readily cooperated in promoting those desires for other girls within Emma and encouraging her to act on them. Ashley smiled to herself and quietly permitted Emma to gaze at Lisa without distraction as the supposedly injured cheerleader sauntered away across the lawn, turning back one more time as she approached the edge of the park to catch Emma still looking at her and to wave.

Once the redheaded girl was out of sight, Ashley took Emma's face in her hands, turning it toward her own, and, without further delay, kissed Emma on the lips, deeply and passionately, quickly stealing Emma's attention away from Lisa. The kiss lasted over a minute.

"Emma, you love me, don't you?" asked Ashley with a soft voice.

Though Emma knew she was in a relationship with Ashley for the purpose of doing Galatea's assignment, that surprise question made her feel uncomfortable. It reminded her of the tricky situation she was in. If she didn't complete the assignment, she would risk punishment from Galatea. But, for one thing, she wasn't a lesbian. And second, her interest in Ashley wasn't genuine love. Emma wondered how long she would be able to maintain this deception before Ashley found out and what would happen when she broke up with Ashley after the completion of the assignment.  But, no matter what, she had to get through this unwanted trial, and to do that she had no choice but to compromise her integrity.

It took several moments before Emma replied. "Yes, I do."

"Am I the only girl you've ever kissed?"

Emma averted her eyes.

"Am I the only female you've ever kissed, for that matter?"


"So, you've kissed another girl before? Emma, please be honest with me. I won't mind if you've had lesbian experiences before."

It's much more than you'll ever know, Ashley, but I can't tell you about it...

"Yes, I did."

"Did you kiss another girl today?"

Emma's eyes widened a bit, and she bit her lower lip. Could she possibly know about Jennifer?  And Galatea, and Janet, and the latex femmes?  Emma had kissed them all earlier in the day.  And had, of course, done much, much more, too.  No...there's no way.......... But what about Lisa?  Did she see Lisa kiss me earlier? Maybe it's better to admit it.

"I'm sorry, Ashley, I did, but it's not what you--"

Ashley kissed Emma again, silencing her.

"I saw what happened. Lisa kissed you by surprise. You didn't ask for it."

That's not exactly right, but at least Ashley doesn't think I'm cheating on her.

"Even if you did allow her to kiss you, I don't mind, as long as I'm the only person you love and you don't get into a relationship with her or with anyone else."

Emma gulped. Oh no, Galatea's assignment is going be as hard as I thought.

"Y-you're the only person I love, Ashley."  Emma felt guilty telling such a bold lie, although deep down inside her she was already feeling a subconscious, growing attraction towards the blonde cheerleader, and her affirmation to Ashley had more truth to it than she consciously realized.

"Then we need to go steady." The blonde cheerleader put her hand over Emma's.  This action and the accompanying romantic proposal gave Emma an unexpected feeling of warmth and made her heart flutter.

I'm not a lesbian. I'm not really in love with Ashley, but why do I feel kind of happy?

"Go steady?" asked Emma, as if she didn't know what that meant.

If I were a boy, I would probably be very happy to hear that...  Many boys would die to have Ashley as their girlfriend... She's a beauty...a beautiful blonde... with an amazing body...Who wouldn't like a blonde babe like her as a girlfriend?... And she's a cheerleader... Who doesn't want to go with a cheerleader?... She's really very nice, now that I know her...and sweet, even...

Emma's perception about Ashley being nice and sweet were not without a valid basis.  While few who knew the real Ashley well would have characterized her with those words before she had met Emma, her interest in Emma had been mellowing her.  As she had become enamored with Emma, she had become softer, at least toward Emma, if not toward everyone, and it had started to become apparent to Emma.  Emma had been surprised to see such a side of Ashley, as the blonde's reputation had been, deservedly so, one of not being the kindest or most patient person much of the time, but seeing a considerate, gentle side of her girlfriend had been part of what made Emma start to genuinely like the pretty blonde.

She's fun to be with...really fun... She actually would be an awesome girlfriend......... But, I'm a girl............. Well, on the bright side, at least I'd be in a relationship...with someone... And I've never had anyone special before........ It would be with someone I like................ Maybe it's time...

"Yes, that means you and I will be committed to each other for the long term. That means no cheating." She squeezed Emma's hand lightly. "None, zero, nada..."

Emma had a feeling of shame and guilt.  She believed in acting ethically in all relationships, and even though she wasn't a lesbian, it was a fact nevertheless that she was in a relationship with a girl and that she had been unfaithful to her. She had been cheating on Ashley just earlier this morning, and it hadn't been with only one person, or just a little bit.  Then she had lapsed again, with Lisa, just within the last hour.

Emma told herself she had better agree to Ashley's proposal because it would help her complete her assignment.  It would likely reassure Ashley about Emma's fidelity and diffuse her worries about Emma cheating on her.  Further, Emma's guilty conscience saw it as a way to make up for having betrayed the cheerleader.

However, there was one aspect of the question which Emma didn't acknowledge nor of which she was fully aware.  Deep down inside her, she was excited about the prospect of being in a steady relationship with the blonde cheerleader.

"Okay, I agree we should go steady."

"Good!  Now you're my girl!  Let me kiss my pretty girlfriend for the first time!"  The blonde leaned over and kissed the brunette, probing her mouth with her tongue.  "My new, steady lesbian girlfriend!"  She kissed Emma again.  "I'm going to be the best girlfriend you've ever seen!"  After one more, lingering kiss, Ashley looked at her smartphone, then lightly rubbed Emma's knee. "There's a lot of time left.  We should celebrate becoming an official couple.  Why don't we have some fun?"

"Right here? But, people will see us!"  The brunette girl scanned around the park. Though there wasn't anyone in sight at the moment, pedestrians sometimes used the park as a shortcut across the block and even from far away it would be easy to discern whatever activities the two girls would be doing in the bleachers.

"No, inside there." Ashley pointed toward a large storage shed at one end of the park in the midst of a shady grove of trees and large, neatly-trimmed bushes. It was painted a dull green with a darker green for the trim.  "I have the key to that place. Before we go, why don't you put your heels back on?"

"Oh, okay."

Emma took off the sneakers and gave them back to Ashley before slipping her feet back into the blue high heels.  She idly noticed that the high heels felt good, better in some vague way than the sneakers, and that she felt confident and kind of sexy in them.  It was a subtle feeling, but a comfortable, right, and mildly exciting one.  It was nice to have them on again, even though walking on the grass was a bit difficult in them.

As they walked, Emma could not help recall the image of her new friend, the sexy red-haired cheerleader, as she had sauntered away from her over that same lawn, but in a different direction, but 10 minutes before--the way her long red hair had swirled around her curvy moving body, the way she had turned around twice to look back at her flirtatiously, the way she had smiled, the way her beauty and charm and presence had gotten to Emma.   Hmmmm............Lisa...........

Midway during the walk to the shed, Emma returned her attention to their destination and commented, "I had always thought that was a small house."

"Yes, it was a cottage before it was converted into a shed. Someone lived there once, and the area around there was originally private land, but the city bought the property and made it part of the park."

Emma had initially been mentally divided about going to the shed with Ashley.  She knew they were going to have some kind of lesbian sex, and she felt that she had already had more than enough of that today, and that further indulgence could not be good for her heterosexual soul.  Still, after having spent most of the previous hour in the company of her two sexy cheerleader friends, the brunette teen was now physically and emotionally ready for more girl-on-girl sexual gratification.  Telling herself that Ashley expected something from her today--and, especially now that they had declared themselves to be a couple, she had better concede in order to successfully complete Galatea's assignment--and that she would make sure to put an acceptable limit on their "fun", she justified her impending loose, Sapphic conduct, and ended up walking toward the shed with Ashley relatively willingly.

Once they both got inside and Ashley began closing the door behind her, a wasp flew above their heads unnoticed through the doorway into the shed before the door closed shut. 

Jasmine, left outside, was disappointed that she could no longer watch the two girls closely. She flew around the building, looking for a way in or at least for a place to spy inconspicuously and in safety from the outside. Eventually she found a small exterior air vent with a loose grating and worked her way inside. Proceeding down the air duct connected to the grating, she came to an interior grate supplying the inside of the shed, where Jasmine hid and was able to observe the two teen girls unnoticed.

Ashley turned on the lights, which included both some fluorescent lights and some recessed incandescent lights in the ceiling, which lent a comfortable color balance to the lighting in the room. The wooden window blinds were all closed, which Emma presumed was to deter potential thieves from snooping.  Looking around, Emma noticed that the inside of the shed was cleaner, roomier, and nicer than she had expected.  Emma could see how this once could have been a small house, with the partitioning walls now having been removed to make one large room.  Tools and equipment, mostly related to gardening and sports, were stored along the long wall to Emma's right, many items hanging neatly from hooks, and a large, stainless-steel utility sink was located in the near right corner.

While part of the space was dedicated to utility purposes, certainly not all of it was, and Emma saw that the interior had been given some homey touches which made it look and feel a bit like a pleasant and modern, if simple, girl's bedroom.  Some sheer, lacey white curtains covered the windows over the blinds. On the back wall was a large mirror framed in chrome filigree.  Also in the back was a small but clean bathroom-type white sink and counter; white cabinets, drawers, and shelves with lavender and silver swirl-patterned accents painted on, stocked with what appeared to be some health and beauty aids; and a white door leading to a small restroom.  Also present were a large ceiling fan of white wicker and chrome, which Ashley had turned on with the lights; a six-foot-long table with white legs and a padded, tufted top of plum-colored leather, near the center of the room on the right, in front of the wall where some tools were hanging; and two minimalist-style white kitchen chairs with tufted navy-blue leather upholstery, just beyond the table, toward the back of the room.  The walls were painted a light mauve with both white and a dark shade of mauve employed for the trim and the inside of the door, and the immaculately clean floor was covered with a practical yet attractive textured commercial-grade vinyl floor covering featuring specks and swirls of white, silver, gray, mauve, and purple color on a dark blue background. 

Oddly enough, as it struck Emma, laid out on the floor five or six feet to the left of the table, there was also a comfortable-looking, four-by-six-foot tufted mat, composed of a foam core covered with silver satin, which at first seemed out of place to Emma. There were other mats, as well, colored black or blue, but all of them were rolled up and stored off to the left side in the back, which Emma assumed were for exercising.  But the silver mat was bigger, plusher, silkier, and generally more inviting than an exercise mat.  The silver mat sat on a thick, dark blue rug larger than the mat by eight inches on every side, matching a small rug of the same color and design on the floor in front of the table.

After brief consideration, Emma changed her mind about the silver mat appearing to be out of place, as, she now thought, it contributed to the bedroom-like atmosphere of the space and presumably had been put there, she concluded, in case a worker at the park happened to need a rest during a break.

"Let's go sit on the mat."

Taking Emma's hand, Ashley guided her girlfriend to the center of the mat, and they both sat down on their knees, Emma taking care not to damage the shiny mat with her blue high heels. The blonde beauty brushed a few locks of Emma's brown hair from her cheek and, without saying anything more, kissed Emma on the lips. During the kiss, she groped Emma's breasts through her navy-blue t-shirt with one hand, causing Emma to gasp into Ashley's mouth. Ashley's other hand snaked along Emma's curves, stopping at her thigh, before sliding up to slowly undo the zipper of Emma's jeans. While the kiss continued, Ashley's index finger grazed the front of Emma's pale pink panties in slow, lazy circles, feeling feminine wetness seeping through the panties. After a minute of kissing and teasing, she centered her finger within the outline of the vulva on the panties and then pressed inward with sudden force.

The sharp rise in pleasure caused Emma to break the kiss and moan while tilting her chin upwards. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Spurred by rising lust for her blonde companion and ready to return the favor, Emma smiled at Ashley with seductive mischief, as she slid her hand beneath Ashley's skirt. The back of her hand brushed against the polyester material, Emma enjoying its smooth texture, as her fingers approached her girlfriend's crotch. The first touch of her fingertips to the cheerleader's panties sent a jolt of pleasure up her arm. Latex panties again! thought Emma when she felt the smooth, rubbery material.  She had a quick flashback to her encounter with the latex femmes that morning, and how that wonderful slippery substance coating them had completely captivated her.

Mmmmmm...nice....... Ashley's a kinky girl... I think...I think I like that.

Unseen by Emma, the spots where she touched the panties now glowed in a dark red color.  Slipping her fingers inside the panties, their elasticity caused them to stretch over and mold to Emma's fingers, as if inviting her hand in with a lovers' welcoming embrace, and trapping them there for pleasure.  She put two fingers into her girlfriend's pussy and proceeded to stroke it.

Though Emma was definitely enjoying her play with Ashley, her struggling heterosexual side tried to assert itself.  Whenever I see Ashley, almost, we have sex.  I shouldn't give in so easily, because I'm straight.  Does she expect to have sex with me every time we're together?  

The pendant interjected into her thoughts.  Actually, I don't mind if she does. In fact, I hope we do.

Emma countered. No, I can't have sex whenever Ashley wants me to.

But that's what girlfriends do.

Relationships shouldn't just be about sex.

But that doesn't mean you can't have sex often.  You should.  She's your girlfriend.  Show her how much you like her.

I do like her... Ashley is so hot...And I like her pussy...her beautiful, hot pussy... Even though I'm not a lesbian... I love her pussy...

The two girls fingered each other for over five minutes while they stared lovingly into each other's eyes. Ashley came first, and she kissed Emma passionately throughout the duration of her orgasm. Emma did the same to Ashley during her orgasm, which commenced two minutes later. They rested their heads on each other's shoulders as they came down from their highs, both panting.

"Emma, I love you."

"Thank you, Ashley.  I...I love you, too."

After a pause of a minute, their breathing returning to normal, Ashley spoke again. "Emma, I haven't told you about how I fell in love with you."

"No, you haven't. I remember you just came on to me one day." 

"I was interested in you way before that, at the beginning of this semester."

"Wow, I didn't know."

"Of course, you didn't. I didn't quite know myself.  I'd see you at school, and I didn't really know you, only that your name was Emma, and we had math together, but these feelings just came to me.  At first, I just ignored them, but I realize now it was stupid to ignore my feelings. I followed my heart and dumped my boyfriend to go after you."

"You didn't worry about me rejecting you?"

"No, that was never on my mind."

Who would've thought that the first person to confess her love to me and the first person I'd be in a romantic relationship with would be a girl!  I never imagined it.  There's still time for something more normal for me down the road...with a guy... A discomfort with that possibility passed like a dark shadow over her for a moment. the meantime...going steady with Ashley really isn't all that bad... If I had to pick someone to go steady with...if it had to be a girl...I'd probably pick her, anyway......................or Lisa......................... But Ashley is so nice... and she's beautiful...and she's fun...and she really does seem crazy about me...

"Did you worry about how your family and friends would see you?"

"No, I was only focused on getting you. I don't care if they've changed their views of me."

"Do your friends know about us?"

"I haven't told them yet, but some of them already know through rumors about me liking girls. I think some of them, like Lisa, have probably seen us kissing at school, too. They will eventually all know, but that doesn't bother me.  Just being together with you is the only thing that matters to me now."

She's much braver than me. I've been worrying about my friends finding out I'm a lesbian and that I'm going with Ashley, but maybe I shouldn't be.  If Ashley's cool with it, then............. Wait, I'm in a different situation than her. I'm only being a lesbian because of Galatea...

"Does it bother you, Emma?  When others find out about you?"

"Well, to be honest, I haven't exactly broadcast it.  I guess, I'm not as ready to 'come out of the closet' as you are."

"Oh.  Well, thanks for being honest about it.  I hope one day what other people think won't matter to either of us, and we can openly declare how we feel about each other."

Emma thought there was no harm agreeing with that.  ", too..."

"So, Emma, when did you realize you liked girls?"

Emma made up a response. "I-I don't know... I think it was when you came on to me..."

"Wow, that's a coincidence. We both realized we're lesbians after meeting each other."

"But, I don't remember ever being interested in girls before," said Emma instinctively.

"Maybe we became lesbians after meeting each other...because we met each other.  Like, you turned me into a gay girl, and I turned you into one.  Because we were meant for each be together...and we just couldn't resist each other."

"Is that even possible?"

"I don't know about you, but for me, you're the sole reason I am a lesbian. I don't know if I'm a real lesbian, or if it's just a phase, or if it's just you that has me all crazy. I don't care. All I know is my feelings tell me that I like girls, especially you, and I'm not interested in boys anymore." Ashley gave Emma a brief kiss. "As long as I have you, I don't care about what happens."

"Ashley..."  Emma wasn't sure what she wanted to say exactly. She doubted whether it was fair to let this pretty girl, to whom Emma was finding herself more attracted and whom she was liking more every time she saw her, go on giving her heart like this to Emma, if Emma was secretly planning on leaving her lesbian life at the first opportunity.  Yet, Emma didn't want to blow it with Ashley, either, both because she had to complete Galatea's assignment regarding Ashley, and because she had developed genuine feelings for Ashley and subconsciously didn't want to give her up, not yet; so Emma ended up saying nothing to deter the curvy, ardent blonde.

"Anyway, since we're now in a steady relationship, I think we should take our love making to another level."

"W-what do you mean?"

"Emma, don't tell me you haven't watched girl-on-girl porn before..."

"Uhhh... I did, sort of..." Emma replied, remembering the porn-related assignments Galatea had required of her in the earlier stages of her "training".

"Then you should know about strap-ons, double dildos, tribbing, fisting, and all the other stuff."

Emma's eyes widened. "You want to do all those things with me?!"

"Not all of it, least not right away... For now, I just want to try strap-on sex with you."

"Ummm... Errr..."  Emma looked down.  She had been suspecting and dreading that Ashley might want to go this direction eventually, and hadn't yet figured out how she would respond.  It was true that Emma had had strap-on sex with both Galatea and Jennifer, but those were a spur-of-the-moment, in-the-heat-of-passion type of act while she was in her Lesbian Princess of Chastity persona, she rationalized.  Actually agreeing ahead of time and deliberately planning to "go all the way" with another female seemed like quite a more substantial plunge into lesbianism, and, as well, into being a sexually looser girl than she ever wanted to be.

"You don't want to?" asked Ashley with a disappointed look.

"No, it's not that..."

"Then what's the problem? You know a lot of lesbians have strap-on sex. There's nothing unusual about that."

"I just don't think it's a good idea to do that before marriage..."

Ashley sighed and rolled her eyes. "Oh my god, you still believe in that crap about virginity."

"It's not funny. I just think it's not right to lose my virginity or take other people's virginity before marriage." Emma had a brief flashback of what she did with Jennifer this morning and felt a pang of guilt. "That's what my mom taught me. She also told me that good relationships shouldn't be centered on sex."

"Emma, all the stuff your mom taught you is outdated! We should do whatever we want to while we're still young..." Ashley played with the brown locks of Emma's hair. "...and pretty. Don't tell me you don't like having fun with me!"

"No, I'm not saying I don't want to have sex with you. I just...I just don't want sex to be the main part of our relationship..."

"Okay, but the way I see it, having sex is good for maintaining relationships, just like cheerleading practice is good for helping you perform better as a team."

"I...don't think that's a good comparison..."

"It is. Some people just don't like sex. Some just do it occasionally. Maybe older folks, like your mom and dad.  Or hetero couples in general.  And I can't say I blame them for avoiding their kind of sex.  Yuk!   But people like us..." Ashley ran her hand down along Emma's arm. "...girls...two hot girls...who like each other...who can't keep their hands off each other...who love each other... It's only natural to want sex as often as possible...with each other..."

"Yes...that is a good point...but..."

"Emma, do you believe two girls like us can express their love to each other through sex?"

"Well...yes...that is one way..."

"Can you think of a better way?"

"Uh...well..."  She could have brought up respect and thoughtfulness and little words and acts of kindness, gentleness, consideration, helpfulness, and support that people in love render to each other all the time, but Emma's mind was blank in this moment.

"See... There is no better way than sex.  Do you want to show me how much you love me?"

"Yes, of course..."

"The proof of love between two girls is sexual intercourse.  That is the ultimate way to show it.  I know it is just a matter of time for us.  You will come to see it too.  If you're not ready now, I guess I kind of understand your reasons, but I want you so bad, I can barely stand it.

"Do you think you could change your mind about strap-on sex? Could you at least think about it?  Pretty please?  For your girlfriend?  For meee?"

Just because I've done it before doesn't mean I should do it again. I'm not really a lesbian. I should only go all the way with Ashley when I absolutely have to. I'm not going be with Ashley forever.  I don't want to lead her on, or hurt her, but I have to play along right now.

"Ashley... I don't know... I...I'll have to think about it..."

"Okay, that's fine. I understand it's uncomfortable for you right now, but I really hope you can change your mind someday."  And that day is going to be soon...very soon...

I'm sorry, Ashley. I can't explain the real reason without exposing my secret.

"I hope you don't take it the wrong way and think that I don't love you because of that."

"No, of course not! Emma, sex isn't the only reason I want to be with you. Please trust me on that."

"Ashley, I believe you........ I guess I should confess something to you.  You know, before I really knew you, I had the impression that maybe you weren't the nicest person in the world.  But then I met you, and I found out you are nice.  Ever since I've started to hang out with you..."

" 'Dating'.  You can say we're 'dating', Emma."

""Oh, yeah... Well..."  I thought 'dating' means going out on dates.  We haven't really done that yet.  Actually, all we've ever gotten together for, pretty much, is to have sex of one kind or another... Maybe that counts as dating... And maybe we will start actually going out... Maybe that's what she means... Or whatever... If she wants to think of it like that, I guess that's fine with me, too...

"Ever since we've been dating...I've been able to see what a good person you really are."

"Thank you, Emma. You're the first person to say that to me.  It means a lot to me, coming from you....the girl I love..."  Ashley took one of Emma's hands in hers, and they gazed a minute into each other's eyes, as Ashley ran her fingernails over Emma's fingers.  Despite knowing she should not feel this way with another girl, Emma felt goosebumps on her skin, a thumping beat in her heart, and a tingle up her spine.  She allowed her eyes to roam freely over Ashley's pretty face, shiny blonde hair, and enticing curves several seconds before returning them to Ashley's eyes.

 "Emma, sweetie... I was wondering... Have know...have you thought about marriage? 

"Uh, yeah, a few times..."

"Have you ever thought about...about and me...getting married someday?"

Marriage? I can't believe Ashley is already thinking that far ahead... This girl is serious about me............... But I'm straight... There's no way I'm going to marry her or any other woman... I can't marry a girl... I shouldn't even think about it........... I can't let myself feel the same way........... Though...she would make a beautiful bride, for sure...for some lucky, I couldn't... I can't........ How can I tell her...?

"Well, uh..."

Ashley's eyes stared off into the distance with a dreamy look on her face. "I have. I imagine us getting married in a church, dressed in white wedding gowns, with our families and friends attending. We spend our honeymoon on some tropical island in the Pacific. We move to a two-story house in the suburbs. We have two children, one boy and one girl...or, better, both girls..."

That would be a nice future...for a lesbian girl who wants to start a family... If I were a lesbian, I would want something like that too............. But...I'm not a lesbian...nor am I going to spend my life with her...

Emma got up from the mat and zipped up her fly, thinking that Ashley had been satisfied with them just fingering each other, and wanting to avoid discussing this uncomfortable topic further. "Um, Ashley, could you excuse me? I just remembered that my mom told me to buy some groceries today. Sorry, but I've got to go."

"So fast? I thought we could have some more fun. There's still plenty of time. I don't think the stores close that early."

"A lot of them in downtown close at six."

"Sure they do," Ashley countered sarcastically.  "Emma, you're just making that up.  I know you can stay longer, and so do you.  You're not afraid of me, are you?"

"What do you mean?"

Ashley took a step closer and took some locks of Emma's hair in her fingers.  "Like, you're not afraid of your feelings for me, are you?  You're not afraid of being a lesbian...are you?"

It's like she can see right through me.  But I just can't have more lesbian sex today.  I've already done so much more than I wanted to...than I thought I could...than I should...  What will happen to me if I do more?

"No... Uh... I don't think--"

"Well, then, why don't you want to stay longer with me?"

"Well...I have a lot to do, Ashley.  Of course I want to stay, but..."

"You can't spare a few more minutes with me?" asked Ashley with a pout.


Ashley stood up, got behind Emma, and wrapped her arms around Emma from behind while resting her chin on Emma's shoulder. She fingered the sugilite pendant, causing it to glow, and whispered into Emma's ear, "Let's have some more fun, my lovely girlfriend."

Emma's face became expressionless and her gaze turned into a blank stare. Her arms lay slack at her sides while she stood motionless, facing the door.

"More lesbian sex." 

Ashley cupped Emma's young breasts in her hands through the brunette's clothes, gave them a tender squeeze, and kissed her neck.

"It's what you really want, anyway, isn't it?"

After a brief pause, Emma nodded her head.

Putting her hands on the brunette girl's shoulders, Ashley slid off the straps of Emma's black backpack and laid it on the floor, out of the way. She unbuttoned Emma's medium-blue denim shirt before pulling the sleeves through her arms.

