Friday, April 2, 2021

Brainy University - Chapter 5 Part 3

“To be fucked,mistress.”

“Ah, spoken like a whore...the whore you are becoming.” Meredith ran her gloved fingers along Monica’s inner labia, making her prey squeal. “Well, well, well looks like someone’s beaver is definitely eager. Wouldn’t you say, Monica? ”

“P-p-please …” was the only word that Monica could utter through the intense lust coursing through her body, her mind losing itself in the thick fog of desire to be fucked that was blanketing it.

“What was that, Monica? I couldn’t hear you. No one likes a slut that mumbles. You need to make yourself clear.”

“P-please, sweet love…f-fuck me… please,” Monica tearfully pled.

With a satisfied smirk, Meredith stood up, slid up Monica’s back to the Latina’s ear, and whispered. “If I do that...that would make you a whore. And...wouldn’t that also make you a…a lesbian?”

Monica now knew that her destiny was to be a whore, for her cherished Meredith, her mistress, wanted her to be one. She who owned her quivering, naked pussy was going to make it into a whore’s cunt. That much was now settled. In fact, for Meredith, she wanted to be one. Meredith’s whore. She became aware of a golden necklace dangling around her neck, suspending one word in fancy scroll print font: “whore”. It was perfect. She indeed was a whore, she wanted to be one, and she revelled in it. Her cunt watered all the more at the very thought.

But Monica wasn’t a lesbian. She thought she knew that much. However, if that was what she needed to be to get Meredith to fuck her, then she would become one, this very moment. “I don’t care. Fine, I’m a queer, a dyke, a carpet muncher, a muff diver...a fucking lesbian!” Monica confessed through gritted teeth. “Just fuck me! Please!”

“Very well..since you asked oh so nicely.”

In the meantime, back in the real world, Meredith, who was looking out the cafe’s big window wall into the mall as Monica seemed to be zoning out again, noticed two girls about twenty feet away walking by, both college-age, one a petite, miniskirted stunner with short hair dyed a dramatic ice blue, the other an attractive, curvy blonde. The petite girl happened to turn her head toward the cafe just as she passed. She slowed down and spoke to her companion, pointing to the cafe. They changed direction toward the cafe’s entrance, sending a quick rush of excitement through the redhead beauty. They paused just before they entered, pointing subtley in Meredith’s and Monica’s direction, and again exchanging a few words.

Meredith turned back to Monica. The Latina coed was now staring at her intently, passionate emotion written all over her face. Little did the redhead know what kind of daydream her companion was entertaining, but she was fairly certain Monica’s feelings were aimed at her, so she decided to test her theory. She slowly leaned forward seductively, parting her lips ever so slightly and tilting her head a little. Monica, though still envisioning a racy tryst with a fantasy version of Meredith, unconsciously processed Meredith’s real-life approach and reciprocated, their lips drawing ever so gradually closer.

In Monica’s fantasy, Meredith disengaged herself from Monica’s shoulders and back and went back to squatting behind her. The beautiful Latina felt Meredith’s gloved fingers play with and tease her quivering pussy lips. She relished the gentle stroking that Meredith was performing. It wasn’t long before she could feel Meredith’s hot breath on her spasming cunt as Meredith gently blew on it, both young women eager for what was about to come. Monica envisioned the tip of Meredith’s tongue extending out about to explore the folds of her aching sex.

However, before the fantasy Meredith could commence the lesbian sexual act on an eager and willing Monica, the back-haired coed was snapped out of the pleasurable fantasy she was having and back to reality when she heard her name being called.

“Monica, is that you?” came a familiar feminine voice. Monica and Meredith, realizing their faces were inappropriately close, parted quickly and hoped no one had seen them and concluded that they had been about to kiss.

Recognizing the voice, Monica thought to herself, Great. Just what I need. Monica stiffly turned to address the person and forced a smile on her face which could almost be construed as a grimace. But then, when her eyes focused on the two intruders, Monica’s internal demeanor switched from one of annoyance to one of carnal interest. Her mouth dropped open a little and started to water.

Standing in front of her were two very fetching young women. Looking at the one closest to her, Monica noted that the woman had an attractive, lithe figure attired in a thin, black-and-white-striped midriff-exposing top held up by black straps on her bare shoulders, emphasizing the curvaceous shape of her charming breasts underneath. Monica’s gaze continued going further down and took note of the intriguing, short black denim skirt wrapped around the female’s hips, the hem of which stopped about seven inches above the knee, and which, like the woman’s top, was meant to tease and entice, its tight fit showing off the seductive curves of the young woman’s hips, thighs, and, it would soon be seen, her ass. Her bare legs looked smooth as silk. Her dainty feet were perched in four-inch gold-and-white sandal heels, showing off her pristine painted toenails, enameled to a very glossy purple, looking almost like candy to the transfixed Latina.

Looking back up at the young woman’s pretty face, Monica took note that she had on an assortment of cosmetics, as was normal for her, but most distinctive this time was the color of her lips. From previous encounters, Monica knew that the familiar woman generally painted her lips dark, unusual colors, such as blues, greens, purples, and black. This time the woman in front of Monica had a bright fire red coloring on her dainty lips. Her gaze going a little further up Monica noticed that the woman had her hair in the pixie cut style she had sported of late, and dyed in a titillating ice blue. Monica couldn’t help but admire the girl’s taste and her daring in her color choices. She recalled that when she last saw this attractive woman just the night before she had her short hair colored an exotic purple. This charming woman was Laura Feures, whom Monica had visited the previous night, along with her roommate and best friend, Celeste Glasion, to enlist them in broadcasting around campus Monica’s elevated new status as a resident of the Preston Suites.

The young woman next to her was that very same friend, Celeste, whose body, it struck Monica as she let her eyes rove her, was different from Laura’s, and exuded a different kind of charm, one of sensual grace and a sexually robust calibur, looking like something from the old, vintage pin-up posters of the 50s and 60s, with all the tantalizing proportions associated with such a heavenly type of body.

Celeste had her bright golden blonde hair done up in playful curls and waves that ran down past her shoulders by two or three inches, and which, combined with her curled-in bangs, gave her a very appealing girl-next-door look. Her bright amber-colored eyes looked warm and inviting and her smile showed off her pearly white teeth and gave off an appealing, friendly charm.

Celeste had on the perfect combination of a pink blouse, a pair of tan-colored leather boots, and blue jeans, which, along with her blouse, were just tight enough to show some of the alluring curves of her body to anyone looking, and yet still loose enough and covering her skin sufficiently to maintain the wholesome, cute, innocent girl next door vibe that Celeste had sought to cultivate.

Like many of the other times that Monica had seen Celeste with Laura, the blonde Celeste, who had just as much potential for sexiness as Laura, Monica thought as she looked at her, once again was dressed more conservatively than her friend. Whether it was out of some kind of misplaced loyalty, so that she wouldn’t outshine her friend, Laura, or whether it was due to some outdated, modest fashion sense that the girl had chosen in order to compensate for her mother’s seamy background, Monica pondered, Celeste didn’t do enough to show off the attractive body she had. That was a shame in Monica’s book, her new subconscious values dictated to her, because ‘if you got it, you should flaunt it’, as a maxim new to Monica’s mind suggested to her. She decided that, if she ever had any say in the matter, she wanted to see Celeste habitually in attire and makeup just as sensual, or, better, more sensual, than Laura’s. Nevertheless, Monica quickly came to the assessment that, if she had to choose between the two for a wild night out on the town, she would most likely prefer to have Celeste by her side over Laura.

But then Monica looked at Laura again, and started to change her mind. Hmmm… Not bad, either...

“See! I told you it was Monica! Hey, Monica!” Celeste gushed with giddy glee as she gave a quick wave of hello.

“Why, I believe you did, Celeste., my, my...who’s this charming person that you have with you, Monica?” Laura asked with a condescending, prying manner.

“Care to introduce us, Monica?” Celeste said in the superficially gleeful tone she typically employed.

Monica shot the pair a dirty look for having invaded her private time with her new girlfriend, but also for interrupting her little naughty fantasy and snapping her back into reality. While she couldn’t recall specifics, she knew that it involved the alluring Meredith, that it was very pleasurable, and that to have it interrupted by these two half-wits was upsetting. Granted, the pair was beautiful, charming, and sexually attractive, but half-wits, nonetheless.

It looked like neither Laura or Celeste caught the hint, as they continued to hang around. Monica knew the exact reason why they were curious about Meredith. Monica had never introduced Meredith to her circle of associates outside of her roommates, so Meredith appeared to be a new person in Monica’s life. These two were clearly looking to see if they could spin the situation into their advantage, specifically into something scandalous they could use against her. However, she had no intent on giving them that pleasure.

“Laura, Celeste! Fancy running into you two today! It’s great seeing you two on this beautiful day. So how are both of you doing?” Monica said in a faux courteous tone.

“O. M. G., Monica, you won’t believe this, but me and Laura saw the cutest pair of high heel pumps at the department store at the far end of the mall. Then we saw such a cute sweater at a fashion boutique a few minutes after that...followed up by some hunky guys...and then … umff!” Celeste’s scattered rambling was abruptly cut off by a quick jab in her ribs by Laura’s elbow, her way to tell her blonde friend that she was talking too much and to be quiet.

“As Celeste stated, we were just doing some casual window shopping. But still, you didn’t answer our question. Aren’t you going to introduce us to your companion here?” Laura said as she made a small gesture towards Meredith. Both newcomers were scanning Meredith over intently, their faces revealing both curiosity about who she was and the fact that they liked what they saw, a fact not missed by Meredith, who returned their smiles, inspection, and approval, although the undercurrent of hers, unrecognized by her, was flirtatious and sexual, while theirs was not.

Meredith just blushed. She couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed with the interest she was getting from the two women in front of her, and from the way it seemed that both of them and Monica were vying for her attention. This was a first for her and she couldn’t help but feel something deep inside her telling her she wanted more of this, that she craved, in fact, the kind of attention she had been getting from Monica and was now getting--although without the romantic tone, which she unconsciously would have preferred--from Monica’s friends, and that she would love to attract these and whatever other beautiful women who might cross her path.

Monica took note of the look of interest that Meredith was giving Laura and Celeste and could see that the redhaired vixen was about to introduce herself to the lovely pair. While she did understand that Meredith was her own woman and could choose the women with whom she wanted to be, the idea of these two social leeches moving in on Meredith didn’t settle well with Monica. That is...unless I can somehow twist their interest in my favor… Ideas started to churn in her mind which would crystallize in a few minutes.

“Laura, Celeste, this is my dear friend, Meredith. Meredith, meet Laura and Celeste, who are some close associates of mine,” Monica strained through a forced smile.

“ ‘Dear friend’? Hmmm… And did I just hear Monica refer to us as ‘associates’? My ears must be playing tricks on me. How about you, Celeste? ‘Cause I swear that just last night she called us ‘friends’. Of course, she wanted our help then. Maybe we’re only ‘friends’ to her when she needs something from us,” Laura insinuated with a wicked glee, as if she had finally caught Monica red handed in some kind of duplicity.

Monica, recognizing the direction this conversation was taking, quickly arose, grabbed hold of both Laura’s and Celeste’s wrists, and dragged them away from the table, while blurting out, “I think I need to freshen up a bit. Laura, Celeste, care to join me? Okay, let's go.” Amidst a flurry of protesting chatter, the two were towed away, trailing Monica, who forced them into the women’s restroom, kicking the door open and dragging Laura and Celeste in.

Monica turned towards them, staring them down. “Okay, what do you two want?” There was no mistaking the irritated tone in her voice.

“What do we want? Why, whatever do you mean, Monica?” Laura said in the smarmiest tone she could muster as she batted her eyes and feigned ignorance.

Monica let out an exasperated sigh. Being in the midst of a most enjoyable date with the most special girl in her life, which she had wanted to continue without interruption, she was not in the mood to play games. She was going to cut to the chase and find out what her so-called friends wanted and what it would cost her.

“Look, you two obviously think you have some kind of leverage on me. So tell me what you want, so I can tell you in less than polite terms how it’s not going to happen.”

Laura responded with a haughty smirk as she began to state her case.

“I’m not sure what gives you the idea that I want something from you, Monica. I’m wounded by such an allegation. After all, we are friends.” Laura said the last part of that statement with a touch of insincerity. “And I’m just here to state a mere observation. For someone who’s trying to land Evan Christophers as a boyfriend, I’m shocked to see you out and about with another person, especially when that other person is a girl. Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone got the wrong idea and went about spreading some unfortunate rumors about you?”

Laura held up her smartphone for Monica to see, the screen showing a picture of Monica and Meredith sitting together. While not ideally focused and composed, it did present them leaning toward each other, staring into each other’s eyes fondly, and holding hands, poised to kiss, although those intimacies were somewhat obscured and that latter act had not quite happened. Nevertheless, the photo could easily be construed to support the narrative that Laura was threatening to broadcast.

The implied threat and its potential to affect her reputation and her quest to land Evan wasn’t lost on Monica. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t dating Meredith, after all, so if they made a claim that Monica was into girls, there would be some truth to it. She was, at least, into Meredith, and Monica couldn’t deny that honestly. In fact, Monica even had some admiration for Laura’s ploy, for it was the kind of thing that she herself would do to get her way.

However, Monica knew one thing that Laura didn’t know, which would take the teeth out of Laura’s veiled threat: Monica no longer cared to attach herself to Evan. She had, in fact, completely forgotten about that pursuit since her move into the Suites. And now that Laura had brought it up, the Latina realized she didn’t even like the jock, and wondered what she ever saw in him and in his type...that is, she didn’t quite yet realize, in men. The very thought of him, in fact, revolted her.

Monica understood that normally she would have been upset by an acquaintance bringing up her private life in an extortionary manner and threatening to reveal it to the world, and she was a little perturbed by it, but her irritation was subsiding. As she reflected on the fact that she wasn’t pursuing the affections of some stupid boy any more, she couldn’t sustain any emotion other than relief and joy. As she thought it over, the prospect of chasing after Meredith...and maybe Lydia, too...or even Lydia’s mother, Edie...oh my, yes...seemed like better pursuits for companionship than chasing after Evan or any other male...anytime...anywhere…so much better...

As Monica looked at Laura, who had an award-winning, shit-eating grin on her face, thinking she had finally triumphed over her, Monica began to formulate a plan of her own, something that involved these two knuckleheads. She responded with a grin of her own.

“What’s with that grin, Monica? If you haven’t noticed, I think I have the upper hand here.” Laura said with a nervous tone. She had expected Monica to plead, beg, scream, and curse, or at least some kind of negative emotional reaction. The smile on Monica’s face was unsettling and made Laura feel uneasy about the whole situation.

“Well, that is your narrative...but here’s mine. I just happen to be spending a nice, lovely day with a good friend and having a good time. She’s a friend, Laura. One thing you should know about her is that she’s smart, very smart, smart enough to hack computer systems and accounts to make life miserable for people who piss her off. Also you should know her parents are a couple of excellent lawyers who probably wouldn’t like it if someone went around spreading slanderous statements about their daughter.” Of course, all this was a fabrication, as Monica had no clue about Meredith’s skill with computers nor about the background of her family, but Monica hoped she could keep her poker face on, and that she could bluff her way out of this and turn the situation around.

“I figured I could just let her have a taste of the glamorous life I lead to butter her up and convince her to do some of my college academic work, so that I can spend my time on some ‘projects’ that demand my valuable attention. So who do you think people are going to believe, you, a person who clearly comes off as a petty, vindictive person, or me and my friend, who are just out having a good time? Also let’s not forget, my dear, I’m not the only one in this group who doesn’t have a skeleton or two in the closet,” Monica stated in a stern, matter-of-fact tone.

Laura just gulped at the way the conversation was going. She had hoped to finally one-up the haughty Latina coed. Her relationship with Monica was one in which Monica was always in charge and she and Celeste followed her orders like her underlings. She had hoped that her attempt to blackmail Monica would finally get her out from under Monica’s thumb and into a better position within their group dynamic, but it was now clear to her that she had miscalculated and had stepped into a situation for which she was not prepared.

“Y-you know, Monica, silly me, misconstruing a friendly situation. You know what, why don’t we just forget the whole silly thing and let bygones be bygones, eh?” petitioned Laura weakly, followed by an equally weak laugh. As she tried to back her way out of the predicament into which she had enmeshed herself, she looked like a person who had just received the worst loss in her life.

“And why would I do a thing like that, Laura?”

The look that Monica was giving both Laura and Celeste created an uneasy tension in the public restroom. For the briefest of moments, Celeste thought she saw Monica slightly stick out her tongue and seductively lick her lips. It unnerved Celeste a bit as Monica’s gesture looked predatory and she noted that Monica had a hungry look in her eyes, the kind of look that she saw most guys give her when she walked around campus, as if Monica was lusting after both of them. She clung a little closer to her friend for a bit of comfort and maybe protection.

“Come on, Monica. Don’t you think you’re blowing this out of proportion? After all, this is just a simple misunderstanding, don’t you think?” Laura asked nervously.

“I feel that I’m well within my rights,” Monica stated with an icy air of dominance. “However, I am a generous person and I think I can find something suitable for you two to do to make amends.”

She definitely had an idea on what these two could do to make up for the infraction against her, but her success in pulling it off hinged on how well Monica could maintain the facade of being dominant and authoritative--which she truly had been up to a few days ago, but lately she had been finding herself relishing the feelings of being meek and subservient, especially to a girl like Meredith.

“Since you brought up my pursuits of Evan Christophers, I think I could use the assistance of my friends in helping me gain his affections.”

Laura was leery about Monica’s request. She knew Monica well enough to understand that she wasn’t the type to forgive and forget.

“S-sure, what are friends for? How can we help?” Laura inquired cautiously.

“Well, it just happens I found out that Mr. Christophers has a thing for some hot girl-on-girl action and I think my two friends here would like to help me entice him.”

It took several seconds for Monica’s insinuation to register with both Laura and Celeste. When the realization of what Monica was asking hit them, their eyes went wide as a wave of revulsion went through them.

“Ewww! No way in hell I’m going to go lez just so you can get access to some cock!” Laura spewed with icy venom. “Here’s a tip: Why don’t you ask your new girlfriend to help you out?!” She pointed her finger at Monica, just an inch or so away from her chest, as if ready to jab Monica with it.

Monica had to admit that she found Laura’s inflammatory statement about lezzing out with Meredith to be quite appealing. She wasn’t sure why, but Monica found the suggestion of being sexually intimate with Meredith not only agreeable, but arousing, and as she dwelt upon it for a second, she noticed her palms become sweaty, her breathing become a little shallow, and her nipples tingle. But Monica knew that she needed to show these two dimwits why she was in charge of this group and that they were hers to command.

First, she had to maintain control of the situation. Monica couldn’t show any signs that what Laura said got to her or caused a reaction in her emotions and body. Then she would just draw out the awkward silence and let it fester a bit until it created a tension in the restroom that she could use to her advantage. Finally, she would just give both of them a cold, emotionless stare. These were tactics she had picked up from her mother when she observed the haughty woman deal with some unruly subordinates.

Accordingly, Monica waited a minute before speaking and took a deep breath, as if she were preparing herself for a fierce battle of wits.

“Well...I’m sorry that you feel that way...especially since you said that both of you were my friends. However, before we conclude this business, let me point out that, while you have failed miserably in trying to blackmail me and have nothing to show for it, I, on the other hand, do have something on you two dimwits!” Monica’s icy candor sent a terrifying chill up the spines of the women in front of her.

Before they could say anything, Monica continued. “For example, you, Celeste, go around telling people that your parents work in the ‘entertainment industry’, but you’re pretty vague about it. I think it would be interesting to see how people would react if they found out that your father owns and operates the third largest adult entertainment studio in Florida...and that your, what was her starring debut film?...hmmm…oh, yes...Blondes Have All The Fun, Part 5 - Beach Party Orgy...yeah...I’m sure that the gangbang scene won her many standing ovations,” Monica speculated with evil glee. “But I hear her best work was in An American Slut in London: Blondes Gone Wild. I believe she won the Best Supporting Actress AVN award that year because of that film.

The AVN (Adult Video News) awards were the porn industry awards given to top performers and contributing members of the adult entertainment industry. The awards ceremony was often referred to as the “Oscars of Porn”. Celeste remembered seeing that award statue proudly on display on the mantle in the living room of her home, along with other awards her parents had earned in the porn industry. It was a great source of embarrassment for Celeste when she had friends over.

It was obvious that Celeste was visibly hurt and appalled by Monica’s threat. Celeste had worked hard to distance herself from her parents’ professions. The fear of being associated with them and being seen as nothing more than an easy slut herself haunted her. She had done everything she could to maintain a wholesome image of modesty and propriety and to put great distance between her and what her parents did for a living. She tried to hold back the tears.

“B-b-but you said you wouldn’t tell anyone,” Celeste whimpered with trembling fear.

“And I haven’t. So far I’ve kept my word. But...if you insist on provoking me...well, I can’t say what may happen in the future...”

“But...but It wasn’t my idea to blackmail you. It was Laura’s.”

“Aren’t you with her? As the old saying goes ‘We’re often judged by the company we keep.’ ” Monica stroked Celeste’s soft check gently, while maintaining her icy demeanor.

Monica then turned to face Laura, whose face was red with seething contempt for the haughty Latina standing before her. Trembling in silent anger and her hands balled into fists, she had thought she had had it all figured out, how she was going to work Monica’s apparent situation to her advantage...only to have it all come crashing down on her. Laura didn’t know which made her more upset--the fact that she had miscalculated and screwed up royally, or the fact that Monica again had the upper hand in this relationship.

“As for you, Laura, my dear,” Monica stroked Laura’s shoulder, her affectionate gesture belying the menace in her tone, “well, you happen to have a litany of dirty deeds under your belt. I think my personal favorite happens to be an interesting video that came into my possession of you and...what’s his name?...oh, yes...Professor Tanner. You know the one that I’m talking about, Laura?...that special one-on-one tutoring session you had with him in his office...the one where you were bent over his desk as he fucked your brains out, and with you begging for it like a bitch in heat,” Monica recounted with smug satisfaction. “If I recall, isn’t Professor Tanner married?... and...oh, yes, now I the dean’s sister! Why, just imagine the scandal that would occur if Mrs. Tanner received that video via an anonymous source!” Of course Monica wasn’t going to admit to Laura that it was her that recorded the naughty video. On that fateful day when she ran into Laura Monica noticed that her friend was in a hurry and making excuses to brush her off. Curious she followed her and was stunned when she secretly witnessed Laura and Professor Tanner in a carnal embrace. Knowing that this was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up Monica recorded the whole lewd act on her smartphone. When she confronted Laura with it she lied that the video was sent to her via an anonymous source, implying that the video was already circulating out in the world and just gave Laura a devious, coy smile. The same one she was giving her now.

“Okay! You made your fucking point! So what do you want from us!”

“Well, for starters,” Monica replied nonchalantly, “a better attitude would be nice.”

An angry silence filled the air as Laura gave Monica a murderous look, the raspy sound of her breathing through her flared nostrils her only response. After settling down several seconds, Laura managed a forced civil voice. “O...okay. I’ll try…”

“Say ‘Monica, dear’.”

With obvious strain, Laura softly managed, “Monica...dear.”

“Now, ‘Monica, you are such a babe!’ Make it convincing.”

In a yet softer voice, Laura stated, “ are such a...a babe.” She emphasized the last word in the hope of making it sound sincere.

“Good! Now that I have your undivided attention, here’s what I need from the two of you. Some pictures. That’s all. Well, mostly. But, yes, mainly just a few nice, lovely pictures of you two kissing. I’ll need at least three--one picture with clothes on, one with both of you down to your bras and panties, and the final one sharing a tender kiss naked.”

Both Laura and Celeste, with looks of revulsion on their faces, stammered almost simultaneously, “What?! can’t…” Neither young woman was gay or had ever given the slightest indication that she ever had been interested in other girls...but now it they were being blackmailed to participate in what they viewed as an unnatural lifestyle. Even though kissing each other wouldn’t be jumping into lesbianism very far, neither wanted to be a part of it to any degree.

“Shush! I guarantee that you’re going to end up liking this. I mean, just look at you two. Face each other. Laura, look at Celeste. Isn’t she pretty? Now look at her breasts. Don’t you love her curves? And Celeste, look at Laura. She’s so hot, isn’t she? In fact, I bet you’ve always wanted to kiss her, haven’t you?” Celeste, not knowing what to say, simply blushed, while the more rebellious Laura silently fumed, but with a little less anger than a minute before. She had inadvertently found her roommate scanning her face and body, as one person might do to another as if he or she was romantically or sexually interested, and she having done to same to Celeste, to be novel and pleasant.

“Hmmmmm… Now that I think about it...wouldn’t now be a good time to try and get one of my picture requests completed. As they say, ‘There’s no time like the present.’ “ Monica flashed both Laura and Celeste a wicked smile.

“Right here? What if someone walks in?” Celeste pleaded with worry as her eyes darted towards the restroom entrance, fearful that someone could walk in any minute.

“Well, better make sure you get it right on the first try, then!” advised Monica.

Monica watched her two cohorts shuffle closer together, appearing to be almost afraid to touch, both inwardly apprehensive that Monica’s insinuations--that they might like kissing each other and that they might have been harboring buried desires to do so--could possibly be true. Their approach was an awkward but amusing sight to see, even more so as they faced each other, hesitantly leaned in, planted a quick peck on their respective partner’s lips, and then quickly pulled away.

Laura composed herself by wiping her lips on the back of her hand, as if they had come into contact with something vile and disgusting. “There. We did what you wanted. We’re done now,” Laura grumbled as she put a bit of distance between her and Celeste.

“No, no, that won’t do, Laura. It was too quick and it lacked that certain ‘something’ know? Both of you need to put some passion into it. Laura, haven’t you always said that you and Celeste have known each other since Kindergarten. Surely all those years together have to mean something. You do like her, don’t you?”

Laura looked at Celeste. “Yes, of course. She’s my best friend.”

“In fact, couldn’t you even say that you love her?”

“........yeah…… I guess so…..but not like th…”

“And you, Celeste...your mother works in the porn industry. I know she’s done a few girl-on-girl scenes in her line of work.” The guilty look that appeared on Celeste's visage was tantamount to an admission. “Oh, yes… You know that to be true, don’t you? In fact, isn’t one of her best scenes ever where she takes it up the ass with a strap-on...from a Lesbian Ladies of Leather & Lace No.3: Anal Misdventures? Right?” Monica insinuated with devilish glee. While Monica herself had never watched any of Celeste’s mother’s adult films, only looking them up for blackmail material, but it wasn’t hard to imply what Celeste’s mom might have done given the title of that particular film. Again, Celeste’s downcast eyes and silence was her tacit confession. “Yes. You know about that one, don’t you? I’m sure you must have seen some of her work and she must have given you a few least on how to kiss a girl. You’d have to consider her derelict in her motherly duties if she never did that!”

The last comments caused Celeste to lose it, sobbing uncontrollably. She had harbored so much shame for the way her mother lived her life, and the reasons for that shame were now being harshly unveiled. Celeste herself had resolved to never follow her mother’s path, despite being so close to it and having been around her mother’s associates on the same path so much. She would never do something so depraved as to seek out and watch the porn films in which her mother had been featured, nor would she ask for advice from her in regards to sexual foreplay. But the scenarios Monica had callously brought up, stung so hurtfully because they were all true, it wouldn’t be so hard to research her mother’s name, like Monica did when Laura brought up that fact drunkenly at a frat party, who at that time was a bit jealous of the attention her blonde friend was receiving at the time, and see the list of adult films she featured in and accomplishments she made in the porn industry. Like a list of dirty, shameful deeds her mother blatantly did with some perverse sense of pride. It was the primary reason why Celeste used her grandmother’s maiden name, a way to deflect any attempts to connect her and her mother. Celeste felt nothing but shame and embarrassment when the topics of mothers were brought up by her friends which couldn’t be said for the vast majority of other young women Celeste knew, who had mothers who lived much less depraved lives than Celeste’s mother did.

When Celeste gained a little control over herself, she sniffled out, “No...I’ve never seen my mother’s movies. I don’t want to. I’m…I’m a good girl. And she never…”

“Posh! I’ll bet you know and you’ve done more than you’re letting on, and you’re hiding your true feelings, about other girls, and especially about Laura. When you have a friend as sexy as Laura, here, and you spend so much time must be hard not to want her. It must be hard not to want to kiss her...and do other things with her...things like your mother has done with women. You love Laura like she loves you...don’t you?”

“Leave her alone!” Laura demanded as she glowered at Monica.

Monica arched an eyebrow in amusement and smirked in response. “Well, it looks like there is some passion in this relationship, after all. Don’t worry, I’m not doing anything harmful, Laura. I’m just simply stating some observations based on the facts. Besides, as for me, all this can easily be dealt with. Just give me what I want and we’ll be done...” …for now, Monica mentally added. She had plans for these two, which were still unfolding in her head. But to just stop at them kissing each other wasn’t in her playbook.

Fuming in silence, Laura stared at Monica hostiley and then turned to her blonde friend and tried to reassure the trembling girl that everything was going to be okay and that they were going to get through this sticky situation together.

It took a few more tries before Monica was finally almost satisfied with the kissing performance between Laura and Celeste. Telling them they were close to meeting her expectations but not quite there yet, she advised them that they would look more realistically passionate for her and the cameras in their smartphones if they were to embrace and say each other’s name followed by “I love you”, while gazing into each other’s eyes, just before joining their lips. She instructed them on how they should pose and feel each other, guiding the placement of their hands. Monica had them kiss several times, breaking apart only when someone came into the restroom.

They finally managed a kiss that, Monica said, met her approval. The winning photo had Laura and Celeste looking like lesbian lovers in a passionate embrace with Laura’s hand, at Monica’s urging, clutching Celeste’s rear and Celeste’s hand tenderly placed on one of Laura’s breasts. Despite the lovey-dovey look between the two of them, both of them were feeling utter humiliation and a certain revulsion coursing through their bodies from having been forced into something they considered unnatural.

“Are we done now?!” Laura asked with venomous sharpness after she again wiped her lips off with her hand.

“For now. But Laura, didn’t you like kissing your beautiful girlfriend?”

Laura pondered a second over how she should answer that. If she said no, Celeste could well take that as a rejection, injuring her friend’s already shaken confidence. If she said yes, she would be admitting to taking pleasure in kissing girls. Given Celeste’s emotional condition, and given the fact that kissing the pretty blonde had not been nearly as disgusting as she thought it would be or as she pretended it had been, she conceded. “ was okay...I mean, more than okay, Celeste. You are a good kisser, and you really are such a lovely girl and friend…

“That’s what I thought. And you, Celeste? Did you like it?”

Blushing once again and unable to look Laura in the eye, she simply and honestly admitted, “......yes……” Hearing that, Laura looked at her friend, critically assessing whether she meant her affirmative response, but saw no evidence of contradiction in the blonde’s bearing. Celeste had enjoyed kissing her. Laura wasn’t sure whether to be scared or pleased by that revelation.

“Wonderful! Don’t forget that you still owe me two more pictures and don’t forget the criteria of those two. Unless you happen to want to take them now in here,” Monica offered as she gestured to the open space of the women’s restroom they were in. “And make sure they look as convincing as the last one we took today. You will probably have to take several shots, like we did today, to get it right. You two need to look like you are in love and can’t wait to get your hands all over each other. Take regular still photos, but I also want you to tell each other how much you love each other before and after you kiss. Use the video with audio setting for that, so that you can send it to me and I can hear as well as see it. Make sure it’s genuine and passionate. Record all of your takes for me. Okay?”

Humiliated and not wanting to stay in the restroom any longer, Laura mumbled a begrudging “okay”, grabbed Celeste’s hand, stormed out of the cafe’s women’s restroom with Celeste in tow, and headed straight for the exit. Meredith saw them leave and was ready to wave bye to them, but they didn’t look her way. As Laura passed through the main door of the cafe, however, she turned back toward the passageway to the restrooms and saw Monica appear. Monica mockingly made a very crude and vulgar gesture at her and Celeste, who also turned to see Monica. Monica spread her index and middle fingers out against her lips and wagged her tongue out into the encircled space, followed by wicked mocking laughter.

Monica arrived back at her table, where a slightly concerned Meredith was waiting for her. Meredith, though, had not really minded Monica’s absence over the past fifteen minutes, as her view out the cafe’s panoramic window allowed her to check out the cute, sexy girls and women who passed by in the mall. Meredith did not realize it, but this was her first experience of “girl watching”. She knew guys did that, and she had found it to be rather juvenile--possibly because she had never been the one the boys were scoping out--but now here she was doing it too, without realizing it. Occasionally she would fantasize how she might meet this one or that one, and then what might come next.

One particular pretty, miniskirted teen Asian girl caught her eye, walking along with someone Meredith presumed to be her boyfriend. Meh, she could do so much better. What a waste, Meredith thought to herself as she watched the Asian hottie pass her by, unaware of the homosexual leanings that now inhabited her mind. Meredith observed the couple--more specifically the ravishing Asian beauty--as they went about their day. The couple paused in front of a store window about thirty feet away from the cafe, apparently to do a little window shopping and, in doing so, gave Meredith a great view of the cutie’s long, sensual legs and exquisite rear encased in the short skirt. Meredith couldn’t help but ogle the cutie and let her mind wander off about her.

Meredith observed the boyfriend seem to excuse himself, step away, pull out a smartphone, take an incoming call, and, after checking to see his girlfriend looking the other way, walked away, disappearing around a corner. This afforded the redhead a fairly good unobstructed look at the girl. She had medium-light, ashy brown hair, a few inches longer than her shoulders--which Meredith assumed was dyed, as Asians generally had black or very dark brown hair naturally, and the color had a very attractive if unnatural bronze-like metallic sheen to it, as well, which somehow made the girl all the more intriguing. Meredith idly wondered what she would look like with hair that color, a little thrill passing through her at the possibility of making a change along that line. She wondered, as well, what Monica would think if she did something like it might captivate her...

The young woman had on a thin-strap pink-and-white, horizontally-striped camisole top, which hugged her torso. While her breasts were not large, their shape was prominently displayed, as were what seemed to be the imprints of little nipples. Meredith wondered if the girl was wearing a bra or not. From her distance it was hard for her to tell, although she looked intently. There were no shoulder straps other than those of the top, so either the teen was wearing a strapless bra that did a fantastic job of lifting the cute Asian’s breasts or the hottie simply had very perky boobs and had decided to forgo the garment, opting to go braless for the day--which Meredith concluded would a cool choice, and that that was, in fact, the state of the girl.

The girl’s appearance started to stimulate more ideas in Meredith’s head. I like her in that skirt. She has nice legs. I think mine are okay, too. Why haven’t I ever worn skirts much before? I could look like that. I could pull off a very short one, like hers. And her… What would I look like if I...if I went braless, too? What would that do Monica?

Meredith wondered as well what it would take to meet the girl, convince her to ditch her inattentive boyfriend, and spend the day with her instead, leading to her mentally picturing herself out in the mall walking by the girl, then stopping.

“Hi...I’m Meredith...and you?”

“Oh, I’m Charisse. Nice to meet you.”

“Same here. So, Charisse, I don’t mean to be nosy, but did I just see that your boyfriend carelessly left you all by your lonesome?”

“What?” Charisse looked around and confirmed that her boyfriend had indeed wandered off and was no longer in the picture. “Oh, my god! I can’t believe that jerk did that to me again! He’s always brushing me off when we go out!” the cutie pouted. Meredith liked the way the teen’s pink-painted lips pursed daintily.

“You know...if I was dating a cute thing like you,” Meredith cooed as she slid a hand onto Charisse’s bare shoulder and began to gently comfort her with it, “ I would never leave your side.”

“Ooo, thanks. I like that. That’s so nice of you. Yeah...he’s always doing this stuff to me,” Charisse stated with irritation and emotion in her voice. “Says he has time for me, and when we hang out he ditches me and goes off on his own.”

“He’s a fool. I can’t imagine anyone doing that to a girl as hot as you are.” Charisse smiled a little at that and found herself batting her eyes and tossing her hair absentmindedly. “Why not teach him a lesson and spend the rest of your day with me. Better yet, this seems like a common occurrence with him. Why not just get rid of him all together. Or, even better, just dump guys in general. They’re worthless. I think you’ll be a whole lot happier for it,” Meredith said in a sinister seductive tone.

“Why, yes. You know, you’re right! I should ditch that loser.” Charisse said as she curled a lock of her brown hair about a finger and gave Meredith a welcoming, flirtatious smile. “And, yeah...boys...who needs them? far as dating someone you have any suggestions?”

“Have you ever dated a girl?”


“Well…” Meredith ran her finger along Clarrise’s shoulder and arm. “...why don’t you give girls a try…?”

“I should…”

“ should.” Meredith was now staring her new friend frankly in the eyes, while running her finger along Charisse’s neck and then sliding her hand down her back. “So, Charisse...would you like to hang out together? In fact...let’s call it...a date.”

“Okay...yeah...I’d like that...a lot. Let me just call that ass to let him know we’re through……. But, you know what… He’s not even worth a phone call. I’ll just send him a text and be done with it!... And more than that...I think...I think I’m done with boys!... Creeps!..... Um...let’s go to that cafe over there, and, you know, maybe get to know each other a little better. That sound okay?”

