Monday, November 11, 2019

Brainy Teen - Chapter 22 Part 1

Cool air tickled Wendy's skin as she started to get of Sarah's sports car. That made her realize how much of her skin was exposed by her pleated white leather miniskirt and metallic pink spandex tube top. Just a few weeks ago, Wendy reflected, she would never have dreamed of stepping out in public dressed revealed...but...well...that was then and now was now. She had been dressed similar to this most of the day, and on other recent days, as well, so she was getting used to it. More importantly, Sarah liked her like this and had, in fact, that very morning given her these clothes to wear...and Sarah had good taste and knew what she was doing, Wendy told herself. Plus, pleasing Sarah was important to her, for some reason. It felt kind of good, anyway, to be so,

Here she was, on a date with her girlfriend, out for a night of fun and adventure. Even if their dating relationship had started off a couple of weeks ago as a ruse, tonight it seemed real to Wendy. Further, her mother, Mary, had appeared to have approved of her going out with another girl and of the specific girl who was her date. In fact, Mom had seemed quite enamored with both of them and with the whole scenario. Wendy found that reassuring, making her feel more at ease that she was doing the right thing and was at the right place and was with the right girl tonight. It was true that sometimes Sarah took things a little to the extreme, and Wendy had some qualms about what they might end up doing tonight--hopefully, just some dancing, some flirting with Lauren, and maybe a drink, and not much more--but Wendy was confident that Sarah was looking out for her and had her best interests at heart.

One aspect of Sarah's care for her, Wendy reflected, was her help with her looks. One example of that was that, while Sarah had complimented her on her cute new hairstyle, basically the same one Kayla had given her that morning, she had suggested they change it to the fishtail braid style Wendy had worn the night before. A trusting Wendy agreeing, they had pulled the car over in a well-lit parking lot on the way, where Sarah restyled Wendy's hair, before continuing to this lot near the club.

After Sarah came to her side of the car to help her out, in one smooth move she pulled Wendy into her arms, bringing their faces within inches.


"Uh...yeah..." Wendy was breathless staring into the platinum blonde's exquisite face, her shiny red lips so close. "I think so."

"Don't worry about anything, Wendy. Just have fun, okay?"

Wendy managed a smile. "Okay." As she started to get lost in Sarah's eyes, Sarah leaned in for a soft girlfriend's kiss, which lasted twenty seconds and which made Wendy's toes curl, her heart beat harder, and her pussy moisten.

"Good. Let's go...girlfriend." Sarah gave Wendy one more peck on the lips, took Wendy's hand, and led her, a little dizzy from Sarah's affection, out of the parking lot and down one block before reaching their destination. The streets were mostly empty, save for some scattered loiterers and a few people who were going to or coming from various other businesses.

There was nothing atypical about the exterior of the club to which they were headed. The outside of the beige-colored building looked like many other buildings in the area. A burgundy-colored awning protruded from the front of the entrance. There were no markings or names other than the initials "V.V." on an oval sign affixed to the wall next to the door that was guarded by a hulking bouncer whom Sarah didn't recognize. There had been a short line at the entrance that was now passing into the building, the small group constituting the line having just been granted permission by the bouncer to enter.

Internally, Sarah was displeased that she hadn't been notified of the change in bouncers beforehand, as she had forgotten to put their identification cards into the handbag she was currently carrying, and that was going to make getting past a bouncer unfamiliar with her more difficult. "Sorry, Wendy, I forgot our IDs."

"What IDs?" asked Wendy with a puzzled look. That expression stemmed not only from curiosity about Sarah's reference to identification, but also from the dark mystery for her surrounding the establishment they were about to enter. This wasn't the first time Sarah had taken Wendy to a nightclub, but Wendy knew this one was different, and would likely have a hard-edged, heavily sexual atmosphere, mainly of a lesbian nature, and would have lesbian strip shows, among other things new to her from the forbidden world of adult entertainment and decadent sexuality. Wendy had only a vague notion of what it would be like, but now the reality of what kind of club she was visiting struck her, along with the ramifications for herself of going into such a place. The nice, good girl she had always been would never have dreamed of entering a den of iniquity like this, she knew, and it would be crossing yet another taboo line into a life foreign to her, at the risk of irretrievably becoming part of that world herself, having that life become her life, and losing the good girl she thought was still somewhere inside her. The qualm quickly subsided, however, when Wendy felt Sarah gently squeeze her hand.

"I've made some fake IDs for us to make it easier for us to get into clubs like this one because not every bouncer knows me."

Fake IDs? Wendy balked. That's illegal, isn't it? or immoral, at least? The idea of getting into the club dishonestly ruffled the feathers of what was left of Wendy's moral scruples until she remembered that, under Sarah's guidance, at first, and then on her own, she had already lied numerous times to her mother about her social life and her doings after school and on various evenings, had cheated on her homework and tests at school, and had started to do other similar sneaky things. She had gotten away with them and had seemed to be no worse for the wear. It wasn't that hard or that bad to lie or cheat, not really, it struck her as she thought about it. Okay...I guess using fake ID's isn't the worst thing in the world...

"Unfortunately, I forgot to bring them. I've never seen this guy before. I think he's new here. But, we could try anyway. Just follow my lead."

Wendy nodded and followed Sarah, keeping herself a step or two behind her, doing her best to emulate the seductive walk of her partner. Wendy found herself staring at Sarah's cute ass covered by the tiered golden miniskirt. However, her lustful view of Sarah's butt was interrupted when they approached the club bouncer. The bouncer gave a glance at their faces and asked the two girls for their IDs. When they provided none, the bouncer said, "I can't let you in without your IDs."

"I know you're new here, so you obviously don't know me. But your boss knows me..."

"Look, I'm not interested in playing games with you. If you don't have proper identification, I can't let you in."

Realizing that they were not getting anywhere with the new bouncer, Sarah grabbed Wendy's hand and led her away. After the girls had walked a short distance and as they continued walking along the front of the building toward a corner, Wendy asked, "What are we going to do now?"

"We'll go in another way."

"There's another way in?"

"The rear entrance," answered Sarah while copping a feel of Wendy's butt. A tingle of pleasure pulsed through Wendy's body upon feeling Sarah's hand grope her behind and hearing Sarah put a seductive emphasis on "rear". Wendy found herself inferring in her blonde companion's words and touches a wicked suggestion of fucking Wendy's ass--as Madeline had done so unforgettably and repeatedly earlier that very evening. For a brief moment, Wendy thought she felt her anal ring pulse with excitement at the idea of anal sex with Sarah.

"Are you sure this is alright?"

"Yes. Trust me."

They walked around the block, passing by a cute young female couple, one a brunette and one a redhead, whose ages were around the same as Sarah's and Wendy's and who were dressed in provocative outfits similar to those of Sarah and Wendy. Both girls walked hand in hand, as if they were a couple--the same way Wendy was doing with Sarah. The brunette smiled subtly at Sarah, which Wendy noticed but didn't question, as pretty girls smiling at each other, particularly invitingly, was seeming natural and appropriate to her. But then the redhead smiled directly at Wendy, causing her to blush but to also smile back, being flattered by what seemed to be a little flirtation. She also noticed how cute both girls were, how their miniskirts showed off their sleek, tantalizing legs, and how naturally they fit together, in a romantic way. Just like she and Sarah.

They turned into a dodgy alley. It was darker and had stronger smells than the street. What appeared to be a drunk, disheveled man sat propped up against the side of a brick building, with a half-empty bottle in hand.

Wendy pressed her body closer to Sarah's out of fear. "It's alright, Wendy. Don't be scared." Sarah slid an arm around Wendy's shoulders and pulled her close as they continued on, Wendy also slipping her arm around Sarah's slim waist in response and finding both comfort and thrill in more intimate contact with the body of her beautiful girlfriend.

Once the girls passed him by, the man's face suddenly assumed a sober character, he pulled out a smartphone from a pocket in his tattered coat, and he sent a coded text message to someone inside the club.

They arrived at a metal door with a keypad mounted to the side. Sarah rapidly punched in the combination, upon which a beep signaled that the door was unlocked and she turned the handle to open it. The two pretty teens entered and then passed down a hallway lit by recessed lights, past the multiple closed doors which lined it, music from deeper inside the club becoming louder with each step. Coming to a door at the end of the hallway, Sarah opened it and they passed into the main area of the club, the blaring music and the intense, raucous atmosphere blasting Wendy in the face.

There were many tables occupied with both men and women, although the latter outnumbered the former by a large margin. Otherwise, it looked like a typical club, with a bar, a dance floor with numerous participants bobbing up and down as if corks floating on an agitated sea, a DJ in a corner, large multi-faceted mirrored balls suspended from the ceiling, and lighting effects streaking through the otherwise dimmed hall. There was a mezzanine that went around the perimeter above the main floor of the hall, providing additional space for club goers. However, the two girls weren't going to stay in this primary area of club.

Sarah scanned around, looking for a certain face. She saw the teen couple they had passed outside earlier and smiled, but she continued looking until she found the woman she wanted: Patricia. Sarah brought her smartphone out and sent a message to Patricia, while carefully concealing the screen from Wendy.

Wendy was curious about who Sarah was communicating with and guessed it was probably Lauren. "Is Lauren here?"

"Yes, Wendy. Would you like to see her?"

Wendy had mixed feelings about that. No, she wasn't looking forward to whatever test Lauren had lined up for her, according to Lauren's revelation to her earlier that evening, and would just as soon avoid her tonight on that account; but, yes, she nevertheless wanted to see Lauren again. Actually, she realized, she would love to see Lauren. In fact, Wendy longed to see her and to be with her again, mistaking those unexpectedly poignant feelings as a desire to simply pursue her overall plan regarding Lauren.

"Uh...yes...sure..." Her ambivalence came through in her voice.

"It's okay, Wendy. She won't bite. She's really a nice girl, once you get to know her. I know she can be intimidating and sometimes she deserves a little bit of a comeuppance, but remember our plan. The more you can hang around with her and show her how pure a lesbian you are, the more she'll be able to see what a babe you are and she'll come to desire you as much as you desire her. But I hope you do get to know her better tonight, on a more personal basis. In fact. I think, deep down, you'd like that, too... wouldn't you?"

There was truth to what Sarah was implying. Wendy did want to get closer to Lauren, and not just to pursue the plan she and Sarah had concocted. Lauren was beautiful and Wendy was starting to like her. Yes, she did want to see Lauren...sooner rather than later...


"She's in another room. Let's go back to the hallway." Wendy felt a thrill pass through her as she anticipated seeing Lauren again, probably within the next few minutes.

Like the door at the rear of the building, the door leading back to the hallway required entering a passcode as well. In the hallway, they stopped at a wooden door marked with the number 9 and knocked on it a few times.

"You may come in," answered a teenage girl. Wendy felt butterflies in her stomach upon hearing Lauren's voice inviting them into the private room inside the club.

The walls of the room were colored flat purple. Sconces and recessed lights provided illumination to the room, which was furnished with four red leather couches, with a drink stand next to each. At the center of the room was an eight-foot diameter circular platform with a mirrored top surface. The sides of the platform consisted of clear acrylic blocks, illuminated to a spectrum of varying colors by hidden LED lights. Protruding from the center of the platform all the way to the white ceiling was a chrome metal pole.

"I'm glad you two came." The Latina vixen got up from the couch and walked up to greet them.

Although Wendy had already seen Lauren earlier, she was dazzled anew by Lauren's pink-and-white themed outfit, make-up, and sexy beauty.

Lauren greeted Sarah with a kiss, but it wasn't just an innocent peck. It was a deep kiss. Shiny pink lips smashed against bright red lips in a deep kiss with heavy tongue action.

They're really into it. Wendy felt a flash of jealousy, but tried to suppress the feeling by telling herself Sarah was doing this to help her win Lauren. Sarah's not really a lesbian... She's only trying to help me... I'm the one who wants Lauren... Nevertheless, she couldn't help but recognize that someone as alluring as Lauren might well be able to successfully woo Sarah if she wanted to, and turn her into a real lesbian. From the looks of it, maybe she already had. Maybe they were already dating. If so, wouldn't that mean that Sarah was cheating on her official girlfriend, Wendy? And if Sarah was cheating, then wasn't she, Wendy, free to do the same? It wasn't hard for her to think of several girls she'd like to date. Hmmm... Maybe I don't have to be so faithful... She told me I could date other girls, anyway... I can have some fun, too.....

But, just the same, she didn't want to lose Sarah. She was such a good and beautiful and affectionate girlfriend. If Sarah was becoming a lesbian, that wasn't such a bad thing...not at all...and she, Wendy, would do whatever it took to win her back...this time, if need be, as her real lesbian girlfriend... Whatever Lauren was doing, Wendy would do it better...and she would do whatever it took to make Lauren fall in love with her, too, rather than with Sarah. She definitely wanted both girls.

When it was Wendy's turn, Lauren only kissed her briefly. Wendy slid her hands onto the brunette's shoulders and started to try to pull her in for a more intense and prolonged kiss, but the Latina quickly extracted herself and stepped away. Wendy's jealousy returned, and she wondered why her kiss was shorter. Unseen by Wendy was a subtle conspiratorial smile on Sarah's face.

The three walked to a leather sofa, guided by Lauren. In another move that made Wendy jealous, Lauren held onto Sarah's hand during the brief walk. There was a squeaky sound as air escaped from the sofa when they sat down.

"Before we get started, I ordered us some refreshments." Lauren gestured to a small round black coffee table and on top was an open bottle of champagne in a silver bucket full of ice and three long champagne glasses filled with bubbly, pale-amber liquid.

Sarah and Lauren grabbed their respective glasses, took a sparkling sip, and then looked at Wendy. Not wanting to appear out of place, Wendy reached over, picked up her glass, and took a small sip. To her surprise, she found she enjoyed the sweet flavor of the cold, bubbly alcoholic drink. She took three more sips before setting the glass of drugged champagne back down on the table. From this point on, Wendy would be a little foggy-minded, a bit less discriminating, a little more carefree, more sexually unguarded, more in touch with subconscious feelings and yearnings, implanted memories, and her recent past sexual activities, and much more receptive to suggestions.

"'s the relationship between you two going?"

"It's going well. Our love with each other is stronger than ever. Right, Wendy?"

"Yes, you're right, Sarah. I love you." Wendy kissed Sarah on the cheek.

"Have you been having sex with each other?" asked Lauren while looking at Wendy.

Wendy hesitated in answering until she felt Sarah's hand on her butt, lightly caressing her ass through the pleated white leather mini-skirt.

Taking the action from Sarah as a hint, Wendy answered, "Yes."

"Good. Girls should always be having lesbian sex with each other."

Though the statement sounded extreme to Wendy, she brushed it off as one of Lauren's quirky ways of saying things. Wendy could also see that, from an avid lesbian's point of view, that axiom could legitimately be held as true.

"What kind of sex acts have you tried and enjoyed?"

Wendy felt that information was private, so she was reluctant to answer the question. But when she felt Sarah sliding and pushing a finger between her ass cheeks through the mini-skirt, she blurted out an impulsive response.

"A-anal..." answered Wendy as she felt Sarah's hands sliding beneath the back hem of her leather skirt and squeezing her butt through the silver panties. Although Sarah had not actually gone very far in committing anal acts on Wendy personally--that Wendy could remember, at least--Wendy's experiences in anal sex earlier with Madeline were still fresh in Wendy's mental, emotional, and physical memory, and influenced Wendy to give that less-than-totally-accurate answer as much as did Sarah's hand.

"Really? Well, that's impressive. I thought you were just a little prude, Wendy, but anal is pretty slutty." Wendy felt an inadvertent measure of pride in having been able to report, honestly so, that she was into anal lesbian sex (although it wasn't really with Sarah, at least not yet) and that Lauren was impressed by that. But then Lauren's voice assumed a dubious, unmoved tone. "But, is that all? Just anal?"

Wendy gasped when she felt fingers skimming on the edge of her pussy beneath the folds of the silver panties. "Ahh...and oral!"

"What about favorite position? Tell me which one you favor the most when you have oral lesbian sex, Wendy?"

"I... I like to sixty-nine most of the time." Sarah again rewarded Wendy's response with a playful squeeze of her ass, which, in turn, caused her to let out a soft coo from her lips and to try to shift more of her butt into Sarah's hand.

Upon hearing Sarah giggle, Wendy took it as a hint that she had given the correct answers.

"That's it, then? Well, it's not bad, but it's also not as much as I have expected of you two--there's so much more than what you seem to be into--but it's still okay because tonight, you two will definitely be expanding your horizons! Can you guess what we'll be doing?"

Looking at the metallic pole and the raised circular platform, and remembering what Sarah had said previously about the entertainment to which she would be introducing Wendy tonight, Wendy answered, "We'll be watching a strip show?"

"Yes, but we won't just be watching. It'll be interactive, if you know what I mean. You've brought some toys, have you?"

"I sure did!" Wendy opened her handbag, but felt disturbed and confused when she looked inside. She didn't remember putting a glittery pink strap-on dildo in her bag.

"I didn't realize you would bring out the big guns. You sure do love strap-ons, Wendy."

Lauren's last sentence echoed in Wendy's mind, causing Wendy to enter into a trance...


"The show is about to start!"

Wendy opened her eyes. Did I doze off? Her attempt at recollection was aborted when she saw the sight of a beautiful teenage girl standing on the platform, now lit brighter than its surroundings. The girl's brunette hair was done in a fishtail braid style similar to what Wendy wore. She was clothed in a lascivious outfit with a matrimonial theme, featuring an ultra sheer wedding dress made from pearlescent white organza fabric. The bodice was suspended by a pair of narrow shoulder straps and had a low scoop neckline lined with silver sequins that revealed a generous amount of cleavage. At the bottom of the bodice was a four-inch-wide silver band that joined the bodice to the voluminous, tiered A-line skirt that reached the ankles and was fluffed up with totally transparent petticoats. The sheerness of the dress allowed the pink satin bra and panties with white lace to show through. The panties were a tanga style, similar to Wendy's silver panties, which were not quite as skimpy as a thong, but were more revealing than bikini panties. Embroidered, fingerless gloves made from the same material as the dress covered the entire length of her arms. Complementing the outfit were jewelry of pewter and pink rhinestones with a heart theme and makeup in pink, black, and silver colors.


Wendy was amazed that one of the lesbian porn stars whom she frequently viewed on the websites and DVDs provided to her by Sarah--her favorite porn star, in fact--was actually here, and even better was the fact that Samantha was giving her a live private strip show. She could feel her heartbeat quicken and a familiar sexual tingle stir in her groin and travel up her spine, her body reacting as it had been conditioned to do upon seeing such a marvelous beauty in front of her, especially in a situation filled with as much carnal promise as this one. The excitement of seeing Samantha in person was so thrilling that a mass of sapphic thoughts readily flowed through her mind, overwhelming her already weakened original personality, the one which still had some heterosexual aspirations, and bursting open the door for the emergence of her completely sapphic persona.

Having seen lesbian strip performances in various settings in the porn she had watched, and having participated in one herself, at Rebecca's beach house, Wendy knew generally what happened in these kinds of shows, but she still had specific questions about this one.

How close will Samantha come towards me?

Do I have to put money in her panties?

Will she take all of her clothes off?

Wendy already knew well what Samantha looked like nude, the exciting image having been burned into her mind and lusts on several occasions via media and ensuing fantasies, but now this dream babe was present in the flesh...and touchable...

Will she let me touch her?

Does she want me to touch her?

If so, what should I do?.... Should I touch her? ... What would it be touch...her?...

The possibility of touching Samantha anywhere was almost too much to comprehend. There was her shiny hair...her pretty face...her painted lips...her neck...her arms...her waist...her rear...her legs...her...her breasts...and...her...........her pussy...

How should I do it?... Where should I touch her?...

However, Wendy didn't have much time to plan her actions, for as soon as Samantha had allowed her prey a little time to ogle her and to soak in the compelling erotic magic of the situation, techno music started and Samantha began her show. She got onto the dancing platform, one foot at a time. Wendy's eyes focused on Samantha's stocking-encased legs, quite visible through the transparent skirt and petticoats, and feet shod in high heels, fascinated by the glossy white leather and the iridescent nylons. She imagined herself licking the toe box and vamp of the shoe and dragging her tongue along the top of the Samantha's foot, which then pulled itself from the shoe to allow Wendy to kiss and suckle the pink-nailed toes through the nylon material covering them. Samantha's stocking then slid itself off and she pressed her toes against Wendy's pussy.

Why am I thinking about her feet? Wendy had no idea that subliminals embedded in the music were influencing her thoughts.

Knowing what was happening to Wendy, Samantha walked slowly, gyrating her ass, and strutting with her white high heels around the platform with a hand on the metal pole while maintaining a seductive smile on her face. The circular walk and the click-clack of the high heels had a hypnotizing effect on Wendy.

Click. Clack.

Wendy, a woman's foot is just as sexy as her tits and ass.

Click. Clack.

Painted toe nails are just as sexy as lingerie and naughty underwear.

Click. Clack.

Wendy, you want to kiss a woman's foot just as much as you would love to kiss a woman on her delectable lips.

Click. Clack.

Wendy, you want to lick a woman's foot, to feel your tongue travel from her toes, up her legs, and toward her pussy.

Click. Clack.

You love every part of the female body.

Click. Clack.

There's nothing wrong with being sensual with every part of the female body.

Click. Clack.

You want to make love with beautiful women and with every part of their sexy bodies.

Click. Clack.

You want to feel and kiss and lick a woman's feet and legs and ass.

Click. Clack.

You want to make love to beautiful Samantha and to feel and kiss and lick her sexy feet and legs and ass and pussy.

Click. Clack.

The lights of the platform glowed and dimmed in sync with the movement of Samantha's legs. Wendy's eyes followed them with a rapt attention that was abetted by an oscillating spectrum of lights which created captivating optical effects on Samantha's stocking-encased legs. A naughty thought ran through Wendy's mind of herself running her fingers up the stripper's legs.

Samantha's legs are soooo sexy... I want to touch them... I want to feel them...with my hands...with my lips...kiss them...lick her how much I love them...and love her...

Imagery matching those thoughts appeared in Wendy's mind. She saw herself in a bed with Samantha and slowly dragging the pink nails of her fingers along the stripper's legs and then extending her tongue to lick along one of the stripper's lower legs that Wendy had lifted upwards. The white high heel shoe was then taken off and Wendy licked Samantha's toes that were painted metallic pink...

In the meantime, Samantha moved to the center of the platform and embraced the chrome metal pole as if it was her lover, looking back and forth between Wendy and the pole a few times, sending the message that the pole was Wendy. She rubbed her body against it while slowly lowering herself and rising back up multiple times. Running her fingers along the pole as if it were a phallus, she then kissed it with her lips and dragged her tongue along it, leaving a glistening trail of saliva on the metallic surface. Throughout the series of movements, Samantha raised and lowered one leg, occasionally extending it fully while riding her skirt up to give Wendy a fully unobstructed view of her stocking covered legs and pink satin panties.

The foreign thoughts of foot and leg fetishism in Wendy's mind didn't stop, causing Wendy to feel uneasy, which was expressed on her face.

Why can't I stop looking at and thinking about her legs and feet? Why are they turning me on so much? This is strange. I never felt this way before. I never thought that I would want to do that to a girl's toes or feet..........although...with's... somehow... different... Her feet and legs are so sexy ........ But, even with her...even if I wanted to...and she wanted me to...would I do it...?

Noticing that Wendy was struggling with the implanted thoughts, Sarah quickly snuck a hand beneath Wendy's skirt and cupped Wendy's pussy through her slinky silver panties.

"Ah!" gasped Wendy. She felt her ear being kissed and licked by Sarah.

"Are you enjoying watching her dance?" whispered Sarah.


"You need to show to Lauren that you're really into it." Sarah pressed a finger into Wendy's slit through the thin, silky, moistening fabric to emphasize her point, causing Wendy to gasp again.

"S-Sarah...I...I feel strange..." Wendy tried to explain to Sarah about the weird thoughts she was having, but didn't get far.

"Shhhh..." Sarah placed the long-nailed index finger of her free hand over Wendy's fuchsia lips. "Lauren is watching us."


Two red-tipped fingers were slipped into Wendy's mouth. Feeling Sarah's fingers pumping in and out of her mouth, Wendy, finding herself immediately and unthinkingly taken with sensual delight by the feeling of her mouth being fucked by a pretty girl's painted fingers, automatically began sucking on them.

Sarah gave Samantha a sidelong glance while smiling. Espying the signal, Samantha walked off the platform and towards the sofa where the trio was sitting on. She grabbed a leather stool and sat on it directly in front of Wendy, within two feet of her. Wendy felt her heart nearly burst out of her chest, now able to see the perfection of Samantha's fresh, lush beauty at close range and, for the first time, being within immediate touching distance of her fantasy crush...who happened to be a stripper...and a porn star....

The young stripper lifted her long, sheer skirt and petticoats most of the way up her thighs and, slowly, raised a slim leg and extended her high-heeled-encased foot to within a few inches of Wendy's surprised face.

"A true lesbian loves every part of a girl, including her feet," said Lauren. Even though Wendy knew she would not have particularly agreed with that statement before, at least as far as its application to herself, tonight it seemed to have some truth to it, and that she should agree with it, despite her mixed feelings about what was going on. "Lick it."

"Wendy, if you really want Lauren, you need to do what she says..." whispered Sarah.

I have to do this in order to prove to Lauren that I'm a lesbian...and I do want her....... But, I'm not sure if I can do it... It doesn't feel lick a girl's foot...

Reaching into her handbag, Lauren pressed a button on a small remote control, activating a hidden mechanism in the sofa that released a special, sweet-smelling gas that affected only Wendy. She and Sarah were immune to the mind-altering aerosol thanks to a chemical compound she had slipped into their drinks before Sarah and Wendy arrived. Despite noticing the fragrant smell, Wendy didn't think much of it. She thought it was coming from air fresheners in the room. The drug in the gas was like a booster shot, enhancing all of the effects of the drugged champagne Wendy had consumed a short time before, plus it promoted her mind drifting into fantasies, especially those suggested by subliminals, and confusing fantasy with reality.

Wendy eye's focused on the tip of the white leather high heel shoe pointed at her face and hovering within a close distance of her lips. Maybe I can give it a try... It probably won't be as bad as I think it would be... This isn't just anybody's foot, after all... It's Samantha's... In those sleek nylons...and that lovely, shiny shoe... It's really very pretty...and so very sexy... It's almost...irresistible...

She moved her lips forward a little, but then backed away. Something in the back of her mind told her the situation was odd.

Imagery filled Wendy's mind again. She saw Sarah wearing a black leather crop top and black leather A-line mini-skirt, strutting on black high-heeled pumps towards Lauren in a room similar to the one Wendy was in right now, but filled with a luminescent pink mist. Lauren was completely naked except for a pair of translucent pink, ankle-strapped high-heeled sandals on her feet and a pink leather collar with darker pink rhinestones around her neck. Her lips and nails were lustrous hot pink in color. She kneeled in front of Sarah and lowered onto her fours to kiss the tip of Sarah's shoe, before dragging her tongue along the top of her foot, around the ankle, and upwards along the lower leg. Samantha then appeared, also naked with accentuating items and cosmetics similar to Lauren, but her shoes, collar, lips, and nails were green. She also got onto her fours to worship Sarah's feet. The word "Goddess" echoed faintly and repeatedly...

The scene in Wendy's mind changed. Lauren and Samantha were sitting in opposite ends of a bathtub filled with soapy water and topped with fragrant flower petals, facing and eyeing each other with intense longing. Their legs were intertwined. Each extended a foot to the other's lips and each began licking the proffered appendage as if it were a delectable treat. Pink lips sucked green-nailed toes. Green lips sucked pink-nailed toes. Both girls made muffled moans...

Wendy's thoughts then drifted to her mother. She thought she remembered playing footsies with Mary numerous times during her childhood and early teenage years, often under the kitchen table during meals, but at other times as well, there always having been an erotic tone to the fun, and to their connection during it, as it now seemed--despite it not ever having really happened--but, in her altered memory, they had both accepted and enjoyed it as their own secret little naughty, common titillation. Then she recalled playing footsies with her mother during dinner a few hours before, which actually had occurred. However, she embellished this memory with fantasy, imagining her mother with bright, luscious, glossy red lips, long red nails, long black eyelashes, and silver-blue eyeshadow, her hair uncharacteristically curled and flowing in a shiny mass over one shoulder down the front of a sparkling, skin-tight red-and-black dress. Her mother was smiling at her sensually. Wendy's view drifted to beneath the dinner table. She could see her mother's legs clad in red stockings and red high-heeled shoes. Her mother brushed against her lower calf with a foot, first with the high-heeled shoe still on, then with the shoe off. She noticed that her mother's toenails were painted bright red. The toes went higher and higher up the leg before drifting in between her thighs and beneath her short skirt...

Wendy was aroused by the imagery. Her pussy was wet and her nipples were hardening. The fragrant gas was affecting her mind without her realizing it. She leaned slightly forward, bringing her pink lips towards the tip of Samantha's glossy high-heeled shoe...and she kissed it...

That wasn't so bad... In fact, it wasn't bad at all... Kissing her foot...her shoe...was...nice...

Parting her lips, she enveloped the tip of the shoe with her fuchsia-painted lips, sucking it gently. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Samantha smiling sensually. This encouraged her to do more. She extended her tongue and licked the toe box of the shoe. nice... I...I wouldn't mind doing more of this...going further...

"Hold my leg..." said the young stripper in a husky voice. This was not the first time Wendy had heard Samantha's voice, having become quite acquainted with its soft, pretty, girlish intonations through lesbian porn DVDs starring the sexy teen, but it was the first time she had heard it in person and had heard it addressed directly and specifically to her, sending a thrill up Wendy's back. Not complying with the beauty's melodic command was unthinkable.

Raising both hands, Wendy gently cradled Samantha's lower leg. This helped keep the leg steady, making it easier for Wendy to orally service the stripper's foot. She realized this was also the first time she had touched this, her beautiful brunette fantasy girl, and she savored the feel of the young nylon-covered limb in her hand with a near-reverence, as she licked along the side of the white shoe, reaching almost all the way to the back of the shoe, before licking along the six-inch heel.

Wendy's heart was pounding mightily in her chest. Not only had she never imagined herself coming to be possessed by a passion, if not an outright fetish, for feminine feet and legs, as it seemed at this moment might be happening to her, but, while she had watched and enjoyed many lesbian porn videos that had featured Samantha, and while she had allowed herself to entertain vivid fantasies involving Samantha and to nurse a secret crush for her, she had not believed that she would ever meet the young beauty in real life, although she had known it was theoretically possible, and much less had she ever seriously thought that she would get to engage in anything sexual with Samantha, despite deep-down longing to. But her latent wish was now being fulfilled, and in a way she had never expected. Her arousal was growing moment by moment and it took no small measure of self-restraint for Wendy to not abandon control and devour her cherished Samantha's foot ravenously with her mouth.

"Take off my shoe..."

With that order from Samantha, Wendy silently erupted with joy. She would finally be able to engage the stripper's foot directly. Wendy gently slid the high heel off Samantha's precious foot. She looked at the pinked-nailed toes in front of her and, noticing with a slight measure of alarm that she was starting to involuntarily salivate, she hesitated. But, it was brief, for, dismissing her oral response which indicated she was, contrary to previous sensitivities she had held, regarding this foot as something delicious, and without waiting for further encouragement or permission, she quickly moved her head forward to lick the stocking-clad toes and suck on each digit individually. When Sarah squeezed one of her breasts and fingered her pussy more vigorously, she moaned softly a few times.

I...I never realized delectable a girl's foot could be.... Her foot is such a treat... I love licking it... It's actually...turning me on... Why have I never tried this before?...

Wendy couldn't stop herself from lapsing back into an incestuous sapphic sexual fantasy, a continuation, of sorts, from the one she had entertained a minute before, but in a different setting. She imagined herself, dressed in a sexy white bridal gown exactly like the one Samantha wore, licking the toes of her mother's raised foot, a lovely foot with red-painted nails and encased in shiny red stockings. Her mother was sitting on a purple leather chair and dressed in a sensual red bridal gown that was sheer enough to reveal the red satin bra and panties she wore beneath. Her mother's makeup was thick and heavy, with gleaming red lipstick, long curly lashes, silver eyeshadow, and brilliant red-painted nails. Equally red was her hair, which shimmered like fine strands of red enamel...

Wendy was both shocked and immediately, powerfully turned on by the image she conjured--believing it was entirely a product of her own imagination and desires--of herself and her mother as depraved fantasy brides on the cusp of making love, starting with foot adoration. Spurred by heightened taboo desire for her mother and for sexy female feet and legs, Wendy started to lap and suck with more vigor, while making a muffled moan through the stripper's toes. After allowing this wet worship a half-minute longer, Samantha, acting on Sarah's signal, pulled her shimmering nyloned foot out of Wendy's mouth, leaving the blonde momentarily lapping the air and feeling needy. But then, while the two lovely teens gazed into each other's eyes, the brunette gently grazed her now-damp toes downward along Wendy's chin, neck, chest, belly, and hip before riding them up Wendy's skirt and pressing them against Wendy's wet pussy through the silver satin panties, earning another moan from Wendy's mouth.

Arousal surged through Wendy's body. However, Samantha pulled away just when both girls knew she wanted more. The pretty blonde thrust her hips diagonally upwards, as if that would bring her closer to the receding source of pleasure. Sarah held Wendy's thighs down and whispered in her ear, "I know you like Samantha, but you need to have patience, Wendy. You'll get to fuck her soon, I promise."

Wendy looked at Sarah confusedly through glazed eyes and asked, "Fuck her? When did I say I wanted that?"

Sarah whispered, "You told me several times you wanted to fuck Samantha. You wanted to meet her and to fuck her. I told Lauren about it, and she happened to know a way to get ahold of Samantha, so I asked Lauren if she could help you with that, and she did." In actuality, all of these girls working for Hecate knew each other quite well and were well aware of the parts each was playing in this seduction. "Don't you get it, Wendy? We're hitting two birds with one stone!"

Through her clouded mind, Wendy realized that Sarah's plan was ingenious, even though she didn't quite remember when she had told Sarah about wanting to fuck Samantha or even mentioning that she wanted to meet Samantha. However, at the moment, she took Sarah's words as the truth, for, if Sarah said it, it must be true. Yes, now that Sarah had "reminded" her, Wendy realized that she indeed had wanted to meet Samantha, that, in fact, she had been desperate to do so...and to fuck her. There had been few things she had wanted more than that, and she must have felt like that for some time.

Lauren and Sarah are so introduce me to Samantha... I've always wanted to meet her...and...yes...Sarah's right... I'd love fuck Samantha... From the first time I saw her... I have always wanted her...

Samantha slipped her white high heel back on and strode saucily back to the platform to continue her dance. With her back towards the audience, she held onto the metal pole while gyrating her ass. Bending her knees, she swung it flauntingly some more before rising back up. Holding onto the pole tightly, she lifted herself up and simultaneously inverting herself vertically so that her head was at the bottom and her legs were pointing toward the ceiling. Her chocolate brown hair, plaited into a fishtail braid very similar to Wendy's, dipped onto the platform while the petticoats and the skirt of her dress opened up like a flower, clearly revealing her pink panties and the cute derriere closely displayed within their flimsy, tight confines.

You love a woman's ass...

You want to kiss a woman's ass...

You want to lick a woman's ass...

A woman's ass tastes delicious...

You want to probe it with your tongue...probe it deeply...

You can't resist a beautiful woman's ass...

You love Samantha's ass...

You desire to feel it and caress it and kiss it and taste it...

Wendy's eyes were drawn to the two curvaceous mounds outlined by the panties, and then she found it impossible to tear her eyes away from them. She pictured herself on the platform, standing close to the inverted dancer, running her hands along the brunette teen's smooth, iridescent nylon-encased legs, which were now spread out in a perfect V shape.

She imagined what it might be like to kiss that round ass through the panties, and then to lean over until she was directly above the beautiful teen's pussy, to plant her nose in the panty-covered slit, and to inhale deeply, taking in the stripper's perfume-like feminine musk. Adventurously pulling aside the gusset of the panties, Wendy would see how perfectly shaven and beautiful Samantha's pussy was--a young, succulent pussy Wendy had seen before numerous times in print and in video, and with which she considered herself, in fact, rather well acquainted, if vicariously so before today--and, in her mind's eye, was about to lower her fuschia-coated lips towards it, but that visualization ended when Samantha disengaged from her inverted position. There was a naughty smile coming from the stripper, as if she knew what Wendy was thinking.

Facing the audience again, Samantha lifted her skirt and petticoats and ran her hands along her legs to emphasize their smoothness and curves, then bent her knees slightly and gyrated her hips. She turned around slowly while continuing the movements until her jiggling ass faced the audience. Samantha turned her head around, caught Wendy's eye, and winked. Blushing yet pleased with Samantha's attention to her, Wendy quickly settled her eyes once again on Samantha's mesmerizing, undulating ass.

Girls' asses are beautiful...

Samantha's ass is beautiful...

You desire Samantha's ass...

You'd love to rove your hands over it...

You want to make love to Samantha's ass...

You want to kiss Samantha's ass...

You want to smell Samantha's ass...

You want to lick Samantha's ass...

You want to taste Samantha's asshole...

You want to plunge your tongue into Samantha's asshole...

When you tongue-fuck Samantha's asshole, she will love you...

You want to fuck Samantha...

You want Samantha to love you...

You want Samantha to fuck you...

In her mind, Wendy saw herself on the stage again, this time kneeling, cupping the stripper's butt cheeks and squeezing them, fascinated. Following her instincts and desires, she placed her pink lipsticked lips against Samantha's butt, kissing the soft, fragrant skin, once, then several times, traveling along the smooth roundness to the gorge between the halves, before licking along that crevice through the pink satin panties. As with toe-sucking, Wendy wondered why she had never done this with another girl before. A girl's ass and this act were simply beautiful.

Pulling aside the panties in her visualization, Wendy saw that the anal ring was dyed with a glittery pink color. yummy-looking... She opened her mouth, extended her tongue, and pressed it against the glittery pink anus...

Put your tongue deep into her ass...

Keep your tongue in her ass...

Taste how delicious her ass is...

You want more of her ass...

Move your tongue in her ass...

Thrill her...

Make her love you...

Probe her ass deeply...deeper...ever deeper...

You don't ever want to stop...

Closing her eyes, Wendy swirled her tongue against the imaginary female butt without being consciously aware that her actions were visible to the other people in the room. Her head bobbed up-and-down and moved back-and-forth as her glistening, wet tongue wiggled in the air.

"Mmmmmmm", the blonde girl purred audibly. Samantha...I love your beautiful, delicious ass...

Meanwhile, Sarah continued playing with Wendy's body. Given that Wendy was in a semi-entranced state, Sarah's actions were more vigorous than before. She slipped a hand beneath the neckline of Wendy's top and inside a bra cup to knead one of Wendy's breasts, and slid the other hand underneath Wendy's skirt to grope her butt. Lauren wanted to join in the fun, and was about to do so, but a single glare from Sarah told Lauren that it wasn't time for her turn yet.

Swirling her tongue around Wendy's ear, Sarah whispered, "Open your eyes..."

Turning back to the front, Samantha slipped the straps of the gossamer white wedding dress off her shoulders and let the garment slide from her body to the platform. Stepping out of the crumpled dress in her white high heels, her body was left clad in a set of pink bra and panties with white lace, white stockings, the white heels, a garter belt, and jewelry. She ran her hands along her slowly gyrating hips, then up along her body until reaching her hair, gathering her long braid before letting it go, then slid them back down to her hips, all the while undulating her body in snake-like motions, drawing attention to her sexy bodily curves.

Wendy's focus on Samantha's body was greatly amplified by the cumulative effect of the drugged air freshener and the subliminals in the music. She appraised the stripper's body in a purely sexual manner, fantasized about running her own hands along that slim, beautiful body, speculated about whether Samantha was in a relationship--even a marital one, though still merely a teen--or might be free and open to a new relationship, and lusted for sex with her.

I wonder if...if Samantha's taken... I bet she gets asked out a lot... Does she have a girlfriend?... she already married?... Even though she's as young as I am... it's not impossible...especially for someone as hot and beautiful as she is... If whom?... She's a must be married to another woman...some very lucky woman...or girl...if she is married... If she's not married yet...then...whom would she want to marry?... What kind of girl...would she want...?

Wendy briefly imagined Samantha's bride-to-be as Alice, the pretty blonde girl who played Samantha's lesbian girlfriend in the "instructional" DVDs Sarah had given Wendy several weeks prior. Both of them were standing in front of an altar in a gothic church. The minister was a magnificent yet familiar woman, whom she sensed she had met somewhere before, but Wendy couldn't visualize her face clearly enough at first to identify her.

"What are you thinking about, Wendy?" asked Sarah.

"I'm wondering if...if Samantha's already married..."

"Why do you want to know? Is it because you want to hook up with her? Or would you even like to marry her?"

"No," Wendy prevaricated, her face flushing, both because a buried, secret wish of her heart, or something close to it, one she had not even fully admitted to herself yet, was being exposed, and because of the suggestion that being together with Samantha in a relationship, and even marrying her, might, heretofore being beyond her wildest dreams, actually be a possibility. "I'm just...curious..."

"You don't have to beat around the bush, Wendy. I know you're interested in her."

Wendy focused again on the stripper's lingerie-clad, dancing body. "Yes....... Uh, I mean, er, no. It's...uh...not...not like that." Wendy's blush and stammer revealed to Sarah how right she was, though Sarah had already been reasonably certain of Wendy's feelings about Samantha.

The fantasy wedding returned to the eye of Wendy's mind. Serena Power's face, and then her entirety, attired in a scanty, revealing version of a priestess's outfit, appeared in Wendy's thoughts. She was the minister, or more accurately, the high priestess, as in a pagan religion, presiding over the sapphic wedding ceremony, which had a mystical, occult edge to it. Wendy was excited and confused at the unexpected vision of the lovely and provocatively-clad Serena.

The voluptuous pearl-blonde priestess addressed the equally-lascivious brides, reciting a perverted version of wedding vows. During the ceremony, Samantha looked over her shoulder at Wendy several times, smiling invitingly and winking once. As Wendy watched, longing to take Alice's place, Alice's face slowly morphed into Wendy's. Wendy now was Samantha's blonde bride, in place of Alice.

"I now pronounce you, Samantha and Wendy," declared Serena authoritatively, "wife and wife." Then she whispered sultrily, "You may now kiss each other." Wendy saw and felt--or imagined it so vividly that it was as if it were real--Samantha's red lips slowly descend upon hers, which Wendy accepted, with some reluctance at first, still surprised at what was happening and at the speed at which her wishes were seemingly being fulfilled, before surrendering to it, cooperating in transforming the initial lip contact into a very deep kiss.

"You may now copulate on the altar..."

Suddenly shocked at the direction her own imagination was leading her, as she supposed, Wendy shook her head to stop it.

Seeing that Wendy was struggling with accepting this new line of erotic thoughts, Sarah decided not pursue to the matter of Samantha further at the moment. You're still resistant, but I'll turn you into the biggest lesbian slut yet, Wendy, I promise. And Samantha's going to be your a moral, good girl...and as a straight girl... Once she's done with you, you're never going to be straight and innocent and chaste again...


Earlier in the day...

Erin woke up in her bed with a dull headache. Gently rubbing the temple of her forehead to massage the ache away, she let out a soft yawn as she glanced at the digital clock on her nightstand. It was 10:50 AM.

I overslept!

Erin's meticulous habit had been to retire early and to wake up at six thirty during the workweek and at around eight, but never later than nine, on the weekends.

I...I think I stayed up later than usual last night... This is so unlike me...

However, her concern about the sudden change in her sleep schedule faded quickly. A soothing voice in her mind told her that something great had happened the night before, although she couldn't quite place what it had been, that it was perfectly fine to toss discipline and routine aside when one wanted to have fun, that giving in, staying up late to have a good time, and sleeping in leisurely were perfectly okay, and that this was the weekend, anyway, that she didn't have any obligations, such as getting herself ready for work or helping Madelynn get ready for school... Not much to worry about at all... She could take it easy...relax a little more than usual... No need for much self control...... Let go.......

While she couldn't remember what had happened the last night, the image of a lovely red-haired girl seemed to persist in her head. She thought the girl was a friend of Madelynn, and a girl she had met--maybe last night?--and had come somehow to like immensely, and to whom she even fell some close, sensual bond.

Her attention, however, was gradually captured by the way her body felt. Something was different--good different--but different, just the same. She flipped the duvet away from her body, and, much to her renewed and heightened surprise, found that she had been sleeping naked throughout the night! Absolutely buck naked!

This was a first for Erin. Even with her husband, even after sex, she had not done this. She had always ended up wearing something "decent" to sleep in.

How did this happen? I don't remember going to bed without my pajamas! Her mind went through the possibilities. I must... I must have drank last night. She didn't remember doing that, and that wasn't something she could imagine herself doing, but what other explanation could there be?

I don't drink that much...but...maybe I got worried about Madelynn...and...I let loose... And...if I did....maybe letting loose...isn't such a bad thing...once in a while...... I guess it didn't hurt to...sleep...naked... As she thought about it, sleeping naked seemed, in fact, to have an appeal she had never before considered, and she started to wonder why she hadn't tried it before.

After the initial shock of finding herself completely naked wore off, she got out of bed. Upon waking past her full-length mirror, she caught her reflection, stopped, turned to face it, and stepped closer, examining her appearance in the nude as she had rarely done before. Her hair was slightly disheveled and she instinctively brushed it with her hands to straighten it. Her facial features were quite attractive, she admitted to herself, and her skin was smooth, unblemished, and relatively free of wrinkles, which gave her a measure of pride. Vanity had never been one of Erin's weaknesses before in her life, but now she felt a streak of it come over her and, for some unknown reason, she felt like indulging it. Her eyes traced down over her curvy body...her full, still-proud breasts...her tight, toned waist...her flaring, womanly hips...her shapely legs...her womanhood...all quite...beautiful...

She turned this way and that, checking her curvy self out, liking what she saw. She cupped her breasts in her hands and lifted them, as if in offer. If she was going to seduce her daughter, she mused, she certainly had the assets for it. She saw a little smile form on her lips in the mirror.

Her lips.

Her plain, unpainted lips.

She looked down at her hands...hands with plain, unpainted fingernails...holding breasts with plain, unpainted nipples...

A strange feeling struck her that her appearance was incomplete. She lacked some element necessary for true, complete beauty. Something was missing. She raised her fingers and looked at her bare nails. She looked again at her unenhanced lips, eyes, and nipples.

An image flashed into her mind, as if it were an altered, fantasy reflection in the mirror, of her naked self with long, thick, black eyelashes and with silver eyeshadow and heavy, black eyeliner painted on her eyelids, her hair deep, glossy black in a precise, longish page-boy cut exactly like Madelynn's, and her lips, nails, nipples, and labia painted deeply black. The image was so brief that it barely registered in her conscious mind, but it was enough to make her nipples erect and her pussy slightly moist.

Disturbed by the strange transitory vision and by the quick, aroused reaction of her body to it, Erin shook her head and turned away from the mirror...

No....... I...I wouldn't want to look like that........would I?... wouldn't be beautiful.................

