Saturday, October 30, 2021

Silver Witch - Chapter 13

"What do you mean it's too late?!"

"I'm already in a relationship with someone else." Sophia backed away a few more steps before turning around and walking hurriedly through the billowy fog.

Someone else? Emma had a vision of a black, feminine silhouette standing in front of a luminous blue cloud. Pupiless eyes on the silhouette's face glowed with bright blue light. Wavy tentacles grew and extended menacingly from the sides of the silhouette's upper body.

"Wait, please don't leave me, Sophia!" Emma ran after Sophia, but her friend seemed to always be ahead of her, despite walking at a slow speed. The distance between them quickly increased, and Emma's last view of her friend was seeing her walking through a portal of swirling, blue light. Once Emma arrived at the portal, she hesitated for a few moments. Feeling a strong need to get to her friend, Emma took a deep breath and stepped in. Bright light blinded her for a few moments before she arrived in an area of almost total darkness.

A chilly wind blew over her, and she instinctively wrapped her arms around her upper body for warmth. Emma wished she had dressed in something warmer, instead of just pajamas and felt slippers. A faint blue light appeared in the distance, the wind seeming to come from that direction. With no other reference point, Emma decided to walk in the direction of the light. The area was so quiet that she only heard the sound of her own footsteps.

A dark figure appeared in front of the blue light. That must be Sophia! Emma picked up her pace. As she got closer to the figure, the blue light became whiter and brighter until Emma could fully see the figure in detail. It indeed was Sophia--at least for the most part, dressed in her normal school clothes: blue sweater with white stripes, light blue jeans, and light gray sneakers with white soles. What was different than usual was her application of cosmetics: dark blue mascara, frosted ice blue eyeshadow, carnation pink lipstick, and matching pink lacquer on her almond-shaped nails. Sophia's gray eyes glowed in a faint blue color. For some reason, Emma felt her heart beating fast and couldn't stop looking at Sophia's face.

"Sophia… What...what are you doing here?" Emma asked.

"I was about to ask you the same question. Why are you following me?"

"I-I-I…" Emma stammered. Erotic thoughts flashed in Emma's mind. She saw herself kissing Sophia on the lips, touching her breasts, and squeezing her butt.

"You don't have to tell me. I know what you want, Emma. Me! But, as I've said before, I'm already taken."

There's only one other way…

What other way? What do you mean?

Emma had a sudden flashback of herself sexually violating Jennifer earlier. No, that wasn't the real me. I can never do that again.

Admit it. You enjoyed it….and you wouldn't mind doing it Jennifer...or to another girl or woman…

No, Galatea's magic, the stupid Princess Chastity transformation, made me do it.

You're using your transformation as an excuse. What really happened was that you were acting on your own will. You wanted to fuck her!

No, that can't be it. I...I'm a good person. I would never do such a thing on my own.

There's no use fighting against your true feelings. You should always aim for obtaining what you truly want.

...true feelings...what I want…

Fucking Jennifer once wasn't enough...

...need to fuck Jennifer again...and again...

You love Sophia… You want to fuck Sophia, too. Sophia...fuck Sophia...

Emma's hands automatically moved on their own to loosen the buttons of Emma's pajama top, revealing the white satin bra she wore. Emma was surprised at being controlled by an unseen force, but somehow it felt very natural to her, too, and it seemed that what she was doing was the next logical step in her relationship with her friend, a step she wanted to take.

"What are you doing?" asked Sophia.

There was no expression on Emma's face when she quickly grabbed her friend's shoulders and pulled her towards herself for a surprise kiss. Sophia made a muffled protest through Emma's mouth and tried to push her friend away, but Emma's embrace was unyielding. Emma slipped her tongue between her friend's lips. Sophia started to moan with the delight of Emma's mouth and to yield her own. A pulse of climactic pleasure rumbled through Emma's womanhood.

When Emma came out of the orgasmic stupor into which she had put herself, she slowly began to open her eyes. She felt relaxed as she realized that she was lying, face-up, on a comfortable, long sofa and noticed that her head was resting on the lap of a person, which, to her comfort, she could feel and see was feminine in shape. Her gaze lifted and focused on the face of the person hovering above her. She gasped in shock as she recognized the face staring down at her. "Sophia?!"

To her surprise, Emma realized that her pajama top was partially unbuttoned, and then had the distinct impression that she and her best friend had engaged in some kind of immodest behavior. That was quickly followed by her also realizing that she wasn't looking up at Sophia, per se, but rather at the automaton, whose face had changed, since Emma had last seen her, to resemble Sophia's. Apart from the gleaming metallic appearance and the luminescent blue eyes, it looked very much like its real-life counterpart, but without the blonde hair.

"What's going on?" Emma redid the buttons on her light blue pajama top.

"It's the lust you secretly harbor for your friend, and always have, and your own fantasies about her and about what kind of a new, romantic relationship you want with her, that has made Sophia's image appear on the automaton," answered Jeannie, who was standing next to the human-automaton couple, the mechanical partner of which was sitting on the sofa, cradling Emma's head in her lap. "You've been fantasizing about Sophia lately, haven't you? Sexy fantasies...about her…and you..."

"No, of course n--... Well...maybe a few…but…"

"Corycia is sensitive to what's in your heart, takes your deepest desires and fantasies, and transforms herself accordingly to please you. It's your mind that speaks to her and makes her change. You just had another fantasy about Sophia right now, didn't you?"

Jeannie's explanation, while possessing elements of truth, was duplicitously incomplete. The automaton had indeed been programmed to change its appearance based on Emma's memories, feelings, and fantasies. And yes, Emma did now have a genuine attraction to Sophia and did fantasize about her. But that had all been started by the magic of the Silver Witch, through implanted thoughts, insinuations, images, and emotions, and steered experiences, real and simulated. It didn't originate within her own heart, and she had never had thoughts like that before she had met Galatea. However, in this moment it seemed to her that they could be sentiments and daydreams created by her own real desires, now that Jeannie had implied that they were. And, unknown to her, these new lesbian feelings about Sophia were becoming more entrenched, more real, more genuine, more permanent with every passing day and with every daydream, fantasy, and simulation about her. Without realizing it, she was already quite infatuated with her friend, and her love and lust for her were only going to get much, much deeper.

"How did that happen?"

"I'm not sure if Galatea told you this yet, but your magic also comes with some gifts, such as psychic abilities. Even though it wasn't intentional, you most likely projected your thoughts and desires about your friend onto the automaton," Jeannie lied. "You've always had feelings for her, even from the first time you met, haven't you?"

"But I don't think I thought about my best friend like that." However, reflecting for a second, she wasn't sure the assertion was exactly correct, not knowing that even the memories of her earliest encounters with and impressions of Sophia weren't all her own. Then she "remembered" thinking about Sophia more recently in various fantasy scenarios where Sophia was dressed in exotic harem dancer outfits and ensembles of face veils and robes, and decked out with dramatic makeup and blue hair, and engaged with Emma in scenarios ripe with sexual intrigue, seduction and... Is Jeannie right? Do I really have some kind of...crush...on Sophia?

Emma saw her own reflection on the automaton's polished metallic face and noticed that her hair was now neon pink. It was a somewhat different shade of pink than she had had before as the Princess of Chastity. She looked sensational with this hair color, she knew, as she had with her previous pink hair, and was secretly quite pleased to have pink hair again. It was almost as if a bold, sexy change like this was her destiny and her right now. Did I transform into the Princess of Chastity? But then she saw that other changes in her appearance to which she was accustomed when she transformed were lacking so far. Emma realized her face had no cosmetics applied, her hair remained shoulder length, she was still in her light blue pajamas, and she didn't feel the intense sexual desire that she had encountered during her previous act of transformation. Is this a partial transformation? That possibility that she might not transform more struck her with a little bit of inadvertent disappointment. Emma was opening her mouth and was about to ask, but Jeannie spoke first.

"The thoughts don't necessarily need to be conscious. You might have latent desires for your friend, and you might not have recognized those thoughts of your friend for what they are: sexual desire."

"No way. That's not right. It's hard for me to believe that. Sophia's just my friend. There's no way I would--"

Before Emma could fully deny Jeannie's insinuation that she had hidden homosexual desires for her BFF, the automaton immediately caught Emma's gaze with its mesmerizing blue eyes, which glowed and flashed repeatedly.

You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia... You desire Sophia...

Corycia gently cradled Emma's expressionless face with her gleaming metallic hands and seductively moved in to plant a kiss on Emma's lips. Firm metal collided with soft flesh. Corycia's metal tongue gently pried Emma's lips apart and probed into Emma's mouth. Sparkles appeared on Emma's lips as a lustrous layer of hot pink lipstick magically coated them.

"Search your feelings. Tell me how you really feel about your friend. Can you really deny how much you want her?"

Emma had to reluctantly break her kiss with the automaton to answer. "… I...uh… I don't… I don't know……………..mmmmmm… Sophia………….…..."

You want Sophia to be more than your friend... You want Sophia to love you as you love her... You lust for Sophia's body... You want to have sex with Sophia...

The automaton pulled Emma's mouth to her own again, gently placed a hand on Emma's top, seductively opened Emma's pajama top one button at a time, and exposed Emma's chest. Corycia reached around Emma's waist and unhooked the strap of Emma's white satin bra, then pulled down the bra cups and manipulated Emma's breasts. The teasing and pinching of Emma's nipples caused them to sparkle and to acquire the same hot pink color as Emma's lipsticked lips. Reaching between Emma's legs and into the folds of her panties, the automaton slowly rubbed Emma's clit, causing the labia to sparkle and to re-color to the same unnatural pink color as the teen's nipples.

You are a lesbian... You have no desire for men... You only desire females... You crave the female form... You desire female automatons... You love the feeling of metal... You want have lesbian sex with automatons... Female machines arouse you... The female form expressed through magic and machinery turns you on...

Corycia angled her head downwards to kiss and suck on one of Emma's breasts. The pink-haired teenaged girl tilted her head back with closed eyes and let out an erotic gasp. Her eyelids sparkled and a thick layer of gleaming silver-blue eyeshadow appeared on them. When she blinked, her eyelashes were lengthened and curled and became coated thickly with glittery black mascara. Imperfections on her face disappeared. The skin became perfectly smooth and flawless.

Galatea is your goddess... You will always obey Galatea's will... You will always love Galatea... You will always desire Galatea... You will always believe in Galatea... You will never disobey Galatea... You will always carry out Galatea's orders…

You will have sex with Galatea's automatons... They arouse you... They turn you on... You are a lesbian... You love female automatons... You love artificial female beings... You want to copulate with female automatons...

Emma moaned loudly as more transformations took place. Her nails acquired a shiny pink metallic color. The fabric of her light blue pajamas became sheer and iridescent while her white bra and panties morphed into chrome metal versions and wore themselves back onto her body.

Seeing her shiny chrome underwear made Emma think of her breathtaking new woman friend, Janet, to whom Galatea had introduced her, who had transformed into an erotic chrome-themed siren while they were making love that very morning. The recollection sent a thrill through her pussy, especially knowing she was going to be seeing Janet again the following morning, and also knowing that she, in wearing chrome right now, was a little more like Janet for doing so. Being like Janet in any way struck Emma, for some reason, as being highly desirable and a distinct turn-on...the more, the better... After that brief reflection, Emma returned her full attention to Corycia and was instantly filled again with rapt lust for her.

Emma sat up, staring at the automaton with a look of absolute desire.

"How do you feel now, Emma?" asked Jeannie.

"I feel very...horny..." Emma was fidgeting and was too overwhelmed with erotic emotions to think straight. Trying to clear her head, she stood up. It was then that Emma noticed that she was wearing the dark-blue high heeled pumps which she had worn all day after being given them by Galatea that morning. They felt so natural and sexy, she decided to leave them on, and did so for the remainder of the evening.

Corycia followed Emma to her feet. As they faced each other in an atmosphere of irresistible lust, the sofa disappeared. Emma put a hand on the automaton's hip, and Corycia reciprocated.

"Go ahead and fuck her. Don't hold back." Jeannie grinned.

Emma roughly embraced Corycia in Sophia's form and kissed the automaton fully on the lips. Once started, she found that she had little will to stop. The sensation of metal under her hands and on her lips was novel to her and surprisingly pleasant, even though Corycia's body felt somewhat colder than that of a living person. She had never thought that she would lust for mechanical beings, but here she was making out with one, one who happened to look like a spitting image of her friend, except for the inorganic appearance. And she was absolutely loving it.

When Emma probed her tongue into the automaton's mouth, she discovered, to her delight, that the interior was soft, well lubricated, and had a sweet blueberry and vanilla taste. Through their tongue-jousting, Emma noticed Corycia's tongue was at least as dextrous as her own. Moved by lesbian curiosity, desire, and penchant ingrained into her by her previous sapphic experiences, and barely realizing what she was doing, it seemed so natural and easy for her now, she raised her hands to grope Corycia's breasts. Despite being made of what appeared to be metal, they felt surprisingly soft in Emma's hands. She could even feel the automaton's nipples extending and poking against her hands, apparently in response to her caresses and kisses, which titillated and seduced Emma even more.

"Ahhhh!" Emma gasped in surprise, breaking the long kiss, when she felt a sudden pleasurable pressure in her crotch. Looking downward, she saw that a segmented chrome metal phallus with luminous blue joints was growing from the front side of her chrome panties. Knowing from experience that she had better give the phallus room to elongate and take shape, Emma pulled off her sheer pajama bottoms. As long as she was doing that, she decided, she might as well remove her unbuttoned top, too, which she did, so that she stood there attired only in her chrome metallic bra and panties, and her blue high heels. "What's happening? Is this part of the Princess Chastity transformation?"

"Yes, Emma. Until you've become more skilled in controlling your power, the appearance and effect of each transformation will vary depending on the circumstances. Your feelings and thoughts will always have an impact on the result." Jeannie snapped her fingers. An area on the marble floor near Emma and Corycia bubbled like boiling water and a circular bed rose up covered with a silver satin sheet and possessing an all-too-obvious purpose.

"Why does this transformation have to involve sex? What's the point of this?" Emma struggled to ask over the sexual tension that was building rapidly in her body. Despite her questions, Emma's reluctance to make further love with Corycia was evaporating entirely away, the appearing of the bed and the acts it implied to her having sealed that eventuality. Emma and the automaton turned to face the bed together, then they turned their faces to each other. Emma's heart pounded in her chest as she took Corycia's hand in her own.

"That's simply the nature of our school of magic. Just like the other magical dedications we must be attuned to that which we draw our power from. Such as someone that has an affinity for magic based in nature they must also be aligned with nature itself in mind, body, and soul in order to properly use it. As Galatea has already told you, our magic is based in part on sexuality, primarily sapphic sexuality. This transformation amplifies your existing magic power to a degree, but that increase in power requires an increase in sexual input. As a side-effect, you will become highly aroused and have a strong hunger for lesbian sex. Since you're a neophyte, you will have difficulty controlling this transformation right now. But as you become more skilled, you will eventually have more control over both your appearance and your newly discovered sexual desires."

"S-so… y-you're saying that I can eventually control this…" as she gestured to herself "and maybe not… you know think about or want lesbian sex 24/7 … oh god… uh …" Emma moaned and shuddered as she forced out the rest of her sentence as sexual pleasure from her new form continued to assault her mind.

Jeannie nodded her head and said "Yes, in time you can gain sufficient control over this form and manage to contain the urges." and flashed Emma a friendly smile as she purposely omitted the fact that by the time Emma could master the transformations her mind would have already been corrupted and that she would act on her sapphic impulses.

So aroused was Emma that she was only half-listening to Jeannie as she guided the automaton to the bed without breaking eye contact with it...or her. In Emma's mind, Corycia was now distinctly female. Yes, maybe a robot girl, or a girl automaton, or a metal woman, and not quite human...but a girl, of some type, nevertheless...a girl to love...a girl to fuck...

Emma rationalized that whatever she was about to do or could do to the automaton--and she was now reconciled to the eventuality that she was going to have lesbian sex in one way or another with this alluring machine, as she had already started doing, and that she might well end up fucking her, as she had done to the Silver Witch and to the young teen schoolgirl on prior occasions, and as Jeannie was urging her to do now to the automaton--wouldn't hurt Corycia or herself or anyone else. She was, after all, just a machine. She had no parents who would be concerned and no other love interests who would be jealous; there were no laws they would be breaking, of which she knew; there would be no harm to the heterosexuality remaining in herself, which she hoped to preserve, since her partner was not a human woman and therefore sex with her didn't really "count"; Emma wouldn't be stealing Corycia's virginity, in contrast to what she had done to the teen this morning, since robots probably didn't have such issues; and there would be no unwanted pregnancy or children, or so she thought. This was going to be the perfect no-consequence sex.

At the same time, Emma found herself enamored with Corycia also precisely because she wasn't human, because she was shiny metal and gears and lights, combined with curves and beauty and sexual parts and sexual responsiveness and sexual ardor, all distinctly female. The combination of hard, inhuman mechanicality with delicate femininity and sexuality was, for some reason Emma didn't understand, driving her crazy with desire. She was being trained to associate sex, sexuality, and sexual pleasure exclusively with female partnership, as well as with the unnatural, the forbidden, and the taboo, which process she faintly recognized, and had told herself countless times she didn't want to cooperate with, yet, at this moment, she couldn't resist.

Corycia lay down face up and spread her legs inviting Emma to taste the heavenly treasure between her legs. The brunette teen could not resist the temptation being presented and soon knelt on the bed between the automation's legs and began to sample a taste of the automation's sex. Emma noticed that Corycia's mechanical vagina was glowing with a neon blue color and a clear syrupy liquid was flowing from it which had a very pleasant sweet smell, something akin to bubblegum.

Jeannie smiled wickedly as she cast Lust and Mesmerization spells on the unsuspecting Emma, raising the teenage girl's sexual arousal and reducing her rational thinking even further. Subsequently, Emma's appearance and attire also changed, which she perceived as if she could see herself. Her lips, nails, and hair took on a gleaming metallic pink color while the rest of her make-up became even more intensely metallic. Her curled eyelashes became even longer. Glowing pink gems appeared on the tips of her chrome bra cups and lined up vertically along the front of her panties, covering the approximate area of her vagina. A persistent glow emanated from her hair, eyelids, lips, and nails. The jeweled tip and the joints of her segmented metal phallus also glowed more intensely in neon pink. Emma gasped at the tingles of pleasure she felt all over her body during the process, as well as at the progressive, radical sexiness of her appearance--a decidedly and wonderfully lesbian appearance, she felt impressed to understand--which she found turning herself on, as well.

Despite having not wanted to enjoy any act or any change Galatea might foist on her, Emma couldn't help feeling euphoric over all elements of her transformation, and that it had proceeded to a completed state. Yes! This is more like it! I...I'm hot!!

Emma wondered whether her new, exotic beauty and sexy attire were factors in Corycia's obviously receptive, excited response to her. If it were, then good. Maybe she would have a similar effect on Sophia, the thought passed through Emma's head, if she ever appeared to Sophia like this. Realizing what she had just thought, she tried to banish the notion from her head, but could not. She wanted Sophia to see her in a dramatically beautified state like this. Could her best friend resist her any more than Corycia was doing? What would it be like if Sophia were lying in front of her like Corycia was? Would Sophia spread her legs, whorelike, like Corycia, and beg for her pussy to be eaten or fucked?

Emma placed her head between Corycia's chrome thighs and planted a deep kiss on the automaton's vagina. Bluish pink magical electricity shot forth from the points of contact. The automaton opened her mouth and let out a soft electronic moan of pleasure. Emma placed her fingers on the labia and pulled the lips apart, revealing the glowing blue interior. Wow, it's glowing! She flicked her tongue vertically on the metallic pussy, causing Corycia to moan audibly. She moans just like a real woman and her pussy tastes so good! She pushed her tongue deep into the metallic blue tunnel to get more of the delicious fluid.

"Enjoying the taste, Emma?"

"Mmmmm mmmmmm…" Emma could only murmur in response, as her mouth was filled with robotic pussy.

"I take that as a ‘yes'. You can have her pussy all you want. You can make love to Corycia again and again, all you want. There's no need to go half-way with her, Emma. She turns you want go all the way with her. Don't ever hold back, Emma. Play with Corycia any way you want! Don't forget Corycia can take on any form your heart desires, sexy female celebrities, your friend Sophia and Ashley, and even your sexy mother and younger sister!" Jeannie emphasized the last statement by casting Lust and Mesmerization on Emma again, after which she licked the teenaged girl's ear and then whispered tantalizingly into it, "Fuck her." The words echoed through Emma, until landing like a bolt of lightning in her pussy.

The teenaged girl broke oral contact with the automaton's pussy and made a loud, erotic moan through her metallic pink lips. "Ooooohhhhhh... Uhhhhhh…" She groped her own breasts as they became magically enlarged from a C-cup to a D-cup, another temporary effect of the Princess Chastity transformation. The joints of her now strongly erect metallic phallus glowed brightly with magical energy. Small tendrils grew from the base of the phallus, attached themselves to her vaginal walls, and integrated themselves with Emma's nervous system, allowing the magical penis to become an almost seamless extension of Emma's body. The erection now started to drive Emma crazy, filling her with a primal lust and desire to use her new organ of sex to fuck a girl, to fuck the robotic girl on the bed with her.

Responding to Emma's growing arousal, the shaft had been enlarging and erecting itself via a hydraulic network of small tubes filled with pressurizing liquid. A special suction device and conversion module in the base of the shaft collected Emma's vaginal fluids and converted them to feminine semen. From the conversion chamber at the base, the feminine semen filled up the middle portion of the shaft. From the artificial nerves, Emma was able to feel the rising pressure of the fluids in the mechanical phallus, perceiving it as an exciting approach to a climax, as would a man. When she touched the phallus with the tips of her fingers, a powerful jolt of pleasure coursed through her body, causing her to gasp, "Ahhhhhhhh!"

A strong desire to copulate with the automaton became Emma's sole thought at the moment. She desperately wanted to shove her gleaming shaft into the automaton's feminine hole. Although she had likewise copulated earlier this very day, having shamefully forced herself on an unwilling Jennifer, the impending act now seemed less disturbing and more natural, as if she was meant to do this.

However, doubt crept back to Emma. She was a human female and the act she was about to commit was contrary to what she had learned about human reproduction in her science classes. Not only was Corycia not the opposite sex, she wasn't even the same species, nor was she truly a living being. Moreover, the artificial penis projecting from her crotch and held in place by a similarly intricate metal harness was a piece of unworldly machinery constructed of metal alloys and powerful magic.

This is unnatural...perverted...sick...sick...

Sex with machines and non-humans is alright… It's perfectly normal for a sexy lesbian witch-girl like you...

She's not even human...

It doesn't matter… You are not constrained by natural biology…

What would other people think?

Their opinions don't matter… Nothing is forbidden to you anymore… You are above normal limitations and rules…

A sexy lesbian witch-girl like you can do anything she wants to...and you want to fuck Corycia…

You love Corycia…like you love Sophia…

You are a lesbian…

You are a lesbian slut…

You are a lesbian whore…

You like girls…

You like women…

You like whores...

You desire Sophia…

You desire Corycia...

You want her metallic body…

You want to mate with beautiful Corycia…just like you want to mate with Sophia…

You want to fuck her… You want to impregnate her...

Look at her pussy… You love how it looks…so shiny and metallic and wet…

You love how it tastes…

You love Corycia's perfect pussy…perfect like Sophia's pussy…

You want Sophia...and Sophia's pussy…

You want Sophia to be your lover...

You want to fuck Sophia…and Corycia, too.

To fuck Corycia is to fuck your beloved Sophia…

Sophia can be your lover...just like Corycia…

You want Corycia's pussy… You want to fuck it... You cannot resist it…

Now fuck her… Mate with her… Fuck her sweet pussy… Knock her up...

Her eyes focused on Corycia's pussy intensely as her concerns faded away. I need to fuck Corycia... I must fuck her… Clear fluid dripped from the small glowing hole on the bulbous tip of her powerfully erect phallus. The urge to dispense cum from the shaft into the female automaton gnawed at her relentlessly.

"Pretend she's Sophia," Jeannie whispered in Emma's ear, while stroking her ass sensually. "She's a beautiful girl. You want her soooo bad. You want to fuck Sophia, don't you? Here she is...spreading her legs like the whore you want her to be for you. Do it! Fuck her!"

Licking her lips and looking at Corycia with absolute lust, Emma knelt astride Corycia's chrome legs and plunged the metal phallus forcefully into the automaton's pussy. Despite both her cock being made of metal and Corycia's female anatomy also being made of a metallic substance. There was no harsh sound of metal scratching against metal, Emma's metal cock sending signals into her brain, telling her that Corycia's aroused pussy was warm, comforting, and slick with lust. Both of them moaned loudly as purple pink lightning shot forth from Emma's rod during the insertion, accompanied by a sparkling shockwave. Emma stretched her body over the automaton's, pressed her pillowy, soft lips against the automaton's lips, and kissed her passionately as she worked her phallic tool in and out of her inhuman metallic lover. The automaton enclosed Emma in her cool, sleek arms, ran her shiny hands all over Emma's back and ass, arched her back, and pressed her metallic breasts into Emma's enhanced breasts. Corycia sank a gleaming hand into Emma's metallic pink hair, playing with it and pulling their mouths into tighter contact, with more fevered tongue play ensuing. Magical lightning shot forth from the contact of their respective nipples.

Emma broke the kiss, leaving a thread of pinkish blue, glowing saliva connecting their lips. She moved herself back in a kneeling position and lifted the automaton's left thigh, feeling the smooth surface of the metallic chrome skin while also licking it, and placed the leg over right shoulder. This elevated the lower half of the automaton's body, which allowed Emma to fuck the automaton at a higher angle.

Emma now noticed that her metallic-pink hair was hip-length long, rather than shoulder-length, having started to grow longer and longer the moment she had commenced intercourse with her automaton. She loved the way her mane had colored and grown and now surrounded and flowed over her body.

With Emma's mind in a more vulnerable state, Jeannie used the opportunity to further manipulate Emma's thoughts and memories, per Galatea's orders. I will give you new memories. I will reinforce your new memories. You will remember them as if they're real...

Emma remembered her first act of penetrative sex. It had been with Galatea, where Emma wore a magical ruby strap-on dildo and fucked Galatea in the supreme woman's heavenly cunt. The original memory had Galatea coerce Emma into the sexual act, but now she remembered it as an extremely pleasurable act, the best sexual experience she had ever had up to that point, in fact, and that it had bonded her to the Silver Witch romantically in some inexplicable but wonderful way and made her feel a poignant endearment toward her, despite the duress Galatea had used on her and Emma's simultaneous vexation with her.

Near the end of that sexual session, Emma now recalled, Galatea had asked Emma which female she would like to seduce after Ashley, to pursue her ongoing assignment, to which Emma had replied, in the heat of the moment, that she would seduce her friend, Sophia. Her new memory told her that, at first, Emma had regretted blurting out her friend's name impulsively, but then she realized that seducing Ashley had actually worked out well, that she had no regrets about it, that she had come to love Ashley, their relationship, and all that they had been doing together, that she would miss Ashley when she finally was able to escape Galatea's grip, and that if a similar endeavor with Sophia would turn out equally pleasurable, then maybe she wouldn't mind it so much, after all.

In her memory now there also had been a sci-fi lesbian porn video that Emma had selected, bought, and watched, seemingly of her own choice, which had made her become less hesitant and even rather excited about seducing Sophia. The story takes place on an Earth of the future, where technology has greatly advanced, but progress in other aspects of human civilization lags behind or has digressed, resulting in an asymmetrical society that was both utopian and dystopian. The plot revolves around a straight teenaged girl named Celicia who is in dire financial straits and has to take up a job as an erotic dancer for the adult entertainment company, Future Fantasies. Being in a vulnerable position, she has no choice but to sign a contract to work for at least a year and incur more debt to pay for the training. At first, she just does normal erotic dancing and stripping, often times solo and sometimes with other females, but then her employer pressures her to do more for the customers and to specialize in the robotics fetish, one of the popular trends. Celicia is extremely reluctant but realizes that her refusal would mean her employer would make her do even less desirable work.

For the new role, Celicia has to adopt a persona where she is sexually attracted to robots, specifically gynoids. To make the role more realistic, she has to undergo body modification that involves cyborg implants, which initially is light, involving only permanent nanomachine cosmetics being applied to her eyelids, lips, nails, pussy, and anus, giving them a metallic appearance. At first she merely has to dance on stage with female robots and with other females modified in ways similar to herself, but later, under the pretext of satisfying customer demand, her employer pressures her to do additional body modification in order to "interface" with the gynoids, which Celicia vehemently opposes. She has been able to tolerate the erotic dancing and faux lesbian acts with the gynoids, but performing hardcore sex acts with machines and modifying her body to do so strikes her as too extreme.

Anticipating Celicia's refusal, the company secretly implants a computer chip into her brain while she sleeps that makes her more amenable to the company's demands. Celicia consequently signs up for the body modification operation without hesitation, which adds internal cyborg implants that makes her sexually compatible with the gynoids. Her breasts are enhanced by filling them with tubular cell-like nanomachines, which are capable of producing "robot milk" that consists of a silvery soup of utility nanomachines and fuel for robots. Her hair follicles are transformed so that she only grows silvery metallic hair. Her vagina, anus, navel, and mouth are modified so that they can copulate with robotic parts, and the rest of her reproductive system is altered, installed with a nano-assembler, so that her womb became a mini assembly factory that could be able to produce both cyborg and pure robotic offspring. Various other organs in her body are augmented with nanomachines that enhance her physical performance, stamina, and sexual desire. The crowning modification to her body is a cyborg penis, which was built into her clitoris which she could then retract into and store inside her clitoral hood or extend out or wear dangling between her legs, whenever she or one of her many lesbian gynoid lovers wished. Thus, she was turned into a utility lesbian sex machine.

At the beginning of the video, Emma commiserated with Celicia and hoped she would find an escape from what appeared to be a dreadful fate, but as the movie progressed, she started to cheer for the company controlling her, hoping instead that Celicia's transformation would progress to an extreme and that she could see more and more of the beautiful, radically modified girl in action. She found the cybernetically changing girl and all happening to her to be such a turn-on. Emma masturbated furiously and came at the sight of Celicia being gangbanged by tentacles and phalluses from female robots and inhumanly-shaped machines, after having first fucked a fellow sexy cyborg girl with her own mechanical penis. She never imagined human and robot sex could be so hot. Throughout the video, Emma couldn't help but associate her friend Sophia with Celicia because of their similar looks and build.

All the while, as Emma "recalled" her having chosen to seduce Sophia and how she had come to love the idea of human-robot sex, she found herself delighting in the prospect of being with Sophia again, seeing how Sophia's appearance and proclivities might change in the future, discovering how she, Emma, might promote those changes, whatever they might be, and exploring their relationship in new ways. Emma continued to fuck her new robotic lover, finding herself immensely enjoying what she was doing, and coming to love her inhuman partner.

Since Corycia looked so much like Sophia, Emma's mounting, unnatural, sexual affection for the robot was imprinting itself upon her feelings for Sophia, as well. That, combined with the visions and fantasies magically imposed upon her previously, was, despite Emma's resolve to resist thinking erotically about her friend, reshaping Emma's regard for Sophia from loyal, platonic friendship to boiling lust and her perception of her friend from normal, straight schoolgirl to tempting vixen capable of extreme exotic allure, and secretly having a sexually adventurous lesbian slut persona hiding just below her surface, one waiting for Emma to awaken.

Galatea had known, when she had lured Emma into the girl's first act of magical penile-vaginal intercourse with her, that she was planting a seed of desire for the act within her protege which would only grow with time and with repetition of the hard-core sex act. Now that Emma had copulated with Jennifer in the morning, this third episode, with Corycia, was now, unknown to her, unleashing inside of her an intractible hunger for hard-core lesbian sex with a strap-on or with a magic penis. She was on her way to becoming addicted to fucking women and girls.

Jeannie laughed wickedly as she watched the human female and robot sexual activity unfold. Emma, your appetite for lesbian sex will soon be insatiable and your sexual horizons will continue to ever expand. And you will become the mother of a new generation of automatons!

A loud moan escaped Emma's mouth when a powerful orgasm washed over her body. Her metal cock pulsated as artificial feminine semen flowed through its length and entered into Corycia's metallic vagina. She gripped onto Corycia's leg--that was draped over her right shoulder--tightly as the white liquid continued pumping into Corycia's hole in powerful spurts. Little did she know, and little would she have cared in this moment of supreme pleasure and exultation, that her love fluid did in fact carry fertile semen magically encoded with her genetic material, fully functioning, and was penetrating into the fully-functioning reproductive compartments of the beautiful robot. It wouldn't be long before Corycia would become pregnant with Emma's child, one gifted with her magical attributes but fully raised and indoctrinated under Galatea's sapphic tutelage. Thus gifting Galatea the first of many loyal foot soldiers to be used in her campaign against her enemies. When the flow stopped, Emma continued humping instinctively to get more of the pleasurable feeling. She mewed in disappointment when her metal cock began retracting automatically.

"Emma, if you want to continue having fun, you need to engage in more foreplay. Get more involved with Corycia. Show her that you really love her." While advising Emma, Jeannie secretly cast Lust on Emma again and again to keep the girl in a hyper sexually aroused state. The unsuspecting girl was delirious with arousal.

"O-okay…" Wow… She's so awesome... I...I think...I her…….. I...I definitely want fuck her...more... Emma extended her hand to stroke Corycia's gleaming cheek. She leaned forward to kiss that cheek. Dropping her arm, she ran her fingers over the robot's nipples, making them rise again and eliciting a soft murmur from Corycia's lips, which the human girl then kissed. Turning the lip lock into a French kiss, the impassioned human girl slid her hands sensually over her partner's shoulders, arms, and back, savoring the feel of her slick, cool metallic skin, then around Corycia's waist and onto her curvy metallic ass, probing fingers into her anal crack and hole. Corycia's tongue action inside Emma's mouth became fevered and the robot whimpered into the pink-haired girl's mouth.

Breaking the kiss, she deliriously whispered into Corycia's ear. "Ohhhh, Sophia, you sweet girl… I...I love you...and I want to fuck you again…" Emma licked the automaton's ear and inserted her tongue into it, while running her fingers over Corycia's pussy lips, then sinking her painted fingertips between them. Corycia purred, her eyes glowed a brighter blue, her nipples stiffened and turned a dark, glowing blue, and she reached a hand between Emma's legs, caressing the girl's metallic-panty-clad vulva, seeking the retracted phallus.

Emma's metal cock quickly reappeared, extended, and, with the encouragement of the automaton's adventurous hand around it, swelled and hardened into an erection once again. Without hesitation, Emma split the automaton's pussy with it and returned to pistoning in and out of her again. A loud moan escaped Emma's mouth when another soul-shaking climax quivered through her body. Her phallus throbbed with orgasmic lust as a last load of artificial feminine semen pumped through it and flooded into Corycia's metallic vagina.