"Get on the table."

Doing as she was told, Emma sat on the edge of the table while pressing her palms against it for support.

"Let's take off the rest your clothes.  Would you like that?"


Robotically, Emma lifted her arms as Ashley pulled her t-shirt upwards through them. The white leather belt came off next, then the heels, followed by the white-washed jeans, which were pulled through Emma's legs.  Leaving Emma's white socks in place, Ashley replaced the 4" heels onto Emma's feet.  Only Emma's pale pink panties and bra and her turned-down white ankle socks and navy-blue, patent-leather high-heeled pumps remained on her body.

Ashley then undressed herself, leaving only her black latex bra and panties and her white, nearly knee-length socks on. Her athletic body, which had a light tan, was nearly flawless and free of blemishes, which even Emma noticed, despite her reduced ability of thought.

"Now I'm going to transform.  You're going to love this, sweetie.  And then we're going to have lots of fun!"

There was a hint of cognition in Emma's eyes when she looked in the direction of Ashley's voice.

Ashley raised her arms straight up. A ring of red sparkles appeared above the tips of her fingers. She slowly lowered her arms, each extending straight to the side with the elbow locked, descending in a sweeping arc, and, as she did so, a magical ring moved downward around her body, hugging it tightly, changing its diameter continuously to adapt to her bodily curves, and transforming her appearance from the top down.

A shiny burgundy color replaced the black color of Ashley's magical latex lingerie. Her hair, lips, nails, nipples, labia, and anus also assumed the same deep, lustrous shade. The eyelashes of her eyes became longer and were thickened heavily with black mascara, while her eyelids were painted with glittery silver. A faintly iridescent and luminescent blue hue tinted her eyes. She licked her magically colored lips, causing them to glow briefly with luminescent energy.

Though Emma was in a trance, Ashley's transformation into a wondrous state of exotic, sexy loveliness was not lost on her to any degree.  She felt her heart palpitate and her pussy moisten at the sight.

"I know you had some kinky sex with Goddess, Jeannie, Janet, the latex femmes, and some girl this morning, but you haven't seen anything yet. I may not be as powerful as them, but I'm going to try my best to outdo them!  What you and I have done together so far has just been a warm-up. I'm going to show you what I'm truly capable of!  But don't worry, Emma, honey; you are going to love it.  And you're going to end up loving me the best!"

I can't lose to Janet, Lisa, and whoever else that comes next! If I hold back, I won't get the upper hand. I want Emma!

Wrapping her smooth arms around Emma's neck, Ashley kissed her girlfriend on the lips, and moaned during the kiss. "Mmmmmmmmmm..." That was followed by a rapid succession of kisses all over Emma's body as the brunette teen continued to sit docily on the edge of the plum-colored table, beginning on the cheeks and going all the way down to the feet. The kisses were accompanied by occasional fluttering of her eyelashes and rubbing of her cheeks against Emma's skin. She even removed Emma's heels for a minute to lick and suck on Emma's toes. A trail of glowing lipstick marks was left all over the skin of Emma's body in the wake of Ashley's affection.

Despite being hypnotized, Emma was able to feel and to react to her girlfriend's kisses. She gasped softly and uttered "oh" 's at the pleasurable sensations. 

Kneeling on the small but plush blue rug in front of the table, Ashley hoisted Emma's thighs onto her shoulders, giving her mouth better access to Emma's womanhood, and pulled her girlfriend's pink panties to the side.  Brief moans came from the brunette's mouth when Ashley's glowing, dark red lips kissed her pussy, first once, then again and again, as if making out with it.  Then Ashley lifted Emma's legs higher to expose her lover's ass.  Gasps and sighs followed when the vixen's burgundy mouth then kissed and licked the entranced teen's anus.

After Ashley's long round of intense body-kissing, she rose back up on her feet and asked her lover, "Emma, how come you don't want to have strap-on sex with me?" while brushing one hand downward along Emma's upper left arm and circling Emma's navel with the fingers of the other.

"Because...I don't want to go too far in the relationship..."

"Why? Is it because you don't love me?"

"It's not that.  I don't want to become a...a lesbian and...and for people to know about us... And...I don't want to hurt you...when I have to leave you..." Ashley found herself touched by Emma's concern for her feelings.

"But do you love me?"

"I think so... I'm not...sure..."

"It feels good having sex with me, doesn't it?"


Ashley slipped a hand into Emma's pink panties.  "And you like what I'm doing to you right now, don't you?" Ashley thrust her fingers into Emma's pussy as she asked the question.


"Do you want to continue feeling this good?"


"Then keep being my girlfriend... Always think of me as your girlfriend...your real and cherished lesbian girlfriend... The one you want to be with...forever..." Ashley found Emma's clit and pulled on it.

"Ahh...ohhh, Ashley............I do love being your girlfriend..."

"Then become a real lesbian and remain as one..."  Ashley diddled Emma's wet pussy another few seconds as Emma softly mewed, then pulled one of the chairs over and sat in front of Emma, while placing her hands on Emma's bare midriff. "You don't need to worry about people knowing that you're into girls..." Ashley gently slipped her hands upward along Emma's belly into her bra, placed her palms over Emma's breasts, which now had fully erect nipples, and twiddled the nipples with her thumbs. "You want people to know that.  Lesbians are cool...and you want to be permanently..." The nipples bounced back into place when they were flicked, and Emma sighed at the sharp pleasure.  "You want to be a true lesbian so that you can always feel this good, and so that you and I can be together, now and ever after...don't you?"

"Ahhh...oh, Ashley... " Ashley squeezed the nubs between her thumbs and forefingers. 

"Oh!...Oooo.........Ashley... You're so beautiful!... oh!........ I want to be one...for you...with you...ah! ohhhh!........"  Emma was panting with sexual excitement.  "Yes...okay...................... Wait...I mean, no...I can' least not forever...only temporary... I'm straight..."

"Wrong answer!"  Ashley squeezed both of Emma's breasts tightly

Emma winced at the sudden sharp pressure on her boobs. "Ahh..."

"Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG!"  At each utterance of the word "wrong", Ashley forcefully grabbed and then relaxed her hold on Emma's breasts. "You were always a lesbian and you will always remain as one... and you will always be my girlfriend! You're not straight!"

"Ah...uh...uh... ah...uh...uh..."

"You're a carpet-munching, pussy-lovin' dyke! Don't kid yourself! Guys are gross, and you know it! You don't like guys... They disgust you..."

Within her mind, Emma echoed Ashley's insinuations.  I hate guys.  They're gross.  I love pussy.  I'm a dyke.  I want to always be Ashley's girl...

"Deep down inside, you know I'm right! Go with your emotions... They are truths... Believe your inner voice... It's telling you're a lesbian..."

".......a lesbian........yessss......... I am............................. But.........I can'"

Ashley withdrew her hands from Emma's bra, stood, and, taking Emma's face in her hands, looked her directly into her eyes. "Listen to me! Trust your feelings... You're a lesbian...A LESBIAN!"

" can't..."

"Please be a lesbian!  Please...please, please, please!"

Ashley felt she was starting to lose control over her emotions and had to force herself to calm down. Though seducing and getting into a relationship with Emma had been a task assigned to her by Jeannie, once Ashley had started getting to know Emma and "having fun" with her, the blonde had soon realized that Emma was quickly growing on her. She now secretly and desperately wanted Emma for real, and all for herself. Jeannie had promised her that if she could manage to capture Emma's heart first, before other competitors, and was then able to retain it--and, as an integral component of that endeavor, turn her into a deeply-converted lesbian--she would be rewarded with whatever she wanted, as long as it was within the Goddess' power. Now Ashley wondered whether she could, as her reward, keep Emma as her lover.

"Ashley...please...don't make me...... I don't want to be a"

"You're so stubborn! But I love you too much to let you stay that way..." Ashley's lips curved into a mischievous smile, as she pulled her socks off and threw them to the side.  "I know just what you need. Watch this, my love..."

The lovely red-headed cheerleader closed her eyes, and her bra and panties began to glow. They became semiliquid and divided into multiple streams before retreating into Ashley's mouth, nipples, vagina, and anus, leaving her quite naked. She gave her magically dark red hair a toss, causing it to sparkle and assume a metallic appearance.  The nails on her fingers and toes, as well as her lips, nipples, labia, and anus, acquired the same metallic luster as well, while keeping their dark red color.

Despite her entranced state, Emma's eyes widened at the novel erotic sight, and a new tide of lust for Ashley surged into her.

"You like this, don't you?"  Emma stood spellbound.  Ashley could easily see that the effect she was having on her brown-haired teen companion was obviously more than that of the trance alone.  Emma had to swallow to catch the saliva building in her mouth, then her mouth hung slightly open, and her breathing was visibly shallow.  Emma was clearly riveted by lust.

"Ah, yes, you do, my horny, pretty girlfriend!  You want me, like the lesbian girl you really are.  Feel the passion, for me, for a girl.  Lesbian passion.  Let it fill you.  Let it surge inside you.  You'd love to fuck me, wouldn't you?  I know it.  You know it. 

"Let's get back on the mat, sweetie. You're going to love what comes next... "

Ashley helped Emma off the table and guided her back to the silver mat, the brunette's dark blue heels clacking on the hard floor as she walked. The blonde stripped Emma's pink bra and panties off her body and then laid her girlfriend onto the mat, face up.  Ashley stepped onto the mat, straddling her girlfriend and looking down with exultant anticipation at her, then knelt down with her legs astride Emma's thighs.

A dark red metallic flower bulb emerged between her pussy lips. The bulb opened up into a flower with maroon petals, white filaments capped with golden anthers, and a white pistil covered with gold-edged pearlescent scales. A brief shower of magical sparks flickering with multiple colors flew out from the opening flower. Most of them landed on Emma's body.

From her sports bag, Ashley pulled out two identical polished silver masks. "I think this might change your mind, my sweetheart..." She put one mask on her face and another on Emma's face. The masks reshaped themselves to fit the girls' faces perfectly, like second skins. There were hissing sounds from the air being forced out as their faces were hermetically sealed, with nose and eye holes remaining open. The mouth area of each mask remained closed, but would soften and open up instantly between the lips on command.

Once the masks were seated, Ashley aligned her crotch with Emma's before lowering her hips. The magical flower sprouting from her womanhood extended its stamen and pistil into Emma's vagina. Emma took a sharp, thrilled intake of breath when she, through her fog, perceived the invasion. At the moment the pistil reached the right depth of approximately one inch, the petals enlarged and wrapped half-way around Emma's thighs, hips, and perineum.

The wondrous burgundy-haired beauty laid her body on top of Emma's and wrapped the mesmerized teen in her arms, which embrace Emma automatically reciprocated.  Tilting her head sideways, Ashley pressed her masked mouth onto Emma's, whereupon the silver of their masks over their mouths softened, thinned, and spread over their lips as a lipstick-thin coating.  Locking her lips with Emma, Ashley also slid her tongue through the silver, which parted easily to allow intercourse between the two oral chambers, engaging Emma's mouth in a deep French kiss.

This sequence, of lying with this magnificent red version of Ashley as a lover, taking her in her arms, feeling her warm, curvy body on her own, and joining the girl's silver-plated, magical metallic burgundy lips and wet tongue with her own mouth, unpainted but covered similarly with silver, not only shot a bolt of bliss into the young, entranced brunette, but it also activated a special function of the foam mat upon which the two girls were resting, transforming it into a silvery semiliquid state with suspended blue crystals. The fluidic gel expanded, and completely engulfed the embracing couple in a film of shiny metal, while the two masks fused together around the mouths, covering their lips completely.  The combination fastened their bodies and sealed their mouths together in an embrace of love. 

The eye holes of their masks also automatically closed, thereby facilitating the visual effects which would be forthcoming in a minute. 

The blue crystals separated themselves from the liquid and coalesced to form a large, crystalline, snake-like creature measuring thirty feet long and having an average thickness of two inches.   There were two eyeless heads on the snake, one on each end, each with a set of four symmetrically-spaced, toothless jaws. The snake had a semitransparent, gelatinous body covered with scales of blue crystals. It was an artificial creature that fed exclusively on female sexual energy. By design, the creature had a large storage organ, and the energy stored within could be harvested by the creature's caretaker for magical use on demand. 

Each half of the snake picked a different girl and wrapped itself around the girl's body, working itself between the two bodies and around each torso and set of legs with many turns. The loops of the snake-halves intertwined each other in a braid-like pattern along the lengths of the girls' bodies. Once the coiling stopped, long tendrils sprouted at regular intervals along the whole length of the snake and wrapped around the girls, expanding the area of contact with the girls over which the snakes could interact with the girls' bodies.  Each snake head then entered into the anus of its chosen girl.  The coils, tendrils, and invasive heads of the snake bonded the two girls together more comprehensively and connected them intimately to the snake.

Once in place, each snake head opened its quadruple jaws and deposited a glittery blue gel into the rectum of its host girl. The gel increased the vulnerability of the girls' minds to suggestions, suppressed rational thinking, and amplified their sexual sensations and responses.

Thus, Ashley and Emma were cocooned intimately together in the magical virtual reality device the silver mat had become.  The main purpose for and effect of the impending illusory adventures for Emma today would be to severely destabilize her heterosexual self-identity, chiefly by instilling and inflaming desire within her for several specific females, for whom she would thereafter feel a pronounced sexual attraction in her real world--in some cases, a strong new attraction, and in other cases, an acutely enhanced level of a pre-existing attraction--and by giving her virtual fantasy lesbian romantic and sexual experiences, so that her body, mind, and emotions would be open to and even crave similar experiences in real life in the future.

But Ashley would ensure that she would be highlighted preeminently, as a continuation of what had started the moment Emma had entered the shed.  The brunette teen had been getting filled to the brim--and would be now pumped to the overflowing--with one girl in particular, one special girl, one curvaceous, blonde teen sexpot, one heart-stopping burgundy enchantress, the one to whom her mouth and body were so delectably bound right now, one who desired to have Emma forever.  The success--partial as it might have been thus far--of that campaign by Ashley for Emma's body and heart up to this point was reflected by the last sentiment which passed through Emma--though her mind was mostly otherwise blank in this moment--before the show began: ............Ashley..............mmmmmmmmmmmm............... I love you...................

Blackness filled both girls' vision before it was replaced with white light that expanded from a single point. With two seconds, the girls' minds were transported at the same instant to a virtual world together...


Emma slowly opened her eyes. She glanced at the clock. It was six thirty in the morning. She slid a switch on her pink digital clock to prevent the alarm from sounding. Her first thought was about getting ready for school, but instinctively she felt something was wrong. She rolled her head to the other side of her pillow, scanning her room for a monster or intruder or something or someone else foreign or threatening, but everything looked normal. Strange... It felt like there was someone else in my room besides me...

From the dresser, she pulled out a new bra and a pair of panties, then grabbed a towel and other toiletries before heading off to the bathroom. Within two minutes, Emma was in the shower stall cleaning last night's sweat off her body. She hummed a tune with her eyes closed.

The sound of the bathroom door opening made Emma open her eyes and stop all of her actions abruptly. She looked through the transparent shower stall door to see who had entered. It was her sister.  Holding a towel in her hand, she was naked.

Possessed by a curiosity she sensed was rather perverted, Emma could not look away.  It had been many years since Emma had seen her sister completely naked. Ella's body was well into puberty, and, though her feminine shape was not as pronounced as Emma's, attractive curves could nevertheless be seen on her body. Her breasts were now B-cup, and caught Emma's eyes as they jiggled prettily with the young girl's movements.  Her straight, rich chestnut brown hair flowed five inches past her shoulders with perfectly cut bangs in the front. The blue eyes on her face sparkled with innocence.

The inappropriate aspects of the situation suddenly struck Emma and snapped her from her indulgent inspection. "Sis, there's another bathroom in this house!"

"Mom's using it!"

Without saying another word, Ella tried opening the glass door, but Emma held it shut.

"Wait, what are you doing?"

"I'm joining you, of course! I'll be late for school if I don't take my shower now!"


Let go...

After a brief tug-of-war with the handle, Emma found herself relenting, for some reason, and Ella finally joined her sister in the shower stall.

"Sis, this is weird."

"It's not weird. A lot of my friends do this with their sisters." Ella picked up two body scrubbers, one colored pink and another colored silver, and handed the silver one to her sister. "Here, you scrub my body and I'll scrub yours."

Emma hesitated, but her sister had already started, her pink scrubber now running soap over Emma's shoulders and neck.

It's okay... You like it...

Relenting, Emma reciprocated her sister's actions. As she worked, and was worked on, she couldn't help but ogle her sister's cute little breasts.  Seeing, with that same perverted interest that had come over her a minute before, that her sister's nipples were rising, and had become fully erect after Emma had swiped her scrubber over them a few times, Emma looked down at her own nipples, which were starting to tingle, and noticed that they, too, were erect.  Ella looked at them, as well, and, smiling, playfully soaped them a few times, making Emma nearly moan out loud at the sensation.

Bending down to wash the lower parts of Ella's body, Emma was surprised to find that her sister's pussy was shaved, just like hers. Desiring to maintain as much of a semblance of propriety as she could, she carefully avoided scrubbing too close to the private parts.

"Why are you scrubbing around it like that? My pussy needs to be cleaned, too!"

Do it...  You want to see her pussy... You can touch it, too...

Complying with her sister's request, Emma crouched down, positioning her face several inches from the adolescent girl's bare womanhood, thereby giving herself a close-up look, and ran her soapy scrubber up and down her sister's wet vulva.  Her eyes widened when she saw her sister's clit becoming engorged. Involuntarily, Emma's mouth began to water, as if she were hungry and looking at something delicious.

Before she could fully process the event, Ella slipped, seemingly accidentally, partially collapsing onto Emma.  Emma tried to arise, causing their slippery bodies to rub together all the more.  Standing and twisting her body to untangle it from her sister's, Emma felt her hardened nipples brush against Ella's, and gasped. "Ah!..."  In pure sexual reaction, Emma found herself wrapping her arms around her sister, and pulling the girl's small, firm, budding breasts into full, tight, electric contact with her own larger ones, as she closed her eyes and softly sighed, her heart racing.

Ella likewise slid her arms around her older sister and allowed the intimate embrace to continue about fifteen seconds before finally speaking, in a soft, affectionate tone. "Sorry, Sis," apologized Ella, with her lips close to her sister's ear. "I accidentally slipped." Her lips brushed against Emma's earlobe briefly, but Emma thought it was accidental as well.

Emma's mind started to clear from the bewildering, thrilling rush that had just overpowered her, and she was now fully aware that she was aroused, despite not wanting to be, by her sister. I shouldn't be feeling like this... I can't let her see... I have to set a good example for my sister...  She slowly released the naked, wet young girl in her arms, flushed with shame and arousal, and put on a weak smile.

No further incidents occurred until the end of the shower, though Ella maintained a mischievous smile on her face throughout.  As Emma was about to turn the water off, Ella asked, "So, Sis, can we do this again?"

"Er... I don't think that's such a good--"

"Yes, it is.  It's a great idea.  We'll have a lot of fun.  Pleeeeease, Sis?"

"Well...we really shouldn't...but...I guess...okay...once in a--" 

"Yaaaay!  Thank you, Sis!  Maybe we can shower together every day!  I love you, Emma!"  As Emma was about to protest that she hadn't agreed to anything regular, Ella cut her off by leaning into her on her tippy toes and planting a kiss squarely on her lips, making sure to press her still-hard nipples into Emma's female orbs.

With that, the nubile younger girl stepped around Emma to exit the shower, brushing past her older sister and purposely stroking her nipples across Emma's back, with a transparently insincere "Oops!" and a quick peck on the surprised Emma's neck.  Then she was gone, bouncing happily off to her room, wet and naked, with towel in hand.  Emma stood there, mystified and turned on by what had just happened, before collecting her wits and turning off the water.

Each sister got dressed separately in her own room before heading down to the dining area off the kitchen for breakfast, which was being prepared by their mother. They both took about the same time to get dressed and exited their rooms almost simultaneously.

In the hallway, Emma looked in surprise at her sister's appearance. Ella was dressed in a nylon fuchsia tube top that exposed her navel. Over that, she wore a white denim jacket. Around her hips were white denim hot pants and a pink leather belt with a polished stainless steel buckle. On her feet were white sneakers with pink shoelaces and white ankle-length socks. Frosted matte fuchsia lipstick covered her lips. Black eyeliner and mascara adorned her eyes. Her hair was braided into twin pigtails, each tied with a pink satin ribbon at the end.

"What's the matter, Sis? You're looking at me as if I'm going to explode."

"Nothing, it's just that I've never seen you dressed like this before."

"I'm just trying to be sexy like you, Sis. I'm underdressed compared to you."

"What do you mean?"

Ella walked up close to her sister, then said, "Look in the mirror."

Emma instinctively turned her body around to her right and saw herself in a full body mirror. When was this installed here? That question was instantly dismissed by the shock of seeing her appearance. Wrapped around her torso was a shiny pink metallic spandex crop top, short enough that it could almost be passed off as a bra. Over that was a cropped black denim jacket. A pleated circular mini-skirt of a pink metallic nylon spandex material similar to her top covered her hips and upper thighs. Her feet, wrapped in frilly white ankle socks, stood on four-inch black patent leather chunky high heels with a single strap across the instep of each.

But that wasn't all. Emma's eyelids were painted with silver eyeshadow, making them appear like polished metal, and lined with neon pink eyeliner, while the lashes were teased with thick black mascara. Her lips were painted with hot pink lipstick that was topped with a thick layer of gloss. The nails on her fingers were longer than she remembered them being, almond-shaped, and of the same hot pink color as her lips. Matching jewelry adorned her body: three silver bracelets on her left wrist, silver studded earrings, and a silver necklace. All of the jewelry had pink topaz gems. Turning her head, she noticed that her smooth, medium brown hair was done in a half-up pony tail.  It was also longer than the medium length she recalled having had, now flowing half-way down her back, with a fullness and sheen and subtle highlights of lighter brown and blonde she didn't remember, either. 

Acting on a strange impulse, Emma licked her lips sensually while appraising herself in the mirror. I

"Sis, we need to eat our breakfast now or else we're going to be late," said Ella as she gave her sister a brief pat on the ass.

As Emma followed her sister down the stairs, she couldn't help but notice how Ella's ass gyrated and stretched the hot pants with each step. I wonder if my sister has a boyfriend...or is trying to get one... or... It doesn't have to be a boy... She could try a .......... No... My sister isn't like me... I don't think...

In the dining area, which was right next to the kitchen, Emma was greeted with another surprise.  As she looked into the kitchen, for a brief moment Emma thought there was a stranger standing at the stove.

"Mom?" asked Emma in bewilderment.

Emma's mom, Joanne, turned around while holding a black tray in her hands, which tray bore three plates of food. "Good morning, dear. It's pancakes and sausages for breakfast!" declared Joanne happily through uncharacteristically glossy, red lips.

Joanne was dressed in a long-sleeved French maid uniform of black satin with a white-laced sweetheart neckline, a full-sized white apron with ruffled edges, laced cuffs on the sleeves, and a knee-length pencil skirt with lace at the hem and a contour-hugging, tight fit. Her legs were wrapped in black fishnet stockings. Lustrous black leather five-inch high heels graced her feet. Her mid-back-length dark brown hair was styled in a Southern Tease updo. She looked younger than her thirty-eight years of age.

"Cool, pancakes and sausages, my favorite!" squealed Ella, taking no particular notice of Joanne's outfit, as she rushed to the table and sat on a chair.

Emma seated herself without taking her eyes off of her mom. The tight, shiny uniform showed off the slimness of her mom's waist and legs and the contrasting womanly fullness of her bust, hips and rear.  It was as if Emma had never noticed before how inviting her mom's physical presence was, but she now saw the tantalizing appeal of it with sudden clarity.  When Joanne placed a breakfast plate in front of her, Emma, unable to help herself, drank in her mother's creamy, eye-popping cleavage with a quick intake of breath, and also noticed that her mom's nails, unlike the short, square, unpainted nails she had always had before, were now long and almond shaped, like her own, and painted with brilliant red nail lacquer that matched the color of Joanne's lips.  The slender, shapely body packed into that revealing dress, those luscious breasts, and those gleaming lips and nails beckoned to Emma as components of an alluring sensuality she had never before suspected could emanate from her mom. 

But..........why?... Why is Mom pretty...and

After they were all seated, Emma asked, "Where's Dad?"

"Oh, he left for work early."

Emma found it difficult to break eye contact with her mother, who was sitting right across from her, next to Ella. The eyes that were made up with black eyeliner, silver-black eyeshadow, and thickly applied black mascara were almost hypnotizing.

"Do you like my new look, dear?"

That question snapped Emma out of her focus.

"Oh, uh...yeah. You look very nice."

Emma's eyes lowered shyly to avoid her mom's intense gaze and focused on the sultry red lips between cheeks rosy with blush.  Mom's They're red... so soft-looking... They look............delicious.............. I wonder............ What would it be like to...

No, Emma!  That's sick!  She's your mom!  Don't think like that for one second!

