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Golden Coven Chapter 1

Magdalena was a beautiful thirty-five-year-old woman with ocean blue eyes and golden blonde hair styled with a center part and flowing freely about five inches past her shoulders, a common hair style for women in the kingdom of Adraria. She was married to a handsome man named Joseph who was of the same age as her. Due to a recent economic boom, she had taken a new job as a bookkeeper at a new commerce company that sold magical toys and novelty goods. Although she didn’t have any major issues at her previous company doing the same job, the offer of a twenty five percent salary increase was hard to resist. Combined with the income from her husband’s job as a manacite machinist, the money would go a long way in helping pay her daughter’s tuition at the prestigious Holy Order Academy and the mortgage of the family’s home. Magdalena and Joseph worked hard to get their daughter, Candice, into the magic academy, which provided secondary and higher education with specialization in magic. Mages were among the highest paid professions in Adraria and most other kingdoms. They wanted their daughter to be more successful than they were and live a more comfortable life.

While Joseph’s lineage was descended from commoners, Magdalena came from a long line of magic users of minor nobility, a noble family that had fallen from grace some many centuries ago and whose descendents were now considered to be almost equivalent to that of commoners. A century before, stricter licensing requirements for magic-based professions, monopolization of magic education, and domination by magic guilds made the profession more competitive and less accessible to ordinary folk. Many mages were forced to switch to other professions as a result, which were often less lucrative. However, Magdalena wanted to reverse the fortune for her daughter. After noticing Candice’s daughter’s talent at the age of six, she started teaching her magic and enrolled her in magic lessons with money that she and her husband had saved. One instructor noticed Candice’s precocious magic ability and helped her sign up for scholarships and other forms of financial assistance. Candice managed to receive a partial scholarship and a low-interest loan to pay for her education at the Holy Order Academy.

The sun was at the horizon. It was almost dusk. Magdalena had just gotten off a public long carriage after a long day at work and was starting to walk the remaining three blocks to her home when a black gilded carriage drawn by two mecha-horses suddenly stopped beside her a few moments later. Magdalena ignored the carriage but stopped when she heard an unfamiliar female voice calling her name.


A teenage girl sporting wavy black hair, gold-themed make-up, and an outfit consisting of a white robe with golden embroidery and white leather ankle boots walked up to her.

Judging by the outfit and the carriage she got out of, Magdalena knew that the girl was a member of the Holy Order Academy and was of the upper class. However, she didn’t recall ever meeting this girl before.

“Please excuse my ignorance, but do I know you?”

“You don’t know me, but I know you. Here’s my card.”

Magdalena carefully accepted the gilded card, a bit awed by its quality, and read the name on it written in cursive, golden letters.

Katrina Edlyn Varnhame Hartelle

The name glowed as she read it, but she dismissed it as a play of the light. For a few moments, Magdalena was stunned. This girl was from House Hartelle, one of the three most powerful noble families in Adraria. Magdalena had heard many unsavory rumors about Hartelle, which included bribery, extortion, racketeering, blackmailing, murder, political assassinations, and abductions of commoners for their depraved games.

“Lady Katrina, w-what business do you have with me?” Magdalena worriedly wondered if Katrina was someone she had unintentionally offended in the past, either directly or indirectly. Some nobles were known to take even the slightest offense very seriously and held very long grudges.

“Please, just call me Katrina. We don’t need to be so formal here. Please relax. You don’t need to be afraid of me. I have something important to talk to you about. Do you have some time to spare?” Katrina said in a warm, friendly voice which eased some of the tension Magdalena was feeling.

“Well yes, certainly. May I ask what it’s about?” asked Magdalena nervously.

“It’s not safe to talk about it here. Would you mind coming into the carriage with me?”

A gaunt, lanky man opened the side door to the carriage, which Magdalena assumed to be the chauffeur. The man wore a black suit with two columns of buttons on the front, a tricorn cap tilted forward a bit which covered the haunting man’s unnerving gaze, white gloves, and a white mask over the lower portion of his face, which she found strange, but suspected to be for security reasons. Despite Katrina welcoming her into the carriage, the woman hesitated.

“You must have heard all those bad rumors about House Hartelle. I assure you I’m not like anything describe in those rumors.”

Magdalena relented after briefly considering her options. There was no point in trying to resist. Perhaps it was something regarding her daughter. It most likely was. She hoped Candice hadn’t stoked the ire of this girl or any other noble’s child at the academy. The consequences would be severe. It probably won’t be difficult for a noble to pressure the academy to expel a student of commoner background or at the very least make life very difficult for her.

The inside of the carriage was elegantly furnished. There were two rows of cushion dark red, tufted leather sets on each side. The trimming and wooden panels were gilded with a mixture of abstract and floral designs. Dark red silk curtains hung from the top of the glass windows. On the ceiling was a frosted magical orb that provided lighting for the interior. There was a shelf above each row of seats, which Magdalena noticed was holding luggage on both sides. Each woman sat on the opposite side, directly facing each other. Shortly after, the carriage began moving.

“W-W-where are we going? My husband might be worried if I don’t show up soon.” Magdalena said the last part of her statement as if it were a warning but deep down she knew that her nervous demeanor made it as effective as trying to stop a raging flood with wet paper.

“To someplace more private. Why don’t we have some tea first?” Katrina pressed a hidden button to open up a panel, which revealed a number of items that included a gilded ceramic teapot, tea cups, and saucers.

“Do you take yours with some sugar and milk?” Katrina asked again, maintaining the pleasant tone as if she and the young woman were friends.

“Um… I… if you don’t mind. Would prefer some honey and cream in my cup, if that’s alright with you.”

“Why would I after all you are my guest, and a very charming one at that.” Katrina said warmly as she flashed Magdalena a charming smile as she lustfully eyed the voluptuous mature woman sitting across from her. There was something about the way that Katrina was looking at her that made her feel a bit apprehensive about this whole situation.

Magdalena suspiciously observed Katrina prepare her tea—which was surprisingly hot--into a cup with a saucer and handed them to the woman.

Magdalena accepted the cup and saucer and stared at the dark brown liquid hesitantly.

“Don’t worry, it’s not poisonous. It’s the world famous Twinton Tea.” Katrina poured herself a cup and sipped from it. This prompted Magdalena to do the same, causing Katrina to smile. The cup Magdalena drank from did contain something that wasn’t in Katrina’s own cup: a psychoactive drug that lowered inhibitions and also worked as a powerful aphrodisiac. Katrina took an exaggerated amount of time to drink the tea in order to let the drug take effect in Magdalena’s system.

“You’re very beautiful, Mrs. Brunwin, just like your daughter, Candice.”

Magdalena found it odd that Katrina was saying this but noticing a serious look on Katrina’s face and not wanting to offend, replied with, “Thank you... Is this about my daughter?”

“Unfortunately, yes. The matter I’ve come to speak to you about does involve your daughter but you as well.” said in a tone that was a product of years of aristocratic upbringing and befitting a noble woman like Katrina.

Katrina’s stern facial expression and cold tone made Magdalena anxious, but she did her best to hide it. For some reason, she felt a persistent tingling sensation in her loins, one that she normally felt when she and Joseph were about to make love, or back in her teenage years when a handsome man got her eye but dismissed as jitters from the current situation.

“If Candice offended you in any way, please forgive her. My daughter is young and doesn’t know the ways of the world very well.” Magdalena said apologetically as she prostrated herself before Katrina. Pleading with her eyes for forgiveness.

Katrina burst into laughter. “You act like you’re seeing a ghost! No, Candice didn’t offend me. In fact, we are friends!”

A feeling of relief washed over Magdalena.

“And because we’re friends, I’m concerned about Candice and what she’s getting into.”

“What do you mean? Did she do something...bad?!” Magdalena was starting to feel increasingly warmth in her body but thought it was just due to being inside the carriage. She also took note that her hands were trembling and her heart racing with excitement but she dismissed them under the guise of being worried and concerned about her daughter. She wondered if Candice was failing her studies, fell in with the wrong people, or did something illegal. Due to the magical storms that have been plaguing Adraria recently, Magdalena hadn’t been able to communicate with her daughter for over three weeks and welcomed any news about her.

“No, Candice didn’t do anything bad. In fact, she’s a perfect student with a spotless record. However, partly because of this, she was chosen for a special mission that has a lot of potential dangers.”

“Nooo...why...” Magdalena expressed with shock and dismay.

Magdalena was starting to lose her composure and became visibly agitated, and Katrina used this opportunity to put her hands over the woman’s hands. “Mrs. Brunwin, please calm down.” The sudden touch gave Magdalena unexpected tingles of pleasure, causing her to gasp. She tried to pull away, but Katrina held tightly. “Please calm down, Mrs. Brunwin.” Magdalena’s eyes wandered to the abstract patterns on the wooden panel behind Katrina, which were now glowing with a faint yellow light. Very briefly, she saw a mental image of Katrina’s gold-painted lips moving very close to hers before it ended. Her heart was beating fast.

“I just wanted a good education for my daughter and for her to live a comfortable life working in a magical profession. I didn’t expect her to participate in dangerous missions.” Magdalena was almost crying.

“Well you must also understand that the Holy Order Academy does more than teach young mages, witches, and wizards. The Holy Order itself is an organization that is designed to investigate and combat the forces of evil or any magic user reckless to abuse their powers for nefarious means. So it wouldn’t be so hard for a few students to be enamored by such a lifestyle that they would eagerly volunteer themselves to the Academy”

“B-but Candice is too young. She’s not a soldier, she’s a child she should be studying, hanging out with her friends not.. not going off and getting involved with dangerous missions!”

“I agree, but also understand that agents of the Holy Order tend to make enemies of the covens and mages they investigate or fight against. Ones that will seek to harm the agents, or even their family members.”

“No!” Magdalena said in shock as she weeped into her hands. Distraught that her daughter would be risking her life so recklessly.

Katrina got up and sat right next to the distraught woman, then wrapped a comforting arm around her. The pleasurable feeling from the arm touching her shoulders was more intense than what Magdalena felt when her hands were touched. Subconsciously, Magdalena pushed against Katrina’s comforting arm. Her eyes wandered to the bottom of the door, which also had abstract patterns that were glowing in a golden yellow color like elsewhere in the carriage. Imagery of Katrina’s lips flashed through her mind again. This time it was hovering next to her cheek, to the corner of her lips, and almost kissing them. For several seconds, Magdalena enjoyed Katrina’s closeness and forgot about her daughter. She even instinctively turned her face towards Katrina’s.

Realizing what she was doing, Magdalena distanced herself away from Katrina until they were about a foot apart. She felt strange, which she attributed to her worrying about her daughter, the heat in the carriage, and her persistent caution and fear of Katrina despite Katrina’s claim of being Candice’s friend.

“Mrs. Brunwin, are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“No, it...it just feels kind of warm in here...” Magdalena found herself staring at Katrina’s gold-painted lips and gleaming gold-lidded eyes with long, thick lashes covered with mascara. She turned away and looked around at the interior of the carriage, her eyes catching sight of the glowing abstract patterns again, which were imparting new ideas, thoughts, and feelings in her mind. She briefly wondered what it would like to put on the same make-up as Katrina but dismissed the idea as being ridiculous.

“Yes, this carriage can feel a bit stuffy. If you’re feeling uncomfortable you should take off your jacket.”

The tone in Katrina’s voice made her comment sound more like a command than a suggestion, but Magdalena took the action nonetheless. She took off her dark brown wool coat and placed it beside her, leaving on her gray-on-white pinstripe blouse on. Katrina then leaned forward a bit, in doing so, giving Magdalena a grand view of her cleavage, and took hold of Magdalena’s jacket and with a gesture of her hand the carriage window lowered itself and she threw the jacket out.

Before Magdalena could voice her objection Katrina cut her off. “Don’t worry about that gaudy thing. I have something that would suit a beautiful figure like you a whole lot better. Now just relax a bit, we’re just two beautiful women having a very pleasant conversation.”

Feeling a strange urge, Magdalena faced her body towards Katrina and moved her fingers to the top button of the blouse, but stopped and lowered her hands after realizing how inappropriate it was. Katrina smiled slightly, knowing that the mind warping magic was having an effect on Magdalena, who blushed and shyly avoided Katrina’s gaze.

“Feeling better?”

“I think so...” The woman struggled to maintain her train of thought. “About my...daughter...”

“Yes, let’s talk about your daughter, Candice. How much do you know about your daughter, Mrs. Brunwin?”

Magdalena thought Katrina was dodging the main topic and unusual question made her face contort slightly in response.

“Please answer honestly, Mrs. Brunwin, or else I can’t help you and your daughter.”

Katrina reached out and placed a hand over Magdalena again. The touch gave the woman an unexpected pleasurable jolt as before due to the effects of the drug, causing her to retract her hand.

“Please don’t be afraid, Mrs. Brunwin. I’m just trying to help you relax.”

Magdalena moved her hand back to her lap and allowed the back of her hand to be touched by Katrina’s hand. A soft gasp escaped the woman’s lips. The pleasurable sensations came back. This time, the sensations were sustained. Instinctively, she faced her chest towards Katrina again and her free hand moved up as if to unbutton her blouse but stopped abruptly. Feeling spooked by the novel feelings, Magdalena tried to retract her hand again, but Katrina held onto it assertively but not so forceful as to make it appear that Magdalena wasn’t allowed to remove her hand. The image of her lips coming close to Katrina’s lips flickered in Magdalena’s mind again, but she ignored it.

“My daughter is a good girl. She’s very studious, her instructors have been sending excellent reports about her, Candice always does her chores, and rarely gets into arguments with me and my husband. She enjoys reading novels, watching plays, listening to music, hiking with her friends, and tinkering with gadgets. We gave her a lot of freedom to do what she wants, within certain limits and means in order to help her develop a sense of independence.” Magdalena gasped with pleasure again as thinking of her daughter began to create some pleasant sensations within her.

“Mrs. Magdalena, you seem thirsty. Why don’t you have some more tea?” Katrina removed her hand from Magdalena’s hand and went to retrieve the tea set.

A sensation of relief came to Magdalena after the strange sensations stopped. At the same time, she was subconsciously disappointed that they were gone. Although Magdalena didn’t feel thirsty at first, Katrina’s statement made her think that she was indeed thirsty.

You will always obey Katrina.

For some inexplicable reason, Magdalena found herself trusting Katrina more now. Magdalena found her eyes roaming over Katrina’s ass while the girl had her back turned. For a brief moment, she thought she saw Katrina’s golden panties through the robe, but dismissed it as just due to her overactive imagination. Disgusted by her leering, she looked away. The glowing patterns on the panels caught her eye again. For about three seconds she was in a trance as new truths, thoughts, feelings, and desires were instilled in her.

“Here.” Katrina offered Magdalena a cup of warm tea on a saucer.

As the woman accepted the cup and saucer, she saw Katrina’s gleaming gold-painted nails. Briefly, she wondered how she would look with her nails painted in the same gold color or even glossy red, but then realized they were inappropriate for her. Magdalena took a few sips from the cup, but something told her to finish the entire cup, and she quickly gulped it down as fast as possible.

“Oh my, you must have been really thirsty... Feeling better now?”

“Yes, I feel better...” But, Magdalena wasn’t so sure. She didn’t know why she blurted the response so fast. The woman soon found herself looking directly at Katrina’s face, especially at the gold-lidded eyes and gold-painted lips. Her mouth opened slightly and her tongue started to lick around her lower lip, but she stopped herself before the action became too obvious.

“Do you think I look pretty, Mrs. Brunwin?” asked Katrina in an affectionate tone.

Surprised by the question and not wanting to offend, Magdalena nervously replied, “Yes, of course, I think you’re really pretty.”

A smirk appeared on Katrina’s face. “I asked because I noticed you were looking at me a lot.”

Worried that her actions were being misconstrued, the woman hastily replied, “No, it’s not what you think! I wasn’t looking at you like that. I was just...admiring your make-up. I think it looks good on you.” Magdalena hoped the excuse was satisfactory.

“Thank you. I rarely get compliments for my make-up,” said Katrina in a flirty tone. “Do you wear make-up, Mrs. Brunwin?”

“Not on a regular basis, I only wear it for special occasions.”

“I think red looks very good on your lips and nails, don’t you think?”

Not wanting to offend, Magdalena replied, “I think it might.” Briefly, she saw a mental image of herself with glossy ruby red lips and nails, and her lips were hovering close to Katrina’s lips.

“It will look good on you,” said Katrina in a domineering tone.

Katrina’s words send a small shockwave of pleasure up the woman’s spine. Magdalena felt flushed and excited without knowing why. “I-if you say so...”

Suddenly the carriage lurched forward. Katrina pretended to lose balance and made herself fall on Magdalena and briefly touched the woman’s lips with her own. Due to the heightened sexual sensitivity caused by the drugged tea and the mental manipulation, Magdalena moaned at the close body contact. The erotic sensations overwhelmed her. She parted her lips, stuck her tongue out and swiped it in the air, seeking contact, and also arched her back in a subconscious effort to push her breasts upward against Katrina’s body.

“I’m sorry. We must have hit a large pothole on the road.”

Katrina’s apology made Magdalena become aware of her actions and she quickly stopped what she was doing, not noticing Katrina’s wry smile. Magdalena was confused at what she had done. At the same time, her body felt hot and her crotch was tingling. Beads of sweat were visible on her forehead.

“You must be feeling very hot. You may unbutton your blouse if you want.”

“But ...”

“Don’t worry. It’s just us in the carriage. No one else would see you except...me...” Katrina put a sultry emphasis on “me”. Magdalena was too bothered by the feelings in her body to notice the sensual insinuation.

Magdalena faced Katrina, feeling a strange compulsion to do so, not knowing of the magical influence directing her thoughts and behavior, and placed her fingers on the topmost button of her blouse and subtly thrusted her chest out at the same time. Just as she was about to undo the first button, she hesitated. Something felt wrong.

“You’re safe with me, Mrs. Brunwin. Now would you kindly unbutton your blouse.” Katrina’s voice was soft but had an undercurrent of authority.

You will always obey Katrina.

After the first two buttons were undone, Katrina was able to see a sliver of Magdalena’s bra, enough to know it was a full-sized, plain bra made from white cotton.


Magdalena stopped her actions abruptly. Her body didn’t move at the slightest, and her face remained locked in a neutral expression, one directed at where Katrina was sitting.

From her robe, Katrina retrieved a golden dildo emblazoned with abstract patterns and waved it next to Magdalena’s chest and crotch, lightly grazing her body through the clothing, creating sparkles around the areas that were touched. The woman’s plain cotton bra and panties were transformed to a set of shiny red satin bra and panties.


Obeying the command, Magdalena’s hands began moving again. Once she had finished unbuttoning her blouse, her midriff and upper body became more exposed and the now satin bra was partly visible now. Magdalena found herself licking her lips, thrusting her chest out, and slightly parting her thighs. At first, she made a conscious effort to stop her inappropriate actions and was successful initially but later she then struggled to resist what her body seemed to be automatically doing as if her body had a mind of its own. What also bothered her was that she was feeling less disturbed by her flirtatious acts each subsequent time she did them. With a great amount of effort, she stopped herself. What she did was not only inappropriate, it could put her into trouble as Katrina might take it the wrong way. Embarrassed by what she had just done, she crossed her arms, as if trying to hide her already covered breasts.

“Mrs. Brunwin, you can put your arms down. You’re acting so… childish. Acting so paranoid, as if some guy is going to jump out and do something to you. As I stated before it’s just you and me inside this carriage. You’re acting as if you don’t trust me.”

Reluctantly, Magdalena placed her arms down. Feeling a bit ashamed of her behavior towards her hostess.

“Your bra looks pretty. Where did you get it?”

Looking downward, Magdalena noticed that she was wearing a satin instead of a cotton bra. She didn’t remember putting such a bra on earlier nor did she recall owning such a bra as she was unfamiliar with the design. However, a voice told her the bra did belong to her as well as the matching panties she was wearing and she had brought the set from a boutique chain named Exclusive.


“That’s an upscale store. I shop there sometimes. No wonder your bra looks familiar. They sell all kinds of lingerie and make-up there.”

Magdalena saw an image in her mind of herself with make-up and wearing only the red satin bra and panties and posing in front of a mirror like a model. Showing off her sexy body. Magdalena let out a playful giggle as she cupped her breasts and pushed them together.

“Are you feeling better now?”

“I guess so.”

“Are you sure? Be honest with me.”

“I-I still feel kind of hot for some reason.” Magdalena was noticeably shuddering as she subconsciously rubbed her hips together to relieve the tension between her legs. The drugs were having a strong effect on her.

“How about some cold water?”

“Sure, I would love that.”

Make love...

Katrina poured water into a glass from a pitcher filled with ice cubes and was handing the glass to Magdalena when suddenly the carriage lurched again, causing Katrina to “accidentally” spill the water from the glass and pitcher onto the woman’s upper body, soaking the shirt. Unknown to the woman, this accident was intended.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!”

Due to the water being enchanted, the spill spread to the entirety of Magdalena’s blouse, soaking it almost thoroughly and making it translucent.

“You need to take your blouse off or else you’ll catch a cold!” exclaimed Katrina with mock concern.

However, Magdalena was reluctant after remembering what Katrina had done with her coat. Looking at the empty spot where her coat that she had taken off earlier had been. Somehow, with the coat gone, discarded somewhere on the roadway they were traveling on, Magdalena faced the stark realization that she would have nothing to wear on her upper body except for her bra.

“Here, let me help you.” Katrina sat next to Magdalena.

Obey Katrina...

Magdalena turned her back towards Katrina and dangled her arms backward at an angle.

“I’m sorry for making you so wet!” Katrina apologized as she reached for the blouse’s collar and gently pulled downward.

When Katrina’s fingers grazed on the woman’s neck and back, it caused the mature woman to gasp involuntarily and shiver in pleasure.

Make love...

“Make love...” Magdalena repeated in a husky, robotic whisper.

“Did you say something?” asked Katrina as she pulled the soaked sleeves through the woman’s arms.

Magdalena placed a hand over her mouth, shocked at what she had accidentally said. “No, I was just mumbling to myself.”

Katrina grabbed one of Magdalena’s wrists and directed the woman to face her. The distance was very close, so close that it made the woman’s heart beat fast. Her nipples very visibly poked against the satin bra. The image herself putting her red-painted lips close to Katrina’s lips reappeared in her mind.

“Mrs. Brunwin, I’m really sorry about your clothes. I hope I can make it up to you.”

“Make...” Magdalena silenced herself before she could say the embarrassing phrase.

“I have some extra clothes but they’re hard to retrieve right now while the carriage is moving. Is there anything else you need?”

I need sex...

“I-I need...” Magdalena forced herself to be silent. However, she found herself thrusting her chest out, showing off her breasts, and her hands slowly tracing her hips and waist, to tantalize the sexy curves of her body. Again, she had to forcibly stop herself.

“What do you need, Mrs. Brunwin?” asked Katrina as touched one of Magdalena’s hands that was resting on the leather seat then lightly dragged her fingers up the wrist. A protracted gasp escaped from the woman’s lips.

Delirious with lust, Magdalena looked at Katrina in the eyes and was unable to resist licking her lips. She unconsciously again thrusted her chest out. The carriage suddenly lurched again. Katrina deliberately fell on Magdalena, pretending to lose her balance, pushing the woman down with her weight. The sudden forceful contact of their bodies, especially Katrina’s breasts colliding with the younger woman’s breasts, caused Magdalena to moan loudly, but the moan was partially muffled by an “accidental” kiss from Katrina. Magdalena parted her lips and stuck her tongue out, briefly rubbing it against Katrina’s lips. She even arched her back in an attempt to deepen the contact. But, Katrina pulled away and apologized as she helped the woman back up before the act could progress further.

“I’m so sorry for falling onto you. I think we just ran over another pothole.”

I need sex.

“I-I need...”

“Do you need to contact your husband?”

Magdalena suddenly remembered she had a family. Her willpower was able to overcome the effects of the drug and enchantment, at least for the while. “My husband...” She tried to remember his face as she looked out the window. There were many trees moving past them. Looking against the direction of travel, she could see the buildings of the walled city at the distance, illuminated with magic lights. “Where are you taking me?” Magdalena asked worriedly.

“I told you earlier that we need to go to a place more private to talk about your daughter, remember?”

“My daughter...” The mention of the word “private” brought up the image of an elegant bedroom lit with candles in Magdalena’s mind, but she disregarded it and struggled to remember the topic of discussion regarding her daughter and why she had gotten on this carriage. Her memories were hazy.

The carriage made a right turn, then ten seconds later, it came to a full stop. Looking out the window, Magdalena noticed that they were in a barren clearing surrounded by trees. “Why do we need to be so far outside the city?”

“We nobles are constantly being spied on. Even if we talked in an empty street, it would be easy for a spy to hide himself with an invisibility spell and eavesdrop on us. Do you need to contact her husband?”

“Yes, do you have a magic mirror?”

“I do, but it’s unwise to use it to communicate. Spies can intercept our message. I don’t have one with cryptographic capability at the moment. We generally don’t carry such sophisticated devices around unless we absolutely need to as we don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands. However, don’t fret. I can send messages with this.” Katrina revealed in her palm a golden wasp automaton. “It will carry your message to a relay center and forward it to your husband via an automated magic mirror call. What do you want to tell him?”

The gilded patterns on the walls glowed with yellow light. Magdalena froze for a few moments as commands were relayed to her mind in a domineering voice.

You have no feelings for your husband.

You have no interest in men.

You are a lesbian.

Magdalena wondered why she didn’t really worry about not contacting her husband. Despite this indifferent feeling, she felt obligated to tell her husband that she was safe. You can write: ‘Joseph, I am currently staying with my friend. Decided to have an impromptu girl’s night out. I won’t be back until...’”

“After Midnight,” Katrina finished for her.

Magdalena was about to protest, but then something stopped her...

Obey Katrina...

Love Katrina...

Lust for Katrina...

Katrina must have a good reason for that, Magdalena thought, despite her misgivings, so she repeated “after midnight” with a husky tone.

“It’s going to take me some time to prepare the message. I also have to deal with messages other people have sent me.” Katrina looked at the golden wasp automatons hovering outside her carriage a short distance away. “I need to do this outside. I can’t directly control those messenger automatons for security reasons.”

The grim-looking chauffeur opened the carriage door and helped Katrina out. Magdalena avoided looking at the man as he gave her a bad vibe and instinctively covered her breasts as she turned her back towards him. After the chauffier closed the door and walked away somewhere, Magdalena realized that she was alone inside the carriage. She moved one hand between her legs and began a gentle massaging motion but then quickly retracted it upon realizing the lewd act she was about to perform in someone’s carriage.

The drugs and mind spells were still having an effect on her, but Magdalena managed to fight off the urges to pleasure herself. It was inappropriate to do outside of a private dwelling, let alone in someone else’s carriage with other people nearby.

A pink gas poured out from hidden openings inside the now airtight carriage. The gas became invisible as it expanded inside the compartment, unnoticed by Magdalena. When she noticed the strange aroma, she thought it was from the natural surroundings. The gilded patterns on the walls and ceiling glowed brightly, quickly entrancing the unsuspecting woman.

You are sexually attracted to Katrina...

You want to touch and feel Katrina’s body...

You want to have sex with Katrina...

You will always obey Katrina...

You will always be loyal to Katrina...

You are not sexually attracted to men...

You are only sexually attracted to women...

You are a lesbian...

You crave lesbian sex...

You need lesbian sex...

You must always have lesbian sex...

You will always think about having lesbian sex...

You will always moan like a whore...

The vile patterns stopped emitting its corrupting glow, and Magdalena was aware and able to move again. Her body was feeling hot. Her nipples poked noticeably against her red satin bra. Moisture from her womanhood soaked through her panties, which had also changed to red satin earlier. A loud gasp escaped from her lips when she raised her right hand to cup her breast. Similar to drugged tea she had consumed earlier, the pink gas she inhaled contained an inhibition lowering drug and an aphrodisiac, but it was much more potent than the drugged tea. She stopped worrying about the inappropriateness of engaging in self-pleasure inside the carriage. After partly pulling down her black slacks, her free hand went straight to the area between her thighs and dragged aside the front panel of her moist panties before jamming two fingers into her glistening wet pussy. Her mouth opened in a loud, erotic moan. She licked around her lips, thrusted her breasts out, and parted her thighs. Intense imagery of her engaging in all manner of lesbian sex acts with Katrina paraded through her mind. She kept moaning repeatedly with each powerful thrust of her fingers. Her moaning was very loud and erotic, as commanded by the voice, as if she was being fucked hard by someone if one were to just listen to her sounds alone. Beads of sweat trickled on her skin. However, despite her strenuous effort she wasn’t able to achieve orgasm.

When she heard the carriage door open, Magdalena immediately ceased her actions but was unable to pull up her slacks in time. The door was closed by chauffeur after Katrina stepped in.