After lowering the automaton's leg and, panting, laying herself on the bed parallel to the automaton, allowing herself to recover while running her eyes fondly over her mechanical lover, Emma crawled over to Corycia so that they were face-to-face and roughly kissed Corycia on the mouth, causing both pairs of lips to sparkle and shine. The kiss felt even more wonderful than the previous ones she had had with Corycia. I love kissing her and fucking her. I love Corycia. Emma had now forgotten her initial reluctance to make love with the automaton and that she had, before this night, never even thought about fucking one nor had had other sexual fantasies of them, that she knew. But now, going onward, she would think and fantasize about her and crave her.

Moreover, even though she intellectually knew Corycia wasn't Sophia, Emma nevertheless also felt like she had just made love to her best friend...and she had loved it...and wanted to do it again…

Oh, Sophia… I love you… I want you so much...


Joanne looked at the hooded and veiled woman as she struggled to remember when and how she had met her. "Who are you?"

"You've forgotten about me so quickly?" asked the mysterious fortune teller with a mock disappointed voice.

The fortune teller, clad in metallic silver and blue attire, sat behind a small table with a purple satin table cloth. While Joanne tried to compose a response to the question posed to her--which was difficult, as she did not remember this woman--she lowered her eyes and looked around the table. At the center of the table was an eight-inch diameter glass orb perched on a short cylindrical silver stand embossed with small figures of naked women. When she comprehended the nature of those figures, she blushed--although she nevertheless examined them for a few seconds with a measure of fascination--and then raised her gaze to meet that of her mysterious hostess.

When Joanne looked at the veiled woman's eyes, she found herself unable to avert her gaze. The light blue eyes with mirror-like silver blue eyeshadow, dark blue eyeliner, and very long mascara-covered lashes were captivating. Something in the back of her mind told her the situation was dangerous, but she was unable to act on her intuition.

"Come, sit down, Joanne."

For some reason, Joanne found herself obeying the veiled woman's command. After sitting down on the wooden upholstered chair across from the veiled woman, she "remembered" the woman's name. Galatea.


"Yes, my pretty Joanne. You do remember me, hmm? At least a little bit? Don't worry. It will come back to you. I'm so glad you've come," said the fortune teller in a sweet voice. "We can continue where we left off last time. Can you lay out your hands on the table for me?"

There was a moment of hesitation from Joanne, but she complied with Galatea's request and placed her arms on the table, straddling the crystal orb. Joanne gasped when Galatea placed her palms over the backs of Joanne's hands. The slight grazing of Galatea's nails on Joanne's skin sent pleasurable tingles up her spine. Confused by her body's reaction to the fortune teller's touch, Joanne's face contorted slightly.

"Relax, Joanne… Look into my eyes…"

Joanne took notice of the fortune teller's brilliant blue eyes, focusing on their shape, contour, color, and the slight glow and the sparkles coming from them. Impossible. But, she was unable to think further than that. Natural. A conflicting description popped in her mind. She then focused on the area around the eyes, noticing again the gleaming eyeshadow that sparkled intensely and the long, curly lashes. Beautiful. Although Joanne normally only wore light make-up, she appreciated the aesthetics of Galatea's heavily made-up eyes. With the lower half of the fortune teller's face hidden behind a veil of silver satin, Joanne wondered if she used foundation, blush, and lipstick as well. For some reason, she imagined Galatea with shiny lipstick of a bright ruby red color. Why would she need such make-up if she's wearing a veil? An image answering her question appeared in her mind, which she thought was of her own creation: Galatea took off the veil, revealing her bright red lips, and passionately kissed an unknown woman, who had similarly colored lips. Lesbian… No! Joanne's eyes widened with shock and rationality resurfaced in her mind, although to a limited degree.

Sensing resistance from Joanne, Galatea dug her red lacquered nails slightly into the back of Joanne's hands. "Relax, Joanne." The fortune teller's tone was assuring with a hint of authority. Galatea's eyes pulsated and sparkled in various shades of blue.

Joanne's face slackened. Instead of feeling the sharp pain of Galatea's nails digging into her skin all Joanne felt was Galatea's nails pleasantly caressing the skin of her hands. The feeling was electric. Her lips parted slightly in a silent gasp. Her eyes focused on the glowing blue orbs that were staring intensely at her as if they owned her body and soul. She felt helpless and naked before the fortune teller's powerful gaze. There was nothing Joanne could hide from Galatea. All of Joanne's embarrassing secrets were known to the sage, even though Joanne hadn't revealed any of them to the mysterious woman.

"You are unhappy, Joanne."

Joanne tried to think of what was making her unhappy, but couldn't think of anything.

"Your life is unfulfilling and you wish the situation could be different." Galatea said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"No, that's…not true."

"There's no need to deny it, Joanne. That will only make you suffer longer."

"I am happy… I have a family… I--"

"You are just throwing up a façade. You try to attribute the cause of the negative feelings swirling inside you to factors outside of your family and to overlook the obvious. You're trying so hard to pretend everything is alright in your personal your"

"No, no, I'm not pretending! There's nothing wrong with my family...or marriage... My husband is...uh...he's...okay."

"You don't believe that. That's what you always tell yourself, yet you are unhappy, and the reason you are unhappy is your marriage...and your husband. You don't love him. You don't even like him. You know that no man is good enough for you. They are all vile scum. Only women can make you happy. Your husband is getting in the way of your dreams…"

"What...what dreams?" Joanne asked in confusion.

"The dream of loving women. The dream of living an uninhibited, carnal lesbian lifestyle. The dream of marrying a woman."

"What? No, I'm...I'm not…like that… You're wrong... I'm not a lesbian... I love Anthony…"

"I truly wish you hadn't said that because denying the truth only makes it more painful for you…" Galatea said in an eerily calm menacing tone.

"Aaaahhh!" Joanne grimaced as jolts of magical electricity ran through her body, giving her painful spasms. She instinctively tried to retract her hands, but Galatea prevented their escape. Despite her attempts Joanne couldn't dislodge her hands from Galatea's grip. Who wasn't putting much of an effort in keeping Joanne's hands in place. Despite Joanne's painful struggles it looked like Galatea was just calmly holding Joanne's hands in hers. Not making any kind of effort of tightening her grip on the mature woman's hands.

" you want to know the truth about yourself and your sexual orientation?"

"I already know…"

"No, Joanne. You don't. Say, ‘Yes. I want to know.' "

"........y-yessss, Galatea……. I...I want to know…" Joanne managed to get out as she tried to focus past the pain pulsing from her hands and into her body.

"Very well. Here… Let me help you see who you really are…and what you really want..."

Smiling wickedly, Galatea initiated her psychic assault on the entranced woman. Joanne inhaled deeply and heaved her chest as foreign imagery invaded her mind…

It was a bright, sunny morning. Joanne stood in front of her high school, right below the stone stairway to the main entrance. She was an eighteen-year-old senior student wearing a light pink pullover sweater, dark gray jeans, and white sneakers. There was no one else around for a moment. But then someone called her name in the distance. "Joanne!" Turning around, she saw a pretty blonde girl walking towards her dressed in a cheerleading outfit with the purple, white, and gold colors of her school .

Who is she?

A voice reminded Joanne: Ashley.

Ashley? Do I know her?

She is your girlfriend…

Images flashed before Joanne's eyes of fabricated milestones in her interactions with Ashley, the girl she supposedly knew: her first time hand holding, the first hug, the first kiss, the first sleepover, and the first time she had sex.

Oh, yeah… girlfriend…………...….my girlfriend?.............

Ashley greeted Joanne with a hug and a kiss on the lips. At first, Joanne was shocked and surprised by the romantic acts and feelings she was experiencing with another girl, but doubt soon gave way as she gradually accepted the kiss and invited Ashley's tongue inside her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm…." both girls moaned.

Reaching behind her back, Ashley grabbed Joanne's hands and guided them downward so that Joanne was touching Ashley's butt. Joanne tried to pull her hands away, but Ashley kept them there. "No one is around. Feel me up!"

Emboldened by Ashley's words, Joanne began cupping Ashley's butt checks and squeezing them through the pleated purple skirt. Ashley moaned sensually and jokingly exclaimed, "Uh, stop molesting me, you pervert!"

You want to engage in lesbian sex with her…

A strange impulse came over Joanne. She wanted to "fuck" Ashley, but had no idea how it would be done. A sudden feeling of revulsion came to her. Two girls doing it… That's totally gross…

"I know what you want. I can see it in your eyes." Ashley was cheerful and triumphant at the same time as she held Joanne's hands tightly. "You want to fuck me!"

"B-but we're just teens! We shouldn't be doing anything like that!"

"Are you sure? I mean, you're squeezing my butt like there's no tomorrow. It's pretty obvious to me that you really want me."

Joanne retracted her hands and shyly looked away from the cheerleader, feeling shame at what she had done. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that."

"What are you saying, Joanne? One moment you were groping my butt and now you're regretting it?"

"I don't know... Something just feels wrong…"

"Joanne, look at me."

Their eyes met. Joanne felt lost in Ashley's blue eyes.

"You love me, don't you?!" Ashley's tone was somber.

An unexpected feeling of guilt struck Joanne. Feeling obliged, she answered, "Yes," but couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss. No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to think of the reason for her doubt. Something in the back of her mind cried out to her, but in a weak voice. Her instincts suddenly took over, and she cautiously backed away from Ashley. Not letting Joanne get away, Ashley immediately rushed forward, wrapped her arms tightly around Joanne's shoulders, and kissed Joanne forcefully.

Joanne struggled to get Ashley off of her, but was losing control of her body, as if she was turning into formless rubber. This feeling was accompanied by her vision becoming distorted. The surrounding environment seemed to melt together into a shapeless mass.

When she recovered, Joanne found herself lying on her back on a teacher's desk and staring upwards at the drab white ceiling of some unknown classroom. She felt warm hands touching the skin of her thighs and lips kissing her pussy. Long hair brushed against her inner thighs.

This feels nice...

Curious as to who was licking her private parts, she raised her upper body slightly on her elbows and craned her head forward. Ashley…my girlfriend... A sudden rise in intensity of tongue action made Joanne gasp. This feels soooo good… Each swipe of Ashley's tongue gave Joanne a pleasurable jolt. Her doubts no longer bothered her. They were drowned in a sea of pleasure. Soft gasps escaped from her lips. "Ahhhhhhh…"

"Let's do a sixty-nine!"

"Sixty nine?" Joanne's face contorted slightly before the meaning of the term struck her with full force. "No…NO…"

Time reversed. Joanne was back in front of the school's main entrance. Sunlight shined on her face. A familiar voice called her name. "Joanne!" Joanne turned around and saw a girl dressed in a form-fitting cheerleading outfit with a short skirt. Ashley...

The cheerleader stopped right in front of Joanne. "Good morning!"

"Good morning," replied Joanne as her eyes roamed along the cheerleader's lithe, athletic body.

Your girlfriend… sexy girlfriend...

A strange impulse came to Joanne. She took a step forward and embraced Ashley, who also hugged back, then kissed the cheerleader on the lips. Her hands roamed slowly on Ashley's back and eventually rested on Ashley's butt.

"We shouldn't be doing this here," Ashley protested meekly.

"It's alright. No one's around right now." Joanne emphasized her point with a tight squeeze of Ashley's derriere with both hands, causing Ashley to gasp.

Your living sex toy…

"But you're right… Let's go to someplace more private."

"Are we going to go all the way again? But we just fucked each other every which way last night," Ashley protested. "My ass still hurts. And we're going out tonight, too. Remember? Can't you wait until then?"

"I really need to do it again with you sooner than that, Ashley." Joanne's voice was urgent. She kissed Ashley deeply on her lips to emphasize her demand. "I don't think I can get through the day without sex. Can you please do it? For me?"

"You're such a randy little slut...and now that you have me thinking about it...and you're getting me worked up...and you're such a babe...yes….I do want to do it with you again. Right now. Ever since you seduced me, and made me a lesbian like you, I can't get enough of you, either, you fox…...... Alright, Joanne," agreed Ashley. "Let's find an empty classroom. But only because you are so cute!" The blonde cheerleader pulled Joanne back for another kiss. "I can't ever resist beautiful slut."

"And I don't want you to, either. I'm glad I don't have to make you do it. Rape is so nasty." While both girls knew Joanne wasn't above using a some force to get her way sexually, and that, in fact, the word "rape" wasn't that far from the appropriate description for some of what Joanne had done to Ashley, the cheerleader had always ended up enjoying Joanne's advances and loving their sex, so she wasn't alarmed that much by Joanne's threat. And they both thought Joanne's tasteless little joke was funny, anyway, laughing together. "And I promise to leave your ass alone...this time."

"Joanne, you're so thoughtful," Ashley murmured with a hint of sarcasm before throwing her arms around Joanne and pulling their mouths together again.

The surroundings changed, becoming a shapeless swirl of colors. Then Joanne found herself on her fours on a teacher's desk on top of Ashley, facing downward at Ashley's pussy. The clean light-blonde muff was unshaved, although it had been trimmed into a neatly-mowed rectangular strip running vertically above the labia, which glistened with feminine wetness. A pleasant, fresh, girlish fragrance rose from it, drawing Joanne in.


Joanne had an urge to lower her head and kiss the teenage pussy below her. Something told her that she loved teenaged pussy, that this pussy was very familiar to her, that she had made love to it many times before, that she was quite fond of it, that it was a very delicious pussy, and that eating a girl's pussy was perfectly natural. But something held her back.

She gasped when she felt Ashley's tongue stabbing her pussy. She recognized that they were starting in on a sixty-nine, one of her favorite acts of lesbian sex, and she was excited. However...despite feeling pleasure, she was unable to ignore the nagging feeling that the situation was odd. Suddenly she felt a strong sense of revulsion. Immediately her vision became white.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Joanne screamed as she forcefully yanked her hands away from the fortune teller's grip. A magical shockwave emanated from her body and shook the walls of the room, causing some pictures and ornaments to fall down to the floor, and shattering some glass and ceramic wares.

Galatea was unfazed and merely stared calmly at Joanne when Joanne shot up from the seat and rushed for the exit. However, she stopped abruptly before she arrived at the door when she remembered that she was looking for Emma. She turned around and faced Galatea defiantly. "Do you have my daughter?"

"My compliments, Joanne. You're one of the few who could resist my power, just as I would expect from a descendant of Circe."

"What are you talking about? Where's my daughter? What did you do to her!?"

The fortune teller looked at Joanne seductively and then pointed her eyes in the direction of the back hallway of the parlor that was separated from the main room by a beaded curtain. Joanne pulled her smartphone from her pocket and tried to call her husband as she rushed towards the hallway. There was no reception on her phone, so she put her phone away, but she didn't delay any more than that and continued moving forward into the moody hallway, which was dimly lit by flickering candle lights. She saw that a door at the end of the hallway was open and she heard moaning sounds that sounded like they might be coming from her daughter.

"Emma?... Emma!"

When she finally reached the room, she noticed its vibrant pink-colored walls and a plethora of erotic items, such as sex toys and other sexual paraphernalia, situated on top of a white colored table and inside cabinets with see-through glass panels. Her eyes then focused on a silver canopy bed in front of her and on female silhouettes behind a long, ultra-sheer pink curtain draping from the canopy. She could make out that a female was on her fours and another female was fucking her from behind with some metallic shaft between her legs attached to a metallic harness around the hips. Emma's mother rushed forward and pulled aside the curtain.

The scene shocked her. Her daughter was heavily made up like some whore and was wearing nothing except for a gleaming metal bra and matching panties with a phallic shaft attached to its front, and she was fucking another female with neon blue hair in a pageboy stye who appeared to be in her early twenties.

"Emma! What...what are you doing?!" Joanne grabbed Emma's left hand, which was resting on the young woman's hip and pulled on it forcefully.

What appeared to be Emma turned her head to face Joanne, smiling at her with silvery pink lips. "Got you!"

Without any warning, a cut appeared on one side of the girl's upper forehead in the scalp line and grew horizontally to the other side of her head, as if an invisible knife was slashing her from one side of her head to the other. At first it was impossible to see how deep the cut was, although it appeared to be very deep, yet there was no blood pouring out.

Joanne cried in horror as more horizontal cuts appeared, one after the other in rapid succession, in Emma's head and body, spaced about two inches apart, descending to her feet. It then became apparent that the cuts were really slices piercing her head and body through and through. The stack of sliced sections now composing the girl started to teeter and shift in bizarre ways.

Emma's head slowly transformed into a coil of flat ribbon. A long horizontal strip of Emma's head flew outwards and hovered in the air with wavy motions. It could now be seen that the human appearance was just a veneer on one side of the ribbon. The other side was completely of a featureless metallic aspect. Once the girl's head and neck unraveled into ribbons, the interior of what now seemed to be a mechanical being--or monster, as it struck Joanne--was revealed to be made up of a springy mass of metal wires interspersed with marble-sized, glowing blue orbs.

The strange entity gripped Joanne's arm with immense strength, making escape or any other resistance impossible. The being's strips uncoiled, attached to Joannes head, and began wrapping themselves around her body from the top down. Her limbs were quickly held in place by metal wires pouring forth from the unraveling body of the creature. Joanne's mouth was forced open to allow another mass of metal wires to slowly enter her body through her mouth.

Hearing the loud click-clack of high heels, Joanne turned her head to face the fortune teller coming through the door into the room.


"I'm sorry I have to do this, Joanne, but I'm a bit short on people. Most importantly, I really like you. Well, I will like you more when your mind and body become ‘molded', shall we say, in a certain way or more specifically my way of thinking."


The implications of Galatea's words unnerved Joanne highly. She intensified her efforts to struggle free from the metallic ribbons and wires as Galatea walked towards her with a predatory gaze.

"You don't have to be afraid of me, Joanne." Galatea took off her veil and hood, revealing her beautiful face to Joanne.

For a few moments, Joanne was mesmerized by Galatea's lush, magical beauty and stopped struggling. Her lips were lustrous ruby-red and the hair was platinum blonde, as Joanne thought she had previously imagined, although Joanne didn't remember when she would have thought about the fortune teller's looks before. She wondered if she had really met this woman before--but if she hadn't, how did she know her name?--and when that would have been. It seemed hard to believe that she could ever forget such a woman. In any case, she could not tear her eyes away from the fortune teller. And she found herself envying how beautiful Galatea looked. The question crossed Joanne's mind whether she could look the same. Desire to become that beautiful started to creep into her.

When Galatea touched Joanne's left cheek, Joanne tried to turn away and also to shake off the wires holding her again, but to no avail. "Don't be afraid, Joanne, dear. Relax." Galatea's eyes glowed in a phosphorescent blue color. "Relax…"

Fear slowly drifted away from Joanne. Her face became expressionless and her mouth slackened, lessening the resistance to the metallic wires entering her body orally, upon which they sank in more deeply. A group of metal wires pulled down her pants, slipped beneath the folds of her white panties, and entered her anus as a tight bundle. Another group of wires, acting more violently, ripped apart the panties from the front and, gripping onto Joanne's labia, pulled the lips wide apart.

"You have a beautiful looking pussy...very lovely…" Galatea traced around the labia with her red-nailed forefinger, sending an inadvertent shiver of sharp delight through Joanne, and, bringing the fingertip to her mouth, tasted the wetness on Joanne's vaginal lips. "Mmmmmmmmmm… Too bad it has been sullied by a man. But we can make do. It's not too late. We can make it a lesbian pussy yet. Certainly, from this point on, no man will ever touch that place again..." Again, Joanne shuddered in horror at the thought that her captor's words could possibly be true. At the same time, the very direct and laudatory attention Galatea was paying to her pussy pierced her, without her wanting it, with excitement to her very core.

The glass orb from the fortune teller's table in the front room of the parlor appeared, hovering over Galatea's shoulder and then stopping in front of Joanne's slackened face. The orb glowed with a polychromatic swirl of colors and patterns. Joanne's eyes focused on the orb.

"Let's try this again…"

It was a bright sunny morning. Joanne stood in front of her school. Someone called her name. She turned around and saw Ashley.

"Joanne, I bought concert tickets!"

"Awesome! Can't wait to go this weekend! Thanks, Ash!" Joanne hugged Ashley, who reciprocated. However, the hug went on a bit too long for Ashley's comfort, causing Ashley to gently break it off.

Joanne felt confused. She had expected more intimacy. Something was odd, and she wasn't able to put a finger on it.

"Good morning, girls!"

At first, Joanne had no idea who the woman who greeted her was. Miss Silvermoon, your geography teacher, the voice reminded her. She is your crush. You are sexually attracted to her.

"Miss Silvermoon! Good morning!" the girls greeted simultaneously.

The teacher was a very attractive woman, and Joanne couldn't resist eyeing her up. Twenty-five years old and of Native-American ancestry, Mrs. Silvermoon was dressed in a silver satin blouse underneath an unbuttoned turquoise cardigan, a black knee-length bell skirt, and shiny two-inch round-toe heels, each with a single ankle strap. As the teacher walked away, Joanne continued gawking at the sexy woman, which was noticed by Ashley.

"Joanne, are you a dyke?" Ashley joked.

"No, I'm not! Why are you saying that?!"

"It's alright. I can keep it a secret."

"Stop joking around!" Joanne laughed nervously.

During geography class in the late morning, Joanne was paying more attention to Miss Silvermoon's body than to what her teacher was saying to the class. She was seated in the third row of the middle column of desks, giving her a fairly good view of the teacher as she lectured. Sometimes Joanne would focus on the sexy teacher's red-lipsticked lips, sometimes on the red nails on the teacher's fingers, sometimes on her long, shiny black hair, sometimes on her long, slender legs, sometimes on her curvy hips and ass, and sometimes on her satin-encased breasts, which Emma wished she could see better, hoping the teacher would take her sweater off. Each time she heard a click-clack of the heels, Joanne would focus on her feet. She wondered if Miss Silvermoon was in a relationship with a man. However, the mere thought of that disgusted Joanne.

An unnerving feeling came to Joanne. She wondered why she was having these sexual thoughts about her teacher. Something felt wrong. Her instincts were telling her to immediately run away from class.

You are a lesbian…

You are sexually attracted to Miss Silvermoon…

You want to kiss Miss Silvermoon, touch her body, and have sex with her…

You want to kiss and touch Ashley's body and have sex with her as well…

You want to kiss and touch the bodies of every pretty girl and woman you see and have sex with them…

You have no use for boys or men…

You are not sexually attracted to males…

You find men to be repulsive…

You cannot stand to be touched by a man, and you will not allow it ever again…

You want to divorce your husband…

You love females only…

You are a lesbian…

You enjoy fantasizing sexually about females and lesbian sex…

You desire the lips and the touch of pretty females…

You want to kiss a beautiful woman to whom you are sexually attracted...

You want lesbian sex with beautiful women and girls…

It is your dream to marry a woman…

You are a lesbian...

Joanne wondered what it would feel like to kiss her teacher on the lips and imagined herself doing it while hugging her teacher around the waist and running her hands in slow circles on the teacher's back. Before she knew it, the bell rang. After packing her stuff, she proceeded for the door, but right when she was about to exit the classroom, Miss Silvermoon called her in a stern voice.


"Yes, Miss Silvermoon?" Joanne gulped and turned to face her attractive teacher.

"I need to talk to you about your progress in this class. Can you visit me after school?"

The school day moved by quickly. Shortly after 3:00 PM, Joanne arrived at Miss Silvermoon's classroom. The teacher was sitting at her desk. She swivelled her chair to face Joanne and motioned for her to sit in a chair on her side of the desk. There was no one else in the room.

"Um…Miss Silvermoon, what do you want to talk about with me?"

"I'm concerned about your behavior in front of me, Joanne."

"I don't understand. What did I do wrong?"

"Every day in class, you look at me, eyeing me up like some piece of meat."

"No, it's not what you think!"

"Then what should I think, Joanne?" There was playful sultriness to the teacher's voice which Joanne found unsettling.

" your...your blouse...and...and...I…"

"There's no need to lie to me, Joanne. I know you've been looking at me the way boys look at me."

"But, Miss Silver--"

"Shhhhhh… That doesn't mean I'm mad at you. In fact, I love that you're staring at me. It kind of...turns me on, you know? Do you have feelings for me, Joanne?" Miss Silvermoon crossed her legs, raising the hem of her black bell skirt, and exposing her thighs.

Joanne had not analyzed what she felt for Miss Silvermoon. She only knew she couldn't tear her eyes off of her, that she was on her mind much of the day, and that she had a sharp tingling in her pussy whenever the teacher was near. That was happening now, as they spoke. Emma dropped her eyes to avoid Miss Silvermoon's, only to fall upon her sleek, exposed, nylon-covered legs. She found her mouth involuntarily watering and her brain incapable of forming a coherent verbal response.


"I know you do, darling." Miss Silvermoon casually peeled her sweater off and laid it on her desk. "You have romantic feelings for me. And sexual feelings. I feel the same about you."

The young Native American teacher tilted backward and arched her back slightly, thrusting her breasts forward, while raising a hand, apparently to flip a thick, dangling lock of her obsidian-like hair over her shoulder, only to let the red-nailed hand then linger on her chest, as if to straighten her satin blouse out, and in the process caressing her breast, and calling Joanne's attention to it all the more.

Joanne's eyes automatically followed the movements of her teacher's legs and hands. She was sexually aroused by her teacher's flirtatious acts, not knowing she was being conditioned sexually to be attracted to the same sex.

"W-What do you mean, Mrs. Silvermoon?" replied Joanne with a reddened face. Her mind was in a jumble. She was confused by the torrent of strange emotions she was experiencing. There was something odd about the whole situation, but she couldn't pinpoint the reason.

"You're a lesbian, Joanne. You don't like men and boys. You prefer females, women and girls, like me and your friend Ashley."

"Females? No, I'm not a dyke! I'm straight! I like boys!" Joanne denied. The moment she finished stating those claims, she immediately felt that she had lied, or at least was grossly mistaken. That impression was accompanied by pain suddenly coursing through Joanne's body for several seconds.

As she recovered from the pain, she had flashbacks to false memories:

She was in the girls locker room and undressing herself. Unable to resist the temptation, she turned her head around to look at the other girls who were also undressing. The bodily curves of her female classmates titillated her loins. She imagined herself running her hands up sexy female legs and pulling down their shorts. She wondered how it would feel like to cup and squeeze their breasts, both over their bras and underneath their bras. She licked her lips while imagining kissing the most attractive girl there, Chasity Spencer, captain of the cheerleading squad, and groping her delicious-looking, sexy ass...

She was walking up the stairs at school. Three female students were walking ahead of her. One of them was wearing a cheerleading uniform with a short skirt. Joanne tilted her head a little, trying to get a peek up the cheerleader's skirt, espying, to her gratification, the girl's red nylon panties and the undulating globes contained within them. Her eyes also scanned to the left and to the right of the cheerleader, appraising the other female students, as well, scoping out the sizes and curves of their buttocks, covered as they were in tight blue denim. She wondered what it would be like if they stopped and she knelt behind them, sniffing, kissing, feeling up, and taking love bites of their derrieres…

She was looking at a sports magazine that was filled with pictures of sexy female models in micro swimsuits. She was engrossed, page after glossy page. Her fingers wandered to her crotch. Once inside her panties, her fingers played freely with her heating pussy, as she fantasized about herself clad in a sensual silver swimsuit and kissing one model after another, touching their naked skin and feeling up their curves…

Her cheerleader friend Ashley appeared in Joanne's mind standing in a bedroom. Joanne pictured herself strolling up to her and engaging in a tight lip lock while they undressed each other. When they were both down to their bras and panties, they laid down on the bed and resumed making out with one another, their fingers interlocked. Then they helped each other out of their underwear and returned to making out. The skin of their bodies touched and slid erotically, one naked body against the other…

Joanne blinked and noticed Miss Silvermoon's blouse was partially unbuttoned, revealing her cleavage and the red satin bra encasing her large E-cup breasts.

"Miss Silvermoon, what...what are you doing?"

"Isn't this what you want me to do, Joanne? Come," she invited as she stood up. "I know you want to touch them..." The teacher finished unbuttoning her satiny blouse.

Hesitantly, Joanne also arose and, driven by an inexplicable urge, walked the short distance over to her teacher. Their eyes locked with each other for a few moments before Joanne raised her hand up to cup Miss Silvermoon's left breast. She felt the warm globe through the red bra, feeling it's suppleness, warmth, and size.

"It feels good, doesn't it?" teased Miss Silvermoon accusingly. "So you're not a lesbian, hmm?"

Joanne retracted her hand, triggered by sudden emotions of shock and fear. "No, I...I shouldn't be doing this..."

The reality around Joanne began to lose its physical coherence. Everything was deforming and swirling together into an incomprehensible mass. There was a flash of white light before Joanne found herself in the bedroom where she had been entrapped by the strange entity. She was sitting on the edge of the bed. The fortune teller was standing in front of her. There was no one else nor any monster. Was it all a hallucination created by this woman?

Joanne wanted to move, but realized her limbs weren't responding to her. The fortune teller in front of her was no ordinary woman. "Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?" asked Joanne urgently.

"I'm someone more powerful than you can ever imagine. I have been called a goddess, a demon, a savior, a creator, and a destroyer, but you may call me ‘Galatea'. What I want from you is very simple." Galatea raised her hand and gently caressed Joanne's cheek.

"I'm not into women," protested Joanne, while turning away, trying to get away from Galatea's hand, and then turning back and repeating her concern. "Where's my daughter? What have you done with her?"

"Your daughter is safe as long as you give me what I want." Joanne didn't want to ask what the woman wanted, although she was fairly certain she knew. Sex...or something sexual...involving this Galatea or maybe some other woman or women. But Joanne preferred not to have it spelled out lewdly for her. Plus, she didn't understand why this Galatea wanted her, Joanne, of all people. But, in the end, maybe she could get out of it. Maybe this Galatea was just toying with her, like a cat with a mouse. Maybe she got her kicks out of controlling other people, and, once she had her fun, maybe she would let her get away. Maybe the mysterious woman had a merciful side. Maybe it wasn't going to be as bad as it looked right now.

"What...what if I don't?"

"You've seen my power. I can find you and your daughter wherever you try to escape. I can hurt you. I can hurt Emma. Do you really want to test me?"


"Now stand up." After Emma's mother complied, Galatea gripped Joanne's chin, forcing a shocked Joanne to look at her in the eyes. "Say you love me."

Joanne hesitated for several long moments. It was against her feelings and her values. It was perverted. But, fearing for the safety of her daughter, Joanne meekly complied. "I...I…love you…"

"Say it with my name and make it sound real."

Being even more averse this time to do as the witch demanded, to one more time say the false declaration that made her choke with revulsion and to add to it, but knowing she had give it some effort, if only a nominal one, Joan hastily spat out the words as if they were poison. "I love you, Galatea." But the look that Galatea gave her clearly indicated she was not satisfied with her statement. Galatea slapped her sharply. "OH!!... What..." Before Joanne could muster a coherent objection or a question, another slap stung her cheeks. "Ow!"

"Do I have your attention yet?"

Pausing a few seconds to recover and to ponder her options, Joanne wiped away her tears, submissively bowed her head, and answered softly. "Y--yes, Galatea."

"Very well." Galatea cleaned away what was left of Joanne's tears from her cheeks with her long-nailed thumbs, Joanne savoring the touch against her will, even the slaps now mysteriously registering in retrospect as having been at least as much pleasure as pain. "Now try again. I want it to sound as if we are passionate lovers, as if you desire me above all people on earth, as if you are desperate for my heart and body and would do anything to make me yours, as if your lust for me is driving you crazy, as if you can't wait to get your hands on my body and make love to me, and as if you really mean that you love me with all of your heart and soul. Try again." Galatea took Joanne's chin in her hand, caressing and lifting it. "And look me in the eyes."

It took over a dozen tries before Joanne got it right. Before the eighth attempt, Galatea commanded, "Now look at my breasts." Doing so seemed to subsequently make it easier to say the required phrase and to do so with a growing measure of conviction, although with every passing second Joanne found herself more and more preoccupied with Galatea's heart-stopping globes, quite unable to tear her eyes away from them, even if she had permission, not to mention the desire to do so, which she had completely lost almost immediately.

On the eleventh attempt, Joanne felt a bolt of love for Galatea pass through her heart, as if she had been pierced by an arrow shot by Cupid, although the effect only lasted five seconds, at most. On the twelfth repetition, she felt the same strong emotional impulse. It lasted longer and was more intense, mixed this time with physical arousal, but it too faded away, this time after about ten seconds. It made Joanne momentarily feel like she genuinely meant what she had said, and, for a brief time, like embracing and kissing Galatea, out of true affection. The thirteenth and final repetition brought on more of the same, more intense yet and very heavily this time with with and lasting twenty seconds, with little reverberations of arousal continuing another minute

"Good," said Galatea, signaling her satisfaction with Joanne, finally. before kissing Joanne on the lips. It was a light, gentle kiss. Joanne, despite her wish not to, enjoyed the kiss and wanted it to last longer. In fact, she had never imagined a kiss so soft, so electric, and so moving. "You may leave now."

"That's all you want from me? What about my daughter? Where is she?"

"Your daughter is safe. She'll be in her bedroom by the time you're back home. And, no, I want more than a simple kiss from you. I want you to visit me at least once every day."

"Every day? we're dating or something?"

"That's not it exactly, but you could think of it like that if you wanted to. In fact, that would be nice. Let's do think of it like that...that we are two women dating. You'll want to do yourself properly for me. Sexy. And every time we meet, you will tell me that you love me--the right way--and we'll kiss."

"But...but I'm not into women," protested Joanne again.

"That will change, Joanne. You will make a fine lesbian."

Joanne regained full control of her limbs, but her emotions were ajumble, a mixture of enchantment and fascination, of hate and defiance, and of resignation and bewilderment. She hastily got up and exited the bedroom, turning around a few times to look cautiously at the fortune teller to see whether she would follow her or try to stop her at the last second. But she did not.

"See you tomorrow, Joanne."

As Joanne descended the stairs leading outside, she told herself, That witch can go screw herself. I'll come back tomorrow if I have to, but I'm not becoming a lesbian! She thought she meant that with as much resolution as a woman could muster, yet, little did she realize, she wasn't as firm and didn't have the same degree of certainty about it as she would have had if she had had the same discussion with herself before she entered that parlor.

As Joanne got into the vehicle, Anthony asked, "What happened? Let me guess. That woman never saw your daughter before and that business is as advertised and not some illegal business. You were barking up the wrong tree."

Joanne remained silent.

"If my guess is correct, Emma just went out with a friend to do some adventuring and it wasn't what you were thinking." Noticing Joanne's dejected look, Anthony then touched his wife's wrist and changed his tone. "It's alright, honey. Everything will be fine with our daughter."

Joanne found her husband's touch repulsive, not realizing her reaction was a new one for her, and she instinctively jerked her wrist away from him. "Just drive, Anthony." What a sleazy creep.

As Joanne and her husband drove off, Galatea watched from the window of the shop with a predatory gaze and a bemused smile. While things had not gone exactly according to her plan, events still were playing out in Galatea's favor.

For one thing, she had observed Joanne's reaction to her husband, pleased. Little did Joanne realize, but her ability to be attracted to or to even tolerate a man in her life was already spinning down the drain quickly. Second, she was certain Joanne had been affected, despite her resistance and her denials to herself and to Galatea about her sexual orientation, by Galatea's "treatment" while in the upstairs parlor. But third, and of most importance, her suspicions about Joanne's potential had been confirmed, as Joanne had revealed a remarkable amount of magical power, without even realizing it. It had been a very long while since Galatea had come across someone who was able to put up that much of a resistance to her charms. Fortunately for Galatea, Joanne had never received training in how to tap into and wield her hidden magical talents, which might have otherwise enabled her to protect herself from the onslaught of mental spells Galatea was secretly casting at her.

