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Brainy Teen (chapter 21)

After a short bus trip and two brief walks, Wendy arrived at the Twin Venus Club house. Standing before the small wooden gate of the white picket fence which marked the boundaries of the front yard, the blonde teen girl looked briefly at her smartphone to check the time. It was 5:17 PM. There was still about a quarter hour remaining before her rendezvous with Madeline, but Wendy decided to go in earlier. What harm could there be? Madeline had sounded like a nice girl, a girl who obviously was eager to meet her, and so she probably wouldn't mind her early arrival, Wendy figured.

Wendy briefly checked herself in her compact mirror, her unpainted face staring back at her, as she had removed her makeup after her date with Kayla. Maybe I should have at least worn some eyeliner and mascara...and my clothes are just plain casual clothes...but...but it's not like it's going to be some big meeting...or a...a date... I just need some advice...some help... It shouldn't take long...

Wendy's personal definition of "casual" clothing had changed over time since Sarah had introduced her to new fashion styles. But what she wore for this meeting was closer to Wendy's older preferences: pale pink hoodie--with only her silver bra underneath--light blue jeans, white sneakers, and no makeup. She wanted to keep the meeting as platonic as possible.

Walking the remaining distance to the front door of the house, she pressed the ornate doorbell with a fuchsia-nailed finger.

*Ding dong!*

Within a few moments, which seemed like a very long time to Wendy, she heard the click-clack of heels, which steadily became louder. Then the sound stopped abruptly and the door opened slowly. It was Madeline.

"Hello Wendy! You're a bit early, but it's alright. More than alright." Madeline opened the door widely and stood just inside the doorway without moving or speaking further for a brief time, allowing the late-afternoon sunlight to illuminate her appearance to Wendy's view.

The black-haired girl was dressed in strange, exotic garb that was different from the last time Wendy had seen her. It appeared to be a fantasy version of a burqa, the type of head-and-body-enshrouding covering worn by Moslem females in the Middle East and elsewhere, but Wendy wasn't sure. From head to toe, Madeline was covered in a rather form-fitting black hooded robe with long, loose sleeves. She wore an elegant veil of black silk which covered all of her face, except for her eyes, which were heavily made up with black mascara and glittery metallic bronze eyeshadow.

Why is her face covered? She looks so...mysterious.

Wendy allowed her eyes to drift downward--as had become her irrepressible habit whenever with girl or woman who intrigued her--and this girl definitely did. The robe encasing her body was partially sheer, enabling Wendy to discern that, beneath the robe, Madeline's upper body was clad only in a dark-colored bra--possibly a black one--in addition to some silver or pewter jewelry. Lowering her eyes further, she could see the faint twinkle of a belly piercing through the robe and a pair of dark panties.

Madeline's only wearing underwear beneath the robe! Unable to tear her eyes away,Wendy felt her face flush and her heart skip a beat as Madeline allowed Wendy to ogle her.

"Seen enough of me yet?" asked Madeline coyly.

"Umm... no....... I mean, yeah," the blonde girl corrected herself quickly. "I'm...I'm just a little nervous..."

"Don't worry. Most of us are nervous whenever we experience new things; but for you, it's a slightly different story."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll tell you later. Come on in. We're not going to do it outside."

Madeline's meaning seemed clear to Wendy, especially from the sultry way Madeline intoned the "do it"; she had just implied that were going to have sex. Wendy felt the flush in her face deepen and another contest arise within herself between her recently-acquired homosexual hunger and her hope to exercise self-restraint.

We don't have to have sex. No, we shouldn't have sex. I've just met her. I'm here only for help with...that problem...

Once Wendy had stepped inside and Madeline had drawn the door closed behind her, Wendy noticed that the interior was poorly illuminated, as the shades were all down, and it took a few moments for Wendy to adjust to such indoor lighting as there was. That, however, did not deter Wendy from again ogling her hostess.As she followed Madeline into the living room, she couldn't help but roam her eyes all over Madeline's back. Through the delicate material of the robe she could faintly detect dark bra straps, long, dark hair, and an expansive, tight ass, seen to be packed into some kind of dark panties, as she had assayed a moment before, and which swayed slightly with each step. The swinging undulations of her ass globes, timed perfectly with the sounds of the black high heeled pumps that Madeline wore, were almost hypnotic.

"Let's sit on the couch." Madeline directed Wendy to the same red couch in the living room on which Wendy had seen her masturbating but two days before. The blonde girl's memories of that scene, as well as of Madeline's unveiled appearance, were vague, though stirring, nevertheless.


After they seated themselves next to each other, Madeline started. "It's very nice to be able to meet you, Wendy. Finally."

"Same here." As she said this, Wendy, spurred by curiosity, scrutinized her new acquaintance closely.

I wonder why she's wearing a veil and that hooded robe thing. It might be some custom for this club. I wish I could see at least her face and her hair. I'd like to see what she looks like.

During the course of their ensuing time together, Wendy returned her eyes again and again to Madeline's veil and robe, unconsciously attempting to discern whatever clues she could about the girl's face, makeup, hair, underwear, and body through the material.

"I've been wanting to meet you ever since I first saw you." As Madeline said that, she placed one hand on Wendy's, which rested on her thigh. "I think you're very cute." The touch and the flirty compliment gave Wendy an unexpected thrill.

Wendy noticed that the fingers of the hand placed over hers had manicured nails painted in dark red lacquer. She briefly wondered if Madeline's lips were of the same bewitching shade.She also noted a lovely, spicy fragrance coming from her companion, which enticed her immediately and continued to reel her steadily in over their time together.

"So, Wendy ...what can I help you with?"

"Um...err... When I tried know...uh... masturbate... I wasn' cum..."

I can't believe I just said that to her!

"When you're unable to get yourself off on your own, you need another girl to help you..."

Madeline squeezed Wendy's hand slightly. Though Wendy was somewhat puzzled by the enshrouded girl's assertion, she was keenly aware of the enchanting hand pressing her own...and charmed by it, more with every passing moment. An image popped into her mind of that wine-nailed hand sliding up her arm. The mere thought caused her skin to tingle pleasurably, before she forced her attention back to the conversation.

"Another girl?" Wendy remembered Madeline having said as much on the phone, but Wendy wasn't sure whether she had really meant it, or exactly how she had meant it. "I do? But...but why?"

I've never needed that before...... Or did I? As Wendy reviewed the times over the last couple of months when she had enjoyed a truly satisfying orgasm, she couldn't think of one instance when another girl hadn't been involved in some way, even if just in fantasy. Nevertheless, it seemed that she--especially as a straight girl-- wouldn't need that element to get off.

"I mean, I've been able to make myself cum by myself before... I think........ It doesn't make sense..."

"It's a bit complicated. I'll explain it to you later. For now, let me help you with your problem." The black-robed girl walked over to a mahogany and glass cabinet to retrieve a rectangular black velvet box. When she returned to the sofa, set the box on the glass coffee table, and opened it, a smooth, polished chrome rocket dildo sitting on silver-satin-covered padding was revealed.

Wendy's eyes widened a bit at the sight. Does she think that she's going to...? Does she...does she plan on using that...on me? She's moving things too fast. I barely know her. We should at least talk and know more about each other first.

With her dark-red-nailed fingers, Madeline grasped the chrome dildo and raised it upwards. Its metallic surface glinted in the interior light. There were no visible seams, making Wendy wonder if the dildo was battery-powered or just an inert metal object. The robed girl ran her pretty fingers along its surface, as if to underline its smoothness and erotic wonder, gazing at it for a moment and then into Wendy's eyes.

"What I'm about to suggest could be seen as extreme for someone of your conservative background, but please, Wendy, understand that I'm here to help you."

With her free hand, Madeline again reached for Wendy's hand and gently squeezed it, sending reassuring warmth flowing through Wendy's body. Wendy could detect no ill-intent or malice in Madeline, who seemed both sympathetic and savvy about this kind of "delicate personal matter", and therefore the blonde felt some confidence that whatever treatment for her ailment the mysterious girl was about to propose would be a sincere and, likely, effective attempt to help her.

"I need you to lower your jeans and panties and spread your legs for me."

"Right here?!"

Wendy was initially shocked--not as much by the prospect of displaying her most private feminine parts to another girl, for she was not unaccustomed to doing so by now, as by the idea of doing so after having just barely met the girl in question and doing so in such a semi-public place as the living room of the Twin Venus Club house--but, almost immediately, she started to quell her internal alarm with sentiments derived from multiple brainwashing sessions, from her "training" with Sarah, and from her other ever more numerous and diverse homoerotic experiences.

Then again...maybe this isn't the time for unnecessary modesty... I came here to get help... Madeline was kind enough to take time out of her schedule to help me... and I can't just back out because of some fear...some unwarranted fear... because I don't want expose myself........ After all...I'm not a's not like it would be the first time I've exposed myself to another girl... a beautiful girl... Nothing bad happened before... And I like her... I can trust her...I think...

Sensing her companion's hesitation, Madeline set the chrome dildo aside and took Wendy's hands in both of hers, as if to reassure her. "It's okay, Wendy. Anything that takes place in the Twin Venus club house will be private...just between you...and me." The hooded girl ran her red-nailed left thumb along the back of Wendy's hand, giving the blonde a delicate delight.

Wendy failed to notice, however, the slight-of-hand gesture that Madeline executed with her right thumb. Using it to reach into the left sleeve of her burqa, Madeline pressed a button on a bracelet, which activated the audio system hidden within the club house. Instantly, subliminal messages mixed with faint audio pulses filled the room, to help nudge Wendy into Madeline's selected course of action.

When you are at the Twin Venus Club house you will always find peace.

You will always trust the sexy, beautiful members of the Twin Venus Club.

You will always obey any senior member of the Twin Venus Club.

You can do whatever you want here and never be ashamed of it.

You can say whatever you please here and find comfort in it.

Madeline began to gently massage Wendy's hands. In turn, Wendy began to lose herself in Madeline's alluring, cosmetically-enhanced eyes. Her reservations about Madeline's suggestion faded away until they were so faint that Wendy would, at best, be able to offer only minimal resistance.

"Don't worry, Wendy. Like I said before, it's just going to be us here. You...and me."

"Really?" asked Wendy, as she looked around.

"Yes, it's just us. The other club members all left around mid-afternoon."

Wendy looked at the dildo. "Madeline, maybe you don't know this," stammered the blonde teen girl hoarsely, "but...but I...I'm still a virgin." The moment she said it, Wendy knew her objection was, to some degree, more a token excuse rather than a serious attempt to avoid exposing herself to the gorgeous young women sitting beside her, and, despite her feeble verbal protest, Wendy kicked her shoes off and slowly unzipped her jeans. She felt as if something inside her wanted to show herself off lewdly to her foxy companion. "And...and that's important to me. Will you be careful?" When Madeline nodded, Wendy, who was still sitting, pulled her jeans down all the way to her ankles and off, and parted her legs, revealing her silver satin panties and smooth thighs. Wendy was surprised at herself for being able to do this so casually, without any hesitation, once she had gotten started, in front of a person she had just met.

"It'll be alright. I'll be very careful not to go in too deep with this. Let me look at your pussy first." Madeline pulled aside the shiny front triangle of the panties, exposing the shaved womanhood behind it. With a dark-red-nailed finger, she traced around the labia. Wendy inhaled sharply at the thrill of the sultry girl's first intimate touch.

"Ooo... That's really nice. What a pretty pussy you have, Wendy. And so sensitive. And you're a little bit wet, too. See?" She held her finger up to show the blonde. "That must mean that there's someone here you like, hmm? And maybe you like what she's doing to you..." She looked at the blushing Wendy with a twinkle in her eye. "Although it's not moist enough yet...but that can be fixed." Madeline began rubbing the tip of the chrome-plated dildo around Wendy's labia and against Wendy's clit with slow, measured strokes, causing the blonde vixen to gasp.

While the robed girl teased her lovebox, Wendy found herself looking at Madeline's beautiful eyes and bodily contours, while wondering what her face, hair, and body would look like were she to remove her head coverings and robe.

When I saw her across the room before...she looked really cute... really, really cute... I wish I had gotten a better look... I think her hair is black...or maybe dark brown...hmmm... and her body was really curvy, I think... I bet her body is awesome........ I wonder if her lips are the same beautiful wine color as her fingernails... If they are...then her lips must be extremely...kissable... She probably looks very hot....... matter what...I can't go too far with her... As soon as I'm done with this, I need to stop having any sort of sexual activity with Madeline............. I don't want to be a slut...

Madeline started splitting Wendy's pussy lips with the dildo, in and out an inch or two, but no further. "Do you like that, sweetie?"

Wendy moaned, "Oh, yeah..."

Shortly, Madeline started playing her fingers on Wendy's clit and along and into her now-soaked labia, in coordination with the strokes of her dildo. "Do you like me?" Wendy, whose passion was rising with every stroke, looked her companion in the eyes and nodded her head in unequivocal affirmation. She felt like grabbing the girl, tearing off her veil, and making out with her, if only that would not have interfered with what she was doing to the blonde's pussy.

After about five minutes of dildo play, Wendy felt as if she was about to get release. But then something seemed to drag her back from the brink. What's going on? It's happening again like before. I can't cum! Wendy had no idea that this state had been caused by the drugs and subliminals that had been covertly fed to her over the course of several weeks, as well as by the hypnotic suggestion Kayla gave her earlier.

"No, no, no! Why?!"

Madeline stopped her actions. "Is something wrong, Wendy?"

"It's not working! I thought you said I just needed a woman's touch."

"I guess we need to try something else."

Is she talking about... more sex...? Do I need to try something more...extreme...than I've done before?... Do I I think that's it...yeah... I need to have sex with Madeline in order to cum!... Deep lesbian sex with a hot girl...with her... That doesn't sound so b--...

No! What am I'm thinking?! I shouldn't do more than the minimum necessary.........

...........but.............maybe more is necessary...if I want to get off...... yeah... It must be so........ And would it really be such a... a bad have a little more fun with this girl...more sex...? Maybe she'd take that thing off...and I could see her......... I bet she's just beautiful...

Maybe she looks like Madelynn... Her name is so similar...Her eyes, though a different color, are as beautiful...and her hands, too... And if she has black like Madelynn's beautiful hair...and a hot little body like hers........ She must be a real Madelynn...

While Wendy was absorbed in her reflections, Madeline moved away from Wendy and turned on the sixty-four-inch TV on the other side of the room with a remote. A blue screen appeared briefly, before being replaced by a uniform black color after she pressed a few buttons on another remote. Wendy, whose attention was now returning to what Madeline was doing, was about to ask what were they going to watch, when the blackness immediately transitioned into a scene in a well-lit kitchen with gray cabinets, white countertops, and white-painted walls and ceilings. What followed piqued Wendy's interest, for reasons unknown to her.

Two females stood facing each other in the middle of the kitchen. One female appeared to be a young teenager and the other female appeared to be old enough to be the teenage girl's mom. They were both looking at each other amorously, and then they started to extend their arms, as if about to fall into an embrace, when Madeline pointed the remote at the disc player, paused it, and explained, "This is a bit ahead. We need to rewind this to the beginning." Intrigued, Wendy let her silence express her assent.

Once the disc was reset, a title screen with the picture of a suburban house as a background appeared. Stylistic pink and white letters faded in, one line after another: "Mother and Daughter Love", "Part One", "Sapphic Incest Series". Wendy's eyes widened.

This is a porn video...

Though she had seen numerous lesbian porn videos by this point, and was comfortable with them, and finding one playing in this house was not much of a surprise, the announced theme of this one prompted within her a little shockwave, a slight uneasiness, a furtive curiosity, a mysterious, excited anticipation, and an unexpected rush.

...and...a different type...than I've seen before...

"Wendy, why don't we just get rid of your panties? Would that be alright?"Distracted by the promised theme of the video, the blonde nodded her head absentmindedly, though Madeline had already started sliding the silvery underwear down Wendy's hips. Wendy mechanically lifted her rear, then closed and lifted her thighs some, to accommodate the enrobed girl's action, until the sleek panties formed a silver pool around one of Wendy's ankles. When the now-bottomless blonde teen settled back into place, Madeline casually laid a beautifully-manicured hand possessively on her bare thigh not far from her exposed, dripping pussy, while holding the dildo at the ready in her other hand.

When the title of the DVD faded away, the view shifted into the interior of the house. After briefly scanning a bedroom, the camera found and zoomed in on a family photo propped on a wooden nightstand, featuring a father, a mother, and a daughter. Via CG effects, the man faded and the image changed smoothly to a photo of just the mother and her daughter. This change triggered a strange feeling within Wendy, something she couldn't put a finger on at the moment, but it was a comforting sensation, as if something off-kilter had been set right, something which in some way had a meaning for Wendy's life. That impression passed quickly, as the artistically-crafted video transitioned into its opening scene.

The kitchen which Wendy had glimpsed earlier, before the rewind, came into view. Two attractive blonde females, one older--from appearances, anywhere from her early 30's to, possibly, her early 40's--and one younger--Wendy guessed her to be 13, 14, or 15, although she could have been a little older--stood facing each other. The older one was wearing black business attire, while the younger one was dressed in Catholic school girl garb, featuring a prominently short, pleated plaid skirt, the hem of which the girl appeared to be fingering playfully...or flirtatiously. They smiled, approached, and embraced each other loosely.

As the camera zoomed slowly closer to the couple, Wendy noticed that the two females looked somewhat alike. On closer inspection, they looked as if they were related. Yes... I think... They are! They're a mother and her real daughter!

At the moment the females in the video kissed, Wendy's simultaneous sense of unease, curiosity, and excitement intensified. Her full focus was fixed on the TV, and was interrupted, briefly, only when she felt the chrome dildo poking at her privates. "Uhhh!" Wendy automatically parted her legs to receive the toy better, and quickly concentrated again on the video.

The blondes in the kitchen started necking more deeply, falling into an ever-tighter embrace and running their hands along arms and shoulders and backs. In sync, Madeline stroked her own blonde partner with increasing boldness. When Madeline gave Wendy a particularly dynamic wipe, Wendy gasped and looked down for a second at the play in her pussy, though her mind remained fixated on the video.

"Are they...are they really mother and daughter?"

"Yes, they are. Does it bother you?"

"No... Actually, yes, it does kind of bother me... Incest is...wrong... It's one thing to watch two women pretending to be related to have sex together, but if they're really related, it's wrong..."

Madeline paused the video with the remote, while continuing the dildo play, though much more softly, for the time being, and asked, "Why?"

"I don't know... It just is..."

"But real incest turns you on, doesn't it?" Madeline ran a long-nailed hand up Wendy's arm.

"Yes. I mean no! It doesn't turn me on!"

"Come on, Wendy." Madeline's fingers caressed Wendy's neck seditiously. "Are you telling me you've never fantasized about your mother or your sister, even once?" A red-nailed finger played inside one of Wendy's ears, stoking the licentious flames rising within the blonde.

"No way! Why would I think about them like that?! It's sick!"

However...Wendy briefly thought about the incident that morning, after her mom had discovered her silver panties, which Wendy had accidentally left on the living room floor in the wake of her spontaneous sex with Angela. Mom had come upstairs to return them to her, adding a reminder not to do certain things in the living room again. An image popped up from the teen's memory of herself on her bed...secretly wearing no panties...her short little skirt exposing most of her smooth, stretched-out legs and leaving her shaven pussy in a vulnerable, tenuously-covered state...her mother standing so close to her, dangling Wendy's slinky, damp panties from her index finger...

If Mom had only known, or even suspected, how close her daughter was to inadvertently showing off her pussy to her at the time... What would Mom have done?........ What if Mom had sat down next to her on the bed?... Oh...well...she did do that......... What if she then had slid one of her hands onto her daughter's creamy thighs? a strictly maternal way, of course... What if her hand had slipped higher?... accidentally, for sure... Or...what if Mom hadsimply taken the hem of Wendy's little skirt and...A feeling of excitement ran up Wendy's spine at that memory and at her speculations, a feeling encouraged by Madeline's adventurous hand.

But she then quickly identified her thoughts as out of line. Wait... Wendy, stop... I don't normally think like that.......... But...why am I remembering that now?........ Just because Madeline is talking about...about incest...doesn't mean it has anything to do with me...

"Why's that sick? Your mom and sister are people too, just like you...and me." Madeline slid her hand along Wendy's back affectionately.

"Of course, but that's not the point. The reason is, they're related to me."

"We're all related in one way or another." The girl's veiled face was so close to Wendy's that the blonde teen could feel her breathe on her cheek through the veil.

"But I'm closely related to my mom and sister."

"We all share more than 99% of our genes."

"That doesn't change the basic issue."

"Maybe... But you can't change your true feelings either, can you?" Madeline's red-nailed fingers traced her companion's jaw line, then stroked her cheek. "The way you feel, deep-down, about your sister...and your can't hide it...or fight it...forever..."

"Err... I..." Wendy's pulse was racing, as much from Madeline's sweet touches and heady proximity as from her accompanying enticing, corrupting insinuations. "No, even if I have some feelings for my mom, they're not those kinds of feelings! And besides, my mom isn't a lesbian, so she wouldn't have those kinds of feelings about me, either. My mom is straight and happily married and loves my dad!"

"Wendy, you may not know this, but do you realize you're making a lot of assumptions here and being prejudiced?"

"What do you mean? I'm pretty sure my mom and dad love each other...and I don't think I'm prejudiced..."

"How can you be sure about that? Have you read their minds? And, yes, you're prejudiced...against consensual relationships..."

"Wait, I never said that!"

"Do you know that incestuous relationships can also be consensual?"

"Yes, but--"

"Is there anything wrong with two people loving each other willingly?"


"Is there any reason why any two people can't love each other?"

"No, I guess not..."

"Then why can't a mother and daughter be in love with each other?"

"Because...because it's forbidden..."

"Did you know that homosexual relationships were once forbidden and are still forbidden in a lot of places?"

"Yes, I've read about it..."

"Just because they might be forbidden in any given period or culture doesn't mean that they're wrong. You can see that, can't you?"

Wendy didn't know how to respond.

"You know, it wouldn't even be possible for you to be Sarah's girlfriend if you two lived at a different time or place."

"I guess you're right..."

"Did you also know that incestuous relationships were common among royalty in the past?"

"I've heard about that, but wasn't it because they wanted to stay in power?"

"Again, you make assumptions! Who's to say all of those relationships were political and involved no love at all?"


"Now, back to your case. How do you know your mom actually loves your dad?"


"You see. You're not certain about it yourself. If you're not certain about that, how can you be so positive about your mom not being a lesbian?"

"But she married my dad!"

"How do you know she didn't marry your dad simply because she was doing what she was expected to?"

"But I feel pretty sure..."

"No, you're not sure, Wendy. You don't know what your mom is really thinking." Madeline held Wendy's hands. "I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, Wendy. I just want to help you realize there's more to reality than what meets the eye."

Although Madeline's words seemed logical, Wendy felt there was something wrong about them.

"What do you think of incest now?"

"I think...I think it might be okay certain circumstances...maybe..."

"Do you think it would be okay for a mother and daughter to love each other?"


"Remember, homosexuality was once banned and incest used to be okay..."

"I guess it might be okay..."

"Do you have feelings for your mom?"

"No, I don't! Nothing like that..."

"Are you being honest with yourself? Why wouldn't you want her? If your mom is a beautiful woman, and you have the hots for beautiful women, of course you would! Have you searched your feelings truthfully? And are you certain that your mom doesn't have feelings for you?"


"You don't really know, Wendy. But, what if your mom does really have feelings for you? What would you do? What if she were to confess to you? How would you respond?"

"I...I don't know... I'm not sure..."

"What if your mom started seducing you? Let's say she put on make-up, like red lipstick and purple eye shadow, she painted her nails red, wore sexy red lingerie and red high heels, and strutted in front of you? What would you do?"

"I don't think that would ever happen..." Except...wait...Mom did have on a touch of red lipstick just this very afternoon...and she looked nice......... But it was only a little bit... It wasn't heavily applied... It was kind of muted...and there wasn't any of the other stuff Madeline mentioned...not anything like what she is suggesting...

"But let's say it did. Wouldn't you get interested pretty fast? Are you saying your mom couldn't turn you on? A lesbian girl like you?"


"I'm just asking what would you do if it happened, not saying that it will."

"Umm...I think I would be shocked and run away..."

"So, you'd just reject your mom abruptly, like that? Wouldn't you want to consider how she would feel?"

"Umm... I guess I could talk with her and say why I feel it would be wrong and why I couldn't love her like that..."

"You wouldn't be curious what it might be like to at least give it a try? To find out what a beautiful and sweet and fulfilling life, as more than mother and daughter, that you two could have together? You wouldn't give her a chance?"

"As much as I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings, I couldn't lead her on or, you know, give her any ideas that might encourage her..."

"What if you one day found yourself truly attracted to her, and desiring her, despite having thought that you couldn't? Maybe even falling in love her? And you found that you really wanted to encourage her? Would you deny yourself and her the happiness you could have together?"


"What if she wasn't really your mom, but your stepmom instead?"

"Well...that wouldn't be difficult, I suppose.......... No, on second thought, even if she were my stepmom, I couldn't do it...because I couldn't do something like that that would hurt my dad..."

"What if your dad was divorced from your stepmom and she was the only person raising you? What if it was just you and her, already living together like a couple, kind of? If you found her desirable, wouldn't you want to take the relationship to the next level? You know, give in to your desires, and add sex to the relationship, if she wanted it, too? Why wouldn't you do it?"

"Well...then, maybe... I guess I could....... Wait... You're just trying to trick me into agreeing with you!"

"No, Wendy, I'm just trying to broaden your perspective on love. My point is that you shouldn't be that narrow-minded about love. Do you get what I mean?"

"I guess..." No matter what she says, it still doesn't feel right to me...

"Good. Now let's continue with the show..."

Suddenly, static appeared on the TV screen, and Wendy turned her attention to it. It appeared in a pattern Wendy had never seen before. Unknown to Wendy, the static visuals and noise contained subliminals that progressively placed her into a trance, so gradually that she had no idea anything was happening to her. This particular type of subliminal transmission was most effective at entrancing people who had had prior exposure to specific brainwashing procedures, which was the case with Wendy.

Once Wendy started to acquire a dreamy look, Madeline asked, "Wendy...can you hear me?"


"Do you want to continue watching the video?"

"Yes... I mean no..."

"Why not?"

"Incest is wrong..."

"But you want to watch it, don't you? You're curious and it turns you on."

"Yes, but it's wrong... I can't watch it..."

"You want to watch it, Wendy... There's nothing wrong with incest...especially lesbian incest... Lesbian incest is one of the purest forms of love..."

"Purest forms of love?" repeated Wendy slowly.

"Yes, and you want to experience lesbian incest, too...with your mom..." Wendy's eyes opened wider, at which sign Madeline pressed the dildo tightly against Wendy's clit, causing the hypnotized blonde girl to gasp, as well.

"Do you want to seduce your mom?"


"You are lying to yourself, and you know it. Yes, Wendy, you want to seduce your mom, so that you can become her lover and have lesbian sex with her. Deep down, that is the fondest desire of your heart. Lesbian love and sex...with your mother!" The burqa-covered girl urgently and repeatedly stroked Wendy's pussy with the metallic dildo, teasing her into an escalating state of lust. "Lesbian sex with her mother is one of the greatest experiences a daughter can have...especially a sexy lesbian daughter like you..."

"Lesbian sex...with Mom...greatest lesbian daughter..."

"Yes, Wendy, and you can learn more about lesbian incest by watching this video... You're very curious about lesbian incest... You want to experience lesbian incest... You want to know more about lesbian incest... Real lesbian incest is the best... You enjoy fake lesbian incest, but not as much as real lesbian incest..."

Pressing a button on one of the remotes, Madeline stopped the subliminal static visuals and noise. The porn video resumed. Integrated into the video were more subliminals, but their effects on the now fully-hypnotized girl differed from the static visuals to which she had just been exposed. The function of the initial subliminals was to induce Wendy into a deep trance, whereas the purpose of the subliminals which followed now was to maintain that trance while heightening her receptivity to suggestions, more deeply embedding notions previously implanted, and instilling new concepts and desires.

In the beautifully-produced video, the setting was still the kitchen, but the time frame had apparently skipped to another day, as the two wore different hair styles and different clothes, though of the same type as in the previous scene, and it appeared that one of them had just come home. This segment featured more close-up shots than the previous one. As the action in this scene duplicated that of the first scene in several respects, yet went further, the viewer was left with the impression that the depicted taboo indulgences of these two was habitual for them, and that perhaps they were progressing from one level of illicit intimacy to another over time.

Similar to the preceding scene, the mother lightly embraced her daughter before kissing her on the lips. Mature red-lipsticked lips met eager, younger teenage lips. It was an unmotherly kiss that was purely sexual. The young mouth opened to receive the probing tongue, and to lick and suck it. Saliva from the mother seeped into the daughter's mouth. The embrace between them tightened.

Wendy, completely engrossed, absorbed every tantalizing nuance of the stirring romantic action unfolding before her eyes. Though she was entranced during the last sections of the video, the particular type of hypnotic state in which Wendy was ensnared would permit her to later recall the details of the movie and her dissolute emotional and physical responses to the shameless, corrupting scenes--which responses were enticed along by Madeline's clever accompanying dildo play.

Responding further to her mother's kiss, the daughter extended her tongue past her lips and slid it alongside her mother's. After some hot, wet tongue dueling in the open, the mother opened her mouth wider--enabling the camera to better capture the details of the action--and the daughter pushed her tongue past her mother's red lips into her mother's oral cavity, delivering a generous share of her own saliva into her mother's mouth. As the view slowly zoomed in on their passionate, drooling mouths, the scene gradually faded out to white.

Next, a close-up, static image of a document lying on a wooden desk progressively materialized. As the image clarified, it was revealed to be a letter, written on a white piece of paper in purple ink. The letter was picked up by an unseen woman with red-nailed fingers and was read for the viewer in the daughter's girlish voice:

Dear Mom,

I can't bear to keep this secret from you anymore. I'm totally in love with you. I don't know when or how it happened, but it just did. But I do know why it happened. It's because you are sooo BEAUTIFUL! I love your gorgeous face and your silky hair, your lips, your smile, your soft, smooth skin, your perfume, and the curves of your body. Especially your big, amazing breasts. You don't know what they do to me!

On top of that, I love the way you think and talk, the musical sound of your laughter, how considerate and kind and sweet you are. Every day and night, I can't stop thinking about you. Your presence and voice always make my heart feel warm and happy. You radiate beauty from the inside and outside. My love for you is like the blossoming of a million roses. I want to be with you forever and ever. I hope you feel the same towards me as I do to you.

With ** LOVE **, Your daughter,

Once the letter reading was finished, the view transitioned back to the kitchen with the kissing mother-daughter couple. They proceeded to unbutton and loosen each other's clothing as they continued kissing. Their bra-encased breasts and navels were soon revealed. Breaking the kiss, the mother moved away from her daughter and sat on the white granite countertop, then undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and pulled it open.

"Feel my breasts, honey."

"Sure, Mom, I would love to."

The daughter began squeezing her mother's E-cup breasts through the black satin lace bra. "Your breasts...feel wonderful, Mom."

"You can call them ‘tits', too, darling."

"I love your...your tits, Mom."

Wendy watched, her mouth slightly ajar, not only entranced by the subliminals but also utterly fascinated with the perverted erotic scene unfolding before her. It was as if she were there, somehow, slipping into the role of the daughter quite naturally.

"My sweet tits love you, too, dear. They are all yours. Go ahead... Have a better look..."

The daughter then pulled down a bra cup, revealing an enticingly erect maternal nipple and areola, all painted dark red.

"That's right... It looks delicious, doesn't it? Suck it, honey."

Without delay, the girl wrapped her lips around her mother's right nipple and sucked on it, slowly at first, then vigorously moments later.


The mother threw her head back, sending her shiny blonde hair flying, and gasped at the pleasure. She stroked her daughter's scalp with her dark-red-nailed fingers, then pressed her palm against the back of her daughter's head, as if to prevent her from escaping.

"Yes, Emily, my sweetheart... Oh, yessssss...."

Subliminals bored into Wendy's vulnerable mind as she watched the video.

Wendy loves real lesbian incest...

Wendy wants to have incestuous lesbian sex...

Wendy loves her mother...

Wendy loves Mary...

Wendy wants to have lesbian sex with her mother, Mary...

Wendy would do anything to be able to have sex with her mother...

Wendy wants to seduce her mother in order to have sex with her...

Wendy wants an incestuous lesbian relationship with her mother...

Wendy hopes her father goes that Wendy can take her mother's heart...and in her bed...

Wendy wants to sleep with her mother...every night...

Wendy and her mother belong a couple...a lesbian couple...aslovers...forever...

Wendy wants to marry her be her bride...her wife...together...inlove...and lesbians...lesbian mother and daughter...wife and right...

Wendy hopes her mother is a lesbian...

Wendy wants Mary to become a lesbian...

Wendy will help and encourage her mother to become a lesbian...

Wendy wants her mother to become more beautiful and sexy...

Wendy wants her mother to wear make-up, sexy clothes, lingerie, and jewelry all thetime...especially red lipstick and nails, red jewelry, red lingerie, and sexy redclothing...

Wendy loves her mother more and cannot resist her sexually when Mary wearsbeautiful red lipstick and nails and clothes and jewelry...

Wendy does not want to resist her sexy mother...

Wendy lusts for her mother...

Wendy wants her mother to become the perfect lesbian lover and seductress...

Wendy wants her mother's sexual morality to change... to weaken... to soften...todissolve...completely...

Wendy wants her mother to become sexually loose... immodest...immoral...slutty...tobe a lesbian whore...

Wendy wants to become Mary's lesbian whore...

Wendy wants to have lesbian sex all the time with her mother...

In the video, further lust-driven acts unfolded until, at last, the daughter was eating her mother out, while fingering her mother's clit. Wendy's heart raced faster within her heaving bosom with every tense erotic second and with every deeper depravity portrayed in the incestuous relationship, her mounting passion reflecting that of the teen girl she watched. She couldn't help but feel like she was there, taking part in the decadent action, as if she were the blonde daughter going down on her own mother. Wendy's mouth watered and her tongue flopped around in her mouth as though she were the one licking the mother's drooling pussy. As loud moans emanating from the mother's red lipsticked lips filled the kitchen, Wendy whined softly in unison.

Wendy felt her longed-for release gather within her pussy, until the depraved mother-daughter sex she was witnessing, in concert with Madeline's dildo play on her womanhood, rocketed her into the orgasm she had so desperately craved.

"Ahhhhh!" Wendy threw her head back as she came, her honey-blonde hair swishing wildly about her pretty face--almost exactly like the mother in the video had done when her daughter had started sucking her nipples, a similarity in their behavior recognized by the cute teen through the haze of her trance and the euphoria of her orgasm, causing her to feel, to a degree, a bond of incestuous lesbian kinship with the depraved mother in the video. At the same moment, Madeline pressed a switch at the base of the dildo that caused the dildo to ejaculate a special fluid into Wendy's vagina.

The orgasm snapped Wendy out from her trance.

"Did I...did I just come? From...watching" This being Wendy's first full immersion into lesbian incest subject matter, and because of the very taboo content of the video, Wendy felt--at least initially--shame, fear, and guilt from having watched it, especially so avidly, and, in particular, from having orgasmed to it. However, subconsciously, she was excited and yearned for more, even at that moment.

"Yes, you did, Wendy," replied Madeline as she raised the chrome dildo--which was slick and shiny with feminine juices--in front of Wendy's face and near Wendy's lips.

Madeline did not speak the temptation she was offering, but both understood it. Wendy was at first reluctant, but delayed only a few moments before caving in, driven partly by her own appetite for pussy juice--which had been implanted into her by mind control and by her lesbian experiences, and which was now rooted firmly within her--and also partly by the lingering effects of the just-concluded entrancement and of the video she had just watched. Slipping her hand over Madeline's, thereby steadying the target as well as regaining physical contact with her beguiling partner in sex, the blonde leaned forward and stuck her tongue out. The first taste was as good as she anticipated, and she went back for another lick, then another, lapping up her own juices off the dildo. She then plunged her mouth around it and sucked on it. Scenes from the video sprang back readily into her mind, and caused her tonguing of the dildo to assume a sensuality which Madeline observed silently, with knowing satisfaction.

However, Wendy had no idea she had fallen into a trap. When Wendy's mouth had enveloped the dildo, Madeline had pressed a hidden switch at the base of the toy, causing a clear liquid aphrodisiac to leak from the tip into Wendy's mouth, which Wendy mistook for her own fluids. Madeline had similarly used the dildo to release aphrodisiac into Wendy's vagina a few minutes before.

After Wendy was done licking the toy clean, a new wave of guilt struck her, and shamed thoughts passed through her mind. I can't watch anything like this again... Fake incest is one thing...but to watch real incest is another... Incest is wrong on so many levels... It's also gross... There's got be more ways to get off than having to watch this kind of thing...

"So, Wendy, how was it?" asked Madeline over her shoulder after turning off the TV and while putting the dildo back in its case. "Did it work? Did you have an orgasm?"

Instantly, upon hearing the word "orgasm", the blonde girl's guilty musings were swept away by her recollection of the sharp pleasure she had found in her sexual release, by her relief having finally come, and by her gratitude to her mysterious hostess.

"Yes, it did work. Thank you for helping me."

"No problem. So, Wendy, which part do you think was the best?"

She's trying make me agree with incest again. As much as I thought the video was hot, I don't think it would be alright in the real world. I'm just going to pretend I agree.

"The best part was letter..."

"That was one of my favorite parts too! How many things are more beautiful than a daughter expressing her love for her mother? Would you have written something similar if you were in that girl's place?"

"Umm, I probably would write something similar, but without the...naughty parts..."

"You mean the part about breasts, curves, and other stuff? Yeah, I agree with you, but sometimes you need to be more direct if you want to seduce your mom."

I'm definitely not going to seduce my mom!

"I bet you end up like that with your mother some day. In fact, I bet you secretly hope right now that it happens." The truth of that speculation, which Wendy's subconscious mind and emotions felt keenly, even as her conscious mind resisted it, made Wendy blush with subconscious guilt and unwanted titillation.

"Madeline... I don't think..."

"It's okay, Wendy. Just don't lie to yourself about what you really desire. You wouldn't have liked that DVD so much, it wouldn't have turned you on so much, if you didn't relate to it and, deep-down, want the same thing.

"But now...what about you...and me...?"Wendy was glad her companion switched the topic. "I'd like to get to know you better."

I wonder what she means by that... I wouldn't mind getting to know her better, too...definitely... She seems so nice... But...what does she have in mind...?

"Wendy, if you want, we--you and I--could have some more fun together..."

Oh... She wants more sex with me......... I like her...and I can't deny that I liked what we did so far...even though I'm not a... She fingered her necklace, reminding herself of the persona she was endeavoring to adopt. ...I mean, because I am a lesbian girl... I'm not a slut. I shouldn't do anything more than what's necessary!

"Oh, uh, thank you, Madeline, but...but I think I had enough fun for today, and, besides, I need to go back home for dinner and do my chores and my homework." Wendy briskly pulled up her silver panties and jeans and redid her zipper.

"Are you sure you don't want to have more fun? It's not often that two girls get to have the whole house to themselves. And I really like being alone together...with you."

She's talking to me as if we've been friends for a long time. "I'm sorry, Madeline. I like you, too, and I really want to stay longer, but I need to go...or else my mom is going to be mad at me..."