“I’m finally done. What were you doing while I was alway?” asked Katrina in a parental tone.

Magdalena struggled to come up with a lie. “I-I was...thinking about my daughter...”

Katrina’s mouth moved, but Magdalena couldn’t hear anything. The woman entered a trance, placed her thumbs beneath the waistband of her slacks, removed them completely from her leg, and set them aside before she regained her senses.

“Oh really? What’s her name?”

“Her...name?” repeated Magdalena slowly. She struggled to remember the name of her daughter, and the fact that she was highly aroused and prevented from achieving orgasm made her thinking even more difficult. Her mind and memories a foggy haze Magdalena couldn’t even recall why she had gotten into the carriage with this girl of nobility in the first place.

Katrina spoke in an inaudible voice again.

Magdalena’s legs immediately parted, fully exposing her panties that had a visible moist at the center. She cupped her breasts with both hands, stuck her tongue out and slid it between her lips, and eyed Katrina seductively while uttering in a husky voice, “Want to play with me?”

The inaudible litany of words continued.

Magdalena got up from her seat and knelt down in the opposite seat, placing her legs astride Katrina’s thighs, and rested her palms on the seat’s backrest for support. “Let’s make love.” The mature woman proceeded to lower her lips in an attempt to kiss the girl.

“Mrs. Brunwin, what are you doing?!” asked Katrina in a shocked and angry tone.

Magdalena snapped out of her trance and, realizing what she was about to do, immediately backed away from Katrina and walked further away in the empty space between the seats. She wondered what had gone over to her. The whole situation felt terribly wrong.

“Magdalena, are you a.... a prostitute?” Katrina said as she feigned disgust at Magdalena’s actions.

“No, I...I...ummmm...” The woman struggled to think and recall. Her mind was filled with lustful thoughts about Katrina. However, the imagery of her daughter appeared in her mind, pushing away the lecherous thoughts, but she couldn’t visualize her face or remember her name.

“Then please explain why have you been trying to seduce me all this time and even tried to kiss me!”

“I’m so sorry... I just want to know what happened to my daughter... I’m so worried about her... You came to me and told me that she was in danger!” Tears trickled down Magdalena’s face.

“How can you claim to have a daughter and be worried about her when you don’t even know her name?” asked Katrina incredulously.

“I-I-I...do have a daughter...I just need some time to reme--”

“And don’t you dare try to shift the blame on me, it wasn’t me who came to you. It was you who flagged down my carriage. I was kind enough to stop to speak with you. You asked me if I was a member of the Holy Order Academy and if I knew your daughter, claiming that you’re worried about her. But, you never gave me her name, Convincing me that you wanted to go to someplace more private first to discuss business. It looks like it’s been a ruse all along! As a member of House Hartelle I can easily have you locked away for deceit and lewd conduct.”

Katrina’s version of the events played in Magdalena’s mind. She now recalled herself working her usual street corner, making offers to the various beautiful women passing by. When she caught sight of Katrina inside her carriage. Fixated by the young blonde’s beauty, Magdalena flagged down Katrina’s carriage, then asked to speak with the lady in the carriage. Katrina appeared and asked Magdalena’s reason for her attention. She quickly came up with the fake story that her daughter at the Holy Order Academy might be in danger and requested help in finding out if it was true and assistance in helping her daughter if that’s the case while at the same time engaging in subtle flirtation with the noble girl, assisted by the attention grabbing make-up that included lustrous red lipstick, black mascara, and metallic green eyeshadow she had put on earlier in the morning. Did this really happen? Magdalena looked at her reflection on the window glass and noticed with shock that she was indeed wearing make-up and her nails were painted red too.

“No, I’m not a prostitute. This has all been a misunderstanding!” the woman denied.

“Oh really, then why are you only dressed in your underwear?”

Magdalena looked at her own body. She didn’t recall taking off her slacks, but the reason she took off her coat was because she was feeling warm and her blouse because Katrina had accidentally spilled water on it.

“It was because of you accidentally spilling water on my clothes...”

“No...no...” Katrina shook her head as a matter-of-factly. “Your clothes are completely dry. Look!”

Magdalena looked at the spot beside her that Katrina was pointing at and saw with shock a red leather jacket, semi-sheer red blouse, and a red knee-length gored skirt were lying there instead of her black slacks and white blouse. They were completely dry, but they weren’t her clothes! She was also shocked to find herself wearing shiny red, four-inch high heels with singular ankle straps instead of brown loafers.

“No, those don’t belong to me!”

“Do you see other clothing lying around here?”

Looking around, Magdalena realized it was true. Those were the only clothes she saw lying around and they were completely dry. She struggled to reconcile her recent memories with what were presented as “facts” by Katrina. “H-how is this possible?”

The golden patterns on the walls glowed, causing Magdalena to stand still like a statue. New memories wrote into her mind. She remembered, earlier in the morning, wearing her favorite red satin bra and panty set, pulling up a red skirt through her legs, putting on a sheer red blouse, applying make-up, wearing a red jacket, and slipping her feet into red high heels. During late afternoon, she started waiting for a specific carriage whose occupant had caught her attention from the past few days she’s seen pass her street corner and flagged it down. She shamefully recalled asking Katrina for help regarding her daughter but refrained from giving specific details. In the meantime, she had been actively trying to seduce Katrina, going as far as stripping down to her underwear, complaining that the interior was too hot and stuffy for her tastes. But was she really a prostitute? The imagery of her and other women began to rapidly flash within her mind. Magdalena saw some coins exchanging hands, which soon led to mental images of various women who paid for her services. Kissing her, groping her, and her performing whatever lewd sexual act they requested of her. She recalled being in her office, a cheap room that she rented from the seedy hotel that was just across the street corner she worked from. Soon another image flashed in her mind as another woman, a blonde, worked her fingers in and out of her quivering pussy, as she herself stared at the beautiful cunt that her favored client presented to her. They were in her favorite sexual position, the 69. Instinctively she began to eat out the pussy in front of her and savor it’s divine taste. The only thing she remembered about this particular client was that she was a regular and Magdalena always addressed her as her Golden Goddess. Then she remembered the “facts” that Katrina brought up about their encounter. How she sensually licked her lips at the young blonde mage, batting her lashes, thrusting her breasts out, tracing her bodily curves, and verbally offering lesbian sex while half-naked made it difficult to argue that she wasn’t trying seduce Katrina.

Katrina’s words are completely true...

“Solicitation of prostitution outside of established red zones is a crime. Unlicensed prostitutes are prohibited to offer services to nobles unless asked. Both crimes are punished by fines and imprisonment.”

Magdalena put herself on her knees in front of Katrina and pleaded desperately, “Please, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t mean to. It’s a total misunderstanding. I am...I am...just...just...doing this for my...my...” She struggled to remember and soon burst out sobbing.

“There, there, everything’s okay because you’ve passed the test, Magdalena.” Katrina placed a hand on top of Magdalena’s head, lightly stroking it as if she were a pet, giving the semi-nude woman shivers of excitement.

“T-test my lady?”

“House Hartelle has many enemies. It’s hard to tell who’s friend or foe. For all I know, you could be an assassin wanting to take my life. I had to put you through a test to know if you’re genuine or not.”

Katrina placed three fingers underneath Magdalena’s chin and tilted it upwards. Their eyes locked in an intense gaze. Magdalena felt as if she were falling into Katrina’s eyes.

“You look very beautiful, Magdalena.”

“Thank you,” replied the bedazzled woman, who felt a sense of pride that she was praised for her beauty by an attractive female of nobility like Katrina.

“Have you ever slept with a man?”

Magdalena struggled to recall her current and past intimate relationships. She thought she was currently married to a man but couldn’t remember anything about him.


“Does that mean you’re a lesbian?”

Magdalena thought she was heterosexual, but was unable to come up with evidence for it. She couldn’t remember if she had ever been interested in the male gender, but she also couldn’t recall herself to be attracted to women except for Katrina. But, it felt strange that she was only realizing this now.

“I’m not sure...”

I am a lesbian...

The statement resounded in her mind, but Magdalena stopped short of repeating it verbally due to her uncertainty.

“You don’t have to answer this immediately. You should answer only if you’re comfortable with your sexual orientation.”

Magdalena felt a sense of relief. At the same time, she was afraid that Katrina might reject her if she gave the incorrect answer or wait too long to give the correct answer.

“You may stand. There’s no need to kneel in front of me.”

“Thank you, Katrina.”

“Come, sit next to me.” Katrina patted her hand on a spot to her right.

“Is there anything you need right now, Mrs. Brunwin?”

Magdalena was still under great sexual tension, but she fought against her urges and stopped herself from embracing and kissing Katrina with her willpower, but couldn’t resist gasping and mewing softly. Despite Katrina kindly overlooking what she had done earlier, she didn’t want to risk offending the noble lady again.

I need sex...

“I need s--”

“What’s that?”

“No!” Magdalena denied the voice out loud. She looked at her pile of clothes a few feet away on the opposite side. “I-I need to get dressed.”

After she took three steps, Katrina asked, “Didn’t say you were feeling hot?”

Magdalena stopped with her back facing Katrina. “I felt hot?” she repeated confusedly.

“Yes, you said you were feeling hot, so you took your clothes off. I agree that it does feel kind of warm in here.”

Didn’t Katrina accuse Magdalena of trying to seduce her and soliciting prostitution? Is Katrina suggesting it’s okay for her to remain dressed minimally like this?

“You are very hot, smoking hot.”

Shake your butt...

Magdalena resisted the impulse to move her hips, not wanting to risk angering Katrina.

“You don’t have to get dressed if you don’t want to.”

Shake your butt… commanded the voice within Magdalena's head but this time a bit more threatening.

Already overburdened by suppressing lustful desires for Katrina and believing that she had allowed her to remain partly undressed like this, Magdalena relented to the voice and began gyrating her hips sensually. She gave a sidelong glance to see if Katrina was looking. Katrina appeared interested. Magdalena ran her fingers through her long hair and gave it a toss then traced her bodily curves from the peripheries of her breast down to her hips. She hoped her act would enticed Katrina in being closer with her.


Magdalena froze. For several moments, she wondered in fear if she had misjudged Katrina’s interest. She had her answer when Katrina walked up from behind her and hugged her around her waist with Katrina’s chest pressing on her naked back, causing her to moan softly from the delightful tingling sensations. She tilted her head and pushed back against Katrina’s embrace.

“Is there anything you need, Magdalena?” whispered Katrina coyly into the woman’s ear.

The abstract patterns glowed. All thinking ceased in Magdalena’s mind for a few seconds.

I want to be fucked...

“I want to be fucked...” replied the woman and punctuating it with a moan. She was too aroused, too needy for sexual release to care about the propriety of the request.

Katrina held Magdalena’s shoulders and turned her around so they were face to face.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier? You were suffering for so long for no reason,” Katrina said with a mock tone of concern, “and I have just the right thing to help you with that!”

Katrina guided the sexually delirious woman back to the leather seat by the hand. The hand holding gave her spikes of pleasure. Even platonic touching now became sexually charged for Magdalena.

“But, first we need to fix your make-up from your crying earlier.”

From a hidden compartment, Katrina retrieved a make-up kit. She wiped off the smeared mascara, eyeliner, and blush from Magdalena’s cheeks and eyelids and reapplied the ruined make-up as well as added additional coats of red lipstick on the woman’s lips. Each stroke of the mascara brush, eyeliner pencil, and lipstick gave the woman pleasurable sensations. She even tried to lick the tapered end of the lipstick as it brushed against her lips. Once the touch-up was complete, Magdalena admired herself on a small make-up mirror proffered by Katrina, forgetting the fact that she had never worn such make-up in such amounts and in intense colors.

“Have you ever kissed a woman before?”


“Didn’t you say you were a lesbian? How is it possible for you to be a lesbian and never kissed a woman before? Were you lying to me?!”

“I-I don’t know... I...” Magdalena’s thoughts were in a jumble. She had difficulty searching for her memories. Only bits and fragments came to her mind, but not enough to form anything coherent. Why can’t she remember?

“It’s alright, you don’t have to worry about that for now. I understand it’s hard to think when you’re under a lot of stress. Don’t struggle holding back your feelings...let them all out... Don’t hold back your thoughts...let them all out...”

The abstract patterns in the carriage’s interior glowed brilliantly, momentarily capturing the Magdalena’s attention, enough to entrance her burn their messages and commands into the woman’s soft, pliant mind.

A soft moan came out of Magdalena’s gleaming, parted red lips. She arched her back slightly, thrusting her breasts out to make them more noticeable. There were visible indentations on the satin bra from her erect nipples. Looking lustfully at Katrina in the eye, she grabbed a mass of her blonde hair and tossed it back over her shoulder and lightly shook it. She then turned her head away and upward slightly, focusing her eyes elsewhere while batting her eyelashes then looked directly at Katrina again.

“You look so cute, Magdalena! Is there anything you want me to do with you?”

“Please let’s...make...love...” Magdalena uttered in a sensual voice now sounded natural to her, and she subtly parted her thighs.

“Can you say that again?”

“Let’s...make...love...” She raised her voice slightly.

“And what do you need?”

“I...need...sex...” There was sexual desperation in Magdalena’s voice.

“Are you a lesbian?”

I am a lesbian...


“Because I can’t fuck you if you are not.”


“Then say what you are...”

I am a lesbian...

“I am a lesbian!” Magdalena moaned loudly as a bolt of pleasure shot through her. Clear feminine fluids trickled down her thighs from the edges of her panties.

The carriage began moving again.

“Good!” exclaimed Katrina wickedly as she lifted up a rocket-shaped golden dildo vertically in front of the woman’s face. “Now we can start!”

Magdalena looked at the golden dildo with lust and adoration and extended her tongue, touching the near the bottom of the shaft and lightly brushing Katrina’s fingers. There was a sparkle at the spot where her tongue and the golden surface met. She dragged her tongue upwards, sliding her tongue on the smooth, rounded surface, creating more sparkles of yellow magical energy.

Katrina then placed her left hand on Magdalena’s shoulder and gently pushed her down until she was lying down against the seat of the carriage. Magdalena’s body trembling with sexual excitement at Katrina's touch on her body.

Giving her a devious look Katrina traced the golden dildo against the nipple of Magdalena’s right breast. She gently rubbed it and traced circles against it as she watched with wicked delight seeing the blonde woman whimper and moan.

Soon she led the tip of the dildo through the captivating valley of Magdalena’s breasts, down towards her smooth, well-toned belly, through the neatly trimmed hairs of her pubic mound and stopped atop her clict. As she rubbed against it with the tip of the gold dildo just as she had down with Magdalena’s nipple moments before.

In response Magdalena let out a guttural moan as she arched her hips forward, rubbing her loins against the golden shaft. Feeling it rub against her most intimate spot. Pleading to Katrina with her eyes, begging for the blonde teen to penetrate her.

“Soon Magdalena, soon. But before I start I need to let you know that I’m going to ask you a series of questions and despite the pleasure you’re feeling I need to do your best to answer me as truthfully and honestly as possible. Do you understand?”

Magdalena only whimpered and nodded her head in agreement. Too worked up and only seeking the sexual release that only Katrina could give her.

“We may begin my sweet Magdalena.” Katrina said in a sultry tone as she slowly worked the golden fuck rod into Magdalena’s love tunnel. Its magic hitting every nerve within with jolts of divine pleasure. Filling Magdalena in a way she never imagined possible.

All Magdalena could do was just coo and aww at the heavenly pleasure she was receiving. Letting her cares and worries slip away. It no longer mattered that she was a happily married woman with a wholesome daughter in a prestigious academy. If the pleasure she was receiving told her she was a debauched lesbian whore, then she was a debauched lesbian whore.

“So, what’s your daughter’s name? You said you have a daughter studying at the Holy Order Academy.” Katrina mischievously asked as she worked the golden dildo in and out of Magdalena’s sex-craved cunt. Eliciting only moans of pleasure as a response from the mature blonde who had her legs lewdly splayed out in front of her blonde hostess. Exposing her intimate area for Katrina to see.

“Uhh… d-daughter … ohhhh … yesss” Magdalena hissed and arched her back as Katrina’s use of the golden rod seemed to be hitting all the right spots deep within her womanhood. Her mind was too preoccupied with the wonderful sensations hitting her body to focus on Katrina’s inquiry.

“Yes, your daughter, the one that you asked me to help you with, don’t you remember?” Katrina asked

“D-daughhteer!!! Ohhhhh!!” Magdalena moaned as a series of pleasurable convulsions rocked her body.

“You told me about your daughter earlier, but are you sure you know everything about her?”

“I… think her name is Ca… no I mean I know her name. It’s… it’s?” Magdalena stammered as she tried in vain to focus on her daughter’s name.

Magdalena furrowed her brow as she tried her best to focus on her daughter, the reason why she was in this situation. Try as she might, the pleasure was too much for her mind to overcome and her mind could not grasp on to the actual memories of her dear Candice.

“That’s okay my sweet. Don’t worry, after all I’m your daughter’s best friend and I think I would know her just as well as you do. Even better.” Katrina said as she placed her left hand gently on Magdalena’s left shoulder and gently massaged it.

Magdalena felt a sense of calm and pleasure again flow through. Washing away the frustration she previously felt as she tried to remember her daughter’s name.

“Emelia, your daughter’s name is Emelia.” Katrina said as she shifted her hand from Magdalena’s shoulder to above her forehead and with a playful gentleness Katrina poked it. Which in turn allowed new memories to be placed into Magdalena’s mind, ones that would suit Katrina’s interests in Candice and her mother.

“Emelia” Magdalena said in a blissed out haze. As she focused on that beautiful name. Nevermind the fact that Magdalena named Candice after her own grandmother. Who she had a fond relationship with.

Magdalena furrowed her brow as she tried her best to focus on her daughter, the reason why she was in this situation. Try as she might, the pleasure was too much for her mind to overcome and her mind could not grasp on to the actual memories of her dear Candice, which in turn allowed new memories to be placed into Magdalena’s mind, ones that would suit Katrina’s interests in Candice and her mother.

Magdalena recalled she had a daughter that was born out of wedlock despite the fact that she and Joseph were married for three years before they had Candice. She remembered that she conceived her daughter during her earlier years when she started prostitution to pay for her university tuition and living expenses. At that time she started her sex work offering sexual services to men and it was that time that one of her johns had knocked her up. After the pregnancy Magdalena switched to sexually servicing women and found their company more enjoyable then the men she serviced and had been a lesbian hooker ever since. Her only regret through her pregnancy being that it was a man that got her pregnant.

“What do you know about her social relationships?”

Magdalena only drooled in response as another jolt of pleasure travelled up her spine as she thought of her daughter, her beautiful, sexy daughter. She didn’t know much about the people that Candice hung out with other than that they were respectable and wholesome folk. Candice never complained to Magdalena about her peers so there wasn’t much of a need to keep tabs on Candice’s social life and Magdalena would only get involved if they were to have a negative impact on her daughter.

More new memories began to form in Magdalena’s head, ones where she advocated to her beautiful daughter to only hang out with girls, to avoid the attention of boys, and encouraged her to flirt with her cute female friends. Another moan escaped Magdalena’s lips as the thought of Candice being a promiscuous lesbian tart and following in her footsteps thrilled Magdalena to no end.

As Magdalena felt the sexual crescendo began to build and reach its ultimate peak. She felt it start to abate, disappointment began to fill her as she noticed that her pussy felt empty, devoid of the wonderful pleasure she was feeling.

Looming over her with the golden dildo, glistening with her female honey, in hand was Katrina. Who then leaned in and pressed the dildo’s tip into Magdalena’s mouth.

“Suck” was the only thing Katrina said and Magdalena eagerly obeyed. Parting her bright ruby-colored lips Magdalena allowed the gold-colored dildo entry into her mouth and it felt delightful. Magdalena could taste herself as Katrina worked the obscene golden phallus in and out of her eager mouth. She let out a soft moan as she swallowed the golden rod, swirling her tongue around the shaft to collect up her female juices on it.

Just like before the golden dildo elicited pleasure from Magdalena’s mouth as it sent sparks of pleasure down her throat and just like before, when it was in her sex starved cunt, Katrina pulled the wicked tool out of her mouth and flashed the older sexy blonde a mischievous smile.

“Arm is getting a bit tired. Why don’t you take over and give me a good show. Show me what you got my sweet, precious Magdalena,” Katrina said in a mocking tone.

Katrina then passed Magdalena the golden dildo and guided the mature blonde’s hand, with dildo clutched in it, towards her wet, spasming pussy and assisted in gently plunging it in and out of Magdalena’s pussy and then, once she felt that Magdalena had the right pace, Katrina backed away and took a seat across from Magdalena as she watched the older blonde put on the most obscene sex show for her personal pleasure.

It was a show of sexual depravity as Magdalena bared everything to the beautiful blonde teen that was with her companion. Putting on a lewd showcase of working the gold dildo in and out of her gushing fleshy fuck hole as pulses of sexual pleasure blasted her mind. Magdalena was lying there, legs spread as far as possible, exposing herself to her beautiful hostess, plunging the dildo in and out of her wet, horny, cunt with one hand and with the other pawing at her right breast, pinching and pulling on its erect nipple.

Desperate to get herself off Magdalena continued to thrust the dildo in and out of her wet cunt at the pace Katrina set for her. She let out a lewd moan as her eyes locked with Katrina’s, who was looking at her with keen interest.

“It looks like you need to apply a bit more force. Here, let me help you.” Katrina said with perverse glee as she walked back over to Magdalena and again took hold of her hand, which resulted in the sexy milf letting out another moan of pleasure, and encouraged the hottie blonde mom to pick up the pace and work the dildo in and out at a faster speed than before.

Magdalena adapted to the new rapid pace Katrina set for her, moaning as each stroke of the dildo into her quivering hole brought her closer and closer to her desired goal of sexual release, but it felt like she was never going to obtain release. Try as she might, all Magdalena was doing was bringing herself to the cusp of orgasm but not achieving it.

“Are you still having difficulty cumming?” asked the wicked blonde witch in a mocking tone.

“Y-yes, I d-don’t know w-why, but I-I need to cum… please h-help me cum, I beg of yooouu!” Magdalena begged in a fevered tone with tears of sexual anguish running down her cheeks. Caught in a vicious cycle of fucking herself with the golden dildo and only getting sexual frustration in return.

“Hmmm…” Katrina said as she tapped her right index finger on her cheek. Savoring the sexual torment she was putting Candice’s mom through.

“I’ve heard that visual stimulation can be quite helpful. Would you like a visual aid to help get you off?”

“Yes! Anything, please help me cum,” Magdalena pleaded.

“I guess I could, but what’s in it for me?” Katrina teased.

“Whatever you want… whatever you desire.”

That was all that Katrina needed to hear, as it assured her that she now had Magdalena under her control, and she could use Magdalena for her nefarious purposes for Candice.

“Very well my dear slut, since you’ve asked so nicely,” Katrina said followed by wicked laughter.

With a snap of her finger Katrina’s clothing exploded into golden sparkles. Which took Magdalena by surprise and after the small shock subsided she was stunned to see the young blonde standing before her, naked, showing off every delightful physical asset the young witch possessed.

“Do you like what you see?” Katrina asked as she placed her hands on her bare hips, swaying her upper body to and fro and flaunting her creamy, smooth breasts to the bewitched lust-addled blonde mother.

Magdalena silently nodded her head as the sight of the naked blonde spurred her on. She was close and she could feel it. All she had to do was just focus on the blonde hottie that was standing before her, naked and showing off her alluring physical charms in splendid glory. As she worked the gold dildo in and out of her quim.

“I see you like what you see, but what about if I do this...” Katrina said with a mischievous smile and snapped her fingers.

Then in another shower of shimmering golden sparks Katrina’s appearance had changed. She took on the appearance of Magdalena’s real daughter, Candice. Standing before Magdalena was a beautiful blonde teen. Her golden hair in a wavy style as it flowed down past her shoulders by a good five or six inches. Her eyes were painted with glittering golden eyeshadow and trimmed with coal black eyeliner. A touch of faded pink blush on the teen’s checks and her pouty, sexy lips coated with layers of dazzling golden lipstick.

Magdalena licked her lips with desire. Unaware that the seductive image that was standing before her was her precious child. The spells that Katrina cast on her mind and potions she had Magdalena consume dulled her memories. All she saw was a very sexy vixen that she wouldn’t mind having an intimate moment with and not the young girl she had spent years raising and caring for.

Again Magdalena’s only response was to moan with delight and plunge the dildo rapidly in and out of her steaming and excited cunt. Eager for sexual release as she continued to lewdly stare at the sexed up image of her daughter standing before her.

Katrina-Candice knelt on the padded leather seat and parted her thighs. She traced a gold-nailed finger around her labia, colored entirely in metallic gold, and commanded the woman, “Lick!”

Without hesitation, Magdalena crawled forward and pressed her red lips firmly against the teenage girl’s pussy…

Then there was a dazzling flash of light that took Magdalena by surprise and as her eyes adjusted she realized in a startled panic she was no longer in Katrina’s carriage but from what she could hear in the background they were in a public place, people were around. As her eyes came to focus she realized that she was in a restaurant.

Magdalena was sitting at a table for two across from an unfamiliar woman in an upscale restaurant. A stunningly beautiful woman was eating a fancy meal while Magdalena just had tea.

Magdalena let out a small eek as she began to cover herself with her arms, still thinking she was naked, and her dinner date let out a small chuckle as she observed Magdalena comically try and cover herself.

“Is something the matter?” Magdalena’s mystery date asked her. The woman sitting across from her had smooth, flawless, chocolate-colored skin. Her hair from the top started with an enticing dark rose red and gently blended towards a dark midnight black. If Maddalena focused she swore she could see the black ends sparkle and glimmer as if her data had managed to place shimmering stars into them. She wore an exquisite tailor made evening white gown that accented her beautiful skin, making it even more enticing.

“I-I thought I was with Ka… I mean I was with someone named Katrina. How did I get here and why am I wearing clothes?”

”Katrina and why am I wearing clothes? Hmmm.” the woman chuckled in response. “That’s an interesting comment. It sounds like you’re eager to accept my proposition of you starting your new career as a lesbian prostitute or it might be all the cocktails that you’ve consumed before your tea arrived.” The mystery woman said in a matter of fact tone as if Magdalena and her had been having a lengthy conversation about the very subject.

Confused, Magdalena looked down and noticed that she was wearing a shimmering golden cocktail dress with a deep V cut neckline that did a superb job of showing off her cleavage. The hem of the dress seemed short as she noticed that it didn’t go over her knees. Only stopping a good five or six inches away from them. Shifting her right leg away from under the table. Magdalena noticed that she was wearing bright gold-strap five-inch heels. Her toenails painted a bright cherry red.

“Prostitute?” While a part of her found the word appealing there was something in the back of Magdalena’s mind telling her that something about this was not right. That she should get up and leave. Yet, she couldn’t as there was something about the mysterious woman sitting across from that she found alluring. Something that compelled her to stay so she could drink in the sight of the sexy vixen.

“Yes, as I’ve said before being a lesbian prostitute isn’t that difficult. It’s pretty easy to get started. Training is minimal. There are special potions to handle your inhibitions and revulsion against lesbian sex. However, if you wish to become an high-ranking lesbian prostitute, which pays you the best, you must have specialized training.

“I think I shouldn’t be here. What’s going on? I’m sorry but I have to get going...” Magdalena said hastily as she began to get up from her chair.

“Sit!” the woman barked and Magdalena immediately sat back down and looked at the woman with fear.

“Now, so far I’ve been polite and hospitable and all you’ve done is be a very bad dinner date. I suggest you learn some appropriate manners quickly, little missy or face the consequences for your rude behavior.” the icy tone in which the mystery woman spoke to Magdalena clearly indicated that something bad would happen if she did anything to provoke or upset the woman and the threatening gaze her companion was giving her sent an unpleasant shiver up her spine.

Magdalena meekly nodded her head in agreement. The reality of her situation started to dawn on her. She looked around to see if there was anyone she could call to help her escape but all she could see were just faceless images of the restaurant patrons and indecipherable dining chatter.

“Now, as you previously stated you’re looking to bring in a more modest income. More than what your dancing allows. Also I believe you mentioned that your husband has incurred a lot of gambling debt. There’s no way for him to pay it all, not with his salary from his current job. It’ll take many, many years.”

Magdalena wasn’t so sure that what the woman said was true. However, try as she might she couldn't remember her actual husband, Joseph, their actual marriage, or anything related to it. His memory was hazy and with the mental manipulation spells being put on her it was very for Magdalena to think. She recalled that she was married and it was unfortunately to a man, a very disappointing one. One that spent all her hard earned money at brothels and gambling dens, who would come home reeking of putrid alcohol and foul cigar smoke, sexually impotent, and was about as useful as a leaky cup.