"Thank you, dear."

"W-why are you dressed like this?"

"My boss and coworkers are having an afternoon party today to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our company's founding and our good fiscal year. We were told to dress in a daring and fun manner. The person who has the best outfit will a get bigger bonus."

"Oh, I see..."

Emma then concentrated on her meal. When she was nearly finished, she heard giggling from both her mom and sister. Looking up from her plate, she noticed they were smiling at each other. There were occasional sounds of rustling and heels striking softly on the floor.

"What's so funny?" Emma asked as she looked underneath the table. Her eyes and mouth opened wide in shock. Joanne was brushing against Ella's naked lower leg with a foot, the nails of which were painted in the same brilliant red as the nails on her fingers. Emma rose back up immediately. "What are you two doing?!!"

"We're just having a little fun, dear."

"B-but that's gross!  You two shouldn't be doing this!"

"Sis, you're too uptight. You need to open your mind up a little sometimes."

"Ella, you have some syrup hanging on your lower lip," observed Joanne, seeming to dismiss Emma's objection as much as Ella had.

"How could I wipe my mouth when you forgot to give us napkins?!"

"We ran out. I'm going to have to get some later at the store. Here, let me take care of it for now." Joanne moved her red lips close to the side of Ella's mouth, extended her tongue, then licked the dangling syrup from her daughter's lip.

"Uggh! That's sick!"

Joanne gave a brief sidelong glance at Emma before raising her head to face her. "Mind your manners, honey. Your sister is right. You need to open your mind."

"I know you're just jealous, Sis," said Ella humorously.

"No, I'm not!"

"Yes, you are!  You'd like Mom to lick your lips, too!"  The accusation hit close to the perverted impulse about her mother's lips which Emma had briefly entertained but minutes before, and, lacking a retort, she could only blush.

"Stop it, girls!" exclaimed Joanne as she got up.  Sauntering over to Emma and sitting on the chair beside her, she faced her older daughter and slipped one of her hands onto Emma's idle hand resting on the table.  "I'm sorry, Emma. Ella and I didn't mean to start your day off with a bad morning." Joanne raised her other hand to touch her daughter's cheek, gently grazing Emma's skin with her red nails, while lacing the fingers of her first hand into Emma's.

"I'm leaving now," announced Ella as she grabbed her backpack and started to depart. "Thanks for the wonderful breakfast, Mom!  You two lovebirds have fun...but not too much!  Bye, Mom!  Bye, Sis!" 

She blew a kiss to Emma before she disappeared through the doorway.  The act caused Emma to momentarily relive rubbing wet bodies with her cute sister, and getting kissed, earlier that morning during their shared shower.  Together, the air kiss and the vivid recollection, combined with the sight of her sexy sister as she walked away, were enough to give a surge to her pulse and flush her face again. 

Ella's reference to Emma and her mom being "lovebirds", which had perplexed Emma in the moment she had heard it, was quickly overlooked as Emma fixated on her retreating sister, although the possibility of the illicit relationship insinuated by it sunk into her mind and settled in subconsciously, planting itself in an obscure mental nook as a seed awaiting germination.

Within a few seconds, though, Emma's morals reasserted themselves, reviving within her the desire to address the improper conduct she had just witnessed between her sister and her mother.

"Mom... What you were doing with Sis... Don't you think it was wrong?..."

"You like her, too, don't you?"

"What?  Well, yeah..."

"I heard you two in the shower.  Sounds like you were having fun..."

Oh ,no.... Does Mom think I was...was doing something inappropriate?

"I like it when you two fool know?  Sisters should be close like that."

"Mom...are you saying that we... No, w-we didn't do anything serious!"

"It may not be obvious to you, but you're starting to discover yourself and realizing what you really are."

"What do you mean 'discover myself' and 'realizing what I really am'? What does that have to do with me and Ella?" Even though Emma asked that, she had an uneasy, knowing feeling of what her mom had meant.

"Darling, yes, I think you're becoming a lesbian."

"No, Mom!  Why would you say that?!"

"Let me ask you something.  Do you have a boyfriend?  Have you ever even gone out with a boy, or kissed one?"

", but..."

"Do you have a girlfriend?  A steady lesbian girlfriend?"

"Of course n--"  Wait...what about Ashley?

"Well...uh...I guess..."

"Which I think is wonderful.  It's that cute girl, Ashley, isn't it?"


"You two make a very adorable couple.  So do you and your sister."

"But, Mom!  No, it's not like th--"

"Yes, I think it's exactly like that.  I know who you are, deep inside.  A sweet, pretty lesbian girl.  Don't fight it, honey.  Give in to the secret desires of your heart.  I want you to be a lesbian.  You'll be happiest that way. I know you like girls.  And women.  I've seen the way you've been eyeing me..."

Emma blushed deeply.

"Honey, about your father...and me...and don't understand..." Joanne brushed some locks of brown hair from her daughter's cheek. "I have needs, needs that your father can no longer satisfy..."

"What do you mean?!" asked Emma nervously, while trying hard to avoid her mom's penetrating gaze.

"Your father... He can't hold it up long enough for me... It's always too quick..."


"You know, he's kind of impotent."

"But maybe...maybe he can get help..."

"No, you don't understand. I want someone better. I want someone who can last longer. Someone who can satisfy me better.  Someone much different..."

"What are you are saying, Mom?  You don't love Dad anymore?"  Emma found herself almost crying.

"No, I do love him..........kind of................ It's just that things are different now, you know what I mean?"

"I don't get it."

Joanne placed two red-nailed fingers beneath Emma's chin and tilted it upwards.

"Honey, look at me."

Emma tried to avoid her mother's gaze for a second, but at last felt she had to relent.

"Do you think I'm beautiful?"  Joanne's other hand released Emma's and transferred to rest on her own thigh, subtly caressing it.

"Y-yes, Mom, I think you're beautiful," answered Emma with her eyes locked on her mother's. 

"Really? Which part of me do you think is the most beautiful?"

"Ummm..." Emma's eyes lowered to first dwell at her mom's red lips, then drifted to her mom's dramatic cleavage, noticing how her mom's wonderful E-cup breasts seem to strain against the silky bodice of the uniform and to almost spill out of it. Her eyes wandered down even further to look at the curves of her mother's lower body, sheathed prettily in the lace, satin, and nylon that were her apron, skirt, and stockings.  She noticed her mom's unoccupied hand resting on a thigh that was attractively encased in a fishnet stocking. The red nails on the hands glimmered under the morning light. Lowering her eyes even further, Emma looked at her mom's feet, which were encased in shiny black high heels. She recalled seeing that her mom's toes were painted, as well.

"Do you love me?" asked Joanne in a deep, seductive whisper, causing Emma's eyes to rise up again to meet her mother's.

"Why are you asking that, Mom? Of course I love you. You're my mother!"

"But, I don't mean love between a mother and daughter..."  Joanne touched Emma's face again, stroking lightly along her cheek with her long, enameled nails. Her gaze was a mix of maternal interest with corrupt, unnatural desire. "You and I, darling... We can have something more..."

Emma's face wrinkled. She had a feeling what her mother meant, but didn't even want to see it as a possibility. "Mom, I don't understand..."  Emma's speech was interrupted by her mother's red-nailed fingertip tracing along the teen's painted lips. Emma's heart was racing with the implications of her mother's words and touches.

"Are you really that dense, sweetheart? Here, let me show you..." In a sudden movement, Joanne lifted her apron and skirt upwards, revealing not only her lacey black satin panties and the black garter belt which suspended her fishnet stockings, but also a sleek black seven-inch silicone strap-on dildo, extending dangerously from a black leather harness.

"What?!! ... Mom, what are you doing?!  Mom, no!!" yelled Emma as she got up from her chair and backed away. Joanne also arose, more slowly than Emma had, and sauntered with a measured gait toward her stunned daughter.

"Think of it, Emma, dear.  I know you'd like to take me in your arms...and kiss a girl and a woman who are so much more than mother and daughter." 

Emma had stopped, mesmerized by her mother's self-assured, almost prophetic tone and her enthralling appearance.  Joanne stepped up to her leisurely and took the pretty teen in her arms, Emma momentarily seemingly entranced and helpless.  The sexy mother kissed her paralyzed daughter on the cheek, the teen shivering with unwanted but unmistakable delight as her body and emotions responded to the creamy carmine lips of her mother erotically contacting her pretty, young face. 

Joann looked her daughter in the eyes, their painted faces separated by inches, as she calculatingly, teasingly ran her hands slowly up and down the brunette teen's arms and over her shoulders and back, Emma becoming intoxicated with her mother's perfume, hands, sexy beauty, and close, warm, curvy body.

"You want me, don't you?" 
She brought her shiny red lips to her daughter's glossy pink lips, barely touching them, and paused for just a second while thrilling erotic shivers ran up Emma's spine, then pressed their mouths together.  Hunger that Emma never knew she had for her delicious mother erupted suddenly like lava from a volcano.  She threw her arms around her mother's slender shoulders and kissed back with blinding passion.  Within seconds, their mouths were perfectly merged, exchanging tongues and saliva and forbidden love.  The mother sliding her hands around her daughter's waist and pulling her close, their sin continued several minutes before Joanne broke off so she could whisper into her daughter's ear.

"We can do so much more."  Her hands played along Emma's waist and hips.  "As lovers, sweetheart.  Mother-daughter lovers.  It is meant to be.  And we can start right now.  You might even say we already have, don't you think?"  The mother smiled at her speechless offspring, stroking her cheek with one hand, while the other descended onto the girl's ass, caressing its flesh through the teen's skimpy skirt.  "Your father isn't here.  And your sister isn't here."  Long-nailed fingers found the crack of Emma's ass, toying, thrilling  "We're perfectly alone.  Together.  Why don't we go up to my bedroom, darling?" 

There was no hesitation, only desire. "Okay," panted the dizzy teen breathlessly.

Joann smiled, took her daughter by the hand, and started to lead her towards the stairway.  The   change in posture, movement, and intimacy was just enough, however, to allow Emma's abhorrence of what her mother wanted her to do, and what they had just done, to break free from its suppression and to surge out.  Despite feeling a powerful draw to her mother's lips, arms, body, and bed, she mustered enough strength to back away again.

"Wait... This isn't right........... Mom, it's incest!!"

"Yes.  Isn't that exciting?!   Our love is forbidden....... Some might say it's unnatural...and wicked...and yet, it is meant to be.  You might even say it is natural...and right.  What could be more right and good than a mother and daughter loving each other in a deeper and more beautiful way than most women ever dream of doing?   

"You have always desired me, my precious girl.  You may not have realized it, but search your feelings and you will see that it is so."

Emma reflected on her past interactions with and thoughts about her mother.  Those recollections were now reprocessed, getting recolored through a Sapphic filter and tainted with lust.  Her mother's assertion, which at first seemed to be preposterous, now seemed to have some truth to it.

Mom has always been such a beautiful woman... It would only be natural to look at want to be closer...emotionally...and be more than a daughter to her... Maybe I have wanted something like that..............and if I did...........maybe that was okay...

"Now that you are a beautiful, sexy teen girl, it is time to have me.  Come, sweetheart.  It will be beautiful."  Joanne found her dildo, protruding obscenely toward her daughter under her skirt, and stroked it through the black satin.  "It is our destiny.  You cannot resist me.  Not for long.  And you don't want to.  I can see the lust in your eyes."  Joanne held out her arms.  "Come with me..."  

With the last shred of her will, Emma fought off the powerful urge to fall into her mother's tempting arms again and then ascend with her to forbidden pleasures in her bedroom. "Noooooooooo!" She grabbed her backpack hanging from the top of her chair, and bolted out of the dining room. Her high heels struck the floor in a rapid staccato.

As she approached the front door, Emma heard her mother's voice, confident and inviting, almost as if it were coming from inside her head. "Darling, you can go if you want, but you and I both know you'll be back.  And not just because you live here.  You'll come back because of me.  To me.  Because you want me.  As much as I want you.  Because you desire your mother..."

Tears trickled down Emma's eyes as she exited her house running. She didn't slow down to a walking pace until she was two blocks away from her home. What's wrong with Mom and Sis?..... Or is it me?

"Emma, what's up?"

Turning around, Emma saw Jennifer standing right behind her. "Oh, hi, Jennifer."  Immediately Emma's cares seemed to vanish, dispelled by the delight of seeing her darling new friend again.

The red-headed girl was dressed in a dark red hooded sweatshirt with the white logo of her school, tight black jeans, and red-on-white sneakers. Her neck-length coppery, curly red hair was in the same simple style as usual, with the part in the center and the bangs combed to the left and right sides of her forehead.

They walked together toward school and talked about classes and the previous night's TV shows for most of the way. But, abruptly, Jennifer changed to a sexual topic.

"Emma, have you tried sex toys before?"

"Err, well, yeah."

"I own a red bullet-shaped dildo that's battery powered. I fuck myself almost every night with it, or whenever I feel horny. How about you?"

"I have a pink gyrating dildo that I use every now and then..."

"Who do you think about when you get yourself off?"

"Umm, cute guys, but most of the time I don't think about anything..."

"Do you ever think about girls? In the past few weeks, whenever I try to get off to fantasies of guys, I just keep thinking about girls, instead.  I don't know why... Does it happen to you?"


"You know who I think about the most when I do myself?"


"I'm not telling you... It's a secret!"

"A secret?"

"Yes, it's a secret... But, if you really want to know, I'll give you a hint. Do you want to know?"

Emma thought about it for a few moments. Why would I want to know that? Do I need to know it? However, the curious part of her couldn't resist. "Yes, I want to know..."

Jennifer slid a strap of her backpack from her left shoulder to gain access to one of its compartments, opened a zipper, and pulled out a box covered with gold wrapping paper and tied with silver ribbon.  She handed the fancy box to Emma.

"For me? But why?"

"Well, does a girl need a reason to give a present to her friend?  Maybe it's just because I like you. It's just something to thank you for being my friend...and to remind you of me."

"The box is kind of... big. What is it ? Is this the hint you're talking about?"

"You'll know when you'll open it, silly. Oh, before I forget, there is something else. But you have to close your eyes before that."


"Just close 'em!"

As soon as Emma closed her eyes, she felt moist lips pressed against hers for a moment.  It was a luscious sensation, which Emma allowed herself to relish briefly, before it fully struck Emma what was happening. "What are you--"  When she reopened her eyes, Jennifer was running away.

What kind of luck is this? First Ashley, then Sis and Mom, and now Jennifer. They were all...coming onto me...

Emma looked at the gift. I wonder what's in this box. Should I wait until later to open it? Curiosity got the better of Emma, and she opened the box. A gasp escaped from her lips when she saw the contents. Resting inside the box and cushioned in white velvet was a shiny 6½" strap-on dildo, colored shocking pink and attached to a translucent, colorless rubber harness. Engraved near the base of the dildo was the name, "Jennifer". Next to the toy was a photograph of Jennifer facing sideways to the camera and standing on pink high heels in a bedroom wearing bright make-up consisting of hot pink lipstick, slight blush, glittery bronze eye shadow, and a darker bronze adorning her eyelashes and lining her eyes. She was wearing a pink satin bra and matching panties edged with white frills. Around her hips was a strap-on which was exactly similar to the one Emma was holding except that it was engraved with Emma's name, a fact made clear by a bubble caption drawn onto the photo, pointing to the base. She was grasping its shaft with her pink-nailed hand, as if stroking it.

Flipping the photograph to the back, Emma read the message: "I hope this will be the beginning of a long, hard...and really close friendship between us. Kisses...and much more from now on, I hope ! Your Jennifer."

What is Jennifer thinking?! We just met yesterday!! I'm not the person she thinks I am... Should I give this back to her? shouldn't... whispered a voice that sounded exactly like Emma's.  Keep it... Cherish it... Use it...for her...on her...for yourself...for your pleasure... She's so pretty...and so young... You want her...

Everything around Emma suddenly became tinged with pink before blending and blurring into a visually incoherent mush. After a brief feeling of vertigo, she found herself standing in the same room as the one she had seen in the photo. The walls and floor were pink, while the ceiling, trim, and furniture were white. The door to the bedroom suddenly opened and in walked Jennifer, dressed in the same manner as in the photo.


"Hi, Emma... It's time for you to take responsibility..."

"What do you mean?"

"You have to let me fuck you in the pussy..."

Shocked by Jennifer's words, Emma's eyes lowered to the strap-on around Jennifer's hips. A feeling of arousal filled her loins. Her nipples became erect and lengthened.

"No, I can't... I'm still a virgin..."

"So was I before you raped me... It's only fair that you let me do you..."

Emma back away as Jennifer walked slowly towards her.

"It's not what you think... Let me explain... I didn't mean to do it..."

"Oh, really?" Jennifer lifted her hand and pointed her index finger at Emma. A pink spark flew from the tip towards Emma's body. In an instant, all of Emma's clothing vaporized in a cloud of pink sparks, leaving her completely naked.

"What are you doing?!"

"How does it feel being so helpless?"

Jennifer raised both of her hands up, causing Emma to rise in the air. She then pointed her hands straight forward, moving Emma in midair towards the bed, before lowering her hands entirely, plopping Emma into the bed. Before Emma could do anything, Jennifer crossed her arms on her chest, summoning four pink leather straps from the corner posts of the bed to bind Emma's limbs.

"Jennifer, please don't do this!" pleaded Emma as Jennifer got onto the bed and on her fours above Emma's body.  The cute redhead's angry pink strap-on dildo hovered a half foot above Emma's pussy, which watered and quivered with anticipation, the brunette's body betraying her protests.  As if in response, the dildo glowed and pulsed, as Emma watched it, captivated.

Jennifer leaned down, bringing her face-to-face with the brown-haired girl, her coppery hair brushing Emma's cheeks softly, and cooed, "I know you want it, my love." 

Jennifer slid her hands onto Emma's breasts, playing lightly at first, then kneading, then pinching and pulling on the incited girl's nipples.

"Oh!...ah!...mmmm...oh, Jennifer..."

Emma heard a voice in her head which sounded like her own.  You want sex with girls.  With pretty girls like Jennifer.  Always, at every opportunity. When a pretty girl like Jennifer wants sex with you, always accept.  Always do it.  You want it.  You want to get sexy girls and women... You want this...

................yes............ I do..............

"All you have to do is ask, my love.  If you want me, you can have me.  Just ask..."

Emma's pussy, now dripping and steaming with desire, would not be denied. "Jennifer... I...oh... please...yes..."

Emma didn't resist in the least when Jennifer descended further and gave her a deep, passionate kiss, bringing their bodies into more complete contact.  The feel of Jennifer's small, satin-encased teen breasts and smooth young skin pressing on her naked body was heavenly.  When the aroused brunette felt the tip of the dildo touch her pussy lips, she spread her legs wider.

Everything soon became pink and blurry, filling Emma with a sense of vertigo as before, Jennifer and her bedroom fleeing in a rush. An agonizing disappointment over the abortion of her intercourse with Jennifer lasted only a few seconds, swept away by a sensation of motion and disorientation. Within a few moments, Emma found herself in a different place...

At the front gate of the school, Emma's smartphone vibrated. It was a call from Ashley.

"Sup, Ashley?"

"Emma, you don't have to go to homeroom and first period."

"Why's that?"

"We cheerleaders have a special meeting. I'll wait for you at the door to the basement stairs, next to the cafeteria."

When Emma arrived, she saw Ashley in her cheerleading uniform standing next to the dark-red-colored double door. Almost immediately, Emma felt warmth in her heart and a stirring in her loins at the sight of her girlfriend. When she finally tore her eyes away, Emma looked at the door, but was struck with some curiosity, as she couldn't recall having ever noticed it before and she had never suspected that there was a basement below the school.

"You look really hot, sweetie."  With that, Ashley gave Emma a surprise kiss on the lips.  "I like it.  I like you."

Blushing and secretly pleased with the compliment and the show of affection, Emma countered, "You, too, Ashley."  Emma leaned over and kissed her girlfriend back.

There was a light switch on the wall at the top of the stairs, which Ashley flipped on, illuminating the long stairway as it reached downward into a dark recess.  As the blonde closed the door behind them, the sounds of the busy hallways on the main level of the school outside the door faded to complete silence, leaving Emma with the vague impression that she was entering another world. Descending the stairs with Ashley, Emma perceived a stale smell and felt a slight breeze coming upwards. At the bottom of the stairs, Ashley flipped on another switch, turning on more lights, although much of the basement was still only dimly lit. They walked past rows of metal shelves holding cardboard boxes, books, plastic crates, electronic equipment, and other items. Only the sounds of Emma's high heels and Ashley's sneakers broke the intense silence.

"Where are we going, exactly?" 

"Just follow me."

Eventually, they reached an area which seemed quite open, but also quite dark. Emma couldn't see anything ahead.

"Why is it so dark here? Where are the others?"

Ashley clapped her hands. Light flooded into the space, and it was suddenly brightly lit, although Emma could see no source of the light. When Emma's eyes adjusted to the brightness, she was shocked by the scene that greeted her.

In front of Emma was a strange bed made up of...people. The headboard consisted of three cheerleaders, a fair-skinned girl with waist-length ash blonde hair and blue eyes doing a thigh stand on a black girl with light brown skin and slightly curly, shoulder-length caramel brown hair and a Latina with smooth black hair that reached her butt, parted in the middle without bangs. The three girls faced a full-sized mattress, which was wrapped with a silver satin sheet and supported by four cheerleaders, each in the posture of a gymnastics bridge stretch.

All seven of the girls had expressionless faces and their motionless bodies appeared to be coated in clear pearlescent glass, with their cheerleading uniforms worn over it.

About five feet from the bed, Emma noticed, there was a large, long, boxy object seven feet long, four feet tall, and three feet wide, sitting on a large, varnished oak table with thick legs. It was fully covered by a large piece of red satin cloth. Emma could hear faint bubbly sounds seeming to emanate from the box and she saw light peeking from the bottom edges of the satin covering.

After scanning the boxy object, Emma turned her focus back to the strange, kinky bed. "Ashley, what happened to them?" asked Emma with a concerned voice. "Why are they like that?"

"Goddess thinks they are better as furniture."

"But...that's horrible!"

"Emma, don't worry about them. Let's worry about our needs, instead." Ashley grabbed Emma's wrists and tugged her to the strange bed.

"What about the meeting?" Emma asked when Ashley gently pushed her down to sit on the edge of the bed.

"This is the meeting." Ashley kissed Emma on the lips.

Time seemed to suddenly skip ahead.  In an instant, Emma was lying on the bed with Ashley on top of her. They were both naked, except for the high heels and socks on Emma's feet.


" love..."

Their lips met in a deep kiss. Ashley lowered her body, pressing her breasts and pussy against Emma's. Soft moans came from Emma's painted mouth as her girlfriend's pussy rubbed against hers.

Ashley is your love... You love Ashley's pussy... You are a lesbian... You want Ashley forever... Love Ashley... Fuck Ashley... Ashley is a gift to you from Goddess... Her pussy is Goddess's gift... Goddess wants you to fuck Ashley... Goddess wants you to love Ashley... Goddess is love... Goddess is life... Goddess is power... Obey Goddess forever...

They kept kissing and tribbing for over seven minutes.

"AAAaaahhh...MMMmmmmmmmmmmm!!!" Emma moaned into her girlfriend's mouth as her pussy juices gushed out, most of the surge squirting upward into Ashley's pussy and the rest overflowing on her thighs.

A dozen or so seconds later, Ashley's own feminine fluids sprayed into Emma's pussy during her own orgasm. "MMmmmmMMmmmmmmmphff!"

Ohhh, this feels so wonderful... Ohhhh yeah... thought Emma.

"That was so awesome!," said a panting Ashley as she lifted herself up from Emma's body.  "You are such a good fuck, Emma.  And so sweet, too. I love you."  Bending down, she gave her girlfriend a long, soft kiss.  Then, climbing off the bed, she walked over to the mysterious object draped in the red cloth.

"Let me show you something..."

Emma propped her upper body on her elbows, eager to know what the hidden item was.

"Tada!" Ashley pulled the piece of red cloth away in one fluid motion.

It was a large glass aquarium with a chrome hood and trimming. White light shined from some hidden source in the hood into the watery environment below. In the water, the cheerleader coach, Silvia Durham, a sexy thirty-four-year-old woman, was lying on her side in a sensual pose on a bed of rounded white pebbles, completely naked. Her opened hazel eyes as well as the rest of her face, were expressionless.  Despite being under water, her armpit-length strawberry blonde hair rested on her head and body as if she was on land. Small, alien-looking flowering plants, colored with shades of red and white without a trace of green, surrounded her. The crystal clear watered sparkled magically. From a distance, it looked as if she was a model for a classical painting.

"W-why is she inside in there? What's going on, Ashley?"

The woman behind the glass looks beautiful... There's nothing wrong with an object of beauty being an ornamental piece of art...

"She's Mrs. Durham, our coach. You'll get a better look if you come closer..."  Ashley held out her hand to Emma.