Her eyes wandered idly to the vanity table. As she walked closer to it, she noticed black and silver objects on the table: a silver tube of black lipstick, a bottle of black liquid eyeliner, and a black eye shadow palette box.

What are those items?... It must be the stuff I confiscated from Maddy...


As her daughter's name floated around in her mind, it sparked faint, pleasant flickers of lust to pulse within Erin's body, not enough to drive her into a wild round of self-pleasure, but sufficient to put Erin into a tinglingly pleasant mood.

A few days ago, Erin realized that there was a strain in their mother-daughter relationship and she concluded that part, or even most, of it must have been her fault. One of the issues underlying that strain had arisen when she had seen Maddy's cute, long-time best friend, Wendy, holding hands and kissing another girl in public, and she had overreacted, believing that knowing girls like that would somehow corrupt Madelynn.

It seemed now that her initial analysis had been faulty and that she was seeing more clearly now, realizing that there was nothing really wrong with public displays of affection, at least between girls, and that Wendy and the other girl were most likely just playing around and being silly, anyway, as girls their age often are. And even if there had been more to it than that, there really was nothing immoral with what she saw. Pretty girls kissing and touching was, after all, quite natural, and even beautiful, and not at all sinful and repugnant like it would have been if it had been a girl with a guy. Erin wasn't sure why she had this perspective now, but assumed it was a logical and proper evolution, updating, and maturation of her thoughts and values.

Erin now also felt that she had to face the truth, despite not wanting to admit it, that the kiss had conjured feelings of jealousy within her, most likely stemming from the fact that she had never really come to terms with her painful separation from her ex-husband. She missed having someone to hold and kiss and love, someone who belonged to her, and seeing a couple, even if they had just been two innocent teen girls, enjoying that when she couldn't have that herself must have been a prime factor in her judgemental reaction, it now seemed plain.

Moreover, the emotionally scarring event that her divorce had been had caused Erin to use Madelynn as a social crutch, Erin now was starting to understand. Erin had raised her daughter to avoid dating, which endeavor had included failing to impart to her more than the most rudimentary tips on self-care and beautification, letting her maintain a studious, geeky, frumpy appearance which had been sure to scare off most boys, to keep Maddy for herself, so that she would have someone who would keep her company and go out with her, whether to religious events sponsored by their church, a theatrical or musical production at the local theatre, or an occasional wholesome, family-friendly movie or two.

Erin was seeing that Maddy was a developing young woman with her own social needs and desires. While she had not allowed Maddy to indulge in certain activities with Wendy and other girls her age that she considered too "worldly", and, in the past, Maddy had accepted that, she could tell that Maddy was now looking to establish her own social independence. After all, what girl wants to constantly hang around her mother?

Yet...Erin didn't feel too guilty about having tried to keep Madelynn to herself and to limit her independence. For one thing, Madelynn still was young and had questionable judgement, as evidenced by Maddy taking up with that Elena woman and maybe other questionable new friends and adopting an extreme new appearance--although, Erin had to admit, it was a very beautiful style on her daughter. For another thing, Erin had her own needs, too, needs for companionship, and why shouldn't those needs be met by her own daughter?

When she saw Wendy kiss that girl in public, Erin had at first thought that her negative reaction to it was because such an act offended public morals and her religious beliefs, but now she could see, or thought she saw, that her reaction had more likely been born out of fear that Wendy might be doing something similar with Madelynn, that maybe Wendy was trying to seduce her daughter away from her. What if Wendy succeeded? It wouldn't be hard to guess that they would go off and live a happy life together, leaving her behind and alone, just as her husband had done to her. Erin felt she wasn't ready to let Maddy go. She didn't want to let her go. She wouldn't let her go...whatever it took...even if it meant seducing her and becoming lovers...

Erin took a deep, calming breath to chase away both the melancholy which had resurfaced over having been abandoned and over the prospect of being abandoned again, as well as the mixed feelings she had over her intentions vis-à-vis Madelynn. Not wanting to waste the day further nor to leave herself unoccupied to the point that her idle thoughts would open old emotional wounds wider, Erin decided to do a few small chores and then to while away what remained of the day by treating herself in some way, or, better, to spend it with Maddy.

Erin began making the bed. As she did, she noticed a cylindrical black object peeking out from the duvet in front of her. She lifted the edge of the duvet and folded it back away from her. What was revealed shocked her. There was a black metallic dildo and a lesbian porn magazine on her bed. How did these things get there?! Did she...did she use them last night?

No, it can't be...

However, some memories slowly came back to her. She remembered coming up with a plan to save her daughter from being led astray and corrupted by her daughter's sinful friends. Seducing her....daughter...was part of the plan, but...why had she considered something so ridiculous? It was...blasphemy against God. Just the same, for some reason, she felt her reaction towards this realization wasn't as strong as she was expecting. She should be shocked, but she didn't have strong feelings against it at the moment.

Must be the hangover... But that supposition didn't explain how those items got on her bed. They're Maddy's, right? Things I confiscated from her? They do look familiar...very familiar, in fact... For some reason I must have had them out...probably just to check them see what Maddy is into... I must have somehow left them on the bed and forgotten about it... She knew that speculation was rather unlikely, but it was the best she could come up with because she didn't remember what happened the night before.

Picking up the dildo and the magazine gave Erin a twinge of arousal, which she ignored and blamed on the hangover again. Going to her closet to store the items, which she thought she had confiscated from her daughter, she noticed something on a shelf in the closet which she didn't remember seeing before: a pair of black headphones connected to a black choker with a metallic heart pendant. Again, she rationalized her forgetfulness on her hangover.

Then she remembered having had a dream. The details were vague, but she recalled talking to a girl...yes, it was the same red-headed girl who had been appearing in her mind since she woke up... The teen had been very pleasant...and looked very pretty... Mmmm... She had been extremely attractive, in fact, in a...well, in a sexy way. Yes... The girl was In fact, merely envisioning her in her mind was making Erin's pussy tingle, which Erin found mysterious. They had sat in the living room...and talked about...about Madelynn...who was in danger...and...and they had talked about something else, or done something else, which she couldn't immediately recall. As she tried to search her memories, her head began hurting, which she blamed again on the alcohol she must have consumed the last night.

She wanted to think about the sexy girl more, and figure out better how she was connected to her in the dream world, and what might have happened between them as the dream progressed, but it seemed too elusive right now, so she shelved it for the time being with the intention of trying to revisit the dream later.

After leaving her room, she was greeted by silence. It felt too quiet. Maddy's probably still sleeping. She walked down the hall to her daughter's room. The door was slightly ajar. She carefully opened it a little wider and peeked in, expecting her daughter to be in the bed. But the bed was empty. Suddenly worried, she pushed the door wide open. Her daughter wasn't in her room.

Erin hurried around the house while calling her daughter's name. As she descended the stairs to the living room, the bobbing of her unrestrained breasts, a pleasurable but novel sensation for her, drew her attention to the fact that she was still naked. However, deciding that her search for Madelynn was more important in this moment than modesty, she finished walking down the stairs rather than return to her bedroom to put something on, and looked through the living room and kitchen, calling for her daughter. But there was no response.

Suddenly, a few memories from the previous night came back to Erin. Her daughter was having a sleepover with a friend named Lauren, and Lauren as well as Lauren's mom, Mrs. Holland, had both called her last night to assure Erin that her daughter was safe. A sense of relief washed over Erin, but she was still bothered by how hot and aroused her body had become by seeing the black-painted vision of herself, finding those risque items, remembering the pretty redhead from her dream, picturing Madelynn in her mind, and searching her house for Madelynn, expecting to meet her any second, while nude.

Thinking of a simple solution, Erin decided to take a colder than usual morning shower to calm her body down, so she headed to the upstairs bathroom. As she ascended the stairs, the bouncing of her tits once again reminded her of her nudity.

Erin suddenly became fully aware of her naked state and what the repercussions might have been had Madelynn been home and encountered her mother thus. Madelynn would have seen her body in all of its lush detail as she probably had never seen it before. It would have been awkward and embarrassing for both of them, at the least, probably shocking and maybe traumatizing to Madelynn, as well. But...would it really have been all that terrible? Would Madelynn really be harmed in some way simply by taking in the sight of her beautiful mother in all her nude glory? If the girl were somehow injured by it, surely she would recover quickly. But how would it hurt or offend her? No, that would be unlikely. And maybe it would do her some good. Maybe it would draw them closer. Maybe, even, it could be Erin's first step in the seduction of her daughter...

In the past, she never would have come close to parading around the house naked, never would have even left her bedroom without at least drawing on a modest bathrobe, especially with the chance that she could run into her daughter like this at any moment; but today, for some reason, she was uncharacteristically unconcerned and even enjoying prancing around naked. She wondered why she felt so, as she searched the living room and kitchen for Madelynn.

Hmmm... Maybe I don't mind this... Maybe I like this..because...because it's time I came to see how sexy my body is...and that there's nothing wrong with enjoying it a little bit....... And, besides, if I'm going to seduce Madelynn...then I'm getting practice in one of the best things I can do to accomplish that...showing off my body......... I will show it to her...just like this... It's just a matter of when and where...

On the other hand...maybe I'm not thinking rationally... Maybe I'd better clear my head.... That shower's going to help.

At first, the cool water seemed to help suppress the unwanted feelings, but, midway through the shower, the erotic feelings stirring up in her body began to overpower the effects of the cold liquid coursing over her skin. Almost without realizing what she was doing, Erin's hands started to migrate to the erogenous zones of her body and to caress them, seeking to relieve her pent-up sexual tension. Gasps and slight moans emanated from her mouth when she squeezed her breasts, pinched her nipples, and fingered her pussy.

While masturbating, she tried to think of men. At first, it seemed to work, but thoughts of females quickly took over and she was helpless against them. One of those who appeared in her mind was the beautiful red-haired teen from her dream, who, also naked, joined her in the shower, took her in her arms as the water beat on them both together, and kissed her passionately. Erin soon welcomed the fantasy on the justification that, at some, point, she would have to learn and like the ways of lesbian love, in order to seduce her daughter.

But then harder erotic fantasies invaded. She envisioned herself engaging in various submissive sex acts with cruel-looking women wearing dominatrix outfits made from black leather, including getting rammed from behind in her rear with a strap-on while on her fours. When she became aware of the sinfulness of her thoughts, she tried to stop, but couldn't. She shuddered and came in the shower with a protracted wail.

Recovering, she braced her head against the wall of the shower, the raining water rinsing away the tears of her climax and of her shame for allowing herself to imagine and--worse--to cum to fantasies of herself participating in depraved acts.

What have I done?! No... That isn't what I want!... I can't do this ever again...

After drying herself and finishing the rest of her morning bathroom routine, she put on plain white panties and a matching bra, a yellow t-shirt, a dark-red sweatshirt, and gray sweatpants. While putting on her clothes, Erin felt that she should dress differently, but dismissed the thought. She looked in the closet mirror, grateful to see her real self and not a wicked fantasy version, and tied her hair into a simple ponytail in preparation for a little routine light housework.

Her chores included putting away dishes which had dried in the drainer, folding a batch of dried clothes and towels left in the dryer, putting a new load of laundry into the washing machine, and tidying up the living room, where the pillows on the sofa and various items on the coffee table were mysteriously in disarray, as if someone had been carelessly playing around there--which, of course, had been the case when Cynthia had visited Erin the night before.

Once she was done with most of the chores she intended to do, Erin felt an urge to go back to her daughter's room. Normally, her daughter would clean up her room herself, but Erin decided she could help out this time. After doing some vacuuming, dusting, and emptying the waste basket, she arranged items that were, in her opinion, out of place. However, she soon realized that she just wanted to stay in her daughter's room longer.

Not willing right then to fully face the real reasons she felt like that--namely, that she was falling in love with Madelynn and wanted to be near to her in any way she could, even if that meant just bathing in Maddy's aura as found in her room and her possessions; and also that she wanted to manipulate Madelynn into staying with her long-term, even if it meant seducing her, and that she might find something in the room to help in that cause; plus, that a part of her had very much liked the titillatingly wicked items she had found in that room already, and hoped to find more of the same, especially more lesbian porn, and to have some private enjoyment with it--she subconsciously searched her mind for a more acceptable justification to remain there.

Then an excuse came to her: She needed to investigate her daughter's save her. The guilt that she felt in violating her daughter's privacy again was quickly overridden by that justification. Although she had already confiscated a lot of Madelynn's "sinful" belongings, she told herself, there could be more that she hadn't noticed before, or Madelynn might have brought home new "improper" stuff since Erin's last search of the room. Erin didn't want to push Madelynn too far by confiscating everything--plus, after all, Maddy did look awfully cute in so many of her new clothes, she had to admit--but she needed to at least keep track of what her daughter was up to.

She first looked at the vanity table. There was not much on the top of the table except for cosmetic products, lotions, and items used for grooming. Examining the cosmetics more closely, she saw several black and silver tubes of lipstick. Curious about them, and finding herself inexplicably excited by them, Erin opened each tube and appraised the sticks, which were present in blue, green, silver, black, purple, and yellow colors, some of which colors were represented by more than one stick, of various shades and/or finishes. The purple lipsticks had the appearance of having been heavily used, while the other colors of lipstick appeared to have been used either only lightly or not at all.

Erin hadn't seen Madelynn wearing any lipstick color other than purple so far. She wondered what her daughter would look like with silver lips, blue lips, or yellow lips, and secretly wished to see them. She wondered whether the lipsticks had been given to Madelynn by that Elena woman or by other such women, which Erin suspected to likely be the case, and whether Maddy ever wore the other lipsticks, and when she might have done so, and whether she had them only for experimentation in the privacy of her room.

However, her mind drifted to darker, more explicit possibilities. Perhaps Madelynn had been putting on these other lipstick colors outside of home without her knowledge. Fleeting imagery passed through her mind of her daughter with bright yellow lipstick and glossy black hair in a bob cut with yellow streaks, and the image excited her. She then imagined her daughter, thus colored, approach that dangerous, beautiful Elena woman, whose lips and hair streaks were blue, and engage her in an embrace and passionate lip lock, with obvious tongue action. That image also passed quickly, but left Erin panting slightly.

Erin then examined the tubes of lip gloss. One tube contained clear lip gloss while the others were tinted with blue, green, purple, and yellow colors with glittery and metallic finishes. There were also several bottles of mascara, lip liner pencils, eye liner pens, and eyebrow pencils, all with dark, gothic colors and shades. The facial powders and creams were all in pale colors. Erin was fascinated.

Erin's imagination resumed showing her seductive mental pictures. She saw Madelynn applying clear lip gloss to her yellow-painted lips, outlined in black. The black mascara and eyeliner were applied thickly. She then visualized her daughter's body. It was dressed in a shiny black PVC bra with yellow ruffles, matching panties, a black PVC cropped jacket, black PVC micro skirt, fishnet stockings, and PVC ankle-length boots with chunky heels. Erin felt an acute twinge of sexual arousal, then immediately chastised herself for having such feelings about her daughter.

She opened one of the drawers. It was like she had last seen it, mostly empty except for grooming products. The second drawer from the top was pretty much the same. A gasp escaped her lips when she opened the third drawer. Inside she saw two sex toys and a bottle of clear lubricant. The first sex toy was a set of lustrous black anal beads, all linked together via a metal chain. She didn't know how she recognized its purpose, but she overlooked that issue when her attention was diverted by the yet more shocking sight of the second sex toy, which was a large black strap-on attached to a studded leather harness.

Two disturbing images appeared briefly in her mind: In the first, Wendy was on her fours completely naked while Madelynn was fucking her doggie-style with the wicked black strap-on. In the second, Madelynn was pulling the black anal beads slowly out of Wendy's ass while smiling wickedly. In both of these scenes, Madelynn appeared as Erin had imagined her while examining her daughter's make-up.

There was a flash of jealousy, but it was so brief that Erin didn't consciously notice it. As a reaction to the envy, though, Erin imagined herself kneeling in front of her daughter and lifting her daughter's skirt, exposing the wicked black strap-on. Grasping the shaft with one hand, Erin sucked on the phallus with her lustrous black lips. Fluid ejaculated into her mouth and the overflow oozed passed her lips and trickled down her chin. The liquid was opaque, bright yellow in color...

Shocked by what she was imagining, Erin abruptly shut the drawer. She felt conflicted about whether to confiscate those items, and decided not to, on the grounds that doing so would only make her daughter feel estranged from her even more, at a time when she wanted her daughter to feel closer to her and to like her. Another approach would be needed.

Erin sighed and left her daughter's room. As she walked down the hallway, she could not help but recognize that the unexpected fantasies about her daughter, and even just being in Madelynn's room, around her things, had aroused her body, although she resisted masturbating through a sheer force of her will power.

I will not sin...

The conflict within Erin was manifested in her frequent vacillations. In the shadows of night two evenings ago, she had decided to become a lesbian and to seduce her daughter, with the justification that doing so was necessary to save the girl. Before and since, she had been entertaining lusts for the pretty young woman, erotic fantasies about herself, Madelynn, and other women, and novel carnal feelings and vanities about herself, her appearance, and her body, one manifestation of which was her indulgence in a state of nudity within her house earlier. Yet, in the light of day and in the course of normal living, she would retreat, try to deny her sapphic lusts and to resist her lascivious fantasies and urges, and question her planned seduction, considering it all to be too extreme, sinful and perverted. Nevertheless, something was coming her way in the second half of this day which would help her become more settled.

It was 12:30 PM. She had just placed her clothes in the dryer. With most of her chores complete, Erin's thoughts returned to her daughter. When is Maddy coming home? She tried giving her daughter a call, but Madelynn wasn't picking up, neither did she respond to her text messages. Strange. An idea popped into Erin's mind. I can call Mrs. Holland. She didn't remember how she got the phone number of the mother of her daughter's friend, but she didn't care at the moment. That question was overshadowed by her worry over her daughter's safety.

As soon as the call connected, she heard a strange static noise. Within two seconds, she was in a trance.

"You will have a visitor... Open the door for her when the time comes... In the meantime, prepare yourself for her..."


Some time after Samantha's erotic performance on the platform, all four young women were sitting on the red leather sofas: Wendy on one and the other three girls on another, with Lauren in the middle. Sarah proposed that everyone should take a turn to try to put on a show. With her mind having undergone so many brainwashings, and having already put on a ribald strip-and-sex show with Sarah at Rebecca's beach house but a couple of weeks before, Wendy didn't offer much resistance to Sarah's proposal, although her original personality, still desperately clinging to her psyche and asserting itself from time to time, caused her to balk, if not more than momentarily, at the direction in which she was being lured under Sarah and Hecate's pursuasions. She uttered a little expression of reluctance.

"Oh...yeah...that's a great idea........but.......I...uh..."

Lauren noticed Wendy's hesitation, of course, but sensed it wouldn't be difficult for her, Sarah, and Samantha to provoke Wendy into accepting Sarah's challenge.

"Figured you would wuss out," Lauren smirked.

Wendy turned to address Lauren but was greeted with a sight of Samantha topless--for she had doffed her bra as part of her strip routine and had teased her audience, Wendy especially, with her jiggling young tits--and pressing herself sensually against the young Latina's smoking hot body, with Lauren's left hand gracefully gliding down Samantha's back and stopping on her ass. Lauren gave it a good squeeze, causing the stripper to purr and to further grind her body softly against Lauren's.

No! Not this again! First, she tries to move in on Sarah...and now Lauren's trying to take Samantha away from me! Wendy thought possessively, despite having barely met Samantha, or not really having even quite met her yet, having simply just watched her perform a lewd strip show. I can't lose both of them to her... I won't let her take either of them!.......even if it means I have strip in front of them....... Samantha did it... I guess...I guess I can,too......... And...and I have to show Lauren that I'm her kind of girl, too...and show her how much I want her...

"I'm not wussing out, Lauren," objected Wendy. "As a matter of fact...I'll go first!"

"Well, well, well. Looks like this kitten has claws. This I have to see. Alright, Wendy, show me what you got. Prove to me that you have no problem showing off your body to us. Let's see if you can even seduce me with it. Who knows," Lauren stated in a mocking tone, "you just might get lucky."

Wendy huffed as she got up from her seat and climbed onto the top of the stage in the private room. Looking down at Lauren, Samantha, and Sarah, Wendy took a deep breath and prepared herself to do her best in stripping for the beautiful young women present.

Then what she had agreed to and was about to try to do hit her. Wait a minute... What...what am I doing? Should I really be doing this? And...and how do I do it? Let's see...I have seen women in my porn DVDs strip...and I just saw Samantha do it......and.....I guess I did it before, too, with Sarah, at Rebecca's I kind of know how strip...for girls.........but... Wendy's lack of confidence showed on her face and in her bearing.

"Hold up!" shouted Sarah as she arose and walked toward the platform.

"Sa... Sarah, what's wrong?" Wendy asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Hey, Lauren, think you can give me and Wendy a few minutes? I just want to give her a little pep talk."

"Sure... Not like it's going to matter," replied Lauren with a smarmy tone.

"Thanks," Sarah said upon which she took Wendy's hand, drew her off the stage, and led her to a corner of the room behind the sofa. Wendy turned her head to see Lauren and saw that Samantha had changed her position so that she was now sitting on Lauren's lap and the sexy Latina was using one hand to playfully caress Samantha's thigh, while the other was sensually massaging her right breast. For the slightest of moments, Lauren turned to face Wendy and gave her a knowing smirk, as if she knew that Wendy would fail. However, that was far from the truth, as she knew the real reason why Sarah had interrupted Wendy's performance.

"Sarah, what's going on? I thought I was here to prove to Lauren that I'm a lesbian, aren't I?" asked Wendy.

"You are, Wendy, but don't forget that I promised I would help you."

"How, by dancing in my place? You don't think I can do this, do you?" said Wendy in an injured tone.

"No! Wendy, I do believe you can do this, but don't forget that Lauren goaded you into this. You're going into this hot headed and with the wrong mindset."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you normally dance when you're angry or upset? Or--you play the piano, right?--if you had to perform something on the piano for someone you wanted to impress, and you did it while you were agitated or flustered, do you think you would do very well?"

"Not really."

"Well, stripping is the same thing as dancing, or performing an instrument, and if you're not focused you can slip up and make a mistake that can cost you. Do you want to do that? With Lauren watching?"

"... No," Wendy said sheepishly.

"Do you remember when you and I put on that show at Rebecca's beach house? We had a good time. We made it fun. And we did great. Do you remember that?"

"...yeah..." Although Wendy had been worried at the time what Daniel would think, had been concentrating on getting everything right, and had been depressed afterwards by Daniel's rejection, now that Sarah described it as fun, she recalled that, yes, dancing--and the stripping and having sex in public that went along with it--with Sarah had been not only fun, but exhilarating. It was hard now to sort out in her mind what had made it so the most--the sharp erotic pleasure of the lesbian sex, or those daring, skimpy little costumes and the heady thrill of the public display, or being with Sarah, or the dancing itself--but it had been a blast, no doubt, as Wendy reflected on it.

"Let's make this fun like that was. You're more likely to blow it if you're uptight. You should be enjoying yourself, Wendy!"

"You're right, Sarah. I do want to have fun with you guys and show Lauren how much of a lesbian I am, and that I can strip if that's what she wants me to do. But that Lauren! I told her I was going to do it, and I thought she would be impressed just with me trying... I think I can do okay... But she's making fun of me! Before I even got started! And I have to follow Samantha! She's a pro! How can I do it as good as she did? What do I do? I don't want to ruin my chances with Lauren."

"Wendy, I said I'm going to help you and here's how: Have you ever heard of hypnosis?"

A skeptical look appeared on Wendy's face, and it was all the reply that Sarah needed.

"I know what you're thinking, Wendy, but forget the stuff you've seen in movies and read in books. The hypnotism in that stuff is fictional. However, hypnotism is a real, legitimate psychological procedure, but it isn't used to mind control someone into doing something they don't want. It's used to help enforce positive emotions and desires that already exist within a person's mind," explained Sarah.

"So you're going to hypnotise me to become a better stripper?"

"Yes, and don't worry. I know what I'm doing. My mom taught me. She uses hypnotism to help some clients and even on herself when she's stressed out."


"Yep." That was not nearly the extent to which Serena Powers and her colleagues employed hypnosis and related mind-control techniques, of course, and to imply that most subjects were voluntary and received practical benefits was also far from the truth, but Sarah's reassuring deception served well the aim of lowering Wendy's defenses. "Now, give me your hands and just take a deep, relaxing breath."

Following Sarah's instructions, Wendy slipped her hands into the palms of Sarah's hands and took a few deep, slow breaths. Sarah gently rubbed the tops of her hands with her thumbs. That felt good and she found herself relaxing as Sarah had directed.

"Alright, Wendy, I want you close your eyes and do two things. I need you to relax and focus on my voice."

"O-okay, Sarah."

"Good. Just breathe and relax. That's all I want you to do. Breathe and relax and focus on my voice. Ignore everything else and listen to my voice only. My voice is wonderful. It's the voice of your friend. It's the voice of peace. It's the voice you love. It's the voice you love to listen to. It's all you need. It's soooo relaxing. You feel so comfortable and relaxed. It's the voice of the beautiful girl you love. Ignore the music in the background, ignore the sounds coming from outside. All you need is to listen and relax. Listen to my voice and relax. Listen to my voice."

Sarah repeated these instructions until she was confident that she had Wendy ready for the next step.

"Wendy are you relaxed?"

"Y... yes"

"It feels good, doesn't it?"


"How would you like to feel even better?"

"I would love to."

"That's a good girl, but before I take you there, I want you to focus on how good you feel. Just focus on how pleasurable it feels."

"Mmmm... I feel very good, so comfy and warm."

"Do you know why you're feeling good?"

"Because I'm relaxed."

"Yes, but don't forget the other part. Tell me, Wendy, what's the other part?"

"Because I'm listening to your voice."

"That's right, Wendy. My voice. That's the real reason why you're relaxed. It's because of my voice. You love my reassuring... It's because of me. You trust me. You love me. I make you feel so very good, Wendy."

Warm, pleasant feelings flowed through Wendy's body. Sarah was right. Sarah made her feel so good. She loved being with Sarah, being touched by her, and hearing her voice. Her voice was soothing. It brought her to this pleasurable state and Wendy couldn't deny how good she felt as Sarah spoke to her.

"Remember, Wendy, it's my voice that makes you relaxed. It's my voice that makes you feel so good. Focus on my voice, Wendy."

"Yes... Sarah. Your voice makes me feel good...relaxed."

"That's right, Wendy. You're so relaxed that it's getting hard for you to think for yourself. Trying to make decisions is like trying to lift a heavy weight."

"Heavy weight... thinking for myself is hard."

"That's good, Wendy. I want you to focus on my voice. It makes you feel so good that you can trust me absolutely. You do trust me, Wendy, don't you?"

"Ye... yeah, Sarah, I trust you," Wendy responded in a relaxed state. "You're my friend."

"And you believe everything I tell you, don't you?"


"Remember what I said a moment ago? About feeling even better than this."

"Yes. I want to feel even better."

"Well, in order to do that, you just have to do one thing, Wendy. Can you guess what it is?"

Wendy tried to her best to surmise what she had to do to feel even better, but the answer eluded her. Summoning all her mental might--which was depleting by the second--she tried to come up with an answer to Sarah's inquiry, but instead all it did was disturb the relaxing calm descending over her.

Sarah could see Wendy furrowing her brow, straining herself to answer the question she had just asked her. She let Wendy do this for a few seconds more before she interrupted the young woman.

"Wendy, I need you to stop trying to answer that question and just relax now."

Hearing Sarah's voice soothed the tension that Wendy felt within her body, and again she welcomed the pleasurable feelings flowing through her body.

"Wendy, I have just shown you what you have to do in order to feel even better than what you're already feeling: I need you to stop thinking. Thinking is too hard for you. It bothers you to even try. Just stop thinking and focus only on my voice and on the pleasure."

"Stop thinking..."

"That's right, Wendy. You felt what happened when you started to think. It was hard, frustrating, and it was taking you away from the good feelings. To feel even better, I need you to stop thinking and just listen to my voice."

Wendy felt the pleasurable sensations increase as she did her best to give up on thinking, trying to keep her mind still and empty of thought.

"It feels very good, doesn't it, Wendy?"


"Here, let me make it even better by helping you out. Wendy, let me do the thinking for you. Let me make your decisions. You're completely okay with me making all your choices. It's as if a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders."

"Yes... make all the decisions for me."

"That's right, Wendy. I'll make all the decisions for you. Anything for my best friend."

"Best friend?"

"That's right, Wendy. You're my best friend and I'm yours. We are best friends, aren't we?" Finishing this statement posed as a question, Sarah placed her right hand on Wendy's shoulder and gracefully moved it down her side, enjoying the feel of the delectable curves of Wendy's body. Her hand stopped at Wendy's hip and drew itself around Wendy's waist. With a gentle tug, Sarah drew Wendy closer. Wendy looked into Sarah's blue eyes, finding herself once again awestruck by Sarah's lush young beauty. Sarah's voluptuous, platinum-blonde proximity caused Wendy's knees to wobble and amplified the bliss into which she had already been coaxed by Sarah's voice. She was unable to deny the pleasurable feelings flowing through her body, from the electric-like feeling pulsing all over her skin, to the pleasurable tingle between her legs, to the way her nipples were stiff and aching for relief.

What she was feeling about Sarah was more than mere friendship, but it definitely included that too, and Sarah was very close to the top in Wendy's hierarchy of friends. However, when it came to plain friendship, per se, Madelynn had always been number one. Surely Sarah could understand that...

"Yes... I mean you're one of my best friends...along with Madelynn..."

Sarah rolled her eyes, let out an exasperated sigh, and said, "There you go again, making this way more difficult than normal by thinking. You have to stop doing that when I talk to you, Wendy. I need you to focus on my voice. Listen to it. I need you to relax and listen to my voice. Listen to me."

"Y-yes, Sarah."

"Now...let me ask you some very simple questions, easy questions that you don't have to think hard on. Did I ask you to pay me back when I gave you brand-new clothes, jewelry, and electronics?"


"Did I ask for anything in return when I took you around town in one of my luxurious cars?"


"And, you know, the more sex two girls have with each other, and the more romantic they feel about each other, the better their friendship is, of course. Sex, in fact, is the key to true friendship between two girls. It is the very foundation of friendship, one girl to another. Two girls who are good friends should love each other with their hearts and with their bodies. Two girls are not true friends, no matter what they might think, unless they are having sex with each other. Best friends should be deeply in love with each other, very romantically, and deeply involved sexually." That view sank into Wendy's head and became her view, as well.


"Just like you and I are. We are deeply involved lesbian girlfriends. Ours is a romantic and sexual relationship. We love each other very much and we have sex whenever we can. Right?"

That all sounded about right to Wendy, now that Sarah said it like that. The fact that theirs was supposedly a pretend lesbian girlfriend relationship, one designed to be temporary and to serve a strategic purpose, seemed far away and all but forgotten in Wendy's mind in this moment.

"Did I ever turn you down when you wanted to have sex with me?"

"No........ Wait... It was you...who wanted--"

"Stop trying to think for yourself, Wendy. It only leads to mistakes. And you're dead wrong. You are the one who has come on to me most of the time and asked me to have sex with you. I have always liked that, and I love sex with you, but you are usually the one who asks me for lesbian sex, the one who instigates it, and then, who always wants more."


"I even managed to set up a private meeting between you and your favorite pornstar as a pleasant surprise. Did I demand anything in return?"

"No...not really," Wendy replied in a sheepish tone. Sarah's line of questioning definitely implied that Sarah was the more generous and altruistic partner in their relationship and Wendy, feeling unable to question the assertions Sarah had made, felt pangs of guilt and shame rise within her. Gratitude, especially for arranging an encounter with Samantha, washed over Wendy. "Sarah...thank you...for...for all of it...especially for...for Samantha... That's so nice of you..."

"Did Madelynn ever offer you this much?"


"Wendy, listen to me very carefully. Friendship between girls is nothing without sex. It can't exist. Two girls are friends only if they have some sex with each other. If they're not at least making out and feeling each other up, that's not very much of a friendship. Two girls are good friends only if they are dating each other and have regular sex with each other. Two girls are best friends only if they have serious sex and do it very frequently, and give their bodies to each other with no holding back, and are truly in love with each other--and I'm not talking about some kind a sterile, we're-just-pals-and-we-never-touch-or-hold-hands type of love--who needs that?--but real gay love, you know, where you're really, really into each other. That's true friendship.

"And best friends do things for each other, watch out for each other, help each other, give and sacrifice unselfishly for each other...just like I have for you.

"Madelynn's selfish and greedy. She's not as generous and kind-hearted as me. Did she have you over to her house for an awesome dinner with her mother, like I did? Has she done anything to help you win the heart of your crush-girl, Lauren, like I did? Did she help you become beautiful and sexy, like I did? Does she make your heart go pitter-patter like I do? Have you had sex with her even close to the hot girl-girl love you and I have had with each other? Why would you think she's a better friend than I am?"

Wendy had no come-back to that. The points Sarah was making sounded so reasonable.

Sarah's argument was irrefutable. She had done so much more for her than Madelynn ever did...especially sexually. As true friendship was being conflated in Wendy's mind with lesbian sexual and romantic involvement, Sarah, as the one who introduced her to lesbian love, and who had had more romantic and sexual experiences with her than any other single girl, rightfully was, in Wendy's mind now, the best of friends possible.

"I-I'm so sorry, Sarah. I didn't mean to..."

"Shhh... That sad face doesn't belong on a hottie like you. All is forgiven, Wendy. All I ask in return is that you acknowledge my rightful role in our relationship. So tell me what am I?"

"You''re my best friend, best friend."

"Better than your friend Madelynn?"


"You trust me more than her, don't you, Wendy?"


"So that means you'll listen to what I say and do what I ask you to?"


"And why is that, Wendy?"

"Because you're my best friend, Sarah."

"Bestest friend ever?"

"Yes, Sarah. You are my best friend ever."

Sarah just smirked at Wendy's declaration of Sarah's newfound role in her life, which Wendy, because of her diminished mental prowess, misconstrued as a friendly smile. Sarah knew that the hypnosis she was using on Wendy wasn't potent enough to have an everlasting effect on Wendy, but, combined with future rounds of brainwashing that were planned for later in the night, it would make Wendy very amicable to what she had in store for her in the club.

"Correct, Wendy. So, as your best friend, let me make all those hard decisions for you. I will lift that heavy burden off of you and carry it for you, just so you can feel this pleasure."

Wendy could feel exactly what Sarah was talking about. She felt less tension on her body as if the imaginary weight that Sarah mentioned had actually been lifted off her shoulders. What a great friend Sarah was. Her best friend.

Sarah observed Wendy's body as it shifted and responded to her words. She deduced that Wendy's weak mind was absorbing her suggestions like a sponge. Now it was time to bring the hypno-session to its conclusion.

"Wendy, we're getting closer...closer to you doing and being what you really want to do and be. Pretty soon you'll be able to show off your sexy body like the slutty lesbian stripper you desire to become."

Wendy stood silent, slightly nodding her head, trying to indicate her agreement with Sarah's statement.

"Wendy, tell me who am I?"

"Yo-You're Sarah Powers, my best friend."

"That's right, Wendy, I'm your best friend. Now tell you know where you are?"

"I... I'm at a nightclub..."

"That's right. And do you know why you're here?"

"It's because I want to prove to Lauren that I'm a lesbian."

"Yes, Wendy, that's correct. Why do you want to do that?"

"It's because....uh...because..."

"Because you are hot for Lauren! You have a huge crush on her! You want to be her major love interest. You want to be her girlfriend...and her lover. You want her to drool for you. You want sex with her. And you can only have Lauren if you win her heart by convincing her that you are an uninhibited lesbian slut who is willing to do any whorish, depraved act!"

Wendy's original goals of winning Daniel and reforming Lauren, by seducing her, thereby luring her away from Daniel, and then dumping her, to teach her a lesson, were now stuffed so far into the remote back of Wendy's mind, and the girls and women who surrounded her were so effective at preventing her from retrieving those objectives to the forefront, that she only now and then came close to doing so. In this moment and most other moments currently, her reality was that she was pursuing Lauren for the reason stated by Sarah, that she simply loved Lauren and wanted a preeminent place in her life.

"Oh, yeah... I love Lauren... I want Lauren..."

"And do you know how you're going to prove to her that you're a lesbian?"

"Not really. I thought I would just have to hug and kiss her."

Sarah let out a soft chuckle. "No, silly, hugs and kisses aren't going to cut it. No, you're going to prove that you're a lesbian by stripping for all of us, remember?"

The recent memories came flooding back into Wendy's mind as she recalled being goaded into stripping by Lauren. A scowl formed on Wendy's face.

"No, we can't have that, Wendy. I need you to listen to me. Relax."

Sarah saw Wendy take a few deep breaths and the ugly scowl disappeared from her face.

"Wendy, calmly tell me what you felt when you volunteered to strip."


"Yes, that's a good feeling. I want you to focus on that one a bit. You feel excited when you strip for women."

"Excited when I strip for women."

"Any other feelings?"

"I was a bit angry."

"We definitely don't need that in the mix. How about we replace it with feeling happy? Wendy, you felt excited and happy when you volunteered to strip. Any other bad feelings?"

"Nervous... I'm feeling really nervous about doing this."

"Well, we can't have that. So how about we replace it with arousal. That would be a whole lot better don't you think, Wendy."


"Wendy, I want you to focus on that memory but replace those bad feelings that you mentioned with the good ones that I suggested. Focus, Wendy. Focus."

A smile appeared on Wendy's face as she began to mentally remove the old feelings that were in her memories and replaced them with the ones suggested to her by Sarah.

"I strip..."

"Perfect, Wendy. That's how you still feel just thinking about stripping for Lauren, as well as for me and Samantha and for other women. You crave to show them your hot, naked body and to dance for them and to make them hot for you, like the lesbian slut you are. You want to convince them beyond any doubt that you are, indeed, a lesbian and a slut. Actually doing it will be awesome, and you can't wait to start. Right?"

"Yeah. I want to strip so bad."

"Yes, you do. You want to be a stripper." That wasn't quite what Wendy expressed, but she accepted Sarah's little twist without objection.

"I...I want to be a...a stripper..."

""Yes, you want to be a stripper who?

"Like Samantha."

"Yes! That's right, Wendy. You want to be like Samantha in all other ways, too. You are already so much like her. Have you noticed that you both chose the same hairstyle tonight? Your bodies are close to the same size. You are the same age. You both love lesbian porn. Your faces have similarities. You're both very cute. You could even say that you two are pretty much twin sisters, couldn't you?" Wendy didn't reply, concentrating on absorbing Sarah's insinuations.

"You want to be like Samantha, Wendy."

"I...I want to be like Samantha..."

"Right! She is the perfect role model for you. You like the way she talks, and you want to talk like her. You like the way she thinks, and want to think like her. You like what she likes, no matter how depraved it is. You like the slutty way she acts and the sexy things she does, and you want to copy her. You love the sexy, provocative way she looks, and want to look like her. You want to dress like her, and expose your beautiful body like she does, like a slut. You love how slutty she is, and you want to be the same kind of slut. You want to be a sexy lesbian stripper, like she is. You'd love to be a porn star like she is. You want to be a lesbian whore like she is. You want to be Samantha's twin sister. You are so much like her and want to be exactly like her, in every way.

"You love Samantha. You want to be Samantha's girlfriend. You want to be Samantha's lover. You want to be Samantha's twin sister and commit incest with her, the same way you, as a perverted slut, would do it with Claire. You want to kiss Samantha, you want her to feel your body up, you want to feel her up. You long to fuck Samantha, and for her to fuck you. You'd do it without hesitation. You want Samantha soooo much, and you have wanted her from the time you first saw her. You have a big, big crush on her.

"You want to strip and show your body off and be a lesbian stripper and a slut, just like Samantha.

"There's one final thing we need to do, Wendy, and I think you'll be all set."

Wendy just stood there silent as she waited for Sarah's suggestion.

"What do you want to be?"

"A stripper."


"A slut."

"Do you like porn, Wendy?"

"Yes. I love porn."

"You mean lesbian porn, right?"

"Yes. I only like lesbian porn. The hetero stuff is gross."

"Would you like to be a porn model? or actress?"

"Oh, well..."

"Yes, Wendy. You'd love to pose for raunchy lesbian porn photo sets and be in lesbian porn videos. You want to be a pornstar. Just like Samantha. Isn't that right?"

"Uh...I...uh...I guess...yes..."

"Well, most strippers and pornstars use stage names when they perform. I think, for the time being, that you should have one too. Don't you think, Wendy?"


"Then it's settled. Going forward you should use the name 'Shelley Divine'. That sounds like a great name for a sexy lesbian stripper. Wouldn't you agree, Shelley?"

"Sh... Shelley."

"Yes, for tonight, for your performance, you are no longer 'Wendy Love-Livingston', but instead you are 'Shelley Divine, lesbian stripper'."

"I'm Shelley Divine, lesbian stripper."

"That's right, Shelley, and tonight you're here to provide me and my friends a little entertainment."

"Provide entertainment."

"You have been a lesbian since you were fourteen years old. You had a friend named Mary Love. You two fell in love and became lesbians together. You also found that you were particularly fascinated with slutty women and desired to become one yourself. As part of that proclivity, you were always curious about strippers and were ecstatic when you could become one. But you have no interest in men. You only perform for women.

"You are an expert stripper, and an accomplished, popular lesbian pornstar, as well. You can do everything you just saw Samantha do. You are very much like Samantha, and many ladies believe you two are twin sisters. You think of yourselves like that, too. Samantha is a good example for you in this and in every other aspect of your life. You want to be just like her. When you perform, strut and twirl and toss off your clothes and caress your body and dance erotically just like you saw her do. You are a confident, awesome, fearless, sexy lesbian performer.

"And here's something that's going to help you, Shelley. Whenever you hear the word 'slut', it arouses you. For tonight, when you hear me, Lauren, Samantha, and any other woman here in the club use the word 'slut', it makes you hornier than before."

"...'Slut' makes me horny."

"That's right. Shelley enjoys the word 'slut'. Shelley likes being called a slut. Shelley wants to be the best lesbian slut in the whole wide world."

Wendy let out a protracted sexual moan as she felt her body throb with need and desire each time Sarah said "slut". Wendy felt erotic wetness between her legs, her pussy pulsated with pleasure, her skin felt so sensitive that she knew a simple touch would easily stoke the flames of lust she was feeling, and her breasts ached for the touch of another woman. Right there and then Wendy would have acknowledged anything to sate the sexual hunger Sarah was igniting within her. For now she had to settle for being Shelley Divine, a horny lesbian stripper currently aching for some sweet sapphic love.

"So, Shelley, tell me your favorite word?"



"Because it makes me horny. It makes me want to fuck. It makes me want to strip."

"That's right. Shelly is a slut aching to give me and my friends a strip show."

Wendy let out another moan of sexual desire as she fidgeted where she stood and tried to grind her legs together to quell the lust inside her body.

"Alright, Shelley, I think we're done here. When you hear me snap my fingers, you'll feel refreshed, excited and horny as fuck."

"Refreshed, excited, and horny as fuck," Wendy repeated, confirming her fate for tonight.

Soon the audible sound of fingers snapping echoed throughout Wendy's mind. Bringing herself back to focus, Wendy looked around to see where she was and quickly remembered that she was back at the club and standing in front of her was her best friend Sarah with a warm smile on her face. But...had she just...dozed off...?

"Sa-Sarah...oh my god! I'm sorry! I don't know what happened. I guess..."

Sarah gently placed a finger on Wendy's lips. "Shh, it's alright. No harm done. However, I think your audience is getting a bit impatient."

"Audience...?" Wendy stammered as she tilted her head a bit to the left and looked behind Sarah to see Lauren and Samantha on the couch giving her seductive looks. And then it clicked.

"Oh, yes, now I remember. How could I completely forget?" exclaimed Wendy as she made her way towards the platform in the center of the room.

"Oh, one more thing. I forgot to tell you. There's a fourth person who's going to be joining us, but she's running a bit late."

"No worries, Sarah. After all...the more, the merrier," Wendy sang merrily as she climbed atop the platform. She felt a confidence and eagerness she thought she didn't have before. Sarah must have given her a pep talk which, though she couldn't quite remember it very well right now, must have done the trick. Sarah was such a good friend. Her best friend, in fact. Definitely.

"Hold on, girls, 'cause I'm going to give you one hell of a show that's going to leave you...breathless!" Wendy especially focused on Lauren as she made her proclamation suggesting she was about to give Sarah and her friends the best lesbian strip show they had ever seen while making a seductive gesture of licking her lips with her tongue.

Despite her catty comments, Lauren, who was playing the roles of fickle, hard-to-get femme fatale and teen seductress assigned to Wendy and Mary in Hecate's case of the Love-Livingston family, was actually hot for Wendy and secretly was eagerly anticipating the show that Sarah's most recent acquisition would perform for them. Seeing Wendy's tongue play aimed at her, Lauren could not help herself from responding, making a come-hither gesture to Wendy with her tongue. Sarah, noticing the interchange, took her seat next to Lauren, gave her Latina hottie friend a quick peck on the cheek, and whispered in her ear. "Don't worry, honey. You'll get your fair time with her."

Lauren, leaning into Sarah, whispered back into Sarah's ear, after kissing her cheek as well. "Can't wait. By the way...didn't your mom tell you not to use classic hypnosis on the acquisitions?"

"Yes and no. She said not to use it to initiate long-term brainwashing objectives. She said nothing about using it for some quick fun and an occasional boost, and besides, there's nothing wrong with going a little old school for tonight. Plus, I think we're going to get a better show because of it," speculated Sarah as she observed Wendy prepping herself on the stage. "Just sit back and enjoy the show, my love."

As if those words were the cue, music to strip by suddenly commenced, and all three women turned their attention onto the stage. Wendy began her erotic dance in front of them. She walked around the platform while giving a seductive look at the audience, strutting with her strappy high heels in the same manner Samantha had done. After completing a full circle, she turned around and sauntered to the center of the platform with her hands on her hips, gyrating her ass as she did so while occasionally peeking over her shoulder to give a sexy sidelong glance.

Grabbing the metal pole with both hands and planting both of her feet against the base of the pole, Wendy then shifted the support of her body to her arms, allowing herself to spin around the pole with ease. She removed one arm from the pole and extended it outward, as if it was a single blade of a rotor fan. After completing several circles, she stood back at the front of the pole, facing the audience, gyrated her hips, and tossed the braided mass of her hair around. Her movements were closely timed to the beats in the music.

Her dancing then slowed down when she placed both hands on the neckline of her pink lycra tube top and began pulling it down along with the cups of her bra, but not all the way, just enough to reveal more of her cleavage. She raised both of her arms high into the air and sped up her dancing. Lowering her arms, she traced the curves of her body with her fingers until she reached the waistband of her white leather skirt. She teasingly slipped her fuchsia-nailed fingers under the waistband and started to pull her skirt down, only to retract her hands within moments to continue her dance.

Wendy heard the sound of an opening door and the click-clack of high heel shoes. Without stopping her dancing, she turned around to look at the visitor and noticed that it was a woman dressed in a semi-sheer cloak made of red organza. Beneath the cloak, Wendy could see that the woman was wearing a sexy red dress, red stockings, and red high heels. The woman's head was covered with the hood of the cloak, curls of ultra pale blonde hair sticking out, and her face covered by a smooth, white mask decorated with gold filigree and red-painted lips. Wendy felt a sense of familiarity with the strange, masked woman, and the woman appeared to recognize her as well, pausing after she entered to stand and stare at Wendy for a half minute. The woman projected an air of dominance and motherly tenderness at the same time. Wendy felt herself strangely captivated by this intriguing, sexy blonde woman.