Wicked laughter filled the shop's room as Galatea more fully recognized the importance of her find. Three descendants of Circe, mother and daughters, were within her grasp, and the Holy Order was oblivious of their true lineage. She could scarcely imagine the raw magical power she would eventually claim as her own and use to bend the world to her whims.

A conflict with that insipid order of magical dunces was inevitable, the Silver Witch reflected. Galatea understood that the laws of the universe dictated that opposing forces must eventually meet and come to battle with each other, but there was nothing in the rules that said she couldn't stack the deck in her favor.

In Galatea's right hand a swirl of light particles began to coalesce, at length assuming the seductive forms of Joanne, Emma, and Ella. She manipulated the luminary forms of mother and daughters to walk towards each other, meet in a lustful embrace, and give each other a passionate kiss, at which moment a spray of glittery pink light burst forth from the joined mouths of the depicted incestuous trio. Again the room filled with Galatea's evil laughter.


Candice felt something warm and soft pressing against her cheeks. When she opened her eyes, she realized she was resting her face on a pair of breasts and her arms were wrapped around a woman's back. "Woah, what the?!" Candice quickly broke the hug and backed away. Standing in front of her was Clara with a dreamy, lustful look on her face. Candice had the strong impression that she had been daydreaming--and maybe Clara, too--and that she and Clara had been transformed somehow and intricately, intimately involved with each other in those daydreams, but she was mystified why she would have been zoning out like that right now, or why her fantasies would have had the themes and the erotic tone they seemed to have had. In any case, the expression on her blonde companion's face suggested that Clara might still be under the influence of some seductive sensual force.

Looking around and feeling a light breeze on her face, Candice realized that she was outdoors in a grassy wooded area, standing with Clara near a bridge. Seeing a car on the bridge, it returned to her: She had come to the rescue of this attractive blonde woman who had appeared to be ensnared in some kind of magic phenomenon and her efforts had backfired. She saw the effects of the magical accident she had caused earlier. Reality had been warped and a portion of another dimension was partly fused with the current one. Her physical surroundings were tinted in various colors seemingly randomly and many objects looked deformed. The trees were all gnarly and the stars and the clouds looked larger than they should be. Some plants moved as if they were tentacles of an octopus. The ground was uneven and the road looked like a snake.

She had read about this kind of phenomenon during her magical studies, but had never seen it in person. The only thing she could do, as far as she knew, was to escape from this area immediately in order to avoid its dangerous effects.

Feeling cool air on her skin, Candice lowered her head to look at her own body and discovered to her utter shock that she was dressed in the erotic leather outfit that Emma had worn earlier: a black leather bra and panties and high heels, all with gold filigree; a golden circlet with black gems and various golden jewelry; and wicked black makeup.

How did this happen?! must somehow be from Katrina's talismans! This effect must have been activated by the magical decoherence wave.

Candice wanted to take the talismans off, but the more immediate concern was disenchanting Clara and getting themselves out of the area as soon as possible. Pulling out her wand, intent on casting Disenchant on Clara, Candice was interrupted by Clara, who took hold of her wand.

"You look hot, babe."

"No, let go, I'm trying to help you!" Candice tried to yank the wand free, but it only allowed Clara to get closer to Candice.

"I'm glad to hear that."

Before Candice could back away, Clara quickly encircled Candice with her arms and gave her a tight hug. The enchanted woman tried to kiss Candice as well, but the young mage avoided Clara's lips by facing left and right repeatedly. Eventually, Candice broke free. She started again to try to cast Disenchant with her wand, but, before she could cast, she tripped over moving vines and landed on a bed of them, her wand falling from her hand. The vines entangled her limbs, preventing her movement, and allowing Clara to step closer to Candice.

"Snap out of it, Clara! Don't let it take control of you!"

Ignoring Candice's pleading, Clara unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her bra-covered breasts, and got on her fours over Candice. Taking Candice's head in both of her hands and bending down, Clara kissed Candice forcibly, whose protests were muffled by the tight lip lock.

I must stop this! I can't let this continue!

The golden circlet on Candice's head glowed and Candice's resistance to Clara's lips immediately started to wane. During the lengthy kiss, a mature, pleasant, authoritative female voice spoke in her head, promoting her surrender.

Feminine lips are delicious…

You love kissing women…

You want to kiss the woman in front of you again and again…

Open your mouth and accept her tongue…

The blonde mage gradually succumbed to the magical effects of the talismans, to the accompanying persuasions of the lovely, compelling voice, and to the entreaties of Clara's mouth. Candice relaxed her black-lipsticked lips and allowed Clara's probing tongue to enter into her mouth.

Clara laid her body onto Candice, nestling into a comfortable, intimate position, sliding her arms around the teen's back and waist, and resting a hand on Candice's derriere

Spread your legs and thrust your hips upward.

Complying with the suggestions floating into her head, Candice opened up her legs and raised her hips up toward Clara's hips with a very slow movement. They both moaned softly when their hips finally touched.

Push your pussy into hers.

Candice sought out Clara's womanhood with her own through their clothes. While gold sparkles appeared at the point of contact, a bolt of electric pleasure shot through their pussies.

Thrust your hips upward and downward repeatedly. Pretend you are fucking her. You want to fuck her.

Candice started to lower her hips and thrust up again, and then repeated the act several times more. Warm, erotic attraction radiated between their pussies, delighting them both. A small bump soon appeared growing outward on the front panel of the gleaming black panties.

Kiss the pretty woman… Put your tongue in her mouth… Candice's tongue slid over Clara's and intertwined with it. Within a few moments, both found themselves escalating their oral and lingual engagement.

Embrace the woman as if she were your lover…

She is your lover...

Candice slid her hands around Clara's neck and back, and pulled her face, mouth, and body into her own more tightly. lover… Their tongues and bodies undulated together with mounting passion. Candice felt a splendid ache in her pussy, driving her to mash it into Clara's even more, which caused the older blonde woman to mew affectionately into her mouth. Their congress was obviously the exact kind of thing Clara wanted right now. Giving it to her was sending Candice into a lovely, exciting, gratifying state of bliss. Their love-making was rapidly becoming the only thing that Candice wanted now, too. She started to idly speculate what might come next, what more they could do with each other, what more she could do to Clara.

Fuck her…

Candice felt the bump on her panties grow longer. The vines rustled from the squirming and thrusting movements of their bodies. ...yesss...fuck...her...

Suddenly, the charm bracelet on Candice's left wrist began glowing. She was brought back to her senses.

"Ahhh…No, stop it!"

With great effort, Candice struggled free of the moving vines and pushed Clara away. Standing, she quickly found and picked up the wand that she had dropped nearby and cast Disenchant on Clara. The spell worked, and Clara was restored to her senses.

"Ughh…wh-what's going on? What happened?" Clara pressed her palms against her aching head.

"No time to explain! We have to get out of this area right now! Let's go!" Candice grabbed Clara's hand roughly and began walking briskly to where Clara's vehicle was parked.

Clara stopped abruptly after a few steps, dropping Candice's hand. " head hurts…and...and I...I need you… Please, Candice..."

When Candice turned around to look at Clara, she saw that the woman was eyeing her body. Looks like Disenchant didn't completely remove the effects, but at least she's manageable. "No, Clara! What you're feeling will go away soon! We can't waste any time. We have to hurry! Come on!" Candice took up the older woman's hand again and pulled her toward the car.

Once they got into the car, Clara fumbled for her keys in her handbag and started the vehicle. Due to the reality warping, the car's engine sounded like a cacophony of saxophones, tubas, and trombones.

"Why does the engine sound like this?"

"At least it's running. We need to get away before the effects get even worse and the car stops working altogether!" Candice looked around at their surroundings and noticed luminescent polychromatic fog was slowly gathering around them. "Step on it!"

Clara quickly shifted to "drive" and stepped hard on the gas, making the vehicle lurch forward. The car picked up speed and Clara negotiated her way along the road, although driving was made difficult by the fog and by the road being physically warped, having been made uneven and bumpy by the reality warp. However, at least they were making progress...or so it seemed.

"Didn't we pass this curve sign several times before?" asked Clara.

Candice's eyes and mouth widened with dread. "Oh no, we're in a reality loop!"

"What are you talking about?!"

"We're in a portion of reality that has been folded into itself. Essentially we are going back to the same spot over and over again!"

Clara stopped the vehicle. "What should we do?"

"We can try going in a different direction, taking a detour."

"That means going off road."


Clara drove the vehicle off the road onto the adjacent grassy clearing. Seeing trees not far away, she aimed for one of the gaps between the trees and drove towards it. After passing through the gap, the vehicle slowly stopped. Clara suddenly moaned. Candice turned to face Clara and noticed with shock a lustful expression on Clara's face. To make things worse, a polychromatic cloud was slowly floating towards them.

"Clara, snap out of it! We need to get away from that cloud!"

But Clara, first looking longingly into Candice' eyes and then dropping her eyes to the bulges of the mage's scantily-covered young breasts, reached to touch Candice's naked arm, causing Candice to flinch from an unexpected sensation of pleasure. Her reaction to Clara's touch worried Candice. It's affecting me again. I need to stop this before it goes too far. Candice tried to cast Disenchant again, but magical energy on the tip of the wand kept fizzling out.

"Fiddlesticks! Clara, stop it!"

When Clara unbuckled herself, Candice thought Clara had returned to her senses, but then realized with dismay that Clara only sought the freedom of movement needed to pull Candice closer. Quickly formulating a plan, Candice allowed herself to be drawn into Clara's arms, putting up with being touched and caressed, in order to lure her out of the vehicle. With their arms around each other, Candice opened her door and backed out until she was standing, all the while dragging Candice over the center console and the passenger's seat, until Clara was standing with her outside the car. She grabbed Clara by the hand and, pulling her companion with her, started to hurriedly walk away from the oncoming cloud. However, after walking a few feet from the vehicle, Candice was suddenly overcome by a disorienting headache. Clara seized the opportunity to fully embrace Candice and to play with her in any way she desired. Clara kissed the incapacitated mage all over her face and ran her hands over her arms, back, hair, and panty-clad ass.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, Candice, you're soooooo pretty…" As Candice started to recover, she felt the blonde woman's fingers settle on the latch of her bra's back band and fiddle with it.

"What...what are you doing, Clara?" the young witch murmured, as her heavy-lidded eyes opened some and full awareness and physical capacity seeped back into her. Then, looking over Clara's shoulder, her eyes shot wide open. "Oh! Oh no! Clara! The...the cloud is here! We need to run! Right now!"

But it was too late. Just as they turned to flee, the oncoming cloud engulfed both of them. It was as if they had been buried by a powerful, murky wave at the beach with strong undercurrent. They were torn apart from each other, their vision was obscured, and they weren't able to see anything in front of them except kaleidoscopic splotches of colors. Blinded by the strange lights, Candice extended her arms to feel her surroundings and walked around cautiously.

"Clara? Clara, where are you?! CLARA!" Candice called the woman's name loudly several more times, but there was no response except for echoes of her own voice.

When the polychromatic cloud receded, the young female mage found herself standing in a dimly-lit hallway in a normal-looking house. Down the hallway in front of her, she saw bluish white light coming through a doorway that was slightly ajar. She also heard faint gasps. When she got nearer, she heard moans, as well.
What's going on in there? Curious, she placed her hand on the handle and gradually opened the door to what revealed itself to be a bedroom. The sight made her freeze.

There was a naked woman kneeling on the bed. An equally naked girl in her teens was on her fours in front of her. The woman, whose long blonde hair reached to the small of her back, was holding the hips of the young girl. Candice noticed that the woman's fingernails were long, almond-shaped, and painted with a bright, shiny red color. Around the woman's hips was a red leather harness. The woman was moving her own hips back and forth, thrusting something against the derriere of the teenaged girl, who also had blonde hair and colored nails, but the hair was waist-length and her nails were colored black and gold, like the color of Candice's nails.

Candice was enthralled by the scene. Her heart was beating fast. She slowly walked closer to get more details of the woman and the girl. Looking at the couple from the side, Candice noticed that the woman's face was heavily made-up: lips painted heavily in lustrous red, thickly applied black mascara, pink blush, and silver-blue eyeshadow. The teenage girl also had make-up on her face and like Candice the girl had glossy black-painted, gold-outlined lips, gold and silver eyeshadows, and black mascara-laden eyelashes with gold glitter. In between the girl's vagina, which had the labia painted glossy black, and the woman's crotch was a gleaming, red cylindrical object, which was inserted into the girl's vagina.


The woman stopped and turned her head to face Candice. She looked at the teenaged mage with an intense gaze filled with erotic intentions. The woman's eyes sparkled. Entranced by the strange ocular lights, Candice froze and was unable to avert her gaze, while the woman unceremoniously pulled her strap-on dildo from her teen lover's juicy womanhood with an audible "slup!" sound, got off the bed, and sauntered up to her in crystal-clear platform high heels. Meanwhile, the girl sat down on the bed with her legs askew, showing off her just-fucked pussy.

The woman stroked the mage's cheek with her red fingernails. "Candice, we can finally be together." Clara held Candice's chin and planted a deep kiss on her black-lipsticked lips. Despite realizing the act was wrong and that she wasn't a lesbian, Candice accepted the kiss from Clara. Unlike the previous kiss she had with Clara, Candice's response was now quicker. She readily parted her lips to receive the tongue that entered her mouth. Suddenly, the bracelet on Candice's left wrist glowed, but Candice didn't immediately break the kiss. When she did, there was a trail of saliva connecting their lips and her eyes remained locked on Clara's.

"You like her, don't you?" asked the teen girl.

Shocked by the sound of the voice, Candice immediately backed away from Clara and looked at the girl, instantly recognizing both her voice and her face. "Who...who are you, and...and why do you look like me?"

The beautiful, naked teen girl arose and leisurely meandered in Candice's direction. "I am you, Candice...or rather, your future self."

"My future self?" Candice's eyes subconsciously wandered to her doppelganger's seductive eyes, lips, breasts, belly, thighs, and pussy.

"As you already know, you and Clara are trapped in a reality loop. But, that's not all. The reality warp has also caused multiple timelines and dimensions to partially merge within this space of reality decoherence, creating a new pocket universe. That's why we're seeing doppelgangers of ourselves."

"I thought doppelgangers were just myths." Although Candice was initially incredulous over the sight of her doppelganger, and somewhat daunted by her, if not scared of her, she warmed up to Future Candice fairly quickly.

"History isn't always recorded accurately and frequently information gets distorted or lost through time. Because most people don't encounter them, it's generally assumed that they don't really exist."

"Does that mean she's Clara's doppelganger too?"

"Yes, the Clara that you see is a doppelganger of the Clara in your timeline. It's a relative term. From the doppelganger's perspective, you're their doppelganger. Anyway, let's get to the important point: getting out of this reality loop."

Candice listened attentively while eyeing up the beautiful naked body of her doppelganger. She learned that the phenomenon that she had accidentally created happened very rarely, and of the few similar events that were recorded in history, none had reached such a large size. The only way to escape the reality warp was to act out one's predestined role in the reality in which he or she was currently trapped, so that the loop would cease being a loop and merge back into normal reality. To Candice's utter shock, she was told that meant becoming a lesbian seductress and converting Clara into becoming her lesbian lover via magic or whatever means necessary. The silver lining was that once they were out of the reality loop, they could stop whatever they had been doing in the reality loop...if they wanted to.

"No way! This is ridiculous! I can't do this with her! Neither I nor Clara are lesbians!"

"You don't have a choice in this matter, Candice. You either have to do this or become trapped forever in the reality loop."

"But what you're asking me to do is immoral and wrong! I have to force Clara to become something that she's not, and I myself have to do something that's no different than what the Silver Witch is doing."

Future Candice stood beside Future Clara, placed an arm around the woman's naked waist, and kissed the woman on her lustrous red lips. "Candice, your decision will not only affect you but the Clara of your timeline as well." She slid her hand down and around Clara's hip before resting on Clara's butt, lightly cupping it. A gasp escaped from Clara's lips. "I know it's hard for you to take this all in, but you have to trust me. There's not much time left before the reality loop collapses and our timelines get incorrectly merged into the timelines of other realities. The results would be disastrous. Besides...would you really mind making love to such a beautiful woman?" Future Candice groped the woman's bare rear harder and kissed her on the lips again, eliciting another cute, sexy, gasping sound from her, as if to give Candice a preview of the delights she could have if she went along with Future Candice's recommendation.

"I asked you before if you like her. You not only like her...but you want her, too...don't you?"


"That's a ‘yes'. Can't you see that you two are destined to be together? Look at me and my Clara. It's only a matter of time before you two totally fall for each other. Why not become lesbians and become a couple now and make everything so much easier on yourselves?"

Candice mulled her options over for a few seconds, unconsciously weighing the sexual aspect of Future Candice's proposal, while running her eyes with absentminded interest over this version of Clara, before speaking. "Let's say I go through with what you're suggesting. What happens after Clara and I play out our roles and get back into normal reality? Are there any long-term consequences?"

"There won't be any consequences that you don't want to have. That means you two can continue on with your lives as if what had occurred in the reality loop had never happened. But those consequences are the least of your worries. If you don't do as I say, both of you will be trapped in the incorrect realities forever."

Candice was doubtful but was unable to consider the veracity of her double's statement for long. She grimaced slightly at the onset of a slight headache that started at the same time the charm bracelet on her left wrist glowed.

"Let's not waste any more time. I can help you find the Clara of your timeline." Future Candice walked over and held onto Candice's left hand. When Future Candice touched Candice's bracelet, the bracelet flashed with white, pink, and purple lights, followed by intense sparkling in the same colors with the addition of gold. A wicked smile crossed Future Candice's face.

A pink aura surrounded Candice as pink electricity coursed through her body. Glowing pink strands of energy caressed her skin and outfit. She moaned at the pleasurable influx of magical energy. "Ohhhhhh… What...ooooooo...what are you doing to me?"

"I'm giving you the power necessary for you to accomplish your task."

The main black color of Candice's bra, panties, jewels, high heels, nails, and make-up turned into a lustrous purple color, while retaining the gold accents. Her breasts were also enlarged in size from a B-cup to a D-cup. The blonde color of her hair became neon purple and accented with gold glitter. Some locks of her shoulder-length hair were tied into thin peek-a-boo braids. A sparkling, sheer, iridescent purple cloak flowed from her shoulders. Hanging from her navel was a diamond-shaped purple gem. Her diadem became more prominent: larger jewels and more elegant filigree with an overall increase in size for a more regal appearance.

"I look...different," observed Candice after seeing herself in the closet mirror nearby.

"Good different? Beautiful different? Hot different?"


"I bet you feel different, too," Future Candice smirked.

Candice suddenly felt an intense sexual craving for female bodies and lesbian sex well up inside her. She entertained abrupt fantasies, springing up one after another, of herself engaging in various sexual acts with her doppelganger, with Clara, with Ashley, with Emma, and even with Katrina. Her tingling nipples rose to erection and her pussy quivered and watered exquisitely.

"Why am I...why am I feeling this way all of a sudden?" asked Candice in a worried tone.

Future Candice's eyes glowed in a golden color, suppressing Candice's rational thinking and inducing her into an entranced state. Future Candice's appearance then morphed into a facsimile of Ashley, while copying the red-themed make-up and nail polish worn by Future Clara. Through her magically illuminated eyes, she implanted wicked, erotic thoughts and memories into Candice's vulnerable mind…

A light breeze tickled Candice's face. She blinked and found herself standing within the glowing polychromatic cloud again, but with grass and tree roots under her feet, telling her, combined with the breeze, that she was outdoors again. She absentmindedly started walking, without any particular aim, hoping to find something familiar.

Candice tried to think of what had happened immediately before, but had difficulty recalling the exact details. She remembered meeting a person who looked exactly like herself, who claimed to be her future self and who said she knew a way out of this reality warp, as well as a Clara, also supposedly from the future. Both of them were highly salacious versions of Candice and Clara , which Candice had a hard time accepting. There's no way I would become like them… Even if alternate realities are real, are they really true future versions of me and Clara, or merely products of this reality warp?

Candice had read about creatures who could mimic the appearance of other living things, and read and manipulate minds, making others do their bidding, to the point of their victims even allowing themselves to be devoured, but such reports were based on myths and legends. There was no official documentation in the magical records of such creatures. Nevertheless, she wondered whether she was somehow dealing with something like that. Instinctively, she looked at her own body. Nothing had changed. She was in the same salacious black outfit as before, the one that morphed from Katrina's talismans...and one to which she was starting to become accustomed, despite its immodest nature. Her breasts were still her new D-cup size, but they felt natural to her now, as if they had always been this gratifying, wonderful size, so big that she felt like showing them off more than she used to.

Tired from walking for what felt like hours, she stopped and sat near a tree. I made a total mess trying to save Clara… I wonder where she is right now… I've got to find her… The Clara I saw before can't be the real Clara… Candice grunted when she felt a headache. But what if she is? The headache diminished. If that Clara was the real Clara, then I've just left her at the mercy of the creature or whatever it was… Candice slumped forward and wrapped her hands around her knees. If that person who looked like me had bad intentions, she wouldn't have let me go… Maybe it was really me from the future or an alternate timeline...trying to help me… And...if I turn out like her...would that be so bad?... She was...pretty hot… The headache vanished. But how come I can't remember anything after that conversation? Candice didn't know what to believe. She could've been hallucinating from the effects of the reality warp, as far as she knew.

Suddenly, she heard a woman screaming loudly, a woman who sounded like Clara. Then she saw that it actually was Clara, and somehow knew that it was the real Clara from her timeline, and saw that she was running away from something.

"AAHHHHHHHH…help me, please!" exclaimed Clara hysterically.

Candice was about ask about what she was fleeing from, but stopped when she saw a massive creature approaching from the within the cloud. The creature had grayish pearlescent skin, stubby legs with clawed feet, a long and plump body, a stubby short tail, and a massive crocodilian-like head with two prominent nostrils and a giant mouth lined with multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth. On each side of its head were five blue pupilless eyes, lined horizontally, that were all focused on the creature's intended prey as it ran after the woman at rapid speed.

After the initial shock, Candice quickly took action. Using her wand, she cast Flash in an attempt to blind the creature. The creature growled at the loss of vision, but quickly regained its sight and continued its chase, but by this time Candice was able to concentrate her mana for a magic missile attack into its gaping mouth. The creature whimpered in pain before turning around and running away.

Candice exhaled. "That was close… I'm glad I finally found you! I thought I had lost you." She was relieved that Clara was okay. If something bad had happened to Clara, she felt that guilt would haunt her for the rest of her life. But there was more to it than that. She had become fond of Clara and of their companionship, and, beyond what she was willing to admit to herself, she was now attracted to Clara sexually and was forming a romantic bond with her, which she didn't want to lose. Finding her again brought tears to her eyes.

Clara's reaction was equally enthusiastic. "Oh, my god, thank you so much for saving me! I thought I was going to get eaten by that thing!" She embraced Candice tightly.

"I missed you so much, Candice. Did you miss me, too?"

"Yes, I did...although we weren't separated for that long…"

"Too long for me."

At first, Candice didn't mind the hug, but when it went on and on and became tighter, and when Clara's hands started to move along her arms, back, neck, and waist, and into her hair, in a way that hinted of lustful intentions, and when she found herself responding with unmitigated excitement, and when she realized that they were sounding like two long-lost lovers for whom the next step was a long, deep kiss to celebrate their reunion, she gently pushed Clara away. The way her emotions had reacted to being with Clara again and the way her body was reacting to Clara's touch had Candice worried.

Must be the effect of Katrina's talismans... I must resist it… That sneaky Katrina… I wish she had mentioned to me about this effect of the talismans… Clara's probably still under the influence of the Silver Witch's magic and maybe Katrina's talismans have an effect on her as well… I can't let Clara succumb to them…

"We need to get going, Clara. The longer we stay here, the harder it will be for us to get out." Not wanting to lose Clara again, Candice grabbed Clara's hand and led her in the direction in which Candice's bracelet reacted the most strongly. She didn't remember when or where she had learned about this function of the bracelet, but she didn't dwell on it further, given the urgency of the situation.

The cloud gradually became thicker, reducing their visibility. They had to slow their pace to avoid tripping over vines, rocks, and tree roots. The possibility of encountering vicious creatures like the one that had tried to attack them earlier kept Candice on the edge, and she constantly had her wand ready to cast spells in their defense. During the long walk, Candice educated Clara about the Silver Witch and her wicked plans to induct new female members into her cult, and about the Holy Order's sacred mission to stop the Silver Witch and all practitioners of evil magic. Clara listened with rapt but divided attention, as she constantly feasted visually on the female mage. Each also, without consciously realizing it, found the holding of the other's hand to be more than simply a measure to stick together in their wandering hike, but a comforting and bonding act, one enabling them, without being aware of it, to express their mutual affection in some small way. Neither was willing to let go. At one point, they unconsciously laced their fingers together, making the grip more intimate.

About an hour later, they came upon an oval-shaped portal that glowed brightly with white light and polychromatic swirls in the center.

"This should be the exit," proclaimed Candice.

"How can you be sure?"

Candice moved her bracelet close to the portal and then away, causing the bracelet to glow brightly when close and less bright when further away. She didn't know why she trusted the bracelet so much, but with no other option, she had to take the risk.

"My bracelet has magic in it, and it seems to be guiding me. Are you ready?"

"Yes," replied Clara hesitantly.

They looked into each other's eyes for a few moments before looking back at the portal in front of them. After taking a deep breath, they stepped into the portal together, hand still in hand and fingers still interlaced. Vertigo and kaleidoscopic light assailed them for about ten seconds before they found themselves standing in the street of the neighborhood where Clara lived.

"Oh my god, we're finally back!" Clara looked around. "That's my house down the street." She loosened her grip from Candice's hand and walked briskly towards what she thought was her house.

"Wait! We're still not..." Candice heard giggling behind her and immediately turned around. Two teenaged girls were hugging and kissing each other. It was an open mouthed kiss with heavy tongue action. When Candice realized she was staring at the couple longer than it was appropriate, she forced herself to turn away and chased after Clara.

Candice wasn't used to walking in high heels, much less walking fast in them, and couldn't move as fast as she wanted to at this moment. Fortunately, Clara waited for Candice in the front yard of her home.

"Clara, we're not sure if we're really back in our world."

"Only one way to find out!" Clara walked to her front door and opened it. "Why don't you come in and take a rest? I don't know where you're from, but it must be cold walking around like that!"

Clara's comment made Candice self-conscious about the outfit she was wearing. This is awkward. I don't want to go into her home dressed like this, but at this hour her family should be asleep. If we're indeed back in the correct reality, I'm just going to have a quick talk with her and then be on my way.

"Thanks, Clara… I want to talk about our situation..."

After stepping inside the house, Candice took out her magic detection spectacles to examine her surroundings.

"We can talk later. Why don't you take a seat on the sofa over there while I get you something warm to drink. Do you like cocoa?"

"Yes, I would love that. Thanks."

I'm not detecting anything magical or anomalous activity so far…

The sound of footsteps jolted Candice, and she turned towards the direction of the sound. A teenage girl dressed in pale blue pajamas was walking down the stairs. She stared at Candice with an expressionless face. At around the same time, Clara was bringing a cup of warm cocoa to Candice.

Fiddlesticks, I shouldn't have stayed! I could've done this outside and not let her family see me in this trampy outfit!

"Honey, you're still awake."

"It was hard for me to sleep. I was worried about you."

"Sorry, honey, I didn't mean to make you worry. Is Daddy awake too?"

"He went to the airport earlier for his business trip."

"What?" The last thing Clara remembered about Robert was him sitting at his computer at home, while she left to pick Ashley up. "How come I didn't know about this?"

"It was short notice. Anyway, what happened?"

"I kind of got lost. It's a long story, but this young lady here helped me find my way. Her name's Candice."

Ashley stared at Candice with a serious expression that showed signs of interest and curiosity.

Why is she staring at me like that? Is she under the influence of the Silver Witch, too?

"We know each other already, Mom. She's a friend of one of my friends."

She knows me? How's that possible? Did Emma tell her about me even though I told her not to tell anyone?

"Oh, that's great. This is such a small world. Candice, if you need anything, Ashley can help you. I'm going to take a shower."

"Umm…thanks…but..." Before she could finish, Clara was on her way up the stairs to her bathroom. Candice was hoping to talk with Clara more and inform her about the Silver Witch as well as keeping a watch on Clara while she tried to determine if they were back in the correct reality. She wanted to do that now, be done with it, and leave. But now she had to wait for Clara to take a shower...leaving her alone with Ashley...made up wantonly and dressed like a slut, in only a sexy black leather bra and panties set...

Ashley sat right next to Candice. A lustful expression slowly appeared on her face, which made Candice feel uneasy. She avoided meeting Ashley's gaze. As soon as Clara was out of sight, Ashley gave Candice a surprise hug and kiss. Candice kissed back a little, but then quickly backed away. "What are you doing?!"

"Candice, have you forgotten about our relationship so quickly?"

"What are you talking about? I don't think we've even met before." This definitely isn't the correct reality. I need to warn Clara!

A sudden stream of memories streamed into Candice's mind, overwhelming her and stopping her from getting up from the sofa. She saw herself sitting together with Ashley on the bleachers, fingers interlocked, and their lips inching closely together for a kiss… She saw herself lying on top of Ashley on a locker room bench while making out with Ashley, who was wearing only a silver satin bra, cheerleading skirt, and white socks and athletic shoes... She saw herself and Ashley naked in the locker room showers while soaping each other up, groping each other's bodies, and kissing non-stop… She saw herself sitting in a bed together with Ashley, with their legs interlocked in a scissors position and grinding their pussies together while panting and moaning…

Though finding herself heating up from the scenarios she was visualizing, and finding her emotions moved by the recollections as if they had been real, intellectually she knew she hadn't really experienced any of them, or thought she hadn't, as her supposed past with Ashley started to seem more real with even passing second. None of this is real… They can't be real…. Candice shook her head in denial. Ashley really lover…?....... Suddenly, the idea didn't seem so bad. Ashley, in her soft blue pajamas was, after all, very cuddly-looking...and very cute……... No! It can't be! I need to get away from her…...

When Candice tried to get up, Ashley lunged forward and pushed Candice down back into the sofa. Candice struggled against Ashley, who was stronger than she.

"Where do you think you're going? We still haven't had fun yet!" squealed Ashley in a mischievous girlish voice, as she lowered her mouth onto Candice's.

An area on the ceiling above Candice appeared to shift and morph before gradually revealing itself to be a giant humanoid eye surrounded by similar eyes of smaller size. When Candice accidentally stared into the eldritch eye, her thoughts became muddled and her desire to resist dissipated. Candice's jaw became slack, allowing the opportunity for Ashley to repeatedly jab her tongue into Candice's mouth.

At first, the feeling of Ashley's tongue felt strange, but she gradually became used to it and began responding by brushing her own tongue against Ashley's. Having forgotten her recent intimacies with Clara, she thought she had never kissed anyone before, let alone a girl, let alone in this manner. But, with every second, she loved it and craved it more. Asley's lips were so soft, her tongue so wet and slick, her mouth so delicious and compelling. When Ashley at last broke the kiss, Candice kept her mouth open and tongue extended into the air, as if not wanting Ashley's lips to depart. Threads of Ashley's saliva dripped into Candice's open mouth, which she swallowed eagerly.

"That's more like it. You can't resist kissing me…" Ashley lowered her lips to suck on Candice's extended tongue. Candice did the same to Ashley, as their mouths made loud slurping sounds and saliva drooled down their chins.

"I love your new outfit…" Ashley cupped Candice's breast through the gilded black leather bra. "It makes you look sooo sexy…" Candice moaned through her shiny black lips when Ashley emphasized her point with a squeeze. The magical bra had a special feature which amplified the sexual sensations of physical touch. Golden nubs grew at the center of each bra cup. Ashley squeezed the golden nubs, causing them to sparkle. Candice could immediately feel Ashley's touches as if the metallic nubs on the bra were extensions of her real nipples.

"You want to fuck me, don't you?" Candice, trying to nod her head but too overwhelmed to do it well or to speak, only moaned in response while staring into Ashley's eyes. "Yes, you do, you fucking slut!" Ashley reached down between their bodies and brushed her fingers between Candice's legs, sliding them on the lustrous black leather panties, leaving ephemeral tracks of golden sparkles behind. "Don't act like you're innocent. You've seduced me with your evil magic, and now I can't stop thinking about you!" Ashley pressed her fingers tightly against Candice's pussy. She kissed and dragged her tongue along Candice's cheek. She kissed Candice's cheek and dragged her tongue along the skin before pressing it into Candice's ear and twirling her tongue around in circles.


Moving further down, Ashley's lips traveled to the side of Candice's neck, where she began kissing affectionately while her hands continued to cup and knead Candice's leather-encased breasts. Each touch and caress of Ashley's hands on Candice's breasts caused the golden nubs and the filigree on the bra to glow magically. Using her knee, Ashley nudged Candice's thighs apart and teased Candice's pussy through the black leather panties. Like the bra, the filigree on the panties glowed upon physical contact.

"Yesss, Candice…become wet and horny for me…"

Candice heard a familiar voice calling her name: "Candice, where are you?" The voice was so faint that it barely registered in her consciousness.

Meanwhile in the bathroom…

While Clara was showering with closed eyes, she couldn't help but think of the witch girl, named Candice, who had helped her get out of a bad situation. The girl had a pretty face and was very attractive, a fact helped by the sexiness of the makeup and the sensual outfit that the girl wore. Clara wondered where the girl came from and if the girl was in a relationship. She remembered the warmth of Candice's body from the several hugs they shared. Despite possibly having been manipulated into the hugs while under the influence of a malevolent power, she could not deny that she had found the closeness and curves of Candice's body supremely enjoyable. However, her intellectual mind denied that it was anything sexual.

Clara's eyes opened abruptly when she felt a presence in the bathroom. Parting the shower curtain to look around, she saw nothing, breathed a sigh of relief, and finished her shower. After drying her hair and body, she walked to her bedroom in a light green bath robe and blue slippers. When she opened the door, she was surprised by the presence of a bright reddish glow that illuminated the whole room. What's with this red glow? Was Robert playing around with mood lights? After adjusting her eyes, she noticed a strange figure dressed in a red robe sitting on the edge of the bed, facing away from her.

"Who are you?!" When the figure didn't answer, Clara walked a few steps closer to it before stopping. "I'm going to call the police!"

The figure stood up abruptly and turned around to face Clara.


There was no one beneath the robe, no one that Clara could perceive at least. However, there was a sheer nightie, bra, thong, stockings, garter belt, and patent leather red heels, all in bright red, held by a strange invisible force in such a way that the overall shape resembled a female figure wearing the ensemble. The door automatically slammed shut before Clara could exit the room. The ghostly ensemble strolled leisurely towards Clara with invisible legs. As it approached within arm's length, Clara saw a faint outline of a human skeleton within the robe. Clara stared at it, speechless and frozen in place with horror. The entity embraced her and she lost consciousness.