“Y-yes.” Magdalena hesitantly said not sure if she said the right thing but let out a sigh of relief when she saw the gorgeous woman across from her flash a charming smile that helped disarm some of the tension she was feeling.

“I believe you told me that you’re trying to make a better life for your daughter. Such a noble venture from a dedicated mother like yourself.” The way Magdalena’s dinner date said the last part was almost as if she was mocking her.

“By the way, you never did tell me. What is your daughter’s name?”

“Emelia...” The name sounded foreign to her for some reason even though she knew that was her daughter’s name. Did she have another daughter? Or maybe she hoped to have another one?

“Emelia’s a very nice name.”

“T-thank you…”

“Now consider your daughter’s future and your own future. If you don’t take this offer to resolve your husband’s gambling debts, your daughter will have no chance of attending Holy Order Academy and your home would be repossessed. That’s not a good outcome no matter how you look at it. There’s no other alternative. You should be grateful that you’re getting this opportunity. Think about it. Your family’s future is in your hands.”

“Yes...” Magdalena said with hesitation.

“What’s that?”

“Yes, I’ll do it...”

“Say what you wish to do fully...”

“I want to become a...le-lesbian prostitute...” Magdalena was almost sobbing.

“I’m glad you accepted the offer. Don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as what you think. In fact, you’ll come to enjoy and crave it very quickly.”

Magdalena wasn’t sure how to respond to that. As she only agreed due to a mixture of fear and desperation. There was a nagging feeling in the back of her mind telling her that her desire to become a lesbian prostitute was absurd.

“Anna, Anna Wintere” the woman said in a soothing tone.

“Huh?” as Magdalena snapped back to focus as she again lost her train of thought finding herself dazed and confused as to how she came to be in this situation and if she truly wanted to be lesbian prostitute.

“My name, sweetie. All this talk and after that debacle with that one unruly customer. I forgot to give my name.” said Anna

Magdalena just nodded her head and just sat there at their table. Her guest looked very familiar to her and yet she couldn’t match a name to the beautiful face in front of her. She tried to concentrate and focus hoping that it would come to her but It wasn’t long before her attempts to focus were broken when their orders were brought by a very cute looking redhead waitress, who Magdalena swore gave her a seductive wink of her eye, as the waitress set the bowl of salad down in front of her.

Anna had a very delicious looking steak set in front of her. The aroma was so tantalizing that it was hard for Magdalena not to be a bit envious of Anna’s choice in dinner. As Magdalena was a vegetarian by choice and the sight of the succulent steak was very tempting and had her, for the briefest moment, regretting her choice in dietary habit.

The woman observing Magdalena looking at her meal enviously smirked a little as she offered her a small slice of steak from her fork. “Here, have a piece.” she said in a tempting, sweet voice

“Thanks, b-but I-I’m good...”

“I insist. Consider it as a token of my appreciation and the beginning of your training.” This time a bit more forceful like the tone a parent might use on a stubornsome child.

Not wanting to stoke Anna’s anger, Magdalena reluctantly opened her mouth.

“Stop! Don’t move. Remain still just like that.”

Magdalena wondered what silly game the woman wanted her to partake in.

“Extend your tongue.”

Slowly, Magdalena extended her tongue.

“Good. Now lick the meat!”

Magdalena licked the piece of meat hesitantly, reluctantly savoring the taste but humiliated by the woman. She wondered if other restaurant patrons had noticed her doing this humiliating act and did a sidelong glance.

“Focus on me. Use your entire tongue. Show me that you really love it.”

Magdalena did as ordered, trying the best to force a cheerful expression while licking the meat.

“Now eat it.”

Dragging the piece of steak from the fork with her teeth, Magdalena then slowly chewed and swallowed it.

Anna stood up and picked up her wine glass part filled with red wine. She then walked up close to Magdalena and tilted the woman’s chin up with her free hand.

“Open your mouth wide.” Anna’s tone was serious, almost threatening. “And keep your eyes focused on me.”

After taking one huge gulp from the glass and putting it down, she placed her lips a few inches above Magdalena’s open mouth. Realizing what was about to happen, Magdalena instinctively shifted her head, but the woman gripped her chin firmly, which caused Magdalena to submissively obey. Wine poured from Anna’s mouth in a small stream--now glowing with a bright pink color and having an iridescent sheen—straight into Magdalena’s mouth.

“Now swallow.”

Magdalena did as she was told and swallowed the transformed wine. Disgust and embarrassment were visible on her face.

“I know you’re feeling uncomfortable with what I’m doing to you. That’s normal for new prostitutes, but I promise you it gets easier.”

Sitting down right next to Magdalena, Anna cupped one of Magdalena’s breasts with her left hand.

“Other people will see us...” Magdalena whimpered.

“I’ve already cast an illusion spell. No one would notice what we’re doing right now.”

Magdalena was utterly revolted by the lesbian kiss.

“Looks like you do need some assistance,” said Anna while hiding the fact that she had already cast a special spell that transformed the wine she had poured into Magdalena’s mouth into a powerful psychoactive agent. She brought a small flat, hinged box from her shoulder bag and opened it up, revealing twenty-seven compartments in three rows.

“Here are the potions that would help with your new profession. Each vial is a single dose...This is Tranquilion. It will calm you and lower your inhibitions...” The woman lifted up a vial of translucent blue liquid. “This is Aphrodisia Maxima, one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs...” The woman lifted up a vial of metallic green liquid. “And this is Lesbinotol. It will make you sexually attracted to women or increase your existing sexual attraction to them...” The woman lifted up a vial of glittery and opaque pink liquid. “These drugs can become addictive, so it’s best to use them sparingly or gradually wean yourself off of them after you get used to the job... Sometimes clients would demand you use one or all three drugs or even other drugs of their choice. You can refuse, but you might permanently lose your client... There are other formulations but these are the basics...”

Magdalena’s heart was beating fast, whether from fear or excitement, she did not know. She was also starting to feel warm. The woman’s hand suddenly touched her thigh. Instead of feeling disgusted, she felt unexpected pleasure from the woman’s touch. For some reason, she found herself focusing on more details of the woman, noticing her clothing, her jewelry, her face, and her overall body.

Anna had light brown skin, dark chocolate curly brown hair tied in a ponytail with a bejeweled golden hair clip, large E-cup breasts that strained against the deep neckline of her purple satin, surplice halter dress with a mid-calf length skirt that had a front slit. Her wrists, ears, and her left ankle glittered from golden jewelry worn on them. Her lips were painted thickly with metallic, dark purple lipstick that matched her nail color while her eyes were decorated thickly with black mascara and electrum eyeshadow.

“Consider your options. If you back out now, you and your family will no longer have a future. You would lose your home. You and your husband would have to work the rest of your lives to pay off the debt, and your daughter would no longer be able to attend higher education. She might even end up as a--”


“No? You want to back out?”

“I don’t want anything to happen to my daughter!”

“Then you want to proceed?”

“Yes...” replied Magdalena with downcast eyes.

A wicked grin appeared on Anna’s face.

“Good answer. That’s what I wanted to hear. We can start with Tranquilion and see how well it works out for you.” The woman offered Magdalena a blue vial after opening it. Magdalena stared at it as if it was poison, then reluctantly accepted it and downed the contents of the small vial in one gulp. It tasted like blueberries with a hint of bitterness.

Magdalena avoided eye contact with Anna as she let the woman touch and molest her body. She gasped when Anna’s long, purple-lacquered nails grazed across her exposed right thigh. Despite being confident in her heterosexuality, she couldn’t deny the tingles of pleasure that the woman’s hand was giving her. Perhaps the blue potion was already working its effects on her. However, she didn’t want to give in to the woman fully, at least not mentally. She was doing this solely for her family. It will absolutely never be about pleasure. She will not enjoy being a whore. She’s not that kind of a person. It will just be a job to her. She will not let it take over her.

“Good, your body is responding to my touching.” Anna emphasized her statement with a gentle squeeze of Magdalena’s thigh. “Now...kiss me...” It was a demand, not a request. The expression on Anna’s face was stern and void of kindness.

Having already agreed to being a lesbian prostitute, Magdalena had to obey. Slowly, she moved her head forward and gently met Anna’s lips with her own. The kiss lasted for three seconds.

Anna furrowed her brow and raised her voice. “You call that a kiss?!”

“Please forgive me... I-I’m new to this...”

“You won’t be able to attract and retain clients with that kind of performance. Are you taking this seriously?”

“I am...I really am...”

“Because it sure doesn’t look like it. If you’re just trying to waste my time, then the deal is through. You and your family can go live in the poorhouse for the rest of your lives.”

“No, please let me try again!”

Anna smirked. “Go ahead...”

Magdalena kissed Anna on the lips again, this time with more force and intensity. She even brushed the tip of her tongue across Anna’s lips and moaned slightly. The kiss lasted ten seconds.

“Are you a lesbian, Magdalena?”

“I-I...” Magdalena hesitated in answering. The whole situation felt odd. She couldn’t shake off the lingering feeling she was supposed to be somewhere else.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re really a lesbian or not because your utmost goal is to satisfy your clients’ needs and that means being able to fulfill their fantasies. If they want you to acknowledge being a lesbian, then you will do so. Since you’re a lesbian whore, you need to be a lesbian or at least play the role of one convincingly. Do you understand?”

Magdalena nodded her head.

“Good. Now, I’m going to ask again: are you a lesbian? Answer in a full sentence.”

“Yes, I am...a...lesbian...”

“You’re missing a word...”

“I-I am...a lesbian...whore...”

“Repeat it.”

“I am...a...lesbian whore...”

“Say it again!”

“I am a lesbian whore.”

This repeated six more times. Each utterance gave her an inexplicable jolt of arousal. After the sixth utterlance, she tilted her head back and moaned when she felt a powerful sensation on her clit, as if an invisible tongue or dildo had jabbed against it. Mesmerizing golden sparkles dazzled her eyes. The statement continued repeating inside her head in her own voice as she remained completely motionless and silent for three minutes with her lipsticked mouth agape in ecstasy. All fears, worries, and doubts were gone for the time being, replaced by an all-consuming need to engage in lesbian sex with the woman in front of her.

“Now kiss me.”

Magdalena unfroze and moved her head back in the upright position. She focused her eyes on Anna as she moved closer to Anna on the leather seat and cradled her arms around Anna’s neck before kissing Anna on the lips.

Magdalena unfroze and moved her head back in the upright position. She focused her eyes on Anna as she moved closer to Anna on the leather seat and cradled her arms around Anna’s neck before kissing Anna on the lips. Their tongues twirled against each other in an open mouthed kiss. Magdalena made a muffled moan when Anna squeezed and gyrated one of her breasts repeatedly. Anna broke the kiss, creating a temporary thread of saliva connecting their lips.

“Hold still.”

Magdalena became motionless again but soft gasps and moans escaped her lips as Anna continued playing with her breasts through the bodice, this time with both hands.

“Be silent.”

Sounds no longer came from Magdalena’s mouth after that command. She became a living statue.

“Expose your breasts.”

Magdalena reached behind herself, gripped the halter strap, and pulled the strap up and forward over her head. Her braless breasts were now exposed. She displayed no emotion as she arched her back and thrust her chest out. Anna continued with her meal while enjoying Magdalena’s erotic pose.

“Play with your breasts.”

The expressionless woman cupped her breasts and squeezed them in slow rotating motions. Her nipples were engorged and poking out. She wasn’t embarrassed about exposing herself now. Her body’s sexual arousal occupied her feelings. Sex filled her thoughts. She needed to obey Anna. She had to obey Anna. There was no other choice.

Anna brushed Magdalena’s left ankle with the toe of her lustrous purple high heel shoe, giving Magdalena a shudder of sexual arousal but she didn’t express it. The shoe brushed along the calf before reaching over and going down the other calf. Anna loosen her foot from the shoe and touched Magdalena’s calves with her purple-nailed toes that were covered with golden fishnet stockings.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” Anna asked while batting her eyes slightly.

Magdalena focused her eyes on the details of Anna’s face. Yes, Anna was pretty and sexy too. She remembered when she was doing exotic dancing earlier how her attention was directed mostly to the beautiful woman who was sitting next to her right now.

“Yes,” replied Magdalena huskily while licking her lips coated heavily in red lipstick.

“Then get beneath the table and make me feel pretty.”

“As you wish, Anna.”

Without hesitation, she knelt down, brushed side the table cloth, and crawled underneath the table until she was between Anna’s opened legs. She placed her hands beneath the folds of the front slit of Anna’s skirt and rested them on Anna’s thighs. She then moved her head forward and kissed Anna’s purple-and-gold thong, creating sparkles on both her lips and the thong during the kiss. Anna pulled aside her thong, allowing Magdalena’s access to her pussy. Magdalena immediately dove it with her tongue, pushing her tongue into the vagina, flicking the clit, and moving her tongue in various directions.

“Oh yesssssssssss, you’re such a good pussy licker...”

Feminine fluids gushed out of Anna’s pussy when Anna orgasmed, with some splattering on Magdalena’s face and some Magdalena swallowed.

“Does my pussy taste good, Magdalena?” asked Anna condescendingly while stroking the woman’s hair.

“Yes, it does, Anna,” Magdalena replied while licking her lips to savor more of the taste.

“Great, let’s do more...”

A sudden white flash of light filled Magdalena’s vision.

She found herself in an unfamiliar room filled with lit golden candles. It was night time. The window shades, made of gold satin were all down. On a desk in front of her was a vial of metallic green potion and golden folding mirror.

“Drink the potion!”

Turning to the direction of the voice, she saw a redheaded woman and remembered her as a waitress she had seen from somewhere before. However, this time the redhead wasn’t dressed in a waitress outfit but a gold foil bra with ruffled black lace, a pair of gold foil panties with ruffled black lace, a gold foil garter belt with ruffled black lace, black fishnet stocking with ruffled gold lace, and shiny gold high heels. Her lips were painted in a glossy black color with golden lip liner while her eyes were colored with gold-frosted, black eyeshadow and golden mascara. Her red hair was styled in a high ponytail. On her right hand was a small whip.

“What’s going on? Where am I? Who are you?”

“I did not ask you to speak!” exclaimed the redheaded woman before whipping Magdalena once.


When Magdalena hesitated, the woman whipped her again. “Do as you’re told!”

“Please stop! I’ll do whatever you say!”

Magdalena scampered to the desk. She gasped when she saw herself in the mirror. She wore nothing except for a set of metallic pink satin bra and panties with white lace trimming. Her lips were painted frosted pink and her eyelashes were long and thickly covered with black mascara. Her hair was tied into a half-up style with a large pink bow. After the brief moment of shock, she opened the vial and poured the green liquid into her mouth. It had a bitter and sweet, fruity taste. She didn’t know why she obeyed the woman so easily but it now felt good to obey her for some reason. The initial shock she felt when looking at herself in the mirror now gave way to admiration. She looked pretty and sexy.

“Now make yourself pretty!”

Magdalena gladly obeyed. In fact, she had already wanted to do so. She applied silver and blue eyeshadow on her eyes, pink blush, and five more coats of frosted pink lipstick. She gave herself in the mirror an air kiss before turning around to face the redheaded woman, who used her now partly coiled-up whip to caress her breasts, neck, and chin.

“What are you?” asked the red headed dominatrix.

“I am...” Magdalena hesitated, but the answer came to her. “...a lesbian whore...” When she uttered those words, a spike of pleasure surged through her.

“And what are you willing to do for me?”

“Whatever you want… whatever you desire,” replied Magdalena huskily.

“Then pleasure me, slut!”

“As you wish, mistress...” Magdalena gently embraced the redheaded woman and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. “Mmmmmmmmm...”

The green potion was already starting to affect Magdalena. Her body was in heat. She wanted sex. She needed sex, and the sex must be with another woman. After breaking the lengthy kiss, Magdalena dragged her tongue on the dominatrix’s face, ear, and neck before going back to the mouth, pink lips against black lips, kissing the dominatrix passionately and pushing her tongue deep inside the dominatrix’s mouth.

“Get on the bed.”

Magdalena got on her fours on the bed with her butt facing the red headed dominatrix. She gave the redheaded woman a seductive sidelong glance while gyrating her butt. A yelp came from her mouth when the whip struck her butt.

“Does this turn you on?” asked the dominatrix as she kept whipping Magdalena’s back.

“Yessss...ohhhh...yessssss...” hissed Magdalena through gritted teeth as pleasurable sensations coursed through her body. “Hit me more!”

“Gladly!” The dominatrix laughed wickedly as she struck her whip measurely on the brainwashed woman.

Loud moans came from Magdalena’s mouth as the whipping continued. She loved being a submissive lesbian whore deriving sexual pleasure from pain.

The whipping suddenly stopped. “Lick me, slave.”

Magdalena turned around and saw the dominatrix standing at the foot of the bed with her gold-colored pussy exposed through a slit in the golden panties. Without hesitation, she crawled forward and pressed her pink lips against the golden labia and began licking like the good lesbian whore she was...

A bright white flash filled Magdalena’s vision and she found herself back at the restaurant table sitting next to Anna. They were both fully dressed, and there were no signs that they had done anything improper or sexual recently. Both of their plates were nearly empty.

“So what do you think of my proposition?”

“Proposition?” Magdalena struggled with recalling what had happened earlier. She remembered having a conversation with Anna, but couldn’t exactly remember what was discussed between them.

“Here are your desserts!”

The waitress that served them earlier came back with a tray with two small glass bowls of fruit custard and set a bowl in front of each of the two female patrons.

Magdalena couldn’t resist ogling at the redheaded waitress’s attractive figure. There was something familiar about the waitress that she couldn’t quite figure out. Had they met each other before? Noticing that she was being appraised, the waitress smiled coquettishly before walking away on her high heels with a sensual strut. Magdalena continued looking at the waitress, focusing on the butt and the slim legs.

“Are you interested in her?”

“Uhh...I...umm...” Magdalena was caught off guard. She didn’t know why she was looking at the waitress. She wasn’t interested in women like that...was she? Something felt odd about the current situation.


“Umm...I mean she does look pretty, but I-I don’t like her like that...”

Anna scooped a spoonful of the fruit custard and licked at the cream sensually before putting it in her mouth.

“Are you sure?” asked Anna with a mischievous smile as she made a second scoop and suggestively licked the custard on the spoon again.

Magdalena gasped when an erotic thought came to her. She saw herself ravishing the red headed waitress’s lips with her own while groping tightly the waitress’s ass... She saw herself and the waitress completely nude in a sixty-position while eating each other’s pussies...

“Uhh...I...” Magdalena’s face was flushed. She was embarrassed and confused at having such strange thoughts. “Noo...I’m not like that...”

“Be honest with me.” Anna’s tone was commanding.

“I need to...” Magdalena had an impulse to leave the table, but Anna suddenly held her hand tightly. Anna’s touch gave her unexpected tingles of pleasure.

“You’re interested in women... I can see it in your eyes...”

“No...this is a misunderstanding, I--”

“I’ve seen you do exotic dancing with other women on stage. Even though it’s supposed to be just faux lesbian acts, I can tell you were enjoying being close with other women.”

A false memory appeared in Magdalena’s mind. She was in a nightclub filled with patrons, both male and female sitting around tables. Magical lights from special glass orbs hanging from the ceiling cast their multicolor rays all over the room, creating a dazzling and surreal atmosphere. Music with heavy beats played in the background. Standing next to her was a semi-nude woman dressed in a metallic blue bra and panties with semi-sheer pink frilly lace, a sheer blue full length dress, and translucent blue high heels. Bright make-up covered her face, which included thick applications of metallic green lipstick, black mascara, and green-blue eyeshadow. Magdalena herself was dressed similarly, but her outfit was predominantly pink and white and her lips were painted with metallic pink. They were dancing together sensually on a octagonal platform with a stripper pole at the center, putting on a softcore lesbian show. Prior to the show, they each had taken a special pink-colored potion dubbed Lesbinitol, which helps women become desensitized to lesbianism, in order to make their performance more realistic. They had done this for many nights, and the dancing pair became a popular attraction.

“It was just an act... I had taken a special potion before performing...and so did my coworker...” Magdalena rubbed her aching head after recalling the events that had supposedly happened in her past.

“But, surely you must have at least enjoyed what you two did together in some way without taking the potions you’ve used into account.”

Magdalena remembered feeling hot and aroused while dancing next to her fellow coworker, Miriam. Despite being heterosexual, she couldn’t deny the pleasure of grinding her body against another woman’s body and kissing the lips of another woman. Despite all of their actions being just a show for patrons, there was something different about being intimate with a female. One night, after finishing one last show before closing, they went to the dressing room as usual, but they did something different this time. Worked up by their faux lesbian dance routine, they started flirting with each other to ease the tension between them. The flirting progressed to kissing and groping...

“I’m glad you’ve agreed to be a lesbian prostitute.” Anna’s words snapped Magdalena out of her trance.

Lesbian prostitute? When did I...

I want to be a lesbian whore...

I will become a lesbian whore...

I am a lesbian whore...

I love being a lesbian whore...

I love having sex with women...

I am a lesbian...

Smoke billowing on Magdalena’s face nauseated her. She turned away from Anna who was casually smoking a cigarette via a long cigarette holder and blowing heart-shaped smoke rings towards Magdalena.

“Have you ever smoked before?”

“No... I don’t like smoking...”

“You should try it, here...” Anna handed the dazed blonde woman her cigarette holder.

Magdalena hesitantly accepted the cigarette holder.

“Put the lower end in your mouth, breathe in, let it fill your lungs, and exhale.”

Obeying Anna’s order, Magdalena placed the tip between her lips and breathed in. She could feel the warm smoke passing through her throat. It wasn’t as bad as she had thought. She exhaled, blowing the same heart-shaped smoke rings as Anna did while looking at Anna. The more she looked at Anna, the more pretty Anna seemed to be. She even felt that she had known Anna for a long time.

“Since you already have experience with lesbian sex, this new role shouldn’t be difficult for you.”

Magdalena recalled Miriam leaning against the edge of a table in the dressing room of the nightclub where they both worked, and she was kneeling on the floor between Miriam’s legs. She lifted Miriam’s right leg by the ankle and licked the translucent platform high heel shoe, then continued along the lower leg to the inner thighs, and finally ending at Miriam’s red-haired bush. She licked and licked at the labia fervently while fingering her own pussy. Driven by the effects of Lesbinotol, which they had both consumed for their erotic performance earlier, they had no inhibitions against lesbian sex. The activity was for mutual stress relief with no strings attached. Miriam moaned loudly at the tidal wave of her orgasm. Fluids gushed out of her pussy in powerful spurts, which Magdalena swallowed and lapped every drop of.

Purple-tinged cigarette smoke now filled the whole surrounding area, blotting out visibility of other tables and patrons.

“Let’s see what you can do, and we’ll go from there...”

Magdalena moaned when Anna reached over and grabbed one of her breasts.

“You’re a beautiful woman.” Without giving Magdalena time to respond, Anna leaned over and kissed the blonde woman passionately, which turned into a make-out session as Anna felt up the blonde woman’s curves, buttocks, and thighs. “I like you very much.” Anna moved a hand between the hemline of Magdalena’s dress and rubbed the blonde woman’s pussy through the gold foil and black lace panties. “But, in order to become a high class lesbian prostitute, you need to meet high standards. You need to be a lesbian full-time. Can you meet that requirement, Magdalena?”

“Be a lesbian...full-time?” The blonde woman’s face contorted in doubt. Something didn’t feel right to her. Becoming a lesbian didn’t feel right to her, and she was already married to... Magdalena was unable to recall who she was married to or even the gender of the person she was married to.

“Here’s something to help you.” Anna placed a vial of a sparkly pink liquid in front of the confused blonde woman. “This Lesbinotol, a potion that temporarily suppresses your inhibitions against lesbianism, enabling you to engage in lesbian acts without any inhibitions getting in your way.”

Something felt familiar about the potion to Magdalena. “Memories” came to her. She had used the potion on herself for her job as an exotic dancer and even on her daughter Candice in secret. Whenever she had the chance, she would mix a few drops of Lesbinotol into Candice’s drinks and food in order to discourage Candice from hanging out with boys. However, her rational mind told her she couldn’t have consumed such a vile potion for any reason, let alone use it on her daughter.

“This is Lesbinotol, a potion that temporarily suppresses your inhibitions against lesbianism, enabling you to engage in lesbian acts without any inhibitions getting in your way.”

Magdalena slowly shook her head in denial, but was interrupted by a sudden flash of light. She was again standing on a dance platform of a nightclub with flashing lights. Her coworker Miriam, who was dressed in a metallic blue bra and panties and clear platform high heels was sensually rubbing herself against a metal pole right in front of her. Miriam lifted her right knee slightly. Her high heels sparkled. Acting on the signal, Magdalena knelt in front of Miriam, held onto her coworker’s smooth legs and licked along the inner thighs. Miriam pulled aside her panties, revealing her fuzzy snatch. Magadalena’s lips quickly moved towards the wet hole and kissed it deeply before licking ravenously. A loud moan came from Miriam’s mouth. Magdalena loved the taste of Miriam’s pussy.

Flash! Rain drops slammed on the window of a bedroom. Magdalena was awoken by the sound of lightning and rose up in her bed. Looking around, she realized that she was alone. She felt that there should be someone next to her. There was a sudden knock on the door. She went to answer it and saw an unfamiliar girl with long curly brown hair and light brown skin. Then the memory came to her. It was Emelia, her “daughter”. Emelia was dressed in a light blue satin nightgown that covered most of her body, similar to what Magdalena was wearing, except that it was white in color.

“Mom, I’m so scared of the storm. May I sleep with you tonight?”

“Sure, sweetie, if it helps you sleep--”

In a sudden movement, Emelia embraced Magdalena and kissed her forcibly on the lips. Surprised by her daughter’s depraved act, Magdalena managed to break the kiss long enough to say, “What are you do--”, before she was silenced again by Emelia. Magdalena was shocked by her body reacting and moving on its own to respond to Emelia’s embrace and kiss.

No inhibitions...

The older woman accepted Emelia’s tongue into her mouth and allowed herself to be molested by her daughter’s hands. Emelia roughly guided Magdalena to bed. Both of their nightgowns were taken off, revealing themselves to be dressed in a set of golden satin bra and panties and a set of pink satin bra and panties respectively. Lightning flashed. Heavily applied gold-themed make-up appeared on Magdalena’s face while pink-themed make-up appeared on Emelia’s face. The make-out session continued with Emelia taking the lead in touching and groping Magdalena’s body all over. Lightning flashed again. A gleaming, golden strap-on materialized on Emelia’s crotch. Magdalena and Emelia were now in a sixty-nine position with Emelia lying back licking her mother’s vulva and Magdalena on top sucking on the golden phallus while holding it with one hand. Despite not being able to control herself, Magdalena’s body was extremely receptive to the act, and she came hard from her daughter’s oral assault on her pussy. Metallic golden cum geysered into Magdalena’s mouth, which she automatically swallowed as much as she could.

“I love you, Mom!” exclaimed Emelia before making a final thrust with her tongue into Magdalena’s pussy to trigger her mother’s orgasm.

A bright flash of light filled Magdalena’s vision. She was back at a restaurant table sitting next to Anna. Erotic thoughts and feelings stirred inside her as she looked at the face of the noblewoman before her.

“Why do you want to be a lesbian prostitute?” asked Anna while looking doubtfully at the lower class woman.

“I-I heard that it pays very well and...I’m...also very interested in women...sexually” replied Magdalena while looking at the details of Anna’s face, hair, and body. She tossed her slightly and ran her tongue briefly across her glossy red lips.

“Tell me, why should I pay you for your services? What do you have to offer?” Anna gave the blonde woman a mischievous smile.

Magdalena didn’t know how to reply. She had an urge to leave the table, but a voice within told her to stay. Words suddenly came out of her mouth in a sensual, seductive tone. It felt like someone else was speaking for her but the words felt natural at the same time. As if they were a part of her, a reflection of her inner being. “I can offer you a good time. I know how a woman feels when she has that naughty tingle between her legs. I know how a woman ripe with lust tastes. I know what a woman craves, how a woman prefers to be fucked… by another woman.”

“Those are bold claims and I’m sure that’s what a lot of prostitutes like you say to entice and dupe their clients in a lackluster sexual encounter.” Magdalena couldn’t help but shudder with delight as Anna referred to her as a prostitute. The word suited a woman of her stature just fine as far as Magdalena was concerned. “What makes you special compared to all the other whores out there on the streets?”

“Let me show you. Please Anna just spend one night with me and I can guarantee you a night of pure sapphic pleasure that you’ll cherish as long as you live” Magdalena said in a husky tone dripping with sexual lust. She then proceeded with her demonstration of what she could offer Anna by gently leaning in and kissing Anna on her pillowy lips. The action quickly picked up as she sensually pushed her tongue into Anna’s mouth and was rewarded when the woman moaned with sexual delight. She then began pressing and rubbing her body actively against Anna’s body. Magdalena felt an invisible force directing her actions, commanding her to commit these carnal acts with Anna regardless that she was out in public where other women could see her but Magdelna didn’t care.