"It's alright, Wendy. There'll be other times. In fact, I'd love it if you called me up sometime and asked me out."

She wants to date me? How do I feel about that?.......... That...that wouldn't be right... I'm straight.........and I already have a girlfriend...

"But...but what about Sarah? I mean, she's my girlfriend, and..."

But...then... I bet Madeline's cute....... In fact, from what I saw last time I was here...yeah...she's really cute.... If I went out with her...I'd finally get a good look at her...close-up...and without all that stuff on...that veil and robe.........

"...and," Madeline completed Wendy's sentence for her, "it's perfectly okay to cheat on her. In fact, I bet she wouldn't mind if you did."

Oh...yeah...Sarah doesn't mind if I get...experience...with other girls...

"But she doesn't really have to know she?" Madeline reached out to stroke Wendy's check with the back of her hand and her glossy fingernails. "I won't tell if you don't..."

I wonder what we'd do...together...... Might be fun.......... and... Wendy's fingers strayed absentmindedly to her double-Venus necklace. ...and I'm not even supposed to be straight, anyway ... No....... I'm gay... That's how I need to think... I'm supposed to be a that I can win Lauren's love......... If I date this girl...and if we liked each other...even if we became...girlfriends...lesbian girlfriends...and if I did...whatever...with her...within limits, of course... I wouldn't go very far...but...then it would just be me being the lesbian girl that I'm supposed to, I mean, that I am....... Yes...that's right... That's how I should think......... So...seeing her again...socially...wouldn't hurt...would it?

"At least think about it, Wendy...sweetheart..."Madeline had been drawing closer, and her face was now mere inches from Wendy. Leaning forward and lifting her veil slightly--exposing a slash of dark red as her mouth was uncovered to Wendy's eyes for a brief moment--she slid her hand around the blonde's head and pulled her in for a kiss, which she made last ten dazzling seconds, before relaxing her hold. "Okay?" Wendy, breathless and dazed by, first, the glimpse of the enigmatic girl's beautifully-painted mouth, and then by the unexpected, slick, creamy, ardent, delectable expression of her partner's bewitching affection, simply nodded.

Mmmm... I was right... I hoped her lips would look like her nails...dark...and red...and beautiful... and they do......... And they are as soft...and slick...and wet...and full...and warm...and I thought they would be.......... That kiss...wasn't long enough... If she wanted to, I wouldn't mind...another...little... kiss...

Wendy stared at Madeline's veil, seeking some further revelation of her companion's lips, of their contours, of their darkness, of their color, through the thin black silken material. She contemplated lifting the girl's veil and helping herself to more of that mystical mouth, telling herself that the alluring girl wouldn't mind and that it would simply be a "friendly goodbye kiss", until Madeline introduced a new topic.

"But one more thing before you go: I need to tell you about what our sisters discussed yesterday about your behavior during your first time at the Twin Venus Club."

Oh no! Do they suspect I'm not really a lesbian?!

"Um...What...what did I do wrong?"

"No, it's not what you did wrong. It's what's wrong with you. We've talked about this for a while and came upon the idea that you might have what some psychologists call 'Sexuality Esteem Disorder', or SED."

"What's that? I never heard of SED."

"Well, the actual definition is kind of complex, but the basic idea is that a person with SED isn't confident about his or her true sexuality and will have trouble revealing it in social situations."

That sounds totally made up! But regardless of whether or not it's real, I need to play along. I can't let them think I'm a fake.

"What can I do to fix this...this problem...if I indeed have it?"

"We have some ideas, but we think it'd be better if you tried to handle this on your own first."


"By asking Sarah, since she's your girlfriend and her parents work at Hecate. The disorder was discovered by psychologists who work there. It's a fairly recent discovery so I'm not surprised you don't know about it. Maybe Sarah can get some information on how to handle your problem."

"But how can I be sure I have this problem you've mentioned?"

"That's why we want you to ask Sarah. She might help you get in touch with one of the people working there who can help you."

At this point, the aphrodisiac secretly deposited into Wendy's vagina and mouth by Madeline's chrome dildo began to take effect on Wendy's body. The blonde teen girl was feeling horny again.

What...what's going on? Oh my! I'm...I'm aroused again! Why? Am I responding to this girl? I barely know her...and I don't even know, quite, what she looks like...but just being close to her... seems to be getting me turned on. Oh, no. I have to resist matter what my body is telling me.

The aphrodisiac sent another, more intense spike of arousal through her.

Oh! I have to get off again!! Ohhh, I need it...... But...but I don't want to have to rely on another girl again. I... I don't think that's absolutely necessary... despite what Madeline said about it. In fact, didn't what I just do with Madeline prove that?... Okay, what she did to me was a boost, for sure...but wasn't it really that video that made me cum?... I just need to watch something exciting... is the key... It just has to be the right kind of porn... I can do that at myself..., I'm feeling attracted to strong....... I need to leave before it's too late...before I can't resist her...before I do something I'll regret...

Wendy got up and tried to walk away from Madeline, but found it difficult. After a few steps, she stopped and remained standing in place a few feet away from the robed girl, facing away from her, not daring to look at her.

I need to have sex... I need it now... I need it............with her...

Mustering her will, Wendy decided on an alternative. I could just go to the bathroom and get myself off there...without her help!


"Yes, Wendy?" Madeline arose.

"I need to..."

"What do you need?" asked Madeline as she walked closer to Wendy.

"I need..."

Madeline walked the remaining distance between herself and Wendy. She gently took Wendy by a shoulder, turned her around, and moved even closer. Their breasts now touched each other through their clothes, to which erotic contact Wendy was keenly, breathlessly, electrically sensitive, and their faces were separated by a mere four to five inches. Wendy found herself focusing on Madeline's heavily made-up eyes. The slight fluttering of the mascara-laden and teased lashes and glittery bronze lids was hypnotic.

"I know what you need, Wendy, my dear sister." She embraced Wendy tenderly, causing their breasts to press together exquisitely. Wendy was now able to gauge that her companion's breasts were indeed quite large and full, as she had assayed earlier, and wonderfully firm. The sensation of feeling them with her own through the layers of material was exhilarating.

"Sex," the veiled girl whispered into Wendy's ear, as she tightened the embrace and ran her hands along the blonde's back. Wendy automatically reciprocated, slipping her hands around her hostess, finding heavenly enjoyment holding the slim, curvy, warm, fragrant body in her arms. "With me."

Wendy found it impossible to ignore the deliciously throbbing sensations in her pussy. It was as if her womanhood was conspiring to undo her, and as if she, and her will, were melting away, and flowing helplessly toward a destined coupling with her curvaceous new friend. The urge came over her to rip off the girl's veil and robe, finally have a look at her, plunge her hands in her hair, and pull her face in for a long, reckless, open-mouthed kiss. For starters...

Yesss....... I want her..............but... Wendy summoned her last shreds of willpower."No, I can't...".

"You don't have to suppress your desires. I can help you with them."

"I need to go..." Her voice was weak, hoarse, faint, the readiness to surrender obvious.

"I know that you want to have sex with me. You know that, too, don't you, sweetie?"Wendy's silence was her answer. "But you're denying yourself because you're afraid of the consequences. You don't have to worry, though, because I have a solution!" Madeline exclaimed as she broke her embrace, and, for the moment, some of the sexual tension between them, and walked away.

Wendy's interest was piqued, and she wondered what solution Madeline was talking about.

Madeline walked over to the cabinet and retrieved a hinged gray leather box. She opened it, revealing an electronic device that consisted of a compact pair of black goggles with headphones and a choker. On the front of the goggles were ten small autofocusing cameras, five on each side.

"What's this?"

"AR goggles. The AR stands for ‘augmented reality'."

Wendy had heard of devices like this before. Supposedly, she had been informed, the goggles added interactive digital elements to the perceived physical world and could trick users into believing an altered reality. But Wendy was skeptical; with such an apparently simple setup, she thought, it would not be much different than plugging a game console into a TV, just that the goggles were on the face, up close, rather than perched several feet away, like a TV would be.

"It's not the type you've seen on TV or online. This one is way more advanced. It moves your mind to another level of consciousness. You can actually feel virtual objects in front of you with your hands and anywhere else on your body."

"How is that possible?"

"I don't know how it works exactly, since I'm not one who made this, but I promise you it'll be fun! Do you want to try it?"

"What would I see with those goggles?"

"You will basically see what you see now--"

"How's that augemented re--?"

"Let me finish. The AR you will experience is kind of like semi-VR, but you'll see additional objects that you wouldn't see right now, without them. Those new objects could be either people or whatever. But the unique aspect of this technology is that those virtual objects are fully interactive."

"You mean I could touch and feel them?"

"Yes, and in your case, you'll get to see and interact with a virtual female almost as if she's real."

"Wow, I didn't know this kind of technology exists."

"Before I can help you to put these on, I need you to sit back on the couch first."

Wendy, feeling desperately aroused and curious at the same time, was willing to try it without much thought. She made a hasty judgement that having sex with unreal people would be no different than having fantasies while masturbating. Wendy returned to the sofa and sat down.

The goggles went over Wendy's eyes, the sound-blocking headphones over her ears, and the choker around her neck. A pair of cables connected the goggles and headphones to the choker, which contained a battery power supply and a wireless communications unit that interacted with a hidden master computer.

After putting the device on, Wendy experienced only darkness and silence for ten seconds. Then, for the next fifteen seconds, she heard static from the headphones and saw static in front of her eyes. Hidden in both the visual and audio static were subliminals that discouraged cognitive thinking and opened her mind to receive what followed as reality. Finally, there was a brief white glow in front of her eyes before she was able to "see" through the AR goggles.

"Wow, this place looks different. It looks like it's been remodeled."

The dark red color of the living room walls was replaced with a dark purple color. The wooden furniture turned from dark brown to lustrous black. The leather of the couch on which she was sitting turned from dark red to black. The polished hardwood floor beneath her turned into white marble.

After being awed by the new appearance of the living room, Wendy stood up and looked around for her hostess.

"Madeline...where are you?" Wendy took some steps forward, looking around. "Hello?"

A light touch on her right shoulder caused Wendy to swivel around. "You scared me!" When Wendy looked closer at the girl clad in a black robe and face veil in front her, she realized that she wasn't looking at Madeline. It was someone else who was familiar to her. The piercing on the right eye brow was a telling sign.


"Yes, it's me, Wendy." The girl took off her hood and mouth veil.

Wendy was stunned by her friend's new looks: Madelynn's hair, fully combed back with no bangs, was glossy black without a trace of any other color; black, glossy lipstick covered her lips; her nails were painted with lacquer of the same black shade as her lips; silver and black eyeshadow covered her eyelids, while the eyelashes were teased thickly with black mascara.

"Wow...Madelynn... You look...amazing!........ But...w-why are you here?"

"I thought you said you wanted to make love with me," spoke Madelynn through lustrous black-painted lips that seemed to glisten magically.

"I did?" When did I tell her that? "Wait, Maddy. I thought we had a plan. We're supposed to take it sl--" Wendy was silenced by a kiss from the virtual Madelynn before she could finish.After recovering from the initial surprise of feeling her friend's incredible black lips assaulting her own, that mouth proved to be so soft and wet and slick and delicious that Wendy could not help but kiss her back. As she started to do so, her conscience spoke up for a moment to remind her that this was her life-long best friend, not some random lesbian bimbo, and that she did not want to get too carried away with her sexually.

I need to stop her before it goes too far!

But that thought was weak and transitory, and powerless to stop Wendy from finally, completely relenting to the magical kiss, reciprocating it, and adding her own passion to it.


Madelynn's tongue probed deeply into Wendy's mouth, to which the blonde girl responded by caressing the oral intruder's tongue with her own.

Why can't I stop her? Or myself?

A voice that sounded exactly like Wendy's spoke in her mind...

You don't want to stop her... This feels very good...

No, I can't do this... I just want to win my friend back from Lauren...

You want to seduce your friend and have lesbian sex with her... You want your friend to become a lesbian...


Yes! You will seduce your friend, Madelynn... You desire her sexually... You want Madelynn to have lesbian sex with you...

Summoning what faint scraps of resistance she could from the remnants of her willpower, Wendy disengaged from her kiss with Madelynn and walked several steps backwards away from her friend.

"Madelynn, we shouldn't do this!"

"Aren't I your best friend? I thought you loved me..."

"Yes, but we don't need to go that far..."

"Don't you want to have sex with me?"

Wendy hesitated in answering. Why...why can't I say "no" to her? What's wrong with me?

"I know you want me, Wendy..." accused Madelynn through her glimmering black lips.

Yessss... I do... I want to kiss her...and touch badly... I want to fuck Madelynn...

In three smooth motions, the Goth girl took off her black robe.

A gasp escaped Wendy's lips at the erotic sight that was revealed to her. Madelynn's unnaturally midnight-black hair, hitherto shoulder-length in a precise page-boy style, now flowed straight back from her face and down to her hips in long, straight, glossy tresses of pure black, without purple streaks. Madelynn's previous C-cup breasts were now much larger, jutting out to an E-cup size. They were nearly bursting out of a shiny leather bra decorated on the seams, edges, and straps with nickel-plated steel spikes of various sizes. The panties covering her privates and hips were of a matching design. A silver belly piercing with a dangling amethyst-studded pentagram hung from her navel. On each of her flanks was a black filigree tattoo. Her right wrist was adorned with a silver charm bracelet with interwoven Venus symbols. Around her upper left arm was a silver serpentine armlet with two purple gems representing the serpent's eyes. Each of her feet stood on a black, patent-leather, high-heeled, ankle-length boot with two steel-studded buckle straps. Black fishnet stay-up stockings ran up her legs, ending at the upper thighs.

The Goth girl ran her black-nailed fingers along her bodily curves while licking her glossy black lips seductively. "Don't you like the way I look now?"

Wendy's overwhelmed mind and ravenous eyes answered for her, as she could not find her voice. Oh, wow.....yes....yes!.... She's...she's...

I did this for you, Wendy. Because I love you." Her Goth friend's declaration of love sent warm shivers up her spine.

She walked slowly towards her blonde friend. "Do you love me?"

"I-I..." Wendy took a few more steps back as her friend walked closer to her.

You love Goth girls... You want to have sex with Goth girls... Madelynn is a beautiful Goth girl... You desire Madelynn... You love Madelynn... You want to submit to Madelynn... I'm not supposed to love her in that way... We're just friends... I just want Madelynn to remain as my friend...

A voice sounded inside Wendy's head which was exactly like that of her mother. Wendy. All else in Wendy's world paused.

"Mom? Why are you..."

I just want you to be happy...and all your all your relationships... So listen to me... You can find love...and fulfilling pleasure...with your friend, Madelynn...but not by holding back... Think back, your last time together with her...

When was that?... Oh, my room...two days ago... Madelynn had that little black vinyl minidress Her body looked hot... And her hair and face were amazing... Her lips were that beautiful purple... She looked incredible....... I have to admit... I...I wanted her...more than as just a friend...more than I should have let myself...and we...did...some... things......but....I didn't let it go too far...

A vision burst upon Wendy's mind of herself and Madelynn, dressed and made up exactly as they had been two days ago in Wendy's bedroom. But in this version, their sexual play was distinctly more uninhibited than it had been in real life on that occasion. First, Wendy saw that they were rolling around on Wendy's bed, making out passionately, hands roaming adventurously over bodies, two girls obviously very much into each other.

Wendy heard her mother's voice again as she watched the vision.

Honey, I highly approve of you being in a sexual relationship with Madelynn. I was wondering when you two would finally take your friendship to the next level, and start getting romantic with each other. It's only natural, for two cute girls like you. You are perfect for each other.

Mom...knows about us? And...and she's okay with it?Since when does Mom approve of...

There's no reason you and Madelynn can't be lovers. You do want her, don't you?

"Well... yeah...but..."

Give in to your feelings for her. Drop the "‘we're only friends" nonsense. You can never go back to that, and you don't want to, so stop lying to yourself about it. Become her real lesbian girlfriend. Fall in love with her. Have all-out lesbian sex with her. Again and again and again...

Wendy continued to see her visionary self and Madelynn on the bed in Wendy's bedroom, in a revised replay of what their time together a couple of days before could have been like had both girls explored their mutual lusts without restraint. She saw each girl undress the other until they were naked. Each girl hungrily eyed up the nude body of her partner. Madelynn scooped her trembling young breasts into her hands, lifting them in offer. Wendy reached out for them, took them into her own hands as Madelynn's dropped away, and bent forward to kiss the purple-painted tips.

You should have done much more with her. You love Madelynn. You desire to show her how much you love her, how much she turns you on, how much you want her. You could have gone all the way...

Now Wendy saw herself and Madelynn rubbing pussies, as she had witnessed porn actresses do and as she had seen Kayla and Angela do the previous night while she was entranced.

This is what you could have done...and should have done...what you really want to do with her...and much more... A black strap-on dildo materialized on the bed next to them.

Wendy felt her pussy pulsing with need and leaking down her leg. I could have gone further with Madelynn......... I should have.......... I love her....... I guess I want do...almost... everything...with her...

"Next time, don't hold back." Mom's voice faded away as her apparent presence fled. "Go all the way..."

It had seemed as though time had stood still while the indoctrinating vision came and went, but now Wendy focused again in the present, on her tempting girlfriend who was still approaching, her dark lips glistening in dangerous invition, her heels clicking insistenly, her luscious, leather-clad breasts swaying heavily and persuasively with every footstep.

The voice like Wendy's own returned. You want Madelynn to become your lover... You want to seduce Madelynn, to have lesbian sex with her... You desire Madelynn's body... You're a lesbian slut... You want Madelynn to be a lesbian and a slut...You want Madelynn to fuck you...

Wendy found her resistance crumbling to pieces and she simply stood in place now as her friend walked the remaining distance towards her. Her eyes were unable to leave the erotic sight of the approaching Goth girl's body. Though a small part of her still wanted to move her legs and run away, it was simply impossible.

Submit to Madelynn... Obey your girlfriend... Make love with her...

Once Madelynn had come to a stop but a few exciting inches away, she took Wendy's chin lightly in hand and tilted it up to lift her paralyzed friend's lips to a perfectly vulnerable position. She placed one soft, tender kiss on Wendy's unresisting mouth, paused, and followed it with another, then another. Wendy found she could not help but kiss her friend back, at first with a softness to match Madelynn's, then with mounting need. The kisses accelerated and the vigor increased mutually. The beautiful Goth girl pushed her tongue into her blonde friend's warm mouth. Wendy met her partner's tongue with her own, then slipped her tongue into her friend's juicy mouth for a reciprocal exploration. Arms wrapped around bodies and they made out passionately for the next minute.

Breaking for a few moments, Madelynn gently guided her friend to the couch, laying her down in a half-sitting, half-lying position, with the blonde's back against the back and an arm of the sofa, then lowered her body onto Wendy. With no delay, they resumed making out with each other. For the next minute, the only audible sounds in the room were those of two salivating teen mouths exploring each other fervently.

Offer your body to Madelynn... Submit to her totally... Let her have lesbian sex with you... Offer her your breasts...

Wendy pushed Madelynn away softly and lifted her torso to take off her pink hoodie, temporarily interrupting their kiss in the process, and tossed the hoodie away, leaving her firm young breasts clad only in their slick silver bra.

Your breasts... Make her want them... Give them to her...

The blonde lay back, looked in her friend's eyes with a mischievous little gleam in her own, tilted her head slightly to the side and backwards, and cupped the undersides of her tits, lifting them up. Her act mimicked, without her quite being aware of it, conduct she had witnessed numerous times by now in porn videos. She squeezed her firm young orbs, making them bulge in their bra cups, then pressed them together, to exaggerate her cleavage. She then reached for the Goth girl and, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend's back and neck, pulled her down onto herself. They fell quite naturally and rapidly back into their torrid lip lock.

Arching her back, the blonde teen wantonly thrust her chest up into her friend's, making their young, bra-clad breasts collide with each other. It seemed to her that she had wanted to do this exact thing with her friend for a long time, and now the sensation of giving in to her lusts and letting herself go, and finally feeling her best friend's tits pressing into hers through just their bras, was sheer heaven for the young blonde. The delight she felt spurred her to drive her tongue deeper into her girlfriend's juicy mouth, and to moan with the pleasure. Mmmmmmm...

After jousting each other licentiously with their mouths and breasts awhile, Madelynn broke the kiss, lifted up a little, and, smiling sultrily, pulled down Wendy's silver bra cups, exposing her deep-pink rosebuds to the air and to herself. Both girls looked and Wendy sighed as the lovely Goth teen circled one of them with a glossy black fingernail, then as the same fingertip slid once ever so softly and slowly across the rising nub, eliciting a delicate "oh!" from the blonde. The finger, and then fingers, returned with more strokes, increasing pressure, and some flicks and pulls, Wendy's teen nipples elongating rapidly under the touch of Madelynn's gleaming, black-nailed fingertips.

Then, gasps and sighs emitted from Wendy's mouth as her nipples were being licked, bitten, and sucked by a beautifully black-painted mouth. Wendy slid both hands into her friend's straight, shiny, now-long, midnight hair, holding her head on task, while sharply savoring both the slick tongue lapping her breasts and the luxurious texture, length, and color of the mane in her hands.

"Oh, Madelynn...mmmmm..."

Madelynn... I love your hair...and your hands...and your mouth......and your big...big... beautiful.........tits.................... I love you...

Each of Madelynn's hands now took possession of the whole of a firm teen mammary globe. Black-nailed fingers squeezed and kneaded Wendy's breasts, thrilling the blonde even more, before sliding downwards along the sides of her body. While black lips continued to dwell on the blonde's sensitive tits, the Goth girl's fingers then slipped into the waistband of the jeans and panties to feel the skin of the Wendy's smooth ass.

You will let Madelynn fuck you in your mouth and in your ass...

I-I need to be virgin...

Only your pussy needs to be virgin...

...but only my pussy needs to be virgin...

Madelynn rose upwards from Wendy with her legs astride Wendy's legs, standing with her left knee on the couch and her right foot on the floor. There was now a lustrous black silicone strap-on dildo mounted on the Goth girl's pussy via studded black leather straps. Black-nailed fingers stroked the shaft slowly.

When did she put that on?

She looks so hot... You want to suck it... Let Madelynn fuck your mouth...

Mmmmm... That looks so hot... I want her to fuck my mouth...

Wendy twisted around to get on her fours on the sofa, her face aligned with the strap-on. She opened her mouth and enveloped the shiny black shaft with her moist lips. As she commenced to tongue the dark toy, images flickered briefly in and out of view in front of Wendy's eyes, featuring herself and the dildo, as if seen from above sometimes, and other times from the side. When she fixated on herself, she thought she saw a girl with long, ultra pale blonde hair and heavy makeup, sucking on the strap-on.

A light feminine voice passed through her head, as if it were a breeze: Like a whore. much like a whore........... so beautiful...

The dildo changed colors before her eyes as she sucked it, going from black, to purple, to blue, to green, to gold, to silver, to pink, and then, finally, to red, before changing back to the previous colors in reverse order. Wendy's lips changed colors as well, to the same colors that the dildo changed to but in the reverse order. When the dildo was black, her lips were red. When the dildo was red, her lips were black. When the dildo was purple, her lips were pink. When the dildo was pink, her lips were purple. When her lips were gold, the dildo was green. When the dildo was gold, her lips were green. Then the pairings varied without reciprocation. There were blue lips with a black dildo, silver lips with a gold dildo, and burgundy lips with a silver dildo. Eventually, all possible pairings of colors flashed on her lips and the dildo in rapid speed.

The parade of changing colors, combined with the pornographic spectacle of oral love, starring herself in fantasy visualization, was hypnotic, to the point that a brief bout of vertigo overtook Wendy. As her head spun, a chorus of moaning sounds of females having sex filled her ears. She felt, as it were, innumerable invisible feminine hands touching and caressing everywhere on her body, feeling every crevice and every square-inch of her skin....

A sweet-tasting, purple liquid burst into Wendy's mouth in several spurts, bringing her back into the awareness of her oral sex on Madelynn's strap-on phallus.

Swallow it... Swallow the fluid of female sexuality... Swallow the liquid of life... Swallow lesbian love...

Wendy gulped down the mysterious fluid, which contained a bitter-tasting drug, masked by a sweet cherry flavor. It would temporarily reduce her inhibitions and increase her susceptibility to suggestions and subliminals, while elevating her long-term sex drive.

The Goth girl pulled out from Wendy's mouth, smiled down at her friend approvingly, and stroked her cheek. "Gooood girl. Done like a pro. Like a fucking, sexy little whore. I love you being like that. Wendy--my girlfriend, the whore." When the implication of Madelynn's words started to dawn on her, Wendy opened her mouth a little to object, but then didn't quite know why she would want to, and what she should say. It was as if the word Madelynn had called her seemed to fit the acts Wendy had just performed.

Wendy had observed in real life, of course, that her friend's deportment and language, previously reserved and modest, had become decidedly more vulgar and sexual over the last several weeks, but that seemed to become her now, seemed to complement her extreme, beautiful new Goth style. Despite that, Madelynn had always treated her, Wendy, with a certain amount of respect, even lately, but now Madelynn was addressing her with a level of crudity and sensuality she had never quite used before. Just the same, it struck Wendy as kind of... exciting...

Madelynn pulled Wendy up to a sitting position on the sofa."A very beautiful whore." Madelynn tilted her head and leaned over to kiss her friend's mouth tenderly. "My whore."She kissed her again. "My sweet lesbian girlfriend." Another soft kiss. "Wendy, my pretty blonde lover." A last, more lingering and romantic kiss. "My fucking little slut."

Again, the blonde started to object, but aborted the attempt as she arose. Maybe, Wendy figured, Madelynn was just kidding with her. But more than that, there was a part of her that seemed to like hearing the word "fuck", and being called a slut and a whore, and being treated like that.

Madelynn arose. "Let's go to a bedroom." She extended her hand to help her friend arise. "That's where whores belong."

Wendy licked the milky purple liquid overflowing around her lips as she started following her friend, who was sauntering away to a bedroom down the hall. As she walked, Wendy's eyes followed her girlfriend's thick, silky mane of straight, unnaturally-deep black hair as it flowed all the way down her back past her slim waist to where it ended at her curvaceous hips. Her gaze wandered over the Goth girl's ass, focusing on the smooth curves outlined by the studded leather panties, then roamed up and down along the sexy legs clad in black fishnet stockings and tipped in elegant, click-clacking booted heels.Mmmm... Madelynn... She's changed so much... She's more beautiful than ever... What a sexy knockout... Wendy felt a surge of gratitude that she knew Madelynn, that they were friends, and that they were together, not only in the sense of sharing company right now, but also in the sense of being in a relationship, one which was transcending mere friendship. And she's my lesbian girlfriend....... It may be a pretend relationship...kind of...but.....

Halfway down the hallway, Madelynn paused, turned around, smiled--with a look that made it seem she knew exactly what Wendy had been watching and thinking as they were walking in the hallway, and was very pleased--took Wendy's hand in hers, laced their fingers together romantically, and led her, hand in hand, into the bedroom.

The bedroom had a black and purple theme, but that wasn't the main thing that captured Wendy's eye as she walked through the room. As she passed by the vanity mirror, she gave it a brief glance, but then stopped in her tracks and looked again. She gasped as she saw her change in appearance. Her hair was much longer, falling to her waist, and considerably lighter and brighter in color, the exact shade being difficult to discern in the dim light, although it appeared to be a pale pearlescent blonde. Her face was painted with make-up: glossy fuchsia-painted lips, long black lashes supported by mascara, purple eyeliner, and silver-purple eye shadow. There was no clothing on her body except for a white satin bra with pink lace, matching panties, sheer white stockings suspended with a white garter belt, and four-inch white high heel pumps. The Twin Venus necklace around her neck twinkled.

When did I put on make-up?... I like it...a lot...but...I thought I removed it after going out with Kayla... How come I'm wearing these things? My underwear is supposed to be silver... When did I take off my jeans?... And my''s really cool... But...what's going on?

Wendy's train of thought was broken when she felt Madelynn's arms enwrapping her from behind, followed by a kiss on her left cheek. The raven-haired girl took Wendy's white-satin-covered tits in her black-nailed hands, as if it were the only logical and natural course to pursue, and gently squeezed them. Wendy moaned softly with the pleasure and leaned her head back onto Madelynn's shoulder. The exposed neck was kissed by glossy black lips.

"How do you like being my lesbian girlfriend so far, Wendy, my love?"

Wendy simply nodded her head and whimpered a little, savoring the sexy Goth girl's wet, black lips on her neck.

"I love your makeup..." Madelynn added her tongue to her lips, and worked her way up to Wendy's ear. "...And your hair..." She nibbled on the earlobe and tongued the ear's inner contours. Wendy sighed. "...And what you're wearing..."

Madelynn whispered in her blonde girlfriend's now-wet ear. "Let's get on the bed and make love, Wendy..."


Madelynn walked around Wendy toward the bed. Wendy also started for the bed, but then paused. "Madelynn... Doesn't...doesn't something feel kind of... wro--." Black lips sealed Wendy's mouth, preventing her from finishing her objection.

Love isn't wrong... You want to make love with Madelynn... You want to submit to Madelynn... You want to have intense lesbian sex with her...

Erotic female moaning sounds filled Wendy's ears again, like before. Phantom feminine hands touched her body all over. Wendy winced with closed eyes at the onslaught of unnatural sounds and sensations. When she reopened her eyes, Madelynn's face was inches from hers. Black lips parted slightly as an invitation for kissing.

You want Madelynn to fuck you...

But I'm a virgin...

Offer her your ass... Let her fuck you in your ass...

My ass......okay...

Feeling as if guided by an invisible force, Wendy moved her lips towards Madelynn's for a deep, passionate kiss, all reluctance dissolving.

The blonde girl offered no resistance as she was being guided to the bed by the raven-haired teen beauty. Understanding exactly what posture to assume from the porn she had viewed and the erotic situations to which she had been exposed, Wendy climbed onto the bed and got on her fours, facing the head board. Madelynn got on the bed next and stood on her knees behind Wendy. She grabbed and squeezed Wendy's ass cheeks with both hands before slapping a cheek once, slipping her black-nailed fingers into the waistband of the panties, and pulling them down and off Wendy's slender, smooth legs.

The strap-on goes into your ass...

The strap-on goes into my ass...

Madelynn leaned over to pick up a tube of lubrication gel and a hand towel from an adjacent night stand, squirted some gel on the dildo, spread it portentously along the length of the shaft, smiling predatorily as she did at Wendy, who had turned her head for a moment to watch, wiped her hands off on the towel, and replaced the lube and towel on the nightstand. Standing again on her knees, the raven-haired beauty positioned the head of the gleaming black strap-on within an inch of her friend's butt crack, aiming it ominously at the tender virginal anus before her.

Let her fuck you... Open your ass up for Madelynn... You will submit to her... Become Madelynn's lesbian whore...

I will submit to her... I want her strap-on in my ass... I want her to fuck me... Fuck me, Madelynn, my sweet, beautiful girlfriend... Let me be your whore...

When Wendy felt Madelynn's hands resting on her butt, she spread her legs apart and relaxed. A few seconds later, she felt the tip of the dildo touching her puckered hole and gasped.

"Do you like this, my little slut?" The Goth girl sank the dido a tantalizing inch or two into Wendy's hole, splitting it open, and making Wendy's eyes and mouth pop open likewise. She also started to pant lightly but audibly. " do!... What a perverted little whore!... But I have much more for you...and you're going to love it!"

A brief feeling of uncertainty made Wendy hesitate. Should I be doing this with her? However, a sudden blast of subliminals, mixed into a chorus of feminine moans, dismissed Wendy's remaining inhibitions. She was now ready and willing, if not even eager, to surrender her anal virginity to her dearly beloved, wonderfully sexy friend. Her lesbian girlfriend.

In the Goth beauty pushed another two inches, with exquisite slowness. Wendy whimpered at the novel delight.

"Now I'm going to fuck you hard, Wendy, my love..." Madelynn uttered with a wicked sultriness.

With a gradual but forceful thrust, Madelynn pushed the black strap-on dildo all the way into the blonde girl's rectum. Wendy's mouth opened in a loud, prolonged erotic moan. The dildo was then pulled out slowly, but not all the way, causing Wendy to have a sharp intake of air, before it was pushed back in deeply, making Wendy moan loudly again.

You love anal sex... Let Madelynn keep fucking you... Moan like a whore for her...


Wendy's lovely Goth partner repeated the out...slowly at first, but she gradually picked up the pace and fell into a steady cadence.

It was hard to keep focus, but Wendy noticed that her vision, or, more accurately, her point of view, began to change. With the aid of multiple hidden cameras within the bedroom, the AR googles convinced Wendy that part of her was being lifted up and floating to the side, so that she had a panoramic view of the glorious ass-fucking she was receiving from her Goth best friend.

Wendy saw herself--her shimmering, pale blonde hair, now as long as that of the AR Madelynn and spilling over her back, shoulders, and arms and onto the bed with a delicious silkiness which she keenly felt and loved, lightening yet further with every sweet plunge of the dildo until it gradually approached a pure, silvery white to match her satin bra; her eyes a deep cobalt blue; her mouth glowing in a luminous, metallic purplish fuchsia color and drooling glittery lavender saliva; her breasts hanging straight down from her chest, seeming to be heavier, larger, more womanly than before, swaying erotically within her shiny bra with the fucking thrusts, her nipples stiff and red with lust and popping over the tops of the flimsy bra cups much of the time.Her soft, white young ass cheeks quivered with the Sapphic lunges up her rear, pussy nectar the same transparent lavender color as her saliva dripping profusely onto the satin bed sheet beneath her.

The soft, sweet, young feminine voice breezed through her again. ...beautiful...lesbian... whore...

The teen's delirious mind adopted, at least for the moment, the insinuated sentiments:

The pleasurable sensations building up in her rectum started to become too much for Wendy, causing her to collapse her body from a doggie-style posture into a face-down, ass-up position. Her AR-goggle-encased head rested on the mattress, mouth agape as drool continued to pour out, Wendy's hands balled up into fists, clutching at the bed sheets, and her hips moved back and forth to accept the unyielding, black obelisk of pleasure to the maximum possible extent into her tight anal passage."Ohhh... Madelynn... I loooove yoooou... oooooohhhhhh...aahh..."

Then Wendy noticed that something was happening to Madelynn. As Madelynn continued her unrelenting, primal fuck of Wendy's anus, the blonde saw Madelynn's hip-length black locks fall into a part in the middle and her facial features and skin tone transform. Her best friend's body began to shift, stretch and grow slightly taller, the whole morphing into a shape and appearance which struck Wendy as strangely familiar, more so with every moment of transfiguration.After a few more seconds the transformation was complete and Wendy immediately recognized Madelynn's new form.


Her best friend had morphed into her older sister, or had at least taken on her sister's face and foxy body, except with longer hair by a foot or so than her real sister had had the last time Wendy had seen her. Her attire, make-up, and jewelry were changing, as well, but the final result did not manifest itself to Wendy for a minute.

In any case, the altered young woman persevered without let-up to pummel Wendy's asshole with the strap-on. While Wendy felt and witnessed the continued carnal assault on the creamy white globes of her ass, a dialogue commenced within Wendy's mind.

Why is Claire here... why is she fucking me in the ass?

Because it's one of the many things I've desired.

But she's my older sister...

My older, sexy sister.

But this is... I mean this is...incest... An inadvertent, wicked thrill passed through Wendy when she acknowledged the forbidden sin in which she was now engaging.

And it feels so good and so right.

It was becoming very hard for Wendy to disagree with the voice, especially with the intense pleasurable feeling she was feeling between legs.

I guess I can agree...but I just think...

Less thinking and more fucking, slut!

It's time you stopped trying to deny what you always were...what you always wanted...who you always wanted...

Look what happens when you start to accept it.

Wendy now noticed that this sororal version of her current lover was dressed not only differently than the Madelynn persona had been, but also differently than Wendy had ever seen her sister, who had always been modest and conservative in her selection of clothes and accoutrements, following the lead of their mother. In contrast, this marvellously-endowed and worldly incarnation of her sister wore an extremely tight, totally sheer, cropped, long-sleeve tee of shimmering holographic metallic ice-blue silk mesh--which revealed both her obviously braless state in detail and the silver-ring naval piercing in her flat, smooth, narrow mid-section--together with a loose, pleated skater microskirt of glossy dark royal blue lame spandex so tiny as to pose no significant obstacle to the vigorous employment of the strap-on. This scanty, pantiless outfit was complemented by navy-blue heels with ankle straps, frilly, turned-down, sheer white-and-blue ankle socks, and silver earrings and bracelets. The black strap-on became red in color for both the shaft and harness. sister... I...I didn't know she was like this... She's...she's looser than the sister I thought I knew...

It's about time Claire loosened up. You like her like this...

She's so sexy... I like her like this...

Then, Claire's hair started to lighten, progressing in steps with each succeeding anal violation inflicted on Wendy, changing color from black to dark brown with the first thrust and to medium ash brown with the second. The next marbled her hair with bold tresses of blonde, the next infused more, and, with the next, the whole mane lit up to a gorgeous pale ash blonde shade, not far different than Wendy's current hair color in the AR world.

Her sister's natural face also became decorated heavily with cosmetics: candy-apple red lipstick that matched the new color of her nails, silver-blue eyeshadow, reddish blush, and black mascara. A sultry, lust-filled expression took possession of her visage, like none Wendy had ever before observed on her sister.

Wendy had always loved her sister and admired her beauty, but had never imagined her as a lover--that she could remember--nor had she ever before conceived of such a possibility as this one. However, as she felt and witnessed her darling older sister fuck her, and drank in her sexed-up loveliness, her considerable sisterly love transformed rapidly into unrestrained, raw lust for her pretty sibling, a feeling it now seemed that she had secretly harbored her whole life and which, at last, was free to surface.

Wendy felt the passionate heat in her loins rise as the heightened depravity of her intercourse supercharged her arousal.

"Oh, Claire...I never realized you were so HOT! fuckin' sexy ..."

As if to reward her little sister for her acceptance of her new lascivious style and their transformed love, Claire leaned her upper body onto Wendy's back and brought her face to the side of Wendy's head, Wendy luxuriating in the erotic sensation of her sisters's erect nipples raking the skin of her back through the silken top enwrapping them and of her sister's sleek, freshly blonded hair enshrouding and caressing her head, shoulders, arms, and back.

"Give your sexy sister a nice romantic kiss, honey... I know you're dying to..." The moment Claire uttered that, Wendy "knew" that she had always wanted to kiss her sister with more than a sisterly love, and that she indeed had to taste her sisters's painted lips right now. She turned her face, assisted by Claire's manicured hand, to meet her older sibling's candied mouth.


When they broke, Wendy, hungry for more of her sister's soft, rich, red lips, whispered her own panting appeal. "Sis...could I...please...kiss you...again...." This time Wendy twisted more, wrapped her arm around her sister's neck, trapped her face with her fuchsia-nailed hand, and brought their lips and tongues together for a long, sloshing, delectable reunion.

At length Claire sat up and resumed her rhythmic pleasuring of Wendy's rear end. The younger blonde sister let a passionate moan of pleasure escape her parted fuchsia lips as she continued to feel and watch her older sister butt-fuck her into sexual paradise.

"Ahhhhhh...such a good sweet sister...Claire... ooohhhh..."

You're a lesbian, Wendy Love-Livingston...and not just an ordinary one.