When Clara woke up, she found herself lying on her back on the bed, facing the ceiling. She felt a headache as she got up. What happened? Did I fall and hit my head? When she took a few steps toward her closest on the hardwood floor, she noticed a click-clack sound from her feet. Looking downward, she saw that her feet were clad in red high heels. Why do I have these on? She immediately walked over to her full-length mirror.

At first she was shocked at her appearance. She was clad in a red satin hooded robe, a sheer red embroidered nightie, a red garter belt, and red nylon stockings, the latter items visible through the opened robe and the transparent nightgown. She pulled the robe closed and tied its sash, instinctively trying to restore some modesty. Bright ruby red lipstick, applied thickly, covered her lips, matching the color of her now-red nails. Her eyes were made up with frosted purple eyeshadow, dark purple eyeliner, and black mascara.

The mirror glowed and flashed briefly with a red light, which she barely noticed. Afterwards, she started accepting what she saw in the mirror. As she appraised her reflection with increasing favor, her shock at her appearance subsided, as did her headache. Admiring her own beauty, she traced the curves of her body. She wondered how her husband would react, but the thought of her husband immediately disgusted her for some reason and made the headache return. Chasing that consideration from her mind, she thought instead about Candice. Her headache disappeared fast and completely, replaced by a sensation of peace, joy, love, and lust. I wonder how she would react?

Clara heard hurried footsteps in the hallway outside of her room and her name was being called. When she opened the door and stepped out, she saw Candice standing in front of her. "What's going on?"

"This isn't our reality. We need to leave this place immediately!" Candice grabbed Clara's hand and led her across the hallway and down the stairs into the living room.

"B-but, not like this!"

Candice looked at Clara well for the first time since Clara had been transformed. She gasped and felt her pulse accelerate.

"''re so…" Forcing herself to return her concentration to the urgent task at hand, she continued, "It doesn't matter, Clara. We still have to go, just as we are. We don't have much time!"

"What happened to Ashley?" asked Clara worriedly when she saw Ashley unconscious on the couch in the living room.

"I knocked her out with the magic spell, Sleep. She's not Ashley, at least not the one from our reality. We need to get away before she wakes up. Do you have keys to your car? I wish I could use my flying broom, but it doesn't work here for some reason."

"I do. Hold on." There was still uncertainty in Clara, but she felt she could trust Candice. Ever since arriving back at her house, she had had this uneasy feeling in the back of her mind. Candice's announcement had made her come back to her senses, or so she thought. Clara walked over to a desk and grabbed her keys and purse. They both made a rush to her car that was parked in the driveway.

"Where do we go?" asked Clara after turning on the ignition and backing into the street.

"To the spot where we had first arrived here. It's two blocks down that way."

There was nothing of interest when they got there. Candice pondered for several seconds. "There's no anomalous activity anywhere nearby that I can make out. Even though it's an alternate reality, it's strange that we got back near your house so far from where the reality warp phenomenon happened. In any case, there should be a rift or a portal somewhere."

"Do you mean we're trapped? What are we going to do now?!"

"No, if there's a way in, then there should be a way out. Let's try going back to the bridge where we first met."

The mention of their first meeting at the bridge with each other made Clara giddy with excitement. She remembered again how good their initial hug felt. For some inexplicable reason, Clara felt strange pleasure being together with Candice. She couldn't resist sneaking glances at the teenage female mage during the drive. Candice's young body was well developed with attractive curves in the right places. Combined with the sexy outfit she was wearing right now, Clara knew a girl like her would command no small amount of attention.

Unaware of malevolent influences on both of them, the impression Clara got from Candice's appearance and demeanor was that the girl was probably single and interested in a relationship, possibly a sexual one. The thought of this excited Clara, even though she knew it was inappropriate for a straight, married woman like herself to be thinking about another female's relationship status, let alone about her lovely painted face and her sexy body, especially one whom she barely knew.

She's just...fascinating. No wonder I like her so much. Maybe it's only natural to feel like this about a girl like so beautiful...and sexy...and...hopefully...available...….although...I'm I shouldn't…

Despite this, she further wondered about Candice's sexual orientation. For some reason, she felt that Candice was a lesbian. Clara remembered how they had embraced and kissed each other "accidentally" several times before (even though in actuality Clara, under magical enchantment conditions, had been the one to initiate most of their intimate contact). Through Clara's own distorted view, she felt that Candice had enjoyed the contact, and had possibly been putting the moves on her, doing so intentionally, one reason for that being to test Clara's sexual interest in her. Clara knew that, for some reason, she did not want to fail that test.

The thought that Candice might be a lesbian, and clearly appeared to be attracted to her, and was maybe even interested in a romantic relationship with her, was sending thrills through Clara. She had never known a lesbian before, that she knew of, but female homosexuality, about which she had thought little before today, now struck her as a wondrous mystery, one holding unbounded potential magical delights. She knew that she, herself, wasn't a lesbian--she was, after all, in a heterosexual marriage--but the mere idea of Candice, and what they had done with each other, and the delight of being with her now, and the titillating possibilities of what might happen between them in the future, if they just gave it a chance, left her as excited and turned on as anything she had experienced in her life.

"Candice, where are you from exactly?"

"I'm from Terra."

"I've never heard of that place, but I know Terra is an ancient name for Earth."

"It exists as a separate world parallel to yours. It's similar in some ways to Earth but in other ways it's different."

"How do you come to Earth?"

"By using an interdimensional teleportation device."

"Wow, that's something straight out of science fiction! I never knew things like this could even be real."

Candice continued explaining to Clara about her world but was careful to avoid mentioning certain details. It didn't take long for Candice to notice that Clara was less interested in her story and more interested in her physically, judging by the lecherous way Clara was looking at her. Silver Witch's magic is affecting her again, but it could also be caused by something from the reality warp. I must bring Clara back to her senses before the situation becomes uncontrollable…

"Do you come here often?"

"Uh...sometimes yes, sometimes no...just depends…"

"After this is over...could I see you again?"

Why is she asking that? Does she want to see me...socially? I don't want to encourage her, if she's thinking of something...something romantic… Neither of us is like that… She's married, too... But...maybe it wouldn't hurt to just get two friends… I've enjoyed being with her… And besides, the plan is for me to impersonate her daughter, Ashley… When that happens, if that's still the plan, then I'll see Clara again… I'll live with her, in fact… Candice had not been enthusiastic about having to impersonate Ashley...until now...

"I...uh...don't see why not…"

"Are you single?"

"Umm...yes, but why do you want to know that?" Inwardly, Candice knew the answer, but was trying to drag out the conversation as long as possible.

"I'm just curious. I'm sure a pretty girl like you would have a lot of admirers. Do you have any boys you're interested in?"

"No, I--" Candice had a crush on Daniel Silvermoon, one of her fellow classmates at the academy, but didn't want to divulge too many details about herself, especially since she was on a secret mission.

"'re a lesbian?" The hope in Clara's voice was too thick for Candice to miss it. She wants me to be a lesbian. How do I feel about that?.......... But...she's likely being influenced by the magic working on her…and...and I'm not a lesbian, anyway...

"That's not what I meant… Clara, watch out!"

A pink cloud that flashed with polychromatic sparkles suddenly appeared in their path. Clara jerked the steering wheel, attempting to swerve the vehicle away from the cloud, but she was unable to avoid it completely. They passed through the cloud before slowing down and hitting a row of bushes at the side of the road. The cloud turned around and enveloped them in its glowing mass. Both females lost consciousness...

When Clara woke up, she perceived that the pink cloud was gone, but there nevertheless was a persistent fog that reduced long-distance visibility. However, her immediate concern was not getting out of the strange reality, but of being able to get into physical contact with the voluptuous female mage. She turned to look at Candice, who, having been knocked out by the car crash, was still unconscious and lying back against the front passenger seat. Once again, Clara eyed up the pretty teenage girl and appraised her body. The shiny black high heels were perfectly molded to the girl's feet. The skin on the girl's naked legs was perfectly smooth and immaculate. The gold filigree on the black leather panties that wrapped around the girl's hips glittered magically, an effect that was mirrored by the matching bra that covered the girl's chest. She noticed the girl's leather-clad breasts rising and falling slightly with each breath that the girl took.

The girl's lips were perfectly painted in a very thick layer of lustrous black lipstick with golden outlines. The lips were begging to be kissed.

Candice has been trying to seduce me all along. All this time she was just teasing me and gauging my interest in her. I need to show her that I'm really interested.

Clara licked her ruby red lips as she undid the seat belts on herself and Candice. She then leaned towards Candice, gripped the sleeping girl's naked shoulders, and kissed Candice on the lips. At first, Candice let out a little moan of pleasure and appeared to be reciprocating the kiss, but when Candice opened her eyes, she screamed and pushed the woman back.

"Clara, stop! Stop it!"

Clara was persistent and kept trying to kiss Candice. "I know you want me, honey."

"Stop it!"

Candice opened the passenger side door and, struggling free from Clara, stumbled out of the vehicle, but not before having her breasts, waist, hips, and butt groped a few times.

I need to cast Disenchant on her again...

But first she needed her wand. Her first three tries failed to retrieve her wand from local phased space, where her important personal items were stored. Fiddlesticks! Why is this failing now?! On the fourth attempt, however, Candice succeeded in bringing her wand out, but before she could cast the spell on Clara, she tripped on an exposed tree root and landed on her back. As she tried to get back up, a bright, wispy sphere of polychromatic light appeared above her. Glowing tendrils spread out from the center of the ball. Candice's face widened in horror, but relaxed and became expressionless when the magical light emanating from the ball caught her eyes. With her jaw muscles loosening, her mouth parted slightly.

Clara ignored the presence of the glowing sphere as she knelt down with her knees astride Candice's legs. She lowered herself onto Candice's body and kissed Candice's unresisting lips.

"Let me inside your cute mouth."

Taking advantage of Candice's parted lips, Clara slid her tongue into the girl's mouth while caressing Candice's cheeks and hair. The protective bracelet on Candice's wrist glowed, causing the young mage to become dimly aware that she was being kissed by Clara. Stop...Stop it...Stop… thought Candice weakly. At the same time, she could hear another voice inside her head, also sounding like her own, pleading for the opposite: Don't good.... Don't stop…

Candice's head tilted backwards when Clara slipped her hand behind the nape of Candice's neck in order to get better access to the girl's throat, which the woman was eagerly ravishing with her bright red lips and tongue. Clara's other hand drifted down to the mage's leather bra and started to explore. Candice felt her nipples hardening and her crotch moistening. A small bulge started to form on her wicked black panties. It and Clara and her lips and her red-nailed hands and everything else felt so good. She wanted to just throw caution to the wind and give in to the hot blonde vixen assaulting her so persuasively. I...I need to stop her...before it goes too far…before I...I lose control...

Through her upside-down view, Candice noticed a red object flitting in the distance. Candice observed that the object was mobile and approached, leading her to conclude that it was some kind of creature. It stopped next to the trunk of a gnarly tree and appeared to try to hide behind it. When she looked more carefully, Candice saw that not only was the creature humanoid, but that it looked very familiar… Candice gritted her teeth when she saw the perverted grin on the creature's face.

It's Ublet! Ublet was the stupid fugitive imp who stole the potions that she recently had been trying to deliver, which theft had made her look incompetent to her superiors. Maybe this isn't the best time for revenge, but I'm not going to let him get away. And I can't let that imp see me like this, so, so compromised, either! He'd blab I'm a queer to everyone! With new motivation, Candice suddenly found the strength to break free from Clara and shove the woman away. Filled with a sudden rage, Candice stood back up, grabbed her wand, and quickly cast Spark at the imp. However, he being a skilled imp and she being a novice mage, he easily dodged the blast, which left a smoking scar on the trunk of the tree behind which Ublet was hiding.

"Show yourself, Ublet. Stop playing games!"

"I know you're just going to blast me with that wand, Candyke!"

"Stop calling me by that name!"

"I see you live up to your name, Candyke. There's no denying your orientation now! Candyke! Candyke! Candyke!"

"I SAID STOP IT!" Candice cast the spell again. This time, it was unexpectedly powerful. A large section of the trunk was blasted away, which caused the top part of the tree to fall. The ground several feet around the tree was also completely burned. However, the imp managed to dodge the blast just in time to avoid injury, as well as the falling tree top, as well, then immediately hid behind another tree.

The imp laughed. "Impressive! I didn't know you low-ranked mages could be so powerful, but you still can't touch me!"

As infuriated as she was at the obnoxious imp, and as miffed as she was that her strikes had missed her target, casting those blasts had let Candice vent enough steam to let her take a step back and view the situation more rationally. Reigning in her anger, she saw that she was as ticked about the confusing otherworldly influences and about the effects of Katrina's talismans which she had been having to deal with as about Ublet, if not more. Ublet didn't deserve all the blame for her pent-up hostility. Then it dawned on her that Ublet might know a way out of this reality warp. Perhaps his arrival would prove fortuitous.

"Ublet, stop playing games. Can you please show yourself?!"

"You were trying to kill me!"

"I'm very sorry about that. It wasn't intentional. I was under the influence…"

Ublet peeked from behind a tree, then slowly flew towards Candice and landed a short distance away from her. "Let me guess. You want to know if I know a way out of the dimension we're in… Well, at first I was hoping you would know the answer..."

"Fiddlesticks!" Candice idly looked at her side and noticed that Clara was gone. "Oh no, where did she go?"

"I have no idea either. Last time I saw your lover was when you were making out with her."

"It's not what you think! She's not my lover! There's some strange spell that's controlling her."

"But you seemed to be enjoying it very much…"

"Please stop talking like that. I don't have time for these games." Candice softened her tone. "We need to figure out how to get out of this place... Can you please help me?"

"Alright, I'll work with you--for now--and help you look for your lov--I mean "friend", but in return, you must promise not to make any effort to capture or to hurt me anymore."

"Oh, all right… I promise I won't follow the Academy's order to capture you…" muttered Candice in a defeated tone.

"Thank you very much. Okay...first things first. We'll find Clara, then the portal."

Ublet intentionally flew close to Candice, giving himself an eyeful of the girl's enhanced cleavage--which Candice noticed--and then started an expanding circular search.

After a while, Ublet came back hurriedly to Candice and led her to a spot about one hundred feet from where she had been standing. Clara was trapped in a mass of writhing, thick green vines that moved together like the tentacles of an octopus, but had no centralized body. The thicker vines held Clara's neck, arms, waist, thighs, and lower legs, while the thinner vines encircled Clara like the silky threads of a spider encasing its prey. However, on closer inspection it was clear that Clara wasn't struggling to get away at all. Rather, her eyes were staring blankly into space, her face showing no emotion.

Candice noticed that the strange plants were doing something she wouldn't expect any plant to do. Multiple small vines wrapped around together like threads of a rope were sliding in and out of Clara's mouth. Similar bundles of vines had loosened and were sliding off her pants, panties, blouse, and bra, which were all dangling precariously from her body, and not covering it to any significant degree. Those bundles were performing the same pumping action in Clara's pussy and in the crevice of her ass that the other bundle was doing in her mouth. Other vines were caressing her nipples, breasts, armpits, ears, arms, thighs, and calves. Milky green goo was oozing from the edges of Clara's lips, labia, and anal ring, creating glistening rivulets of opalescent green slime running down her chin, throat, and thighs.

For several long moments, Candice did nothing except watch Clara's beautiful, mature body and its sexual violation, the sight of which made her excited. She subconsciously moved her hands to the area between her thighs and stroked her womanhood through the black leather crotch panel covering it. Her lips parted in silent moans.

The vibration of Candice's bracelet jolted her back to awareness. Realizing with disgust the decadency of her own behavior and of her debauched reaction to what was happening to Clara, Candice quickly cast Spark at the vine sections closest to Clara. After five blasts, the vines retracted and left Clara alone on the ground.

"Clara, are you alright?" Candice asked, as she started to help Clara draw her clothes back on and fasten them in place.

"W-what happened?"

"You were caught by the vines."

"I was? I don't remember anything after the car crash…"

"I'm sorry I didn't keep you within my sight…"

"EEEK! What's that behind you?"

After Candice awkwardly introduced Ublet to Clara and vice versa, the lost trio began discussing what they each knew about the strange reality so far. When Ublet talked about his time in the reality warp, Candice realized that, despite having explored a large area, Ublet didn't seem to know anything more useful than what she already knew. But, when the imp mentioned a high-pitched female voice calling Candice's name repeatedly, Candice's eyes lit up. She reasoned that it must be her familiar, Jasmine, calling her name, and the area where the imp had encountered the voice might be where the exit was.

"I heard the voice near a bridge."

"You mean the one up ahead at the end of this road?" asked Candice excitedly. "That was where we were planning to go before the cloud engulfed us."

"Yes, but it's quite a walk for you two through an area that's not very safe, as you've noticed."

"My car should still work, even though it's a little dented," said Clara.

The engine of the sedan came to life when Clara turned the keys in the ignition. Candice climbed into the passenger seat, upon which they took off, the imp flying the distance. Once they arrived at the bridge, they saw a huge sparkling cloud in the middle of the causeway.

"Hmmm…I never saw this cloud appearing on the bridge before," commented Ublet.

Candice, where are you?!

"I hear Jasmine calling my name! JASMINE, CAN YOU HEAR ME?!"

Despite repeated calls, Candice's attempt to reach her familiar wasn't successful. "She can't hear me for some reason. Maybe there's too much interference. I'm not certain, but I think this is the exit back to our reality. If we can hear sounds from our world, that means there should be a connection to our world through this cloud, but I don't have the means nor the knowledge to verify this."

"Then there's only one way to find out!"


Without waiting for Candice and Clara, the imp left the group in the vehicle and quickly flew into the cloud.

Clara tried to drive her vehicle forward, but the engine died and the vehicle rolled to a stop. With no other option, they got out of the car and walked. Before going far, Clara held hands with Candice. Feeling a sense of responsibility for Clara, as well as enjoying the affection Candice knew Clara was conveying, Candice lightly squeezed Clara's hand, implying an agreement with Clara's desire to hold her hand and to reciprocate with her own expression of appreciation for their companionship. Their hearts beat rapidly as they got closer to the luminous cloud, both due to apprehension over what might happen next as well as due to the feelings for each other stirring within them yet again.

Suddenly, Candice heard a voice, her own voice speaking to her in her mind. "Don't enter the portal or else a disaster will happen! You must do as I say and seduce Clara and make love with her! If you leave this reality warp now before doing this, you will regret it!"

Candice hesitated and stopped abruptly. She found herself, to her surprise, vacilitlating between going straight through what she thought was the probable gateway back into her world and following the urgent command of her alleged future self, staying with Clara in this dimension and becoming lesbian lovers. Though she had dismissed the latter option as preposterous before, it now seemed to have tempting appeal, enough to cause her to at least consider it.

"Why are you stopping?" asked Clara softly.

Clara's voice sent an unexpected twinge of arousal up the young mage's spine. Candice tightened her grip on Clara's hand, which, she noted, felt so soft and good and right in hers, and turned to her side to gaze at the older woman. She noticed how beautiful Clara looked, the cosmetics and the exotic outfit enhancing the woman's beauty and seductiveness. Erotic feelings stirred in Candice's loins and intensified quickly. A voice in the back of Candice's mind told her the situation was dangerous, but her mounting lust made her ignore it for the time being.

Candice's body glowed and sparkled with a faint lavender luminescence. She felt a tingling sensation spread throughout her body as if she was being touched and caressed all over her skin. When the feeling passed, she saw Clara was eyeing her lustfully, while licking her high-gloss red lips. In contrast to some of the previous times when Clara had looked at her like that, this time Candice was glad for Clara's interest and felt a thrill run through her from it. Looking downward, the young female mage noticed that her gilded black bra, panties, and high heels ensemble was now lustrous purple, while retaining the same gold patterns. Then she could see all of herself, as if she had a large mirror. Her nails and lips were also of the same shade of purple as her lingerie, except lighter, more a lavender color. Flowing from her shoulders was a shimmering cloak. The most prominent changes, however, were the prominent enlargement of her breasts and the dazzling neon purple color of her hair.

I look wonderful… The young mage couldn't resist feeling up her own body. She was especially drawn to the strange glowing patterns that now decked her attire. All sense of urgency and danger was drifting away, overtaken for the moment by the strange erotic feelings that were stirring in her body. She felt like she needed to do something with someone, a feminine someone, a beautiful, sexy someone, someone exactly like Clara, with this upgraded outfit and that it needed to be done immediately.

"CANDICE!" cried Jasmine.

Candice snapped out of her reverie at the sound of her familiar's voice. " doing! My doppelganger did this!"

"I'm helping you, Candice," echoed the compassionate-sounding voice of Future Candice. "This is the only way,"

"Candice..." whispered Clara dreamily while moving closer to Candice with her arms spread, ready to embrace the sexy girl in front of her.

I must not give in... There's no way this would solve anything except serving the whims of evil... I need to stop Clara like I did before... Candice's admonition to herself, while composed of the right words, was weak and without resolution. She didn't really want to stop Clara or herself.

Thus, when Clara took Candice into her arms, pressed her breasts into Candice's, and craned her head forward to kiss Candice, the teen mage didn't resist the woman's lustrous red lips and even accepted the woman's tongue into her mouth and then joustled it with her own. Saliva mixed in their mouths. Her lips taste wonderful… This doesn't feel bad at all... The female mage encircled Clara's waist with her arms and slowly moved her lavender-nailed hands to the woman's round butt and groped it.

Somewhere in her head, Candice knew she was straying from her intended path and shouldn't be getting involved romantically like this with an earthly human woman, especially not with one she was supposed to be protecting. But right now, she didn't care. This was too good. And, she noticed, it was getting easier every time she gave in...and harder to resist. Every time she kissed Clara, it was easier to do it the next time...and harder to resist. Every time she caressed her blonde companion, it became easier to do it again...and harder to resist. She was now, in fact, quite accustomed to certain physical liberties with Clara...and she wanted more. And if looking beautiful and sexy was what it took to keep Clara hot for her, and to take their relationship further, then she was happy to oblige.

Candice felt her bracelet vibrating slightly, but she ignored it. After another half minute of getting lost in the delight of exploring her older companion's mouth and body, Candice was finally reached, as the loud sound of Jasmine's voice coming from within the luminous cloud jolted Candice back to awareness.


Candice broke the kiss abruptly, creating a thick, drooping thread of saliva between her lavender lips and Clara's glossy red lips that quickly disappeared. "We need to go now!" She roughly grabbed Clara's wrist and pulled on Clara until she yielded and followed Candice into the cloud.


A wicked laugh sounding like her own voice with demonic tones sent shivers up Candice's spine and she hastened her pace to a run, which Clara was barely able to keep up. The sounds of their high heels on the pavement and of their heavy breathing were the only noises apart from the inhuman laugh that came from all directions, which attenuated as they went deeper into the cloud...


"Candice, can you hear me? Are you alright?"

When Candice opened her eyes, she saw Jasmine staring right down at her with the night sky behind Jasmine's back. She sighed in relief at the sight of her familiar, glad to be back in the real world.

Her body felt hot. There were visible beads of sweat on her skin, most of which were exposed because of the skimpy outfit. She felt like she had exerted herself greatly, but that didn't make sense to her given that her most recent memory was of herself running into the magical cloud with Clara.

"I'm…fine… What about you? Did the blast affect you?"

"The blast woke me from my sleep, but I thought I was having a nightmare. But then I heard a loud rumbling sound and saw bright flashes of light. I flew around looking for you, and you appeared in the area that I've searched before. Where were you?"

"I was trapped in some sort of reality warp."

"Reality warp? That's something you don't hear about everyday. Most of the stories that I've heard about people who managed to escape from these alternate realities don't end up with them surviving unscathed. They either become crazy or horribly mutated."

Candice shuddered. "Clara and I must have been very lucky."

"How did you get into that reality warp? What happened while you were in there? And who's Clara?"

"Clara is Ashley's mom, the woman I was trying to save from being enthralled by the Silver Witch. She was being pulled into phased space by some sort of magical artifact. When I tried to stop the process with Neutralize, an explosion happened after the spell was cast on her, and that somehow caused a tear in the fabric of spacetime and pulled us both into a reality warp. While I was in the reality warp, I encountered many strange things: people who claimed to be future versions of me and Clara; creatures and plants I've never seen before; clouds that seem to have minds of their own; and some strange presence that's hard to describe.... It took me a while before I could find Clara."

"That sounds similar to the stories I've heard, especially the part about the strange presence. They're alleged to be non-corporeal evil beings wanting to find a host. Improper or incomplete possession causes madness or mutations. Another theory is that the bizarre physics of the alternate reality causes hallucinations and transformation of the person's mind and body."

"Jasmine, I can tell you more about this later. We shouldn't dally here too long. Have you seen Clara?" Candice got up on her haunches and looked around, noticing the cypress trees, the mottled forest floor filled with grass and dried leaves, and the two-laned road nearby.

"Clara? No, the only person I've seen so far is you."

"Oh, I forgot you were sleeping, so you wouldn't know. But, are you sure you haven't seen anyone else around here?" Candice looked at her own body and noticed that she was back in her Holy Mages Order uniform, which was both a relief as well as a disappointment, as she had gotten rather used to and even a bit fond of running around in a revealing leather bra and panties set. Her breasts were also back to their normal, smaller size. Having experienced the thrill of larger breasts dangling more heavily from her chest, swaying more ponderously with her movements, bulging more with eye-catching cleavage, and drawing the interest of a woman like Clara, she felt a longing to have them back. Was it really all just a dream? "Jasmine, are you sure you saw nothing else strange at all?"

"No, not really. Maybe Clara got separated from you and left some other way. As for strange things, well, your face looks different than before. Did you put make-up on?"

Candice brought out her folding pocket mirror and noticed the glossy black lipstick on her lips, black nails, mascara, and the silver eyeshadow. "This is caused by Katrina's talismans! They latched onto me during the magical explosion. Are they still on me?" Candice felt her body up, but found no hard metal objects. "It must be some sort of lingering effect. I need to ask her about it."

"Whatever happened, I think that makeup looks pretty good on you…" Jasmine felt that Candice's new look was more interesting than her previous look, which she now considered somewhat drab in comparison. Jasmine secretly hoped her mistress would continue experimenting with new looks, especially with sexy ones like this.

"What are you saying? That this is inappropriate for a mage?" Candice felt obliged to challenge. However, inwardly Candice welcomed Jasmine's praise over her looks, something she had not focused on during her time at the far.

"There are mages who use cosmetics regularly."

"Those mages just want to draw the attention of other people," Jasmine countered. "Most mages don't wear any cosmetics, except only for special occasions."

Candice thought briefly about Katrina's golden lips. While she previously considered the metallic color garish for lipstick, Candice now admitted to herself that it did look good on Katrina. Maybe awesome. Maybe she, Candice, would try it sometime, too.

With a flick of her wrist, Candice pulled out her magical flying broom. "We need to search around this area. I'm pretty sure if I've gotten out of that alternate reality, then Clara must be around here somewhere."

Neither Jasmine nor Candice could find any trace of Clara after twenty minutes of searching over a wide area.

"She probably has gone home. That's the most obvious explanation I can think of unless she's still trapped… No way, I hope not…" Imagery of Clara being ravished by the serpentine vines briefly went through Candice's mind. She remembered the perverted thrill that scene gave her, especially getting to see Clara essentially nude. Immediately, Candice chastised herself for having such inappropriate thoughts, and for having enjoyed them. She also remembered other thoughts and feelings she had had in the reality warp, sexual thoughts and feelings, which were out of character with her, and which she told herself, at least consciously, that she would not repeat.

"Candice, it's getting pretty late. I think we should go back. It's very likely Clara has gone back home. But even if she's still in the alternate reality, there's nothing we can do right now."

"Jasmine, we can't just leave like this. Clara might be calling for help somewhere." In addition to wanting to make sure Clara was safe, she had unfinished business with her. On a conscious level, it was to educate Clara more about the Silver Witch's evil doings and the need to resist her magical temptations. Subconsciously, Candice wanted to get physically close to Clara again.

A sudden vibration on Candice's bracelet filled the mage with a sense of dread. Jasmine, being naturally attuned to magic, felt the magical energy wave as well.

"Something's coming this way!" exclaimed the fairy.

Candice pulled a pocket-watch-like device from the left sleeve of her robe and looked at the multiple dials. "This energy pattern… It's the Silver Moon Cult! And the signal is unusually strong! We need to leave this area immediately or they'll discover us!... Except...we haven't found Clara yet."

She closed her eyes, focusing her mind on the older blonde woman who had been her companion through thick and thin over the sometimes difficult, sometimes pleasurable course of the evening. Imagery of herself embracing Clara, a Clara who was naked except for lustrous red high heels, and kissing Clara's red-lipsticked lips briefly crossed Candice's mind. She inadvertently whimpered to herself in longing. "Mmmmmmm…"

But, recovering, she quickly chased away that unexpected fantasy. Must be a lingering effect of the reality warp...

"Candice, we don't have a choice! If we stay, you think you have the power to take them on?"

I hope you're safe, Clara. Candice reluctantly started to leave the area with her familiar. Unseen by both of them was a large eye watching them from the trunk of a tree. The eye disappeared as soon as they had left, leaving no trace that it was ever on the tree.

Once they were near the edge of the woods, Candice hesitated. "I think we should wait here and observe."

"Are you crazy? What if they detect us?"

"At this range, I doubt it. If we just leave now, we might lose valuable intelligence." Candice looked at her magic energy wave detector and noticed the numbers had changed. This pattern is different than before…


A bright flash of light appeared from a spot on a bridge that connected two low-traffic roads across a river in a heavily wooded area. Clara sighed in relief after finding herself back in her world. Feeling disoriented, she held onto the bridge railing until the feeling passed. Looking around, she saw no one else. Where's Candice? Have I been dreaming? The notion that Candice might be the mere product of her dreaming imagination was depressing. She seemed so real. She saw her car nearby. Remembering her previous state of dress, Clara looked at her own body and was relieved to see that she was back in her normal clothes: white blouse, black pants, and the three-inch black heels she had impulsively decided to wear on her way to pick Ashley up.

If it was a dream...why did it feel so real? I hope she wasn't just a dream… Candice...where are you…?

When Clara started walking towards her vehicle, she saw the glint from a shiny metallic object on the ground. Focusing on the object, she realized that it was the silver dildo. It had visible cracks on its surface with blue light emanating faintly from the cracks. Clara shook her head in fear. It wasn't a dream after all. Not all of it, at least. That...that thing wasn't. She took a step back, wanting to distance herself from the wicked object, but it was too late. The cracks glowed brightly and shot beams of blue light at Clara, dazzling her and putting her in a trance. With a blank stare, she walked mechanically towards the dildo and picked it up.

The dildo glowed brightly in a blue color in Clara's hand. Robotically, Clara pulled down her pants, pulled aside the crotch panel of her panties, and slowly pushed the rocket-shaped device into her womanhood. Her labia sparkled and glowed as the gleaming metal shaft slid between them. Clara's mouth opened in an erotic moan while the rest of her face remained expressionless. A bluish aura surrounded Clara as she faded in-and-out of reality before abruptly disappearing along with the dildo.

Where am I? What is this place?

Clara, her stupor wearing off, found herself standing in a large, cylindrical room with metal walls on which she could see reflections of herself...her naked self. She instinctively raised her hands to hide her breasts. A persistent fog filled the lower three feet of the room, up to Clara's waist. The room was illuminated by recessed wall and ceiling lights arranged in orthogonal patterns. There was no sound in the room except that coming from the woman's breathing and the steps of her naked feet. Clara looked for an exit out of the room, feeling and pressing her hands on the walls for some sort of switch or latch, but found none. She smashed her hands on the walls in desperation and cried.

Candice...where are you…?

A strange squelching sound behind her alarmed her. What's that sound? Turning around, Clara determined that the sound was coming from the center of the room, where a large, amorphous mass of a silvery metallic substance had appeared spontaneously on the floor. The metallic mass rose into a six-foot tall column before assuming a finer, humanoid shape. The shape refined further, becoming like the chrome female mannequins Clara had seen in clothing shops. She stared in fear and fascination as the metallic figure took on a fleshy skin tone and acquired more human features, eventually becoming a beautiful female with long, waist-length platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvaceous figure, who was dressed in a silvery metal bra and panties, a diaphanous, pearlescent cloak with a tall collar, and a silver tiara studded with diamonds that matched the jewelry adorning her ears, neck, navel, wrists, and ankles. A bright, glossy red color covered her lips and nails.

Before Clara could say anything or try to figure out what was happening, she was instantly hypnotized by the woman's glowing blue eyes.


A blank expression replaced the worried look on Clara's face. She walked towards the imposing female figure and stopped obediently, allowing herself to be embraced by Goddess and kissed by her on the mouth. Their two pairs of lips both glowed during the kiss, and Clara's lips slowly acquired the same red color, shade, and luster as the lips of Goddess.

I love Goddess... I want Goddess... I will serve Goddess...

Clara heard the statements in her own voice. Feelings of warmth and love for the woman before Clara sprang in her heart despite never having met her before. The woman's red-nailed hands started to rove over her skin, exploring her curves and crevices. The caresses stoked the flame of love igniting within her for the beauty in her arms, although the touches were progressively invasive, Clara perceived, which made her question this intimate situation.

Partial mental clarity returned to Clara. Instinctively, she knew the situation was wrong.

Love at first sight...

Despite feeling odd about what was going on, she recognized that she was rapidly falling for the beautiful woman, as the voice was telling her, this woman who was kissing her and feeling her up, and who was making her heart race. Yet...she had never loved a woman at first sight or loved any woman for that matter. Why is this woman different? Who is this woman anyway? Why am I doing this with her?

Lust at first sight…

Yes… I do lust for her...I did from the moment I saw her...but...but why…?


Clara attempted to stop the kiss and break away from the woman's embrace, but something told her to stop resisting. It was as if this woman was entitled to help herself to her body, as if she had authority over her… Yes, she did... She was a goddess… Unable to disobey the unspoken command, Clara relaxed and let herself be violated.

The physical manipulation was vigorous and unrelenting. Clara could feel the rapid gyrations of the woman's tongue, the forceful kneading of her breasts by one of the woman's red-nailed hands, and the high-speed thrusts of the woman's red-nailed fingers inside her vagina. Clara moaned into the woman's mouth.

Some rationality returned to Clara. This is too fast... She's inhuman... What is she doing to me?! Somebody please help me!!!!!!!

All the sexual actions suddenly stopped. Clara no longer felt the woman's passionate lips on hers. Instead, luminous electricity coursed through Clara's naked body, shocking her intensely and momentarily filling the metallic room with a bluish white glow. Her muscles contracted and Clara's arms tightened around the tall woman's body. For a few seconds, Clara saw nothing but white light, followed by orthogonal glowing blue lines. The lines were moving in various patterns. There were many of them. Some were long. Some were short. There were also bright dots. She couldn't tell if the lines and dots were true visual phenomena, accurately reflecting the external world, or purely a mental invention.

Clara still had enough sense to know that the situation was dangerous, but she was unable to do anything to resist, and the ability to even think on a superficial level was escaping her.

Then it suddenly clicked. She had been mistaken. There was nothing wrong. She loved everything happening. She welcomed what was being done to her. She enjoyed every second of it, every joining of their wet mouths, every wonderful slide of the mysterious woman's fingers into forbidden places, everything. She needed it. It was her desire. Clara moved her hips, impaling herself on the woman's motionless fingers, and caressed the woman's back, begging the woman to continue finger-fucking her.