After about thirty seconds, Anna stopped the blonde woman. “You are...aggressive...”

“Please let me make love with you...” Magdalena batted her eyes and spoke with a coquettish voice.

“...but I like it very much. Yes, you may make love with me...” Anna slipped her fingers beneath the hem of Magdalena’s golden cocktail dress and fingered the blonde woman’s wet pussy. She then lifted her wet fingers coated with Magdalena’s feminine honey to her lips and licked them sensually while looking straight into Magdalena’s eyes.


Magdalena soon found herself in a dingy, grimy, dimly lit alleyway bent over a large wooden crate, her dress bunched up around her waist as she felt feminine hands on her bare hips as she felt something thrusting in and out of her. She then realized that she was being vigorously fucked by a client moaning loudly when a powerful orgasm washed over her. Simultaneously, the golden strap-on buried in her pussy ejaculated, filling her pussy with warm golden fluid. When Gerarda pulled away, Magdalena rose from the crate that she was lying forward on and knelt between Gerarda’s legs. She grabbed the golden shaft and began cleaning it with her tongue and lips, relishing her own pussy juices and the excess golden cum.

“Red Siren, I have a request to ask of you.”

“Lady Gerarda, anything that’s within my power, I will grant it for you.”

“Can you be my mother?”

Magdalena rose up to face Gerarda. The golden strap-on mounted on Gerarda’s crotch disappeared in a cloud of sparkles. “Don’t you already have a mother?”

“I do, but... I want another mother. I have a mother I adore and cherish and yet I know that she will never give me what I truly desire from her, sexual intimacy. I just want one who can fulfill my fantasies. You look so much like her and I can pay you very well for this.”

“I’m honored Lady Gerarda that you think of me that way…” Magdalena said cautiously as Gerarda’s request caught her off guard and she didn’t want to say something that would upset her plus she felt that this request was something she shouldn’t get involved in.

“Then please tell me that you’ll say yes.” the teen pleaded with Magdalena

Magdalena just stared at the voluptuous teen. Drinking in her sexual form with her eyes. Despite the absurdity of Gerarda’s request Magdalena couldn’t help but feel a little smitten with the young woman in front of her. After all, her request would give her an excuse to spend more time with the sexy vixen.

“Very well, if that is what you desire I will do anything that you want...anything that you desire... If you want me to be your mother, then I will be your mother… my lovely, sexy daughter.”

“Thank you so much! I love you, Mom!” Gerarda exclaimed with giddy joy as she excitedly hugged Magdalena and then kissed her deeply and passionately.


“You look absolutely gorgeous,” commented Anna while appraising Magdalena, who was lying on her back with her upper body supported by her elbows on a large bed in a fancy bed room with many white candles. Magdalena’s eyelids, lips, nails, nipples, and labia were painted in a metallic gold color. Her mascara-laden eyelashes were long, curly, and thick. A golden piercing adorned her navel. Flowing from her head was long, golden blonde hair partly braided in a half-up, half-down style. She spread her legs invitingly to the woman standing before her.

“As do you...”

Anna was dressed in a translucent purple nightgown with a visible lacy, gold-embroidered purple satin bra and panties visible beneath, the same shade of purple that coated her lips and nails.

“Let’s make love...” said Anna huskily before taking off her nightgown.

Magdalena moaned at Anna’s words and arched her back, thrusting her breasts upward. Her gold-colored nipples and labia sparkled with magical energy.

With a soft utterance of a special spell, a bulge formed on the front side of her panties that quickly grew into a glossy purple shaft with metallic gold patterns that glowed brilliantly with magical light as Anna stroked the shaft. She climbed onto the bed on her fours and moved forward until her face was directly on top of Magdalena’s. After several long moments of amorous eye contact, Anna lowered her face and kissed Magdalena passionately on the lips, then nuzzled and licked around her mouth, chin, and neck.

Load gasps came from Magdalena’s mouth as her large breasts were being squeezed. Her metallic gold lips and nipples glowed and became erect at the stimulation. That was followed by a loud moan as her vagina was penetrated by the purple phallus, which was soon muffled by another kiss from Anna’s lips...

Magdalena saw a brilliant white flash before she found herself staring at the shaved pussy of a young woman with the labia coated in brilliant metallic gold. It was the pussy of her daughter...no, Gerada... She pushed her mouth forward and kissed the womanhood in front of her while gyrating the golden dildo deeply in her own vagina. The taste was heavenly. It was better than any food or drink that she had ever consumed. She kept licking repeatedly, swiping her tongue against the glittery folds and pushing her tongue in between them.

“You’re doing a good job, Magdalena ...” said Katrina in Candice’s voice. “You may now cum...”

A golden glow enveloped Magdalena’s body as a powerful orgasm washed over her, which happened simultaneously as Katrina’s own orgasm. Magdalena eagerly drank the fluids that gushed out of Katrina’s womanhood. Some of them splashed on her face.

“Mmmm...this tastes very good...ooooooh...”

The dildo buried in Magdalena’s pussy made an even more brilliant glow than her body during Magdalena’s sexual release. It made her gushing vaginal fluids sparkle magically. The glowing effects gradually subsided once she was down from her sexual high.

“How was it, my dear Magdalena?”

Magdalena stood back up and replied enthusiastically, “It was very exciting, Gerada. I really enjoyed it.” She licked around her red lips sensually, swiping the excess feminine fluids that splattered around her mouth.

“I’m glad to hear that. Now listen to what I have to say...” Katrina began uttering words in a barely audible voice.

Before Magdalena could comprehend what was happening, she entered into a trance.

Some time later...

“We’re here!”

Magdalena opened her eyes and took notice of her surroundings. “W-what happened?!”

“You fell asleep during the trip. I’m very sorry, orientation for new hires can be very exhausting and you have so much to do on your first day at work.”

“W-what? First day, new job, how come I don’t remember... I...” Magdalena struggled to remember the events that had transpired after getting off work and meeting Katrina.

“Don’t be silly Magdalena.” Katrina said playfully “You responded to a job posting that my family put out for my new lady in waiting. There was the lengthy interview, negotiations on pay, which I will say you were very shrewd at. I’m sure your oral talents will be very useful to me.” Katrina said as she gave Magdalena a subtle wink and a sly smile. “Then you started to talk about your daughter and then I mentioned that I know her and then we talked about her some more, like about her schooling, and then here we are, remember?” Katrina seductively touched Magdalena’s knee through the skirt, causing the woman to gasp involuntarily from unexpected pleasure, and briefly rubbed it before withdrawing her hand.

Various imagery formed in Magdalena’s mind. Yes, she was picked up by Katrina’s carriage earlier today as today was the start of her new job, she would be Katrina’s lady in waiting. It was a glorified personal assistant job but the pay and benefits were something that she couldn’t pass up. Whereas her current job paid her about 900 orichalcum crowns bi-weekly, this new one offered her 1300 crowns along with additional job benefits such as full health coverage, access to House Hartelle’s line of credit and use of carriage, beauticians and cosmetologists, glamorous wardrobe, and most important of all she would be working for a heavenly beauty. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up and Magdalena would have to be a blithering fool to do so. Magdalena remembered how she easily recognized Katrina’s face from the carriage window as Katrina came to pick her up. It wasn’t hard to overlook this beauty as Katrina came from a very prestigious family that was very well known and respected within the magical community she resided in. Magdalena then recalled Katrina discussing that she was one of her daughter’s close friends. Playfully implying that they were close, so close that some of the students at the Holy Order academy thought her daughter and Katrina were in a romantic relationship. The thought that her daughter was dating a young woman like Katrina put a pleasant smile on Magdalena’s face. What was her daughter’s name? She had a brief delay in recall. Emelia. She would never forget her daughter’s name. Emelia was doing some sort of dangerous mission in hopes of going through the ranks faster. Katrina didn’t know about the details beyond that but said some people she knew might be able to help.

She looked at her lap and noticed with shock that she was wearing a bright red dress and her nails were long, almond-shaped and painted with bright red lacquer. Her feet were shod in lustrous red high heels. “W-why am I wearing these?!”

“I believe this was the dress that you picked out for tonight. I told you earlier that you won’t be able to get into the Westshire Manor without the proper clothes, and you said you had the perfect dress in mind, remember?” Katrina answered while touching Magdalena’s knee again.

Magdalena shuddered at the touch and focused on Katrina’s gold painted nails, noticing its shine and metallic luster. Her eyes then looked at Katrina’s golden lips. She didn’t know why she wasn’t bothered by Katrina’s touch even though she felt she should be. The more she looked at Katrina’s lips, the more she wanted to kiss them, and she found herself craning her head forward slowly before stopping herself. Katrina simply smiled in response.

The carriage door suddenly opened up and the grim-looking chauffeur was standing ready outside. After he helped the two women get off the carriage, he stood beside it silently as they walked off together on the cobbled footpath side-by-side. When they were sufficiently far away the chauffeur began to crumble and small flakes of dust came off his body. It wasn’t long before he completely disintegrated into a scattering of dust and was swept away by the eerie night breeze. He would only come back and physically materialize when Katrina had need for his services.

The walk towards Westshire Manor in the pale moonlight was a bit unsettling. Unknowingly this haunting atmosphere caused Magdalena to keep close to Katrina’s side. Which in turn resulted in Magdalena holding Katrina’s hand and interlocking her fingers with the gorgeous teen’s, which sent a pleasant shudder up the woman’s spine as they walked side by side.

“Relax, you have nothing to worry about. I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you” said Katrina sweetly as she tenderly stroked Magdalena’s upper arm like she would a lover.

Magdalena didn’t know why, but she felt very drawn to the younger woman. When she caught Katrina’s eyes, she found herself falling into the bright blue whirlpools.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, I’m fine. I just...”

“I know you’re feeling hesitant and unsure about this, but don’t worry, I’ll help you find the necessary people that will help you contact your daughter and possibly talk sense into her.” Katrina said assuringly

Magdalena only nodded her head as the longer she stared at Katrina the more she felt her body tremble with sexual excitement. There was something about this ravishing blonde that was setting off every pleasurable nerve in her body and it was taking a tremendous amount of willpower to keep herself from doing something that would most likely end up embarrassing herself.

It wasn’t long before Magdalena and Katrina finally arrived at the main entrance to the manor. They were greeted by a pleasant looking maid. Magdalena took note that the maid had silky auburn red hair and kept it in a modest braided ponytail. As far as she could tell the maid’s pale skin was smooth and flawless like alabaster. Her cheeks were pink with a skillful application of blush, the maid’s lips painted a haunting blood red, and her eyelashes thick with mascara. Her outfit looked like a sexualized version of a maid’s uniform as it showed off the enticing curves of the maid’s sexy body. The hem of the uniform’s tight skirt stopped about 6-inches away from the maid’s knees. Most noticeable was the top which proudly showed off the maid’s exquisite perky mounds. Magdalena couldn’t help but feel drawn to the valley of those smooth, creamy, tantalizing orbs pressed together. At first Magdalena couldn’t help but feel that what the maid was wearing wasn’t the most appropriate of things, especially when it came to greeting guests but she quickly banished the thought as it was no business of hers to tell someone how their hired help should dress plus she found the maid alluring.

“Your invitations please.” the maid said in a smooth velvety voice which caused Magdalen’s heart to skip a beat as she found it pleasing.

“Of course Vanessa. By the way I love what you’ve done with your hair. Last I recall you were a brunette.”

“Thank you very much Lady Hartelle. Madam Westshire insisted that I change it for tonight’s occasion.”

“Understandable, but if I were to make a suggestion. As I’m sure that it was Lady Westshire that picked your hair color for tonight but I think a pale blonde hair coloring might suit a beauty like yourself even better.”

“You flatter me with your praise Lady Hartelle.”

“No, I speak the honest truth. Just look and see.” Katrina said as she snapped her finger.

Then in a blink of an eye the color of Vanessa’s hair switched from the red her employer colored and into a mesmerizing shimmering platinum blonde coloring.

Katrina handed the maid a golden pocket mirror so she could observe the change in hair color. Who was stunned by the blonde coloring that her hair now took on.

“There. See, I told you that you would be a more stunning beauty as a blonde. So much so that I wouldn’t mind your lovely company for tonight’s activities.” Katrina said in a sly seductive tone.

The comment caused Vanessa to shyly turn her head away and nervously giggle a bit as she blushed at Katrina’s comment.

Soon after their brief exchange Katrina produced an envelope and handed it to Victoria, who in turn inspected its contents and gestured to the large manor door that magically opened for them. Beckoning them to enter.

They came upon a large foyer with a curved staircase on each side. In between the staircases, on the floor, was a large emblem of the Westshire house done in fine mosaic that depicted a crossed broadsword and sabre below a sideways view of a wyrm. On the inner side of each staircase was a polished bronze statue of a beautiful, partially dressed woman in a seductive pose. One statue was holding a rose flower by the stem and the other a candle holder with a candle. Both the flower and candle burned with a polychromatic magical flame. A crystalline chandelier hung from the ceiling, casting warm yellow light that filled the room.

When the pair got near the statues, Magdalena was awed by their beauty. She had seen quite a number of statues before throughout her life, but for some reason, towards these two statues, she felt something beyond artistic appreciation. Briefly, she imagined herself feeling up the leg of one of the female statues and kissing it on the lips.The eyes of the statues glowed, as if acknowledging Magdalena’s feelings. Katrina observed Magdalena with a knowing smile. With a gentle tug from Katrina’s hand and seeing a commanding expression on Katrina’s face, Magdalena knew not to keep her new employer waiting and continued walking with her. They went through an opening between the staircases and entered a large grand ballroom filled, as far as Magdalena could tell, with only women, at least half of which were of nobility and all of them alluring and sexually attractive. The noble women were all dressed in clothing befitting of their high social status while the rest had more varied attire, ranging from prim and proper to scandalous. As they moved through the crowd of women, Magdalena couldn’t help but notice their attractive appearances. She blushed when her eyes occasionally caught that of another woman’s eyes and instinctually flirted with them, but Katrina won’t let her linger for long as she continued tugging her and guiding her through the crowd. Once they were on the other side of the ballroom, they met an alluring brown-skinned woman wearing a voluminous purple dress. Again Magdalena was plagued with feelings of familiarity as for some reason, the woman felt familiar to Magdalena. Unbeknownst to Magdalena, the chocolate-skinned beauty that she felt so familiar with was actually Shannon Levisay, Magdalena’s co-worker and close friend. They worked together in the same department, had taken breaks together during work and sometimes when their respective shifts ended they would spend some time hanging out and enjoying each other’s company at the local bistro nearby. However, for today, Shannon’s role in this orchestrated fantasy was to play the role of Anna Wintere, lesbian seductress and temptress to further draw Magdalena into the world of sapphic lust and desire.

“Katrina, I’m so glad you’re able to attend this party. It’s been a while since we’ve talked. How are things going?” Anna and Katrina gave each other a hug. Which caused Magdalena to envision the two of them in a lusty embrace exchanging passionate kisses between each other. Just as the fantasy appeared, it quickly dissipated in Magdalena’s mind when the two foxy women disengaged from each other.

“I’ve been very busy lately on a special operation, Anna.”

“You’re still working on that operation? You’ve never talked about the details with me. I would be more than happy to assist you, if you need my help, Katrina. I don’t want to keep doing the same requests for Lady Westshire, even though they’re fun. Although I’m helping you on the side, I wouldn’t mind doing it full time.” Anna briefly glanced at Magdalena, causing the woman to avert her gaze and blush.

A smile crossed Katrina’s face. “Yes, as you’ve guessed, I do need your help again, if you’re available. How are things at your end?”

“I’ve been recruiting women for Lady Westshire. Her requirements are very specific, so looking for the right candidates has been a challenge, but now almost done filling her quota.” Anna looked at Magdalena again. This time Magdalena didn’t look away but kept eye contact.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to introduce Magdalena, my new lady in waiting.”

“Magdalena is a sweet name.” Anna commented as she gave a predatory, lustful look at Magdalena.

Unconsciously, Magdalena licked her lips subtly and shifted one leg through the side slit of her skirt so that it was partly exposed. Upon realizing what she was doing was inappropriate, she abruptly stopped.

“Didn’t expect to meet you here again, Magdalena.”

“You two know each other?” Katrina feigned surprise.

“We’ve known each other for years.”

“I don’t think we’ve met before...” Magdalena was confused.

“Why don’t you two get reacquainted with each other then. I need to meet up with my other friends. Anna, have you seen Farah and Wendolyn?”

“I just arrived here a short while ago. I haven’t seen Farah, but I think I saw Wendolyn on the balcony upstairs.”

“Thanks, I’m going to meet up with her and hopefully Farah soon. I’ll come back to you two later. Have fun!” Katrina winked before turning around and walking away.

Magdalena shifted her body towards Katrina’s direction as if wanting to follow her but hesitated, unsure of the situation. A feeling of dread gripped her.

“You’re looking at me as if I’m some random stranger. Why are you pretending to not know me? We just had fun together a week ago.”

“We did? How come I can’t remember? When...did we meet?”

“We met at a nightclub called Serene Rose ten years ago...”

The emerald pendant hanging between Anna’s large cleavage sparkled and glowed, casting its green rays into Magdalena’s eyes. It wasn’t long before wisps of green etherious magic began to enter Magdalena’s body. Further enticing her, making her more malleable to Anna’s suggestions.

“Serene Rose?” Magdalena struggled to recall the supposed memory of their first encounter but found her attention shifting to the luminous emerald gem in front of her.

“Yes, Serene Rose. It’s the place where you once worked as an exotic dancer and later as a prostitute serving only women.”

“Exotic dancer...prostitute...only women...” Magdalena repeated emotionlessly.

“Those were indeed your professions, and you’re still open to doing them again... The pendant looks beautiful, doesn’t it?”

Magdalena didn’t respond. Her eyes were completely focused on the glowing green gem. A kind, soothing feminine voice spoke repeatedly in her head, accompanied by vivid mental imagery of Magdalena stripping in front of groups of people crowds mixed with men and women, beautiful women, how some would approach her and convince her to give a private dance, which she mostly accepted the requests made by the female clientele that frequented the Serene Rose and rarely did she accept offers made by men, she was also propositioned by the more adventurous females with offers of some coin in hopes she would pleasure them and show them delights of sapphic sex, which of course she turned down and regrettably accepted the offers made by the male patrons before becoming a lesbian prostitute. After five minutes, the gem stopped glowing, but the woman’s eyes remained locked onto the pendant. Anna placed her fingers beneath Magdalena’s chin and tilted Magdalena’s head back up so that their eyes were in contact again.

Responding to the touch, Magdalena uttered without expression, “I will do anything that you want, anything that you desire...”

Anna smirked in response. “As it should always be!” She cradled Magdalena’s head with both hands and kissed her deeply on the lips. She cradled Magdalena’s head with both hands and kissed her deeply on the lips.

Memories of her interactions with Anna came back to Magdalena. She remembered meeting Anna for the first time in the night club where she worked as an exotic dancer. Anna stopped an unruly male customer from angrily harassing her. Upset that she had turned down his offer to give him a private dance and mere seconds later accepting an offer from a very stunning blonde that was in the crowd. They had a lengthy conversation after that, and Anna pointed out that Magadalena seemed to favor the female patrons that visited the Serene Rose the most and proposed to Magdalena to work exclusively for women instead of men for better experience and pay, especially if she managed to get wealthy female clients. At first, Magdalena was doubtful and reluctant to pursue such employment, especially since she didn’t consider herself a lesbian and wasn’t sexually interested in women in any way.

But, after another conversation and some experimenting, she slowly began seeing lesbianism in a different light. It first started with light kissing, light groping, and making out, but she wasn’t exactly sure she liked the introductory experience to girl-on-girl love. Despite her instructor being so adorably cute and sexy. Anna then gave her softcore lesbian porn holograms and instructed her to watch to pick some inspiration on how to pleasure her future clients and even encouraged Magdaalena to masturbate to them. Despite her past experience in prostitution, which she thought was real, she had never seen pornographic holograms. In the privacy of her bedroom, she watched the holograms but didn’t make it very far. Stopping when the scenes got intimate and before the women engaged in anything serious.

On the next day, she told Anna that she wasn’t interested in lesbian prostitution, but Anna insisted that Magdalena is a good fit for the profession and reminded her of the better income compared to her current job, and many women had gotten into this profession with no regrets. After she continued to show reluctance, Anna handed a metallic pink colored potion to her. When asked of the contents, Anna revealed that it was a special potion that would give her a different perspective on loving women. She told her that she could drink the potion or not at her own convenience. If, after drinking it, she didn’t want to pursue the profession, then it would be fine, and they would still be friends.

Magdalena pondered at thought lesbian prostitution at home in her bedroom at night. Seeing no harm in trying the potion, Magdalena drank the entire potion, and watched the lesbian holograms again. She was able to watch further into the video than the previous night and was sexually aroused enough for her to pleasure herself by groping her own breasts and fingering her clit. But guilt later set in, and she stopped before getting her release.

Early next morning, Magdalena contacted Anna via a magic mirror and told her that, although she was able watch the erotic holograms more easily and even masturbate to them, she still didn’t find lesbian acts to be comfortable for her to do. Anna told her that it’s normal for women new to a sapphic lifestyle to be uncomfortable at first, and that if she didn’t want to continue watching the holograms, she could stop immediately. At the end of the conversation, Anna told her that she had sent a courier with a gift for her. Magdalena refused the gift at first, but after Anna insisted that she accept the gift and told her there were no strings attached, she reluctantly accepted. Within minutes after the magic mirror call ended, she heard a knock on the front door of her home. When she opened the door, she saw a raven-haired girl in her late teens with an attractive figure and face wearing a tight, light blue short sleeved button shirt, a knee-length navy blue pleated skirt, and ankle-length high-heeled brown leather boots.

“Good morning, delivery for Mrs. Magdalena Goodwin!” said the girl in a sweet voice holding a rectangular package wrapped in pink paper.

“That’s me. Thank you.” Magdalena received the package and couldn’t help but take a few extra moments to appraise the girl’s appearance, especially noticing her cropped, page-boy style hair with bangs on the front, and her frosted Savoy blue lipstick, all of which seemed somewhat out of place for a courier. Before the girl turned around and walked back to her magicycle, Magdalena saw the girl licked her lips briefly, which she wondered if it was just due to her overactive imagination. The girl turned back to look at Magdalena one last time before getting onto her vehicle.

Despite not wanting the gift initially, Magdalena hastily opened the package, revealing a cardboard box, which held a lacquered wooden box. She gasped after seeing what was inside it. There were a dozen pink potions, identical to what she had drank the night before, and a cylindrical metallic rod with a tapered tip, colored in gold and encrusted with green gems. It was a dildo, a device her coworker tried to introduce her to. Despite her experience in the adult entertainment industry, she tried not to bring the work into her normal life. However, this time she couldn’t resist the temptation of such a toy. She picked up the golden dildo and placed its pointed tip against her lips, feeling a small shock, but it was one filled with pleasure.

Opening her mouth widely, she pushed the shaft inside her mouth. It almost felt like fingering her own pussy. Why did it feel so good? She quickly pulled the dildo back out of her mouth, worried about the strange sensations. The emeralds on the shaft glowed. No wonder it felt good in her mouth, the dildo was magical. Magdalena slid the metallic shaft back into her mouth deeply and pulled it partly out, then repeating the process. She had experience doing such acts with men for money, so performing the same activity on a dildo was easy. However, for some reason, she felt disgusted for ever having done blowjobs on men. She undid the buttons on her white blouse, exposing her white satin bra, and began groping on one breast while moaning through the dildo. After a while of oral pleasure, she rode up her skirt and pressed the tip of the golden against her moist satin panties. She moaned loudly. The pleasure was more intense than she could ever imagine coming from self-pleasure.

Looking downward, Magdalena noticed that her white satin bra and panties had transformed into a shiny emerald green color, along with her nails. She glanced at the mirror on her right and noticed that her lips were covered with the same emerald green color. Though she was surprised, she was too consumed by overwhelming pleasure to care about the changes. Her orgasm was heralded by a loud, guttural moan.

Later that night, she was getting prepared alongside her coworker, Miriam, for a exotic dance show in a dressing room at the Serene Rose nightclub. Magdalena offered Miriam a vial of the pink potion to Miriam, telling her that it would make the job a lot more fun. Trusting her coworker and eager to try something new for a change, Miriam took the potion and drank it along with Magdalena.

During the dance, they find it difficult to take their eyes off of each other. Although they were within sight of each other every time they danced together before, this time they felt something that hadn’t existed before. Magdalena was drawn to Miriam’s sexy curves, glossy pink painted lips, and long wavy red hair. She could imagine herself licking Miriam’s naked calve and thigh on one leg, starting from the pink acrylic high heel shoe. For the final part of the dance, they interlocked their legs in a scissoring position to perform a simulated act of tribadism while still wearing their thongs. But, due to their newfound feelings, they thrust their pussies with more force than originally planned, derived sexual pleasure from it, and moaned loudly in pleasure.

After work, Anna approached Magdalena and asked what she had thought of lesbian prostitution now. Despite acquiring new feelings towards women, Magdalena was still hesitant and wanted to experiment more first before making a decision. Anna smiled and kissed Magdalena on the lips.

Magdalena’s eyes blinked and took notice of her surroundings. She was sitting on the lap of a woman named Anna, who was dressed in a purple surplice halter dress. Her body and limbs seemed to be moving on their own, grinding themselves against Anna’s body. They looked at each other eye to eye. Anna’s look was that of predatory lust.

What am I doing here? What am I doing with this woman? Her name is...Anna...but is she...actually someone I know? Did I actually meet her before? Am I in a relationship with her...but I’m not like that... What’s going on?

I’m feeling so horny... I want to be touched... I want to be fucked...

I don’t think...I’m supposed to be here...Home...I’m supposed to be at home...Someone is waiting for me… My daughter... She might be in danger...

Fucking...fuck...sex... I want...sex... I want to fuck...women...

What am I thinking?!! What am I doing?!!

Anna placed her hands on Magdalena’s shoulders and pulled her down for a kiss, but just as their pairs of painted lips were about to meet, Magdalena grimaced and stopped the kiss. She immediately got off Anna’s lap and backed away. Fragmented memories of what had happened earlier came back to Magdalena. Anna looked at the woman and sighed, knowing what was happening, Anna placed her hands on Magdalena’s shoulders and pulled her down for a kiss, but just as their pairs of painted lips were about to meet, Magdalena grimaced and stopped the kiss. She immediately got off Anna’s lap and backed away with a look of confusion, fear, and disgust on her face. Fragmented memories of what had happened earlier came back to Magdalena. Anna looked at the woman and sighed, knowing what was happening. Exerting her will on her emerald pendant, green rays of light cast forth from it, filling Magdalena’s field of vision with a sinister green light.

“N-nooo...” Magdalena found her body immobilized and her speech almost completely inhibited. But, before she could be placed back into a trance, her body glowed with a faint white light. Magdalena had just summoned all of her will power to cast Disenchant, a spell that attempts to break the caster free from illusions and direct mental manipulation spells. At the moment she regained control of her body, Magdalena ran away from Anna and headed into the crowd of party guests. Her distressed look drew the attention of some of the guests. Some of them giggled at Magalena and looked at her lecherously while others bore no expression on their faces or wore masks, as if they’re dolls or puppets.

They’re being manipulated and controlled like I was! The rumors about what the nobles are doing to commoners... They’re true!

When Magdalena was close to the corridor that led to the foyer, she saw a young raven-haired woman in her late teens or early twenties dressed in a white and pink frilly satin dress who was also trying to escape. By the time Magdalena had reached the corridor, the woman was already at the end of it and was about to cross into the foyer. At this point, she realized no one appeared to try to even stop her or the woman. The woman yelped when she was suddenly held in place by some unseen force before dematerializing in a cloud of sparkles. It all happened within moments. Magdalena stopped and stared in horror at the scene. There was a trap in the foyer. No wonder no one went after them. What happened to the woman? Was she teleported away or...killed instantly?

Someone tapped Magdalena’s shoulder from behind, causing Magdalena to immediately flinch and turn around. Magdalena drew her fist back and was ready to strike what she perceived to be an assailant trying to stop her from leaving but stopped when she saw a frightened woman in front of her. The young woman also appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties with golden blonde hair styled in elaborate tube curls, glossy pink lips, and a blue satin dress with white accent and voluminous skirt with multiple petticoats. The dress was torn, almost purposefully, in places that showed off the young woman’s alluring breasts, legs, and hips.

“Please! Don’t hurt me!” The woman said as she raised her hands up to shield her face. “You don’t have to be afraid of me. I’m not like the other noblewomen. I saw you flee from Anna and thought we could help each other escape.”

