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  1. Well, I must say I had completly lost hope. Glad to see you back, and sorry if I sounded hars before.
    Can you give us a hint about the next release of the 11th chapter of Brainy Teen please ?

  2. Thoroughly enjoy Brainy Teen. Thank you for the time and effort. Can't wait to see how it proceeds!

  3. Well, I could combine both ideas: use the double-blind seduction in the beginning, then have Wendy's mother or Sarah slowly reveal the alleged lesbian past of Wendy's mother (with some exaggerations and fabrications) to Wendy at some point later on to legitimize and further inflame Wendy's incestual desires. Maybe later on also get Erin involved with Wendy's mom too.

  4. Another great Brainy Teen chapter MM, loved it. Looking foward like to the confrontation between Madelynn and her mother. Can't wait for that one. It also looks like Madelynn has fully been converted into a lesbian dominatrix. However the thing that has me interested is that it looks like the brainwashing program forgot to make Madelynn loyal to Sarah. Whether what we read was just a piece of what was happening to Madelynn, and the loyalty to Sarah was programmed off scene, or it will happen later, but it still makes for some interesting possibilities.

  5. I just realized something that completely slipped by. Looks like you brought up the fact that Wendy has a sister for a second time. I'm guessing an older sister. From what I can make out she might be of college age and probably away.

    So can we also expect Wendy's sister to join in on the lesbian incest fun that's headed towards Wendy's and her mother's way. One can only imagine the things that can happen when she comes home during a college break.

  6. comments thing seems to have messed up??

  7. For those who haven't read the post that I've made a few days ago: Html Comment Box has been removed due to a censorship problem that was discovered thanks to Youpla. Please post your future comments on Blogspot's default commenting forms, preferably all on this page. The reason I've used Html Comment Box in the first place was for easier and more secure moderation. All comments that have been made with Html Comment Box are archived on the following page http://meatworlds.blogspot.com/p/comments-archive.html#ref1

    Domino_X, the mentioning of the sister was more of an afterthought. The decision on whether or not to include her as an active character in the story hasn't been decided yet.

  8. OK that's nice to know. Whether she can make an another appearance as just a passing reference or an actual appearance doesn't change the fact your stories are still great.

  9. Ok, I have read this chapter as soon as it came, and as always I will say what I liked and what I didn't, plus give some ideas that are passing through my mind.
    But I must warn you, MasterMeat, because there is something I really didn't like in this chapter and so my critic will maybe sound harsh to you. Let me say that I'm sorry if it's the case. But I am a big fan of Brainy Teen and I think this chapter had a huge problem.

    First, let's see the good points :

    - Even if, usually, I don't like events in a fantasy world, I really loved the scene at the start with Madelynn, in the virtual world. The description was really detailed, and events were numerous so it was enjoyable.
    - I also really loved reading directly what the induction does to Madelynn, like :
    "You are the lesbian dominatrix... Entice them... Enslave them... Coerce them into the world of womanly pleasures... They will resist at first, but they'll thank you later...", or
    "Tattoos and piercings look sexy on you", or
    "Yet you do. Don't resist yourself. Make your mother your sex slave. Bend her to your will."

    As I said in my previous comment, I really love when we can "live" with a subject her brainwashing, seeing how it may affect her in the future chapters.
    - I also loved the fact that Madelynn is becoming more vulgar now, as she shows it at school with the girl looking at her, or with Wendy.
    - Also, it's good to see more events at school or in public places.
    - As always, I have nothing bad to say about Wendy's story. I prefer Madelynn's, but it's always a pleausre to see what is happening to Wendy too. Plus, it's really well written, and the plot seems to become more complex.
    - I really loved to see again Erin in action, and her slow fall in lust. But, considering her prude personnality, I was expecting that she would struggle more with her desires, and be more desesperate with what she has done. Maybe seeing her, after her masturbation, shivering in tears, not understanding why she did this, bringing all the shame on her... and at the same time be excited again by this shame she would feel, and be desesperate again ( a sort of vicious circle...).
    - Loved also the little hints showing what Madelynn will love next (the tattoos, the piercing on her tongue, etc...).
    - I'm really eager to see what Madelynn will do with the cup she took after Wendy went to the bathroom ! ^^
    - Really love her "crisis" with Wendy, when she is becoming mad with lust, needing an orgasm like a junky. I really want to see what will happen if other crisis like these happen in different places like school, church, or at dinner in front of her mother.

    And now, what I disliked :
    - I know Madelynn is fated to become a dominatrix, a perverse girl with no limit. But what was so great about her in previous chapters was her permanent struggling in her consciousness. For example, each time she had perverse thoughts about Wendy, she would say "No Madelynn, you can't, it's your friend...", etc...
    Now, the big problem is that Maddy doesn't seem to care anymore. We don't see her choosing her new clothes at home (the gothic boots, the arm gloves, etc...) . We don't see her placing her sextoys and DVD in evidence for her mother. We don't see her planning the thing with the "toilets broken". We don't see her thinking about what she will do...

  10. And THAT, in my opinion, is the biggest problem in this chapter. In a mind control story, what is exciting among all things is to see that a character keep struggling between her induction's directives, and her original self and behaviour. Between what is normal, and what is abnormal.
    Until this chapter, Madelynn was acting like this (and Wendy too) and it was always exciting to wonder "How will she react when she will see that she can't resist doing nasty things ?", or "Will she dare to go beyond this point ? Is the induction strong enough, or will her normal self will regain control for a brief time ?"
    But now, after her last induction in the virtual world, Madelynn doesn't seem to care anymore. It's as if she is totally brainwashed and doesn't care anymore. But I think this kind of total acceptance of the hypnotic suggestions should happen at the very end, not during the story. Except in the virtual world, we NEVER see again, like in previous chapter, Madelynn's thoughts.
    We don't read how she feels when she puts her gothic clothes for school, while it's the first time she does this !
    We don't read how she feels when she sets the "trap" for her mother, whereas she felt, just a day ago, strong revulsion in an incest relationship.
    We see her saying nasty words, yes, and it's great... but it seems totally normal to her whereas she never did this in public. We could at last read some thoughts of her like "Oh... Madelynn, why did you say that ? It's not like you". Or she could even say to the girl looking at her, after insulting her "Ooh, I'm really sorry. I'm not like this usually, I don't know why I've said this. It's just that I can't bear prude bitches like you. Oh nooo, why did I say this again ?"

    In fact, the big problem overall in this chapter is that all of Madelynn mind control progression seems to have made a too big step forward, as if we skipped an entire stage of what she is enduring. Maybe it's because of the red pills she takes, though, but I didn't recognize Madelynn's original self in what she did. I know that the goal is to completely transform her, but during this process we have to see some remnants of her personality. The genius about your story is the slow induction, so don't go forward too fast.

    -That leads, among all things, in the first sex session between Madelynn and Wendy. That was a thing miost readers waited, the reunion between the two main hypnotized characters. Two Best friends since chilhood, two friends who had initially no attirance for girls, and so for each other. Two friends who didn't want to make a lesbian of the other one, because they had respect for their relationship.

  11. Their first intercourse should have been memorable, but here it seems really flat... All is happening too fast !!! Madelynn invits her, take off her clothes without any shame, apprehension, or hesitation. Wendy doesn't say anything, doesn't think it's odd (she could at least say "Madelynn, I don't know, are you sure about this ? You're my best friend since ages..."). And then, they fuck.
    I have nothing to say about the fuck session, it's really great, and it was, moreover, one of my ideas (thanks, anyway ^^). It's all of what we have before that is (and please forgive me for my cruel words, but it's really my feeling here) a failure :( . You should have written more of what is happening just before they decide to do the action. The hesitation between the two, the oddity Wendy would feel seeing Maddy's underwear, the last bits of reluctance from Madelynn who didn't want to do this to her friend, the strong suspense she would feel because AT LAST she would feel Wendy's skin for the first time.
    The big problem is that we have the 2 main hypnotized characters in this event, but none of them show anywhere that they do this under brainwashing, inductions, or post-hypnotic triggers. If someone read this event for the first time without having read all of the previous chapter, he will never guess that Wendy and Madelynn are mind controlled. It just seems... generic sex between a slut and a submissive girl, without originality.
    Moreover, for all the readers, it feels deceptive too. Because this first fuck session between Wendy and Madelynn was really an apprehension, a big wait, and what would be a big step in the story. It's like waiting the duel between Dark Vador and Obiwan, or Kain and Raziel. That's not something to be taken lightly !
    Well. Like I said, maybe the red pill explains all of Madelynn's actions. Maybe she feels she is able to control her lust, becasue she doesn't notice anymore that her true self is being erased. I hope we will see her regain a little of her original personality after she stops taking this pill... but that the after-effect (the crisis) will remain and happen without warning from times to times. I hope we will see more of her struggle. Maybe a bit of depression thinking of what she did to Wendy... but unable to stop masturbating thinking of this event.

  12. I hope I didn't sound too cruel with my comment. I really love Brainy Teen, and your style is nearly perfect (I particularly love the extreme description of the characters' clothes), but there, for the first time, something was wrong. Of course, it's just my opinion. But please, don't rush the induction. Keep it at a good pace, like you always did.
    I'm still, like always, really impatient to read the next part. There so many cliffhangers :
    - Erin and Madelynn confrontation (By the way, don't do the same error as the one with Wendy and Madelynn's. Even if she was plagued with suggestions and inductions, Madelynn should always be aware that Erin is her mother, and that incest is a big sin for her, that it's not right, etc... At the same time, Erin should violently struggle with her desires, because she is more prudish and stubborn that her daughter, and because she had stronger disgust for sapphic relations and, among all things, taboo and sinful act like incest).
    - The cup that Madelynn is taking in the toilet after Wendy's trip. I suppose it will be for collecting her piss ^^ . I have an idea about what she could do with it, you'll see if you like it.
    - The hypnotic inductions that are saying to Madelynn that "tattoos and piercings look good on her". I strongly expect that it will not be just one little tongue stud and one little tattoo on her arm. At the beginning, yes. But after some times, it would be great to see her becoming more and more addicted to them.
    For the piercings, she could begin by tongue then follows with nose ring, lip studs, ear piercings, clitoris ring, and nipple rings (I have an idea for this one, check out my next post).
    For the tattoos, she could begin with a classic one on her arm, then she could have a more alaborate that would run along her entire arm. Then tramp stamp, tattoo on an entire leg, and finally why not tattoos around her nipples ?
    As I said before, if she is fated to become a nasty gothic slut, she can't finish with just one or two tattoos/piercings, because there are so many girls wearing this that it would seem too classic for her.
    - The whole plot with Lauren.

    Once again, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings with my comments. You're a really good writer, so please continue with the story. I'll still mashing the F5 button on my keyboard to see if new chapters are arriving, no matter what !

  13. Well, here are my ideas for the story, like I always do :

    - Concerning the piss that Madelynn will take in her cup (I suppose). The next time Erin is thirsty and ask her daughter a drink, Madelynn should dissolve the red pill in the cup of piss.
    She would offer this to her mother, saying that it's a new cocktail whose recipe was given by a friend. At the first sip, Erin should be disgusted with the taste, but would feel strangely compelled to drink more of this, finding the taste a little less horrible at each sip. By finishing the cup, to her surprise, she would find the "cocktail" really delicious and would ask for the recipe. Madelynn would play with her, and say that it's a secret but that she would do another one for her whenever she wants.
    Thus, each time, Erin would drink a cup of piss, and the red pill in it would make sure that she would become addicted to it. More than just a taste for it. Her body would NEED this, just like a junkie. After a week or so, because her mother would be in need, Madelynn would acdept to show her the recipe. She would ask her mother to close her eyes, and would begin to pee in front of her in a glass. She would then ask he rmother to open her eyes...
    Erin would be, of course, horrified and yell at her daughter. Madelynn, dominative, would not accept this and would throw the content of the glass at Erin... who would orgasm and at the same time be extremely desesperate that she didn't drink, trying to lick her body.
    Now then, Madelynn should throw an ultimatum : she would never give her miother the piss anymore... unless Erin begs for it like a submissive slut. Of course, after one or two days, feeling the unbearable need, Erin would comply and timidly ask the thing to her daughter... but always feeling miserable and sinful.

  14. - Elena would give Madelynn a lesbian DVD, but mainly focused on women with huge breasts dominating flat chested girls. That would, of course, trigger strong feeling in Madelynn's mind. She would feel bad in her skin, would feel not powerful enough because of her breasts which are not as big as they should be, etc...
    Speaking with Elena, she would advise her of her worries. Then Elena would speak of breast surgery. Madelynn would consider the thing a few days, and ask Elena more information. Elena would say that she is ready to pay the surgery for her, on one condition : if Maddy goes for big breasts, then Madelynn would let her transform another little thing on her body. From the words of Elena "A little tiny thing, not something that would change completely some part of your body".
    After many hesitations, Madelynn would say she's ok... and, after the surgery, she would see she has 2 perfect big breasts (but noticeably fakes, for everyone to see)... but also a ring with jewelry on each nipple ! These rings would be directly soldered in the nipples, making them permanents and impossible to take off. Madelynn would have to wear them all the time. If she had a swimming pool lesson at school, that could lead to a problem, the ring would be visible through her swimsuit. Her female sport teacher (young and beautiful of course) would have a word with her... and who knows where it could lead ! ^^
    - For Erin, maybe an interesting thing would be to let her have a taste for more and more humiliation, to the point she will need to be seen by everyone as a slut. Contrary to Madelynn, she will always be aware that her behaviour is unforgivable, she would always be shameful and on the verge of crying... but unable to stop herself from doing taboo acts and nasty things.
    Thus, she would soon has the need to dress herself like a complete trashy hooker. She would dye her hair in platinum blond, tan completely her body, wear daisy duke jeans, platform shoes with high heels with her painted toes exposed, really heavy makeup (flashy red lipstick, blue eyeshadows, etc...), a tight tube top with leopard pattern, long painted nails, etc...
    Of course, at the beginning, she would only dare to dress herself like this at home, in late evening, in front of her mirror in her room. But soon, being discovered by Madelynn, she would be ordered by her to dress always like this at home.
    Soon, because her tastes for clothes and makeup would expand, she would need more and more money. That's when Maddy should suggest an evening job as a prostitute, or stripteaser in the same club where she goes with Elena, or a porn site where she exposes herself...
    We can also imagine an event where Erin would be given the order to seduce Wendy's mother via webcam (Wendy's mother should be given the adress of the site because, with her new growing love for Wendy, she would seek advices from some sex sites), wearing a mask to hide her identity, but desperatly craving to show her face so that she would degrade herself a bit more.