“Great idea… We can enjoy a nice meal together and get to know each other…intimately. After you want to go to a movie?...a nice lesbian romance?”

“Oh, yeah, Meredith! I’d love to!... Anything, anytime, anywhere with a hottie like you… Give me a sec to send this text message……….….. Okay...done!”

However, before Meredith’s fantasy could escalate any further, it was interrupted when the imaginary vixen texted her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend to break things off and when her real date, Monica, walked her way to sit down next to her.

Snapping back to reality, Meredith quickly regained her composure. She looked out the cafe window and felt a little disappointed to see that the Asian hottie was no longer there, but it quickly faded as her attention focused on Monica, who beauty struck Meredith anew.

“Hey, was getting worried that you ran off on me. Glad to see you back!” Meredith said, relieved that the foxy Latina with whom she was spending the day had come back to her.

“A girl as cute as you has nothing to worry about, Meredith,” Monica said flirtatiously as she took her seat. “I would never deprive myself of the pleasure of your charming company.” Meredith

blushed a little in response. She didn’t know why, but she found Monica’s comment and interest enchanting and couldn’t help but feel a pleasurable tingle pulse through her body after hearing it. Not knowing why, she took another scan down Monica’s revealing, inviting blouse, her eyes lingering, as they had often during the day, on the creamy, voluptuous mounds seemingly being offered to her by the silky texture, thinness, and daring cut of the cobalt-blue fabric precariously encasing them, intensifying the titillations coursing through her.

“Thanks … Hey, speaking of which, I saw your two friends leave here in a rush. Everything okay?”

“Oh, everything is fine. We have a kind of a symbiotic relationship, you might say. They do things for me and I do things for them. But I call the shots, you know? That’s just our understanding. Sometimes they forget that. I just had to give them a firm but friendly reminder of who’s in charge.”

“Heh, I bet you did,” Meredith, knowing the demanding side of Monica well, responded in an amused tone. However, it then struck her that it had been a few days since she had last seen this more abrasive, more commanding version of Monica. With her mind having recently been altered to view Monica’s true nature as submissive, docile, and meek, Meredith now found it amusing to try to envision Monica as anything else, and as someone who would or could bully a couple of pretty coeds like the ones she had just met, despite all the times the Latina had been insistent, coercive, and critical with her. Meredith no longer believed that was the real Monica, but that, as Hecate had programmed her view to be, Monica was really a lost little girl just waiting for the right beautiful young woman to come into her life and take firm control. Someone exactly like herself.

“Hey, Meredith, can I ask you a question? What did you think of Laura and Celeste?” The inquiry was understood by both brainwashed young women to have very little reference to their personalities, but almost exclusively to their looks, bodies, and allure. It meant “Do you think Laura and Celeste are pretty and sexy? Are you attracted to them? Are you interested?”

“Hmmm… I guess they’re okay.” Meredith’s reserved reply didn’t fully reflect her true feelings. The fact was, she had been highly attracted to Monica’s friends and had checked them out in every way she could in the short time she had had, and had even had a little debate within herself over which one she would prefer to date, if the opportunity ever came up, much as Monica had done while ogling the rocker girls in the comic book store. “I don’t know them as well as you do, so I can’t really give an honest opinion about them. But I think the blonde, Celeste, is a definite cutie. And I guess Laura looks okay in her own rights………. Alright, she’s more than okay. She’s hot. I like them both. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I just happen to be helping them get through a few personal issues and might invite them to hang out with us from time to time...if you don’t mind, that is.” The truth was more than simply that. Monica had never felt the kind of attraction to her two friends, whom she first met at a frat party her first semester at Preston, that she just now noticed that she had, especially after witnessing them kissing. Whatever feelings of friendship she had for them had transformed into something else, into something heavily laden with sharply carnal interest.

“Sure, why not?” Again, Meredith’s nearly indifferent words belied what she really thought. To have another chance to meet with these two babes and hang with them was quite awesome to the redhead. “I guess your friends are my friends…….. Would it be like a...a double date?”

Monica read the unstated interest in Meredith’s made-up eyes, which had a gleeful glint. “Meredith! You really do like them, don’t you?!”

“Okay, okay. I admit it. They’re both very appealing. Very cute. I wouldn’t mind getting to know them...not at all…… What do you think of them?”

“Yeah, me, too. I...I like them both...and it could be fun getting to know them know...kind of a...a different way. ……... We’ll see about the idea of a double date. Is that what you would like?” But who would be whose date? Hmmmm...

“Maybe. Maybe I wouldn’t mind it. Maybe it’d be nice. I’ll leave that to you.” But who would be whose date? Hmmmm...

Monica gave a smile in response. She was already thinking over what she had in store for Laura and Celeste. Monica didn’t know why, but she was also pondering the ways she could involve Meredith, the ways she could please Meredith, and the ways she could win Meredith’s love in this and in other matters. Impressions came to her that she should present Laura and Celeste as trophies for her beloved Meredith. They were women who did not understand what an honor it would be to have a charming, sensual vixen like Meredith in their lives, women who deserved to be nothing more than Meredith’s sex slaves and to satisfy her every carnal whim.

Further deep within the dark recesses of Monica’s subconscious mind, she envisioned herself, Laura, and Celeste naked and bound in red rope as a dominant Meredith towered over their prostrated nude bodies, each one covered in a series of crimson welts, Meredith’s sensual legs encased in thigh-high, glossy leather, five-inch stiletto-heeled boots, with her right foot resting high on Monica’s back, using her like a foot stool. Her upper body was encased in a very tight, alluring, dark red corset fastened by a series of buckles containing, barely, her redhaired friend’s exquisite cleavage, while her hands were in shiny black leather gloves, with metal studs integrated into the leather material that spelled “Queen” on the left and “Bitch” on the right, that went up to her elbows. Meredith’s lower half was bare and exposed, a cute tuff of neatly trimmed red pubic hair between her legs, In one hand Meredith was holding a riding crop, which she was gently swatting into the palm of her other gloved hand. In this dark fantasy, Meredith had her hair, now waist length, colored a shimmering, silvery ash blonde, slicked back and tied into a ponytail. Meredith’s face was painted with a sapphire blue eyeshadow, coal black eyeliner, and mascara that gave her eyelashes voluminous curls. Meredith’s lips were a sensual cherry red. They were so delectable, worthy of a passionate kiss.

However, before Monica’s mind could further indulge in the provocative dark fantasy, she was snapped back to reality when she heard her name being called.

“Hey, Monica… Hello Monica… You there?”

“Y-yeah. I’m fine. Just… you know… enjoying the moment with my best friend.” Monica almost ended the sentence with the word girlfriend, and felt that was the perfect word for the romantic atmosphere between them, but held back at the last second, as she didn’t want to make the situation any more awkward than it was, having just been visited by Monica’s two sexy friends, whose relationship with Monica was now shrouded in mystery for Meredith, and having just been discussing their potential social and even dating future with the two, at a time when Monica and Meredith were just starting out on their own relationship. There would be plenty of time later to sort the girlfriend issue out, as well as what her plans for Laura and Celeste could be. But, however those plans crystallized, she was aroused by the way she was transforming her relationship with the two and what possibilities might exist in the future with them. Not only would they never again be in a position to blackmail or otherwise embarrass her over an appearance of her having a girlfriend and being a lesbian, but they would be happier in what Monica foresaw as a new and deeper kind of love for each other.

Meredith’s question reminded her that recently her mind would wander. Monica didn’t know why, but it bothered her a bit, as she often couldn’t recall what she had been daydreaming about or understand why her mind would just flake out on her for no apparent reason. She had never done that before a few days ago. The one constant in her mental wanderings, the one common thread she could recall, was Meredith. Her absentminded musings seemed to invariably revolve around the lovely redhead in front of her. Therefore, she chalked it up to Meredith, and the elation of being with her, and being excited that Meredith and she were finally making strides in improving their relationship. Still...there was a lingering feeling of doubt suggesting that there was something more to it than simply that.

“O-okay. I’m enjoying being with you, too. A lot. But know you’ve been zoning out on me recently. I think you have some things on your mind, and maybe you'd be better getting them off your chest. Remember how you told me earlier about your mother and your fears about her, and about your nanny and your feelings for her? Didn't you feel better when you confided in me about them? If something is still on your mind, like I said before, you don’t have to deal with it alone. You have a friend who can help you. Me.”

“Thanks. That is so sweet of you,” Monica said in her best reassuring voice as she took Meredith’s hand in both of hers and flashed her friend a smile. “But don’t worry. I got it covered.”

Meredith could only blush at the small gesture made by Monica. Her hands felt so warm and soft. Meredith loved the way her feminine companion’s long, painted fingernails brushed her skin. Deep in her mind she couldn’t help but wonder what those hands would feel like if they ventured over to other parts of her body,...such as her ass...her beasts...or even...her pussy! She wanted to know. To encourage her roommate’s touch, Meredith once again interlaced their fingers, both enjoying the connection and the sight.

“But I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I’ll let you know if I need to talk to you about anything.” ……….like you and me……….

Clearing her throat, Meredith responded, “Okay. That's good to hear.” The two girls sat looking fondly into each other’s eyes silently, while holding hands intimately, for several seconds more.

The redhead broke the silence. “So...Monica...what do you want to do now? I got to pick the first thing we did...the comics store...then you picked the salon...which, by the way, turned out so well for me, I would have chosen it, too, if I had just thought about it before you did, but thanks for that suggestion...and then let’s say I chose now it’s your turn...beautiful...”

“Oh...thank you...Meredith” The Latina blushed a little, with the gratitude meant for both the complement, which struck her as more deeply touching every time Meredith said it, and for the deference. “Let’s go shopping. Really shopping this time, not just browsing. I’ll pay for it. Let’s hit a variety of stores. Clothes, underwear, shoes, you know, anything, everything. I want you to get anything you want. My treat...for you being so cute.”

“Oh, Monica, that’s so nice!”

“I feel nice when I’m with you…” They again gazed into each other’s eyes, and Meredith gave her companion’s hand an affectionate squeeze. “Sooo… I think we should mainly buy things for each other. I mean both things you want to wear for me and me for you, and also you get some things for me that you’d like to see me in, and I’ll do the same for you. Some things we can show to each other now, and some things we can save as a surprise for later, if you want. Okay?”

“That sounds so good! And you’re actually going to let me choose some clothes for you?” Meredith knew that would be a big change for the fussy Monica.

“Yes. I trust you.”

“Wow. This is going to be fun.”

“Glad you think so.”

“Well...I guess we should get going.” Hesitantly, the redhead pulled her hand back from her Latina friend. “But even after shopping, we’ll still have a good chunk of the day to ourselves.”

That sounds good to me, the Latina mused to herself.

“Just a sec…” said Monica, while she pulled a tube of lipstick and a compact from her purse. Looking at her face in the mirror of the compact, she refreshed the blue-silver coloring on her lips, looking at a transfixed Meredith coquettishly a couple of times.

“Oh, me, too,” Meredith said as she copied Monica with her own new orange-red lipstick. Monica prolonged her application, painting on coat after coat, so that both girls were painting their lips facing each other--and for each other--and batting their eyes at each other simultaneously. It was a sight sure to elicit the erotic interest of any red-blooded male and any lesbian who might happen to be watching them.

A few hours later, the two pretty coed roommates, each laden with a number of shopping bags, staggered their way through the mall parking lot to Meredith’s car. They had been in department stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, lingerie stores, perfume stores, and even in the mall’s adult boutique, buying items for themselves and for each other, things in which they wanted to be seen by the other and things in which they wanted to see the other, sometimes trying things on by themselves and sometimes together, helping one another. At one store, they shared the same fitting room, stripping naked, or nearly so, and helping each other into and out of dresses, blouses, skirts, bras, panties, corsets, and other delicacies.

At another store, their last one, a very helpful and pretty young sales associate came into the fitting room with Meredith and assisted her with sizes, with trying things on and off, and with making decisions, after Meredith had confided to her that she wanted some racy things for her girlfriend to wear and other similar things to wear for her, things which would really grab her attention. The sales associate, being bisexual herself, understood Meredith’s goals, and was most helpful, as well as personally attentive with unnecessary but welcome touches, caresses, flirtations, and insinuations during their time together, at the end of which the young woman handed Meredith her card with her cell number scribbled on the back.

Meredith decided to wear a couple of her purchases out of the store for the remainder of her date with Monica, as recommended by that last salesgirl. When she exited the store and met up again with Monica, she was wearing her first pair of high heels, matching Monica’s, in shiny cobalt blue, and her first dress ever, at least since early in her childhood (although this was not the only dress she bought today), a simple sheath-style minidress with a modest scoop neckline, long sleeves, and mid-thigh skirt, and made of a thin, pale robin's-egg blue, figure-clinging, silky viscose, silk, and spandex material. Motivated by having imagined the Asian girl in her fantasy, as she had waited for Monica at the cafe a short time before, being sensationally, wickedly, alluringly braless and wanting to see Monica’s response if she tried the same look, and on the advice of her salesgirl, she had taken her bra off to wear the dress, which showed off her pointy nipples, as well as the rest of her cute breasts, in alarmingly provocative detail.

After dumping their haul in the car and getting in, Meredith--it being her turn to pick something to do--suggested to Monica that they pick up some ice cream at a drive through and then go to a nearby park to eat it. Meredith had a blanket in the trunk of her car, which they spread out on a stretch of lawn under a shady tree in a secluded part of the park. The sun was lowering in the sky, but there was still plenty of golden afternoon sunshine transilluminating the grass, flowers, bushes, and trees surrounding them. A gentle breeze blew, rustling leaves a little, cooling them just perfectly, and blowing their hair across their faces now and then.

From the moment Monica had seen Meredith in her new dress and discovered her braless nipples poking flagrantly into the inviting material, she could not tear her eyes away from them. That had been the case as they walked out of the mall, drove to the park, settled down on the blanket, and started to eat their sundaes. Further, Meredith noticed the attention her breasts were getting, as hoped for, and was taking great delight in the erotic distraction she was creating for her new best friend.

Both girls sat Indian-style facing each other and ate, at first in silence. At length, Monica spoke, extending her sundae to Meredith. “Do you want to try mine?” The petite coed took her spoon and dug in.

“Mmmm. That’s so good. Do you want some of mine, too?” Monica nodded. Meredith scooted closer, dug into her ice cream with her own spoon, and extended it to her companion’s painted mouth, which opened to receive it.

“Mmm, that’s good.“ Meredith leaned closer and gave the Latina more, upon which Monica smiled at her, scooped some of her sundae, and slid it past the redhead’s colorful lips. They continued to draw closer and feed each other for a few more cycles, giggling when they missed a little and had to clean off a chin or a lip with a napkin, a spoon, or a fingertip . When Meredith plopped her last scoop into Monica’s mouth, she finished off the act with a kiss on Monica’s cheek, eliciting a cute blush on the Latina’s check. Seeing that she left a smudge of hot fudge on Monica’s face, she leaned in again to lick it off. Monica, severely tempted to turn her head and “accidentally” meet Meredith’s mouth with her own as on the night before, instead simply moaned almost imperceptibly. Meredith heard it, however, and smiled again.

After disposing of their empty ice cream containers in the nearest receptacle, the two pretty roommates laid down on the blanket, alternating between looking up at the leaves and branches swaying gently in the wind above them and looking at each other, sometimes propped up on an arm. While on her back, Meredith’s dainty breasts were flattened some by gravity, but her nipples still poked conspicuously and provocatively upward through the sleek, thin fabric covering them. The hem of her skirt also had risen high on her thighs, approaching her crotch. Meredith perceived, with great satisfaction, Monica’s eyes all over her body, especially lingering on her legs and her breasts.

Even Meredith, however, didn’t know quite the extent her provocatively-displayed body was stirring Monica’s lust for her. Monica had never before noticed Meredith’s legs, in particular--one reason being they were usually covered by jeans, and another being Monica had never before been interested in female bodies, other than her own--but she did now, her eyes roving repeatedly up and down their smooth, slim, naked length. Her legs...they’re...they’re so yummy… She had the urge to reach out to touch and stroke them.

The form-clinging dress also was drawing Monica’s panting attention to the redhead’s hips, rear, slim waist, and overall eye-catching slenderness. But above all, it was the petite girl’s breasts and nipples to which the Latina fox found herself drawn again and again, unable to ignore them to any material extent or for any length of time. She was transfixed by Meredith’s display of them and filled with desire to see them naked, better than she had been able to in the moonlight of the previous night, to touch them, to hold them, to kiss them, to tongue them, and to possess them as her own. Monica’s quickly-mounting obsession with those tits, those legs, and that body, eventually prompted her to reopen a question which was Meredith’s private business but had not ceased burning in her mind.

After another period of silence, Monica spoke. “’m wondering and…”


“Yeah.” Meredith was inwardly delighted that the plan she and Claire had concocted was getting to Monica so effectively. Obviously, that kiss in the morning had been on Monica’s mind all day.

“Well, you said I could talk to you about that was on my mind...right?”


“ told me that you two were, like, really good friends...kind of special friends...right?”

“That’s right, Monica.”

“Are you two,”

“Yes. It’s a secret relationship, but, yes.”

‘Wow...that’s...that’………. Well, I was wondering whether...I mean how...a know...have a relationship like that...with...with a girl like you…”

“Ohhh… I see… You want to kiss me like Claire did...don’t you?”


“Let me ask you a question… Last night...when we kissed in the parking lot...was that an accident...or did you make it happen? Did you want it, just like you do now? Did you like it?”

“…...yes…... I guess the answer is yes.”

“For me, too. I’m glad it happened. you want to kiss me again...the way Claire and I did? You want the same kind of relationship that we have...”


“Claire and I have simply taken our friendship to the next level. We are a dating relationship...and, yes, because of that, we take some...liberties...with each other...because we like each other so much…… Is that what you want with me?”

“I...I…….yes……. But aren’t you two...uh…”



“No....not at all. Our relationship is very open. We can see other people as we want to.” The Latina vixen was very relieved to hear that. “If you and I had the same thing, it would be the same for us. An open relationship. want to be more than friends with me? You want to be my girlfriend...?”

There was no hesitation on Monica’s part to the wonderful offer. “Yes… I’d like that.”

“Well, I don’t think two dates is enough to say that we’re really ‘dating’ you?”

“No… I guess you’re right………. Would three dates be enough?”

“Yes. I think by the third date, two people are ‘going together’...’dating’.”

“Okay… How about we go to a movie tonight? Let me check…” Monica pulled out her smartphone and surveyed local showtimes. “A ha! Here’s one I know you’ll like...a sci-fi...the latest Marvel. It starts at 7:15. That would kind of be another date, wouldn’t it? you want to go out tomorrow, too?”

“Monica Morales! Are you, Miss I-Like-Boys-Social-Butterfly herself, asking me out? A girl?”

Her background as a girl who had a date with some guy or other most every weekend suddenly struck her. But it wasn’t a favorable impression. Guys...yuk… Who needed them. It felt now that she had totally wasted her time with all those male losers. She was ready for something different. Yes...there would be no harm at all in trying a date...or two...or three...or more...with...a girl… Girls should date girls. “Uh...well...yes… There’s nothing wrong with that. Is there?” After all...girls should date girls...

“No, nothing wrong at all! I accept!! We can figure out later what we want to do tomorrow, but...yes!... I would love to go out with you! That would mean that we’d be going together. We’d be a relationship…”

“Great!” Monica leapt for joy internally, but tried to contain herself a little externally. “I mean...uh...that’s so cool…”

“So, we’re not having any more of this ‘We’re just friends’ thing, and we’re just ‘hanging out’, any more, are we? We’ll be girlfriends. And we’ll be dating. We’re on a date now, a real date-date, just as if you were with a guy, but you’re dating a girl, instead. Okay?”

“Sounds good to me,” Monica replied.

“It doesn’t bother you that we’re both girls, does it? Some people could say it sounds like we’ know...lesbians.”

Lesbians. Monica had been trying to avoid that word, had been desperately trying to ignore it and to continue to spend her day with Meredith and look at her and long for her without that word having any place in her feelings and desires. But now Meredith had said it. It was out in the open, at least for a minute. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to face it. She wanted to stash it away, out of the light, where she wouldn’t have to deal with it, at least yet. We’re not lesbians.

“’re right. But we’re not, are we? I think you’re straight, and so am…” There had never been any question about that in the Latina’s mind before this day, but now the question was so germane that she had to declare her heterosexuality out loud to reassure herself.

“It doesn’t matter what people say. Labels don’t matter. All that matters is that you and I are happy with each other and are having fun. Don’t you think? Who says that two girls can’t date?”

“Yeah… We can be in a relationship that’s simply a next stage beyond ‘normal’ friendship. Nothing strange about that.”

“No, it’s perfectly natural for two pretty girls, like you and me, to want a close relationship.” Meredith did not realize that the words coming out of her mouth, and words like them, had been implanted into her head by Hecate. “I’m glad we have that settled.”

“Me, too…….. Meredith...could I ask you something?”

“Sure. Anything, girlfriend.”

“Let’s say a guy asked you out… Um… Would you...uh…”

“Would I rather go out with him? Why would I when I have a hot chick like you?”

“Thank you. That’s nice to know. I...I feel the same about you. I’ve never felt like that about a...a girl before. But I’d rather date you than any guy I’ve ever met.”

Wow. She’s exactly where I want her. I didn’t suspect I could get her this hot for me, this fast. But I love it! I’m definitely going to keep pouring it on. “Coming from you, that’s quite a compliment. You’re so sweet.” Meredith reached out and stroked Monica’s cheek affectionately. “As your reward for saying that...and for becoming my girl...I’ll give you the same treat I gave Claire this morning. Just it is…” Meredith, leaning toward Monica, slid an orange-red-nailed hand around the Latina’s head, enjoying the feel of her silky deep-black hair, and pulled her in until their blue-silver and orange-red lips met. It only lasted ten seconds, but it was heaven on earth for both girls.

“There. Now we’re officially girlfriends.”

“Really?! Wow…” Finally! I can’t believe it. I’m Meredith’s girlfriend now! I see now that’s what I’ve wanted all day…maybe for a long time...maybe since I first met her...and I didn’t realize it…. And I think I wanted to kiss her all day long…no, longer… I wanted to kiss her last the library...and in the parking lot...and in bed...with her wearing that slinky little silver bra and panties...and, then, naked with her! And now, my dream came true... I got to kiss her!... I can hardly believe it!...Her mouth is so yummy…wow...…… I...I need more of...of her lips….…… “Um...Meredith...when...when do I get know...kiss?”

“If you’re a good girl, you can have a good-night kiss in bed. Okay?”

“Can’t wait. I’ll try very hard to be good.” The two romantically-involved roommates giggled and hugged.

It had gotten dark by the time of their starry-eyed, memorable “first kiss” (if one didn’t count the “accidental kiss” as a first kiss), millions of stars and the moon now the witnesses of the first concrete step into their union that was destined to culminate in marriage and a long, wildly licentious, sexually and emotionally fulfilled life together.

“Oh, I think our movie is going to start soon,” Monica said. “We’d better get going, no?”

“Yes...beautiful.” The two picked up the blanket and, hand in hand, walked back toward the a couple in the making


Close to the same time that evening ....

Rebecca pulled her emerald-green, midsize sedan up to the gated entrance to the Preston Suites. She let out a sigh of relief as she finally arrived at her destination. She was exhausted and achy. Her day working at the grocery store had been so busy, physically taxing, mentally stressful, and full of issues with fussy customers that she was glad her college education would enable her to land a job in some place other than a supermarket. Ending the night by hanging out with her teammates, Jessica and Courtney, and having some fun with them would, she hoped, be a good way to vent and relax.

A majority of her day had been spent on her feet working the cash registers checking customers out and, when the front had been slow, helping with stocking the shelves and cleaning the store. It was during one of these slow periods that Rebecca had run into Jessica. During a brief conversation, she had received an invite to visit Jessica and Courtney later in the day in the illustrious abode known as the Suites.

She knew what others knew about the Suites: that it was one of the poshest places in which a student could hope to reside; that not just anyone got a room within the coveted luxury student dormitory apartments; and that they were, in fact, reserved for the creme de la creme of Preston University’s elite. Most suspected that one needed to be from a wealthy family, know the right people, or be from some kind of “superior” background to get in. But there were also rumors that many of those fortunate enough to be awarded a place there had connections to members of a shadowy, elite, Illuminati-type society, or already were were initiates of the society, and that part of the deal for those who stayed there included being indoctrinated by and inducted into the society. Rebecca regarded that speculation as unlikely, yet when she had found out that Jessica, or one of her roommates, had some kind of pull to land them an apartment in the Suites, Rebecca had found it mildly suspicious.

But her conversation with Jessica had seemed a little odd for an additional reason, namely, Jessica herself. Rebecca had known Jessica to be a level-headed, even-tempered, no-nonsense, jock-type girl, not particularly feminine, one who hardly ever wore makeup or dressed to draw attention, hard-nosed and aggressive on the court, while relatively stoic and usually keeping to herself off the court. But that was not the Jessica she encountered in the supermarket. This version of her taller, pretty teammate had worn makeup and sexy attire, had had a girlishly bubbly manner and a touchy-flirty demeanor, and some of her comments made Rebecca wonder about Jessica’s sexual orientation, and Courtney’s, too. She had not been able to forget about Jessica’s comment that Courtney liked her, Rebecca, and wanted to get to know her better. Rebecca didn’t know Jessica that well, apart from the court and the locker room, and figured maybe her personality off the court was simply different, more mellow and affectionate, than the tough competitor she had demonstrated being on the court, and maybe she and Courtney just wanted to be closer friends with Rebecca, as their teammate. And they both seemed to be nice girls, and quite cute, as if that mattered--well, actually that did matter, for some reason,as Rebecca pulled into the Preston Suites lot, although it never had before--so this evening could be a lot of fun.

What Rebecca did not know was that after inviting Rebecca over at the supermarket, Jessica had called Coach Ilsa to report the news, who in turn had called Hecate operations to let them know. Hecate had sent a couple of their staff, disguised as workers for the local electric company, to break into Rebecca’s apartment--her roommates were conveniently away at the time--to plant cameras and devices in her bedroom and living room to broadcast subliminal messages by remote control.

When Rebecca had arrived home, she had showered and readied herself. She put her drying hair up in the bun she often wore for sports and work, dressed in jeans, a faded beige tee, and sneakers, and took one last look in her mirror before heading out, without makeup as was her normal custom. She was, after all, only going to be hanging with the girls. No need to get dolled up…

But then she thought she heard some music and whispering voices coming from some unknown source, which sounds she assumed were simply extraneous noise from a neighboring apartment. Feeling a bit lightheaded she decided to sit down for a minute.

Rebecca...Rebecca… You are happy you will be spending the evening with girls. You like girls.

Rebecca, you like pretty girls. You want to spend much more time with soft, pretty girls.

Rebecca, you want pretty girls to like you. You want to be pretty and sexy for pretty, sexy girls.

Rebecca, you don’t care about boys. Boys and men are gross. You don’t want to date them. But you do want to date girls. Girls should date girls.

Rebecca, you are excited that you will be seeing Courtney and Jessica tonight. Sexually excited.

Rebecca, you love knowing that Courtney likes you. That excites you, because you find Courtney to be a sexually desirable girl.

Rebecca, you like Courtney, too, very much. She’s so pretty...and so sexy. You find that you are strongly attracted to her. She’s a dreamy, sexy girl. You’d like to be more than friends with her. You’d like to date her and be her girlfriend. You’d like to get into her panties.

Rebecca, you want a girlfriend. You need a girlfriend. You want to be in a romantic and sexual relationship with a girl. Courtney would be the ideal girlfriend for you.

Rebecca, you are excited that you will get to be with Courtney tonight.

Rebecca, this is your opportunity to make Courtney like you even more and to become her girlfriend.

Rebecca, you realize that Courtney is the girl for you.

Rebecca, you like girls and women looking at you and checking you out.

Rebecca, you want to look pretty and sexy for Courtney and Jessica...especially for Courtney.

Rebecca, you love looking pretty and sexy for girls and women. You want to attract women and girls. You want to date women and girls. You especially want to date Courtney. You want her to notice you. You want her to look at you. You want to attract her. You want her to want you. You want to look sexy for her.

Rebecca had started dating a guy recently, a fellow student-athlete, and normally they would go out on a Saturday night, but tonight he could not, which was just as well with Rebecca, since she was so tired...and she really didn’t like him that much, anyway, she reflected. Boys were rather dull, if the truth be told. Instead, she would have a date with two girls, she chuckled to herself. Much better.

As she looked herself over, she had a change of mind. Why would she dress so plainly if she was going to be with such cute girls? Especially with the dreamy Courtney. No...she had to change a few things. So she replaced her tee with a cute button-up plaid blouse with puffy short sleeves. Hmmm...better...a nice date blouse...but...we’re talking about Courtney… Something a little...flashier...a little...sexier...would be more like it… Let’s see what I can find… She hung up the plaid blouse and withdrew a replacement from her closet. Oh, yeah...much more like the right thing. Soon she was standing in a shiny, frilly, dark blue polyester cropped camisole-style tank top and she had replaced the jeans with low-waisted slim club jean shorts, aka micro booty shorts, which exposed a generous part of each butt cheek, a decidedly skimpier pair than she had worn to work, ones that would show off her legs much better. She had bought the shorts online as part of a Halloween getup, but, once she received them and saw how revealing they were, had never worn them in public...until now...for Jessica...and especially for Courtney...

She was about to put her sneakers on again, but thought twice about it. She had a pair of glossy three-inch red pumps that would look so much sexier with the shorts, so she slid them on her feet instead. She removed the bun from her black hair and brushed it out to flow smooth and free over her shoulders and down her torso. Again, much more appropriate. Her look was much more suitable now for a date, with someone, or, in this case, with two someones whose attention she really wanted to grab.

As she arose to leave, she wondered whether she should wear some makeup. She thought that might be unnecessary, but she grabbed a tube of lipstick and, for good measure, some earrings as well, and put them in the clutch purse she was going to take, just in case, before she headed out the door.

On the drive, Rebecca found she couldn’t stop thinking about Courtney, about how cute she was, about what it would be like to be closer to her, and about Jessica’s remark about how much Courtney liked her and wanted to know he better, as well as about Jessica’s flirtations with her at the store and how hot she was looking, as well. Yes...this was going to be a nice, all-girl get-together, indeed. Rebecca liked pretty girls.

At the entrance to the Suites parking lot, Rebecca rolled down the driver’s side window, reached out with her arm, and pressed a glowing red button. After waiting several seconds, she heard a friendly female voice over the built-in intercom.

“Preston Suites student dormitory. Please state your name and the purpose of your visit.”

“Uh… R-Rebecca, Rebecca Santos,” she stated nervously. “I was invited by someone who lives here. Her name is Jessica … um… Harrison. She invited me here.”

There was a brief pause before Rebecca got a response. “Ah, yes. I see that Ms. Harrison informed us of your visit. We’ll be right with you. Can you wait just a minute please?”


Soft sounds like nondescript music with some static emanated from the speaker box as she waited, but she found them pleasant.

Rebecca, you are excited to be here...because you are going to see the girl you love, your sexy teammate Courtney.

Rebecca, pretty, sexy girls make your pussy wet, girls like Courtney and Jessica.

Rebecca, you want to get into Courtney’s panties.

Rebecca, it is natural to like girls and to desire them, to desire them as sexy girlfriends and lovers, and to date them.

Rebecca, it is unnatural for a beautiful girl like you to want to date men. You do not want to and you will not ever date or be interested in men again. You know now that men are pond scum. They are completely unworthy of you. You will never let one touch you again. You will dump your current boyfriend.

Rebecca, you instead want to date Courtney. Girls should date girls. You would be thrilled to be Courtney’s girlfriend. That would be so very right. Courtney should be your girlfriend.

Rebecca, you love how curvy and pretty girls are. You like pretty hair, curvaceous breasts and hips, sexy legs and asses, and juicy, hot pussies.

Rebecca, you are attracted to female bodies. You desire sex with girls and women.

Rebecca, you are here to have sex with girls. You want sex with Courtney and Jessica.

Rebecca, you are becoming a lesbian. This makes you happy, for you love girls and women.

Rebecca, you love girls and women ogling you and finding you sexually desirable.

Rebecca, make sure you look pretty and sexy for Courtney, and for Jessica, also, as well as for all pretty girls.

“Okay, unlocking the gate. Just drive through and stay towards your right. You can park your vehicle in Guest Parking Lot B.”

“Thank you,” responded Rebecca, who snapped out of a momentary daze.

“You’re welcome, and please enjoy your visit to the Preston Suites.” Rebecca wasn’t sure, but she thought there was an ominous, lasciviously suggestive tone in the woman’s response. However, she concluded that her mind was just playing tricks on her. Probably nerves, she thought to herself.

Nevertheless, a sense in the back of her mind seemed to be warning her that there was something amiss about the situation she was about to enter...Jessica’s too-friendly, flirty, uncharacteristically girlish, different personality...the comment about Courtney “liking” her, whatever that meant...her own, suddenly overly sensual feelings...especially about girls…and Courtney. What did it mean? Should she continue through the gates in front of her? If she did...what really awaited her? Was there some kind of danger to her?

Rebecca heard the loud clanking sound of the electronic gate unlocking and the seemingly foreboding whir of the gears and the creaking of the metal gate doors opening in front of her. Well… I’m here… I might as well do this… There’s probably nothing to worry about… she told herself.

Still, as she drove through the gate, a cold chill ran up her spine and an eerie feeling of dread descended on her as the gate then closed behind her. Rebecca didn’t know why, but she couldn’t help but feel intimidated by this place. Something in the pit of her gut persisted in tugging on her to turn around and leave. However, the allure of just stepping into the hallowed halls of the Preston Suites was too much to pass up. And then, there was the chance to be with Courtney. That was now, in her mind and emotions, a treat on which she didn’t want to miss out. It’s just a case of first time jitters, Rebecca told herself. What’s the worst that could happen?

Rebecca found a parking spot in the area to which she had been directed. After parking her car,

Rebecca sat there for several seconds thinking about her appearance. Here she was about to meet up with two attractive teammates. It was important to look good for them, especially for Courtney, toward whom she was developing peculiar, undefined feelings. Had she done enough? No, she concluded, but that neglect could be fixed. She knew how to fix herself for a date...and even though it was just a night with the girls, they were hot girls, especially Courtney, and it did feel like a date, somehow, so, yes, she would spice it up.

She was glad she had chosen the inviting top, the scanty shorts, and the heels. Now she would add to that. She pulled her 1½-inch silver hoop earrings out of her clutch purse and put them on. Looking in the visor mirror, she liked the effect. Then she extracted the lipstick, feeling a little thrill, which she did not understand, as she looked in the compact mirror she kept in her purse and applied vivid pink color to her lips. Now that’s more like it. Definitely! She fluffed her hair out to complete the look she wanted. What do you think, Courtney?

After putting her items away, she reached over to the passenger seat and grabbed a six-pack of soda she had bought. She had contacted Jessica earlier about bringing some refreshments over, but Jessica insisted that she had it covered and that just her showing up would be good enough. However, Rebecca had no intention of being a poor guest, particularly when she had been invited to such luxurious accommodations as the Suites. She could hear her sweet grandmother’s voice in her head playfully lecturing her on the dos and don’ts of polite society. “Never be a rude guest, Rebecca. When you visit, bring a gift.” The memory had brought a warm smile to Rebecca’s face. She loved her sweet abuela and missed her dearly. So before leaving work, she had made a quick purchase of a six pack of a soda to present to her hostess.

When she got out of her car, Rebecca set the six-pack down on the driver’s seat and stretched a bit to work some of the kinks of workday stress out of her body. Lifting boxes of merchandise, bending to stock shelves, ringing up and bagging purchases, and otherwise being on her feet all day had made her feet, calves, thighs, back, and arms sore, and to stretch them out now felt good. As Rebecca stood on her left foot, she slowly extended her right leg back, grabbed it by the ankle, and lifted. After switching legs and repeating the stretch, she stretched out her calves, then her back, and finally her shoulders and arms. As she finished by massaging her ankles, she let out a soft moan of delight. The stretching and rubbing, which had taken about two minutes, had relaxed her body and her outlook. She retrieved the soda, shut the door, and walked out of the parking lot.

As Rebecca made her way through the main courtyard, she decided to take her time and drink in her wonderful surroundings. She saw four large, grand buildings which she correctly assumed to be the dormitory apartments. Lush lawns, beautiful trees, neatly trimmed bushes, abundant flowers, and other plants were on vibrant display in the early evening light and were highlighted by well-placed artificial lighting. So far, the Suites were living up to Rebecca’s lofty expectations, and the tranquil beauty of the grounds started to ease her earlier qualms.

Rebecca noticed that there were not a lot of people milling around this beautifully landscaped quad area, but there were some. Looking around, she saw that, by far, most of the people taking advantage of the scenic atmosphere were women. As she approached some of them, she saw that, without exception, they looked like they belonged in a swimsuit catalogue or a fashion magazine. Most of them were also coupled with another girl, and they definitely seemed to be enjoying each other’s company--maybe a bit too much for Rebecca’s tastes--strolling or sitting very familiarly together, holding hands and waists and shoulders, laughing intimately together, and even, in a few cases, nuzzling affectionately. The few men she observed ignored her like they did the other girls present, for the most part, looking down whenever they passed, as if not interested in girls. A few of the guys seemed to be subserviently waiting hand and foot on female residents--Rebecca assumed they were residents, and she assumed correctly--such as carrying their books or groceries for them, while others appeared to be enamored with their male partners.