Magdalena cautiously lowered her fist. Not sure if she could trust the young lass. However, just to be on the safe side Magdalena had a few spells at the ready. Just in case. “Help each other escape?” Magdalena repeated with a look of incredulity.

“Explain yourself! Why should I trust you?” she said suspiciously

“We don’t have much time. If you want to escape you need to…”

“No!” Magdalena interrupted “If you want my assistance then I want answers. Tell me what’s going on or… or you can go and find someone else to play this sick game with.” Normally Magdalena wouldn’t be one to ignore someone in trouble but given what was happening she knew that she should be on her guard and be prepared.

Magdalena saw the young woman dart her eyes around as if she was looking to see if there was anyone else with them at the moment. Defeated, the blonde let out a sigh and began her explanation.

“Look, we don’t have much time but I’ll just try and give you a brief rundown on what’s going on here.”

Magdalena gave her a suspicious stare in response. Still not sure if she should trust this woman or not. Everything in her mind was telling her that she would be better off on her own but there was something in the back of her mind telling her to stay with the woman, to enjoy her company, see where this goes.

“This isn’t just a meeting of some of the nobility. It’s an actual coven meeting. Everyone here is a member or has some ties to the Coven of the Golden Sun.”

“Coven of the Golden Sun? Okay now I know that you’re just pulling my leg and taking me for a fool. No such coven exists and if it did, an established coven needs approval from the high magical council to operate within our realm.” Magdalena said incredulously.

Frustrated, the woman just let out a huff as she took a deep breath to calm herself as she continued her explanation.

“That’s because the Holy Order eliminated them, or at least they thought they did, and purged all official records of them from the magical texts and archives. Think about it, if you didn’t want anyone in the magical community to join an unscrupulous rogue coven. Wouldn’t you remove any traces of them and pretend they never existed?”

The woman’s logic was shaky at best but Magdalena couldn’t help but agree in some sense that the explanation the young blonde presented did make some sense.

“Okay let's say for a moment that I believe you. What does this coven want, and how do you and I fit in all this madness?” Magdalena said as she wildly gestured to their lavish surroundings.

“The same thing any of the other coven wants. Absolute control over the other covens and of the magical realms. As for how you and I fit in all this. Well I’ve been investigating them for about a year now and it’s all led up to this. Ever since…” The blonde’s voice tapered off before she could provide her explanation but from her tone Magdalena judged that the blonde had a personal stake in this matter.

“As for you. I’m guessing that you caught the fancy of one of the coven members and they plan to convert you into one of their lesbian thralls.”

As soon as Magdalena heard the word lesbian her eyes bugged out as a look of shock washed over her face. The idea of her participating or even thinking of such unnatural sexual acts made her skin crawl.

“Oh, that’s one thing I forgot to mention. The Coven of the Golden Sun is a lesbian coven. They specifically target women that interest them and convert them into coven members and lesbians.” The blonde gleefully presented this statement as if she was proud of the fact but Magdalena disgusting as she would never debase herself in such a way.

“Wait a moment. That can’t be right. I mean, I saw some men among the guests. How do you explain that?”

“They’re drones whose only purpose in the coven is to faithfully carry out the orders of the female coven members or provide breeding samples when a coven member wishes to bear a daughter. Men, when inducted into the coven, undergo a series of rituals and consume potions that kill all sexual desires. Those guys out there would remain flaccid and uninterested even if all the females out there stripped naked and put themselves out on lewd display.” There was a touch of perverse glee in the blonde’s voice when she mentioned the last part of her statement.

“So what do we do? We need to escape and inform the proper authorities. I don’t know about you but I don’t intend to join this coven any time soon or become a lesbian.”

“I can take you to a safe place but we have to be careful. Who knows how many traps and alarms the coven has all over this place. Just stay close and follow me.”

When Magdalena hesitated, the woman goaded her, “Hurry, it’ll be too late if we get discovered!

“By the way, my name is Wendolyn.”

“My name is Magdalena. I’m very grateful for your help, Lady Wendolyn.”

As Magdalena followed Wendolyn, she found her eyes wandering to the woman’s behind as they walked and briefly wondering about the shape of her butt and thighs before forcing herself to stop. Her dress looks good for her figure. She surely would attract a lot of men...or women... What am I... I shouldn’t be thinking about these things!

Once they walked into a hallway, away from the crowd of people, Magdalena asked, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll know when we get there. Just keep following me.”

They stopped in front of a lacquered wooden door in the hallway. Wendolyn pulled out an onyx key from between her charming breasts which was hanging from a golden necklace around her slim neck that Magdalena didn’t notice before, Wendolyn placed it into the keyhole, and after seeing a bright pink glow come from the outline of the door after Wendolyn inserted her key she then opened the door gesturing to Magdalena to enter.

“Just go in. You’ll be safe.” Wendolyn’s voice had a tone of impatience.

The room was sparsely furnished with just a pink leather loveseat and a small wooden table with a glass top. The walls were painted with matte dark red color in contrast with the white and black checkerboard tiled floor. A magical domed light on the white ceiling provided the only source of light.

“Have a seat.”

“What are we going to do here?” Magdalena was feeling uneasy.

“You’ll be safe here from the noblewomen who are trying to take advantage of you. This is a room in phased space. Think of it as a safe room. It will be very hard for the nobility to find us here. Only way to get in is with this.” Wendolynn said triumphantly as she held up the onyx key in Magdalena’s face.

Now that she had a good look at it. Magdalena noticed a small green gem in the center of the key. She couldn’t help but feel a bit entranced as the gem sparkled and shined as it swung back and forth in Wendolyn’s hand.

Magdalena couldn’t help but agree with her rescuer that she was safe here. No harm would befall her. There was nothing to worry about. It was just her and a young blonde she found alluring.

“I can’t help you can’t leave here yet. We need to wait for a chance. As you’ve seen earlier the manor is filled with traps and we’re surrounded by coven members.”


“Just relax.” Wendolyn gently touched Magdalena’s bare arm, causing the mature woman to gasp, as if she was touched by a lover, and guided her down to the loveseat. Once they were both seated, Magdalena noticed an ornament at the center of the small glass table. It was a smooth, colorless, five-sided pyramid made from some natural crystal. She swore there was nothing on the table before. The pyramid was sparkling faintly. Such ornaments were commonly sold in many gift shops.

Wendolyn asked through her frosted, bubblegum pink lips, “Who brought you to this manor?”

“It was Katrina... I mean Lady Katrina Hartelle...”

After mentioning Katrina’s name Magdalena’s eyes wandered back to the sparkling pyramid on the glass table.

“You must be a very special person for Lady Katrina to have her eye on you.”

“No... I’m not a special person... I’m just an ordinary woman...with a family...”

“You’re not an ordinary woman, Magdalena... You’re an extraordinary woman...”

“You’re flattering me...”

“...with extraordinary needs...” Wendolyn cautiously placed a hand on Magdalena’s left thigh and after letting it rest there for a few minutes she began to lightly caress it through the red skirt.

Magdalena was so focused on the sparkling pyramid and lost in thought that she barely noticed the physical contact Wendolyn’s hand on her thigh. When she did take notice of where she was being touched, she noticed the hot pink nail polish on Wendolyn’s long, tapered nails. Vaguely, she realized the touching was inappropriate, but she was unable muster up the will to object. On the other hand, the warmth of Wendolyn’s hand and the way she was caressing her thigh felt pleasant. It was a familiar feeling building up between her legs and yet foreign as it was a woman that was causing them to appear and not her husband.

“Extraordinary needs?” Magdalena wondered what Wendolyn was implying. A hazy image of two naked women with blood-red hair and bright red lips in a sensual embrace appeared in her mind. Kissing each other with fervent lust, their red nailed hands roaming and groping each other's body, and pressing and grinding each other against the other in a lewd fashion. Magdalena could hear them moan and seductively whisper to each, confesssions of lesbian love and desire. Then immediately both women stopped and turned their heads to address Magdalena as if she was there with them. “Care to join us?” they spoke in an eerily foreboding tone. However, the rational side of her immediately objected to the nascent sapphic images coalescing in her mind and before she could even respond she sputtered out. “No, I don’t...have those...kinds of needs!”

Instinctively, Magdalena tried to shift her leg away from Wendolyn’s hand, but Wendolyn started clenching her fingers, preventing Magdalena from moving her leg. At the same time, the pyramid sparkled a little brighter than before, and its facets flashed intensely. Causing Magdalena to calm down and relent to Wendolyn’s sensual touch and pacifying her desire to resist the young blonde’s physical interaction with her now quivering thigh.

“Tell me, how did you and Lady Katrina meet?”


Magdalena tried to recount as best as she could what had happened. She remembered Katrina calling her name near a carriage stop, but before she could progress down that memory lane, an external force stopped her thought, replacing it with new altered memories. She now knew about Katrina after hearing about her from her daughter, Emelia, who was a close friend of Katrina. Worried that she hadn’t heard from her beautiful daughter for weeks and all her attempts to reach her magically failed due to the recent magical storms interrupting long distance communication for weeks, she deliberately tried to draw Katrina’s attention after discovering part of the route that Katrina’s carriage would travel through. For that purpose, she had decided to dress in an eye-catching red dress, red high heels, jewelry, and put on bright makeup that included glossy red lipstick and nail polish. Luckily, she was able to draw the attention of Katrina, and the noblewoman’s carriage stopped for her. They introduced themselves to each other and talked a bit about their lives as well as Emelia. Understanding the troubles that Magdalena was going through. Katrina offered Magdalena a job to be her lady in waiting, which Magdalena eagerly accepted, and Katrina informed her that her first task was to accompany her to a special party held at a manor in the outskirts of the city. After some persuasion, Magdalena agreed to accompany the foxy blonde witch and accepted the offer. Once they had arrived at the manor, they met up with one of Katrina’s friends, Anna, before Katrina left Magdalena with Anna to meet up with her other friends. Anna then made sexual advances on Magdalena, which Magdalena rejected...

“It doesn’t sound like Katrina was the one who did anything wrong. You were the one who was deliberately courting for Katrina’s attention. She didn’t try to force you to do anything or entrap you in any way. Am I correct?”

“Umm...I’m not sure...” Magdalena felt there was something unusual about her memories, but she couldn’t figure out what was wrong with them.

“How can you not be sure when you just told me what had happened?”

Magdalena avoided Wendolyn’s accusing gaze and looked at the pyramid on the table again. She noticed that it was now glittering more rapidly and showing different light patterns than before. For a few moments she stared at it blankly before looking at Wendolyn again.

“I-I...think Lady Katrina did...something...to me...”

“You’re saying she did something to you, but do you have any proof?”

“It was probably some magic spell or potion... I drank her tea and...” A strange compulsion came to Magdalena. She parted her lips and slightly extended her tongue, brushing it sideways along her lips several times.

“That’s still just an accusation and not any sort of proof. Look at the way you’re dressed: all in red, thick makeup, high heels, and showing off your legs. Are you sure you weren’t the one who tried to do something improper to Katrina?” asked Wendolyn in an accusing tone.

“No, I didn’t do...anything to Lady Katrina! Are you...are you...actually trying to help...me?” Magdalena averted her eyes again and looked back at the pyramid, as if it was a source of emotional support.

In the pyramid, she saw an image of feminine blue eyes with curled lashes and sharp eyebrows looking and batting their long lashes at Magdalena... That changed to an image of bright red lips... The lips spoke to Magdalena in a husky voice...

Seduce.... Seduce... Seduce her...

Magdalena batted her eyelashes at Wendolyn.

“I am trying to help you, but I need you to be completely honest and truthful with me. Can you do that?” asked Wendolyn with a gentle tone this time.

“Yes, I-I can...” Magdalena licked briefly around her shiny red lips and tilted her head slightly while running a hand through her hair.

“Were you trying to seduce Lady Katrina while you were riding in the carriage with her?”

Her first impulse was to say “No” to Wendolyn’s question, but a pink haze filled Magdalena’s mind as she tried to recall what had happened in the carriage. After struggling with recall for a few moments, the “memories'' came back to her... She was directly sitting across from Katrina in the carriage on the opposite seat. While looking at Katrina seductively, Magdalena’s hands went to her sheer red blouse to unbutton it, starting with the topmost button, and gradually exposing her cleavage and her large breasts covered with red satin bra cups. She cupped her breasts and licked her lips at Katrina before slowly parting her legs and sliding her fingers along them, enticing Katrina to focus on the area hidden by her red skirt...

“Well, did you?” Wendolyn’s eyes narrowed with impatience.

“Yesss...N-Noooo...” answered Magdalena with a confused look.

“So, you did seduce Lady Katrina... Show me how you did it...”

Magdalena raised her hands upwards to the top of her blouse but stopped midway for a moment, stopped, then moved down and up again...

The green pendant sitting between Wendolyn’s cleavage glowed brightly, filling Magdalena’s vision with green light. Without hesitation, Magdalena’s hands now began unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her satin bra-encased breasts as she had “remembered”. She spread her legs and rode up her skirt enough to just expose a sliver of her red satin panties while looking lustfully at Wendolyn.

Wendolyn looked away from Magdalena and pointed her eyes at the pyramid. Following Wendolyn’s eyes, Magdalena directed her gaze at the crystalline object and looked at it with no emotion as shifting, glowing patterns appeared on its surface.

“It’s very pretty, isn’t it?”


“Just like you, honey.”

“Just like me...”

“Here, apply this on your lips.” Wendolyn handed Magdalena a golden tube of lipstick.

While looking at the magical reflection of her lips projected by the pyramid, Magdalena applied the crimson red lipstick on her lips, covering her already painted lips with a new, sparkling red layer. After finishing one layer, she applied another layer again. A feminine voice in her head ordered her to do so. She repeated until there were nine layers of lipstick painted thickly on her lips. Wendolyn gripped Magdalena’s chin with one hand and moved it to the side so that Magdalena was now facing her. Slowly, Wendolyn’s lips began its journey towards the spellbound woman’s lips.

A weak voice of reason echoed in Magdalena’s mind... I can’t do this... I am not a lesbian... That voice of reason was countered by a much stronger voice...

You are a lesbian...

You have no interest in men...

You will be a lesbian...

“You like Katrina, don’t you?” asked Anna.

“I-I...I’m married,” Magdalena struggled to say.

“You love Katrina, don’t you?”

You love Katrina...

You want to serve Katrina...

You want to obey Katrina...

You desire Katrina...

You want to have sex with Katrina...

“I...love...Katrina... No....” Magdalena’s face contorted with confusion.

An image of her husband appeared in Magdalena’s mind, but the image was distorted. Her foggy consciousness tried to make the image more clear through the recall of other memories but something was preventing her from doing so. She couldn’t remember his name.

“You love Katrina, don’t you?” Wendolyn asked again in a dominant voice.

“I...love...Katrina...” repeated Magdalena without emotion.

Wendolyn’s emerald pendant glowed brightly and pulsated. A bolt of pleasure shot through Magdalena’s body, causing her to open her mouth in a slight moan. She let Wendolyn guide her into a kiss. Both pairs of lips glowed in their respective red and pink colors when they met. Soon Magdalena found herself being enveloped by a pink mist, she felt no need to make any attempts to escape, and soon after her mind went adrift as the pink mist fully consumed her.

“Uggghh...” Bridgette rose up halfway from the cold floor rubbing the temple of her forehead with her right hand. She felt she had just recovered from a restless night’s sleep. Her mind was hazy as if there was a thick cloud trying to hold back some thoughts and memories. “Where am I?” She looked around and caught a reflection of herself in a gold-framed mirror hanging on the wall opposite of her.

Bridgette was stunned by the ravishing creature staring back at her. Bridgette saw a vibrant, young, sexy woman. She looked like she was in her very late teens or maybe early 20s. She swore that she should be… older, more mature, her body voluptuous and ample with sexual maturity. However, Bridgette had no issue with what she was seeing. Her skin silky smooth and free of blemishes associated with age she thought she should be, while her body lacked the ample proportions of a worldly, mature woman she thought she was. Bridgette’s young body was nothing to laugh at. It was perky, curvy, and full of a youthful glow that gave off a vibrant aura of sexiness.

Bridgette then took notice of what she was wearing. It looked like a maid’s uniform but hyper-sexualized. The top was bare showing off her slender shoulders and edged with white lace and did an amazing job of pressing her cleavage together and showing them off in spectacular fashion. Bridgette found herself losing her gaze focused on the luscious valley formed by her young tits. The hem of the maid’s skirt barely went past her gorgeous hips. Bridgette giggled a bit, despite the eerie situation she was in, as she thought about the naughty view she would be giving people, especially women, with the scandalous outfit she had on.

Her eyes then roamed over her long, sexy legs. Covered in elegant sheer silk stockings. Bridgette felt the firm hold of the elastic band of the black lace garter that held up the stockings around her upper thigh. Bridgette let out a soft coo as she saw her feet encased in black patent leather 6-inch stiletto heels.

She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the glossy leather and then focused on the reflection in the mirror for better details. What she saw absolutely stunned her as she took in the details in her reflection.

Her lips painted a bright ruby red giving them a plump and sensual look. Her cheeks painted an alluring rosy pink thanks to the blush that was applied. Her eyelashes thick and voluminous thanks to a good application of mascara. Baby blue eyeshadow colored the top of her eyes and lined with dark purple eyeliner. Finally there was her hair, it was a shimmering golden blonde, her bangs were cut straight and curled in and the rest of her long locks pulled back and tied into a prim and proper bun with a few loose strands done in tubular curls.

Overall Bridgette literally gave off an aura of sexiness that easily inspired lust at anyone that looked at her. Bridgette was so fascinated by her appearance that it took her a while to realize she was in a small room made entirely of smooth, gray brick that had no furnishings except for a small wooden table, two stools, and the golden framed mirror hanging on the wall opposite her. Sconces provided ambient light to the room. Turning around, she saw a door and immediately went to it. However, the knob won’t budge when she tried to turn it. “Let me out!” she yelled in desperation and pounding on the door. There was a flash of light that brightened the room momentarily.

“You’re finally awake, Bridgette!”

Bridgette jumped at the familiar voice and turned around. “P-please let me go!”

“Let you go? Did you not agree to the terms of the job?”

“It was for being a maid. I didn’t expect to...” Something in the back of her mind told her that something about this whole thing was wrong. As she focused her mind Bridgette remembered how she heard about this job from a friend, or was it a posting she saw in the daily news. She wasn’t so sure and felt that there was something or someone in her mind with her. A faint voice telling her that all this was wrong and she should know how she got here but that line of thought quickly faded away before she could dwell on it. Regardless, she recalled responding to the article and after a brief interview via magical crystal orbs. Bridgette was offered the job.

Ecstatic, she arrived here at the manor at the appointed time earlier today. Upon arriving she was greeted by Wendolyn, who informed Bridgette that she was the head of staff for the Lady of the Manor. She led Bridgette down various hallways while explaining what she would be doing and what her tasks were. Which Bridgette agreed to without paying much attention because for some odd reason she found her attention focused on Wendolyn’s body, the sexy curves so alluring that even she had to admire them. So much so that she didn’t hear what was being said. Only assuming that her job would mostly entail cleaning and other menial tasks.

Eventually she was led to a room and soon after Wendolyn gestured for her to enter. Stepping inside she was greeted by large folding mirrors that were set up so whoever stood in front of them would have a good view of themselves from front to back. There was a small vanity table in the right corner filled with cosmetics. In the center of the room was a clothing dummy with a clean and crisp sexy maid’s uniform on it.

“Please change into your uniform.” Wendolyn commanded as she gestured to the maid’s uniform.

Hesitantly Bridgette walked up to the uniform and as she reached out to the uniform she turned and addressed Wendolyn.

“Um…. are you going to be… you know… in here with me, watching?”

Wendolyn just scoffed at Bridgette’s inquiry. “Absolutely, as Head of Staff for Lady Westshire I have to make sure you don’t smuggle anything that would harm our lady. Such as concealed wands, potions, and talismans”

“I assure you that I have no hostile intent towards Lady Westshire.” Bridgette snapped back. Feeling a bit insulted at Wendolyn’s insinuation that she would purposefully try and harm her new employer.

“Then you would have no issue with undressing with me present.”

At a loss for words at the argument that Wendolyn presented Bridgette just quietly huffed and turned her back towards Wendolyn and began the process to disrobe. It wasn’t long before she was just down to her simple baby pink bra and panties.

She couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of her reflection. Her legs were long, smooth, and well toned, her belly smooth and flat, and her B-cup sized breasts were nice and perky and proudly on display in their pink confines. As she ogled her body again the feeling that something was off crept into Bridgette’s mind. She swore that she should be older, not this young vixen staring back at her. It felt as if she was in someone else's skin. Also was she really sure that Bridgette was her name. Things were starting to feel completely weird.

However, her admiration of her beautiful body and mental pondering was stopped short when Wendolyn barked “Stop!” and caught her completely off guard as she was startled by the sudden outburst which caused her to stumble, trip, and land on her butt and let out a “omphhh” as her cute butt impacted the floor.

Bridgette gave Wendolyn a nasty look in response and before she could ask her why the hell did she do that. Bridgette cut her off.

“Tell me something. Who do you work for?”

Bridgette gave Wendolyn a confused look. Surely the woman most know and seemed a bit taken aback by such, what she perceived to be, a frivolous question.

“Again, who do you work for?” This time Bridgette could hear the definite tone of annoyance and anger in Wendolynn’s voice and knew that if she failed to respond properly then there would be dire consequences.

“L-l-lady Westshire… I work for Lady Westshire. I mean that’s who employs me in this new job…”

“Tell me then. Do you know what Lady Westshire does or her position in the nobility?”

Bridgette looked down at the floor in shame. She didn’t know much about her new employer other than that she was a member of the nobility and had some pull within the various covens and guilds within the magical realms.

“Judging by your look I can guess that you didn’t do any research into your new employer. So allow me to clue you in and stop me when you finally get a clue as to why I’m a bit upset.

“Lady Westshire is one of the premier fashion designers in all the realms. She has many clients that vie for her attention in producing originals that they can claim as their own. Her organization has contracts to produce and provide the uniforms for the various guilds and covens. Lady Westshire sets trends and not one to follow them. That… “ Wendolyn gestured to Bridgette’s bra and panties. “Is an affront to everything Lady Westshire symbolizes and stands for. She expects her employees to follow in her path or at least keep up. Not wear something so gauche and tacky.”

“Surely Lady Westshire can’t … I mean it’s not like I’ll be working in just my bra and panties and showing them off.” Bridgette said defensively.

“Tsk… tsk” Wendolynn said as she wagged her right index finger with a mischievous smile in front of Bridgette’s face.

“Foolish girl. If you had bothered to pay attention to your job briefing during our interview. You would have learned that Lady Westshire also expects her serving staff to function as models from time to time to help her showcase her latest fashions. Don’t you think it would be embarrassing if you’re modeling a Westshire original while wearing that.” Wendolynn said to Bridgette in a very unflattering scolding tone.

“Sorry, I guess I missed that part.” Bridgette said sheepishly as she avoided Wendolynn’s gaze.

What Wendolynn did make some kind of sense. First off the pay being offered was clearly much more than what a maid would be making. It more or less aligned with what she assumed to be a model’s pay. Also the idea of being a model sent a slight thrill down Bridgette’s spine and between her legs. The idea of showing off her body, her sexy body, wearing the latest in fashion to a bunch of… women. Yes, the idea of showing off her body to women was very appealing all of a sudden.

“I’m sorry. I guess when you offered me the job I was so excited that I didn’t really pay attention to the job details. Please, I have no intent to embarrass Lady Westshire and in no means is my attire meant to show any form of disrespect to Lady Westshire’s generosity. It’s just that …”

“Look, we can stand here all day or if you are truly sincere with making amends then you can just take those things off pronto.” Wendolynn said with a touch of menace in her voice as she gestured to Bridgette’s undergarments.

Before casting off her undergarments. Bridgette gave herself one last look in the mirror. Despite what Wendolynn said about her current attire she still thought and felt that they made her look sexy. Her body young and sleek and endowed with the mesmerizing youthful curves that drew lustful stares.

Taking a deep breath to steel herself and summon up some courage. Bridgette reached back as she began to search and then fiddle with the clasp of her bra. It took a few seconds but Bridgette managed to remove the restrictive garment that confined her breasts.

After her bra came off Bridgette caught a glimpse of herself and was captivated by her image in the folding mirrors. Her unrestrained breasts were ample, succulent and firm. Composed of creamy smooth, unblemished skin, nipples stiff due to the sexually charged air in the room.

Her hands roamed towards her breasts and Bridgette let out a soft moan of pleasure when she gently massaged and groped her knockers. The delightful pleasure that emanated from her breasts caused Bridgette to amp her breast play from gently fondling them to aggressively playing with her nipples by pinching and pulling on them.

Wow… my breasts feel so good. Never knew that the girls were that sensitive.

Enjoying the feelings she was receiving from playing with her breasts Bridgette had completely forgotten that Wendolynn was in the changing room with her observing the lewd show she was performing.

It wasn’t till Wendolynn had politely cleared her throat that Bridgette came back to her senses. Embarrassed, she stopped her breast play and awkwardly lowered her arms back down to her sides.

“S-sorry…” was all that Bridgette could muster in response to being caught feeling herself up.

“Don’t be embarrassed. A lot of women feel excited when they’re about to wear clothing made by Lady Westshire. Lady Westshire designs the attire she produces for women to bring out their femininity and attractiveness and maximize it. You should be proud, not ashamed.”

Bridgette wasn’t sure what to make of Wendolynn’s attempt to comfort her. Part of her appreciated it but yet there was a nagging voice in the far back of her mind that told her that it was unsettling and that she should just walk out of here quickly and never look back.

Again seeing herself semi-naked state in the mirror seemed to calm her and chase away her fears and concerns. Bridgette found what she was looking at to be attractive and had to admit that the maid uniform that was on the dummy was very alluring and she couldn’t feel a bit excited to try it on.

Bridgette, remain calm and don’t panic. You are among friends.

Bridgette, you are here to be Lady Westshire’s new maid.

Bridgette, there is nothing wrong with you being here and everything Wendolynn tells you is the truth.

Bridgette, you get aroused and excited when you undress in front of a woman.

Bridgette, you want to stripe in front of women.

Bridgette, you found the female body sexually attractive.

Bridgette, you don’t find anything offensive with the naked female body.

Bridgette, you want to run your hands over a woman’s breasts.

Bridgette, you desire to run your tongue between a beautiful woman’s legs.

Bridgette, you find anything wrong with two women dating and being intimate.

Bridgette, you are seriously thinking about dating attractive women.

Bridgette, you truly believe that you are a lesbian.

These subliminal messages were being broadcast from the dressing dummy that was in the changing room with Bridgette and Wendolynn. Almost as if it was leaning up against her and whispering these things into her ear. Bridgette, unaware that her mind was beginning to bend and accept some of the messages as truths. She found her attention and focus waning and it was a bit harder to stay on task.

It wasn’t till she saw her attractive topless reflection that she regained her focus. Then a wicked smile appeared on Bridgette’s face as a naughty idea popped into her mind. If Wendolynn was observing her then why not just give her a little show and have some fun while she was at it.

Turning her back to Wendolynn she hooked her index fingers under the waistband of her panties and began a seductive pull as she began to lower them down her beautiful legs. In doing so, Bridgette bent over and gave Wendolynn a very naughty tease of her ass as she started to completely undress herself.

Before stepping out of her panties Bridgette gave her bare ass a cute wiggle as if to taunt the other woman that was in the room with her. In response Wendolynn let out a low wolf whistle, a clear sign that she approved of what she was seeing.

When she slipped her panties off her ankles Bridgette stood back up and turned to face the blonde that was in the room with her with hands on her sexy hips. Triumphantly showing off her body as if she had nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

Bridgette caught sight of her nude form again in the folding mirrors and just marveled at how sexy she looked. Starting from the top down she saw silky blonde locks flowing down her head resting on elegant shoulders, then a set of perky tits that would draw anyone’s attention with desire, slender arms worthy of a fashion model resting on some fabulous curvaceous hips that rounded out her beautiful figure all under a slim waist, a small tuft of golden pubic hair above her aroused loins, and this resting on a pair of long, well-toned slender legs. In essence she had a youthful sleek body with seductive curves in the right areas. She couldn’t help but give her reflection a seductive wink and flash it a naughty smile.

Her self-admiration was cut short however when she heard a cough come from behind her. Reminding her where she was and what she was set to do.

Bridgette walked over to the dressing dummy and as she inspected the maid’s uniform she noticed an odd particular detail about it. The uniform had no indication of how to remove the uniform off the dummy aside from either cutting or tearing it off the dummy itself.

“Something wrong?” Wendolynn asked with faux-concern. Fully aware of the capabilities of the uniform that Bridgette was cautiously circling.

“W-well, it just seems that… I mean I don’t see anything to remove this uniform off the dummy.”