  15. - Concerning Wendy's big sister, I don't have many ideas. Maybe let her develop a jealousy when she will see that Wendy is getting all the attention from her mother. She would develop a complex of inferiority and start doing all that she can to be more beautiful : surgery, clothes, behaviour, etc... She would eventually finish as a plastic bimbo, only thinking of being beautiful among all things.
    Or else, we can imagine that she would be disgusted to see the relation between Wendy and their mother, and would plan to say the plot to her dad. But Sarah would react before that, and drug her so that she would slowly become ignorant about all that is concerning sex, to the point that she would, in the last stage, be in her mind like a preteen lolita, completely unaware of sexual things, or how we do love, or even if there are "unusual" relationships. One day, seeing her mother masturbating in secret thinking about Wendy, she would enter the room and ask what she is doing. The mother would say that people do this thinking of somebody when they really like this person. The daughter qould then answer "Since I love you and Wendy reaaally a lot, can I masturbate with you thinking of you and my sister ?".
    reluctant, but fearful that her daughter would say the all thingy to Wendy, her mother would accept and, each evening, learn her some new things about sex... but always sapphic !

    I hope you loved some of these ideas. Let me know what you think about them. Thanks !

  16. Youpla, no offense ment but with all of those comments you should start writing your own story. Clearly you have plenty of ideas. The way you are injecting so many of your ideas upon MM makes me believe you have plenty of material ready to create your own wonderful story.

    MM.. What can I say? You are talented and I appreciate your work and dedication to this story.

  17. Thanks Elizabeth, but English is not my native language and so the story would be plagued with grammatical errors, and with a awkward style.

    But I plan to write a book in my native language, it's my dream ! (but it will not be an erotic one). ^^

  18. The latest chapter might have disappointed some readers, but the problem could easily be rectified by providing additional details in the next chapter.

    Youpla, I used your idea for the red pills, which is temporarily suppressing sexual arousal and unleashing it later while also giving a permanent increase to libido, but I also added a third effect: suppression of conscious inhibitions and bringing the subconscious to the fore. The third effect only lasts for a short while after the red pills are consumed. Because Madelynn had given Wendy a drink mixed with a dissolved red pill, Wendy acted the way she did. The red pills are similar to the drugs that Sarah had been drugging Wendy with, just in a different formulation.

    The brainwashing machine in the story is only partially effective in mind controlling, as it has been hinted in the story. Like dreams and short term memories, the effects gradually disappear over time unless they're reinforced. It takes other activities to facilitate the changes in the people being brainwashed. Because Madelynn had just been freshly brainwashed again the night before her encounter with Wendy the next day, her actions towards Wendy were less inhibited. It would take a while before Madelynn starts thinking about what she had done.

    Wendy and Madelynn will get into a relationship under the pretext of psychological treatment to cure Wendy's lesbianism. They'll act hesitant, touchy-feely, and all that, but they won't immediately jump back to the sex they had done because their first sexual activity together was, according to Madelynn, just a psychological prognosis. It wasn't official consummation.

    Thanks for your ideas. I like most of them except for your suggestion for Madelynn getting a lot of piercings and tattoos and making her boobs look obviously fake. I don't think boob jobs that look fake are appealing. Enlarged breasts should look realistic. Too many piercings and tattoos can also be a turnoff for readers.

    And thanks, Elizabeth, for your support.

  19. I didn't really have a problem with Madelynn's complete transformation from reluctant participant to full on lesbian dom in Chap 14. Not all mind control stories have to end were the target characters are completely transformed, with little or none of their original personality left. It's good to see how the new personality of a mind control target interacts with the world around them. Progression is necessary in a story. To just have a plot point repeat over and over can wear itself out.

    So now we have a new Madelynn out on the prowl and get to see how she tackles things from here on. If any the only thing I wish there was more of with the new Madelynn in Chap 14 is some kind insight into her new lesbian dominatrix personality. Like maybe have her go through wardrobe, see all the plain clothes she had, go "what the hell was I thinking wearing this stuff?" and proceeds to trash them. Maybe go online and order some dom wardrobe and pay for it with a credit card she swiped from her mother, or call Elena and let her know that she's accepted that's she's a lesbian dom and wants to go out on a little shopping spree to get some new clothes, small things like this.

    Anyways we still have Wendy who's still teetering between her old personality and emerging lesbian one. It's going to be interesting to see how long she lasts with both Sarah and Madelynn doing their best to control her into becoming a lesbian.

    On a final note I just want to say I'm not really fond of the body modifications suggestion i.e. breast enlargements, plastic surgeries, excessive piercings and tattoos, etc.. etc. I just don't see a need for it in Brainy Teen and I feel that these kind of interests don't really fit in that well with Brainy Teen in a 'One of these things is not like the other' kind of way, but that's just me.

  20. Hello MM:) Sorry for the slow response to the latest Brainy Teen. I LOVED IT! Maybe I am not giving enough back as some of the readers, but I am a reader not a writer - yet...

    I agree with Elizabeth in so many ways, and yes Youpla, your English is brilliant, don't feel like you can't write an erotic story in English - you definately can. You're responses and ideas are almost like reading another story and they are practically a chapter of a story. You should give it a try.

    Also, in agreement with MM and Domino, I am not a fan of mega body modification - to be honest I am an all natural person, however that may be. Maybe a little odd for someone that loves these kinds of stories, but the mind is the key, and we modify our bodies with clothes, makeup and attitude without the need for piercings, tattoos or surgery. Ultra conservative I know -lol:) I can appreciate a little if tastefully done I guess.

    Can't wait for the next developments as always MM, thank you for the amazing stories:)

  21. Hey MM, nice new chapter. I like the toss in of the necklace coming back into play as Wendy is taking on more of an assertive role in becoming a lesbian (duly noted by Sarah). Also enjoyable were scenes with Wendy and Sarah in public, displaying their relationship for the world, and what seems like no resistance from Wendy. She should learn to be proud to have such a desirable girl as Sarah as her girlfriend, though I even like the leanings that Wendy is learning how become even more active by learning the art of seduction (or attempting to). Cool idea to have Madelynn further push Wendy into lesbianism while "trying to save her". I'm obviously a big fan of Sarah manipulating Wendy into her current state and making Wendy like her own prized possession. Wendy may not know it, but she definitely seems to be falling for Sarah. Keep up the great work, MM.

  22. I'm glad to have some explanations that explain all of my worries. If the red pill is the source of all of Madelyn's rampage, all is clear for me now.
    I wonder how many time will pas before she realizes the after-effect of this "medicament". And it's really exciting to think that, soon, she will have crisis occuring without warning, making her unable to reason, with a libido of a crazy nympho, without any mean to go back.
    Concerning Madelynn's body modification... yeah, maybe I went to far for the breasts and the tattoos. It's true that real looking breasts are more appealing, and more in touch with Madelynn's appearance. Maybe for Erin, if she is fated to become a trashy hooker lookalike ? For tattoos, maybe some on the belly, on a arm, and ankles ? And for piercing, I think that tongue, and pussy are mandatory. But nipple rings would be extra-hot. It's not every girl who wears these... and madelynn will be unique !

    I suppose the next update will be Silver Witch ? I know it's a bit soon, but if you have some estimation for the next chapter of Brainy Teen, please let us know.
    Thanks again for your concern. and I must say I particularly like that you take the time to read our comments, and lead the story with some of our advices and ideas. You are not stubborn like many authors, and that is a good thing.

  23. If the suppression of Madelynn's inhibitions and newly emerged lesbian dom personality are temporary I'm hoping the effects wear off or lose most of their potent effect after she and her mother have their confrontation. I would like to see Madelynn's reaction after she realizes she sexually dominated her mother. Also love to read Erin's thoughts after having maybe one of the best sexual experiences in her life with her own daughter. Would she want to go back to the old mother/daughter relationship she had with Madelynn, or give in to her temptations and find ways to provoke Madelynn into dominating her again.

    Silver Witch hasn't gotten an update in a while. So I definitely look forward to that one. There's the introduction of another magic-user, either she's going to end up as another candidate for Galatea's lesbian coven or maybe someone to challenge Galatea for the right to lead. Galatea removing the arousal spell off of Emma has me interested. So she can no longer use it as an excuse when she feels sexual pleasure when interacting with lesbian material and lesbian sexual acts. Maybe it will inspire Emma to attempt to learn and re-cast the spell on herself. Emma desperately does not want to admit she enjoys the sexual pleasure from the lesbian acts Galatea has her perform. So she attempts to secretly learn the spell so she has an excuse for the pleasure she feels, but not realizing that spell can have permanent effects.

    Anyways I look foward to your updates MM, and thanks again for the great stories.

  24. It's been a while now. Any chance of giving us an update on when the next chapter might be out Mastermeat?

  25. Not writing anything write now. Will work on the next chapter of Silver Witch soon.

  26. OK eagerly awaits as ever:)

  27. MasterMeat can take all the time he needs. I've read stories were writers try to rush and put them out just for the sake of putting one out, those are not enjoyable reads.

  28. Patience young one, everything comes to he who waits. I'm guessing MM is just on a long break before finishing up on the next Silver Witch update. For all we know MM could be doing covert government black ops in an undisclosed location where the phrases "Goldilocks has left the building" or "The weasel is in the hen house" are in use :p

  29. About 60% done with the next chapter of SW. It's going to be another 10K word chapter. I appreciate everyone's patience and continuing interest in the story.

  30. You take too long I've given up on you. Also sw sucks.

  31. Thanks for the update MM and can't wait for the Silver Witch update. Hopefully you'll ignore Anoymous's comment above. I guess some people fail miserably to understand that you have a life and real life obligations outside of your stories. That you do this out of your free time and can't dedicate every waking moment of your life to them.

  32. MM, don't listen to anonymous postings. You write beautifully and I love your work. Its so refreshing and there are many excite things that I just cant read anywhere else. I really appreciate your work and always look forward to your update.

  33. Thanks for the update MM. I think whoever Anon happened to be is a little self defeating as they were here and checking. Oxymoron I reckon - whatever that means. Take your time, and thank you for whatever whenever. I wait with patience and excitement lol.

  34. Just sent the next SW chapter to my editor. I'm not bothered by the comment. People on the internet are occasionally like this anyway.

    Thank you for your kind words, Domino_X, Elizabeth, and Bob.

    I wish could write the stories faster, but I can't. I'm just one person with a computer writing on a non-professional basis.

  35. Yay, new chapter of SW is up. So Emma has learned 2 new spells, the arousal and suppression. I can only imagine the calamity that's in store for Emma. Also it looks like Emma's corruption is starting to ramp up. If I can may I suggest the 'The path to hell is paved with good intentions' approach to Emma's corruption.

    Maybe have Emma vent some of the frustration she feels with having to deal with Galatea and her lessons. By using the spells she's learned to become something of a mysterious guardian angel at her school. For example Emma sees a girl bully another girl at her school. Emma decides to use the arousal spell on the bully to spark what she hopes is some kind of compassion within the bully and get her to lay off her victim, or maybe there's a teacher that everyone feels is an absolute unbearable ice queen at Emma's school and maybe Emma uses the suppression spell on the teacher to suppress the ice queen persona and maybe bring out what she thinks is a more affectionate side in her persona for her students.

    At first Emma uses this 'Guardian Angel' tactic as a way to help her cope with Galatea and her lessons, but as the lessons with Galatea progress. Emma starts to take a more hardline stance and deals out more harsher forms of punishment that end up corrupting her targets into being lesbian slaves for her.

    Nice to also see the other magic user. I'm interested in how her seduction/corruption into lesbian slavery plays out, or maybe it goes the other way. Who's to say that she doesn't do her own private research into Galatea and her powers and realizes that maybe it's better to tap into that kind of magical power and advance herself vs. playing errand girl for the magical order she is in and deal with the miniscule progress in magical power that she has now.

    Anyways I just want to again say great SW chapter MM and really can't wait for the others.

  36. TY MM:) Magnificent new chapter to Silver Witch..... I am still gasping for air :)

  37. damn, am i the only one looking lol:)

  38. I like to check in every now and then to see whats up but lets not forget that it does takes time for MM to roll a new chapter to his stories out.

    It does have me wondering if MM plans to write any new stories after he concludes the Brainy Teen and Silver Witch stories. Wonder if anyone else here is interested in seeing MM write more stories after Silver Witch and Brainy Teen concludes?

  39. I check in about once a week

  40. I'm checking every day, even if I don't leave comments often.

    I also have some expectations for possible new Mastermeat's stories, and some advices after having read Silver Witch.
    But I'll leave that for another time, I'm too tired this evening ! ;)

  41. Going to do a little threadjacking here. So did anyone else go and see the Avengers today. Just got back from seeing it, thought it was an awesome movie. Recommend it to everyone here. Now that I think of it I guess it carries some mind control elements with Loki's staff. Just have to tap someone on the chest and their mind becomes your's to command.

    Anyways back on track. When you do get the chance would love to hear your suggestions Youpla. It's always nice to get another perspective on MM's stories. Well I'll see you all next time, and hopefully we'll see an update soon :)

  42. Found the brainy teen series on Literotica and enjoying them so far. Nice to see you had new chapters here. Really can't wait for chap 15. Just out of curiosity, any reason why you haven't uploaded chapter 13 and 14 to Literotica?

    1. Me either, I really enjoy this series. Take all the time you need, Just don't worry about whether or not people will be reading.

  43. I haven't uploaded the latest chapters to Literotica because I don't like their rules. I'm doing this as a sort of protest. They require a disclaimer defining all characters to be at least 18-years of age, but apparently not every author needs to include it, not to mention it's not written anywhere that such a disclaimer needs to be included. I've asked about this in their forums, but they didn't explain the inconsistency.