Emma suddenly felt calmer, without knowing why. She got off the bed and, her heels briefly interrupting the silence in the room with their clicking on the floor, walked over next to Ashley, ignoring the feminine fluids that were flowing down her inner thighs.  Standing to Ashley's right, she took the blonde's hand in her own, both pretty teen girls entirely nude, except for Emma's heels.

At a close distance, Emma was able to see more details of the woman. Silvia's lightly tanned skin was flawless. There was not a single hair on her body below her head. Her whole body, including her hair, appeared to be covered in a transparent glass-like material similar to the substance coating the motionless cheerleaders. Beautiful make-up covered her face: shiny lust red lipstick on her lips, black eyeliner, mirror-like gold eyeshadow, black mascara, and blush on her cheeks. Her finger and toe nails, nipples, and labia were all painted in the same shade of red as her lips.

"What happened to her?"

Ashley glided to her right, sliding her chin just above Emma's left shoulder, and whispered into Emma's ear. "She turned into something more beautiful..."

Beauty should be immortalized...

The brunette girl looked into the coach's eyes. There weren't any noticeable signs of awareness. She leaned over and moved her face closer to have a better view. Silvia's red-lipped mouth parted a little as if to say something, but then it became clear that she was instead holding a rounded, red metallic-looking object in her mouth.  Suddenly the object slid forward, revealing itself to be a large, metallic red, eyeless serpent, which then swam out of her mouth and started slithering through the water

"Ah!" Frightened, Emma took a few steps back, striking her high heels loudly on the concrete floor.

Ashley stopped Emma's retreat with her hands on Emma's bare shoulders. "There's more." 

Filled with a sense of shock, awe, and curiosity, Emma continued watching.

Silvia's vagina and anus began pulsating.  A few seconds later, those orifices opened up, revealing numerous small, red objects writhing inside her. In a sudden, small blast, the objects, now seen to be metallic red worms similar in size to common earthworms, burst out of her pussy and anus, started to swim around frantically, and quickly dispersed throughout the water of the aquarium.

She is beautiful... Continue looking at her... You want to fuck her... She is sexy when infested and possessed... It turns you on...

"It's feeding time!"

Ashley picked up a red glass bottle, removed its white stopper, and poured numerous small, translucent red globules into the tank through the hatch of the aquarium hood.  As the globules floated downward through the water, the worms and the snake immediately converged on them and quickly gobbled them all up.

Emma found her attention drawn again to Mrs. Durham's blankly staring eyes.

You want to touch her... You want to kiss her... You want to make love with her...

The brunette teen felt something poking her butt. "Ah!  Ashley, what are you--"  She turned her head around to see what it was. Her eyes widened when she saw a large, curved ruby dildo attached to a red leather harness around Ashley's otherwise naked hips.  Emma swiveled around to face her blonde girlfriend.

"What do you..."

"Why are you surprised? It's the same one you used on Goddess!"

Before Emma could say anything in response, her mouth was sealed by Ashley's lips. She felt herself swooning under the long, powerful kiss, and, as the kissing progressed, she wrapped the nude, creamy-skinned Ashley in her arms and softly moaned.  Mmmmmmmmm...

At length, Ashley broke the kiss. "Turn around, babe, and let me screw you."

Let Ashley fuck you... You want to be fucked... You were born to be fucked by Ashley...and by others...many others... She wants to screw you... You want her to... Let her...


Emma did as she was told. Turning toward the aquarium, she bent over at the waist and placed her hands on the edge of the varnished oak table, facing Silvia's still eyes again. The red snakes and worms were gone, as were the floating red pellets.

The blonde cheerleader placed her hands on Emma's ass cheeks and pulled them apart to expose the anus. She aimed the tip of the long, polished ruby into the opening and pushed in slowly.

"Awwwwwwwww..." whimpered Emma with closed eyes as she felt it go all the way in.  Ashley paused like that several moments before pulling back, then gradually in again, and waited again a few dramatic seconds.  Finally she commenced a rhythmic ebb and flow, in and out.  Emma let out small yelps and quick moans as Ashley pumped her ass with the ruby strap-on. "Uh uh uh uh ah oh oh ah..."

As she continued to work Emma over, Ashley lowered her bare body onto Emma's back, pressing the tips of her hard nipples into Emma's naked shoulders. She reached around Emma to squeeze and gyrate the brunette's freely-hanging teen breasts. Their sweaty bodies gleamed and rubbed under the magical white light.

"Ohhh ohhh ohhh!"

At the onset of Emma's orgasm, she looked into Silvia's pretty eyes and seemed to see a flicker of movement, possibly even of recognition, before the sex-dizzy teen blacked out.

When Emma reopened her eyes, she was once again clothed in the sexy attire she wore to school and found herself in the cafeteria having lunch with Sophia, who was sitting across from her.

"Emma, there's something really, really important I want to talk to you about..."

"What is it?"

"I can't tell you here.  Let's go to the girl's restroom down the hall to the left," said Sophia as she got up to leave.  "I'll meet you there in a minute."

"Wait, the restroom?" asked Emma. "Isn't there some better place?"  But her friend was already gone, having walked away quickly.

The next moment, Emma looked down and found herself staring at the white tiles of the girls' restroom. She slowly lifted her head up, first seeing a pair of blue-on-white sneakers in front of her, then gray flared jeans topped with a blue belt, next a white t-shirt printed with the image of an iris flower in art deco style, followed by pale hands with medium-long, rounded finger nails, a blue cardigan, and a silver necklace with a blue gem. Pausing for a moment to look at the gem, Emma then raised her eyes further up, and, with awe, took in Sophia's face, which was now flawless--skin silky smooth and free of all blemishes and stray hairs, eyebrows immaculately trimmed and arched, eyes perfectly white and glossy, nose straight and ideally proportioned, cheeks and lips rosy without make-up, teeth Arctic-white and perfectly straight, eyelashes long, lush, dark, and slightly curled, without the benefit of mascara--in contrast to the way Emma had last seen Sophia, when she, though naturally quite cute, had nevertheless had some of the minor facial shortcoming common to average human beings. Her friend's golden blonde hair, which had new, neatly trimmed bangs, and flowed loosely six inches past the shoulders, was remarkably full and lustrous today, and seemed shinier, longer by an inch or two, and lighter by one or two shades than Emma remembered it being.'s...she's so pretty... a natural beauty.... Why haven't I noticed before?.......... And if she wore make-up...and some cooler clothes...sexier clothes... I wonder what she'd be like......... She's sooooo cute... I'm so glad she's my friend...

A sultry female voice whispered in her head:  She should be more than just a friend... You could be intimate...

I'd like to be closer to her...

You have feelings for your friend... romantic feelings... and sexual desires... You are a lesbian...

I shouldn't have feelings like this about my best friend... I know they're kind of lesbian feelings, in a way...but...she's just so pretty... I can't help this strong attraction......... I really like her...

She's hot... You want her...

.................yes................. But I can't let her know...............

They were standing next to a row of sinks.  There was a solemn look in Sophia's eyes, combined with an expression of longing.

"Sophia, did something bad happen?"

"I'm just kind of sad that you're Ashley's girlfriend now..."

Emma blushed.  How does she know?  I've been dreading this day...

"Umm, I was going to tell you. I didn't mean to keep it a secret."

"No, it's not that. I don't mind that you didn't tell me.  But Emma... What about me? I've been dropping hints all these years, but you haven't noticed one bit."

"Huh, what do you mean by 'hints'? What are you talking about?"

"You never understood me..." whispered Emma's friend with a melancholic, disappointed look.

Sophia walked quickly to a glittery blue door that had suddenly appeared in the tiled wall, opened it, and stepped through.

Since when was there a door here? "Where are you going?" Emma couldn't see anything past the doorway. It was pitch black beyond it.

"Just come this way!"

Hesitantly, Emma followed her friend into the void. Darkness completely surrounded her for a few moments. "Why is it so dark?" She felt a gust of air as the door automatically closed behind her.

The lights turned on, but the illumination seemed muted. It was a large room with walls painted in flat medium blue, the ceiling painted dark blue, and the floor covered in carpet with the same color as the ceiling. Dimmed circular recessed lights in the ceiling and semispherical wall sconces provided light. There was a dark blue curtain covering the whole wall directly opposite Emma. In the center of the room was a circular dancing platform, measuring eight feet in diameter and one foot in height, made from translucent glass, decorated with chrome-plated steel filigree on the side, and illuminated from within with blue lighting.  Rising from the center of the platform was a chrome pole extending into the ceiling.

Emma saw what appeared to be a strange, monumentally large chair facing the stage, sitting near the platform and facing it.  As she walked closer, she perceived that, while it did indeed seem to be a chair, or perhaps a throne, it also looked like a polished statue, or set of statues, and that it had life-like details.  The work appeared to be carved from massive chunks of the gemstone lapis lazuli, bearing that mineral's deep blue color. 

Drawing closer yet, she marveled to find that the sculpturing portrayed two naked women sitting side by side upon the back of another woman, who was on her fours. Each of the two sitting women had her outer arm raised part-way, with the forearm extended forward horizontally, to serve as an arm rest for whomever might sit in the chair, with the apparent intention that the user would rest her rear and thighs on the horizontally-positioned thighs of the two sitting figures--thus, sitting in their laps--and lean her back against their curvy torsos, which were reclined backwards about 20 degrees from vertical.

Stepping closer to even better examine the sculpted artwork, Emma observed that the details were intricate to the point that even individual strands of hair were chiseled in. Each woman depicted had a length of hair differing from her companions, but all went past the shoulders.

Curiosity made the teen girl feel up the curves of the statues. Are these really statues? They look so real... Emma's own voice talked back. There is beauty in stillness... An expression of lust immortalized is perfection...

Feeling an odd, exciting compulsion, Emma sat down.  The chair was surprisingly comfortable, considering its stone composition, and, over the next several minutes, seemed to pull her into a voluptuous, feminine embrace.  As soon as she was settled into the strange chair, the curtain on the wall in front of her opened, splitting in the middle, and an exotic girl emerged. A hooded robe, made from glittery, gossamer blue fabric, and a mouth veil of blue satin, covered her body, head, and lower face, leaving only her upper face fully exposed. The girl walked on her shiny, dark-blue, four-inch, opened-toed platform high heels to the stage, stepped up onto it, positioned herself in front of the pole, and stood motionless for a few moments while looking her one-girl audience in the eyes. Emma could see that the inscrutable girl's eyes were outlined with kohl, shaded with blue eye shadow, and framed by long lashes teased with thick, black mascara. Through the sheer robe, Emma saw a blue satin bra and thong. There was one blue bangle on the girl's left wrist and sets of sapphire-encrusted silver chain ankle bracelets around both ankles. The nails on her feet were metallic blue, like the nails on her fingers.

Recognition struck Emma when the girl fluttered her eyelashes slowly. "Sophia?"

It indeed was Sophia, but she didn't respond. Techno music started playing, and the blue-robed girl began dancing slowly. Without breaking eye contact with Emma, she walked around the gleaming metal pole once before reaching backwards with a hand to grab the pole and rub her back up and down on it. She raised one leg, exposing the shiny, miniscule crotch pouch of her thong to Emma's unimpeded view for a few moments. Grabbing the pole with both hands, Sophia embraced it like her lover and rubbed her crotch along it. She gyrated her head with closed eyes. Then, stepping away from the pole, she untied the robe, flipped the hood off her head, and let the filmy garment slide off her body onto the platform.  Looking again directly at Emma, the dancing siren kicked the blue puddle of sleek material off the stage.

Emma's view of most of her sexy friend was, at last, unobstructed, and the sight was heart-stopping. Sophia's hair was now a stunning metallic blue all over and gleamed brilliantly. It was done in a half-up, half-down style, with peek-a-boo braids and a shiny, star-shaped blue hair clip on the back, and it poured down in thick, glossy tresses to her hips. On her belly was a set of pierced-in ornaments consisting of ten sapphire studs and one big blue gem at the center to form a five-point star.

Walking around the pole once again, Sophia then pulled herself up on the pole and wantonly opened up her legs for Emma like a pair of scissors before doing a slow, bicycling motion with them. The leg movements caused the narrow crotch panel of the girl's startlingly skimpy thong to slide around, flashing Emma glimpses of her friend's marvelous, glistening blue pussy lips. She then inverted herself, pointing her legs vertically straight up toward the ceiling, spilling her lush blue hair onto the platform. Her legs again moved like the jaws of a scissor in midair several times before she let herself back down.

As she righted herself onto the floor, the enchantress put her arms behind her back, unhooked her bra, and threw it towards Emma, hitting her softly in the face.  Smiling and running her hands over her tits, which were tipped with arresting, hard, long, metallic-blue nipples, she then cupped them as if in a teasing offer to Emma, all the while writhing sensually to the music.  After she did a few more dancing moves, the music faded, she stepped down from the platform, and she walked straight towards Emma.

Sophia's performance filled Emma with a sense of wonder, excitement, and surprise. She had never known her friend was capable of dressing and dancing like a stripper. More importantly, she had never realized her friend could stir such erotic feelings within her. Throughout the time she had known Sophia, Emma had regarded her merely as a friend and nothing further, but this performance made Emma desire something more from Sophia than just simple friendship.

Once Sophia was about two feet away from her friend, she removed her blue mouth veil from her face and the star-shaped hair clip from her hair, before running her hands through her hair and shaking her locks loose.

" you want me?"

Emma noticed that the girl's wondrous nipples appeared to be leaking a small amount of blue fluid, which dribbled down the curves of her breasts and splashed in little droplets on the floor as she stood there.

"I-I-I..." Emma stuttered.

Images filled her vision in succession like snapshots of a camera. She saw herself giving Sophia's metallic blue lips a frantic lock with her own desperate mouth...her hot pink lips wrapping around Sophia's metallic blue nipple to suck out the light blue milk that flowed out from the lovely young breast of her sexy friend...her fingers parting Sophia's beautifully-colored labia to lick her sweet vagina, which was metallic blue from the outer lips all the way to deep inside, without a trace of pink...

"Yes!" Emma finally answered.  "Sophia...I didn't realize it...but...I do want you!  More than I ever knew!  Oh, Sophia, please... Yes, yes, yes!"

"Emma, I wanted to hear you say that for so long........... But it's too late.  You didn't want me before, and now I've given my heart to someone else.  Sorry.  You've blown it.  I'm just showing you what you're going to miss out on." Sophia ran her hands along her curves while subtly swaying her hips.

"But...but who?  Who stole you away from me?"

"You should know, Emma.  It's the one person who could make me forget you."

"No.  I don't know........ it..."

"Yes. Goddess..."

A female automaton wearing no clothes walked into the room. Her skin was made from polished-chrome-plated steel. The automaton's body was shaped realistically, like a sexy, curvaceous woman, with the exceptions that subtle seams were visible at the joints and that her head and face were hairless, smooth, and featureless, except for three glowing blue eyes arranged in a triangular formation on her face. Her feet were in the shape of five-inch high heel shoes.

The automaton walked up to Sophia and kissed her with the bottom of her sleek face where lips normally would be. Sophia responded by kissing back passionately with her blue lips and wrapping an arm around the automaton's shoulder. Her blue tongue rubbed against the mirror-like face of the automaton, leaving smudges of saliva and blue lipstick on its surface. A circular opening appeared on automaton's face in the spot where the mouth would be on a real person, and blue light commenced to radiate from it.  A transparent tube incorporating a supporting wire frame within its walls snaked out from the ersatz oral opening and entered into Sophia's mouth.  Glowing blue metallic fluid flowed from the automaton's mouth into Sophia's. The special fluid had both temporary and lasting effects that improved Sophia's sexual, psychological, and physical compatibility with automatons through the alteration of her mind and body.

"Sophia, what are you doing with that...that machine? And why with her? What happened to you?"

"I have become a vessel of lesbian love for anyone that Goddess chooses," spoke Sophia in Emma's mind.

"But that's not love!  And that's not a 'someone'."

"I serve Goddess with complete obedience out of love for her, and she loves me for it.   That's all I ask, and all I expect.  If she wants me to copulate with automatons, then I will do so without question for however long she desires, even if it's for eternity."

The female automaton retracted the tube back into its head and Sophia released her hold on the automaton.

"But there's still a way, Emma." Sophia stepped to the sitting Emma, leaned forward at the waist, and rested her hands on the arm rests of the chair, effectively cornering Emma in her seat, while dangling her swollen, dripping young breasts in front of her hopelessly enthralled brunette friend. "For you and me."  She drew closer, placing her face within inches of Emma's, giving rise to an excruciating urge within Emma to taste her friend's shiny blue mouth, and to reach out for her succulent, blue-tipped mounds. "Pledge eternal service to Goddess with all your heart--and that includes, of course, that you have to become a real and thoroughly committed and permanent lesbian--and she'll let us be together.  Forever." She planted a sweet, long, blue kiss on Emma's pink lips, causing Emma's heart and pussy to flutter.

Emma's enticing friend in blue pivoted away and began walking with the automaton across the room toward the dark blue curtain.  Turning her head slightly back and speaking over her shoulder, she finished her message. "In the meantime, I have to be a sexual plaything for the machines..."

"What!?  Wait, Sophia!  No!"

Emma could not bear the fate which appeared to be waiting for her cherished friend. Resolving to save Sophia and to stop her exotically splendid teen friend from leaving with the automaton, she tried to arise, but the moment she made the attempt, the women of blue stone composing the chair suddenly came alive and wrapped their arms around Emma's upper body, trapping her in the chair. She struggled briefly, but within moments, she felt lips of cool, polished stone kissing the sides of her face, and smooth hands of sculptured lapis lazuli caress her body, quickly undermining her will to escape.

Sophia, having paused at the door to turn around and give her now-captured friend one last look, spoke across the room. "It's too late for us to be together normally, Emma... Now, there's only one way... Make the choice to serve Goddess if you really want me... Submit to her will... Be a lesbian...for me..." With that, Emma's beautiful friend passed through the blue curtain.

Glimpses of Sophia's destiny flickered in Emma's mind:  Sophia suspended in a vertical spread eagle position, held in place by polished metallic tentacles of varying lengths and thicknesses growing from a floor of blue mosaic tiles and from a high, dark ceiling; her blue-nailed feet dangling about three inches off the floor, just enough to barely skim the surface of the faintly phosphorescent blue liquid flooding the room's floor; a segmented tentacle with glowing blue rings pumping her ass; a female automaton in front of Sophia fucking her pussy with a segmented metal penis, each segment of which being divided from the next by a glowing blue chevron; another metallic tentacle hanging from the ceiling fucking Sophia's blue-lipped mouth, this one having glowing blue lines running along its length instead of rings around its circumference; her breasts being kneaded by starfish-shaped automatons, each with a blue orb at its center; and the helpless, sexually overwhelmed girl whimpering loudly in response to the myriad acts of unnatural sex being perpetrated on her body.

A blue fog gradually enveloped Sophia and the machines Emma saw in her mind, and they faded away.

"SOPHIA!!!!" exclaimed Emma.

"Emma, stop it! Why are you screaming at me?"

"Huh?  Wha--"

Emma saw Ashley standing in front of her. The brunette looked around. They were at the main gate of the school. The final bell of the day had already rung and students were pouring out from the main building.

"There's a new ice cream shop that opened nearby recently. Want to check it out? I heard they're offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal."

Recovering almost instantaneously, Emma adapted quickly to the new scenario. "Cool, let's go then."

There was already a line winding out of the shop. They waited in it, and, when they got inside, Emma looked at the menu, on which some of the words and letters appeared to be glowing magically, drawing the girls to specific flavors. When it was Ashley's turn to order, she chose a double-decker cone, with a scope of the Dark Red Cherry Corruption ice cream and a scoop of the Black Chocolate Sin flavor, while Emma picked three flavors for her cone, Green Kiwi Slither, Blue Metal Berry, and Butter Pecan Love. 

They left the shop and licked their ice cream cones while strolling down the street together.

"Let's share," suggested Ashley. "I've never tried any of these flavors before."


The girls found a shady bench and, after they sat down close together, Ashley held her cone to Emma's lips. Emma tongued a bite, then returned the favor to Ashley with her cone.  They repeated this routine several times, each girl ending up with a more or less equal share of all the five flavors, except for Ashley's dark cherry ice cream, which Emma seemed to favor, and which Ashley encouraged Emma to eat liberally. 

Several times when Emma was tasting a cone, Ashley leaned in to take a sample at the same time, from the same spot, intentionally meeting Emma's tongue with her own. Invariably smiling or giggling in response, Emma started doing the same thing to Ashley.  Frequently the adventurous common licks progressed into long, sensual, ice-cream-laden, tongue-rich kisses pursued and enjoyed by both girls. Ashley also started to take bites without swallowing and then kiss Emma with an open mouth, passing her ice cream into Emma's mouth, and, again, Emma reciprocated, with the girls often passing a given morsel back and forth several times. Once the cones were gone, the two girls simply lapsed easily and naturally into making out deeply on the bench.

When they finally took a pause, a breeze blew a lock of Emma's hair into her face, which Ashley swept away for her girlfriend.  Ashley left her hand on Emma's cheek, where it rested until Emma took the soft hand and kissed it. They smiled and looked at each other for several minutes in silence.

As the two pretty girls gazed affectionately into each other's eyes, a voice, sounding just like Emma, came into the brunette's mind, and Emma responded.  It seemed to her that she was merely talking with herself.

She's beautiful, isn't she?

Yes, she's a lovely girl.

She's a wonderful girlfriend. 

Dating her is so much fun.  I love being with her.

You'd never want to give her up.  You couldn't live without her.

I want to be with her forever.

You love Ashley.

I love Ash--  But...she's a g--

Girls can love girls.  It's okay.  And it's too late for you.  You have already fallen in love with Ashley.  A vision of Ashley with burgundy hair, lips, and nails flashed for a few moments through Emma's head, at which her heart started to beat a little faster. Haven't you?

Yes.  I do love her...very much.

She turns you on. 

She's very sexy.

You want to marry her.

I'd love to be her wife.

You love sex with her.

It's wonderful.

You want to do every lesbian sex act possible with her...again and again...


You'd love to fuck her. Emma felt her pussy moistening.

I'd love to fuck her.

Ashley leaned forward, cupping the back of Emma's head in her hand, and gave Emma a long, romantic kiss, which made Emma's toes curl.


"Hey, I feel like going to the beach. Do you want to go?"

"At this hour?  I don't know. The beach is pretty far away.  We wouldn't have much time left before sunset when we got there."

"That's okay.  In fact, that's perfect.  I want to watch the sunset with you.  It'll be so romantic!  At least, with you it will be..."

Emma blinked. She was looking at a blue, partly cloudy sky through sunglasses and lying on a reclining beach chair, facing the surf. The smell of the ocean wafted pleasantly into her nostrils. Taking off her shades, Emma looked to her right. Ashley was also wearing shades and was lying on a beach chair a foot from Emma's--completely naked. Emma glanced down at her own body and discovered she was utterly naked, as well...except, that is, for the dark blue patent leather high heels adorning her feet, which felt like just the right touch for a sexy, nude girl such as herself.

But...should I be public?...


Yes... It's okay... It's perfect... You love being naked with Ashley...anywhere...anytime...

Maybe it's okay... It feels nice...

"Look, the sun is setting."

"Already? No way..."

Ashley reached over to take Emma's hand and interlocked fingers.  "Yes, beautiful.  I'm glad I'm here with you."  She pulled Emma's hand to her lips and kissed it, then, continuing to hold it, let it fall back between them. "You're the girl I love." 

Emma loved her girlfriend's endearments, and smiled affectionately at her, before returning her eyes to the sunset.  This was a really nice date with her sweet and beautiful steady lesbian girlfriend.

Time seemed to move very fast as they watched the sun descend and then disappear below the horizon quickly. Day turned to night within a minute. Everything became completely dark. As most of this stretch of the beach abutted a tall coastal ridge, not even the urban lights could be seen from their location.

"Ashley, it's getting late.  I'd better get home.  I didn't tell my mom that we were coming to the beach, so I think my parents are going to get worried!"

"It's alright, honey.  Relax." Ashley squeezed Emma's hand softly. 

There was a puffing sound and then some soft crackling as a campfire suddenly appeared in front of them.

"But I promised my parents that I'd always be home by dark." 

Ashley's beach chair had slid right next to Emma's, and then the two chairs had started to fuse together.  The bodies of the two teen girls were now touching.

"I like it dark." Ashley caressed Emma's cheek. "Anyway, my mom has already told your mom about what we're doing..."

"Oh. That's okay, then."

" know...about us having sex...and all that..."

Their two chairs were now fully consolidated, and had formed into one large, fully-reclined, silver-satin-covered, bed-like structure.

"Why did you--" Ashley silenced Emma with a long kiss before speaking again, leaving the brunette teen panting.  

"You don't know your mom. My mom and your mom understand our relationship." 

Emma now remembered about her mom having known at breakfast that morning about her dating Ashley. "Oh...yeah...I guess my mom knows..."

"And she's okay with it, isn't she?"

"Yes.  She said we make a cute couple, or something."