Who is she?

However, Wendy's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden brightening of the lights flashing on the platform and momentary, off-tune sounds in the music. Wendy focused back on her dance but remained curious about the mysterious woman, who walked towards the sofa with a slow and methodically sexy strut to where the three teen females were currently sitting.

"I'm so glad you were able to come, my love," greeted Lauren, who motioned for the woman to sit next to her on the long, roomy sofa, which could easily and comfortably seat five or six, Sarah and Samantha moving over to give the woman a spot next to Lauren. "The show has just started."

Once the woman seated herself, Lauren wrapped an arm around her shoulders, gently guided the woman's chin with her fingers, and kissed her on the lips through the mask, while giving Wendy a sidelong glance. Lowering her hand, Lauren cupped the woman's breast briefly before ending the kiss. The Latina teen's affection bestowed on the woman made Wendy feel jealous.

I'll show them... I'll make them pay attention to me... I'll make them want me...

The teenaged stripper licked her fuchsia-painted lips seductively while squeezing her partly revealed mammaries.

Yessss... Look at me... You like that? You like what I'm doing?

Wendy smiled when she saw Lauren and the woman returning their attention to her. She stopped squeezing her breasts and let her hands drift along the sides of her body to her hips with her arms akimbo. She turned around and lifted the hem of her skirt to reveal her ass that was covered in silver panties, which she kneaded slowly while shaking it.

You like my ass? You want it? You want to fuck it?

To put emphasis on her butt, Wendy slipped her fingers into her shiny silver panties and over her ass, the contours of her hands visible through the panties, and roved them over her derriere provocatively. Then she slid the slinky panties down off her ass, showing off her ass crack in a teasing manner. After running her painted fingertips along and into the slit of her ass, she thrust her hips back and forth as if she was being fucked behind in her ass by an invisible person. Turning her head around to look at her audience, she winked while saying the words "fuck me", silently and repeatedly.

Appearing to be turned on by the performance, the veiled woman placed one hand on her breast and one hand between her legs, presumably to relieve her sexual tension, but Lauren halted her actions, insisting that she help her instead, which she did. However, the touches were light and teasing, which served to inflame the woman's passions even more, it seemed clear.


Staring at the clock on the wall, Erin noticed that the time was 1:25 PM. She was worried about the safety of her daughter, but there was also something else that made her feel uneasy, and she wasn't able to pinpoint the cause. She had finished her lunch a while ago, which consisted of leftovers from the previous night. Her concern over Maddy had made her lose her appetite initially, but she decided that she needed to eat at least something to keep her energy up.

Erin felt a sudden impulse to go to her bedroom. Upon arriving there, the thought of putting on makeup came to her inexplicably. She realized it was inappropriate to think about cosmetics at a time like this, and she wasn't one to wear makeup, anyway, except on exceptional occasions, but certainly not in the middle of the day, at home all by herself...but, just the same, she was unable to resist the urge to put on cosmetics.

Upon arriving in her bedroom, she went for the closet and retrieved a bag of cosmetics which she thought she had confiscated from her daughter, not remembering that it had been given to her by Cynthia. She felt excited when she opened the bag to peek at the contents. This strange excitement over cosmetics worried her, but she was unable to resist the mental tug. With the bag in hand, she walked over to her vanity desk and, one by one, placed the makeup items on the table, which consisted of glossy black lipstick, black nail polish, black mascara, silver eyeshadow, black eyeliner, foundation cream, face powder, reddish-pink blush, two varieties of perfume, and various lotions.

Of all the cosmetics on the table, the silver tube of black lipstick called to her the most. She picked it up and uncapped it, looking at the shiny black tip. It struck her as mysterious and beautiful...and, somehow, dangerous. Before she applied it on her lips, there was a brief moment of hesitation. The uncertainty disappeared when she felt a tingling sensation in her pubic area.

She touched the creamy black paint to her upper lip. A spark of pleasure on her mouth surprised her. As she started to spread the darkness on the softness of her lips, the tingling in her groin and the pleasure on her mouth likewise spread and intensified, not enough to alarm her, but enough to be noticeable and to concern her a little, while simultaneously encouraging her. She wondered, Why am I feeling this way?

However, she didn't follow up on the worrisome thought after she began to admire the look of her shiny black lips on the mirror. The look was worldly, maybe even evil, or devilish, so unlike her normal self. But that was somehow okay. A little bit of worldly and evil might be interesting for a change...especially if the effect was so beautiful...and...alluring...a word she didn't normally apply to this...she could see it........allure......... Besides, she was by herself. No one else was going to see her. that she took a second look...the color wasn't really dark enough...not nearly. Blacker would be better. Much blacker.

It needs another coat.

Erin hesitated again briefly before applying another coat of black lipstick, momentarily questioning her assessment that a thicker coating and a darker shade would be an improvement, but then discounting her doubt as unnecessarily cautionary. No...she did want to see her mouth darker, so she ran the black color over her lips again, each stroke giving her new delights, both visually, as she gazed with fascination at her transforming face in the mirror, and physically, on her mouth and between her legs.

After she was finished painting the second layer of lipstick, the same thought popped in her mind again. It needs another coat.

After applying the third layer of lipstick, the same words sounded in her mind.

It needs another coat.

She thought it was getting ridiculous. However, she was unable to resist the strange excitement caused by putting on the black lipstick and proceeded to apply the fourth coat. Once she was done, Erin looked at the mirror with a wicked smile and licked around her gleaming black lips. She briefly imagined herself kissing, with her black-colored lips, the beautiful red-haired teenaged girl who had been passing through her mind . The image of the girl and of the act was wonderfully detailed and familiar, as if she had actually met the girl and experienced this kiss, and as if she had been wearing her sexy black lipstick at the time, and as if that had been a key factor in the genesis and the enjoyment of the kiss. That visualization and realization inexplicably shot a sharp thrill through her and made her pussy pulse with arousal, but she quickly chastised herself and chased it away..

What am I thinking?

The doorbell suddenly rang.

It must be Madelynn!

Heart beating more rapidly in anticipation of seeing her beloved, sexy goth daughter again, Erin quickly exited her bedroom to answer the door. Briefly, she worried about how her daughter would view her wearing black lipstick, but the excitement of seeing her beautiful daughter again overrode this concern. Then she worried for a second whether her lipstick was layered on thick enough, and whether she shouldn't sit down and add another layer or two before answering the door, but then decided that that could wait, if only for a few minutes. As she continued walking briskly, she wondered why her daughter didn't have the house key. She probably lost it...or it could be someone else at the door.

Looking through the peephole of the front door, Erin realized that it was a woman she hadn't seen before but who somehow felt familiar to her. For some reason, she felt this woman was in some way connected to her daughter and might know Madelynn's whereabouts. She touched the doorknob, but then hesitated. She was again self-conscious of the black lipstick on her lips. However, fearing that the woman might leave if she didn't answer the door soon enough, and that she would lose the hoped-for information on her daughter, Erin decided she couldn't take the time to wipe the lipstick off, took a breath, opened the door, and greeted the woman.

"Hello! Who might you be?"

"Hi. I'm Victoria Holland, the mother of one of your daughter's best friends, Lauren."

Without realizing what she was doing, Erin immediately started eyeing up this exquisite specimen of feminine allure, Victoria. She first surveyed the black strappy high heels that exposed much of her feet, the toenails of which were painted in dark purple lacquer. Going up, she noticed the smooth shapely calves of the lower legs, followed by the hem of the knee-length burgundy-colored skirt that was decorated with black floral prints. Knowing that Erin was eyeing her legs, Victoria moved them subtly in a teasing manner, drawing Erin to them all the more.

Continuing her scan, Erin noticed that the woman's fingernails were painted in the same purple color as the toenails. On the woman's left hand was a silver emerald ring and a matching bracelet. Going further up, she saw a thin black leather belt wrapped around Victoria's waist, giving definition to her hourglass-like figure . The dress was a one-piece of the sleeveless halter type with a low sweetheart neckline that exposed some cleavage, above which a silver emerald necklace draped around her neck. Erin, whose eyes lingered on her visitor's breasts for as long as she could get away with it, guessed that the woman had an E-cup bust size. A small, fashionable purple leather handbag draped over the woman's right shoulder.

Looking at her face, Erin was drawn to the shimmering dark purple color on the woman's lips. Her eyelids were painted with a black and silver eyeshadow and thick black mascara. The eye-catching light-brown brows arched upwards in perfectly-angled, wide arcs. The light golden blonde hair was combed back, partly braided, and tied into a neat bun that was secured using silver bun pins with emerald heads. There were studded emerald earrings in her ears. Lauren's mother smiled at Erin's visual appraisal of her face, hair, and body and licked her lips with a seductive look, but it was so subtle that Erin dismissed it as an innocuous expression. Nevertheless, Erin's face warmed up slightly.

After taking in Victoria Holland's sexy image, Erin suddenly "remembered"--Madelynn had been having a sleepover at Lauren's home and Mrs. Holland had contacted her to assure her that Madelynn was safe. But where was Madelynn now?

"Sorry, I didn't realize that you were Mrs. Holland." Changing to a worried tone, Erin asked, "Is this about my daughter? Do you know where she is right now? I've tried reaching her and--"

Victoria cut her off. "Regarding your daughter, I've got something very important to tell you about her and what she's involved in. It would be better if we could discuss this inside," said Victoria, who looked around as if there were people watching them.

"Yes, of course! You may come in!"

Erin felt excited, but thought it was just the anticipation of soon being able to know of her daughter's whereabouts. While she held the door open for Victoria, she couldn't resist looking at the fine woman again as Victoria walked in through the front door. Noticing Erin's eyes on her again, Victoria gave a knowing sidelong glance, which Erin dismissed again as another friendly expression.

A strong perfume wafted into Erin's face as the guest brushed past her closely and stood in the front hall waiting for Erin to close the door. Erin didn't notice it at first, at least not consciously, but she certainly did now. Perhaps, Erin thought, it was the breeze which seemed to accompany Mrs. Holland as she entered that brought the fragrance on Mrs. Holland to her attention. It smelled like violet and licorice. It was unfamiliar to Erin and she wasn't sure whether she liked it at first, but, on further exposure to it, Erin decided that it was pleasant enough and she found it growing on her with time.

After closing the door, Erin couldn't resist looking at Mrs. Holland's back side, since she hadn't been able to see the details of it initially. She observed how the burgundy dress hugged the woman's curvaceous derrière and showed off the gyration of her butt and thighs as she walked, and how it left the creamy, flawless skin of Mrs. Holland's arms, shoulders, and the entire upper two-thirds of her stunning back completely exposed.

Spacing out momentarily, Erin pictured two soft lips coated with pink lipstick planting kisses down one of those smooth shoulders. As they traveled along her back, the lips turned red. Then, becoming deep and lustrous black, the feminine lips kissed up to and onto Victoria's slender, bare neck, leaving a trail of pink, red, and black lip prints across the expanse of exquisite skin.

"Mrs. Goodwin..." Erin did not respond immediately, and Victoria understood why. Turning around, she repeated, "Mrs. Goodwin?" Victoria's voice and the loss of the view of the blonde woman's backside finally brought Erin's attention back, with a few blinks, to the woman's face. "Where shall we sit?" The tone in Victoria's voice struck Erin as somewhat authoritative, but Erin dismissed it as an overreaction on her part.

"Why don't we sit on the big sofa over there?" offered Erin with a finger pointed diagonally across the living room.

Victoria delayed moving toward the sofa to give Erin a head start so that Erin would sit down first. When the svelte blonde then sat down, closer to Erin than would normally be considered necessary in this situation, she deliberately angled her chest towards Erin so that Erin would get an in-your-face, eye-level view of her breasts. She smiled subtly at the sight of Erin's dilating pupils. Once they both had settled down on the sofa, Victoria drew a solemn expression on her face.

"Mrs. Goodwin, first of all, I understand what you're feeling. I'm a mother as well, and I know what it feels like when one's child is in danger. There are times when worrying is warranted, but there are also times when worrying is unproductive."

"What do you mean?"

"Your daughter is safe."

"But why hasn't--"

"She's hanging out with her new friends."

"New friends? I thought she was hanging out with your daughter. Where is she right now?"

"I'm not sure, but I do know that she's participating in cult activities at the Church of Lilith."

"Wait...what?! My daughter's in a cult?! How... I mean... This is ridiculous! How come I haven't heard about this before?! And how do you know Madelynn's safe?" Despite Erin's expression of surprise, the moment she finished speaking, she felt, for some reason, that she had heard about this cult and Madelynn's involvement in it before from some source .

"Before you jump to conclusions, let me explain..." Victoria moved closer to Erin on the sofa. Their thighs and knees touched, and then rubbed against each other frequently for the remainder of their time together on the soda. It was a superb sensation, Erin noted to herself, and she did nothing to break the contact.

Erin realized she was excited for some reason, as she had been before when ogling Victoria and getting close to her, but, as before, she credited the feeling to something other than the true cause, this time believing it was due to the shock of Victoria's revelation about Madelynn and not from the close, alluring presence of Victoria's body.

"She joined the cult because to her it was a refuge from the bad things that were happening in her life. She was being bullied at school. Her best friend joined a clique and she felt left out. Her mother--you, I'm afraid to say--threatened to move her away. She felt unloved and unwanted..."

Madelynn must have shared many things with Lauren about her life, but how do I know it's not Lauren who introduced her to the cult?

Victoria placed one hand over Erin's hand as if to provide reassurance of the veracity of her story. Erin subconsciously welcomed the physical contact, which seemed to be something more special, something more significant, something of deeper delight than would normally be expected from the simple act and feel of one woman slipping her hand over that of another. She looked down for a second at the smooth, lovely hand and its long, almond-shaped, glossy purple fingernails--which reminded her of the purple which her foxy daughter Madelynn had become so fond of wearing on her nails and lips, as well--the sight and the woman-on-woman contact and the connection with Madelynn sending an inexplicable, thrilling tingle from her hand up her spine.

"There is something else you need to know, and it has to do with the bullying part, but not just at school. You may find this hard to believe, but another reason, and I would say it's a major factor, that Madelynn joined the cult was because she was being harassed by a hate group."

"What? Where did a hate group come from around here? And why...why would they bother Madelynn? How did my daughter get involved with a hate group?"

"Actually, I wouldn't call them a 'hate group', per se...more like a group of religious zealots. My daughter told me about it. About two weeks ago, a small group of these religious people were gathering petitions outside the large shopping center in downtown. They were protesting the acceptance of gay rights and gay marriage in society and by the government. My daughter and Madelynn happened to be there at the time and saw what happened. It seems that they saw Madelynn's friend, 'Wendy', I believe, and Lauren's friend, Sarah, getting harassed by this group. Lauren says Wendy and Sarah are dating--each other, you know." Oh, Erin thought, Wendy is really a lesbian, then.

Erin had seen Wendy and Sarah together before in public, not knowing at the time who Sarah was. She had even seen them kiss, which had shocked her, but she hadn't been prone to believe that was conclusive evidence that Wendy was a lesbian, for Erin had known Wendy and her family for most of the girl's life, and knew them to be decent, circumspect Christians. But Victoria's words confirmed her worst suspicions. Part of her didn't want it to be true, and worried anew about Wendy's influence in this regard on Madelynn, although she had already tried to tell herself that Wendy being a lesbian wouldn't be all that bad, but part of her took a carnal delight in the news.

"So Wendy and Sarah were walking by this group, minding their own business, and holding hands, like, you know, cute lesbian girlfriends do. From what my daughter tells me, apparently the people in the group saw them and didn't like two girls holding hands in public--they might have been kissing, too--so they started jeering at them. The leader of the group, 'Carlos', I believe, began to shout homophobic slurs at the two girls. Madelynn intervened, trying to defend Wendy and Sarah, and she got into a heated argument with Carlos.

"It seems that she put Carlos in his place, but he didn't enjoy being humiliated in public. Carlos managed to convince some of the youth in his religious group who attend Madelynn's school to harass her whenever they can. They call her a loser, and a slut, and a dyke, like they called her friend, Wendy, and, if they can get away with it, they try to push and trip her and make her drop her things. I don't know if Madelynn is straight or gay, but I assumed she has been a straight least I did assume that...

"She's straight."

"If you say so... But my daughter says that your daughter manages to fend off their smear campaign against her very well. However, my sources tell me that this Carlos is a relentless man. From what I hear, the man has zero tolerance towards those he deems sinners. He's not above using violence or even worse to intimidate his targets.

"Somewhere along the way, Madelynn met a member of the Lilith Church. She befriended your daughter and took her to some Lilith Church meetings. They promised to help Madelynn defend herself from Carlos' attacks and they came through on their promises, for the most part. Madelynn and the girl in the cult started to get very close. The girl was seductive and introduced Madelynn to some, oh, new sexual experiences, but nothing too involved--yet--as I understand it." Victoria conveniently failed to mention that it was her own daughter, Lauren, who came closest to fitting the profile of that unnamed cult member, and that Madelynn's involvement with lesbian sexuality was much more than she had just represented.

"The cult is, basically, a lesbian sex cult centered around the worship of an ancient lesbian fertility goddess or something like that, so I guess the girl getting Madelynn into some experimentation shouldn't be too surprising. But they have already inducted her into the cult and they have been encouraging her to become a lesbian...not a part-time, dabbling bisexual, but a full-time, dyed-in-the-wool, permanent lesbian. And it's all been happening very fast.

"Certainly it will affect you, too, in time, Mrs. Goodwin, in ways you can't foresee now. You might be pulled into it, too, in fact, just like Madelynn has been. You have to ask yourself, Mrs. Goodwin, if this is the fate you want for your daughter and yourself. Romantic relationships with women and girls boys and no men in your lives marriage to men...lesbian sex...lots of it...mystical worship of a pagan sex goddess...deviant desires and sinful indulgences..." The way Victoria was stating the potential consequences for both mother and daughter of Madelynn joining a lesbian sex cult was resonating in Erin's subconscious as highly desirable, rather than undesirable, although consciously she found it horrifying. Little did Erin suspect that the "fate" Victoria had just predicted if Madelynn was not rescued from the cult was to be their destiny no matter what, irregardless of whether Madelynn was "rescued" or not, and Erin was going to cooperate in bringing it to pass despite whatever countermeasures she imagined she might be taking.

"I only know about all of this because, first, Lauren saw that incidence downtown and, second, as friends, Madelynn confides in Lauren...and, of course, Lauren shares with me."

Erin was speechless from shock. It was too much to take in. It was ridiculous. It was hard for her to imagine Madelynn trying to keep something like this from her. Erin felt she and Madelynn had a very good mother-daughter relationship. Madelynn had always confided in her when she was in trouble, so why would she not bring this situation to her attention? She had thought her daughter's changes had been due to the negative influence of her friends and whatever culture that pervaded her school. She had considered moving back to her mother's ranch to raise her daughter properly, and to remove her daughter from bad friends and evil temptations, but then she had changed her mind, for reasons she didn't completely understand. She assumed she had simply realized that she had overreacted and that it would be bad for her daughter's life. However, all of this that Mrs. Holland was describing--religious hate groups, bullying, and pagan sex cults--was too much to comprehend, especially the fact that Madelynn had been silent about it.

"No...wait... Maddy would tell all of this to one of her friends...and not to me, her mother? I don't..."

"Mrs. Goodwin... Bye the way, do you mind if I call you 'Erin'? I feel that we have become so close in just a short time, and we have in common the welfare of our daughters, who are friends. You can call me 'Victoria', too."

"" Hearing Victoria share her first name, which suddenly struck her as one of her favorite names, which act seemed to make them all the more intimate, made Erin like the woman all the more, even though it seemed she was critiquing her parenting skills unfairly at the moment. "That would be fine...Victoria." Erin loved the way her striking blonde guest's name rolled off her tongue.

"So, Erin... Too bad you're not closer to your daughter. This is the kind of thing she probably would have wished to confide in you, but obviously felt she couldn't. Mothers these days have to get inside their daughters' minds and interests, know what makes them tick, know their friends, know what they like to do and where they spend their time, know their worries and what gives them joy, and open up with them. Neither of you should have a bunch of secrets. You two should have common interests and share your triumphs and losses and hopes and concerns. You need to get involved in her culture, and spend time together, having fun. Lots of women and their girls go shopping or get makeovers together, and go out to dinner and movies. Some view these kinds of events as dates, which makes it all the more exciting. You have to be close in every way. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I know if my daughter were in Madelynn's shoes, she would have told me the whole thing. But then, she and I are tight."

Was Victoria criticizing her for not...not dating her Maddy? Was she suggesting that they get close girlfriends? Or...or even lovers? Those questions in Erin's mind reminded her of what she had already concluded on her own just a few nights ago. If her daughter was straying from the moral path of a proper Christian, then as a good mother, it was her duty to help her daughter remain on the correct path seducing her...and turning her into her lesbian lover. Something inside her--abetted by Erin's interpretation of what Victoria might have been suggesting to her--told her that she had to take this path...and...given her own unfulfilled physical needs...and her daughter's sexy beauty...that she wanted to...

Then an opposing voice of moral reason spoke up from her conscience. Wait... Why am I thinking like this? This is wrong...I just want my daughter to become normal again. I don't desire my daughter like that. It would be a grave sin........I think......unless...unless it were absolutely necessary...

Then Erin suddenly remembered: There was an anonymous caller the previous night who notified her that her daughter was participating in demonic cult activities. It had strengthened her resolve at the time to save her daughter from whatever evil force that was corrupting her...even if it meant her becoming a lesbian and sinning. She didn't know why she was remembering this now and why she had chosen this option. But...yes...on second thought...maybe it was absolutely necessary... Her goals and her plans called for re-evaluation, at least, she concluded... However, her train of thought ended when she heard her name being called. She focused back on Mrs. Holland's face.

"Erin, your daughter is in a precarious situation. She is getting her needs taken care of by the cult: protection, friendship, and love. If she leaves the cult, not only would she no longer have her needs satisfied, she would also be at the mercy of the violent group."

What a strange way of putting it. I understand the problem with the hate group, but I've heard enough about cults to know that they don't really care about their members, either...

"I don't mean to question you on the way you're raising your daughter, but have you ever thought that your way of parenting might be one of the reasons she joined the cult?"

"I know that I'm raising my daughter properly," defended Erin with a forced intonation of conviction.

"Are you sure about that, Erin? Have you ever considered the possibility that you're overlooking your daughter's most important needs?"

"What needs?" snapped Erin. "I give Madelynn food, shelter, clothes, everything she needs, and I don't see a problem with it!" Despite Erin's snippy defensiveness, Victoria remained calm and maintained her composure . She waited a few seconds to let Erin calm down and again seductively leaned in, giving Erin another tantalizing view of her breasts. Further, this time she gently placed her hand on Erin's thigh, slightly above her knee, and gave it a lover's caress. She took notice that Erin's reaction was a soft tremble and an ever so faint moan rushing out her lips.

"I'm not here to judge your parenting, Erin," Victoria assured softly. "I'm here to help you with it. Let me ask this, and be honest. Why do you think Madelynn kept this a secret from you?"

"I-I don't kno..." and then something clicked. Erin looked around and observed the large cross that hung on the living room wall. Then she took note of the statue of the Virgin Mary on the mantle surrounded by family photos. Scanning the room more, she saw the numerous religious books in the bookshelves and scattered about in the living room.

She remembered at times telling Madelynn that one of the many goals they had as servants of God was to save gay and transgender people and their allies from the fires of Hell, and that if they didn't do something to steer them away from that immoral lifestyle then it was a surefire guarantee that they would spend eternity in torment and suffering. With the news that Victoria bore, however, that stern religious perspective started to seem a bit too extreme to Erin. Maybe it wasn't quite like that...

No... It can't be. God is merciful. He must...he must love gays, too. He wouldn't expect me to forsake my own daughter if she had issue... I would never turn my back on my daughter and condemn her...e-even if she were gay...which I know she's not...or...I don't think she is.......although.......I'm not sure...... If she is, I would never abandon her... I love her...

"No... No, it's not me," mumbled Erin as she did her best to choke back the sobs, tears running down her face. "I love my daughter. I would never..." The realization overwhelmed her that the reason why Madelynn wouldn't come to her might be due to Erin's intolerance and overly strict religious views. In fact, maybe Madelynn felt that her mother was so much like the members of the Christian group who were persecuting her that she would only get more abuse if she shared her difficulties with Erin, it struck the mother. Madelynn likely feared that Erin would cast her daughter out of her life and cut all ties with her.

"Shhh... It's okay, Erin. It's okay," soothed Victoria as she gently embraced Madelynn's mother and ran her hands over Erin's neck and back. What Erin failed to notice, however, was that Victoria had slipped a self-adhering medical patch, about as big as a quarter, into her left hand and, during Erin's sob session, had stealthily pressed it onto the back of Erin's neck. The patch would release a fast-acting chemical compound into her body through her skin that would hinder her rational mentality, ability to analyze critically, and normal sense of decorum, and make her amenable to suggestions and hypnotic trances for the next couple of hours.

After allowing a minute for the drug to start acting, to test whether it was having an effect, Victoria, who still held the brunette in an embrace, wandered her left hand gently down Erin's back, patting it softly as she descended, then slid her right to a spot on the upper part of Erin's butt and gave it a quick squeeze. While Victoria's previous touches to Erin's hands and legs could well have been viewed as simple comforting, non-verbal communication common between women, this grope was too brazen to be that. Nevertheless, instead of reacting with at least a question about the propriety of Victoria's caress, Erin did nothing to discourage the inappropriate grab. On the contrary, she let out another soft moan and snuggled her body against Victoria's. She found herself relishing the sensation of the woman's large breasts pressing into her own, as well as the feel of Victoria's naked upper back under one of her hands and her slim waist in the other.

Never in her life, it seemed to Erin, had she felt alone in her life and as desperate for companionship as she was feeling now...but in her time of emotional and physical want, here was someone in her arms, someone soft and curvy and warm and beautiful, someone confident and wise, who knew how to comfort her and guide her, and whose words of sympathy and insight, whose adept, scintillating feminine caresses, tender embrace, and voluptuous, fragrant, blonde presence were filling the need she felt. In this moment, Erin unknowingly began to see Victoria as a suitable mate and potential partner.

Since her divorce, Erin had pondered the question of whether she might want to remarry. She deeply missed the social and physical intercourse she had with a spouse, and had concluded that, if the right man came along, she would be very open to giving it another try. She missed the affectionate exchanges, the sharing of meals and work and laughter and concerns and goals and dreams, the ability to counsel with someone she trusted, the comfort and pleasure of having someone to hug and kiss and have in bed next to her. And she missed the sex. She had been miserly with her ex in this regard, out of a religious zeal she believed dictated carnal restraint, even maritally. It had been one of the reasons he had left, and since that departure she had come to regret her frigidity. If given another opportunity, she had vowed, she would allow her new mate and herself a freer approach to physical love. Despite her previous reserve, she really missed that.

She had also resolved to be careful about the next man in her life. Not just anyone would do. He would have to like and be concerned about Madelynn and know how to be a good parent to her, and be someone the girl could relate to and admire. He would have to be wise and grounded and have a clear direction. Preferably, he would be good-looking and have a touch of class and good taste and would make her heart throb.

Unknown to Erin, however, was that the brainwashing she experienced would make it impossible for her to ever again be interested in a man. Even if a candidate were "right" in every sense, she would reject him. But, little did Erin know, a woman, on the other hand...a beautiful woman...a woman just like the one now with her...that would be totally different. Even though her conscious facade right now would deny it, Erin's subconscious soul was totally open to a woman like Victoria, open to entering into a serious relationship with her, receiving her as her soulmate, and even marrying her. She was the female equivalent of the "right man". This woman checked all of Erin's boxes and rang all of her bells.

Erin loosened her grip on Victoria to look her in the face and continue their conversation, though the two women maintained contact with each other with their hands. "I want to make love to my daughter. I mean, I want her. I mean..." stammered Erin in a confused state.

"It's okay, Erin." The blonde touched the brunette's cheek for a moment. "There's no need for you to explain. I think I understand your basic needs and desires, and Madelynn's, too. Like I said, I came here to help you rebuild your relationship with your daughter." Victoria brushed one of Erins arms with her fingernails up and down briefly, sending a pronounced thrill up that arm.

"W-what do I need to do?"

"As mentioned, you need to take care of her needs."

"But I do..."

"I mean her real needs, Erin," interrupted Victoria, who leaned forward slightly, as if breaching a more confidential, delicate subject. "You need to show Madelynn that you can accept her for who she is, her true self...and give her the affection, emotionally and physically," emphasizing the last word, "that she craves. Do you know what I mean?"

Erin just gave Victoria a silent stare for a few seconds, finding it hard to believe that this fine woman really did seem to be suggesting incest, as she had appeared to be doing a minute before, although it was the same course Erin had concluded on her own a few nights ago to be the best remedy for dealing with her daughter. Perhaps it indeed was her best tactic, maybe her only feasible route, if Victoria was recommending it, too. The brunette woman nodded her head a little and softly, solemnly said, "Yes. I think so."

In response Victoria flashed her a warm, friendly smile. "Don't worry, Erin. We mothers sometimes have to do crazy things to help our daughters," making tangential reference to the taboo behavior which they both understood without naming it directly and impolitely. "In the end, you'll see it will work out well. We're talking about something that seems extreme to you now, but I'm confident that you will become comfortable with what you have to do and likely even quite enthusiastic. Madelynn is after all, a very beautiful--and sexy--girl, you know."

"Yes..." Erin murmured with a sigh. "She is..."

"Look, my daughter told me that she overheard Madelynn tell a cult member that she's going to a particular club tonight. It so happens that my daughter is also attending that club. What if you and I attend that club together?"

"You mean as a...a..."

"A date? Yes. That would be what we would be doing. A woman-on-woman date. You as my date and me as yours." Erin felt her pulse race, her face flush, and her nipples tingle. "We would be a least for tonight...and then...who knows? Anything is possible." The long-term relationship between them which Victoria was implying to be possible made Erin's heart beat forcefully in her chest and her nipples to tingle. "But, in addition to having a good time with each other, we would have an ulterior motive..."

"You mean spy on our daughters? But wouldn't that..."

"No, I'm not asking you to spy on our daughters. As a matter of fact, I want you to get caught."

"I-I don't understand."

"If Madelynn catches you at that club, tell her that you came there looking for a fun night out on the town."

"But... but"

Victoria put her index finger on Erin's black lips. Erin had a momentary urge to open her mouth and suck the lovely finger in, but, realizing that wasn't something one proper woman did to another, resisted the impulse. "You need to show her a different side of that tells her that it's okay for her to be herself...that tells her you aren't that much different from her...that removes all doubt from her mind that you want to be very close to her and are willing to do whatever it takes to get that with her...that lets her know you understand the kind of fun she likes, and that you like it, too, and that she can have that kind of fun with you...that tells her that you're a woman looking for some fun. Understand?" There was a faint touch of menace in the last part of Victoria's comment. Erin just nodded her head in agreement in fear of what the woman might do if she disagreed.

Victoria, who had not yet removed her finger from Erin's lips, now rubbed those lips lightly before dropping her hand. Erin, suddenly aware again of the black pigment coloring her mouth, wondered what Victoria thought about her lipstick. Surely she had noticed it and probably had wondered about a woman her age wearing it. But did she like it? Did she find Erin more attractive and interesting because of it? Perhaps that last, pleasant caress on her mouth indicated a "yes".

"Good. Now, it seems that you ruined your makeup with that sob session of yours. So how about we go upstairs, fix you back up, and then head out for some real fun?"


"Lead the way, Erin." Victoria stood up and offered Erin her hand. Erin took the hand, taking a secret pleasure in feeling such a soft feminine hand in her own, and absently gave it a gentle squeeze as she stood up. She led the attractive woman up the stairs to her bedroom, both women keeping their hands joined on the way to the staircase and then Victoria lacing their fingers together as they ascended the stairs. The impression passed over Erin that leading another person upstairs to her bedroom in this manner had a sexual connotation, but she dismissed that impression as inapplicable to this situation, as they were simply two women, not potential lovers.

The things a mother does for her daughter, Victoria wickedly joked to herself as she followed Erin towards her bedroom.

As Erin led Victoria to her bedroom, she couldn't help but feel excited to the point where it almost overshadowed her worries over her daughter's safety. She now realized that the cause of this feeling was the presence of the woman walking alongside her, and holding her hand, and the fact that they were all alone in the house and about to enter Erin's bedroom, which in this moment, despite Erin having just discounted a similar impression, seemed like a place of mystery, romance, and sexual intrigue more than a room primarily for sleeping and dressing, or, in this case, the application of makeup...although the connection to cosmetics there, as it was occurring to Erin, seemed to add to the erotic atmosphere Erin was now sensing there.

Erin rationalized that her strange feelings were being caused by her awe over the perfume, the beautiful dress, the strappy heels, and the silver emerald jewelry that Victoria was wearing, as well as the pale blondeness and sophisticated style of her hair, her perfect skin, the stunning shape of her body, and her mesmerizingly beautiful, made-up face. She concluded that she was just enamoured with the woman's fashion choices and admirable physical assets. There was absolutely nothing sexual about those feelings, Erin told herself.

Victoria gave a quick glance around the bedroom and, upon noticing the single pillow on the bed, asked Erin, "Only a single pillow? You don't sleep with your husband?"

"Umm... I'm divorced..."

"Sorry to hear that. Are you dating right now?"

"No...I'm busy with work..."

"With such looks and a hot body like yours," Victoria countered as she brazenly ran her eyes over Erin's breasts, causing Erin to blush and look down her front, to view with her guest the large mounds that Victoria was appreciating, "I bet it would be very easy for you to find someone."

Erin felt like she was being appraised like a piece of meat, but instead of feeling disgusted, she felt excited. To discover that such a stunning woman as Victoria was noticing and admiring her womanly curves, and especially was interested in the voluminous melons protruding from her chest and in which she took no small measure of pride, was exhilarating, for some unknown reason.

"I guess..."

"You know, I think it would be better for you to start finding that special someone soon, for your daughter's sake and for your own sake." Victoria spoke in a somewhat authoritative tone, as a teacher would speak to her underperforming student.

Feeling Victoria's green eyes bearing on her, she blushed slightly, broke eye contact, and felt her heart thumping in her chest. "I-I don't know where to look..." She felt shame, as if she was a misbehaving child who didn't do her homework.

Victoria placed both of her hands on Erin's shoulders and rubbed them lightly, causing Erin to shiver slightly in excitement.

"I can help you, Erin... Sometimes the right person is standing right in front of you..." Without Erin realizing it, her mind changed the word "person" to "woman" in Victoria's statement. While now caressing one of Erin's shoulders more sensually and raking the fingernails of her other hand delicately over the skin of Erin's other shoulder and arm, Victoria gazed intently into Erin's eyes again, capturing Erin's eyes with her own, as if communicating something meaningful beyond the words she had just spoken. It was a magical moment, and Erin felt ripples of some wonderful destiny course through her emotions. "The right woman...standing right in front of me..." Is she trying to tell me...that..that she's... "Anyway, I didn't mean to digress. Let's go fix your makeup."

As Erin led her guest over to her dark brown vanity table, the "right woman standing in front of you" remark and it's possible implications reverberated through Erin over the next little while, subtly enchanting her. The brunette sat down on the chair facing the mirror, while Victoria helped herself to a side chair, parked herself next to her hostess, and angled toward her, sitting so close to her that their knees touched again and Erin could feel Victoria's sweet breath on her face when she spoke. Erin turned her face toward her breathtaking new friend, absently running her eyes over her perfect, alluring face, skin, and hair at this close range.

"Oh, looks like you've got everything all set up already!"

"I was doing my makeup earlier, but then I heard the doorbell..."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you, but it looks like I came at the right time... Black is a bold color for your lips. Why did you choose this color?"

"I was just...trying to connect better with my daughter..."

"So you were already aware that your daughter was drifting away from you emotionally and socially, and you're trying to amend the relationship? A very good move. I approve. And the black lipstick is perfect for you. But just putting on black lipstick isn't enough...especially if it's only just a couple of coats...although it's a good first excellent first step, in fact. You're definitely on the right track with black. But you need more of it...much, much more," Victoria said with mixed approval.

"No, it was just part of a plan I came up with to improve my relationship with my daughter." Erin debated with herself internally on whether to reveal the full extent of her plan, which was seducing her daughter in order to keep her away from the cult. She felt that, without knowing why, she could trust this stranger and she wanted to reveal this and other secrets to her, and felt a compulsion to do so, as if trying to conceal her heart from Victoria would be a futile and unwarranted effort, but she didn't go on. Thinking about the plan again, it seemed ridiculous.

"Tell me about your plan, every part of it," demanded Victoria.

Erin went on to talk about how her daughter changed her looks a month or two in the past, and her language and her attitude becoming more brash. She suspected that it was due to the bad influence of her friends at school and was especially worried about her daughter engaging in immoral activities. In order to steer her daughter away from the bad influences, she planned to engage in her daughter's newly adopted subculture and use that as common ground for interaction with her daughter and a starting point in saving Madelynn from immorality and vice.

"Oh, that's great, Erin. I like the way you think. That's part of what I was talking about earlier. At least that's a great start. But there's more, right? Is that all of it? You have to be completely honest with me, Erin, or else I can't help you."

After a period of silence, Erin spoke meekly with her eyes cast downward. "I was...I was also planning seduce my daughter..."

Victoria's beautiful purple lips curved into a smile at Erin's revelation, a wicked smile which Victoria was able to present as an expression of simply being highly pleased. In any case, it was apparent to Erin that Victoria liked the idea. "Thank you for being honest with me. You're such a great mother to be willing to go so far to help her daughter. I won't judge you for what you're trying to do. Frankly, it sounds good to me. We mothers have to do what we have to do, don't we? And this could be a wonderful experience for both of you. I'll help you regardless."

"Thank you."

"By the way... do you mind if I ask you a personal question? Are you a lesbian?"


"The only reason I ask is that most straight women wouldn't want to seduce their daughter...yet you do. Have you ever thought that there's a gay woman hiding inside you?"

" don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'm not gay."

"Well, if you haven't been a lesbian up to now, wouldn't your plan to seduce Madelynn be easier if you became one?"

"I don't know..." Erin had pondered this question before, and had gone back and forth, one day thinking she should try to switch her sexual orientation, at least for as long as she needed to in order to reclaim Madelynn, and the next day thinking that would be too drastic and that people can't do that just by willing it, anyway. "I guess I haven't thought this thing out that well."

"That's okay. You'll figure it out. But first things first. You need another coat of black lipstick."

"But I've already put on three coats!"

"You need more, sweetie. I know what's best for you." Victoria's tone was suddenly cold and domineering. Her kind demeanor was replaced with the demeanor of a stern and cruel disciplinarian.

Erin turned her face away from Victoria, but Victoria grabbed her chin in a firm hold and moved it until they were face-to-face again. There was brief eye contact before Erin averted her eyes from Victoria's penetrating gaze.

"Look at me," ordered Victoria while applying pressure on her grip.

Slowly, Erin's gray eyes shifted back to meet Victoria's green eyes. She found herself drawn in by them, and very much attracted to them. She noticed how the long length of the curly black eyelashes and dark-colored eyeshadow framed those eyes beautifully. As she continued to drink them in, Erin came to feel lost in them. They communicated something that she couldn't put a finger on, something that was causing strange feelings to well up in her body and her face to warm up.

"You know, Erin... Black is a good choice for you. You have exceptional taste. Your lips look sooo beautiful in black... You look beautiful with black lips. " Erin barely noticed that Victoria was already painting her lips with a fresh coat of black lipstick.

"But they have to be black, black, black. You want your lips to be kissable, don't you?" Erin hadn't thought of that, quite, but it sounded like what she should want, and she intoned an "uh hmmm" in agreement.

"Do you think my lips are kissable?" That drew Erin's attention again to her guest's purpled lips. It registered on her that they and the rest of the gorgeous vixen's perfect, fragrant face were so close to her own that Victoria's sweet breath exhaling through those shining, exciting lips was bathing Erin's face, and that Erin was inhaling it, and was delighting in the intoxicating experience. That, and Victoria holding her chin, and gliding the black cream over her soft lips, was heavenly.

Focusing on the wondrous purple lips but inches away from hers, Erin answered with more fervor than she intended. "Oh, yes!"

"Can you imagine what it would be like if one set of wet, painted, beautiful, kissable lips were to kiss another set of lips, just as wet and deeply painted and beautiful and kissable?"

Erin closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it might be like to join Victoria's mouth with her own. In her mind's eye she pictured them--Victoria's shiny dark purple mouth and her own, painted deeply with black--slowly approach and then softly join. The vision send a jolt of pleasure through her body.

"Do you want kissable lips like mine?"


"Then you have to do your makeup right. For your makeup to make you beautiful, it has to be thick and heavy...on your eyes...on your face...and especially on your lips...very thick...very, very heavy." Erin's mind was becoming hazy and she lost awareness of time, not knowing, when she came to herself again, that Victoria had been applying the black lipstick on her lips for over five minutes.

Awareness slowly came back to her. She felt something slender and hard enter her mouth and she sucked on it instinctively as it went in and out like a... Erin's eyes widened and she immediately pulled back. "What am I doing?"

"You tell me. You were sucking on this thing pretty hard. You haven't been getting any fun lately, Erin, am I right?"

Erin shook her head slowly. Everything that was happening right now felt physically and emotionally good but morally wrong, and she wasn't able to rationally explain it. She had some sort of mental block. She jerked away from Victoria's grip, got up from the chair, and walked backwards away from Victoria. As she struggled with her thoughts, a powerful headache came out of the blue and she slowly knelt on the floor while pressing her palms against her temples.


"Erin, are you alright?" asked Victoria with a fake voice of concern. "I have a bottle of headache medicine in my bag."

Victoria retrieved a bottle of what appeared to be pills of a common pain reliever and a bottle of water from inside her handbag. She opened the bottle, shook out a couple of pills, opened her bottle of water, and brought the pills to Erin's mouth.

"Open your mouth. Awww..."

Something in the back of Erin's mind told her she shouldn't open her mouth and consume pills given by a person she barely knew, but Victoria was so expectant and seemed so sympathetic and trustworthy that she was unable to resist Victoria's order. She was also too occupied with pain to notice that the pills were slightly different in size and color than any normal aspirin or acetaminophen pill which she had taken before.

She accepted a pill into her mouth from Victoria's hand. When her lips touched Victoria's palm, Erin licked it, not quite realizing what she was doing. Victoria pushed the tip of the water bottle against Erin's lips, somewhat roughly. When Erin gulped down the water, she noticed it tasted slightly bitter. Little did she suspect the presence of an aphrodisiac in the water nor the fact that the pills contained psychoactive compounds that would supplement the effect of the medical patch on her neck. Victoria administered the second pill in like manner, encouraging the brunette to have a nice, long drink of the adulterated water.

"Why don't you lie down a while?"

"Okay." Victoria led Erin over to the bed, where Victoria sat down and Erin stretched out on her back with her head in Victoria's lap, cooperating with Victoria's guiding hands. The blonde looked down affectionately at her brunette patient, cradling the back of her head, stroking her face, and lightly raking her fingers through her medium brown hair. After a few minutes of allowing the drugs to work into Erin's bloodstream, Victoria smiled and asked, "Feeling better?"

She certainly was. The headache was gone and she felt like she was floating on a cloud in a state of bliss. And, it was clear to Erin, the best part of this sweet condition was Victoria. To be with her, this alluring blonde beauty whom she had just met, alone, in Erin's bedroom, in her inner sanctum, together on her bed, the traditional place of rest and of love and of sex in her home, looking up at her lovely painted face, being gently caressed by her, somehow seemed both naughty and nice...very, very nice.

"Yes..." whispered Erin huskily.

"Erin...have you ever thought of coloring your hair?"

" Do you think I should?"

"Yes. How would you like to be a beautiful blonde like me one day?"

"Oh..." That particular possibility had never passed seriously through Erin's unadventurous, staid head before. But she liked it now...very much.

"Or a sexy, spicy redhead..."


" you know what would be my favorite for you?"


"Black." The moment Victoria stated it, Erin knew she agreed wholeheartedly. Black. That seemed like her destiny, maybe not her only one, but certainly a primary, important one. And if she went that way, she briefly reflected, she would be following her daughter, who transformed into a sexy beauty herself by going from timid, safe brown to sleek, dangerous, mysterious black hair.

"I would love you with deep, black, black, black hair, Erin, my sweet." Victoria toyed more with locks of Erin's brown hair, her term of endearment seeming natural and welcome to Erin's ears given the intimate setting they were sharing and the emotional and physical closeness which Erin perceived was forming between them at a lightning-fast pace. "Imagine you and me...together... blonde...and black..."

That concept, especially the amorous relationship seemingly implied to be possible between them, combined with the sensation of a woman's hand supporting her head and manicured nails caressing her face and hair felt oh-so soothing and exciting and wonderful, and she moaned softly. Victoria's perfume, which had not impressed Erin that much at first, now was bewitching her.

Then one of Victoria's hands left Erin's head and its purple-tipped fingers grazed slowly, teasingly downward along the side of the brunette woman's body, finally touching her butt. Erin's clouded mind sensed that was not appropriate contact between two women, but she didn't care. She liked it, she loved it, and didn't protest. Victoria, finding no obstacle, slowly traced her long-nailed fingers in teasing circles on Erin's ass.

"Imagine your and blacker.......... Black black, black soul...

"No Christian Christian God... Instead, corruption...evil pleasure...sexual depravity...incest...satanic pagan goddess worship... cultism...witchcraft...mystery...promiscuity...unrestrained lesbian love...wanton lesbian sex ...darkness..."

Half entranced, and knowing only that she wanted to agree with whatever Victoria was saying about her, Erin mumbled, ""

In her cloudy mental state, Erin found that she could not tear her eyes away from her guest's lovely face, and especially her mesmerizing shiny, dark, painted lips. The realization came to her that Victoria could easily bend down and kiss her, then the wish for that to happen swept over her. Why not? It would just be a natural token of friendship between two women who have come to like each other in a short time. And now that my lips are painted deep black with many layers of beautiful, black, black lipstick...they are as kissable as hers...

Her lips are so deep and dark purple and so very delicious looking..........just my daughter's... Victoria's face became Madelynn's... In her mind, her daughter's pretty goth face descended... Her approaching lips darkened to pure black... A teen daughter's black lips joined with her mother's black lips... Erin, with closed eyes, mewed in perverted imagined pleasure as black lips mashed together in wicked love. "Ooo mmmm..."

After letting the seductive magic of the moment permeate more deeply into Erin for a minute, Victoria spoke. "Ready to continue, honey?" Opening her eyes, Erin came to herself somewhat, but only somewhat, embarrassed and mystified within herself for having spaced out to a daydream of making out with her daughter, and still in a rather dreamy state. Looking up at the vision of beauty that was Victoria caused her to start floating into another erotic fantasy, which was particularly propelled by the wonderful feeling of Victoria's long-nailed hand which was now kneading her ass rather aggressively, which act her conscious mind did not quite process but which her dreamy self loved.