    As for Brainy Teen, it's on hold unfortunately. I'm busy with something else right now. I promise I'll return to it as soon as I can.

    1. No Problem, take your time. Thanks for the update!

  44. Bummer, sorry to hear that inconsistent rules are the reason why updates stopped on Literotica. Well at least I know where to check for future updates. Don't sweat the next chapter update for Brainy Teen. Do what you need to do and take care of what you need to do. You do this out of your free time and I'm not going to freak because you have other obligations to attend to. Take care, and have a good one.

  45. Like the others, I can wait.

    I find it screwy, almost to a comical point, that Literotica was requiring you to have so many disclaimers on the age of consent of the characters that are in your stories. You already put a disclaimer in the description of Brainy Teen. Not sure what more they could want. Did they want the characters to say they were of legal age of consent? I just don't see that going well, just imagine

    Sarah: Wendy, we need to practice more lesbian sex.
    Wendy: Sure Sarah, but before we start I need to let you know that I'm the age of legal consent.
    Sarah: I to am the age of legal consent, and now let us start Wendy.

    Ellen: Madelynn I need you to shove that slave's face into your crotch
    Madelynn: Wait, before I start I need to inform everyone watching that I'm the age of legal consent.
    Ellen: Good thinking Madelynn, don't want people to think we're a freakshow.

    Anyways, bad attempts at humor aside. Do what you need to do, take care and see you when you get back :)

  46. lol @domino - MM when u can I eagerly await:)

  47. Thanks Bob, at best I can see that cheesy line of dialogue happening maybe in a nightmare sequence. Sarah wakes up startled, looks around, realizes that it was all a nightmare. She turns to a night dresser, pulls open the bottom drawer, rummages through it and pulls out a bottle of liquor. Mutters something about "no more cheap liquor before going to bed", dumps the bottle in a trash bin next to her bed, and falls back to sleep.

  48. No one here but us check-ins :p hopefully no one gets egg-cited over that pun.

    1. MasterMeat since your having trouble writing chapter 15 why not let chapter 15 be an interactive chapter?

    2. Interactive...? As in like having people contribute their own bits, something akin to the campfire tradition of were someone starts a story, hands off a stick to another person and that person picks up were the other person left off, and so on and so on until the last person gets it and ends it.

      A possible issue that I see with this suggestion is that everyone has their own variation and suggestions that they think would be great for Brainy Teen. Too many chefs working on one pot so to speak. What I like to happen next, may not be what someone else wants to happen and such. Also what others introduce might contradict future plot points that MM has for Brainy Teen. If MM is interested in trying this suggestion out, and giving it a whirl. It looks like it would require MM to maintain a heavy editorial control over the entries that comes in.

      MM stated he's taking a break from the series and will return to it when he's ready. I say just wait till he gets back, but if MM wants to give this interactive story telling method a go, it sounds like fun but not really sure that the outcome would come out okay.

  49. I know many people are expecting an update, but I'm still busy right now. Sorry.

    A interactive chapter is an interesting idea, but I don't think it'll work I out well if anon's suggestion is the same as Domino_X's. I once participated in such a style of story at the mcforum. After the main author added aliens, I added a purple dinosaur. It all went downhill from there and the main author got pissed. Not my fault since it was basically a free-for-all.

    However, there's another way to do reader contributed content. I'm basing this idea on what DB suggested: a dream machine. Wendy, Maddy, and/or other characters have dreams caused by the machine at anywhere along the timeline in Brainy Teen. The dreams could be about anything as long as they fit what Sarah is trying to do with Wendy and others. To prevent collisions, the time of the dreams would have to be vague. That way, people could pick any point in the time they want.

    So what do you guys/gals think?

    1. Of course the story went downhill after adding a purple dinosaur. Everyone knows that you want to follow aliens with a magenta dinosaur. Purple dinosaurs should only be used when time-travelling cyborgs come into play :p

      The dream machine side story sounds like a good idea to get reader interactions and contributions involved. My only concern/fear is if contributors will assume that what they put into the dream machine side story will or should show up else where in the main Brainy Teen story. We all have various interests aside from the main theme of Brainy Teen, and the dream machine idea would be a good way to showcase them into Brainy Teen. However I think it should be made clear that interests that are expressed in the dream machine story may or may not happen in Brainy Teen, and that you have final say on what does and doesn't occur in the Brainy Teen series.

    2. How about if some of us have like ideas of how the next chapter they would like it to go we could submit them to MasterMeat to read and if he likes he could use them in the next chapters. I have written a chapter about Sarah and Wendy, and I have some ideas about Madelynn ending up dominating Laura turning Lausa into her submissive.


    3. If MM wants use a reader submission in the upcoming chapters that's going to be up to him. He has been receptive and open to the suggestions that people have posted in the comments section here in his blogspot, just not sure on how receptive he is to people sending him chapters for his stories that are not his own.

      Me, it's kind of hard to put down into words, but I prefer MM to dictate the plot course of his stories in his own words and style, I have no problems with MM using some of the suggestions that have popped up here in the comments and putting his own spin to them, but it just doesn't feel right to me if MM started to cut and paste reader contributions into upcoming chapters.

      Using the Dream Machine as a platform for readers to contribute their own pieces for the Brainy Teen series is a good idea because it doesn't force MM to tie the main story into what is submitted. After all everything that is happening is a dream. So far the only stipulations MM has put on the Dream Machine idea, should he want to do it, is that it has to have some kind of tie-in to the theme of Sarah's plans for Wendy, Madelynn and others and that the time that this dreams are happening have to be vague.

      In regards to this I suggest borrowing some of the dream rules from Inception. For example, time flows much faster in a dream. Something like this can allow for multiple dreams to occur all during the same night or sleep period.

      Any ways it's great to see other post their own opinions and suggestions on MM's stories. So feel free to post your ideas or suggestions here in the comments also Rita 777.

    4. Rita777, you could send your ideas to me if you want or you could post them here. It's up to you. On second thought, the dream machine idea is kind of restrictive. If readers want to take the story in a different direction, what about using a choose-your-adventure style, like what's done in superstories.net?

  50. Oh my, I think it would be fine for people to write and publish their own imaginings using these character and the story so far - as long as MM is happy with it. I know you are a busy guy, but maybe creating a new story section here and reading what comes in and publishing it there would be manageable for you? If you find it isn't then you can always stop:) Call it "I dream of Brainy Teen", or whatever, and then the technicalities go, and it is just our dreams of how things may go, in a neat little story. Just a thought....

  51. choose-your-adventure style... Mwa Ha Ha Ha, prepare the purple dinosaurs, I kid, I kid :p

    If you want to get the ball rolling on the reader/fan contribution story section. Can I make a suggestion of considering this guideline, that anyone that contributes to the reader/fan story shouldn't attempt to undo or nullify the previous submitted sections of the story, that this is all for fun.

    Also do you have an idea on how submitting sections for the fan contribution story will work? Do we submit to you, and let you decide on the order they should be in? Do you plan to create an order system that decides who contributes when and in what order?

    Overall I do appreciate that you've taken time out of your busy schedule to interact with us. Know that you said that there's a lot on your plate right now and that you can't churn out a new chapter, but still it's great that you took the time to reply. Take care and have a good one.

  52. Domino_X, a list of guidelines is a good idea. I have a list below with your suggestions included, but I'm waiting a little longer for some more opinions before setting up the place for readers to post their stories.

    The fan contribution could work in three ways:

    1) The first method is the creation of a ordinary blog post by me with the comments section dedicated to posting stories, but the disadvantage is you can't edit your posts. It's first-come-first-serve. The person who posts their story in the comments first gets to determine where the story is heading. Each person may post once per day as a reply to the person who previously posted in the comments. If you're not happy with where the story is going, you could start with a new post.

    2) In the second method, I could invite you as a guest author on my blog, but you need a google account first. With this method, you could create/edit your own posts at your leisure on my blog with the option of formatting the text, and there would be more security. It would be possible to create a choose-your-adventure story by using html links to reference the posts of other people.

    3) The third method is emailing me your story, but it's going to be slower to update.


    1) No changing the story drastically without explanation. For example, suddenly adding aliens.
    2) For the interactive story contributions, no drastic change of the previous contributor's content. For example, if the first poster ends his story segment with Sarah visiting the spa with Wendy, the next poster shouldn't write that Sarah had a sudden change of plans and goes shopping instead.
    3) Contributed works may or may not be considered part of the main story by the main author.
    4) Contributed works may be edited or removed in some cases by the main author.

  53. I am afraid this story has jumped the sharks, or in this case: the purple dinasaur. I loved the story as it unfolded but now I can see MM is struggling to tie it all up and there is pressure to add in some reader content that will make it hard to put a bow on this one.

    Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

    I guess I am inspired to write my own story or set of stories. However, I think will have all of them 90% done and release consistently over a few months and polish the story as readers give feedback.

  54. I'm under the assumption that the reader/fan interactive contribution story was something of a side-story to the Brainy Teen series. Fans could use the characters from the Brainy Teen series and put there own spin to it, and MM would have final say on whether what is put there will be used or not used in the main story.

    I didn't think that MM was asking the readers/fans to write the next chapter of Brainy Teen. Also I'm under the impression that MM is still deciding to do this or not. Whether the fan interactive story goes forward depends on the feedback he gets.

    I can see the issue of using and adding reader created content into the Brainy Teen series. That it can add unnecessary plot points in the story and just drags things out further than they need be. So far these are some of the plot points that I can recall that is present in Brainy Teen right now and will need to be addressed in future chapters and in the conclusion.

    * After enduring Elena's lesbian training Madelynn's lesbian dominatrix personality emerged, will it be permanent or temporary.

    * The confrontation between Madelynn and her Mother, Erin. Which I'm guessing will lead to them having lesbian incest sex with other.

    * The upcoming dinner between Sarah and her mother and Wendy and her mother. I'm guessing this will probably be the setup used to bring Wendy's mother into Sarah's lesbian seduction games, and result in lesbian incest between Wendy and her mother.

    * Sarah training Wendy into a lesbian seductress. Having recently advised Wendy into seducing Lauren, one of Lauren's friends, and Madelynn.

    MM has been accommodating and responsive to fan feedback, and seeing what he can do to put them into the Brainy Teen series, if it's possible, but I guess that's starting to become a double-edged sword. The one thing I can advise is for MM to create an outline for future chapters and how he wants to reach the conclusion. Doesn't have to be a rough draft of a chapter but just a guide that can show him how he wants the Brainy Teen series to go forward and conclude.

    1. Sorry, but I was on mild painkillers when I posted this, and not sure if what I'm trying to convey is coming out clearly in the last paragraph. I guess I was thinking I was posting the whole thing to what I was thinking, but it just looks off to me. Essentially I was trying to say that if the fan suggestions are starting to extend the Brainy Teen series beyond the chapters of what MM has intended. I was suggesting that maybe MM could create a guideline with various plot points for various upcoming chapters. If future suggestions coincide with what he's got then maybe use 'em to enhance the story, and if they don't it would give MM a view on how much it would extend the story and what he would do to put it in. Okay I think I'm going to be quiet now because I think I'm doing more harm than good.

  55. Hopefully none of you were affected by the tragedy in Aurora, CO. Condolences to those that were.

  56. seems like this has stalled - oh well - i will check and see and whatever:)

  57. I think there was a comment many moons ago stating that there some readers here that were fans of the Ms. Johnson series at Nifty.org. A new chapter came out, just no sure if it's the final chapter. From what I could make out feels that way. I'm hoping that if the readers can wait that long for a new chapter to Ms. Johnson then hopefully we can wait just as well for new MM stories.

    Just out of curiosity MM, did you get any more feedback on the BT interactive story project? Think it's something you would want to do, or is it something that should be put off till a later time? Keep on trucking as the saying goes and hope you're doing well :)

  58. Domino_X, I haven't received any further feedback regarding the interactive story, so I guess it's going to be dropped. Thanks for the heads up about the new Ms. Johnson chapter.

    I know some people are anxious for a new chapter. Regardless of what some people might be thinking, I'll definitely continue the series. It's going to be kind of late, but it'll be done.

  59. It's been a while since I've left a comment but I keep coming back to see if a new chapter of Brainy Teen is available. To my disappointment, it is not but I'll wait again and again. But please, Mastermeat, don't be too long. some reader seem to lose interest in the story because of the lack of updates.

    Concerning the interactive story, I'm totally against this kind of thing. It's the best way to totally kill your story if you accept that. I know that, when there is more than one author on a specific story, that it's resulting in something without logic, consistance, and continuity.
    The characters would lose their original behaviour because everyone will want to include them in some fetishes, regardless of the main plot or the slow progression of the mind control they are enduring. More, they will surely be contradictions between some elements, new characters, new plots, and a pack of things you would have to deal if one day you decide to continue the main storyline. Me, for example, am a big fan of the character Madelynn. I love how she is slowly turned into the extreme opposite of what she is at the beginning. But I love too when she is struggling between her two personnality. If, one day, one author comes and changes completely her because he just wants to include her in some fetishes, I would be disappointed.
    So please : NO. Just make your own story, and don't think that many authors will procure many enjoyable chapters.

    As an example, I'll give a link here of a story that I totally liked buf falls flat at the last chapters because different authors did the sequel.


    The main character, Linda, is slowly turned into a cum addict who is totally aware of her mind controlling. So, she struggles every time, is desperate with her condition. But she cannot resist, and that's the most important point in the story.
    Then, in last chapters, she learns that her best friends, Debbie and Nicole, have been drugged and that, if she wants more cum, she will have to corrupt them (interest in anal and older men for Debbie, love for her father for Nicole). And, there, the story loses all its logic. Linda enjoys what she is doing, to the point that she has lesbian relationship with her friends, becomes vulgar, etc... BUT, the previous chapters didn't show us Linda willingly doing perversed things. More, she was totally against the idea of corrupting her friends ; it was just the fact that she couldn't resist because she needed sperm !
    So, here, a new author took the liberty, for the last chapters, of totally changing Linda's behaviour because, maybe, it was so fun to write this fantsay, even if it wasn't logic with what was previouly written.
    Don't do the same mistake, MasterMeat ! Please.