You are a totally depraved lesbian, Wendy. You love incest. You love sex with your sister. You crave sex with every desirable girl and woman you know. Your lust has no limits, no morality, and no rules.

You're a lesbian slut!

As the voice said "slut", it boomed into her inner being and further raised the pleasure pulsing in her body. Wendy could feel herself getting close. She felt the familiar sexual tremble, sensed the approaching release building up, but Wendy also felt an unknown force denying her the pleasurable release that was rightfully hers. She instinctively understood that she had to collaborate with the voice in her head, to gain the reward she sought. Her desperate need propelled the open-minded words out of her mouth which she knew she had to say.

"Ssssllluuuttt......... Hmmm... I'm sure...or I was sure...that I didn't want to be one...but... would it really be that...bad?......... Maybe...I might be possible...that...I day...could be... a...a little bit of a...a slut... It'd just be temporary, of course...and just a little ............... Maybe...I'm becoming one right now... Is it possible that I even already am...a...a slut?......... I'm not sure.... Could it be that...I'm becoming a lesbian, too? I have resisted it possible..that I want to be one...?"

A small convulsion of sharp, orgasm-like pleasure swept through Wendy's body in reaction to her partial acknowledgement. The pleasure led her to dwell on those words and to open her mind more to them as being true. Droplets of lesbian passion flowed down her gushing, wet pussy into a small pool of cunt juice staining the mattress below her.

Yes! You're starting to realize it... Now continue... Know it more deeply... No longer question it... Stop fighting it... Want it to be true... Let it course through every fiber of your body and sink into every corner of your mind...that you, Wendy Love-Livingston, are a lesbian! And a depraved little slut!

You love being fucked in the ass, like the trampy little lesbian whore you are, especially by your beautiful sister...

"Oooo, yes, I do... I looove getting fucked in the ass... Why did I wait so long?... I should have let my sister fuck me long ago... I should have begged her...... I love my hot sister sooooo much..."

Gooood... You can have her fuck you like this many more times in the future... This is only the first of lots and lots of dreamy sex with your beautiful sister... This is the way sexy sisters should love each other... You long for love like this with your sister...and with other girls...and women...soft and fragrant and pretty and sexy female nice... romantic love...physical love...sexual love...with women and good...

But, Wendy, there is someone else you want even more... Someone even better... Someone even hotter... The ideal companion for you in lesbian love... You will not fully obtain the release you seek until you discover who is the woman destined to be the love of your life...the one you have chosen without knowing it yet...the one you want above all others...and embrace your destiny with her...and until you accept and confess that you truly are a depraved lesbian slut...better than you just did...

What you just said is a great beginning in coming to realize who you are...what you are... what you are becoming...and what you will be from now on and forever... What you said is absolutely true... You are proving it by what you are doing now...and the way you feel about it... Only a depraved lesbian slut would let her drop-dead gorgeous sister fuck her in the ass...and revel in it...

But even more than her, who is it whom you really want, want above all others, to have pounding your tight ass into sexual oblivion?

Focus on the word "slut". Let it guide you, shape you, transform you. Don't deny what a thorough slut you are any longer. Accept it, and you'll find the love of your life, the woman you are destined for.Embrace it, and soon you'll feel the pleasure you desire so much.

Find your soulmate...and admit your true nature... Think of that word you are coming to love...and which tells you what you want to be........ the word that can lead you to your soul mate...and to your ultimate destiny and happiness....... that beautiful word..."slut"...

The young blonde teen searched her mind for the answer. Who, what women, did the voice mean? But she had been provided the key to solving the riddle. That word. "Slut."

As the word "slut" bounced around Wendy's lust-addled mind, she began to think about herself, about the ways that word applied to her and to her behavior over the past weeks, to the deviant act of anal intercourse she was committing this afternoon, to the taboo incest which she was so blithely relishing with her sister at that very moment, and to the direction in which she was headed in the near future.


She also puzzled over who this certain woman in her life might be, the one mentioned by the bewitching voice. Her thoughts traversed recent events, girls and women she had been with, and various comments her friends had made over the last couple of days. She reviewed novel feelings that had been brewing within her of late, and, particularly, various impressions she had had during the dinner the night before and while at home today. Her swirling thoughts and desires started to crystalize, and were indeed coalescing around one mystery person. One woman. Someone near and dear to her. But who was it? Who was this destined love?

And then it struck her. The impact was like a piano falling from a two-story building on her head.

"Oh...oh, no!... It can't be!"

As this revelation became clearer and more certain to Wendy, she once again witnessed her companion morph. She recognized another familiar form resolving before her eyes.


Claire had transformed into Wendy's mother, Mary.

What?.... Oh, no!...Not...not...Mom!! I can't do this! Not with her!! Nooooooo...

Despite the blonde teen's protest to herself and the understanding--though pushed far to the back of her head--that she was experiencing but a virtual fantasy, the shocking realization that it was now her own mother, Mary, with whom she seemed to be having hard-core lesbian sex, awoke with a jarring suddeness both the remnants of her seared conscience as well as the buried lust for her mother and desire for incest with her which had been implanted deeply into Wendy, and launched the erotic passion already possessing her young soul to a lofty new and yet more depraving and corrupting stratum. Despite her denials, she knew she had really wanted this very thing, forbidden love with her mother, and now that she was getting it, and was being forced to face it, it struck her with guilt and alarm.

Wendy loves sex with her mother...more than anything else... You've always wanted this... It feels sooo good... Wendy is such a slut...

The lesbian thrusts in Wendy's rectum assumed a new, wicked thrill. Ohhhhh...This feels soooo good...but... with my own mother?...... I...I...shouldn't....... I... Oh, Mom...ooooo...

"Yes, my gorgeous daughter. I'm the one you've always wanted. And this is exactly what you've always wanted to do with me. You've always hungered for me to fuck you."

This was the first time Wendy had ever heard that or any other "dirty" word escape her mother's saintly mouth, that she could remember. While shocking, it was also, in a dark way, quite exciting to hear her mother utter the naughty sexual word (which word Wendy had been brainwashed to secretly love), not to mention having her mother actually doing it to her.

"This is the motherly love which you've craved from me all of your life. Lesbian love. Lesbian sex. Sweet lesbian incest with your mother."

Wendy saw her mother clearly. She had a completely different look than what Wendy was accustomed to. Mary's hair, now the color of pure gold rather than her natural honey-blonde shade, was entirely up and styled in an uncharacteristic but flattering braided crown. Her eyes were painted with metallic gold eye shadow, black mascara, and dark-red eyeliner. A thick layer of glossy fire-engine red lipstick covered her lips, matching the color of her long, almond-shaped, and lacquered nails. Gold and ruby jewelry covered her body, including dangling earrings, armlets, a belly piercing, an ankle chain, and a necklace with a twin Venus symbol. She wore shiny red high-heeled pumps, sheer red nylons, a red satin bra, and a red satin garter belt, all of which could be seen through the tight, long-sleeved, high-necked, diaphanous red silk minidress she also wore. Her face and body displayed an attractive tan deeper than any the real Mary had ever had.


"I am your destiny... I will be your soul mate... I am the one you desire, above all others..."

Mary gave Wendy an emphatic thrust, which almost knocked her out and left her seeing stars.

"Oh!! Ahhhh..."

"Mine is the love and the body you crave the most..." The mother continued pummeling her daughter for another minute, the girl unable to speak, lost as she was in taboo delight.

Mary pulled a pin from her hair and shook her head, liberating her loosened mane to spill freely over her front, shoulders, and to the middle of her back, as it darkened some and reddened to an intense and glorious, albeit slightly unnatural, rosy copper-red-blonde color. Her dress disappeared as well.

"'re so...beautif--" There was another sharp plunge. "--ahhhh! beaut...ohhh...i...*gasp*...ful!......."

"Thank you, honey." As if in reward for her daughter's compliment, Mary reached behind her back, unclasped her bra's back band, peeled the flimsy red bra from her body, and elegantly tossed it aside, revealing breasts with dangerously erect nipples, painted bright red to match her lips and nails. As the mother continued to pummel her daughter's ass, Wendy saw her mother's braless tits swell dramatically, expanding from their native, already-generous E-cup size to enormous G-cup melons, suggesting to Wendy's mind that her mother had artificially enhanced herself.

Mom... wow...she's...she's so awesome...... But...but what has Mom done to make her breasts so big?... Not that I all........ And...why is she wearing so much makeup, too?... Why has she colored her hair?... Although she's so beautiful this way.... But why is she dressing so immodest?........ I love her like this....but...this is so unlike her...

"Mom..." *gasp*

"Yes, sweetheart? Don't you like what I'm doing to you?"

"Oh, Mom! I...I... It's....Mmmmm..." I hate to admit it...but...but I love it...

"I'll take that as a ‘yes', honey."

"But...Mom...I thought you liked a...a natural look..."

"No, I never did. All that nonsense about being natural and modest...I only said that, and was like that, for you and you'd copy that as you grew up, you wouldn't attract too many boys. But that you have discovered girls...and have lost your interest in it's safe to tell you...and to show you...the real me...and the way you should be, too...

"I'm sorry I have misled you, honey, and have neglected training you properly. I promise you...from now on I'm going to be the kind of mother you deserve."

This lovely, made-up, bejeweled, topless, blonde-red version of Mary resumed ass-fucking her daughter rhythmically. For the next minute, Wendy closed her eyes and once again simply enjoyed the beautiful sensations coursing through her ass and cunt and the rest of her body from being fucked by the woman she loved as a mother, and now, steadily more with every minute, as a lover. As the understanding settled deeper into her mind that this was her own mother who was pleasuring her in this devilishly taboo fashion, the lesbian thrusts in Wendy's rectum assumed a new, wicked thrill for the lust-filled daughter.

"I take it you like the new me?"

"Ohhh, yesss, Mommm...."

"As much as you like Madelynn?"

As Wendy watched, Mary transformed into a Goth teen identical in style to Wendy's best friend as she was when Wendy saw her two days before--deep black hair with chunky purple streaks in a precise shoulder-length page-boy with bangs, ivory-white skin, haunting grey eyes, dark purple lipstick and nails, purple fishnet stockings, glossy black four-inch, round-toed high heels, and a front-lace-up corset mini-dress of glossy black PVC, with a ruffled skirt and purple petticoats--but with Mary's face (albeit as a teen), voice, and body.


"Yes... You like?"

"I...I..." My Mom's gone...Goth?

"I know you do. I know you like Goth girls. And you should. I do, too. And I know you love your friend--or should I say ‘girlfriend'?--Madelynn. In fact, you're in love with her, aren't you?"

How does she know about...?

"Madelynn would make a wonderful lesbian girlfriend for you, honey. Goth girls are fantastic Sapphic lovers. I want you to have many other lesbian girlfriends, too."

She does? I didn't know Mom was okay with...

"As long as I'm your number one, of course."

What...what does Mom mean by...

"Give in to your lesbian feelings...for beautiful women...and sexy girls...for me...and for Madelynn... Have lesbian sex with them...with me...with her. Go all the way." With that, Mary plowed into Wendy's ass with another particularly dramatic stab.

"Ahhh! Ohhhh! Madelynn...I mean , Mom... You're amazing!.................. But..."

"I can be anything you want me to be, Wendy... I'll be the woman of your wildest fantasies..."

Mary's appearance transformed again, the Goth look yielding to a version of Mary similar to (but also varying from, in certain aspects) one Wendy had previously "seen" in fantasies which had been implanted into her mind by brainwashing. Her mother's eye-catching hair retained the straight blunt cut, bangs, and center part of her page-boy style, grew a few inches longer, to just past collar-bone length, was pulled back on one side with a pearl-bejeweled silver clip, displayed a small, descending braid on the other side, was loosely curled generally, and now, no longer black, shone in pastel locks of silver, violet, blue, and pink. The girl's face still appeared to be that of a teen, perhaps an even younger teen now, and sported a pleasant, fun-filled--if mischievous--smile, as if she were having the time of her life. She wore a babydoll nightie of transparent purple satin. Her lips, nails, and nipples--easily observed through the slick, diaphanous material covering them--were all painted shiny silver, her eye makeup heavy with black, lavender, and silver hues. Two-and-a-half-inch silver hoop earrings dangled from her ears, complementing other silver jewelry. Her giant mammaries bounced almost violently up and down as she continued to plunge repeatedly into her daughter.

This dazzling and scintillatingly girlish recasting of Mary stirred a yet more intense, awestruck hunger for her mother, completely dispelling Wendy's silent protests, at least for the moment.

"Ooo, Wendy... You are sooo cute....and so naughty to let me screw your ass like this!" The voice was sweet, merry, teasing, and young, but still Mary's, in essence. "But you love it, don't you?"

Yessss...and I love you.......... This is what it would be like if she were my little sister...or if I had met Mom when she was my age...and we were teenage girlfriends...if we were teen lovers...mmmmm...

The girl-mother gave Wendy's naked ass a playful slap, and let out a fun little laugh. Then, more softly, she added, leaning forward slightly, "And you love me... you desire me...your mother...more than anyone in the world..."

All the blonde could do, drenched as she was in lust and bliss, was moan her agreement. "Mmmm hmmm ...ooooo...ohhh..."

The beautiful young fantasy Mary then bent over, deliberately raking her firm, satin-covered breasts over Wendy's back, reached underneath her blonde daughter to hug her torso and then, taking the happy blonde's supple, ripe, bra-encased tits into her equally young and manicured hands, kissed Wendy's face, once, twice, and then again. "I really like you," Wendy's young teen--and maternal--lover whispered into her ear.

Lifting Wendy's long, luminous, ultra-pale hair out of her way, Mary kissed the blonde girl's neck. "You love girls, don't you?" She kissed it again, on another spot. "You love sex with girls..." Mary licked Wendy's neck. "...teen girls like me..." The shiny, silvered lips traveled to Wendy's ear, to kiss and tongue it. "...young, cute, and curvy..." Whispering , she teased, "You even like younger teen girls." Noting Wendy blush, she sat up a little and playfully accused, "You little pervert! Hee hee hee..." Then in a softer voice, she added, conspiratorially, "You're just like me!" She laughed again lightly and gleefully.

Giving Wendy another several plunges, letting the spell cast by this remarkable and endearing version of Mary weave itself around the delirious girl, Mary then removed the pearl-and-silver clip in her hair and tossed her head. The pastel color in her hair bleached out completely momentarily, her bangs disappeared, her hair parted a bit off-center, and then it gushed, pouring free and long in thick, silky, wavy tresses of rich, dark, chocolaty brown over her shoulders and breasts and down her back until it reached her waist, as her eyes lightened to crystal blue. She was now attired in a bra, panties, garter belt--all of sleek black satin--and stockings and elbow-length gloves of gossamer, lacy black nylon, four-inch black heels, crimson red lips and nails, smoky eyeshadow and black mascara and eyeliner, and a necklace, bracelets, and earrings of silver and diamonds. Her apparent age advanced to that of a woman in her late twenties or early thirties, and her bearing assumed a certain majesty, maturity, and elegance. When she spoke, her voice was musical, poised, charming. and sultry.

"Mom...I always wondered what you'd look like as a brunette...and you are just beautiful..." She should have done this long ago... "You're, like...the perfect woman...the perfect mother..."

"Mary ran her hands into her glossy, dark mane, lifted it, and let it fall around her gloriously. I'm glad you like it, sweetheart. I'm glad you like me...and like being my daughter. It was about time that you and I stopped denying ourselves and gave in to our desire for each other, sweetheart.

"Do you know what the most important ingredient is in a relationship between a good mother and her daughter, honey?"


"Close, sweetheart. It's sex...which is, of course, the natural expression of love, or, said another way, it's the physical side of love. Sex gives meaning and importance to love, it makes love gratifying and unifying. Sexual love is the goal, the fulfilment, the romantic destiny of emotional love. Without sex, love has little meaning. Darling, what we are doing right now...this is simply the necessary and wonderful manifestation of a mother's true love for her beautiful daughter...and, as well, the ultimate expression of your natural feelings, as a loving daughter, for me, your mother ...

"Sweet Wendy...I love you so this..." Mary punctuated her ardor with one particularly emphatic, debauching plunge into her daughter's rear end, causing the girl to gasp aloud. She then fell back into a rhythmic cadence of incestuous anal intercourse, her long, lustrous brunette locks sensuously swaying around and caressing her own curves and the tender, bare skin of her daughter's back and rear.

After a minute more of allowing Wendy to silently bathe in the wicked, corrupting, euphoric pleasure of hard-core lesbian sex with her mother, making the pretty girl more addicted to it with every perverting, violating, luxurious stab, Mary whispered into her ear. "You like this, don't you, my darling little lesbian slut of a daughter?"

Ohhhh, yesss... Mom... wow...she's...she's so awesome!... Sex with her is sheer heaven........ But...but I...I don't think I really am a lesbian...and I've never wanted to be a slut before...and she's my mother... can I do this?...

Wendy saw her mother change again, into another fantasy incarnation which Wendy had envisioned previously. Her long hair started to redden, passing through dark auburn and burgundy until it settled into a vivid violet-scarlet color, and became perfectly straight. Her lips, nails, and nipples darkened to a black cherry color. Heavily-applied black and silver eyeshadow on her eyelids, blush on her cheeks, and the same large silver hoop earrings and other jewelry she had worn previously also adorned her. Her attire became a transparent black bodystocking, which hugged and revealed every detail of her body, including her tremendous, wobbling, imposing tits, with their three-inch-wide dark-red areolae and rigid, thick, finger-like black-cherry nipples poking entrancingly into the shiny, sheer black nylon covering them.Her face assumed a worldly, carnal, lust-filled character Wendy had never imaged her mother possibly possessing.

As if she knew Wendy was looking at her, the lascivious mother plunged the dildo in forcefully and farther than it had yet penetrated the girl. The new level of anal bliss and the sight of this new version of her sexy mother made Wendy's racing lusts surge, and she moaned in concert.

"Ohhh...ahhhh...Moooommmm... You're sooooo hoooootttttt... Mmmmm...Ohhh... Mom... I can't believe we're doing this...and that it'' goooood..."

"You're starting to see it now, my sexy, beautiful slutty Wendy...who would bend over and spread her legs for any desirable female...especially for her own foxy lesbian whore of a mother."

What...what did she just say? mom is a...a "whore"...?

"Mom...that word... Are you sure?... Are you really a..."

"Yes, my darling. It's true. For you...and for other hot girls and women...I am a whore. But never for a man! All I want to do is fuck pretty you..." The exotic woman emphasized her revelation with a deep, strong plunge, making her teen daughter-lover almost swoon.

Wow... Mom is really different than I thought... I never knew she was like this...but...I really like her... She's more beautiful...and more fun...than ever before...

"...and I want you to be a whore, too...a complete slut...just like me...and do everything I do..."

When Wendy felt the thrusts in her ass pause, she noticed that her mother held a lit cigarette between the index and middle fingers of her beautifully manicured hand. The spicy redhead took a drag and exhaled a plume of smoke, making her look even more beguiling. "Here, honey. You need to try this, too." The mother leaned over--stabbing her incredible tits with excruciating, thrilling deliberation into Wendy's back, similar to the way the AR Claire and the pastel-haired, teen version of Mary had done before--and placed the cigarette between Wendy's lips. ‘Go ahead, dear. Be like your mother."

The teen inhaled without objection. "Feel the lovely smoke inside your mouth and your lungs. nice... Now, blow it out, sweetheart..." The pretty teen let the smoky stream out through her mouth and nose. "Yes...Just like that... You're so fuckin' sexy when you smoke, Wendy." The girl felt a measure of gratification in her mother's approval, as well as a mysterious, perverted delight in hearing her mother utter the f-word again.

Sitting up some, Mary tossed her thick, brilliant, shiny hair flirtatiously and caressed a succulent breast as she took in another slow drag of smoke and released it gracefully through her black-cherry lips, letting the fascinated Wendy drink her in. "Here, darling. You want to do it again." As Wendy drew in another smoky cloud, her mother cooed, "What a good little whore...just like me..."

The blonde girl dreamily agreed. Yesss...just like beautiful mom... the whore... She blew the smoke out unconsciously, but slowly, and with a developing ease and elegance.

But...wait... If Mom's really, like, a...a whore...then...does that mean that...that she's...sleeping around? It didn't add up for a woman who had always been so moral and so faithful to her husband. When did Mom change? What made it happen? And what does this mean for...for Mom's marriage?

"But, Mom...what about Dad?"

"I never really loved him. In fact, I can't stand him. What a loser. Just like all other men. I only married him because everyone expected me to get married, and to marry a guy, of course. He proposed and, like a fool, I said ‘yes'. But we're getting rid of him, my love. Soon." The sultry redhead took another drag and released the smoke through her nose. "Then you and I can be together...

"The truth is, Wendy, I am a lesbian...and I've always been one."

"What? Really?" Wendy now remembered that someone recently had suggested that Mary might be a closet lesbian. Wendy didn't believe it could possibly be true, but now...

I've always wanted to be like Mom...exactly like her....... I know Mom always does the right thing... She's the ideal woman... So... if she's a lesbian...then...does that mean that I...that I could...and should... become one...a real one...too?.... that it would be okay?......... If I did...then we would be lesbians together.........mother and daughter lesbians...........We could be the incredible blonde mother and that DVD...

"It's you I really want. You're the beautiful girl I've always wanted."

Though Wendy questioned intellectually what her mother was insinuating, and knew she should regard it as twisted and sick, nevertheless it felt right and wonderful emotionally, and it sent a warm, wicked, carnal tremor through Wendy's satin-encased breasts. In a way, her mother's words seemed almost too good to be true, and made her feel like singing.

Wow... Does she mean that?............. I knew she loved me...but I never knew my beautiful mother loved this way.........I don't know quite what to think... I never thought something like that could be right...or ever possible...or feel so good...or that Mom would want it...would want that............but...but it's kind of...exciting......... Do I...feel the same...about her?

Words Wendy had heard and read in the incest DVD she had watched--and loved--from the love letter written by the daughter to her mother, echoed hauntingly in her mind, and Wendy started to adopt them as if they were accurate expressions of her own true feelings for Mary:

I can't bear to keep this secret from you anymore. I'm totally in love with you. I don't know when or how it happened, but it just did... Every day and night, I can't stop thinking about you. Your presence and voice always make my heart feel warm and happy. You radiate beauty from the inside and outside. My love for you is like the blossoming of a million roses. I want to be with you forever and ever.... beautiful, wonderful mother... She's soooo sexy... I think...I think I'm love...with her...

"We belong together. I know you feel that, too, honey. It is our destiny. Very soon we will consummate our union."

Wendy saw another dramatic change come over her mother, as she transformed yet again to a close copy of another of the fantasy versions of Mary which she had beheld before in her mind. The sexy mother's hair darkened to a deep, solid black with a distinctly bluish cast, lengthened further to her hips, parted in the middle, acquired thick, full bangs, and styled itself into a spectacular array of loose, glossy, feminine curls. Her lips and nails recolored to a brilliant, metallic ruby-red color, her eyeshadow to shades of dusky grey and dark, silvery blue. Her age regressed again, to that of a young woman in her early twenties, about the age Mary had been when she had married Wendy's father.

The magnificent, youthful woman now wore a dress...a white dress...a bridal gown... Strapless and sleeveless, the bodice was, essentially, a breathtakingly tight corset of white satin, laced up the back with red-and-white candy-cane-like ribbons. Its shelf cups lifted her enormous, majestic breasts spectacularly without covering her bulging, wide, black-red areolae and the hard, inch-long, metallic-ruby-red nipples projecting ominously from them. The full, long, brocaded satin-and-taffeta skirt was spilt up the middle to the waist, to accommodate the strap-on.The ensemble was completed by arm-length, fingerless gloves of gossamer white lace, a diaphanous veil of white silk--flipped backward over her head--white stay-up nylons with lacy tops and a frilly red garter around one slim thigh, red high heels, a choker necklace of diamonds and rubies, long, dangling silver earrings encrusted with the same jewels, and a silver ring showcasing a single large diamond on her left hand--clearly a wedding ring, but one noticeably different from the ring she had been wearing over her previous life as a man's wife.

Mom...she's...she's...she's a bride! But...who's her...? Wendy looked at her own attire. She, too, was now in a bridal gown, this one of white satin and silver lace, with long sleeves, a backless design, a see-through front panel of lace and mesh over her breasts, and white stay-up stockings and silver high-heels on her legs. Her lips, nails, and long hair were silvery pink, she was wearing a silver, diamonded wedding ring to match her mother's, and the skirt and petticoats of her gown were thrown up onto her back to expose her creamy, pantiless ass to her mother's assault. Two more thrusts up her anus caused the teen bride to gasp loudly and close her eyes in sinful, incestuous, carnal delight.

" last we are one..." The scene seemed familiar to Wendy, as if she had dreamt of something like this before, or desired it as a fond wish, or was destined for it. It felt so natural and right and beautiful, and the bliss her mother-bride was pouring into her ass seemed to prove it.

"Mom...oh. Mom! ... I can't believe it...finally... I love you sooo much!!.............. But...but... I don't think I'm really a...a..."

"I can sense it, Wendy. The release you desire is very close. However, it's being blocked by your denial. If you want me to give you the release you crave, then stop denying your true nature. Become what the Goddess intended for you to be. Accept it. Allow Sarah and Serena Powers to guide you into becoming the lesbian fuck slut you were destined to become. Say the words that will give you the release that is rightfully yours."

She wants me to confess to being a lesbian...and a slut.............Before I met Sarah...I never wanted to be a lesbian... I had never even thought about it... I don't think I am a lesbian girl...but... it's been getting harder for me to imagine not being a one...and not to feel like one... does feel reeaallyy good... But still...I don't think I am least...not at the core... I'm still a straight girl in my heart....... And I know for sure that...that I definitely didn't want to be a slut... I still don't.........I be honest... I am feeling very slutty right now... There's no question that...that I'm acting like a slut... Before this...I had sex with my girlfriends...with Sarah...and Cynthia... and others........ Now I've let Madelynn fuck me... I've let my sister fuck me... I'm even letting my mom fuck me!... Doesn't that make me a...a slut?

What I've done with them felt so good...feels so good now... It doesn't feel wrong... I've loved every second of it... I really love what my mom is doing to me now.......... If being a lesbian...and a slut...feels like this...then...then maybe I want to be one...

A new wave of pleasure from her butt-fucking swept over her.

Ohhh... this feels sooo gooood.... I can't deny... the pleasure... How could I ever resist this?... Why would I want to?... Mom is sooo delicious....Ahhh!... I can't stand it!... I do want her... For her...I could become a slut... I love her sooo much... I want to cum so bad... Should I...give in?... Do I really want to be...a...lesbian...slut?...

"Speak what you are. This time, say the words with conviction. Know they are true. Mean them! Admit it... You want me... You want to make love to me... You want me to fuck you... I am your destiny... I will be your soul mate... I am the one you desire, above all others... Mine is the love and the body you crave the most... You must make me yours... to love fuck you... Say the words that will give you the release that is rightfully yours!"

Mary gave Wendy two particularly forceful pumps into her ass.

"Ahhh...ohhh....I love this! I want to be a lesbian! And I love my own mother! I... I want her, I want her body and her love and her pussy and sex with her, more than anything else...

"Give in... Let go... Accept the truth... Beg me to fuck you until you scream... your mother's love..."

Another deep thrust encouraged her. Ohhh! I looove getting fucked in my ass sooo bad...especially by my mother...... I would do anything for her... She is sooo beaaautiful...sooo sexy.... I love more than my mother... Oh, heaven help me...but...I want her... I want this... I love this......and I need to cum...I'm desperate... I can't wait... I need it now...

Her whole soul now completely seized by the intense sexual pleasure and the lust which had been building up from the lesbian assault on her anus, and by the new, overwhelming, erotic love for her mother which had been shaped within her, Wendy shattered through her inhibitions and gave in to the carnal hunger consuming her very being.

"Yes! Yessss!!! Oooo....... You were right... I'm a lesbian slut, Mom! A dirty, lesbian whore! Just like you! I want to fuck beautiful women! I'm a lesbian slut! I am one and I want to be one!"

"Yessss... That's my good little slutty lesbian girl... Tell me more..."

"Ohhhh, Mooommm... I love you so much! I can't stand it, how much I love you and want you! And not just because you are my mother, but because you turn me on sooo much! Everybody was right about you. You are such a hot babe! I want you so fucking bad! My own sweet mother! I can't help it! Just keep screwing me, Mom! Don't ever stop! Pleeeaaase... Ohhh...ahhh....

"Ohhh, that..... My beautiful mother... My sweet, fucking whore of a mother!... Yeahhh.... I'm nothing but your fuckin' little slut, Mom!... Ohhh... Your slutty lesbian daughter needs to cum!... Fill me with your beautiful tool...Yeah, keep fucking me!!!... Mmmmmmmm... I'm such a fucking lesbian slut!!!"

Upon entirely accepting the subliminal assault on her mind and completing her filthy confession, Wendy felt her body seize with the fiery pleasure of the raw lesbian climax which she sought. Her eyes rolled back into her head and an intense scream of sexual pleasure rushed out her mouth, as the sensation of her own mother holding on to her hips and ramming as much of the red strap-on dildo as she could into her daughter's ass completely possessed her. Wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her, until she was entirely, blissfully spent.

Exhausted from the primal ass fucking she had just received, Wendy collapsed into a heap on the mattress, laying down in a mixture of sweat and sexual juices, and drifted into a short nap that lasted ten minutes.

When Wendy woke up from the nap, she found herself on her back, staring up at the white ceiling. What...? Where...? Oh...the club........... Did I just have a dream?......... Yeah......I think so......... Wow... I feel incredible............ I wonder what it was about...

Trying to remember what the supposed dream was about, Wendy recalled mostly bits and pieces. She remembered dreaming about Madelynn and having strap-on anal sex with her, and then having sex with other people--other females-- but she couldn't quite remember who they were.

What a wild dream... Why would I dream about Madelynn...and doing...that?...... Do I want to do that?.......It seemed so real...Was it really a dream?...... But Madelynn isn't in this club... It must have been a dream.........

I'm on a bed..... Did I pass out?...

Lifting her head up, Wendy was shocked to see Madelynn kneeling over her with her legs astride her lower body. Her friend looked exactly like what she remembered in her "dream", with the Gothic-styled leather lingerie, make-up, long, pure-black hair, and tattoos.

"Madelynn?! But... Why...why are you here?"

"I'm here for you, Wendy. I know deep down inside, you want to have lesbian sex with me."

How did she find out about this club? And about me being in it? And about me being here now?

"Uh, I..." Wendy then saw, with a mixture of surprise, alarm, and prurient intrigue, the black strap-on hanging between Madelynn's legs from a black leather harness. Madelynn was stroking her right hand up and down along its length, looking intensely at Wendy with obvious deviltry in mind.

"Let's fuck..." whispered Madelynn ardently through black-lipsticked lips.

"What? Here? Now? Madelynn...wait...ummm... I... "

The beautiful Goth girl grasped her phallus in a hand and bent over some, bringing the tip of her ersatz penis to Wendy's pussy lips, and touched them with it.

"Oh! Madelynn!"

"You want this, don't you? Lesbian sluts like you always do." Madelynn leaned slightly forward, just splitting Wendy's labia with the black tip.

"Madelynn! No! Don't do it! I'm not ready!"

"Not yet, you mean. But I think you are..." Madelynn withdrew the tip slightly, but then started to glide the length of her black instrument of love along Wendy's juicing labia, see-sawing through the valley between them repeatedly, but without penetration. Wendy gasped in response and she felt her womanhood throb and water with betraying desire.

"I-I'm still a virgin..."

"Okay... Since you're my best friend...we can save this for another time... But we can do something else... If you don't want me to fuck you least today...then...we'll do the next best thing... In fact, I bet a perverted little slut like you will like the alternative better, anyway... "

Madelynn descended onto her fours over her pretty companion, laid herself onto Wendy's body, and kissed her. Their lips surrendered quickly to their tongues, and soon they were making out passionately. As the Goth teen made out with her blonde-haired friend, she kept teasing Wendy's pussy lips with the strap-on dildo by gently rocking her hips and guiding the dildo with one hand.

While she was kissing Madelynn, Wendy thought, Oh wait, now I remember. None of this is real. I'm in AR. Maybe it's okay if I let her fuck me... But am I still a virgin if I lose my virginity to someone who's not real?

"If you don't want me to fuck your pussy, then what about...your ass?"

I need it so bad... This isn't real anyway...

Then Wendy remembered the night before her "big performance" with Sarah, when she stayed overnight with the beautiful platinum blonde teen and they had shared a bath, during which Sarah had asked Wendy to screw her ass with a dildo, and Wendy had obliged. Sarah's extreme enjoyment of the act had been quite obvious. And in subsequent episodes of lesbian sex with various partners, there had been some play in her own rear, not very deeply or with anything as large as a dildo, that she remembered, and she didn't quite recall with whom she was or when it was, only that it had happened. Nevertheless, her impressions from those experiences were that whatever had happened had been...nice...quite nice...that full anal intercourse might be an exciting experience...that she wouldn't mind more play in her ass than what she had already had.......... She wouldn't mind more at all...

I guess it's alright if I let her fuck me there... For some reason, it's kind of sore back there...but maybe it's because...because I need it.......

"Okay..." Hmmm... I wonder what it's like... I wonder if I'll like it... Something inside herwhispered that she already knew what it was like...and that she absolutely loved it.......but she knew that couldn't be true. Nevertheless, Wendy's curiosity was quickly becoming excited anticipation, fueled by Madelynn's continued stroking of Wendy's now-steaming pussy with the strap-on. "Sure...yeah...You can fuck me back there.........okay...."

"Ask me nicely."

"Oh...uh, Madelynn, could you please, uh, do it..."

"You don't have to beat around the bush with me, you beautiful blonde doll. I'm your girlfriend, remember? I can handle it if you talk dirty to me. I'm not that mousy little nerd anymore...or haven't you noticed?" Madelynn took her breasts in her hands, hefting them, ran a hand through her silky mane, and swept her long, unnaturally deep-black locks over a shoulder, the flirtatious sequence riveting her long-time friend. "Say the right word, Wendy."

"Maddy...could you ass?"

"Sure, sweetie. You're going to love this."

Madelynn arose on her knees, knelt between her friend's legs while spreading them apart, took a bottle of clear lubricant from the nearby nightstand, squeezed some onto the dildo, and smeared it along the full length of the shaft. The strap-on now in readiness, Madelynn lifted Wendy's legs up as far as she could and pressed them towards Wendy's upper body, so that her young, white buttocks were exposed and her virginal anus--virginal, as she supposed-- was vulnerable.

The tip of the dildo touched her anal opening, and then slipped in an inch, starting to split her hole open.This feels so good...and so real... Madelynn pushed in slowly. Ughhh!

Wendy grunted when she felt the shaft penetrate her asshole more deeply and invade her rectum. As she felt it slide in and start to fill her white rear, the novel pleasure then made her moan softly. Burying the dildo to its full length, up to the hilt, the Goth girl paused a moment, before pulling back out. Then she repeated the process again. And again. Each new plunge made Wendy gasp with astonishment at the delirious erotic sensations filling her, and melt with lust for more.

It struck the blonde teen after a few strokes of the dildo that there was something wonderfully comforting to her and, even, natural about getting fucked in the ass, and that the delightful sensation in her rear almost seemed familiar to her, somehow, as if this wasn't her first time. She couldn't remember having had this kind of lesbian sex before, though, and the impression was swallowed in her mounting lusts. All she really cared about was getting more.

"Oh, yes, Madelynn!" love... "Mmmmm...more..."

During the sixth thrust, Wendy felt Madelynn's hands on her face. There were some clicking and sliding sounds as the AR gear was removed from Wendy's head. At the moment the head gear was removed, she felt a brief period of disorientation as her eyes adjusted to the normal images and colors of reality.


Wendy stared in shock at the girl between her legs, who, having doffed her burqa-like robe, was seen to be dressed like the Goth Madelynn in AR except for a niqab-styled black mouth veil and head covering.

At first, Wendy thought she wanted Madeline to stop--it would be one thing to allow her best friend, Madelynn, to violate her so intimately like this, and for it to merely be in an AR setting, but, to her mind at the moment, it would be an entirely different matter, a much sluttier act on her part, to allow a girl she had just met and barely knew to do so, and do so for real--and she opened her mouth to state her protest. "Please..." That was as far as her objection got, for her need for sex prevented her from saying anything more to interfere with the undeniable bliss she was feeling.

"What are you trying to say?" asked Madeline after pausing.

"Please...Madeline...don't...........don't stop... I...I need it..." moaned Wendy between pants.Oh, please give it to me...

"What do you mean by ‘it', Wendy? Say the magic word. I'll give you some hints: It begins with an ‘f'; as a slut, it's one of your favorite words; and it's what a lesbian slut like you wants to do with all pretty girls. Tell me what you want to do with me, what you wanted to do with me from the moment you first saw me. Say it, and I'll do it."

"Fuck me! Madeline, oh, please! Just do it! Fuck me right now!!"

"Don't worry, Wendy. I'll keep fucking you as long as you want me to..." To Wendy's relief, Wendy's mysterious sister in the Twin Venus Club resumed plunging her instrument of love into the overjoyed blonde's ass.

After a ten-minute bout of thorough ass-fucking, just as the delirious Wendy was about to pass out from sheer, unbridled pleasure unlike any she could recall having experienced before, Madeline buried the phallus to it maximum depth in Wendy's ass with one pronounced thrust, and held it there. The dildo in Wendy's ass vibrated and ejaculated a milky blue fluid into her rectum, while the other end of the strap-on, which had another dildo attached to the inner side of the harness, also vibrated within Madeline's pussy and sent her over the edge. The Goth lesbian tilted her head back with closed eyes and moaned loudly, creating a visible contour of her lips on the mouth veil. Watching the erotic beauty of her sexy partner's fulfillment in their shared, hard-core act of lesbian love, and feeling the pulsations and cum-like liquid emissions of the dildo buried deep inside her, Wendy arched her back and clenched the bedsheet tightly in her fingers as her own orgasm washed through her teenaged body.

Allowing the strap-on to remain in Wendy's rectum a minute while they relished the mutual physical and emotional sensations reverberating through their bodies, Madeline at last withdrew her wicked tool, released Wendy's legs back onto the bed, and collapsed onto her. Lifting her veil enough to expose her lips--which,Wendy detected with decadent interest, were indeed painted an enthralling dark red, as she had speculated and had hoped they might be nearly from the start of their time together this afternoon, and which lovely deep-wine color had been very briefly confirmed during an earlier kiss--she leaned into the panting blonde underneath her for a long, lingering lover's kiss, into which Wendy immersed herself with unmitigated fervor, wrapping her arms around the warm, silky body laying on her and engaging the girl's beautiful dark red mouth eagerly. Madeline made sure to prolong their kiss a few minutes to allow time for the rectally-administered drug to take effect, one result of which was the casting of a trance over the blonde, then lowered her lips to Wendy's left ear and whispered into it.

"Wendy...sweet's what you need to do: After you wake up, put on the make-up I'm going to give you. Put it on heavily. Afterwards, you will think that you had put on the make-up before coming to the club house. It was your idea, as you wanted to make sure I would like you and be attracted to you. You came over hoping to have sex with me, because you always want sex with pretty girls, and because you really like me and I turn you on. You wanted to get me hot for you. You know now that it worked, and you are elated about that.

"You love wearing makeup, applying it boldly, and being as beautiful as you can be. You love getting pretty girls all hot and bothered for you, and seducing them into hard-core lesbian sex with you. And that's what happened this afternoon, with me.