"I need it. Please give it to me!"

The woman resumed French-kissing Clara, squeezing Clara's breasts, thrusting Clara's vagina with her fingers, and rubbing Clara's clit. Clara moaned deeply and lustfully into the woman's mouth. The inhuman nature and motion and speed of the woman's limbs no longer felt strange to Clara. The unknown identity of the woman no longer bothered Clara. In fact, she already knew who the woman was: Goddess. That was all she needed to know. More importantly, she needed to obey Goddess and satisfy her every desire. She loved Goddess.

No, what am I thinking? Candice warned me about her... This woman is the Silver Witch! Clara released her arms from the woman and backed away. This time the woman didn't prevent her from doing so.

Candice, Where are you? I need your help!

Flash! The glowing lines and dots appeared again before Clara's eyes. No matter where she looked, the luminous patterns followed. Even when she closed her eyes she could still see them. It was as if the patterns were permanently imprinted on her retinas.

"Uugggggggggghhhh!" Clara pressed her hands against her head. Moments later, she released her hands and stood still while looking at the regal woman amorously in the eyes. Data was transmitted to her telepathically from her regal captor. Clara understood what Goddess wanted from her through the luminous patterns.

"I will obey Goddess... I will satisfy Goddess... My body belongs to Goddess..."

A column of fog rose around Clara, enveloping her whole, caressing all surfaces of her body. The fog glowed and flashed in various shades of blue color for ten seconds before retreating downwards. Clara's nails were now longer, oval shaped, and eye-catching scarlet red like her lips, nipples, and areolae. Long, curled lashes, thickened with black mascara, extended from her eyelids. Her hair became platinum blonde.

Clara walked back towards the divine woman mechanically and knelt down in front of her legs. "I will serve Goddess..." Clara placed her hands on the woman's smooth, immaculate hips and stared at the region between the woman's legs, seeing the reflection of her beautified self on the metallic panties, instantly being smitten by her new image. Then her reflection became distorted as the shape of the panties changed, a vertical slit in the panties splitting open to expose the vagina behind it. She was dazzled by the magical blue sparkles that accompanied the transformation, but no emotion was expressed on Clara's face, not even when she started to slowly move her lips towards the slick womanhood in front of her...


Loud cracking sounds shook Clara back to awareness. What's going on? Clara looked around. Large fissures had appeared in the ceiling, walls, and floor, with blue light coming out from them, and they grew in number and size. Goddess remained undisturbed, simply standing where she was with no expression. Bright flashes of blue light forced Clara to shield her eyes.

When the bright blue lights dissipated, she lowered her arms, looked at her surroundings, saw that she was back outside in the same area she had been a short time before, and breathed a sigh of relief, not noticing the glowing metal shards on the ground which took a few more seconds to vaporize. looks like I'm...I'm finally back...


Looking in the direction of the voice, Clara saw a young woman flying on a broomstick with a strange but pretty, miniature female humanoid creature flying in accompaniment with her.


"I'm glad I finally found you, Clara! Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine!" Clara looked at Jasmine. Normally, she would have been shocked to see such an unusual being, but, after recent events, she was now simply curious about her.

"What is that?!"

"Don't call me a ‘what'! I'm a fairy!"

"I'm sorry I forgot to introduce my friend. Her name's Jasmine. She's my familiar."

"Hello, Jasmine."

"Hmmph!" The fairy crossed her arms and turned her face to the side. Despite her apparent temperamental nature, which reminded Clara of Tinkerbell in Disney's Peter Pan, as Clara looked at her more closely, she was impressed by the delicate beauty of the little fairy, and felt attracted to her. What a pretty little thing.

"Clara, you look...uh...different... Nice different." She looks beautiful, even more than before. What happened to her? "Do you remember what happened after we got separated just a little while ago?"

"You mean after we stepped into the cloud?" Clara stood still as she tried to recall her memories, but she had little recollection of what happened after she stepped into the cloud with Candice, except for bits and pieces of her experience in the reality warp...and the feelings. Clara's body suddenly started to warm up. She realized that whatever had happened to her just before, as well as the sight of the female mage in front of her was arousing her. Huh? Why do I suddenly…?

Then she remembered earlier imposing herself sensually on Candice and the intense sexual feelings she had experienced towards the girl, which were emerging again.. She also realized that she shouldn't want to have feelings like these about another female, not even one as hot as this young witch.

"No!" Clara covered her eyes with her hands, not wanting to look at Candice.

She must be experiencing the side effects of having been in the reality warp. "Clara, are you alright?" Candice looked at her magical detector, but saw nothing unusual. Had the energy pattern of the Silver Cult that showed on the detector earlier been just a fluke?

"Clara..." Candice reached out, trying to comfort the woman for whom she had grown very fond over the course of the evening.

Candice's touch gave Clara an unexpected shock of pleasure. She flinched away. "Please get away from me... I...I don't want to accidentally do something stupid..." I shouldn't be feeling this way towards her. I'm not a lesbian! Clara's heart was beating rapidly. Her pussy was tingling.

Psychological trauma... But this is at least this better than being controlled by the Silver Witch… Candice returned to assuming that Clara had somehow been in the clutches of the Silver Cult just now. If I hadn't intervened, the situation probably would've been way worse. Little did she understand, however, just what a seductive influence Galatea had managed to exert over Clare in the short time they had been together. The Silver Witch's teachings whispered now to Clara's mind.

I believe in Goddess...

Enemies of Goddess are enemies of mine...

Feelings of distrust towards Candice bubbled up inside Clara. Her head ached. This girl is doing something to me! She turned around and walked hastily towards her vehicle.

"Clara, wait! There are things I need to talk to you about!"

Ignoring Candice, Clara quickly got inside the vehicle and drove away.

"CLARA!" cried Candice as the vehicle whizzed by her.

"I don't think there's anything else we can do, if she doesn't want to listen," the fairy familiar opined.


"Candice, you've already put so much effort into this. Clara is safe. I think you've done enough."

Candice felt the loss of Clara's company keenly, and the way Clara had seemed to reject her just before departing surprised her, as well. She found herself a little depressed, despite having succeeded, as Jasmine had observed, in saving the woman. But then a ray of light passed through her mind, buoying her spirits. I will see her again anyway when I start assuming Ashley's identity. That realization immediately changed the teen mage's attitude about her upcoming assignment from one of sheer dread to one of some apprehension heavily mixed with eager anticipation. The sooner she could start--and see Clara again--the better. "I guess you're right.. Let's go back to the academy, Jasmine."


The lights of the magic academy pierced the darkness of the cloudy night sky for Candice as she approached on her broomstick. Having been through a long and rough day, Candice was eager to return to it with her familiar. Although it wasn't her actual home, it was starting to feel like one after she had spent three years there, yet sometimes she felt lonely. Because of the long distance, she wasn't able to visit her family often. Although they normally could communicate with magic mirrors, the time for that was limited and recently, due to storms, that kind of communication had been nigh impossible. She had thought about getting a boyfriend, but had concluded that such a distraction might affect her studies and would be a rather unnecessary complication in her life right now. Nevertheless, there was a handsome classmate named Daniel who had caught her eye. Due to their difference in rank, Candice didn't think he would be interested in her or that a relationship between them would work out too well, even if he or she wanted one, but seeing him remaining single and focused on his studies just as she was gave her some hope, just the same, hope maybe for something down the road, if not now.

When Candice arrived with Jasmine at the entrance of her new living/study quarters, she saw that Katrina was waiting next to her door with an apparently impatient attitude.

"Katrina, what are you doing here so late at night?"

"Obviously, it would be something important regarding the mission."

As Candice opened the door and they walked through, Katrina stopped Jasmine. "No, you stay outside. I'll be talking with Candice for quite a while. You may take a break."

Jasmine gave Katrina a menacing glare after she issued her command to the fairy familiar. As a magical familiar she was bound to only obey orders from the mage she entered the familiar pact with, which was Candice. To have Katrina issue her a command and expected to obey it was a direct violation of said contract between her and Candice and Jasmine would well be within her rights to blast Katrina with some nasty hexes. Plus, recently she had found herself drawn more and more to her young ward and found the idea of being seperated from her sexy Candice a bit unsettling.

"It's okay Jasmine. I'll be fine. Just take the rest of the night off and enjoy yourself. I'll call for you when I need you" Candice said to assure her cute, sexy fairy companion.

Jasmine was hesitant. Like Candice, she didn't quite trust Katrina, especially not after Katrina had pigeonholed Candice into a mission as dangerous as the upcoming impersonation of Ashley figured to be. However, the fairy understood that she had to obey. "See you later, Candice." Slowly, she flew away. Jasmine turned her head back one last time and let out a contented sigh as she caught sight of Candice's cute rear undulating under her robes as she walked with Katrina into the ominous tower. For a brief moment she thought she saw Candice turn her head and look at her but dismissed it as a trick of the light under the night sky.

After the young mage watched her pretty little sidekick leave and closed the door, she turned back toward Katrina. She caught her guest running her eyes over her body. The way Katrina looked at her made Candice feel uncomfortable. Although she knew they were going to have a discussion about the mission, Candice couldn't help but think that there was going to be more to it than she had been told so far, something that would put her in a worse position than before, something that would be more difficult, riskier, and more threatening to her prospects and well-being than had yet been disclosed.

"You look different today, Candice. More beautiful, I should say. Didn't know you were into make-up."

Candice enjoyed the compliment, yet cringed at the sarcasm-laced comment. "About that, it was caused by your talismans. I didn't realize you had given them to--"

"It was a mistake. I was trying to help you out by giving the talismans to Emma, but it looks like I accidentally grabbed the wrong ones."

"Those aren't ordinary spying talismans. Their functionality is different."

"They're enhanced versions with special functionality. These devices were custom-made in secret many years ago for espionage operations where seduction is involved. So, what happened, Candice?"

"Wait, how were you able to pose as me? Did you use a skin--"

"Yes, I did. I was testing one out. It didn't require as much mana and focus to use as I had thought, and it looks like it was good enough to convince Emma. Anyway, what happened?"

"Well, I visited Emma, as usual. When I was about to give Emma the spying talismans, she mentioned that I had given them to her earlier. I was confused for a moment, then realized it was probably you who gave them to her, so I acted as if I had done that. However, Emma then mentioned that she was currently wearing them and was unable to get them off. She then tried to…" Candice hesitated in describing what happened next.

"Seduce you."

Candice cringed at the words, then suddenly found herself focusing on Katrina's gold-painted lips.

"Well...yes. Emma was suddenly acting completely different. She looked like she was under control. Did the talismans do that to her?"

"The talismans don't have that kind of power. It was most likely the Silver Witch's corruptive magic combined with her own volition that made her act the way she did. In other words, she likes you, Candice. More to the point, she wants you. The talismans suppressed her normal inhibitions so she could demonstrate her true feelings for you."

Really? She told me she was straight, and was only acting like a lesbian because she was being forced into it. Something isn't adding up here. "But after I had helped her remove the talismans, Emma returned back to normal."

Candice focused on Katrina's eyes, decorated with thick black mascara on the lashes and silver and gold eyeshadow. For a brief moment, she saw bright sparkles in Katrina's eyes, which she dismissed as just being reflections from the lights on the ceiling and sconces.

"The Silver Witch is a very powerful magic user. She's skilled in all schools of magic. But her most notable powers are controlling people's minds, modifying their personalities, and even altering their memories."

Candice looked at Katrina's gold-painted lips again, noticing their beguiling metallic sheen.

"There's a reason why such magic is banned, except for very specific circumstances."

"Because such magic is dangerous in the wrong hands."

"Exactly, and even among those who are capable of using such magic ethically, no one to my knowledge can use it even remotely to the same extent as the Silver Witch."

Emma was trying to seduce me... that means Emma likes me… but does she like me in that way?...

Hmmmm… Emma likes me… She was trying to seduce me...…………… shouldn't be thinking like that. Emma was definitely under the influence of the Silver Witch's magic. I'm also not interested in her in that way.

"Candice, you act like you're surprised Emma is attracted to you, and don't act like you don't want that. Don't you remember our little talk before, how we agreed that you were going to encourage the lesbian streak in Emma, get her turned on for you, and start a lesbian relationship with her?"

"I...I don't think I agreed to--"

"Posh. Of course you did." Katrina said playfully as she tapped Candice in her forehead. Unknowingly Candice was not aware that in doing so Katrina magically cast a potent mind control spell on Candice's mind. Making her more pliable to Katrina's suggestions.

I like Emma… She's my type of girl… She turns me on... I want a sexual relationship with her… I want her to love me… I like Katrina's plan…

"In fact, I think you were secretly delighted with that aspect of the assignment. And now that it's happening, you should be glad. I'll bet you are."

Emma reflected on Katrina's assertion. Yes… there was some truth to it. She had come to love her visits with the pretty brunette teen. She felt aspect of the assignment. It was now easier to see Emma as someone she could be...closer a personal way and maybe even intimate. Yet...she wasn't sure how far she was willing to go in the direction Katrina was pushing on her…

I'm not a lesbian...and I'm not interested in a lesbian relationship… But...if Emma and I got involved a little...if that's what I have to won't be the gross thing I at first thought it would be… wouldn't be the worst thing in the world at all… I've got to be careful with this… Katrina might have some hidden agenda...and I don't want to hurt Emma… I just won't go too far… I'll set limits… I'm not a lesbian…

"That part of the plan is working. Good job. Whatever you've been doing, keep it up, or, better, pick up the pace. You are free to turn her into a raging queer and to make your relationship with her into a completely romantic and sexual one. That's your assignment, in fact. The more deeply she loves you and craves your body, the more cooperative she'll be with us, and the more information about the Silver Witch you'll be able to get out of her. In case you didn't understand last time, that's an order, not a suggestion.

"I know you have doubts about me, Candice, but you have to trust me on this. I would never do anything that's against the precepts of the Holy Order. Even though I haven't always been nice to you--and I sincerely apologize for that--ultimately we're both on the same side..."

She's acting nice, all of a sudden. What trick is she trying to pull?

"'s alright, Katrina. If a cutie like you can be nice and civil with me, I'll be happy working with you on this assignment." Candice said flirtatiously unaware of the tone she was using on her raven-haired rival.

"Great." Katrina's tone suddenly became stern, as she walked closer to Candice. "Now...can you tell me about what happened during the rest of your day? Have you made any progress in investigating the Silver Witch?"

"Umm, not really... After meeting with Emma, Jasmine and I have been searching almost everywhere in the city, like we've done in the past three weeks, but we weren't able to find any activity by the Silver Moon Order, except faint traces of them occasionally. They seem to be hiding their energy signatures very well..."

"Like I've said before, you have to keep trying. Are there any areas where you haven't looked yet?"

Candice thought about the downtown area, the red light district, and the other seedy areas of town and cringed slightly. She didn't want to mention them specifically, lest Katrina require her to go there. "Well...there are some areas that I haven't looked into deeply, but they mostly are more densely populated places. It would be hard to conceal my powers from any witnesses. I think it would be difficult to hunt for our targets in areas with a lot of people that can see what I'm doing, and I think witches like them would shun such places, anyway. I would think they would want places with more, uh, privacy. To avoid being detected and caught."

"Tsk… tsk." Katrina chided as she wagged a finger in front of Candice. "That's just your assumption. Maybe that's exactly what our enemies want you to think. I know it's difficult to gather intelligence in certain areas without exposing your identity and otherwise sticking your neck out, but that's where the skinsuit comes into play. You can adopt the identity of an ordinary civilian without exposing yourself."

"An ‘ordinary citizen'? You mean, like some low-life who belongs in such places? I thought I would just be masquerading as Ashley. Won't it be risky for me to have multiple identities?"

"There's a solution for that, but before we talk about that, continue with your story of what you've done so far."

Candice hesitated as she thought about what to say about her encounter with Clara and the reality warp that she had accidentally caused when trying to free Clara from the Silver Witch's magic. I need to hide the embarrassing details.

"While I was on my trip back to the teleport point, I detected a strong energy pattern matching that of the Silver Moon Order. When I went closer to the source to investigate, I encountered a woman named Clara, whom I discovered later to be Ashley's mother. She was about to be teleported somewhere, and I tried to cast Neutralize to prevent it, but..."

Anger showed on Katrina's face. "What?! You shouldn't have intervened, Candice."

"But, as members of the Holy Order, we're supposed to help those in need as long as it's within our power."

"Yes, but that situation was different. First, you don't have sufficient power to fight the Silver Moon Order acolytes should they appear. Second, and more importantly, you might have compromised our mission. Your interference has most likely tipped them off that someone is looking for them. They might become much more careful with their activities, making it even more difficult to investigate them." Katrina said in a highly irritated tone.

"I-I didn't mean to..." Candice said apologetically as she flinched away from Katrina.

"You shouldn't be thinking with just your emotions, Candice."

Candice felt some relief when Katrina's face relaxed and she smiled a little.. But the mention of emotions triggered an unexpected emotional response within Candice, making her focus on her feelings for Katrina. But now they weren't the angry and suspicious sensations which she normally felt about her, but instead they were pleasant, receptive, and affectionate.

Her eyes focus on Katrina's golden lips again, then to Katrina's sparkling eyes for what she thought was a brief moment.

I like Katrina… I'm attracted to Katrina… Katrina is beautiful… I want to be closer to her… I'd love to kiss Katrina...

Candice thought she closed her eyes for what seemed like a brief moment. An image flashed in her mind of her lips meeting Katrina's. The kiss lasted several seconds.

Mmmmmmmm...sooooooooo nice…….…

Candice's eyes popped open. Wait! Guh!! Why am I thinking of her like that?! Must be a side-effect of being in the reality warp.

"Anyway, continue with your story..."

"The spell failed and caused a magical explosion. I don't know what happened in the moments afterwards, but I later found myself in a reality warp... The environment was very strange... I even encountered someone who looked exactly like me, who claimed to be the future version of me...but I didn't trust her... It took me a while before I found Clara..." Candice recounted the rest of her story, including her meeting with Ublet, up to the point where she got out of the reality warp, while carefully omitting the details pertaining to Clara trying to sexually impose on her.

Anger flared on Katrina's face again. "Not only could you have gotten yourself and Clara killed, but you might have triggered a potential disaster!"

"I don't think it was that serious. I mean, Clara and I got out safely, and I didn't detect any traces of the reality warp afterwards."

"Don't be so certain! Once the fabric of reality rips open, it usually won't close back, at least not permanently, without outside intervention or a long passage of time. The reality warp that you and Clara escaped from might have just closed temporarily. If it opens back up, the results could be devastating!" Katrina was exaggerating the potential danger in order to scare Candice. Although she was angry at Candice's blunder, she realized there could be ways for her to exploit the accident.

Katrina glared at Candice for several intense moments. Again, Candice found herself inexplicably drawn to Katrina's face, its beauty overriding its combative expression. Candice again closed her eyes, locking the woman's loveliness in her mind, especially her shimmering, gilded lips. This time, not only did she imagine Katrina kissing her, but also embracing her and groping her butt, as well. When the imagery ended, Candice was confused, excited, and fearful of Katrina at the same time. What Candice didn't know was that what she was imagining was actually happening and her sense of time was completely distorted.

"Are you sure you've told me everything?"

I should tell her everything... I shouldn't hide any secrets from Katrina... I trust Katrina...

Candice didn't know why, but she felt compelled to tell Katrina the truth even though she still had reservations about her.

"Clara's behavior became unusual soon after I met her in the reality warp... I don't know if she was being possessed by something or if she was affected by the environment of the reality warp, but she wasn't acting like her normal self... She was looking at me in a strange way before trying to get close to me and touch my body... Of course, I resisted her because it was totally inappropriate..."

"How and where did she touch you?"

Why is Katrina even asking about that? It's not even important.

You want to tell Katrina about the details...all the juicy, secret details...

It took Candice a few moments to recall the details. "Um… She...she touched my thighs and hips. I backed away. She came after me, embraced me, and almost kissed me on the lips, but I fended her off..."

"How did you feel when she did that?"

"I felt disgusted, of course. I don't swing that way and, even if I did, it would have been inappropriate for me to take advantage of her in that situation."

"Are you sure you didn't like what she did to you?"

You enjoyed Clara touching you, hugging you, and kissing you...

Candice "recalled" the event again, but it was cast differently in her mind. In this version, she only struggled briefly when Clara embraced her. Having Clara's body close to her own excited her. The woman's hands touching her hips and grazing her skin sent delightful shivers up Candice's spine. The female mage gasped in pleasure when the woman's hands roamed her back. Although she was reluctant at first, she allowed Clara to kiss and molest her for a long time, until it wasn't molestation any more, but sheer female-on-female delight, and she started to respond avidly and in kind, before a loud sound interrupted them...

Was that what really happened?

Katrina's eyes sparkled as a mantra repeated in Candice's mind: It did happen. You liked what Clara was doing to you...

Quiet moans escaped from Candice's lips as vivid imagery played in her mind. They were now together in the front seats of a sedan that was parked along the side of the warped road, with Clara on the driver's side. Their seatbelts were unbuckled. The MILF turned to face the young mage with a serious expression twinged with lust. Clara's blouse was partly unbuttoned and sheer enough to reveal a full-support red satin bra beneath. She subtly traced the periphery of a breast with a finger.

Candice's eyes followed the movement of the woman's hands before stopping to focus on her large breasts. She had an urge to touch and feel the breasts, but recognized her urge as being highly inappropriate. As if sensing Candice's desire, the woman clutched the young mage's hands and directed them onto her breasts. Candice tried to pull her hands away, but Clara held them in place. Capitulating to her newfound feelings, Candice slowly squeezed Clara's pert breasts through the unbuttoned blouse. Gasps escaped from the woman's mouth. Accompanying a brazen look of invitation in her eyes, Clara's tongue traced along the edges of her clear, glossy lips. Accepting the invitation, Candice scooted closer to Clara, the console separating them having disappeared and the two front seats having merged into one at Candice's bidding, until their thighs touched intimately She placed her hands on Clara's shoulders and planted a kiss on the woman's mouth. The kiss was hesitant at first, but Candice found the sweetness of her partner's lips instilling her with an uncharacteristic boldness, and she ramped up the forcefulness of her kiss. She pushed her tongue deep into Clara's mouth and twirled it around. Her right hand lowered from Clara's shoulder, sliding it along the side and back until it rested on Clara's butt. She could feel the texture of the lace trimming on the satin panties...

No way! I didn't do that with Clara! That couldn't have happened!

Candice snapped out of her trance. She was confused and alarmed by her memories and struggled to find a balance between what to say and not to say to Katrina.

"What happened next, Candice? You just stopped at the part where you were kissing Clara."

"No, it can't be right. I would never have done that with her! It must have been an illusion or...or...a dream!" exclaimed Candice worriedly.

"Are you sure? What you've said so far sounds pretty plausible to me. Maybe the reality warp made you lose your inhibitions, or maybe you thought you could do whatever you want in the reality warp..."

Before Candice could object, Katrina's eyes twinkled with golden magical energy. Candice stood still and her face became expressionless. With a wicked smile on her face, Katrina walked over to the motionless Candice, gripped her chin, and planted a kiss on her lips. Bright yellow light emanated from Katrina's golden lips during the kiss, and the gold color was partially transplanted to Candice's glossy black lips as well in the form of golden glitter. She dragged her tongue along Candice's cheek and licked around Candice's ear.

"Here's the rest of your story that you're going to tell me..." whispered Katrina huskily, while raising the Rod of Asmodeus and tracing its tip around the hypnotized girl's lips. The red gems on the obsidian metal shaft glowed in response to the shaft's sexual contact with female flesh and to the corruptive energy flowing into its victim.

Clara and Candice were holding hands as they went up the stairs to Clara's bedroom. The female mage couldn't resist looking at the beautiful woman, who was now dressed in a frilly red satin bra and matching panties, a sheer red negligee, and red high heels. Clara's face was garishly made up with bright, glossy red lipstick, lustrous purple eyeshadow, and thick black mascara on long, curly eyelashes. Once in the bedroom, they quickly got onto the bed, stood on their knees at its center, and made out heavily. Candice kissed and sucked on Clara's tongue while she desperately groped the woman's large breasts through the red bra and negligee. Pulling the negligee off, she then unhooked the red bra's back strap, slipped its shoulder straps down, and peeled away the bra cups. She lowered her head to the woman's chest and fully wrapped her black-lipsticked lips around a glossy red nipple to suck on it. Candice wanted this. This kind of action with another woman was what turned her on, and what she lived for. She needed this. And more. Sinister thoughts of what she wanted to do with Clara next shot through her mind. I want to FUCK her! A bulge began forming on the front side of Candice's black leather panties...

NO! I never thought that!… I never DID that!………………...……or………….........did I? .................... I don't think do that… Why would I?...

Candice, you took advantage of Clara...You seduced her and had lesbian sex with her!... Because you are a lesbian!...

After finishing her recount of the events, Candice was very confused and worried. What she had told Katrina felt wrong, even though all the events had actually "happened", as it now seemed. Also, she felt that such a memory should shock her, but it didn't, not as much as she thought it should, but, rather, she felt a certain naturalness and fulfillment about what she did to Clara, as she now "recalled" it, before her meeting with Katrina.

"I didn't know you had a thing for Clara."

"I DON'T have…" Candice stopped herself from completing her reactionary denial, taking a quick read of her emotions and realizing that maybe she indeed had "a thing" of one kind or another for her now-cherished blonde companion of the previous part of the night. She would have to sort that out later. "Um...that is...I...uh...I didn't mean to do that to her... I must have been influenced by the reality warp as well… It could have even been an illusion!"

" like her…"


"A lot."

"I guess so. But that doesn't mean..."

"In fact, I bet you can hardly wait to see her again..."

"I...I would like to see her again, yes…"

"So you do have a thing for her."

"Uh...well......okay...maybe… I'm not sure I would call it..."

"You'd love to be with her now. If she were here right now, you'd jump into bed with her again. Candice, if you could, you'd have sex with Clara...sweet, hot, lesbian sex...further and longer and deeper than before...again and again..."

"No!… Of course not... I...I……." Candice's blush could not be concealed.

"Oh, Candice… There's nothing to be ashamed about. If you have the hots for someone, you can't help it. It is quite clear that you want to fuck her." Candice wanted to protest again, but desires buried deep within her sapped her will to object. "Well...don't worry… You will be seeing her again… We'll see what happens…...…. How about her daughter, Ashley? She's beautiful, too. I imagine you might have some feelings for her, too...right?"

Candice started to deny the insinuation, but again couldn't find her voice.

"You said you saw Ashley in the warp, as well. What happened between you and her?"

"Ashley? That girl wasn't the real Ashley. She tried to come on to me, but I-"

Candice froze again when Katrina's eyes glowed with yellow light.

I love Ashley's ass...

Candice couldn't stop squeezing the cheerleader's butt through her panties and short cheerleader's skirt while they were making out on the sofa, with Ashley on top of her. She couldn't resist kissing Ashley's frosted pink lips over and over again. Candice pulled up the hem of the skirt so that she could better feel the curvy, soft ass through her maroon satin panties, riding the skirt up so high as to expose the silky panties completely and to make her delicious legs and panthy-clad butt visible to any onlooker. Ashley gyrated and pushed her butt into the young mage's hands, in response to which Candice slid her hands into the panties and gropped the smooth buttckeeks young directly and aggressively. At length, the teen mage withdrew one of her hands from the panties, slid it down along a naked thigh and then back up again between Ashley's legs, and, moving underneath the cheerleader between their bodies, slipped her fingers into the front of the shiny burgundy panties. Ashley moaned into Candice's mouth when Candice thrust her fingers into the blonde teen's pussy.

Ashley's so hot... I'm going to fuck her...

A thread of saliva hung from Ashley's lips when she momentarily stopped the kiss. "Do you want t fuck me, pretty girl?" Taken aback by the possibility, Candice was speechless. "Silly question. Of course you do. You should do me first before you do my mom..." Ashley began rubbing the crotch panel of Candice's shiny black leather panties. A bulge began rising from it, quickly forming into a slick, black phallus. The cheerleader caressed the shaft with her pink-nailed fingers--causing Candice to moan, and bringing the magical girl-penis to full, expectant, ecstatic erection--before holding it in place below her vagina and then lowering herself onto it… Both lesbian teens gasped loudly in sharp, mutual delight, threw their arms around each other in a tight embrace of sexual love, and reunited their mouths.

"I can't believe I actually did that with her, and she wasn't even the real Ashley..." Candice was feeling fearful at her recollection. However, not only did this supposed episode with Ashley, even though she had gone more deeply sexually than she had with Clara, strike Candice as being less disturbing and more natural and normal than the memory of her just-recalled sexual experience with Clara had struck her--but it aroused her, too. Intellectually, she knew that feeling was wrong, and what she had supposedly done was wrong, but she couldn't deny her emotions and the reactions of her body.

"It's alright, Candice... I don't blame you. You weren't your real self, either, and, besides, Ashley and her mother are pretty hot..."

Yesssss… They are…………….….. No...wait!… That doesn't have anything to do with it…or...not everything… "Why are you saying that? I'm not a lesbian..."

"No need to deny it, Candice."

"I definitely don't swing that way!"

"Uh huh...sure… But Candice, let's get to the more important point. What you did with those two is trivial compared to the phenomenon that you've caused. If the reality warp doesn't disappear fully, it can stabilize, becoming long-lasting, tenacious, and more difficult to fix, and it could even grow again. Do you have any idea of the anarchy that could unleash, as well as the difficulties it could make for magic users? That would all be your fault. You should know that there are severe consequences for misuse of magic. You could be expelled from the academy and even face legal punishment."

"B-but it was an accident!"

"The academy and the authorities might not see it that way. If we overlooked every prohibited magic activity as an accident, every magic user would start having ‘accidents'."

"Oh, no! I would be ruined if they found out..." Candice looked at Katrina with pleading eyes. "Can't you help me?"

"Don't worry, Candice. I won't tell anyone." Katrina walked up close and placed a hand on Candice's shoulder. "However, I can't stop them from investigating. Once they do, it will be easy for them to trace the phenomenon back to you, since you're the only one who's been in that area during this night."

"But the minions of the Silver Witch have been in that area as well!"

"Maybe, but can you prove it? You only detected their energy patterns, which could've come from artifacts or another source. They could even be a side effect of the reality warp."

"Oh, fudge!… You're right… Okay, but...but I have a spotless record at the academy. They should take that into account. Don't you think?"

"They probably will, but given your low rank, it might not influence their decision that much. Just the same...come to think of it...even if they decide against you...they probably won't punish you...not for long, at least..."


"You've heard about our kingdom's tense political situation with one of our neighboring realms, right? You know, the recent border skirmishes with the orks, and all that? There might be an upcoming war, and our leaders could conceivably draft you to fight in that. You would be more useful to them at the frontlines than shackled in some cave."

Candice shuddered, imagining herself huddling behind an embankment while flaming arrows and magical artillery flew overhead. Neither option, imprisonment or warfare, sounded good, but one or the other looked like her destiny. She would do almost anything to avoid either. Maybe Katrina could think of a more acceptable alternative.

"However, since you're on an important mission right now, they'll likely excuse you, both from imprisonment and from soldiering. That's why it's important that you take this mission very seriously." Candice felt some relief. There was a way out of those two terrible fates. Even impersonating Ashley, as dangerous and difficult as that promised to be, would be better than war and prison. For the first time, she was grateful for that mission...and saw that she had better be careful not to complain about it more or to do anything else to jeopardize the opportunity.

"B-but I am taking the mission seriously! I mean, uh, I'm looking forward to it. Really!"

Katrina lowered her hand from Candice's shoulder and lightly grazed it along Candice's back, before resting it on Candice's butt. Instinctively, Candice moaned slightly before flinching and taking a step back, causing Katrina's hand to slip off her body.

"What are you doing?"

"It won't work out if you react like that when another female touches you. Remember, the Silver Moon Order is a magical lesbian sex cult. Even with the skinsuit and the Eye of Gemini, those things alone won't be sufficient for you to infiltrate the cult. You need to adapt to their mindset and practices in order to make the disguise effective."

"Wait… I...I thought the headmaster said I don't have to live Ashley's lifestyle!"

"That doesn't mean what you think it means. You still have to emulate certain aspects of Ashley's lifestyle."

Candice cringed at what that would entail, briefly thinking about the lesbian debauchery that she would be forced into. Yet, for some reason, she also felt excited at the prospect.

"And it's not like you don't have any experience in it," Katrina smirked.

"That's different. I wasn't myself in the reality warp!" However, Candice wasn't completely sure that the reality warp was entirely to blame for what she did with Clara.

"Again, you don't need to worry, Candice. We've got it all planned out." Katrina had closed the gap between them again and had her hands on the younger mage's arms, gently sliding them up to her shoulders and down again, and subtly caressing her. Candice started to pull away, but stopped herself from doing so, at least as much as the previous time, heeding Katrina's warning, and also finding she liked the touch more than she thought she would or should. "There will be a person assisting you. Her name is Emeila. She will swap places with you for situations that you don't want to be in," Katrina emphasized with a sensual tone.

A relieved expression appeared on Candice's face.

"However, that doesn't mean you're off the hook on lesbian activities. You still need to look and act like a lesbian. You need to be completely into it. The acolytes of the Silver Moon Order have mind-reading powers of varying degrees. It would be easy for them to blow your cover if you act frigid like what you did earlier when I touched you."

"I understand, but I'm still not sure if I can..."

"Candice, you can do this. You're a good, hardworking student, aren't you?"

"I guess so, but..."

"You are one of the best students at the Academy. I believe in you."

Candice blushed at the compliment.

"Now, Just relax..."

Katrina moved forward to lightly embrace Candice again. This time, Candice didn't flinch at all, but uncertainty still showed on her face. Unseen by Candice, Katrina pulled out the rod of Asmodeus from her sleeve and lightly grazed its tip along Candice's lower back while caressing Candice with the other hand. For a brief moment, Candice felt the contact as an odd sensation and wondered if it was from the jewelry on Katrina's arm pressing against her. But that strange feeling didn't last for long. The black rod began glowing in an insidious red color, imparting its magic on Candice's body and mind, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

Her reservations floated away like leaves in the wind. She locked eyes with Katrina with an intense gaze. Katrina smiled sensually and slowly moved her shiny gold lips forward to kiss Candice, which Candice accepted. Her black lips, flecked with gold from her previous kiss with Katrina, sparkled during the kiss. Her eyelashes became coated with gold-flecked mascara and lengthened. After about a minute of kissing, which included tongue action, Katrina broke the kiss.

"Looks like you have great compatibility with the skinsuit." Katrina looked at various dials on her magiwatch, one of the many common mass-produced devices used by members of the Holy Magic Order to detect and analyze magical and supernatural phenomena. "In fact...hmmm...this doesn't usually least not this fast...but...the skinsuit has partly bonded with you."

"It did? Is that a bad thing? How come I wasn't aware of it? I practiced many times earlier and thought I had failed."

"No, it's not a bad thing--it can be a very nice thing, kind of a nice transformation, you know?--and not necessarily permanent, not normally. We'll see how it works out later. If the compatibility is great enough, the process of wearing the suit can become so seamless that it seems to the wearer to be as natural as breathing, so it's not surprising that you weren't aware."