    I know you have seemingly difficulties with the new chapter of Brainy Teen, but could you give us an estimation for the next release ? Waiting is killing me, as usual.

  60. Good to see you Youpla. Wouldn't worry about the interactive reader/fan contribution story. Looks like MM is putting it on the shelf due to lack of feedback.

  61. Sooooo... any news ? It's starting to drag. :(

  62. Well if you look at the last time MM said he was going to be gone for a while, which was around last year some time, it was about 4 months before the next Brainy Teen update. So if you factor that in, plus cross-reference the time quota, carry a 2, divide by how many cups of sugar it takes to get to the moon, the decimal to the nth degree, and you should get the date when the next chapter comes out. Give or take an hour or two :p

    We just have to do our best to wait and bear with the anticipation. I do my best by trying to understand that MM does have real life obligations and that he'll try to get to the next update when he gets a chance. Also spending a couple of hours or a few days playing The Sims 3 doesn't hurt either :p

  63. I do understand, yes. But it's been more than 7 months since the last brainy Teen updates, and more than 4 months since the Silver Witch one... It's REALLY long... :(

  64. So far I've managed to hold off the anticipation by keeping myself preoccupied and limiting myself on checking this site at least once or twice a week.

    I gauged the wait by MM's announcement that he was taking a break which was around May 2012 and the last last update released before said announcement was made. Since SW was the last one to receive the update then it's been 4 months for me.

  65. MM power up positive thoughts x

  66. I think it should be MM power up the next update.

  67. Well I did hear that positive thinking has done wonders for some folks :p

  68. It's been 5 months since the last chapter update and so far the only times that MasterMeat has responded to anyone is during the fan created story content. Honestly it looks like MasterMeat has moved on and away from these stories

  69. Well whet I'd like to see is the story going back to the start when Wendy was mind controled with the chemicals instead of just the brain washing. I would like Wendy ending up as Sarah's sex toy. I would also like see Madelynn ending up dominating Lauren becoming Madelyn's submissive. Sarah could make a lip gloss that Wendy uses that has the mind controling chemical in it, of course Wendy is told by Sarah to think of Sarah every time she puts the lip gloss on. I hope Sarah's mom seduces Wendy's mom too.


  70. I think the charm of Brainy Teen is the fact that there's multiple methods being used to control Wendy into becoming a lesbian submissive sex slave. You have brain washing, chemicals (candies, drugged drinks, and pills), subliminal messages (DVDs and music being played via the iphone), psychological manipulation. For me I enjoy the fact that MM is using multiple methods of mind control in the Brainy Teen series.

    Rita777, if you're interested in stories that use chemicals to brain wash, especially ones were said chemicals are loaded into cosmetics. If you haven't already read it, you might like the Adventures of Jade story on mcstories.com. Unfortunately it's incomplete and don't think the author has no intent on ever finishing it, last update was around 2002.

    Also I think it's a given that Sarah's mom is going to be seducing Wendy's mom. Seeing as the setup is already there. Sarah inviting Wendy and her mother over to her house to have dinner and Sarah's mom can then chat with Wendy's mom. I'm sure that Wendy's mom is going to be using her tongue for more than just chatting after Wendy's mom gets through with her. One of the things that has me interested in the dinner between the two families is seeing if it gives us a peak at Sarah's personal life. See if she also controls her family like how she controls those around her, or does it end when she she's at home. In previous comments, if you look at the archived one, I did make the suggestion of making Wendy's mom have a lesbian past, and have either Sarah or Sarah's mom use this to manipulate both Wendy and her mother into having lesbian incest with each other and put them further under Sarah's control.

    So MM any idea on when we might see the next BT update?

  71. Working on it right now. It should be done in about 2 weeks.

    1. Just for my birthday !!

      Oh thanks, many thanks !

      By the way, I'm against Sarah's mother seducing Wendy' mother. It would be much too "cannon", much too classical. I think that something more original would be best.

    2. Best news I've had in a month! Thanks MM for keeping it going, I look forward to what you have to publish.

    3. Great news to hear. Hopefully we'll see Sarah and Lauren team up on Wendy at the night club. Madelynn sexually dominating her mother, and maybe the dinner between Sarah and Wendy's mother.

    4. That's awesome to hear :D, thanks for the status update. I think I can wait roughly 2 more weeks for a new Brainy Teen chapter MM.

      Youpla, while the plot of Sarah's mother seducing Wendy's mother might seem cliche I personally think that it's a good plot point. For me, the other alternative is to have Wendy's mother abducted and brainwashed into lesbian sex. That's already been done with Madelynn's mother. I think that Sarah and her mother teaming up on Wendy and her mother opens up some original possibilities also.

    5. What about silver witch? Hope you haven't dropped it yet - it was kinda like brainy teen with magic and just as hot :)

    6. Don't think MM has forgotten about the Silver Witch series. However some have felt that the upcoming chapter update to Brainy Teen has been long overdue. MM has followed a rotation of sorts on the updates. So Silver Witch will probably get the next update. Unless the response to Brainy Teen Chap 15 gets some kind of large response clamoring for another update.

  72. Great news! I'm looking forward to reading the confrontation between Madelynn and Erin.

  73. can i wait? spose i must, lol can't wait :)

  74. Just out of curiosity will we see the new Brainy Teen chapter update by the end of this week or do you think you'll more time to fine tune it?

  75. It's about 70% done, so definitely by the end of this week.

  76. Was hoping to see the new chapter tonight, but the week is not over yet.

  77. Just needs some editing.

  78. Regarding Silver Witch, the chapters might come a bit slower, but I'm not dropping it.

  79. Great news to hear, and thanks for the status update on the new Brainy Teen chapter MM.

  80. Triumphant return! Good chapter, some exposition and hot scenes. Hope some positive feedback will encourage you to write more Mastermeat. Your stories are really coming along in length, style and content. Please keep up the good work.

  81. A very good chapter MM. I did enjoy getting a little background history on Sarah. So it seems that Sarah herself went under the same treatment that Wendy, Madelynn, Elena, and others gone under when she was younger. Implying that her mother is the puppet master that is controlling everything from the shadows. However I'm sure there's more to be revealed, and besides I can't help but wonder if maybe what happened to Sarah was just a method for her mother to insure that she has a true successor for her empire.

    Also it was good to see the reveal about Lauren, that she truly is a loyal close friend to Sarah and willingly went under the mind control tactics. Also to see more examples of Sarah using her family's wealth, power and influence to set up subliminal brain washing techniques in public places, such as the night club, and rigging things up at Madelynn's home.

    I think the only negatives I would have on this chapter are just nitpicks. There were some small typos and errors. Also I thought in a previous chapter it was mentioned that Wendy's last name was Love and here it was Livinginston.

    Any ways I really can't wait for the next chapter update. Hopefully we'll get to see the dinner between the two families, more of Madelynn succumbing to her lesbian dominatrix desires for her mother and Wendy, And maybe more details on the mysterious client is that's taken interest in Madelynn's lesbian training ever since she feel into Sarah's clutches.

    Well I just want to give you big thanks for getting this one out MM.

  82. All smiles MM, made me smile with warmth:) ty so much for the stories - of course now I am waiting for the next one lol x

  83. I'm happy all of you enjoyed it!

    Wendy's different last name wasn't really a mistake. She has both last names of her mother and father. Her full name being Wendy Love-Livingston. Due to an error in the school's paperwork, the middle name was filled in as her mother's last name.

    1. Ah that explains it, thanks for the clarification. I have a feeling that by the end of the Brainy Teen series Wendy may drop one of the last names.

  84. Thanks for the update! I'll insert my two cents of feedback on the whole series. Regarding the whole story: the seduction/corruption/mind-control process is very inconsistent. The approach used on Madelynn seems to be more effective than the one used on Wendy for example, and there's no explanation of why the less effective method is still being used. Also, there's a sense of unnaturalness with your push-pull kind of description of Wendy's feelings: it's like she should already start questioning her sexuality but she somehow doesn't. I mean she looks at girls breasts, gets orgasms from girls hands and remembers it in one chapter and still thinks she's heterosexual and then drugs are used on her to make her do similar stuff in the next chapter. It's like you can't make up your mind about how far she has progressed. The sex scenes are hot though, so it all works out, but if you want to improve your stories it's something you should look into.

    1. This my take on Sarah's conversion process for Wendy.

      I think from chapter 1 up to chapter 10, I felt the conversion that Sarah had Wendy go through was to have her enjoy and accept the physical aspects of lesbian love making. The breast touching and fondling, licking of nipples and pussy, female on female physical sexual contact. Once Sarah feels that Wendy has gotten accustomed to the physical side of lesbianism, were Wendy wouldn't find it odd, or uncomfortable, Sarah would then work on getting Wendy's mind to embrace and accept lesbianism.

      I feel anything past chapter 10 Sarah is now focusing on changing Wendy's mind to accept lesbianism. So with Wendy's mind set to enjoy physical lesbian stimulation. I feel that Sarah has something pleasurable to tie the mental manipulations to. Sarah is telling Wendy to seduce Lauren and Madelynn, giving her tips and tricks on how to seduce any women, encouraging her to become a lesbian seductress, using subliminal messages to plant the seeds in Wendy's mind that she mentally desires and enjoys lesbian sex.

  85. Thanks for noticing those issues, Eugene. I will address the inconsistency in future chapters. The push-pull problem I didn't expect. I was trying to portray Wendy going through dissociative states. Guess it didn't turn out that well.

    1. I see. You've shown some of it when she was unable to remember what happened to her. But most of the time though her blaming her lesbian experiences on her pretend-play kinda makes Wendy look like an idiot who can't see the obvious since there are so many of those experiences she has. I think what would make her believe that she still pretends is her "knowing" she's in a role (I'm not sure if that situation was already described by you and is something I just forgotten or if it's something I read somewhere else) like a good method actor.

    2. In the story, Wendy tries to justify her actions, which suggests that she's aware of what she's doing to some extent. Though she thinks her act is getting better, Wendy's not aware that she's changing. The mind control process she went through (using drugs, subliminals, and suggestions) altered her subconscious feelings, but not her conscious personality. Though I haven't mentioned it directly the story, the mind control methods are experimental. This would explain why Madelynn and Wendy are handled differently. The method used on Madelynn is more direct whereas the method used on Wendy is indirect and gentler. Wendy's yoyo-ing is a symptom rather than a complete retraction to her original self. I hope this makes sense.

    3. It would've helped explain the use of different methods on Wendy and Madelynn if you had mentioned the methods were experimental and what those experiments' aim was. Also the yoyo-ing (actually this is a really good word to describe the behavior) actually feels like Wendy's retracting to the same conscious personality as it was before the "treatment". I feel it might be because she doesn't question her belief that she's just pretending. Seriously, how can you be pretending when you start subconsciously doing things? Pretending means that you're supposed to consciously behave in a way you wouldn't normally. Wendy's contradictory behavior here stays unexplained and there are no hints as to why she would subconsciously want to make her conscious self believe that. In other words there don't seem to be any motivations behind her trying to convince herself she's pretending, nor does there seem to be any knowledge that she has that would help her rationalize her own behaviour and yet she doesn't question her rationalization. This bit makes her character confusing. I'm not sure if other readers pick up on these things, but to me when I can't find a reason for a certain character's behavior it sticks out like a sore thumb and prevents me associating myself with the character.

    4. I'm not doing that much explanation because of other authors' recommendation to "show, not tell". Explicit explanations would ruin the atmosphere. The Brainy Teen story is more focused on Sarah's and Madelynn's change instead of Hecate's mind control operations, so I intentionally gave few details about Hecate. It's true Wendy isn't questioning her beliefs that much. Why Wendy is holding a contradictory position could be explained by the mind control process she went through and her conscious desire for Daniel. The reason she doesn't rationalize her feelings that well is because she's still being delusional and completely in the dark about what's really being done to her. I believe that this state of mind is not uncommon amongst people.

      In the real world, you would find plenty of similar cases. For example, people who buy the latest gadgets would often come up with reasons for their purchase that contradict with the true reasons why they really bought it. People also refund their purchases due to buyer's remorse, among other reasons. On the opposite end, people rationalize their bad decisions too. Like when they buy an inferior product, they lie to themselves that the product isn't really that bad. In abusive relationships, some women stick to their boyfriends/husbands despite repeated abuse. There's also the phenomenon of Stockholm Syndrome. People refuse to acknowledge facts simply because they disagree with them. Gay people deny being gay before coming out or bi people deny being bi despite watching gay porn. It doesn't make any sense, but that's how some people are.

      Wendy exhibits irrational mental characteristics that many people are prone to. Her subconscious mental changes happened so fast that her consciousness or ego needs time to adapt. Her mental state is still in constant limbo. She's by no means crazy, just struggling with herself.

      Note that the word "pretend" was use according to the character's own perspective. When Sarah was using the word, she was just trying to manipulate Wendy. When Wendy was attempting to rationalize her actions with pretending, it's because she thinks she's just pretending. It's like the method acting that you've mention, but with some of the negative side effects.

    5. I get what kind of character you're trying to portray, I just think if the motivations behind your character's illogical behavior were clearer that behavior would be easier to understand and so it would be easier for the reader to associate with the character.

      By the way it sort of seems like you're trying to elaborate on your character in these comments. That kind of thing should be done in the story IMHO (obviously using the tools provided in the story) :)

      And good luck with both your stories, I still can't wait to read them :)

  86. I saw you're posting your stories on Literotica again? Why the change of heart?

    1. There's no change of heart. Notice in the old post that I said I haven't uploaded the latest chapter. That doesn't imply that I would stop posting on that site. Literotica just won't get the most recent chapter. It's a protest, not a boycott.

  87. Well MM,I find Wendy still believing she is pretending credible. There will be a point where she realises she is doing it because she is enjoying it, but this denial has got to be one of the most exciting aspects of her story, even as her activites continue to escalate. As far as I am concerned don't change a thing other than the time it takes for new chapters to appear, but I am greedy like that:) Thank you!