"But you definitely don‘t want this to be our last time together. You absolutely loved being with me and you loved everything we did together. You'll do anything to have sex with me again, even if it means that you have to become a real lesbian and a total slut. You're dying to see me again.

"After the makeup, you will be curious about the house and explore it. You will find a room with a golden statue of the Goddess..."


Mary looked at the clock in the kitchen. It was fifteen minutes past seven. Wendy had promised her to be home for dinner before seven. She guessed that her daughter must have a good reason for not coming home at the promised time. At any rate, Mary decided that it wouldn't hurt to give her daughter a call. There was no response after multiple rings and, after hearing the generic voice mail message, Mary hung up.

Why isn't she responding? What's going on? Did something happen to my daughter?

Various perilous scenarios crossed her mind, but she chastised herself for thinking negatively so quickly. Other than her daughter being a few minutes late, and having failed to call her about it, or to answer her phone just now, there was no particular reason to suspect foul play, she concluded. Perhaps the ringer volume of her daughter's phone was set too low, or maybe she had simply set it to vibrate, and was unable to detect the call, or maybe she was in a bathroom.

She tried calling again five minutes later. Again, she was only able to reach voice mail.

For some reason, Mary was feeling anxious to see her daughter again. Maybe, she speculated, she felt like that because they had been drawing closer over the past day or two. Mary had especially been feeling emotionally and, in some inexplicable way, physically more "linked" or "coupled" with her daughter since the dinner they had attended the previous night and, over the course of this day, it had just seemed that they were "on the same wavelength" somehow, that there was some new compatibility and harmony between them, some deepened dimension to their relationship, which, Mary recognized, as she thought about it, she had been enjoying immensely.

Certainly, over the last twenty-four hours, Mary had been noticing much more acutely how beautiful of a girl Wendy was becoming, as if her eyes had been magically opened. Being together with the pretty teen--and being physically close to her-- now seemed like a distinct treat. In fact, it seemed to have a kind of a thrill to it. Especially being alone together. She had hoped their dinner with one another this evening would be another opportunity to "bond", or whatever it was that was going on between them. She had been looking forward to this time with her darling girl and didn't want anything to interfere with it.

Maybe I should wait longer before trying again... Wendy said she was visiting this new friend of hers named Madeline... Maybe they're just having so much fun together that she had forgotten about dinner... But she should at least give me a call...

The doorbell rang, interrupting Mary's thoughts. Must be Wendy. Her heart lept a little. But why's she ringing the doorbell? Why doesn't she just come in?

When she opened the door, she was greeted by the sight of a beautiful and voluptuous teenage Latina.

Though Mary's first reaction was disappointment that it wasn't her cherished daughter, her next, immediate one was inexplicable, heady interest.

Who... Who is this?

"Good evening, Mrs. Love-Livingston."

"Good evening... You must be one of Wendy's friends...?" Wow........ She's...she's something...

Mary began unconsciously focusing on and noticing the sensual details of the Latina's hot body. Lauren's dark brown hair was combed back without any bangs and styled into a high ponytail that was tied with a white scrunchie with pink sequins. Eye-catching make-up consisting of frosted pink lipstick, pink eye shadow, purple eyeliner, and black mascara embellished her model-perfect facial features. The only jewelry visible on her body was a pair of small, pink rhinestone, clip-on earrings. She wore a charm-pink leather jacket over a white camisole with floral prints, tight-fitting white leather jeans, and pink high-heeled sandals. Each sandal had a translucent pink sole with a five-inch heel, pink leather insole, a wide pink leather strap across the toes, and a narrower, matching strap around the ankle. Mary could see that Lauren's toenails were painted with pink lacquer, just like the nails on the teen's fingers.

She has quite a bit of make-up on... Her outfit is...lavish...

Mary's custom was to avoid consciously using words--even talking to just herself, in her own mind--which would suggest sexual allure or otherwise hint at anything erotic, if she didn't have to, and that was the course her thoughts followed in this instance.

But I guess a lot of young girls these days are like that... It looks good on her... Just like with that pretty Cynthia girl who came by to pick Wendy up... I wonder if this attractive girl is planning on going somewhere with Wendy...

"Yes, I'm Lauren. I go to the same school as Wendy. Is she...home?" the teen asked, as she gracefully, flirtingly swept back several heavy locks of rich brown hair which the wind had blown over the front of a shoulder.

"No, my daughter is visiting a friend. Do you, by chance, know who Madeline is?"

"I don't think so, Mrs. Love-Livingston... Why?" Lauren subtly thrust her chest forward and fingered her hair again, causing her earrings to sparkle under the indoor light and late-day sunlight. The moves caught Mary's attention and gave her a subtle feeling of excitement--the sexual nature of which she did not recognize. She did, however, feel her face flush a bit.

"My daughter hasn't responded to my calls, and I'm a little worried..." said Mary as she glanced at her smartphone.

"Maybe her phone's battery ran out or she couldn't hear her phone for some reason..."

The teenage girl adjusted the shoulder strap of her deep-pink leather handbag, exposing and successfully drawing Mary's attention to her lustrous pink nails. Very briefly, Lauren licked her pink-lipsticked lips. It was noticeable, but not too overt, and was ambiguous enough for Mary to interpret the action as being non-sexual in nature. Just the same, Mary responded within herself again, though without understanding, feeling a mysterious case of butterflies in her stomach and a slight shortness of breath―exactly the type of reaction the girl had intended to elicit.

"That's what I thought, too. Oh, where are my manners! Sorry for making you stand out here so long."

"It's alright, Mrs. Love-Livingston."

"Why don't you come in?"

Mary held the door open while the Latina fox stepped into the house close to her hostess, causing their bodies to brush, in what could be interpreted as "incidental" contact. Nevertheless, the feel of some of the teen's young curves softly passing over some of her own mature ones and the fetching sight and fragrance of the girl's hair and flawless skin as she slipped past so closely, sent an unexpected thrill through the vulnerable, fair-haired beauty.

Lauren acted as if nothing unusual had happened. She stopped in the foyer and spun around to face her hostess, sending her long ponytail into a playful toss, as Mary closed the door and likewise turned toward her captivating guest. Conservative blonde mother and enticing brunette teen stood in the entrance hallway, facing each other.

"I just need to give this to Wendy. I don't want to bother you, Mrs. Love-Livingston." Lauren held up a small box covered in silver gift wrap and tied with red satin ribbons. As Mary accepted the box, the tips of Lauren's pink fingernails grazed Mary's fingers. Mary absently again noted the girl's pretty nails, and the delicate little pleasure in having been touched by them. She thought back a second to having touched Wendy's hands in a similar way at the Powers' mansion the night before, and it brought a faint smile to her face.

"It's no bother, dear," replied Mary, feeling her heart starting to beat faster.

Besides showing hospitality, Mary's second motive in inviting the girl in was to try to get some clues about her daughter's whereabouts, and about Madeline, the new friend with whom Wendy was hanging out. Although Lauren had said she didn't know Madeline, perhaps she knew someone who did.

However, Mary had a third motive, one of which her conscious mind wasn't aware: She had quickly developed a pronounced subconscious sexual attraction to Lauren, was curious about her, and wanted to get to know her. Mary felt excited at the teenaged Latina's presence, but was unable to rationalize the unexpected feelings.

Leading her foxy young guest into the living room and inviting her to sit, Mary thought refreshments might be in order. Before either had the opportunity to sit down, Mary asked, "Would you like something to drink, dear?"

"Sure, I'm kind of thirsty..." said Lauren with a smile. ...for your pussy... Lauren did not realize quite how ironic her thought was, considering that her hostess's daughter, Wendy, had had her own drink from a woman's pussy a few feet away from the spot on which they stood but that morning.

Mary's smartphone suddenly rang. Looking at the screen, she saw that it was from her daughter. "Wendy?" When she held the phone to the side of her face, she heard nothing but a strange static noise. What's this sound? Right after that thought, she drifted quickly into an entranced state.

Mary was now in a special, pre-programmed condition, one in which, for the time being, she would be vacant, docile, and cooperative, her normal sense of morality would be somewhat suppressed, and she would be open to suggestions given to her. Also, her experiences during this trance would be largely hidden from her conscious memory later.

Seeing a glazed look in Mary's eyes, Lauren walked up to her, stood to her left side, and gave the woman's left ass cheek a gentle squeeze through the gray sweat pants. Mary simply stood there without flinching or objecting, although her mouth opened and a faint gasp escaped her lips when, through the trance, she felt the novel sensation of a girl's caress on a heretofore "off-limits" part of her body. Lauren responded to the woman's half-reaction by giving the older woman a predatory smile.

"You have a nice ass, Mary Love-Livingston. It makes me hot for you." The brunette girl ran her hand along the right half of the blonde's rear. "I would love to get to know you better..." The teen found Mary's ass crack, then sank three fingers into it to the extent the material of the woman's panties and sweatpants would allow it, causing Mary to whimper slightly. "Especially your body."The Latina planted a pink kiss on the woman's left cheek, and licked it.

"Didn't you say you have something for me to drink?"

"Yes... I'll...go...get something...for you..." said Mary in a droning voice before walking to the kitchen. Lauren followed her in.

After Mary opened the refrigerator, Lauren, who stood behind the attractive mother, with her chin resting softly on Mary's shoulder, asked, "What kinds of drinks do you have?"

" What like?"

"I don't know what to choose. Can you make a choice for me, Mrs. Love-Livingston?" asked Lauren as she gently placed her hands on Mary's waist and lightly massaged her skin through the dark red poplin shirt.


"Sure, I would like that," replied the Latina, who ran her hands along the woman's waist down to her hips.

Mary extracted the pitcher of bright red drink from the refrigerator, stepped to the counter to the right of the refrigerator, claimed a clear glass tumbler from a cabinet, and set it down on the counter. Lauren followed, stopping next to Mary's right side and slipping her left hand over her hostess's rear end once again.

There was a period of eerie silence--except for the sounds of footsteps on the vinyl kitchen floor, the opening and closing of a cabinet, the clinking of glass on the tile countertop, the splashing of flowing liquid, and the breathing of a mature woman and a teen girl--as the blonde woman mechanically went about the process which culminated in her serving the fruit punch to her young visitor...while her ass was being caressed licentiously by that very guest. Not only was this the first time in her life that another female had touched her in such a forward manner―unless one counts the previous night, as she was being brainwashed--but, as even Mary's unadventurous husband had never handled her ass quite like this, it was the first time anyone had ever really played with Mary Love-Livingston's lovely derrière.

"Do you like that, Mrs. Love-Livingston?"

"Uh... What do you m--"

"You know what I mean. This..." The brunette gave the older woman's butt an emphatic, exciting grab, digging in some with the tips of her sharp-nailed fingers.


Mary's hypnotic state would not allow her to object much to Lauren's brazen touches, nor to physically resist them; neither, on the other hand, would her normal chaste and circumspect personality--which, currently, was mostly but not entirely suppressed--permit her to openly admit, quite yet, to enjoying them. But they were nevertheless creating novel swirls of erotic emotions within her.

Up to this point, Mary Love-Livingston had lived a virtuous but relatively vanilla life in most respects. While she had attended some protests and taken a hit or two of pot a couple of times as a college student, she had never otherwise rebelled, been a party girl, strayed from her parents' Christian religious beliefs, or smoked or used drugs, and her alcohol consumption even now was limited to a glass of wine now and then, usually at some social occasion. She was circumspect in her spending habits, her household furnishings and décor were not opulent, though they were tasteful and comfortable, she drove a six-year-old Ford family sedan, and her wardrobe was modest, both in size and style. She avoided vulgarity, immodesty, ostentation, and gossip, choosing to not draw attention to herself and to mind her own business. She had been a patient, watchful, and devoted mother without being domineering or overly strict, having taught propriety to her daughters not only through her words but also through her good example. She advocated and personally lived by high ethical standards, while exercising compassion, kindness, and thoughtfulness for those around her. Her daughters and others who knew her well considered her to nearly be a saint.

Sexually, Mary had been a virgin when she married--and was set on the same thing for her daughters--and subsequently had never been into anything wild or kinky, nor had her husband requested it. Certainly he had not paid due attention to her ripe, firm ass, despite how inviting it's lush, round contours were, although Lauren's exploring hand was now making up for lost time, introducing into the blonde woman at this very moment a fondness for such attention.

Mary and Bruce's typical bout of lovemaking had consisted of some kissing and some reserved foreplay, followed by missionary-position intercourse, and not much more. "Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" was about all she had ever known, even though she had normally enjoyed that level of sex well enough, and, not having been exposed to alternate varieties of sexual indulgence, had in the past regarded herself as having been reasonably content with her sex life, although Bruce's increasing absences in recent years had been quietly undermining that outlook.

Before inviting Lauren into her house this evening, Mary had never come close to an extramarital affair. In the past, she had never been touched sexually by anyone besides Bruce, nor had she even flirted with anyone else. She had never allowed herself to entertain anything like that as a possibility for herself. Moreover, prior to this weekend, the idea of becoming involved sexually and romantically with another female--not to mention with a teenage girl--had been as remote from her mind as Pluto is from the sun.

Over the years, Mary had had enough reasonably satisfying sex with Bruce, as far as it went, to be warmly accustomed to sexual intimacy, and to desire it, and to have embedded into her body and emotions the rhythms of human sexual love--such as, for example, the pattern and the expectation that kissing and fondling, especially after a certain point, routinely progresses toward intercourse--into which patterns, rhythms, expectations, and desires existing within Mary Lauren would be tapping to her advantage. The pretty brunette teen would also be exploiting--and was even now doing so--Mary's current pronounced hunger for sexual contact, of which the woman had not been consciously aware, but which had been building up over the last few years of Bruce being away so often, thereby significantly decreasing her opportunities for sexual gratification with a partner, and which was also a result, of course, of the lust-instilling programming to which Mary had been subject over the preceding twenty-four hours. In truth, Lauren's hand groping her ass, though foreign and bewildering, felt wonderful, and, at some level, was most welcome.

"That's alright. We both know you do."Lauren touched the glass. "This is kind of cold. Can you warm it up for me?"

Mary retrieved the glass and was about to put it in the nearby microwave.

"No, Mrs. Love-Livingston, I want you to warm it with your mouth."

Mary's expressionless face contorted suddenly as her weakened mind struggled to process the request."What? You don't mean..."

"Yes, I do. You need to drink it, but don't swallow, and hold it in your mouth until it's warm. Then feed it to me. You know, like a mommy birdie to a baby birdie. You are a mommy, aren't you?"

"Yes, but..."

"You can just pretend I'm one of your daughters, and you're feeding me, like the sexy mommy you are."


"I thought you liked me, Mrs. Love-Livingston. Well, don't worry. You will. In fact, you're going to be ga-ga over me before I'm done with you. Just looks like I need to soften you up some more first..." The teenage Latina's pink lips curved in a mischievous smile.

"Come, let's go sit down at the table." The teen took the woman's hand in her own, led her to a chair, and had her sit, without sitting down herself yet. "It's time you broadened your taste in music, Mrs. Love-Livingston."

From her handbag, Lauren pulled out a cylindrical battery-powered speaker, placed it on the dining table, and turned the device on. To the normal ear, it was minimalistic techno music, consisting mostly of beats played through the speakers. It wasn't just music, however. There were subliminals mixed in, of a type designed to temporarily alter the mind of a listener who had undergone certain brainwashing processes or consumed certain chemicals--such as was the case with Mary. Depending on conditions, the subliminals could also induce various permanent effects on the listener, as well.

Taking the glass to the kitchen table, Lauren sat on a chair across the table from Mary. Together they sat listening to the music for a couple of minutes.

"Do you like this kind of music, Mrs. Love-Livingston?"

"This? It's not really music. No...I wouldn't ever lis--"

"Au contraire, ma cherie. From this moment, you are going to start liking music like this, Mrs. Love-Livingston. This particular kind is called ‘techno'.There are other types of popular music that you have always thought are too wild and uncouth, and beneath you--rock, R&B, hip-hop, metal, pop, punk, and more. In time, you're going to be a real devotee of all of it, and you will want to listen to it whenever you can. You are even now getting interested in it, and starting to like it. You're getting comfortable with it.

"You like the strong beat, and the way it makes you feel freed from your old sense of morality. You will particularly find songs appealing when they have sexual innuendos, raunchy lyrics, and, especially, themes of girl-on-girl love and sex. You like the way such music helps you feel rebellious, sexy-bad, naughty, and slutty. You like these kinds of songs precisely because they are uninhibited and sexy, and help you feel that way, too. You like feeling like that.

"You want to relate to teen like what they this kind of music...

It makes you feel sexy...alive...loose...morally loose...sexually to to sexual experimentation...

"Oh, and the classical music you have liked in the past...that's now a little too boring for you. You're over it. You aren't so much into country-western any more, either, unless it's really racy.

"Listen to more of this..." Lauren let the techno music play on for another minute, then switched it to a steamy punk song, followed by a catchy pop rock song about two girls kissing. All the while, subliminals embedded in the music reprogrammed Mary's subconscious proclivities.This is great music...the kind you like... You love it...

It's better than classical...or country-western...much better...You don't like that kind much any more...too boring...

You like lewd music...the kind kids like nowadays...You want to relate to teen like what they this kind of music...

It makes you feel sexy...alive...loose...morally loose...sexually to to sexual to lesbian to sex with teen toincest...

You love the beat...the carnal beat...and the lyrics...the words...raunchywords...words of lust...words about between hot...such great music...

"What do you think of it now?"

"Well... You have a point. It's not so bad..."After Mary then listened for another couple of minutes to some rap with obscene lyrics, another rock song about all-girl love, and then to some vulgar heavy metal, Lauren turned the device off. "That's what you like now. That's what turns you on. Okay?"

"Okay." Switching to a pout and a childish expression, Lauren asked, "Can you please do it for me now, Mrs. Love-Livingston? Please warm the juice with your mouth...pretty please?"

In a robotic fashion, Mary poured as much juice as should could into her mouth from the glass, held the liquid in her mouth for over twenty seconds, then released it back into the glass.

"No, Mrs. Love-Livingston, I want you to put the juice directly into my mouth from your mouth. Our lips might touch a little. You wouldn't mind that...would you? It will be like a kiss. In fact, I bet you're dying to know what it's like to kiss a pretty teenaged girl...the same age as your daughter Wendy...a girl who's wearing sexy me... You'd like to kiss me more than anything else you can imagine doing right now...wouldn't you?"

Mary just stared at her guest's soft, shiny, colored lips a few seconds, then poured the juice into her mouth again, held it there, arose, and walked over to the smiling Latina seductress. Lauren tilted her head back, opened her sparkly pink lips, and received the stream of the bright red beverage that poured from Mary's pursed lips. As the delivery proceeded, Lauren wrapped a hand around the back of her hostess's head, pulled her close, and sealed their mouths together, transforming the transfer of liquid from one mouth to another into a brief but erotic kiss.

"Could I please have more warm punch, Mommy?" Lauren used her little-girl voice. Mary repeated the warming and feeding action, and Lauren once again converted it into a kiss, but made it last longer.

Afterwards, Lauren exclaimed, as if it were an emergency, "Oh, I think I have a stray drop next to my mouth! Would you be a sweetheart and lick it for me, Mom?........... that...mmmm... That was nice... As long as you are going that far, you might as well kiss me again. You'd like to, wouldn't you? Go ahead..." Mary leaned over and kissed the pink lips of the teen beauty. Again, Lauren held her companion's head, and this time prolonged the joining of their mouths for fifteen seconds.

"Mmmm...thank you... You like to kiss girls, don't you? Well, I like kissing you, too. Other girls would, too. Because you are such a pretty woman, Mrs. Love-Livingston. The prettier and sexier you are, the more you'll get to kiss sexy teenaged girls, and hot adult women, as well. We'll definitely do that again in the future. A lot. Now feed me another round. Finish it with another kiss."

After Mary had fed the sexy brunette teen again, and sealed it with a lingering kiss of her own origination, Lauren removed the glass from Mary's hand and set it on the table. "Mrs. Love-Livingston, I think that's enough for me. Can you drink the rest of it?"


"Sit down. Right here, next to me." From her handbag, Lauren retrieved a small, white, square-shaped, unlabeled paper packet similar to the sugar packets ubiquitous in restaurants, tore its edge open, poured the white powder into the glass, and stirred the punch with her pink-nailed index finger. "This will make it taste better. Here, try it."

Picking up the glass slowly, Mary sipped from it, but stopped suddenly. "It's...bitter..."

"No, it tastes fine. Let me show you. My finger got wet with the punch, stirring the drink for you. Would you lick it clean? Open your mouth." Mary complied and Lauren inserted her finger. "Now close your mouth around it. Suck. That's right. Lick it, too... yesss..." There wasn't enough of the now-bitter liquid on Lauren's finger to afford an adequate test of its taste, but Lauren had moisturized her hands with a cherry-flavored lotion before she had arrived, and that flavor, along with the naughty pleasure of sucking a pretty teen girl's long-nailed finger, were sufficient rewards to make Mary think the punch was delicious indeed.

Lauren withdrew her saliva-wet finger. "You liked that, didn't you? Sucking on a teen girl's finger..." The younger beauty licked Mary's saliva off her finger in front of the mother. "You taste good, Mrs. Love-Livingston. I like your saliva. And I like the way you suck. You'll be doing that again. You'll want to suck other delicious body parts of a girl, too...toes...legs... asses... necks...breasts...nipples...pussies...

"Now...please drink it all, Mrs. Love-Livingston, everything in the glass...for me..." said Lauren with false earnestness, while lightly squeezing the woman's left wrist and pressing her manicured nails delicately into the woman's smooth skin. "Go ahead..."

The blonde woman complied and gulped down the remaining fruit punch in the glass.

After she finished her drug-laced drink, Mary immediately froze in place, empty glass in hand and an emotionless expression on her face. As Lauren remained in her seat, waiting for the effects of the drug to settle in, she rummaged through her handbag and fetched out an open pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

"You don't mind if I smoke, do you, Mary?" Lauren's question sounded more like mockery rather than a sincere inquiry. Silence was the only response Mary could give, as Lauren lit up, took a drag from her cigarette, and blew out a plum of smoke from her moist, frosted-pink-coated lips.

"Thanks. I appreciate it. You're a great hostess and, if you don't mind me saying, a sexy one at that."

Mary continued to stare blankly at nothing in particular as Lauren evaluated the foxy mother of two with a predatory gaze. Moving her visual focus up and down Mary's curvaceous body, Lauren started to mentally undress the mature mother in her mind, thinking of the Sapphic fun in which she would soon partake with this exquisite MILF sitting next to her.

Mary could do nothing but accept the lustful fate that Lauren had planned for her for today. While the hypnotic state into which Lauren had placed her soon after entering the house had suppressed the woman's normal ability to evaluate morally and to make her own choices, and opened her to suggestion, the drug in the drink was in the process of expanding those conditions within Mary to the extreme, eroding her willpower even more, and opening her mind so wide open that any suggestion or command would seem to be the product of her own real experiences, her own thinking, and her own voluntary choices. Repeated exposure to this technique would eventually integrate such commands and attitudes permanently into her personality.

Since, Lauren knew, there were still a couple of minutes to burn before the drugs would be fully in effect, she decided to play a little more with Mary's tastes. "So, Mary... Would you like to try my cigarette?" As before, Mary was mute. "Yes? Great. Here... Open your mouth... There... Now close your lips around it... That's right... Okay... It's time to make you a smoker, Mrs. Mary Love-Livingston. Take a deep breathe...suck on the cigarette..." Mary made an attempt, but it was aborted when she coughed forcefully several times.

"That's okay. Hold the cigarette between your index and middle fingers, like this...yes...and try again..." Mary tried and coughed again. "Lovely. And again...but this time, no coughing. And suck it all the way into your lungs." This time Mary was able to inhale the smoke fully and do so without coughing. "Yes...great... Now blow it out.........beautiful... Look at all that pretty smoke...yummy smoke... You want more... Take another drag...yes...all the way in... It feels so good... You feel the rush, don't you?... You like smoking... Now let it out... You feel and look so beautiful smoking, Mary... Have another drag... You love smoking... And blow it out... You'll want to smoke again... It makes you such a sexy woman...You want to become a smoker...a lesbian smoker...

"Go ahead...keep going...inhale the sexy smoke...and blow it out through your pretty mouth and a sexy lesbian a morally loose, slutty woman...a sexy, smoking woman...Go on... Wonderful..........

"Now, could I have it back, before it's all gone, please?... Thank you..." Lauren took a long, elegant drag, held it, then let out a white plum leisurely through her nose. "You think I'm more beautiful when I smoke, don't you?... It looks sexy, doesn't it?... It feels sexy... You want to be sexy...You want to be more beautiful...You'll smoke again...You want to smoke.

"So, Mary, there is a word you have heard me say a few times, and I think you may not have been entirely comfortable with it. It begins with an ‘l' and describes a woman who loves women. Can you tell me what word that would be?"


"Go on. Say it. Say it even if you don't want to."


"That's the right word. It's actually a good word, a beautiful word, for the most alluring kind of women and girls. You will come accept that and to love that word and that variety of woman, once you see more clearly, once you are more in tune with your own true inner woman. But in the past, you stayed away from lesbians. You thought there was something wrong with them, didn't you? You believed you didn't want to be one, either. But, Mary, you have had it all wrong. You were misinformed and mistaken, and had silly fears. You were afraid of lesbians, afraid that you might like them, afraid that you might want to become one, maybe afraid that you might already be a lesbian, afraid that, deep down, you might desire women. But it was a mistake to have those feelings and thoughts. There was nothing to fear. You will soon start seeing more clearly. You are going to find out that you actually like lesbians...and that being one, yourself, wouldn't be so bad at all..."

Lauren turned the mini speaker back on. "Let's listen to some music again, Mary--your kind of music--while you watch me smoke. Clear all worry from your mind. Your concerns are leaving you. Relax. You are feeling very good now. You're going to start liking lesbians a lot better. You're going to start feeling like a lesbian yourself, too. You'll like it better that way. It will be a big improvement in your life. You'll be so much happier. Sit back, watch me, listen, relax, and enjoy your exciting new feelings." A generic techno music track played, laced with a set of custom subliminal messages to mold Mary's mind towards lesbian leanings.

Mary, you have nothing to worry about... Relax... a beautiful word...lesbian... lesbian...lesbian...oh, yesss...a comfortable word...a sweet word...a pleasing word...lesbian...lesbian...lesbian... It passes pass through your mind with nice...a word you like...a word you love...

Mary, you feel more hospitable and social toward lesbians than you used to.

Mary, lesbianism is a good and healthy and normal lifestyle. Lesbians are perfectly normal.

You no longer can remember thinking differently.Mary, you are curious about lesbians. You always have been.

Mary, you like lesbians, and you would like being with them.

Mary, lesbian girls and women intrigue you. They excite you. Sexually.

Mary, you are feeling good about lesbians, very good and comfortable and excited, more so with every passing second.

Mary, you are eager to meet some lesbians and get to know them. You know that you would feel comfortable with them and aroused by them.

Mary, you are attracted to lesbians.

Mary, you love lesbian women and girls.

Mary, men do not interest you. You are done with men. Your marriage is over. You will divorce your husband. You will never want a man again.

Mary, you are free to fall in love with someone else, to find another mate...a woman...or a girl...

Mary, you find yourself aroused by women.

Mary, you want to become a lesbian.

Mary, deep down, you already are a lesbian.

Mary, you seek to find other women who are lesbians.

Mary, you wish that all beautiful women were lesbians, or would become lesbians.

Mary, you want to make other attractive women and girls into lesbians.

Mary, you find yourself particularly attracted to younger women and, especially, to pretty teens.

Mary, you desire sex with teenage girls.

Mary, the girl with you now arouses you. You desire to kiss and to touch this beautifulteenaged girl, and to be kissed and touchedby her, and to have lesbian sex with her.

Mary, lesbian desires like this are natural and make you feel good.

Mary, it's okay for Wendy and Claire to engage in various acts of lesbian sex.Mary, you want your daughters to become lesbians.

Mary, your daughters should have many female lovers.

Mary, you should have many female lovers.

Mary, there is nothing wrong with women and girls sharing sexual love with other women and girls in their own family.

Mary there is nothing wrong with lesbian incest.

Mary, women and girls in the same family falling in love and having sex with each other is normal.Mary incest between mothers and daughters and between sisters is natural and beautiful.

Mary, you approve of lesbian incest.

Mary, you desire to experience exciting lesbian incest yourself.

Mary, incest with your own daughters would be perfectly normal and truly marvelous.

Mary, you find yourself attracted to Wendy.

Mary, you find yourself having romantic thoughts about Wendy, all the time, and you feel sexual desire for her whenever you look at her, or are near her.

Mary, Wendy turns you on.

Mary, you want to have incestuous lesbian sex with your own daughters...especiallywith Wendy.

Mary, you desire Wendy sexually and romantically...much, much more than you ever wanted your husband.

Mary, get rid of Bruce; be free of him; he is nothing to you.

Mary, Wendy is your true soul mate.

Mary, you'd love to marry Wendy.

Mary, you want Wendy to fall in love with you, to love you as more than as a mother, and to desire you sexually as much as you want her, and you'll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Mary, you'll help Wendy become a promiscuous slut and an incest-loving lesbian.

Mary, you desire to make Wendy the perfect lesbian slut.

Mary, you need to set an example for Wendy by becoming a lesbian slut exactly like the kind she is becoming.

Mary, your previous moral values are obsolete. You desire to be free of them. You nolonger need them or want them. From now on, you believe in total sexual freedom and promiscuity.

Mary, you will become a morally degenerate, lascivious, wanton, and very, very sexy woman.

Mary, you desire to be a depraved lesbian slut.

Mary, if you obey Serena and Sarah Powers, they can make your lesbian dreams come true.

Mary, if you obey their agents, you can achieve the lesbian bliss that you seek.

Mary, you trust Lauren and want to do what she says.

Mary, Lauren would make a wonderful lesbian girlfriend for you.

Mary, you love Lauren and want her to be your girlfriend and your lover.

The track continued to loop for a few more minutes before Lauren pressed the stop button, dropped the remnant of her cigarette into the empty glass, gently took the tumbler from Mary's hand, stood up, walked to the sink, and rinsed the butt down the drain. Looking over at Mary, she could not resist indulging in an evil little smile. All was in place, she reflected, to take Mary down a path from which, she knew, Mary could not recover.

Lauren caught sight of Mary's handbag on the countertop and began to rummage through it. She smiled when she found Mary's smartphone.

This should make things a whole lot easier.

With a few touches, Lauren navigated the phone's browser to a particular website owned and operated by Hecate Pharmaceuticals. With a press of the finger here and there, she downloaded an app that gave Hecate master control over Mary's smartphone. Once finished, Lauren returned with the phone to the dazed blonde woman, smiling with a smug, evil glee while staring into Mary's expressionless face.

Now that Mary was under the full sway of the drug, and, thus, still under Lauren's control, highly vulnerable to nefarious indoctrination, and opened wide to new attitudes and behaviors, it was time to rouse Mary to a shallower hypnotic level, so that Lauren could interact with her normal personality better. Lauren punched a code into the phone, eliciting another static-like sound to emerge from it, held it up to Mary's ear for a few seconds, removed it, replaced the phone into Mary's purse, and took a seat next to the blonde.

"Hello? Anyone in there? Earth to Mary!" Lauren snapped her fingers in front of Mary to summon her attention. "Anyone home?" Slowly Mary started to come to."Uh... um... Where...where are we?... What's...going on?"

In this state, Wendy's mother was still in enough of a trance that her conscious memory would afterwards retain only selected parts of what had transpired during the episode, and she would have some mental haze and lack her full cognitive abilities while thus entranced, making it hard for Mary to form coherent thoughts. Every attempt to form one was met with strong resistance, forged by the mix of drugs and subliminal messages she had just endured. However, her condition permitted her to interact with Lauren almost normally...except that the drug had now opened her mind more completely to Lauren's words and actions. While she might question what Lauren would say to her or want her to do, in the end she would be quite unable to resist being led by the dictums of her lovely teen companion.

"Shhh... It's okay, Mary," Lauren said in a reassuring tone as she placed a hand on Mary's back. "It's okay." First gently patting, she then seductively slid her hand down Mary's back and rested it on one of Mary's buttcheeks, giving it a tender squeeze in the process. "I just wanted to make sure that you were okay."

"Who...? Why are you..."

The brunette beauty placed a manicured finger on Mary's lips. "Mary, I hate to interrupt, but I prefer to skip all this unnecessary chit chat and get down to business. To, you know, the fun stuff!"

Mary stared at Lauren with a puzzled look, trying to process what was happening and why this young Latina vixen was groping her, in her home.

"Mary, you seem confused. Let me ask you something. Do you know who I am?"

Mary tried to navigate through the thick mental fog clouding her mind, attempting to recall her introduction to Lauren within but the last hour, but doing so without reliable accuracy or confidence.

"I think so, um... Lauren... you said that you knew my daughter..."

"Bzzz, wrong!" Lauren playfully poked Mary's forehead as she said this.

"Mary, I'm so hurt that you could forget me like this. You're just playing with me, aren't you?"


"Okay, I'll go along with it. Let me explain it to you. You and I have been ‘close' for several months. However, I think I can forgive you for acting like we're strangers, since it has been a while since our last ‘get together.' "

Mary's face still reflected a perplexed state. She thought that she had just met the fetching teen for the first time that very evening, and that she had introduced herself as Wendy's friend. However, the drugs in her system, combined with Lauren's allegation and the subliminals, made her question her true memory and nudged her toward believing Lauren's assertions.

"I'm sorry... Lauren... I guess it's been... a while... like you said..... It's just..."

"Shhh... It's fine, Mary. there something wrong with your memory? How could you forget me, of all people? Oh, well. Don't worry about it. I guess I can fill you in. That's the least I can do for the woman I love. After all, you are my girlfriend."

Mary felt a faint tingle of shock, but also an underlying thrill, as this beautiful brunette teen introduced herself as her girlfriend. Somewhere deep inside, Wendy's mother became aware, as if for the first time in her life, that she was fascinated with pretty teen girls, was attracted to them, wanted to be close to them in some undefined way, and, even, would like some kind of special relationship with a girl exactly like this one. When her conscious mind--though altered--processed that impression, she judged it to be merely an aberrant whim, one quite contrary to her true character, and she also dimly realized that the woman who she had always been, all of her life, would not have a teen girlfriend.

However, she found she was bereft of the capacity to contradict her companion. The only thing she could do was nod her head in partial agreement with the teen sitting before her, and ask some questions.

"Girlfriend?...What?...... Oh, like friends?...You and I?... I mean.......okay...sure... We're friends......But ...but how do we know each oth--? How did we...?....... I don't quite get it...What kind of ‘girlfriend'...are me...?"

"Now I'm really hurt, if you've forgotten all the time we've spent together. Come on, Mary. We're lesbian girlfriends! You and I have been dating for the past five months now! Don't tell me you've forgotten all the beautiful times--and all the pleasure--we've had with each other. Please tell me that you at least remember some of our fun together."

"Lesbians?" Again, though a voice in Mary's head tried to challenge the girl's claims, all Mary could do, in the end, was pose a question or two and otherwise nod in agreement, for the most part assimilating Lauren's account of their relationship as if it were fact.

"I guess I can't blame you, Mary. Maybe you tried to block me out of your mind. The last time we got together you were pretty upset."

"I was?... I..."

"You were under a lot of stress the last time we talked. Because of that stupid husband of yours. I don't know why you stay with that jerk. You're not even straight anymore--if you ever were. Frankly, I don't think you were to begin with. Maybe it's best not to think about it...

"...But...I want to know..."

"Well...okay. You're right. If you have a mental block, you still need to know. About us." Mary had a hand on the table and Lauren laid one of hers over it.


"Yeah. You and me. We're a couple. You know, a gay couple. You mean way too much to me to just let you flake out on me like this. But, okay, let's assume you really can't remember. Let me just give you the short version: We met five months ago at the shopping center in downtown. You saw my fucking asshole of an ex-boyfriend dump me in public. I was so upset after that douchebag just humiliated me in front of the whole world. Next thing I know, you came over, wrapped your arms around me, and began to comfort me. You offered to take me out to lunch and I guess we made a connection, because, first thing you know, we exchanged digits, we texted, you called me, you asked me out or I asked you out, one or the other, I don't quite remember, we started to get to know each other, if you know what I mean, and before we knew what hit us, we were dating. Going steady. And falling in love."

Lauren's pink-nailed hand, which had been parked on Mary's hips and buttocks, started to rove around the blonde woman's asscheeks again, her fingertips and nails playfully running along the luscious curves covered by the thin jersey material of her sweatpants and the nylon of her panties. As had been Lauren's design, Mary was growing accustomed and receptive to the persistent tactile attention Lauren was bestowing on her derrière. The girl's caresses there barely registered now as anything inappropriate, and were, without Mary consciously realizing it, more welcome and arousing to the blonde woman with every brazen swipe and prod.

"Of course you insisted on keeping our relationship a secret, mainly ‘cause you're married, and I don't blame you. You're a very mellow and happy person, Mary, except when it comes to that creep of a husband you have. He seems to be the one person in your life who can put a dark cloud over you. And I understand why, with his narrow-minded intolerance, selfishness, sneakiness, and nasty temper, you definitely haven't wanted him to know about us. Plus, you don't really like men anymore. Probably never really did. You like girls. Like me.

"I know I wasn't your first love, with a girl. You told me that you had a lesbian girlfriend when you were a teenager. Shelly, I think you said her name was. But you lost her. I think you might have said you played around with some girls in college, too.But you married a guy, thinking that was what you were supposed to do, but you've never been happy, because, for one thing, men stink, and for another, you love girls. You were never fulfilled after Shelly, until you met me. That's what you told me. I must have brought all your old feelings for girls back to the surface. You were simply infatuated with me, and you still are. And I think you made me gay, too. I liked boys before I met you, at least I used to think I did, but you just knocked my socks off.I can't imagine being with anyone but a woman now. You did that to me. And I love you for it.

"I know you have a ‘thing' for teen girls. You like ‘em young, stacked, and me.

"So, last we talked was about three weeks ago. You mentioned that you got into a fight with ‘the Creep' over money, and you told me how he's been neglecting you and your daughters, always taking off without really accounting for his whereabouts, and the way he spends money lavishly when he's out of town, but tells you there's not enough money for the bills, or to help your daughter who's off to college, and how you suspect he has a woman or two somewhere on the side. You sounded upset over the whole thing. Is this starting to sound familiar?"

Mary could only nod her head in agreement as she mentally digested Lauren's version of their fabricated relationship as fact, as well as her version of Mary's relationship with her husband, which story reinforced the brainwashing about her supposedly rocky marriage and low-life husband which had been instilled into her head the previous night at the Powers' mansion, as well as just a few minutes ago via subliminals. As Mary tried to process what she had just heard, her drug-addled mind slowly made some assumptions, extrapolated what might have been and what must have been, based on the information she now thought she possessed, and filled in a few gaps here and there in her "memory". She found it incredible, and shameful, that she could ever forget knowing, much less being in a dating relationship with, someone as gorgeous as the Latina teen sitting next to her.

A thought passed for a mere split-second through her head: Dating? Since when do I date girls? But the powerful factors controlling her at the moment led to a quick suppression of that question.

"Anyway, I stopped by because you sent me a message earlier today saying that you had some free time and wanted to make up for lost time."