"Well, she's right.  And my mom thinks so, too.  She'd like to see us get married some day.  Which is, of course, what we are planning on, anyway.  And in the meantime, she thinks we should be much more deeply involved... She says we should have sex as often as we can..."

Ashley held up a red twelve-inch jelly double dong. It glistened in the light of the crackling camp fire. She rolled over onto Emma's side of their new beach bed and, standing on her knees, spread her legs astride Emma's legs. With a sly smile aimed at her brunette teen girlfriend, she shoved one end of the double dong up her pussy.

"Ashley!  We shouldn't be doing this here. What if someone sees us?"

"If that person is a boy, who cares?  He can get lost....... On the other hand..."  She drooled onto the quivering dildo, and rubbed a finger suggestively up and down the red instrument of their portending union, spreading her spittle on it.  "If it is a hot, sexy female...then she can join us!" Ashley aimed the other half of the double dong between Emma's labia and slipped it in an inch or two, then three, causing Emma to gasp. Next, she pushed it in further, then all the way, and held it like that for a moment, capturing Emma's moans with her soft lips.  The blonde vixen then got on her fours over Emma and began moving her hips up and down, escalating the pace with vigor within a minute.

"Ah, oh, ah, mmmmm, uh... Ashley...ohhhh...."

"You like that, babe?"


"Are you my girl?"


"And only mine?"


"Will you be a lesbian for me?"

Emma would have agreed to anything to keep the pleasure coming.  "Yes.  Yes.  Any way you want me... Please...more..."

"Do you love me?"

"Yes! Oh, Ashley... Yes... I looooove you!!"

The love-making of the two sexy teens continued like that for a few more minutes, until they heard the familiar voice of a third girl.

"Awww, having fun without me?"  The melodic voice was Lisa's.

Emma turned her head to the side and saw Lisa standing five feet away. Like Emma and Ashley, she was perfectly naked. Metallic green lipstick covered Lisa's lips, the same color as her eyelids, nails, nipples, and pussy.  Her eyelashes were long and curled with black mascara. Her eyes were outlined in kohl while the edges of her lips were similarly colored black. Twin braided pigtails ran over her shoulders like thick ropes of gleaming red silk and ended with glittery green ribbons.

"Lisa, why are you here?" asked Emma while covering her boobs and turning her body away instinctively, in the act disengaging herself from Ashley's red double dildo with a slurpy pop.  Ashley rolled over onto her back next to Emma to look up at Lisa.

"To join you girls, of course!"  The redhead knelt down on the bed.

Let girls see your body... Your body is for pretty girls to look at...and to have sex with... Emma lowered her arms to her sides, relaxed onto her back, exposing her naked glory without any further attempt at modesty, and smiled up at the pretty redhead.  Let her look... You are beautiful naked... This is much better... She likes it... She likes you... You like her... You want her to look... You want to turn her on... Show her your pussy...

With hardly a thought, Emma spread her legs several inches, to better reveal her pussy lips, soaked and flushed as they were from her sex with Ashley.

Lisa's eyes zoomed in on Emma's lewd exhibition, then looked Emma in the eyes with a sly smile. "I love you both..." Lisa straddled parts of both reclining girls, bent down, resting on all fours to hover over her companions, and gave each girl a kiss on the lips, Ashley first, and then, lingering longer,  Emma. 

"Mmmm...Mmmm..." For Emma, the soft, slick, sweet encounter with Lisa's full, painted lips felt heavenly. Before Lisa left Emma's face, she whispered in Emma's ear, "...especially you..." and gave the brunette's pink lips another creamy, green kiss, even longer and more ardent than the first one.  Afterwards, there was a lingering taste of kiwi on Emma's lips, and a lingering fervor for Lisa inside Emma.

Suddenly, Lisa stood up, standing on the sand, tilted her head back, and gasped.  Two eyeless, quadruple-jawed snakes with green metallic scales emerged partially from her body, one from her vagina and another from her butt. Emma's eyes opened wide in wonder and fear.

"I will fuck you both hard with these babies!" Lisa stroked the snakes affectionately. She rejoined the two girls on the beach bed, which was now big enough to accommodate them all.  Ashley laid face down on Emma, who was already on her back, taking her in her arms and joining lips with her, after which Lisa climbed on top of Ashley, straddling both girls under her with her arms and legs, hovering over them on her fours.

"Now...ready or not, take this, you little sluts!" 

The snakes instinctively searched out Emma's and Ashley's derrieres, playing for a minute along their cracks and tentatively probing their anuses, before suddenly plunging deep inside their rectums. Despite not being accustomed to anal sex, Emma quickly got used to it. Her initial, reluctant grunts soon turned into passionate moans. She was swamped with so much pleasure that all of her rational thoughts were stifled. All that mattered to her at the time was the sheer sexual pleasure she was experiencing.

Let go... This is sooo right... You're getting fucked in the the good lesbian girl you are and want to be... It's so beautiful... Lesbian love is wonderful... Give in... You want more...

All three girls moaned and panted as they fucked each other passionately...


Emma woke up from the trance.  She found herself in the shed, laying on her back on the silver mat, which had returned to its usual form.  She sensed she had been breathing hard and sweating.  She was naked, as was Ashley--who was back in her normal blonde incarnation, her burgundy persona having served its purpose and retreated at the end of her joint virtual reality session with Emma, which had just concluded a few minutes before--who was sitting on the mat next to her, painting Emma's lips.

"What...what are you doing, Ashley?  And...and why are we naked?" 

"Don't you remember?  We both wanted to be naked with each other.  We took our clothes off and made out, and had more sex.  Then, after you came, you fell asleep."  Ashley's version was twisted, of course, as Emma's nakedness had been dictated by Ashley after she had entranced Emma, and as the "sleep" from which Emma had just awoken was that entranced state.  Though no longer hypnotized, the brunette teen's mind would remain somewhat open to suggestion for a while longer.

After Ashley said that, it seemed to Emma as if she now remembered willingly taking all of her clothes off so that she and Ashley could enjoy laying together intimately on the silver mat, although exactly what they had done there was unclear in her new memory.  But whatever it had been, there was a lingering euphoria from it, and, as she gazed up at Ashley, her slightly mussed, shiny blonde hair hanging loosely down and her delectable young breasts dangling from her chest like tempting fruit, Emma felt an almost overpowering urge to take those globes in her hands and to then draw her girlfriend down for more of whatever it was they had been doing.

Then recalling that, under all the layers of lesbian mindset and desires enwrapping her, she was, at her core, really a straight girl, or was supposed to be one, she summoned all of her available willpower to resist that urge. Nevertheless, a surge of gratitude passed through her that she could now be Ashley's steady girlfriend.  She sensed that something had changed between Ashley and herself.  There was some precious new element in their relationship; her feelings for the blonde were different, stronger, dearer; she felt bound and drawn and attracted to her more deeply than she had ever felt before.

Emma knew that being naked with another pretty girl in a sex-charged situation like this was far from being proper, both for a straight girl and for the good girl she wanted to be.  But she suppressed that impression while Ashley continued to coat her lips with creamy color.  While by now Emma had spent time in the same nude and nearly-nude condition with Galatea, Jeannie, the golem Lisa, Janet, the femmes, Jennifer, and others with whom Galatea had set her up, this was different, in that it was with a normal, real girl, from her real life and world, one whom Emma had seduced, or been willingly seduced by, in a real-life environment, void of magic and phases and spells (as far as she knew), so this relationship and this experience seemed to reach into her normal life and touch her real nature more invasively than had her other experiences.  Just the same, as the minutes passed, her common naked state with Ashley became ever more natural and exciting, until she simply accepted it.

"I wanted to see what you'd look like with this cool lip color, so while you were out, I took the chance to put lipstick on your lips.  I think this color looks pretty on you. Do you want me to stop?" Ashley raised the silver lipstick tube in front of Emma's eyes, showing her that the color was a dark red matte shade, the same color that was now painted on Ashley's lips.

"No, you can keep going."

An impulse and an image shot through Emma, sending shivers of excitement into her pussy.  Two smooth, naked young female bodies embraced. Dark red lips collided with lips of the same color...

Mmmmmmmm, let's fuck again, babe...

The impression came and went, but left Emma in a cloud of renewed, simmering arousal as Ashley continued painting the nude brunette's lips.

After she was done, Ashley held a silver pocket make-up mirror in front of her girlfriend's face.  The look was definitely hot.  Emma licked around her newly painted lips, savoring the sweet flavor and the deep, dark, rich color, and adding a temporary, wet gloss to her mouth.

When the mirror was taken away, Emma was surprised to find Ashley painting her lips again.

"Why are you painting my lips again?"

"Because the more layers of lipstick you have, the sexier you are."

"Ashley, I'm not a doll for you to practice putting make-up on," said Emma jokingly.

I guess it wouldn't hurt to have some more lipstick on.... I can always remove it later if I want to.........

A voice spoke softly in her mind:  ...but you won't want to... You love the look...

But I probably won't want to....... I look prettier with lipstick... Especially this beautiful, dark shade... She's right... The more lipstick I have, the sexier I am.............

...You want to be sexy...

I want to be sexy... for girls...

...for girls...

...for Ashley... Ashley...

The cap closed on the tube of lipstick with a click. Ashley put it back in her make-up bag. Emma looked in the mirror again.

...You could seduce someone.

I could seduce someone...

...someone like Ashley...


...It feels good...

This feels good on my creamy...and rich-feeling...

...You love this...

I love lipstick...

"Wow, Emma.  You are a babe."

My girlfriend likes me like this... I should wear lipstick beautiful, deep colors...maybe all the time... I like looking and feeling like this...

"I know you don't want to do anything more, but I can't resist you now.  Looking at you is making me hungry for you...for your mouth...and for your pussy."

...You are turning her on...

...yes...because I am sexy... She loves it... She loves me..............................

Emma's suppressed good girl side made an attempt to emerge.   Though...she is a girl...and I'm not a lesbian...and I have moral standards... I shouldn't encourage her too much... 

"I would love another taste.  Please, sweetie.  Let's do some oral."

"But, Ashley, we've already played with each other twice this afternoon.  Isn't that enough?"

"I know, but I can't help how I feel about you.  I just can't get enough of you... Can we do it just one more time?  Pleeeeease?  For me?"

You haven't had enough sex with her yet... You'll never get enough of Ashley and her sweet pussy... You want to encourage her... Give her what she wants... She wants you... You love girls desiring you... You are a sexy lesbian...Sex is fun... You need more of it... You're already naked... You're ready for it... It's the natural thing to do when two girls are naked together...of course... You wouldn't be naked with another girl if you both didn't want it... You want more of Ashley... Your crave her delicious pussy... You need more lesbian sex...

Well........... She is my girlfriend... I want her to be happy... I shouldn't mind doing it for her...with her....... I don't mind... More sex with Ashley won't hurt me... I'm already naked with I might as well... This shouldn't take too long... For her, I have the time... There is no reason not to.......... She really is fun to be with... That lipstick looks so hot on her... What a fox... She looks delicious....... I want to kiss her...and touch her...more..... I want more of this beautiful girl............ Anyway, I have to... I don't have much choice.... I'm supposed to feel like this...and do this.......... I might as well enjoy it...

"Alright then," capitulated Emma with a sigh, acting more put-upon than she actually now was feeling.  "But just this once."  Emma sat up on the mat.

"Close your eyes."


"Just close 'em...and don't open your eyes until I tell you to!" 

Emma complied.  Ashley retrieved a bag of gummi bears from her duffel bag and opened it. One by one, she stuffed pieces of candy into her pussy until she couldn't put any more in, then resealed the bag and put it away. She then sat on the table facing Emma, her legs dangling down and spread wide open.

"You may open your eyes now."

"What did you do?"

"Come lick my pussy and find out!"

Emma walked on her knees until she reached the small blue rug directly below her girlfriend's pussy. She placed her hands on Ashley's thighs and began flicking her tongue between the moist pussy lips. There was a familiar, sweet taste. Pushing her tongue further in, Emma felt soft objects. One of them fell onto her tongue. What is this? She pulled her head back and chewed on the object. "Gummi bears?!"

"You finally figured it out!" Ashley giggled.

Emma gave Ashley an amused look before diving back into Ashley's love box. This time she parted the labia with her fingers to open up Ashley's succulent womanhood to her mouth. The partially-melted gummi bears tasted like they had been soaked in pineapple juice. After eating all of the candy, Emma stabbed her tongue repeatedly into the sweet pussy as deeply as she could in order to bring Ashley to orgasm as fast as possible, as well as to slurp up as much of the hot girl's delectable feminine juices as she could.

A voice like Emma's whispered to her. Her pussy is special.  Kiss and lick it more.  So yummy... You want more of it...more of her...much, much more...

Emma responded within herself. Yes...Ashley's pussy is beautiful... It's delicious........... More.... Without realizing it, her licking and sucking became voracious.

"Wow, you little tart, you're not letting up, are you?!... Yes, yes, ah!... You love my pussy, don't you?  Oh!...ah...ahhhhhhhhhh!" The blonde cheerleader tossed her head back and let out a loud scream. Emma's tongue felt the pulsations inside the blonde's vagina, and lapped up the flow of fresh juices released with the orgasm.

When Emma finally stopped tonguing Ashley's pussy, she sat back, panting, and staring at it's dripping, fleshy contours with fascination for a minute.  Wow.  What a wonderful pussy. Impulsively, she bent forward and kissed Ashley's labia, as if kissing lips on a face, then backed away and closed her eyes to catch her breath and savor the moment.

As both girls descended from their highs,Emma remembered that she wasn't supposed to like this kind of activity, nor should she be yielding to more of it than the minimum necessary.  She rose to her feet. I hope that's enough for her...

"We need to do this more often as we can..." said Ashley as she got off the table.

While carnal instincts now residing within Emma agreed strongly with that proposal, her conscience was telling her she needed to once again try to slow down her descent into lesbianism. "But not everyday."

"Why not?"

"I'm not a sex maniac like you!"

"What's wrong with being a 'sex maniac'?" Ashley drew quotation marks in the air with her fingers when she repeated the term Emma had used.

"I dunno... It's just...bad..." Emma pulled her pale pink panties through her legs, then picked up her bra.  

Ashley, who had not yet started to dress, placed her hands on her hips and feigned an annoyed, mystified look, as if she had just been offended, or had heard something baffling. "And why is it bad?"

" would be like doing drugs and getting...addicted to them..." Emma, who had not yet put her bra on, and stood there bare-breasted with her girlfriend but feeling strangely comfortable about it, avoided Ashley's displeased face as she was saying that.

Ashley put her hands on Emma's shoulders. "This is not the Middle Ages, Emma," the blonde teen said softly. "There's nothing wrong with two girls having sex... and having a lot of sex."

The purple pendant glowed. Erotic visions appeared in rapid succession in Emma's head, and she closed her eyes to better take them in.  She saw perfect, naked feminine legs, thighs, waists, breasts, and vulvas, and pretty female hands, feet, arms, lips, eyes, and hair... She saw herself holding a silver gyrating dildo in her hand, her fingernails painted dark red... She was kissing the shaved pussy of an unknown woman... She was spreading the labia apart with her fingers and pushing the metallic dildo into the steaming cunt... She licked the wet love box, while pumping it with the shiny toy... Emma's hair was platinum blonde, and long, and it spilled over the thighs of the woman...

Emma loves female pussy... Emma can't live without tasting, licking, and fucking pussy... Emma is addicted to vaginal fluids... Emma will do anything to get the pussies and the lesbian sex she craves...

"Let me ask you this, Emma:  Did you enjoy what we just did?" 

The question snapped Emma from her brief daydream.  Emma could not lie.  "Yeah... I did..."

"In fact, didn't you think it was way awesome?"


"Did it feel wrong?"

Again, she felt compelled to speak the truth.  ""

"That's because there's nothing wrong about it, about two girls in love having sex.  It's totally natural and right.  In fact, I bet you want more right now..."

Ashley's eyes drifted down to Emma's exposed breasts, and Emma noticed, secretly feeling a measure of delight at have attracted Ashley's gaze.   In response, she felt her nipples stiffen pleasantly, as if anticipating Ashley adding her touch to her gaze.  Seeing the reaction in Emma's nipples, Ashley took Emma's orbs in her hands and caressed them, causing Emma to gasp slightly.

"Ashley, maybe, but shouldn't we..."  The pretty blonde's fingertips traced over Emma's nipples, sending tingles of acute pleasure through Emma's breasts, and making her give a little sigh.  Both girls watched as her rosy young nipples grew under Ashley's adventurous fingers.

"Since we both know you want to, and I definitely want to, how about just one more time?" Ashley took out a silver gyrating dildo from her duffel bag and smiled with a twinkle in her eyes, tilting her head impishly.


I can't... Not again... If I do this any more today, I might start losing myself...losing the girl I want to be... I've got to stall her...

"But...but you said the same thing a few minutes ago, before we did it 'just one last time'."

Ashley's such a nympho... She's kind of cute that way, though... In a way, it's kind of cool how much she likes me...and wants me all the time............. But...hasn't she already had enough fun today?  Haven't I?.............. Could it be she's right... that there is no 'too much' when it comes to sex with another girl?......... I don't really believe that, do I?........ No, of course not... I'm straight............I could just refuse... I probably should...or I could make up an excuse...

"You can do it quick and sloppy. I don't care. But I need it again, badly.  I need you, Emma.  I need your touch and your tongue.  I need you to do me... I need my girlfriend to fuck me. Please, honey.  Fuck me.  Fuck your girlfriend..."

Emma stood there for a few seconds, spellbound by Ashley's wanton and persuasive invitation, and by the blonde's naked body standing so close in front of her and oozing temptation, Emma's eyes having drifted down to settle on the deeply pink nipples jutting out from her girlfriend's lovely breasts.  The nipples of her own exposed breasts stiffened again and tingled at the sight. She teetered between easy agreement and difficult resistance.  But, at last yielding to her scruples, she came up with an excuse. "I just remembered my mom told me to buy some groceries downtown. If I don't leave now, I might not be able to make it before the stores close!"

"Come on, it's just going take less than two minutes! Please?!"

Rolling her eyes, Emma relented. "Okay, but this is going to be the last time. Promise?"


Ashley once again sat down on the edge of the table and spread her bare legs for Emma.  Smiling devilishly and twisting some of her blonde hair around a finger flirtatiously, she beckoned Emma closer with her finger. Emma again knelt with her face close to Ashley's luscious lovebox, the natural, humid feminine perfume emanating from it drawing Emma closer yet.  Again, Emma kissed it, then gave it a few licks.  The act felt completely natural, and whatever reservations she had allowed to restrain her a minute before quickly and completely dissipated.  

Mmmmm...Her pussy tastes good...

After kissing and tonguing her blonde girlfriend's moistening vulva some more, without further delay Emma presented the silver dildo to the gates of Ashley's womanhood, then pushed it in.  Ashley sucked air in sharply.  "Oh!  Oh, Emma..."  Unable to resist the smile that was crossing her face, Emma started to push and pull the wicked silver instrument of love in and out, every few seconds taking the opportunity to lick Ashley's slippery labia, and to catch the warm, sweet drool seeping out of her feminine center.  Ashley cupped the back of Emma's head with her hand, encouraging her.

"That's right, baby....... Ohhhh.......That feels sooooo good........What a great girlfriend you are!........Uh! Ah!....... Oh, yeah!......... Oh, sweet Emma...... Mmmmmmmmmm......

Sapphic imagery from her recent mental inductions haunted Emma's mind as she was fucking and licking Ashley's pussy and hearing the blonde's exclamations of love and ecstasy. Unable to resist the urge, the brunette teen started to finger herself.

Closing her eyes, Emma imagined herself engaged in three-way sex with Lisa and Ashley on the beach late at night with green and red double dildos. She then imagined Sophia in blue lingerie and blue-themed make-up giving her a strip dance inside a blue room. Lastly, she saw her mom dressed in a French maid uniform and walking towards her in the dining room. Joanne lifted her skirt slowly...

Arousal overwhelming her, Emma climaxed, dousing her self-pleasuring hand with her girl-juice.  Almost simultaneously, Ashley squealed with her own orgasm. "Ahhhh!"   Emma abruptly opened her eyes and yanked her head back, only to receive a blast of female cum from Ashley's gushing pussy. Some of it went into Emma's gaping mouth, while the rest landed on her face.  The panting Emma instinctively licked her lips, catching as much fluid as she could and savoring the taste, then licked her self-pleasuring hand, absently comparing the flavor of her own female juice with Ashley's.

As Emma began to cool off over the next minute, she reflected on the acts she had just committed and on the fantasy images that had pushed her over the edge.  Wow!... That was intense!....... But...but why was I thinking of my mom like that?  Why did that turn me on?  What is wrong with me?

After this, their stipulated final round of sex, they cleaned themselves up and got dressed. Despite what Emma had told herself and Ashley about needing to hurry, neither girl was really in any rush to part company, and they both took their time, moving at a leisurely pace and looking and smiling at either other numerous times. 

"Did you have a good time, Emma?"

"I think you know I did."

"Aren't you glad we stayed and did it one more time?"

"Yeah... I guess you were right..."

"Too bad we don't have time for more, isn't it?"

The way Ashley phrased the question made it appear to Emma that the blonde was reconciled to leaving, finally, so she saw no harm in agreeing. "Yeah... It'd be fun..."

Ashley had one more magical trick to win Emma which she hadn't used yet, and she had been debating whether she ought to use it this afternoon or whether she had done enough for one day and should save it for another time.  She was still pondering the issue as they started walking together toward the door.

"You're right," Ashley said.  "It would be fun."

At the moment Emma gripped the knob of the door and was about to turn it, Ashley slipped her hand over Emma's. "Wait, Emma.... Are you sure you want to go yet?  Let's do it again!"

Emma turned toward her girlfriend, narrowed her eyes, furrowed her brow, and spoke the blonde's name sternly. "Ashley..."

"Just kidding!"

Ashley gave Emma a surprise kiss.  As she did, she pressed her right palm against Emma's pendant, activating its entrancement function. Once the effect took hold, Ashley guided a mesmerized, expressionless Emma back to the mat, where they sat down, facing each other.

"Emma, honey... What kind of feelings do you have about me now?"

"I think I'm falling in love with you."

That's more like it!  What I've been doing has gotten to her!

"Would you consider marrying me one day?"

"I think so..."


"Would you go all the way with me...with strap-on sex?"

"Sure...of course....................... although........ wait.......... Ashley...I really want to..................but...but I can't...not yet..."

Not this again!  "Why not?  You are a lesbian, aren't you?"

"Yes......... I mean, no...........or maybe.........but..."

"But, Emma...don't you want to be one for me?"

"........yes... For you I want to......I wish I could...I'd like to be with you.........but I don't want to lose myself...I don't want to be a homosexual girl...not forever... I want to go back to being straight..."

The deliberation inside Ashley abouthow far she might take Emma today ended and she came to a decision.  She's so close...close to giving in... But she's not quite there yet... I have to pull out all the do everything I can right now to win Emma's heart...and to finally, completely convert her.  While they were still together and she had the opportunity, she would unleash her full seductive powers on Emma. 

"I know you want more, Emma, but you're holding back because you're afraid of your new feelings and what you're becoming. But, don't worry. I'll help you because I love you so much."

Ashley knew she was about to transgress the guidelines Jeannie had given her, one of them being not to engage in sex with Emma too often in one day and another being not to rely excessively on magic for seduction; but, since Jeannie had hinted that most of the rules were not absolute, and had some flexibility, Ashley decided to risk the potential adverse consequences. She definitely didn't want to lose to Galatea's other acolytes, and the time seemed right to consolidate her advantages and press forward before someone else beat her to the conquest of Emma's heart and, of even greater importance for winning Galatea's contest, converting her conclusively into a lesbian.

First, they both stood up and she stripped Emma out of her clothes and underwear.  Then, standing in the middle of the room, the pretty blonde willed transformation upon herself and, as an aura of red light bathed her body, Ashley started changing. Within a minute, the magical makeover was complete, and Ashley stood in her Cheerleader Princess persona. The new outfit was identical in every way to her normal uniform except that it was made from magical latex, including the shoes, and the sequins were replaced with rhinestones.  Additionally, dangling earrings in an intricate silver wire design bearing small gems of ruby-red quartz appeared, along with a matching necklace. As a further effect of her transformation, her hair color also changed, turning from dark golden blonde to light ash blonde.  While retaining its mid-back length, it rearranged itself into a fetching half-up, half-down style.

Each time Ashley transformed, one or more aspect of her outfit or physical appearance would change, sometimes randomly, and sometimes progressively from one episode to another, sometimes as influenced by her own will, but often simply in conformity to the designs of the enchantments which now governed much of her life.

Wow, I can't believe that cheerleader is able to do a magical transformation without any magical device, whispered Jasmine silently to herself from behind the grating. Although Jasmine was watching the scene attentively, her curiosity was chiefly centered on the magical aspects of the action unfolding before her.   

Reacting to Ashley's will, the sleeves of the top shortened until they disappeared and the bottom of her top receded upwards, turning it into a revealing crop top.