  88. Finally got around to reading the new Brainy Teen chapter and overall I enjoyed the chapter. Kind of bummed out that there wasn't a full on lesbian incest sex scene with the brainwashed, mind controlled Madelynn and her mother. Hopefully one will be in later chapters. I read Eugene's points in regards to Wendy's mental state towards lesbian sexuality and her behavior during and after her lesbian sex scenes. In regards to Eugene's points. I just want to say that should you set it up in the future chapters were Wendy fully acknowledges or accept that she's a lesbian and that she's openly willing to do them. I just want to remind you of the saying "Once the genie is out of the bottle." Just think that if Wendy starts to acknowledge or accept that she's a lesbian then it's pretty much the end of the story. I like the struggle, I like the "am I, am I not" back and forth. To me that's the appeal of the Brainy Teen series. Can't wait for the next chapter MasterMeat and hopefully we'll see it soon.

    1. I don't think Eugene was actually asking MM to have Wendy flat out admit and clearly state that she's a lesbian. From what I can interpret Eugene is just stating that there's no clear indication on how far the brainwashing/mind control has taken Wendy into becoming a lesbian. Is she at 10%, 35%, 87%, close to 91%, that kind of thing.

    2. Rather I would say for me Wendy's behavior seems illogical at times. You could argue there are times when people behave irrationally, but that only happens when people are emotionally affected or under the influence of psychotropics, a person behaving differently while being in the same state of mind - that's simply impossible, so unless there's an explanation on how that can be possible my immersion breaks.

      I'm trying to be helpful with my feedback, but I guess unless I go back and reread the whole story from the start, while pointing out the irregularities, my feedback won't be very helpful to MM. And because I don't feel like rereading (Hell! It's just 20000 words short of being 1/3 the size of War and Piece), I decided it's better for me to shut up than to inadvertently confuse MM making him waste more effort :)

    3. There's no harm in giving feedback, that's one thing I like about MM. He's been receptive to feedback, seeing what's being suggested can or can't be worked into his stories.

      Did not know that BT series was close to being 1/3 the length of War and Peace, that's awesome. I can already hear the theme to Masterpiece theater playing when I thought about that. Who knows maybe MM will hit the 50% mark when everything is all said and done, or dare I say 100% mark :p

      I'm sure you're already getting flooded with this question MM, but I have to ask. Any idea on what your update schedule looks like for the Brainy Teen and Silver Witch stories. Think we'll see one or two more before the year is up?

    4. One more update for Brainy Teen and another for Silver Witch before the end of the year.

      LOL, I wasn't thinking about matching or beating any word count records, just setting a personal standard.

    5. Cool, thanks for the update MM.

  89. So with the events that happened in chapter 15. I'm wondering if it's in the plans to have Madelynn's mother, Erin, eventually see Wendy as a rival for the sexual affections and attention of her daughter. Is it possible that Erin will try and undermine Wendy, finding ways to degrade and humiliate her in front of Madelynn. So what's everyone's thoughts on this?

    1. I really don't think Erin will see Wendy as a rival for Madelynn's attention. More or less she's being brainwashed into becoming more of a sex slave for Madelynn rather than a future girlfriend/spouse. So Madelynn's mom will probably eventually see, from her point of view, Wendy as another submissive lesbian sex slave under Madelynn's control.

  90. Hello MasterMeat ! It's been a while since I left a comment and, even if I've read the last chapter of Brainy Teen the same day it came here on your blog, I never took the time to write my opinion about it. So let's go !

    First of all, I must say it was one of my favourite chapter of Brainy Teen. I love the induction Wendy is enduring at the party, the fact that we read many sentences which are influencing her for the future without her being able to hear them. The scene between her and Lauren was exciting and it was good to see Wendy becoming more "pushy" in her seduction.
    Concerning Madelynn's story with her mother, I've loved it too. Madelynn was not too fast on the seduction, Ein was not accepting things easily... It's a good thing that you take your time in the induction, because going too fast with it would be awkward and would anihilate the somewhat "reality" of the characters' slow fall in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a slow thing, and I would be disappointed if, for example, Erin would transform into a total bimbo hooker in less than two chapters.
    Nothing to say too on your style : it's always a pleasure to read you and the description of clothes, just as the multiple details of characters' actions is where you clearly are above many others authors.

    Well, since I've said the good points, here what I've found, like usual, rather bad or at least disappointing. Sorry if I'm detailing these more than the good points, but I think we learn more with our errors than the contrary.

    - Concerning Wendy's induction, even if I've found it really exciting, I am puzzled here... By reading the subliminal messages targeted to her, I have the feeling it's too much for what the character was destined to become (or seemed to become). I thought that Sarah wanted her to be a seductive and sexy lesbian, somewhat normal, who would love her and think sapphic relationships are normal. But here, in fact, it's as if I've read some inductions destined to Madelynn :
    "You want to have sex with Sarah... You want to have sex with Madelynn... You want to have sex with Lauren... You want to have sex with Rebecca... You want to have sex with Cynthia... You want to have sex with every pretty woman and girl you see, even your mom and sister..."
    "You want other girls to watch you have sex with another girl... Fucking another girl with other girls watching would prove to them that you're a lesbian..."
    ----> These are examples among others where I think that this is EXTREME conditioning that would make Wendy a total slut without any limits, just a lesbian bitch who jumps on anything that has a pussy... And in my opinion, these kinds of things would be better with what Madelynn is raised to become. Even the cigaret that, I agree, is not a big thing, would be much more appropriate with Madelynn, who becomes a gothic dominatrix (and gothics ARE smoking).
    Well. I don't know what you're planning for Wendy's future, after all, but I'd have just this "odd" feeling that Wendy was becoming what she was not meant to be if we paid attention to her conditioning in the previous chapters.

  91. - About the story with Sarah' mother, I don't find it really surprising, alas... I was expecting a more complex plot and it seems the story is going toward the classical mother who brainwashes her daughter into a lesbian, so that her daughter brings others lesbians, who would seduct other girls, etc etc... I don't know if it is what you planned, but for me I was seeing Sarah as a more complex and manipulating character. For example, I was imagining that she had some psychological problems, and that she had not her mother anymore. Her goal would have been to find the "perfect sister" for her, I mean Wendy. And "recreate" a family with a mother( Wendy's mother), a sister (Wendy) where everyone would love each other and induce in pleasure. Well, it's a bit stupid said like this, but it's just a quick idea I'm writing. In fact, more of all, I think you should avoid the classical plot with mother manipulating daughter and classical tandems (Wendy's mother/Sarah's mother for example).

    - Now with Madelynn's and Erin's plot. Nothing to really say here. I'm waiting where the story will go. Just a thing though : I'd find it more exciting if Madelynn were always aware of what she's doing to brainwash her mother, would it be drugs, subliminal messages, or whatever. The things where she moved like a puppet, totally oblivious of what she was doing, to go into her mother bedroom and kiss her while giving her pills seemed a bit easy to me. It would be much more exciting to see Madelynn consciously struggling with what she is doing to her mother, instead of just going with the "totally oblivious of what I'm doing" thing.
    - I'm really, but REALLY not an adept of the "Yes, my daughter" thing ^^ . Please, try to avoid the common trap of the dominative/submissive couple where one is calling the other "Mistress/Master", while the other calls the submissive one "Slave". It's not like this, not yet, in your story but this "My daughter" thing is annoying me. I think it would be much more thrilling if Erin became submissive like plotted, but avoiding the common classical things we read in other stories.
    - Then, for the last, there is really one thing I disliked in this chapter. It may seem stupid to note such a tiny thing, but it really bugged me. I copy the sentence here :
    "After hanging up the phone, Madelynn finished the cup of Wendy's piss diluted with orange juice and awaited her Mom's arrival. She recited Elena's instructions on hypnotizing her mother and imagined the process in her mind."
    ----> There is one huge problem here, in my opinion. We didn't see Madelynn taking the piss in the toilet (we just had a clue in the previous chapter). More than anything, we don't know WHY she suddenly finds exciting to drink Wendy's piss. Did she watch movies ? Did she had a conditioning ? WHY and HOW did she feel the urge to do something so disgusting and degradating (but excitinf for the readers !) ? Big problem here. It seems you've just throw the uro fantasy quickly, without much thought about it. Let's face it : a totally hetero girls would NEVER make love to other girls. Never she would be excited by lesbian relationships. That's where many authors fails in other mind control stories : the women make love with other women like it was the most normal thing to do. They are not questioning herself saying for example "uuurk, why am I doing it with another girl ? It's disgusting !!!" But you, on the contrary, managed to avoid this trap in Brainy Teen. Slow hypnosis, realistic behaviour, and not jumping quickly to the "Ok, I'm a lesbian now, let's fuck" is the core that explains the quality of your story.

  92. But there, whereas Madelynn should be horrified to drink piss (which normal person would not be ???), she does this, pouf, like this, without any thought about this, like it was common. Come on ! Madelynn is becoming a total slut without any limit, a kind of totally crazy nymphomaniac dyke who, contrary to Wendy, will jump at any beautiful girl and do the most disgusting sexual acts (incest, piss drinking, bestiality maybe if you give a second thought about it ?). Maybe she would even be fated to become without any moral to the point she would seduce a 14 years girl (after all, it's just fantasy) ? That's not the problem. She could do whatever is possible but, when she's doing it for the first time, at least, don't write it as if it was for her a totally normal thing. I would have loved to see her struggling with the very idea of tasting piss, moreover when she has been raised with high morals by a prudish mother and church precepts.

    Well, that's all for the bad points. Here some kinds of things I'm expecting for the future chapters. If it gives you ideads, it's good. If not, then just ignore them :

    - Erin should find that she gradually can't have an orgasm is her sexual stimulation is not something depravated or humiliating. For example, the last orgasm she had was when she masturbated over the lesbian magazines. Next time, she would be on the verge of cumming, but unable to. She would need something stronger, and so each time. We could then imagine many steps :
    1) Masturbate in front of a mirror, thinking of women she see at church.
    2) Masturbate in front of a mirror, insulting herself, thinking of teen girls.
    3) Masturbate in front of a mirror, insulting herself, with hooker clothes, thinking of Maddy.
    4) Masturbate with sex toys by the door of Madelynn's bedroom, watching her daughter pleasuring herself.
    5) To the verge of crying, enter Madelynn's room and ask her to pleasure her pussy.
    ... And so on and so on, to the point that Erin would be a total submissive slut begging her daughter to piss in her mouth while she's dressed in nun's clothes, insulted, filmed and broadcasted to the net. But like I said before, Erin, contrary to Madelynn, would never think that what she does is normal. She would always be ashamed of her actions, but unable to resist the temptation... moreover when she would be always on the verge of orgasming, but unable to if she had not degradating sexual acts.
    - Maybe we should see how MAdelynn and Erin are struggling with their new thoughts when they are at church. Erin must have, for example, lots of prudish friends she encounters each Sunday. How will she react when, seeing them with their daughters, she would start to imagine them in incestual acts and feel the overwhelming need to masturbate ??
    - Maybe it would be time to start Wendy' mother hypnosis. Maybe her sister too. Like I suggested before, you should add different hypnosis and "sexual goals" for each character in Brainy Teen, to add diversity. Wendy is a somewhat "normal" lesbian, Madelynn is a dominatrix, Erin a submissive with incestual fantasies... Wendy's mother should be a "repressed lesbian" falling slowly in love with Wendy. Her hypnosis would be "twisting memories" like transforming her fist kiss (with a girl instead of a boy), her first student job (phone sex with many girls), etc... Please read what I wrote previoulsy in another post since I was explaining it with more details. For Wendy's sister, maybe she should become a lolita or a bimbo. I don't know since we didn't see the character yet in your story.

  93. Well, I think I didn't forget anything.
    Ah yes. Eugene was exposing an interesting point of view. But like I said before, to me it's not important that the hypnosis seems "scientifically" realistic. I don't care if it's possible to brainwash somewhat, if one way would work better than another, etc... To me, you should focus of the erotic and sexual side of Brainy Teen. It's not a scientific magazine !! It's fictional, so imagine what you want.
    Just 2 more advices beforeI go (promised !) :
    First, maybe you should avoid to include too much new characters. There are Sarah, Lauren, Wendy, Madelynn, Erin, Wendy's mother and soon Wendy's sister... It's beginning to be a lot, and if you have to develop each one's brainwashing and story, you will be totally overwhelmed ! Just try to do good developed plots with these characters, without rushing. Then, if you think you have finished with a charcater story, then you would always have the possibility to include a new one.
    Second, I must say that I personnaly will not be able to wait such a long time as you did between chapter 14 and 15 a second time. Waiting more than 8 months was WAAAYYYYY too long ; I had lost the will, I had forgotten some details of the plot, I've found it difficult to re-enter in the story. For me, 3-4 months should be a maximum between each chapter. I know it's a lot of work, but I prefer to be frank. One chapter by year ? It will just not work... I see that you plan to release another chapter before the end of the year, so I'm waiting it with great expectations !!!

  94. Lastly, I exepct you don't think I'm going too far with some fantasies exposed here, like for example the thing with the 14 years old girl. But it's just fantasy and I would never ever do this in real life or encourage iot by any means.
    But in your story where all is possible, it would be in fact a blast to see a totally crazy nymphomaniac Madelynn seducing a 14 years altar and fucking her without any love, crudly, like a bitch in heat. ^^

  95. Wow, that a lot of text to read. Anyways I skimmed through it a bit. Some parts good, other parts, it's a matter of opinion of the reader. Right now the only thing I object to in Youpla's comments, is the request for more piss drinking and adding beastiality in Brainy Teen. Please do not add any more of these fetishes, MM. Made me cringe when I read them in the chapters that mentioned the piss drinking, and I really don't want to see any more in future chapters. I think it's better to stick to the general stuff that everyone enjoys vs. trying to throw in a few fetishes that only a select few would enjoy. I just think they really don't have any place in the Brainy Teen series.

    1. But if you start "forbidding" some fetishes, then you can say that we'lle start to forbid all of them. If someone here sees that piss fantasy has been banned because some persons here don't like this, then one day someone else will come and say "I don't like gothic girl, please stop with Madelynn brainwashing" or "Incest is horrible, please stop with Erin", and so on... To an extreme point of view, we could say that some persons don't like sapphic relationships. What would you think if they had come and say "Please don't make Wendy a lesbian, I don't want to".
      I'm aware some fetishes are more extreme than others, but these are just stories. Readers who don't like some parts could always skip some paragraphs.
      More than everything, different fetishes add some diversity to the story. If Erin or Madelynn were fated to do the same thing as Wendy, that would be repetitive.