Rebecca got a few leering stares and a cat call or two as she walked, but they were from the women who were outside, not the young men. She had been the object of such attention and remarks before, but never from girls. She rationalized that maybe they weren’t aiming their looks and calls at her, or that, if they were, then possibly they were just being friendly, in a bawdy way.

Nevertheless, her previous discomfort returned. There was something odd going on here. Rebecca couldn’t quite put her finger on exactly what it was, but there was a creepy, unnerving, unsettling atmosphere in the air, almost as if she were in a horror movie, still in the calm part before the gore begins. But she again willed herself to ignore her premonitions, telling herself they were frivolous concerns which could be chalked up to the stress of work and the excitement of getting an invite to visit the Suites.

As she thought about it, she also realized that she rather liked other girls checking her out. She found herself adding a little swerve to her strut, confident that her pretty legs and rear, displayed as they were in her short shorts and heels, were worthy, along with her other attributes, of the favorable attention they were attracting. She was glad she had added touches like her earrings and lipstick and had changed to this eye-catching blouse.

Following Jessica’s instructions, Rebecca followed the shimmering white stone walkway to Jessica’s building. When she got to the entrance, she was greeted by a keycard reader with a button under it. Pressing the button, she was again greeted by a female voice, who inquired about her identity and asked her to wait a minute. Unknowingly, while Rebecca waited, her mind was being blasted with a subliminal message.


You want to be lesbian... You are a lesbian... You desire lesbian sex…

You have always been a lesbian, but you are just discovering it now…

Your heterosexuality is slipping away… Going...going...gone…

You are homosexual... You love female bodies and sex with girls and women…

You can’t wait to see Courtney again... You love her...

You want Courtney... You want to kiss her and to see her sexy, naked body and to feel it up…

You are in love with Courtney…

You want to see her breasts and her pussy, and to make love to her…

You are hot for Jessica, too…

You are a lesbian, who loves girls…

You are here for lesbian sex...

Her focus on the subliminal mantra broke and she snapped back to attention when she heard the electronic buzzer go off, indicating that she could come in, which she did quickly, as Rebecca wanted, as soon as possible, to get inside and away from the creepy atmosphere that was outside and into the safety and comfort she was certain she would find with her friends.

She let out a sigh of relief when she heard the door close behind her, feeling that she was finally safe inside the building, unaware that she was far from safe and was blissfully ignorant of the corrupting transformation Jessica had in store for her and Courtney this night.

Unbeknownst to Rebecca, she was being monitored by the many hidden cameras that were integrated into the structure of the dormitory apartment complex. Somewhere at the Artemis Centre in a room full of monitors, Rebecca was being observed and admired from every angle possible on a series of monitors.

“Will you look at the legs on that one, Charlie?! exclaimed a red-haired female Hecate agent as she elbowed her blonde partner in the ribs to get her attention. “Sweet Goddess! I’m willing to bet that they’re smooth as silk. What I wouldn’t do to run my hands all over them all day!”

The agent named Charlie spat out her coffee as she felt a sharp jab in her side, followed by an annoyed stare aimed at her partner .

“Well, as much as you would like to roam your lecherous hands all over her body, Olivia, you do know that you can’t use any of the targets for unauthorized personal use, right?”

“Yeah, but a girl can dream,” Olivia responded blissfully as she stared lustfully at the Hispanic fox who was on the monitors. “Plus, you have to admit she might be even better looking than the hottie who came in earlier...the blonde. Blondes aren’t always at the top of the cute chain, you know.” Olivia realized that her blonde companion might take the comment personally, so she sheepishly amended it. “Err... I mean present company excluded…you know...nothing against especially...”

“Riiiiiiight,” Charlie responded through a forced smile, giving her partner a look of fake offense.

“Really, Charlie.” Olivia rolled her chair over to Charlie. “You know how I feel about you.” The cute redhead leaned forward, and planted a soft kiss on her companion’s lips.

“Yes...I do…” Charlie replied, smiling more naturally, cupping the back of Olivia’s head in her hand to pull her back, and repeating the kiss, but this time with tongue. “Mmmmm… I know you like blondes...especially blonde muff...”

“Yeah...especially that…” The two fell into fevered necking.

They failed to notice someone walk into the monitoring room, and by the time they did, it was too late. The sound of a stack of papers being dropped onto the desk in front of them immediately spooked them into attention. They separated and spun in their chairs to face the person who had walked in.

Standing between them was Sandra, with her arms folded as if in disapproval, which led them to believe at first that they were in for a sharp lecture about neglecting their duties. . However, they noticed that her clothing was somewhat ajumble, which contrasted to her normally immaculately pressed presentation. There was also a lingering faint, barely noticeable scent about her, which the two agents picked up only because Sandra was standing so close to them and which they recognized as being characteristic of lube and sex. She also had a glow that clearly indicated “freshly fucked” to the agents, who were themselves personally attuned to that aura, and she was staring at them with the biggest of satisfied grins etched on her face, causing them to relax.

“Well, well, you two look like you’ve been enjoying yourselves. Two hotties like you must have a hard time keeping your hands to yourselves. You’re lucky it was me and not the boss lady, but I happen to appreciate a little spontaneous girl-girl love, and I’m in a good mood, besides. Just don’t let anyone else catch you, okay?” Both girls nodded their heads and thanked the pretty raven-haired commander.

“Girls, a last minute change in plans. Order came in a few hours ago. The women of the Preston University women basketball team have been added to the conversion list. All of them.”

“I’m not surprised,” observed Olivia. “All of those basketball players are cuties. I was wondering when we were going to get our hands on them.”

“Coach Ilsa never recruits any girl who's not very pretty. We all know why, but now her big hope and plan has the green light. I bet she’s ecstatic about that. However, they all are a priority C, with the exception of Jessica Harrison. She’s to be processed with a B priority, along with her roommates and like the coeds who were auctioned. Harrison gets particular preference because of her future importance in the life of Claire Love-Livingston, who, as you know, is our big A right now.”

“Greaaat, just what I’ve always wanted, more work,” Olivia smirked sarcastically.

“Stow it, Summers. You knew what you were signing up for when you took the assignment.”

“Hmmm… It looks like we have three members of the basketball team here already,” Charlie observed as she leafed through some of the folders. “Plus, one of the additional targets doesn’t even attend Preston. She’s going to Florida State. What? How’s that…?”

Before she could voice her contrariety further, Olivia felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking up, she saw Sandra give her a “don’t you dare” look. Olivia gave her a timid smile in response and shut her mouth. “Don’t worry about that. There’s a team already working on it. Just focus on the three that you have right now. Also, you’ll be collaborating with Ilsa on the conversions of these gals, as you’ve already been doing today. You can contact her through here,” Sandra said as she placed a crumpled up piece of paper between Olivia and Charlie.

“And don’t worry. This is approved by the boss woman. Do what you can to accommodate and hopefully things will go smoothly for the night. I expect to see your reports by tomorrow morning. And have fun you two,” Sandra teased seductively as she walked out the door with a wave good-bye.

“Well...busted, eh? But she took it really well. Sandra’s pretty cool. So...what are you doing after work tonight? She told us to have fun...”

“Why don’t we, uh, continue where we left off, at my place?”

“Oh, now you’re talkin’, babe. And in the least we’ll get a nice show tonight. I think I’ll get ready...” Olivia giggled playfully, as she released the top button of her jeans and began to seductively slide down the zipper.

“Hey! Focus on the job first, and paddle the pink canoe later!” Charlie reprimanded, but only half seriously.

“Hmpph! Fine then, party pooper.” Olivia expressed in a mock hurt tone, while nevertheless leaving her zipper half down.

Soon after, both women began to flip switches, turn a few dials, and enter some commands on their respective keyboards.

Back at the Preston Suites …

Rebecca walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the floor she wanted. As the doors closed her in, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread.

Get ahold of yourself, girl, Rebecca mentally chided herself. It’s just the elevator doors. Nothing to worry about. In a few seconds you’ll be with good friends. She didn’t know why, but the whole place felt creepy, as if she was in one of the horror movies she loved to watch. Not only was everything new and foreign to her in this place, but Rebecca couldn’t shake the lingering feeling that she wasn’t safe.

Unknown to her when the elevator doors closed, the Hecate agents who were monitoring her had taken control of the elevator, preventing it from going anywhere, and began to put their nefarious plans into action.

Lesbian … you are a lesbian.

You came here to have lesbian sex.

You desire lesbian sex with your friends.

You want to date your female friends and any other sexy female.

You have a bad crush on your beautiful teammate, Courtney.

You can’t wait to see her. You are desperate to kiss her. You crave to feel her body up, to feel it against yours, and to fuck her.

You will let Courtney fuck you.

You hope Courtney will become your girlfriend.

You dream of going out on dates with beautiful women.

You have no interest in dating men, in being in a relationship with a man, or, especially, in having sex with men. Men disgust you.

If you have a boyfriend, you will break the relationship up.

You only fantasize about having sex with women.

You find it natural to desire women.

Young or old it doesn’t matter. You crave lesbian sexual intimacy.

Rebecca Santos, when you meet your friends tonight your goal is to have lesbian sex with them.

You desire lesbian sex with Courtney, as well as with Jessica. You will offer your body to them to use. You are open to anything and everything. Nothing is taboo.

You crave lesbian sex, you want lesbian sex, you need lesbian sex.

You want Courtney to love you and desire you. You desire her. You two are destined to be girlfriends and lovers and a lesbian couple. You want to marry Courtney. She is your soulmate.

Remember Rebecca you’re here to have lesbian sex. That’s your true goal for tonight. That’s all you care about. It’s the only thing that matters tonight, and the only thing you want. Sex. With girls. With Jessica...and, especially, with your true love...Courtney.

The messages played on until Rebecca’s dulled mind was brought back to full attention when she heard the chime of the elevator go off, indicating that she had arrived at her floor.

Stepping out into the eerily quiet hallway caused Rebecca to again tense up a bit and to pause. The sight looked like something out of one of her favorite horror films, The Shining. The relevant scene involved a boy, Danny, riding his big-wheel tricycle alone down a creepy hallway by himself and then encountering two creepy twin sisters, who ask him to play with them in freaky voices. Rebecca half expected to come across her own pair of creepy twin girls, just like in the movie, asking her to come play with them in erie voices. Thinking it might help ease the tension she was feeling, Rebecca reviewed some trivia about the movie. She recalled that the two girls in the book were known as the Grady sisters, that they were ghosts who had been murdered by their father in the hotel in which Danny finds himself, that they never really made an appearance in the book, but were only referenced, that they weren’t really twins, but sisters aged eight and ten, and that when the movie came out, due to a misunderstanding of dialogue from one of the characters, they were mostly referred to as the Grady Twins by the general public.

Then something else bubbled up and crept into her mind, accompanying the creepy image of the twin girls which had entered her fearful mind. New desires in her subconscious mind, now altered by her brainwashing, reimagined her mental picture of the twin girls, rapidly aging them from macabre children to voluptuous, sexually mature young women. Their light, sky blue Sunday dresses morphed into seductive lingerie showing off the sensual curves of their mature bodies. Their chocolate-colored hair flowed down their heads and past their shoulders in enticing waves and voluminous curls. Light blue eyeshadow painted their eyes, a touch of pink blush colored their cheeks, and their lips and nails were painted a sweet, bright candy red.

“Come play with us, Rebecca,” the young women cooed in unison, not in spine-tingling, harrowing voices, but rather in a musical, sensually playful, sexually inviting manner. The mental images of the vivacious twins flashed pretty smiles and gave Rebecca a flirtatious come-hither gesture to join them. Enticed, Rebecca took a step forward, but the naughty vision faded back into the ether of her subsconscious.

“Wha-?” Not sure why she was acting so scatterbrained all of a sudden, Rebecca chalked it up to the lingering effect of the stress she had experienced at work. Shaking her head to regain focus, Rebecca made her way to Jessica’s apartment door and hoped that spending some time with her teammates would help clear the mental fog that seized her. She felt a sense of relief when she pressed the doorbell and heard the chime go off.

A few seconds later Rebecca breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Jessica open the door. But what a breathtaking sight she was! Jessica was clad only in a sheer, bright pink bra and panty set that did a phenomenal job of showing off her charming physical assets, the push-up construction of the bra giving her a spectacular cleavage, which captivated Rebecca the more she stared, in subsequent minutes, at her teammate’s breasts and her dark nipples, seen as disciform shadows through the diaphanous pink fabric. Jessica’s face was heavily covered in alluring makeup, her eyes painted with a soft turquoise eyeshadow and trimmed with pitch black eyeliner, her curled eyelashes lush from careful, thick application of mascara, a touch of rose pink blush on her cheeks, and vibrant hot-rod red lipstick, applied in numerous bold coats, that made her lips look delectable and matched her fingernails, which the salon had made long, sharp, and totally inappropriate and incapacitating for play on a basketball court.

Rebecca also noticed that Jessica’s hair was not only different from the pony-tail style she usually wore at practice, and the medium brown color she had sported up to a week or two before, but it was also altered from the decidedly more feminine and more attractive light brown page-boy she had adopted since then and in which Rebecca had seen her in the supermarket earlier. Rebecca guessed that she must certainly have stopped by a beauty salon between then and now. Wow… She looked good before...but now...she looks...fantastic..

Rebecca’s guess was right on the spot. After Jessica had left the supermarket, where she had surveyed the hair coloring aisle and gotten ideas, she had decided to drop by a beauty salon, not one she had visited before, but the one she had heard her roommate Monica mention as the one in the mall which she liked and patronized. Under her new brainwashed mindset, Jessica wanted to focus on enhancing her beauty and to adopt a thoroughly feminine look, to ditch her old style--or lack of it--completely and try something new, something that screamed “cute and sexy”. She was fortunate enough that there was an opening available and they were able to pencil her in. Unknown to Jessica, she had been in the salon around the same time as Monica and Meredith, and had just barely missed seeing them, and they her.

Rebecca was stunned by Jessica’s new look. Her hair was now cut in a very cute, fetching, layered style, a little shorter than before but still shoulder-length, or almost. The previous light golden brown color had been re-dyed to a darker, rich medium reddish brown that was heavily accented by numerous bold, chunky platinum blonde highlights. This was, indeed, a very different--and beautiful--Jessica.

Rebecca, tearing her eyes away from her hostess’s hair and face, scanned down the exposed body before her. She normally would have found Jessica’s choice of attire to greet her at the door to be odd and unsettling, but, with her mind just having been tampered with, she didn’t see anything wrong with Jessica’s appearance. On the contrary, she found she very much liked what she was seeing.

Rebecca, in awe, and having for the moment forgotten Courtney in the overwhelming, sexy prettiness that was Jessica, couldn’t muster any words. But it did strike her that, overall, Jessica looked like she was prepping to go out on a hot date. Is this for me? Did Jessica invite me over for...for a date...with her? That possibility, or seeming likelihood, all things now considered, made Jessica feel giddy with a delight which she could not understand. She did not pause to consider that, even if this were some kind date, it would be her first with a girl and it would be quite unusual for one of the parties to clad herself in her underwear and in nothing else.

Then out of the blue Jessica rushed in and embraced her with a very friendly hug. Rebecca couldn’t help but let out a soft purr as she snuggled her face in her teammate’s beautifully colorful, silky hair, felt Jessica’s sexy body pressed up against hers, and inhaled the compelling, sensual perfume on the taller girl’s skin enwrapping her as much as Jessica’s arms. The hug extended for twenty lovely seconds, certainly longer than would be considered conventional, particularly for two girls who had never hugged before. Both girls, however, seemed to be hesitant to release each other. Rebecca was the first to disengage, reluctantly letting go and pushing herself away from her now very cute teammate. She felt delighted, though, that the hot Jessica seemed to be attracted to her and was into physical affection now. She couldn’t help but wonder with anticipation what, if this was the start to their evening together, would follow.

“Jessica...uh...hi…….I-I brought some soda …” Rebecca said softly, not sure what to make of the conflicting emotions she was feeling, her left arm outstretched, offering the six pack to her hostess.

“Thanks,” Jessica said as she took the friendly offering from her teammate, “but I thought I told you that you didn’t have to bring anything… Oh my, where are my manners? Hi, Rebecca! Come in, come in, step inside........and let me show you around a little...”

Accepting Jessica’s invite, Rebecca walked into the expansive, luxurious apartment in which her teammate now resided and, as Jessica showed her around, was amazed by what she saw. The kitchen was very spacious and well equipped and stocked, leaps and bounds better than most of the other dormitory apartments at Preston. The view from the very large window in the living room area was gorgeous and captivating. The furnishings were plush and elegant. What Rebecca was seeing exceeded her expectations.

However, as she continued to look over the apartment, she noticed that Jessica stood and walked unnecessarily close to her, coming into contact with her repeatedly with her body and hands. While she thought that a little unusual, she also didn’t mind it, and found herself rather liking it, in fact. But she also began to notice a few things in the apartment that seemed out of place, maybe even unnatural, for decor in student housing. Hanging on the hallway entrance wall there was a large painting of a scenic pond with some women frollicking in and around it, but upon closer inspection Rebecca could clearly tell that the women, rather than simply playing with the water, were playing lasciviously with each other, several of them being engaged in lewd sexual acts. There was also the end table that was at the end of the large sofa in the living room, on which all four legs were carved to resemble two naked women clearly engaged in various interpretations of a standing 69 with one another as they held the table up. Then there was a large floor lamp, the base of which had four women cast in bronze leaning sensually against the large metal pole of the lamp, looking seductively at each other, and in the act of disrobing, like hedonistic strippers putting on a sinful show of flesh and lust. Such items were at first a bit disturbing for someone of her soon-to-be-extinguished heterosexual mindset. However, before Rebecca could further process the bizarre, erotic, sapphic tenor of the apartment decor, one which started to set her on the same kind of nervous edge she had felt approaching the apartment building and when in the hallway upon exiting the elevator, her concentration was broken by a soda bottle that was suddenly thrust directly in front of her face.

“Whoa! Jesus Christ!” Rebecca gasped, startled by Jessica’s sudden offering, while she clutched her chest in sudden alarm. “Don’t do that, Jessica! Warn a girl next time.”

“S-sorry… I just wanted to offer you a drink,” Jessica apologized.

Rebecca saw the hurt expression on Jessica’s face and felt a bit ashamed that she had snapped at her teammate, who had done nothing wrong, she recognized, other than being a good hostess. Not wanting to make the situation any more awkward than it was, Rebecca embarrassingly took the open bottle from Jessica’s hand and gave her teammate a weak smile of appreciation.

“That’s okay. I’m sorry I snapped at you,” Rebecca said weakly. “Just a bit stressed out from work, I guess, that’s all. Sorry.”

“Well, that’s okay,” Jessica replied pleasantly, as if nothing had happened. “You came to the right place. I promise you that you’ll have a great time and that you’ll forget all about your worries.” Unfortunately Rebecca had no idea of what kind of a great time that Jessica had in store for her and for Courtney.

Rebecca was grateful that the heavily social, date-like atmosphere that struck her almost the moment Jessica had opened the door was returning. But as the impression of a date circulated through her mind, she immediately remembered the girl her altered subconscious told her she most wanted to be with. “Hey, so where’s Courtney? I didn’t think that she would pass up an opportunity to see the fabled Suites.” ...and, hopefully, to see me...

“Oh, she’s around. Just, you know, taking in the sites elsewhere,” Jessica evaded suspiciously in a playful tone. “Come, let’s sit here on the sofa for a minute or two...just you...and I… I’d like to get to know you a little better...okay?” The two teammates did sit down, Jessica once again overly close and with her bare legs lightly rubbing with her guest’s. Again, Rebecca noticed that with ambivalence, liking it while simultaneously thinking it to be a bit odd.

However, Jessica’s strange response about Courtney’s whereabouts and her invitation to “get to know” each other better in a private setting didn’t ease any of the tensions that Rebecca was feeling. In fact, she remembered, weren’t they getting together primarily to go over game film, to discuss basketball strategy, and maybe to practice a little on a nearby court? And if so, why had she worn heels, a sexy top, earrings, and lipstick, and why was her hostess not dressed appropriately, as well? But before she could press those issues with her teammate, Jessica urged her to start on her bottled drink. She felt a gentle nudging of the bottle in her hand, and, looking down, she saw Jessica’s hand guiding it towards her mouth, while, with a soothing voice, she suggested, “Don’t forget to take a drink. It will be good for whatever ails you.”

Although she didn’t know how Jessica could tell that she was a little nervous, she assumed that was what she had referred to by something “ailing” her, and Rebecca couldn’t find any fault with the insinuation that she needed some relief and that the contents of the bottle might help relax her, so she brought the bottle to her lips and took a deep drink. It was cold and refreshing, had a very pleasant taste of fruity sweetness, and gave her a nice, mild tingling sensation on the tip of her tongue.

What Rebecca didn’t know was that Jessica had placed drops of the drug she was given by Coach Ilsa into the drink. In a few moments Rebecca’s mind would become very susceptible to commands and suggestions. She would find it very hard to find fault with or to resist the commands she would be given.

“N-not bad ... “ was the only response that Rebecca could give. Jessica slipped even closer and slid her hand onto her guest’s bare thigh.

“I’m glad you like it.” She smiled into her friend’s face, now only mere inches from her own..

Rebecca was about to question Rebecca’s hand and the funny feeling that seemed to be drifting over her, but then she thought she was hearing something, making her pause. It seemed to be composed of words, faint, barely audible, soft as a whisper, accompanied by some kind of soft, gentle, soothing orchestral music in the background.

Relax. There’s nothing to worry about.

No one here is going to harm you.

Just let your worries slip away.

You’re surrounded by friends...friends you want to know better...friends who want to know you, beautiful girlfriends.

Being with your female friends makes you horny, Rebecca.

You admire and love their sexual beauty.

You’re thinking naughty thoughts about them.

You fantasize about pretty girls like them.

You can’t wait to see Courtney again. You can’t wait to finally kiss her sweet lips.

Courtney excites you. You want to look very pretty and sexy for her.

You won’t leave this apartment until you make Courtney fall in love with you, until you make lesbian love with her, and until you make her your lesbian girlfriend.

Jessica is so pretty and so sexy.

Rebecca, you are forgetting the original reason you came here tonight. Instead, you will remember that the only reason you are here is a social one...because Jessica asked you out on a date, a date in her apartment. Since you have been wanting to date girls, because it is so right for pretty girls to date each other, you immediately and eagerly said yes.

You and Jessica are on a date in her apartment. She is your romantic date, and you are hers. You’re glad she asked you out for this date with her. Dating girls is so exciting and so right. Girls should date girls.

You are here on your first date with a girl, and you are elated that you are here with Jessica. You are highly attracted to her, and would love to kiss her lovely painted lips.

Of even greater interest to you is that Courtney is here tonight, and you want desperately to win her love and to become sexually intimate with her. You are here because you want to start dating girls...and to start having sex with them. These are your fondest wishes.

Courtney is to be your date, as well. This will be the first of many dates with her.

You are becoming a lesbian, and that feels so very right and natural. As a lesbian, you notice how pretty and curvy girls are, and you can’t resist looking at their faces and hair, which you find so very attractive sexually and romantically, and ogling their breasts and waists and asses and legs, which arouse you madly.

As your date, Jessica is entitled to kiss you and to touch you. You want her to, and you want to kiss and touch her.

Jessica’s body is so hot. You want to press your body against hers with a passionate hug.

You want to feel her lips with a deep lustful kiss, and you want to share in the pleasures of lesbian sex with her. You cannot resist her, her lips, and her body.

You desire Jessica. You desire Courtney.

You want to date Courtney and make her your girlfriend. You will start your first date with Courtney tonight. You are here to win Courtney’s love.

Your sexual attraction for your friends is perfectly natural.

So relax. Enjoy yourself. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re feeling. Nothing wrong with where you are at. Nothing wrong with liking girls. Nothing wrong with kissing girls. Nothing wrong with feeling girls up and letting them feel your body up. Nothing wrong with being naked with sexy girls, girls you are attracted to. Nothing wrong with wanting to have some lesbian fun. Nothing wrong with fucking girls.

Your greatest desire and goal tonight is to fuck Jessica and Courtney, and to be fucked by them, and to make Courtney your soulmate and lesbian lover.

The subliminal messages laced in the relaxing music put Rebecca into a dull mentality, a passive mood, and a sexually excited and responsive state. She felt her fears and concerns melting away about the Suites, the way Jessica was dressed and acting, and the creepy sapphic decor of the apartment. The stresses of work and of this situation just slipped away. She really had nothing to worry about, it was now quite apparent. Her previous misgivings had been so frivolous, so unwarranted. She was with friends, sexy ones at that, and what more could she ask for? Her new, mellow, sexually-charged feelings were the right ones for her, she knew.

“Why not take a few more sips?” Jessica suggested. “Just enjoy the flavor.” Following Jessica’s suggestion, Rebecca took a few more sips of the soda, each sip being deeper and tastier than the last.

“Good. I think that’s enough for tonight.” Jessica, arising, took the soda bottle from Rebecca’s hand, walked over to the island counter in the kitchen, set it down, and walked back to sit down next to Rebecca again, intentionally displaying her body, doing so to further arouse her friend.

“So, you know, Rebecca, Courtney is really looking forward to seeing you tonight. In fact, she’s really decked herself out for you.” That little fact delighted Rebecca. “I think I mentioned how much she likes you, didn’t I?”


“And I don’t think I’m wrong in guessing that you like her, too. Am I right?”

“Um...yes...I...I guess I can’t deny that. did you know?”

“Just a hunch. Well, the way you two look at each other...especially in the showers. It’s pretty obvious.” Rebecca could not remember trading such looks with Courtney before--because it never happened--but Jessica’s false observation planted it in Rebecca’s mind as having been real.


“And, usually a girl doesn’t wear heels and a pretty, sexy blouse like yours for someone she’s not interested in. You look hot, you know. I could really go for you myself.” Upon hearing Jessica’s comments, Rebecca realized she had dressed like she had not only for Jessica, but also for Courtney, mainly for Courtney, in fact, but she was quite pleased that Jessica was attracted to her, too, and that she had decided to spice up her look before she left her apartment. “I like your lipstick, too. But wouldn’t you like to try something more daring...and other makeup...heavier makeup…?”

The proposal sounded perfect. Why hadn’t she made herself up more at home? Duh. She had known she was going out on a date with two hot girls, hadn’t she? And, especially, that she would be seeing the dreamy Courtney again…

“Yes… I’d...I’d like that…”

“Okay.” Jessica drew the coffee table closer, on which rested a makeup kit and other paraphernalia, the convenient location of which Rebecca did not question. “Just close your eyes and hold still.” Jessica wiped the pink lipstick off her friend’s lips, then replaced it with a lovely, seductive dark metallic purple shade. “You always want to apply several deep, sexy coats of lipstick when you know you are going to be with a girl you this…” Jessica handed her a mirror so that she could follow the action. The barely-clad hostess then proceeded to add greyish silver-plum eyeshadow, heavy black eyeliner and mascara, and rosy blush. “There...better?” The black-haired fox could barely tear her eyes away from her reflection. “Do you think she’ll like you?”

“Oh, my… I...I hope so...yes…”

Jessica took the mirror, set it and the cosmetics on the table--while Rebecca took the opportunity to drink in her companion’s bulging cleavage, her striking hair, and her pretty made-up features, her beautiful, painted lips captivating her in particular, finding herself interested in them like she had never been with a girl before--and turned toward Rebecca, rubbing their smooth thighs together, this time with unmistakably romantic intent, taking her hands in hers, and leaning her face close.

“ you know the real reason you are here?”

“Isn’t it to…” She could not recall anything about Jessica’s original proposal that they study game film and plans together. “ get to know each other better...and for…”


“Um……...uh………” Rebecca had never had sex with a girl before, and didn’t think she had planned on seeking that here that Jessica had said that, it seemed like maybe she really did, for some reason, for the first time in her life, especially with beauties like Jessica and the very hot Courtney. “I...uh……. I guess……...yes……...”

“You confided in me that you have a big crush on Courtney, that you want to start dating her, and that you want so bad to get into her panties. Do you remember that?” Rebecca didn’t at first, because it hadn’t happened, but Jessica merely suggesting it made it seem real to Rebecca, and she nodded her head in affirmation. “Well, we’re here to start you two off in a new relationship of love tonight. I’m going to help you two become a couple...just like you want, and I know she does, too. Okay?”


“There’s only one catch, though, Rebecca. You have to give up being a straight girl for the rest of your life. You have to become a lesbian, from now on. But that’s what you want, isn’t it? You really like girls and only girls, and want sex with girls and women from this point on, starting tonight. Correct?”

Those had never been Rebecca’s values or desires up to an hour or so in the past...but now that Jessica had pronounced them as being her proclivities and wishes, they became true for her.

“Well...when you say it like that………...yes……...definitely…”

“So are you a lesbian now?”

“...........yes...Jessica…” Rebecca slid her hand onto Jessica’s arm and ran it slowly up and down. “I am a lesbian...especially for a hot girl like you…”

“Rebecca... have you ever kissed a girl before?”


“But you want to, don’t you?” The mere suggestion made the assertion truer even than the subliminals had already persuaded her. “You want to kiss me right now, don’t you?” Jessica closed the gap between their faces to a few inches. “Go ahead. Take your first step into lesbianism… Give me your first kiss as a lesbian...” The lips and the half-naked girl to whom they belonged were more than the brunette could resist. Rebecca reached out, sinking one hand into her teammate’s hair and wrapping the other around a shoulder, and drew her in, pressing their mouths together.

Both girls mewed. “Mmmmmmm…” Jessica rested her hands on Rebecca’s breasts and gently squeezed before their lips broke. Rebecca let out a small gasp as she felt the physical contact of her cute teammate and looked down at the painted-nailed hands on her blue-covered globes, then at Jessica’s creamy orbs bulging out of her bra.

Jessica took Rebecca’s wrists and settled her hands on Jessica’s breasts. “Go ahead, sweetie. I know you want to. Feel me up.” Rebecca proceeded to run her hands over her companion’s tits and silky, skimpy bra, luxuriating in the feel of the flesh and material, seeking, finding, and fingering the nipples poking through the fabric, while joining her purple lips once more with her hostess’s soft, vibrantly red ones.

Finally breaking, Jessica softly murmured, “That’s more like it, isn’t it? When you have feelings for a girl, let her know, and just give in, okay?”

“Okay.” Thanks to the subliminals, the drug, and Jessica’s suggestions, Rebecca had no recognition of the fact that she was being lured by Jessica and, backing her, Hecate Corp., into a sapphic mindset and lesbian acts which would have been not only alien but horrifying to her at the beginning of the day, and rather was accepting them as perfectly natural, delightful, and the result of her own choices and of desires originating within herself.

“Well, I think you’re ready to see Courtney now, hmmm? I got a real treat in store for you two. Why not just follow me to my bedroom?” Jessica stood and gently took her friend’s hand. Rebecca moaned a little, both from preceding, current, and anticipated pleasures, as she felt the hand of her cute teammate in hers, pulling her to her feet and leading her towards her bedroom. Rebecca recognized that going to a sexy, provocatively-attired young woman’s bedroom at night, especially in this case, had strong sexual implications--but she not only didn’t care, she felt wonderful anticipation about it.

Following behind her pretty mulatto friend, Rebecca couldn’t help but stare at and admire the curvy, undulating, panty-clad ass that was being presented to her as she followed along. God, I don’t think I ever told Jessica this, but she’s got a very nice looking ass. I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before. I...I wonder if she’ll let me...let me play with it...tonight? She did, after all, let me kiss her and touch her breasts, Rebecca thought to herself, unaware that such lewd sapphic thoughts were foreign to a girl like her. As she continued to follow her hottie teammate, Rebecca felt her heart beat with excitement, both at the prospect of getting more deeply involved with Jessica as well as finding out what the promised treat was that Jessica said she had in store for her and her other teammate, Courtney.

When Jessica escorted Rebecca into her bedroom, Rebecca let out a surprised gasp as she saw Courtney standing at full attention in the center of the room--in the nude. She made no attempt to cover herself up and hide her delightful body. Rebecca knew she should be shocked or upset to see such scandalous deportment from one of her teammates, but she, examining her feelings, found that she harbored no such disdain, and, rather, only admiration and, moreso, animalistic desire for the sexy, nude form in front of her. She had, after all, she told herself, seen this body before in the showers after practice. She had never, though, ran her eyes over it before with the kind of carnal interest she now had for it.

After her arrival several hours before Jessica’s, Courtney had received some of the same treatment Rebecca had gotten and some others she had not, at least yet. As with Rebecca, Jessica had started off giving her the drugged beverage in the living room and had quickly brought her to a highly suggestible and sexually excited state, while letting her sit by herself on the sofa and listen extensively to subliminal messages. Once her teammate was semi-entranced, Jessica had her watch “game film”, which consisted of a Hecate lesbian training film she had been given by Ilsa, one which Rebecca would eventually also see, and then the same lesbian porno which she had watched with Claire the evening before. Jessica had then introduced her to kissing and feeling up another girl, which they did on the sofa, after which Jessica dyed her guest’s hair, then took her into the shower, after they had both disrobed, on the pretense of having to do so to rinse the dye out of Courtney’s hair. There, they made love, which they continued in the bedroom. After letting Courtney drink in more subliminal messages, while adding her own suggestions and instructions, Jessica prepared Courtney and then herself for Rebecca's arrival.

In addition to giving free display to Courtney’s private charms, Jessica had painted her erotically, in a way not close to any in which Rebecca had seen her before. Her eyelids bore dark smokey-grey eyeshadow and heavy black eyeliner and mascara, her cheeks pinkish mauve blush, and her lips several coats of deep, dark, hi-gloss black-cherry red, matching the color on her nails and nipples. Further, her rose-gold strawberry blond hair was in a beautiful half-up style with a big black-ribbon bow in it and a black-ribbon tied in a bow around her neck, as if she were a present waiting to be opened.

“Hi, Rebecca. Glad you could make it. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again...very, very much.”

“ You look… I mean...I...I like the way you look…” She’s soooo hot!

“You too, Rebecca. You…… know...very…………” The mutual compliments were gratifying and arousing to both girls.

“Sweetie, why don’t you sit on the bed here? That way you can have a good look at your future girlfriend...the girl you love…” Jessica guided Rebecca to sit facing Courtney.

Rebecca’s eyes started to travel up and down and all over Courtney’s foxy body, eyeing it like a savory meal, with foreign thoughts of wanting to touch, caress, and kiss the beautiful, athletic female lips, skin, and curves in front of her. Her gaze started on Courtney’s smooth calves and ventured up to her well-toned, curvy hips, pausing to take notice of the bald, smooth area of Courtney’s groin.

Wow.... Didn’t know that Courtney liked to keep it au naturale down there...but wow, what a fox! Rebecca lecherously thought as she continued to gaze at Courtney’s bald pussy, visually searching out, finding, and dwelling on her dainty female lips and slit. Little did she know that when Courtney had arrived a few hours earlier that day, her mons had been covered with a full bush, and that Jessica had shaved her, and Jessica had Courtney shave her muff among the other acts she had committed on her during their private time together.

Rebecca didn’t know why, but she found Courtney’s pussy so tantalizing and intriguing. She felt it tempting her to sensually explore it, as if it had life of its own, inviting her directly, and portending a flavor she simply had to try, to the point that her mouth involuntarily watered at the sight. Mmmm...she looks so good…so delicious……. If that’s what she likes...then I...I should shave my pussy, too….. We could have bald pussies...together… What Rebecca little suspected was that giving her a similar, smooth shave was already on the program this weekend.

Working her gaze upward, Rebecca marvelled at Courtney’s flat and smooth belly, well trimmed and kept fit by a good regimen of diet and exercise. There was some slight muscle definition, but not as much as other members of the women’s basketball team, like Jessica, although anything of an overly, athletically muscular nature on Jessica’s body, as well as on those of other team members, was destined to become soft and oh-so feminine.

Shifting her eyes further up, Rebecca was amazed by the sight of Courtney’s soft, round, smooth-looking, C-cup breasts. She could feel her mouth water a little more at the sight of Courtney’s exposed mammaries, as she particularly lingered on the way her pretty nipples were painted black-red and were sticking out, so firm and stiff, which made Courtney’s breasts look so tantalizing. They were to Rebecca like sweet, succulent, ripe fruit hanging from a tree, just begging her to reach out and help herself to a taste, either to just have a sample or, better, to make a meal out of them.

They look soooo good… Would Courtney be okay with me touching her...there…….touching… them?

However, before Rebecca could give it much more thought and try to put thought into action, a loud, commanding voice interrupted her and seized her full attention.

“Attention, ladies!”