Emma, standing and watching silently, found herself mesmerized, not only due to her hypnotic state, but also by Ashley's transformation into another dreamy version of herself.  Through the fog in her mind, she was aware of her heart beating faster and her pussy moistening. 

Once the changes had finalized, Ashley strutted towards Emma in a sensual gait and stopped a few feet in front of the mesmerized girl before posing with one hand on her hip for several seconds. Emma's eyes had never left Ashley's body since the start of Ashley's magical transformation. The close-up view of the erotically dressed cheerleader was pushing her to the brink.

"Yes, Emma, keep looking at my sexy body... You can't resist me..."

The blonde cheerleader opened her mouth wide.  A slick, black goo came out, which she caught in her hands. The goo reshaped itself in her hands into two objects: a black bra and a pair of black panties, both made of shiny latex.

"Time for you to wear these, babe."  She exchanged Emma's pink underwear for the magical black lingerie.  As Ashley peeled off Emma's bra and panty set, she observed that Emma's nipples were once again hard and her pussy was dripping.  "Did I do that to you?  Yes...of course.  You like me, don't you?  Especially like this."  She took a step back and posed for the naked girl, piling her pale hair on her head with both hands and turning around, giving her bewitched girlfriend another good, scrumptous look.  Emma's eyes dilated, her breathing became slightly labored, and her mouth watered. 

"Oh, yes!  You love this!  You can't wait to fuck me, can you, my love?  Well, don't worry, doll, you're going to get to show me your feelings for me in just a minute.  And I have a wild hunch you're going to love wearing my underwear, too."

As Ashley drew her black bra and panties onto the brunette's body, Emma recognized, through her entrancement, the latex as the substance she had started to come to love during her encounter earlier in the day with the latex femmes.  As she felt it coat her breasts and ass and womanhood in its sleek, compelling, addictive embrace, she let out a deep sigh.  "Ahhhhhhhh..."

Once the exotic black latex underwear was in place on Emma's slim form, faint blue light rays started to emanate from her body, and her appearance changed. Her skin cleared to perfection and lightened, not quite to a porcelain white but close. Strand by strand, her shoulder-length medium brown hair became glossy black. It also shortened slightly and changed to a straight, blunt bob cut style parted in the middle without bangs. Her lips, eyelashes, nails, nipples, labia, and blue high heels took on the same black color as well. Bright silver covered her eyelids. Her new look was caused by the random transformative power of the lingerie, which changed its wearer's appearance according to her personality, memories, interests and other factors.

Ashley was surprised that Emma took on a Goth-like look. "Hmmm, I wouldn't have suspected that you were like that on the inside. Maybe it's just a fluke.  But I really like it!  Wow, you are hot!"  I wonder if I could eventually make her look like this all the time. Hmmmmm. 

Ashley's speculation that this type of girl had been hiding within Emma was correct.  As Galatea's manipulations had broken down her normal attitudes and instilled her with numerous kinky lusts, Emma's subconscious mind had come to regard the Goth look and attitude, as well as other exotic and erotic styles, not only with curiosity, but with fascination and desire, as well. 

What Ashley did not quite understand yet was that Emma's transformation was not merely physical, but psychological and emotional, as well, and that this deeply buried affinity within Emma for Goth girls and the deviant tastes and sexual depravities often associated with them had been liberated to roam throughout her cognizant mind and desires, for the time being.  A temporary personality change corresponding to the physical transformation had taken place, though it couldn't be detected fully as long as Emma was in a trance, but this version of Emma leaned toward the abandoned morals and wanton hunger of a Goth lesbian slut.  Nevertheless, the good girl inside Emma, though suppressed, was still present, and would, from time to time, be able to pierce through, assert itself, and contest, at least for a time, some of the temptations and insinuations that were to come her way in the shed this afternoon.

"Emma, honey, I want you to lie down again." Both girls got on the silver satin mat and lay down together.

The wasp, which had been observing everything that had happened so far in the shed, flew over to the vent grating behind which Jasmine was hiding. It stuck the tip of its abdomen into an opening in the grating and expelled an invisible gas, which quickly put Jasmine into a deep sleep.

Seconds later, a small golden snake, with the length of two pencils end-to-end and the width of one, crawled from the air duct past the unconscious fairy and squeezed itself through the grating into the room. Becoming invisible, it dropped down onto the silver mat, then inched its way closer to the couple there.

In the meantime, the cheerleader was kissing the entranced Emma all over her body, again and again, leaving glowing red lipstick marks everywhere.  She had no idea that she had been secretly watched by two beings or that there was a snake slithering towards her.

While Ashley was kissing Emma's feet, the wasp descended and landed on Emma's chest.  A sharp needle extended from the tip of its abdomen and stabbed into Emma's pendant, injecting a special golden venom into it.  The pendant let out a silent scream as the venom commenced to corrupt the intelligence within it, and transmutated most of the suglite into gold.  When Ashley's kissing moved up to Emma's breasts, the invisible snake slid over Emma's thigh and entered her ass.

Outside of the shed, Katrina sat on top of its sloped roof, looking into a small, rectangular magic mirror in her hand.  She smiled at herself with gold-painted lips over her success in the initial stage of her task, while she twirled a raven lock of tube-curled hair with a gold-nailed finger. Opening a black wooden box and reaching into a cell, she retrieved a second wasp, activated it, and released it into the air.

The second wasp, unlike the first one Katrina was operating, had metallic gold and black coloring, making it look quite unnatural. It flew through the same opening that the first wasp had entered the shed from earlier and stopped right next to the sleeping fairy.

A wicked grin crossed Katrina's face as she observed the unconscious and vulnerable Jasmine through the eyes of the golden wasp. "Were you enjoying the show, sweetie? I didn't mean to put you to sleep. There are some things I just can't let you see. But, don't worry, I'll let you continue watching them soon...after I transform you into a better that will serve Goddess... After that, you'll enjoy watching them a lot more...for different reasons...I promise...and you'll see what I want you to see...and feel what I want you to feel..."

Walking on six legs, the wasp navigated between Jasmine's legs and underneath her skirt. With its two front legs, it pulled the crotch panel of the white satin panties aside and slowly crawled into her womanhood then released a special honey into Jasmine's body, putting her in an altered state of consciousness...

"Sweet dreams, Jasmine..."


Jasmine's eyes opened abruptly. "What happened? Did I fell asleep?" She lifted her upper body off the floor and looked at her surroundings. "Huh, why am I here? I thought I was inside the..." An odd feeling drenched her body. Everything seemed to be smaller than she had remembered, then it hit her. "How did I become so big?!!"  She tried moving her wings, but they weren't there. "Where are my wings?!" She reached around to her back with both hands to feel for them but to no avail. "What happened to me?! How can I get back home without wings?!" Shocked and confused, she got up on both legs and looked around. Nobody was in the shed but herself. She went for the door leading outside and opened it.

"Candice!" The sight of her mistress standing right in front of her gave her a measure of relief. "Something bad happened!"

The fairy found herself quickly drawn the details of Candice's face. It was different than usual and much...prettier... As long as she could remember, Candice never wore make-up except during special occasions, and it was always modest. This time, her mistress broke that habit. The first thing Jasmine noticed was the brilliant metallic colors that decorated Candice's eyes: gold and silver eyeshadows, glittery gold mascara, and kohl eyeliner. The second most noticeable aspect of Candice's face was her glittery, metallic gold lips. Her make-up is kind of gaudy. I wonder if she's going out with someone...

"I know... I had a feeling something was wrong when you didn't contact me so I came as quickly as could..."

"Emma and Ashley are gone...and somehow...I've become bigger and lost my wings..."

"That can be fixed. We'll have to go back to the academy."

Candice pulled out a small eight-inch broom from her pocket. She twisted one end, causing it to grow into a full-sized version of itself.

"You finally got a new flying broom..."

"Yes, it was gift from Katrina. Now hop on and hold onto my waist," said Candice as she put her legs astride the broomstick.

Katrina? I thought they hated each other... That thought was interrupted when she noticed Candice's undergarments showing faintly showing through her white robe. She wasn't wearing any clothes beneath at all except lingerie? I didn't know Candice could be this kinky. She must be going out with someone! I wonder who that guy is...

Unexpected tingles went up Jasmine's spine as she wrapped her arms around Candice's waist after getting onto the broom behind her mistress. It felt good for some strange reason.

"And off we go!" exclaimed the young, pretty mage as they rose high up into the air and accelerated in the northeastern direction.


When Ashley kissed Emma on the lips, she noticed that a wicked and seductive expression had appeared on Emma's face.

Did Emma break out of her trance?

The corrupted sentience of the pendant spoke to Ashley. "She's just temporarily possessed by the lingerie and only has dim awareness and cognition."

It just talked to me! I didn't know it could do that. But, that doesn't change what I'm going to do with Emma. In fact, it'll only make things easier for me.

"Emma might act unpredictably because she's not supposed to wear the items that are meant for you."

"I can handle it," replied Ashley confidently. "She's my girl. What kind of girlfriend am I if I can't deal with her at her best and worst?"

Ashley crab-walked backwards and aligned her face with Emma's crotch before pressing her lips against the black panties where they covered the labia. She licked the latex material repeatedly, leaving a large spot of saliva on it. A nub appeared on the spot where she was licking and quickly grew into a full-sized phallus. Ashley grazed it with her nails and slowly began stroking the thick latex member with her fingers. Emma moaned softly with her black-lipped mouth when Ashley applied more pressure and picked up the pace.

"Ah, ah, ah, oh, ah, ah..."

Lustrous dark red lips enveloped the phallus. They glided almost over its entire length before pulling back up, leaving a sparkly trail of saliva, and the movement repeated. The cheerleader brushed some locks of her blonde hair behind her ear to make it easier for to suck on the black strap-on. She looked at Emma's eyes. They stared back with a needy, lustful gaze that told Ashley to continue.

So Emma isn't fully aware, but she's acting like she is. This is fun. And she looks so good. I'm going to make her wear my special underwear more often.

When the phallus vibrated in her mouth, Ashley knew Emma's orgasm was beginning. Her hair was clutched by Emma's black-nailed fingers.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..." moaned Emma loudly with closed eyes while arching her back on the silver mat.

Ashley swallowed the faintly glowing, neon blue liquid that squirted into her mouth. Some of it went over her lower lip, which she swiped with her tongue after withdrawing her mouth completely from Emma's phallus. As far as she knew, the magical ejaculate, which had a black grape and vanilla flavor, was harmless and inert.  She had no idea it had effects similar to Lisa's feminine fluids.

A thought registered faintly in Emma's mind. This feels so good...

After Ashley licked up the remaining fluid on her mouth, she looked up at Emma and sweetly said, "How did you like that, babe? I can let you wear my special bra and panties as often as you want, so that I can suck you off or lick your pussy whenever you like.  You just have to always be my girlfriend."

"So good..." whispered the entranced girl.

"Yes, Emma, you'll always feel good with me..."

Ashley let Emma recover for a minute, then spoke to her, while arising. "Off the mat you go." Ashley grabbed Emma's wrists and hoisted her up. "Now stand aside, right over here, close your eyes, and don't move until I tell you to."

This is the part where I'll be getting very close to breaking the rules. But it will be well worth the risk.  I want Emma to be all mine... I will be the only person in Emma's heart, maybe except for Goddess...

Jeannie had told Ashley before that she could have penetrative sex with Emma only if Emma consented to it or when given permission by Goddess. Magic was allowed, but it couldn't be used to completely override Emma's will. However, Jeannie never specifically forbade Ashley from making Emma have penetrative sex with golems, automatons, and anything else while under the full influence of mind magic.

Ashley put her metallic mask back on, which had holes for the nose and, for the moment, for the  eyes as well, to permit her to see while setting things up. The silver mat split into two blobs, with the smaller blob slurping onto Ashley's body and spreading to form a liquid metal skin. The larger blob grew into a human shape that looked like a polished silver statue of Ashley. Ashley put the second mask, this one now with no holes, on the face of her inorganic counterpart. The clone's face absorbed the mask and a wave of blue magical energy ran upwards along the metallic clone, from the bottom to the top. The clone took on a fleshed-out, natural, technicolor appearance, so as to look exactly like Ashley in all details, as she currently appeared, with the same skimpy latex cheerleader outfit that the original girl was wearing and the same lipstick.  Ashley smiled, and her clone smiled at the same time.

Ashley then sat on the large, plush blue rug which had lain under the silver mat, on her haunches with her legs folded in the same direction.  The cheerleader closed her eyes for a few seconds and concentrated, seeking a complete mental connection with her beautiful counterpart, until she had opened all channels of control and communication between herself and the golem. The eye holes in Ashley's mask closed over, so that Ashley would be seeing only through her golem's eyes. With further experimentation, Ashley determined that she was now experiencing all of the golem's five senses--her own senses, for the most part, overridden and replaced by the sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch she was perceiving through the golem--and that it responded to her will as if it were her own body. 

"Okay, Emma," the sexy clone spoke with a voice identical to Ashley's.  "Keep your eyes closed and face the table."  As Emma complied, the clone walked over to the table.  "When you open your eyes, there will be no need to look anywhere in the room except over here, at me, at the table.  Nothing else in the room matters."  Ashley did not want Emma looking at the real Ashley sitting on the rug with her mask, lest Emma get confused.  The goal was to focus Emma solely on the clone for the time being, and for Emma to believe it was Ashley. "Now open your eyes. Look at me."   Emma looked at the clone, and ignored the real Ashley on the rug.

The Ashley clone turned around, facing away from Emma, and leaned over the table, resting her upper body on her bent elbows and thrusting her butt in Emma's direction.  Turning her head back toward Emma, the alluring clone gave Emma a look of desperate need while shaking her butt and pleading, "Emma, I want you. You are so hot. Please fuck me, Emma! Please fuck me hard! I want it sooo bad!"

The sight, the temptation, the lust boiling within her, and the deep lesbian act she was on the verge of committing snapped something in this moment within Emma's core, namely, the part of her that viewed herself as a heterosexual.  That part of her psyche had already been beaten, starved, abused, and bent to the limit.  Now, like a twig, it had simply snapped.  Just the same, it was still present, and hadn't completely separated into pieces, as it was more of a crack than a complete break. It was possible to reset it, like a broken bone, and for it to mend, though with scarring and reduced strength, and even in it's broken condition it would still function to some degree, trying to rally Emma back from the Sapphic path she was on. 

While Emma would come to notice the internal change, it would not necessarily happen right away, although it could, and it might be hidden from her much of the time, at least at first.  But she wasn't the same and never would be, quite, even under the most favorable of circumstances.  And the shock from the trauma within her at this moment was monumental enough to alter the hypnotic state which had been imposed upon her, not to a great degree, but to some degree. In fact, Emma's behavior which had surprised Ashley a few minutes before, when Ashley had noted that Emma was more interactive and expressive than would be expected of a hypnotized girl, had resulted from a preliminary instability in Emma's trance reflecting the assault raging within the brunette teen on her sexual identity and its impending crack.

Correspondingly, the trance which gripped Emma seemed to abate some at this point, still leaving her in Ashley's control but allowing her to see, feel, respond, act, speak, and interact with less restraint.  While her normal self was liberated a little by this modest weakening of the hypnotic spell, it was her new Goth slut personality which asserted itself more dominantly, given the opportunity.

With a wicked smile on her face, Emma flipped her sleek, midnight hair off her shoulders and started to stroll on her black high heels over to what she thought was her girlfriend, stroking her black phallus as she walked. In her altered mind, she reveled in looking like this and feeling like this, beautiful and sexy and slutty and evil, and about to screw another exquisite girl in heat.  Arriving at the awaiting, eager ass, she lifted Ashley Clone's skirt, pulled aside the clone's dark red satin panties, and carefully aimed her phallus into the moist pussy, which glistened with clear, syrupy fluid.  At first, the Goth version of Emma barely parted the labia with the head of the phallus, then, with a sly, licentious smile, slithered it in an inch or two, then, after a pause, three more.

"Come on, Emma, you sexy little tease!  More!  Fuck me deep!"

Emma pushed the toy jubillantly and forcefully all the way in.  A surge of pleasure shot up Emma's spine as sensations of the phallus sliding along the vaginal wall of the golem magically transferred to her nervous system.

"More, my love!  Pump it!"

Emma started to pull back, then shoved it in again, and repeated the movement two more times. The feeling was exquisite, and Emma paused again, relishing the pleasure, tossing her head back with closed eyes, feeling her silky black hair spill over her shoulders and back. The real Ashley, still sitting on the blue rug, felt the same phallus invading her, filling her, fucking her, with ecstatic delight.

"Faster now, Emma."  Emma returned to her in-and-out action, and picked up the pace.  "Oh, yeah.  That's right, you hot little beauty.  Like that!  Ohhh..."

With the first complete insertion of Emma's phallus, a magical spell had been triggered, which caused three drops of sparkly gold-colored fluid to leak from an opening in the tip of the phallus. When the golden liquid came in contact with the golem's vagina, Ashley Clone suddenly began to change.  With the mask over her face, the real Ashley could not see except through the golem's eyes, and, hence, was unaware of the alteration taking place. So was Emma at first, due to her eyes being closed, until, when she started to sense something different about the girl she was screwing, she opened her eyes. 

Magically, a full, clear view of the transformation taking place in the golem was presented to Emma's eyes, as if she could view the ersatz girl from all angles.  Once she focused on what was occurring in front of her, she marveled.  Her mouth fell open slightly in fascination and, within several seconds, wider, with lust. 

The golem's body altered in size, shape, proportions, and details, and her hair length and color changed, as well.  The face of Ashley faded and was replaced by a different one, yet that of someone familiar to Emma from a few recent encounters.

Once the transformation had finalized, Emma recognized the new form as Candice--although this wasn't exactly like the Candice whom she had seen before. This one was beautifully and licentiously dressed and made up, and possessed certain sensually-enhanced characteristics. Her lips were painted in a metallic, glittery gold color. Her hazel eyes seemed to have a warm, golden glow and were outlined with kohl, her eyelids were colored with glittery gold and silver eyeshadows, and her lashes were long and thickened with golden mascara. Her nipples, nails, labia, and anus were of the same glittery gold as her lips. The shoulder-length yellow-blonde hair on her head was styled in tube curls and sprinkled with gold glitter. A strapless bra with gold filigree cups held in place with golden chains supported her breasts while failing to hide her nipples from view, and a matching thong went over her pussy, barely, leaving the outer edges of her plump, golden labia exposed and revealing most of her slit through the filigree. Over the lingerie was a sheer white baby doll negligee.

Emma had stopped copulating the moment her attention had been diverted by the transformation taking place in front of her, and she had allowed her phallus to withdraw from the changing golem with an unnoticed plop. Her erection had abated some with the distraction, but now, as her eyes roved over the spectacular female in front of her, who had turned to face Emma, it was rising to full strength again.

Emma heard a voice identical to Candice's in her head, though the mouth of the clone did not move, "Hi, Emma."  The golem fluttered the golden lashes of her hazel eyes at Emma with a reassuring smile on her face, while running a gold-nailed finger over her lewdly gold-covered pussy. "Do you like what you see?"  The speechless Emma didn't move as she gazed downward to look at Candice's womanhood. When Emma lifted her eyes back up, she noticed Candice's eyes had become blue in color with a faint bluish glow.

Ashley had not heard the voice talking in Emma's head, and remained unaware of interference by another entity, so she wondered why Emma had pulled out of her.

"Why did you stop?"  Ashley said through the golem. 

Candice Clone spoke telepathically again, building on Ashley's question to lure Emma into a resumption of lesbian intercourse, though this time with a different partner, as it would appear to Emma: "You fucked Ashley...and you like me better than her.  I know you do.  So do me, too." 

Candice Clone shifted her eyes obviously to Emma's rising phallus.  It was more erect than it had been for Ashley.  Emma looked at it, too, and looked back at the new golem, knowing there could be some truth to what she was saying.  Candice Clone turned around again and leaned over the table in the posture of her predecessor.  She swiveled her head back toward Emma, while gyrating her ass.  "Look.  This is all for you, and you want it badly.  Come, on, sweet girl.  You know you want me more than her.  Give it to me.  Forget her.  Fuck me now..." 

Emma backed away while shaking her head slowly.

"What's wrong?" asked Ashley through the golem. "Come on, let's do it!"  Those words served Candice Clone's purposes, as well, so she played along with them, slapping her hands on the table and shaking her ass some more.

You're attracted to Candice... You want to talk to Candice... You want to spend more time with Candice...You want to know Candice better... You like Candice... You wish you could be closer to Candice... The more you look at her, the more you like her... You want to be with her... You're falling in love with her... You're willing to love her... She's making your heart beat fast and your face warm...

Through the acute arousal and the decadent Goth personality possessing her, the dim, righteous voice of Emma's consciousness countered:  I shouldn't have sex with every new girl who comes along...even if I want to... That would make me a slut... Being a slut is wrong... I shouldn't force myself on others... I shouldn't have sex with people I don't love... Lust is not love... I can't make the same mistake again... It can't be a habit... I have morals...

There's no need for morals... You don't need them... Casual sex is okay... Having lesbian sex all the time is wonderful... There's no love without lust... You want to fuck every pretty girl and woman you see... You want to fuck Candice...

Candice Clone stood up, turned around to face Emma, and let the mesmerized girl drink her in for a minute. Ashley thought she was displaying herself to Emma, but it was actually the beautified form of Candice whom the Goth Emma was seeing, and getting turned on by. Looking toward the floor, Emma drank in Candice Clone's golden high heeled sandals, golden toe nails, and golden ankle bracelets on both ankles. Her eyes continued roaming upwards along the slim, smooth legs and back to the gold-covered pussy lips only partially hidden behind the thong and negligee.  The black-haired Emma gulped, as her mouth watered, her pulse quickened, and her pussy started to leak into her latex panties.

Losing her patience, Ashley spoke through the golem, "I guess you need some encouragement." 

The golem knelt down, drew her face toward Emma's crotch, and gripped the phallus with one hand. She wrapped her golden lips around its tip, licked it, slowly ran her lips and tongue all the way down the shaft and back up, and then, taking it almost entirely into her mouth, started to give it a proper if brief blow job.

"Do your job, Pendant.  Loosen Emma up..." ordered Ashley.

"Yes, Mistress..."

Emma's remaining sexual inhibitions towards Candice Clone weakened as the seditious action of the golem's glittery gold lips on her magical phallus progressed.

Ah...feels so...good...more...give me...more...

Candice Clone grazed her golden nails slowly up and down Emma's thighs, sending tingles of pleasure up the girl's spine.

Emma's weak moral voice spoke again: I can't cheat on Ashley... Being a slut is wrong... I'm not a lesbian... I'm a straight girl...

The golem removed her mouth from the dildo, sliding her twinkling lips along the shaft as she did so, then stood back up and looked at Emma eye-to-eye.

You want to fuck Candice... Your sexual preference is homosexual... Don't lie to yourself... Go with your feelings... Kiss your lesbian lover...

For a minute, Emma was seemingly paralyzed by her moral struggle. The two pretty girls, one human and one not, stood gazing into each other's eyes, passion swelling inside the entanced Goth girl.  Then, the combined effect of the blow job, the whisperings in her head, the influence of her whorish Goth persona, and Candice Clone's stirring beauty finally overwhelmed the good-girl resistance lingering within Emma, at least for the time being, and her last hesitation flicked away.  This Emma wanted to act.

I should stop lying to myself... I like girls... I like her... I want this... I want her... I want to fuck a lesbian... She is so beautiful... I must kiss her... I must fuck her...  

Carnal emotion appeared in Emma's eyes, then spread over her face as a depraved, wicked  expression, which reflected the unbridled, wanton lust rising like a flash flood in her.  She raised her arms and slowly wrapped them around Candice Clone's waist before planting a gentle kiss on the golem's golden lips.

Make love with the person you love, the person you lust for...

The initial softness of the kiss yielded quickly to base passion.  As they locked their mouths together, the snake buried inside Emma's rectum released a golden fluid from its mouth, which was rapidly absorbed into her bloodstream through her rectal walls.  Over the ensuing quarter minute, it transformed her looks.  Though the effect was temporary, it was spectacular.  Emma's eyelashes became metallic gold in color. Gold outlined her black lips, areolae, and labia, giving them golden borders. The tips of her nails became gold. Some of her black hair was streaked with gold as well. Gold specks also appeared on each iris of her eyes, which turned to brown from their original green.

After they had engaged painted mouths fervently for a licentious minute, Candice Clone turned around, bent herself over the table, lifted the hem of her white babydoll, and slowly swayed her ass for her lover, which Emma, now thoroughly a ravishing, shameless Goth girl, was in the process of becoming.

Don't hold back... Don't think... Trust yourself... Trust your lesbian instincts... Trust your lust...

Putting one hand on Candice Clone's butt, Emma pulled aside the shiny little filigree thong and aimed the phallus at the golden pussy. After touching it to the blonde golem's quivering vulva and just splitting her glittering gilded lips, she hesitated as she was about to push in.