    2. You do realize that Brainy Teen itself is a fetish story. If you exclude the ones that you don't want to see in the BT series (Watersports and Beastiality). You have

      * Mind Control
      * Lesbian Sex
      * Incest
      * Bondage
      * Domination and submission

      Just saying, because there might be a few readers that might have issues or concerns with the fetishes mentioned above, but none with the fetishes that make you uncomfortable.

      I kind of see where you're coming from, and the 2 that you mentioned are fetishes that are more of an acquired taste *no pun intended* However I think you should give MM more credit and understand that he has a good handle on his stories, and control on what goes in and what stays out. I haven't seen anything that indicates that it is headed towards the direction you're thinking it's going into. Unless you can point it out, but just trust in MM.

    3. Thank you very much for your comments, Youpla. I agree with you that characters need to have different goals for more variety in the story and that new inclinations and desires need to be introduced less abruptly. For the variety's sake, the characters in the story will end up with different personalities and desires, but not drastically different ones. If I make Wendy just a "normal" lesbian, she'll only have interactions mostly with Sarah. That means there's less to work with on Wendy. There are other things could make the characters different. For example, their views and preferences in sex, fashion, relationships, and methods of seduction. They won't be doing exactly the same thing.

      I like your suggestions for the events of future chapters, but the pissing part I'm going have to leave out. I'm not against the fetishes you want, but if I add a gradual introduction of those extreme fetishes, I'll end up alienating readers.

    4. I totally agree and understand your point of view.
      One question though, about the pissing part : since you introduced it in this chapter, what will you do next with it ? It would seem odd if Madelynn just abandoned this new "hobby" and if the readers had no explanation about why she has come to love this.

      Ah, I've forgot the mighty traditional question : do you have an estimation for the next chapter's release ?? :)

    5. There would a retroactive explanation about the new fetish. Since it won't be plausible to just dump the activity, I would have to include it very sparingly in future chapters in the most tasteful manner possible.

      I've already mentioned previously that there would one more chapter for Brainy Teen and another for Silver Witch before the end of the year, but I can't give an exact date.

    6. Hi MasterMeat this is the anon that replied to Youpla's comments. The one that commented that future chapters of Brainy Teen should not contain scenes of piss drinking and beastiality. I just want to say thanks for understanding that fetishes like those can be too extreme and put off readers like myself, and that future chapters of the Brainy Teen series will not contain these scenes. Although it is kind of disconcerting that you're still going to try and explain Madelynn's new "hobby". Personally I say just drop it and don't bring it up again or if you're looking for a story plot maybe just have Madelynn's old personality gain one last moment of control and draw the line on piss drinking. I just feel that trying to explain it creates a backdoor that people want you to use to sneak it back in.

      To Youpla and Domino X, I have nothing against those who would enjoy those fetishes, we all have our kinks. However please understand that I came on board and became a fan of Brainy Teen by enjoying the general content being presented, and to have something like Madelynn starting to drink piss out of the blue is a bit too much, and unfair, to ask every reader to accept. You guys suggested that I could just skip over the paragraphs, but it takes the enjoyment out of reading the chapters if I now have to be on guard for paragraphs that contains extreme fetishes. Also what about new chapters as they are released? If you guys haven't noticed, the chapters that had piss drinking didn't come with a warning that they had a scene involving piss drinking and so it takes people unaware when scenes of piss drinking come up when they read the new chapter for the very first time.

      I guess I'll end it here and say thanks for listening guys, and I can't wait for the new chapter to show up MasterMeat. Take care and see you next time.

      - Some Random Anon

    7. I understand your point of view but hink you're going way too far for imposing YOUR tastes on the story. Let's face it : there IS piss fetish in the last chapter of Brainy Teen, even if this is in only one sentence. Sorry but if masterMeat just drop it, like you're wishing, then readers would not understand the logic behind this. Why, indeed, bringing a fetish if we never heard of it in next chapters ? I'm sorry but for me it would ruin the somewhat logic of the story.
      I don't want to impose my ideas on Mster Meat's story. He does what he wants and, if he chose to include the piss fantasy, you at least have to deal with it without saying "No no no, forget this, don't speak about it ever again !". I feel you're only thinking of what YOU want here without seeing if banning a fetish that was already brought in Brainy Teen will serve or not the "realistic feeling" of the story.
      I didn't want to sound rude but please understand that when you're writing a story you can't erase some facts you included in previous chapters. It's as if, in Harry Potter, you didn't like the death of Sirius Black and asked Rowling to "forget" the fact and bring new chapters with this character. Well, that is an extreme example, but I suppose you understand what I mean. ^^

    8. I see the point you're making, the fact that an event/action took place within the story and it should be acknowledged, not ignored. However why does it have to mean that Madelynn must now have a piss drinking fetish just because it happened once? Mastermeat has acknowledged that putting extreme fetishes like that into the Brainy Teen series alienates some of the general readers of the Brainy Teen series. So why bring it back up and make it one of the focus points of the story? You talk about me trying to push Mastermeat to write Brainy Teen my way, but from what I have read in some of your comments you seem dead set on making sure that Mastermeat puts the piss drinking and beastiality fetishes in his Brainy Teen series, and keep them there if they show up.

      - Some Random Anon

    9. Random Anon,

      I think the reason why MM has included that small piece involving Madelynn piece involving piss drinking, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong MM, is because if you truly read Youpla's comments he goes into great details explaining how it might be possible for the characters to end up in that fetish situation.

      While Youpla has requested to see the 2 fetishes you're against seeing in future chapters. He's put together a reasoning on how they can appear, how it could tie-in and in doing so probably made it presentable, vs. just hammering MM over and over about putting those fetishes in with little or no explanation on why they should be in MM's stories.

      Your first statement about Youpla's comments sounds like your admitting to a tl,dr (Too Long, Didn't Read) type of response. While I'm not asking you to enjoy or accept the 2 fetishes you're against. If you read Youpla's responses you do have to acknowledge that Youpla presented his case and didn't hammer MM by saying "Put them in" over and over with no explanation none what so ever.

      So far you established in your comments that you don't want to see watersports and beastiality in future chapters of MM's stories, and that's okay. You are entitled to your opinion, and present them in whatever why you see fit, as long as it doesn't break the law :p. I'm not trying to start something and turn the comments section into a fiery pit of name calling that eventually discourages anybody from commenting, but please understand that you can only go so far with a "I don't like it" response. Eventually you will come across someone that's going to ask you "why" and if all you can say is "I don't like it." It tends to get tiring, possibly annoying and ignored.

    10. Random Anom ---> I understand your point of view and the fact that piss drinking and/or bestiality are some "special" fetishes that some people will not like. However, your logic betrays a too egoistic wish to simply forbid these. yes, piss drinking is in this story. And I don't ask MasterMeat to focus the future chapter on this, but at least not abandon it, or give us some explanations. Or even develop this fantasy. After all, IT IS in this chapter. What would you say if someone here said "I don't like incestual relationships. Please don't focus the next chapters on Erin and madelynn. More, let's forget this and don't speak of it again !".
      You see, even if we can discuss if, effectively, the piss drinking fantasy brings something or not to Brainy Teen, we can't go against one point : now that it has been introducted, you can't just make him vanish for the sake of some readers. It's as if, one day, Madelynn has a pussy piercing that would bother some people. Would you listen to them and make the piercing disappear, as a magic trick ?

      You should accept what MasterMeat has done. Once again, nobody here forces him to include some fetishes in his stories. We expose advices, ideas, plots, etc... then, it's him and only him who chooses what could bring something new and exciting to Brainy Teen. If you don't like some ideas, some others here love them. Accept this, and accept MasterMeat's choices : it's the best you can do to, at least, honour his story.
      From a personal point of view, I think that extreme fetishes DO bring originality to the story, because it so rare to see them. Plus, I find it exciting to see a girl going from "Point 0 of sexuality", totally bashful, prudish, religious, trustful, and kind transform into the really extreme depravation we can imagine, with near to no limits on her fantaisies. It brings novelty and freshness to each chapter because it seems her depravation is never ending. And so, we are surprised to find something new she is accepting.

      Now I think I didn't explain very well why I didn't want to see the "MAster" and "Slave" words in Erin's and Madelynn's mouths. You see, if one begins tio call the other like this, it's (in my opinion) totally ruins the mother/daughter relationship. I think that Erin should always see Madelynn as her daughter and speak to her in consequences. But, of course, being totally submissive when she has orders from her.
      In fact, if you want to maintain the thrilling of an incestual relationships, I think the two characters should never act like the other was a total stranger.

    11. Youpla, you said in this last comment:

      "Nobody here forces him to include some fetishes in his stories, We expose advices, ideas, plots, etc".

      Youpla, you have been harping on the pissing and beastiality fetishes for a while in this comment section. At least a year! There are many people who enjoy this story without those fetishes. It is jarring to think of a character whom the rest of us have loved to suddenly being forced to take beastility as well. It would put me over the edge and ruin the story for me forever. But then again, this story has felt it has "jumped the shark" long ago. What started out as amazing has sunk to leering young males puppetting their darkest fantasies upon a few wonderfully developed female characters.

      Youpla, how about this for a fetish, since you are open to people expressing theirs: A young man watching Madelynn and Erin from afar suddenly is over-powered by a gay alsatian male dog. Much levity ensues - a sore bottom and rectal pain notwithstanding.

    12. Your comment is stupid, Elizabeth.
      First, it's been several months since you're complaining about the direction in which the story is going. BUT, you're still here after all... So, if you don't like the story anymore, I don't understand why you keep yapping at MasterMeat. Moreover when your comments are as developed as this. "I don't like this, so this story is no good for me anymore". Great. But there are still readers who love Brainy Teen and who understand that even some extreme fetishes can't ruin the atmosphere of the story. Plus, they are not here just for giving their evaluation on the story but also for discussing on it and giving some ideas.

      Once again I didn't jump at the throat of MasterMeat for bestiality and pissing. He chose to lead the story in some directions, that's its total right ! Plus, I think I've developed enough what some extreme fetishes could bring to the story. It's not as if I was here saying "Please, I love asian girls. Include one in the story right now !". I've always tried to explain and develop some ideas contrary to you and some others who just go high on their horses saying "No no no, it's not like this that the story I don't write or own was supposed to go. Please erase these things !".
      Concerning your comment about male and dog intercourse, if it serves the story I will not go against it. But you'll have to prove that including male into a full lesbian story will bring something.... Good luck. (Note : I've understood that you were ironic. But I will not enter in your game. If you have ideas, that's good : expose them. MasterMeat will choose what he thinks is right).

    13. You are correct Youpla. I should have left and never come back. These stories are meaningless now. Taking a pole to see what you will include in the next story? Listening to boys and their desires to foist sick perversions upon women with animals?

      Yes I have had enough.

    14. Goodbye and thanks for your (non existent) contribution.

    15. Domino_X, I've read most of Youpla's comments, so please don't assume that I didn't. Quite honestly they require me to take a very large leap of blind faith for me to believe that's how any of your and Youpla's piss drinking and beastiality fetishes can be introduced or be allowed to stay in the Brainy Teen series. There's suspension of disbelief and then there's "WTF, where'd that come from?" Youpla's long comments are just what he believes to be the logical events on how the characters in Brainy Teen can arrive at those fetishes, but just about contradicts what's been established in the Brainy Teen series.

      Since Beastiality hasn't been introduced, thank god for that, I'll use it as an example, but I'm sure Youpla is just ready to spam MasterMeat over and over about it. After all a dog was briefly mentioned, and Youpla's has commented on it. I'm sure he's more than willing to remind Mastermeat if it doesn't happen. Anyways Youpla's prevous comments about beastality imply that it could occur because Wendy, Madelynn, and Erin will become so sexually overcharged due to the brainwashing that they'll come to a point were they just about want to do anything to relieve that sexual tension, including fuck animals. That the high sex drive will create a deprived lust within them, that they'll look for alternative means to relieve the sexual tension. WTF, the whole point of this story is to make Wendy, Madelynn, Erin, and every other female within it LESBIANS. How does having them fuck dogs equal lesbianism? To put that in Brainy Teen is like watching an action movie were all the hero does is go on and on about chasing after his villain, and 3/4 of the way through, out of the blue the hero now mentions he has a wedding to attend with no regard of going after his villain. Pretty much the audience will go "What does that have to do with the plot of the movie" and realize that someone forced it in because they wanted a wedding scene in the movie, not really caring what was established or what the movie is even about. Every chapter has been about "Become a lesbian and enjoy lesbian sex." and then to shoehorn "Enjoy beastiality " out of nowhere is absurd and poor writing. The same thing applies to the piss drinking fetish. It came out of no where, and pretty much you can tell it was tacked on to the Brainy Teen series just because a very select few readers wanted to see in the Brainy Teen series.

      Also Youpla, your very recent comment about enjoying chaste, pure, honest girls become corrupted and transform into depraved individuals, to me, indicates that you've missed the forest for the trees. That you're so set on seeing that course of action occur in Brainy Teen and trying to convince MasterMeat the corruption fetishes of piss drinking, beastiality, extreme piercings and tattoos, and getting extreme body modifications belong in Brainy Teen that you've either missed or chosen to ignore what Brainy Teen is about and what's already been established.

      - Some Random Anon

    16. Forget to mention, the incest theme I can tolerate because that at least fits into the theme of turning females into lesbians set in Brainy Teen. Mother/daughter, sister/sister if you generalize it. It is female on female sex.