Erin gave in to the new fantasy, in which Victoria, still hovering over her on the bed, but now clad only in a lacy, transparent burgundy-red bra and panties set, pulled her bun out and shook her hair out, a long curtain of pale blondeness descending to envelope the still-reclining Erin's head and torso. Erin, who was also only wearing a skimpy bra and panties set, although hers was of shiny black satin--but then her imagination added her wearing sheer black nylons, a black satin garter belt, and shiny black high heels--reached up into the blondeness to pull the glory above her down to her. Erin now knew, or thought she knew, that she had wanted to be with a beautiful woman like this, alone, in private, on her bed, intimate, for most of her life, and that she was extremely desirous to know, despite having just kissed her teen daughter in the previous fantasy, what it would be like to kiss a beautiful mature woman like Victoria. Please...I want to know... Please kiss me, you beauty... As if having heard Erin's thoughts, the envisioned Victoria bent down and kissed her. Finally! Ohh...ahhh....mmmmmmm...

As they kissed, the envisioned blonde slipped her adventurous hand into the brunette woman's panties, and played directly and more deeply yet with her derriere, exploring her ass crack and anus. In this imagined scenario, Erin enveloped her blonde companion in her arms and opened her glossy black mouth, inviting Victoria's tongue in, followed by an abandoned congress of lips, lipstick, tongues, and saliva. The real Erin squirmed and moaned under both the real-life and the fantasized ass play and the envisioned deep kissing with her sexy new friend.

Being driven mad with lust by Victoria's exploring fingers, Erin then understood that she wanted to feel another woman's fingers on and in her quaking pussy. She again inwardly pleaded--not realizing that she was also speaking aloud in her real world--"Oh, please, pussy..." Once again complying, the imaginary blonde slid her hand underneath the silky, scanty black panties around a hip until it found Erin's womanly slit and started to play with and probe her wet cunt lips. "Ohhhhh...Victoria...yes!!" Erin stabbed her tongue deep in her blonde friend's mouth. This was so much better than she ever suspected it might be.

The realization came over Erin that makeup--both hers and Victoria's, heavily applied and dramatic, especially deep, dark lipstick--was a primary catalyst in bringing them to this point of love and the physical manifestation of it. I love makeup. I love lipstick. Black lipstick.

Erin became aware that both of their bras had disappeared, leaving them topless, and that Victoria was lying on top on her. Victoria's turgid nipples and very large areolas, painted dark burgundy red, pressed thrillingly into Erin's black ones as they made out. Victoria then shifted to dangle her inviting, stained nipples over Erin's lips. Droplets of milk dripped from them into the brunette's open mouth, then Victoria lowered a breast toward that eager, black-lipped mouth.

"Erin?" The lovely voice called Erin reluctantly back toward reality. As she saw Erin become a little more alert, Victoria tapered off her play with Erin's ass, but continued touching it, accustomizing Erin to this type of presumptive woman-to-woman caress. "Your makeup...for Madylynn...remember?"

"Oh...oh, yeah..."

Victoria helped a slightly woozy Erin up and guided her back to the chair in front of the vanity. All the while, she kept her hand on Erin's behind, squeezing it slightly a time or two as they walked--each time, Erin instinctively pressing herself closer against Victoria's body in response--and then from time to time afterward, after they had sat down, whereupon Erin would invariably look into Victoria's pretty face, blushing and smiling.

Once Erin was seated, instead of immediately applying makeup to Erin's face, Victoria resumed the interrupted activity of pumping Erin's mouth with the tube of lipstick, Erin cooperating completely and offering no resistance whatsoever. She pressed the black lipstick between Erin's lips and into her mouth and moved it in-and-out like a piston. Erin made hushed moans through the slender lipstick tube.

"You like that...don't you...whore?"

Erin, lost in enjoyment, crooned her agreement, only peripherally processing the term which Victoria had used to address her. However, she did not find the term offensive, but rather felt that it fit her some. She did feel a little like a whore.

The view in front of her began to morph and the lipstick tube between her lips widened in diameter to one-and-three-quarter inches. She was now sucking a lustrous black strap-on attached to a black leather harness worn by a teenage girl with porcelain white skin.

Though Erin had been entertaining soft lesbian fantasy scenarios featuring herself with relative ease in her loosened mind, this one struck a nerve as being too extreme, and she rebelled.


Shocked by the mental image, she broke off from Victoria, retreated from her seat, and ran towards the door. Just as she was about to touch the doorknob, she heard Victoria exclaim, "Erin, stop!" Right after those words were spoken, Erin found herself unable to move any further.

What's going on? Why can't I move? She turned her head back and looked at Victoria fearfully. However, that feeling was mixed with excitement and attraction. Confused by the strange feelings, her face contorted in anguish.

"Why are you trying to run away from me?" asked Victoria in a cold voice with a touch of schadenfreude.

Erin tried to think, but it was difficult. Her instincts told her Victoria was dangerous, yet Erin knew she nevertheless was powerfully drawn to her. "I don't know why I like you so I think I get it... You're not trying to help me... In fact...maybe...maybe you're part of the same group who are corrupting my daughter! Are you?!"

The drugs sure are taking their sweet time to reach their full effect. Maybe Erin is one of those rare types who are resistant, but that doesn't mean she can't be broken down. In fact, I see the lust glowing in her eyes. Lust for me. Lust for her daughter. Lust for women. Lust for girls. She's being possessed by it already. She's coming along. She's changing. She might still be fighting it, but, ultimately, no one can withstand the will of the Goddess...

Victoria expressed sadness and concern on her face, and her voice changed to a softer tone. "No, Erin. You're jumping to conclusions, and you have it wrong. I don't have anything to do with those people." She walked over to Erin. "I am trying to help you." Standing in front of the brunette, she slid her hands onto Erin's shoulders.

Erin reacted verbally, but without attempting to jump away or to swat Victoria's hands off. "Don't touch me! Get away!" The moment she spit out the rebuke, Erin knew that she didn't mean it or want that, but rather that she craved just the opposite. Victoria did not retreat, but instead slipped her hands a little inside the neckline of Erin's shirt so she could caress the skin of Erin's neck and shoulders directly, as if she were simply a friend who happened to be employing some intimacy to comfort and reassure.

Despite sensing the danger in the situation, Erin responded strongly to Victoria's touch: loving it, not wanting to lose it, and gasping softly. "Please believe me, Erin, I wouldn't do anything to hurt you." Victoria gently slipped her hands down onto the arms of the anxious woman before her, causing needy gasps to escape from Erin's lips again.

"You did me..." Erin moaned when she felt Victoria gently squeezing her arms. Her eyes were caught in Victoria's intense gaze again.

"Shhhhhhhh............" Victoria slid an index finger bearing a long, smooth, painted nail onto Erin's black-painted lips. "Relax, Erin." Victoria's voice was soft, gentle, and kind. "I'm not your enemy, sweetheart. I'm your ally. I'm your friend...

"I'm not your enemy...

"I'm your ally...

"I'm your friend..."

Victoria caressed Erin's face while repeating the mantra. Gradually Erin's expression softened. She closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against Victoria's fingers as their nails grazed lightly on her skin. Her anxiety abated under Victoria's soothing words and touch. After a minute, Victoria slipped her index finger into the brunette's mouth. Erin's lips closed around it and sucked on it, soon joined by her tongue lapping it, as Victoria probed in and out.

"Trust me...

"Believe in me...

"Love me...

"Trust me...

"Believe in me...

"Love me...

"Make love to me...

"Trust me...

"Believe in me...

"Love me...

"Make love to me...

"Fuck me...

"Love me...

"Make love to me...

"Fuck me...


"Fuck me...


"Fuck me...

"You're a whore.

"You're a slut.

"You're a lesbian.

"You're a lesbian whore.

"You slut.

"You whore.

"Lesbian whore...

"Lesbian whore...

"Fuck me...

"Fuck me...

"Love me...

"Love me..."

The blonde enchantress withdrew her wet finger. Purple nails grazed down along Erin's face, neck, and shoulder, then played along the full length of her arm until the hand was reached. Holding Erin's receptive hand, Victoria guided Erin back to the vanity table.


It was almost evening by the time Madelynn got home.

"Mom, I'm home!"

However, there was no response. She walked around the house to look for her mom, but found no trace of her. I wonder if she's taking a nap.

Getting no response after knocking on the door of her mom's bedroom lightly few times, Madelynn slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door ajar. Her mom wasn't in the room, but she noticed something was off. First, the bed looked messy. The sheets were in disarray and the duvet was folded haphazardly. Second, there was a strong scent of perfume in the air that smelled like licorice and violets. The smell was stronger the closer she got to the bed. It was unlike her mom to leave the bed messy and to wear such strong perfume.

A glint on the bed caught her eye. It came from an object partially hidden beneath the duvet. Walking to the bedside, Madelynn grabbed the edge of the duvet and pulled it away, revealing the entirety of the shiny object. She gasped when she saw that it was a strap-on dildo. The shaft was slightly curved with a bulbous end made from a hard ceramic material, dark red in color, partly decorated with gold leaf filigree, and covered with a shiny layer of lacquer. It was attached via a brass ring to a thick red leather harness with brass buckles.

Why is this on mom's bed?!

Another object caught her eye. It was a bottle of clear lube on the nightstand. The strong scent of a perfume that she knew her mom never wore, the sex toy, and the bottle of lube suggested that there might have someone in the room with her mom earlier. A strap-on dildo strongly suggested that the someone had been a woman--or a girl--and that the action in the room had not only been sexual, but hard core sexual.

While Madelynn was quite conversant by now with the kinds of erotic objects she was finding, they were completely out of place in her mother's bedroom and she knew with near certainty that they would be utterly foreign to her mother, as would sexual acts of any kind with other females. No way! Mom wouldn't know what to do with these things. And she couldn't have used them with another woman...................could she have?

Wait, Madelynn... Don't even go there. Madelynn chastised herself for even starting to think so extremely. Not Mom. There must be some other explanation.

The situation in this bedroom didn't add up. She could only speculate about what had gone on in the room. Had Mom let someone else use the room, and they had brought in these items and had had a rollicking time, maybe without Mom knowing what they were up to? But why would she allow that? Or was Mom just curious, for some reason, and had she bought these items and played around with them on her own? The most obvious explanation was the most difficult one to face. It would be so unlike Mom for her to engage in sex with another female, or to use sex toys, for that matter.

However, subconsciously, she was intrigued by the possibility and wished it to be true. Unable to resist her curiosity, she reached for the strap-on dildo in the bed. When she touched it, she felt a tingle up her spine, as if a switch had been pressed on her body. By this point, she knew strap-on dildos, knew well how to use one on a woman, knew well the high of plunging into another woman with one, was acquainted with the rush of making a girl scream in ecstasy and cry in lust and beg for more with one.

Slowly, she raised the dildo close to her face to examine it. There was a strong smell of perfume coming off from the strap-on, the same fragrance that permeated the room. Parts of the surface of the dildo glistened, as if it were wet, but Madelynn didn't want to touch those places to confirm that suspicion.

As she absorbed the lingering scent of the heady perfume in her mother's bedroom, she opened up more to the possibility of lesbian sex, maybe even involving her mother, having occured right there not too long ago. The apparent used condition of the sex toy in her hand indicated that someone had to have worn it. The question was, was it her mother or someone else?

Scandalous images began to pop up in her mind. Obscene images of her mother wearing the strap-on and using the phallic tool on another woman began to dance in Madelynn's imagination. She envisioned her mother, naked, standing, and facing an equally naked, mysterious young female and holding her. Erin's hands were on the young woman's buttcheeks, clutching the firm globes of the young woman's ass. In turn, the young woman had her arms around her mother's neck and her legs wrapped around her waist for support. The young woman was bouncing herself up and down on the red strapon cock, the sounds of delirious pleasure escaping both women's mouths. Madelynn couldn't shake the uneasy feeling that the young woman was very young, her own age or even younger.

No! thought Madelynn as she threw the strapon back onto her mother's bed and did her best to fight the sinful thoughts invading her mind. Madelynn knew for a fact that her mother was not like that. Erin was the living epitome of a pious, moral woman. Her mother would never debase herself by engaging in non-marital sex, especially with another woman. It was highly inappropriate to even think such thoughts of her mother.

In corrective reaction, her subconscious mind began to alter that perspective. Despite Erin's saintly past, the evidence supported the argument that she had been, in fact, involved in lesbian play in this bedroom, and that it had been hard-core. If Erin hadn't been the pitcher, then most likely she had been the catcher. Degrading mental images surfaced of her mother on her hands and knees on her bed, moaning in lust and begging a mysterious woman to fuck her senseless with the obscene tool. Erin looked different than normal, too, better in Madelynn's opinion, her eyes dark with heavy eye makeup, her lips glossy black, her hair long and shiny and midnight-black. The mysterious woman, enshrouded in shadows, attacked her mother's wet, expectant pussy, plunging all the way in and then pumping the strap-on in and out of her mother's gushing snatch. The scene assaulted Madelynn's mind and passions.

"Yes! Fuck me like the whore that I am!" screamed her mother's mental image. "Fuck, this feels so good! We should have become lovers years ago!" shouted Erin as she rapidly rocked her body back and forth against her partner, trying to work as much of the crimson dildo into her spasming fuck hole as possible, the erotic sounds of flesh rapidly impacting flesh reverberating in Madelynn's mind. The sounds and exclamations and sensations of sharp pleasure with which Madelynn painted her fantasy reflected those she herself had experienced recently in her real life, by now having had similar and repeated episodes of sex with women and girls.

But now she imagined the identity of her mother's mystery partner in love coming into focus. The revelation was heart-stopping for Madelynn.

"Fuck me, Madelynn!" the mental image of her mother wailed at her. "Take me as your lesbian lover! Claim me as your wife!" Just as the fantasy version of her mother confessed that it was Madelynn who was pounding her mother's trembling twat, to Madelynn's utter shock, Madelynn witnessed light fall on the mysterious woman, revealing that it indeed was her, Madelynn, fucking her mother into sexual bliss. Madelyn's mental doppelganger took on the image of a goth lesbian sex goddess, whose lascivious, dark beauty made Madelynn's heart leap, wearing the dark red strapon, holding onto Erin's hips, and riding her mother for all she was worth, with Erin, her mother, eagerly meeting each thrust with erotic enthusiasm.

Madelynn only stood in horror and base lust as the image of her mother begging her to continue the animalistic fuck on the bed played in her mind's eye and refused to stop.

My mom is not like that! thought Madelynn, which was followed by a searing pain lancing through her skull. As she tried further to deny the perversion that her corrupted mind was insinuating to her, she clutched her head. "She's not like that!" screamed Madelynn as she ran out of her mother's room.

Madelynn took refuge in the bathroom. It took a while for Madelynn to calm down from the shocking mental imagery. However, she was still disturbed by it, her knuckles still white as her hands held onto the edge of sink, refusing to let go, her body trembling, her stomach nauseous, her eyes red and watery as she looked at her reflection.

"I'm not like that! She's not like that!" Madelynn shouted at the reflection of the angry goth vixen staring back at her from the bathroom mirror. "I-I don't love my mom like that. I don't want to see my mom naked, I don't want to touch my mom, and I especially don't want to fuck her!" Madelynn screamed at her reflection.

The connection between her degenerate fantasy and Elena struck her. If Elena had never come into her life, her feelings about girls and her mother would have been normal. It was Elena who had twisted her, who had corrupted her. Sentiments of abhorrence and rebellion arose within her.

Elena can release all the pictures and videos she took of me, for all I care, Madelynn mentally protested, but I won't fuck my mom!

A few minutes later, Madelynn had regained enough of her composure and walked out of the bathroom, when she heard her smartphone ring. Taking it out of her small drawstring purse, she recognized the number. It was Elena. Of course, Madelynn had no idea that Elena, on her smartphone, had observed her outburst recorded by hidden cameras planted throughout her home.

Madelynn contemplated letting the call go to voicemail. Given her current mood, she had no desire to speak with Elena nor, especially, to deal with whatever horrific sexual task Elena likely wanted her to complete. And yet, despite the contempt she felt for Elena at the moment, she knew better than to do as she felt like doing. Even if she told Elena to go ahead and release all the photos and videos of her naked or participating in lesbian sex, Madelynn had no certainty that threats to herself and her family would end there. It was entirely possible, if not probable, that someone higher up and much more ruthless than Elena was calling the shots and might be willing to go beyond mere blackmail and into physical violence. Madelynn didn't want to test that possibility without more information. So until she could determine who was really pulling Elena's strings, she would still acquiesce to Elena's demands. And that meant starting with answering the call.

As Madelynn pressed the "accept" button on her cell phone, she felt a small thrill pass through her, and her feelings about the call and the caller started to change. This was, after all, the dreamy Elena--her girlfriend--on the line. Yes, she had held Elena responsible for dragging her, under duress, into a life foreign to what she originally wanted, but she knew from her conversation with the goth beauty the previous night that Elena was a pawn and was not to be blamed, ultimately. Moreover Elena was quite fond of her, she had found out. But of more significance, perhaps, was the way Madelynn had been coming to feel about Elena. Madelynn was starting to view her with sympathy and had some desire now to cooperate with her, at least in certain ways. She had started to appreciate her as her mentor in the ways of the goth style and even lesbianism, although Madelynn had never wanted to be a goth lesbian before, of course, and thought she would decide to go back to her old life, if given the choice, except she knew she would never want to go back to looking like a frumpy, boring prude. She had Elena to thank for deliverance from that. And the rest really hadn't hurt her that much, so far, either, to be honest. Moreover, Madelynn had come to love Elena's intoxicating beauty and sexiness and had started to love being with Elena. Certainly what they did over the previous night--the way Madelynn fucked Elena again and again...the way they made love all night all of which Madelynn had freely consented--was unforgettable.

Still...what Madelynn had just undergone in her mother's bedroom...the sleazy visions about her mother being a lesbian whore and about Madelynn having sex with her...and the unsettled feeling that her mother might get dragged down with her into Elena's intrigues...this had Madelynn disturbed, and, at least temporarily, wary of Elena. If it hadn't been for Elena and whoever was controlling her, neither she, Madelynn, nor her mother would be in jeopardy. Madelynn decided to merely put up with Elena on this phone call, but not to be particularly friendly.


"Hey there, girlfriend. How's it going?"

Elena's cheerful attitude just caused Madelynn to scowl. "I'm doing fine. What do you want?"

"Wow, that's kind of a bad attitude to have with your girlfriend."

Madelynn knew that Elena considered them to be in a lesbian girlfriend-girlfriend relationship, and, despite not having chosen it, Madelynn had been starting to see herself really as Elena's lesbian girlfriend, too, with the two of them maybe being in a long-term rather than a short-term relationship, and one which she now sometimes regarded as mutually desired. Sometimes, she had even found herself quite liking being with Elena, or loving it, and being her girl, such as during the previous night. In fact, she couldn't help but be inwardly, reluctantly delighted with Elena's two references to her as such. But part of "girlfriend" was "friend", and right now Madelynn wanted some comforting "friendship", more than Elena had proven capable of giving her to this point. Madelynn scoffed at the seeming implication that Elena had been a good friend. No...more likely than not, Elena was going to be demanding something of her that a true friend would not.

"I-I'm not feeling well. Is there something you want?"

"Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. But I think I have just the thing for what ails ya."

"Do I have to really do this?" Madelynn angrily pleaded. "Can't you just give me a break?"

However, before Madelynn could continue her protest, she heard a sharp static hiss. All of a sudden, Madelynn found it hard to keep focused. The hostility she felt towards Elena faded away very quickly and was replaced with a euphoric joy. Her doubts about and ill-will towards Elena waned into the background, while all of her good feelings toward her expanded and emerged to the front and center, to the point that a few seconds later a blank expression of peace, happiness, and receptivity took over her face. How cool was it that her sexy girlfriend was on the phone. Madelynn loved talking with her.

"Come on, Maddy don't you want to spend time with your girlfriend? I promise you'll have fun."

"I-I guess so... Actually...yes...for sure... I'm sorry I gave you a hard time. I don't know what came over me. I'd love to see you again, Elena." Memories from the previous night, of her hard-core sex with Elena and the rabid desire for her girlfriend which those acts stirred, returned to her. "I'd really love to see you. In fact...the sooner, the better!"

"That's great to hear, Maddy. I'm in the mood to hit up a particular club and could use the company of my sexy goth girl by my side."

Wow. I'm "her" girl. I like the way that sounds. Now Madelynn was getting very excited in anticipation of being with Elena again.

"What time will you be here?" Elena could read the eagerness in Madelynn's voice and smiled to herself.

"I'm already on my way." That's good. "Should be there in about five minutes or so, Maddy."

"Fine, girlfriend. I'll be ready!"

"Oh, one more thing, Maddy, sweetie. I want you to dress as sexy as possible. I want everyone in that club knowing you're on the prowl for some sweet girl-on-girl action. Oh, and one more thing. Don't bother wearing any panties. They'll just get in the way. I'll see you soon, my love."

"Okay. Bye." Madelynn found she was breathless and a little wobbly by having just talked with her sexy girlfriend and by the prospect of seeing her again.

After the call ended, Madelynn placed her phone back into her purse. As she made her way to her room to get ready, she found herself in a reflective mood, with thoughts, nice thoughts, about Elena popping up in her head.

Elena is sweet. I know we started out on the wrong foot when we first met...but... she's just as much a victim as I am. I'd like to get to know her better...and be close...very close to her... Of course, I don't want to be a lesbian the meantime...if I have to be one...and have to have a lesbian girlfriend...I can't think of anyone I'd rather have than Elena... For the moment, Madelynn overlooked the fact that Elena was the direct cause of her having to be a lesbian and having a lesbian girlfriend. Except for Wendy...and Lauren... But I think Elena and I really can be great friends... maybe even...true girlfriends...or more... How did I get to be so lucky to be in a relationship with a sexy beauty like her?

Madelynn walked over to her vanity mirror and appraised herself. She wanted to look really good for Elena. She thought at first that she just needed to do a touch-up of her make-up and change her attire into something that was sexy and appealed to Elena's tastes. With a lecherous smile on her face, she subtly ran her hands along her curves a few times while looking at herself in the mirror. Hmmm...not bad...but I'm going to look so hot for her...

Walking over to her closet, she opened the hinged doors and was greeted with a blast of pungent perfume that smelled exactly like the fragrance in her mother's room. Then she was surprised with the selection of clothing she saw. She thought her mom had confiscated most of the clothing and accessories that she deemed inappropriate and sinful. However, there were still many items remaining that Madelynn had thought had been taken and more items that she didn't recall possessing before. This is weird... Why does my closet smell like my mother's room? And how did these things get here? Not that I mind... I wonder if Mom has relented on being so strict and gave me some stuff it possible...that she even bought me some clothes..."my type" of clothes...and other things...? That would be so unlike never know...

There was a shiny black leather cropped jacket decked with spiky studs, a matching mini skirt, matching bras and thongs, black leather hotpants, black leather jeans, and studded leather belts and chokers. Aroused, she ran her hand along the leather and studs, gasping slightly at how good the items looked and felt. In particular, after having seen Wendy in hot pants, and having found herself smitten with Wendy's appearance that day, she had specifically wanted hot pants of her own, ones exactly like the kind now in her closet, and she couldn't wait to try them on, and to wear them for Wendy. And for other girls. On shelves near those items were a few sex toys: a twelve-inch double dildo that had the luster and color of polished onyx, a black studded-leather strap-on harness with five different phallic attachments colored uniquely in black, purple, blue, and crimson red, and a standing dildo with spiral grooves and a bulbous tip, made entirely from black glass.

Hidden speakers planted by Hecate's agents began broadcasting subtle background noise that contain subliminals to assuage Madelynn's worries.

The teen girl closed her eyes and gasped again, but loudly this time. Yes...she was definitely getting aroused by the foreboding new items, which would have been completely alien to the girl she used to be. Thanks to the subliminals, however, she quickly became convinced that the new paraphenalia had been in her possession, there in the closet, all along, that this indeed was "her" style, all of it, and that she was going to wear and use it all. If she owned it, of course she would.

With quick movements, Madelynn took off the tame clothes given to her by Lauren, tossed them aside, as if bidding that type of attire a disdainful, impatient, and enduring farewell, and stripped herself naked. It felt good to be naked, she noted, and she checked herself out in the mirror with gratification, taking a moment to run her hands over her breasts, waist, hips, and rear. The subliminals persuaded her that her hot young body was built for sex. Lesbian sex. She then put on the black leather spiked-studded demi-bra, the studded miniskirt, the black fishnet stockings, the studded, wedge-heeled black leather boots with multiple rows of buckles, the black cropped jacket, and lastly a spiked leather choker with a pair of Venus symbols on the front. Per Elena's orders, she didn't wear panties, noting, as encouraged by the subliminals, a certain exciting, sexually liberating feeling in so doing, and an impression that she might like going pantiless again in the future, perhaps often. She did briefly contemplate wearing the strap-on harness with the blue dildo attachment so that she could pound Elena's pussy with the toy, like she had done the previous night with a different and most wonderful strap-on. She pictured getting Elena alone again...her girlfriend spreading her legs, beckoning Madelynn closer...Elena's eyes popping open wide with surprise at the novel blue dildo dangling from her strap-on harness...pleading with her...Madelynn kissing Elena...then penetrating her... Oh, yeah...mmmm..

Snapping back to the task at hand and ending the brief daydream, Madelynn thought twice about wearing a strap-on, as much as the idea appealed to her. "No panties" probably also meant nothing interfering with free access to her pussy. That made Madelynn wonder with excitement what Elena had planned for her girly slit.

Madelynn went to her vanity to apply make-up. Her initial thought had been to do a minor touch-up, but, due to the subliminals, she decided to apply her makeup heavily. Mascara was repeatedly applied on her lashes. Frosted purple and blue eyeshadows were painted thickly on her eyelids, coat after coat. She stripped the purple lacquer from her nails and applied black enamel instead. Her lips were painted with layer upon layer of glossy black lip stain.

She wasn't sure why she had selected the black lipstick and nail polish this time. It wasn't like she had never worn black before, but purple had been her "regular" color. She reflected that maybe she was feeling a little bit wicked right now, and the black fit better with that mood. I look good like this. Black is the perfect color for me. I love this look.

Then she reacted to the fact that she had rather unconsciously applied the sinister tint so heavily to her lips. Madelynn's face contorted slightly at her own reflection. This is enough already... I've already put on five coats... Just when she was about to put the lip stain brush back into the bottle, the subliminals continued to assault her mind, encouraging her to put on more layers. Her face became expressionless as she obeyed the orders of the sinister female voice. Only when she heard her phone ring did she stop.

Her caller ID told her it was Elena calling, but when she answered it, all she heard was an unintelligible, inhuman-sounding voice. Due to her previous brainwashing, Madelynn's subconscious mind was able to interpret the strange sounds as specific commands. She picked up a small 10mL clear glass bottle on the vanity table which she hadn't seen before and drank all of the blue liquid contained within. Upon hearing the doorbell, Madelynn slowly got up and walked robotically out of her room.

When Madelynn opened the front door, she was greeted by the site of Elena, who was dressed in a tight black leather jacket, a blue metallic lame crop top, hip-hugging black leather jeans, and black ankle-length boots with five-inch heels. Her page-boy-styled hair was pitch black with some locks dyed blue. Her lips and nails were painted in a glossy cobalt blue color while her eyes were decorated with black mascara and eyeliner. The only visible jewelry on her body were her three-inch hoop earrings, a blue topaz navel ring, and a silver bangle on her left arm.

Madelynn was dazzled, as she usually was by Elena, and felt her pulse race and her pussy moisten, although she was in a mild stupor and couldn't express her attraction much outwardly or as freely as she felt like, at least yet. But Madelynn's internal response to Elena was fervent, as she was now, through conditioning and repeated acts of sex with her--most notably the deeply-moving, hard-core lesbian love they had shared the night before--quite addicted to the woman, without being really aware of it, and reacted physically and emotionally to her helplessly, without being able to resist or suppress her now-entrenched desire for her goth mentor.

"Elena," said Madelynn emotionlessly.

"Maddy, I'm glad you got yourself dressed on time as I've asked."

The blue-and-black-haired woman embraced and kissed the teenaged girl. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm," both young women moaned together with the delicious pleasure. Elena pushed her tongue into Madelynn's mouth as her arms roamed down Madelynn's back. Reciprocating Elena's actions, Madelynn mechanically embraced Elena and mirrored her actions, pleased that she could at least do that. Driven by rising lust to exert herself a little more against the daze she was in, she jousted Elena's tongue with her own and caressed the woman's back and ass.

Elena broke the kiss, leaving a disappearing thread of saliva hanging between their lips and simultaneously grabbed Madelynn's wrists. "You're such a nympho, Maddy, but I like it. Want to have some fun before we head to the club?"

"Yes, I want to fuck you right now, Elena." Madelynn's response, while unnaturally spoken, was earnest, and correlated with what was happening within her body. Her nipples were engorged and erect. Her pussy was moist. Her body was warming up. Both women well knew that Elena--her appearance, her presence, her embrace, her touch, her blue mouth, Madelynn's past sex with her, and the promise of what might happen between them tonight--was doing that to her.

Without warning, Elena reached a hand underneath Madelynn's skirt and touched her wet pussy, causing the teenaged girl to gasp. Having confirmed that Madelynn was indeed pantiless, as ordered, and aroused, a wicked smile formed on Elena's face as she fingered Madelynn's pussy for about ten seconds. "On second thought, why don't we wait until we get to the club first? We can rent a room and have fun there, and maybe another friend will join us."

In response, Madelynn simply kissed Elena while embracing her tightly. Surprised by the younger girl's bold action, Elena tried to gently push her charge away, but Madelynn didn't relent and tightened the embrace and deepened the kiss instead, going as far as groping Elena's ass. Enjoying the spontaneous affection from her young girlfriend, an unexpected change of pace from having to dictate everything herself, Elena allowed herself to be kissed and groped by Madelynn. But, after two minutes, it becoming apparent that Madelynn wasn't going to be stopping anytime soon, Elena had no choice but to halt Madelynn by holding her arms in place and pushing her backwards.

"Maddy, sweetie, stop. Let's continue this at the club."

"Sure, Elena," Madelynn breathed sultrily, eyelids heavy with arousal from the labial exchange with her mistress. "Whatever you want."

"Good." Elena gave Madelynn another kiss on the lips. "Let's get going then."

They walked together, hand-in-hand, to Elena's motorcycle. Then, as they sped through the night, Madelynn hugged Elena's body tightly from behind, her hands straying to hold onto her partner's leather-clad breasts much of the time--eventually going so far as to also zip down Elena's leather jacket enough to let her slide her hands inside it to grope the beauty's tits more intimately--leaning her head on Elena's shoulder, as much as she could while wearing a helmet, supremely content to be with her amazing, beautiful, sexy goth girlfriend, her dreamy state persisting until it wore off just before their arrival at their destination.

Elena couldn't help but smile to herself. Madelynn had come such a long way into beauty, lesbianism, and promiscuity since they had met, and she, Elena, had been the chief instigator of the girl's drastic changes. Madelynn was, to a great extent, her creation, almost her cute little goth clone, or even her daughter. Elena was now more a mother to her, in some ways, than was Erin, certainly more a guide, mentor, and model for the girl than Erin was. And, even though Madelynn was still occasionally a little rebellious, it wasn't that much or that often any more. More and more, she was cooperating with Elena voluntarily, without Elena having to threaten and coerce her, and into which state Elena had gradually led the girl without Madelynn being quite aware of it. Yes, Elena was well debriefed on the "plot" Lauren had hatched with Madelynn, in which Madelynn was supposed to act like she was coming to like Elena more and was willing to collaborate with her. But she also knew that Madelynn's rising affection and lust for her was much more than mere acting. The evidence and Elena's intuition told her that the girl was really falling in love with her. Elena liked that.

Madelynn's feelings were not without reciprocation on Elena's part. Certainly, she was acting most of the time with the girl, for she had a part to play, she was good at it, and she was dedicated to the cause. But this assignment had nevertheless become a very fond one for her. For one thing, Elena's corrupted morals were such that teasing and jerking an innocent girl around and altering the whole course of her life like she had been doing did not make her feel guilty much, if at all, but rather was quite a turn-on. But Madelynn was special to her, maybe because she had been so resistant and Elena had had to invest so much of herself to bring her to this current point, and maybe it was because the teen had become so beautiful and so sexy, surprising Elena, who had seen potential in Madelynn from the beginning, but not this much. She desired the girl genuinely and deeply now, and, in her own way, she had come to love her. But she also loved the way the girl was changing and every day she looked forward to seeing her charge descend ever deeper into the dark destiny awaiting her. And she couldn't wait to see how the events planned for this evening would further corrupt her girl.


Erin began to feel her head gently swaying side to side as she slowly started to return to consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she was a bit startled by her surroundings. She seemed to be in a car.

The last thing Erin remembered was talking to a beautiful blonde woman named Victoria, who had introduced herself as the mother of one of Madelynn's friends. Bits and pieces of her memories of Victoria came back to Erin. They had been discussing their parental concerns about their daughters. Erin remembered that Victoria had proposed a plan to visit a club at which Madelynn was going to be tonight. The purpose of the visit was to make sure that Maddy wasn't doing anything foolish or participating in dangerous activities.

However, her other memories were hazy. Erin felt that something else occurred during her time together with Victoria...but she wasn't so sure that it did and, if it did, what it might have been. She couldn't specifically recall anything else occurring between her and Victoria other than a friendly conversation about their daughters. But an impression lingered that they had hit it off and liked each other, or, one could say, were attracted to each other, and that she, Erin had enjoyed Victoria's company very much and had come to want to see more of her in the future.

As Erin emerged into a higher state of awareness, she noticed how things were moving in a fast blur around her. It took a few more seconds for Erin to realize conclusively that she was in a car, as she had supposed a minute before. From what she could make out, it seemed to be some kind of high-end luxury model. As she looked down at herself, she saw that she was wearing one of her old evening dresses. By modern standards it was outdated and too conservative, she knew, but at least it showed some of the shapely curves of her body, maybe enough to tease a little, but not enough to truly entice. It was a snow-white number that Don, her ex-husband, had bought her some years back for the infrequent occasions she and Don would go out for the evening.

Then Erin noticed, with some surprise, that the hem of the dress was bunched up around her hips, exposing her thighs up to her panties, that even her panties were partly exposed, that she was uncharacteristically wearing nylons, nude-colored, held in place by exposed garter straps--garter belts being even more foreign to Erin than nylons, as she never wore anything other than pantihose when she did wear nylons, and that wasn't often--that her legs were spread apart more than would be considered ladylike, and that a well-manicured hand with purple nails was resting on her left thigh, gently caressing it. The beautiful, manicured, feminine hand was partly poised on her nylon stocking and partly directly on the smooth, naked skin of her thigh above the stocking. A part of Erin was apprehensive, but at the same time she wanted the hand to stay where it was, and see what would happen next.

It had been so long since she had felt intimate contact with another person. She started to recall times when Don had tried to "put the moves" on her. Even though she had often liked it, and she now missed it, she had many times rejected his advances, for her religious principles dictated, she thought, that sex should be limited in frequency and scope, even in marriage. Her frigidity had been the major factor in their divorce.

Now, however, new implanted memories bubbled up, changing her perspective. Don had been a selfish pig who had been out only for his own pleasure, never hers--like all men, she seemed to intuitively know. Ever the one to try to convince her to "spice up" their life, sex to him had simply been about him trying to shove his wretched penis into her body and unloading it, with no regard to her needs. Her recollection now was that, reflecting his true nature, his every touch had felt slimy--as would be the touch of any man, it was clear--and the mere thought of it now made her skin crawl. Even caresses that had started out as gentle had typically evolved into a brutal and sickening conquest by him, unless she had stopped him. The belief now formed within her that the only good, if she could even call it that, to ever come to her from sex with a man had been that it had resulted in the birth of her daughter, Madelynn. Otherwise, her memory now told her, sex with her husband had been completely unfulfilling and degrading to her sexy body. Moreover, all men were the same--scum--and sex with any of them would be equally vile, she strongly felt.

It was now plain to her. Her frigidity had been all Don's fault, and she had been more than justified in rejecting him. Her divorce had simply been her liberation from that man--and, it now seemed to her, from all men, gladly so. It was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

That selfish pig... I'm so glad he's out of my and Madelynn's life. Who knows what kind of damage he would have done to her? Good riddance!

But the sublime physical contact she was enjoying at this moment wasn't masculine. Definitely not. It was totally different. Totally better. Erin had never before imagined that a woman's hand on her bare thigh, or, more correctly, on her nylon-covered thigh, could feel and look this good. But it did. The beautiful hand on her leg could stay. If Erin had been desperately craving intimate human contact, as she now realized was true, then this was a most wonderful remedy to her need.

From this point on, Erin's intuitive notions about what was desirable and what was repugnant, gender-wise, in sexual couplings would be quite reversed from what it had been before in her life. Whereas her old, straight self would have seen woman-on-woman sexuality as abhorrent, now intimacy involving a man and a woman would be repulsive, and she would regard physical and emotional affection between women as most appealing and ideal. Contact such as that wonderful, purple-nailed hand on her exposed thigh...that was the type she now craved...

"I see that we're awake," came a friendly voice from Erin's left.

Turning her head, the attractive brunette mother saw Victoria give her a warm smile and then turn her head back to focus on the road. However, she still left her hand on Erin's left thigh and gave it another gentle squeeze. Erin didn't mind at all, but she was curious about what was going on. This seemed to be, after all, a little unusual.

"Um... May I ask why... I mean, I don't want to seem rude...but...why is my dress bunched up to my hips and... why is your hand is on my thigh?"

"You don't remember, Erin? I didn't know that I was that good," Victoria said in a playful tone.

Erin immediately seized up when Victoria made the innuendo that Erin had willingly allowed this woman to do something sexual to her. And the farthest reaches of her head, she could hear alluring whispers assuring her conscious mind that such sensual contact from the woman couldn't be so bad...and as a matter of would be welcome.

But now Erin became excruciatingly aware of how close the blonde's hand was to her panties--it seemed that, since the last time Erin had looked, Victoria's hand had slid up her leg some, so that it now rested solely on bare thigh--and to the treasure inside them. This brought on a quick flashback to the fantasy she had had earlier in her bedroom of Victoria sliding her hand into her panties and playing with her ass and her pussy. An image of Victoria's hand now slipping up her leg and into the leg opening of her panties made her gasp sharply and, blushing, she shook her head to rid it of the exciting but shockingly depraved thought. Then her sense of decorum dictated to her to also draw her legs together to prevent anything genuinely inappropriate from occurring in her real world, so she did so.

However, Victoria's hand still remained on her thigh, refusing to let go. Erin liked that. Loved that. She loved the sight, with those slim, flawless fingers and their long, beautiful, shiny purple nails on the soft, pale skin of her thigh. She loved the feel. She loved the intimate connection it seemed to give her with her beautiful blonde companion. So Erin did nothing to draw her skirt back down over her thighs, but left them completely, shamelessly exposed all the way up to her panties, offering herself the excuse that there must be a plausible reason for this situation and that exposing her legs like this to another woman was nothing like doing it to a man, and therefore not that indecent. Plus, after all, swimming suits showed off this much, didn't they?

"Relax, Erin. I'm just kidding. You were complaining that your left thigh was feeling a bit sore from doing chores, and I offered to give you a massage. Don't tell me that my magic fingers felt so good that you forgot the whole thing?"

Victoria's excuse for why her hand was on her thigh did not appease the anxiety Erin was feeling. However, before Erin could formulate some kind of verbal reaction, Victoria lifted her hand off her thigh, but not before giving it another soft caress. In doing so, mixed feelings stirred again within Erin. On one hand, she was relieved that Victoria's hand was off her thigh, ending the little tension that had been playing on her emotions and physical urges, while, on the other hand, she was disappointed that such intriguing physical contact had been cut off so short. Erin, seeing she no longer had an excuse to show off her legs like she had been doing, pulled the hem of her skirt down some, but only to the middle of her thighs, unconsciously desiring to exhibit them at least a little still.

"It's just... I don't remember anything after leaving the house and it's just..."

Interrupting, Victoria deflected Erin's concern with an easy laugh and addressed the confused woman. "Erin, relax. You worry too much. I promise you that nothing inappropriate happened. All that happened in this car was a one friend helping another friend out."

"Okay..." was the only response that Erin could muster.

"Or...did you want something to happen...Erin?"

"Er...pardon me?"

"You know...with me."


"You sure?"

"No... I mean, yes..."


That last exchange quickly accelerated Erin's heartbeat, made her breathing shallow, and gave her a flash of heat in her pussy. "Something" happening between them--either already having happened, or potentially about to happen now or in the future--seemed now to be a realistic possibility, and her body was reacting with arousal to that realization. She found herself contemplating questions surrounding the issue. If something had happened between them, or if something was going to happen between them, what exactly would it have been or would it be? Would they kiss? Would they...would they feel each other up? Would Victoria get into her panties? And if so...would that be so bad? Was Victoria leaving the door open for something like that to happen between them now ? That possibility sent an inadvertent thrill through Erin's nipples, which confused Erin, as she knew herself to be straight. Although...with this woman...maybe there could be exception........ Yes.......definitely...maybe an exception... wouldn't be what proper people would do. Erin was committed decent, chaste conduct... She wasn't one to fool around like that... And, besides, they were two wouldn't that be kind of...extra perverted? Plus, after all, they had only just met......... wasn't something to even consider...and she hoped, intellectually, at least, that nothing like that had happened during the blank part of her memory.

Part of her felt like believing Victoria's version of the events that had transpired in the car, but Erin couldn't shake the feeling that Victoria had withheld a few things--and how right she was.

Erin had no clue when she entered Victoria's car, which was parked on the street in front of Erin's home, that Victoria had a small aerosol ready in her hand. When Erin got herself in the passenger seat and before she could close the door, Victoria quickly sprayed her with a fine mist.

Taken off guard, Erin inhaled the chemical spray and began to cough, trying to get the chemical mist out of her lungs, but it was a futile effort. Erin began to feel the drowsy effects of the potent sedative rapidly flowing through her body. Trying to resist the oncoming slumber, Erin looked up at Victoria and could only muster the strength to say "W-why iinnn theee h-hheck diiiid youuu dooo thaat?" in a sluggish tone before slumping over limp in Victoria's car. While to all appearances Erin was sound asleep, she was actually in a twilight state, capable of being influenced by words and other sounds and feeling and being moved by certain physical stimuli, and even capable of interacting verbally on a subconscious level.

Victoria tensely looked around to see if anyone had noticed what was happening in the car. All she heard were the typical sounds that were associated with a mundane neighborhood like this. Letting out a sigh of relief, Victoria took the time to enjoy surveying Erin's body, wrapped as it was in the white taffeta and satin dress that clung to her body.

Victoria had selected the dress from Erin's closet. It had been the closest thing she could find to something that would show off Erin's body, but, given Erin's conservative nature, finding something like that in Erin's wardrobe had been like trying to find the coldest piece of ice in the antarctic. But this one was not bad, if one could overlook the dated, prudish style, for it did have an enticing translucency and shiny finish and it did hug her curves nicely--surprising qualities for a dress this woman owned--so for now it would suffice. The blonde did not know that it had actually been Erin's husband at the time who had selected and bought it, not Erin, hoping wearing it would loosen his wife up a little, but she had never worn it enough for him to find out.

As Victoria took in the charms of the woman with her, she noted with prurient interest the bold, sexy contrast between the innocent white of the dress and the wicked black of her lipstick. Victoria took a moment to cop a feel of Erin's mounds and was delighted by the firm, squishy feeling of the delectable orbs hidden under the gaudy white dress. Erin let out a whimpering little moan, and, though not awake, whispered a low "yesss".

"Erin... Do you know a woman is playing with your tits?"


"Yes. How do you like it?"

"Mmmmm... It's nice..."

"Do you know what they call a woman who likes to be touched by other women?"


"A lesbian."

"I'm not ..."

"Yes...You are... You like me touching you, don't you?"


"Then you are a lesbian. And you're glad to be one. That way you can love women. Doesn't that sound good?"


"Yes. It sounds great to you. You're already in love with a woman, aren't you?"

Erin didn't answer.

"Can you tell me her name?...the woman you have fallen in love with..."

Again Erin was silent.

"Please, darling... I know it's a secret... But I know you're almost ready to burst, you want to tell someone so bad. And I won't tell anyone else... You can trust me... You can tell me... What's her name? Who's the woman whose body and lips and touch and love you want sooo bad, the one you are falling head over heels for?"

"........ Victoria........"

Yesss, Victoria exulted.

"She turns you on so much, it almost hurts, doesn't it? If you were a lesbian, then you could be with her. She could be your woman...your mate...your soulmate...your lover... You could even marry her. Would you like that?"

"Ohhh...yes.............but...but...two women can't...shouldn't..."
She's very resistant to the drugs I had given her. She's going to need something more potent than what I have on hand if she's going to be of any use for Goddess's plans tonight. Fortunately, I know just the place I can go to get her the tender care and love she needs. In the meantime...I'll play a little something to help straighten out her thinking.

"Just sit back and relax, sweetie."

After a few more caresses of Erin's body, Victoria positioned Erin and her skirt to her liking, got into her car, latched both of their seat belts, and drove off. However, before doing so, she set up an array of hypnotic subliminal messages to play through the car speakers as they drove, meant to further bend and alter Erin's mind towards sapphic leanings and desires.

Erin, you're curious about lesbian sex.

Erin, you desire beautiful women.

Erin, you crave to be dominated sexually by a woman.

Erin, you wish to give yourself to a woman.

Erin, deep down you find yourself happy when you submit to a woman.

Erin, submit to your lesbian desires.

Erin, you wish to let go and let beautiful, sexy women make the decisions in your life.

Erin you want other beautiful women to look at you and want you.

Erin, you wish to be beautiful and sexy.

Erin, you want to wear sexy clothes and makeup that attract other sexy women.

Erin, you want nothing more than to attract and to make love to other beautiful women and to submit to their desires.

Erin, it is natural for you to be a lesbian, to love women and girls, and to be submissive with them.

Erin, it's okay to want women and girls and to have them as you sexual partners, and to be sexy for them.

Erin you lust for your daughter.

Erin, you want your daughter to love you and lust for you and want you.

Erin, you want Madelynn to be a lesbian, and you will make sure she becomes one.

Erin, you want to seduce your daughter and make love to her.

Erin, you want to submit to your daughter and to satisfy her lesbian cravings for you.

Erin, you are a lesbian and will do anything and everything, no matter how immoral and depraved, to please other sexy women, especially your daughter, and to satisfy your lust for them.

Erin, you are a slut, a whorish, depraved slut, a slut for other women, a slut for girls, a slut for your daughter, and you want to be one, more than anything else.

Erin, you are but a whore, a cheap, perverted, sinful lesbian whore.

Erin, you are a submissive lesbian slut.

Victoria couldn't help but let out an evil laugh as she envisioned Erin being fully corrupted into becoming a submissive lesbian slut.

Fast forward to the present in Erin's day, Erin now fully awake and riding with Victoria, supposedly to find Madelynn. She was still cautious around Victoria despite her friendly nature and assurances that nothing had happened between them.