Instinctively, Rebecca snapped to her feet and all three women lined up, standing straight, stiff, and tall, chests proudly out, arms by their sides, and staring off into the middle distance of the bedroom, awaiting further orders. All three women recognized the voice as belonging to Coach Ilsa Nichols. Jessica and Courtney had been specifically conditioned to obey Coach previously, and the drug in Jessica’s bloodstream, as well as her past experience training under Coach’s strict auspices, was sufficient to cause her to promptly comply, too. Rebecca, like her teammates, located and stared at the source of Coach Ilsa’s voice, a large laptop sitting on one of the study desks in the bedroom, which displayed the image of their coach’s compellingly attractive face.

A subliminal message accompanied the activation of Ilsa’ appearance on Jessica’s laptop.

Rebecca, Courtney, and Jessica…

You are strongly attracted to Coach Ilsa.

You love Coach Ilsa.

You want to be a lesbian for Coach Ilsa.

You want a lesbian sexual relationship with Coach Ilsa.

You trust and love Coach Ilsa, and want to please her in all ways, and to obey her, and to win her love, and to make her desire you.

Coach Ilsa is one of the most beautiful and desirable women you have ever seen or met.

You love Coach Ilsa passionately.

Making love to Coach Ilsa is your dream, and you will do anything to make that happen.

Coach Ilsa is your ideal woman.

Coach Ilsa is one of the most important people in your life.

You will believe and do whatever Coach Ilsa tells you to.

Ilsa still had her hair in the familiar crop-cut style, with her bangs parted to the left in a messy fashion. However, it was apparent to the three young women that their coach had changed the coloring of her hair since they had last seen her, and all three dropped their jaws and felt an internal titillation in response. While her base color remained the fine, eye-catching golden blonde they had admired on her before, she had frosted the outer half of her strands, from halfway from her scalp to the ends of her hair, in an exquisite, ashen silvery color that complemented her fine golden hair locks, creating an alluring, seductive combination of gold and silver.

Rebecca took note that it looked like Ilsa had dolled herself up in other ways, as well. It was visible that Ilsa had worked her eyebrows until they looked sharp, angular, and conveyed a sense of wickedness. Dark gray eyeshadow was complemented by pitch-black eyeliner, and a heavy application of mascara gave her eyelashes dark, voluminous, seductive curls. Ilsa’s cheeks were adorned with a touch of rose pink blush. But it was Ilsa’s lips that drew Rebecca’s fascination the most. They were adorned with several thick layers of a dark red color almost like a fine wine, which bestowed on Ilsa an ominous aspect to her appearance.

Ilsa was clad in a shiny, sheer, black satin corset, one which lifted her large breasts tantalizingly and revealed her rouged nipples through the transparent material. Since her computer’s webcam only captured her image from her waist up, Rebecca could only guess at what she wore below that, and imagined black panties, black hose, black heels, and a black garter belt, like a centerfold in one of her father’s old issues of Playboy she had once found in her garage at home. The lovely coach was decorated, as well, with a long strand of pearls around her neck and pearl earrings.

Overall, the woman’s appearance was powerfully, thrillingly, seductively inviting, yet one which seemed to warn Rebecca that danger could be lurking nearby. While Rebecca had noted her coach’s beauty before, it had never particularly affected her, other than with admiration, but now it struck her to the heart, as if she had been pierced with Cupid’s arrow. She sensed she shouldn’t have such feelings for her coach, and that there would be some kind of trouble brewing for her if she allowed herself to ever get involved romantically or sexually with the woman, but she couldn’t help herself. Her desire for the beauty was overwhelming.

While Jessica had been in contact with her coach off and on over the day, it had been over the phone, and she hadn’t seen the woman yet today, so her reaction to Coach’s new image was similar to Rebecca’s, as was Courtney’s. Ilsa was looking forward to frolicking in person with each of them in due time, and stoking their desire for her was part of her plan.

Before speaking, Ilsa took a drink of a dark amber liquor from a brandy snifter. It was also during this moment that Ilsa reached out to the Hecate agents who were monitoring everything in the room via a chat program on her laptop to play a set of requested subliminal messages, which reinforced and added to the set which had just played.

Jessica, Courtney, and Rebecca…

You will obey Ilsa Nichols.

Ilsa is not only your coach, but also the most trusted person in your life, and your mistress. As such, she by right controls all of your sexual desires and relationships.

Ilsa’s word is law. You will obey and carry out her commands without hesitation.

You must obey Ilsa, your mistress.

Jessica, Courtney, and Rebecca, obeying Mistress Ilsa feel nice. You feel aroused every time you obey Ilsa.

Jessica, Courtney, and Rebecca, you are in love with Mistress Ilsa, infatuated with her.

Jessica, Courtney, and Rebecca, you will do everything possible to make your Mistress Ilsa happy.

Jessica, Courtney, and Rebecca, you will help Mistress Ilsa transform your teammates into lesbian sex slaves for Mistress Ilsa, whether they like it or not.

Jessica, Courtney, and Rebecca, you are here to have lesbian sex with each other.

Courtney, you find Rebecca very attractive. You’ve had a crush on her ever since you first laid eyes on her. Rebecca is your soul mate. You are madly in love with her. You want her more than you ever wanted anyone or anything. Being apart from her is torture. You want to spend the rest of your life with her. She is your date here today, and you desperately want lesbian sex with her. You are about to become a lesbian, for Rebecca.

Rebecca, you desire to become Courtney’s girlfriend. You know that, deep down, Courtney is your true love. You love everything about her--her personality, her hair, her pretty face, and, especially, her hot, curvy, girly body. You crave lesbian sex with her. You are going to start dating Courtney, beginning right now. You know you should have started dating her long before now, for you fell in love with her the first time you saw her. You love Courtney so much, that you will become a lesbian for, here and now. You want to spend the rest of your life with your beloved Courtney.

Jessica, you love helping pretty girls, especially your teammates and your roommates, find hot lesbian sex and sweet lesbian love with each other.

Jessica, you want to help Courtney and Rebecca become lesbian lovers.

Jessica, you seek to convert pretty girls, your teammates in particular, into lesbians, and to bring your teammates to Ilsa for lesbian training and sex.

Rebecca and Courtney, you will be happy together as dating girlfriends in a romantic lesbian relationship, as lesbian lovers, and, eventually, as beautiful lesbian wives with each other.

Ilsa let the messages play on a little further, enjoying the entranced looks on Jessica’s, Courtney’s, and Rebecca’s faces, knowing they were soaking up the insidious corruption directed at them. It was only after a few minutes had passed that she felt that the messages, combined with the drug she had given Jessica to give to Courtney and Rebecca, would have a good grasp on her players' minds.

“Santos, I’m happy to see you join us. I’m very glad that you took Harrison up on her offer.”

“C-c-coach … ?” Was the only thing Rebecca could say in her confused state, as she tried to make sense of what was going on.

“Not ‘Coach’ for tonight, my dear. Let’s cut to the chase. Girls, going forward, when any of you are alone with me or with other girls shall we ‘guidance’ are to address me as ‘Mistress’ or ‘Mistress Ilsa’. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress Ilsa,” all three young women chanted in unison.

“Good. Now, before we proceed with tonight’s festivities...I think a little Q&A session is needed to get to know each other...before we start our T&A session.” Ilsa paused for a second, appreciating her little bit of humor and reading the faces of her disciples to see if they got it, without seeing any reaction. Hmmm...I’ll have to make sure to catch them up on a whole new vocabulary…maybe a little now...and lot more later...

“Do any of you know what ‘T&A’ means?” None of the girls responded. “It means ‘tits and ass’...or ‘asses’...and you can use it to refer to your favorite female body parts, or to the type of porn or sexual play you’re interested in...okay? Let’s all say ‘tits and ass’. They all chanted together, as instructed. “Again.” They complied again. “Courtney, what do you like about girls?”

“Tits and asses.”

“Yes. And how do you abbreviate that, Rebecca?”


“Use it in a sentence.”

“Courtney has awesome T&A.”

“Okay. Good enough. Now...all of you will answer my questions truthfully and hold nothing back, understood?”

“Yes, Mistress Ilsa,” the girls repeated back to Ilsa.

“I know that Harrison is a novice when it comes to the sapphic side of sex--or she was until recenty--but what about you two? Santos, Ellen, either of you two know your way around another woman’s pussy?”

There was a brief silence between the two girls before Courtney meekly raised her hand and responded. “I-I-I do … mistress.”

“Really? Well, well, well, color me surprised. I never figured you for having a bi-curious streak. It’s always the quiet ones. So why not share and give us some details, and leave nothing out, Ellen.”

“I-It was during my senior year at high school a-and I would sometimes fool around with my friend, Zoey Mocker,” Courtney said, confused as to why she was so willing to share intimate details about her personal life to her mistress and teammates. “W-we would kiss each other sometimes.”

“Is that it? I doubt you and your friend did more than kiss. I said tell me everything, Ellen. Don’t skimp on the details.” Ilsa added a touch of menace in the last part of her statement to drive home the implied threat that Courtney had to offer up the details she wanted, or else!

“W-w-we would sometimes eat each other out, finger each other's pussies, suck on each other’s breasts….and o-one time Zoey had me rim and finger her ass,” Courtney stuttered out with embarrassment.

“Interesting.” This time Ilsa was pleased with Courtney’s confession. “This Zoey person, was she the dominant partner in the relationship?”

“I-I-I guess so, Mistress Ilsa. I pretty much always did what Zoey wanted.”

“Judging by the fact that you seem a bit hesitant in divulging this part of your past, I’m guessing this relationship didn’t last. Tell me what happened between you and Zoey.”

“S-she wasn’t really into having a girlfriend. She just … you know…wanted to fool around. You couldn’t say it was a relationship. When we were seeing each other, she didn’t really want to let anyone know that we were ‘together’ in any way and what we were doing to each other. Besides, she was planning to go to the University of Texas for college and neither of us were into long distance relationships.”

“I see… So are you seeing another girl, Ellen, to fill that void in your heart? Anyone in particular catch your fancy?”

“N-n-no, I’m not dating another girl. A-actually, I’m seeing a guy, Peter. We’ve been seeing each other a lot lately and we’re thinking of making it serious.”

“No, no, that won’t do, Ellen. You don’t want to waste your time seeing men, not when you can date women. You would be so better off with a girl by your side. Wouldn’t you agree, Ellen?”

“I-I-I guess so…” Courtney responded.

There was a stony silence that filled the room after Courtney replied to Ilsa’s statement. Ilsa didn’t like Courtney’s apparent ambivalence, nor her recent history with a guy, not after she had tasted lesbian sex, and should have been, in Ilsa’s mind, more resolute about pursuing girls and only girls after that, and not after the brainwashing already started on her by Jessica. Ilsa saw her work was cut out for her, and determined to “cure” Courtney thoroughly. Fortunately, she had effective tools with which to work, not the least of which was Courtney’s delectable teammate, Rebecca.

“What do you think, Santos? Should Ellen date boys...or girls?”

Rebecca’s brainwashing and new desire for Courtney in particular prompted her unhesitating reply. “Girls, Mistress. Definitely girls.”

“There, see, Ellen? You value Santos’s opinion, don't you?”

“Yes, Mistress. Very much.”

“So if she thinks you should date girls instead of boys, whom should you date?”

“Girls, Mistress.”

“Would you like to date a girl like Santos here?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress!” She turned and looked at Rebecca, who was looking at her, too, particularly dwelling on her teammate’s dark-red-tipped breasts before meeting Courtney’s eyes. “I’d love to.” The two girls smiled at each other before Ilsa’ voice drew Rebecca’s gaze away.

Ilsa turned her attention toward Rebecca. “Santos, are you seeing anyone?”

“Y-yes, I am, Mistress. A guy named ...”

“That will be all, Santos!” Ilsa abruptly cut Rebecca off. She really didn’t care for any of the particulars of whom Rebecca was dating. As soon as Rebecca said it was a man, Ilsa lost all interest and felt nothing but contempt. Again, just like Courtney’s, Rebecca’s response created an eerie silence that filled the room. As Ilsa sat there, her face on the laptop monitor expressed that she was thinking something over.

What’s wrong with girls like these? Either of them could have her pick from a host of pretty coeds here at Preston… They’d be so much happier… They could have even matched with each other, without my help… Why would they waste even one second with some creepy guy?.............. Oh, well...that’s why I’m help them help them see the set them right…

“You don’t really like him, do you?”

Rebecca considered Mistress’s assertion a little while her conditioning kicked in. “, Mistress… Guys are really kind of...yucky...aren’t they?”

“Correct. In fact, given the choice between this boy and Miss Ellen, here, whom would you rather date?”

“Oh, Courtney any day, Mistress! No contest!”

“Okay, here’s what I want both of you to do. I’m sure you have your cellphones on you. So you will text your respective boyfriends and dump them. Tell them that the relationship is over...that you’re no longer interested in dating them. After that, you will turn off your phones. After all, we don’t want to be interrupted tonight.”

Ilsa’s order sounded completely logical to both girls. Dumping their boyfriends struck them as the best idea they had heard of in a long time, and like something they had been planning on doing, anyway. Rebecca pulled her smartphone out of her back pocket, while Courtney went over to a small pile of discarded clothes to fish her phone out. Bending over to retrieve her phone, she gave a grand view of her beautiful, firm, naked ass to Rebecca and Jessica, which neither of them failed to drink in. A few minutes later, each of them was tapping on her smartphone screen, typing messages to her respective boyfriend that the relationship was over and she was no longer interested in seeing him. Soon after, they powered their phones off, placed them back where they had found them, and stood in their line again.

“You will forget these boys. You will lose and forget any feelings you may have thought you had for them and for any other males you have known or seen. Further, you will find yourselves permanently incapable of feeling any attraction whatever to men from this point on.

“Yes, Mistress,” the two new recruits chanted together, after which they looked at each other gleefully, each happy that her prospective girlfriend was amenable to dumping boys in general and their respective boyfriends in particular, leaving them free to mate with each other, now and in the long term.

“Alright, ladies, as I see it, Ellen here is the only one who seems to be ready for tonight’s festivities. So why don’t you other two prepare yourselves just like Ellen, and also make it worth my time,” Ilsa ordered with wicked delight. “I want a nice show.”

Jessica was the first one to start. Stepping forward out of line and then turning toward her teammates, but making sure the cam on her laptop had an unobstructed view, as well, she first removed the bra that held up her large, firm, C-cup breasts, discarding it casually while looking Ilsa seductively in the eyes, and upon their release she played with them for a bit in front of Ilsa and her teammates. She cupped them, lifted them, pressed them together, and played with her nipples to erection, all the while giving Ilsa a sinful smile.

Jessica turned around, presenting her rear to Ilsa and giving it a playful wiggle. Then slipping her fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties, she slowly pulled them down her legs. As she did, she bent over, exposing her bare ass to Ilsa. Turning her head back to give her mistress another wicked smile, she gave her naked derriere another playful shake before getting back up and facing her lovely mistress again. Thus giving her coach a full view of an equally smooth hairless naked groin.

“Bravissimo, Harrison! A very exquisite show you put on there. Very nice indeed.” Jessica returned to her place in line, while Ilsa turned her gaze toward Rebecca. “Santos, you’re up. Let’s see what you got!”

Rebecca stepped forward a few paces and blushed. She had never done anything like this. She hadn’t even considered it. But here she was with two of her teammates, both of whom were naked and one of whom had given a successfully titillating strip tease, and now she was expected to follow suit.

Rebecca was nervous and could feel her body tense up. Stripping to arouse other women wasn’t what she did, and she certainly didn’t think she could pull off a show as good as Jessica’s. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and exhaled. Then she found herself beginning to relax. It was as if she could almost hear words of encouragement being whispered to her, releasing her stress and concerns, a calm feeling falling upon her, making her realize that she was among friends and an admired authority figure, and that she could feel free to be herself, to expose her body, and to flaunt her physical charms for her lovely, expectant female onlookers, to entice and to excite them.

Rebecca, there is nothing wrong with showing your naked body off to your female friends and family.

Rebecca, you want to show off your sexy body to Courtney, Jessica, and Mistress Ilsa.

Rebecca, you want to seduce them with your gorgeous body.

You want Courtney to notice you, and the only way to do that is to show her your nude body.

You want Courtney to see your tits and ass. You want to spread your legs wide open and give her a good view of your pussy.

You want to give your pussy to Courtney. It belongs to her.

You’d love for Courtney to play with your pussy, to kiss it and tongue it and fuck it.

You want beautiful females to see your naked body. You will show it to them freely. Nudity is normal and good. Take off your clothes.

It took a few moments for Rebecca to realize that everyone was staring at her. Embarrassed for having been caught spacing out on Courtney, Jessica, and Mistress Ilsa, Rebecca took another calming breath. Realizing suddenly that nudity with other women, women whom she liked and found attractive, was perfectly natural, and that she wanted very much to show off her breasts and ass and pussy to them, with the subconscious goal of arousing them and drawing them into sex with her, she began to disrobe herself. She especially couldn’t wait to display herself to Courtney and to be naked with her.

She started with her heels, sliding them off and then kicking them to the side. Next came the frilly cropped tank top, which she rolled over her head and discarded just like the heels. Then she addressed the jean shorts, unfastening the buttons, sliding down the zipper, and letting gravity finish the job for her, releasing the short shorts and feeling them drop past her legs and onto the floor. She stepped out of them and, just like everything else, she kicked them aside.

Rebecca was now down to her bra and panties, showing off her foxy body to her mistress and to her cute and sexy teammates...especially to Courtney. Rebecca really wanted Courtney’s attention, above all else. She decided to play it coy and flashed her blonde haired friend a cute, charming smile.

Then with a sexy strut, Rebecca seductively made her way up to Courtney until they were barely inches apart. Rebecca could see that Courtney was affected by her, that she was breathing more heavily, that her lips were parted, and that she was clearly checking her out, appraising her like cattle...and she liked it. She was oblivious to that fact that Courtney’s response on this night was largely due to the drug and the influence of mind control, believing her own beauty and curves and coquetry were the sole cause of Courtney’s intense interest. Her belief was, however, partly true, for Courtney, according to her own words, had previously proved she had a bi side and was attracted to girls, and only needed Jessica and Ilsa to awaken and intensify that propensity, to transform it into a purely lesbian sexual drive, and to focus it squarely on Rebecca.

Rebecca then began to fiddle with the clasp of her bra. After finally unfastening the straps that held the bra to her chest, she peeled the loose ends and her shoulder straps away in an elegant motion. She presented her perky breasts to Courtney. Ilsa’s command to strip had become secondary now, replaced by Rebecca’s implanted desire to lure Courtney into a sexual relationship with her body. Rebecca felt a rush of excited arousal course through her body, making her nipples stiff and hard. As if to accent the fact that she had deliberately transformed her state into a brazenly topless one for the girl in front of her, as a flagrant offer and blatant temptation to her, and had no intention to retreat from that state anytime soon, she took a step back, discarded the bra to the floor with a dramatic, sweeping toss.

“Rebecca...doesn’t Courtney look like a delicious piece of candy? Jessica suggested. “She is a gift...for you. Why don’t you unwrap your present?” Rebecca reached over to her friend’s neck, tugged on the bow in the black ribbon until it loosened, pulled it off, and discarded it. She then took a seductive step back towards the coed who had captured her heart.

This move brought Rebecca up close and very personal with Courtney, so close that it allowed Rebecca to press the tips of her rock-hard nipples into Courtney’s painted ones. The resulting erotic contact shot a pleasurable shock from their nipples up the spines of both young women and caused both Courtney and Rebecca to let out a gasp of delight. After looking into each other’s eyes with mutual desire, they turned their eyes down again at their breasts. Rebecca slid her arms around Courtney’s neck, Courtney slipped her arms around Rebecca’s waist, they pulled their bodies into tighter contact, and they both gyrated their torsos slightly to rub their nipples together more freely.

After a half-minute of this, Rebecca and Courtney each cupped her breasts, held them up, aimed them straight ahead, and began to rub, swipe, poke, and push her nipples more forcefully and vigorously into her partner’s, both delighting wildly in the tit on tit contact.

“Courtney...don’t you want to kiss Rebecca? Look how beautiful and purple her lips are.”

Needing no further invitation, Courtney reached for her brunette teammate’s head and pulled her in. They kissed their first, soft, romantic kiss, then threw their arms around each other and started to explore each other’s mouths more deeply and ravenously, while their breasts returned to their wondrous duel.

Both women started to forget their surroundings, becoming so focused on each other and their mouths and breasts, and basking in the wonderful sensual pleasures that breast play and making out was giving them.

“Ahem” came Ilsa’s stern voice, breaking Rebecca and Courtney’s focus on the tit and oral play in which they were getting lost. They both turned to address the laptop that Mistress Ilsa was using to address them.

“Y-yes, Mistress?” they panted.

“While I appreciate the show, Santos, and the fact that you two can barely keep your hands off each other, I believe you still have one more piece of clothing to get rid of before we can proceed with the real fun.”

Rebecca understood what her mistress was getting at. Looking over the faces of Courtney and Jessica, who were giving her looks of desire and lust, Rebecca wanted to make it a moment that would be etched into their memories.

Jessica had stepped forward out of line and had turned toward Rebecca to have a better view of her progressive nakedness and of her play with Courtney. Rebecca also spun around so she was now facing away from Courtney and toward Jessica, to whom Rebecca gave a naughty smile. She wrapped her arms sultrily around Jessica’s head and pulled her in for a long kiss, which they both considered a rightful continuation of what they had started in the living room. They pressed their tits together, as Rebecca and Courtney had done.. After they broke, a strand of lipstick-colored saliva joined their mouths until it snapped a few seconds later, during which they gazed with lust into each other’s eyes. Rebecca turned her head around to give Courtney a devilish smile, to spark a little envy in her blond teammate and to convey the assurance that, if Courtney played her cards right, she would receive the same affections, at least, and probably greater ones.

Rebecca, turning back to Jessica, began a rhythmic dance, grinding her ass into Courtney’s bare crotch. Then, after a minute of her graceful, provocative, random gyrations, her movements became rhythmic, as if accompanied by raucous strip music, her ass pressing piston-like into and against Courtney and rubbing all over her crotch. She disengaged herself from her chosen girlfriend, took a step forward, and bent over, quite purposefully giving her blonde friend a good view of her panty-covered rear. “Courtney,” she cooed musically, as she looked back at the blonde for a second, “I haaaave something for yooouuu.” Then she reached back and, after showily slipping her fingers under the panty’s waistband, Rebecca gradually guided the panties down her legs.

In a slow and deliberate manner, Rebecca was giving Courtney a seductive show of the unveiling of the smooth cheeks of her firm ass. Turning her head, Rebecca saw that Courtney was entranced by the sight of her ass. The pretty brunette couldn’t help but give it a playful if naughty wiggle to further entice her. Then, after getting her panties down to her ankles, Rebecca slowly stood back up, kicked them to the side, and turned to face Courtney.

Rebecca was fully nude just like her two teammates. It felt so… so wicked...yet so exhilarating at the same time. She felt a sense of freedom that she never had felt before. It was as if nudity, full, complete, wicked nudity, particularly with other beautiful, naked women, was her natural destiny, and she had now finally arrived at it. But before Rebecca could think things over further, she was interrupted by Ilsa issuing commands to the two naked athletes via the laptop.

“Alright, that you’re ready, we can begin our fun. Harrison, did you get the items I told you to buy?”

“Yes, Mistress, I did,” Jessica responded in a blissful hazey tone, having been bombarded with her own set of subliminals while Rebecca removed her panties and having partially lost awareness of what was going on in her own bedroom.

“Well then, why don’t you bring those items out for your teammates to see?” Ilsa directed in an evil tone.

As soon as Ilsa issued that command, Jessica went over to a corner of the large bedroom and came back with a glossy, bright pink paper bag with the words “Kitten’s Delight” printed in silvery cursive font. She turned the bag over and dumped the contents out on her desk.

Courtney and Rebecca were surprised by what they saw. There were a total of five items. Two were small plastic bottles, labeled as sexual lubricates. Another two were bullet vibrators, both around seven inches in length, one colored a bright neon pink and the other a vibrant candy red. The final item was in a package indicating that the contents were a dildo and a strap-on harness. This one made Rebecca a little nervous. The package specified that the dildo was ten inches in length and two inches in diameter and boasted maximum pleasure for the wearer and the recipient of the mammoth dong.

Rebecca gulped, as she had never taken a cock up her pussy. She was still a virgin in that regard. The only thing she had ever had in her pussy besides tampons were her fingers when she masturbated. Now it appeared that at some point she was going to be fucked by one of her teammates...unless Ilsa intended for her to wear the strap-on cock and fuck either Courtney or Jessica, which was what she hoped would happen. Yes...she could definitely get into that, she reflected, especially with the beautiful Courtney. She wanted to fuck her. She wondered where that impulse came from and how long she had felt it, but it was truly her desire right now. However, according to Mistress Ilsa’s next words, that didn’t seem to be in her game plan, at least for the immediate future. Rather, what she said put a chill up Rebecca’s spine.

“Harrison, I need you to move the laptop so I have a good view of the bed. After that, I want you on it, propped up against the headboard with your legs spread wide. Santos, I want you on your hands and knees and eating Harrison’s pussy out. Don’t worry if this is your first time. I’m sure that Harrison will let you know if you’re doing things right. Finally Ellen, I want you to put the strap-on on and give your girlfriend Santos a good fucking. That’s right, I said girlfriend. You and Santos as of right now are dating and fucking each other.” Rebecca and Courtney looked at each other, a surge of ecstasy shooting through them. They each took a hand of the other and mouthed “yes!” to one another. “Well, hop to it, ladies!”

“I don’t know how long I’ve wanted you, Rebecca, but I do! I’m so hot for you!”

“Me, too, Courtney. You turn me on so much! And now, finally, we’re together! I’m your girlfriend!”

“I’m all yours, too! And now, my beautiful sweetheart, I’m going to fuck that sexy little pussy of yours soooo hard!” Rebecca heard those words with mixed emotions. She didn’t think she was ready to be violated with a sex instrument as gigantic as the dildo in the room, yet at least it would be Courtney, her true love, plunging into her, and, besides, her mistress had decreed it.

At the risk of Ilsa’s ire, but unable to resist, Rebecca and Courtney took each other passionately in their arms and melted their mouths together in a deep French kiss.

“Now, you two lovebirds!” Ilsa didn’t really mind at all to see the romantic lesbian bond that had been formed between two of her players, and formed so fast, giving her reason to believe that matching her other players similarly could succeed just as well, but she also insisted on strict obedience. “Now!” The women immediately dispersed and began to follow Ilsa’s commands. Jessica positioned the laptop so its cam had an optimal view of the large king-size bed. She then climbed on the bed, propped her back against the headboard, and, as Ilsa instructed, she parted her legs, thus exposing her intimate area for anyone there to see, and both of her guests, who were holding hands as befit two girlfriends in love, in a new, dating, lesbian relationship, did indeed have a good, fascinated look.

After showing her pussy off for several tantalizing seconds, Jessica looked at Rebecca and gave her a seductive smile. She made a come-hither gesture with her left index finger as her right hand patted the empty spot on the bed between her legs.

Rebecca gulped as she slowly made her way to her assigned spot. She felt very nervous and her stomach felt a bit queasy. Rebecca didn’t have much sexual experience. The most she had ever managed was a handjob or two with some boys back in high school, as they in turn had groped and fondled her in kind. Yet, here she was about to eat her first pussy and in a few moments her girlfriend, Courtney, will be putting on a strap-on and fucking her, her first fuck.

This triggered a memory within Rebecca, one that she had with her sweet abuela, the wise, elderly grandmother who had helped raise her since she was about knee high. Rebecca remembered that when her body had begun to develop the physical signs of adult womanhood, her abuela had had a private chat with her. She had told the adolescent Rebecca that she would meet guys who would show her attention, that they might even shower her with gifts and praise her beauty, that she could well be overly flattered and swept away by such attention, and that some of the guys might also catch her fancy, but she warned Rebecca to be careful. Her abuela told her that some men that behaved like this had ulterior motives that were not pure. Rebecca recalled her sweet granny informing her when the time was right she would find the right someone, and that, after their union was blessed by God himself in marriage, only then could she participate in the act of sex.

However, nowhere in that conversation did her sweet abuela mention women. Rebecca couldn’t help but wonder if her abuela would approve of what she was about to participate in. But her newly corrupted mind assured her that her sweet abuela would indeed approve. After all, her mind told her, her abuela only warned her of the dangers of dating men. She probably left out women because her wise grandmother knew that there was no harm in her participating in lesbian sex. As a matter of fact, it must have been her abuela’s subtle way of encouraging her to date women and to have sex with them. Besides, Mistress Ilsa had pronounced her and Courtney a couple. That either meant that they were jolined in some semi-official, matrimonial-like union already, or a more unambiguous marriage between them was on the way. Sex with Courtney was, then, okay, and, since Jessica had brought them together, sex with her was okay, too, Rebecca’s lusting mind justified with distorted logic.

Having sorted that issue out within her mind, Rebecca felt a renewed sense of vigor as she got on the bed and placed herself in the position her mistress required her to be in, on her hands and knees between Jessica’s legs, facing her teammate, her head directly above the wide-open pussy.

Staring at Jessica’s pussy, Rebecca couldn’t help but drool a little at the sight. Rebecca took note of the bald, smooth, silky skin of Jessica’s groin, not a single blemish in sight and looking so tantalizing, inviting, and especially tasty. The labial lips were inflamed with lust and were glistening wet with eager anticipation. Jessica’s clit protruded from its fleshy confines, standing tall like a lighthouse in a torrential sea of fuck lust. Rebecca took a deep whiff of the sexual musk emanating from Jessica’s loins and it triggered something primal within her. She knew she had never even conceived of a reaction like this to another woman’s pussy before this night, but there was no question about the sharp lust she was feeling for this one. She wanted--no, she needed--that pussy. She was going to savor every moment she was going to experience with it, as if with a delicious meal.

Rebecca tentatively stuck out her tongue as she slowly moved towards Jessica’s pussy. Not sure what to expect, Rebecca made a quick swipe on the outer lips of Jessica’s pussy, just only grazing the area. It seemed to have done something, though, as Jessica cooed at the slight intimate contact.

Also, Rebecca got a brief taste of Jessica’s female honey on her tongue. The taste was unique for Rebecca, a mild taste she found herself enjoying, so much so that Rebecca knew she had to dive back in to get more, which she did. Jessica let out a savage moan as she felt her teammate go wild with her tongue all over her spasming snatch. It was haphazard and sloppy, and Rebecca’s tongue was roaming all over with abandon, but given that this was Rebecca’s first time eating pussy, Jessica figured, she could be lenient, and Rebecca’s mouth was indeed getting to her. However, she also realized that she would have a much better experience if she guided Rebecca on how to pleasure her orally, and, in doing so, Rebecca would become a much better carpet muncher, too.

Jessica placed her hand on Rebecca’s head to gently nudge her away from her quivering snatch. “Hey, Rebecca, why don’t I give you a few tips? Not that I don’t mind what you are doing--it’s great, believe me--but I think you can benefit from a little coaching session,” Jessica said with amusement.

“O-okay …”

Mentally reviewing the lessons that Mistress Ilsa had imparted to her, Jessica began to teach Rebecca similarly.

“So, the first thing is to pay attention to your partner. Listen to her and observe her, see and hear how she’s reacting to what you’re doing. Use that to gauge if what you’re doing is bringing her pleasure. Also, the goal shouldn’t be to make her cum as fast as possible, but to have her enjoy what’s being done to her.”

“ I guess I should be paying attention to my partner--you--when I do something like this...” Rebecca then planted a few gentle kisses on Jessica’s labial lips, which caused her beautiful mulatto teammate to tremble and let out a soft moan.

“I’m taking that you liked that, but what if I do this?...” Rebecca asked with wicked delight as she used the tip of her tongue to trace around the lips of Jessica’s steaming hot vaginal lips. She took note of the small convulsions and Jessica’s guttural moans of delight rushing out her lips.

“F-f-fuckkk…that’s good... O-o-oh…y-y-yessss…...... The c-clit, don’t f-forget to pay some a-attention to the...oh goddess! c-clit …” That was all Jessica could utter, as she felt wave after wave of pleasure emanate from her loins, pulse up her spine, and blast into her brain with such delicious feelings.

Following her teammate’s advice, Rebecca then began to use her tongue to play with Jessica’s erect clit. She rolled her tongue against, over, and around it, licking up and down the jutting nub, doing a teasing motion by twirling the tip of her tongue around it, and lavishing it with a gentle kiss or two.

Then Rebecca, driven by curiosity and the desire to further pleasure her teammate, began to explore Jessica’s pussy with her fingers, pulling the labia lips apart, gently tracing around the edges with her right index finger, and then taking the plunge to work it up into Jessica’s spasming snatch.

So this is what another woman’s pussy feels like…so soft, warm, and… nice, she thought as she probed Jessica’s warm, tight, and very slick fleshy tunnel of love. A girl could get used to this... A girl could come to love this... Rebecca mentally noted, as she worked her finger and tongue over Jessica’s lusty cunt. She kept a pace that caused Jessica to buck and to thrust her hips into the air, aching for sexual release, but not able to achieve it quite yet. Rebecca only took a break to lick her fingers and savor the flavors of Jessica’s womanhood, and to add a little teasing chat. “Ohhh... So you like that, hmmm? Cheap little whore!” The provocative words only made Jessica buck harder.

However, after resuming her tongue job on Jessica’s cunt for another minute, Rebecca let out a sharp gasp of surprise as she felt two feminine hands on the globes of her firm ass, parting her cheeks, followed by soft lips kissing her smooth rear. Turning her head back in response, Rebecca could see that it was her beloved Courtney giving her rear the most pleasant affection.

“Rebecca, honey… I can see your pussy. It’s so very pretty…and yummy-looking…. If this isn’t already a girl-loving lesbian pussy...I’m going to make it into one…right now... Your sweet cunt is going to be mine...and I’m going to show you what it’s for.”

Turning back around with a smile and closed eyes, Rebecca then felt an adventurous tongue explore her own highly aroused womanhood. A guttural moan of pleasure escaped her lips as she felt that velvety tongue dig into her sexually aching pussy, exploring her like not even her own fingers could. Each pleasurable lick against her quivering pussy caused Rebecca’s knees to buckle with delight.

“Oh, Courtney…” Rebecca turned back for a second to look at her beautiful new girlfriend again, and to encourage her. “Oh, yeah…”

“Got to make sure you’re nice and wet before I stick this big boy in there,” Courtney cooed with a devilish smile, as she gestured to the large artificial cock glistening with lube that adorned her groin, once again making Rebecca’s eye pop open, this time, however, with much more lust for it than fear of it. Courtney bent back down to continue to play with Rebecca’s aroused clit with her tongue, this, her first oral sex, working her up for her first vaginal intercourse and the loss of her virginity, with the girl she loved, more with every passing moment of lesbian sex with her.

Within another minute of oral love with her new soulmate, whatever apprehension that Rebecca had with the idea of Courtney sticking that dildo into her sexually aching quim was pretty much non-existent, torrents of sexual pleasure having washed away her concerns and hesitations. At this point, in fact, all Rebecca wanted was to be fucked by her newly appointed girlfriend and she wanted it now, her virginity and the heterosexuality with which she had started the day be damned.

“F-F-Ffuck me…Courtney!” Rebecca softly exclaimed in a trembling whispered tone.

“Oh, don’t worry, my darling. I am going to fuck you. But in due time. It’s not for you or for me to say when we get to proceed with our fuck session. Right, Mistress?” Courtney asked as she gestured with her head to the laptop that had been observing everything that had been going on. On the screen an amused Ilsa was taking another calm sip from her brandy snifter, while her other hand was between her legs, playing with herself as she enjoyed the live sex show that her enthralled players were performing for her. Both Courtney and Jessica were glad that the laptop had a large, seventeen-inch screen, so that they could get a decent view of their erotic mistress and her sexy self-pleasure.

“I think we’ve teased Santos long enough, Ellen. You may proceed in fucking her,” Ilsa ordered with devilish glee.

“Thank you, Mistress Ilsa,” Courtney replied with her own dark elation. She placed one hand on Rebecca’s ass to steady herself and the other gripped the lubed silicone shaft to help guide it towards Rebecca’s aroused slit.

“Are you ready, my beloved? After I’m done with you, you’ll never want a man again. Only women. Only me. You and you precious pussy will be mine forever...your girlfriend’s...your female lover’s. Is that what you want?”

“Oh, yes! Pleeaase, my love. I only want you. Make me your woman. Please, please, please fuck my cunt!”

Rebecca was trembling with excitement and lust, as she was going to be fucked for the first time and it was going to be her teammate, friend, and soulmate who would deflower her.

A gasp of arousal rushed out Rebecca’s gleaming, dark purple lips as she felt the bulbous head of the strap-on split the outer lips of her womanhood and then slide past them. The lower half of her body began to tremble with sapphic lust as she felt Courtney gently push more of the defiling strap-on cock into her cunt.

Then it wasn’t long before Rebecca felt the head of the fake cock push against her virgin barrier and Courtney herself sensing some slight resistance emanating from Rebecca’s love hole as she fed more of the lube-slick mammoth dong into her sexy teammate’s cunt. Then with a sharp thrust of her hips Courtney burst through Rebecca’s hymen. Rebecca let out a sharp hiss and clenched her hands into fists, clutching bed sheets as she felt her maidenhood torn asunder in an act of pure sapphic lust. Going forward whenever she would recall her first sexual experience it would be focused on this moment she would recall with satisfaction and lust as she gave her virginity to her true love.