Go on... Satisfy your craving for her... Give in to your lesbian lust... Fuck Candice... Do it now...


Ashley whimpered loudly through the golem when Emma plunged her sexual implement deep into the golem's cunt.  Emma likewise moaned at the intense pleasure.

"Yes, Emma, yes, yes, fuck me!" exclaimed Ashley.  Within seconds, Emma was drilling the golem so forcefully that her thrusts pushed the table on which the golem was leaning into the wall, rattling the tools hanging on hooks.  Both participants sighed or wailed or gasped at the bliss of each exquisite plunge.

Unknown to Ashley, due to the magic wrought by the golden snake, Emma's phallus had become fully functional, in that it had been endowed with the ability to ejaculate.  The discharging fluid, a decidedly unnatural liquid consisting of Emma's natural vaginal juices and hormones, infused with a magical female semen and charged with mana, erupted into the golem with devastating effect.  At the moment of Emma's orgasm, at the commencement of her ejaculation, the golem suddenly convulsed, then started to rapidly melt. 

"What's going on?!" Ashley squealed. "Ugghhh!"

Ashley's virtual vision abruptly went red. Realizing that a mana overload was happening, she tried to rip her mask off in an attempt to immediately sever the psychic link with the golem, but it was too late.


The shock of her clone suddenly dissolving knocked Ashley out, and she collapsed on the large blue rug. The liquefying golem let out a monstrous groan, followed by a garbled utterance of Ashley's name, in what was intended to be a warning to the cheerleader about the presence of an enemy, but the attempt fizzled out, and the warning would not have been heard by the unconscious Ashley anyway.  In a few moments, all that remained of the golem was a large puddle of a thick metallic liquid, a mask, and a lot of blue crystals.

The force of the event had blown Emma backwards, but she had been able to grab onto the table and then steady herself on her high-heel-shod feet, while her strap-on almost instantaneously shrank to the size of a half-used pencil, and then simply disappeared.

Huh?........ What happened?

Emma had a brief moment of perplexed lucidity, before the gold-and-suglite pendant and the snake inside her body quickly pulled her back into an entranced state. But this state differed from both the one originally imposed upon her by Ashley as well as the looser one she had experienced over the previous twenty minutes or so, in that it was an amalgam of both, most of the time suppressing and controlling her rather tightly, as had Ashley's original invocation, yet also permitting intervals of greater freedom of sensation, volition, and expression, as was the case in the more recent entranced condition.  This would allow both some of Emma's normal self and some of her Goth personality to break through in a sporadic manner.  All the while, her mind remained highly open to indoctrinating suggestion and emotional manipulation. 

A second golden snaked appeared through the vent and dropped into the room. This one was three times larger than the snake that had entered Emma's body. It cast a Pink Phased Space Spell that transported itself, Ashley, and Emma into an alternate plane of reality which was suffused with a pink aura. Time in this plane wasn't slowed as much as it was in the blue plane, but arriving at and continuing in the pink plane had the advantage of consuming much less mana.

With the transportation achieved, the large snake slithered deep into the unconscious Ashley's ass. There, it released a golden fluid from its mouth into her rectum and large intestine. The metallic mask and second skin on the cheerleader's body merged and reshaped themselves, taking on and giving Ashley the exact look of the beautiful Candice golem that had just decomposed, along with her attire and make-up, as well as making Ashley's voice sound exactly like Candice's.

You are not Ashley Harvey... Your name is Candice Brunwin... You are a Gold Order Lesbian Witch... You serve and obey without question the Golden Goddess, the one and only true Goddess... Galatea is your enemy... Galatea must be defeated... Galatea is the false Goddess...

You desire Emma Wadden... She will be your lover... She is your queen... She will not be your lover alone, nor will she be your only and utmost lover... You will gladly share her...and give the Golden Goddess... Her destiny is to be the lover of the Golden Goddess, and a queen to rule for the Goddess over her subjects... Your most important task is to groom Emma Wadden into becoming the future lover and queen of the Golden Goddess... Make her into a lesbian...the perfect lesbian...

You will sacrifice your life and your body for your queen and for your Goddess if necessary... But, above all, you are now completely loyal and obedient to the Golden Goddess... You desire and love the queen she has appointed over you, Emma Wadden... Go, service your queen now... Offer your body to her... Tempt her... Make her lust for you... Make her fuck you... Make love with Emma Wadden...and make her love you...for the Golden Goddess...

Ashley's eyes opened abruptly. Her current identity wasn't Ashley Harvey. It was Candice Brunwin. She turned her expressionless face in Emma's direction before getting up on her feet and walking over to the motionless Goth girl standing near the table in her black high heeled shoes and black latex bra and panties.

"My queen..." spoke Ashley-Candice through gold-painted lips before kissing Emma on her shiny black, gold-outlined lips.

Midway during the kiss, Emma partly regained awareness and broke the kiss. "Candice?"

"Please make love with me, my queen..."

Emma was forcibly pulled back into a trance with another kiss from Ashley-Candice, who embraced Emma tightly, causing their breasts to press together, as if to prevent Emma from escaping. The gold-lipped seductress then raised her right knee, wrapped her leg around Emma's left thigh, and brushed her high heel sandals against Emma's skin as she pushed her tongue deep into Emma's black-and-gold-painted mouth.  Among the divine sensations assaulting the entranced Emma were the feel of the sleek latex covering her breasts, groin, and rear, the soft nylon of the babydoll covering her partner as their two bodies writhed together, the thrilling thrust of the girl's firm breasts into her own, and the soft, slick feeling of their painted lips and their tongues pressing and sliding together.

Purple and golden rays of light shot forth from the now-glittery gold-and-suglite pendant, as its corrupting voice weaved suggestions into Emma's mind: Make love with Candice Brunwin... She is your servant... She is your lesbian whore... She wants you... She is a girl you want to have sex with... Use her for fun... You don't need commitment...  You don't need honesty... You don't need morals...  She is for you to control... Use her anyway you wish... You are a lesbian... a sexually free and loose lesbian...a slutty lesbian... You desire her... You must have her... Take her... Make love with her...

The entranced black-and-gold-haired girl returned Ashley-Candice's embrace and kiss with passion. Her tongue slid over her partner's tongue and into her mouth.

More suggestions were inserted into Emma's mind by the pendant: You lust for Candice's body... You want to touch her, to caress her, to kiss her, and to fuck her...and you want Candice to do the same to you...

When a nub began forming in front of Emma's black panties, Ashley-Candice felt its exciting poke in her groin and knew a fuck with her beloved queen was imminent.  She broke off from the embrace, walked a few feet away, and, with an enticing elegance, stripped off her babydoll and scanty thong, while retaining her peek-a-boo golden bra as a tease.  She paused to display her lovely gold-framed, gold-tipped breasts, cupping and caressing them to inflame Emma, before getting down on her fours on the big rug with her butt facing Emma. She gave her Goth partner a sexy sidelong glance and licked her golden lips while wagging her hips.

Candice is offering her body to you... You need to fuck her... You want to fuck her... You must fuck her... By fucking her, you will own Candice... Use her for your pleasure... She exists to serve your needs... You must have sex with Candice... Do it now... Don't hesitate... You are a lesbian... She's beautiful... You desire her... You must have her... Satisfy your lesbian cravings now... Make her yours... You can never have enough lesbian sex... Candice is waiting for you... Have sex with her now... Kiss her, touch her, grope her... Lick her cunt... Fuck her... Finger-fuck her, fist-fuck her, fuck her mouth, fuck her pussy, fuck her ass... Do everything...

Yesssss... Emma walked a few steps towards Ashley-Candice, but then stopped in hesitation. "But...but...I can't cheat on Ashley."

"Please make love with me, my queen." The golden-lipped girl pled with a sultry tone while lowering her upper body onto the blue rug and pulling apart her ass cheeks, revealing her gold-rimmed anus. "Make love with me now!!!!!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!"  The blonde abruptly wailed as the large golden snake burst out of her ass suddenly, but without completely leaving it, and sprayed a sparkly stream of golden mist on Emma's whole body, from the bottom up, before completely retreating back into Ashley-Candice's body.

Gasps escaped Emma's gold and black lips while gold filigree appeared on Emma's panties, bra, and high heels. The nub on her panties grew rapidly into a large, glittery black phallus with the same gold filigree design that had appeared on her panties. Everything gold in color on Emma's body glowed brilliantly for a few moments as the changes were happening.

Taste Candice's delicious pussy... Tongue her sweet ass... Try it now... Don't think, just do it...

Emma looked at Ashley-Candice's behind lustfully and licked her lips, causing a momentary streak of gold glitter to appear across them. She knelt down, placed both of her hands on the smooth, silky butt in front of her, lowered her head so that her face was mere inches away from it, and parted the mounds of the buttocks with her hands. The gold-coated anus and pussy were now much more visible. They glistened attractively in front of Emma's eyes, and a craving for them surged within her body.  Her mouth watered and her latex-covered nipples tingled.  She desperately wanted to sample this magnificent treat. 

The muffled voice of conscious within her murmured and then compromised weakly:  I don't think I'm a lesbian...and I shouldn't cheat on my girlfriend...but.......I'll have a taste...just one small taste...that's all.  That won't hurt anybody.  It wouldn't make me a lesbian...or a cheating slut...not necessarily.  I'll just try it and see where it leads.... 

Not hesitating any longer, Emma parted her lips a little, enough to let the tip of her tongue come out, slowly moved her face forward until her gold and black lips touched the golden labia, and licked.

The taste on her tongue was alarming, it was so incredibly good.  Her face flushed with delight and yearning.


Mmmmmmm.... Another taste...just one more.One more lick turned into two, then three, then a short kiss, then a long one, then more tongue. She began flicking her tongue.

Yes, you're eating Candice's pussy... It tastes delicious, doesn't it?... If you like the taste, keep on doing it, as long as you like... Keep licking the cute lesbian witch's pussy... Don't waste even a drop of anything that comes out of it...

She plunged her tongue in with abandon, sealing the blonde's pussy with her lovely black-and-gold mouth, working feverishly, drinking in the copious feminine juices streaming out.

If this makes you a lesbian and a slut, fine...  If only a lesbian can have this, then be a lesbian... You want this much more than you want to be straight, or than you want anything else... And cheating on your girlfriend is fun... Be a slut... It gets you delicious pussy, like this one... Pussy is all that matters...

Emma lost herself and all track of time muff diving in the delectable cunt of her enticing partner.  At length, Emma tilted her chin upwards.  Ashley-Candice's butt hole seemed to call her.  She looked at the girl's creamy derriere for a minute, admiring the curves and smoothness of the blonde's ass cheeks and the deep, mysterious crevice separating them, then ran her fingers over the silky skin and along and into the crack.

Go ahead... It looks good, doesn't it?  It doesn't matter that you have never kissed a girl's ass before, or tongued her hole...  It is what lesbians do... It is what you want to do... You liked her pussy... You'll love this...

Emma ran her tongue along the girl's curvy posterior, found her crack, and kissed and licked along its length.

Fuck it with you tongue...

Emma stabbed her tongue in, at first a little, then more, then deeply.  Mmmmmm... Oh, this is so kinky... Her ass is beautiful...  She pumped in and out and licked and kissed and sucked.

This is your first time tasting girly ass... You love it... You're doing a very good job at it... It's what a slut does...a slut like you...You want to do this again and again in the future, with Candice and with many other girls and women... You want to be a slut... You are a slut...

You really like Candice, don't you? You want her to be your you can do this again with that you could have more sex of all kinds with her...

Yessss... That would be heavenly...................

But...wait.......... Emma's moral voice revived and spoke against the suggestions of the corrupted pendant.  I'm not a slut...

Hah, you think you're the kind of person who is into honest, monogamous relationships? No, Emma, that's not you... Let me tell you what you really are: You are a lesbian slut!

Yes! You want to seduce and fuck any pretty female you can get your hands on... You want girl pussy and girl asses and girl breasts and kissing and fucking with girls... No matter how much you deny it, this is the truth...

Ashley-Candice moaned with closed eyes as her anus widened and the head of the golden snake came out, followed by half of its body. It dove through Emma's lips, parting them with almost no resistance, then quickly slipped deep inside the surprised teen's mouth and down her throat part-way into her esophagus, though it did not gag her.  Rhythmic pulsations along the snake's gold-scaled body accompanied its delivery of a special gold liquid down Emma's throat, which loosened Emma's inhibitions, amplified her sexual responses, and made her mind more vulnerable to Gold Order's corruptive magic. Once the snake delivered its load, it retracted back into Ashley-Candice's body. Excess gold fluid leaked from Emma's lips, which she retrieved with her extended tongue.

Emma, you are a slut...a perverted, evil slut...a hot lesbian slut... This is what you were meant to be and what you always will be... You can cheat on your girlfriend... It doesn't matter... All that matters is pussy...and lesbian sex...without any limitations...You can have many girlfriends and lovers... It is what you desire... It is what you want to be...a beautiful lesbian slut...

You know what you want to do... No holding back... Give it to her... Use her... Fuck her...

The Goth lesbian slut persona influencing Emma now again completely silenced Emma's conscience and assumed unfettered, blinding reign within her.  She's so beautiful... I love her ass...waiting for fuck.... Yesssss...

Standing on her knees, Emma grabbed her glittery, magical, gold-and-black phallus--which had been steadily growing and rising as she had devoured the blonde girl's pussy and anus--pointed it into Ashley-Candice's anus, and plunged it in deeply and swiftly. In response, Ashley-Candice gave an equally deep but delicate moan, one of the most erotic feminine sounds Emma had ever heard. It was music she knew she wanted to hear again and again, now and in the future. 

Once the gold-glittered black shaft was buried to its hilt, Emma began thrusting her hips while keeping her hands on her partner's waist for balance. The remarkable phallus could sense touch, pressure, heat, and pleasurable stimuli like a real penis, and transferred all these sensations directly to Emma's nervous system.

Wow...  This is amazing... This girl is awesome...  I can't seem to get enough of her.... She is such a hot fuck... Mmmmmmm...

Ashley-Candice's golden bra loosened itself and fell on the floor, now fully revealing her gold-tipped breasts that were swaying back and forth under the force of Emma's thrusts. A brilliant glow appeared on the golden edges of Emma's fingernails. Gently led by an invisible force, Emma removed her shiny black latex bra, bent over Ashley-Candice, and pressed her bare, black-nippled breasts into her new lover's back. Her black-and-gold nailed hands reached for the blonde's naked, hanging, swaying breasts and began playing with the magnificent orbs. The golden nipples and areolae felt like glossy, smooth gold metal in her hands, the tips long, hard, and cool, while the remainder of the blonde's tits were both gratifyingly firm yet also pleasingly soft, pliable, and warm.  Emma alternated intervals of teasing the lush melons gently with bouts of squeezing them passionately. 

Obviously cherishing everything Emma was doing to her, Ashley-Candice tilted her head back and rotating her face to the side.  "Kiss me, my sweetheart, my love!"  Two exotically-painted mouths joined, as the beautiful blonde gave her stunning black-and-gold-haired partner a prolonged, tongue-dueling French kiss.

Doesn't this feel great? Yes, it does, Emma Wadden... You enjoy fucking Candice... It makes you feel happy... It makes you feel powerful... It makes you feel complete... It makes you feel proud...proud of your sexy body...proud of your hot new girlfriend Candice...proud of your beautiful new lesbian relationship with her...proud of your homosexuality...You feel like you're in seventh heaven... Without lesbian sex, you could not feel complete...ever... But you do have it...and you can have it...and you want to have it...forever...  You can have Candice...forever... You yearn for her to be your lover...and your heart's desire is to be a lesbian...forever...

Galatea has brought you far, but the Golden Witch will bring you farther... She will make you more powerful, more complete, more proud, and more happy... The reason it is so is because she is the one and only true Goddess... She is wise, good, and true... Galatea is a false Goddess... Don't remain loyal to Galatea... You don't have to... You should not... She will only enslave and oppress you... Follow the wisdom of the Golden Goddess... Pledge your loyalty to her... Then and only then can you have Candice...and you will reach your full potential in power and happiness...

The voice of Emma's conscience, which was emerging again from its subdued recess in Emma's mind, sensed something wrong with some of the voice's suggestions.  It disputed them, despite Emma's continued panting arousal and her thrusting of the strap-on inside Ashley Candice's butt, which seemed so natural right now and was such a deep pleasure that there was no thought of stopping.   

What?.... Wait, yes, I love this, but......but I'm true to Galatea............ No, wait... Even that's not my main concern.......... I...I want to be free!

No, foolish girl... You cannot escape your destiny... You will serve the Golden Goddess... You will be a slave to your lesbian desires... You love fucking Candice... You want more...more lesbian sex...more of Candice's pussy and ass...more sexy girls and women...more lesbian forever...

The tone and words of the seductive, unseen voice, combined with the deep act of passionate lesbian love the two girls were committing with each other, pushed both Emma and Ashley-Candice over the brink to powerful orgasms.  Emma abruptly tilted her chin upwards, tossed her lustrous, gilded dark hair, and moaned loudly in sync with her amazing partner as her strap-on vibrated powerfully and sent several large spurts of magical cum into her lover's golden anus, coating her rectum and a part of her large intestine with golden fluid, which gradually absorbed itself into her body.


Both girls passed out and collapsed on the rug.  Katrina pulled them out of the Pink Phased Space plane of reality, removed her spell which had transformed Ashley into Candice--upon which Ashley changed back to her Cheerleader Princess persona--put Ashley's black latex bra and panties back on Emma, removed the gold accents she had put on Emma's body, and had the Goth-looking teen stand next to the table, thus restoring both girls to the condition in which they were before Katrina had commandeered Ashley, so that the cheerleader would not have reason to suspect outside interference during this episode in the shed.  Katrina did, however, leave the gold coloring she had applied to Emma's bra, panties, shoes, and pendant, mischievously believing those little touches would, at most, confuse Ashley a little without making her suspicious of foul play.


When Ashley woke up on the big, dark blue rug, she found Emma, with a blank look on her face, standing in the spot where Ashley remembered seeing her last, at the table. The last event Ashley remembered was the meltdown of her clone golem, and it seemed to her as if it must have been only a few minutes before.

I must have passed out.  What's Emma doing?  Is she still out of it?  "Emma?"

She got up and walked up to Emma.  Good, she's still entranced. I don't want her to know about my powers.  If she found out, it could spell trouble for me.

"Your power wasn't strong enough to maintain the integrity of the golem," said the pendant.

Oh, yeah.  The talking pendant.  She looked at it more carefully.  I thought it was purple.  Part of it still is, but it looks gold, too...mostly gold, in fact... Oh, well, maybe I didn't look at it close enough before... It's a very attractive piece.......... But what's it talking about?  Oh, right... My golem kind of disintegrated.  That was strange.  I didn't expect that...

The cheerleader also noticed the gold filigree now decorating the black latex bra and panties with which Ashley had dressed Emma. "I didn't expect the lingerie to change itself like that," said Ashley while looking at Emma's expressionless eyes. "It's nice, though."  The blonde ran her fingers over the bra, feeling the fine texture which the filigree added.  "I was warned that unusual things could happen.  Oh, well.  It's time to bring you back to normal. Emma, I want you to take off my bra and panties, and put your clothes back on."  When Emma complied, her Goth look and attitude gave way to Emma's normal appearance and personality, and her high heeled shoes, which she was still wearing, resumed their original dark blue color.  Ashley stuffed her black latex bra and panties into her sports bag.

Looking around while Emma changed, Ashley noticed the metallic puddle which contained the liquefied remains of her decomposed golem, as well as another, smaller puddle which she correctly assumed was what was left over from the liquid metal skin which had coated her. Grabbing a bucket, a squeegee, and a dust pan, she went over to the larger puddle. "Sorry, my friend. You were a really good golem. I didn't mean for that to happen to you."  She scooped up those remains the best she could into the bucket, then also the smaller puddle, then poured the contents of the bucket into a plastic container that happened to be at hand in the shed.  Screwing the lid on tight, she put the container into her backpack.  For a minute she considered pouring the metallic liquid out to reform the silver mat, but decided just to take the magical fluid with her for now.

After changing herself back to her normal cheerleader identity, Ashley led Emma to the door and brought her out of her entranced state with a kiss.  She picked up the conversation they were having when they had started to exit the shed previously, before the blonde entranced the brunette for the second time that afternoon and brought her back to the silver mat for more indoctrination and sex.

"Just kidding, honey," Ashley said.  "Yeah... I guess it's time to go!"

This is good stuff, thought Katrina just after she had issued an order to the wasp automaton to return to her. I bet that old pervert would like this very much...not that I'll let him watch it!  She tapped a virtual button on her magic mirror's console to save the visual recording.

Katrina observed the teenage couple walking across the park. "It'll be fun rewriting your mind, Ashley. Soon, you'll be a whole new person with no memory of who you originally were, and you'll fall desperately in love with me!"

A fly flew past Katrina's face. Without thought, she zapped it with a Spark Spell at low power. It died and fell onto a sleeve of her robe. Deciding to have some fun with the small creature, she extended a finger toward the dead insect without quite touching it and cast a special spell. When she removed her hand, the fly revived and flew away.  Within five seconds, though, the fly froze in mid-air, died again, and fell to the ground.

A wicked little smile appeared on Katrina's face. Forbidden magic, eh?


The young female mage and her fairy were back at the Academy in their private room, but Jasmine didn't remember the journey back from the park. How did we get back here so quickly? She glanced at the clock. It's evening already? That means the trip was long, but how come I don't remember it? I must have dozed off again... Her thoughts trailed off after she focused on the sight of her attractive mistress. Candice's white robe was sheerer now. Her metallic gold bra and panties could easily be seen through the robe. Jasmine could see Candice was wearing gold-colored high-heeled strappy sandals, a gold serpentine armlet, a gold navel piercing, and matching bracelets for the arm and ankle. Her hair style had also changed, going from a simple, straight style with a part in the middle to elaborate tresses of tube curls, sprinkled with gold glitter. The now human-sized, wingless fairy was unable to take her sight away from her mistress. Doesn't this violate the academy's dress code? Her heart was starting to beat fast, her face flushed, and she had a strange feeling between her legs. Why am I feeling this way towards her?

"Now, it's time to take care of your problem," spoke Candice in a sultry tone through shiny, gold lips as she walked slowly towards the human-sized Jasmine.

"You know how to change me back to normal?!"

Without answering her familiar, Candice embraced Jasmine, ran her gold-nailed fingers through the fairy's purple hair, and, without warning, kissed Jasmine deeply on the lips. The kiss gave the fairy an unexpected thrill. However, her rational senses were still intact, and she pushed her mistress back.

"Uggh! Why are you doing this?! What happened to you?!"

"I'm just giving you what you want, Jasmine. Don't tell me you weren't excited by that kiss."

Jasmine realized she was but didn't want to admit it. She sought a more rational explanation. Did her mistress find out her secret of not wanting to stick around with the low-ranking mage and now punishing her for it?

"Did I do something wrong? Are you punishing me?"

"Why would I punish you? In fact, I'm going to reward you for your loyal service."

"Reward me?"

"Yes, Jasmine, I know this is what you want..." With several graceful movements, Candice removed the translucent white robe from her body and tossed it away. Now more exposed than before, the gold jewelry and lingerie she wore shined more brilliantly under the ambient lighting of the room.

The fairy found her eyes drifting up and down Candice's beautiful body. She's right. This is what I want... But wait, since when was I interested in Candice? I'm not into women! How did this happen? I'm not human either. Even though I've lost my wings and now as big as Candice, I'm still a fairy!  I'm not supposed to feel this way towards a human, much less a woman!"

Jasmine's train of thought was broken when Candice suddenly kissed her on the lips. The fairy tried to push her mistress away, but the pleasure imparted by the kiss quickly relaxed her. This feels so good... She opened her mouth a little to allow Candice's tongue to go into her mouth. Mmmmmmm... Candice...

"Touch my breasts, feel them..." whispered Candice after breaking the kiss.

With hesitant motions, Jasmine raised her right hand and squeezed Candice's left breast through the bra. The metallic bra cup seemed to melt and mold itself around her fingers at the area where she was touching. It's so soft and warm... She raised her other hand to explore the right breast. So soft...just like the other one... As she was feeling up Candice's D-cup breasts, Jasmine thought they were bigger than she had remembered. Were they always this big?

Candice placed her hand on Jasmine's cheek, lightly caressing it with her gold-lacquered nails before moving downward beneath the fairy's chin. Gently, the young, beautiful mage tilted Jasmine's head upwards until their eyes met. Jasmine found Candice's eyes to be hypnotically arresting. The gold flecks inside the hazel pupils glowed and flashed. They're so beautiful... Jasmine's heart was beating rapidly. She was excited. Why haven't felt this way about her before? Candice parted her gold-lipsticked lips slightly before moving them slowly towards Jasmine's.

Something not's right... Just when their lips were about to meet, Jasmine placed her hands on Candice's shoulders and gently pushed her back. "Candice, we need to stop... Something about this feels...wrong..."

"Why? You don't like me?"