"I'm so sorry, Lauren. I guess I've been so preoccupied, maybe with my issues at home and at work, that I somehow completely forgot about...about us...... But it's just that... please don't take this the wrong way...but I think I would remember something as important and as intimate as this...and someone you..."

"Well, thank you, honey. That's so sweet of you to say that." The teen gave the woman's ass an affectionate, punctuating squeeze. "But, wow, your asshole of a husband must have really put your head under a lot of stress if he's made you forget about me. They say stress can do all kinds of things to your body and mind. Looks like it can even mess with your memories, you being the number one case in point. Look, if you don't believe me, check your phone. You can see what I'm talking about."

Mary felt a hesitation as she walked over to the kitchen counter on which her handbag was lying. A strong mental voice was telling her that what Lauren said was truthful and that she had no need for proof, but, she told herself, if there were messages from Lauren dated over the last months, it would constitute nearly irrefutable evidence supporting Lauren's account of their relationship.

There was a part of her, Mary recognized to her mild surprise, as she searched her emotions and desires on the matter, that hoped Lauren's story was true, that wanted it to be true, that wanted this fox, that wanted to be in a romantic relationship with her. A young beauty like this one? she heard herself reason; Who wouldn't...who wouldn't...want...her? On the other hand, there was another voice, a fainter voice, a mere whisper in her mind, telling her that something was wrong, that she wasn't the kind of person who would fit into this story, and that there was a part of her, a small part, that did not want what Lauren had said to be fact.

Mary found her phone and opened the message app. At the very top of the message list was a contact named "Latina Honey Bunny". Tapping that key on, Mary saw the record of a slew of exchanges between her and Lauren. The most recent one was from Mary, inviting Lauren over. Mary scrolled through the various messages and blushed as she saw that the contents of their exchanges were very explicit in nature, and that Lauren had sent her some pictures of herself in provocative states of undress and sexual positions.

The blonde mother stopped at a particularly spicy picture. In it, Lauren was kneeling and topless, wearing only black lace thong panties. The brunette had her right arm covering her bountiful breasts, barely, and the left arm was raised, holding the smartphone that was used to take this provocative selfie. Under the picture was a text that read, "Next time we meet, I'll be wearing this... and only this...for love."

Back in the message array, a series of messages sent by Lauren caught her eye:

"I love every part of you, Mary Love-Livingston..."

"I want to be your slave, Mary Love-Livingston..."

"I know you want to fuck me...badly..."

As Lauren came over to the kitchen counter to stand next to her dumbfounded hostess, an email reply to the last item from herself--or so it appeared on her doctored phone--riveted Mary:

"My love... I can't wait to give it to you... I'm going to fuck your sweet young pussy until you scream... My only question is, would you rather get it in your ass first?"

"This...can't be real..." whispered Mary weakly, as she reread the texts, and then, returning to the photos in her phone, stared at the last sensational picture of Lauren in disbelief and, without recognizing the feeling as such, arousal.

"It's all real, Mary," uttered Lauren sultrily, while giving Mary's ass another titillating squeeze, which Mary accepted not only without any impulse to object, but also with a soft little sigh of inward delight. "This is not a dream. I'm really your sexy, teenage lesbian girlfriend. And I know you're getting horny right now and dying to have sex with me..."

Mary flinched at Lauren's words. While the older woman's body confirmed to her that Lauren's last sentence was true, yet some undercurrent whispered to her that she should be alarmed by that truth, and blurry impressions of what kind of person she really had been in her life left her with a slight doubt that the girl's account of events constituted the complete story. In reaction, she moved away from the pretty girl's molesting, thrilling touches.

"M-maybe we should chat a bit longer, since it's been a while since we've talked face-to-face." Even as Mary said that, she found herself feeling hot and horny--exactly as Lauren had anticipated--from the cumulative effect of Lauren's impudently exciting hands on her ass, the immediate sense of the loss of that scintillating contact when she stepped back, the girl's continuing, breathtakingly sensual proximity, her story about Mary being in a lesbian affair with her, the texts and photos on her own phone which served as illustrations to the story, and, perhaps most of all, the implication that there was a possibility of some kind of sex imminent between them. Though the small voice in the back of her mind was telling her something was wrong, it didn't tell her what and it wasn't strong enough to be heard well over the powerful strains of lust and mental redirection singing to her.

In her weakened mental state, Mary struggled to fill in the additional gaps in her memory. How come I don't remember? Mary tried very hard to remember their first date, their first get-together, but to no avail.

"It's been a while since our last kiss..." The teenage Latina wrapped her arms around Mary's shoulders.

"Lauren, wait...mmmphhffff!"

The beautiful brunette girl kissed Wendy's blonde mother passionately on the lips. Mary initially tried to push Lauren away, but, weakened by the powerful psychoactive drug mixed into the juice that she had drunk, and having already become addictively acquainted with the incredible taste and feel of the Latina's soft, painted lips on her own during their play with the fruit punch, she stopped resisting the teenaged girl's embrace and glittering, pink mouth, and kissed back. Succumbing quickly to the powerful aphrodisiac in Lauren's lipstick, Wendy's mother took her lovely teen companion softly into her arms, parted her lips, and allowed Lauren's tongue into her mouth. Within seconds she was eagerly seeking to taste the brunette's saliva, meeting the Latina's tongue with her own and then probing into her young partner's mouth as their lips mashed together.

At length, Lauren broke the kiss and licked the thread of saliva dangling between her and the older woman's lips. "That was awesome. It was as good as our first kiss together."

"Our first kiss?"

"Yes, our first kiss. Don't tell me you've forgotten our first kiss..."

"I-I don't remember..."

"Then I'll refresh your memory."

Lauren motioned to Mary to sit on a chair again while she sat on another chair and scooted close to the woman. The teenaged Latina extended a foot, playfully brushing the sides of her shoe against Mary's lower legs.

"Our first kiss was at the shopping mall in downtown on the day we first met. You comforted me after my breakup with my boyfriend. We quickly discovered that we had feelings for each other, feelings so strong that we went to a more private place to express them--the restroom. That's where our first kiss took place." This was a slightly amended version of the story Lauren had previously told, but it now became the "true" account.

A look of uncertainty appeared on Mary's face.

"I know it might be confusing for you, but that's what really happened. As I've said before, you must have been really stressed out to have forgotten so much. Maybe this will jog your memory."

Lauren reached into her handbag and pulled out a smooth, metallic red rocket dildo and waved it slowly in front of Mary's face. The moment Mary saw the sex toy, she felt an unexpected burst of arousal. A brief image flashed in her mind of herself with lips painted in glossy red lipstick, kissing and licking the tip of the upwardly raised red rocket dildo. She was caught with surprise at the unexpected thought.

"Two days later, you bought me this gift, and I've been using it ever since on myself on lonely nights...when I didn't have you...."

"I bought you that gift?..."

"Yes...and I love it very much. Every time I use it, I think about you."

From her handbag, Lauren pulled out another item. It was a silver tube of brilliant red lipstick. Mary felt an involuntary, mysterious rush within her at the sight. "You said to me once that you wanted to try wearing bold make-up, but you were afraid that you wouldn't be able to pull it off. But, I know you can pull it off. You're such a beautiful woman. That is, of course, how you won my heart to begin with. But there is so much more beauty hiding inside of you, that I want to see, that you want to see. You need to believe that.

"You just need confidence. And makeup is the key. It can give you that confidence. It will make girls hot for you. It will make me love you even more. You want to see yourself with bold makeup, don't you? And you want to win my love even more deeply, don't you?"


"Then, why don't you let me put this lovely, luscious, red, red lipstick on your lips now? I bought this today just for you..."

"Red lipstick? But..."

A brief thought appeared in Mary's mind of herself putting on red lipstick, one of the gift items from Sarah, in front of a mirror in her bedroom earlier. She remembered the sight and sensation of the creamy, dreamy redness gliding like a colored caress over her soft, tingling lips, and of herself licking sensually around her glossy red lips after she was done. It had been nice. No, it was more than that. It had been an exciting, enlightening, moving experience. For some mysterious reason,it had been heavenly. It had even been erotic--inexplicably, but definitely.

In fact, it had been scary good. Did she really want to feel a shiny little tube of red lipstick? If she gave in to that compulsion again, could it start to...control her? Subtle dread in the pit of her stomach opined that it might.

"You can't spend your whole life being afraid of something as harmless as putting on make-up. It'll make you look hot, Mary. It'll make our lovemaking much better."

"Love...making...?" asked Mary confusedly.

"Yes, Mary. We're going to have sex with each other. Lesbian sex. It's been so long since we've done it with each other. But you need to wear red lipstick first. You want this on your lips as much as you want me. Now hold still."

Lauren removed the cap from the silver lipstick tube, revealing the tapered red tip within, setting Mary's heart racing. She then pressed the tip against the lower lip of the sexually tense mother and began painting her mouth. During the process, preprogrammed erotic images flashed in the woman's mind, accompanied by corrupting words spoken in a soft, alluring, feminine voice. As this occurred, Mary relaxed into the subverting sensuality of having her lips painted by another woman.

Mary saw two voluptuous blonde females standing in an embrace, both naked and with red-lipsticked lips. "Lesbian love...women and girls in love...kissing...lusting for each other...for good..." They angled their faces and brought them together in a sweet Sapphic kiss. The upper halves of their faces were hidden, but Mary perceived that one was an adult woman and the other a teen girl. "A woman...with a teenaged love...kissing...and good..."

The red-painted nipples of their E-cup breasts touched and pressed against each other. "Breasts touching...pressing...thrilling...mmmmmmmm... They want each other... They want sex..." Their legs intertwined and thighs brushed against pussies. "Legs touching legs... Pussies rubbing on thighs... Pussy craving pussy... Pussies drawing together...destined for beautiful...mmmmm..."

Clear wetness flowed down along their inner thighs. Their red-nailed fingers caressed each other's backs. They played footsie, brushing the skin of each other's lower legs with their red-nailed toes.

"Lesbianism... teenage girls... tribadism... lesbianism... teenage girls... tribadism..." Two hairless pussies with red-painted labia moved close together until they touched. Once they made contact, each set of red nether lips appeared to slightly, magically ripple and to open and close against the other, as if kissing. "Lesbianism... teenage girls... tribadism..." The two females pressed their hips and their red-painted cunts tightly together, swiveled them lasciviously against each other, and moaned lustfully.

"Lesbianism... teenage girls... cunningilus... lesbianism... teenage girls... cunningilus..." Red-lipsticked lips kissed a red-painted vagina.

"Lesbianism... teenage girls... anilingus..." Red-lipsticked lips kissed the puckered hole in the middle of a female's buttocks...

"Do you like me, Mary?"

"You?" Mary replied, panting from the images and words that had pressed into her mind. "Well...yes..."

"I'm a teenage girl. Do you think I'm pretty? And sexy?"


"I'm exactly the kind you like, then. The kind that gets you turned on. And I like you, too. I'm hot for you...and you really like that, being able to make a teen girl like me go ga-ga over you. In fact, we're in love with each other. Lesbian teen girl with lesbian woman.

"You're glad you are wearing that luscious red lipstick. Do you know why, other than that it makes you beautiful and makes me all hot for you?"


"It means that now you're ready to have lesbian sex," said Lauren huskily, while she replaced the cap on the lipstick tube and put it away. "With me."

"Sex...? But........ No... I-I can't... I can't cheat...on my...husband..."

"Why not? He cheats on you. You know that, don't you?"

"No, he..."

"Deny it if you want, but, in your heart, you know it's true. He's such a scumbag. You're entitled to cheat on him. And to divorce him.

"Besides, this--you and I--isn't cheating... It's just getting want you want...and I know you want me right now..."

Lauren put her smartphone, which was set to selfie mode, in front of Mary's face. "No one could blame me for wanting you so much. Look at how beautiful you are with red lipstick."

Mary saw her face with red-painted lips on Lauren's phone. The blonde woman could not help but agree with Lauren's assessment. ...yes...beautiful... Her face was fascinating, almost as if another woman, a more lovely, more worldly, more irrestible woman, had taken her over.

In a few seconds, however, the digital reflection suddenly disbanded into a mass of multicolored pixels. At first, the pixels were a chaos resembling noise on a television screen, but then they configured into ever-changing patterns, as if it were some kind of highly abstract animation. Embedded within the animation-like video was a soundtrack with special subliminals that would evoke specific thoughts in Mary's vulnerable mind. Due to her drug-addled state, she was also quickly pulled into a deep trance.

You are a lesbian, Mary... You love teenage girls... You desire sex with teenage girls... You love Lauren... You are her girlfriend... You want to have sex with her...

"Here, Mary, you can hold my phone and continue looking at the beautiful images," said Lauren as she transferred her phone to Mary's hand and then removed her pink leather jacket with a playful smile on her face.

You lust for Lauren's teenaged body... You crave fresh, firm, soft, young, feminine flesh... You love her tender, quivering breasts... You want to look at them and hold them and caress them and kiss them... You desire her sweet, young touch it, to play with it, to love it...You want to touch and feel every inch of her skin... You want to lick every part of her that you can reach with your tongue... You must have lesbian sex with Lauren...You want to engage in oral sex and anal sex with Lauren... You want to grind your pussy against hers...

The multicolored pixel show was soon replaced by a series of short movie clips made with advanced digital video technology. Mary saw herself in the video in beautiful make-up, parting the pussy lips of a brown-haired teenaged Latina with her red-nailed fingers and licking the moist cunt with her red-painted mouth. Minutes later, she was fucking the ass of the same girl with a white ivory strap-on mounted on a red leather harness. For the finale, they scissored their legs together, putting thigh over thigh and rubbing their moist cunts repeatedly against each other while both of them moaned loudly.

When the video ended, Lauren removed her phone from Mary's hands, stood, took the blonde woman's hand, and gently pulled Mary to her feet as well. The cessation of the video and the change in posture caused Mary to snap from her deep trance to the previous shallower one and to redirect her attention to the sexy teenaged Latina. Mentally weakened by brainwashing and highly aroused, Mary couldn't resist eyeing Lauren up while imagining her completely naked, except for a black satin thong, jewelry, and high-heeled sandals.

"Let's do it, Mary Love-Livingston, like we have many times before..."

"Lauren, I..." Mary's eyes settled on Lauren's breasts. Now that her jacket was gone, it was quite obvious that the girl wore no bra under her camisole, which allowed the eye-catching nubs of her nipples and the ponderous mass and succulent shape of her mammary globes to exhibit themselves brazenly through the shiny, flimsy, clingy fabric. Mary's lips parted in wonder and lust at the sight. She felt her pulse surge and an exquisite, hot wetness settle between her legs.

"Don't worry about anything, Mary. You know how to make love, don't you?"

"Yes...but...that was with..."

"With a girl it's the same, except a million times better. You'll never go back to the junk those losers have once you've had pussy. Pussy is all you want. A soft and sexy girl is all you need. Come here... Just let it go..."

Very slowly, the Latina seductress moved her lustrous pink lips towards Mary's glossy red lips. The mother of two received the lips of the teenage girl without any resistance and took the initiative to probe her tongue into the Latina beauty's mouth again, for another taste of the wonderful saliva within.

Good, Mary is going along nicely. Looks like it won't take long for her to become the latest worshipper of Goddess.

Lauren took both of Mary's hands and slipped them onto her breasts. As Lauren wore no bra, only the thin, silky fabric of her camisole top shielded her orbs from Mary's direct touch. The novel feeling of handling a teenage girl's breasts like this caused Mary to inhale sharply in naughty but delighted surprise, thereby breaking the kiss momentarily.

"It's alright, Mary. I want you to touch and feel and love my beautiful young breasts. You want it, too, more than anything. It's okay, because you are my girlfriend. I love you, and I love your touch. Go ahead."

In her mind, Mary saw her own hands, with red-lacquered finger nails, squeezing the bare breasts of a teenaged girl with red-painted nipples... She then enveloped one nipple with her lips, painted heavily in red lipstick, and sucked on it adoringly...

Spurred by Lauren's words and the mental imagery that she had just seen, Mary felt up the Latina's breasts through the camisole.

"Yesssss, I love it when you touch my pretty breasts! Squeeze them hard!" exclaimed Lauren with closed eyes while tilting her head backwards, sending her long, dark ponytail swishing down her back. Wendy's mother gripped and groped the weighty, rounded female flesh in her hands with mounting boldness and enthrallment for a nice, long minute or two.

Lauren then took a step back, Mary's hands falling away from the large, young orbs. The teen then pulled her white camisole up, over her head, and off, revealing her naked breasts, with nipples painted in glittery pink lipstick, and a pewter chain necklace with a dangling pair of Venus symbols around her neck. Mary's eyes widened and her mouth parted slightly in rapt awe.

"You're looking at my breasts as if it's your first time seeing them naked," said Lauren with a giggle, "but I love it when you act like that. Do you like them?"

The beautiful girl looked down at her generous, firm tits and took them in her pink-nailed hands, first cupping and hefting them, as if to gauge their noteworthy weight, followed by running her palms over them, then, looking Mary in the eye seductively, pulling on her shimmering pink nipples playfully. While mouthing a kiss to Mary, she then cupped the fresh, succulent, wickedly tempting twin fruit again and lifted them, in an unmistakable offer of love to the enchanted mother standing before her, before releasing them.

The spectacular view of Lauren's splendid, naked breasts quivering in front of her caused visual images programmed into Mary's subconscious mind to surface. She imagined herself caressing a naked teenage breast with red-nailed fingers and sucking on the teat with her red lips... She pictured herself rubbing her reddened nipples against the nipples of the same girl, causing the girl's nipples to change to a glittery pink color, as if by magic... She then visualized herself kissing the girl on the mouth, causing the girl's lips to change to a glittery pink color as well...

When Mary's eyes focused on the Twin Venus symbols of the necklace, more imagery formed in her mind, spawned and stowed in the subconscious part of her brain the previous night, to now emerge into her consciousness: An angel with dove-like wings appeared in front of her in a blue sky, surrounded by soft white clouds. The angel was a teenaged girl with long, platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes wearing a golden bra and panties made from filigree, chains, and interleaved plates, all of pure gold. Covering the golden lingerie was a sheer, full-length white dress.

"Become a lesbian, Mary," commanded the angel with glossy pink lips...

Mary acted on the sexual urges and instincts she felt, convinced that they were her own. She lowered her head until her mouth was level with the jutting naked breasts of her real-life teenage companion. In her mind's eye, she saw the angel's metallic bra part over her nipples, exposing them in clear invitation, and revealing them to be mouth-wateringly erect and deeply pink--just like Lauren's real ones on which she was feasting with her real eyes. The blonde mother moved her lips towards the center of Lauren's right breast and, sliding her hands onto Lauren's shoulders for support, she then enclosed the Latina's turgid young nipple with her lips. And she sucked.

"Mmmmm...yessss..." Lauren wrapped her arms around Mary's shoulders and pulled the woman closer against her teenaged breasts. Automatically, Mary enveloped her young partner's body with her own arms, as well.

After lavishing her labial devotion on the Latina's right breast for a time, Lauren's left breast called to her, and she switched over to it, and then back and forth between the tempting twin treats, all the while roving her hands over the smooth, supple skin of Lauren's bare back and tiny waist and the sleek white leather encasing the girl's curvy hips and rear. Overall, the breast-sucking lasted for over five minutes. Mary's mouth watered profusely as she savored the delicious teats, saliva running down both her chin and the brunette's swollen melons.

Once Lauren felt that it was time to move on, she released Mary from her embrace, thereby putting a halt to Mary's ministrations to her sopping breasts. "Do you want to lick my pussy?" asked the teenaged Latina.

There was now no rational consideration on Mary's part due to the combination of the powerful homosexual urges that had been implanted into her, the drug now flowing in her veins liberating her from her normal morality, and the overwhelming enticement of Lauren's body, as well as to yet another Sapphic scenario which now sprang from her subconscious mind and quickly filled her consciousness. She saw herself dressed in a black woman's business power suit with her face between the legs of a teenaged blonde-haired girl. The girl was dressed in a Catholic school-girl uniform and had her hair styled in twin pigtails. They were lying together on a blue exercise mat in the sports equipment storage room of the girl's high school. Mary's red-lacquered nails pressed tightly into the skin of the girl's smooth thighs as she licked the hairless pussy of the girl with wild abandon...

"Yes," replied Mary with a needy voice. "I...I do... I want to lick your pussy..."

"I want to eat your pussy too, but I'll let you eat mine first since I love you so much," said Lauren, before planting a deep kiss on Mary's lips and moaning into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

The sultry brunette slipped off her pink high-heeled sandals, then pulled down her white leather jeans and removed them. She let Mary look at her body for a few moments before removing her black lace thong, revealing her shaved pussy that was painted glittery pink like her nipples. Using a chair to step up, she sat herself on the kitchen countertop and spread her legs in front of the woman.

Mary's eyes zeroed in on the lewd temptation offered so brazenly before her. She felt her mouth water--as if she were famished and had found a scrumptious dinner--her face flush, and her mind spin dizzily with desire. She stepped impulsively toward the teenaged Latina, blindly intent on slaking the lust for Lauren's pussy now gripping her.

But then she stopped. What...what am I doing? I...I'm a married woman...a faithful wife... Slowly backing away, she whispered, "No... I can't..."

"Why not?!"

"I-I can't cheat...on my husband......... No...I can't do him.......and to Wendy...and Claire........ It'll hurt my daughters, too..." As she spoke those words, she sensed that she wasn't really very concerned about Bruce's feelings; in fact, now that cheating on one's spouse was an issue, she "remembered" that she had been having doubts about Bruce's fidelity lately. He was, after all, out of town so much, and he had various unaccounted expenses while away... No, her girls were her main concern. She didn't want to risk breaking up her family over a misdeed of her own, or set an example of moral turpitude for her daughters, one that they might find out about sometime...

"It's not cheating if you're doing it with a girl." That view had not occurred to Mary, and it seemed to make some sense. "Cheating" on one's husband had always implied, in her mind, "with a man". "And even if it were, why do you care? He's a slimeball and deserves it. He's the one whose has destroyed your marriage, all by himself. It doesn't really even exist anymore, except on paper, does it? So, you'd really not be cheating against anyone or anything important to you." Again, the young woman's words seemed to possess some sound reasoning, and echoed, to some degree, what she had already just told herself.

"Plus, think about it, Mary... Why is cheating so terrible, anyway? That's what you've been told all your life, but you live in modern times, not in the Stone Age. Liberated, modern women don't view it the same as your parents did. Anything goes, nowadays. Your old-fashioned morality is obsolete. In fact, I know you, and I know that you don't really want to be so straight-laced anymore. You want to experiment. You want to see what sexual freedom is like. You don't want to have to confine yourself in the straight-jacket of prudish morality any longer." Lauren's voice became sultrier. "You want to be freer...looser...sexier... happier... Sin is not nearly as bad as you thought it was. It won't hurt you at all to experiment. Commit adultery. Become an adulteress. Have a good time. Sin. It actually sounds pretty cool to you, doesn't it?"Now the brunette teen spoke in a soft, seductive, near-whisper. "It's okay to let dress wear be be make love with girls...and women...with many girls and women.......... want to become a completely depraved slut..."

The last word shocked Mary back toward her previous stance, though Lauren's insinuations had penetrated into Mary's head, nonetheless. " ...I've always been faithful..."

A look of impatience appeared briefly on Lauren's face before it changed to the expression of a scorned lover. "We've been together for so long and now you say this?" Lauren cradled Mary's face with both of her hands. "You have been unfaithful and you are unfaithful, Mary. With me. Don't you get it? You're not that prim and proper little housewife anymore. You've changed. You are a lesbian now. And you have a girlfriend now. Me. You are my lover. My beautiful lesbian lover. That's who you are now.........unless...unless you've changed your mind... Don't you love me?"

"I-I..." Mary's face contorted slightly with confusion.

"Don't you love these?" She cupped her breasts another time, then softly caressed them, and Mary's gaze followed. The woman felt her resolve, such as it was, start to yield as she traced the beautiful Latina's full, firm, young female globes with her eyes.

"And this?" The pretty brunette slid a pink-nailed finger along the wets lips of her womanhood, then pulled aside one of the labia to reveal part of her pussy's interior. As Lauren slipped her finger in, Mary watched, absorbed, her pulse accelerating, her mouth watering once again.

"Mary, I really need you..." Lauren, using her little-girl-needs-her-mommy voice, reached for Mary, who had retreated about eight feet from the teen. When Mary walked into the expectant arms of her sexy companion, who was still sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs opened, the teen pulled Mary close, bent down, and kissed her red mouth. At first, Mary responded hesitantly to the kiss, but nevertheless started to kiss back within a few seconds. Sensing that Mary was still receptive, Lauren ended the kiss. Still holding the standing woman in her arms, the girl leaned down further, slid a hand onto Mary's rear and casually caressed it again as she spoke. Mary now loved her teen girlfriend's hand on her ass so much that she was not about to interrupt the delight by pulling away, a fact which Lauren well understood.

"Do you remember the first time we had sex with each other?"

"No... I...don't...remember..."

"It was a week after we first met each other. You had had another argument with your husband over money one afternoon, right before he left on one of his usual, very long business trips overseas. Then you called me and said you wanted to meet with me. You were emotional, and needed someone to comfort you. You turned to me. You took off from work early and came to pick me up. We went to a nice motel in downtown. I think we just wanted a private place where we could talk, and that's the place we could think of, but maybe we both, deep-down, wanted something more to happen between us.

"So, sitting on the bed, we talked a while with each other. We hugged. The hug became a long hug, then some touching, then a kiss. The kiss was like a mother with her daughter at first, but then it became hot. We both knew at that point that we were really into each other, that there was some primal attraction between us which went beyond the need for simple emotional comfort and conversation, and which we no longer could control or wanted to. We just couldn't resist each other. As we made out, you started to peel my blouse off, then you unhooked my bra. I did the same to you, and before we knew it, we were naked and making out in bed and feeling each other up. I'll never forget how fun and sweet and beautiful that was for both of us."

Tiring of her awkward physical posture-- bending over from her seat on the countertop to hold Mary and caress her rear--Lauren sat up and motioned for Mary to sit down again at the table, facing her, which she did. From this vantage point, Mary had an eye-level view of Lauren's lewdly displayed, wet lovebox. The blonde's eyes traveled to it immediately, and stayed more or less glued to it, except for an occasional excursion to the Latina's lovely made-up face or jutting, enticing young tits.

"We had sex... sweet lesbian sex... It was the first time for me. I don't think it was for you, since you seemed to know what to do with a girl and you had, you know, that girlfriend when you were a teenager, and maybe some girls in college, too. But, as we made love, I knew I either was queer, or had just become one, at least I was totally queer for you, and that discovery filled me with joy, for some reason. You just made me go nuts for you, and the idea that I was with someone who rang my bells like you did, someone I could love and be happy with without reservation, and who liked me, too, and seemed to feel the same about me, that just really got to me. You seemed quite elated, as well, as if you were finally discovering your real self, or maybe rediscovering who you really were after a long absence, and were finally with someone who made you feel complete. Unlike your husband. In fact, that's what you told me afterwards.

"I wanted to get more deeply involved with you, and feel your lips on my pussy, and I could tell you felt the same way, so I pulled down the covers and spread my legs for you. You should have seen the look on your face when you first saw my pussy displayed wide open like that for your eyes. I felt like a slut, but you liked it. And then you did it. You ate my pussy. And then I ate yours. You said you had one of the best orgasms in your life...and promised that you'd always love me..."

"That... All of that happened? Are you sure? And I really said that?"

"Yes, it did, and you did say that to me, Mary... How can you forget about that first special afternoon of sex we had together?"

"I'm sorry, Lauren... I don't know why I forgot about it...but..."

"It's alright, Mary, as long as you still love me... You do still love me...don't you?"


"Oh... Have you found someone...else?"

What?... Someone else?... Like...who?... Have I?......... Is it possible I'm seeing someone else...and I don't remember?... The same way I don't remember Lauren?.......... Am I interested in someone else?............. Could it be a...a man? Her conditioned subconscious mind immediately rebelled at that possibility, and rejected it. No... I don't think so....... What about...some other...woman..........or girl? Immediately, the faces of intriguing, attractive women and girls she knew paraded through Mary's mind, causing her heart to beat a little faster. Sarah...Serena...Kayla...Raylene...Cynthia.............and Wendy...

When Mary's mind saw her daughter in the group of females with whom she could potentially be involved in a forgotten lesbian relationship, she was surprised that her mind had included her, and it caused her to try to more firmly deny the possibility that she might have cheated with anyone. No... I'm not one to cheat..........or so I thought... Maybe I am...but......I think I would know if I was involved with that........

However.....if that's all true...then why did I get into a relationship with this girl, Lauren? Isn't that cheating?... And how come I don't remember her?... And why did I take up with a...a girl?... Wouldn't that make me a...a lesbian?... I'm not I?... Something just didn't add up.

"'s not it..." I think.

"It's alright if you just want to meet me for sex... As long we can keep seeing each other, I'll be very happy..."

Mary's conscience, trying to make itself heard through the restraints muffling it, countered Lauren's statement, and she spoke aloud one of her long-held values. "Relationships shouldn't just be"She realized, after she said it, that her words had been recited mechanically, as if she were stating some axiom memorized long ago, one about which she no longer seemed as convinced as she thought she used to be.

"I really love hearing that... Mary... That's why I fell in love with you... You're not like my ex-boyfriend... You're a much better person than him..." Lauren then added, "And you make love infinitely better than him, as well..."

Mary felt herself being pleased at the compliment, but still questioned the whole premise Lauren was proposing. I do? Wow...that's...interesting..... But...why can't I remember?

"Until you said that, I was a little worried that you were only going to need me until you got what you really wanted."

"What I really want...?"

"Yes. Wendy."

"Wendy? I...don't understand..."

"You are one kinky woman, Mary. There have been several times when we made love that you had me pretend to be her."

"What?! No, I wouldn't..."

"Oh, yes, you did. I don't mind, though. I think it's kinda sweet that you have a crush on your own daughter."

", that can't..."

"You are crazy about her. I don't blame you. She's hot. You want her young, sexy body. You want to show her how much you love her. With sex, of course. Like the hot lesbian mother you are. She probably wants you just as much. Haven't you ever noticed the way she looks at you?"

Mary immediately recalled to mind the time she and Wendy spent together at the Powers mansion the previous night....when they sat next to each other in the foyer...and went around on the house tour...and sat across from each other at the table...and then, earlier this day in Wendy's bedroom.... Yes...Wendy had been looking at a...different... way... than she normally would have in the past...with an unusual type of interest...

"You should hear her when she talks about you. She has stars in her eyes and she just gushes........ But it's up to you, what you're going to do about it. Me, if I had a babe for a daughter, like that, I ‘d go for it."


"But let's not talk about that any more. Let's make tonight a special moment for us..." Lauren beckoned to her older companion with her finger, upon which Mary stood up again, took a few steps toward the brunette, and stood in front of her at the counter. "I know we've been together for less than half-a-year, but we can call this our semi-anniversary..."

"Semi-anniversary...?'s not even--"

A pink-nailed finger was placed over Mary's lips. "I know it doesn't make sense... It's only been five months, but there's nothing wrong with moving things ahead a little...and besides, I think we need to rekindle our relationship... Wouldn't you like that?" Lauren cupped a breast in one hand and stroked her pussy with the other, while looking at Mary coquettishly. "Wouldn't you like...this?"

Mary just stared at Lauren's perfect face and her hot teenaged female body in response. On one hand, she felt a strong urge to engage in oral sex with Lauren, but on the other hand, something was holding her back, something she couldn't put a finger on.

"Well, what are you waiting for? It's getting cold for me here... Do you want to eat me out right here or do you want us to go do it in your bedroom?" Mary did not move or reply. Looks like the normal aphrodisiac isn't working well enough... I need something stronger...

Lauren reached into her handbag, pulled out a pocket mirror, and viewed herself with it. She then reached for a silver tube of pink lipstick and handed it to Mary. "My lipstick got smeared during our kissing. Can you help me do a retouch?"

Mary obliged and helped Lauren apply the lipstick, not knowing she was sealing her fate. After the task was done, Lauren looked at herself in the pocket mirror again and smiled. "Now it looks better. Don't you think?" As soon as she had said that and Mary nodded, she put the mirror and the lipstick away, embraced the woman in front of her, and gave her a surprise kiss on the lips, transferring the special drug from her pink lipstick to Mary's mouth. There's no hesitating this time, Mary. You will want have sex with me right now.

After about three minutes of mingling their lips and tongues passionately, Lauren broke the kiss and her lips curved in a wicked smile when she saw the look of uninhibited sexual hunger on Mary's face which she was expecting. She moved her pink lips next to Mary's left ear, nibbled the lobe, and licked around the inside of the ear before whispering, "Let's do it..." Tilting her head back slightly, Lauren exposed her neck to the woman.

Acting on preprogrammed instinct, Mary lowered her lips to Lauren's neck and kissed it, then tongued and sucked on it until she had bestowed a hickie on the soft young skin. She traveled her lips over and down to kiss the teenaged Latina's exposed shoulder, followed by the area right below the neck, and then further down to the exposed breasts. After giving the mammaries some sexual attention, she bent her knees, kissed her way to Lauren's belly, and swirled her tongue around the navel that was pierced with a silver chain from which dangled a small garnet gem.

Kneeling on the rug in front of the counter and moving her mouth further down, she reached the area between the teenager's thighs. The beautiful brunette parted her legs wider in lewd affirmation of her earlier invitation. The pussy was glistening with wetness and sparkled from glittery color enhancement. Placing her hands on Lauren's thighs for support, Wendy's mother--who had been a faithful wife and a chaste, straight, and morally proper woman up to this very hour--then leaned her head forward until her mouth was an inch from Lauren's womanhood.

"Smell me."

Mary closed her eyes for a second and breathed in. "You love the fragrance of sweet, young pussy." True enough, the scent wafting to Mary was delicate and pleasing, as she perceived it. She's fresh... Her...her like a flower...

"Look at me."

The sight before Mary--Lauren's perfect, young, shaved pussy--was exquisite, and made the blonde woman's mouth water even more in anticipation of tasting it. It's...she's... beautiful. Then, it struck her that there was something familiar to her about this situation. She searched her mind. The vision of the amazing teen angel who had seduced Mary during her reprogramming session the previous night bubbled up again from its hiding place in her subconscious mind.

Yes... I think I had a dream, or a fantasy, or something... a very pretty, young angel...with the most beautiful, long, pale hair...and her body was...perfect... Images came to her of herself...on her knees, as she now was...staring into the darling angel's wondrous, bald, golden-lipped pussy...girl juice drooling copiously from it down the angel's thigh, just like with Lauren's wet pussy in front of her now... the angel sweetly inviting, coxing, tempting, commanding her to come and drink, to imbibe lesbianism into her soul, to discard heterosexuality forever, to become her lesbian-queen lover, to feast on the angel's supremely feminine, divine young soul... the angel's love box swelling and pulsing in anticipation of Mary's mouth... Mary extending her tongue...the first taste heavenly...planting her lips on the sweet, quivering pussy flesh...

"Kiss me."

Lauren's pussy shimmered excitingly with pink paint and girl juice. Feeling completely unable to deny herself and her sexy lover a moment longer, and drawn toward this wonderful cunt as if with an irresistible tractor beam, feeling compelled beyond any possibility of resisting, and following the path laid out by the recollection of her fantasy with the angel, Mary closed the final distance. Her red-painted lips touched the foxy teen's juicy labia. For the first time in her life, Mary's lips kissed another woman's cunt, and she began her first foray--the first in what promised to be a lifetime full of such adventures--into lesbian oral sex.

Oh, this... is amazing! Mary pulled back slightly for another look at the cunt lips she had just kissed. Her pussy is so beautiful!She leaned forward for another kiss, extending it longer than the first one, and then bestowed a series of small kisses on the trembling, pink girl-flesh. She's so soft...and moist...

"Taste me."

Mary extended her tongue, tentatively, to taste the girl's pussy. Ohh! She's...she's just delicious! Mmmm...

"Lick me."

Mary swiped her tongue shyly along the outer rim of the Latina's labia.

"Yessss...more..." Encouraged, the mother ventured her tongue up the plump center of one of the pussy lips, then down the center of the other labium, slowly but with increasing pressure. With smaller licks, she started to work her tongue closer to the inside surfaces of the labia.

Her pussy tastes wonderful... I don't remember doing this before with Lauren...but it is marvelous...and...and familiar... like I have done it before... if not with her...then with someone...

Mary heard the voice of her sweet young angel-lover sing through her. "You have done this...with me...and with her... You love it... You are a lesbian... You love teenaged girls... You love eating their pussies... Lick me, my love...Thrill me...with your tongue..."

Mary continued exploring the brunette vixen's vulva with her tongue and lips. When she came to the clit, she dabbed at it with her tongue uncertainly, once, then twice. Gaining familiarity, she kissed it, twirled her tongue around it, and sucked on it.

"Ohh, yes, Mary, my love! Just like that........mmmmmm............." Lauren pulled her pussy lips apart with her fingers. "Now, eat me!"

Without thought or hesitation, Mary plunged her tongue into the exposed love tunnel. The blonde ran her fingers delicately along and inside the dripping labia and over the clit, enjoying the tender, slippery texture of the girl's private parts, as she probed deeper and deeper with her tongue. Lauren gradually withdrew her fingers, upon which Mary automatically slipped her fingers into their place, keeping the teen's passageway of love wide open. Lauren's body started to secrete her female juice more abundantly into Mary's mouth.

"Suck me." Mary lapped and slurped in her new lover's erotic liquid. "Yummy?" Mary bobbed her head up and down slightly to signal her affirmation. Lauren gently raked her fingers through Mary's blonde hair as she was being orally pleasured by the MILF.

"You'll do this with Wendy, too. You want to eat your daughter's cunt, as much as you do mine..." Lauren's softly-spoken words were casually absorbed into the blonde woman's mind, as Mary devoted her primary attention to the succulent young womanhood before her. Mary tongued her teen partner with abandon for several minutes, bringing Lauren to the brink.

But at length a doubt crept into Mary, and her pace started to slow.

Why can't I remember?... Something this fantastic...with a magnificent teenaged girl... I should be able to remember it...but...I can't....... Have I really...done this...before..?

Lauren sensed uncertainty and reluctance in Mary's actions. I can't believe it. Despite all the brainwashing and drugs, she's still showing signs of resistance.

However, Lauren had no such reluctance. Her body's response to Mary's labial ministrations had been fast and, even though Mary's efforts had slowed, they were still adequate to finish her off.

"Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The Latina seductress moaned loudly as an orgasm washed over her. She clenched her thighs against Mary's head during the series of orgasmic pulses. The pretty teen's climaxive reaction to the blonde woman's oral affection snapped Mary momentarily out of her questioning attitude and supercharged her with love for what was happening between them. Mary swallowed the copious amount of fluid that squirted out from the teenage girl's love tunnel.

"Do you like the taste of my pussy?" asked Lauren while wiping the wetness on Mary's lips and chin with two fingers after Mary stood up.

"It tastes wonderful... I love it very much, Lauren..."

"Good, I'm glad you love it!" exclaimed Lauren as she tasted her own pussy juice and Mary's saliva on her fingers.

"Do you love me, too?" Lauren's hand returned to the blonde's ass, as if it belonged there.

"I...I think I do." Indeed, Mary was feeling a distinct, growing romantic and physical yearning for the girl. "B-but, there's something I don't understand..."