      - Some Random Anon

    17. Dear Random Anom, your point of view is interesting... but alas falls flat for two reasons.
      First, there is NO bestiality in the story. So you're fighting against the winds. And moreover, the fact that there is no bestiality in the story proves well that I have no power over MasterMeat like you tend to imply. Like I said, said, and said again before, I just give ideas, advices, opinions and MasterMeat and ONLY HIM chooses what he wants to do with Brainy Teen. I'm not pestering him with the extremefetishes, I just try to expose how they could go into the sdtory if the elements were developed enough. And, just like you said, effectively the piss fetish in the last chapter seems to have been put out of nowhere... and I did a long enough development in my previous feedback to expose to MasterMeat how this was not done as it should have been. There are way to introduce fetishes, extreme or not, that could go well with Brainy Teen story. And that brings me to my second point.
      Where you're mistaking again is on the goal of Brainy Teen. How can you decide for yourself what is, was, or will the goal of the story be ??? You've decided yourself that it was a story about transforming hetero girls into lesbians ? And that's all ? But that, my friend, is YOUR point of view. Where you see the final goal of Brainy Teen as making Wendy and/or Madelynn acepting their new life as lesbians, I do in fact see the story as a CORRUPTION story. I mean, it's my opinion, but where you see girls becoming lesbians, I see girls becoming corrupted so that they accept to do new experiences. If sapphic relationships are still the core of their brainwashing, it doesn't mean it must stop there. And plus, it would be borring. Once Wendy and Madelynn would have accepted their condition, how would you bring new exciting situations to the story ?
      New characters ? There are enough already.
      New tandems (Sarah/Madelynn, Erin/Wendy,...) ?? That would be bothersome to one point and would appear as a poor mean to continue the story.
      New "classical" intercourse situations ? Like Wendy and madelynn going 69 for the first time, then Madelynn and Wendy trying anal for the first time, then Madelynn and Wendy kissing in public for the first time, etc ? In 3 chapters, there would be absolutely no ideas left (many stories, in fact, fall right into this trap where the last chapters are just there to fill the story with somewhat same events).

    18. Then, to say the least, I find you're a bit hypocrit. You say that incest doesn't bother you, because (to quote you) : "that at least fits into the theme of turning females into lesbians set in Brainy Teen. Mother/daughter, sister/sister if you generalize it. It is female on female sex." Well. That's what YOU think. but that is extreme fetish and you can't say that everybody will love incestual relationships in the story. But you, because you've decided that it's not so annoying, then you find an excuse with it...
      Then, if I'd follow your logic, I'd say that piss drinking between Madelynn and her mother is alright, because it's still a lesbian relationship ?And if I'd follow MY point of view about Brainy Teen being a corruption story, I'd say that bestiality is OK because it's a step forward into corruption ? That would be much much too easy. With this logic, anybody could make the story go into which direction they'd want. And that is not what we're willing, both of us. But at least, don't take shortcuts like these ones for exposing your theory.
      If you don't like piss drinking or bestiality, do tell so and try to expose why it would ruin the story. But don't assume that you know better than anyone here (and better than the author) what is Brainy Teen about.
      For me, even if I do think of it rather as a corruption story (like I said before), I don't think it wouls solely excuse the implementation of extreme fetishes. No. But, seeing in which direction Madelynn is going and how much she is changing from one chapter to another, I think it would not be alien in Brainy Teen, would it be well written and brought in the chapters, of course.

      @MasterMeat ---> Please do as you want. You know, we're just giving opinions and you'll never please everyone. Never. If Elizabeth found the piss drinking sequence to be gross, I did not. If some don't like gothic girls, some others do. If some are against sapphic relationships, some are roaring for them.
      For me, you already know my opinion : extreme fetishes would go well with Madelynn and Erin' brainwashing and would bring new elements and new situations to the story. But it's only you, in the end, who will decide of what pleases you. Don't let these discussions go too much on your head, and write to your content.

    19. Random Anon, First off, I just want to say that I'm not trying to provoke anything other than encourage discussion. Seeing as we all have our own personal interpretations of MM's stories. It's always interesting for me to read other people's take on MM stories. I guess we can all be a bit on the very defensive side if we think there's an attack on what we interpret.

      That being said I see where you are coming, and in regards to that it is a valid point. Nothing detracts enjoyment from a book, movie, or game when an unnecessary plot/subplot or what have you is introduced. However I do want to say this, I don't want to come off as rude or confrontational, just trying to present my point but I feel that maybe you're reading too much into to something that isn't there or jumping to unnecessary conclusions on what you think the direction of the Brainy Teen series is headed.

      Yes, piss drinking was introduced in the latest chapter of Brainy Teen. However it's not like there was a whole paragraph dedicated to it, it was 1 or 2 sentences at best. Also MM just recently commented that Brainy Teen is not going to switch gears and abandon its focus of lesbian mind control just to focus on the extreme fetish that was introduced, or to add other extreme fetishes to Brainy Teen. There really wasn't much of a plot of any kind introduced when the extreme fetish of piss drinking made its appearance.

      Also I'm going segway with Youpla's point and say that the lesbian theme is very broad and general that it invites different variations of it into Brainy Teen. Surely you must acknowledge that there's different types of lesbian sexual interactions. Off the top of my head you have lesbian masturbation, strap-on, oral, trib, anal, s&m, bondage, dom & sub, incest, and as Youpla pointed out there are actual lesbians out in the really world that enjoy the piss fetish. I think it would be unfair to enforce a very rigid, unflexible definition to the lesbian theme.

      In the end I just want to tell you this. Trust in MM, he knows what he's doing with the Brainy Teen series.

    20. Just my two cents...some of the fetishes specifically regarding Madelynn were introduced after several comments from Youpla proposing ideas for the direction of Madelyn's story. Many thoughts and ideas were suggested and a few were then touched upon. Whether these fetishes were the original intent of MM or a reaction to appease a vocal reader, only MM knows. In regards to the story as a whole, I came on board as a reader with the story synopsis the draw of Wendy being lured into Sarah's clique. Early on, I thought that Sarah was trying to develop Wendy into more than just another member (her girlfriend), but the last chapter changed that theory. Anyway, I look forward to the next installment as always.

  96. Elizabeth, it was never my intention to gross people out with my story. Just because I wrote one brief sentence about drinking piss doesn't mean it would become commonplace or a slippery slope to including all other perversions. Was that the only thing you disliked?

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  99. About "introducing new themes into the story" thing. My advice is: "don't". If the character the reader already likes starts behaving in a repulsive manner in the middle of the story, the whole story starts to stink for that reader. So unless you're okay with alienating a part of the established audience don't add more fetishes. However, more importantly, I think you should write about your own fantasies and fetishes, rather than trying to accomodate the fantasies of the audience you're less likely to burn out that way. So in other words if you have some pissing fantasy or a scatting fantasy and want to introduce it in the story then to hell with the audience - the most important thing is for you yourself to enjoy the story. Most people don't even know what they really want (they only think they do) and listening to their requests, especially in the middle of a project is a recipe for disaster.

    1. But sticking always to the same fetishes and situations will undoubtly bother the audience at one point. Brainy Teen is a 15 chapter story and many other atories would already be flat and on a "routine" road. On the contrary, Brainy Teen is still great because of the slow induction that allows characters' developments, but also because they are experiencing new situations and new fetishes. i agree with your point of view that some will be shocked by characters' new tastes, but some will not. Like always, it's a matter of tastes.
      However, I agree with your conclusion : MasterMeat should not try to please everyone and write what he likes without thinking too much. Not only this will add pleasure to the writing process, but we will have new chapters quicklier too ! :)

  100. Thanks for the advice guys. I now know what to do.

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    So far I think the only nitpick I have is that it's starting to get a bit hard to keep track of how time is progressing within the story.

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  119. Awesome Silver Witch chapter, loved it. Of the 2 stories you're working. I'm a bit biased towards the Brainy Teen series in regards to favoritism, but I just want to let you know that I actually enjoyed reading Silver Witch chpt 9 over Brainy Teen chpt 16.

    Got to see a bit with Candice, someone from another magical order separate from Galatea's, and her standing within it. Also it looks like a target for her revenge was introduced with Katrina, should Candice jump, maybe willingly, at the chance to gain more magical power by tapping into the energy of lesbianism.

    With the bit we got to read with Candice one of the things that I can imagine Galatea using Candice for, aside from another lesbian acolyte of her lesbian coven, is maybe showing Emma a possibility of what her magical life would have been like if she was discovered by different magical order, like Candice's. With them Emma would have been considered nothing more than an errand girl despite the fact that she the magical potential to pull off some of the Order's most powerful spells. Galatea would then entice Emma by stating that by continuing to use her methods to practice magic. Emma would reach her true magical potential, one that would rival or surpass the head of Candice's or anyone else's Order.

    I think the only issue I would have with this chapter was the section involving Ashley converting Lisa. Mostly because of how fast it took, by the end Lisa was a full-on lesbian nympho. While there's nothing wrong with that, it just kind of makes me think of the exponential robot scenario, you have one robot that creates another one, then those 2 creates 4, then 4 creates 8, 8 creates 16, and so on. If one of Galatea's goals is to have every woman become her lesbian worshipers and sex slaves, then why not just stick to this method since it looks like a faster method. I'm hoping that there's a limit to this kind of conversion tactic that Galatea implemented.

    Overall very awesome chapter, and like many others I can't wait for more. Hopefully we'll get to see some new chapters to both storeis in the near future. Till then, take care and have a great time MM, and thanks for the awesome.

  120. Domino_X, you make a valid point about the fast conversion process, but what Galatea is doing is completely logical. Galatea's order is hierarchical. It's not an ant/bee colony-like organization headed by a leader. Though those insect colonies still have a hierarchy, there's no individual difference between each member other than their jobs. Earlier in the story, Jeannie told Emma that she had strong magic potential and that was the reason why Galatea trained her in magic. However, Galatea made no mention of Ashley nor Lisa's magic potential nor did she train them. Instead, their magic abilities were given directly. It's also strongly hinted in the story that Emma would get a dominating role in the future. In short, Emma is not an ordinary convert.

    The exponential conversion scenario won't happen. That would draw too much attention. Just because it's fast and efficient doesn't mean it's safe to use it all the time.

    Next chapter for Brainy Teen should be done by mid March. It will include the conversion attempt of Wendy's mom by Sarah's mother.

    1. Thanks for addressing my concerns about the rapid transformation of Lisa. If you're willing to let me, I'm going to speculate that Galatea isn't going to go to use this method too much because those that are effected by it draw magical power directly from her vs. any kind of magical power they may or may not have, and in doing so would probably weaken her or cause some kind of havoc with her magic if it got out of hand.

      Also thanks for the update on the next Brainy Teen chapter. March is a bit aways, but the wait will be well worth it. Especially since it will have Sarah's mother enter the lesbian conversion/seduction, and I can't wait to see that one.

    2. Your explanation is good. I haven't even thought of that.

    3. Domino X's rule suggestion about the lesbian thralls created by the method used by Ashley on Lisa is a good one. That the thrall has no magical power and draws their actual magical power from the witch that created them, and if too many are created it can weaken or harm the witch in some kind of way.

      However don't forget that it was Jeannie that transformed Ashley into a lesbian thrall. So Ashley is actually drawing magical power from Jeannine, not Galatea, the Silver Witch. If too many thralls were to be created it would weaken Jeannie, not Galatea. Looks like Galatea knows how to cover her ass.

    4. Ooh! A discussion about the rules of the setting. It's the first thing I look at while trying to come up with a setting. Being able to understand how the universe you created works allows you as the author to not contradict yourself. This is the same concern I expressed for Brainy Teen's Wendy vs Lauren conversion. MM, if I were to point out a single flaw it would be that it looks like you don't give much thought as to how your setting operates and thus characters' behavior sometimes is contradictory. I understand it might stem from your wanting to explore those different conversion methods in your stories, but perhaps it's better to leave some of them for use in other settings or situations or make them produce different kinds of results as Domino offered. That would improve the fluidity of the story and make it easier to get pulled into it.

    5. Err... I meant Wendy vs Madelynn conversion

  121. TY for the update MM, I know I dont help the stories along much, but I do really appreciate them when they come. A LOT:)

  122. Hello MasterMeat. As always, I've read the last Brainy Teen chapter some time ago and here is my feedback and some ideas.

    So what could I say about this last chapter centered at 90% on Wendy ? I fear that, for one time, I will not have many things to say... mainly because it's clear that this chapter is kind of an introduction about the future events.

    So here is what I loved :
    - The new "turn" on Wendy's induction. I mean the fact that she seemingly is brainwashed to become a lesbian slut. Kind of a surprise, but it could be interesting.
    - The entire thing about her thinking every moment as a lesbian, not acting as a lesbian. I find this really original for bringing new events and new perspectives.
    - The little "hint" during the intercourse with Madelynn about her breasts that, from wendy's mouth are "about the same size as Sarah's"... and a Maddy who seems disappointed. I think it's a really good start for leaving a complex into Madelynn's brain abouth her chest and bringing up the surgery thing.
    - The alternance (don't know if it is the right word in english) between Wendy being brainwashed while she's unconscious, and her waking up, not remembering what happenened 2 minutes ago, but clearly changed by the induction and wondering what has gotten into her.

    What I disliked now :
    - Maybe the rythm was a bit too slow. i usually love the pacing of your story because the wait is sometimes more exciting than the act itself. But there, because there is only Wendy, I kinda feel that the chapter is too long only for her. Plus, if you think about it, she has 2 main sex events in this chapter (I don't count the one with Maddy, it's much too short) but each one seems to follow the same plan as the other : Wendy is brainwashed by a girl who urges her to do some sexual acts and to be more "pushy". None of this event is bad, don't worry. It's just that they are too identical, and happen in a too short period of time.
    - As a personal fan of Madelynn's and her mother's sidestories, I find it a little disappointing that they are not appearing much in this chapter. But it's really because of me ! I understand well that this chapter is meant to be an introduction for future events.
    - Maybe too much sidekicks are gaining too much importance in the story. Between Cynthia, Lauren, Sarah and all the other characters, it's becoming more and more difficult to follow, sometimes, the main story. Moreover when we now that Sarah's and Wendy's mothers will soon be introduced... and that they will surely have a main role in the future chapters. I don't think that doing many chapters with Lauren and Cynthia as main characters would be a good idea because the story would then go in too much directions.