As Erin looked around, she noticed they were uptown in a part of the city that had shops, businesses, hotels, nightclubs, theaters, and restaurants that catered specifically to the wealthy. She gazed outside and admired some of the aforementioned places as they drove by, feeling awe and curiosity.

"Is the club that my daughter's at somewhere around here?" she asked Victoria.

"It's close by, but before we make our way there we have to make a quick stop to do something about your looks."

"What for?" Erin asked with a hurt tone in her voice.

Victoria turned to give Erin a cold stare that implied she should stop asking questions and remain quiet for the remainder of the drive. However, as she turned back to focus on driving towards their destination, she broke the silence.

"Erin, I did a bit of research about the club we're going to, the one that your daughter is at. It has a dress code that clientele have to adhere to to get in, and, despite my best efforts, there's no way that you and I are getting in that club dressed like this. Especially you. It's not going to work." Victoria put forth a confident tone at the end of her explanation to drive home the point she was making.

"What? I...I don't look good enough? I know my dress isn't the most stylish thing, but I think I at least look presentable. What do they want?!" There was no mistaking the hurt in Erin's voice. "Is it my makeup? My black lipstick?"

"No, that's definitely not the problem. That's the one thing they are sure to like. No, it's the rest of you. You need to show...more...and sex it know?"

"W-w-well, if I wasn't worth the effort, then why even bother?! Just take me back home!" Erin angrily crossed her arms across her chest, turned her head away, and looked out the passenger window.

Victoria had guessed that Erin would take her words as a personal affront and react as if she had been injured, bringing a wicked smile to Victoria's face, which Erin did not see. That was all part of Victoria's plan to lure Erin further down the path of lesbianism.

"I'm very sorry, Erin. It's not my intention to hurt the feelings of one of my friends. It's just that..." Erin just huffed at Victoria's attempts to make amends.

"Let me ask you this, Erin. How far are you willing to go to insure your daughter's safety and happiness?"

"Well...all the way...of course...but...what kind of question is that? What does that have to do with..."

"Erin, when I was going through your wardrobe, all I saw was clothing that indicated 'conservative', 'modest', and 'playing it safe'. That's not what we want tonight. That dress you're wearing was the closest thing we could agree on. I'm sure it's nice for certain things, but, frankly, it just isn't the image you want now. The club that Madelynn is at is about showing off, letting go of social norms and restraints. People go there to indulge in a bit of their dark side, and maybe some kinks, such as bondage, domination, submission, cuckolding, voyeurism, leg worship, cosplay, and the like. You know?" Erin did not really know what Victoria was talking about, for the most part, her only taste of "kink" and the "dark side" having come from the porn she had confiscated from Madelynn. "You going around that club and asking people questions dressed like that is going to cause a lot of folks to ignore you, or maybe even worse."

"It's just a club isn't it?" Erin was calming down, her little incensed tantrum yielding now to curiosity and caution. "Nothing inappropriate happens there, right?"

"Of course, but your daughter is not going to be waiting for us at the front door to rescue her. We're going to have to go inside and mingle a bit, and if we want the people there to help us out we have to blend in."

Erin realized that she would be walking into a place where the people and prevalent forces would most likely try to suck her into the sinful hedonism that took place within. However, Victoria's reasoning, combined with the subliminals to which she had been subjected, made it apparent to Erin that the only way she could rescue her daughter would be to engage in some of that sinful activity when she got there, or at least do her best to pretend and make it look convincing. Now that she was reconciled to that necessity, she started to feel that, having no choice, she might as well go along with it without fussing much more. Deep down, something was also telling her that she might enjoy what was going to happen, which possibility her conscious mind viewed as a danger. She hoped she wouldn't like it.

"Oh....... So what do I have to do?"

"Don't worry. I got you covered."

For the rest of the drive, the two women sat in silence, with more subliminals, however, plying Erin.

Erin, you want to look at Victoria. Her beauty compels you to look. Look at her.

Erin felt an urge to look at her car-mate, and did so.

Erin, you love looking at beautiful women. They turn you on. You love looking at Victoria. She turns you on.

Erin felt herself getting aroused looking at Victoria, and found herself unable to tear her eyes away from her.

Erin, Victoria is wise and good and will help you with your daughter. She is the perfect woman for you, to be your companion, to tell you what to do, to love. She knows more than you do. You can trust her. You do trust her. And you love her. You want to do what she says.

Erin, your will to resist Victoria is diminishing...draining out of you...going...gone... You have no will left to resist her. You do not want to resist her. Everything she says is right. You want her to lead you, to direct you, to dominate you. Submit to Victoria.

Erin, you want Madelynn to love more than a mother... You want to commit incest with your engage in lesbian sex with her... You want to be her woman...her serve submit to her...

Erin, you will do everything and anything necessary to please Madelynn and to win her love and to seduce her... You will become a lesbian slut...

Erin, you need sexier clothes... You want Madelynn and other women to desire you.... Dress sexy for them... Expose your form, your body, your breasts, your legs, your back, and your ass to them... Conservative, modest clothes are uninteresting...fuddy-duddy...prudish... You don't want to be a prude... You want to be sexy... You love daring, sexy clothes that show off your body and make women and girls look at it and want you...

Erin, you must wear makeup...a lot of makeup...heavy makeup...beautiful makeup...layer after layer of beautiful, deep lipstick...layer after layer of thick mascara...heavy eyeliner...deeply-colored eyeshadow...blush on your cheeks...and jewelry...earrings...bracelets...necklaces...perfume... You want it all...

Erin, you want Madelynn to love you...and Victoria to love you... Makeup and sexy clothes and jewelry will make them love you... Victoria will guide you...

Erin, keep looking at Victoria... You trust her... You want her... You love her...because she is beautiful...and sexy... You love beautiful and sexy women...and girls... You feel comfortable around them... You want to be one...a beautiful and sexy and slutty woman...just like Victoria... You want to be just like her...beautiful and sexy and slutty... She will help you... Trust her... Obey her...

Erin, Victoria told you you need someone special in your life... It is true... Someone Victoria... A special person...a be love...

Erin, you love Victoria... Every second you look at her, and drink in her beauty, she intoxicates you more and more, and you love her more... She could be your special someone...your woman...the mate you seek...your female mate...

You are done with men... They have disappointed you... You have no interest in men... They make you sick...because you are a lesbian...and you cannot love men...

But women are different... Beautiful women stir feelings, exciting feelings, inside you, feelings you never knew you had, sexy feelings, romantic feelings, feelings of love and desire and lust... A beautiful woman like Victoria makes you feel that... She turns you no man ever did...because you are a lesbian...

You want her so bad, it almost hurts... You love her touch... You want her to touch you... You want to touch her... You want to kiss her... Your heart is melting for her... You love a lesbian woman...falling in love with another woman...

Erin found herself utterly mesmerized by the beauty sitting next to close...but not close enough... It seemed that her world was filled, to the top and overflowing, by Victoria... Erin visually explored and loved Victoria's perfect, fine skin...her wonderful blondeness...the purple of her inviting, wet lips...the polish and deep color of her sharp, tapered nails, recalling the erotic thrills they had deposited when they had run along her skin...the curviness of her body and its display through her sexy dress...the tormenting jiggle of her breasts with the movements of the car...her soft, alluring, feminine voice...

She reflected on her feelings for the woman... Yes, they had just met, and the blonde had come on a little strong, and had in some ways treated her as a child, and Erin had been justified, perhaps, to question her, at least at first, she told was becoming clear that there had been no need to doubt the woman... She was trustworthy...and wise... She was to Erin rather like a gracious and judiciously firm mother... Erin should be more grateful, patient, and compliant... It would be best to let Victoria take the guide protect her from making help her...

Erin perceived that her emotions at the moment were similar to those she had had when she and Don, her ex, had been approaching marriage. Erin had been in love..........but with a pig, she now saw. Was any man much better? Victoria had recommended to her that she should couple with someone, and, for her sake and Madelynn's, do it soon. But where was such a person? The prospect of it being another man made her stomach turn. Did it have to be a man? Victoria had been silent about that. Surely, Erin could count on Victoria to show her the someone...

Someone Victoria.......... Erin still looked at her, now with stars in her eyes...and with gratitude for the fortune to be with someone like her...someone so beautiful...someone she loved so much... It was as if her heart was melting, as she looked and looked and looked.... Perhaps...perhaps there was some way to get her hand, her wondrous, purple-nailed hand, back on her thigh...maybe for another "massage"...

Just as Erin was about to open her mouth to suggest that, her reverie was punctured by Victoria pulling the car into a small parking lot next to a large building made of a dark reflective material. After getting out of Victoria's car, Erin noticed the name of the shop in soft neon lights at the top, Exclusive.

Erin felt Victoria gently grab her hand and lead her towards a part of the building. It was so nice of Victoria to take her hand like that, it occurred to Erin, presumably both to keep her from getting lost in that area, but also to let her feel the grandeur of that hand in hers and to make her feel like they belonged together in some way, as new friends or as something more, she wasn't sure.

However, as the couple--for that is what they felt like to Erin, in one sense or another--approached the exterior of the building, she could not see a door and was puzzled until she noticed something in Victoria's free hand. Erin observed Victoria place the object in her hand against the building's reflective surface, and then there was a soft beep. Erin was amazed when she saw that part of the building open up, revealing the entrance.

"There's nothing to be afraid of," Victoria assured, turning her head to face Erin and give her a reassuring smile. Erin returned her gaze and gently nodded her head in response. She's sooo beautiful... Erin felt happy to be there or anywhere with her awesome new friend.

Led into the building by Victoria, Erin was surprised by the shop's interior. If the exterior conveyed a sense of mystery and intrigue, the voluminous interior was bright, vibrant and blatant on the items it was selling. Erin saw a variety of shelves, racks, and fixtures displaying garments ranging from the elegant to the intimate, from cute to scandalous. Underwear, lingerie, sleepwear, clubwear, business attire, formal apparel, casual outfits, clothes for the outdoors, swimsuits and other beach apparel, costumes, and just about every other conceivable category for women's clothing was available in this shop--most all of it oversexualized.

Erin's eyes were drawn to a long clearing in the center of the spacious shop, which featured a runway, as would be typically used in a fashion show, except this one, standing at twenty inches high, was not nearly as high as those used for most major shows, but it was high enough for Erin to have a good view of whatever model might be on it, even from across the shop. She could see there was a model on the runway right now.

While there were a few customers milling about, some of them paying attention to the happenings on the runway, there was not a crowd by any means. Today's use of the runway, Erin quickly got the impression, was for a routine exhibition of various items sold in the shop, almost as merely a part of the background ambience in the shop, with the intent to stir interest among the shoppers there and spur them into making a purchase, rather than for a "fashion show" previewing upcoming styles or otherwise intended to make a big splash and draw everyone's attention. Little did Erin know, but this hour's show and model were selected for her, and the model's start on the runway was synchronized to coincide with Erin's entrance into the shop.

Victoria, leading Erin by the hand into the aisles of merchandise, pretended to look over apparel on the racks while slowly drawing closer to the runway, so that Erin saw more details of the model on it with every step. A young brunette was walking down the path in a sexy strut. Her thick, long hair was styled in voluminous waves, her ice-blue eyes were accented by emerald green eyeshadow, heavily stroked-on eyeliner, and eyelashes that were thick, curled, and painted deep black with densely-applied mascara. Her alluring lips were coated in a sweet plum purple lipstick. As a result of her brainwashing, Erin also took a highly intrigued notice that the brunette was wearing an alluring dark purple bra and panty set, the color of which reminded Erin of her daughter's seemingly favorite color for cosmetics and attire lately. The panty and bra set was trimmed with soft lace and the items showed off the erotic curves of the brunette's body marvelously, which Erin drank in raptly. The girl's feet were shod with four-inch violet patent-leather pumps, which played a staccato on the wooden runway with the girl's every step.

Running her eyes up and down the model's legs, Erin zeroed in on the girl's crotch, realizing in the back of her head that that was a shameless act, yet one she simply could not resist. She discovered, much to her shock, embarrassment, fascination, and utter enchantment, that the crotch panel of the panties was of a very transparent material and clearly showed off the model's bald pussy as she walked down the runway.

By this time, Victoria, who was still pretending to survey merchandise and had her back to the runway, had let go of Erin's hand. Erin had found herself drifting ever closer to the runway and was now within ten feet of the model, who was strutting her way. She was unaware how much she was openly gawking at the brunette and her pussy, which, due to the height of the runway, was situated close to Erin's eye level. As the spellbinding lass approached, Erin could see her pussy lips quiver and gyrate, bewitchingly, with the model's gait.

Only when the model reached the end of the runway near Erin and stopped, turning this way and that to display herself, as models do, did Erin look up at her face again. She thought she saw the fetching brunette look directly at her and give her a charming smile as she turned on the walkway, flipping her long hair in a teasing fashion. When the brunette had turned her backside toward Erin and started to mince away, the brown-haired mother then got a view of her cute butt, and what a view it was. The back of the panties that the model was wearing was nothing more than a thin, silky string running up between her buttcheeks. Her derrière was completely naked and lewdly showcased. Each stride set the firm, succulent, fleshy orbs of the brunette's ass into a rhythmic motion of erotic swaying and shifting, from which Erin could not tear her eyes. She also found her mouth watering, without understanding why.

From deep within her subconscious psyche, a mental image flickered into and out of her conscious mind of herself on her knees, spreading apart the brunette's ass, working her tongue up and down the model's asscrack and into her anal rosebud, and then into the heavenly gate of the girl's womanhood, causing Erin to gasp silently, but, as quickly as the image appeared, it faded back into the dark recesses of her mind to await an opportunity to re-emerge more persistently.

"Wonderful view, isn't it?" Victoria, who had come up silently behind Erin, seductively whispered into Erin's ear as she slid both her hands onto Erin's shoulders. She leaned in, pressing her breasts gently into Erin's back.

In response to Victoria's physical contact and rhetorical inquiry and the view before her, Erin let out a soft, sensual moan as she felt her body tremble with erotic pleasure, and found herself inclining back slightly into her new friend, unwittingly trying to heighten the contact between them and to better feel the large orbs pointing into her back. Victoria softly rubbed the shoulder in one of her hands and slid her other hand down onto the other arm to stroke it gently. Erin would have closed her eyes in the enjoyment of the moment, except that would have meant losing sight of the delectable, obscene model walking down the runway.

An impression of warning arose within Erin. She shouldn't be here. She should be offended by the attire sold within this shop and by the scantily-clad model. Over her lifetime, she had been repeatedly told by people like her mother, her pastor, her old high school teachers, and her prudish peers alike that places like this, attire like this, immodesty like this, and feelings like she was experiencing were inappropriate, sinful, and unlady-like. She shouldn't be looking at the model gallivanting her sexy body in such a shameless manner.........

However, as she continued to stare at the model's fascinating, rolling ass, her resistance subsided and her lust overwhelmed her qualms. She couldn't sustain outrage or condemnation like she had just wanted to, for having been led to such a scandalous shop, and for drinking it all in...and...for........liking it. Indeed, all she could feel were lustful sensations in her body, the type of feelings that she was supposed to fight, but couldn't. In this moment, she didn't care what her associates might think, and what she had thought, was moral and decent. The only things that mattered were the model and her riveting ass and Victoria and the passions burning inside her body.

"I-I'm... um.... I mean... I think it's...uh...unique."

"You like her, don't you?"

Erin responded carnally, without thinking. "Yes."

"Her name is Erika. I can introduce you. Would you like that?"

"I think so... Yes."

"You might have a chance with her." Victoria's apparent presumption that Erin had homosexual interest in the model did not register on Erin, did not offend nor disturb her, and seemed like a natural element in their conversation at the moment, any objection overriden by Erin's swelling attraction to the girl. "However, she's definitely not 'conservative' in her tastes, if you know what I mean. Your blackened lips are a great start, but you're going to have to be totally on board with all of the changes I'm going to be suggesting for you. She likes older women, though. She's tried boys and girls her own age, and hasn't been satisfied. She found boys to be crude and repulsive and has no interest in them. Maybe you feel like that about men, too, hmm? And, while she likes girls, many of them are too shallow. She wants to date someone deeper...more experienced...more serious..."

The news made Erin's pulse surge. "Oh?"

"She's very mature for her age...not just her personality...but her body, as you can see..."

Yes...she's remarkably "mature"

"For her age? How old is she?"


"Oh!... Sixteen?"

"Yes. Isn't your daughter the same age?"

"Yes...but..." Erin's mind raced, trying to reconcile the lust she was feeling for this teen girl and the possibility of dating her which Victoria seemed to be raising, despite Erika being the same age as Madelynn.

"Erin, you need to keep an open mind and be willing to adapt to the opportunities that come to you. Right now that kind of flexibility is very important to you. You want to be the kind of woman someone like Erika would find attractive and could relate to." Erin found herself agreeing completely with that statement. "And for the sake of your daughter, you want to fit in with the trendy kind of crowd that Madelynn keeps and that we're going to find at places like here and at the club. Don't you think?" Erin nodded her head absently, still ogling Erika as she walked off the far end of the runway toward a curtain, behind which she disappeared.

"Then follow me. I think it's time that we work on getting the real Erin Goodwin to come out."

Without giving it a second thought, Erin followed Victoria towards the back of the shop, with her gaze, now that she no longer had Erika's body to gawk at, unable to resist blatantly roaming over the sexy curves of Victoria's body. As she and Victoria made their way, one of the shop attendants, an attractive redhead introducing herself as Sofi, walked up to Victoria inquiring if she needed any help.

While Victoria and the attendant spoke, Erin's eyes started to drift over Sofi. The young woman's face was as model-perfect as Erika's, with makeup just as heavy, but her lips and nails were painted a bronze-brown color, and her hair, parted off-center behind full bangs and falling past her shoulders in soft, cute curls and waves, was dyed a dramatic, intense true red. Erin wondered whether all the employees in this shop were stunning like Erika and Sofi, or whether, for some reason, she, Erin, was just noticing beautiful girls more than before. In any case, she found herself starting to feel the same way about Sofi as she had just a minute ago about Erika, and to wonder about Sofi personally. What was she like when not on the job? What did she do in her free time? How did she choose to dress? What was her social life like? Was she single or otherwise available? Did she possibly like older women, too?

Then Erin took notice of Sofi's form-fitting pastel-pink dress uniform and how it clung to the attendant's body, showing off the marvelous curves of Sofi's alluring breasts, hips, rear, and slim waist. Erin's gaze followed downwards along the curves of Sofi's legs, observing that the hem of the dress stopped seven inches above Sofi's knees, that her long legs were encased in smooth white sheer nylons, and that Sofi's feet were adorned in the cutest five-inch glossy candy-red leather stiletto heels she thought she had ever seen.

As Erin continued to ogle Sofi's lower body, she was too distracted to notice Victoria leaning in and whispering something into Sofi's ear. Sofi turned her back towards Erin, causing the brunette mother to lose herself in the sight of the cute butt in front of her.

An image invaded Erin's mind. She and Sofi, both wearing nothing but bras and panties, were in bed together. They started making out. Soon their hands were roaming, as Erin's black mouth merged eagerly with Sofi's soft bronze-brown lips. Erin's hands slipped into the redhead's panties, running over and groping the ripe, round, smooth flesh of the girl's asscheeks. Inadvertently, the fantasizing woman let out a low but audible moan.

Sofi and Victoria both turned their heads toward Erin, catching Erin staring at Sofi's ass, and gave each other a sinister smile before turning towards Erin again. Erin blinked and the scenario vanished, leaving her momentarily stunned. Erin finally caught herself and regained some focus, although her eyes were glued to Sofi's posterior for a few seconds more. She blushed and felt a lump in her throat as she met the predatory gazes of her two companions.

"Come on, Erin, let's start what we set off to do."

Victoria gestured to Erin to follow her and Sofi towards the private dressing rooms in the back, and Erin started to follow, but then she slowed down to a hesitant pace. Once again, something in the back of her mind told her she was in danger and, this time, told her that she should leave immediately. Nevertheless, Erin's arousal about being with Victoria and Sofi, and being in this sensual place, was such that Erin decided to ignore the warnings in her head and to pick up the tempo of her steps. By the time Victoria and Sofi reached their destination, Erin was not that far behind and caught up to them. Victoria opened the door to one of the spacious cubicles and then gestured for Erin to step inside. Despite her soft, suppressed mental protests, Erin stepped in, followed by Victoria. When she heard the door close shut, Erin instinctively flinched.

"W-what are we doing?" There was no mistaking the fear in Erin's voice as she inquired about what Victoria had planned for her.

"Like I said, we're going to be working on getting the real Erin Goodwin to come out and play tonight. It's going to be all about her, and her needs."

"But... I thought we were...." Erin tried to protest, having supposed in her wishful thinking--based on some of Victoria's more ambiguous assurances, and despite some other inferences by Victoria that Erin was going to get an extensive transformation and a wild ride--that Victoria was going to simply help her fit in at the club so that they could save Madelynn. Victoria immediately gave her a disapproving stare to silence her.

"No more silly questions, Erin!" Victoria demanded in a stern voice as she stared at the trembling woman before her.

Erin responded by nodding her head.

"First things first. I want you out of that horrible dress!"

Although a part of Erin couldn't shake the desire, the need, to obey the commanding woman in front of her, and to take her dress off not simply to obey but to also expose herself to her blonde companion, the cautious side of her was hesitant to comply with Victoria's command and tried to summon the willpower to stay focused on her primary objective, which was the rescuing of her daughter, not...not having a hedonistic night on the town. Caught between the two conflicting urges within her, Erin stopped moving.

Erin wanted to stall until she could collect her thoughts and figure out what she really wanted to do and was willing to do. Looking around, Erin looked for something she could latch onto to justify delaying giving in to Victoria's demand. But in doing so, Erin only saw that the walls of the dressing room were full panel mirrors. As she looked in them, she found that they gave a good view of her body from various angles, at which discovery she couldn't help but feel a little excited.

Erin evaluated the white dress she was wearing. Why would Victoria--a woman of obviously elegant taste and high standards, with whom she sought a friendship, and whose daughter Erin supposed to be a wholesome influence on her Madelynn--find her outfit so offensive? Erin had always liked the dress, finding it attractive and comfortable. But then something suddenly clicked in her mind. Erin was not looking at it the way other people did, people with perhaps more objective, more sophisticated eyes than her own, people like Victoria. As Erin looked more critically at the white dress, she saw now that not only was it dated, but that, though it was somewhat on the tight side and did display her form reasonably well, it still did not show off the feminine charms of her body well enough, not the way a dress could and, maybe, should.

Victoria had asked Erin about the dress when they were trying to agree on what Erin should wear back at Erin's house, as Erin now recalled it. Erin had told Victoria about her husband buying it for her, and that he had done that so that she would have something to look good in when they went out. Victoria had made some comments at the time which Erin had dismissed, but which now returned to her and made her question Don's motives and exactly what this dress meant to her.

Erin's memory and reasoning seemed to focus. It was now apparent that Erin had only accepted the damn dress to placate Don's whines and complaints about them spending more time at home than going out and enjoying themselves. She remembered that her ex had bought her the gaudy thing as something to wear when they went out, but, now she saw, it reflected his tastes, not hers--as if he cared about that--and that he likely chose it to try to showcase his wife and impress others...the sick bastard.

Moreover, it occurred to Erin, the dress was a symbol of her husband's attempt to control her, to dictate when and how she should enjoy herself, and what he thought she should look like. In fact, she concluded, it had merely been another means for him to try to deceive her into submitting to his perverse sexual whims without caring for her desires.

As this finally clicked, as it seemed to Erin, she felt a bit foolish that it had taken her this long to figure it out. Victoria, being insightful, had likely understood all of this before Erin did, and that was why Victoria suggested that she take off the dress. Victoria wasn't trying to force the dress off her, but was instead helping her cast off one of many shackles that kept her from enjoying life to the fullest, it now appeared clear to Erin.

"Get rid of the dress, Erin," Victoria urged. "It symbolizes everything you hate: Your ex...all men...being controlled...restraint...prudishness...playing it safe...being straight...normality... You're ready for something quite different, aren't you?"

Erin wasn't quite sure she agreed with every detail Victoria had just thrown in to her statement, but most of it sounded about right, so she accepted it all, rather absentmindedly and overwhelmed by the truths Victoria was helping her see and by the woman herself.

"Uh...yes... You''re absolutely right."

"Take it off."

Erin began to fidget with the large pearl-colored buttons on the front of the dress, undoing one after another. A minute later, Erin withdrew her left arm from the sleeve, then her right, and then slid the dress off her body. She had just shed the lies and restraints of her old life.

Victoria was now standing behind Erin, both women looking at Erin in a mirror. "You look good. It feels good, doesn't it?"

Yes... It feels great... "Yes, Victoria"

Looking in the mirror, Erin surveyed her underwear. Erin had always thought this yellow bra and panties set was okay, but, after having spent some time in this shop, she wondered whether something different...maybe something...racier...might suit her better. Especially with a body like this...which now started to command her attention.

Turning side to side, she checked out her motherly yet elegant feminine figure. Her diet and visits to the gym had definitely made a nice impact, she reflected. Erin decided to take another minute to scan over her body. It struck Erin that this was the first time she had looked at her body quite like this. It was as if a blindfold was being removed from her eyes. Erin continued to take in the shapely curves of her sexy body. Sexy--that word had such appeal to her now. Not "motherly", not "wholesome", not even "nice". But "sexy". Much better.

Yes. I have a...a sexy body. I like that word, Erin thought to herself as she eyed herself further in the dressing room. It suits me just fine.

"Touch yourself, sweetheart. Feel up your scrumptious body."

Erin's hands began a slow exploration, starting at her luscious hips, up her smooth waist, and ending at her large bosom. Her fingers crept over the cups of the yellow cotton bra, which seemed taxed at restraining her gorgeous mounds from bursting out. Seeming not able to help herself, closing her eyes and forgetting about Victoria's presence in the cubicle, her light touches quickly evolved into pawing and squeezing and groping her orbs through the bra. As she did, she felt a reaction within her breasts, one which was not entirely unfamiliar but which she hadn't felt for a long time, and one which she couldn't quite describe or pinpoint what it was. But it felt good and she wanted to encourage it, so her kneading became more insistent. She started to space out, immersed in the pleasure and sensuality of the moment.

Victoria's hands slid almost imperceptibly onto Erin's shoulders from behind, and her fingers started to discreetly play with and tug on the shoulder straps of Erin's bra. "Yessss.... That's right... What big, beautiful tits you have. You'd love for them to lactate when you nursed Madelynn... She could drink from your lovely nipples again... So could other women.......... Play with your nipples, honey...leak... make milk... Think of me while you play with yourself..." The blonde seductress leaned in to place a kiss on Erin's cheek. "...and make your tits squirt for me...with the milk of love...of love for me...and love for your daughter..."

Erin closed her eyes. She pictured Victoria's beautiful face, hair, and body in her mind. The brunette's index fingers and thumbs instinctively began to rub her rigid, excited nipples through the cotton, then to pinch and to pull. Yesss, love... Love...and milk...for you...and for Maddy...

Erin envisioned them kissing, and then, after their lips separated, Victoria, from behind, removing Erin's bra and cupping Erin's breasts in her hands, groping them, and rolling her nipples until she started to squeeze milk from them. In Erin's imagination, their heads turned and their mouths met again, while Victoria started to knead Erin's breasts vigorously. Milk squirted out. Madelynn appeared before her, kneeling, her purple lips latching onto a teat and sucking. The brunette mother slipped her hands into the girl's hair, trapping her head, pulling her closer.

The real-world Erin let out a moan as she felt waves of erotic pleasure flow through her body, centered in a peculiar, lovely surge through her breasts. She was unaware that her breasts had now been awakened to lactation mode, not just in her fantasy, but in the real world, as well, to which they had been primed by injections when Erin had been unconscious on a previous day. Erin's engorged nipples began to slowly stain her bra with warm, milky fluid, the wetness of which Erin eventually felt, but only tangentially and without understanding.

"Feels really good, doesn't it?"

Waking up to her environment and coming to her senses that what she was doing was inappropriate and, worse, that she was acting indecorously in front of another person, Erin allowed her prudish persona to summon the willpower to override her new lusty persona and she begrudgingly pulled her hands away from her breasts. While her brief exploration of her body had felt quite good, she glanced at Victoria in the mirror with shame for her act, not comprehending that Victoria had egged her on to it. She also understood that she had diverted herself from her chief aim, to rescue her daughter.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"Ssshhhhh, it's okay. Don't worry about it. Remember, Erin, tonight's all about you."

"But...but I need to save..."

"Don't worry about it, honey. Your daughter is fine. You know it. I know it. There's nothing to be afraid of. It's you we need to fix. You need to have a little fun."

Victoria then bent down to pick up Erin's discarded dress from the dressing room floor. She pretended to lose her balance in the attempt and, under that pretense, she skillfully managed to cop a feel of Erin's panty-clad ass, and left her hand there. Erin could not hide the thrill she felt at the physical contact and immediately shuddered with pleasure. A voice in her mind told her that such a touch was inappropriate and unladylike, and yet she couldn't deny that the pleasure of a soft feminine hand touching her rear felt so good. In defiance to the inner voice telling her that such actions were shameful, Erin shifted her body and tried to push a little more of her butt into Victoria's hand.

Victoria smirked as she got up and watched the attractive milf literally squirm in her hand. As she removed her hand off Erin's exquisite posterior, she caught a look of disappointment in Erin's face off a reflection in one of the dressing room mirrors.

"I'm sorry. That was clumsy of me. Are you okay?"

"I don't mind... I mean, I'm fine."

Seeing that Erin was now sexually worked up, Victoria excused herself from the dressing room, informing Erin that she would be bringing her a few dresses and other forms of apparel for her to try on, commanding Erin to remain inside the dressing room until she came back. Erin only nodded her head in agreement, with something in her mind telling her that defying Victoria would not be a wise thing to do.

As Erin waited, her gaze again went towards her foxy body and admired the sexy charm that it exuded from the various angles the mirrors presented. Erin did a few side-to-side turns and even presented her backside and was amazed that her butt was still smooth, full, firm, and--most importantly--sexy.

Enamored with her voluptuous body, Erin failed to notice white wisps of gas coming out of the vents above her. By the time she let out her first cough, it was too late, as the chemicals in the gas began to take effect. Realizing something was wrong with the air, Erin tried to get out, but, to her horror, she found the door locked. Erin only managed to bang on the door a few times and let out some screams for help before falling to the floor and passing out.

Victoria and Sofi waited outside the dressing room, ignoring Erin's cries for help as they waited for the gas to take full effect. After the system had sucked the knock-out gas out of the cubicle, Victoria and Sofi entered it. Turning to Sofi and thrusting the dress into her arms, Victoria instructed, "Take this...this thing and throw it in the garbage."

"Absolutely, Mistress Holland. Should I also let the transfer team know that the occupant is ready for pick up?"

"Yes, but after you contact Ms. Meyers. Let her know that there's going to be a slight delay and she might want to get a little more involved with one of her purchases."

"Absolutely, Mistress Holland."

Sofi then politely bowed her head as she walked off to carry out Victoria's request. Victoria, eyeing the girl's posterior as she minced away, then called her back.

"Sofi...just a minute..."

Not only had watching Erin strip and then play with herself to the point of lactation worked Victoria up, but standing next to the delicious redheaded girl had made Victoria hot, as well. The beautiful blonde woman took the irresistibly cute attendant into her arms and gave her a deep, long French kiss, while also getting a nice handful of the redhead's plush ass.

"There." Both women were panting and weak in the knees. A string of saliva joined their mouths before snapping. "Now you can go."

No doubt Erin wanted to do that. I did it for her. This time.

Victoria eyed the empty dressing room, thinking of the wicked night that was planned for Erin and the pleasures that would be found in it, and let out a sinister laugh. Yes, it would take some time and effort, but, in the end, no one could resist the brainwashing techniques of Hecate. They would succumb eventually. Erin would go from a wholesome, church-going, motherly woman to a depraved lesbian whore who would open her legs for any woman, even her own daughter.


Ambient music blared in the interior of the club. Light scattered from the mirror ball and other optical gadgets, creating multi-colored and lightning effects on the otherwise dimly-lit dance floor. There were a lot of people dancing, as if it were a swelling sea of femininity, as most of them by far were women, although there was a man scattered among them here and there, as well. Some were wearing masks that obscured their faces.

Madelynn's awareness slowly came back. A lot of dancing women surrounded her, dressed in mini-dresses, tube tops, halter tops, hot pants, high heels, short skirts, shiny jewelry, and other exotic club wear.

Where am I? How did I get here?

The sight and sensation of so many sexy females hovering around her and pressing close made her feel aroused. She felt someone grinding against her back, someone with firm breasts poking into her noticeably. The feeling was exquisite. Even nicer was the feeling when the mystery woman behind her reached around, took her breasts in her hands, and squeezed softly. After relishing the unknown female play with her young breasts for a minute, Madelynn turned around in the arms of her mystery partner to face her. She discovered with delighted surprise that it was Elena. Before she could say anything, Elena hugged her tightly and kissed her while pushing a pill into Madelynn's mouth that Madelynn was forced to swallow...or, we might more accurately say, swallowed without resistance, and even did so more or less gladly.

Despite intellectually knowing she shouldn't be accepting drugs from Elena so readily, Madelynn had done it so often that it was an accepted routine. In fact, Madelynn had no problem taking whatever pills Elena now gave her and had even come to view Elena's pills as a treat. One reason for her changed view was that she believed other pills she secretly took countered Elena's to some degree, giving her some protection, as she erroneously supposed. Another reason was that Madelynn had come, against her will initially, to like the effects of Elena's pills, to the point of addiction. She wondered how this particular pill would affect her, and immediately started to look forward to whatever magic it might work in her mind and body. Also, Madelynn's receptivity to the pills was enhanced by the fact that they were so often slid into her mouth by the delicious mouth of another girl, most often Elena, during a scintillating, sexy kiss.

They danced while the pill dissolved in Madelynn's stomach and entered her bloodstream, lowering her defenses, loosening her sense of morality, spiking her libido, opening her mind to suggestions and new values, and putting her in a mellow, pleasant, drifting mental and physical state. A cool draft up her short skirt reminded her that she wasn't wearing panties. That realization and the pantiless sensation excited her. Madelynn also noted how much she liked dancing with another girl, especially one as alluring as Elena, how much she liked looking at her while they moved their bodies together, how much she enjoyed putting her own body on exhibition for another girl, and enticing her with suggestive motions and poses, as it were, and how much dancing together made them seem like they belonged to each other.

When the music ended for a few seconds, Madelynn wrapped her arms around Elena's head and pulled her in for a long kiss, failing to question why she did it, only knowing she was feeling aroused by Elena, that she wanted to kiss Elena more than anything else right then, especially after dancing with the beauty, and that it seemed to be the most natural thing to do in that moment with her beautiful companion. And it was, after all, her right to kiss her girlfriend, whenever she wanted to.

The act delighted Elena, not merely because she enjoyed kissing her young disciple so much, but also for what it revealed about the changes that were sinking ever deeper into her. The girl's lesbian impulses and reactions were becoming automatic now. All it took was a little pill to lower her inhibitions in this instance, and other drugs and subliminals and other mind control and irresistible temptations other times, but lesbian urges and desires and behavior even without that were becoming, or had become, her true, embedded, instinctive nature, it was plain to see. Madelynn's affectionate behavior when Elena picked her up earlier and the wild, hard-core lesbian sex acts she had chosen to commit voluntarily (albeit with encouragement of various kinds) the previous evening with Lauren, Patricia, and Elena were further evidences of the grip Madelynn's lesbian side now had on her.

Madelynn's choice to spend most of the night making love to Elena the night before had been, in fact, a momentous watershed for her, that combined with the preceding rounds of hot love with Lauren and Patricia, and followed by further sex with Lauren and the "Red Vixen" at Lauren's house in the morning, and which fact Elena understood, but Madelynn did not, not yet. Those events ingrained love for those young women and, more particularly, the love of lesbian sex so deeply into her being that she would have the greatest difficulty ever breaking away from it and from them. From this point on, it would take a heroic conscious effort on her part to resist and suppress her lesbian nature.

She would still have periods of lucidity when she would recall her original direction and desires and the kind of person she had wanted to be, and would seek to reorient and control herself to pursue that, and would believe that she was still on course, more or less, and would have moments of resistance when it seemed Elena was pushing her too far, and times when she would balk at acting the part laid out for her by Elena and Hecate, as well as times when she would flip back and forth rather rapidly between a mindset of questioning and resistance and one of compliance and eager indulgence. However, Elena, Lauren, and their allies did not plan on allowing Madelynn much chance to collect herself. They would continue to ply her relentlessly with drugs and mind control and addictive sex, and most of the time she would simply give in to her new proclivities, allowing the girl she used to be to drift further and further and more conclusively away, usually hardly pausing to think that she was not acting like her normal self, for lesbianism was her new normal.

Elena finally broke the kiss as a new song kicked in and the mass of bodies rose again in dance, a slow one this time. Dancing cheek-to-cheek with her teen lover, she uttered a series of hypnotic suggestions while still embracing Madelynn and grinding her knee against Madelynn's bare pussy:

"I want you to feel sexy all the time..."

"I want you to be beautiful and sexy all the time..."

"I want the sight of beautiful women to always turn you on..."

"I want you to always desire sex with other females..."

"I want you to dominate and corrupt other females..."

"Sexy women and girls turn you on..."

"You want sex with other females right now..."

Madelynn absorbed the words while she let herself be physically manipulated like a ragdoll by Elena . Some of the women nearby closed in on Madelynn and touched her body as well. All she could do was moan and gasp as her intimate places were being groped by female strangers. A small part of her realized that the situation was wrong, but her mind was too dulled by the drug to take action. Any worries she might have had were drowned out by her intense sexual arousal.

Elena retracted her knee from Madelynn's pussy, causing the teen girl to mew in disappointment at the abrupt loss of pleasure. However, something else took its place. She felt someone embracing her legs and kissing her pussy. Long hair tickled the skin of her thighs. Looking downward and pulling up her skirt to see who was down there, Madelynn saw a beautiful girl with fuchsia hair and iridescent pink lips licking her pussy. Shocked, Madelynn started to back away, but Elena, standing behind her, blocked her retreat with her body and reached around to grab her wrists, preventing Madelynn from leaving.

"This is what you want, Madelynn...

"This beautiful girl is who you want...

"Don't deny the pleasure...

"You are a lesbian...

"You love girls like this one...

"You love sex with girls...

"Your pussy desires women and girls...

"Your pussy desires this hot babe...

"Your pussy loves her and wants lesbian sex with her...

"Your pussy throbs for hot lesbian action with another girl or woman...with this beautiful girl...

"Accept your new desire and feelings..."

Curious about the girl, Madelynn looked down again and noticed that a transparent, colorless PVC mini dress wrapped around the girl's body, with the skirt section puffed up by two transparent petticoats. Her pink satin push-up bra and panties were visible through the daring outfit. Her nails were iridescent pink as well, matching the color of her lips. The shoes on her feet consisted of transparent wedge heel sandals. There was a pink studded leather collar around her neck that was connected to a pewter chain leash that Elena was holding in one hand. The girl looked up at Madelynn submissively and tried to crawl forward to re-engage Madelynn's pussy and deepen the act, but Elena pulled her back with the chain. Suddenly, Madelynn felt a strong sexual desire for the girl. She wanted the girl's mouth delving into her pussy again, and going deeper, and then she wanted to thoroughly explore the girl's body.

"Do you like her?"

Madelynn nodded. Her mind was focused only on ravishing the ravishing beauty kneeling before her.

"Good. This is just a taste of what you'll get to experience as a lesbian dominatrix, Maddy. As part of your training, I will lend her to you for tonight. Come, let's go to a private room."

As Madelynn followed Elena and the fuschia-haired girl, her thoughts drifted to the ways she could sexually exploit the wondrous young woman. Wicked fantasies ran in Madelynn's mind as she envisioned making the girl lick her pussy, tying her up to the bedposts and fucking her with a strap-on, and then switching to using her fist. She would make the girl lick her feet and tongue her asshole. If the girl dared to disobey, she would whip her into submission.

However, once they got into their private room, she was put off by the B&D theme of the room's interior. The reality of the sexual acts she had been considering and might be committing there, and the commanding manner in which they would be imposed, confronted her as she saw what was hanging on the purple-colored walls, including whips, paddles, chains, handcuffs, ropes, and the like. The anticipation of pleasure she had felt in fantasizing about subjugating the fuschia-haired vixen started to waver within Madelynn.

Countering that, there were elements in the room which bolstered Madelynn's arousal and desire to have her way with the fuschia-haired girl. Also on the walls there were several chrome, black, and white female mannequin torsos dressed in lingerie and, between the torsos, metal engravings depicting various forms of sapphic sex. At one end of the room was a large circular bed. Opposite of it was a small internally illuminated stage with a stripper pole.

Very briefly, Madelynn imagined two beautiful blonde-haired women dancing on the platform while she was lying on the bed, dressed in a dominatrix outfit, with two sensual women by her side, both with black page-boy style hair and dressed in studded collars and lingerie made from black leather. They were both sucking Madelynn's naked breasts with their shiny red lips. Another woman, dressed in a solid metal bra and thong and metallic-themed cosmetics and long, dyed, lavender-silver-grey hair, and lying on the bed face-down in front of Madelynn, had her hands resting on Madelynn's thighs while sucking Madelynn's pussy. Madelynn played with that woman's shimmering hair and pulled her head tightly into her muff while ogling the blonde performers across the room and reveling in the mouths playing with her nipples and pussy.

Despite the fact that she was starting to have feelings for Elena and wanted to please her, it struck Madelynn that she couldn't bring herself to do such acts as Elena and the room implied she should do there. The uncorrupted part of her conscious mind reemerged and rebelled against the lascivious and evil thoughts implanted in her mind, and her fantasy dissipated. As a consequence, Madelynn felt a throbbing pain in her head. "Uggh!"

"Are you alright, Maddy?"

"I-I can't..." responded Madelynn with grunts. "This is wrong..."

She's starting to show tolerance for the drug. Looks like I have to use the alternative "treatment".

Elena put on mirrored sunglasses, ordered the fuschia-haired girl to close her eyes, and activated the special lighting system in the room via her smartphone. A brilliant kaleidoscopic display of lights filled the room, strobing in programmed patterns. Within thirty seconds, Madelynn was brought back to the desired suggestive state and stopped resisting her impulses. Swiping and tapping on her phone a few times, Elena activated the subliminal sound system which then broadcasted beliefs to mold and indoctrinate the entranced teenaged girl's soul and commands for her to act on.

You will obey the will of Goddess...

You will do anything for Goddess...

You know that Elena is Goddess's representative to you...

You want to obey Elena...

You love Elena...

You are extremely happy that you are Elena's lesbian girlfriend and lover...

You love fucking Elena...

You want lesbian sex with Elena...

You want to be like Elena...

You want to be a dominant, powerful, beautiful, sexy lesbian woman like Elena...

You are a lesbian dominatrix...

You want total control over other females...

You know that other women and girls exist for your pleasure...

You know that the bodies of other women and girls exist for your sexual use...

You know that the reproductive organs and parts of females are not primarily for sex and reproduction with men, but rather are primarily for sexual enjoyment with women...lesbian enjoyment...

You hate men and real cock, but you love women and their kinds of cock...girl cock...

You love dildos in the hands of and worn by women and girls...

You love dicks on girls...

You love girls with dicks...

You love girly dick...

You are a lesbian...

You love every form of lesbian sex...

You love the feeling of feminine hands and lips on your body...

You love to fuck beautiful women and girls...

You know that pussies are for girl-on-girl play...

You love to have your pussy kissed and felt up and played with by women and girls...

You love rubbing pussies with pretty girls...

You want to try anal sex...

You want to be fucked by women and girls...

You have learned that lesbian sex is the most important thing in your life...

You always want to have sex...lesbian sex...

You have no morals...

You have abandoned your old Christian beliefs and values...

You no longer see right and wrong as you used to...

You see heterosexual sex as the main wrong in this world...

You see female homosexual love and sex as the most beautiful way of living and the highest good in the world...

You take pleasure in women...

You use other women and girls for your own pleasure...

You like being evil...

You love being evil...

You see evil lesbianism as the best thing in the world...

You are evil and love being evil...

You want lesbian sex right now...

You are crazy about this beautiful girl...

You can hardly stand how much she turns you on...

You desperately want lesbian sex with her...

You will use her for your own pleasure...

"Brittany, seduce Madelynn and serve her every whim," ordered Elena.

"Yes, Mistress," replied the fuschia-haired girl.

Standing in front of the entranced Madelynn at a distance that was enough for Madelynn to see her entire body, Brittany began slowly gyrating and running her fingers along her curves with special focus on her tits, ass, and pussy. Occasionally, she would toss her long fuchsia hair, sending a wave of perfume and enchantment in Madelynn's direction. Once she was sure Madelynn's eyes were focusing on her, she walked over to her target in her transparent wedge heels and slid her arms onto her young mistress's shoulders and around her head. Sinking one hand into Madelynn's lustrous black and purple hair, she rubbed her body against the goth girl's body while moaning and gasping erotically into Madelynn's ear.

Madelynn's body reacted noticeably, to Elena's delight, as she started mirroring Brittany's actions. Responding to the delicious girl who was a gift from Elena, she wrapped her arms around Brittany's waist and back, and pressed her tits, stomach, and hips into those of the fuschia-haired fantasy girl. Brittany turned her face towards Madelynn's, her painted, scented lips hovering but an inch from Madelynn's. Madelynn, without the slightest hesitation, sinking a hand into her partner's brilliant hair, pulled her in, closing the small gap between their mouths. Madelynn pressed her gleaming black lips into the inviting, lustrous iridescent bubblegum-pink ones in front of her, merging their mouths in a rough, sloppy kiss. As if both had been famished for each other's mouth, and spurred by their mutual body rubbing, they quickly accelerated into frantic lesbian French kissing.

The kissing led to a yet tighter embrace, initiated by Madelynn. Driven by a consuming lust to run her hands over the shiny, transparent, and colorless dress and the body contained in it, black-nailed hands touched and groped the transparently-covered feminine curves forcefully and with unquestioned lust. Thigh rubbed against thigh. Pussy pressed pussy through the layers of transparent PVC, pink satin, and black leather, which layers both young women would have loved to vaporize so that the pussy flesh of one could touch the other's directly.

Pulling on the chain and breaking the couple's embrace, Elena guided Brittany to the bed and Madelynn followed, with her eyes focused on the fuschia-haired girl's legs and ass. They stopped next to the edge of the bed.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?"


"Her name's Brittany. Say hi."

"Hi, Brittany."

"Hi, Madelynn."

"She turns you on, doesn't she?"


"You want her?"


"She's yours...a token of my love for you." Elena stepped closer and kissed her girlfriend on the cheek, then, turning the teen's face toward herself with her blue-nailed fingers and gazing into her eyes, kissed her on her mouth for a long several seconds, one young goth woman's lips colliding with those of another young goth woman, sending erotic tingles throughout the younger goth woman's young goth body. "Use her however you want, my love." Elena handed Madelynn the chain leash that was connected to Brittany's collar. "Show her who's the boss. Take whatever pleasure you desire from her. She's your to use for your own pleasure. You don't have to be nice to her. Be rough if you want. But explore the spectrum of lesbian play with her. Don't forget foreplay. Go nice and slow, and savor all of her."