Courtney paused for a moment to give Rebecca time to adjust to the large invader being worked into her highly aroused pussy. When she saw the telltale signs of Rebecca shaking and quivering with lust followed by sexual whimpers begging her to continue. Courtney renewed her fucking of her girlfriend. A guttural wail of sexual passion was Rebecca’s only response when she felt a majority of the corrupting artificial cock invade her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

At last Rebecca felt Courtney’s groin make contact with the cheeks of her ass. She let out another passionate moan of pleasure as she felt her girlfriend’s crotch flesh on her ass skin and, moreso, as she felt the artificial cock fill her pussy completely, overwhelmingly, in ways she could never before have imagined being filled.

Courtney paused again for several seconds with her artificial phallus impaling her lovely, panting partner to the hilt, relishing the situation keenly, as she was at the onset of giving her teammate and newly declared girlfriend an intense fuck, per her mistress’s instructions, one which was also her own first experience in fucking another girl. Courtney was slightly amused and more than slightly turned on by what she was seeing, namely, one of her gorgeous teammates on the bed with her legs spread open like a whore while she was being eaten out by another equally sexy teammate, whom she was in the process of fucking. Courtney couldn’t help but take delight as she observed Rebecca’s body tremble with excitable lust from having the strap-on enter her.

Courtney then began to rhythmically move her hips back and forth in a slow, deliberate motion, which in turn rewarded her with Rebecca making sexual whimpers as she felt the strap-on cock gently move in and out of her wet, aroused pussy. The strap-on that she had on had a unique design to it, one in which the groin area of the strap-on, facing the wearer, had a firm, ribbed silicone wedge that allowed the female wearer to grind herself against it as she fucked her partner. Courtney couldn’t deny the pleasant feelings that were coming from her aroused pussy as she fucked Rebecca.

If this is what fucking a girl is like...mmmmmm...I’m never going to stop...

Another long moan of blissful lust rushed out Rebecca’s lips as she felt Courtney work the strap-on cock in and out of her pussy with increasing vigor. Eventually Rebecca began to rock her body in timing against Courtney’s pounding of her womanhood. Everytime Courtney thrust her hips forward, Rebecca would push her ass back to take more of the fake phallus into herself, that act accompanied by the distinct, erotic sound of girl flesh smacking against girl flesh.

Rebecca was so lost in her pleasurable feelings, she didn’t notice Jessica sliding one of her hands on top of her head and gently pulling her down towards Jessica’s gaping snatch, the Latina’s mouth and tongue automatically returning to Jessica’s pussy, like a boomerang flying back to its home port, which she eagerly resumed eating her out with greater fervor than even before, driven on by the lesbian sex exploding in her own womanhood. Both women subconsciously sensed that they would resort to oral-pussy play again when it came to their respective lovers and each other, and that inkling thrilled them and would drive them to many more lesbian sexual interactions with each other and other beautiful women in the future.

The bedroom soon became a cacophony of delirious moans, hot flesh slapping hot flesh, and lesbian lust devouring each beauty there. Eventually all three women achieved the sexual release they were seeking. Jessica felt her pussy throb and gush as she saw, felt, and heard Rebecca’s tongue prod, dig, and lick its way deeply into her spasming cunt, while lapping up all of her orgasmic female honey. Rebecca felt her own quim throb and pulse with sexual release as Courtney worked a very intense orgasm out of her, conclusively liberating her girlfriend from virginity and ushering both of them onto a one-way path into lesbianism and sluthood. Courtney achieved her own state of bliss as she ground her own erect clit against the firm silicone wedge on her side of the strap-on as she fucked Rebecca for all she was worth.

However, the night didn’t end there. Ilsa had them perform many more sexual acts, both for her own pleasure and to indelibly engrain lesbian love and sex into their physical and emotional proclivities from this night on, as long as they were still under the sway of the drug Jessica had administered to them. She had them eat each other out in a daisy chain; finger each other; make out for extended periods; practice obscene, sexy talk; and watch lesbian porn while they masturbated each other. Nothing was taboo. Just about every perverse act that Ilsa could think of she had her players perform on one another. She even had Rebecca finger and tongue-rim her new girlfriend, Courtney, in the ass, then trade places. The lesbian threesome finally concluded for the night when Ilsa diddled herself to another blissful orgasm after commanding Rebecca and Jessica to simultaneously work the vibrators in and out of Courtney’s sexy pussy and ass, coaxing another intense orgasm out of their cute blonde teammate.

Before letting them fall asleep, Ilsa issued a few commands. She told her girls that they would remember the sapphic menage a trois that they just had; that they themselves had initiated it after a few drinks and when Courtney had confessed her true feelings to Rebecca, after which Rebecca revealed her own reciprocal love and they eagerly agreed to enter a dating girlfriend relationship with each other; that both girls had thanked Jessica for bringing them together; and that they all recognized that they must have been lesbians throughout their lives, that they only liked girls, and that they would come out in the open in the future. They also would vow to be grateful and loyal to their coach and would do anything she asked of them without hesitation or remorse, further enforcing her previous commands that they were her lesbian sex slaves and she was their mistress. Not long before Monica and Meredith came home, the basketball teammates finally went to bed, all of them with their bodies naked and hugging one another intimately, private parts in contact, and with Courtney and Rebecca snuggling up in the middle of the bed--their first night sleeping together of thousands of nights in the future--and Jessica cuddling Rebecca from the side and having her hand on and in the brunette’s womanhood, the two of them sharing a special bond from that point on by virtue of the experience of Rebecca’s first deep lesbian sex act, cunnilingus with another woman, with Jessica.

Somewhere else …

Ilsa was very content for the night. She now had three of her very sexy players under her control, and, if she played her cards right, she would eventually collect all her players into her own private lesbian harem, to use as she saw fit.

She had Regina to thank for that. While her relationship with the head of financial aid at the college hadn’t been the closest or the friendliest in the past, and it had never been sexual, despite Ilsa knowing there was a tense attraction between them--partly because Ilsa’s predilection was for women in their early twenties and younger, into their teen years--it had been warming up lately over their common interests, and it did have certain benefits. She had got to use one of those benefits this very night. In fact, just thinking about the woman now seemed to be putting Ilsa in a wonderful and very randy mood. Hmmmmmm...yes...she is a very attractive woman...quite beautiful...and very sexy…

Ilsa thought that she had spent herself while ordering and watching Harrison, Ellen, and Santos performing the lewdest sapphic acts of which she could think on each other, but just picturing that woman in her mind made her want another round of self-pleasuring. The more she focused on Regina, the hornier she got. What the fuck, she thought to herself in a flippant manner, not caring for the reasons for such desires and only wanting to deal with the torrent of lust her body was signaling to her. Ilsa walked over to her dresser and opened the top-most drawer. She fished out her favorite rabbit vibrator and made her way over to her bed.

Ilsa slid under the covers and began to work the vibrator in and out of her steaming, lust-filled cunt. Ilsa let out a soft purr as she let the vibrator do it’s magic, enjoying the sensations as she fantasized that the beautiful Regina was in bed with her, working the wicked vibrating tool in and out of her drenched quim.

None of this seemed odd to Ilsa. What Ilsa didn’t realize was that while she had been communicating with Regina’s team over what kinds of subliminal messages she wanted issued to Jessica, Courtney, and Rebecca via her laptop, she herself had been getting blasted with a set of subliminal messages tailored by Regina, ones that made llsa desire the gorgeous brunette and wish to obey her every command like the loyal sex slave Regina felt Ilsa was meant to be.

Thank Goddess I have that marvelous woman in my life, Ilsa thought to herself as the last gentle quivers of her last orgasm of the night rippled through her body and she gradually faded off into a very restful slumber, dreaming of Regina and of various pleasant, naughty things they could do together.


It was late in the night when Meredith and Monica finally arrived back at their dormitory apartment. Entering the apartment together, they strolled into the living room, where they dropped the bags of clothes and other accoutrements they had purchased onto the sofa, chairs, and carpet there, agreeing to leave it there this night and sort through it the next day, all except for the comics, the box Lydia had given Monica, and their makeup, which they would take into their bedroom with them. When they had put down the pertinent bags, they turned toward one another, staring and smiling at each other for several seconds. Monica, unable to resist, dropped her eyes to Meredith’s breasts and shapely, slender body for the umpteenth time that day, before meeting her date’s eyes again.

Meredith didn’t know why, but she was so entranced by her Hispanic hottie friend that she felt she just had to spend more time getting to know her. Even spending the whole day with her, while a good start, hadn’t been nearly enough. In fact, the more time she spent with Monica, the more she wanted of her company, of her attention, of her affection, and of her touches. And that kiss they had shared in the park...there was no way she was going to be satisfied with just that single encounter with those soft, full, painted lips. Granted, she and Monica were now living together in the same sub-suite of their apartment (unlike before, when they had had separate bedrooms) and sleeping together in the same bed--which situation she was loving and already knew she wanted to last indefinitely, that one night in bed with Monica having been the most precious experience of her life so far, she had acknowledged to herself--but Meredith also knew that there was something different between them when they were out in public, compared to when they were alone together in their apartment, where they had privacy and seemed to have more...more freedom with each other.

They had just gotten back from a movie, a splendid way that both women felt would cap off their date, or “friendly girl’s night out”, which they knew they could call it if they had to justify it to others. For Meredith, it had been super nice to sit for a couple of hours next to her cute hottie friend in a dark room. She had immensely enjoyed hanging out with Monica over the day, getting to know more about her, sharing experiences and emotions with her, starting to become her confidant, and being close to her physically so much, but in the dark theater she had felt, even more, a sense of starting to belong to one another. There were times when she caught Monica leaning against her, resting her head on her shoulder, Meredith catching a pleasant whiff of the perfume that Monica had on. Meredith recalled the embarrassed but adorable look Monica gave her the first time she realized what she was doing and backed off, only to find herself soon drifting back to cuddling with Meredith, and not retreating again, which Meredith accepted, and even wrapped her arm around the Latina beauty for part of the movie. They had looked into each other’s pretty, dimly-lit face numerous times, smiling affectionately. They had held hands most of the time. Meredith had even pulled Monica closer a time or two and kissed the top of her girlfriend’s head, savoring the silkiness and scent of her deep-black hair. Meredith couldn’t help but feel deeply charmed by her sexy companion and their sweet interactions.

Meredith viewed their whole day together, but especially their time together at the movie, as a unambiguous, unequivocal, romantic date, exactly as if she had been out by a guy. It was her first date ever. No guy had ever been interested enough in her to ask her out. She certainly had never been to a movie on a date before. But she couldn’t imagine that going out with any guy could possibly be nicer, sweeter, or more wonderful in any way than dating Monica, spending the whole day with her, sharing some of their interests, background, concerns, and hopes with each other, and being romantic companions to each other at the movie.

Meredith was the one, of course, who had asked Monca out the night before in bed to accompany her this day and who had proposed calling it a date. Besides liking Monica and wanting to be closer to her, she had a further agenda of which Monica was unaware, namely, to, as plotted with Claire, draw Monica into lesbian-like desires, especially centered on herself, to break down her vaunted, haughty pride, which was so connected to her being straight and irresistible to guys, and to start a relationship which she, Meredith, would control. All the events of the day had convinced her that not only was it possible for her to succeed, but that she was indeed succeeding and that she had a heretofore unknown and untapped beauty, allure, and sexiness hiding within her, just waiting to be exploited, to which other girls would respond and which she would employ on Monica, as planned, who, Meredith had seen on numerous occasions and in numerous ways in the day, was putty in her hands. Yes, Monica was ga-ga over her, hot for her body, and eager to become much closer with her.

Meredith was also feeling her own affection for Monica becoming precious to her and laced through, much more than she thought would happen to her, with increasing lust for Monica’s beauty and body, leading her to desire an even deeper relationship with Monica and to change Monica more drastically than she had originally intended. By the time their date day was over, Meredith’s scheme to simply stir some lesbian feelings within Monica, to break down her heterosexual pride, and to become, thereby, better friends with her, as well as to exact a little bit of revenge on the haught beauty, had evolved. Now she wanted to destroy every shred of heterosexuality in Monica and to see her become randy, dyed-in-the-wool lesbian, a permanent and completely gay woman, a promiscuous lesbian slut totally and hopelessly infatuated with her, Meredith, as well as other women and girls, all of the time and for all time, and helplessly addicted to lesbian sex.

For Monica it was a different story in certain respects. She knew well what dating was like, but it had always been with guys before. She had had mixed feelings when the day had started about what she and Meredith were going to be doing together. Yes, Meredith had called it a date, but should she consider it a date in the way Meredith had seemed to suggest. Was it really the same kind of date she had had with boys? How could it be? They were, after all, two girls. Straight girls. Surely, wasn’t this supposed to be more like a “girls night out”, just two friends out for a good time, not a step on the path to love, or even to some kind of long-term commitment such as...such as marriage. Nevertheless, as the day progressed, Monica’s feelings for Meredith and the direction and nature of their relationship had evolved far more and had become more complicated than she ever imagined. At the core of those changes in her feelings, of which she was now all too aware, was sheer lust for her red-haired girlfriend, lust for another girl which had been alien to her but a day or two before and which had seemed to arise within her literally overnight.

Little did Meredith realize, but her feelings for Monica were every bit as sexual and lust-filled as Monica’s. While she supposed she was in control and that it was only Monica who was being lured one-way into lesbianism, and that, though she was playing with Monica like a lesbian, she herself wasn’t being pulled into anything she couldn’t manage--such as a transformation of her own sexual orientation--Meredith was ignorantly just as much a puppet of Hecate as Monica, and was playing to perfection the part assigned to her, as well. She was falling in love with Monica and her body yearned for sex with Monica every bit as much as Monica did for her...she just didn’t know it quite yet. She was subconsciously accepting it all and delighting in her attraction to, her companionship with, her new, romantic girlfriend relationship with, her seduction of, and the prospect of girl-on-girl sexual play with her gorgeous girlfriend Monica without the internal conflict Monica had.

All throughout the day, Monica had felt a torrent of clashing emotions within herself, emotions clashing with logic. She couldn’t place it, but her time spent with Meredith had created an attraction towards her redheaded friend unlike any she had ever felt toward any human being before...and it wasn’t the kind of attraction which spurred her simply to improve her friendship with Meredith. No, what Monica was feeling, as much as blooming love, was physical desire for Meredith, the kind of desire which was borne out of romantic yearning, the kind about which one could read in tawdry paperback romance novels, the kind of desire that could only be sated body to body by carnal acts committed by two consenting two women in love...or in lust...

Monica had spent most of the day keeping herself in check, reigning in her erratic emotions and making sure she didn’t say or do anything embarrassing in front of Meredith. She had contented herself holding Meredith’s hand, and with being able to hear her enchanting, delicate voice, and breathe in her perfumed scent, and devour her with her eyes--which she no more could prevent herself from doing than a shark could resist pouncing on a salmon swimming by, especially after the redhead changed into the breathtaking minidress she bought that afternoon--even when she knew she was being all too obvious. The single kiss they had shared had also sufficed her for the time being, while also whetting her taste for more of the same.

But the movie theater seemed to be a tipping point of sorts. The Marvel sci-fi she had chosen because she knew Meredith would like it wasn’t what she normally would have gone for in the past, but, to her surprise, she started to enjoy it fairly quickly, particularly whenever a scantily-clad superheroine appeared on the screen. Monica relaxed and watched the movie for a while. But then she started to let her eyes stray over the audience in the theater. She took note of the other couples in the dark theater with their dates, couples enjoying themselves, the girls leaning up against their respective partners, some sneaking quick kisses with their dates and some couples making out, completely ignoring the movie that was playing. Monica even saw a lesbian couple or two playfully flirting, giggling, and kissing exactly like the straight couples. She found herself particularly fascinated with those couples, and little interested in the straight ones.

Monica also had found herself in a state of keen enjoyment from Meredith’s proximity. Time and again, with as much stealth as she could, she looked over at her date, happy in the privilege of being there together, being there on a date with her, with the sense of belonging to each other in the subtle, vague way two people on a first date can, being there with Meredith’s, slender, warm body so close for so long, and able to frequently run her eyes over her date’s pretty, made-up face and sexy body in the dimmed, flickering light prevalent there. Meredith had taken her hand to lead her to their seats and the two girls had maintained that embrace for most of the movie, looking at each other now and then and giving each other an affectionate squeeze, pausing for a few breaks here and there, followed quickly by resuming it, and usually with their fingers laced together

The atmosphere became so relaxing--or, more accurately, romantic--that Monica let her guard down and did what her past experiences in such situations, as well as the feelings for her companion she felt surging within her, told her to do. She couldn’t help but stroke her date’s forearm in a gentle, lovey-dovey manner and she leaned her head on Meredith’s shoulder, letting out a contented sigh.

Monica heard a soft cough which shook her head lightly, and which called attention to what she was doing. Monica looked up to see Meredith looking at her, seeming to be a bit confused by Monica’s actions. When she realized what she was doing, the Latina was embarrassed. It was an awkward moment, but still one gloriously bursting, in some way, with significance and possibilities between the two young coeds, one in which Monica’s body was urging her to seize the opportunity to plant a sensual kiss on the gorgeous lips of her redheaded friend and confess her attraction for her.

However, frozen by the possibility that she would only embarrass herself further if she acted on that urge, all she could do was softly mumble out a flustered “I’m sorry”, sit up, turn her head toward the screen, let go of Meredith’s hand, and avoid Meredith’s gaze for a while, although if she would have looked at Meredith right then, she would have seen a little smile across her shiny, painted lips. It wasn’t long, though, before Monica found herself regretting having retreated from Meredith earlier and from assuming that Meredith hadn’t liked her advance, and once again half-unconsciously leaned into Meredith, taking hold of Meredith’s hand, lacing her fingers with hers, and pressing herself against her cute redheaded friend. Perceiving no resistance, she once again rested her head on Meredith’s shoulder. When she felt Meredith’s free arm encircle her shoulders and pull her in tighter, she smiled and snuggled her face onto Meredith’s breasts, where she remained for most of the rest of the movie. She imagined running her hand over her girlfriends braless breasts, covered so thinly by Meredith’s sexy new minidress, or turning her head to kiss them through the silky material, or slipping her hand onto the redhead’s smooth, white thigh, and reaching up to pull her face down so that their lips could meet.

But, feeling timid and not wanting to offend her date, she didn’t. As the movie neared its ending and Monica sat up, which forced Meredith to remove her arm from around Monica, she couldn’t help but think that she had missed out on an opportunity. When their eyes met, Monica couldn’t help but wonder whether Meredith was thinking of the same thing.

So that’s how the day and the evening had gone for Monica. She had been inflammed to her wit’s end by the beauty and body of her sexy redhaired companion, getting some physical affection with her but not nearly as much as she craved. What she had gotten had only made her thirst for more. And now they were back at the apartment, alone and in private, but it seemed that Meredith was signaling she was ready to turn in without further ado. Monica knew she had to do something, something with Meredith, something to quell the storm of emotions she was feeling, or it would be another restless night for her.

Say something, anything, you dimwit, or else you’re going to miss your chance...

But I...I’m not I?....... way...impossible..........I’m positive...almost positive… And, besides, she’s straight, too… I’m pretty sure...

What are you afraid of? She seems to like you. You have her all to yourself. You've been waiting for this opportunity all day… Tell her how you much you like her...and want her...

……………...but……………....should you tell that another girl…?

The argument in her mind was growing louder and louder, until the debate was interrupted when she heard an enchanting voice call her from across the living room. “Hey, coming?”

It was enough to snap Monica back to reality and she realized that Meredith was already at the entrance to the hallway that led towards the bedrooms. When Monica quickly made her way over, inadvertently banging her bag of comics against an arm of the sofa on the way, Meredith made a shhh gesture. Monica couldn’t help but adore her friend’s pouty, orange-red lips as she made the signal towards her. Desire to kiss those lips again stepped forward yet another time in her emotions. Mmmmm… She’s sooo cute.

“Let’s be a little more quiet,” Meredith whispered as Monica stepped to her side and nodded her head in agreement. “It looks like Jessica and her friends might have turned in for the night.”

“Okay,” the Hispanic beauty whispered back, both young women being completely unaware of the carnal lesbian debauchery that had occurred earlier in the night in the apartment.

Both women tiptoed their way to their bedroom and quietly entered it. There was a feeling of levity and mirth as Monica and Meredith walked inside. It kind of felt like they were little school children sneaking around to avoid the attention of the adults. When they closed the door behind them, both young women let out playful giggles, doing so knowing, per Abby’s orientation, that the sound insulation between rooms was quite good in Suites apartments.

“If you don’t mind, let me freshen up before we turn in for the night,” cooed Meredith sultrily as she made her way towards the bathroom. All Monica could do was just nod her head in response and watch her cute redheaded friend walk away, admiring the developing, ample ass on the woman who captivated her so much. It wasn’t long before Monica heard the sounds of a shower. A pleasant tingle began to pulse between her legs as she imagined Meredith under a warm stream of water, sensually washing her nude body. Then came the urge to sneak in and take a peek at Meredith’s naked form through the glass wall of the shower, but Monica reigned in, just barely, that inappropriate thought before it could take hold of her mind to the point of acting on it.

Monica, having set her purchases on her desk and sat down there, looked at the plastic bag that contained the large black box that she had been given by Lydia. Curious, she took it out of the bag, set it on the desk, opened the top of the box, and saw another box inside with a note on top of it. It read as follows:

Something to get you started on your way to geekdom and maybe catch the attention of a certain redhead in your life.

- Lydia [signed with a little heart over the “i” instead of a dot]

P.S. You can call me anytime. 865-432-1111

Monica blushed after reading the note and placed it in a drawer in her desk. She couldn’t help but feel some appreciation for Lydia trying to bring her and Meredith together and also a pleasant tingle between her legs when she thought of the cute and very attractive Lydia, what good fortune it was to have run into her outside of class and to get to know her a little, and what relationship they might have in the future. As the warm feeling washed over her, Monica worked the second box out of the larger box. The second box had more details printed on it than the box in which it was contained,including stock photos and comic book images of the seductive Black Queen statue she had ogled at the comic book shop earlier in the day.

Opening the second box, Monica carefully extracted the statue and reverently placed it on top of a cleared space on her desk. An impression came over her that this was an idol to be worshipped, one, moreover, which would be her personal shrine to Meredith...her girlfriend...her mistress.

Wait…”mistress”?.... Goddess dammit, Monica! Get yourself together! Monica frantically thought to herself, the conflicting feelings starting to brew again in her mind. Monica didn’t know what she should do to resolve them, but she did feel her heart rapidly beating against her chest as she eyed the statue and thought of Meredith. She concluded that she ought to stall for a bit more time to figure things out, using the bathroom after Meredith and buying herself a few more minutes of precious time there. Then, after that, Monica supposed, her window of opportunity, if she wanted to express herself, whatever that would mean, would be very small before they retired to bed, since the hour was so late.

Her concentration on the statue broke when she heard the message chime on her smartphone ring. She picked it up and after unlocking the phone, an amused smirk appeared on her face. The message was from Celeste and contained two photos. Two awesome photos.

The first one showed Laura and Celeste in what convincingly looked to be a lusty embrace. Both young women were down to their bras and panties. Laura had a very fetching black lace set and Celeste, disappointingly, in a plain pink set. The image had them sitting on their bed, leaning into each other with their eyes closed, as their lips made contact. Celeste must have been holding the phone, for Monica could see her arm outstretched in the picture. Laura had her arms around Celeste, her hands resting on her blonde friend’s back. Aside from them pressing their lips together, they were also pressing their breasts together in the image.

Hmmm...not bad… This one definitely counts… I wonder how much further they’ll go in their next pictures, Monica thought to herself as she reviewed the picture. She then moved to the next image and this one was far more sensational than the first image. This image had both girls lying side by side on their bed, embracing each other in what looked to be a deep sensual kiss. It appeared to Monica that Laura had her tongue inside Celeste’s mouth, which she found herself excitedly hoping was the case, although it was hard to conclusively tell due to the position of their faces. Again Celeste had an arm outstretched indicating that it was her that took the provocative image.

The photo gave Monica a very good view of her friends’ youthful bodies, her eyes eagerly drinking in Celeste and Laura's wonderful nakedness. She noticed that Laura liked to keep her pussy shaved bald, as it was shaved smooth, while Celeste kept hers neatly trimmed. She observed how puffy and stiff their nipples were. Laura had her hands clutching the ample rear of Celeste. Despite their protests earlier, the passion and licentiousness apparent in the photo strongly reflected to Monica that what she had suspected, or at least had hoped for, was true--that these two cute vixens had a thing for one another, maybe a buried one which they could thank Monica for unleashing.

Monica let out a small chuckle as she imagined transforming these two hot babes into pure, wild lesbians, ones who were not only in a deeply romantic and sexual relationship with each other, but also ones she could make into sex slaves for her dear Meredith, woman who would offer their sexy bodies to her redheaded friend and fulfill whatever perverse desire Meredith might have.

Monica’s mind began to dwell exclusively on her sexy roommate. She had spent essentially the whole day with Meredith. Her company had been like a soft, seducing breeze, her voice like sweet music, her hair like an enchanting red waterfall streaked with pale sunlight, her painted face like a captivating work of art, her breasts like the most inviting, delicious-looking fruit, and her other curves like the swells and ebbs of the ocean. The hope of touching her smooth skin and beautiful hair, of kissing her soft, painted lips, of holding her slim but shapely body, and of exploring all of its undulations and secret crevices and mysteries had become a consuming desire over the day. It was dawning on her that she was becoming infatuated with the alluring geekish girl. Though she was surprised and perplexed by the suddenness and depth of her feelings for this nerd girl, and by the fact that it was a girl of any kind for whom she was falling and falling so fast, Monica’s mind nevertheless wondered if maybe Meredith was also thinking about her in the same way, hoped desperately that she was, and mused about what she could do to find out, to make Meredith love and want her more, and to resolve the attraction they had for one another.

However, Monica didn’t have adequate time to settle her feelings or to devise a plan on what she wanted to do and should do, for as soon as Meredith stepped out the bathroom, the pretty Latina’s jaw dropped to the floor. She had expected her sexy redheaded friend to come out in pajamas or at least in her bra and panties, like on the night before, but this time Meredith had opted to come out wearing only her birthday suit, triumphantly showing off her glorious nude body for Monica to see, adore, and worship. The only thing she had on, kind of, was a large, fluffy white towel she was using to gently dry off her illustrious red mane, which task caused her to lift her arms, and her breasts with them, making her tantalizing nipples stand up all the more than they normally did.

Meredith was proudly and intentionally displaying every tantalizing curve of her body, putting it up for display to the only person in the room, Monica, as if tempting her, no, daring her to make a move. She had discovered that showing off her lovely body, especially showing a lot of skin, to other girls could truly capture their attention and provoke their lust for her. Wanting to hook Monica on herself so completely that she would never want to escape her, and to make her into an intractable lesbian, she saw this moment as the time to make a splashy move, an ultimate move. And she could read from the lusty awe on her roommate’s face that her affect was all she had suspected it would be, and more.

Meredith was unaware of the hidden cameras in her bedroom, thinking that she was only giving Monica a free show, but she was unknowingly giving the Hecate agents observing her and Monica a very moving display of her naked form, too, which had them all smiling and leaning forward raptly in their seats.

“Is it a bit much?” Meredith asked in a teasing manner.

“U-u-uh … um… no, n-no, it isn’t. I-it’s just that… I mean, no, it’s fine. You look good,” was the only thing Monica could stutter out in response. “Really good.”

“It’s just that since I slept in the nude last night and I had a very good night’s sleep, I figured why not sleep this way going forward? Didn’t you also sleep well last night after that episode you had?” Meredith queried teasingly. “You know...after you stripped to the buff...with me…” The implication was that not only sleeping naked, but, moreso, stripping to nudity with Meredith and sleeping naked with her, too, had been Monica’s cure on the previous night. She had a hunch about what Monica’s response would be when she asked that question, but there was a part of her that still wanted to hear it from Monica.

Monica slowly nodded her head in agreement. Meredith did bring up a very valid point. Right after the nightmare she had had last night, Meredith proposed that it might have been the restrictive clothing she had on--which consisted only of her bra and panties--that was causing her an uncomfortable night’s sleep physically and also were the cause of her mental discomfort. Accordingly, Meredith had suggested that sleeping in the nude would yield a more blissful slumber. And her cute redheaded bedmate had been right. Nude sleeping was grand. Monica wondered why she hadn’t tried it before, and it had seemed to her to be something she would want to try again, maybe not necessarily every night, but often. And, yes, Meredith’s smooth, soft, fragrant naked body pressing up against hers also was a wonderful assist. It had been, truth be told, the most comforting, most exciting part of the experience, although she didn’t know then whether the cuddling part would happen again in the future.

“Uh...yes, Meredith… You’re right, I think. I did sleep really well after that. I think I had more dreams, too, but I think they were all really nice...although I don’t remember them now... except...I think...I think you were in one or two of them.” Brief images from those dreams, of erotic fantasy versions of Meredith, and of Meredith and her making love, flickered in and out of Monica’s mind, making her gasp.

“You okay, Monica?”

“ was just…” She didn’t know how to finish the statement, so she let it drift off.

In the meantime, Meredith had tossed her towel aside, pulled out her new compact and a tube of lipstick out of their bag on her desk, and faced Monica. Quite purposefully and slowly, knowing Monica’s eyes were fixed on her, she removing the cap of the lipstick, rotated the tube to extend the colorful lip paint, opened and held up the compact to see her reflection--although half the time she was also looking at Monica sultrily--and stroked on her orange-red lipstick, restoring the lip coloring that had been washed off in the shower. She applied coat after coat--Monica receiving the message loud and clear that Meredith was painting her lips solely for the only other girl in the room, Monica--before she finally retracted the lipstick, capped it, snapped the compact closed, and set them on her desk. Then she stood posing for the paralyzed Latina, rotating around, hands lifting her hair, and simultaneously her breasts, then releasing it to let it fall over her face, neck, and shoulders like a silken, gold-streaked, red waterfall.

“Well...what do you think?’

Monica couldn’t even mutter out any coherent words. “Uh...uh...oh...I…”

“I’ll take that as approval, silly. But won’t you tell me? How do you like my body?”

‘Uh...uh...wonderful!! Beautiful!!! You!”

“I’m glad you like it. I kind of thought you did. Well, now that I’m naked...and have my lipstick on for you...I’m ready for bed. How about you?”

“I-I guess I’ll get ready,” Monica replied meekly as she made her way to the bathroom with her head bowed down in a subservient manner. As she passed Meredith, she felt her cute friend seductively graze the outside of her hand with her finger and when Monica turned her head she was rewarded by Meredith giving her an equally playful, seductive smile.

Meredith whispered to the Latina she was passing and flirting with, “I can’t wait to get into bed with you, beautiful…”

By the time Monica made it to the bathroom and closed the door behind her, she was a bundle of nerves. Letting out a frustrated sigh, she told herself that Meredith was not making things easy for her, and that her being naked was definitely going to present a big challenge for her.

Turning on the water in the sink, Monica splashed some cool water on her face, hoping it would take some of the edge off the emotional rollercoaster she was riding, but it didn’t. She removed her jewelry, brushed her teeth, and washed her face, removing all of her makeup Monica had hoped that when she completed her nightly bedtime prep ritual she would be able to collect her thoughts and figure out what to do next, but she couldn’t shake the image and reality of her pretty girlfriend’s painted lips and nude body, waiting for her in the adjoining bedroom. Her heart was still racing, her body was abuzz with sexual excitement, and Monica was just as nervous as ever trying to figure out what she should do next.

Taking a small towel off the towel rack, Monica dried off her face and stared at her reflection. Admiring her good looks, Monica acknowledged that she was beautiful in her own regards but she wasn’t as beautiful as her sexy girlfriend Meredith. Desiring to look her most alluring for her foxy roommate, she sat down on a stool at the bathroom’s vanity, painted her lips with the same metallic icy silver-blue lipstick she had worn that afternoon, remembering Meredith appearing attracted to her in it. She took out her curling iron and put some more waves and curls in her lush black mane. She decided to also put on her two-inch silver hoop earrings. Turning her head back and forth, she loved her reflection, and hoped Meredith would, too. For good measure, she sprayed her favorite perfume on her wrists, neck, and chest.

She then turned her head and focused on the closed door that led out to the bedroom...where Meredith was waiting for her...naked.

I guess it‘s now or never, Monica thought to herself, as she began to summon up the courage to disrobe herself and walk out the door naked.

Standing, Monica started with her top. It wasn’t long before she had that removed. Then came off her jeans, soon followed by her bra. Monica caught a glimpse of her topless form in the bathroom mirror. She marvelled at her large mammaries, and thought that the topless version of herself she was seeing was not only incredibly desirable, but was herself at her best, her natural, scrumptious, most tempting best. It wouldn’t be a bad thing at all, the impression came to her, if she paraded around the apartment like this for Meredith, as well as for her roommates, on a regular basis; maybe even in public, if the occasion were right... Nevertheless, at the same time she felt a bit ashamed of her beautiful knockers, as they were nowhere as perfect as Meredith’s breasts. Compared side-by-side, Monica was certain she would lose. Meredith’s breasts were just right, not too big nor too small, and shaped like ripe fruit, or works of art, her prominent, beautifully, deeply rosy pink nipples tilted upward slightly and just right, as if begging for a kiss...for Monica’s kiss They were a majestic pair, full of the promise that a girl could get a good handful of the redheaded beauty’s ample bosom. Monica idly wondered, despite still believing she was a straight girl at heart, whether she would get that awesome privilege, whether tonight or another time.

Monica hooked her fingers under the waistband of her panties and began to gently slide them down her hips, past her legs, and off her feet. When she was done, she took a look at her nude form, the thought passing through her mind that, if she were another girl in the bathroom with her, she would, unless she were blind, not be able to look away, that she would be interested in her, interested in a sexual way, and something might well happen between them. But tonight, the only question which mattered to Monica was what Meredith thought of her. Monica couldn’t help but wonder whether Meredith found her attractive in the same way she was thinking of Meredith.

Monica eyed the patch of neatly trimmed black pubic hair on her groin as she gently combed her fingers through it. It invoked in Monica’s mind images of Meredith’s sexy red haired patch that she had seen between Meredith’s legs just minutes before. What would be Meredith’s reaction to her pussy? Would she like it as much as Monica like Meredith’s? Monica sat down again on the vanity stool, continuing to run her fingers over her mons, admire her reflection, and dwell on Meredith. sexy… For much of the afternoon, without Monica realizing it, she had been linking her redhaired girlfriend’s name to that word…”sexy”... whenever she heard her name in her mind. Just as Meredith had been the “nerd girl” for so long in Monica’s mind, a dismissive term for a disdained, defective acquaintance, now she was admired, revered, adored...and “sexy”... unquestionably, pulse-poundingly, heart-achingly, bewitchingly sexy. Sexy Meredith.

Mmmmm...Meredith…sooo seexxyy... Monica murmured softly.

A soft purr escaped Monica’s lips as she felt her fingers gently graze the very sensitive spot between her legs. Enjoying the sensations, Monica began to gently rub her fingers against her pubic mound, her clit, and her labia. Soft gasps became moans of lust. It was a losing battle as sensibility and modesty gave way to the torrential force of sapphic lust coursing through her body. It wasn’t long before Monica was clutching her left breast with one hand and began to work the fingers of her other hand into her wet slit, as Monica thought of Meredith, the object of her desire who seemed so close and yet so far away.

Monica, you want to seduce Meredith with your naked body.

Monica, you desire to have sex with Meredith.

Monica, you want to become Meredith’s lesbian fucktoy.

Monica, Meredith is more beautiful than you.

Monica, Meredith’s body is sexier than yours.

Monica, Meredith will always be better than you.

Monica, you will only find peace by having lesbian sex with Meredith.

These were some of the subliminal messages that were playing and fueling her self-pleasuring session, revving up her emotions close to nearly uncontrollable levels. And yet Monica still had a very thin and tenuous hold on herself and was trying to exert some control over her passions. She was, afterall, straight, and desires such as those sweeping over her for another girl were simply incongruous with her life-long, proven heterosexual nature. Nevertheless, it was a losing battle, as images, each one more scandalous than the previous one, began to appear in Monica’s mind, ones of Meredith in various states of undress, including of her in today’s sexy dress and of glimpses from the dreams of the night, but especially of her as seen in the moonlight of the previous night, removing her bra and panties, and of her completely naked in full room light mere minutes ago, and in sexually compromising and inviting positions.

“Meredith … oh, yes! My love…” Monica said through gritted teeth, as an image of Meredith playing with marvelous breasts appeared in her mind. Monica continued to work herself over, enjoying the pleasure of her beloved nerd-girl giving her a spectacular tit show, relishing in the sinful pleasure that was coming from between her legs.

“Fuck me, Meredith! Make me your girlfriend!” Monica exclaimed fervently, as she picked up the pace and began now to work two fingers in and out of her spasming snatch as she was fantasizing of her sexy redheaded friend, and then of the two of them naked and together in bed. As this fantasy developed, Meredith wrapped one arm around Monica’s bare, slender waist, while using her free hand to work her dainty, elegant fingers in and out of Monica’s quivering quim between Monica’s legs, the pleasure building up with each stroke of Meredith’s fingers as they plumbed that most sensitive spot in her body. Meredith would alternately tease and play with Monica’s erect, sexually excited clit. “Ohhhh, Meredith, fuck me, my love!”