"What is it?"

"I don't remember a lot about our relationship... You said we've been together for five months...but... but I think I should at least remember something..."

"Like I said, it's probably the stress you've been know, about your husband, and what a creep he is, and how much you'd like to divorce him, and be done with men for good... No one would blame you for feeling like that...or for just getting rid of him. It's really about time, Mary. You'd be so much better off without him. You should divorce him. You know that's true, don't you?"

"I...uh...I..." Now that Lauren said it, it was as if Mary had thought that very thing before.

"One advantage--if you got rid of him--would be that you and I could be together more often..." A potential divorce took on an enhanced appeal in Mary's mind, if being together more often with this sexy teen were to be one result of it. "And, really...who would you rather be with...him...or me?"

Mary had never asked herself a question like that before. She had always assumed she would be with Bruce "until death do you part", in accord with the promises they had exchanged on the day of their marriage. She had never pondered leaving him for anyone else--and certainly not for a teenage girl--yet it now suddenly seemed to be a question of rising importance.

Bruce...or Lauren...?She put the two side-by-side in her mind, comparing them, and her feelings about them, with the impression that she had to make a choice between them. As she did so, the issue swiftly clarified, and the answer to Lauren's question became all too easy--but not in Bruce's favor.

"But let's not worry about that now and continue our fun together," said Lauren with a smile on her face.

While Lauren was getting herself off the countertop, she pretended to lose her balance and used it as an excuse to put her hands on Mary's breasts. "Oh! I'm sorry!" said Lauren with a playful tone, but she didn't let go of the woman's large orbs, covered as they were by her blouse and bra, and continued squeezing them repeatedly to test Mary's responses.

"Ohh! Oooo..." Mary closed her eyes in obvious, unexpected pleasure. "But...Lauren...'t..."

"Sorry, I'm kind of impatient... Let's go to your bedroom, my love."

After slipping her feet back into her strappy, pink high heels--but remaining completely naked otherwise--Lauren loaded her clothes, handbag, and the portable speaker in one arm and took one of Mary's hands in her free hand. "Lead the way, lover." They headed out of the kitchen toward the stairwell. During the walk, Lauren sensed hesitation in Mary's body language.

When they ascended the stairs, Lauren made sure to precede her older companion, showing off her undulating, naked backside. She glanced back once, confirming her supposition that Mary's eyes were glued to her rolling, smooth, large Latina ass, and the young pussy--which Mary had just eaten--peaking through between her legs, as well.

"Do you like what you see, Mary?"

Mary whispered a preoccupied "yes" without taking her eyes off the succulent ass and pussy flesh in front of her.

Lauren waited for Mary on the landing at the top of the stairwell and, again holding Mary's hand, let the older woman lead her into her bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, as Lauren closed the door behind them, she again noticed some kind of hesitation within Mary. "Lauren...I don't know about this. What are we...?" She turned to face her temptress.

"That depends on you, beautiful." Lauren swept her hands up her naked, high-heeled body, pausing to caress her quivering breasts and tweak her pink nipples, before continuing higher to gather her pony tail and toss it over a shoulder, and then lace her hands behind her head, brazenly lifting and presenting her large, firm tits to a wide-eyed Mary, and spreading her legs some to better expose her juicy pussy. The shameless, provocative, erotic flirtation obliterated whatever question Mary might have had but a second before, and left her with her mouth ajar, her heart racing, and her pussy tingling."What do you want to do...Mary?"

"I guess... I guess I'm fine with whatever you want to do..."the older woman panted in a hoarse voice.

Lauren understood that Mary's heterosexual experiences making love with her husband would have left her mind and body embedded with certain patterns of sexual behavior which she, Lauren, could exploit and twist and corrupt into lesbian proclivities. Mary's experience would tell her that sex usually starts with light touching and kissing, that touching and kissing lead to mutual groping of more private body parts, removal of clothing, and other forms of fore-play, that getting in bed together is a one-way ticket to deeper sex, and that the kissing, foreplay, doffing of clothes, feeling one's partner up, being felt up, and getting in bed together are all reasonable, expected, and salient elements of making love, which typically culminates in intercourse. She would have a natural, normal drive to give and receive gratifying sexual contact, to mate, and to achieve relief and fulfillment in orgasm.

Mary would have experienced such acts and such a progression time and again, would be used to it, comfortable with it, and open to it--even with a partner other than her husband, if the circumstances and her mental state could be manipulated adequately. Lauren and her co-conspirators were confident--with a confidence supported by experience--that such proclivities likely to exist within someone like Mary could be tapped into and rechanneled, in conjunction with a scheme of mind control, to lure her into parallel sexual acts with another woman, to retrain and redirect her physical and emotional responses and desires, to displace her straight tendencies, and, in time, to wring out and wash away every last drop of heterosexuality from her soul until all that would be left would be a pure, devout, and eager lesbian woman.

The Latina seductress circled her prey and came to a halt standing next to and slightly behind her victim. She placed her right hand on Mary's behind. Reflexively, the blonde woman pressed her rear backwards slightly, unconsciously seeking to engage the invasive hand more intimately, and to encourage its explorations. Lauren smiled to herself again. Her prey had now become accustomed to her licentious touches, and was starting to crave them.

"Are you sure? Tonight is a special moment for us. I think we each should get to decide on one thing we want do with each other. I've already picked oral sex, and we did it. Now it's your turn to decide."

Lauren slipped her pink-nailed fingers inside the waistband of Mary's sweat pants, then slid her hand completely into them. Roving over Mary's panties directly now, she fingered and squeezed Mary's butt.

"I don't know... I..."

"How about this, why don't you just think about it while we make out on the bed?" Lauren stepped in front of Mary and led her by the hand to the bed. Both women were now standing next to it and facing each other again. Mary stared at Lauren as if she was lost.

"What are you just standing there for, my love? If you want to have sex with me, you have to strip."

"Aren't we just going to make out?"

"Yeah, but then we're going to have sex. Remember?" Lauren ran her hands along the sides of Mary's body. "That's what you want, and always want, whenever you're near me. You're going to think of exactly what you want to do while we make out. Naked." The brunette siren slipped her hands into the waistband of the sweatpants. "Let me help you get started."

With one smooth motion, she pulled the sweatpants down to Mary's ankles as she kneeled down. Accomodating Lauren, the woman lifted one foot, then another, as Lauren slid Mary's house slippers off her feet, and then, with her continued reflexive cooperation, Mary felt the sweatpants being completely pulled off of her legs.

"White granny panties again... Don't you have anything else to wear?" asked Lauren while noticing with satisfaction a wet spot in the crotch area of the panties.

"Um... I have different colors..."

"These are plain and boring... I think you should try something sexier. Don't you?"

Mary did not answer aloud, but she replied in her head. Maybe...maybe she's right...

Lauren rose and unbuttoned Mary's red poplin shirt. She smiled when Mary assisted in the unbuttoning.

"And, you know, you could do better than a plain shirt like this, and sweatpants. If you're just going to be by yourself, at home, this might be appropriate occasionally. But if there's any chance of you being with another woman or girl whom you might want to attract--including Wendy--then you really want to think about wearing more sensual, inviting, revealing things, most of the time, even when you're at home. Soft, silky things, tight things that show off your beautiful figure and invite touch, low-cut things, see-through things, more skirts, even cute short skirts or ones with daring slits. Nylons, high-heels, and jewelry are always desirable, as well. And makeup--of course. Always makeup.

"Think of how you could really catch Wendy's eye with things like that; and other women and girls, would really get interested in you, too, if you made what you wear sexier. I'd love it, too..."

After she heard Lauren's admonition to wear makeup, including at home--for Wendy--it dawned on her that she had done that very thing earlier that afternoon. I did wear lipstick...for Wendy... Even though at the time she had applied the lipstick she had not been thinking specifically of Wendy, that she consciously knew, it now seemed clear to her that she had really wanted to do it for catch her attract her...

As the shirt parted and Mary's plain, full-cup white bra came into view, the teenaged Latina sighed, "Same with the bra." Lauren peeled the shirt off her hostess. "You could try something different... like something with lace...or transparent... The one good thing about your blouse is its color--red."

In her mind, Mary briefly saw herself dressed in a sheer red babydoll nightie over a red satin shelf-bra with lace and a matching thong.

Yes...maybe....... That would be nice...

Mary now stood in her bedroom, clad in only her bra and panties, lips reddened and ready for love, in the presence of a beautiful naked teen girl.

"Let's spice things up with some music. The kind of music you like now." The portable speaker was placed next to the night stand. From it emerged bass beats along with a set of subliminals different from the ones Mary had heard earlier.

Lead by Lauren, they got onto the bed. Lauren lay down on her back and opened her arms. After hesitating a moment, Mary took the cue and laid herself down on the beautiful brunette. In her love-making with Bruce, Mary had always been on the bottom, so to be "on top" was a novel experience, but one she quickly adapted to and came to relish. Lauren wasted no time in wrapping her arms around the blonde and pulling their mouths together. Their kisses started with some restraint on Mary's part and with tenderness on Lauren's, but, as Lauren's lips and tongue, the subliminals, and a fresh dose of the aphrodisiac lipstick coaxed Mary's lusts, her fervor increased.

Mary wants to kiss teenaged girls... Mary wants to touch and feel the bodies of teenaged girls... Mary wants to have sex with teenaged girls... Lauren is a beautiful teen girl... Mary wants Lauren... Lauren is beautiful... Mary loves Lauren... Mary wants to have sex with Lauren...

Lauren's hands started to roam along Mary's back, and played with her bra straps. Before Mary knew it, while she was possessed by the Latina's mouth, Lauren unlatched the woman's bra, slid it off her body, and threw it to the side. Then one hand slid into Mary's panties, fingering the woman's soft buttocks directly and pulling their groins into firmer contact.

Pussy to pussy... Tribadism... Scissoring... Grind your pussy against the pussy of another female... Teenage girl pussy is delicious... You want your pussy to meet with the pussy of another girl...

Reacting to the propositions of debauchery being covertly urged upon her, Mary pressed her panty-covered crotch slightly down into the naked pussy of her new teen lover.

Lesbian sex is wonderful...Fuck a girl with a dildo... Fuck a girl with a dildo in your your your pussy... Fuck a girl in the mouth... in the pussy... in the ass... Make her taste your pussy... Make her love your pussy... You are a voracious lesbian... You are a magnificent lesbian... You hunger for teen pussy... You crave this girl's beautiful pussy...and you crave her mouth... Kiss her... Fuck her...

Mary took her sexy companion's face in her hands and sank her tongue deeply into her pink mouth. At the same time, without realizing she was doing it, she started to push her groin more forcefully into Lauren's and to rotate her hips. As saliva dribbled between their conjoined mouths, female love juice from both of them began to saturate the front panel of Mary's panties.

Though losing herself in the pleasure and passion of making out with the wondrous teen vixen, Mary nevertheless thought she could discern erotic feminine moaning sounds from the music, laced with sexual words like "fuck", "pussy", "ass", "kiss", "dyke", and "lesbian". Summoning enough willpower to break away from the brunette Latina's heavenly lips, she spoke in a dreamy voice which reflected her mental and emotional state.

" I hearing things or...or are there lyrics in the music?"

"Yes, there are lyrics in the music. I'm glad you've noticed. Do you like them?"

"Yeah, kind of..." Mary didn't know why, but the music laced with profanity and erotic words sounded appealing for some reason, despite it being very different from the usual country and classical music she listened to. "Actually...I do.........a lot..."

"Have you decided on what you want to do to me?" While Mary was preoccupied with the question, Lauren pulled Mary's panties down her hips. Unconsciously, the blonde woman lifted her mid-section and moved her legs, obliging Lauren as the teen pulled the wet panties off of Mary's legs.

"Uh........" Mary heard words faintly in her head, guiding her desires and suggesting her reply to Lauren.

I want to fuck teenaged girls...with my mouth, with my hands, with my pussy, with dildos, with strap-ons..."Yes...... I think... I do..." She couldn't bring herself to say the words out loud which had been getting drilled into her head, but she now was able to speak them to herself.

"Please, sweetheart... Say it... Say the words... Tell me what you want to do to me..."


"Yes, darling?"


"Oh, I love that word!... But what are you saying? Are you telling me that you want to fuck a sexy teenaged girl? Like me? Go ahead... Say it..."


"Oh, Mary... It makes me dizzy with happiness to hear those words come from the woman I love. I love it when you talk dirty to me. Say it again."

"I fuck you."

"Honey, I'd love you to fuck me! What are you waiting for? Do it!"

"But...but I feel like I'm missing something..."

Reading Mary's thoughts accurately, Lauren reached into her pink leather handbag and pulled out a red metallic dildo, the one that she had showed Mary earlier, and handed it to Mary. Not knowing why, Mary figured out what to do with the device, as if by instinct. Holding the base of it with one hand, she kissed and licked the dildo's tip and dragged her tongue along its length on the metallic surface. She then opened her reddened lips in an O-shape, placed the handle half of the dildo inside her mouth, and held it in place with her lips. Aiming the tip of the dildo between Lauren's glossy pink facial lips, Mary then pushed the toy into the teenager's mouth, pulled it out, and repeated the two actions.

Shortly after she started fucking Lauren's mouth with the red dildo, Mary felt a strange sensation around her hips and in her vagina. Curious of what was happening, she pulled the dildo out from Lauren's mouth and bent her head down to see what was happening to the lower part of her body between her legs. Mary was surprised to see herself wearing a shiny red strap-on dildo mounted on a white leather harness. She had no idea that what she thought she was feeling and seeing in that area of her body was an illusion caused by the combined effects of the current subliminals and drugs, and her previous brainwashing.

Why am I wearing this? When did I... put it on?

"Mary...fuck me."

Fuck her...

She wants me to fuck her... A woman should fuck pretty girls... I want to fuck sexy teen girls... I want to fuck her... I'd love to fuck her... girlfriend......... I will...fuck her...right now...

Mary felt her hips seeming to move on their own when she plunged the illusory red phallus into Lauren's teenaged pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm... Yesssss... Mary...what a sexy woman...a sexy lesbian sexy lover... Mary...ooooo... You turn me on so much... Kiss me...and fuck me....."

Mary removed the rocket dildo from her lips and kissed Lauren deeply on the mouth while continuously moving her hips up and down. Their tongues dueled and a copious amount of saliva was exchanged. Her mature breasts mashed against the younger breasts of the foxy teenaged Latina. Despite what Mary thought she was experiencing, she wasn't actually fucking the teenaged girl with a strap-on; instead, she was grinding her pussy against Lauren's in an act of tribadism.

"Uhh, uh, uh, oooh... Ahhhhhh!" moaned the red-lipped woman.

When she leaned her head forward to look down at the area between her legs again, the dildo had disappeared, but her labia were now colored red like her lips. Mary also noticed that her nipples and nails were painted in the same shade of red as well, not knowing they were hallucinations induced by drugs and subliminals.

They're colored red... They're...beautiful! if they were always meant to be this wonderful color....... did this happen?

Lauren cradled Mary's head with her hands and directed Mary's attention back to her lovely, young, painted face. She lifted her chin and kissed Mary on the lips while simultaneously sitting up. Mary automatically sat up as well in response. The couple was now sitting on their haunches facing each other, with their legs overlapping, Lauren having positioned Mary's left leg over her right and vice versa. Lauren broke the kiss, a thread of saliva hanging between the woman's and the teen's lips, as she moved her hips closer to Mary's, until their pussies almost touched.

At first, Mary was confused at what to do. But new imagery appeared suddenly in her mind, of two teenage cheerleaders in a locker room engaged in an act of tribadism, which, along with subliminals in the music, "instructed" the neophyte lesbian woman.

Pussy touches pussy... Rub your pussy against her pussy... You love young, wet pussy... It will feel so good on your hot, womanly right... You need it...right now... You can't live without it...pussy...fresh, young girl pussy... Grab her leg... Pull her pussy towards yours... Move your hips... Moan... Move your hips... Moan... Push your pussy against her pussy... Moan... Feel her leg.... Touch her skin... You love young, smooth, teenage girl skin...and pussy... mmmmmm... And her pretty and young... You want them... You must have them... You love her... Kiss her...

Mary's blue eyes gazed into Lauren's brown eyes. Her heart was racing wildly. She placed her hand on Lauren's left leg that was overlapping her right leg and ran her fingers along the Latina's smooth skin. Mary found herself loving how silky and firm it was. It was so tempting. It was irresistible. She felt compelled toward more contact with this satin-smooth, curvy body and its more mysterious charms. Inch-by-inch, she moved herself on her haunches until her pussy met that of Lauren's.

The moment their pussies touched, Mary felt an exquisite jolt of wicked pleasure. She gasped loudly when she felt the sexy brunette's wet, warm young cunt flesh on the lips of her own dripping, mature womanhood. Looking down, the depraved sight utterly enthralled her.

"I love you," said Lauren before kissing Mary on the lips. As they kissed, Lauren drove her pussy more intimately into Mary's. "Mmmmmmmmmm..."

The impassioned blonde woman responded, wiggling her hips to press her love box reciprocally into her new lover's, seeking to feel more of the novel, thrilling enchantment of the teen's juicy vulva blending with her own. Both of the curvy females continued to gyrate their hips, bumping and grinding their private parts together in ecstasy, hugging and kissing and panting.

For Mary, the line separating her life as a decent, chaste, straight woman and her life as a promiscuous, degenerate lesbian had now been irrevocably crossed. Even though she was in a hypnotized state, her native conscience had been suppressed, her volition had been commandeered, and her normal personality would neither be aware of it nor reflect it for a while, the woman she was in her inner core was bending, twisting, and transforming. Her life-long dedication to morality had been shattered and her precipitous descent into adulterous Sapphic sin was now well underway--although in this moment she was blissfully unaware of the line she had crossed, and much of what she had done and was doing would be lost on her conscious awareness, to be stored in her emotions, body, and subconscious mind for retrieval later. Right now, all Wendy's mother knew was that she craved more sex with Lauren, more of her sweet teen pussy.

"Do you want more of this, in the future, Mary, my love?"

"Ohhh, yesss!"

"Who would you rather have... your husband...or me? Who would you rather be with? Who would you rather fuck?"

"Oh, you!You, you, you you!"

"If you want to be with me more, then what do you have to do with him?"

"Dump him."

"Yes... That's right, my sweet... Divorce him...because you hate him...and, more importantly, because you want to see me more...and be with me much more often...for sex...because you love me...and you want, more than anything else in this world, to fuck me."


"You'd also have more time for other girls...and women..."

Mary let the insinuation sink in, without answering.

"And who am I to you?"

"Beautiful sweet lover... You''re wonderful..." Lauren rewarded Mary for the delirious confession of her new reality with a deep, tongued kiss.

Upon finishing their kiss, to heighten the erotic commerce between them, Lauren switched her position to one which found her kneeling with her legs astride Mary's right thigh and sitting on it. Lifting Mary's left leg over her right shoulder, she slid forward and slammed her steaming pussy again into that of her MILF lover. Her lower body now having greater freedom of movement, Lauren began thrusting her hips more vigorously than before, and continued to do so until both of them approached a climax.

Mary's jaw dropped and her breathing became yet heavier with the variation and enhancement in the erotic thrills her womanhood was receiving, of a type and degree she had never imagined feeling before. The fraction of her normal personality and values that remained within her at this moment was completely overwhelmed and submerged by the pleasure and by desire for the sexy teen she was fucking.

"You want to do this again and again, don't you Mary? If it means you're a lesbian, then you're a lesbian...right? You want to do this with me and with other girls, too, don't you?"


"Close your eyes, my darling... That's right..." Lauren stroked Mary's cheek. "You want to do this with Wendy," the Latina sirene uttered softly. "You will do this with Wendy... You want sex with Wendy... You desire your daughter's sweet pussy... You desire to feel it with yours..."

Mary, delirious with lust, could not reject the depraved proposition. "Mmmmm...... Wendy..."

"Yes, Mom... I am Wendy." Lauren spoke with a higher and more girlish voice, to mimic her companion's blonde daughter, and pushed her cunt more forcefully into Mary's. "You're fucking you've always wanted to... like I've always wanted you to... I love it, Mom... I love you..."

The blonde woman closed her eyes more tightly and gasped loudly. "Ooooo.... Mmmmm..."

"Fuck me, Mom!"

Mary pushed down and swiped her hips even more vigorously, from side to side, and circularly, and up and down. Oh, yeah...oh, my sweet daughter...

"Do you like fucking your own daughter, Mom? Say it! Tell me how much you want me!"

"Ohhh... Wendy...yes...yes, yes...I love it... I love sweet, sweet girl... I want to fuck forever... Please...sweetheart...let... me...keep..."

After allowing Mary's corrupting fantasy to last a minute, Lauren took Mary's chin gently in a hand and said, "Open your eyes, Mary. It's me. Lauren."

"Oh...oh, of beautiful..." Mary reached impulsively for her teen lover, pulling their torsos and faces closer to lock their mouths together again in love, and to feel the girl's breasts against her own. The action put a brief pause to their tribing, but they returned to it shortly, both having a frantic longing to give and receive a climax through the wicked joining of their sizzling cunts.

At length, both blonde woman and brunette teen reached the point of their explosive fulfillment. When Mary tilted her head back during her orgasmic cry, Lauren, though frenzied and howling with her own ecstasy, remembered her mission, placed a red pill in her own mouth, and cradled Mary's head, before kissing her deeply on the mouth and pushing the red pill in. Filled with extreme lust for the teenaged Latina, Mary swallowed the pill without hesitation, to quickly resume the sounds of panting and squeeling and love accompanying her first orgasm as a nascent lesbian, issuing from her first hard-core sex with another woman in the real world.

"Oh...ohhhh...Lauren....... Ahhhhh!"


When Wendy opened the door to her home, darkness greeted her. She walked in and flipped on the lights. "Mom, I'm home! Sorry I'm late for dinner!"

There was no response.

Wendy then walked into the dining room adjacent to the kitchen, flipped on the lights, and noticed that the dishes set out on the table were all covered, in the way Wendy was used to her mother doing to keep dinner as warm as possible and to protect it from flies should she anticipate a delay in the start of dinner.

Maybe she's upstairs.

Wendy stepped back into the living room, intending to ascend the stairs, but as she did so, she saw two figures coming down the stairway. The first person was the one she expected. But who's that with her?.... What?! Lauren?!! Mary and Lauren were walking downstairs together.

What's going on? What's...what's Lauren doing here?! And why...why are they together?

"Honey, you're late for dinner. We had to wait for you."

Wendy noticed a strange tone in her mom's voice and was surprised that her mother had put on a thick layer of bright red lipstick, strikingly more prominent than the faint coat Wendy had seen on her mom that afternoon. Something about the sight made her heart flip.

Wow... Mom looks...good...

"Mom, sorry I'm late... I was...detained... But...what...what's going on? Why is Lauren here?"

"Lauren wanted to see you, but you were away, so we've been talking with each other a little."

"And I showed her how to put on make-up."

"It was fun and a great learning experience." Wendy observed that her mother's hair, normally neatly groomed, and which had been held in a pony tail earlier, was now loose and appeared to be slightly disheveled. "There was a lot of stuff I didn't know."

Lauren and Mary walked together to the main door. Wendy noticed that they strode more closely than two new acquaintances normally would be apt to do, hips seeming to bump softly and familiarly and the backs of their hands lightly brushing one another as they moved. Their pace was leisurely, suggestive of two people who were in no rush to part company.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay to have dinner with Wendy and me?"

"I would love to, but my parents are expecting me to be home soon."

Mary felt disappointment when she knew conclusively that the Latina wasn't able to stay longer.

"Maybe next time?" asked Mary as nicely as she could, without revealing the full extent of the desire she was feeling to see Lauren again.

"Sure. I'd like that very much. I would definitely love to get together with you again."

Mary and Lauren gazed into each other's eyes for a few long seconds, which Wendy found to be strange and unnerving. What did they talk about with each other? ... What did they do with each other?... Though Wendy tried to suppress the idea of something inappropriate transpiring between her mother and her beautiful crush, it caught her imagination just the same for a second, and she felt her pussy tingle in response, before she scolded herself for allowing a lurid and impossible notion about her mother to even begin to contaminate her mind.

"Oh, before I leave, I would like to speak with Wendy for a few moments." As Lauren started towards the front door, motioning for Wendy to follow her with an incline of her head, she looked one more time into Mary's eyes for a pregnant second. "Bye..." Lauren sang the word softly, sweetly, and familiarly to her hostess before she turned and passed through the door with Wendy, the door closing behind them.

As the two girls walked out of the house into the front yard, Wendy found herself eyeing up Lauren's body. She's all dressed up. I wonder where she's going tonight. But she looks good...amazingly good... as always... Must be why I like her so much... Lauren is so hot...

In the middle of the front yard, Lauren stopped and turned toward her blonde companion. Not waiting for Lauren to offer an explanation, Wendy asked, "Lauren, what are you doing here? If--I mean, when--we become, you know, serious, I would have introduced you to my mom. But, for now, I'd prefer to leave her out of...whatever it is we are becoming to each other. Why didn't you contact me first?"

"I was visiting a friend nearby and thought I might as well visit you as well. Too bad you weren't home earlier, though. We probably could've had some fun together, if you know what I mean."

Lauren's coming on to me! thought Wendy, while blushing. Is the plan finally working? I've got to encourage her...

"Yeah, Lauren... I would have really gone for that." Wendy brushed some of her hair over a shoulder, then twirled a lock of her hair around her fingers. "With a fox like you..."

"Why, Wendy... aren't you the cute little tease? Now I'm really sorry you weren't here..."

"Yeah. Me, too... But my mom might have noticed."

"Would she have minded? You playing around with a girl in your living room or bedroom?"

"Well, yeah..."

"So, you haven't come out to your mom yet?"

"Uh, no... You have to realize, my mom is very conservative, and she wouldn't understand..."

"I see. Well, at some point, I think she'll have to know. Especially if you and know... I'd want her to know about our relationship. She'd find out about it sooner or later. So, she doesn't know about you and Sarah?"

"No...not yet... She just thinks we're friends."

"So, you've been lying to your mom. Well, that's okay for now. In fact, it's just fine to lie to your mother, and to other people, too, about a lot of things, if it gets you what you want. Actually, I'm impressed, Wendy. I thought you were this little goodie-goodie, who would never tell a lie, and now I see that you're not. Very good.

"But I wouldn't be so afraid about telling your mom. I think she's not quite as pure and traditional as you think she is. Just a hunch, from talking to her. In fact, I suspect she has a pretty wild streak hiding inside of her. If you ask me, I think she's a closet lesbian, too."

Madeline said something like that might be true, too. And who else? Was it Cynthia? Or......anyway, yeah... They both said the best way to find out was for me to put some moves on her, or do something else provocative, and see how she reacts. But...but...she's my mom....... I couldn't do that.........could I? Well...I did agree to do one easy thing Madeline suggested, and I'll do it later, before I go out with Sarah...but...more than that...I don't know...

"I doubt she knows it, but I have the feeling she's been trying to fit into a straight world all of her life, but that's not who she really is, deep inside. Could be wrong, but that's my take on her."

"Lauren... I don't think so... She's never..."

"Then why was she so nice to me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like...since I wasn't able to have fun with you...I had fun with your mom instead."

Wendy widened her eyes in shock. She recalled Cynthia mentioning that Lauren liked older women. It seemed to Wendy that her brief earlier, tainted impression of what might have happened between Lauren and her mother might not have been so far off-base, after all.

"You look like a deer caught in the headlights... Oh, you're thinking I did that with your mom! You have a nasty imagination, Wendy," Lauren teased.

Wendy felt a sense of relief. "No, I wasn't thinking like that!"

"Just could have happened. I have the feeling she likes pretty girls. At least, she was looking me over, I think. And your mom is hot.

Yet another girl is drooling over my mom? Wow...she's the fourth one in a couple of days.

"You think so, too, don't you?" queried the brunette Latina.


"Don't tell me you haven't checked your mom out, or that you haven't had fantasies about her."

"But...isn't that..."

"If you were a real lesbian girl, you would have. Real lesbians, especially slutty ones, don't limit themselves the same way a prudy, straight girl would. A real lesbian is open to anything, when it comes to women. Any woman. So...what do you think of your mom? Are you attracted to her?"

Oh, no. I don't want her suspecting me. I'd better go along with this...

"Oh, sure, of course... I think she's hot, too."

"Have you ever tried anything with her yet?"

" mean..."

"Yes... You know what I mean."

" yet..."

"Well, you should. I think your mom is starving for affection...physically and emotionally...especially from another female. I have a keen eye for this kind of thing. But she also told me, confidentially, that she would like to be closer to you...that she really, you know, likes you.I'm pretty sure she meant like more than just a know? I could tell that she thinks you're really...desirable..."

"She said that?! No way!" That doesn't sound like Mom at all. Is Lauren just making this up?...... But...why would she?....... Could she be telling the truth?.... No, it wasn't exactly the truth--at best, Lauren was twisting and embellishing whatever words about Wendy she might have pried out of Mary--but the deception served her purposes quite well.

"Way. More or less. If you want to know my opinion, I think she's just waiting for you to make the first move. She may not even know she wants it. Probably doesn't. If you don't want to push it too much, at least give her a little of the kind of love she craves. You could, like, touch know, softly...the way you would like to be touched...and hold her...tenderly... the very least... Hold her hand... Hold her in your arms...Why don't you kiss her, too? I bet she'd love that........ So would you.............. Or, better yet, why don't you just seduce her all the way? Take her to bed!"

Wow... She really means that?... That sounds perverted... But...but I guess she expects me to I'd better not object... "Oh...I see your point...maybe you're right..."

I wonder if there are a lot of girls who...who have that...with their mothers... Is it more common...than I thought?... Is it even...normal...?

An image passed into Wendy's head from the DVD she had watched with Madeline. The blonde mother and daughter were embracing in their kitchen. And kissing. Their hands were roaming. Wendy found her face flushing and her heart beating more noticeably in her chest.

And...what about Lauren and...and her mother? Are they...are they also...intimate...?

The vision in Wendy's mind altered a little, so that the mother and daughter she saw making out were now beautiful Latinas. The daughter was Lauren, and the mother was a construct of Wendy's imagination of what Lauren's mother might look like, an elegant and voluptuos dark-haired fox.

"Of course I'm right. A real lesbian girl wouldn't hesitate, not with a babe like your mom. And you'll never know if she really is gay, deep down, if you don't do something to find out.......Anyway, are you going out with Sarah later tonight?"

The question and the need to answer it snapped Wendy out of her brief erotic reverie. "Yes. How do you know?"

"Because it was my plan. Tonight will be a big test for you to prove to me that you're really a lesbian..."

"What kind of test?"

"You'll find out later. Just remember to do what Sarah tells you to. Anyway, I got to go. See you later tonight, Wendy." Lauren reached out to stroke the blonde's cheek with her long, pink fingernails. "And good luck, sweetie. I really like you. I hope it can work out between us. I hope you really are the full-out lesbian you claim to be. Oh, and just in case you haven't heard yet, I don't like goody-two-shoes girls. I'd never be interested in any girl who's not a total slut!" And you are coming along nicely in that department, Wendy...

Surprising Wendy,Lauren took the blonde in her arms and gave her a prolonged French kiss, before letting her go and walking off.

As Lauren walked away and took off in her car, Wendy stood on her front lawn watching her until she was out of sight, dazed by the beautiful Latina's sensual presence and bewitching kiss, before she went back pensively into her house.

Wow...Lauren.......... No wonder I'm...I'm kind love with her............ What would it be like to be her girlfriend?...

Once inside, she saw her mother in the kitchen and couldn't shake off the feeling something was wrong.

"I'm reheating the dinner in the microwave, dear. It's taken a while to go through all the dishes, but I'm almost done."

"Mom, what did you talk with Lauren about?" Despite Lauren's assurance, Wendy still had a slight sense of uneasiness surrounding Lauren's visit.

"Well, we talked about school, music, boyfriends, know, the usual stuff..."

"Anything else?" Wendy was curious as to why her mother had put on red lipstick, much more thickly and boldly than she had earlier in the afternoon. She looks so different...but...really good...

"Oh, yes, we also talked about make-up. She taught me how to put on lipstick, what colors are best for me, and what brands are good... Your friend sure is very knowledgeable about this stuff..."

Standing next to her mom, Wendy couldn't help but notice a strong smell of perfume coming off of her mom's body. "Did you put on perfume? I thought you weren't wearing any earlier."

"Oh, some of Lauren's perfume must have gotten onto me while she was teaching me how to put on lipstick."

"But, Mom, I thought you already know how to put on lipstick!"

"Oh, it wouldn't hurt to learn more from someone who uses it more often... Wendy, you sound kind of anxious and worried... It's just lipstick..."


"Okay, this is the last dish. We can start dinner now. Better late than never!"

Wendy helped her mom bring the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas, and two glasses of fruit punch to the table, then took her seat. Mary sat at the table across from Wendy. Mary's decision to sit there had been unconsciously influenced by her having sat across from her daughter at the Powers dining-room table the previous night and the sensual undercurrent prevalent in that situation. Little did either Love-Livingston female understand how much the atmosphere and their impulses during this dinner in their home this evening would by shaped by the deeds, subliminal messages, urges, and erotic ambienace which they had experienced during their dinner with the Powers the previous evening, as well as by Wendy's "training" at the hands of Sarah and her sexual adventures with other girls and by the powerful brainwashing which had been imposed on both of them at other times.

While it was common for grace to be said prior to dinner in the Love-Livingston home, holding hands during it had never been their practice; nevertheless, on this night, mother and daughter--both prompted by the memory of the enjoyment they had tasted holding hands wth each other during grace the previous night--smiled at each other in unspoken agreement, extended their hands across the table, and joined them, as they had the previous evening at the instigation of Serena Powers. As Mary offered the prayer, neither paid much attention to the words spoken, as had been the case at the Powers, distracted as they once again were by the electrical pleasure found in the contact of their hands. Both were secretely happy to have an excuse to do this. Also as at the Powers mansion, when their hands separated after the amen, they slid their palms and fingers apart leisurely, each subtly, delicately raking the skin of the other with her nails, after which they smiled at each other again.

As they started eating, Mary asked, "Wendy, I haven't seen your friend Madelynn in a while. Do you two still see each other? Are you still friends?"

Hearing the name of her long-time best friend--of her alluring new lesbian girlfriend--sent a thrill down Wendy's back which seemed to settle in her pussy. It made her realize that she missed seeing her lovely Gothicized friend this day, and hadn't seen her nearly enough the day before...although the day before that, together in Wendy's bedroom, had been...awesome...or so it was now cast in Wendy's memory. And just thinking about Madelynn again now... There was something new...something very...very...exciting...

Wendy's memories of what had happened in the Twin Venus Club house earlier this evening were blurred, but she did remember the AR device Madeline had let her use, and knew that her experience with it had been remarkable...and powerfully erotic. She also knew that some kind of figment of Madelynn, along with other females, had somehow been part of her adventure there, whether it was through the AR device or whether she had been dreaming, although the details were difficult to recall.

Suddenly a scenario flashed into Wendy's mind... She was with Madelynn...on a bed... They were naked...Madelynn, with beautiful long, black hair, immense breasts, and blacks lips, nipples, and nails, hovered over her... An exquisite pleasure surged through Wendy's body...focused in her...her ass...

Wendy blinked and the vision was gone. But Wendy's heart was racing and her pussy had become perceptively damp. She felt a powerful desire to be with her beautiful friend, her girlfriend, again...soon...very soon. She could hardly wait to see her.

Madelynn... We've become so much closer lately... We're much better friends than we've ever been before... It's been nice...... And...we're going to start dating...each part of our plan, of course........ I wonder what that's going to be like........ She's so much fun now...and so beautiful... Being with her is...much different...than it used to be... It's kind of...awesome...

"Oh, yeah, for sure. In fact, she was over just the other day, after school, before you got home from work." Mary had noted that Wendy had spaced out a little before replying, had stopped chewing her food, had her mouth open slightly, and appeared to be breathing a little harder than normal, but she understood Wendy seemed to have a lot on her mind these days, so she let it pass.

"Oh, I'm glad to hear that. Even though you have new friends, they say old friends are the best ones...

"You remember Doris Johnson, from church?" Wendy nodded. "You know I normally disapprove of gossip, but she knows what's going on with various people, and she said that Madelynn has changed in some way...that she had ‘gone Goth', I think I heard. Do you know what that means?"

"Oh, yeah... But it's okay, Mom. All that means is that she changed her appearance a little, has some new clothes, like that. She's just experimenting, and expressing what I guess has really been hiding inside her all this time. But I really like the new Madelynn, Mom." After she said that, it struck Wendy that she now had a distinct fondness for the Goth style--or, more to the point, for girls dawning that style--which she had never had before, that she could recall...although Wendy wondered whether her mom would appreciate the new version of Madelynn as much as Wendy had come to. "She's really cute now."

That was difficult for Mary to picture, as Madelynn, in Mary's recollection, had never been "cute", or at least it had been hard to tell whether she could be so underneath the thick glasses, unkempt hair, frumpy, baggy clothes, and bookish, mousy demeanor which had been characteristic of her over her teen years. But if Madelynn was now Wendy's other friends...Mary felt an unaccountable curiosity to see her. "I'm glad to hear that...and to know that you two are still friends. I hope I'm here next time she comes over. Tell her hi for me when you see her again, okay?"

‘Okay, Mom."

For the next few minutes, the two sank into their own thoughts and ate in silence.

Wendy wondered, Did Lauren only have a chat with Mom and teach her how to use make-up? ... Or...was there more?... Briefly, she imagined Lauren's pink lips meeting with her mom's red lips in a passionate kiss. No way, that couldn't have happened...could it? My mom would never cheat on Dad, and she's definitely not a lesbian!

But Wendy vaguely recalled Cynthia mentioning that Lauren had a special skill or natural ability to seduce people, going as far as saying witchcraft might be involved. That can't be real. It's all baloney... We're living in the age of science... Lauren's just an ordinary girl who happens to be very pretty...........well.......extremely pretty........... But there's no way she could make a woman go from straight to lesbian... However, Wendy had a slight doubt about the soundness of her assumptions.

Wendy looked at her Mom's lips. She had to admit the red color--especially now that it was painted on much more heavily than earlier, which struck the teen as being a definite improvement--was extremely flattering on her mother, complementing her blonde hair, smooth, lightly-tanned complexion, blue eyes, high cheekbones, and other pretty facial features. In fact, her mother almost looked like a different a woman of the world...her lips like a luscious red temptation...

Wendy closed her eyes for a moment. She saw her mother's lips, looming in the air as if independent of the woman, hovering closer and closer to her, pumping fuller, perfume wafting from them, the color deepening in rich, scarlet hue and wet shine as they approached, the lips parting slightly. She saw her own lips, also floating, fuchsia-pink and plump and moist, also parting in anticipation, drawing with seeming predestination toward the succulent red lips. They met. They pressed. They slid. They opened wider. Tongues probed.It was slick and delicious. Saliva, tinted fuchsia and red, mixed and drooled...

Realizing with some alarm what she was imagining, and that, having ceased eating for the moment, she was starting to pant and almost to drool, Wendy opened her eyes and shook her head to clear the image, and she issued a little reprimand to herself. But that didn't stop her from dwelling on her mother's lips, visually, mentally, and emotionally, over the much of the remainder of the dinner.