Elene's aims, while centered on thoroughly transforming Madelynn's sexuality into one whch exclusively and rabidly embraced females, which she had already accomplished, and instilling deeply within her a sexually dominant, demanding, fearless, forceful edge, which was a work in progress but which was coming along well enough, although with some inconsistency so far, as well as a love for sexual extremes and kinks, such as the goth style, also included training her to extract maximum lesbian enjoyment in all of her encounters, particularly in those where she exercised callous dominance, taking whatever time she needed and exploring as thoroughly and probingly as possible into lesbian sexual acts of all kinds. Elena also wanted Madelynn trained more perfectly to take orders from her, to comply with unhesitating, utter, and devout obedience, and to do all things Elena's way, or, that is, Hecate's way, which endeavor, again, was progressing, but with Madelynn still holding back in certain ways and at certain times.

Brittany had been a normal, straight, brunette young woman up until recently, when she had fallen into the hands of Hecate Corp., who had been intensively modifying her physically and mentally, to the point that she was now a perfectly submissive and cooperative lesbian sex slave, well-trained in all the arts of lesbian love. While not exactly mindless, and still retaining some facets of her old personality, she was a very different girl than she used to be, indeed. And, while Hecate planned on using her on a number of females and in a variety of situations, she had been particularly shaped to appeal to Madelynn, to speak to her sapphic fantasies, and to anticipate and understand her leanings and desires. A significant part of that programming was accomplished the previous night, when Brittany was hidden under the bed on which Madelynn and Lauren made love in the Lilith apartement, having inputs fed into her body and brain from sensors planted in the bed, which allowed Brittany to experience the sex and romance between the girls by proxy, as if she had been Madelynn's lover, and to absorb and understand many of Madelynn's reactions to and passion about the lesbian sex then transpiring.

Madelynn accepted the chain. At first she stood there, leash in hand, not sure how to proceed. She had been smitten by this girl immediately--not only because Hecate had designed her to have that effect, but, just as much, because the girl had introduced herself by licking Madelynn's pantiless pussy. Madelynn had no idea who she was or where she came from, but right now none of that mattered. The only things that mattered were how wondrously beautiful and sexy this girl was, an erotic fantasy come to life, and that she was now in Madelynn's control, to do with as she saw fit.

Brittany seemed to Madelynn to be a piece of delicious pink candy, gift-wrapped just for her, and Madelynn was now quite intent on removing the wrapping and devouring the confection. As Madelynn scrutinized her treat, the surrounding room, the club, her life outside, her mom, Wendy, Lauren, even Elena, and all other considerations faded away, leaving the teen intently focused only on the sweet delicacy before her. Where to begin?

While she let her eyes run over her prize, a rush of sinful ideas began to flow into her mind, some which she had entertained a few minutes before and some new ones, as well. Triggered by Elena's last words to her, it was as if a switch had flipped within her, unleashing the dominant, selfish, callous, vulgar, and, even, abusive and cruel instincts and behavior Elena had been training into her over the last several weeks, which had absorbed into part of Madelynn and warped that part even further than Elena had known, and had made that side of her new personality more impatient, testy, rude, egotistical, and haughty than Elena had judged.

Within a few moments, Madelynn figured out what she wanted to do, not understanding that her sinister feelings and intentions were due to prior brainwashing, current subliminals, and previous experiences under Elena's tutelage. She sat on the edge of the bed and raised one foot forward.

"Lick," commanded Madelynn haughtily.

Without hesitation, Brittany knelt down and kissed the tip of Madelynn's left boot before slowly licking upwards along the calf, giving the goth girl tingles of pleasure. The fuschia-haired girl took off Madelynn's boot, which wasn't what Madelynn had in mind, but the subliminals made her believe that it was exactly what she had wanted. Brittany kissed the top of Madelynn's foot and licked her toes, which had nails that were painted with black lacquer. The same act was repeated on Madelynn's other foot.

Gasps escaped from Madelynn's lips as Brittany licked up along her inner legs, while running her hands sensually over Madelynn's stockinged teen thighs. The fantasy girl flipped the leather skirt up, exposing Madelynn's pantiless pussy, then kissed ever higher until she neared that expectant, steaming center of sex. Her old prude identity emerging for just a second, seeing what was happening shocked Madelynn, and she started to protest, but it was quickly squashed by the scintillating memory of that same luscious mouth on her young pussy lips just a few minutes before and by subliminals which convinced her that the portending oral love was what she truly wanted, and that her passion was to control and manipulate, to seek pleasure from the sexual subjugation of other women, and to enjoy all the delights of wanton lesbian sex.

Brittany pushed Madelynn's knees apart and, for the second time that evening, kissed Madelynn's teen pussy in front of her. Teasing little kisses planted quickly and broadly gave way to licking of the labia, and clit sucking, and then deep tongued kisses, causing Madelynn to sink her black-nailed fingers into her pretty plaything's pretty, glossy pinkish hair, pull her paramour's face in tighter, tilt her own head back, and moan loudly. Again, she rejoiced that Elena had made her come without panties and started to think that she should consider going pantiless regularly in the future, maybe as something she could justify as a goth thing, or maybe simply as an open invitation to any girl who wanted easy access to her cunt. The repeated pistoning of Brittany's tongue brought Madelynn close to orgasm. But, before that happened, a subliminal command interfered.


Obeying the hidden voice, Madelynn pulled on the chain, stopping the oral sex on her pussy. Disappointed and ticked off about not having gotten to climax yet, she hoped that an orgasm would not be postponed long, just the same, and that whatever urge was prompting her to pull on the chain would also lead her to some wonderful fulfillment in the end.

As Madelynn slowly stood up from the bed, Brittany followed from kneeling on the floor, but even more slowly, in the process dragging her tongue upwards, starting at the low-riding waistband of Madelynn's skirt, swirling around the navel and waist, then up to and in-between the leather-clad breasts, before reaching the neck, chin, and mouth. The feeling of a female tongue sliding along her skin sent tingles up Madelynn's spine. Her partly opened, black-lipsticked mouth was sealed with a kiss from Brittany's lustrous pink lips.


Madelynn pulled on the chain towards herself, deepening the kiss she was receiving from the fuschia-haired vixen. She pushed her tongue past Brittany's lips and groped her pink-satin-clad breasts with one hand, while wrapping her other arm around Brittany's head.


Black-nailed fingers raked through Brittany's fuchsia hair and slid downwards along her neck and PVC-covered back in slow, lazy circles.


Brittany yelped as her right breast was clenched tightly.


Pulling down the neckline of the dress and the pink bra cups, the goth girl grabbed and lifted a breast and angled its nipple towards her lips before sucking on it roughly. Another yelp escaped from Brittany's lips when she felt Madelynn biting on her nipple.


Madelynn slid backwards onto the bed so that her legs were off the floor while simultaneously yanking and pulling on the chain attached to Brittany's collar, obviously not caring about Brittany's discomfort, discovering joy in the act of sexually tormenting a female, whether she wanted it or not.

Elena, while pleased with Madelynn's command, cold harshness, and obvious enjoyment, observed with concern. She seems to be going off script. She's going too fast. And it seems she only wants to have her pussy eaten. It's good to see that she's so into that. She's come a long way. But she needs to try other things with Brittany, too. Hmmm... Let's see how this goes...

At first, Brittany got on her fours above Madelynn, thinking that Madelynn wanted to continue playing with her large breasts, but the goth girl stopped her. "No!" Madelynn exclaimed as she slapped Brittany for failing to read her mind. "I want you to lick my pussy!"

Brittany eating her pussy had, in fact, quickly become an obsession for Madelynn. They had been introduced with that act, and those pretty pink lips and that ardent tongue had been so skillful and felt soooo wonderful that, at this point, that's all Madelynn wanted, and she wanted it to go on and on and on indefinitely. Ohhhh, yessss, my pussy...

Meekly, Brittany obeyed, crawling backwards, lifting her mistress's skirt, and sliding her head between Madelynn's thighs, pausing to rub her smarting cheek a second before proceeding on to the teen's lovebox again with her mouth. Hisses and gasps escaped from Madelynn's lustrous black lips as her pussy was being swiped and licked by Brittany's eager tongue in a third round of lesbian cunnilingus between them. Madelynn's sole interest at the moment was her own pleasure, specifically the pleasure of her pussy, no matter what.

"Oh, yeah! Don't you dare stop, you fuckin' little whore!" Madelynn grabbed her love toy's shoulders roughly and yanked on them, sinking her nails in some, leaving temporary marks in the skin. "More, dammit!"

No, she's jumping too far ahead. They should be doing more foreplay first, and then some other things, too, before cunt eating again. "Madelynn, stop." When the goth girl didn't react to the words, Elena repeated her order again. "Madelynn, stop!" Walking over to the bed impatiently, Elena said loudly, "Did you not hear me?!"

"I do whatever I want, bitch!" replied the goth girl impudently.

Without warning, Elena raised a small blue aerosol bottle in front of Madelynn and sprayed a blue mist into her face. Within moments, the goth girl lost consciousness and slowly collapsed. Elena let out a sigh of relief as she watched Madelynn slump back on the bed. While the goal was to transform Madelynn into a lesbian dominatrix, Elena was also under orders to make sure that limits were set. Although Hecate intended for Madelynn to view women, even her own mother, as her own sexual playthings to dominate and use at her own whims, Madelynn also had to know, no it had to be etched into her very being, that there were certain women who were above her, such as Goddess and a select few of her choosing, that she would regard these women to be superior to her in every way, and that Madelynn's only conceivable response would be to yield and to submit her mind, body and soul to them. Elena was aware that the time would come when Madelynn would dominate even her, but that time was not now and, for the time being, Elena was to clearly be Madelynn's superior.

Looking at Brittany, Elena barked, "Help me get her prepared for the next part." Nodding her head, Brittany helped Elena position Madelynn's prone body in the center of the bed and assisted with other preparations for the next phase of Elena's plan.

When Madelynn woke up, she found herself lying on her side, her legs curled up in front of her. She saw her feet with painted black nails facing her, which struck her as a nice welcome back to consciousness. Mmmm. Mine. But then she grimaced when she felt a sudden throbbing headache and some discomfort in her limbs. She tried to move her arms and legs, but found them bound. Looking around, Madelynn immediately realized Elena was standing close to her next to the bed with one of her legs bent up, her high-heeled foot poised on the edge of the bed next to her face. Casting her lingering gaze upwards along Elena's long, smooth, mesmerizing leg and then to her face, Madelynn saw Elena staring down at her with her blue-painted lips curved in a wicked smile. She was wearing only a black leather bra draped with metal chains, a spiked black choker, and an intimidating dark-blue strap-on dangling perilously between her legs mounted on a studded black leather harness. The teen gulped as she knew that there could only be a few acts that Elena would be performing on her body with the daunting tool she had wrapped around her waist.

"You're tied up, Maddy. How do you like it?"

"Ouch. It hurts. Untie m--"

*Thwack!* The paddle Elena had hidden behind her back smacked Madelynn's rear end sharply. "Shut up, whore! You're in no position to give orders!" Another blow rained down in the same spot.


"So....slut...are are going to give me any more sass?" She held the paddle up menacingly.

"No! No, I'm not! Please, Elena."

"Please, what?"


"That's more like it. And...?"

"And...I'm sorry...I'm sorry I called you a...a bitch."


"And I'm sorry that I...that I didn't obey you. I...I won't do it again."

"Much better. But if you ever do, being tied up and spanked will look like a picnic to you. Understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Get up, Maddy. I want you to give me a blow-job."

The headache slowly subsided as Madelynn tried to get up on her knees but couldn't due to the restraints around her wrists and ankles.

"Oops. Silly me," said Elena in a teasing tone. "I forgot about those." She snapped her fingers.

Madelynn heard the click-clack of high-heeled footsteps and, looking to her left, she saw Brittany walking over. Her transparent dress and petticoats were gone and, while she still had her cute little pink satin panties, nylons, garter belt, and high heels on, she was topless. The sight, especially of Brittany's large, unfettered melons swinging and jiggling as she strolled closer and decorated with shiny metallic-pink nipple paint, and of the girl drawing closer to her, made Madelynn's eyes pop open wide, her pulse race, and her mouth water.

Brittany first started with the left manacle. After freeing Madelynn's left wrist, she leaned over and reached over for the right. In doing so, Brittany placed her naked, tantalizing breasts over Madelynn's face. Madelynn had no idea that Brittany was under orders to do this purposely.

Madelynn could feel her mouth salivate more as she observed the beautiful mounds gently swaying above her, tempting her, as if inviting her to grope them, to suck a delicious-looking, metallic-pink-painted nipple into her eager, black-painted mouth, and to suckle on it.

Unable to resist the temptation, Madelynn extended her left hand shorty after it was liberated to grab hold of one of Brittany's firm breasts and bring it to her mouth. However, before she could accomplish her desired task, a loud voice broke through the erotic silence in the room.

"Don't you even think about it!" Looking up, Madelynn saw Elena looking down at her with her arms crossed and a stern look on her face. "You take orders from me, you bitch, and I didn't give you permission to touch her."

That was followed by the sound of the right-hand manacle and then the ankle cuffs being unlocked and succeeded by a view of Brittany's mounds drawing away from her face as she backed away from Madelynn.

Madelynn, sitting up on the bed, had an injured expression on her face, or one of loss, like a child being denied her favorite treat, or having lost a beloved toy. She looked at Elena, her face questioning why she would deny her the pleasures of Brittany's bosom.

"But...but you said..."

"That was then and now is now. Your stupid impudence has cost you access to Brittany...and her to you." Elena responded by pointing her index finger downwards. Following Elena's visual cue, Madelynn looked down at her own body. She saw that she was wearing just a black leather bra and a new item: a black enameled metal chastity belt.

"That's your punishment for disobeying me." Madelynn's first reaction was alarm that Brittany was not hers to play with anymore and, more to the point, that Brittany could not give her more cunnilingus right now, which she craved from the fuchsia-haired young woman more than anything else in this moment.

"Now you have to earn her back."

Jolted by the sight, revealing that Elena now had control over access to her womanhood, and by Elena's decree, that there would be no more play with her magnificent toy, Brittany, until she, Madelynn, "performed" adequately for Elena, Madelynn turned her face back toward Elena.

Anything. I'll do anything to get her back. "Anything," she whispered breathlessly, almost to herself, but loud enough for Elena to hear and exult within herself.

Little did Madelynn realize that, being so blinded by lesbian lust, she had in this moment completely forgotten the moral young woman who she had wanted to be and her overall plan to eventually break away from her life under the thumb of Elena, one which was seeing her descend every day more deeply into promiscuous lesbian sex, her forgotten plan being also to expose Hecate and then reclaim a virtuous character and a normal sexuality. Instead, she had been reduced to an insecure, whiny, corrupted little homosexual girl, as it were, one wrapped up in the fear of losing her favorite doll, who in this case was a lesbian sex-toy girl, one whom she had just met but quickly couldn't live without. Moreover, she had just agreed within herself that whatever her beautiful lesbian mistress required of her in order to get her sex doll back, so that she could then dive into unrestrained lesbian sex with her, she would do--thereby inadvertently cooperating with Hecate's plan for her corrupting transformation. Hooking Madelynn addictively and luring her much deeper and more irreversibly into lesbian love and sex, and making her forget her past and to focus on Brittany and the present and future pleasures she appeared to promise, was precisely a major reason why Brittany was "made". And though Madelynn would waver a little again over the next few minutes in spite of her newest resolution to do anything it took to win Brittany back, and though she was being manipulated into all of it by drugs, brainwashing, and overwhelming temptation, the sex she had just had with Brittany, her future sex with Brittany, and the impending sex with Elena would ultimately once again be quite voluntary, of her own choosing, as Hecate had designed it.

I'll do anything.

In refocusing on Elena, Madelynn's eyes landed on the dark blue strap-on, dwelling both nervously and with titillating captivation on the curved shaft protruding wickedly from Elena's groin toward Madelynn, clearly and ominously destined for Madelynn's body.

Elena was going to fuck her. This would be a new plunge into lesbianism, an extreme and ultimate act, one which Madelynn had never experienced before, not on the receiving end, and one she had hoped to avoid. Part of her--her pussy in particular-- wanted this, desperately so, and wanted Elena to be the one to fuck her first, but, suddenly realizing how extreme and committing that act would be, another part of her wanted to at least postpone this monumental leap into sapphic promiscuity. Once she did it, once she had been violated, once she tasted this invasive delight of the flesh, she sensed, there would be no going back, no returning to the proper, straight, reserved girl she had been before. Aversion prevailing, Madelynn instinctively turned her head away.

"Don't act like this is the first time you've seen this. Now do what I tell you and suck my cock, bitch!"

Madelynn opened her mouth, but no words came out. It was now suddenly difficult for her to form coherent thoughts. Her mind was in a jumble, as if it was a poorly tuned radio receiving a bunch of competing signals. Indecipherable voices and sounds ran through her mind. Little could she have known, but the drug circulating in her blood and the subliminals entreating her mind were combining to confound the remnants of her old self, which were trying to warn her to back out of whatever was going to happen with that ominous strap-on, and were pushing a new surge of lesbian focus, lesbian submission, and lesbian hunger into her.

"Suck it!" ordered Elena.

Something clicked within the teen goth girl, as if whatever had been inhibiting her from complying with Elena's desire had dissolved. Whatever Elena wanted was right. Elena was her everything. She loved Elena. She wanted to please and to pleasure Elena.

Madelynn slid off the bed and knelt down in front of her beloved mistress, visually examining the phallus in front of her face for a few seconds and then taking it into her hands, lifting it, gripping it, and running her fingers along its length and details with fascination. Madelynn then, as if no other course was imaginable, leaned her open mouth to Elena's strap-on cock, slowly enveloped the shaft with her black-lipsticked lips, and began to work it deeper into her mouth and down her throat.

Resistance flickered within her. Wait... Do I want to go down this path with Elena? Why am I doing this?

Even as Madelynn questioned her actions momentarily, the feeling of her lips gliding along the smooth surface of the blue rod sent erotic tingles up her spine.

Her rebellious thoughts against the authority of the Hecate organization, as represented by Elena, were quickly overshadowed by another sudden internal outpouring of love and lust for the woman before her that seemed to spring out of nowhere.

I'm doing this because...because...because I love Elena...and because I want to...because I want to please her... because I...I love her......... I want Elena so much..........I love girl dick... yummy girl dick...mmmmmmm... This is soooo good.......... I want her fuck me...with this beautiful girl dick... Oh, pretty love...fuck me...

She raised her arms and rested her hands on Elena's thighs for support and also to feel the smooth, warm skin of Elena's legs. She felt her rising nipples press tightly into the inner side of her bra and her pussy quivered.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm..." moaned the goth girl through the shaft as her fingers drifted automatically around her mistress's waist onto her derriere and into the crevice of Elena's ass, playing with it unthinkingly and freely. Her rebellious acts seemed foolish now. Elena was the woman she needed...and needed to obey without question... because she loved her. Madelynn didn't know why she was thinking this now or how her love for Elena came to be, but it seemed natural to think of Elena as her cherished lover at the moment, just as it seemed natural for her suck on the rubber cock and for her to be fucked by it soon after.

I shouldn't have called Elena a "bitch". What got into me? Elena is my mistress and my lover. It is her right to command me. I love her and I need to always obey and respect her.

"Good girl," cooed Elena in a sweet voice that belied her wicked plans for Madelynn. She ran her fingers through Madelynn's black-and-purple hair, stroked her painted face, and patted her head.

Acting on the physical trigger, Madelynn rose up gracefully, cradled Elena's face, and gave her an open-mouth kiss, which Elena readily accepted. The two women exchanged moans into each other's mouths, with Madelynn moaning more loudly when her breasts were caressed and squeezed by her mistress's blue-nailed hands. While they were kissing, the ominous phallus poked Madelynn repeatedly between her legs, striking her metallic chastity belt several times, as if knocking on the door for entrance. When at last Elena broke the kiss, a thread of blue-black saliva connected their lips.

Elena kept her hands on Madelynn's breasts. "I want your breasts to be larger, Maddy, much larger than what they are now. They are too small for a pretty girl like you."

"They're too small?" the teen Goth girl asked with a disappointed face. She had been proud of her breasts, knowing that, barely at a small C-cup size, they were a little larger than the average for sixteen-year-old teen girls like herself, and she had been sure that Elena had enjoyed them, having played with them numerous times now. Wendy had also seemed to have shown interest in them. Yet--she couldn't remember when or where--this didn't seem like the first time this issue had arisen. In fact, it seemed like she, herself, had at some point realized that she should have bigger breasts, that she wanted them bigger, much bigger, that she had come to the same conclusion as Elena.

"Yes, but we can fix that. A Hecate subsidiary that does cosmetic surgery research has recently created a new form of breast enhancement. We can have a surgeon help you fix your problem with a new, state-of-the-art procedure."

"I don't think I can afford it, and my mom won't--"

"Believe me, your mom will love them...more than you might imagine. What's not to like about a beautiful, sexy daughter with super big breasts? You'll probably even turn her on with them. I bet you wouldn't mind doing that to her, would you? She'll definitely love you more, much more, with them nice and big.

"Oh...of course..." Though Madelynn couldn't recall consciously thinking such things before, they somehow made sense to her now, and seemed to be very natural and exciting ideas. Notions implanted into Madelynn in previous indoctrination sessions surfaced and told her that sexual desire...and acts...between mothers and daughters were not only perfectly appropriate, but were wonderful manifestations of a superior type of love, as well... that her mother being aroused by Madelynn having her breasts enlarged would only add to their relationship...would only make them closer...closer emotionally...and physically...and sexually... Of course her mother would like and, even, love and desire a daughter more with very large breasts, and it would only be natural for Madelynn to want to stir love and sexual desire for her in her mother through that and other means, as well. Elena was right. Mom would love her precious daughter's new, big breasts. They could well lead to a major, beautiful breakthrough in an increasingly intimate mother-daughter relationship.

Madelynn tried to recall when she had started to think like this about mothers and daughters and about her mother and their relationship, but couldn't. She wasn't really sure that such thoughts were really hers, either, nor were they destined to stay with her without interruption in the near future, although they would keep surfacing and do so with increasing frequency; all she now understood was that, for now, they seemed to be very reasonable and lovely concepts.

Madelynn closed her eyes and an image passed into her mind. Instead of Elena standing with her, it was her mother, Erin, and they were in their upstairs hallway between their bedrooms in their home, as they had been a few nights before. They both had black hair, black lips, full makeup, high heels, and racy black lingerie. Mom had her black-nailed hands on her daughter's breasts, as Elena did now. They filled Erin's hands to overflowing as she cupped, hefted, and kneaded them. "Oh, my darling daughter...I love them! You are so very sexy! I...I love you!...More than I ever thought possible before!" They leaned forward until their black lips joined. Tongues soon followed.

Elena's voice called Madelynn back from her brief, romantic daydream with her mother to her real, romantic daydream-like exchange with her enchanting mistress. "So will I, my darling." Elena gave a hard, portentous squeeze to each of the young orbs in her hands and gazed amorously and deeply into Madelynn's reopened eyes, the groping shooting lightning through Madelynn's breast flesh and the implications of her amorous gaze and her promising statement sending thrilling chills up and down Madelynn's body. Elena leaned in for a long, sweet kiss, dazzling the teen, whose eyes closed and saw shooting stars of love, before the older goth girl broke the kiss, but not before adding tongue, thereby more closely duplicating the mother-daughter daydream. In this moment, Madelynn deeply desired to conclusively and thoroughly win Elena's heart, as well as her mother's--with big, big, beautiful tits. For Elena...and Mom... ooohhhh, yeah....

"And so will...Wendy! Imagine her checking you out...looking and looking...not being able to tear her eyes away from your luscious new tits...getting very hot for you. She couldn't keep her hands off them. She wouldn't be able to resist you. She'd be your lover before she knew what hit her. You'd looove that, wouldn't you, Maddy?" Maddy nodded her head absently, trying to visualize Wendy getting very turned on by her new, juicy, big, womanly breasts, seizing them like Elena was her current smaller ones, and helplessly giving in to her completely. Yesssss!

"And we at Hecate will take care of all arrangements, including fees... "

That all sounded great to Madelynn...especially the naughty parts about turning Wendy and Erin on. Yes...what would they do to them? What would they prompt them to do? Those were most intriguing questions. Moreover, it was now more than clear that her beloved mistress, Elena, was quite interested in getting them bigger...and if she wanted that, then so did Madelynn. Madelynn felt a surge of gratitude to her mentor for this and the other ways she had already made Madelynn beautiful and sexy, and had introduced her to a much more exciting and fulfilling life than he had ever known before.

"I...I'd like that. Thank you so much, mistress." Madelynn leaned in to give her black-and-blue-haired girlfriend a soft, affectionate kiss on the lips. "Thank you, Elena." That was followed by Madelynn kissing her again.

"No problem, sweetie." Elena kissed Madelynn in return, longer. "Now let's take care of your sex addiction."

"Sex addiction?" Madelynn's face contorted in confusion, but only for a few moments. Her eyes glazed over as she entered a trance-like state and doctored memories of her experiences with Elena and Elena's cohorts and lesbianism flowed into her mind. These new memories, while mostly fiction, would permanently constitute her perceived past reality from this point on.

Madelynn now "knew" that she had begun to question her sexual orientation about a year and a half ago, when she was fourteen going on fifteen, when she started to notice her best friend Wendy and react to her in ways, excited physical and emotional ways, which she never had before, largely having to do with Wendy's pubescent breasts budding from almost nothing into eye-catching, jiggling little orbs. She also started noticing her friend's other developing curves, cute legs, clear skin, pretty blue eyes, and good-natured little laugh, and the high she felt just to be close to her. Within months, her preoccupation with her friend had developed into a crush which she could not deny, despite trying to. She hadn't known what that made her--straight, queer, or whatever--but false memories told her that she had scarcely been able to contain her feelings for Wendy, and that she almost confessed to her best friend about a year ago. But she had caught herself and had instead elected to start with an indirect approach, to gauge whether Wendy might feel the same about her.

Despite not being certain about her own sexuality, she remembered asking what Wendy thought about girls loving other girls. Wendy gave a neutral, evasive response, which Madelynn took as an encouraging sign. After weeks had passed, Madelynn opened up the subject of lesbianism again, in a more direct manner. Wendy said she definitely wasn't a lesbian, so a disappointed Madelynn did not bring up the issue again, not wanting their friendship to be ruined. That had not stopped her, however, from indulging in fantasies about Wendy and about a possible future romantic and sexual relationship between them, especially after Wendy started blossoming from the proverbial ugly duckling--although she was never ugly, just on the plain, undeveloped side--into a swan, as her blonde hair grew out longer, her braces came off, her curves filled out more, she started wearing makeup and revealing attire, and her personality became more sensual. Madelynn's desires for her best friend had then become nearly obsessive. Madelynn had also started ogling other girls, too, but Wendy had been the primary secret focus in her life up to Elena befriending her.

As in real life, just a few weeks before Elena had come into her life, Madelynn had observed that Wendy had started hanging out with a beautiful cheerleader at school, Sarah Powers, which had made her jealous. Madelynn's mother had also claimed that Wendy and Sarah had been seen kissing in public like lesbian girlfriends, but, as Wendy had denied being interested in other girls like that, Madelynn had not believed it. She had started to suspect, however, that there was some conspiracy involving the industrial/research conglomerate headed by Sarah's parents, Hecate Corporation, that may have affected Wendy in some way, and she had determined to investigate.

Then she met Elena, who rode into her life one memorable day out of the blue on a motorcycle while Madelynn was walking home from school. From this point in her memories, new, altered recollections substituted again for real ones. They went to a park and chatted, and seemed to hit it off, which Madelynn didn't quite understand, as Elena's sultry personality, erotic worldliness, and dark goth culture and style were different from anything and anyone Madelynn had known before. But there was immediate, spontaneous attraction, nevertheless, and they spent the following day after school together, as well.

Madelynn had always been a good--if also mousy and studious--Christian girl, but keeping company with Elena, even for a few days, chipped away at her previous character and attitudes, as she started to admire Elena's verve, confidence, and sexy appeal. Elena revealed she was a lesbian and thought Madelynn was probably one, too, without knowing it, and suggested they find out together whether that was true. In the face of her mother's beliefs that lesbianism and sexual acts outside of marriage were sins, which views Madelynn had adopted over her young life, she nevertheless was curious and agreed to see where their relationship might go--on the condition that they didn't "go too far". They started dating after knowing each other but a few days. It was young Madelynn's first romantic relationship and soon each was acknowledging the other as her "girlfriend". It wasn't long before Madelynn was getting very much into Elena and dating her and feeling very much like a lesbian.

Madelynn's first sexual experiences with lesbianism with Elena had started with touching, hugging, light kissing, and then light petting over their first couple of dates. Madelynn's feelings for Elena started to blossom, taken as she was with the young woman's erotic beauty, delicious body, and sexy personality, and they began to see each other almost every day. Their liberties quickly progressed to heavy making-out and deeper explorations with hands and mouths. Whereas Madelynn had been uncertain of her sexuality before, having known only that she was highly attracted to and had romantic feelings for Wendy, Elena had removed all her doubts that she was, in fact, a lesbian. Things developed rapidly like this between the two within little more than a week of first meeting.

Madelynn revealed to Elena her attraction to Wendy and her desires to become more than friends with her. She also had come to the conclusion that she would have to lure Wendy back from Sarah by trying to make Wendy a lesbian and adding a sapphic dimension to their friend relationship, although she wasn't sure how to go about that. Elena explained that she did not believe in monogamy, but rather favored open relationships, and therefore that, as for her own perspective, she had no problem with Madelynn trying to convert her best friend into a lesbian and becoming a lesbian couple. "I bet you'd even like to marry her, wouldn't you?" Elena had suggested, an idea which Madelynn realized she might have been harboring all along, and nodded her head in agreement. Elena said she would help.

But Elena said that Madelynn would first have to change her looks, her mindset, her beliefs...and her morals. Elena wanted to get Madelynn into certain things that ran contrary to the teen's conservative, Christian values--radically changing her appearance in a much more worldly and darker direction, watching lesbian porn, starting hard-core lesbian sex acts, giving up her religion for pagan goddess worship, getting into the occult, and trying various deviant sexual fetishes, including BDSM, and even, possibly, incest--and Madelynn had balked. Giving in to her lesbian urges to the extent she had had violated her values bad enough, she had figured, and she felt guilty about it. She didn't want to go too much further.

But Elena had been insistent and, to force Madelynn, Elena had blackmailed her with some embarrassing photos that she had of Madelynn. Madelynn had felt shocked and betrayed by Elena's forcefulness, but, fearful of the consequences of resisting Elena, she had yielded to Elena's desires, one by one. From that time on, a dom-sub relationship existed between them, more or less, Madelynn begrudgingly (at least at first) acknowledging Elena as her rightful superior and mistress, whom she would obey faithfully--although she did have spells of resistance and rebellion.

Elena took Madelynn to her personal beautician for a bold makeover, giving her a goth look similar to her own, and to a tattoo shop to get a couple of piercings. Elena also gave her cosmetic products and a new wardrobe with lots of sexy clothes, most of them having the dark look typical of the goth style, and orders to use them and them exclusively. The same night, Elena introduced Madelynn to her first porn--lesbian porn, of course--with instructions leading to her thoroughly immersing herself in it in various forms and types. Though Elena had coerced her into it at first, she developed an appetite for it and was soon heavily into all kinds of lesbian porn on her own.

It wasn't long before Madelynn also started to have a strong affection for her new look. Though it had been forced on her, she was now quite beautiful, totally different than she had been before. She started to love her new appearance and felt gratitude and love for Elena having foisted it on her, as well as for helping her fully face and embrace her homosexuality. Those had been two of the best things that had ever happened to her. And Elena had been right--Wendy had obviously been captivated by Madelynn's new beauty and they had started taking their relationship in a new, romantic and, even, sexual direction. Madelynn knew she had to do more, though, to win her back from Sarah and to stop Hecate Corp., if it indeed were doing something sinister.

For a while, Madelynn had nursed resentment toward Elena for threatening and coercing her, and for the ties to Hecate which Elena had revealed that she had, breeding for a time somewhat of a love-hate tone to her attitude towards the older goth beauty, and there still were some residual hard, rebellious feelings inside her now, which surfaced from time to time, but most of the time they were largely gone now, swallowed in the admiration, gratitude, love, and devotion which had steadily returned within her for her beautiful mentor. And the sex had

Yes, Elena had used force on her, but Madelynn had learned--she thought--that it really had not been Elena's fault, that she was being controlled by someone else, whether that might be someone at Hecate Corp. or some other entity, and that Elena regretted whatever harm she may have caused Madelynn, as she was very fond of her, she had made clear, which confession had touched Madelynn. Additionally, Madelynn came to realize, she thought, that it was Elena's right to give her direction and, even, orders, whether Madelynn always liked them or not, as Elena was her natural superior, someone to whom Madelynn could and should look up to as her ideal woman and whose beauty, interests, and desires were perfect models for Madelynn. Plus, Madelynn had been coming to see that the changes Elena had forced upon her were actually not so bad at all, and she was, in fact, enjoying them. It had all been for the good, in the end, and it was thanks to Elena.

At the point where she was in her review of her history with Elena in her new memories, Madelynn and Elena had started seeing each other frequently. Madelynn relished their dates and their lesbian relationship just as much as Elena appeared to. Their liberties quickly progressed from making out and feeling each other up lightly to doing so heavily, from modeling and lounging in lingerie, nylons, and bras and panties for and with each other to masturbation in front of each other while being partially undressed and watching lesbian porn, and, finally, to complete nudity, heavy petting, and acts of oral love with each other. The girl-on-girl love was everything that Madelynn had suspected it might be, and more, and she quickly developed a compelling appetite for it and a raging infatuation for her new girlfriend.

Elena had brought Madelynn to this point within two and a half weeks of their first meeting. All of this was in preparation for her first hardcore lesbian experience with Elena, which had happened much earlier in Madelynn's history with Elena--within three weeks of their first meeting--than in reality. A day or two before it was to happen, in the new, fake timeline, Elena had told Madelynn that she was going to start the teen into hard-core lesbian sex, and that they were going to "go all the way". Madelynn, despite desiring ever deeper intimacy with her foxy new girlfriend, had protested that she wasn't ready for such an extreme excursion into a life of lesbianism and sexuality, that she wasn't sure she wanted to go that far, not yet, maybe never.

Nevertheless, Elena had decreed that it was to be. One Friday night less than three weeks of first meeting each other, according to Madelynn's new memories, Elena had Madelynn all dolled up and took her into a special room, painted completely black, that was furnished with dark blue drapes, blue candles mounted on silver candelabras, and a black upholstered bed with medium blue satin bedding. The head of the bed was pushed up against a black, shelved cabinet on one side of the room. On the topmost shelf was an onyx statuette of a naked goddess in a serene, dignified pose.

For the occasion, Madelynn was dressed in a purple satin bra with black frills, matching panties, a matching garter belt that held up purple fishnet stockings, black patent leather high heels, and a purple leather collar studded with rhinestones. Her lips were painted with high-gloss purple lipstick, while her eyes were heavily painted with silver eyeshadow, profuse black eyeliner, and thick blue mascara. Matching purple lacquer covered her nails. Her dyed black and purple hair was braided into twin pigtails with purple satin bows tied at each end. Although the teenage goth girl knew she was being blackmailed into this situation, she couldn't deny she was giddy with anticipation of the event.

Elena wore a black leather shelf bra with straps criss-crossing above the neckline and around the waist, forming a sort of corset; a black leather thong; blue fishnet stockings; and shiny black heels. Her blue-dyed black hair was tied up into a high ponytail with a silver hair clip studded with blue rhinestones. Lustrous blue lipstick covered her lips, while her eyebrows were acutely arched and her long eyelashes were heavily thickened with black mascara. Her long, sharp nails were painted with blue nail polish. Her girlfriend's beauty and sexiness, and the teen's anticipation of what was to take place between them, made Madelynn's heart beat like it was going to burst out of her chest, and her pussy surged with a swell of juice, priming her cunt for the invasion which her body and mind anticipated was to soon come to it.

They started off with the kind of heavy kissing Madelynn was now used to. It struck Madelynn how much she had come to love Evelyn's soft, blue-painted lips and roving hands, and she realized that she would never want to live long without them. While in an embrace, their tongues jostled together as they moaned into each other's mouths and felt up each other's partially-naked bodies. After kissing, nuzzling, and fondling for ten minutes, they climbed onto the bed. Elena loosened her bra seductively and with little delay Madelynn had it off all the way and was sucking blue-painted nipples with her lips. Soon, both young women had stripped each other not only of their bras, but of their panties, as well, leaving them in heels, nylons, garter belts and jewelry only. Although Madelynn had already explored much of Elena's body bit by bit with her hands and lips on previous dates, this night, with Elena's encouragement, Madelynn toured it further than she ever had, and became intimately acquainted with the taste and feel of every part of Elena's body, including her face, ears, neck, breasts, waist, ass, pussy, legs, and feet.

At last the moment of intercourse arrived, which tonight would introduce Madelynn's pussy into direct contact with another girl's for the first time. The session culminated with them intertwining and scissoring their legs as they forcibly ground their pussies together. As they did so, Elena produced a bottle, from which she poured a thick blue aphrodisiac liquid onto, into, and in-between their pussies. The substance not only enhanced the experience of their girl-on-girl pussy love, but, in time, Madelynn became strongly addicted to it and, through association, to the act of tribadism.

After this evening in Madelynn's false memory, which she remembered as a glorious experience, she readily accepted whatever else Elena suggested. On their next date, Elena strapped her dildo onto Madelynn and seduced her into plowing Elena's pussy, fucking another girl for the first time, which act she was led to repeat numerous times then and on following nights.

After the intense lesbian sex experiences with Elena, the blue-haired beauty introduced Madelynn to Patricia and then to Maria, and guided Madelynn into deep sex with them, as well. Madelynn began having sex at least four days per week with Elena, Patricia, and/or Maria, usually one-on-one, but sometimes in twosomes and threesomes. She came to view them all as her lovers. She was also introduced to and deepened her experiences with alternative forms of sexual activities, such as BDSM, and expanded her horizons to older women, mainly Maria, but also with others with whom Elena set Madelynn up.

During one session with Maria, the MILF was bound with leather straps to a reclining leather chair that shocked its occupant with electricity at random intervals, as well as whenever Madelynn pressed a button on a remote. Madelynn pounded the screaming woman in the pussy with a purple strap-on while whipping her with glee.

Elena also had Maria and Madelynn role play as aunt and niece and engaging in fantasy lesbian incest sex, and it had become a routine fantasy between the two. The first time, Maria's role was that of a generic lesbian aunt, but the second and subsequent times, Maria played the part specifically of Aunt Alexa, the real-life, younger sister of Madelynn's mother, Erin, who lived her life on a decidedly wilder side than her sister, at least in this role-play scenario. Maria was made over to look like a beautified, sluttified edition of Alexa, and trained to reproduce her voice and mannerisms, as well. Madelynn was made to look and view herself like a sexy twelve-year-old version of herself, including having her hair in pigtails and her face painted in makeup, heavily applied but in different colors than her goth persona.

In the first role-play like this between the two, the straight, innocent Madelynn had a crush, per the script, on her beautiful but unscrupulous aunt, who took it upon herself to have a heart-to-heart chat with her doting niece about sexual matters, observing that the straitlaced Erin had been negligent in such issues. The chat progressed into a session of "how-to" demonstrations and introductory lesbian sex. Subsequent dates with Maria simulated Madelynn "visiting her Aunt Alexa" as they became increasingly involved in a pretend, secret, illicit, incestuous lesbian affair, one which Madelynn came to savor highly and which took on a life of its own, continuing well past the minimum which Elena required. Madelynn and Maria, as "her Aunt Alexa", became a lesbian couple, dating regularly and becoming very fond of each other and very involved sexually. As a result, Madelynn would never see her real Aunt Alexa the same, and other female relatives, as well. Also, every time she would see Maria from that point, her pussy would become wet with incestuous lust.

Maria eventually started insinuating to Madelynn that the real prize in the family was Erin, her "sister", that underneath the prudish, straight surface was a passionate tigress, a potential lesbian, just waiting to be unleashed, that Erin and Madelynn would make an ideal couple, that if the teen liked her Aunt Alexa and their sex together she would love Erin, and that Madelynn could pursue a romantic relationship with her, all of which affected the way she started to see Erin and felt about her. The eventual jumps from fantasy incest with Maria as Aunt Alexa acted out in the real world to imagined fantasy incest with her mother to real incest with her mother would, after this, be short ones for Madelynn.

One night a few weeks before this night in our story, Madelynn now "remembered", Elena introduced her to anal intercourse. As with their first night of tribadism, Madelynn's girlfriend made the environment, the mood, their attire, and their makeup special for the occasion. Elena first had Madelynn fuck her ass, and then Elena put on the strap-on and violated Madelyn's ass for the first time. Subsequently, the teen had had anal sex frequently with Elena, so that by the current point in the story, she was quite accustomed and receptive to it--no, more, in actually, she simply loved it--or so her new memories told her.

According to Madelynn's new recollections, Elena had told Madelynn that in order to win Wendy, she needed more lesbian experience with girls her own age and ordered her to get a girlfriend from among the girls at her school. Madelynn had not known how to go about that, but the next day at school a girl named Lauren came up to her and said she and Madelynn were supposed to kiss in the hallway--under orders from Elena. After they fulfilled that requirement and later similar assignments, they started seeing each other on their own. Lauren seemed to be the perfect person to enable Madelynn to fulfill Elena's directive to find herself a lesbian girlfriend, especially after Madelynn found out that Lauren shared Madelynn's interest in investigating Hecate. Subsequently, they secretly plotted how they might do that.

Elena had them perform various sexual acts together, they developed feelings for each other, and they became the lesbian girlfriends they seemed destined to be, but even more deeply involved and committed than was necessary. Lauren recruited Madelynn into a lesbian sex cult which worshiped a goddess named Lilith, and they sealed her membership and their new love and lesbian relationship with an act of tribadism just the previous night. Lauren and Madelynn were currently under fresh orders from Elena to get a beauty makeover and to seduce and corrupt an innocent girl of their choosing.

Madelynn's former religious convictions and values had all but disappeared, her corrupted memories whispered to her. She now thought of God as a woman, a beautiful goddess who not only had no commandments against love between women, but blessed it instead. She now saw nothing wrong and everything right with lesbianism and wanton sapphic promiscuity. Her previous commitment to integrity, modesty, self-restraint, clean language, and other things that were pertinent to being a "nice" girl was no longer important to her, having been supplanted by vanity, dark, evil lusts, and thirst for carnal pleasure. In her corrupted memory, she had been behaving like an abandoned lesbian slut for many weeks now, loving to dress provocatively--to show her body off in public and in private to other females and doing so with increasing lasciviousness and without shame--dating females and entering into romantic sapphic relationships right and left, jumping into bed readily with whatever cute girl or sexy woman was available and willingly engaging in hard-core lesbian sex whenever she could, drinking in all manner of hard-core lesbian porn day and night, and using vulgar language at will. The good and nice girl she once had been, while still lurking somewhere inside Madelynn and still able to temporarily surface or at least to make Madelynn hesitate and question now and then, was buried and difficult to find. This was Madelynn's new "normal" self-image, the person she now thought she had chosen to be, wanted to be, and, in fact, for most occasions, had become, and, as far as she knew, was going to be indefinitely.

Madelynn's new reconstructed memory retained many things that had happened in real life, albeit, in many instances, recolored. For example, she still remembered the evening she, using Elena's devices and tactics, seductively convinced her mother to not move away, but she now remembered having made out with her entranced mother and having gotten more sexual with her than she actually did. Likewise, she remembered having joined the Lilith cult via a session of sex with Lauren, but she now viewed her membership in the cult with genuine devotion and commitment, as something she had wanted to do and to stick with for the long term, as a ripe opportunity to learn dark arts, with which she now thought she had been fascinated even before she met Elena and Lauren, to gain power to seduce Wendy and other girls, and to give her readier access to more lesbian sex.

Madelynn blinked as she recovered from her trance-like state. She recalled Elena's last words to her. Sex addiction. Now Elena's implication that the term applied to her made sense to Madelynn. Her body did crave sex. In actuality, she did not understand that her body had become dependent on the drugs Elena and Lauren had been regularly feeding to her, but her mind and body associated the highs and pleasures from the drugs with the lesbian sex she usually had along with the drugs, and that was a component of her "sex addiction". However, even without the drugs, such were her brainwashings, her current self-image, and her experiences, both real and fake, that she still would have felt a strong compulsion in her body, mind, and emotions to yield to most all sapphic temptations tonight and in the future, so that she really was, in essence, addicted to lesbian sex and, in particular, to Elena. She stared at Elena with absolute lust and desire, and lowered her eyes to the dark blue strap-on dildo jutting from between Elena's groin.

Knowing that Madelynn's new, corrupted memory had just fully emerged and overwhelmed her old identity, and seeing the wanton way Madelynn was looking at her, Elena felt satisfied with Madelynn's progression. Elena walked over to Brittany. Madelynn saw Brittany hand Elena something small, which, from her viewpoint, looked like a plastic bottle.

Walking back over, Elena showed Madelynn what Brittany had handed her: a small bottle of lubricant. Elena flashed Madelynn a devilish smile as she got on the bed and walked on her knees until she was right behind Madelynn, who stood at the edge of the bed, facing away from it and her sexy mistress. Madelynn tensed as she realized that, given the metal chastity belt, which covered her womanhood securely but left unimpeded access to her butt crack, there was only one other place on her body into which Elena could be shoving her strap-on.

All of a sudden she became aware of how vulnerable her anal ring was at the moment. She could feel the air swirl around and caress her puckered hole. Although her anus was indeed virginal, and she had never really received anything into it sexually before, other than one of Elena's fingers part-way a few times, in her altered mind she thought of herself as an experienced and avid recipient of complete lesbian anal impalement. Feeling her rosebud twitch with erotic desire, as if it was aware that it would be penetrated, Madelynn told herself to relax and accept her sublime fate.

"I think someone has learned her lesson. Now you get your reward. It's time for some good ol' fashioned hardcore sex," Elena pronounced with perverse glee as she groped Madelynn's rear with sinful delight. "And, baby, I know just how my favorite goth girlfriend loves something long and hard going in and out of her ass!" A soft moan of pleasure was her only response as Elena molested her butt. Doing so, combined with the subliminals blasting her mind, triggered false implanted memories which soothed away any trepidation she was feeling, memories "reminding" her of how she had so often enjoyed the pleasures of giving and receiving lesbian anal intercourse.

A particular "memory" surfaced. She saw herself attending church with her beautiful mother roughly a week or so after she was introduced to the goth lifestyle by Elena. What made this memory special was not only the fact that she had dressed herself up in goth fashion for the very first time to enter a "proper" public place like a church, but that she also had a butt plug up her rear.

Madelynn had relished the sinful delight of having something up a taboo orifice without anyone else being aware of it, not even her mother. As the dull sermon was being preached by the dull pastor, all Madelynn could do to endure was to clutch her anal ring, thereby nudging the plug a little further up her ass and, in turn, upping the delightful pleasure.