“Very observant. The uniform is made from a new material that Lady Westshire has been developing for her upcoming fashion line. No unsightly seams from zippers and buttons. To put on the uniform all you have to do is just… touch it.” The creepy tone that Wendolynn put on the last two words and the smile on Bridgette’s face that followed put Bridgette on edge.

Cautiously Bridgette reached out towards the uniform. Unsure what would occur when her fingers made physical contact with the fabric material but it wasn’t long before her concerns were justified because as soon as her fingers came close to the material. Strands from the uniform began to unravel and attach itself to her, like a predator ambushing its prey.

By the time she jerked her arm back in fright it was a futile effort as a majority of whatever the maid’s uniform was made of had quickly travelled up to her arm and began to make its way to her body.

Sensing Bridgette’s panic, Wendolynn pulled out her emerald pendant, flashing it in front of Bridgette, she began to soothe her, telling Bridgette to remain calm and letting her know that everything would be fine.

The way the emerald gem in the pendant’s center shimmered and shined as it swung back and forth caught Bridgette’s eye. Her focus on the swaying gem as Wendolynn’s seductive velvety voice calmed her. Her attention lost on the creepy maid’s uniform that was slithering over her naked body and her will lost in Wendolynn’s soothing voice.

Bridgette, relax, no harm will befall you.

Bridgette, let the maid’s uniform do it’s thing. Don’t fight it.

Bridgette, there’s nothing to worry about. You are completely safe here.

Bridgette, you feel excited about this new job.

Bridgette, you desire to show off your sexy body to the women present here

Bridgette, there’s no shame in having women stare and lust for your body.

Bridgette, you find women looking at you arousing

Bridgette’s dulled mind soaked in Wendolynn’s words. She couldn’t help but feel a bit of giddy excitement, after all today was the start of a brand new day. She was starting a new job that paid more than she expected, working for a prestigious noble family, and she got to wear a sexy uniform that showed off her equally sexy, young body. Very sex indeed as she roamed her hands up and down her body. Playfully groping herself in a lewd fashion. Bridgette couldn’t help but enjoy the excitement she was feeling. It took a few minutes for her to snap back into focus and realize that she was lustfully ogling her image.

“Looks like someone likes their new uniform,” Wendolynn said as she gestured to the reflections in the folded mirrors.

Bridgette couldn’t help but agree with Wendolynn’s comment as she found reflection to be very sexy and very alluring. She half wished that her reflections would indeed walk out of the mirrors so they could lustfully make out with each other and see where the night would go.

However, before the thought could progress further into her mind Bridgette shook her head to chase the naughty images out of her mind.

“Something wrong?”

“N-no, e-everything is okay. Just nervous, that's all.” was Bridgette’s quick reply to Wendolynn’s inquiry. Despite her saying that everything was okay. Bridgette couldn’t help but feel something deep down in her gut telling her to run, that she was in danger, and that everything about this was not right.

“Don’t worry about the new job jitters. I promise everything will be okay and who knows maybe you’ll meet someone here that you’ll like.”

Bridgette gave Wendolynn a puzzled look. As she had mentioned that she was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend and both of them were looking to get married soon. But, before she could press Wendolynn on what she meant by her awkward statement. Wendolynn, as if sensing what she was going to say, ushered her quickly towards the door.

“Come now, we have a few more tasks and assignments that I need to go over with you. Hurry now.” Wendolynn said as she pushed Bridgette out the door.

The start of Bridgette’s new job as a maid for Lady Westshire was smooth and uneventful as Wendolynn described what she would be doing which was mostly greeting guests, helping them with refreshment orders, and directing them to various parts of Lady Westshire’s manor that were open to the guests.

However, Bridgette couldn’t help shake the feeling that she was being closely observed. Of course it was the first day of her new job and understood that her new employer would probably want to keep an eye on her plus she was in a manor full of Lady Westshire’s guests and it would make sense that she would come into view of some of the guests and draw their attention. Yet the feeling she was getting was as if someone was specifically leering at her, taking in every detail of her body. As she looked around all she could see were the guests minding their own business, engaged with each other, and it seemed they didn’t give her much of a thought. Only calling for her attention when they needed a glass refilled or another plate full of hor d'oeuvres. Which was normal as she was hired help and they were all from prestigious families.

That was the other thing that was nagging her in the back of her mind. A great majority of the guests present were women, not that there was anything wrong with that. As Bridgette herself couldn’t help give them a few wandering glances. The way they were dressed also put her both in desire and unease. All of them were wearing outfits that were highly sexualized that they might as well have been wearing nothing, dresses that showed off their feminine shapely curves, dresses designed to tease and entice but for who is what confused Bridgette. As it was clear that the male guests paid no mind to the sexy women gathered in the manor. What few scant men that were present among the guests seemed to pay her or their female companions no mind. They were just there with a glazed look in their eyes and barely seemed cognizant. Only showing a briefest of thought when issued a command by their respective female companion. Doing whatever was asked of them with an eager to please look.

There was another thing that was putting her on edge. Every now and then as she walked about among her fellow co-workers and Lady Westshire’s guests she felt someone grope her rear or, what was really unsettling, her breasts. However, when she looked around to confront whoever was giving her these unwanted touches no one was within arms reach. All Bridgette saw were the guests interacting with one another and having a good time.

This went on for a while. Bridgette would go about interacting with the guests and then would feel someone or thing rub her on the intimate areas of her body. Each time this occurred Bridgette would stop to see if someone was maybe casting a spell, using a talisman, or some kind of wayward naughty familiar was doing this to her. Each time the result was the same, she saw no one and couldn’t sense any kind of magic being used on her. It was starting to get bothersome.

Part of her concern was what the unwanted attention was physically doing to her. The way the phantom hands stroked between her legs, invisible fingers that seductively pinched and pulled at her stiff nipples, comforting hands massaging the cheeks of her ass. Walking about and trying to do her job was becoming harder as her body began to quiver and tremble with pleasurable lust.

Unfortunately Bridgette was unaware that the true culprit behind her molestation was her maid’s uniform, or more specifically Wendolynn. The uniform mimicking Wendolynn’s hand gestures as she observed the nubile maid from a safe distance. A glimmering orb floating in front of her as she walked and observed Bridgette. Bridgette’s uniform responding to Wendolynn’s hand movements as they roamed over the glowing, floating orb.

The other thing causing Bridgette to lose her focus was how the guests that were attending Lady Westshire’s event were acting towards her. It started off innocently enough. First, it was simple courteous exchanges of pleasantries between her and the guests. Next, it seemed to pick up as some of the guests would hand Bridgette small scraps of paper with their contact information written on it or requesting a private meeting with her, which she of course turned down, as tactfully as possible. Then, came the flirting as some of the guests would either slyly make innuendo or subtle advances that weren’t hard to pick up on what they were really asking for. Again Bridgette doing her best to be polite and excusing their behavior as either a byproduct of the guests consuming too much alcohol or maybe some illicit drug that is rumored to circulate such parties that the nobility hold. However, the last few interactions were a bit concerning as the guests now became blatant on what they were wanting.

The situation escalated when a brunette that went by the name of Lady Hightower called her over. Lady Hightower lived up to her namesake as she was a statuesque, standing well over 7’, and voluptuous woman. The shimmering black evening cocktail dress that she wore clung to the woman’s curvaceous body showing off every titillating curve of the tall woman’s body. The top of the dress was open to display the brunette’s ample cleavage. Lady Hightower’s skin had a pale milky complexion that was blemish free, smooth and flawless.

Supposedly Lady Hightower was in her late 60s but barely looked past 30. Bridgette heard chatter among the guests that Lady Hightower used glamor and illusion spells to maintain her youthful complexion but found those rumors unfounded as Bridgette could see no signs of magic spells or talismans on Lady Hightower and seeing the woman in person clearly indicated that her beautiful, youthful appearance was more likely due to some kind of healthy living and skilled application of cosmetics. Lady Hightower’s dark chocolate-colored locks were done in a vintage pinned up style in tight curls. Lady Hightower’s lips painted a bright fiery red, rose pink blush on her cheeks, and dark charcoal gray eyeshadow accompanied by midnight black eyeliner and her eyelashes curled with mascara. Bridgette couldn’t help but feel enamored by the beautiful woman that was waving at her, getting her attention.

Assuming that Lady Hightower wanted another glass of wine or something trivial Bridgette went over. When she approached Lady Hightower she directly told Bridgette that she would love to bend her over the table that was next to her, rip her maid uniform off, and ravish the hole between her legs with her skilled tongue till Bridgette passed out from pleasure. Bridgette only blushed with embarrassment at the vulgarity coming from an upstanding noble woman and did what she could to disengage herself from Lady Hightower. As she put some distance between her and Lady Hightower Bridgette heard the noble woman let out a creepy laugh that seemed to be mocking her.

From there it escalated as various ladies called for her attention and each time Bridgette addressed them they would discuss in lewd graphic detail the things they would love to do to her. The last one, a stunning redhead wearing a shimmering gold-colored dress that left very little to the imagination, didn’t bother to introduce herself to Bridgette and just grabbed her arm and drew her in very close to her. Bridgette didn’t know why but her body quivered at the physical contact of this noble woman. The way she pressed her large, succulent breasts against hers. The noble woman used her free hand to immediately go under the maid uniform’s skirt and give Bridgette’s ass a good squeeze. It was hard for Bridgette to muster up the willpower to separate herself from the redhead but she managed as she pushed herself away from the redhead. Making up an excuse and quickly ran away.

It was then that Bridgette noticed that just about every woman in the room was completely naked and engaged in some kind of lewd act with one another. It was clearly obvious as to what was happening from the moans of pleasure they were making and the sexual acts that the women were blatantly engaging in . As female guests were either with another female guest or a female member of the staff. A full blown lesbian orgy was occurring before her and despite an urge for her to maybe watch and join in. A gut feeling was telling her that she was in danger and Bridgette quickly ran away from them hoping to find someone that could explain what was going on.

Has everyone here gone mad? Surely this is not what typically occurs at these high society functions? Bridgette thought to herself as she witnessed the sapphic orgy unfold and consume the females in the manor. Freaking out as she witnessed more women succumb to the lust that was spreading throughout Lady Westshire’s manor.

Bridgette breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Wendolynn, via an open door, in an office at the far end of the ballroom. She quickly made her way over to her boss in hopes of getting an explanation on what was going on and what they could do to avoid what was happening. Upon rushing in Bridgette quickly slammed the wooden door shut.

“Wendolyn! What’s going on? Has everyone here gone mad?” Bridgette said in a panicked tone as the lesbian orgy continued around her with no indication of it stopping anytime soon.

“Bridgette, there you are! What are you doing neglecting your duties?” Wendolynn said in a nonchalant tone as if the sapphic orgy that was occurring was a common occurrence, which typically was when Lady Westshire held these kinds of gatherings.

“What? Do you not see what’s happening? For the love of God look around!” Bridgette said in a panicked tone as she erratically gestured to the wooden door and to the various scattered groups of women pleasuring one another that were on the other side. Their moans of pleasure clearly being heard despite the closed door. Stunned at the indifference that Wendolynn was showing towards what was happening.

Wendolyn didn’t bother acknowledging Bridgette’s observations as she was well aware of what was going on and she had no intention of stopping any of it. She had a different objective that had high priority on her mind, that being to bring in Bridgette into the sapphic fold and introduce her to the variety of pleasures that a woman could only obtain via lesbian sex.

Wendolyn made her way over to Bridgette like a cat stalking its prey. Hips swaying back and forth in an enticing manner. Her predatory gaze drinking in the sexy sight of the trembling fearful blonde standing before her.

The hungry look that Wendolynn was giving her put Bridgette in unease as she slowly began to take a step back for each step forward that Wendolynn made towards her. However, this was a fruitless effort on Bridgette’s part. It didn’t take long for Wendolynn to close the distance between them, reach out with her arm, and take hold of Bridgette’s left and draw her close.

Bridgette let out a soft gasp as she felt Wendolynn grab hold of her and draw her in. Faint whispers in her head telling her to escape, run, hide, do anything as long as it didn’t involve spending another minute with Wendolynn. It was so hard to draw forth the will to free herself from Wendolynn’s grip. Something within Bridgette’s mind telling her that she enjoyed this and not to resist. Assuring her that she enjoyed being so close to Wendolynn that she could smell the intoxicating scent of woman’s flowery perfume. The way that Wendolynn snaked her right arm around her waist and drew her body close and pressed it against hers made her shiver with excitement. Bridgette could feel her heart pounding against her chest and found herself short of breath as her eyes locked with Wendolynn’s.

It was at this moment that Wendolyn tried to lean in and kiss Bridgette and grope her in the office they were in away from the other people in the ballroom. Hoping that the privacy would aid her in her seduction of the young blonde hottie. However, it was also at this very moment that Bridgette finally managed to summon the strength needed to free herself and push Bridgette away from her.

“I-I’m sorry b-but I can’t do this. I appreciate the job but I can’t condone nor participate in what is going on here. I quit.” The last part of Bridgette’s statement came out weak, as if she was unsure and lacked confidence in backing up those words.

“I’m sorry to hear but you do know that there are repercussions in you quitting this job. Lady Westshire will most likely take you to court to recoup the costs for your training, the uniform she made for you, and because you have not completed your entire shift for today. You most likely will not even be paid for today’s lackluster service and job performance.”

Bridgette just stared at Wendolynn in stunned silence. Her mouth agape in shock after hearing the consequences of quitting.

“It was all outlined clearly on the contract, which you’ve signed. You can’t just renege on it now. Lady Westshire and I went through a lot of trouble in this process. It’s not easy to hire workers, you know.”

Bridgette shook her head. “I don’t want this job anymore.”

“Are you sure? You no longer want to help pay for your family’s debts? You don’t mind having your family’s farm foreclosed and losing your family’s sole source of income?”


Wendolyn walked closer to Bridgette, who had her back pressed tightly against the wooden door. The twinkle on Wendolyn’s pink topaz pendant caught the fearful woman’s eye.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, Bridgette,” said Wendolyn in a gentle voice. “We can talk through this. I’m sure we can come to an understanding with each other, don’t you think?”

Bridgette found herself focusing on the pink pendant. The pendant looked very much like the ones she had seen before worn by well-to-do people when she visited the city, but there was something alluring about this particular pendant Wendolyn was wearing. Bridgette nodded. Perhaps they can talk through this. Maybe there are just some misunderstandings that need to be cleared up, or they could come up with some sort of compromise.

A bright pink cloud suddenly appeared and enveloped Bridgette. She felt her body was caressed all over by invisible fingers. Fear gripped her for a moment but that feeling disappeared when pink light filled her vision, calming her as the ghostly hands did their job. After the pink cloud dissipated, Bridgette noticed that she was back in her normal clothes. Looking at the mirror, she saw that her hair had returned to its original plain style and black color and her face was free of cosmetics. She was relieved that she no longer looked like the women at the party.

“I won’t force you, Bridgette. You’re free to leave here if you want. I can void your contract, or we can talk more about your job, and I’ll accommodate your needs the best I can.”

Bridgette thought about the consequences of quitting the job. It would be hard to get a similar opportunity again. The positives did seem to outweigh the negatives. She was probably overreacting earlier, and maybe Wendolyn would indeed accommodate her.

“I want to keep this job.”

“Then let’s both sit down over there and be more comfortable.”

They walked over the stools and each took a seat opposite of each other. Bridgette noticed a hinged black wooden box on the table next to the stools but didn’t think much of it.

“Bridgette, what’s the reason you took up this job?”

Didn’t she ask this question before?

“I-I want to help support my family. We had a bad harvest last year and my parents had to borrow money to pay for expenses.”

“Is that all? You don’t have other reasons? Why didn’t you take up other jobs that are available?” Wendolyn’s tone was skeptical.

Bridgette pondered for a bit on what to say. The twinkling of the pink pendant caught her eye again. It was easier to look at the topaz gem than Wendolyn’s questioning eyes. “I thought it would be great to have connections with nobles. It might help me and my family in the future.”

“So you were hoping that I would help you and your family in some way. You know, that’s not part of the contract.”


“Don’t you think it’s fair that I also expect you to do something extra as well?”

“I guess so...” Bridgette was starting to realize where Wendolyn was going. “But...there are some things that I can’t...”

Wendolyn appeared displeased. Bridget avoided eye contact and focused on the gem between the noblewoman’s cleavage. It was glowing and pulsating in various shades of pink.

“I could say the same thing as well, and say I won’t do anything for you other than compensate you for your services, don’t you agree?”

“Yes...” replied Bridgette in a defeated tone.

“But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help each other out. I can help your family refinance their mortgage with much better terms, and I can help you secure a loan to pay for your future higher education if you want and even put in a good word for you to the university’s administration. Don’t you think those are great incentives?”

Bridgette nodded slowly.

“All I ask of you is to do something extra for me from time to time.”


“Let’s talk about something else. Are you in a relationship right now?” Wendolyn raised her right leg through the front slit of her skirt and placed it over her left leg, exposing both legs. Her shiny white strappy high heels and pink-painted toenails were visible to Bridgette.

“I have a boyfriend...”

“What’s his name?”


“Is he handsome?”


“What are his plans for the future?”

“................. He told me he was planning to attend the local university...or technical college...He hoped that this would earn him a spot in the tinkersmith guild.”

“Sounds like he doesn’t have a concrete plan...”

“He needs a loan or scholarship to attend the university, and he’s not certain if he’s able to get it...”

“Is he doing well in school?”

“He’s doing okay.”

“If he’s an average student, then he might not even be able to get either the loan or scholarship as they’re usually given out based on academic performance... He might become dependent on you...”

“No, Ethan’s not like that...” replied Bridgette defensively. “He’s a strongly independent person.”

“Or he might even cheat on you while you’re attending university... You’ll never know...”

Wendolyn’s pendant flashed more intensely now. It was distracting, but Bridgette didn’t complain.

“You...don’t know him...”

Bridgette broke eye contact with Wendolyn, eyeing her exposed legs briefly before moving back up, looking at the pendant, then back at Wendolyn’s eyes.

“I’m just stating the possibilities... You’re not offended, are you?”

“No... I’m just saying Ethan isn’t a bad person...”

“Tell me, Bridgette, would you rather marry someone who’s rich or someone who’s poor?”

“Ummm... Money isn’t everything...” Bridgette was having difficulty thinking, but dismissed it as just an effect of stress. Looking at Wendolyn’s pink topaz pendant made her feel calmer for some reason.

Wendolyn raised an eyebrow.

“Then why did you take this job, and not, let’s say, a job working in a factory?”

“This job is better...”

“Because it pays more and provides special privileges...” said Wendolyn as a matter-of-factly. “And you say money doesn’t matter?”

“No, that’s not what I meant...” Bridgette struggled with her thoughts. She noticed the frosted pink lipstick on Wendolyn’s lips. While she was aware of this the first time she met Wendolyn, now found herself paying attention to it more.

“Let’s talk about something else. I know you’re heterosexual, and I won’t force you to be anything else, but are you open to experimentation?”

“Experimentation... What do you mean by that?” Bridgette’s eyes drifted to Wendolyn’s metallic silver eyeshadow.

“Doing something you haven’t done before, and seeing if you like it.” Wendolyn reached forward with one hand and placed it on Bridgette’s knee through the skirt. Bridgette flinched.

“Is my touch really that uncomfortable?”

“I’m sorry, but I really am not interested in women in that way...”

“How can you be so sure when you haven’t tried it?”

“It doesn’t feel right.”

“It doesn’t feel right because you were taught that it’s wrong.”

“No, it’s how I...really feel.”

The pink pendant glowed and increased in brightness. Soon, the whole room was filled with an eerie, pink glow. Bridgette’s eyes were completely focused on the gem and ignored her surroundings. Light emitted from its multiple facets in a soothing pattern as if the gem had an innate intelligence.

A voice mimicking Bridgette’s voice spoke soothingly inside Bridgette’s mind, just below her conscious perception.

There is nothing wrong with lesbianism....

It is alright to experiment with lesbianism...

The statements in Bridgette’s mimicked voice repeated in a loop. She couldn’t tell whether it was another woman speaking to her or she was speaking to herself. But, it didn’t matter. The voice was so relaxing. She didn’t fully digest what the words meant, but the words felt right. It seemed like they were completing the missing pieces of a puzzle that was an essential part of her existence.

“Have you experimented with makeup before, Bridgette?”

Bridgette blinked. She had a nagging, disquieting feeling something had just happened to her but couldn’t remember what. There was a long pause before she answered Wendolyn’s question.

“No, I’ve....never tried makeup before, except earlier today, but some of my friends have tried makeup on special occasions.”

“Would you want to try it again now?”

Bridgette saw nothing wrong with trying new makeup. If Wendolyn just wants to play dress-up with her occasionally, then she could accommodate her.


Wendolyn opened the lacquered black box, revealing it to be a makeup kit.

“You had on a red color earlier, but you can now try this pink color. It’s the same shade as what I’m wearing on my lips.” Wendolyn picked a silver lipstick tube and removed its cap, revealing a sparkling, tapered pink tip. Bridgette looked at the colored segment cautiously. The sparkling wasn’t just caused by the light in the room, but by light that seemed to be coming from it as well. Something about it gave her bad vibes even though she consciously recognized that it appeared to be just a typical pink lipstick with a simple magical enchantment to enhance its visual effect, which she had seen some women wear before. When she first saw women wearing such makeup casually, she considered it to be too flashy, excessive, and would draw unwanted attention. While she had nothing against women with such makeup, due to her upbringing, she felt more comfortable with a modest appearance. Even her female friends who use cosmetics opted for muted and less intense colors.

The pink gemstone pulsated. Despite the dazzling, intense rays of pink light emanating from the pendant, Bridgette didn’t seem to find it unusual at all. It appeared to her as ordinary as the sconces that provide ambient light for the room.

You want to wear lipstick…

There’s nothing wrong with wearing lipstick...

You are comfortable with wearing lipstick...

You love wearing lipstick...

Something clicked in Bridgette’s mind. Her cautious attitude changed to that of curiosity. Bridgette focused on the lipstick. There was absolutely nothing wrong with wearing intensely colored lipstick. It was just her prejudice against women who want to look pretty. In fact, she was even a little envious that those women felt confident about themselves and were able to draw attention from men. There were no downsides to wearing makeup even on a casual basis.

“Move closer to me...”

Wendolyn’s command snapped Bridgette out of her trance. Bridgette stood up and lifted her chair to move it closer to Wendolyn’s position. In doing so, her eyes wandered to Wendolyn’s smooth legs again.

“Closer...” repeated Wendolyn sultrily.

“But, we won’t be able to sit without our legs touching.”

“We can spread our legs, honey. Don’t worry, I won’t be doing anything you don’t want me to do.”

Spread your legs...

Their stools were almost touching. Wendolyn had parted her legs, enclosing Bridgette’s legs without touching them.

You love the feeling of a woman’s legs close to your own...

Bridgette was careful not to touch Wendolyn’s legs with her own, which were covered by the long skirt of her modest dress. In the process, she had to look at Wendolyn’s exposed legs. She’s trying to push the envelope. I just need to be careful.

“Eyes up here,” Wendolyn commanded with a stern tone.

Immediately, Bridgette raised her eyes, making eye contact with Wendolyn, then lowered them a little to focus on the lipstick that was raised vertically directly in front of the glowing pink topaz pendant.

“This lipstick looks pretty doesn’t it?”


“What do you like about it?”

“I like the color and...the way it sparkles...”

“Is that all? There isn’t anything else? Surely there must be something else that you like about this lipstick.”

Bridgette wondered why Wendolyn was asking these questions. Yes, the lipstick does look pretty. It would have to look pretty because it’s a premium cosmetic item. What other things could she say about it? Thinking back to her past prejudices against lurid makeup, she thought about the women who had such makeup on. Now she saw them differently. The women were confident about their pretty looks and the attention they commanded. The cosmetics they had on were like extensions of their bodies.

“I feel like there’s a connection between me and this lipstick...” The statement felt ridiculous to Bridgette as soon as she said it, but she couldn’t think of better words to describe her feelings.

Wendolyn raised an eyebrow. “That’s the first time I heard anyone describe it like that... Does this lipstick remind you of someone?”

Although Bridgette remembered women wearing similar lipsticks during her trips to the city, she didn’t remember any specific person associated with the lipstick.

“It doesn’t remind of anyone in particular, but--”

The pendant glowed brightly again. Bridgette stopped speaking abruptly when her eyes caught the penetrating pink rays from the gem’s facets.

“Magdalena,” said Bridgette emotionlessly.

“Who’s Magdalena? Can you describe how you met her and what you did with her?”

Bridgette, under normal circumstances, would’ve considered the question unusual, but in her current situation, it felt like an important question that she must answer. Who’s Magdalena? Bridgette repeated the question in her mind. Memories came to her, all of which were false, from a malignant magical source.

Two years ago during early autumn, when she visited Everville, a bustling city ten miles away from her village, to shop for supplies, she had somehow gotten lost. Fortunately, a kind lady by the name of Magdalena noticed her and helped her. The woman called her out of sight and asked Bridgette if she was lost, to which Bridgette turned around to look for the woman addressing her. Bridgette was initially stunned by the woman’s appearance and wasn’t able to say anything for a few long moments. The woman was attired in an eye-catching sleeved red dress with white cuffs, a low neckline with frilly white lace, and a skirt with multiple petticoats that reached halfway down the calves, shiny red high heeled shoes, and an assortment of red-themed jewelry. The woman’s beautiful face was heavily made up with thick, glossy red lipstick, pink blush, sparkly bluish green eyeshadow, and long curly eyelashes. When the woman walked up to her, she noticed the sweet smelling perfume.

The woman asked the question again, “Young lady, are you lost?”

Bridgette snapped out of her dazed and reluctantly answered, “Yes.”

The woman then said in a sweet voice, “Don’t worry dear. I can help you. I know the way around this city very well. My name is Magdalena. What’s yours?”


Magdalena provided Bridgette with directions to various shops in the city, the ones with the best prices and quality goods, places to visit, and places to avoid. While the woman was speaking, Bridgette couldn’t help but look at the woman’s face, especially her glossy red lips.

“Is something bothering you?”

After taking a deep breath, Bridgette answered, “It’s...your...lips. The color is very eye-catching...”

“Thank you. Not that many people compliment my lips. Do you use makeup?”

“No, I have never used makeup before, but some of my friends have.”


“I-I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“I think makeup would look very good on you. Do you have some time? I can show you how you can make yourself look better with makeup.”

“Umm...” Bridgette was unsure if it’s a good idea to spend more time with a woman that she had just met, remembering her parents’ warnings about strangers, but there was something magnetic about the woman that made it hard for Bridgette to refuse the woman’s offer.

Magdalena’s red ruby pendant, which Bridgette hadn’t noticed before, sparkled and changed in colors from red to pink and vice versa. Bridgette stared at the pendant without any movement or expression on her face.

“The pendant looks pretty, doesn’t it?”

Bridgette nodded her head slowly without taking her eyes off the mesmerizing light show of the gem.

“Why don’t you come with me to my apartment? It’s just a block away.” Magdalena asked playfully then ended with a husky tone. “I can show you all about makeup and then we can...have some fun...”

Bridgette concurred again with a mechanical nod of her head.

“I’m so glad you’ve agreed. Come, let’s get going then!” Magdalena held Bridgette’s hand and guided the girl towards her apartment. Bridgette followed the red-clad woman obediently. They went to a unit on the third floor of a five story apartment building located at the end of a cul-de-sac nearby.

“We’re here!”

After a two second pause, Bridgette’s eyes blinked. For several moments, she was confused when she found herself inside a room instead of the city streets. “W-Where are we?”

“You’ve agreed to come with me to my apartment so that you can try on some makeup, remember?”

Bridgette didn’t remember agreeing to it but came to the conclusion that it was indeed the truth. Looking around, the teenaged girl noticed that the dominant theme of the apartment was red and black. All of the furniture was made of black wood or black-painted wood with red upholstery. The walls were painted in a dark red color while the floor was lined with red, black, and white tiles.

“You must be tired and thirsty from all the walking you’ve done all day. Why don’t you take a seat on the sofa over there, and I’ll get you something to drink.”

When Bridgette sat down on a red leather sofa, she noticed a small five-sided crystal pyramid ornament at the center of the coffee table in front of her. The object looked very familiar to her, but she wasn’t able to figure out why.

Magdalena came back with two glass tumblers filled with sparkling, opaque bright red liquid and set them on the coffee table. “Drink up!”

“W-what is it?” Bridgette looked at the strange drink hesitantly. She had never seen drinks with light effects before.

“It’s called ‘Red Hot Sin’, a very popular drink in this area.”

The older woman sat down next to Bridgette and took a sip from the cup, prompting Bridgette to do the same. She noticed the tangy, sweet taste and creamy texture. It tasted like vanilla, strawberries, milk, and other flavors she couldn’t make out. She drank half of the cup before putting it back down.