Before Monica could cross the finish line, however, she heard an ominous creaking sound and

turned her head toward the bathroom door. To her shock and horror, she saw Meredith parked in the now open doorway to the bathroom, a look of blushing surprise on her face. All color drained from Monica’s face as she realized that she had been jilling off, not only fantasizing about Meredith, but also quite audibly calling out her name, while Meredith had been observing her unaware.


“Monica! Oh, excuse me! I’m...I’m so sorry!… I-I was...I was just wondering what was taking you so long and...and I thought I would check in on you…” Meredith stammered, abashed, as she had just caught Monica fingering herself while calling out her name.

The shame and embarrassment was too much for Monica. She dropped to her knees and let out a moanful sob, succeeded by more tearful cries.

While the original central goal of Meredith’s plan was to tear down Monica’s lofty pride and draw her into a humble and more controllable mindset--although now that goal had mutated to complete seduction and transformation of her roommate--it had not been Meredith’s intent to put Monica in a situation as compromised and embarrassing for her as this one, at least tonight, after such a lovely time together and making such phenomenal headway in their relationship over the day. It was just that Monica was taking a bit longer than normal and out of concern she walked over to the bathroom to check in on her friend. As she got closer Meredith heard some moaning coming from behind the door. The muffled moans didn’t sound like ones of pain but something completely different. Sounds that Meredith made herself when she pleasured herself during her private moments. But Meredith wasn’t so sure, so with a mixture of curiosity and concern Meredith gently pressed herself against the door and slowly and quietly opened it to try and get a peek inside.

What she saw was a very pleasant surprise. Meredith saw Monica arching her back slightly, with one hand groping one of her large, exquisite breasts, and the other between her legs.

The soft moaning sounds coming from Monica’s lips was alluring and Meredith herself felt her body respond accordingly. Meredith felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy throb and pulse with desire at the sounds that Monica was making. However, what caught Meredith off guard was that she thought she heard Monica utter her name as she played with herself.

I-Is she masturbating to… me?

Wanting to confirm her suspicions Meredith leaned in closer to the door to get better audio. However, in doing so she accidentally pushed against it, causing it to open and alert Monica that she was not as alone as she thought herself to be.

Now, here she was seeing her close friend distraught and weeping on the floor of their bathroom. After she had caught her in a very compromising situation. Meredith couldn’t help but feel a little pity on the weeping Latina hottie. A sense of guilt at what she had just done to Monica washed over her. She had violated her friend’s privacy and couldn’t fathom a justifiable reason for her action. All Meredith could come up with was that she was curious but deep down all she really wanted was to see more of the naked sexy Latina diddling herself to orgasm in her name.

Meredith did the only thing she could think of doing. She walked over, got on her knees and gave her friend a comforting hug. She held the trembling Latina in her arms, pressing her body against hers, whispering soothing, gentle words of comfort and gently stroking the weeping hottie’s silky hair as she did.

In response Monica wrapped her arms around Meredith for comfort. Pressing her soft nude body against Meredith’s equally naked form. Sobbing into Meredith’s pillowy breasts. Eventually a soft contented sigh slipped past Monica’s lips as the physical contact with her crush helped soothe some of the feelings of shame and embarrassment away.

“I-I’m sorry …” Monica said apologetically

“You have nothing to be sorry about Monica. I’m the one that invaded your privacy” Meredith said reassuringly as she gently stroked Monica’s hair.

“I-I-I’m not a freak..” Monica tearfully said to Meredith

“No, you’re not. You’re a very beautiful woman that's... just trying to find out what she wants out of life.” Meredith responded back to Monica trying to deflect away from what Monica was doing moments before she accidentally barged in on her.

Monica began to nuzzle herself against Meredith’s breast comforting herself as she did. Meredith didn’t seem to mind as she herself found the physical feeling pleasant and something she really didn’t want to end but she really didn’t want to spend the rest of the night on the bathroom floor.

“Hey Monica want to… you know maybe, take this to the bedroom. Unless you want to spend the night on the bathroom floor, you know.”

Monica let a few more tearful sobs as she meekly nodded her head in agreement with Meredith and managed to collect herself as she and her sexy friend made their way to the bedroom.

When they made it towards their bed both young women went under the covers except Meredith didn’t want to end their night like this. She had too many questions, and she knew that she wouldn’t get any rest till she had her answers.

“Monica? You know that if there’s something you want to tell me… well I just want to let you know that I’m not going to judge you and that I’m here for you. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is are you in love with me?”

Meredith was worried that her statement might trigger a backlash due to the long silence that lingered in the room. However Monica finally responded to her cute friend Meredith.

“I-I’m not sure… I’m so confused right now Meredith. I’m feeling things that I know that I shouldn’t be feeling when I’m with you but I can’t stop feeling them. The way I was raised tells me that these feelings are wrong but... “ Monica managed to say before she let out another heartfelt sob.

“... how can something that feels so right, feel so bad.” Said Meredith as she concluded Monica’s statement.

After completing Monica’s statement both women’s eyes locked on to each other as if both were acknowledging the torrent of hidden feelings they were feeling. The silence that was building up was again hitting uncomfortable levels for Meredith and Monica.

“Girls like you, Claire, and Jessica used to make fun of me, you know. It was an endless torment that made my life Hell. And the boys at my high school wouldn’t even give me the time of day.” Meredith said tearfully as she began to talk about her traumatic past to help break the silence building up between them.

“Those girls were fools who can’t appreciate true beauty even if it was standing in front of them and screw the boys. Men, who needs them?” Monica said with a tone of anger realizing what kind of life her Meredith had as she reached out to gently wipe away the lone tear going down Meredith’s beautiful face.

“Thanks, that means alot to me.” Meredith said as she gave her friend a small smile.

As the seconds went on both girls gave each other longing stares as they gazed into each other’s beauty. Admiring and lusting after it.

“So how do you want to handle this?” Meredith asked as she gestured to herself and Monica.

“I’m not so sure. I’ve never really thought about… you know… what it would mean for us and I’m still trying to sort things out. I don’t think I’m ready to come out and admit that I’m… you know, gay. It’s just…. Goddess things are going so fast right now. I’m so confused.” lamented Monica.

“Well I’ve always felt that if you broke a problem down to its most simplest basic parts then you can easily come up with an effective solution.”

“It’s just that… I don’t think I can admit that I’m a lesbian or have lesbian desires. I feel that I’m still straight, it’s just me appreciating having a real friend and not someone that just wants to hang out with me because I’m rich or my family name. I really need to sort out some feelings.”

“Okay, so let's break it down. What does being a lesbian mean to you?”

“I guess it would mean you want to have sex with a girl.”

“Okay so let’s break that down a bit. I’m sure that there are girls you like but you’re not interested in having sex with them.”

“I guess so.” Monica said vaguely. She wasn’t ready to admit that just about every female she encountered today sparked a sexual interest in her from the cutie Lydia, her sexy mother, Edie, her two friends Lauren and Celeste, and especially Meredith. Also there was that weird dream she had last night with her own mother. If anything as Monica thought it over it seemed to make her more like a slut. As she pondered on that word she couldn’t help but feel a pleasurable tingle between her legs. Slut as the word echoed within Monica’s mind as she pondered the word to herself there was something so intriguing and alluring about that word.

“Okay so with that line of logic being established. It’s okay to like a girl and not be considered a lesbian as long as you don’t have sex with her. Does that sound about right to you?”

Monica nodded her head as the reasoning that Meredith had presented so far made sense to her.

“So if that’s the case I guess you can kind of do some stuff with another girl that you may want to get to know better and as long as you don’t have sex with her. You should be fine.” Meredith put a soft seductive tone to the last part of her statement as she gently placed her hand on Monica’s naked thigh.

“L-like w-what kind of stuff?” Monica said her voice trembling with sexual excitement as she enjoyed the feeling of Meredith’s hand on her thigh.

“Well, kissing for example. We already mentioned that in some countries girls kiss each other as signs of friendship not romance.” As soon as Meredith finished her sentence she leaned in and planted a kiss on Monica’s cheek. Which caused the Hispanic fox to let out a bashful giggle.

“So, it’s okay if I do this as long as we don’t have sex.” Monica said as she began to start a trail of butterfly kisses that began from Meredith’s bare right shoulder, slowly working her way up Meredith’s smooth neck, and finally arriving at her intended target, Meredith’s lush lips.

“Yeah like that” Meredith said in a dreamy tone as soon as their lips parted.

“So what about this?” Monica said as she leaned in and planted a deeper kiss on Meredith’s lips. Meredith offered no resistance as she felt Monica’s tongue brush against her lips and responded by opening them up and allowing hers to make intimate contact with Monica’s.

It wasn’t long before both young women were moaning into each other’s mouths as their tongues danced and played with each other. Meredith, feeling a little emboldened by the actions, shifted her hands around Monica’s waists, past her hips, and took hold of Monica’s ample rear and gave it a delightful squeeze. Which rewarded Meredith with another soft pleasurable moan coming from the Latina vixen’s mouth.

Feeling the sexual desire building up and not wanting it to boil over into something she could regret, Monica was the first to reluctantly disengage herself from her cute, sexy redheaded roommate.

“S-something wrong?” Meredith asked, a bit hurt by Monica disengaging herself early from their enjoyable makeout session.

“N-no… it’s just things were building up quickly and like you said. As long as we don’t have sex then I should be fine until I sort things out.”

“Yeah, I did say that.” Meredith said reluctantly. Kind of regretting what she had said as she became addicted to the pleasure that was building up between them and was eager to chase it towards its inevitable conclusion.

“But I never said anything about this.” Meredith said playfully as she pounced on Monica, hands on her shoulders, pushing Monica down on the bed and when she got there Meredith shifted her hands on Monica’s breast and began to play with them. Making Monica coo with delight.

Monica gasped with delight as she felt Meredith’s nimble fingers play with her erect nipples. Gently pinching, pulling, and tweeking her erect fleshy nubs as moaned with pleasure at the attention her friend was paying her breasts.

“Y-you don’t think there’s anything wrong with them?” Monica hesitantly asked as seeing Meredith’s perfect pair made her feel inadequate about hers.

“I think that they’re your best feature.”

“You don’t think that they’re too big do you?” Monica said ashamed of a body feature she previously felt sure and confident about.

“No, honey. They’re perfect as far as I’m concerned.”

Upon hearing that Monica drew Meredith in and gave her another passionate kiss on her lips. Their tongues dueling with each other, Meredith’s hands groping and massaging Monica’s tantalizing breasts as Monica’s hands roamed all over her partner’s back and eventually settled on Meredith’s bare ass, giving it a good squeeze.

So as the minutes passed Meredith and Monica explored each other’s bodies. Doing their best to stick to their newly agreed rule of their relationship, as hard as it was. It was at this point, when Meredith was suckling on Monica’s left tit. The small waves of pleasure rippling from her groin and up her spine. Monica summoned what willpower she could to disengage herself from the pleasurable activity and gently push Meredith away.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” Meredith was a bit surprised that her girlfriend wanted to end what they were doing so abruptly.

“No, it’s just that I want to ask you something.”

Meredith responded by giving Monica a seductive smile. She straddled her hottie friend and then leaned in and let out a small giggle when she observed Monica tremble when their niples made contact with one another. Placing her right index finger on Monica’s beautiful lips. Meredith then seductively leaned and whispered into Monica’s ear “Sure thing beautiful. Just tell me what I can do for you.”

“ … “ Monica said in a barely audible whisper.

“You need to speak up Monica honey. I can’t hear you.”

Too ashamed to repeat her request and her cheeks flushing red with embarrassment Monica buried her face into her hands after realizing what she had just asked of Meredith. Meredith took hold of Monica’s wrists and gently pried them away and apart. She gave Monica a friendly smile to assure her that she was here for her and not to mock or ridicule her.

“Monica, if you want something you need to tell me. I’m your friend and there shouldn't be any secrets between us.”

Taking a deep breath Monica summoned up her last reserves of courage and repeated the request she made to her sexy redheaded friend “I-I want you to… um... spank me.”

Meredith’s eyes went wide with surprise as she heard Monica make her request. It was unexpected and something she was prepared for. She never would have figured her hot-blooded Latina roommate to have a docile, submissive side that was yearning to come out. Yet, it wasn’t something that Meredith was just going to ignore or pass by. After all Monica had a very nice looking ass and any excuse to interact with it was something she couldn’t pass up.

Seeing Meredith’s surprised expression Monica again buried her face into her hands as she, this time, curled up into a fetal position to hide herself away from the world.

“I-I’m sorry… now you think I’m a freak.”

Realizing what Monica was going through Meredith placed a reassuring hand on Monica’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. To let her know that she had no ill will towards her Hispanic hottie roommate or her request.

“No, it’s just … well, never expected you to make a request like this. I’m not one to kink shame but are you sure this is what you really want?”

A few minutes later Monica slowly lowered her hands and gave Meredith a plaintive look as she slowly nodded her head to indicate her desire.

“Okay, so how do you want to do this?”

“I guess I just lay across your lap and you, you know spank my butt.”

“That sounds logical but I’ve heard people set up a safeword in case things get too rough.”


“Yeah, is a passcode you can say in case I get too rough and let me know that I should stop.”

“S-so what do you want to use as a safeword?” asked Monica

“Well it’s your cute ass on the line. So you pick.” Said Meredith followed by a seductive smile

Meredith’s comment about her ass made Monica blush a little as she wondered if maybe Meredith had an actual attraction to her.

“Okay, how about caramel?”

“Works for me. So are you ready to begin?”

Monica nodded her head and soon after Meredith positioned herself at the foot of the bed with Monica following. Meredith patted a spot on her bare lap and it wasn’t long before Monica placed herself over it, facing down with her ass up toward the ceiling.

Meredith couldn’t help but enjoy the heavenly sight she was being given. It was long before Meredith’s hands were roaming all over Monica’s cute butt. Which in turn had the Latina vixen puring with delight at the attention her redheaded roommate was giving her cute rear. Monica couldn’t help but playfully wiggle her ass and tease her roommate with it. In turn Meredith noted how smooth and soft the globe of her roommate’s delectable ass felt as she took hold of it in her hand. She took an equal delight in giving it a gentle squeeze which in turn caused Monica to let out the most lovely moan. A girl can get used to this Meredith thought to herself as her hand continued to molest Monica’s butt as her fingers ever getting closer to the crack of Monica’s ass with each grope.

“So I guess it’s now or never. You ready my love.”

Monica turned her head and gave an approving nod and readied herself for what was to come. It didn’t take long as a sound of a hand impacting a soft fleshy bottom reverberated in the room. Monica tensed a little as she felt the sharp sting across the cheek of her ass yet at the same time couldn’t help but take delight in it.

“You okay, was that too hard, should I go softer?” Meredith said with concern

“That was okay. Don’t worry I’ll let you know if it gets unbearable. Remember we agreed on a safeword my love.” Monica said reassuringly.

With Monica’s assurance that she was okay Meredith raised her hand again and like before brought it down on the cheeks of Monica’s ass and like before resulted in Monica relishing in the pleasure and trying to stifle a moan from escaping her lips.

Soon the bedroom was filled with the sounds of repeated slaps striking a female bottom with Monica hissing with delight on each blow. Savoring the pleasant sting of Meredith’s hand impacting her ass.

Then Monica felt it, the pleasure began to override the sharp stinging pain, building up in her loins, her pussy trembling with sexual delight with each slap that Meredith brought down on her ass.

Monica knew what was coming and her options were either to let it happen and embrace the wave of oncoming pleasure or deny it and utter the safeword that would bring this to a frustrating, disappointing halt.

Monica’s logical mind the one that still believed that it was heterosexual informed Monica that she shouldn’t be in this position and it was perverse for someone of her stature to be bent over another girl’s lap and to have said girl spank her rear. The other portion the one corrupted by the heavy influence of the brainwashing and subliminal messages she was exposed to. Assured Monica that this was exactly what she was meant for. To be another woman’s sexual plaything, that she craved to be dominated, controlled by a beautiful woman like Meredith.

As the mental war of what she should do went on within Monica’s mind the pleasure was becoming too much for her to handle. Doing the only thing she could do Monica jammed her fist into her mouth and bit down on the knuckle of her index finger as one of the most intense orgasms crashed through her body. From her spasming pussy, up her spine, and blasting straight into her brain an onslaught of intense pleasure crashed upon Monica as Meredith spanked her sexy ass.

“C-c-caramel! Caramel” Monica whimpered as the rush of sexual release passed over her. In response Meredith stopped her hand just short of landing another swat on Monica’s heavenly behind. Concerned as she watched her friend writhe in sexual convulsions.

“Monica? Monica? You okay?” Meredith said with worry. Fearing that she may have harmed her foxy friend.

It took a moment for Monica to gather her wits as she came down from her sexual high still feeling small spasms between her legs. Monica turned her head and gave her roommate a nod indicating that she was fine. Then she got up, shifted her position, and drew Meredith close as she planted a long and lustful kiss on the redhead’s lips. Working her tongue into Meredith’s mouth, exploring and feeling such a divine cavity. Her way of showing Meredith gratitude for giving her one of the best orgasms she ever experienced.

Eventually Monica and Meredith settled into bed. Meredith spooning her friend with her arms wrapped around her and like the night before Monica held Meredith’s hands atop her breasts taking comfort and delight in having them on her bosom. Their rightful place as far as Monica was concerned.

It wasn’t long before the girls drifted off into slumber. However before Monica gave way to sleep she wondered how long she could keep this new arrangement going. Both she and Meredith agreed to it as that would be how they would interact with each other without acknowledging their hidden secret sexual attraction to one another, more specifically Monica. Agreeing to a set rules of physical contact without having it devolve into sexual intimacy. A way for her to vent her sapphic sexual frustrations. The new agreement would let them kiss, grope, and feel each other up but deep down Monica felt that at some point the arrangement would be cast aside as they would no longer be able to deny the lust that was set to consume them.

Monica wasn’t sure that she was ready for that. It was the whole point of the agreement. Something to help Monica as she determined what she really wanted from the ever growing relationship between her and Meredith. Monica knew it was something she would have to face and most likely own up to but for now, as she felt Meredith’s body press against hers and let a soft purr of delight, she was content with the new current agreement and soon closed her eyes and drifted off into peaceful slumber, dreaming of her girlfriend, Meredith.


Claire sat anxiously as she stared at the ticking kitchen timer, watching the digital dial count down towards zero. She was sitting on a dining chair at the kitchen table wearing a makeshift poncho made out of a black plastic garbage bag that was covering the upper half of her body. Her illustrious dark black hair--well, formerly black hair--was covered in a pasty white coating under a sheet of wax paper.

Claire had finally taken the bold step to let Traci dye her hair. She had at first thought about doing an ombre coloring technique that would go up midway before seamlessly blending in with her natural dark black coloring, and then she had been in favor of dying her hair entirely, but just shade or two or three lighter, just to see how she would like it. When Traci had persuaded her that today was the day to stop beating around the bush, plunge into blondeness with both feet, and start the rest of her destined life as a blonde, Claire had originally wanted to go with the honey-blonde coloring she was so fond of and entranced by, and which would land her in the company of her birth mother, her sister, and Traci, as she appeared today, but Traci had insisted that she would look better with a light ash blonde coloring. So, that was where Claire was headed.

Claire recalled getting into this situation while dining with Traci. After their fun romp in the pool, Traci had wanted to get dinner started. Natasha had said she was having dinner with a friend that night, would be staying overnight, and would be leaving soon, so she unfortunately wouldn’t be around for Claire to get to know her better or to draw her into an affair with her mother--but hopefully there would be opportunity for that on the next day--nor would she be able to help her mother with getting dinner ready, so Traci felt she needed an early start on that project. When Traci and Natasha got out of the pool, the raven-haired coed couldn’t help but admire their sexy naked asses, with the way the water flowed off the smooth slopes, the way the droplets of water dribbled down the sleek cheeks of each ass, and the way the rays of the sun glistened enticingly off their wet, succulent skin. She idly wondered what it would be like to run her hands over those lovely asses and whether she would get to do that at some point.

Claire had been in the process of picking up her discarded clothes in Traci’s kitchen when Traci suggested that a nice shower would probably be good for her. Unable to see any fault with Traci’s suggestion, Claire agreed to it.

While in the shower and deeply enjoying the streams of warm water on her youthful body, Claire pondered the assignment that she had been given by Regina. Per her mother, Claire was to seduce both Traci and Natasha into having lesbian sex with each other, and maybe partake herself in the sapphic fun that mother and daughter were going to have. Two obstacles which lay in her path were that she didn’t have much of a plan on how to complete this objective and that she didn’t have any experience in lesbian sex herself. On the other hand, however, she had seen that awesome lesbian porn video, so she did at least have some theoretical knowledge of what lust-driven women can do with each other in a bedroom and she had heard from someone recently, although she wasn’t sure who, that she could always use her hot body to provoke sexual action if she needed to, and that that was, in fact, the very purpose of a smoking body like hers.

Nevertheless, there was a small lingering doubt rattling around her mind now and then, such as when she started her shower and reflected on what might happen over this weekend, a nagging whisper in the back of her head, urgently trying, it seemed, to tell her that she was a good girl with high moral standards, that she could not engage in promiscuous conduct, that she would never be part of a scheme to corrupt others, especially a teen girl, and that she should neither have accepted an obscene assignment nor willinging participate in carrying one out. That voice, however, was in a losing battle against the brainwashing messages that had firmly implanted themselves in Claire’s mind and that continued to assault her. As a matter of fact, as she showered, Claire was treated to another barrage of subliminal messages designed to reinforce her previous mental conditioning and to counter whatever promptings her weakened conscience attempted to assert.

Claire, don’t forget that you are on a date with Traci.

Claire, your goal is to seduce Traci and her daughter into having sex with each other and with you.

Claire, this is a direct edict from Goddess herself. You must carry it out.

Claire, remember Goddess is your one true mistress and you must obey her.

Claire, Goddess means everything to you.

Claire, you do not want to disappoint Goddess.

Claire, incestuous lesbian sex excites you so very much.

Claire, a mother and her daughter loving each other romantically and sexually is the most beautiful thing you can imagine.

Claire, you would fuck your own mother if you could.

Claire, you will help Traci and Natasha find love and sex in each other’s arms.

Claire, for the glory of Goddess, you must become a lesbian.

Claire, you are a lesbian who craves the tits, asses, and pussies of Traci and Natasha.

Claire, you are elated to be here with the exciting blonde woman you love and with her sexy daughter.

Claire, it is normal and natural for them to become lovers.

Claire, you will play matchmaker between Traci and Natasha.

Claire, you will help them fall in love. You will lead them into an incestuous lesbian sexual relationship.

Claire, Traci is like your mother and Natasha is like your sister.

Claire, it is normal and natural for you to be naked with them and to be very sexual with them.

Claire, Traci excites you. Natasha excites you.

Claire, you love how blonde they are. You love blonde girls and women. You want to be a blonde yourself.

Claire, you want to be naked with your mother and your sister, and to show them your hot body, and to make them desire you, and to make love to them.

Small spikes of pleasure began to build up within Claire’s body. She didn’t know why, but it just felt good, as good emotionally as the warm water made her feel good physically, basking in the knowledge that she would be spending a few days with Traci and her daughter. With her mind wandering off, Claire’s hands began to gently creep over some intimate areas of her body.

She began a gentle pinching and pulling of her erect nipples with her right hand and a slight, gentle grazing of her clit with her left, not enough to bring her lust to a wild boil yet, but enough to approach a noteworthy simmer. Traci...and… She pictured them both in her mind. They were naked, in an embrace, and about to kiss.

Claire let out a soft mewling sound as she groped herself, relishing that she was doing something so naughty, something so inappropriate, especially in the home of a sexy woman who was her hostess. However, before Claire could deepen her session of sapphic fantasy and self-love, she was taken by surprise when she heard the shower stall door open. Stepping inside was Natasha.

“Sorry, but I’m kind of pressed for time and … hope you don’t mind the company.” Natasha said apologetically as she gave Claire a sad puppy dog look as she walked in.

Claire couldn’t help but admire the youthful curves of Natasha’s body. A lecherous grin appeared on her face as wicked inspiration led to an idea that began to formulate in her mind.

“No problem Natasha, after I’m the guest inside you’re home. It should be apologizing to you for occupying the shower when you are in need of it.”

“Don’t worry Claire, you’re our guest. So mi casa, su casa as they say.”

“Thanks.” Claire said as she embraced Natasha in a hug. Making a soft purr coming from her as she felt her body press up against Natasha’s.

“So since you’re in a bit of a rush maybe I can help.” Claire said as she grabbed a wash rag off a shower hook and applied some body wash on it.

“No go ahead, I don’t mind.” Natasha said in a coy manner as she gave Claire a subtle wink and a flirtatious smile.

Not needing any further encouragement Claire began to gently scrub Natasha’s back with one hand while the other roamed over her shoulder and then lowered itself towards Natasha’s hips Claire guising the act as if she was trying to keep herself from slipping.

Natasha let out a soft coo as she felt Claire gently scrub her back. Timing it right she pretended to slip and fall back on Claire. Feeling the college coed’s magnificent breasts press up against her back.

“Sorry” Natasha said as she timidly looked up at the stunning raven-haired beauty she was sharing a shower with.

“T-that’s okay. It is a little cramped in here.” Claire said as she gave Natasha a cheerful smile.

There was no denying the sexual tension that was building up in the bathroom between both young women and they could feel it. The soft pleasant tingling sensations that really couldn’t be ignored as it creeped about over the intimate parts of their nubile bodies.

“You know that I’m really sorry to hear that you won’t be here for dinner.” said Claire, it was her way of trying to get a conversation rolling and out of the awkward sexual tension that was lingering about.

“Yeah, I wish I could stay but I have prior commitments.” Natasha said cooing a bit as she felt Claire still wash her body.

“If you don’t mind. May I ask who you’ll be spending the evening with?”

“Sure I don’t mind Claire. Since we’ve met I’ve felt that you’re like the older sister that I’ve always wanted.”

Claire just smiled at Natasha’s response.

“I’m spending it with a friend. She invited me over to spend some time with her.”

“It sounds like a date.” Claire said playfully.

“Y-yeah I guess you can say that.” Natasha said plaintively.

“Why is there something wrong?” Claire asked with concern

Internally Natasha was smiling with evil glee as she had been rehearsing this moment over and over in her mind. It was planned out between her and her mother. Outwardly she had a sad, distraught look on her face as she turned around and grabbed Claire in a deep embrace and said “Claire, can I ask you something? It’s really private and I can’t risk my mom finding out.”

Claire gently placed her arms around the naked, wet teen and returned the embrace. Natasha looked upwards to see Claire giving her an affirming nod. Assuring the blonde teen in front of her that she was in safe company.

“You can tell me anything you want. Think of me as your older, sexy sister.” Claire said unaware that she wanted Natasha to think of her as primarily sexy.

“Okay… so have you… ever… you know… Goddess look at me. So flustered in trying to get what I want to say out.”

“That’s okay. Take your time. I’m here for you.”

Natasha took a deep breath and gently exhaled and gave Claire a sad look.

“H-how do you know if a girl likes you? I-I mean what do you do if a girl likes you?”

Claire was a bit taken aback by Natasha’s inquiry. It wasn’t something she was expecting but she also knew she had a good opportunity presenting itself and she couldn’t let it pass by.

“Well what do you mean? I mean there’s nothing wrong with a girl liking another girl. It could just mean she just wants to be your friend.”

“It’s not like that. The girl that I’m going to see, my friend, Ophelia. I think she has a crush on me. I think she’s going to confess her feelings for me when I see her and I’m not so sure how to handle that.”

“Well what makes you think she has a crush on you and isn’t being extra friendly?”

“It’s just that she does these things when we’re together. For example, she holds my hand sometimes when we’re walking together, sometimes she rests her head on my shoulder when we're sitting on her couch watching TV, she was playing footsies with me when I was eating at her place a few days ago, and I think she wanted to kiss me also.”

Of course this was a bold face lie as Natasha had already seduced and converted her friend Ophelia, her mother, and her two older sisters into lesbians. Natasha’s visit was just to partake in some sapphic love with Ophelia and her female family members while giving her own mother some time to work over Claire for the weekend.

“I guess your friend might be a little over friendly but I’m really not seeing what the problem might be.”

“It’s just that… I might, maybe like her back.”

“Okay, so how do I factor in in regards to this unrequited crush you and your friend have on each other?” Claire asked, having an idea where this conversation might be going.

“Well I heard that girls in college sometimes… you know. They experiment with each other and I thought I could ask you for some pointers.”

Claire’s eyes went wide as she finally understood what Natasha was getting at. Then narrowed into a sultry gaze as she looked over the body of naked, wet teen that was with her thinking over what she was asking of her. This was an opportunity she knew she couldn’t let pass by. It was also the moment that some hypnotic messages played in the background. Barely audible to the human ear but easily received by the human mind.

Claire, go ahead and show Natasha how to be a proper lesbian.

Claire, Natasha is like your younger sister, sexy, young, and so fuckable.

Remember Claire your past, your real past, you’ve always wanted to date Wendy.

Claire, you remember having an interest in Wendy’s sexy body ever since she started to develop a womanly figure.

Claire, you desire lesbian incest with your sister.

Claire, Natasha is like your sister, she can be a good substitute for Wendy.

Claire, show your love for Wendy to Natasha.

Claire, you want Natasha to be a lesbian just like Wendy.

After the subliminals played and Claire had a good amount of time spent absorbing them. She came to her senses to see a wet teenage girl standing in front of her. For the briefest of moments she thought she saw her foxy sister, Wendy. Then Claire remembered the reason for Natasha’s visit and a wicked smile came on her face.

“You mean something like this.” Claire said in her most sultry voice possible as she wrapped one arm around Natasha’s waist, bringing both of them together, and with the other she began to seductively stroke Natasha’s body, Claire then locked eyes with the doe-eyed blonde teen and gently leaned her head in, and then she planted a gentle kiss on Natasha’s supple lips.

Claire could feel Natasha let out that shocked gasp as their lips made contact and pressed closer together. A soft moan rushed out Natasha’s lips as Claire adjusted her position to let her hand roam further down and molest the cheeks of Natasha's ass.

It wasn’t long before the kissing and groping soon evolved into a hot, steamy makeout session in the shower stall. Claire and Natasha danced their tongues in their respective partner’s mouth, their hands roaming over each other’s wet, naked body, groping and squeezing in places that elicited moans of pleasure from their partner. The whole scene was becoming a scene that would lead up to a lesbian porn scene full of playful teasing. Claire couldn’t get enough, she found that she was enjoying these sensations and was reluctant to put a stop to them.

When their lips parted Natasha gave Claire a pleading look, silently begging for more, asking her to continue. While Claire indeed enjoyed the kissing and groping the remnants of her fragile hetereosexual psyche did manage to muster up some reservations. She was in Traci’s home, naked with her daughter, and she was performing lewd acts with her. This was something she should definitely not be doing and yet Claire couldn’t deny the wicked thrill she felt, how pleasurable it felt to press her body against Natasha’s, and the fact that Natasha was a teen made the act more exhilarating.

It was Natasha that was the first to disengage herself from their lusty embrace. Her role for the moment was to tease and build up the sexual lust in Claire, prepare her for the things to come but not to grant the fetching raven-haired lass any sexual release. That was for the plans her mother had for Claire later in the night.

“So how was it?” Claire asked in a low seductive tone.

“Great…” Natasha said softly

“If you want we can continue further and maybe go a little in depth on what girls can do for other girls.” After saying this Claire flashed Natasha a mischievous smile.

“Um… I would like to , but I’m running late.”

Claire felt a little disappointed at Natasha declining her attempt to continue their hot and steamy make out session. She considered pressing the issue but backed off from the urge. She was in Traci’s home and she had no idea how Natasha would react and it would be very bad for her if Traci caught the two of them in an inappropriate situation.

“I understand and don't worry too much about what to do about your friend. Just talk things out with her and what happens, happens. Just take your time to feel things out and I think you and your girlfriend will be much happier for it.”

Natasha gave her a warm smile accompanied by an equally warm hug, which Claire also returned. Both girls stood there under the spray of warm water. Enjoying the sensation of skin to skin contact with one another.

Eventually the two girls disengaged themselves from the warm embrace and Claire watched, with disappointment, Natasha leave the shower stall but she did enjoy the view of getting a marvelous view of the teen’s lovely butt leave.

Claire remained inside for a few more minutes before stepping out herself. As she did Claire caught a glimpse of her wet naked form in the bathroom mirror and was amazed by what she saw.

Her breasts large, firm, and looking oh so very nice, the youthful hourglass frame of her body placed a wicked thrill in her body, her skin smooth and free of blemishes, and the curves of her hips placed a satisfied smile on her face. She was sexy, she deserved to be, and everyone should know it, especially women. Oh how Claire craved the attention of women. Cute, sexy women like Traci, her daughter, Natasha, Abby, Regina, and Claire didn’t even mind having her own biological mother Mary and her sister Wendy lusting after her. Claire playfully jiggled her body in front of the mirror showing off her attractive assets to the hidden cameras that were monitoring her progress in Traci’s home.

Claire then made her way over to the small linen closet in the bathroom and opened it up to reach for a towel but for a moment she hesitated. Again catching the reflection of her elegant nude form in the mirror. A part of her didn’t want to hide her marvelous figure under a towel and wanted to walk out in the nude. Then again, how would Traci react to her gallivanting around in the nude in her home.

It wasn’t long before Claire made her final decision. After drying herself off she cast aside the large body towel and proceeded to walk out the bathroom in her birthday suit. She was proud of her goddess given body and she would not be ashamed to hide it, especially from a sexy woman like Traci.

However, as Claire walked out and made her way to the guest room there was an eerie lingering silence that filled the upstairs hallway. It made Claire nervous and placed her on edge but still she knew she had nothing to worry about. She was at Traci’s house, the sweet, kind, sexy woman that wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

“H-hello! Traci are you here? N-Natasha you still here?” Claire shouted hoping that she would get a response but got nothing. All she got was the same eerie quiet that greeted her when she came out of the shower.

This time a bit worried and concerned Claire quickly rushed into the guest room and closed the door behind her. She breathed a sigh of when she heard the click of lock.

Get yourself together Claire. There’s a definite logical explanation for this. Claire thought to herself trying to reassure herself that nothing wrong was going on but it was hard for her to shake that feeling.

Natasha did say she was going to see her girlfriend and most likely Traci drove to drop her off. And since I was in the shower there really was no way they could have told me. Yeah that’s got to be it. I’m sure I’m just blowing this all out of proportion. Claire let out a soft nervous laugh assuring herself at how silly she was behaving. Like a little scared child spooked by an overactive imagination.

Feeling a bit more relaxed than before Claire made her over to the large bed which had the bags of the things she bought at the boutique that Traci took her to earlier in the day, before arriving at Traci’s home.

Claire was so focused on picking out an outfit to wear and show off her body that she failed to see the closet door open and a female figure dressed entirely in black silently creep out. By the time she did it was too late. As she felt her assailant place a cloth rag over her face and wrapping her arms around Claire’s body holding the struggling coed in place.

The chemicals in the rag began to take immediate effect as Claire could barely stay conscious and the room began to spin. The last thing Claire saw was the figure gently placing her on the bed and removing the black ski mask covering her face, it was Traci looking over her with evil delight.

Pulling out her smartphone Traci sent a coded text message to an awaiting team of Hecate agents. A few minutes later they arrived at Traci’s home and began the next step of Claire’s conversion into lesbianism. Working on the unconscious coed and prepping her for the night.

Some time later ...

Claire felt groggy as she came back to consciousness. Her head stirring, trying its best to shake off the fog of a hazy dream. Then she heard a familiar, welcome, pleasant, inviting voice, speaking as if engaged in an ongoing conversation.

“So, then I handed her the files and she says, ‘This isn’t what I asked for!’ ” Playful laughter followed.

Claire’s eyes immediately bolted open as it dawned her where she was and who she was with. Claire snapped out of her slurred stupor and immediately sat upright, the reaction being enough to startle her hostess.

“Goodness gracious … Claire, you okay?”

Claire’s eyes darted all over the room and focused on the source of the voice. To her relief it was her date, Traci. Yes, her date--her romantic date, her unambiguous date, her first date with a woman--Claire now recalled. She remembered being taken in by the blonde’s beauty when they had first met at the Financial Aid Office and later drove together to and from the Artemis Center. Her desire to get involved romantically with Regina’s assistant had begun the hour she laid eyes on the sexy fox in the revealing blue sundress, and couldn't take her eyes off her, and then blossomed when they met again and spent time together, especially on their nighttime drive home. That drive and their chat in Traci’s parked car had, in fact, all the atmosphere of a date, and made it seem like they already had started a romantic relationship, one which had featured a tender good night’s kiss outside the door to Claire’s dorm building, a kiss which, as Claire now remembered it, had been entirely deliberate and mutual, and had included Claire holding Traci’s face in her hands, Traci wrapping her arms around Claire, the kiss extending for over a minute, and Traci adding a little tongue to it.