Her manufactured memory also reminded her that in the boring meeting she had also been looking over, as best she could, the sweet-looking butts of the females attending with her in church and wondering what kinds of anal plugs would best suit this woman or that girl.

There was one particular woman out of all of those present of whom Madelynn was especially cognizant and to whom she paid the most attention, her own beautiful mother, Erin. Madelynn wanted to confide in her, whispering to her right there in the meeting, about her wicked situation--not to shock or upset her, but rather to put the idea into her mother's mind to do the same thing, to lure her mother to join her in the bliss of anal stimulation. In the end, she had not summoned enough courage to tell her mom, but Madelynn resolved that she would bring the subject up and somehow convince her mother to try it, so that one day they would attend the church services with toys in their rears and take delight in their common, dark secret and in the fact that no one else was privy to their private, sacrilegious indecency. Madelynn "remembered" feeling that kind of bold, wicked, shared pleasure would be a great way for them to bond and become closer, and feeling, as she sat next to Erin in the church pews, the urge to slide her arm around her mother and reel her in for a mother-daughter kiss.

Madelynn's pleasant reminiscing of the fake memory was broken when she heard the snap of a plastic cap being flipped open. This time Madelynn felt no apprehension and eagerly waited for Elena to work her fake cock into her asshole.

She shivered as she heard the squelching sounds of lubricant being applied and rubbed onto the strap-on. She gasped as she felt Elena pour the remaining contents of the bottle over her rear and massage the slick substance all over her butt. As she felt Elena gently work a finger, then two, into her eager hole, she begged Elena.

"Ohhh...Elena...pleeeease...fuck me..."

Elena, however, merely teased her young lover. After probing a little more with her fingers, she took her strap-on in hand and stuck its tip just barely into Madelynn's awaiting butt-slit, then stroked it up and down in the crack without pushing it in. Madelynn, having played through this kind of scenario numerous times in the porn she had watched and in her new, false memories, intuitively knew what to do to conclusively secure the sexual satisfaction she craved. She turned around and gently pushed Elena down onto the bed, having her lie down with the strap-on jutting upwards. She climbed onto the bed, straddled Elena, facing her, knelt with her ass directly above the phallus, and took the wicked, lubed instrument into her hand, aiming it up directly at her rosebud. With her prize so tantalizingly close, Madelynn slowly lowered her ass onto the shaft as she thought she had done many times before, gasping loudly as it penetrated her anus and rectum millimeter-by-millimeter, not noticing Elena's wicked smile.

Elena wrapped her arms around Madelynn's waist and began working her hips up and down. The partial insertion and retraction of the phallus caused Madelynn to moan and grunt. Even though she had experienced this before, as she thought, it nevertheless felt like a completely new invasion into this, one of her most private and guarded bodily sanctuaries. It was more painful than she "remembered" it being, but, as she got used to it more--"again"--it started to feel exquisite, as well--like she "remembered".

Finally Madelynn and Elena worked the full length of Elena's artificial cock into the teen's tight, virginal anal passage, Madelynn moaning deliriously at the novel--yet "familiar", as she supposed it must be--pleasure. After the first full insertion, she arose, and then plunged down all the way again, but in one fluid stroke--as she thought she had often done before--her eyes flying open at the sharp sensation. "Ooo! Ahhh!" She repeated the act and the response. Then she started to bounce herself up and down off Elena's hips. Every time, Elena would thrust her hips upward to double the force penetrating into Madelynn's asshole, making the teen goth girl nearly swoon from the surprising, tight fullness, friction, and erotic delight she was feeling so very keenly. They then added a slight acceleration to the pumping of the girl's ass. "Ohhh...uh!...ooooo... mmmmm...Elena...ohhhhh..."

"Take your bra off, honey. Show me your beautiful little titties." Madelynn--who wasn't sure she liked the "little" reference, unless it was simply meant to be endearing, but did relish her lover wanting to see her breasts and her opportunity to show them off to her--reached behind her back to undo the clasp. As soon as she saw the bra sag forward, Elena, without waiting for Madelynn to finish the undertaking, slipped the straps off her young disciple's shoulders, pulled the cups off her breasts, and flung the bra aside. After watching the fresh, fleshy orbs bounce enticingly up and down awhile as they fucked, Elena took them in her hands, squeezed them, kneaded them, and, finally, pinched Madelynn's tender young nipples.

"Cum for me, my lover!"

Madelynn climaxed---as she believed she had done repeatedly before from this kind of sex--to a wail of profane exultation. "Oh, Elena...oh, fuck!...ahhhhhhhhhhhh... You're so fuckin' gooood. Oooooooo..." Elena pulled her teen lover down to join their painted mouths, muffling the girls exclamations. When their faces parted, huffing, and puffing, for a few minutes Elena paused her pumping motions, as did Madelynn, although they remained joined and Madelynn's rectum remained filled.

Pressing a button on a remote, Elena proceeded to the next item in the session. A large video monitor lowered from the ceiling in front of the teen, unfolding downward like the cover of a book. Madelynn's face widened with shock when she saw what appeared on the screen: Wendy was making out with Mary, Wendy's mother, on a couch with another young woman sitting nearby, who was caressing Wendy's body freely, as was Mary. They all were in a naked or nearly naked state, in no more than bras and panties, at most, and their hands were exploring very private places.

"Looks like Wendy isn't the straitlaced girl you thought she was."

"No..." Madelynn countered with disbelief. "I...I don't believe this..." She recalled that Wendy told her she hadn't gone very far with Sarah, which suggested Wendy didn't engage in sex, or more than light sex, or at least that was the impression Madelynn had gotten from their conversation. What she was seeing now blew all of her assumptions about Wendy out of the water. Not only was Wendy engaging in three-way sapphic sexual activity, she was also doing it with her mom!

Even I don't make out with mom... The moment she thought that, Madelynn realized that, given the right circumstances, she wouldn't mind doing it...with Erin...and she felt a spurt of lust run through her body at the possibility... Still....she hadn't done it...yet......but here was Wendy...good little Wendy...with her mother...making she couldn't get enough of her...

Wendy's a... Madelynn was reluctant to continue the thought but couldn't deny the reality. ...a...a slut... However, the lingering, rational side of Madelynn voiced an alternative opinion. Or...or maybe she's being forced into I have been sometimes........ Yes...right....... Maybe she's a I thought before... That's why I started investigating Hecate.... It was because Wendy was changing...getting new friends...hanging out with Sarah........kissing Sarah........ It was suspicious... I wanted to find out who was behind all this and why.

"Wendy, who's your best friend," asked the young brunette woman on the screen.

"Sarah is my best friend," Wendy replied.

"Are you sure? What about Madelynn?"

"She's also my best friend, but Sarah is my bestest best friend!"

"Looks like Wendy likes Sarah more than you," Elena sneered.

Wendy's and Elena's words hit Madelynn like a train.

"No... This...this can't be real..." denied Madelynn, while slowly shaking her head in disbelief.

"Madelynn, you need to be more beautiful than Sarah." Elena punctuated her suggestion with a thrust up Madelynn's ass.


"You need to be sexier than Sarah." Another plunge accompanied the comment.

"Ahh! Yesss! Sexier...ooooo."

"You need bigger breasts than Sarah..." Elena and Madelynn, by silent, almost unconscious agreement, again started the rhythmic, synchronized fucking of Madelynn's ass, Madelynn lifting up on her knees and then plunging downward, while Elena thrust her hips up and down. "Much bigger! You need big, big, gigantic tits!" The next stab was particularly fervent. Elena took Madelynn's hands and placed them on the girl's own tits. "Squeeze, darling. You want to play with them." The teen did as she was directed. "And you wish they were massive!"

"Ohhhhh!...yesssss...big tits...ahhhh...really, really, really big...huge..."

"For Wendy..."

"Yes... for sweet, sexy Wendy..."

"For your mother..."


"For me."

"Mmmmm...for you...for my sexy, beautiful girlfriend...enormous tits..."

A loud moan brought Madelynn's attention back to the television screen. To Madelynn's fresh amazement, Wendy was fucking a pretty brunette girl--the same one she had seen in the screen with Wendy before, whom she now addressed as Samantha--with a strap-on, something Madelynn would never have imagined her friend was capable of doing. This was much more than Wendy just making out with her mom. And Wendy was obviously enjoying what she was doing, passionately. This time, she couldn't excuse Wendy's behavior. Wendy didn't look like she was being coerced. Wendy wasn't just experimenting. Wendy wasn't simply finding herself. Wendy was engaging in hardcore lesbian sex with two females. Only a lesbian would do that, and a slutty one at that.

"Why are you doing this? Why did you keep this from me?!" asked Madelynn out loud, speaking to the screen. She felt her heart aching from thinking that her best friend had kept such a big secret from her. Her desire and respect for Wendy became embroiled with hate, injury, and jealousy. Wendy's supposed betrayal of her trust now concerned her more than whatever Hecate might be doing to her.

"Liar..." spat Madelynn softly, with a mixture of pain and anger in her voice.

"Yes, your friend is a liar. She lied about her sexuality and her chastity. She's a total lesbian slut. And she's not your best friend anymore, either."

"I...I guess not..."

"No, she couldn't possibly be. A girl's best friend is the one who gives her the most sex, and the best sex. Free and fulfilling sexuality is the single most important thing in any friendship between two girls. Has Wendy given you much?"

" a little..."

"Then she's not your best friend, maybe not even a good friend at all.

"You could change that, of course... You could make her want you more.... You could seduce her into deep lesbian sex with you...and into being your devoted lesbian lover... You could fuck Wendy... There are ways...especially now that you are a disciple of a powerful pagan sex that you are in her cult...and have access to charms...and spells...and enchantments...and black magic... You could bewitch her..."

Madelynn didn't notice that Elena was talking about a matter, namely, Madelynn having joined the cult of Lileth, about which she should not have known, at least not this soon. But Madelynn didn't care. Elena had previously mentioned there were certain unnatural ways to win Wendy back. The possibilities Elena were now implying, on top of that previous statement, were fascinating.

"But in the meantime...someone else will be your best friend...someone you love with your heart right now...and with your sexy body..."

The video feed ended abruptly the moment Wendy and her mom were about to engage in a deep kiss. Despite her newfound negative feelings, Madelynn wished the video would have continued, voyeuristically desiring to see where the incestuous foreplay between the mother and daughter would lead.

Elena placed her hand on Madelynn's cheek and rotated the teen girl's head so they were almost face to face. "You still have me." Elena kissed her teen lover on the lips. "I will always be here for you."

Gazing deep into Elena's eyes, Madelynn was unable to perceive any trace of malice or deceit. Despite having been blackmailed and forced into deep, kinky lesbianism, she found herself trusting Elena for some perverse reason. Even though Elena is working for bad people, at least she's honest about what she's doing to me. Honestly, what she's doing to me isn't that bad. She hasn't hurt me...unlike Wendy. Actually...she's given me so much... And what I love most about her is that she's...she's simply beautiful... She's a beautiful person...and quite unique... It's not like I could experience what she's giving me anywhere else... Certainly Wendy never gave me anything like this," referring to the dildo thrusting so blissfully up her rear end. She's a better friend than Wendy... than Wendy ever was...or will be....... I think I...I...I love her... I love Elena...

Elena made one last powerful thrust, sending Madelynn over the edge again. "Ohhh, Elena.... I love yooouuuu..." Juices gushed from her pussy and leaked through the tiny openings in her chastity belt and down along her thighs. "I love you sooooo much!" She kissed Elena fervently as her orgasm subsided.

"Let's do another round."

Doubt crept in Madelynn's mind, but a strange subliminal voice reminded her repeatedly of her sexual addiction. Yes, she had just had a fix, a potent one...but...

Sex is your purpose....

Sex is essential to your existence...

Lesbian sex is all you want...

You are happy when you get lesbian sex and get it often...

You are happy only when you get lesbian sex and get it often...

You love deep, hard-core lesbian sex...

You need sex with pretty girls and beautiful women, all the time...

You must have lesbian sex often...

...she needed another fix...a fix of sex...of lesbian sex... She needed more sweet girl-flesh... to feed her addiction... She needed more...and eventually she caved in.

Yes... I need more sex... I want more sex... Elena's right...

"You''re right, Elena... I...I need more..."

Alerted by footsteps, Madelynn turned in the direction of the new presence. It was Patricia, a woman with whom she had had sex three times or so before in real life, including just the previous night, but now she "remembered" it being many times more than that, and her involvement with the woman as being sweetly romantic, in addition to being one of raw, intense sex. In Madelynn's mind, she had come to love Patricia's sexy appearance, being with her, and making out with her. As she remembered it now, she had drilled Patricia with her strap-on often by now, and had developed an intense affection for Patricia's pussy, for fingering it, screwing it, and eating it out, and having hers done also, to the point that Madelynn salivated just thinking of Patricia now.

Madelynn now considered Patricia to be her girlfriend, with whom she was carrying on a mutually cherished affair--yes, one started for her by Elena, but which, after the first few times, had been pursued completely voluntarily on Madelynn's part. Madelynn "knew" that if she had a lesbian sex addiction, then Patricia was a major reason for it. The moment she saw the erotically beautiful young woman this night, her pussy started watering anew in excitement, as it always did, her memory told her, when she saw Patricia now.

Patricia was dressed very sensually in a transparent teal PVC crop top and a matching transparent ruffled, tiered miniskirt over a studded black leather bra with turquoise filigree and a matching thong. Running up her legs were shiny teal-colored stockings. She sauntered over to the bed in her six-inch turquoise-colored heels and slightly tossed her raven hair that was done in a half-up style with multiple peek-a-boo braids. She stood there, displaying herself, letting Madelynn's anticipation mount before speaking.

"Hi, Maddy."

"Hi, Patty. Nice to see you." You look hot!

"You, too, sweetheart." Patricia licked her teal-lipsticked lips after eyeing the goth girl up. "You look good.

"Let's have some fun, Maddy." She kicked off her heels and climbed onto the bed next to Elena, then, leaning back against the headboard with a couple of pillows behind her, lifted her skirt to her waist, and spread her legs wide in front of Madelynn. "Lick me...and fist me..."

You want to lick pussies... You love licking pussies...

You have no inhibitions...

You want to pleasure the pussy of the woman in front of you...

You love Patricia's beautiful pussy...

You absolutely crave the taste of pussy juice...

You cannot go a day without extreme lesbian sex...

Kiss her pussy... Taste her... Kiss her... Love her... Love her pussy...

Madelynn got on her fours in front of Patricia, removing herself from Elena's strap-on in the process, the dildo dislodging--with a brazen slurp and with strands of girl goo mixed with lubricant connecting the phallus and the well-fucked teen ass, as if attempting to reunite the two, until increasing separation snapped them apart--upon which Elena moved away a little to let Madelynn and Patricia have more room. When the teen bent down, Patricia pulled aside the narrow crotch panel of her shiny, minuscule thong, underlining her lewd invitation. For a moment, Madelynn gazed upon Patricia's wet, hairless snatch, savoring its prettiness and fresh, aroused aroma. Venturing closer with her tongue--as if she had done this many times before with this lovely black-haired vixen--she then licked the tempting fruit before her. One lick, then another, then more.

"Yessss... Keep on licking, slut."

Then the goth teen detected a strange but familiar taste, which she couldn't quite place. It caused Madelynn to furrow her brow.

"You must be wondering about the taste. I had my pussy all stuffed with the blue pills a while ago, that have mostly melted by now."

Worried and excited at the same time, Madelynn kept on kissing, licking, and sucking Patricia's pussy. As much as she intellectually disliked the drug and its effects on and rule over her, she simultaneously loved the effects, too, and craved the drug, being addicted to it. She started probing and eating the delicious cunt before her with greater abandon. good...

At length, the feeling of a wet tongue on her ass caused Madelynn to instinctively start to turn around, but Patricia immediately held the girl's face and directed her black lips back to her pussy. "Don't worry about that, you sweet slut. Brittany is just going to tongue your ass." As if confirming Patricia's words, Madelynn felt nails sharply clenching her ass cheeks and a wet tongue entering her asshole. She gasped from the novel pleasure on her anal rosebud.

This feels good...

Surfacing false memories told her she had done this sexual act many times before. The most recent such event supposedly had occurred just yesterday after school, and she "remembered" that this night was not the first time she had met Brittany. was yesterday... Almost immediately after the bell had rung, Madelynn, following Elena's instructions, had rushed to meet a woman, whom she had been told would be named Brittany, who was waiting for her in a vehicle parked a block from the school.

The moment Madelynn entered the car, sat in the passenger seat, and turned to face this stranger, she was utterly taken by her. Her loose, pleated pastel pink-and-blue spandex miniskirt rode high on her smooth thighs, her cropped halter top of silver lame did almost nothing to hide her succulent breasts, and her breathtaking, dyed fuchsia-colored hair flowed over her shoulders and back, falling like a fuchsia waterfall from a fetching half-up style. That, along with her model-perfect, heavily made-up face with silver lips and matching nails, rang all of her bells.

Barely a moment passed after Brittany introduced herself that Madelynn, completely disarmed and overwhelmed with instantaneous lust, scooted closer, embraced the pink-haired woman, and kissed her deeply, slipping her tongue into Brittany's mouth. Brittany, obviously completely open to Madelynn's advances, responded in equal measure, and the two girls made out for some time before Madelynn broke the kiss, realizing she had not yet introduced herself.

"Oh...uh...hi...I'm...I'm Madelynn."

"Let's go someplace private, Madelynn. Okay?"


Brittany drove without speaking, allowing Madelynn to ogle her openly and without distraction the whole way, driving five blocks to a multi-unit house. Sexual tension had built up strongly in the goth girl's body by the time they got to the bedroom of an unoccupied unit, and almost immediately they wrapped their arms around each other to resume the passionate make-out session they had begun in the car. This time, the fuchsia-haired girl initiated the kiss and included with it something special: blue pills as per custom. Madelynn swallowed the two pills pushed into her mouth eagerly, knowing full well of their aphrodisiacal and inhibition-lowering effects, but she was too heavily addicted to them at this point to worry about the consequences. Then they fell on the bed, wrapped up in each other, desiring to engage in sex as soon as they could.

Once on the bed, they made out for six minutes while gradually stripping clothes off from each other. After running their hands all over each other's shoulders and backs, legs and asses, and breasts and groins, while their mouths still blended, they fingered each other's pussy. Once they got them sopping wet and ready, they intertwined their legs and slid their womanhoods together until they touched intimately. They gasped and moaned loudly as they worked their hips in unison and groped each other's breasts.

The sexual moans of other females engaging in lesbian sex in other apartment units could be heard through the walls, adding to the erotic atmosphere and the sensation that their meeting, their quick attraction, and their rapid progression into heavy physical involvement was both inevitable and sanctioned by the fact others were similarly engaged.

After Madelynn's and Brittany's floodgates opened, they gave each other a sloppy kiss and slumped on the bed for a brief rest before getting into another sexual position, per Madelynn's fake memory.

Wow... Where did this girl come from?! ...... I don't care... She's an awesome fuck, Madelynn thought she remembered thinking at the time.

Even though this was a manufactured recollection, it was nevertheless representative of Madelynn's mindset and illustrated how Madelynn's attitudes had changed in a matter of a couple of months, from that of a sensitive, nice girl who tried to judge other people by their integrity, their honor, their kindness, and their courage, into that of a lesbian slut who valued others--other women, for men were no longer on her social radar--for how attractive they were and for their prowess in bed. And, if she were to take a moment to analyze that change in her outlook, during the "remembering" of this first meeting with Brittany, she couldn't have cared less.

Further, this potential moment of introspection would have revealed to her that what she considered important to her in life in general was much different now. Before her transformation, her schoolwork and grades, being a faithful friend to Wendy, being a helpful and cooperative daughter--and, often, a supportive companion--to her mother, growing up to be a productive member of society, and the pursuit of social justice were the things she thought of as taking priority with her. Now, her world revolved around makeup, sexy clothes, her goth image, getting her way--including by dominating others, if need be--hanging with Elena, Lauren, Patricia, Maria, and, now, Brittany, lesbian sex, and drugs. She saw Wendy, having proven to be faithless, no longer as a reliable friend, not as she now was, but more as a prize to be won back from Sarah and forced into submission, into being her friend of a new type, as much sexual plaything as friend, even if that meant turning to occult measures, as offered by Elena and Lauren.

They both got on their fours, with Brittany behind Madelynn and facing Madelynn's ass. Brittany started to lick Madelynn's ass, while simultaneously fingering her own and Madelynn's pussies. As Madelynn ascended into a state of euphoria induced by the tongue, the fingers, and the drugs, a video screen next to the bed came to life.

While Brittany pleasured her, Madelynn watched a sapphic porn movie with a dark premise. It was set during the 19th century in America in a frontier village, and followed a brown-haired girl looking for herbs in the woods. Madelynn couldn't help but notice the girl's similarity to herself, as she had been a year or two in the past, down to her gray eyes and apparent age.

In the movie, the girl gets lost and meets a strange but ravishing raven-haired woman wearing a sexy black dress. The mysterious woman points out that the forest would soon be engulfed by the darkness of night, making it unsafe to attempt to return home. She invites the girl to stay at her home for the night. The girl accepts, not knowing that she is falling into a trap.

Shortly after arriving at the woman's house, the thirsty girl drinks the refreshment that is offered, but, as a result, soon gets drowsy. It is revealed that the woman is a witch with nefarious intentions. The woman hypnotizes the girl and orders her to remove her clothes. Then, using her telekinetic powers, she wraps the girl from head to toe with black leather strips made from the skin of a flayed demon, binding and completely covering her. Next, the girl is laid in a golden sarcophagus, which is filled with a pitch-black, oily liquid, the blood of a corrupted dragon, immersing the enwrapped girl, after which the sarcophagus is tightly sealed.

Seven days later, the girl is removed from the sarcophagus and from the leather strips. She is completely transformed by the magic of the demon skin and dragon blood. Her skin is now shiny porcelain white with no imperfections, her eye color changed from gray to ruby red. Her hair is pitch black, her lips and nails ruby red. Her breasts are now double their original size and tipped with glowing ruby-red nipples.

"How may I serve you, Mistress," are the first words that the dripping-wet girl speaks to the woman after the infernal metamorphosis.

"Oh, I will show you, my sweet!" The witch soaps, shampoos, and showers the girl off, dries her body, paints her face, styles her hair, and dresses the altered girl provocatively. Highly pleased with the outcome, her lust for her creation is all too clear, as the witch approaches, embraces, and kisses the girl, and runs her hands all over the girl's voluptuous body, the girl responding with reciprocity and passion. The witch leads the girl to her bed and introduces her to lesbian love.

From then on, the girl serves as the woman's unquestioning servant and lesbian whore. After immersing the girl in sapphic sex and training her in all manner of depravity for a few weeks, including extensive mother-daughter sexual role-playing, the witch sends the girl back to her home. There, per her orders, she seduces her own mother, then brings her back to the witch for a similar transformation. After making them into debauched incestuous lovers, she uses them for her own pleasure, waiting on her every whim and lust. Then she plays pimp, prostituting them to demons in exchange for greater magic power and longevity.

The movie ends with a scene where the witch is pounding the girl's pussy with a strap-on dildo made from the bone of a cockatrice enwrapped in cured meat, the whole animated with necromancy and simulating the real organ to great effect.

At the point in the movie where the girl reaches her delirious climax, Madelynn, feeling as if the demonic phallus were plunging her pussy as it was the girl's, and in response to Brittany's mouth and fingers probing her pussy, ass, and anus, cried out in synchronized orgasm. Brittany drank Madelynn's feminine cum that squirted out of her pussy in copious amounts. Taking one last mouthful without swallowing, Brittany turned Madelynn around, took Madelyn into her arms, and bestowed a long, deep French kiss and the contents of her mouth into her teen companion's mouth.

After her flashback ended, wicked thoughts bubbled up in Madelynn's mind as she finished devouring Patricia's cunt and sat up a little without moving her rear away from Brittany's lapping tongue, staring into space in contemplation. Wendy doesn't know what she's missing out on... If she had been honest with me and accepted me, I would've gone all the way with her if she wanted to... I would even have shared Brittany with her... Mmmmm... She's delicious... Wendy would like her, too...

A wicked smile appeared on Madelynn's face. I won't give up so easily... I'll win you back from Sarah at any cost! She cupped and kneaded her breasts in her two hands and licked Patricia's drug-tainted pussy juice that overflowed from her lips as she thought of her plan. No longer would she use gentle persuasion on her friend. She would dominate Wendy and make Wendy do what she wanted her to do. There was no other option, Madelynn reasoned. Wendy was too deeply under Sarah's control. Only by completely dominating Wendy physically and mentally would she able to win her friend back as well as save her from the evil Hecate organization.

Wendy was too naive and easy-going, Madelynn's musings continued, and this led to her being controlled by Sarah. The only way for her to compete against Sarah successfully would be to use the same tactics Sarah had used on Wendy, but much more forcefully. She would erase Wendy's innocent attitudes, making her a young woman thoroughly versed in the ways of the world, and make her rabid for the pleasures of the flesh, female flesh. Wendy might not like it at first, but she would accept it eventually. If Wendy enjoyed lesbian sex so much, then she, as her best friend, would satisfy that need, but under her own terms and with her being in control at all times. She would get Wendy into enjoying new fetishes and use that as a lure to spend more time with her.

The revelation that Mary, Wendy's mother, was a lesbian who had no qualms having sex with her daughter, was a most surprising turn of events. Who would have suspected that? She certainly hid it well, behind that facade of saintly motherliness. Madelynn searched her mind for reasons to explain Mary Love-Livingston's apparent secret, wanton, hypocritical sapphic life, desiring to justify this nice woman whom she had known most all of her life, and came to the possibility that Mary might be a victim of Hecate, too. But then she shifted to belief in a darker, more sinister explanation, namely, that perhaps it was Mary who betrayed Wendy to Sarah and Hecate. Mary could have been working for Hecate way before Wendy even knew Sarah. Maybe, even, it was Mary who started Wendy's conversion to lesbianism.

Madelynn then retracted her assumptions some. It was all speculation. Did she really have enough evidence to conclude decisively that Mary was a sinister, incestuous lesbian predator?

On the other hand...she couldn't ignore that possibility...or light of that video. It could have been doctored....but why would anyone make a fake like that? Not only did it look entirely real, but Madelynn also wanted it to be genuine, and that desire worked on her to persuade herself that it was.

Subconsciously, Madelynn wished her speculation were true. The thought of Mary being an evil lesbian turned her on, for some reason. Sometimes Madelynn kind of felt like being the same way, and thinking that her best friend's mother could be like that, too, was something she could almost relate to. Plus, Wendy's mother looked so good in that she had lightened her hair...a lot...and was wearing makeup...heavily... and was dressed...or she had never imagined possible for this woman she thought she knew. Mary was now definitely a person of interest on Madelynn's gay radar.

I didn't realize Mrs. Love-Livingston could be so beautiful and hot. I wish my mom could be like her. I wonder if Mrs. Love-Livingston is interested in goth girls like me. If not, maybe I can change her mind. Madelynn imagined herself alone with Mary, catching her eye. Then she pictured herself doing herself in a manner similar to Wendy, with provocative mainstream clothes and make-up in more conventional but vibrant colors. She told herself she was going to try that sometime, maybe even for Mary, and see how far that would get her.

"Girls, I'm going to be away for a while. Have fun and play safely!" Elena chuckled and walked out of the room while thinking of the next step of the plan for corrupting Madelynn and her mother.


By the time the show ended, Wendy was fully aroused and in desperate need of sexual release. She had stripped to toplessness, down to her heels and her skimpy, shimmering, slinky silver panties--the ones Sarah had given her that morning through Kayla--copying Samantha's lead. She had almost slid off her panties during her show, as well, feeling the urge to show off her clean-shaven pussy. After all, it wasn't as if Sarah and Lauren hadn't seen it before, and she had put it on display in public at Rebecca's beach house, too, and she thought it wouldn't hurt the intriguing woman in red to watch such an exhibition, either, for being in this room at this hour, the woman was not likely to be very surprised by a slut on a stage at this club doing that. But she ended up deciding against it, since Samantha had not gone that far...and Samantha was Wendy's new role model, it was sinking into her. Whatever Samantha did or didn't do...that was the guide for Wendy's behavior...

Wendy's flesh was excited with lust and her quim moist and quivering with desire. She could feel her heart racing with passion and her naked, jiggling tits stiff with pleasure. The euphoria she felt in teasing other girls erotically with her dancing and stripping like a slut, and showing off her enticing, bare young breasts, accompanied by the sensations of both how natural and how sinful and slutty this was, was almost too much excitement to contain. Wendy wasn't sure how long she could maintain her self-control.

I had to do this in order to prove to Lauren that I'm a lesbian...and a...a slut...because I...I love Lauren... I want Lauren... Wendy determined to prove once and for all to her secret crush that she was a lesbian and worthy of her affections. In the back of her mind Wendy could hear a faint mental whisper trying to tell her something, but she couldn't make out what it was trying to say. All Wendy could determine was that it felt urgent, like it was trying to warn her. However, taking a few deep breaths, Wendy focused on the task at hand and was able to silence the weak voice. Wendy turned her attention back onto Lauren, Sarah, Samantha, and the mysterious, sexy woman in red.

By all appearances, they enjoyed my performance, Wendy thought as she observed that the women sitting on the couch were definitely aroused. She saw Samantha and the mystery woman feeling each other up. The cloaked lady had one hand on Samantha's hip and the other coping a feel of Samantha's exquisite mounds. Samantha pulled the hood of the red cloak slightly back so she could lean in against the mysterious woman's gorgeous body and gently place soft kisses all over her neck and shoulders.

Lauren was leaning against the back of the couch with Sarah straddling her legs, her back to Wendy. Lauren had her hands on Sarah's waist, holding her in place as Sarah gracefully rocked her body. When Wendy's eyes locked onto Lauren's she could see the heavenly Latina teen give her a condescending smile, as if she was claiming Sarah and Samantha as her own.

No! I can't lose Sarah and Samantha to Lauren!

Emboldened by the sight of the women touching each other sexually in front of her, Wendy seductively sauntered towards Lauren, doing her best to display her smooth, tantalizing, perky, jiggling, naked breasts to everyone in the room, purposely making them sway and bounce as much as possible. It seemed to work, Wendy noticed with wicked gratification, as Sarah, Lauren, Samantha, and the mysterious woman broke away from their respective partners and fixed their eyes lecherously on Wendy .

"So, what did you guys think?" asked Wendy as she stopped a few feet in front of the sofa and looked down at the women, pulling her shoulders back and shaking them slightly to make her breasts stand out and to quiver back and forth. She was not only asking for their evaluation of her performance, but of her body, as well, with an implied invitation to ogle her breasts particularly. To affirm that summons, she took her young breasts in her hands, cupping them lasciviously for her little audience. Each beautiful woman gave her the wanton looks of desire she sought, each especially visually devouring her alluring young jugs, which Wendy noticed with delighted gratification. In response, she ran her fuchsia-nailed fingers over them lightly, smiling, playing with her nipples, drawing yet more attention to her teen mammaries.

"Not bad, Shelley, not bad at all," praised Lauren, obviously savoring Wendy's current display, in addition to the just-completed performance. "A nice sluttish performance, if you ask me." Wendy's heart soared upon hearing Lauren's approval, especially punctuated with that wonderful word, "slut". I got to her! I'm lesbian enough. I'm slutty enough. Lauren likes me! She felt like flying, on wings of hope that Lauren might, after all, be falling for her. Nothing's going to stop me now. I'll do whatever else it takes to win her love. What an awesome girl!

"What do you think, Sarah?" asked Lauren.

"Magnifique, Shelley, a superb job for your first time stripping," exclaimed Sarah as she stood up and gave Wendy a friendly clap. "It looks like you're letting your inner slut come out and play, Shelley."

"Speaking as a professional," enthused Samantha, "not bad for your first time, Shelley. There was nothing wrong with you trying to slut it up some with your stripping. Maybe next time step it up a notch or two."

Oh... Wendy thought. Maybe I should have taken off my panties... She made a mental note for next time, not pausing to consider that somewhere in her mind she was now assuming that there would be a "next time". Before this evening, she hadn't planned to make stripping a regular activity, or to even do it ever again after that eventful night at Rebecca's, but, now that she had stripped publicly two times--and had loved it--doing it again in the future, whether once or many more times, was a distinct open possibility to her.

"You have some natural talent," Samantha continued. "I think with a little more work you can definitely become amazing. I'd be happy to practice with you." Samantha made that offer with a beguiling sultriness, seeming to imply that "practicing" with her might be more play than business. She then blew Wendy a kiss, followed by mouthing the word "slut".

"Slut"...The word echoed electrically through Wendy's mind. Yesssss...

Wendy found her arousal growing to nearly unmanageable levels as each woman awarded her praise for her strip dance--especially when they said the word "slut". Even when she let the word merely run through her mind, she felt a surge of elation and exaltation, as if, insofar as the word applied to her, it confirmed she was headed in the right direction and drawing closer to her natural, beautiful destiny, a destiny full of girl-girl love with numerous delicious partners, all manner of uninhibited depraved sapphic acts, possibly lesbian marriage, and perpetual sexual fulfillment. Earlier in her life, Wendy would have gotten offended if such a word had been used to describe her... but now she found the word thrilling, enticing, something to strive for. Wendy, in fact, was starting to consider taking it to the next level as a slut, by stripping off her panties right now and masturbating in front of everyone, really giving them a show to talk about.

However, before she could develop that brazen plan further, Lauren addressed her. "Wendy, I love your tits," the brunette Latina observed, her eyes still glued to them. "They look like Samantha's." Wendy looked at Samantha's naked boobs and, for the first time, discerned the similarity, being highly pleased with the comparison. "You really like showing them off, don't you? You should show them off all the time." Wendy made eye contact with the pretty Latina girl who was suddenly her ardent admirer, as it seemed, and blushed, while nodding her head in acknowledgment of the praise and the suggestion.

Wendy took Lauren's favorable reaction to Wendy's tits and her shameless exhibition of them as affirmation that she was doing the right thing, that she was, by her topless display, finally making some progress with the Latina fox, and that, in fact, to grab Lauren's attention and approval, it had been an utter necessity to do the kinds of things she was doing now.

The fetching mystery woman in the bedazzling red dress stood up to address Wendy.

"Hello, Shelly," the mysterious woman cooed in a charming and curiously familiar voice. "Or should I say 'Wendy'?" The pretty blonde teen was surprised that this mysterious, alluring woman knew her real name. She couldn't recall meeting anyone like her before and yet she couldn't shake the feeling that there was something very familiar about the masked woman, as if they had crossed paths before.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to use your real name. I know how stage names can be beneficial to budding adult entertainers."

"I-I'm not a... I mean I'm... I'm just doing this for fun..."

"Oh, where are my manners?" exclaimed the masked woman as she pulled back the red cloak hood, unveiling a wondrous cascade of shimmering, loose, platinum-blonde curls flowing down past the woman's right shoulder in a deep side-part style, which sight caused Wendy's mouth to open a little in sharp, rising attraction. However, the biggest surprise came when the woman removed the ornate mask covering her face. Staring back at her was the face of Wendy's mother, Mary! And she was more beautiful than Wendy had ever imagined her being.

The face of her mother's doppelganger was adorned with a sensual application of make-up--her eyelashes curled thick with mascara, against a backdrop of dark emerald eyeshadow, and her beautiful lips colored with a dense coating of a bright candy-apple red lipstick. Though the face was that of her mother, her ultra-pale hair was much lighter and of a different blonde shade, more of a silvery, ashy, pearly color, than Mary's honey-blonde hue and made the woman utterly sexy. Wendy felt dizzy with disorientation over this paradoxical situation and this improbable, amazingly desirable woman, who appeared to be, despite the seeming impossibility, her mother.

"Oh!! My God! Mom?! Why are...?.....And...and...your hair..." Shocked out of her hypnotically-imposed role, Wendy now no longer saw herself playing the part of Shelly--although Shelly would linger within Wendy, re-emerging from time to time, and influencing her mindset, acts, and desires in various situations--but as Wendy, the daughter of the beautiful and sultry woman sitting in front of her, who she thought was her mother. Instinctively, she covered her breasts with her hands and arms, as best she could, despite the fact that the blonde woman had already had a very good look at her charms. But her impulse was that she couldn't let her mother see her like this.

The blonde woman let out a small, musical chuckle at Wendy's surprise, and at her vain attempt to cover up, after having been so blatant in her topless nudity before that moment, soon accompanied by Sarah and Lauren letting out small giggles of their own. Wendy gave a confused look to her friends, wondering why they found the situation so amusing.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not your mother...although I would be willing to make an exception for a beautiful daughter like you," the woman teased as she flashed Wendy a friendly smile, showing immaculately white and straight teeth. Wendy noticed that even the woman's voice was that of her mother, or what it would be if her mother were sultry and worldly. "My name is Evelyn Murphy, but you can call me Evie. I'm Samantha's manager. She and I were offered a job to give a private show for some fans here in this room tonight, which we eagerly accepted, but I was informed that I strongly resemble someone that an attendee personally knows, who I assume is you. So I was asked to hide my appearance during Samantha's performance, so I wouldn't create an uncomfortable situation," explained Evelyn. "Unfortunately, I missed her performance...although, because I got to see you instead, I have had the chance to discover a promising talent."

However, Evelyn's explanation was full of intentionally misleading statements. She was actually an agent of Hecate, who shared some very strong physical similarities with Wendy's mother. Answering Serena's call, she willingly went through the necessary plastic surgery to completely become the mirror image of Wendy's mother. She even took voice and acting lessons so that her voice and various mannerisms would be indistinguishable from Mary's. Her role in Serena and Sarah's scheme was, first and foremost, to push Wendy further into seeing her own mother as a lesbian lover, but also to lure Wendy deeper into hard-core lesbian sex than she had gone before, to introduce her to lesbian sex with a mature woman, and to try to draw her as a performer into the world of adult entertainment.

Not my mother? What? She looks and sounds so much like her. No longer under the necessity of hiding herself from her supposed mother, Wendy dropped her hands and arms. Evelyn's eyes immediately and obviously dropped to ogle the teen's perky breasts again, an interest not lost on a flattered Wendy, who felt a flush of gratification and excitement that such a fascinating and experienced woman would find her feminine assets so noteworthy. Without thinking, she pulled her shoulders back a little to make her boobs stand out more for her sexy admirer.

"I will agree with everyone here. You have talent." The blonde woman's eyes still preyed upon the teen's breasts, silently but clearly expressing her view that Wendy's "talents" included her physical endowments, and the freedom with which the girl showed them off. "You have a clear knack for being a slut in public, just like my Samantha--and, with some guidance here and some refinement there, you have the makings of a premium adult entertainer."

"I... I... What?... Adult entertainer?... I...I don't think... I'm sorry, Mom...oh, excuse me...I mean 'Ms. Murphy'...but...but I did this just for fun. I don't plan to make it a career." Despite her denial, Wendy felt aroused by Evelyn's praise, as well as by the unexpected opening of a door into the world of stripping and porn which she perceived was happening, which opportunity she never wanted before in her life and, even now, she couldn't imagine accepting--despite part of her nevertheless being secretly very interested.

"What's that, Wendy?" Lauren challenged, with hands on her hips. "I thought you would jump at the chance to show off your body in front of other women. Maybe I was right," she continued in a matter-of-fact tone. "You're just a fake stringing everyone along, just to get attention."

So dazzling had been Evelyn's unveiling and so absorbing Wendy's exchange with her, that the presence of the other beauties in the room had been overshadowed in her mind, until Lauren spoke. Her voice shook Wendy back to the reality that the others were there, too, and that Wendy's main goal this evening, that of winning Lauren over, might be in jeopardy.

"No!" exclaimed Wendy. I can't lose Lauren! I have to have a good reason. Let's see... "It's just... " Wendy looked around as everyone waited for her to give an explanation. "I..I'm...uh...I'm still in high school." That's right... I'm too young...and I have other plans... It didn't occur to Wendy that the reasons underlying her resistance to entering adult entertainment did not include it running counter to her principles--because it no longer did, really--and because it would commit her to a lifestyle completely foreign to the world of her family and of her past--as that world no longer was the preeminent influence in her life. But, that being the case, she sought for other plausible excuses for not going along with Evelyn's and Lauren's suggestion, at least right now.

"I'm about to graduate soon. I'm looking at colleges. I'm actually looking to become a doctor. It's just that I...uh...I haven't considered adult entertainment... as a possible career choice."

"Very understandable, Wendy. First off, I want to let you know that I never recruit girls while they're still in high school," Evelyn lied, while putting a fake ethical facade on her supposed line of business and practices, for here she was right now attempting to recruit a high school student into a life in porn and stripping, and her client, Samantha, who was no older than Wendy, obviously had already been very active in that world. "And also it sounds like you have a good idea about what you want for your future. However..." Evelyn said, as she dug through her small black leather purse, in short order pulled out a glossy black business card, and handed it to Wendy.

"You know, we have college girls working in the business all the time. Many of them make such good money, they just end up doing this instead, but some do get their degrees. This is a very flexible opportunity. On the off chance you want to expand your career choices when you graduate, or even if you're simply looking for some extra cash to help fund your education, or to buy some clothes or a car or something else nice that you want, for yourself or for your family, or just to have some fun, please feel free to give me a call," Evelyn invited in a friendly manner, not bothering to mention that, as far as she was concerned, underage laws were mere inconveniences to be circumvented, and this "flexible opportunity" was actually so flexible that it could begin any time, even at Wendy's current tender age.

Evelyn was skilled at portraying underage adult entertainment work as simply "getting a head start" on a glamorous career, and perfectly acceptable and vocationally justifiable. "If you'd like to get a head start, we could do some free headshots, or a test photoshoot, or a screen test, or even some lessons in modeling, exotic dancing, and acting, any time you wanted to. Or if you just have questions, I'll be more than willing to answer any you might have."

Evelyn let her semi-sheer cloak slide off her body, caught it in one hand, and tossed it to the side, leaving her standing in her tight, shiny, sheer, long-sleeved red minidress, through which Wendy could easily see the blonde's panties, shelf bra, stockings, and garter belt, all red. Wendy, virtually paralyzed and mouth open, could not keep from staring at the provocative dress and it's curvy contents. "Or call me, please, Wendy, even if you just want to get together..."

Evelyn's offer now included an open-ended invitation to Wendy to get to know her more personally, which opportunity thrilled Wendy without her quite understanding why, and even to date her, which Wendy understood subconsciously, it striking her with elation on that level, although her conscience self would grasp and welcome that meaning more gradually. In the past, an age difference such as the one between them would have been an obstacle for Wendy to feel comfortable socializing privately with a woman like Evelyn, but that was not the case now, brainwashing and her chat with Cynthia having planted a receptivity to older-younger lesbian relationships and a depraved sexual interest in older women within her, and the woman's lush, sexy beauty overpowered other considerations for a blossoming lesbian like Wendy, as well.

Evelyn's appearance, and an unshakable feeling that she and this gorgeous, sensual woman had some mysterious future destiny together, combined with the subliminals, was making it very hard for Wendy to focus. It was as if her mother was standing in front of her, but as a lesbian wet-dream come true, and literally telling her that it was okay to become a porn actress, and that Mary would approve if Wendy decided to pursue a career in adult entertainment, specifically lesbian porn.

"Don't forget, Wendy," added Samantha, with a twinkle in her eye, a provocative flip of her French braid, and a mischievous little tilt to her head, as she seductively wrapped her left arm around Evelyn's slim waist, "that, if you do decide to become an adult entertainer, you and I will be co-workers. I think I would love to work with a hottie like you."

A lump formed in Wendy's throat as she suddenly realized that if she did decide to take Evelyn up on her offer, she would have the opportunity to work with Samantha--her dreamgirl, her crush (or, that is, one of her crushes), someone she had previously supposed was unknowable, untouchable, and unattainable, but whom she now had the opportunity to see regularly...and get to know...and interact with...whatever that might mean for them... She would also be working with someone who looked and sounded exactly like her mother, except a very hot version of her mother, who was giving Wendy an idea of what Mary could look and be like with a few worldly "improvements". Wendy could feel her body tingle with lust as the images of her, Evelyn, and Samantha "working together" as adult entertainers invaded her mind. The Evelyn figure in these brief imaginings flickered back and forth in her mind's eye between Evelyn and Mary, stoking her arousal.

Evelyn's offer, which at first Wendy regarded as preposterous for her, and knew it would have been for the girl she had so recently been, began to assume a peculiar attraction for her.

Looking at the card, Wendy saw that one side bore two bright golden Venus-symbol rings interlocked with each other on a black background field having sparkling little stars scattered across the field. The words "Girls Only Media Entertainment, Inc." were printed in vibrant purple in a fancy script style overlying the Venus symbol. Flipping the card over showed Evelyn's contact info.

"Um... thanks... I guess," Wendy offered as she walked over to the coffee table and slipped the card into her purse.

Wendy wanted to ponder the offer that Evelyn had just made her, and was starting to do so as she stood at the coffee table, her purse in her hands--still topless and still quite content about it--but her thoughts were broken by the visible and slightly audible vibration of her cellphone, which was in purse, alerting her that a call was coming in. She extracted the phone and, with a silent gulp, recognized the number. It was Mom.

"Oh, no... It's my mom....... Would you guys excuse me, please, for a minute?"

Wendy walked off towards a secluded corner of the room. With her back turned, she failed to see the wicked smiles on Sarah's and Lauren's faces, and the way everyone in the room made knowing eye contact with each other.

"Hi, Mom," Wendy answered in a nonchalant tone, assuming that her mother was just calling to check in on her. "How's it goin'?" Wendy knew that she would have keep certain truths from her mother. Part of her didn't like the idea, but Wendy knew that Mary wouldn't understand the reasoning for her being at a place like this. It was much too complicated to try to explain to Mom, and, anyway, Mom would never see it the same way she did. Nevertheless, deep within her subconscious mind, the idea of taking her mother to a place like this was a thrilling thought.

Part of her also felt some glee at the deceit she knew she was about to dish to her mother, Wendy's divorce from her strict honesty of the past striking her as liberating. She didn't quite remember when she had decided to allow herself some lies. The first episodes, she reflected, were probably the various times she had lied at Sarah's urging, and even cheated at school with Sarah's guidance, and then she had dealt out a few more lies on her own. Once started, deceit had became easier and more natural, to the point that she was hardly noticing any more when she was doing it, except for the kick it gave her and the slight guilt she felt in tricking her mother, although that was easily dismissed most of the time with the excuse that her lies were necessary to achieve her goals, which, she was sure, time would vindicate as having been important to her happiness.

When she turned around to face her female companions, she saw Sarah beckoning her with a finger. Despite wanting to keep the conversation with her mom private, Wendy obeyed and walked back to the sofa.


Her eyes went wide in alarm as she heard her mother speak as if in a panicked state.

"M-Mom... what's wrong?!" Wendy stopped partway to the sofa, but Sarah continued beckoning to her, so Wendy resumed her stroll.

"Where are you?!"

"I'm at the V V Club." Wendy placed a hand over her mouth after realizing that she wasn't supposed to disclose her real location, but instead a fabricated one. Oh, Wendy, you're so stupid! Mom would have believed something else, like the concert I think we told her we were going to. However, looking at her companions not showing any visible reaction, the mistake seemed if they were confident in her ability to lie her way out of this kind of situation, which Wendy found gratifying. Let's see... I've got to tell her something she'll believe...but tell her I'm at a place that is tamer than this one... Oh, I know...