Jasmine nudged away the arms that wrapping around her shoulders, breaking Candice's embrace.

"No, it's not that... I like you...but what's happening now feels kind of strange... I mean, you weren't like this before...and I wasn't like this before... Come to think of it...a lot of things don't add up..." Jasmine thought about the mystery of what happened to her at the shed, the trip from to shed to academy which she have no memory of, Candice's new look and behavior, as well as the new emotions she was feeling towards her mistress. "We need to figure out what's happening to us..."

"We can do that later, after we have some fun together..." The gold-clad female mage embraced her familiar again.

Jasmine half-heartedly struggled against the embrace. "Candice, I'm serious. I don't know what, but something has happened to us."

Candice didn't reply to Jasmine and held her even tighter than before as she moved her golden lips towards to Jasmine's lips for another kiss. Right before it could happen, however, Jasmine ducked and ran towards the door leading to the hallway. At the moment she stepped out of the room, vertigo overwhelmed her and everything became blurry...

When her vision cleared, Jasmine found herself standing on a grassy field filled with red poppies. She looked around and noticed that field was rather small. Was she on a hill? She looked upwards and gasped. There were many large, rocky islands floating in the daytime sky. Some of them were filled with vegetation and intricate structures made from crystal and stone. She walked to the edge of the field and discovered that the area she was standing on was itself a floating island. Far below her she could see forests, lakes, rivers, and mountains. I could fly back down... But, she realized again that she was wingless.

A loud rumbling sound stole Jasmine's attention. What was that? She looked around and saw a long stairway formed from floating slabs of rock on the edge of the island opposite of where she was currently standing. The stairway led upwards into a thick cloud. Curious, she walked across the island and cautiously up the floating stairway.

Once she went above the cloud, she discovered that stairway led to another floating island that was much larger than the one she was traveling away from. Like the first island, the second island was also populated with grass and poppies. At the center of the field was a brilliantly glowing, golden object, roughly in the shape of a vertical oval. Curious, Jasmine walked towards it across the field. The closer she got to the object, the more sexually aroused and excited she felt. After she got within ten feet of the object, she was able to see that it was a humanoid form of a woman with perfect proportions floating a foot or two above the ground. Its body had a brilliant, mirror-like gold surface. Jasmine shielded her eyes against the bright rays emanating from the body in an attempt to make out more details, especially of woman's face, but was unable to get a coherent image. The more she tried to focus on the details, the more distorted her vision became.

"Greetings, Jasmine," said the woman with a gentle and sweet, yet powerful voice through metallic gold lips.

"W-who are you, and where am I?"

"I am the Golden Goddess. You're in the Heavenly Islands, one of my domains."

"Why am I here?" Why am I feeling excited by her voice? Why do I want to be closer to her? The wingless fairy found her thoughts drifting away while she walked towards the luminous gold being as if her legs had minds of their own.

Fleeting erotic images paraded through Jasmine's mind of golden lips kissing her lips, gold-nailed fingers touching her skin, a female thigh touching her own, golden lashes fluttering against her cheek, and various other acts of Sapphic intimacy...

"You already know the answer, honey."

Suddenly, Jasmine felt someone embracing her from behind. "Who..." She turned her head to the side and was surprised with a brief kiss on her lips. "Candice?!"

"Why did you run away from me?" asked the young female mage with a disappointed tone.

Gold-nailed hands roamed on Jasmine's breasts, kneading and gyrating them with gold-nailed fingers, giving her unwanted excitement.

"No, Candice, stop it! Don't you remember what I told you? Something happened to us. This is abnormal!"

"You're wrong, Jasmine. Goddess had granted our wish. We can finally be together as lovers!"

"Lovers? Since when did we have feelings for each other? Candice, you need to snap out of this!" Jasmine looked solemnly back at the glowing golden figure in front of her. "This must be your doing..."

"I merely did what you both had wished for, nothing more, nothing less."

"Candice, we need to escape!"

Diaphanous wings grew on Jasmine's back, to her surprise. "I can fly now! Candice, hold on tight!" She wrapped her arms around Candice's waist, and Candice reciprocated. Within moments, Jasmine had flown far away from the Golden Goddess and floating islands.

"We're finally saf--mmmmphff!" Jasmine was silenced with a kiss from Candice. Fingers rubbed Jasmine's labia through white satin panties. "Candice, stop it or else I'll lose my balance, and we'll both fall!"

"I need it now, Jasmine!"


Jasmine blinked. Her wings were gone. She was standing knee-deep in a shallow lake completely naked. The water was crystal clear and filled with rounded blue pebbles embedded with luminescent gold specks and veins.

Where's Candice? Jasmine looked around. There were countless trees along edge of the lake. Snow-capped mountains were visible in the distance. She looked up, noticing the stars twinkling in the nighttime sky and the floating islands. When she lowered her gaze, she was surprised at the sight of Candice suddenly standing before her.


The robe Candice wore was completely wet, and it clung tightly to the young mage's body. Her metallic gold lingerie showed through, and they glowed like the gold-speckled rocks they were both standing on.

"I need it now, Jasmine, and I know you do too."

Oh no, she's right... I am aroused... What's going on? Why is this still happening? Jasmine wasn't able to stop herself from looking at Candice's womanly curves and her sexual imagination went wild. She walked forward a few steps closer to Candice, but stopped before she got too close. "Candice, we need to go back to the academy...and" Even as she was saying that, a part of her wanted to stay and do whatever it is that Candice wanted to do.

"You're right, Jasmine... We do need help...with our needs... But, we don't need to go back to the academy... We can help satisfy each other's needs right here..."

In a spot close by the two females, the water bubbled vigorously followed by the rising of a seven foot diameter circular bed with a golden bed sheet above the surface of the water. Surprisingly, the bed was completely dry.

Candice patted her hand on the glowing bed. "Come, get on the bed, Jasmine."


The young female mage took off her wet robe that clung to her body, dropping it in the water, before climbing on the bed. She sat on her haunches in the middle and parted her legs, leaned back, and supported her upper body with her hands. Her body glowed brilliantly for a few moments, forcing Jasmine to shield her eyes against the intense light. When Jasmine reopened them, she was surprised with Candice's new appearance. Candice's hair was now completely metallic gold in color. The bra and panties on her body were gone. Her nipples, areolae, vagina, and anal ring were of same metallic gold as her hair. The gold-decked seductress parted her golden labia with her fingers, revealing that it was completely gold inside as well. "Come fuck me, Jasmine."

"What happened to you?"

Jasmine's pussy was wet with excitement. Her nipples became engorged and grew longer. She felt hot in spite of the cool night air. Though she wanted to get on the bed to join Candice, the small voice in the back of her mind held her back. This is wrong... I-I can't take advantage of Candice like this... She's under some sort of enchantment or curse...

"You don't have to play innocent with me, Jasmine. I know you want to fuck me..."

Erotic thoughts invaded Jasmine's mind, but she shook her head to clear them. Before she knew it, she had walked several steps closer to the bed. "Nooo..." Mustering her willpower, Jasmine turned around and ran away, but she didn't manage to go very far. Within a few moments, she had lost control of her legs and stopped running. Bind Spell? Jasmine attempted to cancel the effect with Unbind Spell but it failed.

A brilliant white glow appeared right front of Jasmine, forcing her to shield her eyes. When the brightness abated, she saw a glowing golden figure floating about a dozen feet in front of her. It was the Golden Goddess. Jasmine's immediate reaction to the mystical female was a mixture of contempt, suspicion, excitement, and arousal.

"You sure are a stubborn one."

"Let me and Candice go!"

The ethereal being floated closer to the fairy and lightly touched her on the cheek. Jasmine shuddered from an unexpected, intense feeling of pleasure elicited by the contact. But, sensing danger, she immediately flinched. "Don't touch me!"

"And feisty too. I like that."

"Let us go..." repeated Jasmine while unconsciously staring at the large golden breasts of the magical woman hovering before her.

"You really are dense, aren't you? If you don't accept Candice's invitation to make love with her, then I'll take the honor."

"No, don't!"

"Then you should take up on her offer."

"You're making her do this! I can't take advantage of her!"

Despite having grievances against Candice and the desire to end their contract as soon as possible, Jasmine still have a soft spot for the young mage and didn't want harm to come to her mistress.

"I'm only here to help you, Jasmine. You misjudged my intentions."

"Help me? You expect me to believe that?"

"Let me ask you this: Do you have unfulfilled dreams and desires?"


Jasmine's eyes traced the curves of the golden woman's legs, noticing how well-defined they were.

I wish I could feel them...and touch them...

The womanhood between the thighs had the perfect shape and size and was completely hairless.

I want to taste it...lick it...and fuck it...

"Are you tired of being an errand girl for Candice? Do you want a position of greater esteem?"


"Do you want great power? Do you wish to revive your royal house and claim your right to the throne?"

Jasmine's eyes widened in surprise, but pessimism quickly followed. "My royal house no longer exists. The fairy's kingdom is long gone."

"I can grant you powers beyond your imagination, powers to rebuild your kingdom."

"This is impossible. No one can do that!" Jasmine wanted to believe but was skeptical.

"Yes, anything is possible as long as you have power. Accept me as your goddess, become my servant, and I'll make your dreams become reality."

The Golden Goddess rules over me... I love the Golden Goddess... I serve the Golden Goddess... I obey the Golden Goddess... Whatever the Golden Goddess commands, I will do... There is nothing more pleasurable than having the privilege to serve the Golden Goddess... The Golden Goddess is life... The Golden Goddess is pleasure... The Golden Goddess is happiness... I am nothing without the Golden Goddess...

"What about Candice? What will happen to her if I...accept your offer?"

"She is already my servant. I helped her discover a side of her that she never knew existed. She's happier than ever and wants you to join her."

Jasmine looked at Candice, who smiled and licked her lips in response.

Candice is hot, isn't she? Look at her bright golden lips... They look so kissable... You want to kiss her lips... You wonder what it would feel like to have her lips kiss you all over your body...  Look at her golden-lashed eyes... They draw you in, don't they? You could stare at them all night long... Look at her breasts... They look so big... You want to touch them...squeeze them...and suck on their golden nipples... Look at her navel... See how that gold piercing twinkles and shines? You want to lick it and swirl your tongue around it... Look at her fingers and toes... The golden nails look so wonderful... You want to suck on every digit... Look at her thighs... They're so smooth and creamy... You want to feel them up... Look at her pussy, her young, delectable pussy... It's coated with bright and gleaming... You want to put your mouth on it and suck the sweet, delicious nectar that flows out from her womanhood... Can't you see? Candice wants you to join fuck her... Go join

The magical hold on Jasmine's legs was undone. Jasmine turned her body around and walked towards the golden bed. Once she got within two feet from the bed, two long golden snakes traveled upwards along her legs in spiraling paths. They wrapped around her hips, intertwining each other, forming an exotic-looking thong. In the crotch area, the intertwined snakes shaped themselves to form a nine-inch golden phallus. She climbed over the edge of the bed then hesitated.

Is this...alright? Should I being doing this?

Go with your feelings... Embrace your desires... You want to fuck Candice... Her female body arouses you... You can't resist her looks, her touch, her voice, and her smell... She is your lover... She will become your lover... You love Candice... You must have sex with her... You want to kiss her... You want to play with her breasts and ass... You want to lick her pussy... You want to tongue her ass... You want to fuck her in the mouth, ass, and pussy with your strap-on... You want to put your hand into her pussy and ass and fist her deeply and thoroughly... You want to try using every sex toy with her... You want to have sex with her every day, every night, and whenever you have the chance...

Before Jasmine could get close enough on her fours to be able to mount with Candice, she felt an invisible force pushing her back.

"Jasmine, please accept the Golden Goddess and become her servant! It's the only way we will be able to remain together!"

A jiggling sensation from the golden phallus caused by the movement of her hips sent intense erotic feelings up Jasmine's spine. When she lightly touched and stroked the shaft attached to her crotch, the feelings were even more intense. The sight her beautiful mistress amplified the sensations further. However, a voice in the back of Jasmine's mind made her hesitate again.

If I give in, it would be the point of no return...

The Golden Goddess is the source of all pleasure and happiness... Worship her...obey her...serve her...and remain loyal to her... She will fulfill all your dreams and desires... She will grant your power to fulfill your goals... You love the Golden Goddess... You desire her... You lust for her... You can't resist her... Worshipping her gives you pleasure... Obeying her gives you pleasure... Serving her gives you pleasure... Your existence is meaningless without her...


Beads of sweat rolled down along Jasmine's body. She was trembling from the whirlwind of emotions brewing in her body. Unbearable arousal soon clouded Jasmine's judgement and weakened whatever moral restraints she had remaining. I can't take this anymore...

"I accept the Golden Goddess as my deity and agree to become her servant."

In an instant, Jasmine's worries were gone and were replaced with feelings of happiness. The force that held Jasmine back dissipated, allowing her to reach her mistress at last.

"You finally did it! I'm so proud of you, my love!" Candice embraced Jasmine and kissed her deeply, pushing her tongue deep into Jasmine's mouth, which she readily accepted. Their tongues rubbed against each other. Saliva swished back and forth between their mouths.

I finally get to be with Candice... It feels so good kissing her... Now I'm going to make love with her...

There was a thread of saliva hanging between their lips after the kiss ended. When Jasmine looked at Candice's face, it began to distort as did her surroundings. A floating sensation overcame her before she blacked out...


Jasmine's emerald green eyes slowly opened. She found herself lying face up. A sudden realization came to her. I shouldn't be sleeping! Did I have a dream? She tried to recall the details, but found it difficult. All she could remember was seeing Candice with an entirely new look and they both were at a strange place. There was also a strange woman with a golden body. I've got more important stuff to do than worrying about a stupid dream. Immediately, she got up on her feet and looked through the grating. Where are they? They must have left! I can't believe I had slept through the whole thing just when the action was picking up! What should I report to Candice?

Jasmine exited the shed by going back from where she came through the ventilation duct. Once she was outside, she could see Emma and Ashley walking in the distance across the park with their arms around each other's waists.

Hmmm... I thought Candice said Emma didn't want to be sexually involved with girls and was only forced to do so by the Silver Witch... But, that's not what I'm seeing so far... Did I misheard or was Emma lying?

But whether Emma lied or not didn't matter, Jasmine decided. After all, her task was just to observe, not analyze. What interested her the most at the moment was watching the teenaged Sapphic couple engaging in romantic interaction. This is hot... I can't wait to see them have sex with each other again... I won't miss any of the action next time...


As Emma and Ashley walked through the park, both girls were quiet and reflective. Ashley was musing whether her magical assault on Emma this afternoon had been adequate to conclusively conquer Emma's heart and to push her into permanent homosexuality, considering that her grand finale had been aborted before she could quite complete it, because of the unexpected meltdown of her golem.  She also was somewhat disturbed by some mysterious and vague misgivings that had just started to come over her about Galatea and Jeannie, about their wisdom and their plans, and about whether there wasn't someone else, somewhere, who was superior to them, someone even worthier of her devotion.  

A thought from some indeterminate source flitted through her mind.  Gold is more precious than silver.

As for Emma, she was worrying about what she had just done with her girlfriend.  Despite having tried to limit her sex in the shed with Ashley this afternoon to their first act, a simple bout of finger-fucking each other, she had nevertheless agree to two more rounds of sexual play with her new blonde girlfriend, one after the other--that she could remember--each one drawing her more deeply than the previous round into Sapphic depravity.  

I can't be so easy again... Ashley has such a huge appetite for sex... I'm not like her... I can't let her think that I'm some kind of sex freak...or a slut... I'm not.......

Emma's thoughts drifted to what she did in the morning. What I did earlier, I didn't have much of a choice... I had to play along.......... Okay, I kind of lost control of myself...but that doesn't mean I'm a nympho like Ashley............ I'm not even a real lesbian...and I don't want to become one............... I have to limit what I do...keep it to the minimum necessary................  I'm just a normal girl...

About a third of the way across the wide stretch of lawn, Emma noticed a sad expression on Ashley's face.

"Ashley, is something bothering you?"

"No, I'm just kind of tired after what we did."

"Okay."  They resumed walking in silence.

Emma didn't really buy Ashley's excuse.  She wondered whether the real cause of Ashley's apparent sadness was Emma's reluctance to agree to have strap-on sex.  Is Ashley just desperate to experience it?  Or does she think I don't love her enough?  Is she afraid of losing me? I can't really blame her for feeling insecure because she did see me kiss Lisa.

As Emma recalled that event, a small wave of euphoria swept over the brunette teen. The regret she had experienced earlier after having declined Lisa's invitation to attend the football game together that evening returned.  Why did I turn her down? 

Emma envisioned herself sitting next to the lovely redhead at the game. Since the air would be cool, they would be sitting close together for warmth, their legs, hips, and shoulders touching.  When the team would score a touchdown, they would stand and cheer and hug each other, curves pressing into curves.  Since they had already kissed each other, would they be tempted to do so again now?  Sitting down, they would smile at each other.  Lisa might take her hand.  Emma might rest her head on Lisa's shoulder.  Emma would wonder what they would do after the game...

Emma sighed within herself.  She wondered when she would see the foxy redhead next--speculating, with another little sigh, that it probably wouldn't be until the next day, at the cheerleader tryout--before turning her mind back to Ashley.  

I thought I made it up with her with what we just did together. I hope Ashley still trusts me. If my relationship with Ashley doesn't last until the assignment is over, I will fail it!   

Though Emma had thought that before, now suddenly it struck her as a selfish position, and guilt about her deception swept over her. 

Yes...I do have to satisfy Galatea's assignment...and I can't afford to lose can I lead her on like this?

She saw that she had been viewing Ashley mainly as a means to an end, an end not of her choosing, but a necessary one for her, just the same.  She had intended to go only so far with the cheerleader, keeping her interested for only as long as necessary, and then to move on. 

I've been leading her on, letting her fall for me...and when I go back to being straight, I'm planning on dropping her.  I'm so hypocritical.  I have been fussing about Ashley always wanting sex every time we are together, like that's the only thing she wants of me...but I'm no better.  I'm the one who's been taking advantage of her, really.  All I've been thinking about is this stupid assignment.

Emma pondered Ashley's desire for sexual play at every opportunity, and then, today, her proposal of strap-on sex.  Emma had hesitated agreeing to that, and wasn't sure she could keep that promise, if she made it, for two main reasons:  First, as a straight girl, she didn't want to go deeper into lesbian sex than the minimum she had to, and as a moral girl, she did not want to commit more sex acts with anyone than the minimum required of her by Galatea; and second, because it would signal a strong commitment to the blonde cheerleader when Emma wasn't genuinely committed at all, not for the long term, compounding the immorality of her deception.   When Emma left her, that would only hurt Ashley all the more.

I don't want to hurt Ashley... I want her to be have what she needs and wants... If I can give it to her, maybe I should........ I know she has feelings for me... And it's more than just sex, I think... although that is a big part of it... But maybe that is understandable... She likes me... She likes my body...being intimate with me... It doesn't necessarily mean that's all she wants from me... Sex with her every time...even every day, if she wants...maybe that's not unreasonable...

I don't know how I could just abandon her... Just thinking about it makes me feel so guilty... Maybe I could find some other way... so that I don't hurt her... I'd hate to do that... Maybe we could be together... in some way...maybe still date... after I return to my normal life... I don't know how...but maybe it could work out...I guessI really like her...

Without thought, Emma took Ashley's hand in hers as they walked.

The prospect of giving Ashley all the sex she wanted raised one more issue in Emma's mind.  Though she was no stranger to hardcore lesbian sex, the circumstances of what she had done before, both with other females and with Ashley, usually hadn't been very romantic.  Lust had been the major element.  Emma wanted more than that, or so she thought. 

As she thought about Ashley now, however, it struck her that she did feel romance in their of this very afternoon.  Something had changed within her during their time together in the shed, she sensed.  For some reason, she felt much more comfortable with the beautiful blonde, as if they had known each other for more than a few days and were more familiar and used to being intimate, as if they had been dating and having fun times together for some time, as if their feelings and behavior had become truly romantic with each other, as if their sex had been deeper and more adventurous and more thrilling than she remembered, as if she considered herself Ashley's real and long-term lesbian girlfriend rather than a short-term "pretend" girlfriend, and that Ashley was someone she wanted to date and with whom she wanted to spend her time and be emotionally and physically close.  While she knew most of that couldn't be true, as they hadn't known each other long enough for all that to be so, and she was, after all, a straight girl, who never wanted a lesbian girlfriend in the first place, she realized nevertheless that she did feel rather enchanted in the company and in the arms of her blonde steady. 

Emma also found herself feeling at an emotional level, contrary to the more logical thoughts of her mind, that, even if this was a lesbian relationship, if that's all she had, then she wanted to make the most of it and make a real relationship out of it, for however long it lasted.  Of course, she now felt, sex was going to be a part of it.  She sensed that she may have been silly to fuss about Ashley's desire to have sex whenever they were together.   That was only proof of Ashley's love, not evidence of her lack of it.  It was only natural for lesbian girlfriends to have sex, and that's what they were. 

Even though she's a least I have someone...someone I like...and as long as it has to be a girl...I might as well make the most of it... She deserves a really good girlfriend... I can be that... I am lucky to be going with a cheerleader...especially one so beautiful... I'm grateful to be Ashley's girlfriend... I'm lucky to have her... She is so beautiful... She is a great girlfriend...a fun girlfriend.... I love being with her...

The concept of having a girl as her steady love interest--especially a girl as hot as Ashley--instead of a guy, had somehow started to seem both quite natural and wonderful.  

Without thinking, Emma interlaced fingers with Ashley, pressed Ashley's hand more tightly in her own, and walked a little closer to her, so that they bumped hips every now and then as they ambled over the grass.  Emma noticed a little smile pass across Ashley's lips, and liked seeing it.

At length they were close to exiting the park.  Emma stopped and faced Ashley.  Novel emotions swirled within her.  Whatever had happened after school, and especially in the shed, had made her feel decidedly more passionate about her blonde girlfriend, and it impulsively bubbled out.

"Ashley, I love you!"   

Emma wondered why she had blurted that out.  Thinking romantic thoughts and actually saying them were two very different things. She knew she almost had to say things like that to reassure Ashley, but after she said it this time, the reality rushed to her that not only had she just said that to a girl--which was not a first, as she had said that phrase before to Ashley, of course, mainly because it had been expected, as well as to Galatea on several occasions, because the Silver Witch demanded it, although the last few times, it had seemed much more natural and, even, elating to say that phrase to her--but this time it was as if she had meant it!  Surely she didn't...did she?  But for some reason she found her heart beating faster. 

Why did I say that?  I didn't have to.  I'm feeling emotional, for some reason.  I don't really love Ashley in that I?  I couldn't...because we're both girls....... it possible...that I might really love this...this awesome girl?

"I love you too, Emma."

The poignant way Ashley replied made Emma tingle inside unexpectedly, but it also made Emma feel guilty over what she was doing. Ashley's love for her was genuine, but her love for Ashley had just been, in Emma's mind, a show, a necessity for completing Galatea's assignment...or it had started out like that...

Emma tried to reassure herself again that, as a straight girl, she was incapable of reciprocating Ashley's love, not really, not the same way Ashley meant it.  Just the same, something had happened to her which she couldn't explain. 

At that moment, Emma felt a rush of desire to give Ashley everything the blonde wanted.  Even if it was sex, deep sex, a lot of sex.  Even with a strap-on.  It wouldn't be my first time, anyway... Maybe I should agree to it...I should, because she is my very foxy girlfriend...

A soft, familiar, implanted feminine voice, as if it were her own, sang quietly through Emma's head, faintly and melodically whispering.  I'd love to fuck her.

Maybe I want it, too...

"When I'm ready, I promise I'll go all the way with you." 

Ashley's face lit up. My plan is starting to work!  "Emma, you don't have force yourself. I was too inconsiderate. I'm happy enough that you love me."

Emma was touched by her girlfriend's generous and sweet remark.  Despite now being near a street with passing traffic, Emma ignored the world around them and the last faint echoes of resistance within her, took Ashley's lovely face in her hands, and gave her a soft, lingering kiss on the lips.  "I do." 

The two pretty teens stood gazing into each other's eyes. 

An image entered Emma's head, of herself looking in a mirror, her hair a different style and color, face made up, wearing a miniskirt, crop top, jewelry, nail polish, and high heels.  She had never dressed like that before, except for Galatea, but it struck her as the way she should look.  I should be more beautiful...sexier...for sweet, hot girlfriend...

The two girls turned and continued their walk, arms now around each other's waists. 

Within a few moments, however, an unbidden image of Candice popped into Emma's head, a vision of the young witch in a glamorous, wanton style which Emma didn't recall seeing before.  A spurt of adrenaline accelerated her heartbeat, already racing from her current interaction with Ashley.  She didn't understand why she would think of the cute blonde witch right then, or why it would add to her undeniable arousal at the moment as it had, and the image quickly disappeared, but it left her musing as she and Ashley walked out of the park. 

Hmmmm...Candice... When am I going to see her again?


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