After that kiss, Claire knew she would be pursuing Traci, the only things slowing her down being the need to wrap up her financial aid issues and then to make the move to the Suites. The very night after her move was finished, Claire worked up the courage to ask her out. In Claire’s new memory, there had been no suggestion by Traci before the phone call for Caire to come over to her house, nor was there any understanding that theirs was to be some kind of neighborly, platonic get-together; rather, Claire’s call was of her own origination, and was spurred entirely by her attraction to the woman and her desire to date her. Regina had encouraged her, it was true, and Traci had seemed to leave no doubt that she was as interested in Caire as Claire was in her, but it was Claire who had made the move. Much to Claire’s relief, Traci had graciously accepted and invited her over to her home to spend the weekend so they could get to know each other better. They were now in the middle of that date.

As she gathered her wits, Claire realized that she was sitting in what must be Traci’s dining room. Pristine china plates, elegant silverware, and cloth napkins were arrayed on the flower-bedecked table in front of her. Next to her plate, there was a tall wine glass half-way filled with dark crimson liquid, as well as a slightly depleted tray of various hors d'oeuvres to the side. She noticed that there was a partially eaten petite steak, a small mound of a pasta dish, and remnants of another side dish or two on her plate. Claire was a bit confused as to how she got to this moment, as her last memory was a bit hazy. Trying to recall what seemed like a missing chunk of time started to cause her a bit of grief and a troublesome, annoying headache, so she gave that effort up.

“Is something wrong Claire?” asked a concerned voice

Claire looked up to address Traci and was greeted by one of the most alluring sights she had ever beheld. Sitting around the corner of the table close to her, to her left, was a mature woman oozing sexual charm. What a marvelous sight Traci was! Claire could feel her body react accordingly by just looking at this gorgeous beauty.

Traci had on a shimmering, black, low-cut evening dress that clung to every sensual curve of her body, which Claire could see from top to bottom due to the way Traci was sitting. There was an open slit on the right side of the skirt that allowed Traci to show off her long, smooth, elegant leg and tease anyone watching--in this case, Claire Claire’s gaze shifting upwards caught sight of Traci’s exquisite breasts barely contained by her scandalous evening dress.

Her eyes looking further up caught sight of Traci’s face and Claire couldn’t help but swoon a little. Traci had dolled herself up, and to say that she was hot was an understatement. The mature woman had on a sensual combination of cosmetics that enhanced her beauty and took it to heavenly heights. Most notable was the vibrant cherry red lipstick, abetted by the light touch of pink blush on Traci’s cute cheeks and the elegant combination of sky blue eyeshadow, coal black eyeliner, and mascara that made Traci’s eyes pop with vibrant life. Then there was Traci’s elegant blonde mane. The sexy mother had her honey blonde-colored hair done in a side-swept wave style that made her look simply glamorous. All in all, Traci’s appearance sent the clear message to Claire that she was a woman out on the prowl for some sexual gratification...with her date...

Claire couldn’t help but feel a pleasurable tingle emanate between her legs and travel up her spine as she continued to gaze at Traci’s lovely visage and cleavage. As she continued to stare at her hostess, Claire caught a glimpse of Traci’s supple rear filling the seat of her chair, and she wanted to see more of it.

There was a large mirror on the dining room wall placed exactly opposite her, about seven or eight feet away. When she finally was able to tear her eyes away from Traci, which was a most difficult task, she found the mirror...and saw herself. Claire was stunned by the beauty that was looking back at her. She could only see the upper half of her reflection, but the image of herself was arousing. Claire had on a dazzling red low-cut evening dress that was similar in style to Traci’s with a few differences here and there. Claire couldn’t help but feel a little pride in how the dress did a magnificent job of showing off her breasts. She could feel herself losing herself as she gazed down into the valley of her bountiful bosom.

Regaining her focus Claire looked further upwards and took note that she had one some fancy pearl earrings, her lips painted a dark ruby red, making them look lush and seductively inviting. Her cheeks painted rouge giving them a warm womanly glow. Her eyes painted with a dark emerald green eyeshadow trimmed with faded black eyeliner, and her lashes curled thick with mascara. Most noticeable was that her black silken hair was done in an elegant half-up, half-down style with the ends in loose bouncy curls.

When did I… how did I have the time… were the thoughts going through Claire’s mind as she tried to come up with some kind of logical reason for the drastic change in her appearance. However, the truth was more sinister.

After incapacitating her Traci made a call to a Hecate team that was nearby and awaiting her signal. Upon arriving they immediately went to work. Injecting Claire with a few mind altering chemicals, stripping her down, and beautifying her. While Claire was in this state the Hecate agents used a portable device that initiated Hecate’s plans for her. In order to insure that Claire would not be so resistant to the idea of having lesbian sex with other females, including female family members. Dr. Monaghan employed the tactic of altering Claire’s memories. Twisting them with a lusty sapphic bent and then letting Claire’s mind fill in all the necessary details. When everything was said and done the agents had placed Claire on the table and made it look she was in the middle of an elegant dining experience with her date, Traci.

As Claire sat collecting her thoughts she felt something. It was a mild discomfort and it was coming from her ass. All of a sudden Claire realized that she now had something hard, slightly big, and long up her ass. As she focused on that particular sensation her rectum began to clutch which in turn caused the plug in her ass to gently move around in her bum. The discomfort gave way to pleasure as Claire began to relish in feeling her ass stuffed and full.

When did I … oh yes now I remember. Claire thought to herself as one of the implanted memories began to take hold.

Claire recalled having worked the butt plug up her ass as she was getting ready for her date with Traci. Yes she now remembered it clearly. As she was getting ready earlier today she envisioned herself bent over the large bathroom sink in her dormitory apartment. Getting the butt plug wet as she slathered it with her spit as she sucked on the plug in her mouth moaning with perverse delight as she did. Fantasizing that it was Traci working the plug in and out of her mouth and soon up her ass.

When she thought it ready as an extra precaution Claire had some lube on hand and covered the plug with it along with her spit. Soon Claire reached over and with one hand holding a cheek of her ass exposing her anal entrance and the other guiding the butt plug towards its intended destination. Soon she let out soft gasp as she worked the butt plug slowly up her ass. Taking deep breaths as she pushed the invader into her butt. A perverse moan rushed out her lips as she felt her anal ring envelope the plug up to its stem attached to its flared base. A soft coo of pleasure as she convulsed her rectum to feel the plug move against it.

Claire also remembered when she was trying on new clothes in front of Traci that the mature blonde almost caught her, which had excited the coed. The fact that neither Natasha nor Traci seemed to have noticed it during the shaving of her pussy and pool play--which they most certainly would have, given the view they had had of Claire’s private parts--did not occur to her. Of course, she did not really have it in then, although her memory now told her that she had inserted it after her shower and the accompanying anal masturbation that morning, that she had left it in all day long, and that it had been her mother, Mary, who had introduced her to anal play and to sex toys, and who had given Claire her first set of them for her birthday, and who had encouraged Claire to wear a butt plug for dates and other special occasions. While Claire felt she shouldn’t make a point of revealing her use of butt plugs and her love of anal play, still there was a part of her that did want to show off the plug in her ass to the foxy woman now serving her dinner, to entice the gorgeous woman, to seduce her, to incite Traci into having her way with Claire’s body. However, she reflected, there was no rush; after all, she had all weekend to accomplish her goals.

Yes, Claire now remembered. This was something she planned to use to help seduce Traci and her daughter Wendy… no Natasha, her daughter’s name is Natasha Claire reminded herself. Yes she would seduce Traci and her beautiful daughter Natasha into a weekend of debaucherous lesbian sex.

“Claire, hello Claire can you hear me? Are you okay?”

Claire soon snapped back to attention and addressed the concerned woman in front of her.

“Oh… sorry Traci how rude of me. I guess I was just engrossed in your story and lost track of time.”

“Oh that’s okay my dear. I can forget sometimes that I ramble on and on.” Traci said, assuring Claire that she took no offense to her guest spacing out on her.

Claire then responded by giving Traci a warm welcoming smile as she tilted her head a bit and brushed a loose strand of hair away from her face as she flirtatiously batted her eyes at Traci.

It seemed to have struck a chord with Traci as she gently picked up a small hors d'oeuvre from her plate with her fingers and then with her tongue made a suggestive gesture with it before popping it into her mouth.

So it went a little back and forth flirting between Claire and Traci. As each woman did what she could to tease and entice the other. It was put on hold when a small alarm went off coming from the kitchen. Then the faint smells of burnt meat began to waft into the dinning room.

“Goodness my roast! Excuse me Claire I’ll be right back.” Traci said hurriedly as she made her way towards the kitchen. Soon followed by the sounds of utensils clattering and an oven door being opened.

Moments later Traci came out with an elegant roast leg of lamb the edges a bit singed but still looking very delectable. As Traci set the roast down on the dining table Claire couldn’t help but lustfully stare down the dress and get a good view of Traci’s ample cleavage. The wonderful view sent a pleasant tingle up Claire’s spine as she felt her anal ring clutch on the butt plug moving it in her rectum.

“I’m sorry, it’s been a very long time since I've had company over.” Traci said as she began to carve the roast and set a piece on a plate. Soon she walked over towards Claire and Claire took sight of the full package of the sexy mature woman making her way over to her with plate in hand.

“T-that’s okay I’m sure you… I mean it will taste great.” Claire said embarrassingly as she corrected herself in mid-statement.

“Thank you, I appreciate that.” said Traci, acting oblivious to Claire’s slip of the tongue.

As Traci set the plate down in front of Claire she again gave Claire a wonderful view of her bountiful breasts. Which was more enticing than the meal being offered to Claire. Claire couldn’t help but lick her lips with lust as she envisioned herself taking one of those luscious fleshy orbs in her hands and suckling on Traci’s tits.

“Well looks like someone is eager for her dinner.”

Claire blushed a little in response as Traci’s statement indicated that she had misinterpreted Claire’s response to her setting the plate in front of Claire. However, Traci had a good idea of the real reason for Claire’s response and just wanted to tease the girl a bit.

“Oh yes! It does look very delicious.” Claire said hurriedly as she snapped back to focus on the plate being presented to her instead of her charming hostess.

“Thank you, that's very nice of you. You know originally I was going to serve chicken but I didn’t know if you preferred breasts, thighs, or legs.” Traci finished her statement with a touch of naughty playfulness.

Claire responded by letting out a choked cough at the double entendre statement Traci said.

“Oh where are my manners. Let me get you something to drink.”

As Traci went off to get Claire a drink Claire couldn’t help but admire the nice ass that swayed under the evening dress. A lecherous grin on Claire’s face as she thought of roaming her hands all over that delectable butt.

It wasn’t long before Traci came back with a large wine bottle and two wine glasses. Setting one down in front of Claire she poured her guest a glass of dark crimson liquid.

“I believe a nice Cabernet Sauvignon should go well with that lamb.” Traci said as she poured Claire her drink and again leaning in so that Claire could get another tantalizing view of her breasts.

“Well, shall we dig in?” said Traci

“Uh-huh…” was the only response that Claire could muster.

So the diner went on with both attractive women making pleasant commentary and enjoying their meal, and each other. Every chance she got, Claire couldn’t help but stare at the amorous visage that was sitting across from her. As the dinner continued Claire felt something, an urge to entice the blonde that was sitting across from her. Then an idea came to mind, it was risky and could cause trouble but with the right excuse she could get herself out of the jam she may land herself in.

Claire carefully raised her right leg to avoid disturbing the dining table and then gracefully extended it under the table and slowly rubbed her foot against Traci’s leg. Claire continued this flirtatious act for a few seconds to let Traci know what her intentions were. And Traci indeed looked up at Claire clearly indicating that she was aware of what Claire was doing. She took a napkin and gently dabbed her lips as she gave Claire a knowing smile.

“So Claire are you seeing anyone lately?”

“You mean, like...boys?”

“Yes...or girls…”

“Like dating?”

Traci smiled and nodded her head. “Oh, uh...well, I’ve never dated a girl before…”

“You mean, before tonight…”

“Uh...yes… That’s right… But, as for one in particular. I used to have a in high school. But in college, we went our own ways and I broke it off. Looking back, I think I wasn’t all that interested in him, anyway. Since then, I’ve gone out a few times, but nothing came out of it. Right now I’’m looking into...oh...broadening my horizons, you might say.”

“Like...with me…?”

“I guess you could say that…yes...”

“Well, I see. I’m flattered that I appear to be the first woman you’ve asked out, Claire. I must say you’re a very fine looking woman. I’m sure that you’ll make anyone that you’re with feel lucky and happy to be in your presence.”

“Even you…” Claire said in a low tone hoping that Traci heard her comment, but at the same time wishing that she didn’t, because she was still trying to navigate her way towards her goal of getting to know her hostess intimately.

“Yes, Claire. Especially me. I really like being with you. Not only are you really sweet, but, of more importance, you’re very easy on the eyes. I could look at you all day long...especially the way you were when we went swimming.” Traci gave Claire a flirtatious, sultry smile, knowing what effect conjuring in her guest’s mind their common nudity earlier would have on her. “I do appreciate a beauty like you taking an interest in a plain, ordinary, lackluster woman like me. That’s what my ex used to say about me. Since our divorce, I’ve been kind of psyched out, you know? I’ve been afraid to step out into the social scene and start all over, to, you know, risk getting rejected again. I don’t think I could take it. So I kind of mope around, feeling sorry for myself. It’s been rough on both me and Natasha. So... I...I have been reluctant to date...until you, Claire, came into my life.” Traci spoke in a faux-weepy tone. Her statements were laced with blatant lies, as Traci had been out numerous times--on promiscuous dates with women--but she wasn’t going to tell Claire that, at least not yet.

“You’re not plain, Traci! Your ex must have been blind, and an idiot, to say that. If I were in his shoes--if I were married to you--I never would have let you go.” The possibility of being married to an alluring woman like Traci had never crossed Claire’s conscious mind until she uttered it, unaware that the desirability of lesbian marriage had been impressed on her mind over the past week or two via brainwashing. And neither had Claire meant to suggest to Traci the idea of the two of them coupling nuptiality, but the cat was now out of the bag and the potential of wedding bells ringing as their relationship developed floated around, mostly unspoken and subconsciously, at least on Claire’s part, in the atmosphere between them from that point on. Again, upon hearing it said, it sounded good.

“Oh, Claire! That’s so nice! I...I wish it was you I had been married to.“ Claire blushed, flattered by Traci’s apparent openness to marrying her, but while also supposing that Traci might not really have meant that the way it sounded. “I would never leave a sexy woman like you, either.”

“I would not have even let you out of my sight! He must have been a real jerk. You’re a very beautiful woman. I appreciate you having me over to get to know you, which I’m really enjoying. I’m happy in your company,” Claire said as she reached over and placed her hand on top of Traci’s and gently rubbed the top of Traci’s hand with her thumb.

Traci played her part well as she turned her head away in faux embarrassment and feigned appreciation for Claire’s comment.

“Thank you, Claire. But you don’t have to say those nice things just to make me feel better. Sometimes I think my ex-husband was right when he said that I was about as fun as a dry mud puddle on a summer day.”

“Your ex-husband was a complete moron! Claire passionately interjected. “He didn’t deserve you! You’re better off without him.”

Traci was taken aback for a moment by the emotion in Claire’s sudden outburst, but then realized that it meant that Claire’s feelings for her were becoming step by step more fervent, and that Claire was coming along very nicely, appearing to be accepting Hecate’s mental conditioning that has been performed on her. Traci cracked a small wicked smile as she began to put the next phase of her plan into motion.

“Again, I appreciate your kind words. It’s just that...that it’s been so long since I’ve gone out with anyone...and I’ve never dated someone pretty like you...and I... I haven’t had company over for so fear that the only person whom I could get to come young, attractive only here out of a social obligation...because she feels sorry for me. Maybe my husband was right when he said no one would want one would want to date a worthless cow like me!” Tears, which had been welling up in her eyes and trickling down her cheeks, now started to pour forth, accompanied by warbling and a higher pitch in her voice.

“No, Traci! I would!” Claire declared adamantly in defiance to Traci’s apparent self-deprecating supposition. “I want you!”

Traci feigned a look of surprise, yet couldn’t help but internally laugh at how easily she was manipulating the sexy, bleeding-heart goodie two-shoes further into Hecate’s clutches. Nothing gets them like a good sob story, Traci thought to herself. It wouldn’t be long before she had the raven-haired beauty wrapped around her finger.

“Really? *sniff, sniff* like that...for real? You didn’t ask me out just ‘cause you feel sorry for me? Are you sure?”

“Yes, Traci. You are one of the most desirable women I have ever met in my life. You don’t know how much I like you...and how much I want to get to know you better...and...and be part of your life…”

“Well...I...I like how that sounds… I...I feel the same about you, Claire…… Did you really mean what you said about marrying me? I mean, that if you did, you would be so in love with me that you would never let me go?” Traci altered Claire’s wording slightly to steer her. Once again, the idea that marrying Traci, or a beautiful, desirable woman like her, was a real possibility in her life, struck her heart with an exciting thrill which would cause her to be open to it from this weekend on.

“Oh...uh...yeah...that’s right…”

“Oh, Claire! That you would even think of marrying me...that would be such an honor! But I guess I’m jumping ahead in our relationship a little, aren’t I? Let's say I believe you and feel that you’re not saying these things out of pity. What about me do you find most attractive?” Traci asked as she leaned in a bit and again gave Claire a wonderful view of her melons. Claire’s eyes again were quickly drawn to the valley between the succulent fleshy orbs. Your sexy body. That was the answer Traci expected Claire to jump to in her mind and the one she read clearly in her guest’s eyes, the answer Claire knew to be the most honest response she could give, and the answer she yearned to disclose to her hostess. It was also the answer she thought she could not dare to give, despite almost blurting it out upon hearing the quarry. What could she actually say?

Claire was now placed in the spotlight. It was either put up or shut up. Should she reveal the effect Traci’s body had on her, and the full extent of her attraction to Traci? Or should she play it cool, and not rock the boat too much? Claire reviewed various responses she felt like sharing in light of whether they were appropriate to give to a woman with whom she was going to spend the weekend.

Well, lets see... Traci, I love your tits. They look so big and soft. Makes me just want to grab them and give them a good squeeze. Also, I admire your ass. Goddess, the way it sways in that dress is just driving me crazy. These were some of the lewd thoughts running through Claire’s mind as she tried to come up with something that she felt wouldn’t offend her hostess. Finally she settled on an answer that honestly reflected part of her feelings about Traci, yet wouldn’t be crass or too forward.

“Your hair.”

“My hair? What about it do you find so interesting that would make me a date worth going out on?” Traci said as she playfully twirled a lock of her blonde mane around her, finger teasing the cutie in front of her.

“Well it’s long, silky smooth, looks great, and it’s… blonde.”

“Blonde? Is there something about blonde hair that you like, Claire?”

“It’s just that I’ve always admired blondes. Mary, my biological mother had a very beautiful crown of blonde hair and I’ve always admired it. I-I’ve also been a little envious of my younger sister because she inherited Mary’s blonde hair and I didn’t. I even considered dying my hair to match hers when I graduated but I chickened out.” Claire said sheepishly.

“I see, are you saying that I remind you of Mary? Do you have feelings for her?”

This inquiry caused Claire to pause for a moment to reflect on her recent feelings for her mother, Mary. In the past few days Claire had been feeling a torrent of emotions and sensations whenever she thought of her. Especially ones that most would say be unnatural and very inappropriate for a mother-daughter relationship.

As her thoughts dwelled on Mary a mental image began to take shape in her mind. It wasn’t long before Claire envisioned Mary wearing the same outfit low-cut evening dress that Traci had on and she was a ravishing sight to behold.

The shapely curves of Mary’s hips and bust were on proud display. Mary had her honey-blonde hair done up in an elegant half bun heavy waves style. Mary’s wavy blonde locks flowing down her shoulders some good 5 to 6-inches in an alluring flow of hair. Most noticeable was the fact that this version of Mary had on a good application of cosmetics on herself, far from the one that Claire could recall and she felt that Mary was better looking for it.

The Mary appearing in her mental landscape had her lips painted a glossy bright lively emerald green and the nails on her fingers matching the elegant colors of her lips. Mascara crafted thick, lush, voluminous eyelashes enhanced by dark coal-colored eyeliner and complemented by a dark turquoise eyeshadow. Claire’s fantasy Mary had on a cute pair of pearl earrings that completed the alluring look.

“You never answered Traci’s question. Do you find me attractive Claire?” the phantom Mary asked in voice laced with sexual overtones and promiscuity.

Claire could feel her nipples stiffen and her pussy quiver with lust at the thought of being sexually attracted to Mary. The Mary standing before was a very mature woman that just oozes sexual charm.

“I-I mean, you’re my mom and I do love you like a daughter should but …” Claire tried to stammer out some kind of answer to placate fantasy Mary’s inquiry.

However before Claire could get anything out Mary seductively walked up to her, leaned in, and kissed her daughter on the lips. Claire was taken by surprise, her eyes wide with shock, but yet she did nothing to try and disengage or deter her mother from the sinful act. Eventually Claire relaxed as she felt Mary’s tongue enter her mouth and play with hers. It wasn’t long before Claire felt Mary’s hand roam all over her body, tenderly stroking her back, groping her ass, and coping a feel of her breasts.

Eventually Mary broke apart from the kiss. A thin shiny strand of saliva connecting her and Claire’s lips.

“So do you find me attractive?” Mary said this time, the look she gave Claire was devoid of motherly love and care. An intense look of lust demanding Claire give her the answer she wants to hear.

Unable to ignore the pleasure feelings that she herself was feeling herself. Claire could only meekly nod her head towards Mary.

“That’s my good girl.” the phantom Mary said in an ominous creepy tone as she leaned in again and planted another deep sensual kiss on her daughter’s lips.

Claire offered no resistance as she welcomed the lustful embrace of her mother and exchanged it with one of her own. Both women’s hands roaming freely over each other’s body molesting each other.

Again Mary was the first to break herself from the lewd kiss she was sharing with her older daughter as she then began to address Claire.

“I’m sorry that I can’t be there with you my sweet child but know that you’ll always have a special place in my heart. While I can’t be there with you I hope that you can find other women, sexy women, that will fulfill your needs.” the phantom Mary said.

“Well Mom I’m currently spending the weekend with a gorgeous blonde. Her name is Traci and I think you would like her.”

“That’s good Claire, very good indeed. You can use her as a substitute for me to fulfill your lesbian desires.” Mary said with wicked delight.

Claire just nodded her head. Agreeing with what the Mary in her mental fantasy was saying.

“She’s a lonely woman and I bet she’s just dying for some sweet intimacy from a hottie like you. Why else would she have you over. I’m sure it’s not for your personality.” Mary said mockingly.

“B-but is it right for me to take advantage of her like that Mary?”

Mary then gently stroked Claire’s cheek with her left hand in an afficinate manner and then said “I’m so sorry that I didn’t start your proper education sooner. But Claire, beautiful women like Traci, me, and even your sister, Wendy, are only meant for lesbian pleasure. We exist to only service each other, fulfill our lesbian lusts with one another, just as you exist to service us and Goddess.”

“Oh Mary…” Claire said with tearful joy as this time she initiated a passionate kiss with Mary and this time both women went at it like animals in heat. Both women began to rip apart each other’s dresses to get the desirable flesh, pawing at each other’s sensual curves, and pressing up against one other like lovers.

Before the sinful act between her and Mary could escalate any further in Claire’s mind she was brought back to reality when she heard her name being called out and a gentle nudging on her arm.

“W-w-what? Oh, my Goddess! I’m so sorry, Traci,” Claire apologized in shocked embarrassment over her hostess again catching her lazily daydreaming and ignoring her.

“I didn’t mean to…”

“That’s okay, Claire. Judging by the look on your face, I feel that you were having a very nice fantasy. It wasn’t about me, was it? Or was it...maybe...about your mother, hmm? If I disturbed it, I should be apologizing to you.”

Claire was impressed by Traci’s insightfulness, but, being embarrassed about the nature of her daydream and Traci’s suspicions about her incestuous feelings, she diverted the conversation to a focus on Traci and herself. “Still, it’s not like me to be so scatterbrained. Especially since you’ve been so gracious to have me over this that...we could…get to know each other.” Claire ended her statement in a low seductive whisper, giving it a double-entendre meaning, one which she hoped Traci would pick up on and be receptive to.

Traci arched an eyebrow in response to Claire’s comment, knowing full well what Claire was alluding to. She was tempted to make Claire explain precisely what she had in mind by “getting to know each other” and to twist the conversation into a one-way trip into her bedroom, yet she had to tread carefully, as just the slightest careless gesture or phrase could sidetrack Hecate’s designs for the evening. All in due time.

“So you never did answer my question. You said that I remind you of your mother. Do you find her attractive?”

It was obvious now that Traci was very much interested in Claire’s mother and Claire’s relationship to her, and since she liked and trusted Traci so much, and now recognized this line of discussion as a path to get closer to her blonde hostess, Claire decided to be more open. This time Claire didn’t shy away from the inquiry.

“Yes. She’s smart, she’s kind, she’s a good mother, and she’s someone I’ve admired ever since I was a little girl.” After Claire stated her reasons for liking her mother, as she had done numerous times before as a faithful daughter, the descriptions of Mary’s character and personality struck her as stale and insignificant. All that really mattered, it dawned on Claire, was Mary’s physical, sexual allure. “But, most of all, she’s just beautiful. You should see her bod--...I mean…uh...what good shape she’s in. What woman wouldn’t find Mary attractive?” Claire responded, unable to hide the lustful admiration she bore for Mary.

“I believe I also heard you admired her for her blonde hair and that you wished to be blonde like her, correct?”

“Yeah, but … “

“Well then, how about we change that?” Traci suggested enthusiastically as she clasped her hands on Claire’s.

“W-what do you mean?” Claire asked, a bit confused by Traci’s sudden change in mood.

“I mean, why don’t we dye your hair?! After all you did say you loved my blonde hair and think of me as your mother, who you have an attraction for.”

“I-I’m not… I mean, I appreciate it, but… it’s just that…” The hesitation was clearly evident in Claire’s voice.

“Claire, this is no time for you to grow cold feet. You need to seize the day and live life to the fullest, as they say! Besides, I think if your Mom is anything like me she would love to see you go blonde. Think of the effect you would have on her. You’d definitely make her as hot for you as you are for her. And I really want to see you as a liberated, sexy blonde, Claire. So...what do you say?” Traci cooed as she seductively traced an index finger up Claire’s arm and flashed her a naughty smile and a sly wink.

And so with a little more prodding from Traci, Claire agreed to get her hair dyed. Traci then went and retrieved a tablet and brought up a webpage that showed off various dye job techniques, styles, and colors. After looking through a few, Claire settled on the ombre coloring technique but Traci managed to talk her out of it. Stating that it looked like a bad dye job and wouldn’t suit a beauty like Claire. So Claire relented and agreed to fully dye her hair and the next step was to choose the coloring she wanted. Claire wanted to go with the honey-blonde hair coloring, as it reminded her of Mary the most, but Traci made up an excuse that she didn’t have that particular coloring on hand despite her hair being of that color and pushed Claire towards the silvery ash-blonde that she felt suited Claire best.

Soon after agreeing to the hair coloring that Traci would be applying to Claire’s raven locks, Traci had her strip down to her bra and panties, justifying to her that they wouldn't want to ruin such an elegant dress, although it was just an excuse to get the ravishing coed into a minimal clothing state. The Claire of but a few days ago would have been shocked by such a request and refused it, but not now; this version of Claire--after rounds of brainwashing convincing her that nudity with beautiful women was natural and highly desirable, hanging out with her roommates in bras and panties and sleeping with one of them so attired, and skinny dipping and getting her crotch shaved while naked with Traci and Natasha--felt comfortable and natural, and even excited, in stripping down with Traci. Axioms drilled into her psyche surfaced in her thoughts: Beautiful women should show their bodies to each other. I want to be naked with a sexy woman. I want to show her my breasts.

Then leading Claire to her kitchen, Traci had her sit on a stool as she went about gathering the things she would be needing for Claire’s new hair makeover. When she came back, Traci was down to only her bra and panties, as well, making the excuse that she didn’t want to get hair dye on her evening dress. She also had a small bowl in her arms and a sheet of black plastic draped over her arm, which turned out to be a poncho made of a jumbo garbage bag--almost as if she had anticipated that Claire would agree to letting her dye her hair. Handing the poncho over to Claire she told her to put it on and then set the bowl on top of the isle countertop. Before she started her treatment, Traci handed Claire a mirror and told her, “Take one last look. You’ll never see that girl again. Say good-bye.”

Claire had mixed feelings, and was a little nervous. She was sure Traci only had her best interests at heart, wanting her to move on to a next, more mature and more exciting phase of her life, and to go for an adventure for which she had secretly longed, and to, at last, look more like her dreamy biological mother, Mary. She was probably ready for all of that, she thought. But, still, she had been the girl in the mirror, this pretty, black-haired, wholesome, girl-next-door, all of her life. She sensed Traci’s forecast would end up proving to be true, that if she took this step, it would be a one-way trip into a new life, with new values and as a new, different, more glamorous person, and maybe a more worldly, narcissistic, vain, and sensual woman than she in the past had thought of herself as ever becoming, and there would be no going back. Did she really want that?

Nevertheless, all was in place, and, as her wise and good and beautiful mother-figure Traci had encouraged her, now was the time to take the plunge. She sensed she was being pulled in the direction destined for her, and it was time to give in to it. Before putting the mirror down, Claire wistfully bid herself farewell, with both a degree of sentimental admiration for the good, modest girl she had been, as well as a slight disdain for how much of a prudish goody-two-shoes the girl in the mirror had allowed herself to be for so long. “Good-bye, Caire.”

As Traci started the process, she informed Claire that she would have to bleach her raven-colored locks in order to insure that the coloring they were going with came out properly. So Traci began to apply a thick white paste to Claire’s hair, spreading it throughout her black locks, and coating her head with it.

What Traci failed to disclose was that the bleach she was using was a “special” Hecate formulation. Something produced via government contracts and partnership. A chemical bio-mutagen compound developed for the witness protection program and spy agencies but Hecate saw a better use in allowing women to change their natural hair color without making it look like a bad dye job and enhancing their beauty vs. playing spies and protecting government witnesses. After three rounds of application and rinsing, every last particle of pigment in Claire’s hair would be removed, leaving it pure, snowy white. Permanently. The bleach would sink deeply into the scalp and alter every hair follicle, destroying its ability to produce her natural black pigment, and also enhancing the hair’s ability to grow faster, stronger, thicker, and glossier. From this day on, Claire’s hair would grow out much faster than normal and be thick, healthy, silky, and shiny. And it would be pigment-free. White.

That is, it would be pure white without the last step Traci would take to alter Claire’s hair color on this day, namely, toning. Once again, the dye Traci would use on Claire’s bleached-out hair would be a special Hecate product, a special retrovirus. Not only would each hair shaft absorb the dye’s color, but each follicle, down to the root, would be commandeered by chemicals in the dye on a genetic level, the complete and permanent special bleaching process having left the follicle vulnerable to genetic manipulation for a limited time. Henceforth, all the follicles on Claire’s scalp would reproduce the pigment of the dye. As her hair grew out--and it would grow fast, so that she could have it to her hips within weeks, if she wanted to, and so that she could experiment with short hair styles and then get back to long hair without much delay--she would have no dark roots requiring touch up, in contrast to other women who make such a drastic change from dark blonde hair as Claire was doing. Claire’s new natural hair color would no longer be black, ever again, but, for the rest of her life, ultra-pale, ashy silver blonde.

Henceforth, she could easily strip out the ash blonde silver color with a gentle lightener and dye it any color she pleased with a new toner, Then, she would have the choice of repeating the process with yet another shade of dye, or return to her now-native silver-blonde and then. In any case, it would always grow out silver ash blonde, always very pale, very silvery, very glossy, and very sexy. She would now be a blonde, through and through, and blonde would always be her main identity and preference in the future, although she could also experiment as she wished with other colors, as well. She could even go black again sometimes, for old time’s sake.

The bleach had one more effect. It was penetrating not only the scalp, but the skull and the membranes covering the brain, as well, to sink deep into the brain itself. Its effect was harmless except on two neural centers, those controlling sexual self-restraint and sexual orientation. On the former, its effect was mild, relaxing one’s natural tendency to resist promiscuous sex to a small degree; but on the latter, the effect was strong, destroying one’s natural sexual orientation chemically.

Since Claire had already undergone transformative brainwashing, she had developed lesbian leanings which she never had had before and her native heterosexual impulses had been psychologically suppressed. Up to this point, however, it had been technically possible that her straight desires could have been revived and that she could return to a life with a man and a more or less normal tract, although she most certainly would never have been able to effectively put away her new desires for women and would always have been bisexual in the future. After this treatment, though, her brain chemistry and function would be permanently altered, so that she would be entirely incapable of feeling any attraction to males, and would cease having any urges and desires to mate with one, ever again. This treatment would not directly add to the lesbian orientation already brewing potently in Claire’s psyche, and would not conclusively give her a lesbian persona yet, for her conscious mind would, for a time, still believe she could and probably would eventually return to a straight mindset and life, but in the absence of any future heterosexual chemistry and neurocenter in her brain and body, the one sexuality, lesbianism, remaining in her would take over completely and she would realize and embrace that, at some point, as her new, true, and permanent nature.

After waiting for a timer to ding, Traci rinsed the bleaching paste off Claire’s head in the large kitchen sink, patted her now orangish light-brown hair to a damp state, and brushed on and worked in another thick coat of the bleach that was transforming not only Claire’s hair but Claire herself, her life, and her future. After another timed waiting session, allowing the second round of bleach to penetrate the hair and lift out more pigment, Claire’s hair, now truly blonde, but only of a medium-blonde lightness and having a straw-like yellowish coloring to it, was rinsed out again. Once more, Traci smothered Claire’s once-black hair with the paste that would strip the last of her old pigment and her previous straight, straight-laced life, leaving her hair essentially white.

Each time Claire would catch a glimpse of her hair becoming lighter and lighter, and feeling herself, minute by minute, finally becoming the blonde of her dreams, she felt nothing but giddy excitement as she witnessed the process unfold. It was after the third bleaching that Traci finally began the toning process which would soon transform her pale white-blonde hair into a divine, silvery, shimmering ash blonde.

On the second round of bleaching Claire’s hair, Traci had carefully applied some bleach to the foxy coed’s black eyebrows and lightened them to a medium straw blonde. During the third round of bleaching, Traci applied toner to them so that they came out a medium-dark smokey ash blonde, very attractive and a much different look than she had had all of her life before. The Hecate team had, while Claire was unconscious and in their control before dinner, already permanently eradicated the rest of Claire’s body hair, including in her armpits, legs, arms, groin--at the last minute, they had decided to complete the permanent depilatory treatment Traci had begun on Claire’s pussy--and face (although Claire did not have significant facial hair, this treatment would preclude all future development of it), so that Claire would never have to shave her legs, armpits, or pussy, so that they and all other skin on her body would remain hairless and silky-smooth in perpetuity, and so that there would be no black hair emanating from anywhere on her body ever again. Traci’s eyebrow treatment was, with the single exception of her long, black eyelashes, the final death knell for any vestige of her natural black hair that Claire had left. From now on, she would be a pure blonde--physically, psychologically, and sexually.

So, fast forward to the present. Claire was eagerly watching the kitchen timer go down to zero as she awaited to see the results of Traci’s handiwork on dying her hair. Her scalp tingled pleasantly, and her whole body, in fact, seemed afire, as did her feelings for Traci, the result of long-lasting aphrodisiacs and psychodynamic drugs which bolstered the now-blonde girl’s affection and lust for her hostess. Before she knew it, the timer’s buzzer went off, alerting both women that the allotted time had passed.

“Alright. I think we’re all set. Now to see the fruits of our labor. Follow me, dear.”

Traci led Claire back to her bedroom and then into the adjoining bathroom. Along the way, Claire couldn’t help but admire the nice ass that shifted and swayed under the lacy pink panties.

Upon arriving at their destination, Traci helped Claire remove the makeshift poncho and informed Claire that the final process would involve her shedding the last remnants of her clothing--rather like the bleach had just removed the last of the natural, black color of her hair, Traci observed with a wry little smile, knowing that these surrenders by Claire would prove much more deeply consequential than Claire suspected. Claire had no qualms about doffing her bra and panties, having already stripped before in front of the mature beauty that afternoon and having been conditioned to feel doing so was natural and desirable, especially when with another beautiful woman or when with a female family member, like the mother Traci seemed to Claire to be.

Claire couldn't help but giggle a little at how the old, prudish Claire would have been taken aback by such a suggestion, but the Claire that was standing before Traci was new, one being molded into a woman who best suited Hecate’s agenda, and one who craved female attraction.

It wasn’t long before Traci herself stripped down to her birthday suit, as well, and gestured to Claire to join her in the shower stall. Entranced by Traci’s physical beauty, Claire followed her in.

Soon after, Claire again felt the warm spray of water wash over her and flow over the sensual curves of her body. Traci stood behind the voluptuous coed. It wasn’t long before she felt Traci’s hands on her body, starting at her hips, gently moving up to her chest, just gently grazing her breasts, and then coming to a stop on top of her head, as Traci began to rinse, shampoo, and condition Claire’s hair.