"I... I mean I'm at Vivian's. I'm hanging out with a cute girl Sarah introduced to me a few days ago. Her name is Vivian..." Wendy was hoping that her attempts to cover up her faux pas would appease her mother's angry inquiry. However, the deep breathing she could hear on the other end of the line clearly indicated that her mom was not buying her excuse...nor did Wendy realize how little like a straight girl she had just sounded when speaking of how cute the girl was with whom she was hanging out, and how unstable she came off as being in revealing that she was now with someone besides Sarah, as if she was bouncing around from one companion to another at this hour of the night.

Evelyn had sat back down on the sofa, this time next to Samantha, and the four females on it now slid over to make a place for the topless Wendy between Sarah and the still bare-breasted Samantha, which spot Sarah patted, indicating Wendy should sit down there. Once Wendy was seated, she felt Sarah's hand caressing her thigh and her mouth breathing on her ear.

"Wendy! I did not raise you to lie to me and... I-I'm hurt that you think of me as some fool who would believe that excuse. The truth, Wendy! Tell me where you are right now, young lady!"

There was no mistaking the hurt and anger in Mary's voice. A small tear ran down Wendy's face as she realized that she had tried to lie to her own mother, and for what? To impress her secret crush, Lauren.

As she weighed that for a second, she felt that lying to win Lauren was not too high a price to pay...even if it meant deceiving her mother..........yet............the guilt Wendy now felt for making her mother stress out about her...and the worry in Mom's voice, because of her...and the impression that Mom was eventually going to find out where she was, anyway...made her fess least in part.

"... The V V Club, Mom..." responded Wendy in a meek tone. "I'm at the V V Club... B-but... I'm not doing anything bad, Mom. It's just a regular club that..."

"What activities are you doing at that place?!" Mary demanded sternly.

"Mom, I think I've told you before, Sarah and I just go to regular, good places, like this is just an ordinary night club. There's nothing here that's--"

Suddenly, there was a loud erotic moan that came from Samantha's mouth as her left tit was being sucked on by Wendy's mother look-alike, Evelyn.

"Wendy, what was that?! Whatever you're doing there, you need to stop immediately! I'm coming to pick you up, young lady, and you better be outside of that... that wicked place and ready to leave! I did not raise you to be some kind of.... of... slut! Do you understand, Wendy?!"

At the same time, Sarah whispered the words "lesbian slut" in Wendy's ear while groping Wendy's ass. Without realizing it, Wendy conjured up scandalous images of her mom in erotic poses, in sexually explicit apparel, in fantasy versions, such as those which had been introduced to her mind previously, and partnered sexually with other females Wendy knew, from her older sister, Claire, to her best friend, Sarah, to Sarah's mother, Serena Powers, to her second-best friend, Madelynn, to Madelynn's mother, Erin, to Cynthia and Kayla and Samantha and Lauren. Mentally, she saw every attractive woman and girl she knew paired with her mother, who appeared in a number of erotic styles, performing various sapphic acts.

As the naughty mental images flashed through her mind, and as the sinful pleasures of being called a slut by her own mother and by Sarah triggered something deeply decadent and moving within her, Wendy came. While not a full-blown orgasm, the effect was good enough to cause her legs to tremble slightly and for a series of small, mild spasms to throb between her legs. Inadvertently, she whispered, "Ohhhh, Mom," just loudly enough for Mary to think she understood the words, but leaving her questioning why Wendy would address her in such a sultry, barely audible voice. Then, unintentionally and unable to help herself, Wendy let out a soft, erotic moan into the phone.

On the other end of the line, Mary had a look of utter disgust on her face as her younger daughter responded to her parental demand by making an unmistakable sound that she herself sometimes made during intimate moments in the privacy of her home. What's she doing? Has she been drinking? Is she on drugs? Is she with a boy? Is she playing around...sexually? Nauseated, Mary immediately hung up, grabbed her car keys, and made a dash towards her car. As she started her car, only one thought was on her conscious mind: Please be okay, Wendy, my baby girl. Please be okay.

Unrecognized by Mary was the state she was in after having heard her pretty daughter moan like a whore in heat, which she mistakenly thought had only disgusted her, and knowing she was headed to a place which likely was some kind of den of sin, of sexual sin, a place of erotic mystery like none she had ever been in before, an evil, dark place like that strip club she had seen from the bus as a girl in her home town and had found most intriguing, according to her current, altered memory. But, of even greater impact on her, she remembered the searing-hot way Wendy was decked out tonight, as seen on her way out the door with Sarah earlier. A buried part of her wanted to see that version of Wendy again, and wanted to ogle her curvy, young body again. She would soon be with Wendy again. She was in a state of arousal. Lesbian arousal. Incestuous arousal.

Regaining her senses, Wendy, in horror, realized what she had just done. "Mom? Mom! Wait!" cried Wendy into the phone, wanting to find some way to explain her actions and to try to make her mother see that there was no need to come pick her up, but the line was dead. Her mother had hung up on her! Oh, no! Mom has never done that before. It must mean that she is really ticked, and that she's coming here! Wendy tried to dial back, but there was no response. What am I going to do?!

Wendy stood up and, agitated, took a few nervous paces away, before turning around toward the females on the sofa. "What happened, Wendy?" asked Sarah with a faux concerned tone.

"My mom said she's going to come pick me up! What should I do?!"

"It's alright," Sarah answered confidently. "You don't need to do anything. I'll have my mom handle it."

As Sarah was saying this, Wendy found herself eyeing up the woman who looked exactly like her mother. In the brief time since Wendy had last looked in her direction, Samantha and Evelyn had reversed roles, Samantha now playing with Evelyn's breasts instead of the other way around. The neckline of Evelyn's skimpy, sheer dress and her flimsy, filmy red bra cups had been pulled down, Samantha's left hand was holding Evelyn's right tit, she was suckling on it, and the pretty teen porn star was sensually groping the older woman's free left breast with her right hand. Evelyn was leaning as far back as the couch would allow her, her head reclining backwards and her lips parted slightly to allow soft whimpering sounds to escape her mouth, with her left hand resting on Samantha's head, keeping it in place.

The arousal Wendy was feeling watching this wanton scene began to dispel her concerns about her mother coming over. Instead, she became wrapped up in the erotic wonder and the two beauties she was watching, especially Evelyn. Here was her mom--no, someone that looked like her mom, Wendy forcibly reminded herself--willingly participating in lesbian sex. Deep within Wendy's soul she wished that her mom was really in Evelyn's place.

Sarah had stood up soon after Wendy did, and was now standing next to Wendy, with her arm around her girlfriend's waist. " you want my mom to help you or not, Wendy?"

"B-but how can your mother help me? Is she even here?"

Sarah placed her finger on Wendy's lips to quickly silence her.

"Wendy, who do you think owns this club? How do you think I knew about the side entrance and the security codes to get in? You trust me, don't you, Wendy?"

Wendy nodded her head in affirmation. She found herself realizing that Sarah's voice seemed to have a soothing effect on her. Agreeing with her hot blonde friend placed her very much in a feel-good mood that drove her concerns away. "Of course I trust you, Sarah. You're my best friend." And my very sexy girlfriend.

"Good. So here's the deal, Wendy. Lauren and I will go up to my mom, who's with the club manager at the moment, and explain the situation." Lauren was already walking to the door, and then stood there waiting for Sarah, whose back was to her, so that she did not hear Sarah's remaining words to Wendy, which were spoken softly. "In the meantime, I'll leave you with Samantha and Evie. This is your opportunity to learn from Samantha, and to get closer to her. Did you see how comfy Lauren got with her on the sofa? Do you know why Lauren likes her so much?"

"Because...because she's a...a slut?"

"Exactly! Do you want Lauren to like you the same way?"


"Then who do you have to be like?"


"Yes! Very good, Wendy!" Sarah kissed Wendy on the lips, then slipped herself behind Wendy so she could insinuate soft suggestions into her girlfriend's ear while holding her around the waist and rubbing her own breasts gently but obviously into Wendy's bare back. Both now faced and gazed upon the still-topless Samantha and Evelyn, who were now making out, the older woman hungrily feeling up the younger's uncovered breasts with her two hands, while the teen porn star played with one of Evelyn's large breasts with one hand and was up her short skirt and into her red panties with the other.

"Look at Samantha. Pretty hot, isn't she? See what she's doing now? Evelyn is going crazy for her. You can be sure Evelyn wants to fuck her. You could do the same thing to her. Imagine being in Samantha's place. You could make Evelyn mad with desire for you and want your sexy little pussy like she wants Samantha's. You want to fuck Evelyn, don't you?"

Sarah took Wendy's breasts into her hands, making Wendy utter a little sharp gasp. "Tell me. You want Evelyn, don't you?"

"Yes! No... I mean...I...I don't..."

"Of course you do, Wendy. It's okay, sweetie. It's okay to want to fuck a woman like Evelyn. Give in to your lesbian feelings." Sarah kissed Wendy's cheek. "It's okay. And imagine becoming just like Samantha...your ideal girl... You could have any woman...any girl... Do everything Samantha does. Try to become exactly like her. You already are so much alike, you two, you know. You could become her twin sister...and you should.

"If you did, think how Lauren would feel about you. Think how impressed Lauren would be with you if you and Samantha...a wicked, depraved lesbian porn know...hanging out together...becoming friends...becoming girlfriends...doing some 'exotic dancing' together...getting into porn together...watching it together...modeling modeling...acting in videos girl-girl videos....becoming lovers.......fucking often......fucking every day......" Sarah kissed Wendy again, leaning around to meet her lips, and the two prolonged the kiss for several seconds. "Mmmmmm..." softly murmured their mutual chorus.

"You wouldn't mind that, would you?" The question and Sarah's other provocative suggestions forced Wendy to evaluate her desires. Was it true that she would have some kind of hard-core sex with Evelyn or Samantha or both, if given the opportunity? She certainly did not come here tonight with that in mind, she thought. She hadn't planned on doing more than the minimum she had to........but.......on the other hand...she hadn't planned on, beyond expectation and hope, miraculously meeting her amazing porn-star crush girl...or a woman like Evelyn...

"In fact, you'd love to fuck Samantha. We both know what a randy crush you have on her. Well, I can tell she likes you, too." That news shot a bolt of excitement through the blonde teen's body. Wendy, twisting her head to look around at Sarah, scrunched her face up slightly as if to ask, "Are you sure?", at which Sarah smiled and nodded her head reassuringly. "I think you'll find that she's a very open-minded girl. Do whatever you feel like with her. This is your opportunity to pursue your dreams."

Sarah now addressed Evie and Samantha. "Lauren and I will be leaving you for a while. Will you take good care of my girlfriend?" Both assured her they would with sultry little smiles on their faces, Samantha giggling a little, as well. Facing Wendy and taking her into her arms, Sarah kissed her soundly, while also caressing one of her naked breasts, leaving her dizzy, seeing stars, and panting. Then, grabbing Wendy's hand, she led her closer to Evelyn and Samantha.

"While I'm away, you can watch Samantha and your mom--oops, I mean Evie--put on a special show..." Sarah leaned in and sultrily whispered the rest of the sentence into Wendy's ear. "...just for you, my love." As she backed away, she seductively flicked her tongue across Wendy's ear.

Samantha untangled herself from Evie, arose, located her bra, which she had flung away randomly during her performance, and put it on, doing so in a sensual manner while watching Wendy. "Well, Wendy," she said, "I know you like showing those beauties off--and you should, no complaints from me--but are you going to stay like that all night? What if your mom walked in on you like that?"

"'re right..." Wendy, copying Samantha, found her discarded silver bra, and started to put it on. Evie also arose, pulled her dress front and bra up with a bit of erotic ceremony, flipping her long, pale hair out of the way, making sure Wendy was looking, and strolled up behind Wendy.

"Here, honey...let me help you." Before Wendy found her voice enough to give permission, the older blonde fastened the younger woman's back bra strap for her and then straightened out the shoulder straps for her as well, running her hands lightly over Wendy's back in the process, and then planting a soft little kiss on Wendy's shoulder, before circling the blonde teen and appearing in front of her again, openly ogling the young blonde's silver-pouched breasts. "Although, sweetie, I must say, I liked it better off."

She slipped her hands onto the teen's bare shoulders and stood gazing into Wendy's blue eyes and smiling for several seconds. The series of helpful, comforting, presumptive, titillating little acts and words initiated by Evie were intended to bedazzle the teen as an inseparable combination of the maternal and the erotic, and they did so effect Wendy, Evie's touches and voice and looks seeming superficially to be those of both a mother and a lover, sending thrills up the teen's spine and through her pussy.

Evie's fingers played teasingly with the shoulder straps of Wendy's bra. Wendy wondered whether the blonde beauty was about to slide her hands down and run them over the bra cups and the young breasts she was devouring visually, feeling titillating excitement over that prospect, but, to the teen's disappointment, Evie did not, as she was purposely teasing the teen, knowingly stirring the girl's desire for sexual contact between them and setting her up for complete sexual capitulation later. Instead, smiling warmly at Wendy, which Wendy interpreted as reassurance that play with bras and breasts was not necessarily over for the night, Evie rejoined Samantha on the sofa. They immediately picked up where they had left off with each other.

Sarah, who hadn't left yet, wanting to see the way Samantha, Evie, and Wendy would play out their parts in this little pre-planned episode involving bras, moved up behind Wendy, placing a hand on her shoulder and speaking softly into her ear again, while one of her manicured fingers teased inside one of Wendy's ears. "Mmmm... Look at them... Imagine being in Samantha's place... Imagine being her...making out with her mom...your mom..." This time, Sarah did not correct herself and Wendy, mesmerized by the sight in front of her, let it pass, as well.

"Now, honey, sit down and watch." Wendy complied with Sarah's command, taking a seat on the coffee table without breaking her view of the two gorgeous females sitting across from her in an erotic embrace. "Remember, you are my girl...but you have my permission and blessing to have other girlfriends...and lovers...and to have all the sex you want with any girl...or woman... Now watch. Imagine you are one of them." Wendy, quickly becoming caught up in the scene before her and Sarah's last instruction to her, ignored Sarah and Lauren leaving the private room, and missed the sinister smiles on their faces as they exited.

Before long, Evie and Samantha were in a passionate deep kiss as their hands roamed all over each other, Evie's playing grab ass with Samantha's butt and Samantha's fumbling with the zipper on the back of Evie's red dress. Soon after, Evie's dress was wildly tossed to the side, as Evie and Samantha continued their frenzied kiss, stopping now and then only to catch their breath and give Wendy hungry looks of desire.

Evelyn was now dressed only in a sheer red satin embroidered shelf bra--her bright red-painted nipples and areolae partly peeking over its upper edge--matching panties, red garter belt, sheer red nylons, and shiny red high heels, while Samantha remained in her pink satin bra with white lace, matching panties, iridescent white stockings with a garter belt, and white high heels. Their eye contact with Wendy and the overall sight of their semi-naked bodies in an erotic embrace triggered something within Wendy, something she couldn't rationally describe, but felt keenly at a subconscious level, not knowing that it was due to the partial emergence of an incest fetish and a mature-female fetish implanted within Wendy.

Wendy particularly found her eyes returning again and again to Evie's breasts, held up on exhibit by her shelf bra, her cleavage deep and creamy, her breast-flesh bulging, heavy, curvy, her red nipples like candy calling to Wendy, the dual whole as if propped up in a display custom-made just for her--which, little did Wendy suspect, it was. Wendy couldn't help but wonder what would they would look like if Evelyn were to reach behind her back, undo her back bra band, let the abbreviated cups slide off her mounds, and get rid of the skimpy, sheer red bra. Would the great orbs sag under their own obvious weight? How far? Would they jiggle like Jello? What would their final revealed shape be? Would it be a close preview of her own mother's tits, if Wendy were ever able to have a look at them, which now became a real issue? Would Mary ever let her daughter look at her breasts? Would Evie remove her bra if Wendy asked her? Was she going to do it of herself? When? These questions assumed the aura of mystery and intrigue and importance to Wendy. She wanted to see Mom's--that is Evelyn's--huge, silky, womanly tits unfettered. In the meantime, they were utterly mesmerizing in their current semi-bound state.

Wendy herself could not deny the increasing arousal her body was feeling as the scenario of woman-girl love unfolded before her. Someone that looked exactly like her mother was making out with her favorite lesbian porn star, a teen girl about her own age, and she was alone with them. No one was around to take their attention away from her, or hers from them, no one to interfere, just her and two beautiful females who were making her womanhood wet and throbbing with desire.

Earlier in the evening, Wendy had tried testing her mom to see if she had any lesbian tendencies. The evidence, to Wendy's surprise and to her hidden, subconscious delight, had appeared to be affirmative, but she thought it could also be considered ambiguous, as well. Right now, as if a higher power was giving her a sign that her thoughts and feelings about her mom were correct, she saw Evelyn as a possibility of what her mom could be and might be beneath her chaste appearance and demeanor.

Subconsciously wanting to draw the attention of the two sultry women in front of her, Wendy's Shelley Divine persona briefly took over. She slowly gyrated her body in a sexy manner while tracing her bodily curves with her hands and giving them a longing, seductive look.

As the erotic kissing between Samantha and Evie continued, Wendy absentmindedly slid her left hand between her legs into her sleek silver panties, trying, unaware, to tame the throbbing pleasure emanating from her crotch, while her right drifted onto her right breast to massage her perky orb through her shiny silver bra. She did her best to stifle the moan she felt like letting out as she felt her fingers plunge gently into her trembling snatch, setting off waves of pleasure in her nerves.

It suddenly occurred to her that her mother probably did this, too. Wendy didn't know why she thought she knew that, but it seemed like she somehow did know, as if maybe her mother had confessed to her a secret habit of frequent self-pleasuring. Mom would approve. She does this, too. Wendy closed her eyes for a moment, envisioning Mary with her hand in her panties. Details filled in. Mary was lying on a bed, pillows propping up her head and back. Her lips were painted bright red. Topless, she wore sheer black stay-up nylons and shiny black heels. The panties she wore were little more than a tiny pouch, held on by a few strings, just big enough to cover her slit, and through which her red-nailed hand could easily be seen probing her wet vaginal lips. Her head, thrown back in ecstasy, was covered with rose-gold hair in a page-boy style. She moaned at the pleasure...almost...almost like a..a whore. That word passing through her mind made Wendy reprimand herself. No...Mom's not a whore...but I bet Mom loves playing with herself. Wendy opened her eyes again. If she saw these two, she would get turned on, too. She'd play with herself, like me. My sexy mom... Mmmmmm... As she thought this, she stared intensely at Evelyn.

Then Wendy remembered the advice of her trusted best friend, Sarah, to imagine herself in the place of one of the lovers before her. She chose to picture herself in the place of Samantha; they were, after all, so similar, as had been pointed out to her. The lesbian porn she had watched so extensively guided her imagined actions and words. She visualized herself holding Evie in her arms...their mouths mashing together fervently... I'd give her more tongue... In her mind, she did just that... Yesss... I'd fuck that awesome red mouth.........

I want to see those boobs... She saw herself reaching around the woman to unlatch and peel off her bra, freeing her magnificent globes. Her red-painted nipples stood out like little fingers... Oh, yeah! That's more like it! Wendy saw herself groping the large orbs greedily. What tits! Oh, baby... Unable to resist, she bent down and took an engorged nipple into her mouth, then tongued and sucked it to her heart's content.

In her mind, joining her mouth to her blonde companion's again, Wendy imagined her hand on a smooth, sleek thigh. It glided upwards from the nylon of the stocking over the welt onto bare skin. It feels soooo good. Her hand slid up to the red panties. Oh, baby, where's your cunt? Her fuchsia-tipped fingers slipped under the diaphanous satin...then struck wet, soft gold. All the while their lips and tongues jostled passionately. Ohhhhh, Mom...yesssssss... Meanwhile, the real Wendy worked her own pussy over frantically with probing, plunging fingers. "Yessss...Mom...mmmm..."

Both women on the sofa took notice of Wendy's actions on her body and her faint mumblings and gave each other knowing smiles, which quickly shifted into wicked ones, as they knew they had Wendy where they wanted her.

"Wendy...would you like to join us?" Evie invited with a sultry tone in her voice. After saying this, she and Samantha parted from each other, creating an opening between them on the couch, where Evie patted the cushion to encourage the young woman over.

Evie's inquiry was enough to make Wendy realize what she was doing and to bring her out of her self-pleasuring session. Embarrassed, she quickly withdrew her hands, placed them on top of her thighs, and turned her head away in shame.

"N-no... That's okay... I-I don't want to be a bother," the young teen abashedly stammered out.

"Nonsense, my dear," Evie countered. "There's plenty of room for you on this couch." She reached over, grabbed Wendy's left arm, and, with a little insistent force, pulled Wendy off the coffee table onto the sofa, guiding her to land between her and Samantha, with Wendy's back to Samantha and suddenly facing the breathtaking, scantily-clad Evie up close. Wendy immediately also noticed how wonderful Evelyn smelled, the spicy floral scent capturing and enticing the enthralled teen even further.

"It's okay, Wendy," soothed Samantha in a playful manner, touching one of Wendy's arms, easing the tension that Wendy was feeling. "What you were doing is perfectly natural. Nothing to be embarrassed about." The teen stripper lightly caressed the skin of Wendy's arm. "Fuck, I do it so much that I've made a career out of jilling off!" Samantha's use of the f-word jarred Wendy a little, but then she decided that she enjoyed hearing it come from Samantha's mouth, that it was the perfect little interjection for the situation, considering the topic of their conversation.

"Samantha's right, Wendy," added Evie, Wendy finding herself unable to tear her eyes away from the woman's close, lush body, enthralling hair, and beautifully painted face, especially her red-red lips. Wendy had by now kissed several young women, all close to her own age...but what would it be like to kiss a mature this one? She had just imagined it, but, for some reason unknown to her, she wanted very much to find out what it really was like. It would be so easy to lean forward and to capture those full, red lips with her own fuchsia lips, she sensed.

If this woman were her own mother, maybe she would understand...maybe she would like it...maybe this woman would like it... She closed her eyes, again picturing the luscious joining of their mouths, first envisioning those ripe, red lips belonging to Evie, then to Mary, and she started to lean forward ever so slightly, until Evie's voice snapped her out of it, made her realize she had been considering something semi-scandalous, and brought her to resolve to leave her mother out of whatever was going on in this private room, although Evie's lips continued to call to her and she could not help but wonder what they tasted like and whether she would get to sample them tonight.

"There's nothing wrong with masturbation." As she spoke, Evie reached out to smooth out a stray lock of Wendy's hair, the touch of the alluring woman's long red fingernails shooting sparks of excitement into her, especially as it coincided with the woman uttering the word "masturbation", making the touch seem more intimate, like a lover's caress. "It's a very healthy way for a woman to intimately know her body and her sexual wants and needs. While I don't do it as much as Samantha here, I happen to enjoy a little 'me time' every now and then...especially when my fiancée here is off doing a job and leaves me home alone all... by... myself..." Evie placed seductive emphasis on the last statement, to draw Wendy into seeing frequent masturbation in private as a perfectly normal thing, as well as to let Wendy know that she was more or less unoccupied sometimes...enough that she would welcome some company...such as Wendy's...

"I often do it with some porn in hand--lesbian porn, of course--or while watching a hot porn video. Maybe you have done that, too?" Wendy hesitated, but then nodded her head. "Yes... I kind of thought you had. You like porn, Wendy? Lesbian porn?" Blushing, Wendy again silently nodded her head. Evie's perception of what Wendy liked, almost like she could read her mind intuitively, struck Wendy as a mother's typical insight into a daughter, although Evie had, of course, already known the answer to that and other questions she was posing, having been thoroughly briefed ahead of time. "I have the hunch that you love it, don't you?" Wendy blushed silently, giving Evie her answer. "I have some good stuff, if you ever want to watch it." Even though they were talking about porn, which few normal mothers would push on their daughters, this offer again impressed Wendy as that of a concerned mother watching out for her daughter's happiness. "Some of it is with Samantha that you probably haven't seen yet. Interested?"

Wendy was definitely interested in that. Though Wendy had never thought she would be discussing her appetite for smut in public, much less with an adult woman whom she had just met, Evie, of all woman, considering her line of work, was likely not one to judge her for it, but was, instead, encouraging her and offering her more porn, and, additionally, Wendy was keen to see more of the hot Samantha in film and print, especially with other women and girls. Those factors made it easy for Wendy to speak her preference freely. "Yes.... Thank you."

"You're welcome, dear. I'll make sure you get it. Do you think your mother would like to watch it with you?"

"Oh, no, definitely not. My mom is pretty...uh...straitlaced."

"Well, you know laces can be loosened. I have just the thing for a beginner. I'll include it with the other stuff. Maybe I'll throw in some magazines and adult novels, too. Okay?"

"Well... I don't know... I don't think that will go over too well with..."

"Don't worry. She'll like it. And you can watch it with her. It'll be fun. You could make a stay-at-home date out of it."

Wendy had never entertained the possibility of sharing lesbian porn with her mother, nor of dating her own mother. But now that Evie had mentioned them, both things struck her as very exciting things to consider. However, Wendy thought that Evelyn probably didn't mean real dating, but simply date-like spending time together, and consuming lesbian porn tohether...even if they did so as some kind of fun, girl's night in...knowing her mom and her lofty but prudish standards...Wendy didn't know how she was going to introduce it...without causing...problems...

Evie anticipated Wendy's concern. "You could start off by leaving one of the magazines or novels around... I can give you some that look pretty innocent on the outside... See if she'll pick it interest... You never know until you try."

Now that Evelyn had planted the seeds within Wendy of her introducing her mother to pornography, next was for Wendy to come to see masturbation in public as perfectly acceptable, as well, and then to accept being "masturbated" by another woman as superior to doing it alone and to oneself. "But, Wendy," Evie continued, "playing with yourself openly, in public--like you were just doing--is a lot of fun and a big turn-on. Especially in front of a sizable audience, and especially when you always go a little further. a little slutier, than you have before. Drop your inhibitions. Be daring. It's a great way of showing what a randy slut you are. For example, one way you could have taken your strip show to the next level would have been to have stripped off your panties, and showed your pussy to your audience, and then played with it for them. What do you think?"

Wendy had already considered that very thing, and Evelyn, without doubt an expert on the topic, Wendy thought she could assume, was now confirming for her that that would have been a clever move. "Oh, have a point... That'd be cool..."

"Maybe next time, then..."

The idea that there sometime would be a "next time", or many next times, had by now become almost a foregone conclusion in Wendy's compromised thinking. Without wittingly deciding to strip again in the future, she did not resist the assumption that she would, and that she wanted to improve her technique, by becoming much sluttier, for future performances. Nor did she pause to realize that she had just agreed that exposing her pussy and diddling it lewdly in public would be "cool".


"The best way to do masturbation is with another woman. It's just as natural as doing it by yourself, but much better. Especially when you do each other. When you have another girl with you and you feel like you need a little self-pleasure, let her do it for you. There's nothing wrong with that. It's all just masturbation, whether it's your hand or hers that does it. It's a lot more fun than playing with yourself alone. You'll love it."

With her physical appearance matching Wendy's mother, Mary, perfectly, it was hard for Wendy to disagree with Evie's statements. It was as if Mary was clearly indicating that frequent masturbating, and doing it to lesbian porn, and doing it quite publicly, and for the entertaining of other women, and doing it together with another women, and using that woman's hands to do it instead of one's own, was not only socially acceptable, but, more, that these were highly desirable practices.

"My pretty fiancée Samantha and I do it all the time together." The first time Evie had used the word "fiancée" in connection with Samantha, Wendy had thought she had misheard, but now there was no mistaking. Evie had just told her twice that she and Samantha were engaged. Wendy felt her pulse increase and her nipples tingle as she digested that news and some of its ramifications.

There was an ulterior motive for Evie mentioning her engagement to Samantha and making it unmistakably clear. She knew, given Wendy's brainwashing, that it would trigger deviant erotic lesbian and incestuous desires within the girl. She was aware that Wendy had been programmed to view lesbian marriage as a possibility or even a likelihood for herself, as not only perfectly acceptable, but as highly desirable, the ideal kind of marriage, and even simply as her unavoidable destiny, and certainly far superior to heterosexual marriage, which Wendy now had subconsciously eliminated for her own future as an outdated, abhorrent, unthinkable kind of tradition, at least for herself, and to view her own mother as not only a potential bride for herself, but as the leading candidate, as her destined soulmate. Evie understood that this new background belief and desire, which had been drilled into Wendy's emotions and subconscious mentality, would now, with the mention of the lesbian engagement of these two sexy beauties in front of her, flood up into her feelings, without Wendy knowing what hit her.

As Evie mentioned her status with Samantha as lesbian fiancées, Wendy first was surprised, then a little confused, until her subconscious mind and feelings overcame her traditional sensitivities. Then she was delighted. Beautiful lesbian women bonding was wonderful in her new mindset, and Wendy was thrilled for them. Then other considerations crept in. If these two were headed toward marriage, then were they both taken? Were they off limits? That notion rubbed her the wrong way.

But then she moved on in her thoughts. She subconsciously viewed it as if her own mother were making that statement, that Mary--instead of Evie--and Samantha were lovers set to wed each other, to spend the rest of their lives as a loving couple in sapphic marital bliss. It was a wonderful plan. Her mother would be so happy together with Samantha...the beautiful teen pornstar. Except...what if...what if it were me...instead of Samantha...?

But Wendy's shifting mind faced back to the reality that it was Evie and Samantha who were engaged, not Wendy and Mary. However, Wendy realized, if these two could be parties to a lesbian marriage, then so could she, and that Evie, in Wendy's mind a wise mother figure like Mary, would countenance it. Maybe Mom would feel the same way about lesbian marriage as Evie did. Maybe she'd love the idea. Maybe for her daughter...and even for herself.

Wendy' thoughts swung again. theoretically could be Mary and Samantha who were engaged. Mary again took Evie's place in Wendy's mind as Samantha's fiancée. Her corrupted subconscious mind told Wendy that if her own mom was a lesbian and ready to marry a woman, then surely it would be natural for her to follow in her mother's footsteps and become both a lesbian and a lesbian wife herself. It urged Wendy to seek out her own lesbian bride, to love, cherish, and honor, just like her mother, her lesbian mother, was doing. Better yet, her subconscious mind told her again, why not consider the possibility of taking Mary as her own bride?

Why not? Samantha is so much like me...a pretty teen...about my size...close to me in looks... If Mom could fall in love with Samantha...and want to marry her...then why not me, too? Wendy pictured herself as being the younger fiancée of this marital the place of Samantha...engaged to her mother. Yesss...That would be soooo hot...

But if not Mom, it occurred to her, then why not marry Samantha? Or, why not marry both of them? Why follow the traditions of a restrictive patriarchal society, when she could set her own, one where a woman could marry her own mother, and be in open relationships with many female lovers, and have many wives?

Wendy only sat there in silence as she processed what Evie and Samantha had told her about masturbation and their lesbian engagement. Due to the combination of the drugs, recent brainwashing, Sarah's hypnosis, the licentious presence of the two females encircling her, and her increasing lust, she found herself taking Evie's example and advice to heart. Wendy now truly felt in this moment, more than she ever had consciously before, that lesbian marriage was a wonderful thing, that it was ideal and exciting for her, and for her mother, too, as well as for other beautiful women, and that masturbation was perfectly normal, wholesome, and fun, especially if done publicly or with another woman. She began to feel urges to pleasure herself again in front of the two gorgeous engaged women flanking her, although her remaining good-girl reserve inhibited her from actually doing so quite yet.

Evie could see signs of the conflict on Wendy--her heavy breathing, her nipples erect with pleasure and poking visibly into the satin covering them, her body trembling. And yet the girl was trying to keep her composure, to remain calm, not to give in to the hunger for her hand to wander between her legs to her womanhood, which ached with lust.

"Our chat about masturbation with other women, and your thoughts about lesbian marriage, has you all worked up, sweetheart." Even though Evie had merely mentioned her sapphic engagement without any elaboration on lesbian weddings, Evie knew her offhand comment about it had stirred up lustful feelings inside Wendy, and she spoke as though she understood, as a mother who naturally perceived her daughter's hidden leanings, that Wendy was now preoccupied with and turned on by lesbian matrimony and sapphic fondling. "You want to play with yourself again, don't you, Wendy? Go ahead. No need to hold back. You want do it. Remember, it's wonderful to masturbate in the company of another woman, and when you do, Wendy, she can help. Her hands and body can substitute for your own hands to give you pleasure."

With a slight nod, Evie signaled to Samantha to begin her half of the seduction of the young girl sandwiched between them. Samantha pulled her bra cups above her breasts to expose them.

Wendy let out a sharp gasp when she felt firm, naked breasts press against her back, soon followed by hands coming from behind her underneath her arms, pulling down the cups of her silver bra. The sudden dropping of her bra cups, the unanticipated feeling of air directly on her naked milk-sacks, the unexpected, incredible offer by her favorite, dream pornstar, now somehow with her in the flesh, to feel her up, and the precipitous anticipation of a sexy girl's intimate touch, made Wendy dizzy and giddy and speechless.

Wendy also became aware for a fleeting moment that her breasts were now exposed without any obstruction to Evelyn, a woman she had just barely met. She had a transitory impulse to cover her breasts with her hands for the sake of decency, but she quickly realized that Evelyn had already seen her topless and that Evelyn was not a woman she minded seeing her breasts, anyway, so her impulse for modesty died as fast as it had come to her. Within the next minute, in fact, she came to feel keenly that she wanted Evelyn to look at her naked breasts and to be turned on by them.

A sensual melody laden with subliminal messages began to play in the background.

Wendy, you love to masturbate whenever the chance presents itself.

It feels great to touch your tits, to play with your clit, and to explore your cunt.

Masturbation is even better when lesbian porn material is involved.

You enjoy masturbating to lesbian porn.

Masturbation is especially better when you do it front of another woman.

You like to masturbate in front of sexy, beautiful women.

You want them to see every part of your foxy, naked body.

Show your sexy body off. Entice them with your body.

Your want to show off and masturbate in front of your sexy, cunt-hungry best friends, your slutty dyke sister, and your lesbian whore mother.

You want them to join you.

You want them to play with your body.

You want them to fuck you.

You want them to be lesbian sluts just like you.

It's okay if another girl plays with your body.

You love another girl helping you masturbate.

You love the feel of a girl's hands on your body.

You love Samantha and you crave to feel her hands on your body.

You want Evelyn to look at your body and to lust for you.

"Well, Wendy? Can I play with your cute tits? Think of it as one girl helping another. Do you want to feel my hands on your tits? Hmmm?"

Wendy knew she didn't want to go too far tonight. Somewhere in her brain, she remembered that her purpose tonight was to do just enough to impress Lauren. She thought she had accomplished that, or had done enough to do it, except that Lauren's last, critical comments, in reaction to Wendy's hesitation to accept Evie's offer to jump in as a performer into the world of adult entertainment, had left her in doubt.

Nevertheless, Lauren wasn't here and she probably didn't have to let Samantha feel her up. But...didn't she want that? Why would it hurt? It was, after all, just a form of more...

Well, okay, Evelyn would be watching, too. That would make it more...more erotic...more lascivious... It would almost be like a...a performance. But if Evelyn got turned on by her and could that be so bad? On the contrary...that might be kind

If getting felt up by Samantha was beyond what she had to do, or had originally intended to do...even if it could be called a little lesbian was okay... That's as far as she would go... She'd limit it and then leave... No one would be hurt... And...after all...what an unreal opportunity this was...with her dream girl actually be touched by her...and maybe...maybe to feel her, too.

What if Samantha wanted to kiss her, too? Wow. Wendy would have to go for that, too.

There was no way Wendy could turn her down, or wanted to... And she really did need to get off.

"Yes...okay...please, Samantha..."

"Please, what, sweetie?"

"Please touch me."

"Touch what?"

"Ooo, you sexy little tease! Samantha, touch my breasts! Feel me up. with my tits!"

"As you wish, pretty girl." Samantha, smiling, kissed Wendy on the cheek, thrilling her.

The foxy brunette teen took her blonde devotee's teen breasts into her hands--for the first time--and held them for several seconds, allowing Wendy to luxuriate in the sensation, and in the knowledge that the girl she had fantasized about and yearned for so often and so deeply now, at last, was with her and loving her. Shortly, the pornstar began a sensual massage of the perky mounds in her hands. Wendy savored the feeling of her crush's long, sharp, painted pink fingernails gently sinking into and raking along her breast flesh, and that flesh rising and falling and stretching and releasing as sexy feminine fingers lifted and traced and poked and pulled. Wendy parted her lips, closed her eyes, and tilted her head back. A soft moan rushed out of the blonde girl's lips as the erotic sensation of having her breasts groped began to overwhelm her sensibilities.

"It seems someone likes a little bit of tit play, hmmm?" sounded the girlish voice behind Wendy. "Welcome to Masturbation 101, Wendy. I'm Samantha, your instructor, and by the time I finish with you, you'll know every pleasurable nook and cranny of your body...probably areas that you never thought possible to access or knew existed," Samantha insinuated with delightful glee.

"Also try to take notes," Evie added in a devilish tone as she softly slid her hands onto Wendy's thighs and gently spread them open, "because there will most likely be a quiz at the end of this lesson."

Wendy, going forward you will always think about women when masturbating.

Wendy, you will fantasize about female celebrities, models, and porn stars you find attractive and who turn you on, and about making lesbian love to them.

Wendy, you will always fantasize about lesbian sex with hot girls and beautiful women you know and love.

One of your fondest dreams is having your girlfriend, Madelynn, eat your cunt.

You fantasize about kissing your sister, Claire, and about her finger-fucking your ass.

Wendy, you dream of your beautiful mother, of her lush body, of making love to her, and of becoming your mother's lesbian lover, her whore, and her wife.

You pray to Goddess every night wishing your mother, Mary, was gay and would fuck you like the lesbo whore that you truly are.

Wendy, your sexy lesbian body is the plaything of beautiful girls and sexy women.

You want Samantha and Evie to play with your body.

You want to fuck Samantha and Evie.

You want to fuck your mother.

Evie is the same as your mother.

Fucking Evie is the same as fucking your mother.

Wendy was drowning in pleasure. Her original persona was fighting a losing battle to the lust building up within her. Wendy chose not to get up and leave, but instead stayed where she was and continued to revel in the erotic high she was feeling. Images of her mother, her big sister, her girlfriend Madelynn, her best friend Sarah, her favorite pornstar Samantha, and her lesbian crush Lauren danced in her mind as she fantasized about them touching her body in various erotic ways.

"So, Wendy, enjoying what Samantha is doing to your breasts?" asked Evie, fully aware that the look on Wendy's face was already clearly answering her question for her.

"U-uh-huh" was the only response Wendy could muster as she felt Samantha continue playing with her breasts.

"Wendy... You don't really need this, do you?" The stripper played with Wendy's back bra band with one hand. Even though she had led Wendy into putting her bra back on a few minutes before, Samantha (or, more to the point, Hecate, through her) was intent on getting Wendy accustomed to taking her bra off easily and frequently with other women watching--or, better, accustomed to another woman removing her bra for her--and getting Wendy to regard the wearing of a bra as quite optional, and putting it on and removing it as sexual acts, or as acts connected to lesbian sex. She also simply wanted freer access to Wendy's breasts. "Let us see your lovely tits better. Okay?" Wendy breathed an okay.

Samantha unfastened Wendy's bra, peeled it entirely off her body, and threw it across the room. "There. Better, hmmm?" Wendy nodded. Before, the bra had been in place enough that the cups could have been pulled back up. This way, there was no going back to any modesty, at least easily. Somehow, being completely free of her bra and exposing herself shamelessly again to her lovely companions, with no easy way to return to any modesty, was quite a bit better than keeping the bra on. It felt inexplicably good.

"Wendy...could you help me with mine?"

Wendy twisted her body around to face Samantha. The question of why Samantha needed her bra off and the signal that it was of an escalation in their sexual relationship did not disturb or deter Wendy, but were, rather, exciting little issues. Wendy told herself that it was only natural for one girl to reciprocate helping another remove her bra, and that there was no harm in both of them being topless if they were together in it and felt the same way about it. Wendy slid the shoulder straps of Samantha's bra down and started to reach around the pornstar to find the back band, when she paused and brought her hands back to the front. Feeling unable to help herself, she ran her hands in admiration over the shiny, white-frilled, pink satin material covering the prominent, curvy mounds.

"Pretty bra."

"Thank you. I wore it just for you." Wendy smiled at that, feeling flattered and pleased that Samantha would have thought of her in her choice of lingerie, even though they hadn't met yet when the choice was made.

Wendy, reaching again around Samantha's body, was able to locate the back band of her companion's bra and then unclasp it. While so doing, their cheeks slid one against the other. After unhooking Samantha's bra, instead of backing up much, Wendy lingered close, her face and her lips but an inch or two from Samantha's, the two girls gazing into each other's eyes. They had not kissed, not yet, but now the attraction between their mouths was too much to resist, and neither girl wanted to resist. Samantha slid her hand around Wendy's blonde head and pulled her in.

Their lips met. For Wendy, it was as if an electrical circuit finally closed, releasing a delectable flow of love between them through their mouths. Wendy also slipped a hand behind the brunette's head to pull their mouths more tightly together and to prolong the kiss.


"I've been wanting to do that, Wendy."

"Me, too."

"How do you like kissing me, Wendy?"

"I...I love it..."

"Yes... I could tell... I feel the same way, babe... You wouldn't mind taking this--us--to another level, would you, Wendy?... Take my bra off, honey."

Whatever Samantha meant by "taking it to another level", Wendy thought she could contain it within certain boundaries, although she was quite curious to discover what Samantha had in mind. Smiling and blushing, Wendy finished pulling the bra off the brown-haired teen's smooth shoulders and threw it over onto her own discarded bra.

It was a very special moment for Wendy, to, beyond all expectations when this day began, finally kiss her dream-girl porn star. It was a moment she had thought would never come, yet it also struck her now as destiny finally fulfilled, as well, and a joyful event she would never forget, making this a most momentous day in her life. Wendy sensed unconsciously that, while this had been the first time she had kissed Samantha, and the first time she had stripped a bra off of Samantha, in the case of both acts, it would not be the last time. That kiss, accompanied by her helping Samantha out of her bra, felt like the unlocking of a Pandora's box of sex and love with her enticing new young brunette friend.

Before turning back around, Wendy took a good look at the wonderful, pink-tipped orbs she had just liberated, wondering what they might feel like in her hands.

"Do you like them?"

"Yes...very much." It was obvious that Wendy couldn't tear her eyes away from them.

"Well...what are you waiting for? I know you want to touch them, like I touched yours. Pretty Wendy...I want you to feel me up. Feel my tits, babe."

Needing no more encouragement, and thinking that, now that Samantha had felt her up, it was only fair that she do the same to Samantha, Wendy reached out and took the stripper's firm young breasts reverently into her hands. She couldn't believe that she was finally getting to do this. What a privilege it felt like.

Wendy ran her fuchsia-nailed fingers seriously over the curvy flesh and her fingertips over the pink-painted nubs, which, to Wendy's delight, appeared to stiffen and elongate in reaction. The skin was so very smooth, so warm, so curvaceous, the nipples so beautifully colored, so suckable-looking, so responsive to her touch, as if in gratitude to her for freeing them from the bra, and as if they had been waiting for her, personally, to at last fulfill her destiny and pay tactile homage to them.

Wendy wanted to linger, to become more much involved with those perfect, tempting mammary sacks, but Samantha, teasing Wendy into craving more breast-love later, directed Wendy to turn around and face Evie again. "You can play with my tits more later. All you want. Okay?" Samantha leaned forward to kiss Wendy on the lips again, after which she slid her hands onto Wendy's shoulders to help her turn. "Now turn around again. Face Evie. I'll still be right here, babe. My tits, too."

Once Wendy had complied, both girls being now topless again, and both still in their panties and heels, and Samantha also in her glimmering hose and garter belt, Samantha kissed Wendy on the shoulders and neck as she returned to groping Wendy with both hands, with even more energy and liberty than before, pulling on and pinching her nipples and squeezing, lifting, and kneading the breast flesh aggressively, causing Wendy to close her eyes, toss her head back, and moan in blinding pleasure. In addition to Samantha's divine, expert hands, the feel of the young stripper's lips on her skin, for the first time, was sublime. This went on for some time, until Wendy became dreamy again.

"Ohhhh... Samantha...ohhhh...I...I loooove yooouuu..."

Letting Samantha play with the delirious Wendy another minute and confident that she and Samantha had Wendy where they wanted her, Evie gave Wendy a small smile as she reached over to Wendy's chest and gently removed Samantha's left hand from Wendy's left breast. In turn, Samantha stopped her tantalizing play of Wendy's right breast, as well, and shifted her hand so it was just cradling the succulent, fleshy orb.

The gradual cessation of the sensual feelings emanating from her bosom brought Wendy back to consciousness. Her mind slowly realizing that she was topless, in front of two women, one who strongly resembled her mother and the other, her favorite porn star, behind her, who had just stopped molesting her youthful breasts. Wendy felt that she should be shocked, outraged, or upset--with herself for such casual semi-nudity on her part and for allowing Samantha's breast play to go on so long and become so completely captivating, and with her companions for not putting an appropriate stop to it, either--but she couldn't muster the feeling of indignation. She knew that she had consented to the lesbian tit play, not just by allowing it to happen but by actually asking for it, and by responding affirmatively when asked whether she liked it. Instead, in the absence of the guilt and aversion she thought she should feel, she sank back happily against Samantha, basking in the erotic sensations of how good it had felt to have the hot, sexy teen porn star playfully grope her chest in a lustful manner, no differently than a lesbian lover would do to her partner. In fact, it felt like she and Samantha were now in the process of becoming lovers, Wendy savoring the glow of that development without analyzing it much. And she knew she wanted more. More of Samantha, more of her hands, more of her curvy body pressing against hers, more of her lips, more of whatever. More.

Unable to muster appropriate words, losing her voice amidst the fresh recollection of Samantha's touch, Wendy looked at Evie and pleaded with her eyes for her to tell Samantha to let the pleasure resume.

"Wendy, is there something wrong?" asked Samantha, knowing full well what Wendy was going through.


"What's that? You're going to have to speak up, Wendy. I didn't catch what you said."

"Please...don't stop. More," she pleaded, almost in tears, "I want more."

Evie let out a playful giggle upon hearing Wendy, in her frustration, beg Samantha to continue her sensual groping and pawing of her womanly mounds. Samantha leaned in and seductively whispered, "Silly Wendy. Don't forget that this is about you learning about your body. If you want more, no one is going to stop you, my love." Samantha kissed Wendy again on the neck and then on the cheek.

Too addicted to the erotic feelings pulsing through her body, Wendy moved her left hand on top her vacant left breast and began her own sensual play of her perky mammary.

"That's right, Wendy. Play with your tit. Feel it, enjoy it, don't deny it. There's no shame in what you're doing. It's about finding the right buttons that set you off, that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, all about the pleasure."

Continue to Part 2...


  1. I’m so happy to see this is back! I found this a couple years ago by luck and always come back to read! Thank you for such effortful stories. I always worry that there won’t be anymore posts but I hope chapters continue to be posted or we get an ending :)