Candice wasn't entirely reassured at first...but then she reconsidered...

Trust Katrina... Believe in everything she says…

Katrina knows all about this so well… She's so smart… I can trust her...

"I guess you're right. Maybe I was so focused on reading the spell that I wasn't paying full attention to what was happening. No wonder the pot appeared half full. I thought I was imagining things."

"You need to put on the rest of the skinsuit."

"Okay." Candice retrieved the scroll containing the basic spells to operate the skinsuit.

"I'll help you." Katrina touched Candice's hand holding the scroll, adding a subtle caress, sending another little thrill into the teen mage, and grabbed the scroll. "But first, you need to take off all of your clothes."


Trust Katrina... Do anything Katrina says...

You have no problem exposing your body to Katrina...

You want Katrina to look at your body...

Candice realized that Katrina was someone before whom disrobing would be a natural and desirable act, for some reason. In fact, she wanted Katrina to see her body, though she could not explain why. Candice knew she had a very cute body, and was curious to see Katrina's reaction to it. So she began to take off her clothes, putting the clothing in a neat pile on a chair. She became surprised when she noticed her nipples and the outer folds of her vagina were glossy black and there was a diamond-shaped black gem attached to her navel. "Is this caused by the beetle talismans?"

"Yes, this is one of several modes of the talismans. You asked earlier about the changes in your appearance. This is the reason why. It's because you're still wearing them. The reality warp must have activated the talismans' mode change functionality indirectly."

"Do you think this is permanent?"

"Do you want it to be?"

"Uh...I...I don't know. I think...I think I kind of like it."

"Me, too. A lot. I don't know if it's permanent. It could be that we can remove it all with the talismans...but maybe, the longer it stays like this, the more permanent it will be… I don't know. I'm in favor of you keeping it. Your body looks so hot." Katrina eyed her body leisurely, dwelling on her nipples and pussy, and Candice found herself enjoying the interest Katrina clearly had. "But, right now we have to try on the full bodysuit."

Katrina removed the lid from the clay pot that was sitting on a table, unrolled the scroll she took from Candice, and raised it to reading distance with both of her hands.

"Now, stand still. I'm going to read the first spell." Katrina began speaking in an ancient tongue.

A silvery mass rose out of the pot over the lip, flowed onto the table, and dribbled down to the floor. It slid along the floor towards Candice, causing her to gasp when it touched her feet. The sensation was like dipping her feet in cold water. But, as it crawled up her legs, the silvery liquid became warmer. Soon, her entire body was coated with the silvery liquid, and she looked utterly inhuman to an outside observer. For a while, she couldn't see anything, but she wasn't worried. The feeling of the skinsuit wearing itself on her body gave her a strange, erotic thrill. It was pleasuring her body all over, as if she was being kissed, touched, and caressed simultaneously by many people. After the remaining part of the skinsuit merged with the existing part that was on her body already, her vision returned and her appearance returned to normal.

"And finished! That was a success! How do you feel now, Candice?"

"I don't feel anything in particular." She didn't want to admit to or to describe to Katrina the lascivious feelings she experienced while the skinsuit was integrating onto her and which not only lingered but seemed to be mounting again.

"That's normal. You're not supposed to feel anything different wearing the skinsuit...although occasionally you might get certain...oh…'novel sensations'...depending on various factors. For example, if you're with someone you're really hot for...there might possibly be a little something extra in your feelings..."

Candice was starting to feel sexually aroused, not knowing that she was being magically influenced.

Katrina placed the scroll down and walked around Candice while appraising her before stopping in front of Candice face-to-face. "I don't see any flaws. Everything looks perfect." She hugged Candice and gave her a surprise, lingering kiss on the lips. Sensing no resistance, Katrina became bolder, extending and deepening the kiss, and began sliding her hands down from Candice's back to grope her butt.

At length, Candice, finding she needed some air and a chance to consider what was going on between them, broke the kiss and the embrace before asking, "Katrina, what's the plan?" She walked over to the chair with her clothing.

"Didn't I tell you before? You need more practice with being a lesbian…... Don't put on your clothes yet… You can't play the part if you don't look the part... "


"You need more practice with the talismans."

"I thought they were the wrong ones, so why do I need practice with them?"

"It would be useful for hiding your identity. And to further that end, from now on, for the duration of the mission, I want you to downplay or even deny your relation to the Holy Magic Order in front of Emma and other people you've revealed your identity to. In fact, I want you to say you work for another order."

"But, what good would that do, since I've already revealed my identity?"

"If they're doing counterespionage, this would help throw them off. The order you're going to claim to be a member of is the Golden Sun Order."

"What? T-that's the order of the fabled Golden Witch! As I'm sure you know, legend has it that she was the most powerful magic user of ancient times, who could perform feats like true resurrection and creating new life. She fought against the Silver Witch, who had the help of certain allies, for dominion over Earth and Terra and was narrowly defeated by the latter in an intense battle that lasted three days, nearly causing the extinction of the human population on Earth. How much of the legend is true is a matter of debate, because according to historical records, a number of centuries after the Golden Witch was supposedly vanquished and disappeared, it was found that the Silver Witch, although powerful, wasn't as powerful as some of her contemporaries, at least when they united against her. The Holy Alliance defeated her and her allies three centuries ago, and she was confined to a prison until recently. But nothing has ever been heard from the Golden Witch or her order since she was defeated, and she either died, which most magic users assumed, or retreated to some remote hole, or was imprisoned somewhere. So, of so many identities to masquerade as a member of, why the Golden Sun Order?"

"Several reasons: first, it's a dead order, so we can use the identity with impunity; second, according to legend, the Silver Witch was purported to be fearful of the Golden Witch, so, if the Silver Witch or her servants believe you are connected to the Golden Witch, that should provide some measure of protection or at least buy you time to escape if you get discovered; third, you won't be bound by the rules of the Holy Magic Order. You can bypass all regulations regarding magic use and interactions with people from Earth, meaning you'll be free to do whatever you want--like having sexual relationships with Ashley and Clara. I bet you'll probably want to play with Emma, too, maybe with her sister and mother, as well. In fact, you should seduce them. That would advance our cause, like I mentioned before, and even if not, it'd be a lot of fun for you. You'll be free to do anything like that."

At first, Candice wanted to object, but then she quickly found herself agreeing with Katrina. She did have a point. It would be hard to accomplish her mission by abiding strictly within the limitations of Holy Order regulations and precepts. Furthermore, Katrina's plan would make her free to pursue all of her innermost desires.

But something didn't feel right. Had she always thought like this? "Um… Katrina...uh…"

"Candice, we need to move on to the next step..." Katrina ran her eyes obviously up and down Candice's body, lingering again on her black-tipped breasts and ebony pussy lips with a lust-filled little smile.

Candice became aware of her naked state. She raised one arm against her breasts and lowered another to hide her crotch.

"...Get the codexes for the talismans and choose a variation for your outfit."

While still trying to cover up, Candice awkwardly moved to the desk and opened up a drawer. She picked up a small stack of codexes and picked out the one pertaining to outfit variation. Due to the sensitive nature of the talismans, the instructions for wearing and using them were deliberately spread among separate codexes. Candice felt something guiding her to choose a particular spell. While there was no indication of what the outfit would appear like, she nevertheless felt that her chosen variation would be a good fit for her.

Silently, she read the spell. Her body glowed in a purple light for several moments before being enveloped in purple smoke that swirled around her for five seconds before dispersing. Looking at the mirror, she was surprised at what she saw. She was clothed in a black satin bra and panties with frilly, ruffled purple edges. Over that was a black, long-sleeved dress with a deep, plunging, V-shaped neckline and mid-calf-length skirt with a skirt-length side slit. The whole dress was made from an iridescent, gauzy fabric that was sheer enough to see the details of the bra and panties. Her feet stood on the same shiny black high heels as before, but they now were encrusted with purple jewels arranged in a serpentine pattern across each vamp. Black fishnet stocks ran up her legs. Her now-pitch-black hair was tied into a double French braid with purple bows on each end. Her breasts were enlarged from a B-cup to a D-cup due to the padding effect of the skinsuit.

"I look..."

"You look wonderful!" Katrina embraced Candice around the shoulders from the side and licked her earlobe. "I'm so glad you chose this outfit."

Katrina's hand sliding down her back to encircle her waist and then dipping to her hip before landing on her rear, and her tongue probing her ear, were electric. A gasp escaped from Candice's open mouth. Her glossy black, gold-frosted lips glowed briefly in a purple color. With her free hand, Katrina grabbed one of Candice's breasts. Very quickly, Candice's nipples became erect. The areas on the bra where the nipples pressed glowed and morphed into outward-facing purple gemstones in the shape of pyramids, one over each nipple. Candice moaned as her breasts were being played with by Katrina. The moans were muffled when Katrina kissed her deeply. They made out and Katrina felt her up for several romantic minutes, Candice feeling herself nearly swooning in Katrina's arms. Kissing another girl was wonderful, just like her recent experiences with Emma, Clara, and the fake Ashley. It had been one thing to fantasize about being intimate with females, and another thing entirely to actually do it with this. This was heaven. Especially with Katrina.

Finally stepping away, Katrina pulled out the Rod of Asmodeus, revealing it to Candice, who was instantly captivated by the red light emanating from the infernal, bullet-shaped object...

She had always thought of Katrina as a majestic, pretty-girl female, despite hating her for her snobbish, self-centered, and bullying behavior. But, the mission had brought them together. They had gotten to know each other better. It was now clearer that Katrina wasn't that bad of a person. Nobody was perfect, Candice reasoned, not even herself.

Moreover, enlightenment seemed to dawn on Candice that the character and personality of a girl were not nearly as important as her looks. Even if Katrina wasn't always the nicest person in the world, her beauty seemed to be more important to Candice now than her personality traits. Her sexy allure more than made up for whatever character flaws she might have and was the only thing that really mattered. Now seeing that better, Candice was beginning to like her. In fact, thinking it over, she must have been attracted to Katrina from the first time she saw her.

And, although they were from different backgrounds, they shared many things in common--especially having a thing for women and girls. Candice now felt that she had accepted the upcoming mission in part because it would allow her the possibility to fulfill her dark lesbian fantasies...and Katrina, in guiding her on this mission, including giving her a way around the confining precepts of her order, was helping her to explore that side of her sexuality.

Candice liked boys, too, she thought, but she had checked out girls at the academy more, had fantasized more about them, her memory now told her, and had even masturbated herself to fantasies of them...but not much, if ever, to thoughts of guys. Erotic thoughts of girls had proven much more likely to get her off, to the point that it seemed to her that females now were the more attractive option for her than guys.

Had she always thought this way?

She reflected on Daniel, one of her classmates, on whom she thought she had had a crush for quite a while, but now he didn't seem that interesting. Maybe it was because her spying on Emma and her family had changed her perspective. Emma was so cute, and so was her darling little sister, Ella, as well as their fetching mother, Joanne. Katrina had loaned her wasp automatons for use in observing them, even in their most private moments, for which Candice was grateful to Katrina. More than once, she had masturbated while watching them undressing, showering, self-pleasuring, and even once, in Joanne's case, having sex with her husband, although that particular act had proven to be repulsive to her, she hadn't been able to get herself off to it, unlike while watching Emma and Ella, and she wouldn't watch that unappetizing, boring straight sex again. But watching the pretty Joanne when alone was a completely different matter.

Once she had let her mind chase her feelings for girls and women, she had concluded that some hands-on action would be the next logical move for her, but she hadn't known any girls who she thought might be open to that...that is, until she had met Emma. But, despite coming on to Candice that one time, Emma seemed conflicted on the matter, and Candice wasn't sure how to take their relationship to the next step, or whether she should at all.

However, as if by mystical destiny, Clara had fallen into her life, affording her the opportunity to get experience in lesbian intimacy. Although Candice's original intention had been to help Ashley's mother, she quickly had become just as interested, or more interested, in seducing her. The teen mage had gone as far as taking sexual advantage of the woman in the reality warp while Clara was under its distorting, corrupting influence. Even though her actions violated regulations of the Holy Order, there would be no negative consequences to her if no one in the Order one except Katrina, that is...who was her ally...maybe, hopefully, more than simply her ally. Katrina was so sexy. Everytime Candice looked at her, it made her loins stir. She remembered it having been so for some time, in fact, but tonight, even more so...and never more than in this moment...

Katrina's robe was now shimmering, translucent white. The sheer, cupless, corseted white top, lacy white stockings with a garter belt, golden sandals, and satin metallic gold bra and panties were now clearly visible. Candice found herself eyeing Katrina's body from the bottom up. A wicked smile crossed Katrina's face with satisfaction that her corruptive magic was working as expected on Candice.

Candice wondered if Katrina had taken a liking to her beyond friendship, furtively hoping that might be the case. She wished she had experimented with make-up and daring outfits sooner to draw her attention.

There was nothing wrong with wearing make-up, she now recognized. Being beautiful and sexy was important, and she wondered why she hadn't understood that very well before. But, fortunately, the talismans had made it easier for her to look the way she wanted--that is, similar to the women in the sapphic porn she had watched many times in her magic mirror--but she would love to do it the old-fashioned way as well.

Porn? Do I really do that? Do I like porn?

I love lesbian porn… I watch it frequently in my magic mirror… I love lesbian porn stars… I want to look like them...

Images of sexy women passed through her mind, women who excited her, heavily made-up women, women in lingerie and various degrees of nudity, and in deliances with other women, images she thought she remembered having sought out in her mirror, causing her pulse to race. Oh...yeah… That's...that's one of my favorite things to do, isn't it?…….. I...I love porn...that is, lesbian porn...with pretty women...slutty women...the kind of women I like most...with lots of girl-on-girl sex...

Faint golden light emanated from Katrina's body. Her translucent robe sparkled. Candice suddenly wanted to have sex with Katrina. The remaining self-controlled part of her rational mind, however, told her that she shouldn't have sex with a female, nor was it possible, really.

But then "memories" flashed in her mind, reminding her of what she did with Clara and the fake Ashley. The mature woman was on her knees sucking off her glistening black phallus. Then, the woman's "daughter" was bouncing up-and-down on the phallus in a cowgirl position. Oh…… That's right. I do know how to have sex with women and girls…mmmmmm. She moaned in reaction to her "memories".

Candice parted her lips slightly and licked around them, causing the gold flecks coating them to sparkle. The purple gems over her nipples began pulsating brightly with purple light as Candice traced her bodily curves with her hands. When her hands reached her hips, a glowing purple pattern appeared on the frontside of her panties in the shape of her vagina, as an anterior view of it in an abstract, stylized form.

Candice instinctively knew she was being sexually provocative right now. Her new lurid appearance, which she thought she must have chosen, was intended to draw attention to her body, to inspire onlookers into having sexual fantasies, and to even entice them to engage in sex with her. The seductress transformation was one of the functions of the talismans. It dawned on her that, being inexperienced in sexual espionage, she needed more practice in this area, and she was glad she was doing it with Katrina, but she wondered how far she would be able to go with Katrina. She eyed Katrina seductively while running a hand over her hair, moving her hips slightly, jiggling her boobs, and running her fingers along her own skin.

Katrina only smiled faintly in amusement while staring at Candice.

Is Katrina interested in me? Candice knew the exercise was for practice, but Katrina changing her own appearance to something more erotic and her approving smile allowed for the possibility that there could be something developing beyond mere friendship and mere camaraderie in their shared cause. She decided not only to be receptive to whatever that something was, but to pursue it and to entice Katrina into it however she could.

The protective bracelet she wore vibrated slightly. An odd sensation surfaced. Candice couldn't shake off the feeling that there was something odd about her current situation. For a few seconds, she clearly remembered hating Katrina not long ago. Not only had she become friendly with Katrina very recently--like just today, wasn't it?--but she was also lusting after her. Something must have happened...

The Rod of Asmodeus, which now sat on its base on a nearby table glowed with red light.

I want to fuck Katrina...

The skinsuit on Candice's body adjusted its appearance. Instead of mimicking Candice's skin tone and texture, it turned into a pale white shade with a hint of pearlescence. Her blue eyes became bright red. Candice was unaware of the change. She thought she herself had chosen the spell for modifying the skinsuit in this manner earlier. The demonic artifact made her forget the doubts she had had but moments before and replaced them with intense sexual fantasies of Katrina, which caused the vaginal pattern on her panties to glow more brightly.

Katrina walked closer until she was within arm's reach of her enchanted victim, then raised her forefinger almost to Candice's shiny black, gold-frosted lips. Candice extended her tongue and slowly licked the finger, causing her lips and Katrina's gold-painted nail to glitter in unison.

The skinsuit was designed to amplify sexual stimuli, turning even small touches into intense erotic feelings. Candice had no idea of the skinsuit being previously used to train women, both willingly and unwillingly, into becoming harem wives, sluts, and prostitutes, for wives, concubines, harem mistresses, girlfriends, and female clients. Even without the accompanying mind-control spells, the skinsuit by itself was capable of greatly warping its wearer's sexuality and morality.

I wonder what this could lead to… Candice understood that what she was doing with Katrina was for practice, but was all of it just for that? It seemed that there was something genuine and deep developing between them, something she was finding compelling and delicious, but she wondered how far Katrina was willing to go with her. Is Katrina a lesbian? Candice hoped she was.

There was a thread of saliva connecting Candice's glossy, black-colored lower lip to the tip of Katrina's finger when Katrina pulled it away. Katrina sensually licked her finger that had just been in Candice's mouth, tasting Candice's saliva.

I need to take the initiative... I need to show Katrina how much I like her and want her... She took a step forward, then another, and placed her hands on Katrina's hips, feeling the warmth and curve of the skin through her shimmering, gossamer robe and the smoothness of the silky, gauzy fabric. She tried to kiss Katrina, but Katrina raised a finger and pressed it against Candice's lips, stopping her. Katrina wants me to do something else…

Candice felt her hand moving on its own over the glossy robe up the side of her companion's body, landing on Katrina's right breast, and lightly caressing the compelling globe. She then slipped her fingers beneath the lapel of the robe to touch the heavy orb through the golden satin bra, which sparkled at the spots that were touched, giving Candice's fingers a pleasant tingling feeling. Emboldened by Katrina's smile, Candice squeezed the breast slowly and repeatedly in her hand, causing Katrina to moan softly.

After about ten seconds, Candice pulled away her hand, feeling compelled to stop as if someone had ordered her to, then placed her hands on Katrina's shoulders, gazing with open lust into her partner's eyes, and raised her right knee, brushing her leg against Katrina's leg. She kissed and slathered her tongue on Katrina's left cheek, then worked downward to her neck. Katrina grabbed both sides of Candice's butt and squeezed them. Candice's mouth opened in a loud gasp as she tilted her head back, which Katrina used as an opportunity to work on Candice's throat with her tongue, followed by dragging it upwards to the chin. Candice lowered her head back down and met Katrina's lips with her own, allowing Katrina to kiss her deeply. She moaned into Katrina's mouth while her crotch was being teased by Katrina's raised right knee, causing the magical pattern on her panties to pulsate in an eerie purple color. The make-out session lasted many minutes. Candice was in heaven and she lost track of time.

All of a sudden, Candice thought she saw a red flash in the room. It was so brief that she wondered whether it was just her imagination. But simultaneously, Candice felt a sudden sense of revulsion and abruptly stopped the kiss. Doubt swept over Candice about what she had just done with Katrina, although she nevertheless regretted having aborted the divine kiss. Katrina, however, seemed to ignore the flash and the shift, a small and temporary one, in her companion's mood, and opened a new conversation.

"Candice, even though we're using false identities for the mission, we will still need to take our false identities seriously."

"Of course I will take it seriously. Although I'm not that good at it, I do have some acting experience from a drama course I took before." Candice didn't want to displease Katrina. "I can practice to improve my acting. I believe you have some script for me to look at?"

"It's not as simple as following a script. I'm talking about acting as if you're really part of the Golden Sun Order, by abiding by their rules, customs, rituals, and even learning their magic. You have to think of yourself as a Golden Sun witch."

"That seems...a bit...extreme..."

"We have to take those measures to prevent our cover from being blown..."

"But we don't even have much general information about the Golden Sun Order, let alone specifics about their magic repertoire and...even if we somehow did...wouldn't it be dangerous to learn their magic? Theirs was a dark order, and dark magic is inherently corruptive..."

"Actually, we do have some detailed information about this ancient order. I did some research recently at the Royal Archives to know more about their practices, rituals, and spells. I had to pull some strings and really dig to get it, and it's incomplete, but I found some good stuff. It's a lot better than nothing. We can fill in the gaps with educated guesses or just our imagination."

Candice's eyes widened. The Royal Archives was accessible only to the elite, with exceptions made for certain academics. Given Katrina's noble family background, it wasn't surprising that she was able to acquire guarded knowledge in a place such as the Archives, but something didn't seem to add up. There wasn't supposed to be any significant specific information on the Golden Sun Order. It had been lost through the ages, hadn't it been? How did Katrina get it? Did it just somehow suddenly pop up? If Katrina was able to acquire such knowledge, then what about...

It doesn't matter... Katrina is beautiful... That's all that matters... I like her… She tells me the truth… I want Katrina… I want her to love me... Katrina is so perfect… I trust Katrina...

The worries Candice had suddenly dissipated. It was foolish of her to doubt Katrina. If Katrina or any of the nobles had wanted to misuse the knowledge, they would've done so already.

"I wish I could spend time practicing with you longer, but it's just as important that you study what I've researched on the Golden Sun Order." Katrina handed Candice a square-shaped gold-colored coin. "All that I've researched so far is in this token. It's a non-standard token, but you should be able to view it with your magic mirror."

Candice glanced at the token on the palm of her hand and felt disappointed that their practice session was not going to last longer and...progress...

"And here's something to help you with your training." In the palm of Katrina's hand was a golden rod with a tapered tip.

"How would this help me exactly?" asked Candice as she took the second item from Katrina's hand and examined it curiously. The item looked like a pen, but it didn't appear to have any way of holding ink, and it looked too thick to be one.

"It's a surprise. Start reading the content in the token, and you'll find out," replied Katrina in a sultry tone. "We'll meet in my room tomorrow morning. Emelia will be there as well. Together, we'll discuss our plan for the upcoming week. In the meantime...after you study the contents of the can think of me...and dream of me sexy girl." Katrina gave Candice a kiss--that now having been established as a mutually accepted expression of the new affection between them--before turning around and heading for the door.

Candice stood in place, dizzy from the kiss, the compliment, and the sight of her new confidant's curvaceous retreating back side. "Good night, Katrina!"

Turning around at the door and catching Candice ogling her rear, as she knew she would, she flashed a winning smile, cooed "Good night!", and tossed her hair as she exited, for a little while further gluing the teen mage to her spot and her eyes on the closed door, half in the hope that doing so might will the alluring Katrina to come back through it.

Recovering after Katrina had left, Candice looked at the token, this time with more attention to the details. It was finely engraved with intricate abstract patterns. Candice guessed it was a fancier or custom model used by the wealthier members of the academy. She then looked at the golden rod and noticed it had similar patterns as on the token. Something about the rod felt familiar to her, but she didn't know why.

Following Katrina's instructions, Candice inserted the token into her portable magic mirror to read the material stored within. A faint white cone of light projected from the mirror and golden text appeared as if written rapidly by an invisible hand. Candice's eyes focused on the writing and was soon enraptured by the magical words...


As Clara drove away from Candice, she looked repeatedly in the rear view mirror, fearing that the witch and that fairy creature might follow her. Once they were completely out of sight, Clara had an uneasy feeling. Upon reaching the urban boundary after leaving the wooded area, the uneasy feeling became too hard to ignore.

Did I make a mistake? More memories of what had occurred earlier in the company of Candice came back to her. She remembered doing inappropriate things to a girl, things she had never imagined herself wanting to do with any female. But the teen was very pretty, very attractive,……....and the girl had only been trying to help her, help her get out of some strange dimension. That girl was the female witch named Candice. Hmmmm... Candice… Positive feelings that she had experienced towards Candice, feelings of trust, appreciation, attraction, arousal, and love, came back to Clara.

She reflected on the way they parted. Clara had been abrupt and offish, for no good reason. The girl had been trying to talk to her about something important, but Clara had dismissed her rudely. Now she felt embarrassed, foolish, and stupid about her behavior. Candice was helping me... She saved me from danger... She warned me about...the Silver Witch... How come I forgot about this?! Something must have happened to my mind! Clara started to think that she should turn around, see if she could find Candice, apologize, hug her, maybe give her a tender kiss, and arrange to see her again……..or date her……..although her conscious mind would not have analyzed it like that...

Fragmented memories of what had occurred after she had stepped out of the portal flickered in Clara's mind. Images of the Silver Witch--beautiful, commanding, and dangerous--and of herself, naked and kneeling before the bewitching goddess in submission, flickered in her head. What did she do to me…? She was suddenly filled with a sense of sharp dread, which distracted her from attention on the road, causing her to fail to notice the red light ahead of her until the last second. She slammed her foot hard on the brakes. Her vehicle stopped part way into the intersection. Fortunately, the cross street had minimal traffic. She backed up, waited for the light to turn green while she tried to calm herself, and then continued on her way.

Come to me...

Clara had thought that she was driving back home, but something was off. She wasn't driving the usual route. What am I doing? Her arms and legs seemed to be moving on their own. Something told her that it was urgent business. Her recently recovered memories were placed in the back of her mind again, out of conscious awareness. She was sexually aroused. The destination seemed to be related to this, but she couldn't fathom the reason. In a way, it felt like she indeed was headed home, or to a place equivalent to her home, someplace familiar and comfortable and exciting, maybe a new home, someplace she wanted to be...or to someone she wanted to be with. She felt something or someone was guiding her where to go. Excitement gradually overshadowed any worries she had before.

Clara found herself pulling up to a brick building and parking. She read the neon sign that hung inside one of the large windows on the second floor out loud: "Silver Moon Psychic and Palm Reading." Have I been to this place before? Something told her that she had been there before, many times. She found that she was intrigued by the mystery and the erotic atmosphere, as well as by the indecipherable familiarity, which seemed to enshroud this place.

As she left the car, her preoccupation with Candice, her warnings about the Silver Witch, and the tumultuous events that had happened in the past two hours faded entirely from her mind. She opened the glass-paneled door and walked up the stairway. She could hear the sound of her own high heels that were striking the wooden steps. She found that she liked the sensation, and thought in some way that she should be wearing heels, in fact should be wearing heels higher than the three-inchers she had on, but she couldn't remember having put them on before leaving her house earlier that night to pick Ashley up, supposing instead that she had put them on to come here, for her meeting with...with whomever... Why am I wearing high heels? Who am I meeting?

Doubt crept into Clara. Her inability to search her memory was unnerving, and her surroundings suddenly struck her as strange for a woman like herself. Why was she on her way to a psychic? That wasn't her style. Even so...there was something up the stairs...for her...a mystery...perhaps something dangerous...but also...something… thrilling…

Her heart was beating rapidly. Whether it was from excitement or fear, she couldn't tell, but she continued walking up the steps. She felt something pulling on her, as if gravity was working in reverse.

At the top of the stairs was a landing and a glass panel door, where Clara paused. The door was red, like the door of the main entrance, with fifteen glass panels and a polished chrome door knob. Looking through the transparent glass panels, she saw only pulsating blue and white lights, floating in a background of total darkness like will-o-wisps. Clara couldn't understand what she was seeing and why she was feeling increasingly excited. What is behind this door?

She slowly reached for the doorknob, hesitating briefly midway to it. When her fingers finally touched the shiny metal surface, she saw and felt blue sparks jump from it to her fingers. Her mouth opened in a slight gasp at being shocked, but the sparks were not really painful. Rather, the stronger sensation was a pleasurable thrill that accompanied the sparking. Her instincts suddenly gnawed at her, telling her that danger lay ahead. However, the feeling was quickly subdued by the excitement that was overwhelming her. Taking a deep breath, Clara twisted the knob and opened the door. She heard a pleasant, soft sound of wind chimes.

A faint smell of perfume, like gardenia and vanilla, hung in the air. Near the windows, she saw a red leather sofa and several leather chairs surrounding a wooden coffee table over a large oriental rug. Silver statues of naked women on wooden stands occupied parts of the black-painted walls. Wooden cabinets with clear glass panels housed various trinkets and statuettes of abstract, geometric designs and of females in various poses. Apart from the neon sign on the window, the only sources of light were from scented white candles mounted on silver candelabras and individual silver candelabras.

Near the wall in the middle of the room was a small, circular, mahogany table covered with a purple satin table cloth. Sitting at the table was a woman dressed in a cobalt blue robe with silver trimming and a matching mouth veil. She was staring at the glass orb in front of her with her hands hovering over it. There was a faint blue light coming from the orb.

"I'm so glad you came, Clara," said the robed woman after raising her head to look at her visitor.

"Jeannie?" Despite her affectionate experiences with Jeannie previously, Clara felt a sense of danger. Her body was telling her to get out of this place immediately, but she felt as if her limbs were frozen in ice.

Jeannie rose from her cushioned seat, walked over to Clara, and caressed Clara's cheek, grazing it with her blue-painted nails. "I like your make-up." Clara felt a pleasurable tingle on the point of contact, and she felt a sweet gratification knowing her appearance pleased Jeannie. She found she wanted to please Jeannie, and to attract her. Her eyes locked onto Jeannie's blue eyes. Her fear and worry were rapidly disappearing and being replaced by love and desire.

Jeannie is your lover...

Yessss… We belong together… But...when did this happen? Her internal question was not an objection, but an inquiry into how, when, and why they had become a couple. Memories then came back to Clara, some accurate and some fabricated. She remembered the first time she had met Jeannie, the discussion they had at a cafe about the wicked Mrs. Silvia trying to brainwash Ashley, the demonstration of Jeannie's magic power, and herself agreeing to become a lesbian in order to defend Ashley against Mrs. Silvia and the evil forces for which she was working. The day after, Clara had agreed to start a sexual relationship with Jeannie to improve the effectiveness of Clara's education in lesbianism and magic. So far, they hadn't gone very far into sexual activities, which had consisted mostly of making out, solo and mutual masturbation with and without toys, and watching lesbian media, constituting Clara's first introduction to porn.. She remembered now that she had wanted more, much more, of Jeannie, her lips, her hands, and her hot body, as well as of lesbian porn. Now, at last, they were together again.

With the doubt about her relationship with Jeannie dispelled, she welcomed the kiss that Jeannie was about to give her. The robed woman undid her mouth veil and hood, revealing her glossy cobalt blue lips and braided platinum-blonde locks that surrounded the back and sides of her head with a braided crown, which Clara found to be very enticing. She loved not only the color and style of Jeanie's silvery-pale hair, but the sexy color of Jeannie's lips, as well. Clara welcomed the blue lips moving forward to her own red-painted lips for a searing kiss, which quickly turned into an open-mouthed kiss. It's what lovers should always do with each other.

Unknown to Clara, as they made out Jeannie began reading the recent memories in Clara's mind. She was able to identify a new enemy, named Candice, who was attempting to stop the Silver Cult. Jeannie seeing Candice in vision as Clara had seen her, Candice's revealing outfit and her exotic, heavy makeup didn't look like the type used by members of any known official magic order. She saw that Candice had done something that destroyed the Silver Moon Rod, which, to Jeannie's understanding, was supposed to be virtually invulnerable to common magic spells and physical damage, giving Jeannie the impression that this Candice was probably a powerful foe. Jeannie divined also that something sexual had gone on in between them--and not just once, but several times--suggesting to Jeannie that Candice had attempted to seduce Clara with magic. That also wasn't characteristic of most magic orders, the Silver Order being a prominent exception. However, Jeannie wasn't able to get any clear readings of what they had done together.

There were a lot of gaps and distortion in Jeannie's scan, which, she concluded, could be explained by some kind of local magical phenomena or, perhaps, by this Candice having the power to cloak her activities from clairvoyance, not a feat that typical magic users could pull off unless they had artifacts that had a function similar to Psychic Shield. Jeannie now realized that the overall situation was becoming more complicated. Goddess was right about exercising more caution. But, that didn't mean she would just stand by and let her targets be freely taken.

Clara's and Jeannie's tongues swirled vigorously together, exchanging copious amounts of saliva. The more of Jeannie's drool Clara drank, the more of it she craved, the more she wanted to kiss Jeannie again, and the more dependent upon it and and the more fixated on Jeannie she became. Mmmmmm… How could I have gone even one day...or just one hour...without this...without her…? Mmmmmm... Their painted lips pressed passionately together, with momentary breaks, for over three minutes before the kiss broke.

"Clara, we have another enemy besides Mrs. Durham."

"Another enemy?"

"Her name is Candice. It's the witch who attempted to brainwash and seduce you earlier."

A confused look appeared on Clara's face. Candice is a good person. She helped me escape from that strange dimension! "Candice? But...are you sure?"

"Looks like she worked some of her charms on you, but don't believe a single word she said to you. She's an evil witch who's trying to use you and your daughter for her own ends!" Jeannie lightly squeezed Clara's arms for emphasis.

Clara tried to raise an objection, but stopped upon seeing Jeannie's brilliant blue eyes, which appeared to be glowing faintly.

You believe in Jeannie...

You love Jeannie...

You want to have sex with Jeannie...

Candice is evil... She will cause harm to you and your daughter...

You do not trust Candice... She is our enemy… You hate Candice…

I...I might have thought I trusted Candice...but...I shouldn't have… I don't… She is my enemy… She tricked me… I trust Jeannie.... I love Jeannie… I desire Jeannie...

"I'm sorry for doubting you. I was afraid for my daughter's safety...and Candice is beauti..."

"Candice is a powerful witch, so I don't blame you for being tempted by her. Given how dangerous our enemies are, we need to step up our game."

"What do you mean?"

"We need to take our relationship to another level. You...and me..."

Erotic imagery appeared in Clara's mind of Clara and Jeannie engaging in lesbian sex, day after day, night after night. Oh, yes! Jeannie and me...mmmmmmmm… Then a fact that had been far from her mind essentially the whole evening, and had seemed to be a very unimportant consideration up until this very moment, jumped out at her: She was married. husband… What about...

You don't need your husband... You hate your husband... He's a selfish, inconsiderate pig… All men are scum… You'd be much better off without him...and without any other man, too...much happier… Divorce him… Get rid of all men in your life… Then you will be for a life with women...for a life with Jeannie… You only like women...

My husband doesn't matter. What he thinks is unimportant. He's a fool. He's a selfish pig. He's a pain in my life. I need to get rid of him. All men are slime. I hate men. I only like…women… I only want……..women……..beautiful women…… women……. I want…….Jeannie...

You'd much rather be with Jeannie… You want to be Jeannie's girlfriend… You want to be Jeannie's woman… You want to be Jeannie's lover… You want to mate with Jeannie… You love Jeannie... You trust Jeannie... You lust for Jeannie... You want Jeannie to lust for you… You are willing to change yourself in any way necessary to make Jeannie and other women love you and want you and desire lesbian sex with you… You want to be beautiful and sexy for Jeannie and for other women… You are a lesbian...

I...I am a...a lesbian… I love women… I love Jeannie. She's everything. She's all I want. I want to be beautiful for her.

Jeannie is your soulmate. Jeannie and you belong together. You are in love with her. You will mate with her.