  123. Well, that's all I can think about. Because this chapter is somewhat "special" as an introduction to the next ones, I can't really say many things about it and will wait where the story goes.
    But anyway, here are some ideas, as usual :

    - Like I said, I love the concept of Wendy having to think/be as a lesbian 24/7. I think the biggest point in this should be the relationship with her mother. Sarah would say to Wendy that, for lesbian, the biggest problem is always to come out of the closet, and to tell this to the parents. Wendy would have to act like a true teenager lesbian, and leave clues about her sexuality. She wouldn't have to say "I''m a lesbian" to her mother because she would have to understand the "true character" of a lesbian. Thus, if she would think as a lesbian, she would leave hints to her mom. But not hints that would be too evident : a true teen lesbian would never dare to expose plainly her homosexuality to her parents. Maybe she would innocently say to her mother that she finds some actres beautiful, or that she saw a Dr House episode with Olivia Wilde kissing another girl. She would lie saying it was "disgusting"... but ask her mother her thought about this anyway. And so on : maybe cut her hair for a boyish haircut, hold the hand of Sarah when leaving the house, etc...

    - For Wendy's mom, I have one big advice especially after reading that you plan to bring her seduction by Sarah's mom in the next chapter. Be careful with what you do in order to avoid the easy trap of a too common couple in erotic stories. Two mothers, one being the mastermind behind all the plot and the other brainwashed into a submissive slave so that she could brainwash easily her own daughter... Much too common ! Well, I don't know what you're planning after all. But maybe you could "twist" a little Sarah's mom character. Instead of making a dominative woman, maybe someone with a different behaviour ? I don't know, but maybe someone a bit loony. Some sort of hippie woman praising the sexual liberty, etc... ?

    - So, coming back at Wendy's mom... She would totally ignore that her daughter is a lesbian but would be brainwashed so that she would fall in love with her to the point where she would want to be married with her. Read my previous comments if you need more details about my suggestions. The funny thing would be that, no matter what happens, because of the induction, she would ALWAYS be too shy to :
    1) Say to her daughter she loves her
    2) Do any physical flirt with her
    3) She would never have the gut to do the first step, no matter what. She would only be allowed to make love to her daughter and say her love to her if Wendy says clearly one day "Mom, I'm a lesbian". Thus, it would go well with "Wendy's training" because one of the final steps would be saying this to her mother. Of course, Wendy herself wouldn't know that her mother loves her.... and we can imagine many possibilities when her mom would then do her declaration.

  124. - For Madelynn and Erin, since they are nearly absent in this chapter, I can't bring new ideas. Just the one I said some line ago : now she would be adviced by Lauren too do breast surgery because, with Wendy's so-so intercourse, it's clear that they are not attractive enough to seduce her. Even if Madelynn would then go for breast implants, Lauren would suggest another thing : even if Maddy's breasts are bigger, Wendy could always thing that they are common. She would need something to make her boobs unique. Like gems dangling from her tits, tattoos, or piercings. ;)
    Anyway, Lauren would insist that if Madelynn should want to gain Wendy over Sarah, she would have to be not just a lesbian like the other but someone whose beauty and sexuality are totally uncommon, marginal.

    It's all I can think about. Hope it will help you. I'm waiting for the next chapter with great anticipation. Hope you still havce the courage to write more and more. this is a biiiig piece of work you did already.... But you know what ? WE WANT MORE !!!! ^^

  125. I'm always talking about Brainy Teen, and never about Silver Witch. Mainly because i don't like this story as much as the other. But recently, I've read all the chapters. Not thoroughly, but rather quickly. So here is my feeling about Silver Witch. it may not be a trustful feedback, but maybe it will help you or bring a new perspective on your work.

    First of all, I must say I usually dislike erotic stories in a fantasy setting, or with magic in the air. I prefer mind control happening with somewhat realistic scenery and plots.
    Why do you say ? Because, for me, one of the most exciting aspect in mind control stories is imagining what would happen if it WAS possible. Reading some realistic events, with realistic inductions and behaviours' modeling is for me much more exciting than reading sex with tentacles, or someone discovering a magic wand and, POUF, this girl becomes a slut.

    Another problem, and one I will develop because it's present in Silver Witch, is the traditional situations/events between the protagonists... whereas the magic could make all things possible !!
    i don't know who said, in the previous comments on this blog, that he loved Silver Witch because "It's like Brainy teen, but with magic". And for me, that is the big problem. You have all the materials to invent the most original situations but, just like in Brainy Teen, everything is centered on a woman wanting to transform another one into a lesbian. Even if you include tentacles, magic incantations, secret sects, the result is the same : perverting a girl into a lesbian... and this one is acting just like Wendy in Brainy Teen.
    But if it's normal that Wendy acts like this in Brainy Teen because of the "limitations" of the real world, here I think it should not be the case.
    To tell you the truth, in Silver With last chapter, I really loved Lisa's induction because :
    1) It happens with some original things. Serpents, egyptian goddess..
    2) Lisa is really "magically" transformed because she is totally crazy with lust after this, contrasting with her original self. And there, we see that she is, indeed, perverted by true magic powers.
    3) The fact that she will now be so a nymphomaniac that she will be unable to live if she doesn't have sex each day. THAT is orginal and couldn't happen in a real setting. Just as...
    4) Her breasts producing milk that would turn girls into lesbians.

  126. You see ? 3 and 4 are wonderful ideas because they brings possibilities that couldn't happen in a story without magic, and becasue they avoid the common sexual acts or events in other stories. here your story is not axed on a girl slowly modeled into a lesbian, but on magic doing IMPOSSIBLE tricks to some persons.
    With magic, why axing the story on traditional sapphic relationships ? there are so many ideas you could bring. Some examples among others :
    1) Some girl is bad with animals and the leader of a nasty gang ? Then the heroine could curse her : she would transform into a Catgirl every night with an animal lust for sex. In order to lift the curse, she would have to lick the pussy juices of the other girls in her gang.
    2) A nerdy and bitchy prude girl annoys the heroin when she learns that she has lesbian relationships at school ? Then she would be cursed and gradually transforms physically into a Ganguro over the time. To stop the progression, she would have to masturbate. But the progression would be more and more quicly, and so the need to masturbate also.
    3) You could introduce magical items like :
    - A purple lipstick that gives a starving hungriness for cocks and which is indelible unless the victim has an incestual intercourse.
    - A magical mirror that let appear a clone of the one looking into it. A clone looking for sexual acts of course...
    - A magical dildo that would let a man ejaculating non-stop liters of sperm. This semen, should it cover a woman, would make her totally addicted to the liquid and (reluctantly) do anything to have it again.

    You see ? Possibilities are endless (even if some of my ideas are bad, actually). Transforming a mother into a lolita knowing nothing about sex, making a teacher masturbate in front of her classroom, making a teacher unable to say the "scientific word" for a sexual educative lesson (not "penis", but "dicks", not "sexual intercourse", but "good fucking"...), etc... You should imagine actions that are totally out of this world, that could never happen... without a bit of magic ! ^^

    Once again, my feedback is totally personal. Your writing for Silver With is perfect again, and I suppose many readers love the story so far. But I just wanted to give MY critic of Silver Witch, even if it is surely not as trustful as the critics from those who really appreciate magic induced brainwashing.

  127. Youpla, thanks for the feedback. I'm going to address your concerns. Madelynn will appear more in future chapters. It just so happened that I was focused on Wendy on the latest chapter. The reason I'm giving the "sidekicks" additional attention is for the purpose of advancing the plot. You already figured out that the core of the story is centered around the slow seduction and mind control of females into lesbianism. One person may have difficulty convincing another person to adopt an idea, but if there's more people convincing one person, then it'll be easier. That's the concept I'm using. The side characters would only be used to support, not overshadow the main characters.

    It's my intention to make Sarah's mom the mastermind. It's more logical because an older person would usually be more worldly and experienced, and therefore less likely to make mistakes. If I were to make Sarah the mastermind, it harder for me to make it believable. I also have a hard time imagining Sarah's mom to be a looney hippie executive of pharmaceutical company.

    Your suggestions about Wendy's mom are good. It fits very well with the overall plot. With Wendy's own mom being used as Sarah's tool to manipulate her, Wendy would have no rest in being a lesbian.

    I'm not sure about the surgical breasts implants for Madelynn. Some people are grossed out by it. How about breast enlargement pills?

    You have interesting ideas for Silver Witch. For every new idea, I still need to think about the logic and consequences behind it even though a fantasy setting gives me more freedom in creativity. I understand your point though, about adding more variety.

  128. Count me as one of the folks that's not really interested in seeing surgical breast enhancements, body modifications, heavy use of body piercings, and tattoos in Brainy Teen. Things like that just creates this sense of gaudy and tacky for me were I just don't find it interesting or arousing.

    In regards to using some kind of wonder pill to increase Madelynn's breast size, kind of on the fence on this one. I guess it just depends on how far you plan to take it. Going from a size C cups to GG cups kind of takes it to the realm of no longer interested, for me anyways. Maybe the pills cause her breasts to increase in size because they trigger a hormonal reaction in her body to produce breast milk. Madelynn's breast would increase in size due to them now contain breast milk, but not to absurd proportions.

    Like Youplay, I do support a different seduction method for Wendy's mother, something different than what's being used on Madelynn's mother, Erin. That's why I suggested a while back to give Wendy's mother a lesbian past and have Sarah and her mother use it to manipulate Wendy mom's back into being a lesbian. Maybe have Sarah's mom use the fact that Wendy's mom is married to a man that has spent a majority of his time being absent from both her life and the life of his daughters, an absentee husband and dad. Why would Wendy's mom support and still stand by her husband unless she's using him in some way.

    Another possible option, the last chapter has Wendy meeting Cynthia after school at a mysterious location. Of course it's another liaison for both of them to practice and have lesbian sex. What Wendy doesn't know is that there's video equipment streaming this to Sarah's mom who is showing it to her mother. Of course the video is set up in a way were Wendy's identity is not revealed and kept secret. Sarah's mom uses this to entice and manipulate Wendy's mom to fall in love with this "mysterious" lesbian, and she's completely unaware that it's her daughter, Wendy. Sarah's mom would use this to manipulate Wendy's mom. Telling her that she will give her bits and clues to the identity of the mysterious lesbian, but only if she complies with her orders.

    Anyways these are just suggestions, and opinions. Love what you've been doing so far, and I trust in your direction. Can't wait for late March to get here, and see what the newest chapter reveals. Take care MM, and have a great one :)

    1. Don't worry, I'm against horrendous body modifications too. GG cup for a teenager ? No, thanks. But what I suggest is enhancing Madelynn's breasts in graceful and firm proportions, mainly to show her fall into lust. Her who was someone pure and religious had to respect her body "given by god". If she does this surgery (or take a "wonder pill", whatever), it will show that she has begin to see her body as a tool for lust, for bringing girls into sapphic relationships.
      For tattoos and piercings, I'm still thinking the same as before : girls with 1/2 piercings and tattoos are common in our days. If Madelynn becomes a gothic dominatrix, she has to stand out of the other girls, and choose "nastier" places on her body to have her piercings and tattoos.

      Your idea about Wendy's mother is good too. Maybe Mastermeat could cross this with mine ? It's not impossible.
      But I'm against Wendy's mom having a "true" lesbian past. I mean, it's more exciting if she is, like the others characters, transforming from a totally hetero person into a lesbian. But, like I've suggested before, a "false" lesbian past would be appropriate, where Sarah's mother implant false memories into Wendy's mom brain so that her true memories are replaced with other ones... more sapphic.

      The sequel will be discovered in March. Quite a good way to begin Spring !

    2. Yeah I'm kind of a naturalist at heart, I guess as long as it's looks like something that can still be proportional and graceful I guess I can be okay with the *ahem* breast augmentation. It's when they go beyond that area is when I just lose all interest.

      Still not keen on excessive tattoos and piercings, unfortunately that's just me. I see your point that it shows that Madelynn has changed, but there are other ways to show that Madelynn has changed from the innocent girl next door to a goth lesbian dominatrix. Classic example would be clothing, no longer is she wearing conservative, colorful clothing, but clothes that showcase her new found dark personality. MM has already showcased this, but I say ramp it up a bit more.

      Also I say lets put the new lesbian dom personality to use. This series is called Brainy Teen so lets work the Brainy part into the series. For example before her new persona was introduced Madelynn used to volunteer some of her time after school helping out the library staff with their computers but now with the new personality emerging she now spends that time browsing lesbian porn, but also as a prank she hacks and rigs the library computers so lesbian porn pops up when ever she feels like it. Maybe she does this when a prudish conservative staff member is working to embarrass them.

      She could also be a wiz in chemistry and easily creates a stink bomb and rigs it in the boys locker room during her gym period. This of course forces separation, so the boys are isolated from the girls with lesbian dom Madelynn among them. Her old self would have just remained in the background content to just go along with whatever the activity is, but the new dom personality has her eyeing the girls, looking to see who she can easily dominate and who might take more time, and plant the seeds of lesbianism into them.

      In regards to Wendy's mom having a "true" lesbian past. I went with that suggestion because it offered something different. Sarah's mom would confront her with it, and then point things out in her current life that shows how Wendy's mom never really moved on from her lesbian past, and has this unconscious desire to go back to being a lesbian. Again, I use the absentee husband as an example. However thinking it over in staying with the theme of mind control, I think false/altered memory implants would be the better way to go. The only thing I can say is that she has a husband and 2 daughters so she's probably shared some of her life story with them. So the memories being altered can't be something that they can contradict, or question. For example I think you mentioned having Wendy's Mom first kiss being with a female best friend instead of her childhood sweetheart/crush. However she might have told her husband or daughters about her first kiss. So instead, I say keep the first kiss memory intact, but add to it. So she gets her first kiss from her childhood sweetheart, but now the new memory has her going to her best friend to tell her about it, and of course the best friend tells Wendy's mom that she never had her first kiss yet, asking her what it felt like, one thing leads to another, and Wendy's mom shows her best friend by kissing her, and of course during this kiss she realizes that she enjoyed kissing her best friend more than her childhood sweetheart. So if she brings up the memory of kissing her best friend it won't be so easily questioned or contradicted by her husband or daughters.

      Anyways it's great to hear from you Youpla, and like you can't wait for the next chapter. To everyone here I want to say take care and have a good one.