“You’re a beautiful girl,” complimented Bridgette.

Bridgette thought someone had made the same statement to her earlier, but couldn’t remember the person who said it. “T-thank you.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I...” Bridgette thought she knew the answer, but when she tried to recall the person she was in a relationship with, all she got was a vague, nameless silhouette in her mind. She furrowed her brow. Despite her efforts, she wasn’t able to recall being in a relationship with anyone despite being certain she was already in a relationship.

“So you don’t have a boyfriend... Do you like girls?”

“NO, I don’t--” replied Bridgette with a raised voice as she tried again to remember but to no avail.

“I was just teasing you, honey... There’s nothing wrong with liking girls...”

A voice in the back of Bridgette’s mind told her to run away, but that was countered with another thought that it was okay to remain with the woman. The red pendant sitting in between Magdalena’s sparkled and glowed again, and Bridgette’s eyes were drawn to the hypnotic colors. Her agitation flowed away, replaced with calmness.

“There’s nothing wrong with liking girls...” said Magdalena again sternly.

“There’s nothing wrong with liking girls...” repeated Bridgette in a monotone.

Bridgette’s eyes fluttered. She realized she had spaced out and raised her eyes from Magdalena’s chest, where the pendant was hanging against, to Magdalena’s face.

“I brought my makeup kit. I can help put makeup on you since you said you’re very eager to try it.”

When did I say I was eager to try makeup? A memory told Bridgette that she was enthusiastic about trying makeup in front of Magdalena.

Magdalena held up a silver tube of lipstick, right in front of the red pendant she was wearing and opened its cap, revealing a tapered rod of glittery pink color.

“Pink looks good on your lips, don’t you think?”

Bridgette nodded and became aware that her body was feeling uncomfortably warm. She fidgeted visibly, causing the leather sofa to creak.

“If you’re feeling hot, you can take off your coat.”

Bridgette took off her beige cotton coat and placed it over the backrest of the sofa.

“Part your lips and remain still.”

An unexpected spike of pleasure ran through Bridgette’s body the moment the slender pink rod touched her lips. The lipstick traced around her lips, coating them with a glittery pink color that glowed with bright luminescence and giving her more sparks of pleasure. Why am I feeling this way? It must be because of the novelty.

Just when Bridgette thought Magdalena was done with the application of lipstick, Magdalena pressed the lipstick against her lips again.

“Your lips would look better with more coats of lipstick.”

Not until nine layers of lipstick was applied to her lips before the lipstick was finally pulled away. Bridgette’s nipples were now poking visibly through her blouse.

Magdalena raised a small gold-framed hand mirror in front of Bridgette. “How do you feel right now?”

Bridgette’s first thought was that the lipstick was applied too thickly on her lips and color was too flashy, but before she could say anything, the mirror glowed and sparkled faintly. She immediately changed her opinion. The lipstick in fact looked very good on her.

“I feel pretty... This color looks great on my lips...”

“Now, let’s do your eyes.” Magdalena opened up the eyeshadow palette and applied a glittery blue color on Bridgette’s eyelids with a brush, followed by black eyeliner, and finished with black mascara. She then held the mirror in front of Bridgette again.

“I look hot...” Bridgette shifted her face from side to side and licked her lips. Her pussy was moist. She didn’t know why she was sexually aroused. Normally, such feelings would come when she thought of a handsome man, but this time there were no such triggers. Whatever was happening, it felt good to Bridgette.

Magdalena touched Bridgette’s left cheek and slightly stroked it. The conscience of Bridgette was nagging at her again. It told her the situation was dangerous, and she needed to leave immediately. Bridgette shifted her body away from Magdalena’s touch and turned her face to the side. She had an urge to stand up and run away, and was about to do so, but was stopped when she inadvertently looked at the crystal pyramid at the table that was now pulsating with a bright pink color. All expressions left Bridgette’s face. Her mind was empty of thought.

The red-clad seductress moved her lustrous red lips close to Bridgette’s left ear and whispered, “I know what you want,” before flicking and swirling her tongue sensually around the girl’s ear. She placed a hand on the back of the girl’s head and gently stroked it with her fingers. Her long almond-shaped, red lacquered nails slid slowly through the silky black strands of the girl’s hair. “I know what you need...”

A shudder passed through Bridgette’s body. Even light touching from the woman was electrifying. Bridgette didn’t know why she was feeling this way. She subconsciously shifted her legs to move herself closer to the woman, forgetting her urge to run away just moments ago, and looked shyly at Magdalena. The blue orbs of the woman’s eyes, accentuated with heavy blue and green eyeshadow and long curly mascara-laden eyelashes, were drawing Bridgette in.

Bridgette’s focus shifted to Magdalena’s lips, painted thickly in a glistening red color. Something about the woman’s lips attracted her. Despite seeing females wearing lipstick many times before, Bridgette now found the idea of women and girls wearing lipstick exciting, and was glad she was now wearing lipstick herself despite her initial reluctance. A strange feeling came upon her. She felt compelled to move her lips closer to Magdalena’s lips and craned her head forward, but stopped when she realized what she was about to do. Kissing a woman on the lips felt inappropriate to her, but that feeling was overshadowed by the arousing sensations caused by Magdalena’s fingers caressing her neck and shoulder.

Slowly and deliberately, Magdalena moved her head forward and pressed her red lips against Bridgette’s freshly painted pink lips. Bridgette let herself be kissed by the sensual woman but backed away when she felt the woman’s tongue attempting to enter her mouth.

“We shouldn’t be doing this...” Bridgette protested.

“You’re saying that, but you did enjoy the kiss, didn’t you?” Magdalena asked as she narrowed the distance between her lips and Bridgette’s lips but stopped short of touching them.


“I know you enjoyed the kiss...” whispered Magdalena into Bridgette’s left ear.

Bridgette put more distance between herself and Magdalena by sliding to the far end of the sofa until her lower back touched the arm rest. “I...I’m not a le-lesbian!” Bridgette asserted, remembering that she had a boyfriend.

Pink light suddenly filled Bridgette’s vision. Her mouth opened in an erotic moan. She arched her back and thrusted her chest out. Her tongue slid around her newly painted pink lips seductively. “Yesssssssssssss... I loved the kiss...” Bridgette was surprised by the words that were coming out from her mouth on their own. Before she could correct herself, the pink light appeared again, giving everything she was seeing a pink tint, soon accompanied by an encroaching, billowing and sparkling cloud of the same color. Soft moans and gasps escaped from her parted lips as the cloud coalesced onto her body. Bridgette blinked and found herself back in Wendolyn’s office.

“And done! Now you look very pretty!”

Looking at the mirror next to her, Bridgette noticed a heavy amount of make-up on her face. She thought that Wendolyn had only applied lipstick, but there was also. While she felt the make-up was excessive, it did look good on her.

“This woman named Magdalena must have left quite an impression on you.”

When did I talk about Magdalena?

“Well, yes, she was a very nice person, for helping me...”

“And she also gave you your first kiss ever on the lips...”

Bridgette wasn’t exactly sure if the memory of her meeting with a woman named Magdalena was real or her imagination, but somehow it did feel real. Despite the lingering odd feeling, she felt as if it had just happened earlier in the day.

“It’s not what you think it was... I was just...having a little bit of fun...It wasn’t anything serious...”

“Did you wish it was serious? I mean, you do look very attractive. It’s not surprising Magdalena kissed you.”

“No, I don’t actually like women like that...”

“You might be a little bisexual. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I-I really don’t think I am...” For some reason, Bridgette didn’t feel confident in her answer.

“I’m not insisting that you are.” Wendolyn smirked. “Did anyone at the party catch your eye?”

“I was focusing on my job...I’m not interested in any of them... I also already have a boyfriend...”

“There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun now and then...” The pink topaz pendant above Wendolyn’s cleavage flashed briefly.

She fancies me. Maybe I can flirt with her a little... No, what am I thinking... I never wanted to be in this situation in the first place. I signed up for being a maid, not engaging in indecent behavior with other women!

There’s nothing wrong with using your beauty to control other people... You should always use your beauty to your advantage...

If she likes me, what’s the harm in flirting with her? Isn’t that what women do to get their way?

Bridgette fluttered her long eyelashes and licked her lips.

Wait, why am I flirting with her? I can’t give her the wrong ideas... I should only do what she asks me to do...except that…

Bridgette briefly imagined herself kissing Wendolyn, but quickly dismissed the thought. It was disgusting for her to kiss another woman on the lips.

I should flirt with her... If she likes me, then I should take advantage of it... I can manipulate her... It will help me in the long run...

There’s nothing wrong with kissing another woman... Kissing another woman on the lips excites you...

The image of herself kissing Wendolyn flared up in her mind again. This time, the image didn’t bother her as much as she thought it would. It wasn’t uncommon for women to kiss other women. She had seen it before many times in Everville according to her new memory. Her first kiss was even with another woman! Bridgette wondered why she was thinking about this now.

I wouldn’t mind letting Wendolyn kiss and touch me as long as it doesn’t go too far... I overreacted earlier… Just because I’m not a lesbian doesn’t mean I can’t pretend to be one...

Bridgette “remembered” an occasion where she and her friend Amber played a game where they pretend to flirt with each other as practice in seducing guys.

Before she knew it, Bridgette parted her lips slightly and ran her tongue along her lower lip.

“Bridgette, now is a good opportunity for you to model in one of Lady Westshire’s newly designed dresses.”

Wendolyn pointed to her right. Turning her head, Bridgette saw a dummy with a pink and white satin dress. The most shocking aspect of the dress was the sheerness of the long skirt.

“The skirt is...see-through...” Bridgette’s eyes widened with surprise.

“It’s fashionable, and I think the dress would look very good on you. The maid’s outfit you wore before was even more revealing.”

Wendolyn did have a point, Bridgette admitted, and besides, she was just going to model in the dress, not wear it all the time. Raising her fingers, she touched the pink satin fabric. There was a bright spark at the spot where she had touched the fabric. A pink glow filled her vision for a few moments before was able to see again. Looking downward at her own body, she could see the dress was now on her body. Satiny pink stockings ran up her legs, held up by a garter belt. All of that was visible through the sheer skirt. Her feet were shod in matching, glossy pink five-inch high heels as well.

Turning to her side, Bridgette appraised herself in the large folding mirror. Despite her misgivings about the dress being too racy, it did look good on her. Her hair was also now platinum blonde and styled with thick curls, similar to when she had on the maid outfit. She knew if she were to stroll with this dress in the downtown of Everville on a busy day, she would make the heads of many men and even women turn. Walking closer to the mirror to get a better look, Bridgette moved her body around and placed herself in various poses that seem to come naturally to her.

“I take it that you like the dress?” Wendolyn walked close to Bridgette so that she was in front of the mirror as well.

“Yes…the dress does look very good on me…” Bridgette placed a hand on her hip and gave her hips a slight, gradual wiggle. She parted her shiny pink lips and extended her tongue slightly to lick her lower lip, doing the action without thinking.

“A beautiful girl like you should always wear pretty clothing.” Wendolyn placed one hand gently on Bridgette’s left shoulder. “Don’t you agree?” Slowly, she grazed her fingers down Bridgette’s upper arm.

The way Wendolyn looked at her and touched her sent shivers up Bridgette’s spine. Doubts came to Bridgette again. She only took the job as a maid. What she had seen happening in the ballroom earlier had shocked her enough to consider quitting, but she had reluctantly agreed to stay for the much needed money and Wendolyn’s promise to “work things out”, which to Bridgette meant they would compromise over things Bridgette disagreed with. Wendolyn won’t push Bridgette too far, and Bridgette would pretend to be a lesbian. But, Bridgette didn’t remember Wendolyn mentioning anything in detail about it. When did she even agree to pretend to be a lesbian?

Wendolyn reached over to Bridgette’s upper back and caressed it before sliding down very slowly. Bridgette wanted to flinch, but she stopped after seeing a twinkle from the pink pendant hanging between Wendolyn’s breasts. She wasn’t sure if the pendant glowed for a second or if she was just imagining it. Wendolyn was well endowed, and Bridgette had to admit she was a bit envious of her. She was also very pretty and sophisticated. Anyone being able to get into a relationship with her would be very lucky. Would Wendolyn be interested in her, an unrefined country girl? Wait, what was she thinking? She felt Wendolyn’s hand on her butt now and backed away.

“Is something wrong?” Wendolyn asked with a false look of concern.

“I-I…” Bridgette wanted to say that she definitely wasn’t interested in women in that way. Even if she was pretending to be a lesbian, there would be limits. There was a brief flash of light from the pendant. Suddenly, she lost courage to say what was on her mind. She was afraid of offending Wendolyn again. There was no harm in letting Bridgette touch her. It wasn’t that big of a deal. “Nevermind… It’s nothing…”

“If something’s bothering you, or you need something, you should say it. I don’t want you to be unhappy working here.” Wendolyn’s tone became serious.

“It’s nothing, really…”

“Then you should smile. Lady Westshire doesn’t like unhappy workers.”

Bridgette used her best effort to put on a genuine smile.

“That’s more like it… Now, let’s put some jewelry on you…”

Wendolyn retrieved a wooden jewelry box and opened it on the vanity table. There was a large assortment of bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, armlets, ankle bracelets, and surprisingly a jewel-encrusted pink dildo. Bridgette’s eyes widened with shock upon noticing the obscene object, but then pretended not to notice. After putting a blue sapphire necklace, matching chandelier earrings, matching wrist and ankle bracelets on Bridgette, Wendolyn closed the box.

“You look very pretty…” complimented Wendolyn while looking at the mirror with Bridgette.

“Thank you…” replied Bridgette while blushing. It was the first time Bridgette wore so much jewelry and expensive ones at that. The gemstones on the jewelry twinkled and glowed like Wendolyn’s pendant.

“Let’s go to the modeling room…” Wendolyn placed a hand on Bridgette’s lower back, almost touching her butt and guided her to the door leading to the modeling room. This time, Bridgette didn’t flinch. For some reason, Wendolyn’s hand on her butt didn’t bother her as much now.

The room was octagonal in shape with every surface being a mirror, including the door, which had no handle on the inside.

“Now, I want you to stand in the middle.”

Once Bridgette positioned herself in the middle, the room hummed briefly. The reflection in front of Bridgette did a pose with her hand on her hip. The mirrors weren’t ordinary mirrors.

“See your reflection in front of you doing that pose? I want you to copy it exactly. Once you get into the proper pose, multiple magiphotos will be taken from each direction. I will be outside controlling the magiphoto system.” The strangeness of the room unnerved Bridgette, but she calmed down when Wendolyn assured her, “Relax, Bridgette. I’ll be watching you from the outside.”

It took Bridgette a while to copy the poses correctly. Once she got used to her reflection acting independently, she was able to do each pose with less takes. Each magiphoto was taken with a flash of white light that Bridgette also got accustomed too. Wendolyn would frequently give directions or make compliments.

After about one hundred shots, Bridgette was starting to feel fatigue from the repeated flashes of light and moving her body to replicate the pose of the Bridgette in the mirror. As if sensing Bridgette’s tiredness, the reflection in the mirror stopped posing and returned to copying Bridgette’s movements exactly. Bridgette wondered if the session was over and called out Wendolyn’s name, but there was no response. Her reflection in the mirror suddenly smiled mischievously at her and began swaying its hips sensually while caressing its body. One of its hands cupped a breast and another reached between its legs.

Bridgette was shocked at her reflection doing such an act. Was Wendolyn expecting her to copy those actions? There’s no way she was going to act obscenely like that. However, despite being shocked by the impropriety of what she was seeing, she found herself mimicking her reflection’s movements. Her hands seemed to move on their own as they each found their way to a breast and between her legs.

I shouldn’t be doing this!

This feels so good...

Soft gasps escaped Bridgette’s moist lips as her body quivered from the pleasure that was building up in her body. At first, her hands were groping at her breasts and crotch through the dress, but when the feelings became more intense, her hands slipped beneath the neckline of her dress and beneath her skirt and panties to touch her intimate areas directly. Her moans echoed in the mirrored room. Dimly she was aware that Wendolyn might be seeing her pleasuring herself, but the feelings were too difficult for her to ignore to care about that at the moment. She felt an irresistible compulsion to copy the movements of her reflected image that seemed to have a will of its own. Erotic imagery appeared in her mind of Wendolyn kissing her hard on the lips, mashing their breasts tightly together in an passionate embrace, and Wendolyn tightly squeezing her butt while they were both naked in a steamy bathroom.


The mental image disturbed Bridgette enough for her to force herself to stop masturbating. At the same moment, the hidden door opened and Wendolyn walked in.

“Bridgette, what were you doing?”

“I-I was...” Bridgette was panting while looking at Wendolyn. “...just doing what my mirror image was doing...”

“You mean masturbating? Are you sure you were doing it on your own accord?” Wendolyn questioned as she walked up close to Bridgette.

Sweet smelling perfume wafted to Bridgette’s noise while she eyed up the sexy curves of Wendolyn’s body, stopping at her face.

Kiss Wendolyn now...

“No, I wasn’t masturbating!” Bridgette backed away a step.

“But I saw you touching your private parts and heard you moan.”

Bridgette moved back another step. She felt her body become hypersensitive and subconsciously rubbed her thighs together. Her engorged nipples were pressing tightly against the bodice of her dress. More lurid fantasies came to her mind. She saw herself kissing and sucking on Wendolynn’s nipples and twirling her tongue around Wendolyn’s navel.

Kiss Wendolyn now...

“No, it’s not what you think... I didn’t mean to do it!” Disturbed by the strange urge to kiss the woman in front of her, Bridgette turned her face to the side to avoid Wendolyn’s intense gaze.

“It’s alright, Bridgette.” Wendolyn placed a comforting hand on Bridgette’s left shoulder. The touch sent a bolt of amplified pleasure up Bridgette’s spine, causing Bridgette to moan from her body’s exaggerated response. “As a woman myself, I understand another woman’s feelings... Women have needs that have to be satisfied from time to time...” She gently held Bridgette’s chin and made Bridgette look at her again. “What you’re feeling right now is natural...”

Bridgette wanted to deny Wendolyn’s words. She never felt this way towards a woman before. The kiss with Magdalena didn’t count. It was just a play kiss. Furthermore, she already had a boyfriend. She can’t cheat on him. Something felt terribly wrong. Her instinct was to run away, but at the same time she didn’t want to lose the pleasure from Wendolyn’s touch.

“Since you did a good job with the magiphoto shoot, you deserve a reward.”

In her fantasy, Bridgette could see herself in a large bathtub with Wendolyn filled with foamy water and surrounded by aromatic red candles. She was licking along Wendolyn’s raised lower leg and thigh while fingering herself...

“No!” Bridgette tried to deny the unwanted fantasy.

“I insist, Bridgette. Come with me.” Wendolyn grabbed Bridgette’s hand and led her out of the mirrored room.

It was hard for Wendolyn to control herself. Her eyes wandered to Wendolyn’s butt. She tried closing her eyes only to imagine herself with her hands on Wendolyn’s butt and licking the crack with her fully extended tongue. Disturbed by the thought, she opened her eyes and looked away from Wendolyn’s body.

Back in the office room, Wendolyn opened the jewelry box where she had retrieved the jewelry from for Bridgette to wear.

“Here, use this!” Wendolyn grabbed the gemstone-encrusted dildo that Bridgette had tried hard to ignore earlier and presented it to her.

“No, I can’t...” Bridgette shook her head. She had heard of these obscene objects before from classmates who joked about them and even accidentally saw them once at a window display during one of her many trips to Everville. While her first memory was true, the second one was not.

“Why... Is it because you’re afraid of breaking your hymen? In that case, you don’t need to worry as long as you don’t push it in all the way...”

Despite Wendolyn’s encouragement, Bridgette kept her hands down and kept staring at the sex toy trepidatiously. It was improper for a girl like her to use such a device. In her view, it was akin to doing illicit drugs and being sexually promiscuous.

Kiss Wendolyn now...

“What are you waiting for?” asked Wendolyn impatiently.

“Uggh...” It was becoming increasingly hard for Bridgette to ignore the sexual feelings growing between her legs. She had a strong urge to kiss Wendolyn’s lips, painted in a lustrous pink color just like hers. However, she knew the feelings were wrong and unusual for her. She had always been straight and never had any sexual interest in women. To relieve herself of those debauched thoughts, the solution became increasingly obvious, but she knew that accepting the dildo would mean crossing a line for her.

“Take it.” It was more of a command than an offer.

Slowly, Bridgette raised her hand and accepted the dildo into her hand. The moment the toy came into contact with her skin, she shuddered as a bolt of pleasure shot through her. The clear crystals on the dildo began glowing. Almost instantly she began visualizing herself completely naked, kneeling in a bathtub filled with foamy and soapy water, and thrusting the pink dildo in and out of her pussy.

“Ahhh...” Bridgette’s lips parted with a soft gasp.

“If you want privacy, you can use the private room through that pink door on your right.”

The whole situation felt ridiculous. Here she was on the first day of her job, and the head of staff was allowing her to pleasure herself. However, she was afraid that if she continued suppressing her feelings and urges, she might do something very foolish. Already, she was imagining Wendolyn naked in the bathtub with her and helping her masturbate with the dildo while their lips mashed together in a passionate kiss.

Bridgette hurried to the pink door and opened it. After hesitating briefly, she stepped in. It was a small, white-painted room furnished with just a single circular white leather ottoman. The door closed automatically behind her. Bridgette turned around. Fear gripped her. She shifted her feet, having a sudden urge to run away. It was the same feeling she had got when she had first entered the modeling room. Should she really be masturbating in her employer’s residence even though she was given permission to do so? Why was she suddenly having such strong sexual urges? She normally had such feelings under control. Why was she even thinking about Wendolyn like that? She definitely wasn’t into women nor did she had a casual attitude towards sex. Bridgette wanted to turn back and return the dildo to Wendolyn. She didn’t want to give her the wrong impression of the kind of girl she was.

A faint green light suddenly filled the room. Looking downward, she noticed that the light was coming from the clear crystals embedded on the metal dildo. The crystals were beautiful. They were one of the prettiest things she had ever seen. Her eyes were completely focused on the shimmering crystals. The need to escape no longer felt as urgent or as important as appreciating the beauty of the toy she was holding.

The metal surface cylindrical toy felt good in her hands. It felt to Bridgette that the object was made especially for her. She caressed the facets of the bright green emerald gems with her fingers. Each touch of a gem caused it to flash and sparkle in fascinating patterns. Wow... Bridgette was reminded of the trinkets her boyfriend Ethan had given her as gifts. While they were pretty, they paled in comparison to what she was holding right now. A pretty girl like her deserved better gifts, not cheap items Ethan had bought for her.

Another part of Bridgette’s mind fought back against such vain thoughts. It was the thought that counted. To expect Ethan to buy expensive gifts for her was unreasonable given his circumstances. Selfish rationale took shape in Bridgette’s conscience again. No, only desperate girls think like that. Pretty girls like her deserve much better. Ethan was beneath her and undeserving of her. If she had the chance, she would rather be in a relationship with a wealthy woman than a commoner like Ethan. Again, Bridgette’s conscience fought back, resulting in her grimacing from a sudden headache.

At the office, Wendolyn furrowed her brow while observing Bridgette through her pocket-sized rectangular magic mirror. She tapped her fingers on her desk rapidly on her mahogany desk then sighed. Reaching into her pocket, she retrieved an eye-shaped artifact constructed from a large cut ruby embedded in a mass of silver vines. Her lips moved as she uttered the words of a vile enchantment...

Dense green smoke suddenly appeared on the floor in front of Bridgette and quickly rose to the same height as her. Faint pulses light appeared within the smoke. Dazzled by the green light, Bridgette wasn’t able recognize the danger of the phenomena in front of her. The green smoke coalesced into a human shape, then a distinctly feminine form, and then finally an exact duplicate of Bridgette in appearance along with the same attire. It was then Bridgette’s compromised mind recognized danger, but then her clone’s eyes glowed and flashed in a bright green color, suppressing Bridgette’s fear and trepidation.

A loud bump stirred Magdalena awake. She rubbed her eyes groggily, looked around, and noticed that she was inside a posh carriage with a young noblewoman dressed in an elegant white robe sitting across from her. The carriage was moving along a paved road in a woody area. For several moments, she wondered how she got into this carriage with the unfamiliar woman. Try as she might, she was unable to recall events that had recently occurred as she stared dumbfoundedly at the woman. She sensed the noblewoman was somehow dangerous and subconsciously pressed herself back against the seat in a futile attempt to put more distance between them.

“I’m glad you’re awake. We need to start preparing now.”

“Wait, what’s going on and who--” Memories surged through Magdalena’s mind like a freight train. The woman sitting across from her was Katrina, her daughter’s best friend. She had encountered Katrina earlier in the downtown of Everville, the city where she lived and worked. The meeting was intentional, for Magdalena needed help in contacting her daughter. After some casual conversation, not only Katrina kindly offered to help Magdalena but also offered a job as Katrina’s lady in waiting that had a better salary than her current one as well as good perks. She gladly accepted Katrina’s offer and agreed to start immediately. The purpose was two-fold. First, she would start her on-the-job training and, second, she would be able to meet people who might know about her daughter’s whereabouts. However, there were doubts in her mind regarding those memories. She looked at herself in the reflection on the carriage door window and noticed that her appearance was older than she had remembered. She winced in pain as a sudden headache came to her.

“Is something wrong, Magdalena?” asked Katrina softly before getting up and sitting next to Magdalena.

“My head hurts... I feel strange... I’m not sure how to describe it....”

Katrina placed a comforting hand on Magdalena’s shoulder and gently rubbed it. For some reason, this small act made Magdalena feel better, but when Katrina shifted her body closer until their arms and legs were touching, Magdalena moved a few inches away.

“This will make you feel better.” She then held a vial of translucent blue liquid in front of the woman.

Magdalena looked at the vial hesitantly.

“It’s special medicine.” Katrina removed the stopper from the vial. “You should drink it.”

Despite her doubts, Magdalena drank the potion. Within seconds, a sense of calm washed over and her headache stopped. “Thank you.”

“Now, before we go into Westshire Manor, you need to change your clothes. I will provide you with the appropriate attire.”

“W-what’s wrong with my clothes?!” Magdalena looked at herself. The coat, blouse, long skirt, flats were common attire for women in the kingdom.

“We are going to a special event. Other nobles will be watching us. If they see you in drab clothes, not only will they not take you seriously, it would also reflect poorly on me... Take off your clothes now.”

Despite being uncomfortable with such a request, she did see Katrina’s order as being reasonable and necessary. Katrina, being a high noble, would know better in such situations. Magdalena would need to look best for her job as well meeting people who might know her daughter’s whereabouts.

Grabbing the lapels of her coat, Magdalena slid the coat off her shoulders and pulled its sleeves away from her arms. She undid one button on her blouse, then paused, hesitating to continue. But, when Katrina gave her an impatient look, Magdalena resumed opening her blouse. She noticed that Katrina was staring at her chest as she was undoing the buttons and stopped again.

“Why are you stopping?”


“Are you uncomfortable with me looking at you undressing?”


Magdalena wasn’t sure how to reply. On one hand, she did feel strange undressing in front of another woman. On the other hand, she didn’t want to be disrespectful towards Katrina. She didn’t want to lose her new job as well as potential leads in finding her daughter. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to continue but was stopped by Katrina.

“If you’re uncomfortable, then I won’t look at you. I can cover my eyes with this...” Katrina produced an opalescent white mask with only nose and mouth holes. The lips and eyes were painted in a metallic gold color. “This mask blocks the eyes completely. Here, you can try it yourself.”

The mask looked like one of the carnival masks she had seen before. She accepted the mask and put it on her face. Indeed, she wasn’t able to see anything. After the quick test, she handed it back to Katrina, who then put on the mask.

Magdalena proceeded to undo another button on her blouse while looking at the masked Katrina, who was still facing in her direction. Despite Katrina’s view being blocked by the mask, Magdalena still couldn’t shake off a lingering odd feeling of the situation. While undoing the third button, her eyes wandered to the mask and examined its details. The mask showed a changing spectrum of colors with each subtle movement of Katrina’s face. The effect was pretty. Magdalena couldn’t resist focusing on the pretty colors and stopped all movement with her fingers touching the third button. She became as still as a statue for six minutes.

When the pupilless, golden eyes of the mask glowed, Magdalena resumed unbuttoning her blouse, but in a mechanical manner while her eyes remained concentrated on the polychromatic mask. Once she was done with the seventh and final button on the blouse, the eyes of the mask stopped glowing. Magdalena’s eyes fluttered. She realized all of the buttons on her blouse were already undone and needed to proceed to the next article of clothing. For some reason, she noticed that she felt calmer and not as jittery as before. After taking off her blouse and shoes, she raised her hips and pulled her slacks through her legs.