Jeannie and I belong together. She is so beautiful...and so sexy. I...I love much.

"I'll do whatever needs to be done, for my daughter and for..." Clara was hesitant to finish the sentence, but something pushed her on, "" Uttering the last word gave her a strange sense of arousal.

"Oh, Clara!" Jeannie enthusiastically embraced Clara and kissed her deeply on the lips again. She then took a step back while holding Clara's hands, slightly caressing them, giving Clara warm tingles.

Then Jeannie's tone suddenly became stern. "But, promised me you would do anything I said, didn't you?" Clara didn't quite remember agreeing to such an all-inclusive commitment, but if Jeannie said she did, it must be true. Yes, on second thought, surely she would have committed herself to follow Jeannie's guidance in all things. Of course. "But you didn't do what I expected of you." Jeannie guided a confused Clara to a nearby full-length mirror. "Your clothes are too plain. But I like your lipstick, your nail color, and the high heels you're wearing...although higher would be better. And I love the new shade of your hair."

Clara didn't remember when she had dyed her hair a paler shade of blonde or put on bright red lipstick. A faint glow surrounded the mirror. Memories came back to Clara, of her dying her hair platinum blonde one day ago, doing her nails at a nail salon, and putting on red lipstick before she had left the house to... Ashley! More memories poured into her mind. Ashley was safe. She was now sleeping naked in her bed. She was safe and naked, like a pretty, curvy teen like her should be. Clara had planned on visiting Jeannie tonight but had been delayed by Ashley's car trouble. Her new look had been partly for her daughter, but even more so for her hot new girlfriend, Jeannie. She wanted to look spectacularly sexy for her. And Jeannie liked it! Well, some of it, at least...

"Let's get you into some better clothing." Jeannie guided Clara down a corridor while cupping Clara's butt, which at first she thought was inappropriate, but that opinion was overtaken by new truths.

You are Jeannie's lover... You will let her do anything to you... This is the will of Goddess… You love her playing freely with your body...

A quiet gasp escaped Clara's lips when she felt Jeannie's fingers sliding along the crevice of her butt through the black slacks and her panties. She imagined her lower body completely naked, without any pants or panties, and being touched by Jeannie in the same manner, and also going a bit farther by allowing Jeannie to insert a finger into her anus.

That's gross...

You love painted feminine fingers playing with your ass… You want them to penetrate your ass… You'd love to get fucked in the ass...

An image of being penetrated in the ass by a silver metal strap-on came over her, making Clara mew at the very thought. It wasn't gross, not at all. She had been wrong. It was an act of sheer pleasure and deep love between two women, in fact, she now saw. She even imagined herself moaning in pleasure during the act. Jeannie smirked at the expression on Clara's face, knowing exactly what imagery was playing in Clara's mind.

Clara was so deep in her fantasy that she barely noticed Jeannie directing her to another room, stripping her, adorning her with some new attire, and sitting her in front of a vanity. Now she was completely naked except for the sheer black hose, the black garter belt, and the five-inch black high heel pumps Jeannie had drawn onto her body. Her nipples were painted red, but she didn't remember when they were painted or how, although she knew that, for some reason, that was the way they should be, that she loved them like that, and that she wanted them to glow in red or in some other attention-catching color from then on She didn't even remember taking off her clothes after arriving at the room.

Jeannie placed both of her hands on Clara's shoulders and caressed them. Clara could see the long, oval-shaped blue nails of Jeannie's hands in the mirror. They looked and felt wonderful on Clara's skin. She wanted Jeannie to touch her more.

"Let's make you look prettier..."

The mirror glowed faintly in a blue color. Clara's eyes were drawn to and stared blankly at her own reflection. Jeannie opened up an eyeshadow palette and applied silver and purple colors on Clara's eyelids. Each contact and stroke of the brush created sparkles. Jeannie kept painting until the eye lids were gleaming like polished silver with purple accents.

I will always look pretty... I will always put on make-up...

Jeannie used a dark purple eyeliner pencil on the edges of Clara's eyelids, drawing lines that glowed in bright purple. That was followed by the application of black mascara, which magically lengthened the eye lashes.

Luminescent wisps and tendrils flowed around Clara's head. Her hair lengthened to a hip length and styled itself into two braids that wrapped around her scalp and tied together to form a thick, wide, unbraided ponytail cascading down her back.

A new layer of red lipstick was applied to Clara's lips, followed by another layer, and another...until Goddess is satisfied... Her lips glowed once it was done.

"I must always obey and satisfy Goddess," said Clara robotically.

"Exactly," affirmed Jeannie, while running her fingers through Clara's luxuriant, silky, ultra-light hair. She then guided Clara to the closet mirror. A sparkling blue cloud rose up from the floor, gathered around her feet, and then ascended, surrounded the woman. Clara felt her skin being touched by countless soft hands and kissed by many female lips. When the cloud dispersed, she saw herself dressed in a red balcony bra and bikini panties, each covered with a layer of purple embroidery, and a sheer purple negligee with a V-neckline. It seemed to her that she had always wanted to look and dress like this, and that now her dream was coming true. I...I look beautiful.

Then, however, something inside her stirred in a small protest. Clara felt that there was something wrong with the situation. This vision in the mirror was not who she really was, was it? This was going so fast. Where was all of this headed? Who was this mysterious woman with her, really? Why am I here?

Then Jeannie spoke, her light, melodic voice, voluptuous body, beautiful face, and charming presence recapturing Clara's attention once again. "Now for the final touch..." Jeannie placed her hand on Clara's butt and gave it a tight squeeze before reaching around Clara's shoulders holding a silver chain necklace by each end of the chain. Clara's eyes focused on the sugilite pendant dangling at the center. Her instincts told her to run away, but Clara's body wouldn't move. The necklace approached, closer and closer, until the pendant touched the smooth skin of Clara's chest. A warm excitement spread from the point of contact to the rest of Clara's body. Clara's doubts disappeared, replaced by feelings of sexual arousal and urges to copulate with the female sex. Jeannie connected the hook and eye on the ends of the necklace.

"Now you look wonderful..." Gripping Clara's shoulders, Jeannie turned Clara around and kissed her on the lips deeply. Their red and blue lips glowed upon contact. Tongues intertwined. Clara lost herself in the keen pleasure of the blending of their painted mouths, and in the accompanying rise in her love for Jeannie and in her escalating desire to fully mate with her. Jeannie's praise of her appearance also made her want more of it. She resolved to do anything it would take to make Jeanie love her and want her even more...anything at all...

At length, Jeannie broke the kiss. "My love, I have to go. We will meet again soon. Goddess will come to you shortly. Gemma and Lisa will help train you in the meantime." A blue aura surrounded Jeannie briefly before she disappeared in a cloud of sparkles.

Gemma and Lisa? Who...who are they? An image of two sexy female figures with glossy black skin and pupiless neon-blue eyes flashed in her mind.

Have sex with Gemma and Lacey...

Clara's eyes wandered to the bed. There was a purple strap-on dildo lying on it.

Wear it...

As she walked closer, Clara noticed that the shaft of the dildo was made from some sort of purple crystal. It was attached to a leather harness of lavender-dyed leather. The crystal glowed with a faint bluish color. Something in the back of Clara's mind screamed at her. Clara, acting on her instincts, suddenly turned around and bolted out of the room. Her high heels produced loud clacking sounds on the hardwood floor. She brushed past the beaded curtain and was close to reaching the door to the stairway, but stopped in alarm at the sight of what appeared to be a life-sized, black onyx statue of a naked woman situated against the wall just to the left of the door. She paused to examine the mysterious, enchanting, lewd statue, which, she was very certain, had not been there when she had entered the salon, and which was now captivating her the more she looked at it.

Then the stone skin of the statue suddenly took on a very glossy, oily texture. Clara felt a compulsion to reach out and touch the statue's alluring skin. After she did so, and had determined that contact with the skin was a most unique and pleasurable experience, the statue started to move, at first slightly, and then more, to the point it appeared to be alive. Clara withdrew her hand from what now appeared to be a most singular fantasy woman. Her pupiless eyes then suddenly lit up, glowing in a neon blue color, and stared directly at Clara.

A few seconds later, recovering from the shock from and her momentary fixation with the entity before her, Clara averted her gaze from her and grabbed the silver door knob tightly, but she was jolted by a powerful surge of electricity, causing Clara to cry out in pain. Determined to open the door, she held onto the knob, trying to twist it, despite the pain. More shocks came in pulses and didn't stop. Clara's screams turned into moans. Using her force of will, Clara twisted the doorknob with all her might and finally managed to open the door. She immediately headed to the landing and down the red stairs, nearly stumbling.

Just when Clara thought she was going to be able to escape, she became horrified when each step she took down appeared to lengthen the stairway by several more steps. The more she walked down, the further away from her the exit to the street appeared.

"Let's make love, Clara..."

The frantic blonde-haired woman turned around and saw that the black, oily-skinned woman was right behind her, just a few steps away. Up close, the strange woman looked as if she were made from or covered entirely in some shiny latex-like substance, including the shoulder-length hair, with the strands appearing to be melting into and separating from each other repeatedly. The woman's nipples were long and erect and a glowing, translucent blue fluid was leaking from the woman's vagina.


Clara heard the sound of high heels from behind her. She turned around to face the exit again and saw an almost identical black-skinned woman standing a few steps below her. How is this possible?!

"Let's make love, Clara..." tempted the woman below Clara.

", no, no!!!"

Both ways on the stairs, up and down, were blocked by the latex femmes. Clara thought about pushing the woman who stood in her way to the exit aside, but just as she was raising her arms to do so, she unwittingly looked at the glowing blue eyes of the sleek-skinned woman in front of her. The purple pendant hanging in Clara's cleavage glowed. What was initially a frightened expression on Clara's face softened and became dream-like. She heard a dominant female voice in her head giving her commands on what to do. Robotically, she walked two steps down the stairs and placed her hands on the woman's hips, slowly rubbing them to feel their smoothness and curves.


Clara craned her head forward and kissed the dark woman on the lips, rubbing her tongue against them before pushing it inward past the lips and tasting the unnaturally sweet saliva. Her hands reached around Gemma's hips to grope Gemma's butt, relishing its firmness and smoothness. She raked her bright red nails across the sleek black surface.

This is what I want...

The sugilite glowed and pulsed as new commands entered her mind.


Breaking her kiss with Gemma, Clara turned her head to the side to glance at the woman behind her. She stuck her tongue out and licked around her red lips seductively, while slowly gyrating her hips. Acting on the invitation, Lacey walked down three steps and pressed her pointed, lustrous black nipples against Clara's back while hugging Clara around the waist. Clara tilted her head back when she felt Lacey licking her left ear. She turned further to meet Lacey's lips and tongue with her own. Lacey's saliva tasted like fragrant licorice and black grapes.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm..." moaned Clara as she sucked on Lacey's glossy black tongue.

The powerful magic of the sugilite pendant continued to warp Clara's vulnerable mind. Whatever resistance she still had and might continue to put up was no match for the Silver Moon Order's powerful psychic magic imbued in the wicked magical artifact and the seductive power of the latex femmes, former human females whose bodies and minds were transmogrified--to the point where they weren't quite human anymore--by the same magic used to create the pendant.

Clara's nipples, colored lustrous red through Jeannie's magic, lengthened and sparkled intensely in response to the heightened sexual arousal she was experiencing while being sandwiched between two ravishing, otherworldly women. The sparkles were visible through the red satin fabric of the bra and the sheer purple nylon of the negligee.

While Clara and Lacey continued making out, Gemma lifted the front of the thin negligee up out of the way, lowered her face to Clara's chest, and wrapped her ebony lips around a nipple through the bra, sucked on it, and swirled her tongue around it. The center of each of the bra cups magically opened up and exposed the lengthened nipples, followed by a red metal nub materializing over each nipple, encasing them before the base of each nub expanded to fully cover the areolae, looking like shiny, form-conforming pasties, or making the engorged nipples and areolae appear to be made of or coated with deeply-colored, lustrous metal, but leaving them not only as sensitive as if they were uncovered, but more so, now attuned to pleasure as they never had been before, specifically lesbian pleasure. Clara moaned loudly and turned her attention back to the front when Gemma sucked on her augmented nipple. It was almost like the feeling of having the same action done on her pussy, and having her clit tongued and sucked. The notion that only a woman could pleasure her anywhere close to this sank into her mind as an indisputable fact.

With her gleaming black hands starting on Clara's shoulders and her black-lipped mouth on the nape of the woman's neck, licking and kissing, Lacey ministered to Clara's body with her lips and hands through the slick nylon of the negligee while gradually lowering herself until her face was level with Clara's butt and her hands were on the blonde woman's hips. She lifted the hem of the negligee and kissed the crevice of the butt through the red satin panties, leaving a brightly glowing lip print. Purple metal studs appeared around the lip print, forming into two vertical lines over the ass crack, as well as an intricate floral pattern over the butt cheeks. A slit opened up between the two vertical lines, exposing her anus, colored gleaming red via magic just like her nipples. Lacey extended her glossy black tongue into the hole. Clara moaned loudly at the novel sensation. She reached her hands backward to grip her own ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

Raising an arm between Clara's legs, Lacey pressed her hand on Clara's crotch, joining Gemma's hand that was doing the same. A slit opened up on Clara's panties, allowing them access to Clara's pussy, which was magically painted bright red just like other parts of her body. They rubbed her clit and thrust their fingers rapidly in and out of the wet hole until Clara came in rapid bursts. Her moans were quickly muffed by a deep, forceful kiss from Gemma.

After her intense orgasm, some measure of willpower returned to Clara. She felt woozy and held onto the stair railing for support. Looking around, the latex femmes were nowhere in sight. I'm...being...controlled... I need to...get...away...while I...still...have the chance... She walked as fast as she could down the stairs and opened the front door before walking through it, despite being minimally dressed. I'm free! However, her elation was shattered when she found herself back in the bedroom from which she had previously escaped. No! She was facing the bed with the strap-on placed on top of the duvet. Its crystalline form glowed and beckoned her.

Erotic thoughts stirred in Clara's mind. She recalled picking up her daughter, Ashley, a little over an hour ago on a quiet, dark, forested road after Ashley had told her over the phone that her car had broken down. But, they hadn't gone home immediately. They had made out with each other in Clara's sedan. It had been a heady romantic setting and a perfect opportunity to finally do something about the way they had been feeling about each other for a long time. She was glad her daughter was a lesbian. For some reason, these thoughts and the uncertainty of whether or not the events actually happened didn't disturb her.

Clara took a cautious step forward, followed by another, and another—with the dildo glowing slightly brighter the closer she was to it--until she was right next to the bed. She reached forward slowly with her fingers, which she now again noticed, with delight, had nails painted brightly red.

More memories came back to her. She recalled her meeting with the young witch named Candice and how quickly she had been attracted to her sexually and romantically and had engaged in sexual activity with her, which included kissing, petting, breast play, and oral sex. Again, the thoughts didn't seem to disturb her at all.

I...I loved doing that…and...I liked her...a lot… What's happening with me? I haven't been like this before… have I? And that thing on the bed… It's dangerous… I must not even touch it...

Clara retracted her hand with a jerk just as she was about to touch the crystalline object. Her relief over her small act of self-restraint was, however, short-lived. When she turned around, thinking she would flee as she had done before, she gasped upon seeing a tall, majestic woman standing in the doorway.


Razor sharp feelings of admiration, submission, and lustful desire flowed through Clara. She couldn't resist eyeing up the beautiful, curvaceous body of the woman in front of her. She wanted to yield to her completely and utterly.

"Touch it, Clara," spoke Galatea in a soothing voice. "You know you want to."

Without any hesitation, the entranced woman obeyed. She turned around and looked at the strap-on as if it were a sacred object before touching it with her fingers. There was a flash at the point of contact, and Clara's body glowed momentarily with purple light, while it filled instantly with a euphoric thrill, which she associated both with the dildo and it's portentous employment and with the beautiful goddess, who had sauntered into the room and now stood about three feet from her new devotee. Clara picked up the strap-on and turned around. She kissed the tip of the dildo and, extending her tongue, licked along the crystal shaft in a sensual manner in front of the Silver Witch. She slowly gyrated her hips while teasingly tracing her womanly curves with her free hand, unconsciously seeking to entice the Silver Witch.

The dildo glowed brighter with each lick, touch, and caress by Clara, and soon her eyes were glowing in the same purple color as the crystalline phallus, but less intensely and with pulsations synchronized with the pulsating glow of the mind-altering pendant around her neck. Despite never having come close to using a strap-on dildo before in her life, new instincts guided her, making it seem that she was both familiar with it and quite fond of it. She stretched the leather harness of the strap-on, stepped into it, and pulled it up through her legs. In the process, she noted with pleasure the allure of her shiny, long, red fingernails. The gliding of the lavender-dyed leather over her skin produced trails of magical glittery sparkles. After fastening the strap-on in place, she observed with delight--even though the thought had never before dawned on her that she needed or wanted a penile tool like this--how she was now equipped with a phallic fuck organ of her own and how it dangled sexily and ominously between her legs, as if begging her to employ it...and to employ it on a woman. She stroked the shaft, gasping from the artificial sensations.

Clara's attire transformed. The bottom half of the negligee turned into a flared black leather skirt reaching mid-calf while the top half became a sheer, short-sleeved black blouse and black leather bolero jacket. The crystalline shaft shortened and shrank until it resembled a gemstone the size of an apricot pit. Silver bracelets and dangling earrings complete the outfit.

"Oh, my Goddess…" Clara stepped forward, reverentially pulling the object of her gratitude and worship into a soft, prolonged kiss. They then embraced lovingly, with their heads on each other's shoulders and with curves engaging curves.

"I have a task for you, sweet one..." Galatea produced a photo of an attractive young woman with light brown skin and curly dark brown hair hanging over her shoulders. "In order to fight against evil and defend your daughter against people like Mrs. Silvia, we need capable people with special talents like you..."

Clara stared at the photo curiously.

"This is a woman I've been watching for a while. She works as a waitress at a restaurant nearby. Like you, she has that special talent. However, she might need some convincing before she would agree to join us. Take a good look. You like her, don't you?" Clara nodded her head. "Good. Then here's what you need to do..."


Robert was concerned about his wife. It had been over forty minutes, maybe an hour, since she had left the house again to look for something she had lost. He gave a call to her, but it took a long time before she picked up.

"Honey, I was getting worried. Did you find what you were looking for?"

"Yes, I found the usb stick that I had accidentally dropped," replied Clara in a monotone voice, which Robert found somewhat unsettling.

"Great, I'm glad you found it. The bed feels kind of cold without you."

Who cares? Clara thought. Slimeball jerk. "I won't be coming back tonight. I'm staying over at my friend's house."

Robert's eyes widened in surprise, then in shock. Before he could reply, his smartphone suddenly produced loud static sounds. "CLARA!" He removed the smartphone from his ear, wondering what the problem was, and stared at the screen, which was filled with incomprehensible white text on a blue background.

"FUCK!" Robert was too emotionally disturbed by his wife's response, suspecting infidelity. He had never felt he had cause to doubt her faithfulness, despite her being an attractive woman who, he knew, could easily catch the eye of most any man, but she didn't usually play up her looks that much and he had never seen her act flirtatiously with or show inappropriate interest in anyone besides himself. Still, she had just now spoken to him with an uncharacteristic new sultriness in her voice as well as an indifference to him, neither of which qualities sounded like the Clara he knew, and there had also been something a little different lately in the atmosphere at home, he now recognized as he reflected, particularly something different about his daughter, Ashley. Robert knew she was a flirt with the boys and had been dating a football player, but he also knew that she had dumped him recently and had been hanging out with a girl he didn't know, and that his daughter's makeup, attire, personality, and manner also seemed to have become...well...sexier. Maybe she was just growing up, he had told himself, but now the changes he had noticed in her and just now in his wife, combined with the apparent malfunctioning of his phone, and the possibility which occurred to him that Clara may have been kidnapped and could have been under duress during the call, caused him to fail to notice the strangeness of the blue glow surrounding his phone and his subsequent entrancement by it...


Melissa was trapped in a small alley. The slim brunette had nowhere to escape. She didn't remember how she got into this area. The last thing she remembered was getting off from work and encountering a woman, who called herself Clara, whom she had never met before but who somehow knew her name, the same woman who was standing before her right now, about twenty feet away, seemingly blocking any exit.

The woman was sexy-beautiful, almost unreal so, and Melissa felt powerfully drawn to her, despite being 100% straight, but the woman was dangerous, as well, in some way Melissa sensed strongly without understanding why. Was this woman a witch, a demon, or an alien?

How had they gotten into this alley? Why was this predatory femme fatale here? Why was she blocking her path? What did she want? Seeing she was cornered, Melissa let out a scream, hoping someone would hear and save her. But no matter how hard she screamed, her voice did not echo, but seemed to have a damper on it and to die a few feet from her mouth. No one seemed to have heard her.

Then all was quiet in the alley, not even the sounds of traffic from the nearby city streets being able to penetrate. Plus, there was a strange bluish tint on everything Melissa saw except for the woman standing in front of her. It was just her and the bluishness and the mysterious woman, who started to capture her complete attention and to be the only object, the fascinating, beautiful, alluring being, filling her world.

Clara stepped closer, until about five feet separated them. As she approached, the front side of Clara's skirt split vertically in the middle, revealing her fine legs, the red panties she wore, and a purple harness with a strange purple object attached. After the woman came to a stop, the split in the skirt remaining open, Melissa's eyes widened in shock when the object began growing and transformed into a glowing appendage protruding from the blonde woman's crotch. Her instincts told her to run, but something was stopping her. She suspected it had something to do with the obscene object the strange woman was wearing or something inherent in the woman, but she was unable to do anything about the strange force that was holding her in place, nor was she able to tear her eyes away from the glowing shaft. Within seconds, all expression was gone from her face.

"Suck!" commanded Clara with a dispassionate voice.

The entranced woman knelt down in front of Clara, robotically opened her mouth, and accepted the luminous crystalline phallus. As Melissa's lips slid over the shaft in repeated back-and-forth motions, they gradually acquired a frosted purple color that became more intense with each passing second. Clara slid her red-nailed hands into the woman's brown hair, and pulled her face snug into her excited groin. Giving in to a completely new thirst for sex with another woman, the brunette started licking and lapping and sucking voraciously, the feminine mouth and force and ardor on Claire's magical ersatz penis arousing her as nothing in her life had before. The sharp pleasure of her first intercourse with another woman caught her completely by surprise. As she let out a wild, guttural scream of heretofore unknown and unimaginable pleasure, her phallus and pussy climaxed in unison, the shaft flashing repeatedly as it ejaculated viscuous purple cum into the woman's mouth. The fluid contained a powerful aphrodisiac combined with a potent mind-altering and body-modifying agent.

Melissa climaxed as well and then, close to swooning from the delight of her own first sex with another woman and feeling the onset of changes within herself, slowly withdrew her mouth from Clara's dildo as its last spasms faded away. She stood up and steadied herself a couple of feet from Clara. Within a few moments, Melissa underwent a transformation. Her nails sharpened into an almond shape and turned lustrous purple in color. Her lips and other parts of her body acquired the same color as well. Her hair dramatically restyled and turned pastel violet.

Melissa took off her short-sleeved, caramel-colored top and blue cotton bra, revealing her previously small breasts, which now were two cup sizes larger and were still growing, had glittery purple nipples and areolas, and gave her a new, wonderfully erotic sensation. She undid her brown belt, unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down and off, revealing her panties, spread her legs apart,and thrust her butt out toward Clara.

Acting on the new carnal hunger for woman flesh endowed on her by Jeannie and Galatea, and which Candice had inadvertendly stirred within her, as well, Clara stepped close to Melissa, slipped her fingers beneath the elastic band of the panties, and, kneeling to better see what treasure had been hidden behind the silky nylon, pulled downward, smiling when she noticed the woman's labia were now glittery purple. Without a second thought--never having explored another woman's sexual core like this but feeling that she had always desired to do so--no, craved to do so--and had been destined to walk in this direction--she pressed her fingers against the glistening pussy, running her painted fingertips along the smooth, wet slit lips, teasing the clit, and parting the labia, which further revealed that the purple coloring had extended deep into the woman's vagina as well, much to Clara's enchantment, and causing the blonde's mouth to water. The woman with new violet hair gasped as she was being slowly fingered. Clara lifted her moist fingers to her lips and sucked on them, savoring the woman's juices.

Clara's pendant glowed. She unbuttoned her sheer black blouse and sat down. Placing her hands on the woman's ass cheeks, she leaned forward and pressed her red lips against the purple vagina, causing sparkles upon contact. A loud moan escaped from the woman's lips. Extending her tongue, now glimmering red like the rest of her mouth, the blonde mother began licking the woman's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm... She tastes wonderful..."

Oh! Her pussy is so sweet!... Yesssss…so good… "Mmmmmmm…"

Clara cupped her left breast through the red bra. After playing with it through the silky bra cup and then squatting up some, she pulled the sheer cup down, aimed her metal-encased red nipple at the purple pussy, and thrust her breast into it.

"Oh!...Ohhhhhh..." Melissa moaned while her eyes remained expressionless.

Melissa loves women. Melissa's pussy loves women. Melissa loves a woman's mouth on her cunt. Melissa loves sex with women. Melissa is a lesbian.

"Oh, with a with a woman… I'm a lesbian… Oh, yeahhhhhh…"

Unknown to the two women, their lesbian sex act was being observed by Galatea, who smiled wickedly at the progress that the two women were making. Soon, both women would become acolytes of the Silver Moon Order, with Clara molded physically and mentally specifically to Jeannie's liking.


The fairy tree town glowed from myriad magical lamps hanging from its branches. It consisted of numerous structures made of artificial majestic magically treated wood, built on the branches and in the trunks of three large trees located in the Holy Order Academy's main garden and all interconnected with rope bridges. Most of the structures served as housing for fairies and imps under employment of the academy, while others provided meeting, eating, hygiene, shopping, and other services. However, a large number of imps shunned living in the fairy tree town, preferring housing located near major heat sources, such as kitchen facilities, furnace systems, smitheries, steel mills, and certain other industrial sites, as those were closer in nature to their natural habitat. Thus, while imps did hang out around the fairy tree town, the majority of residents there, by far, were fairies, and the majority of them were females, as fairy babies simply were female more often than not, as a matter of their nature.

Jasmine headed straight for her favorite fairy bar, The Glimmering Dew, she enjoyed visiting when she needed to relax and wind down. She passed by a bored female sentry guarding the town's entrance, who barely gave her a brief glance and gave her a small nod of her head as Jasmine passed by. While the guard's glance was brief Jasmine's was a bit longer. She couldn't help but drink in the sight of how the Sentry's tight uniform showed off the ample curves of her sexy well-toned body and how the guard's golden braided locks glittered in the moonlight. Unfortunately, as much as she wanted to continue leering at the buxom sentry's body she was too tired and stressed out which was caused by the events of the past couple of days striking her as unusually trying, and never having been one to turn her nose up at an opportunity to drink even in the best of times, she proudly walked into the Glimmering Dew, took a seat at the bar and raised her right finger in the air and signaled to the imp bartender to provide her usual drink, Morning Dew beer, he handed her an acorn-shaped cup filled with foamy sweet-scented golden liquid and she quickly poured the refreshing drink down her throat, followed by a few more rounds and drank until she was drunk.

She overheard some fairies and imps talking in drunken hushed whispers at a table nearby, worriedly about an upcoming war. One male fairy wearing a leather tunic stated, "I hope whatever's happening at the border won't turn into a war. Adraria has a two-hundred-year-old peace treaty with Drium Thua. It would be crazy for a war to happen over a petty border dispute."

"I heard rumors of orcs practicing forbidden magic in Drium Thua and summoning demons!" spoke an imp with a low voice, as if he were spilling some dirty secret. "That might be the reason why their troops at the border are getting so riled up."

"Those orcs practicing forbidden magic?" laughed the male fairy. "When was the last time you saw an orc mage? I've only seen orcish shamans."

"Well, two years ago I was in Ubros looking for work, right before they tightened the border, and I saw a group of orc mages. Of course, I found that strange, as, like you say, orcs aren't reputed to know magic. What's even more curious than that, though, is what was their reason for visiting some backwater mining town in the countryside?"

"You must have mistaken a bunch of shamans for mages! Those orcs are too dumb to practice any serious magic. They're just brutes. Even if they had the Necronomicon right in front of them, they wouldn't ..."

That was the last of the conversation Jasmine overheard. Not being all that interested in the topic, Jasmine walked unsteadily out of the fairy bar with a beer mug in hand. She made her way to an unoccupied outside porch, enjoying the refreshing feel of the cool night breeze on her face and, bracing herself against a railing, she stared at the two moons.

"At this rate, Candice will probably get killed..." *Hicc* "...and I'll have to look for another mage to form a pact with..." *Hicc* "But I don't want Candice to die... She's the best mage I've ever served under..."

During her reminiscing Jasmine was caught unaware as five fruit flies swarmed near her. Jasmine tried waving them away. "Get away from me, you stupid flies!" The acorn mug slipped from Jasmine's fingers and fell over the wooden railing down to the grass some distance below. "Damn it, you made me drop my beer! How dare you lowly beings harass me! Do you know who I am, y-you… you imbeciles? I'm Jasmine Alanastar Titania the 3rd, from the Royal House of Argonia! I have the blood of Lord Oberon himself flowing through my veins… Ahhh!" Jasmine shouted as she angrily shook her right fist at the bothersome fruit flies, which caused her to lose her balance, fall over the railing, landing on a large leafy plant below and then vomiting all over it . The dropped acorn mug was on the grass right next to where she landed. Fruit flies gathered around the empty mug, attracted by the sweet scent of its spilled contents. Jasmine, too drunk to pick herself up soon collapsed on the soft, grassy ground and dozed off and began dreaming...

She was a youngling fairy again, back in the fairy kingdom of Avalon where she felt safe, secure, and most of all, surrounded by love from family and close friends. Those times were the happiest of her memories as hardly a want went unfulfilled, she could freely play with her friends, and explore the vast kingdom at her leisure.

Then the dream focused on a memory that was dark, unpleasant, and something Jasmine marked as the start of her troubles and the beginning of the series of misfortunate events that have plagued her life ever since.

She was with her father, King Midhir, Crowned ruler of Avalon, Master of the Tempests, and Keeper of Oberon's name. It was on that fateful day she lost everything she held dear.

On that bright morning her father was giving her a tour of the kingdom. Doing what he could to impart some knowledge and wisdom about their kingdom on a young fairy girl's mind too excited to spend the day with father and belly full of sugary drinks and snacks.

"Jasmine, you see those mountains and the shoreline in the distance?" King Midhir was holding Jasmine, whose wings had yet to mature, helping her hover in mid-air high above their royal tree palace.

"Yes, Daddy." Jasmine said with eager glee as she always treasured the time she and her father spent together.

"Everything from this sacred tree to those mountains and the shoreline is the land that we rule by divine right."

"Wow..." Jasmine said with star-eyed awe "And one day all of this will be mine, right father?" she gestured with her free hand to the vast lands below them.

Her father gave Jasmine a mirthful smile. Picked up the young fairy lass and placed her close to his chest and embraced her in a warm hug.

"Yes, one day this will be yours to rule but only when you become older, wiser, and capable of wielding the responsibilities of the crown shall the title of queen pass on to you my sweet morning lily." Midhir responded in a somber tone as if he was holding back a dark secret. Something that he didn't want to divulge to his younger daughter for fear that it would ruin her young innocence.

Later that night...

A battle torn soldier rushed into the royal council chamber to urgently speak with King Midhir and present him with an urgent report.

"Y-your Majesty! The locusts are breaking through our last line of defense! We can't hold on much longer. General Sydil's line has already fallen and there are too many of them! We need to retreat into the escape tunnels quickly my lord!" The panicked fairy said urgently as he slammed the doors to the chamber shut and braced against them with his back.

However it was all for nothing as a locust, a horrendous-looking fairy covered in an ichor-colored chitinous shell, burst through the door of the royal chamber and opened its gruesome mandible maw and brought it down on the soldier's neck. "AAAAHHHH!" the soldier screamed in a blood curdling tone.

The soldier's detached head soon dropped to the floor and the locust turned its sinister gaze at King Midhir and the young princess Jasmine. Soon the locust began to break through what remained of the door to the royal council chamber as it let out an inhuman screech.

King Midhir quickly rushed Jasmine behind a series of bookshelves on the far end of the chamber and pressed a hidden button on the wall that opened a door and ushered Jasmine through. "This leads to the other parts of the royal chambers, as well as to the underground tunnels. Hurry to your mother and brother and tell them to escape!"

"Dad, please come with me!" Jasmine tearfully pleaded as she pulled on her father's arm.

There was a haunting silence in the air as King Midhir gave his daughter a somber look.

"Jasmine, my morning lily, I-I... must stay here... I will buy you time for you and your mother and brother to escape..." King Midhir stoically said as he pushed the young Jasmine into the secret tunnel entrance.

"Noooooooo!" Jasmine screamed as she watched the tunnel entrance close on her.

She pounded on the door screaming her father's name. At first there was a faint hope as Jasmine could hear the faint sounds of battle coming from the other side, then it came to an erie stop, she had hoped that her father was triumphant and would soon open the entrance to join her, but the fates had something much crueler in mind for her. She soon heard a wretched scream and she knew whose voice that scream belonged to.

Jasmine awoke with a scream.

"Girl, are you okay?" came an authoritative female voice. Jasmine turned to face the person speaking to her and noticed that it was the night watch sentry from earlier in the day. The one that she had been ogling before. She couldn't help but flash her a drunken lecherous smile as improper thoughts began to creep into her mind. The night watch sentry's brow furrowed in frustration as she already knew that she was going to deal with another drunken, disorderly fairy and sternly asked. "Do you need help getting back up?"

"I'm fine. I...I just...had a nightmare. Thanks, but I'm sure I can still fly." I think.

The sentry gave Jasmine a doubtful look and was ready to say something when the conversation was soon interrupted by a concerned female fairy's voice.

"Jasmine, is that you?"

Both the sentry and Jasmine turned to face the young fairy that happened to come across them. Standing before them was a young, buxom fairy lass. Her long purple hair flowed down her and draped over her shoulders. The curvaceous fairy had on a glimmering tight silver evening dress that showed off her ample figure, more specifically her bountiful cleavage.

"Identify yourself and how do you know this fairy?"

"Um… oh yes, I'm sorry. My name is Twilee Greenwind, familiar 2nd-rank to Jonas Algor." Twilee said as she clumsily fished through her purse and soon pulled out a piece of paper to present to the night sentry. "And…yes I do happen to know the fairy you're questioning. Her name is Jasmine Stardew and We're… um… well… I guess you can say we're close friends, or maybe associates." Twilee said nervously as she slowly presented her identification paper to the sentry.

The sentry inspected the paper and then cast doubtful looks at the drunken Jasmine and nervous Twilee and soon handed the paper back to the purple-haired fairy woman.

"Your friend is very lucky that you came along. There's no loitering allowed on these grounds during this time of day. I guess if you're willing to escort her back to her residence I can let this slide… or if your friend insists on being a public nuisance she can spend the rest of the night in the holding cells and see if that would help sober her up quickly." the sentry said sternly.