Unknown to her daughter, Mary was experiencing her own internal conflict. The mother found her eyes frequently focusing on her daughter's appearance, especially the made-up eyes, lips, and nails. The girl was attractive... In particular, there was something... something alluring...about the fuchsia color. Mary wasn't able to figure out the reason at first.

Then it hit her, and it had to do with Wendy's friend, Lauren, who had just left. Mary now "remembered" that they had crossed paths in some way in the shopping mall five months before. The exact circumstances were fuzzy in Mary's head, but, yes, they had encountered each other, and the pretty Latina had been wearing similar fuchsia make-up colors when Mary had first met her then. The teenagedLatina had elicited inexplicably warm, fuzzy, exciting feelings within Mary, the blonde mother now "recalled", which she had dismissed at the time as whimsical. But now, she wasn't quite able to take her mind off Lauren, especially after her chat with the teenager and the interactive lesson in putting on make-up. Mary felt, for some reason, that she had already known Lauren for a long time, and was unusually fond of her. And now Wendy, with her fuchsia lips and nails, was reminding her of Lauren...and giving her similar feelings...

While Mary's thoughts about Lauren and Wendy wandered, Wendy's reflections about her mother continued, as well. Wendy pondered about how one after another of her female acquaintances--Cynthia, Kayla, Angela, and, now tonight, Lauren--had expressed erotic interest in her mother, and had speculated whether Mary might be a lesbian. Sarah, too, had made some comments relative to the question the night before, as she and Wendy were getting ready for bed. Even Madeline, earlier this evening, had insinuated that Mary could be a lesbian and could possess hidden desires for her daughter, and that Wendy, as well, may well be secretly hot for her mother, that she should be open to thinking about her mom more frankly in an amorous light, and that yielding to incestuous impulses would a perfectly natural--and, perhaps, inescapable--course of events for the two of them. Three of the girls--Cynthia (Wendy thought), Lauren, and Madeline--had even suggested that Wendy should do something, something provocative, to find out whether Mary might have lesbian tendencies and, if so, to encourage them. Though Wendy had at first resisted that idea--for she was certain, almost, that her prim and proper mother was perfectly straight--a new curiosity about Mom, one that had been percolating all afternoon, it now seemed, especially after her conversations with Madeline and Lauren, now started to tip the scale of decision the other way within her. Although she had already agreed with Lauren to conduct one little experiment with her mother, which she would do later, now she debated whether she should do something more, and do it sooner, maybe right now, to probe her mother's sexual inclinations.

Wendy had never before in her life considered her mother in a sexual light, or as a sexual being, but it seemed to Wendy that she had been drawn by various circumstances and certain people to start considering that aspect of her mother over the last few days. As she thought about it, the teen understood that, sure, Mom, as a married woman, would know about sex and would have had sex with her husband, two daughters being proof enough of that. But was there more to Mom's sex life than a mundane and faithful relationship with Dad? Did she have any particular private preferences? Had Dad been able to keep her satisfied? Did she have any secret kinks, or any hidden, unfulfilled carnal desires? Was the statement true that Sarah had once made to her, that there probably was a lesbian hiding inside most women, and if so, was Mom an exception...or not? Was she as straight-laced and "normal" as she appeared to be?

What could it hurt to test her mother's sexual orientation? At the least, it might help put to rest the ludicrous questions about it which her friends had raised...

Wendy finally decided, as she dealt with her meatloaf and potatoes, that she would give her mom a test... just a slight test... right at dinner... She wouldn't try anything too radical... She'd make it as subtle as she could... It would be just for fun, she told she was sure nothing would come of it...

Mary reached for the ketchup, and, in so doing, her napkin fell to the floor, so she bent down to pick it up. Seeing her opening, Wendy swiftly pulled down the zipper on her hoodie to below the level of her bra, over half of the way down from the top, to see whether her mother would make her zip it up or would, instead, ogle her. She also quickly slid the Twin Venus charm on her necklace around to the back of her neck, so that her mom wouldn't see it.

After sitting up, Mary absentmindly squirted some ketchup on her meatloaf as she remained engrossed in her thoughts about Lauren and Wendy, not having noticed Wendy's movements. As Mary seemed to Wendy to be focused on her food, Wendy took the opportunity to covertly pull apart the unzipped halves of her hoodie, so that the hoodie gaped open, to ensure her mother would get an eyeful when she did finally look her way.

Mary felt something rub up her shin. It took a few seconds to decipher that that had been Wendy's shoe. Mary dismissed it as accidental contact, and did not let it distract her, either from eating or from her train of thought...that is, until, a minute later, she felt the same thing, but with a little more pressure and longer, slower contact. She looked at Wendy's face, but it seemed the teen was preoccupied with her least at first, but then the girl looked up and stared directly into Mary's eyes, with an enigmatic little smile, for a second, before returning her apparent attention to her plate. But her foot play had successfully drawn her mother's gaze.

Mary's eyes drifted downward from her daughter's painted face...until they rested squarely on the teen's bosom, now on partial display. The zipper of Wendy's pink hoodie, Mary noticed with immediate, riveted interest, was over half-way down, exposing the upper slopes of her daughter's young breasts and a portion of her bra. Mary couldn't remember whether Wendy's zipper had been down so far a few minutes prior--she guessed that it might have been, and she just hadn't noticed--but rather than question why Wendy was arrayed this carelessly, Mary found herself roving her eyes over the revealing spectacle in silence. She finally managed to tear herself away and look at Wendy's face again to ascertain whether her questionable inspection had been discovered, but Wendy seemed engrossed with her peas at the moment. Quite unable to stop herself, Mary's eyes boomeranged back to her blonde daughter's cleavage and bra.

The bra was lustrously, beautifully silver, like the controversial but captivating panties from the living room floor had been. For some reason unknown to her, Mary found the sight of that bra and of the swells of her teen daughter's growing orbs most fascinating. Catching herself staring again, she justified herself in her own mind--as she had done the night before when she had eyed up her daughter in the exact same way during dinner with the Powers--that this was, after all, her daughter, and, thus, there was nothing wrong with looking at her if she wished. And, besides, they were just two females; it wasn't like she were some man leering at the pretty teen's body.

Having convinced herself that checking out her daughter's body in this moment was neither very improper nor very unusual for an attentive and naturally curious mother, and feeling as if she were led by a will other than her own, but one she did not want to resist, Mary allowed her imagination to drift as her eyes scanned her daughter's exhibition. She envisioned Wendy pulling the hoodie's zipper down further...then all the way...finishing the a good girl...pulling the two now-unconnected halves all the way apart... for her mommy...exposing her soft tummy...and...oh!...a surprise for Mom!...a new, shiny, bejeweled belly the completely unzipped hoodie showing off all of the front of the shiny, mesmerizing bra...and more of the sweet girl-flesh bulging above it ...then the pretty teen peeling the hoodie completely off...sitting there almost topless...only the thin, glistening bra covering her creamy young mounds... little nubs pressing into the shiny fabric, heralding a daughter's sweet, mysterious nipples...the bra straps slipping, as if by magic, off her kissably smooth shoulders...Wendy reaching behind her back...unfastening the enchanting little silver garment tenuously holding the darling girl's emergent breasts ...the bra sagging forward...sliding off...showing her beloved mother her teen daughter's ripening feminine fruit in full for the first time...firm orbs of smooth, swelling, developing womanhood...sweet, rosy buds glowing in their centers...waiting for a touch... for a woman's touch...the touch of a red-nailed fingertip... yearning for a kiss...from a woman's red, red lips...

She's looking! And...and she's not telling me to zip it up!... Instead... she's...staring... She's not looking away... She's checking me out, I think!... I think she likes it! Wendy couldn't resist looking down her front a moment for a glimpse of the risqué display she was giving her mom, taking her own survey, with a secret carnal pride, of her creamy curves and enticing bra, the feminine landscape which was so capturing her mother's perusal at the moment.

Mary blinked, reality returned, and she dismissed what seemed to be have been simply a creative mental digression, ascribing it as an understandable--if intense--effect of the unusual sight of such an eye-catching, womanly bra on a teen girl, and of the normal interest of a normal mother in her developing daughter, and nothing more.

This is so much like last night... Mom was sitting across from me and...well, it seemed that she was eyeing me up. Wendy's dress last night had been flashy, sparkling, and stunning, in addition to being revealing, so, Wendy figured, that might have explained, at least in part, Mom's interest then. But now, Wendy was just in a pink hoodie, jeans, and...and, well, an admittedly awesome bra...which was silver and shiny, like the dress... Maybe Mom was just attracted to shiny, silver feminine things, the girl speculated, trying to find an excuse for her mother's gawking..... However, Wendy debated within herself, in the past, if Mom had found Wendy with her clothes immodestly half-way undone like this, the vigilant woman would have ordered her daughter to fix herself immediately. But...not tonight...

Seeking to test her mother further, the blonde teen decided on more foot play, which, she had learned first-hand from Sarah, could be, if executed just so, ambiguous enough to leave the recipient in doubt regarding intention, yet sufficiently provocative to stir desire in a recipient prone to such a reaction in the given circumstance. Plus, it was behavior with which Wendy was now comfortable and accomplished, thanks to her "training" with Sarah, and she had come to find a titillating excitement in it. Maybe Mom would, too. Yes, it was inappropriate to do it with one's mother, she reflected, but this was, after all, just a test. According, Wendy slipped off a shoe, once again extended her leg, and rubbed her foot up and down her mother's ankle, shin, and calf.

Hmmm... My girl's in a playful mood tonight...

Although Mary glanced at Wendy's face, which still seemed concentrated on her dinner, with a look which suggested that she had noticed and wondered about the girl's foot, she said nothing. After Mary had looked away, Wendy also glanced quickly at her mother, for only a moment, but found the current expression on her mom's face largely indecipherable. However, Wendy's uncertainty about whether her mother liked the foot play and would somehow respond to it, as well as to her daughter's immodest display, would be dispelled within the next few minutes.

It's been so long since I last played footsies with anyone... Must have been with Bruce, when we were dating...probably in a restaurant....... I really shouldn't... It wouldn't be appropriate...not with my own daughter............but she's soooo cute... Wendy felt her mom's ankle brush against her own. A few seconds later, her mother's foot swept slowly up and down Wendy's calf.

As Wendy had done, Mary looked down at her plate and ate, as if nothing was going on underneath the table. However, as she was completing her mischievous little maneuver with some internal glee, an image opened to her mind. She envisioned the scene under the table, but instead of their kitchen table, it looked like a table in a nice restaurant, with white linen tablecloths draping a couple of feet over the edges of the table, giving the scene underneath some privacy.

In her mind's eye, she could see above the table, as well, and saw that she and her daughter were indeed in a fancy restaurant, just the two of them at their table, as if out together for the night. Mary saw herself attired in a slinky little low-cut, sleeveless black mini dress. It occurred to her that she would have looked and felt better at the Powers had her black dress looked like this one...or if she had worn one like it in red. She was also bedecked with gold jewelry, heavy eye makeup, and red lips and nails. Her hair, now very long and thick and piled on top of her head in an enchanting elaborate style, was no longer her natural blonde, but instead shone in a beautiful dark reddish brown.


Lingering a moment more on the vision of herself, it suddenly struck her that her new, striking hair color reminded her of the last woman she had seen with hair this shade...Wendy's darling new friend, and Mary's as well...the beautiful maid, Kayla. Feeling her heart inadvertently skip a beat, she decided to turn her attention across the table.

In her fantasy, she glanced at Wendy, and was pleased to see that she wore the same sleek, revealing silver gown she had worn to dinner at the Powers. She, too, had her hair--which also seemed to be longer and was definitely lighter than normal--up in an intricate and alluring style, and wore silver jewelry and heavy makeup, as well, with hot-pink lips and nails. What a pretty daughter I have... We should go out like this...often...

Mary looked at the table top between herself and her daughter. Wendy's soft, young, manicured hand was lying on it, extended half-way across toward her mother...and Mary had her own red-nailed hand over it ...holding it. The sight brought a smile to her face. It was so right...

Her view returning to underneath the table, Mary saw that her legs were shod with sheer black nylons and red patent-leather pumps with four-inch heels, with a golden chain encircling an ankle. She was stroking the toe of her pump up and down Wendy's shin, also enclosed in shiny nylons, sheer silver in her case. Wendy slipped off her silver high-heels, revealing hot-pink painted toenails through the fine nylon material of her stockings, and reciprocated, sliding her glossily-covered foot up her mother's legs...very gradually and sensually...but continuing past her knees... slowly...sneaking under the hem of the skirt... wedging between the legs...causing them to part...slithering up the inner sides of the thighs...leisurely...nylon sliding along nylon...then past the top of the silky black stockings...the silvery nylon-encased foot trespassing onto smooth, bare skin...toward her--

Mary blinked, realized what she was imagining, dismissed the licentious vision, and pulled her foot back to her side of the floor underneath the table. No... That's going too far... Little did she know that a similar fantasy, with most of the same details, had thrust itself on Wendy's mind at the same time, and she likewise shook it off when her mother's foot withdrew, though both mother and daughter were left in a bit of a heated, disconcerted state.

Alright....... she seems to have reacted to me... She's been eyeing me up, and she played footsies with me... That's so unlike what I thought Mom was like, or would do........ But...but that doesn't necessarily mean she's a closet lesbian... Maybe she's just returning my playfulness with her... Or maybe she just likes me...and wants to get closer...mother to daughter... I'd like that, too... Wendy's eyes lifted to inspect her mother's face, a lovely face with glistening red, red lips. Mom really is pretty... The teen dropped her eyes to her mother's breasts. And...yes... wow...her nice... Strange that I never noticed her quite like this before...

After a minute or two more in which both Love-Livingston females were able to settle themselves to some degree, during which they ate, avoided looking at each other except for tangential ogling, didn't talk, and pretended nothing had happened, Wendy decided to try another test--or at least that was her justification to herself for her next act. After helping herself to more potatoes, she placed one of her fuchsia-nailed hands part-way across the table, as if just resting it there while she ate, without saying or doing anything more of a suggestive nature, but as an intentional, subtle lure, nevertheless. And Mary once again took the bait, sliding her own hand over her daughter's.

They both felt a current like electricity pass up their arms into their bodies, and they both looked at the two hands together, each admiring to herself how pretty and how "right", in some way, the sight seemed. The only thing that would have made the picture more perfect, the impression passed through both heads at the same time, would be if Mary's nails were painted like Wendy's...particularly if they were painted red...

Then they again looked each other in the eyes. Mary smiled. Without either saying anything, it seemed that stars of some kind sparkled between them. Each noticed a shortness of breath and a pleasant flush on her face, until Mary finally spoke.

"I missed you today, know, when we were both gone in the morning, and then when you went out in the afternoon. I'm glad you made it back safely." The mother gave her daughter's hand a squeeze.

"I missed you, too, Mom." The blonde daughter laced her fingers into her mother's, a move made easier and more natural by their having held hands in a similar, intertwined fashion the night before in the foyer of the Powers mansion, having been steered into doing so at the time by subliminals. "I'm glad, too, that you and Lauren got along. I wasn't expecting her to come over tonight."

"Oh, she was so enjoyable!" Wendy noticed with curiosity her mom's effusiveness about Lauren, as well as the new blush on her mom's face. "It's great you have such nice friends like that........ How about you? Did you have a good time with your new friend? ‘Madeline', was it?"

"Yeah. It was...really interesting..."

"Was it? What did you two do?" Little did Mary suspect that her daughter had spent her late afternoon and early evening with Madeline in wild lesbian sex, just as Wendy likewise had no idea of the homosexual adultery into which Lauren had pulled Mary during the same period of time.

"Oh...uh...well, we hung her room...and...and played some games... she had one that was kind of like know, virtual reality... It was pretty cool..."

"Oh. Well, that sounds fun... If you'd like to bring her by sometime, I'd enjoy meeting her." Mary had been coming to see that all of Wendy's new friends were, without exception, lovely girls indeed, and was now curious to see what Wendy's latest new friend looked like.

Mary tilted her head a bit and took a few strands of her loose blonde hair between her fingers, playing with it."And maybe you and I of these days...or evenings?"

"Oh...yeah, Mom... I'd love that........... By the way, Mom... I really like the way you know, with the lipstick..." Mary blushed once again and smiled, feeling mysteriously gratified to the core by her daughter's flattering observation.

While they finished eating, they continued to hold hands for another few minutes. Mary's eyes strayed back to Wendy's inviting cleavage and bra several more times, when she thought Wendy wouldn't notice, and Wendy furtively glanced from time to time at her mother's body and her deliciously red lips.

After Mary was done with her food, her glass of fruit punch, now only a third full, caught her eye, as it had a few times before during the meal. It struck her that fruit punch had suddenly become her favorite drink. Mary picked up the glass and tried to figure out why she found it so appealing. Not only did it taste good, but drinking it was almost, somehow, reminiscent of kissing--kissing a girl--although that, of course, didn't make any sense at all, but, then, it also had a beautiful red color, the kind of color for which she had developed a strong preference overnight, as it seemed. She loved red.

Oh, well... I don't know why I like it so much so suddenly, but fruit punch is great... She started to drink the last of the punch in her glass. But as she did, she noticed that Wendy's glass was empty, and she wondered whether Wendy would like more. Without knowing why, she held the punch she had just imbibed in her mouth, without swallowing it. It occurred to her that maybe Wendy would like to drink her mother's punch...from her mother's mouth...after it had been properly warmed up in her mother's mouth. Then it seemed to Mary that she had done that before...that she had fed fruit punch, warmed in her mouth, to some girl...sometime..., in this kitchen... Could it have been with Wendy or Claire? When they were little girls? Had she, Mary, been pretending to be a mama birdie playing at feeding her baby birdies? While Mary didn't have a specific memory of doing so, it just seemed that she might have, and that it was a fun idea. Would Wendy like doing that now, like possibly they had done in Wendy's childhood?

She seems so playful tonight... Maybe she'd like to do this...

The blonde mother let the punch sit in her mouth, warming the liquid up, just in case Wendy was open to playing with the punch. But then she realized that she couldn't communicate such an offer to Wendy with her mouth full of the drink, and, further, that the idea could, after all, strike her daughter as being rather odd--even if, under the right circumstances, it might be fun--so she swallowed the mouthful of fruit punch.

Maybe another time...

At the end of their dinner, as they were taking their dishes to the sink and packing away leftovers, Wendy announced, "Mom, I'm going out with Sarah later tonight." In the past, a declaration such as this would have been accompanied by a request for permission, and with an inquiry about the girls' destination. But, for some reason, neither mother nor daughter felt that was necessary right now. It seemed to both of them that Wendy was and should be free to do as she wished, especially when it came to going out with Sarah or with one of her other female friends. Sarah was, after all, not only a stunningly beautiful girl, Mary reflected, but also a trustworthy one. She made a perfect companion for her daughter.

"When will you be home?"

"At around, oh, midnight. Or maybe a little later, I think..."

"You're old enough to make your own decisions, honey..."

Mary felt reassured that her daughter would be with such an outstanding young lady as Sarah Powers. While she may not have always felt that way, she did now. She assumed her new viewpoint was the result of having spent an hour or two in Sarah's presence--which Mary had found utterly delightful--the night before at the Powers mansion, as well as the result of her nice talk with Mrs. Powers after the dinner. Even though she couldn't remember many details of their chat, Mary now had come to see Sarah more clearly as the fine young woman she truly was, and had come to the understanding that her influence on Wendy was healthy and that her companionship would contribute in significantly positive ways to Wendy's happiness and development.Plus, the platinum blonde was extremely pretty, which, Mary now thought, for some unknown reason, was some kind of valuable and important characteristic for Wendy's friends to well as for Mary's own... In any case, Sarah now seemed to Mary to be the ideal escort for Wendy on this evening.

"Just make sure you give me a call if you need a ride home or if anything happens. I'll keep my phone on."

"Sure thing, Mom, and don't worry, nothing will happen!"

It was not uncommon for Wendy to help wash the dishes after a dinner, but tonight she had homework to finish and then she had to get ready for her date with Sarah. She was reluctant to leave her mother, not only because that would mean Mom would have to do all the dishes, but also because Wendy found she wanted more of her mother's company, which, for some reason, she had been finding to be even more wonderful over the past day or two than usual. Additionally, Wendy was feeling sympathy for the loneliness she assumed her mom must be feeling as a result of Wendy's father being gone.

"Mom...would it be okay if I went to my room? I have homework, and I have to get ready to go out with Sarah..."

"Oh, sure, honey. Go ahead."

"Thank you, Mom. And thanks for dinner."

While hugs were not rare in the Love-Livingston home, they also were not particularly regular, either, and did not occur every day. But Wendy felt an urge to give one to her mom right now, at first to emphasize her gratitude, but then also to reassure her mother of her affection and loyalty, especially in light of her father's absence. Plus, her mother's red lips seemed to beckon to her. So she closed the distance and wrapped her arms around her mother's slender yet curvaceous body. Mary, surprised but delighted, reciprocated. The embrace was light, at first, and neither intended for it to last more than a few seconds...although neither let go.

Wendy rested her chin on her mother's shoulder, savoring the silkiness of Mary's blonde hair on her face and the faint residue of the strawberry scent Mary had picked up from her encounter with Lauren. "I'm sorry about Dad...that he isn't here very much... I know it must be tough for you..."

Upon hearing her husband mentioned, Mary realized that she had thought about him very little that day, that she really hadn't missed him, and that, in fact, she was glad, in some way, that he was gone and that she was alone with Wendy tonight, instead of with him. More impressions then came to her: That he really wasn't a very good husband... That he might be a liar and a philanderer... That he couldn't be trusted... That there was a vacuum of some kind in her heart and a vacancy in her life, that she longed for some peculiar, undefined human contact, or some person or persons, that she had a vague but poignant need, a new one, that wasn't being fulfilled, but that it wasn't Bruce for whom she yearned, it wasn't him she needed or who could fill the void, or anyone like him...

Mary found these feelings, unlike any she remembered having before, distressing and disorienting. It was true she had nursed some negative feelings about Bruce and his absences, but never any as strong as these. Where did they come from? Were they permanent or temporary? What did they mean for her marriage?

Mary's life had seemed predictable and stable but a day before, but now her sudden doubts about Bruce and the mysterious longing for an undefined but new kind of personal relationship in her life cast a premonition of uncertainty and gloom over her. Unexpectedly, her emotions vented, she sobbed, and her body shook in her daughter's arms.

‘Oh, Mom... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to..."

The teen's pretty, girlish, and affectionate presence rapidly charmed her mother's troubled soul. Mary found her daughter's sweet voice and close feminine body most comforting, if not exhilerating. Immediately, the clouds parted and the sun started to shine again. Mary saw Wendy's embrace as having been the perfect antidote.

Why did I let go of myself like that? Nothing is really that bad. Things will be fine. After all, no matter what, I have my lovely daughter...

"No, honey... It's okay..."

Impulsively, Wendy tightened her hug around her mother. Mary, once again surprised and pleased, likewise wrapped her arms more securely around her affectionate daughter. Encouraged, and acting on what seemed to be instinct, Wendy pressed her body into her mother's. Now each could feel the hips, stomach, and breasts of the other fairly well with her own through their clothes. Each found a stirring enjoyment in the warm and curvy contact which she told herself was innocent and merely familial.

"Are you sure you're okay, Mom?"

"Yes, sweetie. I just lost it for a second, I don't know why. Really, I'm fine. You go study."

They loosened their grip on each other, but Wendy, moved by a gush of love for her mother, pulled Mary back and kissed her softly on the cheek. As Wendy started to release her mother again, the blonde woman drew her daughter back into her arms and planted a kiss with her red lips on the teen's pretty face. Hers was equally affectionate but lasted longer, and, as Wendy had turned her head slightly toward her mother at the last second, was placed precariously close to the girl's glistening fuchsia mouth, so much so that the corners of their mouths did actually touch.

As Wendy climbed the stairs to her room in a state of semi-dizziness from her highly pleasant encounter with her mother, it occurred to her that her mother's heavily-painted mouth might have left a red lip print on her face. She paused on the stairs and touched two of her fingers to the still-tingling spot next to her mouth, then inspected them hopefully. Yes...there was some of that remarkable red pigment. She mused, as she resumed her ascent, that this was the first time she could remember having a lip print on her cheek, made by lipstick from her mother's lips. There was something moving about that novelty. And the red was so beautiful...just like her mother... She decided she would let it remain where it was until she had to remove it when she prepared herself to see Sarah.

Lauren was right... Mom...and it..........We loved...kissing...

Wendy was so absorbed in her sensual, incest-tinted reflections--although, in the moment, if she had been told that her sensations were infected with taboo lust, she likely would have tried to deny that, on her part, they were anything beyond normal familial love--that she was oblivious to the fact that not only had her mother eyed her curvy backside as she had walked out of the kitchen, but that Mary, "reminding" herself that she had failed to adequately express her motherly love for Wendy verbally yet this evening, had walked to the bottom of the stairwell with the intention--or excuse--to call Wendy back so she could do so, when, spying Wendy's ass undulating as the girl meandered upward, had lost her voice and had simply stood staring, taken with the sight of her girl's ascending rear, legs, back, and hair. Were the truth to be told, Mary's real, underlying, subconscious desire in coming to the stairs was more to watch her daughter's body a little longer than anything else. When Wendy had paused on the stairs to inspect her face for traces of her mother's lipstick, the blonde girl's movements and body language had allowed Mary to accurately guess the essence of her daughter's reveries, namely, that the pretty young woman treasured both her mother's soft kiss and the very lipstick on her cheek which had been deposited by the slick, painted maternal lips.

After Wendy disappeared out of view and as Mary returned to the kitchen, the blonde mother could not resist the smile that crept over her face. Little did she really understand, though, why she felt such joy from what had transpired this evening. Had she paused to analyze her feelings in that moment, she likely would have credited them to such events as having become acquainted with that very nice, very attractive girl, Lauren, having had a dinner with Wendy which was filled with so many "extras" between them, having shared those particularly sweet moments with her daughter over the past few minutes--which included receiving the relatively uncommon treat of a kiss from Wendy and then bestowing one in return--and , finally, having just observed evidence of the poignancy of her daughter's feelings for her. She might even have acknowledged the pleasure she felt in wearing the red lipstick, and the beautifying effect it had on her, and the rewarding way it had seemed to exert a magnetic pull on her daughter. While those were indeed significant factors contributing to her current euphoria, little did Wendy's lovely, red-lipped mother suspect that her body, emotions, and subconscious mind had all been programmed to crave romantic love and sexual contact and relationships with women and girls, and particularly with her own daughter, as well as to become a much more beautiful and sexually-enticing woman in order to capture that love and contact, and that she was subconsciously savoring her progress toward eventual and complete gratification of those desires.

Being left in a slightly dazed but pleasant, excited mental and emotional state by her experiences, impressions, and reflections over the last hour--as well as over the twenty-four hours preceding it--not to mention by the mind control which had been exercised upon her over that period, Mary, without quite realizing it, walked over to a cupboard at an end of the kitchen and removed some headphones which had been placed there earlier. Sitting down at the table, she put them on and pressed a button, initiating another session with her new favorite type of music.


After returning to her room, Wendy sat down at her desk to start on schoolwork. But after a minute or two, it became obvious to the teen that she was suffering a replay of her unsuccessful attempt earlier in the afternoon to concentrate on studying. As she evaluated herself, she discovered herself to be rather stirred up, albeit in a most pleasant way, and her mind kept wandering back to what had just happened downstairs, as well as to her encounters with Lauren, Madeline, Angela, and Kayla earlier in the day. Finally realizing she was merely staring at the page of her textbook, without making any progress, while becoming more distracted by the second, she set the book aside.

I can't concentrate... I have to get this homework done... But I need to cum again... I had trouble getting off this afternoon...but I think what Madeline did to me cured me... I need to try now...again......... And I can't go out with Sarah all horny, either... I don't want to be too...too needy...and do something I shouldn't because of it... Madeline said I need the help of another girl to cum... Maybe I do... But maybe it doesn't always have to be an in-person girl... I just need a quickie... I know just the thing to try this time...just the right person...

She retrieved a lesbian porn magazine from her hiding place and settled down at her vanity again with the glossy publication open to a random page. No...not this page. I know what I need...who I need... She flipped to a section of pages worn by use more than other sections.

Yes...this one. She's perfect. The model depicted--in a series of brazen photos by herself and also together with a striking, young, dark-blonde Asian girl in an outdoor setting of trees, flowers, a pool, and a grassy lawn--was the same beautiful brunette teen Wendy had seen in some of the lesbian DVD's Sarah had given her, including two "instructional" videos about girl-on-girl love and another one she had watched just three days before. It was the same girl she had frequently thought about--with progressing infatuation--since first seeing her in those instructional videos, the same girl she had thought she had seen swimming from afar at the dance club to which Sarah had taken her recently, the same girl she had seen modeling in another of her porn magazines not long ago, and the same girl who had been the centerpiece of Wendy's intoxicating lunchtime fantasy at school the day before.

Samantha... Wendy slid a hand into her panties and settled onto her pussy lips as she scanned the photo set. Oh, yeah...

In her mind's eye, she altered the model's brown hair color to hot pink, put it in a high ponytail, and dressed her in a silver crop-top and pleated micro skirt to duplicate Samantha's appearance in the fantasy that had come over her at lunch time on Friday. Mmmmmmm... Wendy's fingers worked her lovebox more vigorously.

Wendy thought that she hadn't yet completed the daydream she had entertained the day before--at least the part about Samantha. This was her chance to resume it and to steer it to the conclusion she wanted. So, while running her eyes over the selected pages of the magazine, her mind simultaneously picked up the fantasy scenario where it had left off.

The setting, once again, was a school room. In addition to Samantha, Madelynn and Sarah were in the classroom, too, as was a woman in red... Madelynn had just finished having sex with Samantha... Wendy knew it was her turn, and wanted it to be her turn... She saw herself walk into the room... She wore white leather lingerie, had her hair in pigtails, and wore a pink cosmetics theme... She willed her hair to lighten and lengthen, pink and lavender ribbons to tie off her pigtails in bows, and her breasts to stir Samantha's interest... Samantha saw her... She liked what she saw... She beckoned with a finger... Wendy approached her...

In her real world, Wendy sank three fingers deeper into her own rapidly moistening womanhood.

The envisioned Samantha uttered words Wendy had heard the real Samantha speak in the video Wendy had watched three days before: "I'm for girls only, for girls who love other girls. Are you a girl who loves another girl?"

"Yes." Wendy spoke out loud in both her daydream classroom and in her real bedroom.

"Who do you love?"

"You, Samantha."

"And are you a real lesbian. Do you only love girls?"


"Repeat after me: I am now a lesbian."

"I am now a lesbian."

"Okay, then, Wendy. Come here, sweetie..."

They embraced... They kissed... Samantha slipped her tongue into Wendy's mouth and her hands into Wendy's tube top... Wendy slid a hand into Samatha's hair and another onto her ass...and into her panties... Wendy found the beautiful girl's asscrack... Samantha sighed... "Mmmm... Wendy...more..."

While Samantha lifted Wendy's top and started to suckle a nipple, Wendy probed into her lesbian partner's anus with two fingers... "Ahhh! Wendy! You are such a hot little bitch..." Samantha bit down on the tender nub in her mouth.

Wendy felt the floodgates open between her legs. "Ohhhhh...oooooo!! Oh, Samantha! Wow... You're soooo hot! I want you so much... Mmmmm..."

While Wendy was relieved that her first attempt to give herself an orgasm after Madeline's "cure" was a success, she was otherwise not very surprised at the speed with which she achieved it. Samantha always did that for her. And, best of all, Samantha was "safe", in Wendy's thinking, in the sense that Wendy didn't know her and was likely never to meet her. She could let the raging crush she had developed for the beautiful lesbian brunette teen run wild within her without having to worry about trying to stop herself from "going too far" in person with a girl she found irresistible. Wendy suspected, if she ever were to meet this dreamy specimen of erotic wonder, that she would not be able to reign in her passion for her, that her resolve not to be "too slutty" and to "go too far" into lesbian behavior would readily crumble, and that she would surrender to anything Samantha wanted to do with her. But actually crossing paths with Samantha was, after all, not much of a real possibility...or so she supposed...

Feeling relieved, at least for the time being, from a portion of the sexual tensions which had been distracting her, Wendy now turned her attention again to her textbooks to try to finish up her school work the best she could with the time remaining to her--which meant skimming through her chemistry textbooks and notes speedily and solving her physics and math homework problems sloppily, giving herself only token preparation for the big chemistry test coming up, and leaving a fair chunk of her homework not completed properly.

Then Wendy turned her attention to her date with Sarah, who would be picking her up in her sports car, and she prepared herself for it. She found herself looking forward with giddy eagerness to seeing Sarah again, to being with her--as her date, even though it was, of course, "pretend", though it didn't feel like that--and noticed a tingle between her legs as she thought of her beautiful girlfriend and tried to guess what her appearance might be like tonight.

She caught sight of the Twin Venus necklace around her neck. "That's okay... I'm succeeding...I'm supposed to feel like this about hot girls..."

She looked at herself in the vanity mirror. She liked the girl looking back at her--no, she loved her--and was glad that she had put on make-up before visiting Madeline, not knowing that was a false memory implanted by Madeline. Her lips were painted with frosty fuchsia lipstick, eyelashes heavily laden with purple mascara, and eyelids coated with purple-blue eyeshadow, with a dark shade for the eyeliner.

I probably wouldn't have gotten very far with her if I didn't...

She remembered the way some people had looked at her during her trip back home on the bus. Quite a few guys had looked at her, but she neither cared about nor wanted their attention. However, Wendy was intrigued, as she looked back in her mind's eye, by the attention she had received from females. While most of their looks at her had been brief and usually seemingly neutral, and one elderly woman had given her an obviously disapproving stare, some of the younger women and a few teenage girls had had ambiguous expressions which, it seemed to Wendy, could well have been reflecting attraction.

Then, there was a particular Asian girl that she remembered who reminded her a bit of her past self. This girl was of the bookish type, with raven hair reaching halfway down the back, wearing black-rimmed glasses, a dark red, slightly-oversized sweater, and light blue jeans. The Asian girl, who couldn't have been much older than fourteen or fifteen, if that old, Wendy guessed, and who was engrossed in a paperback novel, gave Wendy only a cursory glance when Wendy sat down on the seat across from her.

Wendy's first impression about the Asian girl was that, under her clothes and behind her glasses, she was cute, potentially very cute, the kind of girl Wendy wouldn't mind getting to know, but that she would look better with make-up. That thought led to Wendy imagining the girl with lips painted in a frosty lavender shade and her nails painted with lavender lacquer. She also pictured the girl without glasses, her hair pulled into a half-up style, wearing a shiny, thin purple tank top...with no bra...her little tits bouncing up and down with the movements of the bus, her nipples poking visibly into the nylon material...

Before she was aware, Wendy was eyeing the girl up and down, her imagination transforming her into a precociously hot Asian babe. Then Wendy wondered whether or not the Asian girl was a lesbian or, maybe, curious about it, and, if so, whether that interest could be fanned into something more. She then imagined the mainstream sci-fi novel the Asian girl was reading was an erotic lesbian sci-fi novel instead, the cover changing in her mind from a depiction of a man and a woman with panicked expressions in a futuristic setting fleeing something robotic into an illustration of two futuristic, scantily-clad fantasy babes clinging to each other in a passionate, lip-locked embrace.

Wendy wondered whether the girl might be attracted to her, or made to be attracted, if Wendy could just catch her attention, and she was glad she had chosen to wear makeup, just in case. She questioned whether the girl might be thinking about her right now the same way Wendy was about the girl. She wondered about the moral standards of the girl. Behind the studious façade, was she sexually loose?Did she desire sex? Did she like girls?

Wendy imagined herself sitting next to the girl...the bumpy ride of the bus jostling their shoulders, arms, hips, and legs together...looking over at the girl's steamy novel...the girl turning her head in her direction...smiling at each other...both working up the courage to say hello...both fantasizing about getting to know each other...and holding hands...and dating... Wendy pictured herself leaning toward the girl, who smiled and inclined her face toward Wendy, as well, their lips drawing closer...

The digital voice announcement of the upcoming stop from the overhead speaker on the bus had snapped Wendy out of her reveries about the girl. I need to get off... She had meant those words in relation to the end of her bus ride, and her mild disappointment in having to leave this girl, but then she perceived that she was wet between her legs. She smiled to herself when she realized the double meaning. that, too...even though I did get off, in a big way, not long ago with Madeline... Why does this girl have to be so cute?

Before she got up to leave, Wendy stared at the Asian girl until the girl looked up and they made eye contact, upon which Wendy flashed the girl a smile, which combined friendliness and sultriness, as she departed. The girl, looking slightly surprised at Wendy's attention, smiled back a little in return.

The face and body of the Asian girl and Wendy's altered reimaging of them in her mind dwelt for another minute in the blonde teen's thoughts, as she sat at her vanity in her room. I hope I see her again... Then, she returned her attention to the task at hand.

Wendy decided that she just needed to do a slight retouch of her make-up, but also thought that a new layer of lip gloss would make her lips look nicer. After she was finished with the cosmetics, Wendy looked over the clothing items Kayla had given to her earlier and chose to wear the metallic pink lycra tube top, the pleated white leather miniskirt, and the same silver strappy heels she had worn last night.

Wendy looked at herself in the closet mirror and ran her hands along the curves of her body. Her navel was exposed as well as most of her legs.

I wonder what would Mom think of me wearing this?... I hope she's fine with it... She should be okay with me dressing like this... I do look very cute...and she should want her daughter to look pretty....... In fact... I bet she'll like me like this a lot...

Briefly, an image of her naval pierced with a jewel-bearing silver ring passed through her mind, and she smiled to herself.

What if...what if I had a naval pretty much all my new friends?...Even Maddy has one now... I wonder what it would look like...and feel like... I bet Sarah would really like it...and Lauren, too...and Maddy... What would Mom say?... Maybe she'd like it, too...

Wendy looked her hair over and found that the attractive style given her by Kayla in the morning was basically intact. Hmmm...I like this... And Sarah hasn't seen me like this yet... Deciding to keep the style, she brushed and combed and re-curled as needed to restore her hair to a close semblance of its state that morning. She decided that a touch of perfume wouldn't hurt, either, so she dabbed some on behind her ears and, with only a slight hesitation followed by a smile at herself in the mirror, between her breasts, as well.

The smartphone on Wendy's desk suddenly rang at around 9:30 PM. Picking it up, Wendy noticed that it was from Sarah, sending a little thrill ran up her back. "Hey, Sarah, what's up?"

"Just checking on you. Are you ready for tonight?"

"Yes, but didn't you say you're coming at ten?" Wendy felt a spark of excitement at the possibility of Sarah coming to pick her up early, and the chance to see the lovely platinum blonde all the sooner and to spend that much more time with her.

"I am. I just wanted to make sure you've got everything." A slight sense of disappointment followed after Wendy realized the early pick up wasn't going to happen.

"Do you have the toys?"

"Oh, I forgot about that."

While still holding on to her phone, Wendy pulled a wooden storage box from under her bed, opened it, and looked over the various sex toys Sarah had given her. "Okay... There... I've picked out a few toys..."

"Good... By the way, Wendy, did you hear yet that Lauren and Madelynn are going together now?"

"What? You mean, like, they're girlfriends?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I heard. If you want to rescue your friend, you might need to step up your game plan, honey. I told you before to not go too fast with her...but...I take that back. Go faster. A lot faster. Put your foot on the gas now. Whatever Lauren is giving her, you have to give her more of it and go further. Whatever Lauren is being like with her, you have to be hotter and sexier, to grab her attention and win back her heart!"