“I’ve finished undressing.”

Without warning, Katrina reached forward and touched one of Magdalena’s breasts, causing Magdalena to flinch. Despite seeing the act as being inappropriate, she gasped in unexpected pleasure at the contact and didn’t protest nor move away any further after the initial shock. Small moans came from her mouth when Katrina grazed her fingers downward to Magdalena’s waist and hip.

“You’re still wearing underwear. You need to take everything off.”

The mask played its polychromatic light show again. Magdalena was mesmerized by the beautiful colors and found it difficult to resist Katrina’s order. Once she took off her white cotton bra and panties, she covered her breasts instinctively. But, for some reason she felt it was better to expose her breasts, so she lowered her arms and thrust her chest out in front of Katrina. She didn’t know why she was doing this, but it somehow felt exciting to do so.

Katrina reached for Magdalena’s breasts again. This time Magdalena didn’t flinch and kept her back arched and breasts thrust outward. She closed her eyes and moaned at the touch. Her nipples were poking out stiffly from her breasts. When Katrina started massaging Magdalena’s breasts, Magdalena pushed her chest against Katrina’s hands while continuing to moan softly.

“It doesn’t seem like you’ve been having enough sex lately, Magdalena.”

The question shocked Magdalena from her daze and made her aware that she was willingly letting herself be groped by a girl she had known for less than a day. She retracted herself from Katrina’s hands and covered her breasts. “What are you doing?! I thought I was just going to change into new clothes!”

With a quick movement, Katrina slapped Magdalena’s face. “Don’t use that tone when speaking to me. I was just giving you what you want. I’m going out of my way to help you, and you act like a spoiled girl. You should be more appreciative.”

“I’m sorry, Lady Katrina... I didn’t realize what I was doing... I’m new to all this... I really appreciate your generosity...” Magdalena stammered and lowered her hands from her breasts. “Please, Lady Katrina, do whatever you want with me!” She gasped in shock at the words that she had just said and covered her mouth.

“Didn’t you say you want to try on new clothes?”

Magdalena was confused. She never asked for that and swore Katrina had said that she needed to put on new clothes that were appropriate for the party at Westshire Manor.

Pink light suddenly filled the interior of the carriage and a glowing pink silhouette of a feminine figure standing in a pose materialized. When the light faded away, Magdalena saw a porcelain white female mannequin dressed in a shiny cropped red leather bustier, red leather panties, and sheer red stockings suspended by a red leather garter belt, all beneath a sheer red halter dress with floor-length skirt. Lustrous, open-toed red high heels, an assortment of red gemstone jewelry, and a porcelain-white mask decorated heavily with makeup completed the ensemble.

The scandalous appearance of the mannequin shocked Magdalena to the core. The outfit was more suitable for a prostitute than a socially-refined woman. However, that view didn’t last long. As soon as she stared into the mannequin’s luminescent pink eyes, her feelings began to change. Despite feeling nauseated by the outfit on a conscious level, her body was reacting differently to it. Feminine fluids leaked from her pussy. Her nipples were erect. Her face was flushed. She wanted to be close to the mannequin and wear the same items the mannequin was wearing. Magdalena was disturbed by her new thoughts and feelings that came out of nowhere. She forced herself to face away from the mannequin and looked at Katrina, hoping that Katrina would explain what was happening, but Katrina was silent and only stared at Magdalena through the luminescent gold eyes of the mask.

“Lady Katrina, what’s going on?”

“This is the new outfit you will have to wear in order to get into the manor.”

“It looks...inappropriate...”

“But you like the outfit, don’t you?”

Magdalena wanted to say “No”, but struggled to make that word come out from her mouth. Her eyes widened when she uttered the word “Yes”. Her lips seemed to be moving on their own. “I love the outfit very much.” It wasn’t what she wanted to say. She tried to correct her statement, but her mouth didn’t obey her.

“I’m glad you love it. I’ve chosen it specifically for you. A beautiful, sexy woman like you should wear a beautiful, sexy outfit. Don’t you agree?”

“You’re absolutely right, Lady Katrina,” replied Magdalena while fluttering her eyelashes and tucking a lock of her hair behind her left ear. “Thank you for appreciating my beauty.”

Inside her mind, Magdalena was struggling for control. She wanted to jump out of the seat and bolt through the carriage door. But, no matter how hard she tried, her body simply wouldn’t respond. When Magdalena’s head on its own turned to face the mannequin, Magdalena tried unsuccessfully to close her eyes but only managed to make them blink intermittently.

The female mannequin’s eyes glowed with neon pink light once Magdalena locked eyes with it. The feelings of attraction towards the mannequin that she had acquired moments before was now starting to intensify. It was hard for her to not think about the mannequin. She knew the feelings were unnatural but were unable to stop them.

“Do you like the mannequin?”

Magdalena’s head turned to look at the masked Katrina. She wasn’t sure if she did it on her own accord. She remembered that the mask was supposed to block all vision, but now it almost felt like Katrina was able to see her. Her mind was feeling hazy after looking at the luminescent golden eyes of Katrina’s mask. She tried to answer “No” to Katrina’s question, but was unable to say it for some reason. She now didn’t feel certain of her answer. The mannequin did look pretty in an artistic way, but she wasn’t sure if she liked it beyond that, even though she somehow felt aroused looking at it. But, why was she aroused by the mannequin? She definitely wasn’t into women, let alone a female mannequin. She remembered that she was in a relationship but had difficulty remembering whom she was in a relationship with.

“You can be perfectly honest with me. I won’t judge you for your answer.” Katrina reached forward with one hand and placed over the back of Magdalena’s hand that was resting on the leather seat.

Despite Magdalena’s instincts warning her, she allowed her hand to be touched by Katrina. She wasn’t able to stare away from the shifting abstract patterns in the eyes of Katrina’s mask. A wave of calmness washed over her.

Magdalena opened her eyes. She rose up from the loveseat that she was lying against. Looking around, her eyes widened with shock when she noticed the woman sitting next to her was Anna, the woman she had run away from earlier, but before she could do anything, her recent “memories” came back to her in a rush. She had been making out with Anna earlier before moving to this room for more privacy. Along the way, they had met Wendolyn, who was one of Katrina’s friends, and had a brief chat. Magdalena couldn’t resist eyeing up Wendolyn’s body and flirting with Wendolyn. However, Magdalena felt that there was something missing regarding her recent memories. The word “escape” floated in her mind, but she wasn’t able to connect it to anything.

“That was good, Magdalena, but it won’t be good enough for Katrina...”

“Good enough for Katrina? What do you mean?” The sight of Anna was making Magdalena’s heart beat fast for reasons unknown to her.

Magdalena instinctively looked down at her own body and realized she was wearing nothing but a red satin bra and panties, red satin stockings with a red garter belt, and patent leather red high heels. There was also a gold chain necklace around her neck with a heart-shaped ruby pendant. Her body looked more mature and older than what she had remembered. She felt that she should be of a much younger age. The name Magdalena felt unfamiliar to her even though she recognized it as being her name after being called by it by Anna. There was a sense of urgency that she couldn’t remember the reason for, and she struggled to recall how and why she got to this place.

What had she been doing earlier before meeting Anna? More “memories” came back. After making out with Anna, she had lesbian sex with her. With her face between Anna’s thighs, she licked Anna’s pussy while fingering herself to orgasm. Magdalena moaned softly at the memory. She tried again to recall more but her mind was blank. The memory gap worried her. Fear gripped her, but then, out of nowhere, she felt a sudden feeling of joy that overshadowed her fear and worries. For some reason, she associated the inexplicable happiness with the color green, like the color of Anna’s pendant that she was now staring at, which was glowing and sparkling brightly.

“How often do you have sex with women?”

Normally, Magdalena would’ve been shocked and absolutely disgusted by such a question, but in this instance, she wasn’t even though the question seemed odd to her. Images of unknown women performing cunnilingus on her, using strap-ons on her, and performing various other lesbian sex acts paraded through her mind but she wasn’t sure if those were real memories or just her imagination.

“Not enough, even though you’re a lesbian prostitute.”

Lesbian...prostitute? When did I…

Magdalena’s head turned around mechanically to the side to look at the pyramid, which was now glowing with mesmerizing shades of green with oscillating patterned lines. The voice told her what Anna said was true. She was a lesbian prostitute. She had a lot of sex, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy her. She needed more.

“You need to be good enough for Katrina if you want her love.”

“How can I be good enough for Lady Katrina?” Magdalena played with a lock of her hair and swiped her tongue along her lower lip.

“By expanding your horizons... Your perspective of sex is still limited despite your experience...”

“What do you mean.......?” asked Magdalena while batting her eyelashes at Anna.

“You have had sex with lesbian and bisexual women, but have you ever had sex with heterosexual women?”

Magdalena recalled the young and mature women she had encountered in her life, including those with boyfriends or who were married to men, but her innocent memories of them were now distorted with sapphic lust. However, despite being aroused by her tainted memories, there were doubts in her mind in regards to their authenticity.

“You can persuade and control them with magic. I know you have magical abilities. They are not at a high level, but they can be augmented with magical equipment and enhanced through training.”

“But...that’s...” Magdalena struggled to finish her sentence with the word “wrong”. She felt conflicted. It was wrong to coerce anyone to have sex with her and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to pursue sex on a casual basis, but that thought was cut short when the new Magdalena-voice reasserted its dominance...

There’s nothing wrong with seducing and controlling women with magic...

It arouses you immensely to have women under your complete sexual control...

“Yessssss....” hissed Magdalena as evil thoughts of seducing women flowed through her corrupted mind.

You need to have lesbian sex everyday...

You need to have lesbian sex frequently...

You need to have lesbian sex now...


A green aura surrounded Magdalena’s body as she tilted her head back and moaned. Her ruby pendant glowed brilliantly. Countless red lines of light burst forth from the gem and wriggled in the air, wrapping themselves around Magdalena. Within seconds, she was fully encased in red ribbons and her moans were stifled along with her movements. The ribbons melted together, forming a continuous piece of glittery, semi-solid metallic skin that covered her whole body. Her breasts grew in size, growing from a C-cup to E-cup. Her golden-blonde shoulder length hair grew until they were hip length and was now platinum blonde. The red metallic skin glowed brilliantly before decomposing into the air. Magdalena was now clad in a shimmering, metallic red bra and panties with matching five-inch heels. Dangling ruby earrings hung from her ears and a large ruby piercing adorned her navel. Golden bangles encircled her wrists. A thin red tiara rested upon her head and a sparkling red cloak flowed from her shoulders.

“What’s your name?”

“I am Red Siren. My purpose is to do anything that the Golden Goddess desires.”

“Make love with me.”

Red Siren moved a lock of hair behind her ear and kissed Anna passionately on the lips. She then withdrew from the kiss, creating a thick thread of saliva, and dragged her tongue across Anna’s cheek before swirling it around Anna’s ear. Moving lower, she kissed and licked Anna’s throat while Anna caressed Red Siren’s head with one hand and Red Siren’s right shoulder with the other as Anna slowly leaned backwards while Red Siren lowered her body. Once Red Siren’s lips reached Anna’s cleavage, Red Siren grasped and pulled down on the neckline of the purple bodice and kissed one of Anna’s breasts through the purple satin bra. She pulled down a bra cup and latched her red lips on the erect nipple.

“Good girl,” cooed Anna while running her fingers through Red Siren’s blonde hair.

“Are you feeling sexually aroused?”

“Yes, I am sexually aroused, Lady Wintere.”

“Why are you sexually aroused?”

“Because you’re a beautiful woman, and I’m only sexually aroused by women. I will never ever be sexually aroused by men. I hate men.”

Anna’s lips curved in a wicked smile.

“Show me.”

Red Siren rose up from Anna and traced a forefinger around the area of her crotch. A glowing abstract pattern resembling a woman’s reproductive organ appeared on the front side of her panties. While giving Anna a lustful stare, she then pulled aside her panties, exposing her pussy that was glistening wet and crotch hair that’s platinum blonde like that on her head. “You are turning me on, Lady Wintere.” Red Siren cupped one of her large breasts and bit her lower lip flirtatiously.

“Good, you are very wet. I’m glad that you find me sexually attractive. Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Please fuck me, Lady Wintere... Please...” begged Red Siren in a girlish tone.

“I have a surprise for you, Red Siren.” Anna pulled up the hem of her skirt.

Red Siren’s eyes widened upon seeing the emerald green shaft protruding from the purple leather harness that overlapped Anna’s purple satin panties. Acting on the dominant female voice ordering her what to do, Red Siren placed one hand on Anna’s thigh, another at the base of the shaft, and wrapped her ruby red lips around the crystalline phallus, taking most of it into her mouth. Her lips and the shaft glowed in red and green colors respectively as the phallus slowly disappeared into her mouth.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...yessssssss...” Anna moaned at the delightful sensation of Red Siren’s lips gliding over the shaft.

Red Siren pulled her lips away from the glittery green phallus before pushing her mouth against it again, her lips gliding past almost its entire length. She repeated this action over and over again. Each stroke caused both the shaft and her lips to pulse with glowing colors.

“Mmmmm.... Mmmmmm... Mmmmmmmm...”

The green light emanating from the phallus was pulsating rapidly, and Anna’s cries of pleasure were become faster as well.

“Ahhh... Aaaaahhh... Uhhhh.... Ahhhhh...”

“I love sucking cocks...” Red Siren stroked the phallus with one hand, causing it glow increasingly brighter. Anna let out a series of grunts before opening her mouth wide in a protracted moan as vicuous glittery green cum ejected violently from the tip of the emerald green shaft. Red Siren opened her mouth widely to catch the spurts of the thick fluid, some of which landed on her cheeks and chin.

“Ohhhhh yesssss... I love the taste of your cum...”

Magdalena blinked. She had a great sense of unease. Thinking that she was naked, she looked at herself and was relieved that she was fully dressed in an outfit consisting of a semi-sheer red blouse, a red jacket, red mid-calf-length skirt, and high heels. Though it was garish, at least it covered her body. Looking to her left, she saw Wendolyn sitting next to her.


“You’re finally awake. You fainted earlier.”

“I fainted?” asked Magdalena doubtfully as she struggled to remember recent events. Glancing around the room, she found nothing amiss. A fragment of her memory came back to her. “Are you...going to help me?”

“I will help you, Magdalena,” Wendolyn smirked, “but I need to test you first.”

“Test me?” Magdalena was confused. “What are you testing me for?”

Wendolyn touched Magdalena’s left knee through the skirt, resting her hand on it for a few seconds. The touch gave Magdalena a slight pleasurable jolt. Magdalena simply looked at Wendolyn’s pink-nailed hand without saying anything. Her mind was blank. Wendolyn then lifted the hem of the woman’s skirt, exposing the woman’s lower legs, and touched the woman’s knee directly for a few moments before sliding her hand along the inner thigh. Magdalena’s first instinct was to object to the touch, but no sound came out of her mouth. Instead, she smiled and fluttered her eyelashes flirtatiously at Wendolyn.

“Dance,” Wendolyn ordered nonchalantly.

Without breaking eye contact with Wendolyn, Magdalena got up from the loveseat and traced the curves of her body with her hands, starting at the hips and going upward while gyrating her hips sinuously. She cupped her breasts briefly and tossed her long platinum blonde left and right. She thrust her right knee forward, exposing her thigh and lower leg through the front slit of her skirt and gave Wendolyn a seductive smile.

Why am I doing this? However, Magdalena wasn’t able to come up with an answer. Something was blocking her search for an answer. All she could think of at the moment was obeying the voice inside her head. She needed to obey the voice. Listening to the voice and obeying the voice’s commands made her feel good. Button by button, she opened up her blouse, revealing her shiny red satin bra. She continued gyrating her hips while pointing her breasts at Wendolyn, who smiled in approval. Seeing Wendolyn moving a hand between her legs and caressing her own breast made Magdalena happy because it means she was doing her job correctly. She was glad that her dancing was having the intended effect.

Seduce... Seduce... Seduce... Seduce... Seduce... Seduce...

Magdalena increased the speed of her dancing. She jiggled her breasts, turned around, and shook her ass repeatedly while continuously playing with locks of her shimmering hair. Her calves were taunt from the high heels she was wearing. She turned her head to the side and gave Wendolyn a sidelong glance with her tongue licking her full red lips. Turning to the center of the room, she walked towards it.

Wendylon opened up her magic pocket mirror and pressed on several glowing holographic icons. The glass table magically transformed into a hexagonal mirrored platform with a golden pole at the center. Magdalena stepped up onto the platform and grabbed onto the pole with one hand. She walked around the pole with her other hand resting on her right hip, doing her best to maintain erotic eye contact with Wendolyn. Grabbing the metal pole with both hands, Magdalena pressed her body against it as if it were her lover. She pressed her lips against the pole and kissed its cool surface, then licked it up and down, creating a trail of saliva. Placing her legs between the pole, she began thrusting her crotch against it. Despite the skirt and panties separating her crotch against the cold metal of the pole, she moaned audibly with each forward movement of her hips.

There was a brief white flash enveloping the love seat. Wendolyn was gone. In her place was now Katrina, the lovely Katrina that made Magdalena’s heart beat fast and her pussy moist. She didn’t wonder what had just happened. The voice in her head told her not to worry or think about the sudden change. In fact, she was starting to confuse the voice with her own independent thoughts, for the commanding voice sounded exactly like her own. All that mattered at the moment was that Katrina was now sitting in front of her and watching her. She wanted to be watched by Katrina and desired by her. Katrina was her world. The voice in her head repeated those statements in her head over and over again.

Magdalena, be calm, there is nothing here that will harm you.

Magdalena, you are safe with Katrina and her associates.

Magdalena, Katrina is a beautiful woman and you adore her.

Magdalena, Katrina is an acolyte of the Golden Goddess.

Magdalena, you will join the Golden Sun Coven.

Magdalena, you will devote your life to the Golden Goddess.

Magdalena, you will convert other women to the Golden Goddess’s cause.

Magdalena, you crave to show off your sexy body to women.

Magdalena, you’re okay with women lusting after you.

Magdalena, remember your past as a stripper

Magdalena, remember you enjoy having sex with women

Magdalena, remember that your a prostitute that sells her sexy body to beautiful women.

Magdalena, no women is exempt from your lesbian lust, including your daughter.

Magdalena, remember that you are nothing more than a whore.

Magdalena, you are in fact a lesbian.

The sentences continued to repeat in Magdalena’s mind like lyrics to her favorite song. Her body swayed and danced to each statement as it took hold of her psyche. Hips gyrating with lust, her hands roaming over the curves of her alluring body with desire, and sexual heat rising in her loins.

Coming out of her sexual haze the first thing Magdalena saw was Katrina in the private room with her and knew what she had to do.

Bits of perspiration began to develop on Magdalena’s body creating a seductive sheen on her skin. Her body was starting to ache for an intimate form of relief that she dared not seek normally while she was with company. Then again, hadn’t she done something like this before Magdalena’s mind reminded her.

With Katrina staring at her, Magdalena leaned against the golden pole for support. Arching her back and sticking her breasts out and putting them proudly on display. Her hands roaming upwards and cupping and groping her large tits.

She let out a soft moan as to how sensitive her breasts felt in her hands. The tingle between her legs going up in intensity. Magdalena continued this action for a few minutes and then began to cast off her red jacket. Soon followed by the red blouse she was wearing.

Magdalena gave Katrina a naughty smile as she fiddled with the clasp of the bra. Once undone she slowly and gently peeled the garment off her breasts. Teasing Katrina with the reveal of her bare breasts. Once completely off Magdalena tossed them to the alluring sexy blonde that was with her. Katrina caught and brought the garment to her nose as she took a whiff and then cast them aside.

This egged Magdalena further as she seductively lowered her hands on to her curvaceous hips. Finding the zipper she slowly began to pull it down. Teasing Katrina as to would be seen when the red mid-calf-length skirt was removed.

Once Magdalena had enough of the zipper down she seductively shimmied the skirt down her legs and kicked them aside. The only thing left was her red satin panties and with a seductive smile Magdalena brought a finger to her pouty lips and licked in a teasing manner.

Once she felt she had enticed Katrina, Magdalena slowly brought her saliva coated digit to her satin panties and with just the briefest of taps it exploded into glittering red sparks that faded away exposing her smooth, shaved pussy to Katrina.

“You’d be surprised what kind of spells a girl like me can pick up in this profession.” Magdalena said with a sense of perverse pride.

Katrina only gave a smile in response indicating that she was definitely interested in what she was seeing. Magdalena’s nude body was a wonderful sight to behold. Composed of voluptuous curves, smooth skin, large and firm breasts with half dollar-sized areolas tipped with taut, firm nipples, a beautiful ass that was worthy of the stares it garnered, and all on stop of a pair of sexy legs.

Magdalena did a sexy strut over to Katrina and upon arriving at her destination she gently pushed the teen blonde back onto the velvet couch. Having her lean back and rest as Magdalena turned herself around with back facing Katrina and soon began a sultry lap dance.

It wasn’t long before Katrina’s hands were roaming all over Magdalena’s body and Magdalena couldn’t help but bite down on her lower lip to help calm herself and stifle the pleasure that was yearning to escape her lips. Katrina continued to molest the hot Milf’s body with no protest coming from her.

A few minutes had passed as Katrina worked Magdalena close to a sexual frenzy. Her hands roaming all over Magdalena’s body purposefully avoiding the most intimate areas until Katrina felt her target was ready. Magdalena continued to buck and quiver against Katrina’s body as her hands elicited pleasure from it. Then without warning Katrina moved one hand between Magdalena’s pussy and the other groping her left breast.

Magdalena’s spine seized and she arched her back as an intense rush of pleasure travelled from her sexually aching cunt up her spine and straight into her brain. She let out a long moan as she felt Katrina work her fingers in and around her pussy while the other pulled and pinched her erect nipple.

“You can have this, if you truly want it.” Katrina said in a nonchalant manner as she continued to play with Magdalena’s exquisite body.

“Huh?” Magdalena said confusedly her mind muddled with lust and pleasure.

“This is nothing but your subconscious desire. I’m nothing more than a figment of your imagination. I represent your actual desires and wants. I’m just here to help you come to a realization.”

“I-I… don’t understand. What’s going on?” Magdalena said confusedly as she tried to piece together what was going on. One moment she was giving a lap dance and being felt up by Katrina and now the foxy teen that was with her was telling her that this wasn’t real and that all of it was some product of her subconscious.

“Magdalena, you need to be honest with yourself. Deep down you yearn to have sex with a woman, lesbian sex. That becoming a prostitute is nothing but a blanket excuse you use to pacify your guilt. Hell, you would have sex with women for free if it weren’t for the fact that you had a daughter to support.” As Katrina said this she plunged her finger deeper into Magdalena’s gushing cunt. The sound of a finger exploring slippery flesh echoing in the room.

Magdalena moaned in response, spreading her legs as wide as she could to give Katrina easier access to her wet pussy, grinding herself against the knuckles of Katrina’s probing digit.

As the waves of pleasure crashed against Magdalena’s body her mind attuned to Katrina’s statement. Why did she become a prostitute that only catered to women clientelle. For safety and protection, no that wasn’t it. When She started out as a stripper Magdalena knew a few spells to deal with some of the unruly males that she crossed paths with.

So why focus on women exclusively. As she thought about this various images of women entered Magdalena’s mind. Some associates, friends, co-workers, and even family members like her daughter and mother when she was a blossoming teen. She was engaged with them in a carnal fashion in her lurid fantasy.

She found their shapes and forms enjoyable, she recalled how she made the hugs she gave them linger longer than normal as they gently pressed their bodies togethers, enjoying the pleasant scent of their perfume, and sometimes Magdalena remembered she would gently graze them with a lingering soft touch when she passed by them. In turn they would give her a knowing response as if signaling to her that they were open to what she secretly desired.

However, her mind snapped back to reality, or at least the reality that was being presented to her. As another small convulsion rocked through her body as Katrina began to pick up the pace and work,this time, two fingers in and out of her spasming cunt.

“Admit it Magdalena, you’re a lesbian and you’ve always been one. Either too afraid or ashamed to admit it to you and others.” Katrina said in a stern tone as she continued to work the mature woman over into a sexual frenzy.

“L-l-lesbian… I’ve always been a… oh that feels so good… Y-yes I am a… l-lesbian” Magdalena said in a panted breath. As more obscene images flooded her mind. This time of her and her daughter, Candace. Images of her in a sexual embrace with the young woman she had raised since birth assaulted her mind. It wasn’t long before a particular image took hold of her mind. The mental image had her naked, on her hands and knees, and this time her belly was pregnant with another daughter. Her sweet older daughter behind her, hands holding firm on her hips as Candace plunged a large and thick golden strap-on in and out of her dripping cunt. Working the artificial cock in and out of her quivering wet hole as Magdalena eagerly rocked her body back and forth to take as much of it into her as she could. The sounds of her delicious naked ass colliding with her daughter’s hips filling the bedroom.

The idea of being pregnant with another daughter thrilled Magdalena. She had always wanted a large family but due to financial burdens of raising a child both her and her husband came to a mutual agreement that it would be best to limit the size of their family as best as possible. But, now in this newly remodeled fantasy it was her husband that was against the idea of having children. Hell, he was against having one as the new memories told her that her husband, Joseph, was firmly against the idea of keeping their daughter trying to persuade her to give her up for adoption or worse. Saying that the child would cut into his pursuits of drinking, gambling, and whoring but since she brought in most of the family income as her job as a stripper Joseph had no choice but to acquiesce to Magdalena’s demand of wanting to keep Candace.

The idea of giving birth to another daughter for her to raise and mold into another lesbian made her cunt gush as her daughter continued to pummel her cunt with the golden strap-on.

Yesssss Magdalena thought to herself as twisted visions of her fantasy second child showed her raising the child and watching her grow to become a beautiful woman. Then seeing both her oldest daughter and her youngest become lesbian lovers and then lesbian wives.

The sharp pulse of pleasure that came from her sexually heated cunt as Katrina continued to pay with it snapped Magdalena back to reality but the idea of having another daughter or two or more and raising them to become her eldest’s lesbian lovers and future brides remained within her mind and began to circulate within her psyche looking for a place to take root and spread.

“I can help you, Magdalena. I can help you find your true self. The woman you always wanted to be. I can help you find the strength to achieve your desire, to have sex with as many women as possible, including your daughter.”

“Y-yeeesssss, I want ….”

“All you have to do is pledge yourself to the Golden Goddess, Magdalena. Swear fealty to her and she can make your desires reality. Join the coven of the Golden Sun. Will you do that for me, Magdalena? Will you do it for her?”

Despite having been given a token warning about the coven of the Golden Sun. Magdalena couldn’t mount any kind of resistance to Katrina’s offer. Too consumed by the sapphic pleasure Magdalena eagerly accepted.

“Yes, f-fuck yes. I pledge myself to the Golden Goddess and her coven! I give myself to her! My body and soul belong to her and are hers to do with as she pleases! Oh f-fuck I’m about to c-cum!”

“Excellent.” Katrina said smugly as she began a whispered chant.

Katrina stopped working her fingers in and out of Magdalena’s drenched pussy. As she began her incantation Magdalena’s female juices that coated her hand began to coalesce and began to take shape.

Magdalena’s wetness that was on Katrina’s hand soon took on the shape of the sigil of the coven of the Golden Sun. It was an image of the sun with an all-seeing eye in its center. The image began to glow red hot as Katrina continued to speak her incantation.

Once it got to a suitable state Katrina immediately slammed the sigil right above Magdalena’s bald pussy. The sound of searing wet flesh permeating the room.

However, instead of feeling intense pain Magdalena felt the opposite, intense sexual pleasure. Unable to handle the onslaught of pleasure Magdalena’s body convulsed as a deluge of female honey gushed out her trembling pussy. Some of it caught on the sigil that Katrina was using to brand her loin causing it to steam and hiss.

Soon her eyes rolled into the back of her head and Magdalena slumped down. Katrina did nothing but watch the mature woman’s body go slack, slide away from her body and fall to the floor.

Magdalena lay on the floor heavily panting trying to regain some composure but she was too caught up in the afterglow of the orgasms she was given by Katrina’s hand. So much so that she really didn’t notice Katrina roll her body over with her foot.

Katrina observed her handy work as she studied Magdalena’s new marking. The flesh of her loin permanently marked with the sigil of the Coven of the Golden Sun.

Crouching down Katrina just waved her hand over the seared raised flesh. Soon the mark began to recede into Magdalena’s skin. Hidden from view and to come forth only when summoned by high ranking members of the coven.

“Remember Magdalena, an oath once given can not be broken or taken back.” Katrina said in a cold, sinister tone. “And don’t worry about your daughter. We have plans for her and you as well.” she added with evil glee.

Soon the room filled with Katrina’s maniacal laughter with Magdalena lying on the floor unaware of the fate she had consigned to herself and her daughter.


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