Claire let out a soft purr as she felt Traci’s tits press into her back. She felt she could enjoy this moment forever, savoring the female flesh on flesh contact, knowing that she was in such a tight, confined space with a gorgeous woman, and with each of them greatly enjoying the other's company.

Another moan escaped from Claire’s mouth as she felt Traci sensually massage her scalp and shoulder under the torrent of warm water coming from the showerhead.

It wasn’t long before Traci’s began to roam gently over Claire’s youthful body and copped a feel on the elegant curves of Claire’s body. Claire could feel the desire rise from within, the lust simmering within her loins, telegraphing their desire up her spine and sending very pleasant signals to her brain.

Claire let Traci molest her for a few more minutes. Enjoying the feel of the vivacious milf’s soft hands on her supple body. Mewling with pleasure as Traci’s fingers gently rubbed and traced all over her body.

Claire let out a soft gasp as she felt a tug on the plug in her ass. Traci had one hand firmly clutching an asscheek pulling it away from the other as the other took hold of the base of the plug and began to play with it. Gently nudging the firm silicone plug against the sexually excited walls of Claire’s rectum.

“My, my Claire, aren’t we being a bit bold. Wearing something so scandalous out in public.” Traci said in a playfully chastising tone.

“It’s just something I… I wanted to try. Oh Goddess… right there… y-you know kind of make a st-aaaaa-tement.” Claire said in pleasurable shock as she felt Traci work the plug in and out of her sexy ass. The signals of pleasure coming from her ass and traveling through her body.

“What kind of statement would that be Claire?”

“This kind.” Claire said as she leaned in towards Traci.

Unable to control the torrent of sapphic lust coursing through her body and the sensual desires she was feeling. Claire shifted her body a bit, and then held Traci in a lusty embrace and planted a sensual kiss on the mature woman's lips.

A guttural groan of pent up lust coming from her mouth as Claire worked her tongue into Traci’s mouth. With Traci’s meeting hers and with both their tongues caught in a twisted duel of pleasure. Their hands roaming all over each other's body, groping, feeling, and taking hold of the wet supple curves of their respective partner’s body.

As their lips parted Traci could only smile in response, but this was not a smile of endearment or love, but one of triumph as Traci now knew that the once former straight hetrosexual conservative lass is under the homosexual mental conditioning she received while under Hecate’s care and was now actively indulging in a rampant, sinful, lesbian tryst with a mother and mostly likely eyeing her sexy daughter also. A few more moments like this and there would be no way for Claire to deny what she had become, a depraved predatory lesbian slut seeking only pleasure.

Both women gave each other longing looks as they stared into each under the warm spray of water coming from the showerhead. The silence only fueled the lustful atmosphere in the shower.

Claire took the initiative as she took a step forward and closed the distance between her and Traci. Giving the mature woman a wanting look as she did. She again leaned and kissed Traci and pressed her nubile body against the older woman. Feeling her hard nipples rub up against Traci as she did.

“C-Claire …” Traci whispered, her voice trembling with lust

“Maybe we can finish this somewhere else.” Claire said in her best seductive tone as she leaned in and playfully traced a heart pattern on Traci’s left breast.

“Do you have a place in mind?” Traci asked, knowing full well where Claire wanted to take this hot and heavy interaction.

“Maybe your bedroom, I think that it would be relaxing as we get to… know one another.” Claire said in a soft seductive tone.

It wasn’t long before both women stepped out of the shower, Traci walking over to the linen closet and in doing so presenting her ass towards Claire. She returned with some large terry cloth towels in hand and handed one to Claire. It wasn’t long before Claire and Traci began to dry each other off, enjoying the feeling of the soft comforting cloth as it patted and rubbed against their wet flesh.

As Claire felt Traci dry her off she couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of herself in the large bathroom mirror.

That’s me, Wow I’m a smokin’ hot babe or what? And my hair, so sexy, so provocative, I now know I can never go back to… this is my natural hair color. I was meant to be blonde, so beautiful and deserving of all of life’s pleasures. Claire thought to herself as she admired her reflection.

Placing her hands lovingly on Claire’s shoulders Traci gently leaned in and whispered into her ear “Before we go why don’t we make ourselves a little more presentable.” As she gestured to the small collection of cosmetics she had lined up on the bathroom countertop.

Claire caught sight of her new ashen blonde locks and knew that she was an attractive woman but if she applied some makeup she would transform herself into a ravishing vixen that would be a feast for the eyes.

She walked over and picked up a tube of cherry red lipstick and applied about two or three coats. However, Traci encouraged her to add a few more layers. That she wanted Claire’s lips to look just as sexy as her body and the only way to do that was to pour on the makeup. So Claire eagerly complied with her hostess’s request. As she did she could hear a faint voice, almost like a scream of protest in the back of her mind, her old persona still trying to resist but eventually faded out, drowned out by the sapphic lust that now had control of her.

It wasn’t long before Traci and Claire had finished dolling themselves up and when everything was said and done. Both looked hot, enough to stir the loins of anyone that caught a view of their glamorous sexy bodies.

Taking a hold of Claire’s hand Traci led the eager coed out of the bathroom and into her bedroom for an enjoyable night and a very memorable weekend.

Traci guided Claire towards her large king-sized bed and gently placed her sit on it. Taking a seat next to her Traci began to lovingly stare into Claire’s blue eyes and Claire also found herself repricoating Traci’s tender affectionate gaze.

It didn’t take long before Claire took the initiative and began to plant a tender kiss on Traci’s lip, which was painted a nice dark violet color. Soon Traci responded with a kiss of her own and it didn’t take long for the bedroom to be filled with sounds of gentle, soft purrs and lips kissing one another.

Soon the room was filled with a symphony of sexual murmurs, lips kissing flesh, and the soft moans of pleasure coming from both women as their hands ran over the graceful curves of their respective partner’s body. Traci took the lead as she pushed Claire gently down on the bed. Having Claire lay down a pile of large pillows. Claire looking at the mature blonde with wanting eyes.

Traci then parted her partner’s legs exposing the fleshy gates of Claire’s womanhood to view. A sharp gasp rushed out Claire’s lips as she felt exposed and vulnerable and yet she couldn’t deny the sexual thrill that was emanating from her aroused, wet pussy.

Traci then leaned in and planted a gentle kiss on Claire’s bare neck, Claire just shivered in response. Then she began to make a trail of kisses going further down and each time eliciting a pleasant response from Claire.

Claire could feel her flesh excited by Traci’s actions, her arms covered in goose pimples as each kiss sent a pulse of lust from her groin, up her spine, and into her brain. Claire’s nipples were hard and firm which Traci teased with her fingers as she took a hold of them and gently rolled them between her fingertips as she made her way downwards towards Claire’s excited muff.

It wasn’t long before Traci arrived pretty close to her destination, Claire’s eager and very aroused pussy. She looked up and gave her a look, one that communicated “are you sure this is what you want?” Claire’s mind registering this pause in the moment. What remained of her heterosexual persona was weak and almost non-existent at this point. Just a barely audible whisper floating in the ethers of her new twisted mental landscape.

Claire felt an acknowledgement that if she committed, allowed Traci to do what she was going to do. Then there would be no turning back. Nothing she could say or possibly come up with could justify what was happening other than the fact that she was naked in another woman’s bedroom, with said woman, a very sexy one at that, and she was about to have her first sexual experience with her, and it would be a lesbian one.

Her morally righteous self screaming at the top of her lungs commanding Claire to get up, grab her clothes, and run as far away from this place as she could. Telling her what was happening went against everything she stood for, that it would be a fastrack ticket to damnation and an immoral lifestyle.

The only response Claire gave was to nod her head silently in approval to give Traci the okay that she was okay with what was about to happen. Traci only gave a wicked smile in response as she placed a finger on Claire’s sexually aching slit and began to gently trace along the labial lips and the entrance of Claire’s snatch.

Claire shuddered and arched her back in response as she felt Traci’s index finger tease her cunt. Traci’s finger elicited spasms of sheer pleasure from a very intimate spot between her body. Claire tilting her head back as she felt her lower half convulse as Traci began to explore her body.

Traci relentlessly continued to playfully tease the coed vixen’s quivering pussy, keeping her on the edge, bringing her close to release and stopping just as Claire was getting close. This went on for a few more minutes before Traci brought her finger slick with Claire’s female honey to her lips and in front of Claire began to lick it, savoring the flavor.

“Mmmm, you taste delicious.” Traci said in a sultry playful tone as she licked her finger clean with her tongue putting on a lewd spectacle for Claire.

Claire could only watch the perverse display that Traci was putting on for her. But soon Traci went back to teasing Claire’s yearning quim and it looked like she was going to repeat her actions but this time she brought the slick finger coated in Claire’s female juices towards Claire’s lips.

“Here, have a taste and see for yourself.” Traci said in a tone that sounded more commanding than seductive.

Having already tasted herself earlier in the day Claire stuck out her tongue and gently licked the tip of Traci’s finger and just like before Claire found herself amazed by her taste. It wasn’t long before Claire was suckling on Traci's finger like a newborn babe and Traci gently worked her index finger in and out of Claire’s puckered lips.

Claire only let out soft moans and purrs as she tasted herself on Traci’s finger and found it to be very enjoyable. It dawned on her that she enjoyed the taste of pussy, especially hers, and knew going forward that she wouldn’t pass up if given the option to taste another woman’s pussy.

Eventually Traci ceased her fingering of Claire’s mouth and shifted her position as she brought herself lower and came face to face with Claire’s loin and looked up at the now ashen-blonde beauty. The look on Traci’s face signaled what she was about to do next.

Before it could register with her brain Claire let out a sharp guttural moan as she felt Traci part the lips of her pussy with her fingers and work her exquisite tongue into her hot, aroused pussy. Small convulsions rocking her body as Claire tried her best to control herself.

Guided by primal lustful instinct Claire placed her right hand on top of Traci’s head and grinded more of her wet pussy into Traci’s mouth. The way the mature woman’s tongue just licked and slurped every fleshy nook and cranny of her sex was driving her hard towards orgasmic bliss. Traci’s fingers adding to the sexual intensity as they poke and prodded Claire’s aching sex.

Claire could feel her body tremble with each stroke of Traci’s elegant tongue and the only thing going through her mind wasn’t how inappropriate this was but how good it felt. If lesbian sex with Traci felt this good Claire could only imagine the sapphic delights she would experience having lesbian sex with Meredith, Monica, Jessica, Mary, even her younger sister Wendy, and especially Regina.

Oh goddess …. Just thinking of that marvelous woman was pushing Claire closer and closer to the edge. She was already past the point of no return for this moment. There was nothing her defeated heterosexual mindset could come up with to justify what was happening. It couldn’t even manage to muster up the willpower to get up and leave and why would it.

Claire was experiencing one of the most beautiful sexual experiences she could ever receive and why would she be foolish to walk away from it all. She arched her back as she felt another jolt of pleasure coming from her between her legs as Traci used her tongue to dig into her snatch.

This went on for a few more minutes before Claire began to vocalize the incoming rush of pleasure heading her way.

“Oh… Uh… T-Traci… I think.. I’m going to… to … Oh goddess you feel so good!”

“Cum, I believe that’s the word you’re looking for. You’re going to cum your fucking brains out. I want to hear you say it. I want to hear those words come spewing out your mouth.” Traci said in a matter of fact tone as she resumed back to eating Claire’s muff keeping Claire on the edge of release.

Claire felt her body seize as another jolt of pleasure rocked through her very being. There was only so much Claire could take and she was fast approaching her limit but yet knew deep down that Traci would not let her cross the line. As soon as she got close to the peak, Traci would back off a bit and let Claire come down and repeated the process. Claire knew she would only get what she wanted when Traci got what she wanted.

Unable to take the sexual torture Traci was putting her through Claire finally relented.

“F-Fuck! Please let me cum, oh goddess I need to cum so bad Traci, just let me cum my fucking brains out! You fucking bitch tease!”

Claire’s expletive laced plea for release was music to Traci’s ears. Upon hearing each foul word Traci revved up her oral assault on Claire’s quivering pussy and this time she had no intent on stopping any time soon. It wasn’t long before Traci was rewarded by Claire’s pussy spasming with pleasure as it unleashed deluge of female juices into Traci’s eager mouth.

Claire only laid there on Traci’s bed, legs spread wide, panting hard, trying to regain her breath as she just consciously experienced one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Not even her masturbation sessions that she recalled came close to what she felt.

She lay there, contemplating what just occurred, and what she allowed to happen to her. However, she didn’t have much time to ponder as Traci crawled on top of her and gave her a pretty smile as well as a welcomed kiss. Claire could still taste her female juices on Traci’s lips as they pressed against hers.

“So was it to your satisfaction?” Traci asked knowing full well the response that Claire would give.

Claire just placed a hand behind Traci’s head and reaching up with her head, she planted a lusty kiss on the mature woman’s lips. Their tongues dancing with each other, tasting each other, feeling each other in erotic fashion.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Traci said in a very pleased voice.

It wasn’t long before Claire took hold of Traci’s wrist and in a bold, swift action she flipped Traci over so the blonde mother was on her back and Claire was on top. Traci was taken off guard by the boldness of Claire’s action, but she welcomed it nonetheless, and the predatory smile Claire was giving her was clearly indicating that Hecate’s mind control had a good hold on Claire’s persona.

“You’ve shown me such a wonderful time. Please let me return the favor.” Claire said as she playfully combed her fingers through Traci’s honey-colored blonde locks.

“Please do.” Traci said in a sultry tone

Not needing further permission Claire began to place gentle kisses along Traci’s bare shoulder and neck. Eventually leading further downwards when she got to Traci’s ample breasts. Claire took the tip of one into her mouth and began to gently suckle on it, alternating between flicking the hard fleshy nub with her tongue and gently nibbling on it between her teeth. The other tit she put between her thumb and middle finger. Rolling it around between them, pulling on it, and playfully tapping it with the tip of her index finger.

Claire’s novice efforts were rewarded by the contented moans of pleasure coming from Traci. Which encouraged Claire to continue her efforts in pleasing the milf with sexual vigor.

Claire continued playing with Traci’s exquisite breasts, kneading the large fleshy orbs in the palm of her hands, suckling on the nipples with her lips, playing with her hardened tits between her fingertips. Each action resulting in Traci trembling with pleasure and moaning her approval as Claire continued to molest here.

It wasn’t long before Claire diverted her attention away from Traci’s magnificent breasts and began to plant a trail of kisses. Starting at the valley between Traci’s large breasts working down Traci’s perfectly smooth belly and headed towards her groin. Claire stopped a few inches away from Traci’s erect clit that was poking out from her wet pussy.

Claire stared at it, entranced by it’s glistening erect glory. This was it, the point of no return as far as she was concerned. she was about to eat her first pussy and deep down in her mind she knew that nothing she could come up with justify what she was about to do. She was going to commit a lesbian sexual act, no way that she could deny what she was doing.

Traci’s pussy looks so… beautiful… goddess that c-clit looks so tempting … delicious even… Claire thought to herself as she continued to hungerily gaze at Traci’s aroused womanhood. Her mouth drooling a little as she marveled at the beauty of it all.

She gave Traci a wanting look, her eyes clearly indicating the tsunami of lust coursing through her body. Traci herself was eager to take this young vixen through the sapphic journey that she and Hecate had orchestrated for her for this weekend. The moment of truth came done to this, to see if all of Hecate’s brainwashing and mind manipulation had a good hold on the young coed.

Seeing Traci give her an approving nod. Claire steeled herself, taking a deep breath to calm herself, in doing so taking a whiff of the heavenly aroma of Traci’s snatch, finding herself enjoying it. Then she took the plunge and dove into Traci’s aroused cunt.

When her tongue made contact with Traci’s wet pussy Claire marveled at the taste. She found herself enjoying it, even savoring it like a delicious treat. Doing her best to emulate the actions that Traci did to her. Little did Claire know that this wasn’t her first time eating pussy. Regina held that honor and Claire was also recalling the lessons that the brunette women imparted on her during their time together.

Jabbing her tongue in and out of Traci’s snatch and alternating by licking at the fleshy gates to the mature woman’s love tunnel had Traci voicing her approval through a series of pleasurable moans and sexual hisses. Claire was nervous as she didn’t know if her actions were having a positive effect and was about to step away a bit just to ask if she was doing okay.

But Traci placed both her hands atop Claire’s skull, keeping her locked in place as Traci refused to let Claire back away. She wanted this divine-looking sexy student to know full what it meant to eat pussy and what it was doing to her. Traci wasn’t going to just let her approach it in some timid fashion. No, she wanted Claire to ravish her pussy, to crave it as the sex-starved lesbian beast she was meant to be.

“Fuck!! Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! Goddess, you're so good Claire. Damn, it’s hard to believe that this is your first time eating pussy, you’re a… oh goddess… a-a … pro at this!!! Oh yes, that’s the spot, don’t stop, whatever you’re doing, don’t you dare fucking stop!!!” Traci exclaimed as she was riding the incoming waves of sexual pleasure that was going through her body, traveling from her loins, up her spine, and crashing against her brain with intense sexual pleasure.

It wasn’t long before Claire’s oral minstartions caused Traci to let out an intense scream of sexual release as her own orgasm ripped through her body. Her female liquids covering Claire’s mouth as she savored the flavor.

“Oh ffffuckk… oh f-fuck I’m cumming …. fuck this feels so good!!! Aghhhh!!!” Traci bellowed as an orgasm coursed through her body like a rapid river during flood season.

However, it was at this point that Natasha burst into Traci’s bedroom and shouted “Mom! What’s going on, everything okay?”

Both women bolted upright and attempted to cover themselves at Natasha’s sudden entry into her mother/wife’s bedroom. But, what Claire didn’t know was that this was all orchestrated by Traci and Natasha and a deliberate set up to see just how far she would take things. Traci had a slew of excuses at the ready should some semblance of Claire’s heterosexual persona try and regain control but at the same time she was hoping that Claire would arrive at the conclusion she and Natasha had planned out for her.

“Uh… Mom, Claire what’s going on?” Said Natasha in astonishment feigning shock at the compromising position she found Claire and her mother in.

This was the moment of truth that Traci and Natasha were waiting for. The ball was in Claire’s court as they eagerly awaited what she would do next.

Claire herself felt the pressure as she felt two sides warring within her. One, her weakened pious heterosexual self that was trying to reassert itself and the newly established dominant new lesbian persona implanted in her psyche by Hecate.

It’s as time froze still as she continued her internal mental struggle. She was debating just getting up and running away but then she heard it, a voice coming from deep within. A strong voice full of confidence, one that knew how to take charge of any given situation, a feminine voice, one that demanded she give control to her.

If you want to get out of this situation then let me take over. I can help you. the voice said in a sultry commanding tone.

B-but I’m scared… this is so embarrassing. I shouldn’t even be in this situation Claire whimpered in response, like a frightened child.

Then let me help You know it’s the only way. The voice responded in a devilish tone.

Claire wasn’t so sure she should accept the help that was being offered but time was running out and she didn’t have many options. With no choice left Claire agreed to what the voice wanted. In her mental landscape there was a bright flash before everything went dark and when she regained her sight she was back in Traci’s bedroom, naked and with Natasha staring at her with Traci herself giving her a concerned look.

Seeing the two beautiful females in her sights placed a devilish smirk on Claire’s face as the lustful properties of what she could do with them came into her mind. It was just a matter of a delicate manipulation on her part to get mother and daughter into bed with her. What Claire didn’t know was that Natasha and Traci were willing; it's just that they had orders to make Claire work for her prize.

“Natasha, welcome back home, so how was your date?”

“Uh… um… I guess it went okay but why are you and my mom naked and what were you doing to her?” Natasha asked in an accusing tone.

“Nothing you probably haven’t done yourself with your friend.” Claire responded in a smarmy tone.

Natasha feigned shock at Claire’s implication and masterfully conveyed that she was upset that Claire had just outed her in front of her mother.

“I-I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Besides I believe that’s a private matter.” Natasha snapped back.

“Wasn’t so private when you and I were in the shower.” Claire stated matter of factly.

Natasha could only blush at Claire’s comment. Of course, this was all an act. As her mom knew she preferred girls over guys and had seduced her best friend, Ophelia, and her family into become lecherous lesbian sluts. Doing what she could, she had to play the part of the naive girl inexperienced with the world of lesbian sex.

“N-Natasha, what’s Claire talking about?” Traci said in false motherly concern as she caught on to the tact that Claire was using and assisting the young coed into including her daughter for tonight’s festivities.

“I-I’m sorry mom, it’s j-just that me and Ophelia … I mean… we… Mom, I-I’m gay.” Natasha tearfully admitted.

There was a bit of silence in the bedroom as Traci mentally digested her daughter’s confession. Eventually she got up from her spot and walked over to her daughter and embraced her in a motherly hug. In response the young teen let out a contented sigh as she felt her mother’s naked body pressed up against hers.

“Natasha… if it makes you feel better. I have a confession of my own to make. I think I’m a lesbian also.” Traci said as she comforted her daughter by running her fingers through her wavy blonde hair followed up by a warm, motherly hug.

The embrace went on for a while until both Traci and Natasha heard someone clear their throat, grabbing their attention. Standing in front of them was the naked Claire, hands on her beautiful hips and a wicked smile on her face.

“Well now that we’ve established that both of you are lesbians. Maybe next we can try for something a little different, something bold, thrilling, and definitely very naughty. How about some mother-daughter bonding.” said Claire.

Traci looked at her daughter and then back at Claire. “Claire, are you suggesting that me and Natasha…”

“No, no… just inferring that since both of you have come out as lesbians that maybe you could help each other. After all Traci wouldn’t Natasha benefit from receiving a proper education on lesbian intimacy from her mother. And Natasha, your mother has raised you, and she’s been a lonely woman since her divorce from your scumbag father. She’s looking for some comfort. Wouldn’t it be your duty as a daughter to help your mother through this difficult time?”

Any reasonable person could see the absurdity in Claire’s statement, but fortunately for Claire, Traci and Natasha had orders to follow and they were supposed to guide and manipulate the now ash-blonde coed into stepping into the world of lesbianism.

“I guess so but… I mean, what you’re suggesting… is it the right thing for us to do?” Natasha inquired meekly.

“To hell if it’s right!” snapped Claire at the reluctance that Natasha was putting up. “Do it because it feels good.”

“Mom, Claire does make a valid point…” Natasha said as she longfully stared into her mother’s eyes.

“Natasha…” her mother responded back in a lustful tone.

Soon Traci placed her finger gently on her daughter’s chin and raised a bit and then she leaned in and gave her daughter a passionate kiss. Natasha let out a soft moan as she felt her mother’s lips press against hers.

It wasn’t long before Natasha felt her mother’s hand roam all over her body, eventually settling on the globes of her ass and giving it a good squeeze.

Then Traci’s hands roamed upwards and began to remove the black blouse off her daughter, then removing the pleated black mini skirt, followed by Natasha’s undergarments, which was a dark red bra and panty set that was very unsuitable for a teenager to wear. By this time Traci had placed her daughter on her bed as she held up one of Natasha’s legs and began to roll a nylon stocking off of it and it wasn’t long before she had her daughter completely naked.

When Traci had completely stripped her daughter naked, she looked down to see her handy work and admired the wonderful view of Natasha’s naked nubile body. Something she had seen many times since her conversion into lesbianism by Hecate’s hands but for now she had to pretend this was the first time between her and Natasha, for Claire’s benefit.

“Is that all you’re going to do?” Claire seductively whispered into Traci’s ear as she wrapped her arms around Traci’s waist and pressed her body against the mature woman’s. Which in turn caused Traci to let out a soft moan of pleasure.

“Go ahead, just do it. Look at Natasha you know she wouldn’t mind,” Claire said as she further egged Traci on towards becoming sexually intimate with her daughter.

“B-but this… I mean most people would consider this morally wrong, a sin even. I-I could go to Hell for this.” Traci said as she continued her token resistance to Claire’s attempts.

“That’s the talk of the narrow-minded and ignorant. Surely you're not suggesting what you and I just did earlier as something bad?” This time Claire planted a deep sensual kiss on Traci’s lips as her hands roamed over her body. Eventually with one stopping atop her breast and playing with it and the other venturing between her legs and eliciting more moans of pleasure.

“C-Claire… oh goddess, yesss!” Traci hissed through clenched teeth as a jolt of pleasure passed through her body.

Claire continued to molest Traci’s body infront of Natasha, only giving a mischievous smile as the teen looked on with curiosity and desire at what was unfolding before her very eyes.

“So tell me Natasha what did you and your girlfriend do today, anything you would like to share with your mom?”

Natasha feigned hesitation in revealing what had occurred between her and Ophelia but given what was happening between her, Claire, and her mother and what she was seeing Natasha knew that divulging the scandalous details that occurred would better benefit the situation. Plus she hoped that her scintillating tale would further amp up the lusty atmosphere already building up in her mother’s bedroom.

“Well, me and Ophelia we… kissed for a bit.”

“I see. You mean like this,” said Claire as she tilted Traci’s head back a bit and then leaned in planting a naughty kiss of her own on the woman’s lush lips. Both women just moaned as lips pressed, tongues tangled with one another, and hands again roamed over their nude forms.

“Yeah, just like that.” Natasha commented as she watched Claire and her mother get it on and put on a lewd show for her.

The kissing and groping went on for a while until Claire broke it off and again faced Natasha and said “So what else? I doubt you and Ophelia just kissed, tell us what you two did together.”

Natasha couldn’t help but smirk internally with evil glee to see this former chaste, morally upright beautiful woman urge her to tell her more sinful details about what had occurred between her and her friend, Ophelia.

“Well Ophelia touched each other in our… you know.” Natasha said bashfully as she gestured with her eyes towards her glistening, wet pussy.

“Like this my dear.” This time it was her mother that took some initiative as she gently rubbed her fingers over Claire’s snatch and slowly worked the tip of her middle finger in and out of Claire’s eager fuck tunnel, making sure not to go to deep.

In response Claire just arched her back and thrust her head back as she let out a passionate moan of pleasure as Traci sensually explored her pussy with the finesse and expertise of a seasoned pro.

“Mmmm hmmm,” Natasha said as she observed her mother diddle the ashen blonde coed. Which in turn had Natasha moving her hands over intimate parts of her body and gently pleasuring herself to the lewd show Traci and Claire were putting on for her.

“Oh… yesss… tell us more, what else did you do to your girlfriend Natasha?” Claire inquired with anxious need as Traci’s ministrations elicited more pleasure from her body.

A look of approval coming from Traci signaled to Natasha that Claire was essentially at the point of no return. There was no way she could turn back. The newly minted ashen-blonde hottie was too enthralled with the pleasures coursing through her body to even put up any kind of resistance.

“Well …” Natasha said in a cutsie manner as she tapped her lips with her right index finger. “Ophelia and I tribbed each other, we 69’d, and she had me put on a strap-on and fuck her real hard.” she said with mischievous glee.

Images of lewd sapphic sexual acts burst into Claire’s mindscape as she mentally envisioned Natasha committing such scandalous acts with her friend. Seeing two hot nubile teenage women going at it like crazed weasels in heat was the tipping point.

Without knowing it, most likely due to the erotic haze going on in her head, Claire found herself face up on Traci’s bed with Natasha and Traci looking down at her with lustful expressions.

“So would you like a…“ said Traci in her best seductress voice

“...demonstration of what I did?” Natasha finished Traci’s statement in her own seductive tone.

Claire processed what Traci and Natasha were asking of her. In the deepest reaches of her subconscious was a faint voice, barely heard as a whisper, trying its best to object to the obscene request. Telling Claire to get up, run away, and never come back. However, Claire barely took notice as it was drowned out by the intense pleasure coming from her highly aroused pussy.

Claire only nodded her head as her body shuddered at the thought of the incoming erotic pleasure coming her way. Her body tensed, bracing itself from the incoming wave of sexual bliss headed its way.

Claire was well rewarded for her acceptance of Traci and Natasha’s offer as they soon began to plant kisses all over her body, starting at her neck, traveling along her shoulder and coming around to her breasts as lips latched on to hard, firm nipples.

Claire just gasped at the sexual shock she was experiencing. Her body trembling as her quim spasmed with each lick and nibble on her enlarged tit that stood erect like a lighthouse in the sea of lust she found herself drowning in.

“Relax Claire, just relax, don’t fight this, there’s no need,” she heard Traci whisper to her ear.

“It’s just us, no one to bother us; just let us do our thing; pretend that you're back home with your mom and sister; yes, Claire, your back home and you managed to seduce your mom and sweet sexy sister into bed and both of us are going to show you the time of your life.” Natasha added.

Claire found her back arching and hips lifting up into the air as soon as she followed Natasha’s request. Trying to best not to orgasm right there and now but prolong it, to savor the exquisite feeling pulsing through her body, Claire wanted this to last for an eternity. Her mind taking hold of Natasha’s suggestion placed her back home: she was in her mother’s bedroom; she had managed to seduce both her mother, Mary, and sister, Wendy. Now they were going to pleasure her body just like how she’s always wanted, no, how she remembered; yes, how she remembered. The lessons in masturabtion she received from Mary, the times she and Wendy showered together, washing each others body, and the times Mary had either her or both her daughters in her bed and encouraged them to sleep in the nude, yes she felt that these memories accurately described the relationship she had with Mary and Wendy.

A low guttural moan of pleasure rushed out Claire’s lips as she felt Natasha and Mary suckle on her nipples. Pleasure was something she couldn’t describe as jolts of electricity pulsed up her spine and blasted her brain. Her tits had become hypersensitive, a gentle breeze could set her off.

However, all of a sudden it stopped and looking up Claire was confused until she was greeted by a most marvelous sight. The wet, glistening, sexually aroused lips of Natasha’s pussy and how beautiful they looked. Claire couldn’t help lick her lips with sexual hunger as Natasha’s snatch seemed to slightly twitch and convulse with primal desire.

“Well, Sis, you wanted me to show you what I did with my friend and I’m going to show you. This is called a 69; I ate her pussy, and she ate mine.” Natasha said as she teasingly wiggled her bare bum lewdly in front of Claire’s face.

Her sister’s pussy was so close. All Claire had to do was just raise her head up a bit and stick out her tongue and she would soon have the taste of Wendy’s pussy on her lips. And yet, there was still a remnant of her old persona still struggling, using every bit of will to maintain a grip of sanity in an insane situation.

However, as if she sensed the small bit of resistance in Claire, Traci said something that encouraged Claire to dive right in.

“Go ahead my dear, make momma proud, just let me know just how skilled you are with your tongue in pleasing a woman. Do it Claire, and make me happy that you’re my daughter.”

Taking a deep breath to calm herself Claire plunged into Natasha’s snatch with fervent gusto as she began to assault on what she believed was her sister’s pussy with her tongue. Working in and around the labia, stroking the clit, and using it to dig into Natasha’s quivering cunt. Claire found the taste just as enjoyable as Traci’s.

It wasn’t long before Natasha joined and began her own oral action on Claire’s loins and being far more skilled in lesbian oral sex than Claire. She was able to get elicit more intense pleasure for Claire. Claire began to buck a bit but Natasha held on and rode her like an expert bull rider as she would bring Claire close to the edge and then gently back away to let Claire cool down a bit and then bring her close again.

Natasha repeated this action for a while, keeping Claire on the edge of sexual release, prepping her for what she and her mother had planned for her. Claire was at a point that she was about to beg them to bring her to orgasm and allowing her to cum. However, before she could voice her desire, her legs were raised and placed on Natasha’s shoulders. Looking over the cheeks of Natasha’s cute rear, Claire saw Traci towering before her, and soon she felt it. The removal of the butt plug that was in her rectum and soon replaced by the poking and prodding of something firm and hard against her puckered anal entrance. Claire felt Natasha’s hands on the cheeks of her ass, getting a good grip and parting them for Traci, thus exposing her most intimate area to the honey-blonde woman towering over her.

Claire let out a sharp gasp as she felt a tip penetrate her in her rear. A bit of discomfort but it didn’t take long before it gave way to sexual pleasure.

“Another thing I did with my friend. She had me give her a good fucking and mother here will give you a proper demonstration but not in your sexy cunt but in your hot, sexy ass, sis.” Natasha said with delight as she observed her mother slowly work the lubed up strap-on cock inch by inch into Claire’s ass.

All Claire could do was just moan with pleasure as she felt her mom invade her ass with the fake cock and her sister ravish her cunt with her tongue. This was just about to become too much for her to bear.

It wasn’t long before Traci began a deliberate rhythmic motion, pistoning the strap-on in and out of Claire’s ass, observing with sinful delight, her daughter eating out their sexy guest’s snatch while she pumped her ass. Watching Claire’s body twitch and spasm with each thrust and retraction of the dildo and assault of Natasha’s tongue.

“P-p-please!!!” Claire managed to moan through the intense sexual feeling coursing through her body, thrusting her ass back and lowering her hips in an attempt to get closer to the sources of pleasure.

“What was that my dear daughter? I can’t quite understand what you want,” teased Traci as she continued her deliberate slow movement of the strap-on dildo in and out of Claire’s ass.

“F-F-Fuck… let me c-c-cum you f-fucking t-tease!”

“Claire! Such language and to use it on your own mother, so unlike you.” Traci responded in mock surprise.

“I-I… oh goddess that feels good… fuck! Let me f-fucking cum, please mother!” Claire strained to say as another jolt of pleasure travelled from her rectum, up her spine, and into the pleasure center of her brain.

Upon hearing Claire’s foul-mouthed plea for sexual release Traci and Natasha shifted their sexual assault on Claire to high gear. Traci began to pick up the pace and went a little faster in pumping the strap-on in and out of Claire’s anal passage as Natasha began to slurp and suck on Claire’s spasming quim. The moans and grunts coming out from Claire’s mouth increased in tempo as well. Claire dove back between Natasha’s legs and flicked her tongue on Natasha’s pussy more vigorously in return.

It didn’t take long as Claire felt the orgasm she so desired seize her and blast her brain with intense sexual pleasure.

“F-f-fuuckk!!! I’m cumming!!” Claire screamed in pure sexual bliss as she rode a very pleasurable sexual wave of sensations that assaulted her body and caused her to blank out. Feminine fluids gushed out of Claires pussy, which Natasha drank most of and the remainder running over her teenaged lips down her face.

“Sister, you taste wonderful!”

Some time later Claire was left panting on Traci’s bed as she caught glimpses of mother and daughter making out and feeling each other up. The sight put a smile on her face as she envisioned Mary and Wendy in Traci’s and Natasha’s place, two beautiful women she felt that belonged together and that she would be determined to see together as lovers and eventually as lesbian wives.

“Well, well, well, looks like someone just came back to the land of the living.” Traci said with pride as she knew that Claire was close to being a tool for Hecate to use for their own nefarious purposes.

“So how was it sis?” Natasha added.

“More…” Claire said as she reached over, wrapped an arm around Natasha’s neck, and worked her tongue sensually into the eager teen’s mouth. Her other hand went to cup the teen’s right breast, squeezing the mammary globe tightly.

“Don’t worry honey, we have all weekend,” Traci commented as she joined the two nubile women for another round of intense sapphic love-making.


At an extravagant mansion located somewhere in California. In an opalescent bedroom a younger blonde woman about in her teens was on her hands and knees in the doggy-style position as an older ashened- blonde woman mounted behind her, wearing a strap-on, her hands with a firm hold on the gorgeous breasts of her younger partner began a rhythmic fucking of the younger woman’s sex.

In front of them was a large 70-inch TV that hung from the bedroom wall as they watched the debauched lesbian scene that occurred at Traci’s home. The blonde teen delirious with pleasure as the mature woman continued her sexual assault on her spasming wet cunt.

It wasn’t long when the teen achieved orgasm and collapsed on the bed, panting and trying to collect herself, followed by the mature woman disengaging herself from her young, vibrant fuck.

“So did my sweet baby girl enjoy the show her gift put on?” the mature woman inquired as she reached over to a night stand that was next to the large extravagant bed and fished out a polished gold cigarette case from its drawer, popping one into her mouth, lighting it up, taking a deep drag, and then blowing out a seductive plume of smoke from her lush seductive lips.

The young teen, still panting from the intense sexual workout she endured, managed to crawl over to the older woman’s side and took the cigarette case from the mature woman and after fishing out her own cigarette, lit one up as she herself took a few puffs to help calm herself down from her sexual high.

“Absolutely mom, I can’t thank you enough. I’ve always wanted an older sister.”

“Nothing but the best for my baby girl.” the mature woman said in a cold, devilish tone as she planted a gentle kiss on her daughter’s forehead and then cast a wicked gaze on the lesbian debauchery that was occurring at Traci’s home. “Nothing but the best ...” Serena Powers whispered as her eyes narrowly focused on Claire shown on the large TV screen with a sinister gaze as she observed the young coed become further involved in an entanglement of flesh, limbs, and sinful delights, further taking the steps to transform herself into a being that suited the carnal tastes of Serena and Sarah Powers. Both mother and daughter smirked with wicked delight as they observed another moan of pleasure rush out the newly minted ashen-blonde vixen’s beautifully painted lips as they witnessed Traci and her daughter, Natasha, double team Claire. Traci was eating out Claire’s bald snatch while Natasha rimmed her sexy guest’s ass.


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