"Don't worry, though, babe. You can do it. Give her everything she wants from you. Make her fall madly in love with you.Do anything it takes.That may include falling in love with her...for real...and going all the way with her... Don't forget: Think like a lesbian... Feel like a lesbian... Be a lesbian...all the time...all the way... And it's okay to be slutty... Just remember... prudes rarely get what they want... Let loose... Be open to anything... Make yourself more beautiful..."

"I guess you're right, always..."

"Yes, but you're definitely on the right track, Wendy. Keep it up...... Okay, then... I'll come by a little bit before ten. See you then, Wendy."

"See you, bye..."


Wendy suddenly heard strange static on her phone for a few seconds before the call ended normally. What was that noise? Putting the phone back down on her desk, she then glanced at the clear pink gyrating dildo and the silver vibrating egg she had retrieved from the storage box. A sudden, strange compulsion possessed her. She grabbed the pink dildo and held it vertically in front of her face while focusing her eyes on it. It struck her how much she had come to love dildos since coming to know Sarah...and how much, just today, in fact, she had become particularly fond of strap-ons...

Her thoughts drifted to the memory she had of her visit to the room with the golden goddess statue in the Twin Venus Club house. She remembered running her hands along the thighs of the statue and kissing the statue in the area between its legs... My Goddess...

Sitting on the chair in front of her vanity, Wendy lifted her skirt, spread her legs, pulled aside the crotch panel of her silver panties, and pressed the tip of the pink gyrating dildo against her pussy. I will serve my Goddess...

The blonde teen concentrated, more clearly visualizing the final episode of her adventures in the Club house earlier that evening, gradually immersing herself in that recollection as her current session of self-love progressed...

Wendy had found herself in a sparsely furnished room. The dominant object there, and the one which caught Wendy's eye first, was a life-sized golden statue of a naked woman standing at the far end of the room on a four-inch-high, thirty-inch wide circular white marble base, centered along the back wall. Dwelling on the statue several seconds, Wendy then looked around the pleasant room. She saw that the walls were painted pink, while the ceiling was white, matching the color of the marble-tiled floor. At the center of the room, an expansive mosaic of black tiles in the floor displayed a triple Venus symbol. On the floor, over each circle of the symbol, sat a circular white cushion. Placed on the floor in a circle around the whole symbol were twenty four pink candles. At each corner of the room stood a golden candelabra holding numerous pink candles similar to those on the floor. All candles in the room were lit.

Wendy focused again on the statue. It seemed to be calling out to her...

Wendy... Wendy... Wendy... Worship me... I am your Goddess... Come...Wendy started walking toward it.

The metallic golden skin of the wondrous statue glistened under the candle light. It was so highly polished that Wendy, as she approached, could clearly see her reflection upon it, and she marveled over how perfectly detailed all of its features were. The body was ideally-proportioned, with large breasts, a narrow waist, sexy curves, full lips, and long, hip-length feminine hair. Its pose was gentle and dominant at the same time. Its eyes seemed to be looking directly at her.

Wendy knelt on the thick cushion in front of the statue and placed her hands on the statue's thighs, running them gently up and down, feeling the smoothness of the statue's surface. She then leaned forward, drawing her face within inches of the statue's voluptuous vulva, first visually inspecting it with reverent fascination, feeling it pull her in, feeling it stir deep lusts. Then she placed her lips on the metallic womanhood in front of her and kissed it. Without further thought, she began making out with the statue's vagina. It didn't take long for a sweet liquid that tasted like strawberries to flow into her mouth. She swallowed the fluid without questioning its origin or safety.


The blonde teenaged girl stopped her actions abruptly and turned around towards the direction of the voice as she stood up.

"I was looking all over for you. I didn't expect to find you in this room. This is the shrine of our goddess. All new Twin Venus Club members are initiated here."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"It's alright, Wendy. It just so happens that you're performing the exact first step of the initiation...and you fell upon it by yourself, as if by native instinct. You really are a natural for this club. I wish you would have found us long before now. Just the same, it's not yet the right time for you to perform this act. We usually schedule initiations, follow a formal ceremony, and have a number of members taking part in the rites. But that doesn't mean we can't practice ahead of time!"

"Practice?! How long will this take? I've got to go home for dinner. I'm already late..."

"It'll only be a few minutes, just enough to give you a feel for what the actual initiation is like. But, first I'm going to give you some advice about your situation with your mom..."

Oh no, not that again!

"You don't know what your mom's real feelings about you are, but there are some ways to find out. The easiest way is to drop hints and see how your mom reacts to them." Madeline pulled a metallic red rocket dildo from her pocket and showed it to Wendy.

The blonde teen girl's eyes widened. "You want me to give this to my mom?!"

"No, just leave it somewhere in your home where she can find it, and see how she reacts to it. Here, take it. Consider it a gift from the Twin Venus Club."

Wendy reluctantly accepted the dildo. She thought the idea was ridiculous, but she felt obligated to try it because, as a new and unproven member of the club, she didn't want to appear uncooperative and, thereby, raise suspicions about her true sexual orientation or otherwise rock the boat at the beginning of her membership there...and deep down inside, she was--thanks in no small part to Madeline's previous insinuations and persuasions--curious about what her mom's reaction to sex toys and, even more so, to lesbian sexuality might be. Although Wendy knew her mom was fairly tolerant of people with a sexuality different than her own, after her recent talks with Madeline, Sarah, and other friends, she was no longer quite certain what exactly her mom's sexuality really was.

"But, just to be clear, I'm trying this not because I agree with you on incest. It's because I want to know more about my mom." I hope Madeline understands that.

"Fair enough. Wendy, please don't take it the wrong way. I'm not trying to force my views on you. I'm just trying to help you."

"I believe you, but... Anyway, let's just leave it at that. I'll talk to you about it again after I've done the test."

You took the bait, Wendy. While you may not agree with me on incest now, that doesn't mean your opinions won't change in the future!

"Now, about the practice for the initiation ceremony..."

Minutes later...

Wendy was completely naked and on her fours over the center of the triple Venus symbol mosaic, surrounded by lit candles, facing the statue of Goddess. She was moaning loudly and panting heavily while Madeline, still with her exotic version of the Middle-Eastern niqab and burqa outfit on, pounded the blonde girl repeatedly in the ass with a mechanical black strap-on attached to a black leather harness. Throughout the sexual activity, they both repeatedly chanted, "I serve Goddess... I love Goddess... I will always obey Goddess... I will always be a lesbian..."

Although Wendy thought she had never seen the Goddess before in person, she nevertheless felt a strange familiarity with the statue in front of her as she was being fucked again by Madeline. The being represented by the statue seemed to draw her magnetically, luring her, enticing her, inciting her, as if they already had some odd and indescribable but warm, intimate, enthralling erotic connection, and as if the sweetest destiny to which she or any other girl could ever aspire would be to spend her life in devotion to her, endeavoring to be worthy of her love and becoming one with her.

Clear, oily liquid dripped down Wendy's thighs as the phallus went in and out of her ass at a high rate of repetition. The strap-on had a feature that replenished the exterior of the shaft with oil from small pores along its length whenever it sensed an insufficient amount of lubricant.

By now, due to her experiences over this early evening and also thanks to the brainwashing she had received, Wendy was coming to regard anal sex with a strap-on dildo almost as an act of second nature to her, and she was enjoying it immensely. The twisted impression her body was sending to her was that she had been engaging in this hard-core act of lesbian sex for weeks, or longer, even though most of her experiences with this form of penetration had occurred fairly recently and had been under virtual reality conditions, as well. In any case, as with lesbian sex in general, Wendy was starting to become addicted to it.

Wendy felt herself becoming lost both in pleasure and in adoration, more with every second of gazing on the statue, with every verbal affirmation of devotion, and, especially, with every wonderful Sapphic thrust in her ass. Goddess........ I...I love you...


Wendy gradually came back to her present reality inside her own private room on the chair at her desk. She found herself still masturbating, but now using the metallic red dildo which Madeline had given as a gift, in place of the gyrating pink model with which she had commenced her current session of self-love, although she did not remember having switched from one to the other. She also found that she had removed her skirt, leaving only her silver panties and frilly white socks on.

Noting those changes with transitory curiosity, she resumed her recollection of the "initiation practice" she had had at the Goddess shrine, as she continued her self-stimulation with the dildo in her hand in the real world. Again reliving her strap-on anal sex with Madeline, Wendy went back in her mind to her discovery that she could feel nickel-plated steel spikes on Madeline's leather bra and panties through the robe as Madeline lowered her body onto Wendy's naked back. The spikes had reminded her of Madelynn, as such a feature would be something the new, Goth Madelynn would favor. From that point on in the club house, although she had visualized Madeline at first, her mental image of her lover had started to change. It was easy for her to imagine Madeline as Madelynn, for their looks and names were similar, and she hadn't been able to get a good look at Madeline yet, so her face was unclear in her mind's eye, whereas Madelynn's was quite familiar, and therefore made a ready substitute. Increasingly, Wendy had started to imagine that it was her Goth best friend who was making love to her, fucking her ass with the black strap-on.

Mmmmm...Madeline...Maddy...Madelynn...sooo gooood....

Wendy's mind, as she continued to use the dildo on herself in her bedroom, now floated away from the club house and settled on Madelynn, contemplating the beautiful Goth girl's sexy image, their relationship, on how it could potentially develop along more romantic and sexual lines, and on the competition posed by Lauren, especially in light of Sarah's rather alarming disclosure that Madelynn and Lauren were now a couple. Not immediately obvious to Wendy was the fact that she now saw her best friend as more of a potential sex partner and a target of seduction than as a friend.

Wendy reflected on her decision to seduce Madelynn--to save her, as the blonde girl rationalized it to herself. She began wondering what would be the best strategy to beguile her long-time friend and, while pursuing that line of thought, she considered her friend's tastes and fetishes, and what must have worked for Lauren to cause Madelynn to fall for her and enter into a relationship with her, and what the true nature of that relationship might be.

Madelynn seems to be quite taken with Lauren, from everything I've seen. Lauren must be the kind of girl Madelynn likes. She must be hitting all of Madelynn's buttons. Why else would Madelynn be girlfriends with Lauren? Sarah said...I need to be Lauren.......or...out-do the kind of girl she is...and how foxy she looks...and whatever she's doing...or has lure Maddy...away...from me...

I wonder...have they had If they're kissing...and are a couple......then...I have to assume they're doing something more than kissing...when they're alone........... If far have they gone?...

Due to her recent experiences in AR, Wendy wondered whether Madelynn had likewise experienced strap-on anal sex and if she had done such acts with Lauren.

Have they been fucking each other?..... But...Madeline's not really a lesbian... right?........ So would she do things like that...with Lauren...?

Wendy's imagination started to run free. She pictured Madelynn and Lauren inside a large room in a castle that was lit brightly with silver candelabras. Lauren was completely naked and kneeling on the seat of a large purple leather chair, facing the back and bending forward, with her arms over the back rest. Her face was beautifully made-up in lustrous pink and silver colors. The color of her hair was platinum blonde and braided into twin pigtails with pink bows. Behind her was Madelynn, dressed in a gossamer embroidered black dress that was so sheer that her skin and the lingerie she wore were plainly visible through it. Her undergarments consisted of a black satin bra and panties with purple embroidery, black fishnet stockings with a garter belt, and five-inch shiny high heels. A black filigree tattoo decorated each side of her flanks. The jewelry she wore complemented her lingerie, and included a large purple gem belly piercing, purple earrings, a purple-jeweled silver arm band, and a bejeweled black leather choker. Her midnight black hair was styled as a high ponytail, held with a silver hair ring. Her lips and nails were equally black, with an extremely glossy sheen. Around her hips was a black leather harness that carried a black strap-on dildo encrusted with purple rhinestones that gave the tool a bumpy texture. She was fucking Lauren's pussy with it. Lauren turned her head backward toward Madelynn in invitation, promptly followed by letting her frosted fuchsia-colored lips be kissed by Madelynn, her lesbian dominatrix-lover...

No!... Madelynn's straight!.............. Oh...wait...I just imagined that scene... It doesn't mean she's really into that kind of sex.........but...... I don't know that she's not, either..... If she's with Lauren...then she might be.....and if so...then... then Lauren must have somehow turned her into a lesbian!...a real one!.......

If Lauren did that...why would Lauren have chosen Madelynn to begin with?... She was never Lauren's type, at least before she went Goth... Lauren wouldn't have even noticed her.... But...if she did convert her...then how did she do it?... And why would Madelynn let her?... She never cared about popularity... and she was never into girls...

Wendy imagined several fantasy scenarios detailing ways Lauren might have brought Madelynn to this point, and her possible motives, as well as Madelynn's...

Maybe...maybe Madelynn...before she changed...and became beautiful...maybe she thought she wanted another addition to me...or...because I had started hanging out with Sarah...and had less time for her... She felt I abandoned her... Lauren is popular, after all...and I wasn't there for her... Maybe Madelynn wanted to be popular, too... Or...maybe she saw my changes...and she decided she liked that...and wanted to look better...and thought Lauren could help her... Lauren is so beautiful... Maybe she wanted to surprise me...

Wendy's mind saw Madelynn approach Lauren, wanting to be her friend. While normally Lauren would not have paid much attention to a relatively plain girl like Madelynn had been, once Madelynn placed herself in Lauren's path, then Lauren, with a keen eye for latent beauty, saw past Madelynn's awkward and unpolished outer shell, and, recognizing potential for her to become her lesbian lover, readily accepted Madelynn's overture. Lauren introduced Madelynn to the ways of beauty and allure, steered her into a Goth style to better detach her from her previous values, and, not wanting Madelynn to remain straight, used psychological and social manipulation to slowly convert Madelynn to lesbianism, which endeavor was still ongoing.

Maybe that's what happened...but...on the other hand, it wouldn't be like Maddy to want to be popular, and she's never cared about being friends with hot girls before... What if one of Lauren...came on to her... Like, maybe Lauren started noticing her after she went Goth and started looking so beautiful...and...kind of...bad... That would make sense... That's Lauren's type of girl....... Madelynn would have felt flattered... Or maybe Lauren found out Madelynn was my best friend...and wanted to steal her away...

Wendy envisioned Lauren strike up a conversation with Madelynn one morning at school and invite her to join her friends for fun and games at her house after school. While Madelynn was there, Lauren gave her something to drink, which contained a special drug. After drinking the liquid, Madelynn came under the influence of the drug, at which time she was hypnotized and indoctrinated by Lauren into lesbianism. They later watched lesbian porn together while masturbating.

Yeah... It could have happened like that.......... Or...what if...Lauren did something even more...unnatural?... Wendy imagined Lauren using witchcraft, managing to control Madelynn indirectly through a special voodoo doll and magic spells. She chose Madelynn because Lauren found out she was not only Wendy's friend, but a staunch, chaste Christian, as well, and decided that seducing and transforming her into the opposite would be a wickedly satisfying achievement. Under Lauren's control, Madelynn gradually became a Goth girl and engaged in lesbian sex regularly with Lauren as part of Lauren's black magic rituals.

Wendy realized she was going overboard with her imagination. She knew the envisioned scenarios were probably all ridiculous.

Well...maybe there was nothing that forced Madelynn unnaturally... Sometimes the most obvious scenario is the true one... I guess it could have been a combination of Maddy feeling lonely and left out, because I was hanging out with Sarah...then she changed her looks radically, trying to please me and get my attention...but she captured Lauren's notice instead...Lauren was attracted to her...befriended her...they hung out together... Lauren's beauty, sexiness, personality, and advances started winning Madelynn's affection...and turning her on... Lauren kept pushing all the right buttons...maybe bringing out a latent lesbian side Madelynn never knew she had before, and never would have known about without being around such an adept, determined, and beautiful girl...and now they're together...

In any case, Wendy's imagined scenarios all buttressed her belief that Lauren was doing something to Madelynn and that they were sexually involved with each other. matter how it happened...Sarah was right about this all along. I do need to outdo Lauren in order to win Madelynn back!

Having digressed from her initial thoughts, Wendy again considered her friend's fetishes. I know she's into Goth fashion...and, though at first I wondered why she would get into I see the Goth look is actually pretty fact, extremely cool...especially on her... She looks so good like that...dreamy-good... Maybe Lauren introduced it to better seduce her...or maybe Madelynn just liked the look...and went for it... I don't know...

But, what about the sexual stuff she's interested in? Is it like what I've just imagined? Is she interested in Goth-styled sex as well? When that question passed through Wendy's head, she realized she didn't understand the Goth scene that well and wondered what exactly would be considered Goth-styled sex. Maybe she's interested in BDSM...and studded leather lingerie...and rough sex. And I guess it would mainly with...other girls? Remembering her experiences in AR, she formed the belief that Madelynn's tastes would be as she had just supposed.

Suddenly, the phrase "devil worship" popped into her mind. What?! Why did I think of that?... I...I guess Goth girls often have dark interests... sometimes including that one... but...but there's no way Maddy would be into that! She's Christian! Nevertheless, Wendy could not shake the new, sinister but intriguing possibility out of her head, and she let herself entertain it. She imagined her friend and Lauren sitting on their haunches, facing each other, while leaning backwards with their palms pressing on a black floor. They were within a white-colored pentagram surrounded by lit purple candles and scissoring their legs together with a black double dong connecting their pussies...

Madelynn would never become evil, would she? Although Wendy consciously didn't want her friend to partake in unholy activities, inwardly she was morbidly excited at the possibility...

All the time, Wendy had been plying her lovebox with the dildo, and, having also been worked up by her musings about Madeline, Lauren, and, especially, her girlfriend Madelynn, she was approaching a climax and starting to utter sounds of passion. Normally Wendy would have tried to muffle her groans of pleasure from her mother's ears, but tonight Wendy tried to make her erotic moans loud enough to be heard by her mom, in accord with Madeline's and Lauren's recommendations to test her mom's sexuality, and to see whether she could tease out into the open Mom's amorous interest in her, if any existed. Wendy told herself that neither this little test nor the ones to which she had resorted at dinner had anything to do with wanting to seduce her mom, but, rather, that she just wanted to understand her mom better, so that if Mom had any problems, then she, as a faithful daughter, could help her in any way necessary.

When she reached her peak, she made sure her cries were loud and clear. I hope my mom is able to hear this! "UUUHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH! YES!!!"

Little did Wendy know that her mother--while downstairs in the kitchen, a place where she normally could have heard at least some of her daughter's loud sounds of passion--was currently wearing earphones, listening to music, music new to her, but music which she was coming to enjoy more with every drumbeat and guitar chord, and therefore was unable to hear Wendy.

After she cleaned herself up--while electing to keep on the same, slinky silver panties, although they were now rather wet--Wendy wondered about the best location to place the dildo for her mom to discover. Probably somewhere in the living room would work, she mused. She would sneak down the stairs before Sarah arrived, plant the dildo, and then sneak back up to her room, her mom, still in the kitchen washing dishes, being none the wiser. Hmmm... Where in the living room should I put it?..... Oh... I know... I'll just leave it in the same spot I left my silver panties this morning. Mom found them. She'll probably notice the dildo in the same place... Wendy also debated whether to clean and dry the dildo, or to leave it wet, coated with her girl juices...



Mary went to get the door. The bell had actually rang several times before she heard it, because she had been listening to music through her wireless headphones...which she hadn't realized she was doing, nor could she remember having acquired the device or having put it on her head.

Oh...what's this? she reflected as she reluctantly removed the headphones, set them on the kitchen table, and arose. Hmmm... I guess that nice Lauren left this for me... How sweet... And the music she left for me on this''s good...

"Good evening, Mrs. Love-Livingston," cooed Sarah Powers sweetly, standing on the front porch in the dim light. "Is Wendy home?"

"Good evening, Sarah. Yes, Wendy is home, and she's been waiting for you for quite a while. Please, come in." Mary opened the door wider, stepped aside side to facilitate the entrance of her guest--who walked past her into the foyer, stopped there, and turned toward her hostess--closed the door, and turned to face the blonde teen in the brighter light of the foyer. "Whatever you two are going to do, she's really looking forward to..." Then Mary took a good look at the glorious erotic vison standing before her.

Stunned by the teenager's looks, the woman spent a few long seconds appraising the sexy female in front of her. Sarah was dressed in a tight-fitting, golden spandex crop top, with straps over the shoulders for support and decorative criss-crossing straps above the breasts; a tiered miniskirt that consisted of three colorless, transparent flounces attached to a circular golden skirt; a black leather jacket; and strappy, black-and-gold, high-heeled sandals. Her lips and nails were of brilliant glossy red color, while her eyes were decorated with metallic gold eye shadow, silver eyeliner, and black mascara. All of her hair was pulled back from her face and tied together into a high ponytail of lustrous, white-platinum. Over one of her shoulders was a golden leather hand bag. A golden necklace hung around her neck.

"It''s nice to see you again...Sarah..." replied Mary breathlessly. "I'll...uh...I'll...go get her." Wendy's blonde mother started to turn around.

"Wait!" Sarah grabbed Mary's hand.

"What's wrong, Sarah?"

"I came here in kind of a hurry, so I didn't spend as much time in front of the mirror back home as I wanted to. Can you give me a quick check to see if there's anything wrong with the way I look?"

Mary gave Sarah a second look. With the subconscious intention of eyeing the teen's cleavage, her eyes zeroed in on the teenager's chest, but were distracted by the golden pendant, and settled on it first for a few moments, instead. The medallion bore an image of two women holding hands and holding aloft two crosses, on a background of two overlapping circles, as illustrated below:

As Mary's gaze lingered on the pendent, she discerned certain details which she hadn't noticed at first glance. The women on the pendent, placed together back-to-back with their backs arched and heels touching, were naked. The crosses they held were sacrilegiously inverted. And not only did the overall design of the pendant resemble a stylized Twin Venus sign--the symbolism of which Mary understood--but the bodies of the females were also configured so as to form a shape resembling a female vagina. These realizations caused Mary to gasp in shock. But, as soon as the shock registered in her mind, she entered into a trance.

After looking around the woman to check for Wendy's presence, Sarah gave Mary's butt a firm squeeze with her hand before kissing her briefly on the lips. Red-lipsticked lips collided together in erotic union.

"Mary...I want you to remember your feelings...for me...your deep love for me...your burning lust for much you thirst for my my beauty seduces you...calls to you...captivates you...and how much you long for lesbian sex with me... That's right... Remember... Let it pervade your soul... You want sex with me...

"After I leave with Wendy, you will fantasize about me...about me having lesbian sex with your sexy daughter...and with Lauren...and...most of all...with you... You will feel jealous because you feel left out... You desire all of us...especially your daughter... But, above all, you'll think about Goddess..."

"Mom, is it Sarah?!" exclaimed Wendy with transparent excitement from the top of the stairs. Sarah slid her hand off her hostess's rear.

The sound of her daughter's voice snapped Mary out of her trance.

"Yes, honey, it's Sarah."

Mary turned around to catch the heart-stopping image of sexy beauty that was her daughter as she descended the stairs and stepped into the well-lit foyer. As she had done when she had inspected Sarah but a minute before, Mary froze for a moment and her mouth dropped open ever so slightly.

Once Wendy got to the front door, she gushed, "Wow, Sarah, you very look beautiful tonight!" The adoration in her voice was as genuine as it was obvious.

"Thank you, Wendy. You look very beautiful as well!" Sarah held both of Wendy's hands.

Scenarios like this were not new to Mary. She had witnessed similar moments when her older daughter, Claire, in her high-school years, would come down the stairs to greet her boyfriend, and when Mary herself, in her youth, had been the girl coming to the door and greeting her date on various occasions. The similarities of those events with this one were impossible to ignore, giving rise to a subtle impression within the blonde mother about what was transpiring before her eyes:These two pretty girls are dating...each a boy and a girl...but instead, they're two girls... two beautiful love...going out...on a date...a hot date...

A few days before this, Mary would have found such an impression most disturbing, especially one involving her own daughter and in her own home. But tonight--thanks to the brainwashing to which she had been exposed--Mary found a mysterious comfort and, even, sordid interest in the possibility of her daughter being in a romantic relationship with another pretty girl, and going on a date with her. Though there still was a small jolt to the notion, nevertheless it also seemed to be not only natural but desirable, as well...especially considering her daughter was going out with the marvelous Sarah.

Mary briefly imagined Wendy and Sarah kissing each other on the lips and felt a rush of prurient desire to see it happen. That was followed, however, by a flash of jealousy over the possibility that it could happen, and that Wendy and Sarah were dating, without her being one of the two parties involved.

All of these thoughts and feelings were so brief and faint that they barely registered on her conscious mind, and when they did register, Mary quickly dismissed them as unlikely and unrealistic, though these sentiments lingered hidden within her emotions, just beyond her conscious thoughts.

"We better get going now or else we'll be late!"


"Well, you two girls have a great night."

"Thank you, Mom!" replied Wendy simultaneously with Sarah's parallel reply.

"Thank you, Mrs. Love-Livingston!"

As Wendy and Sarah walked away from the front door towards the sidewalk, Mary couldn't help but gaze at the backs of the two teenaged girls and drift her eyes downwards to look at their butts and smooth legs. Realizing what she was doing, Mary quickly closed the door. She again felt a slight feeling of jealously, which she now recognized but dismissed as non-sexual in nature.

I should be proud of my daughter... She's making new friends and becoming happier than she was before... Very softly, another thought passed through her mind as an echo, or a shadow, just beyond her awareness. She's happy with Sarah... Sarah makes her happy... She's dating Sarah... She's dating girls... Beautiful girls make my daughter happy... She likes sexy girls... So do I... Beautiful girls make me happy... I love beautiful, sexy teen girls... I want to date girls, too...

After she turned to face the living room, Mary felt a sense of loneliness wash over her. Her first impulse was the one it had ever been in her staid adult life, reaching out emotionally for her husband. I wish Bruce was home...

However, as Mary thought about her husband, who at the time was away, working overseas, as he so often was these days, she realized--for the second time that evening, the first being when she and Wendy had embraced after dinner--that her feelings for him were different in some way than they used to be. They weren't as strong as least not in any positive way. When she thought about it more, Mary recognized that the distance between her and Bruce had been growing recently, not just physically, but emotionally, as well. In fact, she realized, as she had earlier, that there was a chasm between them, and that there was something unpleasant, even disdainful and upsetting, in the way she felt about him now. Distinctly so.

He's never here when I need I really want him around?

It was strange to her that she was noticing this now. Maybe, she reflected, it was because she had been meeting more refined people lately--in the form of the delightful women and girls she had met over the last few days, whose delicacy, charm, and beauty seemed to make Bruce's increasingly apparent uncouth, selfish, oppressive, secretive nature pale badly in comparison, as it now struck her. Her thoughts drifted back to Lauren's visit and her interaction with the Latina teen beauty, which she recalled with a pronounced tingle of happiness, standing in stark contrast to the discontent she felt about her husband. There had been something, well, simply exhilarating about being with the dazzling young brunette.

As she then let her thoughts dwell more on the pretty Latina, she reflected that it had been so generous of her to take the time to share her obviously keen insights and skills about female beauty. It hadn't been that often that she had been favored by someone like that showing her how to do make-up so skillfully. The best aspect of their time, together, however, had been when they had been in close physical proximity...the girl's superb...painted heavily with exquisite near to own she painted Mary's lips... She smelled so good... Her skin was so flawless...her eyes so pretty...her dark hair so long and shiny and rich...her voice so sweet and soft...her touch so thrilling...

Maybe if I had met someone like her earlier in my life, I would have worn makeup more often. It faintly occurred to Mary that she had almost completed that mental sentence with "...I would not have married a man...", but she wasn't sure why she would think that, and doubted that she really believed that, so she moved on. Now she remembered, or seemed to remember, that there had, in fact, been someone...a friend...a dear friend...who had taught her, as a youth, about makeup, and with whom she had experimented with cosmetics...and with other things. Shelly.

Her experiences with her pretty, raven-haired friend Shelly had occurred during her teenaged years, her memory told her, as it seemed to gradually unfold to her awareness. Shelly had taught her how to put make-up on, something that was new to the young Mary at that time. Then Mary thought she recalled that the first lipstick she had applied was red in color... Wasn't it? Mary couldn't quite remember. But it seemed that it was likely true. Red just seemed to be her color, somehow.

A very brief, disturbing, exciting image crossed her mind: She and Shelly, both with red-lipsticked lips, were kissing each other in the bedroom while sitting next to the dressing table.

Did that really happen?

As a preoccupied Mary walked up the stairs to her bedroom for no particular reason, other than her bedroom seemed like the right destination for her right now, she found herself feeling aroused, and her arousal was growing with each step she took.

I need to deal with this soon before I start thinking about more crazy things...

Driven by new instinct, once she had gotten to her room, Mary sat down on a chair in front of the dressing table and looked at herself in the vanity mirror. She beheld, with fascination and an odd, secret delight, that her lips were glossy red in color. Raising her right hand, Mary opened her mouth slightly and traced along her lips with her forefinger, feeling its smooth, creamy texture.

Why haven't I done this before? I look so...good... My darling daughter thought so, too... And it feels so good....

She recalled details of how the red lipstick had been applied to her lips: Lauren removed the cap from a silver tube of lipstick, revealing the shiny red tip, before twisting the base to expose more of the red lipstick; Mary parted her lips and let the beautiful teenaged girl apply red color in a delicate manner; with Lauren up close, the strawberry scent of Lauren's perfume wafted to Mary's nose; after the lipstick was applied, Lauren pressed the tip of the lipstick between Mary's lips, prompting Mary to suck on it adoringly.

Such a pretty girl... She was so nice to be with.......... I wonder...When will I see her again?...

In unconscious response to the memory of her interaction with Lauren and the lipstick, Mary slid her finger into her mouth and started to suck on it.

That last detail of the memory--of her sucking on the lipstick--and her now finding herself with her finger in her mouth, surprised Mary and incited her to withdraw her now-wet finger and to try to channel her thoughts away from her makeup session with Lauren. That couldn't have happened... It's probably...probably just my imagination...

Mary had planned to remove the lipstick on her lips as soon as she had gotten to the dressing table, but she now decided that there was no particular need to do that, at least quite yet, and that her body's demand for sexual relief had a clear priority. She shifted her lower body in order pull down her sweat pants part-way down her thighs and then unbuttoned her red poplin shirt. Seeing her fingers, she took note that her fingertips had picked up some red pigment from having touched her lips, and she felt some kind of naughty delight in knowing those fingers, with that hot shade of lipstick on them, would be touching her nether lips in but a second.

An unexpected image flashed in and out of her mind of her pussy lips painted red just like the lips of her mouth. "Oh!" she reacted out loud in surprise, for she had never imagined a woman painting herself there, as she supposed. Though the mental picture was quite brief, and she intellectually judged it to be merely an odd little aberration and assumed that such a decoration would be an eccentricity which no woman, especially a decent woman, would entertain as even a remote possibility, much less consent to, the decadent mental image worked on her mind quietly, subtly, nevertheless.

Rather eagerly now, she slid her right hand under the waist band of her panties. Looking down and seeing the full-cut, white panties, they struck her, for the first time she could ever remember, as too mundane, as too plain for herself--for a woman whose lips could be colored so beautifully red--and she made a mental note to reevaluate her underwear sometime. Sometime soon.

As Mary's hand slid lower inside her panties, she felt the pubic hairs at the top of her bush. Mary had never considered shaving her crotch, but she did like her growth to not be too "wild" there, so she did trim herself with scissors from time to time, making it so that her bush could be considered "compact" and "tidy", though still more or less "full".

Out of nowhere, as it seemed, the image of Lauren's bald young pussy flashed before her eyes. Mary didn't quite understand whose it was or that she had seen it, quite closely, earlier that evening, but the mental picture she saw grabbed her imagination quickly. The visionary pussy floated through the air to her and settled between her legs, where it was absorbed, and became her own cleaned-shaven vulva. A very favorable, exciting impression accompanied the fantasy transformation she witnessed. Though this was the first time in her life that she had entertained the idea of having a hairless pussy, a pleasant compulsion to shave off all of her public hair came over her.Hmmmm...a "clean" vagina........ Why have I never considered that before?........ That...could be...nice...... nice and smooth...

Still looking down at the progress of her hand inside her panties, she noticed how the front panel of white nylon bulged out with the outline of her hand underneath. The sight struck her, in a way it never had before, as lovely and sensual. The thought twinkled through her mind that another woman's hand in her panties would look exactly the same. She immediately dismissed the notion as strange and inappropriate, but it made her smile within herself a little, just the same, for some mysterious reason.

No...that would never would look like this...

Mary had been taught by her mother, and had passed the teaching along to her daughters, that masturbation in youth was a sin, and that even adult women should refrain from frequent and overly fervent indulgence. Being one to follow her own advice, Mary did not diddle herself often, and when she did, it had been her custom, as a faithful wife, to keep the passion controlled and to try to think about Bruce.

As soon as she placed her fingers on her wet pussy, she sighed in pleasure. However, this night she found it difficult to catch and hold any thought about her husband. She realized that, in fact, she couldn't think of Bruce in a sexual manner at all. Not wanting to cheat on her husband, even in her private thoughts, Mary decided to not think about anything at all while pleasuring herself.

While squeezing her breasts with one with hand, she fingered her pussy with the other hand. She was able to keep her mind empty of thoughts until shortly before her orgasm. As soon as she was about to come, however, a series of images rushed irrepressibly into her mind.

Mary first saw herself and Serena Powers dressed in professional business attire in a spacious office. They walked toward each other, and then each took the other into a loving embrace. Their faces drew closer, until their red-lipsticked lips touched tenderly...Goddess...

The fantasy of being intimate with the divine Serena Powers caused her jaw to drop and her nipples to swell and tingle, and nearly pushed her over the edge. But then the scene faded, and was replaced with a setting in a posh mansion. Two blonde teen girls were lying on a fancy bed in skimpy lingerie, making out. As their faces appeared to Mary's view, the two were revealed to be Wendy and Sarah! Mary watched in furtive, excited fascination as the pretty teens rolled around on the bed, their hands sliding over and into each other's filmy garments, then starting to peel them off the young curves they covered. In an instant, Mary then saw the two girls naked on the same bed, but this time they were rubbing their pussies together, moaning and squeeling in the throws of love for each other. Mary also moaned in mounting lust.

The setting changed again. This time Mary saw herself, completely naked, on her own bed--her marital bed--in her bedroom, with an equally naked Lauren. They, too, embraced and kissed and then brought their pussies together in love. Mary, in real life, felt her pussy watering copiously and start to throb. In a minute, she witnessed Lauren transform into Sarah, with whom Mary continued in the same act of tribadism. The real Mary found herself sighing Sarah's name, and imagined herself plunging her hands into Sarah's mane of long, silky platinum hair and pulling her closer for a deep, passionate kiss. Finally, when the visionary kiss broke, Sarah started to change, and Mary saw the girl-lover on her bed become...Wendy! Mary was taken aback by the identity of her new partner, but so carried away was she in sex and lust, that she was quite unable to stop her imaginary self, and she pursued her new incestuous lover's young pussy with her own fevered lovebox in the same licencious act.

Mary felt her pussy was about to explode, and the sensation called her back to reality. She suddenly realized that she was masturbating to erotic thoughts of other women and girls and of acts of lesbian sex between them, that she was a player in those scenes, and that she was getting powerfully aroused by them and was even about to climax largely because of them. Mary pulled her hand out of her panties, but it was too late. Her pussy gushed as she cried in a powerful orgasm. "Nooooo! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" As her orgasm eventually subsided, small pleasurable spasms continued for a little while.

Afterwards, Mary wondered what had just happened. The images had been brief, but they were disturbing, nonetheless. Where did those thoughts come from? Why I did think about those women, those girls, in that way? And especially Wendy! That's just perverted! No, I can't let myself be led astray by the temptations of the devil again.

Though Mary tolerated people of other sexual orientations to a certain extent, she still held herself to traditional religious standards as much as possible. This had been the first time females had entered her imagination while masturbating, as far as she could remember. She knew she definitely was no homosexual woman, so it was odd for her, she supposed, to have had homoerotic thoughts and feelings, even if just briefly, and for them to have given her an orgasm. Most disturbing was the fact that she had entertained wicked thoughts about her daughter.

Mary turned inward to evaluate her feelings. Previously in her life, such a practice, after she had done something her intellect told her was wrong, had unfailing served to put her in touch with her conscience. She would feel remorse and that would help her to learn from her mistakes, to not repeat them, and to improve herself. This time, however, Mary discovered that she didn't feel as guilty as she thought she should. In fact, she sensed that part of her seemed to hold that she had really done and thought nothing wrong, that her mind had simply helped her out with what she needed at the time to achieve an orgasm, that she was actually pleased about the way her session of self-love had developed, that she had enjoyed what had happened, and that she wouldn't mind doing it the same way again in the future.

Mary's intellect, however, would not let her dismiss her transgression as easily as her emotions seemed to be doing. Regardless of her uncharacteristically morally lax feelings about it, Mary's traditional judgement finally prevailed within her and she decided that she must stop having such thoughts in the future--especially taboo thoughts about her precious Wendy. I can never think about my daughter like that again. Ever...

Mary went into the bathroom, removed her sweatpants and panties, cleaned between her legs with a wet wash cloth, put on a fresh pair of panties, and pulled her sweatpants back on. She then knelt beside her bed and prayed for help in warding off the devil. In the past, praying like this in her hour of need had always given Mary both comfort and confidence that divine guidance and assistance would be forthcoming. This time was no different, or at least that's what Mary initially thought.

After her prayer, the blonde mother sat again at her vanity and contemplated her situation further. Mary wondered, Was what I saw actually a warning from God? A feeling that something was amiss began gnawing at her. Looking in the mirror, Mary felt that, for no discernible reason, the red lipstick was somehow connected to the strange thoughts she was having. It''s so beautiful....... I'm this........but.......I need to get this off.

At first, Mary paused, gazing at herself, tissue poised in her hand, feeling reluctant to wipe away the lovely, creamy lipstick, but, after mustering an increase in willpower, she began removing the cosmetic from her lips anyway.

While she was doing so, Mary wondered about Wendy's friends, whom she had been getting to know. There was Sarah, of course, who was incredible; and the intriguing, attractive maid, Kayla; and that beautiful redhead, Cynthia; and this stunning new girl, Lauren, who seemed, somehow, to be much more than a new and casual acquaintance to Mary.

A preprogrammed voice within Mary instructed her: "Wendy's friends are quite beautiful. They are sexy girls. That is the important thing. You want Wendy to have friends like that.They are a good example and influence for her...because they are sexy...beautiful. They can be trusted. They make Wendy happy. They make you happy. You are glad they are Wendy's friends. You'd like to get to know them better, too...much better... You want relationships with them...special relationships... They can be your girlfriends, as well... special girlfriends... young girlfriends...beautiful girlfriends..."

Though that voice made Mary relax, for the most part, about the issue of whether Wendy's new friends were suitable companions for her daughter, there was nevertheless a thin, weak voice of caution about these girls which had survived Serena Powers' efforts to suppress it.

...but...........are they good girls?

The stronger, seductive, more exciting voice within her countered: It doesn't matter if they're good... All that matters is that they are beautiful... And it doesn't matter if you're good... All that matters is that you are beautiful...

Mary continued pondering on the question after finishing removing her make-up, and as she walked down the stairs to the living room. A glint from a red-colored object caught her eye. Walking closer, she gasped when she realized what the object was.


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