"I appreciate your leniency, thank you so much. Please just give us a few and we'll be out of your hair." Twilee said as she braced herself against Jasmine, wrapped her arm around Jasmine's waist and then took Jasmine's right arm and placed it over her shoulder and soon both nubile fairy women took off into the night sky.

Unsteadily, Jasmine flew up to the upper portions of the tree while accompanied by Twilee and drunkenly guided her to her apartment. All the while staring at her companion's large breasts and lecherously thinking What I wouldn't do to get my hand on those melons… tee hee…


When Twilee and Jasmine arrived at Jasmine's apartment she helped the drunken fairy walk in and soon guided Jasmine to the sofa in the living room area. Twilee helped prop the fairy princess on her sofa and when she felt sure that Jasmine wouldn't fall over she made her way over to the kitchen area. Telling her that she would make her something to help sober her up quickly and negate the ill effects of the large amounts of alcohol Jasmine had consumed.

Let's see… I see some ginger root, nutmeg, silver rose petals, lemon juice, oh yes, she has some basilisk venom, and some honey, moon water and oh I mustn't forget the dragon scales. Twilee thought to herself as she mentally went over the ingredients for her helpful potion.

Some time later Twilee walked out of the kitchen area with an acorn mug in hand filled with warm potion. Before making her way over to the semi-coherent Jasmine Twilee took in the sight of the small modest apartment. Far different from what she would normally associate Jasmine with. Back when Jasmine went under the title of princess and future heiress of the kingdom of Avalon. Jasmine lived a life of lavish luxury. That was before Jasmine's uncle, Duke Vrakkus, led a swarm of vile Locusts, invaded the kingdom, and violently seized the crown and kingdom for himself.

The furnishings were second-hand and looked thread bare, some nice paintings hung on the living room wall, and Twilee noticed a vase full of well kept morning lilies by the apartment entrance, but those were as far as Jasmine went in keeping her apartment presentable. The rest of the apartment was filled with pretty much basic furnishings that could only be afforded by a fairy being paid under the familiar program and nothing obvious that alluded to Jasmine's royal upbringing could be seen in Jasmine's apartment.

Twilee then made her way over to the resting Jasmine and gently sat next to her on the soft with mug in hand and presented it to her. Which caused Jasmine to let out a soft purr as she drunkenly began to snuggle up against her sexy fairy friend. Which in turn caused Twilee to blush a bit with embarrassment as Jasmine began to drunkenly brush herself against Twilee's body.

"Here my princess, drink this. It will help ward off the effects of the alcohol you consumed and allow you to regain your senses quickly."

"Ughhh… and what if I don't want to ward off the effects *hic* of the alcohol I drank and not *hic* in the mood to sober up quickly. Can't a girl just wallow in self pity and cheap booze and…. And… ah-and… *hic*" Jasmine said as she lazily pushed the mug away, almost spilling the contents all over the sofa and Twilee.

"My princess, don't forget that you are honor bound to assist your ward at a moment's notice. To come to her aid when she needs it. Don't you think it would be a violation of the contract if you were to show up in this… state."

"Fuck Candice! That bitch said she didn't need me and besides.... she gave me the night off." Jasmine said angrily hurt by Candice's dismissal earlier in the night and the reason why she had gotten herself drunk in the first place. However, Jasmine couldn't help but let out a drunken giggle as the thought of seeing Candice getting fucked was very appealing to the young fairy, or more specifically seeing Candice getting fucked by beautiful women put a lecherous smile on her face.

"You don't mean that my princess and I know you care for your ward. So please drink this so you can be ready to assist her when she calls for you." Twilee pleaded with the drunken fairy princess.

Jasmine just gave Twilee an angry drunk stare before snatching the mug from Twilee's hands. "Fine! By the gods I hate it when you're so righteous but don't let this go to your head and make you think you're better than me." Jasmine said as she downed the potion in one gulp.

Twilee gave the fairy princess a warm smile and small chuckle. "I would never think of myself as your better my princess."

Twilee began to think back into the past when she and Jasmine hung out together. While Jasmine was her princess she was assigned to Jasmine as her lady in waiting. A descendent of Twilee's family, her great-great grandfather, having sworn a blood oath that his family would serve Jasmine's family for many generations. During her time with the fairy princess Jasmine never treated Twilee coldly, like an inferior but more like a friend, almost like a sister, as they hung out together and sometimes got into mischief together.

Those times were great as Twilee reminisced about the times they would play and frolic in the royal gardens or visit the royal kitchen to sneak a snack or two. Then the invasion happened, in a single night Jasmine went from royal princess to poor commoner. Her vile uncle had put a bounty for the heads of the surviving members of the royal family and any known associates. Forcing them to go into hiding.

Jasmine's mother, Queen Lodorna, managed to smuggle her family and a few people still loyal to her, into a neighboring kingdom that secretly offered them refuge and protection. A few days later Duke Vrakkus or self proclaimed King Vrakkus declared the remaining family members insurrectionists and outlaws offering a reward of 100,000 orichalcum crowns for their heads.

It was hard for Jasmine's family to get by as most of their wealth was tied to the royal accounts which were seized during the invasion. Only making ends meet by receiving generous donations and calling in favors that were owed.

Last she heard Lady Lodorna was trying to raise public support for herself and her deposed family but was meeting resistance as most of the neighboring kingdoms were too afraid to get involved and fearful of King Vrakkus as it was rumored he had allied himself with a powerful backer that supported his coup of Avalon.

Then there was Dirk, Jasmine's younger brother. Running around from place to place didn't sit well with the young fairy as he wanted to avenge his father and restore his family's lost honor. She remembered the day that Jasmine and Lady Lodorna discovered that Dirk had run off to wage a guerrilla campaign against his evil uncle. Both women were distraught but there wasn't much they could do and only prayed to the gods for Dirk's safety. Twilee recalled the looks of relief whenever news of successful insurgent strikes against King Vrakkus occurred as both Lady Lodorna and Jasmine had hoped that it meant that Dirk was still alive fighting the good fight.

Then there was Jasmine. She knew she had to do something but really didn't have much of an idea on what to do. It took a while but Jasmine had thought if she could raise funds and build connections she could raise an army to take back her kingdom. She thought the best place to do that was signing up as a familiar. Jasmine felt certain she would be allied with a powerful mage, one that was well respected by his or her peers, and could influence them into helping her reclaim her kingdom.

Twilee agreed to join Jasmine in the familiar program thinking that both of them working together could increase their chances in success.

However, the reality of the situation hit hard when Jasmine realized that familiar work didn't pay much, roughly about 300 orichalcum crowns at the start of every lunar cycle and that being assigned to someone with great power and influence was pretty much a luck of the draw kind of thing.

Twilee was assigned to Jonas Algor as his familiar. A middle-aged stodgy man that cared more for alchemical formulas than improving his station in life. The only benefit that Twilee picked up were a few tricks and tips on brewing potions and crafting some alchemical compounds. Overall, all she did for Jonas was gather components and double check his work.

When Jasmine discovered that she was assigned to Candice she was at first disappointed to be assigned to a girl that didn't seem to have much going for her. Jasmine was assigned to Candice because her family, namely her mother, had bought her a familiar contract as a gift for her daughter. Hoping that it would boost her confidence and having a familiar would help her in developing her magical powers.

However, despite being assigned to someone that wasn't great in magical prowess Jasmine realized that Candice was a member of the Holy Order, albeit, a low ranking one, but a member nonetheless. Jasmine confided to Twilee that if she could help Candice climb up the promotional ladder and improve her magical skill it was bound to get Candice noticed by the higher ranking mages in the order and in turn may help secure an audience of her own with them to help her reclaim her kingdom.

However, all this reminiscing caused Twilee to ignore Jasmine, who still under the influence of alcohol and some of the Silver Witch's mind influencing spells hooked her right index finger on the top of Twilee's evening dress and began to pull it down. Almost pulling them all the way down and freeing her large breasts for Jasmine to see.

"P-Princess Jasmine… what are you doing?"

"Taking a closer look at these marvelous beauties. Where have you been hiding them? Last I remember you were scrawny as a bean pole." Jasmine said in a drunken slur as she continued to grope away at Twilee's breasts.

Which was true as the last time they were together they were children and still had the slim bodies associated with kids. Twilee didn't develop the telltale features of a mature woman's body until sometime after Jasmine's kingdom was invaded by Vrakkus.

"P-please J-Jasmine … what you're doing is highly inappropriate and u-unlady like… ohh…" Twilee pleaded, trying to retain some composure as Jasmine began to molest and fondle her breasts. But, it was hard for Twilee to ignore the pleasurable sensations coming from her chest as Jasmine continued her drunken fondling of her mammaries.

"Hiding these marvelous beauties from your princess. You naughty, naughty fairy you." Jasmine said as she forcibly pulled down the top of Twilee's dress and thus freeing her exquisite cleavage for her to see.

Twilee wasn't sure what to do. Of all the times she had known Jasmine. Not once did her friend ever give the indication that she had interests for members of the same sex, which wasn't unheard of in Fairy society. But, still to have her friend now towering over her and leering at her with lustful intent was a bit chilling and yet the pleasant feelings were something she couldn't ignore. Would she voice her concern or dare she allow Jasmine continue with her course of action.

But before Jasmine could take it further her eyes rolled into the back of her head and then she collapsed on top of her buxom friend in an unconscious heap.

Twilee let out a sigh of relief as the effects of her potion took hold on Jasmine. She gently pushed Jasmine off of her and began to straighten herself up. Pulling the top of her dress over her breasts and fixing her hair a bit.

"Ughhh…." came a painful moan next to Twilee as she looked at Jasmine regain her senses and clutch her head, gently massaging her brow. "What the… pitchforks, my head feels like an orc used it as a club… wha-Twilee what are you doing here?" Jasmine said as she regained more and more control of herself.

"W-well… you got a little tipsy, I escorted you back here, brewed you a potion to sober you up and …" Twilee paused and thought it would be best not to mention that Jasmine was in the middle of molesting her before the potion effects kicked in. Fortunately it looked like Jasmine didn't remember what she was doing. Which was a bit of relief for Twilee as she wasn't so sure she wanted to recount the details of what her drunk friend was trying to do to her.

"Thanks Twilee, I appreciate it. You're the best." Jasmine said

"No problem, after all you are my princess."

"Pitchforks!" Jasmine exclaimed as she bolted up from the sofa

"Jasmine what's wrong? What's going on?"

"It's Candice, something's wrong, I think she's in trouble."

"What? Wait, how do you know?"

"It's our link, the one between familiar and ward. I can't explain it but I felt something, a foreign presence trying to intrude on it and I think it's still there trying to get a hold of Candice."

Jasmine quickly began to gather a few things and rushed towards the door. Upon opening she turned to her friend and said "Sorry to leave, but I have to check in on Candice. Thanks for your help and bye."

Jasmine then closed the door and flew off towards where she last saw Candice leaving behind a confused and very bewildered Twilee. Who stood there dumbfounded trying to make sense of what had just occurred. Also trying to digest what had happened between her and Jasmine.


The image of Katrina's sexy form appeared in Candice's mind.

Think of Katrina... Think about Katrina... Think of Katrina... Think about Katrina...

You want Katrina... You love Katrina... You lust for Katrina...

You want to touch Katrina... You want to feel Katrina... You want to have sex Katrina...

You will obey Katrina... You will believe Katrina... You will trust Katrina… You will lust for Katrina...

You love wearing the skinsuit… You will never take the skin suit off… The identity you take on with the skin suit is your true self.

You are a lesbian… You love lesbian sex… You want to have lesbian sex constantly…

You want to be beautiful… You want to make yourself pretty… You want to make yourself sexy…

You want to seduce women… You want to control women… You want to have sex with women…

You will worship the Golden Goddess… You will obey the Golden Goddess...

Candice's right hand wandered to the area between her thighs. There was no expression of pleasure or delight on her face as she touched her vagina through the shape-conforming panties.

She was told to stroke her pussy in a certain way, squeeze her breasts in a certain way, and moan in a certain way. Candice obeyed every command to the letter. She kept herself on the edge and didn't cum as ordered.

Katrina smiled wickedly while observing Candice through her magic mirror. "Looks like the mental reconfiguration process is working well. She's following the commands unquestioningly, at least for now."

A persistent knock on the door woke Candice up. She realized she had dozed off while reading the holographic book. Swiping on a hovering phantom button, she closed the book. The cone of light emanating from her magic mirror disappeared. Judging by the rapid sound of the knock, it must be Jasmine on the other side of the door, but Candice still double checked through the peephole before opening the door.

"Jasmine, why have you returned so soon? I thought I told you to take the rest of the night off. You should be enjoying your break."

"I-I'm sorry Candice it's just that I'm so worried about you, Candice! I was afraid something bad might have happened to you! I'm just worried " Jasmine said apologetically.

"Why would something bad happen to me?" Candice giggled.

"We both know Katrina is up to no good. I'm sure you pressured you into doing more things that are dangerous for her own gain. In my honest opinion, I don't think you should be doing this mission. It might cost you… plus I-I… think she's tampering with your mind with some malicious mind manipulation magic." Jasmine said the last part of her statement softly not wanting to offend Candice as she was already indicating a fondness for Katrina. Which was a complete 180 from her original opinion about the haughty blonde noble witch.

"Jasmine, where did you get that silly idea that I would die? And why do you think of Katrina like that? Besides I would know if she's using mental charms on me." Candice said as she raised her right arm for Jasmine to see and gestured to the bracelet on her wrist. "See, this thing hasn't gone off in the slightest."

"Candice, are you joking? You've always been talking about how Katrina made life difficult for you here at the academy, and you've specifically said she was responsible for assigning you on this dangerous espionage mission! "

"No, I'm not joking. Yes, Katrina did get on my nerves and made life harder for me here, but after talking with her a while ago, I realized she wasn't really a bad person. After apologizing profusely to me, she opened up to me and told me that she was putting on a tough and pompous exterior because that's what was expected of her as a woman of nobility. If she acted nice all the time, she would've been bullied and ostracized by her peers."

Jasmine rolled her eyes. "Candice, you're so naive! Are you actually listening to yourself o-or… are you that ignorant to believe her stupid story. Of course she would say that. She needed to convince you to do this crazy dangerous mission. Most people don't volunteer for such missions because it's virtually a death sentence. I'm sure you know what the Silver Witch would do to you after you're discovered. You would be brainwashed into being an acolyte of her order at best or turned into some statue, doll, automaton, or used in her perverted experiments at worst. She's not known to show mercy to her enemies."

Candice stifled a laugh, treating Jasmine's warning as if it was a melodramatic story. "Jasmine, I know it's dangerous, but the alternatives aren't better. Given my low rank, it's likely I would be drafted into the upcoming war and placed into the frontlines. And I've recently created a rift in reality because I tried to stop Clara from being victimized by the Silver Moon Order. It would be a matter of time before the proper authorities find out and punish me for it. Katrina promised to help me and told me this mission would prevent me from being drafted and my prosecution for accidentally practicing forbidden magic."

"I find it hard to believe that Katrina is trying to help you out of the goodness of her own heart. Are you sure she's not taking advantage of your mistake and threatening you into doing what she wants you to do?"

"No, she's not threatening me, Jasmine. You're blowing everything out of proportion. Katrina won't do such a thing to me. She's my friend!" This time there was noticeable anger in Candice's voice.

"Candice, since when was she your friend! You're being manipulated!"

"Jasmine, resume your break."


"That's an order! Don't say anything more. I need to resume my preparation for the mission. You will not interfere with my preparations and are not to come to me unless I specifically summon you. Is that understood?" Candice said sternly

"Okay, Candice…" Jasmine said meekly, hurt that Candice dismissed her so easily.

With a quick motion, Candice closed the door. For several moments, she wondered if she was too harsh on Jasmine, but that thought soon faded. She trusted Katrina for reasons that Jasmine didn't understand Katrina like she did. Katrina helped her realize her true self and satisfy her desires for women. Without Katrina's help, she wouldn't have the opportunity to have lesbian sex with Clara, her daughter Ashley, and soon other females as well once she starts her role as Ashley. Candice had agreed to the mission in part to satisfy her desires.

Candice moaned as feelings of lust flowed through her body. She lightly cupped her breast and rubbed her snatch through the leather. A sparkle from the golden rod caught her attention. Stopping her current action, she walked over to her desk to examine the rod more closely. A flash of recognition came to her. It was a reality simulator that operated based on thought described in the holographic text she had read. This device looked like the one that Clara had been using on herself at the bridge, and it probably served the same function as well. Candice had heard about such devices that were typically used for luxury entertainment and training, but had never seen one in action before. Katrina must have known of her unfulfilled sexual urges and gave this to her as an aid. But, there seemed to be something more than that. Perhaps, Katrina wanted her to practice with this in preparation for the mission. Either way, Katrina must be expecting her to use this dildo. That thought somehow made Candice very excited. This wonderful device would help her fulfill her sexual fantasies, no matter how extreme they were.

Lowering her fingers to touch the slender rod, the dildo sparkled at her touch. Slowly, she lifted the rod vertically in front of her face, admiring the intricate patterns and craftsmanship. She then kissed the pointed end. Her lips and the tip of the dildo shimmered upon contact. She gasped when an unexpected jolt of pleasure passed through her. Opening her mouth, she slid the golden rod past her shiny black lips, sliding it in and out of her mouth repeatedly while focusing her thoughts on Clara, the woman she lusted for and had forced sex with earlier, according to her new memory. Due to sexual pleasure amplification from the rod and her skinsuit, it almost felt as good as fingering herself with her pussy. The rod and her lips sparkled and glowed bright with her stroke. Soon, her surroundings became completely bright white. When the brightness faded, Candice found herself standing in a cylindrical golden room. In front of Candice stood a familiar woman with light golden blonde hair flowing to the small of her back and clothed in a semi-sheer, cleavage-exposing halter dress in pristine white. Her lips and nails were of a metallic gold color. The woman's expression was completely blank.

"Mom?" Candice was perplexed as to why she was seeing her mother here in this strange place. She was supposed to be far away in the province of Calibum. "Why are you here...and...where are we?" Then she suddenly remembered she was using the reality simulator, but she had thought about Clara, not her mother.

The woman's ocean blue eyes met Candice's gaze and spoke directly to Candice's mind without moving any part of her face.

Candice, embrace your mother...kiss your mother...on the lips...

No, that's not appropriate! Candice tried to resist the strange impulses that suddenly arose within her.

Don't question... Just obey...

Do not think... Just obey...

Do not doubt... Just obey...

Do not resist... Just obey...

All of Candice's thoughts were suppressed when she walked mechanically over to her mom at the center of the room and embraced her mother, who reciprocated. Their lips met in an emotionless, robotic kiss...


Candice found herself back in her room and noticed a repeated loud knocking coming from the study door. Annoyed by it, she went to answer it with a scowl on her face. "What is it this time?"

"Candice, please listen to me. You shouldn't do the mission. At the very least you should ask for another role in the espionage operation against the Silver Witch!"

"Jasmine, you are disobeying my order!"

"Yes, but please understand that if you die from the mission, I can't even disobey you!"

Candice took a deep breath, exhaled, and tried to calm herself down. She then gently placed her right index finger under the cute diminutive fairy's chin and used to tilt her head upwards "Jasmine, I appreciate you worrying about me, but there's no way I can give up on the role assigned to me. Masquerading as one of the Silver Moon Order's acolytes is the best way to gather intelligence on the Silver Witch, and we need to do it as quickly as possible before she's able to amass a huge army and regain her full magical power. This is probably my only shot in rapidly raising my rank. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Candice, but…"

"I know you're afraid of what would happen to you as well if something were to happen to me. This mission is dangerous but it doesn't mean I don't care about my own safety or that Katrina is sending me on the mission expecting me to die. It won't be just me taking up Ashley's identity Katrina has assured me that she has other agents that will be assisting me and keeping an eye on things. Everything will be monitored. If the situation becomes too dangerous, I'll have backup that I can call upon and I can also hide in phase space or teleport away."

"It sounds like you've planned for the worst case scenarios, I guess it's okay…"

Jasmine slowly turned around then abruptly turned back to face Candice as she was about to close the door. "May I stay with you in the study room? Please, I promise I won't bother you in any way." Jasmine pleaded to Candice. As the thought of being seperated from her ward was becoming troubling.

"No, I have to be alone, there's a lot I have to prepare for and I need to minimize distractions."

"A-alright, good night, Candice." Jasmine said dejected by Candice's rejection of her offer.

"Good night."

Unbeknownst to Candice and Jasmine. Katrina had observed their interaction via one of her golden wasps, which relayed the whole scene to one of her small pocket mirror she had in her hand.

So Candyke's fairy gal pal isn't too keen about me. Well that's okay. I have a few things in store for her that will bring her around towards my way of thinking. Katrina wickedly thought to herself and soon let out sinister laughter that echoed in the hidden observation chamber she was in.

As soon as the door closed, Jasmine flew towards a ventilation hole hidden in one of many niches on the tower. She was dismayed after finding out that it was protected by a tough metal grate that was impossible for her to remove. After looking at several more ventilation holes, she finally found an unprotected one on the fifth attempt. She wondered why this one didn't have a metal grate. In her past experiences in trespassing, she would find holes with gratings that were loosened or weakened due to weathering, but never one with the gratings completely removed. Despite the oddity, she crawled into the hole anyway. After crawling a short distance in the darkness, she bumped into something warm.

"AAAHHHH!" screamed someone in a wheezing voice.

A small magical light flicked on, revealing an imp that was resting in the ventilation tube.

"What are you doing here?!" they both asked simultaneously.

Jasmine recognized the imp as Ublet, the fugitive that Candice was assigned to capture.

Contemplating on her initial experience with the golden dildo, Candice didn't remember what happened after the kiss nor why she kissed the simulated version of her mom. However, she wasn't disturbed by the kiss. In fact, she liked it despite never entertaining an incestual thought before, or did she? Although she liked the kiss she had with her mom's doppelganger, she didn't want to go beyond that. It felt extremely disturbing to do so.

Candice inserted the dildo back into her mouth again. This time she tried visualizing Clara again. She moaned at the pleasurable sensations from her sliding the shaft along her lips and letting it touch the back of her throat. In a flash of white light, she was in a golden room again as before. Her mother stood at the same spot wearing the same ensemble and blank expression.

It's my mom again even though I was thinking of Clara… What's going on? Candice was feeling worried. She remembered Jasmine's warning about Katrina. Now she wondered if her feelings towards Katrina were really genuine. Memories of Katrina's taunting and bullying came back in a rush. This conflicted with her new false memories. Is Katrina really my friend? Her head ached. Candice's instincts told her to run, but it was too late. She froze still like a statue when her eyes focused on the eyes of her mother's simulacrum.

Statements in Candice's own voice uttered and reverberated in the subconscious of her mind like a maddened sculptor chiseling words onto a flat rock face.

I will always obey Katrina...

I will always trust Katrina...

I will always love Katrina...

I will always lust for Katrina...

My mom looks pretty...

I want to touch my mom's skin...

I want to feel my mom's body...

I want to kiss my mom...

I want lick my mom's pussy...

I want to tongue my mom's ass...

I want to fuck my mom...

No, I shouldn't be thinking of my mom like that!

The statements repeated nonstop, drilling deeply into her mind and silencing all opposing thoughts and feelings. The voice became her thoughts. Those thoughts became her own voice as she repeated them from her own lips in an emotionless tone. Guided by external commands as before, Candice walked mechanically over to her mother and embraced her. This time, Candice's hands rested lower along the body, on her mother's hips. Gold and black pairs of lips met together in an incestuous kiss devoid of emotion and affection. Candice broke the kiss and repeated the statements again. After she finished, her mother replied in an equally emotionless tone, "As it should be," before kissing her daughter deeply.

Events from the past streamed into Candice's mind, which were made up of complete fabrications.

Candice's mom had to moonlight as an exotic dancer and prostitute in order to make ends meet and save enough money for her daughter's education. Candice's mom only had female clients in order to not cheat on her father, thus becoming strictly a lesbian prostitute. Candice's mom frequently used special drugs to lower her inhibitions and enhance her libido in order to provide the illusion of being an authentic lesbian and better serve her female clients.

At first, Candice's mom started out as an exotic dancer after being drawn to an ad advertising good pay just for dancing and stripping without full nudity and had never considered prostitution, but that changed one night. During that night, near the end of her shift doing exotic dancing, Candice's mom was harassessed by a drunken male patron. A noble woman came by and stopped the male via a stun spell, causing the man to scream in pain. She gave him a stern warning, and the man scurried off. The woman introduced herself as Anna and stated she had been observing Candice's mom for quite some time, being enamored with her beauty for quite some time, and offered Candice's mom a lot of money for spending the night with her. Despite the generous offer, Candice's mom was reluctant, explaining that she wasn't homosexual, didn't have any sexual experience with women, and wasn't interested in prostitution to begin with. However, Anna raised the offer, and countered the argument from Candice's mom that prostitution was much more lucrative than just dancing for meager coins amongst vile swine like men and could provide consistent income if she managed to acquire wealthy clients, such as Anna, and any inhibitions she might have could be suppressed or even permanently removed with a good application of potions and herbs. Candice's mom, tempted by the offer and wanting to help with her family's finances, reluctantly accepted the offer.

Candice then recalled that all this started because of her father who she realized wasn't that good of a father, a husband, or a man for that matter. The memories and thoughts being implanted into her psyche began to present a different perspective on her father. One that suited Katrina's end goal for Candice. Candice slowly acknowledged that her father cheated on her mom and frequented brothels. His income was lower, making Candice's mom share most of the financial burden of their family. He was verbally abusive towards her mom and often didn't seem to care about her feelings. Whatever free money they did have he would spend on the girls at the nearby brothels and gambling, which further drove them into debt. Candice's mom deserved better, someone who could provide for her financially, someone who could tend to her emotional and physical needs, perhaps a woman of nobility...

Candice broke the kiss with the emotionless simulacrum of her mother. She now saw her mother in a different light. On one hand, she admired and appreciated the love and huge effort her mother had put forth for her family. On the other hand, she also liked the fact that her mom was a beautiful, vain, sensual, and sexually active woman. Although she loved her mother before, she now felt she loved her mother in a different way and for different reasons. She had completely forgotten that her original intention was to create a simulation of Clara. That memory was replaced. She now remembered that it was her original intention was to create a sexual simulation of her mother.

New memories of a non-existent event in her past surfaced in Candice's mind. She was in her first year at her local highschool and worked a part-time job at a well-known apothecary-alchemist shop located in the bustling downtown district. After getting off work, she walked towards her usual carriage stop. At one point, she noticed a noblewoman walking intimately close with another woman outside of a night club. The noblewoman, who was dressed in a black pantsuit had her arm possessively wrapped around the waist of the other woman, who wore a bright red dress and heavy make-up. While female pairs were not that uncommon, the woman in red stood out the most, drawing her attention, and she also looked familiar to her. Because of her curiosity, Candice stealthily followed the couple, who snuck into the corner of a dark alley. She lost track of them and was about to give up when she heard faint sounds of women moaning. Walking slowly while hugging the wall, she eventually stumbled upon a strange effect when noticed the right side of her body disappearing as if it had been cut vertically and removed. An invisibility field! Candice ducked and slowly walked in a crouched position through the field. Luckily, there were a bunch of empty wooden crates and cardboard boxes that provided cover. Passing through the field Candice heard loud erotic moans and gasps which now echoed loudly within the section of the alley she was in. The invisibility field was able to suppress a good amount of the rutting noises from both women as well. Peeking from around a column of crates, she gasped and immediately covered her mouth when she saw the woman in the pantsuit fucking the woman in the red dress with a curved, lustrous black rod that was attached to the pantsuit woman's crotch via a black harness. The woman in the red dress had her red-nailed hands pressing against the wall with her back facing the other woman and the back of her skirt and multiple layers of white petticoats completely rode up, revealing her red satin panties that were pulled down to accommodate the plunging phallus. When the moaning woman turned her face towards Candice's side, Candice noticed the bright red color of her lips, the long, thick curly lashes, the silver eyeshadow, and the red blush on the familiar woman's face. It was her mother! The revelation shocked Candice to the core. She didn't realize her mother would go this far to earn money. However, she didn't condemn her mother for engaging in such a profession. Rather, she felt extremely excited, so much that she secretly fingered herself on the spot. It was on this night that Candice could trace the origins of her sapphic fantasies and give as a starting point for them. Candice fingered herself in her wet cunt at the same pace that her mother was getting fucked by the other women. Delightfully observing the sensual way her mother's sexy smooth ass rippled upon each strike from the other woman. Secretly wishing that it was her wearing the obscene sexual instrument that was plunging in and out of her mother's spasming wet fuck hole. Candice came at the same time as her mother orgasmed, who moaned loudly, whether theatrically or from genuine emotion, as it happened. Overflowing glittering golden cum leaked from the edges of her mother's pussy and trickled down her mother's legs. Ever since that night, Candice had a thing for her mom.

The false memory caused Candice to become hot and bothered. Her nipples erect, rubbing up against her robe, agitated by rubbing against the fabric. Her loins, moist and throbbing with an ache to be filled and satisfied. Then it hit her, Candice decided that she could use the reality simulator to create a sexual fantasy involving herself, her mother, and Katrina to satisfy the desires she always had for her mother but were too afraid to act on. She concentrated her thoughts and began imagining the scenario. It would take place at her hometown of Everville in Calibum province in a nightclub. Things began to take shape as she would take on the identity of a fictitious noblewoman with a new appearance. At the club, she would meet up with Katrina, have casual conversation, and then her mother would appear...


Gerarda was sipping a cocktail alone at a small circular table inside a bustling night club.

"Candice! I almost didn't recognize you." Katrina took a seat across from Gerarda.

"My name is Gerarda here. How did you get into this simulation?"

"No, I'm just a virtual automaton like everyone else here. I was programmed with Katrina's personality and memories in order to assist you. So who do you have your eye on for tonight?" asked Katrina in a conspiratorial tone.

"That woman dressed in red over there." Gerarda's eyes pointed at a spot three tables away. Sitting at the table under a spotlight that seemed to be drawing anyone's attention was a lone blonde woman wearing a gorgeous sparkling red sequin evening dress that did an amazing job showing off the woman's ample figure and most of all her magnificent cleavage. The blonde had her hair done up in a chic ponytail updo style with a golden rose hairpin at the base of the ponytail. Her lips painted the brightest glossy red lipstick and her shimmering blue eyes behind a gold and pearl white feathery masquerade mask on a stick held up by the woman's left hand. She then brought up a black lacquered cigarette holder with her right to her plump lips, took a few puffs, and blew out some enchanting smoke rings that came out in the shape of hearts.

She was surrounded by men and women, all vying for her attention. Praising her beauty, bringing her drinks, and showering her with gifts. The Ruby Siren had a bored look as everyone around her contended for her attention.

Katrina let out a wolf whistle. "That's the Ruby Siren, one of the most beautiful ladies of the night here. You have good taste my good friend, but I heard she's finicky in her choices of clientele, fortunately I can assure you that she only does women."

"That's good news. I prefer women who haven't been sullied by men," said Gerarda with disgust.

"Wait, weren't you straight before?" asked Katrina doubtfully.

Gerarda wasn't sure if Katrina was addressing Candice or Gerarda. Candice realized she wasn't sure if she had been straight before. She had difficulty remembering events before tonight. Memory of her crush, Daniel Silvermoon, appeared but suddenly vaporized.

Words spoke into Gerarda's mind in Katrina's voice, loud and authoritative.

Candice, You have always been a lesbian. Men repulse you.

"I have always been a lesbian. Men repulse me," said Gerarda angrily.

"Good, I like your conviction." Katrina leaned forward and kissed Gerarda.

The kiss brought back memories to Gerarda of the sex she recently had with Katrina. Did I actually...

Candice, you had lesbian sex with Katrina yesterday...

"You should go to the Ruby Siren now before she gets snatched by someone else."

Taking the hint Candice as Gerarda got up from her spot and did her best to seductively walk over towards her mother and cast her an enticing gaze. A seductive jazz melody played in the background as if to emphasize Gerarda's desire for the Ruby Siren. As Gerarda drew closer her eyes locked with the Ruby Siren's and there was a tingle of sexual electricity in the air between both women as their eyes locked.

"The Ruby Siren, I presume?"

The blonde woman looked up at Gerarda's gaze and responded back "And whom may be asking?" Her voice sent pleasant shivers up Gerarda's spine.

"G-Gerarda… Hartelle… um... daughter of Duchess Editha and first cousin of Katrina Hartelle." Gerarda said as she quickly composed herself.

"I see. So how can I help you Gerarda?" The Ruby Siren asked in a pleasant feminine velvety voice that sounded so rich and delightful.

"I've heard that you offer… services... t-to ladies that seek them." Gerarda said nervously as this was technically her first time asking a prostitute out, especially when said prostitute was her mother.

"Young lady, are you in need of my services?"


"I'm more expensive than the other women here and I require my clients to at least have some modest experience in pleasing a woman."

"And I'm sure you're worth every piece of coin that's spent on you and… I can assure you that I do have the experience you're looking for." Gerarda said as she placed a hand atop the Ruby Siren's. Their eyes now locked into an intimate gaze.

After Gerarda placed her hand on top of the Ruby Siren's, she forgot who she was, how the lady was related to her, or that she was even in a reality simulation. Who am I?

In the current simulation, Candice no longer recognized Ruby Siren as her mother or herself as Candice. She was Gerarda Hartelle, seventh youngest daughter of Duchess Editha and first cousin of Katrina Hartelle. As the memories of Gerarda Hartelle and their sensations swirled in her mind and coalesced within her psyche. Ones in which she paid the Ruby Siren her price to spend a lusty night with her, them sneaking off into the back alley of the night club, the Ruby Siren down on her knees working her skilled tongue into Gerarda's quivering snatch, sending wave after wave after each probe of the Ruby Siren's skilled tongue, and finally the Ruby Siren bent over some wooden crates, naked, her red sequined dress, panties,and nylon stockings pooled around her ankles, the Ruby Siren having used her magic to materialize a strap-on dildo around Gerarda's hips and thighs, and Gerarda plunging the wicked fuck toy in and out of the Ruby Siren's spasming slick cunt. Making the Siren live up to her namesake as she screamed from the intense sexual pleasure that Gerarda was working out of her.

Candice was back in her room. This time her mother--or what looked like her mother--was with her as well. While the experiences and memories of Gerarda Hartelle were neatly and safely tucked away deep within Candice's mind. The experience still implanted other false memories for Candice to stumble upon when the time was right. Ones where she snuck lustful glances at her mother, one's where she offered to wash her mother's clothes only to secretly fish out her mother's panties and take a deep sniff to inhale her mother's womanly scent, one's where she covertly used an image capturing spell to take pictures of her mother naked in the shower and then lustfully masturbate to them at night in the privacy of her room.

Do not think... Just fuck…

Soon Candice, running on the new impulses planted in her, leaned in and planted a sensual kiss on her mother's lips. In response her mother moaned with pleasure as she gently pushed against Candice. Their tongues dueling as they fell on the large king-sized bed that materialized behind Candice. It wasn't long before Candice let the sapphic lust consume her, her hands roaming all over her mother's sexy mature body, and leading into a debauched night of lesbian love making with the simulacrum of her mother.


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